June 19, 2017

To best serve his early risers, new Taoiseach must wake up to public transport needs

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Allegedly, the next election and the one after that and the one after that will be fought for the hearts and minds of the “people who get up early in the morning”. Therefore, the battleground is a massive geographical arc of new estates and houses stretching from on the coast at Drogheda out west to Mullingar, down to Portlaoise, sweeping down to Carlow and then finishing up at the sea again in Arklow. This is where alarms go off well before six-thirty in the morning. For these commuters, RTÉ’s ‘Morning Ireland’ is in reality ‘mid-Morning Ireland’ because they are up and out well before 7am.

The election will be about women because women who have just had their first babies will determine who wins this battle. This the result of the fact that mothers who are going back to work after having kids, are on the commuting road in huge numbers. According to the census, the greatest increase in employment in the past five years was seen in women aged 35 to 44.

The census reveals that this huge demographic radius is Ireland’s baby belt. The buckle of the baby belt used to be Naas, now it’s Portlaoise. Every five years or so, the buckle of Ireland’s baby belt loosens a notch or two, easing itself out a dozen miles or so into what used to be rural Ireland. As the arc grows bigger, its circumference maps our outer ‘Communterville’.

These places are Ireland’s exurbs.

The suburbs end just outside the M50 and they then are replaced by the exurbs — large estates built around motorways in a massive radius incorporating and linking previously distinct towns that had nothing to do with each other, such as Kells and Gorey, until now. Today these towns are dominated by a similar daily rhythm — up and out by 6.30am and back home close to 8pm.

This is Applegreen country.

It’s a world of Costa coffee, crèches and burgeoning GAA clubs. This is an Ireland of new immigrant families, displaced Dulchies and conflicted inter-generational loyalties, where dad is pure Hill 16 Dub but the kids are exclusively Royals. In the same way as traditional West Ham supporters now live miles away from their East End roots somewhere in farthest Essex, Dubs GAA supporters are no longer in Finglas, Fairview or Walkinstown, but quite usually Navan, Monesterevin and Castledermot.

These changes are picked up in the 2016 census, which is a treasure trove of information about how we all live today.

First thing that jumps out of the data is our car addiction.

The overall number of people commuting to work increased from 1.7 million in 2011 to 1.88 million in 2016, an increase of 10.7pc. This is a huge increase as the recovery seeped out from Dublin.

The number of people driving to work increased by 85,180 to 1,152,631 and was the largest increase of all categories. We tend to drive alone because although commuting passengers increased to 77,335 in 2016 from 69,164 in 2011, it is still a tiny fraction of those in cars every day.

We are using public transport more, but not enough.

The number of us commuting by public transport has increased by 30,144 persons over the five years, bringing the total to 174,569. This still represents a European low of only 9.3pc of all working commuters.

Cycling has exploded but this is mainly a city affair. In the 2011 census, 39,803 people cycled to work; now it is 56,837 and rising. That’s a huge 42.8pc over the five years.

However, the message from the census is that in order to make people’s lives immeasurably better, Ireland needs huge investment in public transport. This should be the first thing the new Taoiseach does, particularly if he wants to be the “patron saint of those who get up early in the morning”.

Affordable public transport is the key to civilised society. We see this all over Europe. Traffic, traffic jams and the daily hassle of the commute take their toll on families, relationships and people’s health.

Ireland is a tiny country and a few new fast train lines could transform commuting here. As this column has pointed out before, with a better transport system, such as French-style fast commuter trains, most of the main conurbations of Ireland could be accessed east to west and north to south in less than an hour. French TGVs travel at an average speed of 320kmh, meaning that Dublin to Cork — a distance of 157 miles — could theoretically be done in about 45 minutes. Belfast to Cork could be done in under an-hour-and-half, while Dublin to Galway would be just over 30 minutes.

Now imagine how quick people could get in and out of Dublin with such an investment.

The reason we should focus on Dublin right now is because this is where the problem is at the moment.

One very noticeable development in the past five years is that although commuting numbers in the counties around Dublin have increased as those in work have increased, we have not seen, even on a smaller scale, similar developments around Cork, Limerick or Galway.

This was not the case in the Noughties, when new estates were being built around other cities and large towns. Unfortunately, in the past five years the gravitational pull of Dublin has become much stronger.

So while lots more of us are at work, we are at work in the greater Dublin region.

Overall, there were 199,281 more people at work in April 2016 than in 2011. The number of women at work stood at 929,967. The same figure for men is 1,076,674, bringing the total number at work to just shy of two million.

For the new Taoiseach, the battle ground is defined by where people work, where they live and how they get from A to B. Schools, hospitals and public infrastructure need to be centred on where they are demanded. The logical implication of the demographic evidence would be to put a new maternity hospital in Portlaoise where babies are being born, not Dublin 4 that has amongst the lowest birth rates in the country.

The census gives us evidence and data upon which to base policy, let’s use it.

  1. Deco

    From the very start the new Taoiseach has produced an alsolute stinker, out of what to most people seems very obvious.

    The first thing the Taoiseach did was get pulled into the nexus of scandals, that meets in “law and disorder”. He re-appointed a clueless peice of superficiality, back again as the Minister in charge of the Gardai and the Courts (where she is floundering). By extension this means that the scandal prone Garda Commissioner is still in control of the gardai. And then to highlight his cluelessness, he refused to remove the disgraced Attorney General from an appointment to the courts – in what must be one of the most bizarre appointment procedures ever known.

    Basically, she seen the CVs of other judges who were applicants, to a role where she was appointed even though she was not (officially) an applicant.

    So, this is what FG have become. The Lawlessness and Disorder party.

    The above article is too straightforward for FG. The opposition parties managed to get their PR stunt, while ensuring that the appointment was not reversed, in case FG got an opportunity to undo the damage.

  2. Tull McAdoo

    It’s all office politics to these clowns………

    Is there no one left in that Dail, who belongs to the major parties, that gives a shit about the country?

    • Deco

      FG are disgusting with their handling of the gardai, the courts, monitoring opposition TDs, allowing Ireland to be a hub for getting drugs into Europe, refusing to tackle the dodgy fuel smugglers, and generally presiding over a crime supportive regime.

      The drugs problem has never been worse.

      And the fact that the drugs are simply going through Ireland as if it were a main road to everywhere else is now becomming an indication that we have lost control to the point that we are threatening countries which are trying to address the problem.

      For FF all of the above is excellent news and boosts their potential. Meaning they do not want to fix it either.

  3. Deco

    The location/services/infrastructure/settlement question is back with a bang.

    One solution is to build upwards. With the Greenfell disaster, it is now likely that the Dublin authorities will become even more paranoid about vertical develeopment. Meaning more sprawl, and more infrastructure costs. On curret rent levels, higher buildings is the obvioous solution. But the political party machines DO NOT wish to allow the market to fix the residential supply problem.

    Another solution is better integration with existing regional urban centres, like Cork, Galway, Limerick, etc.. This requires massive capital investment.

    The next option is the Kildare-under-concrete option. Which seems to be where things are heading. Just llok at the planning approvals rate. Or observe the Leixlip-Maynooth-Straffan-Celbridge-Kill-Naas-Clane-Sallins-Newbridge belt. A stretch of connected towns and villages now stretching from the Curragh to the Royal Canal.

    There is also the relocation option – which might be a problem if the relocation happens outside Ireland. The cost of living is putting enormous pressure on this option. Sligo, Waterford, Wexford trying to gain spillover investent.

    There is also the move-admin-out-of-the-East-region option.

    As in move state roles to locations outside of the growth regions. This is the decentralization plan with nothing net for Leinster (if we are that Athlone is in Connacht, given that it feels closer in many ways to Galway city than it ever will be to Dublin). A classic example being what Daid says about the National Maternity hospital.

    In Laois it can be on the Dublin-Cork-Limerick motorway junction.

    We definitely need to be examining our options.

    There is a root cause to this current issue.

    We are locating people too far from their workplace, or else their workplace too far from then. We need to examine that, to see if there are policies that can address this.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “if we are that Athlone is in Connacht, given that it feels closer in many ways to Galway city than it ever will be to Dublin”

      This might sound like a wild exaggeration, but I’m actually speaking from my own experience: if you live in Co Carlow – not Carlow town (by far n o t the most remote part of Ireland) and go to Derry every second weekend to see your lassie (waky-waky to get the early bus to Dublin – 2hrs – 1hr wait – 5 hr bus = 8hrs; no transport back from Dublin after 5.30pm, so this is a 2 day trip a l w a y s),
      compared to that,
      while living in Swords, not only Kraków or London feel closer than Derry to Co Carlow,
      I’ve known people who lived in Dublin and worked in London – I don’t know any people who lived in Carlow and worked in Northern Ireland commuting by public transport. Furthermore – you might laugh, but it is true – I asked like 30 young (up to 25) people in that little town in Co Carlow, and none of them has even been to Northern Ireland (maybe that’s changed since the Ra decommissioned, I don’t know), while plenty of them went to Tenerife.
      And I haven’t been in any country in Europe – including Romania and Ukraine – where travelling 326km takes you 8hrs, except for Wales and some parts of Scotland.
      Funny enough, 326 km is more or less the distance between the town I was born and Warsaw, and it only took 2 hrs and 40 min by train – in nineteen f…ing eighties.

      “Ireland is a tiny country and a few new fast train lines could transform commuting here.” – that sentence should be carved in granite and put right at Kildare St, along with another one: “Ireland population density lower than Kenya, Ethiopia and Cambodia, so how da fuck did we end up having rents twice as high as in Germany, and a housing crisis worse than in Singapore?”.
      Btw, the cost of i n t e g r a t e d monthly ticket in Singapore is 54 euro, compared to 200 you’d spend on DB, Luas and DART.

      Every TD should be obliged to start his or her day in the Dail with repeating them sentences 100 times.

      I’d like to summarize it with a quote from John Allen’s arresting “Book of Muckross” (although he speaks of water, but the quote fits perfectly the public transport issue nonetheless):

      “Can this existing system continue to function as we know it or will the people abandon it just like those who once lived in the desert under Lough Neagh”.

      And he concludes with a brilliant display of his bitter-sweet sense of humour:

      “Perhaps all these questions are already answered in Europe and their bureaucratic operations will deem it fit that this chunk of the island of Ireland remains as a European national reserve only, to visit as a European Galapagos” :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


      Btw, I feel compelled to share a story about the power of the well-written literature. As you know, a lot of Germans in the 1960s were buying properties in the west of Ireland. I asked one of them why. He said that it was partly the fear of the nuclear war (west of Ireland was supposed to be unreachable), but mainly it was the depiction of Ireland by Heinrich Theodor Böll – every German had to read it in secondary school, and some bought property in rural Ireland, ensnared by his vision.
      I too read that book, though it wasn’t a textbook in Polish schools (“Waiting for Godot” was – first year of the secondary school; I was surprised to hear that it wasn’t obligatory in Ireland, at least not in all schools); but what left an indelible impression in my mind was the Swastika Laundry cars in Dublin in the 1950s Böll describes: I am not condemning it, I am not applauding it; I am saying – in hindsight, this sounds like another galaxy. Despite their phlegm and propensity to seek a compromise, the Irish seem to be extreme in what captures their collective imagination (the so called activists anyway): if it’s not Hitler, it is Che Guevara; never someone like Edmund Burke or Cicero. It’s either Up Da Ra, or total disarmament.

      Public transport also falls into that observation of the extremism of the o t h e r w i s e compromising Irish: it cannot be a balance of cars, trains, trams, taxis and metros; it has to be 1 line from Dublin to Tullow, one line from Dublin to Bray, one train from Dublin to Cork really (if you don’t live Cork by 7pm, you’re fucked) – and TEN THOUSEND TAXIS.

      In 2006, I moved to south Dublin from rural Ireland. I invited my friend – then a prominent politician of the British Conservative Party – to come to Ireland and visit me over the weekend.

      Having spent 30 minutes waiting for a bus on Sunday, I said: “Did you know that there are over 10,000 taxis in Dublin?”
      “Yea? How many buses do they have in Dublin? – three?”.


      He praised the Irish for not radiating aggression like the English do. “In an English pub, Grzegorz” – he said with a clipped voice – “if you keep bumping into people and forcing your way like you do all the time, someone will give you a thump. Here I can finally relax” – he said with his Eton accent, only to be told by a drunk passer-by to a bar: “The English are always up their ass”. LOL

      Other English couple I knew was enchanted with Ireland though, and they bough property here (in rural Ireland).

      “What attracted you to move here?”, I asked them.
      “It’s like rural England in 1970s!” – they exclaimed. “Though everything takes twice as slow as in the rural England of 1970s”.

  4. michaelcoughlan

    Hello David,

    Our new taoiseach was the same ass hole who thought scam bridge was such a good idea (which it was from his perspective of lowering the cost of labour to fuck all to save business in the bankers recession). What scambridge did achieve was forcing many talent individuals out of the work force or out of the country altogether since why would anyone actually employ someone and pay them right when they had state subsidised free workers.

    “First thing that jumps out of the data”

    Let me tell you the MOST IMPORTANT THING that jumps out of the data.

    More Irish people continue to LEAVE THE PLACE THAN COME BACK TO IT!

    “So while lots more of us are at work”

    Who do you mean us? The Irish is it? One in four kids born here is now born to a non national.

    Let me tell you what our new taoiseach will do if he decides to invest in transport infrastructure;

    1) He will build more airports.


    It will facilitate the process of flying more and more Irish out of the place and more and more cheap foreign labour into it.

    Finally, isn’t it ironic that you contrast baby boomer’s with an individual (who unless himself or his boyfriend get a womb transplant) will never know the sacrifice it takes from mums and dads all over this country to provide for the nurturing of the next generation which our taoisech and all the other mother fuckers like him inside fail eireann treat with such utmost contempt?


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “More Irish people continue to LEAVE THE PLACE THAN COME BACK TO IT!” – I would turn the question on its head:
      considering that that’s been the case since Ireland became independent…
      Are the native Irish better off when they manage themselves, or would they be better off being managed by foreigners (well, Dublin Bus customers certainly would be better off, by 1,600 euro a year – almost 50,000 euro over 30 years – which is a difference between the annual integrated ticket cost in Vienna and in Dublin)?

      For example, why not have – with the unification referendum – a referendum on: “should Ireland become the US’s 52nd state”, emulating the voice of the people of Puerto Rico? Ireland could become California without their silicon boobs, their disastrous education standards, and their high-taxes
      In case Mr Trump doesn’t want us (I don’t think he does: will Ireland be even among the first 20 countries he visits?), I have another solution: proclaim a war against the US and immediately capitulate.
      That way, there is a chance that the trend of the last 100 years of more Irish leaving the place than coming back to it will be reversed: since they’ll all be migrating within one country.

      I would add to that referendum proposal: “or part of the UK”, if it wasn’t for the fact the UK is about to become a caliphate – and there is noone else to blame for that than they themselves, and the governments/London mayors they elect.

      • michaelcoughlan

        I think we would be better being administered by others.

        I think the brits have done the right thing with brexit. This is because I feel the EU project has become too bureaucratic serving banking interests above all else and I especially feel that european countries are being laid waste to save banks. I think the brits said enough is enough.

        I know brexit will be very difficult for a lot of people and the UK will have to take a lot of very tough medicine but I think they will come out of it more competitive and with a more diversified allocation of capital than the current “services industry” model.

        I really feel Ireland should be very benevolent to the UK in it’s hour of need.


      • Deco

        The political gang culture is responsible.

        And that same political gang culture has wrecked America and it turned it from a shining city to an urban plantation – via the “Democratic” Party. Which owes it’s heritage to the Tamanny Hall politics, that has become evident in the Dail.

        The same thing is happening to Britain with the Labour Party.

        And to Canada with the Liberal Party.

        A large left of centre political machine that loves nepotism, backroom deals, dumbed down voters, urban planning controls, big money, media power, and corruption.

        And that abhors human decency or morality.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      One more thing to add about JobBridge: I think that the pressure to keep it going actually came from the employers: you get a motivated (only that kind of person would go the whole way) person for free, who is often better qualified than his/her manager; after 6 or 9 months, it would be about time to start paying them – so you let that person go and get another person for free, and so on, and so forth – that way avoiding the minimum wage legislation. Btw, Dublin Bus earns some money too, as the JobBridge extra money go towards Dublin Bus (in FAS schemes, it doesn’t even cover that – the person on FAS commuting is actually financially w o r s e off than on the dole: gas if you consider that motivation speeches are a big part of that gig; besides, FAS has plenty of legal loopholes).

      And that way, everyone is happy – apart from that person working for free and told to go after 9 months.


      But on the other hand: would the Irish trade unions agree on what the German workers agreed during their recession: that they cut their days of work in factories and wages down to 3 days, but in return, there are no lay offs? I doubt it.

      Because, speaking of “eireann treat with such utmost contempt”, look at Dublin Bus trade unions and their attitude: “dear minimum wage people: we will put up our prices with our falling costs, sometimes you will lose all weekly income because we will strike when we don’t think that twice the wage of an young office worker is good enough – and, dear Irish people, there is fuck all you can do to stop us”.

      What JobBridge companies have done, was only to extend that Dublin Bus attitude to workers in other sectors.

      • michaelcoughlan

        “One more thing to add about JobBridge: I think that the pressure to keep it going actually came from the employers”


        • Tull McAdoo

          Jobbridge was scrapped.

          It is now called Jobpath.

          The new system is privatised and run by an outfit half owned by FRS a recruitment agency headquartered in Roscrea and the second owner is an English firm that was involved with finding work placement for ex-prisoners.

          Think the English outfit were called Worklinks or something like that, anyway they came to my attention when some of there directors were up before the courts for fraud.

          Its only a matter of time before Tory Leo criminalises unemployment……..now that the administration is in place ……Jasus could you make it up….

          • michaelcoughlan

            “Think the English outfit were called Worklinks or something like that, anyway they came to my attention when some of there directors were up before the courts for fraud.
            Its only a matter of time before Tory Leo criminalises unemployment……..now that the administration is in place ……Jasus could you make it up….”

            Fuck in hell.

            It reminds me of a film I saw once where the local jail governor was on the take from local business to supply the convicts for sweet fuck all for various projects. Scum always attracts scum.

            “Its only a matter of time before Tory Leo criminalises unemployment……..now that the administration is in place ……Jasus could you make it up….”

            Not as far fetched as it seems;


          • Tull McAdoo

            Indeed Michael.

            Every North-side of every city in Ireland becomes Belarus, while every South-side becomes Bel air……

            It’s never ceases to amaze me how similar the mindset is for Right Wing type Fascists and left wing Democratic Socialists…….. they are both adamant that they are right.

    • Deco

      Concerning immigration, there is a qualitative question that must be asked.

      If you import problems, then you will always have problems.

      Some countries have very serious criteria for entry. I am talking about some East Asian, African and Latin American countries.

      Meanwhile here is an example of how to do it really badly.


      Needless, to say Angela Merkel is currently the leader that is above all criticism currently, in the media.

      Maybe she might have better things to do that lecturing Trump about the composition of air ?

      Well, there goes Germany as a tourist destination. If fact, there goes Germany. And if there goes Germany, then the EU is rightly bunched.

      • michaelcoughlan

        from the link;

        “The clans — some of which migrated to Germany during Lebanon’s 1975-1990 civil war and have grown to thousands of members — now control large swathes of German cities and towns — areas that are effectively lawless and which German police increasingly fear to approach.”


        I wonder did the penny ever drop with sutherland?

        • Eventually the Germans will get fed up with that and will wipe them out completely.

          It’s only a matter of time.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I always thought that that was the plan, Adam – but it’s not a plan good for us.

            Order out of chaos – Dugin’s concept (Mr Dugin was often invited to Germany at that time).

            Just listening to the man who took REAL financial and other decisions in the EU – German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble – said in 2013, and it looks like the gloves are off (impromptu translation):

            “As a result of globalisation we need a a different form of an international government than national state. A hundred years ago, the national state has achieved its limits of its regulatory monopoly (so these limits of regulation are clearly not enough for EU’s second most powerful (to Merkel) – man, and he thinks that getting rid of national states will enable more regulation – G.K.).

            Back to Herr Schäuble:

            “Today we are creating something new, quite toilfully, but not without hope. We can learn from our errors and mistakes and that’s why I am, all in all, relaxed in regard to worsening situation”

            And now, pray, everyone checks this out, yo:

            “BECAUSE IF THE CRISIS GETS BIGGER, THEN THE POSSIBILITIES TO IMPLEMENT CHANGES WILL BE BIGGER!” (rough-hewn translation, but I wanted to render the play of the words in German original – G.K: “Weil wenn die Krise größer wird, werden die Fähigkeiten, Veränderungen durchzusetzen, größer!”)

            This is in the second clip from the video in the link:


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Actually, a more accurate English translation of the German word “Fähigkeiten” would be capabilities, or one of my favourite English words: “faculties”.
            But I am in a hurry, and I though I must to post this sensational speech of Herr Schäuble (btw, one of the key speakers on annual meetings of German “expellees”. I must.

  5. terryhewett

    A few fast trains will be redundent before they are built:

    The coming technological change will revolutionise travel: electric cars and driverless/connected data technology renders rail lines as a means to guide a vehicle to its destination no longer necessary.

    See: As the age of autonomous vehicles nears, why are policy wonks focused on the past?

    “The delegates to the 1898 urban planning conference failed to recognize the developments that would transform their world. Today’s transportation infrastructure discussions — about building a $10-billion bus terminal in New York, or a $70-billion high-speed rail system in California — may prove similarly short-sighted. These transportation mega-projects don’t seem to take AVs into account. Yet by the time these initiatives are completed, AVs will be a major part of the transportation landscape.”


    And: Driverless public transport will change our approach to city planning – and living

    “fundamental change could turn transport and urban planning on its head. Autonomous vehicles are likely to be used very differently from the vehicles of today – replacing existing transport businesses and creating new ones.”


      • Deco

        In other words, the market will probably solve the problem anyway ?

        Well, in that case the CIE unions will have to get involved to prevent that happening.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      This time, I don’t quite agree with you.
      First of all, driveless cars will n o t address the problem of congestion in Dublin and Dublin commuter belt. Once again, I’d like to quote these stats: an average person in Ireland spends 70% more time in a car than a Parisian and 30% more than in L.A. – and L.A. is pretty congested anyway.
      They might or might not have their own advantages (though personally I prefer machines I can control), but east coasts problems lie elsewhere – as everyone who was getting into a 20min timewarp on Dundrum Bypass while commuting to work can testify (not to mention the famous Red Cow junction, which looked like after Luftwaffe bombing for a decade).

      Secondly, “The delegates to the 1898 urban planning conference failed to recognize the developments that would transform their world.” – not that they failed to recognize the developments, but r a t h e r the state legislators skewed the development to suit the oil industry (before that, rail transport was a prime example of capitalism and free market, with constantly falling prices at a pace far exceeding wage deflation and, as a result, r e a l wages going up: the opposite of post-Bretton Woods system).

      In order to better understand what I mean by legislators skewing the hitherto public transport development, p r a y,
      w a t c h this from 25 min 55 second to 29 min 30 sec, and I promise thee, thou shalt not regret:


      P.S. And what great opportunity for the states to extort new taxes via petrol tax.
      P.S.II. Of course, I am a car and motorsports lover (I go to Formula 1 races when I can), lest you think I am against car: I am against oligopolies, and the ideal solution is railways (subsidised by taxpayers) competing with cars (subsidised by taxpayers via motorways building) in the FREE MARKET conditions.
      Which we don’t have in Ireland, hence Dublin Bus must be demonopolised and then privatised.

      P.S.III Bible on Dublin Bus monopoly rent, and other monopoly extortionist practices:

      “Amos 5:11
      Therefore because you impose heavy rent on the poor
      And exact a tribute of grain from them,
      Though you have built houses of well-hewn stone,
      Yet you will not live in them;
      You have planted pleasant vineyards, yet you will not drink their wine.”

      Well, the heavy rent and the well-hewn stone houses – that fits in the RTE pretty nicely, does’t it? 165 euro from each slave to watch Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy… – imagine what television WE could build with that kind of money…

      • Deco

        Ironically enough, I would appoint Judge Judy to the High court, before I would appoint a liar whose performance in defence of that clown Garda boss Callinan, is gobsmacking in it’s implications.

        The Garda are behaving with pervasive amateurism. And an Attorney General who not merely tolerates this, but facilitates it, is appointed to a senior judicial position.

        This is astounding.

        Were it not for social media, and the inability to control expression on the internet, the politicians would ignore it.

        As things stand they are compelled to to be “seen to be outraged”.

        Being “seen to be outraged” is NOT enough.

  6. Deco

    Ireland’s poltical establishment has given a cursed gift to other English speaking countries – the political machine that turns votes into all sorts of crookedness.

    One particularly galling example is in Chicago. Where the political machine has produced mediocrity, nepotism and fiddling for decades.

    In fact it has complete contaminated American politics. Americans are now wondering if it has turned America into a banana republic.


    Here is the most interesting aspect of this.

    Irish establishment media coverge.

    The Irish media does not want you to see anything wrong with this sort of approach to political power. In fact we are a conmtrolled people, where even the suspicion of this sort of poltical ideology is depicted as akin to a social pariah tendency.

  7. michaelcoughlan


    I wonder why no main stream economists here are sounding the claxon?

    • Deco

      The Schiller CAPE has just reached October 1929 levels.

      Now would be a good time to sell that peice of stinking manure that is AIB. And the next time it fails, leave it. It really is NOT worth saving. It bankrupts the country once a generation. And it is contains more scandals than even Anglo.

      And for some strange reason, the media in Ireland wants us to beleive that AIB is the vitality of the people. It is not. It is sucking the vitality OUT of the people.

    • Because everyone is too busy scurrying around like ants getting from A to B. nobody has time to step back and see the forest from the trees.
      Alternatively the economists who dare say anything are hemmed in by the main stream press from disseminating any real news.

      Nobody listens until it is too late. A prophet is without honour in his own country.

      anybody who brings the real news is shot, figuratively speaking.

      Most people are plain stupid. Lemmings all.

      You are none of the above Michael and so you suffer for your enlightenment. My offspring do not listen to me. Neither do most of my family except my brother. A lot of the people who I know who “get it” are too broke to do anything to protect themselves.

      Those in a position to do something about it, who must have read the many comments by yourself and others, are too self centred to work for the common good. It will be financial and social marginalization if such as they step out of line. The same with the Climate change debate. Of course there are away more scientists questioning the dogma than those on the side of government but all are ridiculed, after all like no other subject, the science is settled!!.

      Most economists have little credibility when it comes to most economic positions taken, and none at all on the government position on climate change.

      And you wonder why no main stream economists are sounding the klaxon? It is because their education persuades and binds them and they follow the money. It is called a lack of integrity.

      Have a great day Michael, it is not your fault although it may be your problem!!

      • Deco

        Of course the people are lemmings. They get their instructions from Pravda/RTE.

        If they knew what was really happening, and how they are controlled like cattle, they would change quickly.

        In case that happens, here is a sports based bullsh1t run to keep you all preoccupied whilst you get robbed again.

      • To add to your thoughts , Michael. This type of analysis/commentary does not come from economists or MSM. So discard those sources and be thankful you are smarter and better informed than they are.

        Posted at http://www.lemetropolecafe.com

        The 1973 price of gold in CAD was about $C50. That means the present price of about $1700 is 34 times higher. In silver, the 1975 price is about $4 with the present price at $C22. That means silver has appreciated in CAD by a factor of only 5.5, compared to 34 fold in gold. THAT MAKES SILVER A FAR BETTER BUY THAT GOLD AS SILVER IS OBSCENELY CHEAP. Anyone selling silver at present prices is being grossly cheated. Yet if you look at silver’s chart, it is clearly still in an uptrend after central banks’ efforts to cap the price in 2011. Although this worked,, it didn’t work as well as in the previous monetary crisis in 1971. Silver is still in the early stages of a bull market. Look at gold. Although suppressed, gold is in a strong uptrend. Eventually, silver will follow, and then surpass gold when it breaks free of the suppression imposed by the derivative markets. If you were to draw a line along the underside of the gold chart since 2005 when gold broke out, you would find that gold is rising at a minimum 9.5% per year, while silver is rising at a rate of 9.1%. Treasury bonds yield 2% and that’s about as high as you can get in a bank term deposit. More importantly, this appreciation rate is a little in excess of the Canadian REAL inflation rate of around 8% per year. What I am trying to say in my usual verbose way is gold and silver are better vehicles in which to ride your savings that paper assets like banks, bonds or stocks. You can do better with stocks but these paper assets are extremely over-valued and RISKY.

        The world has been in a slow-motion breakdown of the dollar centric monetary system since the late 1960’s when the world realized the United States had grossly violated the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement by over-printing u.s. dollars. This resulted in the first visible stumble of the System in 1971, when the United States “went off the gold standard”. What a nice way of saying “defaulted on its international debt”. That’s what it was. The Dollar had World Reserve Status only as long as the paper dollars were redeemable in gold as gold was, and is the real money in the system. The U.S. in 1971, refused to redeem. At that point, the dollar became an empty promissory note and it has been ever since. That means the United States has been buying up the world with empty pieces of green paper. Gold exploded 24 fold from 1971 to 1980 and silver rose 28 fold from 1971 to 1980. We are now into the second visible stumble that began in 2004 and culminated in the WFC in 2008 when the system almost collapsed.

        We are not going to see a repeat of the 1970’s culminating in 20% interest rates to save the u.s. dollar system. The dollar will implode in a similar fashion but the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to 20% is just not possible this time round. Various financial analysts predict that the Fed may be able to raise interest rates from near zero to as much as 2.5% but at that level that will initiate a liquidity trap as debt defaults begin. A liquidity trap, or credit crisis if you like, would kill the banks. Since the banks are the core of the Western Financial System, there is no saving the present system this time. What is coming is a hyper-inflation. Imagine how foolish you will feel if you sell an ounce of silver now at $22 when I fully expect to see silver prices in the $500 to $1000 range within five years. A cup of coffee may be $100 then too, but that won’t diminish your sense of loss when you realize you sold a real ounce of silver for what amounts to a couple of sips of coffee at Tim Hortons.

        Most people don’t understand inflation. They think inflation is price increases, and the monetary powers encourage this belief. Actually, inflation is over-production of the monetary unit, causing the monetary unit (dollars) to lose value. Think of inflation as dollar shrinkage, not price increases. Not surprisingly, this is best illustrated by examining the gold price. A troy ounce of gold has been the same size and weight for centuries. Focus on the size of that ounce. It has remained the same. In 1971, the price of gold was $35. Think of that price as thirty five u.s. dollars ‘fit’ into that ounce of gold. Here we are 46 years later and now 1700 dollars ‘fit’ into that ounce of gold. Has an ounce of gold somehow expanded 34 times or has the size of the dollar got smaller….? Hint: gold bars don’t expand….. So your dollars are shrinking and they are shrinking pretty fast, at about 8-10% per year right now if you are an American. This is the fundamental reason why the price of gold is suppressed. Your central banks are trying to hide how fast your dollars are shrinking. Shrinking dollars means your central bank is shrinking too, in terms of power and influence as they are the ones that create the monetary unit and hold the government’s debt. Don’t feel bad. As the power of the central bank diminishes, the health of our democracy improves. The governorship of the Bank of Canada is unelected. Perhaps they should be….

        Through all of this monetary turmoil, the mantra remains, “Inflation remains subdued.” and then the government or BOC quotes the Consumer Price Index as if it is a good proxy for the inflation rate. It isn’t. If I wanted a proxy for anything, I would ask for it. Instead we are fed the CPI with the proviso that “food and energy prices have been removed because they are too volatile.” In other words, the Government doctors the ‘inflation data’ by not really publishing it at all. Do you want to see the real inflation rate? Go back up to the start of this essay and look at the chart of the silver price. The last ten years of that chart pretty much tracks the real inflation rate. That makes silver both a hedge against inflation shrinkage of your savings AND a good investment for the future as the silver price has appreciated at only one sixth the rate of gold despite being far scarcer. I assure you, I am not making this stuff up. If fact, the suppression of the silver market is almost scary as the scope of the suppression begs the question, “What is so important about silver that it warrants this much effort to keep prices down?” Down is an understatement. Silver is about 30% below its total cost of production and yet the stuff is scarcer than gold, and in far higher demand. See what I mean? This is scary aberrant.

        Regards, Rhody

    • Add this to Stockman, Michael.


      “”1. The NAHB Homebuilder Index – which never declines due to its obvious upward bias – plunged from 70 to 67

      2. Despite collecting record taxes in May, the Federal government still recorded an $88 billion deficit, which won’t be helped any by higher interest rates

      3. Goldman Sachs reported that China’s capital outflows are far larger than reported

      4. The EU agreed to “bail out” Greece yet again – which should last a few more months, before another is required to prevent instantaneous bankruptcy

      5. The Bank of Japan maintained its -0.1% interest rate, 0% target for the benchmark 10-year JGB, and $700 billion annual QE target – with the best propaganda it could muster for the dying Japanese economy, that it “has been turning toward a moderate expansion.”

      6. Despite the “shocking” UK election result, 70% of Britons still support BrExit

      7. The U.S. imposed additional sanctions on Russia – which Germany loudly condemned

      8. Oil prices collapsed to $44.50/bbl – as OPEC’s days of relevance; and perhaps, existence; rapidly approach their ignominious, debt-destroying end

      9. Two days after being downgraded to one notch above junk status, the State of Illinois – unable to pay its bills, and “growing” at a rate less than in the 1930s – halted construction work, and was dumped by the Power ball lottery system

      10.Nike, who’s business never weakens, is laying off 2% of its global workforce

      11.The U.S. is on pace to see nearly 9,000 retail stores close this year, shattering the previous record by more than 20%

      12.To that end, this morning’s Amazon.com purchase of Whole Foods has caused the entire grocery store stock sector to crash – given the massive amount of layoffs they will endure, when Amazon mercilessly destroys this archaic dinosaur of an industry – which for all intents and purposes, is amidst a massive recession – as it has with countless other retail sectors

      13.Canadian home sales crashed nearly 7% in May

      14.The Trump “obstruction of justice” crusade was dramatically stepped up

      15.Chinese debt issuance crashed more rapidly than at any time in history

      16.A draconian “anti-money laundering” bill was introduced by the Senate – which, if passed, would dramatically escalate the ongoing “war on cash”

      17.And finally, the “fun facts” that 1) over the past 20 years, seven of the eleven days in which the VIX Volatility Index has closed below 10.0 have been this month; and 2) just ahead of the economy-killing rate hike; whilst economic data, across-the-board, accelerated its collapse; Wall Street experienced its second largest weekly capital inflow, to stock and bond funds – ever!

      But don’t worry, despite horrific across-the-board economic data, Trump claimed “I think this quarter’s GDP numbers are going to be shockingly good, given all the facts we’re seeing”; and “I think some very good numbers are going to be announced in the very near future, as to GDP.” “”
      It’s a joke!!
      These are economic recovery notes. I’d hate to see the commentary if we were headed for economic destruction. Ha Ha.

  8. Pie Squared

    Ding, ding, dong, David! Bang the drum. Ring the bell. Blow the horn. Yes public transport is the number one issue in Ireland today! Although sadly early bird Leo, seems to be chewing the wrong worm, or dare I say it worms. He thinks Housing and Health are the core problems. But both these issues are going to get one hell of a lot worse if he doesn’t solve the public transport issue, given our current growth trajectory.

    The Housing crisis belongs to our primate city Dublin. Having a primate city as gorilla like as Dublin, is not good for a country. (For the umpteenth time: https://www.theguardian.com/cities/datablog/2014/may/12/world-most-powerful-cities-data). Why? Because the asset becomes the constraint. There is a tipping point. With fast public transport into Dublin, the city gets time to catch its breath, hopefully engage in some decent urban and transport planning, while people get to live where they want at affordable prices. More importantly the Dublin stranglehold on our economic growth falls away and there is more potential for our regional cities to grow. And for us to finally begin to address our underlying structural problem – Critical Mass – the elusive Irish Holy Grail for all of..oh a mere…170 years now.

    Health is also going to deteriorate if we don’t invest in serious public transport, because of the stress and ancillary damage caused by the daily commute, (apart from those lucky cyclists in Dublin). Too many hours sitting in traffic, or on snail rail, too many takeaways from Applegreen on the way to the job in Dublin and back, not to mention deteriorating mental health due to the 13 hour days, 5 days a week and an inability to keep the eyes open, and the mouth shut for the benefit of spouses, children, not to mention communities. So a toxic circle blooms from the relentless strain. Broken Homes. Broken Parents. Broken Kids. Dead Communities. And paradoxically a need for more houses, more social welfare…

    If a third world country like Kenya can run a bullet train, why the hell can’t Ireland?: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-40092600.

    Bring in the experts (Swiss, German, Japanese, Chinese) if we can’t figure it out…or at the very least consult with them.

    The census is a gift. Maybe Leo should create a podcast of it and listen to it as he drifts off to sleep (early no doubt), instead of counting sheep, so that he can leap out of bed in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed to catch (hopefully) the right worms.

    Else we all may as well head back for a kip!

    • Deco

      Even if we could the design out, Institutional Ireland would have to stop there being anything too efficient.

      Keep the peasants under control, by placing the insiders first and sticking the bill to the rest.

      Institutional Ireland, draws in (well connected) parasites who cannot have anything done well. It is simply “not on”. Mediocrity on the other hand fits right in with their mentality.

  9. Deco

    I happened to overhear Simon Coveney explaining what a great job he is doing in the EU-Brexit negotiations.

    It was a reticent, polite fool relentless trying to reach the green button, and make us all feel like as if we were further some sort of national destiny with “our partners in Europe”.

    The most enthusiastic salesman of the nEU empire project was awkwardly fumbling around on empty ideas, useless promises, and the odd stick of dynamite.

    Holy green jersey moments, batperson !!!!!

    Even on Pravda/RTE, he sounded hopeless, when presented with green buttons to press in the interview.

    This is the same lad who did nothing about the marine problem when he was minister there. Who even REDUCED the naval presence on our seas, whilst they were being emptied.

    Simple Simon is nothing more than another John Redmond, apologising for the shortcomings of the Irish people to the operators of an imperial scale scam.

    The real objective is to ensure the obedience of the people who are stuck in a relationship with Brussels, that is now abundantly abusive and controlling.

    I do not know if that is being achieved.

    However, I can tell that another objective will be achieved. The Orangemen are suddenly finding polite society in the RoI is a superficial and useless.

    The type of parents who produced the Annabels assault crew are clearly untrustworthy and deceitful. Most plebs in the RoI already know this, and soldier on whilst being scammed by the professions, and the oligopolies. In return the establishment does all it can to shame them into compliance.

    The problem is that Billy MacUlster will not fall for this. He can see through this, and WILL resist.

    At which point the Irish establishment will be trying to press more green buttons or else trying to present the plebs as Billy’s problem.

    Once again Irishmen fighting Irishmen because of the lies of a local clique of imperial racketeers.

    Count me out. Not in my name.

    Coveney never gave a toss about sovereignty when Brussels was sticking the people with the bill for private sector losses.

    And now he is pressing green buttons. It is about all he is doing. It as if he can do nothing else.

    He is pounding green buttons, like a drowning man clutching lumps of wood.

    By the way, I will not take Cork, or Cork people seriously as long as you send the useless, political representation that you provide to the Dail. If you want to break away and form your sovereign republic, good luck.

    The rest of us will be relieved to being liberated by the morons that you keep voting.

    • Truthist

      EXCERPT ;
      In the 2009 re-run of the Irish EU Lisbon Treaty referendum, there was an extraordinarily uncanny 20 per cent swing from the anti-treaty side to the pro-treaty side in EVERY SINGLE CONSTITUENCY. Video footage of the referendum count centre in Cork City on the night after voting had ended, showed a man walking out of the count centre with a ballot box tucked under his arm! No police, security checks, or supervision of any kind was evident at the centre, and people walked in and out of the building as they pleased – even though it was in the small hours of the morning, and the goods in the hall (the ballot papers) could not have been more politically and constitutionally significant – not just for Ireland, but for the whole of Europe (Ireland was the only state, the constitution of which necessitated a referendum on the Lisbon treaty – if the result had been NO for a second time, the Lisbon Treaty, aka the European Union Constitution, would surely have died). The same lack of supervision was true of other count centres throughout Ireland.

      Alone among western nations, Ireland insists, for reasons that have never been questioned, much less explained, in delaying the counting of votes until the day after voting has taken place. Almost all other states begin counting votes minutes after voting has ended. If you want to rig an election or referendum, having 12 hours to play around with definitely helps.

      In a transparent attempt to explain away the unlikely nature of the same-sex marriage (SSM) referendum result, the Irish media made the utterly outlandish claim that 100,000 young Irish emigrants made the journey home in order to vote for the proposal. This is preposterous – about as likely as suggesting that fifty million young Americans would travel home from abroad to vote in the final of American Idol. The idea that young Irish people would go to the enormous trouble and expense of travelling home from often insecure jobs in far flung locations such as Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada, to vote in this farce, in itself goes a long way towards proving that the vote was systematically rigged. Moreover, workers at Dublin Airport, whom I have spoken to, readily confirmed to me that there was no unusual spike in the number of Irish travelling home in the days leading up to the referendum.

      The Irish Garda (police force) and the Irish Law Society both took an openly pro-SSM stance. Both of these bodies are mandated to be above politics, and both are – in their different ways – crucial to the integrity of state procedures such as elections and referendums. Yet both openly flouted constitutional norms in order to support the SSM proposal. If that is not a recipe for systematic fraud, hidden in plain sight, what is?

      The SSM vote was only one of two referendums taking place that day. The other referendum related to changing the law to lower the age when Irish citizens could stand for the Irish Presidency – from 35 years of age to 18. That proposal was defeated! So, if, as the Irish and international media claimed, it was young people voting in droves that delivered the SSM victory, one would have expected a similar victory for the other referendum proposal. Why would “progressive-minded” young people, of the type who would vote for SSM, vote to bar themselves from standing for the presidency of their country until they reach middle-age?

      The official results from Ireland’s hard-core working-class constituencies indicated an astonishing 90 per cent vote in favour of the SSM proposal. Anyone familiar with the Irish working class knows that they tend to be “homophobic” for reasons that have little or nothing to do with organised religion, so the idea, touted by everyone from the New York Times to the Remnant, that the vote could be explained as a rebellion against the Church simply doesn’t wash.

      International oligarchs such as Chuck Feeney and George Soros poured billions into the Irish pro-SSM campaign. Where did all that money go? Postering and leafleting cost next to nothing in a small country like Ireland. Does the real money trail lead to the purchase of holiday villas and new cars by referendum officials, police officers, and others charged with overseeing the integrity of the Irish voting process? Anyone who has read Brian Nugent’s book about Irish state corruption, “Orwellian Ireland”, would say that such a scenario is far from unlikely.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        ” 20 per cent swing from the anti-treaty side to the pro-treaty side in EVERY SINGLE CONSTITUENCY. Video footage of the referendum count centre in Cork City on the night after voting had ended, showed a man walking out of the count centre with a ballot box tucked under his arm!”
        Interesting info.

        All I can say is that why do the Irish people not create their volunteers movement to control the election process, like it was done in Poland after this experience:



        (it was called “Ruch Kontroli Wyborów” – The Election Control Movement), where thousands of people volunteered to stay overnight and witness the ballot boxes counting, making sure that voting cards are not tampered with or no new cards are added?

        I don’t feel competent, or having enough experience, or knowledge, or having visited Cork enough times to have any right to comment on the phenomenon of Cork, except for some shallow observations and feelings, such as that it’s the place in ROI where I feel foreign (I haven’t been to Kerry though).

        I’m sure though that Cork has its own percentage of lovely and smart people. Of course, after so many years in Ireland, it would be hard for me not to have met some Corconians, but one has to allow for the fact that they might behave differently in the Pale: same as the Poles are a lot less seditious in Ireland than they would be in Poland (that’s unlike some new non-EU arrivals).

        There might be some people of good will and high intellgence from Cork reading this, who also want change like me, and why antagonise them, when our goal should be to transformed Ireland from a total mess into Schumpeter’s “creative destruction”?

        Although, I cannot frankly say with the hand on my hand that I would put the West Co Cork accent as my favourite (Cork City accent is, performed by girls, quite sexy). When I first heard it, I thought it was performed – but maybe because I haven’t lived there (although I haven’t lived in Donegal and I find their accent beautiful).

        Its (Corkonian) melody kind of sounds Swedish to me (that is when the Swedes speak English, even though noone else has said that).

        • Truthist

          Cork City has the highest proportion of best people of any town in Ireland ;
          Ask the professional beggars & door-to-door sales people of Europe.
          For begging anyway, tops for willing givers is Cork & Alicante, Spain.
          A major problem that Cork has is it is too tolerant of foreigners — anyone from outside Cork City — abusing them & the rest of Ireland.
          And, the major reason that they are too tolerant is that wicked combo of The Legal Profession + The Guards ;
          Much as I am quite proud of that very apt term Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai for the so-called Guardians of the Peace, I think that they merit use other helpfully descriptive names at the various stages that they have to be mentioned,
          the Peelers
          the Blueshirts
          the Moustached Ones
          the Fir-Gardai + the Bean-Gardai
          the “Liason” Officers ; Hmm…m … Herein may explain their penchant for violence against the innocents of their employers / masters [ the public ] ; I reckon that a great many were & are homosexual of a particular type.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “the Moustached Ones” – who are they?!
            I only know that in 80s Poland, they were usually militia men: the reason was that in early 80s, many men started to grow Walesa-like moustache, so all spies and militia men started to grow them too to fit in, so then all non-spies and non-militia men started n o t to grow a “Walesa” moustache.

          • Truthist

            Lots of the Peelers have mustaches.
            Christy Moore used to quip at his concerts about being at the Garda Disco ;
            “Same as any other disco,
            Except everyone had mustaches …

            Even, the Bean-Gardai.”

  10. Truthist

    The Coveney merchant prince family have close associations with “black” Ulster Unionism ;
    Hugh Coveney — father of arguably “aul act” “simple” Simon — brought “black P.” Unionist / Loyalist Bob McCartney to Cork when he was Lord Mayor by way of counter to the brave stand of Bobby Sands & the other Hunger Strikers who died looking for just simple rights be given to them as political prisoners by the British establishment’s Margaret Thatcher Tory government.
    Hugh Coveney soon became a senior politician & senior Minister for Fine Gael in government.
    Hugh Coveney was a qualified & practising Quantity Surveyer.
    Clongowes Wood was his Alma Mater by the way.
    He died on the Ide of March in the midst of being accused of corruption ;
    Lowry & Ansbacher accounts & other stuff is what people still recall.
    Having just re-written his Will, he is said to have drowned trying to save his pet dog from drowning.
    Most people in his constituency find that story very difficult to believe.
    Mehole from Cork also has that aul act as his public persona.
    I suspect that “simple” Simon’s public persona — similar as it is with Daddy’s & to Mehole’s — is also just an aul act.
    Interestingly, the patricians Coveney are not a GAA family.
    But, the aul act that Daddy employed is right of the play-book of the Cork GAA.
    Something for sure that Mehole & simple Simon share is that they are both good family men.

  11. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz, & those others — posters & solely readers — who are earnest truth-seekers & truth-tellers,
    I note the claim that Grand Orient type of F..m..nry is now operating in Ireland.


  12. Truthist

    Did ewes ever get suspicious that the security for Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant were not from Japan ?
    And, they were not from South East Asia.

  13. Mr D

    David, you left out that town featured so prominently in the “Popes Children” called Navan. Navan is choking without rail services and is heavily reliant on a State bus service that regularly lets early commmuters down. See its own blog here – http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056416364&page=86
    86 pages and 1300 posts by commuters on their wits end. We would like to set up a working group to put the topic onto the political agenda so any help in that regard would be helpful. I note you got transport stats, how would we get relevant stats for Navan over a 10 year period? We want to extrapolate them for worst case commuting scenarios for the years ahead.

    • Pie Squared

      To add punch to your argument and to be seen Mr D, please do not limit the analysis to Navan, because then you will fall into the Parish Pump pit…or black hole of irrelevance, inaction!

      We need a full and detailed analysis of all commuters in the Pale and beyond from middle Ireland…buses, cars and snail rail, with average daily commute times, destinations and deviations from timetables. A social media database.

      A few what if scenarios would also be useful…what if we could travel from Galway to Dublin in 30 minutes, what would be the net economic benefit to Ireland and how could we maximise that benefit? What if we could travel from Cork to Dublin in 45 minutes? How would these innovations change the face of Ireland, attract back some of our 3.6m passport holders outside the Republic, maybe attract some investment from our vast diaspora? Maybe keep this generation of young people largely on our island – for the first time in many, many generations? How would that feel?

      It might mean that towns like Navan would become less congested, but wouldn’t that be a good thing?

      Public Transport should be analysed to death – Bus Eireann put down, inter city bullet trains and hot point commuter belt bullet trains put in place in the next 3-5 years. Let’s not just build houses. Let’s put the infrastructure in place for generations to come – like most other successful countries. And let’s ensure the dots are joined and the infrastructure makes sense for the future.

      Bold moves, budgets and balls are required.

  14. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Today, on the International Day of a Refugee, the “Refugees” in Calais burnt a Polish lorry worker alive. Does anyone even care anymore (it didn’t make it to the Irish news)? The show must go on – Mr Mercury sang – and now it looks the terror must on too. I only hope it won’t reach the French Revolution’s terror dimensions.


    • Truthist

      I am surprised that the French Truckers did not lock down France for to put a stop to these delinquent bogus persecuted refugees ;

      “F..k off back to where Ewes came from.”
      I lived in a tenancy which had a Nigerian crook who was in a job.
      He was a crook in Italy before he came to Irish State ;
      From my understanding, he as illegal in Italy should not be in Irish State if he was illegal or legal “refugee” in another E.U. country firstly.
      He was offering to supply any narcotic to customers in his Irish locality.
      Scum !

    • Truthist

      Pubs in all countries affected by this influx should in the mornings & afternoons regularly play as wallpaper the youtube & private videos of that Calais invasion ;
      And, especially the footage of incidents like that heinous murder of ur fellow countryman, Grzegorz.
      My condolences to his family & friends.

  15. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Just to let you know that I read your message, but it’s now gone and I couldn’t reply. Thanks anyway. I try not to use that media platform you sent me your message on: it attracts undesired following (including organised). Look after yourself in Vansterdam.

  16. Adelaide

    With the addition of our new gay there are presently seven heads of European governments who are childless. European politics has degenerated into a pantomime of the vanities, we are witnessing the death of Western Europe, long live the coming Caliphate 2050.

    • Adelaide

      Them leaders being : France Germany Britain Italy Holland Sweden Luxembourg Scotland Rep of Ireland and EU Leader Jean-Claude Juncker.

      Actually that makes 10.

      • Adelaide

        11. I left out Switzerland.

      • michaelcoughlan

        11 Countries with childless leaders. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

        Exactly the way the banks want it. Remember the constant wealth transfer from citizen to central bank to facilitate the constant printing of currency is the problem. Smaller family sizes makes this easier to achieve. I have said it before the ideal “family unit” from a central bank’s perspective is two gay man or women, childless and both working in min wage zero hour contract jobs.

        This article shows the nuclear wipe out effects in Japan on the Japanese population AND STILL the article WON”T say the REAL PROBLEM is out of control central bank policy;


        In the link Japanese elders account for 20% of all crime. The old and the young not born, paying the price.

        NO WONDER Childless couples wind up running the political system. They DON”T UNDERSTAND the character it takes to nurture a family.


        • michaelcoughlan

          @ David McWilliams,

          The heading of the article in the link above;


          And the above is what Peter Sutherland wants to unleash on Europe! Surely you don’t still take that man seriously do you?

          Time to sound the following.


          • michaelcoughlan

            I read this section of my post again and boy has the unseen penny dropped;


            The stupid bastard who wrote this got it perfectly backwards as in it should read;


            Jesus Mary and holy saint joseph god help us all.

  17. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    People don’t appreciate how privileged Ireland is in terms of having mild summers (though crappy Decembers/January’s, with no snow and cold rain).

    Met Éireann issued a hot weather warming – 28 degrees. Well, 28 degrees is a usual weather in Kraków at that time, and 33 is not unusual either (but in a flat, it can easy get up to 40), and still everyone has to go to work (including in a suit) or study, and there is no air conditioning (air conditioning is extremely unhealthy anyway), and there is no breeze. And there are gnats that bite when you sleep, and then there are thunderstorms.
    Ireland does not have any of those hot summer weather nuisances that southern Poland has (a difference between Kraków and Gdansk can be up 10 degree), and it should actually be advertised as a tourist destination for SUMMER holidays (while best time to visit Kraków is April/May, and then October – or January for those who likes winters).
    I can think of a tourist slogan for Fáilte Ireland:

    “Fed up with mosquitos? Scared of thunderstorms? Cannot concentrate? Suffocating in heat? You deserve better – come to visit Ireland in summer!”

    Another slogan: “Ireland – a place of nice breeze where the temperature never reaches 30 (except on Dublin Bus)”

    • Truthist

      Irish winters are worse
      Specifically, winters in humid Irish regions.
      ‘”HUMID” cold at +2 to – 5′ Celsius is much more painful than ‘”DRY” cold at say -25 Celsius.
      And, worse again is if u cannot afford heating AND actually do not use heating ;
      I refer to electrical heating for the above scenario.
      U could perhaps not afford AND use it.
      And, worst is if u cannot afford heating AND do not use it AND ur landlord comes into ur home to turn on all ur electrical appliances at full power — including oven [ which u also never use ] — with the Irish State [ including the 'Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai' or 'Peelers' or 'Mustached Ones' or 'Fir-Garda / Ban-Garda organisation' or Blueshirts ] conspiring to assist the landlord in conspiracy against tenant & conspire against tenant given that they Irish State have already compromised themselves.
      Irish State is “a Sh..t-Hole” Grzegorz ;
      It is if u are poor & decent & minding ur own business & not interfering anyone.

  18. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    Henry Makow — born a Jew, & a CANADA-FIRSTER — has this article today on the indigenous Poles who died under the Germans when Germany had conquered Poland & occupied it & installed German work- camps, & training-camps, & dedicated concentration camps, & dedicated DEATH-CAMPS in Poland.
    Logistically similar to USA operating torture & detention camps in say Guantanamo, Cuba.
    Makow who lost 2 grand-parents in German concentration camps — not the USA death-camps that starved to death 1.5 million German soldiers whilst out in the elements in front of their families ; And, these death-camps which Makow from-time-to-time highlights as evidence that General / President Eisenhower was a monster — is open-minded as to the actual numbers of his ethnicity having died.

  19. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Are German media worse in their propaganda under Merkel than they were under Dr Joseph Goebbels? This is from the latest article in “Frankfurter Rundschau”:

    „Words of the Polish Prime Minister in Auschwitz that Poland must, above all, guarantee safety for its citizens, fit into Warsaw’s new historical policy. Their goal is to portray the Holocaust as a German crime – as if Poland didn’t participate in in”


    What Poland? Poland didn’t exist at the time, because it was invaded by Erica Steinbach’s parents (which doesn’t stop her from portraying herself and her comrades as “expellees” – this is hutzpah as big as if the British soldiers responsible for the Bloody Sunday who were then repatriated to the UK portrayed themselves as “expellees” from Derry).

    “Muss Polen sich gegen Flüchtlinge wehren, wie es sich gegen die Deutschen gewehrt hat?”
    “Do the Poles have to defend themselves from refugees, as they defended themselves from the Germans?” – ask morons writing for Frankfurter Rundschau.

  20. Latest election result in Atlanta suburb is the most expensive ever at 25 million expended. Results bolster Trump administration and show there is still support despite the negative barrage from the false news prophets.


  21. Fed plays the political card to destroy Trump but risks destroying the economy. But then Trump will be blamed for that too.

    Financial expert and former top Federal Reserve insider Danielle DiMartino Booth says the latest Fed rate hike is nothing less than an attempt to make life worse for President Trump. DiMartino Booth explains, “They are trying to do the opposite of what they did a year ago because the people who occupy the White House have changed. That’s the only feasible answer I can come up with to explain the Fed tightening into a weakening economy. Their own metrics don’t lie. Nonfarm payroll growth has slowed appreciably over the last 12 months, and their favorite inflation metric is back below 2%. These are the rules they have made up, not me. They (the Fed) are making policies against their own rules, and there has to be a reason for it.”


    • michaelcoughlan

      “They are trying to do the opposite of what they did a year ago because the people who occupy the White House have changed. That’s the only feasible answer I can come up with to explain the Fed tightening into a weakening economy”

      That is a conspiratorial point of view. Here is a more pragmatic one. They KNOW the game is up and have no other option to restore the balance. They are being forced to do it KNOWING ots going to bring the whole thing down.

      • True enough Michael. It is somewhat of a speculation but it is a matter of the timing. We know the collapse is imminent but still able to be delayed or accelerated by manipulation. It just may be decided that now is a suitable time to have the crash. OR if it is prolonged a little then it is easier to tag Trump with the cause.

  22. Tull McAdoo

    I feel it would be very remiss of me if I did not continue in the best traditions of this forum and offer “Enda the Vacuous” a happy bon voyage. On that note take it away Gladys and your Pip’s, Midnight Train to Ballina or was it Georgia…..


  23. With the US military gone rogue in foreign lands, and the intelligence community off-the-reservation at home, and the Trump White House all gummed up in the tar baby of RussiaGate, and the House and Senate lost in the shuffle, you also have to wonder what anybody is going to do about the imminent technical bankruptcy of the USA as the Treasury Department spends down its dwindling fund of remaining cash money to pay ongoing expenses – everything from agriculture subsidies to Medicare. That well is going dry in the middle of the summer, and without any resolution to the debt ceiling debate, the country will not be able to borrow more to pretend that it’s solvent.


  24. https://spectator.org/great-again/?utm_source=American+Spectator+Emails&utm_campaign=fa1c2ac8f0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_06_21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_797a38d487-fa1c2ac8f0-104365713

    Everyone, including ex-FBI director James Comey, special counsel Robert Mueller, and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, has condemned leakers and anonymous sources (though Comey admits to having leaked his version of a conversation with the president to try to assure the appointment of a special counsel, an act of very questionable propriety). The Justice Department has not yielded its right to prosecute those who illegally leak and publish confidential government information. Comey had no business deciding whether Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted. His need not be the last word on the subject and her emails and the antics of the Clinton Foundation are not in Mueller’s mandate. She and Comey are outright public suspects of wrongdoing. Former attorney general Lynch’s efforts to suppress the Clinton investigation, like the Obama administration’s questionable surveillance in the Trump Tower, and unmasking of confidential identities of those intercepted, are legitimate subjects of Justice Department curiosity.

  25. The Fed is planning on reducing its balance sheet likely beginning in September. What happens to the markets when it takes back $2 trillion or so in the following year? The plan is $30 billion in Treasuries and $20 million in agencies per month by 2018! That is $50 billion in liquidity drain each month.

    This will set up a bear market and postures the socialists well for the mid-term elections. This ends up being all about politics and has been now for quite some time.


  26. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “Irish consumers have a higher trust in news media than the international average.”


    • michaelcoughlan

      Very interesting and published by RTE. Look at what the report says;

      “The survey of 36 countries found that 47% of Irish respondents trust the news media, compared with 41% internationally”

      That means over half of the irish DON’T trust the news with almost 60% of the europeans not trusting theirs.

      Double speak or what?

      The article didn’t say if it was the increasingly reducing Ireland based Irish population alone who were consulted exclusively or if the growing Irish population abroad were also included.


      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “That means over half of the irish DON’T trust the news with almost 60% of the europeans not trusting theirs.” – well that’s true too, and 53% of Irish respondents don’t trust the news would look a lot worse for RTE (even though these 2 statements state the same).

        We’ve found out about the IMF coming down to Dublin, if you remember, from the English media, while RTE was still claiming that that’s not the case (as far as I remember, they were even claiming that on the day the IMF was on the plane).

        “or if the growing Irish population abroad were also included” – I doubt that. Can you imagine that RTE, who hardly has any correspondents abroad (maybe in 2 countries, instead of in 50 they should have, considering their half a 1bn budget they had in Cetlic Tiger) would have run that survey abroad?

        The Irish don’t even have voting rights abroad, let alone RTE would do surveys on them.

        Furthermore, what amazes me is that the Irish abroad don’t w a n t to have voting rights – neither those at home nor those abroad have run any campaigns to grant the Irish diaspora voting rights, and the engagement of the Irish diaspora in the US election was nearly zero – hence their influence on President Trump now is nearly zero (I reckon that Mr Trump might even visit Montenegro or Greece before he visits Ireland).

        A few years ago, I shared with two teachers (girls teaching in secondary schools), and we had a funny discussion in which I argued that the Irish abroad should have a voting rights, and they argued that they shouldn’t (“sure they left, didn’t they?” – was the main thrust of their argument). “Inertia” doesn’t even fully describe that attitude, and a new word should be invented for that levels of fatalism (“Irelertia” maybe?).

        Then again… who would they vote for anyway? Not any of the main 4 parties – or “Jihad Before Profit”.

        So maybe the Irish diaspora is right that they don’t give a damn about politics in Ireland.

        P.S. I’m also disappointed they didn’t give us a breakdown of figures for each country, and then for rural parts and cities. I dare say that people who trust the media the most are the senior public sector workers, and that in Dublin your trust in RTE increases proportionally to the increase of the lenght of your vowels, up to Rathgaaaaar level.

        Anyway, let’s preserve the structure of RTE news as it is now – with cows being electrocuted in Co Clare as the 6 o’clock news headline (authentic example); and TV3 breakfast with a guy with giggly voice talking about SurpeValue wines for 10 min (authentic example), or TV3 Breakfast panel consisting of 7 women and 0 men complaining about women being discriminated in Ireland (authentic example) – maybe it should be even on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, as I haven’t seen news like that anywhere else in the world (and I also watched Czech and Slovak televisions – countries as small as Ireland, yet able to produce proper news as to what’s actually going on in the world – other than Bono getting new glasses, Man City singing up their first English player ever ;-), or Justin Bieber having his first erection – after seeing Ireland’s new Taoiseach).

    • Truthist

      The heterosexual males who follow modern news shows do so because the are swooned by the strong physical face of the female newscaster & her TITS.
      Probably the same motivation is underlying the known heterosexually active females.
      And, the heterosexual females who follow modern news shows definitely do so because they are attracted to the male presenter.
      Ditto the homosexual male viewers.

  27. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Sensationial speech: one of Alternative für Deutschland’s leaders came to Warsaw to apologise for German medias lies about Poland! :


    Coldblow would like that, because she talks about the borders a lot,


    I think every reader should watch that 9 min speech to develop a different perspective on what goes on in Germany and Poland – different to that offered by Mr Derek Scally, who regales us with his reports on Poland in the “Anti-Irish Times.” (for example on how allegedly the Polish state TV censored the US President, allegedly deleting his words he didn’t say in first place, which “The Irish Times” refused to clarify – but other than that, Ireland excels at Press Freedom Index).

    Regales us from Berlin. With no brown envelopes handed by any German Foundations, or heaven forfend – BND: I am sure of that – and I am not for a moment suggesting otherwise.

    ;-) ;-)


    Disclamer: my wink-wink is not connected in any way with my aforementioned observation on Mr Scally.

    Or with the sketch below, d’ya know what I mean? :


    • coldblow


      I am just back from a week at my mother’s house in Athlone, where there is no internet.

      Did you notice what happened when they attempted to hold a Pegida march in Dublin?

      • coldblow

        I notice your reference in the last thread to Bob Sadlier and I read his letter (if memory serves) in today’s Sindo, and it is the usual leftish boiler plate.

        The car journey was surreal as we were switching the radio between RTE Radio 1 (sport, beginning with a tedious discussion about rugby and our ‘guys’), Today FM (wonderful ‘Pride’ marches), 2FM (’2FM!! 2FM!! 2FM!! 2FM!!) and Lyric (dreary tunes from films presented by the head girl).

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I must say that I’ve completely missed the Pegida march in Dublin. Must look at the news then as to what happened.
          As to Mr Sadlier, I would leave him be (in fairness to him, the one and only good aspect to of being a big wig in the Atheist Ireland Society is that he is also tough on Islam, and in one of his letters he noticed that there are more Christians persecuted in Islam countries than any other group of believers or non-believers), if it wasn’t for the fact that, being a solicitor, he constantly brings up logic.
          Being a solicitor is a good first step to find out what logic was, ehm… in centuries from 6th-10th, and then maybe 16th-18th (minus Leibniz) – as in a l l other centuries from 4BC logic was more advanced than what they teach them when they study law…
          It does not entitle him to make any statements on “someone’s logic” (whatever that means, and I don’t know what that means).

          One of his letters was based entirely on the observation that “correlation does not equal causation”.
          Of course it does not.
          Mr Sadlier is simply too stupid to notice that adhering strictly to that obvious statement (and btw – this is not a statement “of logic”) – would force us to make the entire legal system in Ireland redundant.
          As it – the Common Law – (nearly) all based on correlation (inductive reasonings are a form of correlation).

          So no, it does not equal correlation – I think a Nobel Prize will espace Mr Sadlier for that discovery.

          AS IF THERE WAS ANY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO BELIEVES THAT CHILDREN ARE CONCEIVED FROM PREGNANCY TESTS TUBES, BECAUSE NEARLY EVERY TIME THERE IS A CHILD, A WOMAN USES A PREGNANCY TEST ;-) – a correlation, of positive pregnancy tests and children being born (those that are not aborted) – I’ll give you a number – a correlation of more than 99%, and approaching 100% ;-) LOL.
          Says I with wittgensteinsquely (“Philosophical Investigations” and “On Certainty” are full of such statements; i.e. (this is in “On Certainty” – statement 207, in case Mr McWilliams wants to use it as a quote):

          “Strange coincidence, that every man whose skull has been opened had a brain!”.

          What beats that sense of humour?!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Egged on by you, I’m reading this letter of Mr Sadlier now.
            “It is a logical fallacy to contend” – but no proof of that follows; the man is getting unbearable, doesn’t he?
            Who has less knowledge of logic – Mr Sadlier or Mr Dawkins?
            It’s very hard to decide. The chances that I will never be able to estimate that are – I’ll give you a figure – 99%.

            “The values of the 21st century Republic” – waffles Mr Sadlier.
            The values of the 21st century Republic are epitomised in Mr David Drumm, in mutliples of people being murdered in Ireland per capita than in religious towns of the US, and in the fact that Ireland tops the OECD statistics in debt per capita – because one thing that Christianity used to teach people was

      • coldblow


        This was the launch of the Irish anti-immigration party Identity Ireland. This was originally posted, I think, by the party themselves but must have been taken down. DB, who used to post here, made a comment under it.


        A Pegida march was organized for Dublin about two years ago. The organizer, Peter O’Loughlin (at least, I think he was the main organizer) was beaten up on the Luas going to it. A crowd of anti-racists were waiting in O’Connell St for the marchers to arrive. They were clearly going to beat them up. Also some representatives of the ‘Muslim Community’ were present (one of them was interviewed for the RTE evening news).

        I tried to work out what happened from tv footage and newspaper reports. There was no march, that much is clear. I think the anti-racists recognized some of the marchers and chased them. The marchers fled, not wishing to get beaten up, and some of them tried to blend into local pubs. Barstaff (according to reports) either helpfully identified them to their pursuers or helpfully ejected them onto the streets and into the arms of their grateful pursuers, who were high on prospect of spilling racist blood in the just cause of democracy.

        I don’t know where the Gardaí fitted into this. I would be surprised if they intervened to protect the marchers, but that is just a guess. (In Germany around that time there were reports from marchers that the police were either beating them up or conniving in their opponents doing this. I don’t know myself. Perhaps you might know more about it.)

        The media didn’t say this is as many words because it would be too obvious what really happened, but I have a very good idea that was what happened. If anyone knows better please tell.

        One thing I can say. If thugs get involved in anti-immigration marches to defend them against rival thugs this march-that-never-was might go some way to explaining how it happened.

        • coldblow

          PS the video I linked to is very interesting. It would even make you wonder if the dole should be abolished (assuming the layabouts on show here are all on it, which is my guess).

  28. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Disclaimer on my usage of the word medias:

    Media, like data, is the plural of medium and therefore already pluralis. The singular, medium, early developed the meaning “an intervening agency, means, or instrument” and was first applied to newspapers two centuries ago. In the 1920s media began to appear as a singular collective noun, sometimes with the plural medias. This singular use is now common in the fields of mass communication and advertising, but it is not frequently found outside them.

    So “media” is more correct than obsolete and “medias”, as it retains the original Latin grammar. And thus I was incorrect (or not quite correct) in writing “medias” (of course, I am incorrect in spelling many other things (due to my time constraints) and grammar (due to me being foreign), but I think this warranted a mention.

    Here a little anecdote though. When I was doing my text production/spelling exam (I was constantly in top three – often first – in spelling in a class consisting of me and other students: all-Irish – one graduate of Oxford University), I nearly got my examiner (from the University of Maynooth) knocked over when I explained to her that her saying “what’s on the agenda” is incorrect, as “agenda” is plural, so it should be “what’s on the agendum”, which of course doesn’t matter a iota (because everyone apart from me says “what’s on the agenda for today?”) – except if you are college examiner on spelling and show off with your alleged knowledge of Latin.

  29. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    U best go to Henry Makow’s website today for to get the get the non-”Bernie Sanders’s epoch politically correct” version that I provide here [ i.e. I provide the Bernie Sanders's epoch version ].
    Part 1 of 2 ;
    Reply by Pole to Henry Makow’s recent article “Polish Holocaust”
    June 20, 2017
    “Reply from Poland” by BR
    First off, you’ll have to excuse me for my poor English, feel free to smooth it out if you decide to publish my comment.
    Whilst an “anti-Semite” / Judeo-sceptic and not buying into the 6 million and gas chambers mythology, I have living witnesses of the german persecution of J..s in my own family. Don’t let the hardcore ‘revisionists’ or negationists rather tell you no J..s had been deliberately exterminated. According to my grandma’s testimony, a German military man shot and killed a J.. on her way from school. No trail, no charges, no nothing. Killed on the spot, his body rolled to the drainage ditch going along the road. This was near the town (a part Shtetl actually) of Annopol on the Vistula river, where she used to go to school. Her sister can attest to another crime – whilst not a direct witness herself, she remembers going at a mass execution site where numerous J..s along with Polish partisans were said to have been machine-gunned into pits and she reports that the soil was still moving shortly after the event. Which goes to show you that the supposedly superior aryan german Uber-menschen tended to botch executions.

    Anyway, as to the article itself, and especially the Ewa Thompson’s piece, both texts failed to mention and stress that Poland was the only [sic!] (that I know of anyway) country in nazi-occupied Europe where to hide a J.. was punishable by death, and it pertained not only to the person found guilty but to their entire family. Also, you fail to mention that a totally predominant majority – despite the death penalty – of people honored by Yad Vashem Institute with the so called “Righteous among the Nations” medal were actually Poles. What’s also omitted is that the numbers of people honored are tremendously understated as Yad Vashem in each case only honors only one person out of a whole chain of people involved in hiding/feeding/moving when necessary a J… Usually it took well over a dozen of people to save one J… This brilliant article may serve as an example
    ( please use Google Translate ; Simply paste and then click the URL ):
    Now, why am I saying all this ? It’s because in the late ’90s /early 2000s publications started to appear in English, asserting that Poles as a nation took part in the ‘holocaust’ of the J..s. ‘Scholars’ like Jan Tomasz Gross (Princeton graduate in… sociology, not history, mind you) claimed that pogroms under the nazi occupation were commonplace and that backward, envious and virulent Pollack peasentry, EN MASSE, took sadistic pleasure in killng / handing over J..s to Hitlerites which is a total lie and very hurtful to the Polosh nation at large, in the light of the aforementioned widespread phenomenon of risking one’s and one’s family’s lives for saving even if a single J… Trust me, Poles, especially in the eastern part of the country (occupied by USSR after 17 Sep 1939) had no reason to fancy J..s, who – as mostly communists – welcomed the Soviet invador with flowers and commonly engaged in to denouncing and oftentimes in the mass killings of those Poles who the Soviets deemed dangerous to their future rule, like members of the intelligentsia, pre-war nationalist/patriotic activists etc. – and yet the so called ‘Jedwabne pogrom’ turned out to be a total fabrication. Millions were shipped of to Siberia where most of them died in the labor/death camps of the Gulag (directors of which were J..s Naftali Frenkel and Genrikh Yagoda/Yehuda). I feel incomfortable sharing those facts with a righteous J.. like yourself, Mr. Makow but that’s how things were. I refer you to :

    • Truthist

      I tried posting Part 2 of 2 ;
      But, it failed to publish on the blog.
      It was similarly censored by ur’s truly & had only 2 URLs.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        You should take interest in the US historian called Jan Peczkis.

        This is his review of one of Gross’s books:



        Also, there actually is quite a lot of Jews (with real life achievements) who stood up against Holocaust lies about Poland, but you wouldn’t hear about them in the media (except for Shevah Weiss, who couldn’t be silenced, because he is too big of a figure (former Chairman of the Knesset) – he was the first and only person allowed to criticise Gross in the German media), or have their books in libraries (except for the US Congress Library, that keeps everything).

        For example, the Jewish author KLARA MIRSKA wrote in a book published in Paris in 1980:

        “I have collected many testimonies about Poles who have saved the Jews, and I often think: Poles are strange. They can be angry and unjust. But I do not know if any other nation has so many romantics, so many noble people, so many blameless people, so many angels who, with such sacrifice, with so much neglect of their own lives, would save the aliens.”

        In her book, Ms Mirska explained very well the phenomenon of Polonophobia – much more spread than the phenomenon of anti-semitism (which in Europe is only really dangerous and wide-spread in France and Ukraine – although even in anti-semitic France, more churches are set on fire than synagogues, and life of Catholics in Ukraine is far from easy) – no post-WWII killings of Jews in England for example on racial grounds, while a few killings of Poles took place in England on racial grounds in last year alone – with shocking leniency of English courts towards the perpetrators.

        This was also an opinion of a Jew Stanley Stein, who wrote a protest letter to the British “Economist” (that they peddle fictional problem of anti-semiticsm in Poland, while they have a real problem of anti-Polonism: although I think that with the Jihad threat, this is changing now in England and Wales; interestingly, anti-Polonism was never a major problem in Scotland).

        Her testimony should be an eye-opener to you; in her book, Ms Mirska mentions how shocked she was about the Jewish woman who could not bear the feeling that she should be thankful to any Polish peasants who saved her life from her own risk. As Mirska wrote:

        “- I heard a testimony by an elderly Jewish woman, and the she writes the testimony:

        “I survived the occupation in one village near Lublin. The whole village knew of me. The whole village saved me. Everyone wanted me to survive. And when the Germans were expelled, I left the village and would never return to it.

        “Why did you do that,” I asked, “why do you not want to see the people who saved you?”

        “Because I would have to repay the whole village. That’s why I went away and that’s why I will not come back.”


        The most emotive of the pro-Polish testimonies of the war was the evaluation of the Hebrew teacher Abraham Lewin, who lived in the gruesome conditions of the Warsaw Ghetto. He wrote in his diary on June 7, 1942:

        “(…) Many Jews believe that the impact of war and terrible blows – which the country and its inhabitants – Jews and Poles – suffered at the hands of the Germans – greatly changed the relations between Poles and Germans, and most Poles were dominated by philosemitic feelings.

        Those who proclaim this opinion base their point of view on a significant number of events that illustrate how the Poles have shown and continue to show their compassion and courtesy to the Jews, deprived of their livelihood, and especially of beggars, from the first months of the war. I have heard many stories about the Jews who escaped from Warsaw on that important day of September 6, 1939, and received refuge, hospitality and food from Polish peasants who did not demand any payment for their help. It is also well known that our children who go begging and appearing in tens and hundreds on the Christian streets, get a great deal of bread and potatoes and thus manage to feed them and their families in the ghetto.”

        President of the Association of Jewish Veterans Arnold Mostowicz stated in the article published on February 25, 1998 in “Zycie”:

        “- No nation has put on the altar of helping Jews such hecatomb victims as Poles, although in other occupied countries this aid did not carry such a risk.”

        A Jew Oswald Rufeisen, one of the bravest Jewish partisans of the war, said in an interview with “Polityka” on May 9, 1993:

        “- I never speak of Polish anti-Semitism and wherever I can, I fight it because it is superstition. This is superstition (…). It seems to me that not all people who survived the Holocaust in Poland speak of anti-Semitism, but those who came to Israel from Poland before the war. I think so. People who were cut off from the Polish society, who transferred their psychological concepts to the war situation (…). I am over 70 years old, I lived in Poland before the war, I survived the war in the eastern Polish territories … I did not see Poles murdering, but I saw Belarussians, I saw Latvians, Estonians, Ukrainians who murdered and Polish units that would murder , I have not seen. But all these idiots do not see that.”

        In December 2000, during the visit of Polish Foreign Minister Wladyslaw Bartoszewski in Israel in the Knesset, there was a wave of slanderous attacks on Poland for its role in the Second World War (Bartoszewski himself received enormous amounts of money from German Foundations to spread the Israeli/German propaganda lies).

        Speakers accused the Poles of alleged complicity in the extermination of Jews. One of the most attacking members The President of Israel Reuven Rivlin.

        One of the Jews protesting against the assaults of Knesset deputies on Poland and Poles was Samuel Dombrowski, a resident of Düsseldorf, Germany. Here are some excerpts from his letter, published in “Rzeczpospolita” on 9 December 2000, entitled “Shame”, after statements in the Knesset:

        “(…) The statements made by the Israeli Parliament during the visit of Minister Bartoszewski are shocking not only in Poland, they are also shocking and outrageous for me. A Jew, a former prisoner of Auschwitz, a man who survived the 1939-1945 year, the black years when Nazi murderers ruled Poland. I would like to briefly recall some truths. Poland during the Nazi occupation was the only occupied country in which the Nazis failed to create a Polish government cooperating with the occupant.”

        “Dr” Kevin McCarthy’s letter to “The Belfast Telegraph”, spreading Holocaust lies and inciting racial hatred towards Poles when they were subjected to terror attacks in east Belfast, should be treated in this context.

        This man should be completely excluded from Irish public life. He should be completely ostracised. No person should talk to him or shake hands with him, he should be refused service in all outlets, such as pubs or hairdressers. If David Irving spent 13 months in prison and had all his property confiscated for less scandalous and less inaccurate statements (some of which he recanted), the penalty for the whore McCarthy should be so much more severe.

        The Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) – the newspaper industry regulator – ruled that in a ringing endorsement of freedom of expression, Ipso – set up in the wake of the Leveson Inquiry into the “culture, practices and ethics of the Press” – concluded that the Belfast Telegraph had no case to answer.

        Very well – I am glad. In my ringing endorsement of freedom of expression, I am hereby stating that “Dr” Kevin McCarthy of Kinsale (not to be confused of Dr Kevin McCarthy of UCC Cork) is a cheap whore, and a paid propagandist with no sense of decency, shame or academic accuracy.

        • Truthist

          Poland & Poles everywhere have another adversary promoting spurious & untrue allegations against Poles in Poland during WW 2.
          University of Ottawa Prof. Jan Grabowski
          I found mention of him from a tweet by Makow ;
          Makow being an egalitarian regards opinion ;
          Unlike the likes of Bernie Sanders who came over to a traditionally Catholic nation which now also has a substantial new population of other Catholics & Eastern Orthodox Christians & Muslims & Buddhists ;
          All of whom if sincere would abhor murder of the pre-born / abortion & murder of the new-born — essentially Sanders’s ethos for us goys, also would not be Christ mocking jerks.
          Question ;
          Grzegorz, from ur personal experience, is the percentage of Jerks higher in Irish State than in Poland ?
          Lest I forget, here is that tweet giving link to Mr. Grabowski ;
          Grzegorz, I strongly recommend that u copy & paste the above email communication — by Makow’s translator, to French for his Franco-phile readers benefit, to Makow himself — into a word-processing document.
          That communication does not have a dedicated URL ;
          So, it should prove to be somewhat difficult to uncover on the internet.
          Its current tenure on Makow’s website will be short.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Grzegorz, from ur personal experience, is the percentage of Jerks higher in Irish State than in Poland ?” – the percentage of jerks is very high in Poland: I estimate it at 10%, which is the number of ex commi-spies, commi-collaborators (both native Polish and…),
            a small but very influential number of the so called sleepers left by the withdrawing Soviet (Russian at that stage – 1993) army whose children/grandchildren were born in Poland and are impossible to spot from the rest of population, except for the level of jerkness
            even smaller, but e v e n more influential number of STASI (Operationsgruppe Warschau), coordinating their lies with the previous groups.

            This was partly the reason so many people emigrated from Poland: good jobs? Career prospects? Nice communal flats for free or for a song? Yes, but for that 10%.

            So I am not sure if the number of jerks in Ireland is higher. Contrary to what some people might think, the vast majority people I’ve met in Ireland were in ALL CLASSES (from low income to upper-middle class) were d e c e n t and polite (except for when drunk) – though I try to avoid jerks in every country.

            The major difference I would say is that that 10% of jerks in Poland are hated and ostracised by the decent rest (which was the reason PiS won the election – people had enough and organised themselves to prevent the election fraud), while in Ireland, especially in four star hotels and other places of drinking, eating, and verbally abusing/emotionally bullying waiters and bartenders, there are the loudest, the most visible, the most in your face – sometimes they even run the Anglo-Irish; while the intelligent, humble, warm Irish are perching invisibly, quietly and cowardly, forced to quietly move between their homes and places of work/study – scared to get in the way, let alone to annoy the shouting, shameless mugs of the jerks.

            Yes, the decent Irish (so the majority) would complain about the jerks rulling them, but then they go and vote for them with bovine inertia (Irelnertia), or don’t vote at all, because there is noone to vote for (that they themselves could start their own party that would wipe off the face of the earth the Big Four, goes beyond their victim-script waving).
            We cannot do anything for ourselves, because, d’ya know, 800 years – even though there is no danger in Ireland of being killed for having different political views.

            Then they wonder why their budget had been read in Bundestag before it was read in the Dail.

  30. Truthist

    The West Can’t Smell What Eurasia is Cooking
    Pepe Escobar
    A tectonic geopolitical shift happened in Astana, Kazakhstan, only a few days ago, and yet barely a ripple registered in Atlanticist circles.

    At the annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), founded in 2001, both India and Pakistan were admitted as full members, alongside Russia, China and four Central Asian “stans” (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).
    So now the SCO not only qualifies as the largest political organization – by area and population – in the world; it also unites four nuclear powers. The G-7 is irrelevant, as the latest summit in Taormina made it clear. The real action now, apart from the G-20, also lays in this alternative G-8.
    June 9, 2017. President Vladimir Putin poses for photographs with the participants of the meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). From left: President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, President of China Xi Jinping, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. From right: President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon.
    © Sputnik/ Mihail Metzel/POOL
    Putin Predicts SCO Gaining More Influence as India, Pakistan Join Bloc
    Permanently derided in the West for a decade and a half as a mere talk shop, the SCO, slowly but surely, keeps advancing a set up that Chinese President Xi Jinping qualifies, in a subdued manner, as “a new type of international relations featuring win-win cooperation.”
    That’s the least one can say when you have China, India and Pakistan in the same group.
    The SCO’s trademark, under the radar game is quite subtle. The initial emphasis, as we were entering the post-9/11 world, was to fight what the Chinese qualify as “the three evils” of terrorism, separatism and extremism. Beijing – and Moscow – from the beginning were thinking about the Taliban in Afghanistan, and their Central Asian connections, especially via the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU).
    Now the SCO is actively warning about the security “deterioration” in Afghanistan and calling for all members to support the “peace and reconciliation” process. That’s code for the SCO from now on directly engaged in finding an “all-Asian” Afghan solution – with both India and Pakistan on board – that should transcend the failed Pentagon “remedy”; more troops.
    NATO, by the way, miserably lost its war in Afghanistan. The Taliban control at least 60% of the country – and counting. And adding supreme insult to predictable injury, the Islamic State Khorasan (ISK) – Daesh’s branch in Afghanistan – has just captured Tora Bora, where way back in late 2001 the Pentagon’s B-52s were bombing already-escaped Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.
    Make no mistake; there will be SCO action in Afghanistan. And that will include bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table. China has taken over the rotating presidency of the SCO and will be keen to show practical results in the next summit in June 2018.
    Step on the gas, pay in yuan
    Chinese President Xi Jinping watches during a gift handover ceremony at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, January 18, 2017.
    Chinese Leader Offers to Start Signing Trade Facilitation Deal With SCO
    The SCO has also steadily evolved in terms of economic cooperation. Last year Gu Xueming, head of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation at the Ministry of Commerce, proposed a SCO economic think tank alliance, also tasked to study the set up of SCO free trade zones.
    This spells out further economic integration – already ongoing for scores of small-and medium-sized businesses. The trend is inevitable, in parallel to the interpenetration of the New Silk Roads, a.k.a. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Russian-led Eurasia Economic Union (EEU).
    So no wonder at their bilateral meeting in Astana, Xi and President Putin once again exhorted the merging of BRI and EEU. And we’re not talking only about the BRI, EEU and SCO trio; that also concerns the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the BRICS’s New Development Bank (NDB), the Chinese Silk Road Fund — a full array of politico-economic mechanisms.
    Things are moving incredibly fast – on all fronts. At a recent “Future of Asia” conference in Tokyo, the supposedly rabid anti-Chinese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced, although subject to many conditions, that Japan is ready to cooperate with BRI, with its “potential to connect East and West as well as the diverse regions found in between.” A possible China-Japan reset would add the definitive momentum to the BRI, EEU and SCO inter-penetration.
    Crucially, both China and Russia are also on the same page in terms of fast-tracking Iran’s admission as a full SCO member. …”

  31. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Follow up on burning alive the Polish driver in Calais: 4 “refugees” responsible for murder were caught by the French police. 2 of them are from Afghanistan, and 2 from Eritrea. They were charged with causing danger for road traffic.
    On another related topic, some media all over the world gave the information (taken from what source?) that the terrorist who attacked the French policeman in Paris was a son of Polish immigrants.
    This information turned out to be completely untrue, but no clarification was published.
    Mr Trump is right that he refuses to talk to those media.

  32. How to get elected–rig it, but make sure it is rigged enough.

    “Donald Trump had it right when he said if were not for the three to five million illegal votes, he would have won the popular vote in 2016. According to a new study by the nonpartisan group “Just Facts,” 5.7 million non citizens “may have cast illegal votes.” Keep in mind, this does not take into account massive voter and election fraud in places like Detroit, where there were as many as 6 times more votes than registered voters.”"

  33. http://www.businessinsider.com/albert-edwards-on-central-banking-and-populism-2017-6

    “For as the next inevitable economic and financial collapse comes ever nearer – a consequence of yet another global asset bubble bursting politicians will be looking for the next sacrificial lambs to throw to the wolves. It’s hard to believe Yellen, Draghi and Carney won’t be those bleating lambs. But then the mob will devour the very independence of those institutions with the connivance of a political class willing to do anything to save their own skins.”

    Let the games begin!!

  34. Truthist

    It is called “Conquest by Creep”
    And, it has been aided willfully by local creeps in Irish State.
    Ewe know, a hell of a lot of people have Diplomas & Degrees, & what have ewe, in “European Studies” ;
    These graduates have, in the main, been thoroughly indoctrinated into believing that the European Union as a project is benign even though from its conception by Kalergi & its initiation by Monet & right-throughout its operation into today, it is a malevolent dictatorship.
    Holders of “European Studies” qualifications will naturally feel that they have no academic credibility were the E.U. showing signs that it is collapsing.
    But, they need not feel despondent if they have a Road to Damascus transformation in themselves.

    • terryhewett

      Conquest by creep: you have nailed it in one.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “a hell of a lot of people have Diplomas & Degrees, & what have ewe, in “European Studies” ” – in Poland, they say that you would study for a few years just to know the same things you’d know by only reading newspapers. Interestingly, European Studies are divided in Kraków into 2 specialities: a) German studies and b) Holocaust.
      And rightly so, because that’s all that there is to it: at least they are not beating about the bush.

      • terryhewett

        It was Solzhenitsyn who said that if you learn one or two skils you can learn another 15 quite easily.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          It remains an open question though whether the European Studies teach someone any skills. Certainly, they cover a broad range of subjects, but my impression of reading their courses was that basically it is an amalgamate of law, political science, philosophy, sociology, history and propaganda stuff (maybe in revert order), only everything done quite shallowly: only just touched on.
          It is striking that I cannot recall any expert being called to television (like BBC, or TVP, or even Irish amateurish RTE) as the European Studies graduate: if they really want to know, they rather call the economists, sociologists, philosophers, political scientists, historians, etc…

          Nonetheless, I think that something like the European Studies minus propaganda is needed, but at the secondary school level. Frankly speaking, I think that whoever goes to the university should have those tiny bits of knowledge about everything anyway (not least because that person is voting: there is this misunderstanding that in ancient Greece, every moron could vote – but what people are not told nowadays about the ancient Greece is that one had to pass an exam from basic things about the state and its laws before one was allowed to vote!).

          I think I’ve seen some European Studies expert on German TV once (they often have debates in which everyone represents the same view, and when they once invited someone with a different point of view, they run that debate – with their innate sense of fairness – on the lines: “everyone against one” (English subtitles):


          Interestingly, the comments of the German viewers after that debate were that Ms Rybinska won the debate, despite the bias!).

          And speaking of fresh air in the media, very recently the BBC (despite their massive lefty bias, less biased than the German TV – but that’s because everything is) have finally deigned to call PiS politcian to present their point of view, rather than just take all opinions from one party:


          Speaking of Solzhenitsyn, in 1973 he wrote a letter to the Soviet leaders (which eventually became a series of them). These letters are almost completely unknown in the West (because they were not meant to be published), but they deserve to be, because in them, Solzhenitsyn basically talks about the future Russia (sort of post-convergece-like).


          • Truthist

            This URL will not open up for me.
            In I trying to get Solzhenitsyn’s LetterS — plural — to Soviet Leaders, only URLs informing the reader of 1 letter only within it is a recurring result.
            Question ;
            Is it that Solzhenitsyn wrote :
            1 letter only to Soviet Leaders
            > 1 letter to Soviet Leaders.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            That was a major one, because it was Solzhenitsyn’s political manifesto, and it was addressed to Brezhnev. Other than that, there had been letters from the time he decided to return.
            Since Solzhenistsyn, there was a guy Oleg Kashin, a journalist who was (one of many journalists) a victim of President Putin’s regime (in 2010, he suffered a broken jaw, fractured skull, broken leg and broken fingers).
            He tried to emulate Solzhenitsyn, and also wrote a (open this time) letter to President Putin called: “Look what you’ve done”.

            However, while some bits of it are interesting, like

            “Consider Inspector Vadim Sotskov, who’s been handed my case.

            Sotskov put it elegantly when he said recently: “There’s the law, but there’s also the man in charge, and the will of the boss is always stronger than any law.”

            Put bluntly: he’s right and that’s reality. Your will in Russia is stronger than any law.”

            “In Russian society today, even obvious questions about good and evil have become impossible. Is it OK to steal? Is it OK to cheat? Is murder ethical?
            With each of these questions, it’s become customary in Russia now to answer that things aren’t so simple. All your good works have left the nation demoralised and disoriented.”


            the whole letter is way below Solzhenitsyn’s level, and focuses Mr Kashin himself rather than on problems and failures of the current Russia.

            This narcissism of focusing on the person, and not on the issue, is typical of our post-hippie world, and it is now present in every country, to a lesser or greater extent: Solzhenitsyn was the old school.

          • Truthist

            @ Grzegorz,
            .Re ; Putin
            Have a look at the Google.com results that offer up for search terms ;
            Brendon O’Connell AND Putin

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Very interesting, Truthist (Brendon O’Connell).

      • Truthist

        “European Studies are divided in Kraków into 2 specialities :
        German studies
        Re ; 1.2
        Holocaust literally means burnt offering of people
        Question ;
        To whom is this holocaust referring to ?
        Irish natives burnt alive on stakes by Cromwell [ the Puppet of the Banksters based in Amsterdam who wanted to return to Britain after being expelled hundreds of years prior by then King of England ] + his ensign William Penn [ from which the State of Pennsylvania gets its name ] ?
        Russian peasantry burnt alive in barn-houses by German army in WW 2
        inter alia
        And, why not study of the vast numbers of Jews murdered with fire-arms by German forces & their proxies during the Germans’ total control of Eastern Europe during WW 2 ?
        And, why not study of the vast numbers of Poles murdered with fire-arms by German forces & their proxies [ same as 2.2.X.2 ( above ) ]during the Germans’ total control of Poland during WW 2 ?

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “Question ;
          To whom is this holocaust referring to ?” –
          Dear Truthist,
          I consider it waste of time to deep deeper into European Studies courses other than reading their full catalogue.


          I think that me and you can answer that question ourselves, as it is obvious.


          “Irish natives burnt alive on stakes by Cromwell”

          What surprises me is the easy ride Cromwell gets in England and Scotland – considering that he was an unheard of torture of the native English too (particularly Catholics, but not entirely); let alone Scottish.
          After all, the English got rid of him
          Cromwell’s time was one of the worst for England; and I wonder if he – with his vision and methods to implement them – cannot be even called world’s first communist or Nazi (there were aspects of both in Cromwellism).

          The only people who benefited from Cromwell were the Ulster Scots.

          So, his exposure in the media being so shy, I not only wonder why Cromwell is on the sidelines in Ireland, but in England too.

          Where are the books titled: “Cromwell – a forerunner of Hitler?”;
          “Types of tortures of English Catholics under Cromwell’s regime”.


          “the Puppet of the Banksters based in Amsterdam” – also don’t forget that Cromwell financed the rise of totalitarian Prussia, turning it from one of the poorest countries in Europe (certainly more poor than Ireland at the time) into a military power, which ended in partitions of Poland, and then WWI and WWII.


          Yes – THAT is a real sweet hidden secret of modern history.
          Wouldn’t be interesting to see a book in Eason’s called: “How credits from London helped to create Europe’s first totalitarian state?”

          Yea, I know, I understand – if we want to have peace with DUP, and we do, it’s better the Irish or the English don’t know such things.

        • Truthist

          At least 1 million Irish genocided by Cromwell.
          And, at least 2 / Two million English Catholics genocided by Cromwell
          I have these approximations on foot of :
          readings over the years, but which I did not note for references
          reliable Irish Republican scholar who was quick to emphasize that Cromwell worse to English Catholics in strict numerical basis, but more devastating to Irish Catholics on proportion to population as a whole basis
          “Cromwell – a forerunner of Hitler ?”
          Well, Cromwell “even warts & all” did arguably create a State of Israel as certainly did Hitler ;
          n + … + 1 ]
          Hitler is effectively the “push” — with no little help from the Zionists — creator of Israel.
          n ]
          Cromwell is effectively the “pull” — with no little help from his Bankster puppet-masters in Holland [ Not yet Netherlands I think ] — creator of Israel [ or at least New Jerusalem ] in London.
          Incidentally, the House of Windsor affectionately call Bucking-him [ don't mistake ur B's for F's lest ewe be more accurate ] Palace … “Jerusalem”.
          “Jerusalem, James,
          And, steady on the horses.”
          “Yes, Mam.”

  35. “It is getting extremely difficult to keep track of the ever increasing number of fading Hollywood stars threatening to harm or kill President Donald Trump. The latest outrage occurred when overrated actor Johnny Depp joked about assassinating the President at a U.K. music festival. He asked the crowd “When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?” This was obviously a reference to actor John Wilkes Booth who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. He dug an even deeper hole when he followed his question by making a thinly veiled threat on the President’s life. Amazingly, he told the crowd, “it’s been a while, maybe it is time.

    For these remarks, Depp should be visited by the Secret Service and possibly charged with threatening the life of President Trump. It is a Class E felony; punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a fine.”


  36. It is time to deconstruct the state and return people to local governance. That is as true for Europe as it is for the Americas.

    Free trade and the use of internationally recognised money will provide prosperity. Government, of the people, by the people , for the people, needs to be followed for the betterment of all peoples.


    • Truthist

      “FREE TRADE … will provide prosperity.”
      Redacted slightly be Truthist
      So, how about Globalisation ?
      So, how about that the world will always be unjust if only because another locale A has current or permanent advantage over locale B such that B is always outsmarted as to produce product & / or service for constantly peanut payment by locale A ?
      Again, I am not trying to be awkward, but merely put to u vital AND yet awkward questions.

      • Nothing is perfect, there are always inequities, but a federation or cooperation between peoples will always be better than war or aggression. Individual sovereignty is superior to being a part of a collective.
        The rules of life govern action and so a common philosophy beats competing religions for example.
        Libertarianism if we must have an ism beats most other isms. small government beats large government if we must have government.
        Individual self reliance with a measure of charitable behavior work for society. Volunteerism has many benefits both to the receiver and the donor.
        Living as a boy scout works well.(Girl Scouts for the ladies)

        Boy Scout Law

        Traditional Scout Law

        A Scout’s honor is to be trusted.
        A Scout is loyal.
        A Scout’s duty is be useful and to help others.
        A Scout is a friend to all, and a brother to every other Scout.
        A Scout is courteous.
        A Scout is a friend to animals.
        A Scout obeys orders.
        A Scout smiles and whistles under all difficulties.
        A Scout is thrifty.
        A Scout is clean in thought, word, and deed.

        A Traditional Outlander Scout Promise

        On my honor I promise to do my best:
        To render service to my country;(community, TB)
        To help other people at all times;
        To obey the Scout Law.


        One thing to do is reduce the coercion axiomatic in government. That means reducing government to as little as possible and not relying on government to provide. allowing as much freedom as possible. Getting rid of and combating all forms of deceit and corruption. We can start with removing central bankers from power and have the money of the world as that agreed by free men of free disposition.
        Allowing a free man the fruits of his endeavors , allowing the sharing of those endeavors with others will result in the greatest wealth to mankind.

        If we had lived by the Scout Law this last 50-100 years the world would be a vastly different place.

        • Truthist

          Since I have been a boy, I am for all that u say above … except the Central Banking part ;
          To know about that part requires longevity & / or helpful education.
          The Central Banking part I include now but only because of my curiosities & enquiries thenceforth & the fruits of those efforts got from many sources on the internet [ mainly from u ].

  37. https://dailyreckoning.com/forgotten-depression-1920-1921/

    “”The Forgotten Depression of 1920–1921

    If Paul Krugman were around he would have screamed blue murder and set Mr. Harding down as an enemy of the people.

    But Harding followed a different set of lights than the good Dr. Krugman…

    Imagine — if possible — a contemporary president pounding this drum:

    We will attempt intelligent and courageous deflation, and strike at government borrowing which enlarges the evil, and we will attack high cost of government with every energy and facility which attend Republican capacity…

    Let us call to all the people for thrift and economy, for denial and sacrifice if need be, for a nationwide drive against extravagance and luxury, to a re-committal to simplicity of living, to that prudent and normal plan of life which is the health of the republic.

    Harding prescribed a medicine too bitter for modern America.”"

    • michaelcoughlan

      Two things struck me;

      1) He didn’t contrast his position that brexit is bad for the UK with what’s obvious;

      Is staying in good for greece or italy with their massive youth unemployment and stagnant economies.

      2) He talks about reflexivity where cause and effect influence each other and the self defeating cycle which ensues. No mention of reflexivity etc with regard to out of control central banking;

      Listen to what jim rogers has to say on this matter and who is his former partner in the quantum fund;


      Worst crash in out lifetime just around the corner.

    • There is nothing to connect Brexit with the state of the economy as nothing there has changed. There is everything to connect debt to declining living standards. It was ever thus and always will be. The world , not just Britain, is awash in debt and until the debt is washed out of the economy reductions in the standard of living will be the norm for everyone. Prosperity require frugality and savings to accumulate capital. Debt dissipates capital. Without capital there is no wealth gain, no prosperity.
      Brexit is not, and was never, about the economy, but everything to do with the authoritarian form of government. Europe is a dictatorship. Period.
      Free men would rather be broke than live under the yoke of tyranny.

  38. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    Reserve for perusal at time-point that u can truly spare.
    I wonder were Cobbett & Edmund Burke interlocutors, & indeed corespondents, with each other.
    Google.com search results for terms ;
    Cobbett AND Historian AND England AND Oliver Cromwell
    Admittedly, not dealing with Cromwell period which is over 100 years later.

  39. McCawber

    Ireland *The Irish) has an inherent problem.
    Denial – To illustrate – If the hill won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad will go to the hill.
    Muhammad, not your typical Irish politician’s reaction.
    If that hill ain’t moving then we’ll waste punter David’s hard earned taxes building a new hill.

  40. Truthist

    Immigration to Canada for 25 years before reign of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau [ father of present Prime Minister Justine Trudeau ] ;

  41. Truthist

    Active Graphic of Immigration to USA ;
    Worth saving.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      The map is beautifully done and very educational. I did save it, and I forwarded it to some of my friends.

      Although it is a pity that the map doesn’t go back in time to 17th century – it would show that the Poles emigrated to the US even earlier than Germans, Scandinavians and Irish (i.e. Roanoke Colony in 1585 – historian Józef Retinger stated that Raleigh’s purpose of bringing the Poles was to reduce the English dependency on timber and pitch from Poland: the word “spruce” came to English from Polish, and it means “from Prussia” – royal Prussia, so part of Poland; also, did you know that the first Polish immigrants came to the Jamestown colony in 1608, twelve years before the Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts?).

      They also organised the first strike in America (1619) :-) – to protest their exclusion from voting rights by the first-ever legislative body.

      Also, Thomas Jefferson was inspired by the book “De optimo senatore”, first published by Wawrzyniec Grzyma?a Goslicki in 1568 (verses from that book were also quoted in “Hamlet”), translated into English in 1598 as “The Counsellor”); and the US Constitution was partly inspired by the legal system of Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania.

  42. Truthist

    WOMEN, & MEN, EMPOWERING white WOMEN … Hmm … m !

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