January 28, 2017

Would the real Donald Trump please stand up?

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There have been so many Trumps on display in the past few days that it’s anyone’s guess who will actually turn up for the first 100 days. The first few days have been extraordinary and kind of scary in terms of the president’s grasp on economic reality.

For example, he said he would slap a 20pc tariff on Mexican goods to make “Mexico pay for the wall”. But what he doesn’t understand is that when you impose tariffs, it is the poor white Americans who buy dishwashers made in Mexico at Walmart that actually pay the tariff. This is how tariffs work. The consumer pays. So it’s poor white Americans — the very people who voted for Donald — who will pay for the wall.

But economic logic apart, what is even more fascinating is the various Donalds on display so far. Economics is only the half of it. Who do you think will be the dominant Donald?

Will we get Boardroom Trump? The no-nonsense, straight-talking, waste-cutting, four-times bankrupt, business genius who will slash taxes and get corporate America purring again? This is the golf-club superhero, the darling of the 1pc. That’s the man the markets think they see.

Or what if we get Stag-night Trump? You know the pussy-grabbing, dodgy-dealing, locker-room Trump, who is one scandal away from impeachment? That’s the dude the media thinks it sees.

Or what about Town Hall Trump — the gold-plated, KFC-chewing, class-warrior capitalist who’s gonna stick it to the Man for the little guy? That’s the “straight-up guy made good” that Nascar America from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania thinks it sees.

But there’s also Late Night Trump. He’s the narcissistic, thin-skinned, keyboard warrior furiously tweeting away from the Oval Office at 4am, hitting out at his mainstream media enemies, stoking rage in the heartland, uncensored, unchecked, unhinged. This is the creature cyberspace thinks it sees.

There’s also ‘America First’ Trump. The wall-building, hombre-watching, China-bashing, alt-right flirting, bring ‘em all back home Donald, who will make America great again by cutting it off from the rest of the world. This is the leader the rest of the world thinks it sees.

Don’t forget Bob the Builder Trump! He’s the construction guy who’s going to rebuild America’s infrastructure and give formerly Democratic blue collar, Bud-swilling, MMA-watching working dudes decent jobs on the sites again. He’s the guy, the people who deserted Hillary — the Trump Democrats — think they see.

But which Donald — or combination of Donalds — turns up in the next 100 days is anyone’s guess.

One thing is clear: he has quasi-despotic powers.

With majorities in the Senate and House, he can appoint who he wants, to whatever job he wants. He can also, like his reality TV ‘Apprentice’ character, fire whomever he wants.

His cabinet reflects this power. But he needs results quickly because these total powers last only 24 months, at which point we will see the great American bi-annual referendum on the president, known as the Congressional elections.

This is where the checks and balances of the American system kick in. This is what the Founding Fathers inserted into the constitution just in case power went to a future president’s head.

So on the policy front, expect a whirlwind first 100 days that focuses on the US. Sure there’ll be foreign misadventures such as the ‘building the wall’ fiasco, but domestic politics remains the life-blood of the Trump revolution.

First we will see Boardroom Trump — the economic hit-man, beloved of the markets, who will cut corporation tax “bigly” and give a one-off amnesty for US corporate money “resting in accounts” abroad. Expect cash to flow back to Uncle Sam. This poses problems for the IFSC, which is little more than a safe deposit box for US multinationals.

But what then?

Will we see a massive kick to American investment driving the economy as promised by Mr Trump?

I’m not too sure because I don’t buy the line that US corporate investment has been low because corporate America doesn’t have enough money. At 9.5pc of GNP, American profits are at the highest level in my lifetime.

Corporate America arguably has too much cash.

Rather than a surge in factory building, it’s more likely that the offshore money will come back to the States, the tax will be paid and the cash will either be redistributed in the form of a massive one-off dividend to shareholders (it’s their money after all) or it will be used as a war-chest to buy companies.

I suspect new multinational money will revert to being held abroad. So we will see an outflow from Ireland, followed by a gradual rebuilding of the position until US corporate tax rates align with Ireland’s. This is unlikely, even in the medium term.

In the first 100 days, expect to see Bob the Builder Trump in full swing. Mr Trump will expand the fiscal deficit and my bet is that the fiscally constipated right-wing of the Republican party will do what they always do — rail against deficits in opposition, yet gorge on other people’s money when in power. This is straight from Reagan’s playbook.

Only Democrats are fiscally conservative in power and only Republicans are fiscally incontinent once they’ve got their hands on the levers.

But like everything with Mr Trump, there’ll be a twist. Donald isn’t about to unveil a public works scheme but rather a public private partnership for the already wealthy.

He is going to give equity holders in leveraged public infrastructure an 82pc tax credit. This is not infrastructure investment: this is public-sanctioned larceny on a scale that might make Donald’s mate Vladimir Putin blush.

The Trump Democrats mightn’t twig who’s really making money — nor might they care, so long as they are working full time at Walmart.

America First Trump will announce wall building, mass deregulation and drill, baby, drill! Wall Street will love this.

Despite the higher deficit, I suspect the Fed’s Janet Yellen will be more accommodative to Mr Trump, and short rates will move up – but this is not Paul Volker; rates should peak at 2pc with a risk premium added on the long end. A central bank that has missed its forecasts on the down side for five straight years in a row can hardly get all-aggressive on the upside now.

The dollar should remain strong. Remember a currency is just a relative price and looking relatively around the world, I’m not hearing convincing stories. For the dollar to weaken, something else has to be getting stronger.

As for equity markets, they’ve gambled bigly on Boardroom Trump, but remember there are multiple Donalds out there and each one carries specific threats to America’s stability.

Remember Stag-Night Trump only has to be let out once for scandal to immobilise this administration. Late Night Trump will court controversy. Meanwhile, beginning with Mexico, America First Donald angers former allies and potential foes everywhere.

Buckle up for the first 100 days.

  1. McCawber

    Infrastructure Donald would be good for Utopia – An unintended consequence from Trumps point of view.
    In my fathers house there are many mansions – Which of Trumps mansions will we be in. Does he care.
    There is also charming Donald.
    Teresa was quite obviuosly pleased with her reception and he wasn’t what she was expecting. Pleasently surprised, no ogre here.
    She won’t be the only one in for a surprise.
    The tut tutting EU power brokers quite obviously don’t know what to make of Trump.Their insecurity is self evident.
    He has been totally unresponsive to and dismissive of their tut tuts.
    The best thing for anyone interested in the answer to the question posed.
    “Who is the REAL Donald Trump”
    Is to look at his body language.
    In this sense Ireland has a natural advantage not well recognised.
    We have an innate ability to read foreigners (well some/enough of us)
    So far what have we seen?
    To be continued –
    You didn’t really think I was going to spoil your fun, now did you?

    • Mike Marketing

      This interview on Sat morning with RTE Radio 1 is frightening.


      Professor Ian Robertson, psychologist and Director of The Global Brain Institute at Trinity College
      Dublin joined Brendan O’Connor in studio this morning to discuss Trumps first week in politics.

      We now have the equivalent of a bull in a nuclear “China Shop” who could cause a major catastrophe.

      • McCawber

        Pure rubbish that Trump is likely to blow us all to Kingdom come. He loves himself too much as someone points out lower down.
        Hillary would be far more dangerous in that regard – we all dodged a missile there.

      • coldblow

        I listened to most of the interview from you link and it was predictably poor. McCawber is right about him not being a threat in international affairs. He may be unpredictable, or give that impression. However, look at Obama’s more measured approach. America still messed up in Libya, Syria and elsewhere.

        The main fault I found with Robertson is that he talks from a position of authority, but I don’t think he has that much objective support for his claims. Rather, he panders to the pc world view, which if not actually insane, is nearly so, if you look at the evidence.

        Trump told May that he is ‘a people person’ and that he thinks she is too. That isn’t true. While he is an extravert she is an introvert. As Robertson rightly pointed out there is a similarity between this pair and Reagn and Thatcher (another ext-int couple).

      • dwalsh

        Don’t mind Robertson. He’s a neuroscientist, not a psychiatrist – not that your average psychiatrist would know better either.
        The nuclear threat is always hanging over us no matter who is in the hot seat in Washington.

    • “Innate ability to read foreigners “—–
      Trump is a snake oil selling street fighter who will use any tool necessary to pick pockets . An often used “Irish business tool” – renegotiation at payment time – that’s his favorite ! Yes sure you did the job, but can you wait a month for payment? Or maybe I could cut a post dated check (Che queen) and settle for , say, 80%. ? Would that help ya out now ?
      Otherwise I can get you full payment in maybe three months with a bit of luck .
      Dealing with Trump is like doing a deal in Castlebar or Kilmallock in the seventies when credit given opened the door to a long term period of agony to get the account cleared of lucky or giving a rolling facility of upward spiraling funding supported by a deal signed over a pint of stout at best.
      Trump has one objective – making trump and pals as much as possible , as quickly as possible before the smoke clears and people realize that they have been fooled.
      Words like “Huge, Big time, big league, even Bigly ( which is in the dictionary), these words are all used to portray an image of knowledge and strength .
      Put your wallet in your inside pocket, stay. Very sober and hold tight for a wild, unethical, ride on the Trump / Putin express.

  2. McCawber

    First up there is GI Donald – A real action man.
    I’ve a little personal experience from my youth that best explains it (for me anyway)
    To be continued.

    • McCawber

      Years ago my mom had a business in the city centre.
      One day I arrived back from college to find two young teenagers hassling her for money from the till.
      I grabbed one of them by the shoulders and dragged him about 40 feet and f^cked him out onto the pavement.
      While I was doing this his mate was running after us shouting “you can’t do that”
      Mr Trumps reply to that would I suggest be along the lines.
      “I just did”
      The world in the short term, at least, has a tiger by the tail.

      • Deco

        The problem there is the law. If a citizen attacks another citizen, then a response from the attacked citizen is to be expected.

        Irish criminal law seems to think that a response is a bigger crime.

        The Irish legal profession and media is more outraged by a vigilante than by any criminal.

  3. Tull McAdoo

    I’d be happy if he just done something with his hair……I have half a mind just to scream out loud…..

    David Gray, Please forgive me.

    Goodnight Ireland.Sleep well.


    • Tull McAdoo

      When Washington looked in the mirror it was Donald Trump that was always looking back.

      The only difference now is that they finally have him for President.

      Donald the Chameleon might just lure some of the other puppet masters out from behind he curtain……we’ll see.

  4. mishco

    Let’s not forget Family Fortunes Trump when the “Macdonalds” start jetting around the world setting up lucrative new deals with dodgy leaders (as already practised in places like Azerbaijan). But we may have to wait longer than 100 days, as they are in the full spotlight right now.

  5. Trump the mess fixer. ?? There is a total mess that cannot be fixed without the great reset happening. The US is in depression and has been for years. I doubt anyone can fix that problem. BUT at least the Donald acknowledges that there is a problem unlike 99% of all the so called economists in the world. The question is does he really know what the problem is? The problem is fiat credit central /commercial bank money. It needs to be replaced with silver or silver redeemable notes and the current fiat, debt based banking system shut down. All else leads to failure and frustration.


    We’ve accomplished so much during our first week in office — and it’s only getting started.

    You’re soon going to remember what it feels like when America WINS!

    But we need to make sure we sustain everything we build over these next four years so that we can Keep America Great for years and years to come.

    Our Party is taking care of that. We’re setting goals each month to ensure we have the resources for the BEST messaging, the BEST data, and the BEST ground game.

    But right now, we still have $735,148 to go to hit our January goal set by our terrific new chairwoman.

    Please contribute $100, $65, $50, $35, $20, or $5 to help us CRUSH this goal by the end-of-month FEC deadline.

    I know you sacrificed a lot during the election. I can’t begin to thank you enough.

    But winning the election was only step one. We now have to fix this terrible mess, and we have to ensure we never go back down that road of the last eight years.

    I’m asking you to go above and beyond and help our new chairwoman hit her first goal by the end of the month.

    Please contribute $100, $65, $50, $35, $20, or $5 to help us CRUSH this goal by the end-of-month FEC deadline.

    Thank you,

    Donald J. Trump

    • Mike Marketing

      Perhaps America’s biggest problem is the U.S. government spending of $4.073 trillion that is higher than its lower revenue of $3.632 trillion – a massive difference of $441 trillion.

    • McCawber

      Serious questions.
      Would it better for Trump to delay the big reset until he has spent a fortune on infrastructure.
      In other words and in the above context – Does the ‘when’ of the big reset matter?

      • It needs to be blamed on the past administrations . So he says its bad and needs fixing. The longer the delay the more the blame is attached to Trump. My bet is 3-6 months and blame it on the Dem(on)s.

  6. Deco

    Considering what Trump has moved on, in one week, I now have one question.

    What on all earth was Obama doign for 8 years ?

    [ apart from playing golf, hoidaying in Hawaii, holidaying in Mass., appointing clueless people into positions of importance, making speeches that were devoid of meaning, but which sounded eloquent, and electioneering for others in his party ].

    Obama was fiddling whilst inner America burned.

    Things have changed.

    The investment guru Kyle Bass, described Trump as being the catalyst that speeds everything up.

    To be honest, I prefer this sort of inner alignment to rebuild the USA, to the monopoly game mentality that demanded regime change operations in half a dozen countries under Obama.

    Of course there are losers.

    A large mobile phone operator in the Carribbean is bleeding cash, and there will be no Clinton in the White House to ensure a sucessful outcome for pay2play.

    • Deco

      Trump is right. There is not a moment to lose. If you have a mission to get your country working again, then get into action. And it needs to be done from the ground up. It needs to be thorough. And one should not ever have to apologize for cleaning up a mess.

      There will be moments of chaos. But that is what happens when one is trying to arrest a generation of decline.

      Trump is honest about the predicament faced by America.

      The mess he inherited is hidden by deceptive statistics and an aggressive foreign policy that had Obama bowing to the Saudis, who then droned Yemen in order to keep T-Bond interest rates low.

      America’s labour participation rate is the problem, because the media circulated “official” unemployment figures were as useless as an eloquent speech by Obama.

    • Honestly? What was Obama doing ?
      How about fixing Wall Street after the global collapse ( well applying a lot of band aids anyway) . Or what about propping up the auto industry ( all but Ford needed big big money and federal backed support)?
      Oh, and don’t forget the first ever success for a president to get some sort of healthcare for all program ? Imperfect as it may be , the Affordable Care Act was pushed through with absolutely zero support from the opposition . It was adjusted, re set , updated, sustained dozens of moves to kill it , and yet 20 million + Americans have health insurance for maybe the first time .
      So what did Obama do ? Wow ! There are probably 100 other achievements out there that he could brag about “big time ” if you care to explore it . He inherited unaccounted billions of debt for unfunded wars, an economy teetering on failure and an almost global economic collapse and remember, he didn’t have a “Brussels ” or “Triad”to bail him out and buy him time !
      Short memories are dangerous .

      • The name OBomber was not for nothing, he destroyed sovereign nations without a declaration of war as an international terrorist, and he doubled the national debt and increased it by more than all other presidents combined . The debt legacy will destroy the country. The bomber legacy produced the millions of migrants and the terrorist reactions.

      • Deco

        Obama did NOT fix Wall Street.

        He put Timothy Geithner who ran the NY region of the Federal Reserve in charge of the US Treasury. The same Geithner who presided over the subprime debt bubble and never seen anything wrong. He rubberstamped it all the way.

        Obama bailed out Wall Street. And Obama staffed Wall Street execs. Obama did not fix Wall Street. He used the public deficit to fix everything in favour of Wall Street.

        The Affordable Care Act is NOT affordable.

        Considering the shameful debt he inherited, he took it and borrowed as much again.

        Obama increased the Federal Deficit more than all previous US Administations combined.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        1. “How about fixing Wall Street after the global collapse” – you mean by doubling the US debt?

        2. “Or what about propping up the auto industry” – thus preventing its restructuring

        3. “Oh, and don’t forget the first ever success for a president to get some sort of healthcare for all program ?”

        - less doctors per patient (low participation)
        - less time they have for patients (paper work)
        - skyrocketting cost instead of lowering it, as promised

        4. “yet 20 million + Americans have health insurance for maybe the first time”

        Bollocks. Only 14 million people actually gained coverage, with 11.8 million of them getting it through Medicaid. Out of that 11.8 million, 2/3 of those people were eligible for Medicaid before Obamacare even existed.

        “There are probably 100 other achievements out there that he could brag about “big time ”

        Yes, there are:

        - more wars than G.W.Bush
        - abandoning the US main ally on the continent – eastern Europe, which Obama had to do a U-turn on
        - worsening race relations (a sharp increase in shooting deaths of police officers)
        - being the most corrupt president in the US history (Solyndra, Fast and Furious, the Benghazi attack and cover-up, the IRS scandal, the AP phone records scandal, the Sestak Job offer scandal, the GSA scandal, the NSA scandal, the VA scandal, the Pigford scandal, the Bergdahl swap, various EPA scandals – each of them scandals would have impeached President Nixon).
        - lowest labour participation rate for 38 years

        “He inherited unaccounted billions of debt for unfunded wars” – and doubled both debt and wars

        “he didn’t have a “Brussels ” or “Triad”to bail him out and buy him time!” – why would he had to have it when he had FED

        “Short memories are dangerous .” – yes. Yours have the attention spam of an ameba…

        • It must be painful to know that apart from reciting the standard diatribe of the Repub party and Fox News you have not one sensible comment to make . You cannot even spell the last word of your outburst .Try Amoeba !!

          You sound like you do not even live in the USA. The stock market (for smart investors ) has more than doubled in the past seven years . Net costs of the ACA for those earning less than $80k year have dropped the cost of insurance dramatically , no pre existing issues , kids covered until 26 all good issues . Property market recovered well. Those of us that have not wasted the past decade learning to recite racist comments and mutter Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi and Death panel, Death panel , Death panel, have thrived and had one of the best periods of wealth growth in the past century.
          You sound like you got stuck in a sad time warp as an hourly worker in a boring job – I feel sorry for you .
          In any case ,enjoy waiting for the current regime to use their absolute monopoly of house ,senate and potus
          To produce some results . Like a replacement for the ACA- as Ryan says – “um, uhh, we have some ideas!”
          Yup after thinking about it for eight years – some ideas sounds good .
          And about the Amoeba that you mentioned – at least you got that far into the dictionary ! Must be the second page – well done .

          • McCawber

            So everything is fine.
            That’s a relief.
            I reckon Tony can finally take a break.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            With all due respect, but you are a fucking idiot.

            “the standard diatribe of the Repub party and Fox News” – is this the best what you can come up with? I gave you official figures, you give me the lefty propaganda.

            “The stock market (for smart investors ) has more than doubled in the past seven years .” – that’s precisely my point. Can you read?

            “Property market recovered well” – which is a disaster for first buyers and for workers, for all the money goes to property speculation.

            “You cannot even spell the last word of your outburst .Try Amoeba !!”

            “You sound like you do not even live in the USA.”

            Listen, you fucking moron – you live in the US and you do not even know what that there are two spellings of ameba – and the latter is US English.


            “to recite racist comments” – like Hitleree about her former campaign manager – “fucking Jew bastard!”

            “You sound like you got stuck in a sad time” – on the contrary, I am having a joyful time showing 140,000 readers how stupid the average Democratic voter is.

            “And about the Amoeba that you mentioned – at least you got that far into the dictionary ! Must be the second page – well done .” – it’s gas you did not – you imbecile. And this is your OWN language – imagine how you would suck learning a foreign language – you retard.


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            princerobbie – it should rather be “prick and wally”

          • coldblow


            I see you have grasped the real meaning of the phrase ‘with all due respect’!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I see you have grasped the real meaning of the phrase ‘with all due respect’!”

            Better late than never. I think that after so many years, I am willy-nilly crossing the borderline between full integration and full assimilation. Two examples:

            1. Me asking a question, in Collins Barracks, then talking to a very old ex-RAF pilot afterwords. Him: “and what’s your name?” Me: “Grzegorz” Him: “But that’s not an Irish name” Me: “‘cuz I am not Irish”.

            2. Me in Poland asking for something. The Polish shop assistant: “I am sorry, can you repeat?”

          • Deco

            It must be painful to know that apart from reciting the standard diatribe...

            What followed was a diatribe that avoided the points made by Greg.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “What followed was a diatribe that avoided the points made by Greg.”

            Indeed Deco, and to be honest with you – for a native US English speaker not to know that ameba is the US English spelling is a total knock-out (a disgrace I can only compare to farting in the Buckingham Palace) – maybe David should organise an IQ test for anyone who wants to post a comment here (set at, say, a 105)?

            Besides, what also struck me was his

            “he didn’t have a “Brussels ” or “Triad”to bail him out”.

            For a moment I could not figure out what “Triad” the moron had on his empty mind, and then it occurred to me that he means “Troika” (“Triad” is of course a name for the Chinese mafia LOL).

            A Polish poet Julian Tuwim wrote a poem about people like prickrobbie: who accidentally made it in their lives and yet are not able to link the dots (sadly, I can even some people like that in the Dáil), as a result of which they contributed to dragging the whole society down, sleepwalking thought their lives surrounded by information noise and are unable to associate facts and draw conclusion from them:

            (In Polish this rhymes in a funny way, but it’s difficult for me to fully translate it with rhymes – I’ll try now):

            JULIAN TUWIM


            “Gibberish from the morning.
            They mumble, harp on
            That it is raining,
            that it is expensive,
            and forth, and so on

            They walk a bit,
            then they sit down.
            All of that mirage.
            All of them clowns.

            They check the time,
            check their pockets.
            They preen their ties,
            tension lapels

            And swagger from their flats onto the earth
            which is familiar, round.
            And they go, wrapped up.
            They look down, they look up
            and while looking – everything they see
            they see it s e p a r a t e l y
            that there is a house…

            Sadly, I could not rhyme the last verse – pity because in Polish it is very funny.

            I wonder if there is a similar poem in the Irish poetry (in terms of people not linking the dots?).

            “The stock market (for smart investors ) has more than doubled in the past seven years .”
            “Property market recovered well.”
            “have thrived and had one of the best periods of wealth growth in the past century.”


            This is – listen David – the core of what I identify is wrong with the current fascist system (corporatism).

            DILUTING HENRY FORD-STYLE PRIVATE OWNERSHIP INTO CITY BANK-STYLE SHAREHOLDING, AND THEN ELIMINATING THE RISK OF FAILURE FROM THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM RESULTED IN A STRATEGY “GROWTH INSTEAD OF PROFIT” – because the managers do not take any personal risk with their own money, and are paid bonuses for company growing no matter whether it’s profitable long term or not, therefore we can no longer say we have capitalism – we have a mixture of: fascism, socialism and free-market.

            When I studied law in Ireland, my attention was caught by this case:


            and I have done more research on it than what it was required from us by a very good lecturer.

            Deco, do you think that this might have been the beginning of the diluted ownership = growth instead of profit, financed by debt instead of savings problem – which I find what is (apart from the currency regime change – but the second followed the first) the core problem with the economic environment we live in?

            Prickrobbies comments above about the stock market are actually correct – but he draws incorrect conclusions from them.

            This is a very good and entertaining documentary on another period of stock market growth financed by debt:


          • coldblow


            My wife told me that her father’s generation in her area (outside Cahersiveen, or Cahirciveen – there used to be a different spelling on the sign at either end of the town, and probably still is) were puzzled by the name given to the daughter of neighbour in England: Karen. How times have changed. I noticed on Sunday that the middle name of a child recently baptized in our parish is Vishnu. The opening hymn was Morning Has Broken (on the way to church I had expressed teh hope that at least they wouldn’t inflict that on us.)

            My father in law, a farmer who died about seven years ago just after turning ninety, but who was stronger at 85 than his sons, couldn’t understand most of what I said. He used to smile and nod and wait until I finished. After years of practice I could make out about half of what he said. The man next door it would be about five percent, just odd words here and there. I was a ‘lovely boy’ apparently. “Wine” was sherry. He used to ask my wife if I wanted something to drink as if I were a three year old.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “The man next door it would be about five percent, just odd words here and there. I was a ‘lovely boy’ apparently. “Wine” was sherry. He used to ask my wife if I wanted something to drink as if I were a three year old.”
            Very funny :-)

            I think you will enjoy this – a 2 min long video from the mass in Holy Trinity Church in Krakow (48 Krakowska St), where the church goes sing in Latin:


            I do not know whether I have ever told you, but the first ever prayer my late mum told me in life was also in Latin (I was around 5 back then!):

            Pater noster qui es in coelis,
            sanctificetur nomen tuum;
            adveniat regnum tuum,
            fiat voluntas tua,
            sicut in coelo et in terra.
            Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
            et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
            sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
            et ne nos inducas in tentationem
            sed libera nos a malo.

            Yep – the whole lot, 5 years old.

      • dwalsh

        You need to get up to speed my friend !
        Obama doubled the US national debt
        The other replies list some of his other ‘achievements’

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “What on all earth was Obama doign for 8 years ?”

      He was dreaming the dreams of his real father and stopping the rise of the oceans – a bit like Friedrich Nietzsche at the end of his life, after he had gone completely barmy (I read all his letters in original): he first started to believe he was the anti-Christ, and then he believed that he was Dionisus-The Crucified (which was one and the same thing for him at this stage).

      The lecture of the collected volumes of all Nietzsche letters was bought by me in Munich where I went especially for that purpose in my secondary school, paints a poignant picture of someone’s life – from Nietzsche’s very first letter (“I am playing with my army of the ledden soldiers”) to the last one (“I am sorry I have not been writing for so long but I am busy creating the universe each day. You have no idea how exhausing that is”).

      My trip went like this: I saved money for a bus, went 17 hours one way – 2 hours wasted getting through Bavarian border – their officers used German shephards to smell each of us I kid you not – got off, bought a book, went to Octoberfest, ate Weisswuerst and drank one liter of Franizskaner, and jumped on a bus back to Poland 5 minutes before its departure.

      Because I was prone to cheeky jokes as a teenager, I asked someone on the Octoberfest to take a picture of me in the front of the statue of goddess Germania, and while he was doing this, I gave the Hitler salute – but I have noticed noone was laughing. I did not know that was illegal in Germany. I still have that picture – my second most impressive to my picture from my second trip to Germany: me standing on the verge of the top of the skyscraper (we played that challenge with friends – go to the roof a 10 storey building and stand on the edge – in Germany however I have found a much higher one).

      So the moral of that story is that one has to more understanding towards narcissists like Nietzsche or Obama.
      Creating the universe and stopping the rise of the oceans – is that not enough for you ;-)?


  7. Common

    David, I found your appraisal of Trump’s character interesting but confusing as Trump probably intended. I think he learned a lot from the Tony Blair playbook and though he may be effective in many respects, he will make big mistakes and will be reviled in retrospect. However this is the lot of most heads of state, so it is just par for the course. Remember, Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Carter? or Cameron, Brown, Blair, Thatcher? and Cowan, Haughey and Dev on our side of the pond? All revelled in power and took a shellacking afterwards.
    However, I disagree with your economic appraisal of the 20% tariff on Mexican exports to USA.
    This will be a big benefit to white goods manufacturers in the USA who will open more factories there and create more jobs. To compete the Mexican factories will have to cut costs or shut down with a corresponding burden on Mexican taxes and welfare costs. That penny hasn’t yet dropped.

    • Deco

      Unemployed people will always have difficulty buying a washing machine, regardless of what low cost location is the site of manufacture.

      The real loser here will be Walmart. Walmart had Hillary as a director once. There will be an emergence of low cost simple retailing operations. The money will move along the chain from the retailer back to the assembly line workers / robot makers.

      • McCawber

        Very true and if they then get employment manufacturing washing machines then “hey presto”
        Trump understands that money circulation (locally)is much more important than money supply.

  8. Deco

    Mexico has a business model, and that is now being made less profitable. Mexico will have to adapt.

    I havea very high regard for Mexico. I do not buy the Hollyweird narrative that sees the baddies in the films as being either from Latin America (predominantly) Mexico or the former USSR.

    Here is a prediction. Mexico will adapt. Mexico’s 1% will be big losers. Because there is a lot of wealth in Mexico. It is just that the 1% have an urgent need to keep the 90% at the bottom very busy, and not in a position to feel the need to want an adjustment. But the 9% between the two will lead the adaptation. There will be new political options in Mexico, and they will apply typical Mexican pragmatism to the predicament and ask questions about the internal efficiency of Mexico, political corruption, and investment.

    Mexico might innovate itself out of the predicament. It has the resources, in the form of labour, increased education levels, natural reources, and financial capital.

    So, Mexico is presented with a problem, and it will probably adapt.

    The Mexicans are being honest about their predicament, and KNOW that they must adapt. They know that they need to take on the narco business, and also fix their internal affairs.

    Ireland might also be in a pickle in a few months. I expect Ireland to run to Auntie Angela looking for instructions. In fact Michael Martin will probably run to Auntie Angela, in case EK dithers.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Mexico might innovate itself out of the predicament.”

      Speaking of innovation – check this out:


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Btw – did you know that cost of labour in China is now higher than in Mexico?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “I expect Ireland to run to Auntie Angela looking for instructions. In fact Michael Martin will probably run to Auntie Angela, in case EK dithers.”


      I think Auntie Angela is screwed. Now they have SUCH problems with Islamist terrorism, that they started chipping Muslims.
      Also, as predicted by me that Germany are on a path to return to nazism (every socialism ends in national socialism), a court in Germany ruled that… burning a synagogue is not a crime, but merely expressing an opinion


      “Zum letzten Mal wird Sturmalarm geblasen!
      Zum Kampfe steh’n wir alle schon bereit!
      Schon flattern Hitlerfahnen über allen Straßen.
      Die Knechtschaft dauert nur noch kurze Zeit!”

      Heil Hitler! I mean – Heil Merkel! I mean – what’s the difference anyway?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Some readers comments to that and similar articles:

        “As Germany returns to the 1930s, let’s not forget that
        mohammedanism was Hitler’s preferred religion.
        He, rightly, observed that Christianity was a Jewish heresy.”

        “I don’t know of ONE single traditinal print media in Germany that opposes Merkel’s policies.

        You will find a few quite good ones online. One of which “Tichy’s Einblick” solid conservative in perspective – recently “caused” a stir because it was slandered as “extreme right”. In that case at least the denunciator had to quit his job but the damage is still there. Some companies no longer place their advertisements there.”

        “The main purpose is apparently to ease Western Europe into acceptance of totalitarian government by mass-murdering Leftist power worshipers, combined with market manipulation and arbitrage on a massive scale.

        This also explains the being spewed against recalcitrant Eastern countries such as Poland and Hungary who simply refuse to “get with the program.”

        “This Invasion of Europe started in the 60ies, when de Gaulles wanted to fill France with more “French” than there were Germans. Therefore he imported the Magreb-people.

        In the 70ies it was Sweden which oipened the gates. and in 2002 it was Blair in GB. Germany only was the top of the iceberg.”

        “Hank says
        January 13, 2017 at 10:51 am

        Maybe next time the Muslims will exercise their free speech by burning down the courthouse.”

        “somehistory says
        January 13, 2017 at 2:08 pm

        There was a Seinfeld episode where George took a shower, immediately got hot and perspiring and said, “It (the shower) didn’t take.”

        It looks like the “Never again” didn’t take. As for as Germany is concerned.”

        Those comments were taken from the website Jihadwatch.

        P.S. I am not against criticising Israel or Jews. I am against burning synagogues/churches/mosques etc.

  9. Deco

    I think the main lesson from the past week, is that you get your house in order, by making serious decisions – not by outsourcing decisions to Brussels, and engaging in superficial niceties that are utterly devoid of any meaning or impact.

    EK and crew, take note !!!!

    There have been no decisions regarding competitiveness in the Irish economy, post-Brexit. Instead there has been the “shure, everything will be graaand” methodology of problem solving.

    • Common

      EK and Theresa May are both cautious, one step at a time, politicians. This is exactly what is needed in the chaotic world of today. They were chatting at some EC meeting recently and I think they will work things out. Northern Ireland’s fiscal and currency arrangements with Westminster will remain in place but identity documents will be required to cross the Irish Sea, as already is the case at airports. Job done.

    • Deco

      Common. That is not the current issue encountered. Ireland’s cost competitiveness has been declining in comparison to Britain since the mid 1990s. The £UK/€ exchange rate accentuates this.

      Ireland has a cos control problem (in addition to a debt problem) – and it is undermining competitiveness.

      The current economic policy is based on the assumption that all will be well, if the debt machine starts ramping up again in the Irish mortgage market – despite it’s high current levels.

    • Mike Marketing

      The elephant in the “Irish” room is HIGH COSTS.

      over the past decade it has made this small country impossible for ordinary people to live in.

      Government – get the COSTS down – make it affordable to live here.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “get the COSTS down – make it affordable to live here”


        And I have a great solution how to make TDs to realise this is a problem – let them finance themselves while in the Dail, as it was customary in most European countries in 19th century and STILL is in some small towns in non-Obamians states in the US, where being a councillor is an honorary function

        And I’d say the most left ones realise it the least, as one of them – was it People Before Profit or some unions, I cannot remember of the top of my head? – secured the exemption from the compulsory towards-social-housing cost of building their headquarters: this was very recent).

  10. Common

    Deco and Mike: I don’t understand. Why are costs high in the South when most things can be bought in the North, taking advantage of the 20% devaluation of Sterling versus the Euro? There’s no need to smuggle at the moment although the EC would probably like to reintroduce this practise after Brexit.

    • Deco

      When the state blows 400 Million on a stadium that is empty 99% of the time (and there is another one that got 80 Million of public funding and is bigger three miles away) the people funding the state get shortchanged, and the debt goes out of control.

      And for what – so that we can amuse ourselves on something that is fairly childish and absurd.

      And that is the best example that I can provide.

      The entire state system is overstretched, and underperforming. And it is committed to all sorts of things that are expressions of a whim of a temporary power broker. The costs keep building. The whims get grander every year. And more expansive. And utterly discretionary.

      And working people are stuck with the bill for all of this. Because Apple are paying SFA tax. And the various special cases for free stuff have the system figured.

      This is busy fool island. And the busy fools are close to waking up.

  11. Pat Flannery

    Thinking neither inside nor outside the box, just thinking ABOUT the box, it appears to me that the biggest determinant in practical trade economics is the purchasing power of a country’s currency. Let’s think about the dollar.

    Is not the artificial strength of the dollar the real cause of the “rust belt” that put Trump in power? Is it not the huge difference between the value of the peso and the dollar the real reason why goods made in Mexico are so much cheaper than in the U.S.? Should he not be thinking about how that can be fixed rather than building a wall?

    The only practical way is to devalue the dollar. But despite running the printing presses 24/7 at full capacity the dollar just gets stronger! If Trump were to spend trillions of newly-minted dollars on internal infrastructure it would not halt the march of the dollar because it has no international rival.

    That is why I think that Trump the businessman will grab this free money and spend like crazy at home. And as an American I see very little wrong with that. If he can do it without starting a war, I’m all for it.

    Maybe that is why Theresa May, seeing the decline of London as a global financial center, would like to make Britain a global supplier of weapons. She did not go to Turkey to sell financial services. Weapon sales makes sense because the British know at least as much about weapons as they know about finance.

    • Basically since Bretton Woods in 1944 the US have spent like drunken sailors. Imports have outweighed exports by a wide margin. The US has made up the difference by printing free money with which to buy these solid goods. The US dollar has been spread around the world. Normally that would result in a very weakened currency. BUT, the rest of the world has a heavy demand for dollars as they need dollars to buy goods from around the world for themselves. There is a reason it is called the Petro Dollar. All countries use USD to buy oil and other commodities. This demand has kept the USD strong despite its rapid inflation. In addition all countries must either sell into the US more than they buy, to obtain USD or they must print their own currency with which to buy US dollars. Thus the inflation of the US dollar creates or is created by the inflation of all other currencies. These currencies tend to fall in value. The net result is that all the price inflation is exported to other countries and is relatively absent in the US.

      It is the extreme of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer applied to nations rather than people within a nation. However the same ratios apply to the US citizens within the country and the poor and the squeezed middle class in the US are in rebellion and given voice to by Trump.

      The solution of more equality between nations is for the secession of the printing of unlimited amounts of money. This would force people and nations to live within their means. There would be no inflation of the money supply, no requirement for a reserve currency, and no distortions in trade the current unlimited money supply allows.

      It boils down to the removal of the central bankers. The removal of fractional reserve banking and the abolishment of bare naked shorting of stocks, bonds, and currencies and the precious metals.i.e. ban bare naked shorting , period. It is already illegal but the regulators turn a blind eye.

      When I see Trump turn to handle the banking problem and start to consider gold/silver as money, rather than a vainglorious adornment, I know that there is a chance of a cure to the current economic and social ills not just in the US but around the world too. It will be a period of violent adjustment resisted by the haves at the expense of the havenots.

      Trump will need the support of the White Hats within the military and the intelligence services in order to overthrow the Black Hats currently in control.

      Meanwhile look after yourself. Nobody else will.

      • Pat Flannery

        Tony Brogan: “A pilgrim could leave his cash at Temple Church in London, and withdraw it in Jerusalem. Instead of carrying money, he would carry a letter of credit.”


        I would really like to hear your comments on this.

        • Pat F
          For centuries merchants and manufactures use the Real Bills Doctrine to finance manufacturing fro commodities to final consumer products. The Bill was a credit note for 90 days . The farmer sold the cows to a slaughterhouse but did not get paid immediately but received an IOU dated for payment within 90 days.
          The slaughterhouse sold the meat to a butcher wholesaler and then they sold to a local butcher who in turn sold meat to the consumer who paid in coin.
          Another trail may be that the slaughterhouse sold the hide to a tanner, who sold to a cobbler who made shoes which sold for coin to the comsumer.

          In all these trades it is likely that no money changed hands but each stage gave a promise to pay within 90 days. These bills were IOU’s that could be traded to others as money or presented to a bank to be discounted for cash.

          The slaughterhouse had wages to pay to staff and may go to a banker to receive money for the exchange of the bills. But it would be discounted and the discount rate depended on the strength of the debtor.
          The tanner likewise. If they were sufficiently well financed they just waited for the bill to be redeemed or paid off. The final customers buying the shoes paid in real money and those coins flowed back up the chain to liquidate the credit, the bills, the IOUs and all were paid off. The bills were effectively a short term self liquidating credit.

          At county fairs where a host of people converged to sell and buy goods there was another bill of exchange system set up that lasted only the length of the time of the fair itself. most could not buy before they had sold. This caused a stalemate as only direct barter could take place.

          However a solution arrived. At a central place the fair organizer set up where credit notes could be issued based on the value of the goods one had to sell.
          A farmer arriving at the fair registered his wares and was issued a credit note based on the value of those wares. All did the same thing and so these notes could be used as a form of money to buy other goods. (Similar to Kilkenomics money issued there) The farmer could now buy what he wanted before selling his own using the credit note issued by the fair. This enabled the freedom to buy and sell goods
          to anyone from anyone. At the end of the fair any outstanding credit notes had to be settled in cash but that was the extent of the cash money used.



          “”A “fairy” tale
          Let us look at another instance of clearing and self-liquidating credit that was vitally important in the Middle Ages: the institution of city-fairs. Among the most notable ones were the fairs of Lyon in France, and those of Seville in Spain. They were annual events lasting up to a month. They attracted fair-goers from places as far as 500 miles away who brought their merchandise to sell, as well as their shopping-list of merchandise to buy. One thing they did not bring was gold to pay for the purchase of goods on their shopping list. They would leave it home for fear of highwaymen. They hoped to pay for their purchases with the proceeds of their sale. However, this presented problems. The fact is that there were far fewer gold coins available at the fair than the total value of merchandise waiting to be sold. Fairs would have been a total failure but for the institution of clearing. Buying one merchandise while selling another could be consummated perfectly well without the physical mediation of the gold coin. Gold was needed to finalize the deal only to the extent of the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.
          In the absence of clearing the merchant arriving from a far-away place would have to sell before he could buy. Moreover, he would have a hard time selling because of the dearth of gold coins in the hands of prospective buyers. But even if he could sell out his wares, by the time he has done so the cream of the offering at the fair would be gone, and he might be left with the choice between seconds and rejects.
          To avoid this, organizers of the fair set up a clearing house. Merchants from afar registered their merchandise upon arrival and received a quota of scrip money in proportion to its value at the clearing house. Scrip money could be used right away to make purchases, even before the purchaser sold any part of his registered merchandise. The quota had to be returned to the clearing house at the end of the fair. Scrip money in excess of the quota was redeemed, and shortfall made up, in gold coin. The marvelous institution of the clearing house and the invention of scrip money could move a far greater amount of merchandise than scarce gold coins ever could.”" Antal Fekete.

    • StephenKenny

      So what you’re saying is that the FX markets aren’t functioning as they should?

      Given what we’ve seen over the past 20 years, I’d forgotten about even the possibility that they might even get close to reflecting national costs etc.

  12. Trump the fund raiser


    President Donald Trump personally asked me to run the RNC, which is why I’m coming to you now.

    We may have won the election, but our fight is never over.

    He won because we never rested, we never gave up. And that’s the winning attitude we need to show every month to President Trump.

    As my first month as Chairwoman, we need to show the President we have the resources to fight back against the Democrat and mainstream media attacks that have already started.

    That’s why I’m asking you to help us hit our January goal with a contribution of $100, $65, $50, $25, $15, or even $5 right now.

    We all see how the mainstream media is treating President Trump. He is facing a never-ending onslaught of lies, attacks, and dirty tactics intended to divide us and distort his agenda.

    Those attacks didn’t work on the campaign, but if we don’t have the resources to continue to fight back, President Trump’s agenda will be in trouble, which is why we can’t let up one inch.

    We have to continue to stand with President Trump for the next eight years.

    That’s why I need your help to continue winning. I need your help to Make America Great Again!

    Please rush your contribution of $100, $65, $50, $25, $15 or even $5 to show you stand with President Trump before January 31 at 11:59 p.m.

    Thank you and God bless you,

    Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
    Republican National Committee


  13. Trump as a man of action.
    Just mabe, actions speak louder than words.
    Here is the 28 point plan of action. It is worth a study.


    • President-Elect Donald Trump’s made a lot of promises in 2016.

      Twenty-eight of them, in fact – at least, that’s the latest count, courtesy of Breitbart. And he’s planning on following through, starting Monday!

      So what are they?

      1. Propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress
      2.Institute a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health)
      3. Require for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated.
      4. Institute a five year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service
      5. Create a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.
      6. Institute a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.
      7. Announce intention to renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205.
      8. Announce withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
      Direct Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator.
      9. Direct the Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and direct them to use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately.
      10. Lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal.
      11. Lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward.
      12. Cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.
      13. Cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama.
      14. Begin the process of selecting a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list, who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.
      15. Cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities.
      16. Begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back.
      17. Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting.
      18. Work with Congress on a Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Act.An economic plan designed to grow the economy 4% per year and create at least 25 million new jobs through massive tax reduction and simplification, in combination with trade reform, regulatory relief, and lifting the restrictions on American energy. The largest tax reductions are for the middle class. A middle-class family with 2 children will get a 35% tax cut. The current number of brackets will be reduced from 7 to 3, and tax forms will likewise be greatly simplified. The business rate will be lowered from 35 to 15 percent, and the trillions of dollars of American corporate money overseas can now be brought back at a 10 percent rate.
      18a. Work with Congress on a End The Offshoring ActEstablishes tariffs to discourage companies from laying off their workers in order to relocate in other countries and ship their products back to the U.S. tax-free.
      19. Work with Congress on a American Energy & Infrastructure ActLeverages public-private partnerships, and private investments through tax incentives, to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investment over 10 years. It is revenue neutral.
      20. Work with Congress on a School Choice And Education Opportunity ActRedirects education dollars to gives parents the right to send their kid to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice. Ends common core, brings education supervision to local communities. It expands vocational and technical education, and make 2 and 4-year college more affordable.
      21. Work with Congress on a Repeal and Replace Obamacare ActFully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with Health Savings Accounts, the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, and lets states manage Medicaid funds. Reforms will also include cutting the red tape at the FDA: there are over 4,000 drugs awaiting approval, and we especially want to speed the approval of life-saving medications.
      22. Work with Congress on a Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act.Allows Americans to deduct childcare and elder care from their taxes, incentivizes employers to provide on-side childcare services, and creates tax-free Dependent Care Savings Accounts for both young and elderly dependents, with matching contributions for low-income families.
      23. Work with Congress on an End Illegal Immigration ActFully-funds the construction of a wall on our southern border with the full understanding that the country Mexico will be reimbursing the United States for the full cost of such wall; establishes a 2-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence for illegally re-entering the U.S. after a previous deportation, and a 5-year mandatory minimum for illegally re-entering for those with felony convictions, multiple misdemeanor convictions or two or more prior deportations; also reforms visa rules to enhance penalties for overstaying and to ensure open jobs are offered to American workers first.
      24. Work with Congress on a Restoring Community Safety Act.Reduces surging crime, drugs and violence by creating a Task Force On Violent Crime and increasing funding for programs that train and assist local police; increases resources for federal law enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors to dismantle criminal gangs and put violent offenders behind bars.
      25. Work with Congress on a Restoring National Security Act.Rebuilds our military by eliminating the defense sequester and expanding military investment; provides Veterans with the ability to receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice; protects our vital infrastructure from cyber-attack; establishes new screening procedures for immigration to ensure those who are admitted to our country support our people and our values
      26. Work with Congress on a Clean up Corruption in Washington Act.Enacts new ethics reforms to Drain the Swamp and reduce the corrupting influence of special interests on our politics.

      • Deco

        Item 26 will have a lot of very powerful people kicking and squeeling in the US political system, in the business world and in the media.

        They will go to war with Trump, in response to his every move.

        I reckon it should be item 1 on the list, considering the scandalous revelations about the Clinton Foundation, and the manner in which the donors were “looked after”.

        The manner in which it occurred is frightening. Not like the debacle that occurs here, where the oligopolies get looked after nod-nod-wink-wink.

        The best example I can think of is when Roisin Shortall demanded that the amount of alcohol consumed be decreased, and the next thing she got shafted faster than you could say “how many loyal buyers from Ireland’s dominant alco business oligopoly, died last month ?”.

      • McCawber

        “Draining the swamp” will be interesting.
        Alligators have sharp teeth.
        “When you’re knee deep in alligators it’s hard to remember you’re there to drain the swamp”.
        There’ll be no shortage of Alligators either.

        • Common

          From this foul drain the greatest stream of human industry flows out to fertilize the whole world. From this filthy sewer pure gold flows. Here humanity attains its most complete development and its most brutish, here civilization works its miracles and civilized man is turned almost into a savage.
          Alexis de Toqueville 1835  Of Manchester. (England)
          Journal entry, 2 Jul. Journeys to England and Ireland (translated by George Lawrence and JP Mayer,1958).

  14. Pat Flannery

    Michelle O’Neill, the new Sinn Fein leader in Northern Ireland: “She believes talks about a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit is nonsense because there is no such thing as a soft Brexit.

    In her view it is going to lead to border controls, customs issues, challenges for trade and traditional food patterns across the island.

    She also said it will lead to interruptions in trade with other European countries and it is going to undermine the Good Friday Agreement.”


    She is singing my tune: “there is no such thing as a soft Brexit”.

    One smart girl. Maybe it’s time to take another look at Sinn Fein’s policies.

    • Deco

      Michelle O’Neill. Brendan Behan stated that the first item on the agenda upon the formation of a political party is the “split”. Perhaps the second is sticking family relatives in positions of power, authority, or access to resources.

      Time to wonder if Michelle O’Neill is a family relative of prominent SF backer, “P’ O’Neill”.

      [ tongue entirely in jest ].

      • Pat Flannery

        Deco: I had never heard of Michelle O’Neill until last week. I have no idea who she is, but I strongly suspect she would not have been chosen for the job unless her republican pedigree was impeccable e.g. “related” to P. O’Neill (a name I have always assumed to be made-up, not necessarily a real person).

    • Truthist


      Why do u persist in calling that part of our country as “Northern Ireland” after I gently reminded u that it should be called “North East of Ireland” ?

      • Pat Flannery

        Truthist: I think I do it out of respect for the Good Friday Agreement which officially named it so. And the full name of the U.K. is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But I agree with your sentiment.

        • Truthist

          Thanks Pat.

          I refer to that political entity boasting of itself as the United Kingdom as indeed the United Kingdom.
          And, depending with whom I speaking, I may emphasise the word “United” 8-).
          Because, it is not a “united” kingdom ;
          Rather, it is a very polarised kingdom.
          Even, in England itself there is much polarisation.
          There are many exhibits of this.
          And, there are many causes.
          Possible that within the next 100 years that England will fracture to be at least 2 different countries.

          Of course, Scotland should never be united with England ;
          It is bad for Scotland.
          And, it is bad for England overall.
          Just on practical basis, England should exist as an honest country ;
          Not be a cheat ;
          Not be riding on its neighbours.

          Needless to say that the North East of Ireland should unite with its organic remainder & thus reform the united Ireland.
          That experiment of 95 years already in not being a united Ireland has proven to be a failure.

          However, the timing & the leadership on both sides of the border is not suitable for uniting the country presently.
          We all need to get our act together firstly.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “And the full name of the U.K. is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

          Pat, you are the last person on earth to talk about geography. Sure you do not even know where the Soviet Union was!

    • McCawber

      “Soft Landing” – Ah yes, we remember it well.
      It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the end.
      Unless of course it’s a soft one.

  15. How about calling it “The six counties ” or ” The wee North” ?
    (From my childhood days in Cavan) or as they say Cyaaavan ????

    • Truthist

      No counties in Ireland before the Brits came.
      Counties are an administration tool for them.

      Still, it would be very hard to ever drop the notion of certain locations as not being “counties” ;
      Cavan being 1 such poignancy.

      Cavan folk are very likeable.
      Very good workers too.

      • Truthist

        Sorry ;
        Wrong choice of word there with “poignancy”.
        My artistic license has me making the occasional mistake.
        I meant to convey that Cavan is a special source of very agreeable people.

  16. Ghosts

    When I was young I was scared of ghosts and scary films . Priests and Christian Brothers only added to that when the home work was not done or when I was late to serve an early mass. Hitchcock was an untouchable to go near for me and his morbid approach was characteristic of the reality that ghosts were not made up. Public lamp posts on a dark night to pass presented a serious challenge when no one was around. Knowing how to run past them was the only trick I had then.

    Ghosts take many shapes and their entry does not need an open door . they appear through a wall , under the door or window when shut , down a chimney, out of nowhere, and surprises lurch ever where only to ‘frighten you ‘. Ghosts are seamless and are not tangible and you cannot hold them in your hand . Essentially they are in the air and air constitutes its make-up.

    David is correct in how he describes the various persona of Trump the Ghost. Trump is a Gemini and is liken to a willow tree that over hangs with many drooping light branches like a witch or an orchestra conductor swaying his arms in the wind or the rhythm of the music . ( watch Tubridy on show he is also a gemini ) .

    Like all air signs they think faster than others it does not mean they are smarter but they think faster and they make you feel that you are more intelligent than you are . This is why you love them.

    The air signs in politics have taken prominence recently and need to be addressed : All the Brexit Team in Conservatives Party were air signs ;
    Most of the ministerial appointments by Theresa May are air signs ;
    Putin is an air sign

    There is a strange alliance happening here and we have seen how touchy Trump and May were holding hands . Likeness attracts . The nature of Putin is a true Libra like May . Air signs ‘tease’ others and procrastinate before making a decision . We are living in a strange alliance between a political spectrum and yet there is a bond that should hold whatever that may take .

    As David says a ‘ quasi despotic power’ …and that can be scary .

    • Irish Politics are broadly led by ‘earth signs’ with a dollop of ‘water Martin ‘ . Watch out for ‘ Yates and Adams ‘ the only relevant air signs lurking nearby. See how they move in the grass .

    • McCawber

      I’m a Gemini.
      Regarded as quick witted, charming and transient.
      I’m none of those things sadly and I doubt Trump or May or the other air heads are going to be particularly transient.
      However I can see you have a vivid imagination (I can’t even imagine ghosts exist) if I ever wished for anything it was to be imaginative – I’m enviius.

      • If you look down a road and see no one does that mean no one is there . With this insight above you find if there is a shadow and when you find it you look to where the sun is and some where between the shadow and the sun the ghost or enemy lies in waiting to attack you .

        If you live in a city how can you see the stars when road lights blind you . All planets have a life that give life that returns to where it started. A rugby ball will take it better course where the players are located and to the force they apply . Planets are the same except you need to familiarise with them to understand ‘ the probability’ of what will happen .

        It is not a coincidence that so many players in power hold the same cards for the world now as in air signs and we are only on the start of the age of aquarius
        ( another air sign) .

        By the way all Gemini have baby faces and never look as old as they are ….and in a boyish or girlish face even in their 60′s etc

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I do not really believe in astrology (not that I disbelieve it either). Therefore I decided to put up a challenge for John Allen and McCawber – what sign am I? If they both guess it correctly, then I’d say – hmm, there must be something in it after all.

      • McCawber

        Not really into Astrology myself.
        You’re very analytical and accurate.
        You’ve a great memory.
        You’re patient but don’t suffer fools readily.
        Quite sincere too.
        I’ll have to look up which sign that suggests but you shouldn’t be a Gemini who are mercurial types.

        • McCawber

          Capricorn would be my guess.
          But tell us what your sign really is and we’ll tell you if you fit the description.
          Just don’t take us too seriously.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I was waiting for John, but he did not take up the challenge.

            I am Scorpio. But like I said, I do not believe in astrology: the astrologers did not notice that because of the precession of the equinoxes, the equinox and solstice points have each moved westward about 30 degrees in the last 2,000 years.

            Thus, the zodiacal constellations named in ancient times no longer correspond to the segments of the zodiac represented by their signs. So accounting for that fact, I was born “as” Scorpio, but I should be Libra (because there should be 13 signs, not 12), and you should most likely be Taurus (if born between May 13 to Jun 21).

            Some smart astrologers would tell you that the Zodiac Signs are not entirely dependent on those constellations, but the whole history of astrology denies that claim.

            Having said that, there is one aspect of astrology I am inclined to keep one’s ear to the astrological ground: seasons. As the human-made climate chance denier, I am very interested in weather (hope that does not make me British), and weather had huge influence in history many times (so much so that one can wonder if the crucial lost/won battles) were not within what Leibniz called pre-destined harmony.

            Being interested in weather changes in history (both during long periods and over single events), I am inclined to think that whether the child was born in winter or in summer might an influence on its character.

            This is David McWilliams’ article on the significance of your date of birth in playing football:


            And here is a 10 video on the impact of the so called Little Ice Age in history:


            Btw, whoever looked at history would know that the climate change malarkey can be really only “sold” in a society as badly historically educated as ours: the climate change that we have been observing is nothing (both in temperatures and its speed) compared to what sometimes people witnessed in the past.

            I am delighted President Trump will end the funding for all that bogus industry (which is probably even less scientific than astrology and alchemy was – out of astrology astronomy came, out of alchemy – chemistry; out of climate change “science”? – the moron Barack Hussein Obama, who believed that he will stop the oceans from rising.

  17. Truthist

    The EU Planned the Invasion of Europe To Destroy It !
    Listen Up !


  18. michaelcoughlan

    “Mexico pay for the wall”

    Hi Dathi.

    In order to understand what Trump means when he says this you must be able to try and use Nazi logic i.e. morally bereft reasoning especially in Trump’s case. Let me try and explain;

    The Mexicans have stated clearly that they will not pay for the wall. Trump knows this so in order to force his will upon them he must make them suffer, and suffer for a very long time, until he breaks their will to resist him. He is a cunt bully after all.

    How best to do this? Hit THEIR exports to the US with tariffs. Your hypothesis that the American consumer will pay for the wall through the tariff only holds true if the American consumer continues to buy goods and services from Mexico in the SAME QUANTITIES. Trump from his perspective should increase the Tariff to say 200% or even 500%.

    When Mexican exports slow to a trickle or stop altogether into the US what do you think will be the price of restoring the cross border trade Dathi?


    Mexico will pay for the wall.

    Wasn’t too hard to figure that one out was it?


  19. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  20. Deco

    For me the most frightening entity in the political landscape is Ireland’s Licorice all-sorts collection of looney lazy lefties in search of a micropphone.

    The current Dail contains an array of idiots that produce absurdity every time they open their mouth.

    Coppinger is probably the worst. RBB is not far behind. And Paul Murphy will do anything to “posture” solidarity with the workers, as long as he does not have to actually do some work.

    Zappone, has taken time out from clocking up maximum mileage, to produce what is an absolute clanger this morning. How on all earth did we end up with such an idiot in charge of anything in this country ?

    • McCawber

      Can you imagine EK refusing to attend the NY St. Patrick’s Day parade.
      It would set a precedent that might be for a long time.
      Other countries around the world would give their eye teeth to have their own National Day given such prominence in the US.
      There are a good few people in this country who need a good kick up the hole.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “Can you imagine EK refusing to attend the NY St. Patrick’s Day parade.
        It would set a precedent that might be for a long time.”

        Why limit oneself to refusing to attend the NY Paddy’s Day. The Taoiseach should also threaten the US with blocking the Atlantic with combined Irish and Spanish armadas, threaten the bombing with Irish Defence Forces PC-9 planes with Michael D Higgins’ poetry (with a ceilling of a “Spitfire”), and if that does not help – threat to – should President Trump deport Irish illegal immigrants in the US – deport all American illegal immigrants in Ireland; all zero of them.

        Speaking of immigrants, or rather – migrants – does anyone know what happened at the end of 2016? Despite what Michael might think, Ireland had one of the absolute lowest per capita rates of “war refugees” (from the safety of Pakistan or their camps in Turkey – I am not lauging at war refugees, heaven forfend – I am laughing at their fake identities, now admitted EVEN by Chancellor Merkel). Yes, that’s right – out of the latest wave, only 17 arrived, then after President Higgins missed the chances to shut up and rebuked the Immigration Office for not admitting more, more arrived – but it was still ONLY 40 (less than to Bulgaria).


        then, after Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and Minister for Children Katherine Zappone visited Greece in December… boohoo!!! And the Government committed to admitting 4,000 people over three years in a two-strand programme. What? And that did not make it to the main news?

        I missed that news, and everyone else here missed that too – a whopping 760 arrived in December at once: about 50 have been accommodated in Portlaoise, 50 in Thurles, 50 in Co Kerry, 50 in Limerick, and 60 in Co Cork, a total of 32 are staying in an EROC at Clonea Strand Hotel in Waterford (not that I resent them, but I had to pay for every f…g penny of my accommodation in Ireland since I arrived, and so did everyone I know – strand hotel – Jaysus…), and 27 have been accommodated in Mullingar and Athlone. In all, 86 have been relocated and resettled in Mayo, distributed between Castlebar, Westport and Claremorris. All women and children (no, unfortunately I am joking – mostly young males in the army age).

        I am asking genuinely if everyone knows what prompted the government to change their mind – I myself said many times that I am bored and sick of that migrants topic (even more at the Zionist topic), but the thing is that in one of my articles for a Polish monthly, I have praised FG for avoiding mass import of terrorists into Ireland – and now this information came out (yes! I got it from Poland before I confirmed it here), and I feel like an effing idiot, and I am due to explain why a sudden change of Minister’s Fitzgerald mind (“I will deport all Jihadists without trial” – deport, not import).


        Maybe at least someone knows why the sudden change of heart? 2015-Dec 2016: 40. Dec 2016 – 760, with 4,000 expected in total.
        Is this a bad karma coming back for the IRA terrorism in London?


        There was no NEW war in Dec 2016 in Turkey and Lebanon (in fact, there has not been a war there for many years) – the latter was by far the most civilised and prosperous country in Africa until the civil war) – and this is where those people arrived from!

        • mishco

          Lebanon in Africa?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Well, you are right, Mishco – technically Lebanon in Western Asia. But it was also part of the Mediterranean culture the same as Greece was, and the same as the Roman Carthagine was. Basically when the trade routes shifted towards the Atlantic after the economic dualism on Elbe (due to Great Geographic Discoveries), and after Islam conquered these countries, most of that culture vanished.

            But of course you are correct – it’s western Asia.

            P.S. I read that St Augustine was told that he had an African accent (in Latin!). I wonder how would that sound?

    • michaelcoughlan

      “The current Dail contains an array of idiots that produce absurdity every time they open their mouth”

      Not just the dail, the Aras too!

      • McCawber

        It’s spelt arse or should be.
        Not only that.
        No way should anyone be asking EK if he’s going to snub the US because that’s what it would be.
        Trump will come and go but the US will still be there.

      • Deco

        MDH had a reputation in NUIG for marking papers with absolute no objectivity.

        He is indicative of a deep problem with Irish academia – especially in the Humanities.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Very insightful. Not surprised at all. When I heard suds was getting a lecturing job in the London School of economics my first thought was god help the students!

  21. McCawber

    JFDI Trump is the REAL Trump.

  22. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  23. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  24. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  25. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  26. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  27. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  28. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  29. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  30. Irish PI

    Impeach Trump???What planet are you on David?? If rapeist Bill clinton wasnt thrown out of office for his physical evidence on Lewinskys dress and God alone knows what other rape stories,what chances are there for throwing out Trump for some locker room banter?
    I do wish people would cop on and actually READ how will we get Mexico to pay for the wall,more like a fence than a concrete wall,which incidently a MEXICAN cement company put in a tender for in Texas… DRUG MONEY!! He intends to use Mexican drug cartel money against them.The narco gangs along the border are estimated to be worth over 50 billion dollars a year in drug money going to and comeing from the US.Interdict and tap into that funding by confiscating and taxing any transfers of washed money and you can build the great wall of China along the US-Mexico[ and hopefully California when it sedes from the Union ]border.

  31. dwalsh

    What I find most shocking in Trump’s first week is the hysteria and propaganda being churned out by the liberal media.

    • coldblow


      I agree but I am surprised that you say it. I thought you were a liberal (and I still think so) but I had come to the conclusion that liberals literally cannot *perceive* what is happening.

      I am aware of course that I might be living in my own anti-liberal fantasy, just that I can’t see it either. In fact, I woke up this morning in a state of some agitation: ‘Bloody hell! Imagine they are right after all!’ I mean, it is always a possibility.

      • dwalsh

        I use to think I was some sort of liberal too :)
        A left liberal. But I am not at all in line with the hysteria over Trump. I am relieved Clinton did not get in. I cannot say I am pleased Trump did; but I do see him as the lesser evil. I am looking at it from a global perspective and his rhetoric about de escalating US imperialism and foreign wars; and especially his promise to undo the damage of the Obama regime with Russia.

        • Deco

          Clinton was a liberal on social issues, and a rampant militarist everywhere else.

          That is an alignment of anti-civilization.

          Hollyweird, ponzieconomic Wall Street banks, plus massive tech companies that need all the information on the planet, plus a military industrial complex for the sake of profit, plus an alliance with Wahabbism, plus rent-a-mob brats on pay2protest from Soros.

          Trump is is not perfect by any means. But he has nowhere near the level of immorality of the Clintons. In fact he represents a 4 year relief program that might avert WW3 and a hegemony program that will cause a century of war across the planet, cultural decline, and paranoia.

          • dwalsh

            Yes that is the way I am seeing things at this point too. It’s early days yet and it remains to be seen. Victoria Nuland is gone from the state department, along with some other neocons, so that bodes well.

          • michaelcoughlan

            “Trump is is not perfect by any means. But he has nowhere near the level of immorality of the Clintons. In fact he represents a 4 year relief program that might avert WW3 and a hegemony program that will cause a century of war across the planet, cultural decline, and paranoia.”

            terrific stuff.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I agree but I am surprised that you say it. I thought you were a liberal (and I still think so) but I had come to the conclusion that liberals literally cannot *perceive* what is happening.
        I am aware of course that I might be living in my own anti-liberal fantasy, just that I can’t see it either. In fact, I woke up this morning in a state of some agitation: ‘Bloody hell! Imagine they are right after all!’ I mean, it is always a possibility.”

        Dear Coldblow,

        I think that listening to that 30 min podcast about a book written by one my lecturers (currently an MEP) would address lots of your questions:


        ‘‘Bloody hell! Imagine they are right after all!’ I mean, it is always a possibility.’

        I think that it is extremely important for the fitness of our minds to keep doing that constantly. In fact, no thinkers were studied by me than those with whose ideas I disagree the most: Keynes and Rousseau, followed by Schopenhauer – with whom I also disagree, but sometimes I get panic attack that he might have been right about the blind Will (Schopenhauer’s philosophy is frightening and pandemonic: he maintains that the world as it is in itself (“for us”) is an endless striving and blind impulse with no end in view, devoid of knowledge, lawless, absolutely free, entirely self-determining and almighty.

        Quotes from Schopenhauer:

        “Now if plurality and difference belong only to the appearance-form; if there is but one and the same Entity manifested in all living things: it follows that, when we obliterate the distinction between the ego and the non-ego, we are not the sport of an illusion. Rather are we so, when we maintain the reality of individuation,”

        “”Reason is feminine in nature; it can only give after it has received. Of itself it has nothing but the empty forms of its operation. There is no absolutely pure rational knowledge except the four principles to which I have attributed metalogical truth; the principles of identity, contradiction, excluded middle, and sufficient reason of knowledge. For even the rest of logic is not absolutely pure rational knowledge. It presupposes the relations and the combinations of the spheres of concepts. But concepts in general only exist after experience of ideas of perception, and as their whole nature consists in their relation to these, it is clear that they presuppose them.”

        These passages from Schopenhauer are echoed by the young Wittgenstein when on 4th November 1916, thinking about the nature of the will, he notes:

        “This is clear: it is impossible to will without already performing the act of the will.
        The act of the will is not the cause of the action but is the action itself.
        One cannot will without acting.

        The fact that I will an action consists in my performing the action, not in my doing something else which causes the action.
        [NB 87f.: 4.11.16]”

        “All striving comes from lack, from a dissatisfaction with one’s condition, and is thus suffering as long as it is not satisfied; but no satisfaction is lasting; instead, it is only the beginning of a new striving. We see striving everywhere inhibited in many ways, struggling everywhere; and thus always suffering; there is no final goal of striving, and therefore no bounds or end to suffering.”
        ? Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, Vol 1

        “Genius is the ability to leave entirely out of sight our own interest, our willing, and our aims, and consequently to discard entirely our own personality for a time, in order to remain pure knowing subject, the clear eye of the world; and this not merely for moments, but with the necessary continuity and conscious thought to enable us to repeat by deliberate art what has been apprehended and “what in wavering apparition gleams fix in its place with thoughts that stand for ever!”
        ? Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, Vol 1

        “Boundless compassion for all living beings is the surest and most certain guarantee of pure moral conduct, and needs no casuistry. Whoever is filled with it will assuredly injure no one, do harm to no one, encroach on no man’s rights; he will rather have regard for every one, forgive every one, help every one as far as he can, and all his actions will bear the stamp of justice and loving-kindness. … In former times the English plays used to finish with a petition for the King. The old Indian dramas close with these words: “May all living beings be delivered from pain.” Tastes differ; but in my opinion there is no more beautiful prayer than this.”
        On the Basis of Morality (1840)
        Part III, Ch. VIII, 4, pp. 213-214

        Later on Wittgenstein became disillusioned with Schopenhauer; about 1939 he writes:

        “One could call Schopenhauer an altogether crude mind. I.e., he does have refinement, but at a certain level this suddenly comes to an end & he is as crude as the crudest. Where real depth starts, his finishes.

        One might say of Schopenhauer: he never takes stock of himself. [CV 41]“

  32. coldblow

    This is a sharp and insightful article, but (of course) I don’t agree with much of it.

    No mention of Donald the Racist, or Trump and his race agenda, or Donald the possibly-not-racist-at-all. There is nothing about the impossibility of preventing mass immigration or about the desirability of ‘reasonable immigration’ or even the possibility that it maybe isn’t such a great idea after all. So much remains unclear.

    Will the real David McWilliams please stand up?

  33. Deco

    Will the real Denis O’Brien stand up ?

    Or at least send along Michael Lowry to do it for him ?

  34. McCawber

    Well Teresa, tell me this and tell me no more.
    Did the earth move for you when you met President Trump?
    Before we go any further, Enda, in our divor…I mean discussions I would remind you that I’m not the kind of girl to kiss and tell.
    So ye did kiss then Teresa?
    Not exactly Enda but let me say this. He’s a very forceful man and I enjoyed the interaction.
    Ooh Teresa, you are awful.

  35. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  36. Love this line from the Irish Independent:

    “With the Government still apparently formulating its Brexit strategy on the back of the proverbial beer mat, we are currently stuck back in the Boston-or-Berlin quandary.”


    Spot on – utter eejits.

    • Deco

      We have high publicity local authority councillors in charge.

      They seem incapable of initiative, on anything. They spent the last 20 years following instructions from Brussels. And the 20 years before that imitating Westminister, with a time lag of 18 months on average.

      I am absolutely astounded at the antics that are in progress in the current Oireachtas. It seems that we are still electing muppets to representative democracy, wherein they forget about both representation and democracy.

  37. Truthist


    Just “Highlight” > “Right-Click” > “Select ‘Go to … ; particular Link’


    ECB[ Ref. Private Central Banking element of Bankster Scam Bundle ] of EU [ Freemason concept for eliminating nation states of Europe ]

    Features reference to Stig — ‘I just want to stop the hurt’ — litz ; Friend of Ireland 8-)

    Europe Proposes “Restrictions On Payments In Cash”

    27 Jan 2017

    “Having discontinued its production of EUR500 banknotes, it appears Europe is charging towards the utopian dream of a cashless society. Just days after Davos’ elites discussed why the world needs to “get rid of currency,” the European Commission has introduced a proposal enforcing “restrictions on payments in cash.”

    With Rogoff, Stiglitz, Summers et al. all calling for the end of cash – because only terrorists and drug-dealers need cash (nothing at all to do with totalitarian control over a nation’s wealth) – we are not surprised that this proposal from the European Commission (sanctuary of statism) would appear…”

    FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF USA [ Ref. Private Central Banking element of Bankster Scam Bundle ] + JOBLESS









    BBC is ‘Worse than a Whore’ – Russian TV SLAMS Trump ‘Documentary’

    EXCERPT ; Should interest Grzegorz if anything because of ref. to Mr. Dugin

    “There was also a bit of scandal in the making of the thing, because one of the Russian interview subjects, the right-wing Russian philospher Alexander Dugin, got so angry at Sweeney, that he had security throw them out of his office, mid-interview, and then took to Facebook, where he has 30,000 followers, callling Sweeney a ‘bastard’, ‘swine’, a ‘zero’, an ‘imbecile’, a ‘propagandist’, and urging people to stay away from him.

    Ripping stuff. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Dugin’s advice is spot-on.”


  38. [...] Would the real Donald Trump please stand up? – McWilliams (DavidMCWilliams.com) [...]

  39. Pat Flannery

    Here are thoughts from one of my favorite historians regarding what she calls Trump’s “shock event” on immigration and what may really be happening:


    • michaelcoughlan

      Excellent observation.

      Trump is nothing if not dysfunctional. Example; Rattle everyone’s cage with the travel ban (it is only for 90 days which everyone seems to have missed) and make them suffer for a while. When the dust settles open negotiations on Trump’s terms i.e. give him what he wants or the ban stays in place.

      For example; make the Iranian moderate Muslims reign in the extremists. Or in the case of Mexico make them stop the human hoard climbing the fence and pay for it’s extension or the tariffs stay put.

      Perfectly consistent for an accountant to have clear insight on something so warped.


  40. Deco

    How does one unravel a Ponzi-scheme that has gone out of control

    i) Invade loads of countries whilst engaging in an ongoing program of undermining domestic communities by feeding them with drugs, dependency programs and TV infotainment. Go for monopolistic control of the financial markets, resource markets and political allegiance. And ultimately build a chain of invasion points around anybody advocating a “multipolar world”. And feed the citizens at home a diet of Punch & Judy on the television, with loads of strict social mores about respectability and obedience to the official story.

    ii) Tell the truth about the real state of your country, the real state of the world. Acknowledge that there are serious problems in existence. And get into action on remedying them. If it happens in slow motion it is the Gorbachev approach.

  41. Deco

    Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

    Guido Verhofstadt has completely lost the plot.


    The problem is the EU leadership.

    Neither Putin nor the US caused the Greek mess. And it existed before Stupid fool on the Spree invited disaster upon Greece.

    Of course, Verhifstadt knows this. And he knows that he is part of that leadership that is the problem.

    Which explains his deflection tactic.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      ” Verhofstadt has completely lost the plot.”

      Dear Deco,

      Mr Verhofstadt has completely lost the plot before.
      Here is his disgraceful treatment of the Polish PM, and the response of the Polish MEP Legutko (my former lecturer):


      Btw, Mr Verhofstadt also said this:

      “”Declarations connecting paedophilia with homosexuality or blaming Jews for fomenting the crisis are extremely serious, not only at the internal level – the relationship between the EU and the Catholic Church – but also at the international level – the relationship between the EU and the State of the Holy See. These declarations are reminiscent of former times and they need to be addressed by the leaders of the European Union. ”

      To that, I can say the following:

      1. Did or did not the Left link the Catholic Church for paedophilia?

      Yes it did.

      2. Is paedophilia more common among homosexuals than among heterosexuals?

      Yes it is.

      Dr. Judith Reisman, the principal investigator for an $800,000 US Justice Department grant studying child pornography and violence found (it was also written for the Regent University Law Review) cited psychologist Eugene Abel, whose research found that homosexuals “sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring from five times greater than the molestation of girls. …”

      Even more devastating are the statistic of prisoners convicted of paedophilia who are homosexuals.

      An essay on adult sex offenders in the book Sexual Offending Against Children reported:”It is widely believed that the vast majority of sexual abuse is perpetrated by males and that female sex offenders only account for a tiny proportion of offences. Indeed, with 3,000 adult male sex offenders in prison in England and Wales at any one time, the corresponding figure for female sex offenders is 12!”

      a). Dawn Fisher, “Adult Sex Offenders: Who are They? Why and How Do They Do It?” in Tony Morrison, et al., eds., Sexual Offending Against Children (London: Routledge, 1994), p. 11.

      b). Kee MacFarlane, et al., writing in Sexual Abuse of Young Children: Evaluation and Treatment report:”The large majority of sexual perpetrators appear to be males
      Kee MacFarlane, et al., Sexual Abuse of Young Children: Evaluation and Treatment (New York: The Guilford Press, 1986), p. 9.

      c) A report by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children states: “In both clinical and non-clinical samples, the vast majority of offenders are male.”
      John Briere, et al.,eds., The APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment (Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications, 1996), pp. 52, 53.

      d) study in the Journal of Sex Research states that “pedophilia does not exist, or is extremely rare, in women.”
      Freund, K, and Watson, R. J., “The Proportions of Heterosexual and Homosexual Paedophiles among Sex Offenders against Children: an Exploratory Study,” Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy 18 (1992): 34.

      and the most devastating finding:

      “”Interestingly, this ratio differs substantially from the ratio of gynephiles (men who erotically prefer physically mature females) to androphiles (men who erotically prefer physically mature males), which is at least 20 to 1.”
      Freund, “Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, and Erotic Age Preference,” p. 107.


      So there is a much stronger link between homesexuality and paedophilia than between paedophilia and the Catholic Church.
      Yet the Left is not ashamed to link CC to paedos (there was a month when RTE started each news from it).

      3. Are the Jews responsible for promoting homosexuality in Hollywood?
      According to the Jewish US vice-President Biden, they are:

      “I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry,” he said. “The influence is immense, the influence is immense” – he said he said at a Democratic National Committee reception for Jewish American Heritage Month in 2013.

      So if in the increase in paedophilia can be linked to the gay agenda, and the gay agenda can be linked to Jews (according to their own statement) – then it follows from that logically that paedophilia can be linked to Jews.
      Quod erat demonstrandum.

      Last but not least – Mr Verhostadt, who was mentoring and patronising the Polish Prime Minister – is himself a homosexual and he is linked to paedophilia scandal in his own country – Belgium.

      This is an excerpt from the left wing “Guardian”:

      “But one thing is certain – the entire credibility of the current reformist government of Guy Verhofstadt and Belgium’s very reputation as a normal civilised country is on the line.”

      No wonder he reacted so hysterically…

      P.S. Do not get me wrong – I can have a friend who is homosexual. But I cannot have a friend who spends times on emphasising the (indubitable) “Catholic Church – paedophilia” link and patronising prime ministers of other countries, while denying the MUCH STRONGER “gay agenda – paedophilia” link.

      And if that person was himself involved in covering up the paedophilia scandal – this should be punishable by death.

      Messr Verhofstadt and Schulz are the most repugnant of all European politicians.

  42. coldblow

    Farage says that the reaction to Trump’s travel ban is hypocritical because that Obama put a six month ban on travellers from Iraq in 2011 and nobody even squeaked.


    Zappone is mentioned in a couple of places ‘up-thead’. I came across her name last night when I was looking for the latest news about the Tuam Babies story. In September they were set to do a five week test excavation and she visited Tuam and ‘fully backed’ it. I can’t find anything about what happened since and can only assume (as I predicted) that they couldn’t find anything.

    I was disappointed to learn that they are going to dump a large number in Ballaghaderreen. My family comes from either side of the town and when I was younger it was like going back in time visiting there. I always thought it was unique and still do. I caught a little bit of Primetime’s report last week. Apparently it is well used to immigration as a number of Pakistanis were attracted there by the meat factory. In practically the same breath the speaker said that the area was “an unemployment black spot”. Can anybody spot the logical inconsistency? When I came over I’d have been in like a shot to work there if I’d known there was anything going. Kunstler is writing this week about the collapse of rational thought. They have something against that part of the country. Perhaps it is because they consistently vote no. I got over it quick enough though because that Ireland passed away some years ago and we now have a new heaven and a new earth.

    This reminds me of the hysteria following the ‘refugee crisis’ of September 2015. Remember concerned voices in the media were insisting that a small estate in South Dublin, not a posh place, accept a halting site? They had to do it because it was a Moral Imperative and they were in tears.

    • Deco

      It is long term failure as a result of short term posturing and virtue signalling.

      People who are frauds inside, need to virtue signal as a means of facilitation.

      Zappone’s mileage claim tells what is really going on.

      Oink…oink….oink…..slurping at the trough.

  43. coldblow


    About climate change, I came across this by Canadian (?) physicist Denis Rancourt. (He also did a good talk about ‘Peer-Review Failure in Climate’.


    Just after 10 mins he points out that in report after report you get a scare story but when you look at the papers themselves it says nothing of the sort.

    This is, I am convinced, common to all of the fantasies that make up the pc ‘meta fantasy’, be it immigration, Brexit, global warming, the Tuam Babies or whatever you want. It is indeed fake news. RTE still haven’t worked out why the boats keep sinking – the wickedness of the evil traffickers.

    Why all the lies? he asks. It’s psychology, Denis, psychology.


    I have mentioned before on this site and reasoned why and again it will be shown soon in the next political appointment that Trump is a Kerryman .

    The grandfather of the new Irish Ambassador from America hails from Sneem , Co. Kerry and displays many Irish paintings in his home and office .

    The original language spoken in Ireland prior to the arrival of the Celts still holds that primitive mindset that homo sapiens brought from West Africa . This is a new story that has never been researched before .

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “This is a new story that has never been researched before .”
      - no, that’s not true – it’s been researched extremely well, albeit only in the last decade – I posted a long comment on that, but perhaps you’ve missed it, so I’ll re-post it again:

      “roughly speaking, genetically western fringes of Europe are Arbins, eastern are Aryans, and everything in between is mixture of both with Italics, Germans and Celts.
      But we have all those names: Eire, Eireann, Aran islands, Ireland (remember, Iran is “Aryan” and Poles are reletively close genetically to Iranians, compared to, say, Turks). So why do we have those names if Ireland is genetically Aryan in to a very little extent, and Arbinian in a large sense?
      Aryans might have arrived in Ireland earlier via western Africa/Iberia (hence the stuff with Dogon and Fulda tribes haplotypes), then witdraw in the same way as they went from Europe/Middle East to India, and then came back via the Great Steppe (when they domesticated horses, the Great Steppe was what Atlantic was to maritime powers after the Great Geograhic Discoveries).
      And then Arbins might have come to Ireland (reminder: judging by haplotypes, the Irish are not Arbins – they are a m i x t u r e of wandering Arbins with domestic Celts).
      Now, this makes much more sense than my sentence which does not explain why Ireland is “Arbinian” and its names are “Aryan”.


      “1. It is a popular wisdom that the mythical Aryans arrived to Europe from India. But the latest genetical research shows that actually the opposite is true – Aryan arrived to India from Europe, and then some of them came back to Europe via the Great Steppe.

      2. During the First Republic (before the partitions), Polish nobility considered themselves to be descendents of the Sarmatians, which was considered malarkey until very recently.

      2.1 Scythians and Sarmatians were considered a part of Iranian tribes (Iran = Airan = the land of Aryans).

      2.2 Aryans, who left traces from Carpatians mountains to Siberia and Tibet, formed the Globular Amphora Culture, preceding the central area occupied by the Corded Ware culture

      (I find animations better than maps):

      2.3 Our thinking about Aryans is distorted by the Nazi Germany. They spread the story (in which they trully believed) that Germanic tribes are direct descendants of the Aryans. They have done it for political reasons: the narration was that before Germans, parts of Europe were in a state of a pre-state tribal organisation, and only Germans gave those parts state organisation, laws and culture). The reason this view is still lingering in the popular culture is because after WWII, physical antropology was banned, and it is only the last 20 years that we witness its renaissance.

      Modern genetics however proved that Germans are a result of pra-Aryans mixing with the inhabitants of northern Europe (direct descendants of the Aryans are Slavs – mainly Poles, Ukrainians and Belarussians; also Serbs and Croats (who lived on the territory of what we call today Malopolska – Lesser Poland, while modern Italians, French and Spaniards have genetically almost nothing to do with the Aryans: they are a mixture of itallic, celtic and assimilated tribes of western Europe, such as Iberians).

      2.4 We know that this is the case because Aryans were marked by the haplogroup y-dna R1a (in Europe most predominant in Poland: the Poles are the most Aryan tribe: please note huge component of R1a in Iceland and Norway, some in Scotland and almost none in the Carolingian Europe), which originated 22,000 – 25,000 years ago.

      2.5 Both haplogroups: Aryan y-dna R1a and non-Aryan y-dna R1b come from the same ancesstor though, who is thought to have lived 30,000 years ago. Some researchers, such as Anatole Klyosov, claim that the branching off took place in Siberia (he calls the carriers of R1a “Arainams” – ancesstors of Arians – and R1b “Arbins”).

      3. It was not until 4-6 thousand BC when Arbins and Arainams came to Europe and met:

      3.1 Haplogroups y-DNA I (settled in Europe 30,000 years ago)

      3.2 Haplogroups y-DNA E, G and J (resettled from Asia Minor 7-10 thousand years ago, who brought agriculture to Europe)

      4. They both mixed with them, but some of them withdrew into less accessible regions: Alps, Dinaric Alps, Mediterranean islands and Scandinavia).The Globular Amphora Culture proper was created as a result of mixing Arains with y-dna I (this is second, after y-dna R1a, haplogroups in eastern Europe – 20% of men have it).

      Some interesting facts about y-dna I (technically Haplogroup_I-M170):

      most common among Herzegovinians (71%), Croats (46%), Norwegians (45%), Danes (39%) and Serbians (39%).

      Tribes with 0%-1% of that haplogroup: Algerians, Ashkenazi, Egyptians, Cypriots, Georgians, Iranians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Kazakhs, Mongols, Saudis, Syrians.

      Poles 17%, Irish 10% (11% in Rush), Germans 24%.
      To compare – frequency of the Aryan R1a in Europe:
      - highest in Mazovia and Lesser Poland parts of Poland (over 60%), then Lithuania (40%), Czech, Slovenia, Vienna region and Estonia (30%), Norway (20%) and eastern Germany (20%), which was originally Slavic (district Koepenic in Berlin comes from a Slavic name Kopenica); also in Greece. Absent in eastern France, Spain, Portugal, Munster, most of Wales. Present in Connaught, Scottish Highlands, Kent, Cornwall.

      5. Now, this you will find really interesting: originally Arbins (R1b) used a language related to current Turkish (paricularly Bashkir and Turkmen – they have very high levels of R1b, which means they are very related to western Europeans).

      6. Arbins abandoned their language during their migration periods and they adapted local languages, among others Basque (Basques have the highest in Europe frequency of R1b).

      7. Now – we are finally getting at your hypothesis :-)
      it was recently proven that Basque is closely related to the language of Dogon tribe in western Africa, WHICH WOULD INDICATE THAT ARBINS CAME TO EUROPE FROM WESTERN AFRICA. This is further corroborated by a high frequency of R1b among the African tribes Hausa and Fulbe, bordering with Dogons. What is really fascinating about Dogons and Fulbe is that they have unique in Africa haplogroup E1a.

      8. What about Arains? Originally, Arains spoke a language similar to Arbins (Kirgisians and Altayans have high frequency of R1a).

      9. However, when Arains transformed into Arians, they embraced the INDOEUROPEAN LANGUAGE. They have done that… in Europe (sic!!!!!), and then they exported it to India!

      10. So what about the Irish? The tribes who have brought the agriculture from Anatolia into Europe (first and foremost the Balkans and Poland/Czech/Slovakia – Arains came after) carried haplogroups G, I and J. They mixed up with haplogroup D (Celts, Italic tribes – in liguistics their languages are called kentumic, from centum = 100 in Latin). It was Arbins who settled in the Atlantic region, but they inherited kentumic languages from Celts and Italics.

      11. The languages in eastern and central Europe are called satemic (from 100 = satem in avestian (classic Persian, 100 = sto in Polish).

      Btw, some people have this childish misconception that Slavs comes from Slaves, assuming that God spoke English at the Big Bang and named everything in English – Slavs comes from slovo = word. This is as childish as those Hollywood movies in which savages meet the noble Englishmen and they all speak English, except the savages speak it incorrectly (in Poland when they make movies , they do not make the characters playing Englishmen speak broken Polish, but let them speak their own language in films and put subtitles in Polish).

      Slavs meant “people of the word” (hence Germans = Niemcy in Polish; Niemcy means silent people (people of no words).

      12. You might be interested in the works of the Polish antropologist Jan Czekanowski, one of the pioneers in that field.

      3. The culture of Aryans-Slavs is closely related to Aegean civilisation. Look at the Zyndram mountain in Maszkowice in Poland:


      14. Conclusion? People of Ireland who are fascinated by Orient: stop believing the hippie bullshit that India is the cradle of our western civilisation. Genetic research has proven beyond a doubt that it was the Aryans who have brough their language to India and Persia.

      I hope I was helpful to your research, John. I won’t be answering any further questions on haplogroups though because to summarise what I know was quite exhausting.”

      TRUMP is a KERRYMAN = maybe he is (most Americans have mixed origin – President Trump’s is Celtic/German/Polish, in that order – but so what, if the Irish government has done everything to antagonise him?

      There are 4 countries in Europe to which Mr Trump – JUDGING BY HIS OWN STATEMENTS – feels that he has special links:
      1. UK
      2. Poland
      3. Slovenia
      4. Ireland

      Out of them four, Ireland is the least important for President Trump (sure not only he has not sent any special envoy to Ireland yet, but he did not even have any separate meeting with the Irish diaspora!) – but it could be the most important, if the likes of Mr Varadkar and President Higgins would have been be smart on the US election, let alone post election.
      But they ain’t


      • I repeat this new information ( mine) has never been researched before because I did it and printed it in book form .

        So all that is new and displace much what you have written above insofar as it pertains to what I have researched and West Africa.

        Language and words and mindsets have remained unchanged over 50,000 years in Kerry and originated from Senegal.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “So all that is new and displace much what you have written above insofar as it pertains to what I have researched and West Africa.”

          But did you do haplogroup research? Because this is crucial in establishing origins of peoples. After all, if Irish haplo-group is a result of a mixture of different haplo-groups that did n o t remain unchanged over 50,000 years, then that would kick the bottom out of what the “unchanged 50,000 years” hypothesis, would not it?

          Having said that…

          As I myself am a moderate believer in linguistic determinism, I find your hypothesis about the different mindset of the Irish (with western African roots) fascinating, and I have to say – from what I could observe, your hypothesis makes perfect sense!

          So fascinated I am by your ‘west Africa-traced’ mindset as opposed to a continetnal mindset, that I am thinking of promoting your work in Poland later during the year!

          Therefore, I will read all your future comments on the different British Isles mindset with eagerness (like those that ‘Hamlet’ is the influence of the continental mindset – that would make perfect sense – Shakespeare was under huge influence of that man:


          so much so that ‘Hamlet’ contains quotes from his book!)

          More than that – I think that I’ll start compiling a file ‘John Allen on the Atlantic mindset’, gathering your remarks (I am particularly interested in the western African-Iberian-Atlantic mentality thing) in order to promote your work abroad.

          • coldblow


            To my mind the similarity between Ireland and West Africa is because both were pastoral societies. This would be Crotty’s take by my reading of it. They both had cattle raiding and a collective idea of society (in common with everywhere in the world) as opposed to the unique individualism of Europe which was the result of its capitalist form of agriculture.

            When I was teaching in London many years ago I used to give a lift every day to an Art teacher who obsessed with the similarities between Etruscan art and something or other which I have long since forgotten. This proved something very important and solved an impenetrable mystery, both of which I have also forgotten.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Maaybe I could even translate your book into Polish (I am getting carried away now, am I not ;-)?


          Particularly that I have done that in the past.
          But I would need to find a publisher.

          There was a huge interest in Ireland in the 90s Poland (there were some Celtic studies, and one guy in Krakow even learned fluent Irish – better than Taoiseach’s but was unable to communicate here in Dublin in Irish; I remember he once showed up on TG4).

      • Truthist

        I have very little time to respond to current article & discussion.

        Still, I rush to say ;

        Nay ! the “British Isles” phrase as u intend it Grzegorz ;
        But, “Aye” were u say “British Isles” & “Irish Isles”.
        Furthermore, I have much more to add to what I replied to ur question as to what is unique about Ireland that would attract tourists etc.
        And, my correction of u above is justified with something exceptionally unique [ not tautologous here ] that I could mention in that list.
        But, I ask myself ;
        “Why should I when I continue to get victimised by the Irish State’s civil service & it is certain that sneaky civil servants & college c..nts read this blog & the more freedom-of-speech foreign ones — eg. henrymakow.com & milesmathis.com if they are really smart — for to poach ideas ?”
        “And, why should I when the bulk of the Irish nation here are going more rotten by the day ?”
        Which reminds me ;
        “Should I have sympathy for Bus Eireann workers in their current dilemna when there has been a contempt by a growing portion of them for folks on social welfare ?”
        Civil Servants should always remind themselves that it is the citizens who are their boss / employer ;
        But, they never do.

        Lest u think I digress, I cannot get more specific than say that a certain large origin of the Irish were Jews who comprised at least 2 major invasions of Ireland.
        The Celts are later arrivals to Ireland anyway.
        But, back to the Jews who invaded Ireland.
        Probably the Milesians were Jews.
        But, definitely were the Tuatha De Danann.
        We are talking about invasions hitting West Cork & South Kerry.
        Also do not forget that Snake Worship in Ireland was brought by the Hiber-os ;
        Hence, Hiber-nia & Hiber-nians.
        But, Christianity banished “Snake Worship” rather than Snakes ;
        It was not by miraculous powers that St. Patrick rid Ireland of Snakes.
        It was by decree that the worshiping of snakes was removed from Ireland.

        Also, I found a wikipedia.org article on a Jewish tribe deep in the Sahara whose patronyms were of “O’” & “Mac” ;
        Both literally respectively :
        “Son of”.
        So, with migration over to Western Sahara by this Tribe there would be support for John’s theory.
        But, I do not perceive remnants of “Negro” — surely acceptable phrase since we are bombarded with overladen with reference to “Caucasian” as baddies in USA police dramas — appearance in the Irish.

        Sorry that I send this missive without double-check & mid-stream in my chain of thoughts ;
        A serious issue beckons my attention.

        • see above e-mail address

          Much doubt will be clarified in due course .
          De cluttering from what is presently known before you can make room to absorb the new information .

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “A serious issue beckons my attention.”

          Sorry to hear that.

          As to ‘Negro’: ‘Nigger’ is offensive, ‘Negro’ is not (i.e. Mark Twain used it all the time).

          I am completely sure about it because I was translating a book and I had to do a research in order to prove the publisher that my translation ‘Negro’ in correct and their proposal ‘African’ is incorrect.

          Today Negro is considered old-fashioned and slightly offensive (but in that case we should also ban ‘Paddy’ ‘Tim’, ‘Jock’, etc – not to mention that we should ban a word ‘Holocaust’, because it implies the uniqueness and superiority of the Jewish suffering over the sufferings of the other races), whereas Nigger is very offensive (paradoxically the only place you would hear it is the black community), even though they both mean the same (negro is from the Spanish negro – black, while nigger comes from the Latin niger – black).

          Bear in mind that from ‘Negro’ comes the word ‘Negreite;, which is a positive description of Black art: it comes from Léopold Senghor, who coined the phrase négritude to describe aesthetics affirming the independent validity of black culture.

          Another thing to consider is that from my research it follows that Negro has been coming back to usage in Britain in order to avoid the words “black, coloured or non-white”, which the British-born representatives of the Asian, Indian and Pakistani communities find offensive.

          This fashion of black being the new offensive word is reflected in one of the episodes of “I’m Alan Partridge”, when Partridge’s character throws out the party his colleague (frightened that this may ruin his career in BBC), who says – having been asked what how did find London – that “London is ok; maybe few too many Blacks”.

          Here is my further research I had done on the word Negro:

          1. 1939 – “Gone With the Wind”. The book “Hollywood’s Censor: Joseph I. Breen and Production Code Administration” (to which I turned to trace the origins of Negro as used by English speakers) claims that the Breen Office staffers spent years sensitizing Selznick’s script (to eradicate words like Nigger and replace it with the neutral words like Negro). Breen advised Selznick in 1937 – “It seems to us to be acceptable if the Negro characters use the expression (the expression “Nigger” – Grzegorz); the word should not be out of the mouth of white people. In this connection you might want to give some consideration to the use of the word ‘darkies’.” Note that the offensive “Nigger” is contrasted with the non-offensive “Negro”, which the Breen Office censor uses.

          2. 1966 – The turning point – Stokely Carmichael coined the phrase black power at a 1966 rally in Mississippi. Until then, Negro was how most black Americans described themselves. But in Carmichael’s speeches and in his landmark 1967 book, Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America, he persuasively argued that the term implied black inferiority. Prominent black publications like Ebony switched from Negro to black at the end of the decade, and the uneducated masses (Negro just means Black, so if Negro is offensive, so is Black) soon followed.

          3. 1968 – According to a 1968 ‘Newsweek’ poll, more than two-thirds of black Americans still preferred Negro.

          4. 1974 – Black becomes the majority preference (only then both the Associated Press and the New York Times abandoned Negro!),

          5. The mid-1980s – the U.S. Supreme Court stops using Negro.

          Conclusion? If we were to be consequent in our political correctness, we should not use the word ‘Holocaust’: it would be offensive to other nations – Poles, Russians, Ukrainians, Cambodians, Armenians – all of them were killed in bigger proportions than the Jews in WWII.
          A consequent PC person should say: ‘gasing of the Jews’, or ‘killing of the Jews’.
          But because I think this is absurd and I am not PC, I’ll use ‘Holocaust’ and ‘Negro’ (or ‘negro’).

          P.S. There was a famous poem for kids by the Polish-Jewish poet Julian Tuwim, which even I had to memorise at the age of 7, starting with:

          “A little Negro Bambi lives in Africa
          The skin of our little colleague is black”).

          Also, one of the most popular brands of sweets in Poland were called Murzynki (“Little Negros”); now sold as “Micha?ki” (little Michaels).

          P.S.2. The real racism was not in the US, but in the USSR. Lots of paper has been filled with ink lamenting the situation of Blacks in the US before Martin Luther King – but even before him Blacks would appear in movies, become heroes of national culture (jazz), study, etc.

          In USSR, for a change, foreign black students were told NEVER to leave the campus. And have you ever seen any black minister in Cuba?

  45. Deco

    And finally….that important strategy for Brexit…for which everybody is awaiting…..


    I think this is the Irish institutional state doing the equivalent of relieving itself whilst facing into a gale force wind.

    The good news – all of it is EU compliant, and will not result in any harm to anybody.

    The bad news – it is nonsensical, beyond farcical.

  46. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    This information

    “several media outlets including CNN and The Washington Post have published comments attributed to Mr. Jonathan Greenblatt, President of the Anti-Defamation League, which state that Poland refuses to publically acknowledge Hitler’s attempt to exterminate Jews.”

    has to be linked with the following information:

    “Pharmacy chain Super-Pharm is at risk of losing one of its most profitable growth channels, due to pending legislation in Poland that might block the chain from opening new branches there.
    The chain’s branches in Poland are extremely profitable, and help offset the falling sales and profitability of its Israeli branches.”


    In other words, Polish pensioners (living on the fraction of Israeli pensions – one of the reasons for Israel’s success is – it’s always worth reminding – the fact that Israel has pocketed from Germany ALL the WWII reparations and technology transfers that Poland DID NOT GET) are subsidising high wages in Israel (same as Polish taxpayers are subsidising German companies by paying higher prices for thes same products and German companies cheating on taxes in Poland by not declaring income).

    Now this “arrangment” is about to end, so the Israeli anti-truth League is activated.

    Btw, no other nation has done so much for Jews in WWII as the Poles.
    Remind me, what have the Jews done for the Poles in WWII?

    A great Polish philosopher and logician, Jozef Maria Innocenty Bochenski (the same who was collecting the Prize with Mother Theresa of Calcuta), has once said; “the problem with Israelis is that sometimes they behave as if it was not enough for them to have 100 million Arabs as their enemies”.

    Israeli President in an astonishingly open statement: “We are buying up Manhattan Hungary Romania and Poland”:



    “Wir werden weiter marschieren
    Wenn alles in Scherben fällt,
    Denn heute da hört uns Deutschland
    Und morgen die ganze Welt”


  47. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    David McWilliams writes:

    “Yanks take very few refugees, yet Trump is hysterical about them!”


    Israel has not taken ANY refugees, and yet no one is hysterical about the Israeli Muslim ban. I have not seen any protests of lefty organisations in front of the Israeli embassy… Ehm…

  48. McCawber

    Perhaps asking “Asking will the real Donald Trump Stand Up” is the wrong question.
    What is the reality of Donald Trump.
    Already we’ve seen that things are going to be a lot different than even his most devout enemies had thought.
    To date the “liberal left” have used the media to brow beat any recalcitrant politicians into line.
    This, there main weapon is failing.
    (It will be interesting to see if they can come up with an alternative strategy – I for one will be letting them figure it out for themselves)
    Trump is a moving target and his stealth technology is superb.
    He’s hid himself out in the open for all to see and they still don’t know what they’re looking at.
    Trump (almost unbelievably) has maintained the element of surprise.
    Trump is lean and mean.
    His adversaries are bloated and out of shape.

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