July 17, 2017

21st Century Reality

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This week’s Time magazine has an interesting interview with Leo Varadkar. Whether or not you are a fan of the new Taoiseach, being profiled in Time is good for the country. The value of this type of international publicity is difficult to overstate. Contrast the image of Mr. Varadkar talking to the world about tolerance, centrism and the future with the Orangemen up the road talking to themselves about intolerance, tribalism and the past.


Granted it’s not hard to look Mandela-esque when compared with the bowler hats, but compare Varadkar’s Time magazine message of openness and liberalism with Teresa May’s narrowness, telling the British people that if “you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere”. The implicit threat in May’s remarks is not lost on anyone. Or forget May and her bowler-hatted allies, compare Varadkar’s observations about respect with Trump’s embarrassing misogynistic “You’re in such good shape” to Madame Macron.   


Mr. Varadkar’s final statement in the Time interview resonates:

“Ireland is not so much a country at the periphery of Europe, but an island at the centre of the world”.


This is a crucial statement and marks a vision for the country that has come a long, long way from the parochial navel gazing of our founding fathers.


Cynics will say this is only PR, marketing and spin; nothing more than lofty words and image manipulation. But that misses the point. In a world of global capital, people and networks, image is everything. Image is the first thing that the world knows about you. Your image is crucial. If the country is led by someone that the world can relate to as being part of something new, something different, something hopeful, then the image of the country changes a little bit.


The reason all this is important is that the world — and critically the world economy — has shifted so much in the past decade and the notion of an island at the centre of the world is compelling.


When we achieved independence, the nationalist and parochial navel gazing of the first generation of leaders that looks outdated to us now, was extremely apt back then. Remember the world was in the process of major de-colonizing. It was a world of hopeful independence movements and this placed newly independent Ireland at the centre of contemporary thinking. Economically, that accompanied liberation was the economics of nationalization when it was believed that large-scale government-owned strategic companies would deliver prosperity.


Romantically, the liberation language of the righteous struggle, national self-determination and independence pitted courageous national movements against brutal colonizing oppressors. In a way Ireland was an exemplar for the politics of the time. That was our image and in a sense it was in tune with the times for at least half a century.


But that was the 20th century and this is the 21st century.


The 21st century is a century of networks, mobile capital and mobile people. It is not a world of national movements, borders and national government-owned companies. The 20th century view of a job for life, a steady planned career and “the world owes me a living” is over.


The world has become in many ways more precarious, careers less permanent and the gig economy is becoming more and more the norm. This presents huge opportunities for the country that positions itself at the centre of this world. Furthermore, because of the collapse in the cost of communications, geography that for millennia was one of the most significant determinants of wealth, is now redundant.


Commercially, Ireland can be the centre of the world.


It is hard for many Irish people to appreciate the way Ireland is perceived as a beacon for hundreds of thousands of young people who are on the move all around Europe, let alone all around the world. Talk to young Croats, young Poles or young Greeks and they will tell you that Ireland is a place they’d like to live and work. This is a huge resource for us and national image is important.


Consider the cultural goldmine that these migrants present for Ireland in the future.


It is important not to blow it.


The Financial Times reported this week that Dublin was leading the pack as the preferred destination for companies relocating from London following Brexit. According to the FT:

“The EY study, which follows statements from 222 of London’s biggest financial services companies, said that so far 19 had spoken of a move to Dublin/Ireland, whereas just 18 have mentioned Frankfurt/Germany. Luxembourg comes in third place, with 11 mentions.”


This is a once in a generation opportunity for Ireland. The 20th century reaction to this would be to declare that we in Ireland have our existing, inflexible rules and if companies can fit into our existing structures then they are welcome to come here.


The 21st century response to this opportunity should be very different. Brexit has created a unique situation brought about by the decision of the UK electorate. We in Ireland could set up a special Brexit offering, like a Christmas 2 for 1 deal in retail, and make it as easy as possible for these companies to pick Ireland immediately, rather than agonize.


We are in the selling game after all.


Consider getting into the heads of the individuals who make the relocation decisions right now. On the basis that individual greed and self-interest have proved to be, over the history of humanity, extremely influential factors in decision making, why not offer these key corporate decision makers ex-pat tax deals such as the Dutch do? Offer them a Brexit special 30% income tax package if they make the decision in the next 12 months. We could require that corporations meet certain conditions. For example, a minimum head count or that corporations must make significant local investment in housing. There are various conditions we could impose in our favour while still appealing to the self-interest of the individuals as opposed to the faceless corporation.


The 20th century reaction to such opportunism would be indignation, but the world has changed and the difference between countries will be between countries that think and behave like they are in  the 21st century and countries that continue to think like they are in the 20th century.


The tax revenue from these companies — both corporate and income tax — could be ring-fenced for social spending and in that way everyone wins. With technology all this is possible. It just demands a mindset change.


If we want to be at the centre of the world, we have to tell the world why we should be. Brexit is a great opportunity to assert that we are a 21st century country: open, tolerant, flexible and well aware where our calculated, self-interest lies in a rapidly changing world.


This type of thinking would make Mr. Varadkar’s aspirations a reality.



  1. yadayada

    Very of this will apply once we and the U.K. realise that brexit is not going to happen.

  2. polomora

    Interesting article, especially contrasting Varadkar’s worldly optimism with May’s little Englander view of the world.

    Concerning the notion that Brexit will not happen: to misquote Churchill, never discount the ability of politicians to do the wrong thing when they have exhausted all the other possibilities. The 20th century is testimony to that.

  3. Madame Macron AIN’T in good shape – does that make me more or less honest than Trump?

    • Or more honest and more misogynistic?

      Macron has deep seated issues and is no more fit to be president of a country than Trump is – not that I even believe in the position of president in the first place.

  4. Good luck to Varadkhar, he’s better than Trump or Macron, probably has better intentions, he’s still a politician though at the end of the day.

    • SMOKEY

      To me Varadkar is more suited to be the final addition to a Human Centipede. Thats how I see him, a liar in a nappie with a shit eating grin.

  5. Commercially Ireland can absolutely be at the centre of the world – lets hope we (they) play our (their) cards right.

    I have my doubts though, although I remain an optimist.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Ireland can only be – continue being – an island at the centre of the world – if the Atlantic route r e t a i n s its importance in global trade.

      Implement the Silk Road 2.0 Eurasian plan, and Ireland immediately loses its geopolitical importance and falls from one of the top places to the bottom of the table (Eurasian concept is “Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok” (so without Ireland) concept (land route from China via Russia – Poland – Germany – with Germany playing the role of the policeman of Europe: hence German attempts to get rid of the US army from Europe and replace it with the EU (read: German) army, followed by taking over French nuclear weapons (always a plan in Germany, now being overtly discussed in the German press).

      In order to retain its geopolitical status, Ireland must join the Three Seas Initiative (to keep the Atlantic route valid):


      Maritime routes aside, countries who joined the New Silk Road now regret it (of which I myself was advocating as recently as 3 years ago – not maybe advocating, but proposing that Ireland should consider its pros and cons – but this was ceteris paribus, that is based on the fact that in the EU, Britain was a Chinese Trojan horse in Europe, so Ireland could not retain good relations with Britain if it was not part of the new Silk Road).

      Instead of the fairy-tale investments that the Silk Road 2.0 was supposed to bring, they just simply replaced indigenous industries and workers with Chinese workers (this, for example, happened in Kenya, who ended up l o s i n g money AND jobs on joining the Silk Road; in Canada, even though they didn’t join it, but merely signed an agreement with AIIB, the Chinese, far from creating new jobs, are now going to bring t h e i r own workers a n d demand a full access to Canadian market; in Gambia, they got so fucked over on the Silk Road that a party who won the election, won it on the slogan: “Brits, come back!”).

      It’s enough to look at the history to notice how quickly things can change if the trade routes change: before the Great Geographic discoveries, GDP per head in Poland was higher than in England, Germany (which didn’t exist) or Sweden (the disproportion between 17th century Sweden and Poland was like between Bulgaria and Ireland – Sweden being “Bulgaria”): this situation continued until 17th century, because initially, Poland was availing of the new trade route and its high margins rates – until Dutch and English central banking and sea trade monopolies. Fast forward from 17th century to 19th century – and the proportions reverted.

      So Ireland, while being an island at the centre of the world, cannot afford to be complacent: it has to make sure that it does not join the Eurasian initiative (China-Russia-Germany), because in Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, Ireland will be an island at the periphery.


      P.S. Like Poland during President Trump’s visit, Ireland should seek for alternative energy supply routes. So far, when it comes to gas, it only has one (and it comes from Britain, who itself is not energy independent).


      P.S. II. Mr McWilliams writes: “Whether or not you are a fan of the new Taoiseach, being profiled in Time is good for the country.”

      Yes, I agree – provided that you don’t j e e r at the most powerful man on earth, whose country’s 700 companies employ 150,000 people in Ireland and are responsible for virtually all Irish high-tech industry, as apart from that, all the rest of Irish economy is drink, tourism and buying houses from ourselves for ourselves, at astronomical prices, for money we don’t really have, hoping that these properties and empty, idle fields will be sold to a “greater fool” in the future.

      • Truthist

        “… provided that you don’t j e e r at the most powerful man on earth,”
        Well, just when Bernie — the grumpy Champagne Socialist — was in Ireland campaigning for murder of our pre-born children & newly-born infants, David tweeted about President Trump ;
        “He is such a Prick.”

        • Deco

          Bernie & the missus are being investigated by the FBI.

          Perhaps it is political.

          Bernie was destroyed by the Clintons, Obama and corporatism.

  6. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    2 years ago you gave accurate and honest criticism of a post I put up pointing out that when people don’t subscribe to my world view that I wouldn’t find everyone agreeing with my own view all the time and you were 100% accurate.

    I hold that though foremost in my mind in writing this response.

    Mr Varadker should stop making statement like Ireland being at the centre of the world because although many Cynics will say this is only PR, marketing and spin; nothing more than lofty words and image manipulation because MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT CYNICAL WILL DRAW THE SAME CONCLUSION.

    With regard to Talk to young Croats, young Poles or young Greeks and they will tell you that Ireland is a place they’d like to live and work. Indeed. What you haven’t said is that those countries are such economic basket cases those young people would come here rather than contribute to their own communities at home. What Leo the tissue could have said was that the world is at the centre of the future for increasing numbers of young Irish people;


    The Brits David KNOW the price of freedom. In 1815 they stopped Napoleon at Waterloo from imposing socialist dictatorship on Europe. Same thing again against Hitler in 1940.

    This time out they are standing against out of control bureaucrats destroying one economy in Europe after another to save hopelessly corrupt and insolvent banks.

    Writing an article like this David and not mentioning the underlying reasons that the poles, croatians and Greeks are on the move here and the young Irish here are on the move to THE WORLD is lazy at best, possibly cynical, but most importantly does not mention the elephant in the room of how politicians all over Europe are selling the future of their citizens down the pan to save the banking system.



    • yadayada

      One thing napoleon certainly wasn’t was a socialist. Half the English army at Waterloo was Irish.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Here is a challenge for you Dathi;

      If you get a chance to meet one of the “few” the fighter pilots who met the luftwaffe over london in 1940 if any are still alive, or maybe an Israeli Jew ask them the following;

      Please explain to me what citizen means.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “the elephant in the room of how politicians all over Europe are selling the future of their citizens down the pan to save the banking system.” – to put it differently, 20th century in western countries saw, over the span of 100 years, the following transformation:

      1. Until WWI
      - capitalism for the workers and for the banks
      2. Gradually after WWI (especially after WWII, when Britain was one of the most over-regulated countries in western Europe (Butskellism), and until 1980
      - socialism for workers and capitalism for the banks.
      3. 1980s in the US and Commonwealth
      - capitalism for the workers and capitalism for the banks. Ireland only joined that in 1990s. France or Greece never joined, and lived off those who joined.
      4. After 2007
      - capitalism for the workers and socialism for the banks. Sadly, Britain was a huge part of that last stage of transformation (this has actually started with Ms Thatcher, but it has MASSIVELY accelerated with Mr Mark Carney): bailing out the banks instead of bailing out the people (socialism for the banks).


      Where Britain’s influence in the EU is missed the most is that Britain was the country who stood up most a g a i n s t the EU over-regulation and implementing the Eurasian plan (with Russia monopolising EU’s energy market, and Germany monopolising EU’s everything else).

      If we look at the data on what countries have most often voted against the new EU regulation in years 2004-2015, we end up with this table:
      1. UK
      2. Austria
      3. Poland
      4. Denmark

      And it’s these countries 2-4 who m i s s Britain the most.

      P.S. Ireland, regardless of what Mr McWilliams claims that it has supported low regulation and low taxes in the EU, is the group of countries who voted the least against the new EU regulations: even a defunct country like Italy voted more against the new regulations than Ireland…

    • yadayada

      I suspect Leo’s career will last until the next election only.

    • DJR

      For the sake of historical accuracy – Napoleon & Hitler were both stopped by the Russians, not the Brits.
      Their invasions of Russia were disastrous and both armies returned to Europe mortally wounded.
      The Battle of Britain, D-Day landings & Waterloo were of course talked up as being far more important than they were.

      • michaelcoughlan

        “The Battle of Britain, D-Day landings & Waterloo were of course talked up as being far more important than they were”

        Hi. The world can read posts that stupid. The brits stopped Hitler for 2 years trying to invade england before he called it quits and shot his way into Russia.

        • DJR

          You’d want to do a bit more research on it before replying.
          Hitler invaded Russia for its wheatfields & energy resources (never heard of Lebensraum?).
          It was of far more strategic importance than a resource-poor island he hoped to strike a deal with eventually.
          He had a visceral hatred of Stalin & what he stood for and struck at a time when he knew the Russians were unprepared.
          You’ve read a bit too much British propaganda if you think the Battle of Britain/D-day were as important as Stalingrad. German deaths on the Eastern front are estimated to have been nine times those on the Western.

          • michaelcoughlan


            I was trying to make you see a less jaundiced view.

            You are making a mistake putting words in my mouth or making assumptions about what I believe.


    • Deco

      Thank you Michael – for telling it as it is.

      And by the way, when a people gain a certain level of work experience in Ireland, they move on to better things.

      Ireland taxes them hard, and rewards them with drug pushers at every corner, and in every village. And a corrupt police force, and incompetent police boss, and a USELESS minister running the police.

      I am not buying what David is selling.

    • Deco

      Bonaparte inspired many military men to follow career paths as military dicators. Latin America in particular was blighted with his idea of how to run a country (using the army for enforcement of obedience).

      • Truthist

        Very interesting ;
        I beg to differ about the author’s rhetorical title though ;
        Because of certain decisions & responses by Napoleon himself.

      • Truthist

        “idea of how to run a country (using the army for enforcement of obedience”
        Wellington did that to Ireland.
        As also did :
        Brits before him
        Brits after him.
        “Bonaparte inspired many military men to follow career paths as military dicators.”
        Bonaparte did not pro-actively inspire military men to do as u say.
        To Bonaparte’s credit, he did calm down The Terror of The French Revolution ;
        The F R E E M A S O R Y Revolution that was actually orchestrated by English + Scottish F R E E M A S O N R Y ;
        But, at some stage abandoned by them when they lost control to its stewardship to the French & other F R E E M A S O N S.
        The French Revolution was also revenge by The Dreadful Few for the Inquisition that was operated in France centuries earlier.
        “Eye for Eye,
        Tooth for Tooth,”
        And, all that

  7. Peter Atkinson

    To sum it up David, celebrity politics. All spiel and no substance. Looks like we must put up with this clap trap for a decade or so. In the meantime the corporate machine will grind away in the background building up their war chest with the aid of these political nits distracting us from the truth.

    We can only hope that a couple of real politicians emerge from the quagmire of celebrity politicians who recognise that the 90 percent of the population who are constantly ignored do actually count when building a successful sustainable economy.

    • Deco


      We have superficial gits like Varadkar, Coveney, O’Donoghue (who is now the MoF – the mind baffles), that buffoon Flanagan and that useless waste of space running the gardai and the prisons.

      Ireland is a highway for importing drugs into Northern Europe.

      Thanks, FG for that.

    • coldblow

      I’d say it is about half the population rather than 90% although it would have been much higher some years ago but the monolithic propaganda has had some success, at least with younger people who know no better.

  8. yadayada

    Very little

  9. Ducklady

    Excellent article. Totally nailed it.

    • Deco

      The article praised a chancer who has no clue how to run anything, for producing loads of superficial posturing.

  10. dwalsh

    I cannot see what is so terrible about Trump complimenting a woman on looking well. It seems to me that man cannot say anything that the neoliberal media and PC warriors will not jump on and turn into an international incident and scandal.
    What has been most remarkable to me since Trump defeated the Republicans and the Democrats and the mainstream media and won the US presidency, is the torrent of anti-Trump hysteria and lies that have flooded the media; and the sheer hatred and vileness that people pour out in comments under the daily anti-Trump articles in the mainstream press.

    • Ducklady

      It is rude and intrusive to comment upon anyone’s body without invitation. To make such a comment in a diplomatic setting is really beyond the pale. Political affiliation has nothing to do with common courtesy.

      Not to mention that as a woman I recognized the creepy dog whistle of his second comment immediately.

      I repeat, by the way, this has nothing to do with politics. If Jimmy Carter were to make such a rude and intrusive comment it would be unexpected, but still rude and intrusive.

    • coldblow

      One of the features of pc justice is that the gravity of an offence is determined not only by what crime has been objectively committed but also by who committed it. In the case of someone like Trump he is guilty of everything, by definition.

  11. Mike Lucey

    David, you obviously don’t realize The Donald is a NewYorker and his “You’re in such good shape” comment to Mrs Macron was a compliment. If we Irish are now to be Central World Citizens we had better make an effort to understand and accept how others express themselves.

    I was very impressed with how Trump interacted with Putin at the G20. It lessened my worries about a possible WWIII moving up a notch.

    • Yes Mike, I was over to a marina with my boat last weekend. I’d not been there for 6 years and met several people I had not seen for that long.
      The common greeting is, “Hi, how’r you doing? Then often followed with, “You’r looking good” the rejoinder is “your looking good yourself”. one compliment used and responded with another. All based on physical appearances.

      Being rude would be telling them what a sad sack of sugar loaded slurpees they had descended to. Anyone 50-200 lb overweight, is not looking after themselves. As they require more medical attention than others they also consume more taxpayer money to support their personal indulgences. They are a liability to themselves and society in general.

      Being politically correct is not any longer part of my commentary but I am yet to go out of my way to deliberately insult someone. However some people take umbrage at anything.

      • Sell them any gold Tony hehe?

        You’re right about fitness of course, I’m in the gym most days myself – try to run 5- 10 km daily.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Hi Tony.

        Nice post.

        I have crossed the rubicon many times re insulting people directly, partly because all the PC stuff drives me bananas.

        The secret to doing it is to do it in a witty way when most of the group would deemed the recipient worthy of the invective;

        You also have to be able to receive invective and must be humble enough to learn from the experience if the invective coming in your own direction was deemed necessary by the same group.

        warm regards,



        Lost 2 and a half stone recently and joined a fitness class two mornings per week 6.30 am to 7.15am.

        Cycling 3 times a week with new road bike got for christmas. Different bloke altogether.


        Putting in an acre of organic tillage; oats, barley, winter rape/stubble turnips and winter rye green manure shortly!

  12. Mike Lucey

    Maybe a further qualifying condition for these mostly financial companies coming in here might be to offer even better incentives than those suggested if they locate in Limerick.

    Currently, it seems Dublin-centric Ireland accounts for 42 per cent of Ireland’s GDP. London accounts for just 20 per cent of Britain’s by comparison.

    Ireland needs more balanced regional development. It needs an alternative to Dublin as a major economic hub and Limerick is an obvious planner’s choice.

  13. michaelcoughlan

    Hello David,

    Here is a real world 21st century story.

    A mate of mine 38 years old came home 12 months ago from melbourne to give it a go here. He is from cork the wife is Dutch. He is a health and safety officer. He was 7 years in his last job in aus before he came home.

    He spent the last 12 months being given the run around by the recruitment agencies being told the last time out he was the only one the employer was talking to and still was told “fuck you very much for daplacation”.

    He went for one interview with a dublin outfit who confused the fuck out of him as to what they really wanted and then offered him 30 to 35k to move the family (wife and 2 kids) to Dublin.

    The wife was on a year to year contract in a UNI. SHe has just landed a dream job there permanent, pensionable and well paid. He is going back to his 1000 euro take home a week job there.

    He is not bitter, cynical or distressed that he tried it here. He will never look back though once he goes back to Aus. Any chance cunt head the tissue might grow himself a pair of real balls and come down to my friend and tell him how Ireland is the center of the world?

  14. Truthist

    Varadakar, & David, are pimping Irish State to be the rear-loader for the corporates.
    But, they are not the 1st such impresarios.
    The Irish State has been a prostitute for a very long time to the corporates ;
    Since the 1970′s a great number of very large multinational pharmaceutical, & chemical, plants have been facilitated with licenses to devastatingly pollute the environment,
    Think of the massive presence of Pharmaceutical plants & chemical plants at Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork & other industrial zones severely polluting Cork Harbour.
    I seem to recall that most of Irish State’s true GDP is from the Pharmaceutical, & Chemical, sectors.
    So, it is very understandable that this prostitution of Irish State is denied revelation.
    And, into the now, the Irish State is bending over its principles so that certain well-connected Civil Servants & private Professional Class Spivs get their personal pimping fees by allowing major “international money laundering” operate here.

  15. Truthist

    Varadakar wants Ireland to be “a Bottom” / “Not a Top”.
    I want Ireland to be neither of the above.
    By the way, given the electorate had no say in Varadakar being made Taoiseach, how come there is no “Not my Taoiseach” campaign from all the so-called “Socialism->Communism” + “Try-sexualisation” Luvvies ?
    Surely, the should be aggrieved for “My Taoiseach” strongly rumored [ I heard it from Adam Byrne initially ] to wear dresses in private ?

  16. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Hello, hello – are there any UK STUDENTS reading this blog? This might be a golden opportunity for them: the “Telegraph” is looking for new w r i t e r s to contribute to their Student Life section. To apply, please email their online education editor Mr Harry Yorke with three article ideas, along with any previous experience yous may have.

    EMAIL: harry.yorke@telegraph.co.uk (Please include “Student Writers” in the subject line of the email).

  17. McCawber

    We’re all racist.
    We’re all (males) mysoginists.
    We’re all (males?) potential rapists.
    With all those failings it’s a wonder we’re able to get out of bed in the morning.

  18. McCawber

    Two things that the global world badly needs to back up David’s/Leo’s ‘vision’ or ‘pr’ are-
    Supersonic air travel for the masses.
    Tactile virtual reality so that when you want to give your daughter (who’s 4000 miles away) a hug it feels like the real thing.
    Don’t think we’re there yet but we are moving in the right direction.

  19. coldblow

    Varadka’s comments are worthless rhetoric on a par with the tedious waffle of our recent presidents.

    He said this not that long ago: “So long as there are evil people out there, evil things will happen.”

    Where was this evil? A mass murderer? No, a couple of care workers in St Attracta’s Home in Roscommon who were caught on film speaking sharply to a couple of the patients.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “Varadka’s comments are worthless rhetoric on a par with the tedious waffle of our recent presidents.

      Terrific stuff. Leo smeo. Remember when Monotone (michael noonan) was minister for health and he tried to use the state apparatus to scare the life out of women seeking compensation for being infected by faulty blood products in the Hemophilia scandal.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Speaking of worthless rhetoric – as a voracious reader of the German press, I thought you might enjoy some excerpts from this week’s papers:

      Ronja Ringelstein in Tagesspiegel: “Poland has been drifting away from Europe for quite a while [...]”
      Ms Ringelstein is unhappy that the EU is dialoguing with Poland. In her opinion, depriving Poland of the right of vote in the EU Council would be better. But there is a problem:
      “The current EU is a toothless tiger, because the unanimous vote necessary for that is unachievable due to Hungarian veto. All that is left are public condemnations, recommendations, and maybe even financial penalties. But this does not change the fact, that ‘where there is no will, there is no way’” – consoles her readers Ms Ringelstein.

      Konrad Schuller is worried in the „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” that “the national-conservative revolution, after the Constitutional Tribunal, is now approaching the rest of the courts”.

      “Badische Neueste Nachrichten” laments that the European values are too weak faced with countries like Turkey, Hungary and Poland (why Hungary and Poland are talked in the same breath as Hungary and Poland?! – G.K.).

      Rule of law in Germany and its truthful coverage in the liberal media:


      And Colblow: these Antifa guys in Hamburg are n o t h i n g (despite over 500 police getting hurt in Hamburg) compared to what would happen if the Jihadist’s (both of imported and native kind) revolt in countries like France, Germany or the UK: imagine Nice lorry attack times one thousand, in every French town, every week.


      Of course, that’s not the problem – as die Berliner Zeitung noticed, “Poland and Hungary are more dangerous than ISIS”.

      For t h e m, that is.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “(why Hungary and Poland are talked in the same breath as Hungary and Poland?! – G.K.).” = (why Hungary and Poland are talked in the same breath as Turkey?! – G.K.).

      • Truthist

        Re ; ANTIFA
        Ewe are a fan of Miles Mathis’s thinking ;
        So, what do ewe make of the following ? ;

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I am very sorry, but as much as I appreciate some of Mr Mathis’ writing, I think that he has gone totally berserk with that one.

          “There is no such group, and any events you can find online or in the media were created in sub-basement 7 at Langley and faked with crisis actors. ” – what a bull; Antifa definitely do exists, I saw them with my very eyes beating up random pedestrians near the Central Railway Station in Warsaw on the day the first Independence Day march took place; they definitely came from Germany in great numbers; they did hide in Mr Sierakowski’s “Krytyka Polityczna” having encountered the proper response from groups they attacked – of which I posted video evidence here a couple of times; some of them were arrested and spent a few weeks in jail before being resent back to Berlin – so to say that they do not exist and thus could not have been involved in any events, and “Therefore, you may assume without further proof that anyone promoting this antifa psy-op (on either side) is a scumbag, working for the rich scumbag fascists who run the world. Any person or website pushing this garbage agenda should be put added to your “compromised” list, and visited only for a laugh.” – is very suspicious from Mr Mathis (it’s almost as if he was taking all his info an Antifa from MSM like CNN, who indeed claimed that no Antifa-related riots took place in Hamburg at G-20).

          That of course will not take my respect from Mr Mathis when it comes to some other research of his, but that he would write such a nonsensical statement only makes me aware that we should ALSO be critical of some stuff that comes from h i m :-(

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Therefore, you may assume without further proof” – and what kind of wording “without
            f u r t h e r proof” is that??????????!
            AS IF Mr Mathis provided ANY proof for his statement!

          • Truthist

            I very same opinion as u about Mathis ;
            But, he still has very very interesting info. & questions & doubts inter alia.
            I do know that there has been long lead-up within the sub-world of Irish State for conflict between an Irish style National Front versus an “array” of other groups [ incl. former 8-) Provos ] ;
            And, I perceive this to be orchestrated with the Deep State of Irish State in co-operation with EU + Mshd + CIA + MI5 + MI6 ;
            For purpose of setting forth :
            new negative dynamic
            Orwellian state
            increasing the relative power of the Irish Intelligence Agencies
            co-opting the Provos into the Institutional State
            I do believe that the most groupings formed to further the justifiable issue of stopping the flooding of one’s country with immigrants has been infiltrated by paramilitary & elite soldiers of the State & intelligence agencies agents ;
            All with aim to sabotage the noble objectives of such groups.
            Groups in Irish State are infiltrated I believe.
            Above interlopers I suspect have already operated as Agent Provocateurs ;
            And, this can mean “genuine” gratuitous violence inflicted on anyone regardless if they innocent or militant socialist>communist useful idiots.

          • Truthist

            Sorry Grzegorz for what may appear to have been confusion as to context.
            Yes, Antifa are a Militant-Socialist operation.
            And, in certain jurisdictions they are doing exactly what the Hidden Government / Deep State > Permanent Government / Civil SERPENTS > Elected Government want ;
            Even if there is charade from the authorities + the Main-Stream Media [ MSM ] that the authorities only tolerated their right to assemble & were caught by surprise by their next stunts.
            That this scenario not particular to present Poland Administration but inflicted by captive country Germany of The Dreadful Few, I acccept as true.
            That this scenario has occured & will escalate in Irish State by agreement & cooperation of Irish Administration, … YES !

  20. Deco

    We are a country run by superficiality.

    Varadkar, a man of no substance, who behaved like an opposition TD when he was responsible for governmnet departments, fits that approach.

    David is selling. As indeed are Newstalk and Today FM.

    And this individual is not buying it.

    May at least ran a serious government department for a considerable spell. And did at least try to tackle the considerable issues that arose. Varadkar located a hospital in the worst traffic bottleneck on the island, when the logical location was in Blanchardstown – because he wanted to deliberately appear as if he were NOT a parish pump politician.

    Time magazine peaked in the 1980s. It stood for something then. Now it is part of the same conglomerate that produced Waterworld, and CNN (certainly not newsworthy).

  21. Deco

    Never mind Brexit.

    Ireland cannot even get Paul Hewson amd the other hypocrites to locate their tax residency here.

    Maybe the want a special deal (pay SFA).

    Hey, Hewson – how do you think social services get provided you sanctimonious git ?

    • Truthist

      EXCERPT ;
      “Why Dave believes Bono deserves to be “Ireland’s Greatest”:
      His Musical Genius:
      Bono is the singer and lyricist for one of the most popular & successful bands in the world. 22 Grammys, millions of albums, including The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby, which show up in nearly everyone’s list of Greatest Albums. Songs like One, With or Without You, and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For are timeless classics, real works of art.
      His Compassion:
      From the minute he sang “tonight thank God it’s them instead of you”, Bono became an advocate, a voice for Africa. He is committed to improving the lives of real people on an enormous scale. And, he’s not interested in simple charity to ease his conscience – he’s dedicated to cancelling African debt, encouraging trade, tackling AIDS and malaria: giving people back their dignity & respect. He has called Africa “the great moral issue of our time”.
      A Front Man for Ireland:
      Bono & U2 were at the heart of creating a new, positive image of Ireland abroad, especially in America. Their pride at being Irish, and Bono’s bravery in speaking out against the IRA and violence, re-invented many people’s image of Ireland. He has the talent and the charisma to hold 100,000 people in the palm of his hand every night, and they listen to what he has to say.
      He Saves Lives:
      Bono is a rock star. He doesn’t have to get out of bed in the morning to try to save someone’s life, but he does. There are 3 million more people on retro-viral drugs in Africa because of him, countless millions with mosquito nets… For Bono, it’s not about pity, or photo-ops. It’s about making peoples’ lives better. And if that isn’t selfless, decent, generous, or Greatness, I don’t know what is.
      He is Brazen & Brave:
      As Bono says, his celebrity is a currency he wants to spend wisely. He can get to meet Presidents, Prime Ministers & Popes face to face, but he doesn’t fawn or just smile for the cameras. Like Bob Geldof, he’s not afraid to push them for change, for debt relief, for more funds for poorer countries. He’s wildly intelligent and can argue economic theory with the best of them… and win. The small rock-star with big glasses is the political match of anybody.”
      HEH-HEH-HEH 8-)
      And, it gets even better ;
      I will post an even more frighteningly funny tribute about another arch-hipocrite — said to have been shacked up with beau [ I trust Jude Duffy knows more ] in Benelux until arriving back in Ireland for to contest — with help from her top F R E E M A S O N Hubby to play the traditional family charade — for Prezzie job which she was facilitated with — below from someone we are still getting to know.

      • Deco

        He is tax resident in The Netherlands.

        He should not be given any recognition until, he pays up his entire back taxes.

        U2 got far more out of Ireland and the Irish, than Ireland will EVER get out of U2.

        If in doubt, ask the taxman.

        • McCawber

          Good question.
          A few years ago I would have been in .
          A few personal axiom.
          The “Terrorist Threat” is being use to corale and control citizens.
          B.Abolition of cash is being used ti corale and control citizens.
          ID cards are/will be used to corale and control citizens.
          Corale and control of citizens to the extent that everything is known about them means loss of free will.
          The state is more and more taking it upon itself to know everything about its’ citizens – Their/Its lack of imagination is the only thing that is slowly them down.

    • Truthist

      1 of the classic pretentious claims from above given by RTE’s Dave Fanning about Bono / Paul Hewson ;
      “… He … can argue economic theory with the best of them… and win. …”

      • Deco

        Dave Fawning. Living off a tax on the working people, which if it is not paid, could result in a jail sentence.

        This type of nonsense is pervasive in the Irish media. And it is sheer BS.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “… He … can argue economic theory with the best of them… and win. …” – and I actually agree with that!


        This says a whola lotta more about “the best of them” than it says about Mr Bono :-)

        Speaking of Bono, this is about some of “the best of them”, and their journalistic integrity (for €492,000-€295,000 per annum, for four hours of mind programming each week):

        “Sadie said she couldn’t work out
        What it was all about
        And so she let go
        Now Sadie’s on the street
        And the people she meets you know
        She tried to be a good girl and a good wife
        Raise a good family
        Lead a good life
        It’s not good enough
        She got herself up on the forty-eighth floor
        Gotta find out
        Find out what she’s living for

        Surrender, surrender
        Surrender, surrender”

        I don’t think one can be more direct than that.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej



          But I can not verify whether that’s true or not for a trivial reason: I can no longer listen to her (except when she has David McWilliams).

          She left an indelible impression in my mind, for she is intimately related to the first day of me emigrated to Ireland (from the UK).

          And it went like this: in the morning, I was listening to BBC radio on my last day in Britain, before embarking on the boat that brought me to Dublin Port, which raised the highest suspicion of the grumpy Irish Immigration officer (as to why someone would arrive on a boat), who told me that I shall leave this country in 3 weeks time, which turned out to be untrue and thus his action was illegal (of which I obtained confirmation from the authorities) – of course, it would have been completely different had I come from Eritrea – social housing, benefits, lassie as care workers – not that I would have availed of that except for the lassies…

          So I am having my last English breakfast and listening to first, BBC Radio and then BBC Radio 3 and then BBC 4 (waiting for sea weather forecast – this was when the internet was rare and modem based, mind you): calm voices, intelligent conversations, great insights, classy music, no commercial, no shouting clowns.

          Fast forward a good few hours and a storm that delayed me: I am in Ireland, with “permission to land” for three weeks, going through some sand and debris on O’Connell St reminiscent after WWII, wondering why everything is closed after 6, and an hour later, listening to the Irish radio for the first time. And what do I hear? Some woman with a voice of Bob Dylan after 2 packs of fags, relentlessly twaddling about horoscopes for an entire hour, going through all Zodiac signs, what they mean and what they say about the future – with her guests joining the “debate” rather than telling her: “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”.

          “Can you switch it to your national broadcaster?” – I asked my host.
          “T h i s is our national broadcaster”, he responded, slightly offended.

    • coldblow


      David is a good fried of Bono’s according to a recent Indo article by Niamh Horan, if my memory is not playing tricks. I think this is the link: david-mcwilliams-people-ran-away-from-us-at-dinner-parties-35763256

      As for the maternity hospital the big problem in the media was the fact that the evil nuns were providing the land and mná na hÉireann (if not embryos na hÉireann) would be placed in danger. That is my reading anyway and I’ll be interested if anyone has an alternative.

      While I am at it, three other things have been puzzling me.

      1 How come the EU was never mentioned in the media during the water crisis, seeing as they were the cause of it?

      2 Ditto the new bin charges which I assume are a direct result of the EU landfill directive. (Again, I’d welcome corrections)

      3 How did the very serious story whereby a Sgt McCabe found himself classified as a potential sexual offender change into a leadership contest of FG? (I think one minister or another may have said something which turned out not to have been exactly true about some obscure thing in the sequence of events reported in the media following the story breaking. How many people could say what it was? Why is there not, therefore, also a leadership campaign for FG four times a week ‘on an ongoing basis’?)

      • coldblow

        As for ‘The Resistance’, Kunstler says that Bill Clinton was reported as getting half a million dollars from the Russians for a speech (on the assumption that Hillary at the time was going to get elected) while the Clinton Foundation were involved in Russia getting a big slice of the uranium industry. I think these reports were challenged, but all the same.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I am not aware of the Clinton Foundation illegally selling uranium to Russia (and not only that; there was also some high-tech army stuff) being challenged, but this is most likely due to the fact that after Trump won the election, I lost the interest in the follow-up of the story (one cannot be interested in everything)- even though it was a friend of mine from Project Veritas who was involved in promoting the movie on Clintons, and I remember being first to mention the Clintons-uranium-Russia story here, before even the movie was out (I even specifically remember that I mentioned that during one of my discussions with Tony).

          Do you know where the uranium-Russia story was challenged and by whom? I am intrigued and I might ask a friend of mine with direct links to the White House as to what the response to the challenge was – provided this information is not classified.

          Looking quickly just now, I’ve only found this (but this from March):


          Btw – I was one of the first people to write about gen. Michael Flynn Russian connections and I publicly jeered at Mr Peter Lavelle from RT after he had denied that Gen. Flynn was celebrating 10 years of RT seated at the same table as President Putin: which since the evidence of it has emerged (and I was right in my accusations, also published in writing, while he was wrong in his denial), basically, makes Mr Lavelle an unreliable witness and a paid liar (now he cannot withdraw his on-camera “Crosstalk” denial).

  22. Deco

    The 21st century is a century of networks, mobile capital and mobile people. It is not a world of national movements, borders and national government-owned companies. The 20th century view of a job for life, a steady planned career and “the world owes me a living” is over.

    Actually, thanks to the ICTU Republic, this is not true.

    Large sections of the workforce are protected.

    And AIB still is a government-owned companiy.

    As indeed is RTE – the state propaganda quango.

    AIB is gievn such precedence in policy making, that housing policy seems to be rather favourable to them.

    Not only do many in Ireland’s institutional state behave as if the world owes them living – they even advocate massive pensions for themselves, that are more than the wages of 80% of the provate sector.

    To be paid for out of “general taxation”.

    The article is describing an illusion.

    Don’t worry – Time magazine will not investigate.

    I am not worried about the narrowness of the UUP/DUP. They are not in the Dail.

    SF, on the other hand ARE in the Dail. And they are up to their neck in all sorts of illegal activity. And they exhibit the worst tendencies of a political cult.

    AND – they are given a free pass, repeatedly.

    There is something very nasty, and toxic at the heart of SF.

  23. Deco

    I don’t have a problem with Trump’s remarks.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      But he called black people “super predators”, and he also said in public “fucking Jew bastard” to his campaign manager! No, wait – that was actually Hitleree Clinton about the blacks and to her campaign manager. And she isn’t even in a good shape.

      • Deco

        Never mind that.

        Hillary was interviewed by African American radio presenteres, who asked her he favourite food extra, and she replied “hot sauce”.

        Thereby all thoose “youths” from the “hood” who got incarcerated for possession of weed should shut up and vote for the wife of the chancer who got away with the statement “I did not inhale”….

        In other words, I agree with you Greg, even more than you could imagine possible.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Yes, I remember that – and I remember putting that clip here on this blog. If I contributed even one inch to Trump’s victory, if I convinced even half a voter – I still think I did a right thing, and that it was w o r t h the time and effort. As to Trump’s remark: how is saying “you are in such a good shape” to the French First Grandma worse than Bill Clinton actually
          r a p i n g women, and Hitleree intimidating those victims?!

          • Deco

            Well, yes of course.

            It is an brand wearing exercise of being a liberal to ignore the Slick Willy rapes.

            It is almost like when being asked a “how liberal are you?”, the best possible response of a liberal, is liberal enough to ingore all the women that claimed they were raped by the Arkansas pervert.

  24. Deco

    What does one do, when the role of the media, is to make the media credible ? [ and telling the truth is irrelevant ].

    Somebody wrote a comment, about who the establishment of Ireland decided that they would ape the blunders of others, at twice the speed of others. As if that was an accomplishment.

    Well this is what you see.

    David completely underestimates the Northern Unionists. As any SF supporter will tell you, they still OWN NI. In fact their second cousins down here run a brewing oligopoly that is above any form of public critism. A brewing oligopoly which must be pleased. I present the ministerial career of Roisin Shortall as evidence (she proclaimed that Ireland needed to decrease alcholo consumption – and was gone within a month).

    Recognise that which nobody will ever publicly criticise – for that is whom is really holding power.

    The unionists, hold enormous power in the RoI, and there is not a word about it.

    Even SF will dare not take on the brewing oligarchy.

    • Truthist

      Northern Unionists [ "The Posh" & "The Vulgar [ Loyalists ]”
      Southern Unionists ;
      If only that they are vehemently against a united Ireland but reluctantly concede to Irish State not being in United Kingdom ;
      Thus ;
      Fine Gael
      Progressive Democrats
      Labour Party ; Especially The Workers Party > Democratic Left core
      some-to-most of upper echelons of Fianna Fail
      most of Intellectual Class
      most of Professional Class
      most of mid-to-upper Civil SERPENTS
      “Corporate Ireland”
      most of senior Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai [ Yes, tautologous given that mid-to-upper Civil SERPENTS is listed above ; But, necessarily isolated because they are the Jack-Boots in Irish State ]
      Trade / Work Union Leadership
      most of those in top echelons of institutes & fraternities having international bodies
      Rotary International
      Lions Club
      inter alia
      F R E E M A S O N S
      Even the women are co-opted as Free ma sons with specially devised & improvised structures by the Master Ma sons.
      Even the GAA are “on the level” now.
      WAKE UP !

  25. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    This was the front cover of one Polish daily newspapers (“Gazeta Polska”) from the day President Trump gave his speech in Warsaw:


  26. Truthist

    Apropos of “Objectifying of Women”
    “Disgusting” Trump ;
    As Trump is slurred by the “Slut-Walk” participants, & their Femi-nazi acolytes — most likely Civil SERPENTS in the main — in Irish State.
    Google.com results for search terms ;
    Hillary Clinton AND ogling breasts

  27. Truthist

    The Dreadful Few + their Media + their Politicians internationally + their Pseudo-Intellectual Whores [ Male mostly ; Thus, Male Prostitutes of a kind ] + their “Useful Idiot” Femenazis + etc etc
    Most of the voters for Trump would not trust him [ And, properly so given that he was "all stacked up" since his upbringing, & continuing ]
    But, they were for much of Trump’s manifesto.

  28. Truthist

    Yoko Ono’s old flame ;
    And, Kathy O’Brien’s said pedophile abuser ;
    Serial killer almost became President.
    114 people and counting…

  29. Truthist

    ALL HAIL !
    TITLE ;
    MARY ROBINSON* … ; Truthist’s immediate reaction HEH-HEH-HEH 8-)
    *As declared by David McWilliams
    Former Irish President and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

    Mary Therese Winifred Robinson (nee Bourke) was born in Ballina, Co. Mayo on the 21st May 1944.
    At 25, Mary Robinson became Ireland’s youngest professor of law when she was appointed Reid Professor of Constitutional and Criminal Law at Trinity College, where she also served as lecturer in European Community Law. From 1969 to 1989, Mary Robinson was a member of Seanad Éireann.
    She quickly gained a reputation as a strong advocate for human rights, campaigning to eliminate discrimination against women in Irish society. She also worked as a legal advisor in the campaign for reform of homosexuality laws.
    In 1990, she was the first woman to be elected President of Ireland. While in office, she used her influence to draw attention to global humanitarian issues. She traveled to Somalia in 1992 and went to Rwanda after the genocide in 1994. When she visited Queen Elizabeth in London, it was the first such meeting between the heads of state of the two countries.
    She famously put a symbolic light in the kitchen window in Áras an Uachtaráin, (the candle in the window) to remember the Irish Diaspora.
    In 1997, she became United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, a post she held until 2002. In July 2009 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honour bestowed by the United States.
    David McWilliams Biography:
    David McWilliams is an author, broadcaster and one of Ireland’s leading economic commentators. He has offered compelling arguments on the state of modern Ireland, and feels the country owes a debt of gratitude to Mary Robinson’s brave & tireless morality. At the heart of her greatness is the fact that, “In Ireland and around the world, her name stands for justice, moral duty and fearlessness”.
    Why David feels Mary Robinson is “Ireland’s Greatest”:
    The grand-daughter of a fearless Mayo barrister, Mary Robinson has always had the heart to fight for those less well-off than herself, and the intellectual steel to win that fight. When face to face with victims of violence, abuse, famine or oppression, she simply listened – then she used her voice to carry their pleas.
    Mary Robinson was never afraid to stand up to what she saw as the unfair or unsavoury vestiges of Old Ireland. She confronted the Catholic Church on issues such as contraception, adoption, single parents and abortion. She confronted the State on issues such as homosexuality and free legal aid. She has never been afraid to speak out, regardless of the personal consequences. On a global level, she stood up to and stared down politicians, presidents and superpowers – all in defence of those without a voice.
    Born into a successful middle-class family, Mary Robinson has always seen that privilege as an obligation: to use her education, her intellect, her contacts & resources to help those where were not born into such privilege.
    Whoever else tries to lay claim to the creation of the Celtic Tiger, or the great years of modern Ireland, it’s Mary Robinson who really is the symbol of everything that was fresh, progressive, inclusive and great about this country.
    Mary has been denounced from the pulpit by Archbishops & Cardinals; she has been verbally attacked & vilified by Catholics, Unionists, Israelis & Americans… She shows no fear or favour. On her role alongside Nelson Mandela in The Elders, she said “we won’t be compromising just to be popular”.
    Mary Robinson dragged Ireland into the 20th Century, so that it could be a modern & proud & decent society in the 21st Century. She is an advocate for the underprivileged, known around the world for being an amazing woman, and an amazing human being. While so many of our political class do their utmost to shame, embarrass and ruin us, she is a beacon: a real reason to be proud to be Irish.

  30. Truthist

    “What GAINITH the man who had cooked his sole & still in “panti-bliss” ?
    “… This was “significant misconduct and a significant loss to the taxpayer”, he said.
    It seemed to the judge that taking all factors into account, the appropriate disqualification period was eight years.
    He deducted one year deducted for Mr Bourke’s acceptance of his behaviour after the liquidator’s grounding affidavit was filed and because a number of other sanctions originally sought against him had been withdrawn.
    Earlier, the judge noted a claim of reckless trading against Mr Bourke had been withdrawn.
    After hearing Mr Bourke was a director of 14 companies and needed a little time to resign those directorships, the judge agreed to put a stay on his order until August 1. Those other directorships include Panti Bar and Bobos Burgers in Dublin. …”

  31. Deco

    Maybe a sad song should be written about how Trump in the White House, represents a door slammed in the face of an Irish telecoms billionaire.

    A billionaire who was set to have an IPO last year, but who pulled it at the last minute.

    One who incidentally has massive interests in the Irish media, and who is very much a patron of Irish churnalism ?

    Wage deflation in the Irish compromised media, as a result of the Donald.

    Trumped ?

    You have to hand it to the comic of record – begging Irish America for money. The feelers put out about TV licence being extended to comics, did not go down well, whilst the IW protests went full throttle. Neither did the “circling of the wagons” that goes on continually in the Irish media. Or indeed the narrative management.

    I mean the local version of this…..


    We get it all of the time, with respect to anything to do with the nEU Empire.

    Or indeed the corrupt Democratic Party of the USA.

    Both of whom advocate the increased control of people, and the increased centralization of power and wealth.

    It is amazing how the Irish media are arrogant to their customers, and grovelling to those with money, or power.

  32. Truthist

    If only ewes knew who of the luminaries are deeply deeply involved in the hard drugs biz in Irish State ;
    Top-top Civil Servant no less.
    Very rich.
    Very well known.
    Very higly praised by very famous luminaries.
    Very higly thought of by the public.
    Very …
    Anyway, for a problem that regrettably very very few of ewes show any concern about its atrocious impacts on the users & their families [ if they had them ] & on their local societies & society as a whole, here is a facet ;

  33. Incident

    Subscribe to DiEM25 @ https://diem25.org/

  34. Truthist

    VERY DRAMATIC CONCLUSIONS evident from these Demographic Maps of USA President Election Year 2017 ;

  35. Truthist

    Darned invaluable if the info. be trusted to be true !
    What of “Iberia” over yonder north of Armenia > North of “Holy Land” / Canann ?
    Forget yee not, we Irish are the Hibero / Ibero / Iberu that hailed originally from Canann.
    We are the Snake People.
    It explains so much about ourselves when ewe know these truths.

  36. Truthist

    If ewe missed out on early Bitcoin & early Ethereum, start a restaurant now !
    Visa will give ewe $500,000

  37. Grzegorz Kolodziej




    And my commentary:

    “In the jungle
    Welcome to the jungle
    Watch it bring you to your
    Kna-kna-kna-knees, knees
    I wanna watch you bleed

    Welcome to the jungle
    It gets worse here everyday
    Ya learn ta live like an animal
    In the jungle where we play”


    Did you or did you not know that Axl Rose’s grandmother was Polish?

  38. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Guys, I am curious of your opinion – are you in favour of the introduction of the ID cards in Ireland (or maybe you are undecided)?


    Non-emotional and cultural response please, if that’s possible, thank you (if yes – why; if no – why; if undecided – why and what are pros and cons, and what would convince yee in any direction).
    I tried to formulate this question in a maximally unbiased way (even taking off the word ‘compulsory’).

  39. BnB

    The Time magazine interview won’t impress many people, apart from a few Fine Gaelers and South Dubliners in their pseudo-liberal bubble.

    Others have a different view of the way Varadkar presents himself abroad, but you won’t be allowed it to see that in the Irish media.

    His remarks back home about other Irish people have been even sickening. He thinks he’s being clever by expressing himself in a superficially positive manner, but it’s obvious that he’s attacking people who are less privileged and fortunate than himself.

    His targets are those who don’t “get up early in the morning” or “who believe they should be entitled to everything for free and that someone else should pay for it”. It’s clear that these are people he sees as the lazy unemployed and the parasites dependent on public services.

    By looking at his behaviour at home and abroad together, you can see a combination of licking up and kicking down.

    Thatcherism is dead but he’s trying to sell it in a suave, sophicated liberal packaging that impresses Time magazine. A bit like Blair, but with less effort at hiding the nastiness. It’s unlikely that this will help him to win the next general election.

    • Truthist

      It is already in operation de-facto Grzegorz.
      I retire now for some many hours after prolific useful contributions though.
      I hope to return to u with elaborated reply.

    • Truthist

      “A bit like Blair, …” ? ? ?
      Anthony “Charles Lynton” Blair was arrested on at least 2 separate occasions by British police for “cottaging” as a Transvestite at public lavatories in Cambridge [ or Oxford ; I forget exactly which now ] when he was a student at such prestigious university.
      I heard that he engaged in the full range of sordid stuff that cottaging is notorious for.
      He used the 2 middle names of his full name for the charge sheet.
      “Charles Lynton” was prosecuted before Magistrate courts.
      Tony Blair in his Male Prostitute transvestite days went by the pseudonym of Miranda.
      But, of course, our lovely Leo the Lion never gets up to anything like that.

    • michaelcoughlan


      from the link;

      From the article;

      “Last month the Irish nation shuddered as new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar had his first meeting with Theresa May. All Varadkar had to do to appear statesmanlike was to smile in a normal way and say “Hello, it’s me, the new Irish Taoiseach”. Instead, with a shit-eating ingratiating grin, he launched into a frankly deranged ode to a Richard Curtis film. “

      And especially;

      “The video of Varadkar is genuinely difficult for me as an Irish person to sit through. Partly this is because of his voice – he has a voice particular to a specific subset of well-to-do Dubliners, nasal and droning, inextricably associated with deck shoes and nightclubs with table service and habitual embezzling”


      “In 2010 in the aftermath of the financial crisis, Ireland accepted the obscene demands made by the IMF Troika who compelled us, in exchange for emergency funding, to take on the enormous liabilities of Anglo Irish Bank and a host of other foreign creditors.”

      and finally;

      “We are a compulsively self-hating people, whose narcissism expresses itself through flagellation”

      great post.

    • Truthist

      “By looking at his behaviour at home and abroad together, you can see a combination of :

      licking up
      kicking down.”
      Thus, one must ask ;
      “Not my Taoiseach” is a “Bi”-Homosexual so ?
      A Top + A Bottom ?

  40. Truthist

    “… those who don’t “get up early in the morning” or “who believe they should be entitled to everything for free and that someone else should pay for it”. …”
    Some … chum must have been telling him about rent-boys who refuse to leave the room & that with youth joblessness being, chronically so really mega high for yonks under Fianna Fail-Progressive Democrats-Labour-Democratic Left>Labour-FINE GAEL, these interlocutors at what-so-ever gay bar naturally presumed the errant rent-boys — over 18 AND under 26 [ Of course ... Dail-made-law & aesthetics respectively steering chum's cruising criteria ] are on the dole.

  41. dwalsh

    There is nothing Trump can say that hysterical & venomous neoliberals wont whine about (not meaning our host David). The daily spectacle of bile poured out in the neoliberal media against Trump since he won the Republican nomination is downright shameful & disgusting.
    I use to think I was some class of a liberal – left leaning; but I am disgusted by the behavior of the majority of self-identifying liberals these days. I oppose today’s PC liberals as much as I do the Republicans and the alt-right.
    I am not a Trumper either; but I do see what his victory (that he could win at all) represents in the American psyche. I also see many good things he wanted to do being completely blocked by the Democrats and the Washington Regime and the media – such as conducting a peaceful and rational foreign policy and negotiating with Russia.
    We all owe him a debt for having blocked Clinton’s path the the Whitehouse.

    • coldblow

      I posted this link before but it really is worth watching, if only the first ten minutes, where John Waters talks about what it was like working for the Irish Times. I had often wondered.


      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        In that video, I was most struck Mr Waters’ reminder that the same bulwarks of LGBT rights to undermine science (genderism is antiscientific), such as the “Anti-Irish Times”, “The Guardian” and the “The New York Times”, don’t have any record of articles promoting these rights b e f o r e it became politically and economically profitable (LGBT events are often subsidised by taxpayers, which cannot be said about pro-Life events).
        “The Anti-Irish Times” is now pointing out that “Poland faces international protest over attempts to muzzle judiciary.”

        That Poland is basically implementing a law reform modelled on the system that Germany has (yet the EU Commission didn’t penalise Germany for that) – to notice this, the editorial folk in “The Anti-Irish Times” are either too stupid or too corrupt (or both).

        • Truthist

          I have liked John Waters since I first encountered him in the media years ago.
          But, I have a problem with him,
          “John Waters is obtuse — understandably because even here on this ahem ahem “liberal” blog there are vicious posters, incl. HAS-Gay ?-BAR-A.sh.le, who censor other posters.”
          John Waters SHOULD be much more direct in what he is trying to say.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            By writing/speaking under his own name, John Waters is risking enough. This is a man who has already paid for telling the truth by being ostracised (and eventually ousted) in most of the journalists’ circles, not least by his “domestic” Anti-Irish Times – in times when they weren’t yet as monotonously Goebbelsian as they are now.
            Even though – no matter how badly you people think of PC censorship in Ireland – Ireland is not even NEAR AS BAD when it comes to flirting with totalitarianism as Germany is:


            yet you shall not forget the potential legal implications for Mr Waters.

            And t h i s is what thou shall also take into account in demanding him being much more direct in what he is trying to say.

          • Truthist

            Eamon Dunphy is the bravest atimes ;
            He has his weaknessness that have prompted him to be :
            wrong on important issues
            pigheaded & unfair to individuals who did not deserve it but whom Dumphy disliked or disagreed or disaproved of because they went contrary to Dunphy’s romantic idealist streak [ correct or wrong ].
            Although, his weaknesses are less now.
            Some notable observations about Eamon Dunphy :
            Following “Bloody Sunday” intentional massacre by British Government Armed Personnel acting on instructions of other “Cottager” — the homosexual pedophile Prime Minister of UK visitor, Mr. Edward Heath, to Kincora Home for Catholic Boys run by UK Civil SERPENTS of innocent protesters campaigning for justifiable Civil Rights for Catholics in North East of Ireland, EAMON DUNPHY WORE A VERY NOTICEABLE BLACK-ARMBAND WHEN PLAYING FOR MILLWALL DURING CROWD-PACKED ENGLISH LEAGUE 2nd DIVISION GAME.

            Ni Chonnaill had around that time formed the 1st, I think, organisation to represent Irish nations justifiable interests about that serious phenomenon.
            And, the implied support of mine that Irish State has indeed been swamped by foreign immigrants is in no way racist nor xenophobic etc.
            Indeed, I have welcomed the prospect of reasonable thousands — not hundreds of thousands of course — benign foreigners, poor & rich, but especially if they “Honeys” who like decent Irish men, settling in harmony here.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            How interesting that Ms Ní Chonaill – whether we agree with her or not – was accused of being a neo-Nazi (on what grounds?), while people like Ms McDonald and her ilk – who glorify r e a l Nazis (Sean Russell) – are not accused of being a neo-Nazi.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “especially if they “Honeys” who like decent Irish men” – I’ve bad news for you on that: apparently in f…d up versions of Islam (that is those who are most popular among young Irish Muslims right now) a man can marry infidel, but a Muslim woman cannot marry or have sex with an infidel man.
            Which basically means a murdering spree of those Irish men who married moderate Muslim women (and these women) if Sharia was ever to replace the Irish law – which is what the majority of under 35 Muslims in Ireland want.

            Just as I wrote in the Independent last week, the best way is preventing this tragedy – by destroying smugglers boats and by applying the s a m e rules to the “refugees” as the West applied to Polish real refugees in 1982.
            Which means that nearly 98% of all “refugees” should be immediately and lawfully (according even to the current law!) deported from the EU.

            Because we do not want to discriminate against one group of refugees (1980s central and eastern Europeans) and privilege other (Afgan, Eritrean, Somalian, Nigerian, Syrian etc “refugees”), do we? – DO WE?????! I direct this question to the Lefties.

            P.S. Not all people from Africa are automatically in need of everything (social housing, food, benefits) – to say that you are from Arica = you are escaping from something = you need help is a RACIST STEREOTYPING.

            In 2007, I met 2 girls from Botswana in “Zanzibar”, whom I brought home.
            Very nice, working, educated, clean girls; pleasant to be with. They told me a lot about their country and – would you believe it – Botswana (cities at least) is more prosperous than not only Ukraine (btw – Syria after war is also richer than Ukraine), but even more than countries like Bulgaria/Romania, and around the same as Greece after the crisis.
            Same with Mauritius (who in real income terms would definitely be richer than Greece).

            P.S. Very important: Coldblow, please pay attention – if you were a Pole in 1982 fleeing the Martial Law, having a BANK ACCOUNT (as the “refugees” have) would have AUTOMATICALLY GOT YOU DISQUALIFIED FROM OBTAINING A REFUGEE STATUS IN AUSTRIA AND GET YOU DEPORTED.
            All savings the Poles brought with them had to be declared and spent in Austria.

  42. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Today on German state TV ARD German ministers were debating on how to overthrow the government in Poland. They pointed out that a former communist PSL (Peasant’s Party) can be used to incite disorder and stage a coup after Polish formers lose agricultural subsidies, which the ministers hope will happen in autumn.

    On the other hand, Russian parliament appealed to the EU to condemn Poland for her condemnation of the communist Red Army.

    New Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact?

  43. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Polish Parliament two days ago, events before the vote on the Judiciary reform bill:
    Donald Tusk’s PO (Civic Platform) MP Tomasz Lenz jiggles and pushes PiS (Law and Justice), MP Józef Lesniak. Earlier, Tomasz Lenz attacked a journalist from the national broadcaster.
    In the video, PiS MPs surround Jaros?aw Kaczy?ski, defending him from aggressive PO and Nowoczesna (both parties financed from Germany) after another PO MP approached Jaroslaw Kaczynski and tried to physically assault him.


    President Andrzej Duda vetoed Kaczynski’s Judiciary reform bill after 45 min phone conversation with Chancellor Angela Merkel…

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