Video: Punk Economics %

January 30, 2012

Teaching: Punk Economics

When I was still in primary school, punk rock emerged – it seemed to me – out of nowhere and re-invented music. Before, music to me was an overblown, self-indulgent, long-winded prog-rock concept album about prisms and rainbows. Even as a youngfella, my vision of hell was being locked in a room with Genesis albums on a never-ending loop (it still is). Punk blew that world apart and changed the way we listened to music, the way it looked, sounded – and what it meant.

Economics and economic analysis has become similarly overblown and self-indulgent. Worse still, many (not all) economists have failed to make it simple, easy and comprehensible for the vast majority of people, something economics must be, if it’s to be of any use to us.

Punk Economics tries to do with economics what punk rock did with music – change the way it looks, feels and sounds using animation. Cartoons help us break things down – they’ve helped me since I was a child.

I am blessed to work with the brilliant artist Mark Flood on these videos and I hope that they make the economic world a bit easier to get your head around. I suppose it’s a public service, but I love doing it. One day I might even figure out how to get paid, but for now let’s plough on.