May 8, 2017

When fundamentalists take control

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What would happen if Jihadists took control of Europe?


Well it’s already happening. The Brexiteer Jihadis deep in the English shires are all fired up and want the British to walk away from the EU without a deal. They saw red this week. Forget small considerations like the economy, their core position is a theological one. From the golf clubs of Surrey a vista has emerged of a holy war between Blighty and the Foreigners and the true blue creed demands the believers break with the EU forever.


Fundamentalism isn’t unique to the British. Terrifyingly for moderates, the European Jihadis marched into the light this week. These Jihadists want to wage a federalist bellum sacrum and put the British to the sword for having the temerity to leave the club. Like the British strain, the Euro Jihadists are also fundamentalists. They are federalist fundamentalists. Their end game is to root out infidels who believe in pagan notions of sovereignty and national interest. The fact that they refer to countries as member states, rather than nations, gives their game away. In war, language matters.


The federalist fundamentalists want to crush the British because a British economic calamity after Brexit will prove definitively to any doubters that leaving the inner sanctum is a mistake. Equally, the British Jihadists want Brexit to be the beginning of the end of the EU because this will sanctify their own Brexit creed.


Therefore, the entire Brexit debacle risks being dictated by the extremes. This is not unusual. We’ve seen how reasonably moderate voices can be pushed aside. Think about Northern Ireland: once direct rule was superseded by the Belfast Agreement, the middle ground in politics was washed away and the extremists in both tribes took over.


The game then moves from compromise to all or nothing.


This swing was on display last week. It was a very bad week for moderates on both sides.


The Jihadists have been on the warpath since Monday when the Europeans rashly leaked the details of the disastrous Downing St dinner, prompting the British to go all ISIS. The Brexit Jihadists screamed that this was clear evidence of European mendacity.


Things went from bad to worse all week, as both sets of Jihadists went on the mega-phone diplomacy overdrive, shouting at each other across the Channel. The British were on a “different galaxy” roared the Europeans, the Europeans were “interfering in the UK election” bleated the Brexiteers.


For Ireland, this turn of events is not good. We are caught in the middle here. Because of trade, tourism and economics, we actually need Britain to win this one – and get the best deal possible.


Brexit hardly features in any continental headlines largely because for most continentals, Britain is not particularly relevant. It’s a bit like Italy for us. We do less than 2% of our trade with Italy, so while we have a remote interest in Italian events, Italy isn’t box office here. In contrast, Britain is. All week our national media has been following every twist and turn of the Brexit drama. Over €1 billion in trade per week will make you tune in!


But we are mere onlookers,  not players.


We have no credible influence here and this is because if the Europeans make Ireland front and central to their negotiations, the UK will have get a good deal to protect Ireland. Only the minimal disruption to the UK can protect Ireland.


But when you think about it, such an outcome can’t happen because if Britain is left better off or at least, not much worse off after Brexit, this outcome will embolden others to think that leaving isn’t such a bad idea.


Therefore, in Brussels – and this was very much on display this week — Britain must be punished and by extension, Ireland has to suffer collateral damage.


If Ireland is not collateral damage, then Britain wins and Brussels can’t let that happen.


This is our central dilemma, our conundrum if you will.


It is very hard to see how the two sides can be reconciled.


Our government is doing its best to spin that we are central to the negotiations but things have got off to a bad start.


Many of us expected the British to move to the fundamentalist position quite quickly, not least because the Remain voice has all but disappeared in UK politics. The ground has been ceded to the extremes. And we know from the North that once this process occurs, it’s very difficult for the middle ground to get back into the game.


The British Jihadists don’t give a fiddlers about Ireland. In fact, there’s probably an element of the Conservative and Unionist Party, smarting that the Irish must be considered at all in the great march of the British people. And while I suspect in the halls of Brussels there may be some sympathy for our plight, the cold logic of making Brexit difficult implies that Ireland can’t be kept happy.


So what gives?


My overwhelming sense is that the Europeans see us as the weakest link. We are the country most likely to break ranks and try to open up discussions with the UK because that’s in our interests. This is why the EU is offering crumbs off the table like mentioning Irish unity in the same context as EU membership. But this was always the case. The German precedent led the way here.


The question therefore is to establish our bottom line. Free trade with the UK has to be our breaking point, don’t you think? If we don’t get this, the deal will be calamitous for Ireland. Can an Irish government sign such a treaty? If it does what will happen to it and what will happen to Irish attitudes to the EU?


There’s lots to play for in the months ahead. However, with the Jihadists on both sides now on the march, the nation that stands between them will get crushed unless it learns very quickly to stand up for itself.

  1. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Speaking of predictions: on July 7, 2016, David McWilliams wrote: “Ignore all the shouting — The Brits will get their Norway-style trade deal”.

    And I wrote:

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    July 11, 2016 at 10:51 am

    “in the worst case scenario Germany may strike a deal with the UK over Irish heads by agreeing to impose the immigration quotas; this is a very optimistic scenario for the UK as it would mean a better deal than Norway or Switzerland got – Switzerland introduced immigration quotas after the referendum and has no access to EEA financial services, and derivatives clearing for example is over 38 times bigger a sector in the UK than in Switzerland”

    And I wrote on Peter Hitchen’s blog:

    “The only Brexit option that would allow Britain the tariff-free trade to continue is the Norwegian option. That means 95% (per head) of Britain ’s present fee (for the access to EEA), with 0% subsidy in return, and Britain will still have to allow all EU immigration and follow all EU regulations (which will be just faxed to Britain ).
    In 2011 Norway tried not to implement o n e EU regulation (they tried to retain control over their postal service) and the EU threatened Norway with an immediate loss of access to the single market (via so the called ‘guillotine clause’).
    So what about the Swiss option? Switzerland has no access to EU’s financial market, which generates the vast majority of Britain ’s GDP.
    So what about the Canadian option – a free trade agreement? Well, if Britain is ready to wait for 7 years, then yes, it is an option for Britain (by which time Britain will probably become a caliphate anyway, which will result in eastern European countries introducing Australian-style point systems for those Britons who do not want their daughters appearance to resemble tents).
    But Britain is too big to be treated like Norway – Germany cannot afford closing British access to the single market because they run a huge trade surplus– that’s what you are probably thinking.
    Well guess what – do you know what has been Germany ’s main export market for the last 20 years? Not the US , not China , but the Visegrád Group countries – yet Germany is treating those countries like colonies.
    In the current situation – with the Chinese-Russian-German alliance looming large in the horizon – may I suggest what I would be more worried of keeping in good nick than NHS? Your nuclear deterrent.
    Posted by: Grzegorz Kolodziej | 29 June 2016 at 08:23 PM”


    I wrote on July 11, 2016:

    “perhaps it was a deliberate attempt to goad the public opinion in Britain into voting Leave – because the EU without the UK is so much easier for the 6 founding member states to turn it into a super-state – it is a hypothesis that is not being taken seriously enough (I do not buy the Schadenfreude-narrative that Brexit surprised the German/French government – the leaked afore-prepared ‘super-state’ document kicks the bottom out of that argument).”

    • Truthist

      Huh, so much for the cerebrum-idolizers being so impressed with USA President Lyndon Johnson’s explanation for his inclusion of a truculent party member on his team ;

      “I would rather have him inside pissing out of my fence than fear having him outside pissing into my fence.”
      Redacted by Truthist.

      But, u forget something crucial Grzegorz,
      Strategic rail-roading of Europe into the EU super-state project has come from most of the top politicians of each of the 3 main British parties.
      No surprise really when one reminds oneself that the EU is really a FREEMASON Project from the get-go AND most of British establishment are Freemasons.

    • mcsean2163

      Why not write your own column for the business post?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I don’t think they would be willing to pay me, unless you have different information. Copying the stuff I wrote and publishing it – hmm, that’s a different thing – they did that all right :-)

        Having said that, I actually really like Sunday Business Post (Mr Stephen Kinsella is my favourite author there since David doesn’t write there anymore): there wasn’t a time when I bought it and didn’t learn anything. They really are a no-nonsense newspaper, and they always have a brilliant cartoon on the last page – and a good column too. Unlike The Anti-Irish Times, I don’t remember them DELIBERATELY lying to their readers and refusing to publish a clarification. Like here:

        “Protest organised by the club of the Polish newspaper “Gazeta Polska” in front of the presidential palace in Warsaw yesterday”

        The photo does not depict an anti-government protest, but a pro-government rally against Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz constantly meddling into Polish affairs (sometimes using direct threats) and trying to overthrow the Polish government by continuous corrupting pro-German politicians in Poland (i.e., she invited the leaders of parties who follow her line to German embassy prior to the budget obstruction in December last year).

        Clubs of “Gazeta Polska” are a pro-government organisation anyway. “The Anti-Irish Times” has, not for the first time, deliberately lied to their readers. I wonder who r e a l l y finances t h e m? If they think that they will get away with their constant lies and manipulation, they are wrong – in the future, I am going to write an article presenting all their lies about Poland (and their have been many) for a Polish monthly for which I do write. So, the “Anti-Irish Times”: either you are doing it deliberately, or you have monumentally bad journalists and editors: in which case you should sack Mr Derek Scally and employ me: that will cost you less than a lost court case anyway.

        • Truthist

          Who really owns The ANTI-Irish Times ?

          Yet, some people say that Bank of Ireland were / are owners of The ANTI-Irish Times.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            They compare themselves to “The Guardian”, but although I think that “The Guardian” can be very biased and has a definite left slant, “The Anti-Irish Times” is something else: they are the best example of fake news I can think of.

            For example, in that article from my link, they write:

            “The government has defended its new Sejm reporting rules, limiting media organisations to two accredited correspondents each and moving everyone else to an adjacent media centre, with an official parliamentary audiovisual feed and no direct access to politicians.”

            Mr Derek Scally, as befits someone as unprofessional as him, sees that as an “attack on press freedom”, and his only source is a communist collaborator who illegally calls himself a Professor of law, even though he didn’t even do a PhD in law, whome he quotes saying that what PiS has done with the media will lead to “a nationwide tragedy.”


            Media access to the plenary chamber of the Parliament in Poland under PiS:

            FULL ACCESS, the only change is that PiS wants to limit the numeber of journalists from each media to two, and build media centre in the Parliament for them, giving them the whole floor.

            Media access to the plenary chamber of the Parliament in Germany: NONE


            In France: only photos, and only IN THE PRESENCE OF THE CHAMBER’S PRESS OFFICER


            Spain: some sessions CLOSED FOR THE MEDIA

            Ireland: I don’t know, and, I suspect, neither knows Mr Scally.

            And Mr Scally presents such fake news in pretty much every article he writes on Poland.

            Grzegorz Kolodziej’s The Anti-Irish Times challenge: as you never give me any chance to correct your misinformation, either I am lying or you are. I propose that you are. If you think I am wrong, sue me.

      • McCawber

        Voting out (a bad egg) is the most important aspect of voting.
        It’s a form of damage limitation.

    • SMOKEY

      210 comments! I was thinking, Engaged readers. Yes, all 5. This is a chat group for a handful of retired, mostly boring, wannabe columnists. David perhaps a 1 post and 2 response maximum would help. I will watch “Rostered On” now.

      • McCawber

        Very insightful.
        What do you do yourself for a living.
        You’ll be a pensioner yourself someday, I wouldn’t knock it.
        As I said to my lads one day – “You’re looking at the future”

        • SMOKEY

          Im an area manager for a major Irish corp. And will be retired in 15 years, hopefully, not too long from now. My point is, this is not a good read, that could be a function of less readership of the columns perhaps, I dont know.
          What I do know is, the same ol boring cabal uses it as a chat group. No harm in being friendly but as a blog, it is tedious and dull. Or,……maybe Im already a curmudgeon and ready for retirement too……

  2. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Some other points from the article I would like to address:


    “These Jihadists want to wage a federalist bellum sacrum and put the British to the sword for having the temerity to leave the club. Like the British strain, the Euro Jihadists are also fundamentalists.”

    Fully agree with David’s “Jihadists” (on both sides) simile, with one caveat: the picture is a little bit more complex than Federalist Europe Jihadists v Brexit Jihadists: what we have is:

    1. EU-superstate Jihadists (the 6 founding members), opting for high taxes and more regulations.
    2. The anti EU-superstate EU countries, opting for lower taxes and less regulations: basically Scandinavia + eastern Europe + Ireland (although all Irish MEPs voted to charge Britain with the €60bn Brexit deal).
    3. Britain.

    It is important in my opinion that Ireland stays in the second group, but occasionally allying with 1. or 3. if it is in Ireland’s interest, and only in return for something (David’s mantra “we need Britain” is in my opinion a tactical mistake – I bet you he does not play chess – both Ireland and Poland needed Britain due to what they and Britain were opting for (see point 2), but Poland was not screaming it out-loud all the time like Ireland does, voting in favour of Britain in the EU Parliament instead.

    For Britain, there is no use to consult with a country like Ireland that issues a weekly statement that it needs Britain, but it can neither threaten Britain with anything nor it can help Britain with anything (i.e.: it was not Ireland who supported the UK government in the EU Parliament, except for corporation taxes, which was in Ireland’s interest anyway: Poland and Scandinavia did).



    “Therefore, the entire Brexit debacle risks being dictated by the extremes.”

    It is dictated by extremes because both EU federalists and Brexiteers were blind to the economic realities: the EU federalists (the worst are Messrs Schulz, Timmermans, Junckers and Verhofstadt) are blind to the fact that the recipe for the EU debacle is not more Europe in Europe, but less Europe in Europe; the Brexiteers were blind in thinking that they would be able to strike a Norwegian or Swiss-style deal with the EU on terms better than Norway or Switzerland.

    Well, this was naive, and they are all now coming to realise what I have just told them a year ago in the post above as to why they cannot (Britain’s finance industry has already dropped demands for passporting after Brexit, but they still do not realise that this would mean Frankfurt replacing London and world’s centre for money laundering – which is what the City is).



    “Because of trade, tourism and economics, we actually need Britain to win this one – and get the best deal possible.” – Irish position on passporting of the financial services might help Ireland to gain a better leverage in talks with both the EU and the UK: but Ireland must, in talks with the UK, use BOTH CARROT AND STICK on the passporting of the financial services issue.

    Basically, Dublin must be ready for taking that over from the London. Anyone who knows about Ireland’s public transport, cost of renting and marginal income tax rates for high earners knows that it is not: they are not going to move to Dublin when they can rent in Frankfurt for half of Dublin’s prices and travel 3 times quicker.


    Why put all the emphasis on Britain in terms of what kind of trade deal Ireland needs? I do not get that part from David McWilliams columns – why not use Britain’s precarious position when it comes to the City as an opportunity to replace London as the US’s Trojan horse in financial services, and more? Sure not Britain is Ireland’s main export market – the US is; Britain is not even second (and for Britain, Ireland is less important a partner than the Netherlands).

    David would say to that: food exports to Britain. But should we not use it an an opportunity for the Irish agriculture to diversify and gain new markets, like US, Mexico, Brasil, eastern Europe (typical meat, butter and milk culture) and Canada?



    “The British Jihadists don’t give a fiddlers about Ireland.” – bravo, you finally realised, David. Now, would you consider making another step in reasoning and come to the conclusion that there is no point of putting all Irish agriculture eggs into food exports to Britain if one of the main British supermarkets chains has come up with an official statement this week that they didn’t remove the Irish beef from their shelves because they were never selling it in first place – it’s important for their customers to know that they only accept the British beef, said their spokesman in an official statement to The Irish Independent.

    Pray, do not get me wrong – if I was still living in Britain and had rights to vote there, perhaps I would have voted for Brexit.
    But my perspective is of someone who lives in Ireland.

    “This is why the EU is offering crumbs off the table like mentioning Irish unity in the same context as EU membership. But this was always the case.” – no, it was never the case with the EU (or the US, and of course, not with the UK – except for when Churchill demanded access to Irish ports in return for the unity of the island of Ireland, which in my opinion Ireland should have agreed to – was the unity a fair price to pay for the Irish neutrality during WWII?).

    Furthermore, the Irish unity would resolve the problem of CTA between the Republic and the North. Was that not what David was writing last year that is of paramount importance for Ireland?



    “The British were on a “different galaxy” roared the Europeans, the Europeans were “interfering in the UK election” bleated the Brexiteers.” – and they were both right.

    “Brexit hardly features in any continental headlines largely because for most continentals, Britain is not particularly relevant.” – well, it does not feature much in German and French debates because Germany sees itself as powerful enough to do whatever they want regardless of the British (they even closed the motorway to block the movement of the US troops to Poland), and France sees itself as Germany’s whore. I’m sorry – as Germany’s most important and valued ally – actually only due to them having nuclear weapons Germany is hoping to take over eventually, because other than that, France has nothing to offer apart from debt, terrorism and Common Agricultural Policy that ensures that we pay 2-3 times more for food than its market price would be without CAP.

    But it did feature a lot in Polish debates (much more before Brexit than after – because now the horse has bolted), because Poland is weaker than Germany+France and Britain was seen as an ally in stopping them from tax/wage harmonisation agenda.

    Here is the current position of the Polish government regarding Brexit negotiations:

  3. Truthist

    FUNDAMENTALLY SPEAKING, WE — bar North Korea, Iran, & Israel’s neighbor Syria currently being massacred by ISIS < USA + UK + E.U < ISRAEL — ARE ALL F..KED ;

  4. Deco

    I am now in danger of breaching Ireland’s absurd blasphemy law. Instead I will contain my disbelief. I knew that the last article was propaganda and attempt to undermine the Northern Unionist voters, when they see if recirculated in the Belfast Telegraph.

    I will be brief.

    To compare anybody to a murderer advocating the imposition of a scoeital model based on a badly written, flawed, deeply immoral, inconsistent set of plagiarisms, is deeply dishonest.

    There is something inherently flawed in the entire EU project.

    Like the Communist Bloc the more it enforces control, the more absurd and underperforming it gets. It is heading for disaster.

    Britain is standing up for Britain’s interest.

    Ireland is standing up for the interest of Brussels.

    Our position is now increasingly that of Stockholm Syndrome. We are a province in a new Imperial project. We have less freedom every year.

    • Truthist

      “To compare anybody to a murderer advocating the imposition of a scoeital model based on a badly written, flawed, deeply immoral, inconsistent set of plagiarisms, is deeply dishonest.” ;
      (Deco Chapter 1 : Verse 4)

      Pray, tell, oh would-be blasphemer, what is the above passage referring to exactly ?

  5. Harve

    Hi David,

    Being based in the UK (not Surrey), I can relate to a lot of what you say about the Brexiteers (Jihadists). Listening to some of them, you’d think they hold notions of Empire 2.0. Aside from Tony Blair (who is very much damaged goods), it indeed does appear that the Remain side have given-in without much fight at all. That, despite the great untruths peddled during the referendum. What the UK needs now as much as anything is a new movement to emerge – a British en Marche – to hold the Brexiteers’ false promises to account and to develop a “strong centre” in British Politics. That does not mean a Blighty version of the European Jihadists, rather a movement that listens to the lessons of the referendum and forges a new vision of Europe (perhaps a more European Community type model) that is looser, allows some free trade and the free movement of labour/students (but no job seekers’ entitlements, unless you have contributed first, and family cannot move until it can be proved that the bread-winners can sustain them). This movement should also have a manifesto to get rid of the first past the post system where a party with 30% of the vote can have a majority in parliament?? I’m sure that there are plenty of other issues that they could get their teeth into as well.

    Alas, I don’t think there is the appetite within Britain to do this. Many of the 48% appear to have gone into a kind of depression as they feel like strangers in their own country. Brussels does not help either as their antics is forcing the 48% to choose sides. If Brussels is intent on punishing Britain then when push comes to shove, the 48% will have to side with the British Jihadists. Brussels should instead give hope to the 48% by forging a more dynamic vision of Europe – not more Brussels, but a “more effective Brussels”. That’s probably asking too much though…

    • Truthist

      Harve, auld chap, u sound like a right aul EU’er.

      “… not more Brussels, but a ‘more effective Brussels’.”

      Heh Heh Heh

      U are demonstrating some great chutzpah there.


      By the way, what are ur takes on :

      Freemason stranglehold within UK ?

      Freemason stranglehold with EU [ Especially, France & Italy ] ?

      • Harve

        Truthist, old boy, perhaps I’m not an EU’er maybe more of an aul EC’er. I think things started to unravel when the European Community (a term most people were happy enough with) was dropped in favour of the European Union. Anyways, enough of the reminiscing…

        Don’t have an opinion really on the auld Freemasons, old chap. I don’t hang around the golf clubs of Surrey or any of their other usual hangouts. Sounds like their dinner in Downing St. the other week didn’t go so well though….

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “Kaczynski sees Brexit as an opportunity for the bloc to change course, becoming a free trade area where sovereign nation-states freely co-operate, rather than a bureaucratic federation.

          “This would, of course, imply that much of the powers now invested in the Brussels-based bureaucracy would be restored to member-states,” he told The Telegraph. “It would bring us back close to the origin of the European Union, back to the European Economic Community (EEC), with rules that would make it difficult for any one nation to gain hegemony over others.”

          This was a clear dig at Germany, the driving force behind the EU migrant crisis and chief beneficiary of the single currency.”

        • Truthist

          I glad to have extracted this clarification from u Harve, & ur implicit acknowledgement that the Freemasons control the UK.

          I would not be very against a common trading agreement ONLY
          a la
          that which the electorate of all members of EEC were assured that EEC ‘was’ + ‘is’ + ‘would be’ EVER.

          Ur sentiments in these matters are not very removed from mine.

          my summary ;
          Ur summary [ i.e. ur reply to me ] was well worth extracting.
          I contend that it is better than ur original post.

          Much Thanks,


          • michaelcoughlan

            “& ur implicit acknowledgement that the Freemasons control the UK”

            More of your bullshit putting words in other people’s mouths.

            Did the thought ever cross your deluded mind that Brexit runs counter to the agenda you state drives the freemason’s and the Rothschilds?

            My post is rhetorical so don’t bother responding as I don’t value your opinion in the slightest.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I think that story will really make you laugh, Michael: a Pole working for the City decided to quit his job on the London’s stock-exchange and, having seen a gap in the English market for premium craft vodkas (as I person who knew Sir Bernard Ashley, I can confirm that England lacks premium vodkas – in his castle, where I spent 6 months, he considered the best vodka to offer to his guest a Polish vodka called Polonaise, whom he treated William Haguen with – whom I also met), produce his own vodka for the English market, called “Brexitovka” LOL:


            However, it was how he advertises that vodka in his Polish add was what r e a l l y made me laugh:

            “40% premium Polish Brexit vodka produced in England. Best for celebrating or for drowning your sorrows. A vodka that will piss off 48% of your friends”.

  6. Truthist




    I just spotted this Tweet from the great Henry Makow himself on his Twitter page ;

    “Henry Makow?


    I am still looking for new contributors. Will suggest topics. If you can write, contact me at

    2:37 PM – 7 May 2017?


    Comparative Info. ;


    69,729 from No. 1 ranked internet site



    950,148 away from No. 1 ranked internet site


    Please beware ; is an company.
    So, rankings likely to be deliberately skewed against Henry’s site


    Maybe if some alcoholic clown like Juncker wasn’t going around winding everyone up like some old drunk at a party, the mood between the two wouldn’t have been so heated recently. All of these pyrric victories in Europe for pro European Parties.

    The anti Euro movement is real across Europe and only starting. Almost 50% of voters in France voted for parties who passionately hate the Euro never mind Brexit. The same in the Netherlands and many other countries including Italy, whose elections in 18 months will be much harder to call. We are one major reccession away from these parties grabbing power. Meanwhile EU officials and Federalists are acting like comical Ali

    • Deco

      If only that clown was ONLY a drunk at an event.

      That alcoholic clown is actually in charge.

      He has Phil (Irish Water saga) Hogan as his sidekick. And Hogan is also very uncompromising.

    • You like that word ‘clown’ Mr. THRASHTHENEWS12!

      Haha, funny!

      • michaelcoughlan

        Hi Adam.

        What in the name of god is going on with bitcoin? Going straight up?


        • Lovely jubbly.

          Meanwhile you guys sit on the sidelines – still thinking about getting into Bitcoin – fully 4 years after I first recommended it! Beggars belief.

          Bitcoin is not just a tool, or an investment – it’s a way to directly subvert the current broken financial system and stick two fingers up to the banks and taxman at al.

          But most people are all talk, no action – as I’ve said many times on here before.

          The reason for the price rise is simple – massively increased demand. Because of increased and widespread usage.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Thanks adam. Love your posts. Simple direct straight forward language.

            warm regards,


          • c.eire

            Hi Adam

            I normally don’t post here only follow ( I wouldn’t have the knowledge ye guys have but enjoy reading your comments ).

            In your opinion is it too late to take a punt on BitCoin ? I’m willing to risk a little.

            From following this blog I’ve made a few good decisions thanks to a couple of other bloggers here ( Thanks TB ) but BitCoin I was a little cagey about due to the ‘ electronic ‘ nature of it.

            If the signs are saying there’s still a bit to go Id like your opinion on it.

            And yes I was one follower who remember you recommending BC when it was ALOT lower.



          • Hi Colin,

            No it’s not too late but if I was you I would split your investment / bet on a 50 / 50 basis between Bicoin and Ethereum – Ethereum being the second biggest cryptocurrency.



  8. Deco

    Cameron, a moderate, went to Brussels seeking reforms. He got no to his face. He had nothing to promise the British electorate, as justification for continued membership of the absurd super-state project.

    In fact, the response to Cameron has been a reminder to all those that cherish freedom, democracy, and ground up government, that the EU has simply lost the run of itself.

    The British are correct. This Irishman can see that. In fact a lot of people right across Europe can see that.

    Just as the British were right in 1588, in 1689, in 1756, in 1802, and in 1940. They are correct to say no to the idea of a political collossus that is unaccountable, inept and unmanagement.

    The real question is whether we have advanced as a society to the point that we can reform failing oversized political structures like the EU.

    The Soviet Union was a predecessor of the European Union, and it faced a similar scenario. It dithered in the Breshnev years. The eventual result was cathastrophic. Those that ignored the rules and the propaganda were those that were most capable of adapting when the system imploded.

    The problem is not Brexit. Brexit is a symptom of something going badly wrong in Europe. Merkel and Macron are examples of what will not fix anything. Macron is insufficient to the need to fix the French economy. Merkel is insufficient to the need to reform and decentralize the EU, because Merkel loves the power she holds and to which she was not elected to apply on other countries.

    • Deco

      By the way, we have had the misfortune of depending on Britain’s enemy as our own source of freedom.

      But, we must have the moral courage to see what is right, and what is wrong here. And clearly the idea that more more power should be centralized is immoral. Simon Coveney calls it “sovereignty pooling”. The ECB telling us to bail out bondholders, reveal this to be an absolute lie.

    • Deco

      Actually, I wish to correct something that I stated earlier.

      The British were NOT on the morally right side in 1756. They were on the immoral side in 1756.

      Prussia was a vile, centralist, militarist, cancer from it’s inception. Europe would have been much healthier if the Austrians, Saxons(Poles), Russians and Swedes dismembered Prussia, and ended the Hohenzollern dynasty. There would have been no Prussian takeover of Germany, no arms race of Prussian inspired World Wars. And there would probably not have been the dismemberment of Poland, or the subjugation of the more peaceful Saxony, which was Prussia’s main rival.

      In North America, the preservation of French power, would have been far better for American native tribes, who would not have been wiped out with such a determined settlement as occured under the English speaking Americans. Likewise Louisiana was nothing as vile as it’s neighbours to the east, who availed of the end of French rule to push an even more vile racialist regime westward, than that which existed in the Delta basin.

      So, in this scenario the British were probably not doing the right thing.

      Glad I corrected that, before Greg came to correct me on the effect of Prussia in particular on European history.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        That’s right.

        The 18th century union Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania-Saxony was probably the only period in the second millenium Polish-German relation when those countries (this is a simplification for brevity purposes of course, as there was no country such as Germany until Bismarck) were neither at war nor one of them was not occupied by the other: and even at the time, Prussia was already plotting the future partitions of Poland, by signing a Treaty of Potsdam with Russia, on February 17, 1720, in which both sides obliged themselves to coordinate their policies aimed at weakening the Commonwealth (the most important aspect was ensuring 0 via network of their agents – that the union of Commonwealth and Saxony would be prevented from building a strong army capable of defending itself).

        A completely forgotten (even by the Poles, who however remember the 1720 Postsdam Prussia-Russia agreement) – but how important! – historical episode was the alliance signed in Vienna on January 5, 1719, by Austria, Great Britain (King George I) and the King of Poland and Saxony, which would have changed the fate of the world, had it been implemented. The only reason it was not implemented was because Prussia and Russia, through the network of their agents, prevented it from passing in the Polish Parliament (in the Commonwealth, it was very difficult for the King to pass any law if the members of the parliament did not want it – this was why the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania had very low taxes).

        Instead of having an anti-Prussian alliance of Austria , Poland and Great Britain (which from a legal point of view remained in suspenso manere), we saw a year later an anti-Austrian, anti-Saxon and anti-Polish alliance of Prussia and Russia – even though earlier on, in 1697, it was Russia that contributed to the of Saxonian Augustus as King of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Russia and Austria helped to financed his election through the banker Berend Lehmann: here a word of explanation – in Poland, to become the king, you had to win the election, and there was always a few candidates, who all had their own long election campaigns – later on Thomas Jefferson, who studied the laws of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania, would use that designing the US electoral system).


        Despite all of that, Poland remained very prosperous a country in 18th century (still with a bigger GDP per capita than Prussia), e x c e p t it no longer had its strong army, with Dresden and Warsaw quickly becoming great European centres of culture (certainly greater than Berlin at the time, which was still a swampy, provincial town).

        So friendly were the Polish-Saxon relations that the Poles named their first (and one of the first in the world) publicly accessible garden the “Saxon Garden” (it still looks pretty much like in 17th century, and everyone can visit it):

        His full title was btw: Augustus II, by the grace of God, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Ruthenia, Prussia, Masovia, Samogitia, Livonia, Kiev, Volhynia, Podolia, Smolensk, Severia and Chernihiv, and Hereditary Duke and Elector of Saxony – so you can see that the King of Poland was named as the first and most important in his official title.

        His successor was Augustus III of Poland. Prussia was at that time still a weaker state than Saxony (not to mention Poland); for example, Saxony was in charge of the Protestant body in the Reichstag with Prussia and Hanover – even though they tried to oust Saxony from being in charge (and even though Augustus III, in order to become a King of Poland, converted to Catholicism).

        The world would not have known about Johann Sebastian Bach if it was not for the King of Poland, because he was financing him – I bet you that no one in Ireland knows that Bach’s official title was… ‘Koeniglicher Pohlnischer Hoff Compositeur’ (‘Royal Polish Court Composer,’ – this title is engraved on the title page of Bach’s famous Goldberg Variations), and Bach dedicated the Mass for the Dresden court (Kyrie and Gloria of what would later become his Mass in B Minor) to Augustus.


        Unfortunately, Great Britain contributed hugely to destroying this peaceful alliance, and it went like this: Austria had been allied to Britain and Prussia had stolen Silesia from Austria during the war and Austria wanted British help to recover it – but the British refused; so the Austrians approached their historical enemy France and made a defensive treaty with her—thereby dissolving the twenty-five year Anglo-Austrian Alliance. The reason Britain refused was because they hoped to rebalance the two sides in central Europe – and thereby make a war potentially mutually destructive to all, thus weakening both of them, and strengthening Britain as an intermediary.

        The British reacted to Austrian-French alliance by making a similar agreement w i t h P r u s s i a at the Westminster Convention.

        Frederick the Great had a number of supporters in London, including William Pitt who welcomed the rapprochement between Britain and Prussia, while the Dutch Republic stayed neutral. Egged on by the British support and plotting, Frederick launched a pre-emptive strike against Austria in August 1756 – overrunning Saxony and Bohemia. But he was soon faced with an onslaught of enemies including France, Austria, Sweden and Russia and was forced to retreat.

        By 1757 PRUSSIA WAS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE, but then the British began to send large financial subsidies to support their ally.

        On 11 April 1758 the two states concluded the Anglo-Prussian Convention formalising their alliance. Neither side would make peace without consulting the other (Dull, Jonathan R. The French Navy and the Seven Years’ War. University of Nebraska Press, 2005., p. 123).

        Following the occupation of Emden, a British contingent was despatched to the continent to serve with the Duke of Brunswick, a Prussian ally – and they served to shield Frederick’s western flank – allowing him to focus in other directions. THIS ALSO ALLOWED PRUSSIA TO RETAIN RICH SILESIA, CRUCIAL TO THEIR POWER – HISTORICALLY SILESIA WAS NOT GERMAN, BUT IT WAS SWITCHING OWNERSHIP BETWEEN CZECHS – out of all nations, the Czechs have most historical rights to Silesia – POLES AND THEN AUSTRIANS (so Germans in Silesia are a bit like Ulster Scots in Ireland, thus their claims to Silesia as “their” Heimat from which they were expelled are really far-fetched: the first known states to hold power in Silesia were Greater Moravia at the end of the 9th century and Bohemia early in the 10th century; in the 10th century, Silesia was incorporated into the early Polish state).


        After Britain had helped Prussia to become Europe’s primary military power, Prussia betrayed Britain by rejecting approaches from Britain to form a similar alliance before and during the American War of Independence. Prussia instead concluded a fresh alliance with Russia in 1764 while Britain remained diplomatically isolated.

        Although it was Russia who (by far) took most Polish territories during the Partitions of Poland, it was Prussia who gained the most economically: In 1793, the Kingdom of Prussia annexed GDANSK (DANZIG) and TORUN (THORN) – Copernicus birthplace (Copernicus was educated at the same univerisity in Kraków that I was, and spoke Polish), PART OF THE CROWN OF POLAND SINCE 1457.

        Overall, Prussia gained about 20 percent of the former Commonwealth territory (149 000 km²) and about 23 percent of the population (2.6 million people).





  9. Deco

    This is a far bigger problem for the Eurozone than the Greeks.

    The French left, and their insistence on the unsustainable.

    Macron is weak, inexperienced, and insubstantive. The organized French Left are straight out of the blocks, to intimidate Macron in case he tries to do anything that he promised.

    It remains to be seen if he will keep any promises. He may well be another illusion, like Hollande who will fix nothing. But the indications are that he will not be let, should he even try.

    Macron has got what he asked for. Now, can he stomach it ?

    The French Left will put a FN President into office, within a decade. They are too greedy.

    If France is lucky, a Thatcherite will prevent that happening. It would have happened this time, were it not for Lady Penelope.

    • McCawber

      Expect plenty of fake news from Macron.
      France is and has been a communist satelite economy as in a spacer.
      The old germany would have cracked the whip but try to imagine Merkel in black boots and all the leather gear along with whip.
      Not a pretty sight, add in Kenny in his “bottler” best and the mind boggles.
      Is there a serious, real leader anywhere in Europe?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej


        First to Mr Macron (or Macaroni, as he is called in Polish conservative circles): he reminds me a young Donald Tusk a lot in his
        -manipulation potential, and
        -readiness to go the whole way to crush his opponents while still radiating the aura of a nice boy.

        A good antidote to the “he’s such a nice boy” aura is to watch him speak with the sound off (I always do that when I analyse the body language of my political oponents), or to see him after his victory being kissed in his hand by his wife, or whatever we want to call her.

        Having said that, Mr Macron is not really different from any other French politician apart from De Gaulle of course, so let’s not get hysterical over him.

        But all that personal details including whether he is sincere or not are u n i m p o r t a n t compared to one small, but crucial difference with Mr Tusk:

        Mr Tusk has STASI/BND written all over him (I have been closely following his career for over 20 years now),

        while Mr Macron has “City” written all over him (and then Mr McWilliams is surprised that Mr Macron says that he does not want to punish Britain – well, that
        either means nothing
        it means punishing weaker countries, like Poland or Ireland, instead of punishing Britain (punishing Britain for Brexit is a wrong language that obfuscates the real meaning of it: it is not about p u n i s h i n g Britain, but rather it is about s h o w i n g Germany’s STRENGTH: if the EU really wanted to punish Britain, they would implement a law stating that euro denominated financial instruments can be only traded in the EU, which would probably cause the City to cease to exist as most of that trade is done in the City.

        The “not-punishing Britain” may for example take a form of striking a deal with the City over the heads of the Irish (i.e. abandoning of the EU’s riduculous demand of (now) 100bn euro Brexit-divorce bill in return for Carolingians promise to the City to eliminate the Irish low tax regime and sanctioning Poland based on made-up “democracy threat” grounds.

        Secondly, as to the auld Germany not cracking the whip over France as – as you rightly noticed – a communist satelite economy: much of the 1970s French economy “revival” was thanks to France selling licenses for their obsolete technologies to countries like 1970s Gierek’s Poland – after all we did travel on Berliet buses in the 1970s – or Romania (Dacia and Renault), or making Greece their satelite – in fact, France and Italy have secretely rejoiced over the introduction of the Martial Law in Poland because that meant that this exporting bonanza will go on).

        But there is one reason why Germany has been, for decades, ALLOWING FRANCE TO SUSTAIN THIS MONSTER CALLED COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY (which devours most of the EU budget), seemingly at a huge expense of the German taxpayer: because one of the consequences of WWII is that Germany is not allowed to have their nuclear weapons, it is HOPING TO TAKE OVER the French nukes eventually: this is why the German economic growth (itself financed by first debt and WWII reparations forgiveness + lack of military expenses, then by the EU enlargement and the Mittel-Europa plan – Germany recovers all the money they pay towards the EU subsidies to 10 new countries with exemplary damages.

        I would like to remind the readers that after the initial debacle of the French dream of having a Mediterranean pocket empire (this was just Germany apping the ante) on September 2010 – when the European Union Ambassador to Morocco, Eneko Landaburu, stated that he does “not believe” in the Union for the Mediterranean – Germany then did a U-turn and on October 18, 2010, an informal France-Germany summit took place in Deuville, where President Sarkozy agreed to Give Germany a free hand in peripheral countries such as Greece, Poland and Ireland (despite David’s repeated claims that we “we are not Poland or Greece”, for the Carolingian Europe, Ireland is and will a l w a y s remain a complete periphery due to its location, small population and lack of any army – Ireland could have overthrown the entire balance of power in Europe for her favour, if it allowed the US navy to control the trade by using its ports, but to make it worthwhile, it would have to make sure that her deal with the US would be at least as benefitial for Ireland as the US presence was for Turkey, who demanded payments in cash for everything – and ideally even more benefitia, like the Israel/South Korean/Taiwan technology transfers from the US army for to their IT sectors: ever wondered why Ireland is Europe’s headquarters of the US IT companies, but unlike South Korea/Taiwan, it does not produce any own electronics? – THAT’S WHY: no technology tranfers from the US army).

        Speaking of France: did you know that before Serge Gainsbourg recorded Je t’aime moi non plus with Jane Birkin (with whome he was kicking about), earlier in 1967 he recorded an unknown version with Brigitte Bardot (in fact, he wrote it for Bardot)? This version is really unknown as it was played on the French radio ONLY ONCE, whereupon Bardot’s husband (they were freshly married) went into one of those petulant tantrums some French men are known for, started throwing things over their house, and eventually threatened to suit everyone who would play it ever again.


        Hoping this is not the case anymore, I am linking to it:

        1967 version with Bardot:

        Which version do you think is better – the one with Birkin or with Bardot?

        1969 version with Birkin:

        P.S. When you see this word “between your kidneys” being used, these are metaphores that the French use (no wonder we Poles had to teach them how to use forks and sanitation in the bathroom).

        P.S. II. Of course Macron’s version would involve two men – but what to do with the phrase “between your kidneys”?

    • McCawber

      Re the Greeks and our own experience, the lesson to be learned is a simple one.
      Don’t let the EU make their problem your problem.
      Quite the opposite in fact, make your problem their problem.
      So if the Irish government of the day doesn’t like what has been negotiated they should say ‘non’ and they should be hinting at that now (just a word in the ear like, preferably using a megaphone)
      The most we should offer are broad suggestions with no ownership – ‘these are possible solutions you guys might like to look at in more detail’

      • McCawber

        And if we do come up with a good idea we should keep it to ourselves until the last minute so as not to give them enough time to fuck it up too.

    • I am looking at the electoral process with some interest. There have been proposals in Canada to change the first past the post system we have in Canada. The conservatives had 39% of the popular vote yet won a majority of seats. The liberals swore for change. On being elected with just 39.5% of the vote they speedily abandoned any vote for change saying any proposals were not what they had in mind.

      In France the initial vote is a sort of first past the post for president. But the front runners had barely 22% and were promoted to the run off. That means that 56% of the people we now voting for not their choice. How can Macron claim legitimacy when the majority of his votes were placed as a vote against the alternative.

      I think I will stick with first past the post.

      The only time there is a are you for or against question is a referendum. Decided by majority. At least there the results can be tabulated as an affirmative vote on the whole.

      Referendum , Initiative and recall were enacted in BC.

      • Voting of any type is a total waste of time.

        • Could be Adam but changes have been accomplished. The government in BC has for the most part produced prosperity for a lot of people. Natural resources play a part no doubt but the companies have paid good wages to a lot of people with persuasion from strong unions.
          There are strong social programs and often as not a balanced budget.

  10. McCawber

    Fundamentally speaking – whatever happened to free will and self determination.
    PC is what happened and EC = PC

    • McCawber

      The Anglo Saxons have got it right.
      All the EC’s best and brightest can manage is a few “rhubarbs”

      • Deco

        If there was an alcoholic beverage based on rhubarb, do you think Juncker would leave it in the bottle ?

        The bit I find baffling is how once again the Anglicans are defending the practical implemenation of free-will, and the Catholics on the Continent have ditched it.

        The EU is proven to be repeatedly in contradiction of the concept of “government with the consent of the governed”.

        • McCawber

          I once made (tried to make) rhubarb wine.
          It tasted like what I imagine paint stripper might taste.
          My blackberry wine, however, was a real hit with my mother-in-law, a good example of how to win friends and influence people, even if I do say so myself.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I guess Juncker (let’s call him “Junkier”) is very happy about this French law (from the link on 15 bizarre French laws):

          “8. It is illegal to drink any alcohol at work, except wine, beer, cider, pear cider and a fermented honey drink called hydromel”.

  11. Deco

    What has gone wrong in the world that a well run, highly thought of, excellent customer driven business is being undermined by a “unicorn” that has yet to prove it’s commercial worth, and the relentless damage of low interest rates ?

    The whole thing is madness.

    Money printing is now propping up badly run businesses like Detroit and Uber, whilst punishing the well run Hertz.

    Madness. It is an indication that Ponzi-economics does more harm than good. Even to well run businesses, with a perfect reputation for customer care.

  12. Deco

    When the euphoria settles concerning Macron, one realisation will come centre stage.

    Macron is insufficient to the task of fixing the French predicament.

    • McCawber

      While I think most of us would agree with you it’s hard to see who would be “sufficient ” to the task you mention.

  13. McCawber

    Surprised btw, David, that you didn’t do a piece on Trump’s first 100 days.
    Lying low eh?

  14. michaelcoughlan

    “When fundamentalists take control”

    My two pence worth;

    When fundamentalists take control of the worlds money supply fundamentalists take control of the world’s political system.

    That wasn’t hard Dathi was it?

    As for Roisin (Ireland)?

    She will behave like the good hooker she is and will do what any good hooker wood do in a threesome; She will satisfy both clients simultaneously so long as they keep the money coming in her direction pun intended.


  15. terryhewett

    Those crafty Brexiteer Jihadis in Surrey are at it again. Saints preserve us!

  16. “”Although the terms fundamentalism and fundamentalist have entered common parlance and are now broadly applied, it should not be forgotten that the myriad movements so designated vary greatly in their origins, character, and outlook. Thus, Islamic fundamentalist movements differ from their Christian and Jewish counterparts in having begun as essentially defensive responses to European colonial domination. Early Islamic fundamentalists were reformers who wished to affirm the value of their religion by returning to what they sought to portray as its pristine original form; their movements only gradually acquired the militancy characteristic of much religious fundamentalism today. On the other hand, these movements share with Christian and Jewish fundamentalism an antipathy to secularism, an emphasis on the importance of traditional religiosity as their members understand it, and a strict adherence to sacred texts and the moral codes built upon them. Although these and other common features are important as sources of insight, each fundamentalist movement is in fact unique and is best understood when viewed in its own historical and cultural context.”"

    The use of the words fundamentalism and jihadists is designed to curtail debate to one about extremism.

    The opinions now expressed will be judged according to another’s point of view. What rational debate can take place?

    Who is in control of Europe is already exposed in the above comments. Just follow the money.
    Who promoted Macron? Who funded Macron? Who promoted Macron.
    The answer in all three cases is the same.
    Rothschild et al.

    When David has the balls to grapple with this topic and give it some air time we will perhaps get somewhere.

    If he continues to be silent.? He does not agree. He is prevented by others. He is afraid of the consequences. he…fill your own reason.

    I do not envy the position he is in!!!!

  17. Truthist

    Me-hole Martin & Varadakar & Simon Coveney ;

    Are they also like Trump in their own ways ?

    Will they betray Ireland to our EU Freemason Overlords ?

    Are Me-hole, & Varadakar, & Coveney too, Freemasons ?
    It is widely agreed that Bertie Ahern is a top Freemason.

    The secret meaning of Donald Trump’s “Snake” poem

    By Kevin Barrett
    Veterans Today Editor

    May 8, 2017

    On its way to vote one Tuesday

    Down the path along side the lake

    A tender hearted nation saw a slick, silver-tongued snake

    His orange-red hair and skin had been all frosted with the dew

    “Oh well,” the nation cried, “I’ll take you in and vote for you”

    “Vote me in oh tender nation

    Vote me in, for heaven’s sake

    Vote me in oh tender nation, ” sighed the snake

    The nation took that snake into its beautiful White House

    And watched it curl up beside a book by Leo Strauss

    And though he couldn’t read, he got the message pretty quick

    And with sharpened fangs prepared to prove himself a toxic prick

    “Vote me in, oh tender nation

    Vote me in, for heaven’s sake

    Vote me in oh tender nation, ” sighed the snake

    The nation clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried

    “If Hillary had won, by now I’m sure we’d all have died”

    Now she watched his pretty speeches and then she kissed and held him tight

    But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite

    “Vote me in, oh tender nation

    Vote me in, for heaven’s sake

    Vote me in oh tender nation, ” sighed the snake

    “I elected you,” cried that nation

    “And you’ve bit me even, why?

    You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”

    “Oh shut up, silly nation,” said the reptile with a grin

    “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in

    “Vote me in, oh tender nation

    Vote me in, for heaven’s sake

    Vote me in oh tender nation, ” sighed the snake

    Why does Trump keep repeating the lyrics to that Al Wilson song about the ungrateful snake? You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to suspect that something weird and powerfully unpleasant is going on in the deep dark depths of the President’s unconscious mind.

    If you asked Trump, or the average Trump voter, he might tell you he loves “The Snake” because it sums up our predicament with respect to illegal aliens. If we let the damn Mexicans in, they’ll bite us! If we let the damn Muslims in, they’ll blow us up!

    But there is a serious problem with that interpretation. Watch closely – if you can stand it – as Trump reads the poem.

    Trump obviously relishes the poem. In fact, he relishes it too much. It turns him on. Ponder the implications of that.

    At a deep, unconscious level, it’s obvious that Trump identifies with the snake. Not the woman. The snake!

    The snake, Uncle Sigmund used to say as he chomped on a cigar, is the ultimate phallic symbol. That’s why, in the Garden of Eden, when the snake reared his ugly head, the primordial couple had to cover it up with fig leaves.

    Al Wilson’s song is about a male psychopath who seduces and betrays a woman. Confronted, the psychopath excuses himself by saying “you knew I was a bad boy when you let me seduce you, so what did you expect?”

    It’s obvious why Trump identifies with the role of psychopathic seducer. What else has he been doing all his life? Using and discarding women. Using and discarding clients. Using and discarding voters.

    We knew all about Trump before we took him in.

  18. Truthist

    “THE CITY”

  19. Truthist

    It is a brilliant move by The Dreadful Few upon :

    the Arab & other Muslim nations that they hate

    The Dreadful Few are helped in dividing & conquering their target list of Arab & other Muslim countries through “colour revolutions” by encouraging its strong & healthy young men to flee to Europe instead of defending their own peoples from the proxy forces of ISIS & USA & UK & EU & private mercenaries of BP-Shell inter alia ;
    Some of these countries are earmarked for to “make Israel great again” ; “Make Israel great again” is the real objective of Trump / Tramp ;
    Not “Make USA great again” ;
    By the way, USA was NEVER great ;
    It has been a tool of the Freemasons from the beginning.
    But, Israel was great for a brief while under King Solomon [ From which the surname "Sullivan" is ].
    Greater Israel according to the Israel’s Flag & the tomb-stome of Yitzhak Shamir, former President of Israel & Irgun member [ he adopting the codename Michael in honor of Michael Collins of IRA & IRB ; Yet, Collins would abhor atrocities which the Irgun committed, were Collins to be alive then ] is to stretch from Nile to Euphrates.

    the sons of Japheth [ Caucasians ] that they “especially” hate ;

    The Dreadful Few seem to forget, though, that the Irish, prior to the arrival of the Vikings & the Normans, are the sons of Shem ;
    The Irish are essentially Semites.
    Ah, but we are still followers of Christ [ However on aggregate nominally so ] ; And particularly, we ostensibly Catholic ( along with Orthodox Christians, on that account we are most hated by them ) ]


  20. Deco

    It seems that the gardai here are finding jihadis just about everywhere.

    Well, everywhere except in the studios of Pravda-RTE. Where they are not jihadis but representatives of an entirely human construct that is deemed to be above any form of criticism.

  21. Truthist

    “The City’s” / “The City [of London']” / “The British” Empire has always been for a united Europe ;

    Schism between Scottish Rite Freemasonry [ dominant in UK & Ireland & USA & British Commonwealth ] & Grand Orient Freemasonry [ dominant in continental Europe ].
    Also, schism between Freemasonry in UK [ England specifically ] & Freemasonry in Italy ;
    But, this latter mentioned schism is probably all healed up now.

    Rothschilds control the establishment of each European country through the Freemason Lodges ;
    Anyone who begs to differ is :
    a novice to business & politics & how society really is
    a moron ; And, regrettably, we have some in our midst 8-)
    a liar.



    Tony Brogan as scholar on “true” money & the diabolical conspiracy by the Rothschilds — involving private Central Banking & non-Precious Metal currency — against the bulk of populace of world, knows this to be fact from having personally gleaned it so from his oft recommended source Griffin, & also from the ORIGINAL truth-teller about Federal Reserve Bank of USA ; Mr. Eustace Mullins.

    Grzegorz knows so too. ;
    And, u betcha that Grzegorz’s nemesis Mr. Tusk is a very high degree Freemason.

    And, Deco should acknowledge this the most critical fact about EU project when he feels like doing so.
    Deco, for all his contempt of the French Revolution, is strangely intellectually silent about the obvious knowledge that the Freemasons owned the French Revolution.
    By the way, much as I appreciate especially great qualities of Napoleon, & this unfortunately much to the chagrin of Deco, I readily admit that he also was a Freemason.

    And, I reiterate for the times that we live in ;

    It is long & widely agreed by very astute opinion in Ireland that Bertie Ahern is a top Freemason.

    • Truthist

      HEADING ;
      G Edward Griffin – The Masonic Conspiracy Unveiled !

      by G Edward Griffen

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “betcha that Grzegorz’s nemesis Mr. Tusk is a very high degree Freemason.” – only provided that there were freemasons in STASI, of which I doubt (this does not exlude him joining some organisations later on, but if we look at his early career, he was clearly pushed by STASI, and played a huge role in the early 1990s hostile takeover of Polish industrial companies by German industrial companies; he also played a role in the 1992 coup d’etat in Poland – the so called “Nocna Zmiana”).

      You should bear in mind that Poland was specific when it comes to freemasonry because in the 20th century, the army was always reluctant to it, so much so that President Mo?cicki’s 1938 (November 22) decree saw a dissolution of all the Freemasons’ organisations – and freemasons began to have a really hard time in Poland (and Poland began to have a really bad press in the West).

      After WWII, this very hard time continued, and the only active and tolerated lodge was Kopernik (Copernicus) Lodge in the History Institute of the Warsaw University, which was the branch of the Grand Orient de France (I hope that you will take this remark with open heart: I’ve noticed that when you write about freemasons, Rotschilds, etc, you tend to forget that Scottish/English/Irish/US freemasons are in a mortal fight with Grand Orient de France).

      It was from that lodge that important figures in Polish 1990s politics emerged: notably Jacek Kuron, Bronislaw Geremek (Polish 1990s Foreign Minister and one of the architects of the round table, and Adam Michnik – who does not need introduction).

      For more information on the history of freemasons in Poland (this source is from Polish freemasonic lodge Galileusz, so it is sympathetic to freemasonic – or precisely to Grand Orient – case; but I know that you will find it interest despite of that, and maybe even b e c a u s e of that), look at that link:

      • Truthist

        Much thanks for yet another helpful reply Grzegorz.

        And, yes, I am aware that there is “a feud” / “‘just for show’ feud” between Scottish Right Lodge Freemasonry & Grand Orient Lodge Freemasonry ;
        I even referred to it above.

        Meanwhile, I remain very intrigued why Deco of all people is so shy to discuss :

        the fact of the mounting control that the Freemasons had on French politics [ internal affairs & external ], & actual administration, & business, even before the French revolution
        the fact that the French revolution was a Freemason project from the beginning & right throughout ;
        Thus, the slaughter
        Thus, why Napoleon was allowed to become leader of revolutionary France ; Napoleon was a Freemason of course.
        the fact of the overwhelming control that the Freemasons had on French politics [ internal affairs & external ], & actual administration, & business, & culture, even after the defeat of Napoleon
        the fact of the the fact of the overwhelming control that the Freemasons have on French politics [ internal affairs & external ], & actual administration, & business, TODAY.

        the fact that the EU is simply the project of the Freemasons ; And, it on behalf of the Rothschilds.

        the fact that the Freemasons control Italy ;
        The mafia is very weak compared to them ;
        In fact, the mafia — just like the Yakusa [ of Japan ] — are allowed to exist because they are “dog-useful” for the establishment to control certain matters.

        the fact that the Freemasons within Irish society at home & ABROAD have an increasing nefarious control on Irish affairs.

        the fact that the Vatican is riddled with Freemasonry

        the fact that most of the leading Trotskyites & leading Stalinists & leading so-called Conservatives are known to be Freemasons.

        Incidentally, an Irish female Member of European Parliamant confirmed to me personally that most of the MEPs are Freemasons, & also that the learned opinion is that BERTIE AHERN IS A HIGH DEGREE FREEMASON ;
        Deny that he can, but we all know that Bertie is a LIAR on other grave matters.
        That man should be in prison for life for what he has done to the Irish nation.

        inter alia.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “‘just for show’ feud” between Scottish Right Lodge Freemasonry & Grand Orient Lodge Freemasonry ;

          No, it is not just for show. There have been wars waged because of that, foreign polcies shapes, etc. Where there are contrasting financial interests, it is not for show. Btw, “Scottish Rite” is a bit of simplification, as what it really is is British freemasonry v continental freemasonry.

          the fact of the mounting control that the Freemasons had on French politics [ internal affairs & external ], & actual administration, & business, even before the French revolution” -

          although it always makes me think who sent John Law to create first ever Keynesian economy (money out of thin air) in pre-revolutionary France…

          1.2 “Thus, why Napoleon was allowed to become leader of revolutionary France” – yes, and is
          t h a t not the best evidence for you, dear Truthist, that considering his wars against Britain, the Grande Orient v British freemasonry conflict IS NOT FOR ONLY SHOW, but dead serious?……….

          2. “on behalf of the Rothschilds” – Rotschilds, Rotschilds, always Rotschilds – you wrong other families ;-) LOL.

          3. “the fact that the Freemasons control Italy ;
          The mafia is very weak compared to them ;” – well, not from the perpective of someone running as small business in Italy, like one person from my extended family, who lived in Apulia since 1972! They always had problems with mafia (so much so that they had to leave Italy after 40 years), and never with freemasons…

          Having said that, on 21 May 1981, following the famous legal proceedings, the Italian government released the list of Propaganda Due membeers and it included all of the heads of the secret services, 195 officers of the different armed forces (12 generals of the Carabinieri, 5 of the financial police Guardia di Finanza, 22 of the army, 4 of the air force and 8 admirals), as well as 44 members of parliament, 3 ministers and a secretary of a political party, leading magistrates, a few prefects and heads of police, bankers and businessmen, civil servants, journalists and broadcasters, a top official of the Banco di Roma, Italy’s third largest bank at the time, and a former director-general of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), the country’s largest. Impressive!

          the fact that the Vatican is riddled with Freemasonry”

          In 1977 the P2 took control of the Corriere della Sera newspaper.


          But don’t you ever forget that Vatican and Latin American Catholic Church was massively infiltrated by KGB prior to Second Vatican Council…

          6. “Incidentally, an Irish female Member of European Parliamant confirmed to me personally that most of the MEPs are Freemasons” – ahhh, so this is why they a l l e x c e p t for Kathy Sinnott) voted there to make their expenses secret – including Mary Lou?

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          To complicate matters further, in Italy, Propaganda Due is conflicted with Grande Oriente d’Italia (they had disciplinary proceedings against their members whome they found to have connections with P2).

          This is where I say that your view on those clandestine organisations seems to be, at times, oversimplified, and asked for leniency in reaction to my criticism: it would appear to me that where you see just one “The Dreadful Few”, “us against them” CENTER, I see a web of various clandestine organisations who very rarely would cooperate with each other, but usually they are locked in lethal conflict with each other.

          Instead of having the world government some people are talking about, I think that we rather have a situation akin to prohibition time New York: a few different mafia in deadly fight with each other as to who should control what, usually not crossing their boundaries, but sometimes – like mafias – they would cross them, and a fight would erupt between them: and this is when things start to get interesting, because on those occasions, things come out (not only on the so called conspiracy websites, but in normal courts) that would normally not come out.

          We see that very sharply in the third millenium Poland: being at a crossroads, it is an arena of a deadly fight between various intelligence services, starting with BND – which BND, not CIA, has – since Operationsgruppe Warschau – the strongest influence there; FSB – remember, her predecessor infiltrated Vatican, and they seem to be in very good relations with Pope Francis – Russian Orthodox Church is basically run by ex-KGB, with Ciril being a high KGB member himself, to which he publicaly admitted; by CIA, by Mossad, and a Chinese intelligence – the latter very active in Poland now even on the town administration levels!).

          Same with freemasonry, which is legal since 1990s: there are even people who say – which to my knowledge is a h u g e exaggeration – that all what goes on in Polish foreign politics can be explained as an ongoing conflict between Grand Orient de France (Polish Foreign Ministry used to be their mainstay, with prof. Geremek a member of Grand Orient himself since… late 1950s! – he was directing Polish Institute in Paris) and what you call the Scottish Rite (two Irish freemasons I spoke to denied that there is something like a Scottish Rite and they said that it is all British/Irish/Scottish freemasonry, with different rites).

          Like I said, this is an exaggeration (in fact, a harmful exaggeration, which o b f u s c a t e s other than freemasonic aspects, economic and geopolitical) – but, of course, and exaggeration with a kernel of truth in it. With a huge kernel.

          I find it very interesting that The Grand Lodge of Scotland has erased the European Court of Human Rights judgement on freemasonry in the military. Thanks to Benito Mussolini, about whome 3 good things can be said amidsts hundreds of bad things:

          1. He fought with mafia
          2. He made Italian public transport to have a working timetables – Italian trains became punctual up to a minute – I wonder if even Mussolini would have been able to do that in Ireland.
          and 3: He introduced laws prohibiting a membership in secret organizations for some categories of state officials (especially military officers).
          This ban was in place in Italy until… he European Court of Human Rights, following an action brought by a serving British naval officer, has established that any member nation attempting to ban Masonic membership for military officers is in breach of their human rights (so it is incorrect from you to say that the EU – or rather European Communities – was a freemasonic project from the beginning (if anything, it was more a Carolingian project) – it was only since the Spinelli group had their way in the EU Parliament, which was when the Maastrich Treaty was introduced).

          And this rulling of the ECHR, banning to ban certain categories of public sector workers: such as policemen, judges and army personel – from being members of clandestine organisations, was first published, and then deleted on the Scottish freemasonry website:


          I wonder if this ruling also applies to, I don’t know – white supremacists? Can KKK members be members of the police, courts and the army – because banning them from the army and the police would constitute a breach of human rights?

  22. McCawber

    At the risk of making myself clear.
    Ireland’s Brexit message should be.
    No to everything until we get everything we want.
    IE we need to firmky push back and keep pushing.
    Not our problem, your problem.
    When Juncker visits our shore it will indicate we might be succeeding in getting the message over.
    When he leaves our shores pissed (Preferably on some of my rhubarb wine – I’m a hoarder, I just know the stuff will come in useful some day) off then we’ll know he’s getting the message at last.
    Us running around Europe pretending we’re doing something is the last thing we should be doing.
    You want us to sign off on Brexut then you come to us and you show us why.
    There really is something to be said for that British stiff upper – one of many useful things we could have learned from them but didn’t.
    I hate our fawning fucking carry on.
    Rant over

  23. coldblow

    They have women members these days, no doubt, and equality and anti-discrimination policies in place but I am warming to the Surrey golfers, even if I dislike their sport and even if they most likely work in the City.

    There is no equivalence of extremes in this. Cameron was forced to hold a referendum he never expected to have to hold (because nobody expected a Tory majority win at the last election). The people voted Out and the liberal media, politicians and hangers-on on the social media did their nut. Whatever these people are it is not ‘moderate’. Fantasist is a better word.

    The EU has always been a federalist project, just it was concealed from the electorates and indeed most of the politicians over here don’t seem to have understood this. Taking the phrase from Clarke’s fashionable book about WW1 (Everyone was to blame. Nobody was to blame. The Germans bought thousands of copies) you could say that they all ‘sleep-walked’ into it.

    A few years ago (eight perhaps) I was at a one-day training course wehre the speaker had worked for years with the EU in Brussels. He was telling me later how they were all (including him) were deeply committed to Europe (whatever that means). These were fundamentalists. Patriots who want to get their independence back are not. They are actually moderates. The rest are sleep-walkers and fantasists.

  24. dwalsh

    What I found especially spiteful and immature was Mr Juncker declaring that the English language is losing its importance in Europe.
    The Brits will encounter the same brick wall of bureaucratic fundamentalism as the Greeks did.
    I agree with David; this will be awkward for Ireland; the proverbial rock and a hard place.
    The whole Brexit fiasco is total bs. The European project needs to be reformed, not abandoned.

    • McCawber

      Jucnker doesn’t know what he’s doing so he’s ranting.
      The British have said “NO”, enough said.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Mr Junky Cloud Junkier “doesn’t know what he’s doing so he’s ranting”: he most certainly does not what he’s doing – everyone who has any second thoughts about a politician known in his native Luxembourg for facilitating criminals from all over Europe and beyound in money laundering, should invest 30 seconds of his or her life in watching that video that says everything about the class of that man (I’m particularly disgusted by Mr Tusk’s smirk while witnessing the Al Capone style smacking-in-the-face – although I can see that finally even ruthless and immoral Tusk is getting distressed and disgusted at Mr Junkier’s behaviour):

        • McCawber

          If getting Britain to leave the EU is a good thing for the EU then he knows what he’s doing.
          If it isn’t (I don’t think it is, personally) then he doesn’t know what he’s doing or perhaps he isn’t interested in what’s good for the EU.
          All of which begs the question.
          What reason/s does he have for wanting Britain out of the EU.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I’ll put it that way: personally I think that getting Britain to leave the EU was bad for the EU because Britain was one of those countries who were opposing turning it into a super-state: along with V4, Scandinavian countries, Ireland, occasionally Holland and Luxembourg (who however are for federalisation in another aspects as federalisation benefits the Carolingian core).

            From a perspective of someone like Mr Juncker, it was good for the EU, because him and his ilk think that the EU should be turned into a superstate, which in their opinion would be good for the Carolingian Europe – which is what they want: because if they wanted the good of the whole Europe, they would not be attacking tax regime in Ireland while turning a bling eye to money laundering in Luxembourg and Germany, which is done there on a larger scale than in Ireland (but Ireland is an easy object to pick on because noone would stand to defend it: not Britain, who itself accused Ireland of tax dodging, and certainly not President Trump – because the entire Irish diaspora, government and Irish media put all their eggs in Hillary Clinton).


            It might turn out to be their miscalculation (that getting Britain to leave would make the superstate plan easier to implement), because what they thought would facilitate turning the EU into a super-state, might have an opposite effect – instead of crushing countries resistance to the EU super-state plans, it may strenghten their resistance.


            There is one factor they didn’t foresee: Trump. All of that provoking Britain into Brexit was done with as assumption that Ms Clinton will win, and she would have continued President Obama’s line of leaving Europe to Germany and focusing on South China Sea and Middle East instead.

            However, President Trump does not want the EU super-state and one of his embassadors explicitely said so
            a f t e r he was elected.

            There was a very interesting comment made on one of the Polish TV stations after Gaymanuel Moron was elected the Vice-President of Germany: they said that in fact, this was the victory for the Eurosceptics, because Mr Macron may come up with such ridulous and aggressive pro-superstate agenda, that this might goad more countries into leaving (having said that, the fact that Mr Macron is also, and maybe even primarily, a man of the City, complicates matters – unless a scenarion which I sketched here on this blog a few months ago comes into being: that Britain finally Brexits after all (despite of what people here think, Brexit has not really started yet) WHILE the City s t a y s in the EU (legally this would be very easy, as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has no jurisdiction in the City – again very few people know that, and probably not even Mr McWilliams and the Taoiseach – once she crosses the City borders, she as merely Ms Windsor).

            The crucial thing is what Mr SSchulz does when he is elected. Whatever we say about Angela Merkel, she sometimes shows some flexibility when reality contradicts her – albeit with a huge delay and after the milk had spilt. That elasiticity cannot be said about Mr Schulz, whose favourite expression in German when confronted with different views is “Klappe halten” (to shut the mouth). Together with Juncker and Tusk, they may form the Marx, Engels and Lenin trimvirate – btw, Mr Schulz’s right-hand, his Goebbels who was involved in corruption scandal (him and Mr Schulz) – his press officer – is called Engels. You couldn’t make it up.

        • Truthist

          Please conserve ur energy & intellectual capital & … TIME ;

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            In one sentence – the sheer fact that Gaymanuel Moron accused Mr Jaroslaw Kaczynski to be allied with President Putin shows how incredibly stupid and ignorant the Moron is; with the top French politicians being so slow learners, I’m actually amazed that those people had somehow managed to learn from us how to use forks and bathtubes ;-).

  25. Truthist

    Tony Brogan should be very interested in viewing this movie from Hollywood in 1934 about the Rothschilds ;

    The house of Rothschild 1934.
    Full Movie

  26. Truthist

    Tit-bits ;
    Well, “bits” anyway.









    They ought to go digging & panning for GOLD
    Up to them then wheter to keep it as REAL Money or to say gamble on buying Bitcoin ;
    Bitcoin is rising high presently ;
    I do wonder is the alternative Ethereum the wisest alternative to gamble on investing in ?


    KUSHNER IS THE “ACTUAL” PRESIDENT OF USA ; And, who elected him ?

    Ms. Le Pen is not what she seems ; Or so it seems.,7340,L-4627312,00.html


    “U DIDN’T KNOW THAT, DID U ?” 8-)



    Should be useful for David McWilliams to gain anchors for articles & speeches.


    • Ms. Le Pen is not what she seems ; Or so it seems.,7340,L-4627312,00.html

      This will not open for me!!

      • Truthist,7340,L-4627312,00.html

        HEADING ;
        The Israeli agent behind enemy lines

        Israelis knew him by his pseudonym Pierre Baudry, which he used while working as Yedioth Ahronoth’s correspondent in Baghdad, but Roger Auque was much more than your average journalist –

        One of his children, it was revealed before his death, is Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, granddaughter of right-wing politician Jean-Marie Le Penand. Maréchal-Le Pen became the youngest member of France’s parliament in history at the age of 22. While Auque’s relationship with her mother went on for mere days, she notified him of the birth.

        “I understood that the Le-Pen family didn’t want me to acknowledge the child,” he says. A decade passed before he was able to connect with his daughter. Auque had surprisingly kind words for Marine Le Pen, who inherited the right wing National Front party from her father, saying Marion’s aunt acted as a father figure in the child’s youth.

    • Truthist

      Re ; The last 2 links above

      Penultimate link was mistakenly a duplicate of link immediately before it

      Last 2 links should have been these bar the www etc parts ;
      But, here I thankfully can supply the www parts.

      I so far have failed in establishing who Spectator Index are ;
      I suspect that it is connected to British “Spooky” ? magazine The Spectator.
      Nonetheless, there are useful leads on its Twitter page.

  27. We had a BC election yesterday. Miniority government likely barring too close to call recount which could give the governing liberals a bare majority.
    complicated describes it alright
    There are 87 seats and the current vote 43 incumbent Liberal, 41 NDP, and Green 3.
    One riding went to the NDP by 8 votes. Advanced polls are yet to be counted and then a judicial recount may be as well. So a swing of the seat is not a surprise if it happens. Then it is 44, 40, 3 and the liberals a majority by a single seat.

      • Truthist

        No doubt u are familiar with the concept of ;
        “Bad” Bush vis-a-vis “Good” Bush ?

        Well, here is more of a shocker about another nemesis of Poland other than Donald Tusk ;
        Lends support to a certain theory too perhaps.

        “Bad” Hitler vis-a-vis “Good” Hitler / “Pretty” Hitler

        HEADING ;
        When Hitler Was A Common Last Name In Jewish Brooklyn

        May 10, 2017

        By JTA

        INTRO ;
        “Herr Adolf Hitler of Germany would be covered with confusion if he dared to enter the strictly kosher home of Mrs. Rose Hitler, pretty young Jewish housewife, who lives at 233 E. 92nd Street, in the heart of Brooklyn’s Brownsville.”

        That is the start of an improbable article from June 1933, entitled “Kiss the Mezuzah — and meet the Brownsville Hitlers.”

        It is a snapshot of a time when Hitler was a recognizable, if increasingly ironic, Jewish surname in New York City. According to Rose Hitler, more than 30 families across the city bore the last name of the man who became the chancellor of Germany that year …”

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I think that Ireland should make “the Irish Hitlers” a tourist attraction, on the same lines as it advertises James Connolly’s links with Lenin and it has a monument of Sean Russell in Phoenix Park (who tried to change the British occupation of the island of Ireland into the German one, and was every bit as evil as Hitler was, only much more stupid – i.e., he was setting up terrorist squads in London striking fire brigades in London working after bombings, and had, completely voluntarily, offered to the Nazis that if they invade Ireland, he will round up all Dublin Jews and send them to concentration camps).

          Btw, I was working with a German girl here in Ireland who was in CDU (she came here for a year to learn English) and was organising a scouting camp for the CDU youth (I told that story here once, but a long time ago).
          One day she was tasked with tour-guiding a Chinese trip, and was horryfied by them asking her why there are no monument of Hitler in Germany. In shock, she said: “but you know that he killed 6 million Jews – do you?”, to which the Chinese answered: “yes, but that was good for Germany – was it not?”.
          I’m not saying here that this is funny in case someone gets wrong notions, I am just conveying how the Chinese think.

          Btw, regarding Stephen Fry’s saga: although I am not in favour of blasphemy laws being adhered to in Ireland (I think I proved sufficiently that I am in favour of free speech), at the same time I cannot believe the level of hypocrisy of Stephen Fry and his vociferous defenders.

          First of all, it’s obvious that this was a publicity stunt from Mr Fry and noone was going to prosecute him. It would require more courage from him to offend some other religion and call their Gods “stupid” and “utter maniacs” – especially the official religion of Saudi Arabia. But the coward Mr Fry is, he would never do that.

          Secondly, it cost nothing (in terms of civil courage) to offend the name of God nowaydays – but would Mr Fry be also in favour of Holocaust jokes, or does he and his defenders think that since blasphemy law should be abolished, so should be tasteless Holocaust jokes – like this:

          And if anyone says that my analogy is stretched – no, it is not: Mr Fry and his colleagues had once laughed at the survivor of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings, saying things like:

          Mr Fry has also made jokes of children sex abuse victims, and blamed Poles for the Holocaust of Jews, saying “remember which side of the border Auschwitz was on” (well, it was on the German-occupied side, and it was primarily a death camp for Poles – so basically, what Mr Fry is doing is blaming the Poles for… being victims of the Holocaust.

          Frankly, Stephen – you are not the world’s best argument for the over-representation of faggots in the media…

          • Truthist

            The Russell’s were originally Jews who entered Ireland since we were conquered by the Brits.

            IRA members [ Jewish members of IRA ] — acting on behalf of Jews ONLY — organised the successful terrorist freedom victory for the Jews over the British & Palestinians in the Holy Land.

            They took the strategies of Tom Barry & Michael Collins ;
            Then they did things their own unique way.
            True IRA folk would be very against some of what the Israelis did to Brits, & all of what they did to Arabs.

            Fry is NOT a pedophile ;
            Fry would NEVER engage in pedophilia.
            No … Nay … Never
            Nope … Not at all
            I mean ; He is just not the type
            Yeah …

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Truthist, oh Truthist :-(

            Jews or no Jews – my point is totally
            d i f f e r e n t: Sean Russell was a stupid asshole as a person and politically naive imbecile as a politician, whose strategy of making Ireland a whore of the Nazis, with him as the Nazi alfons, would have ended up in a tragedy for Ireland much worse than the British occupation in the shape it had in the 20th century. Someone should finally blow up that fucking monument (in Fairview Park – I always mix that up with the Phoenix Park) the same way as the IRA blew up the Nelson’s column – I cannot fathom how a grown-up nation, or strictly speaking not the whole nation, but the one of its political parties, can celebrate those who wanted to exchange Irish independence as flawed as it was, into a full-fledged German occupation – because one takes an imbecile like the IRA/Sinn Fein Scum Russell to think that the Germans would liberate the north of Ireland from the Brits and kindly withdraw.

            The Germans were full of contempt for him and his “army”, which was the reason they abandoned the Unternehmen Grün (plans to invade Ireland), because even though the Scum Russell promised them to help them in invasion, they concluded that the IRA under his command was too shit of an army to facilitate that invasion.

            This of course does not undermine the original IRA of Michael Collins, which was able to stand up to the Brits – although Michael Collins was also very negative – to say the least – of the planning of the 1916 Rising from his colleagues (assuming that De Valera was not a British spy in first place, because not only the Brits saved his cowardly ass because he was the US citizen – Jeez, the Brits must have been the kindest people in the world, because other occupiers wouldn’t give a f…k; besides – that would have been an argument for shooting Mr De Valera, because in 1916, the US was rather anti-British; and even before WWWII, Roosevelt had plans for the war with Britain); so not only the Brits have not executed him, but they did everything they could to advertise De Valera by consistently presenting him as their main villain in the British Parliament – which of course had the opposite effect on the Irish.

            I would have said the same about Sean Russell if his family was Irish, English, Polish, German, Nigerian or reptilian ;-)


            “Yet it was people like Russell who persevered, and his life is a testimony to them.”

            His life was a life of a loser, naive political amateur, scumbag whose paper published obsequious peans to Adolf Hitler, and who wanted to round up the Dublin Jews and send them to Auschwitz, a man unable to organise an army even to stand up to De Valera’s childish army, who died of stomach ulcer on the German U-boot. It’s about time the Irish find out about it for they are not taught about it at schools or even universities, and that is probably on purpose: if a Polish guy was able to find in UCD archives what outrageous texts he was publishing (at least not before me), then why the Irish students cannot find out about it?

            “‘Oh here’s to Adolph Hitler,
            Who made the Britons squeal,
            Sure before the fight is ended
            They will dance an Irish reel.’
            (War News, 21 November 1940)”



            Dan Breen TD in 1943 to Hitler:

            “Congratulations to the Führer on his birthday. May he live long [and] lead Europe on the road to peace, security and happiness.

            Breen to Hempel, 20/4/1943, Office of Strategic Services, RG 226, Entry 210, Box 299. U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

            Oliver J. Flanagan TD in the Dail (he was described as “one of the cutest of cute hoors in the history of the Dáil”) in 1943: “There is one thing that Germany did, and that was to rout the Jews out of their country.”

            Geoge Bernard Shaw in 1938:
            “we ought to tackle the Jewish question by admitting the right of the State to make eugenic experiments by weeding out any strains they think undesirable.”

            So we celebrate those people, while Edmund Burke – who incidentally was figthing for the Irish language while in the British Parliament – is unknown in Ireland (he has an Institute named by him in Gdansk).

            P.S. Yesterday, I accidentally found out a fascinating thing: the 17th century so called Swedish deluge on Poland was financed by… Cromwell!

          • Truthist

            Apropos of u mentioning it ;

            Do u not think that Communism was great for the Chinese in China ?

            The Chinese people in their consciousness surely are ever so thankful to they who “guided” their leader Chairman Mao ;


            Google results for search term ;

            communist China AND Jews



            Google results for search term ;

            communist China AND Irish



          • Truthist

            I mentioned the origin of the name Russell name in Ireland for to inform u of the attendant irony about what u highlight ;
            There is always an attendant irony to the happenance of people.

            Traditionally, most IRA members are partial to socialism.
            And, for a long while Hitler appeared to be the supreme socialist.
            So, I can understand how most people around the world were very impressed with the Nazis ;
            And, do not forget that there was no mention of the Nazi concentration camps to the populace or the Allied armies during WW2 ;
            Were they told, I sure that it would have spurred even more bravery against the Germans by the young goys for to physically take the good fight declared on 24 March 1933 by “the nation” against Germany.

            Overall, the is no anti-Jewry in Ireland ;
            Because, we ostensibly have so few that most of us would claim to never having had an encounter with a Jew.
            Also, most of Irish never consider the Jews ;
            Do not forget, we Irish are obsessed about ourselves mainly.
            Go to a large bookgshop > search for a presentation of coffee table books on Ireland > observe over an hour or so passing along occasionally who most of the avid readers are ;
            9 out of 10, or indeed all, even in multi-cultural Ireland are of indigenous Irish.
            We love our country ;
            Specifically, I would say that we love landscape.
            We love it more than we love our fellow Irish people.
            But, anyway, we Irish are not anti-Jew.
            And, neither are we anti-Semetic
            we are not hostile against the semite ethnicity
            … Irish ;
            Yes, Irish are Semites ;
            And, really we are Jews ; T
            he Tribe of Dan ;
            The Celts are later arrivals.
            Ditto the Poles are later arrivals.

            Actually, I must qualify that statement ;
            The Irish are anti-semetic only so far as hating the Irish themselves.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “And, do not forget that there was no mention of the Nazi concentration camps to the populace or the Allied armies during WW2 ;” – but Sean Russell was in constant contact with Abwehr (trained by them; not to mention he friendship with Dr Goebbels) and HE and thus the IRA command knew e x a c t l y what was going on and what would happen to them… These were women and children, Truthist, not only some adult men Jews who were plotting against the Irish state and could have thus been classified as his political enemies :-(
            And why is t h i s part of IRA/Sinn Fein legacy hidden from the Irish public. I’m sympathetic to IRA and Sinn Fein, but to the o r i g i n a l IRA and early Sinn Fein (did you know they called them “Hungarian green band”?).

            Besides, did you hear of:


            When I think of heroes like Witold Pilecki (or Michael Collins) or “heroes” like Sean Russell, it makes me sick and angry to think of Russell. A PARTY LIKE SINN FEIN WHO CHERISHES SUCH “HEROES” CANNOT BE IN A GOOD SHAPE OR HAVE A GOOD TO SAVE THE NATION (their record in the North speaks for itself). How low you have to go to order attacks on volunteers in London fire brigades (surely some of them Irish – but I wouldn’t even do that to my enemies)?

            And he knew exactly what was in play when the whore offered the Nazis to round up the Dublin Jews (some of them were well assimilated to the Irish society) and send them to camps. And who told Luftwaffe what street to bomb in Dublin? I just cannot see any reason why he should have a monument in Fairview Park. I’d rather have a monument of someone like Mussolini, who was open in what he intended, than that sneaky hoore. I just don’t see anything in Russell’s life that would justified his praise by Sinn Fein – not least his plan to invite Germany to end to Irish independence (and don’t forget I’m saying this as a harsh critic of De Valera and his “achievements” in his failed state).

            “Traditionally, most IRA members are partial to socialism.” – sadly that’s true. And when I told one of them that James Connolly was in correspondence with Lenin and wanted to introduce the Soviet-style system, he thought that I was making an argument in f a v o u r of James Connolly :-(

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


  28. McCawber

    Brexit CTA problem?
    Possible step towards a solution.

    Price tag would be interesting.


    Seems like the same old same old fool me once etc., being employed each generation so the fools never learn.

  30. Knock yourselves out on this one lads, especially John.

    • Check this out Tony, hilarious – total propaganda. Central banks are very worried by Bitcoin so they are trying to react – but it’s way too late:

    • Truthist

      Even the great Henry Makow does not understand :

      the supreme logic of using known Precious Metal [ of choicest mass & purity & brand ] as Specie Money
      Precious Metal in this case being :

      the flawed logic of using any other Specie as Specie Money

      the more flawed logic of using “I owe u” [ I.O.U. ] / Debt Notes as substitute for Specie Money
      Treasury Note backed by Precious Metal at Treasury
      Private Bank Note backed by Precious Metal at Bank [ If they actually have it to back it 8-) ; But, they only can back 2% or even less if they are operating typical regime / scam of Fractional Reserve Banking ]

      the even more flawed logic of using non-Specie [ e.g. "Textile" Paper as substitute for Specie Money AND it NOT backed by Precious Metal but ONLY "Good Will" of Issuer :
      Issuer can be :
      & / or
      Private Bank [ e.g. Federal Reserve Bank of USA [ ( "Petro" 8-) ) Dollar ], Irish Central Bank ( when we had Punt ), ECB [ Euro ]

      the most flawed logic of using non-Specie [ e.g. "Textile" Note or worse ; mere Numerical Entry in Bank Account ONLY ] as substitute for Specie Money.

      But, Henry is almost there with understanding why it really must be Gold, & Silver separately too, as the ONLY final choice as Currency.
      Then the Currency would be real Money.
      And, because it is Metal ==> we can with some humor refer to it as Sound Money ; It can make sound when struck.

      I was almost thereabouts as Henry was & continues to be until I was educated over the mind-blocks by Tony Brogan here.

      I also felt that it is not feasible to insist that all Currency must be Gold & / or Silver.
      I had a case for using other metals instead.
      But, I was wrong.

      Yee are true fools for not engaging with Tony on the logic of why Currency should be Gold instead of any other representative.

      I wrote this on the fly ;
      And, I am submitting it on the fly.

      Here’s hoping that my effort at simplifying this Topic-requiring-Logical-Thinking is tenable in Tony Brogan’s reasoning.

      Tony Brogan is the best explainer of the logic & flaws involved in the choice of medium etc. for Currency.
      If it is not Gold &/or Silver ;
      ==> It is NOT Money.
      Otherwise, it is Non-Money Currency.

      I consider Bitcoin to be in the category of 5. above ;
      But, it is ironically virtually near to being of category 1. above ;
      But, it will never be ;
      Because, it will always be ONLY virtual.

      I just thought of suitable nicknames for Bitcoin, & the like :



      Copyright, & ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, 11 May 2017 Truthist

  31. Truthist


    Ireland is world’s 4th-largest shadow banking hub

    $2.2 trillion held in little-understood entities in IFSC

    Written by Joe Brennan

    “…the latest annual review of the sector by the Basel-based Financial Stability Board (FSB) …”

  32. Truthist

    KISSINGER ; Mr. “I only want to stop the hurt.” ; Hmm…m !

  33. Deco

    Is snapchat, “” all over again ?

    Not a business, but a hobby ? A past-time, rather than an economic venture ?

    We seen booms before based on a build out of productive infrastructure. Is this a boom based on unproductive infrastructure build out ?

    I reckon it is.

    I suspect that there is a massive wealth misallocation occurring which is making people into paper millionaires, on options – on the basis of a toy !!!

  34. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Do you know that average rents in South Co Dublin are now higher than the average rents in London?


    “in the Ligurian village of Bormida in Italy meanwhile, the major Daniele Galliano is hoping to offer grants of €2,000 – plus rock bottom rent of about €50 a month – to encourage people to live in the village, once home to about 1,000 people, which has now dwindled to less than 400.”

    And the town Görlitz (there is a town divided into two towns by the river – one part is on the Polish side, and it is called Zgorzelec, and another part is on the German side, and it is called Görlitz) is offering free beer to anyone who wants to move in and live there:

    • McCawber

      Ah yeah but D4 has a great climate unlike the other locations mentioned.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        But there are great dangers lurking for D4-heads if they incautiously cross the Liffey, hop onto the Luas Red Line, and end up in Tallaght exhausted and with no chances of returining to verdant, leafy streets of Donnybrook:

        “One does not simply traipse into Knackeragua. Its Black Gates are guarded by more than just Knackers. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Hardchaws are ever on the ball. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly.”

  35. Truthist

    Gold – Look Out Below!

    May 2, 2012

    INTRO ;
    The factors underpinning sky -high gold prices are spurious because currency is a medium of exchange, i.e. a coupon. It does not need to be “backed” by anything. As long as people are prepared to exchange real goods and services for these coupons, you want them.

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    • Truthist

      Sorry, that post was intended to be under my reply to Tony Brogan above Precious Metals as Money & also about Bitcoin etc.

    • Sure, I have a large bed sheet of particular pattern and curious odor.
      I’ll cut it up in small pieces , stamp each piece with 100 EURO on it and any one will be happy to have it as the latest, distinctive, currency. It should make exchanging goods and services a breeze!

      • Truthist

        I did state in the main post referring to Makow’s article that Makow is wrong ;
        Makow is saying that Currency is basically ONLY a token.
        And, yes, in his article he makes some very valid points.
        But, he is wrong.
        Yet, u can see that he is getting very close to the necessary breakthrough for UNDERSTANDING the difference between


        Hugo Salinas Price’s proposed “Money” Currency AND it available as Gold also AND it “Legal Tender”
        Gold, & Silver, of regulated design & stating as unit its Mass + Purity ONLY as Specie ONLY Currency
        Issuer is :
        Country’s Treasury
        Private Bank
        Private Organisaton

        Hugo Salinas Price’s proposed “Money” Currency AND it available as Gold also AND it “Legal Tender”
        Gold, & Silver, of regulated design & stating as unit its Mass + Purity ONLY as Specie ONLY Currency
        Issuer is :
        Private Bank
        Private Organisaton

        Hugo Salinas Price’s proposed “Money” Currency AND it available as Gold also
        Gold, & Silver, of regulated design & stating as unit its Mass + Purity ONLY as Specie ONLY Currency
        Issuer is :
        Private Bank
        Private Organisaton

        “Money” Currency AND it “Legal Tender”
        Gold, & / Silver, of regulated design & stating as unit its Mass + Purity ONLY as Specie ONLY Currency
        Issuer is :
        Country’s Treasury
        Private Bank
        Private Organisaton

        “Money” Currency AND it available as Gold also
        Gold, & / Silver, of regulated design & stating as unit its Mass + Purity ONLY as Specie ONLY Currency
        Issuer is :
        Private Organisaton



        Note ;
        “Money-backed” = “backed by ‘Gold’ & / or ‘Silver’ FULL Reserves”

        “Money-backed” “Non-Money” Currency AND it Legal Tender
        “I Owe You” [ I.O.U. ] Paper Currency promising to pay the Bearer of that “Textile” or “Plastic” Paper Currency the amount of Gold or Silver stated on that Paper Currency.
        The Issuer / Creator of that I.O.U. may be :
        Country’s Treasury
        Private Bank
        Private Organisation
        But, my sources tell me that the only such Currency system in operation today are Private Organisations.

        “Money-backed” Digital “Non-Money” Currency AND it Legal Tender
        “I Owe You” [ I.O.U. ] Digital Currency promising to pay the amount of Gold or Silver attributed to that Digital Currency.
        The Issuer / Creator of that I.O.U. may be :
        Country’s Treasury
        Private Bank
        Private Organisation
        I think that there exists at least 1 such Digital Currency ;
        And, they issued by Private Organisation only.

        “Money-backed” “Non-Money” Currency AND it Legal Tender
        “Textile” or “Plastic” Paper Currency issued by Country’s Treasury
        Digital ONLY Currency

        “Money-backed” Digital “Non-Money” Currency
        “I Owe You” [ I.O.U. ] Digital Currency promising to pay the amount of Gold or Silver attributed to that Digital Currency.
        The Issuer / Creator of that I.O.U. may be :
        Country’s Treasury
        Private Bank
        Private Organisation
        I think that there exists at least 1 such Digital Currency ;
        And, they issued by Private Organisation only.

        “Money-backed” Digital “Non-Money” Currency
        “I Owe You” [ I.O.U. ] Digital Currency promising to pay the amount of Gold or Silver attributed to that Digital Currency.
        The Issuer / Creator of that I.O.U. may be :
        Private Bank
        Private Organisation




  36. There are lies, damn lies and then there are government statistics. The cost of living adjustment constantly under reports by a factor of a 1/3rd less, the cost of living. Using these phoney valuations as the basis for calculations for inflation adjusted pensions and benefits means that the payments fall behind the purchasing power each year by 5% + or -
    Using 5% pa it means that the standard of living measured by the purchasing power of the money is reduced by 50% every 14 years.That means that general wage increases and inflation adjusted pensions based on inflation rates as posted but subject to the real world lose 50% of there buying power in 14 year. Anyone retired on fixed income in 2000-2005 has seen their living standard decline by 50%.
    This is exacerbated a lot by the fact of taxation on any of the income increases so likely the same effect is reached in 10 years. Most have used loans and credit to try to maintain some of the standard of living. Exponential amounts of debt per capita is the result.

    The inflation is originally caused by the expansion of the money supply , also at an annual 8% rate, which is an exact correlation to the observed inflation rate in price rises and cost of living. All the increase in the money supply is also issued as a debt. Thus the debt load is insufferable and can never be paid back.There is simply a lack of income, default will arrive. The interest on the debt is too much to handle and thus payments will be defaulted.

    This is not just a US problem but a universal one. There is no escape from the consequences.

    Devonshire: True Inflation Is Three Times Higher Than Officially Reported

    Tyler Durden’s picture
    by Tyler Durden
    May 9, 2017 5:13 PM
    A fascinating, recent report by the Devonshire Research Group, whose recent work on Tesla was featured here one year ago, has moved beyond the micro and tackled on of the most controversial macroeconomic topic possible: what is the true rate of inflation. What it finds is that, like others before it most notably Shadowstats and Chapwood, the accepted definition of inflation, or CPI, is dramatically understated for various reasons, both political and economic.

    The CPI fails to measure a simple basket of goods that consumers typically purchase “out-of-pocket”
    The weights in the official baskets shift over time in ways that mute the impact of higher priced products
    Price increases attributed to quality improvements (hedonic adjustments) are subjective and overstated
    U.S. government agencies have incentives to downplay CPI increases to lower cost-of-living payments, reduce borrowing costs, and increase apparent real economic growth

    The Consensus of Contrarians is growing, shared across several independent critics and supported by concerns among many that official statistics paint on overly optimistic picture of the U.S. economy.

    Needless to say, if and to the extent that the Contrarians are correct, the implications for the U.S. economy and for investors are profound

    The Standard of Living may be far more difficult for many Americans to maintain than published statistics suggest
    Real Economic Growth may be flatter or actually negative, suggesting a prolonged 21st century recession, not recovery
    Real Interest Rates, already seen at historic lows, may be strongly negative making Fixed Income returns unattractive
    The Cost of Capital most commonly used to measure investment returns may be far too low
    The Consensus of Contrarians suggests that many investors are using incorrect assumptions in their asset allocation models and investment decisions. Capital preservation is compromised, portfolio allocations are distorted and return performance is overstated. Devonshire’s preliminary conclusion: the broader effect on capital markets is likely profound and complicated.

    As noted above, the reason why inflation measurement and reporting has become so controversial is that it is “less a measure of purchasing power (and therefore a financial tool), and increasingly a process of affecting macro-economic policies (and therefore a policy lever).” Just see Venezuela which recently stopped reporting inflation altogether to avoid rising social disorder and anger.

    The report goes on to note that while in recent decades, transportation/energy components of prices have seen dramatic fluctuations as a result of oil crises, and subsidy programs, if one treats “transportation” and “other” as exceptional assets, and follow only US gov’t stats, the modern investment age has the feel of stability. In fact, viewed from a longer perspective, the rate of inflation, once volatile from year to year, “flattened” out to the “accepted” 3% / year

    So why does the government under-represent inflation by such a vast order of magnitude? Simple: if you claim a lower CPI than in practice, you don’t adjust wages upwards as appropriate, so you save money.

    “It is estimated that between 1996 and 2006, this reconfiguration of the CPI saved the US government over $680 billion.” – Chapwood

    Devonshire’s summary conclusions:

    US official CPI calculation is governed, and possibly distorted, by numerous and complex technical decisions
    Inflation reporting is less a measure of purchasing power (and therefore a financial tool), and increasingly a process of affecting macro-economic policies (and therefore a policy lever)
    Real gross domestic product (GDP) measures, yield curves, and treasury issued inflation protected securities (e.g. TIPS), government and union / minimum wages all rely on official US inflation indices that are subject to these distortions
    Most financial, wealth management models rely on a price stability assumption and default to 3% inflation input – what would happen to these models if the true value was closer to 7-11%?
    If we re-compute a purchasing power CPI, de-sensationalize contrarian reporting, and remain disinterested with modern economic policies, we arrive at a 7-9% practical CPI rate over the past decade
    This has profound implications on reported vs. actual standard of living, and might explain the rapid appreciation of American consumer debt, potential reduction in perceived vs. reported quality of life, not to mention unexpected political trends
    Post-1990 inflation of 7-9%, not 3% would also suggest near “bubble-like” conditions exist across many consumer sectors;
    Expect low-cost consumer non-durable, consumables, food, housing, clothing, retail to continue to exhibit strong cost
    pressure and consolidation incentives – or a macro-recession causing a major “inflation adjustment black swan event”

  37. Better yet, people pretend government-published economic data is “true”; and that financial markets are “freely-traded”; even when official sources admitted otherwise. It’s a tribute to human psychology that market participants actually ignore such reality – like inflation being “low” when the cost of living is surging; or the economy at “full employment” when the labor market hasn’t been this weak in generations. To wit, per David Stockman’s latest must read article…
    “Had the BLS used last year’s seasonal adjustment factors, for instance, the gain for April would have been a more tepid 99,000 jobs, and March would have actually registered a 9,000-job loss. Likewise, had it used the 2015 seasonal adjustment factors, the April gain would have been 104,000, and there would have been a similar loss of 9,000 jobs in March.”

    In other words, as I have espoused forever, “jobs” and “inflation” numbers are flat out lies. Heck, Stockman didn’t even mention the fact that of the 211,000 “jobs” supposedly created in April – which the government readily admits were mostly in part-time, minimum-wage-paying, unproductive service sectors – like government, retail, education, and healthcare; 255,000 were the fabricated out of thin air by the “birth-death model” – which incredibly, continues to assume hundreds of thousands of unreported jobs are created each year by small businesses, despite the reality that, since the 2008 Financial Crisis, more small businesses have died than been birthed.

    And then there’s the painful reality of declining global trade, credit, GDP growth, and commodity prices – alongside surging debt, delinquencies, layoffs, and inventories; particularly in China, which quantitatively has been the largest contributor, via the unadulterated printing press, to global “growth” since said Crisis. I mean, what part of Chinese stocks, bonds, commodities, and the Yuan itself plunging – whilst Western markets like the Dow Jones Propaganda Average hit all-time highs (amidst multi-year low GDP and corporate earnings growth) doesn’t ring an alarm bell? Or the lowest market “volatility” in 30 years, despite the aforementioned, global economic weakness; and the most powerful political and geopolitical tensions in generations?

    Is it me, or did North Korea tell Donald Trump yesterday that they will be conducting a sixth nuclear test shortly – and that any attempt to stop them will result in U.S. assets being “turned to ashes?” And how about James Comey being fired as the FBI Director – which of course, should have occurred on Day One of Trump’s Presidency? Unquestionably, this will only ignite already boiling-over political partisanship in the Dysfunctional States of America; atop the upcoming drama of a Senate vote to repeal Obamacare (with something equally bad), and the “debt ceiling” right behind it. These, being only a handful of PiMBEEB topics that must be addressed in the coming weeks and months, in the U.S. political realm alone.

    That said, NOTHING I have witnessed in the “fake news” war against reality compares to what history’s most trusted safe-haven assets have been subjected to in recent months; as evidenced by the Cartel – er, COMEX “commercials” – taking an all-time high silver short position, to offset all-time high speculative demand amidst the most violently PiMBEEB environment in generations.

  38. Sitting in the eye of the financial hurricane everything is eerily quiet and very calm. Be prepared for the erupting storm.

    • We hear this every year Tony, year in year out. It’s always going to happen ‘this September.

      Don’t forget a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

      Meanwhile the world keeps turning and people try to get on with their lives and I for one intend to make the most of mine – we only live once after all despite all the nonsense that goes on around us.

  39. Truthist

    “Possible” just 1 of the Pres. Trump / Pres. Jared Kushner motives for firing Comey ;

  40. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Incredible statistic from the CSO census: almost two-thirds of the entire population now live in urban areas, and one-in-three residents who moved in the year to April 2016 went to Dublin. That would be like 220 million people in the US lived in urban areas, and 1/3 of those who moved around the States, moved to New York. And yet… it is the US cities that look like city-cities, while Dublin – let alone Cork – do not look like cities – even though 2/3 live there, and it other tilly towns. My first impression of Dublin when I arrived was that it looked like the US suburbia, except for the 6 square miles along the Liffey of the actual town, and except that it had a lot, a lot more buses (of course, mostly “out of service”), and that all Dublin roads except for the Stillorgan road and the road to the airport were like the US B roads. Or C. Or D. And that I have never been to a town of over 1,000,000 people, where basically everything would shut down after 6, except for alcohol and a few restaurants that would make San Fransisco restaurants a bargain.
    Dublin has become a lot more sophisticated (and actually, a l o t more cleaner – did anyone notice that gone are the streets strewn with the Bertie Ahern era bags of chips, puke, 2 euro coins and drunk girls lying on a pavement on very early Sunday morning?) since I arrived here – but these defining factors didn’t change.

    What I am trying to convey is that in “rural” Ireland, a crazy 2/3 of the population live in the urban area – which is suburban. Voila, an Irish paradox.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Regarding today’s newspapers, there was also a f a n t a s t i c article about Stephen Fry in today’s Irish Independent – hitherto the most reasonable voice in that case:

      I would like to make my position clear: I can tolerate and have friends among theists, agnostics, atheists, homosexuals (I don’t have any friends from the latter group, but I suppose that t h e o r e t i c a l l y I could have homosexual friends – though not gay friends – homosexuals keep it private).

      I can tolerate all of that. What I cannot tolerate is stupidity and hypocrisy. And Atheists Ireland people who write to newspapers are precisely that: stupid and hypocritical – v e r y hypocritical. And this article, with which theses I sign up to in 100%, shows that black and white. I took a great courage from Mr David Quinn to write such article, and even from Indo to publish it. Actually, I’ve never heard of that David Quinn journalist.

      • coldblow


        David Quinn writes for the Irish Catholic. I buy it if I see an article by him inside, but I think you can also read him on their website. He is criticized for being in the Iona Institue and was one of those accused of homophobia in the Ms Panti (or whatever the name is) case, which led to howls of “public outrage” (ie media and political outrage) when RTE settled out of court. John Waters was another, and he seems to have stopped writing all together and to have dropped out of public affairs. Waters has a similar diagnosis to Quinn’s here: the politically correct are the most intolerant of all. This is so obvious that it raises the question as to why so few apparently see it.

        I was wondering the other day why the govt brought in the blasphemy law. It was obviously for pc reasons but which ones actually? I agree that Islam was central to it.

        Fry was among a large number of ‘the great and the good’ who wrote to the newspapers to protest against the planned British visit by the then Pope Benedict.

        • coldblow

          Just to add that Quinn is well-informed. I think he has a good idea about the true, wholly fraudulent nature of the anti-clerical witch hunt here which has been going on for 30 years or so.

          • I’d personally gut every last priest and nun in Ireland if I got the chance.

            If the job of clerical executioner came up I’d be the first to apply.

            CUNTS – every last one of them.

            Quite apart from the multitude of crimes they have committed, they should be hung, drawn and quartered for filling millions of kids heads with utter nonsense and total gibberish.

            Personally I told them to go fuck themselves (not in so many words) when I was 6 years of age and they never bothered me after that with their mumbo jumbo.

            They did a lot worse to millions of others kids though.

          • McCawber

            Adam you may well be right but there are a few politicians like DeValera (Starting with the worst) that I’d like to be able to gut abd more than once.
            Bertie would be another.
            They have one thing in common,
            Both leaders of the party that has ruined this country.
            Sure the people elect but as everyone knows democracy only comes along every few years and then your stuck with a bunch of self serving ????? running things the rest of the time.
            Why eg did they copy the UK’s bankruptcy laws and then remove the protections for the citizen therein.
            That was done with deliberate intent.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “a few politicians like DeValera (Starting with the worst) that I’d like to be able to gut abd more than once.” – yea, McCawber, The Socialist Republic is never to blame for anything that went on in those times. I’m very aware of the intertwining of Catholic Church and the Irish State, so I’m NOT trying to exonarate the Irish Church from anything.

            Instead – I’m just making a simple point: how convenient that all the blame is on Catholic Church, and none is on, for instance – De Valera or the botched economic model the State has chosen right from the beginning.

            Terrible things went on in 1950s Ireland, yee are telling me – but the socialist State did’t know – let alone participate – in a n y of that, and is therefore not to blame. The only blame lies with the Iona Institute, or people like Fr Twomey, who stated – in an overly polited way – that atheism was guilty of atrocities (in fact: of much, much more atrocities than Christianity), for which the Atheists Ireland wanted to censor him – because the last thing they are interested is the uncensored debate.

            This Church discussion (I’m far from being uncritical towards the Catholic Church – i.e. I’m very critical of the current Pope) is a SMOKE SCREEN for diverting the discussion from failure of the socialist Leviathan into Catholic Church, gay referenda and the 8th amendement.


            How very convenient if the Irish would be discussing Magdalaine laundries, Catholicism, Protestantism, 8th amendemnt, global warming – everything apart from the State monopolies.

            People are some brainwashed that I was talking to a school principal who believed that monopolies are good and should be supported.

          • Grzegorz I don’t know where you getting the mistaken belief from that the state was not to blame for any of wrongdoing that went on in Ireland in the past and it still going on.

            Any reasonable person knows they are just as much to blame as the church and others, if not more so.

            And this had been widely and publicly stated and acknowledged.

          • coldblow


            What did the religious do to you to provoke such an extreme reaction?

            When I went to secondary school in SE London many of the teachers were priests, including the headmaster. I cannot find anything bad to say about any of them. One or two of the lay teachers had obvious faults. I enjoyed Deco’s comparison her years ago about what one nun driving a Micra could do compared with our legions of useless bureaucrats.

            As for the Catholic Church’s alleged evil past in Ireland, this is a fantasy. See Rory Connor’s Irish Salem website. It is lies and fantasy. Look up Christine Gallagher on the Irish Salem site for example. Then look up the home page of the Ryan Commission which has a glowing tribute to her. Follow up with the Nora Wall story and then you will begin to understand what is happening.

            “I’d personally gut every last priest and nun in Ireland if I got the chance.”

            It may yet come to it and if the current witch hunt continues as it is it probably will. It has been done in the past: Roman Empire, French Revolution, Spain before the Civil War, USSR. But why look for examples abroad? This was the case (or close to it) in Post-Conquest Ireland.

            “Filling millions of kids heads with utter nonsense and total gibberish”

            That is what our secular schools and our media are for.

          • Nothing to me coldblow. They prey on the weak – like all cowards do.

          • coldblow


            “Terrible things went on in 1950s Ireland, ye are telling me”

            The interesting thing is that the people who lived during those years didn’t see anything. And I read Heinrich Boell’s Irisches Tagebuch again recently (he was a German writer who spent some months in Ireland around 1957, perhaps at the height of the “Holocaust”) and he never let on that he saw anything either! He would remark on the large crowds coming out of church after mass and a clerk who was multi-tasking by rolling a cigarette, giving the responses to the prayers on the radio, serving customers and something else, all at the same time. I’ll have to look that one up again.

            The obvious explanation is that these events, the sadism, the abuse and all the rest, were so traumatic that everyone (even the visitors) repressed the memory.

            I don’t agree with you that it is a conscious strategy by our cultural revolutionaries, or rather not entirely conscious. The motivation is psychological and emotional because it defies reason. To put it another way, you can do a reasoned analysis up to a point but that will never explain it.

            An example would be the Tuam Babies case. Catherine Corless was on the Late Late Show a few weeks ago, where she got a standing ovation. The implication was clear that terrible things, awful suffering and cruelty, were happening behind the big walls around the home. But then she said later in the interview that we know that proper funerals were also conducted because from the upper storey of the houses adjoin the site people could see them taking place. As I commented on, was there *no* privacy?

            Talking of here are two very sensible posts which summarize well what we know.



            Fully conscious or not this is a crucially important part of the rewriting of Irish history to justify the New Ireland (as you rightly say). If you object to any of their proposals the response is immediate: “The old Ireland was terrible place: look what the priests and nuns did. We are enlightened now.”

          • coldblow

            Just to add, the big theory now is that the Irish people *did* know but lied to themselves and others and covered it up. (Sorry, that should be COVERED IT UP!!!, as they write on YouTube.) In other words, ‘they’ knew. (THEY KNEW!!!)

            It is the same (of course) with Jiimmy Savile. He got away with it because he was untouchable (TOO BIG TO TOUCH) and everyone was afraid of him (I was too scared to say anything at the time). Remember, Jimmy did it IN PLAIN SIGHT and (according to the police) he spent

          • I mean, let’s face it – you would have to be feeble-minded to believe in this Holy God horseshite.

          • coldblow

            got cut off there! The Belgian Eurovision winning song was playing in the background – they will all be like that next year.

            Now where was I?

            He spent EVERY WAKING MOMENT planning his unspeakable crimes.

            On a different subject, you might find this interesting Grzeg:


            I discuss it here (it is obvious who I am from the argument):


          • Clarification for Grzegorz – I know you were making the point that you perceived that the state were not blamed for the abuse we discussed – you were not making the point that they were in fact not to blame. Just clearing that up.

            But honestly plenty of people did know that the state were to blame for a lot and this was very publicly stated – especially in more recent years.

          • coldblow

            Night night everyone. Oiche mhaith agus codladh sámh. Tá mé ag gabhail a’ codladh agus tá Í Féin ag tabhairt amach dom faoi a bheith a caitheamh an iomarca ama ar an ‘gcomputair’.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            That Nora Wall case was incrededible: sentenced based on the “repressed memory” Freudian concept (and what would Stephen Fry say about it? – because it is as unscientific as “dead people talking” he was raging against), with her co-accused absent when the “events” took place, and with the Jury biased by stupid anti-clerical movies and documentaries. Welcome to the III Reich.

            “IRISH TIMES EDITORIAL, Saturday, 17 December 2005
            [ I think this is the first time that the Irish Times has “officially” acknowledged a link between the broadcast of Mary Raftery’s States of Fear series in April/May 1999 and the conviction of Nora Wall one month later. The language is very “moderate” – (imagine what they would say if the Catholic Church had brutalised a Jewish woman in similar circumstances).”

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            About Mr Fintan O’Toole:

            Irish Times journalist Fintan O’Toole wrote a number of articles about the fall of the government of Albert Reynolds in November 1994 following false allegations that Cardinal Cahal Daly had written to the Attorney General with a view to preventing the extradition of Father Brendan Smyth to Northern Ireland. It is clear that he realised that the claim (by Democratic Left TD Pat Rabbitte) was false but he supported it anyway. It demonstrated that Irish people were no longer in thrall to the Catholic Church!

            In March 1996 he wrote in praise of RTE documentary “Dear Daughter” that included allegations that a Sister of Mercy had poured boiling water over a resident of Goldenbridge school and had beaten her so badly that she needed 100 stitches – in the Casualty Department of a hospital! (The reference to Casualty was presumably an attempt to explain why the hospital has no record of this amazing operation.)

            In 1999 he was perhaps the only journalist to defend John Cooney’s allegation in his biography of John Charles McQuaid, that the Archbishop had been a homosexual paedophile. All other journalists (and historians) – including those who otherwise praised the book – said that this claim was nonsense and that Cooney should have omitted it.”

            Quoted from:


        • coldblow

          Fry is a good example of liberal intolerance in other ways as well. I recall he made an outraged documentary about the alleged discrimination of homosexuals in Russia, which presumably is one of the reasons for the present demonization of that country and its president. He also, on the ‘humorous’ QI programme, made an extraordinary attack on mediums and clairvoyants, telling them off in ahort piece to camera (it was on YouTube). It is a good example of the extravert compulsion to police everybody’s behaviour, and also of liberal intolerance of course.

          Just found it, 30 secs only, worth a watch.

          Can you see the similarity between this and the liberal intolerance about Islam?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I watched link that and I have prepared another G.K. challenge (apart from the “Irish Times” one above): Mr Fry, how come the more time has passed from the Holocaust, the more victims of the Holocaust there are, with various financial claims (including directed at country who themselves were Holocausted)? Can dead people speak after all?

        • “the politically correct are the most intolerant of all”

          This is true.

        • coldblow


          I am pleased you looked at the Irish Salem website. I haven’t seen anything recent posted by Rory Connor in the last few years which is a concern as I don’t know if anybody is systematically looking at it all, and it is one of the most important things in Irish life and recent Irish history. The two links I posted above are from ‘An Scolaire Bocht’ who seems to have similar gift for seeing through the nonsense: one link tells us why the Tuam panic is groundless and the other why the mortality rate in the home was (or appeared to be) so high.

          Pat Flannery (correcte spelling?) was present at the Dail sessions when the Reynolds govt fell but his take is different from mine. Even so the coincidence that someone from this blog’s small group of contributers was there is striking.

          Rory Connor provided the late Richard Webster with his information on the Irish witch hunt. Webster’s Sceptical Essays website is an absolute goldmine. I am possibly the only person who looked at the Savile case after first reading Webster and so was expecting what I found (yet it was still a big shock). Most do it the other way round and end up reading Webster in an attempt to understand what is happening.

          The Nora Wall case is chilling. Even Wikipedia can’t dress it up. Did you notice how the DPP forgot that the main witness had been ruled unreliable and was not supposed to be allowed to testify again? Such corruption of the judicial process is a characteristic of modern witch hunts. Webster attributes it, or links it, to what he calls ‘good cause corruption’.

          I also looked at the Andrew Wakefield case. He was a doctor involved in research which raised concerns about the safety of the MMR vaccine. He was struck off General Medical Council on what looks like flimsy grounds to say the least. His colleague, and team leader in the research, Prof. John Walker-Smith was also struck off. Prof WS, the acknowledged leading expert in his field, appealed the judgement later and was reinstated. The judge’s criticism of the GMC’s conduct is scathing.

          You might be beginning to understand why I am obsessed with all of this. I see a much wider picture, which includes not just the Irish anticlerical witch hunt but global warming, the suppression of ‘pseudo-science’, press treatment of Brexit and Trump, immigration and the corruption of history (specifically the Spanish Civil War, but this will be just one example among many). In all of these there is emotionalism, deceit, censorship, intimidation and hysteria (and I have several clear in examples in mind for all of those nouns!).

      • Truthist

        @ Grzegorz

        Re; Stephen Fry

        Ref. My post ;

        May 13, 2017 at 7:15 am

        @ Grzegorz

        Further to ur mention Re ; Stephen Fry & the topic of paedophilia associated with him search results for search term ;

        stephen fry AND pedophilia


        e.g. from above is the following link ;

        Please note the reference to Norwich, England

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Among many interesting observations made by Mr Hobbs, this captured my imagination:

      “For every €5 going out in public service pay, €1 is going in pensions.”

      That’s 15 times (fifteen) of money for the Irish Army equipment – not to confuse with the Irish Army total budget (also less than public sector Bugatti Veyrons of pensions).

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        No, that’s actually wrong: the total public pension bill is €3.3bn. €1bn is the total Garda bill, Garda pensions are 1/3 of that. The last year for which I have date, the Irish army spent €66m on new equipment. So the Garda pension bill is 5 times the money spent on the equipment for the Irish army, and public pensions bill is 50 times the money spent on the equipment for Irish Defense Forces.
        Btw – it’s interesting that usually the same people who for or against taking refugees, are against acquiring serious navy for the Irish army – because Ireland would need it in b o t h cases.

        Ireland, a country comparable with Denmark in size, population and maritime character, should have a navy like this: – 19 ships in total, including 9 (NINE) frigates.
        Irish army – 8 ships in total, but 0 (NONE) frigates – only patrol vessels.

        David: you say that we are the Atlantic country – judging by the navy, it does not bloody look like it!

        To compare it: Polish navy – 113 ships in total, 18,000 personel. Poland thinks seriously about protecting its trade routes and cooperating with Scandinavia. Actually – forget Poland – e v e r y European country with an access to the sea thinks seriously about its navy.

        In contrast, Ireland, admittedly, talks about being an Atlantic country and about the Scandinavian model – but in practice, this boils down to: “I wish we could…”.

        “We are the Atlantic nation” – what does it mean: does it mean that we look at the Atlantic from Co Sligo, and repeat with a bovine inertia: “muuuu, pray Mr Trump, do not take your investments from Ireland – because we, like the US, are also living at the Atlantic” – that we didn’t draw any conclusions from it and learned how to build ships for 100 years (after all, it was the British who built the “Titanic”) and all the fish culture – we could not – d’ya know, 800 years and all that jazz…

    • Truthist

      Excerpt ;

      “… Mr McGrath described as “incredible” an assertion by Mr Hughes that ;
      he had an oral agreement with Ulster Bank that, following the sale of the Ailesbury Woods property, the residual debt associated with that property would not be pursued. …”

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