January 11, 2017

Why Trump and Brexit won't spoil 2017 for Ireland

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Most forecasters are arguing that the Irish economy will slow down in 2017 —but there are valid reasons for believing that the economy will accelerate from here.

We are now in the fourth year of a recovery. Normally, this gives rise to worry, because all economies have cycles and most cycles are five- or six-year affairs. Therefore, we should be factoring in a peaking and a levelling off of activity.

There are also the shocks of Brexit and Donald Trump to contend with. Lots of people believe that these political events are, by definition, bad for Ireland economically; I think the opposite will be the case.

The UK is much more likely to experience a debt-fuelled boom in the next two years — more likely to be driven by an ongoing middle-income housing boom in the south than some sort of post-Brexit recession. Even if there is a ‘hard Brexit’ and EU tariffs are imposed on British goods, these tariffs are likely to be modest. In reality, the UK economy is large enough and strong enough to withstand a short trade fracas with the EU — and it will be short. The froth will be blown off the top of the London property market — and that’s a good thing — but England suffers from a housing shortage in a country where incomes, employment and the population are all growing.

In addition, the UK has its own currency, so lots of pain is reflected in the currency, and even here the worst is over.

In the USA, it is clear that Mr Trump is going to be like Reagan on steroids. It will be game, set and match to corporate America. The ideology of his politburo of plutocrats is outrageously transparent, and can be summed up by the expression: “The business of America is business”.

This means that the budget deficit will be expanded dramatically, and the dollar is likely to go through the roof. Janet Yellen in the Federal Reserve will put up interest rates, but with the economy close to full employment, the net result will be like an America of the 1980s. Profits will soar and Chinese money escaping China will have the same effect on American asset prices that Japanese money had in the 1980s.

Obviously, with such a narrow business focus in the cabinet, legislation to drive up earnings will be enacted. In short, profits more than patriotism will dominate Mr Trump’s America.

The new story that will be sold to the American people will be about explaining that in order to make America great again, Mr Trump first has to make America rich again.

Thus, the rich will get richer while the poor will get job opportunities in the expanded public works schemes that the Trump administration envisages. So we have Reagan on speed.

For Ireland, these two developments are positive because an internally combusting UK is good for Irish tourism and agriculture. In addition, a Britain in a trade scrap with the EU implies that the 50/50 investment decisions that an emboldened corporate world makes in Europe will favour Ireland over Britain.

The question is whether corporate America continues to invest abroad, particularly given the Trumpian rhetoric about bringing American capital home and replacing corporate outsourcing with insourcing.

In this regard, we come back to the earlier point about the business of America being business. Despite what was said in Wisconsin at election time, it is quite unlikely that those business titans at Mr Trump’s cabinet table will back full-scale protectionism that would imperil the global interests of American business.

Mr Trump and those around him understand they need to sell their goods to rich Europeans and they need Chinese savings to buy the American IOUs that are going to be needed to rebuild American infrastructure.

It’s obvious that Mr Trump will try to bring back a few factories from Mexico (and this also suits his domestic race agenda) but the idea that corporate America is about to retreat from the world makes no business sense. Only initiatives that make business sense will pass Mr Trump’s cabinet.

Mr Trump is more Reagan than Roosevelt. Like Ronald Reagan, he will split the world into friendly countries and unfriendly ones and will behave accordingly. In the pantheon of American bogeymen, China is to Mr Trump what the Soviet Union was to Mr Reagan. American relations with Asia are much more likely to change than American relations with Europe.

Back to Ireland, and I see the main drivers of economic growth here — apart from foreign investment, tourism and exports — are demographics, income, interest rates, house prices and taxes.

Ireland’s demographics are strong. The population is growing and this typically presages strong spending growth, provided incomes are growing. Obviously, the most important determinant of income is employment, and employment is growing impressively. So incomes are growing too. Interest rates are also crucial, not least because this is a highly indebted country. Thanks to Europe’s travails, Eurozone rates will remain historically low, facilitating a gradual strengthening of Irish balance sheets.

Many ordinary family balance sheets in Ireland have still not recovered from the property crash. Low interest rates help this healing process. House prices are rising and will continue to rise. The impact on those people who own property is that they feel richer and, when they feel richer, they tend to spend a bit more. This will be a feature of 2017.

Finally, it seems that taxes will not rise any further from here, unless the State decides to give away more goodies at budget time or grant a massive pay increase to the public sector that will have to be paid for by the rest of us.

Taken together, there is very good reason to be optimistic, economically at least, about 2017.

Right now, the story is that the world is about to end with Brexit and Mr Trump. This seems plausible because we are entering different times. But just because the background noise is different, it doesn’t mean that the economy has to go into some sort of spasm.

The spasm is occurring in the political class, who have seen their old certainties rocked, but for those of us faced with change all the time, 2016 was business as usual.

2017 is going to be more of the same. All the small decisions that each of us makes every day — the decisions that drive the economy — are likely to be made, no matter who runs the show in the White House or Whitehall.

  1. Pat Flannery

    I am confused. This article appeared in last Saturday’s Independent and is up on his blog today. What is going on?

    • “On the other hand there is gold, latent but repressed: true money that implies a world of balanced trade where there can be no trade deficits or trade surpluses.
      Mr. Trump does not know it, but applying a policy of protectionism for American industry through tariffs on imports means the death of the world’s monetary system based on the dollar.”

      • Pat Flannery

        Did you watch his press conference this morning?

        • I’ll go to the news, I had a day out yesterday. What caught your attention, Pat.

          • Pat Flannery

            Tony, he and his team reacted very angrily to Buzzfeed having published “A dossier, compiled by a person who has claimed to be a former British intelligence official, alleges Russia has compromising information on Trump. The allegations are unverified, and the report contains errors” as described by Buzzfeed.


            Here is the actual document:


            The issue for me is closely related to what you and I talked about the other day: on whom should the burden of verification lie – on the person making a statement or on the person saying it is not true?

            This conundrum is becoming a fundamental factor in modern dialectics. Trump is bringing it front and center. Should Buzzfeed have published an “unverified” dossier on Trump and if not does this mean that only “verified” information will ever get to we the people?

            Is the intelligence community the only reliable “verifier”? Was FBI Director James B. Comey’s letter to Congress right before the election saying that the bureau was investigating Hillary Clinton emails “verified”?

            Those were some of the thoughts going through my mind this morning as I watched Trump’s press conference.

          • I have just been reading about the “news”
            There is a difference between allegations that defame a character. Slander/ libel laws are there to defend against that.
            Freedom of the press does not allow for deliberate misinformation aka lies to be distributed.

            Unless we can rely on authentic commentary, that is it can be verified, then we can trust nothing and we are descended to mere propaganda. That is where I fear we are.

            As far as personal beliefs and statement there is a responsibility to be informed but errors are made. Alternative positions and views can be presented but we are not talking philosophy which allows a divergence of viewpoints. We are talking empirical, substantive fACT AND IN THAT CASE WHEN PRESENTED HAVE TO BE DISPROVED AS NOT BEING FACTUAL in order to be refuted.
            That is a matter of evidence. A revelation of different facts should result in a change in understanding.

            In economics the only fact I can verify is that the more involvement of regulation the less efficient the economy. Subject to a moral code being followed. That is, no lying, cheating or stealing allowed. That is where the regs should be concerned, not with policy.

          • Pat Flannery

            Tony, you say that “authentic commentary” must be “verified” otherwise it is “mere propaganda”. But who will decide when “authentic commentary” is verified and when it is not?

            Right now we seem to be dependent upon a system of subjective assessments of a source’s “credibility”. The source (an ex-MI6 agent) of the dossier involved in the present controversy was judged sufficiently reliable by our US intelligence community to be served up to both Obama and Trump as “intelligence”.

            Is there a better way?

          • Opinion offered is not proof. I no longer trust the intelligence agency to give me the truth.
            I now trust no one.

          • Pat Flannery

            Tony, you and I can afford not to trust anybody because we do not have to make life and death decisions every day. But the US President does. Who s/he trusts in accepting information upon which to base those decisions is what is at issue here.

            Trump’s impending Presidency is raising that issue to a very high level. Will he create his own intelligence service? Will he only take questions from compliant media? Those are real and present questions.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Gentlemen, as logic and methodology is one of my areas of expertise, can I just stir up a hornets nest and come up with some provocatory remarks (but not in order to offend any of you, but hoping that this would keep the great discussion between the two of you going), and these are as follows:

            To dear Pat:

            “The issue for me is closely related to what you and I talked about the other day: on whom should the burden of verification lie – on the person making a statement or on the person saying it is not true?”

            Popper claimed that it is on the person saying it is not true :-)

            To dear Tony:

            “I no longer trust the intelligence agency to give me the truth.
            I now trust no one.”

            You seem to trust the Russian propaganda websites a lot :-) – you often quote or link websites such as RT, Sputnik, or Globalresearch (Russian propaganda organ in… Canada!), or even TASS (this is just a Russian Foreign Ministry news agency), and while I AM NOT saying that there is nothing interesting/worth reading in them (I myself sometimes link to videos from RT),

            my POINT is that you should always trace the primary sources while referring to particularly controversial information (I do) – or, if they are unavailable to you, quote t h r e e types of secondary sources (i.e. on MH-17 flight: Russian, Ukrainian, and neutral – if there is neutral).

            Otherwise you end up with repeating hillarious Russian propaganda statements, such as the ones you quoted recently about never until now revealed info on a few thousand battle-ready US troops being sent to Poland – while not only this has been known for months if not earlier for those who use primary sources, but furthermore, I have written here on this blog about it (going back to even 2015) in much bigger details than any Russian/UK newschannel would ever dream of.

            And btw, I do not really believe in the Russians hacking the election, so much so that I do think this claim (coming from the Clinton camp) is even worth discussing (so I did not) – I mean they try their best inasmuch everyone does, d’you know what I mean.

            As to conspiracy.
            Well, I think that you are discussing apples and pears.

            Tony claims that the phrase “this is a conspiracy theory” is a sign of a closed mind and it serves as the shushing-discussion ending tool used by those who have nothing else to say.
            And Tony is right!

            What, is Pat seriously claiming that there are NO conspiracies? I mean – is he against the entire legal tradition of both common law and civic code???!!!!

            Did he not read about how Lenin was brought to Russia as a German conspiracy? Does he deny the JFK conspiracy?

            Course he does not.

            Ah, but he would say: “these are proven conspiracies, and Tony has no prove for his conspiratory statements”.

            Well, that’s true too


            Dismissing an insufficiently proven hypothesis by saying “this is a conspiracy theory” is methodologically an even WORSE practice than coming up with feeble conspiracy theories.


            This is an explanation based on SOMETHING (conspiracy theory) against a dismissal BASED ON NOTHING (“this is a conspiracy theory”).

            Btw – I do not necessarily agree with Popper – I just referred to him because it is one of Pat’s favourites.

            Oh what have I done.
            I have fallen into disfavour of both of you.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “I do think this claim (coming from the Clinton camp) is even worth discussing” = I do not think this claim

          • “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” … Soren Kierkegaard 1813-1855

          • Hi Pat

            As far as intelligence agencies are concerned. Initially people are attracted to the service as they believe they are working on behalf of the country. There is an altruistic motive.
            Then the agency grows and a hierarchy grows and funding is supplied by government.

            Then the reasons for the intelligence are lessened and so the agency is not as relevant. But like any organism in nature it wants to stay alive and so the intelligence agency will develop a theme that justifies its existence. At this point lacking funds from government it may try to get funds elsewhere.

            all this is supposition but as the intel agency operates in secret , by its very nature , nothing is transparent. We hear that the CIA for example funds itself from the heroin trade from Afghanistan. We hear that the CIA instigated revolutions in foreign sovereign countries and funded rebel groups etc. We are not at all clear whether this was with the connivance of government or not. And so it goes.
            Whose side is the intel agency on? It perhaps only cares about itself and is become a parasite.

            New brooms sweep clean it is said. Perhaps this is what Trump will/should do. Get people around you that you can trust. Out with the old and in with the new!! “Resistance is futile” said the Borg, but it was shown to not be true. We can only hope at this stage.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Tony, this is so uncanny that you should quote Soren Kierkegaard because I have been sleeping in a T-shirt (I have made two identical – one is spare when the first one is washed) with this quote from his “Either/Or”:

            “Do you not know that there comes a midnight hour when every one has to throw off his mask? Do you believe that life will always let itself be mocked? Do you think you can slip away a little before midnight in order to avoid this? Or are you not terrified by it? I have seen men in real life who so long deceived others that at last their true nature could not reveal itself;… In every man there is something which to a certain degree prevents him from becoming perfectly transparent to himself; and this may be the case in so high a degree, he may be so inexplicably woven into relationships of life which extend far beyond himself that he almost cannot reveal himself. But he who cannot reveal himself cannot love, and he who cannot love is the most unhappy man of all.”

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Speaking of intelligence agencies and motives of joining such and alike structures, Tony writes:

            “As far as intelligence agencies are concerned. Initially people are attracted to the service as they believe they are working on behalf of the country. There is an altruistic motive.
            Then the agency grows and a hierarchy grows and funding is supplied by government.”

            I would like to revert this reasoning and show what happens to people who are attracted to them


            their own government DOES NOT supply sufficient funding/professional structures/transparent paths of promotion (as transparent as they can be in intelligence service, and in a proper intelligence, they actually CAN) within its army/intelligence (most of money for the Irish intelligence – and the interesting thing about the Irish intelligence is that as it transpired during one of the Dail debates, for some reason one year they only used half of their budget – goes for financing the informers, and it is so secret and intransparent, that unlike in the UK or in Congress, the TDs themselves do not have access to what the money is being spend on except that “on informers”;
            the immaturity of the Irish state and one of the reasons WHY IRELAND IS BEING SO OUTPLAYED BY THE CAROLINGIANS/UK/US/Russia even (ex Workers Party) is that in Ireland, serious jobs are outsourced to MI6 – something that even a half-sovereign state like Poland would not allow to under its new government!

            - i.e. even the strongly pro-American Mr Jaroslaw Kaczynski has just sacked (of course indirectly, as formally he is not in the government) a deputy minister who was caught working for the CIA (and the Defence Minister Macierewicz sacked people in the army caught working for FSB).

            In reverting Tony’s reasoning, I would like to criticise the Irish Army Commandant Edward Horgan, who wrote in the Irish Independent (“Concern at Irish joining UK army”, January 6) that

            “It’s time we Irish matured sufficiently to put behind us our cap-in-hand colonial servitude attitude at ‘fighting in every clime, for every cause’.”

            He missed the elephant in the room by not asking himself WHY the Irish are joining the British army (he proposes that all of them should be stripped of the Irish citizenship forever – even those who do not do it merely for money or as a treason: hang on, in that case, what about some of the Workers Party scums taking money from STASI – should they be executed)?

            While Commandant Horgan is right that Ireland has no business to fight in the Middle East, did it ever occur to him that perhaps the Irish are joining the UK army b e c a u s e Ireland spends as little on its army as Andorra, and its air defence depends on the kindness of the UK and Norway????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Did not tink about dat, did he?

            Mature neutral nations rely on their own military strength for their defence (like Finland with its 166 combat capable aircraft, or Switzerland with service rifles in almost every home), and they do not HAVE TO rely for their military radars on their former colonial masters (Irish Defence Forces antediluvian radar has a range of 30 miles).

            On no account a mature nation should be outsourcing its communication securities to UK companies (i.e. Verrimus – staffed mainly by former MI5 people – was asked to investigate alleged bugging at the office of the Garda Siochána Ombudsman Commission).

            Instead of lambasting those Irish who joined the British army, commentators should put pressure on the government to build a p r o p e r army for Ireland – capable of defending its own people, in its own clime, for its own cause.

            ONLY WHEN IRELAND HAS A PROPER ARMY/INTELLIGENCE it would make sense to sing Anocht a théam sa bhearna baoil,
            Le gean ar Ghaeil, chun báis nó saoil,
            Le gunna scréach faoi lámhach na bpiléar,
            Seo libh canaídh amhrán na bhfiann!

          • Pat Flannery

            Grzegorz Kolodziej: It’s good that you should bring up Kopper today of all days. Here’s why.

            At today’s news conference Trump’s team sought to discredit the whole intelligence report about Trump’s relationship with the Kremlin by disproving one part of it viz. whether Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen was in Prague in August 2016 or not, which if proven false would falsify the whole report.

            That is the problem I have with Kopper’s “refutability” theory. I don’t think you can refute a whole statement or theory by proving part of it false.

        • Trump Says Days of Offshoring Are Over
          The days of companies moving their operations overseas are over, declared Mr. Trump. “It’s not going to happen that way anymore,” he said, repeating his campaign vow to impose a heavy tax on companies that shift jobs to Mexico or other countries. This is one of many promises Mr. Trump made during the campaign that economic experts say will be very difficult to keep, warning that a trade war could erupt.
          Beth Reinha

          The only way this can be effectively done is for the US to revalue gold and return to a gold standard currency. either way involves a retrenchment of the US economy but with a gold standard it will be free of the bankster influences and sovereign again and ready for growth recovery and an increasing prosperity and growing standard of living. In other words making America Great Again needs the currency reset or it will not happen.

          • Pat Flannery

            Tony, I agree with your first paragraph but not with your second.

            I agree that Trump cannot impose a “border tax” on Mexico without imposing tariffs on the rest of the world. I don’t think he can do either because the latter would ignite a global trade war that nobody wants.

            Nor do I think anybody wants the US to return to the gold standard. This would also ignite a global trade war which nobody wants.

            So I see no alternative to the current system of global banker fiat money with hopefully more innovative government controls being imposed on the bankers.

          • No change in the money system is inevitably leading to a catastrophe. Average lifespan of an unredeemable paper currency is 40 years. We are at 47 with the US dollar and by default all other currencies.

            As in the Punch and Judy show, the sound of the clock ticking is getting louder and the closer is the crocodile.

  2. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Very good analysis.
    I think that there are two differences between the challenges President Reagan had to face and the ones President Trump will have to face (that may not necessarily invalidate the premises of the article, but they are certainly a food for thought:

    1. The US had a small debt compared to the 20 trillion President Obama has left as his legacy.
    2. When President Reagan took power, the interest rates were already quite high, so they could go down or they could go up (they went up, thus strenghtening the dollar f…g over countries like Jaruzelski’s socialist vinegar-in-the-shops-only Poland, which had to pay nerly 20% interest rates on loans taken by comrade Gierek in the 70s).
    President Trump does not have that room for manouver.

    The other thing that David repeatedly keeps missing is that the only meaninful indicator of unemployment is the Labour Participation rates, and this is lowest since the 70s.

    Whoever studied the history of the Reagan era would know that when President Reagan took power, the economists have missed the grow in the labour participation rate, so to explain their own myopia, they came up with the labour statistic tool called birth-death model.

    They are still using it today, thus missing the real unemployment rate in the US – which is around 25% (btw, a whopping 60% of 24-34 year old in the US live with their parents because they cannot find any jobs that would sustain their unreasonable lifestyle expectation – although talkign about unreasonable, buying a house was – in real terms – 5 times cheaper in Eisenhower’s era than now).

    “The UK is much more likely to experience a debt-fuelled boom in the next two years”

    Yes, with the stress on “debt-fuelled” – I have not noticed yet any moves in the UK that would enhance their competitiveness except from the debt-fuelling halving of the finance cost and pound plummeting.

    “EU tariffs are imposed on British goods, these tariffs are likely to be modest.” – what makes you think that, David? I need to know your arguments for that. If the Carolingian Europe wants to punish the UK, they will impose high tarriffs. Tarriffs for Polish goods in the EC were very high in Poland, despite Poland opening its markets for western goods, lowering its food production standards to the western European level (especially in meat production) and applying agricultural quotas, thus worsening its trade balance even more – some calculate that with its enormous trade deficits, the 90s Poland was maintaining 1.5 million jobs in western Europe due to unfair tarriffs.

    “For Ireland, these two developments are positive because an internally combusting UK is good for Irish tourism and agriculture.” – yes. Tak ;-)


    What about internally combusting UK based on debt fuel? With China’s own debt bubble, and US depending on cheap goods from China, where is this going?

  3. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    Moving my response to your comment lest you miss it (and keeping it short and sweet):

    “Incidentally, I am long familiar with Polish cinema.
    Wajda the director & a movie I saw in 1980?s by another director I think ; “No End”.
    Poland has had a flair for cinema.
    I hope that u appreciate to NOT appreciate the movie on Michael Collins.
    Vested interests ensured that the movie would be useless.”

    I think you would like this movie (about the education in the 50s Poland – the worst period in the history of occupatant-enforced socialism in Poland – you know how to turn on the English subtitles do you – do not turn on autotranslate for its better to watch image only than use “Autotranslate”); lovely made period drama with comical elements – they skipped grizzly details like 100,000 dead in communist prisons 1945-1956, often captured off the street:


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “I hope that u appreciate to NOT appreciate the movie on Michael Collins.
      Vested interests ensured that the movie would be useless”


      Btw, by now I think I can do the Irish accent better than Julia Roberts (how bad would she be if she had to speak in a FOREIGN language?!), and when it comes to my attempts at NI accent (judged by a Belfast man) – I think I could re-ignite a civil war just by addressing someone ;-)

      • Truthist

        Agendas of vested interests FULFILLED — probably unintentionally by Director — in the movie “Michael Collins”


        A 1
        BORE !

        A 1.1
        Be a “super boring movie”

        A 2
        DENY !

        A 2.1
        deny crucial events having happened

        A 2.2
        deny crucial elements of crucial events shown / referred to

        A 2.3
        deny existence / presence of crucial players

        A 2.4
        deny particular action[s] / inaction[s] of crucial players

        A 2.5
        deny reference — formally or informally — of story’s relevance to various contexts [ previous, present, future, & subjunctive ]

        A 2.5
        deny about crucial aspects of character of various important players

        A 3
        FALSIFY !

        A 3.1
        falsify that untrue crucial events having happened

        A 3.2
        falsify that crucial elements being of crucial events shown / referred to

        A 2.3
        falsify existence / presence of crucial players

        A 2.4
        falsify particular action[s] / inaction[s] of crucial players

        A 2.5
        falsify reference — formally or informally — of story’s relevance to various contexts [ previous, present, future, & subjunctive ]

        A 2.5
        falsify crucial aspects of character of various important players


        B 1

        B 1.1
        omit crucial events

        B 1.2
        omit crucial elements of crucial events shown / referred to

        B 2.2
        omit existence / presence of crucial players

        B 2.3
        omit particular action[s] / inaction[s] of crucial players

        B 2.4
        omit crucial aspects of character of various important players

        B 2.5
        omit reference — formally or informally — of story’s relevance to various contexts [ previous, present, future, & subjunctive ]


        This movie is so B..O..R..I..N..G ! that I could only endure to look at bits & pieces of it.

    • Truthist

      I will watch it all but in sequential portions over a number of days ;
      I am serving more than 1 master of interest always ;
      So, jumping around.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Apropos serving more than 1 master of interest

        You wrote

        “By the way, Grzegorz ;
        Whenever it is apt for u to do so, please do request from the blog information that could be useful for any of the projects that u conducting.”

        Yes, I do have to submit an article for a Polish monthly by 20th on the impact of Mr Martin McGuiness’ resignation and the RHI scandal on the future of Sinn Fein here and up in the North, and Northern Ireland as a political entity (status, borders, balance of power, will it accelerate or delay a unification referendum, role of SNP, who pulled the strings in “cash for ash” scandal and who revealed it, etc).

        I have done the historical bit, but I have not made up my mind yet on the “prognosis” bit.

        Who will gain, who will lose, and how?

        Any thoughts on that?

        • Truthist

          South — especially the establishment — do NOT want a united Ireland ;
          Especially now ;
          They believe that they have too many of insurmountable problems as it is now & for mid future than at all contemplative to start taking into their fold “the North”sic*
          *The North East

          South consider all North Easterners — but with varying degrees of difference based on particular North Easterner’s religion & county & gender [ male or female ] & social class & urban / rural [ farmer ! ] in that order of importance — as “truculent” by character on account of cultural strife up there ;
          Scholars would ascribe with imaginary etches the North Easterners as warrior & truculent even before the arrival of the Scotties.
          But, yes, the Scotties would be viewed as “dreadfully” truculent.

          And, they are not partial to the Northern Eastern accent ;
          But, with exception of mild Derry accent.
          South considers all North Easterners also as prone to looking down on Southerners as lesser folk for not having Industrial Revolution.
          Many are truly appalled at the terrorism exercised there in the recent conflict.
          But, the “most of” the most vociferous in that disgust would on investigation be motivated by allegiance to British government being so kind to their family following service by their male family members in British Military forces & / or Merchant Navy with handsome pensions & for some British Army “gifted” houses which I am reliably told were all — pensions & housing — actually paid for by the Irish tax payer under De Valera [ not "Rocky" De Valera 8-) ] & most likely others subsequently.
          But, these Southerners thankful to John Bull’s shilling are very careful to hide “the basis of their thankfulness” or even “the thankfulness” ;
          One such “culprit” in this regard would be considered to be Mr. Gay Byrne of Late Late Show & The Gay Byrne Show fame ;
          The most powerful man in Irish State throughout the late 1960′ & up until the mid-1980′s.
          It was clear throughout the vast bulk of those years that he detested Charles J. Haughey ;
          But, upon being finally being introduced to him in a deeper way we are told that Gaybo became immensely impressed with Haughey’s charisma & intelligence.

          More insight into the Southerners’ thinking about North East will follow when I get opportunity.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I would be happy if you would share your thoughts on your predictions of what consequences will that have for the position of Sinn Fein (SF both here and up in the north) and DUP (DUP was involved in the “cash fash” scandal), and put it under either this or the newest Maccer column.

            I might not have time to respond, but I will read.

            My article is primarily on Sinn Fein, purely from the power struggle perspective.
            The conventional wisdom would tell you that SF is now fucked and the united Ireland is now even more moot point than independent Scotland, but who knows…

            For sure, I do not know (I would not ask you if I would).

            Maybe replacement of Messrs McGuiness and Adams with a very lefty, trivially and media friendly Fianna Failer Mary Lou (why they did not elect Mr Doherty long time ago as I advised them… – and bear in mind, I am not really a fan of Sinn Fein as in that I would join them, like probably, ever: I think they exchanged economic incompetence and old-school-gangster-style-integrity for economic incompetence with a public-funds-sucker-no-integrity: though the latter might have gone even earlier with the diesel laundering) is an “all eggs in one basket” strategy of a future coalition with either FG or FF.

            On another topic – please do not lash at me now – I could see a huge presence of the Russian agents/useful idiots machine in Scotland during their referendum (apart from the usual presence of France who thinks they own Scotland, and the creepy lodges).
            You would not remember I think when I wrote that one of key sources of SNP financing was a… private coach line operation in Poland.
            But they definitely were getting help from some folks far east of Poland :-)

            But I am veering off topic.

            Forget Scotland and a very strange role Nicola Sturgeon plays in what is probably a game 30 storeys above her.

            I am interested in your thoughts on:
            1. What will McGuiness/Adams departures do for Sinn Fein.
            2. Was that a cunning toy to derail the referendum? Like, “DUP is corrupt, Sinn Fein is unable to rule or be a coalitiant, Ireland is weak – nah, yous should really stay in West Britain – pray, you can keep your Gaelic and all that Oirish, we kinda think it’s cute and funny since we learned it in prisons from as English officers: I am of course referring to IRA codes wink-wink”).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            and all that Oirish = and all that Oirish jazz

            P.S. You do know that the first victim of Troubles – Francis McCloskey – had deep Polish roots?
            From the peasant family Kluska (strangely enough, Roman Kluska was a busineman beaten up and thrown into prison for a year in Poland during the rule of post-commi socialdemocrats in the early 00s because he decided to donate money for building a church in Kraków rather than to socialdemocratic “barons”, as the post-communist regional leaders in Poland call themselves (they must have inferiority complex towards all those nobles they exterminated in the 50s).

  4. Damn the debt, full steam ahead has been the cry for 40 years or more. Most economists insist the debt does not matter.

    The US has run a deficit every year based on credit. Other nations have accepted US dollars of constantly diminishing value , as payment for solid goods of value, produced by sweat and toil.

    The US dollars have flooded the world with reserves that are stockpiled hither and yon but mostly in Japan and China. The US has lived in a fashion that it could not afford without debt but which it has become accustomed to.

    Mooves are afoot to “unload” this suspect paper asset that is not redeemable for anything unless hurriedly spent. We see many nations accumulating hard assets of wealth protection such as gold. This is especially true of China, India (via private investment not government), Russia, and many smaller countries.

    At the same time as the expansion of the money supply there is a correlated , actual equal expansion of the amount of debt spread around the world.

    David believes that the interest on these debts will remain manageable as the interest rate will remain low. But what if the rates to not remain low. TPTB will try to keep rates low but the market place may say otherwise. As paper currency is rejected by people the interest rates automatically rise and the cycle of destruction of financial assets speeds up to an exponential rate for them to be suddenly worth nothing. As Hemingway said, “At first I went broke slowly and then all of a sudden I was bankrupted”.

    One small country after another is experiencing this reality . At the point that the US dollar is further rejected will be the point of no return for the rest of the worlds currencies.

    The question raised by HSP as to what is planned as a replacement is germaine. Will we fall for more of the same in the form of the bankers special drawing rights, or will we opt for the stability of real money.

    When such as a gold standard is used countries cannot easily spend more than they earn. Goods bought must be paid for with the proceeds of goods sold. Thus the extreme ebbs and flows of the phony debt induced business cycle will largely be eliminated.

    The only cycle to worry about now is the average life expectancy of fiat paper currency of 40 years plus or minus. 1971, when Nixon reneged on the US redeemable dollar to 2017 is 46 years of unbacked non redeemable paper fiat currency spread around the world. We appear to be living on borrowed time before the next great reset.

    In the meantime we will live our lives unconcerned about this as we are assured by the “Experts” that for the first time in the history of the world, DEBT DOES NOT MATTER.

    We shall see, as it will be a short time to the Great Reset ushering in the Great Depression over which the Donald has been ordained to preside.

    • Truthist

      How does this dynamic ensue ? ;

      “As x] paper currency is rejected by people ;
      the interest rates automatically rise
      the cycle of destruction of financial assets speeds up to an exponential rate for them to be suddenly worth nothing.

      Does y] cause z] ?
      Does x] “directly” cause z].

      I read HSP link u gave ;

      I think that USA will continue to enforce USA $ upon the world for commodities.
      Thus, continuation of Petro-$
      And, some countries’ populace & government insist on using USA $ for all cash transactions by :
      foreign visitors

      Burma / Myanmar

      But, there is very strict stipulation that the notes must be in pristine condition.

      • Truthist
        s x] paper currency is rejected by people ;
        Because it starts to lose value because of inflation of the currency. EG Weimar germany, Zimbabwe or Venezuela.
        the interest rates automatically rise.
        As nobody wants the currency because of lack of value the interest rates rise higher and higher to attract some takers.
        the cycle of destruction of financial assets speeds up to an exponential rate for them to be suddenly worth nothing.

        Rising interest rates and inflation cause monetary assets to lose value. Bonds, mortgages, stocks etc. Oooops there is 300-1000% inflation per month , per week , per day. The exponential blow off leads to a collapse.

        • Truthist

          Classically accomplished writer that Hugo Salinas Price is — he is even better than David ; And, very much so because he has true handle on economics & David is beholden to Stiglitz [ "I just want to stop the hurt " 8-) ] fraternity — u are that touch better with ur missives a la the above.

          This is another crucial explanation.

          Will be copied & pasted & filed with appropriate ready-reckoner name presently.
          I do coax very good explanations from u for benefit of :
          all writing on this blog

          all reading only this blog

          all persons informed by each & all of a] & / or b] above.

  5. Pat
    I just came across this article in the Daily Bell. It expounds on my attitude to economics and economists.

    “”The best thing that economics could do in the modern era is to shrink itself drastically and return to a science advocating free market solutions. It should advocate as little government as possible and the greatest amount of self-determination for the most people possible.

    Conclusion: If it did this, It would become a real profession again, albeit a smaller one, surviving in the nooks and crannies of academia. But that is where it should be.


  6. “”And Black Magic or Alchemy is exactly what the bankers who met on Jekyll Island practised in order to set up the Federal Reserve Bank. This would be the central bank of the US that would be owned by private bankers and for the benefit of these bankers. This extremely clever and devious conspiracy followed the words of Mayer Amschel Rothschild who 100 years earlier had said: “Give me control of the nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.””


    • “This is the point when the world is starting to realise that the Black Magic financial system is actually a massive fraud that the bankers have got away with for a very long time. But it is not just the bankers that are at fault. Through their financial power, they have “bought” governments, industry and media. The power of money, albeit totally fake, has given total control of the whole Western system.” Von Greyerz

    • “”So stocks and bonds have been a terrific investment. But what about the barbarous relic called gold. This is the investment that most people don’t understand and that banks and investment advisors avoid at any cost. Well this most hated investment has gone up 30 X in value between 1971 and today. And remember as opposed to the stock market, gold is far from the high which was $1,920 in 2011. At that point gold had multiplied 55 X. Since 1999, the Dow is down 62% against gold. Very few investors and no investment advisors know this. Nor do they realise that stock markets are in a long term secular downtrend against gold. This trend will not stop until stocks fall by another 90% against gold in the next few years. That will take the Dow/Gold ratio down to 1 to 1 where it was in 1980.”" Von Greyerz

  7. Deco

    David, I think you are somewhat correct with respect to Trump. It will be Reagan on steroids. It is a different set of businessmen to Obama. Obama installed more Wall Streeters than any US President. Trump has simply gone for waht he perceives as “proven winners”.

    This time the Us Labour market will have a floor, as a result of “the wall”. And this means wage inflation at the lower end (which is urgently needed to take the bottom rung out out of poverty). However, for the middle classes, I do not see much respite. It is quite possible that US housing might see a debt bubble unwind. And then there is the college debt bubble. Don’t be surprised if there are moves to reduce college costs, and a move to push transparency so as to put an end to the sports acadmey spending (which is now beyond ridiculous), and more information on some of the useless courses like film appreciation. The Middle class will lose out from inflation. I do not see the same level of productivity improvement, as the much of the US workforce is simply de-skilled to deliver the productivity gains. And also considerations like commutting time are not a big issue, with the current oil sector aligned administration.

    The US Federal Deficit will have to be decreased, as it it represents a threat to US sovereignty. As evidenced by Obama bowing before various petromonarchs.

    The big issues in the US will be healthcare (which is still absurdly expensive – and Obamacare was a shambles in that respect), labour market participation, the trade deficit (still worryingly high), and public spending (which went out of control under Obama).

    Trump will not be able to make Americans as productive as Koreans, Japanese, or Taiwanese. And in some sectors, not even as much as Mexicans.

    We do not know what will happen in the vital sectors for Ireland. Luckily for us they are in states like California which loathe Trump, and he will be in no rush to assist them, when states in the rust belt are supportive of him, and are in a dire straight after decades of Mitt Romney style destruction.

    If Fillon gets into power in France, expect France to want Ireland’s work and not Ireland’s taxes. There is considerable excess capacity in the French economy, and that represents a threat.

    With respect to Britain – yes England means business (and Scotland will too when it wakes up to the borrowing mania of Sturgeon). Britain has a tight labour market, and a tight housing market. Mortgage debt in England will increase. The infrastructure spend on Crossrail 2&3, and the Northern link / Picaddily-Manchester through station, will start. And the efficiency improvements from Crossrail 1 will impact productivity. Other debts will probably decrease. It is possible that public borrowing might be eliminated, on the back of expansion of the mortgage activity. Since the recession started, Britain has become increasingly competitive, and increasingly productive. A bit like Germany did under Schroeder.

    The US will seek a trade deal with Britain. And this could be a disaster for Ireland. Trump will want to gain access for the British food market to the US heartland/MidWest. Without Britain in the EU, the EU is a surplus food producer for most foodstuffs. If the US gains access, then we are back to the late 1940s again, with Irish agriculture losing money, and considerable contraction.

    Apart from anything else, we need to restrain the institutional state, and make it lean, and prevent it from making the rest of the economy inefficeint. In the 1940s there were loads of spending plans, in a contracting competitive economy. this was followed by the 1950s.

    We are not adapting. We are dithering, like we did in the run up to the banking collapse, when insiders gave themselves bonuses, AIB made a record dividend, etc….

    The cabinet should be holding an emergency session, and letting the people know that we need to make the entire system more competitive. High indirect taxation level, and high labour taxation is destroying our competitiveness.

    • Truthist

      Irish professions & “corporate Ireland” & Irish financialists [ Banks ] & Irish insurers & Irish real estators [ FIRE sectors ] & Irish landlords & ESB & supermarket monopolies [ especially Tesco ] inter alia constantly overcharge the Irish populace.
      Irish State has high labour taxation imposed on the typical employee & the typical sole-trader.
      Irish State has very high indirect taxation on transactions for goods & / or services from :
      private sector
      public sector.
      Irish State also has very high charges imposed on persons engaging with public sector across an extensive range of goods & services & penalties.



      “Prevaricating” Lawyers
      Sociopathic Medics
      Malevolent Civil Servants ; Civil SERPENTS

  8. Grezgorz
    Regarding the essays I append. Sometimes I agree and at other times I put up as an alternate view. you cannot assume that I agree unless I indicate so. and then with such a complex matter one agrees with a part but not the whole. :)

  9. Sorry mispelled, Grzegorz.

  10. Truthist

    “… no matter who runs the show in the White House or Whitehall.”
    Even if the White House & Whitehall is run by that special little democracy — u know, the one that says there should be no nation states & borders but its own “expanding” ones 8-) — in the Middle East ?
    US Media outraged by Russia, won’t Notice Israeli plot on UK Parliament

  11. Truthist

    Apropos of Scotland’s own version of Fianna Fail
    Scottish Nationalist Party [ S.N.P. ]

    • Deco

      If Mossad spy on the SNP (or their admirer, the FF party) , Mossad will only end up with a plan on how to wreck a country.

      • Truthist

        Surely the leader of FF is not a sociopath ?

        • Tull McAdoo

          He would be if he knew what it was, or he would say he was to people who he thought voted for sociopaths.

          Mickey boy is a vote gathering whore. To borrow from an English politician…” we know what he is , it is just a matter of negotiating the price”

          On that note take it away…Clarity….Goodnight Ireland. Sleep well.


          • Tull McAdoo

            Speaking of gobshies running countries, is it just me? or does anyone else think that Enda Kenny looks and sounds like a Life Assurance Salesman?

            I can just see him squirm up to me with ” Hey Boss would ya be interested in a dual life policy for yourself and the missus, 70 a month, indexed linked, with the option to extend at age 65 subject to a medical”..

            .the last bit in hushed tone with a nod and wink as if he could fix up the cert for you. and knowing full well that he wont be around by then.

  12. Truthist

    Aanirfan.blogspot.com is very anti-Trump.
    Even anti-Trump’s Re ; Trump’s worthy interior policies.
    Of course, there are parts of Trump’s interior policies that I :
    am doubtful of as to their worthiness
    am against
    do not understand ; I am still a learner

    And, of course, even for some of the worthy interior policies I am disappointed with some / most / all — depending on the issue — Trump’s line of argument to justify them.
    But, there is much worthiness to Trump’s interior policies
    manifesto for 1st 100 days in office

    So, I am disappointed in Aanirfan’s constant attacks on Trump that do not factor in the very significant positive elements of his “1st 100 days in office” manifesto.

    However, I find this article today from Aanirfan to be at last of contemplative merit ;

    10 January 2017


  13. Shane F

    Here’s one way Trump is planning to spoil things for Ireland in 2017!

    ‘Trump pledge on pharma industry threatens Ireland.’

    • Deco

      He is the POTUS, and US labour market participation is at the lowest level it has been since the 1972 oil shock.

      Trump is fulfilling his responsibility to US workers, by trying to bring the US more employment.

      The problem is NOT what Trump is doing. The problem is what WE are not doing.

      We have still not cut the institutional state down to an efficient size, and re-engineered the rest to perform effectively in support of it’s promise to the taxpayers.

      And part of that problem is….RTE. In fact RTE is a very clear example of the problem. And because RTE is part of the probelm….RTE needs to sell people a relentless message that somebody else is the problem. In other words RTE is completely dishonest in it’s outlook.

      Small wander it gets to be termed “Pravda/RTE”.

      • Shane F

        From Trumps own mouth.See clip below.

        ‘We have to get our drug industry coming back. Our drug industry has been disastrous. They’re leaving left and right. They supply our drugs but they don’t make em here to a large extent’


        I know of one Pharmaceutical Co here where that comment and not RTE’s credibility was a big topic of conversation at lunch in the canteen today for the young working people there.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        This might appear an off-topic remark to your remarks on RTE, but I think that one of the big problems with RTE is age. Their anchors are simply way too old (some of them even after menopause).

        But is this not good? With age comes experience. Well, not in case of the current RTE anchors – their experience is an experience of an isolated old 1970s D4 person who learned three words in French, how to type 20 wpm and unlearned to fart and burp in public, which in 70s Ireland was probably enough to land a job in RTE or in a bank (I knew one of BOI branch managers in Dublin and he was not really more than that).

        Their economic news can be boiled down to two elements.

        1. The price of my – RTE news presenter – house goes up = good.
        2. The price of my – RTE news presenter – house goes down = down.

        That’s all they understand. With that IQ, imagine who would they be had they not been born in privileged families in the perfect time for them.

        Furthermore, because of their positions and salaries, they have no motivation to learn (i.e. Mrs Finucane is equally as dumb and uneducated as when I first heard her, which I would not mind if she was only asking questions, but she is asking stupid questions peppered with ridiculously ignorant and, at the same time, radical statements).

        As a result, unlike in other countries, in their case with age comes not experience, but arrogance and loss of any sexual attractiveness.

        I would make the only exception for Mr Pat Kenny, whom I met twice and who might have his vices, but at least he is learning and has manners of a gentleman (did no one ever taught Mr Ryan Tubridy that in high society you do not laugh like a moron in a sort of self-onanistic complacency?).

        Tellingly, Mr Kenny is not with RTE anymore.

        Reiterating my opening remark – RTE should remove all those twats and nancies and make place for the young staff (in fact their young staff is far more intelligent than them but the twats block them from promotion).

        • Truthist

          I did not hear of Pat Kenny having vices.
          But, then again, I know very little about him other than he is highly educated & a brilliant interlocutor for serious subjects on “radio”.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Well, there was this court case whereby he was alleged to wanted to oust his neighbour, but as I myself worked in court, I would be very careful to accuse someone before knowing the full details of the case, let alone before the verdict.

            I think that some people might just envy Mr Pat Kenny (not least in the media).

            If only Ireland had only radio presenters like Mr Kenny.
            Besides, he is an old school: tact, respect to interlocutors.

            Most people nowadays are so unaware of other people that sometimes I think the army should be compulsory for all idle/fit males below 25 roaming Ireland, spitting on streets and talking outloud on buses about their hard-ons last night (army is a brilliant medicine for the overblown ego – unless you get promoted ;-).

    • Deco

      Did RTE tell the Irish people that he wants the US taxpayers to get value for money ?

      Oh, no. I don’t think that the propaganda quango would be enthusiastic about that.

  14. Deco

    One of the points that our useless Irish media ignored concerning Trump’s press conference, (in their eagerness to depict Trump as the most evil ruler ever), is that Trump will reward the states that voted for him, and have been steadfastly GOP.

    There is a precedent for this. Obama and Clinton both delivered for Wall Street and the Military equipment sector. Trump is doing the same thing for Kansas (wheat), Michigan (auto manufacturing) and Texas (beef).

    I am not buying the BS from the Irish media.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Trump will reward the states that voted for him, and have been steadfastly GOP”

      Not only he will reward the states that voted for him, but also diasporas that voted for him. Twice I have posted here on this blog a detailed analysis of two states crucial in his victory (apart from Florida, of course) – if we discount the staunchly Republican and staunchly Democratic states (which is obvious): Wisconsin and Michigan. These two states are the most “Polish” states in the US (in one of them 8% of voters were Polish-American).

      In a series of meetings with candidate Trump Polish diaspora in the US formulated 3 main desiderata that Mr Trump pledged to fulfill if they would vote for him:

      1. US bases in Poland and purchases of the US military equipment for fair prices, not like during the Obama regime (so far the Polish taxpayer has been subsidising the US military-industrial complex sales, even willy-nilly co-financing the restarting of the F-16 assembly line for the Arab countries by overpaying for them).

      2. Exerting pressure on the Jewish World Congress and Israel to stop running a smear campaign in the media against Poles, in cooperation with their German partners.

      3. Helping Poland to return the wreckage of Tu-154 illegally withold by Russia.

      Ad 1: Fulfilled (as the new administration is taking over before Mr Trump is even sworn, the first soldiers started to arriving, and Poland is about to sign a contract for fair price purchase of cruise missiles that even Israel is not allowed to buy).

      Ad 2: Starts to be fulfilled (Johnny Daniels, President of From The Depths, recognised as one of the most 100 influential Jews in the world, has just said that whoever knows the Righteous Among the Nations statistics will no longer dare to use phrase “Polish concentration camps”, and he specifically referred to Mr Jan Tomasz Gross, author of slanderous and fictional books “Neighbours” and “Fear”, co-financed and co-promoted by Mr Soros (who btw is persona non grata in Israel – so I am warning readers against oversimplifying and putting all Jews into the same pot: in fact, I have one US/Jewish friend) – and will personally make sure that even that scumbag “Dr” Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale (not to be confused with Dr Kevin McCarthy from Cork from UCC Cork) dares once again publish a slanderous article like this:


      that he will be finished on all fronts: as a dubious academic, financially, and in other aspects. In fact I am actually waiting for the scumbag to publish something slanderous again, I really am (what is particularly despicable from Mr McCarthy is the timing of his hate-inciting publication: after a series of brutal attacks on Polish families in East Belfast).

      The shameless “Dr” Kevin McCarthy (who has nothing to do with another Dr Kevin McCarthy, a lecturer in Cork University) should study the life of Mr Jerzy Kosinski’s, maybe this will improve his writing:



      P.S. Don’t worry Deco, I cannot remember Mr Donald Trump having any Irish politician on the list of his enemies the last time it was shown to me, even though there are some people from GOP on it (actually, is that good or bad for us in Ireland? ;-), though frankly this might have gone larger since – I would need to ask my friend Matthew about it and recently he has been very busy (he knows Mr Trump personally).

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        even = if. Freudian slip – whenever I think of Dr McCarthy (but not the one from UCC), “getting evens” comes to my mind.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        even in: “make sure that even (should be “if” – G.K.) that scumbag “Dr” Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale (not to be confused with Dr Kevin McCarthy from Cork from UCC Cork) dares once again publish a slanderous article ”

        Johnny Daniels = Mr Johnny Daniels

  15. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Mr Jaroslaw Kaczynski gave an important interview for the Hungarian weekly “Heti Válasz. I have quickly translated geopolitically interesting excerpts from it.

    “In Central and Eastern Europe there is a variety of complex projects. For example, to create a common energy security that would stretch the region hitherto limited to the Baltic Sea, to the Black Sea and the Adriatic. I can also mention the already embodied Chinese initiative called 16 + 1, which is a cooperation agreement between Beijing and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe”.

    “All of this has already created a counterweight to the efforts of certain players in Europe aiming at their full hegemony. It is also the interconnection of existing systems, gas and oil pipelines”.

    “These countries trading oil and gas will join the United States, as the president-elect Donald Trump wants to grant permission for the export of these raw materials.”

    Asked about the prospects of institutionalization of the Visegrad Group, he said:

    “I would be very happy to institutionalise V4, such a solution would be for beneficial for Poland, but there is a need for that to be approved by all V4 Member States. It seems to me that Hungary also leaning toward institutionalization, but I’m not sure if the same would pertain to our Slovak and Czech partners.”

    He added that the last meeting of the EU Council “filled us with optimism, as the Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka showed loyalty to the Polish and Hungarian position on carbon emissions.”

    Kaczynski also declared that Poland will do everything to prevent Brussels from forcing the resettlement of migrants onto Europe. Asked if it would be a first major step towards the transformation of the region into a political entity, he said: “- If the migration policies of the Visegrad Group are successful, it would not only be an important milestone for us in lending the region an independent political entity, but also this could be regarded as a success for the whole of Europe.”

    Kaczynski were also asked about whether the difference in the attitude of the Polish and Hungarian towards Russia can undermine cooperation within the axis Warsaw-Budapest.

    “- No, we do not consider all of this as a problem in improving the Hungarian-Polish relations. Maintaining good relations with Russia, in itself, is not a thing worthy of condemnation. Another thing that Polish geostrategic situation, taking into consideration its historical experiences, differs from the situation in Hungary” – he said.

    He noted that in all bilateral relations with all states in Europe, loyalty is the most important, and that the “Hungarians are in solidarity with their allies when you need them.”

    He estimated that at the same time, there is a need for decisions that would strengthen Polish-Hungarian cooperation within the V4, such as running a radio program dedicated to the Visegrad Group, as well as joint-venture “companies with significant influence in Europe. It is important that we develop an integrated infrastructure, for example, that we built a highway east to the south. The common infrastructure is a precondition for a strong economic community in Central Europe” – he said.

  16. Truthist

    January 11, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Ireland’s minimum wage is nonsensical.
    Ireland’s dole level is mad.

    Perceiving from context, & recalling his previous posts, I trust that Deco is saying here that both are “too high”.
    Although, in most cases he qualifies to say that these incomes are only survival monies for to cope with rip-off Ireland.

    However, what never gets mentioned by anybody is that there are persons on social welfare who do not even get the statutory payments that they are entitled to ;
    Child Benefit
    Rent Allowance
    Dependent Adult Allowance
    And, this because the Department of Social Welfare are engaged in victimisation of certain claimants.
    And, the victimisation of long standing enactment.

    Of course it is unconstitutional for the State to do this to its citizens ;
    But, in Ireland there is no justice by the Judiciary for such cases.
    We cannot have the nomenklatura Civil SERPENTS punished & the long suffering citizen getting respite for themselves & theirs.

    • Truthist

      Even the super rich get Child Benefit.
      Every family gets Child Benefit.
      It is a universal payment.

    • Will your local deputy of the Dail go to work for you to solve the bureaucratic dilemmas.

      • Truthist

        Good question.

        Answer, no.

        Even a newly elected T.D. quickly adopt themselves to be complicit in such a matter.

        The Civil SERPENTS have much more power than the politicians ;
        Unless, we get a Taoiseach or very senior minister who is known for quickly being able to size up a problem & act decisively to fix it.
        That ability seemingly cannot be schooled into someone.
        Rather, it is a talent.
        Of course it gets greatly enhanced with knowledge, & understanding of said knowledge, & the acquisition of other skills, & with practise of all these together along with that special talent.
        I give the analogy of soccer.
        Really gifted play makers such as Johnny Giles, Liam Brady, & Zidane, who are able to assess “the game & opposition / the challenge” & then proceed to shape it positively for a winning performance from the team.
        Charles J. Haughey actually had that ability ;
        But, his personal weaknesses & the enemy press undermined him.
        “Sir” Garret Fitzgerald did not have that talent.
        Putin has it.
        Trump has it.
        Hugo Salinas Price has it.
        Margaret Thatcher did NOT have it ; She was just a bluffer.
        Napoleon had it.
        Julius Caesar had it.
        Michael Collins had it.

        So, the discussion here in this blog focuses on the wrong players of the Executive branch of the government [ Leglislative-Executive-Judiciary ( L.E.J. ) ].
        The Executive consists of the publicly elected & then nominated politicians as Ministers [ incl. 1 as Taoiseach ] + the Civil Service.

        What we have in Irish State for some time already is that the Civil Service have usurped the Ministers as the real power of the Executive.

        They have also usurped the Legislative ;
        Civil Servants & indeed other politicos actually craft most if not all of the Legislation proposed & finally drafted.

        Of course, the Judiciary are Civil Servants too.
        For sure in Irish State today, the Civil SERPENTS are a malign dictatorship.

        • terryhewett

          Julius Caesar certainly did have it: his commentaries still have the power to fascinate.

          • Truthist

            Often top gangsters have it.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            I am particularly fond of this quote from Caesar:

            “Nam si violandum est jus, regnandi gratia voliandum est; aliis rebus pietatem colas”

            Will quotes from Be-Be-Bertie Ahern fascinate in 2,000 years?:

            “Me vicit et in equitibus”

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            gratia voliandum = gratia violandum

            Fast typing and fast commenting (and fast translating of Taoiseach Be-Bbbee into Latin ;-) – but this is not an excuse from debasing the Latin.

            For without its Latin and Greek roots, Europe might have only been white-skinned Turkey

          • What does this mean Grzegorz?

            “Nam si violandum est jus, regnandi gratia voliandum est; aliis rebus pietatem colas”

          • Truthist


            Google Translate “Latin to English” gives ;
            Explanation of If wrong may e’er be right, for a throne is the grace of voliandum; other religious worship

          • Truthist

            “Me vicit et in equitibus”
            “I won it at the races.”
            And, Mr. Me-hole Martin involved in Bertie’s “funny” money sagas.
            John Gilligan had much the same explanation for to justify his extra wealth.

          • Truthist

            “For without its Latin and Greek roots, Europe might have only been white-skinned Turkey.”
            Please explain — VERY BRIEFLY — in discussion of forthcoming article.

          • Truthist

            Of course, Bertie does all the Bertie-isms as an act ;
            Doing the rogue for yee to know that he is doing the rogue “knowingly” for yee to know that he is doing the rogue ;
            But, not ad infinitum.
            It stops after 3rd use of word “rogue”.
            The Bertie stammer is just an act too.
            Ditto Marxist Leninist “Proinsias De Rossa” [ nickname "Stalin" ] stammer.
            Already, Brit politicians are taking their lead from Irish politicians of late.
            But, I do not notice the fake stammer aul malarkey.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “The Bertie stammer is just an act too.”

            You reckon?

            ““For without its Latin and Greek roots, Europe might have only been white-skinned Turkey.”
            Please explain”

            Well, isn’t it obvious?
            Europe stands on 3 pillars:

            1. Greek philosophy (rationalism, logic)
            2. Roman law and state organisation.
            3. Christianity (individualism, charity, restraint)

            This resulted in what Koneczny called (and primitive US political scientists like Huntigton plagiarised without proper understanding) a Latin civilisation, marked by
            - ethics being the source of law
            - individuality, self-rule and decentralization are highly valued
            - and religion is autonomous, independent and separated from the state.

            Turkey under Erdogan is a typical Turanian civilisation (another example was Russia under the Tsars, except for the short Stolypin period):

            -the government is the source of law and ethics and stands above the law and ethics.
            -the ruler cannot be doubted.

            Nowadays, most of Europe is a typical Byzantine civilisation:

            - law above ethics (legal positivism)
            - the legal government has absolute authority and its orders are not doubted.
            - organized religion (i.e. genderism) is dependent on the state.

            The start of the Byzantine civilisation in Europe was Bismarck.

            Frau Merkel and Herr Martin Schulz want to turn it into a Turanian civilisation (“mit Macht durchsetzen”).
            If socialdemocrats win in Germany, this process will accelerate.

            At the moment, Europe’s delicate civilisation is preserved in the minority of its states:
            - V4
            - Austria, Bavaria
            - some politicians/circles in the UK, Oxbridge – for the hoi polloi in the UK are Byzantinised
            - Switzerland/Liechtenstein (but not the Carolingian Luxembourg)
            - this blog, trolls excluding

            For your curiosity, Koneczny defined Jewish civilisation as

            - law above ethics
            - law cannot be changed, but it can be interpreted the way it suits the Jews (ethical relativism)
            - a belief in the superior role of one nation or race.

            And reached the conclusion that communist states are also products of Jewish civilization…

            Of course, the plagiarist Huntington did not copy this part of the theory ;-)

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          It means

          “If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.”

          I quickly responded to Truthist comment that often top gangsters have it.

          However, I think it is unfair to compare Julius Caesar with a gangster (so people like Mr Gilligan).

          Julius Caeasar indubitably was a gangster, but he was more than that too. The likes of John Gilligan or Martin Cahill were not more than that.

          Caesar left “The Gallic Wars” as his legacy for the future generations (seven books each covering one year of his campaigns in Gaul and southern Britain in the 50s BC).

          We as Latin students had to translate excerpts from it in our secondary school (I had Latin in my school) for Caesar spoke the best Latin (even Cicero was impressed).

          What might sounds uncanny for the Irish after over 2,000 years, he wrote this in “The Gallic Wars” (also known under the title “The Conquest of Gaul”):

          “the Gauls must all do the same thing that the Helvetii had done, emigrate from their country, and seek another dwelling place, other settlements remote from the Germans, and try whatever fortune may fall to their lot.”

          Contrary to common perception of the ancient Romans as a sort of SS-style tall chaps, he writes in this book that the Romans were short and the Galls (or Gauls) were tall (and prone to bragging, if we are to believe him – for this, bear in mind, might be a bias account – though certainly not with how short the Romans were, for why would he diminish himself?):

          “The Romans formed a line of mantlets and constructed a siege terrace. When they began to erect a siege tower at some distance, the defenders on the wall at first made abusive remarks and ridiculed the idea of setting up such a huge apparatus so far away. Did those pygmy Romans, they asked, with their feeble hands and muscles, imagine that they could mount such a heavy tower on top of a wall? (All the Gauls are inclined to be contemptuous of our short stature, contrasting it with their own great height.) 31. But when they saw the tower in motion and approaching the fortress walls, the strange, unfamiliar spectacle frightened them into sending envoys to ask Caesar for peace. The envoys said they were forced to the conclusion that the Romans had divine aid in their warlike operations, since they could move up apparatus of such height at such a speed.”

          So if we compare the gangster Caesar with the gangster Gilligan, what will Mr Gilligan leave as his legacy (or even the top 10 of the richest people in Ireland)? A dead journalist and his famous phone call to her “Oil get yer son and O’ll roide him”?

          O tempora, o mores (what times, what habits)…

          • Truthist

            Perhaps the richest man of Ireland — extensive money-lending operations & tenements & retail premises & warehouses & goods catalogue for paying on the “never-never” inter alia — is known by the drug squad to have been involved in massive drug shipment into Irish State.
            He was described by each & all of various men at different times on various circumstances to me as instantly able to size up a situation & people & opportunity.
            And, the Irish State has since composed reports in collaboration with his syndicate.
            Meyer Lansky would be impressed.

          • What’s his name Truthist?

        • Truthist

          Most corruption in Irish State is concocted in Cork ;

          According to Drug Squad ;
          1st person to import H is from Cork.
          Nickname given to him ; “The Squire”
          Not prosecuted for this as far as I know.

          The propagation of H addiction in Cork — & it only very recent relatively — is arguably the most serious development in drugs menace the Irish State faces after its swamping of Dublin poor.

          Northside versus Southside divide is even more dramatic & vivid in Cork.
          Of course, fostered by the politicos.

          There has never been a real war on drugs.
          Alcohol deserves inclusion in war on drugs.
          Mandatory testing for permission to participate in certain settings should be upped to much more settings.

        • Haha funny about ‘won it at the races’.

          This site is such a mess that it took me 5 mins to work out where I had to type to reply to you.

          Anywway, thanks Truthist.na

  17. Deco

    I have reviewed the article again, and I actually disagree with some of it’s key assumptions. One has to be careful when writing for a newspaper that is owned by a Telecoms billionaire running out of cash now that the Democrats have lost power in Washington.

    I am of the opinion that Irish Agriculture is now facing a serious predicament. Basically, the margins are no longer there.

    Irish tourism is snookered by a mimumum wage that is absurd if you are trying to operate a hotel in Mayo, where the business level is not there.

    The state has jacked up the costs of doing business, and has bottlenecked essential items for the same of enlarging the cut of the state.

    And that is BEFORE we see Italy withdraw from the Euro. And BEFORE Fillon starts a Schroeder reform program in France that results in the French economy going after the same sectors where Ireland is reliant on income.

    The government has no Brexit strategy. FF have a support our vote-buying pals in the SNP strategy which is contrary to Ireland’s interests, and demostrates FF’s capacity for wrecking Ireland.

    Prediction : Once again workers will leave the Jutland economy of Ireland to work on building sites in England. And they will (again) be glad of the work. The contraction in that economy will cause them to leave.

    But this is good news for the Argentina economy of Ireland, because the upstarts and angry people will not e around whilst they continue to live on the tyep of largesse to which they have long become accustomed.

    • Truthist

      I think that a much less percentage of Irish will get jobs in construction sector of Britain than before.
      Reasons include :

      Prospective construction employee is not a good ambassador for himself because he “exudes” the fact that he is coming from a now dysfunctional society :
      heavy drinking
      heavy illegal drug taking
      foul language
      crude manners

      VEC or whatever aul “musical chairs” name it has now has no doubt f..ked him up for life with destructive experience “Mickey Mouse” frivolous hybrid course that is justification for the likes of Me-hole Martin’s cronies to get into the Civil Service & reap handsome salaries & mini power portfolios

      FAS course was a FARCE course because FAS is rife with Fianna Fail & GAA suits who don’t give a damn about the trainees etc.
      Former GAA President is one such person when he senior executive in FAS / FARCE.
      There are plenty of decent FAS trainers who would love the opportunity to spill the beans about the suits.

      Of course, all the main political parties have been just as rotten as Fianna Fail.
      But, Me-hole Martin did flood the Department of Education with FF teacher & trainer candidates, & FAS has been a FF & GAA bastion even before the ascent of Me-hole into national politics.

      Eastern European craftsmen would have better follow through — seemingly — in their countries for to formally advance their knowledge & understanding & skills of their vocations than is feasible in Irish State.
      The Irish trade unions are much to blame for this state of affairs.
      And, the government too of course.
      Anyway, the Brits at this stage will welcome the Eastern European more now.
      Eastern Europeans are operating “closed shop” informally for entry of candidates to construction jobs in London.

      • Deco

        I think there is a high tolerance level for serial incompetence and underperformance.

        And this tolerance level is indoctrinated as a result of the relentless message given that those in charge are holders of morally superior opinions.

        Behind the veneer of respectability is greed, laziness and sheer ineptitude.

        Put Mickey Martin back in charge of a government ministry, and you will see it in action.

      • Truthist

        The craft unions in particular should have provided what Guilds did ;
        voluntary ongoing education & training to its members.

        Members should include apprentices ;
        But, initially a very much reduced fee from wages of apprentice ;
        Then rising according to apprentice’s salary increasing per year.

        The main purposes of apprentice’s involvement with union :
        protection & advancement of apprentice’s :

        working conditions

        living conditions

        relationship with government

        education & training by :
        union’s guild section



        And, any more purposes that merit inclusion.

  18. Deco

    Hollywood peado endorsed by an actress who probably forgot what people have remembered….


  19. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Fpr a change, some positive news about Ireland as a technology hub:


    My experience with TCD:

    science (biology in particular): thumbs up. Could compete with the best
    economics : mixed views – some lecturers very good. Messrs Gurdgiev and Lucey probably know more about the economy than any of us (sorry if I hurt someone’s ego).
    political science : thumbs down
    (i.e. their ridiculous Brexit debate, which imbued with conviction that out of all people in Ireland who can read, they are the least informed)
    philosophy : hmm – I know one of their Professors. Philosophy in TCD is ok, but not at my level yet ;-)

    • mike flannelly

      Gurdgiev is straight up front and honest.

      Adam, Michael Coughlan and Truthist would be interested in x Trinity man Stephen McMahon who is over the Irish Patients Association.

      The hospital problems over the last 20 yrs have been about beds and nurses.

      Stephen wants lots more nurses.

      The OECD average nurses per 1000 pop is 9.1.
      Ireland have 12.6 (38% more than avg)

      The OECD average beds per 1000 pop is 5.
      Ireland have 2.8 beds.

      Ireland nurses to beds ratio is “.22″

      1 nurse to .22 beds

      The OECD average ratio is “.55 ”

      France have 9.1 nurses and 6.3 beds
      That is 1 nurse to 6.3 beds.

      Spain have 5.2 nurses to 3 beds
      1 nurse to .58 beds.

      Italy have 6.4 nurses to 3.4 beds.
      1 nurse to .53 beds.

      Portugal have 5.8 nurses to 3.4 beds.
      1 nurse to 3.4 beds.

      UK have 8.2 nurses to 2.8 beds.
      1 nurse to .34 beds.(Irl have 50% more nurses than the UK)

      Poland have 5.5 nurses to 6.5 beds.
      1 nurse to 1.18 beds.

      The answer for Ireland and Simon Harris is of course lots and lots more nurses.

      • Truthist

        The hospital crisis is a racket.
        Please enhance ur health & fitness as reasonably possible.
        Get strong.
        Avoid medics in Ireland unless u really must engage with them.
        But, be very careful in ur dealings with them.
        Many are actually evil.
        Now getting ready for the performing of abortions.
        The NWO Medical History of Hospitals & Healthcare by Eustace Mullins 1/3
        “Original” book [ above is "free" version ] is highly rated by most amazon.com reviewers.
        Hippocrates, though, was a very well intentioned physician.

      • Truthist

        Google.com Images search term ;



        And, of course, u get more specific results according to whatever nationality u preceed the term “nurse” with.


        Japanese nurses
        Spanish nurses
        Croatian nurses
        Romanian nurses
        Thai nurses
        Argentinian nurses
        Icelandic nurses
        Lebanese nurses
        Ethiopian nurses
        etc etc etc

        Heck, if u don’t believe me, try it urself ;
        U can never have enough nurses 8-)

      • Truthist

        I would welcome table etc. for these statistics ;
        Save me the trouble of trying to construct such.

        Very useful info there Mike ;

        Sorry for my occasional allusion to Pat Flannery & likewise to Pat ;
        But, understandable sometimes ;
        Because, yee both are chasing similar angles ;
        And, they are vital angles to chase Re ; the disgusting — & @ this stage in the game knowingly “evil” — features of the corruption of Irish nation.
        Regrettably, increasingly more foreigners are enrolled into this scheme of corruption here too against the populace.
        Weez one hell of a sick nation !

        • mike flannelly

          France ratio is 1 nurse to .69 beds

          Portugal 1 nurse to .59 nurses.

          Poland have .85 nurses to 1 bed
          France have 1.4 nurses to 1 bed
          Spain have 1.7 nurses to 1 bed

          Uk have 2.9 Irish nurses to 1 bed

          AND LAST

          IRELAND have 4.5 nurses to 1 bed

          Ireland are leaving old patients plus a man with brain cancer on trolleys because they want more nurses before they will accept more beds.

          • Truthist

            Blackmail !

            And, instead of treating a patient efficiently & effectively & with respect, they put them onto trolleys — UNNECESSARILY IN MOST CASES — as a favorite modus operendi for their overall RACKET.
            As much as possible, avoid public hospitals
            And, as much as possible, avoid private hospitals too ;
            Because there is much more to the racket than it just with the public hospitals.
            There is an overall Racket ;
            Abuse of patients & payers
            Payers are :

            taxpayers that pay for public hospitals
            Every citizen in Irish State
            Even if a citizen does not pay income tax for themselves, they do pay for :
            And, they even other persons’ income taxes in that they are source of those persons’ income.

            private hospital customers

            There are many sub-rackets within the overall racket.

            The nurses union is a major conspirator in the overall racket.
            Extra nurses ==> extra union subscriptions ==> empire building for the union bosses.

            There is also of course the abuse of the noble intentions of that great father of medicine ;

            There is the abuse of Christ ;
            Most of hospitals are trading on allusions to Christ if only with “St. / Saint” this & that & “Our Lady of” this & that, & holy pictures when it’s only all for show.

            Apologies for just fleeting reply when really the proper treatment of this subject should be a book.

          • Truthist

            Typo ;
            And, they even PAY FOR other persons’ income taxes in that they are source of those persons’ income.

  20. Why is there no debate on the number one problem? The corruption of the banking system and the policy of the bankers is the leading cause of the erosions of personal and national freedoms. Coming to a place near you soon is the ban on cash. At which point all your financial transactions will be recorded. A bank run will never take place as nobody will be allowed or able to withdraw your own money from a bank.
    The corruption of the bankers will be hermetically sealed off from any investigation and remedy by any person or political entity. Be aware that ignoring this run of events is sealing your existence as a drone or economic serf in service to the masters of one world government.

    “”Next in line after India, Venezuela and Australia for policy discussions of banning large currency notes are Canada, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and France, Japan and the United States, not necessarily in that order, but this banker movement will be pushed more aggressively in small economies first before spreading to larger economies. If you live in any of these countries and have seen media releases regarding the potential ban of large cash notes in your country, please email us links to this information at info-at-smartknowledgeu-dot-com so that we may keep every subscriber of this blog/newsletter informed of such developments in future articles.”"


    • Truthist


  21. “Sovereign bonds are over 50% of this market and it is governments worldwide that have been the most profligate in creating debt. No government will ever be in a position to repay this debt with real money. The problem they now have is that they can’t even afford to service the debt. This is why around $15 trillion of government bonds now carry negative interest rates. This includes over 50% of the bonds issued by Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. In Switzerland, virtually all government bonds are below 0%. (not shown).”" Von Greyerz


    • The greatest crash ever

      “”So we are seeing a global debt explosion combined with zero or negative interest rates. In a free market, this could never happen. If there was no intervention, record borrowings would lead to very high interest rates. A high demand for a commodity, like money, would in accordance with the laws of supply and demand lead to a high cost. Thus, what we are seeing currently is the effect of financial repression or manipulation of the interest markets, like with all other financial markets. This of course cannot hold. Therefore, the turn in the bond market which is now starting will cause the biggest collapse in world financial markets ever!”" Von Greyerz

  22. https://i2.wp.com/goldswitzerland.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/USDCHF-1970-2017-120117.png?ssl=1

    Weak dollar – a sign of a mismanaged economy

    “For anyone under the illusion that the dollar is a strong currency, just look at the chart below of the US$ against the Swiss Franc. During my working life, I have seen the dollar fall 76% against the Swissy. Hardly the sign of a strong currency. It now looks like the next leg down of the dollar is imminent. Against the Swissy, I would expect another 50% fall of the dollar to 0.50. That doesn’t mean that I believe that the Swiss Franc will be a strong currency. But I do see a collapse of the US dollar until it reaches its intrinsic value of ZERO or just above.” Von Greyerz

  23. toner78

    Come on David, do you really think the Hierarchy in the E.U favour us submissive Irish in the current fragile climate and with the threat of Italy and France leaving the Euro at some point??? The idiot of a man called Phil Hogan is telling the media what he has been told to say by the gangsters at E.U level… “We must cut our ties with Britain”…. Britain were the very ones who lent us £7 Billion when the crash happened and we are connected to Britain by Northern Ireland. I think maybe you are listening to too much propaganda by our own cowboys in Dail Erin departments and some more cowboys in the E.U and their departments…. It is time that we put a stop to talking things up! It is plain and simple, Ireland is proper F..ked and the Euro is most definitely proper F..ked! We need to do the right thing and follow Britain’s stance on E.U membership because other countries will follow suit soon i suspect.

  24. Shane F

    The old saying.
    News doesn’t happen, it gets made , There’s an agenda to everything.

    Really became apparent during Trump campaign before we started hearing the term ‘Fake news’.

    Kruscvhev said ‘The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them’. In this case The western freedom of speech facilitated by the internet encouraging the disgruntled to knock western institutions.

    But don’t forget Litvinenko…

  25. The email notifications are not coming through for me now.

    I’m in the same boat as Tony except with less gold to weigh me down!

  26. “Politicians are the worst of all in this respect – one only has to listen to claims and counter-claims during the U.S. Presidential election run-up, or ahead of the Brexit vote in the UK to understand that one side or the other – or usually both – is blatantly lying, or being exceedingly ‘economical with the truth’. And these claims are being made by people who are supposedly pillars of our society.

    Why should the security services, or even an outgoing or incoming U.S. President be any different? They all have their own agendas and prejudices.”


  27. Truthist

    Syrian army says Israel fires rockets at military airport near Damascus

    Israel always says — & in robotic voice — that it “has the right to defend itself”.
    But, what about Syria ?
    Does Syria have the right to defend itself from Israel ?
    Does Syria have the right to defend itself fro Trump ?
    Trump is about to enable that “special little democracy 8-)” in the Middle East to become Greater Israel.
    So, no giving back of The Golan Heights by Israel to its rightful country ; Syria.
    Trump through enabling the expansion of former “Lessor” Israel & now “Occupying” Israel to form “Greater” Israel WILL SPOIL 2017 FOR IRELAND.

    Price of oil will rocket then.
    Massive influx of “Refugees”.
    inter alia

  28. Truthist

    Henry Makow


    12h12 hours ago

    US political discourse has sunk to level of schoolyard or barnyard.

    Since caught abusing children, liberals retaliate by inventing anything.

  29. “”The elite have not only failed, they have also created a dysfunctional, parasite-ridden, wealth-destroying economy.

    “Better deals” won’t help. We are well past the point of declining marginal utility of the government and its policies.

    The economists are right.”"


  30. Truthist

    I, Truthist, believe that USA Democrat Party’s Victoria Nuland regime in Ukraine shot / gunned down the Malaysian Airlines Airplane MH-17.
    Note ;
    Irish woman on board that flight.
    Irish State’s government [ Fine Gael regime ] basically accused — without any justifiable evidence to back its assertions — Russia, & pro-Russia rebels in Donbass, of downing that airplane.

    Author: Christopher Black

    Trump and MH-17 : Just One Step Too Far ?

    The propaganda campaign by the NATO war alliance against Russia has several components. The newest elements are the surreal allegations being made by the Obama regime, suffering a fit of apoplexy over the victory of Donald Trump in the American elections, that Russia interfered in the elections, that President-elect Trump is a Russian agent, and that Russia is conducting a war against American “democracy.” The other components are that Russia invaded Ukraine and Crimea, massacres civilians in Syria, threatens hybrid war operations in the Baltic, threatens the German elections, threatens European “democracy” in general and is about to invade Europe. Each component is as egregious and absurd as the rest but one of the most vicious of these absurdities is the campaign directed against Russia concerning the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over east Ukraine on 17 July, 2014.
    The Americans were quick to blame the Donbass republic forces and Russia for the downing of the airliner, claiming, without any evidence, that the plane was shot down by a Buk anti-aircraft missile launcher from an area controlled by Donbass forces. Ignored was the fact that the Donbass had no such air defence system operational in that area and neither did Russia but the Kiev forces did. Also ignored was the eyewitness evidence of civilians on the ground who observed at least one Kiev Sukhoi 25 fighter jet ascend and approach the civilian airliner and that, immediately afterwards, the plane crashed. There were reports as well that a Spanish air traffic controller in Kiev, known as Carlos, sent out messages on Twitter contemporaneous with the shoot down, using the Twitter address @Spainbuca, that he observed this on his radar and overheard the pilot’s conversations with Kiev air traffic control confirming that the Ukraine jet shot down the plane. There are later reports that a Ukrainian pilot admitted he flew the plane that shot it down. Both these men have since disappeared from view. Remarkably, the investigating body has never followed up these important facts.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “I, Truthist, believe that USA Democrat Party’s Victoria Nuland regime in Ukraine shot / gunned down the Malaysian Airlines Airplane MH-17.”

      1. “Irish State’s government [ Fine Gael regime ] basically accused — without any justifiable evidence to back its assertions — Russia, & pro-Russia rebels in Donbass, of downing that airplane.” – well, would the fact that the pro-Russia Donbassed separatists intitially owned up to shooting down the plane (even boasted: “do not fly over out territory”) not be constitute some evidence?


      2. “Ignored was the fact that the Donbass had no such air defence system operational in that area”

      I am sorry, but that’s bullshit:


      “and neither did Russia” – Russia does not have Buk systems? Hahahahaha!!!

      “There were reports as well that a Spanish air traffic controller in Kiev, known as Carlos, sent out messages on Twitter contemporaneous with the shoot down, using the Twitter address @Spainbuca, that he observed this on his radar and overheard the pilot’s conversations with Kiev air traffic control confirming that the Ukraine jet shot down the plane.”

      Yea – the whole evidence is an unnamed social media user called Carlos. The only source of his “report” are the Russian media.

      Talk to any airport controller and ask him how likely it is that a foreigner would be working in a Ukrainian airport and while not speaking either Russian, Ukrainian or English languages (Russia Today had to interview him in Spanish).
      For example, how likely it would be that a Romanian would be working at Dublin airport controller not speaking any English?
      I tell how likely it is: there is zero chance, nada, null.

      Furthermore, Ukrainian own aviation website clearly states that the Ukrainian authorities do not hire non-citizens of Ukraine as airport dispatchers (let alone if they do not speak Ukrainian or English!), or even accept them for training as such.

      But that is not all – Russia Today themselves had to admit (on July 17, 2014) that “Carlos” ran a fake Twitter account, which had been deleted.

      Lessons for you?

      Like I said before:

      1. Always try to get to primary sources, not some incoherent articles written for the hoi polloi.

      2. Unless you cross-examine the information by quoting
      2.1 A pro- party
      2.2 A denying- party
      2.3 A neutral party (which, I admit, in this case would be hard, but it is a good methodological tip)

      unless you do that, this does not even have, from a socio-cybernetic point of view, an INFORMATION status – it is only a communicate.

      “Remarkably, the investigating body has never followed up these important facts.” – maybe this was because – as I have just proved – none of them statements are facts, but fakes?

      • Truthist

        Circumstantial evidence — & I am not just relying on circumstantial evidence — is still evidence ;
        People primed by USA lawyer dramas despite the inherent use of phrase “evidence” in this term immediately dismiss circumstantial evidence as to be “not” evidence.
        Even some of ur counter-arguments are based on circumstantial evidence ;
        But, from my line of reasoning, they are still evidence.

        The immediate thought before even looking into the particular facts of this case is that :

        Russia & / or Russia-backed rebels would have :
        nothing to gain by doing this deed
        much, or too much, to gain by doing this deed
        & indeed
        much, or too much, to gain by being accused of doing this deed even if they did not do this deed

        The Dreadful Few > USA Dem.s through Victoria Nuland & Hillary Clinton > Ukraine of “Yats” & “Porky” Porshenko sic would have :
        much, & all, to gain by doing this deed but pinning the blame on Russia & / or Russia-backed rebels

        I also believe that there is a network operating in Russia seeking to execute :
        false flag operations
        inter alia

        Think ; the network operating in Iran that, despite high alert security policy within Iran, is very successful at doing all of above examples of “subversion”

        The notion that authentic rebels would state that they did this deed ;
        ==> they :
        they not whom they are said to be ;
        Nobody would be that stupid ;
        They are not Russia-backed Rebels ;
        Rather they are the enemy of Russia & Russia-backed Rebels seeking to discredit Russia & Russia-backed Rebels.

        • Truthist

          Apologies for sloppy formatting etc

        • Truthist

          I think that the “Oligarchs” in Russia have a government separate to Russia but in Russia ;
          It is they who I suspect downed Poland’s airplane to Russia.
          They could have done so with device planted at location prior to its departure to Russia or at time of its departure.
          Also, they could have taken it down with a missile within Russia ;
          Possible to use technology to hide the flight of a missile ;

          The anti-Russia secret network in Russia that I refer to would be long established & very resourceful & clever & loyal to its “elders” & ruthless & able to slip away from being caught.
          I believe that this would be the line of thinking too by the present PM of Poland.
          And this despite the deep-seated & very understandable distrust that each & all Polish aborigines would feel for whatever is the official administration of any of the 2 countries that geographically sandwich Poland & have chequered past of invading & slaughtering Poles, vis. Germany & Russia.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “They could have done so with device planted at location prior to its departure to Russia or at time of its departure.”

            Well, a strong circumstantial evidence for that would be that the Polish TU-154 has undergone a technical check in Russia b e f o r e its last flight, and that the Russian factory has rebuilt the plane despite the late President Kaczynski not asking for it (for example putting some extra chairs which necessitated a floor rebuilt, etc).

          • Truthist

            “the Polish TU-154 has undergone a technical check in Russia b e f o r e its last flight, and that the Russian factory has rebuilt the plane despite the late President Kaczynski not asking for it (for example putting some extra chairs which necessitated a floor rebuilt, etc).”

            But chutzpah characteristic from protagonist essential for that conspiracy theory to be fact.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “chutzpah characteristic from protagonist essential for that conspiracy theory to be fact.”

            The last technical check of the Tu-154 was done in Russia in Samara by the company Aviakor SA, and modernised by Polit-Elektronit (Russian industry) – which would of course make a perfect sense, since the plane was Russian-made.

            After that check-up, the plane went to Haiti with a humanitarian mission, reporting failure of ABSU and Ra-56-w-1.

            On April 9, 2010, the Anti-Terrorist Centre sent a notice of a possible terrorist attack to the Military Counterintelligence Centre, the Internal Security Agency and the Government Protection Bureau.

            More importantly, the airport in Smolensk has not been at any point investigated nor has it undergone any security clearance by the Polish Governmental Protection Bureau having been refused entry by Russian authorities.

            Over an hour before the approach of the presidential Tu-154M plane to the Smolensk airport, a Russian Il-76 plane supposedly carrying transportation and protection for the presidential delegation, touched the landing strip with its wheels but ultimately pulled up before slowing down and flew away. To this day there is no explanation for this event, and the Polish crew not informed of this.

            The crew of the plane was wrongly informed by the Russian tower about the course and glide path.

            The control tower until the last moment reassured the crew of their correct position – no flight corrections were made by the tower. Air traffic controllers in Smolensk, despite weather conditions and poor visibility failed to close down the airport.

            The coffins of the victims have been sealed in Russia and never allowed to be opened. Polish authorities were not invited to participate in post mortem examinations in Moscow. Burials in Poland were performed without any prior autopsies.

            Mind you

            It’s not like the crash of their own Tu-154 (the one with the Red Army Alexandrov Choir) was investigated properly, and they were very quick to blame the pilot.


            Do you know what I think the truth about it all is?

            That we will never know it.

            And on that bombshell…

            I think it’s time to sleep – 48hrs on my feet.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          We can speculate about motives, but that does not address any of my point though: particularly 2 (Buk systems) and 3 (“Carlos”) which show that the information supplied by Mr Black is simply false …

          As to circumstancial evidence – no, that’s not what the circumstancial evidence is: circumstantial evidence relies an inference, I just simply showed you that
          a) The Carlos fake story is bullshit.
          b) The statement that the separatists do not have Buks is bullshit


          The circumstancial evidence would be my point 1.
          I have posted it before, remember, and said that a lot of RT “Ukrainian jets” story line relies on the assumption that the plane was shot from the Ukraine, for which there is more evidence to conclude that it was not than that it was – and the fact that the separatists themselves initially claimed they had shot DOES NOT GIVE ANY MORE CREDIBILITY TO THE RUSSIAN STORYLINE – does it?

          “Russia & / or Russia-backed rebels would have :
          nothing to gain by doing this deed”

          OMG. There is so many scenarios that you do not take into account…


          1. They shot it down by mistake, thinking that this was an Ukrainian plane – which is what they claimed on their website…
          2. Russia would have l o t s to gain propaganda-wise had they managed shift the blame on the Ukrainians… – and they are very good at shifting blame on the others and very bad at plane crash investigations.


          You are mistaken if you think that I think that the Russians did it.

          Truth is

          I do not know
          YOU do not know

          All that I know is that the backbone of the Russian narrative (“Carlos”) is a bullshit story without a doubt.
          And that the separatists had weapons to shoot down the plane.

          And instead of reacting emotionally (unless I am very much mistaken), you should be glad that I am supplying you with links that perhaps no one else in Ireland knows about.

          So, once we cleared what is the circumstancial evidence and what is a direct evidence, you can now ask me what my gut feeling is (as I disproved all the info in your post, your info was mostly a gut feeling only).


          My gut feeling is that the Russian separatists have done it, but as a result of a mess rather than plan, and that President Putin supports the dubious narrative, because – despite him being everything to them and them being nothing to him – through their stupidity, he became a prison of their own fake narrative and he cannot withdraw now lest he loses face.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            As I have been working on something I have to submit by 5pm sharp since 11am yesterday (no sleep and almost no eat), I hope you won’t mind if I do not respond to the MH-17 thing for I’ll probably go to sleep after that.
            You have to have leniency and bear in mind that DMcW blog for me is a nice distraction/typing exercise – not my life.


            I had taken considerable time to find those links for you AGAIN.

          • Truthist

            OK Grzegorz.

            I appreciate very much all that u do for me on this blog.
            So much so that I wish u to avoid giving expansive answers ;
            It is not fair on ur energy & time.

            I think that my angle of viewing matters is useful to u for ur concern for ur country ;
            Poland has some common aspects to its geo-political & historical situation & its people.
            But, perhaps the most useful perspective that I can give is that on our neighbour ; Britain > England [ > London ] ;
            Poland is being stung by the Brits every time they engage with them from what I see.

            By the way, I hold fast to the view that Ireland should be :

            pacifist towards other countries’ international conflicts ; internal or external

            not in any political pact

            not in any military pact

            not in any economic pact ;
            Except for 1-to-1 only

            neutral politically & economically & militarily towards foreign countries’ conflicts ; internal & external
            But, retain policy of always being honest witnesses as to the truth as to how Ireland perceives it to be truthfully after considering all the available facts

          • Truthist

            I did not recall the peep.us link ;
            But, I assure u Grzegorz that all links get bookmarked in very defined categories as part of my scholarly curiosity to try to understand “what the f..k is happeining”. 8-)
            If Ukraine — & I use that term loosely 8-) — did not do that dirty deed, I believe that ur gut-feeling theory is the most plausible.
            Same as u, I think that Putin not the man for all seasons that he is portrayed to be ;
            But, he is quite good ;
            And, that is proven in how the Russian peoples are improving in their character.
            That is the best indicator of how a leader is ;
            How civilised are the people becoming.
            Anyway, it is unfair to place this man-for-all-seasons responsibility on just 1 man who is leader of a vast multi-ethnic & multi-racial country.
            It would be setting him up for an almighty fall.
            That said, I re-iterate that he is quite good.
            Indeed, he is the much better than we could reasonably get.

          • Truthist

            By the way, Grzegorz ;

            Whenever it is apt for u to do so, please do request from the blog information that could be useful for any of the projects that u conducting.

            After all ;
            “Many hands make light work.”

            Then again ;
            “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            To reply…

            “Poland is being stung by the Brits every time they engage with them”

            Poles in the 20th century have had quite idealised view of the English (this might have or might have not changed since they could experience England first hand). Not only after 1945 (when everything west was idealised), but even before WWII. This is borne by many pre-WWII memories.

            I shared in Poland with a good friend who is as English as English one can be (high-up in Conservative Party, etc – his grandda was Shell’s boss for Great Britain).

            Having lived in Poland for a year and learned Polish, he stated self-critically: “Poles have ridiculous notions about the English – that the English are honorable, tactful, erudite and have good taste – but they are just projecting onto English their own aspirations”.

            The Brits used that sentiment to get Poland to sign the military pact that they never intended to fulfill, aimed at buying time for England.

            It all started with Lord Duff Cooper visit to Gdynia in 1938. People in the west are unware that it’s not like Poland did not have a choice in 1939, that Hitler was courting Poland till the last moment, and that Poland allied with England somewhat against its interest.

            The thing about the English policies in the past was that England’s goal was that Poland should not exist because it was the most powerful catholic state in Europe – hence they lent money to Prussia and made it from zero to hero (or bully maybe) within 40 years.

            This was recognised by the great Chesterton. He visited Poland in 1927 and wrote to PEN-club guest book that without Catholic Poland there is no Catholic Europe.

            But currently, England has to be Poland’s strategic ally – alliances are not dictated by sentiments, but by geography, and Poland has to act on the lines “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

            How Ireland should be?
            I do not approach it that way – allied or not, economically or militarily.

            Depends – I always look at concrete situation.
            This is how all people on this blog are veering into abstractions, David included.

            Everyone here writes about NATO: will NATO attack Russia? Will NATO be attacked by Russia?

            No person in Poland thinks that way – everyone knows that NATO is only on paper, and that all that counts are bilateral relations with the strongest partner, and there are only two: US or China (since Poland would not ally with the third power Germany).

            They know that the era of multi-national is over, and that all that counts is biliateral relations.

            Thus often discussed question in Ireland should there be an Eirxit is much less relevant to the Poles – not whether to stay in the EU is a question (since every strong player in the EU does what what they want anyway, so Poland could ignore the most stupid of laws too), but what EU and run by who is the question.

            As to the question of neutrality, my point raised in Indo this week was that neautral countries need bigger armies/gun ownership than non-neutral countries (i.e. Switzerland, Sweden, etc).

            Ireland has a different geography than Poland, true – and thus it does not need cruise missiles.

            But at the same time Ireland is far easier to cut off from energy supplies than Poland.

            People have completely outdated idea that the US/UK tanks will stand 50 metres from the Russian tanks on the Polish border and that this will be followed by a nuclear apocalypse.

            Long are gone the times of energetic wars, now 85% of the aggression are information wars followed by trade wars and than hybrid wars.

            Small conflict are possible and will be happening but not in order to annihillate the world as we know, but in order to improve ones negotiating position (even the Russian de-escalating nuclear strike on Poland, Baltic states and Scandinavia doctrine – trained for the last 17 years – is to improve its negotiating position).

            In that situation, Ireland not having any army and gun ownership is just showing weakness.

            In one of my discussions here, my interlocutor said that as Ireland is neutral and an island, its air defences are sufficient.

            This is a tragic misunderstanding – people here refuse to believe that it is not a question whether Irelands defences are sufficient or not: Ireland does not have insufficient defense, it has no defense. All it has are Pilatus training planes. They are just to train cadets to fly and observe.

            Ireland is not in the 5 eyes spying agreement, yet despite all of that – or maybe precisely because – it is more spied on telecommunication wise than any of the UK/US/New Zealand/Canada/Australia.

            Germans knew the details of the Irish budgets before the TDs knew it.

            Think of that.

        • Truthist


          Russia & / or Russia-backed rebels would have :

          nothing to gain by doing this deed

          much, or too much, to LOSE by doing this deed
          & indeed
          much, or too much, to LOSE by being accused of doing this deed even if they did not do this deed

    • Truthist

      Author is appealing to the Christian[ sic ; not "sick" ]-Zionist dumb-asses.
      But, there is useful & important info. within this article nonetheless.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej


      If there is a war US – Russia this week before Mr Trump’s inauguration as you suggest

      Grzegorz Kolodziej of Leinster
      Hereby publically declare

      -That I shall become gay and start frequenting “Georges”

      -I shall write an article for Polish conservative monthly praising the Frankfurt School

      -And will travel the home of “Dr” Kevin McCarthy of Kinsale (but not to Dr Kevin McCarthy from UCC Cork, as these are two different people) and bring him a liter of “Sobieski”, ranked in the International Wines and Spirits Research as the third best vodka in the world (after the overall winner, the Ukrainian “Nemiroff”, and the runner up “Finlandia”) as my thanks for the great work he has done as a “historian” of the Polish-Jewish relations.

  31. Truthist

    @ Grzegorzhe

    U say above ;

    “… strongest partner ;
    And there are only 2 : US or China
    Since Poland would not ally with the 3rd power ; Germany.

    I beg to differ ;

    There are NOT 2 strongest “powers”.

    The concept “power” is valid extra understanding because of ur reference to 2 distant ‘players’ & they are considered as actual powers by the hot polloi.

    And, there are certainly NOT more than 2 strongest “powers”

    Rather, there is only 1 strongest power.
    The strongest power is ;

    The Israelis should be glad I say this ;
    Because, this would be assertion that their Talmud objective has been fulfilled.
    Now, it is just a case of letting the hot polloi know.

    Will Poland [ the Catholic nation ] partner with the 1 & only super-power [ Israel ] ?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      While I agree that the often tail is wagging the dog, I would disagree that this is a total control – or that even Israel would control the US so much as Germany was controlling Poland in years 1990-1992 (when they run media and their foreign minister Skubiszewski, blackmailed by BND) or 2007-October 2016 (when they run media in Poland and had their defence ministers in Poland Klich and Siemoniak).

      For example

      When the Israeli spy was caught in the US, even a direct intervention of Netanyahu did not stop the US from improsing him.

      You should make two little corrections to your view of things:

      1. Israel is supported in the US o n l y as long as it is
      1.1 Useful (even though of course the US is more useful for Israel)
      1.2 Part of the eschatologist ideology of a small group within evangecalism (you know: red cow, prophecies, etc). They are in a strange symbiosis with Zionism because they believe in Armageddon in which Jews need to be holocausted again (so called tribulations), so they need Jews in order for them to be tribulated.
      For example, G.W.Bush was flirting with that sect.

      2. You should also – it’s of course up to you – move this bits in your geopolitical landscape (I agree with Mr Shrimpton, not Mr Allen on that):


      I studied the history and presence of first Prussian, then German intelligence and I would agree with Mr Shrimpton.

      • Truthist

        The traitor Pollard now in Israel.
        Should have been executed ; Ref. Rule of Law
        But, I would forbid that ;
        Because, life is sacrosanct.

        Nay, “Israel” CONTROLS USA in every way.
        Of course, the term “Israel” is a euphemism.
        Henry Makow & Gilad Atzmon [ philosopher & fan of German philosophy as u are also Grzegorz ] state the same.
        You should make two little corrections to your view of things:

        Israel is supported in the USA ONLY as long as it is :

        useful ;
        Even though, of course, the USA is more useful for Israel

        Part of the eschatology ideology of a small group within evangelicalism [ red cow, prophecies, etc ].
        They are in a strange symbiosis with Zionism because they believe in Armageddon in which Jews need to be holocausted again [ so called tribulations ], so they need Jews in order for them to be tribulated.
        G.W.Bush was flirting with that sect.

        Re ;
        Israel is NOT useful to USA

        Yes, the “Rapture” aul bollox has most of USA southern Protestants worshiping the “Israelis”.
        Contrived over long time by strategists.
        Long time only fruition of result is non-the-less acceptable for this particular objective.
        Crucial to this strategy has been the composing of “Schofield Bible” ; Sponsored by Rothschilds
        But, Zio-Christianity — really an oxymoronic concept per true Christianity ; Ref. mother concept Judeo-Christianity is oxymoronic — is not essentially necessary for USA to continue supporting Israel.
        German [ NOT "Polish" ; Because, Poles did not conduct nor operate any anywhere ( even in Poland ) ] concentration camp prisoners of Jewish designation victims starving at end of WW2 & murdered — other than by “fire” — does not equate with being “holocausted” ;
        Because, “holocausted” means “burt as offering”.
        And, as addendum “6 million” is magic Kabbalah number that eschatology adherents seek to fulfill.
        Perhaps, Nazis were Kabbalah worshippers ?
        Recap to question I posed recently but to which brief proper answer not properly requited other than youtube video of most dubious truthfullness still awaits answer that can be not more than 3 words ;
        Do not know

        “Were any ethnic Poles of “German” concentration camps in Germany, & / or Poland, who died from “natural causes” or “conditions in concentration camp” or “murder” [ of which multitudes were ] in concentration camp, made into :
        lamp shades ?
        wallets ?
        etc. ?

        U are aware that scientific analysis has since debunked all the WW 2 concentration camp artifacts claimed to be of human skin ?

        Note ;
        I am very aggrieved at any & all of suffering by each & all of German concentration camp victims.

        • Truthist


          “burt as offering” = “burNt as offering” or “burnt offering”

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Don’t know.
          The colonial British were also alleged to have a penchant for that.

          “scientific analysis has since debunked all the WW 2 concentration camp artifacts claimed to be of human skin”

          If you say so, I shall go with it.
          But certain soaps certainly came out of the concentration camps, as did golden fillings – the Germans had a knack for documenting everything.

          Of course, are hope that you are aware of a dinstiction (in Nazi vernacular) between concentration camps and death camps.

          I.e. – Auschwitz (so a German camp for the Polish elite misappropriated by the Hollywood Jews as the camp for the Jews: so much so that in the early 90s Israel kicked out crosses from Auschwitz only allowing David stars) = concentration camp
          Birkenau = death camp
          Majdanek, Treblinka = death camp

          How badly educated people in the US are, it can be gathered from one of their documentaries about reincarnation when the narrator talks about his hypnotic experience of going back to his previous life as a Jew in ghetto and ending up in Auschwitz in 1940.

          Well, how could that have been possible if Auschtwitz was a German camp for Poles, and the Jews did not start to arrive in it – to be unloaded and moved to Birkenau – until after the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw?

          Honestly, the only difference between a Nazi and Hollywood propaganda is that
          a) Nazi propaganda was less advanced technically
          b) People are more gullible nowadays

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Because I fear you will ask me more questions about Israel and crosses, I haste to past this link from Wikipedia:


            Wikipedia is not exactly a Polish propaganda website as you may gather :-) – i.e. in an article about Henry de Valaise, they removed the historically true information that the French learned how to eat with fork and use bathtubes from the Poles – but it gives you the gist of the Israel cross hutzpah

          • Truthist

            I would be on high alert for credible evidence of “soap made from humans” from German concentration camps in Germany & German death camps in Poland ;
            Because I abhor the whole idea of rounding up peoples for either.
            And, am tempted to think the very worst of the jailers.
            But, we must acknowledge that there would be concentration camp survivors that were they not in concentration camps they would very likely be dead meat on battle front or British & Yank ? & Russian heavy bombings & machine gunning of civilian areas.
            Remarkable that we do not hear of collateral damage bombings etc by “Allied” forces upon the concentration camps or death camps & no promulgation by Allied governments to the serving troops in midst of WW2 & of course their respective public of the existence of the concentration camps & death camps ;
            Very convenient for them to be ignorant of the victims & then claim shock on discovering these camps after the war would be a cynical but arguably valid claim.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            ““Allied” forces upon the concentration camps or death camps ”

            No – actually the opposite was the case – the Allies did not give a flying fuck about the concentration and death camps.

            So much so that the Polish government in exile in London had one Jewish minister and he committed suicide in protest of how much the English did not care.

            There are diplomatic notes of meeting of A. Eden with FDR in the US when Eden is scared that Hitler might release the Jews from the camps and England would have to take them – President Roosevelt was shaking his head in approval.

            God – why do not they teach those thinks west of Poland (except Oxbridge and Ivory League – but that n e v e r filters to BBC/CNN – thought PBS once dared to mention it)?

            And the stupid Finucane at the bottom of that dumbring down machine…

  32. Truthist

    Ur latest info on Poland delegation air flight to Russia incident is duly copied & pasted into word-processing document & given useful name for retrieval.
    Henry Makow would be very interested to publish an article penned by guest writer on this issue ;
    He has sincere keen interest in it ;
    Because, he is circumspect about Putin being as squeaky clean that he is being billed to be by Makow’s alternative media peers.
    Makow — Jewish by birth — is very concerned about:

    apparent freemason handshakes by Putin
    Putin’s close affinity with Chabad movement in Russia
    the Poland delegation air flight incident ; herein

    But, please Grzegorz, if u wish to compose such an article, only do so when u really are in health & time condition to do so.

    For sure, a political murder crime was committed on this plane “in” Russia ;
    At that location.
    Although, the preparations most likely were done when the aircraft was in Russia prior & / or in Poland itself.

    Of course, one has to seriously consider “Rats in the camp” of Poland that primed this airplane in Poland.th
    Possible that the main protaginists were actually Polish.
    Or mix of Poles & 5th Column of Russia.
    Or mix of Poles & plain-old-Russia Oligarch[s] without use of Russia’s 5th Column
    Or NATO
    Or Poland’s 5th Column + Russia Oligarch[s]
    Or Poland’s 5th Column + Russia’s 5th Column
    Or Poland’s 5th Column + George Soros
    inter alia

    It was no accident.

    Other events & this event point to Russia as deeply penetrated by a “Deep-State” / “5th Column”.
    Putin does not have complete control of his country ;
    Moreover, he does not have complete control of whatever happens logistics-wise & espionage-wise in :
    Donnbass region of Ukraine

    Russia is being hit by the 5th column as is Iran.
    When will Poland start being hit by its 5th column ?

    Please do not give lenthy replies.
    Most short sentence can be very effective answer.
    And, it should only be this on account of ur circumstances.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “When will Poland start being hit by its 5th column?”

      I interpret your question as waggish – Poland was r u n by its 5th column, except for years 2005-07 and October 2016 – now.

      A relatively independent and well remembered was the 92 government of prime minister Olszewski that lasted only 6 months and ended up with coup d’etat due to the vetting bill proposed to by MP Janusz Korwin-Mikke to reveal all commi-spies (there was around 60 of them in the Parliament; some of them voted for vetting because they thought that way they won’t be identified; many of them did not come into the voting fearing being interviewed).

      But even Mr Jan Olszewski was, since 1962 – according to the most prominent Polish expert in that area, Prof. Ludwik Hass – a member of the freemasonic lodge “Kopernik” in Warsaw, although Mr Olszewski himself in an 97 interview in a book “Prosto w oczy” (“Straigh in the Eyes”, p.119-121) claimed that his membership in the freemasonary was only a smokescreen for his activity in an even more secret, anti-communist organisation called “Club of the Awry Wheel”.

      How else than the rule of the 5th column can one described governments that:

      1. Signed a contract with Gazprom letting it selling gas for the highest prices in the world and waived on all Gazprom debts
      2. Exempted German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and British supermarkets from paying income tax for 10 years?
      3. Bought the same JASM missiles from the US that Finland bought paying 4 times more?
      4. Bought older F-16 planes for higher price than Greece and Muslim countries newer versions of them?
      5. Let the Germans almost monopolise the media in Poland?
      6. Gave 1bn to Ukraine for nothing in return, which was followed by the Ukrainian Parliament passing a bill honouring the WWII butcher of Poles the very same day Polish President left Ukraine?
      7. Allowed Mossad to carry guns and apply its own laws while protecting (protecting from whom???!) the Israeli tours in Kraków?
      8. Allowed the headquarters of NATO to be governed by a FSB man, with FSB emblem over his head?

      “Of course, one has to seriously consider “Rats in the camp” of Poland that primed this airplane in Poland.”

      Truthist – I do not have a slighest doubt that there was a cooperation of the government of Mr Donald Tusk (whether him personally it remains unclear – in STASI archives, Mr Tusk figures as the agent “Oskar”) and then President Bronislaw Komorowski (President Komorowski worked for WSI that worked for FSB).

      Mr Robert Jacek Stasin, – Polish government official, former deputy head in Lech Kaczynski’s Chancellery, former Governor of Mazovia, Member of the Polish Parliament, said the following to Mr Maciej Lopinski (Polish journalist, minister in the President’s Office from 2005 until 2010, since 2011 member of the Polish Parliament):

      “Jacek Stasin[1]: “Both myself, and Maciej Lopinski, heard from the hospitality staff in one of the presidential offices in Warsaw, that shortly after the crash, Bronis?aw Komorowski[3] and Radoslaw [“Radek”] Sikorski (former Polish Foreign Minister, a British citizen working for MI6, who was probably recruited by either BND or FSB to become a double agent – a proponent of Poland alliance Germany – G.K.) had a great time during their meeting that was accompanied by alcohol. According to what they [the staff] said, at one point, Komorowski said to Sikorski: ‘Lech is gone, but the other one [Jaroslaw Kaczynski - Lech Kaczynski’s brother] is still around’. Sikorski responded: ‘don’t worry Bronek [short for Bronislaw], we still have one more ‘Tutka’ [Tupolev Tu-154]’. We were told that this is what was said.”

      Sure the CCTV tapes from Warsaw Airport from the day the plane departed and the day before are missing!!! – this was
      a m i l i t a r y airport, no strangers allowed.

      But I also have no doubts that the post-crash investigation of the crash by the Russian Committee was perverting the course of justice at best (i.e. doctoring of black boxes).


      There was this conversation of Messrs Tusk and Putin prior to the crash:


      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        No, that’s not the video from the Sopot pier I thought it was!

        I tried to find a video from Prime Minister Tusk – President Putin famous conversation in Sopot’s pier, but I only found a one with a song in the backround (sung by a Polish girl in Polish and a Russian man in Russian!).

        Should you find the song annoying as I did, just turn off the sound. However, I want you to watch the video (it’s less than one minute), because even though there is not information in it as such, the whole meeting and their body language is one big information – and the one different to what b o t h the western a n d the Russian media claim (this should get your attention!).

        It’s an information for dumbed down readers that contrary to western perception of Poland and Russia wanting nothing to do with each other, the opposite is true – there were some really dodgy deals in the background we know nothing about.
        OF COURSE I am not inferring this from that video lest anyone dares to say I am paranoi – I know that from the ACTUAL deals that happened (like the ones with Gazprom mentioned above) of which I know great details

        B u t

        I think that this video is very telling for whoever has an open mind to watch it such.



        As a “rodzynek w ciescie” as we call it in Polish (“raisin in the pastry”), you might also watch Mr David Icke’s take on it.

        Despite all that talk about the anti-Russian propaganda, how interesting that he was the only western journalist (if you can call him so) to touch the subject in that wat – neither Fox nor CNN dared to suggest anything like that:


        We can have our opinions on Mr Icke and mine is far from uncritical


        I am talking about the p o i n t s he raised – and far more dodgy stuff came out now than it was known 4 years ago when he made that video

  33. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz

    I intend to return to u with thoughts on ur country’s nemesis Mr. Kevin McCarthy based in Kinsale, Co. Cork.

    I suggest that u construct table per ur main subjects of interest ;
    anti-Poland AND anti-Polish Mr. Kevin McCarthy based in Kinsale, Co. Cork

    I will get digging on him & around him.
    Deeper info. will take time.
    I despise war-mongering.

    I same as Mr. Stiglitz in his concern for Ireland 8-)
    “I just wanna stop the hurt.”

    We all should construct tables for all the main subjects & sub-subjects therein.
    Tables that are often reviewed & modified as deemed necessary.

    For sure, every blogger here should have table on Irish Civil SERPENTS subject.

  34. LKSteve

    David, I called a mate of mine back in Dublin last night, he didn’t feel that “there is very good reason to be optimistic, economically at least, about 2017.” The banks are on him about his house which is in serious negative equity. He was on an easy payment plan for the last few years but now they want repayments based on the actual mortgage, not what he can afford.
    Meanwhile here in Australia, we have a problem – actually two problems. The USA, who we are aligned with militarily & China our biggest trading partner.
    Mt Tillerson this week saying that he thinks the USA may have to kick some ass in the South China sea has a few people alarmed around here. If there is a war in the South China sea, all bets will be off about the global, and the Irish economy. It will be time for Guns & Gold.

    • mike flannelly


      There is an industry best practice method for dealing with high debt ratio mortgages.
      As a bank consumer your friend should be protected by Consumer Law and Contract Law.
      Ireland have none of these protections.

      Ireland are LAWLESS.

      A bank consumer with a high debt ratio mortgage that does not meet his needs or objectives has a consumer right to a restructure.
      Bankers have no loop holes in a non corrupt country.

      Interest only or split mortgage restructures are the two solutions for high debt ratio mortgages.
      Check it out.

      Ireland have 100,000 mortgages in arrears.
      The ones from 2004 to 2009 are high debt ratio mortgages.

      To restructure 100,000 mortgages on interest only would have a balance sheet cost of ZERO.

      To restructure 500,000 mortgages on interest only would have a balance sheet cost of ZERO. The bank could retain FULL asset values on their balance sheets.

      In Ireland Trinity boast about the multiplier effect of third level jobs.


      • Truthist

        A very fluid read Mike.
        Write that pithy slim book on this topic ;

        Sell for no more than Euro 5

        U will make a handsome income & sell more if u sell for Euro 1.
        But, u must design the content & graphics & binding & promo & placement with great thought.
        At Euro if this is a great little book ;
        ==> all affected persons should / will buy ur book.

  35. Truthist

    USA Democrat Party’s VICE-President Joe Biden caught again on camera being a paedo ;
    Obviously, all political parties have such people.


  36. Truthist

    THIS is How You Can Tell If Trump is The REAL Deal



  37. Truthist

    “The Money-Shot” of UK Parliament MP Ms. Joan Ryan getting down mean & dirty with official from Isr…l’s embassy ;

    Similar disgusting behavior from Irish TDs & Irish State Civil SERPENTS ?

  38. SMOKEY

    Anyone want to come to my inauguration party Friday? Yeah Im taking the day off and celebrating. I have an old Nixon presidential inaugurtation street sign, made of aluminium, that my dad kept when they took them down in the late 60′s. He was a cop in D.C. when I was a small boy. Here is a picture of one just like mine.

  39. Truthist

    The Dreadful Few are in the process of closing off Russia’s access to the Mediterranean through Turkey.
    And, Victoria Nuland determined to “f..k the EU” is on all fours presently trying to insert — back-door style — Turkey into EU.
    Oww ! ; That will be super-painful for EU countries
    Cyprus is the unfortunate pad for Victoria to slide Turkey in.
    Big Greece not used. ; Just little Greece / Cyprus which has deposit of Turkey on it already.

    If the State Department succeeds in orchestrating the coup in Cyprus which the author details, it could lure Turkey away from its present alignment with Russia & back into the US/NATO orbit.
    Given Erdogan’s previous escapades, my guess is he is easily corrupt enough to go along with it.
    The plan would set the stage for a permanent military occupation of Cyprus by Turkey, rendering the people of that island nation subjects of a newly-created “Frankenstein” totalitarian state overseen by foreign judges.
    Since April 2016, US neoconservatives have been trying to change the status of Cyprus.
    It is for them both
    (1) to reunite the island
    (2) to deprive it of its army
    (3) but also to deploy the Turkish army under cover of NATO…
    In the same time she wants also to get Turkey admitted immediately to the EU, by the window of the “Cypriot settlement”.
    By virtue of the provisions of the “Cyprus settlement” under consideration now, Turkey is invested after January 12 with many of the rights & powers (& none of the obligations) of the member-states.
    It will also legalize in Geneva, its military presence & its right to intervene militarily inside the European Union.
    Such an outcome of the Geneva conference will have enormous strategic consequences for Europe & for the Middle East, transforming the whole “Eastern Mediterranean”, a sea lane of vital importance, into a kind of “Mare Nostrum” of the “Naval Forces”, excluding from there any “foreign” strategic influence (German, Russian or Chinese) & laying 1 more foundation for encircling Russia from the South with a kind of “security belt” & trying to hinder its access to the “warm seas”, a centuries long dream of British imperial planners.
    It will constitute the deeper change of the Mediterranean strategic landscape, since the eruption of the so-called Eastern Question or, at least, since the Greek national revolution, two centuries ago.
    Annan Plan – Creating a Frankenstein “state” in Cyprus
    The Annan Plan is violating all essential provisions of European, International & Constitutional Law, including the UN Charter.
    In the light of its provisions, it represents the most comprehensive effort undertaken, since the defeat of Nazism, in 1945, to impose a totalitarian system in any western country.
    The Annan plan is instituting a kind of Frankenstein state in Cyprus, where, among other things, the rule of majority (democracy) will be formally abolished, where there will be permanent vetos of the 2 Cypriot communities in every level of decision making & in all branches of power (executive, legislative, judicial), &, in the very probable case that system would be brought to an impasse, foreign judges will decide everything.
    In reality, the new “state” will be governed by foreign judges, concentrating upon themselves, three centuries after Montesqieu, all powers.
    The solution provides for imposing to the new “state” a complete disarmament status, that is forbid it from the right of self-defense & the means to exercise it (an army).
    And do it in a permanent terms, not as a temporary measure, as it happened with Germany & Japan after the 2nd World War.
    In Orwellian terms, this is called “Cyprus demilitarized”.
    In reality there will be many traffic problems there provoked, because of the military vehicles of Britain, Turkey, other NATO countries & Police cars from various “Christian & Muslim countries” which will be present there.
    Britain & Turkey will have the legal right to intervene militarily inside a territory of the European Union.
    “Fuck” Referendums

    Both the Greek & the European crises may enter a new & more dramatic phase next year.
    As for the Middle East, adjacent to Cyprus, it is waiting now for a Big Deal or a Big War.
    The only way to do what she wants, in order to circumvent the provision for a referendum, is to have the President of Cyprus Mr.
    Anastasiades & the leader of Turkish Cypriots Mr.
    Akinci sign all that, or as much as they can of that.
    Then, Mr. Tsipras, Mr. Erdogan & Mrs May will endorse them & they will do something else also, legalize the Turkish military presence inside the European Union for some indefinite, as we write period.
    Mr. Juncker plans also to be there to applaud all that in the name of the European Union.
    The State Department has already warned the US Congress to be ready to adopt bills on Cyprus
    And, the Commission altered all its programs for January 12.
    That day, CNN will announce to all the world that the Cyprus conflict has already been solved.
    When people will realize what happened, & they will begin to tear their hairs, there will be no Obama or Nuland to answer any questions.
    (And maybe that arranges many more people than one can figure out).
    Mr. Anastasiades has already agreed to all that, Mr. Tsipras is under pressure also to agree.
    Mr. Juncker, Mrs. May & Mr. Erdogan already agreed.

    And the referendum ? you will probably ask.
    Ok, they will promiss to make two referendums,
    1 for the Greeks
    1 for the Turkish Cypriots.
    Maybe they will do them, but only if they are sure of the result.

    Is all that legal ?
    No, nothing here is legal.
    (Look below, for the opinion of the Honorary President of the International Association of Constitutional Law, Professor Kasimatis).
    On the contrary they represent a coup d’Etat stricto sensu & in two ways.
    They constitute the most serious possible breach of the constitutional order of the Republic of Cyprus & of the Treaties of the European Union, as Cyprus is a member of this Union

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