November 17, 2016

Why Italy is the next country to fall to Trumpism

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The Bangladeshi selfie-stick hawkers are doing a brisk trade outside the Colosseum. Local chain-smoking lads dressed as gladiators prey on vulnerable tourists, while portly priests on their annual visit to Catholicism’s corporate HQ take time out from soul-searching.

Even the heavily armed soldiers, there to protect against a potential Italian Bataclan, are smiling in the Mediterranean sunshine. And as it is midday in Italy, everyone is checking out everyone else.

All looks quite normal, chilled out and as it should be.

But it is not. Italy is a country going through what could be described as a nervous breakdown.

After a decade of almost no economic growth, in two weeks Italians will vote in a referendum which will determine what direction this huge country of nearly 60 million people will take. The result will profoundly affect the EU.

Although the referendum is technically about the way Italy is governed, the country is split down the middle in a plebiscite that has come to symbolise something much bigger. Once again, like the Brexit vote and the Trump election, this referendum is about insiders against outsiders. It is about those who are the victims of inequality and globalisation and those who uphold the status quo.

On one side, you have the Italian political elite — the insiders embodied by Matteo Renzi, the youthful prime minister. He represents the people and institutions that have ruled Italy for decades.

On the other side, you have an unusual anti-EU coalition, the Left and the Right — the ‘Outsiders’ — who are united by a common belief that, after 10 years of economic stagnation, there must be another way.

We have the same picture we saw in the UK in June and in the US last week, where an elite is desperately trying to connect with the people and large swathes of the population are saying they have had enough.

In terms of the big picture, the Italian election can be seen as yet another domino in a year of falling dominos. First we had Brexit, then Trump, and the next big one for Europe after Italy is the potential rise of Le Pen in France.

Italy is the triplet in a quartet that will culminate in France, and, in my opinion, if the Italian elite loses on December 4th, Marine Le Pen will win in France.

This is a global phenomenon that can’t be seen in national terms but only in international terms. This is what happens in politics; what starts as a feeling becomes a reality at the ballot box, not least because every election that goes against the elite gives “permission” for the next bunch of popular ‘Outsiders’ to scent victory.

Ms Le Pen has said she will pull out of the euro the morning after she wins. There’s no delaying Article 50 in her book. The Front National’s policy is an immediate withdrawal from the euro for France. In Italy, the two main parties backing a No vote in the referendum, the left-wing Five Star Movement and the right-wing Northern League, both want Italy to leave the euro and reinstate the lira. Right now, the only consolation for the elite is that they are behind in the polls; anyone who wants to win an election may be better off trailing in the polls!

But the reality for Italy (as for many countries, including Ireland) is that the euro has been a disaster. For years Italy, the Eurozone’s third largest economy, was pre-eminent in fashion, design, sophisticated manufacturing and car-making. All this was predicated on periodic devaluations of the lira against the deutsche mark, which allowed Italy to compete. This was the deal and everyone broadly understood it.

Once Italy joined the euro, this traditional avenue was closed off to Italian industry and it started to become uncompetitive. Italian industry couldn’t compete with Germany and, as Europe’s biggest debtor, Italy began to lose control over its own destiny. Following the last euro crisis, Italy has become, from a macroeconomic point of view, little more than a protectorate of Germany. And it hurts.

Young Italians have less chance of getting a job than almost any other nationality in Europe. Unemployment for the under thirties is running at a staggering 35%. Seven out of 10 Italians under the age of 36 live with their parents and 100,000 educated Italians left the country in search of work last year.

Real wages have stagnated and corporate Italy is not investing. All the while, the debt-to-GDP ratio – the highest in Europe – is going in the wrong direction.

Is it any wonder, with this sort of economic performance, that people want an alternative?

Could Italy turn its back on the EU? Of course it could. In fact, why wouldn’t it? Any country that can change sides in a world war is politically capable of changing its currency, don’t you think?

It’s clear when you are in Rome that something serious is going on. Behind the designer sunglasses, the impeccable three-day stubble, and the beautifully coiffed hair, Italy is deeply divided. Italy is experiencing, as was the case in Britain and in America, a popular insurgency.

Far-off Brussels is firmly in ostrich mode, head stuck in the ground, planning a hard Brexit to teach other “deplorables” a lesson. But what it doesn’t understand is that ‘Deplorable Lives Matter’!

And — worse for the EU that has proved itself to be electorally tone deaf time and again — deplorables vote too.

Mr Renzi, the EU’s man, asked for looser fiscal rules, but Germany vetoed it. Mr Renzi asked to be allowed to bail out his bust banks, but Germany refused.

Now Italy is about to embolden Ms Le Pen in France, and who is to blame?

Clearly not the Italians who are expressing their democratic wish, but the EU officials who didn’t listen to Mr Renzi, their Roman legate, when he looked for help.

As I marvel at the Colosseum, I can’t help thinking that Vespasian, the Roman Emperor who built the Colosseum and conquered Britain in the west and Judea in the east, would never have left one of his own with so little ammunition to fight a popular insurrection.

  1. Mike Lucey

    “Any country that can change sides in a world war is politically capable of changing its currency, don’t you think?”

    Most definitely!

    • yadayada

      Changing sides in ww2 might be easier than getting out of the euro.

      • ross81

        lol…it does seem that governments these days are as frightened of the “morkets” as 1940s leaders were of the Panzers & Stukas showing up in the spring.

        • Deco

          Actually, they are frightened of having to run their political machines, without funding.

          In a scenario of widespread corruption, it takes a lor more money to get the media to ignore the corruption.

          Hence the Clinton Foundation, and US media organizations going after the Clinton advertising spend, by ignore the corruption.

      • dan allen2

        Let’s not forget though that in the EU, bonds are secured by laws written in each country (except for Greece, they swapped their Athens-law bonds for London bonds about 5 years ago). This means there is no feast for vultures in the event of a default.

  2. bluegalway

    Winds of change. The Trumph victory has left much of the mainstream political class and media bewildered. It is their failure to see which way the wind is blowing that will haunt them in coming years in all parts of the West.
    Other politicians and the media took Trumph literally, but not seriously.
    The US electorate, those who voted for him, took Trumph seriously, but not literally.
    So when he said he would build a wall, most of his electorate didn’t believe he would actually do it but that he would crack down on illegal immigration and illegal immigrants. And when he said he would appoint a prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton, most believed he would crack down on political corruption, not actually put her in jail.
    It is a pattern being played out in Europe where increasing parts of the electorate, particularly native ethnic blue-collar workers, and now increasing native ethnic white collar workers – and crucially now in the middle class – are sensing their opportunity to effect real and substantial change. It is a halt, indeed a row back on globalisation, uncontrolled immigration, social engineering (espoused by sociopath Peter Sutherland) and a return to Victorian economics.
    David McWilliams has written about the potential for collapse in European society along cultural and racial lines. It is a view that will become ever more prescient in coming years, and well within our lifetimes.

  3. You wait. Next week the Bangladeshi salespeople will be selling T-shirts written with “Deplorevole e Felice”.

  4. michaelcoughlan

    “if the Italian elite loses on December 4th”

    They will.

    I wonder Dathi if the Eyeties pull out and default on their debts will the German banks seize all the Italian assets in lieu because if they do it is exactly what Trump will do also.

    I never thought I would ever write the words I actually feel sorry for Peter Sutherland.

    I hope your young fella Dathi as well as all the other young fellas in Europe approaching their 18th birthdays aren’t asked to solve the problem for the fat middle aged fucks at the centre of Europe like last time because unlike our ammo deficient Italian premier there was no shortage of ammo on Omaha beech the last time EUROPE FOUND ITSELF IN A TIGHT SPOT FROM DFFLATION RESULTING FROM FAILED BETS BY THE US MIDDLE CLASS ON THEIR STOCK MARKET;

  5. [...] Why Italy is the next country to fall to Trumpism – McWilliams ( [...]

  6. Pat Flannery

    David can longer claim to be writing economic columns, he is writing highly-charged political pieces, of which this is one, a naked political rant against the EU and the Euro. The problem is that he offers nothing to replace either institution, just chaos, which the Anglos will then step in to exploit. Churchill, the old Anglo war god, will be adored and glorified. It is all already happening. Trump and Farage have vowed to reinstall a bust of Churchill in the Oval Office on Trump’s first day.

    Brexit and Trumpism as a clear attempt to revive and perpetuate the Churchillian Anglo-American Empire as created by WWI and WWII. Its first job is to divide the 27 EU nations from each other, by invoking old stereotypes and hatreds, as David has attempted to do here with his “Any country that can change sides in a world war is politically capable of changing its currency, don’t you think?”

    I have no doubt that David is being fed these “writing points” by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) under its current hand-picked boss is Boris Johnson, ably assisted off-stage by Nigel Farage. It is what the FCO does. During the so-called Irish “peace process” it was very active behind the scenes with threats and incentives. They even attempted to “turn” me.

    This Brexit is a propaganda war, just as was the Irish “peace process”. That is how the British do things. First they do what they have always done, they “divide and conquer”.

    Taking their easy “writing points” David will continue to promote Marine Le Pen and other “outsiders” in order to destabilize as many individual EU countries as possible. It sure beats making up your own stories. That would be hard work with little time for bopping all around the world.

    • redriversix

      Morning Pat

      I disagree

      David’s columns are interesting but I doubt very much if he is influenced by Johnson and Farage as you suggest. I am not here to defend David..I just say your analysis is incorrect.

      Their is no Anglo in the current Empire ,it is American .period

      Personally, I come to the conclusion that the current economic state of the World is a distraction. We are a World laden down with debt and consumerism , their are many similarities to the World of the 1930s. David is paid to write a column and he does , he doesn’t write them because he is filled with empathy or wants to change the world , he is a entertainer , that’s not a criticism , just the way it is.

      The World is on a War footing , America has been Empire building for years , they just ramped it up since the collapse of the USSR.

      We are a World at War, led by Americas idea of World domination and control , even here in Ireland the American’s have a Air force base in Shannon , just one of almost 400 bases around the World , China has 4 bases outside its borders and Russia has 1.

      America has been at war 223 years out of 240 since 1776. The U.S has never gone through a decade without being involved in some fight somewhere, they once had 5 years of peace between 1935 and 1940 but they had the depression to fight at home then.

      Of all the Military spending in the World the U.S spends 41% of the total or almost 1.3 trillion dollars

      To continue this empire building America needs resources , so it gallop’s around the World bringing democracy to Countries with a weak military and strong natural resources , it does this in the name of freedom but it really does it because its mired in debt and needs to fight to survive and needs to control anything of value.

      In conclusion , I believe that current economic climate is a distraction from Americas global desire for domination and their fascination with War. I take no pleasure in realizing that America is not the great friend or champion of world peace I once thought nor is it the land of milk and honey that previous generations of Irish people immigrated to.

      What journey will America take us on ?

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Pat,

      When you put up the story of your life and how as an accountant you had to leave Ireland because of the all pervasive and perverse corruption here I really feel it was something of an excellent contribution.

      Writing stuff like;

      “I have no doubt that David is being fed these “writing points” by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) under its current hand-picked boss is Boris Johnson, ably assisted off-stage by Nigel Farage. It is what the FCO does.”

      The thought crossed my mind that you need to take your tablets. I am not defending McWilliams Pat.


      • Pat Flannery

        michaelcoughlan: “The thought crossed my mind that you need to take your tablets.” Sigh.

        The thought just crossed my mind that one of the reasons I left Ireland was to escape such rudeness. If you leave you will probably be back. Too bad because your kids will soon be making similar ignorant “tablets” remarks.

        You are more Irish than you think Michael. You may have left it too late for your kids.

        • michaelcoughlan

          There is no nice way to say this Pat so I am just going to say it even if you mistake some plain straight talking for rudeness.

          Only a moron would would believe that McWilliam’s is a mouth piece being controlled at the end of an FCO string.

          You still haven’t answered the question whether you think the US is bankrupt or not.

          The fact that you are the person so blind ignorant of who it is in fact is so rude (yourself in this case) that people of talent intelligence and ability will be misled by your opines is typical of the blind ignorance of the monetarists and their accountant auditors who cook the books better than Jamie Oliver.

          Without malice Patrick,

          Michael Coughlan.

  7. Pat Flannery

    Brexit and Trumpism as a clear attempt to revive the Churchillian Anglo-American Empire created by WWI and WWII.This is “Propaganda” WWIII.

    • Both were popular votes , Pat.
      Both went against the established suggestions.
      How do these votes revive any Empire at all?

      Churchill gave away all Britain’s assets in exchange for support and under the lend lease arrangement the US asset stripped Britain before becoming involved in WW11. There was considerable support for Germany within the US in the 1930′s and early 40′s.
      US international enterprises assisted the Axis powers, German international companies did business in the US too.
      It was a bankers war and any war still is. They fund both sides , create the stresses and grow rich at the expense of all being always on the winning side!!!!!!!

  8. Deco

    Several points to be noted here.

    1) Renzi is far more capable than the Clintons ( rotten with corruption) and Cameron ( “heir to Blair”). Expect him to put up a better fight. Of all the current EU large country leaders, he is probably the only that has any credibility.

    2) Italian resentment of Merkel is considerable. As Renzi himself commented the problems in the Italian banking system are a fraction of the scale of DBank in Frankfurt. Merkel might not want to hear it, and she might have produce a denial that is tantamount to an admission, but the Italians know this. Merkel’s strict line on Italy, will hurt Germany and France far more than Italy in the medium term.

    3) Italy is in the midst of a serious phase of self doubt. And the EU is a large part of that. The Italians know when state power is ineffective, and have a tradition of averting bureaucratic power seekers. It may well happen that Italy might go it alone. Trump will not fix America quickly. And Brexit will not occur that quickly.

    4) “WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT FRANCE”. Even Italy is still outperforming France, in respect of industrial production since 1980. Of course Italy is underperforming compared Britain, Germany, Poland and even Spain. The biggest problem in Europe is France. It is literally living off EU policy. Primarily the ECB’s banking regime, and the CAP. And with Britain pulling out of the EU, France will be feeling the consequences.

    5) Merkel is now an enormous liability to the entire concept of EU power centralization. She has made herself the Sarkozy of Europe. Loathed at home and abroad. Too many PR stunts. I expect the implosion of the CDU within 12 months.

    6) The 5-Star Movement, is correct in asking questions about the entire composition of an massive power system run on ideological lines for the benefit of Ponzi-economics, when society is cratering. The 5SM makes arguments that are relevant to every country in the EU. Brussels is becomming a mechanism to deliver results for the Vampire Squid operations, and to enforce prhibitive taxation on those that work. A lot of the arguments that the 5SM uses are based on common sense.

    7) Watch DBank. That might yet bring cathastrophe on the Eurozone. In which case the Italians might wish they got out.

    Italy should not make a decision, based on what will prevent another embarrassment to Brussels, or the need to prolong the Merde (Merkel + Hollande ) leadership model.

    The problem is not UKIP, or the 5SM. The problem is the Merde model of leadership. And the Merkozy model beforehand.

    Greece should have been allowed to write down it’s debt. Ireland should have been allowed wipe out the PRIVATE sector bank bondholders. Spain did wipe out some private sector debtors. Cyprus even hit the savers as well. The entire “too well connected to fail” policy of Merkozy has gotten us into this mess.

    The time to be concerned about the EU, was when the Merkozy doctrine was shoved into people’s lives, making them serfs for the Ponzi-scheme run FIRE economy (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate). (Term by the website “itulip”).

    There is still no discussion about this in Brussels. Therefore expect people to turn against it. The people are not bribed like the centre right parties of France and Germany. Therefore the people will have a different concept of policy formulation.

    • McCawber

      Excellent post
      RTE has an article about 6 EU countries that will breach EU budget guidelines next year.
      Guess what, France isn’t in the list.
      Does anyone believe France will meet the guidelines?
      Therein is an example of what you are talking about.
      Italy has another elephant in the corner that rarely gets mentioned in terms of its’ economic impact.
      The continuous refugee influx from Africa is having a destabilising impact on the country.
      What have their friends been doing to help?
      Being honest Ireland aren’t rushing in to help either and I’m not sure that’s the worst approach to take.

  9. Deco

    Merkel + Hollande = MerDe.

    We need to talk about the MERDE model of leadership of the EU.

    It is producing policy failure. The entire “more Europe” mantra is a sugarcoating for more control for money over popular interests.

    The Merde model has pushed the public debts of Ireland to absurd levels, and is endangering the entire society again.

    We need to scrap the MerDe / Merkozy model of policy making. It is failing.

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  11. [...] Why Italy is the next country to fall to Trumpism – McWilliams ( [...]

  12. Deco

    Local factors in France will influence Le Pen far more than any external decision in Italy.

    Le Pen driving for an ultra nationalism in France, is different from Britain declaring independence from Brussels, or Italy declaring that Brussels is failing.

    Le Pen will win and lose based the failure of the leadership of the French state.

    In that regard, the best hope for Le Pen is for Sarkozy to re-enter the French Presidential contest.

  13. Deco

    David, the following comment is very loaded, in respect of where we are going.

    Mr Renzi, the EU’s man, asked for looser fiscal rules, but Germany vetoed it. Mr Renzi asked to be allowed to bail out his bust banks, but Germany refused.

    Merkel bailed out German financial interests, by forcing the Irish taxpayers to pay for the failed PRIVATE SECTOR gambles of PRIVATE SECTOR banks in Irish banking. And Sarkozy achieve the same against us.

    The same applies with respect to Greece. And Spain.

    And what followed in each case was re-Ponzification.

    There already have been bank bailouts. But on the terms of the Merkozy / Merde leadership of EU policy making.

    Renzi was actually being very reasonable. He expected assistance, and by the logic of Merkel, he should have been given it. Except Merkel is a unilateralist. And she is alos highly superficial.

    Renzi got the door slammed in his face. Renzi’s response was the barb about DBank. Factually, he was correct. He pointed out the hypocrisy of a Northern European in relatin to financial matters. He told the truth. The consensus of not telling the truth was breached. He let it be known that he was prepared to stand his ground, and that he is not afraid to allow others lie barefaced to everybody. He was no longer going to participate in the game of pretence.

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  16. [...] Why Italy is the next country to fall to Trumpism – McWilliams ( [...]

  17. [...] Why Italy is the next country to fall to Trumpism – McWilliams ( [...]

  18. [...] Why Italy is the next country to fall to Trumpism – McWilliams ( [...]

  19. [...] Why Italy is the next country to fall to Trumpism – McWilliams ( [...]

  20. McCawber

    Something to ponder.
    Is the EU under attack from cultural communism.
    Did the collapse of the USSR result in the export of communism of many shades to the West.
    Merkel for instance in Germany.
    France always had leanings.
    Italy ditto
    Greece ditto
    The rest of the Eastern bloc whither do they stand? We have an expert poster in our midst who might have an answer.
    The USA might be a stretch but how would you determine the day (rhetorical ) that the USA stopped being capitist and started to go over to the dark side.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Is the EU under attack from cultural communism.”

      “Under attack” is a euphemism. Cultural communism is the essence of the current EU ideology. Paradoxically, the enlargement to the east might have slowed that process because now you have a large group of countries with a largely anti-communist population. It created tensions too – while in Greece people are so dumb that they see more communism as the answer to cultural Marxism of the 1968 generation of the EU leaders, in eastern Europe the population keeps choosing the wrong politicians, despite all that money the eurocommunists have invested in various dodgy foundations in V4 and other countries. And now they have a US President to deal with who is against the cultural Marxism and things like global warming industry.

      Communism originated in Western Europe (Germany and France were its cradle), moved to 19th century Russia – with a huge help from Prussia – where it took an extreme form; went bankrupt there and returned to the West, where initially the left was the enemy of the cultural Marxism (they considered things like abortion, promotion of homosexuality or promiscuousness as a bourgeois decadent tool designed to disarm the working class).

      This occasioned Gramscis and Rudi Dutschke’s “March through the institutions”. That’s why we see ongoing attacks on leaders like Orban and Kaczynski in the EU Parliament by the 1968 western “Dutschkyites” – because the said leaders can see through all of that.

      It is no accident that in 1982, Altiero Spinelli was a General Rapporteur to draft a proposal for a new treaty on union. As early as 1941, he wrote the so called Ventotene Manifesto, in which he proposed direct elections to the future EU Parliament (he founded the Movimento Federalista Europeo) so that it can pass the laws that would go against the local governments (he himself run for the first direct election in 1979, pretending he was independent, then immediately becoming a de facto leader of the Communists in the EU Parliament).
      On 14 February 1984, the European Parliament adopted his report and approved the Draft Treaty Establishing the European. Mitterand was his biggest ally. I wonder if anyone here knows that when Mitterand was elected, for the first few months he started introducing real socialism in France Soviet Union style (De Gaulle would have never allowed the likes of Barroso, Verheugen or Cohn-Bendit), and the results were so disastrous that he decided to hold his horses (or was forced to do so).

      On 15 September 2010 under the name Spinelli Group an initiative was founded to reinvigorate the strive for federalisation of the European Union (EU). Prominent supporters of the group are: Jacques Delors, Joschka Fischer, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Andrew Duff, Elmar Brok.
      If you go to Brussels, you’ll see that the largest building of the European Parliament complex is named after him.

      Why 1968-ers from Carolingian Europe are different species of people:

      A podcast to listen before sleep if one cannot/do not want to engage in sex activities: in Western Europe, liberalism turned into communism – how did we get there?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Important things I forgot to add:

        1. About the Ventotene Manifesto: its main plonks were the abolition of private property and national states.
        2. An important Treaty, which is considered so insignificant that the EU law lecturers usually tell students to skip it, was the Amsterdam Treaty. No one really knows what’s in it, including the Irish EU law lecturers I asked. And it was that Treaty that designed legal tools for genderism (and started the trend in the EU where conservatism was legally treated as intolerance, nationalism as fascism – before that a semantic shift occurred after WWII where what was earlier chauvinism, became nationalism, etc).

        • coldblow


          And opposing mass emigration became racism? (It used to be called ‘racialism’, though I’m not sure what the difference is. One thing for sure, though, is that the people who throw the word around won’t know.)

          Spinelli features prominently in Booker and North’s history of the EU and Britain’s relationship with it, although I haven’t yet reached the bit where he is discussed in detail.

          I had an idea that Amsterdam was to make legal changes for ever closer integration but it’s vague. I’ll have to read up about it (yet) again. I find it so hard to follow the ins and outs of Europe because it is so dull.

          When I was in the ‘top class’ at primary school our teacher, Mr Mahoney, was a keen European integrationist and we spent happy weeks writing projects about The Six. He had driven a tank up through France near the start of the war and the road was lined with cheering crowds. It was a different story, he said, in the late spring of 1940 when he drove back the way he had come at full speed.

          In the second year of my history degree I did a course about European integration and it left me cold. ‘See if you can find other kinds of European integration to write about’ suggested the lecturer. I was left cold. Where was the ‘history’ in this stuff? As far as he was concerned it was all good. In the same year I did a course on Enlightenment and Romanticism which was even more disastrous. I am convinced the teacher didn’t really get it at all (and the conviction was mutual). The third course wasn’t that much better, being British Imperialism. Here the tutor, who despite a certain demotic Howard Kirk (of The History Man) air about him, greatly admired stories of determined Victorian ladies charging around Africa in full dress, including a half dozen petticoats. (As for me, I couldn’t have cared less.) Only the History of Science course I found genuinely worthwhile that year.

      • McCawber

        Have to say – You are a mine of information.
        Have a view yet on where the US “Conversion to Communism” project stands.
        Trump presumably is a spanner in the works.

  21. dwalsh

    Greece, Brexit, Trump….?
    it’s only a matter of time before the next canary sings

  22. dwalsh

    I am beginning to hear signs in the recent speeches of Western misleaders acknowledging there may be a problem with the management and implementation of globalisation. Some of them are beginning to realise they are in danger of losing their popular support. That is the trick for politicians – keeping the oligarchs and the populace onside.

    Western populations are deeply disturbed about neoliberalism & globalisation
    How it is being mismanaged in favour of markets & corporations at the expense of people and societies.

  23. CorkPlasticPaddy

    The pidgeons are certainly coming home to roost throughout the majority of the EU countries and no harm either!! The people of Europe have finally woken up to what the European Union now means. Jean Claude Juncker and his ilk are now starting to get really worried, which is no harm whatsoever!! The next few years should prove to be very interesting indeed!!!

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  25. corkie

    Thanks David. I didn’t know that Italy was having a referendum. I’m still not clear what it is about, how it came about and is it binding on the Italian government to act upon and so forth. I guess I’ll have to research those details myself. Were you in a bit of a hurry with this or is it just a draft and you accidentally hit “send”? I’ve done that too. Good work. Keep it up.

  26. “”The problem with the modern world is simple. It is in the grip of a great conspiracy, the likes of which have probably never occurred on this scale in human history.

    The conspiracy is apparently run by a few people who have inherited control central banking around the world and thus are worth trillions.

    With this money they have created an almost seamless web of propaganda intended to frighten people and drive them into the arms of international government.

    The goal is a single world order with one justice system, one central bank, one currency, one civil police force, etc.”"


    “”Of course, Trump has little to do with populism. There is a specific globalist agenda that has been implemented around the world and certainly in America.

    This agenda involves trade deals that drain away American prosperity; too-low interest rates that create inflation, stock markets crashes and ongoing depression; and a variety of rules, regulations and cover ups designed to concentrate power into fewer and fewer hands.

    This agenda is what Trump is apparently taking aim at. If he follows through on some of his recent statements and positions we can’t imagine the secret rulers of America and the West will be too happy with his ascension.”"

  28. ‘In 1966 an American family with one breadwinner working full time at an hourly wage could count on having a home, a car, three square meals a day, and the other ordinary necessities of life, with some left over for the occasional luxury.
    In 2016, an American family with one breadwinner working full time at an hourly wage is as likely as not to end up living on the street, and a vast number of people who would happily work full time even under those conditions can find only part-time or temporary work when they can find any jobs at all.
    The catastrophic impoverishment and immiseration of the American wage class is one of the most massive political facts of our time-and it’s also one of the most unmentionable. Next to nobody is willing to talk about it, or even admit that it happened.’ ~ John Michael Greer.

    • Having placed a quote from one John Michael Greer on this commentary I knew that I knew nothing about said JMG, I just liked the statement attributed to him.
      A quick Google search was revealing and I settled on his blog and read his latest posting on why people voted for Trump and why the Democrats have no understanding of why this happened.
      I found it most instructive and I hope others do too.

      “”As for what Ferrett Steinmetz’s side of the political landscape can offer the people who voted for Trump, that’s at least as simple to answer: listen to those voters, and they’ll tell you. To judge by what I’ve heard them say, they want a less monomaniacally interventionist foreign policy and an end to the endless spiral of wars of choice in the Middle East; they want health insurance that provides reasonable benefits at a price they can afford; they want an end to trade agreements that ship American jobs overseas, and changes to immigration policy that stop the systematic importation of illegal immigrants by big corporate interests to drive down wages and benefits; and they want a means of choosing candidates that actually reflects the will of the people.”"

      Perhaps there is an insight for the future votes soon to occur in Europe.

  29. World’s 7th largest economy in a shambles as it runs out of CASH. People are dying in the lineups. People are being turned away from hospitals as the government made lager bills illegal. The exchangeable “new” currency is not properly available.

    This could arrive at a place near you sooner than you might think.

  30. If there is a genuine recovery why is the foodstamp program for the broke families at close to record high participation.?

  31. Truthist

    Trump- Have Americans Been Neo Conned ?
    Insight from inside — vis. Henry Makow — the tribe.
    November 17, 2016
    “The appointment of Breitbart News CEO Steven Bannon as Trump “Chief Strategist” provides a clue.

    “SINCE STEVEN BANNON is going to be one of the president’s most senior aides, he and the website he runs, Breitbart News, deserve an unusual amount of scrutiny.”

    Henry Makow talks about neo-zio war mongering nasty John Bolton here ;

    “I now realize that Trump’s opposition to the Iran deal; Trupmp’s placing blame for 9-11 on Muslims; Trump’s promotion of the bogus terror narrative; and Trump’s pledge to move the US embassy to Jerusalem; may be at the heart of Trump’s candidacy which was announced while the Iran deal, which Israel bitterly opposed, was in its final stage.

    This may explain why a longtime Zionist water boy, John Bolton, is being considered for the position of Secretary of State.
    In a recent New York Post op-ed, entitled “Trump needs to reverse the Iran deal and assert our interests,” Bolton states :
    “Barack Obama’s foreign-policy legacy includes reduced American global influence, dramatically underfunded military and intelligence capabilities, and rising concern among longtime allies about Washington’s understanding of international threats.
    A world of nuclear-weapons proliferation and growing radical Islamic terrorism are the consequences.”

    Translation: More wars in the interest of expansionist Israel.”

  32. Truthist

    Of course, the following is Russia propaganda ;
    But, nonetheless should be educational & entertaining.
    The 5-Minutes of Common Sense videos from Eugenia Gurevich
    President Trump ! ;
    A nightmare of the Ukrainian politicians !

  33. [...] Why Italy is the next country to fall to Trumpism – McWilliams ( [...]

  34. [...] Italy Is The Next Country To Fall To Trumpism (David McWilliams) [...]

  35. disc_writes

    A few misconceptions about Italy here.

    - Italy will not be the next country to fall to Trumpism, rather the US are the latest country to fall to Berlusconism. The frustration with the status quo that led in the US to Trump’s victory has been around in Italy for much, much longer – possibly since around 1991.

    Foreign observers should not take Trump as a paragon and measure all other countries against him, but rather look at how the situation evolved in Italy over the past 25 years and see how other countries might change in the future if they follow the same path.

    Italia docet is still a very much relevant concept.

    - Italy has not been in an economic lost decade. It has been in two lost decades and a half. The Euro was surely part of the problem, but things started going the wrong way much earlier, possibly around 1980 when the EMS was first introduced. The country never really recovered economic vigour since the EMS debacle in 1992.

    - The M5S movement is Eurosceptic, but does not necessarily want Italy out of the Euro. Rather, they said they would hold a referendum about the Euro. Which of course they never could. Imagine what the Italian bonds would do in the run-up to the referendum. It was just posturing.

    - Journalists mention the M5S together with Le Pen, the UKIP and Trump. This is a huge misconception. The M5s leans more to the left and is something between the German Green Party and the Maidan movement.

    - The Northern League is as loud as it is insignificant.

    - The number of young Italians without a job is often misread. Youth unemployment is the number of those who had a job, then lost it and are looking for a new one. But young Italians generally do not work and do not get fired.

    That 35% is much lower in absolute terms than one would assume. It is also basically meaningless. One would better look at work participation among the young. Which is terrible, yes, but was ridiculously low even before the GFC.

    - Italian government are fractitious, fragile and short-lived. No government will ever be able to pull off an Italexit, no matter how hard it tries. It would fall within hours if it tried. So do not worry about an Italexit happening the official way.

    Vespasian is not a very good comparison for this period. He emerged as Emperor from the bloodiest civil war the empire had had up to that time, but had a fairly stable reign.

    The current European is more akin to Nero, the emperor who screwed up so badly that his death started the whole civil war.

  36. Truthist

    @ Grezegorz,

    U mentioned Cohn-Bendit above.
    I recognised that name from previous research.
    C-B sure “can bend it” when it comes to morals.

    Here is another cold blow against the politico pedophiles courtesy of a blog that I do not 100 % agree with in their views, but whom I rate as excellent in revealing the abusers of born / post-born children ;
    However, I await expectantly their investigation of the allegations of Pedophilia against Hillary Clinton & Huma.
    Previously, Aanirfan has informed its readership of the accusations by Irish-American Kathy O’Brien woman that Hillary Clinton regularly sexually abused her when O’Brien a child & Hillary an adult.
    And, here is the result page # 1 for the search terms ;
    Cohn-Bendit AND scandal
    Should not the Irish media be conducting deep investigations as to possible pedophilia activity by Irish State elected politicians, & senior civil servants, & journalists in the Benelux countries ?
    EU Agreements that have been damaging to Irish State should raise immediate suspicions of the possibility of Irish representatives being sexually compromised.
    Also, Grzegorz, I hope that u took note of the what Ms. Judith Duffy wrote about the “Freemason F..kers !” heckle by then Taoiseach Mr. Brian Cowen at Fine Gael front bench ?
    This would be an unprecedented comment in the main arenas of Irish politics.
    Ms. Duffy then went on to say that there was a “Freemason” coup within Fianna Fail that ousted Mr. Cowen brought Mr. Me-hole Martin in as replacement.
    I get the impression that Ms. Duffy has a lot more to inform.
    And, I supplied very accurate information when I informed the readership of this blog that there is at least 1 [ sub ] [ secret ] Freemason Lodge with membership of the students at Blackrock College, Dublin.
    That revelation should explain, & question also, many matters of gravity.

  37. Truthist

    Apropos of Italy ;
    Of course, the most powerful & pernicious organisation in Italy is not the Mafia etc.
    It is the Freemasons.
    They run the show.
    And, the mafia work for them ;
    Although on a long leash.


    Just print the money. Preferably directly from Treasury at no cost to the government or the national debt and at zero interest.

    Canada paid for WW11 that way and the St Lawrence seaway project.

    • McCawber

      It’s probably too soon to ask but do Trump’s appointments to date give any clue regarding how he plans to “work/deal” with the Fed.

      • Nothing I have seen yet but I have been away from the tv, radio, computer for 12 hours :)

      • If Trump used the armed forces to build infrastructure then the budget would remain relatively static. Wages about the same and the savings on arms and bombs etc would pay for the materials needed.
        The forces used could be called the civil corp or the Pioneers or….and anyone needing a job could sign up. Join the Pioneers to make America great again.
        It could cost nothing if Treasury bills were issued backed by gold and used as wages. Reprice gold at $50,000 an ounce and simply pay off all Fed notes with them. The national debt would be retired and the country back on a gold standard which is the only thing that is guaranteed to make America great again.
        Rescind the law that authorized the Fed to exist and shut down the fed and fire all their staff. The FED is a redundancy.

        • Truthist

          I find u difficult to follow here ;
          A touch muddled in what u are trying to say, & also in the probable economic argument, I dare say
          U need to clarify even to me as one who is well familiar with ur very worthy exhortation to immediately :
          stop issuing the so-called Central Bank [ all are private except for Syria, Iran, & a few other wrongly slurred "rogue" States ]“token” currency
          Otherwise, excellent post.
          & simultaneously
          issue “token” currency or “backed by Gold & / or Silver” currency from actual Treasury department of the state / country.
          “It could cost nothing if Treasury bills were :
          issued backed by gold
          used as wages.
          Re-price gold at $50,000 an ounce.
          And, simply pay off all Fed notes with them.”

          Redacted by Truthist for “constructive” de-construction purposes 8-).
          But, still requires ur clarification.

    • “First question ought to be, “What is the chief end of central banking? Answer: “The chief end of central banking is to profit the banks, bleed the nation, and control the economy forever.”"

      • Truthist

        NOW U’RE TALKING !

  39. Deco

    Communism in the USSR, the PRC, Cuba, Vietnam was derived from Stalin. Everybody obeys. There is an emphasis on the proletariat. And it terms to produce a static society, and a certain degree of enforced stability.

    Communism in the UC Berkeley (not sure about the spelling), Hollywood, the US Democratic party, the Brussel imperial dictat machine is derived from Trotsky. It produces chaos, and enforced instability.

    The debate ended in the 1920s. The Bolsheviks realised that Trotsky was crazy and destructive to society. Trotsky was the Roberspierre and Murat of the Russian revolution in one person. And it was madness.

    The problem is that Trotsky re-emerged in the 1960s as an alternative to Stalin, as a model of Communism, that did not appear to be based on military organization. However, Trotskyism was based on disorganzation. It was based on arguing over pedantic points and superficiality.

    Anyway, Trotskyism has ambitions to destroy the West from within, purely out of some sort of crazy rage.

  40. Pat Flannery

    Let’s hope Pence sends some of his relatives the Shillings our way, we might begin to forgive him for being a Trumpster.

  41. Truthist

    Cummings demands info on Jared Kushner’s role in Trump transition
    By DARREN SAMUELSOHN 11/16/16 03:31 PM EST
    Share on Facebook Share on Twitter
    A senior House Democrat demanded Donald Trump’s transition team explain what role Jared Kushner — the president-elect’s son-in-law — has been playing in their effort, including whether a request had been made for him join top secret classified briefings.

    In a letter to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) specifically questioned whether Kushner will be participating in the daily defense, intelligence and national security updates. Cummings also noted that Trump’s son-in-law is legally barred from joining the new administration in an official capacity because of anti-nepotism laws.

    • Deco

      Thanks for that Truthist. That is making me laugh.

      Now that the Democrats are being prevented from assistin in murderours civil wars in Libya and Syria, they USDP have to settle for murdering irony instead.

      The Democratic party (the name is another irony, surely) are outraged over nepotism.

      They just spent the last year trying to shove somebody into the highest political office in the USA, who was in the “right” family. They ignored her many episodes of dishonesty, and lawbreaking. They shafted her internal opposition.

      This is like being told that Michael Martin in FF, is opposed to developers giving money to politicians.

      • Truthist

        I did not intend pick-up on the irony of Democrat Party accusing Republican Party of “nepostism”.
        I intended that readers be wise about the extreme dubiousness of Trump’s son-in-law Kushner.
        But, yes, the irony that u highlight is valid on its own grounds.
        And, for sake of keeping subject matter as tidy as can be, I submit follow-up about Mr. Me-hole Martin below.

      • Truthist

        Re ; Mr. Me-hole Martin
        Ref. ‘Irish State’s “newspaper of record”‘ 8-)
        The Irish Times
        The whole article is worth “copying & pasting” into word-processing document for analysis purposes.
        He’s no pussycat. He’s a formidable opponent and you misjudge him if you think he’s just the smiling boy. So says a former political adversary of the Minister for Education and Science, Micheal Martin. “He’s a clever politician – very much the tough politico, very calculating and leaves nothing to chance,” this source says. “Just look at where he’s got. Cork is a tough constituency and in Fianna Fail it’s even tougher, yet he has emerged unquestionably as the leader of Fianna Fail in Cork, and nobody’s even pretending to oppose him.”
        Martin’s rise to power has been meteoric. He was first elected to the Dail for Cork South Central in 1989 and was appointed Minister for Education when Fianna Fail came to power in 1997. As Opposition spokesman on education, he cut a relatively unimpressive figure – in public at least. Behind the scenes, though, he was beavering away, taking stock and consulting the movers and shakers of the education sector. The cognoscenti were delighted when his ministerial appointment was announced.
        Since then, he’s barely put a foot wrong and is one of the few ministers for education to enjoy widespread support in the teacher unions and in the third-level sector. His current appeal to the High Court on the league tables issue has united partners in education behind him.
        “I’d give him nine-and-a-half out of ten – on the basis that I’d never give anyone full marks,” comments a university president. “He’s one of the finest Ministers for Education we’ve ever had – he’s certainly in the same league as Donogh O’Malley. The best thing about him is that he is genuinely interested in education. He’s not a politician in the narrow sense, watching where he’s going to end up in the party.”
        Born in Cork in 1960, Martin is the son of bus driver Paddy Martin, a former international boxer, who played football and hurling with Jack Lynch and was one of the founders of the National Busmen’s Union.

        Martin has inherited his father’s love of sport. A former GAA youth coach in Cork, he is an avid supporter of the local teams, but is equally at home following the Rugby World Cup and is also a Chelsea supporter. According to friends, he likes nothing more than to relax with a pint of Murphy’s in his local – The Orchard – in Cork’s Ballinlough after a match.
        A past pupil of Colaiste Chriost Ri, Cork, Martin is a graduate of UCC where he also did an HDip and achieved first-class honours in his MA in political history. Expect to see the publication of the fruits of his MA thesis – Republicanism in Cork in the 1920s – in the coming months.
        It was at UCC that he met his wife, Mary O’Shea, who now lectures in public administration there. She, too, is regarded as a highly political animal. When she graduated from UCC, she became Fianna Fail’s national youth organiser. In recent years she has taken a back seat, running the family home and rearing their two childre
        His standing with the Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, too, is said to be good.
        And future leader of Fianna Fail/Taoiseach ?
        “A lot depends on how the Government ends,” says a political opponent.
        “If it’s the sleaze factor, then Fianna Fail will be desperate to get someone like Martin.
        He has no Haughey connections ;
        He’s nice.
        He’s decent.
        And, he listens to people.”

      • Truthist

        And, compare the above Irish Times love-in piece about Mr. Me-hole Martin with the latter critical piece here from Irish Times ;
        Although the critical article is written by the politico-journalist Fintan O’Toole, it does have merits.

  42. Clare Leonard

    The Financial Stability Board stated that Ireland has the highest
    level of shadow banking assets 1,200% (yes one thousand two hundred %)
    of our GDP. Perhaps one should add another 20% or 30% to get the
    correct GNP figure.
    I attach a link of a whistle blower I met in Dublin 5 years ago when he
    was begging the Central Bank regulator to do his job, instead for doing
    their job the Banking system set out to destroy his reputation.

    The ECB (The Irish Central Bank) stated they will repossess 50,000 homes in Ireland in the next year, no doubt all in an effort to fix their balance sheet.
    That is 50,000 families out on the side of the street, while
    the elected members sit back and do nothing to protect the rights of the
    family under the constitution or under the European Convention of Human Rights. The Governments dependency on the ECB for finance now leaves Ireland with a large Jackbook on its neck.
    The failure of the Central Bank of Ireland to uphold the rule of law
    will bring down the European Banking system, and leave the Irish people
    destitute, the fallout will make Trump look like an angle.

    • Welcome back Clare. Your incisive comments have been missed.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “The failure of the Central Bank of Ireland to uphold the rule of law will bring down the European Banking system, and leave the Irish people destitute, the fallout will make Trump look like an angle.”

      Apparently the board of the CB was stuffed full of anorak man’s cronies.

      I will be gone before the fall out please god.


    • Truthist

      Put to ur “whistleblower” the posts I wrote here — in discussions of recent 3 DMW’s articles — giving Judith Duffy’s revelations & contentions Re; Freemasonry coup in Ireland that :
      ousted Taoiseach Mr. Brian Cowen from office following his “Freemason F..kers” heckle at Fine Gael front bench
      inserted “Freemason F..kers” Fine Gael into office [ with approval of "Free Mason F..kers" ECB ]
      inserted Mr. Me-hole Martin into leadership of Fianna Fail through cabal of “Freemason F..kers” within Fianna Fail.
      And, dearest Claire, put to ur “whistleblower” what I revealed about Freemason Lodge in Blackrock College with student membership.
      If u are not delving into the heart of the local power grip in Irish State, u are wasting ur time talking about the “relatively safe issue of the ECB” ;
      More powerful the ECB are.
      But, they are NOT local.
      “A nation divided amongst itself cannot stand.”
      “All politics is local”
      Analogy ;
      “If Direct Democracy Ireland [ D.D.I ] is riddled with spies & effective surveillance & effective sabotage from Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Garda + EU “Secret Service”, & Militant Socialists ;
      ==> D.D.I. are wasting their own time, & the Irish nation’s.
      And, dearest Claire, what have u to say about my recent revelation that the Guards “as a block” are, for a number of years already, on the take to “turn a blind eye” to the pushing & dealing of Heroin in the main cities of Irish State ?
      If u are not prepared to open up that nest of worms, u are doing a dis-service to the Irish nation here also.
      We do not need any “Hall’s Pictorial Weekly ‘Mothers’ of 7′” well-heeled Dublin suburbia chattering.
      We need good & hard truth-telling.

      • Clare Leonard

        for a man who hides behind a mask you appear to

        believe you have the answer to everything.

        Just to keep the record straight.

        I am not a mother of 7,

        I am not well-heeled

        and I do not live in Dublin suburbia.

        As for the chattering class you appear

        better qualified.

        Please have the manners to spell my name correctly when you are so rude as to refer to me as “dearest Claire”".

        I have no doubt we all do the best we can to resolve

        the crisis facing Ireland.

        Please direct your anger at a more deserving target.

        • coldblow

          Clare, ‘Truthist’ is a creation of the blog’s resident fantasist. I was telling him (the fantasist) a few months ago about some of the characters invented by a similar fantasist on a British newspaper’s blog. (This was by way of explaining how I recognized him as such.) One of the English characters (all belonging to a manic depressive who probably lives in the West Midlands), named ‘Avid Fan’, had an aggressive persona and a quirky use of the ampersand (& sign).

          Well, blow me down, but didn’t he come up with this ‘Truthist’ creature the very next day, ampersand and all, and first thing it does it to start arguing with me! He uses him to express some of his nuttier or abusive opinions (‘nuttier’ being a relative quantity as fantasists are nutcases already), such as those he has learnt from Chris Spivey (who makes Clouseau look like Sherlock Holmes). I suspect he also uses his aliases to wind up other posters and David himself. ‘Truthist’ is typical of the kind of pen-name you find on sensationalist websites, where they often have pseudonyms such as ‘Truth Seeker’ and the like. Of course it isn’t truth they are seeking but rather fantasy. I think they are all manic depressives up all night on their computers. I also think the same man compliments you further up the thread! I generally leave him alone as, in truth(!) he can’t do much about it but I intervene every now and then if he goes too far.

          • “I also think the same man compliments you further up the thread! I generally leave him alone as, in truth(!) he can’t do much about it but I intervene every now and then if he goes too far.”

            HaHAHa what a joke. Controlled if I go too far. Give it a rest.
            You are a nutbar mr coldblow with your pseudo psychological babble. Yours is a totally condescending comment in addition. You suffer from intellectual snobbery but you have not an original thought in your head. Go sit in the corner and cogitate by yourself and put the D cap on and stay quiet for a while. You are delusional, a menace to sanity.

        • Truthist

          “It’s a long, long, way from Clare to”…Claire it seems.
          Apologies for spelling ur name wrongly ;
          “i” got mixed up.
          And, my reference to “Hall’s Pictorial Weekly ‘Mothers’ of 7?” well-heeled Dublin suburbia chattering” obviously was not a contention that “u personally are from, or live, or lived for extended time, in Dublin suburbia let alone Dublin city or Dublin county” & “u personally are a mother of 7 children”.
          Rather, it was comparing ur apparent policy of “politics is the art of the possible” with the famous RTE political satire tv show penned by Frank Hall that the
          But, all this is small potatoes compared to ur failure to deal with the matters at hand Claire.
          Anyway, for u to reply with umbrage to those details, & only give the feeble comment “I have no doubt we all do the best we can to resolve the crisis facing Ireland.
          Please direct your anger at a more deserving target.” is very poor performance from u Clare when u were faced with the moral challenge of addressing most serious issues I put to u directly.
          I am familiar with ur cameo tenures on this blog campaigning for Direct Democracy Ireland, & I am not impressed.
          You should be more forthcoming + direct on the serious issues under discussion in this blog.
          Moreover, I detect that Direct Democracy Ireland buckled from being put on the back foot by combined assault from :
          the fascist right wing [ champions of finance & "not freed" enterprise, & contempt for the nation & the other nations ] of the elected political chambers
          the fascist left wing [ champions of communism & "zero" enterprise, & contempt for the nation & the other nations ] of the elected political chambers
          + also
          the fascist left wing [ champions of communism & "zero" enterprise, & contempt for the nation & the other nations ] that are not of the elected political chambers currently.
          the pro-active politically motivated campaign against DDI by the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai official front.
          Yee as a group have succumbed with cowardice.
          The great Mummar Gadaffi would not have capitulated.

  43. It’s time to consider, I suggest, a renewal of the traditions of American federalism: a systematic devolution of power from the overinflated federal government to the states, and from the states to the people. It’s time for people in Massachusetts to accept that they’re never going to be able to force people in Oklahoma to conform to their notions of moral goodness, and for the people of Oklahoma to accept the same thing about the people of Massachusetts; furthermore, it’s time for government at all levels to give up trying to impose cultural uniformity on the lively diversity of our republic’s many nations, and settle for their proper role of ensuring equal protection under the laws, and those other benefits that governments, by their nature, are best suited to provide for their citizens. John Michael Greer.

    This sentiment applies to all peoples and as such suggests the EU should devolve to a federation of independent states with each according to its own wishes. Trading agreements and non aggression pacts are fine but each with a currency of choice. Each a sovereign state.

  44. The electoral college does not legally have to follow the wishes of the population. The members of the electoral college can vote for whoever they wish to for president.
    so, it has never happened that the voters wishes were not followed but there is always a first time. Trump could yet be denied.

  45. Truthist

    The results of “Bathhouse” Barrack Obama + “Heck,…” Hillary “… has had more p…sy than even me [ Bill Clinton ]” Clinton ;
    We still have a giant mess on our hands, and the following are 11 very depressing economic realities that Donald Trump will inherit from Barack Obama…

    Nearly 7 out of every 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. That means that about two-thirds of the country is essentially living paycheck to paycheck at this moment.

    Reuters is reporting that U.S. mall investors are poised to lose “billions” of dollars as the “retail apocalypse” in this nation deepens.

    Credit card delinquencies have hit the highest level that we have seen since 2012.

    Approximately 35 percent of all Americans have a debt that is at least 180 days past due.

    The rate of homeownership has fallen for eight years in a row and is now hovering near a 50 year low.

    The total number of government employees now outnumbers the total number of manufacturing employees in this country by almost 10 million.

    The number of homeless people in New York City (where Donald Trump is from) has hit a brand new record high.

    About 20 percent of all young adults are currently living with their parents.

    Total household debt in the United States has now reached a grand total of 12.3 trillion dollars.

    The total amount of corporate debt in the U.S. has nearly doubled since the end of 2007.

    When Barack Obama entered the White House, the U.S. government was 10.6 trillion dollars in debt. Today, the U.S. national debt is currently sitting at a staggering total of $19,842,173,949,869.58.

    Despite nearly doubling the national debt during his eight years in the White House, Barack Obama is going to be the only president in United States history to never have a single year when U.S. GDP grew by at least three percent.

  46. Truthist

    Trump has promised to have official investigation of 9-11 attack on “Lucky Larry’s” Twin Towers,
    And, it is this man who is the world’s leading authority on the “false flag” which was 9-11 ;
    By the way, there is growing consensus that there were no actual planes involved in 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers.
    Rather, the evidence is pointing use of “The Media” + “Holograms” to create the illusion of planes hitting the Twin Towers.
    So, the Republican Party + Democrat Party together have much to fear from Bollyn’s investigation.
    But, Trump has included then Mayor of New York Giulliani in his team.
    So, perhaps Trump will conspire against fair investigation of 9-11.
    Then again, he could conduct fair investigation & in finding Giulliani guilty, he could say “How could u … ? Get out of my sight u creep !”
    Christopher Bollyn l
    “The Dual-Deception of 9/11 and the Fraudulent War on Terror”

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