January 2, 2017

We can’t wash our hands of Britain

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Ray Bassett, the former Irish ambassador to Canada and senior diplomat for more than 30 years, has written an extremely important article in today’s Sunday Business Post (see here). He is worried about the stance that our government, particularly the Department of Foreign Affairs, is taking regarding Brexit. You should be worried too.

It appears that the Irish government has decided that there is no special relationship with Britain, and that our attitude to Britain and Brexit will be subservient to the EU’s attitude.

The idea that there is no special relationship is not only patently false (I’m writing this from Belfast, for God’s sake!), such a cavalier attitude to our nearest neighbour is extremely dangerous economically, verging on the financially treacherous.

To equate Ireland’s position with respect to Brexit to that of France or Germany or, worse still, to the likes of Hungary is insane. There are 500,000 Irish citizens living in England. We have a land border with Britain and a bilateral international treaty, the Good Friday Agreement, with London.

We are umbilically attached to Britain in our two most labour-intensive industries, agriculture and tourism, where the British are by far our biggest clients. One-third of our imports come from Britain. The Dublin/London air corridor is the busiest route in Europe and one of the busiest in the world. In fact, the Irish airline Ryanair is the biggest airline in Britain, carrying far more British people every year than British Airways.

It is plain to see that Irish relations with Britain cannot be outsourced to someone like Michel Barnier, the EU’s negotiator on Brexit. There is simply too much at stake for us to allow that. And it behoves the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Taoiseach to stand up for Irish interests which are profoundly and asymmetrically affected by Brexit.

Why would a noted French federalist such as Barnier make an exception for Ireland in the EU negotiations with the EU? If the EU decides to punish Britain for its decision to leave the EU by imposing what is termed a hard Brexit, what part of Ireland’s national interest is served by going along with that? I can’t see how we would be remotely enriched by a federalist solution.

If the EU decides to teach the British a lesson, do we cheerlead from the side like pliant idiots – to be patted on the head by Brussels – or do we argue that this goes against our national interest?

Once your own government begins to act against the interest of your own economy, you have to ask questions. It’s not enough to say we have pooled our sovereignty and there’s nothing we can do. This means that we sleepwalk into a potential trade war with Britain where Ireland can only be damaged immeasurably.

What if being a good European means being bad Irishmen and women?

The omens are not good. The government’s stance that there can be no negotiations with Britain before Article 50 is triggered does not make sense for Ireland. It may make sense for a federalist French politician, but for Irish people, it makes no sense – unless our critical faculties are now subservient to the shibboleth of being ‘Good Europeans’.

What if being a good European means being bad Irishmen and women? If so, what is the point of the entire exercise?

Before you think this is a Eurosceptic article, let’s just stop and clarify a few things. I think the EU has been good for us and can continue to be so. We have also been good for them. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

For example, when the EU agreed to let the accession countries of Eastern Europe and French federalist politicians spoke loftily about a New Europe that the EU was forging, did you know that France threw up travel barriers and visa requirements for workers from those countries intending to travel and work in France?

Rhetoric is clearly cheap. Only three countries actually did the European thing and allowed east Europeans to come, work and live immediately, no questions asked. Those countries were Ireland, Britain and Sweden.

Allowing people to travel is real integration, not sloganeering.

I worry about the man who is negotiating for us: Monsieur Barnier. He has form. For example, in 2006, when he was an EU Commissioner, he wrote a report for the EU parliament that advocated scrapping countries’ consulates in other countries.

Under his federalist vision, the Irish consulate in Spain would be scrapped – so that if an Irish lad got a battering from the Guardia Civil, for example, there would be no Irish consulate to listen to his case and help him out. He also advocated in this report to close down all (Irish and other) consulates in non-EU countries and replace these with one EU consulate.

This is deep federalism, so much so that I noticed reading these reports that the word “country” is never mentioned. Countries are never referred to as countries, but as “member states”. It appears that even the mention of the word country by the EU Commission undermines the long-term federalist project.

This column has argued for some time now that we stay in the EU, but draw the line at the present EU. We shouldn’t embrace any further integrationist stuff nor sign up to any further federalist projects. This means doing precisely the opposite of the Brits. Rather than following the British out of the EU, we should vow never to leave it. The EU can’t kick us out. There is no mechanism. We should simply opt out of Mr Barnier’s plans. This means we have full access to the EU, but we don’t need nor want to go any further – not because of some cultural aversion, but because it’s not in our interest.

The way the EU reacts to Article 50 will be a sign of things to come. Next up will be the consolidated corporation tax threat. Ireland’s economic emissaries should assess what is in our interest and act accordingly.

Right now, the British need friends. It’s their hour of need. They are isolated. We should be their friend in the EU, not because we are weak but because we are strong. The strong, self-confident country behaves generously.

There is simply too much at stake for Ireland to allow our relations with Britain to be negotiated by a French federalist whose instincts will be to teach the rest a lesson by making it as difficult as possible for Britain.

It is in our interest to have as soft a Brexit as possible with as little dislocation as possible. This might be impossible to achieve, but we have to try.



We can’t wash our hands of Britain

  1. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Like Edmund Burke in the past, David McWilliams is one those rare voices in Ireland whose common-sense approach, brilliant insight and sheer intelligence allow him to see things others cannot see. However, when it comes to Ireland’s trade with Britain, it seems that he failed to notice that (according to the CSO) while Ireland is running a significant trade surplus with countries like Belgium, Hungary, Poland or Spain, Ireland imports more British goods than it exports to it – in other words the Irish trade with Britain benefits British producers more than the Irish (and, by the way, Ireland exports more to Belgium than to Britain). Perhaps Brexit might be an opportunity to change the structure of the Irish economy, and divert from the path of incurring more and more debt in order to buy British cigarettes and booze?

    When it comes to the future of the EU (if any) and Ireland’s position in it, I think that he should study the political and economic structure of the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania (a forerunner to the United States of America, with Thomas Jefferson studying “De Optimo Senatore” by Grzymala-Goslicki – a book which inspired the Founding Fathers, Shakespeare, Montesquieu and John Locke) in order to find out how a structure as large and as diverse as the EU could have lasted so long. Hint: there was no ideology and regulation burden (the ideology was individual freedom, right to bear arms, low taxes, and circulation of elites much faster than in England or Prussia – back then a vassal state to Poland, elevated from its Albania-of-the-North status only by London’s banksters). Ireland’s optimal position in the EU might be like Gdansk/Danzig’s position in the Commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania.

    It’s easy to misunderstand my position on the EU (which is ceteris paribus) as anti-Europe on the lines of “Europe of separatisms”, when people are usually either totally against it or irrationally for it no-matter-what; and it is easy to confuse my single-market arguments as anti-UK, while omitting that I am not driven by sentiments in politics (that also concerns my views on Poland, Ireland or Russia) – much as a surgeon is not driven by sentiments – but rather by sober analysis and my access to sources most people do not have (a lot of times I gave some factual information as the only person in Ireland, and on a few occasions on an event that was only about to happen). This is a way of viewing politics very different from the one prevailing in the modern Irish political tradition – because the Irish were not deciding about their own affairs for 800 years, they are primarily driven by sentiments in their political thinking and voting, as a way of escapism – an urge to enchant the reality by the use of symbols, and to integrate around myths rather than around long-term strategies, like Germans or British do (or perhaps did in the past).

    I think that as every human, I can err in my analysis (i.e. I believed that they’d rig the Brexit referendum) – but at the same time I am strongly convinced that my method is correct. It is a way of viewing politics that has much more in common with General De Gaulle than Senator De Burca (or with, heaven forfend, Mr Derek Scally or Mrs Marian Finucane – driven only by sentiment and hear-say, and unable of critical thinking – Mr Scally has even confused a pro-government demonstration in Warsaw with an anti-government one).

    I am therefore not sure that anyone here, including even David, understands in what way the EU is just a reformulation of the old Prussian Mittel-Europa plan (which itself was a cunning perversion of a reasonable Austrian Mittel-Europa plan), refined during WWII into Carl Schmitt’s Grossraum plan and never abandoned in Adenauer’s Germany – with the annoying influence of that moron Spinelli (because the 1968 generation of the French politicians insisted on it, and Germany needs the French only because it needs nukes and it wants Poland’s western territories back – so it needs the Euroregions).

    And that the problem is not who its member are (except of course if it was Turkey), but WHAT the union is all about (is it primarily an economic, or a political structure?).

    I’ll make one more attempt to formulate my insight: the main problem of Europe is that it is governed by Germany, Benelux and France who are too strong to play fair and to weak to offer any political stability (let alone military protection). The reason why I do not think that David has fully grasped Ireland’s problem with the EU and the cunning Albion, and Ireland’s solution to the Irish problem, is that while he is right that the Irish are culturally and geographically closer to the British than to Germans (let alone to Hungarians) – even though the British are also Germans (like Poles are also Slavs)!, is that he treats eastern Europe as part of Germany – which of course it was until last year – as if being oblivious to the blatant fact that RIGHT NOW IRELAND SHARES MORE INTEREST with the Hungarians than with the Germans (Common Travel Area, corporation tax, anti-Jihadist stance, and deregulation for example; as well as the US interest – for which eastern Europe is far more important than Ireland ever was), and even with the Hungarians than with the British.
    Because now the British ARE out – and thus the existence of the Common Travel Area depends now more on the Hungarians than on the British, who cannot blackmail the rest that they might be out – because they are already out (and for the British, the access to the single market is more important than the access to the Common Travel Area). There were already hints from Ms Theresa May on that, and if David believes that Her Majesty Foreign Office will prefer the Common Travel Area over the Single Market because it cares who is culturally closer to it – the Irish or the Hungarians (who, btw, are linguistically less related to the Poles than the Irish are), I am sad to inform him that Great Britain is a country that not only broke all its international agreements it made in 1939, but it had actually killed a thousand of French soldiers with whom they were fighting against the Germans only a week before that act. To put it in yet another way: Ireland will convince Britain that in her negotiations, Her Majesty the Queen should listen to 4 million Irish rather than to 80 million Germans… ehm, why exactly? That’d be like Donegal arguing that Belfast opera should move to Letterkenny because the Donegalians 1. Like opera 2. Don’t like roaming charges…

    V4 imports more German goods than the UK does, so if they – V4 – say “yes” to the Common Travel Area (CTA is just an example – maybe it won’t be a problem at all – maybe something else will be a problem) or “no or else we throw your supermarkets out like you threw us out for 7 years until 2011” – then if they say yes or nay, there is fuck all Ireland or Britain could do about it against the combined might of the rest of Europe (of course, IN THE LONG RUN in their – V4 – interest is to say “yes” to CTA, while in German interest is to say “no” to CTA): which brings me back to my main solution – Ireland should ally with the rest of Europe + the UK against the Carolingian Europe.

    And this is what David McWilliams fails to grasp – he thinks it is enough to ally with the UK (and maybe Sweden) against the Carolingian Europe. Believe you me, it ain’t enough.
    And Ireland a l o n e cannot veto the German restrictions to the Common Travel Areal, because the Lisbon Treaty has changed that – in case someone did not notice (I don’t think that David did).

    They – the neo-Carolingians – make sure that they will pocket all the high added value/trade route profits, while the risk of their banks and the euro currency is DIVERSIFIED to peripheral countries (this is why the AIB pays 3 times better interest rates to Germans than to the Irish, this is why Holland and Germany are the EU’s biggest beneficent of the intra-EU trade, and this is why the car insurance in Ireland is so expensive, and why it has last year gone up in Poland by 46%) – all of this while Germany is Europe’s primary money laundering destination – but everyone talks about Apple and Ireland, because Ireland is weak and non-allied (Irish politicians thought they did not need intra-EU alliances because they were the poster-boy of Europe – by incurring more debt per head than any other country in OECD; historically, credit was the first stage of colonisation: this is how Prussia fucked up the partitioned Poland in 19th century). There are even detailed (I mean maps and stuff) German strategies of Europe around 2030, with the Carolingian core densely populated, Poland depopulated east of the Vistula River, and Ireland depopulated everywhere except for Cork and Dublin.

    It is in their interest to make sure that all EU countries integrate with them (after all, as revealed by the EU minister for regional development Elzbieta Bienkowska from PO – so from the pro-German party, Germany is regaining 125 cents from each euro it pays into the Visegrad Group; while before Viktor Orban came to power, the Carolingian Europe had it so good that Hungarians had to buy water from Danube from a French company – so of course they want those countries to be integrated with Germany, and of course they push for hard Brexit).

    At the same time, it is in the interest of the Carolingian Europe to ensure that peripheries would not integrate WITH EACH OTHER (so Poland west of the Vistula River integrated with Germany, Ireland’s east cost integrated with Germany = gut = “Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!
    SA marschiert mit ruhig festem Schritt. Kam’raden, die Rotfront und Reaktion erschossen, Marschier’n im Geist in unser’n Reihen mit.“).

    Ireland integrated internally, Poland integrated internally, Ireland integrated with Sweden or Hungary; or Poland integrated with Finland or Austria = schlecht).

    Ireland + Poland integrated with each other and with the US and disintegrated with Germany = sehr schlecht.

    Which is why Germany went mad when Mr Trump promised to move the centre of the US interest in Europe from Germany to V4. If all other countries allied against the Carolingian Europe, we would live much more in a Maastricht Treaty Europe than in a Lisbon Treaty Europe (and the main problem of Maastrich Treaty was not, unlike what Pat Flannery believes, that it was not adhered to because it was t h a t bad – but that it was not adhered to BY GERMANY AND FRANCE because they are too strong, while other countries were too weak to punish them – whereupon Germany and France were strong enough to punish all other countries (as Herr Martin Schulz said on camera, referring to eastern Europe and Germany’s political goals: they will have to be “implemented by force” – “mit Macht durchsetzen”:


    ), and this was the beginning of the end of the European community).

    Other countries (except for V4+Austria) are not allying with each other AGAINST GERMANY AND FRANCE on any aspect (who are Poland’s only allies in the debates in the EU Parliament? Only V4 and the UK).

    The solution to a successful union is to study the history of the only two successful Commonwealths (Poland and Lithuania, and British), and copy what was good in them (one can start from “liberum veto” and how it worked brilliantly until Prussia and Russia started to meddle at the beginning of the 18th century).

    Otherwise we will all be in that situation:


    • jfcassidy95

      Insightful big picture stuff. But you are a prisoner of your culture of origin as much as we are.

      I would tentatively suggest that there are and have always been centripetal and centrifugal forces at work which are historically path dependent in determining relationships among states.

      Whilst the Irish need to engage with the Visegrad 4 inter alia, there are few historical examples of such a configuration in our past. We have looked to the Spanish and the French, and latterly the Americans for succour.

      We are an Atlantic geographical space. We have historical cultural and genetic linkages with our island neighbours, and those further west and south in the Americas.

      It would be whimsical in the extreme for us to ever forget this.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        | am of course a prisoner of my culture of origin. But I try to keep my mind open and refuse to let my perceptions be ossified. Furtermore, as I lived and knew people from many places and different strata of society, this – much like in Einstein’s theory – gives me a some sort of a warped culturospere flexibility that allows me to change my points of reference. I noticed that the most insightful view are often obtained by discerning foreigners, much like in the metaphore used in Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus” with the eye that cannot see itself.

        Examples abound – on the ground of the Polish culture, some of the most insightful observations and solutions have been made by foreigners, like Leibniz (who wrote a political treaty on Poland and even proposed its own consitution on Poland), prof. Norman Davies (who wrote an excellent history of Poland – “God’s Playground” that became history textbook for schools), or a Kerry man Bernard O’Connor, who being persecuted as an Irish Catholic, found his refuge at the court of then the most powerful king in Europe – Jan Sobieski the Third, and became his personal doctor and adviser, even writing a comprehensive history of Poland.

        A curious fact – a general of Polish conscription army in the Duchy of Warsaw (this was part of the “deal” of being occupied by Napoleon) – a small land carved out from the vast territories stolen from Poland by Russia between 1772-1795 (Russia has stolen 1,670,000 square km of the Polish territory – 82% -, which led to Napoleonic wars (someting which is totally forgotten in the West when one talks about the napoleonic “invasion” of Russia in 1812 – how can “invade” ones own land, even more so if Napoleon has made a peaceful offer to Russia to give back the territory Russia has stolen?);
        So a general of that army was one Ignacy Aleksander Blumer (1773-1830), also an Irish immigrant to Poland (O’Blummer); General Blumer, who stormed Smolensk in 1812, and then rescued 2 Polish batallions after the lost battle of the French with the Russians on October 18, 1812; btw, another Irish immigrant to Poland at that time was a councillor in the city of Warsaw (Jerzy Dawidson – George Davidson), while yet another (Dionizy Mikler – Mac Clair – 1762-1853) was designing some of the most beautiful gardens in Poland, such as Pulawy or Arkadia:



        Coming back to Ireland’s Atlantic links: “We are an Atlantic geographical space. We have historical cultural and genetic linkages with our island neighbours, and those further west and south in the Americas.”

        The big problem is that despite of that talk about the US bases in the world, the American (let alone the British power is waning), about which I published an article last June called “On states that exist not only theoretically – analysis of the Chinese military doctrine and countermeasures taken by Pentagon”. For example, the Americans have not response to Chinese ASBMs (specifically to their DF-21D and their successors, called “carrier killers” by the Americans). Even though the Chinese doctrine only assumes what in military circles is called “mission kill”, the Chinese are able to destroy any US aircraft carrier, as proved by them sinking the Yuanwang ship from DF-21D launched from the Gobi desert – even more so considering that they had deployed a whole brigade of such missiles near Zhaoing in the province Guangdong, and are now planning to deploy a second brigade either in the province Anhui or Henan, with DF26 having range of 4,000km).

        What does it all mean for Ireland? It means that America can no longer afford to be as engaged in Ireland and the UK as David McWilliams would have wished (particularly that after the UK had kow-towed to the Chinese on the issue of steel and nuclear energy, effectively the UK became a Chinese Trojan horse in the EU – a step they are now regretting – which means that the UK has lost its place as the US “policeman” in Europe – a role it has played along with Germany, until Germany started to liberate itself from the US control and realise its own imperial goals (“Mittel-Europa”/”Grossraum”).

        This role is now played by eastern Europe, with the US moving nuclear weapons to Romania occuring virtually unnoticed in the Irish media or by David McWilliams.

        America and Britain are typical rimland empires, and the question of its military capabilities is not a question related to the actual war activities – it is a question of keeping trade routes open, and historically always has been.

        Now, when David often writes about Ireland being part of the global trade chain, I sometimes – Pat wrote that David speaks German, so I’d say it in German – ich mache grosse Augen (I’m not sure if “I have to double take it” is a correct translation – dictionaries can be false friends when it comes to idioms).

        Why, surely David, with his superb education, knows that there are no trade chains without a military backup, and the only difference is that rimland empires first invade (because they have to establish what is called in geopolitics as “points of entry”) and then trade, while heartland empires, such as China, first trade, then invade?!

        The conclusion from all of this is that as the control of the South China Sea is more important for the US economy than the control of the Atlantic corridor, the US interest is moving to eastern Europe, which is a jointer between heartland and rimland, and without which the US would have an exposed belly on the other side of the Eurosia.

        Therefore if Ireland dreams of continuing its incredible run of geopolitical luck that is having for the last 100 years, it must ally with Portugal, the UK, over from Scandinavia, down with the Visigrad Group and Croatia, exiting at the Mediterranean – against Benelux, Germany, Russia and China.

        David McWilliams is by far the most intelligent and influential celebrity on the island of Ireland – and yet he does not understand it (the protecting-trade-routes/cutting across the Eurasian west-east chain of Germany-Russia-China, and joining the north-south chain thread is totally absent in his writings.

        As a person whose future is bound with the future of Ireland, it worries me. Sadly, I don’t detect in his books traces of him being familiar with the works of Nicholas J. Spykman and Professor Hugh White, understanding of which is crucial for understanding Ireland’s chances and threats.

        Instead, he talks about the Irish being an Atlantic race. Yes,


        without economic freedom, the cultural and political freedom is just an illusion – and there is no economic freedom without the freedom of navigation.

        David – who you are is important in politics, but much less important than two questions:

        what can you offer to other countries?
        what can you threaten other countries with?

        Everything else is a bloody propaganda.

        And Ireland’s freedom of navigation can be cut off with one stroke of a pen.

        “We will never be invaded – who would like to invade us?” – is what I hear.

        Who talks about anyone (Russia, China, Germany, UK) wanting to invade Ireland? People have funny misconception that war is always tanks and bombers.

        It is enough that someone cuts off Ireland’s energy supply (Ireland is Europe’s third most energy-imports dependent state).

        You think that paying 64bn euro to bailout the banks was bad???! This Irish “exceptionalism in suffering”.

        See what the cost of Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea being cut off and cutting itself off was…

        It is not good enough to cry the blue murder that “we were forced to bail out the banks” – adulthood begins with asking yourself a question why – and saying that “because we have corrupt politicians” is childish again – the question is “why”?

        Poland and Ireland: two different cultures with alike COMPRADOR ELITES, as brilliantly illustrated in that 2min excerpt from a Polish comedy about a frustrated teacher:


        Maybe, much like Welshman Prof. Norman Davies for Poles, I should write a book for the Irish called: “Ireland – why?” ;-)


        How can you sell such a book in culture where people love to know what they know?

        • Truthist

          Interesting & useful would be a list of other countries & / or nations “who love to know what they know”.

          Please understand, I do not wish to exploit that weakness.
          Rather, as said it would be “interesting & useful” benignly mutually for them & me if interacting with each other.

          • Truthist

            Edit ;

            Rather, it would “interesting & usefully” mutually-benign for them & me if interacting with each other.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Of course, my remark is not intended to belittle any country – rather it is an observation based on so many individual cases (and please bear in mind that having done sales job in the past, my sample of Irish people I could observe is much larger than that of an average Irish person – over 10,000 people I spoke to in various counties).

            This is how it works:

            Try asking a Polish/Czech/Slovakian/Ukrainian/Russian/Hungarian/German/Dutch/French person about something like how to get to a place, or what that place is, or something about the product they are selling.

            All those nations, if they do not know how to answer something, they’d say “I am sorry, I do not know” – 99 out of 100 cases.

            An Irish person, I’d say 7 out of 10 cases in Dublin and 10 out of 10 cases outside of Dublin, would never admit they do not know where something is, or when it will be done, etc. They would rather purposely mislead you rather than – i.e. admitting they do not know the name of the street in the estate opposite to the street they live on (you’d be surprised, but I have come across that many, many times – furthermore, one guy living on Nash Street for what must have been forever did not even know a peculiar numbering of his own street).

            The gas thing is that among the Irish, this feature of talking for the sake of talking stems mostly from good intentions – they want to be helpful and not to let down the stranger (sometimes it comes from a hypocrisy though).

            But is it really helpful to waste someones time?

            This is also the reason why nothing ever gets done in Ireland.

            “Hi, I am calling about…”.
            “Hi, I am Linda, who is calling?”
            “Hi, my name is Grzegorz, G-r-z-e-g-o-r-z”
            “Hi Grzegorz, thanks for calling, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible”

            10 minutes later.

            “Hi, I was calling about…”
            “I am sorry, who you were talking to?”
            “Linda is not here at the moment, can I ask you who is calling?”


            “”Hi Grzegorz, thanks for calling, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible”

            A day later.

            Repetition of all of the above.

            A week later.

            “I am very, very sorry, but the person you were talking to is on holidays”

            A month later – the thruth comes out: they lost something/do not know how to do it/forgot about it.

            It took me a few years – I am not messing – a few years to unsubscribe from something in a similar case. Every time they ensured me that the unsubscription was done when it actually was not.

            Furthermore, I have noticed that Polish people living in Ireland, especially girls, become exactly the same after 10 years. It’s contagious, even though ultimately it makes everything take 10 time as much time, with no one responsible for anything.

            Then they go to Poland for holidays and suffer a cultural clash LOL (“and the shop attendant was soooo rude”).

            Another example:

            A Polish person who meets a foreign person in Poland would be asking questions about the city that the foreign person is from.

            A German person would be like that too, but twice as much.

            An Irish person who meets a foreign person would try to show off how much he or she knows about the city a foreign person is from, even though the only thing he knows is that the city has a main square, food is cheap, and it’s hard to get a steak (amazingly, most young tourists who went to Kraków around 2004 did not notice the Wawel castle!).

            An English person would be more or less like that, but often with a certain disdain for other cultures the Irish are free from.

            IMPORTANT: all of what I said related to people from certain strata of a society.

            Someone who works in UCD would never notice anything of what I said. In fact, I have met some Irish people from social circles so detached that Ireland for them is just a sheltered travel in a taxi from their homes to their restaurants. One such person I was working with a long time ago, and the “born-at-the-right-time-in-the-right-part-of-Dublin” property boom beneficient was genuinely surprised when I told him that there is no direct public transport connection from ther airport to Grafton Street (this was pre-Luas and pre-Aircoach, but even with Luas – the best thing that ever happened to Dublin after David McWilliams, and young culchies studying in Dublin making the place h u m a n and less plastic – it’s hard to argue that an 80 year old not-speaking English can go from the airport to Grafton and not get lost on her way 10 times and robbed at least once).

            Other countries “loving to know what one knows?”

            Wales (which I know well) – which even Jeremy Clarkson has noticed.
            Southern Italy.
            Israel – deffo!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “(amazingly, most young tourists who went to Kraków around 2004 did not notice the Wawel castle!).”

            Maybe I clarify that in case it’s not obvious – of course most tourist I spoke to (I did not do a national poll of the-young-Irish-who-went-to-Kraków-to-drink).

            Then again, I spoke to hundreds…

            Then again, to counterbalance what I said, it also irritates me that many Polish males living in Ireland still did not notice small details like that you do not really shake a hand in Ireland with a male person you meet as you ALWAYS do in Poland (which even I now find strange – but my historic research showed that for Poles this was very important, as, living in the centre of all trade routes until the Great Geographic Discoveries, shaking hands was to show that you do not carry a knife – I wonder if the Poles have that genetically? – that you always extend your hand to a male you meet (and never to a girl)?

            In Poland, the ultimate sign of informing the environment that you do not want anything to do with a person is to say “I won’t shake hands with him” (the ultimate offence to a stranger is to address him by you, not Mr, Mrs, or Sir; now, this is sadly changing due to an influence of the American pop-culture, but 30 years ago, you’d be basically punched if you did not call a stranger “Pan” (“Sir”) in Poland – hence all the nations east of Poland, starting with the Ukraine, laugh at us that we are “Polskie Pany” – “Polish Sirs” – my late mum’s best friend was her neighbour she moved into the building with, and knew for 50 years. Even on her death bed, they still called each other Mrs… (“I am so glad I see you today, my dear Mrs Kolodziej”; “What would I do without Mrs, my beloved Mrs Witkowska?” – they used to say).

            This is far more formal in Kraków than in Warsaw. In Kraków, you are also supposed to say “I am kissing your hands, lady”, and “your humble servant, Sir” to a client.

            But Prof. Norman Davies refers to sources which prove that it was much worse in the past – in king Sobieski times, children were also supposed to say “Mr/Mrs/Lady/Sir” to their parents…

          • Truthist

            Thank u Grzegorz for :
            explanation of “country & / or nation loving to know what they know”
            list [ partial perhaps ? ] of countries & / or nations with this trait
            Another very valuable insight & info. from u.
            If u pool together ur writings thus far on features of Irish & other nationalities u spoke about in this respect ;
            ==> U have a draught for book on Irish versus other nations almost completed.
            I will respond with comprehensive post[s] — addressing this topic & others — as “fresh” post [ "fresh" post, rather than direct reply, is the smartest policy in most cases ] hopefully today.

            Again, thanks Grzegorz.

          • Truthist

            Typo ;

            draught = draft

          • Truthist

            Actually Grzegorz,

            “loving to know what they know”

            should be

            “loving to SHOW what they know”

        • Truthist

          I would appreciate knowing “THE COMPRADOR ELITES” in :

          Irish State
          our country as a whole [ i.e. Irish State + North East of Ireland ]

    • Truthist

      Please explain briefly the logic here ;
      “Germany needs the French only because a] … & b] it wants Poland’s western territories back – so it needs the Euro-Regions.”

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Well, I can only do it briefly on this occasion.

        1. Germany never renounced its lost territories in the east (their Grundgesetz has Germany in its borders from 1937)..
        2. The Thirh Reich never officially capitulated.
        3. They never paid any war reparations to Poland.
        4. As a result of the above they do not want to sing a Peace Treaty with Poland.
        5. And were pushing the Lisbon Treaty (to ensure Strasbourg has a jurisdiction over the Polish national parliament) and Euroregions.
        6. And make sure that the EU is structured that way that only their former territories in Poland are developed (former only from a certain time, because thruth to be told, Berlin was originally a city established and inhabited by west Slavs, and most of the Silesia was not German for most of the time), and the rest of Poland is not connected and depopulated.
        7. But how to bully a country if one does not have an army?
        7.1 By the so called “pedagogy of shame”, pursued against the Poles along with Israel (there were some beginnins of that towards Ireland in the German press when it was not certain Ireland will pay 64bn).
        7.2 By the European army (which would be controlled by Germany)
        7.3 And – I needed this intro for you to brush up on the points I have made many times before – by grooming a neighbour country who is allowed to own nukes – France – into a military power hoping to take over its weapons.


        8. So far, every time there was talk about Germany being made a fixed member of the UNESCO with a right to veto, and them being allowed to go nuclear, the US would immediately object.
        9. But last year Minister Steinmeier said so, some German press pondered over (“hmmm, times are so dangerous – maybe we should get nukes”) – and the US did not object.

        But Germany cannot of course blatantly annex Poland and, heaven forfend, buy nukes.

        So it won’t be a German project – it will be a European one: Euroregions, Euroarmy, Eurocurrency, Die Fahne hoch (I don’t know if I should said that lest someone thinks I am crazy, but when I posted the Horst Wessel Lied – which necessitated listening to it to make sure this is the right link – with my memory, it got stuck so much in my mind that not only it’s been played over in my mind against my wished, but I actually had a nightmare dream about it last night – I went to Paddies Day and in my dream, there was an SA march through O’Connell St singing that song, with a ghastly (even more pale than usually) miniature President Higgins standing on the podium with the Hitler salute. The soldiers on O’Connell street were singing the line that even the Nazis have forbidden after getting into a power: “und wenn das Judenblut vom Messer spritzt”; shocked, I asked the Garda officer what’s going on, and he shouted at me “you! why don’t you give the Hitler salute?”. Then I heard the scurry of feet running towards me, and I woke up – this was a mouse in the loft running to and fro.

        • Truthist

          The Dutch — or “The Illuminati” [ Henry Makow's collective term ; "Collective" term because it includes "rich indiginous guys / cattle" 8-) ] of Netherlands are the real brains of Carolingian Group ?
          Netherlands is more cunning than Germany I posit.
          And, I believe that they have no inferiority complex about the English.

          Also, Carolingian Group, “as a whole” [ But, Germans, of course as we know, actually do not hate the English, & British too ], have admiration for Scots ;
          Because of :
          Scots’ culture of parsimony
          Scots’ cunning
          Scots’ hardiness
          Scots’ vengeance culture ; incl. Macbeth as artistic representation
          Scottish Enlightenment : Philosophy, & Science, & Mathematics, & Engineering, & Industry, & Trade
          Scots’ enmity for English
          inter alia

          • Truthist

            2 points above essentially are :
            Illuminati of Netherlands is the real brains behind Carolingian group ;
            They also were the brains behind the Dutch East Indian company.
            Smart generic Dutch, anyway, would in general be more cunning than the Germans if it came to it.
            Although, Germany would over-power them by “combination of” Germany’s numbers & systems & own cunning & tenacity & Netherland’s & the Dutch people’s weaknessess.
            Generic Dutch have no inferiority complex about British or even the English alone.
            Carolingian group are courting Scotland.
            Carolingian group admire the “ability” & “traits” of the Scots.
            Carolingian also want — to control [ at least ] — certain assets of Scotland.
            And, the Carolingian group value Scotland as way of undermining England.
            And, the Carolingian group will win Scotland ;
            Because, as Deco convincingly informs us, the Scottish Nationalist Party are corrupt, & clearly cannot wait to avail of E.U. “freebies”.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I would agree with you that the Dutch are probably the most cunning. For instance they managed to convince everyone that they are Eurosceptic and for the Europe of nations while in fact they are the biggest beneficient of the Grossraum concept with their intraEU trade surplus being the biggest in the EU (Germany has the biggest total trade surplus). I would also argue that out of all countries they are the only one who have a trully and blatantly racist party for neither AfD nor UKiP programs are based on racist concepts (that they might attract some emarginal racist support is another thing but so does German socialdemocracy – Martin Schulz – yet hardly anyone mentions them). Not to mention that the only reason why the poor woman and children of “Syria“ did not commit any rapes this New Years Eve in Koeln was because the German police had separate boxes the railwat station for anyone arriving looking suspicious – that is every Arab (where are the four debates in the EU Parliament on the state of democracy in Germany with a proposal to strip it of the voting rights? Which is what Poland had to go through). The referendum on Ukraine was a Dutch masterstroke. From the very beginnig intended to justify EUs earlier decision on not signing any trade agreement with Ukraine – the EU even founded a Dutch company which produced a toilet paper encouraging to vote No – the Dutch managed to sell it to the world as the anti-government “the People spoke“ in order to get further concessions for Holland regarding their tax loopholes which are far more dodgy than what Ireland has (on the lines “people in Holland are angry so we must not question their money laundering lest they elect Wilders“)

          • Truthist

            Thank u Grzegorz for thoughtful & flourishing reply.
            I trust that u are stirred by my other posts to discussion.
            Another observation, Dutch are more enjoyable company than Germans.
            I do not insult Germans in saying this.
            But, Dutch are very charming.
            They are often very cerebral in what they say & do.
            They think before they act.
            Irish get on well with Dutch.
            Irish get on well with Germans if Irish have self-respect & good character.
            A German friend is most times a very good friend.
            Ditto a Japanese man friend.
            “Poles” in Netherlands during WW2 are despised as being collaborators to Germany.
            But, these “Poles” would be German ethnic Poles living or working in Netherlands.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Poles” in Netherlands during WW2 are despised as being collaborators to Germany.”

            That’s an amazing ingratitude to the nation who liberated the Dutch from the German occupation at the end of WWII from the nation whose collaborators formed the Waffen SS (there was no Polish Waffen SS, even though in 1944, the Germans tried hard).

            I think that this a typical inferiority complex of the Dutch towards the Poles now turning as the superiority complex in order to repress their not so glorious history (Poland put up a fight to Hitler, and the Netherlands did not – besides, Belgium was only created as a state because of Poland – which I covered in details before).

            In that attitude, the Dutch very much remind me of the Jews – done nothing to resist Hitler (they even rebuked
            England in 1934 that Germany should not be boycotted), done nothing in WWII, pressed President Roosevelt not to take any of their own during WWII, owe their survival to Poles (no one has so many Righteous Among the Nations trees in Israel as the Poles – also per head – and this is vastly underestimated because it does not count the Poles who died savig Jews) – and now they despise the Poles.

            This is reflected in the sarcasting saying about the Jews which you could hear about those who let themselves to be holocausted without any resistance – K’con le tewah (they went to their death like a cattle), and might be the reason why Jews in Israel who survived Holocaust in general do not get any help from Israel if they cannot secure from another state (the only minister who tried to give them some welfare was sacked by Netanyahu).

            Like I said before, this is a typical psychological reaction that if someone had done a good so big for you that you cannot repay it, some would turn against that person to justify their ingratitude. Nietzsche said that the persecutors are sometimes forgiven – but benefactors – never.

            If the Dutch are so incredibly stupid about their own history, then maybe they deserve the Jihadists they themselves invited rulling their streets?


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “A German friend is most times a very good friend.”

            - yes, I have to agree! Friendships formed with the Germans are usually long-lasting (with the Poles too), and they survive the distance.

            I have very good friends among the Irish (some of my best), but I have to say that in general, while the Irish are usually way more friendly at first meeting than the Poles or the Germans, it usually does not mean anything.

            There was a girl in the secondary school where my friends kids were going. She was very popular, but she became sick and went to a hospital. No one from her school visited her, including her best friends. They texted her allright, but as someone estimated an average Irish teenager sends over 2,000 texts a months on average, I am not sure if that was a joyful experience for her or a nuissance (if one is not bothered to visit, maybe it’s better not to text?).

            When we talk about the Germans, we have to bear in mind that there is a significant difference between those from the former Prussia or the north, and those from Bavaria or west of Koeln. Personally, I find the Austrians the most enjoyable. I was once invited to a gig by the German embassy and once by Austrian.
            German – everyone had to tick on the list, double check of the name, then a wristband, seats reserved, everyone queued up for a sausage and a beer that they mostly ate on their own.

            Austrian embassy – everyone talks to everyone, I am encouraged to help myself with coffee in the kitchen, a live string quartet playing, some people go for a walk, others lie down on the grass. Totally different atmosphere. By the way, the Austrian embassador to Ireland wife is Norwegian, and he was in disbelief about the level of daily crime on the news in Ireland (but maybe the Irish news covers it and Austrian does not?). I also think that the Austrian have, by and large, a better cop on in conversation – the hoi polloi once anyway, because the wisest of Germans are incredibly witty.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “This is reflected in the sarcasting saying about the Jews”

            Just to be clear – this was a sarcastic saying in Israel. Generally, until the money from West Germany started to pour, everyone who survived Holocaust was. in Israel, basically assumed to be a kappo in a death camp. Isral even tried to exterminate any of those concentration camps survivors they could get their hands on by sending them through a minefield in the battle of Latrun.

          • Truthist

            Reports I bring u gleaned from face-to-face discussions are not my personal views.
            They are what I am told or observe.
            I did place the word Poles in “double exclamation marks” ;
            And, I explained that these “Poles” — upon my puzzlement as to why they would be collaborating with Germans in WW2 — it was clarified to me that they were “ethnically German”.
            And, that I informed u when I said ;
            “But, these “Poles” would be German ethnic Poles living or working in Netherlands.”.
            There was massive infrastructure damage done in Netherlands.
            And, also the Germans stole much of the foodstuffs from the Dutch citizens.
            Yet, many Dutch were Nazi sympathisers.
            And, it has been said by many noteworthy Jews that the Dutch are their favorite European nation.
            And agreed description for the Dutch is ;
            “The Dutch are the reserved Germans.”
            Another, national trait that they have is that a great many of them speak excellent English, & also a couple of other languages well, or excellently.
            Dutch have at least 2 international secret services :
            Government’s own international secret service branch.
            Shell Corp.’s own international secret service
            Of course, the Dutch East India Corp. had its own international secret service.
            So, the Dutch have formidable tradition with spycraft & diplomacy etc.
            “Ingrates” is 1 such term to describe ungrateful f..kers.
            Today, Ireland has plenty of them too.
            People are strange.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Ah, I noticed the inverted commas – we are on this blog in (mostly) intelligent company of people – I am just saying these are things I would patiently say to an obstreperous Dutchman, as I am a very patient person, except if I met Mr Martin Schulz, whom I would punch immediately (even seeing the picture of him makes my pulse to go up by 30% – in comparison, President Higgins merely makes me laugh).

            “the Germans stole much of the foodstuffs from the Dutch citizens.”

            Well, the Germans were doing that to every country they conquered – how else do you think they got as far as Moscow? You do not seriously think they had 5 years worth of food supplies, or that they had been buying food, like the US army in western Germany ;-)?


            There are some people who think that.
            During a debate in the British Parliament in 1939 (reminder: in 1939, Britain broke all international agreements it signed, not only with Poland, but also with France – but France broke it too, so I call it evens), one English MP said that a German invasion on England like the one on Poland would be impossible in England. “And why is that?” – someone asked. Because the English are so patriotic that even if the Wehrmacht got to London, the shopkeepers would not sell them any food – the eejit answered in full seriousness (btw, when the French prime minister Georges Benjamin Clemenceau met with Ignacy Jan Paderewski at the conference in Versaille, he said “I welcome the representitive of the great Russian nation”), and Lloyd George was equally as stupid (he thought that Silesia was in Turkey).

            Wow!!! – come to think of that, that makes President Higgins almost intelligent in comparison!
            NOW, mindful of them three examples, someone dares to say that Bertie is an effing eejit!

          • Truthist

            Marie Le Pen
            Geert Wilders
            I consider Trump to be a different category to these 2

    • jaysus

      Typical Polakker, let them in anywhere and they take over. Are you incapable of writing a SHORT to the point reply to any article?? I doubt if anyone reads your rantings in full.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Hi Jaysus,

        My comments are for the elite, not for internet trolls with an IQ below 90 like you.
        I am afraid noone here gives a fuck about your opinion. Btw, it’s easy to hurl personal insults when you cowardly hide behind your nickname – but in future, be careful with ad hominems – you might end up having all your front teeth kicked out.

  2. Deco

    What ? Are you saying that the DoFA (or should be be Doh Fah – in the Homer Simpson sense) have a stance on Brexit ? To me it appears that the stance adopted is “no” stance. Alright, enough of the sarcasm about the (useless) MoFA.

    Actually, my sarcasm, comes from the fact that EK has allocated cabinet positions on the basis that nobody shall be so effective in their ministerial roles, as to outshine EK. Fitzgerald as MoJ is the preferred successor, because she is ambitious but obedient. Coveney is ambitious but patient. (but EK cannot be sure of the obedience aspect). EK’s main objecive is to remain as Taoiseach for as long as possible. Apart from Coveney, and Baby Brute, all are inadequate for serious responsibility. Including Flanagan as MoFA. He has no diplomatic ability.

    And thereine lies our current malaise. The current cabinet is a collection of superficial cardboard cutouts.

    Merkel is happy, because they meet her criteria of an obedient collection of dummies.

    100 years on from the Easter Rising, and Ireland’s “leadership” is more obedient to Brussels than the old Home Rule party was to Westminster.

    We do not have intellectual sovereignty. All are trained at the emotive sense. But realistically, they are now behaving like county councillors waiting for instructions from elsewhere.

    For this reason, they are intellectually incapable of comprehending the concept of a country functioning independently.

    They have even perfected the “art” of pretending that a country functions better when it refuses to think for itself. And DMcW exemplified this in his commentary about Ireland’s “negotiations” on joining the Euro (which amounted to an exercise in abdication of responsiblity, while the Danes and Brits did proper due diligence on a project that has since proven inappropriate).

    Britain has over 500 individual planning elements in process concerning Brexit. There was alarm that the project mangement of this project was not good enough. At which point this also got addressed.

    Ireland has NO PLAN. Except wait for instructions from Brussels. And Brussels is waiting for instructions from the serial policy disaster that is Germany’s CDU. I am reminded of the old English saying popular in the 1940s – the Germans only make the greatest of mistakes. Well, the current leadership in Germany is in the mode of making only the greatest of mistakes.

  3. Deco

    David – excellent article.

    Best time to provide it is the first writing of the year.

    Our “leadership” is allonwing time to slip away. 6 months have been wasted on issuing PR statements.

    I am also reminded of the article you produced a while back concerning our declining competitiveness compared to Britain.

    The state has never had more power, and it has never been over-managed. It is remarkable how Britain, a massive governmental compex is far more nimble than something running something of similar in scale of Greater Manchester.

    How does Greater Manchester operate without 1000 quangos each staffed by a board of directors ?

    Really, Ireland is completely unsustainable once you take away the investment inflows from Silicon Valley. Many of those corporate entities have extremely overstretched P/E ratios. In fact many of the have no effective profit meaning that the P/E ratio has no “E” (earning).

    This is actually a serious vulnerability.

    The public debt is rising. And we have people who really annoy me like Michael Martin of FF, making demands for more reckless overstretching in the state sector.

    The state sector is driving up the costs of business. For Intel, this does not matter. For Monaghan Mushrooms this is a disaster.

    We are facing an operational crisis. The profit that maintains an entire range of productive sectors in the economy is loaded up with taxes, levies, and fixed rates (like the legal sector) that are eliminating the profit margin necessary to maintain the activity above maintenance level.

    I call it beyond Symbiosis. The parasite (that massive oversized state sector, and various well connected professions like law, accounting, etc..) is extracting too much from the host.

    The host is shrinking. This is hidden in GDP figures which are nonsensical and meaningless. GNP is a variant of GDP, so it is also misleading.

    Unfortunately, those who control the debate, are by and large supporters of the current regime. Their best answer to Brexit is a ridiculous attempt at a guilt-trip. They are continually demonising Britain, because Britain reclaimed it’s sovereignty. The EU model of policy making is failing. It is has produced more failure under Merkel’s unilateral “leadership” than under the previous slow process. Britain did the intelligent thing. It opted out.

    Our morons are instead operating in the realms of the superficial. They have outsourced their thinking to a bunch of clueless hamfisted dealers in Brussels, who want uniformity and obedience at increasing levels each year. The entire more Europe mantra is seriously flawed. It produces more failure, not less.

    We need a new policy making model.

    Britain is creating one. Ireland’s “leadership” (which is effectively a garrison for an imperial scale entity on the continent, and nothing more than a hard sell of the same) is dithering. They are castigating Britain for circumventing a failing process, to which they are uncompromisingly committed. They are doing so while rolling around in language from 1916, and “the Republic” (it should renamed as a local authority).

    It is beyond absurdity.

    The entire BS ridden consensus needs critique, and correction before it drives us into bailout 2.0, with deposits moving into British banks, the state killing the productive sector, and a massive credit squeeze. Accompanied by Trotskyites and Stalinists trying to rabble rouse, and promise free stuff – because that is their only career path.

    • Pineapple

      great anaylsis Deco, what’s scary is how babyish most people are in realtion to brexit, they are pro european and see it as utiopa, do they not know about how badly Greece Spain and Portugal are doing or Italy which hasn’t seen growth since the year 2000, how Italy is bailing iut it’s banks, or eastern europe how badly it’s doing or France where farmers incomes have dropped massively. It’s a joke how much we celebrated 1916, we’re just as much subjects and occupied as we were in 1916, this time by the eu and the ecb and imf, the 1916 fighters are spinning in their graves.

    • jfcassidy95

      Stopped reading when you said Ireland’s public debt is still rising. It may well be …but…

      Is this something you have created to prove your point?

      Forgive me. Perhaps I have misunderstood your variable. But if you are talking about debt to GDP, please check the CSO: ‘gross government debt to GDP’ increased from 86.8% in 2010, peaking in 21012 at 120.1% and declining to 93.8% year end 2015. Anecdotally it decreased further in 2016, but CSO data hasn’t finalised this data yet.


      Pray. Why do People invent statistics to validate their own emotional opinions?

      • Pineapple

        well there’s lies damned lies and statistics, it’s not as if our government and public servents don’t lie, what were they again, ‘cheapest bailout ever’, ‘soft landing’ ‘we would have been fine except for lehmans’. Out whole economy is a lie and the government can massage figures all they want, but the 26 percent gdp growth was what the wsj termed ‘leprauchan economics’, we have the second highest debt per person in the world at 60000 usd each, what about johnaton sugarmans revelations, our econmoy is a fraud and it’s soon to collapse.

      • Deco

        jfcassidy – we are possibly the most indebted state, on the planet, when one combines public and private sector debt.

        The GDP measure includes mncs shwoing as much revenue as possible through IRL, for tax minimization purposes. One may as well say the GDP of the Cayman Islands. There is simply too much transfer pricing going on. It is highly distortional. Even GNP is distortional.

        Ireland before the banking crisis was an economic reliant on borrowing from growth, and hiding a competitiveness problem. Before it became evident few talked about it (with the exception of DMcW, Constantin Gurdgiev). Then the credit system froze. And there was a bailout, and a plan that was designed to relubricate the credit system.

        But the underlying problem was NOT remedied. There was no internal realignment in much of the economy. And the evidence of this is the continual public debt growth.

        We are far more indebted than Greece. Greece was supposedly guilty of fabricating GDP statistics. In Ireland, the private sector does it voluntarily.

        I hope this is the explanation that you are seeking ? [if you are not seeking it, then I have given it to you anyway ].

        No, I know that TASC routinely use the Debt to GDP measure to justify more debt accumulation. This is purely selfish on their part, as many of them are part of the system that receives the borrowed money.

        Your point about Debt to GDP as a ratio of ability to repay the debt is invalidated, by the fact that the debt is real, but the GDP statistic is highly virtual.

        In that regard, the responsible thing to do is to rein in debt. That would require more taxes, on top of the highest direct marginal tax level on the average industrial wage, and the highest indirect tax on goods and services. Simply put, the active part of the population are taxed out. And the inactive part are either living off savings, or else off welfare.

        The other option is to make the state sector more efficient. That is simply not permissable, due to the power of the state sector in the public debate.

        To paraphrase Dick Cheney, the Irish way of running a state is non-negotiable. Debt accumulation continues. Taxes remain high on working people, and low on those that prop up a meaningless GDP statistic.

        Ireland is hostage to a lazy selfishness masquerading as dutiful altruism. And it’s most powerful advocate currently is Michael Martin (FF). Economically, it is BS. The sums do NOT add up.

        You do not have to take the points on board.

        But I am hoping that some people out there will see where this is heading.

      • mike flannelly

        Irish public debt went from 50 bn in 2008 to 200 bn in 2016. 50 bn is for Irish Bankers abuse costs.

        What is the new FG/LAB( 2011 to 2016) 100 bn for.

        100bn extra national debt.
        3.5 bn per year interest payments for the next generation.

        What is the breakdown of this FG/LAB 100bn ?

        Im alright Irish Jack union economics ?

        2017 jfcassidy95 announces that Irish national debt is falling.

        From 200bn to what?

        • Deco

          Exactly. The current debt is too high.

          We cannot afford Brendan Olge, and his Olgenomics – which is Bertonomics on steriods.

          In fact Bertonomics is built into the system now.

          1000 quangos and counting. And they are all needed to police the people.

          There were three in charge of banking regulation. Between them they employed 1600 people. Including nephews, and neices of FF TDs. And they were ALL asleep at the wheel in 2006. In many respects they are asleep at the wheel again. And now there is NAMA added on top.

          Meanwhile Patrick Neary is enjoying a fantasitic pension.

          It is madness.

          We are borrowing money for Neary’s pension, Joe Duffy’s salary, EK’s nepotism, Gilmore’s wife’s site sale, the Central Remedial Clinic, money donated to a charity run by a former FF minister.

          The entire thing is unsustainable madness.

          FG/LP spent a fortune maintaing Bertonomics.

          That is NOT change. That is criminal negligence.

        • Deco

          Exactly. The current debt is too high.

          We cannot afford Brendan Olge, and his Olgenomics – which is Bertonomics on steriods.

          In fact Bertonomics is built into the system now.

          1000 quangos and counting. And they are all needed to police the people.

          There were three in charge of banking regulation. Between them they employed 1600 people. Including nephews, and neices of FF TDs. And they were ALL asleep at the wheel in 2006. In many respects they are asleep at the wheel again. And now there is NAMA added on top.

          Meanwhile Patrick Neary is enjoying a fantasitic pension.

          It is madness.

          We are borrowing money for Neary’s pension, Joe Duffy’s salary, EK’s nepotism, Gilmore’s wife’s site sale, the Central Remedial Clinic, money donated to a charity run by a former FF minister.

          The entire thing is unsustainable madness.

          FG/LP spent a fortune maintaining Bertonomics.

          That is NOT change. That is criminal negligence.

        • McCawber

          Anyone who was in power since bears responsibility for excess debt and as Obana proved when you inherit a large pile of debt it’s very easy to add too it.
          So FF/FG/Lab/PDs/Greens are responsible.
          Oh and the electorate who voted or didn’t vote them in.

    • michaelcoughlan

      hi fcassidy95,

      “please check the CSO: ‘gross government debt to GDP’ increased from 86.8% in 2010, peaking in 21012 at 120.1% and declining to 93.8% year end 2015. Anecdotally it decreased further in 2016, but CSO data hasn’t finalised this data yet”

      Are these “figures” influence by our “26%” Leprechaun growth rate;


      “Pray. Why do People invent statistics to validate their own emotional opinions?”


      The banks need the world to believe their narrative to allow them to shove their cocks further up our arses and that of our kids literally in some cases;


      and metaphorically of course.


  4. Deco

    Oh yes, another thing that our “leadership” has no plan for is Trump and efforts to insource the value added productions back to American cities who have been destroyed by policies driven by Ponzi-economic greed.

    So, I think the first thing the people of this country need to do is to take out the back seat driver of this government, Michael Martin.

    He is Ahernian mismanagement all over again, and restricts the independents and FG from even looking at things in a direct manner.

    • Deco

      I mean “take out” politically. MM has zero credibility with many people. He sits on a machine that has sold out the people’s interest a long time ago for a few crumbs off the masters table.

      • Truthist

        Most of his constituents reportedly — very reliable sources — detest Mr. Me-hole Martin personally.
        So, what does that say about the credibility of the voting process of Irish State ?
        Or, perhaps Cork City is just 1 “rotten borough” ?

  5. Irish PI

    IRE EXIT NOW!! Before the whole rotten edifice collapses in and takes us with it.But for that we need men &women of vision,not paid EU Quisslings in the Dail.

  6. Pat Flannery

    “We have a land border with Britain” wrote David from his in-law’s home in East Belfast. This is classic unionist “King Billy” stuff. Thank goodness for our forward-looking Irish Department of Foreign Affairs which has moved on since Bassett’s Trinity-trained colonial days.

    • michaelcoughlan

      Happy new year Patrick. You didn’t get any smarter over Christmas;

      “We have a land border with Britain” wrote David from his in-law’s home in East Belfast. This is classic unionist “King Billy” stuff.


      Patrick, we have a land border with the British.


      • Pat Flannery

        michaelcoughlan: classic unionist “King Billy” stuff also says Britain is the “mainland”. Our unionist host believes that “we have a land border with Britain”. Which is it?

        Thank goodness for the educated folks at the Department of Foreign Affairs who understand that Ireland is surrounded by water. I guess they don’t teach geography in unionist economics classes.

    • jaysus

      Yeah I winced at that too. Geographically as an Island we have no land borders with anyone else. Politically with the UK until it is inevidably weathered away with time.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “Yeah I winced” – yea, but who cares if you winced, or if you after your blow-job rinsed – you faggots prince?

        • Relax Grzegorz. Enjoy the weekend. 30 degrees C here in Santo Domingo. My daughter told me on Skype that she has 3 inches of snow in Maryland, showed me the white vista out the window. What’s the weather like in Dublin?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            We are having the perfect weekend so far in Dublin. After some chilly nights coupled with virtually I know being sick around Christmas time due to some strange bug, we witness the miracle of very early spring – with 12 degree during the day that however, due to unsual (for Ireland) dryness and stillness, felt more like 17 just 2 hours ago. There have been heavy clouds hovering all day, but they stay put, as if to say with De Valera’s accent: people of Ireland, enjoy your Sunday.

            As Faust would describe the Dublin weather today: “Verweile doch, du bist so schön”.

            The east coast of Ireland follows two interesting weather patterns, I have noticed: one month – usually July – is very dry, with extremely bright light – yet not burdened with that intolerable heat you would get in Kraków in June/July/August; and one month – it’s usually December – is always intolerably wet and windy.

            This year however we did not get the wet-Antarctic kind of December, and I saw some old people sitting on benches today basking in the sunlight.

            If it was not for extreme winds that make all umbrellas in the world I’ve ever used – including those bought in Brown Thomas – unfit for the Irish climate, except for one Dutch company called Senz (the only umbrellas with stretchers and ribs that do not break in the Irish climate), Ireland would have
            t h e perfect weather for the connoisseurs of a moderate climate (although I do miss that kind of a dry snow your daughter told you they have in Maryland – she must be around 15 now, isn’t she?).

            Irish summers+springs+autumns + Polish winters = the perfect climate for me; winters due to that kind of a frozen-but-tranquill–time-warp-dryness that the Polish poet Julian Tuwim conveyed in his poem “Winter”:

            “Six O’Clock dark,
            A cold day begins,
            Comes into my dream,
            The drum-roll of tins.

            In a sheepskin jacket,
            I doze on the bench,
            Breathing like a mother,
            In my frost dream’s clench.

            My life in dreams,
            Frozen in flight,
            Engulfed by spluttering,
            Milky and white.

            White and warm,
            A motherly gurgle,
            Comforts me, hides me,
            Beneath the burqa of winter.

            Now I’ve been begun,
            Already I’m starting,
            In this maternal dream.

            In a faraway milk,
            An echo sways,
            The wagon rumbles,
            Still quieter, farther away.”

            This has to be read in a thick North Dublin accent

            Where art thou, Leeann? – a short poem written by Grzegorz Kolodziej just now, and first revealed to Adam Byrne.

            Did I come to Ireland for the weather?
            No, I came for the Irish roses to see their lingerie in the heather.
            For the weather people go to Spain
            But I am for my love yearning
            Me lungs in the Big Smoke are burning
            Me love’s gone, and I’ve got insane!

          • Thanks for the poem Grzegorz. I will frame it and put it on the wall in my new house in Tobago when I move there at the end of the month, seriously.

            My daughter is only 9 – don’t wish for her to grow up too fast! Had a great time with her at Shirley’s Heights in Antigua last Sunday before she went back to Maryland and I came to Santo Domingo. Poor little thing cried her eyes out when I had to leave but I will see her again soon – I bring her to Ireland for 2.5 months every summer.

            Hope the weather gets better for you all soon, I can’t stand the cold – man is a tropical animal, he has no business living at such latitudes. Summers in Ireland aren’t too bad though.

  7. Fantastic Article

    I think it is important to say that in an earlier appointment of Michel BARNIER in Regional Affairs in the EU …he was part tof that original Peace Process Agreement in NI .

    I believe he is well suited to finding the middle grounds that will carry this process to a further level. The Peace Process is an Éxperience’ not a destination in itself .

    Greetings From Ukraine

  8. I believe in the Union of Irexit & Brexit both joined at the hip. As I have said before Trump is a Kerryman and will resurrect the Kingdom of Kerry once more to rule the isles with the honey bee in Windsor.and the workers in Dublin

  9. I am reminded of the kid in the playground of the elementary school. Which gang is to be joined in order to get protection from bullying?
    It is soon realized that protection from one results in subservience to another.
    To live a life the kids realizes that the answer is to be self reliant and not be bullied at all.
    The result is independence of action and thought. There are not many true friends but respect is earned at the expense of the bloodied nose and sore knuckles, some victories and some defeats.

    The result is life is lived with satisfaction rather than subjection.

    I was raise to rejoice in the success of the Irish (emigrant descended).

    John L. Sullivan United States United States Universal August 29, 1885 September 7, 1892 25,4
    James J. Corbett United States United States Universal September 7, 1892 March 17, 1897 5
    Bob Fitzsimmons United Kingdom United Kingdom, United States United States Universal March 17, 1897 June 9, 1899 26

    Jack Dempsey United States United States Universal July 4, 1919 September 23, 1926
    Gene Tunney 1926-1928

    Who are today’s heroes to stir the national conscience, and to inspire individual achievement? It is not in the European union and neither in Britain.
    Look within!! It is not to be found within a TV set or computer. It can’t be bought but it can be earned. It cannot exist on credit but only on results. Its name is possibly, Self Respect.

  10. barrym

    David, and a happy 2017 to you. With the opinions voiced in this piece 2107 may not be happy for you.

    I am horrified that you of all people, who has experienced life in other countries including many in the EU, should suggest we tug the forelock to the UK, or the parts of it that believe in brexit, and look for a deal.

    We may be umbilically connected but is that a good thing in the international environment we inhabit?

    The fact that food and agriculture are important in our economy are not reasons we should continue to export 5c burgers there. We could, if we had the courage, redirect out agricultural exports to countries prepared and accustomed to buying better quality food. Of course we would need to up our game, maybe that is why you suggest we hang with the UK, we are not interested in upping our game?

    Shame on you.

  11. Why does it boil down to which gang of thugs we need to join. The results are the demise of democracy. We destroy any sovereign state that is not in thrall to a Rothschild central bank.

    Why not have this as a central theme?


  12. McCawber

    David – We can but we SHOULD not.
    You obviously didn’t go to the Christian Brothers.
    Mind you a CB I knew well also suggested that burning everything British except their coal was the way to do things. You’d be amazed at how many people in this emerald of ours would be sympathetic to that sentiment.

    I reckon your suggested approach is the smart one btw.

  13. dwalsh

    Good start to the year David

    I agree with you and just like to add that Britain does not want to wash its hands of us either.

    Also agree we should go no further into Europe. We have already given away too much of our sovereignty to a European Union that is deeply flawed in its political and economic structure.

    I am all for European and global integration; in ways which respect national sovereignty and democracy. I am opposed to the current neoliberal model which respects neither.

  14. Truthist

    “Open-Borders” UK
    With Officials advising ;
    “Go to Irish State.
    U get better welfare.
    Irish are all tripping over themselves trying to be politically correct because they have inferiority complex.
    And, their government lie to their people that they do not give certain immigrants money for to buy cars as taxis, etc.” ;
    And, this UK “undeclared” policy to refugee / asylum claimants despite UN law stating that 1st country of arrival must receive their application.

    “Open-Borders” of continental EU
    With Officials advising ;
    “Go to Irish State.
    U get better welfare.
    The Irish are all tripping over themselves trying to be politically correct because they have inferiority complex.
    And, their government lie to their people that they do not give certain immigrants money for to buy cars as taxis, etc.”
    And, this France’s, & some other known countries’, “undeclared” policy to refugee / asylum claimants despite UN law stating that 1st country of arrival must receive their application.

    “We ..” — when ewes engage with their international ‘expats’ & ‘acolytes’ in general free-ranging discussion –”… believe that there should be no borders between countries ;
    People should be allowed to come & go & with no screening too.” Israel

    “Go to Irish State.
    U get better welfare.
    The Irish are all tripping over themselves trying to be politically correct because they have inferiority complex.
    And, their government lie to their people that they do not give certain immigrants money for to buy cars as taxis, etc.
    Heck, we will even pay for ur ticket to Dublin.
    U could go to Belfast, & the officials there will turn blind-eye if they understand that u will sneak into Irish State.”
    And, this part of Israel’s “undeclared” policy to refugee / asylum claimants despite :
    the rehearsed argument [ above ] of their international ‘expats’ & ‘acolytes’
    UN law stating that 1st country of arrival must receive their application.
    And, because we do not want to have ire-in the-land, I give ewes this youtube video to enjoy ;
    Anti-Racist Hitler

  15. E. Kavanagh

    I realise I’m nitpicking, but may as well get it right: we don’t share a land border with Britain. Great Britain is an island. We share a land border with the UK.

  16. Truthist


    A well-kept open secret:
    Washington is behind India’s brutal experiment of abolishing most cash


    01 January 2017

    In early November, without warning, the Indian government declared the 2 largest denomination bills invalid, abolishing over 80 % of circulating cash by value.
    Amidst all the commotion and outrage this caused, nobody seems to have taken note of the decisive role that Washington played in this.
    That is surprising, as Washington’s role has been disguised only very superficially.

  17. Pat Flannery

    Grzegorz Kolodziej: do you think that the Kaliningrad Oblast could become a factor in EU/Brexit negotiations? Do you think that Russia would use any border concessions by the EU to the UK’s NI territory as a bargaining tool for demanding similar border concessions by the EU to the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast though either Poland or Lithuania? In other words might ROI/NI border concessions if granted spark off a Russian/EU/NATO dispute?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I don’t think that the Kalinigrad Oblast might become a factor in EU/Brexit negotiations in a sense that Russia might use it as a bargaining tool on the lines “if there is an exception to CTA, then why not an exception to Kaliningrad”?

      These are the reasons:

      1. When it comes CTA, we have a situation where both countries -
      a) the EU member Ireland and
      b) the non-EU member UK (supposing they won’t use my legal Article 50 trick I outlined around Brexit referendum time)

      want to keep the CTA (whereby Ireland wants it all costs, while Britain is not so desperate).

      However, with Kaliningrad, it would appear that neither of the three countries involved – Poland, Russia, and Lithuania – want that not to be a proper border.

      2. The UK wants to be a member of the single market. But Russia is not a member of the single market. This makes the British/Irish case for CTA much stronger.

      3. There are prior CTA agreements between Ireland and the UK (even though the Lisbon Treaty overrides it). But there are not such prior agreements between Poland/Lithuania and Kaliningrad.

      4. The Russians have been, for decades, breaching the Protocol to the bilateral agreement with Poland of August 16, 1945, regarding the freedom of navigation in the Strait of Baltiysk. So this is a very strong argument against any further concessions to Russia regarding Kaliningrad.

      5. The reason why Common Travel Areas exist is to facilitate trade. But this can not be the reason for Kaliningrad, since Russia has not been using Kaliningrad for trade, but it has made it the most militarised region in Europe. Kaliningrad is a one big garrison for a few hundred thousands of Russian soldiers (contrast that with only a few thousand of the US soldiers that are to be deployed in Poland this month).
      When President Putin threatened to bring the nuclear weapons to Kaliningrad and aimed it at Poland, everyone went into the red alert “Cold War” button (btw, Belaruses missile attack system is called “Polonez”, and Belarus – then still part of the USSR – did advance a territorial claim to Bialowieza region in Poland; currently Poland is trying to warm the relations with Belarus trying to stop it becoming another Kaliningrad – titbit: isn’t it very strange that a country would have a motorway a l o n g its border?). Everyone except the Poles and the Scandinavians (and, of course, military commands of other proper armies) – they know that Russia has never withdrawn any nuclear weapons from Kaliningrad (all nuclear attack simulation exercises for the last 15 years have been done in Kalingrad).

      6. Another reason why Russia will not be successful if it wanted to use the Common Travel Area as precedence for Kaliningrad (which it does not want to anyway) is the Suwalki Gap. Making Kalinigrad part of the Common Travel Area defies common sense, because the Russian military doctrine assumes the so called deescalating nuclear strike and then pouring into the Suwalki Gap (a very small strike – NATO does not have tactical neutron bombs like Russia has, which are much smaller than the ones used in Hiroshima – they are precision weapons that make a garrison to evaporate, but do not destroy the entire region – something which Saudi Arabia acquired from Israel):


      7. Russia is running a cyber-warfare in the Kaliningrad region (i.e., if you go near the Suwalki region in Poland, you would notice that often your phone coverage or cable TV signal would suddenly vanish completely and then come back after a day or two), while Britain is not in a cyber war in a Common Travel Area (except for those helicopters near Newry eavesdropping – but that’s not a cyber war).

      Kaliningrad is not populated by people like me, David McWilliams or you; or disarmed Polish diaspora living in Ireland. This is something that the Irish do not take into account when comparing Irish neutrality (a result not of a choice, but miscalculation: originally the Irish government actually intended Ireland to be a NATO member, but in an unfathomable display of hubris and childishness demanded that the US should give them Northern Ireland back in return; the US President said words to that effect: “my dear childish Sean MacBride. You think that you are so important to us. But you are not important, so stay neutral and go and f…k yourself, do not bother us anymore” – so this is the story of how Ireland became a neutral state (sort of, if we disregard secret transmission of information from the government to the CIA started in 1955, Shannon flights and Russian nuclear bombers intrusions: paradoxically, had it become a NATO member, it might have profited from the Shannon flights like Germany or Turkey do – instead, it has been allowing them for free).

      with Poland (suggesting that Poland should also be neutral): virtually all inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region are army soldiers or their families.

      Titbit: I wonder if any of the readers is aware that despite all of that Russia v NATO tensions media narrative, Poland actually DID have a non-visa regime with Kaliningrad until very recently; this was part of the German Euroregions concept (no visas necessary for the inhabitants of the border regions, defined usually as a few miles around the border) – Germany, of course, intends to take back Kaliningrad in the long run. However, since Mr Putin came to power, the Russian started to overuse it big way (how do you stop a Russian spy from going beyond the prescribed few cross-border miles and disappearing into the vastness of Poland once he is in?) – basically the border with Poland was as efficient as butter, so much so that the Russians who never returned to Kaliningrad have actually bought 46 airfields in Poland through proxies and hired soldiers from Kaliningrad as private security. Media and social websites is one thing, but if someone does a proper research, he would find that Poland has most of its divisions located not near the Russian border, but near the German border – for in the army concept of the former Defense Minister Bogdan Klich – basically Germany’s man in Poland – Polish army was not to defend Poland, but former German territories.

      For Poland, a really dangerous scenario is not conventional war (this is unlikely), but rather a gradual destabilisation of the entire region. If anything is likely, it would not be making Kaliningrad the CTA, but rather it being a bargaining part for President Putin should there ever be “green people” (hybrid war) in Poland.
      Interestingly, one of the effects of Maidan was that Polish products in the Ukraine and Kaliningrad had been replaced by German products (Germany does lots of “sanctions” talk, but does otherwise).

      Bear in mind that when Germany and Russia agreed to withdraw the Russian soldiers from East Germany in 1990, they did not even ask Poland whether the Russian Army can go through the Polish territory (Poland already had a non-communist government when East Germany still had the wall in Berlin). So the Russians were genuinely surprised that they cannot just transit through Poland (Poland was also expected to pay for it – a transfer of each unit cost $11,000) – sure they have already agreed on that with Germany, so that’s enough – is not it?).

      Coming back to the question of CTA:

      I do not why David McWilliams or any Irish politician did not come up with the following bargaining card for Ireland: since Ireland cannot on her own veto the restrictions on the CTA due to the Lisbon Treaty, and since the Visegrad Group has probably bigger power in negotiations with Germany than Ireland + the UK (because it is a bigger market for Germany than both), and since the existence of the Common Travel Area is almost as important for the Polish diaspora in the UK as it is for the Irish diaspora, then why not probing for the Visegrad Group support for the continuation of the Common Travel Area in exchange for Ireland allying against the Carolingian Europe anti-Polish stance in the European Parliament, and promising to veto any EU sanctions against Poland and Hungary, in exchange of V4 vetoing any restrictions on the Common Travel Area??????!!!!!! Simple.

      • Truthist

        If Irish State ally with Visegrad Group against Carolingian Group ;
        ==> Jean Claude Trichet & fellow Freemasons will b..mb Dublin.
        And, they will undoubtably have the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai in their pocket.
        Because, they can spell out to them that the next move by Carolingen Group would be to place SF as government of Irish State ;
        ==> tenants’ rights at cost to Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai, & the other professional landlords.
        Of course, there should be no “tenants’ rights” ;
        Indeed, there should be no “tenants”.
        And, by same token, there should be no “landlords”.
        And, no landlord agents, etc.
        Ban landlordism !
        Rather, there must be immediate giving to all citizens, departed from home-rearing, the transfer of public property as private property into the name of 1 citizen each as optimum physically transferable home space.
        Private Property Rights now for all Irish Citizens departed from home-rearing.

    • Pat Flannery

      Grzegorz Kolodziej: Thank you for that very learned answer to my question regarding Kaliningrad. I have printed it out and will keep it for reference. Here are some of my immediate reactions:

      1. You correctly point out the unique military dimension of Kaliningrad, contrasting it with the non-military dimension of the NI/ROI border issue, which of course is true (although I would argue that Britain has a long-term, religion-disguised, military interest in NI).

      2. I was particularly interested in your paragraph about the current porous nature of the Kaliningrad/Polish border, which led to me to wonder if that is the dirty little secret that might raise its ugly head in Brexit borders negotiations.

      3. There is no doubt in my mind that discussion of other existing international border arrangements (roughly equivalent to the UK/ROI free travel area) will emerge during the Brexit fight.

      4. If that happens it will test Poland’s East/West orientation (Germany vs. Russia). I’m not sure that emotional question has been fully settled in the Polish mind, rather like the unionist/nationalist dichotomy in Ireland.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        You are welcome. The porous nature of the border with Kaliningrad relates to the previous German steered government of Mr Donald Tusk. The current government has done away with the Euroregion located in the most unfortunate of all regions in Europe – the undefensible Suwalki Gap, and put barbed wires on the border (so did Russia). They have also removed all FSB spies in the Polish army (NATO headquarters in Warsaw even had FSB emblem in the main office!). Meanwhile Ukraine and Lithuania had found the hard way what it means to be a German satellite after Germany used them to dump their agricultural products once the sanctions imposed on Russia hit Polish farmers the most. Now they are begging Poland – that is Lithuania is – to take them to V4(Polish minority has been discriminated against in Lithuania like Catholics in NI during troubles).btw during Schroeder (who was on Gazproms board after his stint) Germany has proposed an exterritorial rail corridor from Berlin to Moscow via Poland. For anyone who knows history this is like telling the Irish to celebrate the Great Famine, and I don’t think wording was accidental

  18. Happy New year David.

    I am 100% in agreement. I wouldn’t however underestimate the desire not only to be “good Europeans” but also the vestigial desire to “stick it to the Brits” that lingers in the popular conscious and in the living museum that is Leinster House.

  19. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    Geo-politically speaking, versus other realistic projects proposed, would the pKra Canal be the most significant additional infrastructure change ?
    Google.com search terms ;
    One Belt Silk Road AND Kra Canal

  20. michaelcoughlan

    “If the EU decides to teach the British a lesson, do we cheerlead from the side like pliant idiots – to be patted on the head by Brussels”

    This is exactly what our politicians will do because the need to keep the gravy train of money transfers coming from Europe.

    “Once your own government begins to act against the interest of your own economy, you have to ask questions”

    No David not questions. What you described is Tyranny and the US constitution gives the right to each citizen to own a gun to make sure that never happens. Pity not here……

    The Irish politicians have done what you described many times but most disgustingly have been operating against the interests of their own citizens since Lehman went down and have done so many times since the foundation of the state.

    “The omens are not good. The government’s stance that there can be no negotiations with Britain before Article 50 is triggered does not make sense for Ireland”

    Very little the Irish politicians do is in our interest but it is in the interests of they themselves and their banking lackeys. Any politician with backbone gets bought off with a cushy EU commissioner or Mep role.

    “Rhetoric is clearly cheap. Only three countries actually did the European thing and allowed east Europeans to come, work and live immediately, no questions asked. Those countries were Ireland, Britain and Sweden”

    Self contradictory part of the Article I feel. So in doing the “European thing” we exiled our own graduates in record breaking numbers as borne out by emigration statistics for 2015, 2014, and 2013?

    Wakey wakey Dathi.


  21. Thanks goodness the US is not a true democracy. Otherwise the dictates of4 counties of California’s leftist , progressive, drug infested, debauched part of the state would be presiding over the policies of the nation.


    ” In real numbers, slightly more than 4.48 million Californians voted for Trump, while a whopping 8.75 million-plus people voted there for Clinton. In the other 49 states, Trump actually won the popular vote by a significant 1.4 million margin.

    Indeed, California has become a country unto itself, way off the mainstream and out in the left political field. Why would left-wing Californians have the right to dictate what the rest of the country can and can’t do, under what logic, under what political philosophy?

    Specifically, Alameda County gave Clinton 418,000 more votes, Santa Clara gave her 367,000 more, and the city of San Francisco provided a margin of 308,000. Together with the 1.69 million of Los Angeles, these four alone gave Clinton nearly 2.8 million more votes – almost precisely the margin by which she won the national vote!

    And that is the gist of the much-touted popular vote: Four counties in California, left-wing counties out of the mainstream of American society, provided that margin of the popular vote for Crooked Hillary. Consider these are some of the same counties known to be the major sources of contaminated hypodermic needles now washing up on California beaches by the hundreds, presumably discarded by unknown entities and very likely drug addicts, who commonly use insulin syringes and hypodermic needles for drug use. It is precisely those left-wing counties and cities, such as Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Francisco that attract vagrants, gangs, and drug addicts because they have become progressive, welfare sanctuaries loaded with filth, pollution, vagrancy and crime; the same counties that have become veritable threats to life and health upon the utter abandonment of cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation, and sanity! These are the counties that in the minds of Democrat stalwarts and critics of the Electoral College should have decided the election in Crooked Hillary’s favor and decide the direction the country should move in the 21st century!

    Yes, the Electoral College preserved the sanity and probity of the entire nation and acted with deliberation and wisdom as it was intended by the Founders to preserve the Republic!”"

    • E. Kavanagh

      Tony, with all due respect, but you are a fucking idiot.

      • Thanks goodness we are all entitled to our opinion. You could explain why you think so without the derogation. With all due respect.

        At least the electoral process seems to be working in the US where there is nothing or very little working in the EU. Autocratic commissioners rule there. The EU parliament is toothless and you as an individual are totally powerless as your opinions there mean absolutely nothing.

        Happy New Year.

        • E. Kavanagh

          The goal of your post is to de-legitimise complaints about the Electoral College, and thereby legitimise Trump’s election. Neither needs ligitimisation. Trump has been properly elected; and the Electoral College is stupid.

          The Electoral College may have made sense at the foundation of the nation; but now there is a cohesive nation, it is a failed entity. When the vote of one person is 4-times more powerful than another when voting for the same position, there is a problem. When the loser garners nearly 3MM more votes than the winner, there is obviously a problem.

          Why is it reasonable to decide that the Clinton votes from 4-counties in the nation should not count; while the Trump votes from those same counties should be properly included? Why is it in any way reasonable to think that it is relevant that Trump got a majority if we exclude California? By saying this one is not only excluding over 12% of the population of the nation, but also agreeing with the fact that the popular vote is relevant, and then trying to fudge a popular vote mandate by excluding the votes of the most populace state.

          And all that rubbish about the drug addicts. What evidence is there that California has more drug addicts? And even if true; how is that relevant? What portion of the Democratic voters in those 4-counties are drug addicts? To suggest that the global centre of high tech innovation is populated by a few Republicans, and a huge majority of drug addicted Democrats is stupid in the extreme.

          And even if it were true, the fact that 4-California counties pushed the presidential election in any direction would not mean that those counties would be presiding over anything–they’d have fewer than 5% of the House of Representative members and only the power to influence 2% of the Senate.

          Tony, you may be a lovely fella, but your summary, and the piece you quoted are completely moronic. Clinton didn’t get a significant plurality of the vote because of 4-California counties. She got it because of millions of citizens all over the nation voted for her.

          If the goal is to cherry pick voting areas to gerrymander a majority, couldn’t a Democratic supporter easily find similar Republican counties in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin; exclude only a few hundred thousand votes and then magically produce an Electoral College majority for Clinton.

          And I’m a little unclear as to how a democracy can be said to be working when the clear loser becomes president. And it is isn’t the only stupid thing in US federal races. The House of Representatives is gerrymandered so Republicans get way more seats than their voting share deserves (e.g. in 2012, they got 1.4M fewer votes than Democrats but had a 33-seat majority; and this year with 1.1% more votes they have a majority of 47). And for some stupid reason Senators in the same state get elected in different years so for example a state with a 51% Democratic majority would have 2-Democratic senators and the 49% of Republicans are disenfranchised.

          • One of the points made is that the US talks of itself as do you , that it is a democracy. By definition, as I learned, originally not understanding, it is a Republic. As I understand it a republic is not a democracy.

            In a democracy it is one person , one vote. Even so called democracy is fiddled with giving us proportional representation, Multiple reps per riding and all other adjustments to make things “fair”.

            In our current democratic states the cities rule over the rest of the nation. Country folk are ruled by urbanites. Tyranny of the majority takes place.

            It seems that some of these problems were considered by the framers of the US constitution. The result was the electoral process where the democratic vote does not elect the president as the MSM suggests. They elect electors who in turn choose the president. It is set up that each state has a minimum of electors, 3, and that the larger states have more in proportion to the amount of population.

            So all the complaints that the popular vote did not choose the president as it should have, are thinking they are a democracy when they are not.

            The System worked as was designed. It avoids to a larger degree, the tyranny of the majority that occurs in the democracies. Whether that is a good thing or not is open for debate.

            Pat, I agree the references to druggies was superfluous to the discussion. Sorry about that.

            I read it that the total vote across the country reflected that Trump won the popular vote not that he won every state.

            However it is looked at, in many ways California is an aberration compared to most of the rest of the country. But even with 55 electoral college votes it could not swing the balance.

            Under the current system the complaints of the Democrats that the vote is unfair are unfounded.

          • In Democratic Canada. The last two elections were won with less than 405 of the popular vote.
            Conservatives won a majority of seats with only 39% of the vote.
            The Liberals then complained , “Not fair” and vowed to make the electoral system Fair if they were elected.
            Well this last year they got 39.5% of the popular vote and were “unfairly” elected.

            What sort of a system will be foisted upon us next I do not know. There is an appointed commission to suggest alternative methods.

            There exists an upper house called the Senate. Senators are APPOINTED by the government. There are no real guide lines for being a senator. It could be a novelist, sportsperson, news reporter, or, or.

            All legislation must be passed by both houses for assent by the monarch’s representative. Senators are not evenly spread about the country as they are supposed to be.

            What’s fair about all that.
            It seems to me the US system is fairer than most others.

          • Pat Flannery

            Tony Brogan: The Electoral College is one of the many checks and balances built into the American form of government. It has proven successful in “preventing several heavily populated clusters of urban areas from dominating presidential elections” as Dr. Faria put it. California consists largely of such large urban clusters and it is for that reason I support retaining the EC not because of any misinformed characterization of those population centers such as drug use.

            The concept of a Constitutional Republic parallels the concept of a Constitution Monarchy, neither is more democratic than the other. Canada for example is no more democratic than the US nor Ireland more democratic than the UK. They are simply different.

            It is often said that the U.S. is whatever the U.S. Supreme Court says it is. Similarly the U.K. is about to discover what its constitution is when the British Supreme Court issues its historic ruling on the matter of Brexit later this month.

          • Basically agree with that Pat

  22. Pat Flannery

    I know http://www.gopusa.com/ is one of your favorite sites but this is not one of its best posts. For example: “In the other 49 states, Trump actually won the popular vote by a significant 1.4 million margin. In fact, some bemusedly say that California is practically a country unto itself…”

    The good doctor who wrote this knew that many readers would interpret it as meaning that each and every one of the “other 49 states” had a majority vote for Trump. That is deliberately misleading by implication. It is about as helpful as telling us that a person with one hand in very hot water and the other in ice water is “on average” comfortable.

    Then he offers this: “It is precisely those left-wing counties and cities, such as Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Francisco that attract vagrants, gangs, and drug addicts because they have become progressive, welfare sanctuaries loaded with filth, pollution, vagrancy and crime; the same counties that have become veritable threats to life and health upon the utter abandonment of cleanliness, hygiene, sanitation, and sanity!”

    Thus he adds hatemongering to misleading by implication.

  23. tony_murphy

    David, I agree with some of what you have written

    But it’s obvious that you still believe in the European project, well you were groomed for it I suppose, so that’s not your fault

    As for a soft brexit, it’s a liberal fantasy

    It will be a clean brexit – or a hard brexit if you prefer to call it that. Out of Single Market, Customs Union, European courts. Laws will be made in Westminster, not Brussels

    You don’t negotiate with the EU, simple as that. Theresa May and her government will probably have to learn that they hard way!

    You need to realise also that further integration is the plan, and Ireland can’t stop it. You are intelligent – I don’t have to tell you. But perhaps you tone the article like this, so that the Irish public might read them and come back for more?. They have been totally brainwashed by the MSM

    • Truthist

      UK can on certain fronts “play hard” against EU with justifiable hope of success [ well, theoretically only for point. 3. below ],

      UK can be artful with, in effect, obstructing traffic through English Channel to & fore the Port of Rotterdam
      The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, located in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands.
      From 1962 until 2004 it was the world’s busiest port, now overtaken first by Singapore and then Shanghai.
      In 2011, Rotterdam was the world’s 11th-largest container port in terms of 20-foot equivalent units (TEU) handled[2] (2009:
      10th; 2008: 9th, 2006: 6th).
      In 2012 Rotterdam was the world’s 6th-largest port in terms of annual cargo tonnage.[1]
      UK can very effectively turn the world against Carolingian Group — especially Germany & Netherlands & Belgium — by swamping the media & arts & academia with “guilt” propaganda for what each of these countries have done in their colonial & WW2 past.
      The English are the masters at this black-art.
      And, they can make a lot of bucks from the consumers of this stuff too.
      UK establishment could — 8-) — actually start to care for & love its ordinary people that it begins a process to civilise them, & in turn develop a formidable nation of workers producing great products :
      x] civil service
      y] public sector employees
      z] self-employed
      w] hybrids of any combination of x], y], & z]
      v] floaters of any combination of x], y], z], & w].
      UK would have to introduce “national service” [ 1 or 2 years -- perhaps ] obligated on EVERY citizen, whereby they get training whilst doing very useful infrastructure work, for this policy to succeed.
      Thus, UK could become the major industrial power of the world AGAIN.
      Of course, this scenario requires that ON THIS OCCASION the rich stop being corrupt ;
      And, will that ever happen ? 8-)
      Ur last paragraph ties in with ur 2nd paragraph.
      And, it is a killer on :
      David McWilliams personally,
      the predicament of Ireland [ Irish State + North East of our country ].
      Because, it is TRUE.

      • Truthist

        Typo ;
        UK can be artful with, in effect, obstructing traffic through English Channel to & FROM the Port of Rotterdam

  24. David NZ

    Where is an Irish Talleyrand when you need him (or her)?

    More subtle thinking is needed. I very much enjoy the Polish perspective from Mr Kolodziej and his wide ranging landscape of thought.

    So, more what ifs. What if Ireland gives the UK the knife, the Germans consolidate the nouveau Reich. Surely the next step is to make the tax rates the same throughout the customs union. So Ireland must have the same tax rates as everyone else. Then it might decide perhaps it’s better to leave and it might be necessary to beef up it’s trade with …. a pissed off Britain.

    What if the Euro becomes too much to bear and in lieu of all countries going to their own currency there is a two or three tier Euro i.e. a Southern Euro, an Eastern Euro and a Core Euro. Which zone would Ireland join. Would this arrangement still work for multi-national companies who have their base in Ireland. Would the central bank of the Southern Euro allow Ireland to retain its tax rate as part of a deal to join the Southern Euro or would Ireland have to remain in the Core Euro as the default option.

    Would a future Ireland be allowed to remain in the EU and return to be Punt, or will this no longer be an option if it ever was.

    The French and the Spanish have always treated Ireland as a way to open a new front in their wars with England. Even with the Stuart family ties and the Catholic ties they generally dumped their Irish allies and took their noble Irish friends and their troops back to Europe to fight on their behalf.

    I think Michael Collins was one of your greater statesmen in the modern era, a subtle thinker with a backbone, but he was betrayed. He knew his enemy well, having been trained in the Anglo-Irish class system. I think you need to find another one of him.

    I think David is right, it is time for the Irish to start thinking about how to retain their independence in a shifting mosaic of friends, enemies, neutral types and frenemies. After all as Gregor indicates, realpolitic is back.

    • Pat Flannery

      David NZ: I once had a Kiwi girlfriend in California with whom I visited NZ many times. She was gorgeous, one quarter Maori and to a young Irishman, very exotic. I learned a great deal about her ancestral tribe the Ngaphui of the Bay of Islands, where she still had close relatives. I love that place.

      I remember sitting in her parents’ backyard one evening in Grey Lynn, which if you live in Auckland you will know was once blue collar but has now been gentrified because of its closeness to downtown. Her father, a retired railway worker, was telling me what he thought of the Brits.

      He pointed to the sky and described how almost every day during WWWII Jap Migs would leisurely fly around overhead Auckland taking photographs, totally unmolested. Everything New Zealand had was up in Britain defending the “homeland”. Then the Brits joined the EEC and NZ lost its only dairy market, the UK. Remember “Anchor Butter”? Or maybe you are too young.

      The point is that Britain, specifically England, always takes care of numbero uno. So I don’t understand how you can use the names of David McWilliams and Michael Collins in the same breath. David McWilliams is a unionist through and through.

    • Truthist

      Hi David NZ,

      New Zealand to suffer devastating economic crisis by the Banksters so ?
      Netanyahu ‘told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war’

  25. Dept of US propaganda now funded as a budget item. It is just to make sure you get the real false news in case you are swayed by the false, false news.


  26. Truthist

    Control access to & from the English Channel ==> u control the most important transport route of Germany.
    Nay, u get to control even more ;
    the most important transport route of Northern, & Central, & Eastern, Europe.
    Oh how the lessor powers — than the 1 & only super-power I..al — would love to have their naval fleet based in Cork Harbour ;
    The #2 biggest natural harbour in the world ;
    Sidney harbour being # 1.
    But, for sure, Cork Harbour being a very safe place for ships ;
    “Statio bene fide carinas”.
    “All snobs want to be British”
    Copyright, & All Rights Reserved, 04 January 2017 ; Truthist
    Heck, even Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, & all them other Senators tried to speak with impeccable Shakespearean English accents.
    And, no better way to be that type of British than to live in England among the Black Nobility.
    Anyway, the folks who control the world love to be based in England mainly.
    So, I contend that London is the most important geo-political location in the world.
    It has been so for the last few hundred years.
    And, it will be so for the next 100 at least ;
    Cork Harbour is the most coveted slot in geo-politics.
    And, Victor Rothschild & his puppet Winston Churchill, knew that.

    • Truthist

      Military Navy based of military power based at Cork Harbour controls English Channel :
      ==> Convincingly “protects / defends” or “threatens / overcomes” :
      Baltic’s sic
      Russia ; And, much of Central Asia because of water networks, & rail network geared for access to northern ports of Russia
      Central Europe
      Eastern Europe
      & London
      Yes ; Can detour English Channel by going around Scotland.
      But, very costly in expense & dangerous seas.
      Michael Collins knew the strategic importance of Cork Harbour.
      So did De Valera.
      So did the Germans before & during WW2;
      Big, big question ;
      Why did the Germans not take Cork Harbour ?

    • McCawber

      The Shannon estuary has plenty of potential too.
      Guessing it would be in the top ten.
      We really don’t exploit our natural resources do we.
      So I presume you are suggesting Cork could become the new Rotterdam maybe.
      Would add to overall transport costs.

      • Truthist

        “Limerick was,
        Dublin is,
        Cork will be,”
        Anglo-Ireland’s capital
        Cork was their later realised “jewel” in Ireland.
        They were going to switch their capital in Ireland to Cork.
        We should also remind ourselves that Britain’s diplomats’ favorite foreign posting, in the main, was Ireland.
        Because, they wanted to be in :
        English speaking culture
        country near England, including of course “London”
        climate that did not require suffering :
        intense heat
        intense humidity + intense heat
        country with very large protective force of British military
        country with :
        abundant prostitution
        & / or
        readily available women & children to rape
        country with good whiskey
        country with British favorite staples
        country with excellent hunting
        country where the Anglican church is the “established” / official religion

        inter alia
        Ireland met all the listed wishes & a great number of the “inter alia” ones.
        And, Cork was the best that Ireland for their wants in their opinion.
        Although, Dublin had most “strumpets” ;
        Hence, nickname for Dublin ;
        “Strumpet City”
        That is 1 of the good things that the Catholic Church did for Dublin ;
        Close down “Monto”.
        But, it is back with a vengeance around the country with extortionate rents for bedsits & flats, & also with drug trying to afford their next fix.

      • Truthist

        Could become the new Rotterdam if … controlled by the Dutch or the Chinese [ vis. China or Taiwanese or international Chinese ] or the Brits [ if they got their act together ] or the Japs or the Koreans or Yanks ? or Israelis [ Hmm..m ] or Indians [ e.g. likes of Mr. Mittal or NATO ? .
        But, not if controlled by Irish establishment ;
        Too corrupt !
        Cork Harbour has :
        deep-sea port at Ringaskiddy
        deep-water quay at Cobh ; for international liners

        FACT ;
        UK would give back North East of Ireland if it got Cork in return.
        This was offered by Churchill.

      • Truthist

        Foynes has Irish State’s deepest deep-water port facility with my interpretation of info. given from my perusal.
        forthcoming maximum requirements internationally
        “Currently these major sea trade routes terminate in three large hub ports, namely Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg.
        However, as larger container ships are built into the future, only Rotterdam will be able to accommodate because of the 20 metre depth requirement, whereas here in the Shannon river there will be a minimum 20 metre depth of water at the berths.
        This depth is a very important threshold in modern shipping.
        We need to be positioned to take advantage of these developments,” Councillor Williams urged.
        The trans-shipment hub concept is being facilitated by the development of intercontinental container ships, known as mother ships which have capacities of up to 15,000 TEUs (20 feet equivalent units).
        Foynes on Shannon
        Quote in 1. above
        With depths from 11 to 32 metres anchorages identified as A, C, E are suitable for vessels up to 17.4 metres draught.
        Anchorages identified as B,H and L are suitable for vessels from 16.5 to 14.5m draught with anchorage F up to 11m draught.
        Anchorage H has been designated for Tankers.

  27. Truthist

    Claim that Cork Harbour is the #2 biggest — AND safest — natural harbour in the world ?
    That is the mantra one hears from Corkonians.
    I double-checked here ;
    Apparently, another boast from the Republic of Cork* that gave us :
    Michael Collins
    Terrence Mc Sweeney
    Henry Ford
    aul blarney
    inter alia
    Still, Cork Harbour’s position & size & safeness & development & tradition ==> it is strategically so as I informed ewe’s all above.
    And, apropos of “County” Cork ;
    “County” is only a British construct for to help them divide & control territory.
    It is rather ironic & sad that Irish Nationalist are also so proud of their particular “County”.
    Ancient provinces would be best only sub-division of Ireland.

  28. [...] The Irish cannot wash their hands of Britain.  And dynamic AD-AS analysis of the British [...]

  29. Prince rupert is set for expansion as a natural deep water port with rail connections to the heart of North America. The use of this port cut a day to two days off delivery times from Asia.


  30. mike flannelly

    ” Anyone who was in power since bears responsibility for excess debt and as Obana proved when you inherit a large pile of debt it’s very easy to add too it.
    So FF/FG/Lab/PDs/Greens are responsible.
    Oh and the electorate who voted or didn’t vote them in. ” – McCawber

    Irish voters voted in the politicians to act on behalf of the greater public good. Politicians have a mandate to represent the greater public good.

    People called the economic management council of the 31st Dail decided how the financial resources of the state would be spent.

    Not the voters.

    McCawber you are saying that we must continue to hold NO politician accountable for how they distribute the resources of the state.

    I dont agree.

    We should never again apologise for the Irish state if politicians with names are negligent. We need to apologise for politicians, civil servants, bankers and economists by name. They have a constitutional duty of care if the speak and act for the state.

    The FG/LAB 100bn National Debt Increase ( from 2011 to 2016) that now costs 3.5bn per year has to be explained.

    It is as important as Trump and Brexit that Ireland have QUARTERLY NATIONAL DEBT REPORTS including repayment costs.

    Otherwise the government are out of control.


    Expert finger waggers at Trump but look the other way with economic unaccountability.

    I would also like to see Obamas quarterly national debt reports.

    Although in fairness as Tommy Tiernan put it, Trump and Obama are really primarily the American peoples business.

    We cant even look after our own fucking business. We just want to look away rather than ask CORE ECONOMIC QUESTIONS.

    • McCawber

      I’m not disagreeing with you regarding the 100bn increase in debt over 5 years but it’s a little bit of “not giving the full picture” to not include the initial conditions that prevailed immediately prior to the beginning of the five year period.
      Things like commitments already in the pipeline, the current rate of debt increase at the time.
      On the other side of the ledger would be the ongoing wasteful practices that continued unchecked.
      The water fiasco being one biggee but all the other little ones that total to a biggee.
      Get that stuff out there and put up to all the politicians to give answers/solutions and not just the current government who now have little say in what’s going on.
      They’ll all willingly spend/waste money but ask them to stop wasteful practices and all you’ll get is silence.
      The lazy media are the biggest problem because they pander to the quick sound bite instead of actually doing a days work investigating.
      I’d start With the regulators myself and work up.

  31. Who needs to be aligned to Europe, NATO, UN or anyone else these days as all are used for propaganda to deceive the Western populations.
    Russiaphobic Obama moves thousands of battle ready troops into Baltic states and Poland.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “President Vladimir Putin’s defensive response to the rapidly increasing NATO presence along its border with Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.”

      Hmm, I wonder if the deployment of a few thousands of battle ready troop into Baltic states and Poland could have anything to do with President Vladimir Putin’s continuous deployment of a few hundred thousand battle ready troops along Russian border with the Baltic states and Poland?

      “While Russia and NATO officials might have known these dozens of commandos had been surreptitiously inserted into the military mix in Lithuania, the news has only now been made public knowledge.”

      Oh really?!!!!! Only now? Except I have been writing about for the last year, and in much greater details than is this article!

      A typical Russian propaganda article, written for idiots.

      “Moscow has repeatedly warned the rapidly amassing NATO troop presence along Russia’s borders constitutes a direct threat to its sovereignty”

      Yeas, and much larger amassing of Russian troop presence along NATO’s and Scandinavian borders does not constitute a direct threat to their sovereignty; for propaganda to be really effective, it should at leat be logical. This particular propaganda is illogical – but then again, the article is written for idiots. Read what I have written about Kaliningrad, read it three times if you need more time – and you’ll get much more information that from that article.

  32. Truthist

    I just did a quickie research on TASC mentioned cynically — & justifiably — by Deco above.
    Chairperson is Mr. Proinsias De Rossa
    “Elected” — 8-) — Chair of TASC’s Board in 2012.

    Formerly :
    Member of European Parliamnet [ MEP ] for Dublin (1989-1992, 1999-2012)
    Member of the Dáil [ i.e. he was T.D. ] (1982-2002)
    Minister for Social Welfare (1994-1997)

    Presently :
    Recipient of very lucrative pensions from Irish taxpayers as :
    retired TD
    retired senior minister of government
    retired Member of European Parliament ?
    Recipient of very lucrative private pension ?

    Member of the Institue of International & European Affairs [ IIEA ]
    Member of the European Movement ; I think that the appropriately named ones — Pat Cox & Dick [C..k]Roche ; Both traitors to Ireland ! — are in that aul EM too.
    Anyway, back to Proinsias — fake stammerer — De Rossa ;
    Irish republican freedom fighters I am told coined the name “Stalin” for him ;
    Because, De Rossa sought to be a dictator.
    It is known that he had a list of republicans that he did not like ;
    As I recall from the telling to me there were 10 persons on that “hate-list”.
    All met very gruesome closures to their time on this earth at the hands of persons other than De Rossa.
    How fortunate for him not to have to hate them anymore.
    Well, not have to hate them as living persons anymore at least.

    The Director is ;
    Professor James Wickham

    Formerly ;

    The Jean Monnet Professor of European Labour Market Studies
    Professor in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin.
    He has published widely on :
    employment in Ireland and Europe
    transport in Ireland and Europe
    migration in Ireland and Europe

    Presently ;

    The author of Gridlock ;
    Dublin’s Transport Crisis and the Future of the City
    Co-author of New Mobilities in Europe:
    Polish Migration to Ireland post-2004.

    Has a BSc. in sociology from the London School of Economics [ LSE ]
    LSE = “London School for Spies”

    Has a PhD from the University of Sussex.
    His new book Unequal Europe: Social divisions and social cohesion in an old continent
    (Routledge 2016)
    It analyses the collapse of the European Social Model.

    TASC’s Funding & Governance

    TASC is funded as an independent voice for :
    TASCcurrently receive core funding from :

    Atlantic Philanthropies”

    Atlantic Philanthropies

    Mr. Chuck Feeney is sponsor of Atlantic Philanthropies — sic ; Because it is “sic-k”
    Atlantic Philanthropies UNLAWFULLY INTERFERED IN SUPPORT OF the Referendum to allow persons of same chromosome pairing to marry, & by obvious extension then be able to foster & adopt children.
    Same chromosome marriages are :
    XX + XX ; Woman + Woman
    XY + XY ; Man + Man.

    The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

    TASC also receives funding from individual donors and from projects carried out jointly with :
    Foundation for European Progressive Studies
    Carnegie UK Trust
    other organisations.
    From time to time, TASC also carries out commissioned work as a fundraising activity to support our charitable mission.

    If you wish to commission work from TASC, please click here.

    TASC’s Accounts

    Download a copy of TASC’s 2015 Audited Accounts.

    For any financial queries, please contact ;
    Angela Maguire
    01 6169050

    Lobbying Registration

    TASC is registered with the Lobbying Registrar,
    lobbying.ie external link under the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015.

    Charities Regulatory Authority

    TASC is registered with national statutory regulatory agency for charitable organisations, the Charities Regulatory Authority external link.
    Our CRA number is 14778.

    The Governance Code

    TASC’s Board is currently working towards fulfilling the guideline actions for compliance for a Type C organisation as defined by the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations,
    governancecode.ie ; external link”

  33. Something wicked this way comes——— higher interest rates. Maybe the market will look after the high cost of housing!!


  34. X Pat

    I would like to congratulate Grzegorz Kolodziej on his comments.

    Geopolitics is what is required to decide which side to be on in the UK versus the EU war, which is simply all about geopolitics, as the EU is a geopolitical tactic for strength and survival between the US and Russia, in addition to avoiding industrial scale war in which Europe specialises. The Leave campaign was ostensibly about the economic side of geopolitics, but it seems the vote was heavily influenced by ethnic unhappiness, which is itself a facet of geopolitics.

    That is why the usual lenses don’t matter when analysing the reasons for the eventual narrow Leave vote. Economics as usual says, of course you stay, as you can’t get a better economic deal than to be part of a huge, rich single market. But geopolitics is driven by a very visceral sense of the state as an entity whose survival is above all other considerations. And the English (and Welsh) felt that their state was under attack. By foreigners taking jobs, speaking strange languages in the street, and enforcing regulations on them. And the media gave them all the fuel they needed to reinforce this, as did Farage and company.

    Geopolitics usually has geographic factors mitigating emotional views of what is a state, and what is not, and this points to the eventual inevitable unification of Ireland (and the re-annexation of Crimea by Russia, by way of another example). It also heavily supports the notion that island Britain (not UK) is inevitably “alone”, regardless of support for the European ideal, and France and Germany are better off working together than against each other.

    So, my point is, David says we should take a rational stance and stand by the UK. However, the UK as a whole has decided quite independently that it is ploughing its own furrow. Historically, we know that the UK does not hold Ireland in esteem, let alone respect. We would simply be collateral damage in the EU UK war. And when it comes to that, we have to choose which side we are on. And the side we choose has to be the stronger side. This is the EU.

    Much is made of how the UK is destined to break up and Ireland reunited by the effects of Brexit, and I lean towards these interpretations. Allying with the UK now, would more likely result with Ireland becoming once again, an economic vassal state of the UK. Kicking the reunification can down the road, causing more pain, and indeed another form of resurgence of the Troubles, as Irish identity will be under threat, and like the English feeling a loss of identity, this will lead to acrimony and agitation, and finally outright conflict.

    It’s horrible to have to choose, but the UK is no friend to Ireland. Nobody is really. You have to choose the right ally and hope to suffer as little as possible in a rollercoaster war where Ireland is tied to the front of the rollercoaster and has no control whatsoever over the outcome.

    Ireland’s population is less than 10% that of the UK. We matter nothing to them as an ally, and would be used and abused in negotiations. We mattered even less to them as a vassal state. They still need to please Germany and France more even if they are bitterest enemies. And resurgent Russia and China are whom the US cares about these days, not their quaint cousins across the pond.

    Ultimately, the Brits are so undecided and two faced about the mess they are in, they are a toxic partner even if all the above considerations do not apply. Which they do.

    Stay well away from the UK, and do nothing to antagonise them. This is going to be awful.

    • Truthist

      Stay well away from “liaising with” or “plotting against” the British Islers ;

      From hereon, were any & / or each of Irish Isles & British Isles to plot against each other, it would definitely be very bad for them as it would be very bad for us.

      And, were we to “liaise with” them in their schemes, they would not appreciate it.
      Indeed, they would despise us even more as does a cuckold to a submissive.
      “Perfidious Albion”.
      Ditto Re ; Irish Isles versus E.U.
      We should buy time.
      And then, when we have our act together, leave the E.U..
      We should be truly “independent” of any other country, & especially any “power block”.
      Except :
      We should be good neighbour to British Isles [ Britain & its various islands ] — OR England + Wales / Engwal ? , Scotland –, France, & Iceland.
      We should form association, for mutual benefit, with former colonies of UK.
      And, we should “lead” it.
      We should be “pacifist” towards other countries’ internal & international wars ;
      We should be “neutral” towards other countries’ disputes until having considered the particular situation, we are no longer neutral in that we always “speak the truth from a righteous Christian perspective”.
      For a nation not to be a symphony of “its religion” + State is an oxymoron.
      Religion is the nation’s spiritual & ultimate philosophy.
      If we become atheist ;
      ==> we should have symphony of Atheism / Anti-God [ Satanism ] + State ;
      Then, so be it.
      Arguably, we are moving in that direction,
      Symphony of Atheism/Satanism + State.
      We have a duty to ourselves to be honest.
      We must not be hypocrites.
      It is a sin.
      It is a sin against ourselves.

      And, it is a sin against others.
      “To thine self be true.
      Thus, thou cannot be false to any man.”
      “Truthism with love” should become our hallmark.
      Although, it is only in the absence of Atheism / Satanism that Truthism can have love truly.

    • Good one, XPat. March to the beat of your own drum!!

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi x Pat,

      “Much is made of how the UK is destined to break up and Ireland reunited by the effects of Brexit”

      I don’t think Ireland will be reunited because of brexit. I’d say if Scotland leaves there would be a chance that the Ulster Scots crowd would want to unite NI with Scotland and tell us and the English as opposed to the UK to F off.

      As for your thoughts on whether the English like us or don’t it’s actually irrelevant. The UK is probably our most important trading partner and there are many family connections between us and Britain. Our connections are not as strong as with the rest of the EU.

      The Economic imperative would say our future is to strengthen our ties to the UK but the arapatchiks in Fail Eireann under the thumb of Lagarde will probably make sure that we stay closer to the EU to ensure the money transfers keep coming from Brussels.

      As for “stay well away from the UK” that statement is fascile because successive generations of desperate Irish emigrants have made it their home. They must know something.


      • X Pat

        Thanks for your comments Michael

        Scotland + NI :

        goes against geopolitics (NI offers noting to scots, and there’s a sea in between). ROI + NI far more geopolitically sensible, as there is no geographical border between the two entities. Scotland is also becoming fairly culturally confident these days, and is able to culturally assimilate immigrants, it has a sea and high ground border, it’s a natural separate state.

        English feelings for Irish

        I refer, of course, to the ruling establishment, the elites basically, and their view of Ireland as a political and strategic entity. Not the average joe thinking about the average seosamh. If I were the PM of England, I’d see Ireland as, at best, something to slow down an invasion from the West, a source of agricultural produce and lebensraum for my own race. The sea in between is the most prominent factor, and one which pretty much stopped any ranking Brit monarch from coming over throughout centuries, as the escape home would be that much trickier in emergency, as would the call for backup. Again, geopolitics.

        Economic imperative

        Strong! But second place to the geopolitical considerations. We have an economic value to the Brits as long as we have something they really need, a must have as opposed to a nice to have. As we are the junior partner it’s less about what what we want from them (i.e. tourism and buying food, the latter increasingly tenuous as it’s a perfect bargaining card with third nations, like Latin America, USA, AUZ/NZ etc)

        All in all, we have to decide who considers us a card to play, in their favour. We have to know who is boss in all this, and it’s the Germans and the French. What do they want? Align ourselves accordingly. The Brits are going to go to economic war with them, and we can’t do a switzerland on this one, and be pals with everyone and get hurt by noone. Nobody in a war likes a neutral country, and little is there to stop war happening against that country by one side or another. War, as explained above, is not really about tanks and infantry, but deploying resources to weaken the other stae and coerce a new normal to the advantage of one side or another.

        As for “stay well away from the UK”

        I mean Irish cabinet and diplomats, not the rank and file citizens. The gods are at play now, Michael. Tossing thunderbolts and whatnot. Our gods better align with the stronger gods. Otherwise we get drafted into something we don’t want to be a part of. If there were some sort of alliance between UK and Ireland… what would happen in a negotiation? Sides will be taken and lines will be drawn. And the UK leaders will see us as the guy did in Braveheart, arrows are expensive. send in the Irish.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “We have to know who is boss in all this, and it’s the Germans and the French. What do they want? Align ourselves accordingly.”

          There is one problem with that though: those countries who did ally with any of them two found themselves becoming a reservoir of cheap labour, subject to brain drain and with economies not competitive to their economies due to hostile takeovers; also absorbing the financial risk of the likes of Deutsche Bank, so in debt.

          The Bertie era was an era of Germany’s increased influence on Europe – and an era of Irelang going into a massive debt and brain drain.

          Like I said, out of every euro Germany pays to Visegrad Group in their EU subsidy, 125 cents comes back to them – and that even NOT COUNTING the membership fee V4 pays and massive tax cheating of German and French companies in those countries.

          Of course, Ireland got a much better deal on being the EU member – but these were totally different times, and besides, EEA was then partly driven by the US baby-boomers.

          How would Ireland evaluate her alliance with the Carolingian Europe had her economic growth gone down from 8% to 2%, and theunemployement shoot up from 10% to 25% – which is what happened since Poland started to implement the laws Germany and France found fit for it?

          The Polish lorry driver died because the Germans introduce discriminatory practices towards Polish companies – they order them to wait overnight for unloading without offering any protection, while the German lorries are unloaded first and can do a few other courses.

          And there is the geopolitical thing – while alliance with Germany made some sense for Ireland in Kohl’s Atlantic Germany, now Germany has allied itself with Russia and China (i.e. Nordstream 2).

          In such orientation, with the Silk Road 2.0 in the horizon which – if implemented – will REVERT THE ECONOMIC DUOALISM ON ELBE, this would make Germany-allied Ireland GEOGRAPHICALLY THE WORST LOCATED COUNTRY IN EUROPE, at the end of the trade chain (because this alliance renders the Atlantic route obsolete).

          In comparison, countries like Japan or South Korea (or West Germany) had in fact benefited from the alliance with the US.

          The question of Britain is a different cup of tea.

          I think that Ireland should indeed ally itself with the UK, but only because that would make her attractive for the US plan to disrupt Dugin’s Eurasian plan (Europe left to Germans, allied with Russia and China).


          Unlike David McWilliams – who m i s s e d the fact that England accused Ireland of tax cheating – the US/UK/Scandinavia/V4 allied Ireland should:

          a) ALWAYS bearn in mind that historically England is – after France – the least loyal of all big players.
          b) Try to COMPETE with England for the interest of the US rather than console oneself with that sentimental illusion “we are the Atlantic race and the cousins of the English” – yes, and so f…g what?! You should marry a guy with the best manners, smarts and car in town – not your effing cousin!!! (do you know that west Slavs are genetically more related to Prussians than to Russians (who are a mixture of Slavs, Mongols, Ugrofinns, and Normans) – they share 50% of their haplogroup (because Prussian towns were all, in first millenium, established by west Slavs, who settled as far as the river Elbe).

          Did it make Prussians and Poles the best neighbours? Ehm… Wahrscheinlich nein.

          I think I have given very serious arguments that should be taken into account by those in power.

          And David should STOP writing how much Ireland NEEDS Britain even if I (mostly) agree with him – people in Europe read that and THIS MAKE IRELAND APPEAR WEAK, NEEDY AND DEPENDENT. Would Chuchill have won had he been repeated to Hitler how much he needs peace???!!!

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Sorry that I skipped politeness, but I am rushing with my typing and I am trying to put them in case any Irish politicians read them before they go to Berlin/London/Washington/Paris, roll over, and say: “we love you, we need you, we cannot do without you. You can all colonise us if yous want, we just want one thing – to hear that we are an Atlantic race and that you all love us: for that we’ll even learn God Save the Queen and Horst Wessel Lied”.

          David says that the concept of nation states is obsolete in the age of global trade chains.
          There is no global trade chain – there two competing global trade chains – the US and Chinese/Russian/German: rimland v heartland, with a shared area of shared interest and hostilty at the same time (Malacca Straight), which – when the Silk Road 2.0 is completed – will diverge and enter into conflict.

          That’s not Realpolitik.

          Many thanks for the compliment.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “That’s not Realpolitik.” – to reapeat slogans “we are the Atlantic culture”: yes, but who cares about that apart from the Irish? – the British do not care (hence them being a Trojan horse of China in the EU), and if the US cared, they would organise the Dalkey – US – China energy and security conference in Dubrovnik, not US – China – 12 eastern and central European countries conference.

            And China would not organise China + 32 counties conference in Warsaw: not China + 16.

          • Exactly right Grzegorz – they are subservient, craven imbeciles.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Enda in London to Prime Minister Theresa May:

            “Dear Theresha, pleash let me tell yee dat…”

            Ms May: “that you desperately need us and would do everything to hear from us you are an Atlantic race – even continue becoming a dumping ground for our food that noonne else would buy – yes, I know that: I read that in Mr McWilliams’ latest column – this is the 40th time this year he said you are gagging for us;
            pray, sit down – how would you like to be colonised? Because with Mr Rudi Guilliani not stopping in London or Dublin on his way from Warsaw, we can only offer you a joint colonisation with Jerries: we flog you our agriculture, Sky Sportsk, and alcohol (which will also make you helpless), and the Jerries will lend you money to buy it – we won’t bother with bilateral relations on this occasion, I am afraid”.
            ;-) :-(

  35. Pat Flannery

    X Pat: excellent post. I agree with everything you said.

  36. McCawber

    Will ECB cease QE this year.
    Will ECB raise interest rates this year.

  37. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I have to say something I thought I’ll never ever say: a very good letter by the well known Holocaust liar Dr Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale (not to confuse with Dr Kevin McCarthy from UCC Cork):


    As you can see, I am an extremely fair person, and would probably make a good albeit very strict Judge (though I’d much rather be the Education Minister).

    I totally agree, and would like to add this: all small countries in Middle East suffered upheavals, Islam springs, and coups, except one: Jordan.

    I wonder why? Surely not because Jordan has signed an agreement with Israel in 1994?

  38. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    How do u feel about the likes of the videos that offer up on youtube.com for the following search terms ?
    Polish AND Harry Enfield AND comedy
    Is there any truth in the depiction of Polish women within those “words & actions in jest” ?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I love Cafe Polski! I find them very funny. Of course, the depiction of Polish girls there is massively exaggerated (which is what makes it so funny), and these are English actresses, so they cannot really speak Polish (the only actors ever who could speak Polish sentence perfectly were Meryl Streep and Daniel Bruehl), but it’s deffinitely based on some true features of Polish girls (more those from small towns).

      So there is some truth in it, although frankly speaking, Truthist, I am not the most competent person to talk about the current generation of Polish women as I have drifted away from my native culture (due to the lenght of emigration and the fact that there was period when I did not visit Poland and did not live with Poles for 7 years straight) so much so that people in Poland now use words I do not know because the language has evolved (I am now trying to reimmerse myself in the Polish culture and initiate some contacts with people in Poland, including my college friend who became a minister).

      My long-term relations in life were (chronologically):
      1. Czech (Prague).
      2. German (Berlin).
      3. German (Leipzig).
      4. Russian (Petersburg, and that was a treesome relation anyway).
      5. Derry IRA-family girl.
      6. Welsh (played for the Welsh women national rugby team)
      7. Irish (I won’t reveal cause it’s small).
      8. Polish – but she was not typical, because
      8.1 She was from Warsaw.
      8.2 She worked for Lufthansa.
      8.3 Her father was high-ranked in the Polish army and her mum worked in secret service.
      8.4 Both her parents suddenly died last year and since then, she cut off all contacts with me and I never heard of her again.

      So I do not the prime expert on Polish women…

      • Truthist

        Typical expat Polish men are more warm & friendly than Polish women.
        Typical expat Polish women appear rude initially — but could be due to foreigner’s unfamiliarity with mannerisms etc. that are not actually rude or close to it ; But, … 8-) could be a touch true ? — but, quickly warm to an approach that reassures them that this foreign interlocutor can be trusted as OK.
        Anyway, Poland is a very big country + with very big population + with variety of ethnic groups.
        So, there are more than 1 “typical”.
        Please do not feel tempted to reply with lengthy more reliable answer ;
        Yes / No or some other apt word will suffice for Q.s 1. & 2. above.
        Personally, I would be much more interested in learning if u found my posts for instance about x] English Channel game that London can play against Carolingian Group, & y] the significance of Port of Cork geo-politically & z] my assertion as to what Irish State’s & later a united & free & “fair” Ireland’s “foreign” policy should be ; I wish for Pacifist + Neutral militarily & with firm & diplomatic telling of the truth from Irish Christian perspective [ if we not yet fully atheist / satanic ( Occult / Satanism is actually quite rife in Ireland among Irish + foreigners ) ] ?
        Again, short answer is sufficient.
        U can always return to give fuller answers even in another discussion.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          1. Deffo. Because historically women had higher position in Poland than in any European country except Italy, they are like little princesses, and now they expect men to be both breadwinners and tolerant/gentle/sensitive.
          On the other hand, they are greatly responsible.
          2. Polish diaspora is quoite diffident compared to Irish or Spanish because for 70 years, it has been subjected to huge amount of commi spies sent there to report on them.
          3. Poles can be largely divided into:

          a) Wielkopolska region type – loyal, entrepreneurial, serious, clean, resillient, conservative.
          b) Mazovian region – full of fantasy, humour, courage, improvisation, not so clean, liberal.
          c) Malopolska region – very polite, formal, warm, stedy, valuing stability, clean, conservative.
          d) Silesia – extremely hard working, loyal, conservative, valuing cleanliness to the extent of that being a favourite pasttime.
          f) east fringes – messy, very warm, very joyfull, loving talking a lot, improvisational.
          g) Warsaw (part of Masovia, but separate – people of the world, arrogant, pushy, intelligent, cunning, bossy, clean, trying to be better than the rest, universally hated in Poland due to them being more often than not children of the high-up commis.
          h) Mountain people. Simple, extremely conervative, very distrustful, courageous to a point of insanity, honorable to a point of criminality, best workers (except for their very spoiled women – each has a family in the US and they never got to know the poverty of socialism).

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “the significance of Port of Cork geo-politically ”

          It would be immensely significant had Ireland have a navy to guarantee the freedom of navigation (Cork – North Sea – Baltic – Vistula – Danub – Aegean Sea – China/India).

      • Truthist

        Irish = dirty
        “Irish man’s shower ; A good few sprays of deodorant”
        Understandable while we — the owners of the country ; And, this clearly stated in Irish Constitution — still await ;
        “Immediate giving to all citizens, departed from home-rearing, the transfer of public property as private property into the name of 1 citizen each as optimum physically transferable home space.
        Private Property Rights now for all Irish Citizens departed from home-rearing.

  39. The choice of the EU or UK is a superficial one. What of the disintegrating relations between the peripheral and core EU countries. What was supposed on the surface to be a trading arrangement has morphed , predictably, into a pressed political union. No EU state has sovereignty. The central banking monopolistic policies of the ECB have harmed more than benefitted people. Debt and associated poverty is spreading quickly.

    The poverty affects those on the periphery of the economy. This involves whole states and those people in the bottom 80% economically even in the so called affluent states. Consequently we see the dispossessed making their opinions felt at the ballot box. We see dissention rife throughout Europe, even in the core states.

    The results so far are Greek and Italian bank bankruptcy having to be bailed out, we see Brexit and we see marginal nationalist parties making rapid gains in the poles. It looks from this vantage point that the EU in its current form is toast and about to disintegrate.

    As far as Britain is concerned , there is a major advantage, she has her own currency and banking system. (I do not agree with the central banking ponzi scheme money system) which allows a retention of sovereignty not available to other countries.

    So what is a country like Ireland to do. There are numerous statements about how well Ireland did on joining the EU and became the Irish tiger economy. Closer examination revealed that it was a credit bonfire economy. Tons of debt based credit money was shovelled into the furnace of the economy. It burned furiously for a while and then flamed out. Left were the smouldering ashes of a doubled national debt and people all over bankrupted. The economy is largely subjected to foreign banking interests and a foreign bureaucracy making all the rules. Local government, so called national government, seems to be impotent.

    The important choice to make is that of deciding who is going to make the rules.
    Do you allow the EU and the ECB to dominate? Do you hitch a ride on the UK coat tails? Do you become an independent nation with its own currency, its own national policies and independent thought and action.

    Me?, I would opt for the third option and discard the other two offered in this discussion. Fortune favours the bold. I emigrated with nothing but a travel chest, a ticket and some pocket change. I worked, I saved, I lived and prospered and failed. I have my regrets but not about being my own person living and surviving on my own merits. I was an individual but from time to time I made alliances for mutual benefit. If the benefit eroded I moved on. A country must do the same or be absorbed to anonymity.

    • Pat Flannery

      Tony Brogan: Your premise is that there is a third option available to Ireland like the option available to you personally to strike out on your own from England to Canada in the 60s. Can that premise be sustained?

      I don’t think there is a similar option available to Ireland mainly because while you were able to move yourself to a new physical location, Ireland can not.

      Ireland has always been physically blocked from intercourse with the Continent by a self-interested Britain. The jet engine and fiber optic cable has provided access to the Continent without going through Britain. I think this new fuller relationship with the Continent is the natural choice of the majority of people living on the island, whether immigrants or natives.

      As for Ireland’s sovereignty and who makes the rules, I think the European option provides the best chance of participating in making rules that would not be forever waived by Britain. Ireland has a saying and a deep belief that when it comes to Ireland “Britannia waives the rules”.

      • Britannia waives the rules”.
        Nice one Pat.
        The point is Pat not that I moved but that I considered options and took one that was totally different to all those around me giving advice.
        A sovereign country has to be sovereign to survive. One with a currency dominated by others, owned by others, is not sovereign.
        That is the first thing.
        The second thing
        and The third thing.

        Without sovereignty there is nothing. There are no decisions to make as a nation. All is gone. Welcome to Serfdom. I suppose that after 800 years it is hard to break the habit. Most of the entrepreneurial , enterprising, individualistic, self possessed, oddballs have all left over the centuries.

        There is no reason why the rules have to be made by anyone else. Even within the EU trade is not automatic. One has to produce in order to have something to sell to others. With modern transportation around the globe, the world is yours to take as you wish. If NZ could export its lamb to the UK then Ireland can export its beef. Horses used to be a good earner because of the Irish genius on the racecourses of the world. Irish trained and Irish bred often paid off at the bookies against other considerations.

        Your communications observation opens up the world not just to avoiding Briton and getting to europe. It gives access to the world.

        Ireland must have its own currency and not tied to any one else’s currency.
        It needs to scrap its central bank.
        It needs to buy silver and back its currency with a tangible asset. Even partly backed is better.
        It needs to repeal the legal tender laws. Even if people want to use the EURO or Pound themselves they should be able to. Even bitcoin or US dollars if chosen.
        Use Treasury to produce the national currency. At least it would be debt free without interest charged.
        At different times in sports Ireland with determination can beat the world.
        Rugby teams have won the Triple crown. Boxers have won many olympic medals.
        Ryanair rules the skies.

        Just go for it.

        From Napoleon Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’,

        “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”

        • Harry Ferguson revolutionised agriculture. I learned to drive on the TED20. I was not yet 10 years old, and had to stand up to operate the clutch.


          He should be an Irish National Hero.


          Harry Ferguson became the first Irishman to fly and the first citizen of the United Kingdom to build and fly his own aeroplane.[4][5]

        • Pat Flannery

          Tony Brogan: ok, so you want to concentrate on sovereignty. Then what exactly is it?

          Thomas Paine insisted that the people governed are the only legitimate SOURCE of sovereignty. He particularly hated any theory of sovereignty based on an aristocracy, such as the British theory of monarchical sovereignty. But it really doesn’t matter because in a democracy sovereignty (however sourced) is exercised by a representative government.

          Therefore I would argue that Ireland’s sovereignty is not affected by any action of any Irish Government provided that such government action is within the constitutional limits imposed on government by the (always sovereign) people of Ireland.

          To make Ireland’s sovereignty dependent upon one policy issue, such as the form of currency to be used as legal tender, is an intellectual overreach. However important or emotive the issue of the national currency may be, it has no effect on a country’s sovereignty. Nor is any other single policy issue.

          • “To make Ireland’s sovereignty dependent upon one policy issue, such as the form of currency to be used as legal tender, is an intellectual overreach”


            “Sovereignty is understood in jurisprudence as the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity.

            That is close to my understanding of a sovereign nation.
            When one actually studies the history of money rather than abstractedly using it day to day one realizes the extraordinary power it has over day to day life.
            Trade has been an important part of the accumulation of wealth and wellbeing of mankind for several thousand years. Trade if done according to mutually agreeable conduct between the parties benefits all sides to the transaction or the trade will not take place.
            It becomes an imperative that when a medium of exchange is used rather than direct barter, that the medium of exchange be reliable and trustworthy. Not only does it act a s a medium of exchange but it is a measurement of value. Peoples that continue to trade with each other continue to jointly benefit. Sometimes that medium of exchange will act as a store of wealth and id used for enacting a purchase of goods that later are refined into anther product that is then sold or traded to a third or fourth party.

            Decisions are made on the basis of the measurement constant. That is the money , as it is now become, is the yardstick for the measurement of the value of the goods and services in the marketplace at any given moment.

            It can readily be seen that those with money have wealth. Those who counterfeit money are attempting to trade false money for goods of value. counterfeiters have always been dealt with harshly as they strike at the heart and root of fair trade with is the basis of prosperity to those involved. It needs to not be easy to counterfeit money or the money supply would appear to expand and thus the value diluted. people unsure as to whether or not they are using counterfeit money will if possible use another money and resist the chance of being given fraudulent money for their hard worked for goods and services. On the other hand those who are successful in the fraud and in the counterfeit have robbed those they have conned.

            Nations built up laws to protect the honesty in the trade. This was enforced internally and externally. Theft of any kind was severely dealt with. A sovereign nation as defined is in control of its own laws and conduct and seeks to protect its citizens from such malignancies wherever they originate.

            Over time for reasons not expounded here states and their politicians have given the control of the heretofore sovereign money over to the control of bankers. In addition to being given a monopoly on the production of money, previously a private non state enterprize, and are also made the harbingers of the nations wealth. In addition as the state bank, now called a central bank, can make independent monetary policy, the state handed over soverenty to the bankers. The directors of the central banks now make independent policy and although the chairman and the officers of the bank can be appointed by the government there is no direct government direction on monetary policy. In many cases these central banks main shareholders are in fact the commercial banks who run the commercial lending affairs of the nation.

            A curious fact of these central banks is that originally the paper script issued used to be backed by the national savings base, the gold, that they looked after on behalf of the people. But as bankers will, they used the system of fractional reserve and issued many more notes than could be allegedly backed by the gold on hand.
            This is direct fraud as all the notes were said to be redeemable for gold. This practice was legalized by the politicians and so now the fraud was sanctioned by the state. Inevitably there was a run on the central banks as redemptions outpaced the ability to obtain the gold and so then the currency script was legalized as not being redeemable for anything.

            This has resulted in the amount of script being produced having nothing to do with representing anything of value at all. In addition to the central bankers fractional reserve banking practices being legal the practice was legally extended to the commercial banks. It is common by all accounts for issued currency to be 20-50 times reserves. Whereas in the past all these notes pretended to be redeemable now there is no such pretence.

            The original central banks were set up to loan money to government directly or to commercial banks to bolster the banks reserves. This new money was originally loan on the basis of the deposit of the nations wealth. The practice of issuing new money into existence as a loan continues. As does the practice of charging interest on these loans. So we arrive at the time and place where 97% of all money, currency, is issued as a loan at interest, and backed by nothing at all.

            We are at a place in time where the money is so unstable that it no longer acts as a store of value. Because of this it no longer acts as effective medium of exchange or a measure of value. The result is a misallocation of resources both physical and financial. Trade patterns are no longer fair but unbalanced.

            Governments left with only fiscal responsibilities pass more rules and regulations trying to manipulate the imbalances to balance and they manipulate the statistics to pretend things are better than they really are.

            Governments are in control of nothing. The banks have the reins of the economies and are steadily indebting the peoples of the earth to the statues of economic serfs. The financial wealth is being syphoned off by the bankers Aladin money.

            It is past time the nation exerted control of the monetary system.
            Close the central banks.
            Issue a nations money for directly from treasury at no interest.
            Repeal the legal tender laws.
            Reintroduce precious metal coin into circulation as money valued by the market and denominated in weight and purity only.

            A country, all countries, must regain their national sovereignty by gaining control of the money system.

            Without a trusted medium of exchange, and money that is a store of value we are doomed to economic and social collapse.

          • Truthist


            That reply to u just underneath by Tony — Tony Brogan January 6, 2017 at 8:21 am — is “a waste of space”.
            It should not be there.
            It is writing on the margins.
            It is a waste of space because it is in a waste of space.
            Rather, it should be a new post ;
            Occupying new space where it would not be in a waste of space & thus a waste of space.
            Pat, that reply u got is one that I will refer to again & again & again ;
            Because, it is the best bit of succinct writing I have yet come across treating :
            the Sound Money FACT
            the Bankster Scam Bundle.
            That reply is THE TRUTH !
            Pat, it is ur patriotic duty as an Irish man to pursue the overwhelming combination logic + righteousness + love of that reply.
            If u have “mind-blocks” in understanding any of it, then do not be lazy & a coward to refrain from asking for explanations.
            I suggest that 1st u get to understand the reasons why Gold & Silver [ Silver as close, or parallel, choice for substance to be used ] are the only options for to be actual Money, & that anything else is “crass”.
            Tony is the best on the internet for to explain the Sound Money FACT.
            Pat, u are a highly intelligent man & wise to the hypocrites that play the game at mass etc. of my religion [ Catholicism ] & gutsy enough to say something stinks about the Department of Health with its overpaid & under-worked & ineffective typical nurses [ And, really, all the typicals of the other staff also ] ;
            So, there no excuses to be accepted for u to not launch into this challenge.
            If u shy away ;
            ==> City of London triumphs over another Irish coward.

    • Truthist

      100 % agree.
      And, very nice man that Pat Flannery is — & also very good “public service” he has done thus far In exposing x] the Department of Health & its medical staff as grossly over-paid & under-worked & y] the significance of Securities versus Derivatives in the whole Bankster Scam Bundle — Pat in being a true patriotic Irish man should :
      wake himself up that Ireland needs its own sovereign currency
      And, it should be materially Gold & Silver AND in the hands of the people.
      Thus, specifically “Money” in the hands of the people.
      wake himself up that European powers — Pope Adrian 4th [ English ] encouraged Henry 2 to invade Ireland, the Dreadful Few’s banksters enconsed in Holland bank-rolled Cromwell to invade Ireland with English & “Macbethian” Scotties & genocide 2/3rds of the Irish population ; Burnings to death, destruction of crops so as to inflict death by famine, put 10,000′s — perhaps 100,000′s — into slavery to Caribbean & Pat’s beloved USA’s part of North America & sold into slavery in Middle East, & banishment to Connaght if not to Hell, & destruction of Catholic religion, & the banksters again of Europe bank-rolled William of Orange to re-invade Ireland with more “Macbethian” Scotties, & the Freemasons of Europe despise us so much for being traditionally a Christian & moreso a Catholic nation that they tricked us into the EU by stealth & are now showing their true colours, e.g. Jean Claude Trichet’s threat to Min. for Finance Mr. Noonan that if Irish State “burn the Bondholders”, as much implored by David that we do so, well then the EU / European Freemasonry’s European Jig-saw project will “b..mb” Dublin.

  40. Fake News.
    Russians hacked US elections.
    CIA may be under control of elites and banksters and not the US government.


  41. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    Great book to have always at ready access by ur desk ;
    When Cultures collide
    Richard D. Lewis
    I believe that it is best to get softback version as against any other version [ incl. Kindle ]
    Unless, the Kindle version is used on A4 sized e-book reader.

  42. Truthist

    Is not that phrase “Neo-Con” a cop-out ?
    And, I say this even though I have used it myself a number of times just to be agreeable with u while I try to get u to read on so as to consider my argument.
    Still, I consider my own created terms “Neo-Fascist” & “Neo-Zio-Fascists” as accurate & useful atimes.
    OK, back to the term “Neo-Con”.
    “Fox” TV Channels — owned by enemy of Ireland & friend of Mr. Bertie Ahern “Mr. Rupert Murdoch” [ Media Kingpin of UK inter alia ] are said to be the voice of the “Neo-Cons”, & plain old conservatives of USA.
    Take a look at this highlighted by concerned Henry Makow of henrymakow.com ;

    Thu 5 Jan 2017

    New low: FOX uses kids to promote Planned Parenthood, homosexuality, transgenderism in obscene comedy

    Fox , Planned Parenthood , Sexual Morality , The Mick , Transgender , Vulgarity

    WARNING: The story includes links to Fox video trailers containing vulgar material.

  43. Truthist



    Are the Aging Elite “Feasting On Young Blood” ?
    Rockefeller Research Advanced Eternal Quest


    Though it seems like science fiction, it is, in fact, based in reality.

    Some of the wealthiest foundations on the planet have sponsored on-going research that dates back to the 1950s where-in scientists attempted to transfuse the vital, healthy blood of young individuals into older, and more fatigued recipients.

    And apparently, it has demonstrated considerable positive effects – at least in lab studies with mice.

    Nonetheless, the treatments are already taking place in selects labs in some of the most expensive area codes on the map, and where the elite seek methods and procedures for delaying death for as long as possible.

    It’s creepy, but happening.


    And, more here ;


  44. Truthist

    Seriously, could u ever imagine Mr. Me-hole Martin ever able to host such a media program as does the great Mr. Ron Paul does here ?

    Iran :
    The Inside Story

    Ron Paul Liberty Report


    Published on Sep 7, 2016

    What is it like to be a Jewish citizen of Iran ?
    Today’s Liberty Report speaks with an Iranian-American of Jewish background who just spent three months in Iran.
    His take on Iran is far different from what the neocons want us to believe.
    His experiences might surprise you.

  45. Pat Flannery

    Tony Brogan & Truthist:

    You both conflate national sovereignty with money. I would argue that there is no such thing as “sovereign money” and that states have NOT handed over national sovereignty to bankers.

    As best I can understand the source of your particular sovereignty concept, it seems to come from this (dubious) explanation in Wikipedia: “Sovereignty is understood in jurisprudence as the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies.” It is that last phrase “without any interference from outside sources or bodies” that I would dispute.

    With regard to this conflation of money and sovereignty the “outside sources or bodies” I would remind you of are the currency markets. You both seem to yearn for a single-currency world, based on gold, where all non-gold-based currencies as considered counterfeit, thereby delegitimizing the existing currency markets.

    I would argue that fair trade is demonstrably achievable without gold provided there are free currency markets to establish the relative value of each currency. Such free currency markets discount all known strengths and weaknesses of an individual currency.

    The flaws you (justifiably) point out in the current money system do not delegitimize non-gold currencies. These flaws merely reflect deficiencies in implementation e.g. loose fractional reserve practices and so-called quantitative easing.

    So, don’t underestimate the money system we currently have; don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. The current system works! It gives us robust world trade, even (for better or worse) globalization.

    The important thing to refute is that governments have NOT been displaced by bankers, that governments (for better or worse) have merely EMPOWERED bankers, as they routinely empower many other non-government entities. Such routine empowerment is merely legitimate policy-making by governments, not a transference of national sovereignty.

    Yes, government action reduces the sovereignty of individual citizens. That happens every time a government enacts a law that restricts its people in any way. In the matter of empowering bankers it is no more than a form of privatization, differing only in degree of impact from the privatization of a local ambulance service or a road toll.

    • You still refuse to acknowledge the fact that all current fiat currencies are issued as loans. These loans are at interest. you also fail to address the fact that the money is created at will from nothing. you refuse to understand the power that this gives to the issuer.
      you do not understand that the governments have ceded the creation of money to the bankers who in turn reap the benefit of the issuance of the money.
      you refuse to acknowledge the fact that government can issue the same money , without being a debt and at no interest.
      That is we can be issued money that is of no cost to the economy rather than what we have which is destroying the economy.

      The only problem with government issued money is that it too can be unlimited leading to destruction of the currency in the same way as the present fiat currency is losing value daily.

      Ultimately it is imperative that money be based on an international standard. National currencies will float up and down in value but the measure of value must be rock solid and not subject to change. It must act as a yardstick or a depth gauge. It cannot for instance be the floating value of the US dollar which in turn has no anchor. It worked for a while 1944 -1971 when the US dollar was tied as a value to gold, but greed got the upper hand and now the monetary system is floating without root or anchor.

      The only substance determined by man to be able to do that is gold. Every empire has allowed overspending and greed to destroy its currency. The powers of the day have always diluted and debased the coinage , that is they have always inflated the currency. The mismanagement and the destruction of the currency has always resulted in the loss of empire and the destruction of civilization of the time.

      Welcome to the 21st century and the demise of western civilization for the same reasons.

      “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

      • Pat Flannery

        Tony Brogan: I see everything you see, I just react to it differently. I do understand that “all current fiat currencies are issued as loans”. I do understand that “governments have ceded the creation of money to the bankers who in turn reap the benefit of the issuance of the money.” But I also understand that to be legitimate government policy, however much you or I might disagree with it.

        As to the matter of interest accruing to the issuer, which in many cases is a non-government entity, like a central or commercial bank, that is also legitimate government policy, however much you or I might disagree with it. This widespread policy continues to give the world free trade and globalization.

        The fact is that whenever a government empowers an organization with a license or any form of entitlement, that organization may reap a legitimate profit. Why are banks any different? Should all profits (from oil, gas, transportation, electricity generation etc., etc.) revert to governments? I don’t think you would want that.

        With regard to determining “value” you say that the floating US dollar has no anchor. I see it differently. The dollar (or any other currency) is worth what the currency markets say it is worth. That is its anchor. I therefore disagree with the notion of establishing (and imposing) some arbitrary international standard such as the value of gold (however that might be determined). That value system failed and was abandoned, probably forever.

        Civilization has moved on. It will not collapse for lack of a measure of value which is “rock solid and not subject to change” as you seek. I doubt there is any such thing. The free currency markets system has proven to be a much better system of measuring value than any “rock solid” substance such as gold.

        • ” I therefore disagree with the notion of establishing (and imposing) some arbitrary international standard.” Pat Flannery

          That is exactly what the gov/central bankers do. They impose an arbitrary value on the fiat currency. At the same time the independent measure of value is not allowed to obtain a market value as the same powers attempt to fix a value on the Precious metals.

          Firstly, all currency notes are arbitrarily stamped with a number, as a designated value.
          Secondly they take an ounce of gold or silver and likewise stamp it with an arbitrary value. In the case of the one ounce silver it has $5 stamped. In the case of gold it has $50 stamped.

          In neither the first case nore the second does this establish value. In the case of fiat currency it constantly looses value. A dollar is no longer worth a dollar. It habitually takes more and more of the currency to obtain a good or service. In effect the good and service seems to cost more but in general that good or service has not changed in value. An apple is an apple (the fruit, that is), a bus ride is a bus ride and so on. Why do the prices appear to continually go up. When the good or service has not changed the market generally prices it according to the supply and demand but overall the prices remain constant.
          Now we look at the precious metals, the natural choice as money over the millennia, and we find the stamped value being exceeded. The gov/bank stamp on the coin is now vastly undervaluing the value assigned by the market. The silver $5 which was correct only 20 years ago is now valued at $17US and $22 CAD. Why is this as we know the basic value of the goods and services have not changed.
          It is a fact that the fiat bank money is loosing value and the PM money is retaining value. It costs close to the same amount of metal money to buy goods over the centuries as it does today.
          The banks can create the fiat paper money in any amount that they wish. They own it. They profit from it, they get obscenely rich from it. Most people get poorer from using it.
          Meanwhile the PM money is disparaged and artificially driven down in value by the use of paper derivatives. Specifically using what is called bare naked shorts (I am sure you are familiar with) and with the use of more Fractional reserve banking as 300 ounces gold is sold when there is only one ounce available. The sales are paper entries and there is no physical gold to back the transaction were delivery of the physical gold to be called for. Any other business would be deemed a criminal enterprise with such actions.
          In no regard do the regulatory agencies take any action. They have an enquiry and dismiss it. Why? Because the agency is corrupted by the force of the coercion of government and the power of bribery of money.
          Because of the distortions in the value of the fiat currency Interest rates are artificially low, The amount of debt suffocatingly high. (all fiat money is an iou, a debt, as you agree). The real measures of value, the honest incorruptible money, the gold and silver, show artificially lower values as stamped on the coin and the bullion as driven down on the new York and London markets. The recent opening of the Shanghai bullion market does not allow paper transaction. It is a physical market only and is beginning to pressure the pricing of the paper market places.
          All this manipulation of the value of money, create huge distortions and misallocation of goods and services. The economy becomes overloaded with supply here and short there. people have used artificially low costs of debt to raise demand of financial assets and housing. Housing, bonds and stocks are at unsustainable bubble levels and all time high valuations in fiat currency but not as measured by gold.

          Returning to a rule of law: Removing the ponzi scheme fiat money system: Removing the fractional reserve banking system: Removing the manipulation of the markets by the use of unlimited paper derivatives: Returning to a properly functioning market place: would be returning to a stable economic system of productivity and growth.

          We do not have a free market currency system as you claim. There is an overt policy of currency manipulation by all governments to derive a temporary advantage in having a lower valued currency. As the currencies are systematically devalued the cost of everything for the average person rises inexorably.

          We are in a race to the bottom of devaluation of currencies. This is a race of currency expansion by all nations just to keep up. This results in an expansion of debt worldwide. To hide the results that are exposed , price inflation, debt suffocation, hyperinflation etc. by the one true value post, gold, gold is systematically attacked and ridiculed.

          The value of gold Is not arbitrarily set as you suggest but is set as a function of the free market.

          Eventually the distorted managed part of the economy will collapse leaving the market place supreme. Then we will see the true values exposed. Debt will not be paid, assets will vapourize, a huge transfer of wealth will take place.

          The measurement of all things financial and economic will revert to gold and it will be seen that the the relative value of goods and services is relatively the same as it has always been and the artificial construct of fiat debt based money will be exposed for the fraud it is. People are already in revolt because of the result of the use of artificial constraints and the fraud and deceit of the fiat money system. They will soon see the stealth tax of inflation and the serfdom of current economic policies recognised for what they are.

          They are an attempt to enthrall, enslave, the world under the dictates of a monolithic one world government. The objective is slavery of the many by the elite few. Few agree with that objective, Pat.

          • “Family and Politics”

            Susan and I rented a house in Delray Beach, FL for a few weeks in December and January and flew our entire family down from Minnesota to escape the cold weather for a week. It was the first time in quite a few years that we got all of our kids and grand children together at one time, and it was wonderful.

            It was also an eye-opener for me. Our family is split between liberals and conservatives. Andy and I represent the conservative branch and my daughter Betsy and her youngest daughter are the diehard liberals.

            What I came to understand, after a week of living together, is that the two viewpoints are not compatible and there is virtually no hope that either side will come around to embrace the opposite views. That is a reality I suspect many of our readers have also concluded from their family experiences. –David Schectman


    • With regard to this conflation of money and sovereignty the “outside sources or bodies” I would remind you of are the currency markets. You both seem to yearn for a single-currency world, based on gold, where all non-gold-based currencies as considered counterfeit, thereby delegitimizing the existing currency markets.

      Nobody suggested any such thing. Read what is actually said instead of surmising. Currencies are not counterfeit but they require an ever expanding base to allow the earlier borrowers to have the currency available to pay the interest on the borrowed money. As such they fit the strict definition of a Ponzi scheme and thus are a criminal enterprise under general law. In addition the faractional resrve banking system is a criminal enterprise. In what other business other than banking can you create a product from nothing and in addition sell 10-100 times the amount of stock on hand in the expectation that you will not have to deliver the goods. That is a banker. They are legalized criminal enterprises. so are the central banks. so is the Bank of International Settlements, so is the IMF and so is the World Bank.
      I suggest you examine the operations of the banking operations listed above and see if you can prove those assertions and facts are incorrect. You will not be able to. I can guarantee that!!

      It reminds me of the quote I gave a while back here and from a time when trying to explain to my son why people do not see what is written or suggest things are said which in fact are not.

      “People only see what they expect to see, they only hear what they expect to hear. Only believe half of what you read and a quarter of what you hear. Go and get another opinion or more and the truth will be revealed to you. ”

      It is time for you, and everyone else who has not yet,to read “The creature from Jekyll Island” by G Edward Griffin and the “Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins



      • Pat Flannery

        Tony Brogan: good luck with that. As I said, I have a different view.

      • For you Pat. In your case I guess there is truth tho the statement Ignorance is bliss!!

        These are the guys who run the world.

        It’s essentially the “too big to fail” argument laid out in scientific setting — only instead of just the U.S. banks, we’re talking about an international cabal of banks and financial institutions so intertwined that they pose a serious threat to global economics.

        And instead of “too big to fail,” we’re looking at “too connected to fail”…

        Glattfelder contends that “a high degree of interconnectivity can be bad for stability, because stress can spread through the system like an epidemic.”

        Industrialist Henry Ford once quipped, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

        It’s one thing to have suspicions that someone is working behind the scenes to control the world’s money supply. It’s quite another to have scientific evidence that clearly supports it…

        Just another reason to stay on the Outside.

        Jimmy Mengel


        • Pat Flannery

          Tony Brogan: I am very happy to remain blissfully ignorant of conspiracies about “Who Really Controls the World” as imagined by people like Jimmy Mengel.

          It is hard enough to keep track of the real world without worrying about the imaginings of such people.

          I guess in medieval times they could merely tell their neighbors about the voices they heard, now they can put it all on the Internet, with graphs no less. I suppose we will always have dragons in one form or another.

          • As Jo Friday says on Dragnet, “Just the facts ma’m, just the facts”. No conspiracies please.

            Eustace Mullins on “the Secrets of the Federal Reserve.


          • I have been pondering the use of the word Conspiracy. It is used often, too often , by those who wish to denigrate the opposing opinion without having to explain their own thinking. It refers to a proclamation of any statement or information, and is simply a way to shut down debate.

            The defense against such an accusation is simple. “What I have said is a fact and is provable. If you disagree then prove me wrong”

            The use of the ‘conspiracy tool’ indicates a closed mind.

          • Pat Flannery

            Tony Brogan: “What I have said is a fact and is provable. If you disagree then prove me wrong”.

            You have it backwards. You must first prove what you have said is a fact before asking somebody to prove it wrong. “Provable” doesn’t cut it.

          • Truthist

            Very fair point Pat.
            And, many times Tony has proven how Currency should / must ONLY be “Money”.
            But, the problem is that most people tune off to actually read his stuff regardless of how well written it is.
            The readership is lazy.
            They would prefer to just be moaning about :
            Banks in general
            Bankers in general

            “Muppets” ;
            Very much from Roy Keane’s — & his witty impressionist Gabriel Rosenstock’s caricature of Roy Keane — oft use of the term as denigration of whomsoever.

            I have exercised moral courage to read all Tony’s posts.
            And, I think Michael Coughlan does the same ;
            Or, at least most of them he reads.
            And, I have critiqued Tony when I felt it necessary ;
            But, never in an ad hominem way.

            Tony’s handle on Sound Money EQUALS IN BREATHTAKING “LOGIC” & “VITAL IMPORTANCE” TO THE IRISH NATION OF IRISH STATE, & THE NORTH EAST OF OUR COUNTRY, & THUS ALL OF THE IRISH ISLES AS ur very own handle on Securitisation being the real & imminent threat versus Derivatives because Securitisation implodes ;
            ==> Derivatives implodes.

            Tony’s handle on Bankster Scam Bundle is very very impressive too Pat.

            Of course Sound Money topic is crucial to :

            BS Bundle existence ;
            Although, BS Bundle can actually exist though with Sound Money only as Treasury Reserves
            “backing” — on assurance basis from ur very “legitimate government” [ See ur post above ] ONLY 8-) — Paper Fiat of no real intrinsic value.

            BS Bundle cessation ;
            BS Bundle will THEORETICALLY* cease to be if Tony’s choicest policy is implemented ;
            But, I contend already that there should be certain modifications so as to ensure its protection & ease of use.
            And, it is still a work in progress for me & others to determine how to really destroy the BS Bundle.
            Tony Brogan actually should be Minister of Finance or Head of Treasury for Irish State or Ireland / Irish Isles ;
            We would be very lucky to get him.
            The Dreadful Few through its proxies Hollyweird, ur friends “the Demo-n-crat Party”, ur nemesis “the Repo-lican Party”, Main-stream Media [ Fox News, CNN, Aljezzera, BBC, France 24, Euro News, RTE, Rupert Murdoch’s newsprints, ur nemesis “the UK”, ur acquaintance only “Germany”, ur acquaintance only France, ur friends “the EU”, ur anti-Irish & anti-Ireland nemesis “the Freemasons”, willing front-man George Sore-ass inter alia — BUT NEVER ISRAEL 8-) — will swiftly destroy any country that “uni-laterally” / “on its own” enacts that policy ;
            Think !
            JFK’s proceeding to back USA Dollars with Silver in advariance to Federal Reserve Bank’s monopoly on issue of currency ;
            And, JFK doing this even when he telling Israel that they must close down their secret, & actually under the desert, nuclear facility at Dimona & give their nuclear arsenal to USA so as to keep Middle East nuke free ;
            Foolish but brave man.
            And, soon, regicided.
            DEAD !

            Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar for Libya & the rest of Africa
            Foolish but brave man.
            And, soon, regicided.
            DEAD !
            And, terrible onslaught upon his people by Sarkozy, Anthony — Charles “Miranda ; Male Prostitute ‘cottaging’ as Transvestite when attending Cambridge University” Lynton — Blair [ ex-PM ; But, still a player is Blair ; Catchy phrase ; But, not as good as ur’s Pat “Britania waives the rules” 8-), Cameron, Merkel, & Obama ;
            Hmm…m !
            I wonder what they all have in common that they act in common ?

  46. There is sovereignty for you. The FED has not had an audit for over 50 years. That is Zero accountability to government.

    “On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Rand Paul reintroduced his Federal Reserve Transparency Act, widely known as the “Audit the Fed” bill, to prevent the Federal Reserve from concealing vital information on its operations from Congress. Eight cosponsors joined Senator Paul on the legislation.

    Representative Thomas Massie (KY-4) has introduced companion legislation, H.R. 24, in the U.S. House.

    “No institution holds more power over the future of the American economy and the value of our savings than the Federal Reserve,” said Sen. Paul, “yet Fed Chair Yellen refuses to be fully accountable to the people’s representatives.”


  47. mike flannelly

    Sound bites say, sure were All responsible.

    Of course there should be quarterly national debt reports.

    What and to whom was the FG/LAB 100bn 2011 to 2016 extra national debt paid?

    Pillar Bankers pensions ? What is their business model ?

    RTE salaries and pensions ? What is their business model ?

    INM through pillar bankers pensions and salaries ? What is their business model ?

    What are the costings for immigration ?

    A Liberal country would ask core questions.

    Plastic Liberals will duck and label core questions.

    In the 70′s we grew up with little house on the prarie and dreams of happy endings.

    Somehow no accountability and media not asking core questions does not seem to be heading for a happy ending.

    I agree with sustainable immigration.
    I dont agree with zero measurement.

    The median Irish wage is 32,000 euro.






    The Irish plastic left say that people with a basic 1970′s Arts degree on 65,000e salaries, plus a menue of 900 top ups and 40,000e per year pension costs are THE GREATEST VICTIMS since 1913.

    In this snapshot of time (2016) the median income in Ireland is 32,000e.






    VICTIMS have to be measured against the median Irish income.

    2017 will be the year of fairness, honesty and hope.

    That or disaster.

    We depend on honest economists when we have economic issues.

    No politics. No witch hunts. Just solutions and call it as it is.

    • mike flannelly


    • mike flannelly

      1980′s Art degrees.

    • Truthist

      Median measured against a corrupt — incl. “out-of-kilter” — socio-economic construct carved out by the personally very very intolerant “so-called” liberal nomenklatura of Irish State.
      Best to measure against the median salary, or else weekly wage, of the typical construction laborer or steel fabricator or farm laborer ;
      Afterall,- “The Laborer deserves his Wages.” ; Luke 10:7
      Please appreciate, Mike, that :
      I appreciate ur objective
      I agree with it
      I agree with ur logic ; But, the basis should not be the very lucrative wages of the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai & modern elitist nurses.

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