Latest Article: June 23, 2016

This EU referendum has divided Britain like no other political event in my lifetime. The campaign has been so violent, forces have been unleashed by both sides that might prove impossible to control and the very existence of the United Kingdom is now unsure. Even if ‘Remain’ wins, as the latest polls suggest, the victory will prove to be pyrrhic at best, because it is highly likely that a narrow victory for ‘Remain’ will only be secured by a strange alliance of cosmopolitan London together with Irish, Scottish and Welsh nationalists who ultimately want to break free from London’s orbit. More

News: Taking home the Canadian bacon

April 4, 2016


This is a completely unique course, delivered by a brilliant teacher who brings over 25 years of economic experience to you. From the foundation of the Euro to the Asian crisis, from the great property boom/bust of the Noughties to the rise of China and today’s massive expansion in central bank activity in the economy, David brings hands-on experience as a central banker, global strategist with large investment banks, bestselling author and award-winning economic commentator and financial documentary maker. More