December 19, 2016

Coveney needs courage to let go of ‘market will fix it’ chestnut

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Let’s talk about housing.

Walking around Dublin city, whether on the Luas line between Museum and Smithfield, or over the river at the Coombe and the Liberties, you notice the number of vacant sites in prime positions for building homes. The city centre is pockmarked with overgrown zones of dereliction – hemmed in, away from our eyes, by cheap hoarding. These sites are waiting to be developed.

There are obvious sites that could be redeveloped immediately and would not only add to the housing stock and thus be part of the citywide solution to the housing crisis, but where the very development itself would contribute enormously to the city’s visual environment. Dublin should not have such eyesores. No continental city suffers such blight; it simply isn’t tolerated in most city centres.

In terms of the feel of a place or an area, dereliction is contagious. One derelict site leads to more dereliction, because as a site is left to go to rack and ruin, it sends a depressing signal to the rest in the area and dereliction spreads.

The opposite is also the case: regeneration leads to further regeneration as it sets the tone for the whole area. This is the alchemy of renovation. Each new development sets off a process of renewal which has untold benefits. These residential, commercial and environmental upsides have a self-reinforcing nature.

Therefore, it would seem obvious that the second phase of housing minister Coveney’s moves to address the rental crisis and housing shortage in our urban areas should be some penalty for those landowners that allow these pivotal sites to slide into dereliction.

The reason I say the ‘second phase’ is because I believe that the rental moves announced earlier this week have to be only the first part of an overall strategy to get to grips with the housing crisis.

This strategy, if it is to be successful, will involve carrot and stick: carrot when it comes to nudging or coaxing more investment from the private sector into housing, and stick where nudges are far too gentle and aren’t sufficient to shift apparently interminable problems like unsightly dereliction.

Having faced down his opponents, the minister has tipped the political scales in his favour and he can use his newfound political capital to accelerate his plans for the housing sector.

Let’s just recap what was announced on Tuesday. The main proposal will result in a 4 per cent annual limit on rent rise in designated areas. The system will last for a maximum of three years.

The limits will first be introduced in the “rent pressure zones” of Dublin and Cork city. These zones are neighbourhoods where annual rents have risen by at least 7 per cent in four of the last six quarters and where the average rent in these areas is above the national average in the last quarter.

In terms of politics, Fine Gael is not supposed to do things like this, which makes the minister’s intervention even more interesting.

If this came from the left-of-centre, that would be one thing. But coming from Fine Gael — the party that has traditionally represented the interests of landowners — it means that things are out of control and this is a minister who wants to fix things.

Some argue that rent controls are incompatible with building.

I don’t buy this argument, because it is based on the assumption that the free market was providing accommodation. It wasn’t.

Therefore, if the market isn’t working, it means that, socially, the minister had to move to stop rent rises by decree. So he issued a short-term decree. By omitting new builds from the rent freeze — albeit a double-digit rent freeze over three years — the minister is trying to separate existing supply from new supply. It seems logical, and there is an internal coherence to it.

Another phase of the minister’s plan has to be an acceleration of the building of social or cooperative housing to actually bring down, rather than maintain, the current price of accommodation in Ireland.

At its most simple, the state has to get back into the housebuilding game, as was the case for all of my youth, when hundreds of thousands of Irish people lived in council or corporation housing, where the state acted as the landlord and the houses were provided cheaply.

There are many ways that we can improve on the council house model if we wish to tinker with the basic model. But the basic model has to be the same: designed to provide affordable housing for people. This could be done by creating housing co-ops as they have in Germany, Scandinavia and Holland. By cutting out the developers’ profit, because the cooperative owns the houses and every homeowner has a stake in the cooperative, costs are brought down immediately. This model works perfectly well in countries that have less zoned land than Ireland does per head, have higher wages on average and have no housing problem.

The credit unions in Ireland are the obvious source of initial financing for a nationwide cooperative housing movement.

The credit unions are sitting on €14 billion of deposits and can’t use this to finance housing. Inexplicably, the central bank prevents these community-based credit unions from operating in the housing market – while it is happy to license foreign vulture funds to buy up the housing stock. Figure that one out.

Now that the minister has the political wind behind him, he can press on with a full strategy. There are options once he frees himself from the tyranny of free market dogma when it comes to housing. The market has delivered a recent boom-and-bust cycle to us. It is not the answer in housing. It never has been.

Housing is too important to be left to the short-term calculations of bank lenders, rental yield spreadsheets and the chance of a quick buck. Let’s think long term for once, where development delivers housing, commerce, creativity, investment and social equity. It can be done; let’s do it.

  1. Deco

    Finally, fresh thinking. And 100% better than the posturing from the two perennial pretenders, Adams and Mickey Martin.

    And in the core urban area – where residential provisions is needed to most. It would take workers out of the suburbs, leaving families there. And it would enable intense workers to spend minimal time commutting. Effectively driving up productivity in Dublin. And it you drive up productivity in Dublin, you drive up business attractiveness. It is far more sensible than offering 0.something percent taxation.

    Because this problem is affecting our business competitiveness. Ireland is telling it’s own workers to go elsewhere.

    I would include some essential additional requirements. Redevelopment to include a minimum of a defined number of floors, and certain amenities on the ground floor level, like a small grocery/vegetable shop/deli counter, and even a gym to residents.

    We need to see volume in apartment provision. And we need to see essential services for living.

    The real reason why it cannot be left to banks, is because they are not that smart. They are smart enough to know you can get away with anything if you buy advertising from the main media players in Ireland. But not much smarter than that.

    Another problem is the rotten entity that is DCC, which is run by poliical machines that see this problem as an opportunity for them to make people depend on the political machine.

    The minister needs to be able to go above the self serving gombeens on DCC who do not want to solve the problem.

    • Antaine

      The Minister can and has gone above DCC by bypassing planning legislation for ‘Rapid Build aka Modular houses’ (Alan Kelly 2014) and Minister Coveney intends to take planning away from DCC and straight into An Bórd Pleanála if Im not mistaken.
      How has DCC stopped redevelopment so far? The Vacant Land/Sites levy needs to be introduced to stop developers sitting on these sites.
      Why cant the Minister declare an emergency and access funding outside the EU fiscal restraints? Its an emergency when planning needs to be bypassed but not to access vital funds to build? DCC has lands available, some with planning permission but hasn’t got the money to develop as far as Im aware.

      • Deco

        DCC have voted through restrictive rules on apartment sizes, and windows that are unworkable.

        In North American business cities like NYC, SF, ATL, there has been a growth in recent years of micr-apartments. Located close to high employment centres. They are for people in their 20s, who are in a key point in their career, who have no commitments, an increasing disposable income, and who need to be near restaurants, and cultural locations.

        In Dublin city, this is now effectively banned. There is actually a market for these facilities. But it is ruled out of order.

        Living space requirements have changed. Electrical appliances have shrunk/consolidated. A tablet/laptop can server as a bookshelf, and a media device.

        The windows rule is even more absurd.

        I remember reading an article in October about a Canadian apartment builder who wanted to build in Dublin, but who were flummoxed by DCC. He showed a model of what he built in Toronto, and what they wanted to reproducce in Dublin. In Toronto it was sold out, and deemed excellent. But DCC apply the sourpuss to this.

        We cannot continue showing people to remote villages, so that they can work in Dublin. It is madnesss. Either the employers move, or else the people move.

        Our current carbon foot-print maximization model is bonkers.

        • EugeneN

          Problem there is that those cities are not built to live in long term. People leave and go to Boston or Indiana. Dublin is where the 20 year olds will, mostly, live for life. We need to think about long term appartment living – hich is probably why DCC did that.

          • Deco

            Well, actually that is the business model of Dublin. We are attracting people to Dublin to work in companies in this age bracket.

            But, they cannot find accomodation – so they go to the suburbs, and drive up the rent for families.

            Of course we need multi-age family communities also. But right now, the way the market is operating, the people who are driving the (questionable) GDP growth are also driving up the costs of living. They are also driving up consumption of restaurants, social facilities, etc… Essentially, they make it a city.

            As far as I am aware, Dublin has only one other economic model – state bureacracy – and that is not sustainable on it’s own.

            We have a business model, and it is crowding out living in the suburbs. Which is pushing families to Gorey, etc.. Which only works if they want to be there, given a choice. Mostly they only want to be there, because they have NO choice.

            The current DCC approach is pushing families way from Dublin. So even if that was an objective, it is not being achieved.

        • I refuse to believe that the land is not developed just to be held unless there is something radically wrong and it is not profitable to build.

          In that case there must be a cause that the costs of building are so high that they exceed the current high prices in the housing market.

          One can only then look at other impediments such as zoning , building codes, taxes and bureaucracy. sounds to me that something is severely screwed up. That something can only be a surfeit of government of one form or another.

          Adding more layers of taxes, impediments or benefits will only add to the problem. After a while neither carrot or stick works to move a donkey.

          Put another way, government is beating a dead horse with a big stick. The rest are all standing around and shouting “get up, get up!!”

          • Deco

            Exactly, Tony.

            They have handbrake on and they are about to stick it in gear.

            They seem to think more inept messing is what will solve the problem created be inept messing.

    • Margaret

      The Minister may have the political winds behind him but people are desperate and believe he’s too slow. He is genuinely committed to the cause but people are freezing in alleyways. His move to get new beds on stream for overnights is brilliant but I think desperate people aren’t listening to him anymore. They are deaf to the Government, but certainly not deaf to the activists at Apollo House in Tara Street. I passed by there this morning and like hundreds of others I gave my taxi money to them and got the bus home instead. I’m no saint. I’m not rich but good God when you see tables, chairs, beds being delivered and the photo of one smiling man explaining that he slept last night, had loads of food, sandwiches, soup, rolls and was given a really nice warm jacket we have to ask what has happened in our country. This man was not an unfortunate drug or alcohol user and if he was he deserves the same respect as a non user. He was a homeless man. Apollo house is a Nama house. People are desperate. Food and a bed and nice hot water are basics. We all own Apollo house. They are right to take it over. I completely support the move. We can pontificate about 4% rent rises etc when everyone has a warm bed, good food and warm clothes. It is not an ad hoc move as the Minister said. A group of electricians etc have ensured the health and safety and a new fitted kitchen is being installed, electricity, heat, hot water and a room for any homeless person. What did Nero do while Rome burned? Kind of sat on his laurels. Well the Government can do the rhetoric or even supply beds. No one is listening. Apollo house was full of life, at the gate anyway when I passed by. Action is always better than words. I hope everyone there has a very happy Xmas.

  2. manniot2

    I walked through that exact area of Dublin during the summer (north inner city) and could not believe the amount of derelict buildings/sites around. For a capital city of a country with supposed highest growth rates in EU, it really is shameful. To see large empty sites on what must be valuable land empty…who really owns these sites? And is there nothing that can be done to force people to develop these, apart from a vacancy tax ( that will have multiple exemptions) in 2019?

    The regeneration of Smithfield has been great, surely the banks/developers can see the potential of the north side if this spread all the way to O’Connell street. Or wil they just sit on these sites for years, take the chance on a 2019 tax?

    Is there any way to really force a use it or lose it rule?

    • Deco

      There is the problem with crime in these aras – which is indicative of another issue of institutional state failure.

      The biggest problem for the area south of the NCR, is that it is vertically challenged. And to be far, Rathmines is even more vertically challenged.

      But north of the Liffey, there is also critical mass of derliction and crime, that effectively precludes redevelopment. And I cannot see the crime problem getting fixed. Not under the current MoJ. In fact I cannot see her fixing any problem involving the cops. There will be one page pr offensives. But no solutions.

      I remember an idea was floated years ago, to move effectively move the port to a location near Drogheda, and simply take the traffic, and the port space utilization out of central Dublin. Instead the port tunnel (under Ahern) was built, and there was no move. One of the consequences of the Port Tunnel, however, is a reduced level of space utilization by roll-on/roll-off beside Dublin Port.

      I would question the level of fuel storage in central Dublin. That takes up enormous space. Is there another location on the East coast, that might be better suited ? Dublin Port is publicly owned. Most of the fuel consumed in Ireland is consumed between the Munster and the SW of Dublin. Just look at truck traffic volumes. A location like Arklow, or Rosslare might appreciate the business, and might also be less problematic, in terms of lost opportunity cost, with space.

      To have the same locations used for residential living, close to the IFSC and Silicon Docks would result in a massive reduction on commuter consumption. It is more efficient to move a fuel truck from Rosslare to Kildare once a week, than to 40 cars from Kildare to D1, every day, all week.

      We need to think about the fuel consumption.

      The current oil price is not a certainty. We are intense users of oil fuel. We have built ourselves into a corner in recent years, literally – by building all over the east region.

      The Middle East is a political/ideological powder keg. It is not a sensible assumption to expect the Middle East to go downhill from even the current level of instability. Iran wants nuclear power, so that it can throw it’s weight around, and Saudi Arabia is facing problems, whose solution will require expensive oil. Lastly, Putin will be more easily convinced to send oil to China or to do deals with India, than to send it to Western Europe, in the event of a supply crisis.

      So, how do we apprehend this NOW ?

      We align economic activity and employment, with residential development.

      This means more economic activity and employment in the regions. And that does not mean county towns where there is already state employment. In fact state system employment is inefficient in the delivery of state services, for a whole series of politically motivated reasons.

      But it also means a different model of planning in locations like Dublin, Cork, Galway and NE Kildare.

      And we also need to have highly utilized public transport in these areas. And if possible DART level utilization. In other words in locations, 1 KM each side from Leixlip Louisa Bridge station, all the way to Connolly, residential development, at a level of four stories or more, and supporting commercial developments. Build volume, and supporting services. Not Liffey Valley complexes, but convenience stores, restaurants, on ground floor level, and bus routes that serve train hubs like Clonsilla.

      • manniot2

        Thanks for the response.

        Is crime really that big an issue affecting regeneration along the Lucas line?

        I’m talking about the area west of O’Connell street. It doesn’t seem to have affected the thriving Smithfield regeneration.


        • EugeneN

          Smithfield is only part gentrified. The higher up you are the less likelihood of being burgled.

          Considering where it is, its dirt cheap. I can see one bedroom properties for 145K now, and a few years ago they were 90k. The penthouses are expensive alright.

          I dont think people see it as a long term solution.

  3. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    As I have already said everything I had to say on rents in my last week’s comments (in valuable discussions with Messrs Flannery, Flannelly, Brogan, Deco and Sideshow Bob on the said topic of rents in Dublin), I am taking the liberty of commenting on the recent riots on Warsaw’s streets and shenanigans in the Polish Parliament, as this topic might dominate the world’s news this week (I hope not) – unless something unexpected happens in the US with the Electoral College voting (I hope not); anticipating this weekend’s dramatic events outside the Polish Sejm, I wrote on this blog on October 6, 2016:

    “In my opinion, this is an attempt to destabilise the Polish state and overthrow the Polish government since previous attempt, led by KOD leader, a convicted criminal Mr Mateusz Kijowski, has failed. Sadly, it garnered more support than KOD (bear in mind the specifics of the electorate in Warsaw – you rarely see immigrants from Warsaw in Ireland)”


    “that PO Minister Sienkiewicz who ordered to set the booth in the Russian Embassy on fire and blame it on “the rising fascism” in Poland, a phrase repeated by all useful idiots in Ireland, not least in the universities.”
    Now I am going to show how the vast majority of western mainstream manipulate public opinion.
    Here is a link to a short video showing a professional provocateur (that is Mr Diduszko, husband of a lady working for the Trotskyite monthly “Krytyka Polityczna”, which is – by admission of its chief editor, Mr Sierakowski – financed from abroad in 90% – in the past, Mr Sierakowski invited German “Antifa” gangs to Warsaw, with knives and chains, to attack the elderly veterans of the underground Home Army). Mr Diduszko is seen among KOD’s useful idiots, pretending to be an injured oppositionist lying on the street.

    As Chesterton said, “Where does a wise man hide a leaf? In the forest. But what does he do if there is no forest? He grows a forest to hide it in.” In this situation, what is the forest grown by the Soros led opposition, and what is a leaf? The leaf is Polish Parliament taking away pension privileges from the top members of the communist secret service agents (but you won’t hear that on RTE) and levelling it down to an average pension level (we are not talking about ordinary secret service workers – we are talking only about those who participated in torturing the oppositionists in the 80s), a move by Kaczynski which IMMEDIATELY triggered protests from the Soros-owned media in Poland and abroad (you can only control the journalists on whom you have compromising files); the forest is the issue of the freedom of press (not important for Adam Michnik when the Tusk government was tapping the phones of all opposition journalists) – mind you, even after restrictions Polish and foreign journalists will enjoy more access to the Polish parliament than the US journalists have to the US Congress (if you want to criticise a country where there is no free press, go to Germany: no foreign media capital is allowed in Germany, and all German media failed to report on mass rapes in Koeln).

    All western TV coverage from Poland, especially from German media, CNN and BBC (RTE does not have their own materials and uses theirs) has been doctored like that for the purposes of the naive western audience. Bear in mind that the Security Service alone employed 90,000 people, and they now have children in the top 10% strata of the Polish society, blocking the path of progression for the children of those who did not persecute the opposition during the Martial Law, not unlike the unenviable situation of the Irish Catholics in the North in the 1960/70s (which is one of the reasons why so many decent young Poles, who were second class citizens in their own country, had to emigrate – like so many decent young Irish whose daddy was not David Drumm, and who weren’t born early enough to buy the house in Dublin in the 90s); the second reason was the successful implementation of the Mittel-Europa/Grossraum plan; the third was the IMF).

    Other circumstantial evidence would also suggest a meticulously planned provocation: even the fact that the protesters had tons of professional stage equipment brought and assembled in the front of the Parliament, in a record time – with protest songs “anticipating” the recent events written beforehand (does this resemble anything to anyone? Maidan maybe?) – and – people gathering in the front of the Parliament BEFORE THE EVENTS IN THE PARLIAMENT TOOK PLACE. And, bear in mind – PiS government has NEVER treated journalists like the previous government of Donald Tusk did:

    And (still from my comment from October 6):
    “In that case you would see street violence on the likes of CNN, RTE, BBC, and your beloved RT.
    And people in Ireland will be saying: see how primitive all those eastern Europeans are? First they burned the Russian embassy, then they did not let in the migrants, now they are behaving like savages.”

    Should the Soros-sponsored protests continue (there are rumours that there are riots planned on Tuesday, December 20), Poland is not in danger of not passing next year’s budget bill, and – heaven forfend – snap elections. All in all, I see what’s been happening in Warsaw as Messrs Merkel trying to regain the lost ground (after Brexit and attempts to limit the scale of tax dodging by German companies in Poland) before pro-Polish/pro-British/anti-German Mr Donald Trump takes office.
    Thanks God we do not have the EU army – or rather Waffen-SS, because this is what the German-led EU army would be. Away with the false media reports concocted all over the world by the Nazi-collaborator, pro-Holocaust George Soros and his media, and his counter-part in Poland, Adam Michnik from the family of communist butchers, with Michnik’s protégée Donald Tusk – whose entire political career was based on money and support received by CDU. Either the mainstream media will start telling people the truth, or the there will be no television in 20 years time for no one would watch it.
    George Soros is not ashamed of having his empire built on money stolen from the Holocaust victims:

    Please forgive if my comment was on Poland and detailed – but you will be now bombarded with false information on the events that are about to take place, and besides – I have said so much on Dublin property as an ever-inflating tool to win the election in Ireland by pumping up the asset prices in what was a balance sheet recession, rather than writing-down debt and lowering the costs – that any additional comments of mine on that topic would be a) boring b) frustrating for me personally as I feel that there is not much point of us venting off our frustrations unless we become a political power that would wipe out the Irish bubble-establishment and replace it with professionals – or at least with people with vision and balls, like Orban or Kaczynski.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Poland is not in danger of not passing next year’s budget bill = Poland is in denger

      P.S. There is one thing I have to say about the rents cap after all. The danger is that the effect of it might be similar to banning the phrase “rent allowance not accepted” from the website: landlords still do not accept rent allowance in desirable areas (mainly for reasons of not declaring the rental incomes or wanting to avail of it themselves while subletting), but they just do not use that phrase in their adds.

      Similarly, would the rent cap not just increase the black market in Dublin? You’d be still paying high rents, but part of it will be unofficial.
      And that way Dublin would resemble Poland until 1989 – there was the official dollar price (for the commies), and there was the real – black market one (10 times higher).

      ” This could be done by creating housing co-ops as they have in Germany, Scandinavia and Holland” – they also work well in Poland, and the reason they now work well and worked disastrously in 1970/80s Poland was because now you buy into the housing co-ops, while in socialist Poland you were ALLOCATED a flat in a housing co-op – much like you are now allocated the building zone according to the discretion, family connections and fatness of the brown envelope of the councillor, rather than having it deregulated, or – second best – buying the zone by tender.

      P.S. The Dublin City Council has this idea that Dublin cannot resemble developed countries and has to have its buildings limited to the height of a lepreachaun. But even with their dubious aesthetics, why not Kraków solution? Kraków has the same number of people as Dublin, but occupies less than 50% of its area: and this is not done by people living in 50 storeys buildings, but in a lovely four storeys fin-de-siecle brick buildings in the centre, houses in the posh area, and 10 storey buildings on the outskirts. All of that accessible by one hour commuting (but most people commute 30 min). From Rathfarnham to Loughlinstown, it takes 3 hours to commute with public transport.

      • Deco

        Greg, you are correct in your assessment of the incompetence of local authorities in Dublin.

        Concerning, transport, one thing that impressed many years ago, is the combined train/bus/tram hub in central Moscow, close to that “architectural present” from the USSR.

        In any case, it is highly effective, at enabling transport mode & route switching.

        In Dublin, there is a rough outline of the same “aspiration” but they routes connections are a mess.

        Proposal : knock the current Central Bank, and have that as an urban bus hub. Like in Warsaw, the buses do not have to wait, the just drop people off, and pick them up in one location, used by many buses. It is close to College Green for connectivity to the Luas.

        Another option would be to turn Merrion Square into a Warsaw bus hub type facility. With DART-U beneath it all. But that would result in massive media outcry. Despite what it would do for the people south of the Liffey.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “But that would result in massive media outcry.”

          I do not know whether that’s true or his poetic license, but Mr Ross O’Carroll-Kelly writes in his book “How to survive in South Dublin for 10,000 euro a day?” writes that when they were building Luas, there had been protests from the inhabitants of the famous posh triangle of three streets in Foxcrock against running the Green Line to Foxrock and connecting it with the Red Line (lest the plebs comes to Foxrock). Another mysterious things is that Mr Kelly has modelled his character on David McWilliams, but I am not sure if that’s true or was it written by Mr McWilliams’ jeloush journalist colleague (I do not think O Caroll Kelly’s character is like David – there are similarities all right (following rugby), but there are differences too (Caroll Kelly’s character is the most shallow fiction character this side of Paris Hilton).

          There is a similar hub in most Polish cities; i.e. Katowice or Kraków. In Kraków, there are trams going in front of the Central Train/Bus station, while the fast trains goes underneath it metro-style (so that you can go straight on a train to Warsaw).

          One amazing experience of mine was that I once flew by AerLingus to Warsaw whereby I went all the way from the cocpit of the plane near the flat in Kraków where I was a guest, WITHOUT EVEN ONCE HAVING TO BE EXPOSED TO ELEMENTS (from my seat on the plane up to the last stop on tram I had roof over my head).

          Dublin is really a third world in that respect – endless walks crossing the bridges and trying to figure out why do you have to wander around some parks and knackers trying to find a bus or a tram stop.

          Another thing which is remarkable is that even though I do not believe in a human made global warming, I cannot fathom why Dublin’s entire transport (buses, trains) involves you having to inhaled CO2 (is there any particular reasons why the entire train network was not electrified like in Poland around 1960 and it’s based on combustion engines?)

          Also, what would vastly improve the flow of the traffic and travelling/walking times would be to have people go underneath the streets rather then having them wait 4 minutes for the green light.

          Like that:


          I do not know. The more I think about all of that the more I reach the conclusion that what Dublin really needs is not the City Council, but General Augusto Pinochet. I had a friend (Irishman who returned from California), a highly intelligent and, you would think, a decent guy. As soon as he became a Labour councillor, he approached me asking whether I know someone who badly needs a planning permission.

          Ireland seem to suffer from the same problem that post-communist Poland does – it is full of enthusiastic, good-willing people with great ideas, who – when they get into power – seem to be soaked by some sort of a black hole of moronic unimaginative impossibilism, and thus nothing ever gets done; except in Poland this is achieved by people from communist secret service melted with George Soros or/and Germany, holding the real power and threatening such energetic young people who would think to change things to much.

          But in Ireland, you do not die in a car accident if you want to change things too much; you do not even get rat on to western media for being a “fascist” or words to that effect if you wan to fight the corruption, so I do not know why nothing ever gets done here (and in Dublin more than anywhere else), and whatever gets done, has to be immediately redone (track lines for Luas for example that had unglued or the leaking, big-lorries unfit Port Tunnel – the most expensive tunnel in the world per km).

          I see this lack of foresight in the Irish law too, at least those regulations that did not come from the Common Law: it is full of gray zones – but not because it was done on purpose to enable corruption (like in Poland under Donald Tusk, or in the EU), but because of sheer lack of intelligence and imagination of the law makers (I could quote loopholes that either leave things up to a discretion of an officer or are waiting for a precedent to arise, but I won’t – since it is a profitable knowledge).

          Warsaw non-poisonous fumes transport main lines (bear in mind – Warsaw has an area half of that of Greater Dublin):

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Mr Kelly has modelled his character on David McWilliams = has allegedly modelled, I do not if he does. I cannot remember when I read it, but in some newspaper anyway (was it perhaps the Mr Fintan O’Toole, jealous of David’d popularity? – only messing).

          • Deco

            Maybe we should be employing Polish people at the top of our public administration as advisors, in this respect.

            It is highly efficient, and is public transport user friendly.

            Bearing in mind that efficient public transport organization is far more supportive of low paid workers than all the patronizing platitudes from politicians, who rarely solve the problems anyway.

          • Truthist

            Question from Grzegorz
            “But in Ireland, you do not die in a car accident if you try to change things too much ;
            you do not even get ratted onto the western media for being a “fascist”, or words to that effect, if you try to fight the corruption ;
            So, I do not know why nothing ever gets done here (and in Dublin more than anywhere else), And whatever gets done, has to be immediately redone ….”
            Answer ;
            “There are many ways to skin a cat”
            It is an Art & a Science.
            And, sometimes / oftimes the “skinners” have no proficency at either.
            But, either way, they will give u “no advance”.
            U get the run-around.
            Stone-walling … for days, for weeks, for month, for years, for a lifetime, for lifetimes.
            The Civil SERPENTS & the Professional Class — regardless if any of either category is a Freemason or not ] are the experts in Ireland on this Art & Science.

      • EugeneN

        Irish people like their gardens. YOu are right of course, up is better than out. I think shrek also said that. Or something similar.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          But the thing is that while this might be true for some good auld houses in south Dublin, the vast majority of Irish houses do not have gardens – they just have flat vacuum-like greens if the houses are new, or unkempt shrubs if they are old and relatively cheap (one of such houses we were renting in D6W in 2007-8 for an enormous sum of money had not its “back garden” cut since 1997).

          I lived in Wales and I think that it is much more common to have a proper garden when you buy a house there than in Ireland (although Wales is so empty that it gets depressing, even if you actually live in a castle, like I did at the time).

          Of course, I am talking about certain level of income of houses to rent – low to middle. If you can afford a house that cost two million, of course it would have a lovely garden – except you can buy a mansion in rural France or Italy for that money.

      • Sideshow Bob

        “The Dublin City Council has this idea that Dublin cannot resemble developed countries and has to have its buildings limited to the height of a lepreachaun.´´

        Ha ha – great line.

    • Deco

      The Soviet Union as a power structure has been supplanted in continental power, by the European Union.

      In theory the Soviet Union was power from the bottom up. When it started, Lenin proclaimed “all power to the Soviets”. The soviets were employment location councils elected by workers. But it was a lie, effectively speaking, because policy making came from the Politburo.

      Do not allow yourself or your people to become loaded with debt.

      We are debt slaves in Ireland now. We cannot argue about anything, because it has a cost.

      Greg, the key is control of your economic resources, and intellectual space. The current system will have your people working against the common interest, for the sake of their wages.

      In Irish history, there was a figure called Charles Boycott, and the approach of he Land League in respect of him. A useful lesson is to be learned there.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “because policy making came from the Politburo” – which, as you know, was initially controlled by Berlin – for all major “revolutions” had foreign powers lurking behind (even the 1916, not to mention the 1913 Lock-out).

    • Grzegorz

      Good commentary. The housing problems have been beaten to death. Manipulation around the fringes is adding more fuel to the fire of consequences of government interference in everything.

      At the same time the larger issues are being ignored as you are pointing out. The international financiers are controlling the world with money and propaganda. Money funds revolution around the world in the name of democracy that is actually the furtherance of authoritarian globalization; one world government.

      The MSM are controlled by the same people thus the truth is not reported. Only lies and deceit make it to the press and airways.

      There is now a determined assault on the alternative media accusing it hypocritically , of fake news. How orwellian is that? Then the assault on cash is designed to control the people economically all in the name of reducing the drug trade and criminal laundering of money. The real design is to prevent the keeping of cash at home out of the reach of confiscation by the banks. This stops a run on bank reserves and puts the banks and government in full control of your financial affairs.

      The financial markets are now so manipulated that there is no free market. A recipe for total financial disaster. all major indices are inflated with government and central banker interference.

      Summery. Our basic freedoms are under assault. Politicians are paid for and corrupted or silenced. There is no freedom of the press and no free market. A very dark cloud obscures peace and light, freedom and prosperity. Even those who can shed some light on the real problems are afraid to go there.

      Keep up the exposure Grzegorz.

  4. rcly123

    To date, I have heard too many discussions about the Coveney bill that are akin to shifting the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

    This article has opened the door to discussing alternative housing-crisis solutions.

    I agree with the article pointing out that the Coveney bill, (or some movement by government on the housing-crisis) was/is necessary – but I feel the discussion needs to be balanced by examining its missing half.

    The point that the proposed bill is not sufficient.
    (Not nearly in my view).

    With respect to not running into an ice-berg in the first place, the time has arguably passed, but it would not have been difficult I think, (even with very little thought), to have introduced an alternative housing-crisis solution such as the following :

    Link property rental prices to property renovation/improvement:

    For example, as a back-of-the-envelope type example…

    * if a property sees no renovation (paint, flooring, etc.) rent on that property could be required by law to be reduced by, say, -5% on the previous year.

    * if renovation occurred, the rule could be that the cost of the renovation (based on building receipts), plus say, a 5% profit could be recouped over 10 years.

    * As an essential element, landlords need to be protected against tentant damages. In my view, a property could be assessed before and after a tenancy, and damages could by law, be made the liability of the tenant. This may require every tenant to have housing insurance (as per
    car insurance).

    A discussion on how to tweak the parameters of a scheme such as above, or on other schemes could be useful.

    The Coveney bill opened the door, I hope is less of a fait accompli, and more of an evocateur. Settling for the bill in it’s current state would, I feel, reflect a very sad state of ‘thinking’ by the people of this country indeed.

  5. Mike Lucey

    David never said a truer word!

    “The credit unions are sitting on €14 billion of deposits and can’t use this to finance housing. Inexplicably, the central bank prevents these community-based credit unions from operating in the housing market – while it is happy to license foreign vulture funds to buy up the housing stock. Figure that one out.”

    In my opinion the season is simple. The central bank does not want to see a ‘People’s Bank’ competing with the commercial banks! Its a case of ‘keep them in their place’ nuf said!

    • Deco


      The Central Bank is now a subsidiary, answerable to the ECB.

      And the ECB has repeatedly screwed us since Trichet took over from Duisemburg.

      The ECB is a form of economic control.

    • Credit Unions here are a source of financing but their rates are no better than the banks and often higher. The offset is that they tend to be local and familiar with the local markets and so a little more inclined to lend where the commercial banks will not.
      I have a small CU mortgage. It was not available from a bank, but the amortization is shorter and the rate higher. The net result is a more conservative amount of money is available to be borrowed.
      Where we are suits me. It is could be classified as low cost housing for seniors.
      It is a modular home. That is factory manufactured. Transported to the site and put on cement footings and connect to services. (electric, water, cable, telephone etc. The lot is rented while the improvements are owned. Our mortgage is classified as a chattel mortgage. You could buy the 30 year old 2 bed 950 sq ft property for 135,000 CAD. A 1250 ft sq for 170,000 CAD. The lot rental that is a city sizes 50 x 100 private lot is an average of 600 an month. The pad rental includes property taxes, water supply, road maintenance, snow removal, garbage pick up etc. Annual property taxes are 700 a year, offset by the home owners grant plus seniors allowance leaving us to pay a mere 100 a year. The 65000 mortgage is 450/mth.

      There is a community center. A monthly newsletter and events like bar b qs and afternoon teas etc. Allowing 200 a month year round for heat and light costs us a modest 1300 a month total.

      My plot is fully fenced, there is a sundeck with outlook over a field. There is a large patio off the kitchen and good storage plus a small sun room.

      This project is privately owned. There are a dozen more around Vitoria of similar nature but a lot are mobile homes on lots and not the modular design. some of these can be bought for 30,000 and upward. Most projects are on Indian reserves and run by the native peoples. Ordinary zoning in municipalities does not allow for such projects. The Federal government controls the legislation under the indian act ( whatever the name is these days) and the natives can develop their properties without payment of any taxes of any kind. Most of those projects are not as good as this one. Still thousands have economic accommodation this way. Pad rental increases have similar legislation to the Rental apartments. MANUFACTURED HOME PARK TENANCY ACT

      Get the government out of the way and the market will provide!!!!
      Basic building and safety standard are all that is required. There is enough flexibility in the legislation to allow operation of the apartment and modular home parks to operate profitably while providing good well maintained accomodation

  6. michaelcoughlan

    “I don’t buy this argument, because it is based on the assumption that the free market was providing accommodation. It wasn’t”

    I am not exactly sure this statement is correct. We were building 80k to 90k units per year in the boom. In other words there is ability and capacity to supply but not at current prices. Vulture funds are picking up large apt blocks for cents on the euro and those apts are coming on stream.

    I suspect Coveney is hamstrung by the political imperative to save the banks at all costs and not necessarily the land owners which was the same place labour found themselves; save the banks and not the people.

    interesting times indeed.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “We were building 80k to 90k units per year in the boom. In other words there is ability and capacity to supply but not at current prices. ”

      You are right, exactly, and – I do not want to be ironic, but as far as I remeber David wrote an article at that time worrying what we will do with an oversupply of all those empty houses (we still have empty, new houses). I am too tired though to search for a link (I posted it before anyway).

      “save the banks and not the people” – it amazes me how, eventually, everyone was perfectly fine with that.

      No 80s “Solidarnosc” like massive protest under the umbrella “give us back our 64bn or else we go on hunger strike”. Not even the TV-license non-payment small protest (imagine the panic of then FF that would trigger!).

      Like I have been saying all the time – THE ENTIRE POLITICAL SYSTEM IN IRELAND NEEDS TO BE CHANGED, THE MAIN FOUR PARTIES MUST GO. There must be an alternative.

      • michaelcoughlan

        “There must be an alternative”

        Yes. Our finest voting with their feet in record breaking numbers.


        Yes to the first bit and yes but not a hope to the second.Like Cuba the more of our finest that leve allows the reptiles at home to tighten their grip on power even more since the challenge to them is on all the flights outa the place.

        No wonder Bertie scumbag is sensing his chance to come back since there is fuck all talent left to oppose him. Typical bastard accountant mortally wounded the body first time out now coming back to bayonet the wounded.

        Roisin (Ireland) is like reagan in the following scene from the now laughable but originally very disturbed film The exorcist possessed of scumbag demons and when abused likes it and want’s even more;


  7. Deco

    Well…here is somebody who is unlikely to be running for President of France. Of course, as IMF head, she will not need to consider it anyway.

    According to Bloomberg, she has one appeal option. She did not receive any sentence for what was involved.

    It is obvious that Mme Lagarde is up to her neck in very suspicious goings on. Tapie is a very controversial figure in France. Any connection to Tapie is an effective disqualification for public responsibility. Lagarde has lost her credibility inside France.

    But….she is still in charge of the IMF. And she will stay in charge.

    Question : Why does Lagarde get feted, and fwaned upon when she is Dublin, mixing it with the movers and shakers in the Irish institutional state, in a manner that is bordering on ridiculous ?

    Answer : Because when you are in debt that is what your establishment, does. They grovel, in a grand, elabourate, cringe indusing sophisticated manner. And then the serfs get stuck with the consequences.

  8. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    This is now getting extremely worrying to me, and if not dealt with correctly, it might have consequences for the entire balance of power in Europe. The information I have just received would now make me inclined to think that the radars failure a few days ago (no plane could enter the Polish airspace, so all passenger planes were hovering for approximately one hour near its borders) as I showed from the snapshot taken from the international radar map was not an accident, but it was probably a foreign attack: why? Because we are seeing more fireworks – when Prime Minister Beata Szydlo appeared on Polish state TV with an address to the nation to calm down the situation, these voivodships (as seen on a map) were not receiving any TV signal – and even resetting all equipment did not help, which would indicate a cyber attack:

    (the map is under the headline); I did not put the jpg image because this refuses to be desplayed in the address content of the link.

    To me this looks like a classic method of spreading the panic among the population in order to create chaos and, possibly, lay ground for a coup.

    But that is not all – as it was happening in the Ukraine with Facebook, one Mr Michal Broniat, has published detailed instructions how to bring about a “Polish Maidan” (it is amazing that with all that censorship they engage in, Facebook allows that while blocking patriotic websites – I have been saying for some time that Poland should have followed an example of that Judge in Brazil who suspended Facebook for 24 hours as a warning that he will extent the court order should Facebook continue its censorship). KOD activists are behaving very aggressively – some are throwing themselves under the wheels of the government members, while others are attacking TV reporters from the non-Soros media.

    I wrote about withdrawing of the pension privileges for the communist butchers (the average pension in Poland is 500 euro a month, the lowest pension in Poland is 250 euro a month, their average was 2,500 euro a month – and these are people who were persecuting “Solidarnosc”) was as one of the direct reasons for KOD protests – but one reason why this might escalate must be clear to everyone who has a minimum orientation in geopolitics or has been reading comments to this blog:
    we are now a months away from installing the pro-Polish President Donald Trump, and, in a few years time, the US and UK soldiers will arrive in Poland with their bases, which will a blow to a project of the EU army led by Germany.

    To be honest – I’d rather put up with the problems we have with the Dublin transport/housing map designed by a poet on a bad trip, than have Fine Gay having to face problems to Polish government now has to face.

    The only thing that worries me is if the Irish government does not stay neutral should Poland have her own Maidan, but if they would join the coalition of “the outraged and scandalised” in the EU, which Germany has been trying to mount in the EU Parliament with France and Benelux in their recent failed attempt to strip Poland of its voting rights in the EU (that would be detrimental to Ireland anyway, for Poland, along with the UK, Hungary and Austria, was one of the most active EU members blocking the legislation leading to excessive regulations).

    Of course, I do not expect President Higgins to stay neutral – he will probably at some stage call the Polish government fascist (according to instructions first designed by Comintern), and he will probably treat is with his impeccable manners calling Jaroslaw Kaczynski a “wanker” – as he used to call people with whome he is unable to win his public debates. Also, I do not expect The Irish Times to have any other coverage than from German media, who take all information on Poland from Adam Michnik’s media – but who knows.


    1 Comment
    caymanbaron on December 19, 2016 at 11:54 am
    treason: Obama fake forged birth certificate. Facebook being trained by communist china to sensor us, hillary take over, she sold arms in the world, killed our 4 people in bengazi.
    Allepo us colonel and israel general caught with ISIS in drag net, whats going on??? we know.
    We need to rise up now and take our country back and charge treaseon to our current lieing govt thats whats important.
    They have a police state over us, we ne a revolution now enough is enough.
    Im tired of all the lies and bull shit

  10. This is the overall situation regarding the current and near future of the money markets.
    The great reset is already in action although unnoticed by most. The premiums on the gold and silver price in the physical market now regularly above the so called spot price as dictated by the banker participants in the COMEX paper market and the london bullion Market.

    The Physical market demands instant settlement in cash or bullion. The spot price is settled by trade in the paper market which are merely promises to pay in the future. Backing these paper trades is little of no precious metal as the COMEX exchange practices an extreme form of fractional reserve banking in the PM’s.

    At present the physical gold in COMEX is thought to be as little as 1/300th of the actual gold under paper contract. That is there is one ounce of gold for every 300 ounces traded.
    The premiums being paid in the Shanghai market are 50 dollar premium for gold and over 2 dollar for silver.

    This arbitrage is enough to do two things.
    1.Cause sellers to sell in the east rather than in the Comex and
    2. to cause buyers of COMEX paper gold to ask for delivery and sell it again for a profit in the physical market.

    As there is so little physical gold available in COMEX it only requires less than one half a percent of the contracts to ask for delivery when there will be no COMEX gold to deliver. All other contracts will default unless agreed to settle in cash instead. How long will the COMEX survive when this happens as on every trade they will lose money. To prevent this they will have to have the spot gold set higher to meet the demand from the physical market.

    The day that COMEX can not deliver physical to the market is the day the gold price goes no bid until a much higher price is reached. The Chinese Shanghai gold market is now driving the pricing. The reset has started.

  11. Sideshow Bob

    David McWilliams,

    A mass movement of housing Co-ops emerging from nowhere and getting to use money that isn´t theirs to build thousands of units on imaginary sites that, even if they existed and could be aquired, couldn´t take those numbers of units without the planning system and land law being completely ripped apart.

    Absolutely brilliant. So far fetched it defies belief. This dosen´t even make it into the doodled-on-back-of-envelope category of bad idea.

    Maybe you could turn this story into a touch-feely fairytale movie like “Into the West´´. Maybe it could be called “Back to the Big Smoke´´. maybe it could it played on Xmas day on RTE to cheer up the poor homeless folk and make everybody else feel good aout the situation. RTE are a bunch of patronizing gits who live in a giant bubble, I am sure they would love it.

    By the way, I think you are mixing up Housing Associations or Trusts with Co-ops. They are different things.

    Start again.

  12. Truthist

    Those with a wise imagination know who is behind this assassination.
    Hint ;
    Cui bono ? / Who benefits ?
    Russian ambassador’s murder provocation aimed at undermining Syria peace process

    The fatal attack on Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, who was killed by a gunman on Monday, is “clearly a provocation” aimed at undermining both Russian-Turkish relations and the settling of the Syrian crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

    “This murder is clearly a provocation aimed at undermining the improvement and normalization of Russian-Turkish relations, as well as undermining the peace process in Syria promoted by Russia, Turkey, Iran and other countries interested in settling the conflict in Syria,” Putin said in a statement on Monday evening.

    The “only response” to the attack that Moscow “should offer” is “stepping up the fight against terrorism,” the president added.

    “The killers will feel it,” Putin said.

    Saying that ambassador Andrey Karlov “was a brilliant diplomat, widely respected in the country where he was posted,” the president added the Russian diplomat “was in good standing with both the government of Turkey and other political groups in that country.”

    Russia’s Investigative Committee has already launched an investigation into the murder, Putin said in his statement, adding that he had held a phone conversation with his Turkish counterpart, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the matter.

    Russian and Turkish officials will cooperate, Putin added.

    “We have to know who organized this killing and gave orders to the assassin,” the Russian leader said.

    Putin also ordered security to be strengthened at Russia’s diplomatic missions abroad, as well as Turkish missions in Russia.

    Saying that he knew Karlov personally, and calling him a “kind man,” the president tasked officials with awarding the assassinated ambassador posthumously and initiating a memorial for him.
    “He was killed while performing his duties,” Putin said.
    Video: ‘We need to know who gave the orders’: Putin comments on ambassador assassination in Ankara

  13. Truthist

    It’s all over the main-stream media [ MSM ] now Re ;
    the murder of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey.
    truck plowing through a Christmas market causing deaths & injuries.
    Re ; x]
    A big clue pointing to the Dreadful Few as culprits in the Russian ambassador’s murder is that the assassin shouted the classic false flag motto “Allah Akbar” when he murdered Russia’s ambassador.

    Shouting Allah akbar reminds one of the Muslim ID cards left as fake evidence at the scene of 9/11 with the molten steel and debris ;
    As if plastic ID cards could have endured what even steel could not withstand.

    The Dreadful Few’s incited goons have been using the Allah akbar lie to plant false evidence against Muslims so much & for so long that everybody & his dog should recognize this pattern by now.
    Re ; y]
    In all liklihood this attack on the Berlin Christmas market will be spun as a Muslim attack on Christianity to further divide Muslims & Christians against each other.
    The Dreadful Few are obsessed with instigating wars between Christian & Muslim nations.
    The Dreadful Few are also obsessed with inciting Christian nations to war against other Christian nations ;
    And, this the banksters did with WW1 & WW2.
    Re ; x] again
    The Dreadful Few are trying to incite Russia against Muslims per say,
    incl. & crucially,
    This appears to be why the assassin of the Russian ambassador yelled Allah Akbar when he murdered the Russian ambassador.
    The Dreadful Few had similar reasoning with false flag attacks like
    USS Liberty,
    False flag operations are used to incite g..yim nations to war against each other.

  14. Truthist

    Of course, the Civil SERPENTS operate cap-in-hand for IBEC.
    But, IBEC feel need to tell those who are only plebs & not in the Civil Service something here ;
    And, as much as IBEC are criticising the Civil Service pay scales, IBEC are actually underscoring just how highly paid the Civil Service are.
    Yee see ;
    They do not want to antagonise them.
    Afterall, IBEC rely on the Civil Service to control the populace.
    Public sector staff ‘wildly rich in terms of pensions’

    19 Dec. 2016

    The chief executive of the main employer group has said that public servants are “wildly rich” compared with their counterparts in the private sector, in terms of their pensions.
    Danny McCoy, of Ibec, has said that the value of pensions and job security will have to be central when the Government makes a decision to give further increases on top of those due under the Lansdowne Road Agreement.
    But he said it would be “unrealistic and naive” to think public servants would not get a pay rise in talks with the Government. He also said the Government should not commit to fully restoring all the pay cuts suffered during the recession. A further €1.4bn is outstanding.

    “It would be unrealistic and naive to think there won’t be a pay increase, but the question will be what scale it’s at for the economy and if its representative of the true value of the pension and so on,” he said.
    He said that although in general, public sector workers were on modest salaries, they were “wildly rich” when taking into consideration their pensions.

    Public sector pensions are generally calculated as half of salary with full service – which is rarely the case with the private sector.
    “There is a perception that they’re all on big salaries, but that’s not right. So teachers are on €60,000 and if they get half of that, they’ve €30,000 a year, but it’s the fact that it (the pension) got escalation,” he said. “So, it’s not as if they’re wildly rich, but they are wildly rich relative to the others who didn’t go down that route at the age of 25.”

    He said there was a perception that someone on a €25,000 pension was not rich, given that those on the dole get around €13,000 a year. “It doesn’t seem spectacular, but each of those have to have a €1m pension pot to have that,” he added. He said pensions were explosively expensive and the cost of a pension like that for the workforce would be trillions of euro.
    Mr McCoy said it was reasonable to hold talks on a deal to follow the Lansdowne Road Agreement early, as the economy had performed far better than the Government predicted.

    Read more: Warning that public sector wage rows could drive up costs for Irish companies
    “However, just because resources are generated doesn’t mean that the first people who have a dibs on everything is public sector workers.”

    He said the private sector has a huge amount of demands, including improvements in public infrastructure and tax cuts.
    “This is where the Government needs to show leadership,” he said. “The public sector is not designed for the public sector workforce. It’s designed for everybody in society.”

    He said that public sector pay should be determined by a centralised pay agreement every two years, so there would not be the “appalling vista” of recent weeks when unions were “leap-frogging” in the wake of a €50m pay deal for gardaí.
    He said if the private sector was paying 2pc to workers and the Government was paying 0.5pc in tax cuts as it did in the last Budget, that was a 2.5pc disposable income increase for the average worker – although not every worker was getting it.

    “Arguably, what would be wrong with a situation where the private sector paid 1.5pc, a half came from tax cuts and the Government took the other half from the employers and said ‘this is for public infrastructure’?
    “Because at the moment, we’re not doing the public infrastructure because of the fiscal rules. Ireland is in the throes of a private affluence, public squalor crisis.”

    At the same time, he said the population was surging and there were now nearly 4.9 million people living in Ireland.

    “I suppose that goes to the heart of the pay dynamics, is that what gains a person has from getting a pay rise if they can’t access public infrastructure, be that roads, schools, hospitals, or housing?” he said.

  15. “It can be done; let’s do it.”


  16. I was walking from Smithfield to Henry Street the other day, not something I do very often. Along the way, on the right hand side as I was walking I noticed a huge abyss of a site, quite a depth down from street level, fenced in and full of tall grass and even small trees – it almost looked like a mini savannah. I was short of time but I briefly read some of the informational panels that were concerned with Viking and Celtic archaeological excavations that had been done there (can’t recall exact details though) and an ancient church and foundry etc. However from speed reading the information it seems no digging has been done there for a couple of years at least or more and as I said the place looks wild – in a good way though, it would make a nice park actually in some other part of the civilized world – not there though unfortunately because that area is filled with insufferable junkies and they would destroy it in days. Anyway my point is if the archaeology is finished in that location now, then why isn’t something useful been built there? Life goes on, you shouldn’t put preservation orders on empty holes for all eternity.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Great story! I must read the informational panels myself – I must have been passing them by thousands of times and still did not notice them. The solution for keeping the insufferable junkies away from the excavation would be to organise there a shelter for abandoned pitbulls ;-)

      This Smithfield Celtic tale reminds of a certain poem about Verona, in which the lyrical subject reflects on the transient nature of what once was a ferocious feud between two families from Verona. The two feuding families remind, translated into the Dublin context, of the Catholics/Protestants feud, at the time resulting in Catholics not being allowed to have a visible Cathedral in central Dublin. The last verse is in keeping with your conclusion “Life goes on, you shouldn’t put preservation orders on empty holes for all eternity”:

      “IN VERONA
      by Cyprian Kamil Norwid (1821–1883)

      O’er the abodes o’the Capulets and Montagues,
      The gentle eye there in the spacious skies now views,
      By thunder whipped and washed with rain — —
      The lonesome ruins of the two adverse estates,
      The once so splendid, now demolished, garden gates;
      And casts a star from the heavenly plain —
      The cypress says: For Romeo and Juliet
      It is a tear that permeates their tombs so wet,
      And drenches them – now even more.
      But many people, in a sagely fashion, say
      That it is rocks and stones not tears that fall today,
      Stones and rocks – that none’s been waiting for!”

    • Sideshow Bob

      It is the only major one there Adam. You are talking about a triangular site just after Smithfield and before you walk behind The Four Courts. One front of it is on to Church Street.

      The archaeology there would be medieval. There are church and old abbey I doubt it was the reason development there got held up, though it is a major drag at times.

      There were some Victorian or so buildings there that got demolished around the time the Luas went that way.

      • Yeah that’s definitely the spot Sideshow Bob. Huge area.

      • Sideshow Bob


        I did some more looking and I found this on it:

        Also There is a 7 page PDF report on the archeological dig available for download if you put `hammond lane archaeological site dublin´ into google.

        And so it turns out that one Viking house was found on the site! That could be used to house how many homeless people now? let me see…

        Also, I looked up the site´s planning history on DCC´s website. It looks like this:

        Apparently Zoe Developments ( Liam Carroll ) had Planning permission for 120 apartments at the site in 1993. That would have expired around 1998.

        It looks like the site was then acquired by the State in the late ninties as there are OPW applications from c.2000 for demolitions and other bits and bobs on it associated with the LUAS. I would guess that acquisition the occurred probably for the LUAS line. I think the existing street layout was altered there for it, that is if I remember correctly. I think it was was pretty much the only demolition engaged in for for the LUAS.

        So, from that I deduce from all that is that there a State owned prime site with a minimum capacity for 100+ units lying idyll right at the edge of Dublin City Center basically smack between two LUAS Stations.

        And on Zoe well Liam Carroll´s last remaining (shoebox) apartments in Dublin City Center were recently boxed up to be sold off to the market. His web of companies collapsed spectacularly in 2009, after I think Ulster Bank or ACC came looking for all the money back that it had stupidly lent to him.

        So, at the end of all of this – of 20 years of playing with the site – we have;

        no actual homes,
        and no developer to build new ones
        but we have discovered the remains of a ( very run of the mill) 11th century Viking house!

        There you go!

  17. Deco

    The US State Department issued a warning to US residents, concerning the elevated probability of a terrorist attack at open air events, that was clearly an indication of likely terrorist attacks on Christmas Markets.

    The Germany Interior ministry did not issue any warning to it’s own citizens.

    Now, there is a problem with terrorism in Germany. And there is an even bigger problem with admitting that there is a problem.

    Because it is an admission to having made a mistake. And it seems that nobody is prepared to admit to making a massive policy blunder.

    This is indictive of a policy making establishment that has no clue what it is doing, and that is making it up as it goes along. And we see this fruther emphasized by the relentless focus on the superficial, guilt-trips, and PR statements.

    The German interior minister, will have to stand down. It is clear now that he has not been doing his job properly. The pretence is over.

    Blunderwoman will not accept responsibility for any results from her inept decision making. Therefore she will probably bring her party (corrupt) down with her.

    If policy does not work, you scrap it.

    And that is the biggest problem with Merkel. It is not simply that she makes mistakes. In fact she makes loads of mistakes. Bu the biggest problem of all, is a refusal to correct any mistake.

    She makes mistakes and refuses to accept that she is wrong.

    This is a sign of a very weak leader, who cannot think things through, and who is reliant on PR stunts. Her confidence is based not on any intellectual capacity, but on frightful levels of ignorance, and the assumption that currently nobody will stand up and be counted against her – if they do the EU Commission (bankrolled by Germany) will do her bidding.

    There was a recent press conference involving Theresa May and Merkel. And it was obvious that May felt more comfortable in front of the press than Merkel. May was prepared to respond to answer any question provided. Merkel was waiting to get off the stage, and was very reluctant to talk outside a prepared script.

    I have commented repeatedly that the leadership in the nEU empire is severely incapable of leading the monstrosity that they have given themselves to run.

    We had this before with respect to the Soviet Empire. Errors and blunders abounded. The entire premise of more EU rope is nonsensical. We have been sold a nirvana vision by the media, that is a load of BS. Therefore why must this persist ?

    The program of nEU imperial centralization, actually produces bigger blunders and errors. And a complete refusal to change course.

    The nEU empire project, and it idiotic policy making is the number one threat to European countries.

    We need to grow up and be honest about it.

    • your finger is on the pulse, Deco

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      First of all, can you just imagine what we would feel if it was one of our closest friends, or someone’s daughter, buying Christmas presents for her daddy on that Christmas market? Does one ever recover from such a shock?

      Here in Ireland it feels like it has happened on another continent in 17th century. Of course, this is what the plan is – now, once we are disarmed, we are set into a state of panic. It softens and weakens us, much like a fox frozen on the street at night in front of the car lights.

      I can only empathise with those Berliners, and say “Ich bin ein Berliner”

      (disclaimer: there is this misuderstanding among those English speakers who speak German fluently, but not at near-native level, that JFK saying “Ich bin ein Berliner” is incorrect for it means “I am a jelly doughnugt” – well, everyone who says that is trying to be a smart ass, but what he/she is achieving is only being an ass – while a normal way of saying it is “Ich bin Berliner”, or – as generations-inborn Berliners (so one of my ex-es) – would say “ik bin Berliner”; however, the addition of the indefinite article “ein” is required to express a metaphorical identification between subject and predicate, otherwise President Kennedy could be taken to say he is literally a citizen of Berlin”). So – unless you are a citizen of Berlin – “Ich bin ein Berliner” is correct. Did not tink about dat, Mr Derek Scally – did ya?

      Secondly, you hit the nail in the head, Deco, by saying “The Germany Interior ministry did not issue any warning to it’s own citizens.
      Now, there is a problem with terrorism in Germany. And there is an even bigger problem with admitting that there is a problem.
      Because it is an admission to having made a mistake. And it seems that nobody is prepared to admit to making a massive policy blunder.”

      And German medie/elites have bigger problem in admitting that they have made a mistake (of policy in Ms Merkel’s case – but do not you think this is specifically Merkel’s fault – just listen to Mr Schulz from SPD, probably a future foreign minister, and he wants to repeat all the mistakes Frau Merkel has made, plus invade the countries that do not want to make those mistakes.

      To support my diagnosis of the sorry state of the German media and a censorship thereof (and please do not blame the US troops, because the UK is also controlled by the US, yet they have much more freedom of speech), two facts come up to my mind:
      1. Financial penalties of up to 1,000 euro and being chased by the police in Germany (which police, on the other hand, did not bother to question to prime suspect – who is a Pakistani, though some versions about him being a Chechen also emerged -because they could not find a translator for a few month) for some comments like some of ours.

      2. This was the intitial comment of the most prestigious German newspaper (there is a link to an original article in German within that link), which, when it turned out that the driver was already dead, and fighting for survival before, never issued an apology – which they should, because the lorry company was flooded with so much hate phones from Germany that day that they had to switch them off:

      The question is: what next is going to happen before Christmas? And where? And – since it’s too late now to do what Victor Orban was saying – as the first politician in power in Europe saying that: Merkel said the same things as Orban at the latest CDU leader-election, but 2 years too late; so now, when the horse has bolted, now what? Germany, Sweden, and Belgium are now doing deportations of cultural enrichment on a massive scale – but this is all too late – the most dangerous people are inside, and they are probably not even registered in any European office, for they all came unregistered as Germany insisted – and while the vast majority did register to avail of free housing, welfare and child benefits, the most dangerous one probably do not have to rely on that.

      Polish MEP in the EU Parliament on the glossed-over reason for terror attacks; see the face of the Carolingian Europe woman acting as a speaker of the Parliament.

  18. Deco

    Meahwhile, Scotland’s answer to the Bertie party continue their search for a political grant driven economy, at the heart of the nEU empire.

    And somebody decides it is time to speak the truth….

    Nicola Sturgeon is the greatest threat to Scottish independence. She has driven Scotland along a road of unsustainable borrowing, in order to hide the oil price decline, and prop up vote buying. It is like FF after the dot com crash, repeated all over again. When she is finished Scotland will be less independent that it was before devolution. It will be an economic dependency to an even greater extent than currently.

    She is a proficient liar, and gets support from FailureFirm boss, Micheal Martin.

  19. The NWO battle to shut down the free press, and honest information remaining as they control the deceit and lies of the MSM already.

  20. One of the best Trump speeches ever at a charity dinner event where HRC also attended. Trump was devastatingly humorous and chillingly pointed at the same time.


    US poor retail sales figures align with the observation that the US holiday maker from the US was missing in Puerto Vallarta.

    The average joe in the US is broke. What affects the US affects all.

  22. Sometime back there was a debate here about the definition of various words ending in ‘flation. Questions were raised about what would or could happen first or when.
    other questions asked how could it be that inflation happens at the same time as deflation. How could hyperinflation exist in a depression (hyperdeflation).

    Those that are still confused might like to take note of comments here.

  23. “Coveney needs courage to let go of ‘market will fix it’ chestnut”

    There is no such thing as a “Free Market” and so trying to rely on it is a fool’s errand.

    What needs to be done is to enact policy that will free the markets so that they can operate like they should.

    There is also no use in blaming capitalism for the economy when interference, manipulation, crime and corruption are allowed to substitute for capitalism. There has been no capitalism allowed for a generation or more.

    We have been living on the wealth accrued by our parents and grandparents. We are the generation of the greatest spendthrifts and creditors ever seen in the history of the world.

    We have lost our way. Amoral behavior cannot differentiate from good or bad, righteousness from evil, right from wrong, charity from tax coercion.

    Recovery will only occur when people get on the correct moral road of basic behaviour. All will flow from there.

    The very first thing to physically do is to be rid of the amoral, corrupt, money system. We need a return to ‘honest’ money and turn from the greed, credit based, debt based money we currently use. In any other business a Ponzi scheme is a criminal enterprise. Why do you allow it to continue as our money and financing system? Likewise the fractional reserve system of money creation would be a criminal enterprise. Where else would you borrow your goods and pay for them knowing they actually did not exist? Why do you save in a currency that actually has no value. Will you prefer to own a mirage or the actual oasis?!

    Study the history of your money. Discard the fraud you subconsciously accept and demand a proper system of account, and medium of exchange and a store of value that has substance and cannot be inflated to nothing robbing you of your work and savings and substance.

    It is time to take a stand by acting in your own self defence or you will be subsumed and devoured, lock stock and barrel, both physically and mentally. Totally destroyed. It’s your choice.

  24. A recent ad for new homes downtown Victoria BC


    “Unfortunately, the only chance you have to financially survive what is coming at us is to get your money out of all financial “assets.” These are not “assets.” They are fiat paper liabilities issued by a Federal Reserve that is technically insolvent by at least $360 billion and likely multiples of that when off- balance-sheet considerations are factored in to the equation. If you don’t want to buy precious metals, at least get your money out of the stock market.

    While Wall Street shills and the financial media is busy seducing the public with its incessant “Dow 20,000″ rally cry, corporate insiders are busy unloading their shares hand-over-fist. Every company (other than mining stocks) I’ve analyzed over the last month has been characterized by extremely heavy insider selling. The parabolic rise in the dollar is annihilating corporate revenues and profitability. Follow the money here because insiders are broadcasting this fact loudly.

    China is dumping Treasuries and corporate executives are dumping stocks. Total U.S. debt outstanding hits new highs daily. Once again “smart money” is unloading its paper “assets” on an unsuspecting public. The delinquency and default rates in mortgage, auto and credit card debt is beginning to spike up, according to the latest reports made available and not disseminated through the mainstream media.”

    • michaelcoughlan

      From the same article;

      “I’m not going to sit here and urge anyone who will listen to move their money into the safety of physical gold and silver because I have no idea how diabolically aggressive the Fed and the banks will be in exerting downward pressure on the price of gold and silver using fiat paper gold”

      Only god knows where safe refuge can be obtained.

      • don’t lose faith in yourself Michael. All my relatives left behind in England all did well enough over the years. if you have a career and ability you will in the long run do well anywhere you have freedom. It may be you stay where you are unless your life is threatened if you stay. A Positive attitude is imperative no matter where you are.

        “Make no mistake, Donald Trump is an anti-candidate; anti- status quo, anti-elite, anti-liberal. His election is a demand for attention, for debate and for dialogue from those who have been ignored and bypassed. In time his election may well be seen as one of the finest demonstrations of democratic principles the world has ever seen and democracies will hopefully, assuming they survive, be stronger for it.”–Stephen Flood

        This is worth posting the 2nd time if it were not read the first time posted.


    “”So what next
    The world has changed and democracy has been tested. Our media, who became captured in an echo chamber of neo-liberal rhetoric, are undergoing a painful period of self examination.

    I hope, as a society, we will learn from this period and perhaps realign our values to promote the individual and not the corporate, the local community and not the global and most importantly we learn to listen and debate and respect each other, regardless of social status, wealth or belief.”"

  27. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Inflated childcare costs in Ireland leads to what the Marxists would call “the exploitation of workers”

    80 euro per week is maybe not as dramatic if you consider that some people would not save even that from their salary if they had to commute, each lunches in town due to long hours of commuting and rent in Dublin (also, uniforms are usually not provided in hotels – and you need a new pair of shoes every 3 months if you work in hospitality) – but 80 euro a week is still a slavery or thereabouts (that’s less than some people would spend during one family outing) …

  28. When child care costs exceed the benefits of working then one stays home to rear ones own children. When the economy is so damaged that more than two people in a family must work to pay the bills then nothing the government can do will fix the problem.
    Government overspending with accompanying high taxes and regulation and law are a problem already and will solve nothing by adding yet another layer. The economy suffers from debt suffocation and interest strangulation.

    These problems can only be solved by a reset on the money system to a non credit honest money system. Using the current fiat Ponzi scheme money will eventually, and not long now, kill the economy. The elites plan a set soon and the solution provided will be a globalist universal fiat scheme administered and controlled through the BIS and UN and IMF. This will be more of the same with a different name and all nations sovereignty will be gone and with it the individual freedoms evaporated.

    A private non government money will be your only way out of the morass. The black market, barter and a private money system will operate beneath the one world government control. Government will try to shut down any other form of money, limit freedom of expression, limit freedom of the press, limit local government and continue to lie , cheat and steal from you.

    Only the privileged enforcing the agenda will prosper. Totalitarianism on a world wide scale approaches and all we do is squeal for more government solution as we are lead to the slaughterhouse. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  29. “”We are at the point that only a countercoup against the CIA and the Hillary forces can save American democracy.

    High treason is alive and well in the United States, and it is operating against American democracy and president-elect Trump.”"

  30. McCawber

    Apart from the credit unions there are pension funds with money looking for a decent return who could help with the finance side of things.

  31. McCawber

    State of the Nation.
    The Civil Servents are seeking pay rises that the country cannot afford using the usual approaches
    Pay rises in the public service have to be self financing.
    If they are not (and maybe even if they are) then a real day of reckoning will ensue.
    Added to this the EU is undoubtedly trying to destabilise Ireland also (not exactly sure what their agenda is but I suspect it has a lot to do with 2008 and ECB being wrong footed by the guarantee).
    Irish citizens are now officially under siege.
    Something has to give.
    Official Ireland the EU won’t – too f^cking thick,lazy and arrogant to realise where we’re at.
    The water resistance should have been a warning but it hasn’t been. It simply became a political points scoring exercise.
    What will spark an escalation of resistance is hard to predict but a lot of people who are still living on a tightrope are at the end of their tether.
    Pay rises for CSs is causing a level of resentment that Official Ireland seems unaware of.
    If Simon Coveney can pull off a significant breach in the logjam of how we normally do business in this country then perhaps we can hope.
    Because right now this country needs the kind of problem solving leadership that Coveney has shown the kind of leadership required.
    Expect FF and SF to now target Coveney and to try to discredit his efforts.
    Give them a run for their money and keep calling their bluff Simon.

    • Truthist

      I disagree with u about Simon Coveney.
      Some reasons :
      I reckon that Coveney’s “autonomous” response on housing [ incl. lack of ] actually the craft of a pool of consultants.

      The Coveney response on housing is very unimpressive anyway.

      Coveney has no track-record of caring for the underclass ;
      Of course, Fine Gael as a party never does.
      And, the core backgrounds of Fine Gael never do.
      Although, some individuals surprisingly did.

      Also, Fianna Fail post CJ Haughey never care for the underclass.
      Haughey actually proved he cared to the extent that he honored whole-heatedly the great Tony Gregory’s deal won for the poor of inner city Dublin.

      And, neither did Labour Party.
      Including the Workers Party & its break-away Democratic Left element of Labour Party.
      Well, some in Labour Party since foundation of Irish State did care for the underclass
      Sinn Fein are not sincerely for the poor.
      Although, many IRA men have been.
      Sinn Fein is NOT representative of IRA EVER since Sinn Fein adopted Marxist politics.
      Obviously. there have been IRA “individuals” who were partial to Marxist philosophy.
      Cannot blame those sincerely for the underclass who were taken in by that clap-trap when alternatives for helping the poor are not clearly offered let alone apparently outlined & even more that they are not apparently elaborated.
      Marxism outwitted Christian societies in regard to social justice.
      Ditto outwitted Islamic societies, & Hindu societies, & Buddhist societies.
      The Marxist building blocks of “seemly” justice axioms is very beguiling.
      There have been many decent men who were IRA volunteers.
      Most Sinn Fein members were never IRA volunteers.
      Some Loyalist volunteers have woken up that they themselves were wrong.
      Irish State establishment do not want a united Ireland.
      North East of Ireland establishment do not want a united Ireland.
      So, the 2 cozy shops on this Island do not want a united Ireland.

      Here is article from Irish Independent that is supportive of some of ur argument.
      HEADLINE ;
      Those who shout loudest are not always the worst off

      Charlie Weston

      18 Dec. 2016
      “Few will have been surprised at the findings of a recent survey showing family finances are yet to recover after years of austerity. Almost three years since the bail-out Troika left this country, nearly half of the workforce is still worried about losing their jobs. And thousands worry about pay cuts, according to the ‘Aviva Family Finances’ report.
      Our political leaders would do well to study the report.
      In it they will find, in a nutshell, why voters are furious. There is a justified anger all over this country over the blowing up and inevitable collapse of our public finances and the banking crash – and over the fact that the bill for the mess has been sent to middle Ireland.

      There is a disconnect between politicians and put-upon citizens, who are being forced to shell out again and again over the failures of an insider elite. Banking chiefs, high-end business consultants and corporate lawyers are making merry.
      And it is the squeezed middle that is asked to carry the can for the mess.

      A recent study by the Economic and Social Research Institute, the Geary Institute and Oxford University (‘Economic stress and the great recession in Ireland’) found that middle-income groups have been proportionately most affected by the economic crash, and not the poor, as many claim. The self-employed were hit particularly hard.
      What this shows is that those who shout loudest are not always the worst-off.

      Middle-Ireland has been savaged by redundancies, pay cuts, higher taxes and charges, extortionate motor insurance increases, surging health insurance premiums, a disgraceful levy on private pensions, and banks that are price gouging.
      The researchers concluded that these changes are more likely to impact middle-income people.

      And the reward people get for paying up? Water charges are abolished, leaving tax-compliant householders that paid up looking like patsies. And thousands who refuse to pay bin charges get the debts written off.
      Large numbers of left-wing TDs now populate the Dail opposing water and waste charges, shouting that someone else should pay. They conveniently ignore the fact someone else is already paying, on the double – the middle-income mugs.

      Economic victimhood abounds, with relatively well-off public servants adept at putting on the poor mouth.
      The real financial pain is being suffered by the squeezed middle, particularly those in the private sector and the self-employed.

      Politicians need to wake up to this fact.”

  32. Truthist

    Surely, more than Euro 100 Billion per year of Fish & other sea-food robbed “legally” & “illegally” from Ireland’s continental shelf / lawful territorial waters by E.U. member states ?
    Even a fraction of that sum would provide each Irish citizen > 17 years with private property ground space sufficient for very spacious “physically transferable” 3-bedroomed home [ hopefully "off-the-grid" in every way per utilities, or at least progressively so as technologies & / or knowledge & / or social justice advances ] ;
    And, I am appreciative of ur keen interest, McCawber, in solving problems with elegant new technology.
    Monies outlay is for :
    direct provision from actual public property ;
    Book-keeping requirements
    purchase by Irish State from private property & then gifted to Irish citizen as home space
    provision of “home space” within Irish State condominium block of condo-village [ as outlined by me in previous discussions ].
    Book-keeping requirements.
    “Home Space” of a], b], & c], is physically transferable to another vacant lot by :
    creation of new lot
    vacation of existing lot
    Theft by foreigners from Irish nation of its fisheries is because the Irish nation has been betrayed by :
    certain Irish elected politicians
    Government ministers
    Opposition ex-ministers & shadow-ministers yet to have been ministers
    TD’s yet to ever have been ministers
    Senators only ?
    EU Commissioners
    Mid-Level & Senior-Level Irish State Civil SERPENTS
    Mid-Level & Senior-Level Irish persons SERPENTING for EU bodies
    Irish journalists
    Irish lobbyists
    Irish acolytes of EU project
    1.-6., above, includes
    Irish politicos adverse to EU conspiracy against Irish nation BUT ended up “compromised” vis-a-vis the following ;
    If not “compromised”, some Irish traitors to Irish fishery rights would be “rewarded” vis-a-vis the following ;
    BENALUX ; Think Dutroux ; Think Mshd

  33. Truthist

    Mr. “War-Crimes” against Serbians, Somalians, Palestinians, inter alia now in very bad health.
    Still, one should get no delight from the suffering of anyone ;
    I say this because schadenfreude* abounds.
    And, always there are many in Ireland who are expert at hiding their practise of the vice of “schadenfreude”

    Bill Clinton On Way Out –
    Shocking Without Make-Up
    Many think he has AIDS.

  34. Truthist

    If there was “true” direct democracy in Ireland, the majority would be “justly” decree ;
    Landlordism of homes is crass !
    B = BAN
    BAN Landlordism of homes forthwith !
    AMNESTY for sincerely repented Landlords & their agents & other Landlording “cozy shop” acolytes [ incl. non-malign but heretofore "landording of homes" paradigm-entrenched practitioners 8-) ] !
    G = GIVE
    GIVE, immediately, nominal space from Public Property as “physically transferable” “Home-Space” Private Property to every Irish citizen, in their own name, upon departing homestead-rearing [ family home or child institution / child prison ].

    • Truthist

      I had a listen ;
      It is not for me ;
      Because, it is “wacky”.
      And, it smacks of “disinfo” exercise.
      I put it to u that it is not for u also ;
      Because, it is “wacky”.
      And, it smacks of “disinfo.” exercise.
      Heck, it is even a time-waster.
      Here is a very intriguing communication on the internet that is arguably a “check-mate”*1 move even if it is not genuinely from 9-11 Mayor of New York, & continuously senior USA politician, & leader oft-times quoted quoted by David McWilliams ;
      Mr. Rudolph Giuliani
      If this communication is “genuine” ;
      ==> it is arguably “Check !”*2 on the lies put forth about 9-11 / the “official” narrative about 9-11.
      Henry Makow is still undecided if this communication is accurate.
      Personally, I lend weight to it being a Steve Pieczenik / Mshd type psyop.
      *1, & *2
      But “Check-mate !”, & “Check !”, respectively, only if a critical mass of people have the moral courage to act “righteously AND effectively AND smartly” about it.
      At least 1 man has proven “moral courage” vis-a-vis 9-11 thus far ;
      Mr. Chistopher Bollyn
      . results for search terms “Christopher Bollyn” ;
      And, here is his website ;
      Anyway, here is the article on the attributed Rudolph Giuliani expose on :
      Pizza-gate international pedophile network

    • Truthist
      funny, you reject. I had a good listen to another of Benjamin Fulford and I like a lot of what he has to say.
      I still do not know who he is and how he is involved or where he gets his information,but you are unwise to close your mind instantly to him.

      • Truthist

        OK ;
        If u recommend, I will reconsider ;
        Because I rate ur judgement on most issues* very highly.
        Please appreciate though that just like u would caution biz. persons to be always beware of fraud efforts [ both of known tactics & new tactics ], I am always alert as to dis-info.
        So much so that I reject some of the argument of an overall argument or article or essay that I am very partial to.
        The brother is the most perceptive source for me. 8-)
        But, I disagree with him on some judgements.
        He thinks that Assange & Snowdon are genuine.
        I think that they are fakes.
        Henry Makow is a great man.
        But, he is wrong about the movie Michael Collins ;
        That movie is useless & boring.
        Eustace Mullins is the greatest authority on the Bankster Scam Bundle.
        And, I consider u urself probably the greatest authority on Sound Money ;
        Even though, u are still refining & even overhauling ur thesis.
        Hugo Salinas Price is excellent too.
        I have uncovered some more arguments in support of Sound Money.
        And, I think that with inventive steps of my own I am justifiably able to enhance the Sound Money aspect of the total solution against the Bankster Scam Bundle.

        Anyway, best to engage in personal discourse at early stage of current discussion.
        I do not have set-up for to get alerts of posts.
        And, we most times wish other readers to benefit from our posts.
        Only an blog-archaeologist reader will seek out old blogs.

        • Truthist

          Exposed: Wikileaks Is A Zionist Cover-Up Operation
          BLURB ;
          Published on 27 Oct 2016

          Does Wikileaks work in the interests of humanity or the illegal state of Israel? Decide for yourself, in this tell-all about Julian Assange. A special thanks to Jonathan Azaziah, who originally wrote the text for ‘Mark Of Zion: Wikileaks Is Zionist Posion’, written 6 years ago and perhaps more appropriate now then ever before. A special Thanks to Snordster, who tried to get this message out to youtubers and got himself banned a couple of times. Almost all the Audio and the entirety of the Narration is done so by Snordster.

          An Entire Transcript of Johnathan Azaziah’s work:

          For more work from activist-news:


  35. Truthist

    This is what a “very nice” writer for New York Daily News” — Mr. Gersh Kuntzman — has said about the assassination of Russia’ Ambassador to Turkey ;
    What sayeth theuglytruth though ?
    Would it rebuke what the New York Daily News says by putting it in proper context ?
    Turkish police arrest family of Russian ambassador’s killer
    Gersh Kuntzman
    Tuesday 20 Dec 2016, 10:43 AM

  36. Truthist

    There are grounds to say that Berlin truck event was a “false flag” ;

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