November 14, 2016

Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue?

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Could Donald Trump be the saviour of Europe? He might be. The papers are full of people telling us how much they hate Trump and lamenting that the US is now a racist swamp where the vilest of sentiments have suddenly been given currency. This is the predictable line, but maybe it’s not accurate.

Let’s drop the hyperbole and analyse what is likely to happen in the US. What if the man who the European elite vilify is the one person who can save the EU from itself? It is possible that Trump could offer Europe a way out.

Forget all the hysterical comment about Trump; while his campaign was full of xenophobia, vulgarity and coarseness, I suspect that language will be toned down and his presidential rule will be, well, more presidential. Trump is an unpleasant character, but that’s not a reason for not analysing why he won or what he’s likely to do.

Before we examine what Trump is likely to do, let’s first try to establish why he won. Throughout the summer, this column has been saying that Trump could win and lots of “serious” people dismissed it as a fantasy. Serious people argued that when the average American got into the polling booth, they would vote for “stability”. We heard the same arguments around Brexit. In fact, the opposite happened.

The reason is very clear: what feels like stability and security to the “serious” people in the media, the think tanks and those around power, actually feels like chaos and insecurity for the “average” guy.

With this disconnect in mind, let’s see what happened and is still happening.

The first major question is why did large swathes of white working class Americans abandon the Democrats for Trump? This was where the swing came from. These people are not racists. Otherwise how do we explain that the same people voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012? Yet in 2016, they voted for a man who counts the KKK and the Alt-Right movement among his supporters. Why was this? Did large swathes of white working class Americans become racist overnight? That’s not convincing. Committed racists don’t put a black man into the White House, not once but twice.

The root of the political alienation of white working class Americans lies in the direction the Democratic Party has taken under Bill Clinton and then Barack Obama, reaching its zenith under Hillary.

The Democratic Party used to be the party of labour. It agitated for the trade union movement, higher wages and better conditions for the working man; in return working people voted, in their millions, for the Democrats. That was the social contract up to the arrival of Bill Clinton at the top of the party.

Thereafter, we see the emergence of what are called New Democrats. This was also called the Third Way, and its British strain was Blairism. Both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair showed an aversion for the Labour movement, preferring instead to curry favour with business, celebrity and finance. The assumption was that the lumpen proletariat would always be counted on to vote Left, so the concentration would be on power and focus groups, rather than class and social issues.

In the US, this led to Clinton signing Nafta, which hugely benefited American corporations and drove down American wages, because no longer were American workers competing with each other, but were pitted against Mexican and Chinese workers as American companies outsourced. Wages fell and employment became less secure – for white working class Americans.

Clinton, also under huge pressure from his rich friends in Wall Street, repealed swathes of financial regulation, most notably the Glass Steagall Act – allowing investment banks to involve themselves in all sorts of speculation, which up to then was regulated. This caused an avalanche of credit to dump on America, with the result of rising indebtedness but more profit to the institutions that deal in credit, the banks.

Therefore, the only way that poorer white working class Americans could sustain the consumer lifestyle that advertisers told them they should have was not through their wages, which were stagnant, but through debt. So they became more indebted, and therefore more insecure.

To make matters worse, all Democrats wedded themselves – after Bill Clinton – to austerity and more or less balanced budgets. This is political suicide, particularly when your opponents – the Republicans – only care about austerity when they are in opposition.

When Republicans get into power, they spend like drunken sailors. But the New Democrats, to appear ‘responsible’ to their new mates on Wall Street, shackled themselves with fiscal probity. Not surprisingly, when you limit public infrastructure spending, your roads, railways and public services become outdated and overcrowded.

And who depends most on public services? Working people, not the elites.

At the other end of the spectrum, the New Democrats made three key elite alliances and you could see this very forcefully in Hillary’s campaign. The first was Hollywood; the second, Wall Street and the third, Silicon Valley. This tripartite alliance ensured that the Democratic Party shone with the luminous gloss of progressive liberalism, hippy dippy tech evangelism and, of course, lots of Wall Street money. But for the average guy in Flint, Michigan, places like Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood might as well be on Mars.

When the white working class gets angry and insecure in the US, race always enters the equation.

Then what about Obama? If these things had been going on for years, why did the white working class vote for Obama so overwhelmingly?

First, because Obama was an exceptional candidate, but second, because when race or intolerance surfaces, there is lots of evidence that middle-of-the-road white people will make one big gesture to minorities so as not to appear intolerant, like having one black friend or one gay mate.

It makes us feel better and, more than anything else, it covers us from the label of being in some way intolerant. “How could I be racist? Look, I voted for Obama!”

So the Democratic Party under Clinton and Obama, despite having power, as in the seat of power, were losing their grassroots support as they were becoming more and more removed from their own people without realising it.

Then along comes Trump and pushes all the right buttons, and Hillary can’t connect with the people because she has never spent any time with them and has made a powerful, glitzy alliance with success, when in fact what she should have been doing was listening to failure.

Trump, if he does what he says he will do, will abandon austerity, supercharge public investment and build infrastructure.

This will turn on its head the notion of austerity and balanced budgets, first in America and then in Europe because what happens in America, will be replicated in Europe.

As needless austerity is a root of much of continental Europe’s malaise, Trump may actually give the Eurozone the permission to do the right thing and invest in public infrastructure.

If Europe doesn’t do something to listen to its white working class, they too will jump ship and, vote for patriotic nationalism, or nativists if you prefer, whose ultimate goal is to leave the EU.

  1. Incident

    US against the world? Trump’s America and the new global order

    In 1989, the political scientist said liberal democracy signalled ‘the end of history’. He looks at the nationalist politics now reshaping the west
    Francis Fukuyama

    FT NOVEMBER 11, 2016 by: Francis Fukuyama

    Donald Trump’s stunning electoral defeat of Hillary Clinton marks a watershed not just for American politics, but for the entire world order. We appear to be entering a new age of populist nationalism, in which the dominant liberal order that has been constructed since the 1950s has come under attack from angry and energised democratic majorities. The risk of sliding into a world of competitive and equally angry nationalisms is huge, and if this happens it would mark as momentous a juncture as the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

    The manner of Trump’s victory lays bare the social basis of the movement he has mobilised. A look at the voting map shows Clinton’s support concentrated geographically in cities along the coasts, with swaths of rural and small-town America voting solidly for Trump. The most surprising shifts were his flipping of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, three northern industrial states that were so solidly Democratic in recent elections that Clinton didn’t even bother to campaign in the latter one. He won by being able to win over unionised workers who had been hit by deindustrialisation, promising to “make America great again” by restoring their lost manufacturing jobs.

    We have seen this story before. This is the story of Brexit, where the pro-Leave vote was similarly concentrated in rural areas and small towns and cities outside London. It is also true in France, where working-class voters whose parents and grandparents used to vote for the Communist or Socialist parties are voting for Marine Le Pen’s National Front.

    But populist nationalism is a far broader phenomenon than that. Vladimir Putin remains unpopular among more educated voters in big cities such as St Petersburg and Moscow, but has a huge support base in the rest of the country. The same is true of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has an enthusiastic support base among the country’s conservative lower middle class, or Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban, who is popular everywhere but in Budapest.

    Social class, defined today by one’s level of education, appears to have become the single most important social fracture in countless industrialised and emerging-market countries. This, in turn, is driven directly by globalisation and the march of technology, which has been facilitated in turn by the liberal world order created largely by the US since 1945.

    When we talk about a liberal world order, we are speaking about the rules-based system of international trade and investment that has fuelled global growth in recent years. This is the system that allows iPhones to be assembled in China and shipped to customers in the US or Europe in the week before Christmas. It has also facilitated the movement of millions of people from poorer countries to richer ones, where they can find greater opportunities for themselves and their children. This system has worked as advertised: between 1970 and the US financial crisis of 2008, global output of goods and services quadrupled, bringing hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, not just in China and India but in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.

    But as everyone is painfully aware now, the benefits of this system did not filter down to the whole population. The working classes in the developed world saw their jobs disappear as companies outsourced and squeezed efficiencies in response to a ruthlessly competitive global market.

    This long-term story was hugely exacerbated by the US subprime crisis of 2008, and the euro crisis that hit Europe a couple of years later. In both cases, systems designed by elites — liberalised financial markets in the US case, and European policies such as the euro and the Schengen system of internal migration — collapsed dramatically in the face of external shocks. The costs of these failures were again much more heavily borne by ordinary workers than by the elites themselves. Ever since, the real question should not have been why populism has emerged in 2016, but why it took so long to become manifest.

    In the US, there was a political failure insofar as the system did not adequately represent the traditional working class. The Republican party was dominated by corporate America and its allies who had profited handsomely from globalisation, while the Democratic party had become the party of identity politics: a coalition of women, African-Americans, Hispanics, environmentalists, and the LGBT community, that lost its focus on economic issues.

    Donald Trump and the dangers of America First
    The result of the election undermines US global leadership
    The failure of the American left to represent the working class is mirrored in similar failures across Europe. European social democracy had made its peace with globalisation a couple of decades ago, in the form of Blairite centrism or the kind of neoliberal reformism engineered by Gerhard Schröder’s Social Democrats in the 2000s.

    But the broader failure of the left was the same one made in the lead-up to 1914 and the Great war, when, in the apt phrase of the British-Czech philosopher, Ernest Gellner, a letter sent to a mailbox marked “class” was mistakenly delivered to one marked “nation.” Nation almost always trumps class because it is able to tap into a powerful source of identity, the desire to connect with an organic cultural community. This longing for identity is now emerging in the form of the American alt-right, a formerly ostracised collection of groups espousing white nationalism in one form or another. But even short of these extremists, many ordinary American citizens began to wonder why their communities were filling up with immigrants, and who had authorised a system of politically correct language by which one could not even complain about the problem. This is why Donald Trump received a huge number of votes from better-educated and more well-off voters as well, who were not victims of globalisation but still felt their country was being taken from them. Needless to say, this dynamic underlay the Brexit vote as well.

    So what will be the concrete consequences of the Trump victory for the international system? Contrary to his critics, Trump does have a consistent and thought-through position: he is a nationalist on economic policy, and in relation to the global political system. He has clearly stated that he will seek to renegotiate existing trade agreements such as NAFTA and presumably the WTO, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he is willing to contemplate exiting from them. And he has expressed admiration for “strong” leaders such as Russia’s Putin who nonetheless get results through decisive action. He is correspondingly much less enamoured of traditional US allies such as those in NATO, or Japan and South Korea, whom he has accused of freeriding on American power. This suggests that support for them will also be conditional on a renegotiation of the cost-sharing arrangements now in place.

    Social class, defined now by one’s level of education, is becoming the single most important social fracture
    The dangers of these positions for both the global economy and for the global security system are impossible to overstate. The world today is brimming with economic nationalism. Traditionally, an open trade and investment regime has depended on the hegemonic power of the US to remain afloat. If the US begins acting unilaterally to change the terms of the contract, there are many powerful players around the world who would be happy to retaliate, and set off a downward economic spiral reminiscent of the 1930s.

    The danger to the international security system is as great. Russia and China have emerged in the past decades as leading authoritarian great powers, both of whom have territorial ambitions. Trump’s position on Russia is particularly troubling: he has never uttered a critical word about Putin, and has suggested that his takeover of Crimea was perhaps justified. Given his general ignorance about most aspects of foreign policy, his consistent specificity with regard to Russia suggests that Putin has some hidden leverage over him, perhaps in the form of debts to Russian sources that keep his business empire afloat. The first victim of any Trumpist attempt to “get along better” with Russia will be Ukraine and Georgia, two countries that have relied on US support to retain their independence as struggling democracies.

    More broadly, a Trump presidency will signal the end of an era in which America symbolised democracy itself to people living under corrupt authoritarian governments around the world. American influence has always depended more on its “soft power” rather than misguided projections of force such as the invasion of Iraq. America’s choice last Tuesday signifies a switching of sides from the liberal internationalist camp, to the populist nationalist one. It is no accident that Trump was strongly supported by UkIP’s Nigel Farage, and that one of the first people to congratulate him was the National Front’s Marine Le Pen.

    The economic consequences of Mr Trump
    Over the past year, a new populist-nationalist internationale has appeared, by which like-minded groups share information and support across borders. Putin’s Russia is one of the most enthusiastic contributors to this cause, not because it cares about other people’s national identity, but simply to be disruptive. The information war that Russia has waged through its hacking of Democratic National Committee emails has already had a hugely corrosive effect on American institutions, and we can expect this to continue.

    There remain a number of large uncertainties with regard to this new America. While Trump is a consistent nationalist at heart, he is also very transactional. What will he do when he discovers that other countries will not renegotiate existing trade pacts or alliance arrangements on his terms? Will he settle for the best deal he can get, or simply walk away? There has been a lot of talk about the dangers of his finger on the nuclear trigger, but my sense is that he is much more isolationist at heart than someone eager to use military force around the world. When he confronts the reality of dealing with the Syrian civil war, he may well end up taking a page from the Obama playbook and simply continue to sit this one out.

    This is the point at which the matter of character will come into play. Like many other Americans, I find it hard to conceive of a personality less suited to be the leader of the free world. This stems only in part from his substantive policy positions, as much from his extreme vanity and sensitivity to perceived slights. Last week, when on a stage with Medal of Honour winners, he blurted out that he too was brave, “financially brave”. He has asserted that he wants payback against all his enemies and critics. When faced with other world leaders who will slight him, will he react like a challenged Mafia boss, or like a transactional businessman?

    A Trump presidency will signal the end of an era in which America symbolised democracy
    Today, the greatest challenge to liberal democracy comes not so much from overtly authoritarian powers such as China, as from within. In the US, Britain, Europe, and a host of other countries, the democratic part of the political system is rising up against the liberal part, and threatening to use its apparent legitimacy to rip apart the rules that have heretofore constrained behaviour, anchoring an open and tolerant world. The liberal elites that have created the system need to listen to the angry voices outside the gates and think about social equality and identity as top-drawer issues they must address. One way or the other, we are going to be in for a rough ride over the next few years.

    The writer is a senior fellow at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute and author of ‘Political Order and Political Decay’

    • McCawber

      A little challenge?
      Churchill made two of the most famous quotes regarding Democracy.
      “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”
      “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

      What is the as yet to be recorded third qoute and probably the most important one ?

      EG – “The future of democracy will depend on the acceptance of the result of democratically held elections no matter the result.

    • CitizenWhy

      Trump lost the popular vote. He ws selected by the Electoral College. he was not elected bya “democratic majority.” Nonetheless he is teh President presiding over a very Republican Congress. David’s point about the New Democrat/Clintonian Democrat fraud is accurate.

      • McCawber

        That’s a regular occurrence and it’s an argument made by some who are looking for an excuse not to accept the result.
        The reason it happens is the way the electoral seats are apportioned.
        How much chance had Trump of winning California (A winner take all state). Answer – None.
        How much canvassing did Trump do in California – At a guess None.
        The swing states and the states where the seats are divvied out based on the % (I think) of the vote received is where it’s at.

        They’re the rules and both candidates played by them.
        Al Gore won the popular vote by about .5m votes but didn’t get elected if I remember correctly.

  2. McCawber

    The reason is very clear: what feels like stability and security to the “average” people in the media, the think tanks and those around power, actually feels like chaos and insecurity for the “serious” guy.

    Fixed that for you!

  3. CitizenWhy

    Accurate assessment. But the Trump voters voted for Obama because he promised better economics for them. Early on he rescued GM with a successful stimulus but wages for new workers at GM were set very low. And the Republicans blocked any further stimulus (including for infrastructure). And Obama focused all his efforts on two things: ONE, quantitative easing (printing money, supposedly to be invested in operating but mainly invested in trading of and acquisition of financial instruments). Thus supposedly job creating quantitative easing ended up mainly increasing the value of financial assets (a huge boon for Wall St and the wealthy). TWO, Obamacare. This mainly benefited the northeast states that did vote for Hilary Clinton. The health insurance and pharma industries are concentrated in those liberal sates, which is why liberal senators cannot really move against some of the biggest tax payers and job providers in their home states. AND FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANT, Obama failed to punish Wall St. This caused huge resentment.

    But there’s more. Syrian refugees. Trump railed against them. But where did they come from? From Saudi mischief making in Syria which was, as always, backed by the US. The largely phony Syrian “rebellion” (mainly conducted by foreigners backed by the Saudis, the US, and the UK). Trump may have felt free to rail against these refugees because he has a simple solution in mind (mainly for Europe). What solution? Give Putin a free hand in destroying ALL the rebels, including those previously backed by the US. No more Syrian refugees and many who fled Syria would voluntarily return.

  4. Mike Lucey


    I’m curious to learn how you feel the EU could follow suit on Trump’s plan of action. Trump would now appear to hold a very strong hand as he shouldn’t be facing too much opposition from either Congress or the Senate. However if I were him I’d employ my own security people!

    The EU on the other hand is barely holding together and the cracks are widening in France, The Netherlands, Hungary and possibly Germany.

    Trump will be able to get things done as the ‘people’ have elected him directly by a majority to do his thing for four years. If he doesn’t deliver the goods or at least be seen to making a sincere effort to do so, he can kiss a further four year term goodbye.

    The people of the EU have not directly elected any of the power brokers in the EU. These power brokers will end their terms entering the ‘revolving door’ landing cushy highly paid jobs to prop up their pensions. What incentive have they to do otherwise?


    • CitizenWhy

      Good comment. But Trump lost the popular election. He was selected by the Electoral Congress.

      • McCawber

        That’s a regular occurrence and it’s an argument made by some who are looking for an excuse not to accept the result.
        The reason it happens is the way the electoral seats are apportioned.
        How much chance had Trump of winning California (A winner take all state). Answer – None.
        How much canvassing did Trump do in California – At a guess None.
        The swing states and the states where the seats are divvied out based on the % (I think) of the vote received is where it’s at.

        They’re the rules and both candidates played by them.
        Al Gore won the popular vote by about .5m votes but didn’t get elected if I remember correctly.

        • CitizenWhy

          I am perfectly aware of how things work in the USA. I simply corrected the phrase “popular majority/” It was not a popular majority as those words are normally used.It was a legitimate, constitutional election decided under constitutional rules designed deliberately to sometimes frustrate a popular majority.

          the California comment is naive. Most of the Republican-locked states are winner take all too.

          • McCawber

            My point was that he might have received more of the popular vote had he wasted his time canvassing in Californis.
            I thought you would have figured that out for yourself seeing as how you arecaware of how things work.
            Apologies for the sharp retort but please spare us disingenuity.
            Both candidates knew how the system works and nearly every electoral system has its’ flaws.

      • What’s the problem. CANADA
        The liberals complained when the Conservatives won the government with 39% of the popular vote.
        Not a word heard when they in turn won with 39.5% of the popular vote. Liberals whether by inclination or as a party are sore losers.

    • McCawber

      The biggest problem for the EU is the arrogance of the people at the top which judging by Merkel’s and Hollande’s reaction has changed.
      They’ve learned nothing from Brexit.
      Brexit happened because they made no effort to prevent it happening.
      Talk to the common people of the EU countries and they’ll all tell you that immigration is a huge issue.
      Britain should have been knocking on an open door in relation to this issue but our continental neighbours just wanted to give them the two fingers.
      And now they want to do the same to Trump.

      I don’t often praise Enda but I’ll give him credit for being the first one out of the traps to congratulate Trump amd to suck it up. The few minutes before he picked up the phone had to be quite difficult. Trump gave him the only response he could possibly be pleased with and relieved with – see you on Paddy’s day.

  5. dwalsh

    Good article David
    Let us hope we will see the turning away from the irrationalism of austerity and market fundamentalism. Human beings live in societies, not markets. Markets are suppose to serve societies – not the other ’round.
    The tail has been wagging the dog for too long.

    Like you I think Trump will be a different man in office than he was on the campaign trail. He had a tough battle on his hands; and he knew what he had to do, and he did it. Along the way Trump whooped the Republican party, the Democratic party and the corporate media cartel to win the White House. Pretty impressive. What will he do for an encore?

    The liberal media is reeling and in outrage; throwing tantrums and forecasting doom and gloom – it’s the end of civilisation according to people like Chris Hedges. Endless pieces casting the blame on everyone but themselves. A piece I read today in the Guardian was arguing that the Democratic voters had failed. How myopic and out of touch does one have to be to pen such nonsense?

    And they continue to demonise him – to their own cost. More and more people are waking up and realising how corrupt and dishonest and disconnected from the working population the corporate media cartel is; and they are turning away from it.

    I don’t know what Donald Trump will actually do. I hope he will do some good and wont do too much harm. I am relived to see the end of the Clintons. I was more fearful of Hillary than Trump on account of her belligerent foreign policy record and rhetoric. My chief concern is the safety of the world. The world needs peace and change. We need to rein-in the neoliberal globalists and their irrational fundamentalist ideology which is inherently antisocial and anti-human.

  6. “Clinton, also under huge pressure from his rich friends in Wall Street, repealed swathes of financial regulation, most notably the Glass Steagall Act – allowing investment banks to involve themselves in all sorts of speculation, which up to then was regulated. This caused an avalanche of credit to dump on America, with the result of rising indebtedness but more profit to the institutions that deal in credit, the banks.

    To make matters worse, all Democrats wedded themselves – after Bill Clinton – to austerity and more or less balanced budgets.

    So which is it. Massive credit expansion or austerity.

    The suggestion of austerity after Clinton is a manifest lie. Totally misleading.

    All the graphs of money supply show a minimum of doubling since 2008. The US bdget has been officially over 500 billion every year. Balanced budget , my arse.

    The US nation debt has gone up a Trillion dollars a year with oBomber. Austerity , in a pigs ear. * trillion to 20,000. The unaccounted liabilities are estimated at 200 trillion.
    Forbes had it over 125 trillion in 2014 and they are conservative.

    Getting a free ride as usual from our resident central banker is the role of the central banks , the Federal Reserve that has expanded the money supply at least 10% p.a. and lower interest rates from something to totally nothing thereby impoverishing not only the workers but retirees too.

    The trouble is not austerity but the expansion of free money to financial assets.A boom in the value of stocks and bonds based on lower and lower interest rates. It is a financial bubble of never before seem dimensions. The average Joe has seen jobs evaporate as described and also seen his borrowing ability be saturated. He has run out of credit because of indebtedness. The Average Joe with a job has stagnant wages because of offshoring of industrial investment and inflation of necessaries cause by money supply expansion.

    Go and look at the central bank policies of the production of money.
    all the new money is issued as a debt. The doubling of the money supply doubled the debt. The central bankers are ignored by Trump as a cuase of the problem, the are ignored by DMW as a commentator, economist, they are ignored by everyone. This is total foolishness.

    Nothing Trump does or is suggested he should do will succeed without addressing the system of money creation by the central bankers.

  7. CorkPlasticPaddy


    That’s the way things are done in the USA!!!

    • CitizenWhy

      I am perfectly aware of how things are done in the USA. I was simply correcting the phrase “Popular majority.” It was not a popular majority as the words are understood. It was a legitimate election under US rules.

  8. Peter Atkinson

    Replace Thatcher with May and Reagan with Trump without the bureaucracy of the EU to work around and there you have the next four years to look forward to.

  9. henrybarth

    “Imagine Trump proposing reparations for slavery. That’s as out-of-box as you can get. And imagine that reparations take the form of a special tax on the top 1% of the wealthy to fund free college for any African-American students (including adults returning for trade school or college) for the next 25 years.

    “I’m in the top 1%, but I wouldn’t mind a tax that had such a positive long-term impact on the country. It seems like I would get my money back from that sort of investment.

    • Truthist

      The vast majority of the slaves that were in “North America mainland” were IRISH.
      The vast majority of the slaves that were in “the Americas as a whole” were AFRICAN.
      Most of the African slaves went to Caribbean ;
      And, particularly to Guyana & Brasil.
      There were also many IRISH slaves for a long time in the Caribbean.
      Eventually, the IRISH slaves in the Caribbean were replaced with African slaves.
      One of results from Irish Slaves is the Cork-like accent that is common in many of the British associated territories there.
      Most of the IRISH slaves in North America mainland were NOT “indentured” slaves ;
      Rather, they were hereditary slaves.
      Thus :
      No possibility of slave buying themselves out of slavery.
      Their children would be slaves also.
      And, the IRISH slaves were worked harder than the African slaves.
      And, the IRISH slaves were physically punished more than the African slaves.
      Also, there was a very successful effort by the slave owners to replace the religion of the Irish slaves — Catholicism — with another religion [ various forms of Protestantism ].
      IRISH have been slaves from as soon as the British & Dutch started their conquests in the Americas.
      The vast … vast … vast majority of the people who “financed the slave trade”, “owned the ships transporting new slaves”, “ran the slave trade” & “were the slave owners” were NOT British nor Dutch nor French nor Spanish nor Portuguese nor Danish nor German “nativists” 8-)
      Rather, they were other ;
      I do not fancy ur chances of getting any reparations from ‘em for anything.
      Indeed, u would be lucky to end up with sore-ass instead.

      • Truthist

        Edit ;
        Most of the African slaves went to Caribbean, & South America ;
        And, particularly to Guyana & Brasil.
        There were also many IRISH slaves for a long time in the Caribbean.
        Eventually, the IRISH slaves in the Caribbean were replaced concurrently with African slaves.
        One of results from Irish Slaves is the Corkonian-like accent that is common in many of the British-rule associated territories there.

        • Truthist

          Much appreciated Goldbug.
          Perhaps a super rich lawyer + realtor + politician + ex-Minister of government cabinet such Mr. Alan Shatter, T.D. will gift this document for “Ologoin” purposes to the Irish State.
          Irish State can then make suitable massive copy enlargement on limestone or granite so as to compete with other nations in the “Ologoin” market.
          We have been lapse & tardy versus even dubious “wailing” contenders.
          It is imperative that we up our game to break through that glass “wall” as it were.

  10. Truthist

    From Gilad Atzmon about George Hemorrhoid / Sore-Ass Schwartz
    And, so, what will Trump do to stop Mr. Hemorrhoid / Sore-Ass ?

  11. michaelcoughlan


    Another superb offering. When you mentioned glass seagulls the thought crossed my mind that the bonbons must be bouncing off the inside of their padded cells.

    What the article doesn’t say is how Trump will pay for the infrastructure in a country so bankrupt. I am fuc*&d if I know. I suspect what he will do first is cause a collapse in the value of US bonds so that he can buy them back for cents on the dollar and hand them back to the muppets who were so stupid as to “invest” in them in the first instance. He will then be free to borrow to invest in real WEALTH as opposed to PROFIT producing assets.

    Never more have I been convinced that in an insane world to only sane policy is total insanity.


    • McCawber

      Should I stop taking my iplls then, do you think?

    • Truthist

      Trump should bring ALL of USA’s army & navy & airforce back from overseas so as to build USA’s infrastructure.
      This feature of Communism is warranted when nation is on its knees.
      And, also, when it is on its feet.

      • Correct solution to infrastructure.
        BUT leave all the weapons in the armoury!!!

        • Truthist

          I believe that u would make an excellent President 8-)
          And, u could have David as ur Treasury Minister now that he is leaking his “cop-on” about the Bankster Scam Bundle — Private Central Banking, & Fractional Reserve Banking, et all — f…n…a…l…l…y.
          Do u not agree that the following pattern of events are of huge importance within the narrative of the Sovereign Guarantee given by Irish State to “private debt” as advised by David McWilliams to Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan when Lenihan visited David’s home seeking advice about financial crisis affecting certain private commercial banks within Irish State, & which thus far the Irish Establishment / Nomenklatura are adamant to attribute David as solely responsible for such calamitous decision to hit the underclasses of Ireland — present & future & local & exiled — in the Annals of Ireland ?
          In the year 2008, then Taoiseach Brian Cowen called the Fine Gael opposition front bench ;
          “FREEMASON F..KERS !”
          within a few weeks of this outburst, Cowen’s government was hit by a huge financial & economic crisis instigated by Goldman Sachs ;
          A crisis that shredded the last vestiges of Ireland’s political & economic independence.
          In 2008, the then Taoiseach Brian Cowen was caught on a live mike in Dail Eireann calling Kenny, Shatter, and the rest of the Fine Gael opposition front bench “Freemason Fuckers”.
          Within a few weeks of this outburst, Cowen’s government was hit by a huge financial and economic crisis instigated by Goldman Sachs – a crisis that shredded the last vestiges of Ireland’s political and economic independence.
          Cowen staggered on in office for another two years, at which point a Masonic cabal in his own party ousted him, and installed one of their brethren, Michael Martin, as leader.
          After the ensuing general election in early 2011, Kenny and his fellow “Freemason F..kers” took power.

      • michaelcoughlan

        You missed the point completely. Soldiers have to be paid too. The US is bankrupt. Printing more money isn’t going to solve the problem only make it worse.

        “Trump should bring ALL of USA’s army & navy & air force back from overseas so as to build USA’s infrastructure.”

        If he can’t engineer a reduction in US debt he will use the army to asset strip every country on the planet.


        • Truthist

          The USA debt will not be paid in its entirety vis-a-vis the present USA $.
          Impossible to pay seemingly unless USA devalues its “token” currency to be “sheer” token” currency,
          USA “Mickey Mouse” $.
          Writing ad lib as I am, I think Tony Brogan would concur that even now replacement of USA luminary persons with Mickey Mouse in gradations of swanky garb would be apt.
          An option either for “full redemption” or “part of mix” would be to allow the creditors extract agreed amount of raw materials from USA at the creditors cost for hiring of staff at fair wage.
          On the other hand, there must be acceptance by China that The Dreadful Few treacherously arranged for USA intellectual property be given to China with intention of undermining the USA & give China advantage.
          Thus, China must compromise on substantial portion of the debts it owns of USA.
          Anyway, USA army should work with supreme discipline & for “just about fair” wage that differs only according to one having spouse & / or children & / or legal payments already obligated with – e.g. patrimony, & mortgage payments — for period of 5 years approx so as to rescue USA.
          All USA citizens of able-body health are to engage in manual work of varying graduating skill levels as part of that program for 1 year minimum if they already have job or studies,
          They take leave from their employment to do genuine national service for 1 year minimum.
          All able-bodied jobless persons & graduating students are to work for 5 years & receive excellent suitable training according to their needs AND choice.
          These national service citizens are to receive graduating amounts in excess of “just about fair wage” as above.

          Program of infrastructure works to improve agriculture [ food security ], industry, commerce, civil structure, security, & environment, of USA.
          Brain-writing is work in progress.
          USA is to relent forthwith from issuing extra “Mickey Mouse” token currency & thus forego asset stripping every country on the planet.
          These musing are subject to correction & suggestions from more inspired persons.

          • michaelcoughlan


            please don’t get the hump but your response is intellectual mumbo jumbo.

            Societies aren’t fixed from the top down they are fixed from the bottom up as in free the citizen from his debt straight jacket and his political correct speak straight jacket etc.

            Dictating what each citizen is entitled is communism and has never worked anywhere.


          • Truthist

            I gather Michael that u prefer Bernie Sanders of the 3 main candidates at the penultimate stage of the contest.
            Sanders is an unabashed Communist.
            Hillary Clinton is an abashed Communist incidentally.
            What I outline here is necessary Communism for relatively short time in a particular aspect of the socio-politic.
            It was not mumbo jumbo.
            And, ur comment prior was also illfounded.
            Yet, I value many of ur insights.
            In fact, u were of the habit of giving arguably the most profound comment on this blog to describe our overall situation but no other poster — myself included — dared to agree or disagree or otherwise.
            I aim to open up “the heart of the matter” that u regularly referred to in the near future.
            Meanwhile, take care.

          • michaelcoughlan

            “I gather Michael that u prefer Bernie Sanders of the 3 main candidates at the penultimate stage of the contest”

            I actually don’t care. Ron Paul would be my guy if I did. They are all in a monetary straight jacket.

            Maybe you are right re short term totalitarianism in fact you probably are.

            “Yet, I value many of ur insights.
            In fact, u were of the habit of giving arguably the most profound comment on this blog to describe our overall situation but no other poster — myself included — dared to agree or disagree or otherwise.”

            What comment was that?

            If you see me making a mistake POINT IT OUT. I have NO monopoly on knowledge.


          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Truthist,

            I don’t want to offend you it seems you are a true believer in communism.

            If you are demonstrate it’s soundness by leading by personal example. Sell your house and all possession and with your colleagues buy a plot in common ownership with all goods and services owned by all of you. Form a Committee to administer yourselves. Do this on a small scale so that your errors won’t be disastrous.

            What you will find is that as some one will have to take responsibility at some stage for getting things done one person will be identified as being more talented in each area of responsibility and then hopefully the penny will drop with you that all labour is not equal and NOT BECAUSE THE RULING CLASS SAYS SO.



          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Truthist,

            There are entities in Ireland that are very community focused and are very heavily influenced by communist principles but are not defacto communist.

            The GAA is one such entity. In Theory in the GAA most contribution is voluntary with the fruits of the entity being shared by all. The head guys are seconded from their employers with their employers continuing to pay their salaries and the GAA reimbursing the expense as far as I know.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Michael, you are reading my mind today. I have nothing to add, even more so considering you have managed to destill my Trump’s “but but but” to a few sentences: no epithets, just a few precise hammer-blows. A few years ago, a friend of mine, Mr Still has rationalised Mr Trump’s debt solutions in this video:

      My only reservation to Mr Still’s explanation is that if you are going to default, you should not tell the whole world about it because then you will tank the dollar (so how can you then avail of the crashed stock/bond/property market prices in buying your own debt, if you would have to do it using the tanked currency?). This would be as daft as approaching a girl on the street and starting the conversation by revealing how you are going to seduce her. I reckon though that Mr Trump advisers will polish Trump’s roughness and big-mouthness. And, unlike some bloggers here, I am a big fan of Mr Pence.

      P.S. I do remember that David’s column was considering Trump’s win (as I remember most of what has been written here) – what I meant last week was that at some stage, when the polls were showing Clinton’s 12pc advantage (it’s always the Poles’ fault ;-), David started writing that Clinton’s win is likely and pondering over what would that mean.


      One has to give it to our host: not only he was just about the only Irish “big wig” columnist who was predicting that Trump might win (and just before the polls closed, they had that debate on RTE Radio One, where Mr Cormac Ó hEadhra was the only one who sounded like he was not insane), but he also claimed that Mr Trump is not half as stupid as the media think.

      In Ireland – where people you have known for 10 years and were working with for 3 unfriend you because you do not laugh at insulting Trump supporters – this requires courage. In a world full of wussies, it was the suave, mellifluous, liberal David – not the pugilists Fintan O’Toole or Vincent Browne (or Ms Colette Browne, who talked on that radio debate as if she had heats) – who had the courage to go against the acquired wisdoms promulgated by the lazy media, manipulated by shadowy, devellish figures like Mr Soros (there is nothing gay about hell).

      David for President?

      I even have an election slogan:
      Top of the billboard: smiling David McWilliams
      bottom – little figures of the above mentioned, their grumpy faces, and a slogan: “Yous got it all wrong…”

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        As to your second comment, Michael (my comment commented on your first comment):
        “If he can’t engineer a reduction in US debt he will use the army to asset strip every country on the planet.”

        Read my lips: within a year the most (and most likely within a month or two, depending on how quick learner Mr Trump is – sometimes ignorants are better learners, for even Obama’s Democrat friend has written that the President is a slow learner for he assumes that he knows more than his interlocutor – Marxism started from that, remember?) Pentagon will explain to Mr Trump the importance of the petrodollar and the real reasons why the US are in the Middle East, which has to do with trade and communication lines.

        As to my dear Truthist (and please do not ask me any questions on that – I do not have time this week for more than one comment :-( :

        “Trump should bring ALL of USA’s army & navy & airforce back from overseas so as to build USA’s infrastructure.”

        I BET you he won’t. The American empire is no different than all other declining empires. It suffers from a conundrum: on the one hand, it is overstretched. The US cannot AFFORD being in so many countries on the entire planet without, as Michael points out, asset-stripping other countries.
        On the other hand – IT NEEDS to be in all those countries in order to survive. All rimland empires have been operating on the high velocity of money principle, and this has been sharply declining (that’s why we only see hyperinflation in asset prices). High velocity = more trade = wealth.
        To maintain that, you need to CONTROL the oceans.
        Please, do not ask me more – I won’t have time to answer and would feel remorse.
        P.S. Mark my words – Trump is not going to withdraw from Poland or Finland. At most what he is gonna do is to move some military from countries that do not pay the US (Germany) into countries that do pay the US (Poland).
        And… the relations with Russia will improve. But no one here gave the correct reason WHY they will improve: because like Reagan, Trump will negotiate with Russia and China (and all other countries) from the position of power: and the Russians have always only respected that way of stating the case.

        I even wonder whether the fact that the Taoiseach was so quick with congratulating Mr Trump was good or bad. On the one hand maybe it was good, on the other hand Trump will probably not respect a weakling turncoat.

        I think we must replace Kenny with Noonan (even if we do not like him) if we do not want Trump to, like, totally annihilate the Irish IT industry with one punch of his fist on the table.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi Grzegorz,

          Thanks for your comments. I just want you to know that I got the bit about inflation/deflation completely backwards and I am still eating humble pie for that one.

          “This would be as daft as approaching a girl on the street and starting the conversation by revealing how you are going to seduce her”

          I am so glad you used this analogy because it allows me to contribute my 2 pence worth to how I think Trump’s mind works.

          People like Trump and the women he marries use a form of logic I call Nazi logic let me explain;

          Take your average girl on the street as you pointed out. From Trump’s perspective it isn’t in the approach its in the identification. The way Trump would look at it is like this; Virtuous prod no chance, Virtuous Catholic no chance, Virtuous Jew no chance, Virtuous Muslim no chance, Beautiful looking eastern European chick morally bereft from years of surviving communism fresh from scrubbing toilets on a rusting Latvian destroyer sure he could “catch her by the pussy” and he knows he has her by the short and curlies both literally and metaphorically meaning she will let him do what he wants to her.

          He knows that she will do what he wants so long as she gets what she wants. The sex is just an oil change. No moral emotional or spiritual exchange is involved.

          Trump will view Putin and all other adversaries the same way; if both parties gain from blowing the system up it will happen even if both die from the interaction in the long run.

          • Truthist

            Michael, Trump’s wives “Malania” is actually Jewish.
            Ditto, is Trump’s former wife “Ivana”.
            I do not know what is the ethnicity of Maria Marples.
            I did not seek out to know about any of these wives.
            But, what I inform u I often encounter from reliable sources when they exploring Trump.
            And, Hillary Clinton is known to “grab by the” very young girls.
            Ain’t it noteworthy that she has not denied nor condemned that she caught in photographs with Ms. Huma together engaging in pedophilia on a young girl ?
            What say our Feminazis in Ireland ?
            Nada !
            Hypocrites for sure is what the Femanazis are.

          • Truthist

            Edit ;
            Ain’t it noteworthy that she has not denied, nor condemned, the accusation that she caught in photographs with Ms. Huma together engaging in pedophilia on a young girl ?

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Truthist you missed the point again.

            I was demonstrating that religion or ethnicity has nothing got to do with it. A morally bereft simple pragmatic transaction is all that is happening between Trump and his women folk and everyone else he deals with.

            As for “grabbed by the pussy” that was trump’s language and I used it to highlight the fact that even though he is so disrespectful of women he had no trouble getting certain types eastern European women to “fuck” him every which way did he?


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Not wanting to interfere with the developing Trump discussion on all his women, I would like to notice that perhaps his preference for eastern European women can be explained by the fact that his grandma was Polish (Elzbieta Jankowska from Lwów – during one of his press conferences in 2015 he even said that he will regain Lwów for Poland – not sure I would want that though due to ensuing more instability) and his children often travelled by car across eastern Europe.

            I also think that with the money he has, he would have had no trouble to fuck most women up to a certain income/culture level (in the past that is) – regardless whether they would be Polish, Irish, English, Jewish or German (or Latino). Most, not all, women are attracted to money and power (the last 150 years of marriage-related emigrations of Irish and eastern European women eager to marry Americans and leave their countries show that), they always were and they always will be.
            It has to do with biology and primarily function of the marriage, which is to provide for and legitimise the kids.

            I cannot believe we are having this discussion whether Melenia Trump is Slovenian or Jewish (or Slovenian-Jewish).

            “religion or ethnicity has nothing got to do with it. A morally bereft simple pragmatic transaction is all that is happening between Trump and his women folk and everyone else he deals with.” – sometimes the simplest explanations are the best.

            As to Melania and the Jewish lobby – and I am done with that topic for it is becoming a smokescreen for more serious issues, such as the ones I highlighted yesterday: would it not be the best to look at the Jewish press to find out whether they see her as Jewish?


            But at the same time, it was the Jews who made the funniest video parodying the leftist media who were inciting hate against Trump:


            Why cannot we discuss Trump’s policies, first 100 days and nominations? And whether his presidency will see the return of normal interest rates levels of 5pc?

            Also, I have Trump on tape saying that he will make sure that Russia will have to return the wreckage of the presidential plane that crashed in Smolensk, which they have been withholding for the last 6 years: so most of the analysis on Trump and Russia on that blog is misinformed.

            But, on the other hand – with Trump, we really do not know. We should better focus on removing from power in Ireland people who insulted Trump (he has his enemies list – even Kasich is on it)

          • Truthist


            I hope in the discussion to next DMW article that u will give ur meaty thoughts on :
            the accusation of Fine Gael front bench of being “Freemason F..kers !” by then Taoiseach Mr. Brian Cowen [ Fianna Fail ].
            My reference to that was from Ms. Judith Duffy in an redacted essay of hers which is here returned to its original form ;
            The Judaeo-Masonic Roots of Ulster British Loyalism
            An Ulster British Loyalist mural depicting the two masonic pillars (Boaz and Jachin) along with a stylized Jewish hexagram (showing British allegiance to Jewry).
            An Ulster British Loyalist mural depicting the two masonic pillars (Boaz and Jachin) along with a stylized Jewish hexagram (showing British allegiance to Jewry).
            By Jude Duffy
            August 3, 2016, Anno Domini

            Contrary to what some in the alternative media suggest, Ireland, not Italy, is the birthplace of modern false-flag terror—specifically British Masonic false-flag terror. Around the world, many have heard of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), but few outside Ireland and Britain know of their ostensible adversaries in the Northern Irish “Troubles”, the British “Loyalist” paramilitaries. There’s a good reason for this: the global Anglo-Zionist Masonic global propaganda network succeeded in branding the Irish Troubles as a conflict between Irish nationalist fanatics and Northern Irish Protestants responding to the violence of these fanatics. But the Loyalist terror groups weren’t responding to violence from Irish nationalists: they instigated the violence.[1] And the Loyalists weren’t Irish either—they were British proxies. In fairness, they never claimed to be anything else, insisting always that they fought to maintain Northern Ireland as a British province.

            So, Loyalist terrorism wasn’t an Irish “problem”; it was a British problem. However, from the point of view of the British Masonic state, the great thing about branding the Loyalists as an internal Northern Irish movement, was that it let the British Masonic state off the hook, casting it as a noble disinterested intermediary, desperately trying to find a solution fair to both sides. In reality, British Masonry was the covert choreographer of the whole grisly pantomime, actively directing almost all of the loyalist violence, and most of the Republican violence too.[2]

            At first glance, it might seem like a mystery that the corporate media in Ireland, Britain, and elsewhere generally support Northern Irish Unionism and Loyalism. After all, the Unionists are ostensibly the “conservative” side in this conflict. Many older Northern Irish Unionists still attend church, eschew shopping on Sunday, and support the British monarchy. Even their dress bespeaks conservatism: at their Summer parades, they wear dark suits, old-fashioned bowler hats, and carry rolled up umbrellas. Unionist parties, too, still tend to be rather less enamoured of political correctness and cultural Marxism than modern Sinn Fein, which, under the disastrous leadership of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, has become largely indistinguishable from the British Labour Party, or the U.S. Democrats. One would thus expect the media to favour Sinn Fein over the Unionist fuddy duddies every time.

            But it isn’t so. For instance, no media on the face of the earth are more mindlessly politically correct and left liberal in every respect than the Irish media. Yet they have had a very long-standing love-in with Unionism and Loyalism, and harp obsessively on Irish Republican violence, while ignoring, excusing, or even glorifying, Loyalist Protestant violence.[3] The same is true of the media in most of the western world, which whitewash British atrocities in Ireland, even though they were and are frequently both more sadistic and more indiscriminate than the attacks of Irish Republicans.

            4795554547_945ee66200To solve this apparent conundrum of liberal media support for “conservative” Unionism, one needs to understand the deep Masonic and philo-Judaic roots of Northern Irish British Unionism/Loyalism. The Unionist establishment in Northern Ireland is joined at the hip to both Freemasonry and Zionism. British Masons and Zionists both live by the motto: “leftism for our enemies, right-wing nationalism for ourselves”. Therefore, for Anglo-Zionist Masonry, the craven political correctness of modern Irish “nationalism” represents a Masonic triumph over Catholic Ireland. A nationalist movement that embraces mass immigration, same-sex marriage, feminism, and the abortion of its own children, is not a nationalist movement at all, but an instrument of collective suicide.

            Moreover, the common supposition that Northern Irish Unionism suffers from an excess of dour conservatism and narrow religiosity obscures its history of extreme lawlessness and Masonic subversion. Its roots lie in revolutionary Masonry and the cabalistic Anglo-Protestant-imperialism that took on its modern form in England in the Elizabethan era. Nor has it necessarily become more law abiding with the passage of time. The modern Northern Irish Protestant statelet came into being via an armed mass rebellion by Anglo-Irish and Northern Irish Protestants in the Edwardian era against the decision of the British Parliament to grant Home Rule to Ireland.

            British Rothschild Zio-Masonry sponsored this Orange rebellion, which led to the partition of Ireland in 1923.

            The treaty that codified that partition stated that no new laws enacted by the new nominally independent Irish state could in any way affect the protection of Freemasonry in the new country. To this day, the Dublin Masonic Grand Temple in Dublin sits opposite the Irish Dail Eireann (Irish Parliament). When Ian Paisley met the then Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Bertie Ahern, in 2007, he greeted him with the words “I want to give this man a good grip”, at which point the two men exchanged what looked suspiciously like a Masonic handshake.[4] Brian Cowen replaced Ahern as Taoiseach in 2008, and within days of his elevation was caught on a live microphone in Dail Eireann calling the then leader of the opposition and his colleagues “Freemason F…ers” (I’d provide a reference for this story if I could find one, but although Cowen’s outburst was reported in all the major Irish media at the time, it appears to have been subsequently comprehensively scrubbed from the Internet!). A few months later, a huge financial and banking crisis hit Cowen’s government, and in 2011 he was removed from office in a media-orchestrated coup. Enda Kenny, the leader of the “Freemason f…ers”, took his place as Taoiseach in the general election that followed and is still Taoiseach today.

            Paisley crossing the bridge over the River Boyne at the site of the Battle of the Boyne, for the masonic Independant Loyal Orange Institution’s, Centenary Parade and Service. Photo by Chris Bacon
            Paisley crossing the bridge over the River Boyne at the site of the Battle of the Boyne, for the masonic Independant Loyal Orange Institution’s, Centenary Parade and Service. Photo by Chris Bacon
            Anglo-Masonry rules the roost in the Republic of Ireland every bit as much as it does in the north of Ireland, if not more so. When British Orange Masonic terrorists murdered 33 people in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974, the Irish Garda (police) refused to investigate the attacks. To this day, no one has ever been convicted for them. An Irish state inquiry headed by a former Supreme Court judge, Henry Barron, stated that it was neither far-fetched nor fanciful to believe that British state forces were involved[5], yet successive Irish governments have failed to challenge the British state over its withholding of crucial evidence relating to the bombings.

            The Orange Order was founded by three Freemasons in 1795, with the purpose of unifying Irish Protestants in defence of British Masonic rule in Ireland. The “Orange” in the title of course refers to the homosexual paedophile William of Orange, and his successful invasion of England in 1688, and his subsequent victory in the Battle of the Boyne in 1690— a victory that cemented his rule. Many of the subsequent travails that beset not just Britain and Ireland, but also the rest of the world in the succeeding centuries, can be traced back to this decisive triumph of cabalist Whiggism.

            Yet conservative and traditionalist Catholics, many of whom, consciously or unconsciously, have internalised the narratives of the “conservative” wing of Anglo-Masonry, tend to place all the blame for modern ills on the French Revolution of 1789—when in truth, that bloodfest was simply a delayed aftershock from the events of a hundred years earlier in Britain and Ireland. British “conservative” Masonry only turned on the French Revolutionaries after the latter began attacking the British Masonic agents in France who had played a crucial role in instigating the revolution in the first place[6]. Likewise, the Orange Order was formed in order to ensure that Irish Protestants did not stray into the Irish separatist revolutionary camp. In other words, the whole dispute over the French Revolution was simply two strands of Masonry slugging it out for control.

            Orangeism is, therefore, only ‘”conservative” in the sense that all revolutionary movements need to exploit conservative sentiment in order to provide stabilising ballast. As Engels once said: “Nothing is more authoritarian than a revolution.” For instance, without the backing of “conservative” evangelical Protestants, and to a lesser extent “conservative” Catholics (aka “Neo-Catholics”), would the Trotskyist Neocon agenda in the Middle East and elsewhere have succeeded? It should be noted in this context that Northern Irish Orangeists, like their Protestant counterparts in the U.S., eagerly supported this revolutionary programme for remaking the Middle East in order to advance the goal of Greater Israel.

            It’s also important to remember that it is eminently possible to exaggerate even the “contingent conservatism” of the Orangeists. For instance, the British intelligence-directed Loyalist paramilitary groups such as the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) are every bit as left liberal as Sinn Fein. Indeed, in conjunction with “Russian” mafia and Triad gangs, they are heavily involved in trafficking huge numbers of illegal migrants to Ireland, the vast majority of whom, quelle surprise, end up in the Republic of Ireland[7]. That, incidentally, represents another triumph for British Masonry: the destruction of the Catholic Irish nation through mass immigration of a scale proportionally unparalleled in the western world.

            The late Reverend Ian Paisley is the obvious example of the Loyalist Protestant Zio-shill. Until his death in 2014, Paisley was widely regarded as the spiritual and political leader of Northern Irish Protestants, yet he was anything but a law-abiding man of the cloth. From the late 1950s onwards, he led and participated in a variety of terrorist and quasi terrorist movements. In the late 1950s, he formed Ulster Protestant Action, a group of loyalist thugs that specialised in terrorizing undefended Catholic enclaves in Belfast. In the 1960s he and John McKeague set up the Ulster Protestant Volunteers—a group that meted out extreme violence to Catholic civil rights marchers.

            McKeague was leader of the Red Hand. The logo of this Ulster Loyalist paramilitary group displays the Jewish hexagram along with the masonic Egyptian winged sun disk.
            McKeague was leader of the Red Hand. The logo of this Ulster Loyalist paramilitary group displays the Jewish hexagram along with the masonic Egyptian winged sun disk.
            McKeague was a notorious homosexual paedophile and psychopath, who went on to found a fully fledged loyalist terrorist group, the Red Hand Commando. He liked to torture his young Catholic victims before killing them. It is widely acknowledged that McKeague’s close connections to the Unionist establishment protected him from prosecution for his many crimes[8]. He was eventually murdered by the Irish National Liberation Army (the INLA), in 1982.

            1982 article from News of the World about sex abuse coverup at Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast. Click to enlarge.
            1982 article from News of the World about sex abuse coverup at Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast. Click to Enlarge.
            Paisley was also very close to another homosexual paedophile loyalist terrorist leader, William McGrath. A pillar of the Orange Order, McGrath ran the infamous east Belfast Kincora Boys Home, now widely believed to have been used by British intelligence to entrap and blackmail leading figures in the Northern Irish Unionist and British establishments[9]. He founded and led the small Protestant terrorist group TARA. According to Martin Dillon, the author of several books on Loyalist terrorism and its British state sponsors, McGrath had been an Mi6 agent from the late 1950s onwards[10].

            Paisley also took part in the 1974 Loyalist paramilitary led Ulster Workers Council general strike, which, in collusion with the British security services and the BBC[11], brought down the Sunningdale power sharing executive—an internal bipartisan settlement ostensibly designed to give Catholics and Protestants equality before the law in Northern Ireland.

            In the early 1980s, Paisley formed a quasi-paramilitary group called the Third Force, which staged midnight incursions into the Irish Republic. In the mid- to late 1980s, he belonged to Ulster Resistance, an alliance of “respectable” Unionist pillars of the establishment and Loyalist terrorists, which used Israeli agents to import weapons to Northern Ireland[12] for the purpose of overthrowing the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland—another ostensible attempt to achieve peace in the north of Ireland that Unionists, Loyalists, and their influential British backers took exception to.

            In the 1990s, Paisley’s party, the Democratic Unionist Party (the DUP), forged close links with the very most extreme elements in Loyalist terrorism. Leading members of the DUP held rallies in support of Billy Wright, an Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) terrorist who parted ways with this terrorist group on the grounds that it had gone soft, and set up his own more extreme group, the Loyalist Volunteer Force. Wright is said to have murdered up to 50 Catholics, but that didn’t stop leading members of Paisley’s party sharing platforms with him, and openly supporting his terrorist campaign.[13]

            Wright was eventually murdered in prison by members of the INLA, but his sister has since stated that he had been an agent of British intelligence, which threw him to the wolves once he had outlived his usefulness.[14]

            It’s worth noting that when Paisley died, the corporate media maintained a deafening silence about his close connections to paedophile terrorists like McGrath and McKeague. Paisley was an avid Zionist who regularly visited Israel and claimed that Northern Irish Protestants were one of the twelve lost tribes of Israel. A staunch supporter of western Zionist wars such as the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, Paisley, according to the British Jewish documentary maker, Jon Ronson, spoke fluent Hebrew and vehemently denied the presence of any global Jewish or Zionist conspiracy[15], claiming instead that the real global conspiracy was of Irish Catholic provenance. In order to demonstrate their Zionist credentials, he and his successor as DUP leader, Peter Robinson, both visited Israel.

            The DUP is, without question, the most fanatically pro-Israel political grouping in the British House of Commons—some achievement given the iron control the Israel lobby wields over the Tory, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties in Britain. Indeed, one of Paisley’s last acts as DUP leader was to form the DUP Friends of Israel. According to the Jewish News, DUP members have also pressed police authorities on the legality of anti-Israel protests, and launched fierce criticism of the Co-op group in Britain for its policy of boycotting Israeli products from the West Bank. Five DUP Members of the Westminster House of Commons were among only 12 out of 676 British MPs to vote against recognising a Palestinian state. David McIlveen, North Antrim DUP Assembly Member, sums up the DUP’s Zio-centric agenda thusly: “Whenever we feel there is an unfair portrayal of Israel in the social or mainstream media, we do our best to try and argue against it”.[16]

            Contrary to the fervent support for Loyalism to be found in many British “white nationalist” circles, Zionism and Loyalism enjoy a very cosy relationship. David Trimble, the leader from 1995 to 2005, of the older and less populist wing of Northern Irish Unionism, the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), is also a fervent Zionist, and a leading member of the Neoconservative Henry Jackson Society. When he won the Nobel Prize for his alleged role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland, his acceptance speech was written by a notorious Dublin-based former Marxist-Leninist turned Neocon, Eoghan Harris. Harris writes for the Sunday Independent, a trashy soft-porn Neocon Dublin newspaper, where he waxes in an absurdly florid style on the evils of Irish nationalism, and the righteousness of Zionism and Anglo-American military interventionism. He belonged to the avidly Stalinist Workers Party of Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s, but like so many erstwhile communists, he jumped on the Neocon bandwagon in the 1990s and became Ireland’s leading champion of western military interventionism.[17] Other leading figures in Trimble’s circle—e.g. the Northern Irish historian Paul Bew—also belonged to the Workers Party—proof once more of the cosy familial relationship between Neoconservatism and the Marxist left.[18]

            Like Paisley, Trimble had close connections to loyalist paramilitarism. He belonged to the paramilitary group, Vanguard, in the early 1970s and to the Ulster Resistance movement in the 1980s. Like Paisley, he avidly supports the various western Zionist wars of modern times.

            Although most corporate presstitutes downplay its significance, “the Irish question” is still a dividing line in British politics. Regardless of whether they’re Jewish or not, most of the leading journalistic voices of hardline Zionism in Britain, oppose any form of Irish nationalism with at least as much vim as they oppose the movement for Palestinian statehood: whether it be Charles Moore, Dean Godson, and Michael Gove on the Neoconservative right; or David Aaronovitch, David Winnick, and Julie Burchill on the Zionist left, Anglo-Zionism and Hibernophobia go together like funny handshakes go with rolled up trouser legs. Last St Patrick’s Day, Aaronovitch, a Jewish Chronicle columnist, former communist, and arguably the most fanatical champion of Zionist wars in the British media, wrote a piece in the Murdoch-owned Times, condemning “the blood stained past” of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland.[19] Like many of his ilk, Aaronovitch sees nothing to lament in the incomparably more bloodstained (and much more recent) past of the Iraq, Afghan, and Libyan invasions. Of course, a key difference between the 1916 leaders and modern western Zio-interventionists like Aaronovitch is that the 1916 men put their own lives on the line and didn’t demand that others make sacrifices they wouldn’t make themselves.

            The one anomaly in all of this is the British far right. That persuasion has long been in denial about the Zionist and Masonic reality of Northern Irish Loyalism. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise, since so called British white nationalism is in reality often a thinly disguised form of Anglo-Israelist supremacism, which has never quite gotten around to admitting that the British Empire was and is largely a project for Masonic/Rothschild political and economic hegemony. Furthermore their objection to Zionist ethnic cleansing in Palestine, while just in itself, is often laced with a fair dollop of hypocrisy, in that the same folk invariably rush to defend British Israelist attempts to extirpate the Irish nation—not to mention England’s largely unsuccessful efforts to impose its will on continental Catholic Europe in the centuries after the Reformation.

            Contrary to the British far-right’s parroting of Anglo-Masonry’s anti-Irish narratives, Orangeism is undeniably steeped in Zionism. As Avraham Citron, a visiting Chabad Lubbavitch rabbi from Los Angeles, noted approvingly, Israeli flags often fly prominently in Protestant areas of Belfast,[20] as they do at Loyalist-supported soccer clubs, such as Glasgow Rangers and Linfield. In an interview with the Jewish Telegraph Agency, prominent Belfast Jewess Shoshana Appleton observed piquantly that Northern Irish Protestants are more pro-Israel than their Jewish compatriots are![21]

            Nor is this cultural and political amity all one-way traffic. According to Martin Dillon, Israeli agents have worked closely with Loyalist terror groups and front groups like Ulster Resistance, supplying them with weapons for use in the murder of Irish Catholics, and for the enforcement side of their organised crime rackets.[22]

            Northern Irish Jews acknowledge their strong preference for the British Unionist camp, but put this down to the traditional Jewish tendency to “support the establishment” (yes, seriously!).[23]

            Doubtless the fervent philo-Judaism of much post-Scofield Protestantism plays a part in all of this, but so too does the domination of Northern Irish Protestant culture by the so called “Loyal Orders”. This is the name given to four crypto-Masonic societies dedicated to protecting Nothern Ireland’s Protestant and British heritage. The four orders are: the Apprentice Boys of Derry – the most working class of the quartet; the Orange Order – the best known and most broad based; the Royal Arch Purple – a more elite branch of the Orange Order; and finally, the Black Preceptory – widely viewed as the poshest and most conservative of the four.

            Though both Freemasons and Loyal Order members frequently deny any necessary connection between Masonry and Loyal Orderism, the rituals of Orangemen, “Purplemen”, and “Blackmen” tell a very different story. Upon becoming a member of the Orange Order, the neophyte is told that he is a member of “the elect”, and that as an “Anglo-Saxon Protestant” (itself a profoundly misleading descriptor) he is a descendant of believing Israel. By the same token, with no theological, racial, or historical grounds whatsoever, members of the Black Preceptory (Blackmen) are told they belong to the Israeli tribe of Levi and the Order of Melchisadech.[24]

            If all this sounds remarkably close to the Jewish ideology of chosen-ness, that’s no accident. In common with other forms of Masonry, Orangeist ethnic supremacism consciously mimics the Judaic variety at almost every point. In his essay “Anglo (or British) Israelism and the Orange Order”, Professor E. Odlum states: “I now affirm as a matter of knowledge that every strongly intelligent Orangeman in the British Empire is a believer in Anglo-Israel theology”.[25] Billy Logan, the head of the Royal Black Preceptory, likewise declares unabashedly: “I fervently support Israel and we consider ourselves true friends of our Jewish neighbours.”[26]

            As with mainstream Freemasonry, the higher one ascends to the upper echelons of Loyal Orderism, the more creepily occult the rituals become. As part of his initiation ceremony, the Royal Arch Purple candidate sits blindfolded in a mock coffin, and vows to destroy his own life if he divulges the teaching of the order.

            He has a rope tied around his neck, and has most of his clothes removed, while a purple ribbon is tied to his shirt. The new recruit also partakes in a bizarre ceremony called “riding the goat”, in which, still blindfolded, he is wrapped in a canvas sheet and then kicked and tossed about by the assembled members of the Arch. He is then beaten with brambles (and in some cases holly) while the established Purple brethren laugh and bleat like goats.[27]

            The initiation rituals of the most elite loyal order of them all, the Royal Black Preceptory, are just as weird, and involve drinking a toast from a human skull, and receiving instruction in the presence of either an “exhumed” human remains, or a skull and crossbones. To enter a Black Preceptory meeting, the individual must knock “I, 2, 3” twice in a swift staccato manner. “Blackman” handshakes involve both persons bending the four fingers of the right hand slightly and allowing their thumbs to meet. They follow this by covering their clasped hands with their left hands.[28]

            A former member of the Royal Arch Purple, Protestant evangelical Peter Malcolmson, has written two books on the Loyal Orders, and does not hesitate to call their rituals Satanic.[29] In this context, it should be noted that in the 1970s, rumours circulated in Northern Ireland that Loyalist killers such as McKeague engaged in satanic ritual torture of their victims.[30] The killings of the notorious Orange murder gang, the Shankill Butchers, also featured horrific ritualistically sadistic elements that could be interpreted as Satanic. Colin Wallace, a former PR officer for the British Army in Northern Ireland, has admitted that as part of his official duties, he set up Satanic witches’ circles in nationalist Catholic areas of Northern Ireland, in order, he says, to frighten and demoralise the local populations of these localities.[31] Sharing, as they do, the same occult roots, and the same supremacist ideology, it should come as no surprise to find that both Orangeists and their British securocrat ringmasters are no strangers to witchcraft.

            Orangeism is the Northern Irish face of Anglo-Masonic esoteric imperialism. Many Anglo-conservatives, seduced by the prestige the Empire bestowed on Britain—not to mention its pageantry and apparent traditionalism—assume it was and is a conservative phenomenon when nothing could be further from the truth. Although British Masonry invented an entirely bogus racial justification for its supremacism (the indigenous English population are not predominantly Anglo-Saxon and are considerably less “Aryan” than their neighbours) British imperialism, military, political and cultural, did more to advance the breakdown of national identity among European nations (including the British nations) than any other force in history.

            G.K. Chesterton once said of the Freemason and British Empire jingoist, Rudyard Kipling, that he loved England not because it was English but because it was great. Chesterton saw the British Empire as undermining the essence of Englishness—a prophetic insight vindicated by events that began to take shape a few short years after his death. In its modern form, Anglo-Zio-masonic supremacism undermines the essence, not just of Englishness, but of all European nationalities. The virtual imposition of the English language across Europe, together with “Anglo-Saxon” economic models and ubiquitous surveillance, has not only shredded the cultural fabric of the continent, but facilitated huge waves of migration—waves that have the potential to completely destroy “old Europe”.

            But then Anglo-Masonic supremacists might not be too bothered by that, since their form of jingoism has traditionally viewed Christian Europe (and Ireland), not non-Europeans, as the great enemies of “British liberal, (i.e. Masonic, anti-Catholic) values”. During the recent British referendum on E.U. membership, most Orangeists and most British Neocons supported Brexit, on the grounds that Britain’s spiritual hinterland was not Europe, but the multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-racial Commonwealth. Ironically, for all the chauvinistic chest-thumping of the Brexiters, the E.U. itself is an Anglo-Zionist project, as evidenced by the wholesale destruction of European languages, cultures, and ethnic identities that has taken place since its inception in the 1950s. Thus, spurning the E.U. in order to bolster one’s relations with the Commonwealth is akin to leaving Grand Orient Freemasonry in order to concentrate on one’s membership of the Scottish Rite variety. Both lead to the same place in the end: perdition.


            [1] “A Secret History Of The IRA” by Ed Moloney (Allen Land, The Penguin Press, 2002), is one of several books that provides an account of how British security forces and armed Orange mobs came together to attempt to drive Catholics out of Belfast at the start of the Troubles.

            [2] Moloney’s book is also a useful, if rather oblique, primer to the extent of British control of the Provisional IRA – especially under the leadership of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. There is now overwhelming evidence that the IRA was infiltrated at the very highest level: see for example the Irish News article:”Shankill allegations call into question all we once knew about a bloody time” (Alison Morris, January 25, 2016) about the revelation that an 1993 IRA bomb attack on a fish and chip shop in the Belfast Protestant heartland of the Shankill Road, was carried out by a British agent.

            [3] Heresy: The Battle of Ideas in Modern Ireland, by Desmond Fennell (The Blackstaff Press, Belfast, 1993) elucidates the extent of pro-Unionist and anti-nationalist and anti-Catholic bias in the Irish corporate media.

            [4] “Historic Handshake”: An Phoblacht, April 5, 2007

            [5] “Release Dublin and Monaghan bombings files, Irish Foreign Minister, Shankill bomb victim”, An Phoblacht, May 17, 2016

            [6] The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit And Its Impact On World History: Chapter 12: The Rise of Freemasonry, Dr. E. Michael Jones, Fidelity Press, 2008

            [7] “How success turned a nation of emigrants into a magnet for migrants: The Observer, December 12, 2001

            [8] Stone Cold: The True Story Of Michael Stone And The Milltown Massacre: pp. 29-157; Martin Dillon, Arrow, 1993

            [9] ibid.

            [10] ibid.

            [11] See Paul Foot’s book, “Who Framed Colin Wallace” (MacMillan, London, 1989), especially Chapter 2, “A Clockwork Orange”, for more details of the unholy plot between Orange terror groups and the British Secret State, to bring down Sunningdale

            [12] “Stone Cold: The True Story Of Michael Stone And The Milltown Massacre” p.105; Arrow Books, 1993

            [13] “McCrea defends show of support for Wright”, Irish Times, September 6, 1996

            [14] “Billy Wright Was British Agent”, Irish News, October 27, 2003

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            [17] The Lost Revolution: The Story Of The Official IRA And The Workers Party, Brian Hanley & Scott Millar, Penguin Ireland, 2009

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            [19] “Don’t Romanticise Bloodstained Past”, David Aaronovitch, The Times, March 17, 2016

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            [23] Caught In The Middle, Jewish Telegraph Agency, June 19 ,2003

            [24] Secrets Societies Exposed: The Orange Order, The Royal Black

            [25] ibid

            [26] Caught In The Middle, Jewish Telegraph Agency, June 19, 2003

            [27] “Satanic Secrets Of The Orange Order”, Henry McDonald, The Observer, October 27, 1999

            [28] Secret Societies Exposed: The Royal Black

            [29] ibid

            [30] Who Framed Colin Wallace, pp. 138-145; Paul Foot, Pan Books, 1989

            [31] ibid

  12. Shane F

    Good read.

    Maybe, Someone should bring to Tubridy’s attention, to show him the intellectual caliber of person he should consider having on Late Late Show, to debate Trumps election. and redeem himself for last week.

  13. SMOKEY

    Redeem? He was a fucking puke before last week, he will be a little snot nosed loafer wearing punk this week, and a slack jawed pencil necked little bitch next week. Redeem?? Not the Turd man. He is a halfwit chickenshit withot any originiality whatsoever. A wet fart. You

  14. SMOKEY

    Redeem? He was a fucking puke before last week, he will be a snot nosed loafer wearing punk this week, and a slack jawed pencil necked little bitch next week. Redeem?? Not the Turd man. He is a halfwit chickenshit without any originality whatsoever. A wet fart. You redeem yourself by reaquainting others with your past goodness. His past, present, and future is wellknown shite, pure sickening vomit laden shite. I hate his stinking rotten gutty wutts. Ryan, little Ryan Turdity.

  15. Truthist

    More dirt on USA establishment ;
    Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ [Pizza Parties Exposed]
    2 days ago by ausbitbank64 in wikileaks
    Another connection has been made on the international child smuggling / pedophile ring being exposed thanks to the wikileaks revelations.

  16. Truthist

    Published on Nov 11, 2016
    With the surprise election of Donald Trump, can we expect an equally surprising foreign policy from him ?
    During the campaign he provided us with a glimpse of his thinking.
    Will there be a Trump Doctrine ?

  17. Pat Flannery

    It is strange to hear David advocate for governments what he railed against for homeowners i.e. unsustainable debt.

    The present sovereign debt of the EU and the US apart, apart from lesser economies like the UK, is already unsustainable. Ireland for example has €200 billion in sovereign debt, i.e. €40,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. We borrow another €2 billion per annum just to run the country. How unsustainable is that?

    Yet David wants Trump to “come to our rescue” by teaching us how to borrow more and spend without limit. What will be the currency of this new economy? Gold? The US Dollar? The Trump?

    This new world currency will have Trump’s face on it. He is putting his brand on everything. That’s what Trumpism is all about, the Trump brand. David recognized the Irish property bubble but he cannot recognize a megalomaniac because he is an anglophile megalomaniac.

    David has become so besotted by the Anglo world that I am reminding of Tom Barry’s description of the long-enslaved population of Skibbereen during the Black and Tan War: “if Satan himself appeared in the Skibbereen of 1920/21, the great majority would doff their hats to him, and if he wagged his tail once in anger he was sure to be elected high in the poll to the Skibbereen District Council”.

    Like Skibbereen in the 1920s Ireland, especially southside Dublin, is still garrisoned by a strong force of anglophile propagandists. What a change from the rich multi-cultural society of California that I enjoyed for so many years. I am consoled by the knowledge Trumpism cannot last.

    • Deco

      I think we need to just start a rolling “drop the debt”.

      Starting with Greece, which has been systematically looted by it’s own wealthy, and the financial sector in Paris and Frankfurt.

      The whole concept of too well-connected to fail needs to go into the dustbin of history.

  18. Deco

    Maybe it is no longer possible from saving the EU from the consequences of it’s own stupidity ?

    The whole thing was turned into a Ponzi-scheme by Trichet. He did it bail out the people who had money. And he did it many times over. and he “suceeded”.

    And now the problem is that the people have woken up. The demand of te media is striaghtforward. It is “appropriate” that there is outrage over the outrage against the crime (which the media demanded, in the Trichet period).

    Trump is not the problem.

    The problem is Ponzi-economics. The Clintons were a strategy to continue with running a society on metrics like stock market valuations, more debt, and more resource wars. A bit like Trichet in charge of the ECB. Keep interest rates low, and speculation high.

    For the Clintons the fact that they are not in power is the fault of the FBI.

    For Soros (who is now actively trying to instigate social chaos in American cities, with paid protesters, free bus transport, and funds for those who fight bystanders) the problem is anybody who is opposed to his candidates.

    For the media the problem is that people are no longer serving their advertising sponsors, and they need to guilt trp the people back to support the advertising sponsors.

    And for corrupt centrist parties, like FF, the problem is anybody who has figured out that corruption is built into the entire structure of their machine.

    The problem is that there has been no public debate. There has been an officially sanctioned set of opinions, and an officially prohibited set of opinions.

    The Anti-civilization decided that it is the Civility maker. Those who dissent must be ridiculed, for the preservation of the regime.

    Nothing new in this. This comes around at ramdom intervals in Western Europe. Louis XIV, Bonaparte, Kaiser Bill, Hitler, all had a go at telling Europe that the anti-civilization was the civilization.

    And they all demanded one thing. The centralization of power, with attendant militarism.

    Which incidentally….was where the West has been going until Brexit.

    Euro-scepticism is actually a healthy repsonse to the failures that come from centralism of power.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “Hitler, all had a go at telling Europe that the anti-civilization was the civilization. And they all demanded one thing; The centralization of power, with attendant militarism which incidentally….was where the West has been going until Brexit’

      Absolutely which is why I feel that Europe needs the English never more so than they did in 1940.

      And guess what McWilliams? we are going to be asked to make a choice; the Brits or the fucking scum running the central power in Europe.

      I am rooting for the auld enemy.


      • McCawber

        A very good post.
        Our biggest problem is that official Ireland doesn’t seem to have a plan to even plan for your Irexit scenario.
        If they were smart they would use Brexit to prepare for their own exit strategy.

        • Mike Lucey

          On ‘Irexit’ it was interesting to hear and see Richard Bruton’s answer to Claire Byrne on Monday night when she suggested that the government might consider a future referendum on an ‘Irexit’.

          His answer was an emphatic ‘No’ and his body language appeared (to me) to display shock at the thought.

          I would have imagined a seasoned politician like Richard would have leaned on a more democratically rounded response like ….. that up to the Dail!

          This is more the reason ‘we the People’ must have Article 48 of the Irish Free State Constitution dusted off an put back where Michael Collins intended it to be for the benefit of the Irish People.

          • Mike Lucey

            …. just to follow on with my post.

            I’ve mentioned the REINSTATE48 site here on the forum some time back. The link is

            I’ve revisited the site today and don’t see a lot of progress on the numbers of potential Dail Candidates and current sitting TDs signing up on the pledge. I suppose it could be a case of turkeys not wishing to vote for Christmas.

            I feel this initiative is a great way to go for anyone that wishes to achieve a ‘say’ in how things should be done. When I mention this to people they immediately see the benefits that could be enjoyed and they jump onboard. I imagine its a case of spreading the word and nurturing a slow and steady growth …….

          • Mike Lucey

            Here is a link on the Reinstate48 site where you can check out Reinstate48 pledgers in your local constituency.

            The site reccommends that supporters send a letter to their sitting TDs and potential Dail Candidates. The letter may be found here,

            Before sending the letter I edited the first sentence to read,

            ‘I am writing to let you know that I am considering you as my first preference candidate at the next General Election’

            instead of,

            ‘I am writing to let you know that you are my first preference candidate at the next General Election’.

  19. [...] Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue? ( [...]

  20. Deco

    At the other end of the spectrum, the New Democrats made three key elite alliances and you could see this very forcefully in Hillary’s campaign. The first was Hollywood; the second, Wall Street and the third, Silicon Valley. This tripartite alliance ensured that the Democratic Party shone with the luminous gloss of progressive liberalism, hippy dippy tech evangelism and, of course, lots of Wall Street money.

    The economics of those three sectors is highly suspect.

    Hollywood relies on an oligopolistic control of distribution systems, and clout to keep out competition. Celebrities were left out, but they are presumably part of the term “Hollywood”. Many of them are paid pretenders.

    Wall Street is heavily reliant on welfare for billionaires, opaque taxation codes like those that operate on Las Vegas on the Liffey (the IFSC), and getting cronies into public policy making, where the policy making damages the public interest.

    And the Tech sector has a P/E ratio that is ridiculous. The social media sector is extremely overvalued. There are shades of all over again.

    Wall Street, professional pretenders, and liars selling shares in unprofitable companies, have a political party, as a means of enforcing their concept of civic responsibility, and public morality.

    The most telling word there is “gloss”. Nothing describes it better.

  21. [...] Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue? ( [...]

  22. [...] Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue? ( [...]

  23. [...] Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue? ( [...]

  24. [...] Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue? ( [...]

  25. [...] Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue? ( [...]

  26. [...] Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue? ( [...]

  27. coldblow

    ‘While his campaign was full of xenophobia, vulgarity and coarseness’

    The Czech author Milan Kundera writes, in his Le Rideau, that kitsch is a word which originated in Munich in the mid-19th century and describes the syrupy residue left by the Great Romantic Century which dominated Germany and Central Europe where, in the end, there built up a great resentment towards ‘the rose-coloured veil thrown across reality’, the tyranny of the tenors, the shameless exhibition ‘du coeur sans cesse ému’, bread on which perfume has been poured. The French, he said, never developed this acute aversion to kitsch and translated the word as ‘tat’. In the intellectual salons of France the ultimate aesthetique evil was, and remains, not kitsch but vulgarity.

    Kundera then discusses Camus who, after Sartre’s political savaging and the envy and hate he earned from his Nobel Prize, had to live with the contempt of the Parisian intellectuals. It was made worse by the marks of vulgarity he carried on his person: poor origins, illiterate mother, a pied noir sympathizing with other pieds noirs, his philosophical dilettantism. He is a peasant in his Sunday best, gloves in hand, his hat still upon his head, entering for the first time the salon. The others turn away: they know who they are dealing with. Not only did he not know what he should think (he did not praise progress and sympathized with the Algerian French) but he behaved badly in the salons: he was vulgar.

    In Kundera’s view there is no worse aesthetic fault. As Barbey d’Aurevilly, France’s leading literary critic of the time, wrote, “[Flaubert's] L’Éducation Sentimentale is characterized mainly by vulgarity. In our opinion there are already enough vulgar souls in the world, vulgar spirits, vulgar things, without adding to the overwhelming flood of disgusting vulgarity.”

    “I remember the first weeks of my emigration,” writes Kundera. “Stalinism had already been condemned universally, everyone was ready to understand the tragedy which the Russian occupation represented for my country and saw me in a halo of respectable sadness. I remember sitting in a bar facing a Parisian intellectual who had supported me and helped me a lot. It was our first meeting in Paris and I could see great words floating in the air above us: persecution, Gulag, liberty, exile from your native land, courage, resistance, totalitarianism, police terror. Wishing to dispel the kitsch of these solemn spectres I began to explain that the fact of being followed, of having police bugging of our flats, had taught us the delicious art of hoaxing. A friend of mine and myself and swapped flats and identities; he, a great ladies man, supremely indifferent to the microphones, had realized his greatest exploits in my studio. Given that the most difficult moment in of every histoire amoreuse is the breaking off, my emigration came at just the right time for him. One day, les demoiselles et les dames having found the apartment closed, and without my name, I was in the act of sending, from Paris and bearing my own signature, little letters of goodbye to seven women I had never seen.

    “I wanted to amuse this man who was so dear to me but his face darkened and he said to me (and it was like the blade of a guillotine), “I don’t think that is funny.”

    We remained friends without becoming close. The memory of our first meeting serves as a key to understand our long unstated dissension: what separated us was the collision of two aesthetic attitudes: the man allergic to kitsch coming up against the man allergic to vulgarity.”

    To my mind there is a world of difference between accusing someone of racism, as David recently accused Trump (I don’t believe he is), and accusing him of vulgarity. Has the racism charge been rescinded and replaced by *this*? Is it a like-for-like exchange?

    It reminds me of a discussion here about the Eurovision a few years ago. Some commenters were appalled by Dustin the Turkey’s entry. Although the contest is a joke they couldn’t see the funny side.

    Whatever about Kundera’s analysis I think the aversion to vulgarity is more down to heartfelt extravert attitudes to etiquette. Has anyone noticed how failing to hold a door open for the person behind you, even if he is a couple of blocks away, is now almost a criminal offence? Almost as bad as forgetting your poppy.

    “hippy dippy tech evangelism”

    Are these the same hippy dippies David wants to attract to Dublin?

    “lots of ‘serious’ people dismissed [Trump's chances} as a fantasy"

    Agreed. Brexit and now this - they haven't got a clue. And then there's Tubbers talking about reading books about Germany in the 1930s. What is the parallel?

    I think the economic explanation is exaggerated. I am surely not the only person alive who would vote not on economic grounds but because I don't want my country changed out of recognition for absolutely no good reason except that our media think it is some kind of moral duty (the same thing as no good reason) and without being asked. As I keep saying, we are dealing with psychology and the irrational. Looking for reasons in terms of economics or whatever won't get you far. (I'm talking about the liberals here, by the way, not the 'racists'.) I am becoming convinced that the liberal Utopia is an enormous fantasy, and we know what happens when fantasy and reality collide. And I really mean a proper fantasy, the kind of thing where reason is suspended, evidence becomes invisible and other evidence is pulled out of thin air to take its place, and dissent is not tolerated. This seems to be pattern of all fantasies, whether you are talking about children's homes or the climate.

    To get an idea of the fantasy angle, in terms of reason, evidence and fairnmess, look, say, at immigration, for just one example. The so-called refugees (immigrants) are continually being 'tricked' by evil 'people traffickers' who are so evil and greedy that they don't even provide seaworthy boats. Why are the boats unsafe and liable to sink? Could this perhaps be related to the fact that if they were seaworthy and they docked in Greece or Sicily they would be told to turn around and sail away? Why must one dig for this information?

    Or drugs for another two examples. First, 'The war on drugs is unwinnable.' What war? Go back to 1971 (I think) in Britain and the govt. report (whose name escapes me) was anything but a declaration of war. Second: the weird dichotomy between the innocent 'recreational user' and the evil supplier. Some mysterious transubstantiation takes place when the drugs are in transit. They are always evil, of course. Remember Minister Varadkar's description of care workers in St Attracta's in Roscommon, where Prime Time got some pictures of shouting and manhandling? They weren't just evil but *pure* evil. Am I the only person to have noticed this? (I think so.) Listen out for this word. It is a staple of fantasies, or at least this seems to have been Richard Webster's opinion.

    Back to the article. Was it the white working class that swung it? I am dubious. I keep hearing and reading that the 'Hispanics' voted for Hillary and that the same people also voted for Donald. And this seems to be happening for all of the voting statistics.

    And here is another thing I have been looking at, the 'groping' allegations made by a number of women against Trump in the wake of the notorious recording. The most serious seems to have been by Jill Harth who says she was first groped in 1993, yet she is reported as [very important qualification that] as dating him five years later and emailing him after he announced his candidacy saying that she wanted to be part of ‘Team Trump’. I haven’t had time to look at this in any depth, but it appears to fit the pattern.

    Oh yes, one last thing. ‘Er Indoors reports that Tommy Tiernan was on the telly at the weekend and said he didn’t believe in the epidemic of obesity which we are repeatedly told is raging all around us. I mentioned this a couple of times myself as there is a… (what’s the phrase?)… a ‘cognitive dissonance’ between the story and what my eyes see.

    • coldblow

      Correction: ‘In Kundera’s fault there was not worse aesthetic fault *in France*’

      That comment went on a bit, didn’t it?

  28. mike flannelly


    During michael noonans wet fart banking inquiry Dan O Brien told us that the media are just generalists that were unable to hold the bankers to account.
    He told us that the economic community were more to blame. Blame and witch hunt are not the best forms of problem solving.

    The economics community is far more culpable than the media in failing to see the crash coming and, in particular, in failing to see the risks in the banking sector.” – Dan O Brien at the Irish wet fart banking inquiry.

    Failing to measure the victims is causing major problems all over the world wheather its immigration, a rent/housing crisis, public health service, a banking debt crisis or public service costs.

    In Quality Assurance there is a saying that you dont set targets without providing methods.

    Brexit and Trump were a result of voters who measured themselves as victims of immigration with no transparent measurement of solutions . They measured their quality of living, services and soaring welfare costs. The majority of Brexit and Trump voters did not see the immigrants as victims, but costs. Out of control immigration and dishonest non transparent policy makers is all they saw.

    In the rental/housing crisis, the renters are victims and landlords are monsters. The results of the residential tenancies board jugements would concur with this common assumption. The information provided to measure rental victims is quiet poor. In Ireland investment rental houses/apts were historically and predominantly used for servicing workers rather than couples and social housing needs. In 1995 when a house cost 3.5 times one annual income, a room in a three bed house would be 50 pounds/wk from your 220 pound wage. It is now 100euro/wk from a 450 euro wage even though the house now costs 7 times one annual income.

    ASTI tell us that school teachers earning 50,000e/yr for part time seasonal work during some of autumn, winter and spring are the greatest victims since 1913. We have a duty of care to take asti seriously so we must measure these victims.

    Equality and wage recovery measurement of victims. Recovery we are told is the return to the way things were in 2008. In 2008 irish banks overvalued the debt on land banks by 900% and apartments by 200% thus pushing up a false sustainable affoardability. The government got 40% from all new developments and paid public servants accordingly with their business model. Hence FEMPI.The people that overvalued debt by 900% are still in government circles and have zero reliability with regards to affordability.

    Measure ALL the compensation costs of public servants.

    You have to measure the Jam, pension costs and gross wage costs. Money out.

    There are 900 add ons for public servant wages so these would be the jam. Politicians in Ireland get 28,000e more than the european average. That is their jam.

    Irish victims(all costs) must be measured against our competitor countries nursing, policing and
    Teacher costs for the benifit of all 4.5 million stake holders.

    The SERVICE of the irish health care system including nursing costs( plus pensions)per 1000 population must be measured against Spain, France, Portugal, Poland and the UK.

    4.5 million Irish citizens are the stakeholders and we have to measure our victims transparently.

    Im all for equal pay for equal work. No extra payments/public costs for JAM.

    School teacher victims earn 37euro per hour. DMW tells us that housing costs are driving the victim revolt. A plastering company will charge 25euro per hour for non secure employment ,while providing a work premises, insurance, wear and tear of equipment plus pay all their pension costs above their contributory pension.

    7 times a public servants wage gives them a 350000e mortgage.

    7 times average wage gives a 245000e mortgage.

    We must measure our victims correctly.

  29. Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue?

    Why not rescue the whole world while he’s at it.

    Go back to the currency gold standard. A value of 10-20,000 dollars per ounce will probably work.

  30. redriversix

    Trump is a disaster

    Hillary just could not connect with people.

    If working class Americans think Trump is going to change their lives for the better , their wrong.

    Trump will be as much into War as the next idiot, neocons and the military industrial complex will continue with their Empire building.

    America fights for resources, America has no hope of paying down debt, nor any desire..

    If he does get funding for infrastructure projects ,that would be great, it’s financed through interest free federal funding and repaid over decades in sales & labour taxes and taxes collected from material purchased to complete the projects ,maybe tolls as well.

    Obama tried to do the infrastructural projects but was closed down by republicans as they stated ad nausem about putting future generations in debt.

    American total military spending is 1.2 trillion out of a annual budget of 3 trillion.
    If they close all or most of the overseas bases ( almost 400 ) and bring back troops from overseas that would save a serious amount of money.

    and make the World a safer place .

    The last time republican had this much power was in 1928 … you all know what happened after that… could have been bad luck though ..????

    In 4 years Trump will be deciamated and the musical chairs and illusions of freedom & choice will continue….


    • michaelcoughlan

      “American total military spending is 1.2 trillion out of a annual budget of 3 trillion”

      Jesus Mary and Holy Saint Joseph!

      “If he does get funding for infrastructure projects ,that would be great, it’s financed through interest free federal funding and repaid over decades in sales & labour taxes and taxes collected from material purchased to complete the projects ,maybe tolls as well.”

      Doubt if it will be enough.

      George Carlin Illusion of choice;

    • McCawber

      You need the jacks roll lesson.
      Years ago I started to buy non white toilet roll.
      The reason-
      I knew for certain dioxins were used to bleach the paper to get it white.
      Dioxins as you know can cause cancer.
      Whereas Dioxins may be used in making dyed or off white paper, I didn’t know that for certain.
      Enough said?

  31. mike flannelly

    Rte generalists tell us that if you overpay one group of workers then you have to overpay all workers in Ireland. That is the Rte measurement. They call it the genie is out of the bottle.

    Rte have NEVER measured all the costs of our services.
    They allow Liam Doran state that our health system is understaffed.

    Junior cert students would understand that you have a duty of care to measure the staffing levels of our health system against France, Spain, Portugal, UK and Poland.

    Rte need to measure our victims with competitor countries and not one overpaid group.

  32. Pat Flannery

    Can a single nation enjoy free trade and restrict immigration at the same time? UK & US think so, EU thinks not. It will be decided by EU.

    • michaelcoughlan


      Just curious?

      Why didn’t you stick with your first love journalism instead of going over to the dark side accountancy when you could have made a much better contribution as a journalist?


      • Pat Flannery

        michaelcoughlan: because I would have had to REALLY go over to the dark side in corporate journalism to make a living while accountancy is a very valuable skill if you work for yourself as I did and not for a corporation in any capacity.

        You are right about accountancy being a dark art. I found that out shortly after qualifying in London. But it was in Dublin I saw just how dark it really is. That was why I went to America.

        I swore I would never work for anybody but myself ever again and I didn’t. I survived in America on my own for 38 years without “a job”. Nor did I ever take a penny from government, I still haven’t. I paid my taxes and maintained my health insurance.

        I could not have survived on my own like that in either Ireland or England. God bless America. It is truly the land of the free. It is up to you. Dark or light.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Thanks pat. This is your most important post I feel. You very simply pointed out that it’s the citizens own responsibility to make what he can of himself and stop blaming others.

          I have decided to leave Ireland next year Pat for the same reason you did except I must be slower than you because I waited until my mid 40′s.

          Boo whoo.

          • Pat Flannery

            michaelcoughlan: it took me a while too. I was 34 when I finally left having worked here for 8 long years.

            I didn’t want to go but found that there was no place for an honest accountant and it has only gotten worse. I tried everything but was stymied at every turn. There was no whistleblower protection back then, certainly no fraud squad, not that there is one today, the Gardaí remain obedient clerks drawing their pay.

            Just to give you an idea of how it all worked, every bank manager in the country was “skimming” for his bigger business clients. One could not make branch manager in any Irish bank unless you were willing to routinely split lodgments between an invisible offshore account and a visible domestic account for your customers. An honest bank manager would have had no customers, skimming was the norm.

            As a result, every chartered accountancy firm in Ireland, big or small, to remain in business, was knowingly signing false audited accounts. Thus the owner of every “respectable” business in every town around Ireland was skimming profits with the help of the banking and accountancy professionals, while the legal professionals remained silent, when not actively involved themselves.

            So, the Irish banks did not become rotten in recent decades, they were rotten in the ’70s and probably rotten since the foundation of the State.

            Irish businessmen were offshoring their profits long before the Americans even thought about it, except that the Irish lads did not actually have to send anything offshore, just lodge their takings down the street at the nearest bank, who took care of it all for them.

            I know all of this first hand as a former CEO who tried to compete while remaining honest, but failed.

            It is more than taking responsibility for oneself Michael and not blaming others, it is a matter of conscience and living with oneself. I think I have succeeded with that. It is worth all the money in the world.

          • Thanks for your comments Pat.

          • michaelcoughlan

            Hi Pat,

            That post demonstrates breathtaking courage. I found tears in my eyes when I read it. I felt so sorrow for you initially but my real lament is for Ireland.

            I know I am making the right decision more than ever reading this one post that If I only achieve one more goal in life and that is ensure my three kids are not raised Irish from this point forward (since It was good that their formative years were spent here) it is the most important gift I could give them more than anything else.

            My sincere regards,


          • Pat Flannery

            michaelcoughlan: yes, the real sorrow is for Ireland, or at least for those who stay and make no effort to change it. Most don’t care. Those who do, leave.

            It is never too late Michael. I left Dublin with a wife and three small children. We brought nothing with us to California but our plane luggage. I had no job, nor any offer of a job, just a determination to get away from the deep moral hypocrisy which was Ireland.

            I never again would have to watch the crooked elite of Dublin in Deerpark, Castleknock where I lived, parade their studied piety at mass and Holy Communion every Sunday. Crooks make such good Eucharistic Ministers you know. It is all part of the show.

            I don’t know how old your kids are but if they go to college in Ireland they will be lucky to graduate without becoming alcoholics. San Diego is a favorite destination for Irish J-1ers. Many if not most of those I meet are already addicted to alcohol and display very low standards of public behavior. It may be cool to fit the maximum number of “f” words into a conversation on a Dublin bus, but not in California.

            Good luck with your kids. I am confident you will not regret it. I didn’t. Not for one moment. But it will be tough.

  33. [...] Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue? ( [...]

  34. Beyond the pale with the social media. All these jokers with their threats of violence should be rounded up and brought to court. Free speech has a limit when threats of injury and harm are made.

  35. When alien entities control the nations money supply , de facto, the nation loses economic sovereignty.
    When the state in turn bans the use of cash the citizen loses individual sovereignty.

    The control of money is the fast route to slavery.

    That is why I advocate free money and the right of individuals to use what ever money they desire. A free people have always used gold and silver. Whenever the state controlled the money the result was undue taxation and lost of freedom leading to tyranny.

    So let us hope Trump sets constitutional minded judges into the supreme court who will re-establish constitutional money of precious metal coin and paper money backed by the PM’s. That is, propel the use of honest money rather than the paper Ponzi scheme operated by the Federal Reserve in favour of the bankers rather than the people.

  36. Meet Judy Shelton
    Posted November 15th, 2016 at 11:11 AM (CST) by Bill Holter & filed under Bill Holter.

    Dear CIGAs,

    As we spoke of in our last interview and my last article, “meet Judy Shelton”. Please read the following as Ms. Shelton appears to be part of the Trump administration. Could she be senior economic advisor, or even Fed chair? Who knows but she is a sound money advocate and has her head screwed on correctly. If you do not know of her now, I believe you soon will!

    Bill Holter

    “”In terms of gold being involved, some people may think of that as a throwback, but I see it as a sophisticated, forward-looking approach because gold is neutral and it’s universal. It’s a well-accepted monetary surrogate that transcends borders and time. If you look at the foreign reserves of the most important countries, they keep them mostly in gold. I don’t want to read too much into it, but it proves that gold is not some barbarous relic.”"…Judy Shelton.

    ””You can’t homogenize the cost of labor or labor standards or environmental standards. But what you can do is address the problems of our international monetary system.”"

    “”Currency manipulation is like saying you’re competing in the 100-meter dash, and at the last minute one runner gets to redefine a meter as a centimeter, and still be declared the winner.”"

    “”The fact that Trump is a builder and a businessman makes me confident that he can bring his track record of finishing projects on time and under budget to the federal government. It’s the wasteful government spending that ends up being the problem.”"

    With policy makers like this Trump will save Europe and the world. Let us hope he chooses his team wisely. I live in hopeful expectation so far!!

  37. “Conclusion
    The political upheaval of Donald Trump is best understood through the lens of economic erosion suffered by the vast majority of people. If a democracy is measured in how well it serves the interests of the majority, the United States is not a democracy at all.

    Of course, nearly everyone already knows this. But it’s been all but unspeakable in polite circles to say so.

    Now, it is finally becoming okay to voice”

  38. Will Trump ride to Europe’s rescue?

    After due consideration I have decide that is the wrong question. It is indicative of an expectation that somebody else is going to fix your problem. The question should be asking “are we going to recognize that we have a problem. Can we identify the problem . What are WE going to do about it.

    The socialist mine set always looks for some else to not only fix the problem but pay for it too.

  39. Truthist

    @ Michael Coughlin,
    I am not a fan of Communism — neither in Theory nor in Practise — when it is the total system for a society ;

    But, I do see Communism’s usefulness & / or worthiness for :

    civil service ;
    There to be no permanent Civil Servants.
    Rather, every Citizen must do national service for some years in :
    their late teens into their 20′s
    & later if applicable
    their middle-years
    & later again if applicable
    their senior-years.
    When in that national service tenure, they are a Civil Servant.

    times of emergency ;
    “All hands on deck”

    By the way, the vast majority of what u wrote in those most recent posts I agree with.

  40. Truthist

    Links from Henry Makow’s — Ref. — Twitter page :
    Poll: 80% of Americans do not want U.S. aid going to Israel
    Lawsuit aims to help
    Putin’s purge ;
    Russian leader sends chilling message to political elite with round-up of top officials
    Economic minister Alexei Ulyukaev’s detention on corruption charges has sent shock-waves throughout Russia’s elite.
    NOVEMBER 13, 2016
    How a Rogue Alliance
    betrayed the Rothschild’s
    attempted to hijack the One World Government
    By JC Collins

  41. Truthist

    The notion that Freemasonry “locally” rules Ireland — both The Irish State + The North East of our Country — is FACT !
    A useful handle for getting to know so is in this extract from recent essay by Ms. Judith Duffy.
    And, it has to be acknowledged that regardles whether u agree with her sentiments or analysis or not, she does write very well.
    I for one am given to reading with interest some writers whom I totally disagree with on sentiment & analysis because they are worth reading for use of argument, style, & also because it is often necessary to “kindle one’s own arguments” 8-).
    And, also because of useful information & misinformation to be gleaned.
    And, also because one should occasionally explore territory for to learn if one was in the wrong territory beforehand
    “I could be wrong.”
    EXTRACT from essay given within my most recent post [ See above, my post to Grzegorz ].
    British Rothschild Zio-Masonry sponsored this Orange rebellion, which led to the partition of Ireland in 1923.

    The treaty that codified that partition stated that no new laws enacted by the new nominally independent Irish state could in any way affect the protection of Freemasonry in the new country.

    To this day, the Dublin Masonic Grand Temple in Dublin sits opposite the Irish Dail Eireann (Irish Parliament).

    When Ian Paisley met the then Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Bertie Ahern, in 2007, he greeted him with the words “I want to give this man a good grip”, at which point the two men exchanged what looked suspiciously like a Masonic handshake.[4] Brian Cowen replaced Ahern as Taoiseach in 2008, and within days of his elevation was caught on a live microphone in Dail Eireann calling the then leader of the opposition and his colleagues “Freemason F…ers”

    [ I’d provide a reference for this story if I could find one, but although Cowen’s outburst was reported in all the major Irish media at the time, it appears to have been subsequently comprehensively scrubbed from the Internet ! ].

    A few months later, a huge financial and banking crisis hit Cowen’s government, And in 2011 he was removed from office in a media-orchestrated coup.
    Enda Kenny, the leader of the “Freemason f…ers”, took his place as Taoiseach in the general election that followed and is still Taoiseach today.

    Anglo-Masonry rules the roost in the Republic of Ireland every bit as much as it does in the north of Ireland, if not more so.

    Revelation by Truthis ;
    There are Freemason Lodges in most — if not all — the prestigious schools of Ireland.
    Certainly in Blackrock College.

  42. Truthist

    Where was the Secret Service when :
    #AssassinateTrump was trending ?
    #RapeMelania were trending ?
    That is one hell of an indictment on the FEMINISTS of Ireland ! ;
    Hyprocites !
    Big News Network
    16 November 2016

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