July 10, 2017

Ageing population an untapped resource?

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Ireland had better start building more retirement homes than primary schools. Ireland is getting old. While not quite at Japanese levels, where last year more incontinence adult nappies were sold than new-born babies’ nappies, Ireland is growing old quickly and we’d better prepare for it.


But it doesn’t have to be a problem.


The census tells us that in the last five years the population above 65 increased by 19% to 638,000, while the population under 5 fell by 7%, to 331,000. This is a significant development because not only are more of us living longer but we are having fewer children. This means that Ireland has now joined – at least demographically – the league of other older, richer Western nations that are experiencing falling birth rates but are increasingly concerned with the dilemmas of aging.


What does an older economy look like?


Traditionally, when we think of an older society, we assume that the economy will look slower, more affluent, more chilled. It is a society that doesn’t commute but lives in cities. We worry about the health costs and pensions cost. While these are issues, they don’t have to dominate the discussions. For example, many older people are these days very mobile.


The flight of Canadians and Americans from the cold northern states, the so called “snow birds” who flock to Florida, Arizona and Nevada or the Brits who head to the Costa del Sol, suggest a large percentage of old people are very mobile.


Politically an older society will vote differently. We see in the UK the demographic divide becoming more and more evident. The old, apparently infused with some type of elegiac, post-Empire 1950s nostalgia, voted for Brexit. The young on the other hand voted to remain in the EU, not just because they were thinking about the economy but because their view of the UK is one of a forward looking, outward looking European country.


In the last British election the young took their revenge on the old by voting in huge numbers for Jeremy Corbyn and his brand of Labourism that will have to tax the old much more to pay for services for the young.


This type of intergenerational politics is quite worrying and needs to be managed properly. As we’ve seen, again in Japan, things can get out of hand quickly. Older societies are much more likely to borrow heavily for today, because the recipients of the benefits – older people – will be dead when it’s time to pay the stuff back.


Since the early 1990s, Japan has embarked on a national debt spree. The debt/GDP ratio went from 44% to over 200% as old Japanese voters voted in governments that promised to spend today with borrowed money and ask the next generation to pay it back!


But the future doesn’t have to be dystopian at all. There is no reason to believe that an older society can’t be a society at ease with itself. Nor does an older society have to be less dynamic. It’s all about attitude.


At the moment there is an unambiguous view that older people are a burden on the rest, but this doesn’t have to be the case. A very different view of the aging population is emerging. Aging doesn’t have to mean a prolonged feeble old age, but an elongated productive middle age.  In addition, we are all growing old so much more resources will be focused on this dilemma.


Think about it: aging is one of the few truly universal experiences. By 2050, the global population of people aged 60 and older will rise to 2 billion, up from 900 million in 2015. Between 1990 and 2013, global life expectancy rose by around six years, from 65.3 to 71.5.


Obviously in wealthy countries this cohort is bigger, richer and has more to contribute.


But older people can be highly productive and live enormously rich lives, based on years of experience that is invaluable.

Did you know that in the US for example, people in their late 50s and 60s start businesses at nearly twice the rate of those in their 20s? This is, in part, out of necessity, because they are being retired off from their old jobs but it is also because they have experience, capital, access to credit, networks and knowhow.


All these enormously important factors disappear when someone is “pensioned off” but when that same person applies himself to a new start up or mentoring others, these intangible attributes are invaluable.


Almost one-quarter — 23% — of new US businesses started in 2011 were launched by entrepreneurs between the ages of 55 and 64. These companies don’t shut down when these entrepreneurs reach 65; chances are, they are still expanding, investing and employing people. By contrast, the much larger 20- to 34-year-old bracket contributed 26% of new ventures.


Over half of retirees is the US are planning to begin what are called “encore careers” that combine continued income, greater personal meaning and tend to have a large social element to them.


In terms of spending, older people switch spending from necessities to luxuries such as recreation and education.


Today’s over-60s are the first generation to grow up with consumer electronics, computers and the Internet. As a result, they are much more technically savvy than their predecessors. They are online, shopping, looking for bargains and sometimes for new love.


As we get older, we buy different stuff. These is now a huge industry for anti-aging treatments and for telemedicine and mobile health, both of which have expanded rapidly in recent years and are poised for more growth.


Sales of anti-aging products and treatments have grown from about $80 billion a year in 2009 to well over $114 billion. This includes cosmetics with anti-aging, professional services, expensive hormone therapies, new biotech products, and cosmetic surgery.


Regenerative medicine has inspired a new wave of biotech start-ups. Current research places the size of the US market at $1.6 billion today; it is forecast to grow to more than $20 billion per year by 2025.


Telemedicine enables family members and doctors to monitor patients without sending them to a hospital or nursing home for extended periods.


Since 2010, the mobile health market — including telemedicine, remote devices, and mobile phone apps — has grown at a year-over-year rate of about 17%.


These are hugely important and growing markets.


In addition, older people, in prolonged middle age, provide the essential social ballast in our society often still helping their much older parents, while helping their adult children financially with deposits for houses, helping out on rents, helping cover the costs of education, seeding new ventures and generally being “on hand” for others. This is rarely discussed in economics.


We tend to forget that many older people are at the peak of their careers when they retire. They have assets, savings, know-how. And they know people who know people. One thing all of us face is old age. Medicine is contributing enormously, so that many of us can look forward to a prolonged middle age in decades when our parents or grandparents were “convalescing”.


It’s time to regard our older citizens as a huge resource rather than a deadweight cost.

    • Antaine

      I shall indeed. :-)

      Would you rather see a Massive National Park on the Western Seaboard or a functioning public transport system in the country where people could live in the West and get to work easily on the Eastern Coast or elsewhere?


      • Well I was just making an observation, not up to me – people will do what they want.

        Either of those options sounds better than the current situation which of course will persist or just get worse under the total wasters that the lemmings in this country continue to elect.

      • Pie Squared

        Well said Anthony! Ireland beyond the Pale is seriously neglected and in dire need of innovative intervention! It’s not just a wasteland, for visiting Dubliners and tourists between May and Aug! We need to utilise one of our greatest assets…

  1. Truthist

    “When I’m Sixty-Four”
    by Paul McCartney
    Bet most readers here will find Miles Mathis’s research fascinating !
    Mathis’s central thesis — & to which he presents his own articles supporting it — is that most of the notable world events & actual “actors” of these events are but fooling of us plebs by the elite & their spooks ;
    The Beatles, for instance, being an Intelligence operation from the get-go.
    Aside from being a very impressive “primary” researcher, Mathis is a very accomplished visual artist, philosophy writer, general essayist & scientist [ I think ? ; Perhaps the solid scientists & mathematicians here will give their verdict ].
    His website I find very awkward though for to switch from his art stuff to his essays & to his science & mathematics stuff.
    Here are 2 links for ur convenience :
    This may be the best link to bookmark for Miles Mathis in general ;

  2. pat greene

    I agree with the premise of the article. As a self employed person struggling with the quagmire that is the Irish tax system and the arrogance of “civil servants” I would not allow any of my children become self employed in this god forsaken country unless this arrogance and self serving civil service changes it’s spots …I do not think that will happen anytime soon. As for the blatant missmanagment of our affairs by a succession of bloated egotists with little knowledge beyond stroke politics to “guide” them I fume with the thoughts of anyone starting a small business….the bigger companies with the “favourable” criteria, meaning that any project that is in favor with civil servants get funding and protection only to be sold to a multinational later…yes the older people have experience and a lot to contribute but we …yes we!..are fed up with the snow storm of paperwork from “government” the over regulation of the work place. We are the generation that just got on with the job pay the taxes and work….an alien environment for most civil servants!!! So the up shot is…great idea if the fungus of burocratic rules that civil servants love is done away with….leave us alone to get on with the job!!

    • Deco

      Pat – thanks for that. Urgently needed to be said.

      We have a parasitic state system where the dominant ideology is gombeenism, and “don’t rock the boat”.

      Underperformance, waste, ineptitude, and serial disasters abound.

      The gardai are proving to be spectacularly inept, in particular at the moment.

    • coldblow

      I made the point here years ago that civil service inefficiency is probably a boon in many ways because it spares the country the full force of stupid policies and regulations.

    • Truthist

      God help “u” & “the tax-payers’ funds” from the “Civil Service” + “Quango” + “Consultancy-on-Retainer” Spivs & Spiveens of the City Enterprise Boards & County Enterprise Boards if u — a client — are righteous ;
      The more clients they get ;
      ==> the more that the Spivs & Spiveens can appropriate for giving start-up advice etc.
      Still, I gather that Irish State no unique in E.U. as having that very corrupt but legally permissible “cosy shop”.

  3. Mike Lucey

    David makes a great case for Ireland to embrace its new age pensioners and not miss a golden opportunity to ‘cash in’ on this vast amount of experience and ability. But Pat Greene also make a valid point, one that will no doubt derail David’s dream.

    My take is that the current demographics that the State is banding about is false as it doesn’t take into account ‘The sow that eats its farrow’. Much of the farrow would not have left if the State had stood up to the wolves. Many of the farrow would gladly return if they thought there was the slightest chance of getting some fair play but they know this will not happen until we have some form of Direct Democracy. There are more than enough of us that know the proper and fair way to run a country but this also is more than likely a pipedream.

  4. Deco

    Currently, we are seeing the demographic problme along the Western seaboard.

    Now it is a deserted village every 4-8 miles.

    How are we managing that ?

    Well, that is a precursor of how we will manage it’s gradual eastward movement.

    Evidentially, when individuals, or families have to manage their own retraction, they tend to make a better job of it, than state institutions. the behaviour of FAS/Solas during the Ahern years comes to mind.

    We also happen to have a massive pensions time bomb in the public sector. It is now larger than the cost of the bank bailout (if one excludes the societal cost of the bottlenecking of the housing supply to help resurface the two duopoly banking whales).

    I am not that optimistic about the way will will manage this.

    But at least we will have other countries making mistakes, before us to teach us the consequences of dithering (Japan), or making unaffordable promises (Greece).

    There is a pensions nightmare in certain US cities currently. Municipalities are going bankrupt. Detroit was the first. Bankrupted by commitments to politically well connected unions.

    Cities run by a political party that operates in a manner similar to most Irish political parties.

    That is the elephant in the room.

    Ponzi-nomics will not fix the problem. In fact Ponzi-nomics is the pretence that there is no problem.

  5. Deco

    Well, I am just wondering, is FAS/Solas not a massive under-deliverer in respect of productivity improvement.

    Surveys of employers indicate that they believe that FAS/Solas actually make particpants LESS employable.

    If a mechanic made your motor LESS usefull, then that mechanic would be on the dole.

    If a university did that, it would be a joke.

    Yet, that is exactly what FAS/solas has been doing.

    Surely it should be better employed to make people more employable, via retraining ?????

  6. dwalsh

    If I am mistaken please let me know; but in regards the massive increase in Japanese national debt, it has not been on account of providing pensions or services to the older generation of Japanese; it has been on account of providing free money to the financial sector in the form of QE.
    What we are seeing is not how an older economy works, but how toxic the financial sector is to the real or physical economy. The financial sector, which bankrupted itself in 2007/8, less than a decade after it was unleashed by Clinton’s deregulation regime, has been literally bleeding our nations and economies dry ever since. It has been compared to a vampire octopus that envelops our civilisation and is strangling it.
    How long more will this madness be permitted?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “on account of providing free money to the financial sector in the form of QE.” – you are right; but why do you say financial sector; it wasn’t o n l y a financial sector – Japan embarked, since 1990s, on massive stimuli plans (when one stimulus wouldn’t work, they would go on another one), and a lot of money was spent on public sector too. Japan actually would have gone bankrupt if it wasn’t for the fact both the US and China were recycling money in her via her negative interest rates that – if implemented in Ireland, and with Japanese demographics – would turn Ireland into, as Mr McWilliams said. “Albania with brutal weather”.
      I’m glad that Mr McWilliams has relaxed a bit with his aggregate demand stimuli proposals, though I don’t count my chicken.

      Even with that QE, Japan never had as low average savings rate as Ireland: Personal Savings in Japan averaged 11.76 percent, while personal Savings in Ireland averaged 8.86 percent from 1999 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 19.94 percent in the second quarter of 2009 and a record low of -5.25 percent in the fourth quarter of 2006.
      In other words, we have wasted our boom years (in lion’s share because the cost of living was so high, plus benchmarking – increases in public sector were faster than GDP growth
      (m i n u s 5.25 percent in the fourth quarter of 2006).
      10 years of the fastest growth in Europe – and where is the Irish Nokia, the Irish Tesla, the Irish TGV, the Irish Gripen?
      Like I said before, there are t w o Irelands: the hypercompetitive corporate sector (which belongs to multinationals) and the hyperoligopolised domestic sector.

      “If I have it, I’ll spend it” – said Lenin. Or Charlie McCreevy. Which is exactly what the Irish left are saying.
      So all politics in Ireland is economically left, and the fight is only about symbols and who will receive a multi-million credit with no collateral.

      P.S. Truthist – of course I meant forced lithuanisation and ukrainisation.
      I won’t expand any further on that topic though (time).

      • dwalsh

        Most of the Japanese QE has been spent on purchasing non-performing assets from banks…. that means the debt of the financial sector.
        That is also what the Fed and the ECB are doing. The whole operation is to keep a bankrupt financial economy going on the premise that in time they will be able to earn their way back to solvency.
        The myth we have all been sold through the media and economist like David is that the financial collapse was caused by irresponsible homeowners and the elderly and of course lazy Greeks. All of this is quite simple lies.
        Our civilisation is being vampirised and hollowed out by the financial sector.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I don’t think that there is some major disagreement between us on what QE goes on in neo-keynesian economies, such as 1990s-current Japan or Bertie Ahern and his successors Ireland.
          In 2015, I coined the phrase “the unholy trinity of banksters, politicians and trade unions”.
          Yes, QE is mainly being spent on purchasing non-performing assets from banks, like you say (though you have to include in that massive purchases of eurobonds by ECB, issued by government). The banks give loans to keep the property casino going. Trade unions call for “more construction” – I say: for more market-rigged construction, so with no r e a l price discovery.
          Then the cost goes up enormously (which is while Germany used their recession to increase their competitiveness – albeit that was mostly achieved by resurrecting their Mittel-Europa project of exploiting the satellite states, such as Poland and Ireland).
          So there is a wage pressure, because rents are too expensive to live.
          So then there is next QE.

          Re: Coldblow – while I totally agree with you that FG/Labour was not better in their spending habits FF, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that FG/Labour had a period (in late 1990s of low debt and economy based on competitiveness, not on property bubble.
          When the multinationals started to invest in Ireland in the 1990s, the average wage in Ireland was 30% below the EU average, yet purchasing power was bigger because things were much cheaper, especially renting and buying home (yes, I am fully aware that interest rates were much higher, but I allow for that).
          Two things came together: Ireland switching into euro currency and Bertie Ahern p u r p o s e l y pumping up the property bubble (he did against his own adviser, who wrote a report for him on property). Still, the economy boomed, but since 2001 the boom was based on d e b t (I know because in 2014 I analysed the data for the short 10min presentation I made on the Irish ecomomy). Taxes were quite low (except for indirect) because the tax income from property was large.
          Then in 2007 the whole thing collapsed: both on the demand and tax income side.
          FF never had such reasonable period of government like FG/Labour.
          So what changed in the FG/Labour that they didn’t repeat it in 2010s?
          The u n h o l y Trinity got stronger, because Be-be-Bertie made them a lot more rambunctious than they were in the 1990s.

          Consider both of you, that when you increase money supply, prices go up accordingly: both the unholy trinity of banksters, politicians and trade unions (who had access to the “new” money as f i r s t, and can avail of pre-inflation prices), b e n e f i t from that.

          P.S. Coldblow – I think that “The Daily Mail” returned to censoring me: my last 2 comments didn’t go through. It was good when it lasted ;-)

          • Truthist

            U would gain much more traction — & it more meaningful & decent too — were u to pen articles & replies on the truly egalitarian Henry Makow’s famous & most significant [ although, he humbly begs to differ in that he suggests it has only little impact ] website.

      • Pie Squared

        Where is the Irish Nokia, the Irish Tesla, the Irish TGV, the Irish Gripen? 100% Grzegorz. And where are our bullet trains and massive growth rates in our secondary cities?

  7. Adelaide

    “In previous generations grandparents sacrificed their immediate wellbeing for the long term prosperity of their grandchildren. Nowadays grandparents sacrifice their grandchildren’s prospects for their own wellbeing.” This is was a quote I remember from a documentary about the Baby Boomers. The very generation that David implores we not view as a burden. Don’t make me laugh, the Baby Boomers = Criminal Generation, the most greedy thieving narcissistic generation in the history of mankind to take take take and leave nothing behind, not even hope for their grandchildren.

  8. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    In 2006, I was single and spending 60% of my income on my rent in Dublin. And I was not even earning small money (I was a manager), and I didn’t live that close 1hr commuting, due to constant traffics and no Luas there). But then a lot of people were accepting worlds highest prices (Shrewsbury Road – the prices scared sales agents from Hollywood!), because:
    a) Public sector wages were skyrocketting.
    b) People believed that even if they buy a house for quadrillion, they will sell it for gazillion.
    c) And people believed in FF “If I have it, I’ll spend it” and here it will work, “because we are Irish” (as the well known add was saying – David McWilliams said or wrote something about that add at that time).
    Because FF were “the most successful political organisation in the world” (second only to Cosa Nostra and less cruel, but less careful too).

    These were the years. The 1920s in the US are remembered as “The Roaring Twenties”. The 2000s years in Ireland will be remembered as “Why, like???!” years.
    But now the Irish have learned that the whole thing was a pyramid scheme. I think they did. Did they?

    P.S. There is this gentleman who keeps writing very good and “stay on the issue, not on a person” letters to The Irish Independent, and he is consistent in that. Who is this guy? In that one (I couldn’t find any unpaid version of it, and the Press Reader does not have it) I wouldn’t add or subtract anything: it is a very good letter, with a powerful climax.


    Mr William Shortland is his name. Are you there, Mr Shortland? “Hello, it’s you I’m looking for”. “Ground control to Major Tom!”

    • coldblow


      A couple of points.

      Public sector wages: the public sector is often confused with civil service, which is only a small part of it (10% at a guess). Around 2001 there was a small bit on Primtime about how it was very hard to recruit clerical officers in Dublin because they couldn’t pay the rents.

      FF spend spend spend. There was a lot of discussion on this blog at the time of the financial crash and it was generally agreed (as I recall) that FG and L were every bit as bad. In that last election before it happened (when Dunphy and Harris spoke for Bertie) these other parties were just as eager to spend all the money (I think it was largely stamp duty larceny).

      From the last thread, you were right to challenge that historian about Polish antisemitism. It is not something I know anything about but I suspect massive assumptions were being made on his part.

      David used the term Paddy Last to describe the amateur property investors flying off to places like Bulgaria to snap up bargains when the bubble was at its biggest. I think it comes form Gabriel Fitzmaurice’s poem, which ends (from memory):

      And the medal goes to Paddy Last! I could hear the village roar
      Now I’m first at last, I cried. I was always behind before!

      This also applies to Irish politics, including its delusional immigration ‘policy’, with ‘recent immigration’ (ie last 5 years) running at two or three times the OECD average, and based on piety and wishful thinking.

      I watched a debate (or something) on YT over the weekend which took place in Britain and had a panel of John Waters and three deluded Irish people (two feminists and a man from ‘Catholics for Choice’). When 1916 was raised Waters called for the return of the Black and Tans: they couldn’t be any worse than what we have now. He also described the whole Irish media as corrupt, naming the offending organs. I would worry about the libel laws but let’s just say I can see his point. The same can be said of elsewhere but Ireland is particularly bad in its lack of real debate. (I am waiting for David to come up with the old cliché again, ‘It’s time we had a real debate about this issue…’ Yes, like Mao’s Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom and then arrest anyone who says the wrong thing.)

      As for old people, once they bring in abortion the next one will be euthanasia.

    • coldblow


      This is a superb insider’s view of Irish journalism and its intolerance from former IT writer John Waters.


  9. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    The w o r s t places in Ireland to invest in property according to CSO (by rental yields):

    1. Ranelagh, Rathmines, Blackrock and Rathgar (3.6%)
    2. Dublin 4 – Ballsbridge, Donnybrook (3.9%).
    3. Dublin 14 (4.2%)
    4. Dun Laoghaire (4.2%)
    5. Co Cork (4.3%)
    6. Co Limerick (4.5%) and Co Wicklow (4.5%)

    The best places in Ireland to invest in property:
    1. Dublin 10 (10.4%)
    2. North City Centre and Grand Canal Dock (9.4%)
    3. Longford (7.7%)
    4. Dublin along the South quays (7.6%)

    A survey from FX provider World First found that Ireland had the highest rental yield for buy-to-let property in Europe at 6.54% – which means it will crash the most some day.
    The survey also found that Ireland was the second most expensive country to rent in Europe after Luxembourg – which, considering that wages in Luxembourg are twice of those in Ireland in PP, Irish property will crash even more.

    According to Daft.ie research, across Dublin, yields on a one-bed property will typically outperform that on a two-bed, with five-bed properties producing the worst yield.

  10. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    My apologies for my lack of reply to ur latest reply to me on discussion under previous article.
    And, also apologies for not yet attending to some of the points that u made in prior replies above that.
    I was super busy yesterday.
    And, given the nature of this blog, it is best to tidy up threads of discussion & then submit fresh justifiable thread to living discussion of respective latest article.
    Just on the subject of a particular essential representation of the Irish nation’s identity, vis. the colour Blue[s] [ But which colour[s] Blue awaits determination ] ;
    I still am fully confident of the merits of that which I propose for that* which I am self-aware of & always adding to my knowledge of,
    Colour[s] Blue as Irish nation’s true colour[s]
    If u consider what I actually contend to be very necessary & in future hindsight will be judged to have been urgent whilst this matter is not corrected, is too much a problem, I remind to u the ancient Chinese wisdom ;
    Problems “mean” / “==>” Opportunities
    And, moreover, I extrapolate ;
    Too much a problem “means” / “==>” massive Opportunities ;
    The “too much” part is overcome by conviction at least.
    As usual, “elegant” solutions are most requested.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Colour[s] Blue as Irish nation’s true colour[s]”
      Yes, but no one in the world and hardly anyone in Ireland knows about it, and no one is interested in it – same as no one knows or is interested that Donegal’s traditional music was influenced by Polish Mazurkas.

      • Truthist

        “Yes, …” ;
        We have consensus
        “…, but no one in the world and hardly anyone in Ireland knows about it, …” ;
        Agree ;
        But, “From little acorns great Oaks grow.”
        ” … no one knows or is interested that Donegal’s traditional music was influenced by Polish Mazurkas.” ;
        But, were it a particular type of traditional Irish music, people would be much more interested in it.
        Re ; Irish Tricolor
        Originally ; Green-White-Gold
        Now ; Green-White-Orange
        Whole effect of both of above is that they are ever so easily confused with :
        Italian Tricolor
        Mexican Tricolor
        inter alia
        A re-born Ireland needs the fullest true design.
        We the Hibero were Snake-Worshipers before St. Patrick converted most of the nation to Christianity & in doing so banished snake-worshiping.
        And, our colour is blue ; Simple as that.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “were it a particular type of traditional Irish music, people would be much more interested in it.” – it is a very particular type of traditional Irish music: Donegal is the only place on earth where, unlike the Polish mazurek (mazurka – mazurki in Polish – is plural from mazurek), which has an accent on the second or third beat of a bar (giving it a more oscillating character, which was so well rendered in Chopin’s Mazurkas: this was his first:


          , the Irish mazurka (masúrca in the Irish language) are accented
          o n l y on the second beat,. which gives them unique, syncopated character, a little bit steady-beat, almost mechanical character, amalgamating Mazovian (Mazurkas are from Mazovia) and Donegalish national characters (I wonder: maybe that’s why Donegalians are a bit melancholic – Polish influence?).

          Caoimhín Mac Aoidh (founder of Cairdeas Na bhFidléirí) found 32 variations of Irish Mazurkas!

          They hark back to Dabrowski Legions that arrived in Donegal in 1840, escaping from Tsarist Russia after the failed Uprising.

          They were played by Croaghs Vincenta and Jimmy and Peter Campbells.


          No one in Poland knows about it, and almost no one in Ireland – except for Donegal.

          Ref: Cooper, P. (1995). Mel Bay’s Complete Irish Fiddle Player. Mel Bay Publications, Inc.: Pacific, p. 76-80.

          Actually: this reminded me of something I totally forgot for a few decades, until this very moment: the first girl who ever had a crush on me (in primary school) was called Aneta Mazurek.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Actually, that was Chopin’s first Mazurek (Op. 24 was a later opus). But the mature one played by Zimmerman renders those modulations even better):


            It’s actually one of my favourite in its childish simplicity and directness. When I listen to a CD with Chopin’s complete Mazurkas, I would play that one 2-3 times in a row
            I also remember this was the last piece of music I played at home when I was emigrating, being already in my shoes, waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport, and from there, to London…

            Amazing how much one remembers: I remember the temperature that day (33 in Kraków, 17 in London) and that I had a roll, coffee and scrambled eggs with glazed onions for breakfast.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      More importantly, Irish people do not want to change their national flag from Tricolour into blue (and such matter would require a referendum). I there was a vote, I bet you 98% would vote not to change it (and even that’s because 1% of people would vote yet by mistake ;-)

  11. Pie Squared

    Sins of the Fathers…Exodus, Deuteronomy and Numbers. Exodus fits the bill. Generation after generation of Irish old people, since 1847 have sat in their armchairs watching their sons and daughters leave the shores of this wet rock in the Atlantic. And those sons and daughters were lost to Ireland. They built other Nations in more generous, far seeing countries.

    Truly, out of sight, out of mind. What a complete and utter waste! And the crux of our empty spaces on this island.

    Today Ireland’s media is consumed with concern for immigrants, their families, their need for social welfare and housing. The irony of it? When we didn’t even count how many of our own left, never to return. They were the invisible, the unaccounted for, the gone.

    Surely a critical KPI for any Government in Ireland is that number? The number that did not appear on any census or count until 1987, 140 years after the Famine? All employment created in Ireland should be mapped against that number.

    Why not reach out to our diaspora in meaningful ways and actively court our 3.6m passport holders overseas?

    We need to finally sing a redemption song, instead of O Danny Boy…

  12. Truthist

    Irish Nation WITHIN Hiber-nia / Ireland ;
    A nation of Sleeveens.

  13. Truthist

    Re ; In the present background affecting many endeavours
    Brexit & EU
    I not necessarily endorsing the link below.
    WATCH !
    Hungarian Foreign Minister says EU NEEDS good deal.
    He knows UK can easily walk away & go global.
    Smart guy !
    Pay attention Eurocrats

  14. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I don’t know how many of you watched President Trump’s speech in Warsaw. I did, and reading some of the headlines of the left media covering that speech, I don’t think they did. Or if they did, they did it in a way defined as “functional analphabetism” (it occurs when you can read all right, but you cannot understand the text).

    So I decided to put together most ridiculous headlines of some of the mainstream media, starting with CNN:

    “Trump’s Poland visit was ‘White America’ first speech”
    “The Racial and Religious Paranoia of Trump’s Poland Speech” – that’s George Soros’ media (reminder: Mr Soros was a Nazi collaborator taking financial advantage of the Holocaust)
    “Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda refused to shake hands with Donald Trump.” – well, you saw the video, and snubbing is not refusing.
    “Times of Israel” – “The chief rabbi of Poland says it is sad that US President Donald Trump chose to skip a visit to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising memorial.”
    Look people – I have a friend who is a New York Jew, and even he says that the chief rabbi of Poland is a fraud, including defrauding Polish Jews he misrepresents (he has very detailed knowledge on that – and he has no problem putting that in writing). The chief rabbi supported the Donald Tusk government who, via his puppet, Warsaw’s mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Walc, has stolen property from many Poles in Warsaw – including from many Polish Jews.

    Now my favourite German media: “Trump’s visit to Poland before G-20 was an anti-European gesture” (Der Spiegel)
    FAZ before “Berlin will closely look at Trump’s visit”
    FAZ after “Trump’s give a wink to Polish nationalism”
    DW “Trump is adding salt to the European wound”

    The second most stupid headline: France Info” “Feminists protest against sexism and misogyny linking Kaczynski in Warsaw, Trump in USA, and Putin in Russia” (did I tell you that according to PISA results, the French are one of Europe’s dumbest nations in reading, maths and science?).
    I detect some paranoia in France Info editorial.

    But my favourite has to be this (Forein Affairs):
    “Poland Is Way Too Happy About Donald Trump’s Visit”

    • Adelaide

      Here is a so-so 2008 documentary “Has God Forsaken Africa?” about African emigration to Europe, (it’s freely available online to watch).

      Anyway, its title tagline which is repeated in the documentary with a doom laden voice is “In 2006 more than 10,000 young people made their way illegally into Europe from Africa.”

      Jump 11 years hence, and last weekend, in two days, how many arrived on Italian shores, not counting other countries, to Italy.

      Drum roll, please.


      13,500. In two days.

      • Adelaide

        I watched Trump’s speech and it was profound and courageous, just like the Poles. Let’s protect Western Civilisation. God Bless the Polish People. No immigrants = no bombs = common sense = Poland.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Read this historic article how f e w of them these large countries (US, Canada) let in. And those that they let in, they let in mainly because they had skills they needed:


          In Canada ( the first country to let in any; many of them let in zero: in fact, as far as I know, it was mainly Commonwealth minus Britain plus the US to grant any visas), if they weren’t like top architects or quantum physicians, they had to sign a contract that they would work in agriculture for 2 years.
          Failure to attend a few days of work on a farm meant immediate deportation.
          P.S. I forgot to add: all those refugees arrived in Austria in 1981 l e g a l l y.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        What’s even more amazing – only 10,000 back then warranted a concern and a documentary. Now, Germany officially admits that they have lost 130,000 “refugees”. Supposing that only 1 out of a 100 is a Jihadi (that’s wildly optimistic, considering that in an opinion poll, m o s t young Muslims in Britain support Jihad, and more than half of young Irish Muslims want Sharia law to replace the Irish law).
        If you think how few terrorists were needed for Nice lorry attack, and Berlin Christmas attack… And they’ve lost 130,000 (Italy lost 60,000 – again according to official data). And that info doesn’t even make it to the first page, or second or third.

        Not to mention that according to international law, 97.8% of all recent arrivals are not refugees.
        But we live in times that law does not matter.
        Godless, lawless, heartless times (when the French President said after the massacre of children in Nice that we will have to get used to living in terror, that’s heartless for everyone lost their children in Nice).

        In Italy, it’s 95.24% who – BY LAW – not refugees: they received 130,000 in the first 9 months of 2016, lost 60,000; out of the remaining 70,000, 67 097 Italian asylum applications were rejected, only 2853 granted the refugees status.

        So guess what happened with 67 097 of those who were officially classified as not refugees, but economic migrants (putting aside 60,000 that Italy lost)?
        Yep. You guessed correctly. Even though they were not acknowledged as refugees (or in need of any help in any other way that is different to anyone else who arrives), they were allowed to stay in Italy all the same – maybe not that they were allowed, but rather no one deported them.
        But this is not the worst thing: d e s p i t e all of this, they avail of the same social network as those 2853 authentic refugees. Now: this surely the limit: they go on h o l i d a y s to the countries they escaped from, and come back!

        Contrast that with Polish refugees from Martial Law:
        30,000 of them arrived in Austria in 1982.
        All had to have valid documents.
        Background checks going on for a year.
        An obligation to do community work in camps.
        Queuing up for visas every day, for months – only those with skills were let in, and that was not until the year after (the rest eventually ended up in South Africa)
        No pocket money in the main camp; $8 a fortnight in others.
        Living for money from sold cars and flats in Poland.
        Cooking yourself, on minimum ingredients from Red Cross (flour, etc).
        Some of them were still deported.
        Some of them had families torn apart (mother and children receive visas, a father does not).

        And I am asking: why this privileged treatment of Eritreans, Somalians, Nigerians, Afghans, Bangladeshi, and – yes – s o m e Syrians?
        Where is the equality in that?

        And I am afraid: this is to create chaos, put one group against another, and then introduce totalitarian state.
        Chipping maybe (politicians will explain that it’s safer that way).
        The mark of the beast.

        • “And I am afraid: this is to create chaos, put one group against another, and then introduce totalitarian state.”

          Of course, exactly correct.
          I have been muttering this since the early 1970′s
          I have been shouting this on this blog for maybe 6 years now. The response is a deafening silence for the most part. We and western civilization are the frog quietly being cooked as the temperature raises.
          It is going to end in a bloody war of independence. Sharia or death for some people, perhaps a lot.

  15. Truthist

    Off-topic ;
    But, useful for stimulating ur intellect & heart
    Reformat, & then click








    Trump’s uncle features in link below ;








  16. Truthist

    Looks like the assertion of David’s article is wrong.
    Rather, “The ageing population, & the rest of the poplulation, is a TAPPED resource”.
    And, here is the evidence ;

  17. Truthist

    Irish State’s Department of Social Welfare [ or whatever "musical chairs" new-fangled name the unofficial government have devised for it in the now ] have recently declared that they will publish on an online register accessible by the public the names of all those found guilty of cheating on Social Welfare.
    2 questions immediately arise :
    Will the manner of the revelations be similar as which recently occured in New York, & which is now world news ?
    Will the Department also maintain a register publicly accessible on the internet of all those Civil Servants guilty of :
    cheating the tax-payers monies ?
    f..king around the SW claimants by :
    denying them entitlements ?
    telling them lies ?
    being rude ?
    harassing them ?
    intimidating them ?
    inter alia

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “similar as which recently occured in New York”

      From your link:

      “which prompted this statement from regional Anti-Defamation League Director Joshua Cohen:

      ‘The allegations and the charges levied against (the defendants) have nothing to do with their religion. That’s why we’re deeply concerned when we see comments online, whether it’s on newspaper websites or social media, that are anti-Semitic.’

      The same League that accused a renowned actor and director Mel Gibson of anti-Semitics after making a poignant movie “Passion”, UNLESS (from Congregation Beth Shalom letter to Mr Gibson: “”Our proposal to you, Mr Gibson, is since you have been cited as an Anti-Semitic, and have denied those allegations, what better way to prove to all your fans and the nay Sayers — than to endorse and help raise funds for our cause — SOS, Save Our Synagogue. [...] Mr Gibson, we offer you to be a Mensch and make a sizable contribution to our cause.”
      Actually, before the hysteria related to “Passion”, Mr Gibson had donated $5 Million to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – a Jewish hospital. But some organisations have no limits in their greed, lies and shamelessness. But even blackmail has to be done in an intelligent way – and this was just silly.
      Btw – the Anti-Defamation League is known for defamations.
      They supported Barrack Obama, and they promoted the German Nazi propaganda slogan “Polish concentration camps”.
      And Truthist – please, please refrain from suggesting that people responsible for that defamation were not ethnic Germans.
      Poland and Germany had in their history some periods of peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation (ie. Veit Stoss, the Polish-Saxon union, pro-Polish tendencies among Germans after the 1830 Rising, and in 1848; Wagner’s overture “Polonia” as his support for Polish independence; Gerhard Büllow and Józef Unrug in September 1939.
      But this:


      was not one of those good episodes. And these were ethnic Germans who did it. In 1956 Alfred Benzinger from Nazi Abwehrpolizei proposed a coordinated action to move the blame away from the Germany by coining a deceitful term “Polish Concentration Camps” in reference to the Holocaust of the Jews, Poles, and other nations, in German-occupied Poland, and propagated it the media (first in West Germany, then in the US – in cooperation with Israel).
      Later, Dienstelle 114 (Agency 114) had been merged into the BND, the successor of the Gehlen Organisation.
      And they are still very active today, including in Ireland.
      I therefore (being aware of G-2) from the Irish politicians to establish a well-funded, professionally recruited, p r o p e r
      Irish own – Ireland’s own – intelligence service (even investigating things in An Garda Síochána Ireland had to rely on British intelligence (I wrote about it in Indo in the past).

      • Truthist

        Irish State Intelligence cannot be any good what with :
        the way the Irish State has been since foundation of Irish State
        the indifference of the Irish State to the sectarian violence — including many murders of by “off-duty” [ ? ] Ulster Defence Regiment personnel & RUC personnel — against innocent Catholics in North East of Ireland since foundation of Irish State & North East of Ireland as entity in UK.
        the known collaboration of the Guards / Garda-Landlords-Landlord-Gardai / Irish State Peelers in the MI5 + MI6 + posh Unionist + vulgar Unionist [ Loyalist ] + DEEP STATE OF IRISH STATE wanton murder of innocents [ regardless if they include foreigners ] through the Dublin & Monaghan Bombings with strategic intent of changing for the worse the politics of all of Ireland.
        “The Badger” is one such Garda who conspired to do those events.
        The Irish Intelligence Services know precisely who he is ;
        NO DOUBT THAT THE MSHD + CIA + MI5 + MI6 + EU’s own Secret Service + Freem.son.ry ARE HEAVILY INVOLVED IN STEERING THE Irish Intelligence Services ;
        Not just the Deep State of the Irish State doing so.

      • Truthist

        “And Truthist – please, please refrain from suggesting that people responsible for that defamation were not ethnic Germans.”
        I would not suggest that Germany defaming the Poles of Poland is solely the responsibility of a people who are not ethnic Germans.
        Rather, I would “positively” state ;
        The ethnic Germans are also co-responsible for the decades long, & mounting, defamation campaign against the Poles of Poland.
        Background to this particular defamation campaign against the Poles of Poland :
        On personal experience some 25 years ago with a very frank German, I am very aware that the ethnic Germans as a whole look down on the Poles ;

        And, for spurious & unjustifiable reasons mainly.
        On deeper analysis I reckon “very much motivated to justify greed that Germany has for “to do better” as “know betters” with the natural resources of Poland”.
        That would be spurious & unjustifiable vis-a-vis good sense.
        However, I believe that it would be a most worthwhile enterprise for Poles & others to pursue to the fullest reasonable extent with both Germans & Poles, & also helpful polymaths of any nationality, exactly the reasons for Germans personal contempt for Poles of any :
        social class
        RELIGION ; Protestant contempt for Poles I suspect a major reason
        APPEARANCE ; Germans prefer most blonde Scandanavians & their descendants so I am told
        Also, all attributes & achievements of Poles & Poland too, that Germans admire should be uncovered.
        “1st we take Manhattan,
        Then, we take Berlin.”
        Rusty water leaks ;
        The naked ambition is revealed.
        And, then next they take Warsaw or Krakow.
        This I believe the major strategic reason for the campaign against Poland.
        “The high priest class” are insatiable ;
        They want Poland as revenge for that which they actually lie about.

  18. Truthist

    Best to write to ur Civil Servants, & politicians, individually asking them what specific gender they are so ;
    Obviously, this mumbo-jumbo is coming here … already ?

  19. Truthist

    Old foggies will be prime target by the marketeers for this ;
    And, I expect David to be giving his reflections on the profound impact that this phenomenon will have on :
    Where will one’s android friend be reclining ?
    “The Good Room” ? 8-)
    “Mamma don’t want no sex-bot around here
    Mamma don’t want no sex-botting around here
    I don’t care what Mamma don’t allow,
    Gonna place my android here anyhow
    Mamma don’t like that sex-bot around here.”
    Seriously, the likes of above scenario — redacted from a famous great rascally song — will be impacting massively on society.
    Expect the birth-rate to plummet.
    Expect lonerism to escalate.


  20. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Today’s Irish Independent brings a very surprising information in its business section: “Irishwoman at the top in Russian oil says Dunnes Stores was the best training ever”.
    “Two years ago, Conroy was appointed vice-president of retail operations at Rosneft, Russia’s biggest oil firm and the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum company”.
    “Prior to that, she worked as general director of BP Retail”.
    Before that in luxury cars.
    Before that in Dunnes Stores.
    Married to a Greek Cypriot businessman (of course Cyprus is a money laundering hub for Russian mafia, same as London is a money laundering hub for all mafias).
    Interesting. I’ve checked his background – very incognito person (zero connections in social media profiles; other searches would return “The URL for this Website has changed”). Worked with bank repossessions. The bank he was working for – Alpha Bank – failed to meet the terms of Article 8 of Turkey’s banking law (covering the financial strength, track record and personal history of a bank’s board of directors).
    On March 27, 2008, Alpha Bank reached a deal to buy a majority stake in newly established OJSC Astra Bank in Ukraine as part of plans to expand in the region.

    Their activity in the Ukraine reminds me of hostile takeovers of Polish industry after the 1990s so called “50% debt write off” for Poland (in fact, it was the interest rates write-off, as half of Poland’s debt – which Poland repaid – were interest rates): Astra Bank become insolvent in March 2015 and in July 2015 it was acquired 100% by Agro Holdings (Ukraine).
    Alpha Bank had a finance company in the US, Alpha Finance US, in New York. It also became insolvent.

    All of that rather reminds of what the UBS manager told Mr McWilliams about his PowerPoint presentation that Mr McWilliams thought sucked, but it turned out to be very good indeed (he would know what I am referring to).
    Btw – after years of appreciate Mr McWilliams as a brilliant economist (minus the Keynesian multiplier), I now think that he is also Ireland’s best comedian, with an understated sense of humour which happens to be my taste.
    Very talented man he is, that Mr McWilliams.

    Last year, I’ve met with the Polish deputy-head of AIIB. His meteoric rise was also as quick, and as surprising. He tried to convince me to move to China and replicate his success. The money he offered was mind-blowing. One condition: no more bad articles about China. Projecting positive image of China.
    I’m not saying that the pattern in the same, I’m simply asking questions.
    But I didn’t move to China, so I’m here, living very modestly. Sometimes money not only “can’t buy you love”, but commentators.
    Perhaps except for Mr Derek Scally or Dr Kevin McCarthy of Kinsale (not to confuse with Dr Kevin McCarthy of UCC Cork – who is an engineer and a nice chap).

  21. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    David McWilliams tweeted:
    “Track suggestions to keep me going today, as have a lot on the plate?? Upbeat stuff only!!!”




  22. McCawber

    Let’s start at the very end.
    “time to regard our older citizens as a huge resource rather than a deadweight cost.”
    You’re way behind the curve David.
    The tax people have realised that yours truly and many like me are a huge resource.
    Let’s end at the very start.
    Incontinence nappies!
    There’s a story and a message in those two words.
    Many women who had children in their youth ultimately end up with urinary issues.
    Many men whise prostates start enlarging in their fifties and even earlier also end up with urinary issues.
    That’s very briefly the story.
    The message is we all need to be made aware of these issues when we are young enough to perhaps avoid or alleviate them.
    In utopia our personal robot will deal with the issue for us.
    If you’re my age then don’t hold your breath.
    Have a nice weekend and please get that set of blood tests done -Yesterday.

  23. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Did you know that in the early 18th century, in Bashkortostan, there was a tax on the eyes? The amount depended on the colour: grey evaluated in three-kopeck coin (8 pennies in the old days), and black – 2-3 pennies.

    • McCawber

      Don’t go encouraging the bastards.
      The tax would only apply to those over 66 who were not in receipt of a civil service pension or non-contributary social welfare payment.
      I kid you not!

  24. michaelcoughlan

    Hello David,

    Just back from my holidays to read this dreadful load of shit of an article let me explain;

    First of all;

    “Japanese voters voted in governments that promised to spend today with borrowed money and ask the next generation to pay it back!”

    Did you intentionally try to mislead your readers or are you just lazy and plain stupid?

    The Japanese electorate are just as powerless as we are to prevent the politicians in their country from saddling them with all the extra state borrowings and subsequent taxes to keep the banks from imploding.

    The knock on effect of course means that there is less of the pie available to the electorate especially younger families to sire children JUST LIKE US!

    Then instead of tackling the cause of the decline in the number of young kids coming through which is STATE DEBT AND INCREASED TAXES INCURRED TO KEEP THE BANKS OPEN you divert everyone’s attention to dealing with the symptom ie the aforementioned decline in the number of young kids by suggesting that we need to keep old foggies working longer.

    I’ll tell you what I will do for the economy so; If you mum is still alive and near 80 send her down to me and I will pay her 9.15c/hr to clean the dog shit off my shoes and clean the shite out from under the rims of the toilets in my gaff!


  25. Truthist

    Hmm … m !

  26. Truthist

    Will Garda-Siochana, & de-facto the much less power-mongering force in Irish socio-politico hierarchy Irish State’s Army, be following this direction soon ?

  27. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Harry Charalambou throws down the gauntlet to Ian O’Doherty:


    , completely missing the points made by President Trump in Warsaw, and by Mr Ian O’Doherty on Mr Trump’s Warsaw speech – and focusing on President Donald Trump’s alleged misogyny and racism instead.
    It’s safe to assume that Mr Charalambou would vote Clinton rather than Trump (after all, he only writes about Trump), so let’s compare them.

    Misogyny – Trump is known for shocking statements about women, but it was President Bill Clinton who lied under oath about his extramarital affair (his wife Hillary helped to silence this and other such cases – including rapes).
    Racism – Hillary Clinton called black men “super predators”, and described her campaign operative, Paul Fray, as “f…g Jew bastard”; she also supported a candidate who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Speaking of being a sociopath, Clinton paid people to stage violence at Trump rallies.
    Mr Charalambou writes “since the extinction of the dinosaurs, animals or reactionaries” – echoing the Nazi rhetoric (i.e. in “Horst-Wessel-Lied” – the anthem of NSDAP). I hope he doesn’t want to imprison the likes of Mr O’Doherty or me in re-education camps, built for the enemies of the open society.

    • Truthist

      More scholars believe that Bill Clinton is actually homosexual or bisexual.
      They are convinced that Hillary is a lesbian.
      Scratch the “convinced” part ;
      They know that Hillary is a lesbian ; “Oh, Yoko !”
      Moreover, the strong contention is that Hillary is a pedophile.
      Anyway, both have been swingers according to they in the know.
      And, so, they believe that both served each other for to be “beards” in their mutual ambitions to change USA & the world.
      And, of course, both have pledged to support each other in becoming Presidents of USA during separate periods of vacancies.
      Here is Miles Mathis’s angle on Bill Clinton.
      INcidentally, according to many, Monica Lewinsky served not just to make :
      Bill look a suitably hetero lothario, & thus actually help him become more popular
      Hillary look like the aggrieved cheated hetero wife.
      Monica “the alleged leach” on a pittance income 8-) was a spy sent by The Dreadful Few so as to show just what they can do to the Prezzie.

      • Truthist

        PLEASE NOTE ;
        I do not agree with every argument that Miles Mathis propounds or even suggests.
        However, what he says is darned interesting.
        For sure, Miles Mathis’s articles will cause u to never feel the same about any of his subjects prior to ur reading what Mathis says about them.
        This is Miles Mathis’s latest “historical” & / or “contemporary” caterory article ;
        And, I clicked on hyperlink within it about Cromwell on the hunch that Mathis elaborates on this particular sentence about Cromwell “said” slaughter of Irish Catholics.
        Curiously, he informs the reader of Cromwell “said” to having slaughtered Scottish Presbyterians also ;
        That is a new one for me.
        But, Mathis makes no reference to the 2 million English / England based Catholics “said” to have been slaughtered by the Amsterdam Banksters’s psychopathic puppet / Amsterdam psychopathic Banksters’ puppet.
        Yes, I am curious as to Mathis’s use of the term “said” with reference to Cromwell vis-a-vis deaths of Irish Catholics, & now also I curious about what is actually “said” to have happened to Scottish Presbyterians under Cromwell’s dik-tat.
        “As for the statue of Oliver Cromwell, there was a big controversy in 1899 ( two years before this book was published ) when the parliament voted to erect a statue of Cromwell in front of parliament.
        It was controversial because Cromwell is said to have slaughtered so many Irish Catholics and Scottish Presbyterians”
        And, it is about the Banksters.
        Apropos of Cromwell & more very important players
        Alas, no mention of Ireland or Irish.
        Nor Scottish Presbyterians.

  28. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    Btw, “National Interest” is one of many newspapers which are unavailable in Eason’s on O’Connell St (in Dublin) – or in any other Irish bookshop. Ok, they could say: it’s a niche magazine and it won’t sell.
    But then
    Why is Connolly Bookshop selling niche extreme left magazines promoting the terrorist organisation Antifa, or the ones (I couldn’t believe my own eyes) like the one in which I saw an article written by a French guy (of course, he had to be French) praising Joseph Stalin as a linguist (Connolly bookshop wanted 10 euro for that, and up to this day I regret I didn’t buy because I doubt I would ever come across so incredibly stupid)?
    Btw – how come books promoting communism are not only widely available in Ireland, but even promoted – yet I can imagine a fate of someone who would like to open a Nazi bookshop opposite Connolly Bookshop, and start selling books by Hitler, Gobineau or Houston Stewart Chamberlain (not that I would be recommending any of these two bookshops)?
    Poland is more consistent in that – in Poland, both Nazi and communist symbols (and their promotion) are banned – although Slawomir Sierakowski, who writes columns for “The Irish Examiner”, and who is paid by Soros and German Foundations (and cooperates with Antifa) has been regularly breaching this ban in his bookshop, selling books by the most notorious communist authors (and – interestingly – also by a Nazi sympathiser Carl Schmitt – interesting and o r i g i n a l thinker unlike Trotsky, who is worth reading (unlike Trotsky – who first took his ideas from the German intelligence, who financed Trotsky (captain Parvus) BEFORE certain group of people at Wall St started to finance him).

    And why not sell other magazines in Eason’s, which are not niche (much less than magazines about stamps or classic diesel cars), and which would sell (such as the “National Review”?).

    When we look at the Irish media, the situation is even more tragic – none of the RTE editors have ever heard about Carl Schmitt (not my cup of tea, though some ideas are interesting: i.e. on terrorism) or “National Review” (my cup of tea).

    And for that we are supposed to pay more for TV licence?

    Why are the Irish people (most anyway) so DOCILE when it comes to these things? Strong in words (f…h this, f…g that – but when the push comes to shove, everyone pays – in Poland, when Donald Tusk threw out all journalists that didn’t agree with him and started promoting one view, people simply stopped paying TV licence (I think it went as low as 1/4).

    Do we need a national broadcaster? Yes we do, for reasons I won’t expand on.
    Do we need a national broadcaster whose almost entire program (for exorbitant fees, hours of stupid adds, and offensive US/UK TV shows)?
    Da fuck we do.
    P.S. My remarks do not relate to RTE library staff, who are decent and hard-working people on wages that are lower than you think, but to their superiors and RTE’s top echelon.
    I can do a better television for 1/10 of that money that RTE has.

    RTÉ – Robbery Treason Éxtortion

    • coldblow

      Grzegorz, Carl Schmitt: that is a coincidence because Alain de Benoist just did a programme about him on TV Libertés. I watched a few minutes but I could not get into it.

      RTE is an absolute disaster. I find it painful to switch it on for more than 20 secondsd at a time before being overcome with feelings of depression and/or raging homicide. My blood pressure has risen just now at the mere thought. Even their Saturday afternoon sports programme contrives to get it all wrong. I keep thinking of Tubridy on the LLS suggesting to Katie Hopkins that she read a book about 1930s Germany. I can imagine how *he* imagines that period. I don’t know how RTE manages to be so boring, so tedious, so utterly wrong, so politically correct, so down with the kids and, in shorty, so utterly, predictably useless. You can’t even get any decent Gaelic conversation on YT any more (beyond one-minute clips) because they are defending their intellectual property or copyright or whatever (you see it is no longer RnaG but RTE RnaG, the kiss of death).

      As for left wing bookshops, when I was at university I bought a copy Mao Tse Tung’s Little Red Book (I was doing a very dull second year course on the history of socialism) which was not only a waste of 10 pence but was so intrinsically repulsive that I could not rest until I had thrown it into the dustbin. (Into the dustbin of history if you like. Brid Smith TD recently said the Church should be thrown into said dustbin, unaware (I’d say) that she was echoing Trotsky. She probably relies on RTE for her information.) The same applies to the cult novel The Diceman which a friend had once recommended to me.

      RTE library staff: we bought our Dublin house in 1996 from one of these. He was a genuine Gaelgóir.

  29. Truthist

    http://www.henrymakow.com website today
    But, no dedicated URL for this article
    Think Outside the Propaganda Matrix
    By Tony Blizzard

    July 15, 2017
    Most people never think “outside the box” and the box is created by their enslavers. Whether too timid or lazy or intimidated, makes no difference. People must think things out, investigate and act as individuals rather than one more sheep in the herd.
    When I lived in Idaho my wife and I bought an older home in a town in an area which had been a federal land grant even before Idaho was a state. We paid off the property before long. I got out the records in the county assessors office, found the original land patent signed in the name of the President of the United States at that time and upgraded our portion of it through all the owners from the time the patent was granted until us. Disregarding our warranty deed (which only warrants that no one else is claiming the property, similar to a quit claim deed – deeds do NOT grant title) I had the updated land patent notarized, advertised and took it to the county assessor who understood that my wife and I, indeed, DID now have title to our property as he rightly told me he COULD NOT ISSUE US A TAX BILL (as we actually owned the property). All that was reserved from us were mineral rights, which no one had an interest in since the gold rushes were over, and water rights, which we understood as I was running the irrigation ditches in our part of town.
    The point is that I did what was necessary to actually OWN my property instead of whining about the government always keeping ownership and taxing at will. Granted, I could not have done this had there not been a land patent but I took the initiative to find out if one existed and acted upon it.
    Similarly, I home schooled my kids back when it was a jailable offense, moving every year so as to avoid the do-gooder sheep who would turn me in to the “authorities” in a NY second. Now in their sixties, not one of them runs with the herd, all my grand children and great grand children either are or will be home schooled when they reach the age. There is not a brainwashed person in the bunch.
    Before my teens I began doing my own thinking, which soon branded me a rebel, a maverick. So already at the end of WW2, being an independent thinker was being disparaged. I suppose this propaganda program is also the reason for so much blather about peer pressure which I never understood as I didn’t care what the other kids thought of me and wondered why such an idea would matter to them.
    We each have our own mind. If each uses his properly the most sophisticated propaganda cannot capture one’s mind.

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