September 16, 2008


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  1. Furrylugs

    There’s a suspicion that one of the contributors represents Davids nom-de-plume if not nom-de-guerre.
    Ye can’t fool the irish.

    • webmaster

      Hi Furrylugs

      If recent events prove anything, you can certainly fool the Irish for quite a while if you are in banking or property.
      I am pretty sure David isn’t tech savvy enough to log out of his own account and log in as someone else.

      • Tim

        Ya know, I can bring him up to speed, if he wants; its one of the things I do: help people who missed the “ICT boat”. (for exhorbitant fees, of course.) Otherwise, they can just admit their failing and attend a course at their local VEC school.

  2. Furrylugs

    Hello there,
    Be assured twas said somewhat tongue in cheek.

  3. mon242

    Check out the “Italian Job”. Why is nobody talking about this?

  4. jevans

    Newsnight BBC2 – Mr McWilliams, please arrange a mandate before you claim to speak for Ireland. You are, as with any citizen, entitled to your opinion.

  5. louistheguy

    You know as this system edges towards collapse i think the best thing to do is to own physical gold and silver, i noticed this, Gerald Celente, quite an amazing on the game Trends Forecastor, is coming to dublin on nov 6th, he is definitely worth listening to. Anyway it has definitly enlightened my thinking, you can read more about it all here

  6. bentley

    On October 27, 2016 you wrote an article entitled ” SEND A MESSAGE TO THE WORLD ….” One of your regular “contributors” a Mr Grzegorz (sic) Kilodziej wrote a rambling off topic rant against Russia, wjhich he has also done on other occasions. Normally I have just ignored his delusional ramblings – its what one would expect a Pole to say about anything Russian….but on this occasion, given the massive misreporting in Western Media of what is actually happening in Russia, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yeman to name but a few, I felt compelled to correct him. I wrote suggesting he might like to start his own blog and asked him not to be putting out this nonsense against Russia – that was at 12.34 on October 28. At 14.15 on the same day a rude and abusive response was posted by him on your site inter alia calling me “a Russian Troll” (Translation : attack someone who stands up for factual reporting on Russia and Russian Affairs); “retarded” (I wonder how Autistic children and their parents would view this statement ???); and he then finally told me ” go fuck yourself”. Are you and your brand supporting this type of behaviour and comment which clearing breaches the rulkes you have laid down for comments ? If there is not a public apology posted by you and Mr Kolodziej within the next seven days, and notification of this sent to me then I intend to take the matter further.

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