December 11, 2006

In Search Of The Popes Children: DVD

In Search of Popes Children DVD

In Search Of The Pope’s Children, series DVD out now.

Stockists: PDF list of stockists available here: DVD Stockists

Price: RRP €22.95

Online Availability: RTE store,, Tower Records

In case you missed a program, want to watch it again, or you want to see the hilarious out-takes – including the one where David is caught buying 10 penthouses in Bulgaria when he thought they had stopped filming -, Tyrone Productions, in Association with RTE have released a dvd of the series which is out in the shops now.

NB: I’m joking about the hilarious out-takes, David had them cut, sorry.

DVD Stockists (as at 15/12/2006): DVD Stockists

  1. Billy

    The DVD is not available on the Northside.

    I tried Easons in Ashbourne and Swords. Golden Discs, Xtravision, HMV, Tesco ditto. None to be found.

    I know you found Ashbourne. Maybe your DVD can find its way out there?

  2. Billy

    And Santry too.

    And before some smarty pants says I know Ashbourne is in Meath. I grew up there and had to move out because it was invaded by Dubs.

  3. webmaster

    Hi Billy

    It isn’t a northside thing I promise!

    Check back here this time tomorrow. I’ve been trying to get hold of a list of stockists all day, should have the info by tomorrow evening.


  4. Billy

    Not in Easons or anywhere in the Blanchardstown centre. I reckon you need to fire your distributor. The telly ads are a waste if it isn’t available.

  5. Paul

    How come it’s not on sale on the RTE website?

  6. walter

    @ Easons w/site…international delivery only ??

  7. david

    in search of the Popes children! em, what about the Children that the religious in ireland forgot about? abused? used? thrown into all sorts of places, from farms, to mad houses?

    I don’t think, or believe, that the “nazi pope” really knows (or anyone else that seeks an answer to The popes children) for that matter, when it comes to the REAL WORLD

  8. david


    in search of the Popes children!

    em, what about the Children that the religious in Ireland forgot about? abused? used? had thrown into all sorts of places, from farms, to mad houses?

    I don’t think, or believe, that the “nazi pope” really knows (or anyone else that seeks an answer to “in search of the popes children) for that matter, when it comes to the REAL WORLD?!

    even the redress board has no idea how to search the abusers out….(a board that was established by the Religious/state-I might add)..

    and what of the “child abuse commission”…Is Mr David Mc Williams to engrossed in trying to sell a book that foretells nothing about these “lost childrens? or about the “untouchables” that exist within the Irish Religious orders..overlooked, by (pope) nazi Ratzinger?

  9. david

    I also happen to know of boys (seniors) who, along with members of “a religious order” that “literally” controlled a few industrial schools, that were abusing “younger boys”……….who then went on to “abuse others themselves”…..a kind of, “what comes around, goes around” way of “existence in these hell holes……

    I recently came across a “web site” that gives a great deal of “back ground” to the abuses that were perpetrated, and about the “child abuse commission, and that site has a lot more to offer, than someone trying to sell a book about something they don’t know or understand “what Institutional abuses was all about….

    perhaps Mr Mc Williams, you might learn more about “in search of the popes missing and abused children” there than anywhere else….

  10. @ David (the guy posting comments above, not McWilliams)

    Your comments are as useful as a Bupa health insurance policy. Clearly the issues you talk about are serious and worthy of everyone’s attentions, but David, as an economic commentator, is not the right person to do them justice.

    You either fail to understand that “In search of the Popes Children” covers a completely different topic, or you do, but just decided to post up your own stuff that has no relevance anyway.

    Perhaps you should nip over to Eddie Hobbs’ website and complain that his book “Loot” is making a mockery of the Nazi looting that took place during WWII?

  11. david

    yes, it would appear one’s views on “the popes children” was merely an oversight….as the “subject” of the book itself, does give off an air of religious correctness and propaganda, (without being properly explained as to what its actually, about)….in the event, I responded to what I saw as “an attack” by this (titled) book, by demeaning those that were abused, by the Popes agents/servants etc…..

  12. david

    Oh, I will pop over to “eddies’ web site and the subject Book “loot” etc…..perhaps you might inform me as to Mr hobbs web site address is?….

    and, finally, the comments above, was also entered here, by way off, to inform people of (the other side of religious)…just in case Mr Mc Williams decides to “denigrate, demean” those that were detainees of irelands Industrial schools….

  13. Billy

    Er… apart from the dude above who is obviously smoking crack can anyone tell me where to get the DVD.

    Its not available in Dublin. I tried practically every place I think it could have been. It is NOT in Easons. I have been to five branches over the past few days and nothing doing.

    Borders don’t have it either.

  14. webmaster

    Your breaking my heart Billy.

    I quote from the distributor: “The Eason Stores listed should all have a stand instore with a couple of rows of the dvd on each stand.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe you.
    I can only assume that a marauding gang of elves keep taking the display stands down and the DVD off the shelves.

    It was pointed out to me that it was a bad week to send out new stock and many shops are so busy keeping up with the punters shoving money into their tills, they may simply not be getting a chance to put it up.

    Conspiracy theories to

  15. webmaster

    I have to say I don’t think it is the distributors fault, they have come back with a better list of stockists today. See pdf link at top of page.

    Biilly:print it off and bring it with you to Easons!

  16. It is in Easons – well technically it’s in Tower Records upstairs in Easons. Beside the first pillar (from the escalator) opposite the checkout counter.

  17. James

    When will a DVD be available for the US market or are there any plans to make it available as a download on itunes ?

  18. David MacSeai'n

    James – You can buy the DVD on the web through for 22.00 Euro.
    Slan go foil

  19. David MacSeai'n

    Correction – make that 22.95 for that DVD

  20. Debbie

    Hi David,
    Whats the background instrumental music used a few times in the Popes childrens programs. I can’t remember if it was the theme music or not but it was used in alot of sequences when you were showing buildings and flashing from scene to scence
    Enjoyed the program – its mixture of optimism and pessimisen. Economists are always right eventually nothing ever lasts – especially property booms.

  21. James

    Thanks David re: the availability of the DVD for international sale on RTE. Unfortunately the international formats available will not work in the US (we are a bit more backward here I think). Anyway, does anyone know if a US compatible DVD or an internet version are in the works.



  22. Adrian

    @Debbie. I think the music may be leftfield if my memory serves me correctly.

  23. Jean-Pierre Armand

    I would like to purchase this DVD but for some reasons it is very hard to find
    besides where I live (Malahide)
    Could you please provide with some shops address where I can find it
    as apparently it is only available in some shops in south Dublin

    Many thanks


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