February 12, 2017

Ireland's financial destiny is in the hands of angry French voters - this is what we must do if the euro breaks up

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This time last year, only a few of us were suggesting that Brexit was likely. The mainstream view was that it couldn’t possibly happen. But it did. And so too did Trump. When this column argued in June that “we should prepare for President Trump”, one or two local talk shows chuckled and sneered at the mere suggestion that such a creature could inhabit the White House. But he is there.

In December, the Italian electorate revolted against its government – again the view of ‘sensible’ people was that bolshie Italians would see reason. But they didn’t.

Back home, this time last year, it was widely considered Fine Gael had done enough to return more muscularly to power. Instead, badly mauled, Fine Gael limped over the line, propped up by Independents.

Are all these phenomena in very different countries – miles away from each other with profoundly different electoral systems and deeply contrasting social models – in any way related?

Do ideas – as much as people, goods and capital – move freely across borders? Does the election of a new leader with radical views in one country embolden the electorate in another country? Does the rise of a different sort of politician in one country give the electorate of another country the ‘permission’ to vote for a radical politician even if conditions on the ground or solutions offered are not quite the same?

The next stop on this political whirlwind will be the Netherlands next month; and the big one, of course, is France. In less than 70 days, France goes to the polls and only an idiot would rule out Marine Le Pen’s chances.

It was the great French romantic poet and novelist Victor Hugo who declared: “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”

Do you get the feeling that we are living through epochal change, where one great idea is about to be replaced by another? Are we experiencing the irresistible force of an idea whose time has come?

The big idea whose time has come is nationalism and a desire to insulate a population that is threatened by globalisation. The big idea is not fixed or immutable, but rather is a scorecard of legitimate grievances that working people feel. This means immigration to some, job insecurity to others. It means cultural dilution to some and capacity pressure on the welfare state to others. It means a fall in living standards to some and a rise in inequality to others. Although it’s unlikely to be a universal panacea, electorates are looking for the state to protect them from these forces, which are generally being blamed on globalisation.

People want to be protected by a strong sovereign state from the threats that they feel are now ubiquitous, so protectionism replaces free trade, localism replaces globalism, borders replace openness, and nationalism and the heartland replace multinational and one-world solutions.

Ms Le Pen represents the alternative and she is a powerful political force, articulate, reasonable and highly electable. She wants France to leave the euro the day after she gets elected, she wants to tell the EU Commission to back off and she wants to kick-start French industry by allowing the French government to explicitly buy French manufacturing goods and to subsidise French industry. Both EU competition law and EU state-aid provisions prohibit such policies.

For Ms Le Pen, it is up to the EU to change, not France.

For Ireland, the most immediate consequence of a Le Pen victory would be the euro. She believes – and rightly so – that the euro has been a disaster for France and a boon for Germany. If she sticks to her commitment to print French Francs, the euro is over. The euro without France is not the euro because it ceases even to satisfy the basic pretence that it is a pan-European currency. Without France, there is no political point to the euro because remember, the currency was conceived as the monetary facilitator of political integration.

A decade ago, the elites of southern European countries calculated that if the prize was European political integration (the big idea at the time), that the price of German economic and monetary domination would have been worth it. If France now heads off on a nationalistic path, the whole EU integration plan is in tatters. Remember, this could all come to pass before June.

What happens then?

The first thing to happen in the case of a Le Pen victory is that money will flood out of all non-German members of the euro. Italy will face a massive bond crisis, presaging default fears. Greece will be gone. Spain and Portugal will experience similar bond crises, and so too will Ireland.

The reason for this is that a bond is a 10- or 20-year IOU. For Ireland, the bond states that the Irish State will pay the investor back a certain amount in euro. But if the euro itself is breaking up from the centre, why would anyone bet on an English-speaking periphery country where ties to the UK and the US – two countries where the administrations are implacably opposed to the EU – are extremely strong?

The ECB will try to keep the entire enterprise together by buying all the bonds that scared investors are dumping. But liquidity in the non-German eurozone will dry up. There will be a run, not on the banks, but on the remaining countries of the euro. This flight of capital will be most violent in southern Europe, but it will be dramatic here too. In this case, there are two options.

The first is a lurch towards a deeper political union in the remaining euro countries around Germany. This will be done in an effort to staunch the financial haemorrhaging by stating clearly that Germany will backstop a smaller European Union of countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, without France.

Is Anglo/American Atlantic Ireland a likely candidate for that Teutonic League? Not really. And anyway, why would Germany bother with this when, after all, it is really interested in a single market of 350 million to sell its goods. German voters didn’t abandon the Deutsche Mark for the promise of some shrunken political union. Meanwhile, the Latin countries will protest their faith in the euro, but no one will believe them or at least no one will risk money and bet on them remaining within the euro.

The second option is that central banks get busy printing new currencies, just in case. With France already out of the euro and Britain out of the EU, the question would be, who’s next? What do we do in this case? Well, we’d certainly need to have new Punts printed.

You may think this scenario fanciful. I wish it was and ultimately it will be if Ms Le Pen doesn’t win.

But look at the odds. Today, Paddy Power is offering 9/4 on Ms Le Pen. Neither Brexit nor Donald Trump had such short odds this far out from polling day.

Granted, it might not happen, but it could easily. Ireland’s monetary future and our financial security is now down to the whims of angry French voters. Surely we should be prepared or have a plan, don’t you think?

Maybe we should start by letting them win at the Aviva in two weeks’ time.

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OORHlfOTpYk

    Gerald Celente on a rampage. Interesting to listen to.

    “Published on Feb 14, 2017
    Top Trends researcher Gerald Celente says that Trump is inheriting a U.S. and global economy that is bullish for gold prices. Celente explains, “The debt crisis continues to build. The people are in an uproar about getting their pensions robbed from them. There are more taxes on them to give the money to the banks that did the dirty deals. Look beyond the United States, and we do not give financial advice, gold is the ultimate safe haven asset in a time of economic turmoil and geopolitical instability. . . . Our forecast for gold, and let’s say the price is $1,240 per ounce, the downside is another $100 to $150 per ounce. It cost more than that to pull it out of the ground. So, it’s not going to go much lower than that ($1,240) . . . . That’s no downside risk. Here’s our forecast on the upside. Gold has to break above $1,400 per ounce and solidify over that price, somewhere in the $1,440 to 1,480 range. Once it solidifies in that range, we are saying it’s going to spike to over $2,000 per ounce. That’s our forecast, and we have been saying that for the better part of a year and a half.”

  2. Truthist

    Freemasonry’s Vast Influence over America part 1 of 6


  3. Truthist



    The effective President “in the White House” — Mr. Jared Kushner [ Husband of Ivanka Trump ] IS DOING BIZ WITH the ostensible enemy Soros.

    Irish Times is referred to in this article.

    Henry Makow — Jew by ethnicity — who had 2 grandparents [ Jews ] die in Nazi concentration camps objects to the following description of Soros as “Holocaust survivor” ;
    Nay, say Makow ;
    Soros was a Nazi, & is.

    31 Jan 2017

    Jewish Business News

    George Soros Backed Jared Kushner Venture Cadre With $250 Million

    It turns out that George Soros is the money behind a new real estate venture called Cadre which was founded by Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner and his brother Joshua Kushner.

    The Real Deal has uncovered the fact that George Soros was the man who provided Cadre with a $259 million line of credit. A source told the publication, “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.”

    The financing was provided; even though, Soros has called President Trump a “would-be dictator.”

    Cadre is an online marketplace that connects investors and operators of real estate. The company states that it enables investors to sell their interest on the secondary marketplace, thereby introducing liquidity into an antiquated industry. Cadre was founded by Ryan Williams, and Josh and Jared Kushner, and was launched in 2014.

    While George Soros has provided the venture with credit, the company has so far raised $68.3 million in 2 rounds from 8 different investors, including $50 million in a series B closed just last month.

    So why exactly would George Soros agree to help a new venture from Jared Kushner who is now serving as an advisor in the Donald Trump White House? After all, Soros and Trump really seem to hate one another. Well its like the famous line from “The Godfather”: Its just business, nothing personal.

    Besides, George Soros offered credit to Jared Kushner and his brother Joshua Kushner and not Donald Trump.

    In other George Soros news, The Irish Times is reporting that the 86 year old is now in an all out war with Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban over the latter’s attempts to limit immigration and safe haven for refugees in his country. Ironically, Orban once benefited from a scholarship provided by the Soros Foundation. George Soros was born in Hungary.

    As a Holocaust survivor, Soros is especially sensitive to the plight of refugees around the world, something which can hardly be said about Hungary’s current government.

    Viktor Orban built a new border fence to keep people out of Hungary just as Donald Trump would like to build a wall along America’s border with Mexico. Orban is, of course, a fan of Donald Trump while George Soros has condemned both men for their immigration policies. Orban has been accused of copying Vladimir Putin by attempting to subvert Hungarian democracy and make himself into a dictator. This is something which Soros fears Donald Trump wishes to do.

    For all these reasons, George Soros sees Donald Trump as another Viktor Orban.

    Orban has accused George Soros of using the Soros financed NGO Open Society Initiative for Europe to destabilize his regime. Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told The Irish Times, “Soros calls himself Viktor Orban’s opposition, and announces that he is engaged in a campaign with a view to altering the internal political scene in Hungary. This is something that must be duly evaluated in the national security committee.”

    If what has happened in Hungary in recent years really is a template for what Donald Trump might try to do in America, then George Soros is certainly ready to fight against this.


  4. mike flannelly


    RTE keep telling us that they want an election. They tell us that this govnt chosen by the people is not suitable.
    When the substantive issues were rent caps or Tusla/ public service corrupt culture, RTE divert to FG leadership. RTE clearly demote the substantive issues.

    The reason I like this type of government is that there is accountability in the system. The system/civil servants have not got an overall majority.

    RTE dont like accountability.

    RTE did not ask Ruth Coppinger, Paul Murphy , Richard Boyd Barrett or journalists like Gene Kerrigan to go down to Leixlip and explain their jobs strategy to the public. Tell to the median earning workers of Ireland the jobs that they are going to bring to Leixlip.

    RTE’s down with that sort of thing is their policy but not a REAL strategy.

    Im no fan of some policies that Michael Noonan or Enda Kenny have but they need to run FG. Not RTE.

    RTE are good at operation transformation but “dance around the handbags” with regard to abuse.

    RTE have NEVER had a prog about the 200bn national debt and the 7bn annual repayments.

    RTE or LEO gave never mentioned that Ireland has 38% more nurses than the OECD average and a ratio of 4.5 nurses to one bed.

    The OECD average is 1.8 nurses per bed.

    Congestion in our hospitals has cost 350 lives we are told.

    Who should resign in RTE for not asking core questions of our health service?
    The substantive issue for congestion is the number of beds and nurses.
    Why have RTE ommitted the OECD figures that show Ireland have twice the OECD ratio of nurses to beds?

    RTE have a duty of care to 4.8 million citizens.

    For the last 20 years RTE have never giving ” DETAILED” International comparisions with regard to the salaries, pensions and lump sums of public servants. This is core information for our 4.8 million citizens.

    RTE omit a lot of core information and we know that Irish news with ommission is just ” LEPRECHAUN news”

    FG need to stand up for themselves and ignore media that ignore substantive issues.

  5. Truthist

    Ted Cruz DESTROYS Bernie Sanders over the scam known as Obamacare.


    • Offshoot connection to above video produced this disclosure of mass arrests around the world as the peadaphile industry is being rooted out.


      • Truthist

        Vast majority are men ;
        But, I suspect there are many female academics also but for some reason or other have escaped justice.
        Soon, I will give yee link[s] where certain folks are “mis”reported.
        SHANE ON THEM.


        • Truthist

          We are very familiar with the sex abusers who have infiltrated the Catholic Church ;
          Heck Andrew Gormley Mooney highlights about that aspect very very much.

          Here, is pedophile & other deviance facts emanating from the Banksters’ camp ;



        • Truthist

          Apologies to all for my recent sloppy use of grammar & English language vocabulary ;
          Obviously not up to my usual standards.

          I aim to get my act together soon.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            And obviously not to Shame’s standards. He (or rather them, as I smell a larger organisation) traces people’s spelling mistakes going back years (and sometimes making up some and attributing it to them), and yet he himself manages to make a spelling (or/and logical mistakes) in almost every post, much more often then people who he cyber-bullies, despite writing less than 1/100 of people he criticises.

            I think that he still, after a few days, does not understand why his request for a filter to select irrelevant users in order to avoid them is illogical – something you, despite (I assume – I might be wrong), not having a special logical training, have grasped at your first glance, and so did 99% of this blog’s readers.

            Stultorum infinitus est numerus…

          • Truthist


            I have not completed formal high education ;
            Let alone achieved certification in same.

            And, thus, no training in logic, inter alia.

            But, I did get a deep education in “the absurd” from enduring the Irish civil service, & the Irish professional class, & corporate Ireland, & landlordism [ crass landlords ( not all, thankfully ), crass neighbouring tenants ( not all, thankfully ), crass government agents ( Civil Service & Quangos ) ], greedy employers [ not all, thankfully ], prevaricating union officials [ not all, thankfully ], … inter alia.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Now you’ve forced me to watch the entire debate (some day). I didn’t know that these two had a debate.

      When the International health services ratings produced (in 2009) a Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI), Canada was ranked very low – in the last 10, below Greece, , UK, way below Ireland (661), Czech Republic and Estonia (Canada 549, Estonia 674). Top were Netherland, Austria, Luxembourg and Denmark. All four have have separated provider of services (mixed models of private, publicly-owned but independent, locally-owned & non-profit) from payee (state) for services. Ireland has all primary, emergency and non-elective medical service providers being captured by the state.
      Interestingly, Canada was one the absolutely worst in patients rights and access to information.

      But maybe Tony (the intelligent Tony – Tony Brogan) will be able to confirm or deny it. It is always different to hear a first hand experience.

      People from Ireland who go to Cuba (I know a few) and wax lyrical about their fantastic health system (also on the radio, and also President Michael U.S.S.R. Higgins) are looked at with a mixture of dismay and pity by native Cubans and eastern Europeans who know what a ‘spiel’ is in Cuba with the ‘excellent’ health system – they bring tourists and they show the best hospitals in the country for the commi elites (a bit like in that Yuri Bezmenov video I posted).

      The poor tourist fools do not realise that in a system of fully socialised medicene, you have to bribe the hospital to take you, otherwise they’ll still take you (they have to) – but you’d be on a line list somewhere next year. Then they appear on Finucane’s show as ‘experts’ on Cuba – because they spent 2 weeks there banging cheap prostitutes and saw one hospital.
      People in the past did not have this arrogance to have an opinion on things they did not fully researched.

      Socialist Poland also had excellent achievements in healthcare – when it comes to oncology and heart diseases, it is still probably in top 5 in the world when it comes to technology (for example the famous Zbigniew Religa was the first surgeon to graft an artificial valve created from materials taken from human corpses – in June 1995).


      We are talking about 3-4 clinics in Poland.

      The rest of Polish healthcare s u c k e d in socialist Poland, and still sucks (private clinics are, for a change, excellent – sadly only western Europeans and commi spies families can afford them).

      It’s corrupted (the socialist healthcare in Poland) – a mixture of ridiculously rich doctors and scandalously underpaid, overworked nurses and young doctors.

      As a result

      Every Pole pays 600 euro from his taxes a year on socialised healthcare


      he or she still has to pay privately if they want to be treated

      I heard that apparently those who go through clinical death and come back, a lot of them want to change their lives and work in medicine, treating people and saving their lives.

      Some of them were even Wall Street millionaires who dropped stock exchange into helping people for a fraction of their money.

      This should come as a warning rather than a curious fact to marvel and laugh.

      • I do not have a lot of information about the Canada health plan.

        The first thing to remember is that heath is the jurisdiction of the Provinces. All provinces act as independent states for all internal matters such as education, medicine, policing, roads transport etc. The national entity has the foreign affairs and national defense etc.

        The federal government intrudes as as often as it can in provincial affairs and so wanting a national health care plan bribed the provinces saying it would pay 50% of the costs. Now in action many years the fed share is”The Canada Health Transfer provided $30.5 billion for health programs, representing about 11 cents of each tax dollar spent.”

        Some provinces have a heath care premium payable . There is a means test . Income 22000 or less for n individual does not pay the BC 850 dollars a year. Dental in not included.

        Doctors are in short supply. Most not taking new patients. Those without a doctor as reduced to a clinic or emergency situation in a hospital. Most wait times for selective necessary surgery is months or years. Emergency operation is immediate, as is heart attack, stroke etc.

        Personally my doctor is now 3-4 hours away as I could not get another here where I live but I have a hospital with ER just a half mile away.

        Anecdotally, my sister in England is crippled by a degenerated hip and nothing done yet. My brother in Bulgaria says the medical system is good there but he has made a friend of a med doctor who guides him with friendship toward the right place to go.
        In Canada, health care is eating a larger and larger share of the provincial budgets. It is unsustainable in the longer run.



        • Coincidentally just talked to a neighbour two houses away. She is going in for a hip replacement, her third.
          She said her wait time since the booking is 15 months. The surgeon is busy enough that the General practitioner waits 13 months before getting a consultation. It sounds as if one might wait 2-2.5 years in total. It is better to book earlier than later before there is a real problem.

      • http://business.financialpost.com/fp-comment/tommy-douglas-would-not-be-happy-with-our-system-dr-brian-day-on-his-fight-for-medicare-freedom

        I am not aware or was not aware that I am prohibited from getting private care. The argument seems to be that there is a government monopoly in health care and no parallel private system is allowed.

        ( incidentally it is the same world wide in the use of monopoly money systems.)

        I believe I can avail myself of a private clinic if I pay the high fees. Professional athletes have private services available to them not available to the general public except at great cost.

  6. http://www.internationalman.com/articles/trump-left-saudi-arabia-off-his-immigration-ban-heres-the-shocking-reason

    Will this information play a part in how you plan your future as an individual. The state is not going to be of any help to you.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Or the House of Saud could implode. I think that’s inevitable anyway, given the colossal economic and military mistakes it’s made recently.”

      That’s why I think that President Obama’s agreement with Iran – even if giving Iran too much (I didn’t analysize the details – so I say “even if”) – was one of the very, very, very few good moves President Obama has done for 8 years. And that President Trump wanting to undo it is a geopolitical mistake.

      But maybe President Trump cannot do otherwise other than to piss of Iran (like I explained in details many times, Saudi Arabia has good relation with both Israel and Russia – and it is important for President Trump to have good relations with both (I mean, with Israel he might not have a choice due to AIPEC)?

      Btw, you might or might not remember when the Saudi Arabian minister was ensuring that their budget can withstand $20 oil for 8 years. Well, it is $40-$50 for only two years – and Saudis are cracking up.

      I wonder if they were bluffing or were bullshitting themselves?

      But yea – “Or the House of Saud could implode” – THAT would cause bigger fireworks than Tunisia, Egypt, Libia and Syria combined! N o t because Israel or Saudi Arabia are that important or that I would care about them too much, but because THIS WOULD DESTROY THE ENTIRE WOBBLY BALANCE OF POWER in the Middle East = chaos = vacuum = powers fighting to fill the vacuum. It’s not necessarily that the collapse of petrodollars must mean transition to gold-based currency – it might mean a long period of chaos, still with fiat.


      Should the House of Saud implode – Israel will implode too.
      I am not saying this will be good, I am not saying this will be bad.
      I am saying that this will change our lives into a rather unknown direction.

      “Unwittingly, Saudi Arabia’s actions can be seen as the fulfillment of a messianic Jewish prophecy found in the ancient Jewish holy book known as the Yalkut Shimoni.

      The Yalkut Shimoni, a compilation of rabbinic commentary on the Bible, is believed to have been composed in the 13th century.


      “Rabbi Yizchok said: ‘The year that Melech HaMoshiach [Messiah the King] will be revealed, all the nations of the world will be provoking each other. The King of Persia (Iran) will provoke the King of Arabia, and the King of Arabia will go to Edom (the West) to take counsel, but the King of Persia will in turn, destroy the entire world. The nations of the world will be outraged and panicked. They will fall on their faces, and they will experience pains like birth pangs. Israel too will be outraged and in a state of panic and ask, where do we go?”

  7. “this is what we must do if the euro breaks up”
    This is the instruction!!??

    “Granted, it might not happen, but it could easily. Ireland’s monetary future and our financial security is now down to the whims of angry French voters. Surely we should be prepared or have a plan, don’t you think?

    A protestation that Ireland’s monetary future etc could be down to the whims of angry French voters.

    So what can be done to save the nation from economic and monetary devastation?
    I have not seen or read any solution to this question. The conversation ranges far and wide, but there are no solutions.

    BUT there is something that can be done. The nation adopts an honest money policy and follows the suggestions in the following essay.


    Replace the words relating to Mexico and replace it with the words Irish or Ireland.

    “No one ‘returns’ silver coins: two laws at work
    Hugo Salinas Price
    I translate a recent article of mine (March 7, 2005) published in Spanish at http://www.plata.com.mx, because some readers at the Kitco Gold Forum commented on it, and suggested an electronic translator to translate it into English. That translation is largely incomprehensible and, since there has been interest, I present my translation of that article, into English.
    Since the article was published, the Committee on Ways and Means of the Lower House of Congress of Mexico held a surprise meeting and killed the projected legislation which would have given Mexico a silver coin to use as money. This, at the instigation of the Mexican Central Bank, very concerned that a silver coin might break its monopoly of fiat money issue.
    However, as I said in “Silver’s Three Flags”, it is hard to kill an idea, and excellent legislators who now quite understand the vital importance of re-introducing silver into circulation in Mexico are by no means giving up. A new bill will be presented shortly, and the battle will continue.
    One of the pro-silver legislators was asked to visit the personal secretary of the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox. The reason for the meeting was to inquire, “What happened to the silver bill?”
    The answer was that the only legislation in recent years to obtain the support of all parties, was killed by members of the President’s own party.
    Legislation in Mexico has suffered from a deadlock in recent years, due to party division, and the only legislation obtaining support from all three of the main parties, was: the silver bill!
    I predicted this unifying power of silver, ten years ago, in my first little book, “La Plata, el Camino para México” (“Silver, the Road for Mexico”) and it has been gratifying to see my prediction amply confirmed.
    I should like to point out that, to my knowledge, in this whole wide world the only concrete and viable project dealing with a step forward in monetary matters, since the first breakdown of the gold standard in 1914, is this project to re-introduce a silver coin into circulation in a permanent fashion, alongside fiat money. (See the text of this project, at http://www.goldensextant.com, Reginald Howe’s excellent site.)

  8. We have next a discussion on whether a silver coin will be pulled from circulation and hoarded, and whether it will retain its value.
    It is observed that the coin has a monetary value dictated by government which will never drop in value as it is statutorily guaranteed. The problem is when the value of the metal in the coin rises to a value that is higher than the statutory value or the printed value thereon. At that point all the coins are hoarded and melted down for their market value. The answer is to have no statutory value on the coin but to raise the monetary value of the coin by dictat. Thus the monetary value of the coin is always higher than the market value of the silver.
    Should the value of silver subsequently drop the monetary value remains at its higher value.

    “”The silver coin, thus introduced into circulation in parallel with fiat money, would certainly not solve the world’s ills. It is my opinion that these have no solution and will end in chaos.
    The only thing that can be done – in my view – is for some country to re-introduce silver into circulation so that humans do not forget that silver (and gold, too) can circulate alongside paper money, by means of this “technological breakthrough”.
    What would be accomplished by this measure, would be the building of a bridge of sorts, linking paper money with real money. There is at present no such bridge, nor even a thought of a bridge, but only growing concern and clamor regarding the impending disaster awaiting a world economy based on paper money. Once that bridge is built, however, the path to the totally indispensable return to sound money will have been opened.
    Here is the translation, with slight editing, of the March 7, 2005 article:
    Silver coins with a fiduciary value
    In November of 2004, the Bank of Mexico, Mexico’s Central Bank, sent a document to the Committee on Ways and Means of the Lower House of the Mexican Congress, in which it stated that in the event of a fall in the price of silver, the public would unload upon the Central Bank, large amounts of monetized “Libertads”.
    This prediction is without any foundation whatsoever. In the first place, because “Gresham’s Law” applies invariably, and the public will always prefer to retain money of higher quality under any circumstances; in second place, because the fiduciary value of the monetized coin is independent of the value of the material of which it is made: a $100 peso paper bill will always be worth $100 pesos even if the price of paper falls, and a $10 peso coin will always be worth that, even if the price of copper-nickel falls. In third place, because the monetized silver ounce may be spent by the holder in daily commerce, for which reason it will never be necessary to “return it to the Bank” for exchange.
    The 0.720 Peso
    Let’s take a look at what happened in the past. 458 million silver $1 peso coins were minted in the period 1920-1945. Those silver pesos contained 12 grams of pure silver with a gross weight of 16.66 grams. The fineness was therefore 0.720, by which number they are fondly remembered.
    During those twenty five years, the price of silver fluctuated considerably.
    When the Bank of Mexico was created in 1925, the price of silver was 69.1 US cents per troy ounce, and the price fell as low as 25.4 cents per ounce in 1932.
    Not one single silver peso was ever returned to the Bank of Mexico, during those twenty five years, as a result of a fall in the price of silver.
    Why? The public was satisfied that the value of the $1 peso coin, determined by the Congressional decree that gave it that value, was independent of the value of the metal contained in the coin.
    This $1 peso silver coin was not minted after 1945, because the rise in the peso value of the silver it contained rose above the value of $1 peso engraved upon the coin.
    The coin “States of the Mexican Republic”
    Another live example is the case of the coin called “States of the Mexican Republic”, which was put into circulation by the Bank of Mexico itself, in 2003.
    Its nominal value (we might say its “quote”) is $100 pesos, according to the legislation approved by Congress the 19th of December of 2002.
    The “States of the Mexican Republic” coin contains half an ounce of pure silver. Its legal tender value does not fluctuate with the price of the silver it contains.
    The legal tender value of this coin is independent of the value of the silver it contains. If the price of silver goes down, it is still a $100 peso coin. No one returns it to the Bank of Mexico because the price of silver has gone down.
    This coin has in its favor, the fact that it contains half an ounce of pure silver, which makes it more desirable than a $100 peso paper bill, independently of the fact that it is beautiful and few coins are being minted. Because it contains silver, it will always have some value and will always be more desirable than a paper bill, which has no intrinsic value.
    The problem with this coin is that inevitably, the day will come when it will reach the “point of fusion”, which is the moment when half an ounce of silver is worth more than $100 pesos. The coin will then either be retained by coin collectors or sent to the refinery, but in any case it will cease to be money. It will not be able to circulate even if it survives the refinery.
    If by some magical means we could erase the “$100 pesos” stated on the coin and increase the value of the coin in case of a rise in the peso value of silver bullion, and if legislation were to establish explicitly what is today implicit, namely that the new value could not be reduced, then we would have substantially and precisely what the present projected legislation which is in committee aims to achieve.
    The creation of a monetary unit of supreme quality, that will circulate permanently in parallel with paper money, without eliminating it, only requires very simple legislation to become a tangible reality for Mexico.
    It requires only that to the Economic or Natural Law that applies to silver as a commodity, we apply additionally Positive or Legislated Law that turns the coin into money.”"

  9. Further….

    “Economic or Natural Law and Positive or Legislated Law

    Both laws will operate upon the monetized silver ounce.
    The “Libertad” ounce, which has no nominal value, can be endowed with a legal tender value by a quote from the Bank of Mexico.
    The reason that coins of base metals bear an engraved value, is to communicate their legal tender value to the public. Communication of the legal tender value of the ounce can be carried out quite as efficiently by modern means of communication: the press, radio and television, and the interbank electronic communications network, thus obviating the lack of an engraved value on the coin itself.
    The absence of an engraved nominal value will insure that this “Libertad” ounce will never reach the “point of fusion”, that is, that the moment when the value of its silver content will be greater than the legal tender value will never arrive.
    The history of silver coinage in Mexico consists of a series of “silver crises”, as has been documented by the historian of the Bank of Mexico, Eduardo Turrent. In the past, on six different occasions silver coins with engraved nominal value reached the point of fusion, went out of circulation and ended up in the refinery.
    This would never happen to the “Libertad” silver ounce, according to the projected legislation, because when Supply and Demand should increase the value of silver, the Bank of Mexico would simply increase the quoted legal tender value of the coin, thus allowing it to remain in circulation.
    Thus, the first Law that we mentioned, Economic or Natural Law, would operate freely upon the silver coin, without driving it from circulation.
    However, at present only the Economic or Natural Law operates and as the value of silver bullion rises and falls, so does the value of the “Libertad” ounce, because it is at present, a commodity coin: it is not money.
    The public is constantly purchasing this coin in relatively modest quantities, because the purchase of a commodity coin is a speculative operation that attracts only a limited sector of the population.

  10. Commentary re the above.
    The Canadian silver maple leaf one silver ounce coin is stamped with a legal tender of $5. The coin does not circulated as money as the silver in the coin is worth $23.50. Consequently the coin is saved and hoarded as an investment.

    “”The contribution of Positive or Legislated Law.

    What this silver project would achieve is to turn this coin into money, so that its possession would not constitute speculation, since it could be used as money at its quoted legal tender value at any moment, with all the attraction that precious metal has for savings.
    A money coin differs from a commodity coin in that money, in today’s world, is no longer a product of Economic or Natural Law, as it once was, but rather (in Mexico as well as all over the world) a product of Legislation by Congress when it approves Monetary Law. It is this legislation and nothing else, which bestows the quality of money upon the bills issued and coinage minted by the Bank of Mexico.
    One of the implicit conditions upon any legal tender money, sanctioned by a Monetary Law (Legislation or Positive Law) is that its legal tender value cannot be reduced.
    Legislation – Positive Law – never before had to express this condition explicitly, because all bills and coinage have always had a printed or engraved value which it has been impossible to reduce.
    This implicit condition which applies to all coinage which we use as money, becomes a condition which must be made explicit in the case of the silver “Libertad” ounce, because it bears no engraved value. In other words, the Monetary Law must establish, explicitly, that its legal tender value, once quoted, cannot be reduced.
    It is indispensable that legislation must make explicit what has always been implicit: the legal tender value of money cannot be reduced.
    Without this essential condition, expressed by a Monetary Law, it will not be possible to turn the silver “Libertad” ounce into money. We must understand that the Mexican banking system will refuse any remittance of such “Libertad” coins to it as money, if the quoted legal tender value of the coins may be reduced the next day.
    Without this essential condition, it is impossible to turn the “Libertad” ounce into money.
    Effect of the sanction of Legislation or Positive law upon the “Libertad”
    Today, Legislation (Positive Law) creates money. Congress legislates and the Bank of Mexico carries out the creation. Today, money is born of legislation. The connection with the materials of which it is made is not material: they can be paper, plastic, copper-nickel, etc. Money in bank deposits is not even that, only magnetic fields in computers.
    The legislative project to monetize the “Libertad” ounce contemplates the use of silver because it provides an intrinsic value to the coin, which is absent from paper, plastic or copper-nickel money; this intrinsic value will serve to protect savings in ounces from the devaluation of our monetary unit, the peso, and to give Mexico a coin that will circulate as money as long as there is a Bank of Mexico to quote its value (and probably, I might add, after it is gone.)
    Once legislation approves the monetization of the silver “Libertad” ounce with an official quote of its legal tender value by the Bank of Mexico, the ounce will share with the rest of the bills and coins issued or minted by the Bank of Mexico, the legal sanction that turns it into money, independently of the value of the material of which it is made, which is the condition of all the money presently in circulation in the country.
    Thanks to this legislation, the ounce will continue to be money at its most recent quote, notwithstanding any reduction in the value of silver bullion: it is Legislation, Positive Law, which authorizes the creation of money, and the material of which it is made is irrelevant to its legal tender value.

      • You are entitled to your opinion adam but hundreds of thousands disagree.

        But then we must assume you think it all “dreadful nonsense”. There is nothing of merit whatsoever??

      • You do not agree with this aim.

        So there you have it. A plan to get off the treadmill of fiat debt based money.
        Running in parallel with fiat will be a money that retains its buying power, that is not subject to the devaluation of inflation. A money that will provide a strong currency and economic stability.

        You would rather use Bit Coin or a currency that can be turned off with the flick of a switch. If we allow a cashless society our freedoms will be gone as money will be switched on or off depending on whether we retain favour with the current ruler of the moment..

        • You can’t turn off Bitcoin with the flick of a switch, that’s impossible and ignorant of the basic facts of how it works. One of the main positive characteristics of Bitcoin is that it can’t be turned off.

          Nevertheless I am not on here morning, noon and night pushing Bitcoin Tony, smart people can make their own decisions. Unfortunately, instead of looking for new solutions (such as Bitcoin), you are pining for a time that is never coming back (and you know full well yourself that it isn’t) with these fantastical and long-winded delusions about ‘precious’ metals.

  11. continued……..

    “In brief:
    The “Libertad” silver ounce is currently a commodity coin, whose value is subject to the Economic Law of Supply and Demand.
    To turn it into money which will circulate permanently in Mexico, with all the incentives for savings which an undevaluable currency provides, it is necessary to make it the object of Legislation – of Positive Law – with three essential provisions:
    1. That the Bank of Mexico bestow upon it a quote which will determine its legal tender value.
    2. That the Bank of Mexico increase its quoted legal tender value when there is a rise in the price of silver.
    3. That the Bank of Mexico maintain the last quote unchanged, in case there is a fall in the price of silver.
    The radical difference between the ounce as commodity and the ounce as money
    As we have tried to make clear, these three provisions are logically indispensable in monetizing the silver ounce.
    We must make clear that maintaining a fixed price or value of any thing, produces quite different effects when we deal with commodities, than when we deal with money.
    When we subject a commodity to a minimum price the result is, invariably, an excess supply of that commodity. If an official entity insures a minimum price for rice, beans or sugar, the official warehouses will be bulging with these products when the market price of rice, or beans, or sugar falls below the minimum official price. That is an unquestionable fact.
    However, this consequence of the operation of the Natural Law of Supply and Demand does not follow in the case of a silver ounce turned into money, since, as we have pointed out, Legislation or Positive Law determines its legal tender value independently of the material of which it is made. Both theory, and more importantly, experience validate this statement, as we have shown above.
    Therefore, the “Libertad” ounce will continue to be money and will still be saved at any legal tender quote, independently of a fall in the price of silver bullion, by reason of the legislation that has turned it into money.
    No one is going to dump his monetized “Libertad” ounces even though there is a fall in the price of silver to one fifth or even less, because in spite of any fall in the price of silver, the ounce will not suffer any reduction in its legal tender value and it will be, in any case, money of higher quality and following Gresham’s Law it will be more desirable than its equivalent in paper or plastic bills or copper-nickel coins.
    (“Gresham’s Law”, named after an English economist of the XVI Century, stipulates that when a payment can be made with either of two coins, the payer will offer the coin he values less, and retain the coin he values more highly.)
    As was the case for twenty five years with the 0.720 silver $1 peso coin, or with the “States of the Mexican Republic” coins of today, no one is going to “liquidate” his holdings of “Libertad” ounces turned into money, because there has been a fall in the price of silver, for the simple reason that their legal tender value is not affected by that fall, and because the ounce already has the “liquidity” of money. There is no sense in talking about “liquidation” of what is already “liquid”.
    Legislation, Positive Law, will have turned a commodity, the silver ounce, into money, and with that legislation the Mexican Congress will have bestowed upon Mexico a social benefit that costs nothing, but which has enormous economic, psychological and political value for the nation.
    This legislation will be a true benefit, because there are already more than 20 million “Libertad” ounces in Mexican hands and because Mexicans will happily hand over and pay for with bills, all the ounces that the Bank of Mexico may wish to mint in the future.”"

    So there you have it. A plan to get off the treadmill of fiat debt based money.
    Running in parallel with fiat will be a money that retains its buying power, that is not subject to the devaluation of inflation. A money that will provide a strong currency and economic stability. Who could ask for anything more.

  12. By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 272 2.17.17)

    The mainstream media (MSM) is in an absolute frenzy over the resignation of Michael Flynn, who was the top national security advisor for the Trump Administration. President Trump says Flynn was forced out because of illegal leaks. In a press conference, Trump told the national media that it was “dishonest” and that CNN’s new name is now “very fake news” instead of simply “fake news.” Trump also said the MSM is “full of hatred” and is biased against him and his administration. Former U.N. Ambassador Michael Bolton says the left is “engaging in collective hysteria because it cannot make substantive arguments” against Trump and his new policies.

    Wiki Leaks is charging that Trumps National Security advisor resigned after a “destabilizing campaign by U.S. spies, Democrats and the press.” Trump said the “real story is illegal leaks.” Former Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich issued a warning about the leaks and the power of the so-called “deep state,” or secret government. Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, echoed those concerns. Klayman got an injunction in federal court against the NSA for illegal data collection. Now, Klayman says the leaks within the Trump Administration by the intelligence services are an “outrage beyond imagination and must be stopped.” He also says the “intel agencies are more powerful than the President,” and illegally collected data and phone calls can be used to “blackmail people.”

    Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net says the Fed is “scared out of its mind” that people will crash the bond market with a massive selloff. Fed Head Janet Yellen says “economic growth is . . . weak and disappointing,” and yet she is still pushing the ideal of a needed rate hike. Meanwhile, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard recently said there is no need to raise rates, at least through 2017. There are record highs on all stock indexes, and the Fed is not celebrating. Is the Fed keeping a lid on interest rates to prop up the bond market while letting the stock market explode? Mannarino says yes, and it will all end badly. We just don’t know exactly when it will end.

    Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.


  13. Trump Destroys Very Fake News, NSA Leaks on Trump the Real Story, Fed Scared to Death


  14. “”Reversing the steep decline in domestic tranquility, freedom, privacy, and prosperity are incredibly important objectives, but they are of no avail if, at the same time, we are crushed by the cost of endless wars and lose our national sovereignty to the UN. If we become so occupied with issues such as taxes, jobs, health care, environmental regulations, and illegal immigration that we fail to defend against the globalist takeover of our military and monetary system, corrupt leaders around the world then will dictate our laws, and we will lose everything.”"


  15. Truthist

    Hillary Bonham Clinton = Evil

    Trump = Bad > Evil
    Here is how ;
    And, Trump breached the USA Constitution in doing so [ USA Constitution forbids USA to engage in foreign war if not approved by Congress ].

    Apologies earlier in my question to Shane F. / ShaMe F. in which I referred to this girl being 3 years old when she actually 8 years old.


    More re the brave 8-year-old girl shot in the neck by Donald Trump’s soldiers under his orders, murdered little Nora Al-Awlaki who took 2 hours to bleed to death – From Global Research & Middle East Monitor:

    Nawar’s uncle & former Yemeni Deputy Minister of the Environment and Water Resources, Ammar Al-Aulaqi said: “[Nawar] was shot several times, with one bullet piercing her neck. She suffered & was bleeding for two hours because it was not possible to get her medical attention … Nawar was reassuring her mother as she was bleeding out; ‘Don’t cry mama, I’m fine, I’m fine’”

    According to medical sources on the ground, 30 people were killed by US soldiers, at least 10 of them women & children … Hailing the operation as a ‘success’, Trump & the US are preoccupied with the death of one US serviceman who was killed during the operation that ended up with Nawar & many other children dead

    Yemeni politician Ali Albukhaiti tweeted: “Nawar Al-Awlaki was not killed in an airstrike, but by a bullet fired by a marine & at close range. It is terrorism beyond terrorism”

    Rest in peace, little Nora … May you be well cared for amongst the angels


  16. Truthist

    Hollande is NOT a nice man !

    Here is proof ;


    France passes law imposing up to two years prison for running pro-life websites

    17 Feb 2017


    The French National Assembly has adopted legislation to make what it calls “spreading misleading information” about abortion punishable with up to a two-year prison sentence and a fine.

    The law specifically targets “electronic” and “online” means of spreading information with the intention of dissuading women from ending their pregnancy, but its wording is not restrictive. By and large, any person or group aiming to call public attention to the dangers and risks of abortion will be potentially at risk of prosecution.

    Thursday’s vote was the final stage of a lawmaking process that saw various versions of the text come alternately before the Assembly and the Senate. The upper house repeatedly tried to impose less severe wording without trying to scrap the law entirely. In the absence of an agreement between the two governing bodies, the National Assembly has the last word and so it achieved its aim of virtually outlawing pro-life speech.

    The law was adopted by a show of hands – an indication that few lawmakers were present in the Chamber – during which all left-wing representatives present as well as a majority of the centrists voted for the measure. It is the latest in a series of pro-abortion laws that have made “voluntary interruption of pregnancy,” as the French euphemism goes, a purely elective and 100 percent publicly-funded “fundamental right” since socialist François Hollande came into power five years ago.

    The criminalization of negative information on abortion is the result of a process that began when members of Hollande’s socialist government realized that Google searches were linking women to pro-life groups. These sites explain the risks and realities of the procedure and where to find assistance to help women keep their baby.

    The Ministry of Health responded by putting up a government information site on abortion that is limited to providing details about access to the procedure. It also characterizes as “misconceptions’ the allegations that abortion can have negative side effects and cause health problems or psychological consequences. Included is a page on “misinformation about voluntary interruption of pregnancy” that claims there are pro-life sites masquerading as information sites. Women are urged to link to Planned Parenthood or sites that list abortion center addresses. There is no information on help and public subsidies for expectant mothers.


  17. Truthist


    DHS Insider: Pedogate Exposes CIA-Mossad Deep State

    17 February 2017


    * 1/3 of politicians are controlled by sexual blackmail
    * CIA & Mossad create ISIS to remove Assad as step toward stealing Iranian oil
    * Israel and Saudi Arabia are partners in this venture. CIA/Mossad hate Putin for spoiling this aggression.
    *”The Deep State is at war with both Trump and Putin. Understand that when Israeli intelligence hears “America first” from Trump, they go apeshit. Israel has bribed, extorted and intimidated our politicians for decades and suddenly this upstart billionaire threatens to ruin everything.”

    *”But, the biggest thing Trump can do is expose PedoGate via Sessions. Big names will go down hard, and it gets the blood suckers drained from the swamp. There are as many pedophiles on the Republican side as there is with democrats, but Trump is in a unique position to truly “clean up Dodge”, so to speak. I can tell you that what is in Anthony Weiner’s hard drive, and what videos exist via Jeffery Epstein, WILL BRING massive arrests – in time. Trump’s legacy could be truly great if he was to purge the CIA, stop the extortion, prosecute the pedophiles and reinstate the death penalty for pedo’s convicted a second time. Pedogate is his path to greatness.”


  18. Lads the standard of comment on this particular article has gone down the toilet. Whether it’s people hurling insults or goldbugs running amok. I’m censorship’s least biggest fan but people are always allowed to self censor. Sometimes it’s better to just say nothing.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Dear Adam,

      While I agree with you that sometimes it is better to say nothing. If you read all my comments on this particular articles, you’ll see that all my comments that might be considered insultive are a response to someone’s insultive comments. Now, is it better not to respond with insults to insults?

      I’d be inclined to do so – after all, by responding, one is allocating one’s time an uproductive use: a “debate” that does not move anything forward. However, in the case of the comments to this article, we are not dealing with insults: we are – in the case of “jaysus” and Shame – dealing with a civil case of libels, innuendons, insinuations, chauvisnism, plain lies and – finally – direct threats (racism too, though I do not like this word).

      The question is – should we respond to a Holocaust denial? I am in favour of no censorship at all, and that includes Holocaust denial.

      However, we have to bear in mind that Mr David Irving was sentenced to prison and all his assets were confiscated for less serious a crime (as he, strictly speaking, never denied the Holocaust, only the existence of gas chambers).

      So to put things into perspective, if gas chambers denial is a crime, what is the Holodomor plain and consistent denial (even after half a decade), and awarding/promoting media who never apologised for its denial? To me, New York Times was really in the 30s like the Voelkischer Beobachter (a German Nazi paper funded by an English Jew – and MP – for your information).

      Libeling the entire nation by posting a link “anti-Jewish violence in Poland” (which focuses on describing the famous provocation organised by NKVD, with a Jew in charge, in a country where a Jew was in charge of the police?), WHILE ignoring the content of the said article and all my explanations, and repeated use of commentary like “typical Pollacker”, “these barbarians”, “genetically anti-Russian up to the point of stupidity”, is not an insult – it is a civil offence, now with a sanction for up to 3 years in prison.
      “The only stupid Jew I have ever met” is, maybe harsh, but an opinion on the individual (and very flattering on the rest of Jews).

      This is different than lying, defaming, and denying historical facts.

      Up till now, I was mostly ignoring the anti-Polish xenophobia that appears – in a very, very small minority of readers – on this blog. Despite all that Jewish press histeria, anti-semitism is not a problem in the UK – how many Jews were physically attacked in Northern Ireland by adults in the last 5 years? None (there was one case of a graveyard being attacked, and one case of a schoolboy being attacked by another schoolboy, and that’s it).

      Meanwhile, hundreds of Poles had been attacked by loyalist communities in north-east of Ireland, including 7 attacks on women and kids in only 10 days. And at the peak of these crimes, “Dr” Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale wrote this for the “Belfast Telegraph” to warm up the atmosphere in east Belfast; according to that scum, Holocaust happened because:

      “the reason is straightforward: the Nazis knew that Poland, with its deeply entrenched anti-Semitism, was arguably the only place under its control that would accept such an extermination centre.”

      In fact, “Dr” McCarthy’s letter appeared in the very same issue of the paper that head a picture of a mortar being used by loyalist thugs against a Polish family in east Belfast.

      So anti-semitism is not a real problem – anti-Polonism is.
      And I uphold my educated opinion: way too much time and money has been spent on talking about the Holocaust of Jews extorting money for organisations that are not entitled to them (let’s call it theft), while downplaying the Holocaust of other nations.

      And frankly speaking, in England, up to 70s, there was much more chauvinism towars the Irish than towards the Jews, who – if anything – were rather favoured as if they were sacred cows (that including Great Britain protecting Jewish communist butchers, similar to those Jews who were responsible for the killing of Jews in Kielce in 1946).

      And you have to know Adam that there are some Jewish scholars, including those living in Israel, who would agree with me.

      Now I have decided to end my tolerance to the campany of lies (considering that following Shame’s comment, and his Israli friend, now it turns out that my commnents are read and stored going back years in time, I probably should say that we might be dealing with a hostile spying organisation in the Irish state) – I am responding, and I am glad that people are paying attention, because this highlights the real problem: why do we have this phenomena in this Irish press (especially after “Dr” Kevin McCarthy’s from Kinsale rulling) that there is one nation that is exempt from any criticism and from revealing the historical truth that is inconvenient to their Holocaust Industry Complex, and who are free to libel, lie, insinuate, blackmail other nations?

      This – not antisemitism (antisemitism IS a problem, but not in Poland or Ireland, but in France – hence French Jews escaping to Kraków) is a real problem.

      In the future, I will not be bringing up “the Jewish question” on my own accord as, like I said many times, I am bored to death with that topic, and I would gladly change it (furthermore, the scandalous tolerance towards anti-Polish smear, xenophobia and libel on this blog by a person with a nickname “jaysus” is most hurting the decent Jews). How would the Jews who actually love Poland and the Poles feel about it, like a friend of mine? Think about that! Think what would you do if you had a black wife and “jaysus” would be writing about Blacks: “typical nigger”, “genetically stupid”. Would you rathr say nothing?

      So I won’t be starting this Jewish topic (I do not want to talk about Israel and Jews – I want to talk about geopolitics, central banking, bubbles, Irish politcs, housing and macroeconomy). But I shall not tolerate libel, chauvinism and lies either.

      Hypocrisy of the liberal left:

      “the fact that you were born in USSR is showing through”
      “It is interesting you do not want to admit that you were born in USSR”
      Pat Flannery – conceited old prick, now siding with “jaysus”.


      Wicenty Lutoslawski,
      Polish pre-WWII nationalist, Professor of philosophy, nationalist right wing columnist and polyglot,
      a friend of Roman Dmowski – the founder of the Polish nationalism in politics.

      If this is for someone a right wing extremism that should be censored – and in Ireland it is censored – an event in Cork with a Polish nationalist Marian Kowalski representing these views was cancelled, and his debate in Dublin was attacked by “anti-racism” people libelling him that he is in favour or racial segregation, who threw bricks into the hotel were he was speaking – then I have this to say: very few “liberal” Irish would say that a Pole can be as true Irishman as the native Irish provided he accepts the cultural heritage of the Irish nation (for example, Pat Flannery does not – and he is whinging about “intolerance” more than anyone else on this blog).

      Take care Adam. I hope you do not mind me for the long post. And remember – Tiocfaidh ár lá!

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Et exaudivit eam. Ego probaverunt eam. Ego downloadarunt eam – I listened to it, I liked it, I downloaded it – I din’t know what “downloaded” would be in Latin (or if there is such a word), so I translated it as downloadarunt LOL

          • No speeky ze ingleesh. I be duumshere I be
            You hear west country english. Where i was raised age 14-22.

            The verb to be to this day and in Newfoundland too

            I be
            You be
            They be
            Us be
            you be
            they be.

            Wot be ‘e doin’, where be ‘e goin’?
            Cor bugger if I know. ‘e be a right ol’ codger.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Hey, west country? You mean in Britain? I once heard a person from rural Cornwall and it sounded quite like rural Cork in the vowels pronunciation!

            I am fascinated by accents, and by the history of English language (particularly Irish English). In fact I have even done some research in… Hyberno-English accents for the voice couch in the Abbey (translating for her work done by… a German! – there has been any proper research on Irish accents done in Ireland that you could easily access, I mean something with hundreds of samples that he has done)!

            BY THE WAY

            I meant to say it to Truthist, you and Coldblow for a long time – did you know that the REAL Shahespearian accent sounded… Irish?

            Ha – I imagine Tony Brogan, sitting down mesmerised, face in disbelief with “what the hell?” written on it :-)


            P.S. Of course, this New Foundland Irish accents thing is very well known. But you might be less aware of small villages on the east coast of the US speaking in English accents of the first settlers, or the Vilnius Scots (settled in Lithuania for centuries).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Hyberno-English = Hiberno-English

            I think that there are more recordings done of people speaking Irish 50 years ago than Hiberno-English

          • An a book written in 1850 talking about the north devon accent it was stated that many villages at that time still spoke a form of 8th century Anglo Saxon.
            In my youth I could pick out the local accent of Appledore as distinct from Bideford 2 miles away. (Appledore was where the Mayflower was built). There is a difference between many locales in Devon, especially from North to South. Somerset is different again and so it is all around.

            In Ireland there are many regional accents and even in Dublin I began to recognise the Tallaght locals and the East side Dubs from others. I trained at the boxing clubs there recently, 3-4 years ago.
            The newfie accent was firdt the west country sailors and settlers of the Elizabethan era. The were followed quickly by the mass of Irish in the 1700′s. Now there is ancient English grammar overlaid with Irish Brogue.

            Newfies now are still the butt of all the Anglo Canadian jokes while being on the national media as the predominant comedians and humourists.

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WUK5v4o-hw

    ‘CIA leaks like a sieve, Obama’s holdovers should be probed’ – frmr Trump adviser Roger Stone

  20. Man made heat is a myth. all climate change is attributable to Sun energy activity.


  21. Truthist

    Interesting Tweets gleaned from Henry Makow

    Highlight the url with mouse > Right Click > Select “Go to” … the URL


    Russia Has the Lowest National Debt in Europe. Meanwhile, in America…
    Washington can’t print dollars forever

    Solvent and stable

    The news that Russia is set to settle up all old Soviet debts by year-end highlights — we think not unintentionally — one of the glaring differences between how Moscow and Washington operate.
    Moscow can’t afford to print rubles like there’s no tomorrow, so it lives in a reality-based world where pragmatism and agreement-by-consensus guides its domestic and foreign policies.
    In contrast, Washington relies on confidence in and demand for the dollar, “allowing” it to print as much money as it needs to spend on fun projects such as “rebuilding” Afghanistan, which currently costs $13 million/day, even though the war “ended” three years ago.
    So it’s not particularly surprising that Russia currently has the lowest national debt in Europe.



    Russian military robot attack in Syria destruction of terrorist gunmen in 20 minutes
    25 December 2015


    For the first time in the history of the war, Russian troops conducted an attack on solid defense area of the terrorist gunmen with military robots. In the Latakia, Syrian troops under the cover of Russian robots and task success captured the strategic peak 754.5.



    Literally “an inside” job by …8-)
    And, later their kin were dancing from their furniture removal truck.

    WTC Towers Designed to Withstand Impact of Loaded Boeing 707
    Uploaded on 10 Sep 2011

    In the following interview clip, which took place inside of the Twin Towers on January 25, 2001, and aired on the 7th Season of the History Channel’s Series “Modern Marvels” on June 25, 2001, Frank A. DeMartini, Manager, WTC Construction and Project Management, explains how the Twin Towers were “designed” to withstand the impact of a “fully-loaded Boeing 707.” He also goes on to say that each of the Twin Towers would “probably sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door: this intense grid; and, the jet plane is just a pencil puncturing this screen netting; it really does nothing to the screen netting.”

    It is interesting to note that the planes that slammed into the Twin Towers were Boeing 767s, which have a maximum take-off weight of 300,000 pounds, slightly less than the 330,000-pound maximum of the Boeing 707, making them slightly smaller than the planes the architects designed the Twin Towers to withstand the impacts of.

    Sadly, Frank DeMartini is not available for comment because he perished in the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001



    Henry Makow comments ;
    Liberal hysteria and bad taste.
    Pedophiles fear exposure.

    Image of Putin Snuggling a Pregnant Donald Trump Projected on New York Apple Store
    17 Feb 2017
    THE ARTICLEAn image of Russian president Vladimir Putin caressing a pregnant Donald Trump was projected onto a New York Apple store on Tuesday evening as part of Valentine’s Day stunt by the dating app Hater.
    The image, projected onto the Apple store in Chelsea, was accompanied by the message “Love Through Hate.” The app, which matches people according to their mutual hatreds, claims that over 200,000 of their user base hate Donald Trump.
    Dating app celebrates Valentine’s Day with a pregnant Trump cuddling Putin
    “There’s a lot of tension out there, regardless of which side you’re on, we’re just trying to make people laugh. Through humor, hate can turn into love,” Hater CEO Brendan Alper told Business Insider.
    Two other separate projections also took place across New York, one on 14th Street and Eighth Avenue, and another in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn.



    VIDEO :
    Crowd Goes WILD as Melania Trump Recites the Lord’s Prayer at Melbourne Rally, Florida, USA
    19 FEBRUARY 2017
    First Lady Melania Trump started off the Melbourne, Florida rally today by reciting the Lord’s prayer and the crowd went crazy!


    Edward Heath ;
    Former Prime Minister of UK & scourge of Ireland ;
    Particularly in North East of our country

    Sir Edward Heath ; Paedophile ;
    Says Police Chief


  22. Truthist

    The viragos — ROSA [ Re-productive Rights sic - Oppression sic - Sexism sic - Austerity http://rosa.ie/ ] ; Seems to me as very lesbian [ And, particularly, Misandrist / Male-hating / Male-envy lesbian ] — protesting at Irish universities [ incl. Maynooth ] in support of murder of the “pre-born” child are notably NOT protesting at the following women barristers scoring off the Irish nation with payments from Revenue Commissioners apropos of NAMA :

    Gráinne Clohessy SC (€316,295) ;
    Biggest payment of all genders
    Next hightes paid is of that ROSA hated gender ;
    male [ of course 8-) ;
    Conor Bourke BL (€194,057)

    Aoife Goodman (€145,780);

    Jacqueline O’Brien BL (€126,998)


    Is ROSA funded by :

    Chuck Feeney ?
    & / or
    George Soros / Sore-Ass ?

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