February 19, 2017

Trump aims to do to the Washington insiders what Uber did to taxi drivers

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Another week, another bit of American conventional wisdom is shredded by Donald Trump. This time it is the CIA. Mr Trump is the president of the USA and the CIA is employed to protect him, but he doesn’t see it this way. He has turned his ire towards his own security forces and he intends to investigate them, not the other way around.

So this is what he meant by “draining the swamp”. Mr Trump is going after Washington. All the insiders who have for years populated the American capital, all the lobbyists who raised funds and bought influence, and all the civil servants who have for years filtered access to power and created policy, are now the president’s targets. He is sidestepping the media, the think-tanks and the establishment. They don’t like it, but this is what radical looks like.

We have no idea where it will all end, but one thing is clear: Mr Trump will change America forever. He is the most disruptive politician in decades.

He aims to do to the Washington establishment what Airbnb did to hotels and Uber did to taxi drivers. He aims to disrupt everything and cut out the middlemen. All the insiders, all the “know-alls”, all the tens of thousands of people who feed off the political system, these people are in his sights.

From now on, the relationship he intends to have with the American people (at least his American people) will not be mediated by the media. It will not be conditional on getting the “thumbs up or thumbs down” from the commentariat and it will not be determined by experts. It will be as one to one.

By deploying Twitter, he has cut out the media. This is radical stuff and a total departure from decades, possibly centuries, of form.

In the same way as Roman emperors sometimes bypassed the senate (an institution the emperor often mistrusted) to get to the people, Mr Trump is trying the same trick. Who knows, he might pull it off.

Whatever the end game, it is fascinating to watch.

Speaking of watching, there is a reality TV air to the whole thing. The way he treats his cabinet is like an episode of the reality show ‘Survivor’, whose motto is “Outwit, outplay, outlast“.

Who will be voted off next week? Last week it was national security adviser Michael Flynn, who’s next? Again, this is a totally new departure because that’s just not how politics was done in the past.

In the past things were less uncouth. Now there are no niceties.

If a senior member of the team isn’t performing the way the president wants, that person is fired and another one hired.

Interestingly, heartland America, which is Mr Trump’s America, loves this chaotic meritocracy. It is what they voted for. When they roared in those huge campaign meetings, “Drain the swamp”, they meant it and now it looks like he does too.

All the while, the financial markets and the economy watchers are nervously excited. Wall Street believes all the deregulation noises coming out of the White House and no one denies that American infrastructure needs massive upgrading, so a fiscal stimulus is on the cards, which will drive the economy too.

But how hard will it drive the economy? And will the Federal Reserve sit on the sidelines or will the Fed hike rates in order to rein in the government?

And if the Fed tries to thwart Mr Trump by raising rates, will Mr Trump turn on the Fed like he is turning on the CIA?

If he turns on the Fed, then we are in for a big showdown at the very heart of the American economic system.

At its most simple, the Federal Reserve under Janet Yellen believes that America is at close to full employment today and that the economy can only grow at about 2.5pc without overheating. This means that at some time, interest rates will have to be increased and this would choke off Mr Trump’s boom.

Mr Trump’s team believes that the economy can grow to 3pc or 4pc and therefore believe that the Fed shouldn’t raise rates too soon. But if the Fed goes along with Mr Trump and is seen to be captured by his will and is seen to be soft on inflation, the US bond market will sell off, driving up long-term rates.

But here is the dilemma.

This conflict between the Federal Reserve and the Treasury in the US is one of the oldest in the book. In 1981/82, Paul Volcker hiked interest rates in response to Ronald Reagan’s tax-cutting start. Mr Volcker said he had to beat inflation and the ensuing recession blighted Reagan’s first three years.

Reagan backed down.

In 1992/3, Bill Clinton was pitted against Fed chairman Alan Greenspan. Mr Clinton fought the election on the promise of tax cuts for the middle classes.

Mr Greenspan took Mr Clinton’s economic guru, Robert Rubin, aside and told him firmly that if Mr Clinton cut taxes, he’d raise rates in retaliation. If, on the other hand, Mr Clinton reneged on his electoral promise, Mr Greenspan would do nothing and long-term interest rates would fall, driving up stock and house prices and driving the Clinton boom via higher asset prices.

Mr Clinton backed down.

Now will Mr Trump back down, or will he see this as yet more technocratic, unelected insiders — the central bankers — frustrating the people’s president?

What would this mean?

It would mean Mr Trump interfering in the appointment of future Fed governors and ultimately Ms Yellen’s successor. If he is happy to go after the spooks in the CIA, I’m sure he will not be scared of a few economists in the Fed. After all, they represent to him the ultimate insiders — civil servants who are unelected. He may well make them his next target.

If that happens, all hell will break loose on Wall Street because, after all, the near 30-year boom in American asset prices has been driven on the understanding that the Fed always wins.

What if that no longer holds true?

Then all bets are off.

  1. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    This is David’s best article this year, if not for many years. Mr McWilliams notices what may, at first glance, appear obvious – that Mr Trump communicates with the Americans via Twitter – but it is the implication of that fact that brought to our attention by Mr McWilliams that lend the article its deeper meaning: not only President Trump is not kowtowing to the mainstream media, but they do not seem to influence his electorate. Admittedly, there might be still some pressure coming from other directions – i.e. Pentagon or AIPAC (a bit of good humour for Sunday on the latter):

    – but that pressure is another cup of tea; besides, some of Mr Trump’s moves are forced by the current military development in China threatening the freedom of navigation without which Ireland’s trade would almost seize to exist – if the Navigation Acts were bad for Ireland, imagine a world in which the Navigation Act is applied by China to the entire world – as the Chinese have been arming as fuck.

    The second thing that Mr McWilliams notices is something which, I frankly admit, didn’t actually occur to me, despite all our discussions on central banking, gold standard and Keynesian multiplier in the past – that FED might have been actually s.a.b.o.t.a.g.i.n.g the former US Presidents. The vision Mr McWilliams offers is a really compelling hypothesis (only a writer who goes beyond macroeconomics could have had noticed this astonishing parallel): President Reagan cuts taxes, Mr Volcker brings up rates to 20% and we have a recession instead of a boom (a n d strikes and food shortages in countries like 80s socialist Poland, who took $20bn loan in the 70s when the interest rates were around 5%, and when President Reagan came to power, and the interest rates skyrocketed to 20%, it found itself forced to repay $40bn, on top of the inefficient socialist system (approximately $250bn in today’s money). Results? – “Solidarnosc” strikes, then Jaruzelski’s Martial Law, and then Gorbachev in USSR, and finally Poland – shortly (1-2 years) – under the US sphere of influence, to be absorbed by Germany’s influence around 1991.

    I suppose the alternative explanation of FED undermining Presidents Reagan and Clinton tax cuts I could offer is that in the post-Bretton Woods parasitic petrodollar system (in which the US no longer enjoyed the Eisenhower era trade surpluses – it only started running consistent trade deficits since 1976) FED had to hike the rates, otherwise the US would have imploded: because either the prices would have doubled, or wages and imports would have halved (I use paste tense – maybe FED had to sabotage US Presidents – because obviously the zero-percent politics of FED since Obama were “helping” him – at a cost of doubling the US debt).

    Maybe the high interest rates allowed the US to suck in other countries savings like a vacuum cleaner (this has had an additional advantage of attracting foreign capital from all over the world to buy the US bonds). If US did not have petrodollar, then – with its large trade deficits – it would have to finance its capital markets from its savings (same goes for Britain without London City). Savings would be then used by financial institutions to lend out money to businesses that would create jobs. However, because the US uses other countries savings, only 15% of all financial flows in the US are going to business lending – the rest of it is trading against existing assets: stocks, bonds, houses. This creates bubbles and stimulated consumption, but it does not create real jobs and investment. The US can only use other countries savings as long as it has petrodollar.

    In view of the petrodollar, I find President Trump’s anti-Iranian tones a geopolitical mistake, because with Iran expanding control of the Persian Gulf, it can better secure the shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz than Saudi Arabia, because of Saudi Arabia’s scarcity of water, low population density and necessity for their oil exports to pass via Hormuz’s Strait chokepoint, while at the same time being exposed to an invasion from Yemen – all of which diminishes Saudis defence capabilities. With Saudi Arabia (Israel’s only real ally in the Middle East, apart from Jordan) sure to go bust anyway, the main geopolitical anchor of the petrodollar will be gone – which means US will no longer be able to consume using large trade deficits – it will have to start live by its own means – which means that either wages will have to go down or the purchasing power (US cannot rely on its internal market like in Eisenhower times, because it does not produce anything useful for civilians).

    In the long run, I think that even for Israel it would be better to ally with Iran than with Saudi Arabia – because even though so far Israel, in spite of not having official diplomatic relations, is arming Saudi Arabia (in 2011, Israel approved a German sale of 200 Leopard tanks to Saudi Arabia. and Israel had offered to provide Saudi Arabia with Iron Dome technology against rockets from bordering Yemen; while Saudi Arabia has tested the ability to stand down their air defences to allow an Israeli strike on Iran to pass through their airspace), in my opinion Saudi Arabia will only cooperate with Israel as long as it will have money – and soon the money will be gone (which will probably topple the House of Saudis). Israel’s Defence Minister said on April 12, 2016 that Saudi Arabia had given it written assurances over freedom of passages in Tiran Straits – what if it withdraws it?

    When it comes to trade deficits, the relation between the US and the world (and between Germany and the rest of Europe) reminds me of the relation between Great Britain and Ireland. Here is where I differ with Mr McWilliams, who extols the large volume of trade between Great Britain and Ireland – but c.o.n.s.i.d.e.r.i.n.g that Ireland’s trade deficit with the UK is almost twice as big as with all other countries in the world combined (even Irish exports to the Belgian market in 2015 accounted for €14.5 billion – more than to Britain),


    the larger the volume of trade with Britain, the more Ireland loses on its trade with Britain (considering it has trade surpluses with nearly all other EU countries – so Ireland basically wastes its trade surpluses with the EU on importing good from Britain – which, to make it worse, are not mainly advanced technologies, but mainly mineral fuels, oils, distillation products – €4.04bn; also – gas, clothing, and… dairy products – Ireland now amounts for 32.2% of all dairy exports from the UK!). Imagine a businessman called David. Assume that David has a media company with accumulated profits of €629,846 for the year ended 31 March 2014. Now assume that David has his favourite restaurant called “Pollackers”, and that for a year ended 31 March 2014, he spent €629,846 on eating pierogi in that restaurant. The volume of trade between “Pollackers” and McWilliams’s would be in this case huge – but that trade would benefit “Pollackers” much more than it would benefit McWilliams’s – David would end up having a big belly and zero euro, and the restaurant would expand and open its branch in Kinsale, right beside the house of “Dr” Kevin McCarthy. This would not be a good deal for David, and neither is Ireland’s large trade with Great Britain (because it is based on deficits), which is only a slightly exaggerated version of David’s trade with the imaginary case scenario restaurant – and neither is the world’s trade with the US.

    And this is something which President Trump does not seem to understand (neither does Theresa May) – yes, he can bring back real jobs to the US, but he cannot do so without lowering wages unless he incurs more debt, for no one would buy the latest Apple phone if it were to cost $3,000. Now, he and FED can increase the money supply as they have been doing with Obama – but the only reason that China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Germany finance the US debt is because they sell their products to the US. How will President Trump solve this conundrum?

    Same with the US and the rest of the world (and with Germany and Europe) – the volume of trade is huge, but it is mostly useless for other countries – we import green papers and inflation from the US, and export French wines, Italian clothes, German cars, Taiwanese Apple phones (Apple phones have “Made in China” on them, but over 90% of its components are made in Taiwan), Polish machinery, and Irish people.

    Mr McWilliams ends his article with a brilliant remark, to wit, that we have been used for the last 30 years to FED winning, and this might not be so this time. Tony Brogan would jump in on that and say that this is jolly good, because it means the end of central banking and embarking on a sound monetary system instead.


    I say: hold your horses – this would mean a sound monetary system eventually – but are we prepared for what might happen i n—b e t w e e n?

    P.S. From last week, but it escaped Irish media attention – Jaroslaw Kaczynski pressured Chancellor Merkel to issue the European Arrest Warrant for the EU President Donald Tusk for his corruption scandals in Poland and obstructing the Smolensk crash investigations; Chancellor Merkel refused (so far). Mr Tusk was in fact present in Poland (in Wroclaw) when the German and Soros Foundations-organised protests were taking place in Warsaw last December. We may have a funny situation in the EU Parliament whereby a Pole Mr Tusk will have support of most EU states for his next term except for… Poland.

    • Shane F

      Grzegorz Kolodziej
      December 31, 2016 at 4:42 am
      ‘– a few years ago, I ended up in a hospital for a long time;’ & ’ they had to put me in the lunatics ward ‘

      • Truthist

        U ShaMe F. are trying to send him to “The Eye for an Eye & Tooth for a Tooth” hospital ;
        Why do u not open ur heart to “The Good News” ?
        Stop being such a “Moss-Head”.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Because there was no places in other departments to stay overnight. I do not know what your illness is, but I am sure it is hard to pronounce – lying Shame (“You spelt ‘Muzzies’, The correct spelling is Moslems.” – where did I write this?).

        Shame on you!

        You complain that you have to scroll down my comments, but it turns out that you are reading each of them. I am sorry if I influence you that much.

        Here is you secretly filmed:


    • Duifkruid

      Thank you sir for this insightful comment on the article. Both very interesting to read, shedding a new light on past administrations and on Solidarinosc at that.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Further to my comment on the EU President Donald Tusk relations with Poland, I found an article on in it the “Financial Times”.


      It’s funny though when the author writes:

      “Mr Kaczynski’s desire to discredit Mr Tusk in the eyes of Polish voters is, however, in conflict with the intentions of some of the country’s diplomats, who hope to keep relations with EU partners as smooth as possible.”

      Mr Kaczynski does not have to discredit Mr Tusk, because Mr Tusk has discredited himself in the eyes of Polish voters –
      t h a t’s__w h y his party lost election in Poland!

      Chancellor Merkel had to rescue Mr Tusk from possible arrest in Poland by catapulting him into the post of the EU Council President, and Mr Tusk’s party PO (Civic Platform) still lost in the polls half of what they had got in their last election – that they lost. But the likes of “The Financial Times” capitalise on the ignorance of the readers – the ingnorance being the fault of inaccurate reporting – so it’s a viscious circle.

    • Grzegorz
      “this would mean a sound monetary system eventually – but are we prepared for what might happen i n—b e t w e e n?”

      Hi, here is an article for your perusal that answers your question posed.
      The sensible way to to have a method of introducing the sound money in parallel to the current fiat.
      Please read this by Hugo Salinas Price. I just came across it while browsing his self publishes book “essays on this and that” .
      I hope you enjoy it.

  2. HoChi

    Perhaps, Mr McWilliams, ‘The Donald’ might give you a call to be a contestant on his show , your views might appeal to him ??
    It’s certainly a roller-coaster ride over there and who’s to say what is right or wrong, only time will tell. As with Airbnb or Uber there is no ideal platform for anything, every idea has it’s upside and downside,and I don’t see Airbnb or Uber investing their profits in Bitcoin………….!!!


    Fucking morons on OR T E begging and pleading to let the Caspar Milquetoast Taoiseach, “go home to family and friends”, “trusted advisers and long time associates” to “make a decision on his leadership”. BULLSHIT! Saying he deserves the respect! hah hah ha ha ha FUCKING HA! Trump is his goal.Meet the Donald. Get the shamrock to TRUMP! GET the historic photo op with TRUMP! Trump will dictate the current leadership crisis, which in my estimation has been a crisis forever in Ireland given the weak turds that have fucked this Island up over the years, Trump is what motivates all things now, industry, finance, politics. Its all Trump all the time. Ive said Im to the Right of the Devil and to the Left of God for sometime now, but I think my boy Trump may have to take on that motto instead. Im Steve Jackson,…. and I agree, with everything I say.

  4. CorkPlasticPaddy

    We need somebody like ‘The Donald’ to kick a few asses over here in Ireland. There are far too many dickheads and arse holes who simply haven’t got a clue about how to run a ‘piss up in a brewery on a Saturday night’ never mind how to run a country. The ‘insiders’ over in the USA have had it coming to them and now their worst nightmare seem to be coming true. It will be interesting to see what happens in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy once their elections take place??? It’s about time that the ‘chickens came home to roost’ in regard to the so called European Project!!!

  5. dwalsh

    It is fascinating socio-political theatre and uncharted territory no doubt. I love how Trump has turned the corporate media cartel’s ‘fake news’ meme against them. His press conferences are like nothing seen before. I subscribed to the White House Youtube channel just to watch them.
    But this is a serious business and the people Trump is going up against are ruthless to a degree that most of us ordinary humans cannot comprehend. If he goes too far he will be in great danger. I would say he already is in great danger. Taking on the Federal Reserve system in any consequential way would be a crossing of the Rubicon event. The Fed is a core instrument of US imperial power. They would not back down. He will need all his business and deal-making instincts to get that deal right and to survive.

    • Deco

      Fake News was invented in Ireland. In the Irish state propaganda media organ.

      Check out what Joe McAnthony had to say about RTE in the 1970s.

      He broke the story of the Sweeps stakes scandal. He knew that the plannig process in Dublin was rotten with corruption, and self serving chancers . [ it still is].

      McAnthony wanted to break more scandals and was offered a job in RTE, but then when he went to work they would not let him enter. And they never did. Essentially, making sure that eh could do nothing.

      • dwalsh

        Hi Deco
        The reality of fake news has always been the case in the media, in every country and in all times – not just here in ireland in the 70s

        My comment refers to the current mainstream meme
        Did they use the meme ‘fake news’ back in the 70s?
        I dont think so
        I certainly dont remember hearing it back then; but please correct me if I am mistaken

  6. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    Further to the unjustifiable shaneful menacing post by ShaMe F. in which he assaults [ I understand this offence he has already done inherently with his post ] u with airport security harrassment ;


    Seems very sociopathic ;
    Asking women about their sex lives,
    Making women strip their clothes off,
    etc., etc., etc.

    And, the above link is I presume reporting relatively tame stuff ;
    And, with its host soft-balling when he can.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      As yous guys have rightly noticed:

      January 12, 2017 at 2:36 am
      Apropos of Scotland’s own version of Fianna Fail
      Scottish Nationalist Party [ S.N.P. ]
      January 12, 2017 at 9:27 am
      If Mossad spy on the SNP (or their admirer, the FF party) , Mossad will only end up with a plan on how to wreck a country.”

      January 12, 2017 at 11:08 am
      Surely the leader of FF is not a sociopath ?
      Tull McAdoo
      January 12, 2017 at 11:32 pm
      He would be if he knew what it was”

      And as I wrote earlier (Shame Fogel must know it by heart now ;-):

      “Btw, a few years, a routinely scandalous behaviour of school trips from Israel in Kraków reached such levels (I think the situation calmed down a bit, since Kraków is not t h a t swarmed with tourists as it was a decade ago) that one of such incidents was even described by… Michnik’s “Gazeta Wyborcza” (this would be like “The Anti-Irish Times” having an article about the leftist bias in the Irish media). If such article was published there, it meant that the scale of the phenomena was so big that even the Jewish newspaper could not have ignored it (or maybe they were afraid that the Italian might go to his embassy with a complaign?).

      Here is my very quick translation of their article (it all happened during the Tusk regime):
      “On Wednesday morning, in front of the house in which Roberto lives, a tour of Israeli coaches pulled up . For more than 20 minutes, they stood with the engines running (although the rules allow parking up to 10 min.), which made a lot of noise for the residents of the street. One of them, an Italian, went over to the driver of the first coach and asked him to turn off the engine.

      He told the newspaper: “I was ignored. I said that we are here trying to live a normal life, and he has to turn off the engine immediately. I was anxious, but all the time I was standing outside the vehicle. Then, from the depths of the bus, a Mossad bodyguard came up to me. He pushed me. Immediately, four other bodyguards from other coaches moved in my direction. I got scared, so I picked a large stone for the defense. It worked – the guards calmed down. But when I put down the boulder, they attacked me.

      They put the handcuffs on, and bended my arms at head height. They threw me to the ground, handcuffed, I landed with my face in dog feces.

      When I wanted to get up, they started kicking me all over my body. Suddenly everyone ran to the coaches and drove off. And I was left handcuffed on the ground.”

      The unpunished assault on the inhabitant of Krakow (who incidentally is Italian) was caused only by him demanding respect for the Polish law on his street by security guards tour of Israel. Why such an incident does not surprise me?
      Maybe it’s because for many years I lived in the Kazimierz district and I have heard more than once of similar events. Many times I saw the Polish police dutifully obeying the Israeli Mossad security guards.

      How many times the residents must remove their cars from the street, because … a tour of Israel was coming, and they needed to clear the streets with cars of their inhabitants? All that remains then is just kind of abandoned van with dark windows (you can knock and wave to Mossad). It is an open secret that is also true that the “guards” of Israeli tours, of course, carry guns. In each Israeli coach there is a gun and the man trained to use it. These gentlemen operate here at our homeland, and the police seem to be their errand boys.
      How does this relate to the Polish law? Can foreigners arriving as tourists to our country may bring a gun and hold it during their stay in Poland?
      Kraków is equally welcoming to tourists from every country. The problem is that only tourists from one country feel they have special rights (or rather that they are above them), they arrive with armed protection, require great commitment on the part of the Polish police, and they approach the law of the host country as a joke.

      Beaten Roberto wonders in his interview with the newspaper:
      “How come you can treat a man in a free country like s…t?”
      But I wonder why is this the first time I hear about such incident in the western media. Maybe that’s why: the victim was Italian. Embassy of Israel has even issued an apology. I dare say that if it was a Pole, we would have to deal with “another incident of anti-Semitic ground.” “

      • Truthist

        Come to think of it “I’ve got ‘cast-iron’ guarantees — courtesy of his bosom buddy Sarkozy — that Ireland will NOT be forced to modify its Corporation Tax Rate if the we vote in favor of Lisbon [ or was it f..king Nice ; It's all dissonance when u are in abject poverty anyway ]” Mr. Me-hole Martin [ bus conductor turned teacher for only 1 year & thence on teacher's pension whilst he TD, & subsequently high office Minister ] should be in accord with Sarkozy too for the conspiracy with Barrack O-bummer & Hillary Cliton Huma to anal-rape murder Gadaffi the great leader of a country that was “foolish” to “unilaterally” :

        opt out of Rothschild’s private central banking system

        issue actual money — “Gold” [ specicically "Gold Dinar" ] as as Fiat currency ; And, heck, what is more promote it as alternative to the “Petro-Dollar”.

        • Truthist

          Typos :

          specicically = specifically

          Comma after “more”
          Thus ;

          And, heck, what is more,

        • Truthist

          X] Me-hole’s ostentatious visit to HAMAS in Gaza when he Min. for Foreign Affairs” AND “his bosom buddiness with Mshd asset Sarkozy” gives weight to suspicion / belief that :

          Me-hole is Mshd asset

          HAMAS is really controlled by Israel so as to be Agent Provocateur & thus bring more & more incredible suffering on Palestinians courtesy of Israel’s military.

        • Truthist

          Typo, obviously 8-) ;

          Hillary Cliton Huma = Hillary CliNton Huma


        • https://sputniknews.com/politics/201603171036485001-gaddafi-gold-story/

          The reason Libya was attacked was posted many years ago at the time of the war. The rebels requested the formation of a central bank as early as the time that the rebels only controlled 20% of the territory.

          Likewise Saddam was going off the petro dollar to the EURo for oil sales.

          Same for Iran etc. It is central banker crimes to protect the globalist one world government.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            A big “but” is necessary in Sputnik’s article.

            First of all, what Sputnik rather conveniently leaves unsaid – in this, and in other article I’ll come back to in a moment – is that from the start, Gadaffi had been groomed and supported by USSR, and then by Russia.


            In May 2011, Russia also demanded that Gadaffi should be removed.

            Secondly – the question is – why?

            Russia 1969 – May 2011 = the shooting pedastrians from his embassy in London Gadaffi – good, bravo!

            Russia May 2011 = Gadaffi very bad. Ugh!

            To understand this, we have to go back to 2008.

            In July 2008 at the Paris Summit and pushed by France, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) was set up: an intergovernmental organization of 43 countries from Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

            This was one of many French initiatives to integrate Europe with north African countries (as you might remember, France was against 10 new members joining the EU in 2004, as it was against the UK joining EC – because they saw them as a threat to their influence in Europe: they wanted join countries like Tunisia, Marocca, Algeria, Libya and Syria to join the EU instead; President Chirac, when asked in Warsaw about delaying the accession of these 10 countries, said that the Poles “missed the opportunity to shut up”.

            Given that when the accession of these North African countries de facto happened after Chancellor Merkel had invited 800,000 people from Africa to Europe, and given they some migrants from those countries are responsible for ALL terror attacks in Europe in the last 2 years (furthermore, only 54 out of 1.5 million found any jobs in Germany) – so given all of that, imagine: what would have happened if President Chirac’s plan was implemented, and instead of having 2 million Poles in western Europe since 2004, there would be 20 million Arabs, none of them working, all of them breeding (some of them by rape) and having child benefits for 4 wives, all of them armed, and no deportations of them possible thanks to: 1) Them destroying all documents and STILL being let in and 2) Them actually rulling Europe as a result of becoming a majority, had these countries joined in 2004, as France wanted; either a terror attack in every city every day, or all your daughters dressed as tents).

            So coming back to chronology:

            1. 2007 – Gadaffi finances Sarkozy’s election campaign.

            2. 2008, July – there is a Paris Summit in July 2008.

            3. 2010 – there is going to be another summit in Barcelona on 7 June 2010, under the Spanish presidency of the EU.
            France, who has been holding co-presidency with Egypt, does not want to pass over their co-presidency to the next rotator: the Czech Republic; they want to excercise control over these summits, so they egg on the Arabs to threat Europe to boycott the summit if Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, attends the Foreign Affairs conference prior to the summit.

            4. Due to the two postponements of the summit, there has been no chance to decide which countries will take over the co-presidency.

            5. At the beginning of November 2010 the peace talks between Arab countries (armed by France) and Israel (armed by the US) stalled, and the Egyptian co-presidents conditioned the occurrence of the summit on a gesture from Israel that would allow the negotiations to resume.

            6. Instead of a gesture, Israel says póg mo thóin – Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement of the construction of 300 new housing units in East Jerusalem end all the possibilities of celebrating the summit on 21 November.

            7. On April 10, 2010, a plane crash in Smolensk kills 96 people, including the President of Poland and some of the command of the Polish Army.

            8. September 2010 – the European Union Ambassador to Morocco, Eneko Landaburu, stated that he does “not believe” in the Union for the Mediterranean. The French dream of having a Mediterranean pocket empire is gone.

            9. On October 18, 2010, an informal France-Germany summit takes place in Deuville. During their meeting, President Sarkozy agrees to

            10.1 Give Germany a free hand in peripheral countries such as Greece, Poland and Ireland (despite David’s repeated claims that we “we are not Poland or Greece” – for the Carolingian Europe, Ireland is and will always remain a complete periphery – admittedly with a much stronger economy than Greece or Poland, but also much less significant politically – unless Ireland, like Poland, allies itself with the US militarily).

            10.2 In return for Germany’s agreement to renew French plans to build a Mediteranean empire.

            What does the “free hand” mean?

            - turning a blind eye on the fact that Germany is, via their tax laws, Europe’s prime destination for money laundering
            - allowing Germany and Russia to monopolise the gas market in Europe
            - give the European Commission new powers to scrutinize national budgets of member nations, and impose fines on so-called deficit violators
            - strip those countries of voting rights in the Council of Ministers (this joint German-French proposal was later blocked by other EU states – had the French “pocket” Mediteranean empire contries joined the EU in 2014 instead of central and eastern European, it would not have been blocked; Chancellor Merkel wanted specifically cajoling indebted member states: Ireland and Greece, to re-open Lisbon with the purpose of rescinding some of their own rights.

            Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas: in fairness to Chancellor Merkel, in Deuville, she wanted to make bond holders, such as banks and hedge funds, share some of the costs of risky lending by sharing responsibility for coming to the rescue of EU states on the brink of insolvency, but Chancellor Merkel has come under public pressure back home “not to let ze lazy Irish to get avay wiz it” (lots of very critical articles about Ireland in the German press at the time).

            11. This was followed by NATO-Russia Strategic Partnership.

            As pointed out in the article in Sputnik, to which your article, Tony, links to:

            “US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has revealed that one of her senior advisers believed France’s true motivation for toppling Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 was not to push democracy, but related to the pursuit of Libyan oil. Sidney Blumenthal, a long-time associate of Ms Clinton who was not formally employed by the US State Department but was on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation, sent the presidential hopeful a series of intelligence memos in 2011, suggesting that France had a hidden agenda behind its decision to lead the allied bombing of Libya.

            According to the emails, which Blumenthal said contained information from “knowledgeable sources” French President Nicolas Sarkozy was primarily driven to intervention in Libya in the hope of being able to gain access to the country’s vast oil reserves”

            And, Sputnik writes further:

            “On top of the pursuit for oil, another one of Blumenthal’s emails, sent on april 2, 2011 and titled “FRANCE’S CLIENT/Q’S GOLD” suggested the military intervention in Libya was also designed to stop Gaddafi’s plans to use us$7 billion worth of gold and silver assets to set up a new pan-african currency.


            11.1 In May 2011, Russia joins NATO in its demand that Gadaffi should be removed.

            11.2 On 30 May 2011, NATO and Russia participate in joint submarine exercise.

            11.3 On 6 June 2011, NATO and Russia participate in their first ever joint fighter jet exercise, dubbed “Vigilant Skies.

            12. “Jasmin revolutions” ensue in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. The Tunisian military brought about 14 January ousting of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali when they chased off his security forces. After Ben Ali was forced into exile, France rejected a request for the plane to land on its territory.

            The rest is history

          • Grzegorz
            The above about the former French colonies is informational.
            However it does not change the fact that the biggest loser in the currency domain would be the US Petro dollar if the world uses other currencies than the US dollar for international trade. None of the other Countries invaded in the Middle East would affect the currency of the former French colonies as would Libya’s proposal for a Pan African currency.
            Iraq wanted to sell oil in Euros. Iran is not controlled by the Rothschild banking cabal.Neither were several others.

            It is my considered opinion that you are looking too closely at the individual trees and not the forest as a whole when it come to the question of banking.

            I just posed the question on google about Rothschild controlled central banking and up popped the list as I suggested it is or was.


            As you can see there are 3 countries still not controlled by Rothschild et al and all are under attack.

            My central premise is that the world is being controlled by central bankers and their affiliated tools the major commercial bankers.

            Until we can shut down the central banking system there will be no freedom. Gold is a part of the solution, which is why we will find that Rothschilds’ have siphoned off most of the world gold allegedly held by the central banks as custodians for the government and its citizens. That central bank gold is the combined savings of the citizens of the state concerned. Thus the stealing of the gold is the theft of your family assets as bequeathed to you by your forefathers. That of course is of no concern to most as most are totally bereft of any form of history.. However closed minds can only see that they do not have gold themselves, will never have gold so why should they care about gold. I am denigrated as a gold bug and others insist they are tired of the word gold being mentioned even though it is a small part of my overall commentary. Privately I have received emails (I have published my e address more than once) encouraging me to continue and not cease from “gold ” commentary. This from readers who do not otherwise comment. Interesting.


            The biblical urging that “money is the root of all evil” is proving to be very soundly correct. Especially as it relates currently to the US Petro dollar. Shortly as the USD is displaced it will be replaced by the international currency issued by the IMF called SPECIAL DRAWING RIGHTS.but you will be restricted to your own devalued national currency with its inflation and poverty and control by the Rothschilds’, Rockerfellers’, and JP Morgans’ etc. Only the elites will have access to special drawing rights. You will still be tired of hearing about gold and you will be and remain an economic serf.

          • I forgot to comment that Trump is battling these forces. He cannot do it alone. He needs the support of the people behind him and the people must understand what the real issues are.
            The American people know that their dreams are failing , they know they have beeb lied to. They know they have been had. My opinion is that they do not understand the real reason for their demise, the central banking controls on the economies of the world.

            That is the reason that I suspect Trump will be thwarted in his ambition to drain the swamp as he will not try and will be unable to shut down the central banking system currently in use and controlled by the Rothschild elites.

            It is the vast amount of phony money sloshing around the world that avails the cash to bribe the politicians. It avails the cash to set up the politicians to be compromised with unsavory practices as reported by Truthist and others. In other words the corruption of the central banking system in turn corrupts every other facet of society.

            There is no choice. To defeat the forces of evil the central banking system MUST be overthrown.

            Honest money must be returned to have an honest society. honest money is also known as SOUND MONEY. Sound meaning without defect.

            Currently we have defective money which must be replaced for the betterment of society.

          • “”. Dr. Carroll Quigley in his book, Tragedy and Hope, wrote that,

            The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreement, arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland (pp. 324-25).”"

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I forgot to comment that Trump is battling these forces. He cannot do it alone. He needs the support of the people behind him and the people must understand what the real issues are. –
            yes – this is what e v e r y o n e here commentating should allow for (some do, some don’t).
            That’s the point I have been trying to get across to readers – I dabbled in politics (in 3 countries, in fact). In each of those countries politics was different, but in NONE it was black&white as some people believe it can be. Politics, is – as I say – not black and white: it is angular, porous and gray.


            The question is: when you can say that you crossed that limit? – when you notice that you do it ONLY for money, prestige and chicks.

            That’s why I am glad that David did not join “Democracy Now” (who approached me too). For him, it is either Presidency/Finance Minister/Taoiseach, or nothing.

            David – you only have one name – please do not lose it: reflect on what happened to George Lee.

            He who thinks that everything is black-white and simple, GETS NOTHING DONE.

            Mika Hakkinen, former Finnish F1 world champion: “When I am looking for that one perfect qualifying lap, I am not trying to be more aggressive and move my hands faster – I just concentrate harder”.

            “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”
            Proverbs 16:3

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “However it does not change the fact that the biggest loser in the currency domain would be the US Petro dollar if the world uses other currencies than the US dollar for international trade. None of the other Countries invaded in the Middle East would affect the currency of the former French colonies as would Libya’s proposal for a Pan African currency.” – Tony, Tony, Tony!

            Of course! How can one not agree?


            With all respect, this misses my point, my friend. My point is that at some stage, everyone – everyone: NATO, Russia, you name it – wanted to remove Gadaffi.
            And that there was a chain of events.
            And that that chain of events PRECEEDED Gadaffi’s “gold dinnar”.
            And that the “gold dinnar” was the straw that broke Gadaffi’s back – that in an atmosphere when EVERYONE wanted to remove him in order to strike bigger deals than Libya, with the pan-African currency, gold dinnar – NOW THERE WAS THIS.
            So, unsurprinsingly, he was removed.
            And it was the US who removed him.
            But it was France who started the shit.
            That’s all what I wanted to say.

            P.S. And it would have remained like that as I described in the calendar of events, if it was not for the fact that after NATO+Russia reached to conclusion: let’s kill Gadaffi, President Obama got greedy: he demanded Syria too.
            As you can gather, I am not exactly propagating Kreml’s views ;-), but Syria was a Russian spheere of influence.

            Russia could not afford to lose Syria – primarily because of gas routes (a Russian general even said so on Russian TV: “we are in Syria for Gazprom”).

            So the calendar did not end on what I described.

            Obama blundered. He overestimated himself. Putin called his bluff in Syria. That’s why we are now where we are.

            But the biggest idiot of them, the man who started it, was the tragic fool Sarkozy, who borrowed 50m from Gadaffi.

            And who thought that France – who cannot even rule itself – can rule north Africa – and even conquer it militarily.


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            The question is: when you can say that you crossed that limit? – when you notice that you do it ONLY for money, prestige and chicks. = that you crossed that limit of how much you should compromise to get things done

          • It’s very simple Tony.

            You are completely right about the central banking problem and completely wrong about gold (it’s totally irrelevant).

      • Deco

        Truthist – I do not believe the official explanation provided concerning an “accident” involving a FF TD who died on a motorway in Moscow. Bear in mind that the police in Moscow can be bought.

        • My first boss at the age of 16. A gentleman- taught me everything I know – well some of it haha. RIP Liam.

          • Deco

            He was once chair of the Oireachtas committee on standards and ethics and public office, no less.

            They say truth is stranger than fiction. That definitely was the case there.

        • Truthist

          Some points :

          Why should Lawlor feel so confident embarking on business-dealings in Eastern Europe unless he a gangster ?
          Of course, Lawlor was a righteous politician ;
          And, thus, not a gangster.
          So, the very interesting answer to this question is still unknown.

          Lawlor probably was :

          investing Fianna Fail savings

          establishing crucial contacts with …8-) mafia [ Oops, hit me with the Kosh.. ; I mean business groupings ] located in particularly crucial countries of Eastern Europe ahead as early as possible ;
          Fianna Fail probably felt they left it a touch late to be doing this ;
          But, what the heck, better late than never.

          Lawlor would have enjoyed plenty of banter from Fianna Fail members “in the know” about his Eastern Europe sojourns :
          factory-like Whorehouses
          & what have u.
          Because, even women — well, the university type anyway — know of that scene over there.
          But, of course, we all here on this blog believe that a righteous politician such as Lawlor would be above any knowledge of sleaze.
          So, that is about the limit of it, Lawlor would only have enjoyed the banter ;
          Because, Fianna Fail are more fun.

          Of course, Fianna Gael, are more refined ;
          Refined = Discreet.

          Fianna Fail are gangsters.
          Fianna Gael are gangsters.
          Progressive Democrats were / are gangsters.
          Labour [ incl. SF Workers' Party > Democratic Left ] are gangsters.
          Sinn Fein are gangsters.
          Aunty Osterity Dalliance / People before Profit are gangsters.


    • Just finished off half a lobster and a bottle of Chianti with the missus in a lovely little restaurant in Tobago called Cafe Bistro. Heading to the beach for a nice dip now before sunset. Lads there’s more to life than slagging each other off. Grzegorz you’re a smart guy but I never thought I would come across someone with thinner skin than Donald Trump.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “I never thought I would come across someone with thinner skin than Donald Trump.” – there is a first time for everything ;-)

        Speaking of – here are some funny quotes from Mr Trump:

        “…tremendous waste, fraud and abuse. That we’re taking care of. That we’re taking care of. It’s tremendous.”

        “Mike Tyson endorsed me. You know, all the tough guys endorse me. I like that. OK?”

        “While @BetteMidler is an extremely unattractive woman, I refuse to say that because I always insist on being politically correct”

        “I went to an Ivy League school. I’m highly educated. I know words. I have the best words, I have the best, but there is no better word than stupid. Right?”

        To counterbalance it, quotes from Mr Obama:

        “When I meet with world leaders, what’s striking — whether it’s in Europe or here in Asia…” – Barack Obama, mistakenly referring to Hawaii as Asia while holding a press conference outside Honolulu, Nov. 16, 2011

        “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”

        “In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.”

        Barack Obama, on a Kansas tornado that killed 12 people

        “I support the protection of life from conception to natural death. But a natural death for a murderer is a death on the gallows.”

        “Women inferior? Superior! I am sexist, of course.”
        – Janusz Korwin-Mikke

        Marian Kowalski, when during one of the Independence Marches, a PiS politician asked him: “Who is behind the National Movement?”.

        “And who do you think? Pissed off people are standing behind us, because how long you can rule a country of 40 million people, with a thousand years of history, as if they were a herd of cattle, or some twits from Cambodia, who can be choked with plastic bags, without revolting?”

  7. McCawber

    Disruptive technologies I’ve heard.
    Disruptuve politician I like it.

    • Tull McAdoo

      What about disruptive posters on economic blogs?

      Are they called Trolls?

      Do you think anybody on this blog is a Troll and if so who is paying them or what is their motivation?

      • Tull McAdoo

        Perhaps we need to drain the blog!

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I think there is a possibility. Trolls can be often identified by short, vulgar and provoking entries. Sometimes they get their accounts mixed up: this may explain Shane F. fuck-up and his inability to find the place where I call Muslims “Muzzies” – something he accused me of. Trolls have deadlines how many posts they have to do during a day, and it is interesting tat “jaysus” insulted me only when I revealed something inconvenient about Russia.

        If you look at the comments under that “Thank, you Ireland!” YouTube video I posted, you’ll see that all of them are nice, until a person called Igor Rostovskey writes “Polish dirty pigs”, and then in Russian “you can only wash toilets in England” (to which someone responds: “you don’t even have toilets”, ;-), which is true as when you travel through the Ukraine, you can actually precisely track the former border of the Austrian 19th century partition zone by not having anything resembling toilets).

        Considering that this video was not political and it did not concern Russia or Ukraine, it’s puzzling that some Russian would find it necessary to even look at it, let alone comment under it.

        That there is a massive troll factory in Russia, it became official after one of its employees sued them in court and they had to admit it. But anyone who thinks that this is limited to Russia would be naive – small countries like Ireland or middle ones like Poland (whose all foreign ministers, deputy ministers, most staff and most embassadors were, until last year, Jewish) do not have troll factories, but US, China, Germany (yous people do not comprehend how much have Ireland been penetrated by German BND: even the fact that they had been discussing the Irish budget in Bundestag before it was discussed in the Dail), England of course (the Garda investigation was conducted by an English company staffed with MI5 and MI6 members), or small-but-strong countries like Israel – particularly them lot.

        Leaving Russia aside, the fact that Shame F. can actually recall what I wrote in July 2016 (despite his claims that he does not read my comments and has to scroll it down) is puzzling.

        This would suggest a larger organisation (he himself admits that he has an Israeli friend, and I reckon he is Jewish himself – frankly speaking, Tull, no sane Irishman would give a flying f…k at the weekend about the interpretation of the tragic events in provincial Polish towns Jedwabne and Koniuchy during WWII).

        My bet is on:


        But they do it stupidily, and no wonder that Poland had to train the future Israeli intelligence and special forces before WWII, and not the other way round: Shame F. is too stupid to notice that when he posts some insults and innuendos, this gives me an opportunity to post something REALLY compromising about Israel or Jews (like their scandalous behaviour in Kraków and in Auschwitz, or their genocide of the village Koniuchy in WWII), that I would not post otherwise because:

        1. There are hundreds of other more interesting subjects and
        2. I would not find it appropriate to attack unprovoked.

        By the frequency and eagerness of his post, I can judge that our Jewish commentator is getting more and more desperate – maybe his leading officers are getting pissed of with him – after all, without him, you people would not have found out about Mossad beating up pedestrians in Kraków.

        Last but not least, I would like to remind the Israeli agiencies that we witness massive increase in applications for Polish passports from Jews from Israel and France, and while Poland was hitherto very liberal in granting them, this may change if the Jewish slander/blackmail media campaign goes on.

    • Deco

      Correct assessment. Trump is a disruptive politician.

      The alternative is a “safe pair of hands”. Classic example being Brian Lenihan – who sold us out, and was praised by the media, the insiders, the financial press, the IMF, the bankers, etc..

      All Lenihan did was reponzify the Irish economy with more debt, and zero efficiency gains.

      • Comical Lenny – nice man but out of his depth as Minister for Finance. Never should have been given that job, but got a pass from the Irish establishment because he had cancer. Was sad that he died young but that shouldn’t stop people from criticising him in a professional sense for doing a terrible job in a position he wasn’t qualified for.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Céad míle fáilte to the Irish football fans in Poznan, Poland:


      Description under the video (in Polish):

      “Euro 2012 without the Irish would not have been the same. That’s why Poznan people decided to thank “the boys in green” for their presence and good craic during the tournament, in spite of the failure of their team.”

  8. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    U think ShaMe F. is :

    “say-in-em” all offensive because … well, he is just “say-in-em” ?
    & / or
    a “Moss-Head” sham[e] ?
    & / or
    really Me-hole Martin ?

    • Truthist

      “say-in-em” all offensive because … well, he has a want in him to be “say-in-em” ?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej


      Normally I would consider Shame F. a useful idiot (KBG word).
      But he might have a friend.
      For an answer consider my remark on databases.
      Some of these people have been so badly trained that it would not occur to them they too might have been tracked for a while, and that there might be in databases indicating when and to what they immediately respond.

      Until I started uncovering historical inconvenient thruth about anti-Jewish violence in Poland (i.e. the 1946 Kielce provocation quoted by “Dr” McCarthy as “proof” that Poland was more anti-semitic than Germany was planned by NKVD, and conducted by NKVD with a Jew Brystiger in charge), Shame he had been perfectly fine with posting long comments.

      In post-war Poland that nation was completely dominated by Jewish communists: the torturer Jacek Rozanski, head of the Secret Police; the Politboro commander Jacob Berman and commissars Minc, Specht (Olszewski) and Spychalski. These men murdered or deported to Kolyma and the other Arctic death camps, tens of thousands of Catholic Poles.

      According to Jewish researcher John Sack,

      “In 1945 many Poles felt (and not without reason) that Jews ran the Office of State Security…the chief of the Office was Jacob Berman, a Jew, and all or almost all the department heads were Jews.”

      Sack reports that 75% of the officers of the Communist Secret Police in Silesia were Jews (Polish renowned historian Topolski – not right wing by the way, a social-democrat – estimated it at over 80%).

      Sachs noted that many Jews in the Communist terror apparatus in Poland changed their names to Polish ones like General Romkowski, Colonel Rozanski, Capt. Studencki and Lt. Jurkowski.
      (cf. John Sack, The New Republic, Feb. 14, 1994, p. 6.).

      Same with “jaysus’” trolling after me posting critical remarks about Russia.

      These are some of jaysus’ post:

      September 24, 2015 at 9:55 pm
      >Global warming is a scientific fact, its not a ‘belief’ system.”

      This is what has REALLY infuriated troll “jaysus”:

      “Nuclear weapons are in Turkey , Germany Italy the Mediterranean,France and England.”

      Me: “And when exactly did Russia get rid of its nuclear arsenal?”

      “The Seventh Fleet, once based in San Diego is now based in Bahrain”

      Me: “Bahrain does not border with Russia.”

      “Not one idiot in the pentagon seemed to realise that Russia is a ally of Syria and has been for years.”

      Me: “Everyone in Pentagon realises it and, when we talk about Syria, an active Russian general said on Russian TV that Russia is in Syria only for Gazprom and that without it, their budget would have collapsed by now”.

      Jaysus’ earlier comment:

      “You wont answer to anyone when you die, you will simply cease to exist just as you didnt exist before”.

      Tender moments with “jaysus” on David McWilliams’ blog.

      • Truthist

        @ Grzegorz

        Apropos of ;

        “Jaysus’ earlier comment:
        “You wont answer to anyone when you die, you will simply cease to exist just as you didnt exist before”.

        Is that profound & tender bit of nihilism uttered by the poster with moniker “jaysus” from the Talmud ?

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej


          Baruch Levy, one of Karl Marx’s correspondents, wrote long before Nazi Germany that

          “in this new organization of humanity, the sons of Israel now scattered over the whole surface of the globe…shall everywhere become the ruling element without opposition…

          “The government of the nations forming the Universal or World-Republic shall all thus pass, without any effort, into Jewish hands thanks to the victory of the proletariat…Thus shall the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, that, when the Messianic epoch shall have arrived, the Jews will control the wealth of all the nations of the earth.”

          In: Jones, Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, 1066.

          Interestingly, Marx himself varied between Talmudism (young Marx) satanism (young and troubled Marx), and finally viscious anti-semiticism (old and completely f…d up Marx).

          Marx and Engels ended up only liking the Prussians and the English (they wrote terrible things about the Irish too – they only supported the Irish nationalism as a stepping stone to a greater war, whereupon they started to support English against the Irish). Marx himself once proposed (in an article… extermination of Serbs).

          In his article, “The Russian Loan,” published in the New-York Daily Tribune on January 4, 1856, Marx wrote:

          “The smartest highwayman in the Abruzzi is not better posted up about the locale of the hard cash in a traveler’s valise or pocket than those Jews about any loose capital in the hands of a trader… The language spoken smells strongly of Babel, and the perfume which otherwise pervades the place is by no means of a choice kind.”

          I have to say that in the entire history of Polish right-wing nationalism in politics, it would be hard to find a quote of a similar bile – and Marx is the biggest authority in philosophy, sociology and economics for a lot of the Irish academia (especially much of UCD’s sociology department).

          It looks like studying Talmud is not doing anything good to your head…

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Here is Engels’ approving quote from Thomas Carlyle about Famine times Irish emigrants to the US and the UK:

          “He is the sorest evil this country has to strive with. In his rags and laughing savagery, he is there to undertake all work that can be done by mere strength of hand and back — for wages that will purchase him potatoes. He needs only salt for condiment, he lodges to his mind in any pig-hutch or dog-hutch, roosts in outhouses, and wears a suit of tatters, the getting on and off of which is said to be a difficult operation, transacted only in festivals and the high tides of the calendar. [...] The uncivilised Irishman, not by his strength, but by the opposite of strength, drives the Saxon native out, takes possession in his room. There abides he, in his squalor and unreason, in his falsity and drunken violence, as the ready-made nucleus of degradation and disorder.”

          Engels further comments on it: “Carlyle is perfectly right”.

          And it’s gas that those who want us to feel constantly guilty and apologising for things we have not done, are not ashamed to embrace Judeo-Communism – which of course not all Jews do – but those who do seem to be in power) as part of their legacy (“The Jew York Times” still did not apologise and it was not stripped of their Pullitzer Award for their Holodomor censorship denial).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            their Holodomor censorship denial = Holodomor censorship and denial

            Bennett Cerf, Jewish founder of Random House, “suggested withdrawing books critical of the Soviet Union” during World War II.

            In: Daniel J. Flynn, A Conservative History of the American Left (New York: Crown Forum, 2008), 214.


            When the Soviet Union was literally starving its people to death, Stalin’s apologist, NKVD agent, occultist Walter Duranty wrote,

            “There is no famine or actual starvation, nor is there likely to be,”

            - a statement that was met with praise from the US Jewery (except of course for the very narrow group of Jewish libertarians).

            “He received a Pulitzer Prize, the Pulitzer panel commending him for his reports, ‘marked by scholarship, profundity, impartiality, sound judgment and exceptional charity.’

            “Meanwhile, British writer Malcolm Muggeridge reported from the Ukraine that peasants there were in fact starving: ‘I mean starving in its absolute sense; not undernourished as, for instance, most Oriental peasants…and some unemployed workers in Europe, but having had for weeks next to nothing to eat.’

            “Muggeridge was vilified and was unable to get work as a writer, after his dispatches from the Soviet Union, and was so financially strapped that he, his wife and two small children had to move in with friends.”

            In: Thomas Sowell, Intellectuals and Society (New York: Basic Books, 2009), 122-123.

            Neither “The Guardian” nor the “New York Times” are still not ashamed of that.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Neither “The Guardian” nor the “New York Times” are still not ashamed of that = Neither “The Guardian” nor “The New York Times” are ashamed of that – clarification for the Irish collaborators with the Jewish Internet Defense Force :-)

      • Shane F

        ‘Lunatics ward’ has taken over. Pair of misfits. LOL.

  9. Deco

    Mr Trump is the president of the USA and the CIA is employed to protect him, but he doesn’t see it this way.

    I wonder what Jackie Kennedy Onassis would make of anybody saying that the CIA is employed to protect the elected head of the US government, given the manner in which JFK was murdered ?

    I am reading James Howard Kunstler, with regard to the Deep State bureacracy who have taken over the US government, and are relentlessly carrying out actions that are imperialistic in nature, and are not representative of any of the good naure of the American people.

    The CIA are behaving in far beyond their orginal legally defined remit, and have been doing this for decades.

    That is a serious problem for American democracy, and indeed for the state of politics across the globe.

    If in doubt, ask any of the millions of people living in Latin America who endured CIA “regime change”, and suffered as a result.

  10. Deco

    He aims to do to the Washington establishment what Airbnb did to hotels and Uber did to taxi drivers. He aims to disrupt everything and cut out the middlemen. All the insiders, all the “know-alls”, all the tens of thousands of people who feed off the political system, these people are in his sights.

    Trump is coming at Washington, and the entire power complex in the US from the perspective, that they are responsible for the state of much of the USA.

    And, he may well be correct.

    The most glaring example of sheer incompetence from the “know-it-alls” was the intervention in Libya, which resulted in the end of Gaddaffi.

    Samantha Power, was up to her neck in culpability for an episode of sheer stupidity. By assisting rebells (who were not thoroughly checked), an intervention followed that resulted in Al Qaeda starting a civil war in Libya, after they shipped weaponry to Syria to help Al Qaeda there.

    I think Trump is correct to ask questions about what the entire “lets-run-the-world-as-a-simulation-game/global-chessboard” racket, and the world improvers directing this.

    This is making enemies for the American people. It also involves the CIA supporting “allies” who later turn out to be enemies of the American people. [ as if 9-11 is not a sufficient example, considering the mess coming out of Afghanistan in the 1980s - another episode of sheer stupidity ].

    What is astounding is the manner in which most of the left, is now attacking a US President, who is asking questions about the madness (and indeed sometimes the sheer stupidity ) of the US system.

    The greatest acheivement of the American media, has been to program the left leaning voters to defend the CIA.

  11. Deco

    Renzi in Italy has resigned leadership of his party. He is unable to overcome Grillo. It does not look like there is anybody else who can regain the electorate lost to Grillo.

    Grillo is in leading position to be Italy’s next PM.

    Macron will win the French presidential election, because Fillon will not get past round 1, and Le Pen will not win round 2.

    And Schulz will win next the German election, with either the CDU assisting him, or the Greens.

    The EU Commission is headed by Juncker and includes Phil Hogan (remember Irish water, folks ? ).

    Spain has a choice between the corrupt and the incompetent (and the electorate is trusts neither).

    Europe has a leadership problem.

    This all vindicates the Brits in getting out of the EU. Britain is much better on it’s won away from the unfolding mess.

    • Deco

      Ou next Taoiseach (probably Coveney, because he is more likely to keep the current FG TDs in their seats, than Varadkar or any of the others) is committed to the EU imperial racket.

      Varadkar is more flexible, and more like Trump in that he says what is on his mind – Coveney designs what he has to say to fit in the mind of the listener.

      Either way, there will be no efficiency gains, and no retrenchment of the over extended state system.

      There will be more borrowing.

      There will be more ground lost with respect to competitiveness.

      We have RTE (pravda) preparing the population to indulge in self-sympathy, and wallowing in helplessness – so as to deny that there is a problem in the Irish economy from entities like RTE.

      This is is going to end in another bailout.

  12. Deco

    Trump is an indicator that the policy framework followed since 2008 has been a complete fudge, and the American people have sussed that much out.

    This indicates an astounding increase in awareness, considering that Americans spend more time in front of television than most. And the American media have avoided any discussion of Obama borrowing more money than all previous US presidents combined.

  13. Deco

    Merkel’s worst nightmare – the Greeks might default, and Trump might say that it is the better option.

    Greece is unable to go for another Ponzi-economic extend&pretend episode.

    In fact the entire thing will amount to Sarkozy bailing out French insurers, putting Greece through hell, Sarko failing to get re-elected, and Greece finding out that it was not worth the bother.

    • Deco

      Trump will not tell the Greeks to obey Brussels, if they default.

      That is the core difference between Trump and Obama. Trump does not believe in freezing any situation to avoid the inevitable. Obama made a presidency out of maintaining the status quo. And Greek default is inevitable.

      Of course official Ireland does not want the Grreks to default.

      Official Ireland has drummed it into is, repeatedly, in a manner more suave and pretenscious than the Irish RCC in the 1950s, that the EU is ALWAYS right.

      And Trump is exactly the sort of person who will say traight up – this is not working, the people are enduring too much, put an end to this nonsense.

      And that is what the entire Greek re-ponzification program is – utter nonsense.

      Incidentally, Greece is more committed to NATO than Germany, which proves that Greece can meet the commitments that it gives.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Germany is powerful and hypocritical enough to make a virtue out of the fact that they had been saving money on their army because others had been speding THEIR money to defend (most aptly said: to run Germany’s foreign policy, like in Yugoslavia). Sadly there are many naive who think that Germany does it for pacifism (if they did, they would not have been bribing politicians in other countries to buy their arms, and they would not have armed to Croats prior to war in Yugoslavia.

        The US army was good for Germany as long as Germany was the only NATO country that was gaining rather spending on being its member (0.25% GDP gain from their base in Rammstein), and as long as Germany allows the French to exploit other EU countries via CAP that benefits mostly France (and Spain) hoping they will take their nuclear weapon.

        When Mr Trump told them that they too have to contribute, suddenly the US army is bad; and suddenly Germany embarked on a massive 150bn euro military program.

        You are right that Greece is more likely (even Greece is!) to meet their commitments than Germany.


        And there is the demographic collapse. By trying to alleviate it, Germany breach the Dublin Regulation and f…d up the Schengen Zone.

        No higher moral ground in it at all.
        I hope that something will stop Mr Schulz from becoming the German Foreign Minister he is hoping to be.

        • Deco

          Germany is not the only country facing a demographic collapse.

          Within Germany, there are very different approaches to family. Paradoxically, the former Communists are more interested in family than the always consumerist West. Mostly, the assumption for demographics is that it people of religious faith who have larger families. Except it seems in Germany.

          In Germany, more equality with less consumerism has shown a better way in the former DDR, than less equality with more consumerism in the Western Lander.

          Another German strategy to deal with the economic consequences of demographic retrenchment has been to have production in Eastern European countries to assist German manufacturing.

          My own assessment on Demographics, is that it is too late for Russia, South Korea, Germany, and Japan. They will have adjust their expectations. They are in crisis, and need to stop misleading themselves.

          CZ, MY, BG, IT, ES the Baltics have 5 years to fix it. They are also in crisis.

          PL, SK, CH have 10 years max.

          IRL, UK, FR, NL have 15 years.

          Besides if Germany really was going to solve their demographic decline, by immigration, a much more intelligent option would have been to opt for well educated, law abiding, hard working, diligent Han Chinese.

          One last point here – robotics. Robotics are about to cause massive disruption in high cost economies. The Japanese understand this. But everybody else is reacting very negatively.

          DT wants to bring the jobs back to the US. He might bring the production back. But there will be less jobs than ever.

          Even baristas can be replaced by robots.

          You can have a robot vacuum cleaner, to clean hotel floors, whilst the human changes the bed clothes, and the towels. Time is saved, and the job is comprehensive.

          • The robot barista in the sci-fi movie ‘Passengers’, played by Michael Sheen (who famously played Tony Blair twice, in different movies) was one of the best barmen I’ve ever seen. Would love to have had a drink in his bar.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            The future of European politics in the next 20 years will be a struggle how to address this conundrum:

            On the one hand demographic collapse


            (I am sorry that the guy turns anti-prod at the end of video – not my fault)

            And on the other hand cultural collapse


            And b o t h problems need to be address.

            Should you not have time to watch both links, Deco (they are 5 min each), you shall be r e a l l y interested in having a look at this ONE page from a book

            “Women in the Face of Change: Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and China” – a book summarising how until 1970s Poland had anti-natal policies due to its rulers being driven by communist ideology and USSR, apprehensive of revolt, forced on it depopulation plan, and the Comrade Gierek switching to pro-natal polices in 1970s:


            Do you know what is really interesting?
            That the “Solidarnosc” movement exploded precisely when:

            1. Interest rates in the US went up to 20%
            2. Price of oil/gas went up, AND there was a very heavy winter (with temperatures below minus 30)
            3. Gomulka’s depopulated generation of much fewer babies reached the age of 18-24 (late 1950s-1960s: the only reason the communists had pro-natal policies in 1940s/early 1950s was because 6 million people died in Poland in WWII and there was 4 women to 1 man left).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            You appear to, out of all commentators, be most up to date with French politics.
            To what would you attribute the latest change price in Paddy Power, where Monsieur Macron’s election changes went down from less than evens (8/11 if I remember correctly) to now 13/3, Madama Le Pen’s are steady (9/4 to 2/1), but Monsieur Fillon chances are now considered by PP much stronger than last week? Monsieur Fillon he was the favourite for months and months, then he was 11/4, but now he is 9/4?

            Did anything happen last week in French politics?


            I sometimes watch France 24 (which may be surprising for some), and I have to say that on many occasions, out of all mainstream media giants (BBC, Fox, RT), they and Al Jazeera are RELATIVELY most objective on foreign politics (I’d say Al Jazeera is the most; maybe I’d thrown in Austrian ORF and Polish TV Republika as 3rd most objective; I did not name CNN, before I think that after them feeding questions to Ms Clinton they can no longer be taken seriously and should not have press passes to the White House; as to German media, they’d be at the bottom of objectivity, with ZDF being the absolutely worst and ARD a bit better (maybe Deutsche Welle is kinda ok ’cause they focus on news).

            Oh, and I also read “The Israeli Times” and “Haaretz” on a relatively regular basis. They are the least objective of them all, but most interesting. You’ll find info there you won’t find in any of the above.

            If someone had time read just one paper, I’d say read “Haaretz” (no, I mean seriously!). For back pain, for white teeth, for winter flu – your cat would choose “Haaretz” ;-) :-|). Meow

            (=0 /\ 0=)

            I forgot RTE – I am sorry. RTE was very objective on two occasions when I was on it ;-)

            Their research staff is actually very good in what they are doing would you believe, sadly they are not allowed to do what they are good at, for they have to tune to not so clever presenters like the guffawking man with initials R.T., and practically most of them (the worst is a lady called M.F., who holds a Guiness World Record in being shallow.

            I think RTE have very good documentaries, on occasions better than BBC, but they make them once every Millenium.

            Of course the program of reference in Ireland is now “Agenda” with Mr Maccer.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            The Israeli Times = The Times of Israel

            Here are 2 samples of interesting articles:


            “The founder and sole member of the Irish Jewish Genealogical Society, Rosenblatt jokes that “no one other than me is meshuga [crazy] enough to spend this kind of time. I do this eight days a week.”

            To think that a week has 8 days seems meshuga enough to me.

            There is a link to a fantatic documentary on Jews in Ireland in that Times of Israel article.



            Why? Gosh, I don’t know – could that be because Ireland is a free country (apart from phone tapping for no particular reasons, that is)? A BI GEZUNT…

          • Deco


            Macron will win in France. Francois Hollande was a non-achiever before he won. And the same thing will happen again. He will beat Le Pen.

            The two front runners are insufficient to the scale of the task. Both fail to comprehend the problems that must be fixed.

            Fillon comprehends the problems and got thrown under a bus by Sarkozy for being too honest. Therefore Fillon is not going to make it.

  14. Hmmm. I found this post very strange. It seems to me that DT has not drained the swap and that “all the lobbyists who raised funds and bought influence” are far from discomfited. Instead, DT has put their corporate bosses directly in charge in a great many instances. Already, the business of dismantling regulation in order to achieve short-term profit has begun.

    Does it matter? Yes, eight years ago, we saw where lax regulation of the corporate sector leads. Does anyone really think things will be more secure under Trump?

    As regards international markets and trading, it’s obvious that DT believes in the zero sum game. He wants bilateral agreements so that the US can bully smaller economies into agreements that are unfavourable to them. This is not the practice of disruption, it is the practice of nationalist protectionism

    • McCawber

      The “bail in” and it’s the tip of the ice berg was done in the name of regulation.
      There is hardly a dissenting voice across the whole political spectrum.
      The most dangerous consequence of “bail in” is that it is an insurance policy for banks and that means banks can behave less prudent than they should be.
      Joe public is now legally on the hook for bank incompetence.
      No other industry except “official Ireland” has that kind of underwriting.
      When we finally have the sought after cashless society we will be goosed.
      Ireland is leading the way on this.
      Ireland wants to be the first cashless country in the EU.
      Thankfully our tourism industry may prove to be a considerable obstacle.

    • Deco

      Cormac, I suspect he wants bilateral agreements so that he can protect certain sectors – like manfacturing and assembly in the US. DT is not the first to make that suggestion. It was very common before Clinton 1.0., and Bush 2.0.

      In a sense, there is a bias in the competitive context, as certain countries have no standards in matters relating to labour and the environment, and they also run state systems that refuse to tax workers indirectly, via real estate taxation – effectively, maintaining a low cost system.

      High cost countries have to address this via several options. The US has addressed this via lowering labour standards in certain states. And in some EU countries, this has been addressed by declining wages e.g. Hungary, Greece, Spain (where wages are barely above the cost of living).

      Trump is preparing to lower environmental standards. I do not agree with him in respect of coal. Coal is not econommical anyway. Even with lower standards, it is still nonsensical. In Trump wants to save WV, KY & TN, then these states need a NEW business model. Coal is also the worst in respect of pollution. They need a new business sector. They seem to have avoided responsibility for their predicament. And based on the amount of automation in coal mining, it will NOT solve the unemployment problem in the communities, where it is expected to solve that problem.

      There is something else wrong there, that needs fixing. A good place to start would be the rampant substance abuse and alcohol problem.

      We are in a multilateral structure, and we were bullied by it’s two main players into bailing out PRIVATE losses at private banks. Sarkozy and Merkel exerted pressure on Ireland and Greece, for the sake of lobbyists in the finance and insurance sectors in their own countries.

      The Cowen FF/GP government folded, for no good reason. We are not the “fighting Irish”, we are the obedient Irish. Kenny changed nothing about that, even though the electorate kicked FF out of most constituencies, and Kenny had been given a mandate.

  15. McCawber

    As an aside.
    DT will do everything he can to disrupt the European Commission.
    If they didn’t realise this before he was elected, they do now.
    DT can make Brexit a success fir Britain and Ireland needs to take this fact on board.
    If Brecit is successful then it becomes a game changer for the Disruptor.
    It will be his beachhead to Europe.
    History may be about to repeat itself.

    • Deco

      Additional point – the leadership in the EU, seems very adept at making problems for the EU. In fact I would say chronically capable of growing every problem into an all out crisis.

  16. McCawber

    Disruptor tweeting on Sweden’immigration issues.
    He’s closer to the truth than he thinks.
    Up until recently immigrants to Sweden used a train that ran from Copenhagen in Denmark to the ferry port for Sweden.
    That service was discontinued and the same journey, now takes two changes of train.
    This has nothing to do with migrants btw!!!!

  17. Truthist

    Interesting Tweets from Henry Makow

    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Go to”… the URL
    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Open Hyperlink”
    The Psychopathic Takeover
    19 February 2017

    This video describes the elite psychopathic political and social takeover. The methods and motives are discussed as well as how to spot them.


    Racial Limitations of the Libyan Experiment in Socialist Nationalism
    17 February 2017

    A growing minority of young and educated people living in the European diaspora views one or another form of socialism favorably as an alternative to the dystopian hybrid form of capitalism prevailing at present. Nationally oriented socialist models, in particular, appear to be increasingly attractive. National Socialism as implemented in Hitler’s Germany is the most famous example, of course; but other countries, as with the Bolivarian revolutions recently gone into eclipse in Latin America, have also undertaken reforms designed to redistribute national resource wealth for the benefit of the citizenry.
    Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, taking his cue from Arab nationalist titan Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, was similarly inspired to revolutionize the Libyan economy for its people. Building on the modernizations begun by Italian colonizers and British administrators, Gaddafi was remarkably successful in raising his country’s rate of literacy and general standard of living, with socialized health care, education, and utilities far removed from anything experienced by the Bedouin as they existed mere decades previously. Just how far is indicated by the backward state of the country well into the twentieth century:


    Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list
    17 Feb 2017

    Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC pedophile list with many names. One of those names was Vice President Mike Pence’s “best friend”.

    Steele also says that there are restaurants in Washington DC and Saudi Arabia where you can literally order children off of the menu.

    Here’s the cliff notes for the first 5 minutes or so of the video:

    * Donald Trump is our chance to take down the deep state

    * “White hat” intelligence community was able to stop Hillary from rigging the vote electronically like she did to Bernie

    * Former CIA head John Brennan committed treason by telling lies intended to overturn the Electoral College

    * John Brennan highest paid agent of Saudi Arabia, should be under FBI investigation

    * Reince Priebus is an enabler and cover-upper of pedophilia — Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is the tip of the iceberg

    * Wikileaks is going to take down Priebus?

    * Pedophilia is an “elite privilege” — For the Democrats it’s an “acquired taste” — Podesta is a “pedo-light”

    * The Republicans and the elite in banking are the ones who have made pedophilia a “big league thing”

    * There are Saudi Arabian and Washington DC restaurants with basements where you can order children off of the menu

    * DC pedophilia is the Achilles heel, and Trump has figured that out

    * Flynn didn’t get fired because he called the Russians

    * Flynn got fired because he “had the arrogance to think” (sarcasm) that he could tell Mattis and Tillerson what to do

    * Flynn pissed off VP Pence

    * Flynn’s call that got him in trouble included a conversation about a list of high-level pedophiles inside the US, one of whom happens to be VP Mike Pence’s best friend

    * Flynn did not tell Pence about the list, or that his “best friend” was on it. Pence found out about this from the deep state (probably NSA taps)

    * The NSA has been spying on all of our politicians with impunity!

    * The CIA is leaking HIGHLY classified information as part of a political coup against Trump


  18. Truthist

    MORE OF :
    Interesting Tweets from Henry Makow

    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Go to”… the URL
    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Open Hyperlink”

    Obama-linked Activists have Training Manual for to protest against Trump


    Sex Trafficing & Child Exploitation Busts in 1st Month of Trump’s Presidency


    Petition for J.K. Rowling to take in Muslim refugees in her 18 spare bedrooms

    J.K. Rowling has often announced her solidarity with Middle-Eastern refugees on twitter. She is well-known advocate of open borders and often stated, that Europe has the duty to give every single one of these refugees from all over the middle east, rarely warzones, asylum and welfare. Everyone who represented a different opinion was viciously attacked by her, and she is not alone. Many other multi-millionaires and billionaires seem to be fond of virtue-signaling about refugees. Since she is a sheltered member of the rich elite, who is very much disconnected from the ugly reality of rape, murder and destruction which many of these refugees bring with them, we think that it is time for her to show some true solidarity. J.K. Rowling has 18 spare bedrooms in her mansions in Britain and could easily give 18 refugees a long-time housing, not to mention the space available on her giant property to erect refugee shelters.
    The refugee crisis will require 250000 homes to be built every year in her homeland Britain. Helping refugees in Europe will cost 10 times as much as helping them in neighbouring countries would. Donations by the superrich, even in the millions, are a drop in the ocean, as the taxpayer will have to pay billions for the following decades. Elites, that echo the MSM narrative, defending open borders, are hypocrites that will never share the outlook of the working class, which has to encounter refugees every day. So let’s bring one of the loudest virtue-signaling apologists of globalism back to reality and give her some new roommates.
    We demand that J.K. Rowling grants no less than 18 refugees shelter in her mansions for at least 8 years. She rejects safe immigration, which is why we also demand, that there will be no additional vetting process for these refugees. Her virtue-signaling stems from ignorance, and the 100% effective cure of it will be this drastic change of perspective. To make this group of refugees representative of the situation Europe, we also demand that the group consists of 14 men and 4 women, since over 75% of the millions of refugees are male.


    The Brit Prime Mincer behind Bloody Sunday Massacre in Derry

    Saturday, 18 February 2017

    Former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath ‘used his car when he set out to abuse boys’?

    It has been claimed by certain top people that Edward Heath did not have a car.

    But, pictures have now emerged of Heath driving his car.

    Former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath was a child abuser?

    More than 30 people have told Wiltshire police that they were abused by Heath.
    Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale says that the allegations against Edward Heath are ‘totally convincing’.

    Veale agrees that Heath’s ‘crimes’ were reported to police years ago but were covered up by the Establishment.

    There have been claims of a child abuse ring involving former Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, and former Defence chief, Lord Bramall.

    Heath has been linked to child abuse in London (Hampstead Heath), Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent and Jersey.

    Heath was linked to to a convicted brothel keeper known as Madame Ling-Ling.

    A dossier compiled by Labour peer Baroness Castle said that Heath took young boys on trips on his yacht.

    One person said that, as a 12 year-old hitchhiker, he was picked up by Heath and lured to Heath’s Mayfair flat.

    Various female witnesses say that Edward Heath was part of a network of child abusers who held satanic orgies and stabbed children in churches.

    Police were warned.

    Three women say that their parents, together with Edward Heath, were members of the occult.

    One of the women told police she could picture Heath laughing as she was abused

    She said Heath was present in a candlelit forest where symbols had been drawn on the floor prior to sexual abuse.

    A witness called Nick has given evidence regarding Heath’s yacht.

    Nick says he saw Heath in Dolphin Square.

    Nick says Heath saved him from being castrated by Harvey Proctor.

    Wiltshire Police say: “There are a number of allegations with a significant number of individuals who have disclosed allegations of abuse.”

    Two people have been arrested but police have refused to give any details.

    Lucy, one of the female witnesses, states that, as a 10-year-old girl, she kidnapped a small boy from his pushchair, which was parked outside Tidworth post office.

    Lucy handed the boy over to her father, who was at the village church.

    Lucy remembers the naked boy splayed on the church altar and her father sexually abusing and then murdering him.

    Criminologist Dr Rachel Hoskins told detectives not to be believe the various witnesses who made child abuse allegations against Edward Heath.

    She distrusts psychotherapists specialising in ‘recovered memories’.

    She speaks of false-memory syndrome.

    This is a syndrome ‘invented by the CIA to cover up child abuse.’

    Above, we see Dr Richard Hoskins, and his daughter Abigail who died in mysterious circumstances.

    Criminologist Dr Rachel Hoskins was formerly Dr Richard Hoskins

    Wiltshire Police say that the evidence examined by Dr Hoskins was just a small part of their inquiry.

    Police were warned.

    BELOW is what we wrote earlier:

    In 2010, 40-year-old Nicholas Edgar “killed himself” near his parents’ Cambridgeshire estate.

    He had been questioned by the police in connection with child abuse images.

    Nick Edgar was Edward Heath’s Private Secretary in the 1990s.


    Edgar was a former Oxford University Union president.

    He started working with Heath in 1992 when he was in his early 20s.

    He worked as his Private Secretary for several years, spending months at Heath’s Wiltshire home.

    Myra Forde operated a child Brothel one mile from Edward Heath’s home.

    She has now changed her story and now admits that she supplied young males to Edward Heath.

    She told Channel 4 News: ‘I can’t really tarnish his name. I promised him that.’

    In The Sun, Forde says: ‘I knew Edward Heath in the early 90s and provided young men for him.’
    According to Forde, Heath paid £500 a time for young foreign male escorts.

    Some time back, Winchester Crown Court heard that Forde trained runaway children as prostitutes.

    The court was told that one 15-year-old, controlled by Forde, had sex with five men at once.

    One 13-year-old would go straight from school to the brothel.

    Myra Forde’s Salisbury brothel (above) is within the WILTSHIRE police district.
    Wiltshire Police are facing a corruption investigation over its handling of Edward Heath child abuse claims.

    Wiltshire Police are to be put in charge of all investigations into Edward Heath.

    ‘Child abuse by Edward Heath’ was reported to Wiltshire police in the 1990s.

    A retired ‘very senior’ officer now claims that the criminal trial of Myra Forde was derailed in the 1990s to protect Heath.

    Reportedly, when the allegations of child abuse were made in the 1990s, Wiltshire police did not question Heath and did not search his home.

    In 2011, Wiltshire’s Deputy Chief Constable David Ainsworth, formerly ACC of Kent Police, was found hanged in his home.[29][30][31]

    Former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath was friends with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (both above).

    Prince Bernhard was the first president of the Bilderberg Group.

    Reportedly, child abuse victim Regina Louf visited his yacht Jumbo VI.

    Regina Louf provided the names of top people who had abused her and who had murdered children during orgies.

    codshit.com: Then There Was The Pim Fortuyn Assassination. / Mossad, Haider, Dutroux, Fortuyn, Prince Bernhard / DUTCH ROYALS; NAZIS; PEDOPHILE RINGS

    According to the Daily Mail, on 7 August 2015, brothel keeper Myra Ling Ling Forde now says that politicians and police DID try to buy
    She says: ‘I will write a book and I will name them all.’

    She says that money had been sent to her in prison ‘telling me not to talk’.

    She says she knew politicians and celebrities when she ran brothels in Salisbury and in London.

    She says she believes the money was sent by ‘a couple of politicians, a couple of policemen.’

    Myra Forde’s Salisbury brothel (above) is within the WILTSHIRE police district.

    In 2011, Wiltshire’s Deputy Chief Constable David Ainsworth, formerly ACC of Kent Police, was found hanged in his home.[29][30][31]

    Wiltshire’s current Chief Constable, Patrick Geenty, is presently under investigation for alleged mishandling of sexual abuse complaints. .[34]
    Linda Corby, 61, says she, and the late Jersey senator Ralph Vibert, watched 11 children board Edward Heath’s boat Morning Cloud when it docked in St Helier, Jersey, but a few hours later only ten walked off.

    She told the Daily Mirror: ‘We watched as a group of boys from the home (Haut de la Garenne) got on. They were in shorts and T-shirts and looked as if they were on a day trip. We counted them back but one boy was missing.’

    She and Vibert went to the police but they were told not to investigate the disappearance by ‘someone above’.

    According to Sir Michael Havers’s rent boy, the UK Prime Minister Edward Heath, who also used rent boys, ordered the military to give the people of Derry a bloody nose.

    This led to the Bloody Sunday massacre in Derry, in the UK.

    Top Conservative MP ‘revealed secrets of Bloody Sunday to his rent boy’.

    It has been reported that UK government snipers, hidden on a rooftop, began the false flag attack which killed 14 unarmed people, including 7 children.

    The murders took place in 1972.


    “A shop in London’s Wardour Street … was raided by the police…

    “The owner was dealing in child pornography…

    “A distribution list was discovered which had Ted Heath’s name on it.”

    Boy George was born George O’Dowd in Bexley, in Kent.

    Edward Heath was the member of Parliament for Bexley in Kent, and was born in Broadstairs in Kent.

    In 1984, Boy George’s uncle, Kenneth O’Dowd, alleged that he had compromising photographs of Edward Heath .

    He said that his former mistress Rita Lambert “appeared in pornographic photographs together with his two children.”

    Edward Heath: The Paedophile Prime Minister. / The Glasgow Herald
    Kenneth O’Dowd claimed that he was framed by the authorities because, in 1976, he had discovered five colour photographs in the jewel box of Rita lambert with whom he shared a flat in Woolwich, in London.

    Heath was said to have been in two of the photographs, and the detective Sergeant, Brian Wallace, in three of them.

    According to The Times, 19th January 1984:
    Rita “a mother of three children, whose former boy friend has pleaded not guilty to raping and assaulting her, said she had never met Mr Heath…

    “She denied ever seeing a briefcase in her home with the initials ‘E.A.H.’ on it.

    “She also denied his allegation that she had been part of a prostitution ring.”

    Kenneth O’Dowd was jailed for 6 years.


  19. Truthist

    Interesting Tweets from Henry Makow

    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Go to”… the URL
    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Open Hyperlink”

    Impregnable wall & “pearly gates” & all that ;



    : Resolution Passed to Prevent Danes From Becoming a Minority

    18 Feb 2017

    The Danish Parliament just passed a landmark resolution affirming Danes “should not be a minority” in any residential areas in Denmark.

    The resolution narrowly passed 55-54 and was vehemently opposed by leftists who insisted it was “racist” and there’s no way to determine who’s really a “Dane” and who isn’t.


  20. Pulling the plug and really draining the swamp will only be effectively done by killing the FED. Off with its head and then all the swamp critters die from lack of funding. It is the only real solution. Of course there will be consequences but that is the result of the stupidity and greed of the governing class who have been bribed and compromised to enable the legislation.
    Then there is “us” who refuse to insist that our politicians do the “right” thing.
    Barely even a person on this blog of supposedly informed and thinking people and owned and operated by a famed and notable “economist” cannot even agree an the only way to Drain the Swamp. Some even say the proposal is ridiculous.
    Fie, fie, shame on you. you get what you deserve.


    “”The Fed is nothing more than a standard tool. a hammer, shield, or screwdriver.

    The govt gave it it’s charter and it can take it’s charter away. It’s done it twice before.
    The Fed can be ended with a single line of legislation returning the power to create debt-free currency to the congress and treasury where it constitutionally belongs.
    Think Kennedy silver certificates or Lincoln greenbacks.

    * The word “BENCH” (Judge’s bench that he sits on in a Court of Law) in Latin means “BANK”
    * Banks are just representations. Courts are the banks, judges are the bankers per their oath under 28 U.S.C. § 453.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. The issuing power should be taken from the banks, and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.””

    • And then there is the fractional reserve banking racket. Where else can one take delivery of a product and sell 10 or 20 more than we own. That is selling what is owned and does not exist. That is a fraud. It is countenanced daily in the banking system. Deposit 1000 in the reserve and lend out 20,000 that is not in existence. The monetary system is a fraud from start to finish.
      The comex and the London bullion market do the same thing. It is an opaque market run as a racket. This time it is estimated that 300 tonnes of gold is sold for every 1 tonne held. Regulators do not enforce regulations. Politicians stand idle. Economists gaze vacuously.

      The real swamp is within most peoples heads. They are full of irrelevancies and ignore the meaningful necessities. That is why the swamp is full of evil creatures and will not be drained.

      Most are doomed to be swallowed by the swamp and consumed. Those that try to escape the swamp are dragged back in by those too scared to contemplate living outside the swamp. Few escape.

  21. mike flannelly

    Bizzare RTE

    Clare Byrne read the result of RTE s boring poll on a non core issue tonight. The result was 66% did not want Enda Kenny to go immediately.

    FG leadership is NOT a core concern for the country.

    Hospital abuse of our most vunerable.
    ( ie numbers of beds+ nurses plus the amount of health care spend)



    Mortgage Arrears

    Mental Health and low self esteem of our youth.

    Sustainable skill sets that suit employment for the next generation.

    Clare Byrne seems to think that the majority want Enda Kenny to leave immediately because the leave immediately category vote was 33%. But all the other categories were for longer time spans of up to 6 months or more. 66% did not want Enda Kenny to leave immediately. Well worth a look on player. RTE journalists are class.

    RTE journalism has failed the sick and needy of the country by not presenting core facts.

    Presenting core facts are a core competency for a basic standard journalist.

    RTE journalists are completely bizzare for not helping shout stop to the health care abuse of resources.

    This is the system that RTE journalists pass on to their kids.

    Why would RTE journalists want to pass on the dirty shirt to their kids?


  22. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    They do not define the criteria – they only name them, which devalues the value of the information, and the research, because it was done by UNESCO, is probably very biased politically


    It is a food for thought nonetheless! – because if we are to believe the media, we have a massive growth here (in property prices – yes; in Central Dublin – yes; for my friend who lives in rural Co. Sligo: shit was, shit is…).


    • Bamboo

      There is nothing really new about Uber. It is just another application to avoid having to pay for additional services.

      Lots of Human labour has been replaced by apps and/or robots for some time. It used to be called software. Whether it is Uber, Aairbnb, Photoshop, Autocad/sketchup, Excel. They are all apps to do away and replace lots of human labour, knowledge, inspiration and creativity. It won’t be long and we will get to a stage that (big) data-analysis is recognized and acknowledged as a ultimate replacement for human instinct, gut feeling or human common sense.

      But prior to that stage Trump wants to make good use of his toy and addiction, Twitter. He wants whatever he jots in Twitter to be treated and understood as “written in the Bible”. Warts and all! He is the Almighty Being with disciples and followers.

      Not only that he wants to do an Uber to Washington insiders – Trump wants to replace all religion and all its general and soldiers with only one thing. He wants to replace the Holy Quran, Dhammapada, the New Testament, Tripitaka, the Book of Mormons, etc. with only one thing – the word as it is jotted by him only and via his very own Twitter account. All clergyman, Priests, imams, monks, bishops, shamans, cardinals, popes will be replaced with nothing better than his own family and friends.

      If you believe in God, soon he will tell you to stop praying to your God. Forget all Gods – there is only one God. And that God is: Yes, the trump himself and the almighty truth. The good thing about it is that you’ll have direct contact with god himself through Twitter.

      It’s true, it’s great, and we’ve seen it all. It’s great, believe me it’s true. Its great.

      • Deco

        He wants to replace the Holy Quran, Dhammapada, the New Testament, Tripitaka, the Book of Mormons, etc. with only one thing


        Television ?

        Actually, I advocate rigourous and objective criticism of all “Holy” books.

        Especially the “Holy” book that advocates believers to chase and eliminate every last Jewish person until there are none left.

        Once nonsense is elevated to “Holy” status, it is given free pass.

        Naturally, the experts in “Holy” books do not want criticism of the basis of their professional standing, and their access to resources. They are very capable at arousing rage in their followers. But all that proves is that they have a dangerous level of power, and individual conscience has already been destroyed in their followers.

        So, I do not have a problem in criticism in any belief system. In fact, I advocate an open discussion in the matter. It is the fastest way to see which believe systems are essentially rackets, and cults.

        • Truthist

          Deco, u say the most shocking thing ;

          ‘…the “Holy” book that advocates believers to chase and eliminate every last Jewish person until there are none left.’

          Pray thee, tell the name of this book ;
          I know of none such.

          I have great hope for u to learn much, & also to benefit from that which is more important,
          to “unlearn” much.
          The basis of my hope is the following parameter u set ;

          ‘… I do not have a problem in criticism in any belief system.
          In fact, I advocate an open discussion in the matter.”

          As we are at it, let’s have an exploration of the secret religious dogma of the most powerful organisation in both Irish State & North East of Ireland,
          It runs both shows.
          The educated opinion is that Bertie Ahern is a top ranking Freemason.
          I trust that Mehole Martin is likewise.
          Of course, Peter Sutherland [ Suds ] is well known to be a very top Freemason.

          And, I assure u, it runs France since the French Revolution ;
          The French Revolution being a Freemason Revolution.

      • Deco


        There are remarkable similarities between television and religion.

  23. Deco

    Kunstler demolishes the unsustainable petro-centric development model.


    In Ireland, this amounts to piling construction into our version of outer Atlanta in the East region. In the long term it is unsustainable.

    David has already mentioned this in a previous article.

    The EROI for hydrocarbon extraction is getting harder with every year. This has massive implications for settling people in places like Kells, Kilbeggan, Portarlington, etc….

    We should be building our new residential space in cities/towns where there will be critical mass, rail transport, and close to ports. Otherwise we are building a carbon-cost-intensive distribution and settlement model.

    • Deco

      From JHK

      In all the smoke and fog emitted by Trump and his adversaries, it must be hard to make out the actual issues dogging this society, and even when you can, to find a coherent position on them. This was nicely illustrated in Paul Krugman’s fatuous column in Monday’s New York Times, “On Economic Arrogance” — the title describes Krugman’s own attitude to a T.

      In it, Krugman attempts to account for the no-growth economy by marshaling the stock-in-trade legerdemain of academic economics: productivity, demographics, and labor metrics. Krugman actually knows zip about what afflicts us in the present disposition of things, namely the falling energy-return-on-energy-investment in the oil industry, which is approaching the point where the immense activity of getting oil out of the ground won’t be worth the cost and trouble of doing it. And since most of the things we do and produce in this economy are based on cheap oil — with no reality-based prospect of replacing it with so-called “renewables” or as yet undiscovered energy rescue remedies — we can’t generate enough wealth to maintain anything close to our assumed standard of living. We can’t even generate enough wealth to pay the interest on the debt we’ve racked up in order to hide our growing energy predicament. And that, in a nutshell, is what will blow up the financial system. And when that department of the economy goes, the rest will follow.

      So, the real issue hidden in plain sight is how America — indeed all the so-called “developed” nations — are going to navigate to a stepped-down mode of living, without slip-sliding all the way into a dark age, or something worse. By the way, the Ole Maestro, Alan Greenspan, also chimed in on the “productivity” question last week to equally specious effect in this Business Insider article. None of these celebrated Grand Viziers knows what the fuck he’s talking about, and a nation depending on their guidance will find itself lost in a hall of mirrors with the lights off.

      So, on one side you have Trump and his trumpets and trumpistas heralding the return of “greatness” (i.e. a booming industrial economy of happy men with lunchboxes) which is not going to happen; and on the other side you have a claque of clueless technocrats who actually believe they can “solve” the productivity problem with measures that really only boil down to different kinds of accounting fraud.

      You also have an American public, and a mass media, who do not question the premise of a massive “infrastructure” spending project to re-boot the foundering economy. If you ask what they mean by that, you will learn that they uniformly see rebuilding our highways, bridges, tunnels, and airports. Some rightly suspect that the money for that is not there — or can only be summoned with more accounting fraud (borrowing from our future). But on the whole, most adults of all political stripes in this country think we can and should do this, that it would be a good thing.

      And what is this infrastructure re-boot in the service of? A living arrangement with no future. A matrix of extreme car dependency that has zero chance of continuing another decade. More WalMarts, Target stores, Taco Bells, muffler shops, McHousing subdivisions, and other accoutrement of our fast-zombifying mode of existence? Isn’t it obvious, even if you never heard of, or don’t understand, the oil quandary, that we have shot our wad with all this? That we have to start down a different path if we intend to remain human?

      It’s not hard to describe that waiting world, which I’ve done in a bunch of recent books. We’re going there whether we like it or not. But we can make the journey to it easier or harsher depending on how much we drag our heels getting on with the job.

      History is pretty unforgiving. Right now, the dynamic I describe is propelling us toward a difficult reckoning, which is very likely to manifest this spring as the political ineptitude of Trump, and the antipathy of his enemies, leaves us in a constitutional maelstrom at the very moment when the financial system comes unglued. Look for the debt ceiling debate and another Federal Reserve interest rate hike to set off the latter. There may be yet another converging layer of tribulation when we start blaming all our problems on Russia, China, Mexico, or some other patsy nation. It’s already obvious that we can depend on the Deep State to rev that up.


      What Kunstler is telling us is that the “leadership” ( in all it’s factions ) is in denial and a general state of cluelessness.

      Of the two options that Kunstler provided, the EU has clearly opted for Accounting Fraud. At least the Yanks will have a debate. As Kunstler points out the debate is controlled by two unsustaimable options – but there is a debate.

      The EU has no intention of having any debate. There is one option that will not work, and it has been declared that it will work.

      In fact, the EU “leadership” will have no debate about anything. The EU “leadership” is behaving like trench warfare generals. Murdering taxpayers in a lunatic set of gambles to bailing out an increasingly insolvent financial system, sitting on an increasingly dysfunctional ponzi economy.

      There will be no debate on Greece. There will be no debate on the mess in the Ukraine. There will be no debate on interest rate policy when it props up ponzi-ecoomics. There will be no debate on over-sized state systems like those of France or Ireland.

      The EU is becomming an intellectual straightjacket.

  24. Deco

    Just like the war-maker element in American politics needs a collection of destinations for blame, the same exists amongst the cadres of clueless gombeens operating in the Irish institutional state.

    They simply refuse to admit that their own ineptitude, incompetence or collective denial is the problem.

    This is best exmplified by the discussions that occur in the Irish media, on the state of affairs. It consists of a collection of overpaid wasters, who are inplace as a result of having the right connections, and having served the right vested interests (usually against the interests of the people) making the most polished and superficial of pronouncements.

    As a value proposition, their opinions are worse than worthless – because they prevent a proper open debate. They simply will NOT allow a debate that might ask questions about the entire system that feeds their bank accounts, at great cost to those who are routinely shortchanged by the same system.

    We are heading for an economic crisis based on financing within 18 months.

    The idea that Ireland can get rich off virtual wealth, whilst squandering real money is frankly absurd. Yet this is exactly what we have programmed our entire system to for 20 years. There has been a centralization of wealth and growth. Much of the geographic territory is falling into the abyss. There is a chronic productivity problem in the state system, and it is being addressed by more greed in the ever expansion of the state system to suck in more wealth, and reward destructive policies.

    Ireland is heading to another financial calamity. This time with public debt.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Again and again and again super flawless commentary. I wish truthist and grezgorz would take note of how concise and succinct your posts are.


      • Truthist

        When u go to the doctor I bet it is because u want to moan about ur neighbors’ headaches, & then be given a prescription of the strongest headache meds for u to personally consume.
        “Oh thank u doctor, for agreeing that my neighbours have this & that headaches ;
        I feel so much better now.”

        Please desist from trying to police other people ;
        Especially when u have no justifiable basis.
        U are now ingraining urself with ur delusions.
        Police only urself.
        U will be the better for it.
        And, so will the blog.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Your ad hominem attack damaged you asshole not me. Let me be perfectly straight with you; No one takes you seriously. Only someone like you living in cloud cuckoo land would have as much time on your hands to put up the verbiage on this blog you do.

          You can only be living in the same type of padded cell as the bonbons living in a fantasy world totally deluded by your own madness and insanity.

          Delusions? all your nonsense about rothschilds and freemasons?

          The very fact that you respond as you did to a hint only to tone your shite a bit says it all.

          Keep posting “Can’t handle the Truthist”

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Dear Michael,

        The problem is that sometimes conciseness comes at a cost of inaccuracy. Look at my post about why Gadaffi was removed from power. Tony’s comment is more concise, but mine is more accurate.

        But for some of my other comments, you might be right. However, when I experimented with conciseness, I was immediately met with demands to elaborate and give links and references.

        For example, I can concisely write: “it is not true that the US was the only, or even main player behind Gadaffi’s removal, in view of all decisions taken on the Paris 2008 UfM Summit and 2010 informal Deuville Summit”.

        This is very concise, isn’t it? But what would anyone understand from it? Nothing – and that probably includes David McWilliams and all TDs.

        There would be very little or no progress in academia or in politics if there was a strict limit of conciseness. I think that if we have comments of people like Shane F., “bentley” and “jaysus” (though “jaysus” is more like a Talmudic state of mind), which are insulting and contribute absolutely nothing to the discussion, then we can have not so concise comments like mine or Tony Brogan’s – that do contrubute a lot.

        Once again, I’d like to stress that I am writing for the Irish elites (and not only Irish, as I know that my comment on the London Debt Agreement that found its way to David’s article on Sunday Business Post was also discussed in Germany).

        • michaelcoughlan

          Thanks gregorz. I really like the stuff you put up but I pass over most of it because it’s too long winded.

          Could I respectfully suggest something?

          Going on about why gadaffi was removed etc is a mis direction of your talents. Most people know whats going on in the world. The world is being asset stripped by the US military industrial complex; Gadaffi today, syria tomorrow, Iraq, Iran, yemen etc. because out of control fed monetary policy means that the balance sheets of the citizens of the US and the world have to be made smaller to keep its own balance sheet from imploding.

          Do you not think it is better to take that as a given and shift your outstanding capacity for analytical insight to matters where we who have to try and survive in the face of it all can come up with workable solutions to save ourselves the ordinary citizen? And then to give clear succinct points that we can digest.

          I too am tired too about Tony’s dogma about gold. I don’t think it will save anybody.



  25. Truthist

    Apropos of favorite to succeed Merkel as leader of Germany ; Mr. Martin Shulz whom Grzegorz has educated us about & for which some of us on this blog are very appreciative ;


    I note a remarkable achievement for a man who has no leaving certificate ;
    That special little democracy in the Middle East has given Schulz a PhD

    58 “President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz received HU Honorary Doctorate”. BFHU. Retrieved 11 August 2015.


    Please find for ur consideration Shultz’s sentimental quote at end of that article.

    • Deco

      He made it into politics, and he has practically no personality.

      Maybe he is a “safe pair of hands” to represent those with very deep pockets.

  26. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    The most educative & pleasant TV channel that I have enjoyed ever is ;

    NHK World ;
    NHK is Japan’s national broadcasting organisation.



  27. Truthist

    Interesting & useful & relevant Tweets from Henry Makow ;

    Highlight > Right-Click > Select “Go to” the URL

    Spain Sets Massive Precedent — Charges Its Central Bankers In Court

    FEBRUARY 20, 2017


    Twitter Page of scholar Michael Hoffman ;
    Author of “They were white ; And, they were slaves.”



    Britain’s Royal Air Force trained Saudi Arabia how to use smart bombs

    20 Feb, 2017



    Melania Trump attacked for reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at campaign rally

    February 19, 2017


    “Hi, I’m Pablo Escobar. …”


    From that lovely family of Banksters that is plundering our Gas from Corrib Field, & is parasiting off the nation having forced it to be responsible for “spurious” AND “odious” National Debt ;

    Lord Rothschild:
    My Family Created Israel

    FEBRUARY 13, 2017

    Lord Jacob Rothschild had admitted that his family were ‘crucial’ in the creation of Israel, in a Times of Israel interview.

    The 80-year-old Rothschild said in a recent interview that his ancestors “helped pave the way for the creation of Israel,” forcing the British government to sign the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

    The Rothschilds are commonly believed to have engineered WWI and waited until 1917 when Britain showed signs of trouble. The Zionist family then promised the British Government that they could convince the US to enter the war and ensure Britain’s victory over Germany on the basis that the British government handed control of Palestine to the Zionists.

    Thus the Balfour Declaration was created, which is an official letter from the British Government Foreign Secretary James Balfour to Baron Rothschild.

    It states that:

    “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”

    Uprooted Palestinians reports:

    During a television interview, the Times of Israel reports that Balfour revealed for the first time the role of his cousin Dorothy de Rothschild.

    Rothschild described Dorothy, who was in her teens at the time, as “devoted to Israel,” and said: ‘What she did, which was crucially important.’”

    Rothschild said that Dorothy connected Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann to the British establishment. Dorothy “told Weizmann how to integrate, how to insert himself into British establishment life, which he learned very quickly.”

    Rothschild said that the way the declaration was procured was extraordinary. “It was the most incredible piece of opportunism.”


  28. Deco

    There real contest in France is round 1, second place.


    Fillon has now come back ahead of Macron.

    This is another competitive problem for Ireland. Fillon wants to make France more competitive, and more efficient.

    Contrary to the headline, I think that the current poll percentages are an indicator to BUY French bonds.

    A Macron – Le Pen contest is a disaster for France. They are both statists. And Statism is the problem in France. ( Statism is the problem in most Western countries, and the super-statism/nEU model imperialism an absurd outgrowth in the power of statism).

    Fillon represents a debate about less statism, and more realism. And for that reason Fillon versus Le Pen is a far more honest debate, which will expose Le Pen’s Neo-Bonapartism.

  29. Deco

    This is comical.


    Do French politicians engage in a competition against each other to say the most unrealistic, far-fetched, utter nonsense ?

    From the DT

    Mr Macron's support base is by far the most volatile.

    Although critics accuse Mr Macron of sitting on the fence by remaining woefully short on policy details....

    Asked if he wanted banks to move to France after Brexit, Macron responded: "I will have a series of initiatives to get talented people in research and lots of fields working here to come to France ... I want banks, talents, researchers, academics and so on.

    "I think that France and the European Union are a very attractive space now so in my programme I will do everything I can to make it attractive and successful."

    I think that French people working in London ( at least 300000 of them ) will find the last sentence a bit of a head scratcher. To say nothing of what Greeks and Spaniards working in London will think of it.

  30. Truthist

    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Go to”… the URL
    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Open Hyperlink”


    Organising the so-called Arab Springs in Levant & Middle East by sponsoring Al Qeheda sic & ISIS.
    Flooding Europe with mostly bogus Refugees
    Grooming “Racist” Politicians in Europe to “race-bait” instead of allowing “good sense” Politicians to protect the Levant & Middle East from NATO & Al Qeheda sic & ISIS destruction of lives & property & social culture, & also to protect their respective European countries from mid to large to massive invasion of mainly bogus refugees.



    Sweden Took in a Whopping 162,000 Refugees Last Year and Only 494 Got Jobs
    FEBRUARY 19, 2017

    Only 494 out of the 162,000 refugees who applied for refuge in Sweden in 2015 have gotten a job.
    Yet another reason why Europe is being turned into a third world country by refugees.
    Refugees are eligible to work while their applications are pending as long as they can show a valid identification document and haven’t been rejected for asylum in the past. A majority of asylum seekers would qualify for a work permit, but the national migration office was only capable of issuing one to one-third due to the high demand.
    “There was an incredible amount of people who applied for asylum in Sweden, and for us to be able to register everyone we had to disregard certain areas, and employment was one of them,” Lisa Bergstrand, officer at the Swedish immigration office, told Swedish public broadcaster SVT. “We do what we’ve been told to do.”


    ‘I am a man with no land’: African migrants wait in limbo, dreaming of sanctuary in Canada
    Asylum seekers face risks crossing South and Central America but worry about travelling through U.S.
    Feb 21, 2017



    Who is behind 3rd world immigration to Sweden

    May 11, 2013

    Every western nation is under intense pressure to accept 3rd world immigrants. Who is behind this push?


  31. Truthist

    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Go to”… the URL
    Highlight the URL > Right-Click > Select “Open Hyperlink”

    Happenings in the pseudo-intellectual sphere around the phenomenon Trump ;

    Milo Yiannopoulos Disinvited from CPAC Amidst Pederasty Controversy
    Feb 20, 2017
    Alt-Light posterboy Milo Yiannopoulos has been disinvited from the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference over his apparent defense of pederasty.

    Commentator A says ;

    “So this all about an eventual Trump impeachment ?
    And Milo is somehow useful to that end ?
    What a bunch of sick fucks.
    My god, this reads like some cheap spy novel . . . only it’s not.
    Who’s America is this ?”

    Commentator B response to A ;

    Basically it was a way to attack Steve Bannon.
    The media tried attacking Bannon and nothing worked.
    The guy was too clean.
    So they went after Milo instead and now they are using this attack on Milo to attack Bannon.
    “Oh my gawd, look at who Steven Bannon hired! He hired a pedophile supporter and now he’s working in the White house!”
    Basically guilt by association.”


    Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart,
    Tells Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse


  32. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz & Tony Brogan in particular

    Here are some strong thoughts from the “thought-provoking” Anne Bernhardt :



  33. Truthist

    More on a Donald Trump shooting from the hip style woman ;
    Ann Barnhardt

    Google.com results for search terms ;
    Ann Barnhardt


    After finding this, I reckon that Tony Brogan should be familiar with this controversial lady ;


  34. Truthist

    I just spotted this from Ann Barnhardt ;
    It is very current.
    And, it so happens to concern Airbnb highlighted by David as a game-changer.

    By the way, I do not endorse Ann Barnhardt ;
    But, she is worth dipping into from time-to-time if only to surprise oneself.


  35. mike flannelly

    RTE are still calling for a general election that the country does not want.

    Hope that FG tell them where to go.

    RTE cannot call the shots.

  36. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I see that the quote is from “Haaretz”. When I said that if someone had time to read only newspaper, he should read “Haaretz”, I was not being facetious. Btw, if you did not believe me that Germany have been, since Gehlen, working closely along the extreme in Israel on an info war front – and they, along with Israel, started to look for some scapegoats for money extortion purposes – look at what Mr Schulz did in 2005: there was an anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz, and the EU Parliament was to issue a special resolution on that occasion. In the text of the resolution, the was a sentence “Nazi concentration camp built by Germans”. Herr S ch u l z removed “Germans” from the EU Parliament text.

    In fact, we can criticise Israel on this blog for various things, but I am ready to break my lance claiming that there is much bigger freedom of press in Israel than it is in Germany – Israeli press is diverse, German press is not. Some Israeli press (“Haaretz”, but not “Times of Israel” can be and often is VERY CRITICAL OF THEIR OWN STATE – German press, when it comes to contradicting their long term plans and official German propaganda, NEVER IS).

    When massive rapes in Cologne were taking place, no German media mentioned it for 3 days. Only when there was reporting on it in international (including Polish) media, there was an Ordnung that now it allowed to write about it.

    When ZDF – by far the least objective television in Europe – used the name “Polish Nazi death camps” to describe the said Auschwitz, they had a long and costly court case (which should be a warning for one Irish newspaper of reference they name of which I won’t mention), which they have lost, and had to cover all legal cost (btw, ZDF notoriously used pictures of Polish women and children transported to Auschwitz in cattle wagons, and described it as German expellees from Poland after WWII).

    EVEN Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem officially considered this (and similar, made by other western TV stations) claim a falsification “offensive to historical truth” – for example here is an article of their condemnation of a similar statement by a Norwegian broadcaster:



    Apart from covering the legal cost, they had been ordered to start their news for 30 days with a public apology over their lie.

    They DID NOT (hence the action with billboard on a lorry moving across Europe “German death camps”, organised by a private person; btw, Poland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs is useless in these things – a result of staffing it by certain people during Grand Orient de France freemason Foreign Minister Prof. Geremek, which resulted in notorious “Gazeta Wyborcza” – now financed by George Soros – writing after PiS came to power “we should not be worried who is the Foreign Minister – whoever he is, our line will prevail”.

    I am proud to say that in an article last year, I coined a new, sarcastic word in the Polish language to describe the inertia and ineptitude of the Polish Foreign Minister Waszczykowski: “waszczykowszczyzna”.

    Though Minister Waszczykowski is still a titan of intellect compared with people like Schulz, Junckers, Verhofstadt or Timmermans…

    Remember, Herr Schulz said in a TV interview on September 8, 2015, that his “political goals will have to be implemented by force”.
    Here is a clash of Slovakian politician with Mr Schulz:


    Herr Schulz is a son of Karl Schulz, SS-Hauptsturmführer and in charge of Gestapo w in Mauthausen-Gusen German Nazi concentration camp – SS identification number 400037.

    He was known for being exceptionally sadistic towards prisoners in his concentration camp (i.e. smashing newborn babies skulls). All Schulz’s male family members were either in Gestapo or SS; one of them was killed by Polish underground in May 1943 (special unit “Kosy”) – hence Mr Schulz’s hatred of Poles, since 2015 enhanced because they contradicted him.

    Martin Schulz is, at the moment, the most dangerous man in Europe.

    I said it on many occasions, but in case someone stays uninformed: Germany still refuses to sign a Peace Treaty with Poland, still upholds H. Goering 1940 decree stripping Poles in Germany an ethnic minority status, and in ther Grundgesetz, they still claim their lost eastern territories in Silesia.

    Electing Mr Martin Schulz as a German Foreign Minister (with a perspective of him becoming a Chancellor) will be read in Poland as a declaration of w a r, an equivalent of electing Ian Paisley Jnr for a Prime Minister of Britain.

    Hence Poland now has even more soldiers deployed (including the US army soldiers) on its border with Germany than on its border with Kaliningrad enclave.

    And hence I am not happy that we are not informed of the details of Chancellor Merkel’s secret meeting with Mr Jaroslaw Kaczynski (even I am not fully informed, even though 3 only people were present in the room – Mr Kaczynski, Frau Merkel and my former lecturer), followed by Minister for Defense Macierewicz and Prime Minister’s Szydlo car accidents.

    German tactics towards Poland traditionally has been stick and carrot – with a lot more stick. I wonder how much stick was there in their meeting.
    Will Jaroslaw Kaczynski be eliminated, like his brother (most likely) was?

    We do not know what the meeting was all about, but we do know that a Visegrad Group TV was supposed to be launched in Krakow next year, and after the meeting, this has been cancelled.

    We also know that after the meeting, the Czech Republic agreed to station German troops on their soil (what a hypocrisy of western commentators – everyone was screaming about 4,000 US troops in Poland, but no one has even NOTICED that there will be many more German troops and equipment in the Czech Republic): most people are really easy to be manipulated and unable/unwilling to analyse information ON THEIR OWN – they use ready scripts written and read by CNN, Fox, BBC, ZDF, RT, Sputnik, Alex Jones’s Info Wars – you name it. Some of them even listen just one of those stations, and base all their worldview on it.

    A few years ago, everyone was talking about the struggle for independence of the nation of Tibet. Now noone is talking about it.

    This is what happened before WWII – Poland was encircled from the north (Prussia), east (USSR agreement with Hitler), and the south (occupying Czechs and installing a German satellite state in Slovakia:



    No one thinks that powering Herr Schulz to German Chancellor may trigger a war in Europe.
    No one thought that property market will go down by 50%
    No one thought that the rents in Dublin will exceed the Celtic Tiger peak prices after that clash
    No one thought that Brexit will happen
    No one thought that Mr Trump will win
    No one thinks that yet again, Germany may invade Poland (information wars are often a prelude to real wars)

    Will history repeat itself?

    • mike flannelly


      Do highest Dublin rents reflect 25% the net high salaries?

      Do median Dublin rents reflect 25% of the net median incomes?

      What is the advised maxium rent affordability ?

      Do rents reflect housing costs,expenses plus profit ?

      What is the advised minium profit?

      Like nurses and beds for our health care system

      Step 1 is always shout stop followed by
      Step 2 the most important step is to to measure the problem.

      Rents are UP. Before they were DOWN.

      What is the REAL measurement ?

      Up and Down has to have a base.

  37. “completely wrong about gold (it’s totally irrelevant)”–

    How so?

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Tony,

      I am going to take a chance here because I haven’t fully thought through my idea but here goes: I read your link about the real bills doctrine and it was very insightful.

      It seems to me there is a difference in the real bills doctrine idea and the actual metal circulating. In the real bills doctrine the bill must be 100% backed by the physical metal fair enough. Where as with the metal circulating instead no bills are needed.

      There is an insight though that McWilliams gave about 2 years ago when he used a short story about baby sitting rounds and coupons used to track exchangeable hrs between adults minding kids.

      The problem occurred when the majority of the adults started to save their coupons. The velocity of the currency started to dry up causing a halt to the availability of people available for minding kids.

      The way the problem would be solved would be that someone would print a few new coupons and spend them into the round to stimulate spending again. This of course would reduce the value of the existing coupons so somewhere someone would have to extinguish the newly printed coupons to return the value of the total coupons available to their original value.

      The trouble with physical gold in circulation is that this can’t be achieved because of the nature of the metal itself. The real bills doctrine would allow for an increase in the bills to occur on a short term basis to prevent this natural hoarding phenomenon from occurring in that the new bills created could be spent into the system to stimulate spending again and eventually be recalled and extinguished. I suspect however that a slow inflationary aspect to the currency would be desirable to prevent people from hoarding in the first place.

      This leaves of course the conundrum of how do you save if the currency is slightly inflationary? As far as I know in the real bills doctrine a bond would be issued by the organisation supplying the bills to fund the organisation. I suspect that this bond would increase in value over time all things being equal (which they of course aren’t) so the bond would be for saving and the bill for spending and payment of debts etc.

      One other thing Tony. I more and more don’t believe there will be the great wipe out crash that the doomsdayers are predicting. What I have come to conclude is that in the event of the fiat monies of this world going to zero people will organise on a local scale and ec riegal style will issue their own local currencies on a real bills doctrine basis and life will go on.

      This happened in Ireland in the 70′s when a prolonged banking crisis forced the population to do this. Simple IOU’s started to circulate in the various communities even beyond the two parties to the transaction in lieu of payments for debts and goods and services. The value of the currency ultimately came down to the faith that the citizens placed on the integrity and honesty of the person issuing the IOU in paying the debt issued on the script.


      • michaelcoughlan

        Hi Tony.

        I think you live on an island. Here is an idea; Crowd fund a local currency by selling community bonds and use the money to establish a local currency based on the real bills doctrine ie back each note with the corresponding value in silver say on the note I promise to pay the bearer on demand 1 0z of silver etc. You could set up an account in goldmoney to do this.

        Build in a 2% inflationary adjustment in the total number of bills circulating ie print an extra 2% of notes each year without backing them in silver to keep up the velocity of money. Use profits from some sort of fee structure to return the investment to the community bond holder.

        Let us know how you get on. I think it would work beautifully.


        • Interesting Michael

          However as explained below substituting a bill for gold or silver is simply a currency. A bill yes but not by definition a real bill. A money bill acts as a medium of exchange, yes, but only represents the money backing it. It used to be redeemable, stating “I promise to pay the bearer on demand” (for example) One pound of silver. This it no longer does and so represents nothing of any value.

          A Real Bill represents the value of a product or service just sold in the economy. If the signature on the 90 day bill is credit worthy and sure to be redeemed then the bill can be discounted by a money lender and exchanged for cash in advance of the redemption of the bill.

          Yes a money system could be created backed by silver coin. However adding 2% to the number of bills (notes) without increasing the corresponding amount of silver backing it is inflationary and fraudulent. Each bill(note) will be worth less silver. How do you honestly represent that 102 notes be redeemable for 102 ounces of silver when there are only 100 ounces available to be redeemed. you have just crossed the line from honest money to fraudulent dishonest money.

          Because the one ounce silver will react by itself to inflationary pressure there will be no depreciation of the buying power of the one ounce of silver. That is one of the points about precious metal money, there is no inflation created or needed. There is always enough in circulation to accomplish the desired economic activity.

          There is always a stock of PM that is not circulating as money. If the demand for money increases then the buying power will increase. That will encourage others to release PM into circulation and thus fulfilling the need. If demand for money decreases then the buying power of the PM money falls and costs more silver ounces. This will cause some to not buy and remove money from circulation that increasing its buying power again. As this is a natural occurrence there is no need to regulate the amount of money in circulation. It is self regulating. Thus two major functions of the central bankers is removed. The production of money and the regulation thereof.

          The velocity of money has nothing to do with the amount of money in circulation. The velocity is a statement of the number of times the note or coin is used to enable a transaction, or acts as a medium of exchange. A singe 10 Euro note may change hands ten time in a night in a pub where locals meeting to settle their debts. 10 people from the village all did 10 Euro worth of work for each other. They stand in a circle drinking a pint chatting. One turns to another and says ,”Do you have the 10 EURO you owe me? Yes he says. Good says the other, I owe Padraic 10 Euro so now I can pay him. It turns out that as each owed the the other next to him 10 Euro, that 10 EURO note made the rounds to all 10 people ending up in the same pocket where it came from.
          The note did its job as a medium of exchange with very high velocity and all were satisfied.
          At the same time the amount of currency could have doubled or trebled and the settlement not been made as some decide to keep, save, hoard the note and not pay their debt.
          It is a total misapprehension to say that to increase the economy the money supply must be increased.

          Increasing the money supply is in fact negative as it devalues the currency without any other effect on the economy. Increasing the money supply does not increase the wealth. It simply diluted the value of the money.
          It is wealth effect is illusory as it now takes more currency to state the same amount of wealth. It is the currency is worth less not the value of the goods increased.
          Our currencies are constantly being added to and so decreasing in value. Inflation is inflating the amount of money issued. It is also a measurement of the devaluation of your buying power. Such practice punishes savers and the prudent and rewards the spendthrift and reckless. It is a major reason we have become “consumers” rather than “producers” .

          • that increasing = thus increasing

          • michaelcoughlan

            “The velocity of money has nothing to do with the amount of money in circulation. ”

            Of course it does. If the supply of currency is dropping as in a hoarding situation then by extension there is less cash circulating so the total velocity is reducing unless the remaining number of notes increase in velocity.

          • michaelcoughlan

            “If the demand for money increases then the buying power will increase. That will encourage others to release PM into circulation and thus fulfilling the need. If demand for money decreases then the buying power of the PM money falls and costs more silver ounces. This will cause some to not buy and remove money from circulation that increasing its buying power again.”

            This is backwards. Ask an Irish farmer producing heifers. If the price at the factory for heifers is rising the farmers hold back supply and wait until the price tops out. Its only when the price starts to drop that the farmers see the tide ebbing and flood the factory with heifers. The factories know this so when they want to get more heifers they start to drop the price.

          • michaelcoughlan

            “How do you honestly represent that 102 notes be redeemable for 102 ounces of silver when there are only 100 ounces available to be redeemed. you have just crossed the line from honest money to fraudulent dishonest money.”

            This is a misunderstanding of what I said. I didn’t suggest for a minute to con anyone. The 2% would be the discounted value required to cover the cost of issuing the bills. Since the currency would be depreciating it would encourage citizens to keep spending the currency preventing the hoarding of money. Of they know this from the start there is no fraudulent activity taking place.

            The money lender at the fair for example gets his cut for providing the exchange function. The reduction in the value of the currency would be worked into the cost of doing business.


          • Velocity is speed. It has ZERO to do with volume.
            A jet loaded with fuel sitting on the runway has zero velocity.
            A jet in full flight has mach2 velocity.
            It has the same volume or weight.
            You can load the world with more currency but is nobody spends it there is no velocity.
            So called currency in circulation could be doing anything or nothing.
            As I described before about the 10 euro bill. It can solve the obligation of none or ten depending on velocity.

            “”It can refer to the income velocity of money, which is the frequency at which the average unit of currency is used to purchase newly domestically-produced goods and services within a given time period. In other words, it is the number of times one unit of money is spent to buy goods and services per unit of time.
            Velocity of money – Wikipedia

          • Ask an Irish farmer producing heifers. If the price at the factory for heifers is rising the farmers hold back supply.

            That is not according to the law of economics just the perversity of Irish farmers.

            I suggest to you that if the price for heifers dropped that the farmer would withhold beef from the market. However if the price was up he would sell unless he thought it would be higher again next week, so may wait a week.
            But I suggest to you that if you were silly enough to offer a farmer double the market price for his heifers you would be loaded with all his stock in a heartbeat. Then he would be off to the market to restock at half the price you just paid him and would pocket the balance of the cash.OR he might double his stock and come looking to you as a sucker to buy some more overpriced stock.

          • “” Since the currency would be depreciating it would encourage citizens to keep spending the currency preventing the hoarding of money. Of they know this from the start there is no fraudulent activity taking place.
            The money lender at the fair for example gets his cut for providing the exchange function. The reduction in the value of the currency would be worked into the cost of doing business.”"
            There is no depreciation of currency if the amount is static. The minute you increase the amount of currency you introduce inflation. In fact that is inflation the act of expanding the amount.
            The fair organizer is not a money lender. He provides a central location for settlement and issues tokens or certificates to an individual representing the value of his goods. This is not a loan , just a certificate stating the value of the goods.

      • I hate to say this Michael, but you are totally confused about the real bills doctrine. (But I thank you for presenting you thoughts for discussion and understanding. It is far preferable to total silence)

        Real bills are backed by goods not metal. Please read it all again and sort out the difference to bills created on the sale of goods which represents the value of those goods. The other bill you have confused with is the bill we use as currency which used to be based on being redeemable in gold or silver but no longer is making it a valueless piece of irredeemable paper. Bonds have nothing to do with the Real Bills Doctrine.

        The Real Bills doctrine allows trade without the use of money until the final sale to the consumer.
        In a trade fair the real bills(or tokens) are used to trade (a medium of exchange) goods for other goods and if there is an excess or deficit by the end of the fair only the balance has to be settled in cash.

        Here is Hugo Salinas Price description of how tokens or bills of exchange operate at the fair.


        An extract..
        “Merchants arrived at the fairs which were held periodically in medieval Europe [I am indebted to Antal E. Fekete for this example] bearing very little gold or silver; they brought with them only the merchandise which they wished to sell at the fairs and came looking for other merchandise which they wished to buy. They brought little money, because it was dangerous to travel with gold or silver.
        Upon arrival at the fair, the merchants went to a center where they could obtain “means of exchange” which were of the nature of vouchers or tokens for the approximate value of their wares. They registered their receipt of the tokens at this center.
        With these tokens or vouchers, they obtained the goods they wished to buy, and when they sold their own wares, they received such tokens in exchange.
        When the fair was over, each merchant had to return the vouchers or tokens received at the center established for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of merchandise in order to cancel their obligation. If a merchant presented for redemption more vouchers or tokens than he had received, he was given gold or silver for the difference. Conversely, if he did not have sufficient vouchers or tokens to cancel his obligation, he had to pay for the difference, in gold or silver. All merchants strived to make such exchanges of merchandise as would not obligate them either to collect gold or silver, or to pay it up to compensate for a lack of tokens.”-HSP

        Here is the Antal Fekete essay for those interested.


        • When nations operated under the gold standard there was a similar operation as at the fair. At the fair most participants traded goods for like value. They took goods of value X and bought goods of an equal value X. no money was needed just a medium of exchange.

          In the gold standard era nations did likewise, using Real Bills, with only the excesses or deficits being settled in gold. Little gold changed countries. Those countries without any gold still traded but had to be careful to buy no more goods than they sold.(Value X sold and value X bought) Those that did buy more had to settle in gold so depleting their supply of gold. Those nations selling more than they bought accumulated gold but only to the extent that other nations had gold with which they could settle .
          Thus huge trade excesses could not happen as they do today. The US would not be able to buy trillions of products more than they produced if forced to pay in gold. The imbalances of international trade could thus be avoided.

          Today the US has trillions of dollars worth of notes held by others which are actually worthless. By declaring a reset in currency value the US will never have to redeem their outstanding debt. By reneging on the debt they will have obtained goods by fraud not fair trade.

          (China, in particular, sees the problem and they rapidly accumulate gold to offset their paper US debt anticipated losses. They will also divest themselves of as much of the outstanding US debt as they can without disrupting the market, at least before it crashes.)

          The gold standard would not allow that to happen. The US would have quickly run out of gold with which to pay for the goods and therefore the production of those goods would either not have happened (a reallocation of resources would take place) or the goods would have been bought elsewhere. And/Or the US would have produced the goods themselves for their own account.

          It is apparent that going off the gold standard allowed a credit based boom in the world economy based upon bills of credit that cannot and will never be redeemed. There has been a giant miss-allocation of resources because of unlimited credit. In other words the current economy is a gigantic fraud based upon a Ponzi scheme of irredeemable money.

          It’s collapse is inevitable and can only be deferred, not prevented by central bank and political manipulation.

          Will we learn our lesson and turn away from fraudulent money? Not if the central bank controllers have their way. There will be a simple wipe out of the phony paper ethereal “wealth”, devastating hundreds of millions of middle class people, to be replaced with another “paper” scheme but this time not with national currencies but with a one world government Special drawing rights controlled by the central bankers central bank, the BIS, the Bank of International Settlement.

          The noose tightens.

        • michaelcoughlan

          “In a trade fair the real bills(or tokens) are used to trade (a medium of exchange) goods for other goods and if there is an excess or deficit by the end of the fair only the balance has to be settled in cash.”

          The same effect as introducing a local currency the bills are local to the trade fair.

          • Except it is not an outside source intrducing a local currency. They are bills issued only to the owner of stock for sale that reflect the value of that stock. As such it is tempoarary money issued backed by a commodity.

      • “One other thing Tony. I more and more don’t believe there will be the great wipe out crash that the doomsdayers are predicting. What I have come to conclude is that in the event of the fiat monies of this world going to zero people will organise on a local scale and ec riegal style will issue their own local currencies on a real bills doctrine basis and life will go on.”

        You may well be correct here Michael but one thing to remember is that life may go on with your savings and money in account, in the old fiat currency, wiped out.

    • I would be wasting my breath even trying to reason with you Tony – you have been brainwashed by a bunch of charlatans whose main motivation is scamming vulnerable pensioners by flogging them useless ‘premium collector’s coins’. It’s a great wheeze.

      Tell me Tony, practically speaking, what is gold ever going to do for you personally? Apart from looking good on your sideboard and giving you something to talk about?

      • Bull shit baffles brains Adam.

        You assign base motive to me where there is none.

        You have no reasonable argument to present to be discussed. There is a total discussion that has zero to do with individuals ans everything to do with the economic rape and pillage of societies everywhere.

        What I may ask are you looking at on your sideboard other than a computer flashing Bit coin messages. As I said before, Bitcoin may work, and good luck. It was designed with all the attributes of gold except it isn’t. But as such it is an imitation of gold and not the genuine article. Paste jewelry can look very fine but it is not diamond and never will be. In the meantime it may impress your friends. But you will never take a Bit Coin out and admire it on the sideboard.

        • I never mentioned Bitcoin Tony, you brought it up again, not me. Not sure why.

          • Simple. The basic characteristics of Bitcoin were designed to duplicate the properties of gold. This was accomplished except for the crucial point that it relies on electronic pulses to exist and gold is a basic element. Golds is immutable, indestructible.Bitcoin is not. I agree either can be lost.
            Gold can be used by anyone whereas Bitcoin requires access to the web.
            As a gold substitute Bitcoin may have great utility but then it may be removed from possession by being denied access to a computer.
            Interestingly there are now blockchain operated proposals to buy and sell gold. The danger to that is there is no guarantee that fractional reserve banking practices may result in the same problem as the COMEX

            The only thing that is guaranteed is physical possession and that includes money, as well as personal possessions. There is only one source of money that can be held in personal possession. Hard Cash. The rest can be devalued overnight.

      • https://www.marketslant.com/articles/draft-greenspan-original-post

        From the article: Gold Standard Needed Now More Than Ever? – Alan Greenspan Comments

        It would be best not to be short-sighted when it comes to gold; at least that is what one former Fed chair says.

        “[T]he risk of inflation is beginning to rise…Significant increases in inflation will ultimately increase the price of gold,” noted Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve chairman from 1987 to 2006, in an interview published in the World Gold Council’s Gold Investor February issue.

        “Investment in gold now is insurance. It’s not for short-term gain, but for long-term protection.”

        However, it is really the idea of returning to a gold standard that Greenspan focused on — a gold standard that he said would help mitigate risks of an “unstable fiscal system” like the one we have today.

        “Today, going back on to the gold standard would be perceived as an act of desperation. But if the gold standard were in place today, we would not have reached the situation in which we now find ourselves,” he said.

        “We would never have reached this position of extreme indebtedness were we on the gold standard, because the gold standard is a way of ensuring that fiscal policy never gets out of line.”

        To Greenspan, the reason why the gold standard hasn’t worked in the past actually has nothing to do with the metal itself.

        “[T]here is a widespread view that the 19th Century gold standard didn’t work. I think that’s like wearing the wrong size shoes and saying the shoes are uncomfortable!” he said. “It wasn’t the gold standard that failed; it was politics.”

  38. Truthist

    Of course, whether the following is true or not, NATO & others “cryptically” involved manufactured the breakup of Yugoslavia for Geopolitical reasons.
    Just like they are trying to do to Syria ;
    1 of the objectives with Syria is to “Balkanize” it ;
    Break up Syria as was done to Yugoslavia.

    I wonder could they do so to Poland ?

    Hey, they’ve done it to Ireland ;
    The problem we have with the “grumpy Theologians” is one they can crank up whenever to suit their purposes.
    For sure, they wish to restrict Ireland from being a vibrant Catholic contiguous island.

    More than 4 million innocent muslims killed in the “War on Terror”; where is the outrage?

    Social engineering in the West; the shutting down of human consciousness.

    15 December 2016
    Geopolitics & New World Order

    Srebrenica, another dirty pack of lies to legitimize and cover up NATO warcrimes.

    Willem Felderhof

    The myth of Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism

    “In the West, the popular mythology about 7,000-8,000 Muslim men being executed in Srebrenica in 1995 is still alive and well, but independent research shows some 2,000 Bosnian Muslim fighters were killed in battle for Srebrenica and that is the number of bodies Hague investigators were able to find”, said Swiss researcher Alexander Dorin, who heroically has been investigating Srebrenica events for over 14 years.

    In his book titled “Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism” (Srebrenica — die Geschichte eines salonfahigen Rassismus) published in 2009 in Berlin, Dorin focuses on manipulations with the number of Muslims who lost their lives in Srebrenica.

    “Regarding the events in Srebrenica in 1995, the media manipulations still reign in the West, claiming that after the town fell to Serbian hands some 7,000 to 8,000 of Muslim fighters and male civilians were killed. However, the researchers around the world have shown this bears no relation to the truth at all,” Dorin told Srna News Agency.

    According to data he had gathered, Dorin discovered that at least 2,000 Muslim fighters were killed in battle for Srebrenica. He added the facts are showing that neither civilian nor military leadership of Republic of Srpska (Serb Republic in Bosnia-Herzegovina) ever ordered execution of the Muslim fighters and POWs.

    “2,000 is approximately the number of bodies Hague investigators were able to find up to this day. To that number the Muslim side added several hundred Muslim fighters, most of whom came from abroad, who were killed in battle few years before the fall of Srebrenica, in Han Pijesak and Konjevi? Polje,” Dorin said, adding that this is evidenced even by the Muslim documents captured by the Bosnian Serb Army. So neither massacre, nor genocide during and after the fall of Srebrenica. Just a nasty pack of lies to legitimize the disgusting 78 day round the clock bombing campaign of the Serbian people by the biggest aggressor and failed state producer of today; NATO.


  39. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/23/trump-suggests-he-wants-a-weak-dollar-to-help-us-exporters.html

    Bring on the currency wars. Inflation will rise. The only way to lower the value of a currency is to have a lousy balance of trade and a massive increase in money production. The US should soon be at the bottom of the heap as they ruin the dollar. It is now official policy.

  40. shafoid

    Whatever happened to David’s Sunday Business Post articles? I have noticed that there is only one article per week here for the last few weeks, the one he writes for the Irish Independent. Perhaps that is why his blog has come to be dominated by a small number of guest posters. I would prefer to read more of David McWilliams and less of his guests.

  41. “Our era is dominated by heads of privately owned central banks and their ever-devaluing fiat currencies. Their fiat currencies money system has made them fabulously rich…the accomplice governments big and powerful…and populaces less free and more poor. It is not that a gold standard has been tried and found wanting; but that it is not wanted and no longer tried. Regardless of its superiority, a gold standard is inferior to gold coins and silver coins as money. The exclusive use of such coins is mandated by article 1, sections 8 and 10, of the U.S. Constitution. That mandate precludes all alternatives, including a gold standard.” — James Robert Rodgers, February 23, 2017

  42. http://usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-2-24-17-greg-hunter/

    MSM Lies about Illegal Aliens, Most Americans Don’t Want Illegals, Trump Trapped-Gold Will Soar

  43. http://russia-insider.com/en/worlds-1-financial-daily-russia-hoarding-gold-because-it-understands-western-world-has-insane

    FT’s parting piece of advice: Because of the west’s “unsustainable debt”, everyone should follow Russia’s example — buy gold.

    Here is the relevant nugget of gold from FT columnist Merryn Somerset Webb:

    [T]he Russian stock market — despite its stellar year — is cheap, unloved and under-owned. So you should buck the trend by at least owning a little of it.
    On to the last thing, gold. The case here is very, very simple. The western world has insane amounts of debt (the UK debt-to-GDP ratio is still 85 per cent — and that’s before you even start on unfunded liabilities). History tells us that one way or another unsustainable debt is dealt with by inflation. Gold is the best hedge there is against that. I still hold it — physically and in the form of exchange traded funds — and I will until the finances of our governments are firmly under control. So probably forever.
    Russia is ten steps ahead of you.

    2017 is going to be a hell of a year.

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