October 27, 2016

Send a message to the world — give the Central Bank to start-ups

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What should we do with the iconic Central Bank building on Dame Street? Imagine if we did something creative. Rather than sell it off to be turned into a hotel (which is the plan), why not turn this fantastic site into a start-up hub, offering extremely low rents to start-up companies, right in the centre of the city?

If we are serious about being seen as a start-up nation, the State has to make some big statements.

And what better statement than offering the symbol of a failed old Irish institution (a central bank that missed a massive property/credit bubble) to new Irish companies about to make their mark on the world?

It is a brilliant building to work in. I know because I myself worked in it. The views from the upper floors out across the city, past Trinity and on to Howth, are breath-taking.

It is right in the centre of the city, close to buses and trains. It could be a symbol of what Dublin could be. Symbols matter. Branding matters.

The state that prioritises helping new companies which will drive the Irish economy in the future over yet another typical property deal is a state that is serious about business.

Buildings can be more than bricks and mortar, they can stand for something and they have potential to generate a life of their own by being the centre of a living, breathing, 24/7 commercial ecosystem rather than yet another expensive city hotel.

The Central Bank owns the building, but as the Central Bank is an arm of the State, transferring the building over to start-ups would be as simple as one part of the State, the Central Bank, debiting another part of the State, let’s say Enterprise Ireland.

As we, the people, own both of these public institutions, there doesn’t have to be any actual transaction. There is just a debiting and crediting of State accounts and the deal is done.

The Central Bank doesn’t need the €60m quoted for the building because the Central Bank has loads of money.

It makes its money through charging interest on money that it prints for free. Imagine, printing money for free (which is what it does) but charging real interest to banks on that money? It’s like creating income out of thin air, a sort of monetary magic, if you will.

By converting the Central Bank into a start-up hub, it would lower rental costs for new businesses and create a vibrant place for young companies to work together.

Already Ireland has a huge multinational presence, and world-class multinationals engage with start-ups. In fact, almost all multinationals have programmes for start-ups. Wouldn’t it be a great signal to send to these multinationals that the State is supporting start-ups in a real and meaningful way?

Irish start-ups are blessed with lots of talent here on our doorstep. For example, nine out of the top 10 global software companies are in Ireland, as are all 10 of the top 10 ‘born on the internet’ companies, 15 of the top 20 medical technology companies, and nine out of the 10 biggest global pharmaceutical companies.

The start-up scene is vibrant. From medicine to music and semi-conductors to security, Irish entrepreneurs have built a broad spectrum of businesses that explore new ideas and disrupt stagnant industries.

In the last six months alone, €344m has been invested in Irish companies, with a total of €1.5bn in investment over the last three years.

In 2015, the total amount of money raised by Irish start-ups increased by 30pc to €522m. This was split almost evenly between Irish and foreign investors. In the first nine months of this year, over €540m has been raised by Irish start-ups.

Right now, there are 2,250 start-ups in Dublin. There are the same number in Amsterdam — but Amsterdam has three times the population of Dublin.

So all this is positive — however, there is no space for start-ups. Rents are high and a staggering 40pc of start-ups are operating from home. This means that there are no economies of scale. Each company has to do almost everything in terms of management and infrastructure costs.

If there was a dedicated ‘hub’ based in the centre of the city, lots of small companies could share these costs, bringing down overheads dramatically.

This is where the Central Bank building on Dame Street comes in. Can you imagine what making this available to new companies could achieve?

In addition, think of what doing something like this does to the brand of Ireland as an enterprise-friendly place to do business?

Ireland’s brand is crucial to investment. Brand Ireland is what I call Ireland’s ‘soft power’. Soft power is the power of persuasion, not force. Soft power is all about getting people to do what you want, without forcing them.

So hard power is the heavy traditional powers of, for example, the military. Soft power, however, is the light, novel power of the imagination.

It is the hidden economic power of the arts, of bold statements from a government, like handing over an iconic building to start-ups, rather than flogging it to the highest bidder.

We should never underestimate soft power.

For example, it is now well known that the bosses of Google and Facebook sought out Bono’s opinion before investing a huge amount of money here. Why was this?

It was because of the soft power that U2 created for this country over the years. This is incalculable. Bono’s connections and U2′s soft power was crucial.

Soft power is the power of the imagination and, for small countries trying to compete with the big boys, it is an essential part of our image.

You build a brand in small steps, over time. But you need to begin somewhere. Wouldn’t using the Central Bank building, the scene of past policy failure, to launch a new Ireland, a start-up nation, seem like an excellent place to start?

David McWilliams hosts the Kilkenomics festival from November 10-13th


  1. McCawber

    Location Location Location – A great message to the entrepreneurial world.

    • Tull McAdoo

      I’m not sure about turning the Central Bank building into a hotbed for widget innovation, creation, masturbation and uncle Tom cobbley and all.

      I think that because of its location, elevation, etc. that it should be given over to writers, poets, painters, musicians etc. In other words, real creativity, a hotbed for the next Seamus Heaney’s, Beckets, McGahern, Yeats, Myles Na Gopaleen,………the list goes on and on.

      Let the World know that we are Irish, this is what we think, this is how we express ourselves, this is who we are.

      Become Tull McAdoo even if it’s just for a day.

      The Gloaming……….take it away Marteen and Co. and Goodnight Ireland. Sleep Well.


  2. GBH

    A pretty good idea, its got my vote!

  3. Daithi7

    Love it, great idea, with maybe a showcasing of Irish Irish goods did at retailers at ground floor level. Directly across from Trinity, you call the building something like the institute for Irish Enterprise, have visiting lectures there on entrepreneurship, finance, operations and sales and marketing in relation to Irish Enterprise e.g. managing brexit, currency risk, etc, etc.

    With the right approach the relevant authorities could hit a home run here.

  4. Pat Flannery

    I read it yesterday in the Indo and couldn’t wait to congratulate him on his brilliant suggestion this morning here on his blog. It will be a shame if the Irish Government does not take it up. I had tended to dismiss David as just another Dublin rugby-playing west-Brit, but now I’m not so sure. Perhaps Irish blood flows in those veins after all.

    • McCawber

      It called becoming “more irish than the irish themselves ”
      David’s heart and mind are in the right place.
      But we must keep challenging him so that he can keep producing value added ideas.
      A great place to develop a “Utopia” test bed for the future methinks.

  5. zeedonk

    Feckin’ great. A highrise for hipsters. Aren’t there enough of them hairy feckers around? Why can’t they be banished out to some dilapidated ghost housing estate? Oh no, it has to be ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’. Prime real estate in the middle of town. Forget the tourists (folks who drop serious cash into the struggling economy) and the great location for a statement hotel. No – hand it over to the spotty faced young men who will invent apps tellin’ you where’s the nearest place for a good slash.

  6. “The Central Bank doesn’t need the €60m quoted for the building because the Central Bank has loads of money.
    It makes its money through charging interest on money that it prints for free. Imagine, printing money for free (which is what it does) but charging real interest to banks on that money? It’s like creating income out of thin air, a sort of monetary magic, if you will.”

    Well, well, finally a mention of the nefarious activities of the Central Banking system. The central banks creating money from nothing and charging interest on it is the crime of the century, the last 100 years or more.
    That is a start. Not a start up?

    How about a mention of the commercial banks who borrow that central bank money and use it as a reserve. Then the commercial banks operate the fractional reserve system of Fractional reserve lending. Using the leverage principle the commercial banks in turn print money for free. Only this time they print 10 times the amount of the new reserve. Free money that they lend to you and me and on which they charge interest. In fact being really greedy these banks many times reduce the reserve from 10% to 3% and print up 30 times the amount of the reserve . That’s right, free money on which they charge interest. nice business if you can get it.

    This is legalized fraud. It needs to be shut down and the function of money production be returned to the treasury. Treasury can produce the same amount of money for free but without the interest. It can distribute the money using the national postal system. Infrastructure already in place.

    Imagine the people taking over the function of those commercial banks , and others, that you and I bailed out with a loan added to the national debt that doubled the taxpayer debt.

    Imagine not only closing down the banking system corruption, but putting the banks out of business. Now we can take over the locations of the bank branches and make them available to others to rent. That would lower the rental values and give all those startup companies a place to go.

    One major advantage of closing the central bank, and the commercial fractional reserve system Ponzi scheme is the interest relief on the economy. The treasury could redeem the national debt with the new money. Imagine the relief to the taxpayer when there is no national debt to pay, and no interest to pay on that debt.

    I do not think we have to worry about a scheme to subsidize start ups when the whole economy can be given such relief by the government directly producing this free money at no interest at all.

    That is what I call thinking big , David. Close down the Central banking and the commercial banking fractional reserve system. Eliminate the national debts and have no interest payments. This would allow for an across the board tax reduction. All the startups in the world would flock to Ireland. They would need no subsidy at all. The central Bank building could be sold off to the highest bidder. Put the money in treasury to benefit all people.

    • Truthist

      David says ;
      “… the Central Bank is an arm of the State,…”.
      Can we depend on this statement as the definitive denial of the suspicion that ;
      “the Central Bank of Ireland is a private Central Bank owned really not 100 % by the Irish State” ?
      In theory, I am all for Irish State
      OUTLAWING the Central Bank of Ireland
      transferring a real central banking duties [ inter-bank mechanism solely ; No issuing of invented -- from "thin air" -- Currency ] to Irish State’s Treasury.
      having Treasury issue Money [ i.e. Gold ( actual Gold Paper & also Gold Coin & Gold Bar ) & Silver Coin ] as the only Currency issued by Irish State fit to be Legal Tender [ paying of Taxes & Products & Services with the Irish State ]
      & / OR
      Treasury issuing Currency AND it NOT Money but simply Paper & Coin as Legal Tender [ paying of Taxes & Products & Services with the Irish State ] AND it backed by “Good Name” of Irish State
      But, “B” only as interim measure ahead of committing solely to A & C for issue of Currency ; Which in that final phase consist of Money ONLY.
      Private concerns issuing Money [ i.e. Gold & Silver ; as above in A ] as Legal Tender [ paying of Taxes & Products & Services with the Irish State ] ; But, subject to ongoing scrutiny by Irish State.
      OUTLAWING of any form of Usuary
      Thus, also NO Fractional Reserve Banking.
      Banks exist solely to provide certain services other than Usuary
      safe-keeping / banking :
      Currency of customers
      Money of customers
      HOWEVER, for Irish State to do so UNILATERALLY / on its own, or even as part of a relatively weak coalition of “brave” / “foolishly brave” countries, puts Irish Nation as immediate target for severe punishment by the Dreadful Few’s proverbial proxy 4 men of the Apocalypse.
      What would be ur plan for to cope with The Dreadful Few in that regard ?
      Hardly to have our Host St. David McWilliams on his return journey from Damascus trying to reason with them ?
      if they are thereabouts.

    • Deco

      UCD is turning into a bastion of corporatism. Maybe it is a predictable response to it’s predicament. In the 1990s everybody wanted to get into UCD. Now, the best students want to avoid it. It’s academic standards are declining. It produces drones who obey. There is too mcuh conformity.

      Brian Cowen. Patrick Neary. Seanie Fitz.

      And the sponors include a collection of gangsters who were involved in various forms of corruption or funny business at the junction of state power and private interest.

      I worry about what is being currently produced by such a “learning culture”…..[if you excuse my sarcasm].

    • fearmcduda

      I maybe mistaken but a year or so ago the Bank of England released a report in which it stated that fractional reserve banking was a myth. In fact commercial banks need no reserve and just create money when a loan is made.

    • zapit

      Here is a video relevant to what you are talking about. It kind of backs up what you are saying. https://youtu.be/JBZWw1DG8zU

      And here is a publication by the Bank of England that king of backs you up too

  7. Pat Flannery

    How about calling David’s great idea “The Central Brain Bank”?

  8. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Jeffrey D. Sachs has just received the UCD Ulysses Medal. Does he deserve it? Let’s look at his achievements. Yes, he did end the hyperinflation in Bolivia, but he didn’t solve the Bolivian poverty problem. Prof. Sachs remembers telling Bolivians in power:

    “If you’re bold, you could turn a poor, land-locked, hyper-inflated country into a poor, land-locked country with stable prices”.

    What about his record in Poland? In an interview for the prestigious “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, Witold Kiezun, a former economy professor at the University of Quebec, who served as a Chief Technical Advisor of the United Nations Development Programme, describes Sachs as “incredibly efficient lobbyist” and states that the Sachs-Balcerowicz plan resulted in selling Polish banks for PLN 25bn, while their annual profits were as high as 12-15bn. He refers to the World Bank’s own data, which show that this was possible because all multinationals in Poland were at that time involved in hostile takeovers achieved by corruption.

    Unlike in the case of the Western deindustrialisation of the preceding years, in Poland modern competitive industries with established markets were also eliminated, including the electronic, telecommunications, computer, industrial machinery, armament and chemical industries – which resulted in an unemployment rate of up to 25%.

    The often-vaunted IMF’s $1bn stabilisation fund granted to Poland (the mythical “USA helped Poland to transform via IMF but it did not help Russia”) and the 50% debt reduction Poland received (which is was the same as Greece has received on 27 October 2011, when Eurozone leaders and the IMF settled an agreement with banks whereby they accepted a 50% write-off of Greek debt) was nothing compared to $30bn Poland borrowed (by issuing government bonds with the interest rate of 15% and more) to support the dollar, for which $30bn Poland was forced to buy the US government bonds (with the interest rate of 1%-2%); as a result, Polish taxpayers lost about $100bn.

    Similar tricks that Mr Sachs invented for Poland had been later on played in Russia, for which “reforms” Poland was a guinea pig (it’s been estimated that they had milked Russia to the tune of $500bn) – except Poland did not receive the $140bn in the stability fund that Russia has received under President Bill Clinton (that Russian elites used that entirely to develop the mafia state is another cup of tea – btw, a lot of former enemies from KGB and CIA cooperated in doing so.

    The results of that mafia state can be witnessed in Syria, where Russians are for Gazprom (Russian general Ivashov, speaking in one of the popular programs of the official Russia TV, responded to the question “So, we are fighting in Syria , to ensure the sales of Gazprom?” by saying “Yes” and “If not for our operation in Syria , we would already have had problems with our national budget. Qatar would already pull off its gas pipeline to Western Europe ), same as the Americans are in Syria for petrodollar – fighting radical Islam is, I am afraid, not a primary goal of neither the US nor Russia (Russia repeatedly claims that fighting ISIS is its primary goal in Syria , but the Russian Defense Ministry’s own map shows that almost 80pc of Russia ’s declared targets in Syria have been in areas not held by the Islamic State).

    So in my opinion Mr Sachs does not deserve any award (perhaps except if there was an award for the smartest criminal).

    P.S. In case someone forgot the role the lovely Greeks (I cannot believe these are the descendans of the most sophisticated culture in world’s history that produced Plato, Aristotle and Thucydides – but remember, they had been mixing with Turks for centuries: the ancient Greeks do not look quite like the current ones on their ancient vases) had played in bringing to Europe the terrorists cutting the throats of pregnant women and elderly priests (I have the impression that everyone here on this blog forgot that Greece basically said “Europe, either you pay us or we make sure your women will be raped”) including the author of the fantastic column above – I agree let’s use the building for the Irish microeconomy rather than for the Irish macroexuberance) that role was second only to the role Germany has played – while running a character assasination campaign in the European media against Prime Minister Orban who wanted to adhere to the EU law while Germany insisted on breaking it, as they had done with the budget deficits rules before), I am re-posting this link:


    P.S.II. “The Central Brain Bank” sounds good to me. We should also call the Dáil “the Assembly of Peoples Unable To Stand Straight Up in the Court of Law” – I am referring to Ms Claire Daly: Claire, I worked in courts: if you are no. 185 on the list (and consider yourself lucky that you had a list – most courts do not put up any list, you just have to be there all day), you stay there, not go and eat those expensive restaurant meals you are eating while the court is in session and then go to papers with a publicity stand to complain that the Judge rebuked you. I know that by being a TD people might think they are above the law, but they are not really.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      a publicity stand = publicity stunt

      Donald Trump Speech at Polish American Congress in Chicago:


      Note the denigrating remarks below made by a guy nicknamed Ziggy (probably coming from the “F…g Jew bastard” – I am quoting Mrs Clinton – Hitleree-camp); if that’s not “wacism” (as Mrs May would say), I do not know what is…

    • bentley

      You are a bullshitter from Poland that keeps taking up vast space here with your drivel. Why dont you start your own blog instead of regaling us with your hysterical propagana against Russia. Get a life man

  9. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I have found this picture on someone’s Tweeter (called: “Syrian women and children leave Calais”). I thought it was gas:


    Translation of the tweets below (which would be a typical Polish sense of humour – much more sophisticated than Hillary’s famous radio “I roll with hot sauce” about the Blacks):

    “Matt Kertz: there are growing so fast, last year they had been so little
    Michal Kuran: I knew that you could suntan on the French Riviera, but on the North?
    Magdalena Bak: you are picking up on these women. They are all training 800m runs :-)
    Daniel Muszynski: I think they are trans or drag queens… if women at all
    Arkadiusz Marcinkows: They are Syrian, but Jihadists
    Wojciech Kowalczyk: are they are brothers?
    Ph Tom: Maybe going to a training camp
    Pawel Wiejak: entire families!
    Tommy: it reminds me of film “Con Air” (I know – it is not a plane :-)”

  10. Deco

    I am baffled at how Bono recommended Ireland as a location, considering he is located in the Netherlands, for tax purposes himself.

    There is a certain hypocrisy between what Bono does, and what Bono tells us about himself.

    • McCawber

      We can all be hypocritical.
      Sometimes its right to compromise and take what’s on offer.
      Tomorrow is always another day.
      Sometimes it’s right to dig in and stick to your guns. We need to learn to do the latter when dealing with the EU.
      Our political representatives fawn too much.
      My experience of dealing with Germans and French business people is that individually I would not be overly impressed.
      However I am an admirer of german efficiency but this took decades to develop and requires a strategic approach to getting things done.
      Sorry I just wandered off there.
      Bottom line can we just stop the fucking fawning and show some respect for ourselves.
      That’s the message we should take from Bono.
      Like come on lads.
      U2 Are Irish stop the begrudging abd be proud of them and for them.
      Stop knocking them, the rest of the world will do that for your.
      Be unfaur abd speak kindly of each other.
      Who did I just misquote?

      • Deco

        I am never convinced by cliches. And the biggest cliche of all is that it is begrudgery to criticise somebody who is taking the p155. And that is what Bono does.

        I will choose self respect, and throw pride away.

        I am not proud of bono. He has nothing to do with me. Those of us who are paying PAYE, are not in any way connected to Bono, who opts out. It is not we have opt out. It is he that opts out.

        And then, he mouths about concern for his fellow human being.

        Sorry, but the BS is too much bono.

        Bono will find fools. But many of us are wising up.

        • Truthist

          And, as melody-smith / tune-smith ?
          Bono is no John Lennon.\
          Bono is no Paul McCartney.
          Bono is no George Harrison.
          Bono is no Burt Bacharach.
          Bono is no Paul Simon.
          Bono is no Van Morrison.
          Bono is no …
          His stuff is limited mainly to wailing ;
          But, that is good for outdoor night-time concerts I observe.

  11. Deco

    Turn the CBoI location into a bus depot.

    The biggest problem in the Dublin bus transport system, is the fact that the buses do not join up in one location.

    Knock that ugly monstrosity.

    And turn the streets nearby all into bus traffic only. And then have the location as bus depot.

    It would solve the traffic problem in the city centre.

    One central bus transport hub for Dublin bus, and Bus Eireann.

    BusAras. Much better than the existing one which is out of centre, and only works for regional buses.

  12. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I know that this may interest only few people, but as someone who witnesses on a daily basis people being harshly punished for dubious offences such as TV license or the possession of cannabis (and having many friends who use cannabis I am NOT a friend of them – I think that in the long run, it does worsen your memory, IQ, and life motivations; besides, did you ever see any chess player on the Candidates Tournament who smokes pot????!!!!), while many people responsible for serious, repeated offences, are not in jail (with suspended sentences at worst or on caring methadone programs), I am quite upset by this man being prosecuted (or rather persecuted).


    while this is going on:


    Claire Daly TD – you are a brave woman (albeit for mostly wrong reasons); if you do something about it, I promise I’ll write something positive about you, despite your hypocritical stance on many international issues (this is but one of many):


    Otherwise I’ll think that you only care about you being in court (poor you)

    Not only Ireland is devoid of trees and some parts of it are so empty that they look like a lunar landscape or post-Hiroshima (make no mistake – in general I find the Irish landscape one of the most stunning in the world – I am particularly taken to Donegal’s hills with no phone coverage and Celtic graves – but not when you want to pee, considering that Ireland also does not have toilets), but some people creating its laws think that it is more decent to walk in urinated trousers than to ease your nature in nature. Oh gimme a break.

    I thought that Ireland was, like, independent – and allowed to repeal the most stupid of the Victorian laws?

    P.S. And no, I do not urinate in public – but that’s because I live in an urban area

  13. Truthist

    Putting a hotel in Dublin “H” will prove to be loss-maker because Dublin, & Ireland, & the Irish, have not been lazy in losing whatever good name they had.
    Reasons for the increasing notoriety include :
    Most Irish have become a coarse & vulgar people.
    German Ambassador speech to German Industrialists
    Most Irish are becoming :
    Most Irish officialdom is horrible in their manner when dealing with the public.
    The streets of our cities & towns are festered with dangerous people dealing & pushing & using Heroin & other narcotic substances.
    And, all with the lucrative co-operation of the regular Guards as a block ;
    However, I still have my hopes that the Drug Squad are sincerely against the narcotics scene.
    Anyway, none of the politicians or senior Civil Servants or the other rich give a damn about crushing this problem.
    The Chinese leaders & civil servants in the times of the Opium Wars sincerely tried to overcome the rampant use of Opium, & would have succeeded but for the head of the octopus forcing it on China’s youth & civil servants too ; The Sassoons.
    So, a hotel in Dublin “H” ? ;
    No thank u.

  14. Who owns the Central Bank of Ireland.


    “During the convenient distraction of World War 2, the House of Rothschild (via Ireland’s 8 joint stock banks) gained control of our new Central Bank with the enactment of the Central Bank Bill of 1942. (Came into force on Feb 1, 1943.) In a stroke of both greed & genius, the joint stock banks would own the credit (profits) of the Central Bank while the people would own the liabilities. (Ring a bell? Bank of England, Federal Reserve, ECB, etc.) (Additonal reading recommended regarding the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA – http://www.globalresearch.ca/who-owns-the-federal-reserve/10489 by Ellen Brown – added by editor)”

    • Truthist

      David McWilliams– the heretofore zealous opponent of “antediluvian” Austrian Economics — having being struck by bolt of lightning from his high horse since the last article is surely rushing back from Damascus to view this special codex that tells that he was deceived in working for The Dreadful Few of all Dreadful Fews –The Rothschilds — when all along he thought he was working for the Irish State.
      Beware, there is none so zealous as the newly converted.
      St. David it is now.

  15. http://republicirelandbank.com/?p=801

    “”Does it matter?
    The passing of The Central Bank Act1942 has meant that all credit/money since has been issued by the CBoI as debt with interest due on it through the Private Banks in Ireland; the only exception to this is the 4% notes and coins in the economy, 96% of money in the economy is now electronic; digits on a computer.

    The interest paid to private banks is taken out of the community and often out of the country. Interest averages out between 35 to 45%, ranging from 12% on refuse collection to 75% on rented accommodation. (Prof Margrit Kennedy)”"


    How about you take a look at this important issue ,David, and air the linen out in public for all to see?

    The Central banking system pillages the people by extracting the interest, charged on the issuance of the currency, from the economy and the shareholders retain it for their own benefit.

    If this is not true, please refute it and provide the evidence. Thank you.

    The payment of this interest is also done in the form of legal tender which is the currency issued by the central and commercial banks. The constant payment of this interest deletes the currency in circulation and so the banking system must continually loan more currency in order to replace that which is redeemed by paying the interest. Thus there is a need for an expanding amount of currency which automatically increases the amount of debt in the economy. This is the Ponzi scheme nature of the money supply, the requirement of ever expanding amounts of debt based currency to be continually added to the current supply.
    Eventually the economy is debt saturated and can borrow no more. This causes a decline in borrowing and a reduction in interest rates.
    Finally the system grinds to a halt. The interest continually extracted from the economy also grows, not withstanding the lowered interest rates. This results in the productive process of the people being siphoned off in ever greater amounts leaving them poorer and poorer.

    This system is in place all over the world, in most countries, which is why the whole world’s economy is slowing at the same time.

    Those who issue the currencies control the peoples. It is a financial empire gradually shackling the freedom and activity of the masses for their own benefit.

    Asked above is, can a country like Ireland break these shackles without enduring the attacks and punishment of “the dreadful few”. Sooner or later the piper must be paid. The payment is eternal economic serfdom. The alternative is freedom. It all depends on what the people want.

    I see little appetite for understanding the real problems and less desire to do anything about it. The US population is waking up but Trump has yet to address the problem of the Central banking system. I suspect he knows about it but will bide his time before addressing it. The people in general must be aware of the problem befe it becomes an issue to be addressed and finally fixed.

  16. “The state that prioritizes helping new companies which will drive the Irish economy in the future over yet another typical property deal is a state that is serious about business.”

    The state should not be in the business of business.

    There are only two legitimate reasons for the formulation of the state.
    People agree to band together to assist each other. Usually based upon a commonly agreed philosophy. There are always deviants and predators.

    The first function of the state is to enforce the agreed rules of behavior within the society. That is to protect the individual from the predations of others. That includes the predations of the state against the individual.
    This code may be similar to the Ten commandments.

    The second function of the state is to protect society from outside predation.

    Members of society are chosen to administer these basic requirement in the interests of the society as a whole.

    #1 = law and order
    #2 = a strong defense.

    Most other operations of government involve the subsidization of one part of the society at the expense of another. The original quote above involves offering a subsidy to a supposed deserving other entity. This is the operation of a centrally controlling government that is the first step to tyranny. The adoption of the principles of a central banking system is the final step toward tyranny. A free and sovereign people will own their own money and not be dependent upon the currency of a cabal.

    Other than 1 and 2 above the state should stay out of the way. Least government is ultimately the best government.

    • #1 = law and order
      #2 = a strong defense.

      Sounds a bit like Trump does it not?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        And, even we disagree with that statement, with the FBI investigation re-open it’s becoming more and more transparent that, in her own words, a “f…g Jew bastard” Mrs Clinton stands for

        # = criminality and disorder
        # = a weak defense

        Also, this morning we witnessed a second miracle since Fatima: Mrs Marian Finucane has actually covered the Wikileaks scandal on her radio show.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Important information if you are registered to vote in the US election – please share that video with all your friends in the US:


  17. survivalist

    Mr McWilliams is right to say that: Already Ireland has a huge multinational presence, and world-class multinationals engage with and have ‘programmes’ for start-ups.

    So we might want to consider these questions; in what way is it that multinationals and their Government bedfellows engage with ‘start-ups’ and what is their ‘programme’ for them?

    We would be led to believe that this partnership of Government and multinationals welcome start up business, possibly by virtue of their abundantly charitable nature, how they must relish competition, no doubt.

    Who really believs that the Corporate State alliance is or is there to support start-ups in a real and meaningful way? Perhaps if by support we understand, suffocate, then the idea is believable.

    Despite the fantasy that the media would have us believe as usual we have a ready, thoroughly reliabe, experienced and alternative source to refer to. Surverys abound taken from the people, those citizens actually atempting to establish start ups and they reveal an inconvient truth.

    Unfortunatly with predictability approching 100% certainty the truth of start up business aka citizen experience will never get mainstream presentation.

    And what is the truth? Well the number one, problem facing small business today from the point of view of small business themselves is complying with Government regulations. This is the findings of a 2011 US Gallup poll.

    It looks, (inexplicably?) like the Governments role is actually to prevent enterprising people entering the economy in a productive and engaged capacity!?!

    Let us take the adult perspective for a moment. Government regulations are meant to stifle competition. The legislative process has been designed of, for and by the corporate lobbyists and it works for them alone. And unless the people are the ones delivering the legislation nothing will change.


    The evidence from the UK is similar,”When discussing the European Union (EU) with UK business owners the inevitable bugbear of Brussels “red tape” is soon brought up…Surveys conducted by business groups like the Institute of Directors (IoD), and even the more EU-friendly CBI, find that their members are concerned by the volume of regulation produced the EU. ” (A Business for Britain Briefing Note )


    A report from the World Bank as far back as 2009 states the blindingly obvious; “After controlling for economic development… higher entrepreneurial activity is significantly associated with cheaper, more efficient business registration procedures and better governance.”
    With such a clarion call to the corporate state we may rest assured that the corporate state and corporate alliance will continue the policies they know to have the effect they desire; to keep the citizenry out of participating in ‘the economy’.


    So reading between the lines in todays post, we must understand that the message actually being delivered is that ‘Ireland’ must send the message to the world that start ups will be treated in at least as hostile a manner here as elsewhere and that the multinations have noting to fear.

    That is the business environment that the multinationals want, that the media supports and that the Government will deliver.

    Business as usual despite the rhetoric.

    [1] http://www.batr.org/negotium/022212.html
    [2] http://forbritain.org/eu-business-regulation.pdf
    [3] https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1407955

  18. Send a message to the world — give the Central Bank to start-ups.

    Send a stronger message to the world.
    close the Central Bank currency fraud of debt based money.

    Ban Fractional reserve commercial banking’s debt based issuance of currency.
    Put the nations currency production, issued free of debt and interest, in the hands of treasury.
    Repeal the legal tender laws.
    Allow the circulation of gold, silver and copper coin as money.

    There is just enough time left in 2016 for this to be an anniversary event. Throw off the final shackles of imperialism as practiced by the money lenders of the world.

    Finally be Free.

  19. Expert: Trump has Already Won Election


    Subject to the fact that a George Soros controlled company is employed in the electronic counting for 16 states. Can you smell potential fraud. 60% of Americans can!!

  20. michaelcoughlan

    “why not turn this fantastic site into a start-up hub, offering extremely low rents to start-up companies, right in the centre of the city?”

    Who are you codding? Do you think that the guberenment will forgo the moola available from selling to the highest bidder? No chance.

    “a failed old Irish institution (a central bank that missed a massive property/credit bubble) to new Irish companies about to make their mark on the world?”

    Failed from whose perspective? First of all the building itself is an inanimate object. It is the fuckers in there who “failed” from your perspective. How many of them lost their jobs? No one id’ say. They did their jobs and were a great success doing it for their political masters. They still do.

    As for Bono;

    Bono moved the tax status of his holding company to Holland or Luxembourg I think.

    I presume it was this apple were asking him about?


  21. Truthist

    I am unsure if this is authentic leaked email per the Goldman Sachs’s Butcher of the Balkans ; Ms. Hillary Clinton ;
    “From ; Hillary Clinton
    Sent ; 12 April 2010 1:19 AM
    To ; Huma Abdien
    Subject ; Hope Your “Drone” is Charged
    Attachmentss ; Naughty132.jpg



    Oh, I found the capital-locks key this time. Haha. It’s soo tricky.
    Redacted by Truthist

  22. Truthist

    Guest writer on Henry Makow’s website ;
    Satanist Weighs in on US Election (Updated)

    October 26, 2016

    “The next President of the United States of America has been selected and will be Hillary Clinton.
    She’s always been ours and will more quickly advance to WW3 with Russia.
    Solve et coagula.
    As I sent to you, the electronic voting systems can and will use ‘fractional voting’.
    I’m told that even Donald Trump hasn’t mentioned this.”

    Fozdyke is usually wrong so Trump fans may rejoice at this prediction.

  23. Truthist

    And, here from Henry Makow personally ;
    Trump will Win — But is he the “Real Deal?”

    27 October 2016


    Where have I seen this before?
    Hitler was false opposition and I am afraid Trump is too.
    But false opposition is better than none at all.

    I believe Donald Trump will win the Presidential election November 8.
    However, as I will explain later, I am hesitant to think that his victory will be a setback for the New World Order.

  24. Truthist

    Ref. info in Henry Makow’s own article ;
    If u are not for Donald Trump to be next President of U.S.A. ;
    ==> U are anti-semitic.

  25. Deco

    Actually, the last thing we need is a national centre for anything in D2.

    The politicians, with their love of nepotism, and the poisoned ivy netowrks that dominate in Dublin will get involved. And it will be castrate it.

    Locating it in Belmullet, or Carnsore Point would be a greater predictor of it being a success.

    On a more serious note, try a location in County Monaghan. People there are entrepreneurial, despite the almost complete lack of natural resources there. Even to the point of being able to make a living in low margin sectors, right beside parts of NI that have a more efficient cost base (being freed from the largess loaded institutional state).

    Locating a small business bank in D2, is like founding a centre for freedom in North Korea.

    The belief in centralism is completely bonkers. It is not working.

    It is now proven ineffective in both the EU, and in Ireland.

    Even before Brexit, the British were moving from it, with more emphasis on the regions. Why are we persisting with it here ?

    It is adored by large political parties, and their supporting oligarchs, because they love the accumulation of power and wealth in one location.

  26. Deco

    Bono does not have soft power. He no longer has any credibility.

    It is a case that we in Ireland are soft on lying stains like Bono.

    He is another green jersey wearing, superficial, patronizing, greed driven, hypocrite.

    Bono, we don’t want you. Bono is not part of my country. He moved his tax residency when he was asked to pay up.

    Just a greedy little gombeen, who takes with slurred speech, wears red glasses all of the time, and who lives like a popstar.

    Bono has got more out of Ireland, than Ireland will ever hope to get out of Bono. I can you refer you to the taxing matter of his residency, if in any doubt on the matter.

  27. Pat Flannery

    The largely negative reaction on this blog to David’s idea of turning the Central Bank building on Dame Street into “a start-up hub, offering extremely low rents to start-up companies, right in the center of the city” is very disappointing to say the least. We need more positive thinking like that on here and less of these soul-destroying negative posts that are so predictable (and quite frankly boring) every day.

    The personal attacks seem to have stopped, which proves that this blog could be an attractive place to visit every day. But nobody wants to come here and read the same boring negative shit every day. Nobody listens to a whiner! Ask yourself whether you are a constant whiner on here, always on about the same subject. If so, chances are that nobody is reading you and if this trend continues soon nobody will be reading this blog!

    How about some positive ideas for a change? I think David is trying to lead the way. We all change. We all grow. These are interesting times.

    Let’s take stock of all the positive things Ireland has to offer in this massive paradigm shift called Brexit. Let’s go into this thing “with the army we’ve got, not the one we wish we had”, to borrow a phrase from Donald Rumsfeld.

    Let’s “look for the pony”, as Ronald Reagan used to say, instead of always wallowing in the pony’s shit. There are some very nice ponies in the Irish barn. The former Central Bank building would make a very nice pony barn, even with the shit. They go together.

  28. goldbug

    I want to ask this House why Oireachtas Eireann, in the Central Bank Bill, adopts as its own the doctrine that there is some holy right in the joint stock banks of this country to demand from the people and the Government payment for the use of credit money which exists only in their imagination?


  29. McCawber

    Let’s start the ball rolling on some startups.
    Quite a few people require orthopedic or custom made shoes.
    The market in Ireland might be huge but worldwide…
    Quite a few elderly people are mentally fit but physically wheel chair ridden.
    Exoskeleton technolohy anyone.

    • Pat Flannery

      That’s the spirit McCawber. Maybe we could marry Exoskeleton technology with 3D Printing. We could start the Third Industrial Revolution right here in Ireland.

      I will be in California from next week on for a while and will be eager to hear any more such ideas from Ireland. California is the land of dreams, which is why I love it. Anything they can do there we can do here in Ireland the very homeland of dreamers.

      • McCawber

        Check out the latest in remote control of lights.
        Ie using your mobile phone or even a controller to switch off your lights.
        IT’S the sort of stuff our planning laws should be specifying as a requirement.
        Obviously ask where robotic technology is at.
        What are they dreaming up.
        Think utopia if you know what I mean.
        I was in the states in May and went into sn electronics store.
        Couldn’t believe all the drone stuff that was on sale

        • Nobody is stopping innovation except the myriad rules and regs imposed by governments . These are the same governments that are supposed to subsidize the chosen few. Central government never worked Centralized government is serfdom.
          Get government out of the way.
          Besides getting centralize government out of the way we need to remove centralized businesses and centralize banking.
          All cartels are bad for the common man.
          Break up all cartels, but most of all get rid of the centralized thinking process.
          Innovation in business can not happen until innovation is allowed in politics and finance.
          Stand aside and allow creativity to blossom.

    • Truthist

      David is great enthusiast for “Hubs” of all types.
      This idea for that auld building there of the Rothschilds’ Syndicate whom he was really working for — Ref. above, vis. my question & Tony Brogan’s answer — but in his naivety was thinking he was working for the Irish State, is another such “Hub” idea of his.
      Before we proceed any further, can yee invent foolproof system to block Spivs & Spiveens from getting yet more Civil Service / Quango super salaries + add-ons with this Hub facility ?
      The underclasses are at breaking point for a long time already.
      They should snap if the Civil SERPENTS get even more than equivalent private sector that they already do.

  30. Truthist

    Headline ;
    This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected
    Yee may as well, phone ur USA electorate friends tonight & tomorrow for to get their opinion having looked at this video.
    Hoping that Trump will use the military solely for :
    beingn construction
    benign reconstruction


    medical treatment of all citizens on willful basis.

  31. Where do you stand on these eight pillars of society

    Pillars Collectivist Individualist

    Source of rights The state The people
    Supremacy The group The individual
    Desirable action Coerced Voluntary
    Property owned By state Privately
    Choice of money No Yes
    Laws Favor some Equal for all
    Leadership By coercion By persuasion
    State power Aggressive Defensive


  32. Truthist

    10 Sep 2013
    Man stabbed in stomach and face outside The Rothschild’s Central Bank, Dublin “H”, in daylight attack
    The victim in critical condition in hospital.
    Comments in above link are very revealing.
    And, more about Dublin “H” here ;
    Man injects himself in the groin on the Luas
    A woman who witnessed the drug use said it ‘made her feel sick’.
    Surely we should be asking ;
    On a larger scale of happenings, are we the Irish Nation all along being personally targeted with Heroin importation in same vein — pardon the pun — as were the populace of China in 19th century by the Central Bank syndicate octopus then under regional management of Sassoon family ?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Dear Truthist,

      That horrific information about a man being stabbed in a daylight in the heart of Dublin is shocking, and it puts into a serious d o u b t the question whether the senior An Garda Síochána officers d e s e r v e the money they are getting (€35,840 after 292 weeks, €42,138 after 448 weeks – I am n o t talking about the young, inexperienced Gardaí on relatively small €25,472 who are always send into dodgy areas – I shared with one and I know that most of the young ones are crippled with mortgages, while the old ones, hiding in safety, are often milking the society as landlords (like I said, a property bubble is just a tax on the economy).

      Should their salaries not be performance based, like in many other jobs?

      Their basic salaries should be low, but if the criminality rates drops in their area – they should get attractive bonuses; if it rises significantly – they should lose all their privileges (like rent allowance).

      The Central Bank stabbing is yet another strong argument in favour of abolishing the ban on guns in Ireland. This is what should worry the likes of Bono instead of the rising nationalism in Poland and Hungary, as the Dutch rock star testified before the US Congress (testified based on what? – Mr Derek Scully in Berlin rewriting German press propaganda for the Anti-Irish Times?).

      U2 rock star Bono had to be rescued by armed police after being caught up in the Bastille Day Nice massacre. Bono has long been a vocal advocate for gun control (the original lyrics of U2’s hit “Vertigo” included words “On the run; Officer, put down the gun”).

      Now, Ireland banned firearms in 1972, and the Emerald Isle’s homicide rate was fairly static going all the way back to 1945 (it fluctuated between 0.1 and 0.6 per 100,000 people). Immediately after the ban, the murder rate shot up to 1.6 per 100,000 people in 1975.

      Fast forward to 2005-2015, and there was almost six times more gun homicides here than in England and Wales. Could the tragedy in Nice have been prevented if some pedestrian was carrying a gun? It took ages for the police to shoot the man responsible for the lorry attack. Paris has the toughest gun laws in the world , but there is no other European capital where the Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus’ statement “Si vis pacem, para bellum” would be more relevant.

      Dear Bono and your ilk – “How long to sing this retarded “no-guns” song?”

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        send = sent

      • Truthist

        Question ;
        With such an article from our host, “Cui Bono” ?
        Answer ;
        Institutional State of Irish State [ I.S.I.S. ( The Real I.S.I.S.) ; And, Yes, Yes, Yes, they also were in cahoots with MI5 & MI6 to execute the Omagh Bombing ; Real I.R.A. was only a Psyops of Brit. Intelligence in collaboration with their counterparts in Irish State & U.S.A. & lackeys in Media & Plants in I.R.A. & patsies too ] — which includes those who guard the Rich [ The Establishment & the Guards themselves ], vis. The Guards, helped very much to bankrupt the banks in Irish State through their pursuit of facilitating Landlordism.
        Then, I.S.I.S. committed Irish Nation for seemingly never ending generations to come towards paying off that private debt by declaring it to be henceforth “public” debt.
        So, that is just only 1 of the outcomes from just 1 particular aspect of many from Garda culture ;
        Grzegorz, the Guards are for many years now — as a block — turning a deliberate blind-eye to Heroin & the other serious mind-altering chemical substances being pushed, dealt, & used, because they are “on the take”.
        I have it on very good authority ;
        Civil SERVANT authority.
        And, political authority.
        INTER ALIA.
        Other posters here know it ;
        But, are too cute to confirm it personally.
        At least, someone here has the moral courage to say it.
        I still am hopeful that the Drug Squad are sincerely against all mind-altering chemical substances.
        So, even on that basis, the Garda-Landlords / Landlord-Gardai do not deserve even more salary excess than they already enjoy versus there comparitors in Private Sector who get much less than they do already AND would have to eek out from their income those increases that the Civil SERPENTS are demanding.
        The Guards have helped to make the Heroin problem that we have.
        We should crush that problem thoroughly.
        It can be done.
        No need to kill anyone either.
        A lot of the rich & farmers regardless if they rich or not have guns & ammunition.
        The urban lower middle-class & underclasses are not to have any guns & ammunition as far as the establishment have decided.
        Yes, I agree ;
        Proper on-going training & equipping every sound person of 21 years up with suitable choice of gun & ammunition to have personally in gun-safe for emergency use is very necessary for to help our society.

  33. Truthist

    Interesting-Interesing-Interesting on Henry Makow tonight ;
    Makow’s preface
    Boyle’s article
    Preface from Henry Makow ;
    I predicted Trump will win and asked my readers what the Illuminati’s game plan is.

    While most readers favor Trump, Kevin Boyle and others suspect his real role is to lead Americans into WW3.

    Americans would never follow Hillary into battle.
    I, Truthist, have suspicions about Trump ;
    I say this even though :
    it is vital that he be President rather than Hillary Clinton,
    much of his policies economic [ e.g.'s tackling the main commercial Banks ; job creation facilitation ], social [ e.g.'s tackling illegal immigration, e.g.'s reducing certain & most immigration ], civil [ e.g. appointing known "pro-life" judges onto Federal Supreme Court of USA ; re-building of USA's construction infrastructure, & military [ withdrawal of USA from war zones around the world ; detente with Russia ] is very good.
    I have grave concerns that Trump administration will — as proxy for The Dreadful Few :
    assail Iran.
    get the USA to be extra nasty on the Palestinians.

  34. https://dollarvigilante.com/blog/2016/10/28/washington-prepares-emp-internet-attack-since-transfer-un.html

    Washington Prepares For EMP While Internet Under Attack Since Transfer to the UN
    Remember how we pondered whether the internet would be shut off (or highly censored) upon being transferred to the UN on October 1st? Just a few weeks later, large swathes of the internet went down. Coincidence or trial run?

  35. Truthist

    The Rothschild’s endorsed Hillary Clinton street gang VERSUS The AIPAC’s / Adelson’s endorsed Donald Trump street gang.

    At least in USA u can choose between 2 different street gang.

    Apparently, in Canada u can only choose between Gerry Schwartz gang or the Gerry Schwartz gang.

  36. Truthist

    A Presidency From Hell ?
    “This election is not over.
    But if Hillary Clinton wins, a truly hellish presidency could await her, & us.”– Buchanan.org
    By Patrick J. Buchanan
    Should Donald Trump surge from behind to win, he would likely bring in with him both houses of Congress.
    Much of his agenda — tax cuts, deregulation, border security, deportation of criminals here illegally, repeal of Obamacare, appointing justices like Scalia, unleashing the energy industry — could be readily enacted.
    On new trade treaties with China & Mexico, Trump might need economic nationalists in Bernie Sanders’ party to stand with him, as free-trade Republicans stood by their K-Street contributors.
    Still, compatible agendas & Republican Party [ “GOP” ] self-interest could transcend personal animosities & make for a successful 4 years.
    But consider what a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like.
    She would enter office as the least-admired president in history, without a vision or a mandate.
    She would take office with 2/3rd of the nation believing she is untruthful & untrustworthy.
    Reports of poor health & lack of stamina may be exaggerated.
    Yet she moves like a woman her age.
    Unlike Ronald Reagan, her husband, Bill, & President Obama, she is not a natural political athlete & lacks the personal & rhetorical skills to move people to action.
    She makes few mistakes as a debater, but she is often shrill — when she is not boring.
    Trump is right: Hillary Clinton is tough as a $2 steak.
    But save for those close to her, she appears not to be a terribly likable person.
    Still, such attributes, or the lack of them, do not assure a failed presidency.
    James Polk, no charmer, was a one-term president, but a great one, victorious in the Mexican War, annexing California & the Southwest, negotiating a fair division of the Oregon territory with the British.
    Yet the hostility Clinton would face the day she takes office would almost seem to ensure 4 years of pure hell.
    The reason: her credibility, or rather her transparent lack of it.
    Because the tapes revealed he did not tell the full truth about when he learned about Watergate, Richard Nixon was forced to resign.
    In the Iran-Contra affair, Reagan faced potential impeachment charges, until ex-security adviser John Poindexter testified that Reagan told the truth when he said he had not known of the secret transfer of funds to the Nicaraguan Contras.
    Bill Clinton was impeached — for lying.
    White House scandals, as Nixon said in Watergate, are almost always rooted in mendacity — not the misdeed, but the cover-up, the lies, the perjury, the obstruction of justice that follow.
    And here Hillary Clinton seems to have an almost insoluble problem.
    She has testified for hours to FBI agents investigating why & how her server was set up & whether secret information passed through it.
    Forty times during her FBI interrogation, Clinton said she could not or did not recall.
    This writer has friends who went to prison for telling a grand jury, “I can’t recall.”
    After studying her testimony & the contents of her emails, FBI Director James Comey virtually accused Clinton of lying.
    Moreover, thousands of emails were erased from her server, even after she had reportedly been sent a subpoena from Congress to retain them.
    During her 1st 2 years as secretary of state, half of her outside visitors were contributors to the Clinton Foundation.
    Yet there was not a single quid pro quo, Clinton tells us.
    Yesterday’s newspapers exploded with reports of how Bill Clinton aide Doug Band raised money for the Clinton Foundation, & then hit up the same corporate contributors to pay huge fees for Bill’s speeches.
    What were the corporations buying if not influence ?
    What were the foreign contributors buying, if not influence with an ex-president, & a secretary of state & possible future president?
    Did none of the big donors receive any official favors?
    “There’s a lot of smoke & there’s no fire,” says Hillary Clinton.
    Perhaps, but there seems to be more smoke every day.
    If once or twice in her hours of testimony to the FBI, grand jury or before Congress, Clinton were proven to have lied, her Justice Department would be obligated to name a special prosecutor, as was Nixon’s.
    And, with the election over, the investigative reporters of the adversary press, Pulitzers beckoning, would be cut loose to go after her.
    The Republican House is already gearing up for investigations that could last deep into Clinton’s 1st term.
    There is a vast trove of public & sworn testimony from Hillary, about the server, the emails, the erasures, the Clinton Foundation.
    Now, thanks to WikiLeaks, there are tens of thousands of emails to sift through, & perhaps tens of thousands more to come.
    What are the odds that not one contains information that contradicts her sworn testimony ?
    Congressman Jim Jordan contends that Clinton may already have perjured herself.
    And as the full-court press would begin with her inauguration, Clinton would have to deal with the Syrians, Russians, Taliban, North Koreans & Xi Jinping in the South China Sea — & with Bill Clinton wandering around the White House with nothing to do.
    This election is not over.
    But if Hillary Clinton wins, a truly hellish presidency could await her, & us.

  37. Truthist

    Friday, 28 October 2016

    Trumps pick for Vice-President — Pence — is someone I deeply distrust.
    Even though I note that Aanirfan is endorsing Hillary Clinton & certainly going full out to denigrate Trump, I think that they are correct in being very negative about Pence.
    If Trump is going to be a real hero, for he to get the opportunity he most likely had no alternative but to stack up with the Neo-Zio Hawks ;
    And, that is what he has done.
    But, as we know, Trump is well capable of firing his staff.

  38. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PkiitqqAFA

    “”Gowdy, Jordan, Chaffetz! They are As Guilty As The FBI! It’s All A show! Trump Will Respond!”"

    • Re Above
      “Published on Oct 24, 2016
      I was working on a video that concerns Trump’s current allegations on the corruption of the media and Clinton Foundation and what his plans may be. I came across several videos that after watching them send me off in another direction. I have always been a big supporter of Gowdy, Jordan, Chaffetz, and others on the House Judiciary Committee. They could actually impeach Clinton now, but won’t do it because it would never pass the Senate. They do have options though. They make it seem like the Congress of the US has NO power! Really! I’m not so sure! If you research Impeachment, Standing, and the purpose of Congress in the process of discovery you are lead to believe that Congress is complicit!

      So, now if you decide that not only are the Clintons corrupt, but also that the media, DNC, and that Congress may be involved, where do you turn? That is the subject of my original, and now next video! There is only one way that this information/corruption is all revealed! Trump! He is laying the foundation (no pun intended) to pursue all of this!”

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