October 29, 2017

The future of Catalonia – can it follow the Quebec path?

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This week, the Catalan parliament declared independence. Immediately, the Spanish government annulled this move and announced direct rule from Madrid. By tomorrow, the Spanish authorities will have taken over all the organisations of the Catalonia state, including the police force.


This escalation can only further inflame nationalist sentiment in Barcelona.


This story, however, has a wearily familiar feeling to it: the extremists are taking over. The Catalan nationalists will manipulate every mistake by Madrid and, in turn, Madrid will become increasingly deaf to the legitimate yearnings of a significant chunk of the Catalan people who want to go on their own.


So, one side will escalate its own indignation, and the other side will denigrate its significance, leading to a bigger and bigger crisis.


As Yeats noted in “The Second Coming”;


“Things fall apart [when] the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity”.


This perfectly resonates with the current Spanish situation; the middle ground is simply shrugging its shoulders and allowing others to make decisions, while the extremists are becoming more cacophonous.


So, what’s going to happen? If we examine separatist movements of the past thirty years, there are three major movements that might help us predict what will happen in Spain: namely, those of Quebec, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.


The preferred route for those who want compromise is the Quebec path, and it is highly instructive.


When I first visited Montreal, in 1985, it was a slightly edgy, down at heel, bi-lingual city. I arrived on the day of the funeral of Rene Levesque, the nationalist leader of Quebec separatism.


The region was in mourning.


The Parti Quebecois wanted to lead Quebec out of Canada and create an independent Quebec. From the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s, Quebec underwent a series of constitutional crises. Each crisis allowed the nationalists to grow stronger, ultimately leading to their day in the sun with the independence referendum of 1995.


In the end, the vote was wafer thin: 49.5% voted to leave Canada and 50.5% voted to stay – it was truly extraordinary. Interestingly, the fortunes of the nationalists waned after the referendum.


Importantly, this decline can be paradoxically attributed to the success of the nationalist movement in preserving the unique French-Canadian identity of Quebec; the region becoming both more French and more Canadian at the same time.


The Montreal I visited last year was firmly within Canada but profoundly more French than the city I had visited in 1985.


This is the solution many Spaniards, and many Europeans, want for Catalonia.


The Canadian government allowed the Quebec government to ramp up their linguistic laws to preserve French, and increased financial aid to Quebec at the same time. In return, the Quebec government dialed down the nationalist moves.


Today, Montreal is an extremely cosmopolitan city that has elements of both rural France and hippest Brooklyn. Quebec nationalism has won and Canadian federalism has also won, in a very Canadian display of constructive pragmatism. Dissolution was averted through dialogue.


For many, this route is the best possible outlook for Catalonia.


The second path for Catalonia is the “velvet divorce” of the Czechs and Slovaks. The old state of Czechoslovakia was dissolved peacefully on 1st January 1993. Interestingly, as late as September 1992, opinion polls showed that only 37% of Czechs and 37% of Slovaks actually wanted separation. However, nationalist politicians, on both sides, agitated in parliament for separation and ultimately, rather than prolong a row, the leaders of the biggest parties agreed to separate and form two countries.


The entire divorce was done with a minimum of fuss, very little acrimony and, better still, a total absence of bitterness.


Some people hope that Catalonia, if it insists on independence, might be able to negotiate such a velvet divorce with Spain. However, this doesn’t look too likely as the past few weeks indicate a level of acrimony between Madrid and Barcelona that is becoming more and more aggravated, not less.


The final path is the path to war that befell Yugoslavia. As outlined in this column a few weeks back, right up to the end, the majority of Serbs and Croats still clung to the idea that the Yugoslavian confederation may remain intact. What was regarded as a difficult but manageable constitutional dilemma descended into civil war in a matter of days.

Elements in the Yugoslavian armed forces made crucial mistakes at pivotal moments, dragging a largely unwilling population into conflicts which pitted neighbour against neighbour; a series of communal violence ensued, the likes of which had not been seen in Europe since 1945.


People sometimes dismiss Yugoslavia as being a once-off event, reminding us that, during the Second World War, the Croats and the Serbs murdered each other with impunity. For those with a sense of history, however, we should remind ourselves that over 1,000,000 Spaniards were murdered in their own civil war.


This slaughter is still within human memory.


Very soon, people will look to the EU.


My sense is that the EU will not abandon the Catalans. The “Europe of the regions” slogan only makes sense when you recognize regions.  Moreover, the EU is an expansionist project; if it stops expanding, it loses purpose.


It doesn’t kick regions out.


No matter what it says now, ultimately, the EU will recognize Catalonia as an independent state if it continues down its current path, and the Catalans know this.


In fact, this is Barcelona’s diplomatic ace and Madrid knows this too.


We should all hope that the Catalan crisis takes the route of either Quebec or Czechoslovakia but the Croatian path can’t be ruled out, that is truly terrifying.


David Mc Williams hosts www.kilkenomics.com from November 9th in Kilkenny.   

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    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    There is a new game in town and a Trump beats two Bushs’

    • Truthist

      And, “that which is in the bush” may well be revealed as crooked Hillary … & / or Huma

      • Truthist

        Clarification ;

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        CLEVER THAT !

  2. Mike Lucey

    The latest info of Apple’s tax avoidance.

    ‘Leaked documents reveal Apple’s new shelter for profits is the island of Jersey’


  3. http://www.thedailybell.com/news-analysis/heres-how-to-deal-with-overpopulation/

    There is lots of room for us all. Most land is underutilized. Oceans are polluted and ravaged but mostly unused. Food production can be exponentially increased and grown even where no plants presently exist. Ironically, increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide by 10 fold will enhance plant growth considerably.

    • Not heart breaking at all. But be careful not to gloat too much Adam. you have had a once in a lifetime run so I hope you are consolidating into real assets.

      note that the CME that operates CRIMEX and suppresses the metals market with paper derivatives. Plus funds that purport to sell gold but sell empty paper promises that involve no metal purchases at all are organizing to sell funds and dirivitives of Bitcoin. Whenthat happens I suspect the game will be over and the paper shorts may drive the price down again. We will see.

      Copies from your link above include…

      “CME Group said last week it planned to list bitcoin futures before the end of the year. Ed Tilly, Cboe’s chief executive officer and chairman, said in the call Tuesday that it’s “not surprising CME recognizes the same benefits of offering a transparent market.

      The exchanges are catering to customers clamoring to trade cryptocurrency-related products at a venue they are familiar and comfortable with. The creation of exchange-traded funds could be a benefit to Cboe, which lists ETFs on its equities markets, which are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. CME does not list ETFs because it is not a securities exchange.

      Derivatives expand the market and increase liquidity by letting investors bet on gains or declines, and allowing trading firms to adopt market-neutral strategies, finishing each day even. They also are key to the creation of investment products like ETFs for a broader range of institutional investors, which generally are restricted to buying regulated securities.”"

      It is all smoke and mirrors. Nothing is as it seems. Gold, disparaged by many is stronger than it appears and Bitcoin may not be as buoyant as it seems.

      Take care

      • Real assets like gold Tony? Chortle chortle.

        • I asked a civil question you have no answer for. Forget it. It is a waste bothering with you at all. Good luck.

          • I think I will get some Premium Collector’s Coins. That’s the best option. Will look good on my sideboard and give it some ballast if nothing else. Will save me having to wedge a bit of folded up paper under one of the legs. At last – a use!

          • Get bullion without numismatic value. The extra premiums may not be recovered. Straight bullion bar or internationally recognised coins. Silver is beautiful and gold too. hefting it in the palm in your hand tells you the difference between that and zinc tokens.

        • Truthist

          Cyber Currency generically even has merits ;
          But u as confirmed Atheist when u in primary school cannot explain those merits.
          Yet I could.
          And, Tony can.

          I would have invested in Bitcoin, & Ethereum if I had the spare cash.
          Alas I do not even get Child Benefit in what is victimisation of me since I a child, & now also mine, by the Irish State.

          U would I believe make a great general.
          I say so as Napoleon would attest.
          Brilliant in ur incapability to explain Cyber-Currency’s merits, yet incredibly lucky in ur victories.
          A touch of the Gerd Muller if u like.
          Splendidly under-skilled, but my-oh-my had the lucky factor for always being in the right place to slot it in.

          Good Luck says Tony to u Adam.

          I say may ur Good Luck continue unabated.

          I delight in ur good fortune.

          And, in ur retirement, do not waste ur time reading Bon Bon’s posts from the archive.

          They are woeful & hostile stuff.
          Hamilton, … Glass Steagal … indoctrination & deliberate spoiling of worthwhile dialogue.

  4. Truthist

    Interesting in itself ;
    But, ewe gotta be darned suspicious at 1st instance about each scandal that is presented as news
    Why did this become news ?
    What is the agenda of the media revealers ?
    What is the agenda of the media controllers ?


  5. Truthist

    The future of Whites in Canada ;
    Can they follow the Lemming-Path ?

  6. Truthist

    The future of the Levant;
    Saudi Arabia following the Israel-Path
    But, makes sense when ewe become wise to 1 of the perennial most open-secrets of the Middle East ;
    The House of Saud are Cryptos

    Meant to have converted ;
    But, understood by the wise that they never did.
    Google results for search string ;

    house of saud AND crypto

  7. To Grzegorz, FYI

    Poland elevated to advanced economic status. The first eastern European country to do so.posted at http://www.lemetropolecafe.com


    2. Poland

    Besides China, another region I’m keeping my eye on is Poland. Already one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, the country was just upgraded from the “advanced emerging” category to “developed” by FTSE Russell, effective September 2018. This will place Poland in the same company as, among others, the U.S., U.K., Japan, Germany, Singapore and South Korea, the last country to have joined the club of top-ranking economies. Poland is the first Central and Eastern European (CEE) country to receive “developed” status.

    Among the decisive factors behind the upgrade were the country’s advanced infrastructure, secure trading and a high gross national income (GNI) per capita. The World Bank expects Poland’s economic growth in 2017 to reach 4 percent, up significantly from 2.7 percent in 2016, on the back of a strong labor market, improved consumption and the child benefit program Family 500+.

  8. I wonder where and when David’s next article will be published.

      • Will he be doing any new articles though?

        There is much more meat to them than any TV show.

        A 5 minute read yields way more info than a half an hour of flashy graphics and David’s interviewees giving their opinions based on what the best outcome is for their own wallets.

        Not referring to David here, I respect his opinion but I don’t believe most of what I see on TV.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Well, did you see the 2 episodes of his new TV3 show “Ireland”? They are brilliant! I don’t mind that they are flashy because at least they make people think.
          “giving their opinions based on what the best outcome is for their own wallets.” – that too LOL: well spotted :-)

          “Will he be doing any new articles though?” – well, I should hope so! I now have less time writing (I do occasionally write in Peter Hitchens’ once in a while, but the Daily Mail censors me occasionally, and even that is after I told them that if they keep doing so, I’ll publish here what they cut off, and say that they did it – and I had done it here (before that, they’d have censored 1/5 of my comments – now PH actually responds to me), so it’d be terrible if there were no columns of DMW. But I cannot imagine him stopping writing columns for good – it’s what the Creator made him for.

          • Truthist

            U would get much more traction / effect were u instead to write for Henry Makow ;
            Not forgetting that Canada-Firster Makow’s grandparents come from Poland.
            And, Makow is clearly for the true Poland.

            Makow is a clearly having an increasingly very important impact for righteousness.

  9. https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/bitcoin-price-flash-crashes-market-wrestles-segwit2x-cancellation/

    “”The bitcoin price surged in response to the announcement, rising to a new all-time high of $7,899 at 17:30 UTC on bitcoin exchange Bitfinex. However, soon after, the bitcoin price fell into decline, and at approximately 18:40 UTC it fell prey to a flash crash and plummeted to $6,977. This plunge constituted a $922 — or 12% — decline from the all-time high it had set just an hour prior.

    Market Sorts Out SegWit2x

    Bitcoin’s rapid price swing indicates a potential conflict between the short- and long-term impacts of SegWit2x cancellation. The hard fork would have split Bitcoin into two competing blockchains, and the fight for supremacy would have been ugly. Bitcoin services expected to undergo serious disruptions, and there was a high probability that some users would lose funds due to replay attacks and other exploits.”"

  10. Truthist

    The future of Trinity College, Dublin Faculty of Economics ;
    Can it follow the Austrian Economics [ Jewish Economics ] Path
    Would David McWilliams [ formerly employed by Rothschild's Private Central Bank imposed on Irish State ] in Trinner’s Debate lose to Tony Brogan [ Austrian Economist / Jewish Economist ] ?
    That Tony Brogan wins the debate would be on basis of sheer fact that Austrian / Jewish Economics is sound Economics versus Keynesian Economics [ DMW's Ideology ] being C-R-A-S-S ?
    That DMW wins the debate would be on basis of sheer fact that
    aul Trinner’s voters are gone asinine like alumni + academic leadership fellow elitest no-longer WASP university Harvard has ?

    • Truthist

      Will “Not my Taoiseach” Varadakar protect the future of alumni of each of all academic institutions of Irish State from following the Harvard-Anal-Path ?

  11. Truthist


  12. Truthist


    JUST SAYIN … 8-)

  13. Truthist


  14. Reverting to an older theme, DMW appeared to agree with the IPCC on climate change and not KNOW it is a fraudulent organization promoting increased taxes and enslavement of the masses by postulating that climate change , which has always been with us since the earth was born, is caused by the actions of mankind.


  15. Congratulations to DMW on the commercial success of Kilkenomics. It is a masterstroke of ingenuity in presentation of an oft staid subject.

    it is 5 years now since I attended and decided not to make too strong an effort to go again. the general tenor is steeped in Keynesian type economics with no one addressing the major major problem of the fiat money system with its unlimited currency production. Not a peep about its legalized fraudulent business model of producing money from nothing and then charging for its existence. (Central bankers reserve money production followed by commercial bankers multiples to the nth percent of fractional reserve lending. )
    not a peep about the rampant inflation caused by the the excesses of this operation. not a peep about the real causes of inflation.

    Not a peep about the wars fomented by the lies and deceit in defence of the fiat money system.
    Not a peep about the fact that almost all the countries attacked and those under current attack did not subscribe to the central bank fiat money system of the western banking model. conform or die, is the cry.

    In short, brilliant as it is Kilkenomics will solve none of the problems . Kilkenomics is a thorough waste of energy.

    The audience when I attended was hoping for other commentary. At the time people like Max Keiser, and Bill Black attempted to show the truth and were applauded by the audience but ignored by the other contributors. Thus the people will grow more thwarted and restless.

    It is a dangerous time we live in and Kilkenomics has no answers. I’d like to be proven incorrect about this summery.

    • Commenting about inflation. The tickets seem to me to be higher than 5 years ago. The average I recall was about 10 euro and specials 15. Now it is 13 with specials at 20. That is inflation of at least 30% in 5 years or more than double the official rate proclaimed by official lying government stats.

    • Yeah I agree with your fair critique of Kilkenomics to a large extent Tony – it’s not going to solve the problems of the world and a lot of stuff is shoved under the carpet but it’s a very enjoyable weekend of entertainment nonetheless and that’s the main reason I went to the first 5 editions. I have missed the last 3 including this year’s due to Caribbean residence but expect to be back for the 2018 and 2019 (10th year edition) events should they go forward, which I expect they will.

    • Truthist

      Why do u not organise ur own TRUE Economics Festival ;

      U are the bearer of most of the Solution.

      And, u have the talent to pull off such a Festival such that it has a devastating impact on th C-R-A-S-S-N-E-S-S which is Keynsian Economics.

      And, invite David McWilliams for to defend all his Private Central Banking + Fractional — nay,… actually “ZERO” — Reserve Banking aul Bollox.

      And, invite Adam Byrne as another key note speaker to :
      explain the flaws of Money i.e. Gold, & just-about Silver
      explain the logic of Bitcoin etc
      defend against the logical criticism of Bitcoin etc

      • Truthist

        And, invite this increasingly famous man ;
        Friday November 10, 2017


        HEADING ;
        U of T profs alarmed by Jordan Peterson’s plan to target classes he calls ‘indoctrination cults’
        EXCERPT ;
        Peterson, who rose to fame … after his outspoken refusal to use gender-neutral pronouns, says he wants to use artificial intelligence to scour university curriculums for what he “calls post-modern neo-Marxist course content.”

        AS IT HAPPENS:
        Prof who won’t use gender-neutral pronouns

        “We’re going to start with a website in the next month and a half that will be designed to help students and parents identify post-modern content in courses so that they can avoid them,” he told CTV’s Your Morning in August.

        “I’m hoping that over about a five-year period a concerted effort could be made to knock the enrolment down in postmodern neo-Marxist cult classes by 75 per cent across the West. So our plan initially is to cut off the supply to the people that are running the indoctrination cults.”

        Peterson has not responded to As It Happens’ request for comment.

        Women’s, ethnic studies targeted

        In a speech posted to his YouTube page on July 9, Peterson elaborates on what type of courses he aims to target with the website.

        “Women’s studies, and all the ethnic studies and racial studies groups, man, those things have to go and the faster they go the better,” he said. “It would have been better if they had never been part of the university to begin with as far as I can tell.”

        “Sociology, that’s corrupt. Anthropology, that’s corrupt. English literature, that’s corrupt. Maybe the worse offenders are the faculties of education.”

        In another video, he compares the project to “nonviolent warfare.”

      • Truthist

        HEADING ;
        Gaddafi was right about JFK

  16. Old habits , it is said, die hard!!

    Subject: Fwd: A woman’s place

    Barbara Walters did a story on gender roles in Kabul, Afghanistan, several years before our involvement in the Afghan conflict.
    She noted that women customarily walked five paces behind their husbands.
    She recently returned to Kabul, and observed that women still walk behind their husbands.

    Despite the overthrow of the oppressive Taliban regime, the women now seem to, and are happy to, maintain the old custom.

    Ms. Walters approached one of the Afghani women and asked, “Why do you now seem happy with an old custom that you once tried so desperately to change?”

    The woman looked Ms. Walters straight in the eyes, and without hesitation said, “Land Mines.”

  17. Regarding some questions about Bitcoin I am pushed for time and besides you’ll all get more comprehensive technical answers on Google, seriously.

    • Press release


      Bitcoin Segwit2x was purported to be the answer to speed and cost issues. And, as we know, that fell through this week.
      At first, the cryptocurrency space did not know how to react. Bitcoin surged to nearly $8,000 on the news and then quickly retraced back to near $7,000. Altcoins soared as much of the crypto money was waiting to ensure they retained their bitcoin through the fork before deploying other bets.

      How quickly things change.

      Today, bitcoin sank below $6,500 and the alts got demolished. Only one cryptocurrency stood out in the green today… and big time.

      • Actually, I meant to put my previous post here.

        Don’t fret about the technical details too much Tony.

        I don’t understand every aspect of it either, nor do I need to.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “you’ll all get more comprehensive technical answers on Google” – yea I know; but the downsides of it might be too much for people who value their privacy:


          Even without that, Google is changing their algorithms in a direction that political searches are getting more and more skewed when you use Google search (of course, it’s different with IT-related searches). This is particularly important when you are pushed for time: i.e., try to find on Google the quote from Jacques Delors, who said that the goal of the EU is a trade war with the US, in less than 3 minutes. Or 5. Or even 10. In fact, I am not sure you would find it at all (not in English anyway).

  18. Truthist

    WOW !
    Sicily votes 81% against the EU Status Quo – It Begins!

    The contagion from Catalonia is indeed spreading to Italy. The Democratic Party (PD) led by former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has suffered a severe defeat in Sicily. The Eurosceptic parties have won the election sending yet another warning sign to Brussels that they refuse to accept demand reform.

    BerlusconiThe Democratic Party has lost the regional elections in Sicily in a very DRAMATIC way. Renzi’s party came in third place with just 19% of the vote. The candidate, supported by Silvio Berlusconi, has won around 40%. I have written before that RELIABLE sources revealed that the EU had staged a coup in Italy to overthrow Berlusconi because he was proposing back then to exit the Euro.

    Brussels refuses to listen and reform anything. Berlusconi proudly announced: “Sicily has chosen the path of change, as I have demanded,” in his video message on Facebook. Sicily is one of the poorest provinces in Italy. Youth unemployment is alarmingly high and many people migrate out of lack of prospects to the north or abroad.

    Brussels is not interested in the people of Europe. This is now all about saving the jobs of the politicians in Brussels. They have no job without the Euro.

  19. Truthist

    BEGOR & BEGORAH FROM THE LAND OF SODOM & GOMORAH [ Actually, modern Ireland under "Not my Taoiseach" Ewe Know Who ] ;
    State Purchase Contracts ?
    Arms for Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai
    Arms for Army
    Cutter Machine Parts
    I notice surely a mistake ; China’s currency being referred to as “Yen”.

  20. Commodity prices are rising over the last 12 months.
    Here are the figures year over year for metals. Is this a reflexion of the real rates of inflation.

    Copper 2.45- 3.10 = 22%
    Nickle 5.0-5.45 = 9%
    Aluminium o.8-o.94= 17.5%
    Zinc 1.15- 1.48 = 43%
    Lead 0.97-1.14 = 17%
    Uranium 18.2-20.25 =11%
    Silver 17.05-16.85=(1.2%)
    Gold 1225-1274 = 4%

      • Well it is a good account, but it provided no information I had not already read.
        i have one question not yey answered. Based on the original introduction of bit coin the number of coin was limited to 21 million and available to miners to produce into circulation. The mimer had to use more and more complicated programs ans stronger computers to produce the next bitcoins. Thus the existing bitcoin had to have a greater and greater value to allow the miners to profitable produce the next coins.
        So far so good. Nobody would produce the last coins available, but would get close, because of the prohibited cost of doing so.
        The bitcoin was divisible to infinity and so the ultimate value of a single unitary coin was also infinity.
        BUT then it seems to me dilution happened.
        There was the so called “hard fork” occurred and suddenly there were twice as many coins. Bitcoin basic and bitcoin cash. The “cash bitcoin being issued one for one for every bitcoin basic owned.
        Lately was another hardfork proposed , since abandoned, that would again increase the amount of the socalled currency.
        It seems to me that Bitcoin can be doubled and doubled again that will dilute its value and so in the end act just like fiat central bank currency and not like gold as it was designed to replicate as honest money.
        Rightly or wrongly I stick with gold/silver at this point as neither can be duplicated and diluted as it seems cryptocurrency can.

        Of course there is the question of manipulation and government control. I have read that one of the largest holder of bitcoin policy re a hard fork is also a director of the Bilderberger group.

        “”If Bitcoin becomes a major currency, then tens of trillions of dollars on the “legacy ledger of fantasy fiat” will evaporate, destroying AXA, whose CEO is head of the Bilderbergers. This is the real reason why AXA bought Blockstream: to artificially suppress Bitcoin volume and price with 1MB blocks.

        The insurance company with the biggest exposure to the 1.2 quadrillion dollar (ie, 1200 TRILLION dollar) derivatives casino is AXA. Yeah, that AXA, the company whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group, and whose “venture capital” arm bought out Bitcoin development by “investing” in Blockstream.


        So the question I have is. Does it not appear that Bitcoin is going to be more easily controlled than precious metals?

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “There was the so called “hard fork” occurred and suddenly there were twice as many coins.” – exactly, Tony. Thanks for bringing that up again – it’s one of the few questions worth asking :-) That your question remains unanswered, it’s also very telling.

  21. http://www.gopusa.com/?p=33247?omhide=true

    “The ghoulish piranhas of the GOP swamp swarm Roy Moore”

  22. Truthist

    MEANWHILE, … “Hegelian Dialectics” ?
    Interview Newsweek 25/1/2016

    Putin said, referring to the KGB ;

    “I was not, as you know, a party member by necessity,
    I liked Communist and socialist ideas very much.
    And I like them still.”
    AND, … ?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      The first link you shared is mega, and it would be further corroborated by Putin’s December 2016 speech where he quite deliberately referred not only to the Soviet Union, but to the Soviet people – and not in negative terms.

      As to the second link, I wouldn’t treat it as anything more than a figment of someone’s imagination or deliberately misleading (I mean the content of the link). That the “article” – with all its outlandish statements – contains absolutely no evidence, is one thing – and enough not to waste time on the linked website.
      But that the fact go against the main claims of the article is even worse.
      Take the first one – that Putin was replaced by CIA and MI6 by a double: technicalities of such operations aside (if it was possible, this would assume that the entire Russian state, before or after the replacement, was controlled by them – so why bothering replacing?), the main counterargument against it – and I am not going to spend even one more minute of my time further debunking it – is this: well, if the CIA and MI6 replaced Putin with “Putin” in 2014, it’s funny that the after 2014 Putin was a LOT more anti-US and, to a lesser extent, anti-UK than the “up-to-2014″ one.
      “How can a person’s face change so much in 6 months?” – these are not photos distanced by 6 months – the first one was used by Wikipedia 6 months before, and that not the same thing – nice try though.
      How can it change? Simple – if the person gets fat, his face gets fat. Putin put on a belly ever since.

      “The real Putin was a no-nonsense President dedicated to preserving the free world.” LOL

      “The one person who could expose the fake very conveniently disappeared.” – one person? I reckon that every person who contradicts Putin will very conveniently disappear – and that includes top journalists, who did disappear after exposing him. Now, THAT is very convenient!

      “Because of the Orthodox Faith, the great Russian people” – yep: you should know that this is directly taken and translated from Russian from some Russian propaganda the minute you see words like “the great Russian people” – as you would in Stalin’s times. Btw – the Orthodox Faith has nothing to do with the Orthodox Church. The Russian Orthodox Church (unlike some other Orthodox churches) is just a branch of KGB.

      “St. Petersburg was the Russian capital until 1918!!” – yes: and did the author/authors not know that when they were 9, as I did – or by 14 the latest – and everyone else I know?????!

      “He was succeeded by British Secret Service agent Nikita Khrushchev. ” – even that is not true. Gosh, this website is for the stupid…

      “The real Putin spoke German fluently as can be seen in the picture to the left.

      At a press conference in the Kremlin on May 10, 2015, Queen Angela and “Putin” had to use an interpreter.” – and did it not occur to them that even people who speak a language fluently have a) speeches prepared (the pre-2014 Putin had that too) b) maybe he wanted to be heard by Russians in Russian – as even most foreign speeches by Putin are intended more for the domestic than foreign audience?

      “USS Donald Cook sailed right into the Black Sea. That destroyer is equipped with the latest radar technology stolen from Russia” – this just made me laugh for the full 30 seconds.

      “At the G20 Summit in Ankara, Turkey, President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron discussed the bombings with the fake Putin!!” – they discussed all sort of things with Putin before that too! In May 2011, Putin demanded that Gadaffi should be removed, for which he demanded giving him gas monopoli. On 30 May 2011, NATO and Russia participated in joint submarine exercise. On June 2011, NATO and Russia participate in their first ever joint fighter jet exercise. All of that personally approved by Putin. Then Jasmin revolutions” ensue in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya.

      I beseech you to be more critical when you come across such unheard-of claims, substantiated by nothing.

      P.S. As to Jesuits – why would they want to harm any Russian regime: Jesuits exist only because Catherine the Great protected then when they were about to be disbandoned, and were always very pro-Russia (i.e. Jesuits and theology of liberation in South America): just look at Putin and the Anti-Pope Francis

      • Truthist

        I had misgivins about posting the 2nd Link ;
        But, it has some merits worthy of consideration & acceptance if one has “cop-on”


        the use of Doubles / Doppelgangers
        All nations should have an annual fingerprint day for their leaders!!

        Using doubles or look-alikes is one of the oldest tricks in spying. Mata Hari had a look-alike and Hitler had at least 5 doubles. Therefore, all nations should have an annual fingerprint day in which their leaders are fingerprinted and compared to their previous fingerprints.

        Only those leaders with something to hide would object as it can be done quickly and painlessly.

        It would not eliminate despicable spying but the people would be guaranteed that the people they voted for were still representing them.
        Of course, I would much prefer to have posed the likes of the following links for consideration :
        “Mshd-operation” that it is Youtube censored Results for string ;
        putin AND trump AND chabad AND eustace mullins

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “But, it has some merits worthy of consideration & acceptance if one has “cop-on”
          the use of Doubles / Doppelgangers” – the article does not just claim that Putin has a double – it claims that the CIA/MI6 replaced the original Putin with a more anti-western double. The idiocy of such claim is obvious.

          “All nations should have an annual fingerprint day for their leaders!!” – and who would confirm that fingerprints are genuine?!

          “Hitler had at least 5 doubles.” – the Poles made a comedy about it – they find a time warp, go back in time and assassinate Adolf Hitler. Little they know that his double is a lot more vicious than the original Hitler, and that this “going back in time” was included in the actual history of mankind.

          “Only those leaders with something to hide would object” – no, they would simply fake the results.

          ““Mshd-operation” that it is Youtube censored Results for string ;
          putin AND trump AND chabad AND eustace mullins” – if you are afraid of internet spying and censoring, you should not have been using (and continue to use) Google as a search engine, which I have told you more than a year ago…

          I recommend Duckduckgo.com instead

          • Truthist

            Internet Spying ;

            Block by user, … but, Push by G Sea H Queue, & G-Ls / L-G’i, inter alia
            Block by user, … but, Pull by Malware & / or Pull by Deception


            Internet Censoring ;

            Attempt by user to Pull … but, Block by Youtube, Google, …
            Attempt by user to Push … but, Block [ by Frmsn's under captive DMW's sufferance 8-) ]


            I read that Duckduckgo also a SeaEyeA project.

            Necessity to become very knowledgeable on Computer Science now


            Good Points

            I not believe that CIA & / or MI6 replaced Putin 1 with Putin 2
            Even though, the Bosses of CIA + MI6 did replace Stalin with Bankster Harriman during WW2 for purpose of running Soviet Russia against Germany following Stalin getting nervous breakdown on account of Rothschild puppet Hitler gone rogue & overwhelming puppet Stalin gone rogue but then accepted by 1/2 of Bosses.
            Stalin later returned to power.

            Polish movie plot ;

            What u make of the James Bond + Tarzan footage of Putin ? :
            judo wrestling
            riding bears
            inter alia

            I perceive some notable points about use of Doppelgangers

            Perhaps not Enda / Edna 8-) … Kenny who habitually sports a dress + makeup, but rather his Doppelganger ?

            Use of Doppelgangers is more evidence that in certain cases the actual Luminary & / or Leader is only actor.

            Anyway, so difficult to be effective if one is constantly making public appearances.
            Ewe would find it very difficult to get things done.

      • Truthist

        This part does not read satisfactorily with what is understood to be a cogent point in the preceeding part of the sentence ;
        Anyway, … Jesuits do not control :
        Hollyweird / Hollywood
        Main-Stream Media [ MSM ]
        News-print / Opinionating-print
        Entertainment Magazines

        Private Central Banking
        “ZERO” Reserve Banking ;
        No longer “FRACTIONAL” Reserve Banking ;
        Bank of England confirms this to be the situation now
        Yet, Tony Brogan persists to refer to Fractional Reserve Banking despite I giving the corroborable proof recently

        Letters of Credit



        Council of Foreign Relations

        Trilateral Commission

        International Narcotics Trade

        Pornography Industry

        International Prostitution ;
        No way do the Jesuits trap Ukrainian women to be prostitute slaves in Israel without permission to leave

        USA Politics :
        House of Representatives
        White House

        Popular Music Industry

        Sports as a business




        • Truthist

          NOTEWORTHY !
          All attempts by me to send above post with mention of that “secret organisation with secrets” who control modern Ireland — North East + Rest of Ireland — & most countries of Occident — vis. FRMSNRY — failed to post until I deleted mention of ‘em.
          So, here is another attempt.

      • Truthist

        Oops … 8-)
        This is the seeming non-sequitor ;

        (i.e. Jesuits and theology of liberation in South America):
        Just look at Putin and the Anti-Pope Francis

    • Truthist

      Is Russia Ruled by a Secret Politburo?
      EXCERPT ;
      During a broadcast of Shuster Live, former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk publicly stated that the real rulers of Russia are “one step above” Prime Minister Putin and President Dmitri Medvedev. “The situation in Russia became such that not one or two people run the country,” Kravchuk explained, “Putin and Medvedev do not determine the future of Russia and the world. Another group determines the policy.”

      The other television guests, along with the host (Mr. Shuster), listened attentively to Kravchuk’s explanation. Nobody jumped up to contradict him. He spoke carefully, in a calm voice, sometimes smiling as he spoke. Kravchuk’s manner had the authority of one who knows. The live audience applauded Kravchuk’s statement, which warned that the thinking of the Ukrainian government was mistaken. The Ukrainian government thinks it can build a relationship of friendship with Russia, he said, but there is no friendship. “Russia is ruled not by one or two individuals but by a group of people,” Kravchuk explained. “Russia has not yet identified the names, but this is a real fact.”

      The former Ukrainian president noted that his country’s politics had been based upon an illusion for the entire period of Ukraine’s independence. “It doesn’t matter if we call Russia good or bad. It is what it is,” said Kravchuk. “Russia will not change her approach. And it is hardly a democratic approach. One group has been in charge for a long time, there is no real competition between political parties [in Russia], and there are no competing views within civil society. This is the way to totalitarianism.” Kravchuk said that “Russia exploits our weaknesses any way they like.” He added that “Russia will always be what it is….” It is therefore irrelevant whether Putin runs for another term of office, or whether Putin retires. According to Kravchuk, “If one of those heads [Putin or Medvedev] is taken from the Russian eagle – Russia will still follow the same policy.”

      We might ask whether former President Kravchuk is a “conspiracy theorist.” No, he is one of the best-informed East European politicians alive. Kravchuk understood Moscow’s politics so well in times past that he advanced under that system. He became head of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, and was the man who declared Ukraine’s independence, after all. He knows for a “fact” that Putin and Medvedev are part of a larger façade. Russia is still dangerous, he warned his Ukrainian listeners. The personal dictatorship of Putin is a deception. Do not believe what you see. There is not going to be positive change in Russia next year.

      Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko was also a guest on the same program. When Kravchuk was finished, the host of the show, Mr. Shuster, asked the Ukrainian Foreign Minister whether another presidential term for Putin would make any difference. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Gryshchenko answered that “It doesn’t matter who runs the country [Russia]. We were told [under the Soviet Union] that ‘who is who’ doesn’t matter because Communism will win anyway. But now they understand that they were wrong. Personality matters, specifically when the personality has a mandate from the voters….” As for personalities “selected” by neighboring countries, explained Gryshchenko, “we will have to develop a relationship with such personalities.” Besides this, he added, the Russian people will vote for these personalities.

  23. Truthist

    BORING “AGM” — HAS-BAR-A.t Gii-Sea-Haytch-Queue, Cheltenham — REMINDER !
    And, basically, yee got that admission in recent past.
    Oh such fools as AB, MC & doubters such as TB … along the way.
    Indictment on their acumen & moral courage & claims to fame

  24. When politics beats economics and common sense it costs us all dearly.


    Crazy, right? But that’s basically what FATCA does.

    Every bank in the world, regardless of whether or not they have US customers, has had to enter into an information sharing agreement with the Internal Revenue Service.

    This has become absurdly expensive.

    In 2014, the Telegraph (British newspaper) estimated that the cost of implementing FATCA compliance in the UK would cost 500 pounds PER FAMILY.

    In other words, British families are paying 500 pounds so that the IRS can sniff out US tax dodgers.

    The Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce estimated that the worldwide cost of complying with FATCA would be between $1 to $2 trillion. And many other organizations echoed this analysis.

    Yet the US government’s best estimates on the amount of tax revenue generated by FATCA are less than $20 billion.

    Think about that– $1 to $2 trillion in costs, $20 billion in benefit. It’s genius!

  25. One to consider lads.

    “Assets Will Be Tokens (And It Will Change Finance)”


  26. Truthist

    Part of Geo-Politics Practise ;
    Similar going on surely under the thumbs of The Dreadful Few in the manipulations upon Little Spain [ Catalonia ] & Rest of Spain ?
    And, Elm Guest House linked with Conflict in North East of Ireland.

  27. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    Very noteworthy ;
    Felix Sater

  28. Polish Patriots propose to retain a white Christian Poland. Addressed by leader of Britain First.


  29. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    Just spotted this from http://www.henrymakow.com ;
    Actually, Henry Makow’s Twitter a/c
    Germany Clumsily Admits To Supporting Regime Change In Poland

    by Tyler Durden
    Nov 13, 2017 5:00 AM
    Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,
    A diplomatic spat has developed between Berlin and Warsaw after the German Defense Minister said that her country should support the “democratic resistance of the young generation” in Poland.

    This scandalous remark from Germany’s top military official immediately led to a strong rebuke from all levels of the Polish government, which rightly interpreted her statement as an implied threat to aid the Soros-linked Color Revolutionaries in their quest to carry out a regime change in the Central European country.

    As an overly simplified backgrounder, the ruling Law & Justice conservative party has been working to cleanse Poland’s permanent bureaucracy, or “deep state”, of the holdovers that their Civil Platform liberal predecessors had hurriedly stacked into government in a last-ditch attempt to derail their opponents’ legislative agenda until the next election. This is very similar to what the Democrats have been doing against Trump, but it’s just that PiS, which is the Polish abbreviation that the Law & Justice party is popularly known by, has been comparatively more successful than their allied American counterpart, hence why there’s been a proportionate increase in foreign support to the Color Revolution movement in response.

    Germany hates PiS because party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s ideology of “EuroRealism” contrasts with Merkel’s “EuroLiberalism” in every way, from dealing with the migrant crisis to the future organization of the EU as a whole. PiS is even being sued by Brussels because of its refusal to accept the forcible relocation of even a single Muslim migrant, and its ambitious “Three Seas Initiative” aims to consolidate a new power bloc in Central and Eastern Europe in order to oppose Germany’s post-Brexit centralization initiative for the EU in favor of a more hands-off and reformed approach that respects the national sovereignty of the bloc’s members. It’s long been suspected that Berlin was backing the anti-government movement in Poland, and the country’s media has reported on this for nearly two years already, but the German Defense Minister’s sloppy statement on TV seemed to present the strongest confirmation yet that this is indeed truly the case.

    This diplomatic spat will probably soon die down, but the damage that it wrought to bilateral relations won’t likely go away so long as PiS continues to govern Poland, which might be for the foreseeable future seeing as how they secured the country’s largest-ever post-communist electoral victory in 2015. Warsaw is now more motivated than ever before to continue strengthening its relations with its “Three Seas” partners, particularly Hungary but potentially even Austria under the coming premiership of Sebastian Kurz. In addition, PiS stands validated in the eyes of the Polish people for having apparently been right all along about German interference in their country’s domestic political affairs, which will embolden its supporters and might even convince some of its less-radical detractors to reconsider their positions.

    This controversial episode is also very curious because it came at the same time that Poland ended its precautionary Flexible Credit Line with the IMF and Reuters launched an infowar attack against the country by provocatively suggesting that Poland’s job boom was inadvertently stoking inflation, which makes one wonder whether the Defense Minister’s veiled threat was timed as a “dog whistle” to coincide with a new asymmetrical regime change offensive against Warsaw.
    Meanwhile, 60,000 fascists and white supremacists marched in a demonstration in Warsaw Saturday, as Poles celebrated their country’s Independence Day. Protesters marched under far-right banners, with one reading “White Europe of brotherly nations.” Many carried the national white-and-red flag as others set off flares and firecrackers, filling the air with red smoke.

    State broadcaster TVP, which reflects the conservative government’s line, called the demonstration a “great march of patriots,” and in its broadcasts described the event as one that drew mostly regular Poles expressing their love of Poland, not extremists.

    “It was a beautiful sight,” Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said. “We are proud that so many Poles have decided to take part in a celebration connected to the Independence Day holiday.”

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I agree with everything there apart from the last bit:

      “Meanwhile, 60,000 fascists and white supremacists marched in a demonstration in Warsaw Saturday” – first of all, the author of the article clearly does not understand the word “fascism”.
      Secondly, to say that 60,000 people who marched in demonstration were white supremacists is outrageous – and the author might have copied that from somewhere else.

      There is an organisation in Poland called All-Polish Youth, whose former (and the longest, the most known) leader – Roman Giertych – is, btw, working not for the Kaczynski government, but for Donald Tusk (he also has his legal office which, on behest of Donald Tusk, was pestering all patriotic opposition papers when Tusk’s PO (Civic Platform) was in power – but the article wouldn’t tell you that.

      That All-Polish Youth organisation can indeed be described as white-supremacist, but they had nothing to do with the well known right wing leaders: either mild conservatives like Jaroslaw Kaczynski or nationalists Marian Kowalski (who, btw, is much more pro-free market than Mr Kaczynski, and whose party can be described as an equivalent of the Tea Party; he often quotes the Bible too).

      The All-Polish Youth are an absolute margin in Polish politics and have no political representation in the Parliament. But even among them, white supremacist are in the minority, and their spokesman, after his scandalous white-supremacist statement, was removed by them from his All-Polish Youth position.

      Many of the Polish nationalists and conservatists are indeed supremacist, but of a different sort: they believe that the Latin civilisation (in Koneczny sense) is superior and it should be preserved, and that Merkel’s policies are about to destroy it.
      Even the very radical (the mainstream calls them far-right, but this is again incorrect) ONR are not white-supremacist; and some journalists in some newspapers, (like one in Ireland, which I won’t name, but I would call it “the toilet paper of reference”), should get familiar with the most basic facts about Polish nationalism before they write about 60,000 fascists and white suprematists marching (that indicates a Russian/German/Soros propaganda), its history and presence; i.e. from the so called far-right own websites:


      P.S. You want to see real fascists and race supremacists, you listen to some of the Black Lives Matter leaders: rather than slandering the pro-independence patriotic marchers, such one of the most well known figures of Polish nationalism, dr Bawer Aondo-Akaa (who is black).


  30. Truthist

    Who would Cristiano Ronaldo accuse as really doing these … ahem ahem cough, cough “Momentous Events” ahem ahem … cough, cough ?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Remember when the Divine Cristiano, as he is sarcastically called in Poland (simultaneously with being called “Football’s Greatest Primadonna”) was found out by the Spanish taxman for, like, paying f…k all taxes, and one British sensationalist newspaper put the headline “Ronaldo is sad”)? That was gas!

      • Truthist

        Fair comment ;
        Yet, I surprised that :

        he is very liked by his colleagues

        he is a champion in the training sessions for weights etc.


        On the bigger picture, I availed of an Icon for to again apportion blame to those who are behind great evil AGAIN

  31. Truthist

    The future of “Neutral” Ireland ;
    Following the NATO path !

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Now hold on, hold on, hold on – you appear to be confusing two things that are not only different, but in a way opposite to each other: the EU (Berlin’s) plan is not to drag Ireland (and other European non-NATO countries) to NATO but rather to get rid of NATO and create the EU army commanded by Germany, and loosely allied with Putin’s Russia, that would be ready to foil any sign of resistance against the anti-Brussels (read: anti-Berlin) domination.

      In fact, those who push the EU army project are very much against non-NATO EU countries, such as Sweden or Finland, joining NATO, because – especially in case of Finland – that would disturb their plan to get rid of the US army from Europe and replace it with the German army.

      Sometimes politicians say more than they should, and after the Maastricht Treaty, Jacques Delors openly said that the goal of the EU will be a trade war with the US.

      Well, historically, you cannot run a successful trade war without having an army to run a conventional war (the so called – in socio-cybernetic jargon – energetic wars are increasingly unnecessary anyway, as the enemy is disarmed on the information war level – this is very well shown in Bezmenov lectures).

      Interestingly, Google (that you should not use anyway because it tracks you and keeps all information about you) really does not want you to know about those words of Jacques Delors because their algorithm ensures that (for English speakers at least) they are really bogged down among dozens of other “Jacques Delors” useless websites.


      That should not surprise you considering that:


      • Truthist

        For sake of honesty I had to supply that article with anal-warts and all.
        Yes, I thought it wrong what they were saying as u confirm to be indeed foul.
        I am aware of that EU V’s USA future conflict as political & economic conflict to gladly bring about.
        I have that informed to me from Carolingian friend.

        Because we understandably also have to presume that there are “useless idiots” reading this blog, I have to arrest their attention with proto-EU army hook that is the hackneyed use of NATO.

        However, I was not really aware of the Russia link-up as immediate part of that EU army scheme of things.

        And, I in the dark about Sweden & Finland personae-non-gratae for such a next step Orwellian consolidation of geo-political jurisdictions.

        Still, that u be parsimonious with ur replies on such matters is actually very appreciated by my good self.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          To answer even parsimoniously (time pressure + unpacking my things having just come back home while watching Ireland-Denmark), the net outcome of sanctions on Russia was:

          1. Biggest net loser: Polish agriculture (especially that after Maidan coup, Germany also managed to replace Polish food products and building companies in the Ukraine with their food products and their building companies).
          2. German stance on sanctions: officially pro-, unofficially Daimler-Benz breached them and supplied the Russian army with their products (multibillion contract with Kamaz – but not only products, but also technologies – the noble neutral Switzerland :-) did the same), because no opportunity is better for doing business than sanctions – provided that you are strong enough to breach them and get away with it.
          3. Funny enough, with all that anti-Putin rhetorics of Obama and Secretary Clinton, the US-Russian trade actually INCREASED after sanctions (which I mentioned in the past, saying that Trump will change it if elected – but noone listened to me and everyone listened to propagandists like Paul Craig Roberts – who sounds like a broken record and does not change his spiel no matter what is going on – or that clown Gerard Celente, known for the record amount of things he didn’t predict :-).

          Ok, so it’s Ireland 1 Denmark 4 – but the audience is happy and singing, because the match is not about qualifying, it’s about D4 people sitting together – which is what all Irish governments were about too, plus Sinn Fein. Sure, why not? Incredibly, I could hear the singing from a long distance passing the Aviva. I like it – I thought to myself: Polish football fans would sit in silence or cry while losing 1:4 in the World Cup Qualifier; ocassionally they would throw a firecracker at their own team if they considered they f…d up (I remember the famous match in Warsaw against Colombia, when the Polish football fans got so pissed off with their national team after Colombia scoring an easy goal that they started to support Colombia, singing “ole!” every time the Colombians had a ball possession; one Polish defender – who screwed up with the Colombians goal – resigned from football after that match, such was his shame).

          I loved that “fer fucks sake” bit that the mic picked up from the football pitch :-)


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Who said that the English are the masters of understatements?

            “The game, I think it’s fair to say, after 20 minutes slipped away from Ireland” – says the Irish commentator.
            Indeed, says me.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Sorry, folks, but I cannot resist the temptation of posting that Colombian goal after which the Polish football fans started to chant “ole!” every time the Colombians had the ball possession, because I think that was the worst international football performance of any country bigger than San Marino I have seen – I wonder if Ireland fucked up any international match so much as Poland did in that Colombia match. And in hindsight, the goal was so funny:


            Even funnier is the comment of the Polish TV commentator: “such situations happen.” – they do, in the international football? When, like?! “One can say that the goalkeeper is now losing his, dare I say, life-chance, for this goal will ensure that he shall not be our number one in the World Cup” – the Poles are masters of understatement too, like the Irish and the English.
            It’s a kind of humour that some nations just don’t get:



  32. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      This definitely looks like something worth reading, and would recommend – if I may dare – you put it on the “priority” reading list (as I will). “Golitsyn scissors” is one of the most famous concepts in propaganda and disinformation anyway.
      This should be coupled with listening to Bezmenov lectures, which I hope you and other readers are familiar with by now; such as this:


      In fact, it should be part of schools curriculum; along with Vladimir Bukovsky books

      • Truthist

        Yes, familiar with Bezmenov lectures ;
        And, very much so because of some posters here.
        I immediately thinking of lone ranger GOLDBUG to the rescue.

        Bukovsky will now be searched.

        In portions I will read that PDF I supplied as link above.

        • Be careful when logging in and out that you don’t login to the Mr bonbon account rather than the goldbug one.

          • Truthist

            Man, that ain’t funny.
            It’s tedious stuff to read from u even for a reader who is a 1st time ever visitor to this blog.

            Bon Bon was a f..king nuisance who habitually harassed Tony Brogan ;
            And, just like u he could not form any coherent argument against Sound Money.

            Goldbug is obviously a very learned person fully au-fait with how public affairs, & secret affairs, & high business, & low business atimes too, in all of modern Ireland is controlled by the Frmsns.

            U out there in West Indies would want to really smarten up ;
            Because folk from those parts that I meet hereon will be dismayed that they have a giddy chappy from “British Isles” [ And, how could u have lost ur self-respect to wrongly + unlawfully refer to Ireland as being in British Isles ? ] in their midst as a cuckoo ignorant of whom their real slave-masters were.

            Furthermore, Adam, u as a professional soccer player have a duty to urself & all soccer players to uphold that head-the-balls ain’t thick ;
            Because, there is that perception out there ;
            And, any sad exhibits serve to deter future kids from partaking in the beautiful game.

            Necessary corrections of u aside, … have a great forthcoming marriage.

          • Thanks dooooooode.

            The medication is working – you’re a bit more lucid these days, seriously.

            You should take this opportunity to find something worthwhile that you can make a living out of – serious about that too.

          • Truthist

            I’m always lucid Adam ;
            It is just that u are finally making even a tiny improvement with ur knowledge … & ur intelligence too I daresay add ;
            Yes, one can actually enhance one’s own intelligence.

            Please refer to my response above under ur reply to Mr. Lucey.
            I praised u for an assembly of words that taken as a block arguably show u to be finally coherent + justifiable in an argument against Money [ vis. Gold, ... & just-about SIlver ; Of course, Currencies & Cyber-Currencies e.g. Bitcoin are NOT Money ] ;

            U gotta stretch the aul hamstring of a brain u have a bit more.
            Mocking folks is a sign of a bluffer-striker.

            Ewe do know that ewe have been rightly continually nutmegged by a certain plant of a poster on this blog ?
            There are posters here who know so but they refrain from informing u.

            But, there is hope for ewe because it is said ;
            Age before Wisdom

            However, it is also said
            There is none like an old fool

            Sheik Imhrain Hussein is from Tobago I think ;
            Or, one of the well known British islands.
            He is an expert in Money, & Eschatology.
            Ewe would do well to school up on him.

      • Truthist

        Hmm …. m !

        HEADING ;
        Israel Hosts Seven Countries in Its Largest-ever Air Force Drill

        [The exercise commemorative patch even has a stylized Israeli flag on it.

        SUB-HEADING ;
        Air force pilots from Italy, India, France, United States, Poland, Germany and Greece participate this year in bi-annual Blue Flag exercise

        THE ARTICLE ;
        Over 70 aircraft from seven countries are participating in the largest air force exercise ever held in Israel.

        The two week-long Blue Flag exercise, which began on November 2, brings seven air forces – Italy, India, France, the United States, Poland, Germany and Greece – to the Ovda base in southern Israel.

        This drill marks the first time German or French aircraft have trained over Israeli skies. It is also the first time that India joins the bi-annual exercise.

        “We are providing them with a high-tech playground,” said Col. Itamar, commander of the Ovda base, whose full name was not permitted for publication.

        Over 1,000 personnel from the eight countries, including Israel, participate in the event, which the Israeli Air Force billed as having a “profound strategic meaning” for “strategic-international cooperation.”

        The main benefit of the exercise was diplomatic. Even air force officers, though they attributed operational importance to it, said the very fact that such an exercise could be held in Israel— with major countries participating in it— was the principal achievement. This fact paints Israel as the most stable country in the region, they added.

        Despite the various scenarios practiced, which involved joint flights by planes from different countries, the army understands that for the foreseeable future, there are no scenarios in which Israeli planes will have to fly together with those of other countries on an operational mission.

        From an operational standpoint, the air force said the most important parts of the exercise were the dialogue between the different air forces, the experience of working together with squadrons one hasn’t trained with, and the debriefings, which were attended by representatives of all the participating air forces.

        The countries will face off against a simulated enemy force played by the Israeli army’s Squadron 115.

        “It’s not about winning or losing, but about improving combat readiness,” Itamar said.

      • Truthist

        I read Wikipedia.org article about Bukovsky ;
        Of course I noted some points of interest ;
        Not that I trust Wikipedia.org on most subject matters.

        Bukovsky’s niche on psychiatric abuse is very relevant to Ireland, & UK too.

        I started to read the PDF that I gave link for.

  33. Truthist

    Irish State / Cough, Cough … Ahem, Ahem “Republic” 8-) of Ireland gave between USA $ 5 million & USA $ 10 million to Clinton Foundation ;

    • Deco

      Actually, we gave FAR more than that.

      Another Bertie Ahern “achievement”.

      I read the book “Clinton Cash” before the film emerged.

      And it is in the book. But….for some strange reason….I never seen it for sale in Ireland.

    • Well that is one opinion Adam. The writer first says that it is impossible to define Neoliberalism. Then goes on to show how it means different strokes to different folks.
      Then puts together some economic observations and pronounces it Neoliberalism!!!
      Then decries Neoliberalism as bad economics.
      It is poppycock, or a crock.

      Incidentally also saying that sound money is a requirement of sound economic policy. Then makes no effort to define sound money but assume that we have whatever it is.

      If the article had explored what sound money is, there might have been the discovery that it is not currently available. Thus one of the tenets of a sound economy, as declaimed, is missing.

      Maybe that explains why the world’s economies have not recovered.
      Maybe they could have observed that doubling the money supply does not increase wealth one iota. Maybe they could also observe that the total control of the money supply by a monopoly institution together with the masking of economic data by government use of lies and deceit has little to do with neoliberalism or any other ism. It is the result of the pursuit of power and control at all costs.

      We are being lied to everywhere we look including fatuous arguments from the Guardian.

  34. Truthist

    The future of Irish-America ;
    Can it follow this Schmuck’s path ?

    “YES, WE CAN” 8-)
    Borrowing that catch-phrase from wife of Michelle / Michael Obama
    President Barrack Obama

  35. Truthist

    A wise man believes in God
    Moreover, a wise man fears + loves God ;
    But, the Devil only believes in God.
    And, the Atheist is obviously a special kind of fool even for the insolent one.
    A wise man seeks to be humble before God
    A wise man seeks to develop in wholesome ways his talents & knowledge & intellect.
    A wise man seeks to drop any nonsense as soon as possible.
    A wise man would not seek to censor
    A wise man would never connive with a snake
    A wise man would never be a jerk ;
    Particularly never a Christ-mocking jerk
    A wise man would never give solace to a jerk ;
    Particularly never a Christ-mocking jerk
    A wise man would never overlook nor congratulate nor encourage homosexualisation ;
    And, especially never to such a reprobate who parades with child.
    A wise man would always have the courage of his worthy convictions

    A wise man would never sell his soul

    A wise man is an inter alia man ;
    Because, the world is complicated, & thus requires breadth + depth of competence in many fields.

    A wise man fears not death ;
    For he considers it every day & is reconciled to it.
    Death being the biggest event of our lives.

    A wise man loves wisdom ;
    Thus, he seeks out wisdom always.

    Thus, …


  36. Someone has to be straight about the muck football being served up. We went through all of this with Trapattoni not trusting the players to keep it on the deck (told them to HOOF it). It was supposed to change with O’Neill who played in a passing Nottingham Forest team – with Keane on the bench beside him – one of the best Irish passers ever – but once again we are back to HOOF football because they don’t trust the players. Well if they had played on the front foot in Copenhagen, with say Hoolahan in the team – and sneaked an away goal then it would have been completely different. Also a team used to retaining possession of the ball could have closed out Denmark after Duffy scored that early goal and hit them on the break later in the game. But no – instead it’s retreat back to the edge of our own box for 85 mins and HOOF it at every opportunity. It was never going to work. It’s mindless and pathetic and Denmark are not even that good but if you keep giving them the ball back every 30 seconds then eventually they are going to find a way. It beggars belief – O’Neill is an imbecile.

    • Truthist

      Agree with all that u say here … except …

      “[ Roy ] Keane … — one of the best Irish passers ever — …”

      Roy Keane was not so.

      Roy Keane was very direct & accurate passer within the scope of say max 15 metres.
      But, no variety of technique except hard direct but accurate pass to his colleague.
      And, the most crucial indictment on Roy Keane is that he was never a creative player.
      Creativity is a gift.
      He cannot be blamed for that.
      But, he had a marvelous engine, was a brilliant header for his size, & was very brave, & raised his game to a very high pitch with quick reactions for tackling & passing the ball on when the whole team was operating in same tempo.t
      Yet, he should have been sent off every time for dirty tackle he would inflict on star player of opposition customarily within 1st few minutes of whatever high profile game.

      Roy Keane is overall an over-rated player.
      Over-rated as a midfield general.
      Over-rated as a creative player.
      Over-rated because he was NONE of these things.

      U ever notice the youth of Ireland in a kick-around playing with their hand[s] in their pocket[s] ?
      Indicative of what follows later in serious games.
      Indicative also of the background culture ;
      Yes, the background culture other than soccer.
      We Irish are a jealous sabotaging people ;
      And, to express oneself with adventure + guile is surely crushed by collusion.
      So, the coward retires to being a hyena careful to show that he is hiding his great supposed ability by non-challance effort with hand[s] resting in the pocket[s]

      Of course, there are exceptions by virtue of :
      total genius ; George Best,
      genius + imagination + reading of a game ; Liam Brady, Johnny Giles

      inter alia

      • What I meant about Keane was his ability to keep possession through his passing accuracy and consistency rather than very creative passing, as well as his pure hunger to keep the ball. The Irish passing and possession is just awful most of the time – the worst I’ve ever seen at international level from any team bar none.

    • Deco

      I consider it a gift to have such a shower of useless morons as the FAI.

      Apart from the fact that FAI stands for

      Find Another Irishman
      Find Another Italian
      Find Another Imbecile
      Fooled Again, Ireland.
      Fans Are Idiots
      Failure And Incompentence


      It means that I do not have to worry about wasting any time, in front of a television being bombarded with patronizing messages about a very overrated beer and a car make that is neither efficient not cheap to maintain.

      Adverstisers love spectator soccer, because it gives them the least discerning section of the populace, as an audience.

  37. Maybe John Delaney can ask for Ireland to be entered as the 33rd team because sure doesn’t everyone love us and we look great dressed as leprechauns and sure the Fields of Athenry is a great song. And he might even pocket 5 million for himself as well for the suggestion.

    Good night Ireland and good riddance. At least we have been spared all the cringeworthy scenes of #paddywhackery in Russian at the WorldCup. I persinally won’t miss the 40,000 drunken arseholes dressed as leprechauns. Stick your Fields of Athenry up your arse. Loser’s song

    • Truthist

      Fields of Athenry has crappy tune IMHO for to be hailed as a great song.
      Actually, because we are a coarse & vulgar people now ;
      ==> Fitting that we are now crappy at soccer
      Here is a very high quality soccer game that alas is lacking finesse in the striker zone from both teams ;
      But, it still is one of my very favorite games.

      • Truthist

        Great playing from :

        Hassad [ No. 7 ]
        Drid [ Goalkeeper ]

        Actually, all of Algeria


        And, some more
        Game fades a bit at the end though

        • Careca was a great striker.

          • Truthist

            I was fan of Careca too.

            I omitted mentioning him because I felt that he was not prominent enough in this game.


            Stapleton was a better holder of the ball than Keane.
            Stapleton mastered the art of shielding the ball, & then lay it off to well placed player nearby who often has rushed up to avail of this trait from Oh Frankie, … Frankie, Frankie, Frankie, Frankie Sta-ple-ton 8-)

    • Deco

      Thanks Adam, for making me laugh.

      The last two weeks has witnessed yet another ridiculous media push of this ridiculous activity, as being “important”.

      While the “important” event was in progress on Saturday, I was on youtube, enjoying Noam Chomsky (an intellectual, if not necessarily everybody’s intellectual) make fun of the entire thing – and it’s ridiculousness. Of course he was talking about American football as a spectator sport. But it applies across the board to loads of other spectator crowd rush events. He made the comment that the media promote it as “important” because it is not one bit important :))))))

      I just laughed.

      I am sitting across from a lad, of a young age, that he has not yet escaped the relentless programming about the “important” event involving grown ups chasing a hard balloon around a field for two hours.

      He has done as instructed. He is enduring a hangover. And came in late. And he is telling everybody that he participated as if sitting in a pub watching grownups engage in an utterly futile pursuit, is “heroic”. Some respond sympathetically. Some take no notice. And some carry on like as it what he did is not of any importance at all.

      Of course, I was at that stage once als, and I eventually copped on.

      I wish him the best in his process of figuring it all out.

      • Don’t get me wrong Deco, I love soccer, it’s a wonderful sport – by far the best on the planet.

        Also, despite me being anything but a flag waver, anthem-singer, drunken Leprechaun cross-dresser, I DO like to see the Irish team (both of them in fact, although hopefully there’ll be just one in the near future – that’s another story) doing well – I was raised in Ireland, it’s where I’m from, it’s where I know a lot of people and it’s where I played football for many years in my youth and the odd year or two thereafter.

        So it’s only natural that I would ‘support’ the team.

        What I don’t support though is the dismal tactics they have been employing for most of the last 30 years (with the occasional respite) – Wimbledon style football is so 80s and yet here we are in 2017 and still trying to make it work?!

        Didn’t Roy Keane (or Einstein) once say that insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting it to work?!

        Yes we don’t have the best players in the world, however we do have a few good ball players, like Brady, Arter and Hoolahan et al but these guys are not allowed to even try to keep the ball on the deck by the Jurassic O’Neill and co.

        What I also don’t support is the antics of the numbskulls who follow the team, in their infantile Leprechaun costumes – most of them dont’ know the first thing about football and the only time they have ever played it to any ‘decent’ level is on a Nintendo, eating pizza on their sofa.

        I suppose this is the female version.


        Turns out they aren’t the ‘greatest fans in the world’ either, although who could blame them for leaving early considering the O’Neill ‘inspired’ crap that was served up last night:


        Finally, the fish rots from the head and nothing is going to change in the short term until they get rid of the odious John Delaney who is purely in the job for his own self-aggrandizement. He probably wants to be the next president of UEFA or FIFA – perish the thought. He’s an incompetent and corrupt arsehole.

        PS. Deco, I know you do like football itself in terms of the actual sport.

  38. Truthist

    The future of Canada ;
    Can it follow the Cuba path ?

  39. *From Larry Parks…posted on Midas du Metropole

    Here is the 2-minute clip about how pension defaults are rolling across the country. This is a direct result of our dishonest and unstable monetary system.

    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=C3NwvBe4h7k

    The tag line for this video should be: If we have fake money, you’re going to get a fake pension!

  40. Truthist


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Wow, that video is incredible!
      Next step: thoughts control?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I have to say that this is the best link you have ever posted – and that even includes that revealing lecture about the unknown details in the US legal system, that was also a revelation.
      The source is very reliable too.
      Thanks for digging it up.

  41. Truthist

    I am not a 12 months a year Communist ;
    But, I am proposing that 1 month national service by each citizen per calendar year whereupon they are a Civil SerVANT [ NOT Civil SerPENT ; Indeed, the swamp is drained of Civil SERPENTS ] during that time has great merit.
    And, citizen receives typical / mode wage per day.
    Other features of society are :

    free enterprise

    sufficiency economy ;
    “Small is beautiful”

    private property rights ;
    inviolable ownership of nominal physical + transportable area with minimum height granted to citizen upon they departing their homestead rearing.

    welfare state

    inter alia



  42. “Blockchain – the technology behind bitcoin – will change the financial world forever”


  43. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    The scandalous anti-Polish propaganda by the EU Commission about the 60,000 “fascists” and “white supremacists”…

    versus the truth – but who is interested in the truth? People are only interested in hearing what they already “know”.


    P.S. One of the participants of the march, the disabled Dr Bawer Aando Akaa (who is black) will be suing SS-Obersturmbannführer Guy Verhofstadt for his scandalous words in the EU Parliament:


    People like SS-Obersturmbannführer Verhofstadt are either:
    a) Incredibly stupid
    b) Incredibly evil and they know e x a c t l y what they are doing.

  44. Truthist

    The future of Catalonia ;
    How can it not but follow the Rothschilds’ puppet George Soros’s path ?
    Nigel Farange
    George Soros finances “journalists” who revealed Paradise Papers (re. tax evasion). Basically Soros blackmailing elites.
    Then he shows how Soros owns EU “lawmakers”

    • Over 200 EUMP’s on the Soros payroll (donation list)

      • Truthist

        Thanks Tony for emphasising that very important point.

        And, just for convenience of readers, I insert here above post as corroboration of ur’s.
        And, moreover, it bearing the names of the Irish MEPs.

        November 10, 2017 at 6:17 am

        Irish MEPs following the GEORGE SOROS PATH

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          On Wednesday, all Irish MEPs voted to launch the Article 7 procedure against Poland for the alleged Polish Government’s clampdown on the independence of the judiciary (except for Marian Harkin – who abstained – and Brian Crowley, who was absent). Also in favour of the procedure was Luke “Ming” Flanagan – a “Eurosceptic” who now supports Germany and France in their attempts to create the EU super-state and overrule the national parliaments. Is he aware that – as the Judges of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President of Ireland in accordance with the binding advice of the Government – the reasons for which Brussels wants to punish Poland (“putting the judiciary under the full control of the government”) can also be applied to Ireland?

          Of course, as I will never tire of emphasising, we say “Brussels” – but we should be saying “Berlin and its obsequious suburbs, Paris and Amsterdam” – and recently, the German Defence Minister (born in Brussels, where her father worked for the European Commission as a Director-General, a descendant of Baron Ludwig Knoop, a cotton merchant of the city-state of Bremen who was created a Baron by Tsar Alexander II of Russia) expressed her support for the pro-German parties in Poland, which somewhat reminds me of Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s concerns about the German minority in the Sudetenland – in plain English: it is not her f…g business (incidentally, in the early 1990s, the current President of the EU Council Donald Tusk and the EU Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski, both from the German government supported PO party, appeared on TV – as Polish ministers – playing charity football match in T-shirts advertising the German steel company Mannesmann). Are those Irish MEPs hundred percent sure that the Carolingian Europe will never use the Article 7 against Ireland (based on the Polish precedent)? As they used to say in the USSR: “Give me a man and I will find the crime.”

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I see Sinn Féin’s Lynn Boylan on that list. I think that speaks volumes of Sinn Féin.

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