October 21, 2006

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  1. Maggie Ruane

    Hi David,

    Maggie here just wanted to drop you a quick line to say it was great to finally meet you today at the Roscommon County Development board conference focusing on the socio economic impact of the new economy for Roscommon and the West.

    As I stated, I read your book when I returned from the US last year having worked there for almost 10 years. I found it a very interesting read and it was so insightful for someone like myself who had left the country when it was on its Knees in early 1996. When I returned I couldn’t believe the transformation and it was super to get a perspective on what brought about this massive shift to the Celtic Tiger.

    Equally I enjoyed our chat this morning. I don’t know what your second book is about but if you are covering anything to do with returned emmigrants to Ireland either now or at a later date, I am definitely available for interview!

    I think that there is still much to be written on this irish economy of ours. I think the Pope’s children is only one leg of a three legged stool. I would look to the teenagers of today as bringing a host of other dynamics to the economy in the next 10 years. Depending on what happens here they too may emmigrate whether its by choice or because they have no alternative remains to be seen.

    Much was talked about this morning. The welfare trap is one of my hot topics as I do believe that there is an element of the workforce who prefer or choose not to work since they make out better on social welfare. This to me is so wrong and I look to our illustrious government as the cause of such a mentality. When an individual of any society believes and realises that they do better on welfare than as a paying working citizen of a country then you have in my opinion the potential for an uprising. I don’t mean a revolution but rather a very disgruntled taxpaying band of workers. When you indoctrinate a welfare mentaliy in individuals, then you kill ambition and when you kill ambition you immediately remove that part of our personalities that makes us want to do better. Should this mentality at any stage grow beyond the 4% that we talked about this morning then other nationalities will seize the opportunities and we ourselves will lose out in the longrun. Don’t get me wrong I think immigrants are great but would hate to see the irish get more complacent about their role in irish socio economic development than they already are. I feel to quote Garrett Fitzgerald (another big fan of mine) that as a nation we have gotten to rich to quickly and are struggling with how to cope with it.

    I do think we need to encourage SME development and growth but I would not lose focus nor want to see us forget the corporate America experience. We have been influenced so much by it, that I sometimes wonder why we are all suprised that our society is in a lot of ways mirroring the american experience that so many people scorned at 15 years before.

    It is no falacy that when affluence descends upon a small nation that greed and materialism are only natural progressors. However that does not mean that we have to lose our competitive edge. The unique thing about our irishness is our irishness – including our education and our culture. One cannot deny that even in our darkest days these were ( still are ) our two most shining attributes.

    Anyway I am sure you are extremely busy but it was great to meet you. I look forward to some more discussions as debating our nation’s socio economic and political positions is one of my pet subjects

    Mise le meas
    The HICO

    Maggie Ruane
    Client Services Manager
    Momentum Consulting
    086 828 1355

  2. Katie Jamieson

    Dear David;

    I am writing you from Canadian television — from our national morning show, Canada AM. We are thrilled to accept an invite from Tourism Ireland to broadcast our show live from Dublin on March 16th. Of course, we can’t do a show from Dublin without talking about the economy, and given your broadcast/journalistic background, I am wondering if you might be available for a television interview?

    We are broadcasting live from the gardens of Dublin Castle. Timing wise, we would be looking at a 6-8 minute interview .. either at 10:10am or 10:45 am. Any chance you are available? I will try to track you down on Monday, but if you do get this email in the meantime feel free to shoot me one back.

    By way of background information, “Canada AM” is our country’s number one national morning show with a reach of more than 2.5 million viewers per week. We’ve been on the air for more than 3 decades, and in that time have interviewed a wide range of politicians, celebrities, and newsmakers of the day … such as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, Sir Bob Geldof, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Salman Rushdie, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and many, many more. (I’m not sure if this comparison helps, but we are the Canadian version of “The Today Show” or “Good Morning America” in the U.S.)

    Thanks very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Katie Jamieson

  3. Carlos "Charlie"

    Dear David, I a retired professor in Culture journalism from Spain-Latin America now am living in Ireland of family reasons. I usually listen to your radio chat programs. As I told you once at a street, THEY ARE GOOD!.

    I would like to attract you to a new subject to discuss WHY IRISH PEOPLE ARE SPITING FOREIGNERS ON STREETS? (Bravely, from behind)

    Are they uncomfortable with more than a quarter of a million workers who are carrying all they productive capacity to Ireland (to which is cost cero money to educate) ?

    Are they non-happy to have thousands of FOREIGN companies established in Ireland and bringing money to the country?

    Are they feeling miserable to administrate billions of FOREIGN money trough funds?

    Come on Irish people!, you know better.

    With regards

    Carlos “Charlie” to my friend.

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