May 15, 2017

What the Census tells us about the clockwork inside the heads of the people of Cork, the National Maternity Hospital and our relationship with the sea!

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We’ve always been told that Cork is a bit special. As the only Dublin cousin of a Cork family, I know how serious the crime of being born in Dublin is viewed by the southern tribe. Forgiveness is rarely mentioned or even entertained; tolerance and pity is the best that such a deracinated creature can expect.


Many years ago, as a seven-year-old, I was sent to Ballyvourney to my cousins when my mother went back to college to do exams. It was bizarre for this suburban Jackeen to be in the company of people who were incomprehensible in two languages. But I struggled on. On my first day in the tiny village school (with one teacher for all ages), my cousin introduced me to the headmaster with the words:


“Muinteor, this is David my cousin. He’s from Dublin.”


The old man didn’t look up from his roll book. He didn’t say something welcoming like — “Dublin, little man? Interesting, welcome to Ballyvourney!”


Without looking at me, he took a drag of his fag and responded:


“Dublin is it? Sure what harm?”


Implying that the poor amadán Jackeen can’t help the awful misfortune that has befallen him, sure we’ll just have to put up with it in the class for a while.


This was my first experience with what we could call Corkonian exceptionalism. It wasn’t my last. Forty years later I still experience the same exceptionalism when I’m reminded regularly by the next generation about the tallest building, the straightest road and the longest building. That’s the thing about Cork. Things that mean the world to them, mean little to the rest of us. It’s like the rules of any club — only club members give a hoot. Is it a sign of confidence or insecurity? I’m not sure. But that’s Cork for you; and the census confirms that Cork is in fact a bit like a club that you rarely leave and  are rarely allowed to join.


Cork people leave Cork far less frequently than people from any other county in Ireland. And far fewer outsiders are “encouraged” to move to Cork. It also shows how brave my mother was as a teenager in the 1950s leaving her three sisters, mother and father and heading to Dublin with her suitcase and her dreams.


According to the census, such flightiness is not common. The People’s Republic of Cork is alive and well. Only 16% of Cork people moved county between 2011 and 2016. This compares with 44% of people from Leitrim who moved out of the county in the same period.


For Cork, maybe “Cexit” will be the next big political move in Ireland as the people of Cork democratically cede from the rest of Ireland, forming their own autonomous republic with a hard border, its own currency, the Shandon, which can be exchanged seamlessly for bottles of Tanora, Beamish, Murphys and drisheen. A People’s Republic with customs posts north of Mitchelstown, west of Bantry and east of Youghal could be financed by a Yacht tax imposed on anyone spotted in bright yellow oilskins by officious tax collectors from Kinsale to Baltimore during the summer.


If not hard Cexit than maybe a soft Cexit with an electronic tagging on the M7 the odd time that the locals are forced to travel to Dublin for a match of some sort; although in fairness, they don’t get many such opportunities in recent times.


Whatever about the obstinate Corkmen, who clearly don’t move out of the Rebel County, the rest of us are constantly on the move all around the country. We see extraordinary fluidity in the western countries of Roscommon and Leitrim and nearer to Dublin in the counties of Westmeath, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow. Irish people are on the move at a significant pace and most of us are settling in that giant arc from Drogheda to Mullingar, that sweeps south eastwards through Port Loaise to Carlow and on to the sea at Arklow. This is Ireland’s babybelt. This is the future of the country and indeed if a maternity hospital should be positioned anywhere, it should be in Naas or Portlaoise. This is where Ireland’s babies will be born; not in Dublin 4 because, along with Dun Laoghaire, Dublin 4 is the oldest place in Ireland and least fertile place in Ireland. Arguably ,it is the worst  place to put a maternity hospital!


Ask yourself, when was the last time you were ploughed off a footpath in Ballsbridge by an outsized stroller that didn’t belong to a young mother queuing for a US visa?


Not only is the new maternity hospital owned by the wrong people, it is in the wrong bloody place. In fact, there’s a smaller possibility of an Irish baby being born close to St Vincent’s Hospital than a Cork person dipping their toe into Limerick!


In all, 263,551 people moved around the country in the twelve months up to April 2016. The largest numbers of these were Dubs who are always on the move internally within in the county and further afield. Nearly 100,000 Dubs upped sticks last year. And almost 20,000 left the county for the suburban dream of Westmeath, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow.


In total, just under 25 per cent of the Irish population lived in Dublin City and suburbs in April 2016, and it accounted for 30.2 per cent of the movers within the previous year. Strikingly, larger towns outside Dublin are growing quickly too. This is new. Nearly one in five of all people who moved last year moved to large towns and, interestingly, Drogheda is now Ireland’s largest town with a population of nearly 40,000. Within Dublin, the fasted growing town is Saggart. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as there is land out there. The coast of Dublin Southside and Northside is gradually getting older and will soon be the oldest part of the entire country.


The main census showed that the urban population grew by 4.9 per cent while the rural population grew by a far more modest 2 per cent but rural Ireland is not dying as you might think from listening to radio shows. Nearly one in four of us are still living in rural Ireland and that population is rising. Babies are definitely being born. Probably the most startling statistic is how we are a sea loving people who don’t like fish!


1.9 million of us — or 40% of the population — live within 5km of the sea, yet Ireland has consistently one of the lowest consumption of fish per capita of any European country!


So what do we make of all this? Well the census is a blueprint for planning. It is data-driven. We now know where we live and can plan schools and hospitals accordingly. Clearly a national maternity hospital located where no one is having babies is a bit daft! And as for Cexit, well these days anything could come to pass!




  1. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    This is Maccer’s funniest column like, ever – he definitely has a latent talent of a comedian (and it is definitely more sophisticated a humour than Stephen Fry’s jokes about victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings). I particularly enjoyed the bit about “autonomous republic with a hard border, it own currency, the Shandon, which can be exchanged seamlessly for bottles of Tanora, Beamish, Murphys (my favourite Irish beer, sadly unavailable in bottles – G.K.) and drisheen” (but you forgot the yucky tripe, David – packet and tripe – G.K.).
    The whole Cork cuisine reminds me of the Elizabethan episode of “The Supersizers”, where the whole animal would be eaten and nothing would be wasted, and the Lady of the House would spend all day in the kitchen, watching her maids if they are not planning on stealing ginger by any chance.

    We have the yucky tripe in the traditional Polish cuisine too, fortunately rarely seen:

    But I have always refused to eat it the goop.

    I also like the bit about “bright yellow oilskins”. As to Youghal mentioned in the article, they have that wooden boardwalk that reminds me the lost highway from David Lynch’s movie.

    P.S. See all that story about Garda phone tapping and surveillance that is making the headlines now? I was the first in Ireland to come up with that story and I described the mechanism behind it, although at the time, no paper accepted it:

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    August 4, 2015 at 7:24 pm
    you are more likely to have your phone tapped by Garda than by PSNI as the rules of phone tapping are much more arbitrary than in the UK (the annual report on that is a f…g joke: the commissioner just signs it with a one sentence comment that he got familiar with the report). “

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    January 28, 2016 at 10:28 am

    it is a crime in Ireland to have a gun – even a long-barrel one that you can use to defend your household, but cannot bring on the street without being unnoticed and it is a custodial sentence for non-payment of TV licence, but when it comes to phone tapping – here suddenly we have the police forces very much in your face – is beyond me.”

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    April 11, 2016 at 10:34 am

    Oh, in case you think I am exaggerating with the fascism claim, did you know that even after Presidents G.W.Bush/Obama, a 1968 law requires US courts to submit annual reports to Congress on the number of authorisations for phone-tapping and e-mail interception, while under Section 13 of the 2009 Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act “any information in connection with the operation of this Act in relation to surveillance” can result in a five-year prison sentence and €50,000 fine? Or that Gardaí, the Defence Forces (paradoxically, the Defence Forces do not do that!) – or Revenue can secretly put a tracking device on your or Bono’s vehicle, and follow your movements without permission from a District Court judge, and can secretly record you with audio and video devices?”

    And, from the same day:

    “under the 1993 Interception of Postal Packets and Telecommunications Messages Act Gardaí can open and read letters before they arrive to their recipient and monitor your phone calls for up to three months, which can be extended (on the grounds of i.e., an authentic, albeit extreme example, a Senior Officer being jelous – as in Ireland, unlike in Britain or the US – which have arguably more sophisticated and far-reaching controls, no one has to explain to anyone why people are being spied on), and this is the least transparent segment of the Irish surveillance system, with all separate designated judges producing identical one-sentence reports on wiretapping until 2007 for all those years.”


    “P.S. In 2013, Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill said he was very happy with everything he saw in the report on state surveillance he reviewed (all in one day – McKee Barracks, the Department of Justice, Revenue and Garda Headquarters; he did not even include actual figures or any statistics in his annual review). Who would not be happy on two hundred grand, if he is only required to write one sentence in his report, as opposed to 104 pages like they do in the UK? Almost any intern on 238 euro would do a better job. See what I mean by overpaid lobbies?”

    And these were people’s reactions to that story at the time:

    April 11, 2016 at 11:19 am

    Quite a rant. And then Ireland has a surveillance state because well, a judge said it didn’t”


    April 11, 2016 at 11:04 pm:

    Your comments on Ireland’s fascist leanings border on the incredulous and have taints of paranoia running through them. Perhaps, I suspect, you have lived under totalitarian regimes in, perhaps a Central European country. Ireland in contrast, has always enjoyed freedom of speech, we have a fair judicial system, with some very progressive features, for example, the constructive use of technology in the pursuit of justice.”

    • Truthist

      EugeneN & Realpolitik sound like Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai or in the loop with them.

    • Truthist

      I judge the ongoing controversy within Garda-Landlord / Landlord-Gardai force to be very possibly joint collusion by all to create “noise” & thus prevent any much more meaningful dirt to be investigated & revealed about them folks of whom one rarely encountered a native of Cork City.

      Fair enough, the matter of McCabe being accused of p…lia — advances on daughter of other extortionately paid SERPENT — would be very serious.
      And, that it to be false & groundless accusations against him is very serious in itself.
      In this case, I did not believe McCabe to be guilty of that offense.
      So, I suggest that even that sub-matter in the whole McCabe v’s Garda Mgt etc has been devised by the local state-crafters for purpose of “cognitive dissonance”.

      Give all citizens special 3 month training by the army in fitness, fire-arms, survival skills, civil rights, living skills, etc.
      Offer to all sane & decent successful trainees firearm & security cabinet.

      Then, FIRE THE GUARDS !

      We need to be rid of those sneaky & rude & mischievous & brutish & LYING & greedy & useless & lazy … Pigs.

      I bet that the world’s 1st official “police” force — Royal Irish Constabulary [ R.I.P. ] — in short time received that derogatory term ;
      I say this because, the R.I.C. would definitely have been very involved in the creation & training etc. of its replacement ;
      aforementiond G-L’s / L-G’s, & the apple tells of its tree.

    • DJR

      And RTE referred to the possible bugging of GSOC at the time of all the whistleblower cases as a ‘bottle of smoke’.
      No doubt at the prompting of Martin Callinan (or one of his underlings). Of course, he was never asked how he could be so sure no surveillance was carried out by any member of the force or why he wanted to shut all speculation down without a proper inquiry – I would have expected any police commissioner to have been very alarmed and keen to have a full investigation.
      Not a whole lot of progress made since 2014 – but of course Enda Kenny has been Taoiseach all that time!

      • Deco

        The purpose of RTE (“pravda”) is to prevent people finding out what is going on in the institutional state.

        They are a propaganda organ.

        The current MoJ is useless. There is no shortage of legal qualifications in Kildare Street, but it seems that a clown is in charge of the DoJ.

        Say what you like about James Comey running the FBI (where both political parties have wanted him out, several times) but at least he knows the core subject matter.

        Minister Fitzgerald is the Basil Fawlty of the Dept of Justice.

  2. Antaine


  3. terryhewett

    Cruiskeen Lawn May 17th, 1951

    “Did you read me yesterday on Alfred O’Rahilly, the Cork gawskogue? I was damn funny, if I say it meself. It was right gas. But I overlooked one small comment I had intended. AOR referred to me as “a Catholic who masquerades under the pseudonym of “Myles na gCopaleen”. Thanks, but why this perfectly gratuitous assertion that I am a Catholic? How does AOR know what my beliefs are, of what nature is my creed? I do not likely take on the grandiose title of Catholic. If AOR is a Catholic, it follows that I am not: the contrary would suggest the equation AOR = MC, which is perfectly preposterous. In any case, I deny absolutely that I am an Irish Catholic; dub me that and you dub me heresiarch.”!/menu/standard/file/Best%20of%20Cruiskeen%20Lawn.pdf

    What would Mr O’Nolan think of the IT today.

  4. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    I was thinking about maternity hospitals when the thought occurred to me the Polish authorities should put one of their maternity hospitals in Dublin since one in 4 Irish kids now has a non national parent;

    Come to think of it since the largest ever emigration out of Ireland was 2015, 2014 and 2013 maybe we could open 3 small ones in Newyork, Sydney, and london.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I’m suggesting a compromise: as half of that 2013, 2014 and 2015 emigration out of Ireland was non-native, the Irish and the non-Irish should together open 3 small hospitals in New York, Sydney and London.

      And the same time, as the number of English immigrants in Ireland now matches the number of Polish, the Polish and English authorities should together open a maternity hospital in Dublin.

      Either way, you are right.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Yes to everything. I am going to change the record now as I am getting tired of reading my own posts about the emigration topic.

        My next thing I am going to highlight is in Eireuba we lost a minister for justice a couple of years ago with a garda commissioner and now we have a new garda commissioner under fire and cops stealing money from their own safe.

        It’s we the Irish that are the problem nobody else not the immigrants not the civil disservice not rte pravda not gold bitcoin or monetarists kayensians or austrians.

        Ireland is a failed state because it is comprised of failed Irish citizens.

        • Deco

          Actually it is the political party machines that are the problem – the fish rots from the head.

          There are three phasese in the development of the Irish institutional state.

          1. Before Haughey influenced matters.
          2. The era of Haughey influencing matters.
          3. Cleaning up after Haughey influencing matters.

          Haughey is the inner evil in Irish statism.

          We are still in phase 2 there. I had hoped that we would get to phase 3, after the crash. But the evidence indicates that we are still firmly in phase 2.

          The behaviour of the Minister for Justice, and the Garda Commissioner, indicates that we are now witnessing women defiantly and proudly stating that they can be just as useless, and unaccountable as any man.

          Hurray, girls.

          Gombeenism with feminist characteristics is Ireland’s current form of political correctness. [ noting that I am borrowing from a phrase by one dictator in Beijing leader, and also mentioning a thought control method created by another previous dictator ].

        • Truthist

          Haughey is convenient scape-goat FOR THE WRONG REASONS.

          WRONG REASON 1. ;
          Graft received as Politician

          He was very willing to be force for good.
          And, he had brilliant ability.
          But, he was not complete leader ;
          He lacked certain qualities.
          He was aware of that.
          So, to compensate for this feeling of insecurity he indulged himself in luxurious living ;
          And, it was paid for from relatively small-scale graft.
          But, the price to Irish nation would include AIB & Ben Dunne got away with serious shenanigans.


          There is a much more serious reason why Ben Dunne was banished from Dunnes Stores than simply being wasteful with gifts to Haughey.
          In fact, it has nothing to do with Haughey.
          Rather, it has to do with Mr. Big of Cork ;

          Arguably, Mr. Big of Cork has been Mr. Big of Ireland since 1980′s ;
          The real richest man of Ireland.
          He has an enormous, but very discreet, empire ;
          Loan Sharking & Properties.
          And, the Civil Service has embedded his syndicate into their set-up despite they knowing that he responsible for that which Tony Gregory fought against.
          Haughey genuinely honored Gregory in trying to rescue Dublin from its most serious menace.
          But, Sir Garret Fitzgerald + Michael O’Leary were determined to scuttle the Gregory deal.


          WRONG REASON 2.
          “Arms Crisis” Collaborator

          Haughey should have been a hero in that matter ;
          But, he was not.
          He was a coward at the end ;
          He left Captain Kelly alone.
          Equipping the Catholics in Belfast with fire-arms was vital to protect them from murderous mobs of Loyalists & British secret service assassins.
          The whole FF government cabinet were for that arms to Catholic Nationalists mission ;
          ==> including O’Malley ; a nemesis of Haughey, & later founder of Progressive Democrats.
          But, Dublin 4 intelligentsia, & British government “assets” in Irish State, successfully argued that purpose of the project was shameful.

          Anyway, Dublin 4 establishment + British establishment had marked Haughey to be very capable manager with Irish nationalism drive ;
          So, they conspired separately & jointly atimes to undermine him.


          [ Proper Reason 1. is Haughey's betrayal of Captain Kelly, & failure to ensure that Irish Nationalists in Belfast were armed for their defence. ]

          Haughey secretly offered “a united Ireland in NATO” to USA in return for USA arranging united Ireland to come to be under Haughey leadership.
          Now, that is sinful ; Ireland in NATO.
          But, Institutional State of Irish State + British Assets never highlight this ;
          Because, they want even current Irish State to be in NATO.

          • Truthist

            Sorry for confusing argument in above

            WRONG REASON 1. ;
            Graft received as Politician

            CLARIFICATION ;

            The graft & other monies that Haughey received :

            loans from AIB

            gifted monies from Ben Dunne

            hospital fund monies for Lenihan embezzled by Haughey immediately following his side-kick Lenihan death

            COMMENTS ABOUT 1., 2., & 3. [ above ]

            1. ; paid back by Haughey ;
            Probably included from Ben Dunne

            2. ; gifted monies to Haughey ; Ben Dunnes’s “official” business dealings not apparently benefiting from this ;
            Although, I suspect that his “official” business dealing did actually.

            3. ; theft from FF & FF sponsors mainly

            AIB & Ben Dunne were not brought to justice for certain activities by other Taoisigh, nor by Civil Service alone, neither.


            Haughey cheated the tax-man on 1. & 2..

            On Lenihen dying, to whom would monies for Lenihen hospital treatment go otherwise ? FF ?

          • DJR

            He is rightly vilified for ‘graft’:
            - The Irish govt were notified of a Sterling devaluation 24hrs in advance – Haughey notified his friends in high places, who lined their pockets on the inside information and financed Haughey’s setting himself up as lord of the manor in Abbeyville.
            - He took out bank loans and brazenly refused to repay them by warning them that he would be a troublesome adversary (Gareth the good wasn’t much better on this score). When the banks saw how corrupt politicians could be is it any wonder they went on to behave as they wished?
            - Established the corrupt links between politicians & builders. We are still living with the legacy today with a basket-case housing market & the debt it generates.
            - His ‘graft’ was a lot more than having a nice lifestyle for himself. He corrupted Irish politics like Sean Lemass knew he would. Though there was plenty of other poisonous actors (the Church, sectarian terrorists etc.) in his time he still deserves to be vilified.

          • Truthist

            Good extra info. ;
            Thanks, DJR.

            Still, he had a good heart aspect COUPLED WITH rare abilities him that :

            he sometimes performed


            Paying stricken peoples’ electicity bills from his own funds [ surely included graft monies given to him 8-) ]

            taking to task the Nuclear Board [ or whatever they called ] of Irish State for being conspiratorial against Irish nation
            Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster aftermath
            Those Civil SERPENTS sought to dismiss entirely any risk from the strange pattern of heavy rains suffered in Ireland at this time.

            his contemporaries others did NOT have

            And, he had charisma
            He was able to size up a problem swiftly
            And, he was decisive.
            And, he was a great orator ;

            He was open to good novel ideas
            “Income Tax” free exemption for foreign artists based in Irish State
            No doubt much good came from that policy.

            He actually could have been worse than he was ;
            I reckon that we have Anthony Cronin to thank a lot for steering Haughey as much as he could to be just.

            There was much worse in Irish State’s Dail & Senate & Councils & Government & Civil Service before & contemporaneously & since Haughey in politics.


            Further of ur allusion to sectarian terrorists

            IRA & INLA terrorists were in the main NOT sectarian.
            They were political ONLY.

            But, Loyalists & some of British Secret Service [ MI5 & MI6 ] assasins etc [ Rober Nairac ] & British Politicians & British Civil SERPENTS & a certain other democracy’s Secret Service operating here & some of players of Irish State’s Inteligentsia & otherwise of Institutional State of Irish State DEFINITELY WERE.



            Again, thank u DJR ;
            Especially about the the Sterling Devaluation “Stroke”.

        • Absolutely Michael, spot on.

  5. Deco

    A few years ago, I was trying to learn about investment in resource stocks. Unlike Tony Brogan, I decided that it was all a racket. [ And Tony, for your information the biggest liars in resource stocks operate out of Vancouver - nice city, but it has more cowboys in suits than Arizona].

    Anyway, the profile of those present at one shareholders meeting that i attended, for learning purposes, was interesting. This is a high risk business was a very risky business. A disproportionately high element of the voices were all from the South-West. Cork/Kerry/Limerick. And they were all over 50. Male. And resident in various locations in Dublin and the East region though. Were they retired civil servants ?

  6. Deco

    if a maternity hospital should be positioned anywhere, it should be in Naas or Portlaoise. This is where Ireland’s babies will be born; not in Dublin 4 because, along with Dun Laoghaire, Dublin 4 is the oldest place in Ireland and least fertile place in Ireland. Arguably ,it is the worst place to put a maternity hospital!

    Exactly. This urgently needdd to be said.

    Alternatively Blanchardstown.

    In other countries, outside large cities
    – they build one large health care complex
    – beside the major arterial transport routes
    – 24 hour care facilities
    – critical mass
    – capable of taking overflow from other regions/large cities
    – having expensive advanced functions, located in ONE location, that is accessible to all, and is most likely to be if use, due to the number of patients present there
    – located in the suburban area, where there is space for traffic
    – located without competing traffic destinations like Dublin City Centre,
    – with adequate parking.

    The hodge podge of hospitals as tokens to constituencies like Roscommon or Monaghan of Offaly, or Dublin North or Drumcondra is plain stupid.

    We need LESS hospitals, and each of those to be larger. Close down Nenagh, Tullamore, Roscommon several of the hospitals in Dublin, and use larger more accessible locations like Blanch, Naas, Drogheda, etc..

    • Deco

      If towns like Tullamore needs a community employment scheme, surely something more serious than a hospital is required ?

      This is expensive.

      Better to have a cluster of businesses, exists in Galway with regard to medical devices, or in Cork with Pharma. Or give them a prison. (as punishment for giving Ireland Brian Cowen).

      Even in the state system, there are activities that could be well located in Tullamore – like the headquarters of CIE.

      Likewise there is probably some activity that is really well suited to Roscommon Town.

      It seems that every county town in Ireland, demands an oversized unsustainable part of the institutional state with the exception of Navan, Naas and Wicklow (which are now locations for people to live in, whilst working elsewhere).

      I would even go further. If there was one large HSE complex to the East of Galway city it could serve a large section of the country, from Limerick to sligo, with advanced medical facilities, on scale, and very efficiently. It could even serve as a location for the National Childrens Hospital (another farcical plannning blunder). Effectively, doing in Medicine what Galway already does in the artistic field. Except there is money in medicine. The Arts operates on a shoestring.

      And without the need to resort to that sutpid idea of FF grey area thinking – living off “general taxation”.

  7. Deco

    I suspect that a significant part of rural Ireland is actually dying. The key rural demogaphic of the North West has not yet 70. It is between 55 and 65. There is a strong decline coming.

    South of a line from Drogheda to Kinsale, there is a rural population that is either stable or growing. North of that line it is in a precarious position.

    • michaelcoughlan

      The average age of an Irish farmer is 57. 5000 ha of land every year going into forestry. Why? Europe can get cheaper food from Africa where labour costs are much lower. Big farmers are slaves to borrowings to pay for machinery and chemical fertilisers to keep agri businesses in their millions;

      Patrick Coveny 1m per year thanks very much. Average salary of an Irish farmer sweet fuck all off farm income (wife) keeps every thing going.

      Their father fell off the cliff shortly after the news broke he had an ansbacher account.

      The country is awash in abandoned homesteads and they talk about housing crisis?

      Younger folk are soft as shit.

      • Deco

        Ironically, the people from those rural areas, have not simply left rural Ireland – a significant amount have gone the whole hog, and left Ireland.

        I remember being in Vancouver a few years ago on a bus, sitting beside three 20 somethings on a bus. And then they started talking to each other in West of Ireland accents.

        You are correct. The rural wife works for the institutional state, and the rural husband works for the beef baron, and doing various jobs like construction, or driving lorries.

        • michaelcoughlan

          “Ironically, the people from those rural areas, have not simply left rural Ireland – a significant amount have gone the whole hog, and left Ireland”

          Shockingly true. I just can’t stand it anymore.

      • EugeneN

        You are confusing profit in African farms with labour costs. African farmers are poor.

        • michaelcoughlan


          I take your point but you misunderstood my post. It agrees with your second observation.


        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “African farmers are poor.”

          But in my humble opinion, more interesting than just stating that African farmers are poor would be to explain w h y, while GDP per capita (in dollars) is some African countries is:

          in Ethiopia is 500,
          in Congo 400
          and Zimbabwe 200,

          while in other African countries:

          in Botswana is 8,400 (for comparison – in Ukraine, 2,114),
          in Namibia 10,200,
          and in Mauritius 21,700.

          I tell you why: because poor African countries experimented with socialism (like Ethiopia, allied with USSR; or Zimbabwe, where they tried to stimulate growth by inflation), whereas rich African countries experimented with capitalism.


          What f..ks up African farmers is the Common Agricultural Policy (and foreign aid, which makes them dependent). And out of all charities (and that included “charities”), only Oxfam noticed it.

          And what f..ks up Western farmers is what Michael has named above,
          companies like Monsanto, and the fact that when you buy a tractor nowadays, you don’t actually own it, because you don’t own the software that’s in it – so everything is geared towards copyrights taken to its absurd extreme and forcing farmers to make expensive repairs, from which they are, willy-nilly (but more nilly than willy) indeminified by mega-expensive insurance.

          And all of the above f…ks up the consumers in both Africa and the West.

          It was not by accident that as early 1985, the notorious dictator of Poland, gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, met with David Rockefeller in New York.

          The meeting was scheduled for one hour, but they spoke for 105 minutes, and Mr Rockefeller showed Gen. Jaruzelski his private collection of paintings. The main topic of their meeting was… GMO (the year was 1985). Mr Rockefeller was ready to establish a foundation in Poland that would help to modernise the Polish agriculture.

          In hindsight, this “modernisation” boiled down to:

          - limiting the agricultural output
          - closing down tractors factory near Warsaw which, at the time, was producing one of the most advanced tractors in the world, and certainly the most reliable (before they closed it down, they had sold the license to India for a song, and it “tractorised” the whole India, and it is still used there up to this day)
          - lowering Polish food production standards down to the EU level.

          Present at the meeting were Messrs: Zbigniew Brzezinski, William (Bill) M. Dietel (Chase Manhattan Bank), John C. Whitehead (this name was anonymous, but we now know it thanks to works of the American historian Mr. Gregory F. Domber), and Lawrence Eagleburger (anyone interested can google their names, although I always advise NOT to use Google if you can:


          We don’t know all the details what they spoke about, although agriculture and GMO were main topics.

          What we do know is that when Gen. Jaruzelski was leaving Mr Rockefeller’s building, the New York police – who closed the entire street for that occasion – were amazed: never before or after David Rockefeller walked down his guest to his car.

          I’d would be curious if similar “deals” were ever done for Ireland.

          Is that the reason why we in the West (and in many African countries too) overpay 3-4 times for food, while farmers are – as almost everyone else – in debt?

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Grzegorz,

            I am so glad you posted this post. I had a light bulb moment when I read it daft as that sounds; I was reminded of My life’s work mission and it again became obvious to me. I have a burning desire which I can’t describe which has been with me for years to establish a mixed organic tillage and beef farm and this post gave me a flash of insight which reminded me of that.

            Many many thanks for posting it.

            Just to let you know re software in tractors et. Farmers can choose. I suspect you are talking about a Massey Ferguson derivative. MF established factories abroad producing older designs like the mf 35 first produced in the early 1950′s. There are still factories producing these tractors brand new in India and former Yugoslavia such as;



            Simple basic robust machines still being made new. No software!

            The REAL copyright problem is in the GMO seed. The farmer has to pay a license fee to the producer of the seed which has the GMO technology copyrighted EVEN IF HE SAVES THE SEED HIMSELF WHEN HARVESTING AFTER HE HAS PLANTED THE GMO CROP!

            As far as I know the eyrackkieeeeeeeeeeeeees (as the yanks would call them) have to buy GMO seeds only from us agri business and the 10000 year old varieties they have saved for that period of time are no longer allowed to be used. Why?

            Like you said they are in perpetual subjugation to big business.

          • McCawber

            Great post.
            Something that has always annoyed -
            The software you mention is so that the company can make money from dealerships, spare parts and routine maintenance.
            The cost of the parts are often outrageous. Without the codes and the diagnostic equipment your car (tractor) can’t be maintained.
            Companies are guilty of some of the worst restrictive practices and workers (except the civil servants of course) are pilloried for restrictive practices – it would be nice to have a level playing field.

          • McCawber

            Henry Ford was from Cirk – Think about it!

          • Harry Ferguson from County Down designed the finest tractor of all time. His hydraulic system revolutionized agriculture.


          • Truthist

            If yee have copped on that the fact that the motor industry is exploiting yee with their “software + micro-processor” governed vehicles obligating driver paying their dealerships for use of the special diagnostic equipment services & also the original equipment manufactured [ O.E.M. ] parts, well just to let yee know that yee are being much more exploited by :

            Private Central Banking system

            Fractional Reserve Banking system

            the whole notion of “CB with Private Commercial Banks” issuing non-specie currency ;
            And, it not even backed by Money [ Gold & / or Silver ].
            Backed by Gold & / or Silver would be much better ;
            But, the currency to be actual money [ i.e. Gold & / or Silver ] would be the only best option.

            Henry Ford was a genius of an industrialist & businessman.
            And, he invented the Model T essentially for to help the farmer at very affordable price to farmer ;
            Ford felt for the common man.
            He was one himself after all.

            And, Henry Ford stated ;


            “The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts.”


            “The youth who can solve the money question will do more for the world than all the professional soldiers of history.”




            It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.


  8. Deco

    One of the factors driving down the birth rate in the coastal part of Dublin, is the amount of money required to buy a resident there, or rent there.

    In fact it is the predominant reason why young people from Dun Laoghaire are being pushed to Greystones, or Gorey, or even into upland Wicklow.

    There are no families around anymore – they have moved. Either down the coast, or inland.

    Another baffling aspect is why Ireland’s senior citizens from these areas have not yet moved to warmer locales for retirement pruposes.

    In France, the US, and the UK there has been a movement to people from the large city to the warmer more relaxed retirement zone. In the US this even started in the 1920s – with those who became wealthy moving to Southern California or Florida. With respect to the UK, that movement seems to end up outside the UK, in locations in Spain in particular.

    In Ireland, there is no similar movement to Tramore, Kinsale, or Kilmore Quay. Family ties are more important, and the high worker taxes means that often the grown children are desperate for babyminders.

    Perhaps this is because the facilities in such locations do not have critical mass to deliver the required level of services to the older generation ?

    But this has a massive impact on the housing supply in rather nice locations in Dublin.

    What happens when boarding schools in SECD no longer have boarders ? Or even the secondary schools are unable to fill classrooms.

    It seems a bit imbalanced. It is one thing to see the problem in Tobercurry. But to have the problem in Monkstown as well is surely really bad planning ?

    I just get the impression, that we are in the midst of yet another “bad planning outbreak” in Ireland.

    The other year, we all laughed when Brian Cowen and Rody Molloy greenlighted a FAS (Solas) university in the Bog of Allen. The way things are going, that is where the young people will be growing up in a few years. It might even be the centre of gravity between the East of Ireland baby belt, the Galway growth zone, Cork/South coast, and the general rural growth zone in the South East.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      And btw:
      Housing need______Vacant houses________Vacant for over 5 years

      Galway City

      Galway County

      Dublin City (Four Local Authorities)


      Dundalk, Louth

      Cork County

  9. Deco

    If planning permission approvals are a useful guideline, then the fast growing county in the next ten years, will be Kildare.

    Meanwhile in Dublin, the four local authorities are doing everything possible to ensure that Kildare will be the fastest growing county in Ireland.

    The next fastest growing will probably be Galway.

    The Dublin local authorities seem to be run by morons.

    An excellent opportunity presents itself for one Irish city to get it’s act together while DCC and it’s three ugly sisters chase their self importance to new levels of absurdity.

    To position itself as a better location for investment, by placing the working families wanted to own their own homes, in a position of being able to live together and create viable communities.

    The first step any such location can take, to exploit that opportunity would be to pummel the FF and SF electoral machines to the point of irrelevance.

    Thereafter, many positive possibilities will be presented. But if your local authority has either of those two in charge, then expect serious problems to follow.

    • Deco

      Dublin is going to have to accept that in order to be a city, it will have to be built like a city.

      Which is normal everywhere else, apart from the US sunbelt.

      Why cannot the local authorities in Dublin accept the idea, that people wish to live in apartments – particularly the 20 somethings that are being fed into employment in Google, Facebook, etc…

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Speaking of Kildare, Celbridge in Kildare has housing need of 587 and 280 vacant houses, with only 46 vacant for more than 5 years.

      My former colleague from Newbridge, Co Kildare, who lived in England for 3 decades, told me that people from Kildare are most likely to speak English accents after a long time in England (although he didn’t), because they have the flattest accents in Ireland so he said.

      Whether that’s true, I don’t know – they do have flat accents all right, but so do Westmeath people (actually, most Leinster accents are quite flat – especially when they are reading long texts – compared to other accents, like Donegal, Cockney or 1970s New York – yes, there was something like 1970s New York accent, which at first sounded like they were all foreign – of course, I’m not talking about those New Yorkers who WERE foreign LOL; all of those accents are more singy-songy – the exception is agitated north Dublin accent – roit?).

      In my – and not only mine, but some Irish and English theatre actors and voice coaches are spoke to – some Irish accents are the most difficult to do for the non-Irish precisely because they are so flat (“there is nothing to rub against” – told me one voice-coach).
      When you think of it, all American actors are really crap at Irish accents (some are crap at even English RP accents), except for, me thinks, Brad Pitt’s excellent rendering of the k..travellers accent in “Snatch” – so there must be something in what she said.

      Btw, Waterford City and County has a housing need of 1,223 and 1,892 houses vacant for over 5 years (out of 5,194 vacant)!
      Can’t remember what accent they have though

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Like Minister Leo Varadkar’s accent is very flat for example (that’s not to say that he is isn’t pretty though ;-) – even though my tastes run afer women in, let me think – in 100% (different stroke for different folks).

        Mr McWilliams’ accent is less flat though probably because he has experience speaking and performing.

        In turn, Ms Finucane’s accent has that typical North Dublin singy-songy inflection.

        I wonder where did Bray-born Eddie Jordan get his accent from – certainly not from Bray.

        Also, someone told me that Jack O’Connor actually puts on his accent and he doesn’t normally talk like that – but I refuse to believe it as it would be just a little bit too stupid even for him.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Speaking of 1970s New York accent, and to keep up with David’s funniest column ever – this is the funniest parody of 1970s movies I’ve ever seen:

        • Truthist

          Many Irish have a flair for doing accents.

          Some Corkonian maestros below :

          Cork City alone has much more types of accents proportionally than all of Dublin.

          Cork City & the rest of the County has always been a very cosmopolitan place ;
          And, that is the main reason why Corkonians do not emigrate to elsewhere in Ireland ;
          They being cosmopolitans naturally prefer exotic locations ;
          Far flung exotica is home from home for cosmopolitans.

          But, very strong links between Cork & : Birmingham
          Wales ; especially Swansea
          London ; e.g. Dagenham
          Continental Europe ; Many centuries
          USA ; especially New York, & California, Chigcago & New Orleans,
          South America ;
          Simon Boliviar’s right-hand man was O’Leary from Cork. O’Leary would later write the famous Chronicles of South American History
          The greatest war in South America’s history — 500,000 deaths — was arguably because of a woman from Cork ;

          Eliza Lynch


          Also, Cork & Kerry can be thought of as 1 atimes.

          Ireland’s first & thus far most famous Economist has been Cantwell ;
          It is Cantwell whilst being one of the very earliest Economists who described the phenomenon of the Entrepreneur, & gave it a definition along with the practise of Enterprise.
          In fact, if I remember correctly, he invented the word

          Cantwell is said to come from Cork-Kerry border.

          Of course, there were NO Counties in Ireland until the British decided to form them ;
          Administration & Control purposes.
          Cork is simply the most interesting place in Ireland.
          Not least because “Most corruption in Ireland has been devised in Cork”.

          Cork City is the City of the Merchant Princes.
          Compounded by the settlement of Huguenot small scale industrialists & traders & artisans.

          And, it is in Cork where the British Empire was defeated ;
          Gandhi of India independence fame getting his inspiration for passive resistance from the marathon hunger strike by Cork City Lord Mayor McSweeney ending with his death after 74 days without food in Brixton Prison in England.

          From what I gather, his wife was from the clan that owned both :

          Murphy’s Brewery, Cork
          The stout that u like most.
          I think that it is still available in bottles even though u claim it is not.
          Perhaps, it is only available in Cork area.
          Or maybe just for export.
          Or maybe truly finished production for any market.

          Personally, I prefer Guinness as a bottled beer rather than as a draught beer.

          Murphy’s is pasteurised.

          Guinness is not pasteurised.

          Anyway, Heiniken own Murphy’s now.
          And, Diageo own Guinness.

          “I read the news today oh boy,
          about a lucky man who made the grade.
          He blew his mind out in a car,
          I saw the photograph.”

          Ref. A Day in the Life
          By The Beatles
          But, really ; Lennon

          I expect that u know that this part of lyrics is about a friend of Lennon who was heir to Guinness legacy.


          Whiskey Distillery that later became basis for Irish Distilleries, Midleton, Co. Cork
          Now owned by Pernod.

          That distillery makes :
          Paddy Whiskey
          Powers Whiskey
          Jameson Whiskey
          Middleton Rare Whiskey


          QUESTION ;
          Re; intestate situation ;
          If heir does not agree to the disbursement, or whatever is applicable term, does this situation ==> the other parties — heirs + lawyers — cannot obtain the proposed amounts from the estate ?


          If no full agreement by beneficaries [ indeed, administrator never contacts a certain immediate heir who has email only as communication address ],
          ==> NO consensus ?
          ==> Disbursement of Estate is put on hold until there is consensus ?


          Michael Collins forming his own secret Civil Service within the British Civil Service.

          Tom Barry — Kerry man based in Cork & former British soldier — inventing a particularly effective innovative form of Guerrilla Warfare ;
          Flying columns
          His book “Guerilla Days in Ireland” freed a great many countries from colonisation by the various European empirial powers.

          I think that McSweeney’s wife was the heir to

          And, at least 1 would be very very similar to Jamaican accent.

          And, of course, there is the famous snobby “Montenotte” accent




          Actually, Mike Yarwood’s family come from Cork


          Further to the area of comedy — given my detail of some Irish impressionists above — perhaps the greatest comedian to emanate from Ireland was Dave Allen ;

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Guinness is not pasteurised? I didn’t know that (even though among many things I have done was a short stint of me working as a late bartender in a place busy as fuck, usually with people who would turn from sweet to very aggressive after the 10th pint). Of course, an unpasteurised beer is better (I also drink Lomza unfiltered – probably the only unfiltered beer available in shops like Spar).

            One of my Polish friends, who arrived in Ireland in 2001, went for a Guinness-binge-drinking evening after he first got paid from his first job (actually his céad míle fáilte was so different from the 10,000 Swedish korona “salaries” of some recent arrivals – in order to survive while looking for a job – he earned money working in Germany picking strawberries, but then was ripped off in London, so he didn’t like the place and decided to go further west – he slept rough and only ate kielbasa for a week; he now has one son and two daughters in Ireland, all kids speak fluent English, Polish and Irish, and the eldest one also plays in a camnogie team, speaks Chinese, and she was actually introduced to Chinese deputy PM and Taoiseach Enda Kenny to say something in Chinese to the guest (I think the Deputy PM was later executed).

            But I really digressed here.
            So that friend, having oberved the reactions of his Irish colleagues and his after 6-8 pints of Guinness, said: “perhaps it’s true what the Irish told me that Guinness does not give you headache like vodka or red wine. But looking at the gastric content on the streets, it does give you a massive indigestion”.

            So Murphy’s, Murhpy’s is the topic. No, you definitely cannot buy Murphy’s in bottles in the Dublin area. The only time I ever bought Murphy’s in bottles was when I lived in a dormitory – I then shared with a friend of mine, who was sent to Poland in the 1990s by the Conservative Party to see what’s going on. One night he said that he bought us a crate of some really nice beer from the local students shop, in 330ml bottles. “It’s called Murhpys. You’ll like” – he said. “But why is it so black?” – I was a doubting Thomas, as always. “It’s Irish” – he explained, making that “sh” sound that only very posh people in England make. And it became my favourite beer (I know that this is also the most caloric beer in the world), although it now has a competitor – Innis and Gunn beer.

            I think that all in all Cork is to Dublin what Kraków is to Warsaw.

            Generally, an opinion of Warsaw in Poland is:
            - place you make business
            - place you become famous
            - place you don’t f…k with
            - place of unrest
            - place of two-tier society
            - place where if you make it, it’s gonna be mega
            - place where if you don’t make it, your life will be ‘solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short’
            - tragic place and
            - a kip (it’s gas that the title of the most popular song about Warsaw can be translated as “it’s possible to like Warsaw”).

            While Kraków is considered
            - a real capital of Poland
            - a real capitol of culture
            - where people have pride rather than arrogance
            - where the same families are rulling for years and you want to be barrister if you either are one of them or marry one of them
            - the only place in Poland with a superiority complex to Warsaw rather than inferiority complex
            - yet having that superiority complex, Kraków people are still considered as warm
            - even though that warmth is based not as much on shouting all the time “look, we are superior – we are from Warsaw” – but rather taking that as obvious and assuming the other part takes it as obvious too
            - another typical Kraków thing is its mellowness considered there as will to compromise, as opposed to Varsovians seeking for confrontation
            - in fact, that famous Kraków’s tolerance and indulgence to people outside of Kraków is not as much comprimise as a relentless social pressure on blow-ins to adapt or beat it; whereas they won’t punch you in your face in Kraków like they might do in Warsaw – it’s just one day you might notice you don’t have any friends left
            - because Kraków loves eccentricity, as long as it c o n f o r m s to their notions of what it means to be eccentric. D’ya know wha’ I mean?


            Can the same not be said about Dublin and Cork?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            camnogie = camogie

          • Truthist

            Until very recently, Cork was the only city of its size in Europe with NO Heroin problem.

            H spread to other cities & sizable towns in Irish State as serious problem before it finally has become serious problem in Cork.

            H problem in Cork is very ominous for Ireland.

            Cork area was actual colony of Brits.

            Walter Raleigh owned Cork City & Youghal that u mention also, & Virginia in USA.

            Spencer the Elizabethan courtier who wrote “The Faire Queen” owned Plantations in Cork I think also around the same time as Sir Walter Raleigh.

            Princess Diana’s mother has strong Cork heritage ;
            I think she actually related to famous O’Donovan-Rossa from West Cork ;
            He of whom Patrick Pearse gave famous oration ;
            That which catapulted Pearse into public fame initially.
            She lived there too, & Lismore Castle, Co. Waterford ; Just inside of Co. Cork
            She Jewess ;
            Therefore, Diana a Jewess.
            Therefore, Diana’s 2 sons are Jewish.
            Diana’s mother a nympho for much of her life ;
            Then converted to being Catholic.
            So, the theory that Diana in process of e Catholic is very strong even on this basis.
            Another reason to assassinate her.
            Although, I do subscribe to Chris Spivey’s theory that there were many actresses playing as Diana in her life.
            My thinking is that it is practical for the machine to do this because their requirements for public life are too demanding upon only 1 person ;
            So, have a fleet of stand-ins.
            And, of course, do much photo-shopping & the like with video.
            And, just to round up matters with economics in a specific category ;
            Diana is said to be actually not offspring from Spencer husband of Frances Kydd ;
            But, rather Goldsmith the Bankster + leading Anti-EU protaganist & founder of The European newspaper I seem to recall.
            Richard Branson earned his wrath & notoriety for throwing Goldsmith into a swimming pool for spite or such.
            Goldsmith upset about that.
            So, through ad-lib typing I remembered Diana’s mother’s name ;
            Frances Kydd
            She was married to then owner of Lismore Castle ;
            And, Spencer of Faire Queen, above, I think owned Lismore Castle too.
            But, I not sure if he related to famous Spencer royal family of England.
            Also, Fred Astaire often stayed at Lismore Castle ;
            His sister was married to owners.

            Also, Anne Bolyn — Ref. Henry 8th — is from that place more-or-less.

            So, to inform more to David’s article, Cork & environs was the real playground of the English ;
            And, it was destined to be their eventual Capital in Ireland.

            Hence the saying ;

            “Limerick was,
            Dublin is,
            And, Cork will be.”

            I think also that majority of export GDP — & perhaps export GNP — is from Cork area ;
            Pharma ; Absolutely massive
            Dairy ; Golden Vale includes North Cork
            Beer ; Murphy’s, Beamish, & Heineken
            Distilling ; Irish Distillers
            Computing ; EMC, Apple
            Natural Gas
            Electriciy Generation

            And, surely now with the creative accounting of Irish Civil SERPENTS, Cork is major importation venue for hard narcotics into Ireland & UK & continental Europe.
            Also, much marijuana is grown in West Cork ;
            Special climate.

            inter alia

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Correction: recently I wrote that the best vodka that Sir Ashley had in his castle was the Polish vodka Polonaise, and that this was the vodka he would treat those of his most important guest that liked vodka (cannot remember the price of a shot, but it was really absurd). But today I was shopping in SuperValue and accidentally, I saw that vodka on a shelf and realised that it was not the Polonaise vodka, but Belvedere Vodka (also Polish). It’s price was a whopping 51 euro (it’s a bit cheaper in Poland, something like 30 euro maybe – Ireland is expensive – but paradoxically, I think that’s it’s easier to buy it in the Irish in Ireland than a Polish shop in Poland, unless it’s an specialised shop).
            So this would be like a Rolls-Royce of all vodkas – incredibly EACH bottle is checked for alcohol content, etc).
            It was also the official vodka brand of the 24th James Bond film, “Spectre”.

            Except – e v e n the best Polish vodka is no longer Polish! To my horror, I’ve just found out that it is now fully owned by French capital (out of all): Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy.

            That would be as if the quintessent Irish product – like Guinness – belonged to an English company.

            Hang on…

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            quintessent = quintessential
            The price is, I checked, something like 35 euro in Poland, so the rest must be tarriffs. The bottle is really cool though:


            I’ve noticed that one drinks vodka completely differently than one drinks whiskey. Whiskey is to be sipped and tasted, and on no account put to the fridge. Vodka, on the other hand, should be put to the refridgirator (on no account ice should be added to it), and it should be swallow, which gives you that incredible fire inside for a moment.
            The Poles who don’t know that whiskey should not be swallowed usually choke.

            One has to say though that apart from normal Poles, there are also those people called górale (highlanders) – and for them 40% simply is not strong enough; they drink their own vodka, which has 70-80%.
            It’s actually quite nice (strong aroma of plums), and it is a good antiseptic.


            Btw, I don’t really like vodka. My favourite alcohol is Cognac, but all in all, I try to avoid any alcohol more often than on Saturdays – which is now (I’m just having Sammichelli Chianti with venison I myself cooked after marinating it prior to that – Chiantis should only be drunk with food because their tannins are too kicking for it to be drank on its own).

            Alcohol is a tool of governments to dumb down people.

          • Truthist

            Alcohol is a tool of governments to dumb down people.


            And, it also a convenient excuse by individuals & groups for certain behavior ;

            “It was the drink I consumed that caused me to do it.”


        • Truthist

          Typo / Mind-Trick 8-)

          Richard Cantillon = Cantwell

  10. McCawber

    Re curmudgeon.
    Most posters here are grumpy (maybe dirty too) old men, I suspect.
    I discovered that when I became a pensioner I suddenly had the time to ponder the real issues facing the world or me.
    One of my first posts (actually it was a question)
    I questioned the need for CB led inflation or any kind of inflation.
    I might have worked it out for myself but a number of posters brought me up to speed very quickly.
    I’m now on a steep learning curve re gold and bitcoin type potential investments as hedges against the evil if inflation.
    Inflation is the enemy of the pensioner.
    Nobody wants to talk about inflation in the sense that +ve inflation is the number one enemy of the people.

    St James and St Vincents are quite simply the most stupid locations (Mater too) for children’s or maternity hospitals and yet both will happen I damn guarantee.

    So why are our politicians pushing these locations.
    If you or anyone can give me an answer that isn’t libellous I’d love to hear it.

    Btw Cork is enemy no. 2. A city that is sinking beneath the waves – how much is it going to cost the jackeens to save it?

    • McCawber

      As I have said before.
      It’s time to stop building in Dublin and start building a green field city near the Shannon and to finally provide proper drainage of the Shannon as a by produc.
      Dublin needs a counter weight and Cork isn’t the answer.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Galway. Galway is the answer. Do you know that there was a year when Galway recorded the fastest GDP growth in Europe (something around 10% – this was before Ahern era debt-driven growth, when the Irish economy was export driven – it was around that time I bought in Poland top-class Sennheiser headphones for the equivalent of 200 euro in today’s money, manufactured in Ireland)?

        And they have nice accents.

        But we need this 300km/h train. Even in Poland Warsaw-Kraków or other such trains go over 200km/h, even though its purchase from Italy was considered one of the biggest corruption scandals of Mr. Tusk (too expensive, and the old track prevented the train from – all media in Poland, from left to right were in unison on that – prevent it from going f a s t – intially contract was supposed to be with TGV for 320km/h and everyone in Poland felt c h e a t e d on Italian Pendolino). I myself felt cheated because we had been waiting for that TGV since the 1990s and a snail-pace train was purchased instead (200km/h is not a good alternative to car travel).

        Btw, the 1930s trains in Poland were reaching speeds up to 120km/h (74.56 mph).

        • McCawber

          You’d have to knock it down and start from scratch abd it wouldn’t drain the Shannon.
          But it would be a good location.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Deco’s idea of draining of the Shannon as a by product of building a green city would be, of course, the optimal solution. I just think that before experiments with an enterprise on such as scale, Ireland needs to connect its cities first with a high-speed railway, starting from Galway.

            Whatever location would ease off the overcentralisation around Dublin, it would need to be interconnected.

            Given the largely failed way of building the Port Tunnel, Ireland needs to interconnect its cities before it ventures onto a larger project.

            The hitherto experience has not been edifying.

            Port Tunnel:
            -wrong height;
            -water leaks as a result of sub-standard concrete being poured resulting in protective membranes were punctured; – completely unnecessary turns in the Dublin tunnel – less safe and much more expensive to build – but maybe it was meant to be more expensive? – cost per 1km was higher of than Gothard Tunnel under Alps, with speeds up to 250km/h)
            - I think that they should have build a bridge – it would be safer, probably cheaper, better capacity and it would be a tourist attraction, like the Golden Gate.

            I like Luas; however, Luas is another example of bad planning, i.e. Luas lines were built to different gauges than Ireland’s railway
            - the running gauge for both lines is 1435mm,
            - for all Irish railway tracks is 1600mm


            No Luas services would ever be able to extend on to the main railway.

            My solution after all experiences with Dublin Port Tunnel/Luas fuck-ups:

            Relocate the Port activities to Dundalk (which would help the reintegration of the island of Ireland), thereby freeing up land in Dublin City Centre for housing and reduce the double traffic conngestion in their city (lorries).

          • Anything that can be done arseways in Ireland, WILL be done arseways.

  11. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    I am going to shift the narrative with apologies on this occasion and beg and implore you to do something (which is something I don’t do) something which I feel is vital so let me explain.

    I dropped my 8 year old daughter to violin practice this afternoon. I met her friends dad who was 3 years behind me in school and is now a digital media lecturer. He is 42. His car insurance went from 320 euros to over 1000 euros pa with no other change. His wife’s car insurance went from 300 odd to over 1000 euros with no other change.

    Surely it must be blindingly obvious to you that hyperinflation is rearing it’s ugly head and is it not time to make a clarion call?



    • McCawber

      INFLATION – the great menace to us all and therein lies the real menace that is the CBs and the people they represent.
      When was the last time our social warriors in the Dail even raised this issue.
      They all feed from the same trough.

      • Central bankers defending the status quo had Qaddafi executed. Charging interest on imitation money produced as a monopoly script is the biggest scam of all. inflation induced by ad nauseum printing of money IS THE INFLATION that is the stealth tax that robs all humanity. It is the biggest con and the hugest ponzi scheme ever perpetrated in the history of the world.

        Qaddafi among others threatened the bankster monopoly. Can’t have that now can we David.

        • Mike Lucey

          “Sadly, Gaddafi had earlier warned Europe (in a “prophetic” phone conversations with Blair) that his fall would prompt the rise of Islamic extremism in the West. A warning that would go unheeded; what’s a few lives in France and Libya, if the larger goal lines the pockets of politicians and the elite so much better after all?”

          • Truthist

            The Dreadful Few want the clash of 2 particular civilizations,


            European [ "apparently" Japheth ; But, Irish really of Shem ] versus Arab [ > Amalek > Canaan > Shem ]

            DIVIDE & CONQUER

            2 BIRDS WITH THE 1 STONE




            It’s a brilliant & bold move by ‘em.

            It is much more than simply a matter of money & power ;

            And, various eschatologies are used as playbook.

          • Hi Mike
            It is much more than about the lining of a few pockets. It is all about maintaining the the control and direction of the master plan.

            The methodology is to control the money. The unlimited amount of money finances and controls the direction and policy of all else.

            The policy directions stir the the pop, divide the peoples and create the wars between nations. The wars within nations are fostered by the format of the domestic political structures.

            The pockets you see being lined are the petty players in the scheme of things who appear in control of the power centers but who are in reality not.

            The petty players appear to us to be the powerful. Lift up mime eyes that I may see!!!

            That is why the likes of the controllers of the banking system must be destroyed. That is why there is so much effort put into the killing of the Qaddafi’s of the world. That is why gold as money is maligned. That is why fiat paper phony promise currency is issued.This is a battle between nothing less than the forces of evil trying the final overthrow of the forces of truth and light.

            Jesus overthrew the tables of the money changers but did not destroy their power. He was executed just like Qaddafi. This is an ancient struggle but the end days are need and you are living through them.

            Destroy the central banking cartel. Re-institute the use of honest money. Ban fractional reserve banking. Ban usury.

            Then and only then will the bankers, elites, and powerful be unable to line their pockets at your expense.

    • Take a deep breath, Michael. You’ll be long out of air before you get an answer!! :)

    • Scumbag insurance companies.

    • michaelcoughlan

      If ever mcwilliams an article demonstrates how deplorable the standard of journalism has become from RTE Pravda this one is it;

      The link above claims the rise in insurance premiums has driven inflation up when it is in fact the exact opposite effect that is happening.

      I swear to Jesus himself it beggars belief.


  12. Truthist

    Banking crisis within Irish State is spoken about,


    Irish Central Bank

    Banker Speaks Out

    • Any country can take the banking system by the throat and form a state owned bank that issues its own currency and funds itself with all profits being return to the state. Thus all loans and financing is essentially interest free and self financing. The central banking usury is cut out of the picture. This is the ideal format for the production and financing of infrastructure.

      “”The stellar (and only) model of a publicly-owned depository bank in the United States is the Bank of North Dakota (BND). It holds all of its home state’s revenues as deposits by law, acting as a sort of “mini-Fed” for North Dakota. According to reports, the BND is more profitable even than Goldman Sachs, has a better credit rating than J.P. Morgan Chase, and has seen solid profit growth for almost 15 years. The BND continued to report record profits after two years of oil bust in the state, suggesting that it is highly profitable on its own merits because of its business model. The BND does not pay bonuses, fees, or commissions; has no high paid executives; does not speculate on risky derivatives; does not have multiple branches; does not need to advertise; and does not have private shareholders seeking short-term profits. The profits return to the bank, which distributes them as dividends to the state.”" Ellen Brown

      • McCawber

        It’s harder than you think!
        You need a network of branches, a brand that people trust, which tajes time, financial expertise (not just money).
        Ireland doesn’t have a state owned company with that sort of infrastructure.
        The ESB would have, once upon a time but all their shops have been closef and there is no wsy on this planet would the civil servants have sanctioned such a prospect. Afeterall the ESB should have been givem the role of Water Board for a whole lot of reasons.
        Ah but wait, what about An Post – it could, almost is, be a state bank.
        So David McWilliams – How about an article – Right up your Central Bank street.

      • McCawber

        So who votes “That David McWilliams listens to his bloggers and publishes an article on “How An Post could become Ireland’s State Bank”

        • Yes, that has been proposed on this blog for years. Infrastructure already in place.
          Produce treasury notes for circulation and use to pay for all government services. Use to rescind or payoff the national debt. Repudiate all “odious debt”.

          Just image a vibrant healthy economy with no national debt, no requirement for government borrowing. Then issue coin a la Hugo Salinas Price and circulate silver as legal tender of designated weight and purity. The government mandated trade value of the coins will always exceed the mint price of the coin by 15-20% and so the coins will always stay in circulation. The mint would make a moderate seniorage as profit and thus the program is self financing and the coins are issued only to meet demand at a net profit to treasury/government.

          Read about the complete proposal here.

        • from a proposal for Ireland to monetize silver coin.

          “An Post
          It is suggested that the Government of Ireland form its own commercial bank to facilitate the distribution of Silver coins in the widest dissemination. It is further suggested that the Irish Postal Service, An Post, be utilized for this purpose. It is already in place in every town and has a courier service component operating.”

  13. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    I came upon the following link courtesy of tweet from Makow of particular article from that link ;

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Very good article by Makow (“Attempts at twisting Polish history…”). Yay! :-) I’ve made a similar point to Makow’s point (he writes “To say that Hitler was forced into war with Poland by Poland is ridiculously insane and hypocritical after the annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia.”) in my discussion with Mr Peter Hitchens.

      Mr Hitchens said (this is just a small excerpt from a longer debate):

      “Britain made the guarantee, even reinforcing it on the eve of war, despite the Chiefs of Staff having repeatedly informed the government quite unequivocally. that Britain would be powerless to help Poland. This is documented fact recorded in all serious histories of the period . the German High Command, likewise, regarded the promise as worthless and did not expect any action as a result of it. Nobody took it seriously except the Poles.”.

      I responded:

      “Who else took the British guarantee seriously? Hitler took it seriously. Hitler’s objective has been an alliance with Poland, and discussions in Britain are carried out in the spirit as if Poland had been bound to be attacked this way or the other. On March 25 (so even after Poland had rejected the offer to join the Axis) Hitler issues a directive: “Der Fuehrer does not wish to solve the Danzig question by force. He does not wish to drive Poland into the arms of Britain by this”. Had Hitler not taken the British guarantee seriously, he would not made “a large, comprehensive offer to the British Empire”, renewing the assurance that Germany’s frontier in the west was final (Henderson to Halifax, August 25). Few people know that Hitler had no war plan with Poland until April 11, 1939. [...]
      So jargogled was Hitler’s mind over the British Parliament meeting a day before, that he POSTPONED THE WAR: on August 26, at 3pm, he orders an immediate attack on Poland – then Ribbentrop reports to him that the formal alliance between Great Britain and Poland has just been signed in London. Hitler summons Keitel and says: “Stop everything at once, fetch Brauchtisch immediately”.

      Mr Hitchens said:
      “Neither Hitler nor Beck nor Ribbentrop showed any serious interest in negotiations during the last days of peace”

      And I said:
      “At that stage of the diplomatic game of all parties involved – no, they didn’t. However, one has to bear in mind that when Hitler was waiting for Poland’s final response, he was assuming that Beck and Lipski knew about the “partition” annex of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact – but the British and the Americans (who knew about from Hans von Herwart) didn’t tell them, clearly pushing Poland towards war to buy more time and let the Poles do the fighting for them, while not intending to keep their agreements (the latter only concerns Britain, as there was no Polish-US agreement).”

      Then Mr Hitchens said:

      “France had lost interest in offensive warfare long before, and, though it had an Army of some size, did not train or equip it for offensive action”.

      And I said:

      “This is crucial: even an army as powerful as French is useless if they do not want to fight (in 1939, 1,8m German army would have faced 1 m Polish army and 4.66m of the French army; it would have been 5 German battleships against 22 French and German; Luftwaffe had 1,000 planes in 39, RAF: 1,500). [...] Had Poland known that there would be no western counter-attack, they would not have bought submarines that were then donated to the British and used in Norway, but there would have bought more anti-tank weapons instead. Consider this: if 1200 Polish cannons destroyed 42% of German tanks, then for 5 submarines, 4 destroyers, and 40 bombers, Poland could have tripled the anti-tank weapons, and completely destroyed ALL German armoured vehicles!”

      Mr Hitchens said:

      “As I noted earlier, Mr Kolodziej is a genius with statistics, and a job is waiting for him in the propaganda industry.”

  14. Truthist

    SHOWN ON RUSSIA’S TV NEWS [ on 02 April 2017 ] ;

    And, of course, to keep it simple I have been refering to “The Rothschilds” despite knowing that the “pedigree” — according to the edicts that they uphold — pass through the female offspring.
    So, unless the female off-spring were marrying with males of Rothschild name, we must broaden our interest into all family names of Rothschild lineage since the name came to being from banker Mr. Bauer in 18th century adopting the Red Shield attached to exterior of his bank building as replacement for his surname.

  15. Truthist

    Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel !
    2017 Interview

  16. Truthist

    University College CORK highlighted here ;

    UCC along with the other Universities & the ITs & Colleges-of-further-Damage-to-Jobless are always screwing the populace for big monies.

    And, they are deeply involved in foisting the pernicious agenda of “The Frankfurt School” upon Irish society.

    Universities resisted declaring tens of millions in assets
    Audits also reveal extra payments to staff and non-compliance with procurement rules

  17. Truthist

    Obviously the Trotskyites / Trots in Irish State are benefited in their agenda by actions of Soros.

    Apropos of DMW article ;
    Mr. Mick Barry, Socialist Party is a Dub representing Cork as TD.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Very interesting list. Only a pity there are no European organisations, really – so the list is incomplete :-(

  18. AlfieMoone

    #Cexit….”funniest column like, ever”

    A note from Andy Mooney.

    best wishes



    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Too late to be a Barrister though I’d have made quite an evil genius of that slimy trade.” – LOL
      Though I know some very decent Barristers. Then again, I knew some very indecent ones too.

      “Has he come armed, then?” she asked anxiously. “Has he brought a pistol or a sword?”
      Ian shook his head, his dark hair lifting wildly in the wind.
      “Oh, no, Mam!” he said. “It’s worse. He’s brought a lawyer!”

      ? Diana Gabaldon, Voyager

    • AlfieMoone

      Further comment/update from Andy Mooney:

      Rejoice! The gombeen overlord – King of Islandeady will be banished to the dustbin of history at midnight tonight….not that the next eejit is likely to be much of an improvement….

      ‘Ireland’s prime minister, Enda Kenny, is to step down as leader of his Fine Gael party on Wednesday night, clearing the way for Ireland to have a new head of government.’

      ‘Oblivious’ – Mick Blake

      best wishes

      Zozo- @QWERTYouija

  19. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Irish striker Sheridan continues fine goalscoring form for Polish table-toppers

  20. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz

    Very interesting youtube here ;

    I am very interested to know of ur opinion as to whether the particular approach of this lecturer can be successfully used in courts of Irish State.

    Introduction To Common Law ; Part 1

    By the way ;

    Dublin is “Needle” City

    Limerick is “Stab” City

    CORK IS “COMPO.” City ;
    COMPO. = Compensation ; i.e. Legal Cases for Compo.

  21. Deco

    The next thing to take off in Ireland will be minimalism.

    And the driving factor will be the deliberate starngling of residential development in the urban area within the M50 in Dublin.

    I expect it to become trendy in Galway first though, because these things tend to emerge in the West Coast city first, where anti-mainstream, leftist counter-culture tends to be more spontaneous.

    But it Dublin, it will be driven by practicality. It is already taking off in cities like New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, Portland.

    Next up – minimalism.

    Is the furniture retail sector prepared for minimalism ?

  22. AlfieMoone

    ‘We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. The long usurpation of that right by a foreign people and government has not extinguished the right, nor can it ever be extinguished except by the destruction of the Irish people.’


    ‘French farmers call for ‘hard’ border between Republic and Northern Ireland’

  23. Lads, I’d say it was immigrants that did this:

    Well, even if they didn’t it’s still all their fault.

  24. Pie Squared

    Heading to Dublin with her suitcase and her dreams…heading to New York, heading to Boston, heading to Philadelphia, heading to Toronto, heading to London, heading to Liverpool, heading to Birmingham, heading to Perth, heading to Melbourne, heading to Sydney. All those suitcases. All those dreams. Over 170 years worth…

    Dreams that were often realised. Just look at the numbers of Irish diaspora and compare them to our numbers.

    Dublin has become a primate city – Good for Dublin. However it’s a primate city despite its utter lack of urban planning and logical public transport into, out of and within. It’s bursting at the seams and those who can’t live in the city, commute into the city for work. Dublin and work. Work and Dublin.

    What ever happened to work and Cork?
    What ever happened to work and Galway?
    What ever happened to work and Limerick?
    What ever happened to work and Waterford?

    What ever happened to work and Ireland?

    Do an analysis of jobs on over the past year and see how many jobs have been posted. There are probably more jobs posted in Kildare town than there are in Cork, Limerick and Galway combined. The nudge, nudge, wink, wink networks of the locals with knowledge in said Cork, Galway and Limerick, will snap up any sign of economic life, so no one else gets a look in. A perpetual closed circle.

    Isn’t the definition of madness, doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting different results? How long must this madness of ours continue, where TDs argue for tiny strips of railway line from Ballygobackwards 1 to Ballygobackwards 2 instead of doing the hard stuff? How about sticking our necks out and actually aiming for critical mass in Ireland? Critical mass is somewhere between our current population (less than in 1840) and what our population should be i.e. up to 7 times higher. How about, something like:

    Low road scenario – investment and infrastructure to support double our current population by 2027?
    Medium road scenario – investment and infrastructure to support four times our current population by 2027?
    High road scenario – investment and infrastructure to support 6 times our current population by 2027?

    Guided by our census.
    Targeting our diaspora and the 3.6m Irish passport holders outside the Republic?

    And, some meaningful regional strategies like diverting all proposed investment for Dublin to Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford (and eventually Belfast) from 2018, for a five year period, with tax incentives?
    How about pitting the cities against one another, while Dublin gets its act together on infrastructure?
    And putting some inter city bullet trains on our tracks?

    Who’ll take up the baton? Who’s got the balls? Cork? Galway? Limerick? Waterford? or will Belfast be in the fold before the others wake up?

    Go on ya boy ya…without your suitcase, or your dreams?

  25. Truthist

    First, David highlighted the “specialness” of Cork.

    Then, I highlighted the nefarious Rothschild banksters.

    Next, Grzegorz highlighted the soccer exploits, in Poland of Cillian Sheridan from Ireland.

    And, now, I highlight the amazing Clare Sheridan who spent most of her childhood at Innishannon, Co. Cork.

    Clare Sheridan had an affair with Trotsky’s by the way.

    And, she was also very close with Winston Churchill.

    Here is a valuable passage about her lover Trotsky from the spartacus-educational website article about Sheridan ;

    “… Trotsky was born Lev Bronstein, the son of an extremely rich Jewish entrepreneur farmer in the New Russia around the Black Sea, a man who was, in his way, as exceptional as his son.
    The portrait of Trotsky’s forgotten world of Jewish farmers and poverty-stricken Russian aristocrats is eccentric and intriguing.
    Trotsky himself hid much of his background …”

  26. Truthist


    To open particular URL ;

    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select the URL




    Russian TV uses Nazi film in segment advancing … world domination theory

    By wmw_admin
    May 15, 2017
    The Times of Israel


    Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks – But Blames Others For Them

    May 18, 2016


    “THE SWAMP” versus “TRUMP “;

    USA – a proxie for The Dreadful Few – has 900 military bases in 153 countries.
    And, USA is scheduled to have even more military bases outside of USA under Trump.




    BREAKING Putin ;
    US intelligence services are responsible for WannaCry cyber attacks


    More evidence to prove that Trump is not sincere in promising to “drain the swamp”


    Trump Considering Joe Lieberman for FBI Director ;

    Lieberman is a “Neo-con.”






    Americans are training Syria rebels in Jordan: Spiegel

    By wmw_admin
    Mar 10, 2013

    INTRO ;
    Americans are training Syrian anti-government fighters in Jordan, the German weekly Der Spiegel said on Sunday, quoting what it said were participants and organizers.
    Spiegel said it was not clear whether the Americans worked for private firms or were from the army but said some wore uniforms.
    The training focused on use of anti-tank weaponry.


    … organ trafficking Centre where kidnapped Syrians are stripped of their entire bodies.




    NY organ trafficker admits buying kidneys in Israel for $10,000… and selling them in U.S. for $120,000

    Hillary’s ISIS Email Just Leaked & It’s Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined…


  27. Truthist

    Please note the following as correction ;
    Correct URL is inserted.



    Russian TV uses Nazi film in segment advancing … world domination theory


  28. Truthist

    Of course, if such a statement came from Iran about Satan-Yahoo ;
    It would be classed as “anti-semetic”.

    Israeli minister:
    ‘The time has come’ to kill Bashar Assad

    Yoav Galant says revelation the Syrian president is executing prisoners and burning their bodies ‘crosses a red line’

    Judah Ari Gross

    May 16, 2017, 12:14 pm

  29. Truthist

    Germany Confiscating Homes To Use For Migrants

    Authorities in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, have begun confiscating private dwellings to ease a housing shortage

    Soeren Kern ; The Gatestone Institute –

    May 15, 2017


    The EU are about to sanction Hungary & strip them of their voting rights for ‘breaching EU rights’

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      The European Parliament passed a resolution calling for a stronger EU response to some of the initiatives carried forward by the Hungarian government (that Mr Orban’s policies on migration and his scrutiny of Mr Soros’ Central European University in Budapest).

      Surprisingly though, most German CDU, Spanish ruling party were in favour of a milder version of sanctions than those MEPs who were in favour of the strongest sanctions. These voting for the strongest sanctions were:
      -Mr SSchulz’s sociademocrats (he’s just lost the local election in Nordrhein-Westfallen, a socialdemocratic land – it looks like Mr SSchulz is too dogamtic, insane perhaps, to ever learn anything from anything),
      - the Caliphate of France,
      -the Belgians (just to remind everyone – the only reason Belgium exists is because the Poles occupied by Russia did the Uprising, which stopped the march of Tsarists troops on Belgium),
      -the never-learning Greeks, whose Syriza minister threatened to flood Europe with Jihadists by opening the Schengen Zone’s borders – and he did,
      - the Irish MEPs,
      - the Luxembourgish,
      - the Maltese MEPs,
      - the Dutch MEPs (of course),
      - the Polish MEPs from Mr Tusk’s pro-German PO – Civic Platform),
      - the Portuguese MEPs (which reminds that Portugals exists)
      - and the PC-to the extreme Swedish delegations approved the very critical stance against the policies of their FIDESZ colleagues

      THE ONLY MEP’s WHO OPPOSED the final anti-Orban resolution in the form shaped by the liberal-left wing coalition were:

      -Polish PiS (Law and Justice) ruling party
      -British Conservatives and UKiP

      Earlier on, a similar voting took place to implement sanctions against Poland. Mr Timmermans – whose obsession is to overthrow the Polish government, as it is of Mr SSchulz and Mr Verhofstadt – gave Poland time until the end of June to take some of the “refugees” that the Carolingian Europe does not want in their coutries, under pain of suspending the EU subsidies for Poland. A very delicate diplomatic offensive ensued, on the lines I have predicted: Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has suggested, of course in words thousend times more polite, that the EU can stick their subsidies where they want, for this would result in Poland simply suspending payments of its EU membership fee (which the Carolingians can easily survive) a n d scrutinise the tax cheats of the Carolingian supermarkets (which the Carolingian Europe cannot easily survive, as eastern Europe has been, for two decades of Mittel-Europa, Germany’s largest export market in the world – Poland alone imports roughly as much German goods as England and Wales). At the same time, Ms Szydlo declared that Poland will continue its overseas aid in African countries, and might expand on its humanitarian missions.

      A special voting of the ministers of 22 EU states (I don’t know why the rest didn’t appear – were they scared?) took place whether to support Mr Timmermans’ threat to Poland or not. Mr Timmermans was hoping to repeat the voting in favour of Mr Donald Tusk and the EU President, where 27 EU countries voted against the Polish government and in favour of Mr Tusk.

      Against Poland: the Carolingians (Germany+France+Benelux) + Scandinavia.

      Neutral: UK and Ireland (GO RAIBH MAITH AGAT – ERIN GO BRAGH!), and some other less important countries.

      For Poland: V4 + Austria, and some other countries (Denmark announced they might close the border completely, when Sweden tried to get rid of their Jihadists and send them to Denmark).

      All in all, only half of the ministers supported the Carolingian sanctions.

      Mr Timmermans was in shock, but the game only begins, because now the Carolingians egged on Mr Donald Tusk to threaten Poland (mind you, Mr Tusk is now for h a r s h e r sanctions against than Ms Merkel! – in keeping with my old thesis that the role of Mr Tusk is to put out feelers and check the public opinion in Europe, representing not the c u r r e n t German foreign policy, but the possible f u t u r e one):,EUs-Tusk-threatened-Poland-over-refugees-govt-spokesman

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Clarification: Denmark didn’t vote for Poland, as this part of my comment is ambigious – but at the same time, they are very pissed off with Sweden that Sweden wants to do to Denmark what Germany wants to do to Sweden.
        Because remember that Danish TV video:

        This isn’t UKiP or PiS TV broadcast – this is from the official Danish news.

      • Truthist

        Irish State MEPs NOT consistent in their voting policy ;

        Hngry ]
        Ire MEPs vote for harsh sanctions against Hungary

        Plnd ]
        Ire MEPs “abstain” in vote for sanctions against Poland

        I suggest that their abstaining was motivated by personal & / or their political party’s best interests Re ; re-election prospects

        Anyway, shame on those Ire MEPs who voted for any sanctions against Hungary.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “Irish State MEPs NOT consistent in their voting” – who knows what factors prevailed, but one of them might have been a simple fact that while MEPs from all countries apart from Poland and the UK voted to impose sanctions on Hungary, only half of the ministers of all the EU countries voted in favour of sanctions against Poland (so maybe ministers of those countries who didn’t turn up at the EU Council voting were too petrified to even abstain ;-).

          Bear in mind that up till now, Poland was not screaming outloud at the entire world that they had already taken over one million refugees from Ukraine that noone else wanted to take, and 100,000 Chechenyan refugees in the 1990s, which
          a) no EU Commissioner knows about (so when Poland presented that as an argument, many EU ministers were surprised, because they simply didn’t know)

          because, as one of my favourite verses from the Bible says (this is how my mum was trying to bring me up, God rest her soul):

          Matthew 6:1-4
          “Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in heaven.

          So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.

          But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”

          b) they – Chechenyan refugees in Poland (not all of them, but a substantial amount) – actually did cause some problems with their behaviour like no other immigrants (and still do – they are still hosted there; recently, having been fed for nearly two decades, they attacked primary school in a small village because the teachers refused to impose the Sharia law in the school – which they thought the school should as there was so many of them – so they had to call the police);
          and who knows what will happen with over one million Ukrainians in Poland if they turn really into Bandera (most Ukrainian refugees are very well assimilated in Poland – and they are all working there! – but Bandera organisations in Poland are growing stronger and stronger, and their kids are egged on against Poland by Germany – as you know, Bandera/SS Ukraine was basically a Nazi creation).

          So this is the hypocrisy of that half of the EU that voted against Poland: they didn’t want to take the Chechenyan and Ukrainian refugees Poland took, and n o w they want Poland to take people that they do not want (Sweden is deporting 80,000 – and they have to dump there somewhere), people who don’t want to be in Poland because their “salaries” there are too small.

          And I think that despite the ongoing attempts to villify Poland in the eyes of the European public as some sort of a “no-empathy” country (the humilliating and unheard of interrogation of PM Beata Szydlo by Mr Verhofstadt in the EU Parliament), part of the EU public opinion begins to see that things are not so simple as Ms Merkel and Mr SSchulz tried to portray it.

          Speaking of hypocrisy – where was the empathy to Polish refugees in 1981, stuck in Austrian camps for a year or two? – the West only took those Polish refugees from Austria whose qualifications they needed, and Europe was not first to take any: Commonwealth countries (except for the UK) were first – and even that after a long time (in 1980s, Canada was the first country to grant any visas, provided they’ll sign a contract they’d work in agriculture for 2 years).

      • Truthist

        @ Grzegorz,

        Please note that the excellent Sheikh Imrahn Hossein has been strongly advising the Muslims in France to go into the countryside for their protection against what he forecasts as terrible war in continental Europe ;

        Sheikh Hosein also states ;


        HEADING ;
        A message to French Muslims from Sheikh Imran Hosein


        Jan 14, 2015

        Muslims of North African origin now resident in France, regardless of whether or not they were born in France, should not only make Hijrah out of France back to North Africa, and seek refuge in the remote Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian countryside, but they should also reach out to assist their native French brothers and sisters in Islam to also make that Hijrah. This is also a Sunnah.
        There may be little time left before the French Government is FORCED to place a ban on such Hijrah out of France. All that they have to do is to block your departure by Air or by Sea by declaring that your name is on a No-Fly/Leave List.

        Those who cannot, for whatever reason, leave France, should leave the cities of France and seek security of person and of faith in the remote French countryside.

        Those who insist on remaining in cities such as Paris have the right to do so and we do not offer any criticism of them. However it would be quite wicked of such people if they were to attempt to prevent those who wish to make Hijrah out of France or out of the French cities.

    • Truthist

      @ Grzegorz,

      “U ain’t seen nuttin yet.”

      Refugees, Bogus Financial System, Nuclear War
      Sheikh Imran Hosein



      Sep 22, 2015

      Now Refugees Are A Trickle Due To An Unjust System

      Sheikh Hosein says ;

      Amount of Refugees into Europe is now but a TRICKLE

      There will be an eventual amount of Refugees into Europe will be a FLOOD

      • Truthist

        Typo ;

        The eventual amount of Refugees into Europe will be a FLOOD

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Good news today, Truthist.
          Austria introduced a law banning burkas (financial penalties for wearing it). “Refugees” will be forced to participate in language and culture lessons, instead of roaming around all day and night in various places (especially lorries and those with Saudi Arabia money ;-).
          Most importantly, they will be obliged to do some community work, under pain of having their “salaries” cut (but I’m sure they won’t have anything against that – surely they are refugees, not social welfare migrants – or are they?).

          Austria learned their lesson which Greece and Italy – and Carolingians – still didn’t learn.
          Initially they were first to lambast Hungary, so to make Hungary look bad and themselves look good, they said they would create a humanitarian corridor for all the “refugees” not allowed to go through Hungary (and EU law/refugees conventions, but who would look at such details as law). They assumed of course that all “refugees” would go to Germany, and they were correct – only 14 “refugees” at the time applied for an asylum in Austria.
          But Germany showed Austria a middle finger and they closed their border with Austria, thus leaving those “refugees” who didn’t manage to get to Germany in Austria.
          And since then, Austria stopped being cunts to Visegrad Group (which they even announced they’d like to join) and are supporting V4 in most votings, including sanctions against Poland.

          Better learn late than never.

          • Truthist

            Some developments in Austria vis-a-vis the trickle that Sheikh Imran Hossein refers to ;

            Of course, another motive with organising the trickle & soon be a flood — as forecasted / warned by Hossein above — beside eventual “Clash of Civilisations” between Muslims [ especially Arab Muslims ] & Europeans [ vis. Caucasian Europeans ] is that upon experiencing how awful the bulk of these bogus refugees are, these Europeans then sympathise with the Israelis in their de-humanising of the Palestinians.

            These Immigrant “trickle-but-soon to be a Flood” phenomenon is all a conspiracy by The Dreadful Few.
            Note also that the degenerate aspect echoes Fidel Castro’s devious conspiracy against USA by sending Cuba’s deviants to USA as political refugees ;
            That conspiracy was intended to further destroy USA society.



            And, my critical eye will try to view some of the features withing the following link ;


  30. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    I am almost sure that the link I gave above of remarkable approach to using Common Law in Courts is of Mr. Bill Thornton.

    Please find below that link again.

    And, here follows another link giving a different lecture ;
    A link which actually is a video rather than still graphic in initial link.

    1st link ;
    Exceedingly suitable for to listen to whilst doing another computer task.
    Superb speaker.

    2nd link is not audible enough for me here without speaker accessories.


    Link 1 ; Ref. above post
    Introduction To Common Law ; Part 1


    Link 2
    Intro to Common Law

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I promise I will watch it, but you must understand that I not always have time to watch everything immediately (I myself was in court today, which is part of my work).
      I watched the beginning and it seemed very good (that thing on the Common Law).
      Even in order to comment on your comment, I had to stop watching the movie I was watching before sleep to unwind (which was a very sad “Belfast Story” I found available on YouTube in full; do you know what this movie reminded me of? – this:

      Aeschylus was part of the curriculum in most Polish schools, and I think it should be in Irish because it explains the tragic history of both countries s o w e l l – the tragic entangelement in violance, where almost everyone is a villain and – at the same time – everyone has his reasons; and only when the level of self-destruction crosses the sustainability threshold, the sides come to their senses (pray, read
      5. Analysis of themes).

      You might be surprised, but in WWII Kraków there was a Polish underground theatre (there was a death penalty for both the actors and the audience if they had been caught), and they were meeting in a private flat, trying to escape from the Gestapo reality outside the window. And the plays that would allow them the most to come to terms with the Nazi terror were not by any Polish playwriter, but by… Aeschylos. Even communism didn’t eradicate this Polish love and admiration for ancient Greece and Rome.

      Some of them I remember and I am moved by up to this day:

      “He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”

      • Truthist

        Perhaps “The way of acquiring wisdom is a discipline ; The art of dropping one’s illusions so as to see the truth. God being the ultimate truth.” ;
        But, then, there is “cunning” 8-)


        Somewhat allied to what u say ;

        “An able man has many burdens.”
        Ancient Chinese wisdom


        More allied to what u say ;

        “He who increaseth in knowledge
        also increaseth in sorrow.”
        Ecclesiastes [ I think ], 1st Testament of Bible

      • Truthist

        Read it in its entirity ;
        And, chased some of the links.

        I noted from thread of links that I chased that Wadja the movie director — & whom I read, many years ago, book by him on his life & career — was son of 1 of the thousands of Polish military officers tortured & murdered by USSR troops on behalf of the Bolsheviks at earliest part of the 1939 part of the 1933-1945 WW 2. ;
        War having been declared by “Aj — Zj” on G — & I gather also on Ag — Zg — in 1933.
        Wadja’s father was the parent who died in what is known as the Katyn Massacres.
        And, I am sure that Trotsky would approve of that act of genocide.


        The policies of Nazi Germany & USSR on Poland remind me of Penal Laws policy by Brit.s on Irish Catholics.


        I rate the Nazis & USSR for their respective cultural wars against Poland [ & they doing so "physically inside" Poland even ] as :

        very evil

        remarkably stupid on various strategic grounds :


        remarkably stupid when both Germany & USSR fighting each other :
        adjacent to Poland
        within Poland [ start of, & towards very end, also, of, that 2nd -- & "final" ? 8-) -- part [ 1939-1945 ] of WW 2 [ 1933-1945 ].
        Why make it worse for oneself by kindling an enemy from the territory which is separation between u & enemy ?








        INTER ALIA







        INTER ALIA



        • Truthist

          EDIT ;

          Omit 2.2 above
          Thus, the following pertains ;




          INTER ALIA

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I think that when it comes to cultural wars turning brutal, usually the pattern is that a
          r i s i n g empire (England in 17th century, Prussia and Russia in 18th century) feels threatened n o t when the settlers from the rising empire feel t h r e a t e n e d in the country that the empire wants to undermine (settlers for any reasons: cohabition of the same land, emigration or invasion), but ON THE CONTRARY – for the rising empire’s soft power the greatest danger to their domination is when their emigrants (invaders, settlers) SUCCESSFULLY ASSIMILATE in the country the empire wants to colonise.

          Because when they feel threatened, the rising empire can use it as an diplomatic excuse to invade that country, and soften other empires stance on the invasion on that country.

          For example, all Irish people I spoke to think of the 1366 Statues of Kilkenny as an event from the Irish history that demonstrates British imperialism and brutality.

          But in fact, it was the opposite: Statues of Kilkenny were a sign of w e a k n e s s and frustration of 14th century England, that is King Edward III. And why? Because it was a proof that – like the Polish culture up to 17th century – the Irish culture was m o r e
          attractive for the immigrants/invaders from Britain than their own culture: that’s why England enforced the Statues of Kilkenny (England, even though technically it was enacted in a parliament held in Kilkenny, A.D. 1367, before Lionel Duke of Clarence, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland): to STOP THE SUCCESSFUL ASSIMILATION OF THE ENGLISH IN IRELAND.

          There was even a phrase in Irish at that time describing that process: Níos Gaelaí ná na Gaeil féin, as well as in Latin – Hiberniores Hibernis ipsis (more Irish than the Irish themselves).

          Anyone who actually read the Statue of Kilkenny will find out that this directly stated in its text:

          “… now many English of the said land, forsaking the English language, manners, mode of riding, laws and usages, live and govern themselves according to the manners, fashion, and language of the Irish enemies; and also have made divers marriages and alliances between themselves and the Irish enemies aforesaid; whereby the said land, and the liege people thereof, the English language, the allegiance due to our lord the king, and the English laws there, are put in subjection and decayed…”

          And because even that didn’t stop the assimilation of the English settlers in Ireland, Cromwell did what he did – which is what Hitler and Stalin did, because I think that Cromwell’s brutality in Ireland can be compared with Hitler’s brutality in Poland.

          And thus the era of brutal supression of the Irish culture started – true, it never was as brutal as during Cromwell times, but it was brutal enough: similar to what went on after 18th century partitions of Poland, especially in the Prussian-occupied part (which Prussia was – mind you – financed by Cromwell: here is how Polish and Irish history intertwines).



          Habsburgs didn’t feel threatened in Poland, neither they felt culturally superior. And for the occupiers, that was the worst sin possible.

          • terryhewett

            In 1066, England was invaded by William Duke of Normandy and Harald Hardrada of Norway. This invasion was ultimately successful and the result was that England’s culture and language disappeared around the year 1100 when Latin and Norman French became the working and administrative languages of the country and English became the language of the peasant and the slave.

            The Norman invasion of the fragmented Kingdom of Wales (whose leader King Gruffydd ap Llywelyn had just been killed in battle by his rival Gruffydd ap Rhydderch in 1055) began shortly after the Norman Conquest and continued until 1282 with the Conquest of Wales by Edward I. England re-emerged as a cultural entity after the Anglo-Norman warlords were forbidden to own lands in both England and France and by that time English culture and the English language had transmogrified from Anglo-Saxon to Middle English: similar changes were wrought in the Celtic languages.

            Culturally one can say for convenience, that when Chaucer chose to write in the vernacular rather than in Latin or French a significant point had been reached circa 1387 and the process of Anglicisation carried on until virtually finishing at the onset of the Elizabethan era in 1558. Wales became a full and equal part of the Kingdom of England when Henry VIII enacted The Laws in Wales Acts of 1535 and 1542 by which the legal system of England was extended to Wales.

            1366 can be regarded as Anglo-Norman rather than English: the English fought back against the norman insurgency with the only weapon they had: they literally f*cked the Norman into Englishmen but in the process turned into something else: really the english died as a cultural entity about the year circa 1100.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Good point about 1366 regarded as Anglo-Norman rather than English.

            I even read in a huge history of the English language I once had that in 12th century that in 12th century, some imported bishop was investigated by the King of England and decided to escape (as I no longer have this book – from time to time I give away some of my possessions – I don’t recall the name of the bishop). He did so by dressing as a fishwife. Amazingly, he reached Dover urecognised, as the only thing that betrayed him was not his dress or even sex – he was asked something by another fiswife in English, as even though he was born in England, he neither spoke nor understood any English (only French and Latin).

            Speaking of languages, I find it very interesting that as you go back in time, all Indo-European languages sounded more guttural than their versions today. For example, while both Received Pronunciation and Cockney accents are rather high-pitched and very clipped, the old English had much lower, more guttural sounds (and even Hiberno-English generally oozes lower tones than most British dialects, except for North Dublin squeaky voices, influenced by the English of the day).

            Btw, some time ago I was doing some research for the Abbey and me and their voice coach tried to find some academic literature with sound samples of Hiberno-English from all over Ireland, for the non-Irish actors. Interestingly, we could not find anything comprehensive until I came across a study of Hiberno-English accents with over 60 samples and phonetic descriptions (they differentiatied between a few Dublin accents, not only North and South).
            That worlds only atlas of Hiberno-English was done by… the Germans. The University of Hannover sent here one of their academics to travel around Ireland and record people (but not only that – he was also to describe the influence of sociological conditions on the Irish accents: for example he dinstguised between the old (people aged 90) and the new Carlow accent. He even devoted a chapter to how working in south Dublin affect the pronunciation of people born in North Dublin, based on girls from North Dublin working on Grafton Street.

            So the only material that Abbey has on Hiberno-English – unless something has changed – came from the Polish guy.

            Same goes for old German and old Polish (Silesian dialect, with its dark vowels – especially “o” – most resembles Polish of 16th century in its pronunciation).

            Here is a 10min mini-documentary on Shakespeare in original pronunciation, and why it makes more sense that way:


            Here how the English sounded in 11th century:


            This 2min video shows what the extinct languages sounded like, starting from the Old Church Slavonic, which if you study Polish at the university level, you have to learn (800-1000 AD) – this was the language that West Slavs spoke before they divided themselves between Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Silesians, Kashubians (Donald Tusk is Kashubian) and Sorbs; then Old Irish (500-800 AD), Gothic (300-800 AD) – which sounds very much like Old Church Slavonic.

            Sorbs are the ACTUAL native people to east Germany – very few of them left now. Btw, very few people know that west Slavs are genetically a lot, a lot more related to eastern Germans than to Russians (this has to do with Asian – especially Mongol – invasions on Russia).

            The Avestan I didn’t even hear of – it sounds like Hungarian.
            The most fascinating is the sound of the Proto-Indo-European.


            Which reminds me of a story from around 9 years ago. Me and my girlfriend from Wexford (each of her siblings had a different accent) went to spend a day with my friends aunt that he was looking after, who died when she was 104, and was in her late 90s at the time. His aunty was from Sligo.

            When my girlfriend left for the toilet for a moment, the aunty said to my friend: “Very nice lady. What country is she from?” LOL

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            in 12th century, some imported bishop was investigated = some important bishop. I read the book in 2008, so I cannot recall the name – but I think it was 1190s, and that he committed treason.

  31. Truthist

    Poles try to be cultural.

    Irish try to be vulgar. ;
    Taking our lead from the Brits.
    No surprise ;
    “The country we love to hate,
    But, never cease to imitate.”

    That famous German ambassador to Ireland bemoaning how Irish have declined in culture even since his youth said in that whole dialogue ;

    Ireland has a very sad history ;
    Even sadder than Poland’s.

    Reckon that this German would be a fair man to link with for sake of Poland.

  32. Governments should fund infrastructure by use of public credit, which is at no cost if issued directly by the government. That means a public bank and or issuing money from treasury at no cost. Eliminate the usurious debt based interest charging fiat money central banking system. It is for the public good.

  33. Trump is abused and accused with nothing proved. Meanwhile Weiner is convicted of relations with a minor and cries with a confession. Where is the liberal outrage Nowhere. They are perverted hypocrites.


    I have heard about “Witch-Hunts” all of my life. When I was a small child, Senator Joe McCarthy (R-Wis.) and the House Un-American Activities Committee were said by the left-wingers to be on a “witch-hunt” for Communists in the government. That’s what the left alleged against Richard Nixon when he was a young Congressman from Yorba Linda, too. The allegation was a bit misleading, though, because as far as we know, there are no such things as witches. There’s Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi and they are not nice, but no one could prove that there are even such things as witches, let alone that there are witches in high office.

    But there were Communists and Communist sympathizers and friends of our murderous enemy, Stalin’s Russia, in high places in government. One need only mention Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, at State and Treasury respectively, to make the point. There really was something worth looking for — traitors who were demonstrably agents of an enemy.

    Now, we have a new kind of witch-hunt going on against the administration and the person of Donald Trump. The allegation is that there was some kind of control of the 2016 Presidential Campaign exercised by the Russia and that the control ran by some kind of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump. And now, with the appointment of Mr. Mueller as a Special Prosecutor in this case, we see a REAL witch-hunt hit high gear. This one is a REAL witch-hunt because there is no evidence at all of any kind whatsoever that there was any collusion with the Russians by Trump. There is no evidence that the Russians controlled Trump or anyone in his campaign.

    It’s all about a fantasy. So, now we have a hunt for something that is non-existent, as far as anyone knows. In Watergate, there was at least one little crime — the break-in at the Watergate. Here, there’s nothing. The Democrats are going on a witch-hunt for a woman who can ride her broom stick and cast spells that turn men into animals. There’s no evidence of it, but as Dr. Goebbels said, if you make the lie big enough and repeat it enough, people begin to believe it.

    The issue was made incredibly clear — inadvertently — by Bob Beckel on Fox News Wednesday night. He was talking about the need for a Special Prosecutor. One of the sane people on the panel said something like, “But there’s no evidence that anything wrong was done.”

    Beckel, who says he’s sober now, answered something like, “That’s why we need an investigation.”

    But, if we are to investigate everything that’s not proved, as to which there is no evidence, then let’s start looking for zombies or spiders from Mars or flying saucers. Let’s try looking for evidence of wrongdoing by Trump on planets in other galaxies millions of light years away.

    What we are seeing now is the physical manifestation of a bunch of high school girls’ hysteria as we saw in The Crucible. Mr. Rosenstein has bowed to the fantasy paranoid hysteria of the mean girls’ sorority known as the mainstream media and appointed a Special Prosecutor to look into — a fantasy. There’s no stained dress. No hollowed out pumpkin. No hollow nickels with microfilm. No, there’s just the mean girls’ sorority determined to get the Pi Phi’s, and somehow getting the deputy A-G to go along with their fantasy and pretend there’s something real about an allegation that a Pi Phi stole another girl’s boyfriend and flew away with him on her broom. And he’s a Special Prosecutor. He’ll find something someone did wrong somewhere. It won’t be about the subject — Russia-Trump collusion in the election. But he will find something and someone will go to prison. That’s what Special Prosecutors do (to Republicans). That’s why they exist. He’ll find something.

    Women Can’t Get Enough of These Deals

    Relax, members of the Trump Resistance. Relax, friends of Hillary. You were right. There was a mistake in the election. The Democrats did win after all. Deputy A-G Rosenstein just handed it to them in a TKO. It didn’t even take four months or a single crime. Nice work, Media. You’ve shown those little voters who’s boss.

    • McCawber

      I’ve absolutely no doubt that the Democrats decided, that once Trump was inaugurated they would leave no stone unturned to indict him for something/anything.
      And to obstruct.
      The USA is indeed divided against itself and you’d have to wonder – How has this come to pass.
      If the Democrats are so convinced of their rectitude, why isn’t a Democrats sitting the oval office.
      And why isn’t Hillary being indicted – that email thingee has trouble written all over it.
      There is an old saying that is worth remembering by us all.
      The written word is forever and so is an email.
      The bad news for Trump is that noone is calling for a special investigator to be appointed to Hillary’s case.
      That tells us that the system odf all political persuasions is against Trump.
      So what?
      Well almost 50% of voters plummed for Trump and if the political fraternity try to disenfranchise that legitimate 50% then there is serious sh!t on the way.
      In a very ironic way the great crash that seems likely may well prove to be political and not financial.
      Or if you prefer the political unrest will trigger the financial crash.
      I hope I’m wrong.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I’m amazed how the whole thing about Clintons Foundations illegally selling uranium and high-tech weapons to Russia is now a non-topic – surely this is more serious than Mr Trump’s meeting with Mr Lavrov, or if his family received some funding for their golfcourses from Russian businessmen (if).
        Smokescreens everywhere. I don’t see it only as a ‘deep state’ against President Trump fight – such view would be naive, for if it was only this, Mr Trump would have been already gone.
        I see it as some parts of the State fighting against other parts, plus of course outside factors meddling. Even the fact that emerged during the FBI investigations that during President Obama, CIA and FBI would have sometimes undermine each other’s controlled leaks to the media should be puzzling.

  35. Truthist

    Number — incl. TURNAROUND — of “Taoisigh” & “Ministers” & “TD’s” & “Senators” & “Civil Servants” ==> the bigger the drain on the taxpayers.

    The following link is further proof that ;



  36. michaelcoughlan

    @ Tony Brogan

    @ Adam.

    Hi Lads. er recent suggestions re gold and bitcoin are on the money pun intended but there is an even simpler solution to get gold or bitcoin circulating as a means of currency;

    First bitcoin;

    You can get a prepaid credit card from;

    What you do is sign up, get the prepaid card and fund the online account to buy bitcoins. When you use the prepaid credit card for goods and services it is deducted from your bitcoin balance even though the transaction is in the relevant currency where the transaction took place either online or in which ever country you are in.

    The same happens with gold or silver. Fund an account at goldmoney to the value of a 1000 bucks which qualifies you for the prepaid card. Same thing then as the bitcoin card as you spend your gold holdings are reduced by the equivalent amount.

    If ye keep lobbying mcwilliams or the gubuernment ye will wind up going mad banging yer heads of the inside of a padded cell in the same nuthouse hotel that the bonbons, bernank and suds live in and nothing will change.

    Yer influence IS working lads. I am waiting for my cryptocard to arrive in the post and the next thing on my to do list is to put the 1000 bucks in goldmoney and get their card too.

    Here is a worthy challenge lads;

    Both of you get yer respective cards,

    both of ye convert a couple of yer mates to do like wise and get them to rope in a few of their mates and MOST importantly;

    Put up a youtube video on yer respective blogs to show others how to do likewise! Way better use of yer minds and energy lads don’t ye think?



    • Hello Michael,

      Yes I have used a number of these Bitcoin-pegged cards, they are very convenient for my purposes here in Tobago. I’ve recommended a few other people to use them now and they are up and running.

      One of the providers I use is Coinsbank – a couple of weeks ago they had a raffle for their customers and I won the grand prize – a 9 day cruise from New York to Haiti and back, via Bermuda, Puerto Rico and St. Maarten – I’m departing on that next week.

      Another popular provider is Xapo – who provide a pretty good service that I have used.

      Never been on a cruise before and have never visited Bermuda and Haiti so looking forward to that. I’m due to fly to Ireland from Antigua a couple of days after the cruise is completed, with my wife to be, and meeting my mother and daughter there – we will be spending the summer in Ireland – I’m hoping the weather will be good! My Caribbean lady is going to freeze anytime the temperature drops under 25 degrees C. We were in Santo Dominigo (Dominican Republic) in January and when it briefly went to 24 degrees she experienced the coldest temperature of her life so far!

      Also, Coinbanks are contributing to a blockchain (the structure that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are built upon) conference on the ship so I got a free ticket to that. I might pick up some good information during the week as well but will probably keep a low profile and won’t attend all the lectures – I’m not a team player and make no secret of that. I’m a lone ranger.

      Regarding cryptocurrencies in general though, there’s a lot going on at the moment – yesterday saw the one-day Ethereal conference take place in New York – this was mostly concerned with Ethereum – the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. This conference was more focused on the developer of the Ethereum network and ‘Dapps’ (Decentralized applications) – a lot of great ideas bouncing around. Watch this video if you are interested – very informative:

      Next week is the Consensus conference, also in New York I believe – where Ethereum and large companies describe their current and future plans. There’s a lot of big companies involved with Etheruem – search for Consensus 2017 on Google and you’ll be very surprised. This is bigtime stuff.

      Then there’s also that conference on the cruise ship that I’ll be (somewhat) attending.

      With all this activity going on in the crytpocurrency space – the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum made large gains yesterday.

      I don’t want to put too many links into this post because it might be blocked but if you go on Google and search for ‘coinmarketcap’ you’ll get a website that lists the prices of all the top cryptocurrencies – check positions 1 and 3 (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and have a look at the price graphs to the right of the page.

      I’m going to say this once – if someone is looking for a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to make a lot of money, then I recommend PUTTING SOME MONEY INTO Ethereum – there is only one way the price of Ethereum is going and that is up – it’s hovering around $125 per unit now (up from $90 per unit yesterday) but the sky is really the limit – I wouldn’t be surprised if one unit of Ethereum is worth multiples of $1000 per unit in a year or two and it will be worth even more beyond that. That’s all I’m saying on that, won’t be repeating it again – I fully expect some of the inactive wafflers on here to be asking me in 5 years ‘Adam, do you think I should get some Bitcoin or Ethereum? Is it too late?’.

      David’s next article will be related to the film business – one of my close friends works in the movie business in New York and yesterday at the Ethereal get together he unveiled his onw ‘Dapp’ (or series of them) – an 11-module Ethereum-blockchain based rights management (and more) platform for content creation and management etc.

      I’ll be going to one of his shoots in Manhattan next Wednesday, the day before I head off on the cruise and I’ll post a link to his new venture next week when David puts his new article directly onto this website. Enjoy the weekend guys.

      PS. I wouldn’t bother with a gold card – those people can run off with your money or gold any time they like – nothing is situated on a blockchain – it’s impossible to fake transactions or accounts on a blockchain though.

      PPS. I don’t lobby people – I leave that to the goldbugs. People can do what they want, I’m just sharing information and it has to be new information each time – I’m not going to keep repeating myself.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Excellent contribution many thanks.



        I am going to get the gold card not because I think it is better or worse just that I subscribe to an idea that no one has a monopoly least of all yours truly so I am going to do it just in case.


      • michaelcoughlan


        From the coinsbase websit;

        “Important note for cardholders – residents of France

        Maximum allowed cash withdrawal for verified users is up to 1000 EUR per 30 days.

        Maximum allowed amount to spend per POS transactions is 10000 EUR”

        Bastard french politicians have capital controls even on a supposed to be free currency like that available at coinsbase. Makes me more determined tan ever to get a card.


      • Truthist

        1 of ur very best posts ;

        U are this blog’s “man-on-the-ground” Re ;
        Crypto-Currencies / Cyber-Currencies.

        I note that these terms use the term “Currency” ;
        They are NOT Money.
        They are the type of Currency which is NOT Money.

        Gold & Silver are Currencies which are also are Money.

        Anyway, I salute ur bravery in going into the deep end some years ago with Bitcoin.
        There was a big risk.
        Some people who paid for Bitcoin got conned ;
        The broker never gave them the Bitcoin.
        So, u choose wisely & luckily to get ur Bitcoin, & other Cyber-Currencies.
        Well done.

        U have wronged me heretofore ;
        And, it undeserved by me.
        But, I am pleased nonetheless for u in ur success with cyber currency investment & use.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Also, Adam gave us a great tip for Ethereum, when it’s price was one dollar and sixty seven cents:

          “Grzegorz Kolodziej
          January 22, 2016 at 9:18 pm
          Lest I forget – if anyone can tell me and substantiate it what other cryptos (other than Bitcoin) to speculate on, I would be grateful.
          But for Litecoin the arguments would have to be triple strong as it has already collapsed…

          Adam Byrne
          January 23, 2016 at 8:41 am
          Short answer – Ethereum – ETH is another crypto that is going to go places.
          4th one from top in this list”

          And, on June 21, 2016, Adam has also proposed a great solution to the TheDao impasse, writing the following:

          “1. Create a new (and properly vetted, this time) smart contract which will release an agreed and appropriate sum to the hacker.

          For the sake of argument, let’s say $1 million, which (it could be argued) is a just reward for his ingenuity and attention to detail.

          2. Create another smart contract (or use the same one?) to release the rest of the funds back to an escrow account (assuming that the total investment was $160 million, then $159 million will be returned).

          Therefore less than one percent (0.625 percent) has been ‘lost’ to the hacker.

          3. These losses will be spread on a pro rata basis across all the investors in The Dao.

          For example, if you put in $100, you get back $99.375.

          4. Refund the investors through yet another (properly vetted) smart contract and then close down The Dao permanently.”

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Adam.

      I am wondering what the safest way to buy bitcoin is considering that mt gox went down as well as bitcoin 24?


      • Are you serious Michael?

        Mt Gox went down more than 3 years ago while Bitcoin 24′s demise was over 4 years ago.

        You can buy Bitcoin from Eircoin in Ireland.

        100 percent trustworthy, discreet and secure.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Thanks Adam.

          What I meant was which new platform was more secure. In my Gox case hundreds of thousands of bitcoins were stolen. In bitcoin 24 the authorities confiscated the money and but coins and only gave 70% back in some cases.

          I don’t understand how bitcoins can be stolen if the technology is supposed to be secure. That’s all. Thanks. Michael.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I have more doubts, Michael.

            1. A country like Ireland or the UK can easily ban Bitcoin if they want to.

            Furthermore, a country’s authorities can, in a given country, ban any website that you can sell it on (i.e., one Brazilian Judge banned Facebook for 24 hours for them using censorship).

            If so, where would you be buying and selling it, if that happened?

            (not to mention – this is but a detail but it warrant a mention nonetheless – how would you explain that to the Revenue, who can go after your transactions and spending habits)?

            For example, Bitcoin is illegal in:

            1. China for all financial institutions (it’s still legal for individuals though, which why the price is so high and growing).
            2. Russia
            3. Ecuador
            4. Kyrgyzstan
            5. Bolivia
            6. Vietnam
            7. Iceland

            Paradoxically, Bitcoin’s most friendly city is Brussels – the Federal Public Service Finance of Belgium has also made bitcoin exempt from value added tax (VAT). Is it because they know then can ban or even confiscate it so easily (bear in mind – President Roosevelt confiscated gold – and gold wasn’t even electronically registered)?

            2. The yuan accounted for 98 percent of bitcoin trading in the past six months, (China is also home to about two-thirds of the world’s bitcoin mining power).

            Well, what if China bans Bitcoin for individuals too?

          • Truthist

            1. A country like Ireland or the UK can easily ban Bitcoin if they want to.

            Furthermore, a country’s authorities can, in a given country, ban any website that you can sell it on (i.e., one Brazilian Judge banned Facebook for 24 hours for them using censorship).

            If so, where would you be buying and selling it, if that happened?


            I seem to recall ;

            Adam says Govt.s cannot technically / practically block Bitcoin etc.

            Or words to that effect


            How would you explain that to the Revenue, who can go after your transactions and spending habits)?


            Assume ur very best Council of State member & ex-Taoiseach & NOT prosecuted DESPITE WINDFALL FOR LAWYERS & WITNESSES ETC AT TRIBUNALS & HE OBVIOUSLY LYING & A CROOK [ DITTO ME-HOLE "SUCH A GOOD FAMILY MAN" MARTIN & ME-HOLE'S WIFE ] Accent ;


            “I won it at the races.”


            Otherwise, set up trust fund & insert Cyber-Currency that one bought EVEN BEFORE TRUST FUND WAS SET UP ?

          • Following all the rules again Grzegorz I see.

            Forget that.

          • Short answer:

            All Bitcoin values and transactions are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain which is immutable.

            When you use third parties – e.g. Mt Gox, you are sending your Bitcoins to them for a reason (e.g. to exchange for fiat currency or for another cryptocurrenty etc.) so at that point Mt Gox has possession of the given Bitcoins and is free to move them to their own Bitcoin accounts (i.e. shift them from one part of the Bitcoin blockchain to another part over which they have control).

            SOLUTION: Only use exchanges as needed – don’t keep any more Bitcoin than is necessary (for what you are doing at the time) in an exchange.

            INSTEAD, use to ACCESS your Bitcoin – not to store it. This provider does not store your Bitcoin – they merely provide a portal (an on-ramp) to allow you to manage your own stash of Bitcoin on the Bitcoin blockchain – they cannot interfere with them in any way. Even if they were to disappear then they could not take your Bitcoin with them – you would merely have to find another portal (yes there are others) to access your Bitcoin.

            Is this clear and understandable?

          • You cannot ban Bitcoin – it’s far too late for that.

            Even if a particular website is banned there are thousands of others that you can use to do what you need to do.

            Large companies (e.g. Microsoft) are now using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ans well as tens of millions (soon to be hundreds of millions) of private individuals.

            It would be a massive (and failed) undertaking to even try to ban it.

            You would have to take down the whole internet to do it and even then (in a worst case scenario) there are ways to store Bitcoins offline until the internet comes back up.

            China has not banned it and has no intention of doing so. Japan has recently legalized it (not that I give a fuck about what countries legalize or don’t) – something like 50%+ plus of recent activity has come from Japan – when it was barely involved before:


            Guys, these questions are basic and prehistoric, I feel like I’m in a timewarp from 2013 – you’re shouting in an empty room – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have moved way beyond this – they are the future – it’s not to late to get involved and PUT THEM TO WORK – there’s a million different opportunities to do that – we are not talking ‘premiums collectors coins’ sitting on a sideboard gathering dust – we’re talking cutting edge innovation and economic, financial, legal and political revolution using the power of these new technologies.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “I seem to recall ;
            Adam says Govt.s cannot technically / practically block Bitcoin etc.”

            That’s right. But for Bitcoin users that’s irrelevant, because they are not interested whether governments can block Bitcoin i t s e l f, but whether they will be able to b u y and s e l l it to get r e a l goods.

            Government can ban Bitcoin
            e x c h a n g e – and as 98% of Bitcoin trade for the last 6 months came from Chinese money, if it even bans only in China (for individuals), that’s 98% of Bitcoin trade gone (bear in mind: Bitcoin, unlike gold, Rembrandts or Ferraris, does not have any intrinsic value – it’s a 21st century Western Union cheque –
            v e r y sophisticated).

            When the likes of Mr Max Keiser tell you that its supply isn’t determined by any central bank, they are only telling you half of the truth: its supply isn’t, but it’s exchange can be determined by the grace of the government (whether they allow it or not).

            To that, Adam can say: but if the UK bans it, then Michael could sell it in a country where it isn’t banned, as there always will be some country.

            But sell HOW EXACTLY? Fly on a plane and come back with a case full of cash? For the government can easily ban access to ANY websites (domestic or foreign) that trade Bitcoin.

            To that, Adam could argue that you can circumvent any ban. Well, you can (same with ban on buying/selling drugs) – but t h e n you might end up in jail.

            For example, did you know that in Russia, basically every external (and probably internal too) internet communication can be traced by FSB? Yes, that’s right – they can come to your house (and sometimes they do) if they think that you are getting particularly annoying to the government, no matter how anonymous you think you are.


            And – if they want to, governments can cut the internet completely (pray, bear in mind that this is a completely different argument to the ones above – in which case the value of gold would probably be something like 10,000, or more – as all money laundering from China that Bitcoin is used for will be disabled – and Bitcoin value would be 0 – zero).

            Until the internet comes back – by which time the value of cryptocurrencies can go down by 90%, because the trust in them will be gone.

            So, unless you are willing to travel over continents to countries where Bitcoin is not banned (if it’s banned in Ireland/UK), Bitcoin (and any other cryptocurrency) will still exist (and develop) – but YOU might not be able to access it.

            Bitcoin is one of the few remaining investment opportunities that has so far received very little direct governments scrutiny (apart from those countries I named).

            Is it b e c a u s e they WANT people to put their money into cryptocurrencies (and are waiting for another trillion or two to leave China), and t h e n tax/confiscate it?

            P.S. “Mt Gox went down more than 3 years ago while Bitcoin 24?s demise was over 4 years ago” – is my knowledge of Bitcoin more up-to-date or is Adam hiding some information that may have a negative impact on cryptocurrencies price?

            Because, for example:

            Bitfinex hack was not 3 years ago, but less than one year ago: on August 2, 2016. The bitcoin was taken from users’ segregated wallets and Bitfinex has been tracking down the hack.

            $72 million dollars was stolen, but the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission ordered Bitfinex to pay a $75,000 fine for offering illegal off-exchanged financed commodity transactions.

            To that, Adam could argue – the fine should be higher. It should be, but it never will be – because the governments are not interested in Bitcoin working too well; on the contrary – they like it when it is so volatile (thanks to, among other things, the crashes), because Bitcoin’s hacks increase attractiveness of bonds and fiat currencies.

            True – in Bitfinex’ case, users received another asset called BFX tokens in exchange for the loss.

            Which brings me back to my main objection: what if the government bans the Bitcoin exchange, or shuts down the internet completely (even temporarily – bear in mind, they have already done that)? You will then have BFX tokens, that you will not be able to use.

            And there have been more hacks more recent than 3 years ago, i.e.:


            And there will be in the future.


            To summarise:

            I. When the financial crises strucks, similar to how goverments are banning cash, they will try to ban bitcoin.
            II. Eventually, there will be new ways around it.
            III. However, this will be irrelevant for those who will want to access it now – they won’t be able to.
            IV. Affecting public sentiment of cryptocurrencies will most likely stifle acceptance of them – this does not bode well for cryptocurrencies — billed as digital cash (“war with cash”).
            V. Over the long term though, I think that the future of cryptocurrencies is bright – they will continue to add value to it’s users with fast, cheap transactions –


            controlled by governments.

            After all, who would have thought that after millenia of unrestricted possession of guns, a government will be able to restrict their possession?

          • Truthist

            It is all very well being bravado [ NOT disrespectfully said by me to u ] ;
            But, when one loses one’s funds [ a la "Litecoin" ], what can one do then ?


            Also, bubbles are bubbles ;
            Bubbles burst.

            But, it analogy only ;

            Economics bubble can rise again ;
            So, analogy was false.

            Analogies are only so good.


            Arguably, Ethereum is not a bubble but simply on the rise to where it will eventually settle there-or-thereabouts wherever in equilibrum for a while ;
            Until it rises again.

            But, there surely is a stage when it will not rise because to partake in Ethereum will not be feasible for one wishing to transact for goods & services ?

            What to compare it to when Fiat non-specie [ vis. NOT Silver, NOR Gold, Specie ] collapse ?
            Of course, compare it to Silver & Gold ;
            And, 1 of the beauties about S & G is that they are divisable into fungible amounts.

            What if one wants 1/2 a Bitcoin or any decimal portion of it ;
            Is this feasible ?


            World Class I contend.

            And, I say this even though others would not if they similar to me had good reason[s] to have issue with Tony on particular matters.

            Oh yee of this blog, do not spurn the chance to learn & thence promulgate the LOGIC of Money & Non-Money Currency.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            “You cannot ban Bitcoin – it’s far too late for that.” – that’s of course true, but it is off topic: the topic is not banning Bitcoin, but banning Bitcoin’s
            e x c h a n g e.

            “All Bitcoin values and transactions are stored on the Bitcoin blockchain which is immutable.” – we all know that.

            “Even if a particular website is banned there are thousands of others that you can use to do what you need to do.” -

            and all of them can also ban

            Plus analyse all your spending and ask you – not you specifically – where did you get your money from?.

            Or the internet access in a country.

            “China has not banned it and has no intention of doing so. ”


            It has already banned it for large financial institutions, and it will be now ending the anonymity of Bitcoin for individuals too (which will sort of kick the bottom out off any sense of using it in China – it was used for capital outflows:


            in fact I wonder if this announcement was responsible for the hike in Ethereum price? -


            If China can, then the UK can too; and some people are – for whatever reasons – gagging for it:


            Personally I think that’s wrong, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

            “Japan has recently legalized it (not that I give a fuck about what countries legalize or don’t)”

            Russia and Iceland have recently delegalized it. It’s not about what countries legalize it – it’s about the fact that it is possible.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Arguably, Ethereum is not a bubble” – Truthist, I am afraid that everyting is a bubble now: cryptocurrencies, bonds, stocks, second-hand Ferrari Testarossas that tripled in price, Picassos, commodities, real estate, etc.

            The US is a bubble larger than it ever was, and China is a bubble larger than the US.

            Not only the bubble is larger than ever before, but never before e v e r y t h i n g was a bubble (usually you just had one bubble: i.e., or real estate).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Following all the rules again Grzegorz I see.” – ok: how would you sell your Bitcoin NOT following all the rules (so, illegally), if they – like in North Korea or China – limit or ban completely your access to the internet? And freedom to travel?

            With gold, that’s simple – you go to black market (in a black case scenario that gold in banned too): even Stalin and Hitler couldn’t totally do away with it.

            With digital currencies however –
            “hmm, I feel like I want to sell my one million worth of bitcoins. Oh no! – there is no internet today! Oh no! – they have border controls! Oh no – my Bitcoins are now worthless!”

          • This is all theoretical stuff Grzegorz – how far do you want to go with it? They might ban Bitcoin 100 years in the future on a lunar colony so we may as well stop using it now. It’s ludicrous stuff. Meanwhile out in the real world progressive people are creating amazing innovations and being well rewarded for it – you should try it sometime in your life.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “They might ban Bitcoin 100 years in the future on a lunar colony” – no, hold on – what about countries where Bitcoin’s exchange is already banned? Or where its usage its restricted in a way that makes it less attractive (see the link about China)? I think that it’s a real problem, because what makes you think they will not do the same in Europe or Antigua? It is certainly real for those people who had savings in Bitcoin in countries where Bitcoin exchange is banned (like I said: even if you can get around regulations, they would still arrest you – in Russia for example).
            I even think that the golden era of unrestricted internet (never mind crypto) might end in our lifetime – in China, the censorship is massive already.

            And for digital currencies, that will be particularly problematic.
            You might be telling your grandchildren about times where everyone could access (almost) every website (legally or not so) and, for example, buy Etherum.

            And they will listen to you in disbelief, same as someone listens in disbelief if you tell them that before WWI, you could go to any pharmacy, and buy – without a prescription – morphine or poison.

        • Truthist

          If u can really spare $ 200, Etherium is worth the gamble with ‘Investment-For-Selling-@-Profit-”HOPEFULLY” 8-) @ 1,000 % + -@ 12 Mnts from now approx’ purpose.

          $ 500 max investment if u can really spare it.
          ==> $ 50,000 + Profit + return of Principal of $ 500.

  37. This is a most interesting discussion on crypto currency investment, fiat currency and real money. The logic on all sides seems infallible so it is each according to his own.

    Why not invest in Ethereum for the future of technology, bitcoin as a flyer to make some money, and convert the profits, from both, to gold/silver bullion coin as money,eg Maple leafs, to preserve your new found wealth.

    Precious metals are not going down as they are beaten down already. So bought at todays price is “good value”. bitcoin may not be good value but the price may go bonkers. Ethereum may be better value and the price may rise. Either “could” be reduced to zero but PM’s never.

    Split your money three ways in equal amounts. Never sell the PM’s unless forced too. As the Ethereum and bitcoin advance take half the profits and convert to PM. Then you have a small sack that can be transferred to your saddle bag as you travel . Just hope you do not meet a Highwayman and you will be fine.

    Remember you arrived with nothing and will depart with nothing so the trick is to make enough to enjoy and to enjoy enough that your timing is right to leave with nothing!!

    I wonder what a national census would say about such questions.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Remember you arrived with nothing and will depart with nothing” – well, that’s true in a wake-up call sort of way, and to remind oneself about that, it’s a cold shower.

      Having too much leaves you spoilt, too little leaves you resentful.
      I know that from autopsy because I’ve met very different people in my life – from so poor like most people in Ireland cannot even imagine to extremely rich, and a bit spoilt (British aristocracy).
      Surprisingly, there were good and bad apples in b o t h.

      The way I was brought up was “try to live that way so that noone will cry because of you”.
      However, my hitherto bumpy path of life also taught me a lesson that people are thrown into different highways to travel – some are smooth and fast, some have a rough surface, lots of traffic and drivers who don’t obey the rules of the road.
      Mine has been more of the latter, and on such road, sometimes it is difficult not to make someone cry because of you – when you are forced to fight from the age of 7 (I mean, physically, and very seriously) to your mature age (not physically, but that’s even more serious).


      Maybe it is worth trying a l l///t h e///s a m e.

  38. Truthist

    Best to compile ongoing table of countries with names & addresses of gold shops that ACCEPT PAYMENT, for plain Gold as necklace & bracelet, & also chain Treasury issued Gold Coin — CANADIAN MAPLE, CHINA PANDA, AUSTRALIAN KOALA or similar — IN ENTHEREUM ;
    And, have dedicated columns respectively for Entereum accepting Shops that :
    accept remote transactions with delivery by courier or registered post
    only accept transactions on the premises
    Also, have dedicated columns respectively giving the value in paying by Enthereum than if paying in :
    local currency
    USA Dollars


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