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February 15, 2013

Hi all, More

July 11, 2011

Here is just a probably wacky idea, but I’d like to throw it up in the air, just to see how it falls back to the earth, for the sole benefit of my own wisdom. More

May 16, 2011

Hi All, I have a very ‘out there’ idea that will be welcomed by a lot of people and not by others but something has to be done for people and also to increase peoples spending power. The situtation we find ourselves in requires urgent creative solutions and a bit of vision. More

March 22, 2011

According to the EU/IMF directives, Irish deficit GDP has to be reduced by 9% of GDP (down from 12% to 3% GDP) within 3 or 4 years. More

March 22, 2011

1. A point of history:
Over the past 15 years, Ireland often has had a budget surplus, while France and Germany often were in breach of the Maastricht criteria, for both Debt and deficit levels (2003 and after). More

January 31, 2011

As Fianna Fail wll not be returning to power for the forseeable future, they should impement futher reductions in goverment pay and pensions starting after 1 march2011.This would ensure genuine candidates , not the usual in for perks and great pay. Fianna Fail might then have finnally achieved something useful.
Previous governments have provided tax amnesties ,so why not debt amnesties More

November 10, 2010

Exceptional Property Gains Tax (EPGT), a step towards a solution for our problems? More

November 3, 2010

It would be interesting to get information on how many people are employed are in Ireland on contract now. It seems to be a rapidly growing sector during this recession. This of course is going to cause major revenue problems for the government. The minimum wage or little more is the going rate. No pension or private health insurance. This does not bode well for government planning. Less revenue coming in. Contract workers unable to get bank/building society loans etc. I believe if this type of employment if it accelerates to very high levels of the total workforce the government is in trouble.
Anyone else have views on this More

September 8, 2010

Hi David
Like many of the 2nd generation Irish in Britain, I have fond memories of the summer holidays in Ireland in the 1970s, when our parents used to take us on their compulsory holidays back to the West. No Costa del Sol for us, instead we had our two weeks in rain-drenched Kerry. While our English friends were getting sunburnt while munching on paella, my brothers and sisters and I were in our wellingtons, chasing our uncle’s cows down the field at milking time. More

May 26, 2010

David i agree with you, increasing Taxes and cutting goverment spending is going to be disastrous.  More

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