January 22, 2017

People are trading up, and if Mover Mark says it's true, I believe him...

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If you want to know what is going on in the property market don’t talk to an estate agent. The best leading indicator of the market is Mover Mark — the king of furniture movers. A conversation with a lad in a big white van stuffed to the gills with other people’s possessions is by far the most instructive steer you will get on the property market.

Typically, these days the Irish lad is a subcontractor and the fellas doing the heavy lifting are Brazilian “students”. The Brazilians seem to have cornered the lifting end of the movers’ market. But Mover Mark is the man who can tell you the real story.

In the past three months, according to Mover Mark, his prices have increased as demand has also increased dramatically. You can see this for yourself on moving sites. People are on the move and rather than doing it themselves, they are hiring lads to do it for them.

As result of a few of these conversations and taking into account how the economy is performing, it looks like 2017 could be the year that Dublin house prices begin to rise again, particularly in the more upmarket areas that, contrary to popular belief, have been in the doldrums for the past year.

In today’s excellent supplement we capture a market recovering strongly in urban centres outside Dublin, but not in the capital itself.

The key to understanding where the housing market goes next is not only what happens to new-builds, but also what is happening to the existing stock of houses.

This is because the existing stock is (a) much bigger and (b) should reflect demographics.

As people get older and their incomes rise, there is a tendency to sell their starter homes to the next generation of new families and move upmarket into houses sold by empty nesters trading down.

This is what should happen in a healthy market and was the case in Ireland up until recently.

However, it is difficult to overstate two demographic factors that have changed the smooth operation of the housing market.

The first massive change is that the first-time buyers of the 2000s are still in significant negative equity and they can’t afford to move at all. As long as there is negative equity, people can’t trade up without taking a massive hit.

This is why home improvement is going through a massive growth spurt as evidenced by the traffic to IKEA.

The second factor is that kids are not leaving the nest in the way they used to, largely because of (a) the cost of accommodation and (b) the fact that for the first time ever (possibly) Irish parents are allowing their kids to sleep with their partners at home. Once you can sleep with your girlfriend at home, get your washing done and have beer money you’d have otherwise coughed up on rent, why the hell would you move out?

Adult children are postponing moving out because they’ve no traditional reason to do so! After all, be honest, why did you really move out at 21? These days, tens of thousands don’t move out until they have their own kids.

The massive move out of Irish kids in their early 20s, which was a feature of my generation, isn’t happening. Therefore, trading down isn’t happening in the same way as it used to.

So the market is stuck.

The first-time buyers of the first decade of the century can’t trade up and the 1980s parents, who should be trading down, are staying put because their kids are now shacking up at home right under their noses.

That was the status quo from 2008 to now. However, it is changing because of population dynamics. The population of Irish kids in their 20s is actually falling. There are many more thirtysomethings in Ireland than twentysomethings.

This is due to the collapse in the birth-rate in the 1980s and 1990s. The thirtysomethings are having kids later now but they are having them; and now they are moving out to nest.

So even parents who have replaced Mass with making little Sophie’s breakfast on a Sunday morning, will find that there are just fewer friends staying over at weekends. Irish family sizes in the 1980s shrunk dramatically and now these smaller families are moving out and they are allowing their parents to trade down.

This happens slowly because demographic changes happen slowly, but we can see evidence of it starting. These are the real fundamentals of the property market and this explains why there has been an uptick in prices in the commuter counties outside the capital.

These places are where the young couples are buying.

The next phase of this familial/demographic trend will be more mature houses coming on stream in Dublin.

Now also think about the first-time buyers of the 2000s. As house prices rise in the commuter belt, they are the ones who are gaining. As their balance sheets recover, they will start to sell because they will no longer be in negative equity.

So they are in the position to bid for the 1980s homes in Dublin. These are the very homes that the people who want to trade down will want to sell. So what is likely to happen?

Price expectations in established areas will change in the coming months and that change will be upwards.

When there is an expectation that prices are going to go up, it is understandable that the people who own the land will wait for prices to go ever higher, thus squeezing potential buyers. It is also understandable that potential buyers will panic when they see prices rising and bring forward their demand so they won’t be left behind.

What do you think happens to supply?

Traditional economics suggests that when the price rises the supply will rise, but is this what actually happens in real life? If owners of land and houses believe that prices are going to rise, wouldn’t they be mad to sell now when they can make more money by delaying? So supply doesn’t rise when price expectations rise, it actually falls.

Only a change in demographics can change this psychological dynamic. The change in demographics is here. So the market for mature homes in Dublin will become more liquid as parents with now empty nests sell. The first-time buyers who have recovered from negative equity will buy and prices will rise.

At least that’s what Mover Mark told me and I’ll take his “on the ground” view over any top down analysis anytime.

  1. On the Ball as always David!

  2. DarraghD

    Great article, and it’s only missing one thing or one variable, which you’ve kind of alluded to when you mentioned the Brazilian “students”. There is now zero control over the number of people who are coming here as economic migrants, many coming from South America, China, India, Africa, Pakistan, Turkey, all non EU countries by the way! There are no wars going on in any of these countries yet they are now coming here in huge numbers and in many cases, working here illegally.

    Sadly in this country, we are living under a complete illusion that this open door policy to the whole world, can continue indefinitely and that such a policy can have no effect whatsoever on the availability of housing, the availability of healthcare through the public system, the availability of education through the public system, the access to transport infrastructure on a daily basis (the M50 is currently constipated due to excess volumes at least twice a day in each direction), our justice system is hopelessly broken and serves no purpose whatsoever now, apart from stopping two rival gangs from eliminating one another.

    How bad does it actually have to get in this country, before we “take some altitude” on this very obvious problem that we’ve been landed with due to our obsession with EU “values”?!? Isn’t it funny how the EU have a directive for everything, yet there is no plan or interest whatsoever in keeping EU citizens in this state with mortgage problems, in their homes with their families? Maybe think about that one for minute…! The truth is that the EU serves big business and the needs of its citizens doesn’t even make the list of things that need to be protected & fixed.

    At least across the pond they have cottoned onto all of this and they’ve hit the stop button via Brexit, and the same in the US, where people have copped on that uncontrollled inward migration drives up the price of everything and drives down the availability of everything. I’d love to work in Canada or Australia but their policies don’t provide for me landing there and trying my hand at whatever I think might let me stay there with a roof over my head.

    I’m not sure how this article was written without any consideration for this huge variable, the variable being the sheer number of people who are arriving here every day, many not even from an EU country, and how this doesn’t impact on our housing crisis.

    • Mary Cryan

      Agree, and the problems are not only due to the “students learning English” but also due to the companies being enticed into Dublin by the government. Most of these are finance/tech firms hiring large numbers in Finance/Sales/Marketing and let’s be honest … anyone resident in Ireland and qualified in these areas already has a job. So with “winning” extra jobs, we are bringing in new workers, always into Dublin it seems … and they need space to live.

      At this point there is a crisis and it would do no harm for the government to look at the bigger picture for their citizens and residents? Is it a good thing to lure a new company to Dublin if most of the 2000 jobs are going to be recruited from abroad? Some extra income tax will be paid, but 2000 more people need a place to rest their heads. I also wish we could do something to get some of “the 8%” working in home removals and/or shops where the English-language students are working now, mostly these are not skilled jobs ….

      • DarraghD

        These multinationals Mary, they actually have a “get around” job visa scheme now, that was implemented by the Irish government at their request, they can now hire people from non EU countries without as much as ever trying to find someone for that role in Ireland and the EU! They don’t even have to advertise the job here, they are a “trusted partner” as far as the Irish government is concerned.

        This might be tolerable if a consequence of this wasn’t that we had a landlord on #SellOut the other night bragging that he can let an apartment out in the city for well over €2,000 a month. And where are the government?!? Conveniently asleep at the wheel.

        • Mary Cryan

          I didn’t even specifically mean “outside EU”, I meant just “someone new into Dublin”. If someone is coming from the EU they also need a place to stay. While I’m not a fan of the anti-immigrant themes of global politics, right now there *is* a “not enough space” problem in Dublin.

          The government don’t seem to bother “joining the dots”, no effort is being made to diversify the industries they attract here, or to move them round the country, they just offer a tax-incentive (bribe) and pull-in everyone they can. They seem to forget it’s not income that determines quality of life, it’s *disposable* income. Though I would guess that international workers in Dublin are spreading the message about accomodation costs on online forums, and I imagine Dublin is not top-choice for job applicants ….

    • Deco

      I know of a non-national who is claiming disability allowance, mortgage allowance, and loads of freebies. And he owns retail businesses. Yes. Multiple businesses.

      The authorities have no clue what is going on.

      • Mary Cryan

        You could tell them?

      • Literate

        Do you know of many Irish people doing the same? I’m sure you do.

        I know of numerous Irish tradesmen who are working full time, getting paid in cash and hence not paying and income or profit taxes. They also claim numerous benefits.

        Have you ever done anything like this deco?

      • Bamboo

        Oh for God’s sake, get a grip, this is how alt-right sentiments are born and developed. Or should I even bother with this.

        I post the odd time but this is really what got me posting this and what a country should be very, very careful of. Do we really want to end up like a Trump, a Farrage, a Le Pen, a Geert Wilders, etc.

        These are the steps:

        1. There is always one who kick-starts a point outside the essence of the topic and use this platform to spread havoc,
        2. Then another gets the go ahead and push for more – claiming that they are not an “anti-immigrant “.
        3. Then the usual unfounded facts kick in. It will bring it to the next level when a post drips in from a main contributor of this platform like Deco with so-called facts starting with “I know of a …., etc.
        “I know of a non-national who is claiming disability allowance, mortgage allowance, and loads of freebies. And he owns retail businesses. Yes. Multiple businesses

        Please be aware that this is how all of this ultra right movements starts and what a mess we end up in.

        • Deco

          Bamboo, are you trying to control other people ?

          If there is abuse of the system, saying that there is abuse of the system is NOT the problem.

          You seem to have NO problem with there being abuse of the system.

          • Literate

            Deco you are implying that it is immigrants who are the benfit cheats. In reality, while there may be a handful of non Irish people taking advantage of the system, the vast majority who do so are Irish and you know it

          • Bamboo

            I am expecting more from you, Deco.
            This “I know someone ….” argument is not good enough to make a point. This is how news/facts gets out of control and turns into fake news with catastrophic consequences.

        • Irish PI

          And then people like you come in with this type of arguement and try and shut down the debate by throwing theiur teddies from the pram ,yellling RaSCIST MISGYONIST,XENEPHOPE!! Everything is grand ! Cant hear you llalalala!! And then you act all surprised and butt hurt when people like Trump,Brexit and no doubt Le Pen get into power? THERE IS A PROBLEM!!and ignoring and pretending its all an “alt right conspircy” is not going to make go away.. Either this can be discussed and sorted out like civillised human beings,or the next version will be sorted out with guns and blood on the streets!! Our choice.

    • Literate

      1. Your comment stating that there is zero control over immigration is not true.
      2. Define ‘huge numbers’. I wouldn’t classify a few thousand as huge numbers
      3. Do you not think that Brexit will drive up the costs of everything for uk citizens?
      4. If you’d love to work in Australia or Canada, why don’t you look at the skillsets they require, upskill and leave? That would free up some accommodation.
      5. The problems in healthcare, transport and education are due to decades of underinvestment, waste, incompetent, corrupt politicians and powerful public sector unions directing money to wages and pensions instead of capital spending. It is also due to us as an electorate not holding politicians to account, demanding tax cuts instead of investment and not insisting that public officials are held accountable. It is not due to immigration.

      The vast majority of immigrants add huge value to this country and are not responsible for failings of government. I can appreciate your anger and frustration but mouthing off and blaming immigrants is not the solution. You should be ashamed of your ignorance.

      • DarraghD

        I should be ashamed that our country is being overrun by hundreds of thousands of people who are not refugees or people fleeing any type of persecution, but instead are economic migrants who are coming here with zero control on their numbers that are arriving?!?

        I should be “ashamed” of that fact that I see with my own eyes, so many Irish people living homeless because of the lack of accommodation, or that I see children being raised in emergency accommodation, yet I see hundreds of people arriving here every single week, so we are simply not in a position to provide housing for?!?

        Please stand back and see what a total THICK you are making of yourself, and the rest of the people like you on the left in this country, typically employed in public sector cushy numbers, or working in a quango in the capital, where you are earning enough to not have to compete for housing with the people coming here.

        This isn’t about being “racist” as you imply. You don’t see the Australian or the Canadian governments getting accused of “racism”, they couldn’t give a fiddlers where you are from or what colour your skin is. If you are not strictly pre-approved for work purposes, for a job that they badly need you for, then you are not getting in, end of story, and if you do get in and work illegally on the black market, you’ll be deported once they catch up with you!

        Meanwhile back here on Craggy Island, we have an open door policy to anyone who wants to come here. This is a tiny country with a massive housing crisis that is going to take years to resolve, and the very first thing we should be doing right now is stopping anyone from non EU countries coming here to work.

        The stupid “begob and begorra, sure come on over here for the craic!”, mentality that you clearly subscribe to, is exactly what has this country with a housing crisis and a healthcare crisis, and you should be embarrassed that you can’t see the obviously cause of the crisis that we have, that is under your nose.

        • Literate

          Deco you are implying that it is immigrants who are the benfit cheats. In reality, while there may be a handful of non Irish people taking advantage of the system, the vast majority who do so are Irish and you know it

        • Literate

          Your first paragraph is nonsensical hyperbole. Economic migrants pay their taxes and contribute greatly to our society.

          In a country of close to 5m inhabitant, 7000 homeless people is not a crisis. They all have roofs over their heads which they would not have in th US for example. Whilst I agree this is not acceptable, it is not the fault of immigrants as noted previously. The tax these immigrants pay should be directed towards building social housing, not enriching politician, civil service etc with enhanced wages.

          Your third paragraph is embarrassing. I work in the private sector if you must know, on an office with multiple non Irish workers who work diligently, pay their taxes and contribute greatly to the success of our company.

          Fourth paragraph, if you outstay or beach the terms of your visa here you will also be deported.

          Your final 2 paragraphs – don’t even know where to begin. I find it depressing that for someone like you who has had the opportunity to be educated to a doctorate level for free/ a nominal sum and lives in great free country like Ireland where your freedom to access information is not hindered can develop such an ignorant view on the problems facing our country. I note that you have not addressed any of my points in my first point. My conclusion that you should be ashamed of your ignorance still stands.

        • Bull_Boy

          As an economic migrant from South Africa, currently working as an accountant, I sincerely apologise for being such a burden on the healthcare, housing and traffic systems! I had no idea how my inconsiderate desire to live my own life was negatively impacting your delicate sensibilities!

          I do hope you will forgive my impertinence, and allow me to at least wear a black refuse bag as I walk down Grafton Street while you and your friends pelt me with rotten tomatoes…

          Off you go, there’s a good lad. I’ve spent my irony reservoir for the day!

        • Truthist

          And, very well said.
          Also, u are clearly not motivated by racism.
          Interestingly, most of the people pushing the influx of immigrants into European countries are racist.

        • Truthist

          U are being very fair DarraghD.

          Literate appears to be very charitable ;
          At least with the resources of Irish citizens he* is so he is.

          I do not know of Literate’s chromosome pairing.
          But, my use of this particular pronoun is in generic sense.

          If Literate is truly very charitable, I suggest ;

          Literate be so kind to foreign economic chancers arriving in this jobless cursed country for natives by greeting them at ports & airports here whereupon he gives them his address details — google map references etc. — for they to stay & freeload on him personally.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Hi Illiterate,


        The link states the following;

        “Ireland was one of the few existing member states not to impose any restrictions on the labour rights of workers from new EU member states when the Union saw its largest expansion, from 15 countries to 25, in 2004 – when Ireland held the presidency of the European Council”

        Would you like to withdraw the following;

        “1. Your comment stating that there is zero control over immigration is not true.”



    • coldblow

      An excellent comment. This is the same phrase that caught my eye too. If they are students they should be studying. But why come all the way to Ireland to study? I haven’t read most of the other comments yet.

      I have mentioned here before that I doubt if the government has much of an idea of the numbers of immigrants involved. It is the case in Britain so I doubt if Ireland is any better.

      I imagine that you will get replies saying that you are fear-mongering. Peter Hitchens has made the point to his liberal friends and opponents that if they think Donald Trump is bad, wait until they see who follows.

      The media has not being doing its job for many years but has joined the fantasy. If this were honestly discussed it would avoid a lot of trouble later. I will have a look at the other comments later. I expect to see much emotion and little common sense.

    • Cavesson

      I agree with DarraghD.

      The EU is a politically correct version of the German social engineering project that failed in the 40′s, namely; Survival of the fittest will kill of the waste in humanity.

  3. Mike Lucey


    Well said. What you mention is indeed a huge problem but again its all going according to plan for the globalists that aim to dilute native work forces in the western world for their own ends and bottom line.

    Once a county’s population has achieved a certain standard of living they are inclined to try and hold on to it. This is happening in the UK and the USA and is already the structure in place in Australia and New Zealand.

    Le Pen and Wilders look to be leading the march on anti-immigration!

    ‘Marine Le Pen hails patriotism as the policy of the future’

  4. Shane F


    Had just come to the same realisation.

    Reason.– I am aware of a large multinational nearby a couple of years ago had a round of non voluntary redundancies, Only long term employed native Irish were affected, Since then, Things picked up but the only new employee’s taken on were (presumably lesser paid) non nationals!

    So, It seems no irish need apply! These companies have no real sense of social or ‘corporate responsibility’ and its all about the rewards of low corporation tax.

    However I fear this will only go so far before people have the consequences thrust in front of them. Maybe It’ll take a downturn, but it will come!

    • Literate

      Do you know of many Irish people doing the same? I’m sure you do.

      I know of numerous Irish tradesmen who are working full time, getting paid in cash and hence not paying and income or profit taxes. They also claim numerous benefits.

      Have you ever done anything like this deco?

    • Literate

      Shane F – I’m assuming the people on the end of the redundancies we’re delighted with their free money. If they were good at their jobs, I’m sure they got new new jobs on equal terms and conditions.

      Maybe the new hires were in roles that those made redundant were not skilled enough to do? Maybe no Irish were hired because those that applied were not good enough? Maybe we should invest more in our education system using the taxes these foreigners are paying to produce better graduates? If these foreigners are creating demand for accommodation maybe our Irish politicians, councillors, planners and builders should earn their money and build some houses?

      • Shane F

        Literate –
        ” I’m sure they (the irish) got new new jobs on equal terms and conditions.”.
        Whats happening is that the multinationals are now using outsourcing companies where people don’t have the same benefits packages.

        ”Maybe the new hires were in roles that those made redundant were not skilled enough to do? Maybe no Irish were hired because those that applied were not good enough?”

        As originally stated above ‘when things picked up’. that should have told you that people had been made redundant because of a downturn. I now know that the new hires when things did pick up have not been in particularly skilled roles, on much reduced conditions.

        ”I know of numerous Irish tradesmen who are working full time, getting paid in cash and hence not paying and income or profit taxes. They also claim numerous benefits.”
        Have you done anything about this? Just wondering if in not doing so, does that actually make you an accessory on multiple counts?

      • David NZ

        @ literate

        Let them eat cake.

  5. DarraghD

    This country is the most primed place on earth right now for someone like Trump to emerge onto the political tables and to completely up-end the absolute and utter clusterfuck that is the Irish political landscape and Irish society at the moment. And I’ll make no apologies whatsoever for saying that if such a person appeared here for political office, I’d be out canvassing for them.

    And just like we saw in the US with Trump, it’s simmering just beneath the surface, it’s not obvious in the polls and in the daily analysis on the evening TV and on the radio, but it’s sitting there simmering away under the surface, just below boiling point. Irish people have HUGE concerns about how this country is now being overrun by people who are coming here from places like a China and South America on a student visa blag or whatever and taking the absolute piss. It doesn’t take a professor at the ERSI or some other useless government quango, stuffed full of people who are too well paid to ever have to worry about a housing or healthcare crisis, to figure out that these people require housing & healthcare, and that it is no coincidence that we have unprecedented crises now in housing & healthcare.

    But we won’t allow ourselves to discuss this because after all didn’t we travel everywhere when our economy failed in the 50′s and in the 80′s, so it’s almost like some kind of a completely fucked up reverse karma thing we have going on now, as we watch families being forced to sleep in tenement type hotel accommodation, and they are the lucky ones, those that aren’t that lucky are sleeping under the shelter provided by the huge church burial structures just on the left as you step into Glasnevin Cemetary, (seriously go have a look and you’ll see them there, sleeping bags and all), so we keep our mouths shut, because we are afraid to upset the pyschopathic church of the left in Ireland, again led by people like Paul Murphy, Ruth Coppinger, people who are again too well paid to ever have to concern themselves & their families with issues such as a housing & healthcare crisis insofar as these issues may ever affect them personally, as things go from very bad, to a lot worse in this country, we continue to allow these people lead the debate in this country, and it fucking sickens me. It’s like the whole of Irish society right now, at least the half that is actually working for it, is now hopelessly pitched against the entire political system.

    • Deco

      Coppinger has proposed
      - the state taking over Dell
      - the state taking over Starbucks

      She is the biggest clown in the circus.

    • Deco

      The psychopathic church of left whinging is dangerous, because it exists to make every social problem bigger so as to make the possible electorate of the whinge left increase.

      This has already happened in the US with the corrupt Democrat party.

      I would include FF in that category. They need the country to be fuct up for their own careers.

    • Literate

      No it is not. We have no support for a far right party and the headbangers in the far left have less than 10% of the electorate

  6. tony_murphy

    I’m selling a 2 bed townhouse outside Galway city, something I bought off the plans in 2003. I have set a price not much higher than what I paid for it (terrible investment). I will get out ASAP, one of the few not waiting for prices to go higher, but there is still not much demand, and it is affordable, especially with stupid rental price

  7. Deco

    Minor point of humour : I presume that everybody knows that IKEA is an acronym that in German translates as “Idiots Can Aquire Anything” ????

    Anyway, yes there is a lot of movement. Movement of employment. Movement to schools. Movement because owners are increasing their incomes. Movement because of empty nesting. Movement because certain areas are being gentrified. Movement because certain areas are being turned into crime riddled hell holes.

    The movement is facilitated by changes in the take home pay picture. There is a lot of money awaiting an investment plan.

    However, there are vulnerabilitities in the Irish economy.

    Trump’s first meeting will be with Theresa May. Putin has been promised a meeting. China’s Xi will get a meeting. Sisi in Egypt, the Japanese PM and the Israelis are also expecting closer relations. Merkel will have to wait in line, even if that is to happen at all.

    Official Ireland has responded to Brexit with an expression of relentless indignation. It is eviddent that this was self-serving, and irresponsible. There is no rationalization of the state system. Excess, largesse, and nepotism are rife. Brendan Ogle is wanting to implement Bertonomics on steroids.

    Official Ireland produced an even more spectacular exercise in nonsense to the election of Trump. The intelligent way to respond is to apply your intelligence, not pretend that you are superior.

    Everythiing is looking well now.

    In 18 months we simply do not know. Snapchat is an indication that arrogance from Official Ireland, does not amount to a competitive strategy. If anything it is a pre-requisite to failure.

  8. Pat Flannery

    This anti-immigrant rhetoric is like nationalists in Ancient Rome complaining about the number of non-Romans in the Roman Army. They were blind to the fact that the problem lay not in the presence of immigrants but in Rome having become dependent upon them. The fat and happy Roman citizens were no longer willing to do the work done by immigrants, like fighting for Rome.

    President Trump has promised to “Make America Great Again” by building a wall against Mexicans in order to “bring our jobs back” and to scrap NATO. How did that work out for the Roman Empire? I just hope a majority of Europeans will not listen to Trump, as many misguided Americans have already done. As the showman that he is he will start by picking the low lying fruit on Friday when he entertains Theresa May but it will get tougher and tougher as he reaches further and further up the thorny old European tree. He will learn that Britain does not speak for Europe.

    • Deco

      I agree with the proposal to scrap NATO. It is an anachronism. And it is counter-effective. It does the opposite of what it promises. It is merely a protection racket, that drives up militarism.

      NATO has driven China, and Russia together. And it has driven Brazil and India to be willing to co-operate with both.

      NATO’s aggressive process of expansion has increased Putin’s popularity in Russia.

      NATO is not a benign force. Under the last three PotUS, NATO has degenerated into a protection racket to implement Washington’s doctrine of “with us or agin us”. In Ukraine it has produced instability, and seen one dangerous thug replaced by an even more dangerous thug.

      I don’t buy the “pr” on NATO, any more.

      • Mike Lucey

        NATO is well past its sell-by date. The closest we came to the nukes flying, as we know it, was back in 1962 with the Cuban Missile Crisis

        I recently watched a documentary which put the whole episode into perspective for me. It seems that both leaders needed to hold face and the deal that was struck between Kennedy and Khrushchev worked, diplomacy worked and the Moscow–Washington hotline was set up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow–Washington_hotline

        The documentary also showed that General Curtis LeMay advised Kennedy to bomb the nuke bases in Cuba. It seems that LeMay was not aware that there were 7 nukes in place, armed and pointing at 7 major eastern seaboard US cities! The documentary also said the guys with the fingers on the buttons were Russians and they had non-reversible orders to press the buttons if the USA launched an air attack against Cuba.

        Kennedy’s good sense prevailed and he dismissed LeMay’s advice.

        At least Trump seems to be willing to enter into meaningful discussion with Putin and hopefully have both parties get back to using common sense. Still, the US $1,000,000,000,000+ military industrial / intelligence complex annual budget will not easily be reduced!

        • Truthist

          There were never any nukes in Cuba.
          Because :
          USSR did not trust Castro ;
          They knew that he was put into power by the USA.
          USSR went along with the flow of events except for placing actual nukes in Cuba.
          USSR in Stalin camp of communism.

          Given that the USSR not trusting Castro ever & especially their knowing that Castro was placed into power by USA, they obviously suspected that USA would be able to uncover the technology of USSR nukes placed in Cuba.
          USA in Trotskite camp of communism ;
          Not that it is a sure thing that big politicos know it even though they are in the main stage of the Stalinists versus the Trotskyites.
          The 5th column of USA since Stalin ousting Trotsky are Trotskyites.

          Republican Party are Stalinist crowd ;
          I know, it sounds a bit barny, but it is true.
          Just like Castro a die-hard Communist was also in effect a multi-billionaire enjoying very high lifestyle too while the citizens living in continual regressive conditions.

          Democrat Party are Trotskyite.

          • Mike Lucey


            Maybe you might believe the Russian documents published recently!

            Last Nuclear Weapons Left Cuba in December 1962

          • Truthist

            Interesting info Mike.

            I still suspect that the “nukes” were not real “nukes”,
            the crucial technology that USSR would be most guardful about — nuclear material & mechanisms — was not on board these particular “nukes”.
            And, for the reasons I reported above.

    • Deco

      Concerning the Mexico aspect, I think that Trump and the entire American media are incapable of saying that Mexico is actually better at producing certain manufacturing output, than the US workforce.

      The movement of work from US cities to Northern Mexico is not entirely about cost competitiveness. Quality is often better also.

      So that might not be a good idea.

      A more dumbed down US Public education, popular culture, and television has reduced the capacity of America considerably.

      Mexico produces better because those trends have not yet emerged in Mexico. No doubt those trends are in process. It is just that they have not yet damaged the capacity of the Mexican worker yet.

      Perhaps the real reason why Trump wants to build the wall, is because of an unmentioned admission in America, that it has not yet realised that the level of thinking that exists in America has declined. In other words, “Yankee ingenuity” has been gradually pulverized by an alternative that is effective at producing lethargy, ineffectiveness, dependency, and helplessness.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Patrick,

      “He will learn that Britain does not speak for Europe”

      Really? Did you forget that Britain spoke for Europe between september 1939 (when most other countries had surrendered) and June the 22 1941 when having failed to conquer the brits Hitler started shooting his way into Russia?

      Keep posting Patrick.


      • Pat Flannery

        michaelcoughlan: Trump will learn on Friday that Theresa May is not Prime Minister of Europe despite how much Trump may wish to please his Scottish mother. And thanks Micahel for allowing me to “keep posting”.

        • michaelcoughlan

          “Trump will learn on Friday that Theresa May is not Prime Minister of Europe despite how much Trump may wish to please his Scottish mother”

          Patrick; People reading the board will draw the conclusion quite rightly that you are off the wall barmy because what you are doing is printing on the board your own projected madness of believing that you know what trump thinks, you think that he believes Theresa May is the PM of Europe and that his motive is to please his LONG SINCE DEAD MOTHER.

          Keep posting Patrick.

          • Pat Flannery

            michaelcoughlan: so, if I am “off the wall barmy” and “only the bonbon’s could come up with such insane policy” as David posts on here, then readers should only believe michaelcoughlan’s “alternative facts”?

            I get it. Keep posting Michael.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Patrick,

            I haven’t stated any facts. Unlike your attempt to brainwash everyone Patrick with you nonsensical dogma I have no such agenda.

            You didn’t get it at all. When you post non sense people like me will keep highlighting it.

          • Pat Flannery

            michaelcoughlan: it is reassuring to know that when we Irish “post nonsense” people like you, Brits, will put us right. What would we mere Irish have done without you all these centuries? Keep posting Michael.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Patrick.

            “What would we mere Irish have done without you all these centuries”

            You like everyone else and Many others emigrated many to BRITAIN to make your living which is fine except you come home retired from the US and insult the Irish who make it here as well as the BRITISH who gave employment to so many Irish who were excluded from working here by dogmatic duplicitous assholes like you.

            You are damaging yourself Patrick not me. I know that won’t register with you but it will with everyone else reading the blog.

          • Pat Flannery

            michaelcoughlan: there is nothing worse than a renegade, from any country. Thank goodness not every Irish person who emigrated to Britain feels the need to hate Ireland as you do. But nobody is ever a complete write-off, they can always be used as a bad example. Keep posting Michael.

          • michaelcoughlan

            “Thank goodness not every Irish person who emigrated to Britain feels the need to hate Ireland as you do”

            Before you came on the board Patrick the bonbons did the same thing you are doing; putting words in peoples mouths with its implicit assumption that you know how other people think and in an effort to deflect the other person to their own world view. For example you saying I hate Ireland. This DEMONSTRATES how off the wall crazy you are.

            Thank goodness not every Irish person who emigrated to Britain hates the Brits as you do Patrick. Moreover thank God unlike you many of them have the basic good manners to be very thankful to the Brits for allowing them to ply their trade there.

  9. Truthist

    Trump just conducted his 1st drone-stike ;
    Against the sticken & extremely poor victims of Yemen.

    How about scrutinizing Trump’s staff team ?
    Did they persuade him to do that evil act ?
    Do they have a hidden agenda ?
    Is it much the same as the hidden agenda of Obama’s staff team ?

    Will the “Women’s March on DC” crowd challenge the drone strike policy ?
    I think not.



    • Deco

      Trump could set a marker done, that he is morally superior to Obama by cancelling further drome attacks on Yemen. If Saudi Arabia wants to fight wars with it’s neighbours (at enormous expense, and dreadful accuracy), then America is better off staying away. Concerning the stability of the state system in Saudi Arabia – of course it is instable. Just look at what they use for a constitution. No need for great philosophers, or legal minds, or intellectuals, there. Not a chance of it.

  10. erinblue

    The article sounds like it is aimed at anyone with an academic interest in economics or anyone dabbling in the housing market.

    When you point people to ‘today’s excellent supplement’ you sound like you are promoting property porn and then you hint that we have a healthy housing sector in Ireland. As if.

    Then we have bland statements on demographics and why people should hoard land and properties because prices are rising. It is all academic and straight out of a mainstream economics textbook. We tried all this before and looked what happened in 2008.

    Here are some numbers quoted in recent months in the main stream Irish media:

    230,000 empty homes.
    7,000 homeless families.
    1,400 euros average monthly rent in Dublin.

    And prices in some areas are back at 2007 levels while NAMA has been selling off batches of property on the cheap to foreign vulture funds.

    And you imply that we have a healthy housing sector?

    It does not make economic sense for a worker to live in Dublin or any major city in the Western world.

    Now talking of foreign vulture funds, Australians are being priced out of the market by rich Chinese investors and down under they have some of the most despicable politicians you could imagine.

    Which brings me to the point for which the normally sane Deco lost his steady bearing and was shot down in flames.

    If people are going to make such vacuous statements re immigrants then they should quite rightly be called to account. Have you got numbers Deco?

    Ireland has a high percentage of it’s population living abroad and has done for hundreds of years. We know about racism and intolerance and have experienced it first hand. Hence the reason we are by nature a tolerant people.

    And the last thing this country needs is more fear and despair.

    • Deco

      Immigrants working hard, and competing in the market is fair.

      People coming looking for freebies, when there is insufficient capacity for local needs is merely driving up the unsustainability factor. The entire welfare state in Ireland is dysfunctional.

      For fear and despair, I say “watch the debt levels”. That is the predecessor of fear and despair. Nobody in the media will dare tell the truth about the unsustainability of public debt in Ireland.

    • coldblow


      This comment from Michael Hennigan (FinFacts) on The Irish Economy sixteen months ago caught my eye:

      Michael Hennigan 23 Sept 2015

      “Last week the OECD provided data that Ireland had the highest number of native-born population living overseas – 17% while 20% of the population is foreign-born.”


      One-fifth of the population from abroad is an astonishing development. These are presumably the official figures that he is quoting and I assume it does not include students from Brazil.

      You might be happy about this, ‘relaxed’ even, but I think the government has been dangerously irresponsible in allowing this to happen. The media have been a disgrace in their refusal to address the issue, or to let anyone else raise it. I think this includes David. He did mention these ‘students’, to give him his due, but I assume it was to say that we are all getting along fine, to normalize it.

      • coldblow

        Here’s another quote from Michael Hennigan (who clearly thinks mass immigration is a good thing) from an earlier thread on the same weblog:

        ‘Italian textile manufacturers once planned to move up the value chain as they couldn’t compete with China, but in the Italin medieval city of Prato [which I have never heard of, by the way] in Tuscany, they didn’t reckon that more than 30,000 Chinese officially living in the city of 200,000 people and many more who are illegal, would take over the ‘Made in Italy’ trade.’


        I know that he is Mr Finfacts and that by saying this I am not helping my argument, but I am not sure I believe these figures.

  11. Blaming immigrants is pathetic. The Irish have been making a bollox out of running their country for 100 years and that’s not set to change.

    • Shane F

      I see the comments above as being aimed at the Globalist Elite, and the growing inequality and pain it causes everywhere else.

      Nobody blames anyone for wanting a better life and emigrating.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “The Irish have been making a bollox out of running their country for 100 years and that’s not set to change”

      Yes how true.

      “Blaming immigrants is pathetic” Yes indeed and fucking them over in min wage jobs with zero hour contracts is even more deplorable.

  12. Truthist

    Demographics change being readied in that precious little democracy in the Middle East.

    This theatre is where we will see plenty of the worst of Trump play out sure.

    Worldwide economy effects because of greed by the one-&-only super-power for the poor neighbouring people’s land.

    And, economists will end up having to talk about the morality of the continuous momentous events.
    “Man does not live on bread alone.”
    Sometimes, the moral aspect is important enough to be the theme of the economist’s discussion ;

    “Fire up the bulldozers,” says Trump’s biggest fan in Jerusalem

    19 January 2017


    Israel approves 560 new illegal homes in E. Jerusalem as Trump takes office

    22 Jan 2017


    • Deco

      There is only ONE functioning democracry in the Middle East.

      Turkey is in the midst of a clampdown against freedom of speech. Egypt is making tentative steps towards democracy, but the army must stand in the shadows to prevent the extremists getting back into power. [ and Ireland's politcal party for former terrorists, is siding with Egypt's political party for terrorists]. Tunisia is a democracy in theory, but even that could end within months. Lebanon is a federation of one party states, where the level of repression in the Hezbollah controlled statelet is brutal, and where the power structure is obsessed with controlling women.

      Context is everything in the Middle East. And much of that context is barbaric repression by clerics, and their most ardent supporters.

      • Truthist

        18 January 2017




        EXCERPT ;

        Here is another image that conveys the situation of Palestinians – these ones Palestinian citizens of Israel – more completely than any words.

        The man on the ground is Ayman Odeh :
        a member of the Israeli parliament,
        the head of the Joint List
        the 3rd largest party in the parliament,
        the highest-ranking Palestinian politician in Israel.
        Israeli police have just shot him with rubber-tipped bullets, not once but twice – including to the face.

        Odeh is 1 of the least confrontational politicians among Israel’s large Palestinian minority, a 5th of the population.

        His message is consistently one of peace and amity between all Israeli citizens, whether …s or Palestinians.

        That does not seem to have protected him from the shoot-first, ask-questions-later approach of Israel’s security forces towards Palestinians.

        This image should be as shocking as seeing a bloodied Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn crawling in the dirt, watched impassively by US or UK police.

        Context is important too. Odeh had joined the 1,000 inhabitants of Umm al-Hiran – all Palestinian citizens of Israel – early this morning in a demonstration to stop demolition crews destroying the 150 homes of their village in the Negev. …”


  13. Deco

    Anyway, there has been an avalanche of dramatics, hyperbola, lies, and sheer bullsh!t, in the media for months.

    We need to get to the actual matter of importance : policy making.


    • Deco

      By the way, I reckon the review of NAFTA might be as good as expected. It will probably indicate that the US gets essential commodities off Canadians, and sends a lot of junk back. It might find that the income US companies make from operating in Canada is greater than the trade deficit.

      Which might make Canada look like it is being ripped off. Remember the US is a low cost producer compared to Canada – unless you are talking about commodity production, where Canada can be cheaper because of scale.

      • Deco

        What I am saying is, what if Canada is being dug up, and emptied of it’s real wealth, whilst running faster and faster to pay corporate America in return ?

        What if the roles described in USA/Mex are reversed with respect to USA/CAN ?

  14. Deco

    By the way, Mover Mark is only a fraction of the movements. Most people do their own moving, or call on people they know for assistance.

    In essence the level of movement is only reflected, at the high end, by Mover Mark.

  15. michaelcoughlan

    “After all, be honest, why did you really move out at 21″

    I wanted to shag the brains out of my protestant girl friend and I did. I was so green (and catholic) I didn’t even know she was a prod. Small head was doing the thinking that time.

    You made no mention of the 20% rule for the second purchase Dathi. Assuming your analysis; more mature houses coming on stream due to the drip off in population size what happens when the mature house supply dries up and prices start sky rocketing?

    The 20% rule is fixed so the pile of cash required for a second purchase will increase condemning a generation of youngish Irish people in their 30′s to a life time of renting because it is going to be increasingly impossible to trade up. There will be enormous demand with increasing prices and NO supply because the punter will be unable to afford a newly built mid sized family home?

    Only the bonbon’s could come up with such insane policy.


  16. Deco

    The Clintons wanting to get back in power was hard enough to endure. The DNC told the rest of the party it was already a done deal. And when Sanders tried to upset the applecart, he had the DNC undermining him, and the media ignoring him, until it became too late for him to win – at which point they gave him loads of attention.

    And then there was the move by the Obamas to stay close to Washington, even though he is no longer in power.

    It seems that the latest trend is for political leaders who never go away. Who decide in their own minds, that they need to stay around forever.

    However, while in the West it can be an absurdity, in some parts of the world it simply goes beyond absurdity.

    It is much worse in Turkey. Erdogan has decided that he is so good at leading Turkey that he will get more power, and that the increased powers will enable him to stay in power for longer. He is now trying to turn Turkey into his own dynasty desmesne.


    Meanwhile the new leader in Gambia has decided that he will be around for a very long time indeed.



  17. toner78

    This Mark fella, he is not going to tell anyone that he is doing OK or i’m tipping along nicely… No, this is typical of one of those people who have a particular business to run and to keep it going through an age of fear and uncertainty. These are the people who have a vested interest in talking up this floundering economy just like the unscrupulous Auctioneers, Media, Banks and Government. Come on, who wants to live in Dublin anyway, the housing market is way over inflated by greedy desperate people who are trying to get a crumb from the small slice of cake that is by now practically eaten away.

  18. The war on cash is the next leg iron on the world population.
    Just think how many billions of people will be affected without access to cash (See the results in India)
    What will it do to your day to day activities to have no cash
    Think of the control the government now has on your daily activities.
    think hoe easy it will be to control you when the tap to your moey can be turned on and off at will by an official or bureaucrat.

    Meanwhile as we argue and debate relatively harmless happenstances we all sleepwalk into future incarceration and economic serfdom.


    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi tony,

      I was thinking about your situation about having no land to farm. you dont need any. This is the website;


      of a very inspirational Canadian called Curtis Stone who farms lawns he rents from Canadians in an Urban setting. He Has a cool book and an online course.

      He makes a fortune Tony.

      Using many of his principles myself.

      best regards,


  19. Truthist





    22 JAN 2017

    Boys can now be Girl Guides if they identify as female.

    And the same applies to leaders !

    The new rules also state that parents and children should not be told if a biological male who identifies as female joins their group as it might cause alarm.

    But some parents have reacted angrily


  20. We are ignoring bank securities given to Banks . It is more important than what is perceived and nobody seems to write about it .

    EU Banks are insolvent and that means they are technically bankrupt and this year will reveal who has clothes or not . Irish Banks are weaker . Should an Irish Bank go bankrupt deposits will be lost due to new laws on Bail -Ins ( subject to Government Guarantees ). In the end those guarantees may be issued in tokens by the Government and not Euros .

    The Elephant in the room seems invisible namely ‘ Securities’ . By this I mean ‘ property titles’ . When an Irish Bank goes bankrupt all title securities are lost no matter if there is a bank loan or not on the title. Currently peoples assets in property titles held in trust ( eyes wide open) with or without bank loans are part of the banks reporting to Central Banks that is bluffing their ‘bank reserves’.

    Try an exercise and obtain release your security titles from Bank where you have no bank loan . Watch the bank body language and the obfuscation and the questions .

    Time is running out .

    • michaelcoughlan

      “When an Irish Bank goes bankrupt all title securities are lost no matter if there is a bank loan or not on the title. Currently peoples assets in property titles held in trust ”

      Forgive my ignorance but can you explain this a bit better? What do you mean title security and their loss in a bankruptcy?

      “Currently peoples assets in property titles held in trust”

      What does that mean holding title securities in trust?

      yours sincerely,


      • Over the last several years more than 80 banks in Ukraine have been declared bankrupt . Businesses and Private entities have lost billions of ‘hryvnias’ with zero chance of restitution.Banks are just registrars and bookkeepers of monies on current account and are not allowed to operate with these monies . However Deposits or trusts accounts agreements are a different matter and may rank as an unsecured creditor in the defunct bank balance sheet just like a normal creditor where restitution is unlikely subject to government guarantees. Thus the old fashion word ‘trusts’ have been deleted in the new laws on bail-ins. Also securities of property titles have been known to be abused by banks of clients who hold these whether the properties have a bank loan or not or where one of the owners never gave any guarantee to a bank loan ( eg wife) .

        It is not wise to trust a bank with property titles deeds when you have that choice.

        I am asking David to write an article on this matter to clarify and broaden this subject.

        Also the hypothetical insolvency of the state registrar service or the state land cadaster would lead to losing your title to your house or land plot makes an interesting subject.

        • If you want to steal some money don’t rob a bank – open one.

          • It allows you to do multiple acts of fraud and receive concurrent sentencing .This means the gross minimum for only one act only applies because you own a bank or part- of.

            A hundred years ago children in work houses were issued with separate sentencing for each act for robbing an apple just to survive .

        • Truthist

          Very interesting info. John ;

          Please accept that I had good grounds to oppose ur praising of General Gough from Limerick.
          Limerick has many more worthy contenders as great Irish.

          It may surprise u that I have read all ur posts over many years because I often found gems of useful info., & also because u are given to being very witty.

          Returning to ur post ;
          Perhaps u can explain & elaborate on the following excerpt ;

          “Also securities of property titles have been known to be abused by banks of clients who hold these regardless whether :
          the properties have a bank loan or not


          where one of the owners never gave any guarantee to a bank loan ( eg wife) .”

          • What I write is based on daily information and experience I am surrounded by so what I write is much of my reality in what I do in real life and what everyone has to live with knowingly or not .

            Based on real life facts :

            A bank customer wishes to pay off a bank loan and reclaim the titles of an investment house and all of this is agreed with local regional bank office however trouble from faceless head offices in Dublin create incorrect obfuscating forms over demanding and confusing the borrower including demanding the monies and not releasing the deeds. Regional head office complains , an internal complaint office investigates to regulate and later again faceless office staff in Dublin continue their dangerous tactics and local head office become annoyed and complaint office intervenes again . On top of all this the borrower solicitor is finding the bank tactics threatening to the borrower .Extraordinary efforts by the bank were taken refusing the releasing the title deed. So the question is why and are these deeds bluffing the coffers to comply with Central Banks regulations in a deceptive way .

            Another example a husband and wife have always allowd the bank hold the title deed of their big home and it has no mortgage . However the husband is a business man and engages with another branch with business partners to develope property and that new property is used as security in all the personal guarantees . When the project fails and the business asset is undervalued the bank seize the home title deeds and the wife is now held accountable for something she was not part of and cannot seek the deeds that never were part of the original security .So the home is sold and the wife receives half of the proceeds to buy a small house .By this stage the husband has committed suicide .

          • Truthist

            The core of this blog could publish a weekly news-fact-opinion journal other than this blog.
            Such information that u have given here would be highlighted to entice the public to read more about it & the other vital & shocking stuff inside.
            The writers should be compensated for their efforts.
            Perhaps by sponsors rather than readers.

            John, how can a person force the bank to hand over the deeds ?
            Surely the latter case u report — deeds of property not used as “security in all the personal guarantees” — is illegal ?
            In that particular circumstance, how can the couple over-turn :
            the bank retaining the deeds ?
            the bank selling the property ?
            the property having been sold ?

            Much thanks for ur very helpful reply.

          • You have raised many issues and our hosts may or may not show interest . I have asked earlier that David write and broaden this subject on securities given to banks re: homes and farm homes ( excl land ) etc

            Your questions need extensive response as the subject is so vast .

            Ultimately to make any change that the people / citizens / electorate / young generation etc can make sense in ‘The State’ is that ‘ The Law Reform Committee ‘ should give a pro -active open access to their on-going agenda present and future and that there is a representative on the committee that liaisons with U & I . This should be read with Government policies and directions given to them .

            No other prognosis fiscal / legal / social machinery is relevant until the dark squeamish skeletal systems are removed to be replaced with what is relevant to day to the people that matter . Wishful thinking and aspirations hold no more water and serious business of change is now called for .

          • Truthist


            Getting people organised to be outside the banks BEFORE they open on “choice” 8-) day — & they with placards stating the intentions intentions of that visit ; vis. retrieve “their” deeds — would cause a particular type of “Bank-run” ?

            I think this very serious matter needs to get communicated to the masses of ordinary folk out there pronto ;
            But, in very carefully thought-out graphics + text, & use of various media — perhaps including the treacherous “main-stream” media also — options.

            Again, thanks for elaboration ;
            Indeed, an excellent explanation it is.

            Another such post from this blog that I copy & paste & file with suitable ready-reckoner name.

  21. Truthist

    @ Deco
    Apropos of ur post above ;

    January 23, 2017 at 8:44 am
    “There is only ONE functioning democracry in the Middle East. …”

    The following link from the respected independent journalist, & Irish Citizen, & former USA Marine, Ken O’Keefe :
    complements ur post
    enhances ur post
    challenges ur post

    Ken o’ Keefe dissects Israel and Saudi Arabia.


    I think that Trump will help u know who to run the blood baths again.

    And, I believe that Trump will renege on his promise to investigate the convincing evidence that “u know who” did 9-11 ;
    Most of the victims of 9-11 would have been Irish-American ;
    No personal advance warnings by phone calls & sms’s to them individually warning them not to arrive that day to Twin Towers & vicinity ;
    Unlike what was dutifully facilitated for “u know who”.

    And, there will be even much bigger influx of refugees — & this time probably most will be genuine AND not trained by Soros’s “little helpers” to be sociopathic — ref. Germany, Sweden [ Really ; What did Sweden ever do against the forebears of Soros's "little helpers" to be so targeted ? ] inter alia as reported by Grzegorz & Goldbug — into ALL of European Union.

    Irish economy will not be able to cope with the stress of that.

  22. Truthist


    Have a witness of the following youtube video ;

    Truth About The Irish Potato Famine Genocide

    Toll of Irish Holocaust.

    The 1841 census of Ireland revealed a population of 10,897,449.

    This figure includes the correction factor established by that year’s official partial recount.

    When, between 1779 & 1841, the U.S.A. population increased by 640 %, & England’s is estimated to have increased, despite massive emigration to its colonies, by 100 %, it is generally accepted that Ireland’s population increase was 172% 10.
    The average annual component of this 172% increase is x in the formula (1+ x)62 = 1 + 172% ;
    Thus 0.0163, or 1.63%.
    Accepting that this 1.63% rate of annual population increase continued until mid-1846 (1 human gestation after the late-1845 beginning of removal of Ireland’s food), the 1846 population was 11,815,011.
    Assuming that rate continued, the population in 1851, absent the starvation, would have been approximately 12,809,841.
    However; the 1851 census recorded a population of 6,552,385;
    Thus, there was a “disappearance” of 6,257,456.
    This population-loss figure of 6,257,456 is scarcely susceptible to significant challenge, being derived directly from the British government’s own censuses for Ireland.
    It is reasonable to assume that the rigor established in the recount of 1841 became the standard for the 1851 census; so that any residual undercount would be systemic, affecting 1841 & 1851 proportionately (&, if known, would increase the murder total).
    These 6,257,456 include
    roughly 1,000,000 who successfully fled into exile
    another 100,000 unborn between 1846 & 1851 due to malnutrition-induced infertility.
    Of the 100,000 who fled to Canada in 1847, only 60,000 were still alive one month after landing.11 Among the 40,000 dead was Henry Ford’s father’s mother who died en route from Cork or in quarantine on Quebec’s Grosse Ile.
    Thus; though from 1845 through 1850, 6,257,456 “disappeared,” the number murdered is approximately 1.1 million fewer; i.e., 5.16 millions.
    Consequently; if Britain’s census figures for Ireland are correct the British government murdered approximately 5.16 million Irish men, women & children; making it the Irish Holocaust.


    And, an elite descended from the “survivors” & “cute hoors” & “the tough & greedy” — through vicious Civil SERPENTS — are now lording it over a very underclass of native Irish :

    homeless ;
    existing in bedsits, & flats, & arguably “apartments”.
    And, they be :
    working in jobs
    homeless + roofless ;
    existing in cars
    existing under any bit of canopy they can find when out in the elements

  23. Mike Lucey

    I learned about this today,

    ‘Now the Entire EU Is Urged to Adopt a Basic Income’


    So it looks like the power brokers are going to try this stunt to control the ‘people’ in the hope that they will stay in the pens and the ones that are jumping the fence will meekly go back into their pens and not be so rebellious!

    I imagine a lot of people will go along with the stunt until they realise they have been backed into a corner with no way out.

    It just dawned on me that this stunt would be the ideal ‘cover’ for the power brokers to eliminate all cash and strengthen their stranglehold.

    Bit Coin is looking more attractive by the day!

  24. Truthist

    Super-rich American ‘preppers’ buying in New Zealand ready for US doomsday

    24 Jan, 2017


  25. Shane F

    I heard of one Hedge fund manager who already has.

    Local builder doing very well out of constant superficial modifications made on a whim.

    One example- Euro 25k spent on changing route of year old Driveway, just sent marked up photos from PC for that and he only visits once a year. Builder doing well out of it all, buts its disgusting.

    Does he think we’d be less forgiving here if the pitch forks come for the ‘Let them eat cake brigade’?

  26. Truthist

    Links worth perusing :

    Hold + Drag over the URL > Right Click > Select “Go to … the particular URL”

    Re ; Agenda of Mr. Sore-Ass


    Re ; Survivors of German concentration camps in Germany & occupied Poland
    Thankfully the Germans were not typically efficient.
    So, we have survivors.


    Re ; The real sponsors of ISIS


    Re ; Corporation sub-contracted to run False Flags ; Both real & fake atrocities


    Re ; Propaganda from Main-stream Media


    Re ; False Flags that have since been admitted by establishment / perpetrators


    Re ; Michael Moore challenged by ordinary folk fed up with his antics


    Re ; Cops of USA


    Re ; Libya under benign dictator Gadaffi, & since then the invasion & barbaris of proxy USA etc. & sub-proxies ISIS etc
    Interview with Irish-American couple — Moriarty — whom I posted very significant textual testimony which is also a very fluid read in recent past.
    Deco was very impressed with that textual material.
    Ditto Tony Brogan.


    10 signs of global awakening


    Especially for Grzegorz

    The connection with North East of Ireland


    Graphic showing the demographics of those who killed Blacks / African Americans in year 2015


    Re ; Panic in the so-called Left


  27. Pie Squared

    Some responses to issues that grabbed my attention:

    To David

    The ROCK effect – Housing in Dublin is really about “wealth” or an attempt at creating wealth by the haves, a la Ross O’Carroll Kelly. But at what cost? We eat our young. And regional Ireland is held in absolute contempt by those whose forebears recently (1 or 2 generations ago) moved off the land. Another smug article in today’s Irish Times by Miriam Lord re the buffoonery of the latest Regional Policies. We need a serious plan to grow Ireland’s, not Dublin’s wealth.

    On a linked topic, wonder what the ratio is, of jobs offered in Dublin vs outside Dublin? My guess it’s something like 20:1 – from a cursory look at jobs.ie. Did you know there are Dublin salaries and regional salaries? Why? So that Dubliners can trade up and their balance sheet goes through the roof while the rest of the country burns and exports their kids on the hoof.

    Maybe we should just saw off Dublin and let it float away? So it can truly just look after its own interests! There problem solved…no contamination by that rabble the culchies…Roysh?

    To Lots of People who argued forcibly for/agst immigration control

    Ireland has a population way below the populations of many, many cities in the developing world. An open door policy is suicide, if you happen to value anything Irish and believe me Ireland’s values are First World and for the most part worthy (far from perfect and we could do with a serious injection of strategy, negotiation skills and balls, but nevertheless worthwhile.)

    I am not a fascist. Simply up parapet, do the maths and create a thoughtful, intelligent approach to migration. HINT, consider the gift we would like to hand over to future generations, our current size, our past, what our growth strategy is, what people we need to build our country, what they and their family members can contribute to the soul of our nation, its economy and growth?

    To Truthist

    My numbers for the 1841 census of Ireland are different from yours (earlier discussion), but either way I fully agree the Famine was a travesty which Ireland has still not overcome.
    The population of the island is still less than it was in 1841, when world population has grown by a factor of 7 since then. Perversely Ireland’s loss was an Anglo American gain and one we have yet to leverage.

    I’m reminded of that famous war poster: “Your country needs you.” And though I know it belongs to an earlier time and we all thought we had moved on to bigger things, the notion of country is still primally etched. Ideally the global, the regional, the national and the local would co-exist – without the current schizophrenia.

    Thinking further on those words that seem part of the zeitgeist…in the Irish context, note the word country and not Dublin.

    What if we gave incentives to those returned sons to invest outside of Dublin and live outside of Dublin until regional growth in the main centres is on a par with Dublin. How would we do that? Isn’t that a real problem worth solving? In the meantime Dublin could position itself for longer term growth, take the city by the scruff of the neck and restructure it, while someone else benefits from growth for a change?

    Far too radical for all the cute hoors, grandsons of farmers, protecting their right to get by on like 10000 a day up in the big smoke?
    Also far too radical for the ppps – parish pump politicians – who can’t see the wood for the trees?

    But for mandarins to raise their gaze from their own pockets and think about their fellow men…requires a leader or a revolution of the kind Ireland has rarely if ever experienced?

    • michaelcoughlan

      “An open door policy is suicide”

      So True.

      “But for mandarins to raise their gaze from their own pockets and think about their fellow men…requires a leader or a revolution of the kind Ireland has rarely if ever experienced?”

      Once again so true. Take Michael Collins for example; a man so talented and who didn’t emigrate was too much of threat to the apparatchiks so as usual when failing to exile him we did the Irish thing and blew his fucking head off.

      So sad.

    • Truthist

      Hi Pi-Squared,

      The figures from the youtube video above are even higher than my figures given to this blog prior.
      As ever, suffering is not to be a competition.
      Suffering is Suffering.

      Other small nations have suffered bigger genocides in number terms than the Irish ;
      Ukraine ; “The Holodmoor”
      Noteworthy is that the Ukrainian people have been given an instruction by the very powerful organisation Anti-Defamation League [ ADL ] to refrain from talking about it.
      Google.com results for seach terms ;

      Holodmoor AND ADL


      I also long for a great leader to Irish nation ;
      But, such a “man” — & it should be a man unless we are so lucky to get that even rarer phenomenon a female genuine leader e.g. Joan of Arc [ not Margaret Thatcher or Mary Harney or Frances Fitzgerald or Ruth Coppinger 8-) or Ivana Backik 8-) etc. ] — would have it like Moses did in the desert reproving his “contrary” people.
      Most of us Irish are now corrupt.
      Michael Coughlan is given to calling us scum ;
      But, he obviously does not mean it in a racist or otherwise unfair way.
      I believe that he is correct.

  28. Mike Lucey

    It looks like le Pen has got a major boost!

    ‘The frontrunner for the French presidency is under investigation for embezzlement
    France’s financial prosecution office yesterday said it had opened an embezzlement investigation into François Fillon, the frontrunner for the French presidency after allegations suggested his wife had been paid around €500,000 in public money despite never showing up for work. The move could boost far-right Marine le Pen.’ Business Post Headline.

    • Deco

      Fillon was a candidate to “Make France Efficient Again”.

      And now he is poleaxed. This means a run off between the centre left and Le Pen.

      Which increases Le Pen’s favourability with the electorate.

      In France the left are incompetent, wasteful and clueless as to how to run the country.

      In France the centre right often corrupt, afraid to make decisions in the greater interest, and even arrogant.

      And sure enough, the corruption problem has surfaced again.

      The problem in France, is that the leadership deficit is so bad, that somebody needs to do what Fillon is promising to do – otherwise France will be an even bigger mess than either Italy or Spain.

      Put it this way – Spain went to 20% unemployment, and the worst thing that happened was Podemos and their pony-tailed “free stuff for everybody hard sell”. Italy is in a chronic financial situation, and the worst that happened was one bank going to the wall.

      Both societies have been stretched to the limits and have not exploded.

      That is simply not possible in France.

      France cannot afford to avoid what Fillon is demanding. There will be chaos if France continues to be uncompetitive, bureacratic, inefficient, corrupt and loaded with nepotism.

  29. terryhewett

    Phoenix Park!
    Phoenix Park!
    Does it not have the relevance,
    Of the old Aardvark,
    But don’t think soever that Dublin can’t share,
    Of Reading Gaol and Merrion Square.

    Will the Brexit turn Irexit,
    Ian Dury cannot tell,
    But Ian Dury led to fury,
    The toll asked not the bell.

    Will the Brexit turn Irexit,
    You’d best ask Dr Fell,
    Ev’ry side will try to sexit,
    And we can go to hell.

  30. terryhewett

    To Hell or to Connaught
    To Connaught or Hell
    To sleep with the fishes
    Of Scotland full well
    To ask us to finish the job
    Of Cromwell

    Do not ask do not ask
    For whom tolls the bell
    The Wildeness of Merrion
    Call in Dr Fell
    Perhaps Yeats’s wine bar
    Could give us a clue
    To wish us all Gonne
    Best of luck to that too.

  31. terryhewett

    Fast and funny, smart and nimble,
    is his mind, the poet thinks,
    making what is complex simple,
    mixing metaphors like drinks,
    till becoming quite inebriate,
    his speech begins to slur,
    manic as a tom-cat mated,
    his poems they fail to purr,
    thoughts like lemming herds stampeded,
    fearlessly they dash,
    unrestrained by lousy software,
    on pixeled screens they crash,
    as slow as death and sadly humbled,
    like cats that have been fixed,
    static as statistics stumbled,
    in metaphors he’s mixed.

  32. terryhewett

    Of him that writeth things Divine to men:
    But must I needs want solidness, because
    By Metaphors I speak; was not Gods Laws,
    His Gospel-laws in older time held forth
    By Types, Shadows and Metaphors? Yet loth
    Will any sober man be to find fault
    With them, lest he be found for to assault
    The highest Wisdom. No, he rather stoops,
    And seeks to find out what by pins and loops,
    By Calves, and Sheep; by Heifers, and by Rams;
    By Birds and Herbs, and by the blood of Lambs;
    God speaketh to him: And happy is he
    That finds the light, and grace that in them be.

  33. terryhewett

    The Truth, as Cabinets inclose the Gold.
    The prophets used much by Metaphors
    To set forth Truth; Yea, who so considers
    Christ, his Apostles too, shall plainly see,
    That Truths to this day in such Mantles be.

    • Truthist

      I prefer prose.

      Anyway, with talent for poetry — especially for getting to the heart of the matter — such as u clearly have ;
      ==> u should prove to be a very able prose writer.

      Looking forward to ur reflections on matters of Ireland experience ;
      Because, ‘there is in this state of “Ireland” something rotten’.
      I myself notice the stench from the civil service, & the professional class, & “corporate” Ireland, & the main-stream media of Irish State, & Irish academia from the humanities, & the drug-taking culturists, & …

  34. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    I came across the title to this youtube video by chance ;
    It is very recent.
    This video-blogger is very searching & perceptive.
    Poland & Sth China Sea A Pincer On Eurasia


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Sometimes you are incredible when it comes to finding rare stuff online.

      Currently there are huge geopolitical debates in Poland. Something has just occurred to me – say we were to be cut off from Britain for whatever reason. Do we actually have a sufficient fleet to do a trade with the rest of the world and navy forces to protect that trade? Imagine if post-Brexit UK turns nasty and starts charging us Trump-style tariffs for using their trade links.

      • Truthist

        No !
        We have no merchant navy ;
        Because of executive decision by the Civil SERPENTS + The Blue Shirts / Fine Gael when they should never leave us devoid of our own merchant navy.
        I suspect that this move was to undermine the State
        At least to undermine any arguments or change in policy that would have the State, & / or private, enterprises being highly successful with exports away from EU monitoring & control.
        But, I may be wrong about this particular conspiracy theory.

        Anyway, the liquidator & other slimy f..kers must have been clapping their hands with delight on getting this hit-job ;
        Irish Shipping was fleeced.

        Here is excerpt from 1 sample of link from Google.com search based on the terms ;
        Irish Shipping Ltd.


        EXCERPT FROM ;

        “Jack Rogan, who spent 35 years with the company, was on the Irish Spruce in the French port of Marseille when the liquidation was announced by the late Fine Gael transport minister Jim Mitchell.
        The company had incurred net losses of £14 million in 1983 when the global deep-sea freight market collapsed. The Irish Spruce was arrested by the port authorities and the propellor removed so it could not leave – even though it was being leased and was not part of the assets.
        Some 490 people lost jobs and pensions in the liquidation, jointly agreed by Mitchell and then finance minister Alan Dukes.
        “We didn’t get a penny of redundancy until 1994,” Rogan says. He estimates the whole debacle cost the State about £144 million. “Berthing fees cost £1,150 for each day the Irish Spruce was in Marseilles over two years, and it was sold for $3.25 million and then sold on again for £22″

    • Truthist


      I replied to most of ur latest replies on the very previous blog’s discussion.
      Should u wish to discuss further on any of those mini-threads I suggest again it would be better to do so at early stage of any subsequent blog’s discussion.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej


        I have only seen it now.

        I won’t have time to respond or explain to all the points you have made.

        1. “And, boy is the new Pope a crook !”

        Initially, I was deluded by the new Pope, even though the fact that he is from Argentina should have been a bit suspect to me (Latin American teology of liberation, invented by KGB from the very beginning).
        I thought his return to simplicity was Franciscan in spirit. It turned out to be a publicity stunt. I do not think that I would ever say it, but this pope is an anti-Christ, which, in a sick way, brings me to the same platform as Dr Ian Paisley had, which I do not want to share with him. I do not recognise him as a Pope after this interview:


        I recognise Benedict XVI as the only legitimate Pope, overthrown and imprisoned. I’d much rather leave the Catholic Church and become a protestant (like that former housemate of mine from east Belfast, who – after years of harrassment, ended up hearing “you are a pathological liar, you fucking UVF little prick”, whereupon he said to my landlord “it’s either me or him” – so it was him (he now lives 165km away and is told not to enter my town), than listen to that illegitimate pope.

        2. “Sheikh Imran Hosein.
        A most benign & wise & learned man.”

        I did like his personality and there is something soothing in his voice to listen before sleep. I watched all videos with him I could find. You’ll be saddened by my opinion though: though he knows a lot about his own cultural circle, I think he has a very distorted view of western Christianity and Europe in general (and rosy of the Orthodox Church). I have to blunt with you: I think Russians play him like a little child, they show him what they want to show him. More importantly, sometimes he really betrays his ignorance on Catholicism. No eremites in western Christianity? Jeez, there was much more than in Islam (my college friend became one!), only most Europe is not Christian now at all. Plus, he is even more childish in not seeing at all a huge danger that China poses to the West in short term, and Russia/Islam in the long term.

        “No one resembled the Aryan blond blue-eyed ideal less than the Nazi leadership.
        According to a recent essay by Miles Mathis, they were all Jews.
        He says :
        Hitler was a full Jew
        Part Jews included
        Magda Goebbels,
        Eva Braun,

        I do not really value thoroughness of Makow’s research, even though he raises interesting points. And, I have explained that very recently (I have studied the law of Nazi Germany and fascist Italy for 6 months), did you miss my post?

        When it comes to Jewishness, there are 4 ways of approaching it.

        1. Koneczny-style, my favourite, but very few people have minds subtle enough to think at that level of abstraction. This is the cultural Jewishness. To me, you can be a Polish nationalist and be 100% Jew (I know one such person), PROVIDED you are culturally Latin, not Jewish.
        And you can be 100% Polish ethnically and a Jew from culture.

        2. DNA testing. In that way, it may turn out that me and you might be, say, 30% Jewish (I’d love to do a test). AND THEN WHAT? I.e., a hair taken of Hitler’s family member and DNA tested proved that Hitler’s ethnic background was 1/3 North African.

        3. Jewishness according to Israeli laws. Well, I do not live in Israel, so why should I care.

        4. So

        Since Feliks Koneczny is too subtle to anyone (mind you, Huntington, who plagiarised him, only understood 10% of him at best!),

        the best approach to decide who was a Jew – when it comes to Nazis – is

        TO STRICTLY ADHERE TO THE LETTER OF NUREMBERG LAWS (it’s common sense – Nazis judged by their own laws)!!!!!!

        I explained it to you before and with a patience of an angel, I’ll do it again:

        NONE OF THESE PEOPLE YOU LISTED APART FROM EICHMANN and HEYDRICH (who was a Jew according to both Nazi and Israeli laws) WERE JEWISH!
        And, btw, Luftwaffe general Milch – whom Makow does not list – was fully Jewish.

        Himmler was DEFINITELY NOT JEWISH AND MAKOW GIVES NO ARGUMENTS WHATSOVER. I hate lazy researchers, they reminds me of a Soviet propaganda.

        Himmler’s father Gebhard was from a family of farmers and craftsmen from Ansbach in northern Bavaria. His grandfather – Konrad Himmler – was the illegitimate son of Johann Hettinger and Johanna Himmler.

        Mr Gebhard’s origins are decisively German.

        Himmler’s mother, Anna Maria Heyder, was the daughter of a Bavarian tradesman and of very similar origins to her husband Gebhard (look in Richard Breitman, 1991, ‘The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution’, 1st Edition, Alfred A. Knopf: New York, p. 9) – an extremely pious Catholic too. There are no reasons whatsoever for supposing she had any jewish ancestry, and none are given by Messrs Makow or Aanirfan (interestingly Himmler did believe he was descended from a convicted witch).

        Himmler’s only Jewish connection is that his great niece – Katrin Himmler – married and has children by a Jew (look at Katrin Himmler, 2007, ‘The Himmler Brothers: A German Family History’, 1st Edition, MacMillan: Basingstoke, p. 4).

        Was Goebbels Jewish?

        Did you/Makow ACTUALLY read the Nuremberg Laws?

        Look at “Erste Verordnung zum Reichsbürgergesetz”, November 13, 1935, &5 (signed by Der Führer und Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler, Der Reichsminister des Inneren Frick, and Der Stellvertreter des Führers R. Heß – Reichminister ohne Geschäftsbereich – reference: Reichsgesetzblatt, 1935, Nr. 125, S. 1333f.).

        Ҥ 5.
        (1) Jude ist, wer von mindestens drei
        der Rasse nach volljüdischen Großeltern
        abstammt. § 2 Abs. 2 Satz 2 findet Anwendung.
        (2) Als Jude gilt auch der von zwei volljüdischen Großeltern abstammende staatsan-gehörige jüdische Mischling,
        a) der beim Erlaß des Gesetzes der jüdischen Religionsgemeinschaft angehört hat
        oder danach in sie aufgenommen wird,
        b) der beim Erlaß des Gesetzes mit einem Juden verheiratet war oder sich danach mit
        einem solchen verheiratet,
        c) der aus einer Ehe mit einem Juden im Sinne des Absatzes 1 stammt, die nach dem Inkrafttreten des Gesetzes zum Schutze des
        deutschen Blutes und der deutschen Ehre
        vom 15. September 1935 (Reichsgesetzbl. I S. 1146) geschlossen ist,
        d) der aus dem außerehelichen Verkehr mit einem Juden im Sinne des Absatzes 1
        stammt und nach dem 31. Juli 1936 außerehelich geboren wird. ”

        So if you look at Dr Goebbels’ family tree, you’d CLEARLY SEE THAT ACCORDING TO NUREMBERG LAWS HE WAS A MISCHLING, NOT JEWISH (Heydrich would have been Jewish – paradoxically, HEYRDRICH WAS THE ONLY HIGH-UP NAZI WHOSE CEPHALIC INDEX WAS NORDIC – those who studied anthropology, criminalogy or Nazi law would know what I am talking about with that index; as for the rest – tough shit – my time is limited).

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “after years of harrassment” – of course, after years of him harrassing us, not me harrassing him – I have nothing against prods.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “who was a Jew according to both Nazi and Israeli laws” – I mean Eichmann was. Yea, funny none of them resembled the blond beast apart from Heydrich.


          Did you not know that most Nazis were mad about black hair tanned busty girls? Just look at their amateur films from WWII!
          In fact it is a hidden secret that some SS-men loved to bang… Jewish prostitutes in occupied countries so much so they had to introduce draconian countermeasures!

          I did not want to start with the long answer on Nuremberg Laws under the next article because:

          1. It would be impolite to Mr McWilliams to start with an off-topic long comment
          2. People would again wave victim scripts before my fatigued eyes that I am taking t h e i r space.
          3. I might not have time next week – in fact I know I won’t.

          Also, I might be meeting s o m e, I’d say – top 15 maybe? – Irish politician next week :-). No, I w i l l n o t say who: I am a gentleman and pacta sunt servanta.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Sorry, it’s Miles Mathis, not Makows – ok, so I value Mathis highly, but not on this one.

  35. Truthist


    “… Soros’s comments to the international economic elite in Switzerland come after Wall Street analysts have begun referring to him as a “wounded beast” and warned that he is “hell bent on revenge” after his candidate failed to win the election.

    Pundits and market analysts have been keeping a close eye on the “wounded beast” in recent weeks to determine his next move and reports are now emerging that the funds Soros wasted on Clinton are set to be dwarfed by the amount of money he is now spending on the bond market.

    ALSO READ-THE END IS HAPPENING NOW ! WARNING: SEPTEMBER New World Order Is Almost Complete WW3 & Depopulation Coming

    The plan is to create “financial Armageddon and unleash hell“, driving the Western world, and in particular the United States, to the edge of ruin. Out of the flames a phoenix will rise and this will be Soros’ vision of the New World Order.

    Soros believes the market is Trump’s weak point. He claims Trump has “no chance” of surviving his upcoming market assault, gloating that the future POTUS will be destroyed and unable to focus on making America great again.

    “The way Soros broke the Bank of England and ruined the Malaysian economy, these will one day just be seen as warm-ups for his full-scale tilt at global financial Armageddon,” according to a Wall Street analyst. …”


  36. Truthist

    This is very ironic with its messianic character named Trump & reference to the building of a “wall” ;
    And, there is more.

    TITLE ;
    EXPOSED: Donald Trump Predictive Programming


  37. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    Any thoughts on that anyone? :-(

    I think we need a US style police – otherwise how is Ireland going to attract post-Brexit companies in a city that, on that day, resembled Rwanda?

    I have to say, that could not have happened in Poland – I mean: it does occasionally happen after football matches all right, but first of all normal people usually know in advance that there is a football match and avoid hools, secondly they do set-to – they do not attack random shoppers, and thirdly if they go overboard, they usually get such lashing from the police that they can hardly walk for the next week.

    And how come, with CCTV cameras everywhere, only one was arrested?

    AND WHERE IS THE FUCKING IRA WHEN WE NEED THEM TO CHASE THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS? Ireland has the biggest paramilitary organisations in Europe but they are fucking useless.

    No police, no army, no IRA when Gaddafi or KGB do not pay them, just pure chaos and the rule of drug lords. Welcome to a modern economy run by thugs left, right and centre. I am really pissed off about those who run the (unarmed) Gardaí.

    • Truthist

      our “modern economy run by thugs …” — Left-Wing, Right-Wing & Centre ?. 8-)

      Loads of undercover Cops carrying Uzi’s, or whatever ..zzy, weaponry from , in our cities.
      Many performing private services for escorting monies personally.

      Ain’t it very interesting that in all the decades of jobless numbers being really beyond 20 % & 30 % & I contend 40 % that there is no meaningful protesting & organising “from this sector itself” against the status que ?
      If this feature was not controlled by the usual vested interests — said thugs above “Left-Wing” & “Right-Wing” & “Centre” — we could have found a few Ron Pauls.
      The populace fear the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai ;
      They are very brutal & corrupt.
      And, the Judiciary do not entertain justice against them.
      The most that is really on offer is The Garda Ombudsman.
      Without a fair & just society there will be no peace, & no real inventiveness & innovation, & no solving our ballooning illegal drugs problem, & no solving Civil SERPENT corruption, & no …
      And, none of that blackguarding u just wrote about too.
      Really, why would an Industrialist place an invention & innovation based enterprise in Irish State when they get to know just some of the crass stuff about this place.
      I believe that our notoriety as I outline above is becoming widely known in industrialist circles.
      Many industrialists are not essentially in it for the money u know ;
      And, many of those are in it for to chiefly benefit the mother country.
      But, when they get to know how the Irish State’s Civil SERPENTS mal-treat the jobless these industrialists are of same mind as the master in similar circumstances was in Christ’s parables.
      Ain’t it amazing that in loads of other countries the media personnel & the politicians & vox-pop talk candidly & frequently about their corrupt Civil Servants, but post-colonial Irish State never does.
      Certainly not to same honest degree as those countries do.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “The Garda Ombudsman.” – and even his investigation had to be outsourced to the UK company Verissimus run by MI5.

        I would not put into one umbrella all Gardaí though. I think there are many very decent young Garda officers – I lived with one for a year. Be careful that you do not throw the baby out with the bath water – we need police which we do not have (in fact many young Gardai are leaving because they feel unprotected while the real money goes towards the extrorbitant wages of their colleagues – in a recent investigation it turned out some senior Garda used that money even for gifts for themselves).

        I think the juice begins when you are promoted and, d’you see, the world is your oyster.

        P.S. What happens with all those drugs that are being seized by Gardai, I humbly ask? So many seizures, and Gardai are fighting with drug dealers, and RAAD is – so with such a might, how come they end up on the market? Ehm…

        You know, we do get street riots in Poland sometimes, but these are always a result of the provocation of secret service people (i.e. in a classic provocation, former pro-German Tusk government minister of internal affairs Sienkiewicz ordered secret service to set a booth in the Russian on fire to then blame it on the “extreme right” in Poland and thus justify their invigilation, because you do have to invigilate and lock up such “Russophobic” extremists – this was revealed in the so called “tape scandal”).

        But Ireland is one up level in having a brothel of a police – worse thing has happened in Dublin with no police provocation.

        In fact, police was not seen at all when they lashed at innocent by-passers.

        “Loads of undercover Cops carrying Uzi’s, or whatever ..zzy, weaponry from , in our cities.” – oh yea? And where were they that day? Give me an Uzi and a license to kill anyone who attack a post office worker with a hammer, I’ll bring my mates from the army and within a year, there will be no problem of gang violence/dealers selling drugs to school kids/elderly farmers being burglered.

        And believe you me – I will feel no remorse. Fucking useless that whole IRA.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          in the Russian = in the Russian embassy. This was followed by a massive persecution of the Polish right – but the EU Parliament and Martin Schulz were shtum on that (4 debates on the state of democracy in Poland when the new gov came in power and all the provocations/riots on Nov 11 anniversaries ceased).

        • Truthist

          I remember ur mention of the “false-flag” but “not-fake” 8-) — i.e. real — torching of the Russian booth.
          Here I understand it better.

          Apologies for frequent typos ;
          And, some I do not even correct now ;

          The Guards are cute hoors ;
          They are like vacuam flasks ;
          They know when to keep it hot ;
          And, they know when to keep it cool.
          So, they are able to size up people for when to play it hot or cool.
          Obviously, Grzegorz, u have a presence & charisma that motivates them to be agreeable to u.
          Also, u are a foreigner ;
          A continental European one too.
          As u should know, the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai customerily will be better behaved to u than they will to Irish native of middle class “un-connected” down to underclass.
          But, even then they could be very nasty to a continental European.
          They are lawless.
          Further to that theory of “Ah sure, there’s always a few bad apples.”
          Well, if u leave the bad apples in the bag long enough ;
          ==> the whole lot of apples become bad.

          Grzegorz, ain’t it remarkable that nearly all posters here shy away from affirming what I say about the Civil SERPENTS ?
          But, ain’t not even more remarkable is that they do not refute what I say ?
          The privy posters here know that my assertion that the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai — AS A BLOCK — in our major cities “are on the take” / “taking their cut” from the drug promoters & drug pushers & drug dealers is TRUE.

          Actually, I am beginning to think that we would be better off without any Guards ;
          Just allow every citizen of sound mind over the age of 17 to carry a fire-arm upon having successfully passed training course.
          Of course, if it this policy is not done as I would “introduce” it ;
          ==> there would be a rather unpleasant period for “this system to self-organise” ;
          Politicos would be wise to make themselves scarce then I suggest.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “u have a presence & charisma that motivates them to be agreeable to u.” – you are very kind and I wish I had all that, but it’s probably more to with the fact that they do sometimes ask me to help them with investigating Polish criminals in Ireland (in general I think Ireland is to f…g lenient to criminals:



            Also maybe that I have been living in one place so bloody long that having been jogging on a regular basis when I was well fit, so before my hospital episode, strange dogs sometimes walk beside me sensing that since they have been seeing me since their birth, I will do them no harm. Not sure though if with my tonque in cheek, I would survive one day in Limerick (;-) – though I did once go to Ballymun with my mate and the kids thought we were from the mafia LOL.

            “Actually, I am beginning to think that we would be better off without any Guards”

            Jesus no. But we are better off without corrupt Gards.

            “Grzegorz, ain’t it remarkable that nearly all posters here shy away from affirming what I say about the Civil SERPENTS ?” – but maybe many think that what we write is trivially obvious, and some might be genuinely shy.

            I do remember though the abuse I got on this blog when I showed in 6 points, with references to legislation, the enormous scale of tools that the Irish state has to invigillate people if they want to (and, which is a real puzzle – the one service that should be doing this towards the real baddies, i.e. radical Islamists – counter-intelligence – not furnished with that power).

            This btw was the first time you responded to me, or actually to that person, saying if he/she is a senior civil servant by any chance, with no follow-up.

            The response I got what a “shitting up his ass” protectional out-of-topic dismissal on the lines “you are savage from a communist country projecting your paranoias into our great little country” – same as I first posted here that there will be a wave of refugees in Europe with terrorists among them and therefore we need a proper police in Ireland.

            “Just allow every citizen of sound mind over the age of 17 to carry a fire-arm upon having successfully passed training course.” – deffo. Interestingly, having access to many legal documents, I found out that after Ireland had nearly completely banned firearms for non-criminals, the gun-related guns shoot up through the roof, but no paper dared to publish my discoveries as of yet.

            If only I could convince David McWilliams that contrary to his believes:


            You, the problem with David McWilliams is that he was not in the army, probably never used a gun, and he has a good heart – so in his naivety he thinks that army/guns are primarily for sadists, ergo no guns/no army = no wars/no killings.

            If was not brainwashed that way, he would perceive a simple truth that guns are to equal chances of law-obeying people with criminals WHO WILL ALWAYS OBTAIN THEM UNLESS WE INTRODUCE NORTH-KOREAN STYLE TYRANNY WHICH WE DO NOT WANT.

          • Truthist

            PLEASE EXPLAIN


            This btw was the first time you responded to me, or actually to that person, saying if he/she is a senior civil servant by any chance, with no follow-up.

          • Truthist

            Any radical Islamist will be working for foreign secret services for sure :
            MI5 & MI6

            AND / OR

            our own G2

            Agenda on Irish politics or foreigners here.
            And, it often to steer Irish foreign policy against Palestinian support.
            Also of course it would be similar to ur Russian booth incident agenda in Poland.

            Decent Islamists have no gripe with Irish ;
            Even though they should with Dept. of Foreign Affairs.

            Radical Islamists have no basis to gripe even with Dept. of Foreign Affairs.
            Because, they surely know that Dept. of Foreign Affairs is not representative of Irish nation.
            Thus, they know that Dept of FA’s is just puppet of foreign powers.

            All Muslims should pay serious attention to Sheikh Imran Hosein.
            A most benign & wise & learned man.
            He is a pacifist too from what I perceive.
            He grew up in Trinidad, Caribbean as far as I know.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            PLEASE EXPLAIN


            Grzegorz Kolodziej
            April 11, 2016 at 10:34 am

            In a country that does not have a fascist structure like Ireland has – with her over 140 social partnerships and transparency/oversight of state surveillance worse than in NSA-omnipresent USA or in General Pinochet’s Chile [...]

            Oh, in case you think I am exaggerating with the fascism claim, did you know that even after Presidents G.W.Bush/Obama, a 1968 law requires US courts to submit annual reports to Congress on the number of authorisations for phone-tapping and e-mail interception, while under Section 13 of the 2009 Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act “any information in connection with the operation of this Act in relation to surveillance” can result in a five-year prison sentence and €50,000 fine? Or that Gardaí, the Defence Forces (paradoxically, the Defence Forces do not do that!) – or Revenue can secretly put a tracking device on your or Bono’s vehicle, and follow your movements without permission from a District Court judge, and can secretly record you with audio and video devices?

            P.S. In 2013, Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill said he was very happy with everything he saw in the report on state surveillance he reviewed (all in one day – McKee Barracks, the Department of Justice, Revenue and Garda Headquarters; he did not even include actual figures or any statistics in his annual review). Who would not be happy on two hundred grand, if he is only required to write one sentence in his report, as opposed to 104 pages like they do in the UK?”

            First response to my comment:

            “Quite the rant. [...] The rest of this incoherent rant seems to equate social partnerships with fascism, which is nonsense of course it like saying building motorways in Nazzism. [...] And then Ireland has a surveillance state because well, a judge said it didn’t, but all of this is is related to having too many trade unions. I think.”

            My response:

            “6. “And then Ireland has a surveillance state because well, a judge said it didn’t” – I don’t understand your sentence, I am sorry.

            Ireland has a surveillance state because

            6.1 No permission from a District Court judge is needed to secretly put a tracking device on your vehicle, and follow your movements

            6.2 Irish public is missing information on how often state agencies violate surveillance laws

            6.3 Government departments and state agencies have refused Freedom of Information requests

            6.5 There is no system of record-keeping when it comes to surveillance

            6.6 Investigations and decisions of the Complaints Referee are not published

            6.7 Journalists and members of the public cannot electronically access court documents

            So compared to a legal system in G.W.Bush’es America, Thatcher’s England, Mussolini’s Italy or Panama, Ireland is a surveillance state.
            But compared to Hitler’s Reich or Lenin’s USSR, it’s still very transparent.

            Now, do not get me wrong. Ireland is a great country. Therefore her people deserve a better legal system than fascism. And better political division than FF-FG.

            Would Renua/SDs not a better, more substantial political division?

            In regione caecorum rex est luscus”
            Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus.
            Adagia (1500)

            P.S. On 6.7:

            Ms McDonald, the former Legal Editor at INM:

            “I’ve attempted to access legal systems in foreign countries such as India, Vanuatu and Panama. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s easier at times to navigate the shadowy legal system of Panama than it was to navigate part of our own open justice system.”

            Other well-wishing commentator’s response to my reponse to the first response:

            “Your comments on Ireland’s fascist leanings border on the incredulous and have taints of paranoia running through them. Perhaps, I suspect, you have lived under totalitarian regimes in , perhaps a Central European country. Ireland in contrast, has always enjoyed freedom of speech, we have a fair judicial system, with some very progressive features, for example, the constructive use of technology in the pursuit of justice.”

            My response to this response to my response to the response of the first commentator to my comment:

            “Ru2fucking thick2dig what I said? U know fuck all.”

            Your first response to me:

            April 13, 2016 at 6:15 am

            Maybe ur unreasonable interlocutor is of Institutional State of the Irish State [ I.S.I.S. ] [ Very probably a Civil Servant ] & thus is, as to be expected, hostile to the truth.
            April 13, 2016 at 6:25 am


            Per the Surveillance State issue ;

            I have them by the balls even under their own rules with smoking g.n evidence of their very serious criminal actions in what u are highlighting.

            Perhaps some day we may convene to discuss privately.

            My response:

            “Grzegorz Kolodziej
            April 13, 2016 at 11:20 am

            “Maybe ur unreasonable interlocutor is of Institutional State of the Irish State [ I.S.I.S. ] [ Very probably a Civil Servant ]”

            This is a highly likely explanation – they just do not want people to know these things, so if someone comes up and reveals it, they try to attribute it things like factors like “taints of paranoia” and patronise you “I suspect, you have lived under totalitarian regimes”.

            This is all covered by the legislation by the way, such as the 1993 Interception of Postal Packets and Telecommunications Messages Act, Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2011 and the 2009 Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act.

            It’s also interesting that no one has ever brought me to court over my allegations, even though I named some names and I know for a fact that my phone calls were monitored (that’s why I said here that the best strategy is to be on the square).

            And how about the Operation under the codename “Mizen”?

            A Special Unit of An Garda Síochána has been spying on anti-water charge protesters.

            Look: if Ireland was a super-safe place to live, maybe we could have a discussion whether we want to have a fascist state or not – freedom for safety.

            But instead, all monitoring is focused on some petty things, like water protesters, while Russian planes with nuclear weapons are violating Irish airspace (to test Britain’s defense systems) putting Irish passengers in danger and you are almost six times more likely to be shot and killed in Ireland as you are in England/Wales.”

        • Truthist

          OK Grzegorz,

          I will not be on blog until midnight again or perhaps a few days time instead.

          I hope that the Mshd-Provo link is useful to u.

          And, I trust u were impressed with that video-blogger discussing Silk-Road vis-a-vis Poland & Malacca Straits.
          He has plenty of other interesting videos.
          Also, he interviewed Sheikh Imran Hosein ;
          Eschatology was theme apropos of Syria & Russia & Geo-Politics whole shebang if I recall correctly.
          By the way, I not a Muslim.
          Catholic rather.
          And, boy is the new Pope a crook !
          Another crypto in the throne I think.

        • Truthist

          Thanks for clarifying “context” & other confusions [ uncertainties & ambiguities until I know better ; Which I do now thanks to ur clarifications ].

          No posts from the prolific Tony Brogan ;
          I hope that Tony is OK.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “I hope that Tony is OK.”

            Me too!
            Actually, my favourite post ever from Tony was about… the suit trousers he bought in England!

          • Thanks for your concerns. I sit here in on a covered terrace, in the shade from the daily heat, overlooking the scenic Acapulco Bay.

            My days have been filled with being waited on hand and foot, with fine dining at any time requested plus visits to restaurants.
            With discussions and reminisces about the past and future to come. With time on sail boats and motor cruisers. A dip in the ocean and a comfortable addition to my sun tan. This is far ‘from the madding crowd’.

            I am accepted by gracious people and their extended family into the 4th generation all the while I read about the 3 generations already passed. I am hosted by a philosophical man and his wife who have considerable business experience in Mexico. They both keep actively involved in many things.

            Tonight we attend a theatrical performance at a botanical garden.

            By my side is an attractive lady who joins in the discussions and is a good companion on my travels.

            Life could be worse!! :)

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I am glad Tony that you weren’t captured and raptured by the spirit of Baron Maurice de Rothschild, like in that surprise visit to Count Ksawery Orlowski, as in my quote below ;-)

  38. McCawber

    For some reason I’m getting a very strong vibe that Ireland is important to Donald Trump.
    He is definitely trying to encourage us to join the Great Atlantic Divide.
    Is anyone else getting this vibe and if so why might we be important to Trump.
    What strategic importance does he place on us? Is it simply a part of a divide and conquer strategy.

  39. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,


    ““it’s either ME or him” – so it was HIM (he now lives 165km away and is told not to enter my town”

    ME = Grzegorz ?
    ME = “Grumpy Theologian” from East Belfast ?

    HIM = “Grumpy Theologian” from East Belfast ?

    U disputed Makow’s interpretation on the Jewishness of the top Nazi’s before.
    And, most of what u listed this time around seems to be re-hash of that said counter by u.
    I was perplexed that u kept referring to Makow — Jewish background from Germany — in this context when really I referring to Mathis.
    But, of course, u corrected that error of reference in subsequent post.
    But, ANOTHER BUT 8-), I perceive that u did not really read Mathis’s essay on this subject ;
    It is primary research ;
    And, his sources are freely available on internet.
    By the way, u neglected to state that Canaris was Jewish.
    I have very learned & smart friend from Netherlands who vehemently refuted that Goebbels was Jewish ;
    He knew Goebbels family relations background with some familiarity.
    Since then, on his own accord too, he manufactured reason to insert the fact that Goebbels was Jewish.

    Nuremberg Laws were really just the very same Jewish Laws but in a milder version.
    The false flags ascribed to the Islamic “terrorists” & dis-organised bigots are really Mshd orchestrated events aimed at fulfilling a number of agenda.
    1 such agenda [ agendum ? 8-) because only 1 ] is to “persuade” the Jews in France to emigrate to Israel ;
    The Jews are happy in France ;
    They should stay there.
    Ditto the Jews who are happy in Israel should stay in Israel.
    But, both should not victimise the Palestinians, & do any other bad stuff.
    Ditto the Palestinians should accept a State of Israel ;
    Although with reduced borders.
    The Palestinians of course are Jews who converted to Christianity & later converted to Islam bar a substantial minority who remained Christian.
    It is unavoidable to not return to this whole Israel etc subject because this is the subject that controls most world politics & economics ;
    By the way, USA really gives USA $ 100 billion or so to Israel per year ;
    Not only USA $ 30 billion.

    • Truthist

      It is unavoidable to not return to this whole Israel etc subject
      It is unavoidable to return to this whole Israel etc subject
      Please omit the “not”

      In other words ;
      We must occasionally return to this whole Israel etc. subject

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “We must occasionally return to this whole Israel etc. subject” – PLEASE NO. I AM BORED WITH ISRAEL/JEWS TOPIC LIKE YOU WON’T BELIEVE.

        Topics that interest me far more are:

        1. Trade routes in history and currently and their military protection.
        2. South China Sea military manouvers.
        3. G2
        4. Future of Northern Ireland.
        5. The next Irish government.
        6. President Trump and petrodollar.
        7. Breeding David McWilliams for a future president. Considering that I am breeding a similar celebrity for a future president in Poland, these two will meet, with a) DMcW proper knowledge of Poland b) Marian Kowalski’s proper knowledge of Ireland. Then we will rule Europe and Britain; Europe: Ireland from the west, Poland from the east, and Britain – Irish and Poles from inside of Britain ;-), taking over their institutions from Muslims and Hindu ;-).

        So this is my Mein Kampf LOL ;-) – and I have at least 7 years (1925-1933 v 2017-2024) to implement it ;-)

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej


      “ME = Grzegorz ?
      ME = “Grumpy Theologian” from East Belfast ?”

      Well, if HE said “it’s either me or him”, than it is indirect speech. So when I convert it to a direct speech “so it was him”, it means it was the prod :-) – by the following logical calculus: ((p->q)->(~q->~p)). This is in the first week of logic in Polish universities, and PLEASE do not think I am saying this on a ‘look how smart I am basis’ – I am doing it on basis ‘you ask genuinely, I answer genuinely’.

      Please do not ask me for explanation of that deduction – it’s not possible to explain mathematical logic without a chalkboard, and I studied it for 3 years.

      Now you can see why the Garda detectives like me so much – I can do stuff they cannot ;-) -

      Frankly, the fact that G2 has not hitherto recruited me strengthens me in my conviction that they do not really exist LOL (as some TD I’ve met believes) other as a network of low-quality paid informers ;-), while a l l serious job in Ireland they should be doing is done by MI6 – can you imagine that G2 would have been able to free and smuggle CIA officers from Iraq, like the Polish secret service did in the early 90s (for which feat Poland got 50% debt reduction, which was actually interest rates only, and in return for agreeing to hostile takeovers of some industries)?

      Btw, he was not a theologian – he is a raging atheist with a protestant background who almost wanted to beat me up when I showed him why Richard Dawkins’ Boeing 747 argument is illogical (Dawkins was so scared when I tried to post it on his website that he censored it).

      And, of course, he believed in “Polish concentration camps” (a result of a decade he spent in Germany reading their press).

      Enough about him. A total psychopath. When Pope John Paul II died, he was playing loud cheerful Irish trad music just to annoy me. Btw, this is not about people from east Belfast – I believe that some people carry so much negative energy that they would have been assholes even if they had been born in my family of cavalry men and snipers ;-)


      “most of what u listed this time around seems to be re-hash of that said counter by u.”

      Yes – did you read it first time? Everyone talks about the Nazis and Jews but I am yet to find someone in Ireland who read the Nuremberg Laws.

      Which brings me to another thing. WOULD you believe that Dr Keving McCarthy of Kinsale (not the one from UCC – in fact, I am not friends with History Department of UCC) wrote a letter to Indo a few days ago (on Israel) saying that… freedom of expression in Ireland yes, but this has to be limited by a responsibility of having an ubiased opinion and not inciting hatred.

      I mean – can this man even hear himself? He writes THIS after repeating the old KGB Kielce lie (that Germans built concentration camps in Poland because Poland, not Germany, was more antisemitic: McCarthy’s prove: Poles did a Jewish pogrom in Kielce in 1946, when in fact the whole thing was planned and done by KGB with… Julia Brystigier, a Jew, in charge!).

      I mean – you have got to admit: is Polish diaspora not very TOLERANT with that man? Imagine someone wrote such malarkey about the Russians, Germans or the English!

      I’ll sell you a big secret – in fact, the Poles – in Poland even more – allow foreigners MUCH MORE than they allow their own (maybe that’s good in some way? But the price is being constantly fucked over)! Just look at Jerzy Kosinski’s

      C. Did you read Goebbels diaries? A clear thing emerges from it: he was enchanted by Jewish journalism, but applied to 50 Jewish papers and got rejected in each of them BECAUSE HE WAS NOT FULLY JEWISH.

      Jews were his first love – he even had a Jewish girlfriend in the 20s for God’s sake!

      D. I did not mention Canaris because I like Canaris, relatively speaking of course. Canaris was a professional, who would have done the same in each system – not an opportunist like Himmler, psychopath like Hitler, or satanist like Borman. Canaris was my favourite top Nazi ;-), plus he did fall in love with the agent of Polish intelligence.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I am not friends with History Department of UCC = I am now friends with

      • Truthist

        Mathis I seem to recall believes that Goebbels was homosexual ;
        Other proponents, eg Makow,of Nazis being Tavistock agents & / or Jews on mission for Banksters — but these Manchurian candidates got out of control — belive that Hitler was homosexual.
        Hess was bi-sexual.
        ditto others.
        This characteristic would also account for their “momentum” & esoteric skills & confidence.

        Uncover if ur nemesis McCarthy is originally from Kinsale.

        Kinsale in the very modern era is like David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”.
        Lots of weirdos & creatives & druggies have taken up residence there.

        J..s are certainly “putting Poland on back foot”.
        It is strategy as against tactic I posit ;
        Because this “putting G..yim this or that” on the back foot” is very elaborate.

        They try to do the same to Ireland about WW 2 ;
        spurious & big lie that Ireland fuelled German submarines during WW 2.

        U are guaranteed to return to J subject because of Dr. McCarthy from Twin Peaks 8-)

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “Makow,of Nazis being Tavistock agents & / or Jews on mission for Banksters — but these Manchurian candidates got out of control — belive that Hitler was homosexual.” – but what evidence they give?

          From diplomatic notes of the Polish delegation.

          A few days after the armistice on 11 November 1918 Ksawery Orlowski was visited by Baron Maurice de Rothschild, worldly ambitious MP known to him, and not without a certain ceremony he said that he is visiting him as a prominent member of the Polish diaspora with a warning, which may have for his, Orlowski, homeland, great importance. Personally, Mr. Rothschild, “remembering that until the end of the eighteenth century, Poland was Europe’s most tolerant Jewish state, had wanted the Jewish question altogether not to be discussed at the Congress”, but

          “left to Warsaw to discuss between citizens of both faiths, Jewish and Christians, which are able to reach agreement. But this view is not generally accepted among Israel. Among Christians, there is a perception that the whole Jewry throughout the world is at absolutely solidarity and politically marches as one man. This is a big mistake: because there are a number of issues on which there is great divergence between the Jews; eg. in the social and economic issues, he, Rothschild Jew, and Mr. Leib Trotsky – also a Jew – are going in completely opposite directions.

          But there is one point on which virtually all the nation of Israel to the last man absolutely solidarity, namely when it comes to honor Israel.

          If Congress official representative of the Polish Republic will (without naming names) be “from the city of Warsaw, member of the State Duma of the Russian” (Roman Dmowski – G.K.), who gained worldwide fame as a virulent anti-Semite, then all Israel and Mr. Rothschild himself will be considering the nomination as a slap in the face the whole of their nation and shall proceed accordingly.

          Count Orlowski should know that the Jewish influence on the decision of the Congress of the peace are very great. Let them know in advance and warn them that if Poland is officially represented by this man, that Israel will be on her way toward all of her goals, and they are known to us.

          You will find us on the road to Gdansk, on the way to the Prussian Silesia and Cieszyn, on the way to Lviv, on the road to Vilnius and on the way all of your financial projects. May Count know that and shall he act accordingly.”

          Put that to your notes and exempt me from commenting on Israel, Palestinians, Rotschilds, and Jews. :-) Ok?


          Hipolit-Korwin Milewski, Memoirs.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            to honor Israel.
            If Congress official representative of the Polish Republic will (without naming names) be “from the city of Warsaw, member of the State Duma of the Russian”

            = to Israel’s honour.
            If the official representative of the Polish Republic at the Congress will (without naming names) be “from the city of Warsaw, a member of the Russian State’s Duma”

            haste translation.

            P.S. I. It is exaggeration that Dmowski was a virulent antisemite. All he wanted is that he thought that Jews are destroying Polish SME’s by sharp practices and that the Polish state should sit at the table and negotiate with them hard.

            P.S. II. Do not twist that that Dmowski was pro-Russian, and that Russian empire was good, please.

            Dmowski thought that Poland will be able to negotiate Home Rule under Russian occupation. Therefore he started a career in Duma.

            In 1916, he reached the conclusion that “it is impossible to negotiate with Ruskie” (they will always screw you in the end).

            It would be good for your understanding of current Polish politics if you read on Dmowski and Pilsudski and their different visions of Poland.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “U are guaranteed to return to J subject because of Dr. McCarthy from Twin Peaks 8-)”


          An interesting discussion on “The Belfast Telegraph” censorship:


  40. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Guys, you won’t believe this: I am just reading that one in eight full time posts advertised for hospitals consultants received no applications in 2015, and another 28 job offers attracted just one candidate (according to HSE report commissioned by its chief Tony O’Brien). The report has also found an interesting way of recruiting staff which reminds me of the feudal system: a doctor can only be replaced if the previous one has retired.This results in sudden vacancies foe posts that they knew would be open a long time ago.

    But the funniest thing is probably the finding of the report that new posts are being approved WITHOUT FINDING SUFFICIENT CANDIDATES HERE OR ABROAD. How does the Irish public sector work, I struggle to understand – would they start preparations for a war on England from the victory celebrations?

    Some time ago I listened to Newstalk history where a book on 50s Ireland was discussed. Apparently Ireland was so unionised back then that you could not do a carpenters job if you weren’t from carpenters family (I wonder if anyone can confirm that).

    • McCawber

      It certainly applied to dockers.
      Not so sure about other unions but I do know that if a company was looking for a baker, the bakers union nominates the baker – no interviews or anything like that.
      Bricklayers were heavily unionised too.

      • McCawber

        nominates = nominated

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        This reminds me a custom in the feudal system whereby the oldest son would inherit the land, the second oldest would be the knight (equipping a knight was very costly), and for the third one was either a career within a church or tough s…t. I suppose the only difference is that at least the feudal system left behind cathedrals, myths, poetry, universities and some very advanced logic without which computers would not have been possible.

        It’s also very much like in certain jobs in small towns (and in quasi companies winning big contracts for exorbitant prices thus milking the public sector) in post-1989 Poland – if your family had no background in communist secret service/Polish United Workers Party, you couldn’t win those contracts/get those sinecures…

        This is why so many Poles have left…

        What will we be left from us after 700 years? Justin Bieber, GMO and plastic containers? People laugh at the legacy of Christianity, but look: second part of the second part of St Thomas’s Summa Theologiae, “On War”, is still studied at West Point, Middle Ages brought us Magna Carta, we still use corrective eyewear invented by Salvino D’Armate towards the end of the 13th century, and we have notions of romantic love other cultures do not have.


        As to deals NAMA has been doing, this is an article on Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum I published on a website of a Conservative Polish MEP on 1 October 2009. I am proud to say that after 7 years, I can still stand by my analyses and predictions I expressed in that article regarding NAMA:

        “I am writing this article before we know what the results of the Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum are. I have noticed that the Polish media focus on the referendum itself, but they know virtually nothing about something which can have the biggest influence on the future of the Irish, a freakish creature called NAMA.

        NAMA will be a “bad bank” and probably the biggest in the world (sic!) owner of property loans. Some time ago I wrote about the danger of the Labour Party potentially coming to power and resulting nationalisation of the Irish banks. Meanwhile, it turns out that it is among the ranks of the governing Fianna Fáil where a project was hatched, which – if implemented – not only will cost the Irish taxpayers more than nationalisation of the banks (54bn euro v 19bn euro as a cost of nationalisation), but it will have an even bigger influence on future tax hikes than an ‘ordinary’ nationalisation.”

        “The way the Irish government tries to portray NAMA in the media – as the only way of restoring the liquidity in the Irish banking system – reminds me indeed of the way the Balcerowicz Plan was being mentioned in the Polish media 20 years ago.”

        “In order to placate the outraged Irish voters before the referendum, a few weeks ago the top echelon of the Green Party has triumphantly announced that they had managed to persuade their coalition partner to introduce a few changes in the NAMA plan, aimed at “saving the taxpayer”.

        Where is the salvation going to come from? Well, first of all, from introducing a shared risk between banks and NAMA, secondly by introducing 80pc property gains tax for developers, thirdly by limiting the amount of money NAMA will be able to borrow (from 10 to 5bn euro) and finally, by obliging NAMA to produce a report to a Minister of Finance every 3 months rather than once a year.

        The short-sightedness of such thinking is plain to see, though sadly not for the electorate of a country where I live. First of all, an enterprise like NAMA will have to borrow money from somewhere, so to assume that the banks will be able to incur 54bn euro worth of bad debts, which then be will be purchased from them by NAMA, has an underlying assumption that such purchases will have to be financed by future borrowings, so eventually from tax hikes. I therefore think that NAMA will work out as an even worse deal for the Irish taxpayers than nationalisation, by basically borrowing money to buy properties expensively – because to get a clear picture, we have to include the cost of future tax hikes into property prices NAMA will purchase – and selling them cheaply when the market collapses again, using a mechanism which had worked so well for foreign speculative capital in the early nineties Poland, when on the one hand our western neighbours had managed to eradicate almost the entire Polish manufacturing base, and on the other hand the uninvited “open society” experts who had brokered that deal, siphoning off hundred billion dollars from pensioners life savings as their fee by using the infamous sudden change of interest rates – except NAMA will do with houses what had been done here with factories and bank deposits).”

        “Secondly, the Irish government is obsessively repeating day and night on radio and television that NAMA is not a property speculators bailout by the taxpayers. But if it is being denied that those bankrupt developers, speculators and lurking vulture hedge funds will have to be subsidised by taxpayers (unlike ordinary citizens who took loans), then what profits is the government going to tax?

        Thirdly, it is true that NAMA will not be able to borrow more than 5bn euro without the Minister of Finance agreement; but nothing prevents it from borrowing it with his agreement.

        Fourthly, why is this supposed to be better that the bosses of NAMA will be meeting the Minister of Finance every three months and not once a year – oh I know – more sweet deals with foreign vulture funds behind close doors.”

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