April 30, 2017

'Star Trek' boldly predicting the return of the North in 2024 might yet come to pass

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Are you a real Trekkie? If so, you’ll know the answer to the following question: which was the only episode of ‘Star Trek’ ever banned in Ireland and Britain — and why?


‘Star Trek’ is many things, but is it really so incendiary as to be worthy of censorship? Yes it is!


The 12th episode in the third series of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ was banned and never shown on terrestrial television in Britain or Ireland. That’s because in that episode Commander Data, musing on terrorism in the year 2364, noted that Ireland had been reunited in 2024.


This episode was due to be aired here and in Britain in 1990 but was pulled by the censors in both jurisdictions.


The question is whether Commander Data’s time horizon is right?


2024 isn’t too far away — in fact, the North’s centenary is four years away. In 2021, Northern Ireland will be 100. Will it make it much past its 100th birthday?


Probably, but now that the EU is apparently preparing to coax the North back to the EU in the event of Irish reunification, the EU is forcing us all to focus our minds on the prospect of Irish unity, by positioning it at the centre of the Brexit negotiations. Whereas Brexit is an event, the main determinant of whether Northern Ireland lasts much beyond 100 will be demography.


Let us be clear, the demographic forces are unambiguously on the side of nationalism.


The Northern Ireland 2011 census is absolutely definitive in this regard.


One of the most interesting statistics shows the proportion of Catholics and Protestants in various age groups.


If we look at the elderly, we see 64% over the age of 90 declare themselves to be Protestant, whereas 25% are Catholic and 9% had no declared religion.


This split reflects the religious status quo when these people were born, in the 1920s, and more or less reflects the realities of the 1921 Treaty.


So these are the oldest people in the North, but when you look at the youngest, the picture changes dramatically.


Examining religious/ethnic trends in those children and babies born since 2008, the picture changes.


The corresponding figure for those under the age of five is 31% Protestant and 44% Catholic. In one (admittedly long) lifetime, the Catholic population in the youngest cohort has nearly doubled, while the Protestants in that cohort has more than halved.


Even given the fact 23% of parents of infants declared themselves as having no religion, we seem to be en-route to a united Ireland, pronto.


Admittedly religion doesn’t automatically imply political preference in all cases, but I do think we should be adult enough to accept that, broadly speaking, Catholic means nationalist and vice versa.


Up to now, there has been a significant number of Northern Irish Catholics who might have felt staying with the UK was the right thing to do for their back pockets. But when you look at the numbers you can see clearly that this is a myth or at least they’ve been sold a pup.


Quite simply, the union has been an economic disaster for all the people of Northern Ireland. Everyone has been impoverished by the union and this shows no sign of letting up.


The contrast between the economic performances of the North and South is shocking. If we go back to 1920, 80% of the industrial output of the entire island of Ireland came from the three counties centred on Belfast. This was where all Irish industry was. It was industrial and innovative; northern entrepreneurs and inventors were at the forefront of industrial innovation. By 1911, Belfast was the biggest city in Ireland, with a population of close to 400,000, which was growing rapidly. It was by far the richest part of the island.


In contrast, the rest of the Irish economy was agricultural and backward and the only industrial base we had could be termed a ‘beer and biscuits’ economy, dominated by the likes of Guinness and Jacobs.


Fast-forward to now and the collapse of the once-dynamic Northern economy versus that of the Republic is shocking. Having been a fraction of the North’s at independence, the Republic’s industrial output is now 10 times greater than that of Northern Ireland.


Exports from the Republic are €89bn while from the North, exports are a paltry €6bn. This obviously reflects multinationals, but it also underscores just how far ahead the Republic’s industrial base is. Producing 15 times more exports underscores a vast difference in terms of the globalisation of business.


The Republic’s economy is now four times that of the North, even though the labour force is not even two-and-a-half times bigger.


In terms of income per head, the Republic is now almost twice as rich per person as the North. The average income per head in the Republic is €39,873, while it languishes at €23,700 up North.


The differing fortunes of North and South can be easily seen in the fact that, having been smaller than Belfast at the time of partition, the population of the greater Dublin area is now almost three times bigger than the greater Belfast metropolitan region.


Obviously there are significant differences in terms of prices, access to public services and housing between the two parts of the island, but the fact remains the union has been an economic calamity for everyone in the North. The contrast is made more significant by the fact that economically the North was, at one stage, so far ahead of the south. So where does that leave us? Well, in the distant past, there was good reason to believe that the union preserved living standards in the North, but this is a myth and has not been the case since 1990.


Indeed, the end of the Troubles, which should have marked the resurgence of the relative performance of the North, has actually delivered the opposite.


Even allowing for the 2008 crash, relative to the south, the Northern economy has fallen backwards since the guns were silenced. If there was an economic peace dividend, it went South.


Now with Brexit looming and the concrete and more profound underlying changes in demography, the issue of a united Ireland may be back on the table quicker than most of us imagined — or cared to dread. Star Trek might have been right all along.


However, if the EU plan for NI in the future is to make reunification more palatable by increasing grants to a united Ireland, we should reject it. Making any economy a concubine makes it unstable and dependent. Only a free-wheeling capitalist Ireland can sustain unification.


More on this anon!

  1. mogrady14

    It costs a lot for the UK government to keep Northern Ireland going. 31% of the workforce are in the public sector and the UK gives the North 5 billion a year. Would the Irish Republic be able to give them that much money every year?

    • McCawber

      No and it’s one very big reason why we should all be happy that the Nirth has a veto on a UI.

    • Deco

      The RoI cannot even pay for itself.

      PAYE workers paying 50% marginal tax rate, so that the millionaires in RTE can live life on the hog.

      We need a revolution. The last thing we need to be doing is inflicting Pravda-RTE, Solas (FAS), the HSE, Irish Rail, Brendan Ogle, etc… on more people.

      We now have the most liberal society ever. And it is sick, indebted, crime ridden, disrespectful, and delusional.

      • Truthist

        Consider choosing ur words even more carefully please Deco.

        Most useful if we gain superb anagrams, & perfect little rhymes too whenever, from u for to promote ur priceless insights to the ignoramuses out there, & thereby — hopefully — save Irish nation.

        Deco, u should seriously consider :

        running for independent office at Dail

        forming ur own political party

        forming — in association with other founding members, a political party

        forming a think-thank ; Think Thank as advised for Ireland by Grzegorz

        publishing ur thoughts as pocket sized books

    • Deco

      The conflict in NI had zero to do with religion.


      Nonoe of the participants seemd to give a toss about anything Jesus of Nazareth ever said.

      In fact the IRA are (note the tense) a gang that is a lot of Marxist nonsense, at it’s core.

      Considering their footprint in Irish politics, it is now time to have an honest discussion about the dodgy dealings in the SF ecosystem.

      Instead the Irish media has decided to give them a free pass. All that murdering, and maiming was alright.

      Like Denis O’Brien’s tribunal findings, this stuff can be swept under the carpet, and there will be no more prosecutions.

    • E. Kavanagh

      What makes you think a United Ireland would have to subsidise the North by 5B?
      It’s a very bald figure. Before accepting that it would have to be paid by Dublin, I’d like to know what it is for.

      And the Brits may be up for a deal: a sliding scale on their contribution over time if the Republic takes on the 4th green field!

  2. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    I don’t want to sound patronising or suppliant but that article is excellent and well written.

    Wouldn’t it be great though to contrast the article with the fact that the largest ever emigration of Native Irish out of the Irish never was a Republic was 2015, 2014 and 2013 and that more Native Irish continue to leave it than return to it IN SPITE OF all that economic progress.

    Then ask the obvious; What the fuck is all this economic prosperity for or who does it benefit?

    Wouldn’t it David?

    Any chance Miriam 6000 euros per week O’Callaghan or Ryan 10000 euros per week Tubridy will highlight these figures for us?


    No Chance.

    • nothisrealname

      brilliantly stated miichael

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Are these figures accurate, Michael?

      This is what I’m reading on CSO website:

      “Of the 80,900 people who emigrated in the year to April 2015, 35,300 (43.6%) were estimated to be Irish nationals. ”

      “The majority of those emigrating were either at work or a student in the period prior to departing with fewer than 1 in 7 being unemployed.”

      “Net outward migration in the year to April 2015 is estimated to have fallen to 11,600, a decrease of 9,800 on the previous year’s figure of 21,400.”

      “Irish nationals continue to experience net outward migration, although at a lower level than in the previous year, falling from 29,200 to 23,200″

      Then for the next year:

      “Irish nationals continue to experience net outward migration, although at a much lower level than in the previous year, falling from 23,200 to 10,700″

      “Of the 76,200 people who emigrated in the year to April 2016, 31,800 (41.7%) were estimated to be Irish nationals. This represents a decrease of 3,500 (-9.9%) on the year to April 2015″

      So the outward emigration of the native Irish has fallen by almost 2/3 between April 2014 to April 2016, while at the same time

      “The number of immigrants with Irish nationality increased from 12,100 to 21,100 in the year to April, an increase of more than 74%”.

      To compare it, 70,600 emigrated out of Ireland in 1989 (and out of a much smaller population too). It is safe to assume that pretty much all were native Irish (for those few who weren’t, it can be more than off-set by the difference in population: 70,600 in 1989 compared to 2015 population would have been something like 100,000).




      You pointed out to a real problem – namely, if we juxtapose our leprechaunic GDP growth figures to still significant (albeit falling) emigration out of Ireland (both native and non-native: after all, more Poles emigrated out of Ireland in those years you refer to – a decrease from over 350,000 to less than 120,000 – than native Irish), then a question comes up to my mind – how come we have the fastest growing economy in Europe and significant emigration?

      And my answer is – and I am going to stick to it as I am having it thought through, and I substantiated on multiple occasions – my answer is this: for a person with job income between 20,000-30,000 (even 40,000 if you have a mortgage), it is too effing expensive to live here.

      Especially if you do not have an uncle in Ballsbridge, or decide to disgrace yourself and sell your body in order to pay for your exorbitant rent, like many UCD students do with sugar-daddies – but it is taboo-subjects in Ireland and I am challenging any Irish newspaper to write an article about it.


      On another but related topic – and it is just my opinion that I’m even unsure whether to bring it up lest is diverts peoples attention from the hard CSO figures I gave: looking at the breakdown of figures, I’m not sure if Ireland is getting the right kind of immigration: just a lot of, well, non-European arrivals and that is increasing. And I am not talking about all those Hindus people who work in BOI in Cabinteely. Pray do not get hung up on the latter aspect, but I thought it warrants a mention nonetheless, because if the Irish society wants to have a better social cohesion than French, then maybe this is not wise:



      To paraphrase Madame Le Pen, of whom I am sceptical about (let alone Emmanuel Moron), it’s not the Islam that is a problem, it’s its visibility (growing and growing). This is Ireland, not a f…g Caliphate. How would yous feel if yous saw more and more people dressing in brown shirts, Dr Martens and swastika badges? Would yous see that as a problem? And there are soem verses in Koran worse than those in (very moderate overall) “Mein Kampf”:

      “Fight against those who do not obey Allah and do not believe in Allah or the Last Day and do not forbid what has been forbidden by Allah and His messenger even if they are of the People of the Book until they pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” 9:29

      “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks.” 47:4

      We would not tolerate Nazi marches in Dublin, but we tolerate ISIS marches (there were a few with ISIS flag).


      P.S. About the French election – if there is any powerful terror attack in France in the last week before the election, then it means that she really has powerful sponsors because this would decide the election.

      If there is not, then it means we have all overestimated her, including David McWilliams and me, who placed a bet on her as soon as I heard from the Greek government that Greece would let in Jihadists to Europe if her demands are not met.

      • Deco

        “Emmanuel Moron” – that describes him well.

        He has no clue how to run anything.

        Even less experience than Francois Hollande at this point in the presidential process.

        This is a disaster for the EU, but it seems that EU enthusiasts are greeting Moron as the solution. He will turn France into a country with Italian levels of debt.

      • Deco

        You are also correct about the level of anti-Jewish vitrol in a so called holy book, whom the political correct mindset regard as being above any criticism.

        Even literary criticism.

        To say nothing of criticism of the morality espoused by the leading character in the book.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “You are also correct about the level of anti-Jewish vitrol in a so called holy book” – anti-everything that is not Muslim, not only anti-Jewish. Furthermore, those radical (and gaining popularity in Europe) variants of Islam who take that literary would apply that to moderate Muslims too.

          The fact that Saudi Arabia sponsors Muslim Brotherhood but finds these people too dangerous to be allowed in Saudi Arabia says it all about their intentions.

          On the antisemitic note, as you know, France is now the most antisemitic country in the world (this is according to both French and Israeli primary sources) in terms of acts of violence (cotrary to what “Dr” McCarthy of Kinsale claims, in Ireland (precisely in east Belfast) the problem is deffinitely not antisemitism (no acts of violence towards Jews) but anti-polonism (plenty of acts of violence against Poles).

          In fact, there is a massive flight of French (including French Jews, though not only) to Poland simply because France is getting to unsafe to live (President Michael Dickhead Higgins wants Ireland also to be unsafe); so much so that agricultural land is now more expensive in Poland than in France.

          Can I use this opportunity to tell you that the French learned from us how to use forks? – during a short period of reign as a king of Poland from which he escaped (was it because he was a faggot and you are supposed to procreate as a king, I don’t know), Henry III of the House of Valois saw a new thing for him – a fork – and brought that novelty to France).

          So, wrapping up my comment – France is now the most antisemitic country in the world because of their Muslim immigration.


          Gaymanuel Moron wants to apply the EU sanctions to Poland for not allowing the Muslims immigration, which puts a stop to antisemitism and makes Poland safe for the Jews to live (hence massive applications for Polish passports)…

          Although even in Poland, the problem is that the power was only taken over by PiS on central level – in local governments, most administration is still run by Tusk people (notably Wroclaw, Warsaw and Gdansk – hence allowing Saudi Arabia to build a mosk in Warsaw) – this is big mistake of Jaroslaw Kaczynski: he should have called for snap local elections as soon as he came to power, based on the fact that previous local elections in Poland were rigged by Tusk.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            More on Henry III of the House of Valois:

            “The short reign of Henry at Wawel Castle in Poland was marked by a clash of cultures between the Polish and the French. The young king and his followers were astonished by several Polish practices and disappointed by the rural poverty and harsh climate of the country. The Polish, on the other hand, wondered if all Frenchmen were as concerned with their appearance as their new king appeared to be.
            In many aspects, Polish culture had a positive influence on France. At Wawel, the French were introduced to new technologies of septic facilities, in which litter (excrement) was taken outside the castle walls. On returning to France, Henry wanted to order the construction of such facilities at the Louvre and other palaces. Other inventions introduced to the French by the Polish included a bath with regulated hot and cold water[citation needed], as well as forks[citation needed].
            Henri III (1551–1589) [...] “he is widely credited for having introduced the fork into France.”
            (Willy, Lawrence R. Schehr (2007). The third sex. University of Illinois Press. p. 110).

            Had Henry III Valois stayed in Poland longer, perhaps the current French culture would not look like this:


        • Truthist


          “… so called holy book, …”




          “… so called holy book …”

          Yeah ;
          But, that book yee refer to obliquely is not even a patch on the sinister Talmud.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I’m not sure if Talmud is worse than Quran Deco referred to; anyway – who read Talmud? Apart from me, and that only in excerpts. Btw, I’m not even sure if you can even buy Talmud in bookshops.

            In Midrasch Talpioth (fol. 225d) it says:

            “God created them in the form of men for the glory of Israel. But Akum (Christians – G.K.) were created for the sole end of ministering unto them [the Jews] day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved from this service. It is becoming to the son of a king [an Israelite] that animals in their natural form, and animals in the form of human beings should minister unto him.”

            In Zohar (I, 50) we read:

            “This ancient serpent, the parent of Christians, that is, the devil in the form of a serpent, is called, Sammael (cf. Targum Iobi, XXVIII, 7)”.

            Sanhedrin 58b. “If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.”

            Sanhedrin 57a . “A Jew need not pay a gentile the wages owed him for work.”

            Yebamoth 98a. “All gentile children are animals.”

            Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, “We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing.” (NY Times, June 6, 1989, p.5).

            Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said, “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6).

            So in my opinion, Quran v Talmud: 0:0.

            It’s a draw.

          • mishco

            “Onward Christian soldiers,
            Marching as to war,
            With the cross of Jesus,
            Going on before”

            Atheiists 1: Religious: 0

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Onward Christian soldiers,
            Marching as to war,
            With the cross of Jesus,
            Going on before”

            And where exactly is that located in the Bible?

            “Death is the solution to all problems. No man – no problem.” – Joseph Stalin, leader of 20th century atheism

            “Generals think war should be waged like the tourneys of the Middle Ages. I have no use for knights; I need revolutionaries.” – Adolf Hitler, second greatest 20th century leader of anti-religious movement

            “Terror is only justice: prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country.” — Maximilien Robespierre, leader of 18th century atheism.

            Victims of the Inquisition:

            between 3,000 and 10,000, with perhaps an additional 100,000 to 125,000 dying in prison as a result of torture and maltreatment.

            (Joseph Pérez, The Spanish Inquisition [Profile Books, 2006], 173;
            R. J. Rummel, Death by Government [Transaction Publishers, 2009], 62.

            People killed by Catholic Church in Magdalene laundries: 0.

            Victims of atheism (communism + national socialism):
            USSR – Dyadkin estimated that the USSR suffered 56 to 62 million; Norman Davies counted 50 million killed between 1924-53, excluding wartime casualties.
            For arguments sake, say 55 million.

            China: Mao’s Great Leap Forward ‘killed 45 million in four years’. That does not count other periods in China.

            45 + 55 = 100.

            Hitler – 25 million people (as a result of war – which was also caused by USSR (Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact).

            125 million.

            I’ll skip other countries, like Poland, where during the 1945-1956 period, more people would have died e v e r y year, than Irish killed by the British for 100 years after 1916.

            So 125 million killed by atheism in 20th century (and that’s underestimated) v 125,000 killed by the Inquistion (btw, by far the mildest of courts in Middle Ages – everyone who could preferred the Inquisition trial (the only trial where you had the advocate and your chances of being acquitted were 9/10) to King’s trial.

            I’d say that again: 125,000,000 v 125,000.
            Theism: 100
            Atheism: 1.

            Ok – I admit – one can legitimately raise the objection that atheism killed 100 times more biggest the population was bigger. But first, it was not 100 times bigger, and secondly, I didn’t include abortion and I should: only thi year, almost 14,000,000 people have already died in the world due to abortions, mainly propagated by atheists.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            1,000 : 1 actually.

            Btw – how strange that the same people who are in favour of abortions – even when it’s a few months – are usually against death penalty, killing animals (I’m against cruelty to animals myself) or General Pinochet, because he killed only 3,000 stupid communists.


          • coldblow


            Pio Moa (Rodriguez) says the total who died under the Inquisition was one thousand well documented cases and probably another thousand as well.


            The figures are very low compared to the rest of Europe (as was the use of torture) and the Spanish Inquisition’s judgement that the witch hunt in predominantly northern Europe was hysteria, thus sparing many lives (perhaps 100,000 lost their lives across three centuries in Europe). He argues that even the Hispanophobic BBC admits that 99% of the ideas about the Inquisition is mythology. He attributes it to protestant propaganda. Work by foreign specialists has completely revised this distorted picture although (of course) homegrown writers “siguen is sus estupides leyendas”.

            Talking of witch hunts did you mention Jimmy Savile whom the Guardian in an editorial of Feb 2015 compared (in all seriousness) in all seriousness with Pol Pot? The evidence against him, when you exclude deceit and hallucinations, is non-existent.

            Well done for mentioning the Magdalene Laundries.


          • coldblow

            Oh yes, and Onward Christina Soldiers. This has to be an English Protestant hymn and so is disallowed under current pc regulations. A Catholic hymn should be quoted, preferably an Irish Catholic hymn.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            As my nature is actually gentle and generous unless I get confronted, I, like I said, generously overestimated the number of people killed by the Inquisition (in favour of atheism) and underestimated the victims of communism, which if you include abortions (and abortion in China does not only mean like 2 months into pregnancy, but 9 months – and many people kill newborn girls too – hence the overrepresentation of frustrated men in China who will one day invade Europe looking for wives – maybe that’s why we have the Silk Road 2.0) – so if you include all of that, the number of people killed in China would be up to 300,000,000 (45,000,000 was only for the Great Leap Forward, and adults only).

            As to Magdalene Laundries – what’s that all about, it is that a fucking joke or what? You were abused 50 or 60 years ago, and you just wait and bundle it up for 50 years until over a hundred million euro compensation fund is established?
            It was not like in Nazi occupied Poland, you know, with coming out about the abuse, that if they found out that you were hiding a Jew, not only you were killed, but your entire family including children (yet noone saved as many Jews during WWII as the Poles).

            So to call someone brave because she comes up with unverifiable story of an abuse after half a century insults my intelligence.

            Btw, I heard that the turnoever of girls in the laundries was 50% after a year – in other words, half would have left after a year because it was too hard for them – does not look like a prison to me if you can leave.

            And for those who were really abused (some of them were), what, is the State not responsible? It’s interesting how the Republic is innocent in all of that and the entire blame is on the Church.

            As to Inquisition, all of that shit really happened, as you say, after the Reformation (and Counter-Reformation). I do not know why people associate the Inquisition with the Middle Ages, when it was mainly the Jesuit Spain, and besides, in Spain, the State was in charge of the Inquisition – but not let the facts stand in the way of an atheists ingnorant minds in which their imagination works their way through various French-Revolution propaganda conspiracies and dots joining.

            Btw, even in Jesuit (the worst of Catholic orders) Spain Inquisition was not even NEAR AS BAD as people burning in protestant (England – priests hunting and skinning) and – particularly – Calvinsit countries (Switzerland with their stakes).

            Peple talk about sectarianism – but what about atheistic sectarianism (I mean, can you say anything negative about Darwin at all nowadays?).

          • coldblow


            Your point about Spain is Pio Moa’s point exactly. It is one of a large number of myths that constitute the myth of a backward, priest-ridden country (talking of ‘priest-ridden’, Crotty pointed out that in the early part of the 19th C (I think) there were proportionately many more clerics in England “than in priest-ridden Ireland”). The Inquisition myth is important in building up a picture of a backward, crushingly conservative country and the Republican side in the Civil War are seen as the heirs of the morally justified resistance to this obscurantism. Yet in truth the Republic were not fighting for ‘democracy’ as they were not democrats and the war was brought about by the irresponsible behaviour of the Republican parties, most notably the Socialists (PSOE).

            Pio Moa then argues that the peaceful transition to democracy was brought about by the very regime that has been demonized, a prosperous and crime-free country.

            What you have is a large number of myths, many of which are quite easy to disprove, to reinforce this narrative. Apparently the number of fatalities in Guernica (I even heard of this from my teacher at my SE London Catholic primary school – he had been a tank driver in WW2 – as far as I can remember) was no more than 126 and possibly fewer.

            The anti-clerical hysteria is the Irish version of England’s Savilisation (a word I coined by the blogger ‘Anna Raccoon’). In England it is all about Victims and Survivors, repressed memories, cover-ups by the Powerful (in Portugal it is Os Poderosos). This dovetails with the progressive meta-fantasy, aka pc.

            In Ireland the evidence for widespread clerical abuse is very thin indeed. Some doubtless happened but it has been whipped into a hysterical frenzy beyond all bounds of reason and credibility. It is a crucial part in the process (conscious or unconscious) to discredit the Church and Ireland’s past in order to justify the liberal agenda. The story is a complete load of rubbish but hardly anyone knows.

            People look at this part of the fantasy or that part but nobody seems to have realised the striking similarities between them. I gave a list (not exhaustive) in a post a week ago and it includes AGW, ‘scientism’ (censorship of ‘pseudosciend’), the demonization of Russia/Putin, mass immigration and the hysterical reactions to Brexit and Trump.

            Now it is easy to say this but my point is that it can be proved if you examine the evidence. More often than not it is Hiding In Plain Sight (to use one of the phrases used to describe Jimmy Savile) and you only have to bend down to look at it. Or hidden under half and inch of earth.

            I gave an excellent example in a recent post where I linked to a twitter exchange between Peter Hitchens and the BBC’s veteran Mark Urban, a military expert, about the evidence for the earlier case where ‘Assad gassed his own people’. ‘What is the evidence?’ asks Hitchens, repeatedly, and Urban cannot answer, because there isn’t any.

            People hold and defend these fictions because they are living in a huge fantasy.

            RTE showed Trump the other night summarizing the performance of the press over his first hundred days: ‘a disgrace’. RTE then showed one of the Watergate veterans (Woodward?) solemnly refuting this: “Mr President, the media is not fake news”. (Note the rhetoric, by the way. I call it extravert rhetoric and it is never far away.)

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Gresgorz,

      “Are these figures accurate, Michael?”

      The straight answer is that I made a mistake with the part where you highlighted my error. The emigration figures for 2015 2014 and 2013 are accurate as far as I can determine.

      If we didn’t have an open doors policy the non national numbers leaving (probably going home and I would say disillusioned) would probably be native Irish leaving.

      My question still stands; what is all the economic expansion for and who does it benefit? And I couldn’t agree with you more; With a mortgage 40k pa isn’t enough to live on especially when you factor in child care costs in our failed state.


      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Yes, it does stand – record years or not record years; native Irish leaving or non-native Irish leaving (or fifty-fifty, like in the said years); it does not change your main objection: 2 digits growth. Keep the banksters recovery going. You never had it so good (sorry, that was someone else ;-).

        That should warrant much bigger figures of ex-pats returning and much smaller figures of people leaving – yet half the 1980s rates for the native Irish is not quite the Irish ex-pats (and skilled immigrants) banging on Ireland’s doors – and this when Ireland only took 760 “refugees”, not 10,000, as President M. Dickhead Higgins wants us to, which would result in burning cars France-style.

        As to where did they go to: well, I can only speak for figures for Irish and Poles, for these are two ethnic groups I’m most familiar with, plus Kerry people.

        Of course, the Irish went mainly to Commonwealth + sanctuary cities in the US; but what differs this Irish emigration from others is that they also went to non-English speaking countries in quite large numbers: Belgium (20 people I knew working for Hilton), Denmark (engineers), Arab countries I am sorry to say, and even Poland, and – here I will surprise – not in small numbers: there are 8,136 Irish immigrants in Poland now, 500 on their path to obtain Polish citizenship or have already done so.

        More than that, I am even meeting one soon (if I have time, and that changes in my case from week to week depending on the volume of documents), a once famous Irish comedian (the one who was slapped by a woman from the audience, now living permanently in Poland):


        Irish immigrants to Poland even have their own forum:


        But this happened in the past: late 18th/early 19th century (lots of gardeners, soldiers and architects), and even earlier there was even a special levy on 2,000 Irish soldiers in Poland’s army – the acts of the Privy Council refer to a levy of 2,000 Irish soldiers for Polish service, on condition that they were not used against the Protestant powers of Sweden, Denmark-Norway or Brandenburg. On 30 August 1621, a reliable Swedish source, the agent Anders SvenssonSvensson wrote to the Swedish king to announce the arrival of the Polish envoy in the Danish Sound with 300 Irish soldiers bound for Riga,, and more Irish were recruited for Swedish service in 1623 under the direction of the Scot, Colonel Robert Stewart who used an Irish captain by the name of Butler to recruit soldiers in Ireland. In 1637, Colonel Stuart, another Scotsman, received permission to levy in Ireland for Swedish service. However some of the Irish recruits deserted in Scotland where they were accused of ‘lurking in obscure places’. Btw, the famous Polish leader, Pilsudski (him and Dmowski were the main contributors to Poland regaining its independence in 1918) had the Irish grandmother from that Butler family.

        Now, in case you might think I lost my common sense, I do not think that such mass emigration is good for a country (it is different if is for marriage, or specific skills, or trade, or as travellers – these things always took place).

        As for the Poles who left Ireland, out of approx. 240,000 that left post 2008 crash, approx. 60,000 returned to Poland, the rest emigrated to Norway, Iceland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; a small group ended up in China, but didn’t like it there (it’s a dictatorship – the freedoms are illusory, and you can be easily arrested or even captured from a street by a gang and your organs would be sold – this happens on a massive scale in China, but you never hear that in Europe) and moved to Taiwan (I’ve met one who stayed in China). Someone from my own family emigrated to Iceland to be employed in… I forgot (mine? steel? something hard to do anyway).

  3. McCawber

    The real solution to the Nirth is for the EU to offer NI state status and pick up the tab for their own fuck up.
    I’m sure GB wouldn’t object to that.
    In fact that is what GB should put back to the EU.
    Here’s your solution lads and good luck with selling it to NI.
    What the NI people and politicians view on such a proposal would be interesting.

    • Deco

      NI is still a psychologically scarred society.

      And now we are going to start stoking fires so as to scar it all over again.

      Great idea. Give the EU a peace prize when it starts. Obama got one and he bombed and regime changed more countries that even Dubya.

  4. Deco


    No, thanks.

    We now love the EU imperial racket so much, that we are provided to reopen old wounds again for it.

    As if the incompetent Gardai will not already have their hands full thanks to returning jihadis, and new recruits. Now a sectarian war, and bombs going off in Dublin, as well.

    Great. Two terrorists problems.

    Maybe the Red Hand Commandos might do us a favour and blow up the Montrose quango for propaganda. Or maybe they know that they are doing more damage to the 26 counties than anything they could ever aspire to achieve.

    The Irish institutional state needs more tax serfs. The EU also needs more serfs to carry the manner in which they screw Ireland for the banks that lobby the EU.

    This sort of madness is the exact opposite of what we need to be thinking.

    The fight for Irish freedom was never about spilling blood for the benefit of the Anglo Irish Bondholders.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “The fight for Irish freedom was never about spilling blood for the benefit of the Anglo Irish Bondholders.”


      And I’m not sure if Michael Collins and not-so-wise James Connolly would have be happy about Ireland changing foreign British landlords into a foreign Canadian vulture fund. Honestly, I’d rather have the British – if we take the lowest wage A.D. 1913, the rents were 2/3 cheaper.

      • Deco

        The EU Imperial concern has better marketing than the British Empire.

        The British Empire started controlling the news in 1914, and the people wised up.

        The level of control now is more pervasive, more controlled, and more disparitly uniform than before. The pretence of diverse opinions, when they are all based on the same “sell”.

  5. You have a one good option: let NI terrorists fight Muslim terrorists until they are all gone…

  6. Off Topic but more relevant to your well being.

    “All the elements are now in position for the flood to start. Ten years have passed since the last crisis which was just a rehearsal before the final collapse. Stock markets are at historical overvaluations, bond market interest rates are at 5,000 year lows and the dollar is a currency which has zero value only backed by debt and weapons. But the supernova debt bubble will still probably expand before it implodes. That is only because central banks will, in a final desperate attempt to rescue the world, print quadrillions of dollars. Thereafter all the debt and all the assets financed by the debt will disappear into a black hole.”


  7. going where no man has gone before, Adam

    Rescued by bitcoin and entrepreneurship plus the goodwill of strangers.


  8. mcsean2163

    I for one would love to see a united Ireland.

    The UK is a juggernaut that flattens people, (I live in the UK). The UK institutions are too big and the monarchy in a lot of regards is to society like arsenic to milk.

    I’d be happy to see the UK take its paws off the North and I think it would be better for the UK. A smaller UK would probably be a happier more caring society.

    In only a few years, the war in the Northern state would be a forgotten nightmare, look at integration Republic Ireland v Brexit Britain. We are a different country and a different people, let’s unite.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “A smaller UK would probably be a happier more caring society.” – I don’t want to sound too cynical, but is that not they voted for – restoring the English national identity? I lived in the UK too, and let’s face it – Ulster Scots (NOT AS an ethnic group, though maybe that too to an extent, but as a political group) are hated in England. No one normal in England gives a damn if you are going to west or to east Belfast – for them it is all Ireland, not Britain (aside from the fact that NI is not Britain in legal terms).

      They don’t ask you: is this letter going to the UK or to Northern Ireland, they ask you – is this letter going to southern or to northern Ireland?

      After all, when Mr Paisley had one of his little rants when the Pope was in the EU Parliament, it was the English MEPs who grabbed him and threw him out.

    • Deco

      A smaller UK would probably be a happier more caring society.

      Maybe the Greeks might tell us how that might apply with regard to the EU ?

      Or maybe unemployed Spaniards living in abject poverty, might have an opinion ?

      The EU operated as caring mechanism for bankers, lobbyists, and various freeloaders. And then it covers it in a PR effort that convince many people, whilst stealing out of their pockets.

  9. oe1

    At some point in the future, if the majority in the North want a united Ireland we should really start thinking about how to make this happen economically.

    Its too easy to dismiss the idea as being too expensive or impractical because of security issues. I think most people will feel that its probably a good thing.

    The only proper example we have seen of this in recent years has been German reunification. It must taken them alot of discipline and self sacrafice. Qualities that Germans are noted for.

    Would be interested to hear more viewpoints on how the 2 economies should be managed leading up to a possible unification. It seems obvious that the current economies are not strong enough at the moment.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Would be interested to hear more viewpoints on how the 2 economies should be managed leading up to a possible unification.” – simple: Ireland reforms and gets rid of most of its subsidies and speculative capital pumping the bubble. That way, Northern Ireland will not be dependent on UK/ROI subsidies and whimsical foreign vultures capital inflows/outflows.

      That will require a lot of people having to grow up suddenly, but tiocfaidh ár lá…

      • McCawber

        In summary.
        Ireland would have to live within it’s means – ouch.
        Mr 19 shillings and sixpence never claimed it would be easy.

  10. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    2 years ago, David McWilliams wrote this (perfectly summarising the improvised nature of the Irish national character – I hope I won’t offend anyone here, but judging from how badly the 1916 Rising was organised and carried out – except for Michael Collins network of spies, and he was the only critical of its organisation – then if the Irish were in charge of running a war, there would be a danger that peace might break out instead ;-); so, Maccer A.D. 2015:

    “Armed with that idea, let’s look out now from the vantage point of 2016 and ask whether we might have a united Ireland before any of us thought possible or (maybe even) desirable. Might we stumble into a united Ireland in the same way we stumbled, quite unexpectedly, out of the United Kingdom?”

    Here is what I replied to his article on the subject of United Ireland:

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    August 3, 2015 at 1:53 pm
    Of, the elephant in the room is what to do with the loyalist community in the united Ireland should they wish to draw inspiration from the Donetsk People’s Republic. But perhaps they will behave or it will more be like the Velvet Revolution. It would be interesting though if Sinn Féin and the loyalists groups switched the roles and the loyalists started to play the role of the oppressed minority refused the right to self-determination. I only hope that the Irish Army is prepared for that and it won’t be surprised by potential separatists movement like Dublin City Council is always surprised when it snows (a propos City Council, I remember that in 2010 or thereabouts they had been offered some sand by the bankrupt developers in case it snows but they refused because it never does). I’ll be voting for the united Ireland in case anyone doubts, but I wonder if that would turn Ireland into Ukraine…
    “We also have the small problem of Europe’s south-eastern corner from Athens to Ljubljana, including Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and the former Yugoslavian countries.” – and that is a very good question indeed, considering that Germany preferred to start the war in Yugoslavia by encouraging Croatia to proclaim their independence and being the first country to recognize it, which torpedoed further strengthening of the so called Hexagonale (is anyone on this blog or you David familiar with that geopolitical concept?) – a group of countries (Hungary, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia) trying to prevent Germany to rehash and enforce their own plan of Mitteleuropa”

    and from the same comment:

    “Interesting case in that geopolitical puzzle is Romania, where in 2012 the US tried to restore the coalition government of liberals and ex-communists (Romania is the only post-communist country with secret services were not trained in Moscow), but this attempt was blocked by Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, whose efforts were supported by Russia. Germany used this opportunity to install the ethnic German President Iohannis in Romania, with an ethnic German in charge of Romanian secret services, thus outfoxing both Russia and the US. This restored the implementation of their Mitteleuropa plan, shortly derailed in the US.
    Poland, having already a pro-UK president, is on a course to elect the pro-UK government in October,”


    “The one million dollar question is: what political force in Ireland would be able to win enough votes (not necessarily in 2016) to facilitate Ireland joining an independent bloc of countries led by the UK and followed by Scandinavia, though it may derail Mitteleuropa for a while)? Will Sinn Féin change the course of the Irish geopolitics and blow up the Irish-German alliance? I doubt it; even though Mr. Adams has always been deadly on the hot air front – not because he was in the IRA (because he wasn’t), but because being anti-British he was at the same time getting his money from the Queen (why don’t you follow Marco Rubio’s example, Gerry; a US libertarian governor who refused the Federal subsidy?)”

    and Coldblow was first here on the blog to agree with me on the Mittel-Europa/Hexagonale analogy:

    August 3, 2015 at 9:01 pm
    Peter Hitchens agress with you about Mitteleuropa, now in its EU form:

    Although where I claim I was more correct than Mr Hitchens is that while being correct on the Mitteleuropa in its EU form, he totally missed the fact that since G. Schroeder landed himself on Gazprom’s paylist and Germany started, along with Russia, to force Nordstream and Nordstream 2 – it was, unlike the original Mitteleuropa project, not Berlin versus Moscow, but Berlin WITH Moscow (the Eurasian project).

    P.S. Deco made a very interesting comment on the United Ireland that day:

    August 3, 2015 at 2:00 pm
    Not all Catholics in the North want unity with the Dublin centred state. And not all Protestants are happy with their standing in the UK.
    In addition, NI will be a different place, if they learn to spend less time fighting with each other.
    And then there is the rest of Ireland perspective. The strange thing is that in Munster, most people think a united Ireland is the best possible outcome. But in the middle stretch of the country, south of a line between Drogheda and Sligo, there is a woeful antipathy towards Northerners – as a psychological construct. This is particularly evident on Dublin’s northside, and the Midlands. It can best be summed up with received wisdom along the lines of NI needs to grow up, NI is nuts, and NI is full of gobshytes. Now this is a very serious issue in a part of the country containing a large contingent of Eastern Europeans who are never at the receiving end of such an appraisal.
    Basically, a lot of people in the middle portion of the island are firmly of the view that NI is a dysfunctional place, filled with immature, pride obsessed, arrogant, boasting, fools. This is never in the political narrative. But it is part of the human narrative.
    I know that I am going to outrage some people here. In fact there will be people who will read this and be indignant with rage. And they will get very personal in response.
    But from what I have seen it is a perfectly reasonable perspective. And it is entirely psychological. There are deep issues in NI society, because it has never been a normal society in 80 years. There has been a lot of emotional repression. There has been a lot of emphasis on “show”, “bravado”, macho culture, and superficiality. NI is also highly infected with social snobbery. In fact NI is more dysfunctional with regard to social class issues than London, or Sussex, or Kent.
    As observed in the borrowing “boom” madness, there are deep issues in Leinster, amongst a sizeable proportion of the populace with respect to consumerist excess, loneliness, and general purposelessness.
    But these are mild compared to the issues that exist in a post conflict based society, that still has not matured past social status obsession, and “keeping up appearances”.
    What if nobody wanted to get any closer to NI ?”

    And then we had a little disussion on it:

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    August 3, 2015 at 3:51 pm
    Correct me if I am wrong, but when I had a short romance with a Derry bogside girl (10 years ago), I remember quoting in a heated pub discussion with her (her family was even against the Good Friday Agreement) some opinion poll from that time whereby as much as 25% of the Northern Irish population asked if they would prefer a united Ireland, NI as a part of the UK or NI as an independent state chose the last option. But I cannot remember if the figure was 20 or 25% (I remember that 20 figure). Has anyone done since an opinion poll with that option?
    August 3, 2015 at 6:07 pm
    I presume that they have “de-escalated” their level of tension since then. The past it seems is always to close, to allow people to become free of it.
    And just in case people drift away from it, there are annual rituals of King Billy etc… so that there will be no lapse that might enable people to forget. Unreservedly militaristic, aggressive, and often antagonistic rituals.
    None of which helps. And yet if there is ever a discussion about discontinuing such nonsense, then you get told that it is “culture”. The community that calls this culture has a serious crisis within. An intellectual crisis, and a deeper societal crisis also.
    Unfortunately, few in positions of leadership in NI are able to declare that there is a problem with their own side, and clean the rot from within.
    August 3, 2015 at 8:07 pm
    Completely true. Sad thing is we’ve got almost a year before all this hundredth anniversary stuff and the inflammatory nonsense here has started already. Nothing good’s going to come from it.
    Adam Byrne
    August 3, 2015 at 8:10 pm
    Definitely not. I’m out of here for most of next year, not hanging around for all the shameless #paddywhackery

    August 4, 2015 at 11:19 pm
    I couldn’t agree with you more adam. Makes my stomach turn.

    Adam Byrne
    August 4, 2015 at 11:57 pm
    It’s forward we should be looking, not back.
    What are we GOING to do, not what did some people in the past do.”

    And DB4545 added:

    August 3, 2015 at 11:18 pm
    All true I’m sad to report. The “troubles” delayed the development of drug culture which hit most European cities hard just after the Iranian revolution. Iranians fleeing the revolution converted their wealth into heroin (rather than gold Tony Brogan). The source has changed but it’s hitting the North hard now just as it has hit other European cities. The latest trend is premix. Cannabis premixed with heroin/benzodiazipines. Kids think they’re “just” smoking weed until drug tests show positive for opiates/benzo use. They’ve been introduced to hard drugs unknowingly.The INLA have long been regarded as the pharmaceutical division of the Republican groups and act as taxing agents on drug dealers. Their counterparts on the other side of the fence haven’t been slow to move into the drugs trade either.
    I meet a lot of interesting characters in the course of my(completely legal)work. The drugs trade is an equal opportunity employer and hits disadvantaged sections of both communities equally hard. Paramilitary groups of all persuasions are up to their necks in it and that is a cold hard fact. Astonishing how the great-grandchildren of pious catholics and dour protestants have moved so far and so quickly from the core values of their ancestors.

    And I added:

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    August 4, 2015 at 7:24 pm
    Also, contrary to what most people think, you are more likely to have your phone tapped by Garda than by PSNI as the rules of phone tapping are much more arbitrary than in the UK (the annual report on that is a f…g joke: the commissioner just signs it with a one sentence comment that he got familiar with the report).”

    But it was a voice of crying in the wilderness.

  11. Truthist

    True heir to Throne of England in 20th Century would be child of Irish commoner ;
    Dig this about Pappa “Free-Mason” of that great man of Letters ; Winston Churchill

    “Jack the Ripper” was Winston Churchill’s Father

    April 30, 2017

    According to John Hamer, the Masonic ritual murder of four prostitutes was carried out by Winston Churchill’s father, Lord Randolph Spencer Churchill, 1849-1895 (left.)

    The prostitutes were blackmailing the royal family.

    “Churchill was not only the ‘brains’ behind the entire operation, but he was also personally responsible for the cutting of Masonic emblems and symbols into the bodies of the victims, whilst William Gull’s surgeon’s hands performed the organ removals.”

    From Jul 21, 2011

    by John Hamer




  12. Truthist

    CIA / USA long wants “united” Ireland ;

    United Ireland “within” NATO though.


    And speaking of USA, here are useful links about Trump currently :



    Trump and the US Deep State are starting to see eye to eye

    By wmw_admin on
    Voltairenet —
    April 24, 2017



  13. Truthist

    And, this is policy for all caucasian nations ;

    Except that wonderful highly subsidized democracy of special ones in Middle East.


    originally Democrat Party of USA coined-word for their coined concept,

    “Clash of Civilisations” ;
    Enthused by Mr. Lewis ; Author of seminal book with same title.

    Its a brillant move by enemey of Japheth & Ham.
    But, we Irish Catholics even though we are of Shem, are innocent of that conspiracy.

    One should research into Sud’s background.

    Syria is democracy too ;
    Lebanon is also.
    But, that which I refer to above is neither of them.


    Italian Prosecutor: Wiretaps Reveal NGOs Working With Human Smugglers to Flood Italy
    Chris Menahan
    Apr. 28, 2017


    Rioting Muslims attacked Christian protesters in Londons East End screaming “get out of OUR country”.
    Sickenly the Pakistani, Bangladeshi and African Muslims were encouraged by a passing Vicar.

    Who let these illegal immigrants into the country?

    The EU.

    “The white races of Europe should be destroyed and replaced with a race of Eurasian-Negroids that are easily controlled by the ruling elites” –
    EU “founding father” Coudenhove-Kalergi, who outlined this in his plan for Europe in 1933.

    “EU should undermine national homogeneity” –

    EU Special Migration Chief, Peter Sutherland, 2012.




    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Regarding police standing by: this video shows how police works in Poland: one hool takes a mobile phone from a girl, her boyo objects to that, they disturb the peace and quiet of the pedestrians through their apperance, vulgarity and loud behaviour (they are all rather hard on the eyes), and the police comes in like 1 minute and makes an arrest (sorry about the stupid intro).


      This is what needs to be done in Dublin city centre. All those knackers and heroin addict from Stephen’s Green via Liffey bridge up to Parnell, pestering people spending 4 hours a day commuting as well as shocked tourists bringing money to this economy, all that lot – out. Let the girls playing on harps, traders on Moore St working their assess to pay Ryan Tubridy’s salary, and genuine people in need (most of beggars are scammers and I can tell them from a distance) stay, there rest out. Someone needs to clean this city up, man. When I worked for the Abbey (that was a long time ago), someone I would have gone on my own accord, outside hours of work, and kicked the junkies hovering over Marlborough St out, just so that I wouldn’t have to look at them from inside (they always pick on the most vulnerable to pester). It’s people who are genuinely in need or genuinely homeless who suffer the most because of those knackers, because if people see 9 bogus beggars a day, they are getting desensitised if they see a 10th that is genuine – especially if they get things stolen from them in the crowd, like my ex-girlfriend did.
      Someone might say: “it’s free expression”. That’s bullshit. Chopin was free expression. Picasso was free expression. Velvet Underground was free expression. Pestering elderly people on the Luas stop when they are trying to buy ticket is not a free expression – it is willful obstruction (especially if you need that for heroin). And people are too polite in Ireland to genuinely refuse them money, so they get more and more importunate. One such knacker, positioning himself for the arrival of the naive female audience for the Abbey, when I said “No” to his demand of giving him 2 euro, asked me “why not?”. I looked at his 200 euro brand new shoes and said: “listen, I could kill you, but I would go to prison as if I killed a human – so I won’t. I can still break your arm though”. Haven’t seen him again.

  14. Truthist

    And, never forgetting the Banksters specifically, I present to yee this ;
    From The Valley of The 7:

    Confessions of a Former Swiss Banker

    from Joe Gaudet FilmsPlus


  15. Deco

    Greg, thank you for the comments. And you are correct about the gardai.

    The gardai are not interested in fighting crime.

    But in the last FG/LP government, they do keep tabs on opposition TDs, and collect notes on what they do.

    They are a form of political control.

  16. Deco

    Unfortunately, Ireland is still controlled by Guiness (even if Jacobs, and similar firms have lost their control).

    One only has to look at what happens in third level, where becomming a profit centre for DIagEo is a core objective of participation that is relentlessly pushed via various clubs and associations, that are sponsored by the national drug pusher.

  17. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    On another, but recently addressed by me topic:


    Now, 2 remarks to the article:

    1. Most readers (and journalists) would not realise that some (not all) waiting staff is one of the few in the hospitality sector who actually receive a n y tips. Most receptonists, nigh-porters, etc NEVER receive any tips.

    2. “Another woman, who asked to remain anonymous, recently worked for a café in Dublin.

    She once received an email saying that her tips were being withheld as her manager had measured the food and it “didn’t add up”.

    But why is this happening that food or drink wouldn’t add up at the end of the day (after all, most waiting staff does not have any time to nibble)? I tell you why: many managers in bigger places (like Hilton) have so called spillage limits – i.e. how much alcohol can spilled from the staff by accident (i.e. clients bumping into them) per month. So they use that limit to strike sweet clandestine deals with pub owners: once a week, they would steal a few crates of alcohol from their employers, and then blame it on the lower staff. Then the spillage limit would be exceeded, and they would deduct wages or tips from their staff wages (that is wages, because tips are practically non-existent in Ireland for the bartenders), and make them look good in the eyes of GM (efficient, demanding, takes care of the employers profit) and their staff bad (careless, suspicious, requiring more training and constant reprimand). I think the Hiberno-English word for such behaviour is to be “cute”.

    As for the clients who walk out of the restaurants without paying and the staff has to pay for them from their wages – I recommend waterboarding: the number of stealing-clients would fall to zero.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      suspicious = suspect

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I forgot to add: does anyone here want to work and live in Brussels (I don’t, but maybe someone does)? If so, I can contact him or her with Irish managers (whom I know being fair) who are looking for kitchen stuff; these are Irish pubs and so on, so it’s a predominantly English-speaking work environment. The job offer is particularly for the young people whose first name is not Abdullah.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        kitchen stuff = kitchen staff of course LOL; though Belgium being famous for chocolate and, well – chocolate (the only other thing I can think of Belgium apart from Rubens is that it is the only country in the world with all motorways being fully floodlit) – they might be looking for kitchen stuff too, with utter gluttony

  18. Deco

    The EU increasingly relies on one episode of moral bankruptcy to another.

    And the Irish state never runs out delusions, to perpetuate it’s nonsensical trajectory to absurdidty.

    The only thing we need to do in respect of the unionists, is tell the truth about Sinn Fein, and end them as a political force in the 26 counties.

    But the various political actors in Dublin are all involved in a trance like the politicians of the Weimar Republic in 1931.

    What happens when the Irish establishment asks the PAYE taxpayers on a marginal tax rate of 50% plus, to pay for a security state that has SF in government and that sends out squads to murder Alistair McUlster ?

    • Truthist

      Where were the brave Republican Freedom Fighters when Jean Claude Diesel ] Head of ECB ] brazenly breezed into Dublin not long after Minister for Finance Michael Noonan revealed to the Irish public that Jean Claude threatened the Irish State that the ECB / EU / NATO / Freemasons of Europe will b..mb Dublin if Irish State follows pleaded advice of our host — David McWilliams — to “burn” the [ unsecured ] bondholders ?
      Yeah, where were the Republican Freedom Fighters when they could at least have made an attempt of a citizen’s arrest of the terrorist Jean Claude [ Emissary of that super-terrorist grouping ] ?

      And, advocate for murder of the pre-born child Ruth Coppinger made no attempt either.
      Nor did sloppy mouth Ivana Bacik
      Nor did Posh Boy[d] [ Barrett ]
      Nor did advocate for paedophilia Senator D N..sh
      Nor did nancy appearing El Presidente Che Guevara himself
      Nor did …
      the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai
      the elite Wing of the Irish States army ; The Rangers

      • Truthist

        Typo ;

        I was talking on phone call about diesel when I was typing.

        I had meant to type Trichet instead of diesel.


        diesel = Trichet

  19. Truthist

    Bad as Irish history has been, but we believe that World War will never start because of events here.

    But, already WW3 has started ;
    And, it is has started in that place of eschatology.

    So, here are interesting links courtesy of the great Henry Makow :


    Highlight all of the particular URL with Mouse > Right-Click > Select that URL



    Drone Whistleblower: I Don’t Know How Many I’ve Killed

    By wmw_admin on

    April 30, 2017



    The United States Military’s Secret Brand of Fake News

    April 29, 2017



    The Double Identity of an “Anti-Semitic” Commenter

    Smearing a Progressive Website to Support Israel

    Lance Tapley

    Published on

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014

    Common Dreams



















    1946 Archive Film Proves Despotism Has Taken over America



  20. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Reflecting on the news of up to 60 cars vandalised in Dublin a week ago, with words ‘ISIS’ scraped into the paintwork, I’m waiting for the next weekly letter of Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob denying that there is a link between Islam and terrorism. According to last year’s poll in the UK, 2/3 of British Muslims would not give police terror tip-offs, which the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, described as “astonishing” and “troubling”. He said that he was wrong when “For a long time, I too thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape.” While I have a tremendous respect for some Muslim thinkers, such as Avicenna (Ibn S?n?) or Averroes (Ibn Rushd), it cannot be denied that although not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorist attacks in Europe since the migrant crisis erupted were carried out by Muslims (and it erupted because Greece and Germany breached the Schengen Area and Dublin Regulation rules: Angela Merkel invited 800,000, which she then tried to get rid of, while Panos Kammenos, Greece’s defence minister, threatened to open Greece’s borders to Jihadists unless Athens receives debt crisis support – and he did) .

  21. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “Marla Dukharan @Marladukharan
    @davidmcw Actually your Punk Economics videos beat every other tool I know of to help 10 (& >40!) yr olds understand the way the world really works

    David McWilliams ? @davidmcw
    Cheers! Beats Netflix?”

    Yep – they beat Netxlif, deffo! Netflix is, like sex, overrated:


    This video reminds me of a Polish celebrity radio presenter Tomasz Beksinski (knows for promoting progressive rock on 1980s Polish radio; though he was not first – presenter Piotr Kaczkowski was first in Poland to have a regular radio program – in the 1970s – playing bands ranging from Genesis and Camel, via Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, to Pere Ubu, Iggy Pop and Patti Smith; btw – I wonder if Ireland has such a program on the public radio in 1970s?, where the whole albums would have been played?). During one of his radio programs in 1989, Beksinski – then 30 – played The Cure’s “Lovesong”, sighted, and said to the audience: “apparently fucking is pleasant”.

    So socialist Poland was nothing like the socialist Czechoslovakia, in which hotel’s room you watched on Czechoslovakian TV the fall of the Berlin Wall (when that happened, Poland had a non-communist government for over a year anyway) – ok, David?

    Beksinski was a colourful character. Son of a famous painter, Zdzislaw Beksinski (his paintings reached astronomical prices in Japan) who painted nightmares, Tomasz Beksinski always claimed that he didn’t like 20th century, where there is no honour and difference between good and evil is blurred (he loved westerns, where it was not). He liked what he saw coming in the 21st century even less. So he wrote in his monthly column an article called “It’s time to die” and committed suicide. Some say it was because of the paintings of his father he had been looking at since he was a child:



    • coldblow

      Pop music in Poland. We went to Holland on holiday in 2006 and spent a couple of days in Leiden. There is a pleasant pub there called the North End (I think – I wondered if it had anything to do with Preston NE FC). I noted three ways it was different from an English pub.

      1 The beer was better although they didn’t sell room-temperature bitter which, when kept well, is the best of all beers.

      2 Half of the bar had seating for food (traditionally, at least in England, the most you’d get was a bag of crisps).

      3 The music was very good (although not my type). In England it would be the dregs of the top twenty, so you had Europeans listening to the best music which the English themselves hated. Radio 1 and local stations were no better.

  22. longterm

    Dunno David
    Most of the atheists which make up a significant percentage of Northern Ireland live in traditionally protestant areas. Basically in Northern Irelandese there are more protestant atheists than catholic atheists. That said the catholic population are closing the gap.However It wont be bridged anytime soon

  23. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I also think that it would be fair to remind everyone what the others wrote on united Ireland 2 years ago, starting with Mr McWilliams – because it was one of the most interesting discussions we had:

    “We humans, though irrational, like to equip ourselves with stories that have beginnings, middles and ends. These stories deem that big events are the “inevitable consequences” of something else.

    But that’s actually not how the world works. For example, if this column was being written in August 1915 and it suggested that Russia – the least industrial big powerful country in Europe – was going to be overthrown and replaced by the thoroughly urban communists, you’d think this mad.

    Had I said that the Austrian and Turkish Empires would disappear, you’d think me extreme. Or if I had suggested that an ultimately victorious Britain would, by 1921, lose more of its land mass than a defeated Germany, you’d have laughed at me.

    Had I told you in 1915, when the Home Rule party was the only real mainstream nationalist party in Ireland, that by 1918 they’d only have one MP in the whole country, you’d have me committed.

    But all this happened. And now we think it was all inevitable, but it wasn’t.”

    “Vastly different economic realities have pitted the north against the south, with France not too sure which way to go. Germany has indicated that it has had enough and intends to lead Europe in a more Germanic direction – which is fine for Germany.”

    “My hunch is that we will have recurring debt crises in the eurozone and we will see the core countries around Germany pulling away on their own. Simply put: not everyone can keep up with Germany. Those that can will stay with Berlin, and those that can’t will go elsewhere.

    The EU could well split between a core zone around Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, the Benelux and France, with a second Mediterranean group headed up by Italy and the Iberian countries.

    We also have the small problem of Europe’s south-eastern corner from Athens to Ljubljana, including Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and the former Yugoslavian countries.”

    He was basically right in his prediction regarding the shape of the core zone of Europe; and all would have gone that way, if it was not for the election of national-conservative government in Poland and Mr Trump with his pro-Atlanticism (President Obama basically left the continental Europe to Germany; I consciously didn’t mention Brexit because in the light of the “superstate” document that the Carolingians had ready for Brexit, I now think that Britain leaving the EU and then splitting into Scotland and England/Wales was the German plan from the very beginning (in which one of the crucial things was a) German ownership of the media in V4, and b) Nomination by Germany (note: I specifically don’t write by Merkel, because he was also supported by Herr Schulz) of the alleged (but now even German-owned media write about it!) STASI agent “Oskar”, Donald Tusk, as the EU President.

    David further writes this (this is August 2015):

    “Closer to home, if Britain has a referendum on the EU and the No side wins, it will trigger a series of events, leading to a federal Britain, not least because the SNP-driven Scots will not want to be in the present British structure outside the EU.

    They will have two options: either go for a federal Britain or full independence rather than be dominated by England without Europe. However, if Europe is changing dramatically, riven by fractures and crises, joining a putative Atlantic/North Sea trading alliance with the Scandis might make sense.”

    I like the way he finishes that column:

    “Now wouldn’t that be something for the 1916 heroes to digest? A Northern Ireland that wanted reunification and a Republic that is petrified by the prospect?”

    Then, apart from comments I pasted above, we also read:

    August 3, 2015 at 10:39 am
    Those figures are very far from convincing.
    It’s well known that the evangelical element of Ulster Protestants have a high life expectancy due to avoiding fags and whiskey, therefore more of them make their nineties.”

    They do?

    Then we had Deco’s rebuttal:

    August 3, 2015 at 2:06 pm
    Well, there is also another aspect.
    Many Northern Catholics in previous decades, could not get work, or were in menial, labour intensive jobs. The types of jobs that cut life short, especially for men. With physicality being a lot of the work. Like construction, for example.

    Also living in a society where you keep your head down and shut up, and where there is a lot of aggression, leads to a lot of unhealthy people, over a period of decades. [...] That means more Catholics liable to get heart attacks, strokes etc…”

    Well there you go – are Bavarians less healthy than people in Saarland? I don’t think so (and I’ve been to both)…

    But Yadayada didn’t give up and came back with a counter-attack:

    August 3, 2015 at 2:58 pm
    Another myth I’m afraid. The prods worked in labouring jobs in big numbers as well as in building, and suffered more in the troubles.
    Having grown up there, I was a beneficiary of all the post 1945 socialism – free health care, school meals, milk. It was very generous to all.
    I was just reminiscing yesterday about school day milk drinking contests. Speed and volume both, thanks to harold Wilson.”


    August 3, 2015 at 8:59 pm
    These statistics don’t back up your claim about Protestants suffering more in the Troubles:
    I agree with Deco that it is more stressful to be out of work than to be in more secure employment, at Harland and Wolfe for example.”

    But this didn’t stop the exchange of blows:

    August 3, 2015 at 9:28 pm
    All right, looks like you’re right. Seems the ira killed more Catholics than any other group, which of course was well recognised at the time, but less so since, apart from the recent “disappeared”cases.”

    This caused an outrage by:

    “irish pete
    August 4, 2015 at 11:50 pm
    Sorry did I just read that rubbish? Are you a unionist? Your knowledge is pretty poor, have you been to Northern Ireland? It’s a beautiful place”


    But TracyD said:

    August 30, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Most of us up here are well aware that we are not wanted by the UK or the Republic; you seem to naively confuse the government with the populace”

    This when the discussion ceased to be polite:

    August 5, 2015 at 3:09 am
    You sir, are an arsehole
    August 5, 2015 at 3:13 am
    I meant this for the comment directly under this article btw, how anyone could turn their back on their fellow Irish men for reasons to do with money, of any sort, is disgraceful….
    August 5, 2015 at 8:18 am
    Money – Drugs, Bank Raid type money you mean or tax payers money?”

    And this comparison by Coldblow certainly warrants a mention:

    August 3, 2015 at 9:20 pm
    About signing up for World War a friend of mine last year emailed me a couple of articles which purported to show that a bigger proportion of Catholic Ireland joined the British armed forces than Protestant Ulstermen. I think it was unemployment that drove them and the chance for young me to escape from a cramped society (and possibly police reocrds for petty offences) and see the world.
    August 3, 2015 at 9:30 pm
    Also, let’s not forget the unique history of Ulster. It was the earliest, most comprehensive example of a phenomenon that was very rare in the history of colonialism – going beyond the usual practice in developed agricultural societies (as opposed to undeveloped hunter gatherers in the New World) of seizing the commanding heights of administration and leaving the economic structure beneath largely intact, farmers from the metropolitan power took over land from the indigenous population. This happened in parts of South Africa, in Aleria in the 19th C with the French, in the Kenyan highlands after WW1 and, it seems, in Palestine. (I might have missed one out.) In the Ulster cse, to make it all the worse, the original owners of the land were often taken on as paid labourers.
    August 3, 2015 at 9:46 pm
    You missed one example that springs to mind – the Germans moved into Prussia in the Middle Ages and exterminated the locals, a fair bit before James I got going. Bet you don’t find that hard to believe.
    Grzegorz Kolodziej
    August 4, 2015 at 2:23 am
    It is never enough reminding (for so few people know about it) that original Prussians were neither Slavic nor Germanic:

    August 4, 2015 at 4:11 pm
    I didn’t explain myself well there. I was trying to type while listening to herself telling me how her day went. I got this from Crotty. Palestine would of course not be an example of capitalist colonialism as Israel were not a colonial power, but the end result does look somewhat similar. The example I missed out was Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. In three of the five cases the expropriated land has been regained. The Teutonic Knights were before the modern age of colonialism of course. What I am talking about (from Crotty) is the imposition of an alien (capitalist system) together with its institutions (especially land as private property with the rights protected by a particular legal system) on top of an existing developed agricultural society, as happened all over the world, but where in five cases existing tenants of the land were exprpropriated. The Teutonic Knights would have come before this modern colonialism. In all cases it was possible to tell the colonized and the colonizing apart by their skin colour. In Ireland religion had to play that vital role (so Crotty argued).

    August 4, 2015 at 4:18 pm
    Just to add (before my computer times me out again) quickly that in S. Africa most of the land was taken from hunter gatherers but some land was also seized from Bantu agriculturalists. Crotty believed that, but for the Conquest, Ireland would have probably reverted to a fully pastoral, non-urban society over time. The only reason Ireland didn’t develop along capitalist lines like the rest of Europe was because our damp, mild climate did not require the accumulation of ploughing stock and the rest that went along with capitalist *agriculture* including the drive to invest rather than consume immediately (unique to Western Europe) and the potentional limitless production this enabled when Europe finally ‘took off’ about five centuries ago.”

    “From Ireland In Crisis: ‘At all times, up to the nineteenth century, European colonialism, as with all earlier colonizing, resulted in the extermination of indigenous hunter gatherers. The last of the indigenes of Tasmania perished in 1876 and the last battle of extermination of the North American Indians was fought at Wounded Knee in 1890.’ In contrast, the enormous cost of the Elizabethan campaign to subdue Ireland was the single greatest factor in setting crown and parliament against each other.
    Crotty’s point is that European colonialism from the 16th C was different to earlier expansions in that it imposed capitalist institutions on societies that were organized on very different principles (Ireland for example was pastoralist). This, he argued, condemned the future ex-colonies to economic chaos and Ireland, by virtue of the length and thorough-going nature of its colonizing, should be at the top of the list of the failed states, only that this was masked by a number of factors, including its geographical location in Europe and the emigration safety valve.
    I drew this up because I believe that his analysis gives the best insight into ‘why we are where we are’ and to put recent events in the North into their proper perspective.”

    A mention of De Valera prompted me then (after my “Donbas separatists like Ulster unionist” comment) to hurl perhaps a bit too harsh opinion on De Valera, although not by much me thinks:

    August 5, 2015 at 1:07 pm
    I think with a few exceptions of course, that a lot of the worlds leaders would have been deemed great leaders had they not led.
    It seems Ireland and Poland have a lot in common, DeValera, playing the Pilsudski role with Michael Collins as the General.
    I don’t think anyone would accuse DeValera of having been a great leader btw.
    Grzegorz Kolodziej
    August 5, 2015 at 3:04 pm
    The similarities between Dev/Pilsudski and Collins/Rozwadowski are so striking that come to think of it, it borders on being spooky. What a tragedy for Ireland it was not Michael Collins. The more I read on Dev the less I appreciate him. That facade of a cocky and uncompromising leader beneath which the dim coward was hidden. That hope of his foreign ministry that when it comes to worse, the Brits will defend Ireland while extending his condolences to the German ambassador that Adolf Hitler died (as the only head of state in the world). The night when Dev almost shitted himself from fear when his driver told him that there is a telegram from Winston Churchill (Dev thought Churchill was going to oust him from power). I have a great admiration for Michael Collins as a military commander – Michael Collins combined two features which normally do not go along – while being more courageous and straightforward, he had more understanding of geopolitics than beef-witted Dev. Emulating the Soviet Union in the economy while being verbally anti-communist is another thing which amazes me. What an overrated leader he was.”

    “All I can say is that to think that De Valera saved Ireland from anything would probably be mistaken; he just was incredibly, incredibly lucky that Ireland was not invaded either from Britain (by the way, the fact De Valera facilitated German bombing of Belfast by not ordering blackout caused more Irishmen killed than the paramilitary organisations plus the British Army did during the entire history of Troubles, so wise he was not) or by Germany (Sinn Féin wanted Germany to invade Ireland and Sean Russell spent a long time with Goebbels discussing it – he even died on a German U-boat, but eventually the Wehrmacht concluded that the IRA is too shit of an army to facilitate that invasion).”

    Adam shared this story from Gatwick with us:

    “I counted how much sterling change I had in my pocket, it was £5.48 I think and a pint was £5.50, so I said to my mate Derek, I’ll see if they’ll give me a pint for that – 2 pence short.
    The young girl on the till was only about 16, she said her Mum was from Ireland – I said ‘what part?’ She said… errr the Republic? She couldn’t be more specific that than and had never visited Ireland (or seemed likely to).”

    “As to David Gray, prof. Paul Bew writes in his “A Yankee in De Valera’s Ireland” that “Gray himself appears to have been ignorant of the degree of genuine co-operation” and concludes that the British were reluctant to take Gray into their confidenc and that Sir John Maffey, the British representative in Dublin, was under instructions not to inform Gray about certain matters.” – said me.

    Would it be seen as me blowing my own trumpet if I say that I wrapped up the debate rather neatly by saying that:

    “Grzegorz Kolodziej
    August 5, 2015 at 3:12 pm
    When I reflected on the similarities between Polish and Irish history, that great quote from Winston Churchill (his opinion on Poles) came to my mind:

    “The bravest of the brave, too often led by the vilest of the vile!”
    I often found out that discerning foreigners (i.e. Norman Davies) could tell me more interesting things on the national character than the indigenous historians.”

    Norman Davies wrote a 2 volume history of Poland “God’s Playground” that became a textbook for history in Polish secondary schools – he devoted an entire chapter on grain trade via Gdansk, which no Polish historian would have done before him.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “are Bavarians less healthy than people in Saarland? I don’t think so (and I’ve been to both)…” – well, actually this was a stupid example of mine because Saarland has the highest concentration of Roman Catholics of any German state – so not really a good Catholic v Protestant population comparison. Saardland came up to my mind because despite its natural reserves (and maybe because of them, which might make them think less), Saardland was the most wastefully governed of all West German lands, with the most stupid German politician coming out of it until the arrival of Martin Schulz, Oskar Lafontaine; I would be shocked if it didn’t turn out that Comrade Lafontaine was not in either STASI or KGB: everything in his career was suspicious, from pro-USSR stance in the 1980s through him being elected chairman of the SPD in a surprise move, replacing Rudolf Scharping at the “Mannheim convention” in 1995, to finally him being the first Carolingian politician openly calling for the prompt tax harmonisation of the European Union (1998!). Oh, I almost forgot – in “Der Spiegel”, Comrade Leftfontaine has also wrote a pean to Erich Honecker no less.

      So my counter-example Bavaria v Saarland was stupid.

      Here is a better example: are ultra-Catholic Bavarians less healthy and more miserable than protestant Danes, who have the highest suicide rate in the world in the age group 64-75 (4.5 higher than in recession Ireland?

      Incidentally, Ireland has the 6th lowest rate of suicides in the EU for all age groups, and rich Scandinavia has a higer rate of suicides per capita than poor Greece, post-war former Yugoslavia or Sicilia; btw – suicide rates are diabolical in the 3 Baltic countries, particularly Lithuania (8th in the world); or in Poland (15) – Ireland is only 75th, Germany 105, Greece and Syria 165th. The least suicidal countries in the world are Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis (0.0 people have committed suicide there since 1985).

      Btw, did you know that only since 1993 attempted suicide is not a crime in Ireland and England, neither is Taoiseach Bertie Ahern saying in public that David McWilliams should commit suicide:



      In R v. Abbot (1903), it was held that if two parties mutually agree to commit suicide, and only one accomplishes that object, the survivor is guilty of murder (and thus liable to suffer the death by hanging).

      Was the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern attempting to accomplish the suicide? And why do we say that what Donald Trump says should impeach him if what Bertie Ahern said didn’t?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        accomplish the suicide = accomplish the suicide of his then main critic.

        I consciously didn’t use the term “was the Taiseach complicit in urging Mr McWilliams’ to commit suicide?”, because this triggers some legal complications: in my opinion, the Suicide_Act 1961 term “complicity in suicide” is misleading, because there is no other instance in which an accessory can incur liability when the principal does not commit a criminal offence, which was fortunately the case with our beloved Mr McWilliams, who didn’t commit suicide even though the Taoiseach wanted him to; we cannot also say that Mr Ahern was part of a conspiracy to effectuate Mr McWilliams’ suicide, because in the wording of s1(1) Criminal Law Act 1977, the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern may have been charged with conspiracy of doing so only if everything would have been done to realize the conspiracy agreement, for Section 1 of the Act says that:

        (a) will necessarily amount to or involve the commission of any offence or offences by one or more of the parties to the agreement.

        So this is why I chose the word “accomplish the suicide of his then main critic.” rather than a) he was guilty of the offence of complicity in suicide or b) part of a conspiracy to prompt Mr McWilliams to take his life.

        P.S.: Pray, bear in mind the fact that it is legally impossible to commit the crime of suicide is irrelevant under the Criminal Attempts Act 1981.

        P.S. II. One of my critics here on this blog, who insisted I was born in USSR, accosted me that conspiracies do not exist except in my head, and I challenged him with a question as to why then the Irish law has “conspiracy” as an offence, to wit, in


        (conspiracy is defined as an agreement to carry out a wrongful act – agreement being the key element of the actus reus – R –v- Parnell , People (AG) –v- Keane. Must also be, in mens rea, the intention to agree to commit the unlawful act and that the person would take some steps in its furtherance (R –v- Anderson).

        There also used to be in the Irish law an offence of ‘conspiracy to corrupt public morals’ seen in Knuller –v- DPP , SPUC –v- Open Door Counselling Ltd; this was abolished in Ireland at the behest of the Law Reform Commission in 2008 (it was one of the key recommendation of the Commission, although fortuntaly the Law Reform Commission did not heed the plea of recommending the discontinuation of the offence of conspiracy to defraud, which was also submitted to the Commission).

        Btw, did yee know about this body:


        SURELY that does not relate to certain public transport providers within the Pale – or?

        He was wrong, and I was right, quod erat demonstrandum.

        P.S. II. Did yous know the first (and hitherto only) Irish book on the corruption law appeared as late as 2012 (Corruption Law (written by Dr Imelda Higgins is a Senior Associate in McCann FitzGerald’s Finance DepartmentRoundhall, 2012). This is because before that day, there was no need for a book on corruption law in Ireland due to the an exceptionally high percentage of people in Ireland winning money on the horses, which eliminated the need for corruption; one of such people has even testified the luck of the Irish before the Tribunal, saying – and I quote – “D-D-D Dats mad I won it on a horse”.

        P.S. III. What happened to Alphie Moone?

  24. Truthist

    HAS-A-gay-BAR in a WAREHOUSE NEAR CHELTENHAM, ENGLAND after all his homo-enthusiams posted ?

    Other “obfuscating” posts were replete with polemics in support of right to murder the pre-born child.
    Very anti-Catholic too ; “Sectarian”
    And, threatening folks lest they be skeptics or even refuters of the new religion post 1945.

    And, his truly regularly sought to associate that creep with Catholic Church because of Papal Knighthood got from tribal Pope.
    Rupert Murdoch got one too ; And, he Mshd player too.
    Murdoch is big enemy of Irish nation.
    Murdoch also close buddy of Bertie Aherne.


    Yee were played.

  25. Paris101

    The most astonishing thing for me is that both Ireland and the UK banned an episode of Stars Wars! Was that a joke? Who was the eejit who did that?

  26. While we are all sidetracked by discussions on this and that the elites and governing powers threaten us with one bogeyman after another. We are distracted by local politics and the lies and deceits of those around us.

    Meanwhile the masters of the universe continue their campaign of global dominance.

    Does it matter a whit if this state or that grows larger or smaller, or weaker or stronger while we are all enmeshed in the same net as the cords are slowly gathered around us unnoticed. Will it matter at all if you are the biggest fish in the ocean if you are about to be hauled out of that same ocean by a force you have yet to recognize. There is no escape from this net.

    The bankster elites foster the thinking of the politicians that create the chaos and wars that destroy societies one after another. Then that chaos is financed to the benefit of the bankster and manipulators. Brothers are turned against each others, neighbours fight each other, political parties change but the results never do. Nations war each other to destruction.

    After each crisis another proposal arrives for the benefit of humanity. BUT more personal sovereignty given at each step. Slowly the noose on the net tightens unnoticed. Freedom is further obstructed.

    Do you notice that the banksters control you and the economy by way of monetary policy? Do you notice that year after year inflation eats at your savings and well being and then destroys you and your fellows together? Have you noticed Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Argentina and many others. Do you remember Germany post WW1.

    Have you noticed that the level of debt issued by these banksters has reached exhaustion and and that the world cannot service the debt even at ZIRP. In order to stop the world economies from collapsing ever more currency is issued at ever increasing volume. The law of diminishing returns is in firm control and the increase in economic activity is minuscule now. Monetary stimulus no longer works, except to load us with burgeoning inflation. inflation is the fog and the myth that we grow wealthier.

    In order to get money to circulate at all the central banks have resorted to direct purchase of a. government debt (monetizing the debt), b. directly buying the general bond market, (buying securities that nobody else wants in order to keep the interest rates low, by supplying a demand that otherwise does not exist), and c. directly buying the stock market shares in order to stop a collapse in the markets. (also providing the illusion that all is well in the economies by providing a demand that does not exist.)

    This monetary Ponzi scheme cannot last, although admittedly it has gone on longer than most have expected. At some point the faith in the currencies will evaporate. Real interest rates will rocket higher. Debts will be unpayable. both creditor and debtor will be empty handed as the credit markets implode.

    Where will that leave you. Better that you concentrate on your personal well being.

    Get out of debt, acquire solid assets, be self possessed. Go where few have gone before. it is a matter of survival.

    Bill Holter: Central Banks Will Destroy Their Own Currency By Doing What They Do …Creating Currency And Credit. From Here, The Faster They Run, The Faster The Boogeyman Catches Them!


  27. These comments express the current mafioso, government and banking corruption in our economy.


    “Summarizing: There are two common-sense reasons given for the miners’ refusal to defend themselves. Both involve fear of reprisal/retaliation. Miners cannot attack governments or bullion banks without great risk of harm to their companies. Miners are not unlike the shop owner paying tribute to the Mafia in a city whose justice system is controlled by the Mafia.”

  28. McGoo

    Remember: “correlation does not imply causation”.
    1. Since the union of the North with the UK, it’s economy has drastically declined. Hardly surprising, as shipbuilding and other metal-bashing-based industries have drastically declined throughout the western world.
    2. At the same time, the economy of the republic has dramatically improved, from practically zero to pretty good, largely due to the use of low tax to attract multinationals working in modern fields (IT etc.).

    Sure, these two changes happened since the North’s union with the UK, but that does not mean that they were in any way caused by being, or not being, part of the UK. You have not demonstrated any causation, and I don’t see any.

    • E. Kavanagh

      So what the hell causes it then?

      • McGoo

        The decline of shipbuilding and other heavy industry in the western world was mostly caused by cheap labour in asia. Harland and Wolf would have closed down regardless of Belfast being in the UK or ROI.

        The economic success of the ROI was achieved by a smart trick of offering lower corporate tax rates than other countries. Nothing to do with the North being in the UK, but I will admit that it had quite a lot to do with the ROI not being in the UK.

        If Belfast had been in the ROI, would it have attacked US multinationals drawn to low tax rates, thus avoiding the cross-border economic divide that David is referring to? Possibly, but I think it’s too late now. The low tax trick won’t be allowed to continue forever (the EU and US/Trump are getting very annoyed about it), and while some places (Dublin, Cork) have reached sufficient critical mass that higher tax rates (or lower tax rates in other countries) are unlikely to cause a mass exodus of employers, I can’t imagine a fresh rush of multinationals into Belfast if Ireland reunited tomorrow.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Dear McGoo and dear E. Kavanagh,

          “The decline of shipbuilding and other heavy industry in the western world was mostly caused by cheap labour in asia. Harland and Wolf would have closed down regardless of Belfast being in the UK or ROI.”

          - I think while there is of course A LOT of truth in it, I also think that “cheap labour” in Asia is only part of explanation of what Asia did right and Europe did wrong. And I think that as t e m p t i n g it is to reduce it all to that cheap labour factor, we should take a collective effort in trying to understand the non-labour cost elements of their success.

          Here are my main two arguments:

          1. While “cheap labour” (plus some unethical Chinese practices, like stealing patents, bribing, the fact that China has easy access to many markets while imosing tariffs on our – by “our” I mean as in “the West” – the whole Europe + USA + Commonwelth – products) was definitely a factor, I know about what is going on in China from people inside China, and the thing is that what media say about China is true


          for China 10 years ago. Media are always 10 years behind reporting on China (btw, no Irish correspondents in China, so how would they know? I know some people who actually live in China – and they are not washing dishes I can tell (one was actually a F-16 pilot).

          When China was speeding up production, experimenting with capitalist enclaves and modernising, western media (and even media in early 1980s socialist Poland!) missed that
          c o m p l e t e l y and were laughing their head off at the Chinese who have one TV in the village. Btw, we already had plenty of Chinese products in 1980s in then gray and hungry Poland (mainly for schools).

          When China was about to take on the world and changing from microcapitalism enclaves into state capitalism, the media were reporting on 1980s China (that is 10 years behind again) – experimenting with capitalism.

          Now when the labour in China is actually too expensive and they are outsourcing labour to other countries like Vietnam and Bangladesh, media (and people after media) are saying “ah yea, China is the leader in shipyards, but they have the cheap labour”.

          Also, China is now imploding due to its enormous debt – but very few people (David McWilliams was one of the exceptions) talk about it; everyone talks only about the US debt.


          Yes, cheap labour (and cheap COSTS OF EVERYTHING, NOT ONLY LABOUR) might have been a factor in their overtaking our production.
          What I am saying – not might have been – it certainly was.


          Not the only factor


          Not the decisive factor (Africa also has cheap labour, now much cheaper than China).

          So this was my first argument.

          Now my second argument.

          2. The main shipbuilding country in the world right now is Japan, not China.


          And while Japan has always been there or thereabouts (did yee know that in Japan has a more powerful navy than Great Britain?) – it is everyting but cheap labour. And neither is South Korea – the leader for many years. And neither is Germany (the only EU country doing well in that, siphoning EU funds that they previously had takem from other shipbuilding EU countries).

          What can we say about South Korea?

          That is has been for years the most innovative economy in the world. That’s right – in the world.
          And here is something I have to say again that yee all want to crucify me for, because it contradicts the Irish pacifistic views: South Korea (like Israel, like Germany, like Taiwan) have CAPITALISED ON TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERS FROM THE US ARMY. I beseech readers not to attack my argument from the moralistic point of view (imperialism, NATO, war in Iraq, etc, etc), but to stop for a while and try to understand what am I saying: US or not the US, the f a c t is that these countries were able to use the US military presence in a way that enabled them to secure technology transfers ONTO NON-MILITARY industries (while other countries were not).

          So to summarise my argument:


          2. JAPAN AND SOUTH KOREA ARE LEADERS IN SHIPYARDS BECAUSE THEY CAN INNOVATIVE (and South Korea can do that because of the technology transfers from the US Army).


          And now – this ties in with my second point (ability to innovate) – pray, read my discussion on shipyards with Tony from before Christmas last year:

          Tony Brogan
          December 24, 2016 at 9:37 pm
          Nothing against Poles but the new BC ferries should have been built at home in my opinion.
          We had a government department spun off as a crown corporation. Immediately decisions were made on a “business” basis. The CEO had to be paid a million a year and the Bottom Line accounting ruled.

          In the bidding process to replace aging ferries the Poles were cheaper. Prior year and projects it was Germany.

          The shareholder in this case are the BC taxpayers but the whole package was not considered in regard to the BC taxpayer.
          Originally the coast was served by private enterprise and ferry services were offered where a profit was deemed able to be made.

          In the 1050?s-60?s the Social Credit government of WAC, “Wacky” Bennett deemed the ferry service to be an integral part of the BC infrastructure and thus part of the transportation system as were the road networks.

          The Ferries were nationalized, by the province, and run by government. The ferry system was now a part of the road system and expanded to islands on the coast and other places without road access.

          The development and settlement of the islands and coast was augmented and accelerated. Economic activity of all kinds blossomed and bloomed.

          Today with the business model in vogue one of the most valuable trades has been shipped off shore. That is boat building. The boat yards in BC are world class, involved in economical production of megayachts for the wealthy. There is no doubt that there is the technical and physical ability for BC to build its own yachts.
          But they would cost more say the critics. And so they might. But what is also lost here? Jobs, spill off trades and companies, taxes collected on incomes and materials by both provincial and Federal governments. The infrastructure in place to contract for other work by BC ship yards.
          The other bottom line effect is that the Ferry corporation wants to have the non profitable routes have increased fares and/or curtailed service. This in effect is cutting and/or squeezing the lifeline to many communities and causing economic contraction rather than expansion. Fading is the maxim that the ferry system is the water corollary to the road system on land. We all pay taxes for roads we do not use. Others pay taxes for ferries they do not use. That is the purpose of government infrastructure that brings social and economic benefits to the community as a whole.
          The next new ferries need to be built in BC by BC workers and companies. Charity begins at home and government taxpayers money should not be spent in a foreign jurisdiction for their benefit rather than where it belongs, at home.

          Grzegorz Kolodziej
          December 25, 2016 at 1:14 am
          I did not even know that there were any Polish shipyards – as far as I remember, all Polish shipyards (including the cradle of “Solidarnosc” in Gdansk) went bust due to sharp practices from the German shipyards; it went like this: German shipyards had pressed the EU to ban the subsidy for the Polish shipyards (this was before Poland joined the EU but Poland already had to implement all the EU legislation, so the subsidy was actually a Polish taxpayer’s subsidy) – whereupon the German lobby in the EU managed to obtain for Germany the v e r y s a m e subsidy from the EU taxpayer that they had previously banned in Poland from the Polish taxpayers, thus bankrupting the Polish shipyards.

          Intrigued, I decided to follow up on that Canadian contract on Polish websites. It turns out that a few private, small shipyards have been established in Poland since the Germans bankrupted the Polish shipyard industry.
          According to them, the Canadian shipyard Seaspan from the British Columbia was shortlisted on the list of 3 shipyards who had the biggest chance to win the tender (along with the Italian Fincatieri), but they withdrew, because Seaspan did not have the technology necessary to convert the engine room into a so called dual-fuel spec – including a more ecological LNG – it’s the first in the world contract to convert a ship of that size into a dual-fuel spec, and Remontowa is a shipyard which, as the first in the world, built a pure LNG (so no dual-fuel) ferry.

          So BC shipyard, not wanting to lose their face, attributed their withdrawal to being “too busy” (why then did they start to the competition for contract in first place – as if they not know beforehand whether they would be “too busy”?).
          I have also found out that another private Polish shiphyard – Crist (name sounds like a joke, I know!) – has the only technology in the world to build maritime wind farms, called “Vidar”.

          All in all, it is a great example of how subsidies damage the competitiveness of the local industry in the long term (I assume that the Canadian shipyard which was not able to meet the technological demands is also subsidised by a taxpayer?) – after all that bullying, lobbying and hostile takeover, coupled with EU subsidies for their shipyards – the German shipyard industry do not have technologies necessary for the dual-fuel conversion of ferries that small, private Polish shipyards have – with no EU (or other) subsidy!

          This is even a stronger argument for abandoning CAP (and their counterparts in the US and Canada – some say that the agriculture in the US is even more subsidised than in the EU) – in the long term, it is detrimental to the agriculture (sure the EU food is more and more crap in every EU country – when Poland was implementing the CAP legislation, it had to LOWER it’s food quality and health&safety standards), and it makes a great blackmail tool for the big two (Germany and France) to blackmail the farmers of other countries, using the CAP subsidies as a stick and a carrot at the same time…

          As President Ronald Reagan once said – the socialist way of running the company is:

          1. When it works, tax it.
          2. When it still works, regulate it.
          3. When now it does not work – subsidise it.


          I read on their website that they are not getting any subsidies from anyone – maybe that’s the way for saving the Canadian taxpayer – NOT to subsidise shipyards? That way no Canadian taxpayers money would be lost, and in the long run, it would be better for Canadian jobs too – look at the story of Polish shipyards demise and resurrection – subsidies taken away, all shipyards collapsing, then new non-subsidised shipyards are being created, they are forced to innovate because they are not getting any subsidies – and now they are the ones who have to know-how to do conversions that the subsidised Canadian shipyards cannot do (btw, German shipyards did not even make it to top 3 in that tender – d e s p i t e receiving by far most EU subsidies).

          The shipyard story reminds a bit was one driver in Formula 1, one Pastor Maldonaldo. He was officially subsidised by… the Venezuelan Parliament no less! Hugo Chavez wanted to boast how progressive country his oil-driven Venezuela was, and every year they were passing a bill allocating heavy millions that they were paying Williams F1 so that Maldonando could drive for them).

          This, in the short run, worked. Williams began to fly (especially on circuits with long straights, as they made a low-drag car – they did not hope to win the championship, just attract more sponsors), and Pastor won one race.
          Other drivers had to have their parents risk their own money, so they got to F1 because they were very good (Lewis Hamilton’s dad worked 3 jobs, and the Polish F1 driver – Robert Kubica’s parents took a loan (btw, when Kubica started leading the F1 championship, basically destroying the reputation of his German colleague, BMW decided they’d rather lose the championship then let a Pole win in their car over German – so they… stopped developing their car, and then withdrew from F1!).
          Not Pastor – the Venezualan taxpayers made sure he kept his seat.
          What happened next?
          Every socialism ends in bankruptcy – Venezuelan ended with low oil prices.
          And then it turned out that Maldonado was not even good enough to be demoted to Williams’ test driver!
          So I think this is what might have happened with the Canadian shipyard:

          subsidy = income without innovation = no innovation = a wake up call (we are unable to meet the technical demands!) = PR spin (oh, it was just a joke – in fact we are too busy to do it).

          Solution: take the subsidy away from the Canadian shipyards! Let the free market work!

          Tony Brogan
          December 25, 2016 at 6:52 am
          The man to thank for the Polish success is Krzysztof Piotrowski


        • A history of the changing ownership and control of the latterly termed “Polish Corridor” and port of Danzig.
          Abusive behavior arrived courtesy of whoever was the victor at the time. The most recent is the division of Prussia after WW1 and the seizure of the rest of Prussia post WW11.


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            And who would have thought that they would now have a separate and so comprehensive article on the Polish Corridor alone!

            Only a pity they deal with a up-to 1772 history of that region in a few sentence, because it was very colourful (basically and in one sentence, a story of a decline of Danzing/Gdansk a trading route in the second half of the 17th century is a story of the rise of Amsterdam, and then London, as the new trading route – and a story of the beginning of central banking in Amsterdam).

            Although they do have a separate article on the Royal Prussia (so that covers up to 1772):


            Here is a passage from Wikipedia on the trading laws of Danzig that should really draw attention of D A V I D


            “The privileges of Danzig confirmed rights of Danzig in external relations, like trading, coinage, and since 1454, with the Polish Crown. For example, the ius indigenatus was a requirement for people to hold office in Royal Prussia, and thus the city as well. It limited offices and land ownership to local natives. Each new king had to confirm the privileges. When this was in danger in the 1570s, it led to the Danzig rebellion.

            Danzig had a special status, due to its large population (in 1772 47,600 inside the city walls, 35,000 to 40,000 outside), its harbour and wealth. Some of its politicians maintained that it was loyal only to the King of Poland, claiming that its status was similar to an Imperial Free City. This position was never accepted by the Sejm. Modern German author compare it to status of Marseille in 16th and 17th century towards the French King.”


            Btw, do you know how Teutonic Nights ended up in Poland? They were… invited by the Poles!!! Yes, I could not believe it either when I first read it as a child (a Cork person would react – why, like? :-).

            The Mazovian Prince, Konrad Mazowiecki, invited them as some sort of a police better than his own. They did precisely that – policed his principality – and then – boohoo! – they turned against the Poles.

            What does it remind you – a certain guy called Strongbow maybe ;-)?

            Here is an excerpt from a book by Norman Davies (that I mentioned was a textbook in Polish schools for history A-level classes) on the topic of trade in Danzing/Gdansk within the context of geopolitics of trade in Europe; it is a fascinating read – I also think that David McWilliams should read that page – after all, geopolitics of trade (and geopolitics is only about trade and military entry points); besides, I don’t want to have the President of Ireland who does not know these things ;-):


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Teutonic Nights = Teutonic Knights rather.

            Btw, did you know that Teutonic Knights still exists?

            Although they are purely religious since 1929, they still confer limited honorary knighthoods. Jeez, that’d be cool to say to a non-Polish girl: “I am Teutonic Knight, darling”. They served as a crusading military order for protection of Christians in the Holy Land, so they had no problem policing Mazovia. In fact, I suspect they might still doing it ;-)

            P.S. Today I’ve found a crazy thing about Polish history between WWI-WWII: a contract for providing food for soldiers canteens in pre-WWII Poland was secured by… YMCA (they even built a building in Kraków – “Officers House”)!

        • Deco

          McGoo, you are correct.

          In addition, Dublin is becomming an efficiency mess. Deliberately, as a result of policy.

          NI was also destroyed as an investment destination by a Marxist army, who have since declared themselves to be politicians.

          Politis in Ireland being a way of achieving military goals by other means.

          That encompasses not only SF. But also FF, FG, and even the Irish Labou Party via their OSF/ORIA element. And the Greens in Ireland are an outgrowth of FF.

          All our political parties were born in violence.

          Time we got one that was born free of it.

  29. European birthrate too low to maintain population and culture.
    Ethnic migration plus higher birthrate will convert european countries to muslim republics within Europe in 20-50 years.


  30. Great show, good episode.

    “The Inner Light” is my favourite episode of the series.

  31. Truthist

    Up-date for topic of immediately previous article ;

    Le Pen and Macron Clash in Vicious Presidential Debate in France



    PARIS —

    Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron faced each other on Wednesday evening in their only head-to-head debate before a runoff election on Sunday for the French presidency.

    The debate quickly turned vicious; she portrayed him as a heartless and unpatriotic capitalist, while he called her a self-serving liar and a dangerous extremist.

    Ms. Le Pen, the fiery leader of the far-right National Front, railed against globalization and immigration, and portrayed her rival as weak on terrorism. Mr. Macron, a centrist independent and former economy minister running for office for the first time, acknowledged the gravity of France’s problems and derided Ms. Le Pen’s proposals as simplistic.

    The wide-ranging debate touched on France’s 20th-century history, including the World War II-era roundup of Jews and the Algerian War, and on Islamist fundamentalism and the future of the European Union.

    Ms. Le Pen, smiling and mocking in tone, opened by trying to tie Mr. Macron to the deeply unpopular President François Hollande, under whom he served as economy minister.

    “Mr. Macron is the candidate of savage globalization,” Ms. Le Pen said in her opening statement, portraying herself as a defender of small businesses and farmers and Mr. Macron, a former investment banker, as a soulless financier serving the interests of big business and the European Union. She said he would promote a capitalist “war of all against all.”

    Mr. Macron cast Ms. Le Pen as the heir to an ugly far-right tradition in France. “Over 40 years in this country, we’ve had Le Pens who’ve been candidates for the presidency,” he said, tying Ms. Le Pen to her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who founded the far-right National Front and ran for president in 2002 and 2007.

    Mr. Macron said the question was whether the French wanted “the spirit of defeat,” and said that in contrast,“I carry the spirit of French conquest, because France has always succeeded, France has always succeeded in the world.”

    The first question was about the economy, especially the unemployment rate, which is particularly high among the young.

    “We must give our small and medium-size enterprises the opportunity to create more jobs,” Mr. Macron said, urging the government to simplify regulations and make it easier for businesses to start — and to fail.

    “Your strategy is simply to say a lot of lies and say everything that is wrong in the country, but you are not proposing anything,” he told Ms. Le Pen.

    She retorted that her rival represented only corporate interests. “You do not think of the best interests of the nation,” she said. “You defend private interests.”

    She referred sarcastically to “your friends with whom you get drinks at La Rotonde,” referring to a dinner Mr. Macron had at an upscale Paris restaurant after the first round of the election, a meal that has been used to portray him as out of touch.

    The conversation then turned to a Whirlpool tumble dryer factory in Amiens, Mr. Macron’s hometown, that is threatened with closure.

    Ms. Le Pen made a surprise visit to the plant last week as Mr. Macron was meeting with union leaders; some workers jeered him after he, too, visited the factory, although he mollified some of them by discussing their concerns.

    In one exchange, Ms. Le Pen said that she would tax the products of companies that outsourced jobs and that she wanted to set up a sovereign investment fund, led by chief executives, to invest in struggling French companies.

    Mr. Macron said such programs already existed. As the exchange became increasingly heated, Mr. Macron accused Ms. Le Pen of peddling “nonsense” and she shot back, “Don’t play with me.”

    “I’m not playing, unfortunately — it’s sad,” he said.

    “I see that you are trying to play student and teacher with me, but as far as I’m concerned, it isn’t particularly my thing,” Ms. Le Pen continued, in what could be seen as a reference to Mr. Macron’s wife, his former drama teacher in high school, where the pair met and started a relationship despite their age difference of 24 years.

    Some of the sharpest exchanges occurred around the topic of terrorism, which has claimed about 240 lives in France since the beginning of 2015.

    Ms. Le Pen called for stripping the French citizenship of people of dual nationality who are suspected of terrorist activity; closing mosques suspected of fostering extremism; expelling hate preachers; securing France’s borders; and expanding prisons.

    Mr. Macron called for better intelligence gathering and sharing, the hiring of more police officers, and intensifying online surveillance of extremist activities.

    “We must attack the root of evil — the root of the evil is the exponential development of Islamic fundamentalism on our territory,” Ms. Le Pen said.

    Mr. Macron, citing the findings of Gilles Kepel, a scholar of Islam, said that a victory by Ms. Le Pen, with her anti-Islamic message, was a fervent wish of jihadists who wanted a war of religions.

    He said Ms. Le Pen’s proposal to strip citizenship from suspected terrorists would do nothing to stop a determined suicide bomber, and he called her antiterrorism proposals “snake oil.”

    France’s history also came up. Ms. Le Pen accused Mr. Macron of propagating hatred by calling France’s colonization of Algeria a crime against humanity; Mr. Macron has said he regretted any offense he had caused.

    Soon after, Mr. Macron attacked Ms. Le Pen’s denial of French responsibility for the roundup of French Jews during World War II.

    “France was not guilty of this appalling horror,” Ms. Le Pen said of the notorious 1942 roundup of Jews in a stadium known as the Vel’ d’Hiv.

    She said that she blamed the collaborationist Vichy regime for the roundup, and said she did not consider it to have been the legitimate government at the time. (Charles de Gaulle’s government in exile in London was, she added.)

    The two candidates clashed on the euro and on the European Union; Mr. Macron said that European institutions needed reform, while Ms. Le Pen said he would bend to the will of Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel. France’s real competitor is China, not Germany, he replied.

    Mr. Macron said a strong and united Europe would be the best response to the populist message put forth by President Trump, and he castigated Ms. Le Pen for her coziness with Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin.

    Ms. Le Pen said France should be “equidistant” from both Russia and the United States. “Russia has not expressed hostility toward France,” she said. “I do not care what the relations between the United States and Russia are.”

    As the debate headed toward its close — with the moderators, the journalists Christophe Jakubyszyn and Nathalie Saint-Cricq, having largely let each candidate frequently interrupt the other — the candidates leveled final attacks.

    “You are unworthy of being the guarantor of our institutions,” Mr. Macron said, casting his rival as an extremist threat to democracy. “You are a threat to our institutions. That’s your problem.”

    In closing statements, each candidate recalled defining themes. Mr. Macron said Ms. Le Pen was running on a project of lies and fear. “The France I want will not be divided,” he said, calling her a “parasite” that had emerged from the ineffectiveness of traditional politics.

    Ms. Le Pen said, “I like France as it is, with its culture, with its heritage, with its language.” She portrayed Mr. Macron as an advocate of globalization and privatization who would open the country to “mass immigration” and weaken France’s social bonds.

    Mr. Macron placed first, and Ms. Le Pen second, in the first round, on April 23, edging out nine other candidates, including François Fillon from the center-right Republicans; Benoît Hamon, the Socialist candidate; and the far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

    Sunday will be the first runoff election in the history of the French Fifth Republic, which began in 1958, without a candidate from the two major parties participating. Mr. Fillon and Mr. Hamon have thrown their support to Mr. Macron, but Mr. Mélenchon has demurred, saying only that he could not vote for Ms. Le Pen.


  32. Truthist

    And, then there is the likes of this youtube.com video ;

    USA is about to start WW3 in Poland

    Jun 4, 2016


  33. Truthist

    News from 1 of the only few persons with any known Irish* background on Trump’s team ;

    The Irish reference does not necessarily imply that this person is good for Ireland & / or Catholicism [ religion of vast majority of Irish since conversion from snake-worship, & despite drop in percentages it still the religion of vast majority on this island ].

    Steve Bannon’s secret planning whiteboard accidentally revealed


  34. Truthist

    Reaction of posters on this blog fooling themselves

    “Oh, but Trump means well ;
    It’s just that he is held captive by all the folks he stacked himself up with,
    Jared Kushner.”

    TRUTH !

    “Yeah, Trump is all stacked up with that sort.
    But, he is a LIAR to his electorate from the get go.”



  35. Truthist


    The Bolshevik Revolution Politically and Economically Raped Russia

    By Reason and Logic


  36. Pie Squared

    To Boldly Go Where Ireland Has Not Gone Before…

    Where’s our Captain Kirk? A United Ireland would most definitely be on his radar (by star date 2024 or a bit later) as part of his voyage to conquer new heights (hint: requires a flight plan with goals). He knows whether you’re for the Star Ship Enterprise or not, a United Ireland will lead to greater prosperity in the long run for everyone on board the star fleet. See: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/unification-of-ireland-could-bring-in-36-5bn-in-eight-years-1.2435505

    Captain Kirk also understands other bold moves worth exploring:

    Onboard Romulans (Irish Diaspora) to invest in the 6 Planets Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Belfast (star date tbc) and Dublin (with incentives for all planets apart from Dublin).
    Give 3.6m Irish voters based in alien territory (including NI) a full vote. This act alone has the power to shake our Galaxy and its politicians out of their Star Fleet socks, by dealing with all those uncomfortable issues that perpetuate the greatest, insidious, perennial Irish economic policy – export on the hoof.
    Introduce warp speed access to Planet Dublin in the short term.
    Divert all fuel (investment) from Planet Dublin to Planets Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford for a 3 year period starting 2018 by making it very attractive i.e. via incentives – Brexit diaspora a big opportunity here. (Belfast to follow at the appropriate launch date).
    Explore Galaxies like the UK/Denmark/Australia/US to id how we can up our game to keep our youth in our Galaxy or attract them back (attracting people back requires action to deal with the hurdles).

    Now is that illogical Captain?
    Captain? Captain? Where are youuuuuu??? (Not you Uhura).

  37. Truthist

    The E.U. & the rest of the Freemasons are are just so confuz…zing ;

    They plot to re-unify* Ireland after nearly 100 years of us not being united [ immediately previous we were a united territory within British Empire ].


    They plot to “fracture” & “give to “Greater” Israel [ incl. Golan Heights that Israel robbed from Syria already ]” the remainder Syria

    Here are good links of happenings pertaining to WW 3 [ And, WW 3 already occurring ] ;


    Instruction for opening the URLs below ;

    press “Left-Click” AND hover / highlight the URL > select the URL


    Independent Lebanese geopolitical commentator

    Note ;
    Attractive lady ; Wonder if she single & interested in decent Irish men ?







    Maria Zakharova Disrobes the White Helmets

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman effortlessly explains why the White Helmets are total frauds

    Tue, May 2, 2017

    Oscar-winning Al Qaeda improv group ‘The White Helmets’ have dazzled western film critics with their realistic and accurate portrayal of chemical attack first responders who wear sandals ;
    But not everyone gave them glowing reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.



    Is North Korea a Diversion for a US-Jordan Invasion of Syria?

    By Mike Whitney

    INTRO ;
    “Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said that his country has information that Jordan is planning to send its troops into southern Syria in cooperation with the United States….’Jordan is not an independent country.
    Whatever the United States wants, it will happen,’ said Assad.”

    Middle East Monitor








    Israel Denies US Extradition Request for Jew Threat Maker
    May 01, 2017

    Israel has formally denied an extradition request made by the U.S. government for the Jew arrested for making thousands of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers in America.



    The Occult Aspects of 9/11



  38. Europeans have invited the cuckoo to there nest. Now they are surprised the nestlings over turn the old order and in with the new.
    Liberal cultural suicide is the order of the day. It is now national suicide. suffering for white mans guilt they are being overwhelmed by the alien invasion.
    Europe is dead unless its remaining citizens regain the will to live and fight.

    I am not sure North America is a lot better.

    Mea Culpa. Woe is Me!! I am undone!

    MICHAEL SAVAGE NEWSLETTER: There’s no England anymore
    Read more at http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/2017/05/michael-savage-newsletter-theres-no-england-anymore/#h2lALw9q9Ot3OcZT.99

  39. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I am watching the re-run of the final debate between Madame Cameleonine Le Pen and Mr. (or Ms.) Gaymanuel Moron, I am reflecting on Coldblow’s recent remark that what is centre now, would have been extreme 20 years ago: for example, Madame Le Pen accused Mr Moron of anti-semitisism and homophobia and found some terryfying anti-homosexual quotes from an organisation which endorsement Mr Moron has accepted (1st hour 9th minute of the debate): “homosexuals need to be condemned to death” (I differentiate between homesexuals and gays – gayism is not a sexual orientation, but political), as well as genuinly antisemitic quotes – like I said, antisemitism in Europe is only in France: “Jews are userers” (not all – G.K.) and they are “prone to felony” (not all – G.K.), said during a pro-Macron rally one of his radical Islamist supporters. “I hope you will never be President” – said Madame Le Pen.

    At the same time Mr Moron sounded at times like an Austrian economist (he “wants” to cut taxes by 70bn and finance investment from savings rather than leverage – except Madame Le Pen noticed that he increased tax collections by 35bn while in government).

    The trully amazing thing for me is not that a person like Macron who dedicated all his life to the French state (that the co-managed) and the banksters milking the taxpayers – it is the fact that people in France are so stupid that some believe he is suddenly a new Fillon, while others think that his program is as stupid as Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s (who proposed 100% taxes on the rich – something once implemented in a socialist Sweden, which led to famous children writer Astrid Lindgren moving her tax residency out of Sweden after, having achieved a finacial success with her book, she had been forced to pay 104% of income tax (her book “The Children of Bullerbyn Village” was one of the first – if not the first – we were given to read in 1980s Poland as children: it only strikes me now how uncanny in was that a socialist Poland would have given a Swedish book to teach children to read; Polish 1980s TV was also full of Danish and French movies).

    This and other things lead me more and more to a conclusion that the whole show in France is staged – evil Le Pen threatens the French idleocracy, but all bright forcess of progress unite and prevent the forces of Mordor winning, thus solidifying the position of the Left in France – and both candidates are the Left candidates anyway, and differ only on immigration.


    The promise of Mr Moron to impose the EU sanctions on Poland was met with symmetric remarks from some of the Polish TV commentators:

    “Nonsense that comes from Mr Macrons mouth is something very special. We should respond sharply because he has been attacking Poland for a long time,” said Marek Król, a renowned publisher.

    “For me France is not a partner to talk to. A state that has invited millions of people who came only for social purposes; The state, which allows the murder of its own citizens, and they are only able to come out with crayons and rainbow flags, is not a partner to talk” – said Marcin Rola, a journalist.

    “- I have a brother who lives in the very center of Paris. He tells us that our KOD (Soros-financed organisation in Poland – G.K.) at their left is almost the extreme right. They have a circus out there that wouldn’t not fit in your head,” he added.

    “- Macron is another fucking frog who wants to be president of France and has a bad opinion about Poland. They have the biggest debt in the EU, they make stupidity followed by another stupidity, and attract spongers, whome they pay the benefits. They ended up in a situation that they fear to leave their homes – said Marian Kowalski, the leader of Polish nationalists, on IPP TV. He then addressed Mr Macron directly: “Do you not be threatening me – what are you, 6 foot four?” – said the former Candidate for the President of Poland (just to compare it with Mr Macron’s physique, I am attaching Mr Kowalski’s current picture):



    At the moment I am at 2nd hour 6th minute of the debate and I can see the suave Mr Moron saying that he wants more transparency at French universities (does he mean by that that he wants to ban Grande Orient de France from the French universities?).

    I think this will be the last thing I will hear this day because I already have a mini-crate of small bottles of Heineken in me (I rarely – once a fortnigh maybe? – drink beer or any alcohol, and only from bottles – in Ireland, usually Lomza unpasteurised or the lovely Scottish Innis, since my favourite beer – Murphy’s – is unavaialble in bottles in Ireland like it was in 1990s Kraków academic supermarket).

    The reason I am drinking Heineken is because today, the Dutch town of Oudemirdum has honoured Polish pilots who died liberating them from the Germans by drying part of the sea in order to recovers their remnants and build a monument for them (here is a 3 minute Dutch video from the enterprise):


    Moved by such act, I am drinking a mini-crate of Heineken.

    And this brings me to what strikes me most in the Petain-Moron debate: how could they have talked for 2 and half hours without having to go to the Jacks?

    I am afraid that out of all 20th century France, I am only impressed by Henri Poincare, Claude Debussy and this:


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      (I differentiate between homesexuals and gays – gayism is not a sexual orientation, but political) – and of course, n o n e of them should be condemned to death – quelles mauvaises manières!

  40. Deco

    Well, sometimes people in the North refer to us as Mexicans.

    Well, now I know what it feels like to be used as a prop in a political debate.

    For Trump it was the fault of the Mexicans. “they are taking our jobs”.

    Well is seems that Macron is blaming the Irish for the same thing.


    Merkel + Macron = Merkron.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      And Martin Schulz + Macron = SScron

      What’s really funny, to make people realise how much is Ireland penetrated by BND, shortly after I had thrown some light to the background of Schulz’s family, following:

      1) Photo of the original business card of Obersturmbannführer-SS Karl Schulz:



      I’ve found this on one the official German government website:

      “Im Internet werden seit Freitag-Abend falsche Tatsachenbehauptungen über den Vater des SPD-Kanzlerkandidaten Martin Schulz verbreitet, die offenbar darauf abzielen, seriöse Kritik an diesem durchaus zweifelhaften politischen Repräsentanten der SPD in Verruf zu bringen. Dadurch soll der SPD-Mann Schulz ganz offensichtlich in eine Opferrolle (yea, Martin Schulz was victimised by me – he, who threatened Poland and Hungary with his “refugee” policies being implemented “by force!”) manövriert werden. Schon länger sprudelt aus polnischen Quellen die frei erfundene Legende”

      “Since Friday evening, false allegations about the father of the SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz have been spread on the Internet

      [false? - I tell you where false allegations were made: in your documentaries, where a photo of Polish women and chidren being transported by your fathers and mothers into Auschwitz was being presented as a photo of German expellees from Poland; btw - the most crueal expulsion (from Breslau) - in terms of death toll - of Germans was done by Germans themselves, which I covered in details],

      , which obviously aim to discredit serious criticism of this quite dubious political representative of the SPD

      (so even the German politicians admit that they are seriously critical of Martin Schulz whom they describe as a “dubious political representative of the SPD – but why then electing him to SPD leader by 100% of votes? – Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuehrer – G.K.).

      “Thus the SPD man Schulz will quite obviously be manouvered into a role of a victim (yea, Martin Schulz, who was victimized by me – he, who threatened Poland and Hungary with his “refugee” policies being implemented by force! – G.K.). It’s been for some time that the fictitious legend springs from a Polish source (ehm, perhaps they mean from the German source? The documents are from the German archives – G.K.)”

      - so basically the Germans have this law that not only no foreign company can enter their media market (while they bought the vast majority of the Polish media market), but you cannot criticise some of the German government policies in their social media under pain of paying 1,000 euro fine and/or being arrested.


      P.S. ZDF – when are you going to obey the court order and apologise for suggesting in your program that during WWII, Poles exterminated the Jews?


      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I deliberately used the name “official German government website” to describe:


        as it twice turned out before the German court that these so called “far-right” (in normal language, national socialist) organisations are controlled by the German state (thus it was impossible to ban them), to the extend of BND actually shaping their political programs – as it also transpired in the court.

      • Truthist

        Germany is “occupied” State / Jurisdiction.

        I suggest to u that because Germany is in a captive bind since 1945 that the dominance by Germany of Poland currently is “ostensible” ONLY.
        They who control Germany — & fundamental examples being the main politicians down throughout the decades from the 1940′s — are controlling — by proxy through Germany — Poland in the spheres that u inform us of.

        Japan also is occupied Jurisdiction by the same Dreadful Few.

        Do not forget that Germans are not allowed to question the official version of their history.

        I also suggest that 1 of the critical weaknesses of Poles is that they are too easily made emotional about Germany & Russia ;
        This being said by me notwithstanding the terrible wrongs done by both these neighbors upon the Poles & other ethnicities in Poland at various times.

        I also suggest that it is seemingly easy to “play” most individual Poles, & also masses of Poles, by inviting the Pole[s] to be sentimental –> proud –> chauvanistic Re ; Poland’s & Poles’ undoubted great characteristics before & now [ even if less ; Of course it is less when one knows that there is a core of Poles now supporting abortion / murder of the pre-born child ; But, I think not as bad as the overall percentage of Irish nation + interloping residents here doing likewise. ].

        Poland should NOT ally with any power block ;
        History proves this to be recurring mistake for Poland.
        Poland should have its own super formidable military for to defend Poland ONLY.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej


          There are too many aspects in your comments, which are all valuable, for me to relate to in a few sentences, and I can write only a few as I have to wake up very early tomorrow.

          If I can perhaps draw the attention of the three of you to some points I want to make:

          1. “Germany is “occupied” State / Jurisdiction.
          I suggest to u that because Germany is in a captive bind since 1945 that the dominance by Germany of Poland currently is “ostensible” ONLY.” – while there definitely is some food for thought in the second sentence, I don’t fully agree with the first sentence, and in the past I explained in great details why.

          But with no details, I can only reiterate that although I am fully aware of the occupation status of Germany, at the same time this is getting very porous now.

          And this is where I cannot engage in details, so I’ll boil it down to this: in a globalised, overleveraged, virtual world where some corporations have more income, influence and even armed men at their disposal than middle-size countries, s o v e r e i g n t y is not what is it was when Jean Bodin, Thomas Hobbes and even Carl Schmitt wrote about it: IT IS NOT A ZERO-ONE, ON/OFF STATE, where you are even fully sovereign or not.

          a) There are countries that are fully sovereign: USA, China, maybe Russia (but, mind you, only in the area Moscow-Petersburg: in the far east, the Chinese do what they want), North Korea of course, Iran, I wouldn’t even quite say that about Israel, but let’s say it; Saudi Arabia, Liechtenstein, and I’d say Hungary and Iceland.
          These countries are fully sovereign.

          b) Then there are countries almost sovereign, like France and England (I said England, not Scotland or Wales), Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Denmark, Norway, maybe Ireland (despite Eamon Gilmore’s best efforts to make it fully occupied by his Frankfurt’s Way = Labour’s Way), and – among many others – the said Germany, which is neither fully sovereign nor it is fully occupied. Vatican would also come into category (Vatican is very dependent on Italian and other banks, hence the anti-Christian, on the line of Soros, announcements of the recent Pope – or even the fact that the previous Pope was forced to resign).

          c) Then there countries which are ungovernable (that is they are fully governed by what is called web-structures: mafia, lodges, etc) and thus less sovereign – like Italy, Greece or Kosovo.

          d) And countries completely occupied, like Iraq, Ireland until the Home Rule movement, or Poland 1945-1956 (I don’t mention 1939-1945 because that’s too obvious).


          Why am I saying that Germany is in the group b), and not c) or d)?

          I can only give a few examples from what would be a very exhaustive list:

          1. Legal: Third Reich has legally never capitulated.
          2. Another legal: Germany still refuses to sing a Peace Treaty with Poland and to acknowledge the rights of Polish ethnic minority in Germany (they are still governed by H. Goering’s 1940 Decree!) like Poland acknowledges the rights of German minority in Poland (we even fund German schools in Poland), and like Germany acknowledges the ethnic minority of Danes or Gypsies).

          In fact, I know precisely the areas in which Germany is occupied and this mainly concerns security (for example the structure of Bundeswehr – but BND is at least as sovereign as MI6; btw, BND was in lion’s share a continuation of Abwehr – and I mean in people too; same for STASI, except STASI’s preponderance lied with employing the Gestapo people), communications and some education aspects.
          3. Germany blocked the motorway when the US Army was leaving it and moving to Poland. OCCUPIED COUNTRY DOES DO IT – can you imagine that even non-occupied Wales would block a motorway for the British Army?????!

          “Do not forget that Germans are not allowed to question the official version of their history.”

          No, I disagree with that completely I am sorry to say. THAT WAS the case u n t i l H. Kohl, but since G. Schroeder has said that it is enough of Germans apologising for WWII, they question is constantly and grotesquely (i.e. in the series “Our fathers, our mothers”, bough by BBC, Wehrmacht is portrayed as neutral towards the Jews, there is even one friendly SS-men who… helps the Jews, and the only anti-semitic people are… the Poles from the Home Army!).

          But not only German TV stations question that, but also German politicians; Wolfgang Schauble for example has been constantly demanding Germany to return to 1937 borders, while Merkel refused Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s offer that Poland forever renounces any claims to reparations for WWII (which Germany never paid – occupied countries can be forced to paying WWII reparations) if Germany forever renounces claims to their former eastern parts in Lower and Upper Silesia – and Merkel refused.

          For example, here is the reaction of some od HIS OWN party youth when W. Schauble’s proposed that Germany should acknowledge its eastern border with Poland:


          If Germany is f u l l y occupied by something, it is the Frankfurt School ideology, not NATO (btw – if Germany had no sovereignty at all, it would not take Trump to force them to fully pay their NATO contribution).
          Yes – I’d say that no other country bar France is more occupied by Frankfurt School than Germany.

          “Japan also is occupied Jurisdiction” – yes, Japan is: Japan is less sovereign than Germany – but pray, try to understand THEIR point of view: the moment they resign from the US army occupation will be the moment they have a fully fledged war with China.

          “I also suggest that 1 of the critical weaknesses of Poles is that they are too easily made emotional about Germany & Russia ”

          Most Poles are, but I look at it from a pragmatic perspective:

          German Mittel-Europa plan = only German point of view in the Polish media + Poland losing money from corporation tax by German supermarkets allow to cheat and transfer all profits abroad + Germany making sure that no high-tech industry develops in Poland = brain drain from Poland

          Russia’s excessive influence in Poland = highest gas prices in Europe + Russia protecting the post-Round Table parasitic layers of rats who had been, until last year, maintaining privileged position in the administration, thus making sure that all tenders and contracts were awarded to Germany/Russia connected companies.

          So for some Poles Smolensk crash might be the most important thing – but for it is this.

          “Poland should NOT ally with any power block ;
          History proves this to be recurring mistake for Poland.
          Poland should have its own super formidable military for to defend Poland ONLY”

          B i g, b i g topic!!!

          Poland is too weak not to ally with any power block, but it is too strong to become someone’s colony, like Kosovo, Chechenya or Puerto Rico.

          The last time Poland was powerful enough not to ally with anyone was 17th century…


          When Poland got too powerful and started to threaten the balance of powers in Europe, England started to heavily credit Prussia (before that, Prussia was so poor that one custom house in Poland was bringing more income than the entire Prussian state) so that Prussia could build its strong army and, along with Russia and Austria, partition Poland in 18th century.

          Before WWII, Poland was trying to stay neutral and navigate between Germany and Soviet Russia. It only worked well UNTIL Germany combined war efforts with Soviet Russia and attacked Poland (which they had done so before in the late 18th century – the partitions).

          I think that Poland’s mistake in 1939 was not that it allied itself with France and Great Britain, but that it naively believed that France and Germany will honour their military agreements and counter-attack Germany from the west. In the case of France, the reason was that Polish culture was at that time strongly influenced by French, and the Poles overestimated the French strenght and courage.

          In the case of England, the Poles underestimated how cunning the English are (England has even required, successfully, that Poland pays for… the British planes that Polish pilots used to defend England in the Battle for Britain; then they didn’t invite the Poles to the victory parade in London (but invited Zulu, Indians or Mauritians – basically all people from their colonies plus USSR), and deported those pilots whom they didn’t need after the war.

          So: not allying with powers is a mistake, but ALLYING ON SHMUCKY TERMS IS A MISTAKE.


          “The Baider Mienhoff gang having family members from a previous generation who were the first brownshirts.” – very interesting, I didn’t know that.

          “And now Schulz, a heavy hitter of the nEU imperial racket.” – there is one thing that puzzles and worries me, Deco: WHY WOULD AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF A GERMAN SO CALLED “FAR-RIGHT” PARTY OBSERVE, TRANSLATE AND OFFICIALLY DENY “A POLISH SOURCE” ON SOME SOCIAL MEDIA BLOG IN REMOTE IRELAND?

          How can a humble Polish chap busy working his ass off, writing one article a month for a Polish magazine, and occiasionally blogging on the Irish economist’s blog, and even more rarely meeting some rather insignificant people in the Irish politics, be :-)a danger to the powerful Martin Schulz?

          ‘I don’t believe in news that are not denied’

          Famous saying of prince Alexander Gorchakov

          :-) :-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)


          “Stangely, I went out with an associated member of Baader Meinhof who was connected by family to the highest of the German political set up and the stories that she told me were interesting to say the least.” – very interesting, and I think that many would love to hear more about that fascinating encounter. It rather reminds me of a romance I had with a German girl when I was in college (we went to Tatra mountains together with other German group – I worked as a German guide at the time in free time).

          It was not until months later when we found out from each other that my grandfather was the commander of the Lodz region of one of the underground organisations, and her grandfather was in Waffen-SS. I wonder what’s she doing now (it’s more difficult to trace girls after decades because they change their second names when they marry).

          “She finally parted from them and was persued for some years after.” – but did Martin Schulz part from his family ;-), or does he have THIS over his bed ;-) …


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Sure I’ll try it again – after all, this might be the future stamp of the future German chancellor ;-):



            P.S. Spot the difference:



          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            but for it is this = but for me it is this

            P.S. I hope that this won’t exceed the levels of cynicism, but I cannot but resits an observation that while

            “So: not allying with powers is a mistake, but ALLYING ON SHMUCKY TERMS IS A MISTAKE.”

            while Poland allying with Britain and France before WWII on shmucky terms because Hitler and Stalin colluded to invade it militarily, Ireland allied with unsecured bondholders (bondholders not even governed by the bank guarantee) even though no one thretened it with the invasion.


            What on what conditions would the likes of Hooremon Gilmore capitulated before the Carolingian Europe banks HAD THEY BEEN THREATENED WITH MILITARY INVASION (AND, SUBSEQUENTLY, DEATH) BY GERMANY AND SOVIET RUSSIA?

            “It’s Frankfurt’s way or Labour’s way” – at the end of the day, it was the Lord Haw-Haw’s way.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            governed = coverned

            acceptable levels of cynism
            I cannot resist

            It’s to time to sleep.

            First 25 seconds of this song are unbearable, but yee will be rewarded watching the rest:


          • terryhewett

            Can’t tell anything Grzeg since everyone is still alive including me just!

            I kept stumm about my friend Bernard Woolf until just before he died he published an account of his activities.

            The optometrist, the late Bernard Woolf: a personal friend and designer of the Woolf Scotoma Scanner was a member of the SOE during WW2 and parachuted into Yugoslavia to fight with the partisans: a pretty brave thing to do since he was a Jew.

            Because of this experience, he was judged as a young man in 1948, to be given the job of springing from captivity in Gilgil (a British internment camp in Kenya) Yaakov Meridor, Nathan Germant, Reuven Franco and Yaakov Hillel of the Irgun, and Shlomo Ben Shlomo and David Yanai of Lehi. The background, the motivation and the execution of the escape is told in his own words and can be accessed at:


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            coverned = covered

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Looks like a fascinating story, but with a 26 pages document, I saved it onto my hard disc and I will read it later, Terry.

            P.S. Watch this parody of Schulz, if you can ignore the first musically intolerable 25 seconds. Really funny – it’s even more about his supporters than him

          • terryhewett

            Bernards account is on page 5. Yes Mr Schultz: hmmmm.

        • Truthist


          Again u supplied in ur post most valuable insights.
          However, some of ur contentions I disagree with ;
          But, I could be wrong to do so.

          Each & all of us in any blog posting is all very well if we post relevant truth ;
          But, we need to accompany posting with actions.

          I believe that a short book & accompanying series of pamphlets outlining how a nation “OPTIMALLY” & also “@ MINIMUM” should organise itself & also how a family should do so & also how an individual person should do so, would serve each & all countries excellently if done by u.
          How Poland & Polish people organise their lives would be the difference between having a superb defence or not.

      • Deco

        You know a lot of this is “in the family stuff”.

        The Baider Mienhoff gang having family members from a previous generation who were the first brownshirts.

        SF, various “socialist republican” gangs, and even the Irish “Labour” Party, having family members who were pro-Nazi during WW2.

        And now Schulz, a heavy hitter of the nEU imperial racket.

        They all love power, and will jump on whatever ideology is required to get themselves in power.

        • terryhewett

          Stangely, I went out with an associated member of Baader Meinhof who was connected by family to the highest of the German political set up and the stories that she told me were interesting to say the least. She finally parted from them and was persued for some years after.

        • Truthist

          SF, various “socialist republican” gangs, and even the Irish “Labour” Party, having family members who were pro-Nazi during WW2.

          That IRA members communicated & sought assistance with Fascists of Germany would be because :

          Modern-day Fascism — starting with Mussolini — in its early days clearly was very impressive with many positive results & having mass support within its particular jurisdiction.
          But, these positive results are :
          in some cases at wrongful cost to other innocent persons / groupings
          Of course, there were deliberately negative results too by some democratically elected or nominated or coup-d’etat Fascist rulers, & non-governing Fascist organisations


          “England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity”
          Fascist enemies or, at least “rivals” of UK [ think England ] ==>
          prime candidate for to obtain arms & ammunition for Irish freedom fight struggle
          “possible” — hm…mm — ally to attack British military occupation of Ireland, & then immediately grant Irish nation sovereign power over its united AND independent AND free Island[s].







  41. Deco

    By the way this article will very quickly be exposed as a polemic to undermine readers of the Belfast Telegraph, that actually ends up embarassing the entire economic model of the 26 counties.

    We have




    Our establishment deals with everything, via PR statements, obedience, and pretence.

    My advice, would be to get whatever money you have out of Ireland before it all comes crumbling down.

    The idiots are not running a country anymore, but an obedient province of a new imperial racket.

    I intend to copy this into the next article. And I wish I had time to write a book on the matter.

    • Truthist

      Such a book would have to have chapter dedicated to how Me-hole Martin flooded sociopathic cronies of his & his cohorts into the Civil Service & Quangos, & assured them of fat salaries & extras.

      e.g.’s of Civil Service departments jobbery by Me-hole

      Education sector ; definitely
      Health sector ; definitely
      Enterprise & Employment ; not sure
      Foreign Affairs ; I not sure

  42. terryhewett

    Ireland is to be treated to the prognostications of Blair and Barnier: Jaysus: caught in the crossfire of two hegemons again.

  43. “The opinions of ten thousand men are of no value, if none of them know anything about the subject.” … Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161-180 AD

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