December 27, 2017

There’s an economic star in the east

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Some 2000 years ago, Joseph and Mary headed from Nazareth to Bethlehem to sign a census. Census night was a big deal in Roman Judea because the Romans were meticulous about economic and demographic affairs, particularly because they were exacting tax-collectors. These taxes were designed to finance Roman expansion in the East.


Much of our history concerns itself with the Roman Empire as being the precursor of Western European civilisation, but in fact Western Europe was an afterthought for Rome. For the Romans, the real action was in the East, as it had been for centuries.


Why do you think Alexander the Great turned east not west in 336 BC? The Greek did so because there was nothing of value in Europe. Money, culture, craftsmanship, and jewels were all to the east in Anatolia (what we now call the Middle East) and, most significantly, in Persia and beyond. This was the “Fertile Crescent”, the cradle of human civilisation.


While the Romans conquered Gaul in 52 BC, they soon realised there wasn’t much commercially except slaves – valuable but not coveted. The real economic prize was Egypt.


Twenty years later, Mark Anthony was hanging out with Cleopatra, not only because she was beautiful but because Egypt was the breadbasket of the world.


Once Rome took Egypt in 30 BC, it controlled the vast harvests of the Nile. The price of grain collapsed in Rome, driving up disposable household income for the average guy (who spent the lion’s share of his money on food). As food price inflation fell, so too did interest rates. Money flowed in from Egypt and all this capital drove up property prices in Rome, spurring more wealth.


With increased wealth came avarice.


The surge in tax revenue whetted the Roman appetite for more taxes and more goodies. Their subjects were about to be among the first victims of globalisation.


Spare a thought for poor Joseph, the carpenter in Nazareth: not only had his missus just told him that the child she was carrying wasn’t his but God’s, he was about to be impoverished by new taxes, and suffer the personal humiliation of this child being born in a stable. There’s only so much a man can take.


The Romans wanted tax to finance military expansion into Persia through what is now Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. They were following the money, seeking to control what became known as the Silk Road – the system of overland trade routes which linked China and northern India to Persia, Asia Minor, and the Eastern Mediterranean.




The most prized commodity was Chinese silk, but the Persians had the stranglehold over the trade route. The Romans pushed relentlessly eastwards past the Euphrates, taxing the likes of poor Joseph and later the carpenter, Jesus.


Back home, silk scandalised Roman society. Pliny the Younger complained not just about the exorbitant price of silk and what it was doing to Roman economics but the revealing and suggestive nature of silk and what it was doing to Roman morals. He maintained translucent silk was a danger to Roman marriage, as elegant Roman women could waltz around the city in the finest, flimsiest, sexiest dresses, leaving little to the imagination.


But the average Roman was hooked on the east and its riches. Ultimately, they moved their centre of economic gravity, building a second Rome in Constantinople.


For the next 1400 years, the Silk Road, over land and over sea from China and India to Asia Minor, was the source of most human wealth and most cultural advancement. This nexus was the centre of the world. Western Europe was a barbaric outpost, locked out of the trade route from East to West and thus excluded from the world economy. Eastern cities like Aleppo, Baghdad, Samarkand, Qom, and Herat boasted riches, architecture, and culinary sophistication that Westerners – such as Marco Polo – could only marvel at.


The Ottomans ruled the known world.


But necessity is the mother of invention. The urge for riches spurred Vasco da Gama, Columbus and others to try to get to India by boat, thus avoiding the Turks.


Eventually they succeeded. The world’s economic axis shifted dramatically from east to west. This has more or less been the commercial status quo for the past 500 years.


But that was then; this is now.


A resurgent China is reinstating the Silk Road with its “One Belt, One Road” initiative. China will now redraw the world’s economic map. In an effort to bypass the Americans, the Chinese are financing the “Silk Road Project” – a massive infrastructure project linking China with Europe and the Mediterranean via rail and road links. It is also building up its maritime infrastructure to avoid the Pacific and to link China’s port cities with India and Iran, with the Gulf and East Africa, and ultimately the Mediterranean.


Global trade


Once more, the Silk Road will dominate global trade. This Chinese move to tilt the world away from America includes 65 countries, covering 60 per cent of the world’s population, 45 per cent of the world’s GDP and, crucially, 75 per cent of the world’s proven resources. This is the future of the global economy.


If you were to go for a walk overland today from Istanbul to Shanghai along this Silk Road, you would meet few democratic countries. Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China are not democracies as we understand them. To the north of the route is Russia and to the south the Gulf.


India is the exception.


Therefore, the Western assumption and American promise that western democracy goes hand-in-hand with economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity is being flatly rejected by much of the world.


The new world looks to be more one of state capitalism rather than democratic capitalism.


Only 20 years ago, America was the world’s only superpower, being pre-eminent intellectually, militarily and economically. In liberal democracies, it espoused the dominant theology – a philosophy that appeared pervasive and permanent. Now, it has serious competition.


But that’s the way of ideas. Two thousand and eighteen years ago, no one had heard of Christianity. The Romans believed in their gods and among the Jews of Judea, there were all sorts of offshoots, prophets, and sects. The Persians were Zoroastrians, the Indians were Buddhist, and no one had heard of Allah.


And yet, on that night in that stable, a child was born who would change the world. That’s the way of ideas, beliefs, and religions: they come and go – and nowhere quicker than on the Silk Road.


  1. Original-Ed

    Is not Ireland acting as a staging post on a type of silk road for America. Will Brexit not make the route to market more difficult and possibly reduce us to being an isolated backwater once again.

    • Kevin Lyda

      Only if we don’t work at further EU integration. We can be the staging post for European products and services going to the North America and for North American products going to Europe. Just in terms of language and education and timezones we work out well for that.

      Strengthening ties to German, French and other EU countries means that more opportunities will show up.

      The reality is that with the UK leaving the EU, we’ve gained a huge number of opportunities. Yes, we get some problems too, but there really are loads of opportunities if we just look beyond the UK. And beyond the US to be honest.

      • Original-Ed

        Europe has great opportunities, but I fear that, we lack the language skills necessary to exploit them. Only large companies can afford personnel with a foreign language or two. Unlike Holland,where natives can work in numerous European languages – it’s the best example of a European cross-roads and unless we can copy it, it’ll be difficult to become a vibrant hub.

        • Zenmonk

          Sorry Ed, but your talking out of your proverbial.

          1. Brexit is THE major opportunity to emerge from the neo colonial stasis we’ve lived in since 1921.

          2. Having lived and worked in Europe, I’ve found the young Irish to be as linguistically cosmopolitan as any in the rest of Europe, this isn’t 1952.

          People really do need to stop looking at the world through the colonial prism.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Young Irish abroad yes, but not the young Irish here – the Irish education system simply doesn’t put emphasis on foreign languages (I’m still to meet an Irish person who is able to translate a book from English into any other language than Irish – and even that goes for a very narrow range of books); that’s why 80% the Irish IT companies hire are foreign because there simply isn’t enough qualified multilingual Irish people in Ireland).
            The best example – after decades of Ireland fighting for Irish to be recognised as an official EU language, they – the EU – are now struggling to find Irish speakers who could, for astronomical salaries, translate official EU documents into Irish.

        • Metropolitan Hillbilly

          People can get a flight from Amsterdam and be here in just over an hour but the Netherlands is staying just where it is. People are mobile but real estate is fixed. We’re sitting on the best located piece of real estate in the North Atlantic and the political property market is heating up. Do you think the Russians go sailing in the North Sea off the UK in december for the sea air? The UK has a 90 day supply of gas reserves and Putin was just letting the British and the Nordics know he can take out every North sea platform from Tromso to Grimsby if he feels like it.
          Even the US couldn’t build an aircraft carrier this large and it just might be in the market for one.Location, location location.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            North Sea is a good place to be right now due to these transatlantic cables carrying out 97 percent of global communications and £7.5trillion in daily transactions. The tactics used there are old and they were perfected by Hitler in the Sudetenland (I love peace so much that I’m ready to start a world war for it). These tacticts boil down to this: “I’m so crazy, so so unpredictable, and I have no money for the presidential election due to cheap oil – but if you give me this and that, I can be less crazy and more predictable”.
            Besides, the UK is not as predictable a partner for the US as it used to be, and this is a chance for Ireland – to start with, they have all this Chinese investment, Cameron taking up job in OBOR as Vice-President (same as Schroeder jumped to Gazprom) and people like Douglas Carswell publically saying – I’ll vulgarise it somewhat – that the UK should f…k the capturing-people-for-organs-thing, free Tibet and world’s strictest internet censorship bar N.Korea who doesn’t have any, because, as he put it, we need money to finance our deficits and it has to come from somewhere).
            So there’s this, and there is the “special relations” thing that is only special in history books (and that’s even only from the 1940s – the US had a plan of war with the UK in the 1930s) and May’s delusional head (so far, Trump went to Poland first and skipped Britain altogether – so Great Britain is on a good way to become Little Britain unless they reform which they won’t because they don’t even pretend doing it – other than halving the cost of borrowing by the man heading the Bank of England who produced property bubbles everywhere he worked).
            In that situation, Ireland potentially could be that aircraft carrier – and it would be an alternative to PESCO, which is more like a Carolingian plan of total domination in Europe (too weak to defend from Russia/China but strong enough to implement the Article 7).
            Sadly, no one in the Dail or anywhere else significant is discussing it.

          • Putin might be able to do that but if he does it’s curtains for him and his regime. I wouldn’t underestimate the Yanks.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I think is more of threat, power projection, on the lines: “wow, wow, wow, look how unhinged I am – but I’ll calm down if you give me this and that”. Unfortunately for him, Trump can be even better at that game, and I know that the Russian diplomacy had a problem with that because they were like “hold on, it us who is supposed to be unpredictable”.

            I now think that they verbally supported Trump because they assumed that Clinton will win (her uranium deals and secret technology selling to Russia) and they will be able to destabilise the US internally via their agents of influence of which there are plenty (“stolen election”, California separatism – Californian separatists have headquarters in… Moscow).
            But contrary to their calculations, Trump did win and now they are in a deep shit, with their budget starting to crumble now and gas monopoly in Europe gone.

  2. The Roman Empire died because of moral decay. The American empire progresses in the same way.
    Lack of moral structure and greed and corruption ruled Rome much like the democrats in the US today.
    First the elites, Ancient Roman and modern Westerners, both, act as if they own the world. Taxes increase. Then the population is bribed with their own money and are given goodies and benefits they have not earned. Then the state runs out of tax money. Hence the census for tax extraction and then coin clipping, or QE, for money debasement and inflation.

    Then the rulers fight for power and attack each other. 2000 years ago it was the picture in Rome. By 300 AD the Emperors spent more time out of Rome than in it. Rome was poisoned by the lead plumbing and the internecine strife and lunacy in accompaniment. Constantine was enjoying his time in Britain in a relative milder climate than today. York was a better place to be.

    Constantine invaded Europe and then Rome with a largely British army taking the British Christian philosophy with him and establishing Christianity as the state religion. Rome was still a mess and he decided to make the ancient Greek settlement of Byzantium the Eastern capital of the Roman empire. The moral structure in the East prevailed and the empire prospered While the empire in the West dissolved and was invaded by “Barbarians”. Constantinople survive a 1000 years until invaded by Turkish Muslims.

    Today the US and Europe are morally bankrupt. NATO has invaded and illegally warred on sovereign states all the while concocting lies and fake news to justify their actions. The Middle east has been destroyed to no benefit except the moneyed ruling class. The European Western governments and its peoples are morally destroyed and lead astray. We rot from the inside out and we are invaded by “barbarians”.

    Meanwhile the Chinese and Russians and those on the New Silk Road plot and plan to evade the moral deceit and control of the “West”.

    Who can blame them??

    • Metropolitan Hillbilly

      We don’t have morals. Can’t afford them guv’nor.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Speaking of morals, there was one student in our secondary school who was extraordinarily thick and lazy and thus always prone to be picked up on by our secondary school teacher (who was a bit of a sadist anyway as she ordered us to learn by heart the dates of births and deaths of all our kings and queens).
        “But Mrs, please, this is unjust!” – he would plead.
        “History teaches you that justice doesn’t exist!” – she would hiss back.

      • Those who cannot be trusted will have no friends among the godly.

        Those who are gullible will have few friends either.

        Might makes right. The strongest prevail in all of nature.

  3. Mike Lucey


    I’m not so sure foreign language ability will be so important in the future. Tech is coming up with some ingenious devices,

    ‘A New Device Can Translate Speech In Real Time’

    Imagine what will be available in a few years!

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      A proper translation by AI will never be possible unless we create human-like machines. Why? Due to the nature of the language: in some cases, there is no one correct way of translating a sentence; and to know which one is best, a machine would need a behavioural/life experience rather than a dictionary and algorithms, no matter how large.
      Translation devices have been improving rapidly until roughly 10 years ago, when they came across a cliff. For sure such devices can be and will be used on a daily basis in s i m p l e situations – but if a proper AI translation of large projects were possible, publishing houses would have bought those devices a long time ago rather than paying translators up to $50,000.

      Why is perfect translation software impossible? Try to describe what every atom in the atmosphere is gonna do:
      supposing that I know all the necessary equations. If I had a big enough computer, I would be able to calculate it.
      You would need the input into that computer that would know the position and the speed of each atom when you start the calculation. Similarly, you would need the input in the translating software that would know the context of each word (that you need to have life experience for) when you start the translation. However, quantum mechanics tells me that I cannot know precisely the position of a single atom. The system is infinitely chaotic, which means that it is infinitely sensitive to initial positions – it’s enough to change the position of one atom and the outcome is completely different.

      The reason I’m writing these reflections of mine is that I hope someone will take it up and develop it into a PhD – it would be catapult the Irish philosophy/linguistics into the first division from the third division that it is now.

      • Truthist

        Surely the 1st task to be solved is ;


        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Whether the origins of peoples thoughts are conscious or unconscious or both is irrelevant to the meaning of the sentence as regardless whether the mechanism of thought is conscious or unconscious, from a linguistic point of view you are interested in the p r o d u c t of the thought: the natural of logical truth is anti-psychological and the whole semantics is based on this.
          In other words, to establish the meaning in the language you always – by definition – work with a verbalised – so conscious – sentences.

          • Truthist

            Useful answer.

            Nonetheless, their at least 2 mechanisms of thought operating :

            PUSH from utterer / composer
            What they are ostensibly saying
            What they are obliquely saying
            What they are really trying to accomplish with the utterance

            PULL from the listener[s]
            What they are ostensibly hearing
            What they are obliquely hearing



            Double Entendres

            Telling the truth obliquely on blogs


            I presume that Probability is of major relevance.

            Topography too.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “OSTENSIBLE + OBLIQUE” – there has been a whole branch of logic called pragmatic logic (or pragmatics) developed around the ideas that you are toying with, but it still has nothing to do with conscious and unconscious – these are just Schopenhauer’s’ concept, stolen and vulgarised by Freud and Jung.

            There are two branches of pragmatic logic that might interest you as they deal precisely with that distinction: 1)speech act theory and
            2) conversational implicature.

            1 In speech act theory (started by Austin influenced by late Wittgenstein, and developed by Searle),
            1.1 locutionary acts – actual utterances and their ostensible meanings – differ from
            1.2 illocutionary acts – intended significances as a socially valid verbal action and
            1.3 perlocutionary acts: its actual effects, such as
            1.3.1 persuading,
            1.3.2 convincing,
            1.3.3 scaring,
            1.3.4 enlightening,
            1.3.5 inspiring
            1.3.6 getting someone to do or realize something, whether intended or not.

            Nowadays, the main basic formal application of speech act theory is to be found in the field of human-computer interaction, following 1987 Winograd and Flores paper “Understanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design”.

            Theory of speech acts has even found its use in political science, here is an interesting paper:


            Last year, an interesting paper was published where the author tries to understand mathematical financial models as speech acts (Walter, Christian “The financial Logos: The framing of financial decision-making by mathematical modelling”).

            2) Even more interesting and more relevant to your (and late Wittgenstein’s) tentative distinction is the branch of pragmatic logic called conversational implicature (“implicature” is an alternative to “implication”), which refers to what is suggested in an utterance, even though neither expressed nor strictly implied by the utterance.

            As an example, the sentence “Derek is paid by German foundations and he writes pro-Merkel articles that twist the basic facts to suit her narrative” strongly
            s u g g e s t s that the hypothetical Derek writes that kind of articles because he was paid by Merkel’s friends b e f o r e writing pro-Merkel articles that twist the facts,
            the sentence would still be strictly true if the hypothetical Derek was paid by German foundations
            a f t e r he wrote his mendacious articles (for a hypothetical newspaper) – and independently of those payments – d’ya know wha’ I mean?

            Further, if we append the qualification “not necessarily in that order” to the original sentence, then the implicature is now cancelled even though the meaning of the original sentence is not altered.

            Paul Grice identified three types of general conversational implicatures:

            1. The speaker deliberately flouts a conversational maxim to convey an additional meaning not expressed literally.
            2. The speaker’s desire to fulfil two conflicting maxims results in his or her flouting one maxim to invoke the other.
            3. The speaker invokes a maxim as a basis for interpreting the utterance.

            As I cannot really spend more time writing this comment due to me having to now eat breakfast and leave, you might want this article for further explanations about the conversational implicature:


            Hope this helps.

          • Truthist

            Correction ;

            Topography = TOPOLOGY

          • Truthist

            Ewe should start ewer own university.
            IT WOULD BE THE BEST
            And, versus all the rest, it would educate + train :
            Perhaps like Jordan Peterson ewe will list all major fields which ewe reckon to be :
            passe / past-their-usefullness
            necessary for mastering because they are part of “the problem”
            Ewe move ewer base to be ensconced with Cork Ewes & Sheep as was opportunity for ewe some months ago ?

  4. The Christian religion was fractured into several groupings. The original from Israel and Judea was expanded in the Middle east by the Apostles. The British Church derived from this , as legend accounts, about 37 AD Joseph of Aramathea who brought members of Jesus’ family and disciples to Glastonbury.
    It was this creed taken back to Rome and Constantinople. In Rome there subsequently developed the authoritarian Roman Catholic Church with its communistic top down authority structure, and in the East developed the Greek Orthodox Church or the Holy Catholic Church that was in a way more democratic and similar to the parental British Church that has devolved to the Anglican High Church.

    All from a baby laying in a manger!

  5. Metropolitan Hillbilly

    Maybe the world would be a different place if Joseph had insisted on a DNA test? I think David may have been reading ‘Prisoners of Geography. A key part of the Silk road decline was the inability of military projection along its route for any Empire of the era. China does not have a blue water navy (yet) and does not have the ability to deliver an equivalent gunboat diplomacy policy across such a landmass. The supply lines are too long (and can be neutralized quickly)and the mountains are too high. That’s why we’re all prisoners of Geography.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      God, why aren’t there more people like you who understand these, it would appear, simple things. People who think that the Silk Road is possible without the Chinese military projection along its route must not have had history at schools – which is quite possible actually: my good friend from Sligo showed me once a history book they had at school (early 1970s, me thinks), and it was properly beginning from the late 19th century – Fenians, Bismark, Gladstone, US civil war and O’Connell the liberator – no mention of other countries; the previous millennia were just briefly mentioned on the “they were born, they lived, they died” lines.

      • Metropolitan Hillbilly

        It’s just hillbilly geography 101. Predator drones and refuelling bases may mitigate the need of the military footprint to some degree but geography is destiny and always has been. Unlike Icelanders we can stand on the sugerloaf and see Snowdonia or stand on the hills of Antrim and see Jura and Islay. It’s both our blessing and our curse. We share a common history (they’ve had famine, emigration and invasion-Britain invaded Iceland in 1940) but unlike the Icelanders we don’t have the geographical distance and luxury to tell our neighbours to go piss up a rope and start a cod war. The blessing can be mixed but they are our major trading partner and we are their largest farm and our geography cements that relationship.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Nobody is talking about starting a cod war, but I’m equally against being obsequious to the EU as I’m am against being obsequious to the UK (well, maybe a bit more against the EU).
          The Brits and the Germans have to learn that Ireland’s currency is no longer looking for everyone’s praise and exploiting the very dubious moral grounds (“we are neutral and little and lovely and the best in the PIGS class – unlike those frightening foreign nationalist countries full of forests and fearsome flags”).

          The thing is that despite virtually all Irish politicians and commentators who were not bribed by Berlin repeating the mantra “the UK is so so important that without the UK’s approval we will simply perish”, Ireland is not only not important for the UK politicians (despite being one of the largest importers of their overpriced goods) but – few people in Ireland realise this – Ireland simply doesn’t register on their radar, and if it does, it registers less than Africa.
          Proof? All UK politicians know who the two main political figures in Poland are, but even some of the top journalists/politicians in the UK don’t know who the prime minister of Ireland is.
          Another proof? UK PMs 9 visits to Warsaw within a timeframe of 1 visit to Dublin.

          In contrast, lots of Irish-Americans in the US and in the US Congress – even though they totally f…d up the last election by putting all eggs with Democrats (and DMW with Sanders).
          And there was this precedence with the US Navy in Cork during WWI – just in Casey.
          But but but
          There is always Mike Pence.

          • David NZ

            Poland is important to the UK as a potential ally with Brexit, hence the need for visits there. Poland might need British and US troops to help beat back the Russians in the future so it’s a good idea to try and keep talking to the UK. Ireland is more likely to put the boot in to the UK when it is at it’s most vulnerable in any negotiations with Europe. Because of all the things the British have done to the Irish over the years.

            Ireland is probably saying one thing to the Europeans on whom they rely for European access and funds and another thing to the UK who are an important trading partner. They end up by being trusted by neither party.

            If you are going to buy rights of transit for trade, communications or energy from a potential hub country you either have control over that country, like Russia had over Ukraine or you have familiarity and long term trust in the business sense of that country. I’d put Germany and Holland in the latter category.

            Ireland currently has a niche between Europe and the US. In order to preserve that niche in an environment where countries trust each other less and less Ireland needs to establish itself as a trustworthy and reasonably honest partner for all parties rather than a dishonest broker that favours one party over another.

            Otherwise you become used as a hub country only when all the other hub possibilities are exhausted.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Actually, on a clear (so not very warm) day I can sometimes see Snowdonia almost from the beach – going up only 20 metres or so.
          One day I applied 10x zoom, took a photo and photographed… the whole chain of mountains in Wales!
          I wish there was a 300 metres building with a viewing platform in Ireland.

        • Tobago is in the same trap – it’s too close to Trinidan – hence the ‘twin island nation’.

          A little bit further and it would be independent just like Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucian, Dominica, Antigua etc.

          Tobago is a beautiful place, lovely rainforest and beaches. Safe, but lively for tourists – nice restaurants and bars etc.

          Trinidad is a crime-infested place, has character but not somewhere I’d recommend masses of tourists to visit, way more industrial and polluted than the smaller islands too.

          It’s visible from where I live on the south Tobago coast and Tobago’s tourism industry suffers by association although they could do a better job of differentiation although the resources are not put into or else they disappear into someone’s back pocket.

      • Truthist

        Of course, the favorite Caribbean island of “every westerner-who-never-went-there is … JAMAICA !
        BUT … BUT … BUT
        HEADING #1 ;
        Jamaica withers under masonic Exploitation- Montego Bay has Highest Murder Rate in the World by CR

        November 25, 2017


        HEADING #2 ;
        Jamaica withers under masonic Exploitation- Montego Bay has Highest Murder Rate in the World by CR

        Today the Jamaica Observer published this article:

        THE ARTICLE ;
        “Jamaica was well represented at the culmination of the United Grand Lodge of England’s (UGLE’s) Tercentenary celebrations held at Royal Albert Hall in London on October 31 which was attended by more than 3,900 Freemasons from provinces, districts and other grand lodges around the world.”

        However, masons from the Western world previously met in Montego Bay, Jamaica for the Caribbean and Western Atlantic Regional Tercentenary celebrations, as stated in a previous article:

        Interesting that they would choose Jamaica, and Montego Bay in particular. Jamaican masonry, which includes the majority of politician, lawyers, judges, and high ranking police and military officials, must be doing something right. However, Jamaica is at an all-time low in terms of crime, violence, and economic growth. Montego Bay in particular is a rather unsavoury place these days:

        “Ja’s murder figures tell of a state of emergency”
        “The parish of St James has a population of 186,000 residents, 111,000 of whom live in the parish capital Montego Bay, which reported 255 murders year to date at a staggering rate of 230 murders per 100,000 of population. At this rate Montego Bay is unquestionably the deadliest city in the entire world and tracks at 38 times above the global murder rate. If we express the murders against the parish’s population of 186,000, the parish of St James reports a murder rate of 137 per 100,000 of the population and is still the deadliest place in the world for countries not at war.” (emphasis mine)

  6. The Russian government has recently announced it will issue nearly $1 billion equivalent in state bonds, but denominated not in US dollars as is mostly the case. Rather it will be the first sale of Russian bonds in China’s yuan. While $1 billion may not sound like much when compared with the Peoples’ Bank of China total holdings of US Government debt of more than $1 trillion or to the US Federal debt today of over $20 trillion, it’s significance lies beyond the nominal amount. It’s a test run by both governments of the potential for state financing of infrastructure and other projects independent of dollar risk from such events as US Treasury financial sanctions

  7. The Saudis agreed to enforce OPEC dollar-only oil sales in return for US sales of advanced military equipment (purchased for dollars of course) and a guarantee of protection from possible Israeli attack. This was the beginning of what then-US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger called recycling the petro-dollar. To the present, only two oil export country leaders, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Qaddafi, have tried to change the system and sell oil for euros or gold dinars.(AND BOTH WERE MURDERED AND THEIR COUNTRY INVADED AND DESTROYED, TB) Now China is challenging the petro-dollar system in a different way with the petro-yuan.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “The steps to begin issuing Russian state debt in yuan are paralleled by another major development towards broader international yuan acceptance vis a vis the US dollar.” – dollar won’t be replaced by yuan any time soon because:
      1. It’s still fiat – so why have a fiat of a country that world imports from (enriching it even more) t
      2. Unlike the dollar, it’s fiat not backed by a proper navy, despite Chinese attempts to monopolise trade routes
      3. There is massive capital outflow from China
      4. Talks about yuan backed by golded ended up with nothing

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        1. It’s still fiat – so why have a fiat of a country that world imports from (enriching it even more) rather than a fiat of a country that the world exports to (despite David’s repeated misleading information that Britain is Ireland’s biggest trading partner – did he ever do fact checking? – no, it isn’t – the US is.

        • Truthist

          USA being Irish State’s biggest export market ;
          Surely that should be explained as ;
          USA Multi-nationals exporting :
          some, or all, of profits to USA multi-national’s mother Co. in USA where they can be taxed ?
          some, or all of, profits to same USA multi-national’s sister Co. in USA where they can be taxed ?
          Carribean ?
          product & / or services to same USA multi-national in USA
          Carribean ?
          product & / or services to same USA multi-national’s sister Co. in USA
          Carribean ? 8-)
          product & / or services to same USA multi-national’s sister Co. outside of USA
          Carribean ? 8-)
          Netherlands ? 8-)
          USA –> Irish State [again ? ] –> USA [ again ? ] ?
          product & / or services to other USA multi-national in USA
          Carribean ?
          product & / or services to USA multi-national outside of USA
          Carribean ? 8-)
          Netherlands ? 8-)
          USA –> Irish State [again ? ] –> USA [ again ? ] ?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            There is lots of that going with the UK too, yet the UK is never mentioned in that context. And while Ireland has been have a constant trade surplus with the US and the best jobs in Ireland are created by the US companies, all that Ireland does with its trade with the UK is that it subsidises the UK jobs by having massive trade deficits with the UK – Britain isn’t even Ireland’s biggest fish importer – France is; Britain imports as much Irish seafood as Nigeria (do you know that Ireland basically spends all its trade surpluses with its major partners in the UK? – on things like seafood and minerals, among other things) – Ireland is the second largest source of British trade surpluses in the world. In-The-World.
            So while Ireland should, in my opinion, gravitate closer to London than to Berlin, British politicians, when they show off with their ignorance about Ireland and their tabloids have headlines like that the young Irish PM “should shut his gob”, they should be reminded these facts from time to time: ok, we can stop trading if you want to – meaning: we will buy cheaper and better products elsewhere (most products Ireland imports from the UK are low-tech and could be produced in Ireland anyway). Let’s the Taoiseach twist their names in retaliation ;-) – David Cameroon. Theresa Maybe Not. Jeremy Hoorbyn.

          • Truthist

            “…their tabloids have headlines like that the young Irish PM “should shut his gob”,

            Maybe they hinting that they have photos of him with his gob a-gay-p ?

            Ditto others who are hiding as hetero-married “in the cabinet” … so to not speak ?

      • Truthist

        Tony Brogan should be top class @ “teasing out” / “explaining” ur stated Cause / Pt. 1 vis-a-vis the Effect given preceding it ;
        THE CONTEXT ;
        “The steps to begin issuing Russian state debt in yuan are paralleled by another major development towards broader international yuan acceptance vis a vis the US dollar.”
        THE EFFECT ;
        Dollar won’t be replaced by yuan any time soon … because :

        #1 OF CAUSES 1-4 ;
        It’s still fiat – so why have a fiat of a country that world imports from (enriching it even more)


        • Truthist

          I HAD A MIND BLOCK ;

          I think that Grzegorz’s logic is that to get the Yuan u :

          buy it with other currency

          & / or

          bought it with raw materials & / or products & / or services ;
          And, given that it to the Chinese in China ;
          ==> These resources traded @ KEENEST [ CHEAPEST ] prices RELATIVE TO U.

          CHINESE WIN

          Unless, it Rhinoceroses Horn
          Then, again we have some of our Traveller brethren specialising in fulfilling the Chinese demand for Rhino Horn.
          I trust that the Dept. of Finance estimate that trade for the GDP calculations.
          So, now “I have it, so I will spend it” ;
          ==> U end up buying from the Chinese of China natural resources & / or products & / or services .
          And, given that it FROM the Chinese in China ;
          @ toughest price RELATIVE TO U.

          CHINESE WIN

          • Metropolitan Hillbilly

            The travelling community and rhino horn? Have a spin through Rathkeale this weekend. The pubs may be prosperous this weekend but the banks are prosperous all year round otherwise the big two wouldn’t bother to have two decent operations in the town. We should have sent the travellers to clongowes and trinners instead of Mountjoy that way we would have got well educated thieves without morals but of course we produced enough of them in the banking community already. That’s why the bankers of rathkeale will tell you they’re just ‘servicing our clients and the markets’.

      • 1. All state currencies are fiat. However it matters not to other citizens as fiat designation only applies to domestic citizens when paying taxes. You will have to ask Russia.
        They will probably tell you that they want to avoid the US inspired sanctions that are only really effective if the US can enforce the us of the USD in Russian trade deals.
        Anyway the USD has reached the end of its tenure as the world reserve currency.

        • Metropolitan Hillbilly

          Gold has value because it is backed by steel otherwise it’s just a rare metal. The stamp on the Venetian florin and the British crown wasn’t decorative it was a warning that if you f**k with our trade we have the muscle to take you on and take you out.

          • Truthist


            Both Tony Brogan’s & Grzegorz’s separate responses are needed.

  8. Contribute to the truth. Expose the deception.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Project Veritas is actually co-founded by a friend of mine; I’ve mentioned that a few times.

      • Nice, but I have never seen you mention that before. You must promote the project more!!!! :-)

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “Grzegorz Kolodziej
          October 22, 2016 at 5:26 pm
          to MSM reporting of President Bill Clinton rapes and the Project Veritas (co-funded by a friend of mine”

          “Grzegorz Kolodziej
          November 11, 2016 at 1:32 pm
          And this is from Reuters about a friend of mine, who is a co-founder of the Project Veritas and knows Mr Trump for many years (actually Matthew’s Godfather was… President Ronald Reagan himself, I kid you not)”


          Project Veritas had a good promotion – there were billboards and a movie. It doesn’t need any more promotion as it’s primary goal was to defeat Clinton. To paraphrase her – I came, I saw, she died.

  9. Irish PI

    Dunno has anyone noticed it,but my contacts in the legal profession are telling me that the Chinese are buying up Ireland!Just about every commercial and apartment building in Limerick is being viewd,bid on or being bought by a Chinese person or company..So maybe the silk road is already being planned for here?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “the Chinese are buying up Ireland!Just about every commercial and apartment building in Limerick is being viewd,bid on or being bought by a Chinese person or company”.

      And what will this mean for Ireland:

      • Yet another perspective. Do the international bankers control China? Kenya could have issued its own currency to pay its own workers to build its own railway for itself at no debt.

        But like everyone , it gave away its sovereignty when it gave away its right to its own currency issued from its treasury at no cost.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Sudan issues its own currency but this doesn’t seem to make it any better for their workers. I’m not sure if the Kenyan Central Bank, which issues Kenyan currency, is state-owned or not.
          North Korea issues its own currency too – so currencies issued by the state are not a panacea for everything…

          • History[edit]
            When Sudan achieved independence in 1956, the creation of a central bank was a priority. A 3-man commission of experts from the United States’s Federal Reserve, worked with Sudanese government and finance specialists to create the Law of the Bank of Sudan for 1959, and in 1960 the Bank of Sudan began operations. To establish the bank, the Sudanese government nationalized the National Bank of Egypt’s operations in the Sudan (some seven branches), and combined them with the Sudanese currency board.


            No counrty has its own bank. It is owned by the bankers. all money is issued as debt. Interest is charged on that debt to the detriment of all the people.



            Of course one needs an honest transparent government too. All depends on the will of the people.

    • Metropolitan Hillbilly

      10% of the Chinese infant milk formula market is supplied by Ireland (that milk quota capacity was going to fill a vacuum somewhere). The Chinese(efficient and effective traders that they are) have effectively turned Africa into a farm and a quarry for the Chinese economy. They in return supply finished goods to Africa. No real change from the European relationship with Africa except that the Chinese have zero interest in the European liberal human rights issues. The locals can do as the please so long as the farm and quarry is productive. And all without firing a shot to maintain market access and supply, so far. I don’t hear Mr. Robert Geldof singing about that too much. Maybe he’s too busy auditing his trust funds in the British Virgin Islands.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I actually thought that it was 10% of the world’s infant milk formula supplied by Ireland and 17% Chinese (I read the Farmers Journal regularly – sometimes only this, letters, charts and chess column).

        Of course, I also read each Derek Scally’s column for a future huge court case build up against the Anti-Irish Times (I recently contacted some legal organisation in about him – writing that the Polish Parliament unanimously voted against demanding war reparations from Germany when in fact it unanimously voted in favour of it, is unacceptable for a blogger, let alone for a journalist of the Irish toilet paper of reference).

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          some legal organisation in = in the US

          Mr Scally makes mistakes like that in almost every column (who mysteriously always fit the German narrative – nothing to do with the fact that he is based in Berlin). They could perhaps be acceptable (provided the journalist was sacked after the first 3) if they were followed by clarifications like “on… we made a mistake and wrote… We would like to apologise and clarify…”.
          But they are not, despite the AIT (Anti-Irish-Times) being repeatedly informed on the factual errors and other unacceptable claims they constantly make in their articles on Poland and asked to clarify them.
          The AIT had to choose between war and shame. They chose shame. They will get war too.

      • Truthist

        “10% of the Chinese infant milk formula market is supplied by Ireland (that milk quota capacity was going to fill a vacuum somewhere).”
        “ON THE LEVEL …” 8-)
        Top Irish Frmsns involved in that … for their own benefit mainly.

    • LKSteve

      Here in Australia, the Chinese have been buying up property for quite some time. Until recently they were being assisted by the Australian banks who willingly loaned Chinese buyers lots of money based on non-existent, falsified Jobs & income streams back in China. There’s been a crackdown on this now so Chinese buyers aren’t as prevalent at open homes & auctions. Now the Australian government is planning on taxing empty homes. Many houses bought by Chinese lie empty even as homelessness becomes a visible problem in Australia. Australian diplomatic relations with China are complex given the significant United States military complex infrastructure on this continent. Australia’s main export is iron ore bearing dirt, shipped to China. The Chinese have an insatiable appetite for the stuff. In recent years, Australian manufacturing has been going down the plughole at an alarming rate. The Automobile manufacturing industry has shut up shop, currently there is a fire-sale of auto manufacturing equipment from the recently closed Toyota plant in Melbourne. Ford & Holden (GM) have also packed it in. In the meantime, Chinese built cars and trucks are appearing everywhere & LDV a big Chinese manufacturer was a major sponsor of one of the primary challengers in this years Sydney to Hobart boxing day race. Chinese people can be seen in every supermarket every day with their shopping baskets filled with baby formula. They hunt in packs, 5 travelling per car and take their 4 can allowance, then change their clothes and go back in for 4 more. They clean out stores in minutes. China is even buying Australian politicians – Google Sam Dastyari. China’s global influence grows by the day, thanks you David for a reminder of this.

      • Metropolitan Hillbilly

        The strategic requirements of the US have deemed it prudent to locate a major deployment of the United States Marine Corp in Northern Australia. It took a long time for Aussies to understand that Asia was next door and that a lot of their neighbours view Aussies as 30million inbred squatters living on one of the best farms and quarries in the neighbourhood.

      • Truthist

        “China is even buying Australian politicians – ”
        Ewe should not have said that ;
        Because, now ewe have just tempted :
        ALL Irish State politicians
        ALL Irish State Civil SERPENTS
        NOT ALL Irish Civil Servants are SERPENTS
        BUT, MOST are.

  10. Further to my comment last week , that families will have to double up or triple up to afford housing if the current central bank policies continue.

    “A staggering new analysis from Zillow highlights perfectly the unintended consequences of central banking policies that drive massive asset bubbles but minimal job/wage growth. According to the study, surging home prices and rising rents have now resulted in a record 30% of American adults, up from 21% in 2005, being forced take on roommates just to afford monthly rent payments.”

  11. Homelessness in the richest cities.

    Marva Ericson, who works as a nursing assistant, has been sleeping in her Kia for the past three months. She wakes up before dawn each day, showers at the local YMCA and dresses in her hospital scrubs to head to work.

    I wake up and I say, ‘Thank you God for keeping me safe last night, and thank you for the Safe Parking program’,’ the 48-year-old told the LA Times.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Excellent post Tony but wide of the Mark.

      The real problem is the out of control property taxes. A friend of mine IS a retired NY fire fighter. He came home to Ireland from new York after taking early retirement because the house taxes were 13 THOUSDAND DOLLARS per year.

      Wealth taxes are going to keep going up because real incomes all over the west are stagnant o falling as per David’s last article. Consequently, asset stripping the west’s population is the only way deficit spending can be maintained which is the REAL REASION THE JAPANESE POPULATION IS CONTRACTING BY 100 THOUSAND PEOPLE PER MONTH McWilliams!

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Anyone who thinks that the vulture funds and/or Chinese investors buying properties in Ireland is good for Ireland (or any other country they buy properties in) never thought of this:

        And if anyone tells me that the Silk Road success is the best option for remote Atlantic Ireland (out of all places!!!), has no right to complain in the future about the Irish fisheries ever again – the first thing the Chinese do when they get serious about their investments is they take over ports, as they did in Greece; the second is that bring their military to these ports. The third thing is that the country is suddenly in debt, like Kenya.
        Polish experience with Chinese investment: failed motorway project, best bearings factory in Europe (highest quality) – they dismantled it and brought to China – now Germany makes those bearings) is not encouraging either – lots of talk, little walk. I think the British experience with Rover was the same.

        So: the Silk Road and Ireland – we can discuss Ireland in NATO or Ireland being neutral (personally I think that a neutral country can only stay neutral long-term if it’s armed to its teeth – as the Baltic states history with the USSR, as well as the Texas-like gun culture of Switzerland, shows). But anyone who talks in the same breath about neutral Ireland and the Silk Road is
        a) silly
        b) bribed

        • Metropolitan Hillbilly

          There’s a lovely little runway in the west called Knock International airport. It’s perfect for a USAF airbase, the cost is now sunk for Irish taxpayers and it’s under utilised and remote. We should lease it out asap on decent terms before the US insists on using it on their terms. Mayo girls may not be as pretty as filipinos but the location is strategically relevant and business is business.

          • Truthist

            Big social costs
            STD onslaught.

            Gonorrhea NOW becoming impossible to cure.


            Anyway, NATO also looking for boys to sexually abuse.

            So, it not just the Mayo girls.

          • “Mayo girls may not be as pretty as filipinos”

            They certainly ain’t!

          • Truthist

            1 Mayo girl excelled somewhat at cabala studies with help of personal maid.
            Vigorous advocate against the Pre-Born Child & Infant Child.
            Later was shacked up in Belgium with an XX
            Later returned to play “happy families”.
            I couldn’t be aras’d to tell u who though.

        • Truthist

          ISRAEL is NEUTRAL ;
          AND, …


          SIOCHAIN TO EWE 8-)

          • Metropolitan Hillbilly

            Big social costs? The lovely ladies of Mayo needn’t unduly worry themselves about STDs from friendly Americans, they are more than capable of accessing one living in London, Dublin or New York as any doctor in those cities will tell you.

      • The new tax bill reduces some housing cost deductions.
        At present interest on a 1 million dollar mortgage can be deducted. This is reduced to 750,000. House state and local taxes could be written off against Fed income but it is now reduced to the first 10,000. In the high priced coastal belts this will increase taxes while the cheaper flyover deplorables will pay less taxes.
        But that does not cause high RE prices that is the cheap interest rates. High rentals are caused by a paucity of places available.

  12. michaelcoughlan

    Beautiful soliloquy David.

    Isn’t it a pity that you couldn’t acknowledge what is driving the reorganization is the demise of the petro dollar due to out of control monetary policy in the US, UK, and Japan. All of them committing economic hari kari especially in Japan following proven destructive and failed monetary policy?

    What gives David? No mention of it. Can western economists not look in the mirror and ADMIT they have been singing from the wrong hymn sheet?


  13. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “Once more, the Silk Road will dominate global trade. This Chinese move to tilt the world away from America includes 65 countries, covering 60 per cent of the world’s population, 45 per cent of the world’s GDP and, crucially, 75 per cent of the world’s proven resources. This is the future of the global economy.” – we shall see.

    First of all, if it does, being on the outskirts of Europe and furthest away from China, Ireland would be THE most affected European country – and not in a positive way. Compared that the east-west divide in Europe on the river Elbe (and then south – the Meditteranean) after the Great Geographic Discoveries, when a country like Poland turned – within two centuries from a country far richer than the (non-existing) Germany (one custom house in Gdansk was giving more revenue than the entire Prussia!) a few centuries of constant emigration from Germany and the Netherlands into Poland, still visible in some architecture, customs, dresses and even language:

    into a country poorer than Germany.

    Secondly, one look at the map informs us that without retaining centrality of the Atlantic route in the European trade Ireland is, as DMW skillfully put it, an Albania with brutal weather.

    Thirdly, look at this (and I know that Mr McWilliams, being a man of the world so much more than me, is very aware of it, as he attached a similar link it the past – just strangely shtum on these facts recently – does he like China a little bit more and the US a lot less since Mr Trump won the election? – so much so that he now consistently maintains in his article and radio appearances that Britain, who trades half of what the US trades with Ireland and far less than the EU, is Ireland’s biggest trading partner):

    P.S. To allay any doubt – these are my questions, not statements. Statements would be justified if he never wrote/said anything bad about China (and its influence on Ireland) ever again.

    • Metropolitan Hillbilly

      To probably misquote from Hannibal Lecter ‘When the rabbit is squealing the fox is running-but not to help’. We need to be very careful who we get into bed with. History tells us that the US has consistently delivered for us and protected us from our own folly (at a price but that’s the price of business as any decent vulture fund will explain).

      If Northern Ireland(or the rest of the Island) had become a real nuisance to the UK militarily its aircraft could have taken out all key power stations and returned us to the 17th century and returned to base in holyhead before breakfast. The fact that they didn’t was because we are their largest offshore farm and they don’t need a blue water merchant fleet to reach us.

      The salient fact is that any PM contemplating such an act today would also have to factor in key US multinationals very annoyed at the loss of valuable real estate and production. They have very powerful friends in Washington. So by a happy accident we also have very powerful friends in Washington. We’re an Atlantic Nation and our proven friends are American forged by history, culture and geography. We should do an Iceland and offer them Knock/Shannon and Bantry Bay. We might have a few hand wringing media elite and academics(funded by taxpayers) whinging about it. But we have 200,000 real taxpayers working for US corporations. As Bismarck said ‘God protects drunks and small children and the United States of America’. Kissinger said ‘ Who do I call when I need to speak to Europe?’. We know who to call when we need to speak to America. Happy new year.

  14. Truthist

    ==> WE SHOULD BE :
    David’s Biggest Trading Partner [ UK ] ?
    Well, “The City” anyway ?
    Grzegorz’s Biggest Trading Partner [ USA ] ?

  15. Truthist


    @ Grzegorz,

    Re ; 1 of ur Hobby-Horse Topics

    Free-Travel Schemes for certain folks on Social Welfare

    This article does not open up for me ;
    I not an online customer of “The Anti Irish-CUM-Anti Polish Times” ;

    Some time ago, I found info that Free Travel Scheme funded from Dept. of Social Welfare / Protection.

    Perhaps the text of this article tells differently in some or all respect.


  16. Onda

    1421 The Year China Discovered the World, by Gavin Menzies, Bantam Press. Poorly written but a very interesting read.

  17. Truthist

    @ Gregorz

    Another 1 of ur hobby-horses
    Or more accurately, … some of ur other hobby-horses :

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      It’s not as much Miriam as a person that I object to but as her role as a presenter of economic news/programs in pumping the property bubble in the Celtic Tiger. Still, she would still be better than Michael D., as it would someone randomly picked from a phonebook.

  18. Sideshow Bob

    Could this be described as a Netflix article? Looks like D McW has been gorging himself on Rome, Marco Polo, etc, etc…and then surfaced to write a quick article.

    RT have documentaries ( more like advertising for the Chinese Government in this particular case) on their Silk Road initiative for anyone that is interested. Can´t see it challenging the capacity of shipping routes or the developed global logistics network that is centered around it.

    Also I do not seeing a lot of relevance to this claim about the new Silk Road enabling a by-passing of the old USA. The biggest way I see the Chinese and Russians ( and Iranians too, old silk roaders) by-passing America is by trading oil and gas for gold-backed yuan, directly to China from Russia and Iran using piplines overland, thereby removing both the petrodollar and the US Navy from that equation in one fell swoop.

    On a naval front the Chinese, and the Indians have imitated Russian naval tactics and are implementing Russian tactics and weapons systems which have been designed with the destruction of US carrier groups from a distance ( e.g. ) in mind. So, they all have the capacity to defend themselves against US ´power projection´ (i.e. economic bullying).

    We get a pantomine mini-version, a distillation of this global shadow fight, near us. I am talking about the UK´s new aircraft-less mega aircraft-carriers, a homage to their American overlords and the talking up of the Russian bogeyman i.e. the ´intercepting and escorting´ of Russian naval vessels that are travelling around, quite normally in international waters, in full view, on pre-signalled routes.

    Obama though he could up the bullying with his ´tilt to Asia´. Can´t see it working as long as the big three players here ( China, Russia, India ) ignore the US. Japan will keep its role of US vassal state, like the UK in Europe.

      • Sideshow Bob

        No, no, Grzegorz…you have this all wrong!

        Those aggressor ships were from the nation of Ubijos!

        There are full instructions on how to take out Russian tanks in a ´guerilla/freedom fighter/terrorist´ manual being supplied to the Lithuanian public.

        This sort of mass hysteria belies the kind of sane advice any responsible government would give to its citizens. I think this is paranoia being used for thought control of a population.

        I am sure the Poles are more sensible, what?

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          You have to add neutral Sweden and Finland to that – they have also carried out similar “what if Russia invades?” military exercises and issued similar manuals.

          The Poles are more sensible, that’s right – given that in 1492 (what is now called Russia, and what was called Moscovite state until the 18th century didn’t exist until the 15th century: the Russians are one of Europe’s youngest nations, with a history much shorter than Lithuania) Russia starts one of its 15 invasions on Poland (out of 17 Polish-Russian wars, Russia was an aggressor in 15), they came to their senses and acquired cruise missiles from the US.

          Personally, I think that since Russia never removed its nuclear weapons from Europe’s most militarised zone – Kaliningrad – nuclear weapons would be even more sensible – but at least that’s a start.

        • Sideshow Bob

          ´´A small country cannot contend with a great; the few cannot contend with the many; the weak cannot contend with the strong.´´

          - Mencius, 4th century BC.

          This hasn´t changed slightest he said this, in China, a very very long time ago.

          So, the Poles are far more insensible than the Lithuanians. They are spending over 200 million dollars on a non-effective deterrent! This is nothing short of nationalistic willy-waving!

          The cruise missle in question is an air launched subsonic missle that delivers a measly 1000lb warhead a distance of 600 miles from where it is launched. That means would even get to Moscow if it was launched from near Warsaw!

          That is less effective than than the Soviet-era `Scud´ missiles Poland retired nearly 30 years ago. They would be a lot harder to shoot down, being 5 times faster. And a lot less easy to find than any air launched system. The Polish airforce, and its runways, would be wiped out more quickly than it was in 1939 if they went toe-to-toe with the Russians now. They wouldn´t even get into the air! Willy-waving nonsense and a big pile of money down the drain I tell you!

          This is exactly the stupidity I am talking about – the Finns and Swedes are far more balanced on this issue.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Speaking of stupidity, you have no idea what you’re talking about because:
            1. The purpose of those missiles is not to strike Moscow in case you didn’t know – and you didn’t know because you repeat it twice, additionally hypothesising about them being launched from Warsaw
            2. Here comes a shocker for you: sensible Finland acquired them cruise missiles too, which kicks the bottom out of your whole argument – the only thing is that Poland has the priority for the US, so they sold Poland the most up-to-date version of them (Poland was the only country in the world that the US Congress allowed purchasing that version), while Finland had to be satisfied with the old version
            3. Sweden and Finland drastically increased military spending, and Sweden reintroduced conscription
            4. “The Polish airforce, and its runways, would be wiped out more quickly than it was in 1939 if they went toe-to-toe with the Russians now.” – with the Patriot system Poland is building, I doubt it – but supposing you’re right: that would mean attacking the US bases. That would mean that the minute they did that, the history of the young Moscovite state would end, as they would have to wipe out dozens of different locations in the West in a decapitating first nuclear strike to avoid retaliation, while it only takes wiping out two Russian cities (Moscow and St.Petersburg) to put that kind of a war to an end.
            5. “That is less effective than than the Soviet-era `Scud´ missiles Poland retired nearly 30 years ago. They would be a lot harder to shoot down, being 5 times faster.”
            5.1 First of all, Scuds were ballistic missiles – learn the difference between ballistic and cruise missiles and the come back to me.
            5.2 Scuds range was only 180km anyway.
            5.3 Poland didn’t control the launch systems for Scuds, it does control the launch systems for cruise missiles.

            P.S. I will watch the Rubberbandits version of it you linked earlier later in the evening. T

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “And a lot less easy to find than any air launched system.” – actually, they can be air-launched :-)
            “that delivers a measly 1000lb warhead” – I have another shocker for you: they can be equipped with nuclear warheads :-)

            It’s best for you to change a subject to topics you are familiar with, such as infrastructure, architecture and property market, lest you make yourself a laughing stock with more failed arguments. I demolished them so completely that I now have pangs of conscience and so I decided that from now on, I will only be nice to you, as I usually am anyway (no, seriously, I once asked people here did anyone know what happened to the Sideshow Bob as I miss him).

          • Metropolitan Hillbilly

            Grzegorz & Bob

            Sorry to cut in on the debate regarding who has the biggest toys to play with. A simple fact remains. Poland has some great positives, an educated and erudite population (well represented by Grzegorz in these debates), a largely homogenous population and a unified State with no major conflicts about religions or minority groups.

            On the negative side it has the misfortune to be located right on the Northern European plain between three major powers who like to have a war with each other every fifty years or so. It is also largely flat with few major river barriers and a 300 mile gap between the Carpathian mountains and the Baltic. This gives few advantages in wartime and every maniac in either France, Germany or Russia who fancied his chances has treated Poland like a motorway.

            I don’t know what the solution is maybe ask the EU for funds for a mountain range? (they’ve funded enough crazy projects over the years). But somehow I don’t think cruise missiles will get the job done unless you want Russia to use their missiles to link the Baltic Sea with the Adriatic Sea?

          • Sideshow Bob


            First off, sorry, I have gone too far. I didn´t provoke with the general intention of annoying or upsetting, but to stimulate debate. Sometimes it works, here it clearly did not.

            Respectfully, I think you have a nationalistic streak that clouds your thinking on this matter. So, please view the comments that follow coldly.

            I am aware of Poland´s position as something of a football in the power struggles between the Germans and the Russians over the centuries. I have an idea how it has suffered. My quote from Mencius above refelcts that thought.

            However, I don´t think Poland has ever been as secure as it is now, I don´t see how deliberate provoking of the Russians helps in any way,nor expenditure on pointless expensive weapons systems ( instead of socially useful things )unless it is a way of distracting the population from what is really going on in the Government. Same goes for the various Baltic States.

            The original modern cruise and ballistic missles to be used were the V1 and V2, used by Germany in WW2. 400 of the 600 or so V1´s(cruies missles)launched were shot down by the organised British defence. No V2´s were shot down but killed more people on the German side during development than they managed to kill on the Allied side in actual use. The history of these weapons is instructive. Wikipedia covers it well enough in two short pieces, and in particular, the reckoning there is very clear. It points out that they were significant only for propaganda and psychological control of the German population. They had some effect, too, in creating fear in the British population. They consumed extensive and valuable resources in Germany in a dire time of need for no effective military result. I don´t see how this would be any different, generally speaking, in Poland´s case today. I don´t see how it can help the average Pole in the slightest.

            On the topic of the blog here:

            I took a complete step back from commenting on the blog a year ago, as I felt it was a waste of time more often than not. I re-entered to comment a month ago or so because David McWilliams seemed to be engaging with the theme of housing again (both on here and on TV3) and this is one topic, and an important topic, I that like to add my voice to, rather than stay quiet.

            I plan on going quiet from today again.

            So Grzeg, I will leave it there and wish you a happy new year!

          • Sideshow Bob

            Metropolitan Hillbilly,

            I concur completely. Please see the prior comment,too.

            I don´t wish to be obessesed with this technology. It is obtuse to most normal thinking people, and they close their ears to it and the person talking about it when ever it is mentioned.

            But I am interested in what is behind it. Sometimes looking hard at it tells you a lot about economic or political decision behind it – good, bad or indifferent. Also, like how I aluded to how normal people are easily lead by the nose by the military-industrial complex, when they don´t have a clue about it.

          • Truthist

            Hi Bob,

            Thanks to that series of posts from u, & Grzegorz’s educative reply calling for some follow-up, I am now wise to the difference between Ballistic Missiles & Cruise Missiles.

            Hoping that Grzegorz not think I unappreciative of his arguments for Poland to place trust, or at least hope, in USA & Trump, for its defence, I still hold fast to including my lateral thinking analysis & range of strategies & tactics for Poland to protect itself.
            Part of my analysis concurs with ur view as to Poland’s & Poles characteristic fallibilities that lends Poland to being abused repeatedly.
            Metropolitan Hillbilly intercedes to express main parts of Poland’s externally + dispassionately perceived weaknesses very elegantly too in this mini-thread
            But, Poland & Poles should be thankful for such insight because it would serve them well were they to attend to it.
            And, they should not be sensitive to these facts as an insult ;
            Heck, they are not ugly or immoral points.
            Rather, they point to Poland & Poles having virtues that are too honest in what is a Mencius described “Strength, & / or Many, is Victorious” World.

            USA & UK & France & Germany & Izy ruling classes have c-o-n-t-e-m-p-t for Poland & Poles.
            And, it follows from evidence about Putin & the background folk of Russia — as supplied by likes of Henry Makow, & Brendon O’Connell — that these alleged Christian Orthodox would be loyal to above party’s contempt for Poland + Poles.
            However, the Russian populace themselves are conscious & accepting of themselves as Slavs, & moreover wish to be guardians of all Slavs.
            So, in my limited knowledge I dare recommend that Poland should capitalise on this.
            Ditto, Germans should with similar priority be regularly informed that many [ or all ? ] of them are also essentially Slavs ? & that a very substantial of Poles are of German ancestry way back but are sure of being Poles now.
            And, of course, both neighbors must be reminded of how lucky they are to have Poland as a country to shield each other from the occasional silly twits that hold power in respective country seeking to war on each other & in so doing over-run & exploit Poland + Poles.
            Of course, R-E-V-I-S-I-T to history reveals that certain war-mongers — 8-) — often manipulated all 3 separate great countries to be at war as 1 against each separately or the other 2 ;
            And, with Poland in most instances being the non-aggressor.

            Apologies if this post is not my most inspired ;
            I hope that u occasionally contribute rather than regularly hereon ;
            Because I have no doubt that u are doing invaluable work in ur vocations of architecture etc & time is limited.

            U are man of action Bob ;
            This blog should really be springboard for successful actions.

            I believe that the sequence of steps from Palestinian Swede that I put on last article’s discussion may really be the t + most practical template for each & every knowledgeable + awakening patriot to perform against our own elites.

            And, thank u again for ur genuine concern expressed at my homeless + roofless situations

          • Sideshow Bob

            Thanks Truthist.

            Honestly, I am just getting by and I am not doing too much of use to the world. I would like to try to do more, but there are few opportunities out there. This is the case no matter what I avenue I go up. The corporatocracy has it all tied up – it ain´t good.

          • Truthist

            Novel housing solutions — physical & abstract — are priority now.




            “FLEXIBILITY” I believe must be common theme.

            Housing & Homelessness & Homelessness + Rooflessness & Medical Field & Social Welfare Field & Sociology & other “…ologies” SCENES are very laden with practictioners — clients too — of wickedness.
            Min. for Housing appears to me as a deliberate “thrower of shapes” ;
            I think that Varadakar likes him very much for his beard too.

            I surprised that an IKEA offering at least of lone houses as kits placed onto their modules of raft foundations is not offered already.

            Perhaps we can develop housing knowledge + understanding + solutions from ur occasional visits to this blog.

            Helpful would be to know what u reckon are ur specific areas of competence & interest.


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            My quick (in terms of super-fast typing, not lenght) response to some points touched on below:


            1. “it has the misfortune to be located right on the Northern European plain between three major powers who like to have a war with each other every fifty years or so. It is also largely flat with few major river barriers and a 300 mile gap between the Carpathian mountains and the Baltic.” – that’s pretty much it.

            The largely flat terrain between two major powers makes it very difficult for Poland to become a carrier of international rights, and in order to do so, Poland has to throw its weight around much more than island countries or countries like Switzerland who are closed by mountains which makes it not only difficult to invade but more importantly, to occupy (as the Afghanistan history shows) – although even with that, Switzerland is armed to their teeth.

            Poland’s dilemma since the Piast Kolodziej’s dynasty is that Poland has to face a relatively large space that naturally tends to merge, and at the same time, Polish ethnicity is too weak to unite all these lands between Oder and the Black Sea (so historical borders of Poland).

            Historically, the main geographic problem for Poland was the control over the Smolensk Gate (who controls Smolensk, controls the entry to eastern Europe – and, according to the father of British geopolitcs, MacKinder, who controls the entry to eastern Europe, controls the world), hence the castle in Smolensk was one of Poland’s largest castles (the other one was a castle in Kamieniec Podolski, who was protecting Europe from the Asian invasion – one has to remember that Moscow was a vassal state to Mongol Khans; the pre-Cromwell England understood it and was even contributing to maintaining the castle, while the post-Cromwell England helped to build the power of Prussia, which resulted in two world wars).

            Due to the geopolitical importance of the Smolensk Gate, it is Belarus, nto the Ukraine, that is the most important place in eastern Europe from Poland’s safety point of view.

            If you look at Daugava river, you’ll see that Daugava’s headwaters is turning from Moscow towards the Baltic Sea while Dnieper’s course is turning south towards the Black Sea, taking with it all river systems, which creates a plateau which is not crisscrossed by streams so you don’t have to divide your armies (hence the first Polish Republic’s armies always used that place, i.e. during Zolkiewski’s campaign – that part of the Polish history is studied in West Point even more carefully than in Polish schools; another example is Tukhachevsky’s raid in Poland during the Bolshevik invasion).

            Since President Trump came to power, the US strategists’ attention turned from Pacific to that area, developing the so-called multi-domain battle doctrine for the US land army for defensive purposes (potential Russian attack from Belarus, which Russia has been exercising for the last two decades), and are catching up on the topography of that area and the history of all Polish-Russian battles there.


            2. “But somehow I don’t think cruise missiles will get the job done – unless you want Russia to use their missiles to link the Baltic Sea with the Adriatic Sea?” – again you mistakenly assume that the purpose of those cruise missiles is to reach Moscow and attack the civilians. The cruise missiles that Poland has are a very good deterrent – they can wipe out the whole ship or a brigade, and since Poland acquired them, Russia pushed back some of their units 160km east (clearly not believing as you do that they can be so easily destroyed – Patriot is not the only anti-missile system Poland is developing, there are two others) – precisely because they were vulnerable to those missiles.


            3. “I don’t know what the solution is maybe ask the EU for funds for a mountain range?” – the solution is bilateral relations with the US, in which interest is to prevent Germany, Russia and China from growing too strong.


            4. “I don´t see how deliberate provoking of the Russians helps in any way,” – like I said, it’s not Poland who has been – since Putin came to power – continuously simulating nuclear attacks on Russia, but Russia has been organising a massive (and illegal from the international law point of view) military exercises simulating nuclear attacks on Poland (as well as Finland and Sweden, and recently they also threatened Denmark).

            If Russia doesn’t want the US troops near its borders, why didn’t they demilitarise Kaliningrad? – they’ve been having nuclear weapons and half a million soldiers in that small enclave even before NATO enlarged to the east, and have never withdrawn them; now after Zapad 2017 some of their troops stayed in Belarus, despite Lukashenka’s objections (Lukashenka thought he could potentially play Russia and China against the West, and West against Russia and China – but now he realised he’s losing control – which is partly West’s fault, because for decades the West, including Poland, was treating his regime as if he was a lepper, in spite of the fact that his regime is not in anyway more brutal than the consecutive regimes in the Ukraine and Putin’s Russia, and in fact a lot milder; btw, after decades of oligarchs governments in the Ukraine – Julia Timoshenko had a nickname “Gazproness” due to her being on Gazprom’s paylist – Ukraine is now 3 times poorer than the Belarus of demonic Lukashenko – 3 times! – in PP terms, that’s a bigger difference than Ireland and Poland!).


            5. “The original modern cruise and ballistic missles to be used were the V1 and V2, used by Germany in WW2. 400 of the 600 or so V1´s(cruies missles)launched were shot down by the organised British defence. No V2´s were shot down but killed more people on the German side during development than they managed to kill on the Allied side in actual use.”

            Well, first of all, although Germany deployed the first operational cruise missiles in WWII (contained a gyroscope guidance system and was propelled by a simple pulsejet engine), deployments of the V-1 required stationary launch ramps (susceptible to bombardment), and the 250 Mistels that were built – large explosives-carrying drones – only met with limited success (only killing nine men and wounded 26 on HMS Nith, a River-class frigate being used as a floating headquarters), which is why they were replaced by ballistic V-2. Has the US not entered the war, the Germans might have implemented their plans to carry out key raids against Soviet weapons-manufacturing facilities—specifically, electricity-generating power stations around Moscow and Gorky. So inaccurate were Mistels that they didn’t even manage to destroy a bridgehead at Küstrin. Eventually, Germans managed to produce an effective cruise missile towards the very end of the war (homing was infrared) who destroyed one US bomber over Berlin literally in the last days of the war (I think this might have even been Luftwaffe’s last victory), of which there was a whole book written about.

            Secondly, it is not true that V-1 and V-2 (but V-2 a lot more were ineffective). You write: ” but killed more people on the German side during development than they managed to kill on the Allied side” – that’s not true; all in all they killed 24.5 thousand people (mostly British): that’s a lot more than the British and the loyalists killed in Ireland for hundred years, so how is this ineffective (particularly given its primitive technology?).

            Thirdly, you write: “killed more people on the German side during development” –
            those people on the German side were not just accidentally killed, or less accidentally bombed – they were killed because the Polish intelligence saved London from further bombings, destroying the V-2 main factory and stopping the development of V-3: if it wasn’t for the Poles, the Londoners would count their casualties not in thousands but in hundreds of thousands – and this is something which every English child should be taught at schools (along with the fact that half of the British intellgence WWII information came from the Poles).

            When the Polish Home army intelligence information regarding the V-2 was confirmed by Allies air reconnaissance, the War Cabinet Defence Committee directed the campaign’s first planned1 raid (the Operation Hydra attack of Peenemünde in August 1943). This was the birthplace of modern rocket science where, the world’s first functional large-scale liquid-propellant rocket, the V-2, was developed. Two Polish Home Army (AK) intelligence officers, working there as janitors, provided maps and sketches and reports to Polish Home Army Intelligence, who delivered it to Churchill: they sacrificed their lives to save the Londoners, knowing about the planned RAF attack (had they left, SS would be suspicious); all in all, 700 hundred Polish forced workers died during the attack.


            6. “However, the Russian populace themselves are conscious & accepting of themselves as Slavs, & moreover wish to be guardians of all Slavs.
            So, in my limited knowledge I dare recommend that Poland should capitalise on this.
            Ditto, Germans should with similar priority be regularly informed that many [ or all ? ] of them are also essentially Slavs ? & that a very substantial of Poles are of German ancestry way back but are sure of being Poles now.”

            Russians are not Slavs, and we spoke about it: Russians are primarily of the Mongol/Finnish origins, and they didn’t exist as a nation until the 15th century. Even Putin’s main ideologist and strategist, Dugin, claims that Russians are not fully white.
            The descendants of the Kiev Rus are mainly Ukrainians.
            As to Germans, it’s true to 50% of east Germans and a considerable percentage of Scandinavians share Polish blood haplotypes – east Germans are far more related to Poles than the Russians).

  19. Metropolitan Hillbilly

    A Chinese submarine surfaced in the middle of a US carrier group much to the surprise and annoyance of US military commanders(Ref-Prisoners of geography).It was a warning signal that the Chinese have teeth (and quiet submarines). They are alarming the USA but they are also alarming their neighbours in the South China sea and the pacific. They’ve also taken an interest in a nice piece of real estate with mountain views called Tibet which hasn’t gone unnoticed by another neighbour India. The USA is a two ocean superpower. China is stretching but its naval reach is strategically blocked by
    Japan, the Phillipines and the Malacca Straits at Singapore. A two lane railroad is useful for commerce but to paraphrase Nassim Nicholas Taleb it’s a uniquely fragile black swan in a time of conflict. Our usefulness to the USA is akin to Japan. We are strategically well placed to interrupt/control shipping and aircraft from Malin Head to Vik in Iceland and from Cobh to Brest in France. We can enter an unproven military alliance with the EU (who do we call when we’re under attack Drunker or drunkest?) or we can do an Iceland(it’s a Nato member without obligation to provide a standing army) and get high quality insurance for a low price. In essence we can rent a microlight with a drunken pilot for a stupid price or we can have the proven state of the art defence systems of the USA. I think any reasonable risk management team in an insurance company will favour the latter.

  20. Truthist

    That Orb or whatever — & there are reportedly up to 6 in number [ Ref. Stokes scholar & spook ? but friend of famous spook + scientist-technologist Wright of Spycatcher book fame ] — from within the Ark of The Covenant or whatever “Indiana Jones [ played by Harrison Ford ]” was hunting for, movies though which I never viewed, has some years ago been formally transferred from USA to China ;

    On the edict of The Dreadful Few [ Rothschilds ( "Loose term for family tree that takes precedence from female offspring though ) ], the coming epoch is to be China’s.

    And, their tribe have been embedding themselves in China for quite a while.
    In fact, they ruled China through Mao Tse Tung. Results for string ;

    ..s ran Communist China…19564.19564.0.292812.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.pxBajzBoC0I

    USA’s epoch as #1 is over

    By the way, Premier Xi is also of the tribe.

    • Metropolitan Hillbilly

      China is the new kid on the block and not to be underestimated or insulted. But my money is firmly on the US. Geography, history and proven military capability make it so. They have concrete in all the right places at all the right bases around the globe. Underneath that skin of occasional crassness and chutzpah (so well portrayed by the President at the moment) is a heart and brain of pure and undiluted ruthlessness and blood and guts capitalism. It’s a combination that has delivered for the USA and the world for two centuries. To paraphrase the late Mr.Paisley I won’t swap the blue skies of California for the grey mists of the middle kingdom. And you can take that to the bank.

  21. McCawber

    A nice little parable,David.
    Perfect for the time of the year and relevant to the times we live in.
    I hope your batteries are fully recharged and that you are prepared for the challenges the new year will surely bring.(I have a few in mind).

    In the meantime.
    In Europe we have Ryanair.
    Is there an Asian equivalent or Chinese or Indian equivalents does anyone know?
    Ryanair has contributed hugely to globalisation.
    Surely, therefore, Asia Africa the America’s the subcontinent of India Chiba all need the some kind of Ryanair.
    Ah, David, your first mission of 2018.
    How will a unionised Ryanair fair?

    • Truthist

      South East Asia have an even better version of Ryan Air ;

      Air Asia

      From Malaysia

    • Metropolitan Hillbilly


      I’ll play a straight hand here and declare I’m a (very) minor shareholder so I have a tiny bit of skin in the game. I think Ryanair will do fine and the current share price reflects the usual market machinations rather than underlying value. I think Mr O’Leary has been living in a bit of a corporate bunker for some time and suffered from groupthink. If you’re the top dog the dogs around you tend to bark what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. The shareprice and key shareholders will have reintroduced him to reality. He’s nobody’s fool and not to be underestimated. At close to €20 a share I thought it was a bit overvalued but at around €15 I think it has a sufficient margin of safety and further potential for growth. If you can buy a dollar for 70 cents what is there not to love? If you look at the annual report you’ll note the non compete clause for Michael but it’s unclear if that relates specifically to the airline sector. That could be interesting given his recent comments regarding businesses such as AirBNB and their low capitalisation requirements (servers are cheaper than 737′s). He may be getting bored and considering a different venture. Remember Ryanair made leaps and bounds when it went online and stopped paying commission to travel agents. He may see a new area ripe for disruption. Regardless I’m buying more at €16 or under and I don’t suffer fools or losses lightly.

  22. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “New IRS 2018 Tax Code Screws Crypto Traders!”

    • Same screwing for stock or FOREX traders.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        There might be a loophole though left for the remaining two days of 2017: I wonder if Section 1031 of the United States Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 1031) can be applied to cryptos, given that IRS says that cryptos are property and not currency (and I think they are right):

        Subsection (a) (1) reads:

        “(1) In general
        No gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment if such property is exchanged solely for property of like kind which is to be held either for productive use in a trade or business or for investment.
        (2) This subsection shall not apply to any exchange of—
        (A) stock in trade or other property held primarily for sale,
        (B) stocks, bonds, or notes,
        (C) other securities or evidences of indebtedness or interest,”

        and then in subsection (2) exemptions from that 1031 exemption follow, none of them, in my opinion, relate to cryptos.

        In short, 1031 exchange is a swap of one investment asset for another, and it is not treated by IRS as a taxable sale; however, following the latest vote in Congress, from 2018, only the exchanges of real estate are will be subject to 1031; it can be therefore deduced from this that cryptos swaps done
        b e f o r e 2018 should be subject to 1031. Of course, this exemption would apply to swaps in cryptos and it wouldn’t apply to those who sold their crypto and bought something else for fiat, as 1031 exchange exemption doesn’t apply if you sold your house and bought something for it.


    “”The chart on the left shows the 13-week annualized percentage change in household credit card debt. The data comes from the Fed. As you can see, the use of credit cards to fund spending has soared. Further compounding potential household financial stress, the personal savings rate in November dropped to 2.9% from 3.2% in October. It’s the lowest personal savings rate since November 2007. November 2007 is one month before an official recession was declared back then.

    The 18% spike in credit card debt is perhaps more troubling than the plunge in the savings rate. It’s been theorized that consumers may have used credit cards to “pre-spend” an anticipated savings in taxes from the tax legislation. Unfortunately, the changes to the tax code will be neutral at best for the average middle class household.”"

  24. Helo Tony, I ain’t going to Toronto forget that.

    “Extreme cold in Toronto smashes 57-year-old temperature record”

    Have a few days to kill on the East Coast, will go somewhere warmer instead.

    Of all the weeks!

    • Oh well. The week I arrived in Canada in early Feb 1967 I went to a place where it was a mild day at -20 F. during the following winter I went to work in -50 to -55 F. It was nippy ok but one day in sun and no wind I was pickaxing a trench and stripped off 5 layers to a naked top for a couple of minutes. It was -22F.

      Some of us are more foolish than others but seriously in the Northern bush with no wind -20 can be a beautiful day even if sunup is 10.30 and sundown 3.15 pm.

      it will be tough to find a place in north america that is not freezing. ‘What did I hear you say? blame it on global warming , was it??

      Happy New Year, Adam, to you and that young family. :-)

  25. Truthist

    “Netherlands-the-Hub” — referred to above as very germane to the article — with Rotterdam “the port as big as the commissioners ever want it to be” & Amsterdam & the Rhine … is mentioned also below in what should be an interesting thread ;

    More specifically, the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai are mentioned ;


    HERE FOLLOWS THE Garda-Landlord / Landlord-Gardai Link

  26. Truthist

    LODGES IN LANDMASS ADJACENT TO “North East of Ireland”
    Irish State

  27. Truthist

    Of course, a STAR representing any country signifies that it communist however so.
    “Harassment Rules” herald Orwell’s 1984

    December 29, 2017

    (Woman’s button says, Anti Sex)

    Workers at NBC are required to report all suspected romantic liaisons ;
    OR ELSE, be fired.

    Orwell’s 1984:
    “Unlike Winston, [Julia] had grasped the inner meaning of the Party’s sexual puritanism. It was not merely that the sex instinct created a world of its own which was outside the Party’s control and which therefore had to be destroyed if possible. What was more important was that sexual privation induced hysteria, which was desirable because it could be transformed into war-fever and leader-worship.
    The way she put it was: “When you make love you’re using up energy; and afterwards you feel happy and don’t give a damn for anything. They can’t bear you to feel like that. They want you to be bursting with energy all the time. All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone sour. If you’re happy inside yourself, why should you get excited about Big Brother and the Three-Year Plans and the Two Minutes Hate and all the rest of their bloody rot?”

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    Soon, working for NBC will be like living in Orwell’s dystopia 1984 where sex and love were banned. Rules instituted to punish sexual harassment could be expanded to ban certain political and social views. Sexual harassment may be a wedge to introduce wider totalitarian control.

    The New York Post reports that, in the wake of the firing disgraced “Today” show host Matt Lauer, “NBC employees have been ordered to report any inappropriate relationships in the workplace — and if they fail to do so, they could be fired for covering up for colleagues.

    ‘Detailed rules also have been issued about conduct in the office, including how to socialize and even how to hug colleagues.

    (We are asked to be informers.)

    “A source says, “Romantic relationships at work are not exactly unusual, but now NBC says it is taking a zero-tolerance approach. Staffers have been told that if they find out about any affairs, romances, inappropriate relationships or behavior in the office, they have to report it to human resources, their superior or the company anti-harassment phone line. Staffers are shocked that they are now expected to snitch on their friends.

    “Plus, there’s been a series of ridiculous rules issued on other office conduct. One rule relates to hugging. If you wish to hug a colleague, you have to do a quick hug, then an immediate release, and step away to avoid body contact.

    “Also there’s strict rules about socializing, including [not] sharing taxis home and [not] taking vegans to steakhouses.”

    I believe everyone should behave in a professional manner in the workplace. Sexual favors should not be offered or extorted. People should not have to deal with unwanted sexual attention. However, forcing people to report suspicious romantic nuances is redolent of a police state. Let aggrieved people make their own complaints.

    Workplace norms could easily spread to society as a whole and be applied to political and social opinions. People are already being fired for opinions expressed on social media. I don’t believe in thought crimes. We have laws to cover real crimes.

    Firing people for their opinions is the hallmark of Communism. We have de facto Communism in the West because the government, media, education and corporations are all controlled by pawns of the Luciferian central banking cartel.

    ( Matt Lauer. No one is too big to be thrown under the bus.)

    Central bankers have targeted Westerners for dispossession and enslavement because they are considered an impediment to world government tyranny. This is clear from the relentless attacks on gender, race (migration) religion and family. NBC’s action must be seen in terms of a long-term agenda to make heterosexuality into a pathology. Homosexuality is considered the new healthy norm. Illuminati magicians (social engineers) have used porn and promiscuity to degrade all human relationships to level of sex. This is how most gays think.

    Heterosexuality is very much about males overcoming female resistance in a gentlemanly manner. If NBC’s rules become widespread, men will hesitate to ask a woman for a date. Spurned women will seek revenge by claiming harassment just as minorities claim discrimination.

    People meet on the job. You can’t police human attraction. Where will it end? Glances? Staring? Smiling? Flirtation?

    Both Orwell’s 1984 (1932) and Huxley’s Brave New World (1949) banned love, marriage, family, and in the case of 1984, sex itself. These novels were not “dystopias.” They were predictive programming, not so much prophecies as foreshadowing.

    NBC’s sex harassment rules are an egregious intrusion on personal freedom and human dignity, and set a disturbing precedent.

    Related: Article shows how sexual harassment has become a societal issue, and there is no agreement on what constitutes it. In the Protocols of Zion, the author promises to catch people in a web of Talmudic laws.

    A Reuters/Ipsos national opinion poll, released on Wednesday, asked more than 3,000 American adults to consider eight different scenarios and then prompted them to decide if they would personally label each to be an example of sexual harassment. The variation in responses showed a need for employers to spell out expected standards, employment experts said.

    While most adults in the Dec. 13-18 poll agreed that acts such as intentional groping or kissing “without your consent” amounted to sexual harassment, they disagreed over a number of other actions.

    When asked about “unwanted compliments about your appearance,” for example, 38 percent of adults said this amounted to sexual harassment, while 47 percent said it did not.

    Some 41 percent of adults said they thought it was sexual harassment when someone told you “dirty jokes” but 44 percent said it was not. And 44 percent of adults said that nonconsensual hugging was sexual harassment, while 40 percent said it was not.

    The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency that enforces workplace discrimination laws, says sexual harassment can include unwelcome sexual advances as well as other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affects an individual’s employment, interferes with their performance or creates an intimidating or hostile work environment.

    But courts have disagreed on when individual actions cross the line into harassment. And many workplace sexual harassment cases are settled by employers before they ever reach a court, so there is not a constant judicial airing of standards.


    Since people come to work with different ideas of what is appropriate, managers should train their employees and develop clear lines of conduct so that there are no misunderstandings, said Suzanne Goldberg, director of the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School.

    “The onus is on employers” to set the tone, Goldberg said. “Even if the co-workers don’t object or go to management to complain.”

    In the Reuters/Ipsos poll, for example, 19 percent of men said that touching someone intentionally without their consent was not sexual harassment, compared with 11 percent of women. The poll did not specify exactly what was meant by non-consensual touching. (Continues)


    The economic star in the east is more like a train headlight bearing down while you are still in the tunnel.

    “” Meanwhile, there seems to be a growing acceptance the dollar is likely to weaken in the coming months, as its pre-eminence as the world’s reserve currency is likely to be eroded by China in 2018. It is worth noting that the Governor of the People’s Bank of China had a meeting with the Saudi Finance Minister on Wednesday.[i]

    It’s a fair bet they talked about oil trade settling in yuan, mutual investment opportunities (perhaps including a stake in Aramco) and other related matters such as currency hedging facilities. It was a meeting that could have rung the death knell of the petrodollar, and may get some public airing in the coming weeks.”"


    “” Let’s finish this section with the FBI. Story after story has come out with true dirt to their reputation. Comey, McCabe and even Mueller himself …all G-men. They have proven themselves to believe they are “above the law” or even “the law” itself. In case you have not made the connection yet, EVERY banana republic has three things in common. They all have too much external debt, they all have failing currencies via over issuance and the ALL lose the rule of law via political takeover! We are three for three the way I see it. Please stay tuned for the final two installments.

    Standing watch,
    Bill Holter
    Holter-Sinclair collabration

    There is a lot of reading in this essay with many links for reference. It is only for those who have the time and interest!!

  30. Truthist

    FOR Grzegorz’s ARCHIVES ;
    Goolag Archipelago: Google Sends Powerful Migrant Crisis Video by POLISH GOVERNMENT to ‘YouTube Jail’

    By wmw_admin

    December 26, 2017


    Angry Foreigner

    Dec 6, 2017

  31. Truthist

    I suggest to Grzegorz this the following characteristic preferences of the races will protect the Silk Road ;
    “We are all Palestinians now”
    Even if only the Ibero > Hibero / Hebrew > Hibernians > Scotti > Irish are the only Sons of Shem in Western Europe ;
    The other Europeans being the sons of Japheth.

  32. Truthist


  33. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    But first…

    This is a very interesting passage about what the Silk Road may look like for Ireland:

    “Italian textile manufacturers once planned to move up the value chain as they couldn’t compete with China, but in the Italian medieval city of Prato in Tuscany, they didn’t reckon that more than 30,000 Chinese officially living in the city of 200,000 people and many more who are illegal, would takeover the “Made in Italy” trade.

    Almost a third of new entrepreneurs in the US in 2014 were immigrants and the over 3,000 Chinese firms in Prato contribute to the local economy while the Bank of Italy estimated in 2010 that Chinese individuals were remitting about €750m to China annually.

    Of course there is resentment from some of the locals while Chinese owners do not always concern themselves with labour and tax laws.

    “When we arrived we worked for the Italians. Now they work for us,” the FT quoted a Chinese factory owner. He had recently bought his son an $80,000 BMW. “Money is rolling in,” he said, explaining his largesse.

    China has an estimated 1m migrants in Africa!


    And this is what Mr McWilliams was writing about China in summer 2015:

    “For Australia, events in China could well be the trigger to make Aussies realise that while house prices may fluctuate, debt doesn’t. Debt is real and if a market that is being driven by excessive lending slumps, the post-crash society will be characterised by excessive debts.

    The canary in the coalmine for the Aussie property market is the Aussie dollar, which has been falling precipitously. It is now at a six-year low against the US dollar. Typically, ahead of a market slump in a country, the most liquid asset associated with that country is sold. Australia’s most liquid asset is its currency.

    Here’s where China comes in.

    Australia is “China’s quarry”. It exports all sorts of commodities to feed China’s apparently insatiable demand for raw materials. This Chinese demand drove commodity prices facilitating a boom in the vast mining outback of Western Australia.

    However, China is slowing down quite quickly and in addition, its stock market, which had risen rapidly, is now in free-fall. Over 90 million small accounts with stockbrokers have been opened in China in the past three years – that’s bigger than the population of Germany. Many of these people have been borrowing to chase the stock market higher. This type of leverage can make your gains look spectacular on the way up, but can be crippling on the way down and yet again, the debt remains for years after the share prices have gyrated up and down.

    As China slows, the big challenge for the Politburo will be to keep the economy motoring sufficiently to absorb new workers and to re-engineer China away from being an export-driven, manufacturing hothouse to a more sedate, consumer-driven economy.

    Up to now, the Politburo has been amazingly successful at orchestrating this enormous economy, but lots of outside observers are very worried.”

    “However, economies rarely move in straight lines and there is a real risk that the Chinese growth rates stall from here, not least because fundamental demographics are moving against China.”

    “Without commodity wealth, Australia looks like a large leveraged bubble.

    But as we know in Ireland, these bubbles can inflate for a long time before they burst.”


    And I responded to his article in the following way:

    “One more thing to consider – Chinese debt. It’s funny, because China is US’s creditor, but it also has massive internal debt. But… China is pegged to the dollar. They do not have to be though, and if China decoupled itself from the dollar, then its currency will go up sharply as it would Deutsche Mark if it was introduced now. That would screw their exports, but knowing their government they may always some funny compulsory money exchange – like in Poland in 1950 where they confiscated 2/3 of peoples savings introducing the new zloty with draconian fixed exchange rates, thus decreasing the amount of money in circulation and preventing Hungarian style hyperinflation (which is another form of money confiscation).
    For China has this instrument:
    That would not happen in Ireland with RTE or Irish Times pre-2007 informative and balanced debate on the Irish property bubble – we have the public media which we generously sponsor (1bn in Celtic times) so that they remain unbiased by vested group interests. Oh no, hang on – nomen omen, a propos avuncular advice that certain people should hang themselves by someone who sounded like a moron and probably was a moron – that’s actually a bad example ;-)”


    It’s interesting how our positions switched: I’m now a lot more critical of the Silk Road, having got to know a lot more about China via people living there or who lived there (and who can read Chinese – this is important because often the image of a country projected abroad by its media in English is different to what these media say in native languages: i.e. you wouldn’t hear on RT or any other Russian state owned English language media outlet things you would hear on their Russian language channel, where it’s more difficult to fool people who live there and know the situation; I heard Putin’s general saying on Russia’s first channel “we’re only in Syria for Gazprom” and the patriarch Kyril answering the presenters question: “so you were in KGB?” with a disarming: “yes, and so what?”),
    I also wisened up about China after Poland’s experiences with Chinese methods of corrupting some Polish politicians and intellectuals and their unsuccessful investments in Poland – which far from the promised high-tech factories, boiled down to stolen Polish technical thought and disassembled factories, as all that China is interested in the Silk Road is opening new markets for their products bought by native populations via consumer credits.
    In contrast, Mr McWilliams AD 2017 has, it would appear, a tinted glasses view on China now – certainly more than DMW AD 2015, as it is plain to see from these two articles.
    I wonder why?


    Do you think you can have the Silk Road without their total control of the internet? Compared to their media, RTE looks like plurality (and, needless to say, I don’t think that RTE does anything good other than documentaries and their library archives – where you would be surprised for how little some young people work there who do r e a l jobs – compared to their economically and digitally illiterate bosses, who are also badly educated (they know nothing about everything and they love to know what they know) and often socially maladjusted).

    P.S.II. Unfortunately, the new Polish PM, as a man who emerged from the banksters background (Rockefellers, City, Polish branch of AIB – you name it: he did it all; all in all he reminds me a bit of Macron, only more intelligent – which is not a praise for Mr Morawiecki) is quite soft on the Silk Road. I just hope that the counterintelligence has some materials on him they can use if the push comes to shove. Morawiecki Mazovian princes brought Teutonic Knights to Poland (from Muslim occupied Jerusalem – they went there to defend Christians), and that was probably the shittiest decision ever made in the Polish history: given that 5 centuries later, this would give rise to totalitarian Prussia.

    P.S.III. Mr McWilliams, you’ve got to give me one thing: I’m the most scrupulous reader of your columns in Ireland, if not the world (having remembered them).

  34. Truthist

    Still though
    Yet, without being a Dildo, 8-) … I must plug my post of 10;28 am 29 December 2017 as the most important post thus far in this discussion ;
    December 29, 2017 at 10:28 am

    LODGES IN LANDMASS ADJACENT TO “North East of Ireland”
    Irish State

    • Truthist


      this officer of their court is the court approved solicitor of appointed Personal Representative [ Administrator ] of Intestate Estate

      neither they, nor the Administrator have NEVER contacted me ;
      And, this despite they both together knowing my email address even before they were appointed.
      MY Email Address.

  35. Truthist

    Christ hating + Christian hating + Palestinian-Christian hating + Syrian-Christian hating + Irish-Catholic hating + Preborn-Baby & Infant-Baby hating USA Politicians REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE CHRISTMAS ;
    Numerous Democrat leaders have been ignoring Christmas Day on social media while Republican leaders honor the holiday.
    Prominent leftist leaders like Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), and even Hillary Clinton and the DNC have NOT acknowledged Christmas Day on Twitter

  36. We wait with anticipation for the start of the Shanghai oil exchange priced in Juan.
    one of the features touted is that the received for oil may be convertible to gold.

    “”Few derivatives have generated quite so much hype as China’s yuan-denominated oil futures. Mooted more than two decades ago and since postponed, shelved and re-born, they’re closer than ever to finally starting. For the first time, the world’s biggest oil buyer may open a commodity futures to foreign investors as it looks to wrest control over pricing from international benchmarks and promote the use of China’s currency in global trade.

    The Shanghai Futures Exchange last week said a fifth round of testing had passed smoothly while the State Council was said to have given its approval for the futures to start, one of the final regulatory hurdles to listing. While they’ve never progressed as far before, there’s still no official start date, and neither the exchange nor the securities regulator will confirm when that may be.

    A spokesman for the bourse referred to its Dec. 10 announcement that listing requirements have been met. Nobody responded to a faxed request for comment from the China Securities Regulatory Commission.”"

    The PetroYuan Is Coming

    According to many reports from news outlets like the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the the Shanghai Commodities Exchange is very close to launching an oil futures contract that is priced in Yuan. The Yuan that petroleum exporters receive for their oil could then be used to buy physical gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

    This system would, in effect, make the Chinese Yuan a 100% gold backed currency, at least for major banks and nations who wanted gold in place of cash. Much like the Bretton Woods system that existed from the end of WW2, until 1971 when then President Nixon refused to pony up the gold, which was the act that ushered in the era of fiat currency.

  37. Truthist

    Just like they have been training I…’s Secret Intelligence Service’s proxy army of mercenaries, members of Irish State’s elite commando Ranger wing — “The Wing” ; The self-declared best commando soldiers in the world ; Better than SAS even — most likely also training the mercenaries fighting for I..l-Saudi Arabia against long suffering Yemen ;
    And, Varadakar could not be bothered his ass to arrest these public SERPENTS.

  38. Truthist


    The numbers quoted in this article are much under-scored,
    The real numbers of Heroin Addicts is much larger.

  39. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Interesting comparison of bubble and crypto bubble charts:


      Harry Dent is mostly wrong about the timing and mostly right about the eventual results. When to get in and out again is always the big question.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        As to getting in, I think that only a madman would get in now. Ripple for example, of which I asked Adam before it tripled in value, has so big “capitalisation” that it if was to reach $150 some idiots say it will next year (even John McAfee, who touts Ripple and publicly advertises that he will pump any currency for 25 Bitcoins says that $10-15 is a max), its market “capitalisation” would have to be $5 trillion and 898 billion. Seriously, Tony, does anyone believe that Ripple would be worth almost $6tn??? And that even putting aside the fact that SWIFT that Ripple is trying to replace is already testing its own blockchain, and that Ripple owns 60% of its supply – so how do you know that they didn’t release 1/1000 of its real supply and got the likes of McAfee to pump and dump it?

        So the capitalisation is relative to cryptos price, as that “capitalisation” is virtual – subjective theory of value – until you transfer it to fiat – I reckon that even one of those crypto billionaires tried to sell 100 million worth of coins, that would crash the entire crypto market – look for example at Tron’s capitalisation: on paper $2.5bn, and a Turkish businessman couldn’t sell his Tron’s for a stupid $1m (million, not billion). Max Keiser recently said that he sold his Bitcoins a long ago (so clearly he thought that it was a bubble a long time ago), while the guru of Bitcoin, Andreas Antonopolous, never purchased any Bitcoin (yes, that’s right!), was in debt (small debt, but still he couldn’t pay it) and went public to beg his supporters to donate him some Bitcoin so that he can further promote it.
        So as you see, Tony, the Greater Fool Theory that I once used in our debate on cryptos in the context of bubbles and Ponzi schemes is a really good name for it.
        Having more free time this week, I updated myself a little bit about cryptos and the level of idiocy and gullibility I came across is staggering. 95% of it has to do with psychology, not technology. People don’t read the white papers of the cryptos they buy and promote; when they promote them, it’s impossible to have a debate with them because they are Greater Fools. There are cryptos who jumped thousands of percent and are “worth” billions of dollars, and their marketers claim that they have teams so knowledgeable that the print and internet revolutions would be nothing compared to their crypto – yet they even unable to update their websites since their launch.
        There are some other cryptos their white papers I really like – but even they are on the top of the bubble, and only an idiot buys on the top. Stacey Herbert predicted just this week that in December 2018, Bitcoin will be worth 2/3 of Leonardo Da Vinci painting – if that’s not like looking for a Greater Fool for you, Tony, I don’t know what might.
        Contrary to the impression one might get from my comment if one reads it shallowly, I am actually a great believer in cytotechnology – except that I am great believer that instead of destroying the central banks, it will actually give them even more control (which why they allowed it and invested in it in the first place – see when the latest bubble began: mid-2015, the crypto-market is pretty much stagnant after the last 3/4 devaluation, banksters start heavily investing in cryptos, and then boom!), leading to a cashless society first, and then one global currency.
        Shutting down exchanges and chasing “investors” for unpaid taxes on cryptos 3 years back (is there even one person on this blog who is a citizen of a western country minus tax havens, made profit on cryptos and paid even 1 euro tax from these profits?) might be just the beginning of that process of central banks showing the crypto “billionaires” who is the daddy.

        P.S. I found a gem on DMW blog. The year is 2011. Someone asks what are these things Bitcoin and wallet. No one answers him, even though everyone participates in the discussion – including Adam Byrne :-)

        • Fair comments Grzegorz.

          My comment related to markets in general. Your commentary is not suitable for just Cryptos.
          They apply to all markets.

          As one participant said, Markets can remain irrational for a longer period than one can remain solvent. (something close to that) In other words predictions may be right in the long term but are often incorrect on the shorter and short term.

          Every forecast is correct sooner or later!!!!!!!!!!

          Happy New Year.

          • Metropolitan Hillbilly

            Grzegorz and Tony

            In relation to bitcoins why are people buying into this insanity? Bitcoins don’t market themselves so the usual human hubris, greed and marketing psychology is at play. A colleague bought 17 of them at $30 each and just sold 3 recently(and put a nice E class under his backside in the process). I couldn’t understand why he didn’t shift them all but then I thought this is just pure gambling and he thinks he’s playing with the house’s money rather than realising it’s his own. If you think you can predict markets maybe it’s time you reread your copy of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham?

  40. Truthist

    Eastern Hole & Western Hole
    There is a scatological “hole” in the east, & a fountain “hole” in the west.
    And, expect what one can do in Denver ;
    ==> one can do in Dublin soon enough.
    Dumping one’s heroin syringes whereever is de facto legal anyway in this sh..t-hole of a country run by Frmsns.
    So, why gripe about if mass arrival of bogus refugees to our shores pee & defecate anywhere ?
    Ewe hardly expect them [ And, the 1st arrivals are always the young fit & strong males fleeing from defending their respective countries ] to be the responsibility of bars & other retail premises with toilets.
    Although, El Presidente could open his Aras for them to do so.

    • Truthist

      “fleeing from defending their respective countries”
      ==> These bogus refugees, if they not those who are ISIS mercenaries of this category, COWARDLY + TREACHEROUSLY ABANDONED THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES INSTEAD OF EVER DEFENDING THEM.

    • Truthist

      2nd Link above
      American Technion Society’s Kevin [ TRUTHIST ASKS ; Is Kevin somehow Irish ? ] Hattori said ;

      “The GTIIT combines the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Israel and the Technion with the unbelievable scale and resources of China to form a major research institute that will help Israel, China and the world at large.”

      YES, … “the world at large” … 8-)

  41. Truthist

    Recently I was shown a Bitcoin mining computer set-up owned & run by person of Chinese overseas community ;
    He mining for actual Bitcoin dealer.
    He hopes that the dealer will pay him in Bitcoin.
    Major concern is keeping the computer system’s temperature cool
    He said that to build equivalent of his set up would cost USA $ 4,000 approx.

    If Bitcoin stays even from start-time ;
    ==> He breaks even in 10 months approx.

    If Bitcoin rises substantially & mainly stays above level at start-time ;
    ==> He breaks even earlier.

  42. Truthist

    BREAKING Tweet FROM Father-in-law OF President of USA Mr. Jared Kushner
    The cost landed on USA taxpayers as a block for Amazon deliveries ;

    And, most physical products are sent from China ;
    This is what Truthist thinks.

    For every Amazon package it delivers, the Postal Service loses $1.46

  43. Truthist


    North Korea Vs USA
    Russia Vs USA
    Unionists / Loyalists + “The City” Vs Irish State Establishment
    inter alia
    It’s all a charade.
    They [ The Leaders ] are all Frmsns.

  44. Truthist

    Interesting to get Grzegorz’s view as to each of Russia’s & China’s situation now vis-a-vis the goals of the Frankfurt School.

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