May 29, 2017

Ireland’s three critical relationships

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Brexit, Trump and the victory of the profoundly Eurocentric and tax-harmonizing Macron have focused our attention on exactly what type of economy we have here. What are our alliances? Where does our interest lie and how best should we navigate the next few years? In short, the question now is who, in economic terms, are we?


There has been a lot of commentary on Brexit and how bad it might be for the country. This may turn out to be the case, but we don’t know yet how it will pan out. It is significant that since the Brexit vote, our economy has not spiraled into a tailspin as was predicted by the mainstream; in fact, the opposite has been the case. This economy has been on a roll.


This development alone should be enough to treat much definitive commentary with a pinch of salt.


However, what should shift our credence from a pinch to a mountain of salt, is the fact that much of this apocalyptic commentary has come from those who could be described as being “on the payroll”.


People “on the payroll” are usually professionals who are paid either by the State, the EU or ancillary professions that depend on the status quo. All these institutions follow a hard editorial line whereby the EU is wonderful in all respects and further European integration is not so much a point of argument as a self-evident truth.


They may be proved right but that outcome is not a given, particularly for an Atlantic economy like ours where non-EU trade and investment links predominate. The facts on the ground indicate that we are as much an Atlantic economy as a Continental one.


For example, when you read a tome on the relationship between Ireland and the EU written by, let’s say, the “Jean Monnet Professor of this” or the “Robert Schuman Professor of that”, the editorial clue should be in the title and the narrative is likely to be as objective as a screed on private property written by the “Karl Marx Professor of Economics”.


Thus in the same way that the Anglo Irish Bank Chair in Corporate Governance might set alarm bells ringing if you were to engage in a discussion on lending, so too should any title that has the forefather of Europe integration in it when discussing the future relationship of this country and Europe. Who wouldn’t be equally cautious when assessing the judgment of the Clinton Institute of American Politics on the Republican Party?


By the way, when it comes to the EU, there are loads of these academic positions all over Europe. In truth, opinion forming is an industry like any other and if someone is bought and paid for, then they are likely to toe the party line.


So we should be vigilant.


This is not a slight on the academic integrity of the people involved; rather it is a health warning on objectivity. My father once remarked to me, honestly and without prejudice, that “a man’s view of the world is often determined by who pays his wages”.


That sounds fair, don’t you think?


A small suggestion as we go into a debate on the future of the country is when someone is “on the payroll”, this fact should be declared up front so that we can have some objectivity in the crucial national conversation. It’s a modest proposal if you will!


The reason such disclosures are important is because the debate is so critical.


When we look at the country in the context of the world, we see that Ireland has three enormously important relationships.


Economically, Ireland is a trading nation and we sit atop, what was up to now, a reasonably solid, three legged stool.


One leg is Britain, the market where a huge amount of our traditional products end up. Forty percent of all our agriculture — our biggest indigenous industry — is consumed by British people. But even more significantly in terms of bonds, our neighbour is a home from home for half a million Irish citizens. Today, there are about as many Irish-born people living in England as there are Irish-born people living in Connacht!


These are blood ties, the product of history, geography and simple proximity. In a sense, these are bonds that we can’t shake off even if we wanted to do so.


The second relationship is with the US, by far and away our biggest investor and the country we built and have deep cultural and historic affinity. To put the commercial relationship in context, US corporations have invested $380 billion in foreign investment in Ireland, more than they have invested in the whole of Latin America, or the whole of the Middle East or more than they’ve invested in China! The latest figures from the American Irish chamber of commerce reveal that in 2015, American corporates invested $58 billion in one year.


Without American capital Ireland would be Portugal with poxy weather.


The third relationship, of equal importance, is that with continental Europe. This is a deep political and diplomatic bond, if a somewhat tenuous personal one. For example, while our political class scuttle back and forth to the continent, we don’t. There are close to 500,000 Irish people living in England, there are a mere 13,000 living in Germany, Europe’s powerbroker. Therefore, unlike the UK, the EU links are bonds of political strategy, engineered by policy rather than by people.


That said, politically the EU is an anchor for us in the world and one that commercially gives us access to the market of 500 million Europeans.


So all these relationships, the Atlantic and the continental are equally important and inter-dependent.


In the years ahead, the clear strategy for Ireland is to maintain all these relationships. If the British look like being frozen out of Europe, through their own bloody mindedness and EU intransigence, we must be prepared to broker a better deal for all, even if that means breaking ranks with the EU 27. Likewise, if there are moves to harmonize tax and Mr Macron seems keen to do this, we have to use our veto in Europe. Finally, if the American political class moves towards protectionism, we have got to reassure US corporates that Ireland is the place they can invest and get a better return on equity here than in the US. It is that reassurance, not executive orders scribbled by the Donald, which will be the key long-term metric in determining capital flows. Money is like water: it flows to the place of least resistance. We should be that place because that’s the key to prosperity.


There’s every reason to be positive. There’s every reason to back ourselves.


However, juggling all these interests will demand adroitness and common sense. In terms of the national conversation, it would be unforgivable to allow the future debate to be dominated by voices that are already bought and paid for.

  1. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Móra na maidine daoibh.
    And subscribe.

  2. Mike Lucey

    So, our three-legged stool might be about to lose one and possibly two of its legs, the Brit leg and possibly the US leg.

    Maybe it’s time for Ireland to start looking around at this time for a fourth leg that could possibly morph into multiple legs over time, legs that we will fully own that can not be kicked from under us.

    For me, the obvious ‘fourth leg’ is our territorial fisheries which could generate hundreds of thousands of sustainable jobs and a solid worldwide market. To do this would require a lot of common sense let alone adroitness by our current crop of politicians.

    I think we will end up balancing on a one legged stool before we see sense.

    • I agree .

      With regards to fisheries the government is considering to award a foreign control business the exclusive right to harvest all the Irish seaweed on our shores using a special sea mower only to be exported with little or no value -added . This is a rape of the sea economy. Citizens have no voice when economic and political corruption is rife in our own midst.

  3. McCawber

    There is a fourth possible leg.
    Create an IBIC.
    International Bitcoin Investment Centre.

    • McCawber

      Convert the legs to crutches and we should be able to get around just fine.

    • Deco

      Bitcoin is another Ponzi racket.

      • McCawber

        At its present stage of development I agree.
        If however it became a major currency then perhaps not.
        It’s an electronic currency.
        The CBs want to eliminate cash.
        If they succeed (who’s going to stop them?) then we’ll be left with the CBs cryptocurrencies versus Bitcoin.
        That’s why Bitcoin is so important and must succeed.

  4. Deco

    The biggest problem of all is our accumulated debts.

    As a result we are unable to do whatever is in our interests, and are instead compromised by the agenda of Frankfurt.

    We are in a predicament of needing to
    i) reduce indebtedness
    ii) improve public sector performance/efficiency
    iii) improve productivity across the board
    iv) ensure the survival of whatever businesses we have that are domiciled in Ireland, whilst hoping that they do not go full CRH and build a corporate empire abroad that offers no synergies with then operation here – but which will result in a lot of flying around.
    v) resolve the current bottlenecks in the economy
    vi) keep down the cost of living, which is currently under massive pressure.

    The institutional state, various taxes, union rules, restrictive planning in the cities, inefficient transport, and badly structured public services (hospitals as community employment schemes), and the Irish lifestyle (too many pints, plus stomach punishing fast food, on top) are all impediments to resolution of our critical problems.

    We need run our own internal economy more efficiently.
    We need to stop wasting public money.
    We need to go on a health drive ( with particular reference to the mindset that quickly turns to mind altering substances, instead of talking).
    We need to make our cities time efficient.
    We need to get debt under control.
    And we need to stop comparing everything to GDP, because GDP is a lie.

    We need to simplify the entire running of the country, and drastically reduce the largesse ridden institutional state, which has simply lost the plot, on imperial ambition, dressed up as societal altruism.

    We are currently at the end a massive IT boom. We do not know how long it will last. Much of it is unsustainable. Likewise the IFSC which is a very volatile sector.

    I reckon that we are running out of time. Very quickly.

    • mcsean2163

      Well said Deco, have you thought of starting a political party? It’s the on thing you left out, we need to get away from the cronyism of civil war politics ff & fg.

    • and to accomplish the excellent, inclusive list of objectives it is completely necessary to change the nations monetary system.
      No nation has sovereignty who does not control its money.
      Without absolute sovereignty the objectives stated cannot be realized.

      This requires in its own way a revolution in the thinking of a critical mass of the people. Most revolutions seem to occur with as little as 10-15% of the population on side.

      David might discuss a way for a nation to regain its own currency and discuss the pros and cons. That would bring it into the public domain.

      • McCawber

        The money problem is an effect of the poor government/s we have.
        Therefore it won’t be fixed and even if it was we’d find a way of screwing it up.
        The very first thing that needs to be changed is the entitlement that state employers have to return to their previous jobs if they lose their Dail seat.
        Take that guarantee away and you’ll have a lot less teachers etc in the Dail.
        Then PR system has to be changed.
        Three seaters only and a list system introduced – At least a third of the seats should be from a list.

      • McCawber

        That would be real constitutional reform instead of the mickey mouse thinkering that goes on.

  5. Deco

    Update on the 4 Donkeys of EU apocalypse.

    1. Juncker is in place. Clueless, Delusional, and gaffe prone. And that is when he is sober. Which is not always the case. Any attempt to see him replaced will see him defiantly resist. Additionally, most of those under him are equally inept.

    2. Macron is now in office. Macron’s antics with Trump indicate somebody who loves producing a public spectacle. I am calling it now – Macron will be an even bigger disaster than Hollande. Hollande knew his limitations. Macron does not. Macron is a clown.

    3. Italian election looking like it is coming sooner than expected. Renzi, is more pragmatic than Macron, or Merkel, but Grillo is leading.

    Grillo, is a clown – both professionally, and in the political sense. Like Macron, he also loves making a spectacle of himself in public.

    4. Later there will be the German election is between Merkel (who takes a problem and turns it into a massive disaster), and Schulz ( some village is missing their idiot mayor). Both are diplomatic disasters, and are sure to prove incapable of fixing anything. Schulz, to his credit is at last prepared to accept the need for greater assistance for Club Med. Merkel’s latest comments indicate a sense of complete removal from reality.

    Since when, does Merkel speak for the rest of us ? Merkel actually stood up yesterday, and talked like as if she was the voice of an entire continent. She is not not even the voice of 25% of adult German voters.

    Merkel is losing the plot, and starting on a trajectory to complete nonsense.

    Now, any leadership of this country, that obeys the “consensus” is consenting to the stupidity that will flow from that combination above. This is indicative of a deficiency of both intelligence and backbone.
    And in the case of FF’s leading fake, Michael Martin, integrity as well.

    The EU is about to become even more absurd.

    • Deco

      Merkel is heading for her Robespierre moment, when she thinks that she alone is the voice of reason in the entire world.

      The EU is led by people who are creating their own reality, and basing it on their own whims, and misconceptions.

      We need an exit strategy, in case there is no objectivity in the public discussion on EU centrism, in the original 6 EU countries. I expect some objectivity in Greece, Spain, Portigal, and in Eastern Europe. And also in Denmark, and Finland. But in many countries there is no frank honesty. In fact it is almost seen as forbidden.

      This does nothing to correct error prone policy making initiatives.

    • Deco

      The intelligent thing to do when meeting another senior representatives of other states, is to not engage in the need for a spectable.

      Either with a canary yellow suit like Ahern, or ridiculously long handshakes like Macron, or engage in speeches designed to improve one’s standing with the representative’s opposition political party. Imagine if the PM of some miniscule state paid a state visit to Ireland, and started making a speech that reaches to the SF political party activists. That is amatuerism.

    • McCawber

      Merkel is making a grab for oversll power in Europe – Who’s going to say no or stop her – nobody! WW111 in Europe almodt over VE day approaches.

    • Deco

      It seems that Berlin is picking a fight with the Trump Administration, and completely understimates the scale of determination of rust belt America, to completely change the terms of trade.

      This is about more than just Trump. If Trump fails, then the next US Prsident will be elected based on cities with chronic unemployment. The expectation that such cities will keep voting for useless stooges is over. California can afford this, but Michigan, Pennsylvaia, & Ohio cannot.

      The reaction of Merkel, and now Schulz (who is determined to not listen to the Trump’s NATO guideline spending) is interesting.

      Greece has indicated that it is not happy with the current bailout program. And Greece IS meeting the NATO requirement.

      Likewise the UK. And Poland.

      This creates an interesting dynamic for Ireland.

      It is in Ireland’s interest that there is less central control in the EU.

      Ireland’s problem is that Coveney and Martin are both committed strongly, to the side that needs to control Ireland. The side that has already punished Ireland, and sold it as Ireland’s fault. The side that bails out the rich, and lectures the serfs to pay up for it.

      Disobedience in the Irish context is a virtue.

  6. Deco

    For example, when you read a tome on the relationship between Ireland and the EU written by, let’s say, the “Jean Monnet Professor of this” or the “Robert Schuman Professor of that”, the editorial clue should be in the title and the narrative is likely to be as objective as a screed on private property written by the “Karl Marx Professor of Economics”.

    Spot on.

    We need to be objective about the EU empire.

    We also need to be in a position of being able to live according to the results of our objective analysis. Unfortunatley, the main political parties are committed to ensuring that we are incapable of being able to either produce objective analysis, or follow it with policy, even if we did produce it.

  7. Deco

    David, you seem to get where we stand. Likewise our former ambassador in Ottawa, Ray Bassett.

    The problem as I see it is that Micheal Martin is the back seat driver in this government.

    It is like being stuck with another Bertie Ahern, leading the policy making completely astray. Nothing gets improved in the public realm, in this scenario. The exact opposite of objective analysis is what takes place. Instead it is deals, politicking, handouts, pr stunts, and posturing.

    Plus the inevitable sell out of our interests.

    • Truthist

      Me-hole Martin is a VICIOUS person ;
      And, in his plan for becoming Taoiseach over the years he has placed a great many of his party hacks & college-c..nts into the Civil Service & Quangos knowing that this calibre of person will be very obliging to his political personal ambitions.
      Portfolios of government departments & government agencies were invented or expanded to justify placing of his people.
      And, government agencies & quangos were also invented or expanded to justify placing of his people.
      Of course, most of these lucky people are useless if not also vicious just like he is ;
      U are often likely to encounter them as :
      Administrators in public hospitals, & public schools.
      And, also as teachers.
      Me-hole is the Teachers’ Pet-Teacher ;
      Yes, Me-hole was once a teacher ;
      The “once” was for ONLY 1 year.
      And, he took a handsome pension based upon that for many years whilst he an elected to Dail.
      Me-hole has also been heavily promoting a pet-project of his that every child be psychologically assessed ;
      Now, that is sinister.
      But, what else to expect from one such as he ?
      After all ;

      Me-hole Martin the pending “Real Taoiseach” is SINISTER.

      • Truthist

        The whole electoral process is corrupt ;
        system + enough of its official personnel + stake-holders ;
        Especially the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai ;
        Heck, the Peelers even manipulated the electoral process for referendum on same-chromosome marriage to result in favor of Same-Same marriage as sought by Chuck Feeney [ multi-Billionaire from Duty-Free Retail ] & George Soros [ Jew who stole the wealth of other Jews in WW 2 ( And, he saying those days were the happiest of his life ) ]
        And, from the very reliable feedback I get from Cork constituency of Me-hole, the following is the agreed opinion :
        Me-hole is rotten
        Me-hole is useless administrator
        Me-hole is traitor to Irish nation.
        Me-hole has always been very unpopular with the bulk of his constituents able to vote
        Me-hole is elected by corruption of electoral process.
        Ditto many other Politicians & Referenda in SHAM-rock GAY-LICK Re-PUB-LICK of Land-of-IRE.
        And, some of the Referenda are manipulated such that the certainly rejected choice gets “upped” so as to contend that it nonetheless has many people in favour of it when really it does not.
        Also, of course :
        Referenda on certain issues are very much needed since foundation of Irish State ;
        Referenda to confirm the natural law on these issues but which are not expressed, or not expressed properly, in existing Irish Constitution.
        But, in the main, these very issues are skillfully kept away from ever being put to Referenda ;
        And, when they are, some of the issues are mischievously phrased so as to undermine what the natural law states as moral.
        “Hobson’s Choice” is example of a tactic too.

        • Deco

          You understand the essence of the Family Firm boss.

          He is a repeat of Ahernism all over again.

          • Truthist

            Expect to see a more aggressive Me-hole Martin because of fear that Coveney might beat him to the accolade of “The 1st Real Taoiseach since Jack Lynch” ;
            By the way, the Legal Profession in Cork are known in Dublin as “The Cork Mafia” ;
            Problem for “The Cork Mafia” is that most of their Legal Opportunities have moved to Dublin ;
            “All the Legal Work is now in Dublin.” ; So I was reliably told.
            Perhaps this has to do with the decades of by & large useless & extortionate & toothless & deliberately obfuscating Tribunals being hosted in Dublin.
            I do not know.

            Note ;
            Morris Tribunal at least revealed some of the extent of the outrageous corruption that some innocents of Irish nation suffer from at the hands of the Irish Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai.

  8. Good Article, David. Thoughtful and reasoned. Leaves me to contemplate!

  9. mcsean2163

    With our national debt of €200 billion, I’m sure the EU would remind us where we stand if we broke ranks. Coveney or Martin both seem incapable of independent thought, we might stand a chance with Varadkar just because he’s so obstinate.

    Anyway, let’s hope we’re not the next Greece.

    • Deco

      You are correct. Coveney and Martin are there to take orders, and ensure that we behave like nice obedient serfs.

      To be honest, I think Varadkar is mere a load of bluster.

      We need better.

      • Truthist

        Varadakar will be very cruel — on behalf of our own immediate “hidden” government — to the JOBLESS ;

        Jobless are those not in a job who are :


        unemployed ; Yes, some of jobless are “unemployed”

        He will be particularly cruel to those depending on Social Welfare payments who are NOT “players”.


        But, the category where most “unemployed” reside is “The Civil Service”

        Actually, the Irish Civil Service is the best place to hide from being employed in doing work ;
        Well, doing useful work ;
        Or at least sufficient useful work.

        However, we all know that there are very industrious civil servants.

        But, then we should distinguish — or extinguish ? — amongst them those who are industriously malevolent.

  10. mcsean2163

    Second worst in the world = Ireland

    • Deco

      We had an extravangant show last year concerning “independence”, and the fight for freedom.

      The irony of the entire event was astounding.

      An episode in “feel-good” nonsense, whilst the country is now used as a hub for smuggling hard drugs into Northern Europe, and the Navy are doing nothing about it.

      In fact they are even in the wrong place, to ensure they do not get in the way of it.

      And not a word about debt. Not a word.

      Millionaires standing on the podium, feeling “pride in our achievements”.

      It was vomit inducing nonsense.

      It was pure show. But it was of no relevance to most people.

      Another superficial green jersey moment.

      The eejets in the most obedient member of the EU imperial racket were feeling their moment of superficiality.

  11. “”In contrast to eurozone countries (core as well as periphery) that remain deeply constrained by excessive external debt, Iceland has just paid down its foreign obligations by a cool US$61 billion, returning them to the safe 2006 level.

    The country that suffered proportionally the world’s biggest financial collapse in 2008 is now set to boom again as it diversifies from fish, tourism and aluminium into renewable energy and information technology.”

    It is called leading by example.

  12. terryhewett

    When new Eurozone countries gained access to easy credit backed by German economic strength, one can only compare it to Tacitus’ cynical observation in his Life of Agricola concerning the Romanisation of British tribal leadership: Book 1 paragraph 21

    “Inde etiam habitus nostri honor et frequens toga; paulatimque discessum ad delenimenta vitiorum, porticus et balinea et conviviorum elegantiam. Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, cum pars servitutis esset.

    “Hence, too, a liking sprang up for our style of dress, and the toga became fashionable. Step by step they were led to things which dispose to vice, the lounge, the bath, the elegant banquet. All this in their ignorance, they called civilization, when it was but a part of their servitude”

    Roman policy was to corrupt the tribal leaders: and everything else follows.

    Juncker is un-ashamed about it: commenting on the introduction of the European single currency in 1999, Juncker said:

    “We decide on something, leave it lying around and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      A long time ago, I shared my remark that according to my source in the EU Parliament, the real decision centre in the EU is not in the EU Commission or the EU Council (and of course not in the EU Parliament, who doesn’t have legislative prerogative), but in the Eurogroup and its arm, Euro Working Group, that always happen to be chaired by the Carolingians, that is former members of the Carolingian Empire (but practically only by Germans and Beneluxians).

      I also said that if someone has access to Mr Noonan, they should ask him – every time he goes to talk to straw men like Mr Tusk or Mr Timmermans – whether he took any crucial decisions for Ireland (like bailouts) without first consulting them with the heads of those two bodies.

      In this very short video (with Portuguese subtitles, but with audible conversation in English) from 5 years ago, you will see a Portuguese Finance Minister bending in front of Mr Wolfgang Schäuble (then boss of the Eurogroup), like a vassal before the king, and being warned about adjustments being made for Portugal after Greece’s “bailout”. The Portuguese Finance Minister is then begging Mr Schäuble not to do carry on with the adjustments, saying that Portugal has made a good progress.

      Mr Schäuble turns his head in disgust, and rolls up his eyes.

      While Mr SSchäuble was the President of the Eurogroup, Mr Theo Waigel was the President of the EU Working Group.
      Here he talks in Hannover about German reunification. He does not however mean the reunification of West and East Germany, but of the reunification of all German lands as of 1937 (that is taking 1/3 of Poland – look at the map above his head).

      Mr Waigel receives applause when he says that with the capitulation of Wehrmacht, the Third Reich has not fallen: which is true from the legal point of view – the Third Reich never capitulated, only its armed forces – and even that not all; for example not SS (on the contrary, SS chaired the EU Parliament).

      He then reiterates that uniting all German people IN ONE STATE is t h e i r (CDU) political goal (300,000 of them in Poland – btw, Germans have even more rigths in Poland than Poles in Ireland – for example they have a right to have their own representative in the Polish Parliament; Poland also finances German schools in Poland, with German language only – I don’t know why – while Poles in Germany have less legal rights than, i.e., Gypsies).

      Mr Schäuble however is less of a Nazi – he says that Germany actually should not violate Polish borders. This is met with staunch protests by some of his party members (oh, btw – they were also distributing CDs and videos glorifying the SS).

      But none of that what you saw is, according to Mr SSchulz, populism or nationalism.
      Nationalism and populism are, according to Mr SSchulz, only present in rhetorics of Messrs Orban, Trump and Kaczynski (with all the differences between them – and there are many), and the main problem Europe faces is that some states want to have some decision made by their parliaments:

      I think these people – Merkel, Schulz, Schauble and Waigel are a danger to peace in Europe – not Orban or Trump (after all, Germany refuses to sign a Peace Treaty with Poland), or people who voted Brexit (whether they will disappointed or not).

      Oh, by the way – Mr Schulz himself is alleged to be from a family peppered with SS members (SS never capitulated, and neither will Mr Schulz), of which I wrote in much greater details in the past.

      And how is this relevant to David’s article? Well, it is very relevant: who should Ireland ally herself with? Well, not with the EU as a whole, but only with those members of the EU that the Berliner Zeitung wrote about a year ago that they are worse for Germany than ISIS.
      Whose members are, incidentally, allied with the UK and the US: David…


      In order to be in keeping with the current European values, as presented by Germany on both left and the so called right, I cannot refrain myself from displaying the symbol of the Eurogroup and the Euro Working Group (I mean, I can, but given those two videos of the two leading German politicians glorifying Nazism, it is so much more fun if I won’t):


      I will stop displaying swastikas when Germany
      a) Pays war reparations to Poland
      b) Gives Poles the same rights in Germany as Germans enjoy in Poland (and returns property of Polish organisations in Germany stolen from them by the 1940 decree issued by Hermann Göring) and
      c) Signs Peace Treaty with Poland (it refuses to do so).

      And Ireland should not ally itself with a country that has not done so, because whatever that country can do to a bigger country like Poland, it can also do to a smaller country like Ireland (Irish budget had already been read in Bundestag before it was read in the Dail).

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Well, not a swastika really (I cannot get my head around WordPress).
        But then again, unlike some leading German politicians, I’m not a Nazi either, so this is fine by me.

      • Truthist

        U & I aim always for truth-seeking & truth-telling & are guided in doing that with attitude of being fair.
        What are ur simplest & shortest “Yes” or “No” AND / OR “Ambiguous” or “Uncertain” or “Subject to Mutual Transfer of …” answers to the following questions :
        Pre-WW 2
        Did Germany have just reason to claim any TERRITORY from any of its neighbors ? :
        Did any of the following countries have just reason to claim any TERRITORY from Germany ? :
        Re ;
        Post-WW 2 Germany / German today
        Does Germany have just reason to claim any TERRITORY from any of its neighbors ? :
        Does any of the following countries have just reason to claim any TERRITORY from Germany ? :
        Thanking u,

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          1.1 No
          1.2 No
          1.3 No
          1.4 No
          1.5 No
          1.6 No
          Austria, annexed by Germany, had just reason to claim South Tirol from Germany, but Germany gave up South Tirol in exchange for Italy’s neautrality towards German annexation of Austria

          2.1 No
          2.2 No
          2.3 No
          2.4 No
          2.5 No
          2.6 No

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Austria, annexed by Germany, had just reason to claim South Tirol from Germany = from Italy

      • Deco

        I think these people – Merkel, Schulz, Schauble and Waigel are a danger to peace in Europe

        If in doubt, as the Greek people.

        What these three have done to Greece, whilst favouring bankers, is criminal.

      • Deco

        Greg, you are asking that Ireland takes a moral position.

        That has not happened since the 1990s.

        There were superficial moral positions taken, for superficial reasons.

        Ireland’s establishment facilitates immorality, and corruption when requested.

        Noonan’s quip about Feta cheese comes to mind. He is embarrassing.

    • Deco

      Terry – thank you.

      “All this in their ignorance, they called civilization, when it was but a part of their servitude”.

      That is the essence of how the EU operates, described there.

      The anti-civilization (corruption, central control of the people, deception, lobbying, morons making decisions, backroon all night deals, intimidation against internal dissent ) is masquerading as the civilization.

      It is a prop for an effective political garrison that produces the punch lines like “putting us at the heart of Europe”.

      Unless of course the discussion is about taxpayers paying for private bank losses – in which case the lobbyists representing the banks (including former politicians, and EU position holders ) are at the heart of the policy making.

  13. Truthist

    If Irish nation through for example The Irish State were to really act independently ;
    Well then, the big 3 that David focuses on in his article would agree to crush us swiftly.
    Not that they are not crushing us all along ;
    Actually, they have been crushing us all along.
    The Dreadful Few > Vikings destruction on behalf of The Dreadful Few of Christ-loving + Christianity saving Ireland > Viking-settled Normandy Rulers of England & Wales with Financeg of The Dreadful Few conquering the Irish Nation & subjugating us to genocide, starvation, slavery, etc. etc.
    E.U. stripping us of our natural resources, removing our sovereignty, forcing even the poorest of Ireland to pay the enormous private debt owed by private speculators to commercial banks & bond-holders & the EU > ECB & the IMF / Rothshilds, making our Nomenklatura even more corrupt than they already were, etc. etc.
    U.S.A. placing a multitude of deadly polluting pharmaceutical plants in Cork, pressurising the Irish State to cooperate with the false narrative about 9-11 [ e.g. close all public offices & every single private business -- EXCEPT FOR USA MULTI-NATIONALS -- for 1 day "in sympathy for victims" + "in support of USA's lies that some guys hiding in caves for years in Afghanistan did 9-11 rather than the MSHD WHO ACTUALLY DID ] & then facillitate USA with Shannon Airport for genocide of Iraq, & Afghanistan, & Libya etc etc

    • Basically agree with these musings.

      • Truthist

        Of course all countries — EVEN those without private central bank vis. Iran & North Korea & dubious case of Cuba — are being constantly & increasingly & eventually catastrophically crushed by The Rothschilds [ moniker for that family of Banksters who have many other surnames especially because lineage-transmission according to their holy book is passed from the female to female ] ;

        Example of how “all” countries are being crushed is that none can escape that phenomenon of USA inflating supply its Petro-Dollar / Commodity-Dollar prompting each other exporting country to inflate supply its own currency so as to stay competiitive in world market place as seller.
        Thus, reducing the wealth of each currency that is inflated in supply.

        • You have no need to ask as I have oft expressed that to be the case. But they are not alone.

          • Truthist

            Yes, the are not alone.

          • michaelcoughlan

            @ Truthist.

            Here is a question which on the surface may seem idiosyncratic but has great relevance for you personally;

            Do you truthist have the same difficulty I have getting the skid marks off your underpants?

            Ans one of the following; Yes, no, maybe.

            Why is this more significant for you personally than whether the Rothschild’s are at the top of the banking cartel or not?


            You can do something about cleaning your underpants.

            The child comatose in the corner needs attending to.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Actually, more countries than Iran and North Korea have central banks that are not private – Poland for example.

          Interestingly, out of all countries where Poland deposited all its gold (Great Britain, Canada, France + some was deposited in Switzerland before the war) after its successful transport, in war conditions, in September 1939, thanks to Romanians who made the transit possible , only France has returned Polish gold to Poland, and even that was not voluntary – the Vichy government wanted to give all the Polish gold to Nazi Germany, but Poland sued France and the US’s court agreed to arrest France’s gold until they return Polish gold to Poland – so they did agree to return in 1943 (up till then, they lied that all gold has vanished; they also gave all Belgian gold to Germany).

          Britain has retained all Polish gold on foot of… charging Poland for the British equipment that Polish pilots used in the Battle of Britain (and the participation of the Polish pilots was, according to RAF command, crucial in winning it) by retaining Poland’s gold.

          I once pointed it out to Mr Peter Hitchens and even he didn’t know about it…

          What’s it even more interesting is that right now, practically all Britain’s gold reserves consist of Polish gold, that will most likely never return to Poland.

  14. Truthist

    Look at what happens when u try to look after the wholesome best interests of ur own nation + not be going out there doing harm to others ;
    Heck, even a piddly newspaper in Ireland will facilitate the resulting demonisation of u ;

  15. Truthist

    Ireland caught in the middle of “all 3 + another ‘u know who’” powers here ;
    inter alia

  16. Deco

    Already starting a general election ?

    To be honest, the bit where local authorities are overwhelmingly funded from Central government, but they also get a mini-tax for themselves is a bit absurd. However, let us be honest here – if certain councils were given the money, they would only waste it. DLRCC, being leaders in this regard.

    If this was PAYE tax that we were talking about, people would laugh. Why would people with high incomes claim an exemption from the PAYE rate, and those with middle incomes not be able to do the same ?

    But because it is property tax, the newspapers have to be extremely careful. The property divinity must be given enormous reverence.

    If any tax needs to go down, then the first tax that needs be decreased is PAYE, at the marginal rate. Currently the state gets 50% of the overtime rewards for anybody who is on average pay rates.

    In return the people get the quangocrat state. And that is not motivating people to produce more.

    This is actually a productivity bottleneck. It prevents more work being done. It demotivates productive people. McCreevy understood this. The beards in ICTU, and the spoofers in TASC choose to not see it, but to instead have a dossers republic.

    I get the sense that Simon Coveney is FF lite, which makes him incapable of even discussing the matter, in a honest straightforward manner.

    Also, all politicians might need to be reminded of the current financial debts of this country.

    Varadkar is correct on the need for better urban/suburban transport in the East region. And David has already incidated that it is needed inter-region, also. The British figured that out under Major, and tried a shortcut to faster train speeds between other urban areas and London. They completely overshot their enthusiasm, at the time, and produced some calamities. But now – it works. It is not cheap – but it does facilitate an increase in the employment capacity of the SE region.

    We are many years behind again. In fact, for the most part, we are not even talking about the issue.

    And yesterday, we received another reminder of the transport bottleneck.

    Ireland, competitiveness, and Bottleneck theory.

    Dublin itself is becomming a bottleneck.

    I would add that certain professions, like bankers, phramacists, the IMO, architects, lawyers, auctioneers seem to regard bottlenecks as entirely desireable. Effectively an income stimulus program.

    And they have a term for it. “Regulation”. This is not the regulation of the left. This is the regulation of the insiders, by insiders, for insiders. And it is sugar coated in smooth PR offensives, that sell altruism, and deliver a rent seeking agenda.

    There is still an unspoken consensus that amounts to faciliation of inefficient, controlling, stiffling resource and infrastructure models. Often these are deliberately designed to faciliate the insiders, rather than the general public.

    This operates at the very nexus of state policy formulation.

    This is the source of much amateurism in Irish public life.

  17. Deco

    With Britain out of the EU, there will be a purge on dissent, within the EU. In fact it started within days of the Brexit vote.

    In many respects, this is already underway with regard to the Visegard 4, Greece, Denmark, and Finland. It will get even worse.

    Call it the Junckerization of Europe. All the stuff that Jean Claude Jucker is enthusiastic about, will become the core belief system. And it is a belief system. Those that disagree will be treated with contempt.

    Ireland’s corrupt political gangs, having pushed Ireland into Stockholm syndrome, will be a prison guard, who is a prisoner of the system, and is eagerly punishing others, as a form of personal expression of both opportunism and identity.

    We are seeing the very dark side of the Irish psyche. This goes back to the enforcers for the landlords, and the RIC – who shone respectability on the outside, and were depraved beneath the surface.

    Yes. Remember the Peelers in the photos of the eviction in the West, those years ago. Those were not English. Because the wages in England were higher than in Ireland at the time, and transport was unbelievable. And they were not Anglicans, because the Anglicans had better employment opportunities.

    They were Irish. Superficially Catholic, though believers in their own cult of respectability and veneer. They were gombeens. And opportunists.

    And they are back again, rotating to power, and sticking to authority and the provider of power, like glue.

    They are ready to serve their nEU masters.

    The new EU direction will be about turning the EU, politically speaking, into a larger France. One with elites, pretence, spectacle, great promises, deceit, lies, obedience, and opportunity for the children of those that matter, as determined by those that matter.

    And subsidy programs for everything that is not to be proscribed, and regulations for everything.

    And massive simmering discontent. That just seems to get worse every year.

    More Europe, means more stupidity and failure in Europe.

    The Red line, for Ireland’s interests, is NO new centralizing policy initiatives.

    And Macron, is clearly pushing for more.

    That is our nemesis.

    We can handle Trump, with good diplomacy, and tact. And by avoiding stunts that undermine our ability to look after our interests.

    But Macron will undermine us economically, and leave us with enormous debts, which include those incurred bailing out French banks like the one that employed him.

    Ireland will become Greece, if Macron has his way.

    We MUST resist, by every means possible. All of the way.

    That means being prepared to support countries that resist centralism across the board, so as to make any initiative towards centralism inpossible to implement.

    We must ensure that there is never a consensus that results in more central control. We must either advocate less central control, or else leave.

    Superficial gestures, that in real terms will lead to a bloodbath in Ulster, are of NO value. In fact, it is of NEGATIVE value, as it undermines us greatly. This sort of posturing is deeply intimidating to the Ulster Unionists, and believe me, they will fight back.

    Any Irish politician who tries to sell it as having any value, is already a paid servant of Brussels, and is insufficiently connected to reality, to be of any use to the electorate.

    Currently, the starting point of policy formulation in FF/FG/GP/LP is what is in the interests of Brussels.

    This is treacherous.

    The starting point needs to be what is in the interests of the people of this country.

    • “The starting point needs to be what is in the interests of the people of this country.”

      any politician that does not follow this dictum is a traitor to be summarily dismissed or…..

  18. Deco

    It is not in the interests of the people of Europe, that there is one hegemonic powere structure ruling over them.

    That has been the lesson of the entire period from 1400 to today.

    It is in the interests of all of us that we co-operate freely with one another, and help each other out, in a respectful and dignified manner (on both sides of such activity).

    Current EU policy is not that. It is going in the incorrect direction. This has been the case for two decades.

    We are being sold a pup. And we need to either actively take asunder the central authority, or get out. The current “leadership” of the EU is determined to push for more centralism.

  19. Pie Squared

    A Corporate Finance Professor I once had, used to say, numbers are like fine perfume, they should be sniffed not swallowed.

    Same applies to many, many other things. And people.

    Europe, Britain and America are beyond our control and yes we need to get along, stand up for ourselves and react intelligently in our interests.

    Ireland has so much going for it – our democracy, our freedom, a green and pleasant land, our young people, our great education system, fantastic culture, our compassion, our kindness, our global voice, our spirit, our communities, our belief in something larger than ourselves.

    However, the biggest lies we swallow are the ones we don’t even admit to or talk about. As a wise Russian once said: “Happy Families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Our Ireland as a family, stretches back into the ages and forward into the future The skeletons (literally) in our family closet and those lies we habitually tell ourselves include:

    The Famine has no enduring legacy on our Irish economy today.
    We manage our economy, the same way all modern Western economies do. We do not have a Silent Generational Export on The Hoof Policy.
    We are not echoing round an empty country. Our population’s growing.
    The 3.6m Irish passport holders outside the Republic want to be there. There’s no reason to incentivise them to return or give them a meaningful voice anytime soon.
    Sure we’re almost at Full Employment. (Ask the 3.6m?)
    Dublin and 25 “Also Ran” Counties are almost at Full Employment!
    Let’s move everyone to Dublin, sure Ireland IS Dublin. We’re 50% of the way there already anyway.
    The Regions are valued.
    Northern Ireland is valued.
    Ireland is valued.

    Our most important relationship is with ourself.

    Swallow, swallow, swallow…

    • michaelcoughlan


      I am not being controversial for the sake of it but the famine leaving no legacy on out economy……

      4m extra people would make the economy a lot bigger i’d say and we would still be speaking irish I would say also.


      • Pie Squared

        Right you are Michael. Exactly. I’m listing the lies we tell ourselves, one of which is “the famine left no legacy on our economy.”

        • michaelcoughlan

          Got it. Missed the point first time. Bit slow on the uptake.

          Thanks and regards,


          • McCawber

            The Crash.
            Who will the winners and losers.
            Winners – Elected representatives, Super rich, Defence/Security Industry.
            Losers – Taxpayers Pensioners
            Real worjers.

            ? Can’t see the crypto currencies surviving tbh.
            Whereas gold hoarders will be gainers.
            Has been suggested before (not by me) but the Irish government could do worse than buy 1bn euros worth of gold with some of the AIB money.

      • At the beginning of the famine there were only 3 million less Irish than England. Memory may be wrong but recalls Ireland 8.5 million and England 11 odd million. Imagine 40 million in the Isle dressed in green!!

  20. Truthist

    So the British Royal Family visited the Irish State & then …………………………………………………. H really spread around to the towns & cities outside of Dublin.
    One must not forget that the British Royal Family have a long history in the opium business.
    And, Lord Mountbatten — or Lord Monty when visiting Kincora Boys Home in Belfast — was deeply involved in H biz.
    Chris Spivey article ;
    Also, whistleblowers have since revealed that Pan American Airplane carrying 258 civilians in 1988 brought down by b..mb when flying over Lockerbie, Scotland was done by the CIA ;
    Motives :
    Assassinate passenger in process of whistel-blowing about CIA’s long-running & massive H shipments from Middle East into Occident

    have suitable atrocity for which they could blame Gaddafi government of Libya with.


    So, with another brave mention by Deco about our Navy deliberately turning a blind-eye to massive shipments of H through Irish maritime waters into Northern Europe, & the likes of the 2 facts I inform u of, it does beg the question ;
    “Just how millions of English Pounds & Petro-Dollars are the political mafias running the Irish State getting ?
    And, then u get news today of how the war against H suffered a major defeat at Battle of Big Little-Horn ;
    A variation of freemasonry involving EXPENSIVE FEES it is so it is.
    It is enough to DRIVE u to …………. H

    • Truthist

      TYPO ;
      Battle of Big Little-Horn = Battle of Big SMALL-Horn

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      The article is shocking.

      A thorough review all the entire justice and police system is needed (police is opressive in things like phone tapping, but totally a b s e n t when it is needed, and with arms too (I demand a r m e d Garda forces since we are disarmed): airports, criminal areas, people coming from work and getting off Dublin Bus/rail stops in dangerous places), and all whistleblowers must be given maximum protection.

      Judge Iarfhlaith O’Neill – considered the best by some (I know better Judges in Ireland – he was known for leniency and understanding for petty crime in his cases, but he is lazy as fuck when it comes to investigating the annual reports on secret activities of the State) – did fuck all in his annual reviewes of phone tapping (EVERY Judge who was entrusted with annual reports on phone tapping did fuck all – I am in possession of copies all these reports and I know what I am talking about), basically taking money for nothing and writing 2-3 sentences in his annual reports – he claimed he was able to investigate phone tapping for the entire year 2013 in ALL departments (Defences Forces, Revenue, Garda).

      Now HE is in charge of the whistleblowers investigation).
      Meanwhile, real heroes in An Garda Síochána (I hereby protest by calling all Garda officers corrupt and villains: there are good and bad apples everywhere; I personally know decent people in An Garda Síochána) are unknown to the public, and not only unknown, but in great danger.

      Here I am entering the slippery territory of name calling, because I am sick that noone gives a flying f..k: take Garda whistleblower Officer Keith Harrison.

      I know through friendly solicitors that Mr Harrison’s solicitors wrote to Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald Judge Iarfhlaith O’Neill, to include Garda Harrison to the the Judge O’Neill review, and she IGNORED the letter, which is unheard of (there is a custom in L a t i n civilisation countries, a custom as old as ancient Greece and Rome – Latin in Feliks Koneczny’s sense – that a written enquiry requires a written answer, particularly in a case so s e v e r e as this).

      Since then, Officer Harrison has been subject to an ongoing smear and intimidation campaign (like Sergeant Maurice McCabe – Justice O’Neill’s review only includes Garda McCabe – the same Justice who reviewed all State secret activities in one day complained that 6 weeks was not enough time to review Garda McCabe case, and that he has no time for other cases).

      Here are excerpts from Mr Harrison’s solicitors letter to Minister Fitzgerald: he was subject to “covert surveillance, victimisation, bullying and harassment”
      “failing to do so raises serious questions of the effectiveness, transparency and credibility of the review”
      “dissemination of rumour, innuendo, and malicious falsehoods to certain member of the media” so severe that his colleagues in
      An Garda Síochána protested about it.

      But this is not all: not only the solicitors obtained no written response, but the Garda Officer is now treated by the State like he was a t e r r o r i s t (while the State – and especially the President – does not mind real terrorists preaching Jihad, of Middle Eastern origin, of whome I wrote recently): they compiled a secret dossier on him. Garda Harrison again contacted Justice Minister (that he is under overt and covert surveillance) – and again, she didn’t give a flying fuck.

      So Messrs Varadkar and Coveney – you are in power – if you claim that you are s e r i o u s politicians: what are you going to DO about it n o w? I am not asking you to talk the talk: I am asking you to walk the walk.


      Just to compare it with the aforesaid case, and with the case of a man caught up in a 837,000 euro heroin case who avoided jail: in one of the cases I was working on, a man got 3 month custodial sentence and 500 euro to pay in cannabis possession case.
      In another case on which I was working, a Polish girl working part-time (cleaning), who was seeking a barring order from her husband who displayed repetitive patterns of alcoholic violence (including physical), with a daughter attending school, (husband didn’t leave any money for food or rent; no social welfare), and with threatening landlord (who gave her and her 16 year old daughter one week to pay or else) – was fined 2,000 euro for dumping 6 bags of rubbish at… the local recycling centre.

      Is the Irish legal system mild or severe?
      For serious crime and for Jihadists is very mild.
      For petty crime it is very severe.

      Messrs: Varadkar, Martin, Coveney (I don’t even mention Labour because I won’t be able to sleep if I get too pissed off) – you’ve been in power for a long time. What have you done to address these issues? I know you weren’t ministers for Justice (though Minister Coveney was a Defence Force Minister that left Ireland with no defence) – f a i r e n o u g h.


      What have you done within your own parties?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        (I hereby protest by calling all Garda officers corrupt and villains: there are good and bad apples everywhere = I hereby protest a g a i n s t calling all Garda corrupt and villains.

        To be frank with you – and I am frank with you because I am after some Guinness and I normally don’t drink, like at all – the police force in every country is what the
        l e g i s l a t o r wants them to be.
        And that depends on the electorate, that is constantly dumbed down, here and elsewhere.
        60 years of the effing television.
        Adds everywhere.
        Social pressure that it is c o o l to drink (I’m the example).
        When all those people entitled to vote have time to think?????????????????????????????????!!!

        • Truthist

          What exactly was Garda Harrison’s sin against Garda practises ?


          Did he complain about phone tapping ?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            The original sin was
            - impounding a Jeep in 2008 after the owner drove through a checkpoint;
            - complaining cabout the conduct of some investigations of drug-dealing which Garda Harrison raised
            - arresting a fellow officer for drink-driving in Athlone in 2009.
            The consequences were, among others,
            - he had nine separate disciplinary charges
            - he prosecuted for failure to have his car insured (but the Judge was decent and didn’t disqualify him)
            - so attempts were made to make his partner to testify against him (successful – 8 hr interrogation)
            - threats to her kids
            - entering of their family home by Tusla workers in order to stitch them up with a bogus kids abuse case
            - Garda Keith Harrison’s complaint to the government about it all was ignored, and – as I have already said – his case was not included in the Sergeant Maurice McCabe investigation report, despite the issue being raised by his solicitors directly with Justice Minister; the Tanaiste has been ignoring all the letters from his solicitors since 2014)
            - Mr Harrison was on partial pay (33%) from May 2014 until September 2015 but has not received any pay from An Garda Siochana since September 2015
            - the level of his surveillance became unbearable for him and contributed to his current condition
            - He decided to document all he had been subjected to.
            - He compiled an affidavit and handed it to his local TD, Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty, who read it into the record of the Dáil on May 15, 2014
            - in August 2014 Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan referred the investigation to GSOC
            - who did nothing for the following 2 years
            - death threats to Garda Harrison were fabricated in order to give elements of the force an excuse to patrol outside his house


            I hereby propose to nominate Sergeant Maurice McCabe as the Garda Commissioner and Garda Keith Harrison as his Deputy.


            April 11, 2016 at 11:04 pm:
            Your comments on Ireland’s fascist leanings border on the incredulous and have taints of paranoia running through them. Perhaps, I suspect, you have lived under totalitarian regimes in, perhaps a Central European country. Ireland in contrast, has always enjoyed freedom of speech, we have a fair judicial system, with some very progressive features, for example, the constructive use of technology in the pursuit of justice.”

          • Truthist

            I am “personally” familiar with some of what u listed & worse.
            Important to know more about the Motor Vehicle Insurance issue.
            Realpolitik may be Garda-Landlord / Landlord-Garda

  21. Truthist

    TYPO ;

    Battle of Little Small-Horn

  22. Truthist

    These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

  23. Deco

    Merkel has walked herself into an argument, in a moment of pure silliness. It is evident that she is living in a bubble of her own design. She has behaved in a very intransigent manner herself, and now is is moaning about others ignoring her.

    Karma is a beach.

    She talked on behalf of a continent, that never elected her to anything. She made pronouncements that were designed to slight Trump – being completely oblivious to the fact that Trump never loses this type of encounter.

    The sensible thing for Merkel would be to have said nothing. She is past that point now. The best thing she can do now, is to retract everything, shut up, and be diplomatic. For once.

    Now she is lecturing Trump, in the mistaken belief that he is going to take it. He never does. He ALWAYS fires back. For those who are not happy with Merkel, this is welcome surprise. No somebody is lecturing Merkel and ignoring her. It is called Karma.

    If she was doing this from a position of strength, she might win.

    But she isn’t. For either her domestic audience, or Trump’s core voters. She will have the support of a school boy in the Elysee Palace, whose antics since he entered office are indicative of somebody who badly needs to grow up and stop acting the tosser.

    There is a possible Trade War in the works here.

    The Paris-Berlin axis are about to talk themselves into a crisis. The Idiots !!!!!

    America can handle a trade war. From Trump’s perspective, he will get it on ground of his liking.

    Trump’s biggest supporters in the MidWest, would like nothing better than gain access to the UK food market. Likewise Canada, Australia, and NZ. All three of which are currently at the end of real estate booms, and are in desperate search for income streams.

    The biggest potential losers here are France and Ireland. This is a disaster for Ireland. It completely changes the Brexit dynamic.

    Despite his macho talk, Macron has no ground to stand on, currently. The harder he moves, the more pain in provincial France. The loss of the Russian market makes this pain even deeper. France is in a corner with no way out.

    The British know this. The British response so far has been to be very diplomatic, mildmannered, subtle and inoffensive. Almost supportive. And they have done everything intelligently.

    The French approach has been idiotic. Inconsistent. Incoherent. And oblivious to the real crisis in provincial France.

    And now Trump is talking up trade restrictions agains the EU.

    The two beneficiaries of such a trade war will be Mexico and Britain.

    Despite Trump’s talk, the US cannot manage without Mexico. The interdependence is too high. There will be NO American Manufacturing Renaissance without Mexico. None. It is impossible. The US does not need the EU in quite the same manner.

    The wall might go up, but trade will continue. He knows this, and will try a renegotiation of terms.

    In other words the US can NOT afford a trade war with Mexico. But the US can have a trade war with France, and Germany. In fact now only can they have one, but they can provide from it.

    If Trump gets to lambast the EU, in a prolonged engagement, that hurts the EU more, he can do a deal with Mexico which takes realistic account of the interdependence. Merkel and Macron are giving him the option of a trade argument that provides perfect cover. These clowns are about to bailout Mexico. Which is fine by me, because the Mexicans deserve a break.

    But what concerns me is the impact on this country. That is NOT positive. In fact it is entirely negative.

    For all the clueless admirers of the French role model, in the Irish establishment, this should be a wake up call. I expect them to sleep right through it.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “The sensible thing for Merkel would be to have said nothing.”
      She reminds of me someone who sticked her wet finger into live electric and blamed the electrician for a shock.


      In poker, there is this situation at the table called “showdown” (on this website for poker events in D4, you can press Ctrl + F and enter “Grzegorz Kolodziej”:

      What Mr Trump has done with Ms Merkel was a showdown.
      She can talk the talk, but she cannot walk the walk – Germany are strong enough to bully Europe, but not strong enough to bully the US.
      They are not even strong enough to bully eastern Europe –
      p r o v i d e d however that all eastern Europe is united (after all, eastern Europe is German’s biggest export market in the world: it would be bad enough if Mr Trump stopped German exports to the US – although of course the US’s problem is that manufacturing can only return to the US IF THERE ARE ANY JOBS TO RETURN TO -
      IMAGINE if s i m u l t a n e o u s l y with the US’s decision all eastern Europe would do the same with German and French imports;
      the lack of German subsidies would be hardly noticed in an average eastern European household – the lack of German exports to eastern Europe – much larger than to China and Russia combined – would change a life of an average German irreversibly and for worse).

      I wonder what the look on Merkel face must have been when Mr Trump said – after a 24-year-old Tunisian failed asylum-seeker drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas market – that:

      “I think she made one very catastrophic mistake, and that was taking all of these illegals,”
      “the European Union had become a vehicle for Germany”


      “The biggest potential losers here are France and Ireland.”

      Ireland is potentially the biggest loser o n l y if Ireland allows herself in Brexit talks to be dictated by
      France what is good for France, by
      Germany what is good for Germany, and by
      the UK what is good for the UK.

      Sometimes what is good for France, Germany or the UK is good for Ireland, sometimes it is not. I wish the Irish politicians were more poker players and less orphans waiting for a cuddle, and going into petulant tantrums if they don’t get it.

      The problem with Ireland’s British colonisation is NOT that it was so oppressive (the Sinn Fein narrative) – all 20th century colonisations in Europe were m o r e oppressive than the British of Ireland in the 20th century (I’m not talking before) – the problem is that since the British colonisation began, the once dignified Irish – who themselves in the first millenium had colonised Scotland, Faroe Islands and northern France – now began to perceive the Irish State not as something that they can themselves create, but as something that they should receive as a gift from their bigger neighbours.


      Remember: Germany can dictate the whole Europe o n l y if it dominates the CORE of Europe: the Carolingian empire – France and Benelux, with friendly Italy always on the verge of bailout.

      This domination is achieved mainly by subsidies.
      The lion’s share of subsidies is CAP.
      CAP is managed by France with Germany’s permission (the French PM said to the Polish PM – and this is the exact quote – after she had pointed out that France and Germany had breached the EU rules: “you have rules, and we have structural funds”).

      Thus I told you people and yees did’t listen: e l i m i n a t e
      CAP for the entire Europe and you shall eliminate the Carolingian control over Europe.
      AND make Irish food and drink competitive all over the world, like New Zealand’s products became competitive after their lost access to the UK market and decided to abandon agriculural subsidies (btw – a lot of farmers went bust as a result, but those who didn’t DID VERY WELL AFTERWARDS).

      Why don’t yous read your greatest political thinker?:

      “No power so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”
      ? Edmund Burke

  24. Truthist

    Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

    And, like all decent Muslims, he would :
    revere Christ
    revere Mary the mother of Christ.
    And, he would be very disapproving of “CHRIST-MOCKING” & “MARY-MOCKING” JERKS on any Econ-Socio-Politics-Cultural Blog.

    • And that is perhaps why Malaysian airlines went off course etc.

      • Truthist

        And I was having a drink with international airline pilots of a very very important country on the night that 1st Malaysian airplane went missing.
        I never met them before.
        They invited me to join them.
        They bought me drinks ; I could not refuse.
        After some time I got to know their reason for being in town so to speak.
        “International airline pilots” ;
        And, from a most interesting airline also.
        Incidentally, not Malaysian Airlines ; But, of that greater region.
        So, I enquired of them were they aware of that flight gone missing for some hours already.
        Yes, they were fully aware of it.
        I told them that I was following the reports & discussions from I learning of it shortly after it disclosed on internet & up until I ventured down town.
        Tentatively, I breached a theory pointing to a certain country having motives & capability & past pedigree & unimpeachable quality regardless of what they do as being prime suspect in this airplane’s disappearance.
        And, they confirmed that they all deeply suspected that country too.
        And, the discussion elaborated on this angle ;
        They confirmed about certain matters not actually involving that airplane event that as statements & certainly as confirmations would NOT be available on the internet.
        And, I have got some of this information confirmed by international professionals since too ;
        But, starting on a different footing to breach the matter.
        I recently posted information relating to certain technology ;
        It may be development of the very technology thought to have been used in that airplane’s disappearance.
        Those on this blog who claim a definite leaning for technology solutions for this & that were lapse in attending to the huge significance of the material in that post with link.
        Countries databases & whole infrastructure are now able to be shut down instantly by this rogue state it is argued.
        So, Grzegorz’s warnings about Bitcoin etc. are rock solid.
        And, ur exhortations to get Gold-in-the-hand are thus more worthy than ever.

  25. Truthist

    Henry Makow recommend this ;
    And, after perusing it I know that he recommended it obviously because Chesterton as philosopher had great insight into what is really SAD / NOT HAPPY / NOT GAY at all ;


    Meanwhile near Sodom & Gomorrah, about to happen is for each & every health insurance company & Dept. of Health an annual nightmare ;
    Costs aftermath is extremely expensive u know ?
    Thankfully no candidate for leadership of Blueshirt Party would partake in such activities offensive to the backbone of society ;
    The Jobless

  26. Truthist

    I reckon :
    PROGRESSIVE BUT OLLIGARCH-DOMINATED Russia interested in Poland territorially for :
    Silk Road purposes ; But, this can be secured with eventual sensible trilateral agreement ;
    And, it will when Germany is truly a FREE & SANE country.
    Access to North Sea from all-year-round ice-free port
    CAPTIVE & INSANE Germany interested in Poland territorially for :
    acquisition of Territory from Poland
    terminating the Truth being said by Poland as to the real “numbers” WITH “ethnicity” of who died prematurely in what ALL were GERMAN camps in Germany-occupied Poland of WW 2 ;
    German camps were of various categories :
    Work Camps
    Resettlement Camps
    And, it is increasingly being disputed with more scientific evidence certain claims.
    So, there is massive pressure on Poland on whether they will :
    act stump
    be increasingly truthful
    be complicit in lies of omission & commission
    Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko can tell u of who is very afraid about the truth being told to the world about the HOLODMOOR ;
    Who EXACTLY genocided the Ukrainians / Christians indigenous of Ukraine ?
    How many Ukrainians / Christians indigenous of Ukraine died ?

  27. Truthist

    I keep meeting anti-Putin Yankees who immediately counter any positive comment about Putin by using the dismissive comment ;
    “Putin is NOT good
    Do u know that Putin is big pal with the Oligarchs or Russia ?”
    Well, OK, I get it ;
    BUT, THEN, Cynthia McKinney PhD ; Former Congresswoman, &“Green Party” Candidate for USA President in 2008, authoritatively informs us ;
    “… 9 of 10 Russian Oligarchs are actually Israeli.”
    Hmm … m !

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Yes, I know – this is exactly the point I made some time ago:

      President Putin is


      He surrounds himself with Israeli oligarchs
      He pledges to keep the Holocaust industry going
      He makes deals with companies who build new settlements on Palestinian territories

      He is
      Anti-Islam (and certainly anti-Jihad: he makes people believe)


      He sells weapons to Saudi Arabia
      He collaborates with OPEC
      He opened the biggest mosque in Euroasia

      He is for white people


      His main strategists says that

      “I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization – their cultural values??, false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – did not pay off. Everything goes to the beginning of the anti-White pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia saved only by the fact that we are not pure White. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression and suppression of all others, MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of White civilization, which is necessary to get rid of. So I am for reds, yellows, greens, blacks – but not for whites. I wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.”

      And Mr Putin lavishes him with money, awards, TV time and high position in the Russian military for that.

      He is pro-Christianity


      He has abortion f u l l y legal in his country (unlike in Ireland or in Poland, where it is legal in very limited circumstances) – encouraged even (unlike in Ireland or in Poland, where the medical staff doesn’t encourage it)
      – even though he has the TOTAL power to change that.
      13 abortions for 10 live births in Russia
      Russia and China top other countries in abortion rates.

      To conclude:
      President Putin is
      not a conservative
      not a Christian – abortions
      not for the survival of the white race – abortions
      supporting Israeli narrative
      selling arms to Saudi Arabia

      The thruth shall make you free…

      Hmm … m !

      • Truthist

        I have become more doubtful about Putin thanks to u Grzegorz.
        Yet, he is still reforming Russia towards being Christian in an incremental way ;
        And, if he did so, I believe that this would be very agreeable to substantial Buddhist & Moslem populations of Russia ;
        Oligarachs would feel like JERKS ;
        But, “Oh vey.” 8-)

        Russian people are improving from being damaged people under communism.

        But, the amount of abortions / murder of pre-born children prompts me to consider that alcohol-induced sex is rampant in Russia.

        What is ur take on the fact that so many women there getting pregnant but yet they alone or others deciding to kill the baby ?
        Yes, I agree if the government decreed & enforced against abortion ;
        ==> practically zero abortions.
        I never buy that argument that resolute government always circumvented by vice.
        Examples given by those propounding the flouters of the law inevitably winning are :
        & / or

      • Truthist

        This geezer is important in Zimbabwe
        And, what is 1 of the immediate things that springs to mind about Zimbabwe ?
        Ah yes, the voting process.
        As it does to the savy about The Irish State too ;
        Of which the Landlord-Gardai / Garda-Landlords are guardians of … overnight …
        “Yaw … wn … Boy I’m sleepy. Is that a load of ghosts there I see around with the ballot boxes. I don’t know. I so sleepy.
        Anyway, if they want to rig it, they do it it a myriad of ways for every voting event. I just want to be maintaining my constant grievance for to be getting more salary increases as a Fear-Garda or Bean-Garda. Zzzzz”
        Google search terms
        zimbabwe AND voting company
        Oh ; me ; Look at what I just spotted sticking out of the results ;
        Did Hoogsraten — apprentice of Rachman — recommend this outfit to Mugabe ? ;
        See link below.
        I could not be bothered to read this very lengthy piece ;
        I deem ‘em guilty by sheer presence ;
        Just like all themses ID cards of Muslims turning up miraculously at self-destructive-for-propoganda purposes spectacular violent / pseudo-violent events where folks really get killed or pretend they got killed & ditto about being injured by a crazy White-man goy / guy / but not gay OR a crazy Muslim goy / guy / but not gay.
        Just like the Passport or ID Card — it is so f..king crazily unbelievable — I not totally sure right now which document it was — of hijacker of plane that was really only a f..king hologram that supposedly crashed into the 1 or other [ u can never be realy sure which one was he hit ] Twin Towers that quickly ushered insurance payout to front-man Lucky Larry Silverstein who for the only day ever in his ownership of Twin Towers had a lucky dental appointment, & as did his other religious & non-religious dual-nationals, despite Double Jepordy — & that is a great movie starring Irish American I forget his name & Barbara Stanwyk [ whom it it is said was not bi-sexual but rather that she just preferred women ; But, themses gay hairdressers in Hollywood on the rumour-mill may have had it all wrong ; I think we need photo evidence or failing that her passport or lock of hair somewhere appropriately inappropriate ; But, I don't know where ; I leave that up to the False Flag producers ] — & the Twin Towers being actually a LITERALLY “INSIDE JOB” BY MSHD which Tony Brogan above agrees about & following which we all are subject to the humiliation & nuisance & expense & intrusion & dangers inter alia personally at least for international security companies emanating from u know where lording it over increasingly more countries’ security systems & peoples at airports etc.

      • Truthist

        Re ; Putin’s Speech to Zimbabweans
        I perceive it the term “White” as coded term for …
        And, Mugabe of course knowing it.
        And, u know who noting it too.
        Then again they could have gone into pseudo-formal logic & used terms such as A, B, C, D, … or even better Aj, Bj, Cj, Dinverse 8-), …. etc etc etc.
        As said, Zimbabwe has something special down there.

        • Truthist

          Dinverse = Dreflexive ; I think ?
          Because D is …

          • Truthist

            The real rogue state have opened a Spy-H — sorry, I mean Embassy 8-) — there too in very recent past I discovered today
            It is not just a scramble to get what Zimbabwe has ;
            It is a scramble to stop the others getting any SHALOM, oops there I go again ; I mean PIECE 8-),of it.
            92 …. Mugabe’s age this year ?
            92 … 92 … 92 … 92 … Atomic No. 92

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “I perceive it the term “White” as coded term for …”
          In this case, “white” just means white.

          Dugin is right – Russians are not fully white (well, I would correct it – most of them)
          A lot of Mongol blood for example due to centuries of Asian invasions – just look at President Putin’s face carefully (these half-Mongolian eyes/cheeks)…


          It does not mean what you think it means because if it would, President Putin would not support the Holocaust Industry.

          “So I am for reds, yellows, greens, blacks – but not for whites. I wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe”

          He trully is:

          You might be still delusional about KGB (or FSB, Putin, Dugin – they are all one and the same thing).
          Clutching at straws
          Hoping this is all misunderstanding
          Coded words maybe…

          Every time I am trying to show you the other side of Putin/Dugin/KGB/FSB, you admittedly see the sunlight for a few hours, but then the next week you put on the dark glasses about Mr Putin again – the sunlight is too bright.

          Hoping that maybe “white” does not mean white.
          And not being logical on it: if Israel hacked Zimbabwe’s election, and Putin praised Israel, and Mugabe was elected, and Russia supported and applauded his election, and then they made a $4bn deal with Mugabe – then it means that Putin fully supported Israel in this hacking.
          Which puts President Putin among the “Dreadful Few”.

          It’s too time consuming for me to try to set you free from chains every day.
          I think I said everything I wanted to say about
          Dugin/Putin/KGB/FSB, and I can only compare my explanations and information that is new to you to this passage from Plato’s “Republic”.

          “SOCRATES: So now, I replied, watch the process whereby the prisoners are set free from their
          chains and, along with that, cured of their lack of insight, and likewise consider what kind of lack of insight must be if the following were to happen to those who were chained.
          Walks back to the fire

          SOCRATES: Whenever any of them was unchained and was forced to stand up suddenly, to turn around, to walk, and to look up toward the light, in each case the person would be able to do this only with pain and because of the flickering brightness would be unable to look at those things whose shadows he previously saw”

          • Truthist

            I still believe that my interpretation is correct.
            And, I believe that all parties are happy with it.
            So, I have been thinking today that Putin is a supreme rogue.
            A master politician.
            I said it before ;
            Peter O’Toole
            USA university bought up Peter O’Toole’s private papers recently ;
            Versus others archives this was the one that Irish university should have got.
            Peter O’Toole also often publically declared his love of the Gospels.
            Rake that he was, he would be very annoyed at “Christ-mocking” + “Mary-mocking” + “sociopathic calumny against very poor & victimised by Irish State in even more ways than Garda Harrison, that is this citizen” JERK trolling me & contributing scarce all push or pull on this blog.

          • Truthist

            Clarificatio ;

            All parties with intense interest in that speech are happy with that speech :

            Russians ; ipso facto

            Israel ; Their chutzpah to insist on not being mentioned by name but by deed” is perfectly fine with them.

            Zimbabwe ; They rogues too


            By the way Grzegorz,

            Have u ever noticed the common enough particular oriental look — but not slanting eyebrows nor totally slit-eyes nor some other possible attributes — in Irish women ?
            More Mngolian or Chinese.te
            Not Malay.
            It may be more coincidence or a link extending from Shem until a particualar branch separated to form they who went eventually to Ireland & they who went onto Mongolia & China
            U will not find that in most continental European women ;
            In fact, that Mongolian / Chinese look & complexion would be more striking in these Irish women than it would be in Russian women such as Raisa Gorbachev whom I recognise as having a touch oriental look about her.
            And, u will not find it in Irish men either.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            If your interpretation is correct
            And “whites” is a coded word for the “Dreadful Few”
            T h a t would make President Putin even worse: him being against “The Dreadful Few” in w o r d s
            And supporting them in a c t i o n s

            I’d rather have someone who supports them outrigt and says so, rather than someone who lies about it and supports them behind my back…

            Same as if I’d rather see heroin in a shop labelled “heroin”
            rather than heroin labelled “sugar”…

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Have u ever noticed the common enough particular oriental look — but not slanting eyebrows nor totally slit-eyes nor some other possible attributes — in Irish women ?”


            Giz us three photos that best exemplify it.
            All I’ve noticed is that a lot of Irish women have
            - a very healty skin complection on their faces and lush hair (maybe because the environment is very clean, apart from Dublin Bus routes)
            - a lot of them have eyes that are more round – so the opposite of Chinese/Mongolian women, whose eyes are wide and narrow – the Irish eyes are more like a doll, while some continental women’s eyes (like a wolf).
            Some Czech women have those higher than wider eyes too.
            Russian women, in contrast, have them rather wide and narrow.
            With Polish women, it varies.
            Poland – despite it being almost mono-ethnic (well, until recently) – is incredibly mixed within the white race (race is a bit imprecise term): a mixture of West Slavic, German, Dutch (bear in mind that Chamberlain – a loony racist who most influenced Hitler – counted all of them 3 into “Teutonic race”), Scottish, Ukrainian, Jewish and Ukrainian – and I am only naming the most prevailent DNAs in Poland.
            In fact, I was always curious what DNA I have (I could check it, but the price is quite steep).
            Did you ever think of DNA check of tracing your ancestors?
            Hitler’s ancestors for example were 1/3 African, but sure we spoke about it already.
            - a lot of Irish American have those big eyes too. It’s cute

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            You’ve mentioned Jewish roots many, many, maaaaaany times – but what is really interesting to me is this African bit.

          • Truthist

            I am 1/2 recent semite for sure


            I close to confirming it


            But, then again, the precursers of the Celts are the Milesians are the Tuatha de Danann ;
            And, both are semites.

            And, according to the ancient Greeks & Romans, we are the Hibero now enconsed in Hiber-nia.

            The Hibero being the cursed name of the Judaics when they in Holy Land on account of them being fierce raiders ;
            Akin to ISIS of today.

            I was born in a concentration camp or death camp by the way ;
            That which served the City of London during the Great Hunger.

            The Irish before the Vikings came here were all black haired blue eyed people with sallow or ruddy or pink complexion on the face for the males & white for the females.
            So, red hair & freckles came from the Vikings.

            Most of the official Historians are JERKS ;
            And, u know u would not want to have anything to do with Jerks.
            By the way, Grzegorz, do yee have any Jerks in Poland ?

          • Truthist

            Putin is like a Mafia Don ;

            He supports the Dreadful Few in his homw turf with establishing their schneering zone stuff ;
            Now, that is spooky !
            U bet-cha bad it is.

            And, he keeps cordial with presenting itself as that under-siege special innocent little democracy in the Middle East.

            But, he is Russian nationalist Number 1.
            And, he has basically ditched his wife for a younger & prettier model.
            I asked young Russian gentleman about it ;
            He said that Putin did not divorce his wife because the Russian people would be in uproar & seek to remove him.
            But, yes he said, Putin has a girlfriend.
            Poland must get to work training it people how to interact with other nationalities.
            U will not like this Grzegorz ;
            And, it based on limited experience ;
            Because, I had more interaction with Poles in work situations & incidental social setting on the street.
            And, I think it is fair to say that Polish women are mean with the money.
            But, Polish men would be much better.

            But, are not nearly all young until middle-age women mean everywhere ?
            As we are touching the subject of attractiveness, surely u class Polish women to be generally more attractive than Irish women ?
            Alcohol & cigarette & drug damage is evident in many Irish women too.
            Yet, I know that there are parts of Ireland that are very mean too.
            But, nations will have to change & become very very flexible ;
            Super & perplexing & extremely long war is coming ;
            Poland appears to be getting lined up to be victim AGAIN.
            To prevent it Poland as a nation best bring a special corp of its youth up with excellence in achievement gained at ease by cutting out the bullshit from education & build high character & have them go forth to win over the rest of Poland & Russia & Germany.
            But, who is an Irishman to speak ? ;
            Shure aren’t we have gone to the dogs.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “As we are touching the subject of attractiveness, surely u class Polish women to be generally more attractive than Irish women ?”
            De gustibus not est disputandum…

            They say generally they are – but I think that this is a result of them not letting themselves go.

            Personally, I am a big fan of Irish women ()() – but more of rural with some aspirations though, as most D4-heads are very spoil.
            And very empty inside.
            Almost like the opposite of some Polish women (cold outside and warm inside) – warm outside and cold inside.
            I once slept with a Danish woman with 10 years of immigration to Ireland and even she thought that Irish women are actually quite cold – I corrected her saying that her perceptions might be distorted by her knowledge of Ireland only limited to South Dublin.
            What I am writing here goes very much against the Irish céad míle fáilte stereotype.
            The Irish a r e céad míle fáilte twice as much as Poles, 10 times more than Germans, 20 times more than French and 100 times more than Israelis.
            Mainly for tourists with money
            Money gone = céad míle fáilte gone

            Though not in rural Ireland. The west is the best. Basically you have to go outside the Pale and hope not to be robbed in your travels (anyone ever got off in Longford? – and now a Pole living there told me that the place is getting non-European in its looks, though he probably exaggerates).

            Are Polish women mean with money? Yes, most of them are. This comes from their saving instincts and this trait of the Polish culture where woman is the lady of the house more even than a mummy is in Ireland (that came to Poland from Italy with Bona Sforza).
            Basically they think they should manage the house and a man should earn.

            Which is what the whole Europe was like 100 years ago.


            100 years ago, cost of living was so low that man’s lowest salary could feed and educate 10 kids.

            That sounds like a Texas woman, but Polish woman have high intellectual ambitions too.
            But it is changing for worse.
            In Warsaw, the mentality is more or less as in D4.

            I have no idea what you mean that Irish women looks Chinese/Mongol.
            Spanish, Basque, yes.
            Mongol? Nah.
            Photos pls.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I don’t know what this guy means with Ireland red on the map of terror within the last couple of years (unless you count ongoing and silenced attacks on Poles in east Belfast) – but the rest is quite good.
            He allowed himself though to have his language corrupted by the New World Order: they are not immigrants.
            Tony Brogan or I are immigrants – not them.


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Aaaaaaaah, you meant if I – the me – find Irish women more attractive than Polish on average.
            Hmm… what is attractiveness? Body+soul
            So limiting it to body: hmmm, not necessarily. Polish woman have usually higher lows, if you know what I mean.
            But the most attractive Irish women are at least as attractive as the most attractive Polish women.
            Polish women =
            20% – models (they are almost all spoilt)
            70% – attractive
            Whether they are spoilt, depends on her family.
            Generally 10% of Polish families has roots in the communist party and/or militia/or secret service
            It is almost always better to look for a Polish wife whose family is not suspiciously well-off (I’m talking D4 levels): if they are, then almost always some negative communist selection took place (the bigger asshole you were in communism, the higher you went up)

            10% – very unattractive and thus very quiet

            Irish women =


            80% – very attractive
            Out of that 80%, 40% very spoilt
            Another 40% – a very good package overall: nice, warm, good hearted.
            20% – terrifying sea monsters with manners of a Siberian prison inmates and voices lauder than trumpets of Jericho

          • Truthist

            What does ()() mean ?


            Higher Education of female Poles
            is superior to
            Higher Education of female Irish

            I think so.
            Irish Education system is a very destructive experience.
            Especially :
            so=called Colleges of Further Education
            Institutes of Tech.
            true Mature Student situation in each of above
            Who more cunning & sneaky ?
            Irish versus Poles in Poland
            Irish versus Poles in Ireland
            Irish in Poland versus Poles in Poland
            Irish in Poland versus Poles in Ireland
            ethicity a, b, c, … in order of most to lesser versus Irish in Ireland
            ethicity a, b, c, … in order of most to lesser versus Poles in Ireland
            ethicity a, b, c, … in order of most to lesser versus Irish in Ireland
            ethicity a, b, c, … in order of most to lesser versus Poles in Ireland
            ethicity a, b, c, … in order of most to lesser versus Poles in Polland
            ethicity a, b, c, … [ in order of most cunning & sneaky to lesser ] versus Irish in Poland

          • Truthist


            Irish in Poland versus Poles in Poland

          • Truthist

            VERY USEFUL FOR SURVIVAL & DEFENCE & ADVANCE TO KNOW THE FOLLOWING especially if one is in Ireland or Poland


            WHO IS MORE :

            SNEAKY ; Tactical quality ?

            CUNNING ; Strategical quality ?
            ethicity a, b, c, … [ in order of most cunning & sneaky to lesser ] versus Irish in Ireland
            ethicity a, b, c, … [ in order of most cunning & sneaky to lesser ] versus Poles in Ireland
            ethicity a, b, c, … i[ in order of most cunning & sneaky to lesser ] versus Irish in Poland
            ethicity a, b, c, … [ in order of most cunning & sneaky to lesser ] versus Poles in Poland

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            It’d be difficult for me to generalise and answer all those questions abbout Irish v Polish. After all, having done sales in the past, I only spoke to a little bit over 10,000 Irish people ;-)

          • Truthist

            OK ;
            But I serve all well to be mindful of these questions.
            By the way, a thank u again Grzegorz for ur genuine concern for me when I struggling with “homelessness + rooflessness” in Irish State & subsequent combination of very serious health concerns for which I had to cancel surgical investigation classed as urgent for 1 [ No funds personally, & unfair & prevaricating, inter alia certain pre-conditions from very close relation [ Republican hmm...m ! ] with solicitor of his, clearly working against me & me per mine too & I the weaker party upon my humble request that funds be transferred to me for this matter, & likewise when I later seeking to cater for health & safety of property of mine that was made known to him had prior, on a number of occasions, to be rescued by emergency treatment available at distant location[s] necessitating 4- wheel vehicle transport at unsocial times & no public or private commercial transport available.
            And, I thank Sideshow Bob as the only other person here who also expressed their concern & support for me when I “homeless + roofless” ;
            Sideshow Bob being also clearly a man of action more than the written word only has not posted for quite a while.
            He posted great stuff.
            I hope that all is well with him.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            What does ()() mean ?

            It means crúiscíní

  28. Truthist

    EDIT ;
    And, if he did properly & completely SWIFTLY make Russia into Christian country again , I believe that this would be very agreeable to substantial Buddhist & Moslem populations of Russia ;
    Their morals & values are practically identical.

  29. “”This Mt. Everest of accomplishments belongs to a man who is straight out of central casting. Every day, he looks like a million dollars and is stunningly successful in his dealings with everyone from heads of state to manual laborers to ardent fans to entrenched skeptics. Every day, he brings both ebullience and laser-like focus to a job he clearly relishes, displays admirable courage in making hard choices, and is zooming along at warp speed to Make America Great Again!”"

    “”I believe that ultimately history will put President Trump in the same league as Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. But for now, we the people have to suffer through the lashing out and flailing of globalism’s death throes – an ugly and dangerous time indeed.”"

    “”The Russian brouhaha comes to mind. As far as President Trump is concerned there is no “there” there – as has been proven ad nauseam. But if we the people look to the left what do we see? We see collusion aplenty between the Russians and the Clintons and other Democratic “movers and shakers.”. My, my, imagine that.”"

    “”President Trump, know this: We the people are well aware that you are deep in a nest of vipers – traitorous snakes intent on destroying you, and us, and our dreams for ourselves and future generations of Americans. We pray for you, your family, and your aides. We know that many media pundits are hate-filled liars, and we dismiss them out of hand. We greatly appreciate that you are tirelessly working on America’s behalf, on freedom’s behalf, on our behalf. President Trump, know that we the people feel blessed to have you at the helm, and we have your back boss, believe it.”"

    • Bearing in mind Davids warning, all commentary on this or other blogs is suspect!! :)
      As I told my 12 year old,”only believe a quarter of what you hear and a half of what you read. go get another source and you will be able to determine the truth for yourself.”

      “”By the way, when it comes to the EU, there are loads of these academic positions all over Europe. In truth, opinion forming is an industry like any other and if someone is bought and paid for, then they are likely to toe the party line.

      So we should be vigilant.

      This is not a slight on the academic integrity of the people involved; rather it is a health warning on objectivity. My father once remarked to me, honestly and without prejudice, that “a man’s view of the world is often determined by who pays his wages”.”"
      (Good point, follow the money!)

  30. Wholesome women volunteer for ISIS martyrdom. It could be “the girl next door” that you took to the prom!!

    • Pedro Nunez

      That exaplains this then:

      ‘The silent war’ as a medical missionary termed it after 30 yrs in Africa.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I’m astonished that President Higgins didn’t change his name yet into President Muhammad D. Higgins

        • Truthist

          Or “Michelle” D. Higgins ?

          • McCawber

            Repeating myself but we should be building a new green field city 5/10 miles southeast of Galway.
            Plan it. Give the right incentives and off we.
            Restrict maximum height to 10 storeys.
            Aim for 100,000 population initially but designed ultimately for 1 million.
            Infrastructure to be designed to aid driverless cars, low energy buildings etc.
            Government should simply state that they plan to build this city and give the country some vision that doesn’t include wrecking Dublin even more and ignoring the West in particular and the rest of the country in general.
            Please can someone in the government think BIG for once.

      • Deco

        The relevant “holy” book advocates war/conquest and destruction of ALL alternatives.

        To be honest, it is deeply dysfunctional.

        It justifies all who do not “submit” to a cult based on plagiarism, and warrior obsession.

        Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and others who got out of the cult have given frightening testimonies.

        But the media ignores them.

        You can tell the evil of any belief system, by discussing it’s regime, with those who depart.

        Except for the cult of submission, where the holy book instructs the believers to kill those who escape.

        • McCawber

          This mismanagement is deliberate and is designed to make work.
          It takes many forms including omission.
          Omitting to correct something that has been done wrong at no extra cost.
          For example there is a roundabout in Bray that was remarked recently.
          It was done incorrectly in the first place a good number of years ago sot the old markings were almost gone.
          Theoriginal markings were in the wrong direction for the best flow of traffic.
          The remarking simply followed the original etc etc.
          I’ll bet that everyone who posts here can give other examples.
          You can start with traffic light lighc or illogic if you like.
          This stuff doesn’t happen wrong all the time by accident.

  31. “”Honor killings, forced marriages, rape, domestic abuse and FGM are no longer confined to the Middle East. Such savagery is happening all too often inside our own borders with brazen disregard for our laws.”"

    Europe too , is my guess.

    • Truthist

      “See …, look …, my enemy is ur enemy also now.
      Oh vey.”
      “See …, look …, u have 2 enemies now ; me all along, & now them.
      Oh vey.”
      “Oh the 2 of ewes are having a clash of civilisations armegedon.
      Oh vey.
      This will be even more fun than the customary ‘mowing of the lawn’”

  32. tony_murphy

    The cute whore having his cake and eating it… Not going to work this time.
    Choose the EU and pay a heavy price


    The writer here refers to bitcoin as a Ponzi as does Grzegorz I do not strictly agree as defined, but do agree that it has currently bubble characteristics that need to be heeded.

    Take you profits early and convert to a solid asset. Profit and prosper!!

  34. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    I think we made important insight about Putin.
    Retaining most of ur prior opinion.
    Bringing along a lesser amount of my prior opinion.
    And, in our dialogue here, adding extra insight.

    That trip to Zimbabwe — obviously derided people & place by the bold & the beautiful of this world — revealed a great much about Putin.

    But, he is not the enemy of the righteous inside or outside of Russia.

    I would not be relying on him to help me personally.
    Just look at that great man Gadaffi.

    He has helped Syria at least for 3 reasons :

    not allow the Dreadful Few to humiliate an ally & thus him — Syria — as they did to his ally Libya & thus him.

    retain his Mediterranean naval base

    block competitors [ political & economic ] oil route

    for his own interests protect this particular ally ; Syria

    for his own interests protect just as crucial ally ; Iran — the next domino piece on The Dreadful Few’s plan

    be seen as protecting Orthodox / Eastern Christianity [ which Assad has been always doing ]

    protect Russia overall from being cornered more if Syria is lost

    prime his military for what is in near future ; massive war

    restrain u know who ; Were they to get Syria ==> they will be more greedy for :
    more between the Nile & Euphrates
    more back in Russia

    undermine the Petro-Dollar

    protect & enhance his credibility with the dissidents against The Dreadful Few

    impress his young pretty girlfriend

  35. EU paper advocates plan to bundle Eurozone debt: The FT cited an EU Commission paper on the future of the Eurozone, which advocated the launch of sovereign bond-backed securities that packaged countries’ national debt into a new asset. The aim of the plan would be to strengthen demand for debt issued by weaker governments, encourage banks’ portfolio diversification, and avoid contentious debates on whether to launch common-currency bonds.

    Same old scam. Monetized otherwise unsaleable debt. Remember the mortgage fiasco. Who could forget?

    • Deco


      Who will buy it ?

      Apart from politicians with other people’s money. And even politicians with other people’s money to spend have a preference for spending it on schemes that buy the people’s votes.

      It is another form of subprime debt, except it is with the public system instead of real estate.

      The one thing that they will NEVER discuss is reform of the entire edifice of statism, and imperial power stemming from EU power structures.

      There will be no restraint there.

  36. Truthist

    Killer is actually a Left-Wing Extremist ;
    Bernie Sanders also mis-representing the situation ;
    And, again it to the Truth’s loss.

  37. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    A view of the “refugee” crisis from Slovenia (some interesting videos):

  38. mike flannelly

    Rte objectivity.

    Watch the interview between Prime times David and Colm mccarthy on public sector pensions.

    David first tries to claim that public sector pensions are now defined contribution.

    Colm corrects the rte accidental spin.

    After 5 mins colm says that all 2million Irish workers should pay for their retirement the same transparent way. Not two tier.
    Public sector rte say that you can only do what is

    Colm mccarthy asks rtes David

    WHY ?????

    Prime time my hole.

    Public sector sound bite time more like.

    All workers get 11000 yr contributory pension. Costs 5bn yr pay as you go.

    The pensions and lump sums above the 11000 are the issue.

    150000 lump sums and 30000 pensions(11000 + 19000)

    The 150000 lump sum and 19000 extra pension are not based on contributions. There is NO FUND for the insider extras. This practice conflicts with the greater public good.

    4.8 million are forced to pay for rte.

    In my own view based on observations rte decides that transparency and accountability is not politically acceptable.

    Rte tells us that a lack of nurses and beds in Ireland is causing horror in hospitals.

    Congestion causes delays and operation cancellations.

    Prime Time my hole has never discussed the number of nurses and beds required in Irish hospitals in comparison with uk,france,spain,portugal etc.

    400 people may have died due congestion. The least we can do is ask the core questions whether or not it is politically acceptable to the public sector.
    19bn budget for health ( pop 4.8bn)
    Blind support may be acceptable for football teams but not when it comes to peoples lives.

    To set health care targets you must provide methods.

    Simon Harris understands this and has promised a hospital/nurse bed review.

    This is the most bloddy obvious first step when a major shortage of nurses and beds are killing people.

    Lets hope it comes soon or that he too doesnt run away like the previous minister.

    Sidestepping responsibility for personal political gain is not UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

    Lickarseing the media with cups of coffee should not come before policy or citizens wellfare.

    • Truthist


      • Truthist

        TYPO, & EDIT ;


        Off-hand, I think it was one of their public statements Re; “X Case” or “C Case”

      • mike flannelly




        • Truthist

          U may create momentum against the barbarous HSE public mal-service by discreetly placing pamphlets of ur well-honed arguments on busy benches of waiting rooms etc. of our public hospitals.
          The girl in that link was very beautiful too.
          And, so ironic ;
          A 3rd year forensic scientist student swiftly dies for no-said malady in one of our self-proclaimed world-class hospitals.

    • Deco

      Mike, the Irish institutional state is capable of mismanagement, on a persistent basis.

      There are TOO MANY hospitals.

      And Harris/Varadkar are responsible in this regard, because they pushed the construction of yet another one in a traffic bottleneck at the cost of 1 Billion euro. The new Children’s hospital.

      The better locations were Blanch, Tallaght, and Naas. Blanchardstown has it’s own ambulance access on the M50.

      And they have topped this off – by advocating the national maternity hospital in St. Vincents. Again it is in the wrong location.

      All of this suggests that they do not give a toss about patients.

      At the same time we have the media talking about re-unification and Brexit. This is even more BS.

      They are NOT planning anything on an all-island scale.

      It they were then both of those hospitals would be in Drogheda, or Blanchardstown.

      In other words inconsistency is rife in state policy.

      And pensions, is yet another extension of that madness.

      • mike flannelly


        Our health is more important than pensions. Public sector pensions are a resource cost for 4.8 million and a benefit for 300000 select citizens.

        No problem if its fair.

        The whole NO MEASUREMENT in health, banking,Irish Law, politics and worst of all “economics” sets a failure culture.

        The common Galway Claddagh black swan theory or other white turkey theories seem to sneer at measurement.

        Theories of excuse.
        Sort of Brown nose theories.

        I believe that in any snapshot of time you can measure real value debt or health care costs.

        Not politically acceptable is no excuse for zero measurement from lapdog media, economists or our new taoiseach.

        Failures(banking,media,health care,political) that result from politically acceptable lapdog ZERO MEASUREMENT PRACTICES have to be categorised under the


        Failures may occur in circumstances where brown nose media, bankers, economists and politicians refuse to apply standard measurement for fear of what is and is not politically acceptable by insiders. The brown nose will always duck measurement.

        Ah sure we couldnt “measure” sustainable affoardable debt in a snapshot of time.
        Not 15% or 25 % out.
        Irish Banking debt professionals were 1200% out.

        400 people died we are told from not enough nurses.

        Numbers of nurses was the measurement from rte for these health care deaths.

        What is the correct number or nurses?.

        RTE ?
        LEO ?
        Simon ?

        What is Irelands measurement in comparision with France, UK , Spain , Porgugal etc ?

        Measurement should always be used as a guideline. 20% tolerances might not kill anyone.

        Irelands brown nose failures that have 1200% for debt or 50% for health care costs are killing people.

  39. Deco

    Lot’s of methane coming from the Irish media this morning.

    People with big cars, and backed flight schedules giving out about other people not “doing enough” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    I have no time for these hypocrites. I know one of them from years ago, and the term santimonious hypocrisy does not go deep enough.

    IF there is a need to reduce carbon dioxide/methane production, then maybe they might start with their own habits.

    Meanwhile in Ireland we continue to see obvious problems. The largest problem is the settlement pattern, which is suburban, and subrural sprawl across the East region, in a highe inefficient, reckless manner. And why is this ? Because the local authorities in Dublin continue to avoid building Dublin upwards, like occurs in other cities.

    A classic example is a proposal to build a five storey apartment complex in Dublin 4, in a site sold by the national propaganda quango. It will provide 500 apartment residences. Think about that. All those people will have the option of walking to work in D2 or D4 (when the weather is supportive). Or cycling. Or the bus. And D2 is where there is the highest wage level in the island.


    The problem here is that there is a limit on the height. It can only be 5 levels.

    Why ?

    Why not 10 levels, and provide 800 or more residences ?

    The demand is there. In fact the demand is so heavy that there are people commuting to D2 from Gorey every morning ?

    Also there will be a some element of “lower than low rise”. Which is probably another sop to the ridiculous plannig laws.

    I have a sugestion – scrap the cap of 5 levels. It is ridiculous.

    It is aggravating Ireland’s greenhouse gas emission level.

    Even worse – it is ruining the lives of people working in Dublin. It is ruining their productivity.

    Only in Dublin, are the environmental laws designed so as to wreck havoc with environmental policy.

    As the old environmentalist catch phrase goes “do something” (productive). And in that case building Dublin upwards, instead of covering Kildare in tarmac, and having a LA freeway style mess on the N7.

    Trump is not the problem with regard to Ireland’s dysfunctional planning.

    Ireland’s politicians – especially those in Dublin are the problem.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Only in Dublin, are the environmental laws designed so as to wreck havoc with environmental policy.” – the height cap (which Dublin City Council has recently l o w e r e d by 2 metres) aimed at keeping the property-bubble going has an environmental excuse?
      Interesting things I am learning here…

      Environmental policy expressed in making the people in ROI spending, on average, to spend 70% more than in France and 30% more than in Los Angeles – a bit monthypythonesque to me.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Environmental policy expressed in making the people in ROI spending, on average, to spend 70% more than in France and 30% more than in Los Angeles – a bit monthypythonesque to me. = making people in ROI to spend, on average, 70% more time in a car than people in France and 30% more than people in Los Angeles

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