October 26, 2006


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  2. fiona fitz

    David, please will you share with us what you think our options are – us, the people of the country who you point out are being complacent about our complacent government.
    If we march the streets, to what end? If the government wAs to go, who’d we replace it with?
    I’m deadly serious here – if people like you and your network understand that there are choices (not to have paid the 700M, to have negotiated a write- down when Greece did) then will you represent us in renegotiating our debt with Europe? There is no point in knowing all this and writing a blog about it if only a small percentage of us read it.
    If an option available to the people of ireland is to have you negotiate for us going forward, let us know, and maybe with a concrete alternative on the table, we won’t be so complacent.

  3. fiona fitz

    Ps that is a genuine post. Perhaps I don’t understand the ins and outs enough to “really get it”, but I’d just like to know what the concrete things we can actually do are, given all you say is going on. Thanks.

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