September 17, 2017

Why Dublin supporters should vote Fine Gael and other thoughts...

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Did you know that there is more than a 90pc chance that Dublin will win today because Fine Gael are in power? Eight of Dublin’s last nine All-Ireland wins have happened under Fine Gael governments.


Does the sea of blue on the Hill signal a subliminal message of urban support for the party of Dublin GAA, Fine Gael? Is Sam Maguire, when Dublin win, a Blueshirt? What do you think?


This is not provocative; it’s a fact.


Going back 40 odd years of Dublin All-Ireland victories, only in 1977, when Fianna Fáil clearly bought the election, have the Dubs triumphed under the Soldiers of Destiny. On every other occasion, there was a Fine Gael Taoiseach in power when a Dublin captain marched up to the sacred podium.


In 1974 and 1976, Heffo’s Dubs won under the austere eye of Liam Cosgrove.


In 1983, the Boys in Blue won under Garret Fitzgerald’s watch.


The renowned footballing aficionado, Fitzgerald, was the boss in Leinster House. This was a man so steeped in GAA and Irish traditions that in 1982, when he saw a sea of red during the campaign in Cork, he mistook Cork fans for politically engaged anti-communist activists wearing the red of Poland’s opposition Solidarity movement!


Fast-forward 12 barren years to 1995 and that other great Fine Gael GAA champion, John Bruton, was in power when the Dubs lifted Sam. Then, after 16 years in the wilderness, the victories of 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016 all occurred under another Fine Gael government.


So, should Dublin supporters vote Fine Gael to ensure victory?


The superstitious might agree but others would say any link between Fine Gael and Dublin GAA is just a coincidence.


In the real world, it’s easy to mix up coincidence with causation. When two things look related, many conclude that they must be connected. Often, two apparently linked phenomena can be parcelled up and tied together in order to suit someone’s narrative.


But if we mistake coincidence for causation, we can get things very wrong. This is particularly dangerous in the political theatre, where such spurious connections can lead to extremely poor results. Even though two things are merely coincidence, politicians often try to claim that they are related and in this way both credit and blame are apportioned when neither is warranted.


But before we talk economics, let’s think of other examples in daily life where people misdiagnose coincidences for causation.


When my mother loses her car keys, she prays to St Anthony. The next few minutes play out by the mother walking around the house murmuring invocations to the patron Saint of lost things. Then – miraculously – the keys emerge from under the cushion on the chair in front of the TV or under a few coats in the hall and nothing will persuade her that the prayer to St Anthony didn’t do the trick!


This tendency to see patterns where none exist is part of human make-up. It is just the way we are hardwired. We like to think that there are tangible reasons for things to happen over which we have some control. We are not comfortable with the complexity and serendipity of life. The purveyors of religion twigged this human frailty early on and therefore created all sorts of spurious cause and effect to help maintain the hocus pocus of religion.


Politics is another sort of hocus pocus – at least where politics mixes with the enormous complexity of the economy. As a result, we will hear politicians linking their own tenure in office with an upswing in the economy, when in fact no such connection exits.


Think about how the business cycle works in general; economies tend to recover from recessions, then we get decent growth and this creates an effervescence, which makes people too confident about the future, so they invest and spend too much, the economy peaks, goes into a downturn and dips into recession – and off we go again. Normally, this process takes about a decade but because economic time has nothing to do with human time, as measured by the Roman calendar, the notion of comparing year on year in economics is ridiculous. But we do it anyway.


Now superimpose on this longer-term economic cycle the four-year political cycle and you can see why politicians might take credit for things that are simply coincidence and get blamed for things that are similarly unrelated. So, when you hear politicians saying that under this government unemployment fell, all they are noting is that unemployment troughed when they happened to be in power. However, the real reasons unemployment falls in a small open economy have as much to do with the international business cycle as anything that the government did here.


Given that the two main parties have almost identical policies on anything of significance, it is rationally impossible for them to have a material diverging impact on the economy.


Like Fine Gael and the Dubs, there is a coincidence – not any correlation or causation.


This is the general rule; however, there are times where there are specific and unambiguous links between government stance and economic outcomes.


One such example happened this week involving the land grab from the EU on taxing multinationals.


The EU wants to change the way multinationals pay tax so that companies like Google pay tax where they generate sales, not where they register profits.


This would have a profound and immediate impact on where multinationals locate. It is a direct threat to Ireland because multinationals based here generate their sales in the EU, but their profits are registered in Ireland, where they are legally based. This is the model of every city-state and successful small country throughout history.


Centuries ago, the Dutch figured out that in a globalised economy the big money accrues not to those who produce but those who broker, facilitate and trade.


Our political class – and that includes the civil servants who negotiate for us – must say no to the EU’s ambitions to change the rules on the way corporations are taxed. In the same way as Germany would baulk at the notion that VW profits should not be repatriated to Germany, where they are taxed, we should do the same.


VW is a German company legally, even if it produces all around the world, and its corporation tax is paid to the German government. The same should apply to companies legally based in Ireland.


Unlike taking credit for the economic cycle, where the connection between governments and the slow grind of the business cycle is at best coincidental, the issue of taxation of multinationals would have a direct and deleterious effect on Ireland. Put simply, our capital base is American. Without these companies, Ireland would be Albania with brutal weather.


Therefore, our politicians need to make a stand now against the French/German move to further integration because this is what they are there for. The connection between foreign investment and Irish prosperity is not spurious; it is real.


As for the Dubs and Fine Gael, 8 out of 10 Cats would bet on the Blueshirts!


  1. To Conclude Or Be Dammed

    Many thanks David for your excellent article. I always enjoy reading them and the challenges it gives to any reader. Today Saturday as usual I read it in Starbucks at the railway station in Limerick watching the movement of people coming and going from all parts and in recent days many are Japanese.

    I refer to your statement ‘Like Fine Gael and the Dubs, there is a coincidence – not any correlation or causation’ and your reference to the word ‘pattern’. Superimposing both as you did and then concluding that it is a coincidence is not plausible and certainly not a fact in my opinion. This is damming without completing a proper thought process and therefore is in jest. How can a Mayo reader feel after reading your biased opinion.

    It is a fact that the Dubs are more skilful and that the Mayo team are a peoples team. Corporate GAA is stronger in Dublin than in Mayo and to acquire superior skills it has to be bought and that is about ‘money’. The predominance of Fine Gael elected members of the Dáil from Dublin must be closely related to Corporate GAA. The so called ‘pattern’ in the winning years quoted by you and the Fine Gael in power is not a pattern. It is a Trend. It is fair to say that this Trend is a correlation and a causation. This evolving Trend must be disturbing for the future of GAA and needs to be addressed otherwise the peoples team and the local clubs will be vaporised and replaced with the elite in management control.

    With reference to your conclusion that the new proposed consolidated tax acts ( CCCTB) in the EU will damage foreign investment in Ireland. This need not be real. However it may be real and is because we do not aspire to be a real nation on the political stage and our elected officers betray the principles and accountability of community trust they were empowered with. We prefer to invent our insular mindsets of our own ideas to be great among ourselves and we fail to do the same with those outside our island.

    We can say that we are the best teams in the world to play GAA sports. What good is that when real life matters. Why does it take a German Lidle or Aldi company to link the ordinary Irish farm producer with ourselves and the surpluses to EU markets. Or lets say why have the Irish Farm Coops served their self serving shareholders and not the producers ? Why are we promoting corporatism at the expense of the local producers and failing to sell Finished Farm Products and only concentrating on easy raw materials without added value. Why did Irish Farmers sell their controlling shares to third parties who have no interest in Irish Farming. These are principals we throw away all the time.

    I have watched what DUBLIN bureaucracy did to the various islands along our coastline over the many year and how they decimated basis living standards and simple community living denying them proper infrastructures and lifeline connections. It was not expensive to do. They did not care and neither did the local municipalities. Unfortunately this political Trend will continue on the bigger stage in the EU boardrooms. It is strange that a few islands are privately owned with lots of infrastructures alongside others with none and having real living communities with meagre living standards.

    You may have notices much demonstrations in France recently and this is common. Politics in France is a peoples choice to have their say enshrined on what really does matter in their lives. Their version of Corporatism does co-exist only after proper accountability with proper local organisations run in good traditional style. We in Ireland need to step up before your families are gone very far away and before we are forced to live on reservation camps for natives.

    David , are your recent articles a pattern or a trend of fodder serving your pay masters and not your punters? I would have thought in the midst of the Brexit dilemma ( and before the match) that you would have taken the opportunity to write a new book and show the light as you had done before in your earlier publications. This was what made you great in the beginning.

  2. Deco

    Very relevant point made, there.

    Coincidence is not causation.

    The Irish soccer team tended to have it’s more hyped periods, when there was an increase in borrowing, in the economy – and at times when FF were in charge.

    The rising tides of over-leverage, soccer hype, binge boozing, vote buying, quango expansion, political nepotism, and obedience to Brussels – brings massive failure as a result.

    The result is not economic empowerment, but fantasy based fiddling that brings about economic misallocation.

    Economic improvement comes about as a result of hard work, and intelligent decision making.

    It does not arise as a result of pump-priming and drunken decision making.

  3. Taxe Financiere

    Where does the Apple Fall ? Where it lands .

    The Minister for Finance has great difficulty understanding this and there is a good reason. He does not know the meaning of the word ‘Taxation’.

    This is not strange for any Irish politician .Their narrative prefers to fake and pretend and confuse the tax payer.A betrayal because of Fear.

    The success in negotiating with the EU must depend on the ‘initial condition’.Assuming to understand the meaning of the word Taxation is a journey to a Dante inferno. The Minister must rectify this obtuse.

    Being the only English speaking nation in the EU we still remain a cultural subordinate to Windsor. This needs to be rectified.

    Proving our sovereignty and might as a great nation has no better word to make claim to than the word ‘Taxation’. Achieving this will cure all our ills .At least for now.

    I have mentioned before in earlier articles that the words Taxation and Cáin are both Gaelic words and in use on the Isles of Britain and Ireland prior to the arrival of the Celts and before Homo Sapiens arrived on the Continent.We as Irish are part of the earliest known evidence of that cognitive revelation in Europe and we must mandate this in our universal claim in the EU and that over rides any subordinated interpretation of our definition from the Continent.This must be seen to be our human axiom that cannot be contradicted.

  4. Deco

    Like the proverb about insanity, Juncker’s speech is a reminder of what happens when those who are disconnected from reality make public policy.

    Greece was the first serious sign that something had gone extremely wrong, with the entire project of centralization in Europe.

    The fact that Iceland go into a similar problem, reacted in an agile manner, and saved their society was a lesson in how to fix a very serious problem. The Icelanders surrounded the parlaiment, got out their pots and cutlery and protested. Authority collapsed and then was rebuilt from the ground up. It was then based on a better connection with reality. The sort of connection that is absent in the fog of Juncker’s mind.

    Iceland adapting, and Greece floundering was the second indication that something was wrong. Iceland was outside the EU, and stayed outside. There was no ECB to squeeze society and save the balance sheet of the 1%. In Paris, Sarkozy drew up plans to do what was required to rescue bankers, in Rejkavik they threw them into jail. Because the people demanded.

    The next sign that there was a problem with the centralization of power was the “bailout” of aligned interests that were backing the EU powerstructure, in Ireland’s “bailout”. Top of the list was the Bank “unsecured” (what is that supposed to mean ?) bondholders. The same ones that in many cases were backing the French centre right. And of course next in line was the entire institutional state complex in Ireland, which is now a subsidiary of the nEU empire – and which leaving as a parasite on a shrinking economic host. That also got bailed out. And in return it has obediently served the nEU empire.

    Another sign was the continually increasing problems in the Iberian penninsula, where the banking system in Spain has been on life support for a decade, and where Portugal’s public finances are in a state of continual limp movement. Neither of which is seriously fixed yet. The first looks better because the Spanish economy is accumulating cash. The second because public spending has been brought under control, based on marginally better business activity.

    Then the ECB decided to print money. I termed of print-baby-print, in reference to Sarah Palin’s comment about hydrocarbon reserves.

    And this fed into increased real estate prices in Western Germany. For which Merkel immediately positioned herself as the driving factor.

    With low interest rates, in the Eurozone, Sweden and Denmark felt compelled to drop their interest rates. End result was a borrowing binge in both countries. In Denmark, lifestyle debt increased. In Sweden, real estate, went crazy.

    The centralization of authority, is the driving factor in the pursuit of policies that use debt accumulation as a means of achieving economic growth, without serious effort at factors of production.

    Finally, concerning VW – there was the emmissions scandal. And following that there was Merkel’s disastrous virtue signalling, which was supposed to get the media to ignore cheating on regulations.

    And why was this ? Because cheating on regulations has become an EU wide business.

    There is enormous hypocrisy of blaming the Greeks for their GDP statistics revisions, when the largest industrial holding company in Northern Germany is fiddling the numbers.

    In fact, the nomination of Juncker is a variation of a theme – as he was in charge in Luxembourg, which is a country financed by the facilitation of number fiddling.

    There is a serious level of mediocrity built into this centralized policy making system, that is in the service of the very richest.

    And make no mistake about it – the evidence is clear, since the Maastricht Treaty, the direction has always been to deliver for the 1%, whilst selling a series of useless pups to the rest.

    Juncker’s “wind in Europe’s sails” speech was completely disconnected from the hard realities, of the massive debt mountain in Europe – and the deliberate policies in place to undermine the working incomes that are needed to reduce it.

    The stage is set for a monumental mess. Juncker has more power than Barroso, and is even more clueless. He is backed up by other wise fools like Merkel, Macron, the EU Commission, Brock, Verhofstad, Schulz, etc… None of whom seem to grasp that they are unfit to lead that which the current centralized power structure.

    Ireland should insulate itself from the ineptitude that pervades in the centrla control of Europe.

  5. Deco

    What will happen next ?

    I think we should expect the unexpected.

    Well, one highly vulnerable location is Canada.

    The collapse of Home Capital/Trust in Toronto was not expected. The banking system there is overextended. The Prairie cereal crop is in a drought. Oil is down. And the auto trade in North America is in over supply. That is three of Canada’s largest export earners. Lumber is highly dependent on construction in the US and East Asia. The US construction sector is less consuming of lumber, as incomes continue to stagnate. And China has too much housing in many cities.

    Canada has not as much revenue as it expects, far more debt than it can carry, and a leadership that is obsessed with avoiding any issue of serious substance.

    Canada is a G6 economy. Iceland as an economy smaller than Wexford plus Waterford plus Kilkenny. And Iceland was the last canary in the coalmine.

    Canada is adapting to it’s financing problem, by raising interest rates so as to prevent capital flight. A capital flight that would undermine it’s banking system. And once it starts, it quickly runs out of control.

    In my opinion, the conditions already exist for flight from the CAD.

    In fact, I would even argue that the ultimate bet in the next 18 months is the CAD versus the Mexican Peso. Trump’s talk about a wall has trounced the MXP. But it is merely talk. The problem is that the US economic system cannot function without the Mexican sub-supplier system. The US manufacturing sector needs Mexico to survive. Therefore the hit to Mexico will not be as severe as the markets or the media expects. And the leadership in Mexico are far more adept than anybody is acknowledging. They are getting a lot of advance notice. They will be ready.

    In Ottawa, the leadership is all about selfies. Disaster awaits.

    • Deco

      The CAD is carrying bad news that has yet to go public. It will become non-resilient very quickly.

      The MXP is more resilient than the markets currently calculate.

  6. michaelcoughlan

    Its a very good insightful article.

    This statement;

    “Therefore, our politicians need to make a stand now against the French/German move to further integration because this is what they are there for”

    is very subtle coming close to the end of the article and is enormous in its implications should those in power contemplate it’s meaning. It begs the question? if Europe tries to ram harmonisation down our throats do we go for irexit? Surely we will have to consider doing so if the next statement is true which I wholeheartedly believe it is;

    “This would have a profound and immediate impact on where multinationals locate. It is a direct threat to Ireland because multinationals based here generate their sales in the EU, but their profits are registered in Ireland, where they are legally based. This is the model of every city-state and successful small country throughout history. Centuries ago, the Dutch figured out that in a globalised economy the big money accrues not to those who produce but those who broker, facilitate and trade.”

    This statement;

    “Given that the two main parties have almost identical policies on anything of significance, it is rationally impossible for them to have a material diverging impact on the economy”

    assumes they both implement what they say in theory but they don’t always as evidenced by Fianna failure’s failure to reign in out of control banking.

    The following is THE MOST IPORTANT THING you have said on the board for as long as I have been on here;

    “But if we mistake coincidence for causation, we can get things very wrong”

    Apply that magnificent insight to Central Banks all over the world and their QE experiments especially to the collapse in the Japaneese population growth and now shrinking size. Surely it provides guidance to help idealogicaly driven bankers who believe they are doing right to see the errors of their ways? I have no understanding at all why CB’s think qe will work or even less as to why they can’t seem to see what’s appears to be obvious to the rest of us but if you emailed senior Central Bankers with that one observation surely it may cause the more introspective ones cause for self reflection?



    • Deco

      The policy differences in FFFGPLP is minor and insignificant. They ALL take their order from Brussels.

      If Ireland is to have any hope of adapting, we need to replace this block with a set of better, more effective options.

      I will exclude SF from the list of acceptable options. They are positioned to profit from the current Garda debacle, and are throwing around soundbites.

    • I have no understanding at all why CB’s think qe will work or even less as to why they can’t seem to see what’s appears to be obvious to the rest of us.

      Well Michael, consider the fact that the central bankers’ policy is deliberate and designed to produce the results it does. What then?

      Consider the fact that the globalists , the elites, call them what one will, have a plan for world dominion. By controlling the money supply they control the politicians and policies of government. They control the think tanks and the educational foundations and they control the press, the media and the entertainment. They control the national, and international policies. They create wars, immigrants, migrants, vagrants, drug addicts and our guilt complex and all the propaganda machinery to shape and control the minds of the policy makers, the movers and shakers, the media presenters and even the owners of blog sites such as this.

      You assume the policy of the central bankers is vested in your best interest. I assure you it is not. It is vested in the best interest of those who put it into existence. They need to be overthrown, their false money with its false promises needs to be thrown out and we need to return to sound money principals. OR all else is a storm in a tea cup, signifying nothing of any use to you or the rest of us.

      • Mike Lucey


        It’s all going according to plan for the NWO elites. They just have to rein in Russia and China and then it ‘job done’. Check out for details!

        • Thanks for the link, Mike. encourage all to download and read and study. Why I have come to similar conclusions over the years I do not really understand myself. Except for the fact that I never seemed to understand what was being taught or discussed and was always raising my hand asking questions.
          Nobody likes to be questioned and so consequently it has been a bane of my life to be regularly told to be quiet and sit down. Here is a good quote from the link but covering just one aspect of the web pages.

          “”Finance & Economics
          “The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough money to buy it back again…Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.”
          - Josiah Stamp, former Governor of the Bank of England during the 1920′s”"

          It really is too bad that David ignores the truth about our banking system. I was naive enough to think that if exposed to reality he would be honest enough to explore , evaluate, debate and adopt or even reject. Silence is cowardice. He is such a talented and capable person who coulds help to do a lot of good. But………

        • Another paragraph!!

          Private Central Banks

          The control on money and the ability to create money and indebtedness is the primary method of control exercised by the elite. This is a con game of monetary magic whereby they create money out of nothing then lend it at interest to the public. This is in reality a Ponzi scheme that is preprogrammed to collapse. Unfortunately, the US at the end of this cycle of collapse and their destruction is inevitable as such. A number of great documentaries such as Money as Debt and the Money Masters explain this very well. They have systematically gained control over the banking systems of most countries on this planet. The U.S. Federal Reserve and many more central banks (even those that are supposedly now government owned) are in fact privately owned banks and the central banks for all central banks the Bank of International Settlements is also a privately owned and controlled by international elite banking families.

        • International Financial Institutions

          The widely know and acclaimed International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank are reported by the media as lending much needed funds to third world countries so they can further develop. This is a lie. In fact, the IMF and World Bank have through indebtedness enabled the complete destruction, control of the economies, and raping of the resources of developing nations. As demonstrated by John Perkins in his book Economic Hitman this was a planned and coordinated effort for control, domination and impoverishment of the developing world.

        • Finance as a Mechanism to Transform Societies

          Throughout the recent century the powers of financial capitalism have used their control over money to transform whole societies and the world at large. They have funded both sides of WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam, funded and instigated both the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution. They have created the mortgage / housing crisis in the United States and actively promoted the current U.S. Economic Collapse. Throughout history they have used their power over money and finance to foment war and revolution as means of transforming society in order to further their control and power.

      • Truthist

        The following was put my way sourced forum ;
        Yesterday, 07:02 PM #239
        Join Date
        Jan 2009
        Far far away

        Quote Originally Posted by Catalpast View Post
        Central Bank of Ireland is NOT an Irish State Central Bank
        Rather, it is a Private Central Bank belonging to The Rothschilds
        So who owns it then ?

        I cant see anything on their site that indicates where ownership of the Bank resides
        – is a fully State enterprise, owned, financed and controlled by the Government of the day ?
        I mean could the Government legally close it down and replace it ?
        The Central Bank is a body corporate established by legislation, it is an organ of State.
        It doesn’t have share capital like a company established under the Companies Act, but all of its original capital was provided by the Minister for Finance. All profits (except for a proportion allocated to reserves) are transferred each year to the Exchequer.
        The Governor and the Board are appointed by the Minister for Finance, and the Secretary of the Department of Finance is, ex officio, a member of the Board.
        AFIK, no Rothschilds have ever served on the Board!
        Sovereignty is not the property of those who prefer to withdraw into national borders.

        • Truthist

          Typo ;

          The following was put my way sourced FROM forum ;

        • Truthist

          Posted in later post by 1 of above posters apparently coming to the rescue of the Rothschilds :
          NOT directly relevant to specific [ Priv. ] Cen. Bank thread discussion
          But, relevant to show that poster’s :
          beliefs in the worthiness of European country being actually in EU.

  7. Deco

    Ireland had an excellent opportunity after the Brexit referendum to make decentralization the theme of predomincance in the discussion on EU centralization.

    Instead, the Irish political establishmen, went into Stockholm syndrom mode. They ran to the defence of their captors. And they have stayed there ever since.

    Idiots !!!!

  8. Truthist

    U mention the Civil Servants ;
    In the main ; The Irish State’s Civil Servants are malign Masters of the Public
    Not that it ever should mean an echo of Upstairs-Downstairs, but surely the relationship between the Public [ the Employers ] & the Public Servants, + even more the case with the Civil Servants, is totally out of kilter ?
    Logically, the Servants should be serving the Masters ;
    Not, the Masters serving the Servants.
    But, it is the following absurd relationship that we have in Irish State ;
    The Public serve the Civil Servants
    &, indeed
    The Civil Servants actually lord it over the Public :
    Typical [ mode ] salaries of Public Servants being 2 x the typical salaries of comparable skill application of employee in private sector
    Gratuitous verbal abuse by Public Servants to the Public ;
    And, most times the motive being to intimidate the public from pursuing matters further.
    And, no justice served to the Public when they pursue these episodes also.
    Frequent hard, + soft, personal relations propaganda in RTE-Pravda about RTE-Pravda themselves, ESB, the Guards, inter alia — & it paid from the Public’s purse — to remind the Public how talented & skilled & noble the respective Public Servant bodies are, & how the Public should count their blessings so.
    Ditto, very expensive PR campaigns on billboards around the country.
    In the main, “ineffective” + “inefficient” + “unproductive” output from most Public Service departments
    Wholesale theft
    Gross intrusion into the lives of the Public ;
    The Guards bugging the Public’s phone calls, & planting audio + video eavesdropping & recording devices in the homes of the Public
    Massive sexual abuse [ incl. Rape, & pedophilia ] ; Done personally & / or arranged & / or covered up
    Manslaughter, & Murder too, following which Civil SERPENTS + the Hidden State conspire to deny justice
    Incrimination of members of the Public for very serious crimes — “capital crimes” even — when the incriminated person totally innocent, & sometimes the crime being the handiwork of Public Servants ;
    But, nonetheless, by total conspiracy of the apparatus of the Irish State, the rather unfortunate member[s] of the Public is / are sentenced to most appalling further penalty
    Sinister experiments on captive children, & adults by the Irish State [ Sometimes with Private-Public Persons & / or Corporations & / or Universities & / or very likely Tavistock Clinic, England ] ; Chemical, Psychological, Physical inter alia
    Yip, I could go on ;
    Because there is just an incredible amount of inequity in the Civil Servants’ favor when really there should be inequity in the Public’s favor truly.
    Not that the Public would be malign.
    Rather, the Public would be benign.
    But, alas I relent from revealing more ;
    Because, well, I have the … yips

  9. “the hocus pocus of religion”

    Haha love it David, well said.

    • Truthist

      The “hocus pocus” of … :
      Ref. Irish Pound Era & Irish Punt Era
      CURRENCY WHICH IS “TEXTILE” PAPER ONLY [ i.e. of no intrinsic value ; And, certainly not Money = Gold, & just-about Silver ], & it not backed by any reserves of Money [ i.e. Gold & just-about Silver ] invented from “thin air” by the Rothschild’s Private Central Bank of Ireland “Hocus Pocusers” of which David was employee of, & it then issued as loan to government to be paid back with Interest ?
      Irish Pound Era, & Irish Punt Era, & Euro Era

      CURRENCY WHICH IS NOWADAYS ONLY DIGITAL ENTRIES INTO COMMERCIAL BANKS’ LEDGERS & RESPECTIVE BORROWERS’ A/C LEDGERS invented from “thin air” [ i.e. of no intrinsic value ; And, certainly not Money = Gold, & just-about Silver ], & it not backed by any reserves of Money [ i.e. Gold & just-about Silver ] nor even other similar hocus pocus currency, invented from “thin air” by licensed Commercial Banks by permission of the Rothschild’s Private Central Bank of Ireland “Hocus Pocusers” of which David was employee of, & it then issued as loan to borrower to be paid back with Interest ?
      And, each extra creation of new hocus pocus currency of 1. & 2. [ above ] inflating the total amount of hocus pocus currency in circulation, & thereby — but I yet to find satisfactory explanation 8-) — causing :
      devaluation of the unit of this hocus pocus currency?
      inflation of prices in the economy ?
      Adam, the real “Cyber/Crypto Currency” Brains are ever mindful of :
      the essential characteristics of Money
      all of the above 3 of the main scams of the Bankster Rothschilds & their licensed F-R….-N Commercial Bankster acolytes.
      Yet, I perceive Cyber Currency as having merit in closed transaction environments.
      By the way, how do u explain “Existence” / Life ?
      Only a fool does not believe that God exists.

    • terence patrick hewett

      Hocus Pocus?

      It may be instructive to consider why atheist thought appears to be resolutely buried in the 19th century. The atheist world is a world that is described by the Classical Physics of Isaac Newton (Principia Mathematica 1687), the equations of James Maxwell (A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism 1873) and Charles Darwin (On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection 1859.

      These ideas, their precursors, their extrapolations and their interpretations have been repeatedly turned over during the last 120 years by such luminaries as Wells, Huxley, Chesterton, Belloc and many others. Although both Newton and Maxwell are mathematically derived, they and Darwin may be easily understood by the non-mathematical given a bit of perseverance; Newton can be understood by using readily observed everyday phenomena. They are all empirically deduced and accepted.

      That is, until the apple cart was well and truly upset by Albert Einstein’s theories of Special Relativity (1905) and General Relativity (1915). To add insult to injury, a pair of corner boys called Erwin Schrödinger and Niels Bohr proceeded to smash up the cart and kick everything into the ditch.

      The implications of Relativity which deals with the extremely large, and Quantum Physics which deals with the sub-atomic, are unlike Classical Mechanics, and not easily understood. To us, who exist in a world proscribed by Classical Physics, they are counter-intuitive and are only really understood in mathematical terms. We enter strange, sometimes multi-dimensional worlds where gravity, mass and time do odd things or may not exist at all; we have to question the very nature of time itself.

      Interestingly it is religion, whose stock in trade is the contemplation of the infinite, who have adapted most readily to this. Atheism has chosen either to misinterpret or in the case of Quantum Physics to ignore it. All it has produced is Moral Relativism, a misinterpretation of Relativity which distressed Einstein intensely; regretfully Darwin is similarly being misapplied.

      Justifying the existence or the non-existence of God is not the business of science; physicists, if they think about it at all, simply regard it all as not proven. However they would be dishonest if they didn’t admit that the ultimate objective is to know all there is to know; in other words, to know the mind of God (literally or figuratively).

      The sum of human knowledge so far, is a grain of sand in a desert of sand; and given that Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics and Relativity do not equate with each other, everything is up for grabs. Darwin gives no explanation of Quantum Physics but Quantum Physics is starting to explain Darwin; Google “why does matter exist” and have a jolly good time.

      The survival of the human race demands we keep our eyes firmly on the Cosmos, and atheism although a perfectly respectable intellectual position, (although Huxley maintains that only for agnosticism), is notable for its low expectations of humanity and the poverty of its ambitions.

      • Truthist

        Although I am not adept in mathematics & engineering as urself Terry, I beg to differ about the merits of :

        some of the individuals u mention above

        some of the “movements” u mention above.

        However, I did enjoy reading ur piece.
        U write well.
        And, this post is very helpful as brief description of how the lie of the land is presently.

        • terence patrick hewett

          When Spike Milligan’s mother accused Spike of being a bad Catholic, Spike, in the privacy of his own head (for self-preservation)replied:

          “I thought that was the only sort there were”

          We all try and do the best we can.

          • Truthist

            I read that Maxwell lived his life as a very devout Catholic.
            One can be a devout Catholic but disregard certain religious [ incl. popes ] but be in favor of other religious [ incl. popes ].
            Speaking as a Catholic, I believe that the whole load of sacraments should be redesigned from how they are now conducted.
            The unquestioned life is not worth living ;
            So, in a sense, there is hocus pocus involved in religion today,
            the sacraments according as they are :
            not properly justified
            not properly designed
            Ditto the various “trained manners / styles” of the various religious.
            We need … T-R-U-T-H-I-S-M
            Presently, in all spheres of life we are being served L-I-E-S, & most of us are serving up L-I-E-S.

        • Truthist

          Purely Coincidence ;

        • coldblow


          ‘U write well’

          U don’t.

          The word is ‘you’ and you can drop the ampersand.

          • Truthist

            All the more pity that u do not use acceptable abbreviations ;

            Our brief is meant to be :

            reflect on the article
            reflect on arguments within posts
            ask good relevant questions
            give good information

            Time & Space are precious.

            But, u bring ur precious “intellectual snobbery” self to bear on top of all that.

            Very very rarely do u have anything worthy to ask or give on actual Economics.



            U ARE ARE A PROBLEM TO U ; And, that is obvious.



          • coldblow


            I don’t write about economics at all now because I am increasingly convinced that economists argue to justify their world view, which is almost always progressive and so wrong. I challenge that world view.

            What does that recording show? That Savile was a decent man who often supported those who were at the sharp end of things. Eoghan Harris does this occasionally (George Hook in his most recent Sindo article) and so did Myers (Nora Wall, for example). Who is Izzy? Why should I care?

            The whole Savile story is a storm in a teacup and there doesn’t even appear to be a teacup.

          • Read this , coldblow, and comment then on why you think what you do.


            “The review was published 25 February. The review, which totaled more than 700 pages, found Savile had sexually abused 72 people and had raped eight people, including an eight-year-old, at “virtually every one of the BBC premises at which he worked”. Smith stated that some BBC staff members were aware of complaints against Savile but did not pass the information to senior management due to the “culture of not complaining.” She described an “atmosphere of fear” still existing at the BBC and that some of those interviewed for the inquiry did so only after being assured their names would not be published as they feared reprisal. A separate report into the offending of Stuart Hall was released the same day.[80]“

          • coldblow


            I take it that it is the Smith Review you refer to? Her brief was to assess the guilt of the BBC in covering up for JS. She found that senior management were innocent but had some criticism of lower grades. Sound familiar?

            The Review is useless, in fact worse than useless, as she merely accepts conventional wisdom about ‘what we know now about Savile’ (a phrase which pops up with monotonous regularity throughout her review (review not investigation). The problem here is that ‘what we all know’ about him is a load of cobblers. The Dame believes this one and does not believe that one according to her mood, humour or agenda.

            She has no problem, for example, in believing that JS abused two youngsters in his dressing room while attired as a Womble.

            As for the ‘atmosphere of fear’ at the BBC, don’t make me laugh. Fear? For what? Here’s the assessment of an old BBC cameraman and professional, Bernard Newnham.

            “I was proud to work for the BBC, and I still am. We didn’t know much about Jimmy Savile, if indeed there was very much to actually know.”


            Just because a matter is the subject to an official report does not mean that it is settled. Take for example the Waterhouse Inquiry into what allegedly occurred in ‘children’s’ homes in North Wales. The Ryan Report (which I have onlyo glanced as) is also likely to be deeply flawed. We all know the calibre of the Newcastle City report into two innocent nursery employees, Dawn Reed and Christopher Lillie. Well, we all *should* know.


            As for Wikipedia it has a certain limited value for knowing what received opinion is on a subject (look up any of the well-known global warming sceptics and tell me it is objective) or if you want to find out the exact weight of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in metric tonnes. But don’t quote it as an authority about anything, absolutely anything.

            Finally, if you bump into ‘Truthist’ during your rambles you might have a little word for me in his shell-like please. Tell him to stop looking at conspiracy sites throughout the night and to go to bed.

      • Good post terence with some helpful references which I will follow up on – but what is your own opinion on the nature and origin of existence? I do read quite a few books on cosmology and quantum physics etc. – have been chipping away at it for decades now (getting old, 45 the other day).

      • PS. Authoritatively rolling out the statement that religion has “adapted most readily” (according to who?) doesn’t make it true, but nice try.

        Religion is a pile of fairy stories as far as I’m concerned and the only adaption its interested in is the one that maintains power over the obedient sheeple and keeps the cash rolling in.

  10. Truthist

    Just as I post now ;
    There are in total only 15 posts since John Allen September 17, 2017 at 10:46 am.

  11. coldblow

    Purveyors of religious hocus pocus? Who are the purveyors? Where is it being purveyed? And indeed what is being purveyed?

    I see much purveying and it is the purveying of conventional wisdom and its close cousing, received opinion, which is currently garbed in the righteous cloak of strident liberalism. It is purveyed on RTE, on radio, in the press and if you offend you are, like Hook, swiftly removed (this is called tolerance).

    This article is interesting in that it is the first time to my knowledge that David makes his standpoint clear regarding religion. I wonder why he did not do this earlier. It could be because it might alienate people who might otherwise read him. My guess, though, is that he is just getting carried away.

    Terence gives a good summary above about the state of play in science. Rupert Sheldrake (The Science Delusion) does a thorough demolition job on materialistic sciene (or scientific materialism or whatever). Thinker John Gray (he even writes in the Guardian) describes the strident modern version of evangelical atheism as a particularly crude Chritian heresy. The following article from evolutionist Jerry Coyne is an excellent example.

    See the unconscious parody of religious heresy trials. The heresy itself (refusing to bend the knee to the theory of evolution), the sacrilegious text (Daily Mail – should be Mail on Sunday anyway), how Hitchens leads others into error (denial of science), and blasphemy (mockery of science). You could not make it up!

    Hitchens’s amusing response is here:

    More high class comedy can be found on YouTube if one searches for Ben Steins spoof interview of Richard Dawkins, whose acolytes get very cross indeed in the comments. How dare he mock him?

    If David wants real hocus pocus why not take a closer look at AGW, something he actually does believe in? Among the unbelievers is Pearse Corbyn, brother of Jeremy. There are many other strange things that self-styled rationalists believe in nowadays which I have written about here over the last year and a half.

  12. Truthist

    Off-Topic ;
    I guess a bit like a Lady Godiva wading onto the pitch ….
    But, very welcome nonetheless …. 8-)
    There may be some respite with this news on housing ;
    Not a solution, mind ;
    But, a welcome addition.

  13. In the current news is the effort to obtain the submission of NK

    The first step in having a Central Bank established in a country is to get them to accept an outrageous loans, which puts the country in debt to the Central Bankers and under the control of the Rothschilds.

    North Korea

    The first 4 countries have been bombed into submission. The last three are under intense pressure.

    Today there is huge pressure being applied to North Korea. Look for a minute at the activities of the missile actions and the development of a military nuclear program as a nation desperately trying to avoid the results applied to Iraq and Syria and Libya as examples.

    I fully expect to see that economic and political sanctions applied to North Korea will be mitigated by the offer of all nations, via the UN, to work together and financial assistance will be offered. The real drawback for NK will be that the financial help will be in the form of huge LOANS from the world Bank or the IMF. Thus will NK be submerged by the interest payments and the repayment of the principle to the Rothschild related banking industry. It will include the setup of a Rothschild central bank.

    Having a central bank was the first plea of the “Rebels” fighting the Gaddafi regime. Gaddafi’s biggest mistake was to advertise that he was promoting a Pan African monetary system based on the ancient islamic Dinar. He was not only removed from power but hunted down, raped with knives and slaughtered. This, much to the apparent amusement of Hilary Clinton.

    Is Kim Jong-Un trying to avoid a similar fate??

    The price of acceptance into the world community for NK will be subservience to the internationalist banksters globalist agenda of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

  14. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    Mr David McWilliams’ writes:

    “Centuries ago, the Dutch figured out that in a globalised economy the big money accrues not to those who produce but those who broker, facilitate and trade.”

    The question is – trade what? The Dutch didn’t accrue big money just from trading but from copying others products and manufacturing them cheaper and on a much larger scale while monopolising the trade routes. Take porcelain – in Delft, the Dutch introduced the strong division of labour which meant that the city was able to produce far beyond its own needs (in 1620, they had 9 porcelain factories, in 1660 – 36). A large kiln could produce up to 30,000 objects a year and Delftware was exported as far as Japan (Rijksmuseum has a Dutch-made set of 5 bowls of Mukozuke, used for the Japanese tea ceremony) – in Europe, only the Dutch had direct trade links with Japan.

    The spread of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) was partly due to military power – in 1670, about 10% of Dutch adult males were sailors, and the Netherlands had more ships than England, France, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, and Spain combined. They used timber found in the wooded southern shore of the Baltic (the word “spruce” came to English from Polish, where it means “from Prussia” – Royal Prussia was incorporated into Poland in 1454), and they monopolised the grain trade in Gdansk prior to that.


    Through innovation: the Dutch “fluyts” ships could carry more freight with less crew, and so their rates were half those of England. Like Ireland, the Netherlands is a small country; unlike Ireland, instead of zoning the land, they reclaimed the land from the sea: 36,000 acres between 1590 and 1615 (while in Ireland, only 5% of the land that NAMA sold was built on). Likewise, the reason why the Dutch porcelain exports collapsed was the lack of innovation – the Dutch porcelain producers and navy, dizzy with success, eventually became complacent – as Ireland got complacent during the boom with its “if I have it, I’ll spend it” economic growth model based on borrowing money from foreign creditors so that the Irish could buy houses from themselves for themselves for money that could have been otherwise spent on, for instance, addressing the fact that Mr McWilliams’ wants Ireland to become a major trading broker and he wants to do it with a merchant fleet that is 1/20 of the Dutch, and 1/3 of Estonian (this doesn’t even take into account the Irish navy’s military power, which is close to zero).

    Recently I have read a large history of the Netherlands and I’m toying with an idea that it’s the Dutch who have ruled Europe’s trade and not the British (who, in case someone forgot, are ruled by a dynasty that is German – they even had German names until 1914, when they changed it to Windsors).

    Take Poland (I’ve already mentioned Gdansk – I should add to it that when the Dutch no longer needed the Polish grain because they developed their own, highly efficient agriculture, they simply cut off Gdansk from the global trade): this week, the Polish department of finance published a breakdown of figures as to how much money was drained from Poland since it became the EU member and from what countries; this is a veiled warning to the Carolingians that if they continue bullying V4 – recently, the Carolingians even threatened that they might seize Hungarian and Polish assets in their (now Islamic, so not theirs) countries – then Poland will closely look at the finances of their companies in Poland, which – if they are driven out (we really don’t need the Carolingian supermarkets and banks – they need them) – would cause a major recession in Germany and Holland – because the now net EU payer Poland can easily function without the EU but Germany cannot function without eastern Europe, Germany’s biggest export market in the world (this is even without Poland initiating legal proceedings against Germany for unpaid WWII compensations: a move that Germany claims has no chance of succeeding – they even suggested that this would trigger the question of Polish borders – but in fact, they are shitting themselves from fear because if Namibia has just initiated such proceedings against Germany, then why not Poland?); to lend its veiled threat more gravitas, Polish politicians went to visit the White House and Pentagon, where they were received with the highest honours (higher, i.e., than the British defense minister was received) and the US issued a statement in which it called Poland it’s most important NATO ally.

    So, who drained how much?
    According to MP interpellation no 14857, the EU companies have drained from Poland (in dividends, interest rates, and license fees) 540 zloties – 127bn euro (the most during the post-Lehman crisis), out of which most money was sponged from Poland by the Dutch (117.31bn zloties – 28bn euro; followed by Germany – 102bn zloties (24.9 bn euro) and France (60bn zloties, so a bit less than 15bn euro). Luxembourg drained 48bn zloties, that is 11.5bn euro.

    That 127bn euro (mostly not taxed) is only part of all money that the Carolingians earn on Poland’s participation in the EU (having said that, when Poland was not in the EU the situation was not very different, except that the economic growth in Poland was 6-7% and now is 2-3%).


    It’s time to diversify Ireland’s exports and expand (German Aldi will now have 2,500 stores in the US – why can’t SuperValu?).

    Irish exports cannot depend only on the EU agricultural subsidies and Northern Ireland cannot rely only on the British – and EU – subsidies (or the north-east of Ireland, whatever – technically, the correct name for Germany is the III Reich as the III Reich never capitulated and the Bundesrepublik Deutschland is its legal successor – yet those who call Northern Ireland “the north-east of Ireland” – which I even agree with – don’t call Germany “the III Reich”): 80% of Northern Irish farmers’ incomes come from the subsidies.
    It cannot rely on recycling others profits from others goods sold all over the EU, as Mr McWilliams proposes (I mean – it can, but that shouldn’t be Ireland’s main source of economic growth). After decades of enormous foreign direct investment and EU subsidies, where is the Irish Nokia, the Irish Gripen, the Irish Tesla, the Irish Solaris (Polish bus manufacturer who supplied London and Dubai with hybrid-buses) or the Irish iPhone (with Dutch mixed signal-chips, German accelerometer, and French/Italian gyroscope)? – this is a question I am asking Mr McWilliams to address in one of his future columns why no high-tech world-recognised brand never sprung from a country where so much money was invested and even more money was borrowed? Does he even recognise it as a problem that needs to be addressed, in case the US companies (the US, not Britain, is Ireland’s biggest export market) leave Ireland after one signature of President Trump on the US corporation tax bill?

    Ireland’s trade with the UK is massive but its balance has been, except for food, massively negative for Ireland (in 2016, the UK’s trade surplus with the US was $1.3bn and with Ireland, a massive $5.3bn).

    I love the grass-fed Irish beef – the best in the world – but what happens if post-Brexit Britain, who accounts for half of Irish beef exports, gets really serious about its “Buy British” campaign?

    Mr McWilliams also writes:

    “Therefore, our politicians need to make a stand now against the French/German move to further integration” – yet according to VoteWatchEurope, even the French government voted more frequently with the anti-federalist UK government than the Irish government.

    The Carolingian strategy manifests itself in picking on anti-federalist countries one by one – so if Ireland wants to avoid being hectored by the former prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker (that alcoholic should be reminded that on a scale based on the Basel Institute of Governance’s Anti-Money Laundering Index 2015, Germany and Luxembourg are Europe’s prime destinations for money laundering), it should act as one bloc with the low corporation tax countries (the 12 new members, Scandinavia – who however is becoming more and more unstable due to the enemy within – the “refugees”, who in Sweden enjoy a higher standard of living than the Irish middle-class – and UK’s ally, Portugal) against tax harmonisation and federalisation; otherwise they would all have to listen to Frans Timmermans’ tirades as those against Poland – which are not that dissimilar to John Cleese’s artistic creations.

    • Truthist

      If Irish State wants to lay claim to being higher pedigree country ;
      ==> the following must be, in the main, honorable :

      Civil Service
      Professional Class
      Civil Rights Defenders
      Rule of Law [ incl. The Court Service ]
      General Ways amongst Citizens

      inter alia

      But, none of the required sectors is, in the main, honorable.
      Thus, Irish State Jurisdiction is ;

      As I know personally only too well.


      Irish Civil Service are routine bare-faced liars to the public.
      This is not the case in many countries that are even classed as 3rd World.

      And, just u see even worse, following the further legalisation of Abortion ;
      The ruthlessness & immorality in every facet imaginable here will be more common.


    • coldblow

      Grzeg: “Refugees” – you are obsessed with them! (Just pulling your leg.)

      Albania with brutal weather: this has always been the worry of many, when Ireland returns to form and becomes an economic mess again. Only this time we will probably have a lot of Albanians in the ‘vibrant’ mix, all competing with the rest of the new ‘Irish citizens’ from around the globe for scarce jobs.

      Of course, with our newly acquired tolerance and sophistication this will all be wished away with a waft and and a wave of a wonderful welfare wishing wand.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I think that for the last 2 years, I have been seeing a lot more people in burkas and men looking like Osama bin Laden than I have ever seen before.
        Ireland is still a country with a relatively low Muslim population (7 times lower than England, for example) but we do have a president (who seems to covertly support Jihad anyway – once he even signed up for a public event with a wanted terrorist) that does everything he can to change it.

        Say what you want, Coldblow, but Enda Kenny wasn’t, for all his faults and whatever Frankfurt School he might have been infected, a lot, a lot less PC than most European British politicians (and that includes Theresa May).
        Once he was on the radio and he pointed out to the absurdity of a claim that Ireland should take any refugees (correction: not refugees but the so-called “refugees”) that want to come here by saying that if 10% of Africa would like to come to Ireland, should Ireland take them too?

        However, for some reason, and I don’t why, the Red Dwarf’s line won (remember how he rebuked the Irish government last year for not taking more invaders?).

        Albania. Albanians are not like any other new Irish, or whatever you call them. They really are not. Few people realise that Albania is not like a normal country, say even poor like Bulgaria, but that they are now pretty much run by the Jihadists, sponsored by Saudi Arabia.
        In the UK, per head, the Albanians commit, out of all foreign nationalist by far – by a factor of many times! – the most crimes.
        I know that this is really unfair to normal Albanians who must live there too, but Albania is a really dangerous country now, and by no means, they should be let in (if they are financed by Saudi Arabia, they can always go to Saudi Arabia).
        P.S. Do you remember that episode of Top Gear when they went to Albania? If not, watch it – you’ll see that this really is not Europe.

  15. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “Polish politicians went to visit the White House and Pentagon, where they were received with the highest honours”:

    • Truthist

      An Ode to the Final Liberation of Poles + Russians

      Poles are well intentioned overall.
      And, very flattered with being granted honors etc.

      But, they seem to always fall for the deceit of their appreciators.

      USA culture has absolutely no regard for Poles.
      Although, it does not despise them, it has elected to pitch “Pollacks” as the essence of stupidity.
      Not justifiable of course.
      Appears to be a further price one pays for being honorable & hard-working.

      Poles — especially in Poland + all the other European countries — should get more organised ;
      And, they should think deeply + then seek to think clearly about how they can advance respect + affection from Russian populace everywhere.
      This policy needs to be “an attack on all fronts”.
      And, it must be sincere “advancing” of respect + affection ;
      And, it must be on level playing pitch.
      Mutual respect.
      Sure, the Russians need all the help they can get so as to become more civilized & mannerly after 80 years of hell through Communism.
      But, Poles also have a lot to learn also from Russians.

      We should have the same policy towards our Orangemen + the Brits.
      And, they to us.
      But, such interactions must not be forced.
      They must be willingly entered.

      “Hello, I am an Ass.
      And, u are an Ass.”

      The above is called the final liberation.

      • Truthist

        Do not be impressed by folks that do the likes of this to their own people ;

        15 Dec 1981,

      • Truthist

        Addendum ;

        Poles should do the same Re ;



        Poland’s other direct neighbours.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Yes and no.
        When you write about that the US culture has absolutely no regard for Poles (i.e. “Pollacks”; Polish jokes, etc), you are right but you are right about a certain time period – after WWII until recently. It wasn’t the case before (Poles were one of the earliest settlers in the US – from early 17th century (Irish were newcomers, with their significant immigration not starting until 19th century – although there were significant Irish in the war of independence, as were the significant Poles); and the US political system was modelled a lot on the political system of the I Polish Republic – a lot more than on the political system of England, i.e. – in fact, people like Thomas Jefferson wanted to avoid the mistake the English had made in organising their state, such as religious intolerance which eventually turned into the English themselves, i.e. in the form of Cromwell).

        As newcomers, and mostly unskilled immigrants, and also because practically all of them were very poor (this was like a lot of the 19th-century Polish emigration to the US – btw, in the 19th century skilled Poles were emigrating to South America rather than to North America) but unlike the earlier Polish emigration) the Irish turned into the only jobs that were available to them – manual jobs, public offices, Catholic Church and the police. This, in the long run, turned out to be beneficial for the Irish community in one way; in the other way, it made the Irish support leftists parties (as this election showed very well – no Irish representation in the Trump camp – almost all voted for Clinton; very significant Polish representation there, and Trump himself acknowledged that he won the election thanks to the Poles as Wisconsin and Michigan were decisive).

        So what has changed after WWII with the image of the Poles? Three things: Hollywood, KGB and Agency 114.

        Hollywood was manifestly pro-Soviet during WWII, and that involved justifying the fact that the Soviet Russia has started the WWII together with Hitler by invading Poland.
        How do you justify that? By showing that Poland was an anti-semitic country, so it is good that the USSR invaded it.
        KGB channeled considerable resources to prevent the Polish community in both Americas from organising themselves as the Poles, out of all people, were the most anti-communist (this was not only because of their 1920 and 1939 experience with the Bolsheviks but also because of their intelligence, then the best in the world (i.e. the CIA and British counterintelligence was established under the instruction of Major Jan Zychon – contrary to all that movie propaganda, the British WWII intelligence was pretty much useless and couldn’t function without the Polish underground – i.e. little known is the fact that the siege of Tobruk wouldn’t have been possible without it).
        About Agency 114, I wrote many times.

        “Poles are well intentioned overall.
        And, very flattered with being granted honors etc.
        But, they seem to always fall for the deceit of their appreciators.” – I agree with that; the same goes for the Irish (i.e. the reception of Obama in Ireland whereupon he did fuck all for Ireland; some people here were deluding themselves that Mr Trump will, due to the Gaelic roots of his mother, have any special consideration for Ireland – I think that Trump despises Ireland as a country whose politicians violated every neutral and mannered way of behaving towards the US election candidate, staked it all on Clinton and lost it all – and now they want to have a peace of cake all the same; Trump’s actions with the sanctuary cities clearly show that (that would have hit mainly the Irish and Latino illegal immigrants).

        To be honest with you, I don’t know if there is any way of undoing the untold damage that the Irish diaspora has done to Ireland by staking everything on Clinton. It can be undone, but everything has to be now built from scratch and if the Taoiseach thinks that he can contrast the success Trump’s visit to Warsaw with the “success” of Canadian prime minister’s meeting with him (which resulted in nothing concrete anyway), well then guess what – no one outside of Ireland even knew such visit took place (it was a non-story in the worlds’ papers and media).

        What is different now is that after decades of sweet nonsense Poland heard from the US politicians which resulted in nothing else but – this is just one example – Polish taxpayers subsidising the production of F-16 by buying it at exorbitant prices and the US reneging on its off-set promise, we hear not only w o r d s from Mr Trump but also a c t i o n s.

        And the image of the Poles in the US is changing very quickly (i.e. there are many pro-Polish voices of conservatives in the US that I never heard before; not only from Trump administration but also from normal Americans).

        • Truthist

          Yeah, but Trump is :

          NOT autonomous ;
          Trump is “all stacked-up” in his administration 8-)
          And, such folks have a certain egregore to further

          a Rat & Liar
          Look at :
          what he said he would do HELP Syria
          what he is doing AGAINST Syria


          Were Trump autonomous, & then it would matter more so, I would not blame him for being disdainful of current Irish representatives of every main-stream sector
          Currently, we are, in the main, appalling.


          However, there are remarkably major percentage Irish — incl. Irish-Americans — to the fore as meaningful Truth-Seeking + Truth-Telling Bloggers etc..

          And, although not a blogger, the following personal report of nationally famous RTE personality Mike Murphy & published in Irish Independent yesterday, is very significant ;

          These Effects are not even “…examples in daily life where people misdiagnose coincidences for causation.”
          Rather, they are examples in daily life where certain people have the chutzpah to attribute alleged justifiably cause where it is not the case in the vast number of cases, & they so allege either before or after they gratuitously & callously inflict suffering on fellow Semites to the Irish* ;

          *The original Irish being actually Semites.
          Celts, Vikings, Normans not being so.


          “This is not provocative; it’s a fact.”
          And, it relevant to the above article & the thread of discussion.
          And, it is very significant in the history of media persons of Ireland.
          Mike Murphy has being light-entertainment & arts Radio & TV programmes host for years & seen as somewhat of a promulgator for New York so-called liberal values.
          For some 2 decades he would be considered the 2nd most important RTE television personality.
          HEADING ;
          Mike Murphy ;
          Degradation of Palestinians shocking to witness

          Sole resistance open to Palestinian people against Israeli actions is to remain in place

          Sat, Sep 23, 2017,

          Mike Murphy

          During the late 1970s, when I was what could be called an emerging talent in RTÉ, I received a letter from Kader Asmal, later to become a government minister in the first South African rainbow government, asking me to lend my support to the anti-apartheid movement. Through lack of interest, or callowness, or the pressures of raising a young family, or a combination of all of the above, I ignored his invitation.

          Ten years or so later, I had the opportunity, in South Africa, to drive the entire eastern coast to Cape Town, through the Bantustans which then existed. Needless to say, I was appalled at conditions in these open-air prisons, and I deeply regretted my lack of common decency.

          In recent years I’ve been reading and hearing about the abuses being heaped upon the Palestinian people by the occupying Israeli government. My sympathies lay with the Palestinians, and I wrote a letter to this newspaper decrying the actions of Bank of Ireland in arbitrarily shutting down the account of the Irish Palestine Solidarity Group. Much good it did!

          But I still needed to see it with my own eyes. I heard about a fact-finding trip being organised through a Palestinian tour company, and signed myself and my son Mark up. We were a group of 31, all strangers to Mark and me, and the whole enterprise began with a bit of a stutter.
          Passport control

          On arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv just after midnight, about 16 or so of us were taken from passport control and ordered to a nearby holding area. We were asked who among us had visited Israel before. I admitted, a little sheepishly, that I had been involved in the Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem in the late 1970s. Our passports were gathered and about six of our number, including myself, were taken to another holding area where we were seated outside a partitioned office. We were brought in one by one – I was, I think, about fifth in line. I could hear a lot of shouting and banging of desks from the little room as one by one our four fellow tourists were interrogated and then led out and away.

          About 90 minutes later I was led into the same small office to be interviewed by two male immigration police. I asked what had happened to the four people who had been in prior to me, and was told they had been deported. I asked why and was shown a phone video of a demonstration of sorts with what appeared to be a couple of Irish people waving a Tricolour and throwing stones at a huge wall. I was asked would I be attending any demonstrations and I said no. I asked what was the deportation process and was told that the four would be on the 5am flight to Istanbul. I asked who would be paying for their flights and was told: “The airline.”

          You need a permit to build a house extension, to put in a water tank, to instal a solar panel. And most applications are refused

          They took my photograph, handed me back my passport and told me I was good to go. So we were a depleted and somewhat shaken little group who set out at about 4am to satisfy our curiosity about the plight of the Palestinians. However, I vowed not to let our airport experience colour my views over the forthcoming week.
          Palestinian home demolished in East Jerusalem, November 2014.

          But it was worse than I expected.

          Start with the roads. The roads through the Israeli lands range from the superhighway to the efficient. Reach Bethlehem in the occupied territories, however, through the ubiquitous wall, and the roads are potted, higgledy-piggledy, treacherous S-bended and rubbish-strewn. Those Palestinians who have cars must bear white licence plates, to distinguish them from the yellow-plated Israeli cars and to ensure they cannot enter Israeli-controlled areas, including East Jerusalem, without a special permit, seldom granted.

          Life revolves around permits. You need a permit to build a house extension, to put in a water tank, to instal a solar panel. And most applications are refused.

          If your plot of land is now on the far side of the brand-new (and illegal under international law) settlement fence or wall, you now have to travel great distances to access it. It becomes no longer cost-effective and, as a result, many farmers lose their primary source of livelihood. And after three years the land can be formally confiscated because you didn’t tend it.

          If you work or study in Jerusalem you may enter the city only on foot. And the queue starts at 4am. It snakes away for nearly half a mile for the next hours, while the checkpoint soldiers herd you into fenced holding areas before subjecting you to a search and, sometimes, interrogation, often leaving you melting in the sun while they take a coffee break. And then you might be refused entry on a whim.

          There are checkpoints everywhere, manned by armed soldiers. I saw Palestinian youths being subjected to strip searches, being shouted at, pushed and ritually humiliated.

          And the shrinking Palestinian territories are, like the Bantustans of South Africa, open-air prisons, walled in, with checkpoints between each one

          Our guide, a middle-aged, multilingual Palestinian academic, was approached by three Israeli soldiers and told he was not permitted to walk on the street down which we were headed to the bus. They frogmarched him away. He acquiesced easily, and told us he’d take a taxi to a point some miles down the road.

          We saw new homes and apartments being constructed in the settlements – bedecked with “sold” signs. Many Americans, in particular, are buying the dwellings as holiday homes. And the shrinking Palestinian territories are, like the Bantustans of South Africa, open-air prisons, walled in, with checkpoints between each one.

          I saw some Palestinian “terrorists” – teenage boys – outside the refugee centre where they and their families live in shocking conditions, having been deprived of their homes and land by the Israeli state. The teenagers threw stones at an adjacent army barracks. None of the stones landed within 50m of their target, but the response was pretty stunning. An armoured truck came speeding suddenly out of the gates and hurtled down the hill to the boys, firing round after round of tear gas.

          I found myself temporarily blinded, and I was standing in a doorway well to the side. The only resistance open to the Palestinian people in the face of their daily degradation and humiliation is simply to remain. The Israelis patently wish them gone.

        • Truthist

          My proposal is Poland’s best strategy to counter the likes of Putin’s mentor Mr. Dugin ;

          By the way, it surely is the case that Mr. Dugin is not representative of Russian Intelligentsia let alone the ordinary Russian middle class.

          GOOD !
          CHEAP !
          LONG LASTING !
          LOVING ! 8-)


          I was thinking over the week that maybe Russia is trying to break USA the same way that USA broke USSR by forcing their hand to invest at exponential rate in military spending with USA only able to show net Pyrrhic victories along the way.


          By the way, how is Hard Drug addiction with Poles in :
          Poland ?
          USA ?
          Germany ?
          England ?
          Irish State ?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I don’t know, you require very specific and detailed data from me and I don’t have time to research that.
            All I can say is that recently I analysed the British criminal, prison and drug usage statistics and the outcome was that an average Pole in Britain is, judging by their prison population, then times less likely to commit a crime than an average white Brit; this is not because the British police or courts are more lenient to the Poles – on the contrary, they seem to be hardest on them than on any other nationality, and British courts are particularly lenient on Islam; i.e. two Poles for 8 months in prison for throwing bacon into a mosque – in protest against a Muslim woman being let free after desacralising an altar in a Catholic church – would indicate that British legal system is becoming EVEN MORE PC than that of some continental countries.

            Drugs use in Poland is 7 times lower per head than in Britain.

            Btw, just recently we had a case where a native Norwegian mother of two has asked (and was granted) a POLITICAL asylum in Poland: the Norwegian court wanted to take her two children, not even because she was earning too little – yep, David’s beloved Scandinavia often takes children from their parents because they are too poor or they are tired after work – but because she was “addicted to medicine” and thus “unsuitable to raise children” (sometimes the Scandinavian courts would then find suitable foster families among Jihadists).

            She was carefully examined by the Polish doctors and psychologists and deemed not addicted to anything and not mentally ill, and she was granted a political asylum in Poland and her children are now attending a Polish school where they are, for the first time in their lives, not bullied.
            Norwegian government went mad about it demanded that Poland deports them; the Polish authorities replied that they believe that she and her children are not safe in Norway.

            P.S. Your story about the Israeli authorities reminds me a bit of this story:


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Btw, this short, one minute video illustrates rather well my point about schools in Poland v schools in Norway (UK in this case) and why any Norwegian (and increasingly more French, as well as nearly 10,000 Irish) moved to Poland:


            Btw – todays Sindo had an article on how the same Jihadists who did the attacks in London planned to do so in Dublin

          • Truthist

            If indigenous Irish who moved to Poland ;
            Probably, because they are :
            romantically attached to Pole
            romantically attached to Pole + have kid[s]
            studying at Polish university ;

            Can Irish citizen study at Poland university for free ?

            Can Irish citizen attend Bachelor Degree course through English language only at Poland university for free ?

            Does Poland have equivalent of British Open University ?

            Brit. OU is great asset for Brit. population.


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Re: latest DMW article – I read it yesterday in the paper; I don’t have time to post as often (in fact, I should have gone for a walk now).

            Reg. Irish in Poland: the motives described by you form significant but not the only reason why the Irish move to Poland.
            Single Irish also move to Poland (sadly, that’s mostly men).
            My girlfriend wanted to move to Poland before we broke up because she liked the food and the culture.
            Not sure about your questions reg. studying in Poland – I know that medicine was always different in Poland (in that they had to pay for it) and there was always lots of Scandinavians studying medicine in Kraków (I remember that I once went to a bonfire party with 30 Norwegians studying medicine in Kraków).
            I think that they can study other subjects for free and that in the 1990s Poland was even funding scholarships (four times as much as scholarships for native talented students) for foreign students learning Polish (that’s how I picked up my English – I lived with them).
            Anyway, there are now so many Irish living in Poland (and many more French) that they even have GAA clubs.
            Regarding courses in English – well, there are some courses in English, but having all course exclusively in English would be going overboard with the Polish céad míle fáilte – that’d be like someone expecting to have a full economic course run for him in TCD exclusively in Polish.
            Having said that, you can study medicine in Poland only in English.



            Generally, the Irish, the Scottish and the Americans are one of the very few nations that the Poles have no beef with (I’d probably add Italians and maybe Spanish).
            French they deeply despite, Germans they fear, admire and despise at the same time, English they like actually really like but they also know history and that not always England played cricket with Poland (that Lloyd George arshole); they sort of like Austrians more than Germans, they love Czechs but I not sure it’s reciprocated; they are loved by Hungarians and about the nations in the east and south I don’t want to talk.

            They really liked Dutch in the past due to very strong Polish-Dutch links (via Gdansk and huge Dutch immigration to Poland in the past):


            Now they don’t like them that much because the Dutch companies are milking Poland like crazy; worse than Shell in Ireland.
            Even the official Polish media are now raising questions about the mental health of the Dutchman’s Timmermans’ mental health (interestingly and worryingly, he lived in Moscow in the 1990s)

          • Truthist

            Very helpful reply ;

            But, I do expect that Poland universities should be offering many Bachelor Degree courses through English only / English Program ;
            It would propel English language proficiency directly into non-language Bachelor Degrees fields.

            And, they should be offering Brit. OU Online ONLY Study Degree Programmes ;
            Or at least, the Poland Government should.

            OK, I will put to u certain questions in other than this thread in near future.

            Thanking u

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