June 27, 2017

Despite the DUP/Tory deal today, United Ireland is on the cards - we must have a plan!

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County Down is one of the most beautiful counties in Ireland. It’s a pity so few of us head up the M1 to witness the hauntingly empty beauty just a few miles to the north. Sitting in the Slieve Donard Hotel, Newcastle as the sun is going down behind the vertiginous Mournes, it’s difficult to imagine a more peaceful place on the island. However, this being the North, I can hear in the distance the local Orange pipe band practicing ahead of the “Glorious 12th”.


For about three hours last night, the loyalist band belted out their top ten marching tunes, making sure no one was under any illusion about what this time of the year signifies to some people around here. But Newcastle is a broadly nationalist town as evidenced by the large Palestinian flag at the roundabout on the way in. So maybe the band belted out the tune more loudly just to remind local people that they haven’t gone away.


Not to be outdone, a few miles down the road in Kilkeel, the Israeli “Star of David” flies proudly on the main street beside the Ulster Scots Heritage foundation. Quite what the link between the Ulster/Scots dialect and Hebrew might be is anyone’s guess. But this is Ireland – or at least a certain corner of it.


The sectarian division of County Down is stark.


North Down is overwhelmingly Unionist and South Down is overwhelmingly nationalist. For the uninitiated traveller, the flags are a good pointer. When you cross from Palestine to Israel, you know where you are. If you drive down the beautiful ‘Ards Peninsula, flags change from village to village.


In economics, geography is as important as history. Proximity demands attention. Much as we Southerners might like to ignore what is happening in Northern Ireland, we can’t ignore it indefinitely. The demographic sands are shifting towards a United Ireland; Brexit and the attendant political car crash in England have accelerated this process immeasurably.


The demographics in Northern Ireland from the 2011 census tell the story that many in Dublin don’t want to absorb.


The most interesting statistic shows the proportion of Catholics and Protestants in various age groups. Of the elderly, those over-90 in the North, 64 per cent are Protestant and 25 per cent are Catholic. A total of 9 per cent had no declared religion.


This reflects the religious status quo when these people were born, in the 1920s, and more or less reflects the realities of the Treaty.


When you look at those children and babies born since 2008, the picture changes dramatically. The corresponding figure is 31 per cent Protestant and 44 per cent Catholic. In one (admittedly long) lifetime, the Catholic population in the youngest cohort has nearly doubled, while the Protestant cohort has more than halved.


Even given the fact that 23 per cent of parents of infants declared themselves as having no religion, we seem to be en route to a united Ireland.


Up to now, it has always been argued that a significant number of Northern Irish Catholics believe that staying with the UK was the right thing to do for their back pocket. But when you look at the numbers, you can see that this would be a bizarre choice.


It is unfashionable to say it, but the Union has been an economic disaster for both tribes in Northern Ireland.


If we go back to 1920, 80 per cent of the industrial output of the entire island of Ireland came from the three counties centred on Belfast. This was where all Irish industry was. It was industrial and innovative; northern entrepreneurs and inventors were at the forefront of industrial innovation. By 1911, Belfast was the biggest city in Ireland, with a population of close to 400,000, which was growing rapidly. It was by far the richest part of the island.


Fast-forward to now and the collapse of the once-dynamic Northern economy versus that of the Republic is shocking. Having been a fraction of the North’s at independence, the Republic’s industrial output is now ten times greater than that of Northern Ireland. Exports from the Republic are €89 billion while from the North, exports are a paltry €6 billion. This obviously reflects multinationals, but it also underscores just how far ahead the Republic’s industrial base is. Producing 15 times more exports underscores a vast difference in terms of the globalisation of business.


Immigration is a good indicator of economic success. People move to places where they feel their kids will have a better life. Today in the Republic one in six people are foreign-born. In the North it is one in a hundred. If immigration tells you about foreign people’s choices, direct foreign investment tells you about the choices made by foreign capital. Since the Good Friday Agreement, American corporations alone have invested close to $400 billion in the Republic. This is equivalent to 56 years of the British government’s annual subvention to keep the North afloat!


The dependent nature of the NI economy has become endemic, with handouts from Whitehall replacing the urge to pay for itself. This is evidenced again by the DUP’s approach to propping up May’s government which has nothing to do with making N.I self-sufficient — in fact, it is nothing more than a subsidy of a junky’s shopping basket. This will make the Northern economy more, not less, fragile.


At the moment, the Republic’s budget deficit is 1% of GDP. If the North has to pay for itself in the morning, the budget deficit would be about 22% of GDP!


We can’t ignore this because we have a dog in this fight. Our dog, whether we like it or not, is the Hound of Ulster. In time, demographics will deliver the North to the South and we will need to have a plan. The Unionist population in a United Ireland will be no more than 14%, that’s considerably smaller than our immigrant population at the moment. The issue won’t be one of psychical absorption but of economic direction.


Whether it’s a “hard”, “soft” or “Mickey Mouse” Brexit serves to focus our mind on the future of this island.


Here in Newcastle, as the pipe band belts out its tunes, wouldn’t it be nice for once, to think about the future not the past.



  1. Deco

    We were a 32 county Ireland before – under a different imperial superstate.

    And here we are presented with the loyalty bonus for our continued obedience to the nEU empire project – a promise (nothing more)- of another rerun of 32 counties under imperial rule.

    In which case what were given in the 1920s was actually better. And as far as I know, under that imperial racket were we never asked to keep voting until we produced the “acceptable” answer.

    Remember how we used to talk about the path to sovereign “freedom”.

    Well that word has been completely removed from the vocabulary.

    Now we have a new, almost vocabulary about our “partners” in the nEU empire.

    • yadayada

      So 16% are foreign born. Since these are overwhelmingly from the fertile generation, around 30% of children are foreign parented if not foreign born. One million northerners are not Irish catholic.

      Let’s see a calculation showing how long it will be before there is an Irish catholic minority in this putative united ireland? Fifteen years? Looks a bit different from that angle doesn’t it?

      • Deco

        That sounds like a scenario born in Brussels itself.

        It was pre-occupied by concerns about Walloons and Flemings. And sign posts. And language usage.

        Now it is beseiged by jihadis. With Saudi funded cult centres, propagating hate, submission, and abuse of women.

        A lesson for all of Europe. From the imperial power centre.

        Something is going badly wrong with the imperialism project.

        • yadayada

          My guess is there will eventually be an exclusively unionist and much smaller northern Ireland, unless this supposed united ireland involves the indigenous of both sorts somehow realising they’ve more in common than they have with all these foreigners. Hardly a great future where you can forget your past (bob Marley ) ?

  2. Deco

    Time to challenge the statistics that were quoted as if they are real weight.

    GDP ?

    GDP is an aggregate of all sorts of enterprises, including those in Las Vegas on the Liffey shoving as much revenue through the jurisdiction, to pay as little tax as possible.

    GDP is a joke. Only the media takes GDP seriously. In other words, the rest of us know that it is BS.

    The demographics of the over 90s, in NI is another joke. Bear in mind that nationalists in the North have endured a different occupational profile for much of the last 90 years. Doing more physically demanding work, or often none at all. And then there is also the issue of diet.

    Lastly, the immigrant population in the RoI. This is another questionnable statistic, given that the borders here are ineffective. We don’t really know how many people are living here. And we definitely do not know how much money many gf them are making.

    Belfast was thriving in 1914 because the British imperial project was financially solvent and thriving. Dublin is thriving in 2017 for the reason that the American imperial project is financially solvent and thriving.

    The capital base in the RoI, is no better than the capital base in NI, once one removes the vast debt statistics that exist south of the border.

    A lot of the time we are just busy fools, for the Irish establishment – with banskters like AIB, “professionals” in Ernst & Young, and all manner of various oligopolists, running riot – in a totally unaccountable manner.

    The Annabels approach to law and justice is rampant. This is indicated in the recent judicial appointments controversy.

    Take away all that Ponzi-economy virtual money, and the RoI is an expensive state system, proving largesse to a class of insiders, and turning the other way whilst business practices continue to fit the Neary-Permo-Anglo-8Billionloan mindset.

    Oh yeah, and paint a nice shiny, liberal veneer on top so as to fit with the new brand.

    NI might be going nowhere, but where is the RoI going ? It seems to me it is going for yet more ponzi-economic nonsense, with the rubber stamp approval of the ECB which itself is a statistical fudge making machine.

    So, I think that article is hilarious.

    The blindspot is massive.

    • Truthist

      Speaking of Annabels nighclub murder [ And, it was MURDER ] by Blackrock students ;
      There should be investigation as to if any of the accused of Brian Murphy’s death were in the secret Fre..m..sn Lodge of elite secondary school Blackrock College.
      Ditto their brothers, daddies, & uncles.

      The strings of our establishment were definitely pulled to save these alumni from honestly serving time with those who are “not on the level” of Mountjoy Prison etc.
      Meanwhile [ or at least up to 2 Nov. 2013 ] ;

    • coldblow

      My thoughts too, Deco.

      Good posts further down too. I see your reference to Brian Lucey. I haven’t heard anything from or about him in a long while. He used to post on The Irish Economy, which I have hardly looked at in ages. Come to think of it, I think he looked in here a few months ago. I have the impression that he is (another) pc fundamentalist.

  3. terryhewett

    The island of Ireland does not have to be anybody’s bitch: not the UK’s or the EU’s. It really is quite dispiriting that the only alternative that Ireland’s political and academic class can come up with as an alternative to the British hegemon is subsumation into a European State: just another satrapy of another imperial project. Crunch time will come when the demos is asked to OK this: will they be asked to think again until the right answer is achieved? This time I think they may get a very dusty answer.

    • woodsey

      World unification is a whole lot better than world diversification.

      • terryhewett

        All imperial projects are held together by varying levels of compulsion: the EU is no exception. In the end it is about power and who shall wield it.

        • Deco


          Vote Yes, or else, you will vote or else there will be no money in the ATMS, the sky will fall down, and your image will be terrible at the centre of Europe.

          Incidentally, the geographical centre of Europe is in Belarus, not that far from Chernobyl.

          Brussels : the political Chernobyl.

      • Truthist

        That sentiment, dear Woodsey old boy, sounds veritably m..sonic !

  4. yadayada

    If the Catholics support Uruguay, the Protestants will back Paraguay, if Sinn Fein like the Xhosa, the prods will see some affinity with the Zulu. Apart from some Oliver j Flanagan style anti Semitism, there’s no significance in those flags.

    • Deco

      The unionists, are drawn to the Old Testament. The idea of a chosen people who are closer to a stern God figure, who leads them through battles both moral and physical. Heroes like Dutch Billy on a horse, King David, Jonathon, etc…

      The nationalists are now thoroughly SF’ized. With a massive persecution complex, and tendency to blame everybody else. Hence the Palestinian flag. Heroes like Bobby Sands, Gerry Adams and the odd PLO terrorist. I blame PRAVDA-rte, who have created an alternative narrative down here that is based on free stuff, lies, and obedience.

      To be honest they are both clueless.

      The dysfunctional aspect of NI is enormous.

      • yadayada

        If so many want to live here, why do so many leave?

      • Aidan21

        As a northern nationalist I cannot speak from a Unionist perspective so I have no comment about Deco’s remarks re Unionists. I do accept that Unionists have a point of view and that they are fully entitled to express it and behave accordingly.
        However I do take issue with his remarks re Nationalists; it appears that broad brush strokes are the order of the day. No nuance thinking, no distinctions, just seems to be a case that ‘they’ are all the same. Deco’s comments apparently place all nationalists within the SF camp with a persecution complex and all sharing the same heroes. Yes some people do fit that category, but most people I know do not. Life is complex and broad brush strokes frequently do not suffice to explain any given situation.
        I personally think SF’s economic policies are not in the best interests of the country and I do not like their robust party discipline but who is going to stand up for my rights to both the DUP and the UK Tory government?
        The Tories and the DUP appear to be hell bent on causing as much economic harm they can to Ireland, north and south. They have no respect for me or any point of view I may have. They appear to be following their agenda no matter what and SF are the only viable option I have to register my protest at the Tories and the DUP. If I had a better option I would exercise it.

    • Truthist

      That which u say is :
      Mis-info ? Nay !
      Dis-info ? Nay !
      Mal-info ? Aye
      700 million so-called Christians are really so-called Judeo-Christians ;
      Judeo-Christianity of course being an oxymoron / contradiction in terms.
      And, to be more accurate about it, that 700 million Judeo-Christians are actually Zionist Christians / Zio-Christians.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      A good few years ago, there was this joke I often heard among the Polish community in the island of Ireland: how to unite Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland? Invite 100,000 Muslim to the North.
      Only we never thought that someone would try to implement it in the future.

  5. navigator

    David , I grew up in Dublin and now live in NI , and also lived for years in England .
    Economically , I am much better off than my counterparts in ROI. I have much more disposable income than my colleagues who are based in Dublin. My tax credits are a lot more generous, car insurance , car tax etc are vastly cheaper . My grocery bills are cheaper . I have access to pretty much free health care . I live in a nice home with great neighbours . I have only benefited under the UK system . I am a Dubliner , but found it a struggle to live a relatively comfortable life in Dublin. The 80′s were terrible , as you know , the 90′s brought in some change , however too little too late. In my humble opinion , I think you’re off the mark with the religious demographic preferences , in how people would vote in a united Ireland scenario. The majority of working people here look at costs of living . We have about 100-150 employees who are from the south . They have all settled here , and we often talk about a united Ireland over pints ! The idea is great , but not one of us would vote accordingly . This is purely based on economics , what’s in our pockets , what lifestyle have I got for my family etc. To say NI is a basket case economically, is not the full story. Whether people agree with it or not , it’s part of the UK , where you have a large public sector , with its various head offices in the capital , London . Nowhere is perfect , and despite what the figures suggest , people in Ireland have been and are continuing to pay through the nose for everything . With how Ireland has been run , I do not want to see a united Ireland . As for the EU , that institution is everything that is wrong with Ireland , but on speed.

    • Deco

      That is an indictment against the clowns running the show in Dublin 2, and they masters in Brussels.

      We have chancers in charge.

      It is chaos, with impressive GDP numbers.

      Drug abuse is rife. Paedophiles are going through Dublin airport, like as if it was a circular hotel door. Crime is increasingly ignored. The police are more concerned with scandals, affairs, cash jobs, and monitoring left wing politicians. Useless (completely immoral) Judges are appointed on a whim. The prisons are full. You can see people injecting drugs from the IFSC.

      Seanie Fitz, the board of Irish Life and Permanent, Fianna Fail, several corrupt EU commisioners, tax-dodging rock celebrities, Media oligarchs and all the rest of them are going from strength to strength.

      A new form of equality. No discrimination against those who are corrupt, useless, inept, or dodgy. Drawing scam artists, liars, and cheats from everywhere.

      In fact, all these aspects are an endorsement.

      Welcome to the new shiny superficial liberal Ireland, where everything looks good, and everybody is on a path to finding an answer by numbing the relentless pain that is an essential part of the deal.

      It works as long as you buy enough sh!t with money you have not earned fairly, to impress people that have not friends either.

      All that is missing is Billy McUlster, and that volunteer army, that will quickly run out volunteers, to keep Billy in check.

      Will you spill your blood for Fitzy, the Bertie Bowl, The bondholders, Suds, Pee Flynn’s many pensions, Noddy’s expensive climate change centre, Joe Duffy’s salary, passports for peados, and the lionising of Bono (tax resident elsewhere, again) ?

      No. I did not think so.

      This society is held together by a facade, now.

      Maybe the millionaires in RTE, will prompt us to accept “refugees” in the army as a prelude to some of them losing the plot in Temple Bar ?

      Billy thinks that he has something to fight for.

      We have the FAI green jersey and a national stadium that is branded by an Anglo Bondholder.

      • navigator

        Well said Deco . The same nonsense has been going on for years in Ireland.
        It could be a phenomenal country for everyone , a place where everyone can make a few quid , have jobs , good services etc . It is so noticeable how Irish people generally do well abroad , the conclusion being , the system in Ireland is not working , and this acceptance of ” sure it’ll be alright ” is a very damming indictement . I.e. The system tolerates cute whorism and mediocrity.

        • Deco

          YEs. It could be a phenomenal country.

          But if it was a decent country, Joe Duffy, and Ryan Tubridy would be packing shelves for Dunnes Stores. Bertie and Seanie would be accounting technicians. President Higgins would be a retired postman. Varadkar would be a doctor. Noonan, Michey Martin, and Kenny would be school teachers. Marion Finucan would be a coffee lady in some small shop in Westmeath. And “Professor” Brian Lucey would be hiding abroad, as the academic equivalent of rogue solicitor Michael Lynn.

          Think about the useless chancers that have found great opportunity, here, and who benefitted from the “system”.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I also see Mr David Drumm dressed as Santa Claus, with a bag full of promissory estoppels instead of moolah.

            Of President Higgins, I’ve only this to say:


            And this is the role I envisaged for Mr Aengus O Snodaigh when FF were in power and SF were on the rise, in what has since become my classical text for “The Irish Independent”:

            “he would be more credible in pantomime than in politics – slathered in greasepaint and rolling his eyes melodramatically, scaring the little kids for a moment before they realised this was all make-believe”.

      • Truthist

        Speaking of pedophiles
        Henry Makow? just tweeted ;

        Nicole Kidman:
        ‘Stanley Kubrick Said Pedophiles Run The World’
        She neglects to say her father was a pedophile

    • michaelcoughlan

      Very honest appraisal. I am leaving Ireland at 45 years old this summer for all the reasons you state plus i get a gp. I am really scared that the me feiners will be in power next time out. You are bang on re the EU which is why I think the UK embraced brexit even thought it will bring challenges.

      • You aren’t leaving Ireland this summer Michael – ain’t going to happen – let’s be honest.

        Even if you did get your shit together to do it, the missus would ultimately put the kaibosh on it.

        Might as well make the most of the rest of your life here in Ireland – you aren’t moving anywhere.

        What’s a ‘gp’?

        • michaelcoughlan

          Jesus Adam,

          Thanks for the honesty brutal though it is. A gp as in doctor.

          I am going there for training and will sus things out. You are probably right though re the missus. If sinn fein get into power here it will be curtains and I want to be gone before then.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “To say NI is a basket case economically, is not the full story. Whether people agree with it or not , it’s part of the UK , where you have a large public sector , with its various head offices in the capital , London .” –
      and, and, and – despite the common perception, if we divide the UK into England, Wales, Scotland and NI (let’s leave alone the Channel Islands), per head, most subsidies go not to NI, but to Wales – including massive subsidies to Welsh education. And guess where Wales is worse not only than NI (who came out better than England), but than almost any other European country? In education (in all categories: maths, reading, science).

  6. E. Kavanagh

    Looking at returns for the last 2 UK general elections, it would seem that SF & SDLP (if they exist) will get a majority of votes within a decade.

    • Deco

      I would not include SF and the SDLP in the same category.

      One of those entities is a political front to a fuel smuggling, crime funded, corruption infected, initimidation driven, wealthy, peado facilitating, Marxist thug outfit. There is no need to worry about the inherent contradictions in any of that description – the membership certainly don’t – so why should anybody else ?

      The other is merely lost. Overwhelmed by intimidation, money, the green jersey, and criminality.

      • E. Kavanagh

        As true as anything you say may be, it is also irrelevant in terms of the article above.

        The point I’m making is that one of the bedrock tenets of both parties is the goal of a “United” Ireland, or at least a 32-County Ireland. People who vote for them know that, and that percentage of the vote is growing dramatically every year. Certainly one can’t say for sure that all their voters will support a 32-County Ireland, but if the Unionists don’t engage in a lot of appeasement in the next decade, things are going change.

        Further your descriptors are completely irrelevant to how people vote. Look at who ran the Republic for decades. Ghandi didn’t get rid of the British out of Ireland.
        We all knew Haughey was crooked but masses of people voted for him. Even after the corruption tribunals people voted for FF. And after FF nearly destroyed the country people are back voting for FF.
        And it happens everywhere. In Taiwan a few years ago the President’s wife was in a wheelchair because thugs from KMT had run her over in a car during the time she was campaigning for free elections.
        Everyone knows Trump is a crooked thug, but millions vote for him and still support him.
        I was talking to a Filipino chap who is generally fairly left wing, but whose family are pretty happy with their president’s drug policy. A member of their family died from drug abuse.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “We all knew Haughey was crooked but masses of people voted for him. Even after the corruption tribunals people voted for FF.” – this is one of the things about Ireland I’m s t i l l unable to figure out.


          Did you ever consider election fraud?
          1920s would have been a great time to so for a man who made a move on Michael Collins (Dev); but even in 2008, I was scratching my head: why, like?

          Have you heard of the Faubus Machine?
          Ok – listen to this: Mr Charles Whorton, the Boss of the county Democratic political machine in Co Clerk – delivered a vote equalling 104% of the paid poll taxes in the 1964 election.
          Interestingly, the same figure of 104% appeared in one of President Roosevelt’s election during his New Deal.

          Heaven forfend I would suspect FF of anything so wretched.

          But… Think about that for a second – a party who governed longer than the USSR Communist Party: in a country whose main industry has been, for seven decades of their government (with a short period of grace from late 1990s to 2007 crisis) export of people.
          And yet that popularity.
          I’m not stating anything, I’m not engaging in conspiracy theories – I’m asking questions to people like you who know more about it than people like me about what the key to FF success was in a country that was called, in the late 1980s, by “The Economist”, “A sick man of Europe” – with a cover showing a knacker begging on O’Connell bridge.
          And yet…

          P.S. Just listening to today’s Nigel Farage show, and the caller says (Nigel agrees) about Scotland: “the fact is that so many services up there are appaling, especially education. And many Scots are worried about that”.

          As if education in England and Wales was better:


          - Scotland (506);
          - France (499);
          - England (500);
          - Ireland (522);
          - Poland (526);
          - South Korea (538);

          - Greece (453);
          - Wales (468);
          - USA (481);
          - France (495);
          - Ireland (501);
          - Poland (518);
          - South Korea (554);

  7. westbrit

    Unsunscribe. The only united Ireland we will ever see is a re United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    SF will not drop the Westminster subsidies and FF will not ask the Southern electorate to plug the funding gap.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “SF will not drop the Westminster subsidies and FF will not ask the Southern electorate to plug the funding gap.” – yes, hence the conclusion of my comment from 2 years ago on the possibility of united Ireland after Brexit was that the united Ireland will only work if it introduces radical free market reforms, plus ends its dependence on CAP/UK subsidies.
      Otherwise there will be a civil war, because when the cake is shrinking rapidly and people argue how to divide it equally rather than how to grow, there is always a war (ok, USSR collapsed without a war, but normally this ends up in a war).

  8. Truthist

    Interesting comments ;
    And, I say this, of course, even though I do not necessarily agree with them.
    Always worthwhile whilst ewer nation is not intellectually honest that ewe keep open mind & challenge ur intellect with some exercise.

  9. Truthist

    JOAN OF ARC moral courage here ;
    U do not get this type of courage in a man.
    U get it from a woman.
    Although, from a very very rare woman.
    Akin to Joan of Arc too, Jude Duffy is clearly a righteous patriot & not a bigot.
    By Jude Duffy
    August 3, 2016, Anno Domini
    Contrary to what some in the alternative media suggest, Ireland, not Italy, is the birthplace of modern false-flag terror—specifically British M..nic false-flag terror.
    Around the world, many have heard of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), but few outside Ireland and Britain know of their ostensible adversaries in the Northern Irish “Troubles”, the British “Loyalist” paramilitaries.
    There’s a good reason for this: the global Anglo-Zionist M..nic global propaganda network succeeded in branding the Irish Troubles as a conflict between Irish nationalist fanatics and Northern Irish Protestants responding to the violence of these fanatics.
    But the Loyalist terror groups weren’t responding to violence from Irish nationalists: they instigated the violence.[1]
    And the Loyalists weren’t Irish either—they were British proxies.
    In fairness, they never claimed to be anything else, insisting always that they fought to maintain Northern Ireland as a British province.

    So, Loyalist terrorism wasn’t an Irish “problem”; it was a British problem.
    However, from the point of view of the British M..nic state, the great thing about branding the Loyalists as an internal Northern Irish movement, was that it let the British M..nic state off the hook, casting it as a noble disinterested intermediary, desperately trying to find a solution fair to both sides.
    In reality, British M..nry was the covert choreographer of the whole grisly pantomime, actively directing almost all of the loyalist violence, and most of the Republican violence too.[2]

    At first glance, it might seem like a mystery that the corporate media in Ireland, Britain, and elsewhere generally support Northern Irish Unionism and Loyalism.
    After all, the Unionists are ostensibly the “conservative” side in this conflict.
    Many older Northern Irish Unionists still attend church, eschew shopping on Sunday, and support the British monarchy.
    Even their dress bespeaks conservatism: at their Summer parades, they wear dark suits, old-fashioned bowler hats, and carry rolled up umbrellas. Unionist parties, too, still tend to be rather less enamoured of political correctness and cultural Marxism than modern Sinn Fein, which, under the disastrous leadership of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, has become largely indistinguishable from the British Labour Party, or the U.S. Democrats.
    One would thus expect the media to favour Sinn Fein over the Unionist fuddy duddies every time.
    But it isn’t so.
    For instance, no media on the face of the earth are more mindlessly politically correct and left liberal in every respect than the Irish media.
    Yet they have had a very long-standing love-in with Unionism and Loyalism, and harp obsessively on Irish Republican violence, while ignoring, excusing, or even glorifying, Loyalist Protestant violence.[3]
    The same is true of the media in most of the western world, which whitewash British atrocities in Ireland, even though they were and are frequently both more sadistic and more indiscriminate than the attacks of Irish Republicans.
    To solve this apparent conundrum of liberal media support for “conservative” Unionism, one needs to understand the deep M..nic and philo-Judaic roots of Northern Irish British Unionism/Loyalism.
    The Unionist establishment in Northern Ireland is joined at the hip to both Fr..nry and Zionism.
    British M..ons and Zionists both live by the motto:
    “Leftism for our enemies,
    Right-wing nationalism for ourselves”.
    Therefore, for Anglo-Zionist M..nry, the craven political correctness of modern Irish “nationalism” represents a M..nic triumph over Catholic Ireland.
    A nationalist movement that embraces mass immigration, same-sex marriage, feminism, and the abortion of its own children, is not a nationalist movement at all, but an instrument of collective suicide.
    Moreover, the common supposition that Northern Irish Unionism suffers from an excess of dour conservatism and narrow religiosity obscures its history of extreme lawlessness and M..nic subversion.
    Its roots lie in revolutionary M..nry and the cabalistic Anglo-Protestant-imperialism that took on its modern form in England in the Elizabethan era.
    Nor has it necessarily become more law abiding with the passage of time. The modern Northern Irish Protestant statelet came into being via an armed mass rebellion by Anglo-Irish and Northern Irish Protestants in the Edwardian era against the decision of the British Parliament to grant Home Rule to Ireland.
    British Rothschild Zio-M..nry sponsored this Orange rebellion, which led to the partition of Ireland in 1923.
    The treaty that codified that partition stated that no new laws enacted by the new nominally independent Irish state could in any way affect the protection of Fr..nry in the new country.
    To this day, the Dublin M..nic Grand Temple in Dublin sits opposite the Irish Dail Eireann (Irish Parliament).
    When Ian Paisley met the then Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Bertie Ahern, in 2007, he greeted him with the words “I want to give this man a good grip”, at which point the two men exchanged what looked suspiciously like a M..nic handshake.[4] Brian Cowen replaced Ahern as Taoiseach in 2008, and within days of his elevation was caught on a live microphone in Dail Eireann calling the then leader of the opposition and his colleagues “Fr..son F…ers” (I’d provide a reference for this story if I could find one, but although Cowen’s outburst was reported in all the major Irish media at the time, it appears to have been subsequently comprehensively scrubbed from the Internet!).
    A few months later, a huge financial and banking crisis hit Cowen’s government, and in 2011 he was removed from office in a media-orchestrated coup.
    Enda Kenny, the leader of the “Fr..son f…ers”, took his place as Taoiseach in the general election that followed and is still Taoiseach today.
    Paisley crossing the bridge over the River Boyne at the site of the Battle of the Boyne, for the m..nic Independant Loyal Orange Institution’s, Centenary Parade and Service.
    Paisley crossing the bridge over the River Boyne at the site of the Battle of the Boyne, for the m..nic Independant Loyal Orange Institution’s, Centenary Parade and Service.
    Anglo-M..nry rules the roost in the Republic of Ireland every bit as much as it does in the north of Ireland, if not more so.
    When British Orange M..nic terrorists murdered 33 people in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974, the Irish Garda (police) refused to investigate the attacks.
    To this day, no one has ever been convicted for them.
    An Irish state inquiry headed by a former Supreme Court judge, Henry Barron, stated that it was neither far-fetched nor fanciful to believe that British state forces were involved[5].
    Yet successive Irish governments have failed to challenge the British state over its withholding of crucial evidence relating to the bombings.
    The Orange Order was founded by three Fre..ns in 1795, with the purpose of unifying Irish Protestants in defence of British M..nic rule in Ireland.
    The “Orange” in the title of course refers to the homosexual paedophile William of Orange, and his successful invasion of England in 1688, and his subsequent victory in the Battle of the Boyne in 1690— a victory that cemented his rule.
    Many of the subsequent travails that beset not just Britain and Ireland, but also the rest of the world in the succeeding centuries, can be traced back to this decisive triumph of cabalist Whiggism.

    Yet conservative and traditionalist Catholics, many of whom, consciously or unconsciously, have internalised the narratives of the “conservative” wing of Anglo-M..nry, tend to place all the blame for modern ills on the French Revolution of 1789—when in truth, that bloodfest was simply a delayed aftershock from the events of a hundred years earlier in Britain and Ireland.
    British “conservative” M..nry only turned on the French Revolutionaries after the latter began attacking the British M..nic agents in France who had played a crucial role in instigating the revolution in the first place[6].
    Likewise, the Orange Order was formed in order to ensure that Irish Protestants did not stray into the Irish separatist revolutionary camp. In other words, the whole dispute over the French Revolution was simply 2 strands of M..nry slugging it out for control.

    Orangeism is, therefore, only ‘”conservative” in the sense that all revolutionary movements need to exploit conservative sentiment in order to provide stabilising ballast.
    As Engels once said:
    “Nothing is more authoritarian than a revolution.”
    For instance, without the backing of “conservative” evangelical Protestants, and to a lesser extent “conservative” Catholics (aka “Neo-Catholics”), would the Trotskyist Neocon agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere have succeeded ?
    It should be noted in this context that Northern Irish Orangeists, like their Protestant counterparts in the U.S., eagerly supported this revolutionary programme for remaking the Middle East in order to advance the goal of Greater Israel.
    It’s also important to remember that it is eminently possible to exaggerate even the “contingent conservatism” of the Orangeists.
    For instance, the British intelligence-directed Loyalist paramilitary groups such as the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) are every bit as left liberal as Sinn Fein.
    Indeed, in conjunction with “Russian” mafia and Triad gangs, they are heavily involved in trafficking huge numbers of illegal migrants to Ireland, the vast majority of whom, quelle surprise, end up in the Republic of Ireland[7].
    That, incidentally, represents another triumph for British M..nry: the destruction of the Catholic Irish nation through mass immigration of a scale proportionally unparalleled in the western world.

  10. Truthist

    I hate to disagree with ur claim that if Ireland were a decent country …
    … “Michey Martin … would be (a) school teacher”
    Naye, that would not be decent ;
    Because, Mehole has no aptitude for being a true teacher ;
    I have that on testimonies of very reliable past pupils of his.

  11. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    Further to ur sincere belief & sympathies for reported Spanish man victim trying to save person[s] from Islamic nutter terrorists [s] outside Westminster building, London, I regret that I am inclined to believe that event as false & instead take Chris Spivey’s angle as it being another false flag AND pretend injuries aul bollox.
    At time of this very posting, “find” function of browser reveals no mention of Spanish man in Spivey’s article itself nor in the comments section.
    Perhaps later they will.
    Although, I am again persuaded by Spivey’s research, I dispute his assertions about the policewoman’s arm being photo-shopped ;
    Regardless if the rest of the elements of the photos with Prime Minister May are photo-shopped.
    The Spiv On Sunday 25/06/17
    Aside from the likelihood that Spivey & posters to his article will also mention the Westminster incident, I supply to u the following because it is very likely the “Grenfell Tower” living quarters Fire Incident last week will have major cost implications for Irish State taxpayers & private landlords & private tenants.
    As ever with Spivey, this is an article which also refers to other subject matter because Spivey sees connections.
    Sideshow Bob is dearly missed now on this blog for his specialist knowledge to analyse the engineering / architecture aspects of the “Grenfell Tower” Fire incident.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Sideshow Bob is dearly missed now on this blog for his specialist knowledge to analyse the engineering / architecture aspects of the “Grenfell Tower” Fire incident.” – yea, what happened to him?????!

  12. gbg000

    As a Northern Catholic educated in the Republic and then third level, living and working here for over forty years I have to say as a Northerner that between David and those who blame it on the Masons ranters…. catch a hold of yourself! The average Northern Catholic and Protestant have more in common and understand each other better than how Southerners feel about us. As a Northern Catholic certainly discriminated against in the North by the civil service I returned here with nothing less than superb qualifications, publications and experience. I applied for two jobs in a branch of the civil service (I had come 2nd of 1,000 applicants in the UK for a position in my field) and was told by my Republic superior who briefed the Minister here every Tuesday that I should not even attend for my interviews, because there were letters in circulation. Naturally I couldn’t believe this, attended for interviews and as warned did not get the positions. One post was filled by a diploma holder versus a Masters degree,experience and publications! So I came to the conclusion that a Northern Catholic can kick with the wrong foot on both sides of the Border.

    I grew up in the Malone Road in Belfast surrounded by the Protestant establishment, but now this upper middle class location is totally dominated by Catholic professionals who are in the vast majority closet Unionists. Even in the Catholic village where now I have a cottage the average Catholic is in the same camp, because I think the principle is the devil you know etc.

    I retrained and work in one of the so called professions and observe that there is a tendency in this country for some to be over familiar (e.g. using one’s christian name) in which case one will find that they are more likely to try to pull a fast one. The ethos in Republic is more like the Catholic Mediterranean countries whereas the North is that of the straight talking northern Europeans.

    Regarding the Protestant use of the Palestinian flag please read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tara_(Northern_Ireland) which goes back to a Scottish declaration 700 or so years ago linking their Nationhood the the lost tribes of Israel.

    The reality of all this is that only 32% of NI Catholics want a united Ireland and most Southerners are not prepared to pay for us Northerners. So despite economic indicators it is likely that cultural factors will be ultimately more important. As for me, a foreigner in what is meant to be my land, I would return North if I was not married to a Munster spouse.

    • Deco

      Thank you for that.

      I agree with the above. I know relatives who have applied for promotion in the state system here and who have observed the rampant installation of “placemen”.

      I disagree with one point however. I have discussed the Irish state system, in it’s entirety (not just the civil service) to Spanish people that I know. And they are consistent in their opinion that this would not be tolerated in Spain. To get a state job in Spain, via nepotism causes all sorts of backlash within the system. It is not always possible. And likewise in Portugal.

      I have mentioned it a long term French acquaintance who told me that it does exist in France, and also in Italy (to a greater extent in Italy, than France). And that in Ireland, it is far more likely to intimidate opposition to it.

      Therefore describing it as a Catholic Mediteranean trait is not entirely true.

      I think that the root of this goes back to the system that operated under Dublin Castle, and the traits of various servants of the aristorcracy, who tended to regard those who thought for themselves as a threat to their easy life.

      In other words, gombeenism was invented here, and it is still prevalent.

      It is worse now than 20 years ago. And I am stating that from interactions with people who are inside in the system. There are more political parties to be pleased. More commercial interests to be brought in under the tent.

      What you have stated is an indictment against the entire system.

      And what you you have stated is now becomming a sytemic problem.

  13. coldblow

    David can’t stop promoting immigration. He can’t help it. It is an article of faith. Perhaps he is right and it will all work out well but I cannot see any precedents for this and I think it is no more than wishful thinking. One thing is for sure: the people were never asked about this issue (they know what the answer would have been), here or anywhere else, and they never will be asked.

    • mishco

      Haven’t UK citizens just been asked about this very issue (if indirectly) – with the resulting Brexit?

      • coldblow

        No, it is taboo. The referendum was not called about immigration but because Cameron had given a pledge about EU membership, a pledge he did not expect to have to fulfil as he did not expect a majority. I don’t read the papers much but in the ones I have read it is hardly ever mentioned. Eilis O’Hanlon wrote an opinion piece in the Sindo a few months ago in favour of immigration and stating that more than one in ten people living here were not born here. Why was that if the OECD figures are readily available? At least David says it out straight (one in six – not including illegals and sham students), I imagine because he wants to normalize it: “See, it’s that many and relax, it’s fine”.

  14. Adelaide

    Who cares about economic statistics when it took me two hours today to drive-crawl-stop-start from Dublin city centre to the M50 Bray exit, walking would be quicker!! Behind David’s shiny ROI economic data is a miserable reality of zero quality of life in the Rip-Off Banana Republic. Those exasperated gridlocked drivers would prefer to live an African hut with life’s basics met rather than this dysfunctional hell hole grind. And the Northerners know that and have the sense to choose quality of life over United Misery.

    • Absolutely, I’m in Ireland for the summer, showing my Caribbean Nefertiti around, she’s loving it, we have done so much in 3 short weeks with more than 2 months to go. Weather has been okay as well – she was wondering why “the AC is on outside too”

      That being said, wouldn’t live here permanently for love nor money with these EU kleptocrats and sycophantic Irish kakistocrats bleeding the place dry – will it ever change? I have my doubts.

      Can’t wait to get back to Tobago in September!

    • mishco

      Having just driven half way round Belfast during their rush hour, with excellent motorways and a 10-minute queue, I sympathize with you, Adelaide. I sometimes wonder if David is on the same island as us.

      • nothisrealname

        @mishco I wonder if you live on the same island, most of the infrastructure in Northern Ireland is really poor by any standards. Even ROI standards.

  15. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    As I wasn’t able to post my answer to your comment (a technical glitch that occurs from time to time), I’m posting it today.

    “DB, who used to post here, made a comment under it” – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Gotcha

    “Identity Ireland”

    I read their program some time ago. There is a lot that I agree with in their program (90% maybe?), although they would really need to work out a p r o p e r economic program.

    I have 2 doubts though about “Identity Ireland” (as a way of politicising, not necessarily about them themselves):

    1. If I were ever to play an active role in the Irish politics, it would be IN ORDER TO
    i m p l e m e n t some changes (even if that meant some compromise): not j u s t in order to be in a uncompromising discussion club (t h i s is a discussion club; the only one in Ireland I am afraid).

    2. Parties like “Identity Ireland” (very small, very radical – altough I don’t see their program as very radical, but in the Irish context) are VERY easy to infiltrate (just look at the neo-Nazis in Germany) – remember my comment from last year about 3 different types of structures? “Identity Ireland” are centralised, which means they can be worked out/infiltrated/unhinged very easily. Not necessarily by Irish authorities. I’m talking about serious, foreign intelligence networks.


    Those of you who have to double take it (what???! – are they crazy?) – no, the list is not crazy: its first place occupier has been consistently topping it for the last few years on similar lists in different countries.


    It means that
    if they gain too much popularity (enough even for 1 seat in the Dail), they simply
    w i l l be infiltrated. Or – if they are poor (they look like they are), they will simply be bought (you don’t need to buy them all – just one crucial member to disrupt the process; better still from the disrupters point of view is to p r o m o t e them in a CONTROLLED way: breed them; BND are masters of that).

    I just don’t think that they will ever play an active role in Ireland, even by having 3 seats in the Dail.

    I was hovering around a similar party in Poland to see how this process of take-over works.



    Do I have to say anything? I describe what they’ve done in Warsaw so many times…

    a) They are sponsored by Soros and Germany (no: I don’t mean I t h i n k they are – I k n o w they are).

    b) Polish police under Donald Tusk let them in to Poland a few years ago (with knives, baseball bats and knuckle dusters – you don’t have any doubts, I suppose, that in any other way than
    p u r p o s e l y?) when I was there for a visit (actually: invited to Warsaw by a Dubliner, would you believe!). I happened to see them attacking pedestrians in a subway passage near railway station, with the police under Donald Tusk completely absent.

    They attacked WWII veterans and reconstruction groups. The reconstruction groups used sabres they had with them… well… because they were reconstruction groups (uhlans). So Antifa fled (by they managed to seriously hurt some people). They fled to the cafe owned by Slawomir Sierakowski (financed from Germany), who writes or wrote columns on Poland in the Irish Examiner. This was shown all over the world, from CNN to BBC and RT (and in Germany non-stop) as the “rising fascism” in Poland: with “Der Spiegel” going as far as having… their cover with Jaroslaw Kaczynski in SS uniform (btw, Martin Schulz, whose family WAS in SS – and in charge of one concentration camp too – rebuked Angela Merkel last week that she is too tolerant of Poland and Hungary).

    Antifa is, in my opinion, not as much a p o l i t i c a l organisation, but rather a soft terrorist organisation – focused purely on tactical side, with only idiots among their members believing that they are fighting “intolerance” and “racism”. If you think, dear Coldblow, that they have the fate of “refugees” at their hearts and are driven by some sort of pro-immigration at all costs lunacy, then you didn’t dig deep enough into them: that’s good enough for organising a refugee support rally at UCD, not for transporting a few thousands people with baseball bats from Germany to Warsaw in one day, with maps attached of who to attack and when.
    Their leaders are very a w a r e of what you are aware too. They are not crazy – they are PAID TO DISRUPT (Slawomir Sierakowski for example is a very intelligent man, a son of the communist education minister).

    In that link, published in 2011, before the riots in Warsaw started by Antifa,


    you read: “Calls by Germans to join Polish protests against the march have been published on left-wing web sites such as antifa.de, leading some Polish newspapers, such as Rzeczpospolita, to suggest that aggressive German anarchists and communits will be descending on Warsaw.”

    Were the Germans from Antifa aggressive in Warsaw?

    This short video shows the disruption the German Antifa brought onto Warsaw during their visit (the Antifa members are t h o s e with balaclavas, setting things on fire and destroying trees):


    The setting of the Russian embassy on fire was done by provocateurs from the secret service, under Donald Tusk government and on his orders (a tape in which his own interior minister admits it has emerged since).

    Just today, a PiS (Law and Justice) MP was attacked and beaten up by KOD.
    In 2010 – after plane crash in Smolensk – a supporter of Donald Tusk entered PiS office in Lódz with a gun and shot dead a PiS MEP, the late Marek Rasiak. When shooting, he was recorded shouting that Jaroslaw Kaczynski will be next.

    Mr Rasiak was an assistant to another PiS MEP, who was r e j e c t e d as the PiS Candidate to the EU COURT OF AUDITORS by Messrs Junckers and Martin Schulz.

    A w a r n i n g to Mr Kaczynski or a coincidence?
    Y o u decide.

    Compared to that, the vulgar and cantenkerous behavior of anti-Identity Ireland protesters is a child play.

    The r e a l division is not left v right, atheists v theists, pro-refugee parties v anti-refugee parties.

    The real division is between PAID foreign agents of influence who are paid to destabilise countries like Hungary, Poland, Ireland or the UK, and the native USEFUL IDIOTS (some of them paid – in their hubris, they think that this is for their creativity).

    You do remember watching interviews with Yuri Bezmenov on how it is done professionally?

    The questions of immigrations, “refugism”, abortion and baptism at school are only TOOLS used by those agents of ifluence to TURN ASUNDER THE SOCIAL TISSUE OF THE IRISH/POLISH/AMERICAN/UK society (why do I know write French or Swedish? – because in those countries, they have already won, and now we witness more immigration from France to V4 than from V4 to France) – DIVIDE ET IMPERA.

    Do “Identity Ireland” realise that they – willy-nilly – play a role in the “DIVEDE ET IMPERA” scenario?
    That people in your link who disturb their meeting behave that way because they had been PROGRAMMED to do so?
    That the whole Brexit debate was PROGRAMMED to let off steam against those who you CAN politically correctly criticise in the UK (white people from the EU) instead of criticising those you CANNOT CRITICISE EVEN IN UKiP (demographic and civilisational atomic bomb with b o r n in Britain?) – only Britain First ties to do that, and I am suspicious even of them.

    The conservative and – in 60%-70% or thereabouts – Christian Poles are a danger to British identity, but a RABBI SHNEUR ODZE WHO WAS UKiP’s CANDIDATE FOR A MAYOR OF MANCHESTER WHO BURNED A BIBLE IN PUBLIC AND THEN PROUDLY TWEETED IT IS NOT A DANGER TO BRITISH IDENTITY – on the contrary, UKiP promotes him.

    Arrivals from P a k i s t a n (and all countries where radical islam – and there is less and less of any other than radical – is an official religion) – with world’s best intelligence service and one of the cradle of Jihadists – are less dangerous than Hungarians.
    A few months after the Brexit referendum, one of Jihadi leaders in Britain (from Pakistan) said frankly to the mainstream TV camera: this was not what we voted for – it was supposed to be the end of the immigration from eastern Europe SO THAT MORE OF US HAVE A CHANCE TO COME TO BRITAIN.
    Remember: in an opinion poll, the m a j o r i t y of Muslims in Ireland said they want to replace the Irish law with Sharia law – yet the Irish law obeying Poles are supposed to be the main threat to Irish identity – NOT THE JIHADI FRIENDS FROM THE MIDDLE EAST OF SINN FEIN/PRESIDENT HIGGINS/IRISH SOCIALISTS/SOME OF LABOUR.

    Cannot people not see how they have been p l a y e d? It took Britain First a few years to cop on that they had been fighting their allies.


    Antifa just USE the pro-refugees/lefty mood prevailing in the majority of the western European population to DESTABILISE countries that Soros and Germany want to destabilise (how interesting that Antifa, fighting with “fascism”, would n e v e r say or do something bad about the “Expellees” – among which there are not only real fascists, but plenty of Nazis even).

    Yes – think about that: if they are so violently antifascist, w h y won’t they turn up with their balaclavas, torches and baseball bats at the at “Expellees” meeting in Germany (“Expellees” had distributed at some of their meetings DVDs glorifying the SS, and are against signing Peace Treaty with Poland – as it the current German state) – as they did in Warsaw during the Independence Day: since they are based in Germany, from which they are also financed? Sure it would be so much easier to them than going to Warsaw from Germany.

    Of course, you are aware that whoever uses the word “fascism” to describe all his political opponents (unless that person specifically studied the political system of fascist Italy like I did), is suspicious by definition; because it was the well known Comintern directive to label as “fascists” every politicians who are not… on NKVD pay/blackmail list (btw – curious fact: a whopping 50% of post-WWII French journalists were on KGB paylist, as described in the book “I was Stalin’s agent”).
    Antifa is anti-fascist… Well then how can they use the state funding in every country they are active: considering that this s t r e n g t h e n s fascism (merger of state, trade unions and corporations is an essence of fascism) in that country?

    In Sweden, Antifa had stolen the subscriber list of the “National Democratsnewspaper”, and threatened all the subscribers. Where did that get that list from? Perhaps from the state, by any chance (state control of post-offices, and thus postmen, and thus subscribers)? Well, Antifa receiving that list directly from the Swedish state is f a r more likely than Antifa getting it due to them infiltrating all post-offices in Sweden. So can you imagine that they can parade with knives and balaclavas in Germany if BND would not approve of it? In Poland for example, until we had people of Donald Tusk in power, there were riots on Independence Marches every year. Since Jaroslaw Kaczynski came to power, the riots in Warsaw stopped (apart from the failed coup d’etat last December, organised by Merkel – who personally met with the “putchists” leaders shortly before in the German embassy) – and so did Antifa arrivals.

    P.S. Oh, almost forgot.
    You would find that interesting.
    In fact, you might get a – on our list of suspicious words – a cognitive dissonance after hearing this: the anti-fascist Antifa is promoting in Poland the works of that gentlemen: Carl Schmitt.
    Interesting thinker. Having read a few of his works, I r e a l i s e d what Merkel’s Germany is up to.

    Schmitt was an Author of “Völkerrechtliche Großraumordnung und Interventionsverbot für raumfremde Mächte. Ein Beitrag zum Reichsbegriff im Völkerrecht, 1939″.

    What is Großraumordnung?

    Why, it is a development of the old, good concept of MITTEL-EUROPA (peripheral states with light industries and pool of labour, compatible and subservient to German centre, which maintains them in the state of dependency).


    Antifa – via their organ in Poland: “Krytyka Polityczna” ["over 90% of our funding comes from abroad" (Germany - G.K.), admitted Mr Sierakowski in an authorised interview), and their invited their thugs to Poland to attack the veterans] are promoting t h a t thinker: Carl Schmitt.

    Antifa sind Antifaschisten? Echt?!

    P.S. II – Terry, I answered your question on Joseph Conrad under the previous thread.


    this is from someone’s wine review, and I think you’ll find it as hilarious as I did (especially the ending):

    “By Donald Robertson – February 7, 2015 2:10 pm
    My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are “wine-snobs”. If it is not an “Award Winner” they have no use for the wine no matter the name of the winery where it originated. They are also “Price Snobs” and openly claim that unless a bottle of wine is at LEAST $35.00 a bottle it shall never find its way into their “home” ($35.00 a bottle wines in the US cost 45-70 euro in Ireland; $6 wine in the US cost 12 euro in Ireland – G.K). They feel that they too are a “cut-above” the typical wine consumer.
    My wife and I went to their home for dinner and we took along a bottle of ‘Barefoot’. As I recall it was “Sauvignon Blanc” -OR- a “Chardonnay” – I’ll let it go at “it was white” (my favorite). When they took the bottle into their “tasting area” my brother-in-law IMMEDIATELY made a snide comment to his wife; I do not believe he thought I heard. “Screw top! Can you imagine, “screw top” and they believe we will serve it with YOUR (the sister-in-laws) FINE DINNER CREATION!”?
    Alas, we were actually asked to leave and go “learn” how civilized people choose a good wine. I was all to HAPPY to leave and told the brother-in-law to “wrap up my crap” and I’ll take it home to enjoy with “A BURGER”! We didn’t drink it with those “burgers”, but we “killed it off before going to bed”!
    “WINE SNOBS” are still alive and decaying in Long Beach, California. My wife and I? Heck, we moved to NEW MEXICO which also was beyond what the “snobs” could tolerate! I don’t speak to them at all; my wife does, as a “courtesy”.

    By Josiah – July 23, 2015 5:19 pm Reply
    I have never had a Barefoot wine that I liked. They taste like flavored cat urine, to be blunt.
    Now pardon me while I go vomit in the corner~!

    By Donald O’Kelley – December 21, 2016 11:40 am Reply
    How do you know it tastes like cat urine, Josiah?”

  16. McCawber

    I’m a great believer in not reinventing the wheel.
    On that basis Leo Varadkar should ask Donald Trump for a copy of his latest “Solar Power” Mexican wall along with construction quotes etc if available.
    I’ll leave you to figure out where we might build such a wall.
    Maybe a few wind turbines could be included.

    • Tull McAdoo

      Build a wall around Dublin. Follow the path of the M50. That way the rest of the country could evolve and prosper, without the dictats of Dublin 4 and its attending leeches.

      It would be interesting to see what D4 would do to create wealth and pay for its own excessive lifestyle without the backs of all outside the M50.

      I’m even sure the daily commuters would be only to glad to commute elsewhere around the country and thumb the noses at the fuckwits that have been robbing them blind since the foundation of the State.

      Leo the Tory and his ilk could become “Somebody that I used to Know”…….take it away Gotye my little Aussie cousin and Goodnight Ireland.Sleep Well.


  17. “Meanwhile in households it looks like it has taken the appearance of a chocolate bar to drive the message home that businesses are experiencing price pressures. Unfortunately this has merely come out as anger towards companies rather than the central banks and governments who are ultimately responsible for this inflationary issue.”

    “”In Ireland, the Consumer Association’s Chief Executive stated

    “I don’t know if we can say consumers are being deliberately misled but they are being put in a position where it becomes very difficult to make informed decisions.””

    Such is the story of inflation. It is a lot higher than the official rate. The official rest is masked by adjustments, both seasonal and hedonic, and now by “Shrinkflation”. Buy for the same price but receive less in volume and less in quality.

    We all know our grocery bill increases by nearly double digit rates each year.

    There is also a misappropriation of the cause of inflation. People and misinformed officials blame greed, trickery and deceit rather than the real cause. The true cause of inflation is caused by the debasement of your currency, the money you spend is worth less and less each year.
    how and why this is, is never discussed by mainstream economists. Central bankers and the commercial bankers use of the costless expansion of our money supply is not discussed, let alone blamed.

    Where is the article of consequence of the endless production of money. Nowhere in the false, fake news media. Nowhere on this blog either, a so called economic blog which seems in fact to be more of a social science blog.

    The talk and blather is about everything rather than the real issues that would solve anything.



  18. Be prepared to get your own back after Brexit is passed.

    “There are thought to be about 13,000 foreign offenders in Britain, including 6,000 who have served sentences and are awaiting deportation. The top two nationalities are Polish and Irish, both EU members.”


    • terryhewett

      The big bonus is getting rid of the 23,000 jihadi sympathisers and terrorists: at the moment it takes 10 years for the Brits to get rid of just one item because of ECHR and ECJ.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I think that there is a lot, a lot more jihadi sympathisers than 23,000 in Britain… Because in a April 2016 opinion poll, 2/3 of Muslims in Britain said they support Jihad and would not share terrorist info with police.
        The following statement doesn’t come from President Donald Trump, but from someone with very liberal views – Mr Trevor Phillips, former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (from an interview with Channel 4):

        “For a long time, I, too, thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape,”

        P.S. At the end of the thread under the previous article, I’ve addressed your inquiry about Joseph Conrad.

        • terryhewett

          Yes I think you are right: I only used the figure of 23,000 since that was the one quoted in the press.

          I had forgotten all about yr piece on J Conrad: apologies. I am re-reading a translation into the vernacular of The Good Soldier Schweik by Jaroslav Hašek and can’t stop laughing. All translations are different books so I wonder how different the original was.

  19. The peoples representatives now think they are superior to the people they are supposed to serve.

    Jason Chaffetz wants rent money from taxpayers


    If you do not earn enough to warrant being a representative then reduce the size of government to that commensurate with the stipend you receive. Then we will all be happy. OR get another job.

  20. Aidan21

    There appears to be a lot of negative comment re Ireland and how Irish society is organised. I have no doubt that some of those comments are justified and things can be much improved. However I think it is also worth pointing out that society within Ireland appears to be getting something right. Things are not universally negative. Perhaps the UN Human Development Report 2016 may give some encouragement to those who like to see the complete picture rather than just what is wrong.
    Also for what it is worth, I think the main thrust of David’s article is spot on. The union between NI and GB has in no way served NI from an economic point of view. Rather it has engendered an ethos of dependency and expectation, neither of which is healthy. On the other hand the Republic with no Mother England to fall back on had to earn its own living and pay for its own services by its own hard work. Such a lesson NI would do well to learn. Perhaps in a new and agreed Ireland the worst aspects of both NI and ROI can be addressed and Ireland can become an even better country than the one depicted (very well it has to be said) in the above report.

    • terryhewett

      Too early to say Aidan: we need to wait until all the dust settles. But broadly Ireland is between 3 hegemons: the EU, the UK and the US and if the cards are played with skill Ireland can triangulate between all three and is thus in a fortunate position.

      But only one hegemon: that of the EU: wishes to subsume Ireland’s sovereignty into a satrapy of a European State.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “There appears to be a lot of negative comment re Ireland and how Irish society is organised. I have no doubt that some of those comments are justified and things can be much improved. However I think it is also worth pointing out that society within Ireland appears to be getting something right”

      My negativity mainly focuses on one thing: that there are 2 Irelands and 2 Irish societies.
      There is the very competitive, stressful sector ranging from small companies, people lured by corporations, self-employed, and the whole service sector ranging from hospitality to small financial (who have to be nice 24/7 to some customers, who – even if it’s a minority – can be absolute assholes to them, treating them worse than aristocracy used to treat housemaids).
      This is the “survival of the fittest” sector.

      And there is the sector where there is absolutely no price discovery, monopolies and oligopolies, and cushty inherited jobs. These people are the most fussy of customers of the first group.
      It’s not only my opinion, even OECD has recently remarked that, ie, oligopolies in Ireland’s waste collection sector are actually encouraged by the Irish state.

      There is also some groups that cannot be classified to any of the 2, but you know what I mean.

      ULTRA COMPETITIVE SERVICES SECTOR (btw, in PP terms, Irish hospitality sector wages are one of the lowest in Europe – especially with no tipping culture) – apart maybe from solicitors and dentists AND HIGH-TECH IT SECTOR (BUT BASED ENTIRELY ON THE US INVESTMENT) IS STUCK IN THE ULTRA OLIGOPOLY, UNIONISED MARXIST SECTOR (this is not only public v private sector, as many public sector workers are employed on 1/2 of their seniors wages doing thing in one person that 3 of their seniors are unable to).

      The result? DESPITE the recession,. Ireland was SLIDING on the competitiveness index.



      Many years ago, a very similar situation happened to me as it happened to Mr Dirk Klinger, when my poor mum visited Ireland (I paid all her expenses and showed her the whole Ireland).

      All I am saying is: that Ireland, one of the richest country, had Europe’s worst public transport (and the only capital in Europe of over 1 million with no metro) is just no good enough for the 21 century.

    • coldblow

      Aidan, out of interest what do you consider the worst aspects of Northern and Rep Ireland

      • Aidan21

        I speak as a Northern nationalist so you can interpret my remarks from that perspective.
        IMO the North has a culture of dependency and expectation that absolutely throttles economic growth. There is no economic imperative to get stuck in and generate the wealth needed to finance the services that are expected/demanded. If the British leave or a New Ireland agreed the North will undergo a massive economic shock that will make or break the place.
        Regarding the Republic there is a greater disparity between the haves and the have nots compared to the North, this may be most evident in the Health Service. However compare the Republic to where it was 50 years ago and the changes have been amazing. So there has been good progress on social equality but it still is a ‘work in progress’.
        Another observation I have regarding the Republic is that the multi seat Dail constituencies does not lend itself to producing Ministers that are always fit for purpose. In a multi seat constituencies the sitting members are forever looking over their shoulder at the opposition and also their party colleagues, always with an eye to holding onto their seats. A politician who is a minister in the government needs to do their job on behalf of the nation and not spend their time looking after the parish pump. If a method could be found to bring in talented people to serve in the government who can concentrate on that job then the quality of government may improve.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Interesting comment.
          Regarding the Dail: “the multi seat Dail constituencies does not lend itself to producing”.
          Do you think that FPTP would be better for ROI (or future united Ireland) than STV? Or, which system do you propose instead? I can tell you that RP turned out to be a complete disaster in 1990s Poland, and led to Italy-style instability; so then they replaced it with D’Hondt, but that has some huge downsides too (and what doesn’t?), and in the last general election, the party who came third in the number of seats had – as the main point of their manifesto – to replace it with the Irish STV (interestingly, in Ireland, they came first – which would indicate that the Polish diaspora in Ireland was of an opinion that STV works rather well in Ireland; otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for them in numbers far exceeding the number of votes in Poland proper, where the party came out third).

          • Aidan21

            I think FPTP is one of the more imperfect ways democracy can express itself. With multi seat constituencies usually every person feels comfortable with at least one of their elected representatives. In the North my MP is a member of the DUP and I feel he is not in the least sympathetic to my point of view (which he is perfectly entitled to so do). So I am less inclined to ask for his help. At least in multi seat constituency I can find someone who may be more sympathetic to my perspective.
            Perhaps the model used in the Scottish Parliament of Additional Members (e.g. see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixed-member_proportional_representation ) may prove to be helpful in electing members to the Dail that are talented and who do not have to be forever watching their backs.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            They all have upsides and downsides, and one has to say that a big, big advantage of FTPT is that – as it gives control to one party – you know who is responsible for what, and the parties cannot blame their failing on their lesser coalition partner (although this of course may now change if the Conservatives experience their Golgota with the DUP: I am very intrigued how they will carry on – it might be very difference to their experiences with the Liberals, who just stood there sticking out like a sore thumb).
            However, specifics of each country should be taken into account when thinking of which system is the best (Montesquiteu did precisely that, analysing each country allowing for their geography, temperament, climate and population).
            In 1990s Poland, there were over 250 parties. Proportional representation was hell on earth – governments depending on the whims of 2 or 3 MPs (1993 Suchocka’s – albeit catastrophic – government had collapsed by one vote in the Parliament, because someone went to the toilet during the voting; and it still could have survived if PM Suchocka agreed on just one demand of a party consisting of 3 MPs: lowering VAT from 22% to 13%).

            Not only it was unstable, but it was also very prone on politicians being bribes by lobbies and, sometimes, foreign involvement (the 1992 collapse of Jan Olszewski’s government).

            Paradoxically, what makes the political system in the North more stable is that there are only two political orientations really: the Republicans and the Unionists, as the “outside the United Ireland/NI division” politicians don’t count.

            But this stability also prevents NI from having any change implemented, because both SF and DUP politicians are not as much interested as to how to grow a cake, but how to divide it into tasty pieces (if the UK subsidies were gone, the FTPT would probably collapse because too many different groups of interest would materialise and express their demands).

            However, this “With multi seat constituencies usually every person feels comfortable with at least one of their elected representatives.” is a very good point that you have made.


            Bear in mind, that if you have dozen or more parties in the Parliament, and PR nearly always leads to that, your voice will ALSO not be represented, because admittedly, almost everyone will get an MP who would share his or her views, but scattered into dozens of parties, in governments often consisting of more than 5 parties, and coalitions consisting of more than 10 just to get a strong representation – those MPs will not have any real influence on anything; what will have most influences will be lobbies and mafias (that’s why it is so difficult to eradicate mafia in Italy).
            And, like I said, noone is really responsible for anything (“we had that in our party manifesto, but our 4 coalition partners didn’t agree on that”).

            So maybe, like you say, the Scottish Parliament of Additional Members would be the best for for Northern Ireland – I would have to think of that more.

            This, as far as I know, is the system that Mr Victor Orban has in Hungary;
            this is an article on their system (admittedly from an author I don’t respect, but this column is sort of ok):


            Btw, did you know that when the English and Scottish Parliamentarians were planning their union of Scotland and England, they first came to Kraków, and studied the documents of Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania to find out how does not make a union of two countries (although, of course, England and Scotland at the time didn’t have as much freedom as the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania did, neither it had all those religious freedoms – but I am sure you will see some similirarities)?


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “how does not make a union of two countries” = how does one make a union between two countries.
            “it was also very prone on politicians being bribes by lobbies” = “it was also very prone to politicians being bribed by various lobbies”

  21. Pie Squared

    “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.” And our NI junkie’s getting old!

    The Western World’s moved on since that 19th century quote of Karl Marx. ISIS suicide bombers are the overdosed nihilists in our 21st century. The Republic’s in an absolute frenzy of scrubbing itself clean of its Catholic past, wearing out the soap and in some respects throwing the baby out with the bath water – but that’s another story. We now have a leader who is from a Hindi/Catholic background, who attended a C of I School and is non practicing.

    Stiff upper lip Father UK’s always been too busy with bigger things to truly connect to its once brilliant NI troubled son. Battered Mother Ireland’s had her hand extended since 1848 when the Irish Tricolour was first unfolded. Green for Gaelic, Orange for Orangemen and White in Truce. Her feeble gesture’s been rebuffed by the recalcitrant ever squabbling siblings the DUP and SF, each with an interest in fleecing or f***g the junkie.

    There’s a brilliant book on Psychology called the Time Paradox, which classifies people ito their dominant time orientation: future, past or present. Read the past orientation summary here http://www.thetimeparadox.com/2008/08/03/an-overview-of-time-perspective-types/. It ends: “with a negative past, they become Smithsonians of trauma, failure, and frustration, endlessly recycling the non-modifiable past despite current good times.” This sums up both sides of the polarising NI political spectrum.

    Our junkie does not need more dope enabled by Big Sister DUP and paid for by Remote Father, or more denial and neglect from Abused Mother. Neither does he need to be driven to the needle by the endless baiting by Big Sister DUP of little brother SF and the ensuing meaningless wars. He needs all the help he can get and a strong family with his interests at heart. Those interests are far, far bigger than labels or history. Both Father and Mother need to accept their enabling role, speak up and change.

    Mother Ireland and Father UK need to get over themselves, look to the best future for their wayward son, talk as responsible adults about their aging addict and agree:

    How to get him into Rehab
    Off Heroin
    Into a 12 Step (without the God bit, maybe Universe, but at any rate a wider view)
    With an objective sponsor (the word objective is key)
    How to reintegrate him into society (which will in time be Ireland)
    How to help him stand on his own two feet
    How to help him back on his feet when he falls off the wagon
    How to appreciate both sides of the Tribe he is from
    How to thrive and prosper for future generations

    All the above need understanding, care, diplomacy, time, effort, planning, resources, collaboration, acceptance, openness, forgiveness and hope.

    It is a formidable task. It will not be easy. There will be casualties.

    It means stopping the petty squabbles, dropping the comfortable mantle and rhetoric of fear, standing up, setting a new course, walking a new road and looking up. Together.

    It is not purely a charitable act or something we can shove under the carpet for much longer. The future of this island and all its people is inextricably linked with the success of our “Prodigal Son.”

  22. tony_murphy

    Once abortion is legalised in Ireland and Northern Ireland, the catholics are more often than not to abort their children. Perhaps that is why the DUP allowed the conservatives to pay for Northern Irish women to go the UK for terminations.

    So a united Ireland is less likely as a result

    • Truthist

      I understand ur 1st paragraph ;
      But, the link between that & ur conclusion “So, a united Ireland is less likely as a result” I do not understand as logical follow-through.
      Please explain at ur convenience.
      Anyway, ur 1st paragraph relays very significant observations.

  23. coldblow

    Grzegorz, this Polish journalist mentions the 1,000 Christian Syrian refugees who Poland accepted only for them all to clear off to Germahny where they get better benefits. (You mentioned this a few months ago.) If we are forced to accept refugees, she asks, are we then expected to fence them in to stop it happening again? One couldn’t make it up.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Oh, Ms Rybinska is brilliant. She is one of the very few sane voices in the German media, and the sheer fact that she was allowed to show up there (albeit 2 or 3 times a year, and if you listened to the whole program, the rest of the crowd was singing the same song – like in maoist China) would suggest that they themselves (so Ms Merkel, as German media is ruled by 3 oligopoly media groups – 2 of them managed by her friends) feel that they’ve gone too far with the “refugees”, apart from Martin Schulz, who I think really has some mental problems – probably going back to the sinister role his family played in Nazi Germany – how uneasy they must feel about if, as you perhaps, remember, one of their parties website found it necessary to denounce rumours spread by some Polish blogger on Martin Schulz (I quoted here their démenti in German): I moved and eternally thankful by that unexpected interest overseas in my insignificant person.

      I don’t know if you got that impression, but to me it sounded like a kind of unofficial offer: “please, stop playing the enfant terrible role in the EU that Britain used to play, and we will stop being cunts to you on NordStream 2 and anti-Polish propaganda” – what German politicians overcalculated though is that Poland now has a government who is neither seeking German praise, nor cares about the EU subsidies (which only benefited Carolingian companies in Poland anyway) or their hoots of derision, cackles and growls.

      “If we are forced to accept refugees, she asks, are we then expected to fence them in to stop it happening again? One couldn’t make it up.”

      Mr Marian Kowalski once sarcastically notices: “there are no Polish supermarkets anymore, no Polish cars; soon there will be no Polish coalmines and all we will have left will be ‘Polish death camps’”.

      Anyway, turn on the subtitles on the fourt button from the right if they don’t show up (this is on what was happening under the government of the current EU President, Donald Tusk – and the EU was OK with that):


      And this is how the Polish media see Ms Merkel (to turn the English subtitles on, you have to go to Settings third from the right, and in Settings scroll to Subtitles/CC (fourth down) and change into English:


      Would the Irish televion laugh so much at Ms Merkel and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and the “fascist Poland’s” media laugh at Chancellor Merkel and Mr Jaroslaw Kaczynski? Although I do appreciate the Irish sense of humour, I think not.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I’ve found out interesting facts about climate and history:

      1. In Middle Ages, English wines were considered better than French, so much so that the French passed a law limiting its import
      2. I knew that when Spanish armada invented England, there was a storm and many ships sank due to 30 feet high waves. What I didn’t know is that many also died because they froze to death – temperatures dropped to below zero. In early September!
      3. During Napoleonic wars, the air was so dense that in one of the Napoleonic soldiers wrote in his memoir that the snow flakes weren’t dropping on the ground, but floating – creating dream-like war.
      4. When Tambora volcano exploded in 1815, Hungarians were surprised in winter that their snow was brown, and Apulia (in southern Italy) was surprised that their snow as red. I’m even more surprised that Apulia was getting snow! As far as I remember from previous readings, the only weather element I’m missing in Ireland – dry snowy winters – was present in Ireland at the time (apparently until March). Although I don’t know if the snow in Ireland was dry in winters in 19th century – maybe it was the terrifying sleet.
      5. The Little Ice Age helped to develop modern agriculture – Europe from eastern Europe to western Europe (but not southern) changed from cereal agriculture to crop agriculture. The additional upside was that if someone invaded a village, they couldn’t burn crops, because potatoes were underground. But one country stuck to the bread-only tradition – France (even the King promoting potatoes didn’t convinced the French peasants to eat them – so when the price of food started to skyrocket due to cooling climate and John Law’s paper money experiment, the French peasants preferred to starve than eat potatoes).

      I also remember reading memoirs of a Wehrmacht soldier who invaded the Ukraine (I mean, not on his own, but with more Wehrmacht soldiers) – and this was a chap who had been fighting in Afrika Korps before. And he said that the heat in the Ukraine was worse in the Ukraine than it was in Africa.

      Btw, you might remember the “nuclear winter” hypothesis in 1970s/1980s (I remember it from a school as a child). I think that there is some niche resurgence of it now, albeit in small minority of scientists.
      I wonder if there were any scientists who never abandoned the “nuclear winter” hypothesis, and were preaching it all the time from 1970s to now?

      The reason this nuclear winter thing fascinates me is because as far as I know, the global coolings were coming down much, much faster than global warmings: 10 years or so; apart from that, I have very vivid memories of going through snowdrifts as a child, and that on the All Saints Day (in Poland on November 1) there was a l w a y s snow (now parts of winters in Poland are similar to Irish, while others are like winters proper – except that snow in Poland can now also fall in April/early May – and I don’t remember it as a child (I remember going to countryside in Easter and getting excited if we saw places along the highway where there was still snow).

      From your memory, were the winters and summers cooler in your childhood? And was the climate in Ireland so different to that in England as it is now (that you can have a month snow in England and cold rain in Ireland? – which for some reason most Irish consider as better than snow…)?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Spanish armada invented England” – of course, they invaded England, not invented it – although by invading it, they also helped England to reinvent itself.
      I am getting a lot of these Freudian slips recently, even though I don’t believe in Freudims.
      Anyway, how can one believe in a writer that all that he had done was to rip off and vulgarise Schopenhauer – to which he didn’t own up until late age (he maintained that he was unaware of Schopenhauer – just to let you know, that Schopenhauer was the late 19th century THE most popular thinker – so this is like someone living in the 1960s London and hearing of “The Beatles”). And you probably know better than me (as you recommended to me the excellent “Century of the Self” – though I had watched it before) that Freud would have never took off if Barnays had not made him popular in the US.
      But did you know that when Freud visited the US, he said to Barnays that they are applauding me, but they are unaware that I am bringing them pest? So maybe Freud became aware of the nihilistic consequences of his theory, and maybe even stopped believing it himself. But then why didn’t he recant it, like Wittgenstein basically recanted all his earlier theories from the “Tractatus” (so much so that the philosophers speak of Wittgenstein I and Wittgenstein II, as if they were completely different people)?
      Was Freud too vain to recant it, or maybe he didn’t know what to replace it with?
      Btw, you know the loony called Wilhelm Reich. I found out that he was actually convicted of some sexual offences. But I recently found out that he gave an interesting advice – rather than attack Christianity directly, his students should try to sexualise children; that way children will be emotionally unhinged on the one hand, and – dissatisfied with sex they are not mentally prepared for – eager to look for acceptance from new groups on the other hand – and thus more gullible to accept the cultural Marxism. Clever fuck, wasn’t he? To me there is something almost satanic about wretched people being so intricate in their evil plans: I think this will make me put Reich as a man even more dangerous than Crowley (because Crowley was too extravagant to be accepted by most people, whereas Reich found a way to appeal to the stupid hippie masses).

      • Deco

        As Slick Willy proved, a senior politician can rape many women, and the feminists will look the other way. No sexual offences discussion on CNN for Slick Willy.

        As long as one is a superficial liberal, it all gets shoved under the carpet.

        Minimal coverage of A. Weiner sending sexual images of himself to underage girls. No mention of his laptop, or the deleted files from Hillary’s famous server – which was hacked by six different countries including China. And probably including Russia, as some of the countries were never identified.

        Minimal coverage of the “Podesta”phile.

        The Democratic Party are corrupt. But never mind – they are corrupt in favour those with the power in the media.

        • Truthist

          Re ; “Podesta”-phile
          HEADING ;
          Pizzagate: The Podesta ‘pizza’ emails
          Posted on June 30, 2017 by Dr. Eowyn
          Did you know that 4 days ago on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, John Podesta testified before Congress in a closed-door hearing?
          Here’s a tweet from Alt-Media journalist Jack Posobiec of Rebel Media:
          John Podesta is a longtime Democratic Party operative who was White House chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s administration, White House counselor in the Obama administration and, most recently, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.
          He is also the namesake of a collection of very curious emails published by WikiLeaks just days before the 2016 presidential election. The emails contain cryptic references to “pizza” and other food items (“hotdogs”; “pasta”; “tempting” “cheeses”; “yummy” “sauces”), believed by many in the Alternative Media to be code words that pedophiles use to communicate with each other about their criminal activities.
          One of the parties in those emails is James Alefantis, a former boyfriend of powerful Democratic Party operative and Clinton loyalist David Brock.
          Though only a pizzeria owner (of Comet Ping Pong near Capitol Hill), curiously Alefantis was named by GQ magazine as the 49th most powerful person in Washington, DC.
          It is the Podesta “pizza” emails that gave rise to term Pizzagate.
          Certainly, Andrew Breitbart had thought Podesta to be a pedophile.
          A year before his sudden death from a heart attack, though he was only 43 years old, Breitbart in a tweet called Podesta a “cover-upperer” for a “world class” child sex slave operation.’

  24. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    A question that is likely to provoke pro-Europeans (and maybe even some Eurosceptics) – so that includes me (I’m also pro-European – I want Europe based on Christianity, Roman Law and Common Law traditions, and Greek philosophy):

    SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: which one of these countries is more pro-European?

    1. “Greece’s defence minister threatens to send migrants including Jihadists to Western Europe”



    2. “Italy demands EU nations share burden of migrant arrivals”



    3. Poland says: “Where are you heading, Europe? Rise from your knees and from your lethargy [...] you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us?”



    Admittedly there are no friends or enemies in foreign politics, but only common interest: however, that doesn’t mean that there are no lunatics.
    Greece and Italy: we are f…d, so no we want you to be f…d too.
    Is this friendly attitude, is this sane?


    P.S. “then those decisions will have to be implemented by force” – Martin Schulz, a true democrat, speaking of V4.
    P.S.II. In case some naive people on this blog think that this is about people escaping from wars, think of this: Austria implemented the same “refugee” policies as Hungary, yet the Carolingians only want to put sanctions on V4. How strange. Or maybe they know that Austria joning V4 will mean the END for M i t t e l-E u r o p a/G r o ß r a u m.
    As the “Berliner Zeitung” wrote, “Poland and Hungary are more dangerous than ISIS”.

    To paraphrase President Chirac’s words in Warsaw, Germany (not to confuse with all Germans – though Chirac wasn’t so subtle in his statement to Poles) has just missed the opportunity to shut.
    If they think that they are dangerous to German elites now, I wonder what they will do if Poland – with the US backing – demands trillions of euros in WWII reparations (Warsaw destruction alone was estimated at nearly $900bn).


    P.S.II. D a v i d Mc W i l l i a m s – you say that Ireland should say that we will never leave the EU. I bet you don’t play poker and you don’t play chess; if you did, you’d know that Ireland should say
    n o t h i n g and keep the suspence, like in a Hitchcock movie – because as the great Siegbert Tarrasch said, a threat is more dangerous than its execution.
    You rightly say that Ireland is the Atlantic country. You rightly say that the US investment (employing 150,000 people in Ireland directly and much more indirectly) is here because of the access to the EU single market. You are not quite consequent though in not concluding that if Ireland wants to keep the US investment and Poland is now US’s most important partner in Europe (as you actually partly predicted a few years ago, though not talking specifically about the US, and mistaking then Polish overpriced weapons purchases from the US and hostile takeovers also known as the “50% Polish debt write-off”), then the correct inference on your side should be that if Ireland wants to have friendly Trump, Ireland should keep closer relations with Poland than she keeps with the Carolingians (apart from the UK and Finland, two other countries important for the US – plus Baltic states and Slovenia, of course) – and that every time there is a conflict with power brokers in Europe – Germany, these countries should support each other in the EU.

    I have another proposal: why not throw Germany out of the EU (unless they vote for reasonable politicians), and devolve back to EC? Fantasy? I’m not sure if any EU country has broken so many EU laws as Germany, starting from Maastricht Treaty, EU rules on subsidies, nomen omen environmental laws (while other countries have been reducing CO2 emissions, their have been rising – Coldblow, I know that this is all bilge anyway, but it made Merkel red in her face when this came out during the summit in which Mr Trump said nyet to that, and first and foremost – Germany and Luxembourg, not Ireland, are Europe’s prime destinations for money laundering due to their d e l i b e r a t e laws.

    Imagine that the whole Europe initiated legal procedures on those breaches; simultaneously with Poland, Czech Republic, Greece and a few other countries demanding war reparations, Mr Trump would back it out, and as a result, Germany would either be thrown out of the EU – and the EU would go back to the pre-Maastricht formula – or the German people would revolt and elect reasonable politcians, like the Poles did (France will just delicately withdraw and listen to the strongest).

    Because so far, the German people have only been electing lunatics; the Austrians woke up a little bit, and the Germans are also waking up – but unlike Austria, they don’t have free media – including social media (and mark my words: I know most of you don’t believe that noone can be worse than Merkel – including on the so called “refugees” – but believe you me: MARTIN SCHULZ CAN).

  25. So what have we learned in 2,067 years ?

    “The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.” … Cicero – 55 BC

    Posted in http://www.lemetropolecafe.com

  26. http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/pm-trudeau-to-meet-with-queen-elizabeth-and-irish-taoiseach-ahead-of-g20-summit/wcm/2dfc3d00-ef6d-4fb6-939b-2ce223e44ffd

    The day before his royal meeting, Trudeau will be in Dublin for talks with Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar. They will discuss the Canada-EU trade deal, known as CETA, and work on a trade agenda to create “good, middle class jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.”

    Following his U.K. visits, the prime minister will head to Hamburg, Germany for the G20 summit on July 7 and 8. The gathering is expected to focus on such issues as climate change, global health and gender equality.
    More carbon taxes, disburse the wealth, Gotta lecture those new immigrants, rape and pillage is not good form especially when we are paying the freight.

    • Deco

      Trudeau will be found everywhere now, getting his face in TV coverage – except in the imploding Canadian banking sector/real estate market.

      Reminds me of Bertie in the canary coloured suit.

  27. Truthist

    Some “Home Truths”
    Irish Isles is NOT part of British Isles
    Irish Isles is part of Europe … now
    But, perhaps before, Irish Isles was part of Atlantis.
    Irish Isles is the country of Ireland
    The country of Ireland consists of present-day Irish State territory + its Islands AND North-East of Ireland [ NEOI ] + its islands.
    For simplicity I refer, hereon in this post, to :
    citizens of Irish State as Southern / Southerners
    citizens of UK born & bred in NEOI as Northern / Northerners
    Aside from their religion basis in hating Southern Catholics as also they hate Northern Catholics, Northern Protestants despise Southerners on basis that Northern Protestants rate Southerners as contemptuously intellectually inferiors to them vis-a-vis :


    The Northern Protestants did excel in these fields during Scottish Enlightenment & thereon in the British Industrial Revolution ;
    The British Industrial Revolution being the 1st Industrial Revolution in the history of the world.
    Actually, the Southerners did have pockets of excellence in all of above — bar that of law-making — in Dublin & Cork regions at least.
    Obviously, “law-making” was by force of the political circumstances the exception.
    Northern Protestants are of 2 basic strata :
    Posh Unionists ; Straddling Middle Class & upwards
    Vulgar Unionists [ aka Loyalists ] ; Working Class & upwards to Straggling Middle Class.
    Northern Catholics understandably have adopted some of the Northern Protestants contempt for Southerners.
    Most Southerners dislike most Northerners
    But, they especially dislike most, & verging on all, Northern Protestants.
    That most Southerners dislike Northern Protestants stems from the following :

    That most Southerners dislike most Northern Catholics stems from the following :


    • Deco

      Concerning point 1, a superiority complex is an inferiority complex covered up. There is a lot of vulnerability in the Northern Unionist population. The fact that their Nationalist neighbours vote for the political apparatchiks of a criminal thug outfit, does nothing to help matters.

      The greatest irony of all – there will be no united Ireland, as long as SF and other similarly Marxist organizations exist at a prominent level.

      Even if there were one political state, it would cover a place that was covered in bloodshed.

      And in response the Minister for Justice will be reading out prepared statements outlining how she “feels” on the matter, as a veneer for the fact that she is unfit for any form of serious responsibility.

      • Truthist

        The aforementioned Jude Duffy I understand would concur with ur correct assessment as to what SF are for long time & now.
        And, she also observes that the Loyalists’ DUP & other political parties are also Marxist.
        SO, WHAT TO DO NOW ?
        Ironically enough, I think wise to seek out quited IRA combatants of that dirty conflict / war who emanate from the South for private honest long-term discussion ;
        Many of them would be highly intelligent & readers & agreeable to independent thinking.
        I believe that engaging with them in fair dialogue rather than the RTE anti-Irish style would reveal them to be very close to ur own perception of matters if only because u are definitely worth listening to & more importantly u have an open & developing mind about complex matters.
        Fianna Fail have flooded their moles into SF anyway.
        Fianna Fail, Fianna Gael, & Labour, are also Marxist.
        Jude Duffy is certain that Mehole is a Fr..m.s.n ;
        This weakness of Mehole’s is the only realistic one on which to pursue for to stop him becoming Taoiseach.

  28. Truthist

    Obviously some Jerks are not-cerebral
    Simpleton “Christ-mocking” Jerks
    And, the converse is true also ;
    Some Jerks are cerebral :
    Intellectual “Christ-mocking” Jerks
    Marquis de Sade [ French ]
    Allister Crowley [ British ; Anglo-Irish ? ]
    Willhelm Reich [ ? ]
    E. Michael Jones ;
    Major Religions and Geopolitics in light of Logos / Reason / Christ

    • Truthist

      Perhaps it is apt to declare the 1st 2 listed intellectual “Christ-mocking” Jerks as respective :
      1st Reich
      2nd Reich
      They being the forerunners of the bauld Willhelm
      Willie then would be the eponymous ;
      3rd Reich
      I wonder did this joker also have African DNA or Rothschild DNA as reportedly did the more infamous / famous one of certain 3rd Reich claim ?

  29. Truthist

    HERE EWES GO … ; Thank u Henry

  30. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Two dozen Democrats get behind bill to lay grounds for removing President Michael D. Higgins on mental grounds – sorry, removing President Donald Trump. And here is the evidence:


    But they need Vice President Mike Pence to agree. Are they mental?

    • Truthist

      A montage of Michael D. Higgins ;
      Courtesy of Pravda-RTE

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Is the man in a sheepskin coat handing in money from STASI to Mr Higgins’ beloved Workers Party? ;-)
        His “support for liberation movements” – such as in North Korea and Jihadi terrorists. Michael D. Higgins’ meetings with the USSR embassador… May I also remind everyone that the Irish left supported the dictatorship of Wojciech Jaruzelski.
        Re – Israel and “wanker”.
        Look – that’s not the point if and where he was right or wrong in the debate. My point is about shocking double standards in the Irish media – waiting for the slightest, the tiniest, the most innocent harsh statements of the likes of Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and even – not to compare incomparable – Sean Gallagher (also, the strange story behind the character assassination of Ms Lucinda Creighton when it turned out that she was too conservative for the Irish media liking – the allegations of money fraud, strangely announced as false after the election). So you have all of this on the one hand, and you have the story with Michael D. calling his opponent a wanker – and the Irish media are shtum about it.
        And the hardest question they asked him in his run for the President of Oireland was something like:
        “Michael – why are you so lovely?”.

        P.S. Wilhelm Reich – the Third Reich. Very good. That brought smile on my face. Very funny :-) Did you come up with that yourself?

        Away from the computer, from documents, from blogging – welcome the outside world, welcome the weekend, welcome the Irish Sea.



        As to the source – of course I know they are infiltrated by BND – and have been from the very start (I mean the German branch of them, but also English, to an extent) – but that doesn’t mean that s o m e of their points they make are not correct – especially about Antifa. So Save it and savour it surreptitiously.

        • Truthist

          I was just about to send to u extensive reply, but my interface to internet crashed ;
          Here is a brief reply.
          All ur argument in 2:55 pm, & 3:03 pm, 1 July 2017 posts are more meaningful handle on Michael D. than the material which I referred to.
          But, I was dealing with the “W..nker” polemic on its merits solely.
          I should have added ur observation that such use of pejorative should make him totally unsuitable as candidate for President of Irish State.
          And, do u not agree that this particular phrase rendered by Michael D. does come across as a bit faggy ?
          Speaking of pejoratives & promoted President of Ire candidates [ promoted by ur good self ], David surely is not President material on the basis of his “He is such a pr.ck.” tweet Re ; Trump [ ostensible President of USA ( But, his nephew is the real President ), & ur great hope as friend to Poland ] ?
          Yip, yet another construction of mine was that on subversive perv. 3rd Reich.

          • Truthist

            Sloppy passage edited ;
            Trump [ ostensible President of USA ( But, his son-in-law JARED KUSHNER -- husband of the beautiful but wicked hyprocrite Ivanka -- is the real President ), & Trump being ur great hope as friend to Poland ]

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “David surely is not President material on the basis of his “He is such a pr.ck.” tweet Re” – David tweeted that.
            Mr Higgins said that in a public debate, on the station with educational ambitions (“Talking history” show, in a family mean time), and above all – in a squeaky, irritated and irritating voice of a frog being robbed against asphalt, like a petulant child going into one of his tantrums – indicating that he simply lacks self-control necessary to be the head of a state.
            Imagine that he was engaged in serious negotiations and said that to Trump or Putin.
            I reckon that the only reason we don’t see him doing it more often is because no one challenges him (when did he ever had any serious debate with people challenging him? – since that one).
            I start wondering if the questions were handed it to him before the debates, like they were handed in to Hitleree Clinton in the CNN debate (except here, unlike in the US, no one would ever do any serious enquiry).

            P.S. His remarks on Che Guevara and Castro verge on mental illness.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “(“Talking history” show, in a family mean time)” = I mean, they have these educational shows like “Talking history”; and Michael D. said it in a family meal time.

            Great example for the youngsters – you don’t know what to say – you should go into a tantrum.

            And it would be still bad (though still unaccaptable) if he could take it himself. But it looks like he cannot:


          • Truthist

            Maybe, just maybe, he has a fetish for those 2 mass-murderers.
            Che Guevara ;
            1/2 Irish ;
            Not that it really meant much to him
            So, not for him the benign revolutionary spirit
            And, his other ancestry 1/2 ? ;
            Of course he was conscious of it, & appreciated & TRUSTED for it.
            For him the malign revolutionary spirit.
            Fidel Castro is thought to be a butch one ;
            But, then I hear that he fathered lots of kids.
            His brother a queen ? ;
            A Varadekar anyway.
            Other than the Castros being de-facto MULTI-BILLIONAIRE malign communist dictators, what other overt “grouping” owns much of Cubas natural resources ?
            Yes … u guessed correctly.
            And, deftly facilitated by the Castros.
            What says Michael D. about that ?

        • Truthist

          And, yes, THE MORE IMPORTANT left-wronger-right-wronger [ It's all relative isn't it dear Chancellor of The Frankfurt School 8-) ] is the IRISH STATE’s MEDIA
          Public [ RTE ]
          “State-censored” / “State-approved” private media
          Local Radio Stations
          the pseudo-intelligentsia that exists as :
          so-called maverick guests on media discussions
          so-called mavericks hosting internet blogs
          inter alia.

        • Truthist

          Man in sheepskin coat is the reporter / voice-over of this montage.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Not to mention the RTE moderator taking over my question to Michael D. during the Presidential TV debate that he wasn’t able to answer (I saw his leg started to go right-left), and relegating it to the expert (not that the expert could answer it either). But other than that, the Irish media care for diversity of views and unbiased approach to all politicians.

    • Truthist

      Here is youtube audio playback of that “W..nker” pejorative from Michael D. Higgins.
      I grant that I agree with many things that he says.
      But, even on these matters I consider him only a Champagne Socialist.
      I am listening to the full joint discussion / interview as I type herein.
      Michael D is actually very impressive.

  31. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Here is why an American conservative, who visited Poland and Germany, prefers Poland to Germany:


  32. Truthist

    More evil results caused deliberately by The Dreadful Few > The “Private” Central Banksters > The Frankfurt School ;
    And, they have been on ur case even before they discovered, or invented accordingly :
    Divide & Conquer
    Fractional Reserve Banking
    Private Central Banking
    The ‘ologies
    War by Proxy
    Worship of them by all ewe guys
    inter alia
    Canada issues ‘unknown’ health card to gender neutral baby
    1 Jul, 2017
    Canada issues ‘unknown’ health card to gender neutral baby
    © Gender Free ID Coalition
    ARTICLE ; Minus the Hyperlinks
    A baby has been issued an ‘unknown’ gender identity health card in British Columbia, Canada, after the child’s parent fought to raise the infant with a neutral gender.
    Kori Doty is a non-binary transgender parent who is also fighting to have the eight-month-old child’s gender omitted from their birth certificate, as well as in any other governmental documents.
    No neutral gender in France, top court tells person born neither man nor woman

    “Often I’ll just say I don’t know yet, or I’m not rushing to apply those types of labels on this kid. Right now they’re just a baby,” Doty says of questions about the child’s gender.
    Doty reportedly gave birth to baby Searyl at a friend’s home last November, and so the newborn’s gender wasn’t recorded by a medical professional. When Doty registered Searyl’s birth with Canada’s Vital Statistics Agency the baby’s gender was listed as “unknown.”
    The agency agreed to register the birth, but is refusing to issue a birth certificate for Searyl as the Vital Statistics Act requires a birth certificate to specify a person’s sex.
    © Kori Doty / Facebook
    Doty filed for a judicial review of the decision, reports the Vancouver Sun, but unexpectedly received a gender neutral British Columbia Services Card for Searyl in June. The card is provided by the Ministry of Health and issued by the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services.
    “I do not gender my child,” Doty said in a statement. “It is up to Searyl to decide how they identify, when they are old enough to develop their own gender identity.
    “I am not going to foreclose their choices based on an arbitrary assignment of gender at birth based on an inspection of their genitals.”
    LGBT rights group wants UK passports to include gender neutral ‘X’

    The gender neutral service card will help strengthen Doty’s case, according to her Lawyer Barbara Findlay.

    Some precedent on the issue has already been set in other parts of Canada: Alberta allows people to put an ‘X’ as a gender marker on birth certificates and other government documents, while Ontario offers gender-neutral health cards and driver’s licences, and plans to extend this to birth certificates next year.

    New York City issued the US’s first nonbinary birth certificate late last year. Germany, which approved gay marriage Friday, became the first country in Europe to allow parents to omit their baby’s gender from their birth certificate in 2013.

  33. Truthist

    @ Deco, & Grzegoz,
    Certain members of “Provisional IRA” & “Sinn Fein”
    Most of “INLA”, & “IRSP” etc.
    Almost all of “Official IRA”, & “Sinn Fein the Workers Party” / “The Workers Party” / “Democratic Left” > Labour Party
    Note ;
    I do not class British Secret Service & old KGB / Mshd moles within any of above.
    They would be devoid of even Nationalist Tendencies
    Jude Duffy
    “…There is almost no white nationalist movement in Ireland to speak of, partly for the reasons already cited, but also because old-school Irish nationalists can have no truck with an Anglo-white nat movement, which, much more often than not, loathes any form of Irish nationalism, and is slavishly devoted to the Ultra-Judaeo-M..sonic tenets of Ulster British Orangeism (an enthusiasm Anglo-white nats share with their alleged enemies in the Talmudic Neocon movement.
    Not that there are many old school nationalists left anyway. From the 1970s onwards, both wings of Sinn Fein/IRA were co-opted by their Anglo-M..sonic enemies, and bizarre as it may sound, both now act as mouthpieces for the anti-nationalist agenda of mass migration and multiculturalism. The same applies to all the other political parties. Indeed, to an extent unparalleled by any other European country, Irish culture is defined by knee-jerk adherence to PC shibboleths.
    Today the country is in a post-depression phase. Wages have been slashed, working hours increased, and draconian new taxes levied—all in response to the manufactured economic “crisis” of 2008. Shatter has been forced out of frontline politicals, but his protégé Dame Enda clings on as Taoiseach by his (varnished?) fingernails—with an openly homosexual half-Indian, Leo Varadkar, waiting in the wings to take over (which he now has). …”
    By golly, Ruth Duffy is not just an excellent analyst, but she is a very talented word-smith too.

  34. http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/tag/share-buybacks/

    JP Morgan Insider Rats Dumping Shares As Bank Ups Buyback
    June 30, 2017Financial Markets, Market Manipulation, U.S. Economybanking collapse, Fed stress test, JP Morgan, market collapse, share buybacks
    After it was announced that the Fed gave the big banks a pass on their “stress” test, the TBTFs announced huge dividend and share buyback plans:

    If the banks had properly marked to market their Level 3 assets and some of their riskiest non-Level 3 assets, would they have still passed the Fed stress test, which essentially places a stress-test “bar” on the ground and lets the banks step over it? Probably not. This would explain why JPM insiders have been dumping shares en masse over the last three months:

    The “buys” are deceptive because those “buys” are the exercising of compensation options. The most aggressive sellers have been CEO/Chairman, Jamie Dimon; General Counsel, Stacey Friedman (hmmm…); and CFO, Marianne Lake (hmmm…).

    With JP Morgan’s announced 90% increase in its share buyback program, the shares will have an even bigger bid in the market from shareholders into which insiders can dump.

    The question is – rhetorical, of course – why would these insiders be dumping shares if the outlook for the Company’s earnings, stock price and financial condition was positive?

  35. “”It isn’t an accident that we (the US–TB) are 20 trillion dollars in debt. The truth is that the debt-based Federal Reserve is doing exactly what it was originally designed to do. And no matter what politicians will tell you, we will never have a permanent solution to our debt problem until we get rid of the Federal Reserve.”"

    The world’s debt is now over 200 Trillion, and the interest and repayments are sucking the lifeblood out of the economy. The banks benefit plus a few sycophants, while the rest of the world is pauperized.

    How many times has this to be said on the blog before anyone actually takes any notice. Ranting and rumbling about anything else no matter how bad it seems will never solve anything. a complete waste of energy until the central banking system is dissolved, the bankers are sent to hell in chains and the key thrown away.


  36. [...] underscores a vast difference in terms of the globalisation of business. Full article here. Despite the DUP/Tory deal today, United Ireland is on the cards – we must have a plan! | David… Sign in or Register Now to [...]

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