January 15, 2017

When Britain is gone from the EU, Ireland will have to stand up for itself in the post-Brexit era

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This week various obituaries to TK Whitaker were constant in their praise of Mr Whitaker’s ability to break with conventional wisdom. It is ironic that many of these obituaries came from people deep inside the Irish establishment who have never questioned Ireland’s conventional wisdom in their lives.

I suppose that’s why they are deep in the establishment. The establishment rewards conventional thinking. In this regard, Mr Whitaker, it appears, was different.

He had the courage and the intelligence to see through the Irish conventional wisdom of the 1950s and realise that our future was an open, trading future, rather than the neurotic isolationism of De Valera and his ilk.

It is hard to overstate how revolutionary Mr Whitaker’s alternative vision of Ireland in the 1950s must have seemed to the old Civil War warriors. Here was a young economist telling them that everything they had believed was wrong. Their conventional wisdom was leading the country down an economic and social cul-de-sac. Even though it appears totally logical now, Mr Whitaker’s plan for Ireland in the late 1950s was a radical departure from the economic conventional wisdom and status quo of the previous 45 years.

The term “conventional wisdom” was coined by JK Galbraith to describe ideas that are so commonplace and accepted in society that they are resistant to facts that might diminish them. Conventional wisdom is articulated and upheld by conventional people. The conventional man, according to Galbraith, is the type who “when faced with the choice between changing his mind and finding proof not to do so, gets busy looking for the proof”.

Therefore, the conventional man dismisses those people who question the conventional wisdom as cranks, mavericks or eccentrics. This is how conventional wisdom becomes a self-evident fact rather than just an idea or policy to be questioned, debated and ultimately overruled, if necessary.

The conventional wisdom in time becomes a slogan, which replaces hard thinking. This conformity of view makes those who repeat the slogan highly susceptible to groupthink.

Because Ireland is a small country, groupthink at the top can take hold quickly. We saw this most recently with the ‘soft landing’ brigade during the boom.

Ultimately, as Galbraith observed, conventional wisdom is rarely, if ever, overturned by some brilliant countervailing argument that persuades the conventional man to change his mind. Conventional wisdom is only brushed aside by the great march of events. Recently, in Ireland the economic collapse was the event that smashed the ‘soft landing’ conventional wisdom.

Back in Mr Whitaker’s day, the great event or series of events was the abject failure of the Irish Republic to provide a living for its citizens. In the 1950s, close to half a million people emigrated to England alone. The State was bankrupt, out of ideas, close to collapse and quickly running out of people.

Events forced the country to change course, allowing us to forge a new future and open up. Had the economy not collapsed in the 1950s, the isolation of De Valera might have continued for another 10 years.

That change of course and that opening culminated, together with the UK, in Ireland joining the EEC. There was never any question of Ireland joining the EEC without Britain. We joined in 1973 with the UK and Denmark. The rest is history, the history of our lives.

I wonder now, 44 years later, whether Ireland’s EU membership is a similar accepted truth like the Ireland First policy of Dev and his mates? Is it a kind of slogan that has replaced hard thinking, leaving us susceptible to groupthink?

The conventional wisdom now is that Ireland’s economic development has been the result of EU membership. This notion has become so ingrained that even to question it is dismissed by the mainstream as the work of a crank.

However, it seems to me that questioning the EU will become more and more commonplace in the years ahead, not least because our economy became more Anglo-American after we joined the EU than it was before we joined.

Furthermore, there is a significant strand of EU thinking that believes that the best response to any EU crisis is more and deeper federalism. Federalism is written in Brussels’ DNA and this implies more and more dilution of sovereignty. This is not in our short-term or long-term interest because our economy is in the Atlantic orbit rather than the European space.

This dichotomy explains why Ireland is regularly cited as either the fastest growing or deepest slumping European economy. Have you noticed that we are never in the middle?

The reason for this is that Ireland isn’t a European economy in the true sense of the word. Ireland is a global economy that happens to be in that part of the Atlantic Ocean that is closest to the European continent. That accident of geography doesn’t make us a continental economy in any material way. Consequently, it is meaningless to say we are the fastest growing economy in Europe because the economy isn’t European at all. It would be more accurate to compare us to a state in the USA because our capital base and trade is American.

Economically, we are Connecticut with lousy weather.

Geo-strategically, Ireland is like the jockey riding two horses: the EU political/diplomatic horse and the Atlantic economic/investment horse. When the horses are moving together, the jockey’s position is tenable. When they move apart, the jockey’s position becomes more awkward.

We now do more trade with America and Britain combined than with the EU. The Americans are by far our biggest investor and when Irish people lose their jobs, we still go to England looking for work. These are the economic facts.

But equally, much of the investment is here because we are in the EU’s internal market.

As a result, it makes sense to tread the fine line between the Atlantic and the Continent, avoiding any dramatic choice between the two. However, events may not allow us to do so. And events shatter groupthink. If you doubt this, just ask the ‘soft landing’ brigade in Merrion Street.

My fear is that rather than remaining open to the possibility that the world is changing, not just with Brexit, the Apple tax issue and Trump but with Le Pen and a myriad of other political and economic factors, Official Ireland is digging its heels in, embracing the conventional wisdom even more tightly than before.

For example, at the clear behest of his paymasters, this week the EU Commissioner Phil Hogan warned that Ireland should avoid “excessive reliance” on the UK. In an ideal world who would disagree? But the fact is that we are deeply intertwined with the UK, much more so than any other EU country. Brexit will be asymmetric. It will affect Ireland more than any other country.

But consider the language the commissioner used because it reveals the mindset.

What does an “excessive reliance” on the UK mean? When you got a job in London because you couldn’t get one in Ireland, was your reliance on the UK excessive? Is your cousin from Birmingham with the Brummie accent, and the Irish passport, being excessively reliant? When people in England buy Irish butter, meat or lamb, is that a commercial choice or excessive reliance? Should we be arguing that they buy less? When you support Manchester United or Liverpool, is that excessive? When we watch excellent programmes on the BBC, are we being excessively reliant? When the UK Treasury offered us a no-strings-attached loan in 2010, were they being excessive? When a few of the hundreds of thousands of English tourists to Ireland buy a pint in Connemara, is that pub excessively reliant on Britain?

Only a politician whose wages are paid by Brussels would say something as meaningless.

There is an echo chamber in Brussels that wills away the iron law of economics, which is that we all rely on each other. Because of history, geography and culture, we and the British are intertwined.

This European federalist talk is unrealistic. In truth, it’s worse than unrealistic, it is not in Ireland’s interest.

What is in Ireland’s interest is to remain as open as possible to all sides. This means that we need to object to further EU integration. We should not do what the British did. Rather than leave the EU, we should promise never to leave. They can’t kick us out. We should stay on our terms and should say we’ve had enough of this federalist carry-on. Like Denmark and Sweden, who both stayed out of the euro, we should say no more. No more tax harmonisation, in particular. Are Denmark or Sweden any less European for not being in the euro? No, they are just small countries that stand up for their own interests.

With Britain gone we will have to stand up for ourselves in a more robust fashion if needs be. My hunch is that the EU’s reaction to the British leaving will be a move for deeper integration.

We have to be flexible and try to navigate among all.

And, of course, if Le Pen wins in France, the EU project is all over anyway. She will pull France out of the euro. The euro can’t survive without France. If France goes, Italy could follow. Then it’s over and we will have to figure out a different set of relationships.

If our political class embeds us too closely with the Europhiles of Brussels, the people will not accept it. The population is much less pro-European than the political, media and bureaucratic elite.

If the conventional wisdom pulls us too far in one direction — the European one — it will swing back and the other end of the spectrum is Irexit —now who wants that?

    • phineas56

      Article very sensible David. Yes Ireland is in the Anglo-American economic sphere and yes was on a disaster course after independence with huge emmigration of mainly uneducated people. It was dominated by the RCC and ethno-nationalism (read anglophobia) Hogan is in the ethno-nationalist mode of de Valera. We are so close to the UK as you point out in so many ways and sorry eejit Hogan, we are reliant on the UK. We need the EU less and less. The real and present danger now is Trump will lower US corporation tax to fulfill his election promise and some US multinationals will leave. The EU will do nothing, may even rejoice.But you fat cat Hogan will have your fat cat salary.

      • Deco

        Actually, our biggest problem after independence was out consistent inability to “get our sh1t together”.

        The Irish Civil War was the first example of this.

        I think that in some respects the RCC did enormous good work. Unfortunately, the state system, run by competing firms of nepotists failed in several spheres – vocational education and training being the worst example. If we look at FAS/Solas & the third level sector we still see this. Japan and Italy were fixing this in the 1950s. Germany and Britain were fixing it in the 1920s. No wonder our labour force was often categorised to unskilled labour.

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  1. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    “The State was ………….quickly running out of people”

    My recently departed Uncle who would have been 92 this year remembered a time around then when the state made all the young men sign on in the Garda stations criminals or not!

    Haven’t moved too far from the Cuban “Sure big brother over yonder will keep sending cheques” mentality much really.

    I wonder will cunt Hogan apply the same logic to his obscene salary and ask himself the following question;

    “Maybe I shouldn’t be to excessively reliant on my fuck off salary since then he would able to do his job and stick up for Roisin”

    Between cunts like Hogan, the failed personality of a cunt of a president eulogising Castro and the utterly failed Peter Sutherland wanting us to sock it to the brits its almost impossible to listen to any of them patronising us anymore.

    • Mike Lucey


      Michael, I am appalled with your use of the word ‘cunt’ when describing Phil Hogan. In my book a ‘cunt’ is a useful thing! You need to attach the word ‘useless’ when using it to describe Hogan and his ilk.

      • michaelcoughlan

        Thanks Mike.

        I am so sick to death of people in senior positions speaking at we ordinary people in this case Hogan.

        I keep promising myself to stop using such sickening foul language but then yet another wank*r says something to drive me into black despair and reach for expletives to convey the disgust I feel.

        Thanks for your very witty response.


    • Deco

      Mike Lucey, LOL at your comment.

      The donkey in the Aras is an embarrassment. His veneration of Saint Fidel, of the many long winded speeches is the mark of an extremely eloquent fool, who misses the point.

      Castro held back Cuba for 4 decades.

      Likewise the corporatist traitor Suds.

      • michaelcoughlan


        “Saint Fidel”

        Comrade Fidel you mean. The commies don’t allow freedom of religion either.

        • Deco

          The Cult of Fidel. Fidel who was innocent of all crime ( despite being the boss of a police state). Fidel who spoke so much wisdom (actually it was long winded nonsense). Fidel the generous (who robbed everybody of everything, even their individuality).

          Of course, I was being sarcastic. Fidel was bully, a thug, and a murderer.

          For the dwarf in the Aras, Fidel was a saint of socialism. The dwarf got it wrong.

          • michaelcoughlan

            “Fidel ……….who robbed everybody of everything, even their individuality”

            yes and their self esteem and self respect.

            So sad.

  2. Mike Lucey

    “If the conventional wisdom pulls us too far in one direction — the European one — it will swing back and the other end of the spectrum is Irexit —now who wants that?”

    I do! On the other hand I’d be happy with going back to the days /rules of the EEC, the only proposal that I voted for.

    As far as Mr Phil Hogan goes, I feel he has no true right to be in Brussels as the Irish Commissioner, simply because he doesn’t have the Irish People’s mandate. The more I study the EU ‘setup’ the more I feel we are being subjected to fascism in the true sense of the word.

    David seems to be suggesting that we play both side against the middle. This works only while the ‘two sides’ are ‘playable’. With Trump and Brexit on one side and unelected Brussels on the other I think its not really possible to continue down this route. We need to take the bull by the horns and plot our own course, building on our natural tradable resources, our land, seas and people.

    Dev wasn’t all wrong, he just didn’t think things through possibly because of the influence the RCC had on him and the rest of the bunch. I often think how things might have turned out if Collins wasn’t shot! One thing for sure is that we would have had more Direct Democracy, a thing that ‘The People’ in the ‘West’ now seem to be pushing for even though I feel many don’t fully realise it quite yet.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “The more I study the EU ‘setup’ the more I feel we are being subjected to fascism in the true sense of the word”

      So true.

      • Deco

        Mussolini, invented Fascism, and he described it as

        “the merging of corporate and state power”.

        That effectively sums up how the West has been run since the fall of the Berlin Wall, with the possible exception of the years France was run by the PS. Britains IngSoc/New Labour were definitely fitting that definition.

  3. Can’t wait to hear Pat Flannery’s response to this one.

    • michaelcoughlan

      will be along the lines of;

      “border? what border? Hold the faith lads burn everything british except their coal!”

  4. Pat Flannery

    David was right about the naivety of the boom-time conventional belief in a soft landing but is he also right about the current belief in a Soft Brexit? I don’t think so. What “great march of events” like the global economic collapse might smash the current believe in a Soft Brexit? I believe this time it will not be economics but geopolitics, specifically the Russian bear.

    If Russia invaded Poland tomorrow who would the Poles call, Brussels or Washington? I think we all know the answer to that. But who would answer the phone in Washington from January 20th onwards? An admirer of Putin! Would Poland experience another “sitzkrieg?” as it did in 1939? Probably.

    The hard fact is that for peace to continue in Europe not only must there be “ever closer union” politically but also militarily. It is clear to anybody who studies Putin that he wants to push Russia’s borders back to that of the former Soviet Union, which incidentally roughly corresponded to the old Tsarist Empire. Putin described the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s as the “major geopolitical disaster of the century”.

    Putin knows he cannot defeat NATO militarily so he will try to divide Europe. His military probing’s have already begun in Ukraine where he has already succeeded in biting off the Crimea. He has played his “Trump” card in America, the effect of which remains to be seen but is already deeply dividing America.

    Unfortunately Britain has opted out of an “ever closer union” of Europe and therefore can no longer be part of a “Fortress Europe”. It has opted instead for a “Fortress Britain”. This myopic British decision poses an existential threat to Ireland. I believe Ireland should side with Europe and join whatever military alliance Brussels chooses, hopefully a strengthened NATO. Yes, I advocate Ireland joining NATO, the moment a hard Brexit becomes a reality, which I believe it will.

    As for Northern Ireland, it is a prisoner of its geography. It is not British no matter what the unionists claim. To survive post-Brexit it will have to push its borders back to the sea and come to a workable political relationship with an Irish Republic that is part of the real world being a full Member of the European Union, economically, socially and militarily.

    In other words I fundamentally disagree with David’s analysis. I think in terms of Euro-American not Anglo-American. Once America digests the present Trump anomaly (which it will) the old Euro-American global reality will emerge more and more clearly, on both sides of the Atlantic.

    David’s “jockey riding two horses” analysis of Ireland’s global position is parochial and mired in anglophile “Anglo-American” nostalgia. Unfortunately for credibility in pushing this analysis David is trading on his ‘soft landing’ war medals like an aging WWII veteran in the 21st Century.

    In order to continue to earn a living as a credible writer he will need to sharpen his “now” vision. His “deeply intertwined with the UK” analysis exists largely in David’s mind. It is good to look back at the contributions of people like T.K. Whittaker and Eamon De Valera but like the soft/hard landing debate they are just part of our history.

    Our future is being written now and the future is always about peace. The EU is about the peace. Without that peace there can neither be a Britain nor a Europe as we know it.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “but is he also right about the current belief in a Soft Brexit”

      No where in the above article does McWilliams imply a soft Brexit. A previous article by McWilliams was titled “There will be a hard Brexit”

      The rest of the article being so badly written is so much much gibberish.

      Keep posting your absurdities Patrick they are very humorous.


      • michaelcoughlan

        “The rest of the article being so badly written is so much much gibberish.”

        For example;

        “Yes, I advocate Ireland joining NATO”

        and you offer no reason why?. You could for example say “I think Ireland should join in a military alliance with the Martians” as in the ones from outer space and such a statement would make about as much sense as yours!



      • Pat Flannery

        michaelcoughlan: Yes, I remember that post well, for many reasons. David wrote it from his in-laws’ house in East Belfast:
        “Here in Belfast you can really feel the value. Things are so much cheaper than in Dublin, it is surprising that anyone shops in the Republic anymore. I expect Christmas shopping in the North will go through the roof this year. The Irish economy has to deal with this.”

        Here was my response:

        “Wrapped in one’s father’s sash celebrating Empire, British nationalism may feel good east of the Lagan, but Keynes would not have invested in it. Believing that Britain can immunize itself from global market gravity by hoisting the flag of a lone national currency, bearing the beloved Queen’s Head, is like a Don Quixote figure gently placing sceptered Britannia into a small boat in the middle of an ocean of troubles with the sharks already circling. Reality is like a bad dream.”

        The problem with this David’s October article “There will be a hard Brexit” http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2016/10/10/there-will-be-a-hard-brexit
        was that it merely banged the old Orange Drum for his unionist friends (which must have delighted his in-laws when he read it to them before sending it off to the Sunday Business Post) because he was not differentiating between a “soft” or a “hard” exit, sitting in an East Belfast living room, surrounded by his unionist in-laws, it didn’t matter.

        Since then he has not advocated nor predicted a hard Brexit, because he knows that despite what unionists think, Britain can ill afford a “hard” Brexit. To my knowledge he has never explored the subject of a hard vs. soft Brexit anywhere.

        • michaelcoughlan


          If you look at Deco’s response above you will see that he described the ape in the park as an eloquent fool who misses the point completely.

          You too fit that description.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Here is a thing though, Pat.

      1.1 President Trump’s main enemy is China, and he said so many times.
      2.1 President Putin’s many ally is China, and he said so many times.

      1.2 President Trump’s main bad boy in Europe is Germany – a country that uses the US military protection and technology transfers while not paying for it as much as other members (the UK/Poland) do.
      2.2 President’s Putin main good boy in Europe is Germany – a country which built a pipeline bypassing Poland (thus letting Russia to dictate the entire eastern Europe its monopoly gas prices and being able to the energy off for the Ukraine), which agreed on Russian food sanctions on Poland prior to Maidan coup, and which was breaking the EU sanctions on Russia (i.e. the German post-EU sanctions huge military contract for Kamaz).


      Two things – 1 and 2 – are mutually exclusive.

      Either President Trump is serious about bringing back jobs from China to the US and thus not being pro-Russia (as China is their – well, ally is not a right word to use as China is 10 times more powerful than Russia, which few people seem to realise – their dominant partner: China even when it was weak was more so powerful that when in 1956 after the October Thaw in Poland Khruschev sent the Soviet tanks on Warsaw, China said they do not condone it, and Comrade Khrushev had to order to withdraw the tanks with his tail between his legs…).

      Btw, you keep saying that President Trump will obey President Putin


      These are just speculations; the facts are
      - who was selling secret military technologies and uranium to the Russians? Why, the Clinton Foundation!
      - who did a reset with President Medviediev? Why, President Obama!
      - who withdrew from the anti-rocket shield for eastern Europe?
      Why, President Obama!
      - who forced Poland to pay f o u r times more for the same cruise missiles what Finland had paid? Why, President Obama!

      So what is it that the Poles have to lose on Mr Trump’s Presidency? He made some serious promises to Polish diaspora in New York and Wisconsin.
      He can now keep his word or break it. So there is 50% chance.
      President Obama broke ALL his promises to Poland, and Candidate Clinton did not even meet the Polish diaspora (her husband offended Poland at her rally). So there is 0% chance Ms Clinton would have been any good for Poland.
      President Trump had 3 people with Polish roots in his team (at leading positions, one running his campaign).
      His children know Poland as they often travelled there by car.

      Are you telling me that unpredictable Trump was a worse choice for Polish-American than predictably betraying/dismissive Hillary? That fifty-fifty is worse than zero-zero?

      P.S. Was President Obama any better for Ireland than he was for Poland? Anyone remembers Secretary Timothy Geithner?

      • Pat Flannery

        Grzegorz Kolodziej: When I asked what would happen if Russia invaded Poland tomorrow, it was in a geopolitical sense, not narrowly on what would happen to Poland itself. But now you’ve got me wondering.

        You list many Polish grievances against the U.S. and seem to hope that Trump will be better for Poland. You asked me what I think of Trump vis-à-vis Ireland. My answer is that I leave both those country-specific questions to others and wish to stay geopolitical.

        Staying in the geopolitical sphere I am not sure what you are saying about Germany with regard to either Russia or America. I would like if you were clearer. I am also unclear as to your view of China and Russia respectively with regard to America.

        Correct me if I am wrong but you seem to downplay any danger from Putin’s Russia and play up a potential danger from China. Does that reflect a willingness to accept a Russian return to its former Soviet borders, with Poland again inside that sphere of influence? Is that why you like Trump? Is that why you want his main enemy to be China, not Russia? Forgive me if I’m wrong but that’s how it appears to me.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          When I write detailed comments and pepper it with links and references, people say my comments are too long. When I write short comments, they ask me to elaborate on it.
          All of the points touched on above regarding China and Germany are (should) be well known for anyone who even merely dabbles in geopolitics and I am not going to re-link and re-write what I have covered extensively because right now I simply don’t have time.
          So very briefly:

          1. “not narrowly on what would happen to Poland itself” – Poland itself is a jointer between rimland and heartland. China cannot run the new Silk Road without Poland. And the US cannot allow China to run the new Silk Road for economic, geopolitical and military reasons.

          2. “You list many Polish grievances against the U.S.” – not against the US but against the previous administration.

          3. “Germany with regard to either Russia or America.” – Germany’s long term goal, being implemented since Schroeder, is to
          3.1 Get rid of the US from Europe which will alow them to
          3.2 Create the Eurasian sphere from Lisbon to Vladyvostok, with Russia/China in the east and Germany/for Germany run Europe in the west. Poland stands in between, hence Germany is doing everything they can to weaken Poland while saying otherwise.

          4. “Correct me if I am wrong but you seem to downplay any danger from Putin’s Russia”

          On no account. I said in the past that President Putin’s main strategist, Mr Dugin, explicitely said that “Poland should not exist”.

          5. “play up a potential danger from China”

          I am not playing up – I am being realistic. My statements do not come from play, but from being arguably the best informed person in Ireland on that (no one else in Ireland wrote an article on military developments in South China Sea).
          US would hardly exist without freedom of navigation in South China Sea. Freedom of navigation depends on US aircraft carriers. China is the only power in the world with missiles able to destroy aircraft carriers, thus eliminating US navy advantage.

          6. “Does that reflect a willingness to accept a Russian return to its former Soviet borders”

          See point 4.

          7. “Is that why you like Trump?” I do not hope Mr Trump will correct President Obama’s errors because I like him. The only things are like are girls, blueberries, cats and fast cars.

          8. “Is that why you want his main enemy to be China, not Russia? Forgive me if I’m wrong but that’s how it appears to me.”

          You are not wrong – but you are wrong that this is why “I want” his main enemy to be China, not Russia? It’s not b e c a u s e I want it, it’s because this is the geopolitical/military/economic reality. President Obama realised this too, but because – as his own Democratic governor has said about him “our President is a slow learner”, hence his “Pivot to Pacific” (do not tell me you did not hear about pivot to Pacific).

          But what has changed now is that now China is allied with Russia. In this alliance, Russia is only a junior partner. Hence China is the main enemy.

          Besides, few people realise that from a purely economic point of view, Russia is actually a smaller market for the EU than Poland.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          but because – as his own Democratic governor has said about him “our President is a slow learner” =
          but – as his own Democratic governor has said about him “our President is a slow learner”, it took President Obama some time in the office and decadeds in politics to understand what candidate Trump understood before he even joined politics.

          After all, President Obama was a guy who said that his Presidency “will be remembered as a time when the oceans stopped rising”.

          That would indicate a person who is both more narcissistic than even Trump and has a lower IQ than Trump.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          All President Obama’s magic came from the teleprompter. I think without the teleprompter I am a much better public speaker than Obama:


        • Pat Flannery

          Grzegorz Kolodziej: I guess the fact that you were born and raised in the Soviet Union is showing through.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            First of all, I was not born and raised in the Soviet Union.
            Secondly, the fact you do not know geography is showing through.
            Thirdly, if you have nothing else to say, it’s better to stay silent than resort to ad hominems in a desperate display of an intellectual impotence of a man whose bad education is so inferior to mine.
            P.S. Do not be surprised if Michael Coughlan calls you the way he does. While I do not always condone Michael’s language and name calling, with your last moronic comment, I think you fully deserve it.

          • Pat Flannery

            Grzegorz Kolodziej: It’s interesting that you deny being born and raised in the Soviet Union but refrain from telling us where you are actually from. Because you are so vocal about how we Irish should behave it would be nice to know who you are and where you come from.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            Everyone here apart from you knows I was born in Poland.

            I do not refrain from telling you anything – you never asked, and for some reason (age?) it was not obvious to you, as it is obvious to everyone else here – from my very first comment here that is.

            What other secrets are you going to uncover for us – that 2 x 2 = 4 or that the earth is round?

            It would be nice to have an intelligent discussion, but this would require your ability to read with understanding.

            “Because you are so vocal about how we Irish ” – hold on, did not you say before that you feel Californian?

          • Pat Flannery

            Grzegorz Kolodziej: if the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and it is now 2017 and you were born in Poland after 1991 then you can be no more than 26 years old. Is my math correct? If so where did you get the superior education you so often tell us about? Was it in Ireland? I really would like to know where I missed out.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “if the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and it is now 2017 and you were born in Poland after 1991 then you can be no more than 26 years old.”

            Poland was not a part of the Soviet Union, you eejit.

          • Pat Flannery

            Grzegorz Kolodziej: ok so you want to weasel out of my question by drawing a distinction between Poland being a part of the Soviet Union and being a Soviet satellite, which is what Poland was until 1991.

            So, you admit you were born and raised in Soviet dominated Poland. Where did you receive this wonderful education you so often boast about, in Soviet dominated Poland?

            You can tell us how old you are if you like but it would help us to know how much of your life was spent under Soviet domination. If you are now teaching us Irish all about global politics it would be good to know where your ideas were formed.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “weasel out of my question by drawing a distinction between Poland being a part of the Soviet Union”

            1. Pat, if you had proper geography, you would have known that distinction when you were 10 (though I knew it since I was 5) – not have just found out about it now, from me.

            2. What 1991 has to do with Poland? Poland was a free country in 1989.

            3. Following your logic, you were born in England, and so is every Irish person born in the English-dominated Ireland (Ireland has been formally more tied up with England than Poland I born in was to the Soviet Union – i.e., we had no Common Travel Area, currency tied up to rubel, we did not speak Russian, and had different legal systems (the differences between Irish and English law is miniscule). Our representatives did not have seats in the Council of Soviets, like yours have in Westminster.

            As a person born in England (according to your faulty logic), living in California and feeling Californian, it’s gas that you think you know more than me – a person living in Ireland.

            There is nothing wrong with being as ignorant as you are as long as you do not get snappy about your lack of education – as you do.

            I no longer have time to be filling those yawning gaps in your education.

            And if there is anyone whose upbringing was influenced by the Soviets, it was your beloved Obama.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “it’s gas that you think you know more than me” = it’s gas that you think you know more about Ireland 2017 A.D. than me.

            “You can tell us how old you are” – only if you have a daughter you want to marry and provided we would be a good match ;-)

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Grzegorz,

            You are falling into a trap set by an absurd personality like Flannery. Let me explain;

            Flannery stated that you were from the Soviet Union and when you said you were not he then asked you where you were from without a care in the world that he may have insulted you etc.

            He did the same thing with McWilliams when he said that McWilliams was articulating a soft brexit which isn’t the case at all.

            The best way to deal with Flannery, the bonbons, suds, Hogan the ape in the Park ISN’T to engage with them at all. The best way is to keep HIGHLIGHTING their duplicity, absurdity, Facetiousness, ignorance etc until it becomes obvious to everyone the type of absurd personalities these people represent.

            You will never get someone as obnoxious as Flannery or the bonbons etc to see that the people they do the most damage to is themselves when they carry on the way they do. They all wind up in the same nut house or cul de sac totally consumed by their own madness and insanity.

            If you continue to engage with flannery you will run the risk of being viewed as the bigger fool for taking a person like Flannery seriously in the first instance.

            I really like you Grzegorz so I hope you take cognizance of what I consider to be wise council.

            sincere regards,


          • Pat Flannery

            Grzegorz Kolodziej: then it’s obvious you are not going to divulge where you got your superior education. The inculcation of superiority was an integral trait of Soviet education. Another was the complete disdain of all other education. You display both traits. What else can I conclude given your Soviet upbringing? You even told me to “remain silent” in my own country!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “If you continue to engage with flannery you will run the risk of being viewed as the bigger fool for taking a person like Flannery seriously in the first instance.”

            Michael, Mr Flannery’s response to your comment fully corroborates your advice, which I am going to follow forthwith.

            The time I spent Michael on looking up for links, Mr McWilliams’ statement, his own statement, furnishing him with links on the Dail enquire on the Irish Central Bank – even if that delayed me cooking my dinner…

            I FOOLISHLY believed that Mr Flannery is asking all these questions in good faith.

            And you know what’s the worst? He KNOWS that I have little time this week, cause I just said to Truthist that I might not have time to answer him, and he had DELIBERATELY chosen the narrow window of opportunity for his ad hominems, hoping I won’t be able to relate.

            In the past, I would bridle up that you would call him names because I thought this is detrimental to the blog – but now I see that one just cannot have a rational discussion with this man.

            I have just showed him that following his logic, Irish are English (and mind you, we did not even have Russian television before 1989 like Ireland has English).

            He did not know that Poland was not in USSR.
            Then he tried to grim and bear his fuck up changing that into Soviet domination.

            He is trying to pull the ball in my court talking about my superior education to the Irish, while what I said was that HIS education is so inferior to mine (well, with his ignorance on geography, politics and history, isn’t that obvious to anyone but Mr Flannery?).

            But then he fucked up even more by writing about Poland “being a Soviet satellite, which is what Poland was until 1991.” – proving he does not know that Poland was a Soviet satellite only until 1989!

            What a fucking muppet he is…

          • Get a room you two and about 6 handbags between you.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “You even told me to “remain silent” in my own country!”

            I would like to remind everyone that it was Mr Flannery who once here on this blog asked Mr McWilliams to throw me out of this blog, stating his case as “me or him”, and even giving Mr McWilliams a deadline of a few days (the arrogance of that prick!). And guess what? I am still here.

            Mr Flannery’s derogatory remarks about Mr McWilliams’ wife family were as low as you can go, and we have to admire the patience and tolerance of our host (particularly that he had also accused him, with no proof whatsover, of being paid by the Farage side).

            “The inculcation of superiority”

            Mr Flannery on burning the bondholders to ease the fate of the recession stricken Irish:

            “bondholders whom it had encouraged to continue to lend to this Irish alcoholic long after both of them should have thrown the bum out of the bar. Now that bum is back all dressed up in a three piece suit and pleading his innocence.”

            According to Mr Flannery, Irish are bums and alcoholics, who should have paid the unsecured bondholders. Rather aptly (considering his opinion on the Irish), he exiled himself from the Irish tax system, which makes him oh-so-fucking-entitled to his opinions on Ireland and bondholders.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Grzegorz,

            “In the past, I would bridle up that you would call him names because I thought this is detrimental to the blog ”

            Yes I know. And I damage myself too. I just feel (more than think) that sometimes expletives are the words best suited to describe the venality of the people looting the country or patronising us.

            My greatest feeling is one of great sorrow though for Ireland. I believe it simply can’t be saved in the current status quo.

            I feel Only a catastrophe of some kind will allow a brief window of opportunity where the changes necessary to save our young people most importantly will be implemented.


      • Deco

        Greg, it is a pleasure to read your comments.

        I reckon that the US, Russia and China will eventually “do a deal” to achieve common objectives. All three agree that the biggest threat to international peace is posed by Salafists in the gulf.

        Trump is the result of a generation in the US enduring the “hollowing out” of productive labour activity in the US. The fact that he was up against a Clinton, made him even more electable.

        America cannot survive on Showbusiness, War, Walmart, borrowing, food-stamps, and Ponzi-economimcs – whilst the productive activity was outsourced. Large sections of the American population knew that. And they rebelled against those that told them that it would all work out.

        Obama was an eloquent con-artist. His final month was equivalent to Obama thrashing the place before he left.

        Obama left the USA, weaker, more in debt, over-extended, and more divided.

        Obama was the victory of pretence over leadership, with the full support of an enthusiastic media.

        And you are correct.


        • Deco

          Geithner and the US Democratic Party ( a political subsidiary of Wall Street, pretending to be something else ) shafted taxpayers of Ireland.

          No problem for Bono. He is tax resident outside of Ireland.

  5. Some questions on your essay:
    • You say that TK Whitaker took us away from isolationism, and praise him for this, however in not wanting to integrate any further, are we being isolationist?
    • You decry federalism in Europe and extol the US, which is a federal system. Are there not advantages to the federal system, as it resulted in the USA being so powerful?
    • You say no to more tax harmonisation, yet one of the criticisms of the near collapse of the euro was that we weren’t harmonised enough. Can you separate out a more integrated financial system from things like tax harmonisation? Can the euro survive with that motto?

    • michaelcoughlan


      “however in not wanting to integrate any further, are we being isolationist”

      The ans to the question above is No.

      “extol the US, which is a federal system”

      Are you sure? Is it not a Republic?

      “yet one of the criticisms of the near collapse of the euro was that we weren’t harmonised enough”

      From whose perspective was the lack of closer harmonisation a criticism Peter Sutherland maybe?

      “Can the euro survive with that motto?”

      The market is demonstrating the Euro is unworkable.


      • Better all countries have there own currency with settlement of the books every quarter with a unit of common account. Best common account used ever is gold. all currencies are measured as a unit of gold by the unfettered market. Then settle the accounts. The better economies will generated stronger currencies making it harder to export but easier to import. Thus will the different countries balance economic activity against each other with enhanced trade and balanced budgets. Thus avoiding the problems we see from using a fixed currency for all nations.

        To enhance trade and eliminate the use of credit the Real Bills doctrine should be used with the final settlement being when the goods are bought by the consumer with silver and gold coin. Thus the bills issued for the goods produced are redeemed by the final user and all paid with 90 days. In this practice there is very little need for much gold or silver and no need of credit thus no debt.

        As you suggest, David, it is time to think outside the box.

        • “Division of power exists within a federal republic, but how the power is divided is sometimes different between nations. Almost exclusively, national defense is handled by the central government, but education and local infrastructure typically belong to the more localized governments. A president or council usually heads up the central government. The United States is an example of a federal republic. Other examples include Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina and Ethiopia.”

  6. A country is like a group of people. It needs to walk its own path but be cordial to all at the same time. It needs to withstand the bully without and still have positive response, to others. It needs to be confident in its own actions and decisions knowing that the right decision will be one in every ten. It needs to know there is no problem changing a bad decisions for another and so continue until the right decision is found.

    For some reason I found myself thinking of this poem by Kipling.

    ‘if’ by rudyard kipling

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master,
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch,
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

    Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

  7. barrym

    @almost everybody above. Big change of opinion David. Hogan may be imbued with EU thinking, not surprising seeing where he is, and who pays him. However, there is zero chance of us leaving EU, we simply could not afford it, and FDI would dry up. So, me must participate, actively.

    Big change in status quo thinking needed. The rellies in UK will still be there, more importantly, we have serious friends in the Scottish Parliament.

    • Deco

      FF are chums in the SNP. Mickey Martin is more enthusiastic about the interests of the SNP, than about the interests of the Irish people. And naturally, MM puts the interests of the SNP before the interests of the Scottish people.

      MM looked at Nicola Sturgeon, and found a fellow con artist.

      To be honest, the last thing this country needs is more chums of FF.

      Maybe Scotalnd might wake up to the emptiness posed by the SNP, in the fraction of the time it took the Irish people to be alert to the chronic level of me-feinism in the Bertie Party.

  8. Deco

    Stand up for ourselves ? What exactly is that ? Nobody in the Irish government has done that in years. And PR stunts from Squire Hockey (who sold out to please his admired alter ego Mitterand ) does not equate to standing up for ourselves.

  9. Deco

    Trump is prepared to give the UK a reasonable trade deal. Meanwhile the EU is talking of revenge. And the NL are trying to hold it all up, by constraining Britain in corporate tax. [ Because the NL is concerned about the competitive dynamic that will exist between London and Amsterdam].

    The Dutch have identified their key interest, and are prepared to defend it.

    The Irish government seem to be sleeping, after a mighty hangover – with the exception of Shane Ross who is going after a former director of a Denis O’Brien conglomerate, for mediocre performance on the public payroll.

  10. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz

    Apropos of ;
    a] ?”Mr Martin McGuiness’s resignation”
    b]? “Renewable Heat Incentive [ RHI ]” Scandal / “Cash for Ash” Scandal

    the future of Sinn Fein in Irish State

    Some “world attention”-grabbing opportunity for Sinn Fein in Irish State to be :
    appreciated by world press
    interviewed by world press
    And, according as Sinn Fein represents themselves well or are represented well in Time Magazine & Newsweek Magazine etc, Sinn Fein gain status with Irish electorate ;
    Because, Irish electorate will be impressed with how Sinn Fein appear competent & dignified in world’s main-stream media [ M.S.M. ]

    In the national press, Sinn Fein have been shown as being honorable & competent versus Unionist/Loyalist DUP & the other U/L political parties’

    corruption ;
    RNI is being accused of being possibly deliberately devised rife for abuse by cronies of U/L parties*1 ;
    But, reportedly more so abused by cronies of Ulster Unionist Party*1

    RNI corruptly devised or not ;
    RNI was incompetently :
    devised by the DUP ; Compare to scheme in Britain*1
    handled by DUP when revealed as problem
    handled by DUP & the other U / L parties when developed into scandal

    mean-spiritness / malice ;
    DUP, with motivation of apparent “bigotry” & “disrespect for ‘parity of esteem’’’ towards the Irish nationalists, withheld funds for government grant for learning of Irish language*2 despite DUP being in midst of being culpable for RNI scandal ;
    So, Sinn Fein are able to portray themselves as virtuous & victims of the unremitting unfair “1st Ministership” ;
    At least, Sinn Fein should not be only Deputy 1st Ministership ;
    They should be “Joint” 1st Ministership.
    Then, the opportunity for U/L parties to be malicious is greatly prevented.
    That would be a line of argument that Sinn Fein would have anyway.



    Sinn Fein are able to save face for Martin Mc Guinness at end of his polical career ;
    Not easy to do that when in most cases ;
    “Most political careers end in failure.”

    Sinn Fein have opportunity now to introduce new personality from South into its senior ranks & thus avoid mutiny by nationalists wanting broad replacement of North Eastern dominance of Sinn Fein in recent decades with talent from the South.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Sinn Fein have opportunity now to introduce new personality from South into its senior ranks & thus avoid mutiny by nationalists wanting broad replacement of North Eastern dominance of Sinn Fein in recent decades with talent from the South.”

      Very interesting point.

  11. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz

    Grzegorz Kolodziej
    January 15, 2017 at 8:33 pm
    “… the 1st victim of Troubles – Francis McCloskey – had deep Polish roots ?
    From the peasant family Kluska …”

    But, ?”Wikipedia.org” & ?”Ancestry.com” state separately in the respective links below :


    BUT … BUT … BUT ;
    Very possible that this Francis McCloskey’s particular surname is descended from Polish surname or family name ;

    Let’s not get too taken up with this particular matter presently

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      But that’s assuming that Francis stemmed from McCluskey’s and did not change his name.
      In the next generations of immigrants it is a common practice to change surnames to make it easier to pronounce.
      For example, Nietzsche had Polish roots (which btw he preferred to his Prussian roots – he once wrote “I am a Pole, not a Prussian!”).
      His family was Nicki. They changed it to Nietzsche.
      Bear in mind a considerable emigration from Ireland to Poland in 18 century, and a much smaller – but still – emigration from Poland to Ireland at that time.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Francis stemmed from McCluskey’s and did not change his name. = Francis’ family

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Interesting that you have two similar surnames: McCluskey and McCloskey
        and we have two similar surnames: Kluska and Kloska :-)!

        • Truthist

          I checked into the surname Comiskey before also with the hunch that it was Polish originally ;
          Result ;
          Apparently, Irish only.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            For example, John Comiskey, born in Crosserlough, County Cavan, Ireland in 1826 and in 1848, was a politician he came to New Haven, Connecticut, and achieved something unbelievable (particularly for an immigrant):following his introduction of the John F. Finerty to the people of the second district which, although overwhelmingly Democratic, elected Finerty to congress independently.

            I am looking forward for the next comments of yours on the significance of shenanigans in Stormont on the future of Sinn Féin (i.e. will that enhance their coalition-digestiveness in for FF/FG?) and the political future of NI.

            Your delineation below is superbly clear.

  12. Truthist


    But let us not get deviated by details this year ;
    Instead, let us get pro-active with solutions.
    At least, “be a f..king nuisance” to the establishment ;

    “Hello Mr. Bank Manager, I wish for a ‘fractional reserve banking loan’ of fiat Euro …”

    “Hi, I wish to know today’s rate for the Petro-Dollar.”

    “Dear Secretary General of Department of …., How many of our staff here are Freemasons ?”

    etc etc etc

    • Truthist

      Oops !
      Here is the analogy with North East of Ireland situation I intended to insert in above post ;

      • Deco

        Truthist – that analogy specifies many similarities.

        Unfortunately, NI was a mess in the 70s/80s/early 1990s.

        By the way, if Britain leaves the EU, the EU will have surplus food production, and Canada/NZ and USA eager to fill the UK market. Which makes Ukrainian membership of the EU even less acceptable to many EU members who are facing different trade conditions.

        All the current disasters in the EU eventually can be traced one single root cause – Angela Merkel. She is not capable of the responsibility of power that she holds. Disaster occurs as a result. That is why the centralization of power, produces spectacular disasters.

        • Truthist


          The unionists / loyalists should drop their triumphalist stuff ;
          Nationalists & Republicans should drop the Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyite stuff.
          They should knuckle down to cleaning up their common internal problems ;
          illegal drugs ; Promotion of, Import of, Manufacturing of, Pushing of, Dealing of, Consumption of, Retrograde treating of Addicts
          And, this requires taking on the gangsters within their own ranks.

          The problems of North East of Ireland have been best described by u over ur tenure on this blog.
          It would be worthwhile to collect all ur thoughts even on that topic alone & knit them together for a very useful slim book.
          Then, creatively promote it directly into that region.
          E-Book only would be sufficient.
          Free is u are so kind.
          Wake em up !


          Some / Most of / All of German secret service believe that Angela Merkel is :
          clone — ever since she a child — of Soviet Union
          not worthy of PhD she has in Physical Chemistry
          planted into power by the aparatus that really controls Germany
          pro-actively trying to destroy German nation


          “Virtual” De-centralisation of Power ;
          The State’s various departments & sub-departmens & sub-departments of these etc are placed at various locations in the whole State ;
          They are not all located at the same location / city.
          Each of these de-centralised offices is still deciding for the whole state in the matters of the particular office’s special functions.

          “Virtual” de-centralisation of power is but what the Irish State has done by way of de-centralisation.

          “Near” De-centralisation of Power
          Each of these de-centralised offices is deciding for physical location local to it only.
          Irish State has feature of this in its continuation of British Empire’s division & administration of Ireland on basis of counties & cities.

          “Real” De-centralisation of Power
          This is the return to the individual person all the powers that should be vested in them only.
          Tony Brogan’s school of thought I posit.
          Very reduced government control of the individual ;
          Very much liberty returned to the individual for to live their lives unfettered by government encroachment.

          For most circumstances, I am with u about the crassness of centralisation of power.
          Exceptions would include :
          When a country is at war ;
          It may be necessary to have centralisation of power.
          It operated successfully by Napoleon following the terror of the French Revolution’s directory that also used it.
          Still, disastrous results can occur even with such a leader.
          U have declared many valid criticisms against Napoleon before.
          And, in going deeper into these particular points I have delved into the following links of late :

  13. Deco

    Latest update – Trump is eager to do a trade deal with Britain.

    At an overall level this has upended the EU. And the EU will probably respond with loud words, and chaos as a result.

    This could produce a realignment of trade. A realignment of trade is what occurred to NZ in 1973. NZ dairy produce sold for less.

    It also occurred in Ireland, when Britain ended the Imperial system of preference under pressure from Roosevelt in the 1940s. The price of Ireland’s agricultural production in it’s main market dropped substantially. Ireland went from steady growth, to an income crisis that lasted until the late 1950s.

    Ireland produced more food in the mid 1950s than in the early 1940s, but got much less money for it. And crucially, Ireland had investment commitments in the intervening time period like electrification and road building. Ireland ran out of income in the 1950s. Whitaker merely responded by changing Ireland’s income plan.

    Ireland today has substantiual income, but is overspending that income. Ireland today has an income expenditure excess. The results are abysmal. Bertonomics is no longer sustainable. And Brendan-Ogle-nomics are completely absurd. They are an invalidation of economic value, and represent extortion of the general public.

    We need to abandon Da Bert & Ogle. And follow the route of Lee Kuan Kuo, in reducing the commitments of the state system, and making a clear connection between taxes and results. Currently, it is deliberately opaque. In fact the entire banking bailout makes it mandatory to be opaque.

    If we do not rein in the oversized institutional state we will go towards another financial system implosion.

    Forget the GDP statistics. Look at the actual volume of money that is being invested in the economy permanently. The failure to build residential supply in Dublin and Galway is an indication that the money is not being invested. At high taxation levels, with a massive debt level, the behaviour of investors changes. They all get nervous of a state that wants to scelp all that it can scelp. This is why we need to down size the institutional state massively, and drop the debt level.

    It Trump gives Britain a deal that empowers Britain to thrive post Brexit, then we will be importing everything from Britain, and exporting nothing. Furthermore, the remaining EU bloc will be an excess producer of most foodstuffs. And given that the Russians are in no mood for letting the EU back into the Russian food market, until the Russian production system is built up, this means that Irish food production is facing a strong headwind.

    If Fillon gets elected in France (the most likely outcome, as the other contenders seem unfit for serious responsibility) then Ireland’s main competitor will be on a output surge, and a state system downsizing.

    We are dithering.

    We need to
    - cut the minimum wage as it is a castle in the sky
    - reduce restrictions on the build high density residential in suburban Dublin and Galway
    - get DART-U started
    - cut indirect taxes on business
    - close down parts of the institutional state that are wasting public money, or at least replace the management
    - push for a graduate pay cut in the public sector for all earning more than 60K
    - sell off quangos like Dun Leary Port, which perennially lose money, and are in the wrong business ( in other words get honest that DL is no longer in the port business, and should concentrate on new residential supply and amenity provision)
    - cut down the number of courses in Irish third level, so as to concentrate on what works in the vocational sector
    - close down FAS and start again from the ground up
    - increase vocational retraining for the over 40s
    - launch Article 45 based legal cases against various oligopolies
    - have an honest conversation about alcohol consumption in Ireland and the HSE

  14. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    Given now lest I fail to follow through in time for u.
    I confess to being bored of North East of Ireland at this stage of my life.
    Even, all of Ireland also.
    If most of the people are determined to go rotten, why bother trying to redeem them ?
    The impact of
    a] ?”Mr Martin McGuiness’s resignation”
    b]? “Renewable Heat Incentive [ RHI ]” Scandal / “Cash for Ash” Scandal

    the future of Sinn Fein in North East of Ireland

    the future of “Northern Ireland” sic – “North East of Ireland” — as a political entity



    balance of power

    the future of Ireland / Irish Isles 8-) re-unification [ only separate since 1921 ] referendum

    acceleration of holding referendum
    delay in holding re-unification referendum

    the role of Scottish Nationalist Party [ SNP ]

    up till now in this matter


    near future

    “Renewable Heat Incentive [ RHI ]” Scandal / “Cash for Ash” Scandal

    who pulled the strings in “cash for ash” scandal ?

    who revealed it ?



    Who will gain ?

    How will they win ?

    Who will lose ?

    How will they lose ?

    • Truthist

      Typos :


      the future of Ireland / Irish Isles 8-) re-unification [ only separate since 1921 ] referendum
      acceleration of holding referendum
      delay in holding re-unification referendum

      Who will gain ?
      How will they GAIN ?

    • Truthist

      OK, I know for ur present project that u have done the historical part.

      But, have a look at this ONLY WHEN executing next project dealing with same conflict.
      I had a glance through some of it.
      Dated now that it is, it :
      seems interesting.
      should be useful.

      Even though it is replete with Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyite analysis in large parts of it.
      However, that approach deserves to be studied if only because it has had a big influence on :

      the intellectual discourse

      organised responses on the ground

      the political schooling of :
      the urban originated Republicans
      & of course
      the socialists of
      Nationalist per say side,
      Republican side [ e.g. Sinn Fein only ; Not in Provo. IRA ]
      Military Republican side
      Unionist side ; Alliance Party
      Unionist / Loyalist side [ e.g. PUP only ; Not UVF Red Hand Commandos (RHC) ]

  15. terryhewett

    I think the decline and decadence of western society is a direct result of the decline of the wooden ruler. And of course its associates: blotting paper, ink wells and dip-in-pens. The wooden ruler to the inky shining faced schoolboy going unwillingly to school makes a delightful twang when played off the desk. They make great ballistae to project inky missiles upon enemies and friends alike. And the gentle administrations of the Christian Brothers when we were caught taught us that life was not fair.

    Our wooden rulers had their faults but the plastic rulers which have replaced them break so easily.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I agree.
      You might find this lecture interesting (on how modern education is dumbing people down):


      A friend of mine who does the white collar job and, at the same time, is a poet who has just published his first book, said this was the most revealing lecture he has ever heard in his life!

      Plastic rulers resulted in “plastic Oirish” :-(

  16. Truthist

    How little yee really know about De Valera 8-)

    “Conventional Insight” about him & his rule are FALSE.

    If only yee knew certain secret crucial info. about him.

    It would tidy up a lot of Irish history, & European & World history too.

    Just sayin.

    But, what would be the point in revealing when this info. would not be respected ?
    I know this milieu so well.

  17. coldblow

    David argues that Ireland can refuse to leave and dig its heels in in Europe. I am reading my way through Booker and North’s The Great Deception about Britain and the EU, very slowly, but it is getting very interesting with the final months of Thatcher. The issue defines her last years and she found herself regularly ganged up on 11:1. Her difficulty seems to have been that her cabinet was very much in favour of integration (whereas I understand that most Tory voters probably opposed it). She tried to stall EU progress (a misnomer of course) but had to avoid making it too obvious as she would then make herself a target for her own cabinet, which is what happened in the end of course.

    Note however that the integration issue came out of the blue really. The dreamers and schemers in the Commission and the ‘euro movement’ had always wanted political unification but had governments couldn’t be open about this to their electorates. Thatcher herself seems to have misunderstood the fundamental nature of the beast (so Booker and North argue) until quite late on and this explains her change of views (she had led the referendum campaign in 75 I seem to recall). Now this raises the question, if she couldn’t see it then who could (don’t say the Irish Govt, Dia dhár réiteach!) On that basis it seems, with Spinelli’s intervention in the 80s and the Euro Parliament’s moves towards political unification (the Euro Parliament! how on earth would *they* be allowed to influence anything?), the idea came in from nowhere. Most people didn’t want it but, like other things, it came to pass and became conventional wisdom.

    Again and again I am led to believe that most events are irrational.

    Talking of conventional wisdom, there is more to be said about Whitaker, De Valera and the rest. Here we descend into the mad universe of Irish sacred cows.

  18. Truthist

    @ Grzegoz,
    @ Grzegorz

    Somewhat lazy effort in response to ur 2 questions below ;
    I dare not check how these 2 questions relate to the delineated response ;
    As said this is a somewhat lazy effort at answering.

    “… the significance of shenanigans in Stormont on the future of Sinn Féin


    Will that enhance their coalition-digestiveness for


    FG ?

    the political future of NEI ?”


    Natural choice for most Republicans who sided with Michael Collins
    Although, arguably Michael Collins would not be a fan ever of Fine Gael

    Cute choice for 1st block of citizens of Irish State who were :

    Anglo-Irish Unionist
    Presbyterian Unionist
    Irish Unionist
    Irish Parliamentary Party

    Natural choice for general snobs

    Strong choice for :

    prosperous farmers
    business persons
    professional persons
    academics not of socialist leanings
    civil servants

    The political party of the richest class has overall the highest educated & confident people :
    in it ranks
    on its call.
    They can be the most competent.

    Note ;
    But, they are very rarely motivated to be competent for the benefit of all the citizens.
    And, especially only very rarely motivated to be competent for the benefit of the poorest of society.

    Natural choice for Homosexuals of Ireland ;
    Although, fringe political parties such as Communist Party & Militant Socialist in modern times may be temptations.

    Natural choice for Fascists who are not Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyite-Stalinist Fascists

    Traditional choice of most Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai


    I resort to use of “ANYWAYS” because I wish to avoid uncovering why the likes of a.1.5 Homosexual citizens & some or all of others of Fine Gael camp have a common political bent towards Irish Republicanism ;
    Present laziness is strong governing factor for this avoidance.

    … ANYWAYS 8-) ;

    Fine Gael members & Fine Gael voters truly hate Irish Republicans.
    They consider them to be absolute “Riff-Raff”.
    There is no way that they would go into coalition with Sinn Fein.
    If it was expedient to go into coalition with Sinn Fein, they will let their long-time ever-closer imitator — Fianna Fail — do so.
    But, it is a positive development in the eyes of Fine Gael that Sinn Fein are practising “dignified” politics.
    It helps to civilise the civic environment.
    The Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai are to be the thugs with the monopoly on violence.

    • Truthist


      I wish to avoid uncovering why the likes of a.1.5 Homosexual citizens & some or all of others of Fine Gael camp have a common political bent AGAINST Irish Republicanism ;

  19. “KEY POINT: The CIA has positioned itself to be a higher authority than Congress, the President, or We the People and can act in secrecy in all of its affairs.”

    “”The president can also wage all types of war secretly within U.S. borders because Obama changed the National Defense Authorization Act, with congressional approval, to give him those powers. Other extraordinary presidential powers have been consolidated through numerous executive orders in the last eight years.”

    ” Clapper currently controls an annual budget of around $75 billion and was a former British private spy but could not figure out that the recent fake news propaganda against Trump was complete garbage. ”

    “Key Point: In a country governed by the rule of law, which ours is not apparently, this type of smearing is called defamation of character and is illegal.”

    “It is crystal clear that James Clapper has allowed the number one intelligence vendor for cyberwarfare, CrowdStrike, to dominate governmental and corporate cyber breaches. To date, Dmitri and CrowdStrike have had many contracts to find and end cyber-attacks and have not successfully prosecuted a single hacker nor been able to secure any governmental system from attacks. It is also quite odd that Dmitri’s father, Michael Alperovitch, is the number one encryption code expert in America and has essentially created and controls the codes for most military information systems as well as many prominent corporate systems. Clapper didn’t seem to care that Dmitri was a criminal hacker arrested by the FBI and turned into their top cyber hacker against Russian gangsters stealing American’s identities through online scams. Michael Alperovitch was supposedly a Russian nuclear physicist who magically became a U.S. citizen that was hired by the biggest data systems in America to write and maintain encryption codes. Essentially, just as complete control of the 17 intelligence agencies is control by Clapper, the encryption codes of America are controlled by one Russian—Michael Alperovitch.”

    “Everyone is considered a terrorist until proven innocent according to the Patriot Act. The CIA can label anyone, or any agency or company as an “international security” threat, even without evidence. “

    • “”Trump – the Anti-CIA Warrior

      Trump has become enemy number one for all three factions of the CIA because he stands against globalism and promotes the rule of law.

      How to Stop the Overthrow of America by the CIA

      The Anonymous Patriots have in prior articles been so bold as to lay out a plan to stop the overthrow of America by transnational interests.

      Here is a list of the tasks needed if the CIA control of America is to be broken.

      Investigate George Bush Sr.’s involvement in Kennedy’s death, the assassination attempt on Reagan, the economic collapse of the USSR, his involvement with Barrick Gold, Riggs Bank, Velment Bank, the Brady Durham Bond scandal, the attacks of 911, his involvement with the Azerbijan Commerce Committee’s theft of oil, both Iraq wars, and his work with the Carlyle Group.

      Dissolve the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and let the NSA again resume its role as the leader of the intelligence community.

      Repeal the Patriot Act and the NDAA and dissolve the office of Homeland Security.

      End the NSA surveillance of Americans through Cisco routers, Intel processors, I-phones, Microsoft software, Google spying, Facebook spying, and network broadcasting of subliminal programming.

      Audit and dissolve DARPA, the Defense Research Advanced Research Projects Agency, where the technology for surveillance and weaponized information systems are developed.

      Audit and dissolve In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s form of DARPA, that uses the SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) as its industrial application arm.

      End the Highlands Forum (Group) that tells DARPA and In-Q-Tel what to focus their research on.

      End the Council on Foreign Relations because it is the policy maker for the military industrial complex of America and keeps America entangled in continuous war and conflict. It is another home for globalism like the United Nations.

      Audit the Economic Stabilization Fund and then end the CIA’s control of the ESF returning control to the Treasury Department.

      Seize the assets of Barrick Gold Corporation and prosecute the company for theft and gold laundering.

      Return the assets stolen from USSR satellite countries that Bush Sr. and Henry Kissinger orchestrated. Prosecute the entire Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (Dick Cheney, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, James Baker, Lloyd Bentsen, Richard Armitage, and Richard Perle).

      Dissolve Obama’s ISIS mercenaries and end the fake war on terrorism.

      Rescind Obama’s additions to the National Defense Authorization Act and his executive orders that consolidate presidential powers that establish control over Americans that bypass existing U.S. laws.

      Try Obama and Clinton for war crimes for bombing seven sovereign nations without congressional approval.

      Investigate George Bush Jr.’s involvement with the second Iraq war and the false flag events of 911.

      Investigate, audit, and close the CIA. Audit all companies that are alleged to have been started with CIA funds and seize their assets.

      Establish new laws that prevent U.S. intelligence operatives from working for international intelligence agencies.

      Stop using privately owned intelligence agencies for U.S. governmental contracts.

      Establish new laws that prevent U.S. intelligence personnel and government regulators from working for companies that they previously monitored and regulated.

      Seize the stolen gold that the CIA holds and launders through Barrick Gold, CIA banks, the Zurich gold repository, and the U.S. Federal Reserve System and central banks throughout the world.

      Seize all CIA offshore accounts.

      Release the stolen CIA funds George Soros and Leo Wanta acquired through currency manipulation in Russia.

      Return the CIA stolen gold to its country of origin: Spain, China, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and the other countries it was taken from.

      Audit gold throughout the world and establish a new base-line for gold commodities worldwide.

      Streamline U.S. intelligence and stop contracting with transnational, global, corporations.

      Trump as Defender of the Spirit of America

      These suggestions are a beginning and can only be accomplished through great effort and sacrifice. America is in a Second American Revolution and Donald Trump is our George Washington, who was himself a reluctant president who took the job because of the deplorable conditions of his time. “”

      Read it all here

    • The above can be read at

      My finger pressed the send box before I meant to.

      The Millennium report reads with great integrity!!

      It finishes with a prayer for Trump’s success.
      “May President Trump be granted the strength, courage and wisdom that filled George Washington, even in his darkest days in Valley Forge. May that same spirit of Columbia that inspired our founders to create a free and just America, also guide and bless our new president, the leader of the battle to take back America.”

  20. Mike Lucey

    That’s a tall order Tony. If he achieves a fraction of the swamp clean up he will have done well.

    I see Trump is hanging on to his personal security people. I imagine he may have seen this video!


  21. Truthist



    Noam Chomsky allows the worldwide “Frankfurt School” intelligentsia to parade Chomsky as the leading intellectual of the latter 1/2 of the 20th century.
    Noam Chomsky ridicules the necessity of investigating for the truth about 9-11.

    Here, arguably the best investigator of 9-11 — Christopher Bollyn — tells of Chomsky ;

    Chomsky and the 9-11 Cover-up
    December 30, 2013

    Noam Chomsky, who has a large following, has stated that he does not think there has been a cover-up of what really happened on 9-11. The real question is WHY does Chomsky refuse to acknowledge the obvious evidence of a massive cover-up? Is it fear, tribal loyalty, or his long-standing connections to MIT and the Tavistock Institute of Britain?

    THE ISRAELI CEO OF TAVISTOCK – The Tavistock Institute, funded by the royal family, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds, pioneered the techniques of propaganda used to justify war. The CEO of Tavistock is an Israeli woman named Eliat Aram.

    Having seen Noam Chomsky commenting on 9-11, I knew that he denies that there has been a cover-up of the truth. When I saw his plug for Peter Dale Scott’s book on 9-11 and the war conspiracy, I decided to ask him directly about the 9-11 cover-up. The following is my recent correspondence with Chomsky:

    From: Christopher Bollyn
    Sent: December 26, 2013

    To: Noam Chomsky
    Subject: Question about 9-11 Cover-up

    Dear Professor Chomsky,

    I have been reading Peter Dale Scott’s book The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War (2008). At the very top of the book’s front cover (see attached photo) is the following plug attributed to you:

    Peter Dale Scott’s 2008 book about 9-11 and the war conspiracy with Chomsky’s plug at the top of the front cover

    “Scott exposes an element in the American system of global power that poses an increasing threat to the victims of this system, the American people among them.”
    - Noam Chomsky

    In the book Professor Scott clearly states that he has “certain knowledge” that there has been a massive and on-going cover-up of what really happened on 9-11:

    “I should make clear that, with respect to 9/11, I have certain knowledge of only one fact: that there has been and continues to be a massive cover-up.”
    - The War Conspiracy: JFK, 9/11, and the Deep Politics of War, p. 367

    Since your name is at the top of the book I would assume that you support what Professor Scott says, that “with respect to 9/11,” he has certain knowledge that “there has been and continues to be a massive cover-up.”

    Do you agree that there has been a massive and on-going cover-up of the truth of 9-11?

    Thank you for your consideration of my question.

    Here is Chomsky’s response to my question:

    From: Noam Chomsky
    Date: Dec 26 at 4:12 PM
    To: Christopher Bollyn

    This book appeared in 1972, and my comment refers to that edition. I haven’t seen anything more recent, including this edition. As for the practice of using a comment on the 1972 edition for this one, I leave it for you to judge.

    I have no idea what Scott’s “certain knowledge” is, but it’s fair to assume that some things are being covered up, since that’s true about 100% of the time, not just in the US. The question is whether it’s anything significant.

    Avram Noam Chomsky and his wife Carol in 1949

    The Chomskys went to London from Montreal on a ship in early June 1953. They arrived in England on June 6, 1953…

    …and returned to the USA in late September 1953. It was probably during these three-and-a-half months that they spent 6 weeks on a kibbutz in Israel. This is probably the time when Chomsky was recruited to work for the Tavistock Institute, Britain’s Zionist propaganda agency.


    More here ;


  22. Truthist

    Sneaky mind leaks from Meryl Streep’s mouth during her attack on Trump at Golden Globes.
    No need to look at the video in its entirety.
    Thankfully, because to do so would be to endure very annoying sound effects & video effects.
    But, do note Streep’s tongue action ;
    Very strange
    Very indicative.

    • Deco

      Meryl Streep is a professional pretender.

      She can pretend all she wants, but her attitude for peado Roman Polanski stinks.

      In fact that is the real Meryl Streep. A complete moral vacuum, with a lot of pretence on top.

      • Truthist

        She has lovely skin.
        Never better looking.

        It is so smooth ;
        ==> she got it medically enhanced.
        The medics did a great job all the same.

        • Mouthpiece.

          She ‘makes a living’ prancing around in costumes pretending to be other people (some of them real and far more accomplished than she will ever be), reading out lines she wouldn’t be capable of writing herself – written by people far more intelligent that she is.

          And despite all this she thinks she has the right to preach to billions of (idiotic) people that blindly tune in for the circle-jerk, back-slapping, mutual appreciation society awards that her and her mates give to each other as often as possible.

          Not that I watched it.

          • Truthist


            And, likewise for vast number of actors / actresses.

            Their very vocation — appeal to the superficial — is inclined to make them unfit to advise society how to live.

        • These are people who preach to us about ‘democracy’ and so on but as soon as the election, any election doesn’t go their way – they throw their toys out of the pram.

          Not that I’m a Trump supporter either – I don’t support anyone except myself.

      • coldblow

        In Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves To Death, about the dire consequences of television, he tells of an event in some US city where Mother Teresa of Calcutta received an award. The audience clapped politely but with some impatience because they wanted the main act, which was Streep. When the actress finally appeared they went mad.

  23. http://www.plata.com.mx/Mplata/articulos/articlesFilt.asp?fiidarticulo=304

    US protectionism means that the US forfeits its leadership in the world and forfeits its right to issue the world’s money.
    “Got along without you, before I met you – gonna get along without you now.”

  24. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz

    The impact of
    a] ?”Mr Martin McGuiness’s resignation”
    b]? “Renewable Heat Incentive [ RHI ]” Scandal / “Cash for Ash” Scandal

    the future of “Northern Ireland” sic – “North East of Ireland” [ N.E.I. ] — as a political entity

    On basis of these 2 events in themselves ; Nil effect.
    Because, they are minuscule potatoes.

    On basis of certain choices arising from options available to “Sinn Fein”, & “Unionist-Loyalist” political parties involved ;

    re-elected assembly but with Sinn Fein as “Join” / “Co-” etc 1st Ministership.
    N.E.I. then can be more autonomous because Sinn Fein more keen to work with Unionist-Loyalist political parties.


    joint rule by Irish State government & UK government until the 2 tribes in N.E.I. both together demonstrate again that they are ready to work together as joint governors of NEI.

    Note ;

    No resumption of terrorism by Republican Nationalists paramilitaries ;
    Because ;
    They have no mandate from any of Nationalist population to do this
    They are not ready to perform this.

    And, no resumption of terrorism by Unionist-Loyalist paramilitaries ;
    Because :
    They are not ready to perform this.
    British government’s MI5 & MI6 are seemingly not interested in sponsoring Unionist-Loyalist paramilitary terrorism presently.

  25. Hi David ,

    I enjoyed the article and it was lucid .I agree in principal with your thoughts .

    To mark my footprint I believe it needed more precision from you .
    Some words repeatedly float commonly together as the article slowly arrives to conclusions and some of these words are not ‘relevantly pure’ to find a deeper meaning on the power of now in the story that really matters.

    ‘Our economy is in an Atlantic orbit’ and comparing why Ireland is not part of the European economy should only mean collectively ‘the isles’ .

    There is no such thing as an Irish economy but there is an economy of ‘the isles’ with regional variations .We are foolish to believe in our self importance as one island only .This is a myth created from the Dept of Finance c/o South Dublin Flying Machines Brigade.

    Should the EU disintegrate it will not be for the same reasons why Ireland / UK want it .France and other member of the community on the continent have their own different mindsets totally different to ‘the isles’. Among themselves they have their own separate issue that are not part of ours. Likewise ‘the isles ‘ have theirs that is uniquely theirs and Ireland is part of that ‘isles mindset.

    The mindset the Commissioner expresses ‘excessive reliance’ is from the European Commission and is one of ‘FEAR’ that Ireland might reconnect the umbilical cord to the UK not that it will convert the decisions of UK to return to the EU .

    The mindset of of ‘the isles’ as I have explained before ( in other articles) is an Atlantic mindset directly from West Africa untainted and unblemished without discourse with Indo European linguistic honeypot and is totally different to the Continent and was entrenched on the isles more than 40,000 years before the first arrivals from the continent. This mindset will never change no matter what language is spoken anywhere on the isles….. unless they kill us all off.

    Brexit is a product of this and Irexit will follow and in good time.This means that the EU to survive must adapt or otherwise . We now must focus on the new word ‘Adapt’ because this is the future of the resultant sustainable edifice that will follow and a New EU will continue albeit ‘reformed’.

    This renewal will result in the reformation of ‘The Kingdom of Kerry’ that once covered all the isles in an earlier time . In due course the realisation that Trump is a Kerryman will crystalise .

    The soliloquy of Hamlet indecisiveness has its continental origins and never formed part of a Kerry Mindset that simply says ‘ Feck It ‘ .

  26. coldblow

    Last night I had a quick look to see what Crotty had to say about Whitaker. He said that, because the way the Irish banks were set up, Whitaker had found it very difficult on at least one occasion to borrow ‘a few million’ and so had shared in the experience of thousands of ordinary people when dealing with their bank manager. His was the beginning of the State’s fourth major economic policy since independence, all of which had failed or (in his case) bound to fail in the end:

    1 Conservative financial rectitude
    2 Protectionism (30s and 40s)
    3 Protectionism plus Keynsian experiment in state borrowing (1948-55) as Keynsianism was then the fashion
    4 Economic ‘take-off’ (Rostovian?), which Whitaker began and was characterized by:

    1 free trade and ending protectionism
    2 promoting manufacturing for export, including tax breaks (and subsidies?) and encouraging foreign companies to come to Ireland (again with tax breaks etc)
    3 directing investment to ‘productive’ sectors of the economy, ie towards factories, hotels etc and away from housing, schools and hospitals.

    As time went by, it was clear that a relaxed monetary policy was also part of the package.

    As with protection, this had some econouraging initial results but thethe amount of state aid required outweighed the benefits.

  27. coldblow

    The first half of David’s article is about conventional wisdom (and its close cousin received opinion) but it doesn’t grasp the extent of received opinion.

    I am currently wading through the Spanish translation of Roddy Doyle’s A Star Called Henry, which seems to be set at the time of the Easter Rising (at least, that’s where I have got to). (It is always a mistake to buy a book in a hurry.) I read through the reviews on Amazon and, as expected, they were nearly all enthusiastic. One reviewer claimed that Doyle leads out a herd of sacred cows to be slaughtered.

    This is of course hilariously mistaken as what Doyle does, faithfully reflecting current pieties (aka conventional wisdom) is that, far from slaughtering them, he parades modern Ireland’s sacred cows around the field for general applause. This is what the reviews tell me. Doyle’s novel has the usual clichés in spades and hir caricatures are more simplistic, grotesque and (of course) plain wrong than one fears. The grasping landlord (who I think is piously religious, if memory serves), the snarling, intolerant Catholic nun (contrasted with the warm, tolerant lay teacher), his father’s job as a minder in a brothel (what’s wrong with that?). Now I have reached the GPO and our SJW hero has destroyed the shop windows opposite the GPO (take that nasty capitalists!), some salt of the earth local woman have come to get their soldier husbands’ pay (they threaten to storm the GPO with the Volunteers inside because they are salt of the earth (hip!), foul mouthed but with hearts of gold (hip!) and, last but not least, Women (hooray!). Padraig Pearse is a tight-arsed bourgeois bastard who doesn’t want to give them what they want (boo!) but Henry is not blinded by sanctimonious ideolology and patriotic codswallop. He can think for himself and, because he too is a diamond geezer, he gives the ladies what they came for. De Valera hasn’t yet put in an appearance but I can guess what the author has lined up for him. No sacred cow is too sacred for the fearless Roddy to take on! And if Henry lives long enough to meet TK Whitaker (he was great, unlike his well-padded successors) he will doubtless appear in saintly aura of Wisdom, Courage and Humour. (Did anyone ever see the old Simpsons episode about the film festival where Montgomery Burns appears in a biblical epic giving a drink of water to the needy? ‘Truly you are the Son of Man!)

    I am afraid this is applies to David’s iconoclasm. The conventional thinking is buried in the Establishment, a word I now see everywhere I look. We are all rebels now, all on the right side of the barricades. (In the Church’s case it is ‘The Hierarchy’ which is populated by arrogant and heartless ‘prelates’ (thanks Dan) in Opus Dei or the Vatican, ‘smothering conscience and humanity’ with an arrogant ‘swish of the soutane’ (thanks Enda and your speech writer).

    Who has ‘the courage and the intelligence to see through the Irish conventional wisdom’ of the present day? Give up. Mary Robinson? Michael D? How about Leo, the statesman combatting the ‘pure evil’ of a couple of middle aged women (one of them black! Tut tut! A faux pas!) working in the wrong job at a care home in Roscommon.

    • Deco

      Roddy Doyle, like Brendan O’Carroll, specializes in depiction of working class Dubliners as evidence to infer the values that their betters want them to live.

      In other words, they are continually represented as hapless, pathethic and clueless, when they live on their own terms.

      If on the other hand they model themselves on what they see in the bullsh!t box, they are redeemed.

      It is counter-reality. In real life, if you behave like a moron you get dire consequences. In the expression of Doyle, and BoC, if you behave like a moron, you are the hero.

      The hero must be arrogant in their assumptions about consequences. They must have enough pride to overcome logic.

      The time for bashing both Westminster and the Vatican is past. Yet, the believers in the current empire have an eagerness to engage in kicking two dead horses.

      I do not support either Doyle or Breandan O’Carroll. They are supported outside the working class, for their depiction of the working class as an inevitable underclass.

      • coldblow

        By strange coincidence I am reading Kundera’s Le Rideau (The Curtain) again and at lunchtime I happened to read a couple of pages where he argues that one of the main purposes of the novel is to tear away at the curtain of ‘preinterpretation’(which would be the loose equivalent of received opinion) which obscures the reality behind it. This has been the case from the very beginning with Don Quixote. Those who rebel, in his opinion, are allowed only to rebel at what has already been revealed.

        The best novelists work within the history and logic of the form and have something new to say about life and the world. Others do not. I would argue that the worst novels, like this one, reinforce the clichés.

  28. Mike Lucey

    I imagine a good way of measuring ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of a country is the ‘happiness’ levels of its citizens.

    I’ve looked up the ‘World Happiness Report’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Happiness_Report
    operational since 2012 and it shows what I suspected. In 2012, Ireland was ranked 10th. This ranking dropped to 18th in 2013 and 2015 and now stands at 19th in the 2016 report.

    Curiously, I note that Iceland raised from 20th place in 2012 to 3rd place in 2016. What can we learn from Iceland? A lot I imagine!


  29. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    Partial update ; With some of previous material edited
    The impact of
    a] ”Mr Martin McGuiness’s resignation”
    b] “Renewable Heat Incentive [ RHI ]” Scandal / “Cash for Ash” Scandal

    the future of “Northern Ireland” sic – “North East of Ireland” — as a political entity


    If Sinn Fein secures “Joint” / “Co-” etc 1st Ministership.;
    ==> N.E.I. then can be more autonomous because Sinn Fein then genuinely more keen to work with Unionist-Loyalist political parties.
    Then,status of NEI can become more respected internationally :


    If McGuinness is not replaced directly with Sinn Fein member of Northern Assembly AND subsequently there is no new election for the Northern Assembly ;
    ==> “Joint-rule” by Irish State government & UK government until the 2 tribes in N.E.I. both together demonstrate again that they are ready to work together as joint governors of NEI.
    Then, status of NEI becomes more distrusted internationally :
    NEI as “joint-ruled” province of UK would be viewed as a region under great stress.


    Following direct replacement of McGuinness with other Sinn Fein member ;
    ==> No change to Irish State- NEI borders.


    Following new Elections & subsequently a new Northern Assembly ;
    ==> No change to Irish State- NEI borders.


    Following “Joint-Rule” by both Irish State government & U.K. government ;
    –> No change to Irish State- NEI borders.
    Except ;
    Irish State on high alert for terrorism from Loyalists aggrieved at perceived extra encroachment by Irish State government

    balance of power

    If there is a new election for Northern Assembly ;
    ==> Sinn Fein will win increase in votes from electorate
    Thus, Sinn Fein will have improved position for to insist that they get “Joint / Co-“ 1st Ministership with Unionist / Loyalist political party or parties ;
    But, only 2 Joint 1st Ministerships.
    1 for Unionist / Loyalist or Unionist [ e.g. Alliance Party ]


    If McGuinness is not replaced directly with Sinn Fein member of Northern Assembly AND subsequently there is no new election for the Northern Assembly l
    ==> “Joint-rule” by Irish State government & UK government until the 2 tribes in N.E.I. both together demonstrate again that they are ready to work together as joint governors of NEI.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “If Sinn Fein secures “Joint” / “Co-” etc 1st Ministership.;
      N.E.I. then can be more autonomous because Sinn Fein then genuinely more keen to work with Unionist-Loyalist political parties”

      Do you think that the Unionists would agree to SF 1st Ministership? And in what is set out to be a gain for SF in the Remain-voting North (Northern Ireland does more trade with the EU than with the UK, and more than 80% of NI farmers income are the EU subsidies), would that mean the United Ireland referendum would be accelerated? Because
      Unionist do not agree to SF 1st Mininstership
      ==> No government in the North with Unionist obstruction
      ==> Return to Direct Rule by the UK
      ==> Come back of tensions
      ==> Push for referendum

      But if
      SF shaped Stormont then again
      ==> Push towards the referendum

      P.S. I am a bit surprised that you consider SF to be less keen to work with the DUP than DUP not keen to work with SF.

      P.S.II. In 2010, we had a tenant from west Belfast (Irish Catholic, young, friendly at first impression, but very private). Came down with a van (he said he came to down to start his company in ROI), paid his dues upfront, stayed for a week, said he has to go up to Belfast for a while, correspondence addressed to him related to SW “Magic Money” came down, this was followed by a series of letters from Provident as it had turned out he took a loan on our address, moved out after 3 weeks, never heard of again.

      How massive do you think the phenonemena of people double registered – ROI + NI in both Welfares/Medical Institutions etc can be (1,000 people? 10,000 people? 100,000 people?).

      I remember some time ago the papers wrote about a border village with less than 1,000 people and more than 1,300 welfare recipients (how is that even possible technically if first you have to prove your address? – but various papers reported that – Indo, The Irish News…).

      • Truthist

        Ur statement above

        I am a bit surprised that you consider ;
        SF to be less keen to work with the DUP
        DUP not keen to work with SF.”

        I did not compare
        SF’s keenness to work with U/L’s [ incl. DUP ]
        U/L’s [ incl. DUP ] keenness to work with SF

        I only compared
        SF’s keenness to work with U/L’s [ incl. DUP ] NOW
        SF’s keenness to work with U/L’s [ incl. DUP ] ON SF HAVING SECURED “JOINT 1st MINISTERSHIP” WITH U/L’s ;

        Of course, SF are much more keen to make Northern Assembly work than U/L’s presently.
        Because, U/L’s :
        still despise aborigine Irish
        still despise Catholics
        still despise all folks from South [ incl. Protestants who are Irish Nationalists or Irish Republicans or IRA members ]
        still despise Northern Assembly entity because they view it as stepping stone to united Ireland.

        “If Sinn Fein secures “Joint” / “Co-” etc 1st Ministership.;
        N.E.I. then can be more autonomous because Sinn Fein then genuinely more keen to work with Unionist-Loyalist political parties”

        Because, many persons within “IRA”, & “Sinn Fein”, & “Sinn Fein-IRA”, believe that Ireland should revert to united Ireland system of pre-Norman / pre-British invasion ;
        4 Provinces*1 each having a supreme leader ;
        But, all Provinces subject to a Leader of Leaders,
        National Government with elected Leader of Leaders.

        Actually, directly pre Norman / British invasion, there were 5 Provinces.
        But, I believe that the “stewards” of unification of Ireland think that the proper division should be 4.
        And, I seem to recall that geography of Ireland points to the wisdom of having the known 4 geo-political divisions system versus having the known 5 geo-political divisions system.
        I will supply u detail of that in future discussion rather than bring u down a rabbit-hole when u faced with dead-line for finishing ur project.


        BUT, INDEPENDENT OF N.A.T.0. ?

        ==> IRELAND IS A SHAM ! ; IMHO

        Interestingly ;

        This dinnseanchas poem named Ard Ruide (Ruide Headland) poetically describes the kingdoms of Ireland. Below is a translation from Old Irish:

        Connacht in the west is the kingdom of learning, the seat of the greatest and wisest druids and magicians;
        the men of Connacht are famed for their eloquence,
        their handsomeness and their ability to pronounce true judgement.

        Ulster in the north is the seat of battle valour,
        of haughtiness, strife, boasting;
        the men of Ulster are the fiercest warriors of all Ireland, and the queens and goddesses of Ulster are associated with battle and death.

        Leinster, the eastern kingdom, is the seat of prosperity, hospitality, the importing of rich foreign wares like silk or wine;
        the men of Leinster are noble in speech and their women are exceptionally beautiful.

        Munster in the south is the kingdom of music and the arts, of harpers, of skilled ficheall players and of skilled horsemen. The fairs of Munster were the greatest in all Ireland.

        The last kingdom, Meath, is the kingdom of Kingship, of stewardship, of bounty in government; in Meath lies the Hill of Tara, the traditional seat of the High King of Ireland.
        The ancient earthwork of Tara is called Rath na Ríthe (‘Ringfort of the Kings’).


        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “and female”? Single lassies from the North coming down to greet us with “’bout ye?” instead me going up north ;-)

  30. McCawber

    The reality of our situation is that we are pawns.
    The great powers are at war again.
    gB will do it’s usual stunt of divide and conquer using us as bait and let’s be clear about this we were and are and always will be cannon fodder unless we change our ways.
    Therein lies the problem -can we change.
    Are we prepared to abandon the begging bowl and stand up for ourselves.
    Who are we anyway, what do WE stand for.

  31. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I was looking for some moving (but not Marxist) quote from the history of Irish nationalism for my article on Sinn Fein/IRA which would strike a cord with the Polish conservative reader (which is difficult considering their KGB connections) and so far, I haven’t found in Arthur Griffith’s writings anything as powerful as this quote from Michael Collins during the Treaty negotiations with Britain (so timeous):

    “Give us the future.. we’ve had enough of your past.. give us back our country to live in — to grow in.. to love.

    • Truthist

      ‘I can accept Nationalists with “criminal tendencies” ;
      But, I cannot accept Criminals with ‘nationalist tendencies”.’
      From retired Irish freedom fighter I know.


      Bet than would ruffle the Poles !

      • Truthist


        ‘I can accept Nationalists with “criminal tendencies” ;
        But, I cannot accept Criminals with “nationalist tendencies”.
        And, of course, my preference is for Nationalists with no criminal tendencies’
        From retired Irish freedom fighter I know.


        Bet that would ruffle all the Poles !

  32. mike flannelly

    Is there a conflict of interest between the trade views of eurocrats from brussels and the CEO’s of top german brands ?
    Surely the eurocrats are feeling the pressure as brexit has forced top brand CEO’s to measure the real value of brussels. Do the top CEO’s really trust the ability of dummy politicians to limit and restrict their markets?

    Unmeasured immigration was the main driver of brexit.

    No methods but lots of costs.

  33. Pat Flannery

    In Ms. May’s speech today she voiced her determination to avoid a custom and immigration border between the ROI and NI. That can only be achieved by pushing back the effective borders of the UK to include all of the island of Ireland. Anybody or anything destined for any part of Ireland will have to be marked as destined for the UK.

    It is either a full customs and immigration border between NI and the ROI or effective integration into the UK. I hope that becomes clear during the upcoming NI general election.

  34. Truthist

    Profound evil ;
    New York’s main electorate must be pleased at what USA “the proxy” does for The Dreadful Few ;
    If more convenient for yee, click on the same video found 1/4 the way down in the following link ;
    This is what aspiring Taoisaoigh of Irish State Me-hole Martin, Hugh Coveney’s boy “Simon”, Varadaker, & Gerry Adams are complicit of in their cozying up with NATO [ USA & UK & France mainly ] & EU & of course USA.

  35. Truthist

    Hillary Clinton pitching the gifting of Taiwan to China in return for China cancelling USA’s debt that China owns.

  36. Truthist


    George Soros has been interfering in Hungary’s politics for years.
    Now, they’re fed up.

    January 16, 2017


    The ruling Hungarian Civic Alliance party (Fidesz) has had enough of George Soros’ interference in its politics.

    Government minister Janos Lazar announced last week that they intend to begin auditing all foreign organizations. Not surprisingly, among them will be George Soros’ network of charities and foundations.

    Soros, a Hungarian-born U.S. billionaire financier and political activist, is known for his support of the Democratic Party, President Obama and the Clintons.

    “Every Hungarian has a right to know who wants to influence them” from abroad, Lazar said, according to Bloomberg. The Hungarian Parliament agenda for 2017 shows that lawmakers will debate a bill to let authorities audit foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

    Soros has been involved in the “orchestrated refugee crisis,” revolutions around the world, the war on police, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, globalism, and more. He uses a well-developed network of NGOs to advance his agenda all over the world.

    The Soros Open Society Foundations (OSF) fund more than 60 Hungarian NGOs and have spent more than $1.6 billion in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in the past 30 years.

    His specific financial and political involvement in Hungary may yet come to light. Lazar said Soros “has decided that he will be Viktor Orbán’s opponent and opposition in Hungarian politics.” He added, “I think people have the right to know which organization he’s doing this through.”

    Orbán is the leader of the national and conservative Fidesz party. He has been Prime Minister of Hungary twice. Conservative on social issues, Orban belongs to the Calvinist Hungarian Reformed Church, but his wife is a Roman Catholic. They have five children.

    Ironically, in 1989, Orbán received a scholarship from the Open Society Foundations to study political science at Pembroke College, Oxford, in England.

    Orbán offered his views on Soros in an interview with Budapest Times.

    “There are some who envision a world without borders: this is exactly the concept which George Soros and his civil society organizations seek to popularize.” He explained that this is at best well-intentioned and naive, and at worst part of an agenda to destroy traditional civilizations, ways of life, cultures and nations.

    “I, however, am among those who do not want the world’s civilizational structure to change, and in particular I would not like to see a change in the culture of this piece of land we call Hungary,” Orbán concluded. “I love this country.”

    Soros criticized Orbán’s handling of the European immigrant crisis in 2015, writing, “His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

    Soros suggested each migrant receive $16,000 per year to help cover housing, healthcare, and education costs. He urged Europe to take in at least one million Muslims, but Hungary rejected the compulsory quotas for each country proposed by the European Union.


    • Truthist

      Another excerpt ;
      Soros’ involvement in American politics is well documented. He has financed organizations whose names imply affiliation with the Catholic Church but whose politics contradict the Church’s teachings: Catholics for Choice, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and Catholics United.

      A few months ago, a document published by WikiLeaks showed that the OSF sought to persuade Catholic Church officials to advance left-wing ideas. During Pope Francis’ 2015 visit to the United States, Soros spent more than half a million dollars to promote population control, abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual “marriage.”

      According to DCLeaks.com, Soros is also funding a three-year plan to eradicate pro-life laws around the world, a strategy for “women’s rights.” In 2012, his foundation called on UN member governments to legalize prostitution and drug use, and criticized “conservative interpretations of religion.”

      Obviously, Sore-ass is in cahoots with the sinister Irish-American “Philanthropist” Mr. Chuck — “I earned all my Billions from Duty-Free” — Feeney.

    • Deco

      It is none of the business of Soros what people in sovereign countries do. He is serial wrecker, going around causing as much harm as possible.

      And above this nasty, destructive interference, we see Soros behave like Bertie Ahern in public, like he is some sort of angel.

      • Truthist

        Very good analogy about the current operations of Bertie Ahern ;

        U have him by the guts there ;

        Accuse him of being ;

        “Bertie Soros” – Wrecker of the Irish nation.

        Would not surprise me at all that Bertie the Bookeeper is winning races at George Soros the Bookmaker.

      • McCawber

        Bertie the angel still wants the presidency – I hope he gets the FF nomination (won’t happen on mehole’s watch tho’ – he’s not all bad after all) so that the Irish electorate can redeem itself for its appalling decision to keep the Senate.

  37. Truthist

    Jimmy McGee — the great sports commentator from Ireland — often said that the real tough man is not he who dishes out assaults but rather he who endures them with dignity.

    That ancient community occupied by that special little Rothschild-sponsored democracy in the Middle East, & who are proving to be obstacle to the Neo-Zio-Christians for their “Rapture” episode to occur, sure are a true tough people.

    Here is more of same-old-same-old ;


  38. Truthist

    Already nearly 1/2 a Trillion USA Dollars spent on this USA multi-role fighter jet ;
    Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
    Just 1 of the ways that USA imposes use of USA Petro-Dollar / USA Commodity-Dollar / USA Reserve-Currency Dollar upon the rest of the world

  39. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz



    Who will gain ?


    What will they gain ?


    Who ; Sinn Fein

    What ;
    January 16, 2017 at 10:42 am@ Grzegorz
    x.1. [ above ]
    the future of Sinn Fein in Irish State

    x.1.2 [ above ]
    the future of Sinn Fein in North East of Ireland

    I HAVE BEEN USING “x” & “y” as coding system for Question & Answer, respectively, & LATER “q” & “a” INSTEAD.

    Who ; UK Government

    What ;They get more time for to prepare for their actual exit from EU


    Who ;Irish State ;

    What ; They get more time for to prepare for :
    actual exit by UK from EU
    Irish State still in EU

    actual exit by Engwals ? [ England + Wales ] only from EU
    Scotland + North East of Ireland still in EU
    Irish State still in EU

    actual exit by Engwalnie ? [ England + Wales + North East of Ireland ] from EU
    Irish State still in EU

    How will they gain ?
    ROGUARY 8-)
    Legal delays
    Political Impasse[s] in North East of Ireland

    Who will lose ?
    What will they lose

    Who ;
    Carolingian Group

    What ;

    Amount of Advantage

    Quality of Advantage
    England > London / The City will be better prepared

    How will they lose ?
    Time delays

    Who ;
    Unionist / Loyalists

    What ;

    Monopoly of 1st Ministership in Northern Assembly

    Another block against march to united Ireland

    How will they lose ?

    Natural justice of the delineated political options
    Nationalists are in majority in South & imminently so in NEI ;
    U/L’s have no leeway to deny natural justice political outcomes
    They are beaten by :
    majority of South
    imminent majority of NEI ;
    Majority of NEI was basis they they withheld NEI from united Ireland until now.
    What now other than eventual united Ireland ? ;
    North East of North East of Ireland ? ; Diminishing Circles !

    These “Theologians” 8-) should have a good hard look at themselves & then proceed to become genuine friends with the aborigine Irish.
    Especially when they learn that they – in the main – also aborigine Irish way back who settled in Alba & were manipulated during the Reformation by The Dreadful Few to become “Theologians” — & very grumpy ones too — & thence invade Ireland over time from time of Elizabeth 1st into the arrival of Cromwell – bankrolled by The Dreadful Few ensconced then in Netherlands — & into arrival of William of Orange [ Also bankrolled by The Dreadful Few ] & thereon.
    By the way, there was arguably no Battle of the Boyne ;
    But rather, a massive Freemasonry Ceremony involving William of Orange.

  40. Deco

    Theresa May has outlined where she stands on Brexit. Her position is very steely, and indicates that she understands the EU’s ability to create disaster from just about any situation.

    The response from the Irish government was comical. It indicates a nEU garrison mentality with a ‘guilt-trip’ at the end. In the context of snapchat, the guilt-trip is looking ridiculous. In fact the Irish state is still clueless.

    The Irish state is also clueless to our declining competitiveness.

    Residential development in Dublin is still snarled up in complexity, which benefits the architects and local authority planners – but which does nothing for working people trying to buy a home.

    End result the number of people who opt out of the workforce, and queue up for local authority housing continues to increase.

    We are led by buffoons.

    The “Leadership” of this country are more concerned with what Auntie in Brussels things, to get their sh!t together.

    A mess is unfolding. The liars on the radio are making every possible comment on the current declining competitiveness, except mentioning that Ireland is running into another Ponzi-economics unwind.

  41. Barclay

    Some of the content here is on point – for example I agree that the population on average is less pro-European than, say, our main political parties.

    But more of the content seems quite weak to me.

    For example, dismissing Phil Hogan’s comments because his “wages are paid by Brussels” is a cheap move. The Ad Hominem is a famously bad argument. It’s as cheap as it would be for me to say that David McWilliams articles are meaningless because they get better readership if he says unconventional things, or because he gets invited to speak at more conferences if his articles say provocative things. If Hogans’ arguments are bad, then address the arguments.

    Another example – “There is an echo chamber in Brussels that wills away the iron law of economics, which is that we all rely on each other”. This is a very strange statement. The WHOLE POINT of European integration, the Single Market and the Brussels institutions is that we all rely on each other.

    Finally, this idea that Ireland is “in the Atlantic orbit” or a “global economy that just happens to be here Europe”. Firstly, joining the EU Single Market was the single biggest driver of our increased trade with the US over recent decades. The best way to *reduce* our trade with the USA would be to leave the EU. Moreover, why is there no mention of the obvious enormous opportunity that presents itself if McWilliams’ own model is accurate – namely, we can now position ourselves as the *world’s only economy* that is part of this “Atlantic Orbit” AND part of the European Single Market. Leaving the EU (which I suspect he will support sooner or later) would be to throw this unique opportunity away.

    Like I said, strange article.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Barclay,

      “For example, dismissing Phil Hogan’s comments because his “wages are paid by Brussels” is a cheap move.”

      Do you not think the hogan’s remarks were as cheap as they come considering we have record breaking levels of emigration out of Ireland INTO the Uk and that we do such a large amount of trade with them and that there are so many family and business connections with them etc. etc.?

      Just curious?


      • Barclay

        Hi Michael,

        There are two things here.

        Firstly, my point was that it is cheap of McWilliams to dismiss someone’s argument on the basis of who pays them. It would be cheap for me to dismiss McWilliams’ articles on that basis, and it is cheap of him to dismiss anyone else on that basis. Your question obviously does not address my point. Just wanted to note that.

        Secondly, I am not a fan of Phil Hogan (I think he is far too much of a mouthpiece for the agricultural lobby, for instance) but I do not think his remarks were cheap. We have a very close relationship with the UK as you say – granted. Hogan did not say anything that contradicts this. If you disagree, feel free to provide examples to the contrary from Hogan’s article. It’s of course also worth remembering that we trade far more with the Eurozone than we do with the UK, as important as the latter is. (source: http://atlas.media.mit.edu/en/profile/country/irl/#Destinations)

        Furthermore, I think he had some correct points. For example, despite McWilliams asking what “excessive reliance” means, Hogan argues quite clearly that it means not relying too much on the UK as a means of “ensuring that Ireland’s strategic interests are best protected in the Brexit discussions.” In other words, a wise approach to protecting our own interests in the negotiations would be to not rely too much on our relationship with the one country who is leaving, rather than our relationship with the 26 others who are staying and with whom we trade much more (as a whole) than the UK. I think this makes sense.

        Moreover, I think Hogan was correct to say that “Brexit may present Ireland with the chance to seize the next phase in our development and maturity as a sovereign state.” Pre-1973, we were very dependent on the UK. Too dependent. It was unhealthy. EEC/EU membership took us from an unbalanced bilateral relationship to being two countries in a wider regional club. It made our relationship much healthier precisely BECAUSE we were no longer so dependent on the UK. Now, with the UK leaving the club, we can pursue our activities in that club entirely independently of the UK. It’s a level of independence we have never had from the UK. I think this could be healthy too.

        These may be good arguments by Hogan, or bad arguments. I think they are fair points. McWilliams, however, chose not to address the arguments. He instead talked about the motives of the person giving the arguments. He played the man, not the ball. I think he should do better than that.

        • michaelcoughlan

          OK thanks.

          I just hope that Ireland isn’t left in a union where the euro works for them and not for us as has been the case.

          There are shocking failures in Ireland from hospital trolly’s watting lists to emigration to the housing crisis to huge suicide no’s all indicators in my view of a too short sighted goal of putting all our eggs in the eu basket.

          I feel many of these failures are the result of expecting the people of Ireland to operate in straightjackets put on them by bureaucrats who have the banking lobby in their ear.

          I do feel (like I feel with RTE) that when the salaries are so big many of these people will do whatever it takes to preserve their own salaried position.

          best regards,


    • Truthist

      Some points arising from ur post ;

      “It’s as cheap as it would be for me to say that David McWilliams articles are meaningless because :
      they get better readership if he says unconventional things,
      he gets invited to speak at more conferences if his articles say provocative things.”

      Is the above — especially 1.2 to be understood as a polite “warning” to DMW ?

      “The WHOLE POINT of European integration, the Single Market and the Brussels institutions is that we all rely on each other.”
      Specifically ; “The WHOLE POINT … is that WE ALL RELY ON EACH OTHER.
      And, more specifically ; “… RELY ON …”

      No matter if 2.1′it is as DMW states “an iron law of economics that we all rely on each other”‘ or 2.2′it is, as u ephatically remind us, the WHOLE POINT of EU, the Single Market & the Brussels institutions’, that does not ==> it is necessarily true.

      Anyways, borrowing Hugo Salinas Price’s phrase from his most recent article quoted by Tony Brogan above ;
      “Got along without you, before I met you ;
      Gonna get along without you now.”
      So all Europeans should say to the Freemason dream European Union ;
      NO THANK U !

      Now, buzz off !

      • I thought Barclay made some decent points.It’s perfectly possible to get along with with both camps (EU and ‘Atlantic’, etc.) with a bit of brains and effort, although I don’t think the imbeciles in-situ are remotely capable of pulling it off.

        I though the analogy of the jockey trying to ride two horses or whatever didn’t work – like a lot of analogies. I’d prefer to stick to the facts at hand.

        The ‘buzz off’ was unnecessary Mr. Truthist. Immature.

        We need more new commenters, not less.

        What is this place? Another closed off mutual apprecation society like the useless Meryl Streep and her arsehole friends.

        Oops that was an analogy there!

        • Truthist

          The “buzz off !” was OBVIOUSLY not directed at Barclay ;
          Not least because it is not my style to be “personal”.
          It was OBVIOUSLY directed at the EU ;
          Or the Freemasons if u wish to be more accurate about what the EU is.

          • Truthist

            No problem ;

            But, u surely have noticed that the most of Irish are a very cowardly lot ?
            They dare not challenge the establishment unless :
            they feel, or rather know, that they will win
            have backing of a big group behind them or moreso with them ; Feminnazis
            think that it is trendy ; e.g. Militant Socialist
            are drunk & can play the aul bowsie [ But, really, it would be the hackneyed soft target they would challenge instead ; Not the establishment ]
            inter alia.
            And, have u noticed the calibre of comments to articles of the main newspapers ?
            Dreadful quality of discourse.
            Also, obvious is that there is constant presence of plants working on behalf of the establishment to manipulate the thread of discussion.
            Also, there are agents for foreign interests active on them too.

            The level of discussion in foreign blogs is much higher & open than that generally emanating from Ireland origin internet discussions.

            Anyway, there should be follow-through with action from fruitful discussion.

            Let’s get pro-active.

          • ‘cowardly lot’



            I don’t cooperate with groups, full stop.

            ‘calibre of comments’ – I do see some good ones amid the bilge. The best comments are on this blog in my opinion.

            ‘get pro-active’ – best of luck with that, Ireland needs a clean sweep of all the establishment figures if anything is ever to change – especially the odious politicians but unfortunately the turkeys keep on voting for Christmas over and over again.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Ireland needs a clean sweep of all the establishment figures if anything is ever to change”

            A good metaphor for the ossified political system in ‘Après nous le déluge’ Ireland would be this drawing by Andrzej Mleczko (the text in the drawing means in English “He is holding very wery, considering his age”):


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            ‘cowardly lot’

            Speaking of cowardness – you might enjoy this 1 min archive footage of Uhlans training in 1938. My grandfather served in Uhlans and he took part in the Battle of Bzura, hence my huge sentiment to that formation imbued in little me from him sining me Uhlans songs:


        • Truthist

          And, yes, Barclay does have a fair point that we should deal with “the issue” as against “the person” ;
          Although, sometimes it is fair & proper that we also deal with “the person”.

      • Referring to HSP essay mentioned above is a significant commentary from Bill Holter who reinforces my ramblings about the effect of debt suffocation but without going as far as discussing the additional effect of interest strangulation.

        It is a timely reminder that the course of action contemplated by individuals or nations should relate to the debt tsunami tide already being far out. The discussions are similar to people unconcernedly picking up fish from the exposed beaches. Not noticed is that the ensuing flood , havoc and destruction of the tsunami ought to be the subject of discussion. Otherwise all are lead astray to their financial doom and social destruction. Hear is Bill Holter

        Bill H:

        : It looks just like a Ponzi scheme doesn’t it?

        GATA forwarded a fabulous link yesterday

        http://www.plata.com.mx/Mplata/articulos/a rticlesFilt.asp?fiidarticulo=304 to Hugo Salinas Price’s latest writing. This is a very short read and represents visually what Richard Russell said for years …”Inflate or Die”. Please read it carefully because if you do not understand it, you will not understand “why” mathematically we are about to go through financial and economic disaster.

        Looking at this graph, you will notice the parabolic move began in 1971. This was possible because “debt” had previously been constrained by the amount of purported U.S. gold holdings. De linking from gold allowed literally parabolic growth in new debt issuance. The increase in reserves really started to accelerate around the year 2000 and went vertical beginning around 2008. These were both years when the economy (and markets) began to seriously falter. It has been my contention that these years also coincided with “debt saturation” milestones where Kirk called down to the engine room demanding “more power”.

        Before moving on, let’s look at how Ponzi schemes work and how they die. At first, there are few investors so adding even one more sucker to the pile is meaningful as his capital can be parceled out into meaningful “dividends”. But as the scheme grows, say to 100 unsuspecting souls, one more new investor only equals 1% “payouts” to the group. Then as the pool gets even larger at 1,000 or more, one new mark is almost meaningless. As the returns shrink, people begin to look elsewhere and bail out spelling the beginning of the end. If you look at the above chart again, it pretty much mirrors the birth, growth, maturity and coming death of all Ponzi schemes…doesn’t it?

        Looking at the chart from a real world vantage point, the last two plus years has been more than a minor hiccup …the parabolic “trend” has clearly changed and reversed. Mr. Salinas Price wrote that Mr. Trump has communicated desires to eliminate the trade deficit which will expedite the decline of paper reserves. I would remind you what Mr. Trump said yesterday, “the dollar is too high”! This is further evidence of a move away from globalism toward nationalism. A “lower” dollar will help our exports while curbing imports. This will truly not be good for an over levered world that relies on product sales to the U.S. to pay their debt service. Another way to look at it is through the eyes of “Smoot-Hawley” glasses, we already know what happens to trade when tariffs are erected, trade volumes implode.

        For the last few years, even with the U.S. trying and struggling to “play the game”, the debt structure had already begun to slow and roll over. Now with Mr. Trump at the helm, it looks like the U.S. will no longer play the game. Simply put, “game over” will be rapidly seen and understood as inevitable where no amount of hope will trump “policy” nor Mother Nature! The credit contraction is here and now, if you know this and understand what it means, then you know where it will all end.

        As mentioned at the beginning, Richard Russell’s most famous quote was “inflate or die”. With regard to the above chart, Sir Richard was saying “inflation” (growth of debt) must either continually go up AND at an increasing rate …or it rolls over and dies. This is exactly why for the last few months I have harped on “credit” and why it is so important. Credit conditions all over the world have been tightening. The greatest fear of the Federal Reserve has always been a credit contraction that could not be reversed …their greatest fear has arrived and in spades! Please understand that “credit” affects EVERYTHING. Production, consumption and the “ability” to consume, and importantly “distribution”. Without credit, the economic, nor financial world will turn …which of course will affect the “social world” as stomachs begin to growl in hunger.

        You see, unlike past “reflations”, there is now little to no unencumbered collateral left (even including sovereign balance sheets) anywhere in the world. The amount of existing debt (Ponzi clients) is so large, new additional debt (new Ponzi clients) has little to no effect on the entire pool. In other words, we have reached and past the point of “debt saturation” where the ability to add meaningful debt does not exist. The availability to obtain new credit is winding down. Assets are now in the process of being sold to pay existing debt down, very similar to Ponzi clients asking for their money back. Mr. Trump’s proposed policies of weakening the dollar and balancing the trade deficit will only speed the process …into complete and utter chaos. The “utter chaos” part is easily forecast because of debt levels compared to current production, and financial derivatives are often 10 times or many more the underlying assets themselves. “Orderly” will not be used to describe the coming liquidation process!

        Standing watch,

        Bill Holter
        Holter-Sinclair collaboration
        Comments welcome, bholter@hotmail.com

  42. Truthist

    A proper country should be able to close itself off from input from rest of world , & thus :

    become a successfully self sufficient

    become advanced in :
    the arts
    the sciences
    the hybrids
    the sports

    have all its citiens :
    skilled at the crafts
    of good heart
    enjoying high standard of living
    able to defend the nation from :
    internal threats
    external threats

    have as back-up :
    products & services that will fetch high prices from a world market enthusiastic for them
    merchant navy

    inter alia

    Japan is example of country that accomplished most of above.
    So accomplished that The Dreadful Few became jealous & then plotted to force them to open up & eventually be a captive country [ which they are today ].

  43. McCawber

    The Media
    Was reading an article about Trump.
    The usual scaremongering.
    The damage/changes he makes will be irreversible.
    Meanwhile the Senate has already started to repeal Obamacare.
    Another no doubt irreversible piece of presidential damage/change.
    Believe nothing of what you read and only half of what you see.
    That’s right only “HALF” what you see.

  44. Further to the discussion as to Ireland’s next move, it is evident that nothing is going to change soon or soon enough. The same may be said for most countries as they are swallowed by debt.

    That leaves us all looking out for ourselves. Here is a germaine offering in that regard, posted today in http://www.lemetropolecafe.com




    An open letter to investors

    Hello all:

    I recently responded to some friends about the present state of the monetary system. It occurred to me that my response might be helpful to others, so I am sending this as an open letter to you all. You are encouraged to send it on to anyone who might be interested. As a former teacher, I consider it my obligation to instruct with what ever skills I have. The chief skill of a teacher is the ability to simplify complex concepts in a way that makes them simple to understand. The idea is to make the student appear smart, not the teacher. I find that a huge chunk of humanity has a disability in financial matters verging on hostility, so my job becomes one of simplification, while emphasizing the importance of monetary issues.

    Thank you Chris, Sal, and Peter for the response. It is nice to know that people read my sends. People to whom I speak of monetary/financial instability and how to protect oneself often confuse my concern with religious fervour. Religious fervour is based on faith, while my concerns are based on knowledge. There is a world of difference between faith-based world views and knowledge-based world views. Faith based views generate ideologues who respond with hostility when challenged with facts. I encourage people in the midst of a monetary crisis to own tangibles, not paper assets. All paper assets are debt instruments with counter- party risk of default. For example, buying a mortgage is risky because of the risk of default. Basically any paper instrument that carries an embedded interest rate, yield, or dividend has counter-party risk of default. I might add that this includes all currencies. To counter this risk (which rises exponentially in a monetary crisis) one buys tangible assets, of which the most concentrated and most valued is gold. Gold is a terrible investment during the long periods of monetary stability, but is essential every 40-60 years when the financial cycle ends. In fact, I don’t consider gold an investment, but financial insurance. Every dollar that is converted to gold will not default as physical gold has no counter-party. Default shows up as inflation at first, then hyper-inflation and then currency cancellation. A currency cancellation just happened in India and earlier in Zimbabwe. These countries use the same currency system we do. There will be more of this as the monetary ‘tent pegs’ pull out of the ground in the pending monetary storm. Gold stabilizes your savings and is therefore safe from cancellation and inflation. Think of inflation as shrinking dollars, not rising prices. Gold, agricultural land, forests, and art don’t shrink. Their supply is limited which cannot be said for the supply of currency which increases exponentially. So gold is more a concentrated storehouse of value and means of stabilizing ones savings, than an investment. As an investment, I prefer silver as silver is scarcer than gold but far, far, cheaper in currency terms. This concept is embodied in the Gold to Silver Ratio (GSR) presently at about 71. This number means 71 ounces of silver are needed to buy one ounce of gold. When this GSR is falling, it means the silver price is rising faster than the gold price. The natural, geologic GSR is 9. The historical GSR is 15. Keep in mind that during a monetary, crisis gold rises too, but silver will rise faster. I think that by the time this crisis is over, gold will be priced between US$8000 and US$22000. This does not mean that gold becomes more valuable, but it does mean that dollars have shrunk in buying power to the point that 22000 dollars may “fit” into a single ounce of gold. If people hold dollar denominated assets like stocks and bonds and mortgages, they will experience all of this dollar shrink as their dollars hyper-inflate away to worthlessness in ability to buy essentials.

    The central banks know all this stuff, so they attack the prices of tangible assets to hide the dollar shrink. Any tangible asset that has a futures contract involved in its pricing can be attacked through the derivative markets and held down in price. So tangible assets like real estate, diamonds, and art become viable tangible investments too as they have no futures contract involved in determining value. Forests too. In fact, forests grow about 8% a year at this latitude, so they can be thought of as generating a ‘yield’ too.

    Enough of this lecturing. I wish you well, and will leave you with my often-repeated advice to buy tangibles while you still can. Dollars and all currencies are shrinking relative to the prices of tangibles, even the ones that are priced with derivatives. This should be viewed as a last opportunity to buy artificially-cheapened gold and silver as many of the other tangibles like quality art and investment grade diamonds have already become much more expensive in currency terms.

    Regards, Rhody

    • michaelcoughlan

      Thanks Tony,

      My farm and my forest 90% allocation 2% to physical gold 8% to physical silver.

      Hope all is well in Canada?


      • I Michael, you sound better prepared than me at this point. I am in a tenuous race between having the right investment but not enough land. Land is very expensive here. I suspect that the improvement of my financial position will be at the same time as a drop in real estate prices. I hope to acquire before the final bust. Who knows? Otherwise I will be what is known as land poor. The owner of property but having not enough cash to live on!!

        Your farm will do you well as an asset. A managed forest is income and or conversion to building supplies.

        Canada has the usual problems. We have a dilettante PM voted in by people enamoured of “”charisma”". They fell for the mirage over the substance. Same for Obama in the US. The reality that I noticed was affecting the regular guy in the US has manifested itself in the voice of the Donald. He expresses their experiences and concerns. we will see if the audit of the FED gets anywhere and if the root of the problem is exposed.
        In Canada not enough people are yet affected. Victoria I noticed last week, is in a building boom and expansion everywhere I drove. It has a multi faceted economy based by being the Capital City of BC. Having a Federal Seaport. 3 university/colleges campuses, A retirement population as it is the best climate in Canada. It has high tech and crown corporation HQ’s. Then the usual builders, lawyers, hospitals, Services and schools. It benefits from having a high base of government sponsored activities that move the economy.

    • McCawber

      Thanks Tony.
      I am making haste slowly but I am making haste, so thank you again.

  45. Truthist

    This Democrat Party female politician is a-cute-ly different to the lot that we suffer here.

    Congresswoman Gabbard makes unannounced trip to Syria


  46. Truthist

    For Grzegorz to “read in a few days time”, & respond to because Dublin Bus salaries + benefits + conditions are very similar* to the rest of CIE’s bus category ;

    *Recent increase in salary + benefits to Dublin Bus staff excepted.

    Much of Grzegorz’s core arguments are valid for all of CIE’s bus category.


    • When it gets to the point that the staff and employees think they own the company it is time for drastic changes. When negotiated settlements lead to the ‘death’ of the business whose interest is served. Many businesses have gone broke paying union wages and in some cases the union membership has opted to buy the business in order to save the jobs. Then we see sacrifices by employees, not previously contemplated, just to keep the doors open.

      I had a real estate business and it was apparent that the sales staff all wanted the highest split of the commissions but they did not want to split the expenses of operations. The result is that one company after another went out of business as higher producing sales people demanded higher and higher percentages.

      In my case I was at one point met with a demand or else. My instantaneous response was to fire the lot on the spot and close the doors if that was required. I had already been through a spell where in a poor market I personally subsidised the losses to keep the doors open.

      Businesses need to be tough , including government run businesses. The trump mantra, You’r fired”, may become the order of the day as the greatest Debts ever, cause the grand reset, as we hit the greatest depression. The US is technically already in a depression as the real inflation rates of 8% are 4% higher than any growth rate quoted. That is the economy is in a steady negative 4% decline over the last 6 years.

      The rapid price increases in the insurance rates are a symptom of the inflation rate taking a hold. A money supply increase of 7-8% per annum will not stay hidden for ever. Especially when that is in fact a 7-8% rise per annum in debts as well.


      • Truthist

        Often in Irish State the agenda of the employees of large concerns — both in private sector & public sector [ semi-state / crown corporations ] — has been to instill chronic money losses & chronic poor performance, or even close down the company, so that they will get rich redundancies.

        • McCawber

          Had that very experience.
          It’s very short dighted and destructive of individual wealth but also mental/social well being.
          Usually driven by a nasty cabal of minority bullies.

          • Truthist

            People should arrive at various ways of revealing exactly the names & other stuff of these individuals.
            Of course the conspiracy also involves others who descend on the corpse of the enterprise :

            taxman & taxwoman
            the court service
            inter alia

            I think that the local authority scores everytime that a physical business collapses.
            They would be preferential creditors of a sort.
            They would have primary lien after the taxman & taxwoman for to rape the assets.

            Name em all !

            Also “seemingly” further justifies the existence of Dept. of SW personnel to handle new claimants.

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