December 25, 2016

The year of the outsider

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In 2010, I staged a one-man show with the Abbey Theatre called Outsiders. We had a wonderful month-long run in Dublin and then toured the show all around the country. It was a fantastic experience, working with some of Ireland’s most brilliant theatre professionals, learning the ropes in the Abbey and then experiencing the thrill of opening night.

Many people asked me at the time what exactly the title meant.

‘Outsiders’, back in 2010, seemed a bit opaque. For an economics-driven, one-man show it seemed almost too oblique.

Why didn’t I call it Austerity, many demanded? After all, in 2010 the country was experiencing the deepest recession of practically any industrial nation and austerity, plus the collapse of people’s personal balance sheets, was the issue.

I explained at the time that a new insiders versus outsiders split was going on and that this battle would frame politics in the future in a war that, ultimately, the outsiders would win. The one-man show was about that coming feud. After austerity, societies wouldn’t split along traditional left versus right lines or even the debtor versus creditor lines that were very topical at the time. The real split would be between insiders and outsiders.

Fast-forward six years, and this has come to pass.

2016 was the year of the outsider. The defeat of Fine Gael in Ireland, Brexit in Britain, Trump in the US and the implosion of Renzi’s support in Italy were all manifestations of the victory of the outsider.

All across the West there is a sense that conventional politics haven’t answered the big questions of nationhood, ethnicity, fairness, opportunity and prosperity

What are dismissed by the established ‘commentariat’ as ‘populist’ parties/individuals have filled this void.

Why were so many voters prepared to take a risk in 2016 that they weren’t prepared to take in 2009?

The first reason is that the policies adopted since 2008/9 have not worked. Unemployment is at Great Depression levels in certain countries, incomes have collapsed, inequality has soared, plus debts have risen and growth has disappeared. At a time of high debt burdens, deflation risks becoming embedded, particularly in Europe.

The second reason that people are prepared to look for alternatives is the way in which we react to economic trauma. Initially, in the aftermath of an ordeal such as the 2008 financial crisis, confused voters want certainty and ‘the devil you know’ seems to make sense. This is why one form of the mainstream was exchanged for another in the last wave of elections all over the West, despite the fact that the mainstream parties were offering nothing new.

In contrast, six years later, voters now appear more willing to take a chance on alternative parties because they see that ‘more of the same’ hasn’t worked.

The third reason and, I feel, the most important insight into voter behaviour, is that the voters have seen through conventional politics with its lazy sloganeering.

This is where the outsider comes in.

An interesting and novel way of looking at politics — the politics of mature, wealthy, deeply democratic societies — is not through the prism of left versus right, rich versus poor, urban versus rural, Christian versus Muslim, conservative versus liberal or young versus old or whatever other face-off we like to talk about.

Insiders versus outsiders is more apposite and the recovery rather than the recession has crystallised the dichotomy.

The insiders are those literally ‘on the inside’. They are the people with influence, with a voice at the table, those with a stake in society. Insiders can either be on the left or the right. They can be traditional public sector trade unions, like those of the gardaí or the teachers who strike because they know they can, or they can be bank bosses who want a bailout because they know they can get it.

Their game plan is to gouge the state and extract as much rent as possible for their members and interests. Insiders are organised. They are part of the process of politics and their concerns are listened to by the state. In short, they have access to power and can influence the way it is deployed.

In a crisis, when growth disappears, the insiders redefine their strategy and go into self-preservation mode. The insiders’ main objective is to make sure their members’ interests are protected from the slowdown in growth and that they get as big a share of the dwindling income pie as possible.

Interestingly, the insiders on the traditional left and conservative right join forces to pass on the costs of recession to the outsiders.

This is why you see the statist left and the corporatist right in power all over Europe from Spain to France and Italy. Sure they might speak the language of left and right, and ham up their ideological differences for the audience, but essentially, they are both in the business of preservation.

The outsiders in contrast, are those with no one to speak up for them. They have no stake in the political process and are thus on the outside. They are the self-employed small business person, the contract worker, the immigrant, the unemployed and, of course, the young.

They are outside the tent, beyond the process and because they are not organised, their concerns are never felt. They too can be on the left and on the right. The small shopkeeper could well have traditionally conservative instincts, while the twentysomething contract worker could well be liberal to his or her core, but they are both outsiders.

Neither has a real stake in society; neither has a voice.

What they do have is a vote. And in the ‘spectator democracy’, which urges voters to give a thumbs up or thumbs down every four or five years, the outsider, normally locked out, has a chance to be heard. Because the outsiders are, by definition, not organised and rarely speak with one voice, in challenging times they are represented by unconventional parties who mix the rhetoric of the excluded with the tribal comfort blanket of the nation; who offer the elixir of low taxes, with the promise of economic growth.

More than anything, these parties and individuals have identified that the mainstream, traditional parties are in cahoots, trying to maintain a status quo, which is simply serving to featherbed the insiders.

These are the people who Trump, Brexit and the Five Star Movement appealed to. These are also the people who voted against the Irish status quo in February. They are not racist, atavistic or deluded. They are simply on the outside.

2016 was the year the outsiders said: “Enough!”

  1. Merry Christmas from an outsider. Left out from the narrative , in the US at least, are under employed and the hidden unemployed. The actual rate of unemployment in the US is around depression levels of 22-23%. The vast bulk do not appear on the official unemployment (5.7%)rolls as they no longer count statistically as they no longer collect benefits.

    The under employed amount to 15% of the population at 45-50 million people. Many have jobs but still need a handout form the state.

    In many areas of the country heavy industry and manufacturing has shut down and whole communities are destroyed.

    Others working in good steady jobs find their wages static and the average HOUSEHOLD INCOME IS NO HIGHER THAN IN 2008 OR IT IS EVEN LOWER.

    Thus the so called outsiders voted not only for the Winner Trump but also for the likes of Saunders.

    In any event it is clear that at least 50% of the population can be considered an outsider as defined but I suspect it is a lot higher. After all there are the insiders comprising less than 1% and then there are the rest of us.

    It is more like a battle of them versus us. us being the 99.99% of us.

  2. Truthist

    A “Truthist” will always be an outsider 8-)

  3. Pat Flannery

    David’s “insiders versus outsiders” hypothesis is as wrong in Ireland as it is in America. It is a simplistic, academic construct with no basis in reality. It cannot for example explain the overwhelming vote for Clinton in California or in the other Western progressive states. California and the west have long been the bellwether of America. That hasn’t changed.

    California and the progressive Western states will right the American ship and cure whatever negative electoral malaise hit the rest of the continent in 2016. Trump is an East Coast electoral aberration that will be digested and shit out by a healthy, well-developed, resilient, continent-wide political, cultural and economic system.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      California voted for Clinton because it is a state with one of the highest rates of public spending as a percentage of GDP (meaning more people live off taxpayers money and counted on the continuation of Clintons handouds) and debt as a percentage of GDP (meaning more people were counting on Clinton’s bank and government bailouts). It also the state with the biggest property bubble – meaning there are lots of insiders who profited from Obama’s bubble-inflating policies.

      California is to the US what Foxrock is to Dublin. I am sure that in Celtic Tiger times (and maybe even today) Foxrock would vote for David Drumm is they were promised he would never be jailed.

      So this is how “the overwhelming vote for Clinton in California” can be explained.

      One thing I do agree with though – Ireland isn’t America: it does not have a petrodollar kept going by the US Navy (meaning Californians can enjoy their cheap products because someone else does a producing for them – dollar as the inflation exporting mechanism).

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        bank and government bailouts = bank and corporate bailouts

      • Truthist

        Deliberately corrupt enrollment by California of massive amounts of illegal immigrants from Latin America, & other places, have swollen the vote in Democrat Party / Hillary Bonham Clinton’s favor.
        And, I saying this even though I do not like the Republican Party.
        I like Ron Paul though.
        Do u like Ron Paul enough to be President Pat ?

        • Truthist

          “Enrollment” onto the voting register.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “Deliberately corrupt enrollment by California of massive amounts of illegal immigrants from Latin America”

          I did not even want to bring that argument to expected “you’re wacist” type of hysteric reaction. What you say though is of course is true (was it Alinsky or Frankfurt School that designed that strategy?).


          I think that my argument is much better than yours, and here I am going to prove it: New Mexico has NEARLY TWICE as much Latinos among eligible voters, and yet more people voted for Trump and libertarians in New Mexico than they voted for Clinton.

          In other words, your argument does not explain why the s a m e L a t i n o s who voted for Clinton in California (which voted overwhelmingly for Clinton) did not vote for her in New Mexico (where they had a nearly twice as big influence on the outcome).

          In my opinion, this is because California “benefited” from the Obama-induced property bubble the way New Mexico did not.

          Besides, California was a Democratic state even before the Latinos: Democrats controlled the legislature since 1959 with brief exceptions during 1969 to 1971 and from 1994 to 1996. Democratic governors were also elected in 1958, 1962, 1974, and 1978.

          When the Latinos started coming to California, initially, as an ethnic group, they weren’t particularly pro-Democrats (much less than the Irish for example: in 1986, 46% of Hispanic voters in the state voted for the Republican governor; in 1990, 47% supported Pete Wilson’s election).

          All of this shows that Clinton’s victory in California was achieved thanks to white-liberal voters who benefited from the property bubble and corporate welfare.

          • Truthist

            I think / guess that :
            most of the Latinos in New Mexico would be legal, & thus not felling vulnerable to being expelled from USA, & thus able to feel securely USA citizeny-enough to actually consider the depth of the existing policies & the manifestos of all candidates
            most of the Latinos in New Mexico would be more “family-minded” than those in the libertine state of California with Holly-weird & all that, & thus feel revulsion for don’t bend down for the soap when Bath-house Obama & Raul Emmanuel are about or when Hillary Clinton offers to babysit ur daughter.
            the Latinos in New Mexico are the majority of the population there [ ? ], & are having to be self-organising as a system of people with no substantial amount of other ethnic groups there to lean on for welfare, & at this stage they know that the Democrat Party policies would take from them to give to projects hostile to Latino & Catholic culture.
            Just typing whilst I think.
            A brave thing to do.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            x. “most of the Latinos in New Mexico would be legal” – but would not all Latinos who had voted in both states have to be legal in order to be eligible to vote?

            y. “most of the Latinos in New Mexico would be more “family-minded” than those in the libertine state of California with Holly-weird” – maybe, I have no data on that.

            If it’s true, it would mean that the leftist culture is so strong that it outweights centuries of Latino cultural heritage/upbringing/DNA, by making the Californian Lations Californian rather than California Latino.

            When we say Latino, we of course have to be aware that they are probably even as politically diverse as the Europeans: Cubans for example are the most pro-free market, pro-family group in the US, more even than WASPs [(this is one of the reason I find President Higgins with his Castro statements so ridiculously ignorant and tactless - the dumbest president in Europe no doubt; btw, I was not going through his biography that much, so maybe you'll tell me - did President Higgins ever do any productive work (that is one that people would pay for voluntarily, rather than being forced by the taxation system? I am not saying he did not - I am just curious; I am not even talking bar work - did he ever sell any book that was not subsidised by the state?)].

            z. Z is a v e r y interesting argument I did not think of. Plus, I suppose, they see Mexico more often, and think: do I really want that here? I was trully shocked when me and my friends befriended a Mexican girl in the 90s who played in the Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra.

            At that stage we all thought – what? She emigrated to Poland, from effing Hamerica, and works for t h a t meagre salary?? Why like? She must be crazy!!!

          • Truthist

            Apropos of :
   results for search terms ;

            Many of the Cubans who went to USA were Jewish ;
            And, they would for sure be very “their-own-family minded” 8-) [ Godfather Movie is actually not about Italian mafia ; And, Meyer Lansky of Crime-Inc. personally thanked Al Pacino for doing his character justice ] & “pro-[ free-market ?? Hmm ! ]-enterprise [ Yes ! ].
            The whomsoever [ Male ? Female ? ] that President Michael D called a “W..ker” should get a medal for “Political Correctness” from Arse an Uachtarann for not retorting that Michael D is a fairy.

          • Truthist

            Ooops !
            Here are the search terms that gave above link ;
            voter fraud California AND Hispanic

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “The whomsoever [ Male ? Female ? ] that President Michael D called a “W..ker””

            The comical and spicy thing is that a guy whom Michael D called a “wanker” was a US-Jew. Btw, I do not know why so many people find the President of Ireland charming: he looks like Gollum, has a voice of a frog rubbed against an asphalt, and a mind of a 12 year old. Imagine him having to ACTUALLY debate someone (like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Max Keiser, Bernie Sanders even! – or even Donald Trump, who would make Michael D cry for a week) rather having questions given beforehand!

    • Western progressive states.

      Hi Pat,
      Please explain what a Western Progressive state actually is. We used to have The Progressive Conservative Party in Canada but that is an oxymoron.
      The New Democratic Party calls themselves progressive.

      Here is the explanation that in modern terminology it means a socialistic or leftish political leaning. Is that what you mean?

      • McCawber

        Mccawber the original (not me to be sure) was progressive.
        Nobody listened to him and look at the mess that’s got us into.

        • McCawber, does not seem to be a progressive. Mostly because the word progressive seems not to mean what it used to. The act of making progress. Of course making progress is subjective as what is progress to one is expansionism to another, deviation from the norm, to yet others, the antithesis to conservatism to yet even more.
          In other words progressive is hard to define. It seems to be worn currently by political movements as a badge of honour.
          Micawber was himself. Feckless, a spendthrift, but endlessly cheerful and optimistic. Eventually by becoming more “conservative” and recognising the “error of his ways” he made good by outing the crook and cheat Uriah Heap. Then setting sale for a new land made good and as far as we know “lived happily ever after”.
          his principle of keeping the budget within the means available has not been followed by the past two generations and as you say “Look at the mess we are in”.
          In all, I take Micawber to be a conservative in the end, healed from his previously progressive ways.


      • pat greene

        I believe it to be a state that governs by representative democracy balanced with a well constructed, relevant, meaningful direct democracy system bolted on. To do this we need to change the education system, introduce direct democracy at a local level for say 5 years then introduce it a regional level for a further 5 years followed by the National arena. Only then will the political system work for the people, with the only goal for the government being that of people and community first profit second….
        I don’t believe there is one…Switzerland has it’s problems but it’s governing system would provide a base for descussion….to designe a direct democracy for we copy and paste their system won’t work.

    • Pat Flannery

      Thanks Grzegorz Kolodziej & Truthist for your thoughtful responses but I don’t think we can explain the California electoral anomaly either in terms of the Latino vote (which is far less than the Latino population share) or in terms of welfare “handouts”. There is something much deeper going on in California of which the rest of the world should take note because it is a positive thing. I will try to explain.

      Far from allowing any “insider/outsider” culture to develop in California the Golden State has from its inception in 1848 achieved a very high degree of open, participatory democracy leaving very little room for anybody ever feeling left “outside”. The West has always been a human melting pot where every individual and ethnic group quickly recognized that voluntary (even enthusiastic) cultural integration is the best route to prosperity. In California anybody can become a Californian. I certainly have. Trump on the other hand is an East Coast atavist, the very antithesis to a Californian. That is why we rejected him.

      If there is a division in America it is between an atavistic East of the Rockies looking back to its Atlantic Rim past and a progressive West looking forward to a bright Pacific Rim future; the old Atlantic Rim world is rusting away while the West is writing a global future in California silicone gold.

      I believe historians will view the 2016 Trump electoral aberration as the last throw of a dying Atlantic Rim old world arrogantly self-styled “Anglo-American”. I prefer a California-style “Global-American” new world.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “I don’t think we can explain the California electoral anomaly either in terms of the Latino vote (which is far less than the Latino population share) or in terms of welfare “handouts””

        no – neither do I: hence my voting analysis showing that the Latino vote was not decisive in California (furthermore, many more Lationos voted for Trump than expected).
        Btw, when I meant welfare “handouts” in California, I primarily meant corporate welfare handouts for the rich, property bubble for the middle, and sweeteners for the rest.

        “Far from allowing any “insider/outsider” culture to develop in California the Golden State has from its inception in 1848 achieved a very high degree of open, participatory democracy leaving very little room for anybody ever feeling left “outside”. ”

        please correct me if I am wrong – but was California not madly anti-Chinese in 19th century? Btw, a friend of mine – a high ranked member of the Conservative Party (responsible for media presentation of the shadow cabinet of Ian Duncan Smith) made a following observation in 2006, after I took him for a 3 days long tour “Dublin from un-tourist” perspective: “you can come to London from a different country and become a Londoner after 20 years – London is not England; but you would never become a Dubliner”.

        “Trump on the other hand is an East Coast atavist, the very antithesis to a Californian.” – but was Hillary not even more an East Coast atavist than Trump?

        “I believe historians will view the 2016 Trump electoral aberration as the last throw of a dying Atlantic Rim old world arrogantly self-styled “Anglo-American”. I prefer a California-style “Global-American” new world.”

        I have a different feeling, Pat. I think that the historians would see the American history that way:

        1. Until 1928, USA lived off what it was producing.
        2. Until 1970s, USA lived off the collapse of the British empire and WWII outcome.
        3. Until 2020, the USA lived off consuming what the fruits of the WWII outcome and of what it had produced until 1928.
        4. After 2020, other countries will no longer be willing to finance the US lifestyle: that means balanced budgets.
        5. The Americans of 1929 were mentally strong to cope with the Great Depression-style austerity. What would a double or triple increase in prices of food and electronics (if Donald does what he promises: brings manufacturing jobs back to the US) do to an average Californian psyche?

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Until 2020, the USA lived off consuming what the fruits of the WWII outcome and of what it had produced until 1928.


          Until 2020, USA lived off consuming the fruits of the outcome of WWII, off what it had produced until 1928, and on exporting its debts by forcing – via petrodollar – other countries to do saving for the US, so that the US could do the spending (since it was no longer producing anything except for the army equipment and IT – the latter only thanks to Pentagon, immigration from Europe and China: as the invented nearly everything what was the US in hardware IT).

      • Sideshow Bob

        Dylan Moran on Arnie the Republican ex-Governor of California.

        There is a fair amount of intolerance emanating from your comments here, Pat.

        Words like like “atavist´´ and “aberration´´ are pretty loaded ones to be using about the President-Elect and the Election and you seem to be hitting the same tone about Trump´s supporter´s as the would be Queen-of -the-World-Hilary Clinton famous insult calling them a “basket of deplorables´´.

        So, I have some idea about the history of various American Colonies and I find your utopian description to be an amusing one.

        If all Californians, new or old, are so tolerant and have always embraced the world in such a progressive and harmonious way then I imagine the Native Peoples ( the Red Injuns in cowboy movies) are thriving. Since the formation of the California Republic by the wonderful Californians and subsequent it´s enlightened entrance into the US of A their populations must have gone up and up. Eh? There were 8,000 persons of non-native descent against 100,000 natives in California in 1846. 93% or so.

        They have been purposefully wiped out haven´t they?

        They make up just 1% now of California´s population. Their land was probably traded by the like of you, for profit with not a penny going to them.

        You should be proud to be one of these upstanding “Calfornians´´. I don´t think any of the peoples of the remaining Native populations would concur with your version of the place as an inclusive Utopia. I think what happened to them is called genocide.

        Your propaganda speech is merely thinly veiled white supremacist for what I can see. Pre-Colombian America does not exist for you. Nasty Facts don´t exist. Your makey-up utopia and bastion of forward thinking types seems to be a projection of some needy sense of communal validation not anything based in fact.

        According to the following website there may even be a Calexit ( secession from the US )…

        (I am sure Vladimir Putin will be donating…seems like a worthy cause!)

        • Sideshow Bob

          According to the downloadable Calexit pdf on the site the UK voted in 2016 “to leave the international community´´ (p.4).

          I only wish they did!

          So Pat, according to that document in 2019 California will be going to the polls on the subject of secession.

          What chance of a vote to leave?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej



            In Ryan Streeter, “America as Texas vs. California,” The American, November 23, 2009, demographic researchers have compared America’s two most populous states, California and Texas, in an attempt to identify why the former is imploding economically, and the latter is growing and creating wealth.

            They found four major reasons:

            1. Texans on average believe in laissez-faire markets with an emphasis on individual RESPONSIBILITY

            1.1 California’s policy-makers favor CENTRAL PLANNING solutions and a reliance on a government social safety net.

            1.2 This unrelenting commitment to big government has led to a huge tax burden and triggered a MASS EXODUS OF JOBS.

            2. Californians have largely treated environmentalism as a “RELIGIOUS SACRAMENT” rather than as one component among many in maximizing people’s quality of life:

            2.1. Environmentally-based land-use restriction centered in California has played a huge role in inflating the recent HOUSING BUBBLE.

            2.2 Similarly, an unwillingness to manage ecology proactively for man’s benefit has been behind the recent EPIDEMIC of WILDFIRES.

            3. California has placed “ethnic diversity” ABOVE “assimilation,” while Texas has done the opposite:

            3.1 “Identity politics” has created psychological GHETTOS that have prevented many of California’s diverse ethnic groups and subcultures from integrating fully into the mainstream.

            3.2 Texas, on the other hand, has proactively encouraged all the state’s residents to JOIN the mainstream.

            4. The two states have opposite views on REGULATION and LITIGATION:

            4.1 Texas has focused on streamlining the regulatory and litigation burden on its residents.

            4.2 Meanwhile, California’s government has attempted to use regulation and litigation to TRANSFER WEALTH from its creators to various SPECIAL-INTEREST CONSTITUENCIES.

      • McCawber

        You wish you mean.
        It is the first big push back against a tyranny that is engulfing us all.

      • pat greene

        Participatory government or democracy does not equate to more power where as Direct democracy does. For instance we have participatory democracy here…don’t we participate one day in five years.
        Being asked for our opinion on a dozen or more extra issues is participating more but it is still not passing any more power to the people, the communities..the nation!. The extra participation might give a bigger or stronger illusion of a better democracy but looking at it logically ….there is no transfer of powers just more of the same!

      • Sideshow Bob

        There is a Californian Business leader called Justin Keller mentioned in the following article who openly refers to the local homeless as “riff raff´´.

        He is an example of a progressive Californian I suppose?

        According the article San Francisco has rejected recent attempts to levy mega earning `Tech´ companies in an effort to reduce homeless problem being created by spiraling income inequality in the city.

        This is an issue in Dublin, too, Pat. And in any other location with well paid but mainly transitory tech jobs in Ireland.

    • Deco

      Did anybody is California see the revelations by Wikileaks concerning the Democratic Party ?

      It seems not.

      Hillary herself declared in one of the debates that the Russians were behind Wikileaks.

      A former British Ambassador collected the leaks in Washington DC, from an insider in the Democratic party who seen the corruption firsthand.

      The USDP are corrupt. The proof is in Wikileaks.

      The Clinton Foundation is also very suspect. The largest donors are the ruling fuedal family of the country that is the source of most terrorism in the world since the mid-1990s.

      Sanders did well in California.

      In the end he left the USDP, the day after they formalised the appointment of Clinton.

    • Irish PI

      The sooner California cuts itself off the Union the better for the rest of the US.A deluded Liberal bankrupt state that will be a Mexican province within moths,if people like Pat are the majority of thinkers.

    • Paul Ish

      I think that David is spot on the money with his assessment. As for your California and the ‘progressive’ western states viewpoint? I can only quote a higher intelligence than mine … “it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere”, Voltaire 1767.

  4. Mike Lucey

    Happy Christmas to all.

    I think David is on the ball. Initially the downtroden outsiders try to vote their way to equality and when that doesn’t work they look for other ways often very radical.

    I hope in Ireland the outsiders will push for direct democracy to gain a fair and just society.

    The main problem as I see it is that many outsiders are under the illusion that they are insiders. They need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Truthist

      Direct Democracy Ireland have clearly demonstrated that they are not interested in the modern-day Spailpin Fanach ;
      the bed-sit tenants
      the “homeless + roofless”.
      Also, beware that the majority are often wrong.
      I am not saying that the folks involved with Direct Democracy Ireland are bad people.
      Far from it that I say this.
      Sure, they are entitled to campaign for their own interests.
      But, they should be more honest about it.
      A title such as “Direct Democracy ONLY for Citizens NOT of the Underclass Ireland” would be more honest for to explain who they are.
      This is another very wise observation from u Mike ;
      “The main problem as I see it is that many outsiders are under the illusion that they are insiders.
      They need to wake up and smell the coffee.”

  5. Onda

    The Insiders have broken the “social contract” with the outsiders
    Ireland’s passive class is highly volatile and an inspirational charismatic spark is all that’s needed to ignite it
    Especially for the younger voters with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  6. Colm MacDonncha

    As long only a smidgeon over half the electorate turns out to vote the insiders will always run the place,and even when they’re resoundingly rejected by that meagre turnout they still do the shleeveen on it and stay in power…

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      But then again, with that fossilised political system, can you blame them that only half the electorate turns out? What is the difference in their economic policies between the main political parties exactly? All of them four parties: FF, FG, Lab, SF:

      1. Adhere to “if I have it, I’ll spend it” principle
      2. All voted for the banking guarantee
      3. All voted to make their MEPs expenses secret in the EU Parliament.

  7. Truthist

    The outsider is the student who rejected the invite from the Freemason Lodge of Blackrock College, Dublin.

  8. McCawber

    Outsiders – Those who are obligated to carry moral hazard.
    Insiders – Those who are not obligated to carry moral hazard.
    Inbetweeners (you forgot them David) – Those who are obligated to carry a reduced level of moral hazard -Civil Servents for example.
    The state could and should do a lot at very little cost for the Outsiders.
    For example – Accidental landlords euphemistically referred to by the banks as buy to let. TBC.

    • McCawber

      Buy to Let – No they didn’t, they bought to dwell. The banks then changed the status of a lot of those loans in order to screw the mortgage holder (who was no longer the dweller) with higher interest charges.
      A lot of those ex dweller had to move back to their parents home or emigrate and had no option.
      The banks screwed them and the CB and government let them.

      • Truthist

        Hi McCawber,
        Please explain ;
        “…the mortgage holder (who was no longer the dweller)…”

        • McCawber

          Original loan was a mortgage taken out by the buyer of the house in order to live in said house.
          Following 2008 a lot of people had to leave those homes and rent them out, hence the term accidental landlord.
          As soon as they did this the banks changed the loan from mortgage to investment and hiked up the interest rate.
          So now you got MoralHazard with interest.
          The authorities looked on and did nothing.

          • McCawber

            Actually Home Loan and Business Loan would have been clearer.
            And when you think about it don’t businessman get an awful hammering – who’d want to be one?
            Who was it used the phrases here recently.
            Tax it etc
            Regulate it etc
            Subsidise it etc.
            How so very true.

          • Truthist

            Thank u for excellent explanation.
            That is a very important overall point that u highlight McCawber.
            I aim to remember it.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Who was it used the phrases here recently.
            Tax it etc
            Regulate it etc
            Subsidise it etc.”

            I have mentioned that quoting of President Reagan’s speeches in which he summarised in those 3 sentences how socialism works (or rather it does not work).

            That President Reagan himself did not always adhere to his own brilliant explanation of what is wrong with the socialist economy (i.e. he really kow-towed to the farmers lobby – but how else can you implement any reforms in democracy if not by winning elections?), is another cup of tea…

            Margareth Thatcher said another brilliant thing: socialism always ends when someone else’s money ends.

            Especially for you, I winkled out some quotes about socialism from the Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke:

            “Socialists believe otherwise – a man is not competent enough to make decision should he use seatbelt, should he buy insurance, and the same man is competent enough to elect president and government.”
            source: interview in Tok FM radio

            “A monkey is a much better voter than a socialist. Statistically speaking, if we assume that there are two options to choose from: the “A” and the “B” – the monkey is voting randomly, so its wrong 50% of the time. The socialist, however – is always wrong.”
            source: blog, 7 November 2008

            “For if the car drives in the wrong direction better fuel doesn’t help.”
            source – I just remember it :-), same as:

            “Conservatism is a fight for keeping these qualities that made us move unceasingly.”

            And my favourite quote by Korwin-Mikke:

            “I support the protection of life from conception to natural death. But a natural death for a murderer is a death on the gallows.” LOL
            Blog of author, 9 IX 2007 AD

      • McCawber

        Owner x decides to emigrate and “hand back keys” to bank.
        Bank is unlikely to pursue debtor outside country (note unlikely not won’t), so the debtor is likely to be off the hook.
        The catch -The debtor is now an exile from their own country.
        If the debtor returns to his homeland they will be pursued for the outstanding debt + interest + penalties.

        • McCawber

          There does not appear to be any process to resolve this issue for the morally hazarded.
          Now consider this.
          The economy recovers and the exiles skills are in demand.
          However the exile is essentially debarred from returning to their homeland.
          Result the jobs will be filled by immigrants from other countries.
          That is not good.
          There are no studies that I am aware that describe the phycological and societal damage that emigration causes to a nation.
          But Ireland is a dysfunctional nation and you’d have to wonder.
          But there’s more – TBC

          • Truthist

            Another meaty point from u McCawber to mark into the ledger.
            Keep it up on this sub-topic ;
            ==> u will have an excellent book in a vertical market.

    • Truthist

      Massive “illegal” pilfering of Irish State’s assets by its Civil SERPENTS.
      And, many of mid Civil Serp-vice & senior Civil Serp-vice get secret bonuses, etc.
      Some of the bonuses are whoppers.
      Let’s not forget the super-duper pensions too.
      Ditto the quasi-Civil Serp-vice / Quangos.
      Here is a female smiling upon getting a super-duper one ;
      Ms. Mo Flynn
      Having met Mo, let me introduce to Curly & Larry residing at Department of Hell-te [ Ifreann-hot ]
      18 Dec 2016
      Taxpayer-funded service paid two consultants €363k each last year – despite ongoing funding crisis

  9. Truthist

    The foreign Banksters made their deadly assault on the outsiders of Ireland only when Gadaffi’s friend Mr. Sam Tex departed from Erin’s shore with General John de Chastelain of Canada ?

    • Please explain in short concise phrases, to your illiterate friends, what the above means

      • Truthist

        Again, u leap before u look.
        Please be always conscious that this blog is not essentially an international blog.
        Rather, be always conscious that this blog is an Irish socio-political-cultural-ECONOMICS blog WITH international awareness aspect.
        So, then humble urself to consider that some discussion or an element of discussion is justifiably “native-to-the-shore-of-Erin-ONLY”.
        Then, caution urself to “think rationally” / “look” before u leap.
        I suggest that u look up the terms used in my post.
        The internet is an option for “looking up”.
        And, allow for justifiable euphemism.
        Do not forget that Ireland has had a notable freedom fighting campaign that merits careful use of language.
        Apologies are a mark of someone with some moral courage at least.
        I guarantee u that so-called illiterate persons native to the shore of Ireland would know exactly what I said.
        Then again, I would have the same dilemma as u do were I involved in a “Canadian” socio-political-cultural-ECONOMICS blog WITH international awareness aspect.

        • no truthist I did not leap. I looked for references but non appeared.
          i asked a civil question , even self deprecating referring to myself as illiterate but you can’t be assed to give a civil response.
          When I recall the hundreds of questions you asked me in the past and the hours I spent patiently in reply I think I wasted my time on you. Considering many of the questions were repeated several times and I had to repeat myself over and over you have some neck to answer me the way you do. You have become an intolerant , arrogant individual I shall not bother with any further.

          It will be really easy to skip your convoluted exclamations.

          • Truthist

            Well, Tony, u have been very offensive AND wrong in substance a number of times before to me [ a person who is never offensive to u — even now — & who actually has helped u gain the traction & momentum that u were adeptly failing to get BUT DID DESERVE BECAUSE UR ARGUMENTS FOR SOUND MONEY ARE THE BEST FOR WHAT THE SPECIES OF CURRENCY SHOULD BE ;
            Although, u are still incomplete in ur understanding — as evident in ur communications thus far — of the Bankster Scam Bundle.
            However, it is a work in progress for all the talented investigators worldwide.
            Here is just 1 of ur gratuitous offensive posts to me that is actually “defamatory”, vis. the 2nd sentence of this excerpt ;
            Tony Brogan
            November 25, 2016 at 4:53 am
            “… You give one anecdote of a landlord and immediately name landlordism crass.
            You sound perverted in your thinking. …”.

      • Truthist

        That was a smart-ass reply originally from u ;
        Tony Brogan
        December 26, 2016 at 5:42 pm
        “Please explain in short concise phrases, to your illiterate friends, what the above means.”
        Then u follow my reasonable reply to ur reply above with the following ;
        Tony Brogan
        December 27, 2016 at 4:37 am

        No Truthist ;
        I did not leap.
        I looked for references ;
        But, none appeared.
        I asked a civil question ;
        Even self deprecating referring to myself as illiterate.
        But you can’t be assed to give a civil response.
        Ur call, Tony, for I to explain what I said to my “illiterate friends”sic is really a condescending remark upon me.
        U & I both know that u are NOT illiterate.
        So, again, for another perceptive post from me intended to edify all readers with deeper understanding of reality, & which other readers — native, or residing only, on the shore — demonstratively immediately understand, & follow through with relevant careful use of language,- u seek to unjustifiably, & unfairly too, undermine me.
        Further to ur claim ;
        “I looked for references ;
        But none appeared.”
        Here are the results for search terms ;
        Gaddafi AND sam tex AND General John de Chastelain
        And, opting for even the lazy option of results of above ;
        Then, using that “Find” function that I equipped u with “on this blog” for to extricate urself from ur chronic pain, & us too in learning of it again, of u not being able to find any present day’s posts, we obviously would enter Ireland into the “Find” field ;
        Voila [ Quebec-speak ] !
        We get amongst 6 results inside this page a “most-specific-to- Ireland” portion ;
        Since November 1995, de Chastelain has been involved in the Northern Ireland peace process and from 1997 to 2011 he was Chairman of the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning, which was responsible for ensuring the decommissioning of arms by paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland.
        He has made an impact on the way that Britain has viewed the IRA since the decommissioning has begun.
        As part of the Good Friday Agreement an independent neutral adjudicator was selected to look over the disarmament of Republican and Loyalist paramilitary weapons in Northern Ireland.”
        And, a reasonable smart LITERATE investigator / researcher — & certainly an expert on Sound Money & someday on the Bankster Scam Bundle, would immediately follow with clicking on the following hyperlink ;
        Then insert “tex” — a very basic & acceptable option — into the “Find” field ;
        See what u get !

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “The foreign Banksters made their deadly assault on the outsiders of Ireland only when Gadaffi’s friend Mr. Sam Tex departed from Erin’s shore with General John de Chastelain of Canada ?”

      Hmm, an interesting point. Even though correlation does not equal causation, I cannot help but noticing that it was after 1998 (and particularly in 2002, with Bertie) that Ireland started to change from a low-cost, low-debt, export-driven economy into a high-cost, high-debt, aggregate demand artificially property bubble stimulated economy…

      Of course, the danger is that when we focus solely on the foreign banksters deadly assault on the outsiders of Ireland, we are in great danger of some sort of “none of this was our fault” complacency, like the dumbed down Greeks, who never carried out any self-reflection as to why they ended up in a situation whereby, at the height of their crisis, in the German embassy in Athens there was a representative of each German company that invested in Greece, whose role was to make sure that them German companies being paid what they were due was an absolute priority for each Greek government.

      That lack of self-reflection we want to avoid.


      Coming back to your point – on December 9, 2016 at 6:02 pm, Pat Flannery wrote here:

      “Grzegorz Kolodziej: When David made that TV broadcast in 2003 was he not aware that Dublin’s IFSC had become the global center of securitization?

      Was he not aware that securitization, not conventional bank lending, was the source of the avalanche of cash pouring into the Irish property bubble?

      Was he not aware that Germany’s largest bank at the time, Depfa, had moved its headquarters to the IFSC in 2002 under special legislation by the Irish Government?

      Was he not aware that Depfa had moved here in order to sell securitized debt packages that could not be sold legally in Germany. These securitized debt packages were created to fund German public infrastructure. David even spoke German, how could he not be aware of these huge economic transactions going on between the German and Irish Governments?

      The real story of the Irish banking/property collapse has yet to be told. It is not the way David tells it. The part played by securitization, Depfa, Hypo and the two Governments, German and Irish, are central to the real truth. ”

      A question that comes to the fore is: w o u l d DEPFA have had so much room for manoeuvre in selling here securitized debt packages that could not be sold legally in Germany, IF IT WAS NOT FOR Mr. Sam Tex departure from Erin’s shore?

      After all, as a grandson of someone who was actually involved in counter-measures on high level (command of the Lódz region), I can say that Germans did not have the easiest of times trying their financial instruments (such as property, blond blue-eyed children and savings confiscations) in Poland between 1939-1945…

      • Truthist

        Ireland / Irish are seen as wimps now by the Dreadful Few & their European & USA garrisons’ elite after the vindictive Mr. Sam Tex departed the scene under the strict scrutiny of General John de Chastelain of Canada.
        Also, the Irish are not organised internationally like the used to be.
        The Catholic Church was a part of the prior international organising of the expat Irish.
        The Catholic Church of the Irish is now useless & understood to be too corrupt for this role anyway.
        From what is now becoming known, thanks to scholars such as Michael Hoffman & Kevin McDonald, is that it is someone else who is the most internationally organised ethnicity.
        We would be the 2nd most organised over the last 2 centuries.
        But, now we are disintegrated.
        In fact, I see very good reasons for most Irish expats, on the basis of personal protection, to avoid other Irish expats & the various organisations with international presence that these untrustworthy Irish operate.

        • Truthist

          Edit ;
          The Catholic Church was AN ESSENTIAL & IMMENSELY EFFECTIVE part of the prior international organising of the expat Irish ;
          The Catholic Church of the Irish is now useless & understood to be NOW too corrupt for this role anyway.

      • Truthist

        Read the link ;
        Noteworthy !
        Clever tactic ;
        ur Wikipedia link given
        “fearing German reprisals, the Home Army tried to present the operation as the work of Soviet guerillas, sent to Poland by air.”
        However, “a rail-route too far” against the “crafty & clinical” Germans ;
        Because ;
        same link
        “The Germans, however, punished Polish civilians, shooting 39 inmates of the Pawiak prison (Oct 15.), and publicly hanging further 50 inmates.”
        But, then again certain visitors on their sponsored “pilgrimages” to modern-day Poland are very hostile to the Poles :
        wrecking rooms ; incl. with faeces
        I too have to cope with undeserved trolls ;
        Although, they using different tactics.
        Now bookmarked into scholarly relevant category.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          However, “a rail-route too far” against the “crafty & clinical” Germans ;
          Because ;

          “The Germans, however, punished Polish civilians, shooting 39 inmates of the Pawiak prison (Oct 15.), and publicly hanging further 50 inmates.””

          Well, that’s true – but since these were figures of Polish civilians that would have been killed in Poland by German occupants every day for NO reason (as a result of round-ups, deportations to Auschwitz, random shooting at kids in village for fun, etc), then why not die for a reason? The Home Army was taking responsibility for lots of other actions.

          As to the Soviet guerillas, it would be hard to argue that their reputation was wronged – they were doing the same and much worse; some of them were denouncing the Home Army members to Gestapo.

          What you need to take into account and remember, my dear Truthist, is that while the the prime TARGETS OF THE HOME ARMY were:

          1. Fighting the German occupant
          2. Eliminating traitors from the Polish population (hence so few collaborators in Poland in WWII, as opposed to, i.e., occupied France)

          the PRIME TARGET of the communist guerillas was FIGHTING THE HOME ARMY IN ORDER TO PREPARE THE GROUND FOR THE SOVIET OCCUPATION – by all means possible (gathering information, reporting to Gestapo, sometimes military confrontation).

          And – as Soviet air drops did not supply the Soviet People’s Army with foodstuffs, it often had to resort to forced requisitions (usually targeting mansions and churches).

          In “Forms of constraint applied by the Soviet authorities in relation to the people of Wilejka region”,
          Professor Franciszek Sielicki (Wroc?awskie Studia Wschodnie, Wroc?aw, 1997), wrote:

          “Villagers couldn’t stand Soviet partisans because they conducted shameful robberies. They stole whatever they could, even children’s toys. One doesn’t even have to mention that they stole horses, cows, pigs, underwear, etc. There were many cases, when faced with resistance, they hanged poor peasants by their legs, upside down, to force them into giving something. Behind Willa, in forests and swamps, they formed new units constantly – otriads, which oppressed our villages”

          In one of its most secret and controversial actions, agents of the Soviet People’s Army, on 17 February 1944, seized an important document archive of the Underground State. Documents of importance to the communist activists were taken, and the remainder was turned over to the Gestapo agent who had been duped into participating in the People’s Army operation

          To gain a better understanding of the activities of the Soviet guerillas, you should read the following article:

          Many Poles were ready to sacrifice their lives anyway; i.e. there was a death penalty for saving Jews, yet the civilian Poles saved more of them than any other nation (including the US)…

          As to spitting etc, I have heard an interesting psychological explanation: if you experienced goodness from someone so great that you will never be able to repay it (i.e. saving your life), then sometimes you would turn against that person to repress the memory…

          • Truthist

            I think the main reasons for the “special pilgrims of the new official religion” arising out of WW2 being pro-actively offensive to their hosts Poland with spitting, & wrecking of hotel rooms, & spreading of their feces on walls & places other than their own embassy & their places of worship, are :
            They are indoctrinated from as soon as they are infants that :
            they ——— are the best
            the others — are the be-a-sts 8-)
            They are jealous of the Poles outnumbering as true victims in Poland
            The Poles are Catholics ;
            Catholicism is the #1 hated religion for them.
            Orthodox Christian religion is a close #2
            It is motivated by state-crafters & then finally delegated to tutors to tell their charges to do these things for to twist Poland into a sense of guilt even though they not guilty of what they are accused of & so to put Poland “on the back-foot” within the geo-politics scheme of things.
            Poland is hated for effectively bringing down world communism ;
            And, communism is really just a mirror of their religion in so far as to how “all the beasts” are to be ruled.
            It is fun ;
            Upon being socially-engineered into being a sociopath, it is fun to do these things.
            They’re releasing all their pent up rage that they actually have for their interlopers back at their ranch.
            ur stated reason above
            inter alia

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            It is mainly their education, or lack thereof. They are told false history at schools, to justify the so called (this pertains to all young national states) “founding myth”. This has to be analysed together with the World Jewish Congress famous 64 bn dollars blackmail that Poland is supposed to pay them (them means the WJC, not the actual victims or their children) for… lost properties that Germans had stolen from them. Norman Finkelstein described it quite well.

            Furthermore, my friend, who works in Auschwitz as a volunteer and learns Hebrew (she actually looks after Jewish cemetaries in her local town, and even had BBC visiting her to make a documentary about a Jewish girl named Lasker – like the famous chess player), said that on many occasions she heard that when the Israeli youth talks to the locals (in most cases that is forbidden for them), often a local person would talk to them very kindly about a history of a place, that they are welcome in Poland, etc, and this would be translated by the Israeli tour supervisor as “you f..g Jews, we hate you, go back to Israel”, etc., whereupon the youth would spit at the welcoming person.

            She also said that many of those Israeli youth tours behave scandalously in Auschwitz and Birkenau, throwing cans of coke, playing jokes and seemingly not realising the significance of the tragic events that went on in that place.

            Once again though, I would like to emphasize that when I talk about Israeli youth tours, I am not talking about Jews in general – far from that, noone is more appalled by the Nazi-style Israeli anti-Polish propaganda than the Jews living in Poland – their leader, Klaudia Klimek, who represents 10,000 Jews living in Poland, bravely SUPPORTED in Israeli Kneset the new Polish government bill banning the expression “Polish concetration camps” (as you remember, coined in West Germany after WWII by Nazi-filled Dienststelle 114) – which, if enacted in Ireland, would have sent to prison the despicable “Dr” Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale (NOT TO BE confused with Dr Kevin McCarthy from UCC Cork).



            This would provide you food for thought for a month :-) – it’s what t h e y do not want you to know:


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Btw, a few years, a routinely scandalous behaviour of school trips from Israel in Kraków reached such levels (I think the situation calmed down a bit, since Kraków is not t h a t swarmed with tourists as it was a decade ago) that one of such incidents was even described by… Michnik’s “Gazeta Wyborcza” (this would be like “The Anti-Irish Times” having an article about the leftist bias in the Irish media). If such article was published there, it meant that the scale of the phenomena was so big that even the Jewish newspaper could not have ignored it (or maybe they were afraid that the Italian might go to his embassy with a complaign?).

            Here is my very quick translation of their article (it all happened during the Tusk regime):
            “On Wednesday morning, in front of the house in which Roberto lives, a tour of Israeli coaches pulled up . For more than 20 minutes, they stood with the engines running (although the rules allow parking up to 10 min.), which made a lot of noise for the residents of the street. One of them, an Italian, went over to the driver of the first coach and asked him to turn off the engine.

            He told the newspaper: “I was ignored. I said that we are here trying to live a normal life, and he has to turn off the engine immediately. I was anxious, but all the time I was standing outside the vehicle. Then, from the depths of the bus, a Mossad bodyguard came up to me. He pushed me. Immediately, four other bodyguards from other coaches moved in my direction. I got scared, so I picked a large stone for the defense. It worked – the guards calmed down. But when I put down the boulder, they attacked me.

            They put the handcuffs on, and bended my arms at head height. They threw me to the ground, handcuffed, I landed with my face in dog feces.

            When I wanted to get up, they started kicking me all over my body. Suddenly everyone ran to the coaches and drove off. And I was left handcuffed on the ground.”

            The unpunished assault on the inhabitant of Krakow (who incidentally is Italian) was caused only by him demanding respect for the Polish law on his street by security guards tour of Israel. Why such an incident does not surprise me?

            Maybe it’s because for many years I lived in the Kazimierz district and I have heard more than once of similar events. Many times I saw the Polish police dutifully obeying the Israeli Mossad security guards.

            How many times the residents must remove their cars from the street, because … a tour of Israel was coming, and they needed to clear the streets with cars of their inhabitants? All that remains then is just kind of abandoned van with dark windows (you can knock and wave to Mossad). It is an open secret that is also true that the “guards” of Israeli tours, of course, carry guns. In each Israeli coach there is a gun and the man trained to use it. These gentlemen operate here at our homeland, and the police seem to be their errand boys.

            How does this relate to the Polish law? Can foreigners arriving as tourists to our country may bring a gun and hold it during their stay in Poland?

            Kraków is equally welcoming to tourists from every country. The problem is that only tourists from one country feel they have special rights (or rather that they are above them), they arrive with armed protection, require great commitment on the part of the Polish police, and they approach the law of the host country as a joke.

            Beaten Roberto wonders in his interview with the newspaper:

            “How come you can treat a man in a free country like s…t?”

            But I wonder why is this the first time I hear about such incident in the western media. Maybe that’s why: the victim was Italian. Embassy of Israel has even issued an apology. I dare say that if it was a Pole, we would have to deal with “another incident of anti-Semitic ground.”

            Whoever says that Poles are intolerant, he should think of how Dubliners would react if groups of Polish tours would have armed bodyguards pushing people off Dame Street to make place for them?

            And, what would they say if – after all of that invasion – a serious of articles slandering the Irish for “intolerance” would start to appear all over the world?

            I walked through Kazimierz many times (it is the nicest place to walk at night in Europe, full of quiet pubs open till late with a strong intellectural ring around them), and saw Israeli tours many times (they always go there during the day).

            I never felt threatened by any of them, but then again I never tried to talk to any of them: the way there are organised is to make sure that they never get to know the locals, especially those who might speak English.

            One time I genuinely smiled and waived at one of them, passing by me at the bridge (for they are nice looking kids, the Israelis), at none of them smiled back; some of them accelarated. Then I saw one of their tours explaining something to them (was he saying that my waving meant “Juden raus”? – I will never find out).

            The only unpleasant memory I had was this: lovely Polish winter, crowds of young students go to a Sunday evening mass for students to what I consider to be the second most tranquill church in Kraków after Tyniec (I think they have masses in Latin too), located near the Wawel castle; a place with a lovely view of the castle, run by monks, where you can go to immerse yourself in silence:


            (the jpg part never appears on the link address, one has to copy and paste it).

            A giant group of Israeli youth hired a four story medieval building near the church, and they were playing banging tunes with loud applauds and bursts of enthusiasm (the Israeli Auschwitz schools tours are known for hiring strippers – if you replace history teaching with whores, these are the results). The mass takes place only 200 metres nearby.

            The building is surrounded by Mossad (with machine guns), who make sure that the pious Polish academic youth won’t disturb the orgy of the Israeli Uebermenschen. After all, “Denn heute gehört uns Deutschland und morgen die ganze Welt”…

    • McCawber

      The flaw in what you say may (note may) is that Ireland has ever been boom and bust.
      The particular boom and bust to which you refer was however extreme and so it is possible you are right or perhaps it was the attention that sam and the general brought to this country that made the foreign bankers realise that leprechauns really do exist and that were a few pots of gold to be had.

      • Truthist

        Mr. Tex was known to be an international fixer or phalus.
        Now we are fixer / phalus forlorn.
        We are as is a Eunuch.
        Hence, Jean-Claude Trichet could threaten — with impunity — the Executive arm of the Irish State’s Leglislative-Executive-Judiciary [ L.E.J. ] Government that his “Freemason” European Central Bank [ E.C.B. ] < E.U. < [ NATO ? ] would b..mb Dublin if Irish State — as David enthused — "burn the Bondholders".
        And, hey, Jean-Claude was able to feel confident enough to humiliate us by a personal visit after.
        Please indulge some tutorial input above that I do for the benefit of novices but which u are not McCawber.

  10. SFR Daniel

    “They are the self-employed small business person, the contract worker, the immigrant, the unemployed and, of course, the young.” — Not to mention (of course) the thoroughly elitist, born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-the-mouth so-called “self-made” so-called billionaire, Donald Trump. What an outsider! Wow!

  11. Truthist

    Henry Makow not being kind to an outsider-cum-interloper 8-)
    “Nate Rothschild married this trollop in August against wishes of his parents.”
    Above link has a photo of the trollop too.

  12. pat greene

    It’s amazing how we debate the articles statement by trying to explain the results of other countries when we should debating how and/or are the Irish people thinking along these lines. With a priority debate given over to possible solutions ..if any…I for one believe there is a solution but one that does not fit the narrative of EU-good, Nationalism in the form of individual nations identity -Bad that permeates the halls of power in Brussels .
    I believe that a state that governs by representative democracy balanced with a well constructed, relevant, meaningful direct democracy system bolted to it. In order to achieve this we need to change the education system, introduce direct democracy at a local level for say 5 years then introduce it a regional level for a further 5 years followed by a further five years gradually introducing it to the National arena. Only then will the political system work for the people, with the only goal for the government being that of people and community first profit second….
    …Switzerland is close to this but it has it’s problems though it’s governing system would provide a bases for discussion in a process to design a direct democracy for we the Irish people….to copy and paste their system won’t work.

    • McCawber

      My ongoing reference to the major problem this country faces, ie Moral Hazard, is an attempt in the first instance to highlight the problem, with some specifics.
      Having identified the problem perhaps a solution will be forthcoming.

    • Truthist

      Why wait ?
      Do it as soon as possible.
      Problem ;
      The people — the sincere people & obviously not the moles from Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour, Sinn Fein, & the various of the militant socialist groups, & foreign secret services [ MI6, CIA, & EU inter alia ] — who are the leadership of Direct Democracy Ireland.
      They are guilty of not caring for the modern-day Spailpin Fanach :
      the tenants of flats
      the tenants of bedsits
      the “homeless”
      the “homeless + roofless”.
      They only care for the folks with freehold title to real-estate.
      The leadership :
      genuinely repents
      alternative organisation champions the direct democracy “mechanism” + defends, & advances, the lot of the modern-day Spailpin Fanach such that all are given Public Property into their name as Private Property physically transferable nominal space for use as “home space”.
      In fact, all citizens departed from homestead rearing — family home or child institution / child prison — are to get this nominal space.
      Such grant of home space does not preclude citizen from having another home acquired separate to this right.
      Now that would be a real check-mate on the international Banksters.

      • Truthist

        Edit ;

  13. Truthist

    Dear fellow Literati,
    I just found a very “promising” website per ur own private “economy” at least.
    Thus, a mention apt occasionally on this blog.
    Offers many interesting books & movies for free.
    I being a non-techie Re ; computers etc., I suggest that yee should exercise caution before proceeding to open the links for those free items.
    Maybe open in internet shop as test.
    At yer convenience, please be so kind as to let me know what yee think of that website.

  14. Deco

    And now, it has been decided that there must be censorship, in certain countries.

    Including the US, and Germany.

    Only information that is approved by the insiders shall be public. All other comments shall be forced into silence.

    To ensure that the outsiders will not know that they are being robbed, by the insiders.

  15. Truthist

    Good stuff President Assad ;
    President Bashar al-Assad & the First Family make Christmas visit to ;
    the Greek Orthodox Monastery Panagia Saintanagia [ Our Lady of Saidnaya ]
    Christian villages in Damascus
    Could u ever imagine “Mr. Me-hole Martin” or “Dame Enda Kenny” or “Mr. Gerry-compromised-Adams” or “Mr. Brendan – stonewalling for Civil SERPENTS’s lucrative salaries & bonuses etc – Howlin” being capable & brave leader against The Dreadful Few, & wholesomely celebrating birth of Christ, as Syria’s President Assad does with his beautiful & loving wife ?

    • Truthist

      By golly, she is a beauty ;
      Beautiful enough to spur a nation into economic recovery.
      How about an economics dissertation on that theme above ?
      Assad’s wife ;

      • Superficial comment. More important is the fact she is smart and educated.


        Early life and education[edit]
        Assad was born Asma Akhras on 11 August 1975 in London to Fawaz Akhras, a cardiologist at the Cromwell Hospital, and his wife Sahar Akhras (née Otri), a retired diplomat who served as First Secretary at the Syrian Embassy in London.[1] Her parents are Sunni Muslims and of Syrian origin, hailing from the city of Homs.[1][12]

        She grew up in Acton, London, where she went to Twyford Church of England High School and later a private girls’ school, Queen’s College, London.[13] She graduated from King’s College London in 1996 with a first-class honours Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and a diploma in French literature.[14] She speaks English, Arabic, French, and Spanish.[1]

        Finance career[edit]
        After graduating from King’s College London, she started work as an economics analyst at Deutsche Bank Group in the hedge fund management division with clients in Europe and East Asia.[1][2] In 1998, she joined the investment banking division of J.P. Morgan where she worked on a team that specialised in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.[15][16] She credits her banking experience with giving her “analytical thinking” and an ability to “[understand] the business side of running a company”.[17]

        She was about to pursue a MBA at Harvard University when, on holiday at her aunt’s in Damascus in 2000, she remet Bashar al-Assad, a family friend.[18]

  16. First the insiders flood europe with “migrants” and then in the guise of fighting terrorism further close the financial net on the outsider economic serfs. Prepaid cards, PM coins, and cash are all subject to arbitrary seizure from “Suspects”.

    “The plan complements Commission proposals after the Paris attacks to tighten controls on virtual currencies such as bitcoin, and prepaid cards, which French authorities said were used to fund the bombings.”

  17. esqualido • 42 minutes ago
    “Central banks are supposed to protect banks but who really believes that? ” That is the wrong question. The question is “Since the too-big-to-fail banks of the U.S., England, France, Spain and Italy are the actual owners of their respective central banks, why have citizens not risen up to demand that central banking be ended?”
    For no nation determined to live within its means has any need for a central bank, just a functioning Treasury Department, as we had 1790-1913.

    • Libertarian Jerry • 4 hours ago
      Central banks,fiat currency,income taxation and government bonds are all mechanisms for financing the big government welfare/warfare state. Basically Planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.State control of currency and lending institutions is one more link in the chain of serfdom shackling free men everywhere.

    • Count me an outsider on the TV shows Pat.
      i only recognise 10% of the list with hardly a one viewed at all and occasional for a couple.
      most of the time we flick through the listings and complain there is nothing worth watching. Then we settle for a newscast, nat geographic, naturalist of historical program. We have a bit of a liking for columbo and Doc martin when we can find them

      So how would I vote based on that, Pat??

      • Of course, Canadians are culturally different from americans, eh.

      • Pat Flannery

        Tony Brogan: my choices exactly, making you a definite Hilaryite.

        • Well we can all Dream Pat, but if I had a vote the last place I’d have put it would be to the Clintons. There are a few reasons for that, that are already outlined in previous posts.

          Then again I was all for Brexit too. In fact I was a “never enter” many years ago. !!

          Happy NYear

          • Pat Flannery

            Tony Brogan: but we do share the same taste in TV shows – and probably coffee too, Tim Hortons eh?

          • Best coffee pat for home brewing is the Dark roast Kick Ass coffee from Kicking Horse coffee. Great flavour, low caffeine. Three mugs in the am with pure milK , organic and not homogenized. Just the ticket to start the day.

            I’ll give you Tim Hortons passes the taste test for a quick cuppa en passant.

            I imagine we will be surprised at what we do have in common if we had a tete a tete.

            I am itching to get out on the sail boat asap. I’ll be out regardless of the weather for the Hot rum Race on N Y day. I have a new genoa, new wet weather gear. Now I need some crew.

          • Pat Flannery

            Tony Brogan: if that is an invitation, thank you. I would love to crew for you but I am a warm weather sailor more at home on the Mexican Riviera than in the Pacific Northwest. Here is a video of my last sail with my great sailing buddy Dr. Roger Fitzwilson who passed away in 2015, something I still have not fully come to terms with.


          • Nice Video Pat. Good buddy’s are hard to find and a severe loss when they disappear.

            My boat , a J-30 is a lot more uncomfortable i am afraid but it is a good sailing boat.

            We will be in Acapulco the end of Jan visiting a friend. With luck we will get one or two sails in the bay while there.

            One of the good things about sailing is that there is a captive audience for a few hours to regale the latest activities of all the politicians.

            Come to think of it that is why I am short of crew!! Just kidding!!

    • Sideshow Bob

      It is funny how those the purveyors of fake news the NY Times don´t seem to give a correlation for Hillary voting block. Strange that!

      The correlation from what I can see would be “Keeping up with the Kardashians´´ and “The Simpsons / Family Guy´´.

      One an exercise in fawning vanity and ego-eccentric artificiality the other a series which has been replaying the same cliched running jokes for the past 20 seasons at least / and it´s clone Family Guy barely deserves a mention being as inane as it is / the Simpsons is smug and clueless of how irrelevant it truly is as social commentary.

      As for the NY Times and it´s strong abilities in fake news output let me give you a recent example from 31st October last on the topic of a possible win by Donald J Trump in the Presidential Election:

      Outstanding quotes from the above linked article include “Assume, for a moment, that Donald J. Trump wins the presidency.`…The conventional wisdom is that, right off the bat, the stock market would fall precipitously….[this opinion ]is shared by many economists across Wall Street, from Citigroup to G*ldm*n S*chs. Each cites a different set of reasons the markets will fall if Mr. Trump wins´´.

      Lots of clearly unbiased factual reporting going on there.

      The Dow Jones is up 2 TRILLION Dollars in value since the election. 2 TRILLION.

      They are making Fox News look credible right now. The Washington Post even more so with their demands for a McCarthy-ite crusade.

      Keep up repeating the petty smears for the audience here, Pat. Maybe someone will jump on board with the prejudice with you. Sour grapes will get you nowhere.

      • Deco

        Based on Kanye West getting access to Trump Tower, it seems that even the Kardashians are dropping the NY Times.

        The NY Post has better headlines.

        And the WSJ has better news coverage.

        The NYT has a bigger billionaire, behind it. But even he cannot continue throwing good money after bad.

    • Sideshow Bob

      And also from these maps it is noticeable that “South Park´´ is most popular in Colorado where it is set ( probably not in Canada or Denmark though), “Deadliest Catch´´ is most popular in Alaska where it is also set and it is also popular in other states with sea fishery industries where fishermen frequently risk their lives.

      Some shows featuring R´n´B or hip-hop story-lines and / or centering around an Afro-American cast are consistently very popular across the “black belt´´ in the south. The “Black belt´´ voted for Trump, too, as far as I can see. Shows with a all-white cast like “Pawn Stars´´ and “The Big Bang Theory´´ are not popular in the “Black Belt´´, they are both most popular in the northern part of the mid-west and not close to where they are set. Or if you wish in most of the swing states that won it for Trump. These are not shows I like a lot, but they are different to each other in nature and content.

      Perhaps, people simply like watching something they feel they can relate to! Humour, content, ideas, aspirations, depictions, situations, personalities, etc…

      And if Californians think cartoons like “The Simpsons´´, “American Dad´´ and “Family Guy´´ best represent reality then that says a lot about them too. Of those three least “American Dad´´ is funny occasionally. Oh, and not to forget “Keeping up with the Kardashians´´ is very, very popular there.

      So, it looks to me that there are many ways to read these maps, rather than just using them to take a cheap pot-shot at Trump and his supporters.

      It is funny to me to see how so many people are still focused on trying to smear Trump´s supporters with the ignorant redneck paintbrush, even when commenting far away from the USA.

      • Sideshow Bob

        Oh, one word that came up a lot in relation to programs that were liked in California and “The Beltway´´ was“snarky´´, e.g Tosh.0 on Comedy Central who is pretty obnoxious and not in a funny way. Flyover America and the Mid-West in general didn´t seem to like these programs a lot. Maybe the Beltway is just a bit superior and too disrepectful and unpleasant to it´s fellow citizens for it´s own good?

        I looked up some definitions for snarky, as follows:

        (Merriam Webster)

        snide and sharply critical.
        “snarky remarks”

        snarky (9)

        The act of being sarcastic, bitchy, dissrespectful,
        irritable, or short-tempered

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “And if Californians think cartoons like “The Simpsons´´, “American Dad´´ and “Family Guy´´ best represent reality then that says a lot about them too. ” :-)

        I am just looking at the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), which provides reliable and timely data on the mathematics and science achievement of U.S. 4th- and 8th-grade students by state compared to that of students in other countries.

        In maths, California is in the bottom 10 in the US, with Singapore first in OECD, and Ireland in top 10! – Ireland 547, Singapore 618, US average 539.

        Ireland v California 1 : 0

        In science, California is in bottom 10 in the US (fourth worst in the US, with District Columbia as absolute morons), with Singapore best in OECD (590).

        Ireland v California 2 : 0

        In both disciplines, Texas outperformed California.

        Remind me, what TV shows do the Californians watch? Ah, yea, “Family Guy” – frankly speaking, I do not even know what that is, I used to watch science shows or read science-fiction/history books as a 10 year old (not that I had much choice LOL).

        How about Californian kids playing chess and reading books instead of watching TV shows, would that help them in their intellectual/emotional development?

        Ireland has its one and only chess Grandmaster, the unique Alexander Baburin, Belarus native, now Irish citizen and married here, whom I had a great honour to meet.

        He lived in sunny California, but preferred to move to murky, windy, pre-property bubble Ireland. Well, that says a lot.

  18. Posted Dec 26, 2016 by Martin Armstrong

    All that matters is what you believe. Despite all the leftist protests yelling Trump is not their president, Michigan University, which tracks consumer confidence, has reported that we have reach a new 13 year high. If we remove California, Trump won the popular vote in the Nation. The consumer sentiment index reached a record high since 2004 at 98.2. This is what has been behind the Trump Rally. If we cross the 20,000 level and reach sustainable levels above that psychological number, we stand a good chance of bringing in the average investor who abandoned the market after 2007.

  19. mike flannelly

    ” After all, in 2010 the country was experiencing the deepest recession of practically any industrial nation and austerity, plus the collapse of people’s personal balance sheets, was the issue.” – DMW.

    The collapse of peoples personal balance sheets was a consequence of high ratio debt sold by failed 2003 to 2017 Irish bankers that were professionally negligent while paying themselves up front % (the debt on some Irish land banks was 900% overvalued)unfair gain bonus payments.

    After shouting stop, the whole country knew the measure of overvalued debt.

    House debt was 100% overvalued in 2010.

    Apt debt was 200% overvalued in 2010.

    Some land bank debt was 900% overvalued.

    Solution Costs – 2016.

    Today we have 100,000 mortgages in arrears. There are two solutions for high ratio mortgage debt.

    1 – Restructure mortgage on full term interest only mortgage repayments till end of term ( in 2010 that could be max 23 yrs).
    Personal balance sheet costs ” ZERO “.
    No homelessness.
    Less financial anxiety.(psychiatric costs)
    Less negative financial effect on domestic economy.
    Best chance for consumer with highly overvalued income/rent ratio debt in avoiding negative equity. Less need to charge high debt ratio rents.

    The full asset value would remain on the banks books(as opposed to firesales)

    Solution no 1 has been applied by bank of scotland.

    2 – Restructure mortgage with industry best practice split mortgage restructure.
    This is where in the case of a 2008 300,000e mortgage, the capital and interest repayments of half the mortgage are parked till end of term so that REAL value capital plus interest debt repayments of 150,000e would be paid.

    The costs would have been writing off the interest payments of the parked portion.

    ECB costs (ESM FUND) would have been “0″ as they are buying bonds at negative yields.

    Irish banks/irish central bank costs for 300,000 mortgages at .75% for the parked portion(150,000e interest) would have been 1125e x 300,000 = .338bn spread out among ALL irish banks.

    Moral hazard to do that said FAILED Irish bankers, politicians and economists .

    Todays 100,000 mortgages in arrears would cost 1125 x 100,000 = .113bn for solution 2.

    Moral hazard .

    CANT DO.

    Fecking egits. We would have moved on years ago with less blood in the water if FG/ LAB backed the people rather than bow to failed Irish abusive bankers.

  20. mike flannelly

    2016 costs
    .338bn per year spread among ALL banks.

    They are all boasting 1bn profits.
    Want to pay dividends before redress.

    FG/LAB put 2bn into failed pillar bankers pension pots.

    The FULL asset values would have remained on banks balance sheets.

    Moral hazard.

    Fire sell to vulture funds.
    No rent tax for domestic economy.
    High rents.
    Irish curse on Irish bank shares.
    Karma for blood in the water.

  21. mike flannelly

    The ECB is purchasing 80 bn of bonds, mainly govnt issues every month.

    Colm Mc Carthy said a few weeks ago in Sundays Ind reckons that if a fraction of what has already been spent buying govnt bonds at negative yields had been forced on the banks, the european banking crisis would be over.

    In 2008 the national debt was 50bn.
    Allowing for 50bn Irish bankers related debt, from where did the other 100bn of our 200bn debt come in just a few years?

    100bn in just a few years.

    3.5bn per yr for the next generation to service. Can we really afford to overpay for the services of all 4.8 million stakeholders.

  22. mike flannelly

    .338 bn per yr would restructure high debt ratio mortgages.

    Thanks to FG/LAB we now have 3.5bn per year extra payments.

    On top of 2008 1.75bn national debt interest costs and 1.75bn Failed Irish bankers interest costs.

    What is the breakdown of our NATIONAL DEBT ?

    Are insider costs worse than any bankers costs?

    Technically the constitution is there to protect society from insiders.

    This means that future governments cant apoligise for the Irish State like Enda did.

    We must only apoligise for the politicians, bankers, editors and economists by name.

    In an Irish court of law you cannot use advice as a defence if you broke the law or ignore the greater public good.

    There are a lot of politicians, judicial and civil servants today ignoring the greater public good. They have names.

    Solutions are always better than witch hunts.

    There is no them and us.

    There never was.

    There is only unconstitutional corruption.

    It is not acceptable.

    The next generation are faced with the choice of measuring the Real costs of services for 4.8 million people and taxing FALSE insider costs 100%.

    Today health budget is 15bn for 4.8 million pop. 3125e per head plus private health costs, plus hospital charges. I dont know the REAL costs of Irish health.

    Chancers say % GDP.
    Others say % GNP.
    The Real cost is cost per 1000 pop based on the average/median wage.

    No choice.

    Insiders believe that they have outsmarted the next generation and thrown them their dirty shirt.

    I dont believe that.
    No need for blood or witch hunts.

    Just a few less ryanair flights for todays smug insiders.

    Insiders are unconstitutional.
    Always have been.

    Back the next generation and the glass will be 3/4 full.

  23. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz
    I read some of — incl. skim-read for significant points — Justice-for-Poland links that u gave me above.
    Fascinating scholarly stuff.
    Bookmarked ;
    U may be pleased to know that for quite a while I have a dedicated title in the whole “mad mad world_dreadful few” category for the Poland connection in my bookmarks.
    If I may be bold enough to suggest ;
    Catalog of events with categories of persons detailed & then the numbers of casualties would be most useful.
    And, also useful slogans — like my recently crafted one stating that Landlordism is crass, & then stating the solution to Landlordism, & with perception realising that it is also a solution to a host of other problems, inc. the vulnerability of Ireland to the international banksters — would be very useful.
    Of course, I am open to refining the current slogan — against Landlordism & with solution thereof — according to more personal inpiraton & / or useful suggestions
    And, now I am considering composing more useful slogans for to highlight the problems posed to society by the FIRE [ Finance-Insurance-Real Estate ] cosy shops ;
    Please note that I acknowledge that there have been, & are, decent people operating as professionals in these sectors ;
    And, the typical of these sectors have occasionally advanced us with insight.
    Indeed, even the Rothschilds through there World Bank, for instance, produce some very useful benign publications for entrepreneurs.
    I must say that I am very impressed with Pat Flannery — retired from part of the FIRE category — in that he is very much a beneficial whistle-blower.
    I think that the 2nd Republic of Ireland should recruit Pat for how to devise a fairer society where the public + the government ban Usury — as Christ — not just a man, but a Deity ( 1 of the 3 facets of God ) as accepted by true Christians, eg. Catholics, vis-a-vis hypocrites fooling others, & themselves also perhaps, that they are Christians but are really not so — advocated when he whipped the moneylenders from the temple, & which is also revealed through sheer reason as being crass.

    Also, I think Pat would be a great man for how to rid us of Real-Estaters ;
    Practitioners of another crass imposition on society that should really be a simple & trustworthy & very very cheap procedure done by seller + buyer + government ONLY.

    The Insurance sector is a tougher nut for I to dismiss as crass presently.
    But, I am hopeful of arriving at conclusive proof that it is crass, & also of producing a fine solution.

    I also think that Mike Flannelly would be a great addition to rout all the FIRE vipers from the temple of righteousness that should be Ireland.

    • Truthist


  24. Truthist

    Re ; “Real” Fake News
    Here — & obviously through the personal oversight of Irish State’s very corrupt Department of Foreign Affairs — is a sample from Irish State’s propaganda media broadcaster R.T.E. ;
    Efforts stepped up to oust Libya’s Gaddafi
    Feb. 28, 2011 23:11


    Those remarks and the Libyan leader’s callous lack of concern for the plight of his people were roundly condemned by US ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice.

    And, here is a very interesting Ireland-Libya connection
    Of course, there are many very interesting Ireland-Libya connectios.
    “The bizarre story of how Gaddafi almost bought a big chunk of Bank of Ireland.
    Irish government officials went to Libya to talk about a potential deal ;
    But Libya did not feel ‘comfortable’ with Ireland’s handling of the financial crisis.
    16 Jul 2015,

  25. Truthist

    Re ; Berlin Market Attack
    Here is’s most up-to-date results & analysis & theorising ;
    And, Aanirfan is top-class on this kind of stuff.
    Tuesday, 27 December 2016
    And, a link within the above article is a vindication of Gadaffi as being innocent & u-know-who of USS Liberty incident [ If ewe's do not know about USS Liberty incident, look it up on internet urselves dear Christmas elves ! ] of being the real perpetrators.
    Again, a Berlin incident too.
    August 25, 1998:
    On April 5, 1986, a bomb exploded at a favorite nightspot in West Berlin for US soldiers, the disco La Belle.
    As a result two US servicemen and a Turkish woman were killed in the blast and some 200 people injured.
    The US blamed this alleged terrorist attack on Libya and used it as an excuse for President Reagan’s air attack on Libya.
    On April 14, 1986, 160 US aircraft dropped over sixty tons of bombs on Libya, which killed at least 60 people, including many children due to the bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi.
    They destroyed the home of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Gaddafi himself, the main target of the air strike that allegedly killed Gaddafi’s daughter. Targeting the civilian leader of a nation is a war crime.
    Sixty US officers at the U.S. Army’s School for Advanced Military Studies made a serious charge against the XXXs 8-)

  26. Sideshow Bob

    “Being Irish Rocks´´ – Family Guy excerpt. Remember this is a very popular show with Hilary- ites, apparently.

    Unfortunately THIS is as funny as it gets.

    Really it is like a watered down ( clone ) version a one bad Simpsons episode that keeps going on and on.

    I tend to wonder where the snotty democratic/liberal superiority complex in America comes from when I watch rubbish like this.

    • Sideshow Bob

      Hi Grzegorz, the above was intended for you, I clicked in the wrong box.

      I am not surprised about Ireland´s averages being better than individual US States, but the US works by having it´s best and brightest from the entire 300 million strong nation relocate to where they are needed. So the average abilities among professionals working in the likes of Silicon Valley is probably far higher than any state or similar average ability for say university graduates for a particular state.

      Plus US education is based more on self motivation and lifelong self-learning from middle school onwards where as we in Ireland rote learn and pass through very fixed gateways in terms of achievements which then close off. Self learning is rarely an option. So our averages are better but we have few outstanding individuals who lead in self-learning. That is mainly wasted energy here. Actually outstanding individuals have to get out as they have no structure to support them or to tie into and are quite lost at a point.

      For the EU to function like the US and harness the power of all its brightest citizens English would need to become a more widely spoken Lingua Franca and free and easy movement be maintained or even enhanced.

      • Truthist

        And, the whole scene of full-time participation at college of further education” [ 8-) ], & institutes of tech., & university, in Irish State of “mature” students is a massive scandal waiting to be revealed.
        Incredible wastage — 1.unwittingly, & 2.wittingly & even 2.1 willfully & criminally so — of government monies.
        And, a massive ongoing toll of :
        applicants rejected unfairly,
        students forced to drop out because of corruption by the various facilitators in the education establishment, & the department of social welfare, etc.
        qualified students severely damaged by the whole Irish State “full-time return to education” aul b..lox.

        • Sideshow Bob

          In part true, but there are some who are delivering what they can´t those who need it in a far from perfect system.

          I do think without a shadow of a doubt that the Uni´s , IT´s etc are definitely now a huge business looking to be financially fed by whatever means and actual quality of education is frequently in the ha´penny place. This shows mostly in Ireland´s sliding University rankings.

  27. Sideshow Bob

    I am guessing the article tomorrow will stink out the joint.

    It is on George Micheal. The Prince one earlier in the year was bad, this promises to be much worse. We are talking Wham! economics here.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      But look at the excellent article on George Michael (R.I.P.) by Mr Ian O’Doherty :-)

      I really start liking the guy!

      Yea, I loved “Last Christmas” – even more so because in Poland we used to get that snow every year like in that video (curiosity: did you know that 80s Poland had – you better sit down – HEATED bus stops in winter? – paradoxes of socialist economy – no toilet paper, but heated bus stops) – but waking with a cold sweat for 20 years because of that song, as David does?! – J e e y a s u s – but de gustibus non disputandum est…

      Waking up with a cold sweat to Bach’s “Kommt, Ihr Tochter, Helft Mir Klagen” from his St. Matthew’s Passion (intro) under Nikolaus Harnoncourt (or Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”) – maybe…

      “Kommt, Ihr Tochter, Helft Mir Klagen” (first piece)

      From the “Rite of Spring”:

      • Sideshow Bob

        Next time I have two and a half hours to spare I will give it a blast Grzegorz! I am not familiar with Bach. I have never been a fan of ballet I have to say.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Oh, it’s only the first 5 minutes (just could not find only that peace).

          I do not particularly like ballet – just a wild one like this.

          Anyway, not to sleep for decades because of George Michael’s “White Christmas” – that’s something else. I would not even lose sleep over this rock song – and this is something REALLY addictive (so much so that I had it on tape when I was at school and it took me 20 years to source it):

          P.S. In my opinion, the best song by George Michael was “I want your sex” – great intro, and the then this rhytm: doo – TA TA TA doo TA TA TA doo :-). Only after years I am not sure if this song is actuall about a girl or someone taking down his ass. But it is a great song regardless.

          P.S.II. When I was a child, I was REALLY disturbed about Boy George, when Polish TV played his video in the 80s. I felt that there was something REALLY wrong about that girl LOL, but I did not know what. My parents told me not to look at it :-)

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            peace = piece.

            Couldn’t find a link to that opening choir only, conducted by Harnoncourt (I only like his first recording of St Matthew’s Passion, because I prefer smaller ensembles which allows me to hear the structure more clearly – I am one of those guys who once came on a date to to Kraków Philharmony to listen Mahler’s 9th symphony with a score – I never saw my date again; I read Harnoncourt’s book “Music as Language of Sound”).

    • Haha you got that one right Sideshow Bob, it was BAD.

      I dread those articles when they are imminent, not being much of a music fan – well I will listen to the odd track depending on timing but ultimately it’s utterly meaningless in the grand scheme of things as compared to other matters that life throws up. Beyond trivial entertainment.

      George Michael the man though was way more interesting as a ultimately tragic human interest story.

      I am in a recovery spa in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

      My fiance had a boob job in a nearby clinic here 2 days ago and now she has to recover here in the Spa for two weeks.

      We have a room with two beds, it’s like a cross between a private hospital room and a 3 star hotel.

      Great food though, freshly prepared downstairs and lovely friendly staff, both medical and in the kitchen.

      Next week she hopes to be back on her feet and we can have look around Santo Domingo. From what I’ve seen it’s a fascinating place.

      The Dominican Republic is just over half the size of Ireland but has twice the population. There seems to be traffic jams at all hours of the day – Santo Dominigo is a very busy city. It’s weird because I am used to Caribbean life all being about small island living but this place is Caribbeana and yet a big and bustling city – I guess I’m experiencing mild cognitive dissonance.

      Very relaxing in the Spa though, no going out (we both needed a break after the Christmas and New Year lunacy) and catching up on loads of work and the blog while she sleeps it off.

  28. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Polish PiS (Law and Justice) MEP Ryszard Legutko (former Minister for Education and my Professor for Ancient Greek politial philosophy) to Mr Juncker during the fourth debate on whether to strip Poland from voting rights:

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      To put Messrs Juncker and Schulz antics in the EU Parlament into perspective: Reuters has just come up with a list of politicians who will have most influence on Europe in 2017.
      First place – Donald Trump
      Second place – Jaroslaw Kaczynski (ahead of Angela Merkel).

      EU Commission? Did not make it to the list. This is a hint for our TDs who they should talk to.

  29. Original-Ed

    The main reason that small businesses and the self employed don’t protest at the insider self-serving antics is that the revenue service is part of this insider club and they’ll come down like a tonne of bricks on any objector who puts his head above the parapet.Been there, done that and witnessed it in action.

    • Truthist

      The ordinary “self-employed” & the “jobless” should befriend each other.
      Now, that would be doing REAL business.
      The “unemployed” in the Civil Serpice would get really worried then.

  30. False flag events lead to anti terrorist government actions which are a total loss of more civil liberties. We are being netted and hauled in.

    • “The “war on terror” continues…

      The US and the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) attacked Libya and Syria and began transporting Muslims to Europe as a means of destabilization. They have also conducted numerous other false flag attacks, such as Charlie Hebdo, by which to further confuse and imprison the local population.

      The most recent was the so called “terror attack” which occurred several days before Christmas in Berlin, Germany. A truck was deliberately driven into a crowded market killing 12 people and leaving 48 injured.

      Now it reaches a logical conclusion with cash and gold being confiscated in the name of making people “safe”.

      There is always an ulterior motive which becomes clearly apparent after such “terror” events.

      It is no coincidence that in Europe, the European Commission just made a new capital control proposition.

  31. “Frexit will be a part of my policy,” she said in an interview with Dimokratia. “The people must have the opportunity to vote for the liberation from slavery and blackmail imposed by technocrats in Brussels to return sovereignty to the country.” Le Pen

    Will the world turn inside out in 2017.?
    will the outsiders gain the inside track?

  32. Bonds are not the place anymore to be invested. This is a reversal of a 40 year trend. turning the financial markets inside out , if you like. Following the bond breakdown will likely be the equity markets but that is not a guarantee as inflation kicking in to higher gear may boost the stock market. However with the stock markets levitated by air and high price earnings ratios the odds are on a stock reset too.

    “As a result there will be a bloodbath in the bond market when we break out and because the markets are asymmetric there won’t be any rotation from bonds into equities but a similar sell-off in the equity markets because of the much higher rates making the equity markets PERs too expensive. Besides that I believe what will feed on the sell-off will be the rapid move in the interest rates which will unsettle the interest rates derivatives which are $500trn+ or $500,000bn+. Interest rate derivatives can’t be reset when the moves in the underlying interest rates are to steep over a short period of time. The $500trn+ in interest rate derivatives are amounts that are unimaginable to comprehend and these derivatives are the real nuclear instruments of financial destruction as also acknowledged by Buffett. Just imagine how far reaching the consequences will be.”"

    However Jim Richards is recently quoted as saying that the Fed will not be able to raise interest rates at all and in fact may reverse the recent increase.
    I’m confused, so how about you?

    My common sense take on this is that the market will dislike the dollar more and more causing interest rates to rise regardless of the wishes of the Fed. Thus the higher dollar will hold only as long as every other currency is thought to be worse. As the interest rates rise there will be a sale on US bonds and everyone else’s too.

    Where to put your savings? Not in the banking system because of the bailin legislation. Not in bonds. Not in Real estate as higher interest rates for bonds will push mortgage rates up(unless the mortgage is set for a longterm rate at a minimum of a 5year term. Stock market, too many question marks. bitcoin? Adam has been right on there, although I still do not like the electronic only aspect. Now I wish I had shovelled some loose change into bitcoin at $12 not too long ago!! Commodities may be ok as there is a value rather than a price. Cuba suggests paying Czechoslovakia with Rum!!
    Indians, Muslims, Russians and Chinese accumulate gold and silver (commodities that are easier to use as money than is Rum ). Germany repatriates gold holdings from US and France faster than planned. Is that to spend or to hold against currency depreciation of the doomed EURO?

    Bert Seligman said trading was for dummies. “Be right and sit tight” was his advice. So what is the right thing to do? It is a bit like the analogy of getting a bus to cross town. First see where you are. Second know where you want to go. Third identify the bus route to get you there. Fourth is get aboard and pay the fare. Sixth sit back and enjoy the ride regardless of the stops and starts along the way or how many people get on of off the bus. Seventh identify the end of your journey and your destination and get off the bus relaxed and rested.
    My bus is marked the PM and PM shares route. So far we have left the depot and gone around the roundabout to almost where we started but we now begin to head across town. There are many sites to see on this trip as we go through older neighbourhoods, some slums and we will see some new highrises and construction sites and lots of people scurrying from place to place but our destination is the outskirts of town to an older established traditional community living in the proverbial land of milk and honey!!

    Well we can all dream and without dreams there are no aspirations. Without aspirations there are no achievements. Without achievements there is no progress.
    Without progress !!! Damn, I just woke up again as I nearly entered the land of the progressives when I want the land of the conservatives.
    I think I’ll go back to growing my veggies, getting some exercise and eating organics as much as I can. a sailing outing now and then is good. Sunshine on the face, wind and rain too, all in its turn. I know the wind that gives me propulsion can also wreck me. Prudence is the motto. Become a fine weather sailor. eliminate the risks. Oops no progress there. but who cares.

    Enjoy life as best you can. There are three days before turning over a new leaf. May all your wishes come true. Happy New Year. I will try and live a little bit like Mr. Micawber, he of the 19s6d existence and the hope for the future, undiminished.

  33. Truthist

    This is the blurb on Baroness De Rothschild’ twitter site ;
    Baroness De Rothschild, CEO, Global Private Investment Banker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Environmentalist, Avid Art Collector, Proud Globalist.
    And, this is the url for that twitter site ;

  34. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,
    This is what Henry Makow of has to say about the deaths of Poland’s then prime minister & his wife, & a delegation team with the prime minister, & further persons of a total 90 onboard airplane flying in Russia ;


    “Russians continue to cover up their cold blooded murder of Polish delegation to Katyn Memorial in 2010″
    And, here is EXCERPT from link nested in Makow’s tweet ;
    “WARSAW, December 28. /TASS/.

    Poland’s Foreign Ministry has sent a note of protest to Russia demanding to hand over without delay the recordings from the cockpit of the Tupolev-154M plane that crashed near the western Russian city of Smolensk in 2010, the Polish Press Agency said on Wednesday.
    “On December 27, Poland’s Embassy in Moscow sent a note to the Russian side. Poland’s Foreign Ministry requests to hand over without delay the excerpts of transcript, earlier unknown to Poland, of conversations recorded in the cockpit of the presidential Tu-154 airliner just a few seconds before the crash near Smolensk in 2010,” the news agency said, explaining the request stemmed from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words at his annual news conference on December 23.
    The mandatory question must be answered of course ;
    Cui bono ? / Who benefits ?
    I propose :
    Putin did not conspire to down that airplane
    Oil Industry etc. gangsters “in Russia” most likely are the culprits.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Truthist my friend,

      First of all, I would really appreciate if you’d stop quoting only Russian sources when you mention something as serious as the crash in Smolensk (I know that Henry Makow is not a such source, but one cannot find a more biased source than USSR agency TASS – while RT and Sputnik are Russian propaganda sources – with Sputnik pure propaganda, and RT a mixture of propaganda and good journalism – in proportions I’d say 20%-80% in favour of journalism – TASS is just an extention of the Russian Deparment for Foreign Affairs, and everything what they say has to be not double, but quadruple checked).

      Secondly, let’s look at what TASS says:

      “”The picture of the tragedy was reconstructed by the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) and Polish State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation. It is well-known, and to Poland, too. Actually, it is not a secret that the presence of unauthorized persons in the cockpit, who were exerting pressure on the pilots in that critical moment, was one of the disastrous factors.”

      This statement is aimed at readers in the west that are so incredibly stupid that they are incapable of doing any research on their own.

      1. Their “reconstruction” actually belies laws of physics (ONE birch making Tu-154 turn 180 degree and fall into thousends of pieces is the most ridiculous part of their reconstruction). The Russian/”Polish” – read Tusk – version is actually EVEN LESS logical than the official 9/11 story.

      2. It is well known and in Poland, TASS says – but what is really well known in Poland is that there was no independent Polish investigation (from the Tusk government that is), and that two teams: “Polish” and Russian – not only prepared their reports together, BUT ACTUALLY MADE SURE THAT THEIR DETAILS DO NOT DIFFER, which emerged from the leaked tapes.

      3. “the presence of unauthorized persons in the cockpit, who were exerting pressure”

      - well, this has been debunked so many times that only an exceptionally naive person would still repeat this old lie.

      And – BECAUSE it has been debunked, the Russians NOW (as of last week) STARTED TO CLAIM that they have new tapes that corroborate that old debunked version – but boohoo! – won’t give it to anyone (what, did they just wait for 6 years with that tape? In that case, they were lying for 6 years that they have passed over all tapes).

      So to correct this, TASS says further: “There are only the recordings that both the Interstate Aviation Committee and the Polish commission had during the investigation of the crash”

      LIE – the Russian never gave the Polish side the original tapes for the analysis, only the doctored versions (two copies THAT DIFFER FROM EACH OTHER ANYWAY – one has 3 seconds cut off, the other 6 seconds).

      So the Polish embassy called their bluff and said – play the tape that shows a passenger exerting pressure on the pilot. And the Russians chickened out…

      4. Funny how TASS does not mention that the Russian control tower gave them false data regarding landing, which is even the Russian report (btw, some witnesses of the plane approaching the runway who had been willing to give interviews for the Polish TV, subsequently vanished; others, who were willing to give some information, had been murdered – around 10 people murdered in total).

      5. “Concerning the handing over the debris of the plane to the Polish side, there is no sense in explaining one more time why Russian investigators need the debris while the investigation is still underway,” the embassy said/

      Ok – so Russia is not returning the plane because the investigation is not closed (after 6 years?). But if the investigation has not been closed, then WHY does the Russian side EXCLUDE the bomb or sabotage (the plane had been sent to repairs and modified in Russia before the crash)?

      And so on and so forth – lies and more lies.

      If you are willing to hear the other side, please bookmark this website and study its content, instead of forcing me explain the same things over and over again:

      “The mandatory question must be answered of course ;
      Cui bono ? / Who benefits ?
      I propose :
      Putin did not conspire to down that airplane
      Oil Industry etc. gangsters “in Russia” most likely are the culprits.”

      I do not know whether Putin was involved – how can I know if the Russian side is doctoring the tapes, not returning the wreck and obstructing the investigation?

      But, on the lines of cui bono, President Putin definitely did benefit from the crash (and so did Donald Tusk).

      1. President Lech Kaczynski wanted to withdraw from the contract with Gazprom, forcing Poland to pay the highest gas prices in Europe. His successor kow-towed to Gazprom.
      2. Kaczynski wanted to stop Russians from taking over Polish energy sector.
      3. Georgia lost an important ally in their war (I am not delving who started it)
      4. Poles became really divided and turned against each other after the crash.
      5. Russia installed their puppet President in Poland after Lech Kaczynski, Bronislaw Komorowski from WSI (Military Information Service – a post-communist secret services established and controlled by KGB in from the late 40s till the end). WSI was so infiltrated by Russian spies that during the raid carrid out by the new government on their headquarters in Warsaw, it turned out that they even had the Russian FSB logo hanging in honorary place on the wall, with the Polish eagle lying in the floor in another room.
      6. They weakened the Polish defense capabilities (top army people were killed in that crash)

      Donald Tusk:
      1. He got rid of the President Lech Kaczynski, and, subsequently, won the election and took power for 8 years.

      1. They installed their puppet Tusk as the Polish prime minister, and then as the EU President.
      2. They conflicted Poles with each other.
      3. They weakened the Polish defense capabilities (top army people were killed in that crash)
      4. They made Poland to subsidise their gas by selling it to Poles from already high Russian price with huge profits.

      This man, Alexander Dugin, is Putin’s mentor, chief strategist, and his books and lectures were FINANCED BY THE RUSSIAN ARMY:

      Truthist, because I had to explain all to you once again, I’ll go without breakfast today.

      • HAHA Grzegorz, Three mugs of dark roast coffee will get you through to 1pm lunch. Its a great way to lose weight too!!
        Kick Ass Coffee from Kicking Horse Coffee.(Only in Canada you say?? Pity!)

      • Truthist

        What I thought significant was Henry Makow’s being forthright in his cynical opinion about Russia saying that it is impossible that there is Russian cause for the downing of that flight with resulting loss of life.
        Makow is keenly following the story of that flight immediately since it occurred.
        And, Makow often reminds readers that he has some doubts about the worthiness of Putin.
        But, Makow allows for the fact that Putin is at least a cuckoo in the nest of the status que of Russia ;
        As Mr. Gerry Adams would say ;
        “The still haven’t gone away u know.” ;
        And, he saying this with crucial smile-accompaniment.
        It may be more the case with Putin that he has less control & responsibility of nefarious happenings that do strongly indicate having Russian input ;
        Although, the Russian input may be of the Gangster-Oligarch element “located” in Russia but with which Putin must shake hands with often.
        I do think it stinks that the Russian side all of a sudden find the new recordings at this late date.

      • Truthist

        @ Grzegorz,
        Yes, Makow supplied the TASS link ;
        But, it is obvious from the substance of Makow’s actual statement that he does not believe the TASS angle.
        Aside from taking an interest in matters Poland because of Ireland having so many people from Poland over these last 2 decades,- this story is arguably the litmus test of what is Putin in relation to :
        the International mafia attributed to being The “Russian”sic Mafia
        the World.
        It is still very possible that the Dreadful Few have orchestrated that event such that Russia is inescapably guilty even though they not really so.
        a la
        Desdemona’s handkerchief planted on Cassio so as to gain Othello’s wrath

      • Truthist


        Some of the above u did inform us of before.
        Yes, we are well familiar with the Russians :
        not involving Poland at very earliest opportunity in the investigation
        refusing to give back the wreckage
        inter alia
        But, u have added a great deal of new information.
        Of course the latest developments ==> inherently new information ;
        But, still it is only some of the great deal of new information that u give here.
        Re ; the new information that u give here
        It is devastating against Russia.
        For sure some folks in Russia are guilty of a spectacular international dirty political crime.
        And, the “who benefits” & “who does not benefit” & “who suffers” that u outline in numbered points is most helpful.
        It has prompted me to declare earlier in reply that this incident is the acid test of Putin’s credibility on certain vital issues, especially his claim to being righteous.
        I still believe that he was not involved in this incident ;
        It is not in his track-record, prior or since, to have done this.
        This very matter of “culprit’s character” prompts me to seriously consider that it could very well have been done by they who make war by deception ;
        The originators of “divide & conquer” ;
        Pre-dating the British.
        Pre-dating the Romans.
        I did not intend that u give an expansive answer to my post from Makow.
        Clearly, Makow only had the TASS link for to demonstrate that Russia is equivocating at best.
        Russia needs to be forthright as to what they believe really happened.
        Even if it means refering to Katyan Forrest, USS Liberty, La Belle Disco in Berlin, & 9-11 inter alia.
        What I posted was a statement, from a writer, Makow, that I hold in very high regard, being even more accusatory than u are Grzegorz against Russia.
        But, I believe that I am correct in thinking to myself as to who really is responsible ;
        My lips are sealed.
        Anyway, Poland will always be occasionally f..ed because of location.
        It would be a wonder that Poland does not have the highest percentage of its graduates — versus any other country — as majoring in geo-politics.
        Surely, geo-politics is in the national consciousness, & students have a yearning for to study it ?
        Probably, the major motivating factor why u have specialised in that subject ?

  35. Truthist

    Actually, I think that it is unfair on the public at large, & on Putin too, that the popular maverick opinion have created a cult-following for him.
    “The bigger the are ;
    ==> The harder they fall.”
    And, all that …
    Instead of placing our hopes in 1 man or woman, we should be taking personal command of our own lives vis-a-vis our local manifestation of the matrix,
    Insurance ;
    “Eustace Mullins reveals in recent youtube video I posted* ;
    “all the very major Insurance Companies are really branches of the federal reserve system
    Prudential Insurance has had as 1 of their directors Paul Volcker who for a number of years was Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve Board of
    Governors then you have a new insurance company — 1 of the big 5 – with Melvin Laird on the Board of Directors.
    Melvin Laird was Secretary of Defense.
    And all this ties in together ;
    It’s a very small coterie of conspirators and criminals that we’re dealing with And in fact in almost 50 years of research I found after about 30 years that no matter what field I went into I was dealing with the same cast of characters ;
    They’re interchangeable ;
    They go in and out of business and government ;
    But they’re always representing the same federal reserve octopus which controls owns everything in the USA
    And because they have a monopoly — & that’s all they are interested in is a monopoly — they don’t want to see a free market ;
    They don’t want to see individuals being successful.”

    I seem to recall Mullins uncovered that Sun Alliance is owned by The Rothschilds.

    Real Estate ;
    Another crass imposition on society that should really be a simple & trustworthy & very very cheap procedure done by seller + buyer + government ONLY.

    The above Financialism-Insurance-Real Estating cozy shops all together is the FIRE syndicate of rent-seeking creeps that Deco deplores.
    And, of course, the citizen should have moral courage to defend the constitution & the natural law against the Civil SERPENTS.
    And, against greedy & bullying & lying corporate Ireland.
    And, against the by-&-large corrupt professional class of Ireland.
    inter alia

  36. “They are not racist, atavistic or deluded. They are simply on the outside.”
    And they are all invited to give their opinion on the future of Europe on

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