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David McWilliams strives to demystify economics and make the topic accessible to audiences worldwide.


David McWilliams is an economist, author, podcaster, journalist, documentarian and broadcaster. He is the founder of the world’s only economics and stand-up comedy festival Kilkenomics described by the Financial Times as "simply, the best economics conference in the world”.

He also co-founded the Dalkey Book Festival, Ireland’s largest literary and ideas festival.



Money: A Story of Humanity

McWilliams has written five books, writes a weekly column for the Irish Times and contributes regularly to the Financial Times.  

His latest book, Money: A Story of Humanity charts the relationship between humans and money from a tally stick in ancient Africa to coins in Republican Greece, from mathematics in the medieval Arab world to the French Revolution, and from the emergence of the US dollar right up to today’s cryptocurrency and beyond. It is available for pre-order now. 


The David McWilliams Podcast

Every week we tease out some big economic or political issue facing us, not just here in Ireland but in Europe and further afield. Globalisation has brought us all together. We all face similar challenges whether you live in Dublin, London, Minnesota or Milan.

Join us now from wherever you are in the world!

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