February 12, 2017

Ireland's financial destiny is in the hands of angry French voters - this is what we must do if the euro breaks up

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This time last year, only a few of us were suggesting that Brexit was likely. The mainstream view was that it couldn’t possibly happen. But it did. And so too did Trump. When this column argued in June that “we should prepare for President Trump”, one or two local talk shows chuckled and sneered at the mere suggestion that such a creature could inhabit the White House. But he is there.

In December, the Italian electorate revolted against its government – again the view of ‘sensible’ people was that bolshie Italians would see reason. But they didn’t.

Back home, this time last year, it was widely considered Fine Gael had done enough to return more muscularly to power. Instead, badly mauled, Fine Gael limped over the line, propped up by Independents.

Are all these phenomena in very different countries – miles away from each other with profoundly different electoral systems and deeply contrasting social models – in any way related?

Do ideas – as much as people, goods and capital – move freely across borders? Does the election of a new leader with radical views in one country embolden the electorate in another country? Does the rise of a different sort of politician in one country give the electorate of another country the ‘permission’ to vote for a radical politician even if conditions on the ground or solutions offered are not quite the same?

The next stop on this political whirlwind will be the Netherlands next month; and the big one, of course, is France. In less than 70 days, France goes to the polls and only an idiot would rule out Marine Le Pen’s chances.

It was the great French romantic poet and novelist Victor Hugo who declared: “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”

Do you get the feeling that we are living through epochal change, where one great idea is about to be replaced by another? Are we experiencing the irresistible force of an idea whose time has come?

The big idea whose time has come is nationalism and a desire to insulate a population that is threatened by globalisation. The big idea is not fixed or immutable, but rather is a scorecard of legitimate grievances that working people feel. This means immigration to some, job insecurity to others. It means cultural dilution to some and capacity pressure on the welfare state to others. It means a fall in living standards to some and a rise in inequality to others. Although it’s unlikely to be a universal panacea, electorates are looking for the state to protect them from these forces, which are generally being blamed on globalisation.

People want to be protected by a strong sovereign state from the threats that they feel are now ubiquitous, so protectionism replaces free trade, localism replaces globalism, borders replace openness, and nationalism and the heartland replace multinational and one-world solutions.

Ms Le Pen represents the alternative and she is a powerful political force, articulate, reasonable and highly electable. She wants France to leave the euro the day after she gets elected, she wants to tell the EU Commission to back off and she wants to kick-start French industry by allowing the French government to explicitly buy French manufacturing goods and to subsidise French industry. Both EU competition law and EU state-aid provisions prohibit such policies.

For Ms Le Pen, it is up to the EU to change, not France.

For Ireland, the most immediate consequence of a Le Pen victory would be the euro. She believes – and rightly so – that the euro has been a disaster for France and a boon for Germany. If she sticks to her commitment to print French Francs, the euro is over. The euro without France is not the euro because it ceases even to satisfy the basic pretence that it is a pan-European currency. Without France, there is no political point to the euro because remember, the currency was conceived as the monetary facilitator of political integration.

A decade ago, the elites of southern European countries calculated that if the prize was European political integration (the big idea at the time), that the price of German economic and monetary domination would have been worth it. If France now heads off on a nationalistic path, the whole EU integration plan is in tatters. Remember, this could all come to pass before June.

What happens then?

The first thing to happen in the case of a Le Pen victory is that money will flood out of all non-German members of the euro. Italy will face a massive bond crisis, presaging default fears. Greece will be gone. Spain and Portugal will experience similar bond crises, and so too will Ireland.

The reason for this is that a bond is a 10- or 20-year IOU. For Ireland, the bond states that the Irish State will pay the investor back a certain amount in euro. But if the euro itself is breaking up from the centre, why would anyone bet on an English-speaking periphery country where ties to the UK and the US – two countries where the administrations are implacably opposed to the EU – are extremely strong?

The ECB will try to keep the entire enterprise together by buying all the bonds that scared investors are dumping. But liquidity in the non-German eurozone will dry up. There will be a run, not on the banks, but on the remaining countries of the euro. This flight of capital will be most violent in southern Europe, but it will be dramatic here too. In this case, there are two options.

The first is a lurch towards a deeper political union in the remaining euro countries around Germany. This will be done in an effort to staunch the financial haemorrhaging by stating clearly that Germany will backstop a smaller European Union of countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, without France.

Is Anglo/American Atlantic Ireland a likely candidate for that Teutonic League? Not really. And anyway, why would Germany bother with this when, after all, it is really interested in a single market of 350 million to sell its goods. German voters didn’t abandon the Deutsche Mark for the promise of some shrunken political union. Meanwhile, the Latin countries will protest their faith in the euro, but no one will believe them or at least no one will risk money and bet on them remaining within the euro.

The second option is that central banks get busy printing new currencies, just in case. With France already out of the euro and Britain out of the EU, the question would be, who’s next? What do we do in this case? Well, we’d certainly need to have new Punts printed.

You may think this scenario fanciful. I wish it was and ultimately it will be if Ms Le Pen doesn’t win.

But look at the odds. Today, Paddy Power is offering 9/4 on Ms Le Pen. Neither Brexit nor Donald Trump had such short odds this far out from polling day.

Granted, it might not happen, but it could easily. Ireland’s monetary future and our financial security is now down to the whims of angry French voters. Surely we should be prepared or have a plan, don’t you think?

Maybe we should start by letting them win at the Aviva in two weeks’ time.

  1. zeedonk

    Bring back the Punt! Great feckin currency. Rhymes with bank manager!!! Hahahahaha!

    • jaysus

      heh heh excellent

    • Deco

      Actually, we never went bankrupt under the Punt. We came close in 1987, before MacSharry decided to restrain the institutional state which had gone on an expansionist tear since 1974.

      And we avoided it under the Irish Pound 1:1 GBP, even though we got clobbered by the end of imperial preference in the 1940s which drove down incomes. And even though Britain was in a serious predicament in the mid 1970s as a result of central planning, and a disastrous experiment with Keynesian economic control.

      We did up bankrupt in 2007 as a result of Bertonomics, and a debt binge, borrowing too many Euros.

      • Deco

        The real problem is that real debt is increasing, whilst GDP is increasingly virtual.

        The Debt to GDP metric is irrelevant.

        Constantin Gurdgiev has already highlight this.

        Statist snouts like TASC, and RTE continue to talk about Debt-to-GDP as if it was the ultimate metric. It is the ultimate joke.

        • michaelcoughlan

          “The Debt to GDP metric is irrelevant.
          Constantin Gurdgiev has already highlight this”

          So true. This became apparent to me when Warren Bluffit said words to the effect that America was back on track as follows;

          In the US the same number of railroad cars are back freighting goods as they were before the crash so all is well from his perspective EXCEPT the shit pile of debt is soooooooooooooooooo much bigger.

          Beggars belief.

          • Deco

            Those within the largesse providing system do NOT see a problem with the dangerous practices that are suiting them.

            The worst kind of fraud, is fraud that is deemed mandatory, and accompanied by a morality lesson that is a lie.

    • Margaret

      Our Financial Security/ Insecurity is keeping people awake at night. Daft.ie have a report out today. A sample of what’s out there on this evenings news. A one bed apt. In Milltown costs 1500 to rent. Even with two people that’s mental rent. Are we heading for another crash? What will happen?

      • McCawber

        Proper planning is the only real solution.
        David’s previous article was all about planning.
        However there are some possible quick fixes but even these will take too long.
        A luas line from Cherry Orchard to The Red Cow would open up access to huge tracts of building land.
        Who owns that land is a very important question.
        Another planning issue.
        The children’s hospital that is planned for james’ site.
        An absolute disgrace of a decision.
        The single problem being access and then parking.

  2. Truthist

    ‘The Media Coverage on Syria is the Biggest Media Lie of our Time’ — Flemish Priest in Syria
    By wmw_admin on February 9, 2017

    Weird Duk — Ron Paul Institute Feb 4, 2017


    The caption is wrong ;
    It was actually 13 million or thereabouts who were genocided by the Bolsheviks who controlled the Rus populations of USSR.

    • Truthist

      60 million in total genocided.

      But, specifically 13 million or thereabouts Ukrainian Rus genocided by Bolshie’s / Communists during “Holodmoor” ;
      But, Ukraine not allowed by …8-) to talk about Holodmoor.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Good article

        “The next stop on this political whirlwind will be the Netherlands next month”

        - a lot of things can happen until next month. For example, when Chancellor Merkel visited Poland, she met with Prime Minister Beata Szydlo (they spoke with no other people – even interpreters – present), and she met separately with the Polish so called opposition leaders i n t h e G e r m a n e m b a s s y (btw, few people know that German embassy is located only 200 metres from the Polish Parliament). The next day, Taoiseach Enda Kenny talked to rather subdued (after meeting Madame Merkel) Szydlo, and a day after – she had a car accident and ended up in the hospital – this was the fourth car accident a Polish government member had – before it was the President (after his visit to China) and Defense Minister Macierewicz (after discovering FSB spies in NATO’s main office in Warsaw). After all of that, although there is no – ehm – censorship in Germany – by a pure coincidence, all German press changed its tone from one day to another – Poland, from being a danger to democracy, suddenly became “an important partner” = only Mr Derek Scally did not notice it, although surprisingly, his article was ALSO MUCH MORE BALANCED than his USUAL rants (usually he oscillates between incredulous and mendacious – even placing photos of pro-government support rallies and describing it as anti-government protests!):


        “PiS is struggling to explain how Germany, which it recently charged was building a new “axis” to Russia, is now Warsaw’s staunchest ally against Vladimir Putin. ”

        - Germany is now NOT Warsaw’s staunchest ally in anything: Warsaw’s staunchest allies are Hungary and the US – it’s just that SPD, with Martin Schulz threatening Poland with military intervention and its former leader working for Gazprom, are even worse; is DUP Sinn Fein’s staunchest ally in the North? They are not, but there are much worse lot in east Belfast than DUP).

        “There is no news yet on any traces of explosives” – there was many years ago, but Mr Scally missed it.

        “And why is Trump, championed by PiS, spouting Russian rhetoric that undermines a quarter-century of Polish trust in the US as its greatest protector? ” – and under which President Poland secured the first ever privileged arms deal from the US (so far Poland was buying obsolete US equipment paying up to 4 times more than other countries)? Why, Trump!

        And what US President said that Russia has to return the wreckage of the Polish plane in Smolensk they have stolen? Obama? No, Trump!

        What is the “Russian rhetoric”? If it’s lifting sanctions on Russia, then a country that was most hit by those sanctions was Poland – Germany was breaching these sanctions all the time. Poland is interested in military protection from Russia and in energetic independence. It is not interested in a trade war with Russia, and it never was.

        The thing is that Ms Merkel is desperate to keep her seat, and although she does not hope Poland will support her directly, she hopes that Poland will restrain itself from revealing the hypocrisy of her government. How nervous she is now, I’ll can exemplify by saying that the billboard “Nazi German death camps” travelling to Cambridge via Germany was BEING STOPPED AND HARRASSED BY THE POLICE IN EVERY GERMAN TOWN THEY PARKED: for Germany, historical truth is now considered a danger to their state.

        “In less than 70 days, France goes to the polls and only an idiot would rule out Marine Le Pen’s chances.” – I find it very intriguing how Madame Le Pen’s rivals drop like flies. It reminds me of Obama’s shadow cabinet before he became a President. Eventually, no one from his shadow cabinet entered the administration, because it turned out that they were either seen smoking pot 20 years ago, or someone would come up and say they molested her 30 years ago.

        “The big idea whose time has come is nationalism and a desire to insulate a population that is threatened by globalisation. The big idea is not fixed or immutable, but rather is a scorecard of legitimate grievances that working people feel. This means immigration to some, job insecurity to others. It means cultural dilution to some and capacity pressure on the welfare state to others. It means a fall in living standards to some and a rise in inequality to others. Although it’s unlikely to be a universal panacea, electorates are looking for the state to protect them from these forces, which are generally being blamed on globalisation.”

        The problem with that is that the anti-establishment movements are itself incoherent. As I was pointing out before Brexit, the Brexit movement comprised of people from libertarians like Daniel Hamann to almost communists (some pro-Brexit trade unionists and lefties).
        Madame Le Pen also does not have any economic plan. Leaving the euro, ok, but what then? Her plan does not really go beyond “socialism yes – but only for the French”.

        “But if the euro itself is breaking up from the centre, why would anyone bet on an English-speaking periphery country where ties to the UK and the US – two countries where the administrations are implacably opposed to the EU – are extremely strong?

        The ECB will try to keep the entire enterprise together by buying all the bonds that scared investors are dumping. But liquidity in the non-German eurozone will dry up.” – very good observation!

        But David missed one thing – Germany has the worst demographics in Europe, and demographics is as important as currency, if not more.
        They lack 2.5 million workers to do jobs Germans would not do. They hoped to allieviate that by imporing Muslims, cherrypicking doctors and engineers and dumping the useless onto countries like Poland or Ireland, but their plan failed.


        Capital will fly to WHERE IT IS SAFE TO INVEST. And this is not Germany, France or Netherlands – this is Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland (hence massive increase of demand for Polish passport and for Polish land), and it would have been Ireland, if it was not for the fact that the government decided to import 4,000 “refugees” the identity of whom no one is able to check. But EVEN with that, Ireland is a lot safer to invest than any other western European country, apart from Liechtenstein. But the problem in Ireland is HIGH COST.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        The very same champions of western liberal press who deride Trump and accuse him of authoritarian tendencies (which he has) were guilty of Holodomor denial – which I think is a more serious crime than the Holocaust denial, because the Holocaust industry received way too much money (that mostly did not go to Holocaust victims) and coverage. Take the Jew York Times and what they wrote about the Famine at that time it was taking place:

        “any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda”, and that “there is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation, but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition.”

        When in August 1933, Cardinal Theodor Innitzer of Vienna called for Holodmor relief efforts, the Jew York Times responded with publishing an official Soviet denial: “in the Soviet Union we have neither cannibals nor cardinals”.

        Campaigns were launched in 1986 for the retraction of the Pulitzer Prize given to The Jew York Times. The newspaper, however, declined to relinquish it.

        “The Guardian” (of Communism) openly supported Stalin, and sacked its journalist Malcolm Muggeridge for telling the West about the genocidal Ukrainian Famine.

        If historians such David Irving were put in prison, what should we do with the likes of The Jew York Times and The Guardian of Communism?

        I think that President Donald Trump’s treatment of these propaganda outlets it too mild, considering that CNN gave questions beforehand Hitleree Clinton.

        Not only Ukraine is not allowed to talk about Holodomor – I was blocked from Wikipedia after introducing the following (very well referenced – much better than Gross’s books – I’ll skip them for time saving purposes, but each of these reference numbers had a book and a page) editing into the “Jan T. Gross”, in the Controversies section:

        “In 2001, Gross said that a documentary on Polish-Jewish relations that a filmmaker, Agnieszka Arnold was working on, inspired him to his description of graphic violence in his ‘Neighbors’: “I had an epiphany” [30]

        The same year, historian Leszek Zebrowski criticised Gross’s use of historical sources [31]

        In 2001, a historian István Deák expressed caution regarding Gross’s account, pointing out that his book “is based on a limited number of documents.” [32].

        Professor Deák, in his 2001 review in these pages, questioned “why the Jews did not defend themselves. As Gross writes, Jews made up two thirds of Jedwabne’s population. The Poles had no firearms.” He concluded that the fact that they did not fight back may also suggest that there were more than a handful of armed Germans present at that time – which would discredit the main hypothesis of Gross’s book [33]

        The ensuing forensic investigation was terminated abruptly after discovery of German bullets among the corpses, although in response to Orthodox Jewish objection to desecration of the burial site. At his 2003 Colin Miller Memorial Lecture at the University of California, chaired by John Connelly, Professor Gross conceded that the forensic investigation at Jedwabne had been prematurely terminated. “And had it not been prematurely terminated, then we would really know.” [34]

        Historian Bogdan Musial writes in his ?The Pogrom In Jedwabne: Critical Remarks About Jan T. Gross’s ?Neighbors?? that Gross uncritically endorses all survivor’s accounts or related writings that fit into his narrative, and that “He also maintains that there is no reason to suspect Jewish survivors of concocting false accusations against Poles.”[35] He points out that Gross gives contradictory accounts (which are not always based on original documents – these are often missing): “Wasersztajn’s account is supposed to have been recorded in Yiddish on 5 April 1945, and subsequently translated into Polish, but its original version has been never found. [...] There exist two versions of his testimony, and they display substantial differences. The one quoted extensively by Gross is the more detailed of the two; it was translated by M. Kwater and is held at the Jewish Historical Institute (Zydowski Instytut Historyczny — ZIH) in Warsaw (reference no. 301/152). The other version, also held at ZIH (reference no. 301/613) is considerably shorter.” [36] Furthermore, Musial points out that in Wasersztajn’s longer account Germans are responsible for killing the Jedwabne Jews, while in his shorter account it is mainly the Poles [37]”


        “Marek Edelman, one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising said in an interview with the Gazeta Wyborcza daily, “Postwar violence against Jews in Poland was mostly not about anti-Semitism, murdering Jews was pure banditry.”[19] Marek Edelman’s reputation suffered a blow when he called (in a book “Ciagle po kole” – “Still In A Circle”)[20]) members of the bigger, non-communist Jewish Military Union “fascists” [21] and “mob”[22] (commander of the Jewish Military Union, Moryc Apfelbaum, was awarded the Virtuti Militari badge of honour by the Polish government in exile).”

  3. Tony

    FFS Truthist. Start a blog or stay on topic.

    • Shane F

      @ Tony.. Seeing above comment was directed at Truthist despite long comments from Grzegorz. Are you saying Trutist and Grzegorz/Literate are one and the same?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        That would be a hell of a conspiracy! I can assure you that we are not the same, and furthemore – neither me and David McWilliams are the same (even though one his articles for Sunday Business Post was a copy of my comment, which proves that my long comments are needed).

      • coldblow

        Tony, Truthist, Shane. Now, now. Don’t start! This has already been settled and I thought you had all got over it by now.

        How was the holiday in Mexico? Was it grey and freezing like it was here? I bet it was! Sometimes the best way to travel is to stay at home.

        • Shane F

          ” Now, now. Don’t start! This has already been settled”
          You must be joking !!
          For first time, it go me thinking that our liberal attitudes are being abused and that things are going too far in wrong direction. Nothing worse than those who bring their prejudices and intolerance with them to another country. So if some of the posts here portend to the future, then I say bring back control of our borders, — which we may have to do anyway because of Brexit.
          The Australians gave extra points in their immigration application system for families. I can now understand the rationale for having well adjusted people come in.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Nothing worse than those who bring their prejudices and intolerance with them to another country.”

            Exactly, Shane. Agree 100%.

            For example the cowardly prick called “jaysus” – who is posting from Norway (yes, jaysus – you thought you were anonymous – you ain’t – scary shit, I know!) – with the following prejudices and intolerance he brought to Irish debates (6 insulting prejudiced moronic posts on 6 different occasions):

            “1. “Yes it is great to see to be sure to be sure begorrah!”

            2. “Typical Polakker, let them in anywhere and they take over. ”

            3. “True, the US only attacks the weak, in traditional bully mode. They will get very bloodied if they attack Russia, and the cowards know that. ”

            4. “Typical Pole to blame everything on the Russians. About time you lot got over the past conflict with Russia. Your countries grovelling to the US empire is stomach churing. Is Poland too afraid to stand on its own two feet?”

            5. “Its his anti Russian bigotry, almost genetic in the Polish to the point of stupidity.”

            6. “I was in college with a prime example of one of these feckers from Carlow. Full grant and living expenses, living in a house with his cousins in Ballsbridge that the family chipped in to buy them. No means test there.
            I got crumbs to live on by comparison and looked on with envy”

            In fairness to “jaysus”, he is – as seen in point 6 – prejudiced not only against the Poles, but also to the Irish farmers. David’s tolerance to that individuum is astonishing. Mine – considering the above remarks which I have tolerated for so long – but it might end one day, and if it does – there will be no resurrection of “jaysus”, I can assure you of that:


        • As usual Coldblow, your thinking is addled. You now confuse tony for tony Brogan as well as trying to meld other characters into an amorphous mess.
          As for the intellectual you pretend to be you are an abject failure.
          BTW my Mexico trip was the second in a month. Both were wonderful. Warm pleasant skies and warm pleasant people. I liked the Mexicans I met. A gentle, proud, kind people.

          As for Starting anything; you are the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Tony

        Nah! My “request” came before Gregorz reply, but I hit the wrong button to reply directly to Truthist.
        As for Gregorz? Well for me his posts are just words on a page to be skipped over like an ad. I’ve never read one.
        Given the usual brevity of Truthists comments I have to conclude they aren’t the same person unless, somewhere in his blog posts … eh … comments, Gregorz claims that 9/11 was an inside job and that the Bush family are alien lizards.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “Bush family are alien lizards” – of course I do not claim that; but I do claim that you are an imbecile if you judge my comments without reading them.

          “As for Gregorz? Well for me his posts are just words on a page to be skipped over like an ad. I’ve never read one.”

          Hmm… considering that some others did read them – David even copied one of them and turned it into what was acclaimed (by Eddie Hobbs for example) as one his best articles ever (I told Eddie though that that article was basically based on my comment) – so considering all of that, did it ever occur to you that you are too stupid to read them?

    • jaysus

      Well said Tony, the same applies to Grzegorz. Michael Coughlan pointed this out in a comment on Davids previous article, but they have not taken the hint.
      David maybe its time to ban these two for a while, many of us are sick of having to scroll through reams of off topic blather from these two to get to read concise and on topic comments from other posters.

      • Pat Flannery

        jaysus: I agree.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Pat: as for a 70 year old arrogant and ignorant git, you are simply too stupid to agree or disagree, or to have your own opinion on anything – let alone my commnents. Sure you do not even know where the USSR was! Probably like your mates in California (one of the absolutely dumbest states in the US).

          • Pat Flannery

            I will give David one week to see if he even reads his blog anymore. If he does nothing in that time I will assume that he doesn’t or worse doesn’t care and take him off my reading list everywhere permanently. No responsible journalist would tolerate such as this on their blog. The only reason we all come here is to read him and to contribute, not to be abused. So, one week from today David, if you even care. Enough is enough. It’s time.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Well, you gave him one ultimatum before, and it was shorter – but you can always hope.

            I am simply responding with ad hominems to y o u r ad hominems – which you started by saying “you are a disgrace to my native country. You put Donald Trump into shade”.

            For too long I tolerated ad hominems on this blog replacing actual arguments, now I am just letting you know that any personal insult or stupid assumptions will be visited upon you tenfolds – like the ones with USSR, where you said:

            “Grzegorz Kolodziej: I guess the fact that you were born and raised in the Soviet Union is showing through.”

            and then when I said I was not, you wrote:

            “Grzegorz Kolodziej: It’s interesting that you deny being born and raised in the Soviet Union”,

            - well, it is a simple “yes” or “not” answer – either I was or I was not; if I were, my birth certificate would have USSR on it: it did not.

            And to make even a bigger fool of yourself, further, you “proved” to me that if Poland was part of USSR until 1991 (?!), then the math would indicate that I was born in USSR.

            Upon which instead of admitting to your own shocking ingnorance, you tried to change the subject.

            This is not about Trump, Clinton or anything like that. This is about you, a 70 year old prick, insulting people first and then screaming that people repay you in kind, and about your absolute cowardness and lack of honour in not admitting to your own mistakes.

            So why do not you either

            a) Apologise to me or
            b) F…k off n o w – not in a week? A for a penny, B for a pound. Be a man for of honour for once!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “you are a disgrace to my native country. You put Donald Trump into shade”. = to your native country.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “David maybe its time to ban these two for a while, many of us are sick of having to scroll through reams of off topic blather from these two to get to read concise and on topic comments from other posters.”

        And your opinion counts, because?

        In your entire life on this blog, you have not written any comment that would indicate that you are wiser than an ape…

        • Deco

          Greg – I don’t believe in banning anybody from expressing their opinion.

          The idea that people should be censored, smacks of a control freak mentality.

        • coldblow


          This is just a trolling wind-up. Jesus of Nazareth existed but this jaysus is most probably just a figment of somebody else’s over-excited imagination.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “but this jaysus is most probably just a figment of somebody else’s over-excited imagination” – no, Colblow, no, nooo (my voice reverberating in Tatra mountains)! This jaysus is real and I’ll prove it to you forthwith: judging from his envy of the farmers, you would be inclined to think that he is a dwarf. But my friend’s father is an expert in Irish mythology and he told me that his father told him that despite all the Fáilte Ireland marketing, the terrifying (“terrifying” needs to be said with an Edinburgh accent) truth is that lepreachauns were actually malicious. So:

            1. jaysus is a either a dwarf or a leprechaun
            2. Dwarfs are not malicious
            3. All lepreachauns are malicious
            4. All leprechauns are real.


            jaysus is a lepreachaun, and he is malicious and real.

            quod erat demonstrandum

            On another note, I’ve just watched that link about Obama and Trump you posted before going to sleep. Gosh, Obama actually was funny!
            But then it turned dark. If Hitleree a c t u a l l y
            was not even there – but she claimed she did – and did not even go to say “thank you” to a man who killed Obama (who was from t h o s e O’Neills!), then…
            Then what else can I say?

            I think you would like this 5 minuter (about Greenpeace):


            And, when it comes to fight with a global warming changed now into a fight with the “climate change”: how can one possibly fight against THIS???!:


            I have to say this one minute of watching it scared me more than me standing on the verge of a 10 storey building and pissing on a windy night (but I was young and silly then, and not at all conservative). So maybe do not watch it before sleep!

          • McCawber

            So our president is not a dwarf.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “So our president is not a dwarf.”

            And this is a very legitimate, and – at the same time – worrying question.
            Let’s examine the situation: our President has a dwarf posture, but he is also malicious (after all, he did call his political opponent “a wanker” on the radio public debate).
            Our President is also a Communist, and a lover of the USSR and Fidel Castro.

            So probably the individual cowardly hiding behind the name “jaysus” IS de facto our President.

          • coldblow


            Yes, we all watched it here at home and it was an excellent comic turn. (“This is how it starts…”) But then I think of all the press men sharing the joke and remember that they are the (largely unwitting) purveyors of fake news.

            Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise is very good on global warming. She has written at least one book (The Delinquent Teenager) about the IPCC. I think it may have been on her blog that I first realized that the global warming movement was sheer fantasy.

            Here’s a nice short one (as I recall) from her blog:


  4. pat greene

    “Although it’s unlikely to be a universal panacea, electorates are looking for the state to protect them from these forces, which are generally being blamed on globalisation.” The problem for the Irish electorate is who do the vote for to achieve this goal? All the main parties are pro EU to the man, with every fibre in their being including right down to the fibre in their under ware. The only party that is EU skeptic is direct democracy Ireland. The electorate and the mainstream media have spoken they do not want change! They are happy in their nappys being catered for and looked after by the pro EU parties. The Irish electorate is ignorant of hoe our political system is set up they actually believe they live in a democratic society (as aposed to a democracy) where they have power to protect their families through “our representatives” from none elected EU commissioners. I had the “pleasure” of attending a room of some 600 examples of disaffected Irish voters, for the first time in a ten year battle with the state they were told the truth about politics in Ireland a county ounce lol rfor the first time told the truth when asked if the county manager, a none elected civil servant, could bin any decisions made by the elected officials he answered yes! Ergo no democracy!! FF representative was putting a motion to the Dáil until it was pointed out by SF that a motion is not binding remember this is ten years into a “strong”campaigne? SF is going to bring a bill to the Dáil, it is binding but how will it pass when the majority don’t want it to pass remember 600 people in that room half of the parents in the families involved with anothe 600 at home a sizeable sample of the population being shafted by pro European parties but here is the kick in the teeth…The Irish electorate is so brain washed they elected the same politicians back to power. This would not happen in Switzerland the people speak to there representatives by using direct democracy and the government does what they are told (most of the time) when I said this I was told “well we are not in Switzerland” I think that sums up the thinking of the electorate in this country. Blind trust in a governing system they no nothing about!!! Ireland will be the last place to use the euro!,,

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Ireland will be the last place to use the euro!,” – perhaps you meant “to leave the euro!”. If so, I agree. I think that the nauseatic pro-Lisbon Treaty media campaign crushed the backbone of the Irish electorate. After that, they voted in the Gay Marriage Referendum like a cattle (virtually the only groups protesting against it were the Iona Institute – smeared in the media so much that even the lefty “Village” was disgusted by the libel campaign against them – and… Gays Against Gay Marriage group!).

      Latest betting odds on a similar (to leaving the euro) event:


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      But after reflection, I have to say that Ireland would be one of the last places to use the euro too – because Ireland was booming when Germany was stagnating and US was booming.
      But even with euro, Ireland could regain competitive advantage by reducing its cost – but this would have to be implemented as a plan as opposed to what punt would do automatically.
      Ireland has no other option than to reduce its cost, regardless if with the euro or not, in the EU or not – because after the UK is excluded from the single financial market (without which London does not exist), the British pound will plummet.

    • Mike Lucey

      I agree with much of what you say, Pat, particularly in relation to the Irish electorate not really wishing for ‘direct democracy’ only for wished government mollycoddling which does not happen.

      I’ve mentioned Reinstate48.ie on this board a number of times since I learned about it a few months ago. I have been tracking its progress with regard to the number of ‘pledges’ it receives and must say, that it is pathetic.

      I’m now wondering if the whole site is a ‘setup’ or that the electorate simply do not care.

      • pat greene

        Mike the electorate don’t care…one of the reasons is that the main stream media will not allow debate around direct democracy….participatory democracy is the buzz word, but we have participatory democracy, we participate once every 5yrs or so. As for reinstate 48 it seems to have halted progress the 1yi campaign is still moving along but slowly. It does seem like sites are a set up to block DD but unfortunately my experience is that it is apathy from a nation indoctrinated by the nanny state.

        • They don’t care. They are not smart enough to care either.

          David’s best article for month’s – very thought-provoking.

          • michaelcoughlan

            “David’s best article for month’s – very thought-provoking.”

            It surely is. It is real heavy weight commentary. It is straight to the point, no nonsense, insightful hard hitting analysis with non of the Pc stuff. I felt myself shudder when I read it is so brutal in its honesty.

            I really hope that ape of a Taoiseach will read it.

          • That craven imbecile has no relevance whatsoever Moch

        • Mike Lucey

          @pat greene
          February 12, 2017 at 3:49 pm
          Mike the electorate don’t care…one of the reasons is that the main stream media will not allow debate around direct democracy….participatory democracy is the buzz word, but we have participatory democracy, we participate once every 5yrs or so. As for reinstate 48 it seems to have halted progress the 1yi campaign is still moving along but slowly. It does seem like sites are a set up to block DD but unfortunately my experience is that it is apathy from a nation indoctrinated by the nanny state.

          Very true! Folks love the idea of an all-encompassing ‘Nanny State’ and I imagine we will be seeing much more of it if the proposed experiments in Finland and other countries are popular.

          ‘Finland to consider introducing universal basic income in 2017′

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “I have been tracking its progress with regard to the number of ‘pledges’ it receives and must say, that it is pathetic.”

        I find their declaration to narrow:

        “I hereby pledge to vote only for candidates, in the next General Election, who support the reintroduction of Article 48 (Direct Democracy) into the Irish Constitution.”

        That would indicate that out of those who do not support it, there is no difference to me as to which o t h e r candidates will win their seats. Well, I cannot go with that. I judge candidates by their programmes and voting records, and there would still be an enormous difference – i.e., if Eddie Hobbs was running against the KGB/STASI aided agent of influence Proinsias De Rossa, who voted to hide his expenses – then HOW COME there is no difference between them?

        Secondly, what about 2nd and 3rd preference? I do not agree with randomness in that.

        Basically, my name is not there because of the word “only”. If it was “I’d give my preference to”, it’d be there.

        So maybe more people reached the same conclusion as me…

        • Mike Lucey

          @Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “Basically, my name is not there because of the word “only”. If it was “I’d give my preference to”, it’d be there.
          So maybe more people reached the same conclusion as me…”

          A valid point you have brought up! I will bring this to their attention and see if they take it on board.



          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            “I hereby pledge to give first preference for candidates” would probably most accurate

            Btw, another thing that seems to missing in their project is giving the principle of subsidiarity (the way this works in Switzerland) a constitutional basis. More can be found in this book:


            Another thing Ireland could copy from Switzerland is that citizenship and naturalisation is granted not by central authorities, but by county authorities. This would have an advantage of assesing candidates by officers/citizens/personal referees who know them.

            For example, a Polish or Mexican person applies for an Irish passport. If this is done in the front of anonymous officers, the only thing they can go by are papers. But as you know, papers in Ireland do not mean a lot due to mass cheating on taxes by the landlords in Ireland (advertising for rooms outside the PRTB system).

            But if such a foreign person has been living for a long time in a county, there is no way that someone – employers, officers, doctors, etc – would not know that person personally.

            That would also allieviate the fake refugees problem.

            “Victim Victimovitsch? We know this guy. Always polite, does a voluntary work, walks his kids to school every day”

            “Hasan Ibn-Terrorosan? We know this guy. Eats in restaurants, rents a home where 20 people live, flies to Africa 4 times a year, takes child benefit for 15 children”

    • Deco

      Pat Greene, if you are in politics, and the only game in town is Ponzi-scheme political power, then of course you will be in favour of it.

      Besides, in Ireland we have a form of (mandated) censorship that involves a refusal to tell the truth about political movements as long as they show deference to

      - the banking duopoly [ they can say whatever they like to please the crowd, but they will always write policies to serve the duopoly ]

      - the DOMINANT brewing oligarchy [ regardless of how many people die as a result of our inability to talk about the damage it does our society ]

      - the main media oligarch

      - the EU which finances consumer spending

      - the doctrine of “spend money you do not have, on junk you do not need, to impress people who are not really your friends”

      - the role of the institutional state in controlling the Irish so that no anti-authoritarianism ever emerges

      - RTE (also called Pravda)

      - real estate ponzi-scheming

      - the in-the-sewer-corrupt Democrat Party in the US

      Most Irish political movements have an element of dodgy opportunism, criminality, law-breaking, nepotism, snout-in-the-trough-ambitions, and deceit in them.

      They will show deference to the above, or else they will never get any media facilitation.

  5. Shane F

    Who would benefit from a disunited Europe?

    Interesting article on Russian Psy Ops.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      You should also read this, Shane:


      Russian strategy, as expressed in books of authors like Alexander Dugin, and by their specific political moves, is more subtle than “a disunited Europe”. A disunited Europe is, to an extent, a goal of the US too.

      This goes back to Russian gen. Aleksei Vandam, who considered the entry into Indo-Pacific (as he called it) as the main Russian goal. The main obstacles in achieving that goal were the Anglo-Saxon countries, therefore he recommended alliying with Germany and France in Europe.

      Germany’s ultimate goal is the abolishment of nation states (apart from Germany and with Britain out; in some German concepts – a condominium with France), so disuniting Europe is only an Easter egg shell – the second stage of disuniting (via separatist movement in Europe’s peripheries) is the liquidation of small nation states via making them German satelites (bear in mind that in 19th century, Prussia-Russia’s Concert of Europe was hostile to nation states).

      Alexander Dugin clearly said that “Poland should not exist”.

      What differs the US strategy from Russia’s strategy is that disuniting Europe (albeit Europe is disuniting itself thanks to stupidity of its leaders) is only a secondary goal in Russian geopolitics: the primary goal is creating a Euroasian empire, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, with Britain outside and where Europe will be left to Germany to rule: the joint German-Russian-Chinese condominium. So while Russia has been helping (also financially) separatist movements in Scotland, Basque country, Catalunya, or financing Marine Le Pen in France – it has at the same time been working closely with Germany since Gerhard Schroeder became a Chancellor.

      When Ms Merkel came into power, the pro-Russian rhetorics toned down, but only shmucks take everything at face value – while verbally supporting sanctions against Russia, in fact Germany was only talking about sanctions, while in reality Daimler entered in partnership with Russian producer of military equipment Kamaz, and so did Italy – providing armored vehicles with off-road

      The biggest loser of sanctions on Russia was Polish agriculture, particularly Polish apples producers, while Germany entered the vacuum left by Polish producers in Russia – also, Ukraine and Baltic states – by selling their agricultural products in Russia via proxies).

      In the meantime, Obama’s US, while yapping anti-Russian rhetorics, was selling them arms (including secret technologies) left, right and centre (primarily via Clintons Foundation).

      Svinkters populating the blogosphere do not have analitic skills that would allow them to ask themselves a simple question: if the sanctions on Russia have been so severe, then how come the US – Russian trade balance has hardly changed after its implementation?

      All this Maidan/sanctions bullshit was just German and US oligarchs allying with some Ukrainian/Russian oligarchs against other Ukrainian/Russian oligarchs.

      Otherwise, how come Petro Poroshenko could have retained and operate his factories in Russia – with President Putin’s direct okaying – AFTER THE MAIDAN COUP (this is a question that – to my knowledge – David McWilliams NEVER asked himself)?

      OMG, how unaware the entire Irish journalism is of what r e a l l y goes on…
      How do people like Mr Derek Scally (completely devoid of critical skills/proper workshop) even make it into being journalists in Ireland? Through sex?

      P.S. You can find some information on gen. Vandam here:


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Btw, that article in “The Guardian” was, for a change, good – though this is hardly new (in terms of information war techniques).

    • joe sod

      Before World war 2, the most influential and powerful countries in the world were european , and the greatest danger to world peace was a war between european powers. World war 2 was only 80 years ago and yet nobody now entertains the idea that maybe europe or european countries could re-emerge as powerful global players again. Therefore the EU was always only a “temporary little arrangement” a sort of a quarantine to keep european countries in their place which has now run its course. When you think about it no other group of countries has formed such a tight political union voluntarily, why not?,maybe the existence of the EU is the exception and now normality is returning Arguably Africa really should be the continent for this political union with all its problems and not Europe. European countries have been the leaders in the world for almost thousand years now. I dont believe it is the case that european countries are forever going to remain in limbo and leave the running of the world to others. We now see the US withdrawing from its role as global peacekeeper its as if is encouraging Europe to come back into this role. The big problems in the world are coming from Asia and Africa, the EU is hopelessly out of date and incapable of operating in this new world

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “Arguably Africa really should be the continent for this political union with all its problems and not Europe.” – good point. After all, despite all differences and size, their cultures are somewhat less diverse (i.e. if we compare 1000 years of European literature and thousends of years of African literature – not to mention philosophical ideas).

        “European countries have been the leaders in the world for almost thousand years now.” – but European countries have had Latin civilization for thousend years which gave them intellectual advantage. That’s changing now (Latin civilization defined in Koneczny sense:

        - ethics is the source of law. If some laws are not ethical, then they are changed.
        - Religion is autonomous, independent and separated from the state.
        - Individuality, self-rule and decentralization are highly valued. -Government is judged on the basis of its adherence to ethics.
        - The law is of dual nature, divided into public and private spheres.

        And there is this too:


        This goes, in large, for Europeans too…

        • joe sod

          “European countries have been the leaders in the world for almost thousand years now.” – but European countries have had Latin civilization for thousend years which gave them intellectual advantage. That’s changing now (Latin civilization defined in Koneczny sense:”

          thats true europeans do not have the big advantage they once had, however I also think the whole EU thing has hobbled Europe unnecessarily. I think they should be playing a much bigger role in the world than they are presently. For example China is now a global power but is not very influential. It has no cultural impact like the US and Europe has had. Even the USSR was far more influential than China. For all its power there are no african countries learning chinese or watching chinese tv. Portugal and Spain still have a far bigger cultural impact on the world than China does. So thats where Europe still has alot of power.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            The European Communities were not a bad project at all for the majority of its existence, even though even at the beginning there were two competing visions of what Europe should be: libertarian of Hayek and Francophone bueraucratic by Claude Monet, and Monet’s vision won.

            Still, it could have been a wonderful project even with that Monet influence, and I am not in favour of a total devolvement of all European structures either.

            But 2 things have happened, Joe, that the likes of Monet did not foresee.

            1. 1968 counter-revolution. In some western countries this meant the end to the Latin civilisation as we know it. The 1968 generation came to power in Germany and France. They were all Marxists of various sorts. This resulted in:


            In other words – instead of Europe as a confederation of states, the federal state of Europe run by Germany and France (the Carolingians).

            2. The turning of Germany towards Russia/China after the collapse of the USSR.

            Until Germany was run by Kohl, Germany turned towards the Atlantic. After its re-unification – and particularly since Schroeder – rather than East Germany to become more like the Bonn Republic, the Bonn Republic became more like STASI run by East Germany (former Prussia – a totalitarian state from the beginning).

            The said 2 facts interlapped with the sorry fact that bureaucratic France had too much influence in EC anyway, an influence mitigated in Europe by less Marxists countries like UK, Ireland, Netherlands and the Visegrád Group countries (although recently Romania and Bulgaria introduced more liberal economic reforms than Poland – Kaczynski is too much like De Valera, only less naive).

            From then on, Europe turned into a Byzantine civilisation in Koneczny sense.

            How did Koneczny define In Byzantine civilization?

            - Organized religion is dependent on the state (in the EU: genderism, global warming, etc).
            - In this type of civilization all means are justified to achieve political goals (Martin Schulz said that political goals will have to be implemented by force – and he will probably be Germany’s next Foreign Minister).
            - Politicians follow ethics in private life, but in public they are judged by their skills, not by ethics.
            - The legal government has absolute authority and its orders are not doubted (repeated voting when the referenda went wrong for Germany).

            What was to Koneczny the best example of a Byzantine civilisation?
            Germany under Bismarck (interestingly, he saw Poland and England as the most Latin one – not the actual Latin countries!).

            “It has no cultural impact like the US and Europe has had. Even the USSR was far more influential than China.”

            Chinese civilisation has its own advantages but its big disadvantage is that it is not really creative – Latin civilisation is the most creative. Besides, China is collapsing demographically and under its own internal debts. In fact, capital is now flowing out of China like you won’t believe.

            THAT’S WHY they want to build a Silk Road 2.0 – because internal Chinese growth factors have finished.

            “For all its power there are no african countries learning chinese or watching chinese tv.”

            African counties who let in the Chinese are more exploited than those who let in the US or even the former USSR.

            Do you know what was Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) election slogan after they let China in: “Let the British come back and rule us again.” – I kid you not.

            Personally, I am a Eurocentric. For example, only in Europe there was a philosophy sensu stricto, and despite all that talk about Indian civilisation, their logic needed 500 years of development to achieve what Aristotle achieved in his lifetime.

            But it’s not me who turned anti-European – it’s Europe that turned against itself. To start with, it abandoned the Roman law.

            Following Koneczny, the late Judge Scalia AND German Ralf Dahrendorf (the latter not a right wing – A SOCIAL-DEMOCRAT!) called it a Judaisation of law.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            1. 1968 counter-revolution. = I mean, counter-culture. Counter-revolution would be a restoriation of normality.

            “Therefore the EU was always only a “temporary little arrangement” a sort of a quarantine to keep european countries in their place which has now run its course.”

            This is an interesting idea.

            But there is one problem with keeping peace in Europe once the EU runs its course: that would mean even closer cooperation of Germany/Russia/China to create the Eurasia and get rid of the US in Europe.

            The US will never allow that: it cannot afford allowing that.

            So a probability of war will increase in Europe after the EU collapse (plus there is a few million Muslims).

            Therefore I am for DEVOLUTION and reform of the EU, not its abrupt end.

            For Ireland, its abrupt end would be even worse because Ireland has – from the US’s point of view – peripheral location when it comes to stopping Germany allying itself with Russia/China.

          • joe sod

            Interesting points grzegorz, thanks for responding to my posts. The big failing of the eu has been its impotence in responding to events in its surrounding hinterlands in Africa and the middle east. It has been too inward looking and not outward looking and not prepared to use force in order to protect its interests. Of course the reason for this is that it contains countries which are powerful in their own right (Britain being the prime example) that do not want to give up that, now they are leaving. You also pointed out that the eu institution became Marxist and socialist and undemocratic, therefore there was no easy way for Europeans too correct this easily. The eu elects its most powerful people the same as the gaa or fai does. But it is the failure of the eu to have any big stick or to agree on who gets hit with that stick that has doomed it. I think the migrant crisis has crystallized the failings of the eu. It simply went way further than most countries wanted and now Britain is out. There should never have been the euro, the European court and the Shengen zone. These things should only have come after a properly elected president and parliament along with an army. But no European country was prepared to give up that much sovereignty. It tried to be a mish mash between a country and an organization and it has failed.
            History is now moving on , the eu time has come and gone just like the ussr. It is events outside Europe that are shaping things, therefore we need a Europe that is outward looking and prepared to make its voice heard and not be ignored. Therefore cooperation between powerful European countries independent of the US if necessary is the way things will move.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            You are welcome.

            “its impotence in responding to events in its surrounding hinterlands in Africa and the middle east”

            Europe (and by Europe I mean the main players) lacked two most important means to respond to events in Africa and Middle East: military power and currency that would be a currency of exchange.

            When it comes to military power, basically all European states apart from UK, Poland, Greece (for corruption reasons, but I am just saying) and recently, one of the Baltic countries (can’t remember which one) were even meeting NATO’s 2% spending target, riding on the back of the US army.

            On the other hand, the US has been riding on exporting its inflation via dollar: in the 70s, there was a 3 pages memo of Paul Volcker, in which he proposes that since post-Bretton Woods America no longer has trade surpluses, it should use others countries trade surpluses – and loans combined with 20% interest rates for developing countries ensue.

            So its a complex situation: western Europe has been parasiting on the US in that it was spending on the army only 1/5 of what it would normally have had, but the US was parasiting on other countries via dollar.

            Here comes the euro – this is one of the causes why Gadaffi is overthrown (the second cause is that Sarkozy borrowed lots of money from him to finance his election campaign, and he did not want to repay it – so he started a war – but no one remembers it now, everyone only remembers the US involvement).

            “The eu elects its most powerful people the same as the gaa or fai does.” – it is worth pointing out that most EU politicians are people who lost elections in their own countries or faced serious charges. From Poland for example, you have Donald Tusk, Janusz Lewandowski, and Elzbieta Bienkowska. All from PO (Civic Platform) who lost the election, the first two with serious corruption charges hanging over them.

            “There should never have been the euro, the European court and the Shengen zone.”

            When it comes to Schengen, the thing is that what happened with the refugee crisis was against Schengen too – but most countries pretended that they did not see it. The idea of Schengen was that there was a free movement of people within Schengen and EU border outside. That’s why the Dublin Regulation came into place – to protect the EU border. But when PM Orban wanted to adhere to Schengen rules, he was shouted over. Furthermore, before the migrants crisis, Germany voted against additional funds for protecting Schengen borders to Greece – as a result, intially the Visegrad Group countries sent their own police to Greece to protect Greece’s/EU borders (!), and then Greek minister said that f…k it – you do not want to give us money – we will flood Europe with terrorists.


            “History is now moving on , the eu time has come and gone just like the ussr.”

            I’d refer to what Jaroslaw Kaczynski has said in his interview for The Daily Telegraph this month: the EU must transfer most of its powers back to national parliaments and return to the European Communities (so pre-Lisbon, pre-Maastricht) legal framework.

            Interestingly, if you watched live Taoiseach’s Enda Kenny press conference in Warsaw, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo was lukewarm on the Irish “special case”, while Taoiseach was lukewarm on… relegating powers to national parliaments – there was no mention in the Irish press of the former (at least they both agreed on the common market).

            Although hat off to Enda Kenny that at least he did not lash out at Poland for being a danger to democracy.

            The same diplomatic skills cannot be attributed to that man – he is called Michael, he has just supported a communist drug cartel known mainly for kidnapping tourists and killing them if their families do not pay ransom, and he currently serves his term as a President of Ireland:


            This thought crossed my mind when I took a newspaper to my hands in Centra this morning: “Please tell me this is not happening”

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Taoiseach was lukewarm on… relegating powers to national parliaments – there was no mention in the Irish press of the former = of the latter.

            But considering that the Irish budget was read in Bundestag before it was read in the Dail, maybe he is right

          • joe sod

            Gregorz what was the article published in the sunday business post that you say was a copy of one of your comments, Id like to read it? I can understand that being polish you would hope that the EU stays together and that a return to the old Europe would be worrying for Poland. However even if the EU breaks up I cannot see hostilities happening between european countries. I think the lessons of the 20th century have been well and truly learnt by Europeans , unfortunately they have not been learnt by countries outside Europe.By the way what is your thinking on Brexit, are the British correct? In any case I think countries like Poland, Hungary and Czech republic are bound to prosper whatever happens. They have faced down Germany over the migration quotas and have won this argument as this issue is
            now dead. Also being very competitive with independent currencies means that they will be insulated from any Le Pen turmoil in the euro

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            “Gregorz what was the article published in the sunday business post that you say was a copy of one of your comments, Id like to read it?”


            However, my comment was more balanced though, because David only replicates this part of my comment that shows German hypocrisy – because Germany obtained a debt write-off that they do not want anyone to remember (I watched debates on German TV and they never mentioned it until, well, basically this article (then some German media mentioned it – same as they do not want anyone to remember that Germany has never paid Poland, or Greece, or Czech Republic any war reparations for WWII.

            But in the second part of my comment, I also showed Greece’s hypocrisy, i.e.:

            - self-pitying how much austerity they suffer while not caring that they basically demand Slovakian or Polish pensioners on fraction of Greek pensions to pay for their bigger pensions;

            - or portraying their treatment as exceptionally cruel and giving the IMF 50% debt write-off for Poland in the 90s as an example of how badly Greece was treated, while forgetting to say that Greece has:

            a) Got that 50% debt write-off twice
            b) Never had to pay 20% interest rates Poland had to pay
            c) Was spending less % of GDP for debt repayment than Poland and
            d) Poland got 50% debt write off because its secret service freed CIA spies from Iraq that CIA was unable to – while all that Greece has ever done in the EU was stealing other countries money, in cooperation with Siemens and Goldman Sachs.

            - and last but not least: telling countries like Poland, Ireland, or Hungary that they should be solidar with Greece, while at the same time threatening them with a sending Muslim terrorists.

            So with the second part of my comments, this article would have been better.

            Would have been better written though? I think David has a better writing style (not to mention that he is currently Ireland’s best communicator). Having said that, David should have mentioned me if he copied my comment – Dan O’Brien for example has mentioned me in his article from name, surname and town in Indo for much less.

            On a positive side, a few TDs (and one person in Donald Trump’s administration) know that I am the real author of that article :-) – meet the man who influences the man who runs the most influential blog in the world, according to Coldcore’s Mark O’Byrne.

            II. “I can understand that being polish you would hope that the EU stays together and that a return to the old Europe would be worrying for Poland. However even if the EU breaks up I cannot see hostilities happening between european countries.”

            No, that’s not my position. My position is that it’s not about whether the EU stays together, but about what the EU is.

            Currently, it is condominium of Germany and France/Benelux, run in the interest of German exporters and French farmers – or rather it was, considering that Merkel goes to Warsaw and not Szydlo to Berlin, organised as a federal state, with Germany and its satellites (until recently, eastern Europe, Holland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Ireland I dare to say), and France and its satelites (Greece, Belgium Romania until recently).

            This cannot go on – power has to come back to national parliaments, and Europe has to come back to the European Community legal framework with four freedoms – though with the recent migrant crisis, this has been now f…d up (by Germany). This is precisely what Jaroslaw Kaczynski said in his interview for The Daily Telegraph, February 7. Of course, no Irish media noticed it, but hey – we have the Garda Commissioner scandal to talk about.

            To reformulate it, I am absolutely against the EU in its current shape. But I do not want all its Treaties to be thrown into a bin either. Either EU will adopt the EC structure, or it will collapse in 5 years time.

            There is a third solution though: Europe of two speeds. This to me would be even better: the Carolingian Europe stays in its bureaucratic politically correct myopia and starts to unify even more (tax harmonisation, etc), and peripheral countries become the “second speed” countries, and have their own currencies for example.

            My worry is that while the Visegrad Group wants to be the “second speed” Europe and eventually integrate with Scandinavia and the UK (at the same time playing a hard ball with the UK on Poles rights in England), Ireland might like to join the Carolingians.

            “In any case I think countries like Poland, Hungary and Czech republic are bound to prosper whatever happens. They have faced down Germany over the migration quotas and have won this argument as this issue is
            now dead. Also being very competitive with independent currencies means that they will be insulated from any Le Pen turmoil in the euro”

            All very good points. I think that regarding migrants, there is no hope for France – it’s too late to stop it being a Caliphate; and as to Germany – who knows. Maybe Germany leaves the euro? This is what I have been saying for 2 years – no one considers that Germany may also decide to leave the euro, and Deutsche Mark will instantly become world’s strongest currency – unless we have a gold juan (but this is now less likely – China is collapsing demographically and with debts, and turning from the idea of gold juan into SDR; did you know that last year they lost a whopping $1tn reserves? – capital now flies out of China).

            There is definitely a capital and people inflow into Poland (almost 10,000 Irish have emigrated to Poland, and so many French that there is French colony in Kraków now, mainly because Poland is considered one of worlds 10 safest tourist destinations and as to France… ehm… – let’s draw a veil over ; good agricultural land is now more expensive in Poland than in France), Czech Republic and Hungary now (not Slovakia because they have the euro).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Joe, willy-nilly my reply to you about potential war hostilties in Europe wandered down under Tony Brogan’s comment

        • Grzegorz
          Gaddafi came up with a plan to unify Africa. In a speech he held aloft, between finger and thumb , a gold dinar. The gold Dinar is an ancient Islamic coin used for centuries. It was suggested to be used as a Pan African monetary unit.
          This of course was anathema to the ruling globalists, AKA central bankers, and their surrogate rulers of the USA and NATO et al who promptly bombed the bejesus out of Libya and murdered Gaddafi ASAP. He was dead in 6 months, brutally murdered and the richest country in Africa totally devastated, returned to the dark ages.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I know that too, Tony, but this does not exclude “the Sarkozy reason”.
            Btw, do you think that the gold Dinar would have f…d up France less than it would have the US? No, it would have f…d up France more.

            France = freedom to break Maastricht rules unpunished + French Muslim demographics + the whole Europe chipping in for CAP that it is for the French really – because Poland for example would dominate not Europe, but the world with its agriculture (i.e. Ursus tractor factory was producing the best tractor engines in the world – so they – Mr Sachs demanded it – had to liquidate it and sell it to India, where after 20 years these engines still beat all other tractor engines for durability and efficiency) – if it was not for CAP (CAP means that Poland cannot produce as much as it could, that it had to lower its food production standards, and its farmers get 25% of French farmers subsidies – on France’s demand).

            Oh – and also that Poland has worse fisheries restrictions than Ireland.
            Because thanks to France, snail is now legally a fish in the EU – and thus France is getting fish subsidies that Poland and Ireland should be getting.

          • You side step the importance the control of the monetary system has on the control of nations and the world.
            All other issues fail in comparison to this one issue. THE CONTROL OF THE CURRENCY ALLOWS THE CONTROL OF ALL ELSE. THAT IS WHY IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.


            The use of the gold dinar was not the problem of any particular currency but rather a threat to the WORLD control of all currencies. The use of any currency by a non elite entity is a threat to the globalists gold of one world government with them as the omnipotent rulers. Sarkozy is a side issue designed to deflect attention from the real perpetrators.
            BTW you have a habit of saying things like I already knew that, or I was the first one to say this of that. I notice you repeat many things that I for example have stated years ago but that is OK. I am not hear to collect points and my comments are aimed at the wider audience more than the local audience.
            please do not take this as a remonstration but simply to point out that we are here to educate the widest range of people as possible. That , we hope , is a major reason for DMW to operate the blog in the first place.

            Talking of agriculture. France protected its subsidised farmers at all costs against applicants to join the EU. Britain paid a huge cost of entry in that regard. According to your notes, Poland did too. UK agriculture was the second most efficient in the world after the US. Now it is beset by numerous regulations imposed by an unelected EU bureaucracy. At least for only a little while longer.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I forgot to address that “hostilities in Europe” thing.

          The reason I predict hostilities should the EU collapse abruptly (as opposed to gradual devolution and decentralisation) is not because of the EU, but because debates with Germany whether to ally with Russia and China or with the US. Should SPD win and Schulz be their Foreign Minister, a return to the Germany-Russia axis will ensue – now enhanced by China.

          The thing is, that the US will never allow it, and neither it will Poland: because historically Germany allowing with Russia has ALWAYS ended in 1) Poland vanishing from map and 2) War in Europe because after eliminating Poland, Germany and Russia faced each other.

          If Germany only allied with Russia, then maaaaaaybe the US would withdraw.


          Not if they ally with Russia AND China.

          Look at Germany’s infrastructure, exports, military bases, etc.
          EVERYTHING IN GERMANY IS TURNED EASTWARDS NOW. Since Schroeder, Germany is no longer interested in western Europe other than as an export market.

          Do you know that Polish State Railways website was, until Kaczynski came to power, redirecting you to… Deutsche Bahn website?

          Look at Poland’s raliway map: Deutsche Bahn has implemented a plan of connecting “their” part of Poland with Germany, and depopulating the eastern part of Poland that used to be Russian occupation zone in 19th century:


          In fact, Poland now sees Germany’s ambitions and the migrant thing as such a danger that most of its army is… on the German, not on the Kaliningrad border! Look at the map:


  6. Pat Flannery

    Not everybody is talking up a French withdrawal from the Euro and its consequent demise.


    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Patrick.

      There isn’t a single contributor on the board not even the owner who would take a banker at his word.

      Keep posting Patrick.

  7. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    On a very different note, I was very surprised when David McWilliams said on Today FM that “Insomnia” by Faithless was “probably the best dance track ever.”

    It’s all right,


    How about “Pump Up The Jam” by Technotronic, or “We No Speak Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool, or “Daddy Cool” by Boney M, or “Hot Stuff”, or “Billy Jean”, or “Twist And Shout” by The Beatles, or “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley, or “The Charleston” by composer/pianist James P. Johnson, or “Giovinezza”? And I was not entirely serious about the last one…

  8. coldblow

    The big idea is not fixed or immutable but is rather a scorecard of grievances: I think it is rather fixed and has always been there. It has been very important to a lot of people but as the public megaphone is in the hands of the ‘embrace change’ merchants you never heard anything about it.

    Immigration to some, job insecurity to others, cultural dilution to others, concerns about the capacity of the welfare state to others, falling living standards to others, rising inequality to others. Again I don’t agree with this at all. It isn’t a fragmented collection of unrelated concerns but more a certain kind of world view, one that is very widely shared. I have never known (or ‘knowingly known’ if you like) of a voter who would vote on one fixed issue, such as the local hospital, or water charges or anything. If such voters existed then they should be disqualified for stupidity. What is more, they are no more easily boxed and labelled as ‘working people’ than those who voted for Trump were ‘blue collar’.

    I suppose one way of defining them would be: not working in media, politics, academia or the better paid professions. The track record of these has been appalling and more and more people realize it.

    Can ideas travel across borders? Well of course they can.

    Does the election of leaders with radical views embolden others? Yes of course it does. How otherwise did the Irish opinion formers (see list above) adopt such, er, radical views in many areas (gay marriage, open boders, EU, the abolition of law and order, the re-writing of 20th century history (eg invention of the residential homes ‘holocaust’) to name some)? What, they worked it out for themselves? By what mysterious mechanism did they all suddenly get these useless ideas at the same time? There are still many people left whose views have stayed much the same over the last three or four decades. They now find themselves classed as fascists and extremists.

    This could get out of hand and few want that. As Hitchens has predicted, compared with what is to come Trump is Woody Allen. But whose fault is that?

    • Deco

      I think we have a Woody Allen figure running the Government.

      And a dwarf sized version in the Aras, who thinks that the loss of Fidel Castro was a severe setback for human progress.

      Fidel also implemented border controls. He refused to let his own subjects leave.

      Nobody in the fringe left ever got outraged. Instead they merely adjusted the facts to suit the theory.

      They decided that Cuba was such a success that nobody wanted to leave.

      That is a version of reality that is as much Fake News, as a CNN presenter in the studio pretending to be in the Gulf.

      As long as our overpaid dwarf in the Aras, never goes to Miami to lecture Cuban Americans on why they should have never left Cuba……

      • McCawber

        I’m confused.
        Only slightly admitted.
        What’s the difference between a dwarf and a leprechaun.
        Do leprechaun’s have as much to say for themselves as dwarves appear.

  9. McCawber

    The French look after no. 1.
    The average French punter has serious concerns about EU “migration” policy.
    BTW – David
    Referring to somebody as a “creature” is a terrible way to refer to someone.
    It implies that they are sub human.
    Not only that it disses the opinions of a lot of people with differing opinion on many things but with one thought in common to elect the best man for the job.
    Maybe it’s the creatures who are in power and facing kicks up the hole from their own electorates that should be referred to as creatures.
    By their disregard for the average man in the street the darkness is being allowed to return.
    Globalisation is a fancy word for plunder, robbery and theft from the poor to the already too rich and their political mates.
    These creatures have set your “creature” free. I hope he gives them hell, it won’t be for the want of trying.

  10. McCawber

    I don’t think La Pen will get elected, she’s too right wing for such a socialist country, but if she does get elected then everything will have changed and changed utterly.
    France is at the core of the EU and it is at the core of the EU problems.
    Their politicians have a very selfish, self serving attitude to the EU.
    They have repeatedly failed to meet EU budgetary targets and in doing so undermine the credibility of the EU.
    The EU has done nothing about this.
    The EU needs to get it’s house in order before it pushes for any more integration.
    The EU absolutely and totally messed up on Brexit.
    They fundamentally failed to acknowledge that immigration was a major issue, not just for the UK but many other EU countries too.
    They simply sat on their mantra and played Russian roulette and the gun went off – not their fault – EU politicians/EU are never at fault.

    • Deco

      The EU is a giant political structure, that the politicians approved, even though they had no clue how to make it work effectively.

      The ECB worked until Trichet took over. Trichet decided to let borrowing rip in 2004. Everything since then has been a pro-financial sector benign environment. Monetary policy has facilitated stupidity in banking at every available opportunity. If you incentivise stupidity, you will see more of it.

      It seems that the ECB has been doing this for years.

      And the EU has been doing it since the movement of power to the centre.

      The EU is a Frankenstein project. The creators cannot manage it. They wanted all that power. When they were given it, they used it to wreck everything.

      With Schulz now likely to be leading a Red-Green-hardRed government after Merkel (and no debate in the CDU about getting rid of Merkel), it is likely that the leadership will get even worse.

      Merkel has been a serial disastermaker. No amount of PR or media coverage will deflect from the fact that Merkel only makes a problem worse, by her intervention. The evidence from Schulz, points to him being even more clueless.

      If we are honest about it, there is no country in continental Western Europe in a politically functional state anymore, except Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland. And only one of them is in the EU. And that country is no longer obedient.

      The Brits dodged a bullet, and they might dodge a bomb as well.

      I am slightly suspicious that the English establishment correctly identified the EU was dysfunctional by design, operating as an ongoing cathastrophe, and wanted out of the EU all along. They merely needed to extricate themselves from the mess in as diplomatic a manner as possible.

      I have to hand it to the English establishment, for statecraft. They left it almost too late to get Britain out. But they were smart enough to get out. It is almost as if they knew that Lady Penelope was on easy money, and she would drag her husband into the mire.

      Fillon could have saved France from itself. He has already saved France from a return to Sarkozy. He could have provided the leadership that the EU needed. He understood the problem of French economic malaise.

      Le Pen or Macron will take over France. France will plod onward into a statist policy making disaster, with more underperformance, and central planning.

      The statists telling us how to think respectably on weekend radio in Ireland will be relieved. They adore French statism, and model the Irish institutional state on that. That is the legacy or Haughey, Spring, Ruairi Quinn and Ahern on Irish politics.

      There will be no efficiency drive in France. That which they so dearly advocate will remain intact.

      The problem is that it will continue to sink France.

  11. dwalsh

    If the nightmare scenario you paint comes to pass (and I think it could) the rational course for Ireland would be to nationalise the banking system, including the Central bank; which must be placed under the Dept of Finance, where it always should have been.
    With the neoliberal globalist project dead in the water there will be no reason to kowtow to the private bankers (including the Central Bank – that’s what the euphemism ‘independent’ really means).
    Ireland should create a sovereign currency backed by the Irish nation (not a private currency backed by debt as we have now).
    And the bondholders – fuck the bond holders, they go on hold.

    • Deco

      dwalsh – agreed with regard to the bondholders.

      The next time that FF party and the GP are feeling generous, they can give the bondholders their onw money, and keep us out of the equation.

    • Never mind going ‘on hold’ – the bondholders can go to hell.

      Won’t happen though – unfortunately.

    • dwalsh
      good one
      Ireland needs its own currency backed by silver as previously described in many past missives.
      The first nation to back such a system will be the best off. The Johnny Come Latelys not so much.

      • dwalsh

        We have been down this road before You and I Tony

        My solution is a sovereign currency
        A sovereign currency is backed by the creative and productive capacity of a nation

        What you suggest is a commodity currency – which I would not recommend or support

        • Not exactly. There is no reason that a national currency cannot be commodity backed and be sovereign. There is a very good reason that a national currency should be commodity backed or it is no better than what is used today. It is /would be simply yet another fiat currency subjected to the continued abuse in process today. It will be subject to inflation and misuse by the very government that purports to suggest it is better than what went before. It certainly would NOT be a store of value.

          “”What you suggest is a commodity currency – which I would not recommend or support”"
          Why is that?

          • dwalsh

            The price of gold today is approximately 3 times what it was in 2001
            That is inflation
            Our fiat currencies have not inflated anything like that in the same period
            There is nothing magically stable about gold

  12. michaelcoughlan


    This article scared the life out of me. The article is flawless from my perspective. 70 odd days to get out of here.

    The Irish politicians will try and stay with the euro till the last. If so then the youth of this country will have no hope because just like greece both our own politicians and the European ones will tolerate even greater emigration out of Ireland than the current record breaking levels and an unemployment rate starting to skyrocket again.

    Might go to Iceland?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I am reading your comment and I am trying to envisage Ireland had the politicians let the banks go bust and burned the bondholders, like Iceland did (I think that when everyone was laughing at Iceland – RTE had a terryfying documentary on it and the popular joke, from a Professor to a taxi driver, was that Ireland differs from Iceland with one letter and 6 months – I was the first ever in Ireland to publish something – a letter in my case – voicing an opinion that Iceland’s way of dealing with the Irish crash is the way to go; then I remember David published a column in which he said that the collapse of banks in Iceland and a devaluation of Icelandic krona would mean simply mean less Range Rovers and French camembert and more fish).

      What would have been different had the banks went bust?

      1. No renewed property bubble = less emigration (a recent survey on why nurses are leaving into UK showed that they listed cost of transport and accommodation as primary reasons: they received some employers subsidies/facilitations towards both).
      2. No renewed property bubble = lower cost = more manufacturing
      3. Less dependence on foreign lenders
      4. Lest vulnerability to the French election results

      I find only 3 statistics meanigful for Fine Gael/Labour Does Not Work, ignored by virtually everyone here, including Maccer (and I listed them on multiple occasions):

      1. Fine Gael kept the recovery going by boosting the GDP growth figures by 6.5% in 2013 thanks to switching from ESA 95 to ESA 2010 accounting network (including sales of drugs, stolen goods and prostitution into growth figures, and reclassifying multinationals R&D as investment, not cost). In other words, the REAL growth in Ireland was 6.5% less. That’s why they lost.

      2. Labour Participation rate in Ireland was 60.5% when FG came to power. It was 60% at the election – no oil painting.

      3. Developers supported by NAMA paid 2.5% for funding when FG was campaigning. Those not supported had costs 14%-15%.

      If I – a foreigner – could understand why there was no recovery – then why could not Fine Gael when they were campaigning?
      I’ll tell you why – they started to believe their own propaganda, like the small Jean-Paul Sartre, who was brought up entirely by women and was told he was the most beautiful little boy in the world – only to suffer enormous Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when he was sent to primary school and kids told him otherwise.

      P.S. I answered your “job” question under the last thread :-)
      Read it and you’ll see it’s not as you think :-) And for that reason, I think I’ll say goodnight to you. I’ll take it easy for the next days with computer work so probably no comments of mine (an opportunity for others to insult me unpunished).

  13. Incident

    ‘ER IST WIEBER DA’ = (LOOK WHO’S BACK) – Netflix
    A must see movie about the return of Adolf Hitler 70 years on.
    Made by Germans in German with English subtitles.
    A very black comedy with a very bleak topical message.

  14. Original-Ed

    My sidekick is from the South of France and I’m reliably informed that it’s going to be a close run thing. It will very much depend on the youth vote and how they see their future. They are far more open to outside influences than their parents and will have to balance this against possible better economic prospects in a Le Pen closed society. It’s going to be a difficult choice because youth unemployment is very high and job security is at an all time low – both parents, with higher degrees, are on 1 yr contracts.

    Our government would want to be working on a plan and not pissacting about with whistle blowers and local yokel issues.

    • Deco

      They have a plan.

      It is called “draw as long as the ponzi scheme keeps operating, and then blame somebody else when it gets falls apart because there is no money left, because the gombeens running it were sucking it dry”.

      Call it Ogle-nomics. Or Bertonomics will an even higher level of arrogance than even Ahern could muster.

      • Truthist

        Irish MEP confirmed to me that Bertie Ahern is a Freemason ;

        Actually, unless proven otherwise consider all senior politicians of Irish State to be freemasons.

        • Deco

          Great. Hopefully, they will put in charge. In fact it is a great pity that they did not make him their leader.

          He is also the carrying of a massive red whiskey nose.

          Maybe I should go to Fagans of Drumcondra wearing a green jersey, and buy him enough sauce to get him speaking.

          That would be a lot of sauce. He has a high tolerance level.

          • Truthist

            Hopefully, they will put in charge.
            In fact it is a great pity that they did not make him their leader.”

            I do not understand why u say this Deco ;
            Because, they [ Fianna Fail ] did make him their leader.

            No doubt, u were told many years ago that the spouse of a certain Irish President was the secret leader of the Freemasons in Ireland.
            Conviction for Speeding not punished with mandatory sentence springs to mind.

          • Truthist, I have such a low opinion of politicians in Ireland already that it’s completely irrelevant to me whether they are Freemasons or not.

            In fact, my opinion of them is so low that it couldn’t actually go any lower, not even if they all joined the Moonies.

            Or the Catholic Church fantasists.

  15. Deco

    This is my assessment of the situation.

    The big idea whose time has come, is actually NOT nationalism – it is state accountability.

    And it is not a new idea. In fact it is the basis of the entire relationship between the individual and the power structures that seek to live off the individual, in a parasitic manner.

    the problem for those that are part of the system, is that they need to describe it as something that covers up what is really going on. Hence it is defined as anti-globalization.

    It really is, that simple.

    • Truthist

      Agree ;

      Essentially, it is the MORALITY Stupid : Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Sarkozy, Bertie Ahern, Me-hole Martin, etc etc

      Morality requires Accountability
      Accountability requires Truth

      Morality = Wisdom

      Accountability = Fear of the Lord

      “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” ;
      Proverbs 9:10

      • Deco

        All of those above mentioned people have been involved in law breaking, murder, or abuse of power, except MM.

        With him, there is the tribunal evidence of how a developers money made it’s way into the bank account of his wife, and nobody ever explained why it happened.

        I want to know “what that a gift or a loan ?”.

        In Ireland, this is not a criminal offence. Probably because the laws in this area seem to be a facilitation of that which is deemed to be criminal in other countries.

        Even more astounding it the fact that the media refuses to talk about the matter.

        This is Tribunal evidence, so it cannot be silenced on that absurd “defamation of character” law that silences far too much in Ireland.

        • Truthist

          I may disapprove of a politician AND consider “it” talented.

          I may disapprove of a politician AND condider “it” talentless

          Me-hole Martin is the latter.

          It amazes me that FF ever allowed him to progress in politics, let alone be its leader.

          Is there any news of FF wising up to get rid of him ?

          He has no credibility.

          • McCawber

            MM is not talentless.
            CJ Haughey described Bertie as the most skilful, the most cunning and the most devious of them all.
            And yet MM survived every poisoned chalice that Bertie sent his way.
            That’s a talent right there.
            Not only that, since becoming FF main man he has carefully steered FF off the rocks and he is now the front runner to be the next real Taoiseach.
            That is some achievement.
            For the record I have no time for FF or MM.
            But know your enemy, don’t underestimate, never stop watching him and never ever let your personal bias interfere with your judgement of him.

          • Deco

            McCawber, I think you are correct about MM.

            What concerns me is the media handling of MM.

            He gets easy treatment. It is actually annoying.

          • It seems that the MM give MM a free pass. MMMM.. is that correct.

    • Deco
      People sense they have lost control of their lives. We are seeing the reclamation of that. An enhanced, sized, state government is not a part of that. Reduction of government involvement is. More people are espousing libertarian principles than ever before.

  16. Le Pen won’t win without toning down the anti-Semitism.
    End of

  17. Deco

    Le Pen is NOT a threat to Ireland, economically. Fillon is a threat to Ireland economically, because he represents the “threat of economic competence in France”.

    Le Pen and Macron do NOT represent economic competetence. In fact both represent a continuation of the failed policies that have retarded France since Mitterrand decided to over-extend the French state, and over-centralise France (again).

    Le Pen is a threat to the Euro-crats and the lobbyists. She is also a destablising force on the entire French system, ranging from the CAP to the benefits system to the way France is run.

    Trump and Le Pen are very different. Trump wants a freer economic model, but Le Pen is continuing the current model of running France.

    Le Pen’s is a nationalist, because that matters in a highly centralized country in France.

    And it is for this reason that those seeking greater accountability in France will ultimately refuse to vote for her.

    Le Pen utlimately is promising more of the same for France, and pretending that it is going to be different. She is actually limited by the blinkers of the French belief in centralised power, and it’s benefits.

    That is the distinction. It is a very important distinction.

    Le Pen has more in common with Sinn Fein or Fianna Fail than she does with Farage, or Trump.

    I expect Sinn Fein ( a criminal organization with a political movement in front), and Fianna Fail ( a political movement with a criminal organization underneath) to express an unbearable level of outrage at Le Pen.

    The media will be attacking Le Pen (for the wrong reasons, predictably), and both FF and SF will want to protect themselves from the public seeing any obvious similarities.

    For this reason, I expect them to both go into outrage mode :)

  18. [...] Seriously remarks. Which BTW, contribute nothing to a discussion, they are only PERSONAL opinions. Ireland’s financial destiny is in the hands of angry French voters – this is what we mus… Ms Le Pen represents the alternative and she is a powerful political force, articulate, [...]

  19. Deco

    It is possible that Wilders might do well in the Netherlands, as a variation of Pim Fortyn.

    It will have some thread of the outrage that followed the murder of Theo Van Gogh.

    It will also resonate with the fact that Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to flee the Netherlands because the authorities were not able to protect a free speaking former muslim, from expressing her mind (and inspiring the women to rebel against their religious instructors).

    And it may resonate with the Charlie Hebdoo affair.

    Wilders himself is under continual police protection.

    Incidentally, he is also pro-Israel (unlike Le Pen).

    Wilders is attached to a core argument about how to run a society, and the importance of freedom of expression to critique any idea, or set of ideas. He is opposed to a one particular set of ideas, which receives no criticism, for reasons of appeasement. In fact the centre-left seems to have dropped Marx, and now follows an imaginary figure who follows an imaginary being, whose core beliefs including wiping Jews off the face of the earth, and eliminating socialism.

    Wilders has a criticism of those ideas, that is closer to the angle of Christopher Hitchens than that of Le Pen.

    Wilders represents a threat to the credibility of liberalism itself, because takes the perspective that is far too liberal for veneer liberals.

    And he is prepared to defend liberalism unlike beefed-up-expense collectors like Zappone, or the Clintons who are bankrolled by various autocrats who alos happen to own shares in US media conglomerates, and who can use money to orchestrate are result.

    Liberals who can be bought, are always the first to be outraged.

    The one thing that compromised liberals do not want to see is an actual argument that is more liberal than they are.

    They will endorse a childish airhead like Justin Trudeau, who inherits liberalism and media support, and who changes his policies on a whim.

    They will follow a corrupt political aristocrat like Clinton 2.0 who takes money from illiberal regimes in the Middle East, and then whips up a frenzy in front of gender confused middle aged white women overflowing with guilt (whilst living off the system), with all the button pressing liberal catchphrases.

    The problem with liberalism is that the official liberals themselves have abandoned liberalism.

    Wilders advocates that people be allowed say what they want about every human construct – including religious cults, political cults, and even mega-projects that do not like criticism – like the EU.

    The only thing that is deemed offensive is censorship.

    Unfortunately, official liberalism is now saying implementing censorship in a continual basis.

    In fact, official liberalism has taken censorship as it’s core value.

    The (official) Liberals are now pushing for censorship.

    • Truthist

      Please explain properly :
      “Who ?”
      “How ?”

      “the centre-left seems to have dropped Marx, and now follows an imaginary figure who follows an imaginary being, whose core beliefs including wiping Jews off the face of the earth, and eliminating socialism.”

    • Truthist

      “Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to flee the Netherlands because the authorities were not able to protect a free speaking former muslim, from expressing her mind (and inspiring the women to rebel against their religious instructors).”

      Not so according to my Visegrad source ;

      She took the hint to leave the Netherlands because the Social Democrats & Liberals got annoyed with her grab for power & particularly her success at polarising society of Netherlands.
      They have evidence that she “slept” her way into Dutch politics as an under-age ; One of her conquests as an under-age harlot-for-power has been a top-top Dutch politician.

      Wenders is Jewish-Indonesian-Dutch ;
      The Indonesian-Dutch I gather feel insecure psychologically as Dutch in Netherlands.

      Wenders is not a happy person.

      But, this is not a sin.

      What is a sin is that he is a “sectarian” politician.

      Both Wenders & Ms. Ali are highly intelligent.

      “Charlie Hebdo” event was “False” Flag ;
      Mshd job !
      Proven !

      • Truthist


        Visegrad = Carolingian

      • Truthist

        Significant ;

        Hirsi Ali is married to the Scottish historian Niall Ferguson ;


      • Deco

        Ouch – Truthist. No need to get personal against Ms. Ali.

        Ms. Ali is actually provides one of the most compelling testimonies of our era. She is saying things that offend some very rich powerful people.

        She does not own large shareholdings on the NYSE. Those with faults that she highlights, do. Therefore she will be ridiculed. Follow the money.

        The NL left dropped her, in favour of appeasement. That indicates to me that the left have become useless to their original principles. Did they need a donation like the Clintons ? Or did they simply reflect on the fact that they hereditary politicians might have to work harder to get votes ?

        • Truthist

          “Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone.”

          So said Christ to the Jews gathered for stoning of the adulteress to death.

          When Israel assails with its temple built on site of old Roman fort adjacent to Islam’s sacred Holy Mount ;
          ==> it will usher in strict Talmudic & Hasidic etc Judaism in Israel > Greater Israel [ Peace / Piece of Egypt, Peace / Piece of Syria, Peace / Piece of Lebanon, ... ].

          Then, u will notice that Islam’s sexual strictures are actually very liberal in comparison.

          That “creature” — as DMW respectively refers to Trump [ good job that DMW not seeking to be President of Irish State yet ] — now elected as President of USA has promised to rush through that grand project of Israel’s.

          Zio-Christians of USA eagerly looking forward to that rapturous time too.

        • Deco

          Truthist, you have lost me. I will leave it at that.

  20. Truthist

    @ person with Moniker “Jaysus”,

    Undoubtedly, u picked a moniker blasphemous & objectionable to :
    Christians [ Ireland is according to Census still a predominately Catholic / Christian nation, & we have many foreigners living here who also are Catholic, & also we have a very sensitive Protestant minority & also sizable Orthodox Christian minorities ]

    Ur contributions have been useless as long as I can remember.

    U are trying to “police” posters on this blog ;
    And, for no justifiable reason.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “@ person with Moniker “Jaysus”,

      Ur contributions have been useless as long as I can remember.

      U are trying to “police” posters on this blog ;
      And, for no justifiable reason.”

      They have been completely useless. I have absolutely no respect for a person who insults everyone while writing meaningless one-liners, while cowardly hiding behind his insulting name.

      That’s Jaysus’ “contributions” to this blog:

      1. “Yes it is great to see to be sure to be sure begorrah!”

      2. “Typical Polakker, let them in anywhere and they take over. ”

      3. “True, the US only attacks the weak, in traditional bully mode. They will get very bloodied if they attack Russia, and the cowards know that. ”

      4. “Typical Pole to blame everything on the Russians. About time you lot got over the past conflict with Russia. Your countries grovelling to the US empire is stomach churing. Is Poland too afraid to stand on its own two feet?”

      5. “Its his anti Russian bigotry, almost genetic in the Polish to the point of stupidity.”

      6. “I was in college with a prime example of one of these feckers from Carlow. Full grant and living expenses, living in a house with his cousins in Ballsbridge that the family chipped in to buy them. No means test there.
      I got crumbs to live on by comparison and looked on with envy” –

      that was his longest and most revealing.

      6 contributions of “Jaysus”, ranging from moronic through insulting to self-pitying. Like I said – for too long I tolerated ad hominems on this blog.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      And frankly, Pat Flannery approving of THAT KIND of a person as Jaysus does not earn him my respect either. Hence my disparaging remarks about Pat – personal attacks that HE started with his USSR insulting comedy of errors.

      Frankly speaking, I’d rather Pat stay because he can make some factual remarks too, and we need a left on this blog for a good banter.


      Pat siding with cowardly Jaysus – whose entire mode of commenting is insulting people – disqualifies Pat from participating in a civilised discourse, let alone expecting polite response (with his self-imposed freedom to insult others with no apology).

      • When is the burning at the stake? Please let me know as I want to bring fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes night. Can you hold off on the bonfire to 5th November. It should be a great night out with several stakes by then. PS don’t forget the local government permit for the bonfire or else it will be a damp squid event.

  21. Truthist

    Pat Flannery,

    I hope that Grzegorz does not devalue his emotional energy [ vis. dispense it too readily to silly twits ] any more ;
    He again rushing to be magnanimous to u for actual most valuable posting about the larger significance of Securities versus Derivatives & what each actually is & how they are related & interact.
    Having already done so, & u resuming to wrong him ;
    ==> He should not do so again.

    And, u also gravely wrong me too Pat ;

    Further to ur very interesting discourse with Tony Brogan recently, in which u differ in approach ;
    Tony is an individual
    U are a networker ;
    And, especially because the topic refers to Real Estate practitioning ;
    And, especially because of ur angle refers to Real Estate practitioning in USA ;
    And, especially because of ur love of the EU ;
    ==> I must ask u Pat ;

    Have u ever been a member of a Freemason Lodge ?

    If u do not feel like answering this question, please feel free to throw ur hands up in distress.
    Lodge members even yonder in Sasana are obliged to immediately ease ur way away from ur spot of bother.


  22. Truthist

    1 of the greatest dishonesties of intellectual discussion in Ireland has been the neglect to state that it is the Freemasons who run Ireland ;

    At least in France, people will admit or even declare that the Freemasons control France.
    Why does not Irish main-stream media not even acknowledge the power of the Freemasons in practically every country ?

    • Truthist

      Apologies to logicians for unwarranted double-negative above ;
      1 negative suffices.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Truthist, I know that some people might think that I became Poland-obssessed or something, but I have analysed the details of Prime Minister’s Szydlo car crash last week and I am getting genuinely worried that after December KOD protests, there are now more serious attempts to stage a état in Poland. This is what speaks in favour of it:

        I. This has been a 4th serious car crash accident involving Poland’s highest officials within a few months:

        1. President Duda’s limouisine hit a concret bridge
        2. Polish Defence Minister Macierewicz’s car had another car cutting him off
        3. Prime Minister Beata Szydlo had a car cutting her car’s off on her official visit to Israel.

        Then Chancellor Merkel comes to Poland. She meets Prime Minister Szydlo separetely (no interpreters!), earlier on she s e c r e t e l y meets Jaroslaw Kaczynski – which only transpired last week! – who goes to Berlin by river (what?!) to catch pikes (WTF?!). We know about this secret meeting thanks to my former lecturer, MEP Ryszard Legutko (Mr Farage’s friend), who informed about it last Wednesday on Radio “Wnet”. As we know, serious tensions emerged between President Duda and PM Szydlo and PiS party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski and Defence Minister Macierewicz (the first two are for the Silk Road 2.0, the last two are against).

        But this is not all – after this secret meeting, there is a distinctive change of tone in a l l German press and media (Poland, from being the bad boy of Europe, becomes “an important partner” overnight).

        Of course, Germany – out of all countries – enjoys a full freedom of expression, so this change is accidental. Journalists just sometimes change their opinions radically, especially in Germany or in The Irish Times.

        What happens then?

        Chancellor Merkel comes to Poland on Wednesday. She meets PM Szydlo, and she meets Polish opposition IN GERMAN EMBASSY.

        Next day, Taoiseach Enda Kenny arrives to Warsaw to talk Brexit and Irish special case with a clearly subdued Szydlo. Szydlo refuses to say “yes” or “nay”: clearly waiting for Merkel’s meeting with the so called opposition to end (pity the Taoiseach did not meet Jaroslaw Kaczynski).

        T h e…d a y…after,

        4. PM Szydlo has ANOTHER car accident(going through Auschwitz town) – there has not been a Polish PM car crash accident for the last 25 years, and winters in Poland were heavier back then – for example, when we were kids in primary school, minus 15 was a completely normal temperature to wait for a bus, and I remember when once the temperature dropped to less than minus 30 at night: paradoxically, I feel colder in Ireland except for this winter, because I am used to a cold, but dry weather .

        As with Smolensk crash, driver was immediately blamed by the media. Then details started to emerge: her limousine hit the tree, because a red FIAT cut her off from the opposite direction. The speed of FIAT, intially given as 50-60km/h, turns out to be 70km/h. Although Polish secret service drivers are trained to get out of that situation on a snowy road with 50km/h, it’s impossible to retain car control at 70km/h when someone cuts you off. The driver, not wanting to hit the FIAT, veers off and loses car control. The impact turns out to be as big as with Princess Diana’s car crash (in her case, a white FIAT cut her off), except Szydlo had seatbelts on and Diana did not (in simple words: without seatbelts, Szydlo accident would have been fatal).

        Earlier on, MP Rafal Wójcikowski informs on Twitter about a secret meeting of the opposition. He too has a car accident, and this time it is fatal.

        Going back to February, when there is a botched attempt to occupy the Polish Parliament by KOD opposition (during which a former commi stitch is seen deliberately falling on the street – I posted a footage in the past – pretending in a front of a German TV station camera to be killed or seriously injured by the police), suddenly Donald Tusk himself comes to Wroclaw (he has not been to Poland for years because he is afraid that even though he is the EU President, he might be arrested for corruption and perverting the course of justice in Smolensk crash investigations) – Wroclaw has an interesting feature that after WWII, Wroclaw was a mainstay of KGB; now it is a mainstay of BND (do you know how many personal the German Consulate in Wroclaw has?
        Over 700: s e v e n…h u n d r e d!).

        So I do not know what to make of it… But I think it is worrying. Worrying enough that it might ricochet to Ireland’s position in Irish “special case” Brexit negotiations.

        I am attaching a short footage from PM Szydlo crash for your evaluation:


        Which allows me to show how the European media are inaccurate:
        “The government says that there is no evidence of any attack” – the government said no such thing, neither they said that there was an evidence.

        “suffered bruising” – she suffered more than a bruising. She has a broken fibula and had to be transported to the hospital by helicopter from Auschwitz town.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          to stage a état = to stage a coup d’état

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Btw – obviously I do not pay much significance to it – but it just stroke me that the Garda scandal thing (of which I personally wrote here months before) also emerged on that day when Taoiseach was talking Brexit in Warsaw. As a result, two Irish media questions to Taoiseach in Warsaw were not on Brexit, but on Garda Commissioner.

          Do not read too much into it – but I just thought perhaps no one else noticed it.

          • joe sod

            I noticed that myself , the parochialism of the irish media. Yes the garda commisioner thing was important, but surely questions about Brexit and what the Polish PM thought about Irelands special case would have been appropriate.

        • Truthist

          700 personnel in German Consulate in Warsaw ;

          How about the no. of personnel at the other German Consulates in Poland ?

          How many of the personnel are Polish ONLY ?

          How many of the personnel are German ONLY ?

          How many of the personnel are dual Polish-German ONLY ?

          How many of the personnel have citizenship of — or at least loyalty to — that special little demoncracy in the Middle East ?

          Apropos of “Car Accident Hit-Jobs” on Polish politicians of both sides to Silk Road #2 project ;

          Submit to Henry Makow :

          initial rounded article to stimulate new & hackneyed scholars to this topic

          follow up article to deposit :
          extra important info.
          worthy important questions
          worthy important postulations

          By the way, I hear that Kaczy?ski’s family changed their name some 2 generations ago from “something-stein” 8-) on euphemism that it was too German ; Hmm…m !
          And, there are the slurs that he bats on the other side.
          Anyway, I think he is good for Poland.

          Re ; Ongoing Garda Scandal

          That particular scandal is in relative terms trivial.

          There is so much more weighty stuff that the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai should be in the dock about :

          Dublin & Monaghan Bombings ; “Operation Gladio” Event
          Collusion with MI5 & MI6 & North East of Ireland Loyalist Terrorists & Deep State of Irish State [ Conor Cruise O'Brien, etc. ] & Deep State of North East of Ireland inter alia
          Result ; Murder & serious maiming of scores of innocent Irish & foreign people

          Omagh Bombing ;
          Collusion with MI5 & MI6
          Result ; Murder & serious maiming of scores of innocent Irish & foreign people

          Garda Brutality
          Fairbrother Saga
          Anal-raping of Irish Republican detainees in Bridewell stations with baton
          Honestly, there needs to be honest exploration as to the prevalence of homosexuality in Garda force.
          Forerunner of Garda was Royal Irish Constabularly.
          They would have been full of sadistic homosexuals.
          Garda force is a continuum of the RIC.
          At least, it will solve the puzzle for the public why there is a preponderance of mustaches in the force.
          And, of course there are the butch ban-gardai.

          The ultimate power that the Garda had in swaying the Irish State to protect Landlordism instead of letting the Banks fail etc.

          By the way ;
          Constant photos by the main-stream media of Irish State of that irksome looking commissioner serves to subliminally intimidate the decent citizenry.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “700 personnel in German Consulate in Warsaw” – no, not in Warsaw – in Wroclaw. Wroclaw (former Breslau) is only a regional city, albeit in the part of Poland the German Grundgesetz considers as German. That’s more than German embassy personel in Warsaw. Furthermore, that’s multiple of the US+UK+France+Russian embassies in Warsaw combined!
            I do not know – do you not find it suspicious?

            “Anyway, I think he is good for Poland.” – well, wethere he is doing it aptly or not, he is the first politician since 1992 in Poland (de facto leader) who acts in national interest. Whether he reads it well, is another thing – but previous ones did not even pretend! I.e. Donald Tusk said in 1988: “Polishness means abnormality. It is something that has to be overcome”. In the 90s, when Israeli forces retook full control of Jerusalem (there was some serious argy-bargy), Adam Michnik wrote in his Gazeta Wyborcza as the header on 1st page: “Jerusalem is ours!”. And during the 1992 coup d’etat (unreported in the West except for a small mention in New York Times), the member of the government greets one of the FSB members invited (?!) to oppositions nocturnal meeting: “Zdrastvujtsie, tavarisch!” (in 199 f…g 2: this is on camera).

            Kaczynski is the first politician to seriously starting to implement purging of the army from spies of all sorts. Of course, he is pro-American – but he also sacked the Foreign Deputy Minister whom he caught working for CIA! Other governments would have either be doing a blow job for the US, Germany (Tusk) or Russia (Gazprom and FSB especially). Kaczynski actually bargains with the US, and his defense Minister bought JASSM missiles for LESS THAN 1/5 of what the Tusk government paid!

            But Kaczynski has a problem: he totally trusted his Finance Minister, who is completely a London City man – and now he either does not want to get rid of him, or – most likely – cannot. These car accidents, you see…

            It’s a bit like Orban. They say Orban is pro-Putin. No, he is not (Jobbik is pro-Putin and Putin-led): he is for Hungary first. But when EVERYONE turned away from Orban and Hungary was on a verge of bankruptcy (but David McWilliams did not worry about that then – he did not even know about it – he was only worried about Greece; oh poor terrorist sending Greeks), o n l y Putin offered him a loan. Out of good heart? Be serious! Orban borrowed money from Putin to avoid bankruptcy – and now President Putin has him.

            You can be only AS MUCH SOVEREIGN if you are a middle size country with no nuclear power.

            Like I said: politics is not black and white (morality is). Politics is gray and angular.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            member of the government = member of the opposition

            What’s a s t o n i s h i n g, the New York Times wrote an article about a coup a month… before the coup!


            And even though this was an event as significant as the Fall of the Berlin Wall (East Germany changed less after the Fall of the Berlin Wall than Poland did after the 1992 coup), you can hardly meet anyone in any country apart from Poland who would have heard anything about it!

          • Truthist

            Sorry for referring to Warsaw when I should have said Wroclaw instead ;
            I suffering from exhaustion is my excuse.

            VIP Re ; Chancery staff
            real allegiancies
            specific role[s]
            inter alia

            How many of German consulates & embassy are spies on Poland ?

            I think that Poland should paint a big bold cross through its territory in symmetry with longitude & latitude ;
            Invite Irish to be craft apprentices whereby they get excellent training room & board.
            But, operate transparent non-tolerance of consumption of illegal drugs.
            New generation of Irish will have to realise that “honoring ur mother & father” ==> “sometimes the child has to indicate that mother & / or father are ass-holes”.
            2 super canals criss-crossing.
            2 super high-speed railways criss-crossing.
            Then, charge fair fees for the routes.
            Do not fight the Silk Road #2 ;
            Embrace it.
            This great idea’s time has come.

            The Cross gives Poland :

            But, what to do when …8-) complain that the Cross is anti-semetic ?

            Kindle notion of Poland as place to pass through rather than stay ;
            Do not let Polish chauvinism be insulted with this notion.
            I think Russia knows well — AND wants always — Poland to be independent + non-alligned so as to be the best buffer-zone on that western border.
            Ditto Germany has same view.
            If Russia aligned with Poland ;
            ==> Germany feels vulnerable to Russia.
            If Germany aligned with Poland ;
            ==> Russia feels vulnerable to Germany.
            Poland needs to organise academy of talented young 20 somethings to get ordinary Russians far & wide in Russia favourable to Poland.
            Ditto to ordinary Germans.
            Very attractive females should be high priority as representatives for this project.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “How many of German consulates & embassy are spies on Poland ?”

            Of course I cannot answer your question because I would have to be a Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) spy myself if I could ;-)

            But I can answer you indirectly

            Last week, a very well informed Polish columnist Stanislaw Michalkiewicz was stopped on a street by a prominent MP of the opposition party “Nowoczesna” (“Modern”) – btw, their leader – Ryszard Petru – is known for convincing the Poles a few years ago into taking mortgage loans in Swiss francs before a Swiss franc shoot up, whereupon he converted his own mortgage from Swiss francs into Polish zloties.

            So Michalkiewicz is stopped by Nowoczesna MP and asked by her to sign some petition. He says “why?” and she answers “because I am a very important MP of the party “Nowoczesna”". So he asked her “are you an agent of Bundesnachrichtendienst?” She turned all red on her face, but said “no”. So Michalkiewicz said “then you are not very important!” :-) :[)

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            whereupon he converted = while at the same time he converted (this was not known until later)

    • Deco

      We cannot get the Irish media to admit that the Anglo Irish Bank bondholders buy advertising on their media organs.

      With regards to the Irish media, it is ALWAYS ABOUT Money.

  23. Deco


    It works as long as somebody keeps shoving something into the bottom of the pile, the keep it running.

    When the momentum stops, it falls down.

    The PE ratio on the Nasdaq is nonsensical. Government bond rates for France have not reflected reality, for nearly two decades.

    Madoff was right. It is all a Ponzi-scheme. He was a small time operator.

    There has to be a manipulation of public discussion, and information flow so that people will not make choices that disrupt the ponzi racket. And that means any decision that favours their own future, over the future of the ponzi racket.

    And that is the point of division in Western society today.

    Fake News ? The entire “news-sector” is fake news. If it was not fake news, there would an honest discussion about how Ponzi-economics took over society.

    Every public policy is obsessed with asset prices. Every debate is shaped, manipulated and painted to reflect the upward bias on asset markets.

    This is why Brexit and Trump are shocks – because they imply a different economics model. An economic model that does not subscribe to Ponzi-economics.

    We have tried Ponzi-economics in Dublin for two decades, and all it does is produce short term consumer binging, and long term debt.

    At the centre of the societal model that the pro-ponzi-economics Irish media advocate for Ireland lies a very simple behaviour.

    A behaviour model to which you MUST conform.

    The new Ireland officially sanctioned behaviour model.

    People who buy junk they do not need, indulge in expensive overrated experiences that undermine their achievement potential, invest in assets that are not worth it – with money that they have NOT earned – to impress people who are not really any use as friends.

    I dissent from that. It is a formula for failure. I will opt out.

    • Nicely worded Deco
      And it all starts and is enabled by the grossest biggest Ponzi scheme of all—- Our central banking debt based money system. Every new unit of currency is a loan to someone, somewhere. Plus the ponzi fractional reserve commercial banking. The only money issued that is not part of the ponzi endeavour is the coin.
      That is why I constantly advocate that the money system must be wrested from the bankers and returned to the people aka the government. Better yet is a free currency acting as money that is issued by no entity but exists on its own properties and inherent value. Even my aforementioned Kilkenomics coin will send the message of honest money. Honest money owes nobody anything and has no counterparty risk. It has all the attributes of real money as described by Aristotle and even Mises as well as the current commentators advocating sound money and honest currency. Money that is NOT a Ponzi scheme.

      Mainly that will be gold silver and copper coin and or currency based on such.

      • Deco

        Tony, in my estimation the biggest Ponzi scheme of all is false information.

        Lies, pretence, and deceit are front and centre in our public information. It is all official, and it is all lies.

        When people become aware of it, the official response is an indoctrination of social mores to prevent more people becomming aware.

        • Truthist

          Very original insight by u Deco of a phenomenon invented by our devious betters.

          I would appreciate specific concrete examples of this part of the mechanism ;

          “… indoctrination of social mores to prevent more people becomming aware.”

          Thanking u in advance.

          • “We couldn’t agree more. During uncertain times like these – with increasing ‘fake news’ and misleading news, of rising alternative and radical political views, of confusing financial signals – it is important to look beyond the simple information and simple narratives provided in the mainstream media whose primary function is to serve the agendas of corporate and government masters and tom profit from the sale of advertising.

            Comments by Mark O’Byrne talking about investor Jim Rogers

        • Unfortunately when a word is used out of context it loses its real meaning. Ponzi operated a scheme that involved paying the early investors with money obtained from the later peoples investment.Consequently it necessitated a larger and larger input from more and more people to delay/avoid collapse. However collapse is inevitable but Ponzi is long gone with all the ill gotten gains he could collect. All the investors are left ruined.


          “Lies, pretence, and deceit are front and centre in our public information. It is all official, and it is all lies.”
          I agree 100%. The media, MSM that is, are owned by the same people who control the banking system.

          “When people become aware of it, the official response is an indoctrination of social mores to prevent more people becoming aware.”

          Our educated elites and the educators themselves are awarded bursaries and scholarships by foundations that are funded by the very same entities that control the MSM and the banks. Our brightest and best are inculcated with educational establishments that are financed and controlled by the above mentioned. suggestions for courses and subject matter are recommended and if declined the bursaries and grants disappear. A student venturing off the @part line @ is ridiculed, brought into line , or abandoned and failed. Lecturers lost promotions, income and prestige unless they produce the desired result. all else are branded deniers.

          The campaign on global warming is a great example of this. There are thousands more scientists disagreeing with the publications of the IPPC. Little is published in the MSM about these peoples’ opinions and factual research.

          I could go on, Deco, but suffice it to say, I agree with your feelings and statements in a large degree.

          The root of all the evil is the current money system. To improve and regain a moral stance will be difficult but the reason for the reinstatement of commodity money is that it enforces a moral, honest position on those who use it.That is why it is called honest money. Of course one can argue that the moral righteousness of people collapsed first and the collapse of the currency/money system followed.

          Who benefits? The societal divisions are being deliberately fostered to create strife. The fragmentation created allows weakness, and the people are overcome by the manipulators and those who consider themselves the elites, those who want to rule the world with the rest of us as economic serfs.

          As all fiat Ponzi money is issued as a debt, and all this debt based money charges interest, the interest acts as a tithe for the use of the money/currency. This tithe is skimmed off the total economy into the hands of the elite bankers.
          It is my opinion, and there is evidence to support this position, this interest is used acquire hard assets in the real world.
          We will find that most of the gold supposedly in the bank vaults of the western governments has now moved into private hands.

          Remember that the adage “gold is the metal of rulers, and he who has the gold rules”. China, Russia and many other nations are accumulating. They know something the rest of the world is ignoring.

          • Addition
            As commodity based money is not issued as a debt it can be used without the interest charged as a tithe. Without the interest tithe on the money there is not the drain on the economy. Issued by the treasury , sovereign money avoids the prospect of an ever increasing national debt.
            Fire the central bankers.
            Outlaw fractional reserve practices as practiced by the commercial banks.

  24. My Key

    It is interesting to note that many journalists/economists talk about a European country about to “possibly” leave the Euro zone but, as far as I know, in the actual EU treaties, there is no clause/articles that permit a single country from the euro zone to get out of the single currency as opposed, for example to the now famous article 50 that needs to be invoked when a country decides to leave the political union. In brief, if you want to get out of the Euro zone, then you must leave the Union itself.

    In this view, A political solution may be in sight though, be patient, which would implicate that an unanimous political agreement among all 28 (27) members to add a ‘chapter’ to EU/Lisbon/Maastricht Treaties, which would allow such thing to happen…but if it wasn’t there in the first place, it is because there was no political will that the Euro could break up one day. In fact, it was mainly the opposite when more countries would join. Hard possibility…an unanimous solution.

    So, if a country like Greece for example, on top of the headlines again today, would need or want to get out of the Euro, either it must convince all EU members to modify EU treaties or it completely leaves the Union by invoking Article 50.

    Remember Tsipras (former candidate against Juncker, Verhofstadt, Schulz etc. to take the EU Commission presidency) when he held a referendum asking if austerity measures should be accepted? Greeks voted overwhelmingly to reject those measures (+/- 60% if I recall correctly) and what Tsipras did? His only answer about the possibility of leaving the euro was that the referendum was not talking about the euro but austerity measures, so no way to leave the euro. He himself was not elected on a project that would get Greece out of the Euro…and he finally imposed austerity measures anyway. Easy game.

    Italy started last year to talk more and more about the same subject, which is to leave the euro zone…Thanks to Beppe Grillo who is leading the M5S movement and who made a really bad figure last January when his political group at EU parliament decided to separate from Farage’s group to join the Verofhstadt pro-EU group to, in the end, see his bid rejected by said pro-EU group. Again, only a political 28 unanimous solution is possible or you leave the club…more and more countries have the same feelings…
    The countries that are in the Union but not yet in the euro zone (remember the EU treaties, if your economy is not yet ready for the euro, no problem, but you must join later) have started to say they may never join…CZ is an example, although its economy is going quite well with the crowns as currency.

    As for Mrs LePen, head of the National Front in France, she took over the party from her father in 2011 (almost 30 years as a leader) to run in the 2012 presidential elections (family party – nationalist and some even go as far as saying racist) and party leaders have been elected, since the 90′s, to the EU parliament. I’m unsure if they are ready to give up the money! Her political group at EU parliament was just investigated by EU Parliament authorities and was told to give back around 300K euros that were spent in Paris for local political National Front works instead of paying its collaborators in Parliament. She does not agree and won’t pay back. EU Parliament said “OK, we’ll take it from your salary”. Now there is an appeal going on…who knows what the outcome will be but likely after the french elections. Again, not sure she wants to give up the money!
    The National Front was permitted to be talked about in French medias by former president François Mitterrand (First Socialist elected to highest office in France since WWII and last, prior to François Hollande who is not really a socialist anyway), in order to catch right wing votes from the regular Right and keep power…that was the strategy.
    The National Front never really wanted to fight for the presidency although they may look like it nowadays. With Marine, it may be a bit different than her predecessor but the party is so much disliked in France by the majority (1 out of 4) does not like and that if they end up in the second round, it will be like 2002 (Le Pen vs Chirac) where Chirac won 80% of the votes…a dictatorship score. Hard to imagine that Marine Le Pen may be able to get over the 50% threshold…Maybe this time it will be 70% against her. Nothing to fear from them except if you play the ignorance card and start playing with emotions about racism and nationalism back to the front row in Europe…It is surely something to look after but certainly not to “promote” it, like many journalists in France actually do by inviting the party leaders weekly on mainstream medias. They are probably doing it on purpose…

    Marine Le Pen’s project for the next upcoming elections in regards to the European Union is to “negotiate” with other EU members for 6 months to try and get France’s sovereignty back with some more “liberty” within the Union and if those said negotiations are unsuccessful, she claims she will hold a referendum about leaving the project as a whole. In other words, she wants to fight for, again, “a new Europe” which she knows already won’t succeed. As we say in french: “c’est de la poudre aux yeux” (it’s dust in your eyes). And such may not even happen within the 5 years of the french presidency…
    If she really wanted to leave the project, it would be stated in her presidential election’s program. It is not the case. She only refers to it vaguely but never says openly that she wants out.

    The EU project is a failed project and will definitely collapse one day or another, soon or later. To watch the other countries’ political elections as a threat to the Union is a biased trajectory. We know what the outcome will be…although many, myself included, thought in the past (90′s) it was a good political solution. It is now way out of hands since the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified and it now must be rejected by the same people.

    Better look at reality in the eyes and act appropriately when there is still time.

    The European people are waking up to this everywhere. And remember, there is no one European people but 28…so far.

    Ted Malloch, Trump’s nominee for US Ambassador to EU, tells it like it is. Get ready for a wild ride if you haven’t thought about it yet. The first countries to be out of the Union (good for UK) will be better off. The ones that think the EU project must be resuscitated are off track. “A new Europe” is a slogan going around for 40+ years already and nothing changes.

    And believe it or not, the Nazis had the same project with Mussolini. A Europe without borders: “Das Neue Europa”. Who was EU Commission’s first president? Look it up.

    And watch the Germans…I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the first to opt out or getting contingency plans done in case of an “emergency”. Other countries need to prepare at least to the thought, even if it hurts.

    To think that 28 different countries, with different cultures, different history, different languages etc…would align themselves and accept a supra national federal EU state that would work for all is like leaving in Fantasy Land. Also interesting to note that any “supra national” currency experiment in the past has failed. Why would the euro succeed?

    It has been 15 years now…how many unemployed in EU today? So many promises but is the EU economy better since we have the euro???

    Stay Calm and Get The Punt Back in time.

    • Deco

      To be honest, Francois Hollande was not really anything.

      Even the mother of his four kids came to that conclusion. Unfortunately for her, she came to that conclusion AFTER having the kids with him.

      She also made a very good observation concerning his ability to stay in a relationship.

      Hollande is a decent man, but he is not a solution provider. And France needs a solution provider, who will take on the vested interests, and move France to a more effective operational capacity.

      Regardless of the stink coming from Lady Penelope, France needs what the policies of Fillon promise. [ and so does min-Paris on the Liffey ].

      Le Pen will fix nothing, and will possibly drift into being Napoleon in a skirt.

      Macron is Francois Hollande without more energy, and more direction – but not enough of either to deal with the problems.

      French politics has produced underperformance since De Gaulle, and over-performance before Pompidou.

      France has been coasting since the mid-1970s and needs to rethink why French unemployment is so high, and why British and Dutch unemployment is so low – on a fraction of the resource base.

  25. Pollution is the problem lads – not fantasy global warming.


    It’s possible to poison the planet to death without changing the climate.

    • Deco

      Interesting perspective.

      Pollution is something that implies a cost to business. So of course there will be lobbying to “facilitate” it. It is incentivized.

      A lot of the substances that we encounter from daily life, are polluting. Furniture upholstory is particularly toxic.

      Cheap furniture, comes at a cost.

      And that is to say nothing about plastic cups, aluminium cans containing acidic or alcoholic drinks.

      I have not heard anybody talk about pollutin, since….the global warming issue became the headline grabber.

    • I totally agree with that Adam.

  26. Thanks for all you comments today. Interesting reading. D

    • Truthist


      Did u manage to ask Simon Coveney in ur recent chat with him why he was expelled from being a border at Clongowes Wood ?

      • michaelcoughlan

        What a really daft question. What does it matter even if true?

        • Truthist

          I am noted for asking excellent questions Mr. Silly.

          And, this is 1 of the very best of those.

          • michaelcoughlan


            Noted by whom exactly?

            You can’t take a hint either. Let me explain;

            You seem to me to be the type of person who likes reading your own stuff back to yourself rather than engaging mean fully with the other members.

            You would be much more effective if you bullet point your observations as they would be a lot more readable. I would like to read more of your opinions but they are simply too long.

            A gentle rebuff you understand.



  27. Deco

    Mr. Key,

    Against a backdrop of Ponzi-nomics, consumerism, borrowing over-reach, and relentless propaganda about the “value” of overvalued assets like shares Facebook, Beijing apartments, townhouses in Knightsbridge, new sports cars, rugger season tickets, and French government bonds – anybody who says “it as it is”, is a threat to the system’s extended/overreached asset valuations.

    The media reaction is entirely predictable.

    Nothing has been fixed since 2008 – with the possible exception of outlier economies like Hungary and Spain who both dealth with productivity, and debt. [ Even Ireland's wreckovery is a mirage - the debts are still enormous, and productivity is going nowhere].

    To paraphrase Nixon, everybody in the official realm, is a Bernie Madoff or a Dan McLaughlin now.

    Even on the left, in the shadow of Brendan Ogle there is the assumption that Ponzi-economics will provide for more extortion and manipulation.

    The Irish government should be addressing Ireland’s competitiveness problem. Instead they are avoiding it because “consumer confidence” is deemed to be the only barometer that matters. This in itself, is indicate of a belief in Ponzi-economics.

    The fundamentals are NOT improving.

    The dynamics are NOT improving.

    And the competitive situation is getting worse.

    Public debt is dangerously high, considering the level of taxation squeezed out of the labour force.

    Publci expenditure is terribly ineffective at delivering public polcy results, but very capable of keeping political party insiders enthusiastic for even tbe most abusive of responses on the canvass trail.

    We have everything mismanaged.

    I would give us 18 months before a crisis hits, in the realm of public debt management. The money will flow into the Sterling area. Because in 18 months time Beppe the clown will be in charge in Italy, and another statist will be in power in France. And Schulz will be BK’er in Berlin, producing more drift.

    It is now obvious that the preferred economic policy of the Irish establishment is Bertonomics.

    It is NOT the people who want Bertonomics, but Official Ireland.

    And when it fails, Official Ireland sticks the bill to the rest of Ireland.

    What happens after that point will be chaos.

    The wind is howling outside. The trawlers are not out at sea in the Atlantic, or even off the East and South coasts. Ireland is heading for a perfect storm. It is the real thing, not some pretend effort with an over-rated hollywood pretender leading the show.

    We have 18 months to batten down the hatches, reform the ineffective, wasteful, overstreteched instiutional state.

    Prediction – it will nt happen. And we will see failure as a result.

    • Deco

      The Irish fishermen are smart enough to stay out of the storm.

      But Official Ireland is sailing the entire country into a massive storm. And all that they can do is talk about other people being the problem. Everything they say is BS. Everything. Trump is not the problem. The problem is that we have no plan to deal with it. Brexit is not the probelm – the problem is that Official Ireland is wasting time, waiting for instructions from Brussels on how to proceed. And Le Pen is not the problem – actually, for Official Ireland Le Pen is preferable to Fillon sees the problem that they pretend does not exist.

      Ultimately……Official Ireland, and the statism/centralism that they advocate IS the real problem.

      The Irish banks were regulated in the Trichet years, but the regulations were useless not able to detect a Ponzi scheme – and if they were Official Ireland would have demanded that they do nothing about it.

      Official Ireland’s lifestyle concept, and grand illusions will NOT be compromised by any outside reality. Ogle-nomics is the extension of that lifestyle concept down the ranks.

      To go back to the fishing area, once again – in the Irish state system, the rot starts from the head.

      They have outsource the leadership of the country to Brussels in what is officially called “sovereignty pooling”. Really it is just outsourcing the running of Ireland to morons in Brussels who are doing a lousy job of running Europe.

      If Europe is to be made effective again, there is an urgent need for an honest conversation about this. “more Europe” is the opposite – it is a dishonest conversation about the matter.

      The ship is steering directly for the rocks, and John Bull seemed to have got off in time. We may as well jump out and swim in his direction.

      I wish that Brussels would grow up and face down it’s incompetence. But that is not going to happen. And with a Le Pen or Macron / Schulz / Grillo line up in 18 months time, it will all be a chaotic mess. The leadership problem is about to get worse. As if that even remotely possible.

      There must be an EU average for incompetence that Official Ireland has an an aim.

  28. Truthist

    Re ; Michael Martin — Leader of Fianna Fail — being “talentless” ;

    He has proven himself to be talentless by his gross incompetence as Minister of each government department that he was in charge of :
    Foreign Affairs

    And, he has absolutely ZERO charisma.

    But, he is very sneaky ;
    But never sneaky for Irish Nation’s benefit.

    To hold Fianna Fail together is no great achievement ;
    Fianna Fail knew better to lie low & not in-fight.
    They are a machine prior to Me-hole Martin.

    • Deco

      He is in charge because he is an effective proxy for powerful financial interests.

      In the aspect of competence, MM is an abject failure.

      In regards to suitability for high public office, he is completely compromised.

      In regards to his duty to the people, he has none. He is far too superficial, for any of that.

      MM is there because he represents a safe pretence for the establishment, that the people have representation. It is a hollow form of representation. As soon as he gets power he will reject the people.

      We know MM represents pretence, because the media avoids asking the difficult questions.

      There is an alignment that exists before the media presents the message.

      MM is a traitor. It has already been proven.

      But for the establishment he is not a traitor, but a servant – therefore he gets soft treatment.

      • Truthist

        And his Garda limousine drivers know exactly how good a family man he is

      • McCawber

        It’s why you would not want to see him being Taoiseach, but he will be.

      • Deco

        If MM becomes Taoiseach, I expect the same media organs that are trying to ridicule Trump, to thoroughly endorse MM.

        It is a logical progression of how the media currently view MM, FF and the GP. Yes, you read that right. The Irish media give a controlled criticism of FF, that will preserve the pretence of media independence, whilst ensuring that FF are tne anchor tenant of any future government, with nasty toxic elements like the Greens or the ILP as props.

        The hypocrisy of the Irish media is on full display.

        The Irish media have a message for you – Trump is horrible in every possible way, but M. Martin is completely acceptable.

        That message is already being pumped out. This is not a forecast. It is a description of the current state of affairs.

        • Truthist

          “The Teachers loves Mickey Martin, boy.
          Shur, hasn’t he been great to them when he was Minister for Education.”

          “And, Terry Prone says that Me-hole is a great mimic ;
          Yes, a proper Mike Yarwood he is so he is.”

          • Deco

            Terry Prone is one of Mehole’s biggest fans.

            Prone’s key skill is PR – which is a lying way of saying lying.

            In other words, Prone is a genius in the matter of lying, to the point that she can train others.

            I disregard everything that Prone has to say, and also everything that Anton Savage has to say.

            MM is a toxic sewer rat, who stinks of Ahernism. He served under Ahern, and was an accomplice to bankrupting Ireland.

            We now have MM posing as the conscience of Irish politics.

            This is too much to absorb. Pass the sickbag. Puuuuuuuuukkkkke.

            One thing is certain – Mehole Martin has more brass in his neck than most people in public life in Ireland.

            If any of you are from Cork, I want you to explain why you vote for that toxic rat Mehole Martin.

          • Truthist

            My investigations reveal that Me-hole is hated by most of his constituency from the outset of his entrance into elected politics ;

            The elections are rigged to get him in.

            Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai are part of the rigging.

            Ditto the Referenda.

            But, yes he has selfish constituents & others outside of this who greatly appreciate him for being such a nice fellow in Nemo Rangers, & for helping them get some leg up into the Civil Service or other.

            Oops, I just forgot to give him credit for political talent ;
            He has “the killer touch” !
            The ability & relish to say “No” to the suffering decent citizens when the Hidden State of Irish State decide.
            Pity for him that he does not have ability to say “No” to his passions.
            Just sayin.

            Although, there are those silly enough to shout that it is really daft to consider such & such, & to question “what does it matter … ?


    • Truthist

      I forgot to mention another one of Mickey Martin’s ministerships ;

      Dept. of Enterprise & Employment ; Or whatever aul semantics is used for it

  29. http://www.goldcore.com/us/gold-blog/2017/02/13/

    Coldcore’s Mark O’Byrne puts McWilliams on the #1 economic blog in the world–www.lemetropolecafe.com

  30. https://www.moneymetals.com/news/2017/02/13/europe-bureaucrats-war-on-cash-001010

    ”In Germany, 79% of transactions are done in cash. Many there aren’t going to take restrictions lying down. Some see the war on cash for what it is – bureaucrats using the lever of fear to once again ratchet up controls and restrict privacy.

    The EU bureaucrats may just see the day when citizens stop using paper euros to make payments, but not because of the restrictions they hope to impose. It could instead be the result of the EU and its common currency being dumped.”

    It is long time passed to plan the new currency.

  31. En situ autre mer Bd Victor Hugo Nice

    Contrasting the conventional arguments re: success of Marine Le Pen in the forthcoming elections I have hastily concluded she will not win. The Euro will remain in-tact.

    My reasons have nothing in common with Anglo Irish or French editors on this subject. I have better reasons.

    We have seen in the national editorials comparing a sweeping change to Europe with the same reasons that Brexit happened and the election of President Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Brexit happened because the islands of Britain and Ireland wanted to remain as islanders standing together believing who and what they are as islanders and holding to that long cherished deep mindset ‘ The Kingdom of Kerry’ that once embraced all the islands.As stated before President Trump is an islander too from the Isles of Lewis and where their mindset is Gaelic and was given to him by his late mother.

    The political activism in Europe is far from anything that has happened in Britain and USA and has a total different agenda where the media are rhyming it with Brexit .The truth will be different and time will tell .

    Ireland may succumb to Brexit or a Brexit model attached to the EU .This is the real agenda and post Ireland is pig on the pyre and/or a sows purse.

    France and Germany will remain united as always and history has always told us that .

    Vive Le Euro

    • Deco

      John, RTE (Pravda) is not the source of all wisdom. And the Irish media is definitely not the source of truth.

      In fact the Irish media is the means of informational control and restriction on the people. And the media takes it’s role in preventing the people finding out what is going on, seriously.

      The Irish establishment are functioning in a more perverse manner than the landlord class of old.

      Some elements of the landlord class like Lord Edward Fitzgerald, and Charles Stewart Parnell were capable of taking a profoundly moral stance.

      But with today’s establishment, the moral stance is a pretence designed to engineer subservience and obedience amongst the rest of us. And there are amongts us committed-gobsh!tes who will demand that the rest of us do as we are instructed.

      John, every one of us know of committed-gobsh!tes. People who believe every word from RTE (Pravda).

    • Truthist


      To reply to u by email, I firstly need to create new email account ;
      And, logistics determine that I will be delayed in doing so for some months.

      Another consideration for u ;

      Trump’s mother hailing from Lewis of Hebrides

      Hebrides ==> Hebero-des / Hibero-des

      Clear assertions that Irish are Hebrews from the scholar Eustace Mullins who had no stated claim to Irish affinity ;
      Although, his mother’s side was Scottish.

      Left-Click + Scroll over Link > Right-Click > Select “Go to ‘the particular link’




  32. Deco

    Meanwhile in Italy – more messing by politicians.


    Renzi now thinks he can “out-Beppe” Beppe-the-clown. Grillo was a professional comedian before he became a politician. In some ways he STILL is a comedian – who simply takes himself too seriously. There are people in Italy, who will tell you that all Italian politicians are comedians.

    The central problem IS political. It is NOT instability, or changes of the governing parties. It is actually a lack of serious leadership, and an obsession with inintrigue. There is a continual level of stability, and a continaul level of incompetence.

    Oddly enough, Beppe-the-clown might be the only one who has any credibility, because he is prepared to leave the unsuitable Eurozone.

    And the evidence that the EU is failing Italy is even starker. But nobody will talk about that yet.

    For Italy, the admission that Italy is in two straightjackets is not happenieng fast enough.

    I recommend that Italy has a look at Iceland, to see how recovery IS possible.

    Italy will end up having to default.

    But the country that will lead the way is Greece.

    Greek default is about to be inevitable, and unavoidable.

  33. Deco

    Only Fillon can save the Euro.

    Macron/Le Pen do not differ in respect of the broad thrust of their economic policy. Both are promising numbers that simply do NOT add up. The are promising a continuation of the unsustainable.

    But, that central planning policy approach, with an emphasis on control rather than freedom is what is being advocated here.

    And for that reason, the media in Ireland can NOT contemplate Fillon.

    Fillon understands that France has a state largesse problem.

    The last thing that Official Ireland needs is a political leader providing a good example to others, on how to slim down an overextended, overexpanded, overindebted state system.

    It would put less swill in the trough. Their trough.

    Fillon is on the way out.

    And France will sink the Euro zone, because France will not be reformed in sufficient time for when Beppe the comedian takes over in Italy.

    Then you will have Schulz, Grillo and Macron running the three largest economics in the EU, and Alco-pop running the EU Commission.

    The results will be utter chaos, with those clowns.

    And that point we really would be better off outside of the EU.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Deco, can I turn your attention to something because you seem to be interested in French politics and know more about it than me.
      This is an example illustrating my thesis from above comment that for France, the EU is really about CAP: how France uses the “anti-system” groups to pressurize other EU countries to basically pay more to French farmers, under various new-fangled reasons. This Euronews info from 5 years ago shows Jose Bove critcising Poland for reducing its carbon emissions by 20% instead of 30%, as demanded by the EU (so France and Germany really):


      The real spice of that piece of information is that the same EU Parliament Group of which Mr Bove was a member – the Greens produced a report which stated that in that time, Germany has actually INCREASED CO2 emissions!!!

      Hypocrisy cubed. Welcome to Europe run by the Carolingians again.

      P.S. Do you understand French? If you do, you’d really enjoy this very emotional speech of a French MEP against Martin Schulz (I couldn’t find version with English subtitles):


      In the end Schulz loses it – when the Frenchman says that as an Alsatian, he will resist the German arrogance and not allow one country to organise the euro currency and immigration for the whole Europe, and evaluate democracy standards according to how much they suit the German “Reich”, pointing out that the likes of Schulz want to “attack, destabilise and remove” any government that is based on social conservatism and Christianity – and Herr Schulz loses it… and tells MEP not to applaude this speech! Ordnung muss sein.

      My God – if Schulz becomes a German Foreign Minister, then we will have an Arab Spring in Europe. One of the comments really made me laugh: “How can that be? In free Europe, even applauding is verboten?” :-)

      • Deco


        Firstly the Greens are the most intolerant, insufferable and hypocritcal political movement in existence. Everything from them, is for “show”. A former Green Party leader made a massive PR stunt out cycling to the Dail from his house. The Dail is in his constituency, incidentally.

        Behind him, all the way, followed his ministerial merc – carrying his briefcase.

        No carbon footprints were destroyed in the production of the “fantasy production”.

        Alright – Schulz. Another extremely intolerant man who seems to have a frightening tendency to say one thing, and mean something else. I was told by a German that Schulz could barely function as a mayor of a small town before being sent to the EP, where he has ever since been hopeless. Maybe the small town wanted rid of him, so as to get somebody competent in place as a mayor.

        Schulz has a party machine behind him, and the combination of Red Green Red will be more than 50%.

        In 18 months time, Europe will be dominated by Schulz (inadequate), Grillo ( hopeless) and Macron (hopelessly inadequate). With Juncker in charge of the EU Commission.

        It will be a disaster.

        The Brits will have steered clear of it. I think at that point in time, we need to be ready to do the same.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “In 18 months time, Europe will be dominated by Schulz (inadequate), Grillo ( hopeless) and Macron (hopelessly inadequate). With Juncker in charge of the EU Commission.”

          Scary stuff. Please keep posting on that Macron guy because I have no idea who he is.

          Here is a thing about Herr Schulz you probably did not know: he failed his Leaving Cert exam. He nearly got a heart attack when he ordered a Polish MEP to come his office in the EU Parliament and started rebuking him for his speech; the MEP interrupted him and said “I refuse to listen to an advice from someone who failed his Leaving Cert”, whereupon Schulz told him he will deduct 3,000 euro from his wages for that. The Polish MEP said: “Unlike you, I am not here for money – you Troglodyte” – and left. Allegedly, after that Schulz developed a deep hatred of Poles – but I do not think he is a darling of “echt Deutsche” either.

          Here is my former lecturer talking to Angela Merkel in presence of Martin Schulz. Please note what in body language analysis (I was trained in that) is called “a microexpression” on Schulz’s face (disgust on his face for a split of a second), and an initial expression of disbelief on Chancellor Merkel’s face:


          I was told from a source inside the EU Parliament that Merkel – who did a good job composing herself – had a bout of rage after she had left the auditorium.


          Imagine Schulz would be EVEN worse! Notice how he swears to himself at the end (“verfluchte Pole” if I read his lips correctly).

          Btw, did you know that the new President of the EU Parliament, Antonio Tajani, was elected in the fourth round of voting by the votes of Poland’s governing Law and Justice (PiS) party? – UKiPs main coalition partner in the EU Parliament. As revealed by the Chief of the EU Parliament Security and Defence Subcommittee, Anna Fotyga, at the pre-election meeting with the European Conservatives and Reformists group (of which PiS is a key member), Mr Tajani criticised the incompetence of the previous president, Martin Schulz, and that of the EU top Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, saying that “criticism of the EU states cannot be based on guesses”

          Well, Irish media did not report on any of it anyway. Most TV license revenues should be really directed into this blog :-)

          • Deco

            Macron is a believer in “more Europe” and a French Tony Blair. The French do not need more policy failure. And the French definitely do not need a Phony Tony. Blair did not improve Britain, he merely leveraged Britain, and sold it as if he was delivering results.

            Macron is an enthusiast for anything that already failed. He is going to win. That is a certainty. Le Pen will not win Round 2, and Fillon will not get past round 1. Only Fillon actually knows what needs to be done to make France work again :)

            Macron is Francois Hollande without the caution, and the calm.

            Interesting description of Schulz. I was given an account by a German, of how Schulz is incapable of being mayor of a small town. He told me that there was something deeply flawed with EU politics that somebody of such inadequacy, got promoted to such responsibility, purely because of nepotism and the inheritance of political office.

            Grillo is a comedian who has become the joke. If Italy picks Grillo, then Italy will become the joke.

            Throw in Juncker (who presided over Luxembourg’s tax laws) and you get chaos.

            A bit like what you described in your story. In public, they will smile and shake hands and be great pals. Behind the scenes, they will formulate chaos.

            We will not have the Brits to press for common sense. The Spanish are in a chaos of their own.

            THE EU WILL BE AS MAD AS A BOX OF FROGS IN 2018 !!!!!!!

  34. Greece is on the way out. UK jammed the door open. It is still ajar for others.
    Greece’s actions may be forced on then because of lack of decisions.


    • michaelcoughlan

      Excellent post.

      From the second link Tony Brogan take note;

      “Umair Haque:

      “Though the money supply did contract sharply, neither trade, commerce, nor industry came to a grinding halt.

      How? People created their own currencies, to substitute for the collapsing money supply. They kept using checks to pay one another, but then, people’s checks began trading within communities. Here’s how Antoin Murphy, one of the few scholars to have studied these strikes, which took place in the 1970s, describes it: “a highly personalized credit system without any definite time horizon for the eventual clearance of debits and credits substituted for the existing institutionalized banking system.”

      Same will happen now if the banks ail

      UNLESS the politicans try to keep propping up the banks.

      • Yes of course Micheal. As you know it has already been postulated. Remember the account of the local currency that operated at the medieval fairs, and the notes were self extinguishing and the only settlement in cash was the small final balances owing.

        Bills of exchange funded the commerce of both national and international enterprises and the final settlement was by the consumer paying in cash, which cash flowed back up the chain to extinguish the bills of exchange.

        See antal Fekete and the Real Bills doctrine.

        Notwithstanding the commerce that thrives on the real bills doctrine there is the requirement to settle any outstanding amounts left. This is the function of gold and silver as a money accepted by all belonging to no nation or organization. It is required for the final settlement of the differences once the exchange of bills is completed.

        That is why it would be a hit to use silver coin at Kilkenomics. It would be a great educational event and an international talking point.

      • Apropo. This crossed my screen today.

        “Every man … should periodically be compelled to listen to opinions which are infuriating to him. To hear nothing but what is pleasing to one is to make a pillow of the mind.” … the Irish Writer St. John Ervine

  35. Truthist

    14 February 2017

    72nd anniversary of the slaughter-bombing of the city of Dresden

    By Michael Hoffman


  36. Truthist

    Because, u need to up ur people-skills regardsless if the Euro breaks up ;


  37. Truthist


    FEBRUARY 10, 2017
    TPP is Not Dead: It’s Now Called the Trade In Services Agreement


    Think the ideas behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the so-called “free trade” regime are buried? Sadly, no. Definitely, no. Some of the countries involved in negotiating the TPP seeking to find ways to resurrect it in some new form — but that isn’t the most distressing news. What’s worse is the TPP remains alive in a new form with even worse rules. Meet the Trade In Services Agreement, even more secret than the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And more dangerous.

    The Trade In Services Agreement (TISA), currently being negotiated among 50 countries, if passed would prohibit regulations on the financial industry, eliminate laws to safeguard online or digital privacy, render illegal any “buy local” rules at any level of government, effectively dismantle any public advantages to be derived from state-owned enterprises and eliminate net neutrality.

    TISA negotiations began in April 2013 and have gone through 21 rounds. Silence has been the rule for these talks, and we only know what’s in it because of leaks, earlier ones published by WikiLeaks and now a new cache published by Bilaterals.org.

    Earlier draft versions of TISA’s language would prohibit any restrictions on the size, expansion or entry of financial companies and a ban on new regulations, including a specific ban on any law that separates commercial and investment banking, such as the equivalent of the U.S. Glass-Steagall Act. It would also ban any restrictions on the transfer of any data collected, including across borders; place social security systems at risk of privatization or elimination; and put an end to Internet privacy and net neutrality. It hasn’t gotten any more acceptable.

    TISA is the backup plan in case the TPP and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership don’t come to fruition. Perhaps fearful that the recent spotlight put on “free trade” deals might derail TISA as it derailed TPP, the governmental trade offices negotiating it have not announced the next negotiating date. The closest toward any meaningful information found was the Australian government’s bland statement that the “Parties agreed to reconvene in 2017.”

    The cover story for why TISA is being negotiated is that it would uphold the right to hire the accountant or engineer of your choice, but in reality is intended to enable the financial industry and Internet companies to run roughshod over countries around the world. And while “liberalization” of professional services is being promoted, the definition of “services” is being expanded in order to stretch the category to encompass manufacturing. Deborah James of the Center for Economy and Policy Research laid out the breathtaking scope of this proposal:

    “Corporations no longer consider setting up a plant and producing goods to be simply ‘manufacturing goods.’ This activity is now is broken down into research and development services, design services, legal services, real estate services, architecture services, engineering services, construction services, energy services, employment contracting services, consulting services, manufacturing services, adult education services, payroll services, maintenance services, refuse disposal services, warehousing services, data management services, telecommunications services, audiovisual services, banking services, accounting services, insurance services, transportation services, distribution services, marketing services, retail services, postal and expedited delivery services, and after-sales servicing, to name a few. Going further, a shoe or watch that measures steps or sleep could be a fitness monitoring service, not a good. A driverless car could be a transport service, not an automobile. Google and Facebook could be information services and communication services, respectively.”


  38. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz

    Goy Guide to World History
    Part 3
    Spain Holland Slavery Poland & the Pale


    Goy Guide to World History
    Part 4
    Frankfurt School, ISR


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      This documentary is surpringly good. I thought it might sensational, but it is factual and – given the limited means they probably had to make it – nicely made.

      Btw, because people have been so badly educated historically, they associate Englightment with tolerance and openess. But the fact – mentioned in the documentary – that Poland was the most tolerant country to Jews in Europe – that was the reason the French and Prussian Enlightment did not like the I Polish Republic! The said nickname for Poland: Paradise for the Jews – was introduced by Diderot in the Great Encyclopaedia as an accusation against Poland! Voltaire for example wrote equally shocking and hateful words about Jews as Hitler.

      I was thinking today of snobism related to Englishness in Poland – and I know from Germans – in Germany too (in past), and where it came from. And I think that this is where it came from: in WWII, there was no true source of information in Poland, because there was a death penalty for owning a radio for the Poles and they were cut off from free world information. Nonetheless, plenty of Poles illegally owned radios despite the death penalty, and to get the information, they listened to BBC. And after WWII, their were 3 sources of real information (real compared to that from communist media): Radio Free Europe, Voice of America, and BBC Polish section.

      My parents listened mostly to them all (at night), and because we had a small shop (so I was bullied by teachers for that because in the entire school, only 2 childrens parents did not work for the state), we also had a “designated” spy, who would come in once a week (usually on Saturday) and tried to find out from me or neighbours if my parents listen to any of these (you could have gone to prison for that).

      So this is why the old generation of Poles has huge reverence for England, because they associate England with BBC (which out of all these 3, had by far the highest level at the time; I now remembered something else – there was also a Polish section of Radio France, but no one I knew – and I knew a lot – listened to it – strange; was not because France had the best relations with communist Poland from all western countries?).

      Of course, these times are gone. Polish section is no more (what a paradox – BBC had a huge Polish section when there were so few Poles in the UK, and no Polish language programmes when there is so many), and BBC went to the dogs. Of course, I generalise – there is still quite a few programmes I like in BBC – the whole educational block except for history is well made, and I really like Andrew O’Neill, but all in all – BBC is a very pale shade of its former self, and it turned from being one of the most objective stations (except for coverage of Irish affairs) to one of the least objective.

      I very rarely watch or listen to it now, so maybe I should not say it: my fellow Poles who are only learning English tell me that Beep is now as un-objective as Fox, CNN, or Sputnik, and it is left than the last two – but I am sure they exaggerate.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        except for history = I mean 20th century history. In BBC 20th century programmes, there are only two noble and brave countries in the world: UK and the US. There rest are assholes. Of course, you would say that Israel is overpraised in BBC. No, that’s not true – Beep had a few documentaries on not-so-glorious beginnings of Israel (Israel was the first terrorist state – Palestinians learned how to plant bombs in civilian places from them), so even on Israel they are more objective – except they never ever ever revealed how much Israeli intelligence and army owes to the Poles – because that would force BBC to admit how much the UK and US intelligence owes to the Poles (the Poles practically taught the Americans how to do intelligence work; the CIA founder actually had a portrait on his desk of a Polish officer who taught him all tricks – again, no American movie would ever show that).

  39. Shane F


    I was loath to post this, but here goes.

    I’d love for you to meet face to face with the Israeli guy well settled here in Ireland who told me about how real violent events in those horrific years almost wiped out his family. And that what prompted me to find that link having heard about the reality and trauma in real life.

    In future though you’re best ignored, Me auld keyboard warrior. !

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      So we do we read in your link?

      “Reports of political repressions by the communist forces in Poland and the wave of political murders by the security forces under Soviet control were mounting” = by – we should add: repressions by mostly Jewish communist forces in Poland. Over 80% of communist forces in Poland were Jewish – and the worst assholes among them were Jewish:


      “The United States ambassador to Poland, Arthur Bliss Lane, was troubled by the mass arrests of Polish non-communists, and their terrorization by the security police.” – yes, and what did the US do about it? They allowed Stalin to rig the 1946 referendum, contrary to (already wronging Poles) Yalta and Potsdam treaties (one of its points was free election in Poland with western observers).

      Btw – the quoted Arthur Bliss Lane (the US ambassador to Poland, so the US person best suited to write about it) – wrote a book about how wronged Poland was, after all that Polish help to Jews and western allies in WWII:


      The American Jewery managed to censor it, and it remained unknown.

      “Jewish emigration from Poland surged partly as a result of this violence, but also because Poland was the only Eastern Bloc country to allow free Jewish emigration” – of this mostly Jewish violence against Poles and other Jews

      “A group of 435 Jews returned from Palestine to Poland in 1946, believing that the latter was actually safer” – for Jews 1946 Poland was safer than for the Poles. The Polish communist party, btw, was formed from merging of the Soviet agents with pre-WWII Jewish communist party in Poland (which main plonk was abolishing Polish independence and joining it to USSR).

      Kielce pogrom: “Attacks on Jewish residents of Kielce were provoked by units of the communist militia and the Soviet-controlled Polish Army who confirmed the rumors of the kidnapping. Police and soldiers were also the first to fire shots at Jews”. I should add: by Jewish communist militia – Julia Brystiger, a communist Jew, was in charge of the operation. Miraculously, only non-communist Jews were killed. The communist Jews lived in the next staircase, and nothing happened to them.

      If you could read with understanding, Shane Fucker, you would have read it:

      “Analyzing Kielce pogrom for years, author Krzysztof K?kolewski (Umar?y cmentarz), came to the conclusion that Russian NKVD had planned the pogrom in Kielce ahead of time.”
      “It was a perfect time for the NKWD to paint a picture of Poland as being antisemitic, and to blame the Home Army (AK) for the violence.”

      In the future, please do not post links that you do not understand because you’ll get a walloping from me as heavy as you are getting now.

      And what about:
      - Koniuchy massacre (Jews killed 300 Poles)


      - Naliboki massacre (on May 8, 1843), Jews killed 122 Poles.

      - Brzostowica massacres (again, Jews killed Poles who fought against German Nazis)

      - Skidelskie rising (Jews helped NKVD to murder their neighbours)?

      Now – I’d love for you to meet face to face with the Israeli guy well settled here in Ireland, tell him that out of all nations, Poles saved most Jews in WWII, that Israel owns its very existence to Poland (Poles trained their intelligence and army command), that 100,000 Poles were repressed in 1945-1956 thanks mainly to Jewish communists (also Russian).

      How does he feel about the fact that Israel has stolen 100bn euro of war reparations that were due to Poland, that it is running an anti-Polish campaign, and that the World Jewish Congress has blackmailed Poland that Poland “will be humiliated” internationally if it does not pay the Jews 64bn dollars ransom?

      P.S. Oh by the way – I read a few Jewish WWII chronicles from Jewish ghettos in Poland where the Jewish witnesses state that Jewish police in ghettos was worse than Gestapo.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        1843 = 1943

        Maybe a few words about these massacres.

        In Koniuchy, a few hundred Poles lived. According to Jewish own sources, bandits from two Jewish communist gangs of Jakob Prenner and Shmuel Kaplinsky decided to murder ALL people in the disarmed village to do one mass robbery. Later on, they would boast about it as an outstanding military action. According to international law, Jews commited genocide on Poles in that village.

        In Naliboki forest, there was a Jewish gang called “Otriada Bielski”. The members of the gang were Jews who managed to escape from ghettos thanks to help of the Poles. Jews committed genocide in that village too.
        These events are documented in Jewish monumental history books of Chaim Lazar and Isaac Kowalski: they are not ashamed of these genocides, on the contrary – they boast about it. At least Israel Weiss, who wrote about it in 1962 Hrubieszowo chronicles is not proud of it.

      • Truthist

        @ Grzegorz,

        Shame F’s modus-operandi for obviously gratuitously hostile [ And, it totally unjustifiable so ] face-to-face meeting is 2 against 1* ;

        U do know that a foreigner is beholden by the law of the land to lawfully respect the Irish Constitution, & particularly its owners ;
        The Irish Citizens ;
        Especially indigenous Irish / Hibernians ;
        And, I being one.

        *Actually, Mr. Shane F., a true Christian is never alone ;
        Christ is in him.
        U want to bully Christ Mr. Shane F. ?


    • Truthist

      Shane on u Mr. Shame F for :
      basically contending that I said that there was no violence against Jews in Poland ; I never said such a thing.
      It is calumny of u against me to do so.
      Indeed, it is libel.

      Utterly shaneful of u Mr. Shame F.

  40. goldbug


    -> IN SECRET




  41. Truthist

    @ Tony Brogan,

    Here is Gerald Celente whom u have recommended often on this blog before criticising President Trump.

    WW 3 coming fast with Trump ;
    OK, not as fast as would be with Hitleree Bonham Clinton ;
    But, nonetheless “fast” !

    We placed hope in Trump retracting from War ;
    But, he has been a Con-Man.

    Jeff Rense and Gerald Celente – Has Trump Duped America ?
    Shocking Developments


    • I never recommended anyone as such other than http://www.gata.org and http://www.lemetroploecafe.com. and the suggestion to monetize silver ala HSP. I simply provided to educate from another’s point of view that I felt was of interest.

      Trump , I agree, does not look promising at this point. No matter what he does he will be nailed as the cause of the currently pending collapse.
      Too much debt everywhere one looks. I wait and see what transpires.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej


      I listened to Celente and here is what I think about him.

      1. Celente is a clown, an imposter, who does not really contribute anything substantial to the debate – he just reads the economic news and adds his antics to it. I have never valued him and I have always said so on this blog.

      2. More than being a clown, he is a fraud – he lies about him having predicted things, and this “Trends Journal” is a marketing toy to pay enormous amount of money to subscribe to a newspaper that tells you what happened last year LOL. If his predictions go wrong, and they nearly always do, he removes them from his website. His predictions are deliberately vague, but now and again he comes up with something specific and it is usually wrong.

      3. Example of his ridiculously failed prediction he removed from his website:

      “By 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.”

      4. He claims that Donald Trump pledged against troops to Poland because he said that “NATO is useless”. The idiot Celente does not even understand what Trump has said. Not only Trump never pledged not to send US troops to Poland, but he pledged that he will – and I said this last year on many occasions based on his meetings with the Polish diaspora in the US.
      Thus does not contradict Trump’s statement that NATO is useless – NATO is useless, because its European members (except for Poland, UK and Greece in the past) are not meeting the contribution requirements in NATO’s statues. Because NATO is useless, Trump will plump for bilateral relations with the UK and Poland, making them US’s most important partners.

      5. The only thing that I can say that Celente is right is that Trump pledged to put Saudi Arabia on his terror list and make them pay for 9/11. However, if Celente believed that that would happen, this only shows how stupid he is: every US candidate has to win the support of AIPAC, and Israel is closely cooperating with Saudi Arabia (and they both are closely and increasingly cooperating with Russia – i.e. Russia sold Saudi Arabia “Iskander” missiles that they then used in Yemen, but you’d never hear that from Celente, and the main Zionist party in Israel are Russian Jews who speak Russian among themselves – Russia, btw, aid the Israeli settlement via Gazprom), so only a complete fool would believe that Trump would severe his connections with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Russia).

      I think that David McWilliams, whose understanding of economic affairs I highly value, realised that Celente is a fraud and a fool and that’s why he stopped inviting him to Kilkenomics Festival… In the past, I adviced Mr McWilliams here on this blog that he should rather invite Steve Keene, and he did – although I do not know whether due to following my advice.

      I have also adviced he should invite Messrs Niall Ferguson and Harry Dent (both have different economic views, so this would be an economic debate of a century: Ferguson v Dent v Schiff v Keene v Varoufakis: all different views!) instead of the shouting clown Celente; he did not (maybe he couldn’t?), but I DEARLY hope that one year he’ll have them all.

      Btw – this is not as important for me as it is for you, Truthist, but I’ll say so anyway: Celente is a Zionist.

      • Truthist

        I had same opinion as u have about Celente ;
        Although, I noticed that he had a certain charm about him.
        He comes across as a chancer character that Danny de Vito does well.
        the lawyer in War of the Roses.

        The reason I thought the above video was worth viewing is that I believe Celente set a precedent for himself in what he finally did say about he heretofore euphemistically refers to as “the white-shoe boys”.

        I did not know that he was a “Zionist” ;
        But, then again, to survive in New York environs ;
        ==> one must bow to Zionism.

        • Truthist

          Typo ;

          The reason I thought the above video was worth viewing is that I believe Celente set a precedent for himself in what he finally did say about WHOM he heretofore euphemistically refers to as “the white-shoe boys”.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Mr Celente is a good comedian and a good communicator, but if you listen to him regularly, he becomes very monotonous and very predictable very quickly. His manner of shouting, calling people names and getting hysterical is very typical of certain circles on the East Coast – and I am not saying this to deride the East Coast, in fact so many good things came out it – but he is one of the worst that came out.
          He has a good understanding of economic affairs, I give it to him – but so do I, and unlike him, I do not like to people that I predicted things I did not, let alone remove failed predictions.

          You have to understand Mr Celente as genius of marketing (it’s possible that he might have a very high IQ – to be able to create his wizard image) rather than a source of information.
          He is what Jane Rowling is to literature.
          Life is short, Truthist, and you ought to dispose of your time to make it productive. You have free will: you can listen to Celentes and read “Harry Potter”, or you can listen to better researched stuff and read Goethe, Kafka, Beckett, Reymont, Bulkakov, Plato, Aristotle, Tocqueville, and – last but not least – the Bible (speaking of which – did you watch “Hacksaw Ridge”? – best movie of the year, if not a decade).

          I am not even saying that Celente is wrong. No, he is right on many things. I am saying that he is a f r a u d and third hand news.
          I wanted to attend his conference in Galway this year to confront him, but it turns out that the crook charges… $2,000 for participation and $600 deposit.
          Well, readers of this blog get a better stuff than from Celente and for free (and I actually predict things).

          P.S. You might be interested in this:


          P.S.II. Tony’s proposal to remove high IQ people from the blog would result in removing David McWilliams and having jaysus and Shame Four-By-Two instead. Can you imagine? A blog with the readership of two people ;-)?

  42. Truthist

    Apropos of the other Anglophone-Francophone super-rich in resources vast jurisdiction with single currency ;

    Ref. de facto Francophone zone ;

    Ref. de facto Anglophone zone ;

  43. Truthist

    Hire the Drug Dealer to advise u how to pay ur debt to the same Drug Dealer

    Come to think of it ;
    Did not the Irish State do basically the very same when it “hired” the IMF to advise / loot this nation [ bar the Nomenklatura, vis., Civil SERPENTS, Corporate Ireland, Professional Class, Irish Banksters, Landlords, "Consultants", inter alia ] ?


    #Greece Plans To Hire Rothschild As Debt Adviser



  44. Shane F

    @ Mr McWilliams,

    Could you consider adding a Filter button for users to avoid having to scroll down through abusive nonsense. This would allow a user to select those whose comments are irrelevant.

    I read this blog because of contributors like Deco, Tony Brogan, Pat Flannery…

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      No he won’t, but you – who are unable to understand the content of links you are posting – are welcome to leave this blog. Why not do it today?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “This would allow a user to select those whose comments are irrelevant.”

      Btw, this sentence does not make any sense. If anything, I’d rather have Mr McWilliams to introduce a compulsory IQ test for new commentators.

      • McCawber

        I’d be fupped and that’s not false modesty, so let’s just stay with freedom of speech.

      • Generally speaking, the higher the IQ the more misinformed is the individual. So let the the test remove the higher IQ’s from the commentary. Let us stick with common sense but unfortunately there is no test for that.

        • McCawber

          There kind of is but this is just my opinion.
          Common sense is inversely proportional to egotism.
          Without doing research I’d say there is a test to measure ones egotistical tenancies.

          • McCawber

            Other traits like “team player” would be indicators.
            There’s a decent and interesting thesis in this.

      • Shane F

        ‘introduce a compulsory IQ test for new commentators.’
        No need in your case, As you’ve amply demonstrated.–>
        Grzegorz Kolodziej. New commentator. – Zero for EMOTIONAL IQ. This score precludes subject from progressing to Normal IQ testing.
        ‘this sentence does not make any sense’. English language comprehension being clearly another of your failings. And another reason why you should never have been allowed into the country.
        Heres help with basic spelling corrections, as a freebie.
        From your earlier posts.
        You spelt ‘Muzzies’, The correct spelling is Moslems.
        You spelt ‘Mosks’, The correct spelling is Mosques.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “This score precludes subject from progressing to Normal IQ testing.” And you are who exactly?

          “And another reason why you should never have been allowed into the country.” – Jawohl, mein Fuehrer. As for you, out of all Famine victims, your family are the only ones who actually should have died in the Famine – because then you would not have been born. Buahahaha!

          If you have nothing better to say, what do not you fuck off from this blog? You won’t be missed.

          “You spelt ‘Muzzies’, The correct spelling is Moslems.”

          Where? What drugs do you Zionists take nowadays?

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Actually, my apologies for that – as you are probably not Irish, so they should have died in the Holocaust, not in the Famine. I must be a real danger in exposing your Zionists lies, if yous catalogue my blog entries going as far back as Julu 2016 to spot one mistake “Mosks” (and make up the second one – “Muzzies”).

          You are a puzzle to me though – out of all Jews I have ever met, you are the first one who is genuinely stupid, so I have to explain it to you:

          “This would allow a user to select those whose comments are irrelevant.” – this sentence does not make sense because

          1. You find my comments irrelevant
          2. You want avoid them and yet
          3. You are asking for a filter that would allow you to select them.

          Hat ir farshteyn?
          I am speaking in the language of your grandfather now.
          “Jew bastard” (I am quoting Hillary Clinton)!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            You want avoid = you want to avoid them: I am only correcting it because other bloggers here (except for “jaysus”) are not as stupid as you, so they’ll understand.

            If you Zionists analyse all my entries back to 2016, they yous know that I actually had an incredible courtesy of not reminding anyone that
            A) Without the Jewish police, they would have been no Holocaust
            B) Jewish police was worse than Gestapo
            C) The events you mentioned “anti-Jewish violence in Poland” were organised by a Jew (Brystiger), in a country where a Jew (Berman) was in control of the communist butchers, and another Jew (Minc) fucked up Poland economy.

            In other words – while the heroic Poles were rescuing you and helping you to organise your Ashke-Nazi state Israel, you Jews were murdering other Jews (and Poles) for money, taken first from Lenin, then from the German Nazis, like your Soros, then from Stalin.

            I would have never mentioned that – UNTIL you opened your disgusting mouth. So in a way, I have to thank you – meyn faynt.

    • Truthist

      8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

      We must be having a great effect on the wider audience when the likes of u seek to police us.

      Lazy & shaneful & sychophantic from u Mr. SHAME F.

      I can well figure what Grzegorz thinks the “F” stands for.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        This is what motivates me :-) When they attack you so visciously, it means you are really hitting them hard. You haven’t seen me in a live debate though. I had one of with a property portfolio fat cat in Dublin in a court 10 years ago. He enter the room as a king of the world, left as a nervous breakdown.

        • Shane F

          ‘left as a nervous breakdown.’
          As a self-touted legal eagle, you’ll appreciate the importance of corroborative evidence to your account of events. Please provide court record search information. Failure to do so will illustrate that it’s just more of your self-aggrandising B.S.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Please provide court record search information. ” – I’ll do it for 1,000 euro, half of it paid in advance (that’d be like RTE price for accessing their old data). Otherwise I’ll think that you are not serious in your insolent and moronic request, and most likely a Mossad agent (you or your Jew).

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “I can well figure what Grzegorz thinks the “F” stands for.”

        Shane F stands for Shame Four By Two ;-) If you ever lived in east London, you’ll understand.

        • Shane F

          ” – I’ll do it for 1,000 euro, half of it paid in advance (that’d be like RTE price for accessing their old data).”

          As expected, A Cop out.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “As expected, A Cop out.”

            My good man. Freebie in English:

            Cop out means to avoid doing something that one OUGHT to do.

            I am not ought to do any work for you for free, digging up old papers, going through my private e-mails and court correspondence.

            Please do not post links you do not understand.
            Please do not use words you do not understand.
            Please do not lie (with me allegedly spelling “Muzzies” – still haven’t showed where).
            Please go and fuck yourself.

            You do not have to read my comments. I am perfectly fine with David McWilliams and other intelligent people reading them.
            Have a good night, and maybe have a wank, rather than obsessively reading my comments.

    • Truthist

      That proposal sounds in-shane Mr. Shame F. ;

      For no justifiable reason, u wish to “send us beyond the Pale” / “banish us to the Gulag”.

      And, this even after Grzegorz proving to u how u wrongly informed u are on the totality of Poland’s history, & I pointing out to u that I never said what u accused me of.

      Man up to apologise without any further adieu.

    • McCawber

      Who’d define the rules?
      You’re talking censorship here.
      May not be your intent but just be careful what you wish for.

  45. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Following my unaswered question why the whole Garda Commissioner scandal only came to light now, when Taoiseach was in Poland speaking on Brexit – and why the Irish media only asked the Taoiseach in Warsaw questions related to this new-old story, this is what I wrote for The Irish Independent in May 2016 – 10 months before this became a main story in the Irish media:

    “It utterly jargogled my brain when I saw the title of the article on the Garda Commissioner (“Who is next in line as this witch-hunt goes on?”, 26 May). But first, some positives. Ms O’Sullivan qualifications are impeccable (i.e., she is a graduate of the FBI National Executive Institute). She showed great courage walking in plain-clothes targeting Dublin’s drug dealers, while at the same time she was open-minded enough to say that she would “welcome a rational and constructive debate” on the decriminalisation of possession of small quantities of drugs. But it would appear that there are too many issues casting a worrying shadow on her record as to justify the “witch-hunt” title. For example, a Special Unit of An Garda Síochána, led by her husband, monitored the activities of anti-water charge protesters (including their social media posts) under the codename Operation Mizen. Was this the most important thing for Gardaí to do? She also defended the closure of Garda stations around the country, saying that the closures had been compensated for by “higher visible presence” in communities. However, the facts are that in a country where both the citizens and the police are disarmed, our chances of being shot are twice as big as in Northern Ireland and six times bigger than in England and Wales. It’s not up to me to decide whether the Justice Minister Fitzgerald was right to refuse to express full confidence in Garda Commissioner and whether Minister Varadkar was right to be concerned about why former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan waited over four months to inform the Government about illegal telephone recording at Garda stations. But they are both serious people, and I assume they did not ad-lib. Our young Gardaí are under-armed and underpaid (I know – I shared with one). They, as well as we, deserve to know that in their parlous task of protecting the people of Ireland, they can always count on the Commissioner setting her priorities right. Can we though?”

    • Truthist

      I differ to u Grzegorz in that I believe society would be much for the better were we to have no “Peelers”.

      But, at least, I know that both of us can be relied on to engage in discussion & not engage in ad hominems.

      Incidentally, I think that there should be a new category of offence in between “civil” & “criminal” ;
      And, “illegal drug possession for personal use only” would be example of this new category of offence.

      • Truthist

        Edit of tautology ;

        But, at least, I know that both of us can be relied on to engage in discussion & not resort to ad hominems.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          The word “angry” in the title of David’s article was prophetic – I have never experienced so much anger from the very narrow minority of commentators as this week – and all of that only for telling the historical truth.

          Some people get angry if one insults them; but there are some tribes that are angered simply if you tell them the truth.

          I summarized what Felisk Koneczny wrote on Latin and Byzantine civilsations. I did not find necessary to summarize what his thoughts on the Jewish civilization were. Here is a large quote from a summary of his views on that:

          “Jewish civilization considers the law most important. The law is the source of ethics. The law cannot be changed. However, the same law can be differently interpreted, which leads to ethical relativism. According to Koneczny, one of the elements of Jewish civilization is a belief in the superior role of one nation or race. Communist states are also products of Jewish civilization. Similarly to the Brahmin or Hindu civilization, it is sacral, with religion playing a central role.

          Koneczny claimed that civilizations cannot mix, and any “synthesis” of several civilizations leads to the victory of one over the other, lower moral standards, or to a state of “un-civilization.”

          Koneczny did not tie civilization type to any particular race or nation. Hence, Poles could represent the Turanian type of civilization (as, according to Koneczny, did Józef Pi?sudski’s Poland) and Germans could represent the Jewish type. Shockingly, in his publication ‘The Judaized Hitlerism’, Koneczny claimed that Adolf Hitler was an example of the Jewish civilization type. On the other hand, an ethnic Jew could represent the Latin type of civilization.

          Koneczny considered racism something alien to Latin civilization, which he considered the highest type.

          According to Koneczny, Europe in his time was a battlefield between three types of civilization: Latin, Turan and Jewish. He argued that Byzantine type of civilization had already lost the battle and was in deep crisis.”

          And so is this blog after repeated insults and racial slurs of jaysus (with whome Mr Tolerant, Pat Flannery sided) and shameless lies and insinuations of Shame F.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Felisk Koneczny = Feliks Koneczny

          They read and catalogue all my comments as far back as 2016 to winkle out my misspelling of “mosques” in 2016. This is incredible, it is a bit like Nazi Germany. Now I can see why Koneczny saw Hitler as belonging to Jewish civilization. To be honest with you, jaysus’s collected comments alone would have sufficed in the court of law as an example of cyber-bullying, and many other things. But because I am so thick-skinned, instead of me doing so, I just repay them in kind tenfold by simply telling the truth.

          “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Shame F, in the deep of the crisis, having a good time:

          Shane F
          August 28, 2014 at 8:51 am
          “Not quite how some others see it, At least a few weeks back.
          Ireland – Ireland is the best country in the world, new survey suggests.”

          It was not for the n a t i v e Irish at the time, Shame.

          hane F
          May 25, 2015 at 5:50 pm
          “In the past year both Lidl and ALDI have begun accepting credit cards. As a result I personally now use the credit card instead of cash every week at those shops for convienence.
          Given their size and the fact every family uses supernarkets”

          Oh yes, Goyim, use the credit cards, indebt your families. Our books tell us to put Goyim in debt, but forbids US chosen people to incur any debts.

          Pat Flannery
          May 2, 2016 at 12:18 pm
          “There is too much power concentrated at the top, both in business and in politics, not to mention the all-powerful church. I hope we have turned a corner in realizing this. The last election could be the beginning of a new age for democracy. God knows it is time.”

          Shane F
          May 2, 2016 at 12:25 pm
          “Spot on observation.”

          Yes, Catholic Church is to blame for everything, never the AshkeNazis. Spot on.

          Pat Flannery
          May 2, 2016 at 12:47 pm
          “Just think what the world would be like today if the US Supreme Court had not appointed George W. over the people’s choice Al Gore. ”

          Gore the CHOSEN people’s choice. Just think what the world would have be like today – just look back at 8 years of Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize.

          Shane F
          May 10, 2016 at 5:58 pm

          “Would love to see article from David dealing with how Trump may dealk with corporate tax issue.” – because Shame has been such an asshole, I wonder if he can explain what “dealk” means in English. And why out of all issues related to Trump, he was most worried about the corpotate issue.

          Btw, I have just noticed that when Shane F. writes at the beginning, he confuses me with a commentator “Literate”:

          “Shane F
          February 12, 2017 at 2:03 pm

          @ Tony.. Seeing above comment was directed at Truthist despite long comments from Grzegorz. Are you saying Trutist and Grzegorz/Literate are one and the same”

          Would that be like a Jewish thing, to take all Goyim as one and the same? Oy vey!

          • Truthist

            We are the blessed Trinity as far as Shame F. is concerned.
            Very disconcerting for Shame F’s friend to have to hear of all this even though he is well-settled in.

            Tell me this Shame F., did u screen ur friend also given that u go so far as to seek to censure us who are much more than well-settled in [ Heck, we -- with hands tied behind our back are fighting for Irish Nation against its enemies ] ?
            Did u conduct the aul check ‘em out if he’s some kind of spy spinning yarns ?

            By the way Shame F., what do u think about Trump sending a special forces team into Yemen to kill its Citizens the other day ?
            3 year old little girl murdered by a rake of bullets ;
            1 lodged into her neck.
            And, this by Trump despite he promising the electorate that he would not engage in foreign wars without firstly getting permission — as he MUST do so under law — from Congress ?
            And, Shame F., what do u think of the recent attacks on Palestinians by Israel ?
            And, for ur interest, I am one of those who firmly believe that HAMAS are actually false opposition, & moreover that they are working for Israel.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Tell me this Shame F., did u screen ur friend [...]
            Did u conduct the aul check ‘em out if he’s some kind of spy spinning yarns?”

            Very good point. Citizens of a country currently located in Palestine seem to be exempted from Shame’s strict entry restricting/deportating wishes/libels, no matter how much they lie and God knows what else activities they pursue.

            From an article


            “But while its use of Irish passports to aid operations was revealed in 2010, the agency’s involvement in Irish affairs dates back much further”

            “The SAS appeared very eager to engage the services of the Mossad to help in the battle against the IRA.”

            “While Eitan has declared that none of his agents had crossed over the border into the Republic, senior Irish intelligence officials have treated this claim with some scepticism.
            However, regardless of any harsh words from Dail Eireann, it will continue to use any means possible, including Irish passports, to achieve its aim.”

            Shame F. says: “And another reason why you should never have been allowed into the country.”

            Hmm… why only me? Let’s also have these adds on the shops:


            But I suppose there is one way I could exempt myself from Shame’s/his Mossad friend’s libel campaign; this is a quote from Congregation Beth Shalom in Corona, California, a $1.6 million proposal to Mel Gibson.

            “Our proposal to you, Mr. Gibson, is since you have been cited as an Anti-Semitic, and have denied those allegations, what better way to prove to all your fans and the nay Sayers — than to endorse and help raise funds for our cause — SOS, Save Our Synagogue.”

            WJC Secretary General Israel Singer, stated that

            “More than three million Jews died in Poland

            (the scum actually admits that it was 3 million, not the mythical 6 million – but when I says it, it is “intolerance”;- so Israel has stolen war reparations for 3 million n o n-Jewish citizens that died in the Holocaust – what would Shame’s fiend say to their families?; btw – why Israel should have gotten war reparations for Polish citizens of Jewish citizens? I thought we are supposed to be critical of ideologies based on race – G.K.),

            coming back to the leader of World Jewish Congress and his speech:

            and the Polish people are not going to be the heirs of the Polish Jews. We are never going to allow this. (…) They’re gonna hear from us until Poland freezes over again. If Poland did not satisfy Jewish claims it would be publicly attacked and humiliated in the international forum”,

            Singer said according to a Reuters report. Like I said, Shame F. is the first stupid Jew I came across – because if he did not attack me publicaly, thousands of people would not have found out about it on this website.

            For comparison purposes: very few people know that no Israeli government has given any financial assistance to their own Holocaust victims; it is always from Goyim money – Jair Lapid was a first minister in Israel’s history who proposed to give them symbolic benefits, so Nazinyahu sacked him.

            Another things very few people know:
            One of Shame’s compatriots is one Richard Gutjahr, famous German journalist and blogger, who was present in Nice when the terror attack took place. After a terror attack he happens to be in the front of McDonald’s in Germany, waiting for the attack to happen so that he can take photos and post them in his successful blog and use them for his astonishing journalistic stardom.

            Mr Gutjahr’s successful life is full of other wonderful coincidences: his wife ex member of Kneset, candidate to president of World Jewish Congress, advisor to Peres and Netanyahu.


            And now Shame F. – who claims he is not reading my comments, but scrolling them down – nonetheless remembers my spelling mistake from July 2016. Smells of Mossad to me.

            Hmm… What do you think – non-extention of visas to Israeli citizens in Ireland until this suspected terrorist plot is clarified?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “why Israel should have gotten war reparations for Polish citizens of Jewish citizens? I thought we are supposed to be critical of ideologies based on race”


            why should Israel have gotten war reparations for
            P o l i s h citizens of Jewish origin? I thought we are supposed to be critical of ideologies based on race.

            Yea – should citizens of a country with a racist ideology be let in to Ireland?

          • Truthist

            Monastic Christian Ireland of Europe’s dark ages targeted by the Vikings on behalf of …8-) because the Irish monks were saving European Civilisation by successfully spreading the Gospel & teaching the Classics of Latin & ancient Greek.

            Ireland continued to be targeted on behalf of …8-) in the financing by Josce de Gloucester of the invasion by Strongbow, & soon enough in follow-up by Henry 2nd [ that King of gravity who has been the subject of great plays & movies [ incl. The Lion in Winter [ screenplay by Michael Bolt ]; with Peter O’Toole at his magnificent best ]

            Ireland targeted on behalf on Anti-Catholic AND Anti-Iberian financiers ensconced in Netherlands by Cromwell
            2/3rds of Irish Nation are genocided by Cromwell.
            10,000′s — but, probably over over 100,000 — sent to North America & the Caribbean as Slaves ; And, with program to change their religion from Catholicism also.

            Ireland targeted on behalf on Anti-Catholic AND Anti-Iberian financiers ensconced in Netherlands by William of Orange.

            Ireland targeted on behalf of Anti-Catholic AND Anti-Hibernian usury kingpins City of London by a succession of British governments & intellectuals culminating in genocide of ‘The Great Hunger’ ;
            Some 6 million die ;
            Please refer to recent links given by me ;
            “Mr. Shame F.” should be decent enough to source those links ;
            He apparently has a penchant for that sort of thing.

            Obviously, I have omitted to mention many more “tribe” inspired targeting of the Hiberos / Hibernians for our Catholic Christian culture up to that infamous period in our history.

            And, I likewise omit more “tribe” inspired “tribe” targeting of the Hiberos / Hibernians for our Catholic Christian culture since.

            But, I will deposit the fact that Mshd were very active in Ireland during the 1970′s & all along into the now.
            Bank robberies, & collusion with paramilitaries on “both” sides.
            And, collusion with both governments.
            I strongly suspect that the Littlejohns have that background.
            Rachman serving prison sentence at Mountjoy, Dublin in 1960′s [ I think 1960's ] really intrigues me.
            I wonder if we were to ask the Irish State directly questions about the Litttlejohns & also Rachman will we get the truthful answers.

          • Truthist

            Natanyahu before he entered politics in that special little democracy in the Middle East was a furniture salesman in the USA ;
            The surname he used to “deceive & so to wage war” was “O’Sullivan”; Yes, “Natanyahu [ alias "O'Sullivan" ] was a Mshd agent well settled in pretending to be Irish-American.
            Yes, he could carry that off visually ;
            Because, some Irish have an appearance that some Jews do.
            Understandable when u factor in that at least 2 invasions of Ireland were Hiberos / Hibernians
            Tribe of Dan / Tuatha De Danaan
            And, plenty more comers since ;
            My own family being 1 of the later comers.

          • Shane F

            ‘stupid jew’ ?
            My. Who’s going to be very a very popular boy with airport security staff in future? Just today alone, how many intelligence service data-bases have you been trawelled up on, do you think, after all those rants?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Just today alone, how many intelligence service data-bases have you been trawelled up on, do you think, after all those rants?”

            Not as many as the cowardly “jaysus” writing “typical Pollackers”, who are “genetically stupid”, and you by fully approving it.

            Is this a threat? Then I would like to draw Mr McWilliams’ attention that there is this guy has just received a 250,000 for one libelous article on him – and on this website, we have had: racism, libel of the Polish nation, and now a threat. And yet he neither removed the individual called “jaysus”, nor he condemned him, neither did you, or Pat Flannery, who have all approved of the above.

            As to the “stupid Jew” – yes, I claim you are stupid. Sure you do not even understand what you post. And, unlike you, I do not libel the entire nation, I clearly say: out of all Jews, you are the only one I have met who is stupid. So the only question remains – are you a Jew? And if not, why do you libel the Polish nation – sure if you are not, this topic of Polish-Jewish relations does not concern you.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “trawelled up on” – btw, this is not even English – unless your language is Jiddish.

            You say: “Heres help” – is Heres your tribe’s god or something.

            And what are “supernarkets”, Shane?

            And – because you are so stupid that you do not even understand your own language – I explain: “Muzzies” (YOUR word) may be considered offensive. And so is “Pollacker”

            So that’s for another of your insults:

            “English language comprehension being clearly another of your failings. And another reason why you should never have been allowed into the country.”

            See how this all looks for the said services – you PROVOKE, I respond – not the other way round.

            I give you links, facts and their interpretation, you libel and defame.

            I condemn racism (including in Jewish religion), you approve it.

            The editor of The Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, commented on the likes of you (August 6, 2009):

            “There are few things more despicable than anti-Semitism, but here’s one of them: using a false charge of anti-Semitism for political gain.”

            You are more despicable than anti-Semites.

            SHAME ON YOU.

          • Truthist

            Titanic [ Harland & WOOLF switch job on real Titanic with Olympia so as eliminate the particular Jewish bankers on it who were against the Jewish bankers determined to set up the Federal Reserve Bank of USA ( The "Fed." ) scam ] with massive loss of life, Lusitania downing with massive loss of goyim life [ And, so turn German victory over UK into German defeat by forcing USA public to allow USA to go to war against Germany ], Lavon Affair / Operation Susannah using “well settled in” Israeli spies in Egypt to murder & destroy USA assets but implicate Arabs as the terrorists, Assassination of USA President John F Kennedy [ Kennedy had just usurped the Fed by having the Treasury issue currency backed by Silver & had given ultimatum to Israel that they close down their secret nuclear facility under the Negev desert at Dimona & transfer to USA all of Israel's nuclear arsenal ( very vast ), USS Liberty incident whereby Israel attacked USA navy vessel murdering approx 50 so as to implicate Egypt & rush on annihilation of Cairo by USA bombers, La Belle nightclub, Berlin bombing so as to implicate Libya & justify USA to bomb Libya ; which they did ; murdering Gadaffi's baby girl, 9-11 false flag which was really done by Mshd, Malaysian airplanes MH-17 & MH-370 events with very strong evidence that Israel / Rothshilds / Cabal usurping the Ukraine [ "Porky" "Yats" & Victoria Nuland et all ] responsible on account of Premier Mahathir of Malaysia shutting out the IMF from Malaysia after George Soros targeting South East Asia with economic collapse & thence turning Malaysia into economic miracle [ all the more remarkable as Muslim nation ] & Malaysia hosting conference finding Israel guilty of War Crimes against Palestinians …

            The world & its neighbour could go on & on with even more facts indicating same culprit.

            Nay, Mr. ShaMe F.,- all goyim airport security experts are wising up as to who are the real risk.

            Grzegorz is very welcome in my country “The Irish Isles”.
            U are not ;

            Buzz off !

            SHANE ON U !

  46. McCawber

    Trump so far.
    What is happening in the US is very dangerous.
    Trump was elected democratically but a concerted effort is being made to undermine his presidency from the start.
    No honeymoon period.
    There is a definite increase in white male supremacy sentiment and it’s not just among the poorer classes.
    Trump didn’t create this sentiment but he did feed it and it got him elected.
    Trump will be reelected for a second term because the people who have alienated his electorate haven’t learned the lesson that they are out of touch with the plain people of America.
    America is an armed camped at the moment.
    If Trump is not allowed to implement his legitamate policies then there is going to be serious trouble.
    We arr talking about white unrest not just black unrest.
    Trump and his opponents need to recognise this danger.

    • Truthist

      Who is the real President of USA ?

      He who sleeps with the 1st Lady.

      Ivanka is the 1st Lady.
      Therefore, Jared Kushner is “the real President of USA”.

      Although, there are those who gave a certain visiting Prime Mincer of a particular little democracy 8-) in the Middle East 23 “standing ovations” that would say :
      “that visiting Prime Mincer is the ‘real’ President of USA”.

      So, it works like this ;

      Netanyahu > Kushner > Trump > Sheeple

      • McCawber

        My point is that the people of who elected Trump as president consider him to be the real president and they might to decide to back that opinion up with action.
        If they do then Trump will be the real president – you think he might not be aware of this dynamic.

    • coldblow

      Trump’s opponents don’t realize that they are behaving unreasonably. They know they are right and that is enough.

      For some reason I ended up commenting under a Pink Floyd YouTube video about Trump. The man who uploaded the video (the tall one in PF) says something like ‘Let the resistance begin!’ and I found myself arguing with him about what exactly Trump has said or done that warrants all this resistance. I explained that there is a big difference between what he thinks Trump has said and done and what he probably did say and do. After blowing a lot of rhetoric in my direction he promised to go away and bring me the evidence.

      I warned him that it is very time consuming trying to get to the bottom of news stories. Nearly always (if not always) the sensational ones turn out to be a mirage. Not for nothing does Trump call it fake news.

      As people on this site are sick and tired of hearing, this is because fantasy and truth don’t mix. Fantasists’ perceptions appear to be distorted although in other respects they may (or may not) appear quite normal. Do the fantasists know at some level that it is all a lie? Any fantasits posting here might wish to clarify.

      The Left have no monopoly on fantasy but they are running all the main fantasy franchises at the moment. Now what if these were to suddenly ‘morph’ (to use the argot), into right wing fantasies, showing equal insouciance towards ‘the facts on the ground’, then what larks, eh, Pip! What great expectations might we then entertain?

      I think the penny dropped with me a year or so ago here, as they seem to do from time to time. We were arguing about global warming and a poster told me that the media was biased against the warmists. So I did a quick trawl of the press and the only two exceptions to the *opposite* case were Fox News and The Sun. (A Sun headline blamed it on ‘fatties’ blowing off.)

      Then you have the strange case of the immigrants (‘refugees’) falling into the Mediterranean Sea because they keep getting tricked by evil people smugglers who (because they are evil) never give them seaworthy boats. Has RTE ever cleared this one up? (Serious question as I don’t watch or listen to them if I can help it.)

      • coldblow

        Correction, I wasn’t arguing with the Pink Floyd dude but with one of his acolytes.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Yes, I got puzzled by that that Roger Waters would have been involved in commenting on the wall ;-)
          Btw, my favourite bits by Pink Floyd are “Ummagumma” and the second side of the “Atom Heart Mother” vinyl (I prefer to listen music from the vinyl when I can – but nowadays I can’t). I also think that “Animals” are underrated as much as “The Wall” is overrated. My favourite single song by Pink Floyd is the recurrent theme from “Echoes”, although all in all “Echoes” is not a good composition to say the least. “Echoes” had a strange effect on my former cat, though not as big as “The Waiting Room” from “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” – with the latter, my former cat would be highly disturbed and mesmerised at the same time. One day he was perching while listening to these sounds, his fur hackled up, and I wanted to stroke him – he jumped, only recognising me after a few seconds.

          • coldblow

            Someone said in the comments that one of his parents was a communist and the other an atheist. Or something like that. The usual really.

            Interesting about your cat. I like some of their early stuff like ‘Rmember a Day’, the Dark Side lp (I still can’t bring myself to say ‘album’) and Echoes. I must listen to the Waiting Room as I like Genesis. Home by the Sea parts 1 and 2 together are a treat. while I like the old Genesis a lot of the new Genesis was also very good, although this is heresy in some quarters. Blood on the Rooftops (from somewhere in the middle) is very tuneful. The lyrics are another matter although I always like I Know What I am (in Your Wardrobe).

            I don’t know if you ever listened to Family. Burlesque, Drowned in Wine, the Music in Doll’s House lp.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            You surprised me – I did not suspect that there was any late 60s/early 70s band I would not know, and I did not know Family. The vibratto reminds me a bit of Bryan Ferry, and there is something very glam-rockish about this band.

            A more extreme version of it was the band called Pavlov’s Dog. I am sure you must have heard this song of an exquisite beauty:


            With the “Waiting Room”, maybe it was the sounds that would mesmerise my cat. But it was not a one-off, he would be disturbed every time I would play the “Lamb”, and only with this song. But it is a strange cat – he would also be mesmerised by pop-art and Jackson Pollock (I have a video of him looking at Jackson Pollock; of course, Pollock’s career was a PR stunt, but at least Pollock could paint before he became a clown – “Going West” is a powerful painting:



            “while I like the old Genesis a lot of the new Genesis was also very good, although this is heresy in some quarters.”

            It’s a heresy in my quarters ;-) and it is not about Da Peter (actually the “Trick of the Tail”, first without him, is one of my favourites) – I just cannot stand the jejuness of that music (I mean, I do not mind jejune – new romantics, 70s Disco, Snap, Technotronic – but cannot stand jejune AND boring). Also, while late Genesis had some good melodies (the first two songs from “Abacab” are a joy to listen), it always turns unbearable with synthesizers and boring rhytms.

            As an opera goer (but I only tolerate German opera and Szymanowski, plus Penderecki’s “Devils from Louden” – 20th century best opera by a mile – that’s why I almost never go to opera in Ireland; I would fo to Belfast – they had Wagner’s “Der Fliegende Hollander”, but although I used to go to Northern Ireland every 2 weeks when I had a lassie there, I am not sure if it’d be still safe for me to walk in Belfast after dark), I like theater in music. No other band had so much theatre in it as the old Genesis. Take for example this not that well song: in my opinion, their Gesamtkunstwerk ;-):


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “not sure if it’d be still safe for me to walk in Belfast after dark” – I mean this:


            And it is not media hysteria or exaggeration – this is just a SAMPLE of what’s been happening every year and it is not hooliganism, “jobs-stealing” or such, because it is a l w a y s east Belfast.

            I used to walk through all Derry at night at 3am on my own, I am not sure about that now either. In fact, I think that if things go arseways, it may become unsafe for the Irish too, and there does not seem to be ANY realisation here in the south that if we think of the united Ireland seriously, we need to have a serious police and serious army (10 years ago, my ex-girl felt ok in east Belfast, even though her family was in the Ra and her brothers were Provos; she never called me my first name: she called me a “stranger”).

          • coldblow

            Afraid I disliked both of those songs. I have never heard anything I like from Lamb and I wasn’t a great admirer of Gabriel, in particular the theatrical stuff (dressed in a flower costume although I like Supper’s Ready of course). I agree that Genesis relied too much on synthesizers. The only similarity between the Pavlov’s Dog number and Family would be the vibrato voice. Family defied classification I think. Their debut LP Music in a Doll’s House is widely regarded as a psychedelic classic, though I don’t see any merit in that accolade. I see it more as harmlessly eccentric.

            Getting back to facts, fantasy and fake news I wonder if anyone else remembers David on the Late Late years ago (publicizing the Pope’s Children I think) when he said that people were having sex behind the scenes in the Phoenix Park. Of course my rcollection might be faulty, but he definitely said something like that.

            My feeling is that this story is groundless, because it sounds like all the others in the same vein, which always turn out to be false.

            I’ll be away for a few days without the internet so I’ll read any reply to this issue on my return.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I remember he says in the “Generation Game” that when the Pole came to Ireland, there was a demographic boom.
            Of course I am not in a position to have an opinion on it, but I cannot really fathom(the ceremony of the mass notwithstanding) the logistics of facilitating a mass orgy after or pre (surely not during?) the mass.

            There were 200,000-1,000,000 people in masses in Poland and the pilgrims did not have to sleep in tents – other pilgrims hosted them in their homes for free, often lending them their flats for the weekend and moving out themselves.

            In fact, Catholics in Poland still do that.

            Contrast that with the hospitality of the so called ‘refugees’ pimps – how many refugees did they take to their vast D4 homes?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            when the Pole came to Ireland = when the Pope came to Ireland, but in this case this was one and the same. Don’t know why I wrote “the Pole”. Must be the general atmosphere on this blog this week.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “I have never heard anything I like from Lamb” – but from “Lamb”, you surely must have liked this?


            My favourite LP by Genesis was “Tresspas”. In fact, this was the second CD I ever bought (first was “Joshua Tree” – suuuuuuch a disapointment after “War!”).

            Btw, although Leonard Cohen was maaaaassive in socialist Poland (Maciej Zembaty from Polish Third Radio Programme translated all his lyrics into Polish in the 80s), Bob Dylan never took off. I mean, I have never met anyone who would have particularly liked Dylan. For some reason, Poland did not dig Dylan – and neither do I (it’s just like childish lyrics with primitive melodies sang by a boy with a voice of an old prostitute).

            So unfair that Dylan, not Cohen got Nobel.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            No, that was not this track (the name of this track appears in the lyrics, so that’s how I got confused).
            It was this one, the following:


            I’ve always wondered why “Lamb” was in opinion of many fans the pinnacle of Genesis. It’s a very uneven album. It kinda grew on me (I am talking when I was a teenager and listened to that kind of music) with time (it’s one of those albums one has to listen a few times), but because it was a double, they put some fillers into it.

            Lyrically, it is a bit garish: tramps, anaesthesists, imaginary cages, colonies of slippermen, and Puerto Rican prostitutes.
            Musically, there is a smaller difference between Lamb and Trick of the Tail than between Lamb and earlier LPs.
            - ‘It’ (from Lamb), for instance, while good in itself, almost coincides with the one used on ‘Robbery, Assault And Battery’ two years later (Trick of the Tail is probably better composing-wise: I mean, it has higher peaks and lower falls, but unlike the Lamb, there are less falls).

            I think that the whole shit in Genesis started not from Gabriel (because Gabriel was always the same), but from Tony Banks being jelous of Steve Hackett – in the Lamb, Hackett is almost absent.


            On the other hand, The Lamb is not worse or better than the Wall, except it does not have the “Another Brick In The Wall” hit – I think that’s why “The Wall” was so revered!

            On “Trespass”, the melancholic, solitary, secluded-atmosphere of ‘Looking For Someone’ is AWESOME:


            But I respect the fact that not everyone must like theatre in music (in my case, it’s maybe because I was immersed in the theatre environment so much).

            Btw, because I do not know if you owned all Genesis LPs like I did (with Gabriel), you might have missed this INCREDIBLE performance of “In The Cage” from “Three Sides Live”, preserving all the tension and all the subtle mood shifts, with a complex and engaging instrumental coda borrowing elements from ‘The Cinema Show’ – this is much better than any performance of that song with Gabriel (because I also owned all of their DVDs).


            The intro to this song is one of the highlights of pop-music – a perfect match of lyrics (‘I got sunshine in my stomach/Like I just rocked my baby to sleep…’) and music (the recurring “trying to get out of the cage” synths motive).

          • coldblow


            I’ll admit that’s better but it’s not really my cup of tea. For early Genesis nothing tops the last bit of Supper’s Ready with (what is it?) 13 beats in the bar. Or Musical Box, A Trick in the Tail and Carpet Crawlers. Then there’s Turn It On Again which was always on in the student bar in my first year at university. I didn’t have any of their records growing up because LPs were far too expensive and you couldn’t buy them and drink beer.

            Here’s Steve Coogan’s Saxondale on Genesis:

            (He merely says ‘the last one on the bus thinks Genesis were better after Peter Gabriel left.’)

            I wonder what it was that got to your cat. I have been reading Sheldrake’s Science Delusion (which debunks scientific materialism) and it seems to have some kind of morphic resonance angle to it. Sheldrake mentions F.W. Dunn’s classic An Experiment in Time (from the 1930s) which proposed some kind of notion called ‘serial time’. (He was an aircraft engineer rather than a physicist.) I read it (or rather the easier bit because the maths towards the end were too much for me) when I was 14 with my mum’s library card. By coincidence we did Priestly’s play Time and the Conways the following year in English and he had been inspired by Dunn’s book.

            Anyway, I used to write my dreams down, as Dunn described, as soon as I woke up (leave it for more than ten seconds and the memory will vanish) and check for bits of them that happened over the next few days (usually within one, two or three days, as I remember, but occasionally a couple of weeks). I used to mark them in red and still have the exercise book in my loft.

            It is probably why I never did science beyond O level, because I would not accept the materialist dogma which was clearly being enforced and I already knew from experience that it could not be true.

            So I went away and thought I’d find you the link to an excellent documentary about the English composers Tallis and Byrd which brilliantly conveys the difficulty of retaining the Catholic faith in 16th century Post-Reformation England.

            However I got side tracked on the way and found this bit from a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the then-manager of Leyton Orient FC.

            The post-match team talk starts at 1.15 and peaks at about 3.30. If you ever look at any link from me then have a look at this one, you won’t be disappointed. It is so much like a ‘mockumentary’ (eg The Office) that you forget it is real.


          • coldblow

            And finally, if you want a laugh at my expense, this is how I got on the Pink Floyd comments section. I’m in the long thread started by Stuart Brown and you can find my thoughts on Another Brick in the the Wall(!)


          • Shane F

            ‘I used to go to Northern Ireland every 2 weeks when I had a lassie there’
            Oh, no. Not her again. years ago ! Have you been held in isolation since, that you have so much time to post on these sites. Craving any form of attention?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            As a whole, I think I agree that nothing tops “Supper’s ready” (when I was 15, it used to be – along “Trespass” LP) – my favourite. The last part of it is called “As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs” and, for a long time, I did not like it, because I thought that it was over the top. But it grew on me, and now I think that this is rock music’s one of the most powerful vocal deliveries. The lyrics are obviously modelled on biblical Revelation 19:17:

            “I saw an angel standing in the sun. He cried with a loud voice, saying to all the birds that fly in the sky, Come! Be gathered together to the great supper of God.”

            In one his interviews, Gabriel describes how he recorded it. He says that they were in the old house and were taking hash, and he seemed to have seen some snakes in the front of the house. Because the hash in the biscuits was not working, he decided to eat all of them, and went home. He was walking in the dark on a winding English B road in the coutryside. Suddenly – he was saying – two metals rods started to go through my head, and the the bombs started falling. “And what then?” – asked the interview. “And then WWIII started”.

            He said that he came back to the house and recorded the vocals.

            Musical Box has Pink Floydian moment in it: the alternation of quiet and loud in the line

            ‘and I see… and I feel… and I touch… THE WALL!’

            At that time, bands were influencing and emulating each other. Take for example ‘No Quarter’, the fantastic Pink Floydian song by Led Zeppelin, one of the very few in which Robert Plant does not sound like an absolute asshole (I mean his histronics). I wished Zepps recorded a few more songs like that. Of course, this was the time when Zepps started to go really satanic, but we did not know about it in Poland. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” is Plant’s attempt to severe links with satanism (“I have a monkey on my back”).

            As to “Trick of the Tail”, it is a masterpiece, albeit uneven as an LP (as opposed to “Selling” for example – their most even LP; many people in Poland considered that to be the best album of the proggressive rock genre; I disagree, I think “Larks Tongues in Aspic” is). As for the actual title song, I like their nice shuffle with delicate key changes, it is invigorating.


            SURELY you are not saying that this song is better than “Dance On A Volcano”?

            “I didn’t have any of their records growing up because LPs were far too expensive and you couldn’t buy them and drink beer.”

            No, we weren’t BUYING records in Poland – there was no copyrights (i.e. all the books that would cost 100 dollars in New York, you could buy them for 1 in Poland, translated 2 years later – except for economics – you could not buy Hayek or von Mises; paradoxically, the first ever publication of Milton Friedman was in a … illegal underground publishing house).

            This is how it worked.
            1 out of 50 Poles (and 50 out of 50 “górale” – Tatra mountains highlanders would have an uncle in Chicago) would have an aunty in the US, Canada, England, or West Germany (and in Siberia too, but you would never know).
            That person would receive a LP from aunty. Then that LP would have been copied in 50 copies. High quality was paramount, so people would – from the 70s/80s save a year or two for latest high-end cassette recorders in dollar shops; Polish recorders were also a very high quality). Additionally, all the latest albums were played on the radio once a week. What John Peel played in England, that’d be played in Poland next week.

            And there were vinyls too – some licensed (state companies bought license for Joy Division, Pere Ubu, Deep Purple – I mean all albums, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, etc).

            And occasionally there were original western LPs on the black market. One new LP costs a monthly salary more or less, sometimes more. On the other hand, you could sleep with girl if you had one she wanted to hear.

            The communists knew about all of it and they did not mind, because previous generations would have been playing with granades more than LPs.

            In fact, it were the communists who organised the first punk festival in Poland – Jarocin – in the Martial Law, to channel the anger of the young people. They even invited Metallica and Iron Maiden (around 1985).
            USSR had none of that though. They looked at us a bit like the last stage of decadence. Even the Czechs looked suspicious while arriving in Poland and seeing, occasionally, a hippie on the street (you could have been beaten by the militia for that though, and this was only in the big cities – I’d say there was a bigger difference of 70s Warsaw or Kraków in Poland than Kraków and Paris, except Cracovians were never as stupid as to think Mao or Castro were as good as Wittgenstein or St Thomas Acquinas).

            “(He merely says ‘the last one on the bus thinks Genesis were better after Peter Gabriel left.’)”

            It’s still funny though.

            “I wonder what it was that got to your cat. I have been reading Sheldrake’s Science Delusion (which debunks scientific materialism) and it seems to have some kind of morphic resonance angle to it.”

            It’s a topic for a longer discussion (certainly not this month), but from a philosophical point of view the whole division materialism-spiritism (or idealism, but that’s even more conflating) is wrongly formulated.

            One cannot be a materialist, because the notion of matter changed its meaning radically with the advent of quantum physics. One can be a reductionist or a functionalists, as opposed to non-reductionist. Not only that, but when Aristotle introduced the concept of matter (Democritus before, but we know fuck all about him), and later stoics, they did not mean by it what Newton and Marx meant.

            I am sorry if I might sound judgemental, but while I can discuss leftists such as Rousseau or even Marcuse (or even de Sade), Marx was simply stupid. He would spent vast amount of time playing chess, yet he was a very weak player, and he would rage if he lost. The only people who are more stupid and arrogant than Marx are those who did not read Marx really, but maintain he was a genius.

            It’s an avenue I won’t go at this time of a night.

            I liked “The Office”.

            As to cats, some claim that they see ghosts (of course, if there is such a thing as an afterlife) – a cat would often stare at a point on the wall, and furthermore, other cats would do that too.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Oh, no. Not her again. years ago !”

            Yep. I admit. I am sentimental. This is my weakness.


            I am a man brave enough to own up to my weaknesses (unlike you, making up stuff with “Muzzies”, or posting link you either did not actually read, or did not understand).

            “Have you been held in isolation since, that you have so much time to post on these sites.” – you have time to read every word that I write, and remember everything I write going back to 2016.

            “Craving any form of attention?” – not from you. But, in view of the above, it looks like I have it anyway. In fact, you are now my most dedicated fan – no one else remembers I spelt mosques “mosks” in 2016.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I wanted to write something to the Lady BlackstarDust about Mr Dawkins’ “logic” (there very few famous scientist with their logic more flawed than Mr Dawkins’), but then I read that she was diagnosed with cancer and has organ removal in a month. Immediately I decided against it, I think that it would be deeply indecent to the point of being evil n o t to be nice to a person in such circumstances.

  47. MEP Barrage by Farage as he warns that the messages of 2016 will be doubled in 2017. That is what must be planned for.


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