November 10, 2016

America reaps a whirlwind for undermining its middle classes

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We all now know what has happened in America, but the big question is not what has happened, but why it is happening? In order to answer this question, we have to look much deeper into the campaign, the insults and the upsets. We have to explore the economic, demographic and political forces that have come together in a perfect electoral storm in the land of the free.

I can think of no better place to assess this than here in New York, in the back of an imported Korean car. I am in an Uber, driven by Sadique, who is from Bangladesh and at college by night, driving by day. We are avoiding potholes, heading uptown on 3rd Avenue towards 125th Street in Harlem, the new Times Square. Sadique has only been here for three weeks. I remember a time when you needed to know New York to drive a cab. Like London cabbies of old, you needed the knowledge, an exam and a permit. Today, all you need is a car and a smartphone with Google Maps.

Many years ago as an itinerant economics student, I too worked here. I washed dishes on Bleeker Street. Had Uber been around then, I’d probably have been an Uber driver. But would I have been heading to Harlem in the mid-1980s? I doubt it!

New York has changed — and so too has America.

Every time I visit, a new nationality is driving cabs or running corner shops. From month to month, some new app revolutionises the way something is done, from music to journalism to travel. Each disruption enriches some and impoverishes others. Just think what Uber is doing to taxi drivers. What was once permanent is now transitory, what was once secure is now fragile and what was once a full-time income is now a part-time top-up.

Geographically, the place is in a constant state of flux. Every few months, some neighbourhood is being spruced up and sold on to hipsters – the hirsute prodigal sons of investment bankers. Old tribes move on, new ones move in. All the while, asset markets go ever higher, helping the rich, who own assets, get richer, while those who depend on wages become relatively poorer and more insecure.

his bubbling witch’s brew of change, immigration, disruptive technology and winners and losers simmers away, unnoticed until suddenly it spills over to scald the US political mainstream.

This may not always be apparent, but in the same way as Irish teenagers washing dishes in the 1980s told us something about Reagan’s America, the Bangladeshi lad driving the Uber tells the story of Obama’s country.

Yet all this is changing.

Back in the 1980s, when I was toiling away in the kitchens of Manhattan earning expensive dollars to bring back home to Ireland, the Fed was right in the middle of its war on inflation. The strong dollar was an essential part of this offensive.

Beginning with Paul Volker in 1981 and for two decades thereafter, the Fed fought a campaign against inflation called “opportunistic disinflation”.

The Fed welcomed recessions when they inevitably happened, because the downturn would compress wages and prices through unemployment. A corollary of this thesis was that the Fed should pre-emptively tighten in recoveries, prompted by leading indicators of rising inflation, rather than rising inflation itself.

Such pre-emptive strikes would ‘lock in’ the cyclical disinflationary gains wrought by the preceding recession. Each recession squeezed relative wages downwards, so that when workers finally got back up following a recession, they started each new upswing at lower wages. Therefore, each recession was seen by the Fed as an opportunity to squeeze a little bit more inflation out of the system.

All the while, the working man lost out as wages fell and the corporate man gained as profits rose. Such a massive switch from labour to capital, underpinned the massive bull-run we have seen in asset prices over the past 25-odd years.

The cyclical disinflation process was boosted by two huge secular events that drove inflation permanently lower and stocks higher: the emergence of China and Nafta (the North American Free Trade Agreement) – the two bête noirs of the Trump campaign.

Both the emergence of China and the implementation of Nafta pitted the American worker not against the American capitalist but against third-world workers as US companies outsourced.

The political cost of these developments has been the gradual erosion of the working man’s wages and the marked amplification of inequality. With workers’ incomes held down by China and Mexico, a much bigger percentage of American ‘value added’ went to profit, not wages, rewarding asset owners as opposed to wage earners, allowing corporate America to drive down American wages with the help of Chinese and Mexican workers.

Back in the US, only through increased personal indebtedness could US consumption be maintained, which is what happened.

However, the social cost of so much personal debt is a heightened level of economics insecurity.

Ultimately, the Fed won its 20-year war on inflation but at a cost of greater social inequality, which would come back to dominate this presidential campaign.

The undermining of the American working- and lower middle-class was not the unintended consequence of policy; it was the aim of policy – and now America is paying for it.

This is what has happened in the US and this is what is behind this election result.

As we pull up to 125th street, Sadique is still talking cricket – a game alien to the locals. The fare is docked virtually. No money changes hands and, in the process, another faceless middleman – this time the old-fashioned bank employee – loses out.

But the downsized bank teller is not just a number. In a fractious democracy, he is another disgruntled voter, another voice for change and another frustrated ballot-box warrior demanding a new direction.

As I head towards Harlem’s famous Apollo Theatre, Sadique is already answering his next Uber client. I wonder if this intrepid young Asian has any idea the impact he, his iPhone and his ambition is having on America and how he will profoundly affect America’s future path.


  1. “As we pull up to 125th street, Sadique is still talking cricket – a game alien to the locals”
    Cricket has a long history in New York, I recommend reading Joseph O’Neill’s brilliant “Netherland” which, though a novel, features the then and now of NY cricket very prominently.

  2. McCawber

    Utopia beckons.
    David you have just painted a very frightening version.
    It should be a wake up call for us all.
    It’s too early for an analysis but will Trumps version be more hopeful than the current path.

  3. Deco

    The undermining of the American working- and lower middle-class was not the unintended consequence of policy; it was the aim of policy – and now America is paying for it.


    It is called Ponzieconomics. And the Clintons (you buy one, and the other gets thrown in for free ) are up to their necks in it. One only has to look at the donors, and endorsements.

    Ponzi-politics has been the dominant ideology since Gorbachev took over a weakening Soviet Union in the 1980s, in the US.

    And since the introduction of the Treaty of Maastricht in Europe.

    Of course, it is impossible to sell a society a political ideology that merely accentuates a unsustainable societal arrangement. One should expect a conservative backlash from those concerned about the human institutions, and a leftist backlash from those who have to deal with repressed wages.

    In this midst the ideal political alliance was born. The superficially liberal, ultra-consumerist, well connected who bought into the doctrine of the furthering of the self (without wider consequences to others) were involved in a power struggle on the centre left in America and Britain. They talked about society and were for sale when it came to ripping it asunder. The power in 1990 rested with the centre right, because they had the oney and the media support. The centre left gradually moved into power, as a false alternative, ensuring that the same financial sector ponzi-racketeers did better than ever. The people were sold a pup.

    Bill Clinton could talk the language of the left, pull in a massive vote from naive fools watching TV, and deliver policies for the very wealthy.

    Blair did the same in Britain.

    And Ahern did the same in Ireland. And just in case he didn’t IBEC had the PDs in the cabinet as a garrison to keep him in his place.

    The media loved all three, because the media was flush with money.

    And the new left also delivered a powerful, corrupt, institutional arrangement for the leading advocates.

    The whole thing was driven by debt, conspicious consumerism, television, and corruption.

    And it collapsed in a heap in 2008.

    And the solution provided was – re-ponzification of the debt.

    The official story provided by those in the media and in state power, is a load of nonsense.

    The corruption in America is now so bad that the only major mainstream outlet covering Wikileaks is Fox News.

    Now, in Ireland we are thought to regard it as socially unacceptable to watch Fox News. And in large parts of America, the smae continual message is relentlessly hammered home.

    But we have to get real here. Forget the social constructs. They are used to ensure our continual denial of information.

  4. Ponzieconomics. A great word, which I shall immediately steal.

    I have been following Pyjamas Media over the course of the election, and they have shown how deeply intertwined the mainstream TV news services and the Democratic Party are. News journalists are supposed to be neutral between R and D, but they have not been for the past 30 years.

    If Trump is serious about the corruption that the Clintons exemplified, he should open a RICO investigation on the Clinton Foundation.

    • Deco

      They are a nuetral as their pay packets. And that is fine. As long as there is a public honesty about this. There is no honesty about it.

      Instead there is a veneer of sanctimonious nseering about anybody who does not buy the message that they are paid to sell.

      Why it took this long for people to state something in line with the obvious is baffling.

  5. Deco

    Interesting critique of Hillary Clinton by Christopher Hitchens. In my mind Hitchens has been one of the most incisive minds on politics in the US in the past two decades. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to see the Wikileaks revelations.

    And of Bill Clinton, by Christopher Hitchens again. This time he is devastating.

    And that is a critique of a family who nearly got into power, despite
    - enormous corruption
    - enormous vote rigging to stop Sanders
    - a lifetime of lying
    - rather dubious links to donors
    - voting machines owned by one of those donors, when one of those donors has a track record in manipulating politicians
    - enormous media power
    - complete support from “celebrity culture icons” who are often shallow, and superficial, but who do influence those of lower IQ, and under the age of 30.

    “The rage of the entitled” is an essential element in the dominant mentality of the Democratic Party leadership. Now, what I find amazing is the failure to discuss this. It produces debacles like Libya, IRS audits for supports of political rivals, and the Clinton Foundation.

    A similar mentality exists in FF, the GP, the ILP.

    One of the points made by Hitchens is that the “liberal” media commentariat can be bought. And they are readily “bought”.

    The fact that the a significant proportion of the population, are in open rebellion against corrupt political party machines, and corrupt media organizations, is a relief.

    • Pat Flannery

      Deco, IMHO Hitchens was second only to Thomas Paine (for an Englishman) in his influence on American life. Like Tom he should be remembered and honored for educating the ordinary American people about matters that were previously considered beyond their humble understanding. One of Chris’s great strengths as a journalist was not accepting “fed” stories.

      In my California journalist/blogger days I always tried to identify the hand that fed each story to the media. Usually it was not too difficult. A few innocent follow-up phone calls doing fact-checks on a press release usually gave me a pretty good idea who wanted the story out. Then it was up to me to figure out the why. Usually that was fairly easy too. Unfortunately most reporters are lazy (or bought) and just print the press release.

      Fortunately however in America it is still easy to get on PIO’s press conference/press release lists. Not so in Ireland. And THAT is a real problem. There are just no good news blogs here. There are a million “opinion” columnists, but no meat on the journalistic bone. Not even on DMcW’s wide ranging bone.

      • Deco

        I enjoy the ability of Hitchens to combine combine common sense, logic, complete disrepect for lies, and a beautiful sense of irony.

        He was a legend, and the world is much poorer without him.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        You were a journalist, Pat?! You have never mentioned that here! Please attach a link to what you consider to be an article of yours that you are most happy about, I’ll read it with pleasure

        • coldblow

          Good question, Grzegorz. I will be surprised if he links to anything.

          • Pat Flannery

            I was Political Correspondent for the “Irish News and Entertainment” in Los Angeles during the ‘90s and early 2000s. I replaced Niall Dowd who left to start his own newspaper on the East Coast.

            It was a print-only newspaper and like many at the time did not have an online edition. It is now defunct as its owner died of cancer.

            But you can call John Hume, Gerry Adams, George Mitchel and many other prominent people whom I interviewed on my many trips to Belfast, Dublin and elsewhere for the paper.

            Unfortunately you can no longer call Albert Reynolds who was always available to me and most helpful during that difficult time. He will always have a special place in my heart. For me his 1993 Downing Street Declaration was the founding Charter for the Peace Process and it was Albert who skillfully maneuvered a reluctant Bill Clinton into getting involved on the Irish side, as yet an untold story.

            Or you can just browse through my “Blog of San Diego” which I published from 2004 to 2010. It is still up there because I am told it remains an important source of information for local journalists even today

            Or just call any San Diego journalist and ask about me. Better still why not call San Diego’s Mayor, Kevin Faulconer.

            I hope that helps.

          • coldblow

            Sorry for doubting you, Pat. I’m pleased to see another real person on the blog, which is being trolled.

            Here’s Rory Connor’s explanation for the fall of the Reynolds government:


          • McCawber

            Albert’s role in the peace process has never been acknowledged.
            Bertie made sure of that.

          • Pat Flannery

            McCawber: It was Bertie who orchestrated the whole thing!

            I was in Leinster House throughout those hectic days back in November 1994 and had a front-row seat for the whole nasty affair. I watched as Bertie pocketed the note warning Albert of the trap just before he got up to make the speech that hanged him.

            I watched a staff messenger run down the steps inside the Chamber and hand a folded note to the front bench member nearest the stairs. I watched as each front bench member looked at to whom it was addressed and passed it along, all except Bertie.

            Sitting next to Albert he quickly pocketed it. That note would have changed history. Albert would never have given the speech Bertie and others had concocted for him. The peace process would have happened much faster and cleaner. I remember being devastated because I knew the implications. Albert owned Bill Clinton and the Brits were desperate.

            I had personal access to Celia Larkin during those hectic days. I had spent time with them together in San Diego in 1993 where they had let their hair down and enjoyed themselves safely away from the Irish media. I respected their privacy even though I could have filed a hot story with any Irish outlet. I think they appreciated that.

            Bertie was Minister for Finance at the time and we talked only politics. I remember urging him to refinance Ireland’s long-term debt with much lower interest short-term bonds, as was the trend in America. I explained to him that the big brokerage firms loved short term stuff because it turned over faster generating repeat income for the brokerage houses; he would increase his fiscal space by cutting Ireland’s interest bill dramatically. Apparently he paid a visit to the Government broker as soon as he returned.

            I knew he was after Albert’s job but that is normal politics. What I hadn’t bargained on was Celia’s ruthless ambition. I believe her whisperings played a significant part in forming the conspiracy and setting the trap for Albert.

            The sad part is that nobody on that front bench, nor anybody in the press gallery who clearly saw what I saw, has uttered a word ever since. They did then what they will do now for The Donald, get down on their knees and fight for the best licking position.

            That is the true nature of our species, survivors. Happy licking.

          • coldblow


            That is fascinating.

            Here’s a link to the Dail Debates for that day (16 Nov 1994):


            This is p4 and Pat Rabbittes allegation of the existence of a document that would rock the foundations of the Irish society. You can move onto further pages for what was said later in the day.

            Here are extracts from Fintan O’Toole’s book describing the hysteria:


            My understanding is that it was down to the blind hysteria of the witch hunt but you argue that it was a deliberate act by Ahern.

            Could you elaborate a little? What was the note about, do you suppose? Was it to warn Reynolds that they knew he had already known about the existence of a supposed precedent (the Duggan case – it wasn’t) where a ‘monk’ (in fact a teacher as it turned out) had been extradited before for a ‘historic’ crime (from memory, like the rest here, – I can check O’Connor’s Irish Salem site – it was relatively recent)? (The reasoning for the importance of all this being that the claim was that Reynolds’s govt had deliberately delayed Brendan Smyth’s extradition to the North because of secret pressure from the ‘Hierarchy’.)

            Can you point out when, perhaps stating the page in the Dail Debates, this note was passed along the front bench?

          • coldblow

            Also, I wasn’t aware of Celia’s role in this. She sounds a bit like Michael Gove’s missus.

          • Pat Flannery

            Coldblow: The note-passing incident took place on Tuesday 16th November 1994 immediately prior to Albert Reynolds rising to read a letter dated the previous day Monday 15th November 1994 from Eoghan Fitzsimons the new AG.

            During those days the Fianna Fail Ministers, including Bertie, were all fully involved in the management of the Brendan Smyth crisis. They all knew that Dick Spring wanted to switch to Bruton and Fine Gael in an effort to avoid the inevitable election fate of a minority party in a coalition government.

            It was naturally assumed that everybody on the FF side, including Bertie, was trying everything to keep Spring in the FF/Lab coalition Government. Nobody reckoned on Bertie’s extreme deviousness. Nobody suspected that he was willing to bring down the Government in which he was Minister for Finance in order to gain leadership of the FF Party.

            “The most skillful, the most devious, the most cunning of them all” Bertie, knew that this was probably his best chance to get on a sure pathway to Taoiseach, while any scruples or hesitation he might have had would be severely scorned by his uber-ambitious bed-partner, Ms. Larkin.

            On Tuesday the 16th, during the routine preamble to Dail business, prior to Reynolds getting on his feet to read the Eoghan Fitzsimons letter, it was discovered by Reynolds’ private secretary that Fitzsimons had tipped off Spring about the timing of his FF briefing regarding the Duggan case. Leinster House is like Swiss cheese.

            The Taoiseach’s secretary knew that there was still time for Albert and the whole FF front bench to change tactics. Instead of obfuscating about the timing of the Fitzsimons letter as planned, they could announce a “clarification” to Albert’s statement to the Dail the previous day. It would have been easy to claim confusion within only 24 hours.

            But cunning Bertie immediately recognized the dire consequences (for his ambitions) of warning Reynolds. So he cynically let him go ahead and hang himself on Monday’s flawed statement to the Dail.

            He let unsuspecting Albert duly confirm the opposite to what Bertie knew Fitzsimons had already spilled to Dick Spring regarding the timing of his Duggan case briefing. It was a small thing, but as Albert famously said “it is the small things that trip you up”.

            Albert was a truly classy guy. Too bad he never got to tell his side of the story. While Ahern – well I think we all know what he is.

            Reynolds personally confirmed all this to me in a later interview. I am sorry now I did not electronically record it. Maybe I didn’t because he told me that the sycophant Irish media were already fully aware of it all but would not cross Bertie while he was in power. Although I did take written notes.

          • coldblow

            Thanks for that, Pat. I take it that Albert later confirmed to you that Bertie had exploited his difficulty. I’ll print this out for my notes if that’s ok.

          • Pat Flannery

            coldbow: yes Reynolds confirmed everything I said here and much more besides. His biggest disappointment (and mine) was the sycophant media. They let Bertie get away with everything. You are welcome to print or quote everything I said here, if anybody will listen to you.

    • coldblow

      Deco, I don’t share your admiration for Christopher Hitchens. His brother acknowledges the strength of his intellect and his learning, which is not in doubt, but disagreed with him very strongly on the fundamentals. He has a low opinion of many of those who claimed to be his friends or admirers. One of those is Stephen Fry, who I seem to recall buttonholed Peter after a memorial service for Christopher in orderhis to shower him with abuse.

      Fry was memorably described by Julie Burchill as ‘a stupid person’s idea of what an intelligent person is like’.

      Christopher was an enthusiastic supporter of the Iraq invasion. An old colleague of mine, who had read the Observer for as many years as myself, stopped buying it after reading an article by Christopher severely critical of Islam, although he continued to read the Guardian every day. I stopped reading it a few years later when I realized that it was a load of rubbish. (I only look at the Guardian to see what new depths liberal idiocy has now reached.) I also side with Peter on the matter of religion where he describes some of his brother’s arguments as ‘scarcely intellectually respectable’. In my opinion Christopher went along with received opinion, or what I am increasingly viewing as the Fantasy.

      Here is Peter’s reaction to the election:

      I am less alarmed than him about Trump and I think there is a chance that he might turn out to be much better than the intolerant liberals fear. The latter are now in an intellectual dead end that is both hilarious and pitiful as well as being a frightening example of the power of conventional wisdom and mass delusion. However, Peter Hitchens has often turned out to be right after the event and he could well be right here in his forecast. I note that many on Kunstler’s blog would prefer Trump but would rather Clinton carried the can for their expected crash.

  6. Deco

    I have been following H.A. Goodman on youtube concerning this election.

    His analysis of Wikileaks has been superb and devastating. He has worked extremely hard reading the releases, analyzing the content, and communicating the findings on youtube over the past few weeks.

    In contrast, RTE has barely mentioned Wikileaks once in the entire campaign. We are forced to pay for such nonsense, is an outrage.

    But in any case, we can always find the real story, without such wasteful entities as the official propaganda quango of the oversized institutional state.

  7. michaelcoughlan

    Another super article. One after the other now. It’s like you have achieved a new level of awareness.

    Fuck the Fed first. I mean that sincerely. I hope he drops one of those low yielding nukes right on top of the building and the fuckers inside it.


    • McCawber

      I have that effect on people and I really don’t know why.
      Lol lol
      Seriously tho’ some of the commentary on here is excellent and thought provoking.
      No doubt Mr McW gets some of his inspiration here and the occasional reality check.
      Long may it last.

  8. [...] inflation of the 1970s that saw rising wages and rising inflation being handmaidens. Here’s how David McWilliams described the Fed’s transformation in his retrospective on Trump’s ascendancy [...]

  9. [...] of the 1970s that noticed rising wages and rising inflation being handmaidens. Right here’s how David McWilliams described the Fed’s transformation in his retrospective on Trump’s ascendancy in the present [...]

  10. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Ok, so it’s time to say who got the predictions right and wrong with Trump, when I asked that question a week ago.

    Right: me (with specifically predicting that Trump will win Florida and that that will be decisive)
    Wrong: Adam Byrne, David McWilliams (by writing a few weeks ago that it now looks like Hillary win), Pat Flannery, Enda Kenny and Micheal Martin, all Irish media, most of the other countries media
    Abstained from predicting: the rest


    Tony Brogan was the most vociferous and the earliest Trump supporter here, Truthist and Deco were also supporting Trump from early stages, Michael Coughlan’s position on Trump was closest to mine on that one: dubious and critical of both candidates, with a slight preference to Trump

    Sorry if I missed someone.

    David’s article: I cannot recall any article of his that I would be in agreement so much.

    God bless America.

    • McCawber

      I’ll won’t take offence this time.
      However I am getting a fair bit of slack on another message board I post on.
      You guys are far more civilised.
      I come here to recharge the batteries and to be educated.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        It was not meant to be offensive. Besides, I got the Brexit thing wrong (although let’s wait if Britain really leaves, for around the referendum time I also came up with a loophole regarding Article 50), assuming that it would be rigged.

        Furthermore, I even started toying with an idea that the US election might be rigged too.

        When I am saying that I predicted Trump’s narrow victory based on my analysis on Florida votes (and calculations of what Florida means for the electorate), I do not mean only posting it here and writing about it in Indo before the vote (where I wrote about the “close shave” Brexit scenario – and was amused with the avalanche of letters written on Wednesday about what I had written on Monday): I also mean some serious money I am going to pocket (I am one of those many thanks to whome PaddyPower will have no Christmas party this year :-), with one bet on Trump placed in March and a triple on Real, Nico Rosberg and Trump placed in May.

        MSM tell you about what there was, others tell you what there is – Grzegorz tells you about what there will be ;-)

        P.S. As to those who do not want to recognise the result of the vote – if you are soooo against, go and f…g leave America, emigrate, on yer bikes. People had to emigrate from their countries for more serious reasons than not recognising the result of the election. If you do not recognise the legal system of the country where you were born, either:

        a) try to change it or (if you are a bad loser)
        b) leave

        P.S. II. Stock market going down – f i n a l l y :-)

        God bless America.

        • McCawber

          My brother put fifty euro on Trump to win about six months ago.
          Neither me nor my older brother or our cousin tried to talk him out of it btw.
          He’s buying the next time we meet up but we haven’t told him yet.

          • McCawber

            And even in his darkest hour when Paddy Power were paying out I kept saying Florida to him – I’ve no idea where I got that thought from. lol

    • Deco

      Greg, my support for Trump was on the basis that the Clintons represented corruption, and woeful incompetence.

      It was support by default. The Clintons, and the support they received in the media, represents everything that is failing in liberal America.

      Liberal America is inadequate, if the best if can do is recycle the loser from 2008. Regardless of how many celebrity endorsements, media organization endorsements, and coverups are staged.

      The Clinton Foundation list is a great roll of dishonour, on America’s liberals. And this is explained by the number of hard illiberal entities on that list. Donors like the Saudi Royal Family, and the rule family of Qatar. Plus loads of rich billionaires.

      To be a supporter of the Clintons and call oneself a liberal requires a massive amount of conginitive dissonance about the fact that the Clintons are anti-liberal, when there is money in it.

    • SMOKEY

      You did miss some, I was the first. AND, if you look back, for months on end, weekly, here, my twitter page, I too have said he was the only one of the candidates from the primary election stage onward, who had enough horsepower to win. Never believed the polls, stuck to my guns. As well as that, I have a vote, dont know about the others. VOTED TRUMP BY ABSENTEE BALLOT.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Smokey, your first comment on Trump appears on David’s website on November 16, 2015 at 8:27 am – this the same comment to which I quoted Adam’s prophecy which turned out to be wrong ;-).

        My comment comes up on November 18, 2015 at 12:54 pm under the same article, so yes – you beat me by 2 days :-)

        Here is your comment of November 16 in full bloom:

        “Once Trump is elected and the military build up begins there will be an industry to pull America up again. Lets hope that every bomb lands on fanatical scum accross the globe, particularly Allah loving virgin raping filthy headscarved bastards. Praise the lord and pass the Ammunition.”

        Although I was not actually talking about approving Trump (because in that case, Tony Brogan was first – by writing on October 1 that he approves Trump’s tax plan) – but predicting he will win the election – I made that conditional on him winning the Republican primary, which I thought was unlikely – and I still think that Ben Carson and Ted Cruz were better candidates (but seemingly not media savvy enough to win the primary – that’s democracy for you).

        And before Tony, on September 26, 2015, I wrote the following:

        “I certainly do not share the common view that there is anything particularly extreme about him (was President Obama’s speech in which he said that his Presidency will be remember as the time when the oceans stopped rising, not more extreme?), but to be honest, I would need to hear more from him on macroeconomics to find out whether he actually has any clue (Rand Paul, who has a clue, has so little charisma and sounds so embittered that now even I would not vote for him). You might be shocked to read what I am going to write, but so far the best impression on me was made by Doctor Ben Carson – as a person, as a speaker and actually as potentially someone in charge of foreign relations – he is very careful in what he says, but he does not come across as a wussy – just composed and diplomatic”

        And Reality Check wrote this under the same article:

        ““And I repeat once again – why has America not taken a million or two yet?”
        Grzegorz, beacuse they are shitting themselves at the rise of THE DONALD.
        No sense handing Trumpenkrieg extra oomph”

        And while this is neither an approval for Presidency nor a prediction, it has to be noted that Coldblow wrote the following on September 25 (forgive me if I quote the rest of his quote regarding D4 for I find it fascinating):

        “PC comes from America but Trump shows that there are still many people who remain to be converted to this strange newish faith. Some want the Mexicans while others don’t. As for Australia, I don’t see why PC won’t continue to gain ground (barring major seismic shifts in opinion caused by sudden and unpleasant intrusions of reality). The Facebook crowd there won’t stay silent if any of this hits their screens.
        The new Iron Curtain is more in the minds of the people of Europe. Again it is PC authoritarians vs rednecks and heretics. There is a geographical side to it too, but not as important. (In the same way, ‘Dublin 4? was a label created by John Waters years ago to describe the radical new ideology based in RTE’s HQ and its surroundings. He said that really it was more a mental thing and that D4 existed in men’s minds to varying degrees everywhere in the country.)”

        But my intention was not to show who was first with what.

        My intention was to do, time and again, auditing of what we have written because I believe in the power of word and that we should be responsible and stand for for what we write – not in the “court of law” sense, but rather in the “whose diagnosis turned out to be correct and in what aspects?” – because after all, that’s what we are here for – to look for reasons, explain, diagnose and predict.

        We are all thrown into this life wading through a snow, trying to find a light.

        President Obama and the leftist philosophers made the point of changing the world, in various ways. The point, however, is that we cannot change it for better if we misinterpret it. No, we can’t.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        And of course I was not aware of your Twitter page (which is interesting). Having said that, your link links to the latest tweets, not to tweets dated before November 2015.
        By the way, congratulations for voting Trump – a few Irish friends unfriended me when I started the anti-Hillary campaign among them, especially after changing my profile picture into (btw, I am not on social media more often than once a month and I do not provide full or relevant information about myself):

        In fairness, nothing beats Simpsons in terms of the power of prediction.

        • coldblow


          I don’t bother with Facebook any more but if you look at my profile picture it is that of Nigel Farrage because after Brexit my daft sister circulated a petition to have him prosecuted for ‘hate crime’.

        • SMOKEY

          Thanks Grzegorz, you are an obvious “arrows in the back” kind of guy, and I have always admired your superior communication and writing skills. Kind regards, Steve

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Thanks Steve, and like I said, you have an interesting profile (and you did have this early insight about Trump – I wonder if you placed a bet too – Paddypower should sack all their political experts because they clearly are morons paying out early for a perv twat and employ us, with money for nothing and the chicks for free ;-). I tend to be in agreement with Sean that one should not bother with Facebook anymore (I sorted of hinted to it by replacing “150 million years later” by “I dislike being censored by a greasy little leftist geek”, with a f…k you sign to Zuckerberg (as Hillary has said, albeit about her campaign manager: “F…g Jew bastard”).

            Btw, in Poland Facebook and YouTube embarked on a serious censorship now and they censor anything patriotic – like the website of the organisers of the Independence March (?!), while YouTube took off a channel which was running for 8 years, had 30,000 subscribers, 18 million views, and was at times getting the most live views in… the world – clearly defying an assumption that these companies do it primarily for profit (no: primarily for reasons outlined by Orwell, Huxley and Alinsky).


            But we have done a collection and within 2 weeks, we (I say we because I write articles for them in Polish) bought our own server, and if they shut us down too, we are like 3 steps ahead of the likes of YouTube and Facebook (imaqine that 10 million people stopped using Facebook for a day – Zuckerberg would be so scared that he would be bending for soap).

            And, regarding David’s blog, after the Irish Press Association judgment against the liar and hate-inciter Dr Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale (not to confuse with Dr Kevin McCarthy from UCC Cork), it would be now almost impossible to censor a blog in Ireland – without revisiting the case of the Holocaust-of-the Poles denier McCarthy of Kinsale, nickname “Doctor” (and either bankrupt him or put him in jail for lying about the Holocaust – if you live by the sword, you die by it).

            Hillary could have said “F..g Jew bastard” about her campaign manager and have worked for a Senator who was against civil rights, and yet still get the support of Marian Finucane – the least professional and worst informed of all journalists.

            Talking about insults, this is a goodbye message I have got from an Irish friend of mine of 10 years after putting up 150 million years later as my profile:

            “Trump is an utter scumbag. End of. To think any other way is unbelievable. It is absolutely unbelievable that he could be even considered as a viable option. Hillary is the most qualified person ever to go for this job. Much like brexit idiots I will be removing the misguided Trump fans from my friends list also, as these are irreconcilable differences in my view.”

            And this a typical graduate Hillary voter. Can you imagine the uneducated one? Polish TV was doing interviews with people in New York from both parties before the election, and asked why she would vote for Hillary, a student said “because she would be the first woman president in the world” (it reminds me when during his official state visit President Bill Clinton landed in Slovenia and confused it with Slovakia, thinking that they are the same country, and in March 1997 the EU Commissioner for Enlargement mixed up Poland and Hungary – remember, in Nevada, Hillary Clinton had to have scripted and put on telepromter how to say thank you, and this is what happened when Obama’s teleprompter stopped to work:



            Btw, I looked at those two bets I placed on Trump – the one I thought I placed in March, I actually placed it on October 17, 2015 – a day before my mother died (that would pay me two months rent – which actually , sums up everything we wrote on that blog who benefits from growth in Ireland).

            The second one comes through if Nico Rosberg wins the F1 championship – and that’s gonna be massive, so how not to support Trump ;-)?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            One important clarification about Facebook’s and YouTube’s censoring in Poland: they delete and block accounts and channels of some Christian, conservative or nationalist users and internet TVs – but allow functioning of Communist and Nazi websites. This should be a food for thought of those who think this is because they fight the “extremists”…

            Coincidence? I do not think so…

          • McCawber

            In a two horse race you never pay out early.
            A week, as they say, is a long time in politics.
            Paying out early should have had nothing to do with analysis.
            They are bookies.
            Even the best horses can fall at the last hurdle.
            A PR stunt that went badly wrong.

  11. CorkPlasticPaddy

    It will be interesting to see how things pan out once Trump has been sworn in. The first 100 days of any presidency is classed as being the so-called ‘honeymoon’period of any administration.If he sets about doing some of the things he promised to do during the election campaign it will go a long way in backing up the promises he made about changing things.
    I some how doubt that he’ll be able to do any of the things he promised he’d do even with majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It just goes to show the ‘small mindedness’ shown by some of the main players in the GOP when they refused to back him during the electoral campaign because of some ‘political incorrectness’ on his part. Those particular GOP members would want to ‘get real’ quickly! All that was wrong with them was the fact that Trump wasn’t a member of the ‘political club’. It’s no harm that someone like Trump who was a political ‘outsider’ in their eyes told them the truth while kicking some of their so-called conservative asses along the way! it’s like the old saying ‘if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen’.
    As I mentioned previously the first 100 days will tell a lot!!

  12. Con Burke

    “All the while, asset markets go ever higher, helping the rich, who own assets, get richer, while those who depend on wages become relatively poorer and more insecure.”

    Somebody has to own the assets. No problem with this.
    The established route for a wage-earner to become an asset-owner has generally been education + hard work.
    Also, some other routes exist, such as luck, criminality, inheritance, etc.
    But the way I see, education + hard work is the vehicle for the ordinary man.

    Ideologically, everybody should have the same access and opportunity to the desired education. Whether they chose to take it is a different matter.
    If the opportunity is available, but not taken, one cannot complain about being a mere wage-owner, and not an asset-owner.

    This is a good social structure, to incentive and reward people for their endeavors.

    However, this will not work any longer in the current format in the U.S.
    1. The gap in wealth between wage-earner and asset-owner is way out of proportion beyond all conception.
    2. The percentage of people who have equal opportunity to education is diminishing.

    The above problems have not been addressed because the appetite for it has been non-existent by those in power. They are corrupted to the core, and we know this would have continued under Clinton. However, the jury is out on whether this will continue under Trump.
    At the moment, it is nothing more than a protest vote.

  13. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Some specifics:

    “I don’t think he’s half as dumb as people think he is” – David McWilliams on Donald Trump in June: David is one THE most independent minds among the political commentators.

    “A Clinton victory needs to address this issue. Although Clinton promises more of the same, more of the same will not stem the groundswell of American public opinion that has driven the Trump phenomenon, and she knows this.” David McWilliams 5 weeks ago

    Me on September 28:

    “lots of people might want to vote for Mr Trump, but be ashamed to own up to it, so all those polls are to cock.”

    and me a month later:

    “I declare my gingerly yes (even for giving you a chance to laugh at me in case Hillary has, like, 10pc lead ;-)!), based on my analysis of the swing states (i.e. Mr Trump has a massive lead in Florida’s postal votes).”

    and me on November 17, 2015 – a year ago:

    “in an unlikely event that he gets the nomination, he would probably be the best suited Republican to stand up to Hillary because he is the most media savvy of them all – Ted Cruiz, while being the best debater on Harvard – according to the dean of Harvard – is too radical to win the election if he wins the nomination”

    Michael Coughlan:

    “Hi Tony,
    I think Trump will win not that I want to see that outcome.”

    McCawber: “If Trump becomes president I will write to him with some guidance in mind.”

    Reality Check in September last year (wow!):

    “It’s simple really Trump will be elected because he doesn’t apologize for his existence as a WHITE MAN to anyone.
    He’s not a “cuckservative” pussy.”

    Adam Byrne
    “First of all Trump isn’t going to get elected Smokey – Clinton is.
    As I recall, Trump said he was going to spend the money on building up American infrastructure not a military build up – if he’s telling the truth about that then I hope he does get elected – but like I said, he won’t – the corrupt and devious Clinton is a shoe-in.”

    In fairness to Adam, he never changed his mind on Trump’s chances, so there is some consistency in it

    E. Kavanagh:

    “I suspect there may be a Kinnock-Brexit poll effect i.e. some people are lying on the polls as they are too embarrassed to admit they are voting for a nutjob like Trump. Won’t make a difference in CA, NY or MA, but may change results in some of the closer results.”\


    “The Dreadful Few have Trump on a “long” leash.
    Therefore, they trust him a bit less ;”
    “Will Trump stop Monsanto / Bayer et all ? ; I think that he will not.”
    “Trump is a Shill.
    But, at least he is opening up many issues for discussion that are otherwise under wraps with political correctness.”

    - I think I agree with all of the above statements.

    From one of the articles that Tony Brogan posted:

    “Who better to ‘squander’ a commanding publicized lead than Hillary Clinton…right? However, a SMART person could only wonder…how could Hillary be leading in ANY poll when Trump’s ‘support group’ overcrowds a football stadium and Hillary’s ‘support group’ barely fills a 1/3 of a regular size school gym?”

    Venerable Alfie Moon: “the US implodes under Trump”

    “But that won’t stop the US trying to use both of these Isles of Wonder as part of their geo-political machinations of Empire, just as they waited to join WW2 till the UK was bankrupt then gave Germany the Marshall Plan whilst enforcing the repayment of every single penny loaned to the UK to fight the Nazis. The US is a cultural catastrophe and the rise of Trump proves it. Comparing Trump to May’s Brexit Revolution is fatuous in the extreme. Whether he wins or not is irrelevant as the Democrats must move to facilitate his voter base, just as they moved to embrace the Cracker Red-neck Racist vote in the Deep South, largely composed of Scots Irish and Irish Irish descendents echoing the Norman Toraigh Slave Code of old.”


  14. Deco

    Brexit is sinking profitability in Irish value added activity, and drive that activity to the UK.

    The people in charge of the institutional state are ignoring this.

    Low tax on profits only make sense when the supplier is making a profit. If they cannot make a profit, there is contraction in the industial system.

    And there is contraction in the financial system also.

    The dynamic is the problem, not the GDP statistical trend since 2009 (which seems to be Noonan’s main punchline).

    The decision makers needs to GET REAL.

    The business sector is now about to push the squueze back onto the banks. And they are playing pretend with the real estate market.

    The institutional state has delayed reform, and efficiency imrpovements for far too long.

    Ireland will soon be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    • McCawber

      We are already stuck between a rock and a hard place.
      Ask anyone in negative equity for instance.

      • negative equity is not as big a deal as long as one has a job and sufficient income. There is always a cost to housing whether as an owner or tenant. The major problem with negative equity is that one cannot sell in order to move, without owing cash even if one is even able to clear title to the property for the next buyer.

        There is an up side to negative equity. Assuming the payments are still affordable the equity position improves over time as the debt is diminished year by year. Eventually the house is paid for and the negative equity becomes positive and the home becomes an investment, savings plan.

  15. One thing that Trump is unlikely to do is to challenge the bankers fiat money system.
    The current money system as adopted over the last 100 years is a direct Ponzi scheme. I do not use that term lightly.
    “”noun. 1. a swindle in which a quick return, made up of money from new investors, on an initial investment lures the victim into much bigger risks. Expand. Also called Ponzi game, Ponzi scheme”

    The money system is a Ponzi scheme by that definition.
    All new money , except physical coin, is issued into existence as a loan. The significance is that the money issued as a loan does not exist until the loan is made.
    As pointed out in the attached essay, it in fact technically is not a loan and cannot be. This is because you cannot loan what you do not already own. As the money does not exist when the loan is offered the transaction is a fraud.
    In addition to the fraudulent loan there is interest asked as a fee for the “loan”. As the money is fictitiously created from nothing as the loan is entered on the books, it is also fraudulent to charge interest, but that is the norm.

    When the loan is repaid all the money created out of thin air returns from where it came , into the ether. however there is interest charged as well and the money used to pay the interest also evaporates into thin air and so the money supply is depleted to less than before the loan was issued.

    If all loans were repaid simultaneously then there would be no money left in circulation with which to pay the interest. Thus all the loans would default , technically, and the “lender ” would have the right to foreclose on the assets pledged to secure the loan in the first place. Thus the borrowers would have to give up to the bankers , the plant and equipment, the houses and land etc. Thus the money system in practice slowly takes from the people all the physical assets of the world and slowly emmeshes the people in larger and larger debts at interest.

    In order to hide , from the people, what is happenning it is necessary for the banks to issue greater and greater loans into the community in order to have enough money to pay the interest on tha last loan. This is the action of a Ponzi pyramid Scheme.

    Our money system is exactly that. One day soon the economies will be overwhelmed with all the debt and the productive process will be owned by the bankers ans we the people will be indentured debt slaves trying to pay off the impossible.

    This is entrapment. This is the money system. This is what Trump has to unravel if the people are to be actually free. Is it likely to happen. No, not until a critical mass of people understand and demand the overthrow of the banking system and replace it with an honest money system of free money.

    • McCawber

      Our government have spent the last few years trying to get joe soap to spend his savings.
      Joe soap has been ignoring the government’s advice and has been paying down his debt and increased his savings.
      That indicates that Joe knows something is wrong but maybe doesn’t know exactly what.
      How will Joe find out the truth if the government/media keeps lying to him.
      The governments of the world have passed their bail in legislation.
      Joe doesn’t quite get it but he’s wondering should he keep his money under the mattress or (as the government wants) spend it asap.
      Meanwhile some of the countries in the EU are about to pass conscription legislation or so it’s rumoured. Do not confuse this with national service.
      What is Joe to make of this?
      He’s not alone McCawber is wondering the same?

      • The result of the US vote was generated in large part by those whose economic future looks more and more perilous. They have done everything asked of them but yet the past is better than the perceived future.

        Joe soap , as you suggest , did not know what he had not done, what was wrong, but then appeared a voice expressing a cause. As Trump said, it was not a campaign but a movement. The tipping point of the election came from those moved to vote in support of the voice that offered a change. Jobs, bread and butter was the issue.

  16. dwalsh

    Trump whooped the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Washington regime & the media on his way to the White House. What will he do for an encore?

    The body language of Trump & Obama after their meeting was wow – intense
    Trump has publicly promised to unravel much of Obama’s legacy
    Oh to have been a fly on that wall

    • McCawber

      Body language.
      I love it.
      Hillary’s body language was always shifty looking, especially her eyes darting.
      It reminded me of my mother when she was up to something.
      A dead giveaway, I just couldn’t miss it.

  17. dwalsh

    Another fine analysis piece David

    What you describe are the pathological symptoms of neoliberal globalisation, financialization and market fundamentalism. It is a psychic and social disorder; potentially terminal. Capitalism cannot long survive in an unregulated anarchic state. It quickly metastasizes into a pathological cancerous affliction that consumes its host and destroys itself.
    Markets are supposed to serve society but today society is obliged to serve the markets; just as a human body unwittingly serves and feeds a terminal tumour. It is just going to keep getting worse and worse until eventually either our civilisation dies or we recognises the illness and address the causes. For now all is denial and confusion and the triumphalism of the elites perched like pharaohs atop their private global empires.

  18. Had to Google “hirsute”
    Therefore cutting out several middlemen
    The Dictionary writer, printer, publisher and seller.
    Ah well..
    Fact of life I suppose just as I cut the barber out of a living when I became less hirsute on top.

  19. mishco

    David wrote recently (in an article for Woodford Investment):
    “If Trump is the answer, what is the question?” This was meant to be dismissive of Trump, and was a neat soundbite.

    One question for which Trump may “be” an answer is: “How does the US attract back all those tax-avoiding companies that have hightailed it to Ireland?” – something which would also, he hopes, provide many jobs for Americans now being carried out by people in Ireland. His answer would be to lower US corporation taxes. The sorts of jobs these companies have to offer could easily be filled by young – and older – so-called “uneducated” Trump voters, often in the mountains of Virginia or over in O-hi-o.

    A second such question is linked to why Trump was so happy about Brexit.
    Not only did it give a kick in the teeth to the EU and all its regulations, but it offered him the chance to reenforce the long and always healthy economic alliance between the US and their former owners, at the expense of the rest of Europe. It won’t surprise me in a year’s time to see photos of him cosying up to Theresa May, just like the Reagan and Thatcher of old.

    A third question relates to immigration and the wall. Now that project is surely going to provide a lot of jobs, which answers the employment question again. With the advice of Israeli experts and legal Mexican labour, what could go wrong? Mexicans tunneling like moles (as they do anyway)? So – just more jobs manning the walls, which will please the gun owners!

    OK, it’s easy to get flippant about this guy, but we need to wait and see what he can do. At least he doesn’t b.s. like Clinton, and he looks people straight in the eye. A lot can go horribly wrong (especially with negative environmental decisions), but it’s about time somebody spoke out honestly against all the politically-correct nonsense we’ve been listening to for years and years. I just hope he’s busy studying Google Earth right now so he doesn’t confuse Iran with Iraq, or North with South Korea.

  20. Truthist
    Makow will be very vigilant in watching Trump.
    Makow is a skeptic about Trump ; So am I [ Truthist ].
    But, like all decent + wise + learned folk, there is a substantial block of Trumps manifesto that is worthy in Makow’s view.

  21. Truthist

    Big assed Michael Moore is a nasty Ass ;
    And, a super rich one too.
    Hypocrite !
    “Here’s more of what we can do RIGHT NOW to stop the Trump machine before it gets started”

  22. Truthist

    Trump says ;
    “No salary for me as President.”
    Salary is USA $ 400,000
    I do not know how much the Taoiseach’s salary is.
    Neither do I know how much The Secretary General of Department of Taoiseach is.
    Anyway, if the scam is still running ;
    Mickey Mouse country seemingly ==> Non Mickey Mouse salary per each of these dubious rulers over us.

  23. Truthist

    Particularly noteworthy for Grzegorz Re ;
    The great & talented leader Mr. Orban of Hungary

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      If anything, the result of this election will be a massive blow for the Carolingian Europe, will massively strenghten the Visegrád Group (maybe even with Poland replacing Germany as the “US policeman on the continent”) and the UK. It might also help to negotiate the trade deal between the UK and the EU.

      Most importantly for me and you, it will weaken Ireland, maybe even ending the special relations after the US corporation tax reform – and we have FG/FF to thank for undiplomatic and disparing comments about Trump, in particular Messrs E.Kenny,L.Varadkar and M.Martin. They should be quickly replaced by someone who is not on Trump’s enemies list (perhaps M. Noonan, who had some positive things to say about Trump? – even though I dare say neither me nor you nor David McWilliams appreciate Noonan’s work).

      As to the US-Russia relations, it may not at all be what people think it will be.
      On the one hand, there will be no Maidan coups anymore.
      On the other hand, based on what Trump has said and neither western nor Russian media covered, and based on what he has said during the recent meeting with the Polish diaspora (huge chunk of Trump’s election was due to Poles, who, offended by James Comey and Bill Cliton, massively supported Trump – there are 10 million people of Polish origin in the US), the Russian ships and jets will no longer provoke Swedish, US or Polish ships – and moving nukes to Poland is now almost certain, probably with some US troops from Germany too (I know some people inside Trump’s camp who advocated that to him).

      There will be a full confrontation with China. All in all, I think that the US – Russian relations will improve, but only as long Russia is needed for the confrontation with China (remember, no countries in Europe have interest more conflicting than the UK and Russia, and Trump is more pro-UK than he is pro-Russian).

  24. America reaps a whirlwind for undermining its middle classes.

    America is not alone. In fact it is an international organization designed to destroy the western industrial nations and reduce us to third world status.

    The respect for law and peaceful governance is being deliberately undermined. Many politicians are bought and paid for as they enrich themselves at our expense.

    George Soros is behind this, and other demonstrations around the world, creating mayhem wherever his finger prints are found.

    The US is into a second day of urban center protests with vile and extreme language. Riot conditions are now being declared in some locations.

    The conditions for martial law are being created and encouraged which may yet result in the suspension of the democratic process and the prevention of Trump taking the presidency.

    • SMOKEY

      Weve got that under control, he will take the presidency, no problem. The scumbag dope smoking unwashed rent a mobs will be sent packing soon.

  25. SMOKEY

    Having been the first one, and I can prove it if needed, on this blog to support Trump, you can imagine my joy at listening to the “college radio” level talent reaction of the pieces of shit on RTE as they choke on their own vomit. It is funny, they are using the big lie that it was uneducated whitey who voted Trump. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    But they want to act as if they are “smarter” than Americans. HA HA. Pathetic liberal hogwash. Cant accept defeat. I hope they suffer. USA USA USA USA!

  26. Grzegorz Kolodziej,Poland%E2%80%99s-ruling-party-hails-Trump-victory-opposition-worried

    And this is from Reuters about a friend of mine, who is a co-founder of the Project Veritas and knows Mr Trump for many years (actually Matthew’s Godfather was… President Ronald Reagan himself, I kid you not):

    “By Lawrence Delevingne, Suzanne Barlyn and Jennifer Ablan | NEW YORK

    For Trump supporters who work on Wall Street, his victory is a vindication.

    “I’m very happy,” said Matthew Tyrmand, a private investor and contributor to the Breitbart News website, who was attending a Young Republicans party at a bar off Madison Avenue.

    Tyrmand, who had shorted stocks ahead of the election – a bet that stock prices will fall – said he had been called “delusional” for predicting a Trump win.

    Tyrmand said Trump would be good news for markets because he understands the benefit of letting businesses fail. He predicted equity markets would go through a prolonged correction before recovering.

    “We will be healthier long term,” he said.

  27. Truthist

    Meet the bankruptcy lawyer & ex-settler who turned #Trump into “the most pro-Israel candidate this nation has seen”
    God help the Palestinians.

  28. Truthist

    Donald Trump on 9/11: “You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The World Trade Center”
    Posted By Tim Hains
    On Date February 17, 2016

    Donald Trump on 9/11:
    “You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked…

    At a Wednesday morning campaign event in Bluffton, SC, Donald Trump takes his relitigation of the Bush administration’s record on 9/11 and Iraq to the next level, seeming to imply that we don’t currently know who “really” committed the 9/11 attacks.

    Trump says if he is elected: “you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.”

    “It wasn’t the Iraqis,” he explained. “You may find it’s the Saudis.”

    “They have papers in there that are very secret,” he also said, referencing the 28 still-classified pages of the 9/11 commission report. “But you will find out.”

    We went after Iraq,
    They did not knock down the World Trade Center.
    It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center.
    We went after Iraq ;
    We decimated the country, [ that ] Iran’s taking over, okay.

    But it wasn’t the Iraqis.
    You will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.
    Because they have papers in there that are very secret.
    You may find it’s the Saudis ; Okay ?
    But you will find out.

    But when I look at a guy like Lindsey Graham, you’ll end up being over in that war forever ;
    You’ll start World War 3.
    IT WAS THE …

    Many Irish American victims from 9-11.

  29. Truthist

    Attack On Libya Stopped by Trump Win

    Submitted by Joanne Moriarty on Thursday 10 Nov. 2016 – 2:39pm
    Excerpt ;

    The Libyan tribes called yesterday to express their great happiness in the election Donald J. Trump to be the next President of the USA. They also wish to thank all the American people for standing up against corruption and evil. They, the people of Libya know first hand the evil that this woman is capable of by her war crimes and lies committed in 2011 to destroy their country. They have suffered for over 5 years with her “behind the scenes” support of the illegal occupation of their country by her radical Islamic mercenary proxy army, her support of the 4% of Libyans that are radical Islamic terrorists and their forcibly installed puppet governments.

    The tribes of Libya have spies in every sector of Libya. They informed me that they knew there was to be an attack on their country this coming week-end (Nov 12th & 13th). The attack was to target oil fields and the Libyan National army now fighting the radical Islamic terrorists. They know that the attack was to be staged out of Qatar directed by Hillary Clinton

    • Truthist

      AND … AND … AND
      Who are James and Joanne Moriarty ?
      Our story intro

      24 Sep 2013

      We were business people doing business in Libya since 2007 January. We made a unique enzyme that rejuvenates oil wells and cleans up sludge pits, cleans out pipelines and tanks and does a whole lot of neat things to oil. We booked a huge amount of business in Libya from 2007 to 2011: 5 billion dollars worth of our product. We signed a JV with the Social Security Investment Fund of Janzour near Tripoli, Libya. We actively began to build a production facility to fulfill these contracts for our enzyme when the so called Libyan revolution began in February of 2011.

      I would like to note that the Libyan people were not in any way extremist Muslims. The part of the Koran that was added by the Ayatollah Khomeini talking about killing infidels was thrown out of Libya by Ghadafi because he said it was not part of the Koran. For this there was a fatwa or death order put on Ghadafi for over 20 years by the radical extremist Muslims. All religions with a book were allowed in Libya. Women were emancipated in the 1970’s by Ghadafi. No special clothing were required and all women were highly educated if they choose to be. They were doctors, lawyers, ministers, business owners, or just house wives whatever they decided.

      Libya shared ½ of all the its oil revenue with its 5.5 million population. All medical care was free, if you could not get the care you needed in Libya then you could travel wherever you needed with a family member and all costs and expenses were fully paid. Education was free and if you wanted to go outside to another University that was paid in full with a stipend. When a Libyan couple got married they received a $46,000 gift from the government to start their lives. Their first home, a 2500 sq foot condominium cost 10% of their salary for 20 years and then it was theirs. Gasoline was 44 cents a gallon, all utilities were free. If you were hungry and had no money they had huge stores of food where you could get rice, milk, cheese, flour and money to buy meat. The average salary in Libya was the highest in Africa, higher than China or India at $15,800 a year. If you had a college education and could not find a job you received that money until you found a job.

      The Libyan people were happy, there was no tax, only businesses had some tax but it was minimal. The government shared the wealth of Libya with its people, there was no taxing of the people to support the state. There was no reason for a revolution, there were some disgruntled radical Islamists who had tried to enforce Sharia law and radical Islam upon Libya to no avail because they only made up about 3 to 5%. These are the people NATO and the US joined hands with to take over Libya. In April of 2011 we were invited to travel to Tripoli on an NGO Fact Finding Commission. We agreed and in May of 2011 we traveled to Tripoli, Libya to take part in this Fact Finding Commission. We spent a whole lot of time with the Tribes of Libya learning about the truths of Libya and their government. We also were witness to huge war crimes committed by NATO upon the innocent people of Libya.

      • Quite the story. It validates what I knew to be true and reported to this blog years ago, to little additional comment!
        Our governments and military are complicit in international terrorism , murder, and illegal war.

        Wake up, to the power of the international banksters. They already control your life. Take heed about what is reported to you regards the fiat money ponzi scheme you use as currency.

      • Truthist

        I just finished reading the full version of above link to James & Joanne, Moriarty’s story of their experience in Libya ;
        Absolutely fascinating.
        I think Deco, Tony Brogan, Grzegorz, McCawber, Pat Flannery, Michael Coughlan, Sideshow Bob, especially will be very interested in what they have to say.
        I recommend that yee copy & paste the content of this website soon lest it disappear.

        • Truthist

          James, & Joanne, Moriarty — aside from having real Irish surname — I think may actually be Irish citizens.
          Hmm..m ……m !
          What does this say about Irish State’s Department of Foreign Affairs [ & Trade ] role in their story ?

  30. Truthist

    Gilad Atzmon describes the following syndrome as ;
    “Pre Traumatic Stress Condition”
    Here is one such victim suffering this syndrome since Donald Trump was elected ;

  31. Truthist

    David in Harlem .. Harlem Globetrotters …Harlem Shuffle … Harlem’s Beards
    Ah, yes, “The Beards” … sigh
    Surely, SIPTU General President Jack O’Connor has met George Sore-Ass personally for face-to-face pow-wow.
    Sore-Ass should be well pleased with the performance of Beard Jack O’Connor all these years.
    Here is the latest “Ireland-wrecking” from SIPTU Beard himself.

    SIPTU threatens major industrial unrest in New Year
    Minister Paschal Donohoe given 1 week to announce new pay talks

    Major industrial unrest is the on the cards in the New Year after SIPTU today announced plans to ballot for strike action.

    The country’s largest trade union said it will ballot 60,000 public sector workers for potential industrial action unless the Government opens talks in the New Year on a new pay deal.
    The union threatened the Government that it has just 1 week to announce details the talks, which it says must begin no later than February 1.

    Speaking at a conference at Liberty Hall, SIPTU President Jack O’Connor said his organisation rejects the assertion that money is not available for further pay restoration in the public sector.

    Jack O’Connor would have an enormous salary & perks etc. ;
    I think something like Euro 500,000 per year.

  32. Posted today at

    Good afternoon Midas,

    I guess the question today is: are THEY engineering this to finally cover? One can only hope and pray because my objective side tells me this is still all about conditioning and punishment. The debt based money system is the foundation of everything the empire does. So why would they ever stop until forced? And I hate to say this, and hope I’m wrong, but I sincerely doubt Trump will engage anyone in his cabinet capable of stopping it unless we the people make a very loud noise in the public square impressing upon him the imperative of stopping this crime. He does have a sensitive ear to public concern…the man can read the public sentiment. Our problem is that the public does not yet understand that the criminal and immoral manipulation of our money is the sustenance of every creature in the swamp. It’s now up to us to figure how to help Trump understand what’s really going on and what really needs to be done if there is any hope in draining the swamp…and we have only a very short time to do so. IMO all the ink spilled on encouraging reforms in ANY area other than the central bank cartel and the criminal manipulation of silver and gold is not just a distraction, but a detraction from time and effort that could and should be exerted toward the only issue that really matters to freedom loving people at this moment in history – an honest monetary system.

    • more from the cafe. Paper gold ponzi scheme no different than fiat currency, as manipulation reigns supreme and the corrupt regulators turn a blind eye. Trump will not fix this either.


      The Guarded Secret of no Gold

      The fractionally-reserved bullion banking system is a fragile system. Many investors and savers holding paper gold believe that the gold they are holding is backed up by real physical gold. But if the bullion banking system implodes, which it will do if the high demand for real physical gold in Asia is sustained at anywhere near today’s levels, these holders of paper gold will at best end up holding paper claims which will be cash-settled, or at worst these paper gold holders will be empty-handed.

      Demand for ETF’s and unallocated gold will likely not stress the system systemically since the pooled LBMA gold reserves are used for leasing and double counting. It is the demand for real physical gold, draining bank gold reserves, that stresses the system.

      Many gold investors/savers buy various paper gold products as a means of protecting themselves against the fiat currency Ponzi scheme. It may therefore come as a surprise to some holders that these investments are no safer or even less safe than the fiat currency against from which they are seeking to protect themselves. Bullion banks give the impression that these investors into unallocated gold are actually holding gold, whereas in reality they are just unsecured creditors holding paper gold, gold that is created out of thin air, in a fractionally-reserved Ponzi scheme.

      As long as everyone is happy to buy and sell ledger entries/book-keeping entries, this fragile system can continue to balance on a thin thread. The systemic problem arises when larger entities start to demand physical delivery, a trend which has been happening in the last few years, most notably in Asia and Russia. There is therefore an imminent risk of the bullion banking system collapsing in the next few years.

  33.…..ny- persson

    This shall pass and the mining sector will recover and carry on. The alarming issue here is that once again an intervention has been tolerated that selects the winners and losers in the stock market. Fundamentals have been rendered useless and investment skill is trumped by corruption. The outcry in any other sector if this kind of manipulation was allowed would be shrill and unrelenting, but only in the PM sector are participants afraid to discuss this. No one wants to be considered a conspiracy guy! We saw similar abuses of the free market in 2012 and even then hardly a chirp from the funds and corporate management that was being ripped off. So I don’t expect anything different this time around.

  34. More…………..



    Trump’s Appointments.

    What potential chaos!

    Clinton’s supporters are rioting in the streets, not accepting the election result, having been incited by the MSM to protest.. news/2016/nov/10/anti-trump-protests-election-president-new- york-chicago

    Trump is considering appointing Dimon or Mnuchin to Treasury Sec. according to the MSM rumour mill. president-trump-cabinet-231071

    Both of whom are GS alumni, deeply connected to Soros and others.

    So if these rumours are false, then it is just MSM fighting on to the Armageddon of the Dinosaur paper press industry with their usual lies.

    However if Trump should fill his key posts with the same establishment elite, his own supporters will soon turn on him.

    By the way where are some women appointments to prove that Trump does not believe Schopenhauer’s famous quote that women are the “SEXUS SEQUIOR”?

    (The irony of all this is then that Clinton’s supporters should actually be happy, not protesting, because they will be getting the same old team with the same old game theory policies, under a new brand name Trump, but business as usual.

    However the Clintonites are so blinkered that they are unlikely to understand that, at least, for the first couple of years of Trump’s presidency.)

    Therefore civil unrest is coming their way soon. Unless of course:

    The only way for Trump to avoid that is to appoint some new people, not connected to the last 2 regimes and the Neocons, and to show that he really meant his election promises with real change and “cleaning out the swamp”..

    So sadly we have to give Trump a few more weeks and see what he actually does, not what he says. By the way a 2 month transition is a recipe for disaster after a bitterly contested election.

    Meanwhile we watch as the markets are manipulated, Gold is burned as the sacrificial offering, and the Dow is pumped up as always.

    Of course the USA should actually now split into 3 countries, California group in the west, NY + East coast in the east, and the rest of Central USA. Welcome to USEXIT. Farage is there to advise with all his Brexit experience.

    At times like this, and particularly with the sad passing of Leonard Cohen today, I almost feel like going off to a monastery and writing requiems.!


    • Truthist

      “…civil unrest is coming their way soon.
      Unless of course:
      The only way for Trump to avoid that is to appoint some new people, not connected to the last 2 regimes and the Neocons, and to show that he really meant his election promises with real change and “cleaning out the swamp”..
      So sadly we have to give Trump a few more weeks and see what he actually does, not what he says. …”
      Most of the public candidates available are no good for the manifesto.
      And, Trump already has a team stacked with similar if not worse Neo-Zio Fascists.
      And, Trump has already recruited for some posts other such flawed folk.
      Trump won on the back of Ron Paul manifesto.
      If he was an inspired President, he should fire Pence & replace with Ron Paul.

  35. coldblow

    I just watched Katie Hopkins on the Late Late Show. I saw her on the programme a couple of years ago and it was hilarious. By that I mean the audience’s reaction was hilarious because, with a bit of goading, they became very sanctimonious. This time, however, it turned out that she was there as a Trump supporter. Her fellow guest was some feminist, who sounded like an American. Tubbers spent the first few minutes lecturing Hopkins, as you would expect, and told her off repeatedly for talking all the time. However, she had no choice because she was up against the presenter, her fellow guest and what appeared at first to be the entire audience.

    However Hopkins was well prepared and had an answer for everything, which was not difficult for the viewer, but took nerve and a hard neck in the studio conditions. In fact she took over and showed them up badly. Who were they to lecture her when they called it completely wrong themselves?

    Her fellow guest could do little but make weak jokes to get the audience on her side. In fact at one point she even appealed to them directly. Shouldn’t Katy emigrate. This raised a cheer and a loud round of applause, but it was by no means unanimous and you sensed that the heart had gone out of it.

    A couple of pre-arranged audience guests spoke on either side. An O’Loughlinn (?) from (?) spoke very well, followed by a Dub who lived in the most multi-cultural part of Ireland and who was mightily pleased to live in such a ‘vibrant’ society. (Hopkins amusingly quipped that Ireland can’t even deal with diversity in the North.) It became clear that a much larger part of the audience than you would have thought a the start supported Trump. A vote was taken and the big majority still would vote to *ban* the US President from visiting Ireland (hilarious as that sounds). A minority of say 10% would welcome him and a much larger part claimed not to care less either way. This last bit was obviously meant as a joke and I’d be surprised if a lot of them would support Trump if they felt safe to say so. Still, this was a big change compared to September last year when the ‘refugee’ hysteria was at its peak and David appeared to support the admission of thousands of Syrian immigrants. Readers may remember that not one person spoke out against it (or was invited to do so).

    There was a lot of nonsense about freedom of speech with Tubridy and the rest trying to pin this one on Hopkins when of course, as we all know, the intolerance is all on the ‘official’ side. There was also a lot of the expected dishonesty from the anti-Trumpeteers. For example, should we respect a President (as one dim audience member opined) who says it’s alright to grab a woman’s pussy? At this point my wife said he was terrible altogether if he said this. I had to explain that this was a private remark which had been recorded and leaked at a critical point in the campaign. (I don’t approve of this kind of language and it is (again typically) hypocritical of liberals to censure Trump for it when they are the most inclined towards bad language.)a

    One second year student said that he’d be killed if he said at university that he might consider supporting Trump. This got a laugh from Tubbers or the Feminist. How (ho ho!) could it be so hard to say this at university yet he could say it front of a large television audience? Well, but of course it is easier to say it on live television. These people are so stupid.

    Tubbers was reduced to advising Hopkins to read a book or two about Germany in the 30s, a comment which she dismissed with airy (and well deserved) contempt.

    Finally, on TV Liberte’s media watch programme (with one section called amusingly ‘La Catastrophe en Direct’) the main commentator summed it up: ‘The media can no longer decide elections’.

    • coldblow

      I meant to add that Hopkins was invited on, surely, as a semi-joke guest. Why, I wondered, wasn’t there a heavy hitter, someone who could speak for Trump, or at least put it into context, in an authoritative way? Well, when you think about it, who is there? Who spoke out in the press last year against the immigration hysteria? Harris claimed that there were those who, as I seem to recall, he described as those who showed the mean spirited face of Middle Ireland (or something like that). I don’t read the papers or listen to the radio much (for reasons that have been discussed here for, well, about the last eight years) but my firm belief is that nobody spoke against it.

      If there is a fascist back lash the current intolerant group thinkers who dominate what is laughably described as Irish intellectual life will bear the responsibility. There is a psychological dynamic at work and I am tempted to excuse them, albeit partially, on the grounds of diminished responsibility, but if a handful of public figures (including, if not mainly, extraverts) can see it then that excuse is flimsy. It is a kind of denial, a refusal to look at the evidence because they are afraid it will destroy their beliefs.

      Oh, yes, following on from the above, the Feminist also condemned Trump for his climate ‘denial’. Again to her credit Hopkins dismissed this (rightly) as nonsense. As I have been saying a lot recently it is one big fantasy.

    • McCawber

      Not quite the way I saw it but not too inaccurate either.
      Your comments re audience is pretty accurate.
      The other guest appears on VB’s TV3 program.
      What was most notable about her was her body language.
      Knee crossed away from Katie and shaking up and down. Angry and probably used to hearing her PC media buddies agreeing with her
      Katie’s knee was crossed the other way. She was there to rock the boat which she had no difficult managing.
      Serious dislike by both.
      Tubridy was out of his depth.
      Don’t actually know what the point of the exercise was tbh.
      Awful waste of TV license money.
      Trump like him or loath, I’m still not sure what I think of him, has already provoked the establishment out of its’ arrogance beyond belief.
      Brexit was bad but now Trump as well what have they NIT done to deserve this.

      • coldblow

        I think the idea was to get people watching the programme. My wife says here sisters here in Kerry were asking her who Katie Hopkins was because there had been discussion on the local radio as to whether she should be banned or not. (By the way, this banning thing is starting to get hilarious: if you say anything at all which you are apparently not allowed to say, the first thing they can think of is banning you.) When Hopkins was on before she was clearly winding everyone up and the funny bit was watching the audience swallow the bait. Now *that* is the kind of thing that should be posted on YouTube under ‘humour’. Friday’s offering was near the start of the programme (as I recall) so it was clearly seen as ‘entertainment’ (to borrow Graham Greene’s word) rather than serious discussion. Tubbers was clearly playing along to milk it for all it was worth but I am convinced that his indignation, which might have started off as feigned, was genuine. They had George Hook on the Ray Darcy programme last night in order to defend Trump, but I wonder if this had been planned or if he was brought in at the last minute when they realized there actually were quite a few heretics out there.

        I imagine they thought that Hopkins would be squashed easily enough, particularly with the Late Late audience being what it is. (As I keep saying it is impossible to know which is worse: the Late Late presenter, the guests, the music or the audience.) If she managed to hold her own, well then it was only a bit of fun and no real harm was done. I don’t think they wanted a serious commentator who was not on the Liberal side. I mean, where would they find him? Waters seems to have given up after his near-lynching over Pantigate, and I don’t blame him. Myers? Well, he would lay into them all right but his heart is firmly in the Liberal camp. Remember there is no debate possible, or even allowed, in Ireland over most important issues. ‘Racism’ is the cornerstone of the orthodox faith, which means that it is not possible to allow anyone to question immigration policy. Remember how David lost his cool here last year over some robust comments? Gender politics is almost as sacred (but not as much as ‘Racism’ (whatever that means) is the sole occupier of the inner sanctum) and indeed anyone watching the Late Late in recent months can see that it has become an active campaigner for LGB and whatever the hell else they have dreamt up since I last looked.

  36. Truthist

    From the House of George Sore-Ass :
    Sore-Ass & Co. are determined that illegal immigration from Mexico into USA continues ;
    And, for that objective, they just removed a famous Sheriff from Arizona.
    “Agit-Prop” Tactics obviously with tacit approval of “the Establishment” / “The Dreadful Few” ;
    Charities ; A perfect cover for Spies & foreign enemy directed “seditious” Agitators regularly informs its readership that Oxfam — & they have large & widespread presence in Ireland now — is a MI5 & MI6 front ;
    At least in Russia, there is a Vladamir with the guts to remove seditious so-called charities from an revitalised Christian Russia that also protects the other Religions in Russia ;

  37. Truthist

    Calls to LGBT suicide prevention hotlines ‘double’ after Donald Trump win.
    Many people stressed the possible changes in policy after years of progress during the Obama administration.
    Yes, Barrack — Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Gaza, West Bank, Guantanamo, Creation of ISIS False Flag, XX + XX Marriage & XY + XY Marriage, Transsexuals & Transvestites using bathrooms of persons of opposite chromosome pairing, Creation-Inflation of Token Currency, inter alia — was the 1st openly homosexual President of USA.

  38. Truthist

    INTERESTING about how to protect the electorate from fraud against their voting
    Best to “copy & paste” into word-processing document & name it for what it’s true purpose is ;
    Thus, readily sourced when own jurisdiction faced with similar conspiracy.
    Bookmarking is advisable too.
    By approx. 85 % more than Hillary Clinton too.
    Trump ; 56 %
    Hillary Clinton ; 31 %

  39. Truthist

    RON PAUL ;
    Trump should resist neocon & shadow gov’t influence to justify people’s hopes – Ron Paul to RT
    Published time: 11 Nov, 2016 04:11

  40. Truthist

    More oblique threats to u & me from that Erdogan of 1 of “the 2 open secrets of the Middle-East” 8-)
    Erdogan says Europe not ready to face 3mn refugees as EU-Turkey deal collapse looms
    11 Nov, 2016

  41. ‘”"…. Nothing else matters until Trump says that there is a new monetary sheriff in town, and that the first order of business will be to empty the Eccles Building of the job and wealth destroyers who currently occupy it.

    Yes, that would cause a stock market crash in short order. But until the massive financial boil that is sucking the lifeblood out of the American economy is lanced, nothing else really matters.

    • So the job at hand is to do the same. Trump should demand that Yellen and Fischer take early leave of their four year terms on Inauguration Day so that the monetary stables can be swept clean.

  42. michaelcoughlan

    @Adam byrne

    Hi Adam,

    Is it possible for me to use a service where I send an invoice in eur but receive bitcoins in return?


  43. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    We Libertarians now that the establishment would wage a war on cash;

    A war on corruption? My ass. A war on free citizens who won’t spend their cash the way the government want!

    Coming to a city near us soon. I hope the smarter Indians split their savings between bitcoin (sky rocketing) and gold (tanking since the US election) before the inevitable.


  44. Truthist

    “60 Minutes Australia” TV Documentary Expose

    UK pedophiles
    Kincora Boys’ Home, Belfast, North East of Ireland ;
    Dolphin Square, London ;
    The most important “social” & “living”, zone for top Civil Servants & Politicians
    Pedophilia is background of the politico-economico-culturo establishment in :
    CIA-MI6-EU-Mshd nexus
    all major infiltrated Religious
    all major humanist / atheist networks ;
    P.I.E. ; Supporters incl. Harriet Harman ; senior British Cabinet Minister ( Deputy Leader of British Labour Party ), Patricia Hewitt ; ex MP, & Margaret Hodge [ nee Oppenheimer ( very powerful British politician ; State-Crafter ]
    inter alia
    Chris Spivey of has many articles exposing the above.
    How compromised are the Irish State’s Politicians, & senior Civil SERPENTS, & Religious Leaders, & Atheist / Humanist Leaders, & senior Business Persons, Union Leadership, etc ?
    George Sore-Ass etc. will have good handle on the answer to above question.

    • coldblow

      Tony (‘Truthist’ – give me a break), Chris Spivey is Essex’s own village idiot, and Essex has a place of its own at the bottom of England’s remedial class.

      All this paedophile stuff is a fantasy. Hilarious yes, but even more dangerous. Why don’t you point the finger at the politicians you think are involved? Actually, that’s a rhetorical question because it only takes one lunatic to wreck an innocent man’s life.

      We are talking about lying, petty criminal low-lifes. Their fantasies are lurid but oddly lacking in real imagination and invention. Why was Leon Britton smeared? Posthumously I suppose because then you can say what you want without fear of consequences. My money is on his repulsive Spitting Images puppet. Cliff Richard? Well, he is single at his age and so there must be something dodgy, mustn’t there. And so on, this dreary, stupid carnival of sickness and deceit.

  45. Truthist

    Chart giving reasons why necessary to bolster the USA-Mexico border ;

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