Published October 13, 2012

The Good Room

Available from Easons, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

This is my new book to be published on October 27th. It is a new way of looking at the economy because it is written through the eyes of a pregnant 32 years old teacher, Olivia Vickers. Olivia is the amalgamation of more than a few people I have met over the years who find themselves trapped between negative equity, a huge mortgage and negative equity. She is your sister, your daughter, your wife or your girlfriend. More

Published November 4, 2006

The Pope’s Children

Paperback version available from Gill & MacMillan

Hello boys. And girls. Meet the Pope’s Children, the products of the Wonderbra effect in Irish life. Meet the new Irish generation, born either side of the Pope’s visit, who have been squeezed into the middle and lifted up by the Celtic Tiger.
Meet the huge new Irish middle class: young, sassy and successful.
The Pope’s Children is an antidote to the endless pessimism of the Commentariat, official Ireland’s gloomy opinion mongers, forever seeing a glass half empty that is in fact three-quarters full. There is a vast surge of ambition, new money, optimism and hope out there. That’s the real story: The Pope’s Children tells it – and tells it with style. More

Published July 28, 2007

How big is your piece of the pie? More

Published October 27, 2009

Follow The Money

Paperback version available from Gill & MacMillan

The Pope’s Children are turning 30 and in the four years since David McWilliams introduced us to the generation that could have had it all, the Pope’s Children have been betrayed. This book is about real people and how good people can be broken by bad economics. But it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a way out. More

Published September 4, 2009

Addicted To Money

Addicted To Money DVD available from the ABC online store.

David McWilliams surveys the wreckage of the global economy and points to the worrying, but potentially transformative challenges ahead. More