July 31, 2017

Millennials' wages devoured by their own beloved technologies

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All over the world, central bankers have hinted that the great 10-year period of very low interest rates is coming to an end and all over the world, millennials are complaining that they can’t make a decent crust. Are these developments linked? If so, what does it mean?


Since 2007, interest rates have been slashed and pushed below zero to avoid mass bankruptcy and to refloat balance sheets that were crushed by the crash. Now that economies are motoring along, central bankers want to raise rates.


But there’s one problem: inflation, which usually builds as the economy picks up, is nowhere to be seen.


The good news is that the absence of inflation around the western world might be the new normal — meaning interest rates will stay relatively low. This is good news for the highly leveraged.


But if the reason inflation is not re-emerging is because wages are not rising as they should be, then we have a problem. This problem is particularly acute for the so-called millennial generation — people born in the 1980s and early 90s. I prefer to call them, at least in Ireland, the Pope’s Children.


Wasn’t this the generation that was supposed to be liberated by the white heat of technology? What if the dream is over? And what if technology is the reason? If this generation is suffering from lower wages and job insecurity, we all have a dilemma.


Let’s tease out the conundrum and the link between technology, the rest of the economy, and the Pope’s Children in particular.


Although economics can sometimes seem remote, economics is about you, and the reason global interest rates and wages could stay low, even as the economy expands, might come down to you, the way you live today and the way you use technology.


If, like me, you sometimes admit to binge-watching Netflix, take heart. I realize that there’s something unsettling about finding yourself at home in bed, under the duvet, Pringles in one hand, remote in the other, overdosing on ‘House of Cards’.


As you try to come to terms with where you have ended up, take some comfort in the fact that a significant chunk of the reasonably well-balanced population is equally addicted. At all hours of the night, many of us are gorging on Netflix, checking emails, responding to Whatsapp groups, booking an Uber or buying something on Amazon.


If technology is taking over your world, what does it mean for the global economy and for our way of thinking about the world?


At the beginning of every year, when my students sit down in front of me at Trinity College in Dublin, I can’t stress enough the importance of not only what they’ll learn in textbooks, but what they see happening in the world around them. As the world changes, our understanding of the economy should change too. But sometimes it doesn’t because of intellectual inertia.


Regularly, economists — and in particular policymakers — display a form of “groupthink” and seem wedded to old models about how the world works that appear to be impervious to the changes that are taking place in the real world. As the global economy is growing and unemployment is falling, central bankers’ default position is that inflation must be around the corner — but what if it’s not?


What if policy makers in their ivory towers wedded to old ideas do not appreciate that millennial technological change and the likes of Whatsapp, Uber, Amazon and Netflix, is driving deflation not inflation?


To understand why central bankers might be misreading what is going on, it’s crucial to understand the traditional model that central bankers use to weigh up what is going on in the economy.


Central bankers believe in the Phillips Curve. The Phillips Curve is the traditional relationship between inflation and unemployment. Every religion has a creed — a set of core beliefs — and the creed of all central bankers is the Phillips Curve.


The mantra goes like this: as unemployment falls, more and more firms want to employ more and more workers, but there are fewer and fewer workers available. So wages rise. The worker knows that if his boss doesn’t give him a rise, he can go across the road to the guy with the “vacancies” sign in the window and get paid more. This process triggers wage inflation.


At some point, the economy runs out of workers and wages rise. Traditionally, it was thought that point was an unemployment rate of between 5pc and 6pc.


While higher wages give more income to workers, they constitute higher costs to employers and ultimately less profit. Because companies traditionally work on a fixed profit margin basis, as the employer’s costs go up, the company simply increases retail prices to sustain profit margin. And, because everyone is getting a pay rise, they have more income. This increased income allows the market to absorb the increases in prices as everyone has more money.


Therefore, the traditional mantra of central banking is based on two crucial beliefs: first, the ability of the worker to push up wages when unemployment is falling (or at least falls to a certain level), and second, the subsequent ability of the employer to pass on the increased costs in higher prices.


However, the relationship between unemployment and inflation appears to be breaking down, or at least shifting. Unemployment is falling but general wages are not rising. Could technology be the reason?


All this new technology we are using forces us to reconsider a competing economic theory called “creative destruction”, which may now be the most useful way to look at our new Amazon-inspired world.


The Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter came up with the term “creative destruction” to explain the natural process whereby recessions and human ingenuity create innovations and these innovations produce “disruptive technologies”. Such disruptive technologies like Uber, Amazon, Whatsapp, Google maps or Netflix, destroy old industries, slash prices and change the ground rules. Schumpeter argued that these forces are so strong they drive down inflation permanently.


In terms of Uber, Whatsapp and Amazon, these new technologies are driving down prices undermining the old fixed margin business. Taxis, retailers, telecom companies and all sorts of companies can no longer add margin to their price to make up for increased costs.


Wages are being pushed down too because everywhere the “middleman” is being squeezed out. Interestingly, in a services economy like ours, the vast majority of employees are “middlemen”, taking a cut on a product or idea somewhere between when it is produced and when it is finally sold to the customer. But the “gig economy” destroys that because technology destroys the middleman. The “gig economy” is only millennial shorthand for the elimination of the middleman!


Before you start rejoicing, appreciate that in fact we are all the middleman.


The middleman is human value added. It’s what most of us do. If that is eliminated by technology, wages are forced downwards. This is precisely what is happening to the millennials.


Millennialism and all its attendant technologies are actually devouring these technologies’ greatest adherents — the millennials themselves.


  1. terryhewett

    As an automation engineer engaged in machine design I am always asked the same question; “after you have put us all out of work what will we all do?”

    When my collegues and myself were busy putting the “hoi polloi” out of work we did not hear a peep from the media: but now algorithms are targeting the middle class professions we hear all the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    In Britain and Ireland the people engaged in engineering/sciences are drawn from the very demographic whom they in the past have been targeting for mechanisation: so there has always been a great deal of sympathy from engineers for those who have been displaced. Bean-counters mostly don’t understand technology: they are only interested in the bottom line and we have to use baby-talk when we engage with them: so we could get away with a great deal to mitigate the impact of automation. There is hardly a university that does not have a department dedicated to mitigating the impact on society of technology.

    But it is a phenomenon of English society at least (unlike Germany) that engineering is at the bottom of the social heap and we are at best patronised as “geeks” “nerds” “boffins” and “techies” and at worst held in contempt: so if the middle class professions think that they are going to get any sympathy from us they are in for a big disappointment: for you gave us none.

    Having said that: no-one can predict the future but there are indications of the way forward from several UK industries:

    The UK has the world’s second largest sports industry behind the US: an industry worth £23.8 billion and one of the fastest expanding sectors in the UK employing 450,000 people: 10,000 students graduate in sports science annually and the number is rising: many are from overseas and they will enter a world-wide market in sport. The Olympics/Paralympics are the shop window of the industry and it is a reflection of the strength of this industry that they did so well at London and Rio. Sport now ranks among the top 15 mainstream sectors in the UK economy.

    The UK has the world’s second largest arts industry behind the US: commonly called the Creative Industries it is worth £10 million an hour – every hour – every day of 365 days of the year: worth £84.1 billion per year to the UK economy: projected to be worth £100 billion by 2018: it grew by 8.9 per cent in 2014 and it employs 2.8 million people. In many respects it is difficult to separate the UK industry from the US/Oz/Éire/Kiwi/Canuck/South African/Indian/Anglosphere creative industries.

    These two industries alone employ nearly 15% of the UK workforce and they are an indication that we will be doing what algorithms do not do well.

    The trend of technology is pushing power resolutely downwards for good or for evil: the world of those who wish to microscopically order our lives is being unravelled perhaps by the revenge of William Morris with its bottom up concept of socialism, its concern for the family, its mutuality, its toleration and its respect for creed and conscience. It may become the over-riding ethos of the future and prove to be surprisingly popular.

    • ps200306

      Somehow the prospect of automation scares me a lot less than the thought of 15% of people working in sports and the arts. What happens when there’s a recession and people have to find “real” jobs again?

      • terryhewett

        What is a real job?

        The false reality of non-job creation will always, in the end, be engulfed by the Tsunami of technological change. The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) of Singapore acknowledges this reality and have adopted, in its own words:

        “a cooperative, rather than a confrontational policy towards employers.”

        They know better than us that if we are to survive we need to embrace the future, not bury our heads in the past.

        The nature of employment is changing. Manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated and the middle class professions and work are being targeted by artificial intelligence.

        Both sports Industry and the Creative Industries employ a whole spectrum of skills:

        Medical, medical prosthetics, scientific, engineering, financial, camera skills, computer graphic skills: there are so many I can’t be bothered to list.

        In addition there are entry level positions which can lead to something better. Both these industries are international and most are extremely well paid: 1 man owner businesses are the norm rather than the exeption.

        So don’t knock it: it may be the future.

    • Mike Lucey

      Spot on with your assessment. To add, I think we will be seeing the introduction of ‘Basic income’
      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_income shortly to placate the masses and avoid revolutions.

    • Truthist

      Off-Topic ;
      Although always contender for to be justified as on-topic if the art of equivocation is entertained.
      Terry my Automation Engineer fellow poster,
      I have being trying to find satisfactory explanation why “Electric Circuit’s Sum of Voltage Drops” = “Total EMF of Voltage Source” ;
      But, to no avail could I find one that was convincing.
      Perhaps, at ur convenience, u can send me a link for desired explanation if u come across one.
      Anyway, is this particular aspect of Electrical Flow System one that defeats the analogous Fluid Flow System ?

    • Terry Hewitt.

      Excellent comment & meta-overview. In particular I think you’ve nailed the reason for Brexit & The Rise Of Jeremy Corbyn in your final lines:

      ‘the world of those who wish to microscopically order our lives is being unravelled perhaps by the revenge of William Morris with its bottom up concept of socialism, its concern for the family, its mutuality, its toleration and its respect for creed and conscience. It may become the over-riding ethos of the future and prove to be surprisingly popular.’

      Oscar Wilde could have been commenting on the delusion of ‘Economic Man’ with his famous line on The Cynic being ‘a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.’ Having abandoned the ridiculous idea that their lab-rat ‘Economic Man’ can be spread-sheeted because he ‘acts rationally’ in economic decision-making in a Panglossian ‘Market’ which need only be left to it’s own perfect logic’ we now see The Cult Of The Economist trying (& failing) to explain the intersectonalities of Culture, Engineering, Robotics & Demographics in diverse petri-dishes such as Japan, the US, the EU & the United Kingdom. I await an explanation of why the UK is xenophobic for exiting the EU whilst Japan & Korea aren’t for refusing to subsume themselves into the China juggernaut for ‘economic efficiency’. Culture is more important than Economics. Economics is just a really, really primitive sub-species of Philosophy. Etc.

      I’m totally bored of trying to explain to people that our politicians (and their Media & Economist fluffers) have almost no idea of what is coming down the tracks once the Fiat Global Pyramid Scheme is openly challenged by Crypto-Currencies, The Blockchain , Robotics & The Internet Of Things. Brexit is easily the most important event in the C21st as it shows how Culture can rise to challenge Capital using Democracy. Brexit triggered Trumpism though only the entirely lazy and stupid conflate them. It is now entirely irrelevant whether or not the devious machinations of eejits like Blair & the D4-IFSC Trojan Horse bears fruit in frustrating Brexit, though I doubt any such thing will eventuate. It’s a Win-Win. Either Brexit happens, thus proving conclusively that Culture *trumps* Economics or it doesn’t, in which case we have more evidence that Economics is, in fact, a power-play by the forces of unrestrained Captial to banjax Democracy. The English have risen like lions after slumber and nothing can now stop them. It’s very amusing to watch The Guardian desperately trying to compare Brexit to the rise of the Nazis in Germany. They are simply lost at sea, lost in a Neoliberal trance which ‘economics’ seduced them into. The really thought they could upend England via their EU absurdities. If anyone is still in doubt that The English will endure an Economic Dunkirk to reach the sunlit uplands of post-Brexit cultural and political freedom then they simply aren’t paying attention. The vast criminal enterprises of The City over the last 4 decades will now be systematically revoked as English Culture reverse-engineers Neoliberalism so that this society is ‘fit for purpose’ for the C21st. That means an economy designed around English Culture and English values, not subsuming the heritages of visionaries like William Morris into Juncker’s Bankster’s Paradise.

      There are now desperate attempts to move some of the ill-gotten wealth of The City out of London and the South-East with gormless ‘socialist redistribution of government administration’ by the Tories. But the people of provincial England (& their staunch Welsh allies) aren’t going to be fobbed off with a few shiny new buildings housing Government agencies just as they weren’t fobbed off by EU placards on sports centres built to disguise industrial collapse. As if The English Proletariat could be fobbed off with such trinkles and baubles! I was watching the AVFC acolytes in Dusseldorf as they wandered around, noting the vast wealth that Engineering has brought to the banks of The Rhine via the Wirtschaftwunder and it’s sequels. Subconsciously they have joined up the dots between the ‘miracle on The Rhine’, the Marshall Plan, the attempt to destroy Birmingham as the economic engine of England and the rise of The City Rentier Norman Toraigh Reich. And they will now destroy it via Brexit.

      London is, in fact, a cultural mausoleum. It has no explanatory power to react to Brexit other than to wail in despair and accuse everyone who has voted to leave the EU of being ‘xenophobic’ & ‘racist’ for daring to challenge the EU’s Trojan Horse of Fake-Multiculturalism to disguise Fortress EUropa. Dusseldorf is Germany’s 7th most populated city. In England that’s maybe Newcastle. The justification for Brexit is amply demonstrated by comparing the status, autonomy & industrial capacity of both cities. As for Ireland….it’s now just part of a ‘global supply chain’ so we need no longer concern ourselves with it’s legacy of ‘cultural anguish’ other than to note it’s ongoing revenue stream via the Fake Rebel Yell re-hashing of 1916 tropes in Temple Bar and elsewhere on the island.

      Yes, it’s going to be fun watching as tele-medicine & cyber-accounting disperses the £ power of Services in the South-East. Then we will see the English Middle Class suddenly realise that their nonsense of creating artificial land shortages to ‘sell houses to each other’ is the equivalent of ‘taking in each other’s washing’. Once Portugal, Poland and Germany get rid of their language chauvinism and the next generation of Millenials is totally fluent in English alongside their ‘nativist’ language, then Ireland will realise they should’ve been working on a Plan B for when the IFSC as the back-room for the USukEuro Derivatives Pyramid scheme collapses. The most likely outcome is that Irish Culture will revert to cliche stereotype and ‘blame the English’ alongside the Scots and those baffling cultural specimens in Norn Iron.

      The Economy is always and only an expression of The Culture. Once the culture morphs through a revolutionary act such as Brexit, either The Economy morphs to reflect that change or it goes tits-up. There is no point, reason, purpose or meaning to ‘economic activity’ if it merely increases the hoarding power of Capital at the expense of Labour. Brexit is notice to Global Capital that the Neoliberal Heist is well and truly exposed and due for demolition.

      London is dead and the future of The New England is taking shape in the cities and shires beyond the financialised tomb of the South East. It is indeed Engineering that will return to prominence. Those, like Tim Worstall, who remained in the trance of financialised neo-liberalism will never recover from the almighty shock that was/is/always will be #Brexit where the sword of English Culture rose to smite The Globalist dragon with one fell blow to the neck.

      The engines of the UK economy are the combined East Midlands and West Midlands economies of Mercia. Anybody with any understanding of how England formed should not be surprised that the rebellion against the Globalist attempt to destroy Anglo-Saxon-Mercian culture would erupt in Birmingham and it’s sibling city of Nottingham. I always thought the Irish would put a stop to the nonsensical excesses of the EU. In fact, they did, when they voted against the Lisbon Treat. Sadly, they then betrayed their troubled heritage & the transition from armed resistance to patient democracy by allowing their traitorous political and media class to foist a second referendum upon them. It’s not exactly equivalent to Brexit but it’s close enough to be able to say with confidence that Ireland no longer exists as a Nation-State (it’s just part of a ‘global supply chain’, natch!) but England is very much alive and kicking. If The English allow a second referendum then there will be a C21st English Brexit Civil War. I am confident they will send any politicians who propose such treachery to The Tower. If they allow a second referendum then England will die and Mercia will break off and become an independent nation again, as it was before it became the crucible wherein the very idea of England was forged. Do not fcUK with Brummies or Mercians…they give No Quarter.

      Jacob Rees-Mogg is now the real Prime Minister. Theresa May is merely a ceremonial cypher to be wheeld out on state occassions. I detest the Tories political ideology but I have only profound admiration for the full-on Sun Tzu-Machiavellian tactics of The Men In Grey Suits who know they must deliver Brexit or risk the collapse of not only the UK which they could abide, but of England itself, which they know they can never allow. The rise of Birmingham to become the real metropolis of England is now inevitable. It should have happened when Brindley first sketched out the engineering plans for the canal network to join up the Severn, the Thames, the Trent and the Mersey. A plan brought to flawed fruition by hundreds of thousands of Irish folk who were unceremoniously expelled from Ireland by their Norman Irish Toaigh Ruling Class who were, are and always will be in league with their blood-brothers Norman Tories in Londinium. #HowToKillACity

      I’ll finish this lenthy comment which the credulous will dismiss as a ‘rant’ by offering up an amuse-bouche of the ‘word salad’ that is the headlines of the Remainiac EUrophile press here on this island of Britain & elsewhere yesterday. There’s no need to read the painful wails of the paid trolls who composed these pitiful articles. The sub-editors headlines/click-bait leads are more than sufficient to realise that England Is Not London and the Brexit Revolution Will Not Be Guardianised…but amidst the nonsense Remainiac asylum, see if you spot the first signs of an attempt by ‘progressives’ to align themselves with the new consensual reality of Brexit…

      UK’s ‘social splintering’ risks repeating past, say Holocaust survivors-Endorsing plans for national Holocaust memorial, survivors warn that ‘Germany yesterday could become Britain tomorrow’-Names of wealthy empty-home owners in Grenfell borough revealed-Kensington and Chelsea council list shows foreign royalty, financiers and offshore firms leaving London properties vacant-Perhaps the clever thing to do is just give up on politics-We are a nation trapped in a cycle of self-harm. Politics may well have failed us all-No Bregrets: does Brexit hold hope for progressives after all?-Most progressives voted Remain, but the referendum result has brought about the welcome collapse of the Tory majority. Could Brexit under Labour provide a forward-looking social democracy?-Leave.EU launches campaign to sack chancellor Philip Hammond-Pride is at stake in Poland’s tussle with the EU. It won’t give ground easily-Poland’s populist leaders came to power on a wave of nationalist feeling. Liberals trying to shame them into backing down will only make them dig their heels in – UK voters believe economic damage is price worth paying to get their way on Brexit-Greater number of Leave voters willing to risk their own or family members’ jobs than those unwilling, poll finds-Brexit and the sin of originalism: the past should not define the future-Why bitcoin and its digital cousins are under increasing scrutiny – Cryptocurrencies are still more investments than way to pay, but their mainstream acceptability continues to grow, proper regulation will follow-Our patience with UK on Border has run out-’We have reached the beginning of the end when it comes to being patient about what the UK plans to do next.’ -No Dunkirk Spirit Can Save Britain From Brexit Defeat-Brexit: English is losing its importance in Europe, says Juncker-HSBC chief sounds alarm over financial regulation and Brexit-Bank reports big rise in half-year profits to $10.2bn as chairman Douglas Flint calls for global regulation to keep markets safe-Tensions flare in cabinet over post-Brexit free movement-Czechs, Hungarians, and Poles have one month to start taking migrants-Nicky Morgan requests assessment of City’s readiness for hard Brexit-New Treasury select committee chair makes request to Bank of England and also asks its view on format of a transition deal-France and Germany accused of hijacking Passchendaele commemoration to promote EU-The People Determined To Make Jacob Rees-Mogg The Next PM-Jacob Rees-Mogg is emerging a surprise favourite to succeed Theresa May as Tory leader thanks to a huge wave of support online-Irish PM Varadkar: I hope Brexit doesn’t happen-‘Brexit is a British policy, not an Irish one.’Brexit Border chaos: Expert warns risk to jobs – but host points out argument’s FATAL flaw-Brexiteers should face ‘CRIMINAL’ charges over campaign pledges, says Sir Alan Sugar-Archbishop of Canterbury: Chance of Brexit by 2019 ‘infinitesimally small’-Justin Welby says domestic wrangling will prevent the detailed work that is needed for Britain’s exit from the EU in March 2019-Macron email leak: British military ties to France ‘more important’ than flawed Germany-EU plan-Juncker apologizes to Tajani for calling Parliament ridiculous-European Commission President writes handwritten note apologizing for criticizing MEPs.
      It’s not the TDF MAMILs like me in The Shire who are ‘the problem’. It’s the Fake Rebel Yell pseuds on the banks of the Thames and the Liffey who are ‘the problem’. And the solution is a cultural cull of their rancid ‘Baby Boomer Entitlement Via Neoliberal Economics Agenda’. Punk economics? You won’t find it in the FT, friends….or The Guardian…or on BBC-RTE-Neoliberal Pravda. All those intellectual trollops should be put on cognitive trial for ‘crimes against Brexit’. Oh…wait….I’ve just done that….. *smiles & munches popcorn*

      ‘Momentum’s video is full of simplistic prejudices and won’t win over anyone. ‘The leftwing campaign group’s dinner-party video has provoked outrage. That’s not surprising: it’s a divisive attack on baby boomers’

      Deborah Orr


      ‘We can’t live by taking in each others’ washing. Although, actually you know, we already do’

      By Tim Worstall 25 Oct 2015 ‘The Register’

      • [new para]

        ‘It’s not the TDF MAMILs…

        • There’s a reason why my mother and father chose Birmingham in the 1950s when the boarded the night-boat to England to escape the morbid sequelae of ‘The Emergency’. The same reason so many other Irish people chose Birmingham, it was a place of optimism and energy. Until London killed it. Brexit is the revenge of the Mercians and the ‘Culchies’ whose dreams were destroyed by the Two Towers of Mordor, the financialised Norman Toraigh/Norman Tory Houses of Common Whores/Lord Frauds in Londinium and the Real Plastic Paddies sitting in the Dail & Sinead lording over Poor Paddy Beyond The Pale..

          I will join up the dots between 1916, Padraig Pearse, Birmingham & Brexit at some stage. But it’s time for another cup of tea and some toast.

          Have a nice day. Sincerely. Have a wonderful day.
          Look To This Day-Kalidasa
          Carpe Diem!
          Amor Fati!
          “It’s A Wonderful Life”

          best wishes
          Andy Mooney-
          The King Of Laois & Small Heath
          aka: ‘mAD pAdDY fRoM bRuM’…etc…*smiles*

          “Andy Mooney?…he means it, maaaaan!”


          ‘Birmingham itself was second only to London for the creation of new jobs between 1951 and 1961. Unemployment in Birmingham between 1948 and 1966 rarely exceeded 1%, and only exceeded 2% in one year. By 1961 household incomes in the West Midlands were 13% above the national average, exceeding even than those of London and the South East.

          Declaring the growth in population and employment within Birmingham to be a “threatening situation”, the incoming Labour Government of 1964 sought “to control the growth of office accommodation in Birmingham and the rest of the Birmingham conurbation before it got out of hand, in the same way as they control the growth of industrial employment”. Although the City Council had encouraged service sector expansion during the late 1950s and early 1960s, central government extended the Control of Office Employment Act 1965 to the Birmingham conurbation from 1965, effectively banning all further office development for almost two decades.

          Up until the 1930s it had been a basic assumption of Birmingham’s leaders that their role was to encourage the city’s growth. Post-war national governments, however, saw Birmingham’s accelerating economic success as a damaging influence on the stagnating economies of the North of England, Scotland and Wales, and saw its physical expansion as a threat to its surrounding areas – “from Westminster’s point of view was too large, too prosperous, and had to be held in check”.

          A series of measures, starting with the Distribution of Industry Act 1945, aimed to prevent industrial growth in the “Congested Areas” – essentially the booming cities of London and Birmingham – instead encouraging the dispersal of industry to the economically stagnant “Development Areas” in the north and west. The West Midlands Plan, commissioned by the Minister for Town and Country Planning from Patrick Abercrombie and Herbert Jackson in 1946, set Birmingham a target population for 1960 of 990,000, far less than its actual 1951 population of 1,113,000.

          This meant that 220,000 people would have to leave the city over the following 14 years, that some of the city’s industries would have to be removed, and that new industries would need to be prevented from establishing themselves in the city. By 1957 the council had explicitly accepted that it was obliged “to restrain the growth of population and employment potential within the city.”

          ‘Birmingham-How To Kill A City’

          The Economist ‘Blighty Blog’


          • The UK needs to keep a Post-Brexit ‘hawkish’ eye on the EU’s plans for a new Franco-Prussian military allliance, currently disguised as ‘humanitarianism for refugees’.

            Be in no doubt whatsoever. Brexit means War. Economic War as the first of the Great European Powers, the United Kingdom realises it has been a Net Contributor for 4 decades only to face insolent contempt for it’s democracy from those whose history should lead them to a more nuanced analysis of ‘the meaning of Brexit’.

            I have just returned from an 8 day sojourn in Dusseldorf. There is so much to love and admire about their cultural response to the tragedies unfolding in Syria and Africa and on the Mediterranean Sea. But I do not trust their political culture. A culture that produced plans for a 1000 year Nazi Reich less than a century ago needs to be kept on a tight leash, alongside the Vichy/Quisling/Blueshirt/Golden Dawn inheritances in neighbouring countries.

            That the intellectual criminals at The Guardian would dare insinuate that Brexit=Blackshirts shows that the ‘enemy within’ claims to be ‘progressive’ whilst aiding the forces that seek to destroy representative democracy via their Trojan Horse EUropa nightmare. They will fail, but nobody should underestimate the prospect of a renewed bout of Fascism In Europe once the EU begins to collapse. Brexit will be blamed for Grexit, Italexit, etc. But just as the Brummies faced down the physical Luftwaffe, they will face down the Brussels Banksters and their attempts at a Financial Dunkirk to try and stop Brexit and save the CAP….always remember ‘going forward’: Germany doesn’t have nuclear weapons..but France does….

            A final snide aside: The ridiculous Outragetarinism over Kevin Myers shows just how lost the intellectuals are. Jewish Culture has no need to apologise for it’s historical financial acumen, forged under terrible duress and oppression over centuries. Nor do black rappers who love the ££ cash-money wheeling-dealing. It’s only anti-semitic to ‘compliment’ Jewish Culture on it’s astonishing financial success if it’s part of a covert conspiracy narrative that tries to explain it via reference to ‘Jews as a Race’. Otherwise, it is indeed a compliment. Myers should be mortified by his clumsy prose but not by complimenting Jewish Culture for all it’s myriad gifts to humanity. Nor should Israel apologise for it’s remarkable technological achievements in security to fight Islamofascists. That does not mean I excuse the excesses of oppression against the Palestinian people, either. Sometimes you have to hold complex ideas in your mind,not just slogans. Brexit is very, very complex….so is life…despite what ‘Economism As An Ideological Explanatory Model’ continues to claim..

            I tire of thinking. Time to walk my canine companion through the woods, orchards and green fields of The Shire.

            ‘UK’s ‘social splintering’ risks repeating past, say Holocaust survivors
            Endorsing plans for national Holocaust memorial, survivors warn that ‘Germany yesterday could become Britain tomorrow’

            Holocaust survivors have warned of a “splintering of social cohesion” in the UK that could lead to a repeat of the darkest days of fascist Germany, as they endorsed plans for a national Holocaust memorial in Westminster.’

            Harriet Sherwood – Religion Correspondent – The Guardian – Tuesday 1st August 2017

            “You were never truly loved
            You’ve only been betrayed
            You were never truly nurtured
            By churches or the state
            You left unprotected
            To these wild and fragile lands
            That you could rise up like a god
            Arm yourself, you can be strong
            You can build a nuclear power
            Transform the earth to your desire
            Free your mind from false beliefs
            You can be the commander in chief
            You can hide your true motives
            To dismantle and destroy
            Now you finally have good
            I have given you good

            There’s no country left
            To love and cherish it’s bond
            It’s gone for good
            It’s here and maybe
            To hunt and gather memories
            Of the great nation we were
            There are no countries left
            To fight and conquer
            I think I destroyed them all
            It’s human nature
            The greatest
            Until we’ll survive alone
            With no one left to love

            There’s no country left
            To love and cherish, it’s gone
            You know it’s gone for good
            A trillion memories last in
            Space and time forever more
            I just wanted, I just needed to be loved”

            Muse-’The Globalist’ [orchestral version]


        • addendum to comment posted
          August 2, 2017 at 9:38 am

          That the intellectual criminals at The Guardian would dare insinuate that Brexit=Blackshirts shows that the ‘enemy within’ claims to be ‘progressive’ whilst aiding the forces that seek to destroy representative democracy via their Trojan Horse EUropa nightmare.

          [insert addendum below]

          Note how the article is careful not to use the B word but it’s simply impossible to read this article about the ‘general climate of the UK’ as exempting the dynamics of Brexit from it’s apocalyptic musing. The Guardian are now a Remainiac Cult who, presumably, lie awake at night imagining Blackshirts at the door once we leave a EUropean political project set up in response to the rise of Fascism….on the Continent…not in the United Kingdom…totally ridiculous scare-mongering drivel. They will continEU their overt and covert Continuity EU guerilla ‘journalism’, paid trolls feverishly bashing their qwerty keyboards to try and create a climate of fear, repeating Project Fear. The idea that the UK, having fought off the rise of Fascism in Europe should somehow kow-tow to the cultural and intellectual landscape which the victims of European Fascism created to stop themselves tearing themselves apart yet again is rather bizarre. They will Carry On Remainiacing. RTWD: Remainiac Till We Die. We should all Leave them to their delirium. Nurse! The screens!….

        • Adam Byrne: #ISeeYouTrollin! epicFAIL! Stick to ‘subscribe’ son….know your limits..ain’t nobody here can take Andy Mooney down without looking like a clown…

          Oswald Mosely? A total clown who got his come-uppance from the English/Irish working-class in the East End of London. #CableStreet. And you know i’ve addressed the isue of The Blackshirts during one of my private social media sermons on The Guardian this week.

          If you want to compare the malevolent influence of Eoin O’Duffy and his Blueshirt friends on Ireland to the failure to cultivate Fascism In England, feel free but it won’t end well for you.

          The following quote is about the English Exceptionalism whereby it’s ‘cultural algorithm’ is simply immune to the rise of fascism as it is based in ancient Anglo-Saxon-Mercia codes of conduct, unlike most of Europe with their abhorrent variations on The Napoleonic Code.

          “Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists, undoubtedly had his flaws and failings which were, of course, a key feature in the failure of fascism in Britain. However, more important were the political and economic circumstances in Britain at the time. Unlike Germany and Italy, in which the circumstances were highly conducive to the rise of fascism, Britain’s political, and more importantly economic position, was such that fascism was simply unable to flourish and the BUF was unable to succeed.”

          The ludicrous attempts by the usual suspects of the metropolitan Remainiac asylum to equate Brexit with the rise of Nazi Germany have now exposed The Guardian newspaper to a ridicule from which it can never recover.

          The fact that Official Ireland was sucking Hitler’s balls should not defame the brave Irish folk who stood against the likes of O’Duffy. #VivaLaQuintaBrigada


          • Christy Moore

            ‘Viva La Quinta Brigada’
            Glasgow Barrowlands..


          • I know that song word for word and also one about Eoin O’Duffy and his ‘animal gang’ by the Dubliners. I’ll sing them for you at either (or both) of my stag dos if you buy me a bottle of Brew Dog Punk IPA – that’s all I drink now seeing as I have shares in both their UK and US operations – UK shares have trebled in value in the last year. Diversification is the key to success. At least you can drink beer unlike indedible gold.

            Booked any flights yet? Remind me to bring a copy of that Judge Dredd comic to Kenny’s for you – I have 3 copies of it. My artist mate in Shrewsbury (also Andy) is doing a full size reproduction of of it for me. Wait till you see my massive Bob Marley portrait that I bought in Antigua.

          • Adam, looking forward to your stag & I know yor heart’s in the right place. You hate on Ireland but only the total shite version we all despise. The fact that you know all the words to that song tells me all i need to know and have guessed all along: you’re like lots of ex-pat Paddies I know who just couldn’t take the bullshit anymore. Like my Dad….there’s a Jamaican Festival Weekend in Brum starting tomorrow, hoping to catch at least part of it but the social whirl is on spin-cycle at the moment. Bob Marley…all the songs we lost….but all the songs we have as his legacy. A truly inspirational man. Looking forward to seeing that art-work of both Bob and Judge Dredd! Carry on vibing it up in Dublin for the summer! You must miss the rain and wind sometimes when you’re bored on yet another Caribbean beach!!! Brew Dog? Yes, hit all the supermarkets here a while back, no longer niche. Good investment call. I don’t have time to micro-manage all that stuff, leave it to experts now, mostly. Brain’s getting tired at 57, made some silly mistakes…but….a few irons heating up in the fire which we’ll discuss in person.

      • thebigfella

        Hello Andrew G Mooney,

        When I read your posts my head melted. The posts are written with such exceptional craft, fluidity and penetrating intelligence there isn’t a snow balls chance in hell you would ever get a job as an economist; You are simply way too talented. it’s easy to see why your parents left Ireland if the had the same brains you do.

        “The most likely outcome is that Irish Culture will revert to cliché stereotype and ‘blame the English’”

        Never were truer words spoken.

        “There is no point, reason, purpose or meaning to ‘economic activity’ if it merely increases the hoarding power of Capital at the expense of Labour”

        So true.

        “Those, like Tim Worstall, who remained in the trance of financialised neo-liberalism will never recover from the almighty shock that was/is/always will be #Brexit where the sword of English Culture rose to smite The Globalist dragon with one fell blow to the neck”

        Written like a true poet!

        “I always thought the Irish would put a stop to the nonsensical excesses of the EU. In fact, they did, when they voted against the Lisbon Treat. Sadly, they then betrayed their troubled heritage & the transition from armed resistance to patient democracy by allowing their traitorous political and media class to foist a second referendum upon them”

        We did and for one moment I though we regained the values of 1916. Crushed under fucking wanking fucking scum in fail eireann.


        My uncle lived his whole adult life in Birmingham. He spent 41 years in British rail. He retired early. The reason was after the rail was privatised wanking fuck accountant scum let the quality of the track deteriorate to artificially drive up profits in the short term. My uncle couldn’t sleep in the night knowing that trains were travelling at speed on the track. He told a story about a bit of rolling stock up in Scotland which had to be dismantled, put on a lorry and trucked down to Birmingham and reassembled on the track rather than simply roll it down the track because it was cheaper to do that than pay all the individual operators for passing on their piece of the network on the way down!

        Pure madness.

        It’s that vibrancy in a resurgent UK which now draws me. I really admire the English for having the back bone to tell Europe and goldman sachs et al to fuck off.

        Warmest regards,

        The big fella.

        • Andy, stop writing replies to yourself.

        • Hello ‘thebigfella’

          Thanks for the complimentary response which I got in my email just after finishing reading an interview with Lana Del Rey where she said the following:
          ‘Meanwhile, Del Rey has recently confirmed that she used witchcraft in an attempt to hex Donald Trump. “Yeah, I did it. Why not? Look, I do a lot of s**t”, she said. “There is a message. I really do believe that words are one of the last forms of magic and I’m a bit of a mystic at heart. And I’ve seen how I feel about changing those people’s lives and I’ve been on the other side of that as well – on the other side of well-wishes and on the other side of malintent. And I’ve realised how strong you have to be to be; bigger than all of it, even bigger than your own vibrations.
          “I’m in line with…the belief that there’s a power to the vibration of a thought. Your thoughts are very powerful things and they become words, and words become actions, and actions lead to physical charges.”

          She added: “I really do believe that words are one of the last forms of magic and I’m a bit of a mystic at heart.”’

          I agree with Lana. The words I type are hardly edited or proof-read. It’s a form of ‘automatic writing’ via this QWERTY keyboard which operates as a kind of Ouija Board whenever I respond to the ‘trigger’ of one of David McWalliams provocative articles.
          I would rather carry a hod than be an economist of the traditional bean-counter variety. There’s an honesty, integrity and dignity to physical labour which I saw in action in the Little Ireland that was the Birmingham Irish enclave of Small Heath in Birmingham where I grew up surrounded by folk like your uncle! My parents had far more than brains, they had love in their hearts and a faith that even the child-abuse horrors that devastated our parish couldn’t vanquish. I miss them both more each passing year…they died at midsummer so Lana’s ‘Summertime Sadness’ is a very important song on my playlist this time of year.

          The opening lyrical couplet to one of my songs about these islands goes:

          “I was born on a boat on the Irish Sea, between Holyhead and Dun Laoghaire.
          I bow before no British Royals, nor before fake Soldiers of Destiny”

          I’m very interested in being both English & Irish, hybrid and neither. “Even better than the real thing” as the song goes. But I’m glad I’m not wrestling with that whole Norn Iron ‘cultural algorithm’ that privileges a Scottish Britishness whilst ignoring if not absolutely defiying and disregarding English Values. For that reason I have recently launched a ‘Queer Secular Jihad Against The DUP’…& their new Tory-Toraigh bedmates. Brexit belongs to the people of Britain, specifically to the people of the West and East Midlands who were the most Leave region in the UK. Anyone knowing how England arose here in the Shires of Mercia and the Welsh Marches understands why both the English and the Welsh said “EUnough of this nonsense!”

          “There is no point, reason, purpose or meaning to ‘economic activity’ if it merely increases the hoarding power of Capital at the expense of Labour”

          The entire purpose of ‘economics’ is to provide an intellectual justification for individuals to avoid facing up to the transience of life and the inevitability of death at any moment even if the actuaries can provide some solace and comfort against the random capriciousness of the univese we find ourselves in. In retreat from mortality, people invent various fantasies including the endless pursuit of wealth, fame and longevity, either personal or via a blood-line and/or religious affiliation. Some of us choose to face reality head-on. And the economy of Planet Earth at the moment is in a spiral of resource destruction for no reason other than the short-term profit of the Global Rentier Class aka: The 1%.

          Economists provide specious intellectual cover for all this even if anyone with a basic training in philosophical enquiry can demolish their absurd shibboleths over a cup of afternoon tea, which is what I am doing right here, right now. Hiding behind ‘Communism’, ‘Socialism’ and ‘Capitalism’ is the unexamined ideology of ‘Economism’, the idea that economic activity in and of itself is meaningful. It is only meaninful if it progresses the overall health of this planet. Currently, it is destroying this beautiful sphere so it’s time to demolish it in it’s entirety.

          I am a poet. A singer-songwriter. A lyricist. And a dancer. But it’s all been on hold for decades as I’ve raised my family and grappled with various fascists hiding in the Catholic church and British Establishment. Family and Justice came first, the ‘fame’ thing will be a brief swan-song before I leave the planet but I fully expect my Art will change this space-time continuum for human & non-human life-forms for eternity. The confidence comes from being both a Brummie and a Paddy….

          “I always thought the Irish would put a stop to the nonsensical excesses of the EU. In fact, they did, when they voted against the Lisbon Treat. Sadly, they then betrayed their troubled heritage & the transition from armed resistance to patient democracy by allowing their traitorous political and media class to foist a second referendum upon them”

          1916 is unfinished business….

          “My uncle lived his whole adult life in Birmingham. He spent 41 years in British rail. He retired early. The reason was after the rail was privatised wanking fuck accountant scum let the quality of the track deteriorate to artificially drive up profits in the short term. My uncle couldn’t sleep in the night knowing that trains were travelling at speed on the track. He told a story about a bit of rolling stock up in Scotland which had to be dismantled, put on a lorry and trucked down to Birmingham and reassembled on the track rather than simply roll it down the track because it was cheaper to do that than pay all the individual operators for passing on their piece of the network on the way down! Pure madness.”

          It is people like your uncle and my mother and father who built Britain. I recently went to a very moving exhibition in Birmingham called “We Built This City” about the Birmingham Irish. I am hoping to get permission to use some of the still images in my stage-show as it is largely a celebration of & eulogy to The Birmingham Irish even as it explores the darkest shadows of child abuse and it’s cover-up by the ‘congregation’.

          “It’s that vibrancy in a resurgent UK which now draws me. I really admire the English for having the back bone to tell Europe and goldman sachs et al to fuck off.”

          The opening scenes of the first episode of ‘Peaky Blinders’ show Ciaran Murphy as a Small Heath gangster returned from the green fields of France with PTSD, heroin addiction and a bit of a ‘issue’ with Winston Churchill who comes to Moor Street Station to try & thwart a Brummie uprising. It’s a magical-realist show but the principle is sound: Birmingham is different, even amidst the ‘cultural algorithm’ of English Exceptionalism. The English have every reason to be proud. They have been Net Contributors to the EU project for 4 decades, they abolished slavery and faced down the Nazis as the Luftwaffe bombed cities like Brum. That’s why my parents and your uncle moved there, it was destined to become a very rich place until London and the Scottish banjaxed everything. Brexit is the time-delayed response to decades of contempt towards the Midands, towards the ancient citadel of England that is Mercia, it’s beating heart. Now the entire world is going to realise, via Brexit, that we not only have Shakespeare, Tolkien & Black Sabbath, but we have also gifted the world Brexit: The opening battle in the war to stop The Globalist hi-jack of The Nation State to enhance the rentier-profits of the 1%. Consider it a gift from Birmingham to to the world, as in “don’t fcUK with the Peaky Paddy Blinders of Small Heath and their offspring Shire Irish warriors or they will have your arse on a plate…”

          And, oh yes….Andy Mooney is waiting in the wings…almost ready to walk onstage and deliver his Gospel Of Shamanic Economics, Politics, Poetry and Heavy-Metal Funk…..and when he does, there will be a mad rush by the island of Ireland born & based Irish to claim him as theirs. But he won’t allow that for he is The Global Taoiseach Of The Fifth Province. The King Of Laois and Small Heath. And it’s time that the clowns running the show in D4-IFSC-Foxrock realise who’s the real big swinging dick in C21st Irish Culture. It isn’t Bono. It isn’t Ed Sheeran. It’s me. Andy Mooney. Give it 5 years and with a fair breeze, it will all come to pass as the prophesies of a certain Irish priest foretold when he first encountered Andy at the inaugural World Irish Dancing Feis in Parnell Square in Dublin in 1970…”ah, jayzus, Andy! you’ll be bigger than Elvis!”….time will tell….

          My work here is done. My ‘samizdat’incendiary view of Irish history and it’s current predicaments have no spread so widely that even if David McWalliams caves in to the pressure and deletes my comment history, it’s pointless as my words have already changed Irish culture as I intended them to when I began commenting here a decade ago. My contact details have been widely circulated. I have gotten extraordinary feedback over the last decade from folk who cannot publicly comment here but in my memoirs….all will be revealed…why would I set up a blog that nobody would read when I could just launch a stealth-bomber under the radar of ‘just another eejit raving on DMcW’s blog’? Mission accomplished, now it’s time to take it to the whole world.

          Warmest regards to ‘the big fella’ too!


          PS: Despite what some disgruntled chap in Lucan thinks, I don’t use sock-puppets and didn’t type up this compliment from ‘the big fella’ to myself. Though I do commune with Michael Collins on the astral plane on a regual basis. He’s heard the songs. He burst into tears and begged “Andy! Save Ireland!…only you can do it!….Save us!” It’s all on track but there’s a lot of work to be done still so that the finances/logistics of The Show Of Shows allow for aesthetic perfection. It’s really time to rescue Irish culture from Riverdance, U2 and Ed Sheeran….*wink*

          Don’t fc-UK with the Brummie Brexit Peaky-Paddy Blinders….ask Padraig Pearse’s da….


          • ‘In their strangely neglected 1867 Proclamation, the Fenians are explicitly secular, eschewing appeals to religious solidarity in favor of “complete separation of Church and State.” They also resist the idea that their struggle is one of Irish against English, instead reserving their harshest criticism for “aristocratic locusts, whether English or Irish” and expressing common cause with the English working class:

            “As for you, workmen of England, it is not only your hearts we wish, but your arms.”……

            “In its upward march the mob has transformed and humanised the world… with one sweep of its grimy, toil-worn hand, it swept the stocks, the thumbscrew, the wheel, the boots of burning oil, the torturer’s vice and the stake into the oblivion of history… In this civilising, humanising work the mob had at all times to meet and master the hatred and opposition of kings and nobles…..All hail, then, to the mob, the incarnation of progress!” James Connolly

            Ireland’s Unfinished Revolution


            The revolutionary period sparked by the 1916 Easter Rising offered a vision of a truly democratic Ireland.


          • thebigfella

            Hi Andrew,

            Small heath is where they went. You might even have known him. His name was Tom Keane. He died a couple of years ago. He moved to solihul. My other uncle was there too until he returned home in the 80′s. His name was davy whelan. Davy died of cancer about 15 years ago.

            My mum worked there in her late teens as a bus conductress. She came home in the late 60′s when she got married.

          • thebigfella

            Building up and tearing england down.


          • ‘thebigfella’

            A song on my 1st LP is called ‘Paddy The Navvy’….it’s going to blow the roof off Ireland….as it tells the truth about the whole Small Heath/Sparkhill ‘Mermaid’ pub gaffer/gang-master/day labourer setup in the 60s and 70s…and it’s….rather….xxx-rated….

            ‘We Built This City tells the story of the contribution of the Irish community to Birmingham. Irish labourers and navvies have worked on construction from Spaghetti Junction to The Rotunda, shaping both the city’s built environment and its identity.

            Birmingham’s Irish Association have been collecting oral histories, objects and images to create an exhibition that brings the Irish contribution to life.’

            ‘We Built This City’


          • ‘thebigfella’

            One day on a hillside above Dublin Bay I gave a ‘very famous Irish person’ a copy of a book called ‘I Could Read The Sky’.

            I’ve often wondered if he even looked at it. It’s also a film, one of the great lost works of Irish art, dealing with the Irish In England. I sometimes wonder if my own take on all this will be ignored but that’s of no consequence. Some of the greatest art on earth is ignored by the distracted masses.

            This book/film has been a huge influence on my thinking. I can’t recommend it too much.

            ‘I Could Read The Sky’ [3 scenes]


          • ‘thebigfella’

            I have problems with names. Faces? No. Names elude me, floating in the past. Your relatives would almost certainly have known me as in 1985 I took on the entire parish of Small Heath to expose a dangerous paedophile priest called Fr James Robinson who raped a load of my mates in his boxing club. He never raped me but he did trap me in his car for 8 hours on Cannock Chase which in later decades caused me crippling PTSD from which I’ve only fully recovered in the last couple of years. . It took me 25 years to finally see him sent down for 21 years. Suddenly, I was the hero but in 1985 auld biddies would throw holy water on me and curse me as the ‘whore of Babylon’. Irish people always love to back the winning horse and are shameless about switching horses mid-stream. But that’s the dark side of Small Heath.

            Mostly it was heaven on earth, 10,000 people at Mass in the late 60s/early 70s with only the kind of full-on Irish Cultural Fervour you get with exiles. People were hard-working, decent and tolerant. And the Brummies mostly loved them until 21st November 1974 when some demons claiming to be fighting for a United Ireland blew up two pubs full of working-class folk. Then it all got very dark.

            I go to funerals in Small Heath every now and then, each one reminding me that that glorious episode in Irish Cultural History is fading. Us sons and daughters of the Birmingham Irish are now the Shire Irish having moved out of the city if we’ve done well, which a lot of us have. But in our hearts we were shaped by our Irish childhoods and summers at ‘home’ on the island of Ireland. I think that’s why the current situation in Ireland rankles so much, it just another wave of betrayal for those of us who enjoyed/endured ‘An Irish Childhood In Babylon’. I just hope I can do justice to the memory of people like your uncles, your mother, my parents and all the wonderful people I was privileged to grow up with despite the dark stuff going on in the shadows. My father was a bus driver. Gave hime time to think….I’ve often wondered if I’d have been happier driving a bus round Brum or Dublin!

            Thanks for the generous inter-action.
            All the best

            Andy Mooney
            aka: ‘mad paddy from Brum’

          • ‘thebigfella’

            my show opens with this track with me singing lyrics about Small Heath over the Sean-Nos music. My parents came from Laois and, i guess, so did I….’from the heart of Ireland to the heart of England..’

            no more spoilers!

            King of Laois – Dan Ar Braz (Vérsion live)


  2. Truthist

    Personally, I found ur disclosures about the noble efforts by engineers such as urself to, what I perceive is sequential “the avoiding of”, & failing that ; “the preventing of”, & failing that ; “the mitigation of” THE NEGATIVE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON SOCIETY very stimulating.
    “There is hardly a university that does not have a department dedicated to mitigating the impact on society of technology.”
    Thus, I ask initially :
    Are such departments recognisable by names synonymous with this dedication to mitigation ?
    If, “Yes” to 1. above, what are those names ?

    • terryhewett

      They come under all sorts of names and iterations: the oxford one is the:

      Future of Humanity Institute

      • Truthist

        Thanks for that link ;
        I will peruse, & suitably bookmark it.
        Do u & / or ur peers get approached whenever by Dr. Strangeglove types from the Apparatus that is The Irish Civil Service with aim of deepening their Orwellian grip that they have on the hoi polloi ?

        • terryhewett

          No: I stay away from government: what I do get sometimes are managers coming to me asking, in effect, to break the law. I always reply asking for them for hard copy instructions, whereupon they scuttle off at a rate of knots. If Volkswagen had come to me to get involved in their multimillion dollar criminal conspiracy to defraud I would have told them to piss off.

  3. “But there’s one problem: inflation, which usually builds as the economy picks up, is nowhere to be seen.”

    Inflation is hiding in plain sight.

    Looking at the second graph one will see that inflation is currently around 9% per annum.

    All kinds of changes have been made to the calculations that produce the inflation rate have been used since the start of the time period in 1981. Some items have been removed, such as food and energy. Others have had increases in pricing reduced due to hedonic adjustments.

    The reasons are several but may be because the government benefits are often increased based on the inflation rate, as are many wage contracts. . The lower the inflation the less benefits need to be paid and the lower the wages. It also may be because if people “feel” things are OK they act accordingly.

    This of course results in a surreptitious squeeze on the well-being of the populous. As the years go by people are affected by the cost squeeze and can afford less and less. With inflation at 9% prices will double in 8 years. In the meantime with wages up 2% a year wages are up merely 20% or so.

    Does this sound familiar?

    The keep living the “Life” they expect they borrow. Household debt as well as government debt had increased significantly.



  4. “But there’s one problem: inflation, which usually builds as the economy picks up, is nowhere to be seen.”

    Inflation is hiding in plain sight.

    Looking at the second graph one will see that inflation is currently around 9% per annum.

    All kinds of changes have been made to the calculations that produce the inflation rate have been used since the start of the time period in 1981. Some items have been removed, such as food and energy. Others have had increases in pricing reduced due to hedonic adjustments.

    The reasons are several but may be because the government benefits are often increased based on the inflation rate, as are many wage contracts. . The lower the inflation the less benefits need to be paid and the lower the wages. It also may be because if people “feel” things are OK they act accordingly.

    This of course results in a surreptitious squeeze on the well-being of the populous. As the years go by people are affected by the cost squeeze and can afford less and less. With inflation at 9% prices will double in 8 years. In the meantime with wages up 2% a year wages are up merely 20% or so.

    Does this sound familiar?

    The keep living the “Life” they expect they borrow. Household debt as well as government debt had increased significantly.



    The real reason the central banks have not, will not and cannot raise interest rates is that they know that if they do they will collapse the economy.

  5. Truthist

    RUSSIAN SUMMER beckoning for Russia
    RUSSIAN WINTER beckoning for :

    Pseudo Economists who refuse to discuss :
    Private Central Banking is Scam
    Fractional Reserve Banking is Scam
    The only currency in circulation should be MONEY [ i.e. Gold, & Silver too ]
    US Sanctions Push Russia Closer to Abandoning the Dollar —
    Deputy FM Sergei Ryabkov
    Russia’s deputy foreign minister says US sanctions will compel Moscow to seek alternatives to the dollar-based reserve currency system
    Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov gave a jaw-dropping interview with ABC News in which he stated unequivocally that US sanctions are pushing Russia towards developing alternatives to the dollar reserve currency system.
    During the interview, Ryabkov states that Russia is prepared to go tit-for-tat with any US sanctions imposed on Moscow.
    Asked about whether the Russian economy could withstand a serious sanctions war, Ryabkov doubles down and says that not only is Russia prepared to go toe-to-toe with Washington, it’s also closer to developing an alternative to the dollar-based reserve currency system:
    Q: You’ve talked about the Russian economy not being in tatters, but you are emerging from a recession. Can Russia really afford to do this with the US as its third largest trading partner?
    Ryabkov: I think we can, and I think also every single step that people—on the Hill in particular—take to make our lives more difficult brings us closer to the moment when we will develop all sorts of alternatives to the US financial system, to the dollar reserve currency system, the dollar-based reserve currency system, to all sorts of areas where the whole world and not just Russia is dependent on very frivolous actions on the part of the US.
    And I should say: You undermine confidence in your system altogether.
    Watch for yourself (starts at the 6:00 mark):
    We wrote yesterday about how the new sanctions against Russia will ensure the end of the US dollar’s primacy; Moscow’s energy deals with Beijing already bypass the dollar, and there is a growing list of initiatives and policies already in place that Russia is using to distance itself from dollar dependence.
    Buckle up.

    • “”Private Central Banking is Scam
      Fractional Reserve Banking is Scam”"

      No economist worth his salt will go against the cartel. It is not worth their livelihood evaporating in front of their eyes. Bought and paid for. Lacking in integrity. No courage of conviction.

      • Truthist

        If persisting to ignore “Austrian” / “Jewish” / “True” Economics AND instead continue to school in aul bollox Economics e.g. “Keynsian”, how about Trinity College, Dublin offering the world’s first “Courage of one’s Convictions Economics” Degree ?
        And as vital part of that degree ;
        Student must simultaneously :
        serve manual craft apprenticeship
        & / or
        study, & acquire other degree in any of the following :
        Pure Sciences : Physics or Chemistry or Biology
        Technology : Engineering
        Mathematics : Pure Mathematics [ No toleration of conflating Economics with Mathematics
        Thus, the student knows that they are equipped with survival > advancement resource to act on their convictions.

  6. goldbug




    STAGE 1














    STAGE 2






    STAGE 3







  7. michaelcoughlan

    Hi All,

    This article is so dreadful I have decided like I did once before to leave the blog and not post here again. This time I won’t be back. The article in one sense cements a decision I made a few years ago to leave Ireland as soon as my three young kids were old enough and secure enough to understand that daddy is more than just the person providing them with a secure home environment but must provide economic sustenance also. I will be going to the UK shortly to renew a career put on hold by recession, collapsed salaries with exorbitant child care costs thrown in.

    The article is so appalling on so many different levels I could write chapter and verse but won’t because unlike truthis my time is valuable and also I value other people and their need as well as my own opines, or my need to have those opines validated or disproved more importantly.

    A number of the things re the article;

    The article posits that technology is the cause of no inflation but started off by referencing CENTRAL BANKING. No examination at all Dathi about the effects of q1, q2 a3 etc. from the FED or the fallout in the Japanese economy from all their money printing. Another simple observation is the industrial revolution occurred between 1760 and 1840 or thereabouts. During that period by your observation every single human being on the planet should now be living in abject poverty.

    This article is beyond lazy or incompetent. It’s pure childish. Further more mcwilliams if there are wannabie economists going into trinity to study under you and this is the nonsense you are putting into their heads it is nothing short of criminal. I think you don’t have any full innate understanding of economics at all. Like Leo varadker you are well packaged an well spoken and high profile. People like that are our politicians, public representatives and bankers. Does more need to said in that regard.

    This for example is perfectly backwards; “The mantra goes like this: as unemployment falls, more and more firms want to employ more and more workers, but there are fewer and fewer workers available”

    It should read;

    “The mantra goes like this: as more and more firms want to employ more and more workers unemployment falls, but there are fewer and fewer workers available”

    Basic communication in English gone out the window. An off response observation in the use of language gone mad; the Australian authorities foiled a plan to blow up a plane with “an improvised explosive device”. To me that’s a bomb.

    I swear to Jesus himself the PC brigade have utterly altered civilisation.

    But back to the article.

    Here is another clanger;

    “Wages are being pushed down too because everywhere the“middleman” is being squeezed out” and shortly after “The middleman is human value added.”

    Idiotic beyond that which can described in words. Take uber for example;

    Remember the landlord tenant system David in Ireland. The value was added by the tenant and the landlord coined it.

    I considered for a few seconds that this article is an attempt by you to misdirect the readership to suit some bullshit government or banking agenda secretly being foisted on the people but discounted it for the simple reason you are not smart enough to do that not with any effect anyway.

    My friend David at 38 going back to Australia having failed to secure a job here in the last 12 months will get a very well paid job there know why? Because the unions are strong and will make sure he will!

    The reason there is no inflation is for two reasons;

    1) Labour has been destroyed by the Michael O’Leary’s of this world meaning power has shifted to the owners.

    2) The buck we are working for is losing its purchasing power hand over fist because of out of control central bank policy. Traditionally all the extra moola in the system would have wound up in the hands of the masses driving inflation through the roof but because it is now being gambled in the stock markets it isn’t being picked up by the normal measure which is price increases. However the costs are washing out in the insurance industry where inflation is rampant and if risk can’t be insured you can kiss capitalism goodbye.

    I don’t know what more to say but reading articles like this convinces me more and more that my decision to get my wife and kids out of the eurozone is the correct one.

    I will respond to any one who highlights any error and may respond to other posters on this article but for me this is the last post I will be contributing. I can’t change how dreadful Ireland has become or how dreadful economic commentary of this kind has become I can only change myself and I chooses to leave this blog behind at the end of this article.

    Thanks to all of you particularly those of you who have highlighted errors I made which allowed me to correct my thinking and gain a better understanding of the world I live in.


    • terryhewett

      Don’t leave Mick: I enjoy yr posts. I don’t entirely agree with you about the unions but you can’t have everything.

      Ref. to yr obs. on the standard of language: a website I enjoy is Malcolm Redfellows Home Service: A Trinity Man!!!! @:


      • michaelcoughlan

        Thanks terry. I need to focus 100% on re establishing my career now the kids can be looked after by an au pair.

        I spend too much time here on this blog. I might do a before and after post when I go to the uk comparing basic items like car tax, newspaper price, rent, shopping just to see what it is like.

        The people in Aus get paid better relatively speaking and aren’t subjected to the free for all influx of dirt cheap labour we are ie. they control the border and it is difficult to get there unless you are skilled and experienced.

        Mcwilliams writing nonsense about technology driving down living standards is pure barmy.

        • taipeir

          It’s not true there hasn’t been inflation. Property prices have shot by multiples in the last decade in cities worldwide.
          In many countries it takes 1/3 to 1/2 the paycheck for the mortgage or 15 years incomes!

        • Deco

          Mick, you are right, in that respect.

          In fact, I have realised the purpose of the media in Ireland is to pump the people with bullsh1t.

          I am not supporting any media outlet.

          They can force our taxes to sustain the racket, but they can NOT force us to watch.

    • Mike Lucey


      Always value your comments and hope that you will continue to comment at some level.

      While reading DMcW’s article I sensed that I was reading a repeat of his last article. I think he needs to give ‘House of Cards’ a miss and think more about the puzzle.


      • michaelcoughlan

        Thanks Mike. I want to digitally detox for a while and get my self mentally in the picture for the move ie. focused on my new direction. Thanks and regards,


    • Deco


      I agree with you. the article is a rehash of a similar article a few weeks ago. That was full of flaws.

      I came to conclusion that I needed better information. I will be drifting from here also.

      Suffice to say that in a copy of the “Irish” (owned by tax exiles) “Independent” (it is the antithesis of independent thinking – and goes nowhere near objectivity), it is outshines everything else available.

      Independent News Media have been promoting the Bullsh1t box (Television) for over a decade. In particular The newsheet of the Three Tax non domicile billionaires, likes to promote
      – empty hollow forms of partriotism
      – the institutional state
      – sports spectatorship
      – the national drug from St. James Gate
      – tax non domiciles
      – television watching
      – Hollyweird
      – the corrupt US Democratic Party
      – more debt
      – the nEU empire
      – the FAI (stands for F___ All Intelligence – a description that is apt for far more than just the people running it).

      Even more obvious, on radio expecially, but also on television, we have this repeated return favour circle jerk called “it says in the papers”.

      I can save everybody the bother. Mostly, it says BS. No need to waste any time there.

      David lied down in the INM bed with the pups, and now appears to have fleas.

      He was great. Now he is just part of the system. He praised the inept chancer who is currently running the government, even though the said chancer was out of his depth as Minister for Health, to the point that he behaved like an opposition TD.

      Netflix itself is simply the latest tool to facilitate “bread and circuses”.

      And as somebody who has a fascination with the parallels with the first pervavise Western Civilization, I find that this is particularly relevant with regards to the rot infecting the current Western civilization.

      • Deco

        He praised the inept chancer who is currently running the government, even though the said chancer was out of his depth as Minister for Health, to the point that he behaved like an opposition TD.

        Varadkar. Though it should be pointed out that M. Martin is also a chancer. And that he is also particularly inept at public administration. He does not understand the concept of responsibility.

        In the ascendent days of Rome, the engineers would stand under the aquaduct, as the scaffolds were dismantled.

        I do not think that either Martin or Varadkar would stand under anything, from the institutional state.

        And that fool Phil hogan, who screwed up Irish Water, is now in Brussels, with even more power.

        Wallop 2.0 coming up. It will sound like 2007 all over again.

        Michael – do not go to Canada. It is more screwed than Greece.

        Forget about the system. It is an extortionate racket. A bunch of parasites are running it, and they are programmed to fail.

        Instead design your own system, and make that last. And be ready on the rebound for what will follow.

        • michaelcoughlan

          “Michael – do not go to Canada. It is more screwed than Greece”

          Jesus! I didn’t know Canada was so badly fucked. I knew Tony brogan had been going on about it but O didn’t think it was so pervasive. I will start with UK. I have family there.


          • dan martin

            The UK is not much better I’m afraid.

            Your qualms about workers rights could not possibly be assuaged.

            The working poor are everywhere and the intergenerational unemployed have more or less been abandoned to abject poverty, ignorance and addiction.

            Having grown up in a deprived part of Ireland, I would say that the lack of opportunity is far more severe in the UK.
            As Pulp put it – all the powers want them to do is dance and drink and screw cause there’s nothing else to do.

            The media is uberdominated by the BBC. There is not one talk radio station that deals with current affairs that is not run by the BBC.
            The print media is morally reprehensible gorging on the last vestiges of fourth estate power as they are ever more overtaken by the online cannibalisation of their profession in an appalling race to the soundbite bottom.

            Britain is obsessed with empire nostalgia and blind to their diminishing world influence.

            Casual racism abounds.
            The country is run by a cohort of private school chums with classical education but zero vision.

            The weather is better than Ireland and tax is less but the cost of accommodation and food is similar.
            Energy, car tax and insurance are cheaper but council tax is significant.

            The property industry is out of control aided and abetted by strict building controls and the emergence of thousands of property moguls has resulted in a new landlord class similar to those seen prior to the land war in Ireland.
            Accordingly, the low numbers of owner occupiers has meant that the housing stock is being degraded as these properties are not adequately maintained.

            This powder keg has been fed by money printing and loan sharks dressed up as legitimate businesses (pay day loans with APR >1000%).

            Having lived through the horrors of the Irish crash and having earned >300,000 euro to service my mortgage for the last 12 years only to find myself still in negative equity, I feel that what I experienced in the build up to the crash pales when compared to the UK today.

            Good luck with whatever move you make but in honesty, nowhere is perfect.


          • michaelcoughlan

            Many thanks Dan.

            Thanks for your insight. Its the simple stuff I want starting off and you said its there. Better weather, lower tax and energy costs, lower car costs,

            As for food O can manage there and council taxes can be controlled in other ways. For example my brother lives on a river boat near tottenham.

            I still find most ordinary english people I meet very pleasant and sure there are racists every where and scumbags in charge everywhere.

            There is good news though;



    • McCawber

      Hi Michael
      I read your post with a tinge of sadness and disheartenment.
      Once again the Irish System has forced another of its citizens to leave his/their homeland.
      Good luck and maybe you’ll take time out at some stage to tell us how you are getting on.

  8. Truthist

    Full-Scale WW 3 coming !
    Henry Makow? @HenryMakow
    Q-Why did rump reverse course on Russia & adopt an irrational hostility ?
    A-World War III which will pit Iran, Russia & China vs the West.

  9. patricia03

    But Michael nobody, not even David, knows what will happen but history does rhyme. The industrial revolution did result, ultimately, in new and different jobs but there was a lot of havoc and wars during that time. Change is very very swift now, unlike the industrial revolution period, and people are not able to keep up with rapid change. You say you are going back to the UK to a job that was interrupted by the recession: I don’t think your children will ever have that luxury. In my view that is why we must look at protecting people either through the unions or politically with the provision of free health care, education through to tertiary level, electricity, water and a UBI.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Thanks. I am not going back I am emigrating. The building industry here is even more dysfunctional than it was before the crash. Two things alone will prove this. House prices are approaching boom time levels except in the boom we were building 90k units pa. We built 14k units last year.

      The most failed developer in the boom was bernard mcnamara and denis o’brien handed him 35m to do a project for him in dublin after he came back from his uk bankruptcy holiday. Einstein said something about doing the same thing and expecting a different result being a sign of madness.


    • terryhewett

      Beg to disagree there Patricia: the industrial revolutions and agricultural revolutions were very rapid and very socially disruptive. Again as an engineer I have to disagree about unions. Creating Potemkin Villages of false employment is no solution. We have as much idea how the 4th industrial revolution will pan out as Trevithick could predict micro-processors: but we will find a way forward.

  10. taipeir

    Inflation has gone into fixed assets , mostly property.

    No mystery.

  11. Truthist

    Babies may have been born alive for body parts harvesting : Congressional Report
    Jul 14, 2016
    Abortion workers might have delivered babies alive and then killed them in order to harvest their body parts, the House Select Panel on Infant Lives revealed in an interim report on the one-year anniversary of the release of the Center for Medical Progress videos.

    The interim report outlined the progress the Panel has made in its investigations into the abortion and fetal tissue procurement industry despite internal obstructions the Panel has faced from its Democratic members, who have “even urged noncompliance with congressional subpoenas.”
    “The Panel is concerned with a history of babies being born alive and the sale of baby body parts at some late-term abortion clinics. The Panel’s investigation has revealed that whole baby cadavers of a viable age are transferred from some abortion clinics to researchers,” the report said.
    “The induction abortion procedure has increased the likelihood that infants will be born alive during abortions, even while the gestational age of viability has lowered due to medical advancements. This intersection, coupled with a profit motive, will be part of the Panel’s focus during the coming months.”

  12. David,

    You should probably get caught up with the work of Geoffrey West on the topic of innovation and crisis (if you haven’t already). He’s a physicist, who defected to biology for a while and now writes about growth, innovation, scaling, and the pace of life in cities (where pace is analogous to biological metabolic rate).

    The central idea is that people don’t really change, and this often leads to crisis. Innovation, and its potential to disrupt, averts the catastrophic consequences of the crisis: essentially (and this is my reading of it) it kicks the can down the road by rearranging the facts. West’s hypothesis is that the cycle time for innovation becomes shorter every time a disruptive event occurs, and that inevitably will run in to limits. Hitting that limit looks not very different to a kind of Malthusian event. Anyway, it blew my mind.

  13. terryhewett

    Terry Wogan would have out-performed any of the modern Irish PM’s. He would have screwed them all.

    • terryhewett

      West-Brit as he was!

      • terryhewett

        And if you believe that you’ll believe anything!

        • Truthist

          Very talented man was Terry Wogan
          Social Skills
          Verbal Skills
          Non-Verbal Communication Skills
          Radio Skills
          TV Skills
          Very witty, incl. very quick-witted.
          & other Skills ?

          I presume that Terry was a very good school student before he started working.

          I think he was a bank clerk or some other role in a bank before he was employed by RTE.

          Very good ambassador for Ireland & Irish ;
          North & South.

          Never alluded to Ireland being in “British Isles” as far as I know.

          Seemed to have no personal agenda.

          Not implicated in any sexual sleaze.
          But, did reveal that he & colleagues of his knew that Jimmy Saville was a pedophile.

          But, Terry was convicted for speed-driving if I remember correctly.

          Apparently :
          Good husband to his one & only wife [ Irish ].
          And, good father.
          But, is there something else that u are trying to tell us Terry ?

          • terryhewett

            Well the family of my lady knew Terry and Brian very well and they tell me stories that make my my hair go white but Hmmmm….

          • Truthist

            Brian O’Nolan = Myles na gCapaileen ?
            Best not to put much trust in entertainment industry folk anyway for personal stuff.r
            Grzegorz did fleetingly say something about a very famous contemporary of his ;
            And, any who used to tune into that individual on radio & TV & did consider other aspects about him but especially have group candid discussion about him would encounter that very suggestion sometimes.
            Poor fellow, for at the heel of the hunt he very likely chased.

          • coldblow


            Can you present any convincing evidence that Jimmy Savile (I’d have thought you might have got the spelling right) was a paedophile? There is quite a lot of evidence that many of the accusations are obviously false and an enormous amount of evidence that nearly everyone relies on the fact that there is an enormous amount of evidence, but the trouble with this is that, when you stop to actually look and examine it, it isn’t there. There are simply a lot of people saying that there is. A lot of people say a lot of other things too, which are also completely untrue and I would expect that they are more or less the same ‘cohort’ (to try out a fashionable word for size – no it is just another stupid word).

            I don’t know if Wogan said this anyway. Many claimed after the event that they had ‘heard the rumours’ but rumours are stupid. Remember the famous Dublin GAA player that everyone knew was the man behind the X case about twenty years ago? I was told it myself and assured that it was true. Except it wasn’t true, not a word of it.

            Wogan seemed a decent enough man but his contribution to British television was wo-full (as it were). Blankety Blank for one thing, and he ruined the television interview with his witless chat shows where nobody bothered to say anything serious. I remember it well and it was clear that there was no way back.

          • Truthist

            PART 1
            Contrary to what u have being asserting over a very long time :
            I accept accusations when based on evidence ONLY
            And, even then, the evidence must be of :
            sufficient Quality
            & / or
            sufficient Volume
            PART 2
            And, yes, I am certainly aware that :
            many persons have been wrongly accused of being sexual abusers even though they not sexual abusers
            many sexual abusers have been wrongly accused of being sexual abusers of particular claiming victims even though they not guilty
            many of claiming victims of sexual abuse — but they not actual victims in any way — can be operating of basis of various agenda :
            personal greed for :
            compensation ; legal or blackmail
            & / or
            & / or
            effort to slur the name of :
            the person
            the role
            the gender
            the sexual orientation
            the organisation
            the religion
            & / or
            “just for fun”
            inter alia
            PART 3
            Part 2 said, please be aware that :
            we live in a very sexualised age
            an increasingly substantial percentage of people
            – from as young as say 9 & both male & female — are in the process of being perverts ;
            Although, of course, to :
            varying degrees
            varying directions
            PART 4
            And, there has been a deliberate, & very successful, campaign to flood the Catholic Church with “perverted” applicants for Priesthood & Brotherhood & Sisterhood
            Perverted :
            sexually [ Heterosexual perverts, & the much more rife Homosexual / Bisexual & probably Try-sexual perverts
            & / or
            temperamentally [ sadism ]
            & / or
            politically [ Communist, Political Lesbianism ]
            & / or
            spiritually [ Atheist --> Satanist ]
            Please chill out when u are affronted by my flair for trivial typos.
            Life is short.
            Apropos of Jimmy Savi-L-e
            Are u a dissident also about a particular close colleague & friend of Savi-L-e’s, Mr. Paul Francis Gadd [ more known by his persona GARY GLITTER ] in not being convinced of his guilt of being pedophile abuser [ Bisexual ] ?

          • coldblow


            Nobody disputes Gary Glitter’s paedophilia and I certainly don’t defend them. I am against pornography and the permissive revolution full stop and think they have done great damage.

            However, where do you get the idea that Jimmy Savile was a friend of his? I am not saying they weren’t friendly but this is the first I heard of it. You are probably thinking of the claim made by Karin Ward that she had witnessed the pair of them involved in sexual activity with underage girls in Savile’s dressing room. This is fiction and does not stand up. Indeed, she was one of the small group of past pupils of Duncroft (an approved school for difficult girls) who cooked up the legend (dubbed Savilisation by another former pupil) on a friends reunited-style website after Savile’s death.

            It is all nonsense. Declan Lynch wrote last year, in passing, about Savile spending every Christmas at Chequers. No he did not, according to Carol Thatcher. He dropped in once while passing through – that seems to be the height of it.

            It is rubbish. All rubbish. And the legend still endures.

            My interest is firstly as a prime example of a contemporary witch hunt and the peculiar and dangerous psychological characteristics of these, and more widely as an example of fake news in general, which is one of the biggest curses of life nowadays. It has got to the stage where you can believe nothing you hear or read until you check it for yourself and reach your own conclusions on the balance of probabilities.

          • Truthist

            Sorts such as Savile, & many more of entertainment biz. are facilitators-cum-spies-cum-finders-cum-mentors-cum-pimps-cum-party-starters [ or whatever is relevant phrase ] ;
            I suspicious about him years ago.
            And, they were supported by book I found by random in library with transcript of interview by Irish psychiatrist Anthony Claire of Savile ;
            Very evident that Clair considered him a pedophile on basis of info. he was privy to rather than what he gleaned from that interview in progress.
            Entertainment folk
            Psychiatric Nurses & Attendants ; By the way, a great many of psychiatric staff & are sex abusers.
            Most are male.
            Some of the female abusers encourage the male abusers to abuse.
            Sexual abuse is rife in the psychiatric hospitals in Irish State.
            Most perpetrators are male.
            They include Nurses & Patients.

            Some of women involved in Rape Crisis Centres are political Lesbians that I & others suspect as groomers of female victims of sexual abuse ;
            Especially young attractive & / or the more vulnerable.
            Woman that I know who was terribly sexually abused by her father — as were her sisters when they all pre-puberty — was shocked at the indifference by Rape Crisis Centre to help her & her sisters.
            She & her sisters eventually got their father to confess in court.
            He got sentenced to the Curragh.
            Her mother we suspect knew but turned blind eye.
            Not all mothers are like that of course.
            But life is complicated.
            People differ.
            Anyway, the thinking is that because my friend & her sisters are well into middle age & have families — although I not sure about how many of her sisters have families of their own — is that they were now too old for even standard tender loving care + compassion.
            Well, I guess the political-lesbian misandrists strategically in such a centre as senior administrators etc. are not of easy virtue.
            They have their type.
            It is well known too that almost every brothel has on its staff as Madames, book-keepers or anything but being a prostitute serving men — although these exist too on a different basis — who determined to be there so as to seduce & get as much sex as they can from the sexy prostitutes.
            Artists & soldiers & men of the world & prostitutes & prisoners … inter alia are needed for to tell how life is.
            U cannot rely on the academics.
            Yes, it is an “inter alia” world out there.
            JUST A GUISE FOR HIM.
            BUT BUT BUT
            SAVILE WAS A MSHD MAN !
            HEADING ;
            Jimmy Savile defending Gary Glitter

          • Truthist

            RAPES ETC.
            AND, THE COPS KNOW IT,
            inte alia
            I SUSPECT THAT HOMOSEXUAL MALES ARE A SCOURGE ON … HETEROSEXUAL MALES [ Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, & vulnerable men ]

          • coldblow


            Sticking to Anthony Clare where does he voice his suspicions about Savile? I remember years ago that Savile was admired by many because he refused to play the game. (He was from Yorkshire and that is what I admire about them.)

            Savile is said to have been one of the the most prolific paedophiles in the history of Britain who spent ‘every waking moment’ planning his next crime and the best you can come up with is some imagined suspicion by Claire that doesn’t even exist?

            There should be literally tons (or ‘tonnes’ as they now insist) of evidence against him and this is my whole, my entire and my ultimate point: the gap between the rubbish that people believe and the reality. Savile and modern witch hunts are simply the most extreme and obvious illustration of that point.

            I could equally talk about the Spanish Civil War. It seems that no matter what you look at closely it is the same thing. The world is living in a fantasy.

  14. terryhewett

    Where is the immortal Brian O’Nolan when we need him? But he did not write in a vacuum: there were other contemporary writers such as Michael Wharton of Peter Simple fame: Joel Mervis who penned “The Passing Show” in the Johannesburg Sunday Times for 50 years and mystified many:

    “I am sitting in Prmzl. Drinking slivovitz, waiting for a war to break out. It is a question of zinc. Gives Ossip Broz Skopl Topl a klep in noz.”

    And of course the immortal Mr Justice Cocklecarrot himself J B Morton of “Beachcomber” fame in the Daily Express.

    But they were all acute observers of humanity and said things that other lesser souls did not dare do.

    Where Hugh Leonard? not loved but he would have roasted over a slow fire the bland and enervated excuse for Irishmen and women we are cursed with.

    • terryhewett

      Or with respect to Trinity “with which we are cursed”

      • Truthist

        One such past alumnus of Trinners who has been bane of IRA & Sinn Fein for years but whom nevertheless had some of those which in the main are 2 separate divisions as fans of his writing “skill” is now world famous for being banished as as a “u will never work in this town again” anti-… for having dared to shine a somewhat shiny mirror on some extravagantly paid squaws of that tribe.

        • terryhewett

          Brian O’Nolan aka Brian Ó Nuallain aka Flann O’Brien aka Myles na gCopaleen aka Myles na Gopaleen aka Brother Barnabas aka George Knowall.

          “I saw that my witticism was unperceived and quietly replaced it in the treasury of my mind.”

          “Descartes spent far too much time in bed subject to the persistent hallucination that he was thinking. You are not free from a similar disorder.”

          “The majority of the members of the Irish parliament are professional politicians, in the sense that otherwise they would not be given jobs minding mice at a crossroads.”

          “Your talk,” I said, “is surely the handiwork of wisdom because not one word of it do I understand.”

          “Strange enlightenments are vouchsafed to those who seek the higher places.”

          Strange enlightenments indeed.

        • terryhewett

          Being a Catholic I objected to the Scottish Government wishing to giving Irish ladies free abortions so I penned this poem on the website Slugger O’ Toole and got banned for life for my trouble: I do not complain because that is Mick Fealty’s site but also I do retract one line:

          <i.To Hell or to Connaught
          To Connaught or Hell
          To sleep with the fishes
          Of Scotland full well
          To ask us to finish the job
          Of Cromwell

          Do not ask do not ask
          For whom tolls the bell
          The Wildeness of Merrion
          Call in Dr Fell
          Perhaps Yeats’s wine bar
          Could give us a clue
          To wish us all Gonne
          Best of luck to that too.

    • coldblow

      Where is Myles indeed? From An Béal Bocht: Good Irish is difficult to understand but the best Irish is impossible. Or the For Steam Men section in The Best of Myles: Don’t let yer man near the engine and the half hour he spent chatting and lilting in an empty carriage with the Count, John McCormack.

      You say above (if I got it right) that 15% of people in Britain are involved in the arts. There are many involved in them here too, but is any of it any good?

      I posted this link to an excellent essay by Desmond Fennell here a few years ago and I think he gets close to the truth about Irish art and Irish thinking:


  15. Deco

    Another reason, why Millenials are not able to cause inflation – because their savings are predominantly low. Most of the are not getting payrises, at near even the “official” inflation measures.

    There is a centralizing influence in the knowledge economy.

    Zuckerburg, Brin, and the other winners are richer, and rich faster than any other previous techno-business magnates.

    Two factors are at play here. Monetary policy. Fiscal policy.

    The paradox of good intentions.

    Monetary policy is concentrating wealth in the hands of the asset holders, the spculators, and thosw who have access to low finance.

    Fiscal policy is sucking money off those that work, and redistributing those savings to a plethora of “good causes” that have either media backing or lobbying power.

    The young workers savings are being undermined by taxes (think of that public debt, and the gargantuan commitments that include AIB, Joe Duffy’s salary, Bertie’s pension, NAMA, social housing policy which regards those workers as affluent).

    Those workers are also sold a lifestyle that is completely unsustainable, and nonsensical.

  16. contraflow

    Banking crash 2.0 is around the corner. Buy Bitcoin or even better Litecoin. Insulate yourself from politicians and central bankers by holding your own cash. If your cash is in a bank then they own it, not you.

    In 2008 we asked for a solution to the banking problem and the universe delivered it. Blockchain technology will set you free. All centralised power is about to be de-centralised, whether you… or they… like it or not. This includes political/corporate/social entities.

    I am excited about the future. Actual freedom is a realistic prospect. How will Google track your every move when you hold your personal details behind a cryptographic wall (pillarproject.io)? Why get a mortgage from a bank, when you can get it from anyone who will lend it to you (saltlending.com)? Why will SME’s go to banks for invoice financing when they can get it from me or you (populous.co)?

    They ignorance of the general population about the coming, correction, already here; crypto-tech revolution is staggering. Get in now while it is still in it’s infancy, or whine later, when you missed the greatest transfer of wealth in your lifetime. Take control of your life, take it away from politicians and bankers, stop being passive. The tools of your liberation are all around you.

    UBI is a chain of control to keep you tied to politicians/central bankers. Be suspicious of anyone who propagates it.

    • contraflow

      *fixed sentence:
      The ignorance of the general population about the already arrived crypto-tech revolution is staggering.

    • Deco

      Crypto currency is just another ponzi-scheme.

      Avoid it at all costs.

      • Mike Lucey


        I don’t know about crypto currencies being a Ponzi-scheme. I think they have a ways to go before they will be fully fit for purpose but they are definitely an alternative to the current scam that produces currency at interest out of thin air.

        I am currently getting my head around the whole crypto thing and contraflow’s links look interesting. I also like the ‘green’ thinking behind CarbonCoin http://carboncoin.cc/about.html


        • Mike
          Ironically Carbon Coin plant trees when we should be burning all the hydrocarbons we can to replace the co2 that used to be in the atmosphere. Now if they went after plastic pollution and hormone saturation I would support them immediately.

          CO2 is a proven essential for the formation of all life on the planet and its continuation. Before the industrial revolution the low level of CO2 in the atmosphere was approaching “starvation levels”. mankind has saved the extinction of life by releasing CO@ into the atmosphere that was previously there but now sequestered in the earth as sedimentary rocks and stored lignite products. There is no proof that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. But water vapour is the biggest greenhouse gas, so let us get rid of water!!


          A written edition

          • Mike Lucey

            Thanks for the link to Patrick Moore’s talk on CO2. After watching and listening, my understanding on so called ‘Global Warning’ has now been turned sideways. I won’t yet say upside down but it looks like that’s the direction it going. I will definitely research more as I now feel a somewhat foolish for blindly accepting what has been and is being spouted by the likes of Al Gore and his carbon tax pushing buddies.

            On CarbonCoin’s initiative. I still think is a good idea to plant trees also protect the rainforests around the world for obvious reasons.

          • Welcome Mike,

            Be not afraid of the new, to you, revelations. Al gore is a hypocritical money grubber. A lying scum bag.

            I have no problem with planting trees and then harvesting them to good use.
            However a mature forest is carbon neutral. Rotting trees and underbrush give off water and carbon dioxide. New growth the reverse. As a mature forest is in a state of equilibrium as far as growth is concerned there is no net change in CO2.
            As far as climate change is concerned, all one has to do is read the topographical accounts at the rear of a good atlas and there is an education to be had provided by a myriad of various scientists.
            They were my favourite reads as a kid. The Larousse encyclopedia of the Earth I have owned since a child. It is one of the few books I have ever bought. I spent many hours in school ‘reading under the desk’ with the teacher too busy to bother me. I basically wandered through schooling for the first 5 years absorbed in what interested me. It seems I missed very little and gained a lot. Sports were fun. Soccer too.
            Take care, welcome aboard.

          • PS David the anthropamorphic climate change believer should read this essay too!!

            Buy the way it is the second time I have posted Dr. Moore this month!!!!

      • contraflow

        Blockchain is a technology, so how can it be a ponzi scheme? Crypto-tech will have the same impact on the world as the internet has had.

        @Deco sounds like someone in 1994 saying that internet is a scam, don’t go near it, it will steal all your money.

        Meanwhile he is missing out on investing in the next Google or Amazon of the Crypto-Tech revolution.

        It is now possible to live outside the current banking system.
        1. transfer all your funds to Bitcoin/Litecoin
        2. buy the TenX card (a VISA debit card that can be funded with cryptocurrency) (https://www.tenx.tech/)
        3. send BTC/LTC to TenX card
        4. buy stuff anywhere VISA is accepted using your TenX card

        VISA will likely be cut out of the process once people start accepting BTC/LTC directly. VISA even set up their own card in an attempt to insulate themselves from the coming disruption (https://mona.co/).

        Again, it has to be stated the level of ignorance of the gen pop towards the revolution that has already begun is staggering.

        You are missing the greatest opportunity of your lifetimes.

        • michaelcoughlan


          Have a cryptocard already. Excellent post. Don’t have a bank account in Ireland only credit union. No bill coming into the house other than property tax as have own water sewerage and prepay electricity meter.

          “You are missing the greatest opportunity of your lifetimes”

          So true. Most kids too busy glued to facebook and other unsocial media.

        • This is a waffling shop contraflow, there are no men of action on here, ok maybe one or two – the rest are just all talk no action.

          Your comments about cryptos are correct but I gave up going into details here quite a while ago and directed people to GOOGLE.

          I’m not at all staggered by the ignorance of the general populace – they’ve always been thick as pig shit and always will be.

          There are some smart guys on here but as I said – wafflers, not men of action.

          • coldblow


            People have been saying that since I first came here about nine years ago. It is a blog and is therefore not about action but rather discussing ideas. It might be go off the boil now and again but I don’t know of anywhere better in Ireland. The media are utterly useless in discussing ideas and in permitting meaningful debate. Worse, they do not report the news at all fairly and objectively.

  17. “Since 2007, interest rates have been slashed and pushed below zero to avoid mass bankruptcy and to refloat balance sheets that were crushed by the crash….”

    This is a statement that indicates interest rates are manipulated rather than left to natural market forces.

    “Rates have been slashed and pushed below zero. ” Really! Who did the slashing and pushing? Why did they do it? Who gave them the power and control to be able to manipulate such rates?
    As such this indicates a controlled economy. Do the the manipulators have a 5 year plan, or is it just a lust for power. Whose interest (no pun here please!) are they working in?
    Welcome to the central banker mindset. Welcome to the mindset of David McWilliams? A trained central banker.

  18. “However, the relationship between unemployment and inflation appears to be breaking down, or at least shifting. Unemployment is falling but general wages are not rising.”

    How many times do we point out that unemployment is not falling. In the US 45 million are on food stamps. A donation from the state to mitigate lost wages.



    So no matter what the real unemployment rate is we are quoted the official rate of less than 5% otherwise known as full employment!! The real rate appears to be at least 10% and likely as high as 23%. It the latter figure is correct , and I do not see it is not, then there is the direct explanation for the apparent failure of the economy to produce the effects expected.

    The lie fed to us is that unemployment is falling. It is not.
    The number of employed as a percent of population is falling.

    This article quotes the official manipulated lies and not the observed reported real rates.
    Therefore any conclusions or suggestions reached using these false statistics is itself by definition a pack of lies.

  19. sravrannies

    ..“the ‘Phillips curve’ relationship between unemployment and inflation has long been a dubious proposition”.



  20. Deco

    Since 2007, we have seen several policy being mandated as compulsory.

    1. Money printing
    2. Manipulation of the Labour market, to make sure that the money does not end up going to the workers, but instead stays in the asset market.
    3. Deliberate interventionism in the asset markets to drive up valuations, and make balance sheets look healthy.
    4. Relentless agression from the debtors towards the creditors.
    5. Rigging of the residential property markets in most Wester countries.
    6. Increased public borrowing.
    7. Increased stealth taxes.
    8. Increased measures to control economic output to favour the preferred interests.
    9. Interest rate suppression, to prevent interest rates from functioning as a means to ration capital towards the prudent investment, so as to ensure that capital is provided for the imprudent investment.
    10. Increased state control of the citizenry to prohibit behaviour that is deemed dissent inducing.
    11. Repeated bailouts of media concerns, or of rich people who own media concerns.
    12. An abandonment of competition policy. Often deliberate.
    13. Increasing levels of criminality in both public ofice, and on the street.
    14. An obsession with control of countries that control basic resources, by those that import those resources.
    15. A shoring up of those that failed. AIB, BOI, etc…
    16. Circling the wagons.

  21. Deco


    Thank you for the economics commentary provided in the previous decade. It was very much spot on at the time. And thanks for the other useful analysis you provided at various times, since then.

    You did have the courage to state the obvious at a time when the media narrative was deiberately misleading.

    Economics as a professional study area has been pulverized by those in positions of power and wealth, and turned into a tool for their advancement. And all under the guise of it being “in the best interests of society at large”.

    This has been evident in academia since the 1960s.

    We are in a parallel degenerate phase of both capitalism, and socialism.

    And we can see this, by the fact that public discourse must now be directed to serve those in positions of great power and wealth. And indeed by the vast debts, that cannot be repaid.

    Not all those in power have wealth, but all those who have wealth influence power.

    thanks for the parts you got right !


  22. michaelcoughlan

    Hi Dathi.

    I comtemplated not posting this bed time story for you because the reality of the insignt might be so hard hitting chances are someone like your self will dismiss it out of hand. But fuck me since I am pulling off the blog I have nothing to lose so here goes. You referencing ass holes like Michael O’Leary over the years makes me want to vomit.

    Here it is; my view on the real reason the young German fella flying the German wings aircraft mashed it and the passengers into a cliff face in the Alps.

    Remember dathi the world press said he was depressed. That doesn’t explain of course what caused him to mash the 150 hapless passengers into the cliff face in the Alps does it? Any good cop will tell you however in a murder case you must establish method motive and opportunity. Lets examine the mass murder from this perspective but let us first examine something not reported in the media to create some context.

    Remember the guy who landed the plane in the Hudson? Captain Sullenberger Shortly before that incident the airline he was flying for reduced his salary by 40%. That’s no shit either. Further more his pension which was part of the company plan had been gambled in the stock market and turned out to be worth fuck all which meant he only got cents on the dollar (when he retired) from some Govt. insurance scheme or other. And all this for a man with the moral and physical courage to walk a sinking aircraft twice to ensure no passengers or crew were left behind. I bet you the two scum-bag fuck accountants in charge of cutting his salary and gambling his pension were bonused handsomely for unleashing so much havoc.

    Now back to the sudden stop in the Alps. First of all method; Obvious answer; mash the plane into he Alps. Next; Opportunity. Capitan heads back to the toilet officially on a break to take a piss or have a shite but in reality he was probably screwing the bejaysus out of one of the air hostesses in the toilet who was probably desperate for promotion because imagine the treatment she must have got if they could treat sully so disgracefully.

    Finally Motive;. Now dathi why he would he be motivated to whack the passengers. Let me see.

    Remember all those articles you published about your travels in Germany about centrists policies developing local talent in soccer, lorries clogging the auto ban from factories IN GERMANY AND NOT OUTSOURCED etc. So our highly intelligent pilot sees which way the wind is bowing and realises that if the equivalent of a Michael O’Leary in Germany does the same thing in his low cost carrier employer he rightly would conclude that the knock on effect to countless working class families would be that they would be driven into poverty. NOW WE HAVE MOTIVE. Me man in the cockpit concludes that the value of the aircraft is 150m plus compensation of 10m per passenger killed would come to 300m and realises the enormous kick in the bollocks for the management crashing the plane in the Alps and killing the passengers would be.

    That’s that Dathi. I don’t know if that’s true but its my bet shot but if it stopped the equivalent of Michael O’Leary unleashing havoc on German working class families then it could be argued he did Germany some service.

    More importantly dathi; Was Sullenbergers salary cut the result of technological advance or the result of out of control psychopath accountants.

    Makes a complete mockery of your article doesn’t it?.



  23. Truthist

    While “Male Fashion Models” continue to be paid much less than “Female Fashion Models”, it is worth considering this illumination ;
    Andrew Joyce?
    14h14 hours ago
    TWEET ;
    Forget your anti-…tic conspiracy theories, these 2 … women were the highest paid females at the BBC because of their stunning looks.

  24. Truthist

    “In like Flynn are the entrepeneurs” ;
    ‘Sex Robot’ Brothels Gaining Popularity in Europe

    by Charlie Nash
    31 Jul 20171
    The world’s first sex robot brothel is currently in talks to expand globally, while an Austrian brothel has claimed that its own sex doll is now more popular with clients than real women.

  25. Truthist

    Brad Pitt:
    ‘Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America’
    SUB-HEADING [ 1 of 2 ] ;
    Movie star speaks out against pedophilia rings
    By: Jay Greenberg
    26th June 2017
    SUB-HEADING [ 2 of 2 ] ;
    Movie star Brad Pitt exposes Hollywood’s Elite pedophile rings
    Following the recent spate of pedophile arrests in California, movie star Brad Pitt has revealed the true depths of Hollywood pedophilia in a shocking exposé.
    As a 30-year seasoned veteran in the movie business, Pitt speaks about his experiences after witnessing the dark side of the entertainment industry first hand.
    Mr. Pitt describes how the whole TV and film industry is run around a culture of grooming children for child trafficking networks that reach across the United States and beyond, into the upper echelons of the political spectrum and societal hierarchy: “You think Hollywood is about making movies? That’s just a byproduct: It’s about money, and more importantly, power and control.” “The people who run Hollywood, also run America, and most of the world, and they don’t care about movies.” “You’ve heard of the Illuminati right? The secret societies, the politicians, the bankers and the media – they’re the ones running these pedophile rings, and they’re the ones that run the world, and it all goes back to Hollywood.” “Kids wanna be in movies, or should I say; parents want their kids to be in movies, and they’ll do anything to get them famous”
    When asked why Hollywood was targeted by these Elite networks, he said;
    “It’s the parents. It’s the American dream to be famous and the parents will do anything to get them there.” “Have you ever met the mom of a child actor? They’re nuts.” “It’s easy pickings, and it’s not just movies, it’s TV, music… it’s showbiz.” “The parents are basically selling their kids souls for fame.” Mr. Pitt goes on to expose the motivation behind the Elite child trafficking and how the children are given roles to influence other children to push agenda. He describes how children are used as political currency whilst the parents turn a blind eye in the hope their offspring will be in the next box office smash: “One of these [Elites] buys into a movie. A thousand kids go for the lead role, and 100 of them would probably work. Some young kid with a pushy mom turns up who will do anything to get the part.” “The kid gets sent off to some guy that runs a TV network. The network pushes the movie, and the first guy makes loads of money when it’s a hit.” “The TV guy will never say a bad thing about the movie because movie guy knows what TV guy did with that young kid.” “The same thing happens with politicians and bankers and the rest of them,” “It’s all backroom deals with kids as bargaining chips.”
    When asked about who these “Hollywood players” are, Pitt was reluctant to name names, saying,
    “I’m from the land of the free and easy lawsuit”, but said he was confident these high-level child abusers will soon see justice: “The media will never expose the truth as they’re part of it. It’s the independent media that will expose this.” “The internet is a wonderful thing and the free flow of information is bringing it all to the surface now.” “They’re losing their hold over the American people, and people everywhere, and they know it.” “It’s just a matter of time before it all comes out.”
    Brad Pitt has had a rocky past with secret societies, after a leaked video of his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, in which she discussed Hollywood Illuminati rituals, went viral. Mr. Pitt responded to the video by saying he was “sickened” by the revelations.
    © Neon Nettle

  26. McCawber

    FYI – Bitcoin


    Don’t know what the above means but maybe Adam, our resident ‘Bitcoin’ expert, could explain.

  27. Truthist

    ww 3 is already happening ;
    But, not full-scale yet.
    Syria zone of WW 3 ;
    “Ancient” Syria ADJACENT TO Land of Canann, & later Ancient Israel, & later Ancient Palestine –> “Recent” Syria ADJACENT Modern Palestine –> “Present” Israel ADJACENT TO “Present” Israel + Gaza Strip + West Bank — & designated by Zionism to be –> Part of GREATER ISRAEL
    Assad Destroys US Reporter In Interview Exposes Zionist Propaganda

    Jul 7, 2017
    BLURB ;
    In a recent interview held in Damascus, a US news reporter grilled Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad with a barrage of questions surrounding allegations of human rights abuses and war crimes against the Syrian government, in a tense interview that at times saw Assad seemingly catch the Yahoo News reporter off guard with his sharp responses.
    Source: Syrian Arab News Agency
    Date: 10 February, 2017
    Assad : “Trump is only a performer, not a decision maker”
    Frontières TV
    Jul 12, 2017
    Assad say’s “Trumps a Puppet” to Indian media Wion TV

  28. Truthist

    Xi’s show of force declares China’s battle readiness to the world
    By wmw_admin
    July 31, 2017
    Choi Chi-yuk, South China Morning Post
    July 30, 2017

  29. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

  30. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

  31. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

  32. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

  33. michaelcoughlan

    Just for you Dath;

    !00% failure rate if economists in their economic forecasts;


    Now dathi even though it’s 100% failure rate that’s not the bad bit. Take the apes in Fail eireann for example. Give them 3 options for economic forecast. Same as now, slow down to less than now, pick up to better than now.

    At least some of them will pick the right answer. Now our highly educated fraternity in all matter economics get it slam sunk 100% wrong.

    Why? Because the grounding they get in university sets their world view at complete variance to economic reality.

    Now that peter sutherland is back lecturing in the london school of economics for example this is what will happen; He will frustrate the really bright students to such an extent they will quit. Very good for peter and his pathology.

    Then he will take the average remainder and the dross and this what he will do; He will staple a zipper onto the top of their heads and then open the zipper. He will take out their average brains turn around squat over their empty craniums and take one massive shit into the void. He then will close the zipper ring his mates in Goldman sachs and get them to offer these guys jobs.

    It ain’t rocket science.


    • From the link above

      “”In other words, understanding risk is a financial function conducted in markets, not a function of economic prediction. Yet, despite the failure of the academic community to add any predictive value to our lives, they are still relied upon by governments as the basis for managing the economy and to forecast tax revenues. Forecasts are central to economic management. Unless you can predict or measure the outcome, economic policy has no justification and should not be embarked upon. The continuing, total failure of the macroeconomic establishment to quantify the effects of the policies they recommend would not be permitted in a rational world. Their version of the dismal science offers no benefit to humanity.”"

      In other words…. Economic forecasts are a 100% failure as offered by today’s trained economist!!! What a dismal record and yet they aspire to “manage” the economy. It is one of the reasons we are in such a mess!! {(:(

    • I like that link article. It needs to be read by the great unwashed three times. Being read by an economist will be of no benefit as they will never understand. such is the power of propagandized brainwashing.

      “”It really does not require the brains of an Einstein to understand this. Once this point is firmly grasped, it becomes clear that GDP is no more than an incomplete historic accounting identity, telling us nothing about the future economy. Yet economists are blind to the evidence. The questions raised by the failure of modern macroeconomics to quantify policy outcomes undermine the logic of intervention itself. Overturn the logic, and you can easily demonstrate that the state-controlled monetary system is itself responsible for periodic recessions, slumps and crashes.”"

  34. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

  35. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

    • Of course Greenspan is at the apex of economists. his forecasts could be the greatest failures of all. In this case with no time limit he will ultimately be correct. It is a matter of timing, as it is said.

  36. In other news I’m reading:

    ‘No One Would Listen’ by Harry Markopolos, about his pursuit of Bernie Madoff.

    Anyone read it? Great read.

    • Nobody wanted to hear, Adam.

      • Yeah that’s true. Markopolos reckoned that many many people what was going on (i.e. it was a Ponzi scheme) but they were happy to take the returns for as long as the rollercoaster didn’t derail (which it was always going to do eventually). In essence they were just betting on the world economy not crashing.

  37. “People sometimes ask why I’m so interested in gold, given that I am not a gold dealer, mining executive or financial adviser and when I’m not even trying to sell people a subscription newsletter? The answer is twofold. First, I believe that the world needs to return to the gold standard for a number of reasons too numerous to cite here. Second, from a legal standpoint, gold is the most obvious example of a corrupted market. Most rational people know it is heavily manipulated but no one ever does anything about it. Unlike manipulators in stocks, bonds and most commodities, gold and silver manipulators no longer try hard to hide. Their activities are blatant, open and obvious. That makes the metal an excellent example of what’s wrong with markets in general.” … Avery Goodman yesterday


  38. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

  39. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    As I was unable to post on David McWilliams’ blog, I’m replying to Deco’s comment from last week:

    1. Smolensk crash.

    “Russia gained nothing from the Smolensk crash”

    This might be considered as Russia’s gains following the crash:

    - Elimination of the Polish Army’s high command (in this and similar plane crash prior to Smolensk crash)
    - New president Bronislaw Komorowski (replacing president Lech Kaczynski) with roots in the old KGB (via his links with the Soviet Army-controlled military intelligence), who he took power the same day, before even it was officially confirmed that President Kaczynski was dead (which, btw, was illegal, but in a Supreme Court peppered with commies no one would have challenged him)
    - Gazprom energy monopoly in central and eastern Europe (President Lech Kaczynski would not have signed a deal that would give Gazprom a monopoly), as a result of which Poland was paying the highest gas prices in Europe during PO and Tusk’s government.
    - Blocking the Three Seas initiative (now brought to fruition with President Trump’s backing), thus further strengthening the Russian-German alliance (Nordstream 2, with Germany – once again! – breaching EU laws).
    - Retaining the (now dismantled) post-communist WSI intelligence service, peppered with the old KGB and current FSB staff.


    2. My comment on the events in Poland in last week’s The Irish Independent:

    “I was perplexed when the European Commission vice president Frans Timmermans insisted that Poland should be stripped of EU voting rights because the proposed reforms there would “put the judiciary under the full political control of the government”.

    His claim had been followed by the statement made by the Association of Judges of Ireland, expressing their belief that judicial independence in Poland had been undermined.

    The judges of the Supreme Court are under full political control in Germany (where the federal minister can veto any candidate), Denmark (judges are nominated by the Council whose members are nominated by the minister for justice), Sweden, Austria and Mr Timmermans’ native Holland (by the minister for justice). Should these countries also be stripped of their EU voting rights?”

    This was met with a positive response of Mr Stephen Oliver Murray the day after, who wrote, among other things:
    “I welcome Grzegorz Kolodziej’s concern for the sovereignty for individual member states in the light of the bullying by the EU Commission against the Polish government judicial reforms”, noticing that “Perhaps Ireland also risks the EU voting rights being stripped, either due to the current system, which has allowed past governments to appoint political favourites as judges, or Mr Ross’ own reforms, which may be perceived as Government interference against juridical independence.
    The EU interfered with our tax sovereignty when it took issue with Apple last year, and with the EU agenda of tax harmonisation currently having a strong Franco-German push behind it, the Irish should not cheerlead any EU aggression towards Polish sovereignty, and instead support a fellow member state to reform its judicial system as it sees fit.”


    The vast majority of the current Supreme Court (and previous Constitutional Tribunal) Judges in Poland were nominated by Wojciech Jaruzelski during the Martial law. They are so corrupt that when PiS wanted to implement a vetting procedure for their links with communist secret services of socialist Poland and USSR, the now replaced Constitutional Tribunal (the Supreme Court has not been replaced due to President Duda’s 2 vetoes following Merkel’s phone call) ruled that applying a vetting procedure to Judges is… against human rights.
    Three examples:

    a) A current Supreme Court Judge who, following the Dec 13, 1981 Martial Law, sent to prison for 2 years a young student for possession of anti-communist leaflets in his bag.

    b) A current Judge who was recently caught stealing in the supermarket – his prosecution is impossible due to total immunity the post-communist Supreme Court Judges enjoy; same as the prosecution of a different Supreme Court Judge caught on drink-driving (the police stopped him, but was unable to do anything against him, due to the immunity that Kaczynski wanted to abolish).

    c) The most vociferous critic of the judicial reform among Supreme Court Judges: her declared income equals 400 (four hundred) years of her salaries as a Judge.

    • Truthist

      Glad to see u back ;
      U were noticeably absent.
      I am inclined to Deco’s view that PUTIN himself did not gain anything by what happened to Poland’s delegation flying to Moscow.
      But, yes, certain “nominally Russian” Oligarchs, & “nominally American [ USA ]” Oligarchs , & also The Dreadful Few playing us all off each other, did benefit from the elimination of crucial core of Poland’s sovereign-minded + independent-minded Politicians, & Civil Servants, & Military.
      President Assad is correct in perceiving :
      Why does not Poland maximise the Silk Road ?
      Levy it
      Profit from it
      Silk Road will run both ways equally free ?
      Why be pawn for UK + USA + … ?
      We too have such rotten judges.

      • Truthist

        EDIT ;
        Silk Road will run both ways equally FLUIDLY ?
        What Laws will govern Silk Road ?
        Law of Merchant ?

      • Truthist

        I think Deco meant Putin more than Russia when he said ;
        “Russia had nothing to gain from the Smolensk crash.”
        And, along with Malaysian airline brought down over Ukraine-Breakaway Donetsk of Ukraine, Putin has also been hit by ISIS taking down Airplane carrying 100s of Russian tourists [ mainly Civil Servants I recall ].
        Chutzpah there for sure !
        Oh vey.
        And, sweet f.. all Putin can do to personally get ‘em back ;
        Sure, he knows their safe-haven, & he has visited it, & he will not publicly admonish ‘em for that event.
        So, Putin is proving to be very vulnerable to air-flights carrying many passengers being downed with Russia immediately in suffering seat somehow.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Just one more thing on Smolensk crash (I have to copy and past part of the body of the text, because WordPress is blocking the website from which I took it – so sorry about the length):

          “Physics professor M. Dakowski, an expert on rotation dynamics, conservation law and materials resistance made calculations showing that the death of each passenger of the plane was highly unlikely.

          Warsaw, 2010-10-3

          Public Prosecutor General

          Andrzej Seremet

          General Prosecutor’s Office

          Re: The plane Tu 154 catastrophe during its landing at Severny airport on 10 April 2010

          I inform that:

          being a full professor of physics professionally working on rotation dynamics and conservation law (momentum, angular momentum, etc.) and materials resistance I have made and I possess calculation which shows that acceleration at the moment of the fuselage contact with the ground or trees averaged from 0,4g till 4g (g – gravitational acceleration), which makes highly unlikely the death of each passenger during the braking and as a result of it. It was also impossible for the airframe to make a half-roll after the conceivable loss of the wing fragment at the few metres above the ground.
          The fuselage, treated in the calculation as a tube made mainly of duralumin reinforced with ribs, while sliding on the grove should stay integral or fall to not more than three pieces. Its disintegration into tens thousands of pieces is contradictory to the material durability, defined in mechanics. This indicates that the disintegration of fuselage surely happened for other reasons easy to specify unambiguously.
          The calculations made on the basis of the revealed black-box records indicate at various, fluctuating and variable velocities of the airframe in the air (e.g. 59 km/h or 158 km/h, which is contradictory to the law of conservation of momentum) while the minimum possible speed of Tu 154 in steady flight was 270 km/h. This is clear and unambiguous evidence that a person or a company that passed the records to the Polish party, had tampered with it.
          Laws of physics are absolute. As the laws of nature they are unchangeable and stand above the laws of geopolitics or sociology.

          I suggest General Prosecutor’s Office my and known by me experts’ on mechanics, rotation dynamics, electronics and computer science (3D trajectory) participating in the investigation on the merits. Political aspect does not concern us.

          Prof. M. Dakowski


          The next excerpt is from 2010, so when she talks about “Polish authorities”, she means Po (Civic Platform) of Donald Tusk.

          “The more time passes since the catastrophe, the stronger my belief that it was an assassination. What I don’t know is who has carried it out and how. Neither victims’ families nor the public hasn’t still been told what really happened in Smolensk.

          The disinformation campaign has been conducted deliberately since the very first moment after the catastrophe. We were given contradictory pieces of information. Edmund Klich’s statements were sometimes scandalous. He disappeared for some time and then appeared again. The interview with Klich cited by “Gazeta Polska” confirms the information. I’ve heard that three ambulances drove away from the crash site on the signal. Nobody has told us who was transported. I don’t know if my husband wasn’t there. Such news are shocking for the victims’ families. Klich’s words while confronted with the film where the shots are heard are meanness. The government with the prime minister lied from the very beginning saying that they wanted to inform us about the investigation progress. They are not doing this and probably they didn’t even intend.

          It is also astonishing that during the election campaign an acting president and candidate for president at the same time B. Komorowski revealed the stenographic record from the cockpit, which – according to the experts – had been faked.

          Interrogators have never had access to the original black-box records. How can the Polish Prosecutor’s Office clarify anything if it accepted the fact that the Russians are to decide about everything in this investigation? It is even hard to call it an investigation, it’s rather erasing traces, so as nobody would never find out what happened at the Smolensk airport.

          What is striking in the whole case is the government calm. They behave as if all of this was arranged by some agreement concluded with Putin. These Putin hugging and the propaganda of good relationships with Moscow are disgusting. I’m aware that both governments are doing their best to never let us know what really happened in Smolensk. The Prosecutor’s Office seems to be waiting till the traces, which could have been found during autopsy, will disappear.

          The Tupolev’s wreck has already lost its evidential value. The interrogators deal with any point of the case only when media published it. They decided to play the fool. They pretend that everything is OK, that nothing wrong is going on. They make fools of us. It’s really sad to live in a country where families have no right to know how their relatives died.

          The premier’s declarations half a year after the 10 April that he will find out if there were BOR (Government Security Office) officers at the Smolensk airport that day are scandalous. That says the Polish government head who supervises BOR! The government and the interrogators are behaving as if they came from some different world. For me it is clear that they are responsible for the catastrophe. These are not only incompetent but also irresponsible authorities. But for some reason they have the consent of most media.

          I don’t believe that current authorities of Poland and Russia want to clarify the 10 April tragedy. I’ve been saying from the beginning that they do not want it, that they’re obliterating traces. What I also find un-understandable is prosecutor Parulski promotion to general. He has been awarded for conducting the investigation in such a scandalous way. He failed to gain the promotion during the presidency of Lech Kaczy?ski. But then the president from PO (Civic Platform) comes and prizes him for the way the investigation is conducted. At the same time, The Prime Minister talks about the investigation independence. If this is what independence looks like, well… congratulations. For me, what has been done about the catastrophe is sheer illegality.

          I’ve been waiting for six months already for the simplest paper – an autopsy protocol. Our relatives were buried against the law. Death certificates are also inconsistent with Polish law. They’re lacking the causes of death. In July I submitted the motion for exhumation. There has been no response. Like to most of other families motions. The motions for access to the secret part of the investigation files were also left unconsidered for months. The interrogators watch what authorities do and do the same. They feel the atmosphere and pretend that they really run the investigation. But I still hope that today technological capacities will let us know the causes of that tragedy one day. After all, the catastrophe happened in broad daylight in the centre of Europe.

          13 October 2010″

          And from another article:

          “Shots can be heard in a recording which is accessible on the Internet. A comment appears in the clip: “Look carefully who is emerging on the left side of the tree! Clearly you can see a seriously wounded person. We can only speculate that it is a woman”.

          Colonel Jerzy Artymiak, of the Head Military Prosecution, told Radio Zet that this film cannot be ignored. He also added that a decision had been made for experts to investigate the origin, contents and authenticity of the recording.

          The filmed materials only show a part of the 55-ton plane. At a first glance, you see that the fuselage was completely destroyed. What caused it? Only the exploding aviation fuel? According to some information, there was an explosion aboard. It was reported by witnesses who had heard a bang before the plane crashed, accompanied by an unusual engine sound, and one of them saw two explosions while the machine was still in the air. The plane fell from a small altitude, yet disintegrated into small pieces.

          Plane damaged during overhaul

          Five months before the Polish government’s plane had been overhauled in Russia. Speculations have surfaced that it had been deliberately damaged. Doctor of Engineering Ryszard Drozdowicz, of the Polytechnic University of Szczecin, told the “Nasz Dziennik” (“Our Daily”) paper that “the circumstances of the event suggest a serious damage or intentional blockade in the flight control system. Such a blockade can be so mounted that it gets activated at lowering the gear or the wing flaps before landing. With the flaps or ailerons blocked the crash was inevitable because the pilot was unable to level the heavy plane flying strongly askew, even by a sudden increase of the pull”.”

          “The Polish currency saw an increase in 2009 by 1.7 percent, while the economies of other EU countries decreased by about 4.1 percent and we were among the few who needed no loans”, according to an Internet blog. As “Daily Telegraph” wrote, “Poland avoided eastern Europe’s worst lending binges. Kaczynski frustrated some of his opponents by being in no rush to head towards the euro party”. Moreover, Kaczy?ski appointed his eurosceptic ally S?awomir Skrzypek chairman of the National Bank. He also died in the crash.”

          “Below is the text of the speech which Lech Kaczynski, who died on Saturday 10 April 2010, was going to deliver at the 70th-anniversary ceremony of the Katyn massacre.

          English version of President Kaczynski’s last speech that was not delivered in Katyn

          “Dear representatives of the Katyn families, ladies and gentlemen,

          Over 21,000 Polish prisoners were in April 1940 taken from the NKVD’s [the Soviet secret police] camps and prisons and murdered. This crime of genocide was perpetrated by the will of Stalin, on the orders of the highest authorities of the Soviet Union. The alliance of the Third Reich, the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact and the aggression against Poland of 17 September 1939 culminated in the shocking Katyn crime. These citizens of the II Polish Republic, people who formed the basis of our statehood, unconquered in the service of their fatherland, were murdered not only in the forests of Katyn but also in Tver, in Kharkov and in other known and as yet unknown places. The families of the victims and thousands of other inhabitants of Poland’s pre-war Borderlands were at the same time deported into the depths of the Soviet Union where their unspoken sufferings mark the path to Poland’s eastern Golgotha.

          The most tragic station along the way was Katyn. Polish officers, clerics, officials, policemen, officers of the border police and the prison service killed without judicial process or verdict. They were victims of an unsung conflict. They were murdered in violation of the rights and conventions of the civilised world. Their dignity as soldiers, as Poles and as human beings was trampled. These death pits were to forever hide their bodies and the truth about this crime. Their families have been deprived of the right to public mourning and grief and to a dignified remembrance of their closest ones. The earth covered traces of the crime and the Katyn lie tried to eradicate it from human memory.

          Hiding the truth about Katyn – on the decision of those who perpetrated it – became a pillar of Communist politics in postwar Poland: the foundation myth of the PRL [the Communist-era People's Republic of Poland]. This was a time when people paid a high price for remembering the truth about Katyn. But people close to the victims and other brave souls remained faithful to their memory. They defended it and passed it on to following generations of Poles. They preserved it through the times of Communist rule and entrusted it to their compatriots in a free, independent Poland. That is why we owe them all, and especially the Katyn families, respect and gratitude. In the name of the Polish Republic, I give you profound thanks for preserving such an important aspect of Polish consciousness and identity, even as you defended the memory of your loved ones.

          Katyn has become a painful wound in Polish history, poisoning relations between Poles and Russians for long decades. Let us make sure it can finally heal, scar over. We are already on this path. We, Poles, appreciate Russia’s actions in recent years. We should go further on this path, which brings our two nations closer, without halting or turning back.

          All the circumstances of the Katyn crime must be made public and examined. It is equally important to confirm the innocence of the victims, to release all the documents relating to this crime so that the Katyn lie can fade forever from public discourse. We demand this above all for the sake of the victims and the sufferings of their families. But we also demand it in the name of shared values, which must create the foundation of trust and partnership between neighbouring states in all of Europe.

          Let us together honour the murder victims and pray over their bodies. Glory be to the heroes! May they rest in peace.”


          In this video of Messrs Putin and Tusk, in the first seconds you can see – on the left, walking besides a man with sunglasses, Mr Waldemar Pawlak – a man who sexcured Gazprom’s monopoly in Poland. It’s interesting that the rest of the conversation between Messrs Putin and Tusk – on the Sopot’s pier (not on this video, but on other videos) – took place with no interpreters and no other people present.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I’ll answer you once because I don’t want to spend too much time on this blog: “Why does not Poland maximise the Silk Road?”

        1. The hitherto experience of other countries with the new Silk Road is not encouraging. Generally, the pattern was: the Chinese build infrastructure bringing their own workers, locals are sacked if they don’t want to work 12hrs a day for 6 days a week and for minimum wage; then the country runs in debt to China, and the Chinese take over it (by debt and bribes). Polish experience with the Chinese building motorways in Poland is also discouraging.
        2. China is not interested in importing European products but in stealing technologies and taking over (i.e., this is what they’ve done with the highest quality in Europe bearings factory in Poland).
        This is btw how the 17th century Netherlands got rich – importing high-end stuff from China, copying it and producing a mid-range quality China, silk, etc – but cheaper.
        3. China is allied with Russia militarily.
        4. Military installations follow the new Silk Road.
        5. China has the biggest bubble in the world.
        6. China has the strictest censorship in the world in China. A blog like that would be closed in 24hrs in China and we would be in prison.
        7. The Chinese have oversupply of single men due to one child policy (if the girl was born, she was usually killed)
        8. China has the least respect for human life (abortions, organs trade from people captured on street) in the world..
        9. “Why be pawn for UK + USA + … ?” – Poland is not a pawn for the UK; I think that Poland is now important a partner for the US than the UK is. Paradoxically, Poland was subsidising the US military and banking industry when it was a pawn to Germany during PO regime, not now – when Poland is now allied with the US and gets good deals.
        10. Why be pawn for China? All countries that became pawns to China now regret it.

        Interesting info on protests in Poland: it’s been revealed today that Fundacja Akcja Demokratyczna – Foundation sponsoring protests – has been for the last 2 years directly financed by Mr Caio Kai Koch-Weser, who was the Secretary of State in the German Federal Ministry of Finance (1999–2005) – he pushed through Nordstream for Russia.
        He is now a Vice Chairman and senior adviser with Deutsche Bank.
        Fundacja Akcja Demokratyczna was established 3 days after… the Smolensk crash!

        • Truthist

          I dare say that I did ask u a series of very good questions again.
          And, ur answers actually have served u a multitude.
          Yes, it is a humdinger of a reply.

        • Truthist

          For ur consideration Grzegorz ;
          HEADING ;
          Trump in Poland–
          Observations from a Polish Canadian*
          NOT Henry Makow ;
          Although Makow’s grandparents were Jews from Poland
          2 of whom died in German Concentration Camps, or Death Camps, or as applicable if one was willing Re-training Camps [ but not for indigenous Poles ], not disclosed in which type or how exactly they died specifically thus far, planted on Poland [ then conquered & under total control of Germany's National Socialist Government ] by Germany.
          July 6, 2017
          by MG

          As you’ve probably heard Trump was in Poland Wednesday and my did he get a welcome party … the propaganda machine was in overdrive last night and all day today in Poland. So he had a meeting with our President and then he made a beautiful speech about Poland being the heart and soul of Europe and our determination and will as a nation and people … he probably won over tons of Poles with it being that he even pulled at my heart strings even though I new there was a game of emotional manipulation going on here. Later there was a press conference with the media where he took shots at Russia and North Korea. Finally late last night it was announced that the US is selling Poland the Patriot missile defense system. All of this added to the already 10,000 or so American soldiers that have been in Poland since Obama sent them over here last fall; interestingly all of them are being stationed in the Western part of Europe closer to Germany and none in the east close to Russia.
          Now my take … American and British freemasonry (like your recent article showed they always have been one and the same) are preparing Polish freemasonry to be ready again to sacrifice their young Polish men and women as a part of the Wests political and military chess match with Russia and China. Like Poland was sacrificed before and after WW2 to the Nazis and Soviets it looks like we are being set up for a repeat; there are 2 major forms this could take ….
          1 – The more obvious is the Polish government sending thousands of Polish soldiers to Ukraine to help the Ukrainians in their losing battle against the Russian separatists.
          2 – The less obvious but I think equally as possible is the sudden beginning of a Polish – Belorussian war that would be a proxy war between the West and Russia. I don’t have to explain why the West would want this war; they like every war as they see all of them as a business. As for Russia, they might want this war because President Lukaszenko of Belarus over the last year or so has been making moves that seem to show that he wants be the like an Orban in Hungary or Erdogan in Turkey … so a free agent in the whole chess match and not a Russian puppet state. A war with Poland might force Lukaszenko to jump back into Putin’s outstretched hands.
          This article is presently on Henry Makow’s site at very end of scroll page.
          It does not have a dedicated URL.
          Thus, if u wish to retrieve it readily, a good suggestion is to copy & paste the actual text into a word processing document & store with suitable name etc.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            3 short clarifications:
            1. The purchase of Patriot system has been negotiated for the last decade, it’s just that now finally Poland is getting it for a good price, and in the same version that the US Army will be getting it (PO, ie, purchased obsolete versions of JASSM and overpaid for it). So to portray it that Mr Trump came, and boo-hoo! – Poland is buying Patriots! – is not accurate.
            2. It was during Trump’s administration that the US Army soldiers arrived in Poland, and this was one of 3 election promises that Mr Trump made to Polish diaspora, which I covered in details.
            3. Lukashenko is not so stupid as to facilitate a proxy war with Poland, and there is no desire on the Polish Ministry for Defense side to start a war with anyone, not least with Belarus, with which PiS made great efforts to improve relations. Lukashenka actually announced that he will reduce the number of invited Russian soldiers to train attack on Poland in September this year (they’ve been training attacks on Poland since 1999, including nuclear) from 100,000 to a few thousand. So if you see more than a few thousand Russian soldiers in September on the Polish border, it will mean that: a) Lukashenka is no longer in charge of Belarus and b) Russia and China took over Belarus.

            Thousands of Polish soldiers in Ukraine is completely untrue – there have been a few dozens of instructors sent, and that’s all. Btw, PiS is now getting much harder on Ukraine and they say that unless they stop promoting Bandera cult in Poland (yes – the Ukrainian state, not necessarily Ukrainian immigrants, though some of them too), Poland will stop helping Ukraine (it gave Ukraine 1bn euro, and it is treating their soldiers in Polish hospital), not to mention that there is more Ukrainian immigrants in Poland than Poles in the UK, so they should really stop with that neo-Nazi thing, or else.

          • Truthist

            Anyway, that Polish-Canadian clearly is :
            honorable intention for Poland
            trying to be wise ; a virtue in itself
            very knowledgeable ;
            And, I trust that he would humbly accede to ur 3 clarifications
            Best u return to ur priorities until next discussion ; hopefully 8-)

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “that Polish-Canadian clearly is :
            honorable intention for Poland
            trying to be wise ; a virtue in itself
            very knowledgeable ”

            I’ve no doubt. Sometimes he is the only reliable English-language source of information on recent events in Poland (as opposed to Bono ;-).


            Anyway… I hate to say this – for it sounds conceited – but very few sources tell you, people, how it is – and I tell you how it w i l l be… :


          • Truthist

            If Poland gets the War Reparations it deserves ;
            ==> Rothschilds will have to print loads of Euros or USA Dollars — or anything but Syrian currency or North Korean currency or Iranian currency — & then give it to Poland.
            I think that Poland will not be able to get anything but Paper Fiat currency anyway.
            Oh vey ! 8-(

  40. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    As today it is (was) the anniversary of the forgotten Warsaw Uprising (no “Schindler’s List” movie about it as of yet), this is a 1min video about it:


  41. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

  42. Truthist


  43. [...] Millennials’ wages devoured by their own beloved technologies (DavidMCWilliams.ie) [...]

  44. Truthist

    Ditto MEHOLE ; IMPLEMENTING POLICY OF “Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasonry” rather than “Scottish Right Lodge of Freemasonry”
    Ditto Enda / Edna ; So booo … ooring that I still unsure which
    Ditto Adolf Hitler
    Yet another interesting article from the great Henry Makow based on evidence that he is circumspect about in its total veracity & intent but which he still perceives as bearing very useful info to assemble the jig-saw of truth.
    By the way, did ewe know that the mustached one had only 1 testicle ?
    I did not.


  45. coldblow


    Here’s an old one I prepared earlier, when Mary Mac was in the Park.

    Parklife (or Let The Girl Live The Dream)

    “Áras” is a verbal condition, it’s a girl with a mission, otherwise known as… Parklife
    A manifestation of alienation from the affairs of the nation is also known as… Parklife
    Brian’s got brewer’s droop, he’s terrified of Morning Ireland so he’s looking for another bench to kip on… Parklife
    Who’s that gut-lord marching?(Oh, it’s you again, Taoiseach) You want to cut down on your porklife, mate. Get some exercise! Parklife

    All the people,
    So many people,
    And they all go hand in hand,
    Hand in hand through their… Parklife

    I get up when I want except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awakened by the dustman… Parklife
    I put my cardigan on, have a cup of tea, and think about writing another speech… Parklife
    I feed the pigeons, I sometimes wave to the homeless too, it gives me a sense of enormous well-being… Parklife
    And then I’m happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge there will always be a bit of my heart devoted to it… Parklife

    All the people, so many people…

    It’s got nothing to do with your knowledge economy, you know… Parklife
    And it’s not about you bloggers who go round and round and round and round…

  46. coldblow

    And more doggerel I posted here in times gone by:

    September 2010

    What need you, being come to sense,
    But grumble at the final bill
    You spent the euros and the cents
    It could come to half a mill.
    You bought the gaffs, the mercs, the phones,
    For men were born to spend not save.
    The dream is over, dead and gone,
    It lies with Anglo in the grave.

    Yet they were of a different kind,
    The names that stilled your childish play,
    They have gone about the world like wind,
    But little thought have they to pay
    For all the damage they have done
    And why, God help us, should they pay?
    Ireland Inc. is dead and gone,
    It lies with Anglo in the grave.

    Was it for this grey geezers bled
    The country and its future white;
    For this that all that shite was said,
    For this that all those feckers lied,
    And the thieving bastards, every one,
    All those houses, all the same?
    Their money’s spent, it’s dead and gone
    Which means it’s in the Missus’ name.

    Yet could we turn the years again,
    And call those gombeens as they were
    In all their profit and ill-got gain,
    You’d cry `A stirring in the air
    Has maddened every mother’s son’:
    They weighed so lightly what they stole.
    But let them be, the money’s gone,
    It’s down with Anglo in the hole.

    I write it out in a verse –
    Seanie, Fingers, Sneery, Clogging
    The Ditherer and the Drummer Boy
    Now and in time to be
    Wherever green is worn
    Are changed, changed utterly:
    A terrible beauty is born.

    I see now that Yeats’s “A stirring in the air has maddened every mother’s son” is more relevant now than ever.

    The reference to Seanie and the others is quite unfair of course as they were scapegoated and in retrospect it wasn’t about the banks anyway. It’s the stirring in the air and the collective madness, the strange genie let loose in the 1960s and hardly anyone thinks to challenge.

  47. an economist who may know what he is talking about

    “On the economy, Dr. Roberts, who was an Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration and holds a PhD in economics, says, “There is no economy there. The markets are rigged. The Fed has a huge trading desk, and they can trade anything.”


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