October 1, 2017

Beware the Hissing Goose

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With the Budget just ahead of us, it is timely to remind ourselves of the original Colbert report. I don’t mean Stephen Colbert, but rather Jean Baptiste Colbert. He was the extraordinarily talented finance minister of Louis XIV who radically overhauled the French economy of the early 17th century, generating the revenues that were subsequently squandered by both Louis and his free-spending grandson.


Ultimately, Colbert’s ability to raise taxes emboldened the French royalty to build more and more monuments to their own vanity, fuelling the discontent that led to the Revolution. His attitude to taxation can be summed up by this brilliant, but rather cynical, quotation: “The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest number of feathers with the least possible amount of hissing”.


The goose that hisses most gets taxed least. Normally, in any society, those who hiss most tend to be those either at the top, who are extremely powerful and have most to lose, or those at the bottom, who are the neediest and thus have least to give. Those in the middle are taxed most because they hiss least.


Over the years, as tax systems have been constructed with the hissing goose in mind, the outcome is economically inefficient. This is because the decent hard work of the many is taxed the most in a gradual way so that this approach to taxation becomes regarded as normal.


In contrast, the hissing goose gets overlooked, thus no taxes are levied on his assets and, over time, this ends up being regarded as normal.


Bear this hissing goose in mind when the Government unveils its tax proposal in a few weeks. Colbert’s cynical and deeply political advice to Paschal Donohoe would be to do nothing radical, prevent the goose from hissing, and suck it up.


However, if we want to create a tax system that is both equitable and efficient and prepares this country for the deep challenges of globalisation, it would be wrong to be politically expedient at Budget time.


What about being bold? (And maybe smart as well as bold – after all, those with a knowledge of history will appreciate that following Colbert’s cynical advice ultimately led to the guillotine!)


When we look forensically at the Irish tax system, ignoring the hissing geese, we can see clearly that the system contributes enormously to the twin problems of the “squeezed middle” and their children. The first dilemma for the squeezed middle is that even on decent salaries, they have no money left at the end of the month. This prevents them from saving for a deposit to address the other problem: affordable accommodation. The Irish tax system contributes enormously to rendering most people broke at the end of the month. As this column pointed out last week, the Irish tax system penalises work over wealth. In addition, excessive reliance on excise duty and VAT means that the indirect tax system pushes up the cost of living directly.


The twofold impact of these choices is to lower take-home pay and increase retail prices. Both factors undermine workers’ incomes, which is why so many people here have nothing left at the end of the month.


Property wealth should be taxed more than income to make working hard worthwhile. Moreover, increases in property taxes should be directly offset by cuts in income tax.


The Taoiseach, this week, said he wouldn’t increase property taxes. This makes no sense because a country with a housing problem needs to eliminate the speculative aspect to our housing bubble, therefore a property tax and a tax on “house hoarding” or second houses is even more essential.


But with one eye on the notion of the hissing goose, let’s look at our tax system to reveal who pays what.


Our Government took in just over €47bn in taxes last year. More than €19bn of this was raised from taxes on wages. These are taxes on effort and hard work. A further €12bn was taken in VAT. VAT is a tax on buying and selling almost everything (except for food and children’s clothes). It’s a tax on economic activity, commerce and the wheels that make the system go around.


Nearly €6bn was raised in excise duty – basically petrol, fags and booze. Once electric cars become a reality, the petrol component of this tax will collapse. Excise duty also pushes up prices directly and eats into take-home pay.


On the other hand, land is not taxed at all despite the fact that land – with the exception of agricultural land that is being actively used – is the least productive of all assets.


People create innovation, capital increases productivity, and the economy is increasingly moving to being a service economy. Innovation and creativity doesn’t depend on land or housing.


Yet despite this, we raise only 1pc of our tax from houses. So, investing in property is seen as tax-efficient. Is it any wonder that the first-time buyer is being priced out of the market by the ‘cash buyer’? Without any tax penalty for holding property, wouldn’t you put your money in there too?


Also, when we look at inheritance tax, we see that less than 1pc of the total tax-take comes from taxing inheritance. Inheritance is the most socially divisive concept known to man because it replicates inequality of opportunity from the start. By the way, before you think I’ve gone all Marxist, I’m arguing here from the free-market perspective that we should try to give all the kids a chance so that their talents, rather than their inheritance, determines how far they go in life.


The societal problem with this is that we know that wealth inequality in Ireland is quite dramatic. Latest Central Bank figures show the top 10pc in Ireland own more than 40pc of the country’s wealth. We also know that most of that wealth is made up of land and property.


And furthermore, we know that the majority of wealth in Ireland is “earned” in the traditional way – you get it from Daddy!


Clearly, a tax system that penalises workers through high marginal rates of personal taxation once they start to make incomes over €35,000 – but doesn’t tax the assets that account for most of the wealth inequality in the country-, is a deeply unfair system.


But talk of taxing land and you will hear the goose, a big loud one hissing about his constitutional right not to be taxed!


Because the PAYE worker doesn’t hiss so loud, she gets taxed most. And the VAT and excise golden goose hardly makes a noise, so she gets her feathers plucked at will.


The overall conclusion is that expediency rather than vision will continue to drive Irish tax policy, making the rich richer and rendering the squeeze of the middle more suffocating.


The moral of the story is that the people who get up early in the morning don’t hiss.


  1. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “The overall conclusion is that expediency rather than vision will continue to drive Irish tax policy, making the rich richer and rendering the squeeze of the middle more suffocating.”

    What drives Irish tax policy is the realisation that Ireland has one of the highest percentage of people who own homes (perhaps the highest in Europe – last time I checked, it was something like 4 times the German rate) and these are their voters. So because the last recession was a balance sheet recession, the Irish governments had a choice of either facilitating the creative destruction via a wave of bankruptcies (with new, more efficient companies and banks created in the place of the old ones) plus debt write-offs (the government would have to do anything but not to bail out the reckless lenders, and the new owners would have to agree to debt jubilee), which would have brought the cost of doing business and living in Ireland down
    they could have pumped up the asset prices thus making houses and land to go up in value and bribe their voters that way by creating an illusion of wealth, because – let’s say it and let’s say it straight – the majority of people are stupid anyway (which we see by voting results) and remain stupid unless they are hit by a major cataclysm (like the Weimar Republic hyperinflation followed by WWII and wake up), for about one generation (until their grandchildren get lazy and fat again).

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    February 5, 2017 at 12:21 pm

    Also, eliminating the rent allowance system (perhaps incorporating it into the social welfare/tax credit system – which is not ideal, but better than the current system) would do miracles for density (for many property owners, renting out their houses illegally while availing of rent allowance is the main source of their untaxed income; others use the rent allowance system to bring up the value of their assets – as Truthist once pointed out, without rent allowance, the price of renting would roughly be the current price minus the rent allowance amount).
    2. Low interest rates.
    According to IMF data, Dutch house price doubled in 350 years; Irish prices in 20 years. Moreover, the Irish prices were on average stable in the period 1980-1995: (the IMF index was 100.7 in Q4 1995 and 188.5 in Q2 2015).
    So this wanton waste of money towards buying and renting houses from themselves rather than investing in the real economy is not quite some vice of the Irish psyche (or it is not the main reason), but a result of deliberate policy. In fact, I believe that this is the main reason why no Irish government proposed leaving the euro currency – because that would bring the interest rates up to 5% and end the property speculation.
    Another problem (the one never noticed by David – perhaps he does not want to piss off the farmers should he run for the Presidency) is the Central Agricultural Policy in general, and its Irish extreme is particular.
    The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) is one of Ireland’s most powerful lobby groups and in 2001 it won a sweetheart deal from the Government giving its members 23% of the national road building budget, according to the National Roads Authority — land accounted for 12% of the cost of road projects in England, 10% in Denmark, 9.4% in Greece and 1% in Iceland.
    IFA and CAP are the reasons why you pay for the loaf of bread 2-3 euro instead of 0.50 cents to 1 euro (money that could have been saved and invested in the real economy).
    As a result of the above, plus bad Irish experience with British and Irish landlords (the elephant in the room is that during the Famine, lots – if not most – greedy and irrational policies towards tenants came from the Irish landlords) resulted in the fact that in France, each field changes hands at least once every 70 years, but in Ireland on average a field changes hands every 555 years! So DO NOT BLAME FEUDALISM OR CAPITALISM FOR LAND PRICES. Total annual turnover in Ireland was less than 0.2% of the total acreage. Land is about €6,000 a hectare, compared with almost €60,000 in Ireland, as French land must be offered first to young local farmers.
    Then there is the artificial demand for ‘lifestyle farms,’ within 100km of Dublin, coupled with the increasing trend of ‘off-farm’ employment leading to commercial farmers in effect becoming ‘hobby farmers.’

    “After all, the Irish experiment with parties based on ideology rather than “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” ended up with centre-right Renua not getting into the Dail, and proper left – Stephen Donnelly being coopted to Fianna Fail (and that’s even without Ireland having any Tea Party).
    Because the purpose of being a politician in Ireland is NOT TO CHANGE IRELAND.
    The purpose is to capitalise on “the peoples” anger by shouting louder than the others (“Labour’s Way Or Frankfurt’s Way” – so it was Frankfurts way, as it was KGBs way for him before; or “President That’ll Do Us Proud” – well, with his Castro comments and protecting Jihadists he did not do me proud I can assure of that).
    The purpose of being a politician in Ireland is to end up as a consultant, after a long (or short) career of selling planning permissions.

  2. patricia03

    While taxing property sounds a good idea the middle class would be hit yet again. What about taxing all Bank deposits instead. All other taxes would abolished. Every deposit, large or small would attract a tax. It would be so simple to collect. There would be no exemptions of any sort. The only worry I have about this form of tax is the current popularity of digital currencies. If you wanted you could also tax all property over say €1million but I would regard that as an inequality tax. I am not against that though.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Here is a problem with your idea, Patricia. If you tax all bank deposits (which is stealing but so is any tax that goes to anything other than police, army, and courts – areas which have to be financed by the State, and I’m not even 100% sure about the last given the Brehon laws system), then what people would do is to simply not to place deposits in banks and place it in more profitable allocations, which – btw – is what has been happening just now: in a near-zero interest rates environment (de facto negative rates if we account for true figures of inflation – houses or rent, for example, are not in the inflation measures baskets since the 1980s) – and because it has been happening, we see the rise of cryptocurrencies or property speculation/land hoarding (after all, only an eeijit would put his or her money in a bank that they would, after a year or two or three, take less money from than then they had put in, which is incidentally what happened to the Irish taxpayer during the last bailout.

      There is only one quick solution to end the property speculation and land hoarding – let the interest rates reflect the real state of affairs rather than the QE tricks, plus abolish the rent allowance (that would end the property speculation) and end the Common Agricultural Policy (that would end the land hoarding: all those empty spaces surrounded by cyclists/car drivers killing walls populated by vast areas of grass and a dozen sheep, rather than booming agriculture; btw, Ireland with its ridiculous land prices is not in the worlds’ top 5 of any agricultural production of anything: not great for a country that produces only food – while, i.e., small Belgium and Finland are – and they don’t have those stupid walls with the taxpayer paying CAP subsidies for n o t growing anything).

  3. Bamboo

    The middle class may be working hard but they are too damn lazy to hiss.

    They go after that mortgage approval so they can buy that little dingy house without questioning what a stupid little house they actually bought.
    They go after that loan approval from the bank so they can get that fancy car.
    Then of course there is mammy and daddy to give them handouts or wait from granny or grand dad to die so they get the inheritance.

  4. patricia03

    I don’t see taxation as theft but a way by which everybody contributes to the running of their country. At the moment there are so many exemptions those who can organise their affairs do so in a way to pay no tax. The amount of money spent on doing this is very very high. Think of all those accountants and lawyers! A tax on all deposits would stop all that nonsense. It is so elegantly simple.. The rate would be very low which would mean the middle class would have more money to spend/save and so boost the economy. Any increase in the rate would then be a matter for the people to vote on.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “At the moment there are so many exemptions those who can organise their affairs do so in a way to pay no tax. The amount of money spent on doing this is very very high” – of course, you are right.

      That’s why I’m in favour of the flat tax: no gaps, no exemptions, no legal tricks, no need for army of bureaucrats to collect it and calculate – just one rate (optimally the Biblical 10% – which, btw, could – if one is so inclined – finance a lot more than just the army, police and courts).
      Of course, the flat tax is not really flat because of the rich paying more proportionally the richer they are.
      Think of all that money that would not be stolen or cheated due to not having any exemptions…

      “tax on all deposits would stop all that nonsense. It is so elegantly simple..” – no, Patricia, no, for the third time no: for the reason I already gave – people (especially the rich and the criminals) would move deposits from banks to property and cryptos, as they are doing already…

  5. Deco

    Actually, the main lesson that exists to be learned from the French royalty, and they long line of Finance Ministers, would be in reference to the eventual consequences of endless largesse.

    No doubt, some of the beneficiaries joined the mob, and took control of the revolution, to protect their own interests.

    And others got out, with their gold, and made it to London, or the newly formed US.

    Ireland is a Republic of Excessive Promises. The entire political and media landscape, like the various policy advisors to the French Kings in wigs, seem to want to interfere in ever possible debacle.

    There is no scenario, that they think cannot be better by interfering with a policy mandate.

    Louis XIV faced the same scenario in the 1740s. The militaristic, slightly psychotic Prussian King wanted to subdue the Poles of Silesia and access their wealth. The Austrians, the Saxons, (and indeed the Silesian Poles) objected. He got his opportunity when he assumed that a woman in power in Vienna represented an opportunity. The French King wanted to stay out. His advisors wanted some glory, as the British were backing the Austrians. Eventually he sucumbed to pressure. It cost a fortune and acheived nothing.

    Not long afterwards, he was declaring war on the Prussians, and fighting the British in North America. Again his policy advisors wanted an intervention. He lost to the British. And he failed to beat the Prussians (which resulted in two world wars).

    Then the American Revolution started. He could not stay out. He got involved again.

    And so it was, one intervention after another intervention.

    During this entire period Switzerland, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Portugal either stayed out, or stayed marginally involved. None of them were as rich as France in natural resources. None of them had the sense of great importance. And none of them had advisors as caught up in the need for a grand state spectacle.

    Along the way there were very short-sighted decisions. Quebec and much of Ontario could have remained French. Instead they were handed over for the sake of feeding the sugar addiction of the French aristocracy – for the peasantry could not afford sugar.

    And while all of this was in progress, the credit of the French economy was getting worse. Productive activity did not receive investment. However, investing in courting the favour of the throne, and of thereby avoiding a tax bill was extremely profitable.

    Holland prospered. Spain stabilized for a period. And England became very powerful commercially.

    And meanwhile, the French state became a morass of complexity, ambition, and debt.

    Let us be honest – no amount of money will be sufficient, to meet the needs of a wasteful state, that believes in sustaining the unsustainable.

    In other words, the phrase “Keep it simple, stupid” applies to Irish policy makers.

    They are NOT doing that.

  6. Deco

    This comes from the country that has a Prime Minister, who is great pals with An Taoiseach.


    There’s a huge overlord class of public sector workers in Canada. More than 3.5 million people, or 24% of the working population. For them, risk is foreign, benefits are assured, salaries are guaranteed, with the security of a life-long string of monthly payments after they retire. In comparison, two million plumbers, lawyers, farmers, doctors and hair salon owners have no wage security, no pensions and no paid holidays. Bureaucrats in the Department of Finance have been calling them tax cheats and loophole-abusers lately because the government wants to increase taxes, but not decrease spending.

    Federal civil servant pensions cost a lot. The average retirement pay-out for a federal worker is $1.2 million after 35 years on the job. The current shortfall (called the unfunded liability) is $4.5 billion. So Ottawa has to find about $415 million in additional revenue every year for the next 14 years to meet its obligations to retiring workers. By whacking small business owners (who have no pensions) as the government is proposing, an estimated $250 million will be realized.

    In one week the short period of time the government allowed for debate on these major tax changes will be over. Small businesses retaining earnings to tide them over the lean years or to fund a retirement will face a tax rate of up to 73%. And while unrelated men and women who start companies can share income in the form of dividends, if they get married it’s called ‘income sprinkling’ and becomes illegal. Entrepreneurs and medical people who played by every rule in the book, living frugally so they could save for retirement within their corps, are now pilloried and demonized by the very crew who wrote the rules.

    Are there some people who hide behind incorporations and manage to shelter money the government desperately needs to pay pensions of federal workers? You bet. But there may be better places to get it than whacking all the folks who, collectively, create half the jobs in Canada. Making the federal pension plan fairer would be a start. Or even taxing the windfall and unearned capital gains on residential real estate.

    Most of the people about to be squished by (Federal Finance Minister) Mr. Morneau are not, like him, 1%ers. Most have no job security, no paid time off, no maternity leave, no benefits, and they sure don’t have access to money for life.

    Yes, let’s make the system fairer for the middle class. Now you know how.


    Interestingly enough, Canada’s also has a massive real estate bubble. Though, it does at least allow supply to come on stream, at municipal level.

    And they are also having this as an increasingly, relevant topic of discussion.

    Like here, Canada has a competitor/trading partner that is more adept at driving down labour factor costs. Like Canada, we have a political establishment that can NOT say NO.

    Real estate taxes, in the commercial sector are already very stiff. In Dublin, they are a predominant feature of business, and they are driving business out of existence. This in turn reduces competition, and leads to larger firms, and higher barriers toe entries. The media does not mind, because oligopolistic players spend more on advertising than comeptitve firms anyway – they have more of a pretence to sustain. Just look at the brewing oligopoly. Or the ESB.

    If we tax residential property, we are merely allowing the state to take off the families that are paying through the nose already. And if we tax agricultural land or industrial real estate, we are in effect reducing the amount of money available to reinvest in export activity.

    Like another French Finance Minister, Jacques Neckar, we are out of options. We simply need to rein in spending.

    We will have to do it anyway, once Facebook and Co. get found out.

  7. Deco

    With regard to Excise Tax, there are three categories.

    1. Tobacco. (mainly cigarettes) Not a necessity.

    2. Alcohol. (mainly the dominant brewery). Not a necessity.

    3. Autonomous Transport. (mainly the owrking population). Given the incoherent residential planning, and the lack of systemic thinking in public transport, an absolute necessity for 80% plus of the populace.

  8. Deco

    The Irish tax system contributes enormously to rendering most people broke at the end of the month.

    In return, we get

    Noreen on a massive pension for being useless.

    The Minister that protected Noreen, moved to another department so that she can get a continuation of state largesse.

    Bertie on a pension, for bankrupting Ireland.

    The Millionaires in RTE living the “high” life. [ deliberate double meaning there].

    And numerous quangos, interventions, rackets, policies, pretences, and the rest of it – that are entirely for show, and that are no meaning relevance to the people who get sucked dry to keep it going.

  9. Deco

    I suppose, one could not get a bigger walking contradiction of the way Ireland operates than Eamon Dunphy.

    ED is essentially a man with a superior opinion, always about everything.

    He has been ahndsomely for doing nothing, except issuing opinions, and creating antics.

    As a value making proposition he has SFA to offer. And yet, he has existed in institutional Ireland (RTE mainly) for decades.

    And when that ended he got himself on private radio, where again he proceeded to an even bigger walking contradiction.

    In a society, where criticism is effectively dumbed down, (and in the scenario of certain sacred cows, nuetered), ED has made a living out of expressing outrage, and other emotions. Alongsdie made up facts.

    In recent years, he has made a big deal about housing.

    And then…..somebody wanted to knock a Spar shop, near him. Now, for most of us, a SPAR shop is an expensive place where you buy a few items that you forgot to get at one of the multiples.

    And the developer planned to knoch the shop and erect apartments. In possibly the most in demand location on the entire island. And also conveniently within walking distance, of many of the best employers of the island.

    Dunphy is central to the objector list. No. Not here.

    I want to know this – how exactly does Eamoon Dunphy plan on fixing the residential supply shortfall, when there are objections to contruction of supply, in an area, where demand is the highest ?

    And it is not just ED. There are loads more who are of the same sanctimonious hypocrisy.

  10. Deco

    The Catalunya referendum has been shut down, or partially shut down to the effect that it makes it unworkable.

    Presumably there will be strikes following, and a lot of non-co-operation.

    Oddly enough, this is also a massive Euro-zone headache.

    Catalunya’s income levels are at the higher end of those on the Iberian penninsula. And they are based on more than just tourism, or state programs.

    The smartest thing for Madrid to do would be to them off. Basically, the ECB has NO choice but to prop up the Spanish economy.

    Of course, everything would be much easier for the Eurozone, if Catalunya stayed in Spain, and kept propping up Spain, alongside the ECB.

    Besides, from what I have been hearing the politicians in Barcelona are just as clueless as the ones that ran Spain into an economic mess in 2008, after the Trichet ‘easy-mony’ years.

    Brussels is caught in a scenario, similar to that of former Secretary Clinton, when Bahrain wanted to join in the Awar Spring. The resulting silence, was a remarkable contrast to support for popular protests in other countries.

    Side – observation : Catalunya was happy in dual monarchy, under the Habsburgs, and then made a bid for independence when the French Bourbons ascended to the throne in Madrid, and immediately demanded a more centralized state.

    Meanwhile, another leader in Paris, is also talking about centralization of power in Europe.

    • Deco

      Correction : The smartest thing for Madrid to do, would be let Catalunya off.

      The ECB is already committed to such an extent that they have no way out. They have to continue. The entire credibility of the ECB and Brussels is tied up in the Spanish bank liquidity pumping mechanisn.

      Of course, the real problem with the current mechanism, is that it expects Madrid, to enforce compliance on the various regions – so as to make sure that the ECB is not turned into an ass.

      This is a mess.

      Another lasting impact of Jean Claude Trichet, and hs reckless monetary policy in the previous decade.

      He did not wreck just one country (Greece). He wrecked at least three. And possibly even five.

    • Deco

      Merkel, and Schulz not being able to push ahead more plans for centralization of power in Europe, has resulted in Macron stepping up to the podium for a moment of vanity.

      It will not change the fact that even in Germany people are getting sceptical of the push towards a more nEU empire.

      Catalunya defying one of the decentralized state systems in the Med basin, is posisbly another indication that they have sovereignty concerns.

      This is like Bahrain, but on steroids.

      And concerning Bahrain, the Obama administration stayed silent while troops showed up to enforce compliance on the population.

      Macron is stuck in a hard place. He must be itching to say something. Merkel might try to exploit it for her own political advantage, but that will merely annoy ALL residents of present-day Spain.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej


        French President Emmanuel Macron said this week that

        “The Europe that we know is too slow, too weak, too ineffective”.

        However, while countries like Ireland, Finland, now Denmark, Poland or the Czech Republic believe that Europe is too slow because it is too centralised, countries like France believe that, as Mr Macron said, “the EU should embrace a joint budget, shared military force and harmonised taxes to stay globally relevant”.

        I didn’t mention the UK among those countries who don’t share Mr Micron’s vision for two reasons – one is obvious – of course, the UK is
        1) out and
        2) has its own problems with their own brand of PC, which is sometimes even more radical than in most of the EU countries – ie the British court exonerated the Muslim woman who desacralised an altar in the Catholic Church but sentenced for 8 months in prison two Poles who threw bacon into the mosque in revenge – this is more PC than in most EU countries, except for Germany where the court ruled that burning down a synagogue was an ok act – not least because those who did that were so-called refugees that the Red Dwarf wants us to have it more here in Ireland).

        The problem is that since the eurozone crisis, the EU is becoming less and less relevant, and since the migrant crisis, countries like France are becoming not only unsafe to invest in but even unsafe for women to walk alone.

        There was a time when French culture was dominant in Europe – Samuel Beckett wrote mostly in French and so did Apolinary Kostrowicki (better known as Guillaume Apollinaire); a German philosopher Edmund Husserl didn’t even bother to translate his 1931 Méditations Cartésiennes into German because, bien entendu, every educated person spoke French. Now, however, there is no reason why we should do what the increasingly less significant Mr Macron tells us – given that his popularity falls faster than any French President before, and he cannot even manage his own country – whose debt to GDP ratio is much higher than in Ireland or in Poland. And if Mr Macron wants to make the problems he now has in France an all-European problem, he should bear in mind that a recently published report written by the German parliament’s legal experts has found that Angela Merkel’s decision on opening Germany’s borders to refugees in September 2015 was illegal even in light of the German law, which states that refugees do not have a right to apply for asylum in Germany if they have entered the country through another signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention (incidentally, just this week the hitherto megaPC Danes sent the army to guard their border with Germany from the gift that the Carolingian Europe wants to force on us, that is from the so-called “refugees” that the Carolingians no longer want – few people know that right now there are half a million people who arrived in Germany from outside Europe who are ordered to be deported, yet there are not being deported (thus is goes the myth of Germany as the rule-of-law state, that is if someone believed in it) and the Danes slowly – very slowly – but surely began to see through the Carolingian forced relocation plans and hence the army at their border
        s p e c i f i c a l l y deployed to help the Danish police to keep the illegal so-called “refugees” from German side of the border away).

        BUT BUT BUT

        You will not hear any of that on the news here (or in England for that matter – of course I don’t mention German TV because that’s a totalitarian media right now – in recent rating Poland took second place in the world in terms of freedom of expression in the media, Germany was very low, one of the least free countries in Europe (east and west) for the journalism).

        Here I am giving you Deco, and the proverbial all, a wonderful chance of having the butcher’s into what the Polish mainstream TV main news looks like (with English subtitles) and what the (C)linton (N)ews (N)etwork or the (R)eally (T)otalitarian (E)ejits would not show to you; Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and watch:


        As to the EU army, I think that its acid test was in September 1939 (France had an army of 4.66 m people against the German army of 1.8 m people – all Jerries engaged in the east), and the French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier summarised it very well when addressing the Chamber of Deputies: “what value has the guarantee, once more renewed, given for our eastern frontier, for our Alsace, for our Lorraine, after repudiation of the guarantees given in turn to Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland?”

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          My mistake in spelling:
          “those who did that were so-called refugees” –

          that should be: “those who did that were the so-called “refugees”,
          plus of course the definite article I now and again forget to put in (or put one too much) because I type in a hurry.

          as I don’t eliminate the possibility that there are some people who really are refugees and really need help – in Italy, i.e., that’s only 2% (in words – two percent – and that’s the OFFICIAL data of Italian authorities) of all the “refugees” who illegally arrived there, breaking the EU law and the international refugee laws (or actually not them breaking it, but countries like Italy who let them in).

        • Deco

          Greg, thanks for those thoughts.

          Indeed, I suspect that Macron is lost in his own, aspirational, nonsensical rhetoric.

          In fact, I am begining to think that he is another waste of time occupant in the Elysee Palace.

          In fact, they have all been wasting the French people’s time since De Gaulle was French President.

          And while Hollande, was not confident in himself, to enough to tell other people how to run their affairs, Macron comes straight out of the textbook of Sarkozy, as a diplomatic disaster.

          French Foreign policy ? Shall we ask Vietnam for a perspective on this matter ?

          • Truthist

            Macron is only a front for they who :

            totally control French Foreign Policy

            totally control French Culture
            France 24 / Euro News propaganda TV & Internet

            totally control French IN-Justice system

            ad infinitum


            do NOT totally control French industry & commerce … yet ;
            Or, so I am told.

            These industrialists & business persons holding off u-know-who must have found a knacky-way for to do this.



        • Truthist

          Just how vulnerable do u think Macron is now ?
          Is it more likely now that his wife leave him for a younger man ?
          If “Yes”, how did she meet this younger man ?
          Would this younger man be one of Macron’s gay lovers ?

        • coldblow


          I haven’t looked at the link yet but I’d agree with your assessment.

          Britain is a strange place. One thing I had always suspected, and which was confirmed on reading Booker and North’s The Great Deception (about Britain and the EU), is that the British enforce rules and regulations without compromise. Even allowing for bias it was obvious that other countries did not play fair in sport and it seemed likely that they were cheating across the board. Well, while their Euro ‘partners’ were playing a crafty game mixing lip service and muscular realpolitik behind the scenes the British were regularly ‘gold-plating’ their enforcement of EU regulations by going beyond what was required. H&S rules enforcement is one area that springs to mind. By any measure this is clearly stupid and probably related to their PC zeal (pc being a label for organized stupidity).

          As for German deportations I did not know this but had assumed it was so. if there were deportations they would receive the full glare of publicity and we would hear all about them. I’d be surprised if Ireland deports more than a handful, if that. My understanding is that the ‘refugees” applications take such a long time not because the initial decision is slow but because they all choose to appeal it. Then when they have been here for a few years it is decided that they should be allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds.

          As you say, news reporting on this issue and everything, is systematically biased and no different from propaganda. there was some bizarre reporting last week about the number of immigrants dropping here. When I heard this my response as usual was to scratch my head wonder, “NOW what are they trying to hide?” John Waters describes his late profession, journalism, as corrupt and I heartily agree with him. But they aren’t even any good at it.

          I assume that where the two of us differ is the cause. You assume they are lying (which they are) because they have a plan. I say they are lying, but that half the time they don’t even realize they are lying, and they believe their own lies – except when they are forced to confront them. But they’d rather not think about it, and don’t.

          How can one describe this kind of behaviour? For me the word is obviously ‘delusional’. they are caught up in a huge delusion.

          It is a psychological problem that affects the so-called thinking classes. Ordinary people are immune to ideology because they are more concerned with their own private affairs. Do you remember the end of Orwell’s 1984 where he looks out the window at the cheerful prole woman hanging out her washing?

          • coldblow

            I am interested that Germany scored low for press freedom. I didn’t know it but am not surprised. Where was Sweden?

            Remember the IKEA stabbing a year or two ago? It was a big story outside Sweden. I happened to here the morning news for that day (on the internet, one day afterward, on P1 Morgon) and there was no mention. I went back to it the following day after I had heard about the murders, where an Eritrean who had had his asylum request refused, was the main suspect. I think it was buried towards the end of the two-hour programme and barely said anything. The story got more prominence the next day, but it still hardly said anything but rather consisted of a discussion about whether it was safe for IKEA to sell kitchen knives!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Well, regarding the “refugees” appeal, in Italy the outcome in last year was – I have the exact official figures somewhere but as I already posted it here once and Mr Hitchens’ website once also, I’ll limit myself to rough figures – that out of all that arrived, half of them disappeared immediately into the vastness of the new Roman Empire ;-) – knowing that their case is so weak that they’ve no business applying even in the liberal EU; the other half did apply and only 4% got asylum (which means that only 2% out of them all were refugees rather than “refugees”).

            I know that there are some people being deported – from Belgium for example (would you believe it? As out of all EU PC countries, this is the shittiest one – but maybe it’s because the Eurocrats don’t want them around in Brussels?), and Sweden wanted to deport 60,000 – but the only idea they came up with was to deport them to the nearest country, whereby they for some unfathomable reason turned out to be Poland in their calculations (as they assumed they came from the south); whereupon Poland said the F-word to them and I think that this is how it ended so far.

            But my worry is that something worse might happen. I know, I know – you are thinking “what can be worse than a few million potential terrorists?”.
            But when you think of that calmly, you might agree with me – it may happen that when the western European voters will come to their senses, all these people will be deported (or, who knows, maybe even euthanised – did I tell you that in Holland they euthanised a completely healthy woman who suffered from depression after losing her daughter and said her life does not make sense?) – but AT THE COST of introducing a totalitarian regime. I mean – I know some countries have one already, but I really mean the III Reich style (btw – do you know that from a legal point of view, the III Reich never capitulated? – one of many reasons Germany refuses to sign a Peace Treaty with Poland – Kohl, when pressed by Thatcher, even preferred not to reunify Germany than to sign a Peace Treaty!).

            And maybe that’s what Merkel’s plan was all about.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Regarding the freedom of speech: regarding Germany, I watch their TV and listen to their radio sometimes, and this doesn’t surprise me at all. Bear in mind that this is a country where no foreign capital (read: no capital not controlled by BND) can enter their media market. Also bear in mind this is a country where they twice tried to delegalise the neo-Nazi parties and twice it was rejected in German courts as it turned out that all neo-Nazi parties in Germany are controlled by BND, who also writes programs for them (I know that this is perhaps the most shocking thing that you’ve ever heard from me but I followed those court proceeding when they were first happening and that was the reason they could not delegalise them).

            I also watch the Austrian TV and it is a lot better. It’s not as free as the Polish TV (when it comes to contrasting views) but it is free enough to have guests arguing against admitting the “refugees” – btw, Austria and Denmark are the only western countries who took a serious approach to the “refugees”, and sent their armies to guard their borders – albeit too late; btw – the Polish Interior Minister Blaszczak has just sent grenade launchers at the German border – because gangs of “refugees” cross to the Polish side and terrorise the locals).

            Now, as to your question about Sweden: I must look at that report again (it’s so shit that Ireland was not included in the research – it was included in some other researchers; those that were less serious because (like the Reporters Without Borders, where the second most free-journalism country was Sweden, first Norway; Ireland with two TV stations 14, Germany arresting people for posting what we post 16, UK 40, US 43, and Poland 54) and – sit on a chair – based on the opinions of journalists whether they feel free – hmmm… you are a German journalist, you are paid a million a year, and you’ve always been Frankfurt School – do you feel free?).

            So… PEW Research Centre, Free Expression 2015. Sweden. Lemme see.
            No, Sweden is not there either (maybe they refused to be surveyed? :-).
            See it for yourself:


            P.S. Who is that Mr Bunker? I pointed out some logical consequences of some of his views and that enraged it him so much that to my surprise, he went on about for the next month, even mentioning me and how wrong my criticism was in the next few articles which I neither read nor commented on :-)

            I now feel bad about it when I learned that he is really old (and maybe not altogether bad or even not bad at all, but certainly very confused conceptually and rather slow at learning), that he emigrated to Germany in 1959 and that I really must have hurt him by criticising two things that are dearest to him – his standards of rationality (I pointed out to some subtle inconsistency in his views) and Germany (by proving one by one that there is no freedom of speech in Germany, whereupon he twice accused me of ignorance by showing that there is because it’s in their Grundgesetz, whereupon I pointed out to him that this means that the German government’s actions are illegal, and he sort of flew off the handle from then on).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Remember the IKEA stabbing a year or two ago? It was a big story outside Sweden.” – I have to say I don’t have it in my mind.

            But I am curious – this wasn’t that famous case when the police in Sweden had an arrest warrant for a dangerous criminal and asked the public to help them find him (knowing Swedes, you can guess how cheerful they are when they can report on someone – sometimes I think that after a century of social-democracy that’s the only cheerful thing they know) but they could not because they didn’t add one important thing to the “wanted” leaflets – namely that he was black?

            But here is something cheerful about Sweden: as I have mentioned before, Sweden gave an asylum to the brother of the famous (in the 1990s, the man who run the left media in Poland) Adam Michnik (this is the same famous Michnik who was at the Round Table and named gen. Czeslaw Kiszczak – he murdered 100 oppositionists – “a man of honour”).

            The said Stefan Michnik, Adam’s brother, was responsible for murdering and torturing 19 people (this includes young girls) in Stalinist’ Poland (the whole family of Michnik’s is interesting – his father worked for NKVD, and his mother wrote Stalinists propaganda textbooks).

            So Sweden has this action “get to know your neighbour”, for which it spends enormous money. My mates came up with an idea to take part in that program and got a grant to print a few hundred thousand leaflets within that affirmative action – whereupon they printed them all about the atrocities, murders and lies that Michnik’s brother committed in Stalinism, and left them in all houses, public places and shops within the radius of a few miles :-)

            Now the decent Swedes, angry that their state protects such a criminal from deportation, are picketing in front of the m…cker’s house day and night, so that this scumbag is ashamed to leave his house :-I) – only the first signs are in Swedish, the rest is in English:


            Pity the communist asshole is loaded and does not have to live in a no-go zone in Stockholm


            “I assume that where the two of us differ is the cause. You assume they are lying (which they are) because they have a plan. I say they are lying, but that half the time they don’t even realize they are lying, and they believe their own lies – except when they are forced to confront them. But they’d rather not think about it, and don’t.” – there is no real discrepancy between our accounts: eejits like Michael D.Higgins, Juncker, Timmermans or Verhofstadt believe their own lies (that’s why it’s so easy to debunk them); people like those in BND who control the neo-Nazi parties in Germany have a plan.

            Generally, people from intelligence are ten steps ahead of the politicians – whether it is Germany, Poland or France (but not in Russia – because their top politicians ARE the intelligence, and not in Ireland – because Ireland doesn’t have any proper intelligence).

            P.S. I am thinking of Michael D. – look how much evil can one man do, pressing the Irish authorities to increase the number of the so-called “refugees” from 40-something 2 years ago (I’m talking about the Merkel “refugees”) to 10,000; I think eventually they settled on 4,000 – and as soon as some arrived, there was a giant fight in Dublin city centre, on Stephen’s Day, near Arnotts – with 250 of them involved.

            Whatever you say about Enda Kenny, he was by far more reasonable and responsible than the Red Dwarf:


            And look who did he want to be photographed with (that’s the most left politician the Red Dwarf could find since Castro died).

          • coldblow


            Re Italy and her refugees. I recall watching Italian news regularly on cable television 15 years ago or thereabouts and there were nightly landings of Africans arriving in boats on their southern shores.

            I mentioned the Meredith Kerchner murder case in Perugia a few weeks ago. This was a big story with three suspects initially jailed for the crime following (as I recall) sex games. (Whenever you see stories with ‘sex games’ or similar in them it should ring an alarm bell.) American Amanda Knox and well-off Italian student Rafael(?) Sollecito got a beating in the press. Both were good-looking and this, together with their ‘privileged’ upbringing and with the Clouseau-esque police investigation, allowed the idea to gain credibility, when their sentences were finally overturned, that there had been a Conspiracty of the Rich and Powerful. (Where have you heard that one before?).

            The third man, still in prison, is Rudy Guede, who came to Italy from the Ivory Coast or a nearby country when he was very young. His father was already living in Italy. (He said this in a revealing, subtitled interview.) His mother was ‘forced’ to let him join him when his father sent for him. In his early years there Guede often came home to an empty house because his father was too taken up with his own social life and a series of girlfriends. Guede was ‘adopted’ by a concerned, philanthropic and wealthy local family.

            He left a bloody footprint on the carpet (he recalls in the interview the name of the manufacturer, Adidas I think, because this is obviously important for him) and traces inside the girl’s body. He had arranged to meet her the previous night (nobody saw her talking to him, by the way, and it was probably unlikely as she was half Indian) and they were up close and intimate when suddenly he got the runs and had to go to the toilet where he listened to very loud rap music but then he heard a scream and he came out, forgetting to flush the toilet. He entered Kerchner’s room and saw a woman and a man, who could just be Sollecito and tried to staunch the blood pumping out of the victim’s neck. The man saw him and said, let’s go, ‘negro trovato, culpato trovato’. He didn’t know what to do. Kerchner appeared to try to speak and he (believe this or not) tried to write the words down on the wall in her blood.

            He was seen dancing at a discotheque th efollowing evening before fleeing to Germany, where he was caught after his Skype calls had been traced. A couple of nights before the murder he had broken into a kindergarten and was arrested the next day with a stolen knife and laptop (from a local legal practice) in his bag. How he got into the kindergarten? He met a South American stranger in a bar who invited him to sleep on the floor there.

            This is how it goes, story after story, coincidence after coincidence. He was aimless and a drifter. He maintains that he was naïve and innocent.

            Now he himself made a racial issue of his case (negro trovato, colpato trovato). Where is his father now? Back in the Ivory Coast. How had he got into Italy? Not said, but assume he was a ‘refugee’. How can ‘refugees’ travel back to the land of their persecution at will. I don’t know. Rudy says he feels Italian. Most people in the YT comments support his innocence and claim that he is in gaol because of his race. Even Bob Wooffinden has raised his case, again claiming that he was convicted because he was black. (Wooffinden had investigated the extraordinary Sheldfield abuse case where two innocent nursery workers went on the run for their lives in an atmosphere of dangerous and deranged hysteria, yet his experience is not enough to look at Guede objectively.)

          • coldblow


            You are correct about the danger of a lashback. Hitchens has warned of this also. I can’t see people coming to their senses. Tino Sanandaji, the Kurdish-Swedish economist who speaks frankly about their mad immigration policy, quote Adam Smith: “There is much ruin in a nation.” In other words, a well-run, prosperous state can deteriorate for a very long time before collapse.

            All our experience so far is that when the delusion is challenged (be it Europe, AGW, immigration, the Catholic Church) and the facts do not support it, those in its grip become more, not less, committed. (In his excellent analysis of mass immigration Ed West (son of Mary Kenny) actually compares its supporters at the end to a millennial cult, which when the alien masters and saviours fail to appear at the appointed time, actually get more support, not less. I read the book a second time and was expecting, or hoping, to see such an opinion and was rewarded when I found it in the final chapter.) My own wild guess is that people will not come round to their senses anytime soon but that a completely different fantasy, and possibly even more dangerous, probably of an authoritarian character replaces the current one. David is very clever and very sharp. How on earth can he not see what is happening?

            The reason I assume there are no deportations taking place is that there would be cameras present if there were and an outcry among the usual suspects. They would not dare do it in the open in present conditions. (As you know yourself the things that are not reported are just as important than those that are. If any of these terrible things were happening do you think we would never hear the end of it?)

          • coldblow

            Have you ever seen the sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf? It is very funny.

            I have noticed that Austrian tv programmes on YT are usually superior to the German ones.

            You are right that it is very difficult to believe that the German secret service are actually running and operating extreme right-wing parties in Germany rather than just the usual infiltration. Are the ‘anti-fas’ aware of this? And just to get this straight, you are familiar with the court cases which resulted in the failure of an attempt to ban these parties on the grounds that they were being operated by the intelligence service?

            Polls on freedom and the press that seek the opinions of journalists strike me as worse than useless. Journalists are the problem, especially those in the broadsheets (what Hitchens calls the unpopular press). (I recommend again the late Richard Webster’s excellent examination of the role of journalism in his review of Flat Earth News.)

            The IKEA case seems to have been a different one. I first learnt of it here and quickly confirmed that it was big news everywhere except in Sweden. I had really been listening to the Swedish news for that day and it had been buried without a trace. I understand they are not allowed to reveal the race of suspects. Similarly you won’t find out from RTE if it was an Arab or a Traveller who commits a crime but you will have to consult the print media.

            Last year I watched a bit of a Swedish documentary on YT about a Roma family as they fought their deportation. Eventually the black day arrived and the decision came: deportation. Tears all round. End of documentary. Written afterword or footnote at the very end: the Roma moved out and have not since been traced.

            Bunker. I don’t believer Mr Bunker (as he now styles himself) is real. I think his creator (a middle-aged manic depressive living, I guess, in the English midlands) added the elderliness at a late stage. I couldn’t tell him that on the blog as they wouldn’t print the comment but finally there was a thread about the existence of God and I think Bunker came out with his ‘I don’t believe in gods’ spiel and that teapot orbiting the earth and I caught him with, “You can’t make me believe that you exist either.”

            I cannot be certain but I have a pretty good idea I am right. In a subsequent discussion about the decimilization Bunker said he missed the old coins: halfpennies, pennies, tanners, bobs, florins, and half crowns. That was pretty good. For me it was ‘apennies, pennies, thrupenny bit, tanner (sixpence), shillings and two bob bits (2 shillings, or florins). Bunker wrote ‘bobs’ and I pointed out to him that he was obviously too young to have experienced the old money (as I had) at first hand. I never heard anyone ever say ‘bobs’. It’s like saying ‘quids’ instead of ‘quid’ – I remember a Ugandan Asian refugee used to say ‘quids’. Bobs!

            I don’t read the comments there. Is ‘Mrs B’ still posting. She is definitely a fake. I ran a lot of these characters into the ground a few years ago and then took pity on the fruitcake.

          • coldblow

            As for Enda, I accept he is more responsible than Mickilín but he was still bad enough. David Quinn called him ‘the best Taoiseach that secular Ireland ever had.’

            His speech on the Cloyne Report was a beauty of pc rhetoric and cliché.


            “But thankfully for them, and for us, this is not Rome.

            Nor is it industrial-school or Magdalene Ireland, where the swish of a soutane smothered conscience and humanity and the swing of a thurible ruled the Irish-Catholic world.”

            My uncle played for Mayo once but the blow of losing again to the Dubs was eased by the thought of Inda and Noddy.

            You really should read that speech, or the short bit quoted in that RTE link. It should be memorized like the Americans do the Gettyburg Address.

            Having said that, I know nothing of the Cloyne Report but cannot see how it can possibly be an exception to the witch hunt rule.

            Here’s my link, which I will read tomorrow.


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “All our experience so far is that when the delusion is challenged (be it Europe, AGW, immigration, the Catholic Church)”

            You see, the problem is that the Catholic Church is now in the avant-garde of importing the “refugees” and giving them the red-carpet treatment, and under the Anti-Pope Francis it is acting as a 5th column to flog the idea of importing the potential terrorist to those who would not have bought that idea from the left:




            I therefore wrote 2 years ago

            “Grzegorz Kolodziej
            August 12, 2015 at 6:20 pm

            “Like I said, one of the reasons we had those asylum seekers invading Ireland is because Ireland is perceived as an easy-touch.

            “Again, it’s not like I am totally against asylum seekers – however, what we saw this year is something that Europe (let alone Ireland) will not be able to cope, and I am only afraid that if we – all European countries – do not come up with some effective X-raying of the potential terrorists and quick deportation procedures, even the liberal Ireland may see Patriot Act-style totalitarian legislation being imposed.

            “- keep bashing me to your heart’s content, but in 10 years time I will remind you that I was saying something must be done with way the police operates here if we are to prevent the French-style burning cars criminality caused by the latest boat arrivals (what scares me in particular is that virtually all of them June illegals to Ireland all males – in future frustrated, single males: Sweden was promoted to first place in the world in terms of rates per capita after introducing the unconditional right to stay; overtaking not only countries like Romania, but even all African countries). There must be some middle way between PSNI style police and 6 armed Garda detectives at night”.

            Unfortunately, at that time my predictions, my arguments and my advice what should be done to keep this country safe after the “refugees” dam burst (Merkel burst it and now she has the Anti-Pope to help) was met on this blog with a COMPLETE misunderstanding as to
            w h y I was saying what I was saying:

            August 11, 2015 at 7:19 pm

            I run hot and cold on this issue given what Gardai have to face on a daily basis but paramilitary style gendarmaries for the moment are alien to these Islands. An armed police service will be partly a consequence of some EU States having Texan style firearm laws and open borders. There is real value in the soft skills that the Gardai deploy in most circumstances.

            In essence the message immigrants need to hear and understand is adapt to our values and culture on our terms not yours or f**k off back to the paradise you came from.”

            and I replied:


            I mostly agree with your reasoning, with few exceptions, however. I thought the most clear way would be go point by point:
            1.2. If you mean the African and Middle East immigration, I think that sadly you have a point; however, that should be divided into radical-Muslim and purely economic immigration. The radical Muslim immigration is, of course, also purely economic, but what differs it from the rest is the potential for causing civil unrest, as in Britain or France. My remarks about the need for the proper police force should be looked at in view of the growing wave of refugees.

            Make no mistake, I neither prefer nor would like to see Gardaí parading with machine guns on O’Connell St (except at some places, like the airports). It’s hard to disagree with you that

            “paramilitary style gendarmaries for the moment are alien to these Islands”. One of the downsides of having such police force is that police is largely hated where that is the case.

            “There is real value in the soft skills that the Gardai deploy in most circumstances.” – I shared accommodation with a young Garda officer in the past, so I do not need to be convinced about that; neither I think that out of all public sector workers these are the ones who are overpaid. But there must be something in between the old PSNI style police in armed vehicles and 6 armed Garda detectives serving the city of one million, including the nasty part of the new immigration.”


            – and now a lot more people would say I was right – that if we now have the enemy within (thanks to people like the Red Dwarf, who is openly supporting them), we have to rearm OR we will perish because some of them would be now impossible to deport – the most dangerous terrorists actually have British passports,

            more and more people agree with that conclusion, including even some in the mainstream media (but, of course, not in the “Anti-Irish Times” – though they’d like to be anonymous).

            “Grzegorz Kolodziej
            November 19, 2015 at 6:10 pm

            According to an internal document issued by the EU Council counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove, there are 1,595 REGISTERED foreign terrorists in Europe (in fact, they are pretty much allowed to travel to and fro and not only that: Belgian authorities knew about the Abdeslams brothers involved in the Paris massacres – they arrested them and released them, and did not tell the French authorities about them – they would later take part in Paris attacks;”


            P.S. I am very intrigued that you said that you first come across a lawless estate in Dublin in 1987 and that even London was safe at that time…
            That’s a novelty to me I’d love to know more about!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Are the ‘anti-fas’ aware of this? And just to get this straight, you are familiar with the court cases which resulted in the failure of an attempt to ban these parties on the grounds that they were being operated by the intelligence service?”

            As to Antifa, certainly not the normal members. But those finance them (like Soros) – who knows?

            Re: German neo-Nazis: no, I am not talking merely about their infiltration by the secret service (that happens in every serious country) – I am talking about people in leadership positions writing their programs!
            Yes, I followed them when they were happening – actually, this was even more serious than a normal court case: it became a constitutional case (it was investigated by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution)

            And an agent working for BND was at the scene of one of the 10 murders carried out by neo-Nazis.
            All in all, BND has 130 active members in the neo-Nazi parties (bear in mind that STASI had, from 1981, from 500-1,000 LEGALLY acting agents in Poland – they had, officially, 3 buildings – in Katowice, Warsaw and Gdansk: in Warsaw it was the same building that Gestapo was using – INCLUDING among the members of the Politburo).

            This may appear less shocking to you if you connect this with the fact that the BND (and STASI) themselves were founded and run by the neo-Nazis (btw – Merkel’s right-hand in making sure that the censorship works in Germany also worked for STASI – and in the 1980s, STASI and BND started to merge).
            The Zwickau cell of NPD, who murdered 10 people – 9 foreign and 1 German policewoman – had even weapons provided by BND (who, like I said, was present during the murder) – this was also confirmed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.
            That’s why the attempt to delegalise them in 2003 failed…
            In Bavaria, one can even argue that the neo-Nazis are just a branch of CSU (i.e. all those DVDs praising Wehrmacht and CDs with SS marches distributed at public meetings with the CSU representatives)…

            And they say that Messrs Orban and Kaczynski are authoritarian?!!!

            That’s why I said be careful what you wish for: they might deport the “refugees” eventually
            at the cost of chipping people, total censorship and euthanising the enemies of the open society (because – i.e. – they said they are depressed): a medicine even worse than the illness…

            My dystopian fantasy, you might or might not say – but look how many things I said 2 years ago about Mr Trump and 3 years ago about terrorists in Europe among the “refugees” turned out to be true!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Coldblow – you m u s t watch this:
            They are talking about western lands of Poland…
            And these are not street hooligans – these are CDU and CSU local leaders.


          • coldblow


            That is interesting about the border with Germany, how the Germans can act in such a pc way as regards to opening their (and our) borders, going along with the dream fantasy, yet retaining the escape clause of revising the border boy not ratifying it. Did Thatcher put pressure on Germany at the time of reunification?

            Pope Francis. I remember two years ago he called for every parish to accept a refugee. This made not sense. They won’t be dispersed individually and absorbed into the native society. There are already several families in every parish across Europe. And they are not refugees. I agree that perhaps one in fity is, as you say, but even there they should seek shelter in an adjacent country, with similar customs, and not trek half-way around the world.

            I agree that the Catholic Church is to the fore in supporting immigration. The liberal media have this curiously clichéd idea that priests moralize about, well, traditional morality and sex and hellfire (the maker of the infamous Mission To Prey Primetime disaster documentary said that she could not bear the thought of (the innocent) Fr Reynolds preaching to his congregation) when I never hear about these things but often here a vigorous defence of ‘refugees’.

            While you are correct about screening terrorists I am equally concerned that second generation immigrants who seem to wish to identify with their country of origin and, no matter how well they may (or may not) be brought up will be attracted to radicalism. My view is simple and plain: they have no right to come here, they are dishonest (it seems) in how they go about getting into the country, and (most important) they are not Irish.

            Hitchens himself has said that he has argued with his left-wing friends and acquaintances that they will bring about the kind of right-wing or fascist backlash that they most fear through their stupid policies. Anyone who can think at all will know this. The problem is that many or most refuse to think (see my earlier comments above). He said that Trump will be like Woody Allen compared to what is coming down the line. (Again, this is obvious.)

            What I will add is what Ed West explains in his excellent book (which I have read (twice) on the recommendation of Hitchens). This is that when numbers of a minority exceed a certain level they cease to be harmless exotics and become a political player in their own right. What happens is that race becomes the most important issue in politics and there is a racial aspect to every, but every, aspect of politics. Such a society can only be made to operate under a very firm authoritarian political arrangement.

            West, son of Irish journalist Mary Kenny, said that he was glad that his mother did not bring the family to Glasgow or Liverpool because in both cities the proportion of the Irish community exceeded that critical level and the results were dire.

            This is where we are headed, at high speed. According to OECD figures our rate of ‘recent’ immigration (ie over the last five years) is between 2 and 3 times the OECD average. The media have strong opinions about immigration and they use these to stifle or taboo discussion and even reporting. Yet I suspect they know very little about it. And they are living in a fantasy.

            Getting back to the Irish Catholic Church I have been discussing with Rory Connor at his new Irish Salem blogpost website the Church’s tendency (at least of its apparently dominant liberal wing) to be among its own worst enemies.


            Pio Moa, the revisionist Spanish historian (and former Marxist terrorist) argues that Franco’s regime, which was traditional Catholic rather than ‘fascist’, made a strategic error in identifying so closely with the Church because it found itself under heavy fire from the Church following Vatican II.

            The idea of the German authorities acutally composing and writing the ideologies of the far-right parties is astonishing. Are there precends elsewhere in the world?

          • coldblow

            errata: by not boy
            writing the ideologies should be writing the literature

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I can only answer shortly today:

            1. “Did Thatcher put pressure on Germany at the time of reunification?” – yes, she did: that’s why she was ousted from her office. She actually tried to condition the German reunification from them signing a Peace Treaty with Poland and paying war reparations, but… she needed the Polish Foreign Minister to play with her in one team and he – Krzysztof Skubiszewski was his name – opposed it! Later on it turned out that he was blackmailed by BND.

            2. ” but even there they should seek shelter in an adjacent country, with similar customs, and not trek half-way around the world.” – furthermore, this is what the EU law, the refugees’ conventions – and now, it turned out from the Bundestag legal experts expertise – the German law say.

            3. “that second generation immigrants who seem to wish to identify with their country of origin and, no matter how well they may (or may not) be brought up will be attracted to radicalism. My view is simple and plain: they have no right to come here, they are dishonest (it seems) in how they go about getting into the country” – of course.
            You see, the game changer is Islam sponsored by oil states and this was even admitted by the main British refugee officer who had lefty views (cannot remember his name): that they are different to all immigrants before and that they won’t assimilate (because most immigrants do assimilate in next generations: Michael Howard in the UK, Otto Skorzenny in Austria, Apollinaire in France, Marco Rubio or Trump in the US).

            Many times I asked Mr Hitchens how is Brexit going to solve Britain’s main problem with immigrants – Islamists born in Britain or married to British women, and they also account for the biggest chunk of social expenses – and he always avoided this question, and did everyone there.

            They were are all scared to even answer my comments, and like I said, the question of the EU immigrants was a relief valve for them to talk about what they are not scared to talk of – because they won’t go to prison in Britain for 8 months for, i.e., burning a Polish flag like those football fans did – but they would for throwing a bacon into a mosque.

            P.S. Regarding lawless estates in Ireland – I just remembered that in 2003, the place with most crimes per head on the British Isles was Fairview, and the second was Hackney – and Hackney only had, per head, half of Fairview’s crimes.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            P.S. This video shows how PC even Mr Hitchens is (saying that I more sympathise with him that the media in his country are so unfree rather than condemn him):


            Btw – that they (even those most anti-immigrants) were scared to answer my question on Jihadists that are Britain-born (some of them are even ethnically English) and what to do with them wasn’t because they ignored it: no, they were happy to go on on all my other questions (and for weeks), ranging from WWII to the EU immigrants.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Are there precends elsewhere in the world?” – no, not that I heard of.

            But from everything that wrote about the origins of BND (i.e. Dienstelle 114), they were neo-Nazis themselves.


            This is only my hypothesis – don’t nail me on that – how do you manufacture the social acceptance for Nazism in a country that is so PC and so US/Israel controlled as Germany?

            One way – you start preaching a neo-Nazi program; then you get 3% in the election and an arrest.
            Second way – you believe in Nazism, but you don’t preach it and you get to power. Then you start the neo-Nazi policies. The problem is that you cannot stay in power when people don’t believe in it.
            The third way – you don;t preach it and you don’t implement it. You got elected on the left-liberal agenda and you implement it. But you go overboard with it – you import 800,000 “refugees”, nearly all muscular, single, aggressive men, and potential terrorists.
            Then people wake up.
            Then they start to believe in neo-Nazism.
            Then you have their acceptance for a totalitarian state to deal with the “refugees”.
            And finally, you can elect a proper, neo-Nazi chancellor – your chancellor.
            I think that we might be 5 years from this in Germany, unless president Trump stops it.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Sorry, there is one precedence now that I recall – the tsarist Ochrana (secret service) was controlling all of their opposition by filling the whole of the opposition stage by parties established by their agents, and they learned that trick from the 19th century Paris police, whose boss was even personally writing denigrating articles about himself for the “opposition” “underground” brochures.

            Poor Irish authorities – they are so behind in those operational games.
            If only I knew how I could help them with political strategies so that Ireland is not getting fucked over from left, right and centre.
            Nothing proves this better than one of our budgets being read in the Bundestag before it was read in the Dail,

          • coldblow


            I saw that video before. I think the woman was the same one I read about who had gone on holiday to Sudan. I thought I had remembered that from this interview but I suppose I had read it somewhere else.

            In what way do you think that Hitchens is pc? It is an interesting question.

            About Thatcher’s fall from power the conventional wisdom is that it was because of the Community Charge (the Poll Tax). My own understanding (and I think I am right) is that she was ditched by her cabinet colleagues because she had seen the light about the EU and had begun to oppose it.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            If you listen to that debate with Mr Hitchens – and I guess you’ve already done so – then you’d have to agree that he goes out of his way not to criticise Islam. There is even a moment where he is asked whether he objects to wearing burqas in Britain, and he goes out of his not to say that he does, saying that he is only stating the fact (that more and more women wear it).
            On Polish TV, people would freely object to that (or wouldn’t, depending on their views – but most would), and they would give all the reasons why they object, such as:
            1) Reciprocity – you are not free to practice Christianity in Wahabi countries, and in some of them you can be severely punished (up to even death) for owning a Bible – so why allow Wahabi-sponsored mosques in Europe? – let alone burquas.
            2) Safety reasons – it’s easy to smuggle weapons or suicide belts under a dress with only eyes not covered.
            3) If people can wear burqas, then why not swastikas?
            Etc, etc.

            You’ve got to admit, Coldblow – news headline like that with a commentary like that would be never ever be aired on any British TV – not only BBC but any main news.

            Btw, I don’t object to women covering their hair because that’s what western women used to do as late as the 1960s – but those creatures resembling UFOs because that’s what their Jihadi husbands say?

            I was briefly at the sea this evening and I was discussing self-censorship with my friend and I remembered our conversation on freedom of speech in the EU countries in view of the fact that last week, the very pro-censorship Mathias Doepfner, chief executive of Axel Springer – at the meeting of press publishers, had compared the control that the German government now exerts on the media as similar to that in North Korea, for which he received verbal abuse from the journalists of ARD and ZDF.

            I’m not sure that you are aware of the term Hofberichterstattung (don’t look at the dictionary – it will give you @court circular, which explains nothing because you cannot compare the Common Law legal system to that of Germany, with some elements of the Nazi law still present).

            It’s an old Bismarck tradition of press reporting that made a full comeback to Germany for the last 10 years, with the German journalists describing themselves that way.

            What the Ringier Axel Springer is, it is sufficient to say that its representative Mark Dekan is a guy who gave a written instruction to all journalists working in his media in Poland (Germany owns most media in Poland) as to how to talk about Kaczynski’s government to the foreign media…

            And this is the biggest whore of them all – a guy I have personally publicly accused of using trick-photography to support his slanderous statements, in an article published in Poland, whereupon I posted a proposal to Mr. Lis on his profile, and I quote: “sue me, whore!”:


            All these people you see in that German news report about the media situation in Poland are paid, German propagandists.

            And then I remembered what you said about the English that when they adopt something, they really carry it out, so if they adopt some stupidity, there is nothing to mitigate it through sabotage or sloppy implementation.

            And as we speak, the UK minister announced just this week that she wants to monitor what websites people access in the UK, whereupon if you visit some hate-speech websites too often, you might be arrested – as it already happens in Germany (over 490 people got arrested that way).
            Admittedly, she spoke mainly about the Jihadi websites.
            She also mentioned “right-extreme”.
            And who knows who that might be – maybe creationists?

            No, it was not because of the Poll Tax.
            The Poll Tax certainly didn’t help and was skillfully used to launch a media campaign against her, but it was not the real reason: and I am a very well informed person on that because I briefly worked for a British Conservative MEP (my name is mentioned in one of their think-tank research papers on Poland’s transition to the EU that came out as a book) I was friends with the guy who run the media campaign for Ian Duncan Smith’s shadow cabinet.

            Of course, you can believe that it was the Poll Tax but the real reason was her opposition to German reunification – do you not remember when she said that she loves Germany so much that she would like to have not 1, not 2, but 4-5 German states? (someone else was ousted from there British government for that too, but I cannot remember what minister and in whose administration – I think Major’s).
            Thatcher was very much pressing Germany to sign the Peace Treaty with Poland and pay war reparations but due to the Polish Foreign Minister working for Germany all she got was the Polish border confirmation on the 2+4 conference (however, Germany only confirms the Polish border in its CURRENT legal arrangement – that is until it has a Consitution instead of Grundgesetz – and it will have a Constitution when all German people reunite – and they will reunite – this is what their Grundgesetz says – when Germany returns to its borders from 1937.
            No conspiracy here, it is all in German law.

            Thatcher was very shocked when the UK ambassador in Germany, Christopher Mallaby, expressed support for united Germany – she knew this was the beginning of her end.
            Also, Francois Mitterand was opposed to German reunification and confirmed that at the closed lunch at The Élysée Palace on 20 January 1990, which you can read in Charles Powell’s diplomatic note.
            Mitterand warns at this meeting that Kohl’s reunification will bring Europe back to the time shortly before WWI and that Germany will this time conquer more territory than Hitler did.

            The Foreign Office has only recently declassified these documents (even though I knew about their content as early as 1997) and I reckon that they had done so (they normally wait 30 years – they still didn’t declassify the Sikorski Gibraltar crash documents) because most (practically all) British diplomats in them speak positively of the German reunification.

            Do you know, on the lines: “don’t attack me and let me keep writing articles – I was pro-reunification; see wha I mean?”:


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “over 490 people got arrested that way” = over 40 people

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “she was ditched by her cabinet colleagues because she had seen the light about the EU and had begun to oppose it.” – yes, but that’s the view that they WANT you to believe.
            Please, try to think critically about that conventional wisdom:

            She always opposed the EU (that didn’t exist at the time – the EU exists from Lisbon) but that didn’t stop her from getting to power and staying there for 3 terms.
            Her Bruges speech was, far from censored, widely publicised and made famous all over Europe.
            In contrast, her remarks on 5 German states received little coverage, and her support for the German Peace Treaty with Poland and war reparations was COMPLETELY censored in the UK and still is (i.e. Peter Hitchens was very surprised when I told him, as he was surprised when I said that Churchill was paid by the Czech government for years).

            Nothing changed after her Bruges speech.

            In contrast, her removal after the German remarks was brutal and very, very quick.

            The European Communities didn’t have their spies in the British government and the British press – they had some paid propagandists, at the most.
            The BND did, and they still do.

          • coldblow


            You misread me. I said that conventional wisdom holds that Thatcher was ditched over the Poll Tax. I don’t share this belief. My own understanding (as supported by the detailed evidence in Booker and North’s The Great Deception) is that she was removed from No 10 because she had turned against Europe (be that the EEC or the EU, it is still basically the same project). Geoffrey Howe, her fiercely Europhile and one-time Foreign Secretary, put the knife in in his resignation speech.

            Thatcher was of course an enthusiastic supporter of the EEC in her earlier carrier and, as I recall, campaigned for it in the British Referendum over entry in the mid-seventies (as I recall). The strange thing that I cannot work out (among so many other things) is how she turned against Europe at the same time as Labour turned the other way.

            That this happened at the same time as German reunification is very interesting. After shadowing it for some years Britain joined the ERM and effectively was linked to the Deutschmark instead of the dollar thenceforth.

            I watched your link. It seems the Polish govt is trying to restrict German-directed media. Is that right?

            That Hitchens interview was unsettling when I first saw it and it still is. I think he is avoiding being manoeuvred into a trap. He says that he avoided the gay marriage debate because it was an ‘elephant trap’. He asked me to stop raising the issue of Jimmy Savile’s innocence because it would alienate people who would otherwise support his campaign for Bishop Bell’s innocence. In this interview with a Polish website he suggests that it is easier to talk about Eastern European immigration than about Muslim immigration.


            I look at pc in a extravert-introvert framework. Extraverts tend to support pc because it is received opinion but its few articulate and outspoken critics are also practically unfailingly extravert. I used to think that it was impossible to be extravert without subscribing at least at some level with received opinion, that no matter how sceptical they might be of it, they would be connected to the ‘continent’ of ‘what everyone knows’. I notice some things about him that I would not have expected of someone who holds the opinions he does. He loves films (I don’t, for example). He sees pc as a form of politeness (and he has said this several times), and justifiable in this way. This puzzles me because I (like Fennell) see it as obviously being a new and revolutionary (albeit incoherent) set of beliefs. He has expressed a deep dislike of abusive Catholic priests when I think this characterization is almost completely mistaken and the result of hysterical anti-clericalism. His rejection of the campaign for Savile is more than just tactical as he disapproves of Savile’s lifestyle (as recounted in Savile’s autobiography) although this is obviously secondary compared to the principle and of the fact that if the Savile myth is burst then all the others (and there are very many) will be too.

            There are a few other things too which don’t occur to me just now. On the other hand he is head and shoulders above all the other commentators out there.

            I am not sure where I disagree with him is due to my not understanding his position. I think he argues from instinct and his instincts have proven him right so far. He strongly dislikes and disapproves of Donald Trump.

            In a kind of parallel Christopher Booker has written with huge insight about modern collective delusions and fantasies: the origin of the Swinging Sixties (and by extension pc in Britain) explained as a fantasy, the global warming delusion and the extraordinary series of scares, in particularly health ones like BSE, in Scared to Death. Yet it doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that the daddy of them all, the Savile fantasy, was also one.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I was hoping that you would still follow that thread even though it’s going into Sunday now (I don’t think I’ll have time to comment next week; David’s next article on separatism is quite balanced and decent, though I wonder what he makes of the Carolingians’ hypocrisy re Catalonia and Spanish police (where scenes resembled the 1960s Northern Ireland in their police brutality) versus the EU’s treatment of Poland (where the PiS police was actually protecting the anti-Kaczynski protesters).

            Yet Timmermans spoke about the breach of human rights in Poland but in Spain, according to him, the police protected the rule of law.

            But I am diverging.

            Yes, my phrasing was unfortunate as it does look I was suggesting that you attribute Thatcher’s downfall to the Poll Tax while you clearly said it was because of the EC.


            My point was that, of course, she made some enemies with the Bruges speech (that Mr McWilliams was present at if my memory serves me correctly) but that didn’t trigger any machinations aimed at toppling her (the timeframe is obvious – Bruges: 1988 – two years of growing international recognition); opposition to reunification + pressing on Peace Treaty with Poland = immediate downfall.

            Why is that? How do we explain it?

            “she was removed from No 10 because she had turned against Europe (be that the EEC or the EU, it is still basically the same project)” – nein, nein, nein.

            I would fight my corner on that but it’s too late today to go down the splitters (and set the alarm clock for 5 am tomorrow).

            It was a completely different project.
            Two examples out of many:
            1 EC was not a (federal) state as the EU since 1 Dec 2009 (I’m talking legal stuff, not my opinion). That is significant – this has legal implications (i.e. Art 4(3) of the Lisbon Treaty).
            2 EC was an economic project with politics playing the second fiddle. EU is a political project with economy playing the second fiddle (for instance the Amsterdam Treaty paved the way for genderism in the EU education – btw something Britain will continue after the EU).

            You yourself see that the picture is not so black and white and it was dynamic when you say:

            “Thatcher was of course an enthusiastic supporter of the EEC in her earlier carier and, as I recall, campaigned for it in the British Referendum over the entry in the mid-seventies (as I recall). The strange thing that I cannot work out (among so many other things) is how she turned against Europe at the same time as Labour turned the other way.
            That this happened at the same time as German reunification is very interesting. ”


            In my humble opinion – don’t get angry with me for that – you see the problem, you identify why she opposed it but you interpret it upside down (I’m talking now in a very artistic, picturesque way rather than like a logician would).

            Here is the main thrust of my inference: Thatcher didn’t change, it’s the EEC that changed.

            What’s changed? Well, 2 things: one that I have just mentioned and the second is that believe it or not but Thatcher was actually both hated by and needed by the 1980s Germany and France.
            1980s Germany didn’t want French bureaucratisation so they needed Thatcher as enfant terrible.

            1980s France was ruled by Mitterand who didn’t want Germany to reunify so he needed anti-German Thatcher too.

            When Germany reunited, they needed to hide the fact that they are reviving the old Mittel-Europa/Großraum projects.
            They could only hide it if they dressed it as the “Europe of regions” and “more Europe in Europe”. They were happy to let France to bureaucratise Europe because they rightly assumed that they will find a way of making the peripheries to pay for it (remember: 0.86-0.89 out of each EU subsidy to Poland returned to Germany – that’s without any other financial transfers from Poland to Germany and German tax dodging, which is in multiples of all the EU subsidies Poland received – for the whole V4 region, that number is 1.25 out of each euro).

            Although this may surprise you, eastern Europe can very well function without the EU provided that they are not absorbed into Russia and that Germany does not brew another war in Yugoslavia to stop central and eastern Europe (that includes Austria) from uniting.
            After all, it did precisely that in the 1990s – lived without the EU subsidies, developing faster; and last year, Poland was a net payer (this is the reason why the Carolingians have so miscalculated thinking that they will force Poland to take their “refugees” by threatening to take the EU subsidies – Poland is not in the EU for the subsidies but because it is too weak to form a buffer it needs between Russia and Germany outside the EU – the last time it tried it, with Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia and Austria, Germany – with a little help from Russia and acceptance of the US – derailed it by triggering a war in Yugoslavia: Germany recognised the split of Yugoslavia as the first country and provided weapons to Croatia, as did later Russia to Serbia and Saudi Arabia to Bosnia).


            Neither Germany nor France can survive without exports to eastern Europe (after all, they import more than twice of German products than the UK + Ireland): that would immediately get them into a deep recession.

            “I look at pc in a extravert-introvert framework.”

            As I said a couple of times, this is not my framework and I question it (introvert v extravert comes from Freudism, and I question Freudism) but I always read with interest when you use this framework to describe real people as you are such a good observer of people (did you ever consider writing a book on the Irish establishment in Flaubert style?).

            I think a much more accurate framework is this (mind you, Mazur is a man who worked out tests for NASA astronauts and his student, Kossecki, worked out personality tests for BND):


            I posted that link for you in the past but I don’t think that you’ve read it

            Regarding Tomasz Lis, my point was – I did cover it a few times – that this is a man on German paylist inviting journalists and politicians on German and Soros paylists, who would not have invited any nationalist or conservative politicians to his program on public TV (neither they were invited to any other program) for 8 years of Tusk’s government.
            His only reason for being on Polish TV was because Jaroslaw Kaczynski thought in 2005 that public TV needs pluralism so he gave him a TV program as the representative of the left.
            In 2015, Kaczynski removed him because Lis tried to influence the outcome of the presidential election by creating of a fake Twitter account of president Duda’s daughter and lying on TV by quoting things from that fake account.
            Now Lis is ratting on his own country on German TV lying that he was removed because PiS wants to end the freedom of speech rather than that he was removed because he committed a crime.
            Know wha’ I mean? ;-)


          • coldblow


            Thatcher’s downfall, you say, immediately followed the her intervention on German unification and her desire to get a Germany treaty signed with Poland. I know very little about this and will have to take your word for it.

            Brooker and North, working from the documentation throughout, show in detail the split between her and her cabinet colleagues from month to month, if not week to week. They make the point that the British knew little about how Europe worked, including the Europhiles. When Thatcher became PM she saw at first hand how these Euro meetings worked. Delors’s Social Chapter appears to have been one of the final straws.

            Their argument (and I think it is persuasive) is that the ‘project’ was always political and supranation rather than economic. Monnet was particularly influential (they say that Schumann was just his ventriloquist’s dummy in 1950 and that all the Euro mythology about Schumann is indeed just mythology). The aim was always a supranational body rather than intergovernmentalism, which is why Britain was originally refused entry. You are right about the need for Britain to be there later, be it to mask German dominance or just for her large contribution. British goverments were also practising deceit on their electorates (Heath for example) and stressing that it was a purely economic institution and not political. (I remember this well at the time when I was a schoolboy – it was solely economic and ‘to keep the peace’ after WW2.) Of course its legal position changed after the EU was formed but this had always been the intention among those driving it.

            They also say that every milestone of the EU turns out to have been quite different, when you examine what happened in detail, from what people thought happened.

            Your remark about French bureaucratism is interesting. They describe Brussels as the legislation factory but do make the point that the one country which easily best used the Euro machinery to her own national advantage was France, starting with her success in introducing CAP at the very start, which was enormously to her benefit.

            I am going to have to read their book again (note the title: The Great Deception) some time because it is dense in detail and I couldn’t take most of it in first time round. (This is often the case with me I find.) Hitchens recommends reading it together with the pro-EU book by Toby Young, but frankly life is too short.

            But just to clarify, are you arguing that Germany, via BND spies in the British government or state, engineered Thatcher’s fall? What are your sources?

            You are right that I didn’t read your link first time. I remember opening it and thinking that it looked demanding. I will have to print it out and look at it some time. My extra-introvert angle is not original but taken from Dorothy Rowe. I don’t know where she got it from but it seems to have just been part of the world of psychology, although I get the impression that materialist scientist zealots are keen to get rid of it, and Jung. It is Jung I think of rather than Freud. I haven’t studied Freud except a few articles about his fraudulent research (if that is not too strong a word, which it probably isn’t). Richard Webster has written a long book about Freud, which I would like to read some day. This draft chapter is on his Sceptical Essays website and is interesting (though I don’t agree with him on the whole. For one thing he was an atheist, but he wrote what must be the classic study of a modern witch hunt, the Secret of Bryn Estyn, about the North Wales ‘Children’s’ Home hysteria).


            And most of this material didn’t even end up in the published book. Michel Onfray, a French leftist, is another who has written a sharply critical work about Freud.

            I am interested in Jung, however, as he seems to have been rigorously objective in reporting his observations, even if they fly in the face of conventional science. Again I have read little of him, although I have studied some bits at length and repeatedly, ditto some of his televised interviews. This introvert-extravert thing is extraordinary, even more than realizing the breadth and depth of mass fantasy, and is something I am more sure of than most things. Of course, that doesn’t mean I am right. If it is me and Dorothy Rowe against the world then, in the words of Homer Simpson, what could possible go wrong?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Interesting and multifaceted comment.
            I can only answer shortly, in, as it were, indicators rather than in arguments.
            1. Thatcher and her ousting.
            I laid out some reasons why the Carolingian Europe hated and opposed Thatcher and needed her at the same time.
            German reunification was a game changer because it HAD to change geopolitical orientation of Germany from the Atlantic towards the tacit alliance with Russia against the US.
            In Atlantic Europe, Britain could carry on its old policy of playing France against Germany and Germany against France. Likewise, France and Germany could play Britain to their own purposes.
            What kept that fragile balance was the Atlanticism. That was gone since Germany reunified – Germany had to turn towards Russia (Schroeder on Gazprom’s paylist) and away from the Atlantic.
            On the 1988 conference, Eduard Shevardnadze asked if the USSR would allow the German reunification. He said: yes, provided that between Russia and Germany there will be a scarcely populated, demilitarised buffer zone with no heavy industries.
            Thus the pre-WWI Mittel-Europa plan was reborn. In such space, Europe was not supposed to be Atlantic, thus Atlantic Britain was supposed to be either allied with Germany or ousted from the EU. Do you not remember when Delors whom you refer to said that the goal of the EU will be the trade war with the United States?!
            2. My sources.
            2.1 Circumstantial evidence
            First of all, it is been proven in court trial that the Polish Foreign Minister Skubiszewski with whom Thatcher spoke didn’t press for Germany to sign the Peace Treaty because he was working for BND (Thatcher intensified contacts with Poland as early as the mid-90s, when she came to Gdansk for 3 days and met with the whole opposition and Church hierarchy, while only spending half an hour with Jaruzelski).
            Major’s or Thatcher’s minister (can’t remember who – I hoped that you would help me) was sacked immediately following his remark on German reunification.
            2.2 Personal sources: a 1980s BBC Polish section journalists who was present during these events. His version of events (he also asked Thatcher a previously agreed question at the conference which probably resulted in shaping the 2+4 talks – in the absence of the Peace Treaty).
            This was confirmed by some people from the high echelon of the Conservative Party when I had the opportunity to meet them in the 1990s.

            This is a very sketchy article about it, which doesn’t even say 1/3 of what I said and it doesn’t mention Thatcher and the Peace Treaty – but it gives you a flavour nonetheless.


            Jung. You won’t convince me to Jung, I am afraid :-). Jung is a version of Freudism same as Trotskyism is a version of Marxism (so what that Trotsky opposed Stalin and Jung opposed Freud).

            Generally, Jung embarked on the idea of the German ethnographic researcher Adolf Bastian. The philosophy of Jung and Bastian is a version of the non-ownership theory of mind, about which I wrote in my review of John Allen’s book (which theory is in opposition to Christianity, but in keeping with most Muslim and some Jewish religious thinkers):


            “Their argument (and I think it is persuasive) is that the ‘project’ was always political and supranation rather than economic.”

            I think that the mistake that you are making is that you look at the orientation that won in EC and you reverse engineer it back to the origins of the EU, assuming that this was always the plan.
            In fact, in the beginning there a few different schools of thought of what the EU is supposed to be like. The fact that you only know about the Monnet/Schumann orientation is because this is the one that had won (in the mid-1980s, which resulted in the Single European Act).
            Churchill’s vision was slightly different, and Hayek’s vision was completely different. De Gaulle’s vision was different yet.

            I should be in bed for a long time, Coldblow. These are topic for my lecture rather than for comment on DMW blog.
            Like I said at the beginning, I can only offer you indicators:
            current EU = Ventotene Manifesto = 1986: Spinelli Group becomes the main driver in the EU Parliament, with the biggest influence on legislation. Communist ideology of Spinelli becomes the EU ideology. 1999 – Amsterdam Treaty – the official cultural doctrine of the EU becomes gender mainstreaming, with instructions written in an institute on Koeln (Germany is at the forefront of genderism and they also have the biggest influence on UNESCO sexual education programs).

          • coldblow


            I still don’t see any evidence for the involvement of the BND in Thatcher’s ousting. I accept that the reunification of Germany (and the disintegration of the Soviet Empire of course) was very important, and that record of Thatcher’s talk with Gorbachev (which I didn’t know about either) is most interesting (not least her assurance that the Russians should disregard NATO’s statements – this must happen all the time), but it does not convince me.

            The role of irrationality seems to be most important throughout. I mentioned before that Britain followed Ireland’s lead (what on earth were they thinking?) when the EU was expanded and allowed unrestricted access by workers from the new E. European member states. At the Time (as reported by Booker and North) the British govt predicted that 6-13,000 would come! That is just one small example. The Euro project as a whole is a fine example of the irrational and the utopian. Of course, one still has to concentrate on rational causes in interpreting what has happened as there is no alternative if nothing else.

            Similarly, why did Spinelli and (of all things) the Euro Parliament play a role at that crucial time? (Booker and North cover this in detail also. They also cover Churchill’s vision of a Europe of national co-operation and De Gaulle’s similar enough vision for France, by the way. Even as a nine-year-old doing a project at school about the EEC (the teacher had driven a tank in France in 1940 and was a committed supporter of European integration) I knew about the ‘ever closer integration’ ideal. B&N’s point is that govts played this down to win electoral acceptance.)

            As for looking at history the way you say I do what alternative approach do you propose? Those driving the Euro dream (a word I use advisedly) had always sought to introduce the supranational executive. Inevitably this revolves mainly around Monnet, with his practical experience of economic coordination in WW1. Surely the historian has to examine the reasons for this and why the alternative views did not prosper.

            As for Jung I wouldn’t be a ‘believer’ myself. For starters I don’t know half enough about him to know what I was expected to believe in the first case. What little I have read and seen of him shows he was an extremely perceptive and intelligent observer and did not change his results to fit in with conventional wisdom. The non-ownership thing you mention is interesting. Not something I share of course but it throws light on the issue. The Wittgenstein quote in that amusing review of John Allen’s book (“Almost everything in that hypothesis is wrong” ! – readers of this blog could have told you that years ago) is interesting too. It reminds me of the bit in Sheldrake’s Science Delusion where he reports experiments showing that (if I remember correctly) actions actually happened a split second before the mental decision was taken. This is probably a different thing than Wittgenstein was thinking about but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

            Back to Jung for a second before closing. There is a good video (or two) of him on YT discussing introvert intuitive types which is really intruiging. Pressed for time now so perhaps another time.

            I must read over your posts here again. Something in them about Churchill being in the pay of some govt (Czech?) and other things that caught my eye.

        • Truthist

          Axel Springer SE is the largest digital publishing house in Europe, with numerous multimedia news brands, … and more than 15,000 employees.
          It generated total revenues of about €3.3 billion and an EBITDA of €559 million in the financial year 2015.
          … the company is active in more than 40 countries with subsidiaries, joint ventures, and licensing.
          Corporate principles
          Part of the articles of association of Axel Springer AG are the five socio-political preambles that were written by Axel Springer in 1967, amended in 1990 following German reunification and supplemented in 2001.[5]
          To uphold liberty and law in Germany, a country belonging to the Western family of nations, and to further the unification of Europe.
          To promote reconciliation of Jews and Germans and support the vital rights of the State of Israel.
          To support the Transatlantic Alliance, and solidarity with the United States of America in the common values of free nations.
          To reject all forms of political totalitarianism.
          To uphold the principles of a free social market economy.
          Selection of publications
          Die Welt, the intellectual flagship of the company
          Bild, newspaper with the largest circulation in Europe
          Auto Bild, automobile magazine with the largest circulation in Europe
          Audio Video Foto Bild, magazine for consumer electronics
          Computer Bild, published in nine countries, is Europe’s best-selling computer magazine
          Sport Bild, published in many countries, is Europe’s largest sport magazine
          Auto.cz, the largest Czech internet car portal including RoadLook.tv, starting in Slovakia and Poland as well
          Fakt, the largest daily tabloid in Poland
          B.Z., local newspaper
          Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, the intellectual flagship of the company in Poland
          Watchmi, a personalized TV content discovery system[4]
          Musikexpress, a monthly music magazine
          the German edition of the magazine Rolling Stone
          Transfermarkt, a football statistics website
          Business Insider, a business, celebrity and technology news website
          INSIDER, a social-first lifestyle publication.
          In addition, the company is active in the online editorial and marketing business with its shares in aufeminin.com, Awin, and buy.at and owns several classified advertising online platforms such as the online career site StepStone, the real estate marketing portal immonet and price comparison platform idealo.
          The Axel Springer SE is criticized by German leftists and Muslims who maintain that Springer media show excessive support for Israel.[23]
          Accusations of censorship
          Axel Springer AG refused to publish advertising campaigns of the Left Party in 2005 as well as of the socialist PDS in earlier elections.[24]
          Insulting Poles in Germany and Germans in Poland
          “In 2008 the German Journalist Association in Landau-Hessen passed a resolution that it was unacceptable for the editor to insult Germans in his newspapers in Poland and to insult Poles in his tabloid Bild in Germany. As a consequence of the resolution Axel Springer was awarded the title ‘Hyena of the Year’ by the Polish Journalists Association because his newspapers published in Poland fuel anti-German attitudes,” according to Prof. Bogus?awa Dubek-Ostrowska, University of Wroclaw.[25]
          In 2017, the head of the Ringier Axel Springer joint venture, Mark Dekan wrote a letter to Polish employees of the joint venture calling the Polish politician Jaroslaw Kaczynski a ‘loser’ for opposing the candidacy of Donald Tusk as President of the European Union and stating that ‘we should never forget about the basic values that we represent… Here is the moment where free media, such as ours must be active. We speak for the ideas of… a United Europe.’ He also noted his concern that European integration was least supported by the youngest generation of Poles and vowed to take action against that. Tusk, heavily promoted by Angela Merkel, was re-elected President against the opposition of the Polish government. This letter has been widely interpreted in the Polish media as setting the ‘German’ EU-unification party line for the staff of all RASP controlled media in Poland.[26]
          In the 1960s and 1970s the company was targeted by a number of left-wing groups. It was denounced by German-American writer Reinhard Lettau in an incendiary speech at the Freie Universität Berlin; in 1968 their Berlin headquarters was blockaded by students; in 1972 the Red Army Faction claimed responsibility for six bombs placed in the Hamburg building (only three exploded and 17 people were injured) and in 1975 a bomb exploded in their Paris office, the “6th of March Group” (connected to the Red Army Faction) claimed responsibility.[27]
          Red Army Faction were really CIA-Mshd-EU project;
          Strategy of Tension
          Connected with Operation Gladio
          Jean-Claude Juncker
          EXCERPT ;
          One of the arguments put forward by those who want the UK to leave the European Union is that the European Union is led by people like Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission.
          Juncker, the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, has partial Jewish ancestry.
          Brabantian reminds us that
          in 2013, “Luxembourg courts declared Juncker guilty of playing a role in the cover-up of the actions of the Luxembourg policemen who conducted Luxembourg’s early 1980s Operation Gladio bombings.”
          In the 1980s, “Luxembourg spies were involved in a series of bombings…
          “Together with military and intelligence agents from multiple European countries, they were part of Operation Gladio, a clandestine illegal paramilitary organization.”
          Juncker was aware of the actions of these ‘terrorists’ but took no action.
          The terrorist activities of Gladio were organised by the CIA and its friends.
          LINK ;
          Luxembourg Prime Minister Juncker Resigns .
          The CIA is linked to the child abuse rings and terrorist attacks used by the elite to control the countries of Europe.

        • Truthist

          New Thread on Politics.ie should interest u ;

          But, H-A-S-B-A-R-A Cell seek to dominate the threads strategic for / against their egregore
          Thus, from my observations tedious, & most annoying, & not mutually gainful, are interlocotatorations with them.
          Nonetheless, u may succeed in edifying Irish & others.

      • Deco

        Rajoy, it seems had the full backing of Brussels. Or at least he says he had. Well, until this evening, they NEVER said a word against any of his response.

        And in all probability, they will do all they can to shore him up.

        If Catalunya pulls out, then Madrid’s finances are a problem for the rest of the Eurozone.

        The entire episode, is a case study in how not to make friends, or influence them in a positive manner.

        Meanwhile, to take the moment from the absurd, to the completely ridilculous, Nicola Sturgeon is on hand.

        Which is all fine and well, but what about the Flemings, who are even more incensed by the finances of Belgium, and the corruption that is rampant in Wallonia ? I mean, does Sturgeon know that her attention seeking is causing problems for other federal state system in Brussels, apart from the one that she wants to get onto ?

      • Truthist

        Bahrain correct in stopping so-called Arab-Spring
        So, it is on ur thoughts expressed thus far on the subject matter in above post a verdict from me of :
        8-) + ? [ Re; Bahrain ]

  11. Deco



    TINA – there is no alternative, but to fix the parasitic institutional state.

    And, yet, if one turns on the media, presumably there is still the liberal chorus, “need more resources”. Actually, this is pure madness.

  12. coldblow

    Why penalize inheritance? When you buy a house you have already paid tax multiple times in Vat, stamp duty and income tax?

    Why reward improvidence and punish thrift?

    Why give even more money to a worse-than-useless state to waste?

    Who says there is a housing crisis? Immigrants (posing as refugees), drug users (so-called ‘addicts’), spouses who quarrel with their partners, grown up children who ‘cannot’ live with their parents, single mothers. Earlier generation would have laughed at us.

    Why should ‘talented’ people be rewarded over those who lack talent? Who defines talent? Who decided that it deserves special treatment?

    Why bother working hard if your savings and investments (ie private housing) are to be taxed to the hilt?

    Why must everyone have equality of opportunity? If this is not socialist or Marxist then what is?

    I am not wealthy and my parents were not either, having been born onto small farms in the west of Ireland. Still I would far rather see a rich gentleman farmer like John Bruton, and others like him, keep their assets and pass them onto their children than pass it onto the Clown State, this being the greater evil. I’d rather see Eamonn Gilmore and the missus keep the bit of land in Galway and Pat Kenny reside unmolested in his trophy house.

    When I was younger the case against the Big State was somewhat abstract or just a philosophical nicety. But now that I see our own Clown State outdoing itself in stupidity from week to week I appreciate that those people who saw this coming had a great gift of prophecy.

    It has reached the stage that everything David proposes is wrong by definition. This time it is his proposal to help the people by taxing them because land owners will not be taxed but owner occupiers will.

    • Deco

      John Brutal, is an interesting case study in the economics of the taxpayer funded trough.

      Inherited land – but was too lazy to farm it, so he rented it to others.

      Earned a law degree, but was too lazy/disinterested/fill-in-an-excuse to practice at the bar.

      Became a politician, a minister and a Taoiseach. Became EU ambassador to Washington, right through some very tumultuous years, covering Operation Iraqi Freedom, The Wall Street bailouts, and the various moves to cater for the 1%.

      Taxpayer funded pensions all the way.

      And now…..in addition to taking a list of taxpayer funded pensions, he is a lobbyists for Big Finance (Las Vegas on the Liffey) – to advise on policy decisions, AGAINST the public interest.

      If only the phucker stayed in agriculture. Or law.

      Though, presumably, he might well be rubbish at both.

      Well, if all else fails, you can always go on state welfare, via the politics track.

    • coldblow

      The game is up. I heard on the radio news this afternoon that the ‘Citizens Assembly’ has been educating itself about the challenges of climate change. I note that it is too late for me to make my own submission (what a shame) as the deadline was seven weeks ago.

      Just have a look at the submissions:


      Every submission I have looked at so far sees global warming as a huge problem. I have saved the webpage as it might be interesting to see who has made emissions, I mean submissions. This afternoon I finished Donna Laframboise’s excellent book criticizing the IPCC, another Clown organization par excellence. Peer review my ozone layer. (Laframboise is a Canadian as are McIntyre and McKitrick, who debunked the statistical sleight of hand behind the ludicrous ‘hockey stick’ graph, so not everyone in that country is deluded, although most seem to be.) AGW is joke yet our concerned citizens want us to shoulder our responsibilities! Paddy Last, yet again

      Here is one taken at random: “I believe that it is imperative that we act urgently and radically to mitigate from (sic) the effects of human induced climate change to save the earth and all its future inhabitants, both human and non-human from a difficult turbulent future and possibly from extinction. Those who deny the over whelming (sic) scientific evidenc that climate change is real and is vastly (?) due to human activity will I believe be found guilty of ECOCIDE and GENOCIDE for knowingly disputing the evidence and being actively obstructionist for their short term political etc etc’

      Honest. That was completely random.

      The next submission (entitled ‘I don’t want to get sick’) begins: ‘Hi. My name is Fia and I am six years old.’ It continues ‘… let homes generate electricity with PV panels for their own homes. Help insulate homes. Stop giving money to these big companies to make loads of money…’

      I don’t know what poor sap has to read all this stuff. I suppose it won’t be read except by yours truly unless they can provide a ‘job bridge’ or similar scheme for a homeless alcoholic.

      Here’s another: ‘Dawn Meats are grateful for the opportunity to make a submission to citizen assembly (sic) on climate change. We believe how countries and the globe deal with climate change will be the defining moment for many generations to come.’ That does not sound like a native speaker. Dawn Meats in Ballyhaunis (40% immigrant population)?

      Another. ‘At an Internation level the United Nations has called on young people to be recognised as agents of change…’ No, that is enough! Stop it right there!

      All right then: ‘As a parent and doctor I am worried about my children’s futures.’

      Next one (‘Education is the key’): ‘A large number of people in the 30 plus age bracket do not understand how something’s (sic) can be bad for the environment. These people are the decision makers in our country and unfortunately they did not receive an education on these things when they were younger.’

      Skip five. ‘”What will we tell the children when they start to ask us why?” A native American proverb says – ‘We do not inherit the earth from our children, we borrow it from our children…”‘ Native American? That sounds like the kind of thing RTE say.

      All right, one last one: ‘For years we “the Irish” have been Leaders in so many ways, ie Smoking ban, Vote on Marriage Equality, plastic bag levy, Refugee crisis in the med, Now we need to lead the way on one of the most important issues CLIMATE CHANGE.’ I haven’t see one yet that understands that the whole thing is nonsense.

      Meanwhile my son, who has started his ‘transition year’ is writing (ie copying from the internet) a ‘project’ about ‘global footprint’. Ten fellow pupils can win a trip to meet our local MEP in Brussels. All they have to do is write a 500 word essay about what the EU means to me.

      • coldblow

        I can’t resist this one (on page 3):

        ‘Time for the strongest possible action on climate’

        ‘I used to be a repository of facts about climate change. I used to rant to friends, go to meetings, plan and participate in actions, then lie awake at night tormented by the devastation shortly to befall the world’s most beautiful places, and the plants, people and animals that live there. I’m not such a committed activist now because thinking like that all the time made me crazy & I selflessly chose my own happiness. From a related ungenerous spirit I say to you, members of the Citizen’s Assembly, I hope you’re having a miserable and terrified few weeks, because if you are, then you understand. And if you understand, then you will advise our government in the strongest possible terms to change the path of history by committing Ireland to a fate as green as our image. We could be leaders instead of laggards. I wholeheartedly endorse the recommendations made by the Environmental Pillar and Stop Climate Chaos, below.’

        These are all activists, aren’t they? Then RTE will trumpet the findings of this Citizen’s Assembly (whatever that is) and the government will do something new and even more stupid.

      • Deco

        The term Watermelon is relevant.

        Green on the surface, Trotskyite underneath the surface.

        It is all about control. Political control of the populace. And once political control is achieved, obedience is the next logical step.

        That which is not compulsory, will end up being forbidden.

        The entire thing is madness.

        And the front liners on the Global Warming racket, are all first rate hypocrites, flying around the world living the life, at great expense to the rest of the people.

        • coldblow

          When I was looking at the Citizens Assembly’s website last night I did a quick search on eight of those who had made submissions about global warming and seven of them seem to have had previous form in speaking out on the subject. One search took me to a Twitter thread where, among pictures of protestors against the 8th Amendment (another fashionable cause that David supports), there was a reminder to get their submissions into the Cit. Assembly before the deadline.

  13. SMOKEY

    Al Gorleone perpetrated the global warming fruad on most of t

  14. SMOKEY

    Alvito Gorleone perpetrated the global warming fraud on most of the minds full of mush in the institutes of lower living, your colleges and universities here and all over the world, as well as anyone who would listen to his bullshit. Global laming is the end result.
    As for hissing around the pit like snakes? I remember when Leo didnt have a pit to hiss in…………………..

  15. paddythepig

    Why not tax social media, dopey tweets, even dopier retweets, uploading pictures of your dinner to the cloud, naked self publicity on LinkedIn, twitter, instagram and Facebook.

    That would make the smartphone generation sit up and think.

    As for inheritance, why wait till you are dead David? Why not give your wealth away while you are alive? Put your money where your mouth is.

  16. terence patrick hewett

    The moral of the story is to hiss off.

  17. Truthist

    But, leave in his crusade the true Civil Servants

    Public servants vote to form superunion
    Merger to create ‘the most powerful union, with substantial financial muscle’
    Anne-Marie Walsh
    October 2 2017
    More than 80,000 public servants from three unions are set to ballot on merging into a new super-union called Fórsa, which will have a war chest of over €50m for industrial action.

    Members of Impact, the Civil, Public and Services Union (CPSU) and Public Service Executive Union (PSEU) will begin voting in the coming weeks on whether to join what would become the largest union for public servants and the dominant force representing State workers at government talks.

    Talks on the new union, which would represent more than 90pc of staff in the civil service alone, have been ongoing for five years.

    In an ‘important information note’ to his members, PSEU general secretary Tom Geraghty said the new union would be named Fórsa, the Irish word for force.

    He noted that a Commission of Trade Unions, established by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, found that the way public service unions were organised was serving their members poorly and recommended a merger.

    He said the commission began its work in the aftermath of two cuts in income for public servants in 2009 and the following year.

    “A conversation began as to whether the manner in which public service unions were organised was the best means of protecting members,” he said.

    “[The talk covered] whether a fragmented, grade-based structure in the civil service and organisations that grew from the civil service, that dates from the late 19th Century was, necessarily, the best means of dealing with a single employer and whether 19 different unions across the public service was the best way of dealing with a determined single employer.”

    He said the proposed new union would be the largest representing public servants. “It will, therefore, become the national ‘go-to’ voice for public servants. More importantly, it would be the key player in any national public service negotiations. In short it would become the most powerful, the most significant and the most important union in such discussions,” said Mr Geraghty.

    He said the new union would have a combined income of more than €20m a year and estimated assets of more than €80m, of which more than €50m will be held in a fund for use in disputes with employers and legal cases.

    “To put it at its crudest, the new union will not just have the industrial muscle of large membership numbers, it will have substantial financial muscle to back up this industrial strength,” he said.

    The Association of Higher Civil and Public Servants and the Veterinary Officers Association, which were part of the project at the start, have since dropped out.

    All members of the new organisation will be on a subscription rate of 0.8pc of their salary ‘capped’ at €370 a year.

    Initially, the union would be fronted by three general secretaries, but eventually one general secretary and two deputies.

    Balloting will end next month and if all unions vote in favour, the new union would be created from January 1 next year.

    • Deco

      This is the last thing this country needs – a super bully, to suck more out of the people.

      “To put it at its crudest, the new union will not just have the industrial muscle of large membership numbers, it will have substantial financial muscle to back up this industrial strength.”

      The fact is that these people are NOT industrial. This is sheer bullsh!t. They ar the very antithesis of “industrial”.

      However, they certainly DO have massive financial muscle. In fact their financial muscle is at the throat of the rest of the workforce. And presumably, they will have an enormous amount of superficial virtue signalling, to go along with their bullying.

      • Truthist

        Care to study the physical constructions of civil service buildings ?
        They are physically braced against revolution by an awoken people.
        But, there will be no dissent !
        Public Services … Nay !
        Social Services [ S.S. ] Photo ID Card + associated S.S. Databases.
        I perceive from tail-end of discussion to last article that Terry Hewett [ Please indicate Terence Patrick Hewett which format of ur name to use 8-) ] concurs with understanding that nightmare Orwellian Irish State is in motion now on the basis of SS Photo ID Card.
        Now being vigorously championed by Fine Gael’s up & coming Regina Doherty ;
        Yes, Regina the Great Liquidator

        Interestingly liquidating by her of various companies of hers.

        Google.com results for search string ;
        Regina Doherty ; Yes, the great Liquidator

        Google.com results for search string ;
        surveillance state through use of Biometrics
        SS Photo ID Card + associated Databases Conspiracy against the Irish Nation at home + abroad, & also against the rest of populace on the Island
        The Hidden State of The Irish State
        allow / arrange
        “Criminals with Republican Tendencies” Sinn Fein
        the governing Party of Irish State
        SOON !
        The Hidden State want the SS Photo ID Card + associated SS Databases Regime as # 1 Priority in governance of the populace.
        And, they logically know that Sinn Fein are perfect for enforcing it.

      • Truthist

        I wonder is Tom Geraghty related to yer man Des Geraghty ?

    • http://classroom.synonym.com/what-is-the-meaning-of-a-celtic-snake-12080580.html

      These are the snakes banished by St. Patrick. The Celtic Cross included a symbolic snake(s) which was removed as it became a Roman Catholic Christian Cross.

      There is evidence that Christianity made its way to Briton in the first Century by AD 36 (Some say legends) and there is no reason to think that, as Christianity was the official religion of the Roman Empire by 306 AD, that it had not been received in Ireland too. Paganism thrived but the early Christian doctrine was compatible with Druidism.

      Ireland was Catholicised by Patric whereas it seems Briton now England was fully Catholicised by William the Conqueror.(my opininion?)

  18. Deco

    Another referendum, and another collection of cluelessness in Brussels.

    Ironically, the one country most likely to push for recognition of Catalunya is leaving the nEU empire.

    And that means that Rajoy, is able to prevent Catalunya joining the nEU empire. Merkel is aligned with him politically. And Macron has annoyed the French left, to the point that he has no choice.

    Plus, there is the issue of the Basques, who are treated with even more contempt by the regime in Paris, than the one in Madrid. BEcause the one in Madrid does allow them some autonomy. Paris gives treats them like regular “departments2.

    And then there is Corsica.

    Macron is in trouble here. Macron, the self-procliamed leader of Europe.

    Never mind Europe.

    Does he even have a vision for La Belle France ?

    [ all of which is convenient for Ireland, as it means that there will probably not be any moves towards tax harmonization, as he grapples to prevent contagion from Catalunya. There are even Catalans in France, who might wish to join any indpendent Catalunya.].

    What Catalunya has done is completely contrary to the unwritten assumptions of nEU imperialism.

  19. Deco

    Tony, this is for you.

    Vancounver’s “high” real estate market.


    Used to launder money from illegal narcotics activity.

    Beijing will presumably want the name of every empty apartment in Vancounver. Actually, Beijing is probably hacking the banks of BC, trying to find out what is going on, as we speak.

    Afterall, there is no point in going after laundered money, if you ar giving it an opportunity to move on to the Carribean.

    • Deco

      The Mounties have gathered a massive amount of information concerning illegal money laundering, via Macau, where Chinese law-breakers (they seem to be breaking a lot of laws) are siphoning money out of the PRC, illegally.

      Presumably the sentence for such a crime, according to the laws in the PRC, is hard.

      And I assume that Beijing will be extremely interested in finding out who is involved.

      There will eb considerable pressure withing China, on the Party to do something dramatic, in respect of this revelation. Xi is particularly interested in reducing corruption, and getting everybody to be patriotic, and think of the greater good.

      These law-breakers (as I say they are breaking a lot of laws) are dead men (though they have some female accomplices) walking.

      And of course, any Chinese national thinking of investing money in Vancouver real estate, will presumably think again, as it will only alert the authorities in Beijing, and bring about increased probability for an “audit”.

      Vancouver real estate has effectively popped.

      No Chinese national will want to be involved now. And the authorities in Beijing will respond in a very harsh response. In fact this episode, gives Beijing the perfect excuse to tighten the noose in all capital flows out of the PRC. And there will be increased “regulation” of Macau.

      • Deco

        The Canadian banking systems “regulation” leaves much to be desired.

        No wonder the banking systme in Canada was flush with cash.

        This is what was propping up Canada’s banking system.


        And it seems that it is only now that Canada has figured this out.

        Of course, the crooks in this were fools. If the stuck it in AIB or BoI (“two PILLAR banks”) the PC plods here would not have gotten to the bottom of it in a century. And the two pillar banks, and the Irish establishment, would have played ball.

        Oh….hold on a minute…..did we not have a credit explosion sometime between 1995 and 2007, when there was also rampant substance abuse ?

        • Many here are so politically correct that it is impossible to have a conversation on many issues without being shut down. “That is a conversation not suitable here and for another day”, is quoted from yesterday in a group of a dozen people I was with. It is easy to be outspoken and lose a lot of friends. Well so called friends. I am ever more of a loner than a groupie because of the societal attitudes.

          • Truthist

            Most times it is uneconomic time-wise & emotion-wise to engage with people face-to-face about the meaningful affairs of the world … because :

            increasingly more people are azz-wholes
            [ pardon my Shakespeare 8-) ]

            they think that they have the measure of u because they see u, & if u are breaching new ground that reeks of conspiracy theorism, well they would much prefer to reject what u say & even mock u ;
            Certainly mock u behind ur back when they with other asinines.

            Of course, if u regularly pitch ur arguments it should have a positive effect even on the most dullard idiot ;
            The auld “fire enough mud against the wall ==> eventually some of it will stick, & then increasingly more of it will stick.”

            A much more difficult proposition is edification of the azz-whole specimen best described as “inverted snob” who is hostile to ur schools of thought anyway.
            Mind u, u could have an “inverted snob” who is already partial to all u say to them.

            Life is a Bitch


            If trying to gain maximum audience, better to write & distribute pamphlets.

          • Truthist

            Apologies for typo ;
            I had mind-block there ;
            Fatigue I blame.
            INTELLECTUAL Snob = Inverted Snob

      • Here are the stats to the end of august 2017. All metrics and styles of housing are up in Greater Vancouver. no sign of the forecast meltdown.


    • Thanks Deco, I’ve not seen any reporting on the “news” re this issue. Then again I hear no radio and very little TV as the programs are full of people whaling about the problem of racism, sexism, Transgenderism or some other affliction. I spend my time as little as it is watching Fox news for entertainment.

      The Vancouver RE market is well known as being pumped by offshore buyers. There is a cascading effect as those that sell take the money and buy elsewhere. The ripple effect of higher prices. It affects the local markets here as prices rise from all the people retiring from vancouver and also the Calgary oil patch revenue.

      Also for 50 years I have heard the Mantra that First time buyers cannot afford to buy a home. Constant manipulation of the various help programs have always stimulated the demand at the bottom end of the market. The increased demand has always raised the prices resulting in the continual cries of, the poor first time buyer cannot afford a home.

      looking back. When I first arrived in victoria in 1968-9 I was an itinerant labourer working at different jobs. I earned 9000 a year on average for 3 years and in 1970 qualified to buy a modest house in a cheaper area for 22,500. I was frugal and saved. In 1972 I bought a revenue house for 130,000 with the sale of the proceeds of the original house, up 10,000 in 2 years, plus other savings. i lived in one of the 9 suites and was the landlord. Incredibly I got a mortgage from a trust company and a second mortgage from the seller and the rents just covered the payments. The balance of the expenses came from my pocket. I paid more “rent” than any other resident there and incidentally earned less income per year than any of the tenants. That year I had 13 separate jobs plus some unemployment insurance payments. As I said, I worked at any job available whether it was for 4 hours, 4 days or 4 months. I had no trade of profession. Since then real estate prices are up 20 times while incomes are up much less. 8 times or 10 times. I earned 2.50 to $3.00 per hour so I would do well to get 18-20 an hour and very well to get 25-30 an hour. Taxes and fees are up too. My purchases were don as a single wage earner. Today it is 2.5 wage earners to be able to afford a house. Generally the standard of living is 40% of what it was in 1970.

      Another loose metric is a glass of beer. It used to cost 25 cents for a glass of keg. An hours labour would be worth 10 beers (not counting tax, but at 2.50 an hour I paid little taxes). A glass of beer today can be 8.50 but taking amount into account is usually not less than 6.00. At 10 beers for an hours labour I would have to make $60 an hour to be the same buying power for an hour of labour as it was in 1970.

  20. Truthist

    Does any of Irish State’s decadent jet-set have such residences as this ?
    Of course, Hefner was essentially a tool for the Hidden State ;

  21. Truthist

    Interesting Thread on Politics.ie about Homelessness ;
    Although, just like most folks they conflate “Homelessness + Rooflessness” with the most times lesser circumstance of “Homelessness only”.
    In fact, the vast majority of folks do not know about the distinctive circumstance “Homelessness + Rooflessness”.
    I am not necessarily endorsing Politics.ie ;
    Because, for at least a number of reasons I have some misgivings about that forum
    Domineering presence of H-a-s-b-a-r-a operatives cell.
    Varadakar’s brute performance on this issue will eventually reverberate to more than pinch yee in the bottom.

  22. michaelcoughlan

    The article is very important.

    May I respectfully suggest that the geese in the middle are hissing like bejesaus but can’t do anything about it. There are always more geese which can be brought in from abroad to take their place when the fly away.

    House prices and rents are skyrocketing because supply has fallen off a cliff. Why? the buying power of the geese in the middle is below the level of the cost of production in most cases for an entry level house.

    So you don’t need to tax land. What you need to do is tax the hedge funds hoarding the stuff. Bacon when he set up nama said it was only an asset management agency. Now leo the tissue wants to re purpose it basically turn it into a massive state controlled developer which it was never meant to be. So much for state backed enterprise and all that being illegal.

    Ireland is as you said before nothing more than one large debt collection agency kept going by all those hissing geese to save international banks and thats it. Its amazing that there are still people who want to try and raise a family here at all.


  23. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Guys, I was looking at the 1938 Polish film chronicles and I couldn’t believe my eyes what I found: 2 minutes of the Ireland – Poland match, played in Dublin on 13 November, 1938!!!!!!!! :


    Btw, Ireland won 3:2. Considering that earlier that year, in May 1938, Poland won in Warsaw 6:0, it makes me wonder what happened :-) (“Guinness is good for you”?).

    Btw, I was quite surprised that the Italian Serie A continued to operate during the war up until 1943. How Italianate – this reminds me of the Mussolini’s lovers’ diaries in which she notes (I was laughing my head off it when I read it, although I probably shouldn’t have) that at the outbreak of War World II, Duce was sobbing his heart out about the fate of the Poles, (“my poor Poles… what a tragedy… my brave Poles…”), being inconsolable for the whole day.


    A few days later, when she asked him what about the Poles, he answered cheerfully “What Poles?! Ah – si, si, ovviamente, the Poles! No, these Poles no longer interest me”, and started whistling cheerfully LOL

    • Truthist

      Hard to believe what is said about or even from the famous
      I wonder did u even get to quick-read what Miles Mathis wrote about El Duce recently put up on this blog by me ?
      By the way, a cousin of mine was given a medal personally by El Duce on account of he being the greatest horse-show jumper her ever saw.
      Apparently Mussolini was an avid horse-show fan.
      But, maybe it was all an act ;
      Most politicians in public eye of 20th century being actors.
      Here, just recently, is Assange saying stuff pre- full-scale WW 3 ;
      But, one must be deeply suspicious of Assange too.
      I subscribe to 2 complimentary thesis for sure :
      Chrisspivey.org ;
      Most news events are staged by the Deep State with the knowing & co-operation of the media for purposes of manipulating public opinion
      Milesmathis.com ;
      Most news events & famous persons are spooks of various shades.


  24. Just learned of this horrific event 20 hours after it occurred.
    Just a moment of silence for all victims. Americans coming together to volunteer and contribute in any way possible is good to see.


  25. Truthist

    When the likes of this family member “hisses” the Irish State, they out-hisses any local hiss about taxes.
    And, here, the lady is expressing how beastly it is that the world informed of what her family inflicted on USSR before ;
    In this specific case ; Ukraine ; Holodomoor 14 million Ukrainians mainly genocided by Rothschilds’ Bolsheviks.

    Please note the plucky twitter-reply to her in lower part of this link.

    • Truthist

      Lynn de Rothschild? @LdeRothschild

      Lynn de Rothschild Retweeted The Economist


      Lynn de Rothschild added,
      The EconomistVerified account @TheEconomist
      “Red Famine” argues that the Bolshevik leadership literally starved Ukrainians of national aspirations http://econ.st/2xF6OcE
      10:21 pm – 2 Oct 2017

      6 LikesÖnder Karao?lano?lu
      ruben alan
      Resistance Mia
      Yashar Ali ????
      Caroline Kofahl

      1 reply . 4 retweets 6 likes

      #BrexitHoax? @lullabywoman 36m


      Replying to @LdeRothschild

      This is your family’ legacy.

      Are you proud ?


      0 replies . 0 retweets 0 likes

    • Truthist

      False Flags coming thick & fast ;
      Yes, the phrase “thick & fast” is surely tautologous.

      Anyway, 1 of the priorities of these False Flags in USA is to then have excuse to confiscate all Firearms & Ammunition from populace of USA.
      That is what the Rothschilds’ little psychopaths who went from New Jersey to Russia did upon lock-down with their Soviet regime in newly formed USSR.

      6:26 ; I detect a Paddy speaking in the speaker of taxi cab.

    • Truthist

      Sorry there Goldbug that I not mention exactly what u highlight ;
      Yes, I noticed the ANOMALY ;
      Even before the time-point that u referenced.

      Probable too that The Deep State of USA need to rub it in / telegraph it to the populace that these are False Flags by them ;
      And, thus the populace are even more terrified ;
      Terrorism by The Deep State upon its own Citizens.

      Same here by Deep State of Irish State in cahoots with Deep State of UK when they did the Dublin & Monaghan Bombings ;
      Biggest amount of deaths from any event of North East of Ireland Conflict.

      I always suspected Conor Cruise O’Brien in on that conspiracy ;
      He sure was relishing putting false spin on that conspiracy.

      Dublin & Monaghan Bombings also linked with Kincora Boys Home through Nairac & Red Hand Commando Protestant Paramilitary Death Squad run by Homosexuals & very likely Savile linked also ;
      Savile said to have been visitor to Kincora Boys Home.
      Heath was visitor too.
      Jeremy Thorpe.
      Maurice Oldfield.
      And, of course Lord “Dickie” ; Lord Henry Mountbatten

      It is also how MI5 & MI6 enabled Paisley to shut down industry & commerce services in NOI ;

      Thus, Tories in opposition were able to demonstrate that ;

      “Labour is not working”

      Maggie Thatcher the Solution.

      But, the real leader of UK was a Cabal led by master-spy ;

      Victor Rothschild

      • Truthist

        Change that ;

        But, the real leader of UK was a Cabal led by Puppet-Master ;

        Victor Rothschild


        Of course, we have yet to be told who exactly is at least 1 Irish Garda involved in Dublin & Monaghan Bomnings ;

        Codename ; “Badger”

        But, what is his real name ?

        We are led to believe that Badger is a male.


        Garda Investigation File on D & M Bombings disappeared from impregnable Dublin Castle HQ of the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai.

        And, Bertie Aherne putting on his fake stammer antics in reporting back to the Dail chamber his upset & resolution to get to uncover who the Garda spies for MI5 & MI6 are that did this.


      • Truthist

        NEOI = North-East of Ireland

        Thus, typo ;

        NEOI = NOI

  26. Talking of increased taxation is a leftish philosophy. Never a mention of increasing productivity, or improving the take home pay. Talking of one method of taxation being inefficient is ignoring the fact that economically speaking, all taxation is inefficient.
    An individual spends their own money in more efficient fashion than that which is decided for political policy purposes.

    All governments have grown to be the supplier of all benefits to the electorate. people now vote for benefits to be received. Of course the payment of the benefits is the expense of the taxpayer. When tax money is not sufficient then governments borrow and not only the taxpayer pays but all future generations too.

    Central bankers fund the debts. They and their friends fund the research and policy forums, who in turn provide the foundations and grants to inculcate, educate and propagandise the politicians, educators and politicians.

    One needs to eradicate the cancer in order to return to full health. Close the banking system, close the tax free foundations and open the world to sound money and proper banking practices.

    “Today’s Democrats are the product of years of Left wing cultivation. It started before preschool with Lefty children’s shows on tv, Lefty themed movies from Disney and the rest of Hollywood, and continued into preschool and kindergarten. By the time these little Marxists entered first grade, they were properly inculcated with diversity, tolerance and non-judgmental acceptance of anything and everything…except anyone who did not agree with them. By the time they finished 12 years of public school indoctrination, they were ready to save the world from the evils of Christian religion and Republicans. College honed their shout-down skills, despite not teaching them any critical thinking skills. It also help them expand their left wing vocabulary (with the key words like racist, bigot, homophobe, myosgynist, fascist and white supremacist) so that they could effectively argue against any conservative or conservative idea. But when they meet an intelligent articulate conservative like yourself, they are defenseless because they never acquired the skills to debate a concept on it’s merits. So they shut you out from being able to talk with them.”"


    P.S. Read the comments too.

    • E.G.

      InsufferableTim • 2 hours ago
      Two Reasons:

      1. For the progressive left, their politics is their religion.
      I have written about this being a major difference between the left and the right for a long time. Those on the right have a belief in absolute right and wrong – even if the source of the truth is different for different people. For most, the source is somehow based in some sort of moral creed usually religious. Even atheistic Randian Objectivists believe in absolute truth even if it is not based in religion. Ayn Rand was an atheist, but strongly believed that truth was absolute. The left does not believe in such a way. They believe right and wrong are merely convenient constructs either based on what works or on what some power has created in order to oppress. The result of this is that for the left, their politics is their religion. This is very confusing for observers, because their politics change over time, but whatever their politics is at the moment, they will treat in the most dogmatic way possible.

      2. The left’s theory of the unity of evil.
      Viewing their politics as their religion, the progressive list is as reactionary and radical as any religious fundamentalist group who follow actual theistic faiths. As a result, they demand that everyone follow their current political dogma or they are evil. One can merely disagree on a single political topic such as confederate statues, gay marriage, open borders or gun control and you are labeled as evil. The right is different because our core beliefs are found in our moral code, not in our policy prescriptions.

      What is the result? People on the left cut off friendships with people because they voted for Trump, because they do not believe in Gay marriage or because they say that they want Hank Williams Jr. to sing the Monday Night Football Song (I know of a case where this happened). It is because the left has become a fundamentalist religious group without a religion.

      We have always had the left. What is the difference now? It is because the left has over the last eight years become the progressive left as a result of several factors which I will discuss in a different and equally brilliant post. In the past, most of the left and the right did hold to objective truths deeper than politics and merely disagreed over their application in the political arena. The dogma was deeper than the political views that one held at any given moment. It allowed us to have healthy, yet robust dialog. It allowed us to disagree about politics without losing friendships. It allowed us to have a functioning democracy.

  27. “”What would happen if people were free to help others without threat? What if myself as an individual chose where my money went rather than bureaucracy? The results can be beautiful, there is always a risk, but life is risky. Only you can choose how to best help your fellow man.”"


  28. Tull McAdoo

    I was told once, how true it is I am not sure but what I was told was that there are more laws protecting property in ireland than there are protecting people.

    If that is true then there must be very powerful interests protecting property.

    So in conclusion, you can expect some powerful hissing ducks when you try to tax property.

    Here’s cristy lennon and co. with the “Galway rambler” and the “Bucks of Oranmore”. Take it away boys and Goodnight Ireland. Sleep Well.


  29. Deco

    The Irish Establishment’s depiction of the nEU Empire as the benefactor of all that is good, and the enemy of all that is bad is continually taking a hit.

    And yet, the nonsense continues.

    And now it seems that while the Irish establishment are incapable of making their minds up on what is legal and what is illegal, the EU Politburo seems to have no such propensity for dithering.


    Oh, well.

    I presume we are about to see another episode of story scripting to suit the agenda of those living off the rest of us.

    Can we sue the EU Politburo concerning the bailout of the Anglo Bondholders ?

    And maybe we ought to fix our relations with Westminster, seeing as they at least have the cajones to stand up to Brussels, while our establishment continues to grovel.

    Next up – Apple to consider moving to Sheffield or Bristol.

    The EU Politburo might also wish to sue Twitter, Salesforce and others – but we should be safe – they are not making a profit.

    The Politburo needs money fast to fund the politicians keeping Italy in the nEU empire, against the interests of the Italians.

    And Italian politicians do NOT come cheap.

    The debacle in Catalunya, only hastens the nEU empires need for cash.

    BoJo and Co will be eager to grab Apple.

    Maybe as a compensatory mechanism, the Poltiburo migh sue The Netherlands on the matter of a Bonox and three chums, and send us the proceeds ?

  30. Deco

    Ryanair is in more trouble.

    Oh yes.

    The problem is that this is how Ireland’s private sector is increasingly operating.

    And the public sector unions might pooh-hooh it, but they do not want it to stop because they would have to work for much less themselves, if it stopped.

    Yet another feature of a parasitic system that has gone beyond the point of symbiosis.

    In order to have chancers who tell us that Anglo is a great investment, writing the school texts books, in money, this is the sort of racket that is needed to keep Ireland solvent.


    This is explosive stuff.

    Ryanair are having a crisis much worse than United Airlines. UA are still in business despite the brutality that they put on display. But this is somewaht even more extreme.

    Of course, this is not just a Ryanair problem, is it.

    It seems to be evident in lots of Irish run businesses. Even in the ones run by those that despise Ryanair.

    • Deco

      This will a blow for Brand-Ireland.

      Either their are exploiting the customers (like the dominant brewing oligopoly’s contribution to the obesity and diabetes problem).

      Or they are driving thw workers harder and harder, and making sure that they get no respite.

      Or they are living off the taxpayers (like the banks, media operators).

      Or else they are routintely producing nonsense (like the auditting firms).

      And it is all presided over by a media that takes the adversiting penny – and then follows this by making jokes about the Brits – whose media only ever chooses to respond based on evidence.

      Arewe incapable of operating either a public sector or a private sector properly.

    • Deco

      No doubt Brand Ireland, will invent something suitably superficial to cover all of this up.

      Ryanair are an Irish company that provides the types of jobs that Irish people will not do.

      Well, is it any wonder.

      That remark, should no longer be used as a mark of contempt against Irish people.

      Instead it is an indication of the desperation that exists amongst young people from the South of Italy, and the South of Spain – who seem to the ones currently keeping Ryanair in the sky.

      Once again, Tricky Jean Claude has contributed to making a debacle for young people, who are stuck between Ryanair and hunger. No such hunger for former AIB chairmen, who have a track record in running entities that eventually fail. No. Just more bailouts, and coverups.

      And maybe a sanctimonious speech in Knock, to lecture the peasants on how they need to give more.

  31. Truthist

    Most news is manufactured by The Institutional State for the interests of The Deep State / The Hidden State ;
    Fake News Actress “Alexandra Israel” & “Katie Foley.”

  32. Truthist

    British TV Station “Channel 4″ has TV documentary here on the leading Revenue Commissioner of Irish State ;

  33. Truthist

    Ref. ; Implicit in the subjec Matter central to this link


    Ur logically-impossible to pay tax ;


    Interest on all the principal ever loaned out ?
    Certainly the case when u have Trade Deficit ; Logically speaking
    Always remember too ;

    One of the fataliities was an Irish woman onboard.
    Cold War 2.0, Editorial, Phenomenon of Terrorism, Ukraine
    A New Twist in the Investigation into Flight MH17
    Written by ORIENTAL REVIEW

    04 Sep 2017

    INTRO ;
    In late August Russia handed over decoded radar data to the Netherlands from the aerial zone where Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down on July 17, 2014. These materials had initially been provided in their original, i.e., non-decoded form, along with the software needed to decode them.
    However, the Dutch investigators, despite being armed with the latest in modern technology as well as the assistance of their British colleagues, were not able to decode the recordings, and in the end they asked Russian experts to do it. In three years this has been the only time they have asked to collaborate. Never before had the commission accepted any Russian offers of assistance.
    The decoded recordings clearly showed that the missile had been fired from the zone controlled by the Ukrainian military. And this is not some fabricated story concocted by journalists, but documented, technical information.
    Kees van der Pijl, a Dutch professor in the Department of International Relations at the University of Sussex and the president of the NGO The Committee of Vigilance Against Resurgent Fascism, recently finished writing a book titled “The Launch: Flight MH17, Ukraine and New Cold War” (Der Abschuss: Flug MH17, die Ukraine und der neue Kalte Krieg). The German-language version of the book will go on sale later this month, and the English original and Portuguese translation will be available by the end of the year.
    Professor van der Pijl examines the tragedy from a geopolitical perspective and asks: who benefited most from this disaster? And he answers: the US, which subsequently imposed sanctions against Russia, undermining its gas industry and checking its growing role on the international stage.
    Specifically, the professor cites the following arguments:
    – One day before the tragedy, the BRICS nations signed an agreement to establish their own bank, which the US saw as a rival to the IMF and World Bank.
    – Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel had settled on a new conceptual framework for resolving the crisis in Ukraine – without US input – and real progress was being made.
    – In addition, once the Boeing 777 was downed, American gas companies were suddenly able to find the traction to kick-start their work in Europe and force Russia out of the EU market. Moscow was forced to abandon the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, and relations with the government in Kiev, which subsequently became a pawn in the games played by the West, definitively soured.

  34. Mike Lucey

    Anyone care to comment on this?


    It looks to me that the situation is totally unsustainable and the Chinese and Russians are trying to figure out how best they can take advantage without causing WWZ.

    • This has been evident for generation if one was looking.
      The US is spending like a drunken sailor.
      The US has run trade a deficit in nearly every year since 1974
      It has run a budget deficit most years since 1970.

      The US stock market is propped up with central bank borrowed money that buy shares or loan to those that do.

      The loan ceiling is a sham. It is always raised and currently a decision had been set back to Dec. In the meantime, spend, spend, spend.

      Same in Japan and around the world.


      The only hissing being heard these days is the air (liquidity) leaking from all the bubbles.

      • mike flannelly

        Sort of a “wet fart” sound Tony.

        Wet fart economics has no measurement and no logic.

        The economy is the carefull management of available resources.

        Todays economists plus our public sector unions tell us that permanent debt(for our children) with interest are todays resources for themselves. From 2008 our 50bn permanent debt plus interest of 1.75bn yr repayments
        has now risen
        to 2017 THEIR(our children) 200bn permanent debt plus 7bn yr repayments.

        Super public sector unions are controlling our resources. MORE for their members does not measure favourably with the greater public good.
        This is most evident in our health care system.
        Despite having 18,000 more nurses than the OECD average for 5 million/pop
        Ireland has 10,000 less beds than the OECD average for 5 million/pop

        THIS IS A CRIME.

        Based on 18,000 extra nurses Ireland could open 19,000 more beds.

        The HSE needs to stop pushing cancer patients through A&E.

        This is modern day abuse. It can and is being measured.

        Leo did nothing as health minister to stop the abuse. Simon needs to get our nurse/ bed ratio in line with the OECD average of 1.9 nurses to 1 bed.


        • Truthist

          Fresh post by u on theme u have often highlighted ;

          New punchy statements with shocking facts.

          GREAT POST !



          The noble field of Hippocrates has been usurped by self-important deceitful greedy ruthless lazy interlopers

          most at this stage in the game of the following :

          Administrators ;
          Non-Physician Consultants
          Pseudo-Medics ; Most types of Psychology, & for sure Psychiatrists [ even though they trained Physicians prior ]
          Clerical Staff


    • The Sino Russia trade and monetary pact together with scores of peripheral countries will be the end of the USD as the only world trade reserve currency.

      “”Clearly, there is something far more sinister at play here, and whether or not it is tied solely to a deranged, psychopathic currency warfare will remain to be seen. The evidence continues to show, however, that the U.S. dollar is slowly being eroded piece by piece and ounce by ounce — and that as these “adversarial” countries make these developments in unison, there appears to be little the U.S. can do without risking an all-out world war.”"


      • Truthist

        The same people who control the USA Petro-Dollar already control Russia & China from within.
        To use the famous phrase of Gerry — compromised — Adams ;
        “They haven’t gone away, u know.” 8-)

        I had to give the smiley ;
        Because, part & parcel of that communication of Gerry’s was his big knowing hinting smile at the end of the delivery.
        Well, some of them have gone away to be over there in China.
        A call of duty
        A call on a tradition
        The tradition of being an international people
        So, it does beg the question, what the heck is going on with false flag events occurring around the world ?
        Most of the false flag events are for any or some or all of the following purposes :
        control –>– individual small country’s :
        elected government
        Hidden-State / Deep-State
        control –>– manipulate the populace of the particular country [ small or major ]
        practise & train the actors required to perform future real false flags

        • “control Russia & China from within.”

          Why would the PTB want to return to a gold standard as the final trade settlement mechanism? That is where China and Russia are headed. It is of course the one way to bankrupt and destroy the US who likely has no gold left in its vaults. We will find out soon enough.

          Then what??

          • Truthist

            Grzegorz for sure will agree with what I say about Russia ;

            Brendon O’Connell & others have uncovered the evidence.

            By the way, did u not notice that Russia just signed a big construction deal with Saudi Arabia ?
            So much for enmity over Syria.

            They who control Russia are not necessarily Russian foremost.

            Yet, I very much approve of much of what Russia does.

            But, the big clanger on Putin & Co. is how he permits any abortion in Russia.

            Ditto those who control China are not necessarily Chinese foremost.
            Although, it is destined to seem that they are foremost Chinese for the new era of humanity’s history.
            But, if u are in touch with highly educated + KNOWING Chinese based wherever, they will concur with the reflection + evidence.

            Ditto USA ;

            In fact, that doubt is removed about USA to anyone with gumption even before the advent of internet.
            And, they have been DELIBERATELY destroying the USA.

            Events MONEY-WISE are unfolding very much as u foretold all these years.

            “Then what ??” ;

            Tune into Henry Makow ;
            He has the inside track, so to speak.
            A Canada Firster.
            And, a Poland-phile ;
            His folk came from there.
            I say this later part for Grzegorz’s interest.

            Then again he is clearly allied with another over the border who is a USA-Firster & a Russia-phile.

            Oh brother, folks should adjust their lifestyle for self-sufficiency & defense as u have advise too 8-)

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Mike Lucy,

      Brilliant post. From, the Link;

      “The U.S. Treasury will have to pay out an additional $7 billion interest payment for the extra $318 billion in debt it increased in just one day. Again, that $7 billion interest payment is based on an average 2.2% rate multiplied by the $318 billion in debt”

      The us treasury will get the extra 7m from the citizens. How? wealth taxes because incomes are fuck all, same thing is happening here the real reason you are paying water and house taxes. the money ends up with international banks to keep the bubble inflated. A slow burn assets stripping of the population and NO Economist is talking about it.

  35. While we debate the effects and problems of parochial nature, the movers and shakers are changing the world’s economy back to a de facto gold standard without so much as a peep from the MSM or commenting economist.

    The Russo/Sino trade and currency agreements have attracted scores of other nations. The USD is being displaced as the Oil Currency, and its reserve status is being challenged.

    Previous challenges to the USD were rebuffed with military attack. Now even tiny Venezuela is up for the challenge. Saudi Arabia is entering new alliances, China and russia, both nuclear powers, are too big to attack directly without assuring US physical destruction.

    Here is Hugo Salinas Price latest observations on this topic . IMHO he is spot on with his thoughts.
    All here interested in the economic solutions to our current problems will do themselves a big favour by cogitating about this essay.


    • An additional letter from one of the few economists with a grasp of the world situation.
      Letter from Alasdair Macleod:
      Dear All
      Everyone seems to be making a meal out of this story, when in truth it’s very simple. To understand it requires a grasp of geopolitics. What financial and gold analysts tell you is irrelevant. In this note, everything referred to ring-fenced from domestic Chinese markets, and is offshore.
      For some time now, China has planned to replace the dollar with her own currency in her transactions.
      Fact 1. In October 2013 Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London took a trade mission to China. George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time, at very short notice took a separate trade mission to China at the same time. Trade missions are always planned far in advance, so the only conclusion is that Osborne’s was cover for a meeting with the Chinese at the highest levels. This subterfuge was necessary because Cameron had met the Dalai Lama shortly before, creating official diplomatic strains. What came out of this was China would use the twin nexus of London and Hong Kong to develop her offshore yuan capital markets, bypassing New York entirely, for reasons that will become clear. On 14th October 2014, the British Government issued the western world’s first sovereign RMB bond for RMB 3bn to kick-start the yuan market in London.
      Fact 2. Britain was the first western nation to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, much to the annoyance of the US. This confirms the developing financial relationship between London and China.
      Fact 3. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange owns the London Metal Exchange, which recently introduced futures contracts in precious metals, which are deemed to be a great success. Even though HK is “autonomous”, it is inconceivable that this move was not done without the blessing of Beijing.
      Fact 4. China has been developing futures markets, with a view to a) extending control over key commodities (including oil) and precious metals, and b) to host futures contracts settled in yuan.
      Fact 5. China has been pushing for the yuan to be accepted as a trade settlement currency, hence its inclusion in the SDR.
      It should be crystal clear what China is doing. For some time, even before Osborne went to China in 2013, she planned to replace the dollar with the yuan, and that meant bypassing US markets entirely. What cannot be denied is that China will introduce yuan futures contracts in all the major commodities she uses, including oil. So all we are talking about is the timing.
      China originally planned to launch the yuan oil contract in 2014. See http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2014/05/28/china-targeting-2014-launch-of-first-crude-oil-futures/
      Though this had been mooted before. See http://archive.qatar-tribune.com/viewnews.aspx?n=8F6520C1-F504-4846-8AF7-73632351A068&d=20131122 dated November 2013.

      • Repost to get in sequence.

        Also in May 2014, there was this: https://www.sbcgold.com/blog/china-starts-yuan-denominated-gold-oil-futures-trading/ The quote that matters is as follows:
        “According to Guo Jianwei, deputy director of the second monetary policy department of the PBOC, the goal is to establish a global payment system for the Chinese currency (also known as renminbi).
        Guo Jianwei, cited by the Shanghai Securities News, has said, “At the end of last year, China’s total with 23 foreign central banks or monetary authorities signed bilateral currency swap agreements, the total size of more than 2.5 trillion yuan…It is noteworthy that, in addition to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Singapore, striving for offshore yuan trading center with only the United States sitting on the sidelines.”
        I think I have established beyond reasonable doubt that China’s intention is to settle a variety of commodity futures contracts, including oil, as an adjunct to her global trade, in yuan.
        I was obviously aware of these developments at the time. Make no mistake, China is at financial war with America. I covered this here: https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/americas-financial-war-strategy

        • For further information on Chinese thinking, see the footnote, the link being http://chinascope.org/archives/6458/76 Note that Qiao Liang is the army’s strategic thinker and advisor, so this is a good lead on Chinese strategic thinking.
          It is also obvious there must be a reason for the delay in the oil-yuan contract. China has the technology, and the exchanges are up and running. So why the delay? It’s very simple. With an oil to yuan contract and a yuan to gold contract (already established in HK and Dubai) Iran, for instance, could easily bypass the dollar, settle in China’s preferred currency, and then buy gold, all through the yuan futures facilities. Russia, the same. Qatar. And note how Saudi is aligning with Russia (news today). It must be clear to the Chinese that the combination of an oil-yuan future and a yuan-gold future would break the dollar hegemony, established by Kissinger and Nixon back in 1973. This is precisely what they want to achieve, but it is financially nuclear.
          Damon Evens (the journalist who wrote the Nikkei Asia article) told me that the oil contract was due to be introduced by the end of this year. He is an oil analyst, and didn’t fully understand the gold connection. Assuming his information is correct about traders being trained, systems tested etc. ahead of contract launch (and there is no reason to doubt his information) his article blew the gaff. No wonder they dropped the reference to gold! Whether it was the Chinese embassy in Tokyo, or the Financial Times in London (owned by Nikkei) who told them to tone it down, we will never know.
          Analysts like Koo Jansen, while he is very good on SGE details (as they are officially reported), cannot possibly be aware of these connotations. Worse, if he asks anyone at the Shanghai Gold Exchange, or the futures exchanges about it, they will deny everything. You must bear in mind, that China is at financial war with the US, and China closely controls all her information. I would not believe anything China says, unless it is in demonstrably in her interest to tell the truth. And that, by the way, goes for the SGE, which is controlled by the central bank, as well.
          It is possible that every time China sees a threat from America, this threat is trotted out, because the intelligence services in Langley fully understand what this means for the dollar. However, we can be certain that eventually the yuan oil contract will commence trading, at a time of China’s choosing. And on that note, I draw your attention to China’s 19th Party Congress, where decisions of this importance are often discussed. It starts on October 18th.
          Any questions, please by all means revert to me.

      • Truthist

        This subterfuge was necessary because Cameron had met the Dalai Lama shortly before, creating official diplomatic strains

        NOT TRUE

        All a ruse ;

        Dalai Lama is agent of China


        That overall argument that u put is actually even more convincing.

  36. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-saudi-terror/russia-saudi-arabia-cement-new-friendship-with-kings-visit-idUSKBN1CA1QU

    More information as to Saudi and Russian cooperation. What are the implications on the oil price, the strategic weapons buying and Saudi investment in the US economy? There seems good evidence that Saudis are leaving the US and the USD and embracing the Sino/Russian orbit.

  37. It is time to ban the ownership of cars now they are used by terrorists as a method of attacking the innocent. In addition random events kill 1.3 million a year and injure up to 50 million a year. This far exceeds gun deaths.



  38. “”Now, ironically, two of the foreign economies that allowed the dollar an artificial life extension beyond 1989—Russia and China—are carefully unveiling that most feared alternative, a viable, gold-backed international currency and potentially, several similar currencies that can displace the unjust hegemonic role of the dollar today.”"


    “”China and Russia, joined most likely by their major trading partner countries in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), as well as by their Eurasian partner countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) are about to complete the working architecture of a new monetary alternative to a dollar world.

    Currently, in addition to founding members China and Russia, the SCO full members include Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and most recently India and Pakistan. This is a population of well over 3 billion people, some 42% of the entire world population, coming together in a coherent, planned, peaceful economic and political cooperation.

    If we add to the SCO member countries the official Observer States—Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran and Mongolia, states with expressed wish to formally join as full members, a glance at the world map will show the impressive potentials of the emerging SCO. Turkey is a formal Dialogue Partner exploring possible SCO membership application, as are Sri Lanka, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia and Nepal. This, simply said, is enormous.”"

    “”The dollar imperium is in its painful death agony and its patriarchs are in reality denial otherwise known as the Trump presidency. Meanwhile the saner elements of this world are about building constructive, peaceful alternatives. They are even open to admit Washington, under honest rules, to join them. That’s remarkably generous isn’t it?”"

    I strongly suspect that the US will renege on its obligations to repay the debts held by China, Japan and other nations around the world. The so called reserves will be empty promises as valuable as the empty substance of their production. They cost nothing to produce and will return to their intrinsic value = zero.

    Do not save in denominated USD

  39. Truthist

    Thank u Henry Makow for informing his many readers of this in his Twitter Page

  40. Truthist

    These people never stop war-mongering ;
    I’d hate to be a citizen of ‘em because I’d end up indoctrinated ;
    And, in a very bad way.
    With an unfounded persecution complex despite living on the blood sweat & tears of others.

  41. Also in May 2014, there was this: https://www.sbcgold.com/blog/china-starts-yuan-denominated-gold-oil-futures-trading/ The quote that matters is as follows:
    “According to Guo Jianwei, deputy director of the second monetary policy department of the PBOC, the goal is to establish a global payment system for the Chinese currency (also known as renminbi).
    Guo Jianwei, cited by the Shanghai Securities News, has said, “At the end of last year, China’s total with 23 foreign central banks or monetary authorities signed bilateral currency swap agreements, the total size of more than 2.5 trillion yuan…It is noteworthy that, in addition to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Singapore, striving for offshore yuan trading center with only the United States sitting on the sidelines.”
    I think I have established beyond reasonable doubt that China’s intention is to settle a variety of commodity futures contracts, including oil, as an adjunct to her global trade, in yuan.
    I was obviously aware of these developments at the time. Make no mistake, China is at financial war with America. I covered this here: https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/americas-financial-war-strategy

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