October 29, 2017

The future of Catalonia – can it follow the Quebec path?

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This week, the Catalan parliament declared independence. Immediately, the Spanish government annulled this move and announced direct rule from Madrid. By tomorrow, the Spanish authorities will have taken over all the organisations of the Catalonia state, including the police force.


This escalation can only further inflame nationalist sentiment in Barcelona.


This story, however, has a wearily familiar feeling to it: the extremists are taking over. The Catalan nationalists will manipulate every mistake by Madrid and, in turn, Madrid will become increasingly deaf to the legitimate yearnings of a significant chunk of the Catalan people who want to go on their own.


So, one side will escalate its own indignation, and the other side will denigrate its significance, leading to a bigger and bigger crisis.


As Yeats noted in “The Second Coming”;


“Things fall apart [when] the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity”.


This perfectly resonates with the current Spanish situation; the middle ground is simply shrugging its shoulders and allowing others to make decisions, while the extremists are becoming more cacophonous.


So, what’s going to happen? If we examine separatist movements of the past thirty years, there are three major movements that might help us predict what will happen in Spain: namely, those of Quebec, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia.


The preferred route for those who want compromise is the Quebec path, and it is highly instructive.


When I first visited Montreal, in 1985, it was a slightly edgy, down at heel, bi-lingual city. I arrived on the day of the funeral of Rene Levesque, the nationalist leader of Quebec separatism.


The region was in mourning.


The Parti Quebecois wanted to lead Quebec out of Canada and create an independent Quebec. From the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s, Quebec underwent a series of constitutional crises. Each crisis allowed the nationalists to grow stronger, ultimately leading to their day in the sun with the independence referendum of 1995.


In the end, the vote was wafer thin: 49.5% voted to leave Canada and 50.5% voted to stay – it was truly extraordinary. Interestingly, the fortunes of the nationalists waned after the referendum.


Importantly, this decline can be paradoxically attributed to the success of the nationalist movement in preserving the unique French-Canadian identity of Quebec; the region becoming both more French and more Canadian at the same time.


The Montreal I visited last year was firmly within Canada but profoundly more French than the city I had visited in 1985.


This is the solution many Spaniards, and many Europeans, want for Catalonia.


The Canadian government allowed the Quebec government to ramp up their linguistic laws to preserve French, and increased financial aid to Quebec at the same time. In return, the Quebec government dialed down the nationalist moves.


Today, Montreal is an extremely cosmopolitan city that has elements of both rural France and hippest Brooklyn. Quebec nationalism has won and Canadian federalism has also won, in a very Canadian display of constructive pragmatism. Dissolution was averted through dialogue.


For many, this route is the best possible outlook for Catalonia.


The second path for Catalonia is the “velvet divorce” of the Czechs and Slovaks. The old state of Czechoslovakia was dissolved peacefully on 1st January 1993. Interestingly, as late as September 1992, opinion polls showed that only 37% of Czechs and 37% of Slovaks actually wanted separation. However, nationalist politicians, on both sides, agitated in parliament for separation and ultimately, rather than prolong a row, the leaders of the biggest parties agreed to separate and form two countries.


The entire divorce was done with a minimum of fuss, very little acrimony and, better still, a total absence of bitterness.


Some people hope that Catalonia, if it insists on independence, might be able to negotiate such a velvet divorce with Spain. However, this doesn’t look too likely as the past few weeks indicate a level of acrimony between Madrid and Barcelona that is becoming more and more aggravated, not less.


The final path is the path to war that befell Yugoslavia. As outlined in this column a few weeks back, right up to the end, the majority of Serbs and Croats still clung to the idea that the Yugoslavian confederation may remain intact. What was regarded as a difficult but manageable constitutional dilemma descended into civil war in a matter of days.

Elements in the Yugoslavian armed forces made crucial mistakes at pivotal moments, dragging a largely unwilling population into conflicts which pitted neighbour against neighbour; a series of communal violence ensued, the likes of which had not been seen in Europe since 1945.


People sometimes dismiss Yugoslavia as being a once-off event, reminding us that, during the Second World War, the Croats and the Serbs murdered each other with impunity. For those with a sense of history, however, we should remind ourselves that over 1,000,000 Spaniards were murdered in their own civil war.


This slaughter is still within human memory.


Very soon, people will look to the EU.


My sense is that the EU will not abandon the Catalans. The “Europe of the regions” slogan only makes sense when you recognize regions.  Moreover, the EU is an expansionist project; if it stops expanding, it loses purpose.


It doesn’t kick regions out.


No matter what it says now, ultimately, the EU will recognize Catalonia as an independent state if it continues down its current path, and the Catalans know this.


In fact, this is Barcelona’s diplomatic ace and Madrid knows this too.


We should all hope that the Catalan crisis takes the route of either Quebec or Czechoslovakia but the Croatian path can’t be ruled out, that is truly terrifying.


David Mc Williams hosts www.kilkenomics.com from November 9th in Kilkenny.   

  1. Mike Lucey

    If this continues it should have an effect of the leave vote.

    ‘More companies quit Catalonia as break from Spain looms’

  2. Truthist

    David says :
    My sense is that the EU will not abandon the Catalans. A

    I say ;
    Because, secretly the EU is behind all this Separatism Cause, & many more.
    “Divide & Conquer” strategy of EU for … Rothschilds.

    EU wants to conquer Nationalism
    Where it sees Nationalism manifest as a Nation State ;
    ==> EU seeks to conquer Nation States.
    Then, it seeks to control Nation States
    Then, it seeks to manipulate the conquered > control Nation State

    And, the best way to conquer is to divide.

    So, the EU gets its foot in the door of the Nation State.
    Then, the EU conquers as much as it can of the Nation State.
    Then, it tries to manipulate that Nation State.
    And, then if it is encountering any troublesome Nationalism ;
    ==> EU resorts to Division / Regionalism.

    The “Europe of the regions” slogan only makes sense when you recognize regions. Moreover, the EU is an expansionist project; if it stops expanding, it loses purpose.


    Expect in the future the fostering of a breakaway Cork [ + Kerry ? ] movement on the basis that :
    Central Irish State is too corrupt ;
    Civil Servicitis & Pro-Class & Corporate Ireland & Heroin Problem now in Cork when up until recently Cork the only city of its size in the West without a Heroin problem.
    Central Government & also Local Government will get severe blame for this problem.
    Most of the Wealth in Ireland is derived from Cork ; Agri & Pharma inter alia
    Cork defeated the British Empire
    Cork is self-sufficient
    Cork + Kerry folk are the natural business people of Ireland.
    Cork even more so.
    Cork is a Country of its own
    Cork is more talented & special in especially positive ways.

    I not necessarily agreeing with some of the above Re; Corkonians or Cork.
    But, these thoughts are well known in Ireland about Cork & how Cork people think of themselves.

  3. The truth is that Quebec is an economic basket case. It is the grand recipient of billions of dollars from the rest of canada over the last 50 years and still is the major receiver.
    The economic failure is not because of a lack of resources but because of rampant socialism, political corruption and graft.

    The West of Canada had a separation movement in the 80′s call the Western Canada Concept. The sentiment was absorbed by the Reform Party under Preston Manning and the Stephen Harper who lead it into amalgamation with the Progressive Conservative Party (there is an oxymoron) and a federal position. There was strong sentiment in BC and alberta to leave Canada.

    Catalonia is strong Economically not at all the same as Quebec. Quebec would get a real shock if it ever had to pay its own way. The rest of Canada, quietly wish Quebec would leave. It would be a pleasant place to visit sometime.


    [–]Easyyyyy 10 points 1 year ago
    A few numbers:
    Canadians have given Quebec a quarter of a trillion dollars in equalization payments since 1957, half of all the money the program has handed out. Over that span of more than 50 years, Quebec has always been the biggest beneficiary, and has never been a net contributor to equalization.
    Of the $510 billion equalization shelled out since 1957 (in inflation-adjusted 2011 dollars) Quebec has received $253 billion. Quebec therefore has contributed about $107 billion of $510 billion since 1957. Since it has received $253 billion, it comes out $146 billion to the good, which amounts to Quebecois getting back $2.36 for every dollar they’ve paid in.
    Ottawa will pay $17.3 billion, unconditionally, to six have-not provinces for the fiscal year that began on April 1. They are; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba. Quebec gets almost half, again.
    Between 1961 and 2002, AB citizens paid more than $243 billion in federal taxes over and above the amount they received in the form of federal programming and services. ] Alberta hasn’t received equalization payments since 1965.”"


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Quebec is an economic basket case [...] The economic failure is [...] because of rampant socialism, political corruption and graft.”

      How would you compare the level of financial (taxation level, tax laws) and legal autonomy Quebec (and other Canadian provinces) enjoys in Canada c o m p a r e d to the autonomy that the States enjoy in the United States of America (i.e., when you look at Californian and Texan laws, you can argue that these States are more different from each other than Ireland and Germany – I don’t mean culture)?

      I.e., some US states have no personal income tax and others have no sales tax (so like our VAT); there are some that have a higher level of taxation than most EU states. Try that diversity in Poland and Poland would be officially declared “a wretched moral midget of the reaction” by comrades Timmermans, Tusk, Verhofstadt and Parteigenossen Micron and Merkel.

      Or imagine that Dublin introduced the death penalty by public hanging for anyone caught 3 times selling drugs to teenagers, like the 3-times rule for the death penalty for murder in some US States… – imagine the press headlines about Ireland in Germany and France (and that’s before the EU has its own army)!

      • “How would you compare the level of financial (taxation level, tax laws) and legal autonomy Quebec (and other Canadian provinces) enjoys in Canada c o m p a r e d to the autonomy that the States enjoy in the United States of America ” Grze

        Much the same as far as I can tell.
        Canadian provinces have a large degree of autonomy on internal affairs.

        Here is a link with a good description of the various responsibilities. Broadly speaking the Fed administers that of a truly national or international nature and the provinces those of a closer impact but including land laws, health system forestry mining and all those other trappings of statehood including elected parliamentary jurisdiction.

        It has long been the bane of trades people that a license and qualification in one Province is not recognised in another.
        There are different rates of provincial income taxes and sales tax(VAT) BC 5% and Alberta 0% with a Fed GST of 7% on top of the provincial to total 12% in BC.


  4. Trudeau senior allegedly “patriated the Canadian constitution which hitherto was governed by the substance and residue of the British North America Act.


    Trudeau went to London and had the (Written by him! ) New Canadian constitution passed by both the houses of Commons and Lords and brought it back to Canada for signature by all the Provinces and the Federal government.

    Quebec then refused to sign and still has not signed. Technically then the Canadian constitution is not legal as it required unanimous consent. However the the Canadian Government proclaimed its enactment and carried on anyway.
    Trudeau also had a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Apr 17, 1982 proclaimed. I call it a Bill of Wrongs as it takes the position that rights did not exist until proclaimed. I take the position that man has inalienable rights unless specifically denied by coercement or bill or statute.


  5. Deco

    Quebec might have done Canada a favour by pulling out of Canada. Because apart from anything else, it would later have wanted to rejoin.

    Concerning, Catalunya – in the Madrid Cortes (Parlaiment) the two sides of the Spanish Civil War, plus the anti-corruption party that detests the hegemony of those two sides in Spanish politics, are all on one voice with regards to imposing Federal rule over Catalunya.

    That being said, they should still consider allowing Catalunya to go it’s own way. It might end up wanting to return.

    The real problem is not that Catalunya wants to leave. It is that the margins are unclear as to whether people want to saty ot leave. And even if the decision was made one way, a lot of people would be disappointed the other way.

    Also the Catalan seperatists are relying on the local version of Richard Boyd Barrett, and Ruth Coppinger to run Catalunya. That is a disaster. In any country or region.

  6. https://globalnews.ca/news/3496355/quebec-canada-constitution-amend-reopen/

    It was only when Lévesque rejoined the group the next morning that he learned of the deal. And that was when then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau and Chrétien lost Quebec’s support.

    And so, since 1982, Quebec has not been part of the nation’s Constitution.

    • “”Have there been prior attempts to get Quebec in?

      There have been two attempts, both unsuccessful, to include Quebec in the Constitution. Both efforts were included in what some hoped would be major overhauls.

      In the late 1980s and early 90s, the Meech Lake Accord proposed granting Quebec its “distinct status” among other amendments, but ultimately failed when the Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador governments didn’t support them.

      The second attempt at a major overhaul, known as the Charlottetown Accord, also included the “distinct society” demand, but was ultimately defeated in a national referendum in October 1992.

      READ MORE: Premier Philippe Couillard wants Quebec to sign Constitution

      And so, in 2002, on the 20th anniversary of the patriation of the Constitution, Quebec’s premier presented a motion in the provincial legislature to recognize the fact the province never signed on to the Constitution or Charter.

      Premier Bernard Landry went as far as saying the act “is still unacceptable for Quebec,” and his motion passed unanimously.”"

  7. https://brianmlucey.wordpress.com/2017/10/29/an-irexit-question-for-brexiteers/#more-9322

    “”So, if something that was 4x worse than Brexit didn’t cause us to want to leave the EU, why would Brexit?”

  8. By Dr. Mercola

    Ninety percent of news media, be it television, radio, print or online, are controlled by six corporations. As a result, the vast majority of what you read, see and hear is part of a carefully orchestrated narrative created and controlled by special interest groups.


  9. Syria was invaded by a consortium of nations backed by the US with funds to Jihadists to do the dirty work.


    “”WATCH: Qatar Confesses to Helping US, Saudis, Turkey Arm Jihadists to ‘Hunt Their Prey in Syria’
    In a shocking interview going viral on Arab social networks, high-level Qatari officials made some damning confessions on Syria.”"

  10. Truthist

    In totality, the nation-state Spain is target of “Count Kallergi’s project the EU ==> ECB ==> Bank of International Settlements ==> The Rothschilds” for the following reasons :

    Spain had the nerve to operate the Inquisition some 500 years ago in which some 3,000* were murdered ;
    Mainly for ulterior motive of forcing the victim & / or their cousins to divulge where they had their Gold hidden.



    subdue Spain lest Spain seek to exit EU

    extract part[s] of Spain lest Spain seek to exit EU

    1st step of dividing the nation-state Spain
    ahead of
    2nd step of re-conquering it ;
    Seemingly, according to the sentiments of The Dreadful Few ;
    Spain is not conquered enough.
    And, also, Catalonia is not conquered enough too.
    1st step followed by 2nd step is the auld “divide & rule” strategy ;
    That strategy which actually predates the Roman Empire, & features frequently in the old testament of the Bible.
    ahead of
    3rd step of controlling it
    ahead of
    4th step of manipulating it / the populace

    Note ;
    In recent learned discussion I had with polymath + polyglot, the convincing argument was put to me ;
    Control is not the end-game
    Manipulation is the end-game
    Well, I now grant that manipulation is “the game” beyond control.

    further employ policy of destroying all phenomenon of nation-states in Europe ;
    And, this regardless if the nation-state in EU

    condition the masses that Nationalism / Nativism is “baa…ad !”
    Nationalism of the nation-state
    the geographically & historical & culturally & religiously & ethnically on the whole “contiguous” Spain
    However, Spain as a nation-state could be so were it be nation-state of separate regions with loyalty to Spain ;
    And, Spain having a central council which moves from region to region throughout the year
    That would be good political model for Ireland to have ;
    Perhaps, 5 or 7 regions
    Cork + Kerry [+ Limerick ? ]
    Rest of Munster
    Dublin + the rest of the Pale
    Donegal + Derry
    Rest of Ulster
    The Midlands
    South East
    nation-state Catalonia is not being portrayed as “baa…ad !” though ;
    Surely hypocrisy in the line of the EU / George Soros / Democratic Party of USA / Frankfurt School / Antifa “logic” there ?

    Ah well, “The End justifies the Means”
    And, Catalonia as nation=state is certainly not the End intentioned for Catalonia by the Dreadful Few.

    Spanish nation is Christian
    And, more so, a motive to destroy the Spanish nation ;
    The Spanish nation are specifically Catholic.

    Christianity is under long & ceaseless attack since the birth of Christ
    Great Irish Hunger
    Red Terror in USSR ; Warren Beatty was not intellectually hones in his movie “Reds”

    inter alia


    Edward Peters, from the University of Pennsylvania, is the author of Inquisition (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1989). Henry Kamen, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, wrote The Spanish Inquisition: A Historical Revision (New Haven: Yale University Press, 4th revised edition, 2014).

    These two books are in the forefront of an emerging, very different perspective on the Inquisitions: an understanding that they were exponentially less inclined to issue death penalties than had previously been commonly assumed, and also quite different in character and even essence than the longstanding anti-Catholic stereotypes would have us believe.

    On page 87 of his book, Dr. Peters states: “The best estimate is that around 3000 death sentences were carried out in Spain by Inquisitorial verdict between 1550 and 1800, a far smaller number than that in comparable secular courts.” Likewise, Dr. Kamen states in his book:

    Taking into account all the tribunals of Spain up to about 1530, it is unlikely that more than two thousand people were executed for heresy by the Inquisition. (p. 60)

    . . . it is clear that for most of its existence that Inquisition was far from being a juggernaut of death either in intention or in capability. . . . it would seem that during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries fewer than three people a year were executed in the whole of the Spanish monarchy from Sicily to Peru, certainly a lower rate than in any provincial court of justice in Spain or anywhere else in Europe. (p. 203)

    Huge myths obviously abound. But does this mean that I “defend” capital punishment for heresy, or that all Catholics should? No; personally, I advocate the tolerant practices of the early Church and how Catholics generally view such things today. Yet I think it’s also supremely important to properly and accurately understand the Inquisitions in the context of their times (the Middle Ages and early modern periods).


    • Pie Squared

      Truthist, think NI is the hotbed ito breaking bad on our little wet rock. Funny your comments about Cork. Spent the long weekend in the rebel county. I went with an open mind, but made some troubling observations which I may be lambasted for, (so apologies in advance to all those outside my weekend purview) but here goes:

      On the plus side:

      Met some great Cork people – witty, entertaining and fun
      West Cork stunning as always
      Kinsale is well loved and the darling of o/side investors, with very good reason. It’s a wonderful spot.

      On the minus side:

      Like the islands of the County, there are a lot if island cowboys, (which may have prompted Truthists musings) who wield excessive power it seems to me?

      Cork City is largely ignored by tourists in one of the hot spot counties for tourism. Why is that? Well imho, the city is kind of ugly and shabby; binful, has only a couple of venues to visit e.g. UCC and the English Market. The market was closed on the Sunday of a bank holiday weekend?

      UCC it turns out is the biggest employer in Cork city. We got a fantastic tour of the establishment by a loquacious security guard, a mechanic by training, who spoke of how much better it is to be employed by the public sector than the private sector esp in Cork!

      Compare Cork City to Waterford. Waterford again imho wins hands down for its visual aesthetic and attractiveness.

      Cobh has got to be one of the architectural gems of Ireland. Yet it’s loathed by some locals given its colonial past and portal of emigration status. On a fleeting visit, it too seemed dirty and in decay. On closer inspection, it’s apparently haven for the unemployed. The local Council’s dominated by Labour. You can feel this economic and political cloud in the lovely town. It could be the Dalkey or Killiney of Cork and is within commuting distance of the city. The preteens running riot round the centre seemed to relish its state of demise.

      Meanwhile the non island cowboys have moved out to the commuter towns – which although displaying a sense of community and pride are soulless spots on a drive through – Douglas, Midleton, Bandon, Ballincollig and Carrigaline.

      Came away understanding why there’s such a spat about the expansion of the City into the County. Who would want the cowboys in charge of Cork City expanding their realm of influence?

      Overall, am sad to say, don’t think Cork can rise to the challenge of second city.
      It’s population stats emphasise the story of the leaving…

      Population 1840 854 000
      Population 2016 540 352

      Hope I’m wrong about this.

  11. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    Also, last week, 80 immigrants from Turkey protested in Germany demanding to deport the so-called “refugees” from Germany, and against the inept German police – after the “refugees” attacked a 14-year-old Turkish girl on the street – but you won’t read about it in any media, and certainly not in Mr Derek Scally article in the “Anti-Irish Times”.

    • Deco

      The ISIS Times….

      They are a joke. And like every joke, they are loaded with stern rage, and instentence of being worthy of being taken seriously.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I listen to those lectures before sleep and some parallels between the past and now are so uncanny that it is ridiculous (also in terms of the latest developments in Catalonia). Here is a bit about the decline of the Carolingian empire due to its internal problems and invasions from North Africa:


        He then talks about the collapse of the empire when Charlemagne died. I find it most interesting when he says that Louis the Pious was called the Pious in German, but in French, he was called Lous the Imposing (not unlike Merkel today). Mind you, Louis the Imposing conquered Barcelona :-). Chesterton wrote that a lot has to change so that nothing would change.

        The Vikings are, of course, like the Muslim “refugees” of today.

        Will we ever learn?

  12. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “The final path is the path to war that befell Yugoslavia. As outlined in this column a few weeks back, right up to the end, the majority of Serbs and Croats still clung to the idea that the Yugoslavian confederation may remain intact. What was regarded as a difficult but manageable constitutional dilemma descended into civil war in a matter of days.”

    It descended into civil war in a matter of days because Germany didn’t want to allow the Heganale project to become the alternative to their resurrected Mittel-Europa project, so they promised that should Croatia detach from Yugoslavia, they would recognise the Croatian independence; and did so as the first country in the world. They also provided weapons to Croatia, same as Russia provided weapons to Serbia and Saudi Arabia provided weapons to Bosnia.
    Then there was the US – Clintons, to be precise – intervention, but the whole mess basically started from the Clinton administration deliberately allowing Germany to become the policeman of Europe.

    There was an excellent German documentary (with English subtitles) made by the German TV RTL, showing the German role in starting the war in Yugoslavia, but it was taken down (with the entire channel) from YouTube after I had posted a link to it on August 19, 2016, at 4:48 pm (YouTube is now getting more and more involved in censorship, often against their own terms and conditions).


    Of course, the picture is more complicated still, as Milosevic’ role in destroying the delicate balance between the ethnicities of Yugoslavia cannot be underestimated.

    So how does it translate into the Catalonian question?
    David is on the right track in his article on Catalonia but he does not go deep enough and he stops in the most interesting moment, failing to answer the question why did the manageable constitutional problem escalate to the bloody civil war, given that these historical animosities were always present and yet Yugoslavia didn’t suffer from any major war?

    And the answer is the following: it escalated into a war because the necessary condition of every civil war in a country that is not an empire is the involvement of other countries who are empires against yet another countries who also are, or aspire to be, empires.

    Just think of Germany and Indian-rubber/other industries being involved in triggering the so-called 1913 lock-out, 1916 Rising, and the IRA WWII campaign; or in Germany triggering the Bolshevik revolution (there is also a Trotsky-Wall St connection, but the German connection was earlier and more important).

    Thucydides once wrote:

    “What made war inevitable was the growth of Athenian power and the fear which this caused in Sparta.”

    What made the Yugoslavian war inevitable was the growth of the Hexagonale and the fear which this caused in Germany.

    • Truthist

      IRA WW #2 campaign against UK>RIC>England because ;


      Ditto Downing Street Mortar attack that nearly eliminated the British War Cabinet during Gulf War #1


      Surely, USA & Germany & ISRAEL rushed to avail of opportunity to reverse Opportunity for Russia to have access to Mediteranean through Yugoslavia or upon break-up of whatever borders granted to cousin Slavs ; the Serbs ?

      ISRAEL helped both :



      And, I think also the Croats.



      Lateral thinker that I am, I believe Poland will have to come up with much better strategic thinking than Geo-Political games so as to protect Poland.
      In fact, Poland should not play any games.
      But, yes, Poland should form North-South Axis of MUTUAL “BENIGN” CO-OPERATION
      And, also, Poland should form East-West Axis of MUTUAL “BENIGN” CO-OPERATION










      We doing it for decades ever since Marie Stopes clinics in England.

      Hundreds of thousands of Irish mothers, & most times with cohorts e.g. families, boyfriends, friends


      Although not as bad as England ;
      Because, their abortion rates much higher.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “ENGLAND’S DIFFICULTY IS IRELAND’s OPPORTUNITY” – England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity – but not in a version proposed by the IRA/Sinn Fein during WWII: to voluntarily change one occupation (British) of part of the country (the north-east of Ireland) into another occupation (Nazi Germany) of the e n t i r e island of Ireland – this is stupidity, not opportunity.
        “Ditto Downing Street Mortar attack that nearly eliminated the British War Cabinet during Gulf War #1″ – not sure which mortar attack during the first Gulf War do you mean… Please specify (time, date, political outcome of the attack, who carried it out and how).

        Anyway, the 1990s IRA was a very different one from the WWII IRA which was very different from the original IRA.

        I.e., there was no Soviet/Nazi involvement in the original IRA (apart from the loan the new Irish State gave to the Bolsheviks – but this was with the gold collateral, later confiscated as the Soviets, of course, didn’t repay it) and there was no Soviet involvement in the WWII IRA.
        In turn, the 1980s IRA received weapons from the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Libya and even the CIA.
        “ISRAEL helped both :
        And, I think also the Croats.” – what’s the evidence for that?
        “WAR CRIMES COMMITTED UPON SERBS BY NATO.” – committed upon Serbs by Kohl and Clinton administrations.
        Btw, Russia also actively cooperated with NATO (including militarily) at the time Belgrad was bombed (while arming Serbia at the same time – pecunia non olet), as they did when Gadaffi was being removed (they agreed to that in return for – among other things – their gas monopoly in Europe, which I covered extensively multiple times).
        “Surely, USA & Germany & ISRAEL rushed to avail of opportunity to reverse Opportunity for Russia to have access to Mediteranean through Yugoslavia ”
        - first of all, Russia already had access to Mediterranean through Syria, so it didn’t need Yugoslavia for that purpose (Russia needed to control Yugoslavia for a different purpose – to stop the Nabucco pipeline and thus secure the Gazprom monopoly; one of the Russian generals frankly admitted on the Russian TV: “we are in Syria for Gazprom”).
        Secondly, the only Yugoslavian country that Russia had influence on was Serbia. Serbia is not a Mediterranean country and doesn’t have access to the Mediterranean Sea, so this alone debunks the theory that “USA & Germany & ISRAEL rushed to avail of opportunity to reverse Opportunity for Russia to have access to Mediteranean through Yugoslavia”.
        “Poland will have to come up with much better strategic thinking than Geo-Political games so as to protect Poland.

        In fact, Poland should not play any games.” – the whole wording is wrong. We are not talking about geopolitical games but about geo-political STRATEGIES.
        If Poland does not have its own geopolitical strategy, the others will have it ready for her; the same applies to Ireland, of which I’ve been trying to convince people on this blog for the last few years, with moderate success (the main bone of contention on this blog is the ongoing dispute between those who

        a) believe that Ireland should be Britain’s whore – to support their belief, they would even deny the fact that the US, not Britain, is Ireland’s main trading partner by being Ireland’s main export market BY A MILE)

        b) those who believe that Ireland should be the EU’s whore (both “a” and “b” write about the EU and Brussels decisions as if there were was any decision centre in Brussels which can do anything against Germany and Germany’s whores, France and Benelux).

        Occasionally, some Republican would post and claim that Ireland should be neither Britain’s nor the EU’s or the US’s whore, but when you question them, it usually transpires that they believe that Ireland should be the Russian whore (in a sophisticated version: Chinese), as this is where they are getting their financing from (unusual source for me to quote, but that does not mean that it ain’t true:

        “But, yes, Poland should form North-South Axis of MUTUAL “BENIGN” CO-OPERATION” – I think this, after the initial hopes related to President Trump’s visit in Warsaw and the Three Seas initiative which taps into what you wrote, is now getting derailed completely.

        President Andrzej Duda, following Merkel’s call, has betrayed Jaroslaw Kaczynski and he blocked the judicial reforms. Polish Finance Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has been systematically derailing the liberalisation of the Polish economy, for which he had been handsomely (8m euro) paid by the banksters prior to him becoming the Finance Minister. Jaroslaw Kaczynski has capitulated to the banksters, and now there are calls from the 5th column for him to capitulate to Germany/Soros/Vatican to accept Islamist so-called “refugees” (in Poland, Vatican is now more active in promoting the “refugees” than even the first two: following the Anti-Pope Francis order, the Primate of Poland has said that he would suspend every bishop who wouldn’t support the invasion of the so-called “refugees”).

        On the other hand, Germany is very active in trying to detach the Czech Republic and Slovakia from V4, while Russia is active in trying to detach Poland from V4 and transform V4 – with Austria, who wants to join it – into a Russian sphere of influence.


        In such situation, I propose that as long as Mr Trump is the US President, maybe Ireland should become the US’s whore (the US’s aircraft carrier in Europe, replacing the UK – who no longer enjoys a “special relation” with the US), rather than being a shared – and very obliging/cheap – whore of Berlin and London?

        After all, the US investment in Ireland totals $310bn, and Donald Trump can end the Fine Gael’s “recovery” with one signature, while what can Britain really do: suspend its trade with Ireland, thus ensuring that Ireland no longer spends all its trade surpluses with the EU countries on imports from Britain (Ireland is a country that Britain has the second biggest trade surpluses within the WORLD)? – most of these imports are goods that Ireland could either produce herself or import it cheaper from elsewhere.

        And, to be frank, it puzzles me more and more that albeit Mr McWilliams admits – a talented writer that he is, he does it in a skillful and catchy way – that without foreign investment, Ireland would be Albania with brutal weather – yet since Mr Trump became the US President, his reminders that Britain is Ireland’s biggest trading partner (that Ireland, for decades, has been massively losing on her trade with Britain, he never tells you) outnumber his reminders that the US is Ireland’s biggest trading partner (it’s the trading partner from whom Ireland benefits by far the most) by something like a dozen-to-zero.

        In fairness, he did write a few positive articles about Mr Trump shortly prior and after his election (even though he predicted his election almost a year after me, with a moment of hesitation in one of his columns in summer 2016) – but he never really followed it up with an opinion that such being the case, Ireland should put her eggs in the “bilateral relations with the Trump’s US” basket.

        In May 2016, he issues his first very tentative prediction that Trump may win (mine first very firm prediction was in October 2015 – I placed my first bet on Trump):

        “The special relationship between Ireland and the US is becoming more and more significant and this will not change if Trump wins the election, which looks less remote by the day.”

        “if Trump wins”????! – this should have STRENGTHENED Ireland’s special relationship with the US, as Mr Trump was a lot more “make America great again” than the previous presidents – and part of making it great again is to remind Germany and France where their places is.

        He wrote in the same column:

        “Corporate America makes profits in Ireland which it doesn’t want to repatriate to the US because the companies will have to pay the difference between the Irish 12.5pc corporation tax and the 30pc in the US. Therefore, they choose to keep the money in Ireland and put it on deposit in American banks in the IFSC. They “park” the money in the safest asset they know, which is US government debt. And they do this via the IFSC in Dublin.
        So it’s not Irish people who are financing the US government. What is happening is that US companies are financing the US State through their Treasuries in Dublin.
        The fact that this huge trade is going through Ireland is something we should note. The benefits of Ireland are small compared to the benefits to both the US companies and indeed the US government, which is being financed by these companies.

        In the years ahead, our relationship with the US is going to be deeper. We are not really a European economy but part of the US world game, with a European passport.
        If the Brits decide to leave the EU and this undermines the UK as a location for investment (as the official view suggests), then some of the US investment in the UK will be diverted. If this is the case, where will this investment be diverted to? Ireland is an obvious answer.”

        He hasn’t followed it up though, ever since Mr Trump won (how to make the benefits of the trade with the US bigger for Ireland and how to divert the investment in the UK to Ireland). The truth is that no matter how you twist it, you cannot deny it that Mr Trump chose Warsaw, not Dublin (or London) for his great speech outlining his geopolitical strategy (that Poland wasted this chance is another matter).

        Mr McWilliams wrote:
        “The very friendly American immigration official at the US immigration in Dublin told me that 3,000 people travelled from Dublin to the States on average every morning.”.
        Yea, and? In spite of that 3,000, unlike the Polish diaspora, the Irish diaspora in the US has completely fucked up in the US 2015 election – they put all her eggs in Clintons basket, and as a result, they have zero influence on Mr Trump and zero respect from him. And in the precarious situation that this put Ireland into as a result, the Irish government has been for year hesitating whether to invite the US President or not – AS IF the pro-Clinton Ireland with the most anti-US President in Europe had a bigger significance for the US President than, say, Romania (it has much smaller – and it c o u l d have had bigger than the UK).

        And in Ireland, there was zero reflection on what can the Irish diaspora in the US do for their country (and I’ve always been the one demanding that they are given the right to vote abroad in the Irish elections).

        1. The Irish diaspora in the US – a big rethink needed on how they fucked up big way with Mr Trump and how to undo it.
        2. The Irish governments – a big rethink needed on how they fucked up big way with Mr Trump and how to undo it.
        3. David McWilliams – you wrote on May 19, 2016:
        1.”We are two nations intertwined. Ireland is a significant part of the American supply chain and we have to be aware of that.
        2. “Since 2008, Ireland has been second only to the Netherlands in attracting more US investment flows to the eurozone on a cumulative basis.
        and 3. “However, the UK remains the king of inward investment, receiving almost one euro in every three invested into Europe.”
        1 – yes
        2 – yes
        3 – yes

        So… how come with 1, 2 & 3 yes, Ireland – with Mr Trump caring much more about those Atlantic ties than the Marxist Mumbama did – the US President is now threatening the end Irelands’ Eldorado with the US investment? To me, it looks like between 2015 and now, someone has fucked up big way geopolitically and that someone wasn’t me as my predictions regarding Mr Trump were perhaps the most accurate in Ireland.

        And how can that fuck-up be reverted/delayed?
        Please use your genius to answer those questions – the answer to which will decide whether Ireland escapes the fate of Albania with brutal weather.

        • Truthist

          I about to sleep ;
          But, ahead of giving u proper detailed reply, I give u 2 links Re ; some individuals that u mention above :

          Hillary Clinton

          Here is Tweet from James Woods [ Actor ; Star of The Onion Field, Once upon a Time in America ( very important revelation as to Mayer Lansky & Crime Inc. Etc ) inter alia ] on his own Twitter a/c ;
          Further to Hillary Clinton — circa Trump-Pussygate — stating that “Trump makes her skin crawl”, here in feature leading about other fisty / feisty XX chromosome person & highy influential popular opinionator Ellen — I do not want Trump on my show — Degenerate is evidence of Hillary Clinto-Pussygate ;

        • McCawber

          To answer your question at the end of your post in simplistic terms.
          A. You stop digging ie stop repeating the mistake.
          B. You shut up long enough to allow the sensitivity, that has been well and truly scratched, time to heal.
          C. Begin phase 1 of the healing proces – this means reining in ‘responsible’ nedia and politicians.
          D. Begin phase 2 of the healing process – start courting the offended party indirectly – support/flatter his acolytes including family initiative’s
          E. Begin phase 3 of the healing process – support/flatter the main target.
          Above all be patient, accentuate the positive and shut up about the negative.
          AND if you’re Irish non of the above two faced, double standard approaches should be two difficult.
          Always remember the main objective.
          Bread on the table.

  13. MK1

    Hi David,

    I dont think its possible to compare the secession factors of Catalonia, Quebec and Czechia/Slovakia, as each case is different, with a different history and environment. I do get the point you are making though, which is Catalonia could:

    a) stay in Spain, yet get more ‘independent’ rights (ala Quebec)
    b) have a ‘velvet divorce’ and secede gracefully with agreement from Spain (somehow)
    c) all out violence and ‘bloody mayhem’ (as Michael Collins may have said) (The Irish option? ala your Yugoslavia breakup)

    Option A is what has been “happening” thus far, and like Quebec I guess, they now want to take the next step and have a referendum for a divorce (a secession), just like Scotland/SNP had a vote, and the UK did with UKexit from EU. So any democratic recognising entity, such as Ireland, the EU-27, the UK, and indeed Spain itself, should ALLOW that referendum to happen (ie: a vote for option B). Yes, it is an internal matter for Spain, but other countries could express an opinion on at least allowing the referendum go ahead. Indeed, the UN should as well.

    However, Spain has a bit of a problem as it has several regions which also see themselves as potentials for independence. The Basque Country, for example. Plus it is more ran as a federal state, rather than a unitary state. If Catalonia would manage to split off, what is to prevent the rest of the 17 autonomous regions from wanting more or indeed splitting off? And this is what spooks Spain. Like a ‘soviet union’, it could splinter into many states, as indeed like a Yugoslavia did.

    You wrote:
    David>> the EU is an expansionist project; if it stops expanding, it loses purpose.

    I dont agree with that statement. The EU is not attempting to ‘gobble’ a large chunk of the world, and expansionism is not its sole purpose.

    As for Quebec, my limited checking of some facts is that they are the 2nd wealthiest state in Canada, with Montreal being 4m people and the state, 8m, although a lot of it in the north and sparsely populated. Clearly more French language prevents some trade with the ‘might’ of the US neighbour perhaps.

    The Czech/Slovak split was altogether a different situation than Spain and Catalonia. When Czechoslovakia formed, it came about as a split of the mainly Czechs from the Austro-Hungarian empire. The Czechs and Slovaks sided with each other in common cause, with the Czechs dominating. In time, with movements of peoples after the 2nd world war, the remaining population was mainly Czech’s and Slovaks. The Velvet revolution getting out of the grips of the soviet ‘circle’ in 1989 (I was there at the time!) gave Czechia/Slovakia its real independence for the first time. There was no major troubles between these peoples, so the friendly secession that happened a few years later was just the realisation that both areas could work on their own.

    Yugoslavia is more complex and would require an article in its own right.

    I am looking forward to a referendum in Catalonia, and another one in Scotland, and who knows, maybe one in NI some day.


  14. Deco

    The Weinstein Effect. Or the Harveywood Effect.

    What happens when those that were silent about being bullied, or pushed around, come forward, and decide to tell the truth about being bullied. At an individual level.

    Weinstein was obviously a sexual ogre and pervert. Weinstein got away with it for years. Hollywood, and the cinematic sector are notorious of being shallow in their treatment of women. Once a woman passes 34, she is regarded as history. Yet men are rarely taken seriously before that age. And after that age their incomes increase substantially.

    In any case, this resulted in a power relationship based on dominance and control. And the dominant party seems to have been abusing their power.

    And then somebody with some courage decides to make a stand. And then more make a stand. And eventually, for the sake of the bullied everywhere, the bully is unmasked.

    Women who refuses Weinsten’s agressive advances were made to paid for it. That was what kept Harvey in power. It maintained the silence.

    And it is now emerging – that it is not just Harvey, and not just the cinematic sector.

    In the UK, it seems that there are politicians who have behaved in an extremely disrespect of women. And now, the UK Minister of Defence expects to be forced out. More allegations are coming forward against more MPs. And no doubt the corporate world (especially banking) is rife with this problem.

    The fact that there is a woman in charge in the UK, makes it an even faster process.

    No doubt other power stuctures, will also be “Harvey’d” in coming weeks.

    It is all for the better. It makes society healthier, as it removes perverts and sexual predators from positions of power.

    • Deco


      Will there be another UK election ?

      Presumably, this Weinstein Effect, which started in Hollywood, and is now showing up in British Politics, will spread first amongst the English speaking countries, and then move to others, in phases ? One wonders what is coming next in Australia, or Canada. Or perhaps South Africa, or in general sub-Saharan Africa, where women have sensed being treated disrespectfully by men.

      I reckon Latin America could also have a problem.

      This could end up doing more harm to certain “unmoveable” power entities than anything seen before.

      One also wonders how relunctance from the media is responsible for holding back the Weinstein Effect. Not just the NYT refusing to publish an evidence backed story from Ronan Farrow that was published in the New Yorker Magazine.

      Media assistance, is required to keep this behaviour from going public. And those in power can apply pressure to keep the story out of public circulation. Like occurred with Weinstein.

      • Well it seems they couldn’t apply enough pressure in the end Deco.

        Wouldn’t surprise me if there was another UK election – wouldn’t surprise me if Brexit got scrapped after it as well.

        You’d wonder how a guy is supposed to ask a lady out for date these days – do we have to do some weird silent mating dance, or smoke signal perhaps?

        Fantasists apart though, I’d believe about 50 – 75 percent of the allegations being made and Weinstein is definitely a slimeball – they should lock him up for multiple rapes and throw away the key.

    • “It is all for the better. It makes society healthier, as it removes perverts and sexual predators from positions of power.”

      For sure, but it might just the opportunity that Theresa May was looking for to exit stage left.

      I’d say she’s far more worried about a disastrous Brexit than she is about sexual allegations but she could use it as her way out.

      I just can’t see her lasting much longer.

    • McCawber

      Hallowweintein Effect has a nice ring to it.

    • coldblow

      It is hysteria and not healthy.

      The ‘power relationship’ stuff we hear about is sub-Marxist feminist waffle.

      I have barely looked at the claims. It seems the press get their stories from what is ‘trending’ in the social media, which guarantees it is nonsense.

      I did have a look at one of the claims against Weinstein, the one where he was supposed to have ‘leant’ on the judiciary in New York to stop a criminal case that should have put him behind bars.

      This article by the NYT is interesting, though I don’t know if it meant to be so honest:


      Note how our, under questioning, our model turns out to have made a sexual assault charge against a 70 year old man in Italy (and then would not cooperate with the prosecution). And how she then turns up at one of Berlusconi’s ‘bunga bunga’ parties, where she said she didn’t do anything wrong, presumably she was just ‘there’ being innocent, and then testified against Silvio in his trial. Then it turns out that she does not stand by her own accounts of the above. And then she rolls into Harvey’s room, of all places. Some girls have no luck.

      She returns with a police wire (which doesn’t work – made in Ireland?) but gets it all on her phone. Smart work for an innocent girl. He apologizes for touching her breast. There, that should nail him. But the defence claimed that it happened during a discussion about lingerie work and whether this woman’s breasts were fake or not.

      Anyway, she was paid off on condition that she didn’t open her mouth about it. Which condition she broke.

      “What happened to me really put my view of the world to the test,” she said.

      Well, it made me laugh anyway.

      So I haven’t followed up the claims. I did read one in the Mail last week about the woman who says she was abused as a 17 year old by the powerful Dustin Hoffman. I think he told a dirty joke and asked her to massage his feet. Anyway, she says that she is still grieving for her lost innocence. I really should have kept the cutting.

      It is mental. The true stories are trivial while the rape ones are lies. I think it is safe to say that you can look into any of the serious claims, any of them, and you will quickly see a pattern, which is that these things are NEVER true. That is not to underrate the trivial. It has seen off two journalists in the last few months: Myers and Hook, who didn’t say anything out of place.

      It isn’t hysteria? Look up Mark Pearson who was hauled before a court for sexually assaulting (‘penetrating’ no less) an award-winning actress, in her sixties and anonymous (of course) as he crossed a crowded concourse at Waterloo Station. She was wearing training bottoms (following a yoga class) under a light dress under a jacket under a coat. CCTV show Pearson walking past her. He was in her vicinity for half a second and was carrying a bag in one hand and a rolled up newspaper in the other.

      When you hear feminists or other ‘victims’ talking about the Powerful it is a warning light that it is lies and nonsense. Declan Lynch noted back in the day that the Most Powerful Man in the World (Bill Clinton) couldn’t get away with anything. And who are the other Powerful men? Dead VIPs (including a Super-Powerful DJ who ‘Groomed A Nation’) or theatre directors I have never heard of.

      As I say repeatedly, the media are not only useless they are worse than useless. They encourage the simple minded to make fools of themselves. Compared to what is happening now the hysteria in the wake of Diana now seems almost rational.

      • coldblow

        I mentioned Myers and Hook but forgot Waters. Remember, his downfall was ‘Pantigate’. His crime was to defend himself against RTE-sponsored slander. As a conservative it was assumed that he had spoken out against gay marriage. The funny thing is that he had hardly written anything about that subject ever. See, that is what hysteria does. The Powerful me arse!

      • coldblow

        One final word, since I you have woken me up.

        Eilis O’Hanlon in the Sindo, who perhaps should have more sense, is still trying to justify the hysteria. (Remember, she is the one who said that our immigration rate is ‘more than one in ten’, which is not untrue just not accurate, it being twice that.) In her latest column she fell back on the Jimmy Savile legend.

        In a similar way any defence of the Church against attacks by our intolerant liberal blowhards is met met with the Church abuse legend.

        Both legends are lies in that the factual content is tiny (in the Savile case probably non-existent) but they serve to justify all the other nonsense.

        If anyone wants to argue have a look into them first and adduce facts.

        That should do the trick. It usually does. (Truthist, you are excluded – life is too short.)

  15. Truthist

    F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, he tells us the obvious ;
    Will CIA + Msd + EU utiilise their mercenary army ISIS to get what they want from Rest of Spain + Catalonia ?

  16. I decided to post this essay in its entirety because I thought it worth the read for those concerned about the state of the world and what to do about it. i apologise if you consider it too much of a good thing. in that case please ignore it and pass on by. TB

    The Dos Passos Table

    Guest Speaker

    Topic du Jour

    Terry Wetzsteon
    October 29, 2017

    A quick point of clarification before I begin: There is a person who has frequently contributed brief commentaries and observations which Bill Murphy has included in his daily Midas Report and who has signed those comments with his initials “TW.” And although, for the most part, I have been in agreement with that person’s observations, we are not one and the same, and I point that out because it would not be fair to TW to assume that this essay was written by TW.

    I’m not sure what this essay is. I know what it isn’t: it’s neither a studious, technically-oriented analysis nor a fundamentally-oriented analysis of the precious metals markets; It’s not an economic treatise; It’s not a scholarly dissertation, written to obtain some fancy decree and backed up with documented references to research and charts and quotes from others to help to prove my thesis; It’s not a self-congratulatory tome sharing with you how I became rich trading the precious metals markets in spite of their manipulation. (Believe me, that didn’t happen!) In other words, if you choose to read this essay you will not be reading the work of some highly-credentialed muckety-muck who claims to know-it-all. It is a collection of my personal observations, opinions and predictions.

    I began to write thinking it would be the sharing of observations made, and lessons learned, by an average-Joe investor over the course of the last 40 years; it would be the story of how and why I became interested in gold and silver as an investor; it would be the story of how that interest launched a journey dedicated to the search for truth and how that search for the truth has altered my approach to “investing” and shaped significant segments of my life along the way; and, finally, it would be how all of that has shaped my expectations and prognostications for the future.

    Until I realized it is really only the last point that is the driving force for the writing of this essay. Events of the day had recently prompted me to write a quick note to Bill Murphy in which I took a quick trip down memory lane and summarized the evolution of changing aspects of the rigging of the precious metals market as I have witnessed those changes over the years. Bill published that note in a Midas Report and had apparently received some favorable comments and questions regarding my observations, foremost among them a request that I offer my predictions on what I see for the future in light of my prior experience. A simple enough request. But something that turned out to be hard for me to start, and even harder to complete. Until it dawned on me that nobody asked me to write a book, they simply asked for my opinion!

    Long before we knew who “They” were, we knew that “They” existed.

    “They” left undeniable tracks, but we couldn’t figure out what kind of a creature we were dealing with. The “tracks” appeared in the form of counterintuitive and sometimes wildly irrational moves in the prices for gold and silver and the mining stocks.

    My present-day mission is to try and determine what “It” is.

    “It” is that soon-to-come event which Is being planned by the highest echelon of “They” which the cabal expects to either give them cover for all they have done in the past, and are continuing to do now in increasingly extreme measure, and/or that which will render the full revelation of their activities inconsequential relative to the magnitude of the consequences of “It.”

    For years, those of us in the “tinfoil hat club” were labeled as wacko conspiracy-theory nuts for labeling and calling out the “PPT” or “Plunge Protection Team.” But we were no different than scientists who postulated the existence of black holes and anti-matter in the universe based on empirical evidence. We knew the PPT had to exist based on empirical evidence and real-time observation of otherwise unexplainable activity in the financial markets.

    One of the primary symptoms of an empire in serious decay is that the people in power have acquired the means of passing laws which make legal their own nefarious activities. One of the discoveries which surfaced during the process of determining who “They” were was that a number of executive orders with the force of law had been surreptitiously issued which established secret political/financial entities and then granted them legal authority to operate behind the green curtain to intervene/manage financial markets in times of national emergency, or in the event of financial system crisis, or as needed to maintain national security interests.

    What eventually surfaced is that the PPT in fact exists as the Presidents Working Group on Financial markets; that the FED has their own trading desk; that various corporate entities have been retained and authorized by the PPT to act as their agents in the financial markets; and that there is every reason to believe that those agents have been able to utilize the inside information they glean while operating as facilitators in the markets to monetize that information to generate tremendous profits.

    Oops! Conspiracy theory turned out to be conspiracy fact. It turned out that the supposedly pathetically paranoid gold bugs were getting better reception through their tinfoil hats than “They” wanted to admit.

    Not only had the working group been authorized by Presidential Executive Order in 1988, eventually the laws providing for that entity went so far as to authorize private entities operating on behalf of the working group not be required to provide GAAP-conforming accounting statements. In other words, to hide the government involvement in the markets, publicly-held institutions were exempted from proper accounting standards so that their involvement acting as agents on behalf of the Working Group in the financial markets could be covered up.

    It may well be that the majority of people who took the actions of creating the Working Group, and securing the legal authority for it to carry out its actions, believed they were doing something that was in the best interest of the country and its citizens to have such an entity in place in case emergency measures needed to be taken to stabilize the financial system in times of unforeseen circumstances. But, knowing what we now know, it’s impossible to believe that there weren’t people in the room at the time, probably the original conceivers of the idea, who had every intention of appropriating that legal authority to manipulate financial markets, especially the gold and silver markets so as to artificially support the dollar, in a way that, prior to that legislation, would have been considered immoral at the least, probably illegal in most aspects, and certainly anathema to our free market system.

    From that humble beginning “They” have managed to expand their efforts in such a fashion that we no longer have free markets at all. Despite the illusion of financial system stability created by the manipulation and suppression of historical warning indicators such as interest rates, volatility, the price of gold, and by the outright purchase of debt instruments and equities by sovereign governments, “They” have run our system off the cliff in their greedy, insatiable lust for power and money.

    “They” know that.

    A reasoned, logical case could be made for the thesis that “They” had planned to do that all along. Such a plan would’ve been born out of their arrogant assumption that “They” could create the New World Order and become the Masters of all Nations; that out of a deliberately self-created chaos “They” would be able to give birth to a new financial system which be used world-wide and which “They” would control. I personally believe there is probably a great deal of truth in that thesis. But that plan has gone by the wayside.

    Russia and China and their satellite allies have taken the steps necessary to ensure a multi-polar world going forward. And, in truth, the plan for the New World Order has unraveled. Steeped in their hubris “They” were slow to recognize that. The risk now is that “They” will act in last-gasp desperate fashion to maintain power and hegemony and will take dramatic and surely disastrous steps to try and put their plan back on track.

    And the great irony is that the base foundation for the numerous steps that China and Russia have, and are, taking is to buy gold. They continue to buy all the gold that is being mined that they can lay their hands on, as well as any other gold already in existence that somebody may be foolish enough to sell them out of their own stash. So, while the United States has been dis-hoarding our nation’s gold to facilitate propping up the dollar and manipulating financial markets to help advance their plan to take over the world, Russia and China have been buying all the gold they can as a means to prevent the success of that plan. India also continues to buy gold; Europeans are catching on and buying gold; and other Central banks from around the world are laying in supplies of gold. While “They” have created and maintained a tremendous propaganda effort to minimize the importance of gold so as to support the failing dollar and to give cover to their shenanigans, China and Russia and others have acted on the lessons of history and are preparing to dethrone US petrodollar hegemony.

    “They” are trapped and they know that too.

    So, what will “It” be? And how do we prepare for “It”? Or can we?

    It seems to me that the observable prior behavior of “They” defines a collectively psychotic personality which would predict that “They” would rather die than give up power and their access to vast amounts of money. And if that is true, then we should expect that they will stop at nothing, that no extreme would be too great, if that is what “It” takes to maintain power and/or to cover up their prior acts. In fact, their actions have become so egregious and over-the-top I am convinced that “They” would forgo the attempted cover-up if they knew they could just take over and maintain power.

    My guess is that their narrow-sighted lusts will lead them to initiate events with reckless disregard for the possibility of unintended consequences. If I had to place a bet on the outcome, I would go all-in on the bet that “They” will launch “It” with blind expectations for success. And then quickly lose control.

    It took years of obsessively trying to ferret out the truth to understand who “They” were. I was born with a natural love of the free market and what the markets represented and how they distilled world events across many facets, i.e. economics, politics, financial systems, military events, weather events, etc. and ultimately translated that information into stock price movements. And I loved the intellectual challenge of trying to collate all those moving factors and to discern how, collectively, they would influence individual stocks. And to have there be an opportunity to make money or even a good living at the end of that process was amazing to me.

    Sadly, that opportunity no longer reliably exists. It is not for individuals only that the opportunity has been stolen. Some of the finest money managers of recent years have been recently shutting down funds and returning money to their clients. As Chris Powell famously said “We no longer have markets, we only have manipulations.” I believe those exiting now think they know what’s coming, and that the smart thing to do is to get out completely before “It” happens. Most others, whether it be individuals, or money managers, or the largest hedge funds, will continue to participate in this game under the delusion that they will remain unscathed for perpetuity. Most of them will have to live long lives to recover financially from what is about to happen.

    Trying to determine who “They” were and the what’s, why’s, how’s and when’s of their operations was one of the most important things in my life for years. For anyone who engaged in that search for the truth we quickly found it to be a slow, frustrating, laborious process. It was like putting together a white picture puzzle. The process was made more difficult in the beginning because no reasonable-minded person would have included the possibility of such pervasive fraud, illegal activities and immoral behavior in our analysis of what “They” were willing to engage in to advance their agenda.

    The way I explained my persistence to my friends was to say “I don’t fear dying. But I have a great fear of dying without knowing what it was that killed me.” And what kept happening to me in the stock market felt like being locked in a completely dark room and then having someone, or something, begin to beat me to death. I simply resolved to find out what the thing was before I let it kill me.

    Eventually, once you have learned the identities of the players, and know for certain how little regard they have for laws and morals, and how enormous is their lust for power and money, it becomes fairly easy to discern their activities and predict their actions. You no longer have to function as a private eye or conduct investigative journalism. You can just read the open book.

    I also believe that for anyone who is new to this subject matter, and who is more than mildly inquisitive, that it is no longer necessary to be so relentless to discover the truth these days. Simply as a function of successfully advancing their agenda, “They” have necessarily been forced to reveal more and more about who they are and what they’re about. For example, I’m guessing that many people reading this would have a hard time believing how mysterious and secretive the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) was 25 years ago. The existence of the CFR was a closely guarded secret for a very long time and was primarily known as just another tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. Eventually, the CFR created cover by adding layers of less-exclusive membership, like concentric circles, around their core. Influential academics, journalists and other elites were invited to become CFR members and it became a prestigious moniker on their resumes. I remember like it was yesterday the first time that the chairman of the CFR made an appearance on CNBC and was actually introduced with the credentials of being the head of the Council on Foreign Relations. To the best of my knowledge, that was the first public acknowledgment in the MSM that the CFR actually existed. And I thought to myself “Oh, that can’t be good. They’re coming out of the closet now.” Mention of the CFR these days is a perfectly natural thing in our lexicon. To be asked to join the CFR and become an acknowledged member is perhaps one of the highest badges of honor of the designated elite. But I’m guessing that the latter layers of membership don’t know any more about the agenda and activities of the most inner circle of the CFR than they would have before it was generally known that the CFR even existed.

    So, at the very least, we are being confronted with the mathematical certainty of an inevitable, probably imminent, collapse of our Fiat Ponzi-schemed financial system. It seems that most financial advisors and money managers who have not thrown in the towel and joined the bullish herd are postulating that some unforeseen “black swan” event will be the catalyst for the next major downdraft, or crash, of the financial system. And, if pressed to offer a guess as to what that black swan event may be, virtually all of the answers have something to do with possibilities arising out of circumstances and entities already fully embedded or intertwined with the financial system.

    If all we were being confronted with was a significant downdraft in the financial markets and the domestic banking system, and/or a short-term interruption in the proper functioning of those markets and institutions, then most American families could properly prep for such an event by getting out of debt and having a few month’s food supply on hand as well as some cash and perhaps some gold and silver. But even though such an event may be characterized as calamitous for America, I don’t personally believe that, by itself, such an event would be worthy of “They” triggering “It”.

    I believe that if a financial system downdraft could be contained domestically that “They” would be inclined to rely on what they perceive as the naivety and gullibility and ignorance of the general American population as to the complicity of “They” having caused the collapse in the first place. “They” would simply let events take place feeling confident that “They” could surely find cover somehow in those events and emerge on the other side still in control.

    But the collapse of the financial system is only one aspect of the changing face of America. Our political system is collapsing. Expectations for fair and equitable justice based on the rule of law are collapsing. The standard of living for 99% of the population has been collapsing. Our health insurance system is collapsing. Our education system is failing. Government-generated and released economic statistics intended to support the myth of a recovering economy are so fraudulent as to be laughable. The elements of our Constitution and Bill of Rights are not taught in schools, are not well understood by the general population, and are very lightly, if at all, respected by people in power. The traditional teachings and traditions of the Christian faith upon which this nation was founded are being ground into dust and abandoned, scorned, and even punished by secular leadership and power-hungry elitists. Our traditional definition of family has gone by the wayside. The biological truth of sexual differences is being ignored along with the simultaneous collapse of sexual mores and values.

    All at a time when federal, state and local governments are unable to meet maturing financial obligations. We are bankrupt in so many ways.

    Those are just some of the American problems. The European Union is collapsing. Social structure and traditions in Western Europe are collapsing as a result of the migration of immigrants from war-torn areas in the Middle East and Africa. Countries that are decimated, miserable and uninhabitable for any kind of normal lives because the elitists in the United States decided to “liberate” them. Given the enormity and gravity of our domestic problems, it must surely take an unimaginable amount of conceit for “They” to continue to make the decision to spend scarce financial resources and precious human lives to promote regime changes around the world to inflict freedom and democracy on sovereign nation states.

    How can one possibly prepare for the simultaneous collapse and ultimate consequences of all of these elements?

    Which brings me to the summary of my own personal conclusions. And to the point where many of you will conclude that I’ve gone off the rails. That’s OK with me. I bear no responsibility for the consequences of whatever conclusion you may personally draw. A number of people made a respectful request for my opinion as to where we go from here. This is my honest and candid answer to that request. It is not my intention to convince or to preach; just to share one man’s opinion, for whatever it’s worth.

    Now don’t take me wrong here. On a daily basis I still see and appreciate amazing and wonderful advantages and opportunities that we all share due to our American heritage. And I will never, ever cease to be appreciative of the fact that I was born, raised, and lived in the most-free country in the world, at the height of its most prosperous days, and was able to take advantage of the great freedoms and life styles afforded to Americans in my lifetime. I was blessed to be born and live in America.

    But my country has devolved; it has succumbed; it has embraced the Age of the Lie. I believe that where we go from here will be a direct consequence of that fact. I believe there is a spiritual aspect to the collective disintegration of our nation’s health and that one has to account for that spiritual component to fully comprehend the possibilities for “It”. Really, if God exists, how could He not be crying tears in heaven? How could the war mongering, and deceit, and corruption, of our nation’s leadership domestically and around the world be tolerated to a greater extent or any longer by a just God?

    I am quite certain that the majority of citizens living in this country are not power-hungry, corrupt, immoral liars. They are good-hearted, hard-working people of integrity and high values who may or may not have a personal relationship with God. But there is a gray area of complicity in this country which has been defined by the deafening silence of the masses.

    Two recent examples: Look at how many men and women made the choice to remain silent, and thus helped to facilitate Harvey Weinstein’s rampage through Hollywood and the entertainment Industry for years. For every person who has now come forward and told their story, there are surely others who experienced the same, or worse, as well as those who willingly made the choice to prostitute themselves to his advances in the hope of advancing their own careers. The silence of all of them over a period of many years allowed Harvey Weinstein to achieve power and wealth and status and, ultimately, to control and influence the direction of our nation’s politics more than any Russian recently has. On a much larger scale, consider the fact that over half the voters in our country were willing to vote for Hillary Clinton to lead our country as President. I can find no rational, logical explanation for how it is so many people could willingly avert their eyes from the obvious corruption and immorality of the Clintons. The recent flip-flop of the Russian narrative should not be a surprise to any American citizen. The true facts and narrative of the Clinton’s actual collusion with Russia vs. the supposed collusion of Trump with Russia have been sitting there in plain sight for a long, long time. It has been only the willing complicity of our nation’s citizenry to embrace the lie which allowed the charade to go on as long as it did. How could it be anything other than some kind of spiritual blindness that a national willingness to embrace such deceit could exist?

    At our highest level of government and leadership we have become the People of the Lie. And to this point the masses have been all to accepting of our corrupt leadership. The masses have either chosen to remain willfully ignorant and thus don’t recognize the lies they are being force-fed, or are apathetic to the point they don’t think it worth their effort to speak up and try to make a difference.

    I place great importance on our citizenry’s apparent willingness to embrace the lie because that is a spiritual concept that transcends all the material problems we face, and because it is the precise antithesis of the Christian values upon which this nation was founded and which had opened the doors to the liberties and richness of life that we enjoyed for so many years. The citizens of our great country have been inexorably moving, individually and collectively, out of liberty and into the bondage of debt and lies.

    it is not by accident that the word “evil”, used as an adjective, has moved beyond church conversation and into the national lexicon. Ask yourself why that is. And when you do, there is one very clear and obvious answer.

    The nature of the people and their acts being described as evil have changed. In ways and to an extent we are at a loss as to how to properly and completely describe and convey the magnitude of the reckless disregard for rule of law, sanctity of life, and moral imperatives, whether we are discussing the criminal acts of terrorists or white-collar elitists, or gang members, or individual citizens who seemingly just “lost it.”

    Evil is one of those things that is hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

    For any person who is already a believer in the existence of an unseen, supernatural, spiritual realm, or for any person who is open to that possibility, now is a really good point in history to take a hard look at current events and evaluate them in terms of that possible reality.

    The Christian faith defines a primary attribute of God as Truth, and the spiritual force or entity in opposition to that truth as Evil. And that evil is both perpetrated and revealed or expressed in the lie. Truth vs. Lie. The eternal battle of good versus evil. It just seems to me we have entered a time in history where evil is making another hard run at establishing dominance as personified in the predominance of the lie in our society and in world politics and events. And if I read and study the prophetic record in the Bible and take a hard look at current world conditions and events, I can’t help but think “Wow, this is what that would look like!”

    Interestingly enough, I can even find present day circumstances that answer a question I have long held: Why is it that, as far as I can tell, the Bible makes no apparent or direct reference to the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth, as being a participant in end-time events?

    What if China, Russia, and their satellite allies are successful in destroying US petrodollar hegemony while simultaneously revealing that the United States does not hold legal ownership title to most of the gold still stored in its vaults? That the only gold we own is in “deep storage?” Given the magnitude of our nation’s indebtedness, and a collapse in value of the US dollar, is it not reasonable to assume that the US would go through a period of irrelevancy with respect ensuing world events?

    Or, what if our political and military leadership backs North Korea into a corner, and North Korea, as well as Russia and China, come to the conclusion that the US is going to launch a preemptive “defensive” military strike against North Korea’s nuclear facilities? It is not for nothing that we’re starting to hear about North Korea’s ability to detonate an electromagnetic pulse in the atmosphere via. nuclear explosion which could render all electronics in the US worthless for a time.

    Or what if “It” happens?

    My educated guess that beginning a serious pursuit of the truth with respect to the Uranium One fiasco will be the catalyst which forces the launch of “It.”

    It was my opinion for years that Hillary Clinton would never be elected president. My stance was that too many people knew too much and that, in the end, there would be just enough information/truth divulged to prevent her election to the presidency. All the people who thought I was crazy for having that opinion appeared to be correct right up until election night. But by then just enough of the truth had surfaced to change enough voter’s minds to prevent another Clinton presidency.

    As I stated earlier, the truth of the Uranium One fraud and corruption story has been sitting in plain sight before, during, and since the time that the people of the lie launched their bogus investigation meant to lead people to believe an innocent person was guilty of the crime of collusion and should be removed from the Presidency. Right there is an example of reckless disregard for potential consequence. How foolish would ”They” have to be to try and take down the Trump presidency by accusing the Trump administration of what “They,” in fact, just did, and then launch a full-bore investigation to be conducted by primary participants and/or facilitators of their own known crime? Talk about a snake beginning to swallow its own tail!

    The tapestry that is Uranium One has loose threads hanging out all over it.

    Each of those threads has a story to tell. If revealed, each of those stories would reveal another aspect of the truth or provide irrefutable corroborating evidence to support the truth. Some of those stories would be confined to the Uranium One circumstances only. But many others are linked in daisy-chain fashion to a much wider web of lies and deceptions and illegal activities; crimes which have already been committed and crimes still in process. Establishment players involved in Uranium One were surely involved with other illicit and deceptive activities as well. Uranium One barely scratches the surface. A full investigation and discovery of the facts surrounding the Uranium One story, accompanied by a proper application of rule of law to establishment elites, commensurate to what an ordinary citizen could expect, would lead to criminal indictment and prison time for quite a number of very well-known people. But it would not mean case closed, end of story. It would be the opening of Pandora’s box.

    The most important consequence of such an event would be the removal of scales from the eyes of millions of people. Certainly not everyone. There are millions who will choose to remain willingly ignorant of the truth for as long as they live. Surprising events such as the election of Donald Trump and the revelation of the Uranium One story have rocked the establishment back on their heels .”They” are, however, still in charge.

    But I see it as at least possible that a full investigation of the Uranium One story, accompanied by appropriate prosecutions for flagrant breaking of the laws, could stimulate a more informed citizenry to cry out for a continued and concentrated pursuit of the truth in all manners of coverups that of been perpetuated. And I simply cannot believe that the elitist political, military, and banking establishment will not do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. After all, what if we found out (in no particular order, and just a small sample):

    The extent to which the mainstream media is controlled by “They”

    The truth about 911?

    The truth about why the US launched wars which have killed and dislocated millions of people in the Middle East?

    The truth about who killed JFK?

    The truth about who the bankers were who financed Hitler’s war effort?

    The truth about where trillions of dollars in the defense budget have vanished to in the last few years?

    The truth about the Obama administration utilizing the IRS to target political opponents?

    The truth about to what extent the NSA spies on US citizens?

    The truth about the rapid advancement of the arming and training of a police state in this country?

    The truth about who killed Seth Rich?

    The truth about what is on Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s computer?

    The truth about what was on Hillary Clinton’s server?

    The truth about what Bill and Loretta discussed on the plane?

    The truth about what Comey has been up to?

    The truth behind the purpose for all the cabinet offices and Federal institutions requisitioning and stockpiling hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition?

    The truth about who founded and funded ISIS?

    The truth about what happened to Iraq’s gold? And Libby’s gold? And Venezuela’s gold? And America’s gold?

    The truth that the Fed mandate we hear so much about is bogus, that their one and only true mandate is to protect and serve the interests of the big banks which own them?

    The truth about Homeland Security’s true mission?

    The truth about the unemployment rate?

    The truth about Ingredients in chem-trails?

    The truth that the pain and death and destruction of war is possible on our shores?

    The truth about our government’s decision to sell our nation’s gold to artificially support the value of the dollar and that we now have nothing left to support that value?

    The truth about Ukraine?

    The truth about the 50 or 60 international bankers who have committed suicide in the last few years before they could spill their guts about what they knew? (I mean really, how many people have you ever heard that committed suicide by shooting themselves 23 times in the head with a nail gun?)

    The truth about on-going CIA operations around the world that make a mockery of our nation’s values and who we hold ourselves out to be in the world?

    The truth about how most politicians get rich in office?

    The truth about how much money the Fed has really printed and injected into the system?

    The truth about the magnitude of our pension fund’s unfunded liabilities?

    At what other point in history could it have ever been so easy to compile a long list of things that are just insanely, stupidly-obvious lies which the few are allowed to get away with at the expense of the many? It’s as if we were watching a movie made from the screenplay produced when a screenwriter was asked to take George Orwell’s 1984 and Allison In Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz and the Bible, and combine all of them into one story.

    The continuing power and control of “They”, their very existence, depends on somehow cutting off that process of investigation. Can you imagine their desperation right now? “They” willingly sold their souls for eternity to advance their aspiration to govern the world under a New World Order and to grant themselves the perk of unimaginable, unlimited wealth. And everywhere ‘They” look cracks are forming in their disguise and their armor; their dreams and aspirations are collapsing and “They” are confronted with the possibility of being held accountable for their actions. Who knows what “They” might try, and to what extent “They” may go, to maintain their position.

    “They” have demonstrated a very willing propensity to double down if anything goes against them and then, if necessary, to double down again and again with no qualms or reservations about the consequences. Our nation’s debt load is probably now advancing in a geometric, rather than arithmetic, progression because of that propensity. History has shown conclusively that earlier iterations of “They” have never been constrained by limits on what “They’ would do to change the narrative or course of history at the time. The list of false-flag events that were orchestrated by past variants of “They” which were swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the masses, is very long and convoluted and evil. It has quite often been true that the more brazen the act, the more easily the masses believed the lie. And it has quite often been true that starting a war was the final step taken to maintain power and/or effect a cover-up on the way out.

    So, ask yourself this: What do you think it would take for “They” to maintain all their cover-ups, to maintain their power and control, and to continue to advance their agenda? And what do you think “They” are capable of, and willing to try, to accomplish all this?

    Personally, I think it’s fairly apparent what “They” have in mind. If ”They” can’t goad North Korea into starting a war, then “They” will launch a false-flag attack on South Korea, or on our homeland, and blame the attack on North Korea as a pretense for US “retaliation.” I don’t believe that “They” have any qualms or reservations about launching an event that would result in the deaths of millions of people on the Korean Peninsula if “They” believe such a war would create the cover and the excuse to suspend democratic operations of our government and to usurp all authority and control in the name of “national security.” I don’t believe “They” would have any qualms or reservations about launching an EMP attack on ourselves, if they believe they can limit its consequences so as not to disable our entire country and could use the event to accomplish the same means.

    I also believe “They” are not half as smart as “They” think themselves to be. And, like any common criminal, “They” have already begun to make stupid and obvious mistakes in their haste and desperation. US military leadership warns of the disastrous consequences of war to the Korean peninsula. It seems to me that the assumptions our military leadership have apparently made about their ability to control the events born out of a war we may provoke or start, and the consequences of that war, are just plain childishly stupid. Our news is flooded with opinion and debate from the “experts’ about whether or not North Korea has developed missiles having the range to reach some or all of the US mainland. From Korea.

    How much does the range from Korea matter when any, or all, of North Korea, Russia, or China could launch missiles from submarines just off our coasts? How powerful is our Navy, really, when Russia, via Iran, has gone out of its way to give us a heads-up that they can disable our ship’s navigation systems at will? How potent will our mighty military be when we bully-pick a fight with North Korea only to have China and Russia then join them in support as they have given every indication they would? How likely is it that our military’s claims to have a nearly impenetrable missile defense system is not widely exaggerated? How arrogant is it on the part of the military and political leaders to have convinced our citizens that they have the ability to prevent any future wars from actually coming to our shores? Have any of these possibilities even crossed their minds? It doesn’t seem like it.

    North Korea realized that, in today’s world, the US leaves alone only those countries without nuclear capabilities and has thus felt compelled to advance those capabilities as a means of self-preservation. The US response has been righteous indignation that North Korea has ignored our sanctimonious sanctions and threats. Notwithstanding the true reasons to launch such a war to serve as a cover-up, and to change the narrative, and as an excuse to expand control, it still seems to me a war promulgated by propaganda and righteous indignation is vulnerable to massive blow-back. Pun intended. Remember “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make angry.’’ What if “They” instigate “It” and the consequence is that Iraq and Libya and Syria and Yemen and Ukraine, to name a few, are overrun by American refugees?

    Sometimes it feels to me like world events are building to an out-of-control climactic crescendo. And other times it feels like we are being sucked into the center of a giant vortex at an accelerating rate. And I am at a loss as to how to prepare for the consequences either way.

    Perhaps there is a small window of time that remains open through which, by the grace of God, our nation can rediscover and focus on the Truth, and thereby regain our moral footing and our liberties and our God-given freedoms to pursue a life with a zest and appreciation for what our opportunities have been in the past, and could continue to be, in in this country. If we are not able to accomplish that as a nation right here, right now, then I see little that most individuals can do to prepare for what’s coming. At least not in any kind of worldly, material way. For me, what started out as a simple search for truth about manipulations in the precious metals market led to a life-changing acute awareness of the possibility, then likelihood, then personal knowledge and relationship with the Truth. My conclusion is that the best, and perhaps only way, to prepare is to get right with God and have faith that He will lead you through what is to come. Whatever “It” may turn out to be.

    May God be with you.

    Terry Wetzsteon

    P.S. For anyone who may be interested, five and a half years ago I wrote a 10-page poem and recorded a video which I posted on YouTube. The first half of that poem is a commentary on current world events, the financial system, etc. The second half is an attempt to make the case for why Christianity as a faith is a singular and exceptional religion among all the world’s religions, and how it is that I believe the tenants of its faith provide the comfort, understanding, and hope for any individual trying to work through the consequences of the changing world in which we live. Of course, I thought it was a creative masterpiece and would probably go viral in no time. Most of my family watched it. And some of my friends. And some friends of my friends. And probably a few other people who happened to stumble on it while they were browsing the Internet, but, for the most part, it has gone unread and unnoticed. Probably too much of a mixture of politics and religion for most people’s tastes. I still believe that the piece is at least as informative and entertaining as most TV programs you could watch on any given night. And It’s probably more timely and relevant now than it was five years ago. And for anyone who senses or believes that there may be, or are, important spiritual aspects to current world conditions and breaking news, or who may be seeking to find a faith they can believe and trust in, there may be something in the second half of the poem that you find encouraging or enlightening for your life. I have provided two excerpts below. You can check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2xD2gFdq6c
    When the Lion Lies Down With the Lamb

    Terry Wetzsteon

    December 1, 2012

    (Excerpt, from p.1):

    Jekyll Island Georgia, nineteen hundred and ten.

    The big bankers met in secret to plot and scheme, and then

    In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was finally passed

    Which gave Kingship to the banks, and their net was cast.

    Now the banks create our money by creating more debts

    They fractionally reserve it to leverage their bets.

    They cajole us to spend and to buy high-priced stocks

    While they pay zero to savers as we go into hock.

    Thomas Jefferson said if we let private banks control our currencies

    That those same banks would begin to confiscate our God-given liberties;

    And that those banks would join with their sister corporations,

    And begin to steal our properties ‘til the children of a future generation

    Would wake up homeless in the nation Jefferson loved,

    And would wonder what happened to the blessings from above.

    But in spite of what he warned and of all that he said

    Our nation sold its soul and created the FED.

    Then bankers blew bubbles with newly printed cash

    And stole the people’s money as each one crashed.

    The leader of the bankers took an oath and swore

    That gold is not money, it’s a metal, nothing more.

    And the masses believed him, and for better or worse,

    Accepted his system and the paper-Ponzi curse.

    So, the “money” we use in One Nation under God

    Is no longer money, it’s a debt-created fraud.

    (Excerpt, from p.6):

    Thru the years you’ve surely been told

    That the Bible is a collection of myths of old.

    And that while much of what it teaches is fine to extol

    That it has nothing to do with saving your soul;

    That it’s full of contradictions and makes outrageous claims;

    That there’s nothing divine in the main character’s name.

    That it’s full of predictions which can’t possibly be true;

    That it’s an OK read but not relevant to present world view.

    In the Bible’s telling of the full life of Christ ,

    He was angry just once: at the moneychanger’s heist.

    Now we live in the time of the moneychanger’s rules,

    And they act like they own us and treat us as fools.

    We feel helpless, like sheep being pushed to slaughter,

    And we’re beginning to drown, just barely treading water.

    When you study the world and find the roots of what’s bad,

    Don’t you find it ironic that only bankers made Jesus mad?

    Are there really worldly answers for all that’s going wrong,

    Or should we seek the Creator and sing a new song?

    • 23 mentions of gold Tony – par for the course for you but otherwise the article looked like it might be interesting when I sped read through it – will read it later this evening.

      • Nothing wrong with that Adam. You still fail to understand the connection with gold and honest uncorrupted money. The deceit and collusion of those that manipulate gold then manifests itself in the wider context and spreads like a cancer through society.
        Take care Adam. I hope you enjoy the read.

        • “The deceit and collusion of those that manipulate gold then manifests itself in the wider context and spreads like a cancer through society.”

          QED Tony.

          That’s why I wouldn’t touch gold with a barge pole.

          Stay far from it and all those who peddle it.

        • Thanks Mike, I watched it.

          It was good until 13.35 when he started trying to sell ‘American Silver Eagle Monster Boxes’ to gullible people.

          Not sure what I would do with those except put them on the sideboard with the Premium Collector’s Coins.

          • But his general points are good and also his conclusion – don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

            No way I would do that but I wouldn’t buy useless gold or silver either. Carrying them around and storing them would be a liability for me in terms of weight, cost and security – and other factors too.

          • Truthist

            This particular part isolated actually makes good sense … for u & other particular people.
            “…gold or silver either. Carrying them around and storing them would be a liability for me in terms of weight, cost and security – and other factors too. …”
            Now, u are just beginning to make sense in ur rejection of the only actual Money [ Gold, & just-about Silver ; Platinum not so practical presently ].
            See, u can engage with the likes of me AND get civil & respectful & fair response ALWAYS.


  17. Another banker gets away with daylight robbery.

    “Trial of former senior Anglo Irish Bank official Tiarnan O’Mahoney has collapsed”


    What a disgusting, corrupt, cowardly, craven, evil shithole of a country Ireland is.

    • Truthist

      “What a disgusting, corrupt, cowardly, craven, evil shit-hole of a country Ireland is.”

      A-G-R-E-E 100%

      Hence, my constant uncovering of the rottenness.

      “There’s room at the top, they are are telling u still,
      But, first u must learn how to smile as u kill”

      Lots of killers in Ireland ;
      And, the flood-gates to even more killing about to be opened soon with Referendum on Abortion next year.

      The critical mass of Ass-holes has been surpassed ;
      Get out of Ireland as soon as u can would be best advice to any Irish person in Ireland.
      Many foreigners though are partaking in rarified profitable experience though.
      But, pity their generations of kids here.

      But, there are still some nice people here.

  18. Truthist

    Leader of Canada upon visit to Ireland, & promoted personally by “not my Taoiseach” Varadakar, & campaigning for murder of our pre-born babies & infants ;
    Yes, alleged son of Satanist + Pedophile Rapist Mr. Pierre Trudeau & deffo son of groupie Mrs. Trudeau ;

    Just-in Trudeau

    And, here is what he thinks of most of ewes ;


  19. Truthist

    Yes ;
    From that family who are the essential owners of ur Euro / USA Petro-Dollar issued from … voila “Thin Air” as Debt to be paid back as principal + interest* by the borrower through W-O-R-K.

    Ref. Tony Brogan original explanation that the whole Principal + whole Interest is logically not possible to be paid back ;
    Because, the whole Principal is the total amount of Currency created.
    The Interest is an impossibility.
    It would be like returning “1 + n x Adam Byrne” to his creator. 8-)

    Thus, the Banks have at least 1 mechanism for dealing with that fact.

    Anyway, I trust that the operator[s] of this particular Twitter a/c for Master Nathanael are very shrewd in what they input & delete & edit ;

  20. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Remember Mr Vincent Browne and his constant babbling on about the “Scandinavian model” that he was advocating for Ireland? Is it only me, or do we hear less of that “Scandinavian model” babbling now in the Irish media – because the downsides are becoming too obvious even to the least informed (that is some Irish journalists)?


    • Truthist

      Further to Downing Street Mortar Attack during Gulf War #1

      EXCERPT ;

      The head of the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Branch, Commander George Churchill-Coleman, described the attack as “daring, well planned, but badly executed”.[14] Peter Gurney, the head of the Explosives Section of the Anti-Terrorist Branch who defused one of the unexploded shells, gave his reaction to the attack:[11]

      It was a remarkably good aim if you consider that the bomb was fired 250 yards [across Whitehall] with no direct line of sight. Technically, it was quite brilliant and I’m sure that many army crews, if given a similar task, would be very pleased to drop a bomb that close. You’ve got to park the launch vehicle in an area which is guarded by armed men and you’ve got less than a minute to do it. I was very, very surprised at how good it was. If the angle of fire had been moved about five or ten degrees, then those bombs would actually have impacted on Number Ten.[11]



      • Truthist

        More here ;

      • Truthist

        So, ur paradigm of world events has to factor in the possibility of rascals extraneous to the central plot seeking Opportunity during their Enemy’s Difficulty

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Jeez, I forgot that and I’m old enough to remember John Major.
        Still, does not change the fact that the IRA’s WWII invitation for the Nazi Germany to invade Ireland was
        1) Stupidity
        2) Treason

        P.S. I think that Poland’s difficulty (the reforms unhinged due to President Duda’s betrayal and his selling out to Merkel and kowtowing the old communist Judges, supported by Merkel; as well as Mr Kaczynski’s impossibility to overcome the banksters) should be Ireland’s opportunity now.

        Ireland should now use the fact that Germany is succeeding with ousting Poland from its role of the leader of the Intermarium, and Ireland should up the ante with the US investment in Ireland – arguing that admittedly Poland has more central location than Ireland for the US but then again this makes the US investment in Ireland less vulnerable to Germany/Russia disruptions.

        Btw, following Trump’s speech in Warsaw the Polish-US trade increased by 30%. Coincidence?

        • Truthist

          Poles more capable workforce ;
          Because the craft trades get developed better beyond apprenticeship level.

          Unions here do not seek to help :

          the apprentices
          FAS apprentices & the real underclass within the Human Resource Program of the State doing basic trainee courses do not get sufficient travel subsidy for to pay for the most basic Bus Eireann or Dublin Bus return journey ;
          Only sufficient for 1-way.
          Also, the travel pass is beyond the travel subsidy.
          The subsidy was cut in half ;
          And, the corrupt FAS executives involved in this regime abused taxpayers monies for junkets to USA with their wives etc.

          By the way, I say claim by Dept. of Social Protection or CIE — I lazy now to put on my Recall-Hat — that Dept. of SP [ I really prefer to refer to them by their generic title Social Welfare rather than the musical chairs name ; Muscial Chairs Naming is real indicator of how corrupt & contemptous the particular dept. is of the public ; Well, the members of the public who are righteous + pacifist ] stating that the dept. does NOT pay for FREE TRAVEL ;
          The natural conclusion is that CIE does ;
          Hmm mm !
          I suspicious about all that.

          Civil Servants brazingly tell lies to the public.

          Interesting case at the moment of woman who trusted her house to Government agency “whatever the name is”, I think RAS, to let it out to tenants of their selection.
          She arrived 1 day to find the house greatly abused.

          Govt. agency is swearing they did not say what she claims.
          And, they claiming they not responsible.


          So, let there be no doubt, that further to my articulated posts on the matter previously, whilst I deem LANDLORDISM Model for HOME-MAKING to be C-R-A-S-S, I am always fair about the situation ;
          And, in being fair it must be said that the number of bad tenants is very high ;
          Indeed higher than the number of landlords.

          And, it is my observation that most bad landlords were bad tenants.

          Poacher turned Gamekeeper.

    • Deco

      Gregor, the statists selling the “Scandinavian Model” method of running a state prevailed in the power struggle.

      And now we have a largesse ridden, unaccountable, leave nothing to chance, regulate, control, monitor everything state.

      It costs a fortune. And it delivers abysmal results.

      The people who talked about the “Scandinavian Model” now have a new sales pitch.

      “more resources must be targetted” at ……

      The whole thing is a farce.

      It is only working in Norway, and they have massive hydrocarbon resources.

      Sweden is a massive debt bubble, and Denmark is also building massive debts.

      When Sweden fails economically ( it is long overdue, as the banks are possibly insolvent, as we speak ) they know-it-alls will find a new role model. They will probably want Norwegian economics ( eh….without the resources, or the Sovereign Wealth Fund).

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Not to say that – and I covered that extensively – Sweden actually did go bankrupt in the 1990s; they had to do huge cuts and their interest skyrocketed. And this is a country, mind you, that escaped all major wars in the 20th-century and owes its power to robbing Poland in the 17th-century of everything they came across including buckets and books (my hometown in Poland was called “Sweden” and we were called “Szwedy” (“Swedes”) by the neighbouring town because so many Swedish soldiers who invaded it in the mid 17th century didn’t want to go back to poor Sweden and stayed, interbreeding (albeit not in my family as far as I know: and I don’t really because I still haven’t done that DNA test for my ethnic heritage).
        As to Norway, what would they do without their gas/oil bonanza?

        • Deco

          It may well be that some of the Swedes stayed in Poland to stay out of the many wars where the Swedish Royals were involved, with no gain for the ordinary people.

          Sweden holding notions of it’s own great power, ended up as a disaster for it’s people. But that is often the price of imperial scale thinking.

          Apart from the manner in which Common Sense is avoided.


          There was a joke in the King of Sweden would always keep fighting until he ran out of Finns. After losing Finland to Peter the Great, Swedish militarism descreased substantially. The remaining subjects were no longer as predisposed towarda all the murder and maiming.

  21. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    My take on Mr Kevin Spacey’s scandal and why it reminds me of some of the bogus stories spread by Mr Fintan O’Fool

    That Kevin Spacey thing is absolutely bizarre. I don’t believe in people suddenly remembering that they were molested 30 years ago (we had that in Ireland too – i.e. the fictional allegations about Nora Wall – of which I’m aware thanks to Coldblow – or multiple similar slanderous allegations spread by Comrade Fintan O’Toole in the Irish Times for which, as far as I know, neither O’Toole nor The Anti-Irish Times ever apologised, let alone compensated.

    About Mr Fintan O’Toole – a Marxist with zero personal integrity (like his newspaper “The Anti-Irish Times”, who refused to publish my short clarification regarding the false information they had published, using trick photography; earlier on, they published a story on how the Polish state TVP censored the US President’s speech, quoting things that TVP never censored because the US President had not said them in the first place), zero journalistic professionalism (no basic examination of some of his allegations), zero knowledge of philosophy, and no understanding of how the economy works – as well as a ridiculously bad record of failed predictions (“Fine Gael, in other words, is finished. For the foreseeable future, the party will not be what it has been for 70 years: the core around which any alternative government could be organised” – said the man who does not know where historic Boland’s Mill was located in the city he loves so much) – all of that coupled with his intolerable penchant for weekly mentoring, hectoring, and patronising:

    ”Irish Times journalist Fintan O’Toole wrote a number of articles about the fall of the government of Albert Reynolds in November 1994 following false allegations that Cardinal Cahal Daly had written to the Attorney General with a view to preventing the extradition of Father Brendan Smyth to Northern Ireland. It is clear that he realised that the claim (by Democratic Left TD Pat Rabbitte) was false but he supported it anyway. It demonstrated that Irish people were no longer in thrall to the Catholic Church!
    In March 1996 he wrote in praise of RTE documentary “Dear Daughter” that included allegations that a Sister of Mercy had poured boiling water over a resident of Goldenbridge school and had beaten her so badly that she needed 100 stitches – in the Casualty Department of a hospital! (The reference to Casualty was presumably an attempt to explain why the hospital has no record of this amazing operation.)
    In 1999 he was perhaps the only journalist to defend John Cooney’s allegation in his biography of John Charles McQuaid, that the Archbishop had been a homosexual paedophile. All other journalists (and historians) – including those who otherwise praised the book – said that this claim was nonsense and that Cooney should have omitted it.”

    Quoted from:


    Kevin Spacey’s story sounds similar to me to Fintan O’Fool made-up sensations – Mr Spacey must have been in bad odour with some powerful lobby in Hollywood (or maybe it was like in Robbie Williams’ case – debts with drug dealers?).

    Mr Kevin Spacey, a man who for many years was considered one of the few relatively emotionally and psychologically sound actors in Hollywood, s u d d e n l y confesses that he is gay. What could it have induced him to do? Did he want to testify to the truth, because he could no longer live in a deceitful world in which the Puritan rules? Give me a break! Of course not. Kevin exposed himself to paedophile gangs pulling the depraved actors into their traps and guaranteeing them to stay on the top. If only one of these men betrays the shade of preference away from the macho stereotype, it is immediately taken under the microscope. Of course, there are some, and I think Kevin belongs to them, who do not have to hide anything and go to Hollywood like a cat to cream, right from the beginning, cosying up to the boss of a gang.

    But it looks like Kevin broke some rules that we do not know about, and the people who were on their guard told him that he will not commit suicide for the time being. For the time being, they will inform the press, the television and the police; so he did the “coming out” gig, and then remembered that he has a crazy brother who earns a living as Rod Stewart’s look-alike. This brother, for a few thousand dollars, sold the newspaper porkies about how they were both molested by a Nazi father who also wanted to pork their sister, but thanks to the heroic stance of this oldest sibling – pretending to be Rod Stewart – two young people saved their young spring (to use Homer’s metaphor from “Illiad”).

    To that, someone might object – the real gangsters would not have slept with Kevin and would not let him be so stupid. Kevin, after being disloyal to his protectors, would simply commit a discrete suicide.


    IF this is so, then what we see must be the promotion behind which lurks some lobby. It does NOT have to be a gay lobby. One thing is for sure – if one thinks that Hollywood career depends on talent, or even on appearance, he or she is a shmuck: Hollywood career depends and always depended on how willingly their actor “projects” performs the tasks set by the patron. And like patrons themselves, they are hidden from the eyes of moviegoers. And that will always be so.

    • Truthist

      Tintan O’Fool worships Chomsky ;

      And, they may be related 8-)

      I believe Tintan would have eagerly searched that probability out.

      Tintan is an Opinionator with a pre-determined agenda after looking at the facts.

      • Deco

        Chomsky has a brain.

        Tintan the Fool is just an eloquent airhead, getting paid a hundred grand, for three hours “work” per week, which is mostly opinionating of a quality that is lower than that presented by half the posters on this site.

        I also suspect that O’Fool deliberately leaves out a lot of the stuff from Chomsky that amounts to criticism of those who are regularly lauded by the ISIS times.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “getting paid a hundred grand”?! – the slanderous Marmite-eating turd is getting paid a hundred grand for his predictable, insipid Marxist poppycock that could rival Justin Bieber’s song for the level of stereotyping? This country… :-(

    • Truthist

      Photos in the recent years of Spacey mstrbtng youth in … FORMER YUGOSLAVIA ;
      Well, I think it was in a bar in Croatia ;
      Strange that ;
      Because, I would have figured the Croats not to tolerate any Homosexualisation stuff.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        No, you are misreading it, if you don’t mind me saying: the Croats might have their views on that but the socialist states of the central and eastern Europe + the USSR have been using peoples with that orientation to their purposes from the very beginning (which is why the KGB was so successful recruiting in the West), while officially being intolerant of them. There was nothing better for them than a celebrity with certain inclinations in times when it was still frowned upon.
        I’d have to see those photos of Mr Spacey to believe it.
        I don’t deny that he might be gay – I just don’t believe that someone found it necessary to accuse him of a rape now: and his coming out – if you think of it – did more harm to that lobby than good, so I’d rather take it as Mr Spacey’s revenge (usually the “coming outers” come out as heroes and with lots of applause).

        • Truthist

          I think that Spacey’s first accuser is homosexual … now.

          This fellow might be doing so in collusion with Spacey & Spacey’s fellows so as to undermine very trauma ridden other victims.


          OK ;
          I will go digging for that photo I referred to ;
          But, for sake of avoiding this matter befitting the disgusting homosexualizaton boring AGM agenda of such that “has bar a” long Cheltenham way near Gee Sea Haytch Queue, & is only serving very successfully to obfuscate & C-O-N-T-R-O-L the posters meaningful enquiries & discussions & revelations on the blog of he who set in motion the economies of targeted economies on harrowing downward spiral, I shall find a Google page that at that instant has it.
          Google Results for string ;
          photos of kevin spacey in croatia

          THERE EWE GO …

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            They are just normal photos of Kevin Spacey. There is nothing gay about them. This photo is a LOT more gay than any Kevin Spacey photo I have seen (not that I ever spent an afternoon on Hollywood actors or even actresses ;-):


            So what makes you think that “Photos in the recent years of Spacey mstrbtng youth in … FORMER YUGOSLAVIA ; Well, I think it was in a bar in Croatia” ?!

            P.S. Regarding Mr Stacey’s orientation, it is enough to look closely at him in the “American Beauty” ;-)
            Still – that someone – JUST when other Hollywood (true) stories are emerging – someone suddenly remembers something after 30 years? Right… Everything in this story screams “money!” to me, plus that Kevin must have broken some unwritten rule in Hollywood (I wonder what).
            Plus that the timing of his coming out is the most inconvenient possible to the gay lobby in Hollywood.

          • Truthist

            OK, I have to telegraph it to ewe ;

            At moment of sending this link, please look at least at 2 row ;
            Photos of Spacey wearing croppy-boy hat.




          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Some of the past tweets by Mr Spacey are a food for thought:

            “Kevin Spacey?Verified account @KevinSpacey Apr 18
            Honored to host the #TonyAwards2017…fingers crossed all the envelopes are in order”

            “Kevin Spacey?Verified account @KevinSpacey 24 Feb 2016
            America, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.”

            “Kevin Spacey?Verified account @KevinSpacey 26 Jan 2016
            Oops! My Irish character in @etrade spot was so drunk he thought he was Scottish.”

          • Truthist

            Trending increasingly :

            women having sex with Male Trannies

            women hiring groups of male homosexuals prostitutes for sex

            homosexual men are engaging with as many other homosexual men so as to deliberately get HIV

            lesbians are having sex with male homosexuals

            Pedophilia is being campaigned for by Marxist Feminists

            Bestiality is in vogue


            But, maybe the tide is turning because the STDs are now rife

            And, so, facts such as the following are being taken seriously


      • Grzegorz Kolodziej


        For that man, the communist secret service confident, the secret service was even procuring young boys: the encounters with them were film recorded, in case Zwieyski changed his mind (the USSR was doing the same, except that the NKVD/KGB did that in the West too – I wonder if in Ireland too?):


        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Zwieyski = Zawieyski

          Lots of homo writers and actors in communist Poland too. The former Yugoslavia couldn’t have been much different.
          Also, I bet you none of you knows that the famous and disgusting Michel Foucault (who, btw, signed an open letter to legalise paedophilia – which was the initiative of the French Marxists, at the time supported by Radio France Culture, who aired a special program in support of it; Le Monde also supported it), lived in Poland in the late 1950s (working for the French Embassy); and he had to leave Poland in 1959 after being caught in honey trap organised by the communist secret service.

          I guess this will come as a huge shock to some people here.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            the honey trap he was caught in was homosexual – so the secret service organised Foucault a lover.
            And in a famous book “I Was Stalin’s Agent” (I recommend) the former NKVD man Krivitsky shows how 50% of all French journalists were on NKVD paylists (some did it for free).
            I guess honey traps must have been a huge part of it…

          • Truthist

            I familiar with Frankfurt Schoolology Bollox initially from trying to digest what appear to be charming handles on esoteric yet inviting topics & individuals of the “…. for Beginners” series of books in the manner of black & white drawings with textual description & speech bubbles & thought bubbles emanating from the various characters referred to.
            They are in the public libraries for decades ;
            And, new titles appear often ;
            Artwork is very good & consistent despite different artists used.
            I trust that many readers here are familiar with them.

        • Truthist

          We have such in the Dail ;

          And, No…o !
          I shall not be giving any hints.

          I suspect there are more than the number that I know of ;
          Yet, certainly, of whom I am thinking of the authorities & the public know well about in that regard ;
          But, it is allowed to continue.
          Hmm, how come such politicians were even allowed to operate as they did prior to entering the Dail ?
          NKVD/KGB-MI5+MI6-Mshd shenanigans going on here too by “Our Betters” ;
          Yes, the child murderers of Clonmel Garda Station notoriety.

    • Truthist

      “ISRAEL helped both :

      YES 8-)

      Re ; Croatia
      I came upon claims with references that they did.

      Anyway, their modus operendi is to support both sides.

      Heck, they even created HAMAS, … & control HAMAS ;
      Rocket Attacks are “Means to justify the End”.

      To do those Rocket Attacks is clearly in Chicken Hawk + Hawk Hawk Israel’s interest.

      Hence, I very suspicious about Norman Finkelstein ;
      Outspoken supporter of HAMAS.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “Re ; Croatia
        I came upon claims with references that they did.” – feel free to link them.
        “Norman Finkelstein ;
        Outspoken supporter of HAMAS.” – yes. Some say that he lost his mind but that gives him a benefit of a doubt. I wouldn’t give that to our President though.

        • Truthist

          I have to go searching … alas 8-)

          Finkelstein is a Marxist ;
          Marxism is … 8-)

          By the way, a man I really like, & is a life-long socialist but who is champion of entrepreneurs, told me that Karl Marx claimed he got his notion of communism from ancient Ireland ;
          No Private Property

          No Private Property explains also why we had no towns or cities until the Vikings came.




          The Hebrews in the Levant were not given to building cities also ;
          Well, not as much as their neighbours / targets.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “Anyway, their modus operendi is to support both sides.” – Truthist: that’s a modus operandi of every SERIOUS secret service: i.e., look at the USSR’s support for the idiots like Gilmore, De Rossa or some of the Ra, while at the same time Dugin was busy infiltrating the so-called far right in the West as early as the 1980s, and Marine Le Pen is financed by the Russian bank (and God only knows who finances Wilders).

  22. Deco

    By the way, concerning Harveywood….the allegations against Kevin Spacey are only begining.

    His PR svelte trick, when confronted with evidence that he assualted a minor, by deflecting attention to the age of the minor was a remarkable PR stunt.

    It was ably assisted by media organs who have been silent for years. And who also regularly promote Spacey.

    • Truthist

      And, this ;

      Because, even we only focus on the media itself & specifically the agenda of the media, this is related & current ;
      But, I think again all Smokes + Mirrors ;
      Echoing the original Profumo Scandal ;
      A scandal that would not be a scandal except the the Hidden State decided it must be made a scandal.

      Meanwhile, the 5th Man — or rather the Puppet Master of all the Apostles — gave away UK’s Nuclear Secrets to USSR.
      He was of course Mr. Victor Rothschild.
      Also, was Margaret Thatcher’s special advisor.

      So, heavily involved in KINCORA BOYS HOME ABUSE CONSPIRACY ;


    • Truthist

      This I thought would finally offer up upon I posting my post above.
      I had tried to send this prior.


      Keep look out for interesting comments ;
      Thus, return occasionally.
      Thankfully, Aanirfan is egalitarian enough to post contraire views to its own perspective.

  23. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    Please realise that the Pedophilia & other sexual peccadillo are even more rampant than disclosed by the media.
    Coldblow is wrong.

    But, yes, the Catholic Church is being singled out since the mid-1980′s because :
    it has become so corrupt with perverts that it could not be hidden any longer
    the enemies of the Catholic Church tore at it after having plotted to corrupt it earlier in the century with influx of perverts & communists so as to destroy the Catholicism from within.
    A brilliantly evil & daring & simple strategy u may say.

    But, we all live mistakenly in the Age of Aquarius since 20th century ;
    Both males & females are getting up to incredible stuff.

    Ewe would want to take a sample reading of what some sub-cultures of the Polish community in Ireland are heavily engaged in ;
    I am thinking of the females in this case.

    I wonder is it said in Poland that the Poles get corrupted in Ireland ?

  24. Deco

    Is this the starting point to a complete reassessment of investment risk ?


    Tesla is clearly in trouble. And a large volume of money has been invested. Elon Musk is a poster child for a new celebrity entrepreneur, who produces a bold vision, that is all embracing, and short on specifics. The De Lorean of this age.

    The problem is that he is the more extreme version of the current approach to business in several sectors. If Jeff Bezos that different ? Or the leadership of Facebook ? Or Twitter ? Or Salesforce ? Or Netflix ?

    Is Tesla the spark that will cause serious problems ?

    Because Tesla is the one that is in the most trouble. And it may well discredit the lot of them. Of course with the next Federal Reserve pick, it may well be met by a Tsunami of available credit to soothe it all out. The current USDJPY impact from the decision seems to indicate that the BoJ is not the only central bank that the markets expect to go on a printathon.

  25. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/873950/germany-fears-eurozone-meltdown-german-investors-buy-gold

    Turkey gold imports surge as central bank boosts reserves November 01 2017

    Turkey purchased a record $13.8bn of gold from abroad this year, $9.8bn more than in the same period last year, Bloomberg reported. The central bank has also increased its gold holdings to a three-year high, boosting its vault of precious metals by $7.5bn since December, according to official figures. The central bank’s action comes after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for Turks to use gold instead of dollars last November, in an effort to stem the depreciation in the Turkish lira, which has dropped another 7% against the dollar this year.

  26. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/873950/germany-fears-eurozone-meltdown-german-investors-buy-gold

    Turkey gold imports surge as central bank boosts reserves November 01 2017

    Turkey purchased a record $13.8bn of gold from abroad this year, $9.8bn more than in the same period last year, Bloomberg reported. The central bank has also increased its gold holdings to a three-year high, boosting its vault of precious metals by $7.5bn since December, according to official figures. The central bank’s action comes after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for Turks to use gold instead of dollars last November, in an effort to stem the depreciation in the Turkish lira, which has dropped another 7% against the dollar this year.


  27. http://www.goldcore.com/us/gold-blog/invest-gold-defend-bail-ins/

    “”As in Spain’s Catalonia the region of Veneto is wealthier than the average Italian region, with its own industries and language yet it has been left with a pile of ash when it comes to its banking sector.



    Of course what everyone forgets is that banks are not there to look after you. They are there to make money. They do this almost instantly the second you deposit funds, it’s their money. The second you take out a loan, they own you. The second you buy shares, they have a license to be reckless.

    Given Brexit and now Catalonia the EU is unlikely to be in the mood to bend its rules for another troublesome country. This is despite it costing the EU’s own citizens billions of euros in lost savings and investments”"

    • “”One of Italy’s twenty regions is calling for more autonomy from the state following a nonbonding referendum. Why? Because a government supported ‘rescue package’ caused the lifesavings of 200,000 savers to be wiped out during the implosions of Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca”"

      • “Sadly the case of Veneto is one of a growing list of regions of banking customers that have been destroyed due to the incompetence of national authorities and the overbearing powers of the EU.”

  28. Truthist

    Farage just signed his own political death warrant ;


  29. Truthist


    So what interest does Israel have in Catalonia?

    The Jerusalem Post reported on the 24th of November, 2014 that ‘Israel and Germany may be the key to initially financing a Catalan state independent of Spain’. Barcelona’s High Court Judge Santiago Vidal told the Israeli newspaper:“ Another state (Israel) will serve as our temporary bank”. For those requiring further exegesis, Jewish money, that is to say, international High Finance will ensure the survival of ‘independent’ Catalan.



    • Dilemna

      Enforce the laws for safety and fire regs. The result is tens of thousands of people out on the street. Bureaucracy denying a place to live rather than helping to find a place.

      Free up the land to drive the prices down and see apartments sprout.

      Continue the corrupt practices from the central bankers on down to the politicians and the governments and there will be three generations living in a home as of days of yore.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “Free up the land to drive the prices down” – you see, Tony: I think that the consecutive Irish governments are deliberately trying to keep prices up in order to create the illusion of wealth for their voters (most people in Ireland own properties). There is too much evidence for it to make think otherwise: NAMA is one thing; Dublin City Council deliberately keeping the max height restrictions at the artificially low level (I think it’s 22 meters? Not 100% sure, but the last time I checked they just voted against raising it up to 24). And so on, and so forth. Of course, lower prices mean not less illusion of wealth among their voters but also less taxes (levies, etc).

        That RTE documentary I’ve just linked down below is really heartbreaking to watch. I can tell you from autopsy (but not as a prisoner) that the conditions in Iris prisons are a lot, a lot better than in those houses in the documentary (and I know that I say Dublin but it’s not only them).

        So if I was one of those landlords from the documentary (bear in mind I am not talking about “landlords” in general – just that kind: I’d be the first to protest against the “us v landlords” stereotype because after all, neither of them are responsible for zoning, implementing regulations and interest rates – plus many landlords are debtors and they are also screwed nearly as much as in Ireland you cannot hand in the keys to your house and walk off – during the recession, there was even a case of a landlord discussed on RTE who, after paying all his bills, had only 30 euro a week left to live on – due to his mortgage),
        I would be scared that one day one of those tenants would just smash my face to 50 thousand pieces. Because – like I said – the conditions in Irish prisons are a lot better than in those houses – so what is it that they would lose? 100 tenants would be more than enough to hire a hitman.
        To allay any doubts – I neither encourage it nor would do it personally. But if I was one of those greedy bastards, I’d consider that some desperate tenant would do it eventually.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          lower prices mean not less illusion of wealth among their voters but also less taxes (levies, etc). – not only less illusion

          Btw – have you ever seen any of those museums with tenaments flats/for the poorest, hundreds years ago? Much better standard of living in 1913 than in that RTE documentary – and for only 1/6 of the rent the working poor pay now, inflation allowing.
          Progress me arse.

          • Yes the standard of living for the average is rapidly dissolving. I calculate that an hour of labour today buys 40% of what it did in 1970, not counting the tax rate; worse if it is counted.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Following my comment about the housing in Dublin, I’d like to point out that in the latest InterNations study, Dublin has been ranked one of the most expensive cities for expats in the world (most cost-of-living statistics do not include housing), and the second worst in the world for housing opportunities (it’s been also pointed out that the quality of the accommodation is one of the lowest).
          In terms of general quality of life, Dublin is just ahead of the Nigerian city Lagos, behind Nairobi in Kenya, and far behind Mexico.
          In contrast to it, Prague was ranked second best, Budapest was 13, and Warsaw was ahead of Geneva, Toronto, London and New York.

          • Truthist

            Very good post that it is ;
            But, it would be better to have inserted as fresh post ;
            Because, where u posted it is too far back from most readers’ radar now.

            The poverty Y

          • Truthist

            Typo submission prematurely ;

            The poverty & hardship inflicted on the working class [ those in jobs & the jobless of the working class ] is a deliberate policy against the populace.
            It is more than indifference.
            And, it has international blessing.

    • Truthist

      Deliberate policy of the Irish State to have as many of the populace living in open concentration camps.


      Community Welfare Officers are administrating an evil State.

  30. goldbug







    • Truthist

      Very interesting Goldbug.

      Certainly is an anomaly though with how Hitler viewed & treated most of the Slavs.

      Audio quality is very good.

    • Truthist

      Civil Service just loving it to have legislation for right of Civil Servants to enter ur home lest u be keeping tenant[s] or guest[s].
      Thus, the Hidden State of Ireland through their Civil SERPENTS are allowing the Home Crisis to fester.
      Outbreaks of TB will be happening ;
      Probably already have been occurring.
      But, being kept strategically hush-hush ;
      The Civil SERPENTS want the situation to deteriorate to epidemic ;
      Then, they can get their extra Orwellian legislation passed.

      Living in dormitory arrangement & other unreasonable arrangements ;
      What happens when someone wants to have sex with invited friend from outside that gulag ?
      What happens when neighboring inmate of same gulag is homosexual / bisexual / pansexual & are doing their stuff in the dorm or whereever when other inmates around or not ?

  31. Truthist

    Meanwhile Bernie Sanders waits to become the “neo-populist” President ;
    Because, “populist” [ Democratically elected ] = Politically WRONG
    But, “neo-populist” = Politically CORRECT


    And, this will be copied in Spain, Canada … Ireland ?

  32. Truthist

    How does George Soros pay his Crisis Actors & Thugs ?

    Cyber-Currency ? ; e.g. Bitcoin

    Anyways, I being a decent poster ;
    ==> One can have an intelligent & fair & decent conversation with me ;
    And, my presenting of the following is yet another example of I being fair ;

  33. Truthist


    Meanwhile ;

  34. http://www.france24.com/en/20171104-belgium-examines-eu-arrest-warrant-spain-catalonia-carles-puigdemont

    As far as I can see, a democratic country has a section that democratically asks to leave and is told no , you cannot leave our democracy.
    Is it really a democracy?

  35. Tensions have soared in Spain after a large chunk of Catalonia’s axed government was thrown behind bars on Thursday pending probes into their role in the secession push.


    This is what happens in a democracy when the representatives actually try to do what the electorate asked them to!!! Everyone was having a relatively peaceful dialog until they were thrown in jail!!

  36. goldbug













  37. Truthist

    Spanish nation should let Catalonia separate ;
    Then however long it takes, Catalonia will seek to unite with Spain again.
    Just look at so many aspects of the situation :

    Geography ;
    Even Spain + Portugal could be Nation or at least 1 country because land mass is very contiguous



    Good Times versus Bad Times




    Anyway, Regions should be allowed to be much more autonomous & much less forced to support central Civil Service

    Libertarianism with sufficient Welfare State is a very doable Socio-Econimo Model for most countries
    I would have it that Civil Service is composed of rotating citizens
    National Service
    Every citizen a Civil SerVANT in their time ;
    More than once if agreeable.
    And, national service of 1 month a year for many ;
    Paid typical income of the citizenry.


    But, a region should only be allowed to seperate had their not been a prelude of Ethnic Cleansing

    Eventually, the self-organizing system that obtains latently will render an agreeable unification of Catalonia with rest of Spain.


    If Rest of Spain were smart ;
    They should say that they are separating from Little Spain [ Catalonia ]

    Ditto “Very North East of Ireland” ;
    Let our grumpy theologian brethren form their own conceited country ;
    But, eventually they will come begging to us for to unify.
    All things come to pass.

    After all ;

    “They’re not British cows ;
    They’re Irish cows.”
    Dr.Reverend Ian Paisley M.P. & M.E.P. & Leader of D.U.P.
    roaring against European Parliament & be extension European Commission & also Council of Ministers of all EU States against ban on Beef from so-called Northern Ireland part of United Kingdom ==> British when Paisley argued previously.

  38. The future of Catalonia should be similar to that of North Dakota. act as an autonomous state with its own bank recycling tax receipts as reserves in the bank which then makes infrastructure loans to government and loans to creditable business interests within catalonia. It would then be a profitable low tax jurisdiction.


  39. The USA is gone mad. Insanity rules. Anger reigns. What is the trigger that sets off these shooting sprees?

    Do you have the answers? The answer is probably as complex as it is simple?


  40. Truthist

    More on Deco’s sub-topic Harvey-gate ;

    Is Weinstein a Scapegoat Messiah ?
    E. Michael Jones
    Published on Nov 4, 2017

    E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, discusses the connection between Harvey Weinstein and John 11:50 where Caiaphas, the high priest, counselled the Jews: “That it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.” Weinstein was a leader in the Hollywood Industry and he was going after the “anti-semites” with a vengeance. But finally the guilt and shame of Hollywood could not be contained and the sinful volcano exploded and out came Harvey. So though everybody in Hollywood was complicit in the shameful things done there in the open and in secret, Harvey became its scapegoat. They could cleanse themselves of their guilt by projecting all their sins on Harvey. In this way Harvey saves them all.

    Dr. Jones discusses Weinstein in connection with Philip Roth and his book Portnoy’s Complaint written in 1969. Roth talks about “shtupping the shiksa” as a jewish virtue. But Roth writes that Portnoy does this out of hate and not love. Jones argues that Weinstein is doing the same and that is another reason why the Hollywood scene is especially wicked and shameful. Jones concludes that while Hollywood is collapsing under the weight of its guilt and shame the real reason Harvey must die is because Hollywood is starting to collapse financially.
    Dr. Jones points out that the Hollywood Production Code upheld by the Catholic Church was finally broken in 1965 by a Holocaust movie. This opened the floodgate of immorality. Hollywood went more and more out of control and helped spearhead the feminist movement culminating in almost inaugurating Hillary Clinton, a close associate of Harvery Weinstein.

    We are in a culture war between the forces of morality and immorality. Can the Hollywood film industry be reformed or should it be eliminated?

    Dr. Jones addresses the Harvey Weinstein situation at length in the December 2017 issue of Culture Wars magazine.

    • Truthist

      RWW News: Liz Crokin Says A Hillary Clinton Sex Tape Will Finally Prove That Pizzagate Is Real

      RWW Blog
      Published on Nov 3, 2017

      Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this clip, Liz Crokin claims that a sex tape featuring Hillary Clinton will soon be released and when it is, it will finally prove that Pizzagate is real.


  41. Truthist

    Another country which “has” / “has had” an upset region “seeking” / “having sought” independence” / “secession” ;
    And, after stealing all of the Gold from Ukraine’s Treasury, inter alia, the overlords — incl. Victoria Nuland of Democrat Party, USA — now produce a cute little manual for the high-school female students ;


  42. https://needtoknow.news/2017/11/tony-podesta-caught-russia-collusion-web-threatens-fox-news-lawsuit-squelch-report/

    Swamp creatures exposed on both sides of the isle. Left meets right in Washington.
    US operatives active in deposing one Ukraine government and supporting another.

  43. Truthist

    At least neither Spain nor Catalonia are refusing to host a Private Central Bank for the Syndicate
    So, things should not be as bad as Iraq, Libya, Syria, … Iran, North Korea

  44. Truthist



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