January 2, 2017

We can’t wash our hands of Britain

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Ray Bassett, the former Irish ambassador to Canada and senior diplomat for more than 30 years, has written an extremely important article in today’s Sunday Business Post (see here). He is worried about the stance that our government, particularly the Department of Foreign Affairs, is taking regarding Brexit. You should be worried too.

It appears that the Irish government has decided that there is no special relationship with Britain, and that our attitude to Britain and Brexit will be subservient to the EU’s attitude.

The idea that there is no special relationship is not only patently false (I’m writing this from Belfast, for God’s sake!), such a cavalier attitude to our nearest neighbour is extremely dangerous economically, verging on the financially treacherous.

To equate Ireland’s position with respect to Brexit to that of France or Germany or, worse still, to the likes of Hungary is insane. There are 500,000 Irish citizens living in England. We have a land border with Britain and a bilateral international treaty, the Good Friday Agreement, with London.

We are umbilically attached to Britain in our two most labour-intensive industries, agriculture and tourism, where the British are by far our biggest clients. One-third of our imports come from Britain. The Dublin/London air corridor is the busiest route in Europe and one of the busiest in the world. In fact, the Irish airline Ryanair is the biggest airline in Britain, carrying far more British people every year than British Airways.

It is plain to see that Irish relations with Britain cannot be outsourced to someone like Michel Barnier, the EU’s negotiator on Brexit. There is simply too much at stake for us to allow that. And it behoves the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Taoiseach to stand up for Irish interests which are profoundly and asymmetrically affected by Brexit.

Why would a noted French federalist such as Barnier make an exception for Ireland in the EU negotiations with the EU? If the EU decides to punish Britain for its decision to leave the EU by imposing what is termed a hard Brexit, what part of Ireland’s national interest is served by going along with that? I can’t see how we would be remotely enriched by a federalist solution.

If the EU decides to teach the British a lesson, do we cheerlead from the side like pliant idiots – to be patted on the head by Brussels – or do we argue that this goes against our national interest?

Once your own government begins to act against the interest of your own economy, you have to ask questions. It’s not enough to say we have pooled our sovereignty and there’s nothing we can do. This means that we sleepwalk into a potential trade war with Britain where Ireland can only be damaged immeasurably.

What if being a good European means being bad Irishmen and women?

The omens are not good. The government’s stance that there can be no negotiations with Britain before Article 50 is triggered does not make sense for Ireland. It may make sense for a federalist French politician, but for Irish people, it makes no sense – unless our critical faculties are now subservient to the shibboleth of being ‘Good Europeans’.

What if being a good European means being bad Irishmen and women? If so, what is the point of the entire exercise?

Before you think this is a Eurosceptic article, let’s just stop and clarify a few things. I think the EU has been good for us and can continue to be so. We have also been good for them. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

For example, when the EU agreed to let the accession countries of Eastern Europe and French federalist politicians spoke loftily about a New Europe that the EU was forging, did you know that France threw up travel barriers and visa requirements for workers from those countries intending to travel and work in France?

Rhetoric is clearly cheap. Only three countries actually did the European thing and allowed east Europeans to come, work and live immediately, no questions asked. Those countries were Ireland, Britain and Sweden.

Allowing people to travel is real integration, not sloganeering.

I worry about the man who is negotiating for us: Monsieur Barnier. He has form. For example, in 2006, when he was an EU Commissioner, he wrote a report for the EU parliament that advocated scrapping countries’ consulates in other countries.

Under his federalist vision, the Irish consulate in Spain would be scrapped – so that if an Irish lad got a battering from the Guardia Civil, for example, there would be no Irish consulate to listen to his case and help him out. He also advocated in this report to close down all (Irish and other) consulates in non-EU countries and replace these with one EU consulate.

This is deep federalism, so much so that I noticed reading these reports that the word “country” is never mentioned. Countries are never referred to as countries, but as “member states”. It appears that even the mention of the word country by the EU Commission undermines the long-term federalist project.

This column has argued for some time now that we stay in the EU, but draw the line at the present EU. We shouldn’t embrace any further integrationist stuff nor sign up to any further federalist projects. This means doing precisely the opposite of the Brits. Rather than following the British out of the EU, we should vow never to leave it. The EU can’t kick us out. There is no mechanism. We should simply opt out of Mr Barnier’s plans. This means we have full access to the EU, but we don’t need nor want to go any further – not because of some cultural aversion, but because it’s not in our interest.

The way the EU reacts to Article 50 will be a sign of things to come. Next up will be the consolidated corporation tax threat. Ireland’s economic emissaries should assess what is in our interest and act accordingly.

Right now, the British need friends. It’s their hour of need. They are isolated. We should be their friend in the EU, not because we are weak but because we are strong. The strong, self-confident country behaves generously.

There is simply too much at stake for Ireland to allow our relations with Britain to be negotiated by a French federalist whose instincts will be to teach the rest a lesson by making it as difficult as possible for Britain.

It is in our interest to have as soft a Brexit as possible with as little dislocation as possible. This might be impossible to achieve, but we have to try.



We can’t wash our hands of Britain

  1. mike flannelly

    The median Irish income is 32,000e “GROSS”

    Plus contributory pension after 40 yrs of 220 x 52 = 11,440e per yr.

    Pay as you go.

    4.6bn pension costs for public and private sector workers(equal)pensions, from public plus private sectors taxes.

    So thats about 30% from the 15bn employment tax take ? ? ?

    70 % plus stealth taxes for shit public services ? ? ?


    Measure the victims. Measure the solutions.

    There is No Big Magic Pot of money.

  2. Truthist

    Them’s sick dudes, the Hollweird lot & their associates.
    More on Pizza-gate
    Big reason why the Democrat Party & the California establishment are trying to stop Trump ;
    Because, they “cannot wash” — their — “hands of” from being involved in this scandal.

    Still, I suspect that a great many of Trump’s official political party credit — Republican Party — are guilty in the Pizza-gate pedo stuff too.

    Perhaps, Trump was too savvy to partake with them ;
    We did notice that he was perfect gentleman, immediately after his private lewd “locker-room talk” with male media-personality about “p..sies”, when they both met attractive female host during meet & greet.

  3. Truthist

    California “seceded from the states of reason” / “annexed by Demo-n-crat Party” ;
    And, I ain’t a USA Republican Party supporter in any way.
    But, I do like Ron Paul, & few other individuals “interloping” in the Republican Party.
    PROOF that California is now “seceded” / “annexed” ;

  4. Truthist

    The “f..king” UK, & Pat’s friends’ “the f..king” USA, & “the f..king” EU [ which sadly also includes Irish State, & North East of our country ] are the strategic proxies for “The Dreadful Few” so as to enable Saudi Arabia to do this to the very stricken people of Yemen :
    Let’s hope that each of all households have sufficient Gold to obtain food, water, & medical supplies, now that their Paper Fiat — Treasury issued ?, & perhaps even backed by Gold ? — has ZERO credibility.
    I trust that Israel will take in their fair share of these Muslims needing to escape as refugees.
    After all, Israel-allegiance politicos — incl. Politicians [ e.g. Alan Shatter, T.D. ] — throughout the western world manipulate for hordes of even bogus Muslim refugees to enter E.U. Christian countries.

  5. Truthist

    Wise + learned + awake persons know that most of Politics & Economics & Media & Academia & the Professions & Corporations inter alia is “conspiracy” against the people.

    But, these same conspiracy theorists :

    have very critical standards as to credibility of any information in support of conspiracy theories that they already believe in :

    are very skeptical of any new conspiracy theory until they study it properly

    eventually get to know that the likes of Alex Jones of Infowars is a Dis-Info. agent


    Alex Jones is not a truthist ;

    Even though his tactics are to mix in some truth.

    But, that practise of Alex Jones is done to :

    sully that truth with the clear bunkum he also says in same communication

    give credibility to the lies that he spews about some hidden agenda of his

    sully the credibility of the truther movement.
    Here is Alex Jones the con-man doing his roguish dis-info stuff ;
    It’s all a ruse by Alex here folks.
    Alex Jones Prays for Israel – 1/2/2017

  6. “The cause is not difficult to discern: the concentration of wealth and political power in the hands of the few is generating levels of inequality that threaten democracy, the social order and the vitality of the economy:”


    “To the degree that the U.S. has become a Third World Oligarchy owned and controlled by a financial-political Elite, then the U.S. military is one of the few national institutions that hasn’t been corrupted by top-down politicization and worship of Wall Street.”

    • “”If you are surprised that the Democratic Party, the C.I.A. and Wall Street are all hugging each other in the same cozy Neocon-Neoliberal Oligarchic embrace, you shouldn’t be. Open your eyes.”"

    • “The path to true world peace lies in
      the abolishment of all P rivate Central
      Banking everywhere and a return to
      the state- issued, value-based currencies,
      that allow nations and people to become
      prosperous through their own labor
      and development and efforts…It’s time
      to stop believing that this is the way
      things are supposed to be, because it
      isn’t. It isn’t even the way the United
      States was actually started. Look at the
      destruction of our nation. We used to
      be the world’s greatest nation, now the
      most generous estimates are that we’re
      down to number 16 – and still falling.
      And despite the destruction to our
      nation, its infrastructure, its children,
      its quality of medical care, its
      manufacturing output, we still are
      compelled somehow to go out and
      enforce this same banking system
      onto the rest of the world. At the
      point of a bayonet. Does that make
      any sense at all? Not to a rational
      human being.”


  7. Indians cash may be difficult to obtain but there is no limit on the amount of gold they may own. gold is used as a currency more than the rupee and the rupee is the fastest to depreciate of most other currencies.


  8. Truthist

    A “Funny’ for yee to enjoy during ur Sunday rest ;

  9. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz

    A graphic about The Frankfurt School ;
    Although it should be more legible.
    In fact I would not superimpose the text on top of the photo ;
    It clouds up.

  10. Truthist

    And, even as an individual person, each is a nation too ;
    But, the man should be the leader.
    Unless, a rarity such as Joan of Arc.

  11. Truthist

    The Joke for Sunday ;

    “Irish State is a ‘bankable’ country”

    “Haa Haa Haa … Haa Haa Haa !
    U trying to tell me that doing business etc. in the Irish State is trustworthy ?
    That, there is the rule of law in Irish State ?
    That, wait for it, hee hee hee The Law Society of Ireland is JUSTIFIABLY entrusted to rule on behalf of the Irish State — the citizens of Irish State — upon corrupt behavior of Irish Solicitors ?
    Oh, u are so funny, man.
    Haa Haa Haa … Haa Haa Haa !
    Why, just take a look at this latest aul shenanigans from The Law Society of Ireland.
    Heck, it is only the poor of Irish State who go to prison.”

  12. Truthist

    Recent candidate for Libertarian Party’s nomination for President of USA, & famous for McAfee Anti-Virus Software, Mr. John McAfee here refuting the possibility that Russia hacked the USA political party now best understood to be The Dem-on-crat Party ;



  13. goldbug






    PLEASE WATCH FULLY -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2tUH9wDQco








    • Truthist

      I most certainly will Goldbug ;
      Because, u do arrive invariably with very interesting links.

      • Truthist

        I am listening to Bezmenov whilst doing tasks.




        Deco should be interested.

        Grzegorz posted a different video of Bezmenov recently ;
        But, the audio was not good ;
        I presume no problem with good external speakers

        This is different content from Bezmenov ;
        But, same overall subject matter.
        Audio is very good.

        I have encountered him before.

        And, after Grzegorz’s recent link, & especially after ur’s here Goldbug, I know now that Bezmenov is extremely important for understanding of what is being played on all the people on the lower tiers of the socio-pyramid.

        For what it is worth, here is the Wikipedia.org feature on Bezmenov ;


        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          The sound is bad because it was transferred from the old VHS tape, but thanks God we have that. I find two things most interesting – how he says that the propaganda was skillfully promulgating the exact image of the Soviet Russia they wanted people the West to know by making that appear as if it was the truth uncovered (books with titles like “The truth about Russia”, with CONTROLLED criticism for that to appear “forbidden knowledge” – “if only there was a free election in Russia”); the second thing is the KGBs plan to spread yoga in the West in conjuctions with their ally in order to make them to focus on themselves rather than on current events (what was not yet known at the time the interview was made is that Ravi Shankar for example was also paid on intelligence – it is always interesting for me how someone, no matter how talented, suddenly becomes very, very famous all over the world).

          • Truthist

            We can benefit from appropriating worthy elements of pursuits like yoga.
            When it comes to it, u Grzegorz have personal experience of formal “communism”.
            By the way, David is very wrong in eulogising the Irish State’s Department of Foreign Affairs ;
            They are actually a notorious Department.
            Also, even David’s logic to praise them is facile ;
            He wants to give them a medal for –”supposedly” — doing their job ;
            I say “supposedly” because the claim that they will help the Irish citizen in need is a “false” claim given a litany & continuation of shameful responses / rejections & even betrayal by the nomenklatura & freemasonry ridden Dept. of F.A..

          • Truthist

            Lest all ur points above go unrequited, I apologise for forgetting to refer to all of them even as general acknowledgement.
            So, just to say that I understand those points u make, & accept the validity.
            Still, it is worthy that we examine ourselves everyday too ;
            For the man using his intellect it is I believe.
            Using the intellect can be dangerous too
            Dr. Strangeglove

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “eulogising the Irish State’s Department of Foreign Affairs”

            Well, I’ll put it that way – since Brexit, Ireland was absent at any events where the future shape of Europe was germinating.
            1. Did not participate in the Dubrovnik conference (US + China + 12) – Poland did.
            2. No Irish politician was invited to G20 in Shanghai (Polish was)
            3. No visit from any UK prime minister to Dublin in time when there has been – if I remember correctly – 6 visits of Cameron/May to Poland.
            4. Ireland did not participate in any EU Parliament discussions (Poland did, in alliance with the UK).
            5. Ireland did not take any stance on the super-state document leaked after Brexit (Poland did).
            6. Last but not least – no representative of Mr Donald Trump has come to Ireland, neither is he planning to (Poland was the only EU country so far where his representative came down for direct talks, followed by lamentable budget-obstruction actions by Germany/Soros paid “opposition” in Poland (btw, after the failed coup, it has been revealed that all money KOD was collecting went to a private company of its leader, Mr Mateusz Kijowski, and that their German masters are now getting pissed off with them because they had promised that they would overthrow the government by now).

            There is an excellent article by Maccer in today’s Sunday Business Post.
            He seems to, unless I am very mistaken, to take account of our discussions under the umbrella of “there is no freedom of trade without the freedom of navigation”.

            I have met a female acquintance of mine in a supermarket today and I had a choice of going for a coffee with her on a sunny, zesty afternoon, or staying and finishing reading the article.
            I stayed and finished reading the article.

            I am glad that David correctly indentifies the Netherlands as the main threat to Ireland in the continent (well, Germany is, but I out of all countries targeting similar crowd).

            I would complete his article by an observation that even though the geopolitical US interest seemed to have moved to the Visegrad Group now (since the main policeman of Europe – Germany – are now became a) unreliable and unstable as a country due to the influx of barbarians and b) plainly hostile to the US), there is a silver lining for Ireland it terms of competing for being the US hub into Europe (no – of course I know that Britain has been so far – but you can ONLY be someone’s Trojan Horse in a structure if you are in that structure, and post-Brexit Britain ain’t – hence the sudden loss of China’s investment interest in the UK and their interest in Poland; btw, with that US/UK Britain relationship it is not that simple as people think – WWII was, among other things, a war to replace the British Empire with the US one, and who knows nowadays that President Roosevelt actually had a fully fledged plan of war with Britain that never came into fruition because there was no need to?); so my completion of David’s article in Sunday Business Post is this: he says that Ireland’s competitor is the Netherlands, not Estonia or Poland, and HE IS RIGHT, because even though Poland is far more important for the US now than Ireland (due to all 6 points mentioned above and the threat – threat for the US – of Silk Road 2.0), Poland however is important for the US:

            a) geopolitically (if Silk Road 2.0 reaches Poland, US+UK+Ireland are fucked for the next 500 years): I have noticed a curious thing – despite it being a fundamental thing tought on history lessons in Poland and Germany, not only the dualism on Elbe is not tought at schools in Ireland or England (in England only the elite is supposed to know about it), but there are almost no books on the subject in English – this is one of the few I found:


            This dualism worked brilliantly for Ireland in 20th century, and if the new Silk Road 2.0 reverts it, Ireland (and Britain) are screwed for generations.

            b) militarily



            Poland does not compete with Ireland for the US investment, because Poland has very little of the US investment, and Ireland has plenty (main investors in Poland is the Carolingian Europe)!

            Therefore a maritime route from Ireland via Baltic – rivers in V4 – opening to the Indian Ocean – would be in the interest of both Ireland and Poland.

            P.S. Did you know that it was the Dutch – initially allied with Poland – who eventually fucked over Gdansk as a Hong-Kong of Europe? Do not ask me for explanations, I won’t have time next week – many answers are contained here:


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “take account of our discussions under the umbrella of “there is no freedom of trade without the freedom of navigation”.

            Not to take account of, but take i n t o account our discussions – saying he taking account of our discussions would belittle his own original input.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Grzegorz have personal experience of formal “communism”.

            My experience of formal ‘communism’ is totally different to what people imagine it was. Most people in the West think that the main nuissance in ‘communism’ was the oppressive police and the lack of rock music/western fashion.

            In fact, the police in Poland was not particularly oppressive since 70s (it was comparable with the Nazi regime in the 50s, with even worse tortures) – it was ubiquitous rather than oppressive.

            There was little rock music on TV, but there were some radio programs since 70s , and the black market made sure that the Poles were at least as in keeping with the latest trends in rock as the average British, and sometimes even more (not everything was as dull as the socialist Czechoslovakia from which David observed the fall of the Berlin Wall on TV, when Poland was already a free country for year).


            The main problem was that whatever you were doing, the system would clip your wings.

            Yes, you could become a sportsmen or Himalaysist and go for a trip to the West that way if you were very good – but woe betide you if you tried any own private business initiative (my parents had one): extra taxes if you were doing good, spies reporting on you, and the inflation that ensured you could not really save money and embark on some stupid ideas with them, such as creating the Ford company or Apple.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I have done yoga myself when I was 10-11 (I would commute on my own 20k in minus 15 degree in the dark!), but the problem is if you only do yoga and nothing else apart from smoking pot. Most yoga people do just that.

  14. “The CIA like much else, is at least partially controlled out of London’s City, by the bankers there. These are the same central bankers that have installed monopoly central banks around the world. The CIA, from what we can tell, at the top, has people who work directly with these London financiers.


  15. Truthist

    Henry Makow tweeted this link ;

    1st picture: Winner of Miss Finland

    2nd picture: Didn’t even make qualifier


  16. Pat Flannery

    Has David finally “washed his hands” of this blog? He has been awol quite a lot lately. Maybe he just got tired of the trolls, to which this blog has largely been reduced. Maybe it’s time we all started our own blogs. I think I for one might just do that because I too am tired of the trolls. WordPress 4.7 anyone? It’s actually quite easy. It’s the hosting that costs money. The “free” hosting sites are all about advertising.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      He has and he has not – he is inserting links from time to time, so that would indicate that he is at least glancing at the comments. Some time ago I expressed some doubts whether he reads the comments and he replied that he reads them all.

      I do not really want to delve into that too much – maybe he has domestic troubles (with furniture maybe?), or maybe on the contrary – maybe he is flying (sometimes people get totally silent when they become very happy). I am sure he has his reasons – one has to delineate a border between the private and the public…


      He has just posed a question – what are our 10 favourite tunes?
      So I am going to respond (I presume this is from pop and rock music, because otherwise “Kontra-Punkte” by Karlheinz Stockhausen is one of my favourites – I have it as my mobike ringtone, and so is the opening choir to Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion).

      My favourite pop/rock tunes:

      In alphabetical order by the performer:

      1. Alan Parson’s Project ‘Don’t Answer Me’

      2. Louis Armstrong ‘When You’re Smiling’ – necessarily t h i s very little known 1929 instrumental version:


      3. Bauhaus ‘Bela Lugosi Is Dead’

      4. Boney M ‘Daddy Cool’

      5. King Crimson ‘Lark’s Tongues in Aspic Part 2′

      6. Metallica ‘Master of Puppets’

      7. Reksio – lead to Reksio, my favourite cartoon as a 4-5 year old; the cartoon Reksio looked exactly like that doggy from the 3,000 euro doggy fine sign in Ireland:


      8. Survivor ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – very cheesy song, but the best guitar riff in the history of rock music and a brilliant anti-depressant; besides, I lived with a cat called Tiger (he is now 14).

      9. U2 ‘Gloria’ (from the album ‘October’, better than Van Morrison’s original me thinks)

      10. Ween ‘Mister Richard Smoker’

      • Truthist

        Appalling taste from our resident renaissance man Grzegorz ; IMHO
        Off-the-cuff my-favorite Rock-Pop music in no particular order
        Something ; Beatles
        Love ; John Lennon
        2 Little Birds ; Bob Marley
        Don’t worry, be Happy ; Bobby McFerrin
        The year of the cat ; Al Stewart
        Moonlight Shadow ; Mike Oldfield
        Radio Africa ; Latin Quarter
        Sexy Sadie ; Beatles
        Girl from Ipanema ; Melody by Antônio Carlos Jobim
        Raindrops keep fallin’ on my Head ; Burt Bacharach
        Norwegian Wood ; Beatles
        Hey Jude ; Beatles
        A taste of Honey ; Herb Alpert instrumental version

        I could go on & on ; But … alas !

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Frank Sinatra called “Something” the best ballad of the 20th century…

          Regarding Girl from Ipanema and its Getz’s rendering, out of all jazz musicians I probably like Stan Getz the most and his swingy, dancy tune.

          “Hey Jude” gets on my nerves – it’s way too repetitive.
          Great proving ground for lyrical invention if you replace “Hey Jude” with “Hey Jew” and put your own lyrics to it ;-)

          Did you watch intro to Reksio? As a child, I used to laugh so much at it that sometimes I would get stomach aches.

          • Truthist

            Very acceptable cartoon intro ;
            Good artwork.
            Looks a bit like “Snoopy”.
            Incidentally, I am long familiar with Polish cinema.
            Wajda the director & a movie I saw in 1980′s by another director I think ; “No End”.
            Poland has had a flair for cinema.
            I hope that u appreciate to NOT appreciate the movie on Michael Collins.
            Vested interests ensured that the movie would be useless.

  17. Pat Flannery

    Maybe this is the piece by Phil Hogan yesterday that has spooked David – put him off his breakfast – and his blog.


  18. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/its-a-retail-apocalypse-sears-macys-and-the-limited-are-all-closing-stores

    Is this a transfer of business to the online shopping stores or a general slowdown in the buying ability of the average US consumer?

  19. McCawber

    It’s time to wash our hands.
    We need to wash our hands of vulture funds and the bank who have/are feeding them.
    This all goes back to handing the banks a free lunch and leaving them to it.
    The first thing the government should do as a matter of urgency is fix the bankruptcy legislation.
    We should have just copied the UK and not let the banks dictate.
    It’s almost but not quite closing the door on the bolting horses and if possible it should be made retrospective.
    One example people’s pension should be excluded (as they are in the UK ) from confiscation.
    It’s also time to end this moral hazard shyte.
    The banks need to be made to get involved in debt forgiveness the Accidental landlords situation being a case in point.
    The politicians need to stop talking (how many years is this going on) and start acting.

  20. The greatest credit binge in the history of the world will lead to the biggest deflationary bust and the greatest depression ever witnessed.
    Just about every country in the world uses a debt based fiat currency that charges interest for its use.
    This has lead to the largest amount of debt ever accumulated. As world output of profitable enterprises is not enough to service the world’s debt , default is inevitable.
    On default the capital value of the credit instrument is RADICALLY REDUCED IN VALUE. Those who think their investments are sound will get a shock as their net worth melts away. Very little of the outstanding principal will be returned.
    Both debtors and creditors will be devastated.

    As a true believer in Austrian Economics, nothing can lead to a sustainable economic recovery until the debt issue, which is out of control globally, is addressed. And the ramifications of that are anything but positive. In addition, Trump is talking about sharply impacting trade relations with tariff barriers, etc. Doesn’t anyone remember the impact of the Smoot/Hawley Tariff Act in the 1930s? That only deepened the Great Depression in that era.


    “The U.S. funded debt rose by over $1 trillion in 2016, bringing the total to $20 trillion. So any actions that exacerbate the budget deficit issue will have a very negative impact on interest rates. And a massively over-indebted system cannot tolerate higher interest rates. That would destroy the bond market, stock market, and the real estate market, all of which are severely overpriced on a historical basis.”John Embrey

    • http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-06/false-economic-recovery-narrative-will-die-2017

      “”The initial collapse was designed to foster an even greater event. Without the derivatives bubble, the central bankers never could have convinced the masses to accept the idea of a fiat stimulus bubble which would eventually put the dollar at risk, along with the overall U.S economy. Taking the brunt of the 2008 crash would have been painful, but not insurmountable. But with eight more years and tens of trillions in added debt along with increased geopolitical tensions and an equities bubble for the ages, the scale of the final stage of collapse will be truly unprecedented.

      The purpose of this final event will be to generate so much chaos and desperation that the public will be compelled to search for extraordinary solutions. The globalists will be ready with those solutions, including those they have openly outlined decades in advance in publications like The Economist.

      The end game? The formation of a single monetary and economic authority under the management of the International Monetary Fund, and the establishment of a single global currency using the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights as a “bridge” for locking national currencies into a harmonized exchange rate until they eventually become pointless, interchangeable and replaceable.

      The problem is, the globalists cannot possibly initiate this end game in a vacuum, otherwise, they would take the blame for the inevitable collateral damage to people’s lives as their “great global reset” is undertaken. The globalists need a scapegoat.

      Enter Donald Trump, the Brexit Referendum, and the rise of “populist” movements. For the entire first half of 2016, globalists were “warning” non-stop that a rise in populism (conservatives and sovereignty champions) would result in international financial catastrophe. It was as if they KNEW that the Brexit would succeed and that Donald Trump would win the election…”"

  21. Truthist

    Pat Flannery
    January 9, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    “…the trolls, to which this blog has largely been reduced. …”


    But, I contend that trollish behavior occurs only very seldom.

  22. mike flannelly

    There could be a movement to remove any platform to ask basic core economic questions.

    I think that another Trinity economist has removed the platform to ask core economic questions.

    To ask core economic questions without a witch hunt, is the foundation of any quality control SOLUTION system.

    Step 1. Shout stop

    Step 2. Measure the problem.

    Where there are economic problems, you must measure the economic variables.

    Not to do so is OSTRICHONOMICS.

    Ostrichonomics could be a nice word for “omission”.

    Removing the platform to ask core questions says a lot.

    Perhaps we are entering a Stepford era of censorship.

    The next generation require transparency.

  23. vincent45


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