December 22, 2016

Let's make Europe work for us - by being as American as possible

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The latest Apple tax revelations mean that Ireland is now on a collision course with the EU Commission and by extension with the EU itself. In a narrow sense — and this might be the only sense that matters — this is a win/win situation for Ireland.

However, the issues raised are much bigger than the Apple case and centre on how you think the Irish economy might become more prosperous in the years ahead. If the latest spat with the EU (frankly, a directionless 20th century arrangement) forces us to think about what Ireland will look like in a global 21st century economy, then it will have been well worth it.

In terms of this case, let’s examine the likely options. They are, in effect, binary — either Ireland wins the appeal or not.

If we lose the appeal, we get €13bn (possibly as much as €20bn according to some calculations). This is good for the Exchequer and as long as it is not spent on public sector salaries, this could be a capital windfall for the State, used to improve a variety of public investments where we are lacking.

In terms of the biggest providers of private investments in the country, the US multinationals, we can argue that we have fought the good fight on their behalf and therefore we should be regarded in the future as friends of American capital. Maybe it is naïve to regard these companies as in any way swayed by loyalty, but this angle is worth considering because we have already taken sides. The bread is buttered, so to speak.

If we win the case, we are back to where we were before the commission dropped their bombshell. Ireland will continue to be the location of choice for American capital. This is significant because without the multinationals we would not have a capital base.

In fact, winning the appeal will probably lead to a tightening of our tax treatment of foreign capital. If it does, then this too would be a gain for Ireland because American capital operating here would have to pay the 12.5pc they are supposed to, policed by a bruised, vigilant but locally impotent EU.

The latest figures we have show that US multinationals made $100bn, or €96bn, here. However, they only paid $4bn in tax rather than the $12bn they should pay based on a 12pc tax rate. The long-term benefit to Ireland would be the missing €8bn that would be paid.

Thus it appears that, win or lose, Ireland will benefit from the case.

But there is something else, arguably much more significant, that could be triggered by this case. It concerns Ireland’s competitive strategy over the next 50 years.

It seems to me that there’s lots of talk about the “Irish economy”, giving the impression that the Irish economy is an entity like say the German economy, where domestic policies determine levels of investment, income and thus employment.

This is not true. The Irish economy is not an economy in the true sense of the word. We are simply a small part of a global supply chain. This is a good thing. The path to prosperity is to abandon this notion of the autonomous Irish economy and embrace the idea that Ireland’s investment, and thus income, savings and employment levels, will come from being Europe’s most competitive cog in the global supply chain. This is where our new capital will come from and this is where productivity will come from.

Once we have the investment and income, we can choose where to spend it locally.

Let others distract themselves with the delusions of national autonomy; we should focus on the opportunities of the global supply chain. This means keeping Irish corporation tax rates low, being reasonably open to immigrants and staying broadly within the EU.

When I say broadly, I mean this is as far as it goes for integration. From now on, we should opt out of all the plans devised by the serial integrationists in Brussels.

This means no tax harmonisation. In fact, we should cut our corporation tax if necessary. But it also means that we have full access to the EU market, unfettered.

While many in Ireland will argue that we should do a Brexit, I suggest that we should do precisely the opposite. Rather than leave the EU, we should insist on never leaving. We must realise that we cannot be pushed out! We can stay on our own terms. Therefore, we could become the most American economy within the EU, with all the attendant advantages this bestows in terms of investment, incomes, technology and employment. Even if Brussels doesn’t like it, there is no mechanism for the EU to kick us out no matter how delinquent they think we are.

Having tried to attack our economic model using the Trojan Horse of state aids, we should attack their integrationist aspirations through the Trojan Horse of full compliance — full compliance with everything up to now.

This would allow us to remain good Europeans — whatever that means — while still trading merrily with our American friends.

After being subjected to the worst form of bureaucratic bullying by the EU, we should simply dust ourselves down and carry on. This will mean using the veto. So be it. Use it as many times as necessary because the EU can’t touch our tax independence, nor can it ban goods made by corporations incorporated in Ireland from free access to its 500 million consumers.

The EU, under European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager, has revealed too much. In a game of chess, the commission is playing monopoly and we now have to remain calm and move our bishops, diagonally, into position.

  1. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    In the past, I considered Ireland’s alliance with China – but this was a result of then UK’s alliance with China, and Ireland needing the UK in the EU to counterbalance the influence of the German-Franco bureaucratic culture. Now, with the UK
    1. out (sort of),
    2. a post-Brexit competitor to Ireland bigger than pre-Brexit and
    3. the UK making a U-turn on their alliance with China (it was thanks to the UK playing a role of a Chinese Trojan Horse in the EU and blocking trade defense instruments in the EU for 3 years that the EU tariffs on Chinese steel were only 13%, while the US were 267%; as a result, China’s share in global steel production increased from 10% to 50%; the UK governments preferred even to f…k up the British steel industry and make their workers redundant by allowing the share of high fatigue rebar steel on the UK market to increase from 0% to 45% in four years, than to miss the opportunity of Chinese 50bn investment in UK’s infrastructure – but now, with the UK out of the EU, the UK is no longer attractive for China as their Trojan Horse in Europe – so they are trying to woo Poland into a Silk Road 2.0 (they actually gave the Polish President Andrzej Duda in China far better reception than the US President!, with full ceremonies, live TV coverage and kids from schools addressing the Polish President in Polish – though this has not been without a faux pas – one of those kids confused Poland with Holland).

    I think that Ireland should ally with the US rather than with either Germany or China, for the simple reason that while a country like Poland can oscillate between the US and China (not for long though) – with its central location at a crossroads between Asia and Europe (according to Halford Mackinder, whoever rules this part of the world, rules the Eurasian heartland, and whoever rules the heartland, rules the world) –– because the implementation of the Chinese Silk Road 2.0 project would revert the five centuries long so called “duopolism on the river Elbe” (albeit with huge security concerns about such project: a train that can transport tons of goods from China very fast can also transport thousands of soldiers very fast), for a country like Ireland it is crucial to prevent the new Silk Road project to ever come into being, because on the trade route from China, Ireland would be in an absolutely worst geopolitical situation in Europe (it would become the most peripheral country in Europe, as the Atlantic route would become irrelevant).
    But I think that Poland should also ally with the US rather than China, because on a Silk Road trade, Poland would not be a producer, but an indebted importer of Chinese goods – MINUS skeleton security that the US will start providing for Poland as of Janurary.
    Thus Poland and Ireland have the same geopolitical and economic interest – to ally with the US, in order to counterbalance the Carolingian Europe, and against China.

    P.S. Regarding our countries common ties with the US: This might interest the Sideshow Bob – all major bridges in the US (including the San Francisco one, which uses the technology that had been already pioneered in Poland – on a much, much smaller scale of course) were designed and built by a Polish company, called “Modjeski & Masters” (using, among the others, the Irish workforce):

    P.S. II. Polish ambassador’s to Ireland response to Mr Derek Scally from “The Irish Times” (pay attention to the comical aspect of what really happened in the Polish Sejm):

    ; btw – isn’t gas that the EU is so worried about the state of the freedom of press now, while the same the German politicians and media – yep, the very same German media who did not report on New Year’s Eve rapes in Koeln – were perfectly fine when their protégées were doing this:,Tusk-and-Kopacz-gov%E2%80%99ts-spied-on-dozens-of-journalists-special-services-chief ?):

    • Deco

      My response to Derek Scally would be this.

      Mr. Scally,
      See, as your comic property paper with loaded opinions played a vital role in driving a real estate mania in the last decade, do you really think you have any authority to lecture other people on how to run their internal affairs. That is before we get to the positive endorsements you gave many in the Irish banking sector before it was obvious that they were clueless. I can remember “profiles” of Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, Richie Boucher, Eugene Sheehy, which presented them as fine fellows who were leading this country to prosperity.

      And then there are the variuous op-ed peices in the midst of the banking crisis extolling the nobility of having the welfare state bail out your heroes.

      You really have some neck to now tell other countries how to run their own internal affairs.

      Nevertheless, if you are interested in telling other governments that you have free advice for them, perhaps you might wish to free advice to those dumb family seat holders in Stockholm, on how a country ends up bankrupt as a result of a real estate madness. That, at least is a subject, about which you should have some expertise, in consideration of all that you demanded of the Irish people in the last 20 years.

      Thank you,
      Somebody who stopped reading your comic around the time you were tlaking up the Dot Com Boom (which incidentally later crashed).

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Another letter of mine “The Anti-Irish Times” censored. Welcome to free media – free to lie.

        Sir, – Derek Scally writes that Poland’s national conservative PiS “launched a radical overhaul of Polish politics, media, business, justice and education” (“Poland at tipping point over Kaczynski power grab”, December 19). He is right, but for reasons different than those argued by him. During the last eight years, the government of Donald Tusk applied media censorship in the form of phone surveillance and harassment of PO critics; for example – in December 2014, two journalists (Tomasz Gzela and Jan Pawlicki) were arrested for covering anti-government protest. This practice was discontinued by the PiS government. In another article by Mr Scally (“President to hold talks with Polish opposition over protests”, December 19), a photograph is shown, with a commentary: “Protest organised by the club of the Polish newspaper “Gazeta Polska” in front of the presidential palace in Warsaw”. Actually, the opposite is true – this was a support rally for the PiS government. – Yours, etc,

        P.S. In the spirit of Christmas, I am hereby going to prove that I can find some common platform even with the radical leftists – find out what Mr Chomsky thinks of the methods used by the “Anti-Irish Times” (such as the above mentioned photo manipulation):

    • Deco

      By the way, even the property times has a right to provide us with their agenda driven opinion. No matter how many properry manias, and banking collapses occur.

      Equally, each of us has a right to call them out, when any of us see them for what they are doing. We all have the right to provide our opinions, and to critique to opinions of the IT.

    • phineas56

      Well in this lengthy dialogue, no one has mentioned the Donald. He is determined to reduce US corporation tax so where does that leave US transnationals in the ROI?

      And David, you rightly have written that the euro is deeply flawed and probably doomed. BUT what will take its place? An article on this please.

  2. Playing GOD

    Will the Church allow a condom in Sex ?
    In other words will the suggestion to prevent further integration with the EU render the actions of Ireland to be brought before the EU Commission again under ‘other articles of faith’ or the aspirations and or myths of the EU .

    The options suggested by David are (summarily) :
    1 We lose, we win; and
    2 We win, we lose and maybe we win too; and
    3 Change the illusions of ourselves with others (Penn & Tell Strategy) and pretend we are divine in an untouchable host ( 51st State of USA with our own Federal Reserves in Kerry known as Kerry Gold Tokens ) .

    This article deduces that the unpaid corporate taxes is taxpayers money .This is definitely not true in any State. The unpaid taxes are monies owned by ‘The State’ held in trust by foreign companies ( tax payers ) . There is no such thing as ‘taxpayers money’ that is an abused word peddled by Irish Politicians .
    ‘The State’ is already an integral part of the EU and by extension the EU Commission manages that largess even if that means allocating some of these funds to other member states.

    This all means we (Irish State ) have got our facts all wrong in Ireland and the Government knows that and they know you don’t know that too .
    David struggle at the beginning of this article with words ‘ collision course’ …’ narrow sense’….’ center on how you think..’…’ spat forces us to think’. David has his own collision of words that subsequently he does not provide any solution to.


    So my deduction is that the combined might of the intelligentsia in Trinity College , Eaton , Oxford and Cambridge cannot outperform the majestic arms of the ENARCHY in EU Bureaucracy ie Ecole Nationale Administrif .
    There are no Bishops in the Churches anymore. Sile na Gig must be consulted as it was before. History has not changed.
    Reality is medicine inflicted and that takes time to heal.

    • Deco

      John, in all honesty, the Ecole Admin body in France, that produces an elite to rule over the masses in France, is failing abysmally.

      France’s most driven young people are in London, Munich, Geneva, California, etc.. churning out results for other countries. Some of them are in Dublin and Galway. Ask them what they think of the current “leadership” in France, and you will be greatly enlightened as to how the current “leadership” of France have no clue what they are doing.

      Now, maybe there are some things that they do right. They can get people to pay ONE water tax and everybody pays. In Ireland there are three and nobody is falling for the lie that the third one is a new tax to pay for something “that you are getting for free”.

      [ I really dislike the guilt-trips that are circulated in Ireland to get money out of people - there is always this assumption that you will pay up, because if you don't you will be imprisoned in the negativity of somebody else ].

      Prof Joe Lee gives a good critique of the way that Irish state institutions manage to centralize fiercely, and yet be inefficient at producing results of scale. I would add that they are often highly ineffective at producitng results also, even though they consume vast amounts of results going nowhere.

      For those participating in such a “cushy arrangement” where accoutnability is absent, but superficiality is present, it is a system that provides the output of achievement (for them personally) with none of the input. The results for the rest of us is the NAMA, RTE, the HSE, Irish rail, the Luas etc…

      This is not good enough. The knowitalls in the political party machines have defined Thatcherism as anybody saying it is not good enough. Actually, if you look at Schroeder in Germany, you will see that it is possible to be left of centre, and to demand public sector performance improvement. But that does not suit the current prevailing culture in so much of the insider section of Irish society.

      • Hi Deco

        I agree . What I am referring to is ‘the power’ embodied and how they make changes and control mass body of people.

        Whether it is perfect or not they control you more than you want to know . The government hands are tied .

        Why is May travelling to meet Enda in January ? She knows her hands are tied and so are Enda’s. The ‘individual in person’ and by extension ‘ The State and Britain ‘ are effectively ‘economic prisoners’ without a voice . Puppeteering and throwing voices comes to mind.
        That is no language of discourse between bedfellows.

        • Deco

          Previously May was Home Secretary ( in charge of the police, security, etc..).

          I reckon she will be meeting the teacher Taoiseach, seat inheritor, to include many topics. Nearly all of which are beyond his cmprehension.

          And one of the topics will be to tell him to get his act together, in respect to the continual flow of hard drugs going across Ireland into Britain.

          And also in respect to terrorism. I have zero faith in the gardai. The police in the UK, would have performed an assessment of them already.

          There is no point in talking to the MoJ. It goes in one ear, and out the other. For every problem, there is a PR statement. Below useless.

          It is bad, when you have to rely on leaders in another country to ask what your own “leadership” about issues that are of concern, in your own country.

          I expect though, that all of this will be done in a discreet, quiet, polite and reserved manner.

          Which is a pity. Because EK needs somebody to tell him to wake to **** up and stop being useless.

          • Truthist

            On this same visit, will UK Prime Mincer Theresa May be having an even more meaningful discussion with the next Taoiseach to be ; Mr. Me-hole Martin ?

          • Deco

            I think it would be in all our interests if MM decided to hide himself, so as to not embarrass us.

            Note : I did not say that MM should hide himself so as not to embarrass himself. I don’t care about that.

            It is what he does to the rest of us that is the problem.

          • Truthist

            I have an apt nickname for Mr. Me-hole Martin ;
            “The Cruelty Man”

        • redriversix

          Morning David.

          So we should align more with America ?

          We should stand up for ourselves when dealing with Europe ?

          Who will stand up for us ? Government ? Senior Civil servants ?

          Where will this magnificent change come from ??

          It’s OUR. Government who gave away our resources

          It’s OUR Government who gave away our resources

          It’s OUR Government who does not help indigenous business but promotes Corporations.

          It’s OUR Government who does not collect 12.5% Corporate tax.

          It’s OUR government who promotes and encourages little or no Banking Regulation.

          It’s OUR Government which implements the winding down of our health service,

          So …your article ,although a theory could be “a idea” for Government to work on. ??

          Do you know who has screwed the Irish over and over. ?????

          Our Government… !!!!!

          Not the elected twats… no no

          The permanent Government.

          If you want a suggestion to propose…

          Maybe we should throw in our lot with Goldman Sachs… seems they run everything…so why don’t we talk to the butcher and stop fucking around with the Block

          Merry Christmas

          Special mention to Micheal colgan

          Tony brogan
          Gregoriz ( can’t spell it…! )
          Cold blow
          John “get behind me Satan” Allen

          Have fun.. treat every euro as a prisoner..


  3. Deco

    I actually think we should plan on leaving the EU. And for rather obvious reason. It is a policy making monopoly, that is intending to give itself the right overrule us.

    In fact, insisting on being always obedient to the nEU we are effectively operating with one hand behind the back.

    Despite all the big talk, the EU empire is not really in a position to lecture anybody about internal governance anymore. But arrogance empowers the Politburo, to feel that they can do it anyway. Incidentally, Greece is not solved. Sweden is next to meet a real estate/banking system meltdown. Belgium is over-indebted, and Portugal is not yet out of the woods.

    The assumption that one should hand over political policy making in order to participate in a free trade area is bullsh!t. We were actually in a free trade area before we joined the EU, and we managed to avoid naitonal bankruptcy despite the keynesian experiments in our main trading partner.

    The one thing we need to do is liberate ourselves from the failure straightjacket that is the EU.

    Currently, we are both intellectually and politically submissive.

    And we see this in the entire bondholder debacle. In fact the Irish establishment are now garrisoning us, to such a level of absurdity that is shocking even on reflection of their eagerness for Redmondite madness in 1914. The lies are astounding.

    The EU like the SU before it, is operating in an accountability vacuum. The same route to pretending all is well, denying the failures, and then repeating the failures, is clearly in existence. Nobody resigns over anything. And the policy implementation process is designed to overrule any opposition.

    We event sent the perfect chancers to fit this arrangement – Phil “Irish Water” Hogan, Kevin “the banks are fine” Cardiff, to fit right in. And by all accounts they fitting right in.

    I think we need a serious internal public sector realignment, to simplify the min-empire racket, and bring down our discretionary cost base. We also need to get real about several problems relating to business competitiveness. Our superficiality, and refusal to question it, has cost us dearly.

    We need to throw the superficiality that exists in public policy thinking out, and start behaving like grown ups with respect to how we organize ourselves. We simply cannot afford to continue operating at our current level of inefficiency. Let’s look at the comparison between the way that Britain is organizing it’s public transport with Crossrail 1, 2, and possibly 3 in the London SE region. We are still playing with Luas trams, and 3 hour round trip commutes to Carlow, and Gorey. It is complete madness. And while Galway is getting bottlenecked again ( it is not the roundabouts this time), Britain is putting together a plan for commuter travel through cities like Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester that could result in another London scale business behomoth. And all post-North-Sea oil driven. We never had the North Sea hydrocarbons to squander. But our policy makers built what Kunstler called “an unsustainable living arragement” on quandering imported hydrocarbons instead.

    Now granted they have scale. But we cannot even get apartment blocks built to serve the economic model that we are throwing all our cards at, and it is entirely an internal policy making arrangement. And it is not insufficient capital. With low interest rates it is very easy get capital investment. It is regulated market rigging to ensure inappropriate allocation of capital. We have absolved ourselves from the maturity of needing scale.

    I think we have been deluding ourselves at many levels. The Icelanders were also deluding themselves, and they stopped. We continue to delude ourselves with respect to what to do with money to make it work for us. We still have the mentality of the janitor who gets lucky on the lottery. We are ashamed of using money efficiently, because of the superficial set of mores, that demand that we show off that which we have. Maybe it comes from some idea that a bunch of wasteful aristocrats gambling drunkenly at a table symbolised wealth. This is madness. England got rid of it decades ago. But in Ireland it is still living on.

    We are living some sort of Barry Lyndon-esque trajectory around Europe, feeling very much at the heart of it, putting on nice clothes, and supperfially feeling as good as anybody else, and fitting in with the lying and deceit that surrounds us.

    In the end we simply end up accumulating underperformance, posturing pretence, and losing money.

    This is what happens when we spend so long pretending that we think it is the reality.

    • coldblow

      Don’t you just love the ‘we are at the heart of Europe’ mantra?

      I notice Crotty refers to it writing thirty years ago.

      I mentioned before that when Ireland applied to join at the start of the 1960s the EU decided to turn us down but couldn’t find our application because they had lost it.

  4. Harve

    Hi David,

    I wonder whether it is time to re-visit the concept of a “European Community” model as opposed to the European Union? Could a looser, less integrated alliance better suit Ireland and other countries on Europe’s periphery? Let the core (led by Germany) continue to integrate if that is what they want to do. But permit, the Community countries participate in the Single Market, not be part of Schengen and make the Euro optional? This might be a bridge too far for Brussels bureaucrats to consider, but let’s face most of Ireland’s economic difficulties in the last decade or so have been linked with the Euro and our inability to control monetary policy. Being part of a looser Community might be more palatable to Britain also.

    Freedom of movement will be an issue but when you examine it, I think it is unfair to insist on total free movement within the Single Market when you have sectors such as agriculture not forming part of the EEA/Single Market as it stands. If you can have a partial/incomplete Single Market for Goods (and Services), some might argue that you should be able to have some brake on complete free movement of people?

    • Deco


      The current leadership in Germany is not doing a good job of leading Germany. They are reliant entirely on tough labour market changes brought in by Schroeder. In retrospect these might have been too harsh.

      Is is fair to have people governed by those that they did not elect ? I do not think is either fair, or respectful.

      Even more so, if they are making if they run other people’s affairs in a unilateral manner. Exhibit A -> Greece.

      • Harve

        I hear what you are saying Deco. Let’s face it though, the EU as it currently stands is being led by Germany (badly or otherwise) and will become even more so as Britain leaves. Is it right to be governed by the unelected? No, of course not. But worldwide, smaller countries are influenced (governed?) by powerful countries (US, China, Russia, Saudi, Iran etc.). That’s just the way life is. I think the pendulum has shifted globally back towards more national self-determination. Hence why I think a European Community concept is worth revisiting.

    • Onda

      Agreed the whole EU thing went off the rails after the “European Community” became the “European Union” the Community has to be put back front and centre if this “Europe” thing is going to have meaning for people and survive.
      Otherwise you can take it and shove it up some Brussels Bureaucrats Backside.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      wonder whether it is time to re-visit the concept of a “European Community” model as opposed to the European Union? Could a looser, less integrated alliance better suit Ireland and other countries on Europe’s periphery? Let the core (led by Germany) continue to integrate if that is what they want to do.

      At the moment, I think that this would be the optimal model for Europe – a European Community based of Four Freedoms, with powers relegated back to national parliaments. In fact, such a proposal was jointly considered by Denmark and Poland early this year, when the Danish Prime Minister visited Poland to sign an agreement on energy security cooperation in the Baltic Region. In that proposal, each EU country would agree on a basic core of Four Freedoms, but would be free to choose what other EU legislation it wants to take. That way we won’t have to be forced to adhere to the EU absurds imposed in order to satisfy various lobby groups, such as redifining biology and defining a snail as a fish – only because it suits some group of French farmers who are the biggest recipient of the CAP-related subsidies.

      The big problem of course is how would the peripheral countries (so Ireland, Poland, Denmark, etc) force a devolution of the current EU structure, given that this would be a lethal blow to the Carolingian Europe (Germany, France and Benelux), and given that Germany’s and and Benelux’s entire economic model of Mittel-Europa/Grossraum is based on having the European periphery underdeveloped and with industries not competitive to their high-tech industries, and a blow to the French parasitic model, which is to base their income on the Common Agricultural Policy benevolently subsidised by Germany from profits gained in peripheral countries while all the financial risks of their banking is spread over those peripheral countries; to achieve this, Germany is not only keeping eastern Europe as their main export market in the world – a feat achieved by hostile takeovers of eastern European companies in the 90s coupled with breeding an entire web of politician and journalists in those countries bribed, or blackmailed, or both, by Germany to keep their narrative going, but also by making sure that Germany, France and Holland are, according the Eurostat (they made that date really hard to find) by far the biggest recipient of EU funds for education and research and development, so that the German ambassador to Ireland can keep describing the Irish as coarse and vulgar people, as he did in 2007 talking to 80 German businessmen in Dublin, while Poland is threatened with being stripped of her voting rights in the EU and having the German policy implemented by force (Martin Schulz), only because it has withdrawn the privileges enjoyed by the communist butchers and German-paid politicians and journalists, and demanded that German companies in Poland stop cheating on taxes.

      In my opinion, there are two main ways of devolving the EU to the pre-Maastrich form of legal framework.

      1. Wait till the Carolingian Europe collapses under Jihad and their own legislative stupidity, simply ignoring their most stupid legislative initiatives – like Germany and France have ignored the Maastricht Treaty budget deficit rules and, like Germany and French companies are cheating on paying taxes in Poland to the tune (that’s the EU Commission own data) fully outweigheing all their money transfers to those peripheral counties – most of which subsidies come back to Germany anyway, via, i.e., German companies winning motorway public tenders in Poland by bribe, and then letting them being built by Polish subbies anyway for a lower price, pocketing the difference, and eventually not paying the Polish subbies and making them bankrupt, thus forever ensuring that Poland only remains an assembly line, not the centre of innovation: at least the Spaniard, whatever we think of their work ethic, are powerful enough to have built all their motorways themselves).

      2. The second way of the EU devolution is this: all peripheral countries from Greece through Visegrad Group and Scandinavia up to Ireland and Portugal ally against the Carolingian Europe in the EU Parliament, and under the umbrella of Donald Trump’s US, and develop the alternative trade routes (INCLUDING ENERGY) from the Meditteranean via Poland, Denmark, UK, Ireland, up to Portugal, thus eliminating the Carolingian Europe profit margin they charge for being a traffic junction. a decision centre in Europe, and the euro currency beneficient (it’s not the euro currency ITSELF that Germany benefits and other countries lose – it is the euro currency PLUS Mittel-Europa).

      • Once the concept of freedom is that it is granted by the state you are a prisoner of the largesse of the state.

        Rather one must start with the ultimate freedom being available without restriction and is the individuals to relinquish bt free will as a cost to cooperation within the society one elects to live within.

        The corollary is that if they are not granted by the state the freedoms do no exist.

        Be careful what you wish for.

        I prefer the position of the US founders of the US constitution rather than the Canadian pablum.

        • McCawber

          Cash is one of the elements of freedom.
          The euro as a means of conducting trade etc is good.
          But that should be it’s only function. Keep the political ideology out of it.
          It has instead been abused by the EC/EU as a means of enslavement.
          And therein lies the challenge.
          Ireland for example could leave the EU but still retain the Euro as its currency.
          Approx 10% of currency in circulation is in cash and that % is probably falling.
          So it would be easy for Ireland to retain the Euro. A soft landing beloved by politicians.
          As to whether that is the way to go or not is a completely different argument.
          Suppose instead we adopted the IRRO, the hard landin, what would happen.
          The first thing we could do is cancel our debt.
          The value of the IRRO would plummet, prices would rise.
          Wages would stagnate except in the CS of course.
          But we would be free from the EU.
          Something to be cherished surely except when you look at the alternative.
          I used to be really pro European simply because I thought they’d do a better job of governing us than I ever we could do ourselves.
          Unfortunately I was/am both right and wrong and
          NOW I’m lost and I’ve no GPS to guide me back.

          • Getting sovereignty to return to an individual or nation is fully dependent on regaining/retaining an honest money system.

            If there is nothing else I have learned it is the truth that he who controls the money controls all.

            look carefully at the old saying “money is the root of all evil”. I would suggest that it is not money that is to blame per se but how money is manipulated and used.
            Money as we have. The fiat (government mandated) currency backed by nothing of substance and put into existence as a loan, is not understood yet by anyone on this blog. There is not one person on the blog who actually understands the ramification of what I constantly point out to you all.

            Our money is technically a fraud. The method of its production is fraudulent in any other business. The practice of fractional reserve banking practiced in any other type of enterprise is also illegal and fraudulent.

            Technically the money supplied is defined as a Ponzi enterprise. The way it is structured is that it requires a continuous stream of new borrowers in order to expand the money supply so that there is enough in circulation to pay the interest charged on previous loans.

            such a system is a criminal enterprise in any other business enterprise. There is a complete silence on this blog as to the ramifications of these facts. There is no agreement or commentary disagreeing with this. Just silence.

            Is this silence because of disbelief, incomprehension, or stunned astonishment.

            It still remains that without the stopping of the use of such money there is no ability to control the rest of our existence. no manner of debate can provide a solution to other economic and social problems before the money system corruption is resolved.

            That is the real meaning of the statement. “Money is the root of all evil.”

            I adapt the statement to “Corrupt money is the root of all evil.”

            Therefore it follows that those who control the money systems are the cause of all the corruption enmeshing our societies.

            It is just that simple.

            Substituting one central banking fiat currency for another is no solution at all. What is required is a total replacement to an honest currency, money system that is free, honest and universally accepted and not owned or manipulated by any central banker.

            The lies and deception extend to the politicians and bureaucrats who manipulate all statistics in order to pretend things are other than they are.

            Take the latest from Zero Hedge.

            This is the America David wants Europe to become more like. That is a delusional thought. Read the link carefully


        • McCawber

          Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you Tony.
          You never said if you make your own Beer or Wine or Moonshine but it wouldn’t surprise me, so I hope you had a good ferment.

          • Never had the room to make moonshine mr. McCawber. too busy trying to keep my expenses to 19s6d!!

            Thanks for the christmas good wishes.

            Peace, goodwill to all, Best Tony

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “the Canadian pablum” – that’s a good one.
          If I were to find a metaphore for how Ireland is run, I would say it’s like a kite being let loose with everyone down on the ground jazzed up and applauding for no apparent reason

  5. Where Does The Apple Fall

    Gravity dictates direction . We Don’t. History Repeats Itself . We Never Learn that.
    The Kingdom of Kerry of Great Britain and Ireland will Return next year just as it was before …..residing at Windsor .

    • Do we get a bite of the Apple? Only if someone is not watching .

      • There is an ancient taxation principal only used in Kerry known as the Cáin Clinamen where the unpredictable defeats determinism by a swerving behavior in atoms as they fall through a void .

        Original Homo Sapiens on ‘the isles’ were experts predicting this swerve and beating the mundane determinism of the unfortunate few .

        • To test how ridiculous the response by Endas Administration is to the process of ~Appeal with the EU Commission they stated that the EU ‘did not understand Irish Taxation’.

          This is a serious ‘fiscal fault line’ where the best in Irish bureaucracy and professional practice in Ireland can only resort to an ‘insular mindset’ as used in tribal warfare or ‘gang politics’. This low esteem in civility is a doomed project that is only going way down under into a vortex inferno.

          There are real answers and real solutions that the vested interest will not listen to because that will impact on their false pretenses and appointments that are grossly over paid.

    • Deco

      Given a choice between the ever circular building in Cupertino, and the ever building circus in Brussels, we would be better off choosing Cupertino.

  6. Truthist

    David’s article above
    “This is good for the Exchequer and as long as it is not spent on public sector salaries, this could be a capital windfall for the State, used to improve a variety of public investments where we are lacking.”
    Government at a Glance 2011
    © OECD 2011

    Chapter 7
    Human Resources Management Practices

    Version 1
    Last updated: 24-Jun-2011

    Average hours worked per year

    Chile 2048
    Israel 1953
    Switzerland 1913
    Mexico 1862
    United States 1840
    New Zealand 1838
    Germany 1814
    Korea 1814
    Poland 1814
    Slovak Republic 1806
    Slovenia 1802
    Turkey 1798
    Austria 1786
    Czech Republic 1782
    Hungary 1770
    Estonia 1750
    OECD33 1742
    Japan 1736
    Sweden 1735
    Australia 1730
    Canada 1706
    Greece 1678
    Italy 1676
    Norway 1674
    Belgium 1674
    United Kingdom 1667
    Spain 1663
    Netherlands 1654
    Denmark 1631
    Iceland 1629
    Finland 1578
    France 1573

    Ireland 1565

    Portugal 1545
    Brazil 1766
    Ukraine 1758
    Russian Fed. 1642

    • Deco

      Just wondering is that concerning D2, or D2 plus various state insitutions, or those items plus the HSE ? Or semi-sector bodies ?

      Are the sick days consumed by HSE staff ( I know, baffling one that, eh – the part of Ireland that has tbe biggest problem with ‘sick days’ is the Health service….) included in that ?

      • coldblow

        I suspect that the average for public bodies is pushed up by a small number of staff who are seriously ill or who suffer from chronic ailments like depression. Particularly depression, which seems to cover a multitude, which is very hard to define and about which there is a serious question mark as to its very existence. One former colleague of mine worked in the accounts section of her govt department. She said that more than half of her time was spent dealing with the problems of her female staff, many of whom had mental problems. Having said that, I am sure there are many senior public officials, and politicians, who would be of far more use to the country if they stayed off on permanent sick leave.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      The OECD data I am looking for show a TOTALLY different picture. For example,

      Germany 1393
      Ireland 1801
      Poland 1938

      Germany: 1371
      Ireland: 1820
      Poland: 1963

      • Truthist

        Ur findings support my thesis herein ;
        December 22, 2016 at 4:38 pm
        I believe that the OECD are guarding the Civil Service’s of the OECD countries from ready scrutiny by Citizens.”

        And, Grzegorz, do u not also find the whole OECD literature suspiciously convoluted & ‘unhelpful’ ?
        It looks like they have learnt from how the Irish State compose deliberately ‘unhelpful’ Freedom of Information manuals.

      • Truthist

        Hold on there Grzegorz ;
        We are not comparing Apples with Apples.
        Rather we are comparing Rotten Apples [ mine ] with Fruit per say [ urs ] 8-).
        My statistics are ;
        Chapter 6
        Compensation in selected public sector occupations
        Compensation of middle management in central government
        Version 1 –
        Last updated: 24-Jun-2011
        Average annual compensation of middle managers in central government (2009)
        Adjusted for differences in working hours and holidays
        Government at a Glance 2011 – © OECD 2011
        I copied & pasted into spreadsheet application some time ago.
        And, I no longer have the URL readily available.
        Anyway, when I was trying to get meaty info from OECD website, it proved to be a very frustrating experience.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “My statistics are ;
          Chapter 6
          Compensation in selected public sector occupations”

          My bad – I should have noticed that in the first table, you were giving the statistics for selected public sector occupations. I am sorry – it must be my tiredness, plus a diabolical cold lingering for a month that I have managed to overcome until this week, when I took a shower and my landlord came down at 10pm (he always comes as if to a barn), left the front door fully open to get something from a garage, and from then on, my cold is developing into a full flown chest infection with fever, so much so that I had to invest in an authentic Havana Club 7 year old rum that I drink with my tea hoping this will put me back on my feet, for I am coughing so much that if I went outide of “my” town in Ireland, people might think that they have just met the only authentic refugee in Ireland LOL

          I have noticed an interesting thing: the more effeminate our men become, the less considerate and responsible of other people they are. In the past (in western culture of course) it was: woman demands, children demand, man provides. Now it is: woman demands, children demand, man demands, state provides, everyone is in debt.

          I know this is not an excuse for my oversight that the figures quoted were for public sector – but now, when I am getting old and fragile, I am coming up with some excuses ;-)

          I agree with you that OECD data are hard to navigate – strange considering they are supposed to be employing the top people (it’s still not as bad as the Ryanair website before revamp, where prices were at some stage not seen at all (only “low prices available” under each flight), and you had to go through 17 (seventeen steps) before buying a ticket.

          Even harder to get are some of the Eurostat data (the interesting one): i.e. after it had been revealed that Germany, France and Holland are by far the biggest recipient of the EU subsidies for R&D p e r h e a d (you are talking about figures like 10 times more than other countries), it was hidden so effectively that even I cannot find it now (but I have a screenshot of their website with that data).

          Two things puzzle me:

          1. How can we explain that German public servants work so long hours, if Germans in particular, and the Carolingian Europe in general work so short hours (less than 3/4 of what people in other countries work?).

          2. This hardly puzzles me because it is in keeping with the Mittel-Europa/Grossraum plan, but is worth noting nonetheless: we see from OECD data that since 2001, people in the Carolingian Europe are working shorter and shorter hours, while people in the rest of Europe are working longer and longer hours. In other words: THE WHOLE PERIPHERAL EUROPE IS WORKING FOR LONG HOLIDAYS OF AN AVERAGE DUTCH, FRENCH OR GERMAN WORKER.

          P.S. This blog you linked me (with an article about Max Keiser) is f a n t a s t i c.
          I have to admit – at first, I was sceptical. But I can see that the guy puts lots of research into his blog. You are doing a great jobs finding such intestting PdFs. Thank you, Truthist.

          P.S.2: This was one of his articles that has
          r e a l l y interest me:

          • Truthist

            Brilliant post again from u Grzegorz.
            And, often brilliant posts from most of the posters here too.
            Thanks for the compliment.
            Please tolerate my occasional “typos”.
            Also, I hope that readers appreciate that my style is deliberately conceived so as to primarily facilitate :
            the posing of clear questions
            the extraction of information.

            I am not here to indulge myself in navel gazing or develop my writing ability or to entertain readers or gain friends.
            I forsake lyrical style for to achieve those 2 purposes.
            So, it is somewhat of a staccato style.
            Also, I try to confine my themes to a narrow but vitally important AND relevant range ;
            Even though I do also attend to the theme[s] & subject matter[s] of David’s article, & also the threads of discussion under said articles as much as I can in my posts.
            The themes of mine that I focus on are vital to the rescue & survival & enhancement of the Irish nation, & also each & every nation in principle.
            More distinctly, again I state that my purposes here on the blog are to :
            ask “good” questions
            give “good” information.
            I am a patriot to Ireland.
            And, I am also a nationalist for every nation in the world.
            So are u to Poland.
            And, I dare say that likewise u are for every other nation.
            Of course I could ask more “thought-provoking questions.
            And, I could supply much more juicy info. & links.
            But, some folks — spies [ GCHQ, "Bar-Possessors" 8-), etc ] & other sociopaths 8-) — would cry foul.
            And, there are those who would like to ban me.
            But, were they to do this, I guarantee that I would promulgate even better questions & even better info. in a similarly decent AND very lawful AND impressively effective AND continually entertaining AND novel, way that would achieve mass following in Ireland even outside of cyberspace.
            By the way, as the blog knows, I do not partake in ad hominem tactics.
            Re ; ur sorely tested health of late
            For sleep phase, & awake phase when environment is cold, wear garment to cover the throat so as to “burn” that sickness out of u.
            And, keep the lower back warm during sleep ;
            Wear a long top.
            If lower back gets cold during sleep ;
            ==> kidneys work too much to try to keep u warm ;
            ==> poor sleep ;
            ==> strain on health
            Also, I am thinking that repeat boiled water is damaging to health.
            Because the water would become more “pure” ;
            “Pure” water is damaging to health.
            So, “be sure to boil only once” is my hunch
            I aim to check this theory with a world-class water expert today if I can.
            Hot Cocoa is recommended for coughs.
            I now avoid taking sugar of any form other than as whole fruit when I accept fructose.
            Artificial sugars I always avoid.
            Tony Brogan — our colleague here who wrongs me occasionally & should of course desist from doing so — actually supplies excellent living info. for folks here to benefit from,
            references to Dr. Mercola on internet.
            I close this communication with that always worthy mantra for this blog ;

  7. Truthist

    Sorry, that post did not give sweet presentaion of the figures.
    I hope that this effort puts the figures in sequence of longest hours worked to shortest hours worked ;
    Irish State Civil Servants work [ incl. "skull-dugger", "stone-wall", "betray", etc. ] the 2nd least number of hours.
    I guess that they will use that defense to try to mitigate consequences for when the public — their “real” boss — eventually revolts to take them to task for the SERPING that so many of them — Civil SERPENTS — do.
    Chile 2048
    Israel 1953
    Switzerland 1913
    Mexico 1862
    United States 1840
    New Zealand 1838
    Germany 1814
    Korea 1814
    Poland 1814
    Slovak Republic 1806
    Slovenia 1802
    Turkey 1798
    Austria 1786
    Czech Republic 1782
    Hungary 1770
    Brazil 1766
    Ukraine 1758
    Estonia 1750
    OECD33 1742
    Japan 1736
    Sweden 1735
    Australia 1730
    Canada 1706
    Greece 1678
    Italy 1676
    Norway 1674
    Belgium 1674
    United Kingdom 1667
    Spain 1663
    Netherlands 1654
    Russian Federation 1642
    Denmark 1631
    Iceland 1629
    Finland 1578
    France 1573
    Ireland 1565
    Portugal 1545

  8. coldblow

    David’s article says, or at least implies, that long-term we are in a fix. We are less autonomous than the likes of Germany and are merely a cog in a global economy.

    I find a lot of problems with that.

    The global economy might well not be able to continue as it is indefinitely in particular with regard to the dangerous (if not unbelievable) extent it relies on credit and what appears to be internationally organized accounting fraud. Peak oil might well be behind this and if not is merely another problem.

    As for the EU, I am reading Booker and North’s detailed history of British involvement. I wouldn’t see it as a 20th century anachronism rather as a deluded utopian project, with all the dangers that entails. I don’t see how Ireland (how many votes do we have? It was three, compared to Luxemburg’s two) can insist on anything. It was all about power politics and deceit (the book is called ‘The Great Deception’). We already had serious popular discontent about water charges as a direct result of EU interference and this is just the start.

    Then there is the question of what and who exactly are ‘Ireland’. Having read half-way through the article I was waiting for David to call for continued mass immigration and sure enough, this is what he does. Although now it is ‘reasonable immigration’, presumably as opposed to what is now acknowledged as unreasonable immigration.

    Who decides what is reasonable? It has not been the Irish people, and at this rate, with demographic changes, it soon won’t make any difference if they can be safely asked or not. I do not remember the tiniest squeak of protest or criticism in September last year. I do however remember what happened when a public protest against immigration was called in Dublin some time afterwards.

    Does the government sit around and decide what is a ‘reasonable’ level of immigration? Are there expert civil servants doing this? All right then, does anybody have a clue how many foreigners live here now? (Coldblow, it appears you are pushing against an open door.) And what is the mechanism for this carefully-monitored, reasonable amount immigration? Leaving aside the EU rules about free movement, does it not work as follows: the would-be immigrant is smuggled in and disappears, or gets a visa for studying or visiting relatives or whatever, and does the same, or manages to trick an airline into giving him or her a seat whereupon, on arrival, he or she pronounces the magic words: ‘I am here. I claim my political asylum!’. I won’t even mention the mysterious criteria by which his or her close or extended family are admitted by public officials except to guess that they are surely generous and ‘humane’, in keeping with the spirit of the times.

    So how did I know David wss going to write this? Was it because it follows the logic of what he writes at the start of the piece? No, it is because the most deeply cherished belief of liberals now is that racism is evil and must be challenged everywhere. It is a compelling emotion, shared by millions, and apparently by all of one’s friends and colleagues (except for one or two close ones, perhaps even the missus, who can safely rely on one’s discretion), so it has to be true. This is why Angela Merkel made that decision in September last year, and which she now bitterly regrets. It wasn’t rational, it wasn’t a logical reaction to the country’s economic needs, or its position in the global economy, or whatever rationalization sounds most plausible at the time of acting or writing.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      One reflection of mine to your interesting comment, Coldblow (I did write it in the past, but I am going to repeat it again):

      “Leaving aside the EU rules about free movement, does it not work as follows: the would-be immigrant is smuggled in and disappears, or gets a visa for studying or visiting relatives or whatever, and does the same, or manages to trick an airline into giving him or her a seat whereupon, on arrival, he or she pronounces the magic words: ‘I am here. I claim my political asylum!’.”

      Apart from the fact that you made me laugh so much while I was depicting the scene which you just sketched,

      to put things into perspective:

      In the 80s, there was lots of authentic asylum seekers from Poland who did not want to/could not come back to Poland when the Martial Law was introduced by Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski (actually, not a general anymore – Minister for Defense has just stripped post-martally him of his rank, and he is now private – hurray!) on December 13, 1981, this is how it worked for you if you were Polish and seeking an asulum in western Europe/USA/Commnonwealth:

      1. You were locked up in a refugee camp in Austria in Vienna for a year.
      2. Every morning you had to go the embassies of countries you wanted to be given an asylum and stand in queue for a few hourse.
      3. You were not really given any money, only food and accommodation (one giant campus for all refugees they had to come back to at a certain hour).
      4. Most of those countries only took you if you AS A REFUGEE had qualifications that they needed (hence so many Poles that started working for NASA and at US universities in the 80s; NASA psychological tests for astronauts were also designed by a Pole).
      5. In Canada for example, at some stage they only took you as a refugee if you signed a contract that you would work in agriculture for 2 years.
      6. For that year, the intelligence of each of these countries were doing a background checks on you.

      ANY DISCREPANCY IN YOUR REFUGEE STORY AND YOU WERE NOT GIVEN AN ASYLUM (usually those people then went to South Africa, which was taking any white).

  9. Truthist

    Here is a best-but-rough effort from me — Truthist — to replicate tabulated info Re ;
    Salaries etc of “Middle Managemnet” Civil Servants from sample of countries.
    Chapter 6
    Compensation in selected public sector occupations
    Compensation of middle management in central government
    Version 1 –
    Last updated: 24-Jun-2011
    Average annual compensation of middle managers in central government (2009)
    Adjusted for differences in working hours and holidays

    List of countries ;
    Mew Zealamd
    OECD* ; Obviously not a country ; But, a group of countries

    Per D3 Column
    Highest to Lowest

    USA $

    USA 225,000

    Italy 200,000

    UK 180,000

    Netherlands 175,000

    Belgium 170,000
    Irish State 150,000
    Australia 140,000

    Denmark 130,000

    New Zealand
    OECD 125,000
    Spain 125,000


    Norway 115,000

    Finland 115,000

    Austria 115,000

    Finland 115,000


    South Korea 100,000




    D3 Position D4 Position
    Wages and salaries 105,246 79,225
    Social contributions 11,314 8,517
    Working time correction 38,759 29,176

    Government at a Glance 2011 – © OECD 2011

    • Truthist

      I gave figure of USA $ 150,000 for Irish State because that is what I read from Y Axis of Bar Chart in my source materieal from OECD.
      Sorry that I do not have URL.
      I believe that the OECD are guarding the Civil Service’s of the OECD countries from ready scrutiny by Citizens.

  10. Truthist

    I was told that the difference between the Irish State Public Service & the Irish State Civil Service is that the Irish State Public SERPENTS restrict the public from accessing the Irish State Civil SERPENTS.
    Big “worry” for the Public Serpice & the Civil Serpice is that there exists moles within the Public Service & Civil Service
    Public SERVANTS ; as against Civil SERPENTS
    Civil SERVANTS ; as against Civil SERPENTS
    And, I tell u this ;
    The whole hospital crisis with patients on trolleys, the incompetence, “shortage” of staff, “long” appointment, babies dying when they should thrive & even the culture of violence on hospital staff & / or other patients, is all part of the racket that the Civil Service in the Department of Health as a whole conduct.
    Yee are being tricked.
    And, I can tell yee of a famous factory in the history of manufacturing in Irish State that was deliberately closed down by the employees by stealth.
    And, this was done despite the local management & foreign management & Irish State experts — incl. Industrial Engineers of deep & cynical experience — studying the situation with world experts for years.
    Hey, that multi-national company is arguably the world expert at uncovering sabotage.
    And, they still do not know how they were f..ked by their Irish workforce.
    It is SO EMBARASSING that it is FUNNY.
    Right under everyone’s nose. 8-)
    In fact even most of the staff who partook in this conspiracy do not know of the essence of it ;
    I have been made privy to “the smoking gun” proof.
    Richard Burton — with Masters of Economics from Oxford University — was fooled by this conspiracy too.
    I shall not be disclosing the nitty gritty on this blog ;
    I believe that yee will accept that I should not.
    The closure of that manufacturing plant had devastating results for Irish State.
    Still the Irish nation has not recovered from it.
    David’s options for Irish nation are very much governed by the outcome of “successful ?” 8-) conspiracy.
    Anyways, I say it again about that even more sinister conspiracy;
    For sure, the appalling Irish public health system is D-E-L-I-B-E-R-A-T-E being conducted by the vast bulk of the personnel.
    And, they cannot wait to start kiiling the pre-born children.
    And, the newly born children too.
    “WE ARE SCUM !”
    But, not everyone.
    Not, the vast majority of the persons who write on this blog.
    We genuinely care for people.
    Michael Coughlin has given the most profound thesis on this blog many times.
    Amazingly, & with all the talent that is here, it went unrequited.
    Please, if yee have children, get them out of Ireland with yee as soon as yee can, to a better nation.
    Please, also, factor into ur reflections the truthful report I gave yee of the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai as a block “being on the take” from the Drug Barons in Ireland to allow :
    Class A drug-pushing
    Class A drug-dealing
    Class A drug-taking.
    Even some of the drug-dealing desparados are disgusted with this corruption from the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai.

  11. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Fair play to the Englishman with a great, great heart! This is so great sign of kindness from Mr David Duncan that is has moved me to tears.

    There is one detail about the heroic Pole who saved the lives of dozens of people in Berlin by fighting with the Jihadists and not allowing the truck to go for as long as in Nice (which could have easily resulted in 100 dead): he died because Germans use discriminatory practices against Polish transport companies: the established practice in Germany is to postpone the unloading of transport companies from Poland while not ensuring them safe place to park (which ensures that German transport companies can compete with Polish ones, because by the time the waiting Polish lorries are unloaded, the German ones can do a few rounds).

    The Polish hero’s plan was to discharge his lorry in the morning, then go to Italy, and come back to Poland for Christmas – but he had to wait until late at night for a the German officers to do their duty in an unsafe place, where he was attacked and his lorry was hijacked.

    Also, the culprit was not deported from Germany, and – frankly speaking – first reports of the German media tried to blame the Pole for this terror attack (I attached a link from “The Welt” under my previous article, which would greatly help the Carolingian leftist fraction in the EU by showing that:
    1. Not all terrorists in Europe are Muslims and
    2. Those countries that reject Ms Merkel’s and her colleagues from the coalition party SPD lunatic policies are themselves full of terrorists).

    Also, it is strange that the German police was unable/unwilling to stop the lorry (which prior to killing abruptly turned – which was a result of a heroic Pole’s struggle trying to minimise the German loss of life).

    All in all, the recent events from Berlin show that:

    1. Islam sucks.
    2. Germany is shitty state.
    3. Germans, who did not pay WWII reparations to any country other than Israel and cannot manage their own state, have no moral right to either make decisions in the name of the rest of the EU or insult the Poles (by false reporting on political events in Poland and by their state applying discriminating practices) or the Irish ["they are coarse and vulgar" people said the German ambassador in Ireland, which was received by an applaud and guffawks from 80 German businessmen present - Ireland hacd her own literature befores Germany had her own literaure, and Berlin was a town established by West Slavs - the name of the Koepenick district comes from a west Slavic word "Kopenica": so who is coarse and vulgar, the Irish or the Germans (Prussians to be precise - Bavaria and Rheinland belong to Latin civilisation), you stupid asshole?].

    There is one thing that noone here has noticed: as long as the Bundesrepublik was governed from Bonn, it was a lovely state. Since they moved to Prussia, with the core of their civil service now Prussian and having their roots in either a communist youth organisation, STASI or 1968 Marcuse counterculture – they started to behave a little bit like in 1938.

    I praise the Lord that I did not emigrate to Germany (I was considering it) or France (I never considered it, but me and my mate were both working with a lovely French girl that we both fell for – and she fell for both of us; eventually, he married her because I thought that to emigrate for the third time – and to Frogland, out of all places – would be too much), but to Great Britain and then, Ireland (which has an advantage over Great Britain that whereas half of Great Britain seems to be Muslim now, we in Ireland only have one prominent Jihadist – President Higgins).

    To counterbalance my remarks, Berliners are petitioning for a monument to a heroic Pole.

    • Truthist

      Then again, I am told that cute Muslims make great wives for Christians.
      Girl on home page would not be my choicest though.
      But, no doubt that she would be much appreciated by others.
      But, many of available Indonesian women are highly educated, & feminine & marriage suitable.
      U may be expected to produce offspring. 8-)

  12. Truthist

    German Ambassador is correct Grzegorz.
    He did not say that the Irish ARE — ALWAYS ARE / INESCAPABLY ARE / ARE INHERENTLY — a coarse & vulgar people.
    Rather, he said ;
    “The Irish people HAVE BECOME a coarse & vulgar people.”
    And, I concur.
    He compared us to the Irish of yesteryear that he knew.
    That milieu of Irish he held in high regard.
    And, even so, I would say that we would have dirty traits as a nation then.
    He blamed most of the decline in the character of the Irish to the decline of the influence by the Catholic Church in Ireland.
    Corrupt as the Catholic Church has been I qualify, it was still the most civilizing factor in our nation.
    I gather that the German Ambassador is actually a hibernophile.

    • McCawber

      Not the worst thing to be but it does me he likes chaos too because surely we are a chaotic race of people.

      • Truthist

        We are a chaotic people ;
        Complicated so much that we have a latent German temperament.
        “Put an Irish man on horse-back ;
        And, he will ride to the Devil.”
        And, we have many “Beggars-on-horse-back” in the good auld Irish Civil Service.

  13. Truthist

    Perhaps the Berlin Market Truck-Attack on Civilians incident is false flag ?
    Also, there are accusations that the killing of the Russia Ambassador to Turkey is not true ;
    But, that seems impossible to me.

  14. Robot Verification

    I am not sure if David reads the site anymore as his long absence to engage especially over Christmas only allows the experience here to become bland and robotic without zest.

    Where is my pulse !

  15. McCawber

    Merry Christmas to you all and especially to our host who makes it all possible.
    I look to the New Year for further enlightenment.
    I also look forward to Trumpquake and maybe some discussion/predictions on what that’s going to be like.
    But for now peace and good will to all.

  16. Truthist

    OK all yee keyboard warriors ;
    “At ease !”
    Have a very Merry Christmas.
    And, also a Merry Christmas to our host David.
    And, also of course a Merry Christmas to to our readers only.
    And, to Big Brother monitoring us all on this blog, wake up so that ewe’s are no longer a sociopath.
    Do it right now !
    Wake up !
    That is an order.
    Then, enjoy Christmas.

  17. Grzegorz

    I am happy to report to you that my sister farming in Devon is very happy with any of the Poles she has employed. There are a couple of men who have worked there w awhile in the dairy. another employed in doorstep delivery of dairy products and ad hoc arrivals of stone masons, bricklayers, mechanics etc for other assorted projects.

    If I quote correctly, ” they work until the job is completed without always looking at the clock, they start early and finish late, they know what they are doing and they don’t cost as much. I am happy to pay them!!!”"

    Merry christmas


    Election manipulations? russian buying record amounds of gold, war on cash, fall of fiat currencies Paul Craig Roberts on failed dump trump coup.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “failed dump trump coup”

      There was a very good parody of that failed coup on the otherwise left leaning Saturday Night Live. If that won’t bring a Christmas smile on your face, then I do not know what else would. Oh how I envy you you have snows in Canada. I looked at live footage from Poland from a few days ago and even there there was no snow (there was a heavy one in November). Christmas wihout snow sucks. Snow aesthetisises the reality (says a banker friend of mine in Poland who, since he had to abandonded writing PhD in teology – I wonder if there is any banker in Ireland who decides on loans to companies and studies theology, doing artistic photography at the same time – is so much into artistic photography that looking for abandoned buildings, he is even preferring that than to spend his free time with his young wife).

  19. Truthist

    Further to recent exchange of opinion on Elon Musk of Tesla Cars fame
    Miles Mathis says ;
    “I do not believe in Elon Musk”
    And, here is Mathis’s de-construction of Elon Musk


    “”Considered unethical by the left, Eric Trump Foundation will no longer collect money for St. Jude Hospital”"

    • “”The high prices Americans pay for generic drugs may have been cooked up by pharmaceutical salespeople on golf courses, at a New Jersey steakhouse or over martinis at a “Girls Nights Out” in Minnesota.

      Details emerging from an ongoing investigation show that drug company employees gathered regularly at such swanky locations and conspired to keep prices and profits high, according to interviews and a complaint filed last week in U.S. District Court by Attorneys General in 20 states.

      “The wining and the dining and the dinners and the social repertoire sort of led to an atmosphere in which follow up conversations could occur [and] where price fixing could occur … because they had these relationships,” said Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson in an interview. “I think people should be absolutely appalled.”"”

  21. voting out the establishment in the american way. Hello Beppo, Hello Harine, Hello Geerts.


    When the ponzi scheme rest occurs currencies of all kinds will exhibit the inflation locked in to them because of the rapid recent expansions of the money supply by a factor of 2,3 4 or 5 times.

    At the same time the store of value locked in to the precious metals will exhibit itself.

    What would you rather hold to save your ass; Fiat cash assets or PM assets?


    Sell your bonds at the top of the market ie. now. Stocks and realestate will be next. You have to have a home and if mortgaged get the longest term available now.

    Agricultural land is ok , does that mean ireland as a whole, and be rid of anything else not useful. gold and silver is wealth and the ultimate money.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      That I did not even know!

      • Nothing against Poles but the new BC ferries should have been built at home in my opinion.
        We had a government department spun off as a crown corporation. Immediately decisions were made on a “business” basis. The CEO had to be paid a million a year and the Bottom Line accounting ruled.

        In the bidding process to replace aging ferries the Poles were cheaper. Prior year and projects it was Germany.

        The shareholder in this case are the BC taxpayers but the whole package was not considered in regard to the BC taxpayer.

        Originally the coast was served by private enterprise and ferry services were offered where a profit was deemed able to be made.

        In the 1050′s-60′s the Social Credit government of WAC, “Wacky” Bennett deemed the ferry service to be an integral part of the BC infrastructure and thus part of the transportation system as were the road networks.

        The Ferries were nationalized, by the province, and run by government. The ferry system was now a part of the road system and expanded to islands on the coast and other places without road access.

        The development and settlement of the islands and coast was augmented and accelerated. Economic activity of all kinds blossomed and bloomed.

        Today with the business model in vogue one of the most valuable trades has been shipped off shore. That is boat building. The boat yards in BC are world class, involved in economical production of megayachts for the wealthy. There is no doubt that there is the technical and physical ability for BC to build its own yachts.

        But they would cost more say the critics. And so they might. But what is also lost here? Jobs, spill off trades and companies, taxes collected on incomes and materials by both provincial and Federal governments. The infrastructure in place to contract for other work by BC ship yards.

        The other bottom line effect is that the Ferry corporation wants to have the non profitable routes have increased fares and/or curtailed service. This in effect is cutting and/or squeezing the lifeline to many communities and causing economic contraction rather than expansion. Fading is the maxim that the ferry system is the water corollary to the road system on land. We all pay taxes for roads we do not use. Others pay taxes for ferries they do not use. That is the purpose of government infrastructure that brings social and economic benefits to the community as a whole.

        The next new ferries need to be built in BC by BC workers and companies. Charity begins at home and government taxpayers money should not be spent in a foreign jurisdiction for their benefit rather than where it belongs, at home.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I did not even know that there were any Polish shipyards – as far as I remember, all Polish shipyards (including the cradle of “Solidarnosc” in Gdansk) went bust due to sharp practices from the German shipyards; it went like this: German shipyards had pressed the EU to ban the subsidy for the Polish shipyards (this was before Poland joined the EU but Poland already had to implement all the EU legislation, so the subsidy was actually a Polish taxpayer’s subsidy) – whereupon the German lobby in the EU managed to obtain for Germany the very same subsidy from the EU taxpayer that they had previously banned in Poland from the Polish taxpayers, thus bankrupting the Polish shipyards.

          Intrigued, I decided to follow up on that Canadian contract on Polish websites. It turns out that a few private, small shipyards have been established in Poland since the Germans bankrupted the Polish shipyard industry.

          According to them, the Canadian shipyard Seaspan from the British Columbia was shortlisted on the list of 3 shipyards who had the biggest chance to win the tender (along with the Italian Fincatieri), but they withdrew, because Seaspan did not have the technology necessary to convert the engine room into a so called dual-fuel spec – including a more ecological LNG – it’s the first in the world contract to convert a ship of that size into a dual-fuel spec, and Remontawa is a shipyard which, as the first in the world, built a pure LNG (so no dual-fuel) ferry.

          So BC shipyard, not wanting to lose their face, attributed their withdrawal to being “too busy” (why then did they start to the competition for contract in first place – as if they not know beforehand whether they would be “too busy”?).

          I have also found out that another private Polish shiphyard – Crist (name sounds like a joke, I know!) – has the only technology in the world to build maritime wind farms, called “Vidar”.

          All in all, it is a great example of how subsidies damage the competitiveness of the local industry in the long term (I assume that the Canadian shipyard which was not able to meet the technological demands is also subsidised by a taxpayer?) – after all that bullying, lobbying and hostile takeover, coupled with EU subsidies for their shipyards – the German shipyard industry do not have technologies necessary for the dual-fuel conversion of ferries that small, private Polish shipyards have – with no EU (or other) subsidy!

          This is even a stronger argument for abandoning CAP (and their counterparts in the US and Canada – some say that the agriculture in the US is even more subsidised than in the EU) – in the long term, it is detrimental to the agriculture (sure the EU food is more and more crap in every EU country – when Poland was implementing the CAP legislation, it had to LOWER it’s food quality and health&safety standards), and it makes a great blackmail tool for the big two (Germany and France) to blackmail the farmers of other countries, using the CAP subsidies as a stick and a carrot at the same time…

          As President Ronald Reagan once said – the socialist way of running the company is:

          1. When it works, tax it.
          2. When it still works, regulate it.
          3. When now it does not work – subsidise it.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Remontawa = Remontowa


            I read on their website that they are not getting any subsidies from anyone – maybe that’s the way for saving the Canadian taxpayer – NOT to subsidise shipyards? That way no Canadian taxpayers money would be lost, and in the long run, it would be better for Canadian jobs too – look at the story of Polish shipyards demise and resurrection – subsidies taken away, all shipyards collapsing, then new non-subsidised shipyards are being created, they are forced to innovate because they are not getting any subsidies – and now they are the ones who have to know-how to do conversions that the subsidised Canadian shipyards cannot do (btw, German shipyards did not even make it to top 3 in that tender – d e s p i t e receiving by far most EU subsidies).

            The shipyard story reminds a bit was one driver in Formula 1, one Pastor Maldonaldo. He was officially subsidised by… the Venezuelan Parliament no less! Hugo Chavez wanted to boast how progressive country his oil-driven Venezuela was, and every year they were passing a bill allocating heavy millions that they were paying Williams F1 so that Maldonando could drive for them).

            This, in the short run, worked. Williams began to fly (especially on circuits with long straights, as they made a low-drag car – they did not hope to win the championship, just attract more sponsors), and Pastor won one race.

            Other drivers had to have their parents risk their own money, so they got to F1 because they were very good (Lewis Hamilton’s dad worked 3 jobs, and the Polish F1 driver – Robert Kubica’s parents took a loan (btw, when Kubica started leading the F1 championship, basically destroying the reputation of his German colleague, BMW decided they’d rather lose the championship then let a Pole win in their car over German – so they… stopped developing their car, and then withdrew from F1!).

            Not Pastor – the Venezualan taxpayers made sure he kept his seat.
            What happened next?
            Every socialism ends in bankruptcy – Venezuelan ended with low oil prices.

            And then it turned out that Maldonado was not even good enough to be demoted to Williams’ test driver!

            So I think this is what might have happened with the Canadian shipyard:

            subsidy = income without innovation = no innovation = a wake up call (we are unable to meet the technical demands!) = PR spin (oh, it was just a joke – in fact we are too busy to do it).

            Solution: take the subsidy away from the Canadian shipyards! Let the free market work!

    • It appears that Poles will refit existing ferries too as BC shipyards are “too busy”.

  24. I pinched my pulse at the railway station in Starbucks Limerick today reading ( on a Saturday morning ) the Sunday Business Post ……and there is no article in it from David . So I was left with no choice but to read other journalists contributions namely : Brian Keegan and Ian Kehoe.

    Both are relative to the above with different perceptions and strategies. It proves no two economists can agree .So what do we do and expect in new year 2017 ?

    Many journalist / and political contributors have made various interesting thoughts and there is no clear way forward shown that shows light at the end of the tunnel.

    My own thoughts always seem to be missed when I show them on this site .Nevertheless the apple will fall where it should and no one seems to get it right where it matters .

    Let me show now only the basic elementary facts as follows:

    Taxation and Cáin are both separate Gaelic words and both meaning ‘to stick’ and ‘ to entrap’ . This means ‘Death of the primal animal’ or in other words ‘ business is over job done’. Cannot be undone.The taxpayer be a person or a corporate entity and in this case ‘ the primal animal’.

    On the continent the word tax evolved from the Nile delta and the Latin meaning as well as the various EU members means ‘ to touch’ .So if I touch you still live maybe poorer or richer but you are still alive . Should I decide to change my mind and touch you again to take more that is possible .

    So the EU believe we use the meaning of the word ‘taxation’ to be ‘ to touch’ .In fact the true meaning is ‘to stick’ as a spear into an animal and take it back to the village and eat it dead or alive .The idea of the EU prompting The State to bring to life the dead animal does not hold water . So when the EU expects The State to seek more money from Apple & Others it is the same as ‘praying to the Gods for the soul of the dead animal’. In reality the EU is asking us to believe in the reincarnation of tax liability after the taxpayer ceases to exist.

    There is so much more to say too . Suffice to say well it’s only €13bn for Apple . Does it matter ?

  25. McCawber

    Your problem John is your name.
    I mean John Allen – for God’s sake, that’ll cut no ice with anyone..
    You needed to go for something memorable or symbolic or both if possible.
    Bog of Allen would have got you more clicks and that’s a pretty easy starter for ten.
    Pope John maybe.
    All depends on your general message.
    I’ll give you a good.
    There’s a guy on here, talks crap most of the time but like a broken clock he gets it right from time to time.
    His moniker “McCawber” a well known literary character with some well known characteristics.
    The name even brings up a scrooge like image of poster.
    Anyway I promise to pay more attention – After the holiday seasin – Let the vestivities commence.

  26. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    As in Polish tradition Christmas Eve is actually a more important day than Christmas Day, with the most important family dinner of the year taking place that day (tradition shared with Lithuania, Bulgaria, western Ukraine, Italy and France – in France they eat Réveillon), I would like to say this:


    With that, I’ll probably take a sabbatical.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Forgot to add the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria (in Austria they even eat carp for Christmas Eve dinner like the Poles do).


    If gold is not money and not a store of value why do so many central bankers hang on to it?

    • McCawber

      Because it’s valuable.
      They’re trying a double bluff, the I know that you know that I know etc.
      They don’t know what they’re doing.
      They like things that glitter.
      They are trying to push the price of gold higher – helps to balance the books.
      Question for you tho’.
      What is the significance of the Feds balance sheet.
      BTW it’s not so much that punters on here don’t appreciate what you say about money and CBs but it’s very difficult to see a way towards starting the (painful as in doesn’t come with a free lunch) process of resetting the money system.
      The people with the power to do are the same people who don’t want to do it and most of whom don’t understand the monetary sytem or the crisis that has been created.
      In 2008 I knew there was a major event going to happen around about July.
      It didn’t save my ass but it could have been worse.
      I couldn’t really tell you why I knew.
      A hunch, call it, based simply on my level of cynicism of the analysts analysis.
      I don’t have the same sense right now but I do have the sense that it will be a lot worse.
      What are the likely or possible triggers is the thing to be looking for?

      • What is the significance of the Feds balance sheet

        From what I understand the Fed BS is way underwater. But then the fed can never go broke as it simply creates more money to cover what it requires. It absorbs government bonds and it takes banks underwater loans . All financial assets will take a bath and no one will be held to account. Moral hazard will reign supreme. This will cause more bad loans, even reckless loans which in turn distort the real economy until nothing functions at all. Profits and assets wasted with malinvestment and failing business.

  28. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Polish Christmas Eve “oplatek” tradition explained in two minutes:

    A spicy-sense-of-humour Christmas commercial of the Polish delivery company Allegro (a grandda wants to visit her granddaugther who emigrated to England and he has to learn some English):

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “granddaugther” – or maybe it’s his grandson: it’s hard to know if this was a “double-spice”

      • Merry Christmas All. Lovely sunny day of white hoar frost.
        count your blessings. They are many. Thanks for the international phone calls now so cheap. Chats with relatives are a big part of the day even those thousands of miles away!! :)

  29. McCawber

    Getting back to David’s Article.
    It occurred to me on a number of occasions that both the EU and Ireland have been using the mushroom strategy on each other.
    The EU blinked first, in that regard, by petulantly claiming that Ireland had produced too much documentation in relation to the Corp. Tax issue.
    The EU cannot dictate what evidence Ireland provides.
    And in doing this Ireland have (hopefully intentionally) signalled to the EU that we are not going to roll over.
    David only hints at it but the real strategy to followed here is to become the perfect EU member and ultimately a leader.
    By becoming the perfect member we can then point the finger at the imperfections of other members – There’s nome of them perfect and as a result there are a lot of double standards.
    Sorting out some of those double standards would be to everyone’s benefit but it takes leadership.
    Ireland anyone?
    The French, they are not alone btw, refer to us as AngloSaxons.
    It’s not a term of endearment.
    One of the big things they don’t like about AngloSaxons is their natural gift for lateral thinking.
    To have that ability for lateral thinking is a powerful, powerful natural (in our case) asset.
    The French recognise this and try to teach it to their students.
    The French are also not team players What socialist is you might well ask.
    But we need to recognise it and harness it properly.
    Then it really is game on.
    Ireland 1 – The Rest 0.
    Add in a better appreciation for team play and we could be 2 up before the EU even know it.
    That last bit takes the right kind of leadership and while identifying it as a major issue for is easy, coming up with a solution isn’t.

    • That presupposes you are dealing with a rational thought process.
      The EU is run by a bunch of psychos who ends justify the means. The end is to obtain power any way at any cost.
      You can do the right thing a dozen times and they will still do you in.
      Have nothing to do with a psycho and they cannot create a problem.
      Often times they cause a problem and the only solution is to destroy them before they destroy you.
      No independent country should be a part of the EU. Trade agreements yes but political entwinement no. Security agreements yes but a European standing army no.
      To be an independent country it needs its own currency. Take back the continental shelf economic zone. cut government in half, get rid of the socialistic support of inefficiencies. Foster entrepreneurship, promote a national identity(already exists) and as a nation “be your own man”.

    • Truthist

      Here is some lateral thinking for u from the man who was the pioneer in investigating & revealing the Federal Reserve Bank syndicate ;
      Excellent communicator with dry sense of humor.

      • So Obamacare was originally Clinton care and as Mullins says all the occult practices of the governments originate with the funding and sponsorship of the Federal reserve and affiliated central and commercial banks.

        • Truthist

          On some youtube videos, u can access the transcript for to :
          view simultaneously with the video above
          copy & paste into word-processing document.
          But, the quality of the software is poor ;
          Many errors with every video.
          However, it can still be very useful.
          If u are very scholarly, u could indeed copy & paste, & then edit.
          The transcript function — if available per particular video — is located just above the white border enclosing the black border of the actual video window.
          Left-Click on “More” > Select “Transcript”.
          Note that Mullins uncovers that “Enthoven” 8-) Care / Hillary Clinton Care / Obama Care is :
          conspiracy by the big Insurance companies
          & thus
          conspiracy by the Federal Reserve Banking syndicate
          And, all because they want to eliminate u / kill u.
          It makes perfect sense.
          Please also dear readers of this blog, do contemplate that the bulk of persons in the Irish State Health Care sic 8-) system :
          do not care about u
          care very much about themselves
          Also, contemplate that there are many evil persons working in the Irish State Health Care sic system.
          Come to think of it, u should also consider the same about much of the private Health Care options.

          Innocent young child murdered by fatal blow, at least, in Garda-Landlord / Landlord-Garda Station at Clonmel. And, masonic injustice determined that the Garda-Landlord[s] / Landlord-Garda[i] perpetrator[s] get off scot-free.

          Hillary Clinton is the official author of Obama-Care.
          But, it was actually authored by ;
          Alain C. Enthoven [ Professor of Economics at Stanford University ]
 result from search terms ;
          Alain C. Enthoven

          Enthoven obviously responsible for war-crimes in Vietnam war.

    2016 Dec 19 from Jerry Scott
    Four Gasses are critical to life systems on earth, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and CO2. They have branded CO2 as a dirty pollutant. What kind of a FOOL does that? Methane and natural gas are ten times more greenhouse effective than CO2. The earth bleeds it from every pore in mega tons and most of it eventually oxidizes to water and CO2. The amazing thing is it cannot be stopped or regulated and therefor is not taxable. They have picked CO2 for the obvious reason that it can lead to taxes and carbon exchanges and great wealth and power and people control by certain ELITES.

  31. Truthist

    Eustace Mullins explaining the corruption of modern medicine ;
    . results for search terms ;
    Murder by Injection AND Eustace Mullins
    Free version of his book here as PDF
    And, 1 of a number of interviews with Eustace Mullins on this subject as youtube video.
    Also, the internet-radio interviews with Eustace Mullins on the “Bankster Scam Bundle” & “Medical profession” & “Chemical corporations” & “Legal profession of the [In]justice system” are very useful.
    Important to note ;
    Mullins did not investigate the modern medicine system as a physician.
    But, rather as a investigative scholar ;
    Which he was “par excellance”.

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