March 5, 2017

On Brexit, we're closer to London than Berlin or Paris

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In two weeks, Britain will trigger Article 50 and the clock starts ticking. The question is whether the UK and the EU can defuse the Brexit device, reaching compromise deals on everything from air travel and borders, to agriculture and banking. Or, as the clock ticks down and the stakes go up, will it culminate in a violent explosion of trade barriers, unpaid penalties and recrimination.

It is clear that Ireland’s overwhelming interest is in the former scenario. We have much more at stake than any EU country. Britain is our single biggest trading partner. Irish agriculture is overwhelmingly dependent on the UK. We sell 45pc of our agriculture — our biggest indigenous industry — to the British. These ties are the economic reflection of culture and history as much as anything else. For example, if there is no agricultural deal and there are tariffs imposed on Irish food exports to the UK, we can’t simply divert our massive sales of cheddar cheese to any other country because other countries don’t eat the stuff!

We have to do everything in our power to ensure that the settlement is amicable.

At the moment, Britain is the party in these negotiations that wants the freest possible trade and the lowest impediments to trade.

Clearly, the EU 27 would prefer a deal but the EU, as a whole, doesn’t need it. Britain does; as does Ireland.

Therefore, our position and our interests in the negotiations are actually closer to London than Brussels. Take that in, because this is the crux of the issue. This is our dilemma. We are, in terms of trade and our own Border, closer to London than to Berlin or Paris. In these negotiations, we will therefore be sitting on the opposite side of the table to the side representing our actual interests.

If trade barriers are erected, ultimately the EU — not the British — will erect these barriers. Clearly the British started this process with the Brexit vote, but it is much more likely that the bigger EU will, if it wants to punish the smaller UK, be the one that throws up barriers. The implication of this is profound for Ireland because it means that by siding with the EU 27, we are negotiating against ourselves.

But we can’t side with the British, so what do we do?

We know that any Irish government that comes back from these negotiations with nothing less that complete free trade with Britain will be kicked out at elections. The reason is simple: Irish farmers will not vote in a government that signs an agreement on behalf of Ireland, in the name of the EU, that sees 50pc tariffs being imposed on Irish agricultural exports to the UK.

And 50pc agricultural tariffs on certain foods are what the WTO rules suggest and these would be imposed in the event of no deal between the EU and the UK.

As our political class jostles for position ahead of the negotiations, maybe the best argument they can use is the electoral one. Maybe they should inform the EU Commission of the Irish electoral reality of Brexit? Quite simply, no government that allows Ireland to be damaged by toeing the EU line will survive. Unless the Government can negotiate an “opt-out” in the case of a hard Brexit, that government will not survive. And rightly so.

After all, the Irish government’s job is to represent the interests of the Irish people, not the EU. This is what sovereignty means. Any government that puts the interests of France or Germany above the interests of Ireland deserves to go.

Governments are increasingly standing up to the “one-size-fits-all” EU approach on a variety of issues. This year alone Hungary gave the EU the two fingers on immigration and built a wall to protect its interests. Poland also ruled out taking migrants at the behest of the EU. So too did Slovakia. These are examples of countries putting their national interest — or their version of it — first. We should do the same. If Hungary can do it, why can’t we?

There are no easy answers here. It’s very tricky because we are now in a profoundly different place to any other country in the EU and one size doesn’t obviously fit all.

We need a stance before these negotiations begin. We need to make Brexit political in order to strengthen the hand of our negotiators and take the power in these crucial talks away from the technocrats who tend to value the tyranny of legalistic precision over the logic of common sense.

Why not announce that Ireland will have a referendum on the terms of Brexit, two months after the deal is completed? This could be an all-Ireland referendum under the Belfast Agreement. If the Brexit terms are so severe as to imperil Irish jobs, incomes and futures, we can’t accept it and will have to renegotiate an opt-out on trade, border issues, social security, air travel and, of course, agriculture.

This wouldn’t be a plebiscite on EU membership. We remain within the EU —trade is our lifeblood. But it would be a referendum to see whether the Government has the mandate to implement the agreement, particularly if the EU deal with the UK imperils Irish economic interests in a material and disproportionate way.

Such a move to politicise the negotiations would increase our leverage right now. It would get the EU to take seriously our dilemma because the last thing the EU wants is more political problems, particularly from its star pupil. My fear is that without politicising the outcome, we will hear soothing words from the EU Commission but nothing concrete and ultimately, Irish concerns will be bulldozed by EU federalists, who are intent on punishing the pesky Brits.

Irish European federalists will say that we can’t politicise the deal and will point out to legal intricacies that prevent Ireland from looking for an opt-out or some compromise. But compromise is what you do when you don’t get agreement. In negotiations, each side rarely gets what they want but they get what they need.

By linking Brexit to real politics, we reduce the chances that we end up with an agreement that undermines our economy.

Now all this may not be necessary because there might be a clean deal, whereby the UK ends up like Norway. But what if the negotiations turn bad?

There is a real risk that the UK and EU negotiations might quickly degenerate into entrenched positions. On the EU side there will be the natural urge to “teach the British a lesson”. If I were a French federalist, that would be my base position. On the British side, having promised its people a seamless divorce, there will be the urge to walk away if the costs of the divorce become too high.

Probably the biggest problem is the timeframe. The two parties are trying to unravel 40 years of deals in two years. The British want to move quickly, the Europeans are not so pushed to get everything sorted quickly. The British want the big bang, where everything from banking to air travel, immigration and trade are sorted by 2019, whereas the EU will be more happy to tie up the limited British resources in individual deals one at a time.

Also, remember that the politicians have their own countries to run; like the Greek fiasco where sleep-deprived ministers did deals in Brussels at 5am, these negotiations will be done at the last minute and mistakes will be made.

All the while, the fact is that over 30pc of our imports come from the UK. Ireland feeds England. We have a border with them. One billion euro of trade is done every week between our two countries.

Put simply we have too much at stake. One size doesn’t fit all. We need to make this very clear, otherwise we will be negotiating against ourselves — now that hardly makes any sense at all, does it?

  1. Deco

    The implication of this is profound for Ireland because it means that by siding with the EU 27, we are negotiating against ourselves.

    But we can’t side with the British, so what do we do?

    We are f(E/U)cked !!!!

    Because we are in an imperial arrangement that is NOT in or interests.

    But…that arrangement is in the interests of the political establishment, and everybody who is in favour of a heavy, controlling institutional state. That includes the banks, the civil service, the media, and the canvassers of the main political parties.

    I think we should be prepared to sabotage the entire talks in order to get our way.

    In other words, sucker the EU. The EU is about to go from a leadership crisis to a leadership calamity.

    12 months from now the EU will be led by Schulz(DE), Macron(FR), and Grillo(IT) – plus presumably Juncker.

    It will be a mess. It will be as Mad as a box of frogs.

    They will agree on the posturing, and the policy making will be a mess.

    They will go to war with the countries in the EU that have the best growth rates, and the most sensible policies. And there will be a queue to get out.

    Therefore, I propose that we do something dramatic, to weaken the move towards more EU centralism, and break for our own objectives.

    Merkel will probably engineer a clampdown on dissent. But within 12 months, Ireland standing up for Ireland’s interests will be all regarded as mild and sensible.

    Ireland, agreeing to an EU leadership that is going from idiotic, to outright bonkers, is plain stupid. [ Incidentally, both Coveney and Micheal Martin, are going to agree to more stupidity from Brussels].

    • pat greene

      This is what should be done …if only someone had the liathróidí
      to do it ….

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Speaking of liathróidí, my insanely strict logic Professor was once disturbed by a first year late-comer (which he didn’t accept) into his lecture (he would usually lock the door to stop latecomer enter the auditorium, but he forgot). When he asked to leave, the student responded: “But it’s illogical – I’ve just come in”. To that, the Professor, teaching half a year in MIT, where he met Robert Stalnaker himself, and another half in my college, said: “Listen, young man. It takes a man to admit his own mistake, but it takes an even greater courage to attribute a mistake to me”. (8>)

        • coldblow

          That story reminds me of a scene in McGahern’s The Dark where our hero has got himself to university and at his first lecture someone cracks a joke and everyone laughs. The lecturer sees him smiling and throws him out. Somehow he finds himself expelled from university. I found it quite believable.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Now since you advertised this movie so much, I must watch it some day – I hope it’s worth it.

            But my former lecturer’s strictness is nothing compared to this:


            I have to say western Europe is now getting as censored as communism, although I recall that when our teacher told us at the history lesson when we were 11 that on September 17, 1939, the brotherly Red Army rushed to help Poland, 2-3 kids laughted, so the teacher said: “Is there something funny?” – and all of the class laughed; yet no one was reported to the headmaster, yet alone police (I was once reported around the same age to visit the headmaster for replying to our librarian – who said “dear children, if you read all these books you’ll see that it says in them that communism is the best system” – “yea, but this is just a communist propaganda” – my mother had to visit the school and they asked me what books do I read outside school; I said “science-fiction, military and baroque letters”; the headmaster told me to stop reading them and come on Saturday to do some community work. Yes, we kids had to work sometimes (I also remember paramilitary exercises each week, including climbing 6 metre high ladders on time from the age of 7 and crawling under a robe that simulated barbed wire – but the real fun for every primary school boy was to play with gunpowder which we were only allowed once a year).

            The headmaster in the link seems to be a result of some Polish-French marriage – last time this resulted in Chopin, while the last notable Polish-Danish marriage resulted in England being invaded in the shape of Canute the Great, and the last notable Polish-Scottish marriage resulted in Scottish national uprising (Bonnie Prince Charlie) – so maybe the Polish-French-British headmaster was particularly sensitve to any traces of anarchism in his school. Then again, the way the student misspelled the headmaster’s name, maybe he should have been reported to the police ;-)?

            P.S. The last famous Polish-Irish offspring – conductor Leopold Stokowski – only resulted in Disney’s “Fantasia” and banging Greta Garbo like a Lambeg.
            Is this the best that these two can be up to: sexual phantasies?

          • coldblow


            Film? Nobody watches films in our house. I don’t like them at all, except of course for the handful I do like, and those I like a lot. Anyway, my wife would keep interrupting after losing the plot early on. A year or two after coming to Ireland I went to the cinema. It was some American film and I didn’t have a clue what they were saying. I looked around and saw that everyone else was engrossed and that probably did it for me. That and the over-hyped Alien when I was at university. I read The Dark in French translation.

            Your story reminds me of the one Bernd Rabehl tells at 2mins 30 here:


            Do you know anything about Rabehl?

            The Polish-French marriage that springs to my mind (after Chopin) is Marie Curie. There is, or was, a small second hand bookshop in the village of Mercedes near Bordeaux and the owner recommended that I buy a biography of her. It was a bit of a feminist tract and she defended her (largely) over her affair, or alleged affair. Do you know anything about it?

            I seem to remember once looking at photos of Pierre and Marie on Google images trying to work out which of them was the introvert and which the extravert. I can’t remember what I decided (probably didn’t decide anything) so I just took another look. It is hard to tell but I’d say she was the introvert. This is how you do it (or rather how I do it, since I doubt anyone else does it). It is much the same technique as used by Katherine Myers, who invented the Briggs Myers test. She read lots of biographies, which is logical. I’ll have to check her out now. My guess is she was an introvert.

            An obvious regular in that bookshop heard my English accent and told me that his favourite Englishman was John Thaw of Inspector Morse. He was a little bit upset when I told him that he had died fairly recently. “C’est vrai? Ah, je suis désolé. Trés désolé.”

    • Pedro Nunez

      +1, Ní mar a shíltear a bhítear

  2. Deco

    Britain continues to prepare for Brexit.

    Britain is starting an overhaul of vocational training, and labour force productivity.

    It is not Brexit that is the problem, it is the way that the Irish institutional state achieves inefficiency, resource misallocation, failure and largesse for the well connected.

    In Ireland, one hour from now the talking arses that hold lucrative positions in the Irish institutional state, will state a conversation about the issues of the day on Ireland’s public sector propaganda organ, and Ireland’s private sector propaganda organs (owned by the billionaire who was before a Tribunal over money donated to Minister Michael Lowry). I am tempted to use the words ‘leadership’ and ‘responsibility’ but the clowns running Ireland’s institutional state, have a powerful aversion to both.

    And those talking arses will pump out the methane. They will drop innuendo about Trump. They will lambast Nigel Farage. They will throw out so much vitrol. There will be a lot of posturing, and gnashing of teeth. There will be an insufferable level of false morality.

    And there will be the mantras.

    “we need more resources”. [ I am looking at my PAYE tax rates, and the 23% VAT rate (highest in the world) and thinking WTF are you lot doing with the money the people pay you every week ? ].

    “more regulation is required” [ Actually, the problem is that the regulation is concentrated in the wrong areas - imprisonment for not paying a propaganda tax is idiotic, whilst businessmen who have been proven corrupt continue to get bailouts and debt write downs ].

    “our EU partners” [ who shafted us ]

    “Angela Merkel will know what to do” [ are you sh!tting us ? She has not clue ]

    “our commitments to the EU” [ a morally pretenscious way of describing servitude, and obedience to an incompetently run imperial racket ].

    And then there will be the guilt trips.

    There will be the customary flogging of dead horses.

    The entire approach of Official Ireland is idiotic, irresponsible, and destructive of our interests.

    Fine. We know that they have not got a clue how to run an institutional state. We know that they are too lazy to fix matters.

    But do they need to insult our intelligence as well, with so much pretension and emotive manipulation ?

    Do we really deserve an insult to all the injurious incompetence ?

    • Deco

      By the way, whereas the British are opting for T-levels, and a complete overhaul of the productivity and performance of vocational training, Ireland (under Ruairi Quinn’s ‘direction’) has settled for a name change for FAS.

      If you want a measure of the ineptitude that exists in the Irish political system, that is hard to beat.

      An acquaintance of mine worked in glazing, and wanted professional certification a few years back. His only route was to try the UK system.

      Even years ago, Britain had it’s act together better than us.

      And now they are about to go on better.

      Meanwhile, Ireland’s political leadership is discussing the important matter of what Enda Kenny should say to Trump, and what level of posturing is required.

      We are led by a collection of useless jackasses.

    • Deco

      From the Daily Telegraph :

      Mr Hammond is determined to put technical training on the same footing as university education to help boost productivity ahead of Brexit.

      A Treasury source said: “Now that we’re leaving Europe, we really need to up our game on this stuff. We cannot wait. We will soon be competing with every other country after Brexit.”

      You will not be competing with Ireland, because Ireland is overrun by ineptitude.

      Whether it is the fact that a city like Liverpool can have one large hospital instead of 10 plus in Dublin, or the fact that Ireland’s vocational training system includes secondary school kids having to learn an increasingly useless language like French (any jobs that require French language skills in Ireland are quickly filled by native French speakers who have left France), Ireland is simply uncompetitive.

      We are about to be a one card trick – circa 1% corporate tax rates.

      And that is also about to be challenged by our EU “partners”.

  3. Deco

    Do the morons running Ireland’s incompetently run, oversized, overcommitted, insolvent, over-extended institutional state have a plan to handle the post-Brexit scenario ?

    It seems that they have a plan. Continue sitting on their lazy arses, drawing money out of the rest of us, whilst talking down to us.

    This has all the ingredients for wholescale failure.

    Britain is getting it’s act together.

    Within the EU, Spain is sort of getting it’s act together inspite of the idiot politicians running Spain. And the Visegard countries are getting their act together.

    We are going to see a two speed Europe. Those that are able to respond with a crisis with agility, and a bias towards action. And those that create a crisis, out of a desire for maintaining a pretence, and indulging in yet more failure ridden policies ( “more Europe”).

    • Deco

      Germany has reformed nothing since the Hartz IV reforms under Schroeder. Merkel has improved nothing. In fact she has made everything worse. Her handling of the Greek crises (note the plural) amounts to monumental ineptitude. Her response to the VW emissions scandal was to indulge in virtue signalling that will threaten the German welfare system, in addition to the export economy. And her handling of David Cameron’s request to reform the EU, and make it more accountable, amounted to the cruelest put-down – and a monumental error – that alienated Britain and prevented any necessary reforms.

      The news media who implored taxpayers to bail out bankers and speculators, cheerled an endorsement of somebody who is responsible for disasters.

      In effect Merkel is another Trichet. She collects media praise, whilst making policy decisions that will result in failure.

      And…it will get worse.

      2018 will see Europe dominated by Schulz (inept), Macron (useless), Brillo ( a clown in two professional aspects) and Jucker (clueless).

      And the “leadership” of this country’s institutional state will have absolute faith in this arrangement.

      The biggest anamoly of all is the interest rate.

      All this systemic and policy driven ineptitude should be producing an interest rate much higher than currently observed. But that is held down, in a King Canute like manner, on the expectation that the tide will not turn.

      • Pedro Nunez

        Fall of Roman Empire caused by ‘contagion of homosexuality’
        A prominent Italian historian has claimed that the Roman Empire collapsed because a “contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy” made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes, sparking a furious row?

        • Pedro Nunez

          or Gibbon saw the Praetorian Guard as the primary catalyst of the empire’s initial decay and eventual collapse, a seed planted by Augustus when the empire was established. His writings cite repeated examples of the Praetorian Guard abusing their power with calamitous results, including numerous instances of imperial assassination and incessant demands for increased pay.
          Plus ca change, c’est la meme chose

          • michaelcoughlan


            Re homosexuality,

            In fairness to your point of homosexuality and low standards RTE is a hotbed of strong homosexual representation and the standards are so deplorable they can only be described as having fallen of a cliff.

          • Yeah like that ‘gender fluid’ eejit.

        • Deco

          I reckon that it was something far more understandable – the overbearing aspect of a chronically oversized Roman state system.

          Plus debts. Plus a depreciaing currency. And decades of the entire populace having been sucked dry by extortionate rackets.

        • michaelcoughlan

          There is nothing in your link below linking homosexuality with the collapse of the roman empire.

          Let me give you a more straight forward explanation;

          After Jesus ministered to the masses and told them the wanton slaughter of the natives in far away lands and of animals and humans in the colloseaum was plain evil then it may have encouraged to locals to adopt a mire enlighened view.

          • Truthist

            Dear Sir,

            U say ;

            “After Jesus ministered to the masses and told them the wanton slaughter of the natives in far away lands and of animals and humans in the Colosseum was plain evil then it may have encouraged to locals to adopt a mire enlightened view.”
            Redacted for typos by Truthist

            Ur typos are not a problem.
            But, the substance of what u state is false.
            I grant u not to have mens reus ;
            So, actus reus only.
            Thus, I accept that u did not intentionally create blasphemy.

            Overall, u prove urself to be an unreliable witness on those who live by the truth.
            Of which of course, God — Christ — is the epitome.
            I Truthist am but a humble instrument of Christ.
            Please stop being a troll against me.

            Some of ur most important rights with the Irish State have been won, & others protected, by me personally AND only.
            I am one with proven courage of my convictions.

            Relent from being a Judas.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Can’t handle the truthist.

            I don’t think you are a bonbon. The bonbons don’t believe in Jesus. Your typo; for example the word “ur”, doesn’t bother me either.

            “But, the substance of what you state is false…………..After Jesus ministered to the masses and told them the wanton slaughter of the natives in far away lands and of animals and humans in the Colosseum was plain evil then it may have encouraged to locals to adopt a mire enlightened view”

            Really? Did Jesus say “kill away all ye want lads sure killing raping and plundering are great sport especially when viewed from the terrace in the Colosseum and especially since the bible is full of such writings about god destroying all manner of enemies and enslaving women and children alike? If Jesus wasn’t alive at that time did the Christians not preach these values, Jesus’s values?

            As for your statement “those who live by the truth”

            is only valid if the truth can be defined which of course it can’t by an imperfect human brain and mind because the human brain and mind is in a constant state of evolution. This means of course a human being’s understanding of the “truth” will be more advanced in future than it is today.

            This brings me to my next point; You state;

            “Please stop being a troll against me”

            after you define yourself as a humble servant of god and Christ whom you see as being the truth so you see yourself as the truth by both statement and name in other words an extension of God and Christ basically de facto god himself.
            This is why you erroneously claim I am trolling against you because you believe yourself to be God and the truth and when I mentioned Jesus you took it personally.

            I told you already;


            My sincere advice to you especially since you see yourself synonymous with Jesus is to;


            STOP threatening me, maligning me and dragging me into your deluded view of the world and making all manner of false claims about me and what I am doing to you.

            I don’t give two knobs worth of the proverbial goat shit what you think.


  4. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    Really super stuff. Particularly insightful re farming. Jst to let you know about farming; Big agri business has destroyed Irish farming. The average age of an irish farmer is 57. 60 I think in the US and 64 in Japan.

    The farmers have Been so landed with debt they can’t farm the way the want to. The Irish farmer provides his livelihood through off farm income. Huge tracts of Irish farm land are being converted to forestry.

    Cromwell David stood on the V (a valley in tipperary near Cair) looked up the golden vale and remarked “this land is a land worth fighting for”. It will be interesting to see what those same families will do when they start to lose those golden vale farms to the vulture funds. I sincerely hope that if our native government act like agent’s landlords and facilitate the vulture funds then those same families take up their rifles and start killing the ceo’s of the vulture funds like they did absentee landlords and their agents and I mean it.

    I suspect that what will happen is that the fine jailers will try and toe the official EU line. This will result in their electoral evisceration. What will happen probably is the fianna failures will see which way the wind is blowing and will enter coalition with the me feiners. The me feiners will go from strength to strength however and then god help us all.

    The Irish David, being the race of unmitigated scum we are, have no one but ourselves to blame for the predicament we are now in. We should have known from centuries of imperialism that small countries always get shit on by bigger ones in the big picture and should have done a Norway or Iceland on it long before now. My greatest emotion for the land of my birth is one of great sorrow. Roisin and her kids are nothing more than hopelessly exploited whores and rent boys for the pimps in fail eireann who control them. Roisin is indeed the whore sow who eats her own farrow.

    I hope to be gone from her before my sorrow turns to the utmost contempt.


    • Deco

      Michael – even visit rural Sligo, or Mayo. The rural population has gone. They have swapped isolated locations in Ireland for isolated locations in Western Canadian mining towns where they can get far more take home pay, than from working in Ireland.

      It is becomming an extension of Iceland.

      In the eastern region, it is a different scenario. The young people are staying around – but they are working in the mncs.

      They are also choosing what they perceive as the way to money.

      In both cases, the resources are being underutilized. Meanwhile it is Ponzinomics all over again. Public debt is up. The cost of living is up. Labour productivity has stopped. And the minimum wage is killing provincial Ireland, alongside freight costs.

      It is a cluster-fuck, to quote Kunstler. It even has Kunstler’s donut mdel of residential development, which is incapable of supporting proper urban development.

      And you are correct. We are reponsible for the state of things.

      We support the ineptitude. We vote for the political circus acts in Kildare Street. We pay the TV licence and prop up the propaganda that we receive. We even accept bribes plus fear from the Euro-Centralists. We refuse to speak out because of fears of social unacceptability for having opinions contrary to those of officialdom.

      We are now conditioned that few will speak the truth, and a small proportion are willing to consider the reality.

      • michaelcoughlan

        “Michael – even visit rural Sligo, or Mayo. The rural population has gone”

        I know. Heart breaking stuff.

        “In the eastern region, it is a different scenario. The young people are staying around – but they are working in the mncs”

        I know this too but the cost of rent and motor insurance has wiped out any chance of prosperity for them. Each citizen must now focus on his own personal solution.

        “where they can get far more take home pay, than from working in Ireland”

        Yes and your view on min wage is also accurate. Raising it makes the problem worse. Lowering rates on commercial premises and the cost of doing business is the place to start. Fuck them all I am so sick of it.

        • Tony

          “Lowering rates on commercial premises and the cost of doing business is the place to start.”

          So true. 7 months after the “cheapest bank guarantee in history” was announced I received a rates demand for my shop that cost the same amount as one full time and one part time employee. So it cost the jobs of two people while I covered the shifts.

          And nothing has changed. It seems everything’s ok as long as government is ok, despite the costs to citizens.

          That’s why David’s column today is so poignant. The “minor” mistakes of the past will be repeated, but now on a national level.

          As long as the parasites are ok, the rest of us can suck it.

  5. Deco

    Of course, we have a double layer of bureacratic institutional mania going on here. Both of which are dismayed at how anybody could want out of such an incompetently run arrangement as the EU.

    One is at EU level, which is involved in a massive face saving exercise.

    And one is in the Irish institutional state, which relies on “Big Brother” to give it strength, whilst those that supprt it’s parasitic behaviour continue to become increasingly sceptical of it’s motives and it’s lies.

  6. Deco

    Put simply we have too much at stake. One size doesn’t fit all. We need to make this very clear, otherwise we will be negotiating against ourselves — now that hardly makes any sense at all, does it?

    We have done that multiple times under the EU imperial arrangement.

    Memories come back of Lenihan’s capitulation over the bank bondholders.

    And in case we forget, Obama’s Treasury secretary shafted us to a cost of 30 Billion, and the Irish media have behaved since, like as if they were delighted for a category that includes many prominent advertisers.

  7. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    1. The “Brexit terms” referendum idea is an interesting one, although this would have put more pressure if it was done before the German/Dutch/French elections. But WHAT would the question/questions be? Because if it is just a general question “do you agree with the current EU Brexit terms?”, this will mean nothing if the electorate says “No” (i.e.: would it mean that they are too harsh or too lenient, and which ones?”).

    2. This vagueness poses a problem particularly due to Scotland’s annoucement: that if the UK retains access to the single market, they won’t push for another Independence Referendum.

    Scotland does not agree with Brexit terms because they think that the UK should RETAIN Four Freedoms and access to Single Market.

    UK does not agree because they want to ABANDON Four Freedoms and resign on the access to the Single Market (although they do not realise yet that no access to the single financial market would probably mean British GDP going down by 25% or so, given that financial services are they main exports and their dependence on the access to the EU financial market is in multiples of Switzerland – as they did not realise before that, as I said in May 2016 – and contrary to what UKiP claimed at the time – they cannot have single market and no four freedoms at the same time).

    According to the official position of British PM, the UK won’t have the access (thus signalling they resign on Norway-type deal with the EU) – so Scotland will push for the referendum. That means that:

    2.1 Either Ireland will have to antagonise Scotland
    2.2 Or antagonise England

    Ms May may react to Scotland’s demand the following ways:

    2.4 Not allow the referendum = fueling more anti-English sentiment in SCotland
    2.5 Allow it = more delay with the UK Brexit, more leverage to the Carolingian Europe.

    3. Given that Ireland is in a post-colonial dependency from Britain: Ireland imports from Britain 25 times more than it exports to it, and trade loses on Irish trade with Britain negate trade gains of Ireland’s trade with 4 Ireland’s biggest export markets, then would raising EU tariffs on UK exports be, paradoxically, not good for Ireland?

    Because if the UK food products are too expensive due to tariffs, this would mean that the Irish will buy more Irish products instead of British products (this goes especially for food – one of Ireland’s main imports from Britain).

    This is why the Visegrad Group position with Germany has been so defiant: as these countries are Germany’s main export market, all they had to say (after getting rid of German foundations paid politicians that had ruled them for 2 decades): ok, so if you don’t shut up with your “take our refugees we no longer want” spiel, we will put taxes on your companies products in our countries (btw, recently they lodged a complaint with the EU Commission that German brands sell lower quality products in these countries than in Germany: and suddenly the German press toned down their anti-V4 propaganda) – and Merkel went to Warsaw to negotiate as quickly as a burned rat.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Grezgorz,

      Your analysis assumes that economic imperatives are the most important consideration. I don’t think that the people who voted for brexit did so with economics as their number 1 priority. I think SOVEREIGNTY was the prime consideration.

      As for scotland and Ireland; Did the thought ever cross your mind that the DUP might try and join the north to a Seceded Scotland where most of their voters culture and families hailed from first day?

      All those English products being imported here are wanted here and as Sterling weakens they will become even more competitive.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Of course, you are right that in my analysis I only considered economic imperatives – I have done so consciously to narrow down my points to things that can be measured and checked. Also, I accept your point that people who voted for Brexit, or perhaps most of them, considered things other economics.

        However, it is also true that there was a huge illusion on the Brexit side that it will be possible to renege on Four Freedoms AND be in the single market – there were very clear statements, for instance from a very respected by me UKiP politician Daniel Hannan, that Britain will be able to stay in the single market while withdrawing from those freedoms.

        I admire the hard line on sovereignty as audible in Prime Minister’s Theresa May speech, but until she explains how in a country where income from derivatives clearing is over 30 times bigger than in bankers-peppered Switzerland, without going into recession, her admirable speech will remain a wish list, and furthermore – she will bear responsibility for the collapse of 3 centuries old union.

        You say that as sterling weakens English products will become more competitive.

        Again you are right, but this will only apply to products where the import part of components in their products is low – so for example forget the car industry in Britain after there is no single market (btw, did you know that 52.2% of cars sold by Britain – not in Britain, but by Britain – in 2016 were owned by German-owned companies, who run 100 productions site in the UK and employ 9,000 people – source: VDA).

        Besides, weak pound will lower British wages by reducing purchasing power, as Britain hardly produces anything tangible. Was that not partly what Brexit was about: limit immigration to increase wages for unqualified labour?

        In my analysis, I was looking at it from the Irish economy perspective, and all I am saying is that if Ireland buys Irish food products instead of British due to WTO tariffs, this can only be good for Ireland.

        From eastern European perspective, Britain has no leverage in “have the cake and eat it” PM May’s wish list – Poland alone imports almost as much German products as England+Wales, and Eastern European countries combined import over twice as much German products as the UK, being Germany’s world’s most imortant market. What that means is that if Britain says: “we do not guarantee residency rights for those EU citizens who are already there”, all those countries have to do is to say: “ok, but in that case we will block the City from the access to EU’s finance market – and that means Britain losing 100bn pounds a year” (although frankly speaking Michael, in Poland’s case this is hypothetical because its current and its previous Finance Minister happens to be a City man and he won’t do so – but who knows who will govern there in the future, and I can easily imagine PM Orban coming up with such tit-for-tat).

        Again and again, as the great chess world champion of the past Emmanuel Lasker noticed, a threat is stronger than its execution, and what the Brexit side does not seem to understand that until they threatened to leave the EU, THEY had the leverage – now they are out of the EU, and they’ve LOST all the leverage they had, as THERE IS NOTHING TO THREATEN THE EU WITH (since they seem to want to renege the rights of the EU citizens either). The EU can afford losing the UK as the trading partner – the UK cannot afford losing the EU as the trading partner, because EU exports to the UK are a fraction of UK exports to the EU.

        So far, post-Brexit UK has only three friends in the EU: Scandinavia,
        Visegrad Group:

        and, maybe, Ireland
        (although no Irish MEP has ever allied with UKiP in the EU Parliament, and, as seen from 1 visit of British PM in Dublin and 6 in Warsaw, UK is important for Ireland, but Ireland is not important for the UK).

        “Did the thought ever cross your mind that the DUP might try and join the north to a Seceded Scotland where most of their voters culture and families hailed from first day?”
        - yes, it did cross my mind – I was the first on this blog to warn, a year and half ago, of a post-Brexit possibility of a Donbass-style civil war in Northern Ireland due to the loyalists separatists tendencies, and appealed that due to that possibility, Ireland should beef up her army.

        At the time, everyone else thought it was a pure fantasy – David only went as far as predicting the rise of English nationalism post-Brexit which will result in independent Scotland and perhaps united Ireland – but he did not go as far as DUP wanting to join their Scottish brethren and a civil war as a result.

        This is what Ireland should do: because Ireland imports 25 times more products to the UK than it exports to it, Ireland should demand:

        a) From Britain: shrinking their customs to Great Britain: no controls between ROI and NI, thus making the reunification one step closer. Id Britain says no, then Ireland can say: how about GB losing its main market for dumping its agricultural products? We really do not have buy your dairy products, we can buy more of our own instead.

        b) From the EU: single market applying for Nothern Ireland; returning some of the EU legislative powers from Brussels to the Dail, in keeping with the vision of Jaroslaw Kaczynski in that and other interviews.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “until she explains how in a country where income from derivatives clearing is over 30 times bigger than in bankers-peppered Switzerland, without going into recession,”
          how a country where [...] can leave single financial market without going into recession


    The British want to move quickly, the Europeans are not so pushed to get everything sorted quickly. The British want the big bang, where everything from banking to air travel, immigration and trade are sorted by 2019, whereas the EU will be more happy to tie up the limited British resources in individual deals one at a time.

    Yup. That’s why eventually they will be better off out. The ability to act independently and quickly in the future away from the career technocrats and burden of red tape and infuriating lack of decision making

  9. bilimori


    Good article that needs a sensible conclusion.

    You Irish need to decide to remain as a minor European player or to be a free and independent nation in Alliance with Britain.

    You need a referendum and quick, so as to know which side of the table to sit.

    Even an Irish horse cannot ride in two opposite directions simultaneously.

  10. Interminable discussions from a terminally afflicted disposition.
    Decide whether you want to be an independent country, strong, vibrant, proud and healthy. OR Be absorbed into the multicultural morass of an amalgamated Europe now invaded by non Europeans attempting a cultural takeover.

    The role of the international banker is largely ignored. Those that control the money supply control the society, country, state or Union.

    This aspect is studiously ignored by David for discussion as his attitude, training and income are provided by not knocking the Central Banking boat.
    Until the banking cabal is defeated there is no solution to high taxes, bureaucratic boondoggles, wars, distress, suffering, migrants, adverse religions, tyranny, human trafficking and slavery.

    Lack of courage, personal greed and lack of action will result in your own demise.

  11. McCawber

    We should just veto everything we can until we get what we want.

    • McCawber

      It’s calling knocking heads together until people see sense.
      IE lads this is a big deal for us and until you show some signs that you are prepared to take our problems on board then you can f^ck right off.

    • Kenny hasn’t got the balls for anything close to that.

      The best part of him ran down his mother’s leg

      Little bitch slapped runt.

  12. tony_murphy

    I have lived in the UK for 11 years. I not only voted for Leave, but I campaigned as hard as I could for Leave.

    I look at the Irish Government brown nosing the EUSSR. I see the Irish political class, their lackeys in the media hit the Irish people with relentless pro EU propaganda, which they soak up like a sponge. It’s sicking.

    It’s fair to say there is a core of the British people who are far wiser and more intelligent than most. This includes many backbenchers in the Conservative party, and UKIP who fought relentlessly to get a IN/OUT referendum, and then with truth on their side, won freedom from the nightmare that is the EU.

    If the Irish government continues siding with the EU, I expect the Irish economy will suffer incredibly. Their behaviour is closely watched.

    It’s time to pick a side. The political class have their noses firmly in the EU trough. The Irish people need to wake up and throw out these globalist brown nosers.

    It’s time for Ireland to take this opportunity to exit the EU. With the worldwide movement to kill globalism, the EU is a dead man walking anyway.

    • tony_murphy

      Trump will finish off the EU if Le Pen doesn’t do it first

      • Deco

        Tony Murphy, Neither Trump nor Le Pen will finish off the EU.

        The same entities that are wrecking the EU, will finish it off.

        Merkel, the centralists in Paris, the dithering lobbyists aligned bureacrats in Brussels, maybe yet another clown, will all do the task.

        12 months from now Schulz will be the Kanzler in Berlin. Macron will be French President. And Beppe Grillo ( a clown in one profession already ) will be the Italian PM.

        They will wreck the EU.
        It mightBeppe Grillo comes to mind, when he becomes the next Italian Premier) ( Macron is another clown waiting for a circus role)

      • Deco

        In a way that is a measure of the absurdity of the situation.

        The people doing the most damage are the people given responsibility to look after matters.

        With every move Juncker, and co make everything worse.

        • michaelcoughlan

          “The people doing the most damage are the people given responsibility to look after matters”

          I know you meant that to be sarcastic but shift your focus for a second and ask yourself the question; Is damaging the thing the actually policy aim?

          In my view;


          Nazi Logic;The more you fuck everything and everybody up the higher you go and better thought of you are.

          The job for the apparatchiks is to destroy society to save banks. It isn’t rocket science.

    • Deco

      Tony Murphy, we should definitely put an end to the idiotic cap doffing that is now symptomatic is subservience to a failing racket.

      We defintiely need to put ALL options on the table.

      Including a restoration of the punt, and decision to maintain free trade agreements before 1972, and eventual withdrawl from the EU.

      Currently, we have a “leadership” that is waiting for instructions from the amateurs who are running the EU in a manner that is now clearly dysfunctional.

      They are behaving like as if we are a province of the EU. It is beyond ridiculous.

      Ireland HAS vital interests.

      The morons in the FG and FF parties seem to not care one bit. They are more concerned about getting a pat on the head in Brussels.

  13. Deco

    The British media, meanwhile take aim at a few very well off gombeens in their institutional state, and asking questions if they are really worth so much public money.

    The same gombeens in Ireland can have access to the Irish media to tell us that underperformance and failure is the result of “not enough resources”.

    We need to wake up, urgently.

    The problem with this country is the way we run our own affairs in an failure ridden, incoherent, and extremely inept manner.

    • Deco

      Quango chiefs in Ireland are in a cosier arrangement.

      The HSE also has a cash crisis. It gets the cash. No changes in accountability are ever demanded.

    • They won’t wake up Deco, it’s not going to change.

    • coldblow


      You sometimes call it an intellectual failure and I agree.

      Apart from Crotty, Waters and Joseph Lee (and David) I can’t think of anyone here who has written anything worth reading over the last fifty years.

      • Deco

        I would add Constantin Gurdgiev. In five minutes he can convey a more incisive commentary on Irish economics, than 12 months of “news coverage” on RTE.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          And Dr Stephen Kinsella.
          Also, worth reading are crime reports by Ms Marianne Craig in the local Derry newspaper. She wrote:

          “A 47 year-old man pulled down his trousers in front of a woman in Derry and told her ‘I’ve got a wile dose of the horn on me’.
          The incident, which occurred at the Foyle Street bus depot last Friday, happened on the day the man had been released from prison”.

      • coldblow

        Forgot Desmond Fennell. Breandán Ó hÉithir had some interesting. Then you are back to Máirtín Ó Cadhain. I must have missed some others but, even allowing for the size of the country, there aren’t many.

  14. We went to local documentary film festival today. Two were of significance.The Killing$ of tony Blair narrated by George Galloway.
    If you did not know before you will understand by the finish what a pathological liar and crook is Tony Blair.
    It make one wonder if it is in Ireland’s best interest to trust anything English at all but particularly any promises.

    We know the results of Trusting the EU or your government to look after your resources and to be fair. See the results of Ireland’s Atlantic fishing and oil exploration in the film produced by Risteard O’Domhnail
    Trailer below.

  15. Recently Salon International de l’Agriculture took place in Paris attended by all French farming groups and politicians .

    Somewhere behind a stall hidden from the gaping views of the public a small private meeting took place . The only evidence was the smell of the strong blue cheese and the the strong coffee and their lookers on the corners. Some slipped out for a smoke close by when the stress got heavy with gazed eyes and determination .

    What concentrated their minds was the opportunities afforded to them by Brexit .Ireland was their enemy .

    Closing in on the final day of this exhibition concrete decisions were made with an entente cordiale and delivered to their serving politicians sealed with their enchante glorious.

    Foreign controlled retailers in UK will be their baton to access their products through quirky political jiu jitsu that will outperform the measly political fuzz attempted by Irish Farmers.Fate is already sealed and that took place in Paris .

  16. coldblow

    “Irish farmers will not vote in a government… that sees 50% tariffs being imposed”

    I didn’t realize the farmers’ voting power was decisive.

    • Deco

      Finally, somebody has the common sense to see that Ireland needs to stand up for Ireland’s interests.

      Finally, somebody has the balls to say that Ireland has a vital interest in Brexit, and politicians sitting on their hands is NOT sufficient.

      Of course it could be posturing.

      I want to see the SME sector making a stand. And not making asses of themselves like IBEC.

  17. What is plan B and Plan C if LePen gains power in France and Wilders in Holland or if Greece finally is insolvent as well as bankrupted.

    • ” For one, yesterday’s news – completely ignored by the MSM – that the EU, in response to a U.S. ruling that citizens of five EU nations (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania) must have travel visas to enter the States, voted to require all U.S. citizens traveling to EU nations to have visas, in what is being deemed the “EU-USA visa war.” When enacted, this will have major ramifications on EU/USA travel, trade, and diplomacy, causing further anger amongst the continents’ 500-plus million denizens.”"

    • “”Not to mention, yesterday’s Brussels proposal that EU member States receive massive fines if they do not adhere to its immigration policy, by accepting their share of 160,000 homeless Syrian refugees. You know the type of insane regulation that was the principal cause of the BrEXit; and the reason why LePen, in the aforementioned speech, was able to confidently claim “I am the voice of free Europeans…and sovereign nations, that turn their back to the European Union because they want their nations back.”"

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “yesterday’s Brussels proposal that EU member States receive massive fines if they do not adhere to its immigration policy,” – Brussel (which means a bunch of politicians in the EU Commission + the EU President Tusk, who all lost election in their own countries) can propose whatever they fancy, including abolishing gravity, but the reaction in serious states would only be laughter. Because:

        1. How will they impose those fines? By sending the EU army to those countries? The EU does not have any.

        2. Maybe they will cut the EU subsidies? Very well – Poland, who was a netto payer last year would simply suspend its EU membership fee.

        They already tried to impose fines: Martin Schulz said that countries like Poland should pay 250,000 euro for each refugee (a refugee is worth more than the US President?) not kept by force in Poland (that’s right: we should use precise language – Germany wants those countries not as much to t a k e their unwanted refugees, but to keep them BY FORCE in Poland, so that they do not return to Germany: basically, the whole thing is not about refugees – and certainly not about homeless refugees because they all had homes or lived in camps in Turkey – but about elections in Germany).

        Poland’s reaction was quick: 250,000 fine for each under the quota? Very well – we have taken over 1 million Ukrainian refugees so far, and you have taken only 800,000, so because we have taken more than you, you owe us… – and there was no more talk about 250,000 euro.

        Having said that, Chancellor Merkel is a slow learner, but she learns eventually


        Mr Schulz is a sociopath, with his entire family having a Nazi sociopathic background. So if he comes to power, who knows what will be. But I am a strong believer in BND and I believe that if Schulz goes too crazy, they will assassinate him, like they killed those wankers from Baader-Meinhof.

        Unless BND is now ruled by people who are also insane. If that’s the case, there is always Greenland an option – no refugee will want to go to Greenland, so there will be no problem.

        • Hi Grzegorz,

          I saw your letter to the Editor on the Irish Independent today . Well Done.

        • coldblow


          According to a TV Liberté ‘journal’ from last week (I can link to it if you want, but I don’t think it gave much detail, ‘German intelligence’ (BND I assume) estimate that there are 6 million people around the North African coast waiting to cross the Med and claim asylum. If Ireland takes, say, one percent we could give them Limerick.

          I saw your link on the last thread to the English language French tv station about the Iraqi family who returned home from Germany because he didn’t get the high-paying job he thought he’d get and had wasted all his money. But his brother is going instead. I assume they claim asylum on arrival. On what grounds are these applications approved? Don’t ask. The insane don’t have to give reasons, or they can just make them up, and change them every time the wind turns.

          I’ll look for your letter if I can get it online. The Sindo actually printed mine the other day: not the improved one, just the basic one. And my wife spotted it (I’d hoped she wouldn’t).

          • coldblow

            And I agree, I was very surprised that a state-owned French television station broadcast it. As you say, the Germans still wouldn’t.

    • “”This, as an insane Federal Reserve accelerates its crusade to destroy America – and Janet Yellen’s archenemy, Donald Trump; by threatening to raise rates March 15th, despite the massively negative hard data that not only caused fourth quarter GDP to be far weaker than anticipated, but the Fed itself to dramatically lower its first quarter expectations. In fact, per this must read article, it’s nothing less than shocking that the Fed is risking the destruction of American’s already dying economy by suddenly suggesting a March rate hike is imminent – particularly in light of Trump’s vehement belief that a “too strong” dollar is “killing” American businesses.”

  18. goldbug




  19. mcsean2163

    If Hungary can do it, why can’t we?

    Noonan. Kenny.

  20. goldbug
















    -> “SEXISM”
    -> “RACISM”






    • michaelcoughlan

      Same person as Can’t handle the truthist by any chance?

      • Truthist

        Another poster of “censorious” kind — shameful quality for an Irish man to have accredited to him by other Irish folk, & foreigners — did commit calumny against the current Taoiseach [ ghoul though he being nonetheless ( And, that definitely not libel ) ] that this incumbent is given to wearing a dress & the like ;
        A.B. [ "cares only about 'me fein'" Ref. A.B. ] accused — without foundation — the Taoiseach of being a “cross-dresser” / “transvestite”.
        Such behavior is very exhibitionist even in very private setting of his quarters in Mayo or Dublin inter alia ;
        Footage of this sad fellow would surely exist by now were that accusation true.
        So, it begs the question ; Who is Abbie’s witness ?
        Personally, I think this accusation is false.

        But, as for u, Mr. Clown [ whom I heretofore called Mr. Silly, there would be justified basis at this stage to secure from u the answer “Yay” or “Nay” to the following question ;

        Do u actually dress up in a clown’s suit AND wear clown’s make-up AND sport a clown’s big red knob on u, when u compose ur clownish posts ?

        And, this says I all dressed in my birthday suit & wearing a big happy smile to boost.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hello God/bono or truthist or goldbug or whatever you want to call yourself tomorrow.

          Ask your auld fella to have a closer look at Adam and Eve and tell us if they have belly buttons or not. As for all that immaculate conception malarky tell us the real “truth” Did Joseph really stick his willy in Mary or Not?

          My response to goldbug/you whoever claiming my post is censorious is that once again it demonstrates your complete madness and insanity.

          As for;

          “Do u actually dress up in a clown’s suit AND wear clown’s make-up AND sport a clown’s big red knob on u, when u compose ur clownish posts”


          I used to in fact dress up in a batman suit when I was in my 20′s and in the sack with my gorgeous protestant girlfriend when I had a big red kn*b on me. I sure as shite felt no guilt whatsoever being the good catholic young fella I was sticking my willy any where I could into her.

          “Truthfully” I tell you,

          SEEK HELP in the Mental Health Service.

          The whole world and it’s mother can read this blog and the drivel you put upon it.


          • Truthist

            Dear Mr. Silly / Mr. Clown,

            It is not just a poster’s argument is on display ;
            So is their character.
            And, their character is revealed by :

            their argument ;
            Although, it could be that their argument indicates that the poster is ultimately a hypocrite*

            their choice of words

            their attitude

            their self-respect

            & of course

            U, Mr. Silly / Mr. Clown, have on ur own initiative trolled me, & Grzegorz, on the basis that we posted lengthy & long posts.
            That we did, & continued to do so when we found fitting, is really none of ur business.
            U also disparaged — in ur terms — us for seemingly not having any jobs because we have been prolific on this blog [ And, obviously, scholarly with our research outside of our postings.
            Shame / ShaNe [ 8-) ] on u for looking ur nose down on poor jobless people !
            Not that any of us thus far is telling u the nature of our existence ; i.e. jobless or not.
            And, besides, our existence is none of ur affair Mr. Silly / Mr. Clown ;
            Ur role is clear now ;
            Be a clown ;
            But, do so privately in ur own quarters without being a nuisance to anybody.

            Furthermore, decent people in Ireland, Poland, & other Catholic countries, & Orthodox Christian countries, & Muslim countries, & I Buddhist countries, would not mock Christ.

            U should appreciate that I more than 1 occasion commended u for ur most valuable contribution to this blog,
            ur oft-times rendered bold statement that “the Irish are scum” ;
            But, I have been careful to qualify my agreement with ur statement by stating that not every Irish person is & that this sad situation does not refer to every milieu but certainly does to the present.

            In ur most recent posts trolling me u have added urself to ur indictment on the Irish nation.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi truthist.

            I notice “goldbug” hasn’t responded. Are you goldbug?

            Re mocking Christ and his teachings; I don’t need to do that at all as many (though not all) of the people at the top in the catholic church do a much better job mocking Christ protecting their members responsible for sexually abusing children for example.

            “U should appreciate that I more than 1 occasion commended u for ur most valuable contribution to this blog”

            Thanks. But I will be the first to tell you I have no monopoly on knowledge and frequently make mistakes.

            I have a couple of reasons for having a go at deities. It’s because I make a point that I live in a country where people are not going to blow me to pieces because I do which in my view is far more important.

            Re looking down on jobless people; All my jobless friends were forced to emigrate when the economy collapsed. I had to become the primary carer in my house for our young kids at that time because ordinary pay rates rates didn’t even come close to childcare costs. I DON”T LOOK DOWN ON ANYONE WHO IS JOBLESS. I don’t know who is or isn’t jobless in the blog.

            I didn’t troll you for the length of your posts and it is partly my business the same way it is partly everyone else’s business how long your posts are because OTHER PEOPLE use the blog and are RESPECTFUL enough to know that it is in common display for EVERYONE’S benefit which is clearly NOT OBVIOUS to you.

            Once again I am going to say it to you I AM NOT OUT TO GET YOU. Just because you feel a bit of heat from the things I post does not mean there is any intent by me to nail you. The pain you experience is within YOURSELF.

            Stop dragging me into your world view. That is all.

            As for the bit about character never were truer words spoken. What do you think other people would think of the character of a person who writes the stuff you do?

            One more thing any race of people not just the Irish who can exile their finest in the record breaking numbers we do qualifies to be called a race of scumbags. We the Irish have no one but ourselves to blame for the state of our nation.

            On a final LIGHT HEARTED ending regarding clowns;


          • Truthist

            Sociopathic efforts to police other posters who have done nothing wrong to any poster or “u” & are totally relevant & meritorious with the posts they submit to the blog

            Misrepresentation of the truth



            Illogicality ;

            self-contradictory argument[s] within :
            particular article’s discussion thread of posts
            sequence of articles’ discussions

            non-sequitur commission

            gratuitous vulgarity




            unjustifiable, & malicious, damage by u to my brand [ Ref. "Truthist" ]


            inter alia


            February 9, 2017 at 11:08 am

            @Truthist and Grzegorz.


            Ye spend waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much time on the blog.
            Ye must have no jobs.

            February 9, 2017 at 11:48 am

            It’s a war Michael.
            And, when the likes of us are around town, folks come up to us pleading for action.
            Some of the most crucial rights that the underclass have are because of my actions ONLY ;
            Not boasting mind u.
            Did u dig into the links I recently gave of Coveney the Younger [ Son of Hugh ] & his connection with Suds & Bilderbergs ?

            February 9, 2017 at 4:31 pm

            I didn’t even see the links. I don’t read your links most of the time because they are too long. I don’t have the time you do to produce that much stuff or read posts that long. That’s the point I am making.

            David McWilliams
            February 13, 2017 at 6:34 pm

            Thanks for all you comments today. Interesting reading. D

            February 13, 2017 at 11:17 pm

            Did u manage to ask Simon Coveney in ur recent chat with him why he was expelled from being a border at Clongowes Wood ?

            February 14, 2017 at 11:29 am

            What a really daft question.
            What does it matter even if true ?

            February 14, 2017 at 12:22 pm

            I am noted for asking excellent questions Mr. Silly.
            And, this is 1 of the very best of those.

            February 14, 2017 at 5:54 pm

            Noted by whom exactly?

            You can’t take a hint either.
            Let me explain;
            You seem to me to be the type of person who likes reading your own stuff back to yourself rather than engaging mean fully with the other members.

            February 21, 2017 at 12:58 pm

            Hi Deco,

            Again and again and again super flawless commentary. I wish truthist and grezgorz would take note of how concise and succinct your posts are.

            March 2, 2017 at 8:49 am

            So, now that u knows, tough goys, what’a ewes gonna do about it ?

            HEADING ;
            Insider Foretold Mass Migration in 2006
            March 1, 2017

            INTRO. ;
            In a book Henry Kissinger called “brilliant and provocative..difficult to dismiss,” Jacques Attali confirms that the Illuminati bankers are imposing a hideous “Brave New World” on mankind, one divorced from goodness, truth or reality.

            In his futuristic tome, A Brief History of the Future (2006) Illuminati insider Jacques Attali, …


            March 2, 2017 at 12:20 pm

            Comment by reviewer of this Henry Makow hosted article
            I trust that Grzegorz & Deco welcome this important handle on the leading candidate for France President.
            Attali had a great run from the early 90?s till lately. The Globalists peaked from 2005-2009. But only time will determine whether he goes down as prophet, or will be forgotten twelve years on.
            France is in the throes of Presidential election fever with voting day only two months away. Predictably, Attali is lobbying for Emmanuel Macron (former investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque and former member of the French Socialist Party).

            Tull McAdoo
            March 4, 2017 at 10:36 pm

            Bon Bon what are you like ?

            Here you are at the back end of an article still waffling on, with your La Rouche/ Makow/ agenda/nonsense.

            Nothisrealname/ mike marketing and all the other personas you’ve created over the last while talking to each other !
            You might be what Seamus Heaney called “wintering out the back end of a bad year” and fly off to some more exotic blog when the weather takes up or
            maybe that’s just me being optimistic…..

            Noel Hill with a couple of reels. “The wind that shakes the barley” followed by ” The trip to Durrow”
            Good Night Ireland. Sleep Well and take it away Noeleen……


            Adam Byrne
            March 4, 2017 at 11:35 pm

            Evening Jim, great points as always.

            March 5, 2017 at 8:18 am

            Well spotted.
            Dismissive self absorbed totally disrespectful condescending attitude of “truthist” should have given it away however no mention of glass seagulls.
            “all the other personas you’ve created over the last while talking to each other ”
            Perfectly consistent behaviour of nutjob madmen living in a cul de sac consumed by their own madness and insanity.
            God love them.
            Pity; some really smart people wasting their lives.

      • Michael
        Why do you conflate truthist with goldbug?

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi Tony,

          I simply asked the question to see the response as the narrative from both posters seems similar and I am not sure if the same people are behind the two different posts. Low and behold truthist takes the bait.

          I still don’t know for certain.


          • Do not worry about it Michael. Personally I think they are totally separate persons. Each has their own personal style.

            Attack, or agree with the, argument , not the person.

            Before you emigrate. Pay a visit to the place and talk to the locals and you will find there are few beds of roses. Remember the adage, the grass is always greener on the other side of the hedge. Every horse, cow, and sheep will tell you it is so!!

            Take care.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Many thanks Tony. Very good advice. He person is responsible for what happens to min and how he responds.

          • michaelcoughlan

            he should be each and min should be him

          • coldblow


            For what it is worth I believe they are one and the same (and a few others around here too).

            I came across the same thing on an English newspaper blog two or three years ago, but it was (and still is) much worse than here: I’d guess 80% of the comments.

            It is a real nuisance for debate (until you learn to spot and ignore them) but useful in another way, in that it brought it home to me that there are quite a few people out there who are compulsive liars. I am sure it is manic depression with these online trolls. You can see them in the comments sections of the wilder shores of YouTube, where they have names like Truth Seeker.

            They can do a lot of damage too, especially in historic abuse cases as there they are protected by anonymity. The fantasist behind the jailing of fireman (and local hero) David Bryant not only got him a 6 year sentence but managed to get it increased to 8.5 years on appeal. More details about his vindictiveness here:


            Luckily for their victims they sometimes push their luck. Day for some reason felt moved to drop his anonymity and claim publicly that but for the (imaginary) trauma he had suffered at the hands of Bryant he would have made the UK Olympic boxing team. It was only after this that it came out that he had been treated by a psychiatrist for compulsive lying.

            The fantasists who accused ex-nun Nora Wall did the same thing, luckily for Wall, giving a named interview to the Sunday World. But for that she would still be behind bars (they managed to land her a life sentence). Poor Pablo McCabe, the homeless schizophrenic who was fingered to make it all look more believable, never survived to see his name cleared. Juries believe them because they get carried away with the media hysteria. From where I am sitting it is amazing that they do believe these stories, but I am afraid most people do.


            Not all liars and fantasists are this bad. I think some are just ordinary liars or fantasists, or both, possibly because they never got the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Ireland is not short of them, of course, and I have known a few personally in my time. It would not really surprise me if there were not whole streets or blocks in some places where nobody has ever been known to tell the truth, unless by mistake.

            In every wave of mass hysteria I think you will find them stepping forward, telling their harrowing personal stories. This is where they shine and fortunately for them they are getting a lot more openings nowadays.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Thanks coldblow.

            A real eyeopener for sure!

          • coldblow

            “For what it is worth I believe they are one and the same (and a few others around here too).”

            So now tell me how do you know? What is the proof? It is all in that head of your as concocted imaginary wonderings.
            So who are the “few others around here”.
            You make innuendo and allegations without substance or proof.
            You are the straw man. So prove your point or apologize to those you malign.

    • Truthist

      Marxism is really the Talmud enforced onto the Goyim.

      60 million Christian Russians & other Christian Rus. genocided by The Dreadful Few under their reign of terror as Bolsheviks, Bolsheviks, & Trotskites, “chosenites” of USSR.

      Pre-meditated starvation until death done upon the Christian Ukrainians by The Dreadful Few too.
      Known as “The Holodmoor”.


      But, Abe Foxman … nope, he not allow any truth-telling about the Holodmoor ;
      And, for being a naughty boy in opening up discussion about the Holodmoor, democratically elected Yushchenko was ousted by proxy bitch USA for u-know-who in coup orchestrated by Victoria Nuland.

      Results for Google search terms ;

      Abe Foxman & Holodomor AND Ukraine–WKaHG4z5vATTmIXwDw&fg=1#q=Abe+Foxman+%26+Holodomor+AND+Ukraine&*

  21. McCawber

    EU not getting it all its own way om immigration.

  22. McCawber

    Ireland is primed to be pioneers of a cashless society.
    There you have it.
    We couldn’t open our borders quick enough on foot of the Nice treaty.
    And now we’re patting ourselves on the back for rushing headlong into cadhlessness.

  23. Truthist

    Well then ;

    “An Irish State Civil SERPENT day to u pal !”

    I could not retrieve recent report of a Department of Health’s Health Executive Authority Human Resource Manager Mizz / Ms or heck it may be even Miss or Mrs. “something” receiving income of circa Euro 300,000 for her role in HSE for last year.
    But, I came across the following that should be of great interest to Mike Flannely particularly.



    Yeah, visit their homes personally so as to obtain a justifiable stipend.

    Come to think of it, where is that big fat bitch M..y H…y these days ?


    €147,000 ‘pay scale’ for nurses’ chief

    December 1 2015

    Nursing union chief Liam Doran’s salary scale is matched to the Director of Human Resources in the HSE, who is paid €147,000 – three and a half times more than the average pay of a nurse.

    But Mr Doran, who is general secretary of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), has refused to put a figure on his exact salary or pension.
    Breaking his silence on the controversy, he confirmed to the Irish Independent that his pay grade is equivalent to the Director of Human Resources in the HSE.


    HSE chiefs agreed to stay quiet about pay perks for managers

    HEALTH chiefs agreed to remain tight-lipped after being informed about generous top-up allowances to senior managers in organisations that were already receiving at least €1m each in public funds.
    The disclosures that 34 of these disability organisations were paying salary extras of up to 15pc in many cases emerged after the Health Service Executive (HSE) was told by the Department of Health to investigate the suspected practice as far back as 2008.


    Number of HSE managers drawing huge salaries jumps nearly 33% in three years

    And the number of national directors in the service who can earn up to €147,000 a year – more than most EU prime ministers – has risen from 11 to 15

    The number of HSE managers drawing huge salaries has jumped by nearly a third in just three years, it has been revealed.

    As wards are unable to open because of a shortage of nurses and other skilled medical staff the number of senior managers risen by 30% since 2012.

    And the number of national directors in the service who can earn up to €147,000 a year – more than most EU prime ministers – has risen from 11 to 15.


    HSE audit criticises Tusla’s ‘inadequate’ payroll controls

    Nearly 120 Tusla staff receiving personal allowances not identified on official scales

    Tue, Jul 19, 2016,

    The report, which was released by the HSE on Tuesday, says that Tusla management was unable to provide a signed contract of employment for its chief executive during the audit process.
    The report, which was released by the HSE on Tuesday, says that Tusla management was unable to provide a signed contract of employment for its chief executive during the audit process.

    Nearly 120 staff working for the child and family agency Tusla are receiving personal allowances which could not be identified on official salary scales, a new HSE internal audit investigation has found.

    The internal audit report has criticised “inadequate” controls in place in the payroll process .

    The report, which was released by the HSE on Tuesday, says that Tusla management was unable to provide a signed contract of employment for its chief executive during the audit process.

    “A copy, which was signed on 4 November 2014 was provided to internal audit on 25 August 2015. The Department of Health in a letter to the HSE dated 3 February 2011 approved the remuneration package and requested a signed copy of the contract for its records. The contract included agreement for the payment by the HSE of a contribution to a private pension of 12 per cent of basic pay for the duration of the contract. Payments are in accordance with the agreement”, the audit says.

    The report also suggests that management at Tusla could not provide evidence that allowances for staff working in one secure unit had been reduced in line with financial emergency legislation.

    Tusla has over 4,200 staff and has an operational budget of over €600 million of which more than €226 million went on pay in 2014.

    Human resource and payroll services for Tusla are provided by the HSE.

    ‘I’ve had 25 social workers. It’s a terrible system’
    HSE and Tusla to review facts of foster care case
    The audit report says that 117 staff working for Tusla are in receipt of additional payments described as a “personal allowance” which could not be identified in the Department of Health’s consolidated salary scales.


    Two of Drumm’s advisers share in €1.4m payment

    Two of Brendan Drumm’s handpicked advisers have received more than €1.39m between them since being appointed to their Health Service Executive (HSE) posts in mid-2005, it emerged yesterday.
    One of the advisers, Maureen Lynott, whose brief is management consultancy, received payments of €763,881 by last June, figures supplied by the HSE showed.
    Prof Drumm’s personal communication adviser Karl Anderson received €627,969 since taking up his contract in 2005.

    The adviser posts are based on contracts which are due to run until September next year.
    Figures released to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children showed that €51m was paid out by the HSE between 2005 and June last year to various firms and management consultants for a range of services. These include €1.35m to PA Consulting in the first six months of 2008 for work which included a review of acute bed capacity. It received €945,000 in 2007.

    Another firm KPMG received €479,000 in the first six months of 2008 for work that included an examination of maternity hospitals in Dublin.
    Five social workers were each paid more than €370,000 to represent children in court – with one earning €307,000 in a single year.


    Revealed: Social worker was paid €307,000 in one year
    The guardians are paid €125 an hour

    February 26 2017

    Guardians ad litem are appointed by a judge to protect the best interests of children who have been taken into the State’s care.
    It is understood there are currently about 65 designated guardians ad litem, often called ‘GALs’, operating in the State.

    Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, spent €15.2m on GAL services in 2016.
    They are paid €125 an hour – but there is currently no national management structure or body charged with oversight of the service.

    The rate covers time spent attending court, writing court reports, meeting with the child, interviewing those relevant to its circumstances and observing the child’s interaction with them.
    It also includes dealing with all relevant correspondence relating to a particular case.

    While the majority of GALs have a social work background, there is no requirement for any particular qualification.
    Now, new records obtained by the Sunday Independent reveal massive sums being made by a select group of specialists operating in this area.

    Twelve individuals and agencies acting as guardians to children in childcare court proceedings each received more than €100,000 from Tusla last year.
    Two GALs both shared a payment pot of €304,036 in 2016. Records show they earned €486,489 and €403,509 respectively in the past three years for their work representing the interests of children in court proceedings.

    Another GAL earned €307,465 in 2015.
    In total, that individual has received payments of €528,942 from Tusla since 2014.

    Records show five social workers have each received more than €370,000 since 2014 to represent children in court.
    Barnardos is the largest and longest-established national guardian ad litem service in Ireland, having received more than €10m in GAL payments since 2014.


    HSE chiefs got big pay rise as cuts hit service
    Harney ordered hikes after Drumm sought increases

    March 26 2009

    Mary Harney sanctioned massive pay hikes for senior executive positions in the HSE while the health service was in the grip of a recruitment freeze, the Irish Independent has learned.
    She gave the green light for vastly improved remuneration packages for some new executive jobs following intense lobbying by HSE chief Brendan Drumm.
    Prof Drumm argued the six-figure salaries already on offer for a number of senior positions weren’t good enough to attract candidates from the private sector.

    Details of the negotiations emerged in documents obtained by the Irish Independent under the Freedom of Information Act.
    The talks between the HSE and the Department of Health took place against the backdrop of a €250m budget deficit which led to the HSE banning recruitment for three months.

    Despite the recruitment ban, the Health Minister gave the HSE chief the go-ahead to offer tens of thousands of euro more per year to new senior executives, provided they were brought in on fixed-term contracts rather than as full-time salaried public servants.
    In one case an executive was given a €205,000-a-year contract, when less than €160,000-a-year was previously on offer.

    The revelation comes as the health service grapples with a current deficit of €1bn and is set to make €72m in immediate cuts which are expected to have a significant impact on patient care.


  24. McCawber

    More gouging on the way.
    The cost of a stamp is to rise from 72c to €1 if An Post gets its wish.
    It was 55c in 2013.
    Just as well there’s no inflation in the EU or so the ECB keeps telling us.

    • Rolling on the ground laughing

      It keeps the pension payments lower and rips off all savers.

    • Deco

      Greed is coated in patronizing cliches, and repackaged as being good for the public.

      Where is the money going ?

      And also….in consideration of the overall increase in package deliveries as a result of the internet, why cannot An Post compete ? [ it has a very comprehensive network ].

      Is the people being asked to pay for a Postal address code system which has been designed to enable political party machines to have databases, and be able to know which addresses are to be canvassed the most intensely ?

      Because I have been told that this is the purpose of the Postal code system as it was designed here. For control of the electoral result to benefit the party machines.

      • Truthist

        With EIRCODE system, how exactly can the party machines be facilitated to control the electoral results ? results for search terms ;

        eircode cost overrun*

        Here is knowledgeable discussion ;

        And, here is a mainstream-media newspaper reported ;

        HEADING ;
        Eircode ‘cost 20m euro more than forecast as database encoding bill not counted’

        January 28 2016

        EXCERPT ;
        Eircode cost 20 million euro more than originally forecast, a spending watchdog has been told
        Eircode cost 20 million euro more than originally forecast, a spending watchdog has been told
        Ireland’s unique postcode system cost 20 million euro more than originally forecast as the bill for encoding public sector databases was not initially counted, a spending watchdog has been told.
        The 38m euro and much-maligned Eircode was also set up with the help of three consultants who were hired without a proper, open, competitive tender, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) heard.
        Among them was a former ESB worker who earned 146,000 euro on the project; a former assistant secretary in the Department of Agriculture who got 158,000 euro; and a retired official from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation who earned 44,000 euro.

        Daily rates for some of the retirees were as much as 1,230 euro.
        The PAC was told one had top level IT skills and contacts across government, another’s CV included a lead communications role for the digital switch over and the third had auditing skills.

        Patrick O’Donovan, Fine Gael TD, said it was convenient retired civil and public servants could be hired and the deals were like running a taxi meter or “winning the lotto”.
        “It stinks. It absolutely stinks that people get this sort of work from the inside having previously worked on the inside at values in excess of 145,000 euro and some of them probably in receipt of pensions of that sort. I think it’s absolutely scandalous,” he said.

        Mark Griffin, secretary general of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, accepted rules were not followed when some of the consultants were hired.
        “The department was found wanting,” he said.

        Mr Griffin said it was not unusual for retired state employees to be hired for big, complex semi-state contracts.
        He said their public pensions were not paid during their employment and that they were picked because of their skills, experience and contacts and knowledge across government department.

        “The history of the civil and public service in delivering large public private IT projects is not great. It was absolutely essentially once the contract was awarded by government that we were in a position to deploy the right resources,” he said.
        The PAC was told costs of about 9m euro for encoding 80 million records from about 20 public sector bodies were not originally put in the 2009 forecasts for the Eircode system.

  25. Brexit, Frexit, Nethit, Grxit, Irexit?

    What next? A good fighter just “rolls with the punches” until the counter attack.
    Is Ireland the dope on the rope?


    STOXX major European index is making lower highs since 2000
    Dragged down by France and Southern Europe.

  27. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    Ur studies of Irish State court happenings

    Where is Irish State’s Rule of Law “closer to” on reflection of the following ?

    Man admitted sex attack to church

    March 9 2017


    The man pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the youth on a date between September and December 2013 at an apartment in Lahinch.

    The man pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the youth on a date between September and December 2013 at an apartment in Lahinch. (Stock photo)
    A 41-year-old Co Clare man has publicly confessed to the congregation of his local Christian church to sexually assaulting a 16-year-old surfer in Lahinch, Co Clare, in 2013.
    At Ennis District Court yesterday, representatives from the man’s small church pleaded with Judge Patrick Durcan to show leniency to the man they describe as an “excellent Christian and an asset and blessing to the Church”.
    In the case, the man pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the youth on a date between September and December 2013 at an apartment in Lahinch.

    Inspector Tom Kennedy said that the youth was staying in the man’s apartment with a friend and found himself sharing a bed with the man.
    Insp Kennedy said the boy was awoken to find the accused had his hand on his penis and was holding it. He said the youth jumped out of bed and informed gardaí of the assault.

    Judge Durcan said the matter could be resolved without criminalising the man and said that the matter could be struck out if the man pays €1,000 to the Court Discretionary Fund by July.

  28. Truthist

    World’s Geo-Politics
    Middle East Geo-Politics
    EU Politics [ Thus, London-Berlin-Paris ]
    Irish State security

    The CIA & Mossad copulated together to create al-Qaeda to perpetuate that endless “War on Terror.”
    ISIS was birthed from the same womb.


    Wednesday, 8 March 2017

    According to a Swedish government report, the Muslim Brotherhood is creating a ‘parallel social structure’ in Sweden, aided by ‘political elites’, making it impossible to criticise Islam.

    According to CIA agent Miles Copeland, the CIA cooperates with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim mass organization founded in Egypt.

    The CIA allies with the Muslim Brotherhood against moderate, secular Arab governments.

    The UK’s MI6 used the Muslim Brotherhood against Nasser of Egypt and against the moderate rulers of Syria.

    In Syria, the CIA armed the Moslem Brotherhood which was fighting against the ruler of Syria.

    Israel funded the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The main purpose of the Muslim Brotherhood is to help Israel create its Greater Israel.


    Dr. John Coleman, a former British Intelligence agent, has stated that the Muslim Brotherhood was created by “the great names of British Middle East intelligence” …and that their mission was to “keep the Middle East backward”.

    The Swedish report on the Muslim Brotherhood was commissioned by Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), which is part of the country’s Ministry of Defence.

  29. Tull McAdoo

    Hi David, an interesting aspect to Brexit could be the UK’s re-establishment of direct trade with Commonwealth countries, on a one to one basis.

    I know from talking to people here in OZ that they see Brexit as a golden opportunity for trade, especially, given the slowdown in mining exports etc.

    New Zealander’s also would be only too glad to supply the dairy/ meat and other farming related needs of the British consumer.

    I’m sure Canada would identify opportunities for trade with the UK and would be only too glad to compete with their neighbours across the border in the USA.

    The above is just a sample of how the UK can trade its way out of Europe. On this latter point of trade for UK with Europe I predict that the British will get a favoured country deal and pay no more than 2.5% to 5 % to do business with the larger members like Germany, France Italy etc.

    Ireland needs to be careful not to walk on any corns with the UK. There is a Nationalist element in Ireland (when you scratch beneath the surface) that needs to be kept in check throughout this process. Livelihoods and futures depend on it.

  30. michaelcoughlan

    @ David Mcwilliams.

    If you look at the latest ramblings of this misfortune Truthist you will see that he keeps dragging everyone else into his delusions. I know you don’t respond to me but surely this guy keeps breaking protocol of some description?

    @ Truthis/goldbug etc.

    You need help. I am not trying to malign you. Some relative of yours somewhere cares about you and their affection and love for you will be the source of your recovery;

  31. Beware the Ides of March

    “The problem with the ECB reversing its monetary policy is it is the only buyer of large swathes of Eurozone sovereign debt, which otherwise are arguably distressed. The whole Eurozone market for sovereign debt is priced on the back of the ECB’s monthly purchases, and prices can be expected to fall significantly if it slashes its bond-buying programme, or is forced into abandoning negative interest rates. The ECB’s monetary policy, designed to drive the Eurozone into the sunny uplands of economic nirvana, is the sickest joke of monetary failure today, but at least it has staved off a systemic crisis, likely to undermine the entire Western banking system. Staved off, made potentially more severe, but not prevented.”

    • “So dire has the situation in the Eurozone become, that it could easily face a financial crisis just through the passage of time, without the ECB increasing interest rates at all. The politics are nudging events in that direction. The irony is the Chinese and Russian banking systems are the best placed to survive a financial and systemic crisis originating in the Eurozone or the US, through relatively low counterparty exposure. But then that was likely to have been the strategic intention from the outset, a point completely missed by western commentators who assume that systemic risks are most likely to emanate from China.”"-MacCloud

  32. goldbug























  33. “” What is not generally appreciated, even among many sound money advocates, is that silver historically fulfilled the role as the people’s money ever since coins were invented, with gold being preferred only for larger transactions.

    No doubt the principal focus will always be on gold as the ultimate metallic money, but the temptation to overlook silver’s monetary credentials is a mistake. Arguably, it could even have a greater claim than gold to be the people’s money, because for all of commercial history it has been more widely circulating for that mundane purpose.”"

    Schools these days are not about education per se but indoctrination centres for politically correct socialization. This has been going on for at least two generations IMHO

    “”I’m not surprised that Liberty Junior High School was caught indoctrinating children. Our public schools have been turned against us. Classrooms have been transformed into social engineering petri dishes.

    As I wrote in my new book, “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again,” if we want to stop this radical, leftwing agenda, parents must engage themselves in the educational process.”"

    • Truthist

      “Get them before eight
      Before it is too late.”

      That is one of the pedophile sayings.

    • “The most erroneous assumption is to the effect that the aim of public education is to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence, and so make them fit to discharge the duties of citizenship in an enlightened and independent manner. Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States, whatever the pretensions of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountebanks, and that is its aim everywhere else.” – H.L. Mencken

      • michaelcoughlan

        So true. The author of Rich Dad Poor DAd says that the education system there is PREVENTED from educating the people how the creation of currency works.

  35. michaelcoughlan


    Did Jesus make love to Mary Magdalene or is it really only a load of da vinci code nonsense?

    If you really believe you are Jesus here is a way to tell if you are or are not. Look down at your willy. See if you are circumcised. If you still have you know what in place guess what? You are plumb out of luck pun intended;

    • Totally unnecessary, Michael.

    • Truthist

      That u would be revealing the perversions of the ruling classes of Irish Isles, & British Isles, & continental EU, & what is given to be the rest of Western World, would be meritorious.
      That u blaspheme against the Logos, Christ ; God, & commit calumny against a woman who was redeemed personally by Christ, is deplorable.

      Ponder upon this oh would-be emigrant ;

      “Only good wine travels well.”

      It appears that some vicious mole of nature from within + without has overwhelmed u.

      • michaelcoughlan

        “That u blaspheme against the Logos, Christ ; God, & commit calumny against a woman who was redeemed personally by Christ, is deplorable.”

        Really? Because I suggested that a loving man should express himself with a loving woman in the most natural and spiritual way possible and you and all PIOUS assholes like you are so fucking warped you can’t see that to suggest something so spiritually pure and be condemned as a blasphemer that you demonstrate the greatest perversion of all.

        Let me be even more pointed; pious assholes like you put all those babies in Tuam into the sewers because your warped perversion of the teaching of Jesus allowed the eva brauns in charge of the institution to commit such an atrocity. Furthermore, the SS in charge of the catholic church orchestrated it AND convinced the population that a woman conceiving a child when not married was such a shameful act. The same church of course preventing women from ministering AND protecting it’s own members responsible for screwing 6 year olds.

        Let me say this to you. Brave men like me who post in our own names and Don’t hide behind alter ego’s and pseudonyms do the Catholic Church far more SERVICE and are far more worthy of the title CHRISTIAN, and demonstrate far GREATER commitment to the teachings of Jesus than people like YOU!

        • Truthist

          Regardless if u are a Catholic or any other type of Christian or Muslim or Judaic or Hindu or Buddhist or any other “Deist” or whatever, what u have been uttering against Christ / God is — in Christian terms, & Muslim terms too [ although Muslims do not accept Christ to be God but rather the most supreme Prophet ], blasphemy.
          It is not accidental from u either.
          Rather, it is gratuitous.
          And, continual.
          ShaNeful stuff !

          If u are not a Catholic or other type of Christian or Muslim, u have no business being offensive to Christ / God.
          Mind ur own business.

          If u “purport” to be a Catholic or other type of Christian, u are living the life of a hyprocrite.

          ShaNe on u Mr. Silly !

          • michaelcoughlan


            I am indeed silly. Know why? For taking a looper like you seriously. I won’t bother you again.


  36. Truthist

    “Hodie mihi ;
    Crass tibi.”


    “Me today ;
    U tomorrow.”

    Thank u Goldbug for ur moral, & relevant, intervention ;

    Grzegorz agrees that the best constitution should be based on the Right to LIFE.
    Then, as natural follow-through ; the Right to LIVE.

    Then, the state should be much as Tony Brogan advocates ;
    However, I would retain the Welfare State ;
    Basic Income for every citizen.
    Enough for the staples.

    And, Private Property Rights as outlined by me numerous times whereby each citizen departed from home-rearing is automatically given nominal horizontal area, with height guaranteed to be >= minimum, from Public Property as their Private Property “Home Space”.
    This Home Space is very spacious ;
    Very spacious even for Family of 2 adults & 7 children.

    It is physically transferable ;
    This space can be located — @ no cost upon re-relocation & thenceforth — in Condominium Block.

    Also, Private Property “Horticulture Space” is granted to this citizen.
    Some horticulture spaces in the Public Property portfolio available for this use are the generically termed Aquaculture allotments ;
    Thus, hydroponics & viviponics inter alia is possible.

    Ditto, Private Property “Workshop Space” is granted to this citizen.

    Landlordism for Home-Space, along with Usury, is outlawed by Constitution.

    Sure, there are examples of agreeable experiences of the above ;
    But, overall, even more than the fact that “Partnerships do not really work in the world of business”, these practises are “crass”.*

    *I am mulling whether Landlordism is permissible for commercial units & agricultural land inter alia.

    Citizen is always allowed to accrue other Private Property ;
    But, only on basis of full payment from Gold & / or Silver & / or Barter & / or “Caveat Pre-Emptor ! ! !” Bit Coin.

    Speaking of Bit-Coin, & it really the only worthwhile contribution from Adam Byrne / AB / Abbie

    one who oft-times declares that he only interested in himself [ Thus, a "Me Feiner" ] ; And, he honest enough to reveal it ==> we would be foolish to be remiss in being steadfast to remember it “always” ; Abbie is also trolling, & specifically maligning, me on this blog ; Yet, I not one to be trolling him or others EVER. Yes, Abbie is one who would wrongfully campaign to censor + “exclude” a meritorious contributor to this blog. Indeed, coalesce to do so with certain “GCHQ + Hasbara” contributor here given to much histrionics [ feigned of course ] & totally irrelevant postings that have been weighed with very offensive comments on Christ & Catholic faith in particular of his otherwise attacks on Christianity [ the professed religion of vast majority of the people of Irish Isles ; With Catholicism the vast majority of these & Irish nationalists, incl. Irish Republicans per say. And, these postings of GCHQ "Cheltenham Warehouse" + Hasbara mole oft advocating for murder of the "pre-born" child & male homosexualism.
    The British Embassy + Izzy -- who for sure monitor this blog, & the few other Irish State focused economic-political-sociologal-cultural [ in that order ] blogs also, with astute interest — must be really pleased with the successful effectiveness of such moles on their behalf.
    No wonder the Brits have such a low opinion of Irish.
    Ditto the Carolingian Group corp of EU.
    Ditto do the Freemasons ;
    And, EU is really their project from the get-go.
    Ditto the Rothschilds.

    pray thee, what essential qualities of “MONEY” does Bit Coin have dearest “Bit-Coin Economist” Adam Byrne ?

  37. Based on anecdotal and hard verifiable data, the average American family is in the midst of a recession, if not a depression. No amount of propaganda, misinformation, fake government data, or fake news can cover-up the facts. Donald Trump was elected president, not by misogynist, white, racist, xenophobes, but by families (men and women) who have been screwed over by the establishment for decades and left impoverished, hopeless, and depressed.

    He won the election because radicals like you and me decided to send a message to the arrogant, evil, globalist ruling class that we are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Despair of the silent normal majority is what propelled Trump to victory. Choices have consequences.

  38. Truthist

    Dearest “TROLLING PEST”,

    March 10, 2017 at 10:31 am

    “…I just don’t like when people with pseudonyms drag me into their fantasy world.”

    Apropos of Pseudonyms ;
    A regular name could be a pseudonym
    Such names as Deco, & Coldblow are pseudonyms

    Apropos of the libel “fantasy world”
    U attacked me for my necessary mention of the [ nefarious ] role played by :
    The Freemasons
    The Rothschilds.


    Even ur attacks against me for my disdain of those 2 entities is shaNeful stuff !
    More shaNeful for one who purports to be an Irishman !
    Especially shaNeful for one who purports to be an Irishman “native to the shore”.
    More especially shaNeful for one who would hope to claim to be an honorable Irishman abroad !
    Most especially shaNeful for one who would hope to claim to be an honorable Irishman “native to the shore” abroad !

  39. Deco


    Our institutional state is fooling everybody, including itself.

    How do you grow an economy where mncs now arrive to pay less than 1% taxation, and where the institutional state is completely oversized, and weher oligopolitic arrangements squeeze out the working population of any sense of progress in their lives ?

    Very simple. You borrow, to stand still.

    Ireland’s WRECKovery.

    It is all a Ponzi-economic scam. The most inefficient parts of the economy become more inefficient, whilst the more efficient parts are in retreat, as they are deincentivised.

  40. Deco

    The good news, – with Britain aming for more competitiveness, the cost of living will decrease in the goods sector (excluding the institutional state mandated stealth taxes).

    The bad news – for the rest of the cost of living, the institutional state, and it’s aligned oligarchial entities will simply suck more out of the economy. And competitiveness will flounder.

    The really bad news – there is no debate about any of this, but loads of red-herring debates about a lot of nonsense.

    • Deco

      Ireland is a canary in the coal mine.

      We all know about what makes the Irish economy a have for gombeenomics.

      Corrupt political parties writing down debts of tax non dom owned oligopolies.

      Corrupt local authorities trying to drive up their share of the pie by preventing URBAN development from occurring in URBAN areas (like what is done elsewhere).

      And a complex Leviathan of insitutional power and resource extraction and control that is parasitically killing the underlying host.

      And so as to ensure that the Leviathan complex stays unchallenged, it is hooked up to the Imperial scale Leviathan in Brussels.

      And that complex is completely compromised, by lobbyists, and the funders of political party machines.

      What we lack is a debate.

      There is no debate. Absolutely none. Complete silence.

      And continual updates concerning silly stuff.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “The really bad news – there is no debate about any of this, but loads of red-herring debates about a lot of nonsense”

      Same as the diatribe on the blog.

      • There is a lot of good economic data on this blog if you spent your energy evaluating it rather than be suckered into trouble and strife.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Evaluating what exactly?

          I can do that already. The blog is descending into a nonsense where a deluded poster with a couple of alter egos on the go gets carte blanch to post his nonsense, the same story re gold, the same posters telling the same story about how Ireland is a ponzified economy etc. etc.

          Might be time for me to bid bon voyage.

          Take care.


          • McCawber

            Just don’t get sucked in.
            Be selective who you engage with but try to keep an open mind.

          • michaelcoughlan

            thanks McCawber.


          • The blog is descending into a nonsense where a deluded poster with a couple(COUPLE) of alter egos (WHO EXACTLY AND SHOW YOUR PROOF) on the go gets carte blanch to post his nonsense, the same story re gold,(ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. ON A PERCENTILE BASIS GOLD IS ON THE LOW END OF COMMENTARY EVEN THOUGH AS A POINT OF ECONOMIC INTEREST IT SHOULD BE ACUTELY STUDIED BY ALL) the same posters telling the same story about how Ireland is a ponzified (SO NOW YOU ARE AFTER THE INFORMED POSTINGS OF DECO?) economy etc. etc.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Show proof?

            No Problem;

            @Goldbug if you are not truthist say so.


            Gold ISN’T GOING TO SAVE ANYONE! The one time it got close to saving people in the 1930′s the US government confiscated it.

            The recent Indian govt tariffs are proof that gov’ts will fuck it if it does it’s job.

            That’s that Tony.

            Your Dogma won’t save anyone either.

            As for being studied it has been and most economists are AGAINST gold backed currencies.

          • Michael

            I remember an insightful bumper sticker.


          • “The recent Indian govt tariffs are proof that gov’ts will fuck it if it does it’s job”

            Actually it was a plot against CASH. Gold continued to perform for the citizens via the black market.

            Beware the ubiquitous campaign to be rid of cash. That is the total control sought by the one world governance globalist control freaks.

            Without cash all local market places will die or innovate local money as in the “olden days” The real bills doctrine as accounted in history is one way.

            The peoples without access to technology will wither back to pure barter or die.

            Others will get so angry that they will not know whether to go forward or back. They will have no solutions and no results. Chaos will reign and the globalists supreme.

          • michaelcoughlan

            I remember an insightful bumper sticker.

            You clearly missed the point.

            The “plot” against cash in India happened when they took the higher deneminations out of circulation.

          • You don’t get at a lot of the time Michael. There was no point from you to be had.

            “As for being studied it has been and most economists are AGAINST gold backed currencies.”

            Now the fact that most economists are against gold is the biggest argument in favour of gold.
            Simply put most people are wrong most of the time. Run with the herd is the mantra. Lemmings all.
            Following the economists the last 70 years has caused the right royal fuck up that causes you to not know which end is up and destroyed the economies of the world. No wonder you are so angry. You have been totally lead astray.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Wrong again tony.

            I am not led astray nor am I blinded by dogma. Even the childishness of a statement like most people are wrong most of the time is a nonsense.

            I am going to agree to differ with you Tony.

            Bye the way;

            Goldbug still hasn’t declared whether he is different to Truithist or not.




        Similar BS as Obama and Soros try to undermine the efforts of trump.

  41. McCawber

    Utopia is back on the agenda – sort of.It seems Bill Gates may have been eavesdropping on us.

  42. Posted at
    *New power source from silver
    Hi Bill,
    this seems to be a commercial application that will change power generation as we know it. They have created a plasma machine that emits large amounts of UV light that can be collected with specialized Photo voltaic cells. The plasma is ignited through boiling silver in a collector and from that point is self-sustaining, using only minute amounts of water to create a new form of hydrogen that burns like the sun in a controlled manner.
    A presentation made in Irvine CA on the 28th of Feb.

  43. “”The story of Trump colluding with the Russians prior to Election Day has now been totally discredited along with the Democrats, mainstream media (MSM) and rogue members of the intelligence agencies. The story has morphed into felony leaks to try to destroy Donald Trump. It has revealed police state tactics from an outgoing party to an incoming party. Did the White House know about the wiretapping of the Trump campaign? Are the leakers inside the Intel agencies going to be charged with felonies for the leaking of information to try to destroy Trump? Can the MSM ever recover from their unfair and fake news reporting? The answers will be coming in the weeks and months ahead, and Donald Trump will be getting the last laugh.”"

    • McCawber

      Why does the author think we need between 220 and 330 TDs.
      Forget jobs for the boys mate – there’s enough noses in the trough as it is.
      We don’t need much more than a 100.
      The existing number of TDs was arrived at before a decent phone system or mobile phones or the internet or a modern road system etc.

      • brianmlucey

        Because the constitution says so. Article 16, Section 2, Subsection 2.

        • McCawber

          Change the constitution.

          • If I may quote the last sentence in the article.
            “Any united Ireland should and must be accompanied by a wide ranging and much needed overhaul of the constitution.”

          • brianmlucey

            As Mr Brogan says….
            Do you actually read things before commenting on them?

          • McCawber

            I’d give you credit for the bit about wide ranging changes etc if it had been at the start of your article and if you had suggested reducing the number of TDs.
            So listen to the criticism, don’t get all shirty about it.
            Your the one with media access.
            You therefore need to be certain you’re giving a balanced dissertation.
            Why not specifically state that it would be an opportunity to reduce the number of TDs – That’s balance.

          • brianmlucey

            As McCawber notes – maybe we could indeed change the constitution. As noted. But then McCawber, the post isnt about that, per se. Its about where we are now. Not where we might be. Feel free to come over and comment on where we might be.


    ““I heartily accept the motto, ‘That government is best which governs least:’ and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe,-‘That government is best which governs not at all;’ and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.”-Thoreau

    Contemplating what to do after Brexit should incorporate the basic premise of no government or, at most, limited government. Any association within the EU is to accept being throttled by government.

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