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November 23, 2015

On the fifth anniversary of the troika’s arrival, let’s be clear on what has actually helped us recover More

November 16, 2015

If, after four years of printing money, the system isn’t working, what next? More

November 2, 2015

It appears to be an article of faith amongst the mainstream that rent controls are a “bad thing”. The last time we had such conformity or groupthink, we had the soft landing brigade reassure the country that “everything would be grand” and their models said so. Well in the end we weren’t so grand, were we? More

October 26, 2015

Even at these historically low rates, don’t fix your mortgage. Interest rates are going lower. Renegotiate now if you can! Don’t take my word for it: listen to Mario Draghi. More

October 19, 2015

One of the strangest reactions to last week’s budget was that it was dangerously expansionary. This is quite bizarre, particularly when the economy has so much spare capacity. When you have a rate of unemployment twice that of your nearest and most important trading partners and when your rate of interest is lower than theirs, what is the world telling you? More

October 12, 2015

Honduras is about as far from Ireland as you can get. It is extremely dangerous, very poor and over the past few years this little Central American country has become the fulcrum of the drug trafficking wars as vicious drug gangs battle it out for supremacy. More

October 5, 2015

When you look around at the world economy, one thing strikes you: America is on its own in terms of having a growing economy. There simply has not been a period in recent history where global growth rates are so divergent. Europe is still gripped by austerity, Japan hasn’t been right for a generation and the Chinese economy is facing a rapid post-boom contraction. Elsewhere, the big commodity-based emerging markets like Brazil, South Africa and Russia are simply derivatives of China, as their wealth is largely a function of China’s demand for their raw materials. More

September 28, 2015

While at the National Ploughing Championships last year, in truth I felt like a bit of a fraud mooching among the Massey Fergusons. My suburban Dun Laoghaire is about as far from an upbringing in the Irish countryside as you are likely to have on this island. More

September 7, 2015

On March 21, 2004 – a year after America invaded Iraq and one week after the Madrid bombings where 191 commuters were murdered by Islamic fundamentalists – I wrote the following in this column. More

August 31, 2015

As we headed out on the Happy Hooker from Doolin, the second mate sidled up beside me and whispered, “Not to worry, but hold on, there’s going to be a bit of rock ’n’ roll. Rock ’n’ roll is what he called it. The waves were enormous. More

Articles: Sunday Business Post

I write two economics columns every week. They keep me sane and hopefully, on my toes – but you can be the judge of that! One appears in the Irish Independent on Wednesdays and the other in the Sunday Business Post every Sunday. I’ve been writing the columns for over ten years now, covering economic, financial, demographic, social and geo-political issues – and all sorts of other things that come into my head, sparked by things I’ve read, people I have spoken to or ideas I have heard, over the course of any particular week.

The world - and Ireland - is changing so rapidly that it’s impossible to run out of things to write about. Since I rarely stop writing, the articles are composed and written in the oddest of places, in bars, on trains, in my office, on buses. You name it, I’ve written in, on or under it.

One of the great joys in the week is reading the responses to my articles in the comments on this site. Thanks so much to everyone who responds, challenges, argues and even blatantly insults! This is what freedom of expression and opinion is all about: two contrasting opinions – a buyer and a seller - make a market and makes for good discussion. Imagine a world where we all agreed?