October 6, 2016

Change is constant in life... here's why we should embrace Brexit, not fear it

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The only constant in life is change. Once we appreciate this, we should embrace change and profit from it. The aim for all of us is to be resilient in the face of change, and sufficiently resourceful not only to withstand change, but to thrive on it.


Thriving on change is the difference between living and existing. Thriving on change is what makes people strong, impervious to other people’s opinions and, ultimately, thriving on change is the only way to live in this tempestuous world. Look at the best companies, the best teams, the most creative people – the one thing they can all do when faced with an altering landscape is tear up Plan A and invent a Plan B.


This agility, this lightness of touch, this ability to embrace risk, knowing the pros and cons, is what it is all about. Sometimes you are rewarded, sometimes not, but if you don’t give it a go, you will be passed.


Now, risk is not for everyone, which is why we have an insurance industry. Insurance minimises risk and seeks to shield people from the vagaries of the real world.


In the same way, a permanent job does this. Lots of people want the security of a permanent job. That’s their call. But there are very few companies these days that can truly offer their employees a permanent position. As the great world spins, these jobs will become few and far between. The only fundamental aspect that guarantees an element of permanence is to involve yourself in a job that you love and if you love it, you will probably be good at it.


In a competitive world, being good is the only thing that ensures permanence, unless, of course, you rig the market by rules and regulations designed to minimise competition and maximise the amount of money you can gouge out of the market that you have rigged.


The same goes for countries. So imperialist countries in the past rigged the market and gouged the market.


This is why the great linen industry of India failed to compete with British linen in the Raj. It wasn’t that the Indians weren’t good at producing textiles, they were just prevented by a rigged imperialist system that rewarded English producers and penalised Indian ones.


We see this all the time. But change can’t be prevented — it can only be retarded, at most.


So when a country is faced by change, what does it do?


The country that stands still, rests on its laurels and shrinks from the changes around it, is the country that will lose. On the other hand, the country that accepts change will at least be giving itself a chance.


This brings me to Brexit. The headlines, fed to journalists by civil servants who have an interest in the status quo and don’t like change – if they did, they wouldn’t be civil servants — talk about the “nightmare” of Brexit. Since Sunday, when the British decided that they were going for the “hard Brexit”, we in Ireland have been on the receiving end of definitive lists citing all the terrible things that lie ahead for us because our closest neighbour is leaving the club.


But who knows what is going to happen? There are as many reasons to be optimistic as pessimistic.


Forget the politics for a minute.


Most of the stuff that is written as economics is simply biased political opinion dressed up as analysis.


A hard Brexit means that there will be a WTO tariff on British manufacturing goods of around 2pc-3pc. This will drive up the cost of exports in Ireland by this amount. We import 34pc of all our imports from the UK. In June, our total import bill was €6bn. So about €2.2bn came from the UK. So a 3pc tariff on this stuff will be about €70m to the Exchequer. Will 3pc divert our essential imports? I doubt it.


Now, look at what happened to imports in July. Imports fell by 11pc from June to July. Why do you think that happened? Could it be because of the dramatic fall in Sterling after the Brexit vote? Of course it was. So the dramatic fall in Sterling has hugely reduced the import bill in Ireland — and this is regarded as a “nightmare“? By who exactly? The fall in Sterling is actually making us richer, not poorer, but it is being spun as a disaster.


This isn’t permanent, it’s change and it has good and bad elements.


Think also now about the uncertainty the UK faces for the next few years, particularly with respect to direct foreign investment.


Might companies be worried that because the UK is throwing up barriers to highly skilled immigrants, the productivity of their UK investment will fall? This was the gist of what the head of Microsoft said when visiting Dublin yesterday. The implication is that it’s not the tariffs that will scare away investment but the fact that investors have to depend on the lumpen English proletariat for their workforce.


If this is the case, why should this be a disaster for Ireland, a country that is open to European immigrants?


Wouldn’t it be a significant positive for us if investment is diverted from the UK? Where is it likely to be diverted to: Romania, Italy, Spain?


It is not illogical to suggest that Ireland, as the only English-speaking country in the EU, will be ideally placed to profit from any investment disruptions that Brexit might spark.


The key for Ireland is to be as open to trade, investment and migration as possible because, with the British tied up in knots, we have a great chance to stake a legitimate claim as Europe’s only pro-business trading nation.


Clearly there are issues with the Border. However, the stakeholders in this — ourselves, Stormont and Westminster — all want the Border to stay open for trade and travel.


So the only entity that might be intent on stopping this is the EU. Therefore, we should tell it where to go.


There needs to be a serious negotiation for a derogation on any hard border between us and the UK; as I said, this is only being suggested by Brussels or its paid-up mouthpieces in the Irish establishment. We have never had a border in terms of travel between both countries, so why start now? If we don’t want to police it and the UK doesn’t want to police it, would we have Finnish and Spanish police and customs on either side of the border? I doubt it!


There is as much chance that, managed properly, Brexit will be good for Ireland. It is change, and change is constant. Change can bring out the best in people, companies and countries — it’s simply up to us to tap into that potential.

  1. michaelcoughlan

    “The fall in Sterling is actually making us richer, not poorer, but it is being spun as a disaster.”

    First of all no it hasn’t. It has reduced our cost. Our wealth generation capacity is in our own hands.

    “The key for Ireland is to be as open to trade, investment and ………………….MIGRATION”

    Says it all really David.

    Tell you what I am open to; emigration like everyone else. Like I said I figured out at 42 no one gives a shit.

    Guess what? did you forget that the industrial revolution started in England and there was no trouble with the English Lumpen proletariat that time?

    As for the lumpen English proletariat since all the Irish talent is voting with their feet do you really think that the lumpen Irish proletariat will be viewed any different?


    We are going to have to back the Brits go for Irexit and thank our lucky stars that the Brits are so benevolent to a country that has caused them such heartache for so long.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej


      Thanks for your last comment on the previous thread. I replied by quoting some observations about life written before his death by a highly intelligent individual (he had a colourful and successful life, lived to a ripe age of 93, was a Dominican, soldier, logician and philosopher; got pilots license when he was 90). I think they are in keeping with your view of life and what attitude to take considering where the world and new generations are going (arseways if you ask me).

      I follow closely the issue of Deutsche Bank, but unlike virtually everyone else here, I approach it primarily from a geopolitical point of view, as a sign of the US reconsidering whether Germany can be still left as the policeman of Europe or should they chose a new leader (or withdraw completely, leaving us either isolated or to a scary Dugin’s Euroasia plan) – a role to which they had been nominated by President Bill Clinton.

      The gas think about the Deutsche Bank was that this has been news since at least last year (first to write about it was the currently undeservedly unfashionable Prof. Niall Ferguson… around 7 years ago – that German banks are even more leveraged than the US and that DB will be Europe’s Lehman), so how come this is now big news?

      I have to say though, this (the Deutsche Bank checkmate revenging the EU Commission move on Apple) seems to be a 1:0 for the US, for the US can afford withdrawing Apple much more than Europe can afford collapsing the bankrupt Deutsche Bank (which is why I always say that Ireland should be attracting multinationals but cannot rely ONLY on them in her exports = which is a mistake Britain is making too: put all eggs in the City and near-zero interest rates? Well, I do not know… – what happened to UKiPs no-subsidies open-to-all-the-world agriculture plan?)

      On that (the Deutsche Bank), perhaps you would care for watching the 10 min analysis of that situation from the Polish media – I switched the English subtitles on, in case they do not show up, go to right bottom corner Subtitles/Closed captions and choose ON.


      As to Tony’s comment to my comment on Keynes (I am replying to it here because you also often write about Keynes and inflation/deflation):

      Tony wrote:

      “Now they are depopulated, stuck in a Keynesian model which requires a constant population growth.”
      Rather the Keynesian model requires ever increasing amounts of money printing. It is the Central bank money system that is the ponzi scheme and does not necessarily require population growth per se.”,

      it would appear this comment misses my point.

      Every reader of this blog knows that Keynesian model requires ever increasing amounts of money printing (figuratively speakign of course, because we are all aware of M1, M2, M3 ,etc).

      But what was keeping Ponzi scheme going? THE POST-WWII DEMOGRAPHIC BOOM (plus Bretton-Woods) which ensured that the ever increasing amount of money created into existence as debt was being shifted into next (ever increasing) generations (ever increasing amount of taxpayers paying for past consumption and leveraging current debts). Well, the demographic boom in the Europe has ended long time ago (Ireland being probably in the best situation, but only relative to others – Germany in the worst); demographic boom in the US has just ended too.

      Of course, a total reset of the whole global Keynesian-scheme is possible. The r e a l question is though: is it possible WITHUR the Apocalypse, and how? And are people in the West ready for life without credit cards and cheap goodies/services?
      One think I am sure: given that Ireland will hit the same catastrophic demographic problems Germany has hit, anyone buying a house in Dublin as his or her pension plan rather than a place to live is insane (the aforesaid demographic problems have actually prompted the German Minister for Interior Affairs to a shockingly frank statement in 2010, namely that if 100,000 Poles emigrate to Germany and only 1 out 4 makes one German woman pregnant, that would result in 25,000 new Germans being born every year and help to save the pension plan – tact was never a strength of Germans, even for eastern European standards; however, that did not happen as planned, hence the crazy plan with 800,000 “Syrians” (they would have been better off going for Brazilians and Argentinians – who, after all, are sort of Germans with spontaneity – if they fancy non-Europeans), which went totally out of control, and was arguably the most stupid things any German politician has done since the Gleiwitz incident (btw, it is not true that Germans are always the best time-keepers: speaking in Reichstag about being attacked by Poland, Der Fuehrer got the hour wrong).

      “Angie, Angie, when will those clouds all disappear?
      Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here?
      With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
      You can’t say we’re satisfied
      But Angie, Angie, you can’t say we never tried
      Angie, you’re beautiful, but ain’t it time we said good-bye?”

      (though the next German Prime Minister might be even worse, if chosen from SPD):


      (on issue like this, I consciously paste a link to a lefty newspaper regarding Ms Merkel’s late reflection, in case someone says I am… Jeez, I don’t know – not Céad Mile Fáilte enough)

      And, more on the glorious history of Deutsche Bank:


      • michaelcoughlan

        Thanks Grzegorz.


      • Still Grzegorz, The monetary system creates the inflation by flooding the population, static or otherwise, with unbacked debt laden interest bearing currency.(currency and not money) This is the Keynesian Ponzi scheme.
        Sooner or later people, on aggregate, become saturated with debt, and overloaded with repayments. Adding a 2,5,10% or more to the population has little effect on a money supply doubled , that is increased by 100%, in a short time. (At a 10% p.a. rate, that incidentally results in a real inflation rate, properly calculated, of 7-8% p.a.)
        The increase in population is thought to be a way of supplementing productive capacity in order to increase the tax base thereby, it is suggested, increasing the tax base in order to pay the unallocated pensions promised to the retirees by profligate government. This is nothing to do with Keynesian monetary policy as far as I have read.
        It is more the result of stupid politicians running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
        The world is run by the elites who have a policy of one world government control that they manage just as they manage by proxy the collective governments of the world.
        Through the use of the induced central banks and the production of unlimited credit the bankers buy and sell the politicians. The Clintons are the recent example, never minds Blair et al. The use of unlimited credit creates the distortions in domestic economies that destroy them. (deliberate policy) The use of unlimited credit fires up the armaments industry and thus the unlimited war machines.( More deliberate destruction.)
        Thus we are all manipulated into our own destruction. Chaos ensues. Out of chaos is proposed order, that is more centralised control.
        This whole system is so easy to see but seldom is. People involve themselves with endless discourse of historical narratives and local politics. Especially so on these blogs of distraction.
        NEVER, NEVER, NEVER is there a proposal discussed to rid us of the current paper Ponzi Fraud of our money supply.
        For fucks sake wake up!!!

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “The increase in population is thought to be a way of supplementing productive capacity in order to increase the tax base”

          It is not only about pensions – it is primarily about increasing the aggregate demand by incurring new debts (i.e. by issuing government bonds) paid by the next generations.
          For that, new generations (or new taxpayers) are needed, and in large amounts.

          Demographic collapse would be bad even in a sound economic system – no civilisation survived when its reproduction rate dropped below 1.3.

          Buy in a system based on financing current consumption by shifting repayments into next generations via money issued a debt, demographic collapse is catastrophic.

          • It is not the demographics that cause the banking problem. It is the banking problem that is enhanced perhaps by falling demographics.
            In a sound money economy there is no problem with a falling population. The economy can safely contract to reflect the demographics.

            Likewise there would be little of a boom created by a growing population if sound money principles governed the economy.

            It is the creation of unlimited credit which is the real problem. This equals the creation of unlimited debt. The postwar baby boomers spent the productivity of the next two generations by borrowing and creating the worlds largest ever debt bubble that now cannot be repaid or sustained. Now they expect to be sustained with funds that have not been earned nor by wealth saved. (Individual cases excepted )

          • demographics.(first paragraph) = populations

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “It is not the demographics that cause the banking problem. It is the banking problem that is enhanced perhaps by falling demographics.”

            Exactly. But this is my whole point. Booming demographics was a veil that has been postponing the uncovering the “king is naked” truth. Good demographics is to Keynes what morphine is to pain: for the 4 year election cycle politicians there is no need to have a sound money system if you can win the election on the unsound, fraudulent system and shift the pain onto the next generation.

            You yourself notice that the banking problem is enhanced by falling demographics. Well, the logical conclusion of it is that improving demographics was mitigating the intrinsic banking problem.

            Now the demographics is cat, and there is nowhere to hide.

            “The postwar baby boomers spent the productivity of the next two generations by borrowing and creating the worlds largest ever debt bubble that now cannot be repaid or sustained. Now they expect to be sustained with funds that have not been earned nor by wealth saved.”

            You have just laid out Keynes’s General Theory in two sentences (with important restriction that the actual Keynes wrote about saving in the boom and spending in the bust – but no one reads Keynes, so this was quickly changed into “If I have it, I’ll spend it”).

            You see, Tony, if you dig deep into Keynes and his occult, KGB-infiltrated “Apostles” circle, you would find out that Keynes NEVER INTENDED HIS BOOK TO BE A RECIPE FOR A SOUND MONEY SYSTEM: it was to be a manual “how to win the election”.

            When CDU in Germany introduced their state pension system for example, AMAZINGLY they knew WHEN the demographics was going to collapse (around 2010) – they also knew they would not have to deal with it.

            Better you tell me what CETA means for a Canadian, because the lower house of the Polish Sejm (Parliament) have just ratified it and I am receiving signals many people in Poland are not too happy about it (it looks like the ruling party was split on that).

          • Grzegorz
            Sad to say that CETA is off the radar. no mention, that sticks, from the national media.
            I literally know nothing about it.
            I have scanned the Eu web site that lists the supposed benefits to europe in general and now have the Canadian government site but not yet had the time to read any of it.


          • Extract from the report on line shows committee meetings held 2500 miles from here but no parliamentary debate or briefing.

            “Committee mandate and procedure

            On September 27, 2011, the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade (hereinafter the Committee) decided to conduct a study on the Canada-EU CETA negotiations. The Committee’s primary objective was to ensure that an agreement, once signed and implemented, would be in the best interests of Canadians.

            Against this background, the Committee held hearings in Ottawa in October and November in order to obtain input from Canadian stakeholders with regard to the principal issues in these negotiations. Half of the Committee members then travelled to Brussels and Paris in December to meet with European parliamentarians, representatives of national governments, and stakeholders that are involved or have an interest in the negotiations. The objective was to gain a broader understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with the negotiations, and to highlight Canada’s priorities in the negotiations.

            Committee members who travelled to Europe benefited from briefings and logistical support provided by Canada’s Mission to the EU as well as by the Canadian embassies in Belgium and France.

          • “On 22 October 2012, five Polish NGOs criticized the secrecy surrounding the negotiations, the similarities to ACTA, and demanded more disclosures about the negotiations from the Polish government.”


          • “It is not only about pensions” –True, it was never suggested that it was only about pensions.

            “For that, new generations (or new taxpayers) are needed, and in large amounts.”
            But the population differentials would only be less than one percent per year. A birthrate of 2.2 per female is required for population stability.
            The birthrate seldom falls below 1.6 or rises much over 3 these days. Population growth rates of 2% pa are considered very good. The biggest problem is the growth in money. This equals a growth in debt. The population cannot borrow further because of debt saturation. The onlty easing has been to lower interest rates. This allows a further amount of borrowing. But no matter the demographics we are at the end of the road anyway.

            It is the fiat debt based Ponzi money system is the basic problem. Relatively, demographics is a side issue.

      • I ignored the question, in the above comment, of the increase in population being an invasion of mostly males from alien countries and territories.
        No doubt it is another side of the policy aimed at the destruction of the western Industrial democracies. Incidentally, I noted this aim and ambition of the elites in the 1970′s but was met with total incredulity by anyone I mentioned it to.
        I also forecast zero interest rat policies a score years or more ago when mortgage interest rates were 10.5%-12% .

        Well there is not much I can do except the best I can for myself as even family and friends will not listen. People are the authors of their own misfortune.

        I am beginning to be totally pissed off that most people are so dumb, ignorant or stupid. I now blame it on the rags and TV we call programs. They do just that, program peoples minds to think in preconceived ways. The MSM are largely owned by the same people currently benefiting from the central banking policies. The same control the foundations and charities that fund the “brightest and best” in the educational system, thus making sure the schooling system and the universities turn out millions of lemmings following the desired scripts.
        As usual the intellectuals are leading us astray. As usual the masses follow, that is, until they become destitute and revolution erupts and millions die.

        Those out there with eyes to see, let them see, with ears to hear, let them hear, with mouths to speak, let them speak and perhaps the elites can be controlled. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!!

  2. Hoggie

    “Most of the stuff that is written as economics is simply biased political opinion dressed up as analysis.”

    This statement should be appended to all economics articles and publications.

  3. yadayada

    Who knows what will happen? There’s a general panic on the pound now. If Brexit is any kind of a success, the pound will be back up. Also, no one in the uk sees Ireland as foreign, and they won’t be shutting Ireland out. Back in the 2010 election, there was an incident where a “bigoted woman” complained to Gordon brown about immigrants – her name was Fahy. We don’t see ourselves as foreigners either.

  4. AlfieMoone

    ‘The only constant in life is change.’

    Heraclitus. Panta rhei. But more relevantly,JFK & Joseph ‘Radical Joe’ Chamberlain. I’m sure Brexit Architect Theresa May had both of them in mind in Birmingham this week as she laid out the template for a Hard Brexit which will have profound effects on the island of Ireland…

    Apparently, it’s JFK who’s responsible for the misappropriation of the Chinese hexagram for Change & claiming the word “crisis” is composed of two characters,
    one representing danger and the other, opportunity. But that doesn’t matter, JFK was echoing Heraclitus, Marcus Aurelius & many other profound thinkers:

    “But Goethe tells us in his greatest poem that Faust lost the liberty of his soul when he said to the passing moment: “Stay, thou art so fair.” And our liberty, too, is endangered if we pause for the passing moment, if we rest on our achievements, if we resist the pace of progress. For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” –”

    Address in the Assembly Hall at the Paulskirche in Frankfurt (266),” June 25, 1963, Public Papers of the Presidents: John F. Kennedy, 1963.

    Theresa May perhaps drove past the JFK memorial on The Green Mile in the Shire Irish stronghold of Digbeth and realised that her “It’s Brexit, bitch…deal with it!” speech at the Symphony Hall was founded on the deepest possible insights into the nature of political and economic change as constant flux, process, rather than the vapid, sad certainties of the EU as it seeks to nail down the entire globe and force it to accept the EU meta-narrative on world trade. However, the UK as a whole, & Birmingham & the Shire Irish in particular, have said loud and clear: “FcUKEU!” and Theresa May knows what this means and what to do….

    Perhaps she also ruminated on Radical Joe. If only Padraig Pearse’s Dad had held true to his Atheist Brummie intellectual heritage instead of capitulating to Roman Catholic orthodoxy once the family transplanted from Brum to Dublin, if only his son had blended his father’s Brummie intellectual rigour with Celtic mysticism & not collapsed into PTSD from playground homophobic bullying leading him to his hebophiliac pedagogue St Endaism which was the basis for the GPO Blood Sacrifice immolation..but it’s not 1916 anymore, it’s 2016 & “Brexit means Brexit” no matter how much the handmaidens of the EU in D4 and the Dail bewail the changing flux of these islands as another morph in the Cultural Algorithms of the Spiral Tribes of the Isles of Wonder unfolds….in Birmingham. Where else could it do so?

    ‘He maintained that he was not opposed to the principle of Home Rule, but to the particular form in which Gladstone intended to grant it. Specifically, Chamberlain condemned the proposal to remove Irish MPs from the Westminster Parliament, insisting that this would lead to the separation of the two countries and the break-up of the United Kingdom. He also emphasised his opposition to Gladstone’s Land Purchase Bill, which was originally to accompany Home Rule. He argued that this was a misguided and expensive attempt to resolve the agrarian problems of Ireland, which would use British taxpayers’ money to buy out undeserving Irish landowners. Certainly Chamberlain conducted his campaign against Home Rule with an eye to what was electorally popular. Perhaps he expected a defeated, ageing Gladstone to withdraw from the Liberal leadership, leaving the field clear for a dynamic radical successor. There seems little doubt that Chamberlain was angered by Gladstone’s offer of a second minor Cabinet post, the Local Government Board, in February 1886. He may also have felt frustrated by the way in which Gladstone seemingly used Irish issues to drive domestic reforms off the party’s agenda….’


    We are where we are. Anger is not a policy. Ireland is trapped in the EUro burning building and needs to play a very careful, smart strategy over the next decade. I’m sure it’s statesmen and women are up to the challenge…..*rollseyes*

    • AlfieMoone

      ‘Now, risk is not for everyone, which is why we have an insurance industry. Insurance minimises risk and seeks to shield people from the vagaries of the real world.

      In the same way, a permanent job does this. Lots of people want the security of a permanent job. That’s their call. But there are very few companies these days that can truly offer their employees a permanent position. As the great world spins, these jobs will become few and far between. The only fundamental aspect that guarantees an element of permanence is to involve yourself in a job that you love and if you love it, you will probably be good at it.’ David McWilliams.

      We cannot have,nor do we want or need, a society of entrepreneurs and risk-takers. They have a role to play but increasingly that role is to disrupt the proper functions of the State by Rent Seeking rather than take genuine risks. The continuing attempt to move to Zero Hours contracts as standard in the Precariat sphere is just another example of the bogus promises of NeoLiberalism, that by eroding the fixed certainties of employment there would be gains in ‘efficiency’ for taxpayers when all it’s meant is monopolistic cartels by private sector cabals who do NOT want to take risk but demand to be indemnified by Tax Payer Capitalism for their bogus ‘entrepreurialism’. Hence the rise of Trumpism, Corbynism and, above all: Brexit. The ‘insurance industry’ now wants to game the Welfare State, to claim that by privatising basic provision granted as part of the ongoing tussle between Capital and Labour, there will be ‘efficiencies’ when what they are doing is Rent Seeking to avoid risk. Such people are the antithesis of Capitalism and come in many guises and disguises, from the Corporation gaming tax laws whilst their media fluffers try to engineer a fake debate between the rights of the Squeezed Middle and the Underclass, to the total idiots who still justify the Market Place that is American Health Care and finally to the tortured users of Southern Rail in England who are plotting a Bolshevik revolution if my son’s tenure as a call-centre operative dealing with that privatised melt-down is any guide. Dubin’s bus battles are just another example of how the greed of the Corporate sector is parlayed away in the media to focus on the alleged greed of workers in the State sector. Brexit is the signal that those ideological games are now defunct and that Class Is Back. The amount of times Theresa May uses ‘working class’ whilst rejecting the euphemisms of ‘squeezed middle’ and ‘hard working families who play by the rules’ shows she has woken up and smells the coffee. She calls Brexit a ‘revolution’ and she is right but it is not a revolution of the Right or the Left, it’s a revolution by the Left Behind, by those who were sold lies, who were told that Globalisation would lift all boats when it’s turned out to be a tsunami of Rent Seeking Privilege with the aim of levelling down the working classes of the Western World to the status of Third World serfs. Globalisation By The Rich, For The Rich….that game is over…

      ‘In a competitive world, being good is the only thing that ensures permanence, unless, of course, you rig the market by rules and regulations designed to minimise competition and maximise the amount of money you can gouge out of the market that you have rigged.’ David McWilliams

      A perfect description of the Banking & Construction industries of Ireland and most other ‘fake-capitalist’ countries.
      ‘The same goes for countries. So imperialist countries in the past rigged the market and gouged the market.’ David McWilliams

      Nothing’s changed. Ireland is part of the New Imperialism, in fact it’s the epicentre of the EU rigged club whereby African farmers are gouged by the CAP to protect French and Irish agricultural inefficiencies. Not the mention the Humanitarian Imperialism of importing health workers from developing countries in preference to training indigenous folk. How will other countries ever develope if the US, UK and EU periodically raid their young talent and syphon it to London, Dublin and New York? The British Empire historical example is a distraction from the current realities which have brought forth Brexit.

      No wonder the US waited so long to join WW2 and were keen to get their little bitch Tony Blair to banjax the UK by joining the Euro. Thank Jayzus, he failed….! But he did manage to banjax Ireland by his siren calls to lure their credulous leaders into placing all of Ireland’s chips on the table for a punt on the Euro…and the EU…Hotel California? You can leave the EU easily as a Hard Brexit-WTO #FcUKEU by Theresa May will show, but….can you leave the Euro safely? Leave what William Hague called the currency equivalent of a burning building without a fire escape?

      And how will Ireland ever develop if the CTA is allowed to remain in place so that periodic banjaxing of the Irish Economy by local incompetent ‘soldiers of infamy’ regimes means, once Grexit kicks off and Deutsche Bank implodes, the temporary surplus labour can be put on the night boat like my parents were? Close the Common Travel Area between the UK and the Republic of Ireland. There is no non-racist reason why Irish people should have privileged access to post-Brexit UK. The clowns in Brussels tell us Brexit folk that we want the best of both worlds, to trade and move freely with Europe without being part of their emerging Empire. But isn’t that what Paddy’s been trying to do since 1916? Since the Irish left the Commonwealth? There is zero rational reasons why a young person from Ireland should have access to the post-Brexit UK economic honey-pot above a young person from Sierra Leone, Malaysia, Antigua, Cyprus, Fiji or Australia. Ireland made fateful decisions beginning in 1916, it really is time to follow through on the implications. Or, y’know…rejoin the Commonwealth when the EUro collapses & the US implodes under Trump….LOL! Isles of Wonder: The islands of Britain and Ireland…” “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”. Nothing’s changed. The same 1066 Viking Norman families run the show on both islands. George Osborne is the hereditary Baronet of Tipperary, etc. But at least the post boxes are now green….


  5. AlfieMoone

    ‘Think also now about the uncertainty the UK faces for the next few years, particularly with respect to direct foreign investment.
    Might companies be worried that because the UK is throwing up barriers to highly skilled immigrants, the productivity of their UK investment will fall? This was the gist of what the head of Microsoft said when visiting Dublin yesterday. The implication is that it’s not the tariffs that will scare away investment but the fact that investors have to depend on the lumpen English proletariat for their workforce.
    If this is the case, why should this be a disaster for Ireland, a country that is open to European immigrants?
    Wouldn’t it be a significant positive for us if investment is diverted from the UK? Where is it likely to be diverted to: Romania, Italy, Spain?
    It is not illogical to suggest that Ireland, as the only English-speaking country in the EU, will be ideally placed to profit from any investment disruptions that Brexit might spark.
    The key for Ireland is to be as open to trade, investment and migration as possible because, with the British tied up in knots, we have a great chance to stake a legitimate claim as Europe’s only pro-business trading nation.’ David McWilliams

    A complicated issue ‘going forward’. Yes, Ireland must maximise income streams as part of it’s Post-Brexit planning, but for what purpose? To reposition Ireland for true Independence when the EU/Euro goes tits up? Or merely to carry on with the same ‘high income/low infrastructure investment’ model that it’s had since it joined the EU? And don’t forget, there’s a huge differece between FDI that improves the long-term wealth generation capacity of the Republic of Ireland and that which is just Tax-Whore mongering in the IFSC. Is there really a coherent debate in the offing on all this? Pro-business? Or Pro-Brussels? There’s a huge difference. Finally, Ireland’s is already leveraged fully on it’s tax base for the last bank bailout. Does anyone seriously think feral footloose Capital is going to walk away from the backstop of the UK taxpayer to risk it all on the Liffey? Who will bail out the next banking crisis? Germany? Deutsche Bank? Ireland? LOL!

    ‘So the only entity that might be intent on stopping this is the EU. Therefore, we should tell it where to go.’ David McWilliams.

    This is actually sad as it imagines Ireland is a ‘player’ in the EU and that it has any bargaining power beyond allowing residual Irish Nationalist fanatics to start up their terror-gangsterism again. It has none. Zero. It will do as Brussels, Berlin and Paris dictate once London has exited via the Brexit gate…isn’t it time Ireland Inc started to look at reality rather than fantasy?
    What Yuppie is going to put up with the accommodation and infrastructure scams now unfolding in Dublin when they can pressure for Paris, Frankfurt or Luxembourg? Or…to remain in London…LOL!

    ‘Competition has been growing among certain EU capitals looking to lure firms from London as a result of the referendum result, with Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Dublin among the contenders.
    The French government pledged within days of the result to make its tax regime for expatriates among the most favourable in Europe. And last week the ‘Financial Times’ reported that French authorities will simplify the process of registering financial companies, with officials accepting legal applications which are written in English.”



    • AlfieMoone

      LOL! I assume he will be showing prospective employees around commuter zones in Laois…? *rollseyes*

      ‘While the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and its potential impact on the Irish economy remains unclear, Ronan has long since made clear his determination to reap whatever rewards it may bring for RGRE’s business.
      As previously reported by the Irish Independent, the former Treasury Holdings chief went on the offensive last month, taking out a full-page advertisement in the UK magazine ‘Property Week’ in a bid to woo UK-based employers over to Dublin.
      “Yes… Dublin is calling,” the advert’s headline declared, in a humorous play on the wording of the BBC World Service’s wartime ‘this is London calling’ radio intro, which it used in broadcasts to occupied countries.’


  6. Pat Flannery

    I agree with David that Brexit will benefit Ireland in the long run, but not in the way he believes.

    The fall in our British import bill by 11% from June to July is temporary, due to British suppliers using up their inventory of goods purchased outside Britain before the devaluation of the Pound.

    When our British suppliers of these foreign goods start to replenish their inventory they will have to pay more and will pass that additional cost on to their Irish customers. At that stage the Irish importers will start switching to direct purchases from the (non-British) countries of origin.

    Thus, one of the early changes for the better will be a recognition of the fallacy of David’s oft-repeated mantra that “We import 34pc of all our imports from the UK”, a mantra that is factually incorrect: we import 34% of our imports THROUGH the UK.

    The change that will benefit Ireland most is it’s gradually becoming more European and less British. As a result, the Irish Republic will grow exponentially and shine as an outward-looking economy with solid roots in the emerging super constellation of states known as the European Union, which grouping of states alone will be capable of competing with the U.S. and China. Meanwhile lone Britain will spiral inwards upon itself like a dying star.

    What the people of Northern Ireland will do about these cosmic changes will be up to them. But no amount of blaming the E.U. will mitigate the hard economic facts. It is likely that considering the traditional pro-British mindset of the majority in Northern Ireland that there will be a hard border until economic reality softens the hard bowler hats of unionist Belfast. That will take time.

    Thank goodness that we in the Irish Republic will in the meantime be able to escape the gravity trap of that neighboring island and soar as we would have done for centuries if not retrained by a slavish belief in British domination.

    • yadayada

      Only time will tell. I’m not listening to any predictions, particularly any which involve terms like “certain”, “common sense” and “obviously”. No one knows or can know what’s going to happen.

      • redriversix

        If you want to find out what happens tomorrow ?

        Read about yesterday…

        History repeats

        German empire

        Roman Empire

        British empire

        Japanese Empire

        Turkish empire


        Shelter,food,health, security & family, if you have one,

        Everything else is just waffle & pissing contests.

        After having some serious ups & downs over the last 25 years… think I have the secret of life.

        Stick with the winners…..I’d rather be happy then right.

        Brexit… really ? ??

        Now…the Kardashian robbery….???? Theirs a real story.

    • AlfieMoone

      ‘the Irish Republic will grow exponentially and shine as an outward-looking economy with solid roots in the emerging super constellation of states known as the European Union, which grouping of states alone will be capable of competing with the U.S. and China. Meanwhile lone Britain will spiral inwards upon itself like a dying star….Thank goodness that we in the Irish Republic will in the meantime be able to escape the gravity trap of that neighboring island and soar as we would have done for centuries if not retrained by a slavish belief in British domination.’ Pat Flannery.

      This is a comedy classic! Yes, the EU is a ‘super constellation’, every reputable economist shares your view….WAIT!

      ‘Nobel Laureate Stiglitz predicts eurozone disintegration should Italy walk away
      Published time: 6 Oct, 2016 13:00′

      ‘The best solution to boost the European economy is to break up the euro, creating two different currencies for northern and southern member countries’


      But keep singing the words of ‘The Soldier Song’ to ‘Ode To Joy’, Pat. ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’ is SO last century…LOL!

      Once again you trot out your Irish Victim Script whereby any and all of Ireland’s problems can be attributed to it’s neighbouring island, despite the fact that Ireland has had 100 years to pivot away from the UK yet is doing exactly the opposite in the most important areas of Culture & Art. Have you been on a bus in Dublin in the last 5 years, Pat? The mutual love affair between Irish and British youth is intensifying with Cockney infiltration of Dub-speak & the most popular television programme in Britain being about a Dublin family.

      If Ireland now spoke Gaeilge, German & French, if it’s people wore Bayern Munich shirts & watched Barca instead of Man U, then your fantasy wouldn’t appear quite so ridiculous. As it is, the people of Ireland have voted with their Cultural Affiliation to join with their British kin, not with Europoeans and not with Americans, other than The Boss, of course. But Bruce rules the UK too…

      You are deeply confused about Northern Ireland. They voted to Remain but must first leave as part of the United Kingdom before deciding to re-join alongside Scotland as part of Fintan O’Tools proposed ‘Axis Of Eejitry’ which he calls SCINI [Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland]. Which is fine by Core UK England and Wales. Let the EU and UN put NI into a protectorate and pay the dole and the security costs. No problemo!

      There’s been nothing stopping Ireland pivoting away from the UK since it joined the Euro but that just hasn’t happened. Ireland wants it’s cake and to eat it. It wants to be protected by the US, UK and Europe without paying anything, hiding under it’s spurious claims to ‘neutrality’. It wants to externalise it’s crises over women’s reproductive rights to the island of Britain rather than accept the logic of further cultural, political integration into Europe and accepting #RepealThe8th. It wants to keep the CTA, the ‘Common Travel Area’ so it’s citizens can, to all intents & purposes, have all the righs and benefits of UK citizenship whenever there’s a crisis in Ireland and the ruling junta have to ship out it’s youth.

      Ireland cannot ‘grow exponentially and shine’ you daft eejit. It is crippled by legacy Odious Debt from the last European banking crisis. It has no power, soft or hard. The only power it has is a spurious historic Victim Script that collapses once it’s examined intersectionally as a Class Conflict between the Norman elites of both islands.

      The simplest and quickest way for Ireland to ‘become more European’ is to close the CTA. And guess what? That is going to happen as part of Brexit. But the most likely outcome if Stiglitz and myself are correct is that there’s a swift IRExit to WTO protocols once Paddy sees Core UK leave and prosper as a genuine Atlanticist entrepot trading hub, not a puppet of the US and the European Union which every idiotic British leader, including the revered Thatcher, have sold the Brits into subservience to the US and Europa Empire Projects: both of which are now doomed..Brexit means the rise of a new voluntary Global Commonwealth based on the values which emerged on the island of Britain is now inevitable. The problem for Ireland is that it is a Net Recipient of EU funds and crippled by debts for European banks. The UK is a Net Contributor and, without it, the prospects for the EU remaining intact are shaky at best.

  7. AlfieMoone

    Here’s a really funny article in response to Brexit and the bed-wetter rush to get an Irish EU passport by UK Remoaners….where will they all live? In those Ghost Estates?….Wonder how many Irish folk would swap for a British passport? LOL!

    “Because if you fancy moving to the U.K., we could trade passports.”

    You could open up futures markets in passports, you could have derivatives.

    By James Watkins


    • yadayada

      How long do you think this grandparent rule will last? Time it was changed to prevent all this flag of convenience nonsense.

  8. “”Look at the best companies, the best teams, the most creative people – the one thing they can all do when faced with an altering landscape is tear up Plan A and invent a Plan B.”"

    An informative and instructive book, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill, also available on cassette, makes this point amongst many others.

    The only common factor for successful business entrepreneurs is the ability to make decisions. The CEO’s examined came from all walks of life, nationalities, and educational backgrounds.

    The question was asked, “Why are these people so good at making the right decision for success”. The answer was that they are no better than anyone else but the difference being, they were able to recognise a mistaken decision and to make a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more until a successful solution as reached.

    The old adage, “try, try, try again,” works. There is no such thing as failure unless one cannot get off one’s arse to give it another go.

    That is why I have no concern about Trump’s apparent failure of a couple of projects. His continued application achieved success. That is why he might just “Make America Great Again”.

  9. Mike Lucey


    And Tony, I agree with you about The Donald. However I also think that his name is being inscribed on a bullet in case his plans have an adverse effect on the power brokers, an old US of A elitist’s way of holding on to power.

    • So many people I know are mentioning that assassination is in the cards for Trump that I cannot think other than that he himself has to be aware too.
      This is a terrible indictment for our so called civilisation that this is even a possibility . Never minding the fact that so many of us are expecting such to happen.

      What, Mike, may I ask, do you think will happen if such an event occurred??

  10. McCawber

    Most people don’t like change.
    Most people don’t have a choice.
    Change is imposed on them.
    The world needs leaders to impose change.
    Therein lies the problem – Who are the leaders, where are they leading us and why?
    Do they they know where they are leading us to or is it all a bit fuzzy driven by the good old maxim “what’s in it for me”

  11. McCawber

    Too much Guinness is good for you.
    It drops the inhibitions and allows you to see the world as it is.
    The first thing you should not do, tho’, is look in the mirror.
    What Guinness has made me realise is the world has changed hugely over the last 20 years and that the pace of change is increasing.
    What this means is that the Very Very few who have the ability to embrace that rate of change are potentially very dangerous people.
    To be continued – maybe.

    • redriversix

      I remember when a pint went from 92p to a pound…


      No one was going to drink again

      “A pound got a pint ? Fuckin no way !!!!’”

      1979/1980 I think

  12. Deco

    Might companies be worried that because the UK is throwing up barriers to highly skilled immigrants, the productivity of their UK investment will fall? This was the gist of what the head of Microsoft said when visiting Dublin yesterday. The implication is that it’s not the tariffs that will scare away investment but the fact that investors have to depend on the lumpen English proletariat for their workforce.

    Britain is NOT putting up barriers to highly skilled immigrants. It is putting up barriers to unskilled or low skilled immigrants. In other words Britain has a sensible approach.

    The point of Brexit is to stop the wrong sort of immigration. People whose intention is to live on welfare, and get stuck into the 7th century militarism, from Arabia, which declares to have the only god on it’s side.

    Many of the Brexit campaigners, want a points based immigration system. In other words, useful people can get into the UK. Merkel wants the problem immigrants.

    Therefore the description is about as accurate as George Soros pretending to be charitable, whilst he plays a anti-civilization simulation game. He is playing with lives and society. But in his own context he is play silly games for some emotional reason.

  13. Deco

    In a competitive world, being good is the only thing that ensures permanence, unless, of course, you rig the market by rules and regulations designed to minimise competition and maximise the amount of money you can gouge out of the market that you have rigged.

    Ireland’s state sector does not like competition.

    Live in the state sector is permanence. No concerns about accountability.

    The state system in Ireland, is heading towards symbiosis. It will not stop until it sucks the host upon which it lives, dead.

  14. Deco

    I disagree with the article in the context that a large segment of the Irish workforce is receiving cost pressure, whilst at the same time, the state system (which is the source of the cost pressure) seeks more money out of the system.

    We are in serious trouble. Ireland’s costs are completely out of whack. We are not competitive in many sectors.

  15. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-06/what-bridgewaters-ray-dalio-told-new-york-fed

    “”It is no longer controversial to say that:

    • …this isn’t a normal business cycle and we are likely in an environment of abnormally slow growth

    • …the current tools of monetary policy will be a lot less effective going forward

    • …the risks are asymmetric to the downside

    • …investment returns will be very low going forward, and

    • …the impatience with economic stagnation, especially among middle and lower income earners, is leading to dangerous populism and nationalism.

    Where does that leave us now?

    By and large:

    1) Productivity growth is slow, though properly accounting for it has never been more difficult

    2) The short-term debt/business cycles as measured by GDP gaps are closer to their mid-points than to their extremes, and

    3) The long-term debt cycles are approaching their very late-stages as debts can’t be raised much and central banks are approaching “pushing on a string” limitations to their effectiveness.

  16. michaelcoughlan

    Change McWilliams?

    There is NO CHANGE when it comes to banking fraud. No one personally goes to jail even when the fraud is a stupendous 5 BILLION;


    Gsuckin across the Universe
    On the starship G sucks
    Under Captain Jerk
    Gsuckin across the Universe
    Things aren’t getting Better
    Things are getting worse.

    The WORSE it gets Dathi the BETTER for GSUCKS!

    • No change for the elites, you’r right Michael.
      No change in the MSM and its sycophants either.
      Same old same old!!

      Investigative journalism has died. That is a change. Not for the better.

  17. Truthist

    Thank u for ur reply to my series of questions put to u in 1 post.
    Grzegorz Kolodziej
    October 7, 2016 at 1:47 am
    I think that all posters to this blog would be for the better to attend to that reply.
    Some matters “questioned AND answered” I would be familiar with prior.
    Some matters “questioned AND answered” I understand now following ur persuasive answers.
    Pushing for restriction on abortion knowing it will fail to trigger the outraged electorate demand to liberalise it ?
    Some matters “questioned AND answered” I would not be familiar with prior & still do not have knowledge of ;
    But, I will follow up as u kindly prompt with the links & / or references u supplied in ur reply.
    Some questions arising from ur reply :
    U say ;
    “China only uses Russia, & brings conflict into the NATO-Russia border so as to divert the Russian attention from China’s conquering of Russia east.”
    Redacted my Truthist
    My Q. to u :
    How does China “brings conflict into the NATO-Russia border” ?
    U say ;
    “Look at Russia’s top 200 list [ origin, spouses, etc ], & wake the hell up !”
    And u then say ;
    Mr Putin is a good guy – yes – FOR THE RUSSIANS !!!!”
    My Q.s to u :
    Surely u are not imploring me to have even a politically incorrect “thought-bubble” ?
    What would Adam, AGM / Alfie Moon, etc think of us then ?
    God forbid such a thought crime.
    How would Putin satisfying “Russia’s top 200 list” be good “FOR THE RUSSIANS” ? ;
    “Russia’s top 200″ — on the whole — arguably being not Russians I perceive from ur communication.
    U say [ in the post that prompted my original post posing Q.s to u ] ;
    “Germany & Netherlands are booming because they chose the wrong type of immigrants to solve their demographic problem …”
    Redacted by Truthist
    But, ur reply did not answer a particular Q. I put to u.
    I give it again now.
    How is it that “by choosing the wrong type of immigrants to solve their demographic problems” are Germany & Netherlands booming” ?
    How does choosing the wrong option for demographic problem result in booming economy ?
    Further to ur closing paragraph ;
    “When will you wake up to the fact that :
    Poland’s plan is the preservation of national states as a counterbalance to Europe divided between Russia, China and Germany,
    the Russian/German strategy is the LIQUIDATION of national states ;
    apart from Russia and Germany ?
    “Small is Beautiful” said the German Mr. Schumacher ;
    And, I am as a true Irish man, am all for Poland’s policy.
    Although, I perceive the empire building to be less a Germany, & Russia, & even less a China, plan.
    I perceive it to be interim amalgamation of portions of the jig-saw to be later amalgamated into just 1 portion,
    all countries of the world then as totally conquered territories ruled by World Government
    Government by The Rothschilds & cousins thereof.
    So, I perceive it to be a Rothschild + a certain persisting egregore’s plan.
    And, surely with those ensconsed in London as the leading player ?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      How does China “brings conflict into the NATO-Russia border”

      Well, anyone who has been observing/reading the US/Chinese military doctrines, their budgets and types of weapons developed – so I am talking about serious publications, not newspapers/blogs (regardless of what orientation) will know that the real gig is going in the South China Sea, and everything else is a sideshow. Conflict in the Ukraine, rough and tumble at the Baltic, escalations in Syria – all off of this leads to Malacca straight and controlling/blocking trade routes, and long-term (and the Chinese always think long-term) benefits China because it binds both the US and China efforts on the other side of the border. Bear in mind the Chinese art of war which, instead of direct confrontation, prefer the type of activities which make their enemies so weak that they implode without a fight.

      3.1 That was my speed-typing mistake: put “booming even though” instead of “because”. But what they have done to themselves (and wanted to impose on the rest) will very quickly threaten their boom because of the instability their mistake brought, unless Germany successfully implements their plan of incorporating all those extremists in their army.

      In the past, David McWilliams made a very deep observation – that Ireland was booming when the US was strong and Germany was in stagnation. Now we face recessions in both Germany and the US, with demography collapsing in China and Russia’s economy close to getting bust next year.


      “all countries of the world then as totally conquered territories ruled by World Government”

      Yes, but if you look at the Apocalypse for example, what we can interpret as the world government comes divided into 10 kingdoms. Pre-WWII German concepts saw the world divided into spheres of influence (i.e. Grossraum cconcept of Carl Schmitt into 6). Within those spheres, the dominant power has a total control over their “kingdom” (i.e., in Mr Dugin’s plan, Russia, Germany and possibly China form a Eurasia sphere, whereby Europe is totally left to Germany (we could see that when Germany and Russia have imposed on Poland the highest gas prices in the world and forced it to write off all Gazprom debts to Poland – bear in mind, Mr Dugin is more than just an adviser for Mr Putin – he is a father figure for him).

      Curiosity: the Apocalypse says “And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”
      Revelation 8:10-11

      “Wormwood” means “Chernobyl” in Ukrainian…



      • Truthist

        Game-Changer ;
        Khra Canal through Southern Thailand linking Indian Ocean to Pacific.
        Bye Bye “Singapore as it is” ;
        But, they could “embrace it somehow successfully” ?
        Great for Thailand
        Great for Malaysia
        Great for China
        Great for Japan ; If China + Japan are facilitated together.
        Bad for proxy U.S.A. ;
        Unless, they somehow control it.
        Bad for Malacca Straits pirates
        Great for Shipping in general

      • Truthist

        Mr. “Dugin” …
        This surname sounds like the Irish surnames :
        Wonder is it worth noting Mr. Dugin’s ethicity somehow anyway ?
        “Dugin” does not sound very Ruskie to me.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I do not know his ethnicity going back generations (Duggan is a Norman surname, I know that from the family of my ex).

          All I know for sure that Mr Dugin was sent to the West by KGB in the early 80s to find out about possibility of using neo-nazism in the West to destabilise western societies.

      • Truthist

        Such documents as The Book of Revelations from which u quote above, & another more recent document of which the name pozitivly escapes me, would be accused, by some, as not being authored from the attributed source.
        But, nonetheless, …
        Are these documents important & relevant as blueprints for :
        what is happening ?
        what will happen ?
        Are they they the greatest business plans ever composed ?
        Do not most of the spectacular events have references carefully crafted into them :
        “before” the occurrence of the event
        “at the very time of” the occurrence of the event ?

        • Truthist

          Do not most of the spectacular events have references carefully crafted into them :
          References from these particular documents.
          Also, there are references to the Occult ;
          And, in particular :
          JFK Assassination abounds with such references

      • Truthist

        U forgot to answer — but please answer only at ur convenience & parsiminous use of time & space — all of 2. above Re ;
        Putin-the top 200 of Russia’s Rich List-Good for Russia

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Well, the vast majority happen to be Jewish or have Jewish spouses, in spite of the “liberal Yeltsin v nationalist Putin” myth.. It looks like Mr Putin’s goal was not to fight with oligarchs, but control them, punishing the contrarians.

          Also, bear in mind his relations with Israel seem to be now even closer than the US’s.

      • Grezgorz
        Thanks for the two links above. Interesting reading. Informative.

  18. Change is constant, especially in underwear!!

    “As for benefitting from tax laws, Pat Buchanan pointed out that Hillary used to her benefit a loss almost as large as Trump’s and during the Arkansas years Hillary even took a tax deduction for itemized pieces of used clothing donated to a charity, including $2 for one of Bill’s used underpants.”

    “Why does the world look to the most stupid, vile, arrogant, corrupt and murderous government on the planet for leadership?

    War is the only destination to which Washington can lead”


    Why would Ireland tie themselves to the imagined benefit of association with a US regime that cares for nobody?

  19. Truthist

    Here is example of the Winning Side [ Zio-USA ] embracing the Losing Side [ Germany ; Germans, & Nazis ] AND vice versa.
    Not alone did they embrace change, they in their sheer embracing of change manufactured a new change.
    Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor (Encore)
    August 9, 2013
    After playing for the Nazis in World War 2, Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller was drafted by USA in time for the Cold War.
    “Mueller regarded Washington as “a cross between a zoo and an insane asylum.”
    He had contempt for his CIA colleagues whom he cuckolded regularly.
    Many were gay.
    And, in spite of being racist, they had Black lovers.
    Their wives were also a rich source of information.”
    According to Wikipedia, Heinrich Mueller, (b. April 29, 1900) Chief of the Gestapo (and Adolf Eichmann’s boss,)
    “disappeared in May 1945
    remains the only senior… Nazi … never captured or confirmed to have died.”
    In fact,
    The Gestapo boss escaped to Switzerland where he worked for the government.
    In 1948, the CIA recruited him as a Soviet counter espionage specialist because the US government was full of Communists.
    Frank Wisner & James Kronthal recruited him for
    $50K annual salary
    a $1 million signing bonus.
    Mueller’s 200-page Journal edited by Gregory Douglas covering the period March 1949 to Sept 1951 is for sale on Amazon.
    So is his 3-volume CIA Interrogation.
    According to the Journal,
    Mueller was soon on a 1st-name basis with President Harry S. Truman.
    Wearing his Nazi medals, Mueller entertained Truman at home playing Bach,
    And Mueller gave him stolen art and a case of fine whiskey.
    Truman may be Mueller’s son’s godfather.

    There is much else of interest in this book but I only have space to tantalize you.
    Mueller says the Israelis wanted to attack Saudi Arabia in 1949.
    And, Truman had to threaten military action to stop them.
    The Stern Gang tried to assassinate Truman.
    But the team was apprehended and killed.
    Roosevelt had Huey Long killed.
    And “made a deal with the Pope” to shut down Father Coughlin.
    The British wanted the US and Russia to destroy each other.”

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej


      “Here is example of the Winning Side [ Zio-USA ] embracing the Losing Side [ Germany ; Germans, & Nazis ] AND vice versa.”

      B o t h the US and Soviet Russia were employing ex-Nazis, not to mention Argentina or West Germany (West Germany was basically run by the Nazis, from the majority of judges to Ludwig Erhardt and Konrad Adenauer’s right hand).

      The so called German “Expellees” societies )bear in mind, many of those expelled were expelled from properties they took from Poles, Czechs and Jews living in German parts of Silesia afetr denouncing them to Gestapo) are still distributing DVDs and books glorifying SS.

      Minister Schauble himself appeared on one of their rallies in the 90s and said that he will never acknowledge Poland’s western border – and this is the man who runs the EU and dealt with Greece

      If you naively think that President Truman was bad, look at was happening under Konrad Adenauer:


      Did you hear about the Allahu akbar on 40 French passenger planes?

      Mr Ellie Barbur, Polish-Jewish correspondent in Israel, said 11,000 new “refugees” had arrived in Italy. Perhaps it is time to throw these countries out of the EU, if they are unable to control their own borders, and only bring chaos to Europe? To paraphrase President Chirac’ words in Warsaw in 2000: “France and Germany missed the opportunity to shut up”

      Of course, it does not have be Islamists – in my opinion, this has to be seen in conjunction with Deutsche Bank and Syria…

      • Truthist

        “To paraphrase President Chirac’ words in Warsaw in 2000 ;
        “France and Germany missed the opportunity to shut up”
        I trust that Chirac meant the opportunity to :
        limit the borders of the E.U. Empire to such & such countries ?
        block entry by outsiders / undesirables to his preferred extent of E.U. Empire ?
        Outsiders for Chirac being :
        Slavs : Poles, Serbs, Croats [ actually Slavs ], Russians, inter alia
        And, Slavs being the biggest ethnicity within Europe

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          No, Poland was in the process of negotiating the terms of the EU entry (the negotiations consisted of the Polish teams comprising entirely of German/French paid agents of influence, all of them then taking high positions in Brussels – i.e. Ms Hanna Suchocka in the Venice Committee, a member of Grand Orient de France, elected the prime minister of Poland shortly after 3 days she had spent in the lower Silesian castle with the Grand Orient de France on his OFFICIAL visit to Poland in 1992).

          Polish EU-accession team was unique inasmuch they had been pushing for… less beneficial conditions for Poland (i.e., they exempted the German, French and Tesco supermarkets from paying taxes for… 10 years, while they demanded that Polish building companies pay higher VAT in Germany than… the German).

          Poland at that time was against the European army and preferred to ally military with the US. President Chirac wanted to take all ex-French Muslim colonies into the EU instead of Eastern Europe and create a French pocket rempire and said that the Poles missed the opportunity to shut up. Mr Sarkozy later returned to the pocket empire plan and thus the Arab Spring and Libya started.

          • Truthist

            I think the pocket empire of France is very much to allow France to have option of Commodity Franc with those nations of “former” empire ;
            A French “Petro-Dollar” of sorts.
            I am still puzzled as to what the phrase “shut up” means in the context u refer to.
            Please explain.

          • Truthist

            And, I recall the strange story u had of non-Polish electorate election of new Polish Prime Minister that u gave about 12 months ago.
            Lots of strange stuff happening with Poland in modern times.
            Yee are geographically unlucky versus ur 2 most powerful neighbours : Germany & Russia.
            So, yee will in the future suffer recurrently ;
            Unless, yee find a strategy not to.
            I think Poland can be its own worst enemy often ;
            Blood to the head ;
            Getting too ambitious.
            Pointless in Poland asserting itself against either of these neighbours ;
            They will respond with successful revenge eventually.
            Better to use yer smart Polish brains in advance.
            Maybe the construction of some massive canal or railway whereby Poland is appreciated to facilitate both of these powerful neighbours.
            North to South axis or East to West ;
            Just thinking & typing simultaneously.
            I hope that u get to read my posts to u above at ur leisure.
            Bye for now.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I cannot be more clear. The French plan with the EU always was the superstate administered by French, neutrality meaning the European army policing lesser nations, allying with Islam against Israel, recolonisation of Africa and trade war with the US/UK.

            The post-WWII German plan always was the superstate administered by Germans, letting the French doing all the army spending including nuclear while posing as “peaceful”, allying with the Jewish lobby in the US against Poland, the pan-European army recruiting from all Europe but controlled by Bundeswehr, liquidation of nationals states except for Germany, France and Israel, and total control of Europe based on the alliance with Russia and China.

            The plan of the Polish left always was to become administrators of the Mittel-Europa colony for the Germans and French.

            The plan of the Polish right always was to ally with the US/UK militarily, all other European nations apart from Germany and France economically, tease the US with a possible alliance with China, stop Russia from invading Poland for the 17th time, torpedo the French pocket-empire plan and German Mittel-Europa plan.

            This is very much against the French plan.

            FRANCE AND GERMANY RELY ON STOPPING EASTERN EUROPE FROM GAINING SOVEREIGNTY DEVELOPING AND EXPLOIT IT AS CHEAP, WELL-EDUCATED LABOUR RESERVOIR. Remember – Eastern Europe is for the last 25 years the biggest importer of German goods in the world.

            Therefore, who is the biggest enemy of Ms Merkel? Russia?! Buahahaha!!!
            The biggest enemy of Germany is the Visegrad Group, because they take independent decisions.

            You are reading the wrong stuff and, as a result, lots of information escapes you. If you dig deeper, you’ll see that the sanction on Russia were in fact the sanctions against Poland in first place. Germany egged Poland on sanctions against Russia, Poland loyally implemented those sanctions, then it turned out that Germany circumnavigated those sanctions and was still trading with Russia, while Polish apple producers went, by and large, bust (same as the adventure in the Ukraine ended up in replacing Polish agricultural products in the Ukraine with the British one).


            Frankly speaking, at the moment the Polish authorities perceive the western border as almost as big a threat as the eastern one (especially after the major of Gdansk – PiS only won the national election, the local elections were rigged


            – who is a friend of Mr Donlad Tusk, started to bring radical Islam refugees on his own initiative AGAINST the Polish government (sponsored by Saudi Arabia, who built 5 mosks in Poland).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “Maybe the construction of some massive canal or railway whereby Poland is appreciated to facilitate both of these powerful neighbours.
            North to South axis or East to West”

            You hit the nail! This, not the immigrants or other traditionalist issues, is Mr Kaczynski’s real goal.

            THIS IS THE MOST PERCEPTIVE comment you have hitherto made (this is NOT to say that other comments of yours were not perceptive!). This was why Germany got the US involved in the war in Yugoslavia to stop the Hexagonale group from developing north-south trade groups. Had the Hexagonale happened, there never would have been 2m Polish emigrants – but also, Germany would have never become an export giant.

            This is a long term strategy of the Visegrad Group (this is why V4 is a lethal threat for Germany).
            That’s why Poland has been strengthening links with Scandinavia.

            The ideal scenario for Poland would be demonopolising Germany and France’ rule by running a trade/energy route from Portugal, Ireland, UK, Scandinavia, V4, down to Greece, circumnavigating Germany (which is what Germany had done against Poland with Nordstream 2).

            And, if good God allows and the election in Austria is not rigged AGAIN, Poland is counting on Austria to be part of that block (Austria has already joined V4 in Dubrovnik in security talks with the US and China).

            It won’t be easy. Germany is doing everything to prevent the reorientation from east-west to south-north.

            For example, all major communication lines in Poland go from Berlin via Warsaw to Moscow, and everyone in Poland who was working on joining the rivers and using them for transport, has either abandoned that work or died in car accident.


            This was what happened to a politician who was called by Mr Jaroslaw Kaczynski as a witness in a corruption court case against Mr Donald Tusk:


            A few days earlier, he gave a long interview in which he said he was threatened and declared he did not intent to commit suicide

            Also, study this article carefully before you ask me more questions:


            In fact I hope David would read that article, it would broaden his understanding of politics in Poland immensely

          • Quite the head full of information , Grzegorz

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            And I guess, Tony, so different than the information provided by the mainstream media, or even non-mainstream.

            If someone understands politics on the Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow axis only from the perspective of immigration, religion and lifestyle, it is as shallow as someone who imagine Ireland as a country of drunken poets dressed as leprechauns and greeting each other with the “top of the mornin’” US-invented malarkey.

            But someone who reads and understands my comment, notices that he or she has been misinformed by the media all his life, that politics in Eastern Europe is not about blacks and whites, Catholics and atheists at all.

            In other words – he is like someone walking out of Platonic cave.

            “…it would hurt his eyes, and he would escape by turning away to the things which he was able to look at, and these he would believe to be clearer than what was being shown to him.”

            Plato. Rouse, W.H.D., ed. The Republic Book VII. Penguin Group Inc. pp. 365–401.

            My God. The Irish Times would be so much more serious a paper if they had me writing about Poland instead of Mr Derek Scully from Berlin.

            But but but

            Then they would not be called “The Irish Times” (perhaps “The Anti-Irish Times” would be more appropriate a name, given the amount of their censorship – do you like that, folks LOL?) – they would have to change their name to something like “The Irish Serious Newspaper Based On Fact Not Ignorance, Manipulations and Censorship”

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Letters of mine The Anti-Irish Times has censored – certainly not for lenght:

            Sir,-Derek Scally reports from Berlin (Poland marks anniversary of first constitution with calls for new one, May 4th) that the new Polish government is deliberately undermining “a system of checks and balances established in the post-communist era”.
            The Tribunal was not established in the post-communist era – it was formed in 1982 under martial law and it has ruled (in 2007) that investigations into the background of former communist agents, who might be holding positions of public importance, and whose job was to persecute Solidarity union members, would breach their human right to private life. Secondly, the Tribunal is not allowed to initiate legislation, but it just did so by cooking up a new law that violated the constitution and appointed new members before the justices’ terms were up – now it is acting as the judiciary in a trial contesting the constitutionality of legislation it has illegally created.
            Mr Scally writes that the new Polish government is targeting state media, but in fact it is bringing them in line with the laws governing state media in Europe (Poland and Belgium are the only EU countries in which foreign capital controls national media, i.e. over 90% of the regional press in Poland is controlled by German capital).
            -Yours, etc.

            Sir, – I am referring to an article by Derek Scally (Irish Times, June 12) in which he claims that Poland’s state run broadcaster TVP has censored President Obama remarks (the difference being that President Obama said “Poland stands and needs to continue to stand as an example for democratic practices around the world” and TVP’s translation was “Poland is and will be an example of democracy for the whole world”). In my opinion, that was just a bad translation – something akin to Tánaiste Mary Coughlan referring to the junior partners in her government as “na glasrai” (“vegetables”) rather than “an Comhaontas Glas”. More serious is Mr Scally’s allegation that “Proposed changes to operations at the constitutional tribunal have been rejected by judges as unconstitutional, as have efforts by the government to set aside judicial appointments by the previous governments”. What Mr Scally ignores is that those judicial appointments are illegitimate because the previous government illegally appointed two new justices while simultaneously retiring two sitting justices before their terms were up. Furthermore, the difference between “a purge of PiS-critical journalists” and the purge of the PO-critical journalists is that following Mr Donald Tusk’s appointment as Prime Minister, PO-critical journalists were not only sacked, but they were repeatedly harassed by the security agencies – in June 2014, agents of the Internal Security Agency raided the headquarters of the news weekly “Wprost” and attempted to confiscate computers and data storage devices belonging to the journalists, while two others (Tomasz Gzela of the Polish Press Agency and Jan Pawlicki of Telewizja Republika) were arrested covering the protest against election rigging held at the headquarters of the National Electoral Commission after the local elections. As far as the modified Surveillance Bill is concerned, it was mainly aimed at bringing more transparency into surveillance – the previous government kept journalists and citizens under surveillance as a routine practice (i.e., in 2014, the secret service applied to access 2,177,000 telephone bills). – Yours, etc,

            Now, I;ll leave it to your own judgment if they had not been published because they were not good enough (some letters published that day were both longer and not even 1/10 as factual), or because
            the family tree of The Anti-Irish Times is a cactus (because everybody on it is a prick)?

  20. michaelcoughlan

    Economic thoiught for the day Dathi;

    Hitler and the Nazis wiped out 6 million Jews or roughly 1m per year for the 6 years of WW2.

    The link below shows that Abeonomics (the Jap Central bank policy) will reduce the Jap population by roughly NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND JAPS PER YEAR for the next 44 YEARS up to 2060!

    Interesting comparison isn’t it?


    • michaelcoughlan

      A Hiroshima bomb per month, month after month after month, year after year after year, decade after decade after decade Dathi………………………………………………….

      Real footage of the bomb. From 35000 feet up you can’t hear the screaming or smell the burned flesh;


      Know what Dathi? You can’t hear babies screaming when being aborted as part of the depopulation polices being implemented by central banks or large population centres being slowly strangled either;

      Luke Kelly;

      The sun is burning;


  21. Pat Flannery

    We are witnessing one of the greatest examples of national self-harm in history – Brexit. Can anybody think of any such unprovoked mass suicidal event anywhere in recorded history? I can’t.

    Last nights “flash crash” of Sterling demonstrates how jittery world markets have become as they try to come to terms with the irreversible harm Britain has done to itself by undermining the credibility of the City of London where I got my basic business degree and served my initial apprenticeship. Thank goodness I moved on.

    I remember being so proud to participate in London’s then global reputation for honest dealing and stability that was constantly drilled into us as the new generation of “The City” by our teachers and mentors. Now that reputation is as remote as the Middle Ages.

    It seems that Alf Garnet has moved into 10 Downing Street from Stepney. We used to laugh at his outrageous nativist attitude towards immigrants, now it is official policy. Alf’s dream has come true. Only full-blooded English men and women can now be doctors, lawyers, politicians or financiers. England is a cold house for anybody with a “touch of the tar brush” as Alf would have put it. No frogs, wogs or indeed any person born east of Calais where all foreigners come from, need apply. Of course there will always be a special place for Paddys – provided they know their place.

    But the Paddys have changed. They are no longer McAlpine’s Fusiliers. The English can no longer confuse them by placing two shovels against a wall and inviting them to take their pick. The new generation of Paddys “pick” on computer keyboards and with the press of a single button “shovel” large amounts of money around the world as the unfettered brokers of untold international wealth accumulated in the open and free City of Viking Dublin.

    Little did I think in my halcyon days of London in the sixties that I would live to see the Alf Garnet-degenerated London of today and Dublin becoming the center of a new Viking World Empire of Trade.

    Anybody want to write the movie script? The Real Vikings of Dublin?

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Last nights “flash crash” of Sterling demonstrates how jittery world markets have become as they try to come to terms with the irreversible harm Britain has done to itself by undermining the credibility of the City of London”

      I seem to have prophetic powers ;-) – first, I had predicted Turkey will shoot down the Russian plane a few days before it happened, now this:

      “Grzegorz Kolodziej
      October 4, 2016 at 2:55 pm

      when Ms May hits the zero-lower bound, then the pound will REALLY PLUMMET


      - the UK is f…d because of their debt, no strategy post-Brexit and over-reliance on City”

      So maybe instead of writing the movie script (once I wrote a short play script, but it never gained any traction), I should be writing prophecies?

      Although in all fairness, even my prophetic power is not as funny as this prophecy:


      or as accurate as this:


      It does beat the predictive power of any Irish minister though…

    • michaelcoughlan

      Hi Pat,

      I am going to tackle you hard again Pat.

      “Britain has done to itself by undermining the credibility of the City of London”

      Is that a statement or a question?

      Is it not obvious to you (probably not being an accountant) that it’s the city itself (banking industry) which has done ALL the harm to itself and the whole UK. Brexit Pat, IS THE CONSEQUENCE of out of control banking NOT the CAUSE!

      As for the flash crash in Sterling; The penny never drops PAT with people like you especially accountants and that is Sterling’s REAL Value is a lot lower and the market is desperately trying to tell the world that as well as trying to tell the world the real value of gold.

      All the worlds currencies PAT are worthless. They only have an Illusion (confidence trick) that they have value when they don’t.

      • Pat Flannery

        Hi Michael, I enjoy a hard tackle, don’t hold back.

        But being an accountant (we accountants like to deal only in real numbers not in fantasy numbers) I must point out to you that one third of the everyday items in Britain’s CPI basket are imported and have to be paid for in Sterling, until you start paying for them in gold, which you are welcome to do any time you like.

        Until then you are at the mercy of what the rest of the world thinks your present currency is worth. It is those free market-generated numbers that we accountants use to mark in our dreary bookkeeping ledgers what you owe for one third of what you eat. Those are the invoice amounts that you must pay if you wish to eat any food product that is not home-produced.

        If I were you I would not be telling the world that your British Pound Sterling is worth even less than the value currently being placed upon it by the global currency markets. That is like telling your grocer that he is not charging you half enough for your basket of groceries.

        Yet that is exactly the kind of self-harm that has inexplicably gripped the British people in 2016!

        Historians will marvel at the strangeness of it all. I can’t think of a single similar incident in all of history. I can only think of those inexplicable fits of popular madness recorded by Charles Mackay in his 1841 book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extraordinary_Popular_Delusions_and_the_Madness_of_Crowds
        like the Dutch Tulip Mania. Meanwhile the rest of the world will take care not to catch your strange disease, until you recover, as the Dutch did.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Hi Pat,

          You are madder than a bonbon. One simple question Patrick;

          Since The US has been running at a trade and budget deficit for decades and increasing its borrowings to pay the bills is it insolvent?



          Since the US is insolvent why is the US dollar not much lower in value than it is right now?


          Because the madmen in charge will use the US military to kill anybody who tries to revel the truth to the world the the dollar is worth sweet fuck all.

          Which is why Patrick the US armeeeeeeeeeee was sent on a wild goose chase the Iraq, murdered a half a million of the locals on the way in, found no WMD and are now repeating the process.

          I am Irish living in Ireland Patrick. All my mates have emigrated.

          And Patrick paying for goods in serices in gold is already here;


          And Patrick in case you missed it the first time;

          Brexit Pat, IS THE CONSEQUENCE of out of control banking NOT the CAUSE!


        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Michael has a point though inasmuch the US is even more dependent on cheap imports of goods and exporting their inflation via the reserve currency than the UK (and as much as I am not-Hillary fan to say it mildly, Mr Trump seems to be totally oblivious to it: yes, the US can of course default on paying its debts, but the world can then default of financing the US deficits = prices in the US double or triple; of course, Ms Clinton’s answer is to keep the QE funfair going, so this is equally as stupid).

          The reasons we do not see that all currencies are close to worthless is because all central banks do QE, simultaneously or, more often, in turns (a few years ago, Swiss central bank even issued a statement that they would devalue frank if the speculators start hoarding it as a “safe currency”) – if, say, FED was doing QE and Bank of England/ECB were not, we would see how worthless dollar is (particularly after the latest G-20); same goes for England – Mr Carney would not be able to do his tricks if ECB/FED were not doing QE (I wonder if in fact China do not have a secret agreement with other banks that they would be doing QE and supresing the price of gold, and China would keep buying gold at surprised price – this is a pure speculation of mine, which however explains why every time there is an Event like Deutsche Bank, more “paper gold” is issued and price of the real gold goes down).

          I would also agree that Brexit was a consequence of City replacing the real British economy, not a reason.

          But but but… Mr Carney’s last ditch pathetic effort of halving the rates to save the City from the speculative capital flight is a clear signal to me ALL players in the Estuary area (from Remainians to Brexemians, and from trade unions via Mr Cameron to Mr Farage, who has taken flight from politics) were clueless as to the question “Brexit and what next?”; meanwhile, unlike England, the Carolingian Europe elites had a plan and produced the long-before-Brexit prepared 9 pages Superstate document).

          As to the Dutch Tulip Mania – I think that this is the best analogy to describe FED. After all, FED created a bigger bubble than the Dutch.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Important explanation:

            “Another controversial issue revealed by Lawina was the fact that WSI used the funds obtained from FOZZ scam to set up a political party Centre Agreement the founders of which were former Minister of Justice and Attorney General Lech Kaczynski and his brother Jaroslaw Kaczynski. It was later transformed into a new party PiS (Sulkowski 2003).”

            What could not have been known when Sulkowski was writing his book was that the PiS party, having gathered strength, turned against WSI, and Pis Minister Macierewicz dissolved WSI, starting to eliminate foreign agents from the secret service. This lead to a collapse of the first Kaczynski government, on the lines of the 1992 coup d’etat (where Russian secret service was directly involved, as seen from leaked CCTV footage):


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Sorry, this was a comment to Truthist’ comment

    • AlfieMoone

      We are witnessing one of the greatest examples of national re-invention in history – Brexit.

      Last nights “flash crash” of Sterling demonstrates….nobody knows at the moment, but don’t let that stop you from doing your Chicken Little dance, Mr Flannery!

      London is still the epicentre of world finance and Brexit will only enhance that as it pivots towards Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong & Sao Paolo, awaw from the moribund imploding Euro. Everybody assumes that losing ‘passporting’ rights for Euro clearing will be a disaster but that’s based on an assumption that the Euro is a viable currency ‘going forward’. There will be plenty of Essex boys & girls channeling Alf Garnett and trousering loadsamoney when the Euro goes tits up. Which, sadly, is must do once Grexit kicks in & Deutsche Bank drops dead.

      Brexit isn’t ‘nativist’, it’s the very opposite, it’s about opening up to become Global GB, rather than be trapped in a dying European Union. As the new Cultural Commonwealth of Core UK is visioned into being by cutting edge thinkers like myself, we shall see a wider, deeper enrichment of cultures on this island, but they will be composed of those invited from every continent on earth via the Commonwealth, not just from Europe. As for Paddy. He will no longer be able to game the UK by having access to the Common Travel Area, unless he’s a Paddy with a British passport living in Northern Ireland.

      Your fantasy of a Viking Dublin is both funny and sad, especially since you clearly don’t realise that the Norman Viking Toraighs in London & New York have sacrificed Paddy on the altar of their geo-political hedge tactics for the Euro. Whilst the EUro is functional, Ireland may be able to temporarily remain a high income country but it will never become a wealthy country as it is run by crooks, by Vikings as you correctly identify. Viking is actually a verb, to go ‘viking’ meant to go raping and pillaging. That’s what those who run Ireland have done since the pseudo-Republic was founded. They will party like it’s 1999 until the whole thing comes crashing down once Grexit and the rest of the EUroExits begin. Then it will revert to it’s Victim Script and blame Core UK which will, by then, be one of the richest countries on earth. But the CTA will be closed to Paddy, due to his own government’s idiotic short-term political gaming of situations for temporary income streams at the expense of long-term strategic statesmanship investment in trans-generational wealth generating infrastructure.

      Let’s see how Paddy reacts when Juncker, Verhofstadt & Schäuble decide to sacrifice Ireland as part of their attempt to ‘punish’ Core UK for having the sense to leave their absurd EU vanity project before it crashes and burns…I’m sure Enda Kenny will be able to stand up to them & protect Ireland from being used as a pawn on their chess board yet again……*rollseyes*

      I want the CTA closed so that Ireland reaches a critical mass of anger and finally stops exporting it’s talent and issues to the UK. I also regard it as an entirely racist construct as it discriminates against Commonwealth talent, especially People Of Colour who have to jump through hoops that Irish people don’t to get to the sunlit uplands of life in the UK. But those points are irrelevant as it’s Juncker, Verhofstadt & Schäuble who will close the Common Travel Area between the UK and the Republic of Ireland as part of their pointless attempts to frustrate Brexit. But isn’t that what you want, Mr Flannery? For Paddy to become more European? Fine by the Brits. Fine by Brussels. Close the CTA…”parlez vous Francais, Paddy?”. And when Juncker, Verhofstadt & Schäuble insist on the CTA closing as part of their war plan, nobody will be able to blame the Brits when Ireland’s economy goes tits up….and the reply of Theresa May will be:

      “It’s Brexit, bitch….deal with it!”

      Brexit? It’s the trigger for IRExit. Game on! The final chance to save Ireland from being absorbed into a European Super State and ceasing to exist as a Sovereign Independent Country. You see, Pat, I’m both an English Nationalist and an Irish Nationalist. And I love Europe but detest the Bankster’s Paradise that is the EUropean Union.. and I have Pearse, Connolly & Collins on my side…who have you got?…LOL!

      You do realise there are vast reserves of oil off the coast of Ireland, don’t you Pat? Do they belong to Berlin and Brussels? Or are they to be used to negotiate Ireland’s independence and release from it’s banking debts? Game on! It’s funny that in 2016, it’s the Diaspora Shire Irish Brexit Birmingham Irish who have lit the fuse on the last remaining hope of an Independent Ireland and will free Ireland from a Norman plot to enslave Ireland in the EUro which was hatched in London and New York. Birmingham is now Brexitham, the capital of Great Brexitan. Fcuk Londinium. If only Padraig Pearse had honoured his father’s secular Birmingham intellectual heritage and hadn’t succumbed to his PTSD caused by being bullied for his Brummie accent…but…it’s no longer 1916….we are where we are, anger is not a policy…and after Padraig Pearse, the real BrummieBoy, Andy Mooney, has risen in The Shire to light the flame of freedom again as Global Taoiseach of the 5th Province.

      There isn’t really time to entertain your absurdities other than as light relief…but your comments are very amusing…LOL!

      Irish National Anthem: Learn to sing in Irish… Part 1


      • michaelcoughlan

        Hi Alfie Moone,

        What an outstanding post!

        At once so realistic and so heart breaking.

        Terrific stuff!

        I think my rantings on this blog are just indicative of a long goodbye from me to Ireland. I am having real difficulty trying to convince myself why Ireland is a good place to raise my thriving kids.


        • AlfieMoone


          Thanks for the compliment, though insults are also cherished!

          I wouldn’t be so pessimistic about Ireland or your kids.There are difficult times ahead but there’s till everything to play for once a basic understanding of what it means to be ‘Irish in C21st’ is arrived at. I believe it amounts to a repudiation of the failed project of the First Irish Republic which has ended up selling Irish citizen’s birth-rights to Brussels for temporary, short-term profit and income at the expense of a potentially vast future wave of sustainable prosperity and cultural significance around the world. So I’ve abolished the First Irish Republic and declared myself Global Taoiseach of The Second Irish Republic of The 5th Province. I can’t see any challenges to my declaration that withstand scrutiny.

          Ireland’s position at the moment is precarious, volatile but also has radical potential if the right strategies are employed.

          It seems to me that a number of Future Irelands are now on the event horizon and a mixture of chance, choice and random events will determine what Ireland remains after the cataclysmic implosion of the EUro vanity projects, if indeed any recognisable entity remains.

          Here’s the possibilities which I lay out whilst slightly inebriated after a couple of glasses of EU wine…

          1] Ireland remains as ‘Ireland Inc’, the poster boy for the New Imperialism of NeoLiberal Financialism, using the IFSC/D4 cabal as a Trojan Horse/Tax-Whore bourse to undermine the very notion of Nation, faciliated by the Soldiers of Infamy within Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. This leads inexorably towards Ireland Inc ‘selling Ireland by the Euro’ into a subsumed satrapy/debt service client state of Brussels and Berlin. Shorthand: The Traitor Option.

          2] Ireland rejects Europa and becomes the 51st United State of America. This is what some dream of but the US has no interest in Ireland other than as a proxy to manage/control the EUropean Union & if that project goes tits up it’s likely the US will shaft Ireland up the arse even more than O’Bama and Geithner did during the Global Financial Crisis.

          3] Ireland leaves the EUro and rejoins the Commonwealth, recognising that 1916 was a bout of psychosis that led to a Catholic hegemony that stunted Ireland’s develpment for a century and led to the ‘anything but the Brits’ catastrophe of joining the EUro on terms that led to the Banker’s Paradise that is Dublin today. Unlikely, as the Irish Cultural Algorithm is so acutely tuned into a historical Victim Script that attributes all failure to England that it isn’t really an option and it’s also extremely unlikely that the English would risk it when there’s no benefit to them doing so. This writer’s rhetorical vision of ‘Isles Of Wonder’ is merely a poetic device to focus attention on the current abyss between the potential cross-synergies of both islands and the actualite.

          4] Ireland finally casts off any and all foreign claims whether from the UK, US or Europa and reclaims The Dreams Of 1916 to become a fully independent Sovereign Nation State, consigning the Soldiers of Infamy to the dustbin of history. This is my preferred option but it will only eventuate in a time of extreme crisis such as is likely if the EU disintegrates. It also assumes that ‘Being Irish’ still actually means something/anything to the inhabitants of the island of Ireland beyond being analysed as ‘consumers’ by RTE and the Indo/Paper of Record. As I wander Dublin recently, I have my doubts but then you go to Cork and realise Ireland is still alive….barely….but it’s not dead yet.

          I could go on but that’s enough for now. These words are samizdat, kryptonite. It amazes me how people make contact with me to offer support, encouragement and gratitude and also to beg me to become a Public Figure. That’s going to happen but not as some boring politician or ‘economist’. Culture trumps everything. Andy Mooney has totally rewritten the Cultural Algorithm of Being Irish whilst living in a hobbit hole in The Shire of England. He has bided his time, perfected his runes, his rhymes, his songs and his dance moves. He doesn’t need or want anyones approval. He’s changed the course of Irish history simply by typing from his QWERTY Ouija keyboard. His words have seeped out like poison or cure depending on your perspective. He will never, ever consent to joining the Establishment. And when he drops his online disguises and steps on stage, there is absolutely nothing that will stop him saving Ireland from it’s self-inflicted suicide. Because Art matters more than Economics. And you can change the world with just a few songs….it’s a shame James Joyce gave up the singing gig…and a real shame he didn’t have Andy Mooney’s dance moves but then…there’s only one Andy Mooney…and one is more than enough to change Irish history for ever….

          James Joyce’s Only Known Composition: “Bid Adieu To Girlish Days,” Sung By Tenor Kevin McDermott


  22. http://www.goldcore.com/us/gold-blog/sterling-gold-gilts/

    “Inflation is beginning to raise its ugly head, while economic growth remains weak. There is a whiff of stagflation in the air …”"

  23. http://usawatchdog.com/weekly-news-wrap-up-10-7-16-greg-hunter/

    US/Russia Very Close to War, Global Debt Out of Control says IMF and MSM Political Hacks

  24. oe1

    One issue not been discussed is food security in the UK. Whereas Ireland can support 7 times its population, the UK must import food in.

    Food inflation is inevitably coming down the tracks and with a rise in oil and energy costs, fall in Sterling, it will become more expensive for the UK to feed itself. They can produce and process more indigenous food using extra energy, but this of course will come at extra cost.

    What if for whatever reason there is are food shortages in Europe and the EU countries are mandated to supply their own markets. It seems far fetched but a risk all the same. The UK will be then at the mercy of international food markets.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Whereas Ireland can support 7 times its population, the UK must import food in.” – interesting, I did not know the former.

      That would give us a significant advantage over them UK (in that area)!

      How was that calculated?
      Is that a figure for the Republic or the island of Ireland?
      Do you think that if CAP was abandoned completely, the Irish agriculture would still be profitable with no subsidies?
      And how would you compare the Irish agriculture in terms of productivity, cost and quality to French/UK (also in terms of farmers dependence on CAP?).

      Btw, I always wondered why it was so difficult to buy veal in Ireland? Veal is the healthiest meat. I only sourced one shop in Dublin, it is €65/kg, and it comes frozen from France – so thanks but no thanks.

      What about fruit? I thought Ireland was very dependent on that (every time I am forced to buy in supermarket rather than in preferred local veg shop, all I see is labels Holland, Spain, Israel and the UK (btw, why is there only Chinese garlic? Chinese garlic has antibiotics, Polish does not – my friend is a chef and can tell the difference in taste blind)

    • AlfieMoone


      It’s amusing that the response to Brexit runs the gamut from recession to the collapse of civilisation. Post-Brexit Core UK England & Wales will source it’s food from around the world, in particular, from the emerging agricultural dynamic powerhouses of emerging African countries once it is no longer embedded in the deeply racist and colonialist EU, whose CAP and tariffs on African food are the real scandal which eejits like Geldof, Bono & those trumpeting ‘Irish Food’ ignore. Mary Robinson is right, the future is Virtually Vegan as I’ve set out but it includes small amounts of fish. Fish are carnivores, they do not have the moral rights that herbivores have, but that’s another topic. The EU is a racist, imperialist construct and Core UK England & Wales is leaving to embrace a post-colonial Global UK trading with it’s ex-colonies of the Commonwealth. Any attempt by the EU to put tariffs on Irish food exports to the island of Britain will merely mean that import substitution & trade with Africa, Austrailia and New Zealand will mean Irish produce is sent by sea to Rotterdam rather than via the UK taxpayer funded British Land Bridge. You might want to explore the economic implications of that scenario. Whilst ‘Geography Is Not Destiny’ it is true that ‘Proximity Is The New Economics’ in a world of fossil fuel shortages and concerns. Given the UK’s vast Shale deposits and it’s emerging synergies with US Shale technologies, I wont’ be losing sleep worrying about any future scenario whereby Ireland can call the shots over food to the island of Britain. It’s a common fantasy, one that led Devil Eire to The Emergency. How did that one turn out? *rollseyes*

      I voted Brexit. Dianne Abbott & the rest of the UK Labour/EU fluffing British Establishment try to smear that as a vote for racist nativism & isolationism. To which the only sensible response is to LOL! & hollaback: #FcUKEU…it’s the EU which is racist to the very core, not that you’d realise as the voices of black people are drowned out by the Virtue Signalling White Middle Classes of Europa as they hold up their ‘We Welcome Refugees’ as Useful Idiots for the Humanitarian Imperialism fake ‘compassion’ wing of their countries endless wars on black and brown people. FcUK the EU and for so long as Ireland Inc is running the show and betraying the dream of 1916: FcUK Ireland too! As Global Taoiseach of the 5th Province, am I making my position clear? I hope so….

      ‘Why African-Caribbeans should vote for a Left Exit from the EU’
      June 15, 2016 Written by Kwesi Adabunu Published in Opinion

      As well as the EU’s role in economic and social devastation in Africa, minority ethnic groups in Europe bear the brunt of EU austerity argues Kwesi Adabunu
      I wish to argue in this article that, it is in the long term interests of African-Caribbeans living in the UK to vote for Britain to leave the European Union (EU). The main thrust of my argument is that the EU is an imperialist project which is actively and unashamedly extracting the resources and exploiting the labour of the people of Africa and the Caribbean through trade and other means.

      The article also argues that far from ensuring the rights of freedom of movement into and around Europe, EU immigration policy is racist and in particular aimed at excluding African people from the European continent, despite the EU’s role in the economic and social devastation on the African continent.’

        • oe1

          Its a bit fanciful thinking that the UK will be vegans living off African food. The amount of protein needed to be fed from vegetables requires more energy and carbon to produce that animals. Which is why Mary Robinson’s comments on global warming were misguided.

          For food security, I wouldn’t be relying on the African food industry to be fed. Also importing food from as far away as possible from New Zealand is going to be expensive. Plus china will be looking for a lot of that food itself going forward.

          I watched through a lot of the arguments and issues on Brexit, and there was very good arguments on both sides, but food security was never mentioned. in the debate. I think the reality is that noone really thought about that.

          Brexit is a massive gamble for the UK and introduces so much uncertainty. And almost half the population there agree.

  25. http://dimartinobooth.com/the-overlords-of-finance/

    “It was the best of times. And it still is. Intrepid investors who never dreamed they’d put all of their eggs in one full-boar risk asset basket have never had it so good. Stocks are up, bonds are up, emerging markets are up, real estate is up. Heck, it’s all up. As it should well be. It’s different this time. No, really. It is.”

  26. Pat Flannery

    If the Chinese demanded that the Americans and the Europeans pay for everything they ship to those two continents the Chinese economy would collapse. If they were to call in all their American and European IOUs in the form of U.S. and E.U. bonds, the Chinese, American and European economies would collapse. I guess they should read this blog and wise up. Maybe I should send them a link and collapse the world economy.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Ah yea Pat, but the Chinese figured that out a long time ago and have been diversifying dollars into gold and copper mines, contracts in Africa, and military projects – some of which they are more advanced in than the US (according to sources in Pentagon, not in China).

      Mr Niall Ferguson called it Chimerica in 2007 (I am sure you remember) and compared it to the England-Prussia co-dependence that led to WWI. I think that Mr Maccer alluded to it in one of his excellent documentaries in which he went to Australia.

      Btw, that would be a debate I would hope to see: McWilliams v Ferguson, Keynes v Friedman. Jeeyasus!


  27. Pat Flannery

    … (pay for everything they ship) in gold, I meant to say…

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Well, they cannot demand payment in gold because the US does not have it. They’ll demand payment in… parts of America, as the Germans demanded in Greece. Ever thought of that?



      “I guess they should read this blog and wise up. Maybe I should send them a link and collapse the world economy.”

      How do you know they do not? :-) I think you should be posting more often on economy related issues.

      After participating in a debate in which I spoke about Poland’s military purchases from the US and how Lockheed Martin overcharged us and did not keep the offset promise, I started receiving reports from a Pentagon-related think-tank.

      I also recently met an alternate director of AIIB (officially and unofficially), who came all the way from China to Dublin, and found out some very interesting things… So, if you have a proven track record in finance and consider relocating to China to take up a high-salaried job with them…

      • Pat Flannery

        Grzegorz Kolodziej: you ask me “How do you know they do not?” Of course the Chinese know! My point was that the Chinese understand world finance better than the gold bug sophists on this blog.

        Unlike all the negativity on this blog the Chinese understand that world trade is a classic symbiosis: you take the other guys money knowing that you can trade it with folks who will accept it in the first place and for goods those folks own e.g. real estate.

        No need for all the verbose sophistry on this blog. Just keep it simple, as we much maligned accountants do with our double entry bookkeeping system. We do that because we know that business is like physics: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

        The business trick is to anticipate and use that reaction, not bellyache about it. The value of a medium of exchange, i.e. money, is what you can buy with it in return. The communist Chinese understand that better than this blog – because they understand TRADE.

        • Truthist


          I am a fan of urs ;
          Especially ur Det. Columbo detailed investigations, & revelations, on the commercial banks in Irish State, & the public health system in Irish State, & the housing crisis & associated homelessness crisis & for some ; homelessness & rooflessness crisis.
          And, what u have uncovered is conspiracy by the very “professionals” who we entrusted to prevent, or at least effectively & efficiently & economically solve such problems, actually profiteering, & exploiting also in many other aspects, & pro-actively exacerbating, the plights of the citizens suffering at their lack of mercy.
          But, I beg to differ when u liken double-entry book-keeping to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion,
          “For every action there is an equal AND opposite reaction.”
          I would say instead per double-entry book-keeping ;
          There is an Input & its corresponding Output.
          Accounting Equation ;
          Equity [ E ]+ Liability/ies [ L ] = Asset[s] [ A ]
          A = L + E
          None of above is the opposite of any permutation of the others.
          Sorry, if I am boldly wrong ;
          But, it is the fruit of sub-conscious pondering when I tried to make real sense of the logic of double-entry accounting other than just learn by wrote what did not make sense the way it was described ;
          Although the pattern of instructions given would always be correct.
          So, Business & more strictly ; Economics & even more strictly ; Accounting, is not comparable to Physics ;
          Even at their most rudimentary levels.
          And, Hugo Salinas Price — Austrian Economics Economist from Mexico & USA has written a very readable little essay to make that very point in advance of u being in contraire to Physics but in harmony with the pseudo-science of thought that orthodox Economics is.
          Boy, am I nasty !
          Pat, I have no doubt that u are a brilliant accountant.
          So, please forgive me for zoning in on just 1 point.
          It was not out of disrespect.
          How about going deeper about the corruption in the Irish State ;
          Pat, I perceive that the hospital crisis going on for years is willful rogueary ;
          And, ur work thus far is crucial evidence.
          I think u should write a slim book on it ;
          Actually, a series of slim books on it.
          Hope that u have a great weekend.

          • Truthist

            Edit ;
            Accounting Equation ;
            INPUT ; Equity [ E ]+ Liability/ies [ L ] = OUTPUT ; Asset[s] [ A ]

            INPUT ; L + E = OUTPUT ; A

          • Pat Flannery

            Truthist: my business/physics analogy was merely an attempt to illustrate that every business transaction is actually a “trade” and that every trade is intrinsically two-sided, hence the concept of double-entry bookkeeping.

            As for investigating into the moral morass that is Irish life today, where to begin?

            I am currently reading Meda Ryan’s 2003 book “Tom Barry, IRA Freedom Fighter”. I had previously read her 1998 book “The Day Michael Collins was Shot” and of course like every good Irishman I had read Tom Barry’s “Guerilla Days in Ireland”. It is more than a study in military tactics (for which it is still studied in every military academy in the world including West Point) it is also about how humans resolve difficult moral issues.

            I find that the history of Ireland is full of such moral dilemmas, to the point where I sometimes wonder if the concept of morality has any meaning at all. Yet I cling to it, as I know Tom Barry did, in far more challenging circumstances than I am ever likely to encounter. Like Meda Ryan I too think Barry was one of our greatest Irishmen because he tackled great problems but never forsook basic morality.

            Tom used to joke that he had been excommunicated by the church four times during his life. Because he had to face raw morality in the face I believe that he was possessed of more basic morality than the bishops who excommunicated him.

            Perhaps what has happened in Ireland today is that basic morality has become confused with church morality, which like everything else in Ireland can be manipulated.

            I suspect that Garda Commissioner Noreen O’Sullivan and her recently promoted husband to Chief Superintendent, Jim McGowan, are both pillars of the church. Perhaps we should start there.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej


          Of course.

          This is what Chimerica concept is about.

          “The business trick is to anticipate and use that reaction, not bellyache about it. The value of a medium of exchange, i.e. money, is what you can buy with it in return.” – bravo. I knew that when I was 10; did not you?

          I gather from your reply that you neither looked at my link nor are familiar with Mr Ferguson’s Chimerica concept (which in itself is amazing as this has been the most discussed geopolitical concept for the last decade).

          “Unlike all the negativity on this blog the Chinese understand that world trade is a classic symbiosis”

          Pat – long term, classic symbiosis is only possible when there is either a dominating empire or a division of the world into influence zones.

          Both options have been questioned at South China Sea for a good while in case you missed that, which makes your understanding of China 30 years obsolete…

          It just appear to me that you are blissfully unaware of all the military programs China has been advancing…

          Similarly, when it comes to trade and symbiosis, this naive view was best answered by the Admiral of the US 7th Fleet when Taiwan planned do diversify part of their central bank reserves into gold in the late 90s. He said that dollar is world’s exchange currency and the Pacific Fleet is to make sure that this exchange does not encounter any difficulties.

  28. Deco

    The elephant in the room, is the scale of Irish inability to compete with post-Brexit UK. And the main cause of this is the footprint of the institutional state and it’s largesse programs. And the top largesse program in Ireland is quango-mania. It is completely off the charts. Bertonomics never went away, it became fixed into the system.

    Time to look the out of control phenomenon of statism, in the face, and put it on a diet.

    Ireland has a problem called “Oglenomics”. It is aggressive Bertonomics. It is described as “Fairness”. And it is utter BS.

    The most intelligent thing that Ireland can do is to use BREXIT, as a means of reducing the centralization in Europe, and threaten to join Britain unless the move to centralized control ends.

    And if Ireland is told “no” then Ireland needs to get ready to leave the UK.

    • Deco

      leave the EU. [ mixing up imperial rackets - we left the old one decades ago, now we must leave the new imperial racket ].

      • AlfieMoone

        LOL! at typo…Freudian slip? Ireland has NOT left the UK as the CTA proves..it provides a safety valve for corrupt Irish regimes to shunt off disgruntled/surplus youth to England when their ludicrous scams go tits up every decade or so. Great Brexitan needs to introduce a Green Card system…seriously, if that safety valve was closed, Irish youth would rise up and change things…

        Yet…YET! You have eejits in the Irish media bewailing the ‘chaos’ of Brexit whilst gifting the world Leprechaunomics! It’s part of the timeless Irish Victim Script, the ‘Irish Psychosis’ and until that Cultural Algorithm is re-written nothing positive can change. All the morbid symptoms you describe are part of that nonsense. And when Juncker and the rest start using Ireland as a pawn to wage economic war with the Brits over Brexit, Ireland Inc and the Plastic Paddies in the Dail won’t stand up for themselves, they’ll bend and spread. It’s only when Brexit is a roaring success that the ordinary folk in Ireland will look at the situation, scratch their heads and say…”hang on a second…didn’t we do the rebellion stuff?”…LOL!

        I’m not the only one to see the Irish fixation on past, present and future Victim Scripts as the insurmountable barrier to genuine freedom, independence and sustainable economic development…fantastic article in the Indo…here’s snippets:

        ‘Looking back to argue about history is a part of what it is to be Irish’

        “the Irish Psychosis”….One of the more intriguing extracts included in the book is by a Harvard professor, John V Kelleher.

        He offered a searing observation of Ireland’s economic malaise back in the 1950s, when the number of people leaving the country in search of work abroad surged to record levels.
        “What emigration leaves behind is apathy below and smugness above,” he wrote.

        He also insisted that many of our problems since gaining independence were “largely psychosomatic” because of a tendency to look backwards and blame the past for our various ills.

        He argued that in comparison to the traumas suffered by other countries in the 20th century, Ireland, in fact, had “an almost fatally easy time of it”.

        ‘”The Irish talk about history all the time; the Irish argue about history all the time,” he said.

        He also suggested that while some Irish people may hold a “very coloured version of history’”, our interest in past events is clearly greater than that displayed by the British, who in contrast come from a country which was “secure and confident” for a long time.
        “You just have to look at the sale of history books in Ireland,” he said emphasising his point regarding Ireland’s relationship with its historical past.’


  29. Deco

    When Britain leaves the EU, Ireland will be increasingly anchored to the dead weight of EU centralism, and it’s constituent madness. “more EU rope” to tie up bsuiness, to drive institutional power, and preferred business interests.

    Trichet showed the way. Top level decisions that imprison a society, and that trasfer from the working to the speculating.


    • michaelcoughlan

      “Trichet showed the way. Top level decisions that imprison a society, and that trasfer from the working to the speculating.

      Yes to both.

      When you accept that madness is a perquisite for the job the subsequrnt behavoiur pattern becomes way easier to discern and observe.

    • bilimori

      And it will get worse Deco.

      A hard Brexit will have severe consequences to Ireland. Hard means Immigration quotas, high tariffs against British exports to all EU countries, matched by corresponding British tariffs on EU imports. Ireland will be the EU front line of increased hostilies and the Irish will be the necessary wearers of the EU jackboots. You will see the UK turn once again to New Zealand for much of its dairy and meat needs. You will see Ireland packed with Slavic EU and Muslim immigrants.You will see UK barriers to free Irish movement to the UK,you will see to your chagrin Scottish fisheries once again under Scottish control, and the Irish Fisheries???? You will see EU enforcement of higher Irish taxes on all businesses connected to Ireland.

      But the British will eventually thrive,reorganize trading with the world on its own terms. I predict that the inefficient Airbus and Boeing companies will provide an opportunity for the return by Britain to aircraft manufacturing. There will also be opportunities for Britain to re-organize its auto and shipbuilding industries to rival its past glories.

      This article of DMcW is just another “always look on the bright side of life” piece of passing economic journalism. David’s articles used to economically incisive, nowadays the comments are more interesting.

      Ireland needs a national dialogue as to whether they should leave the EU and rejoin Great Britain. After all the name British covers the English,Irish, Scottish, and the Welsh. It is not a pejorative against any people on these marvellous isles.

      • AlfieMoone

        ‘A hard Brexit will have severe consequences to Ireland.’ bilimori

        Only if Ireland allows the EU to use it as a pawn to try & destabilise a Hard Brexit by banjaxing the Irish economy, hoping to ignite strife on the island of Ireland between the Euro South and £ North, in the hope that Core UK England & Wales will back off & go ‘soft’ as in Soft Brexit-EEA, retaining so-called ‘freedom of movement’. That is NOT going to happen for if it did, it would lead to the rise of an extreme right-wing xenophobic reaction. A Hard Brexit is very simple, quick and as painless as the EU wants it to be. Or not. The UK has only to instigate WTO legal protocols and get on with it which Theresa is signalling she intends to do.

        The EU doesn’t have the power to stop a Hard Brexit legally, but that won’t stop it trying to derail it via covert economic warfare-at Ireland’s expense. Will Irish politicians and media respond to that threat by telling Brussles, Paris & Berlin to take a hike? Will it also tell Washington to drop dead if Clinton or Trump try to game Brexit for their own agendas? Will Irish people finally stand up for their rights outside of the tired parameters of ‘Blame The Brits’? It’s Irish politicians and voters who have created this catastrophic scenario whereby the entire Irish Nation State Project has been bet on the success of both the EU and the Euro with no Plan B if these supposed ‘gallant Euro-pean allies’ turn out to be mendacious plotters who would gladly shaft Ireland to try and stop Core UK becoming Singapore-on-Thames. It seems unlikely that Ireland will Rise when the Irish media is fluffing Juncker every chance they get.

        ‘As Brexit looms, we must hold both unionists and British to the terms of the Good Friday Agreement’


        ‘I predict that the inefficient Airbus and Boeing companies will provide an opportunity for the return by Britain to aircraft manufacturing. There will also be opportunities for Britain to re-organize its auto and shipbuilding industries to rival its past glories.’ bilimori

        Brexit is a subconscious vote by the people of England and Wales who realise that there is No Future in attempting to replace the de-industrialised areas of their countries with some pseudo-multicultural service economy fantasy based around London & it’s off-shoot cities. It’s a realisation that the next industrial revolution is about design, efficiency & the absolute maximisation of every joule of fossil fuel energy to increase GDP. It’s about waking up to the Danes who already control Wind and the Chinese & French who control Nuclear thanks to that idiot Osborne. Brexit is about stopping the out-sourcing of the Nation State for the profit of feral Corporations who act in a parasitic, not symbiotic relationship to the host territory. I’ve been calling for James Dyson to stand for Parliament for years.

        Above all, it’s the rejection of Globalisation For The Rich, By The Rich but it is NOT a rejection of global free trade, rather it seeks to turbo-charge that concept but for the advantage of the entire Nation State of the United Kingdom, not for a bunch of sleveen psuedo-Capitalist Corporations who have hijacked the UK Parliament.

        ‘Ireland needs a national dialogue as to whether they should leave the EU and rejoin Great Britain. After all the name British covers the English,Irish, Scottish, and the Welsh. It is not a pejorative against any people on these marvellous isles.’ bilimori

        Ireland has had that dialogue. It took place when Ireland was told to vote again on the Lisbon Treaty. Had Paddy had the bollocks to stick to his gut reaction, he would have been the hero who stood up to the Brussels bullies, instead of having to face the embarrassment, in the year of the centenary of 1916, of seeing ‘the Brits’ rise up as the real rebels who will save the world from the death of the Nation State as a Sovereign entity. JFK’s speech describes the EU to a tee:

        “For we are opposed around the world
        By a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy
        That relies primarily on covert means
        For expanding its sphere of influence
        On infiltration instead of invasion
        On subversion instead of elections
        On intimidation instead of free choice
        On guerrillas by night instead of armies by day
        It is a system which has conscripted
        Vast human and material resources
        Into the building of a tightly knit
        Highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic
        Intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations
        Its preparations are concealed, not published
        Its mistakes are buried, not headlined
        Its dissenters are silenced, not praised “

        There’s a mural of JFK on the Irish ‘Green Mile’ in Digbeth, Birmingham. I spend a LOT of time communing with JFK when the pubs shut at dawn…

        Ireland can never rejoin the UK & Scotland and Northern Ireland have voted to leave Core UK by voting Remain in the EU referendum, whether they realise it yet or not. 1916 made sense on the ground, to those holed up in the GPO but it was a futile, self-defeating gesture that lead to the British & the United States allowing a crack-pot like De Valera to escape execution so he could, alongside Archbishop McQuaid, banjax Ireland for decades. All so Ireland didn’t Rise in it’s own right but remained compliant to both the UK and the US, finishing with the debacle of being turned into a Euro Hedge in 1999. Devil Eire’s successors weren’t much better. Ireland would have been given all it wanted by the UK but was punished by allowing it to sink into a mire of regressive Catholic-Celtic psychosis. With the US fully on board with those plans.

        ‘The twin tides of socialism and the new unionism were sweeping through Scotland in the 1890s and Connolly quickly became involved in both movements. The main influences on him were the writings of Karl Marx & John Leslie. Leslie believed Ireland had a right to self-determination but he hoped it would become a voluntary partner in a federal socialist Britain’

        from ‘John Connolly and the Unfinished Irish Revolution’ P3 of the ‘State Commemoration for James Connolly and the Irish Citizen Army’ at Liberty Hall, Dublin on 29 March 2016.
        I was on the front row of that event, behind the President. You can see me on the RTE footage. I’ve given all this a lot of thought before declaring myself the Global Taoiseach of the 5th Province.

        There are the British Isles and the Irish Isles and they are linked by geography, history and language. 1916 was the point to press ‘reset’, to re-engage with Gaeilge, to remove English ad replace it with German and French. 1999 was another such re-set moment when the Euro was joined. But that isn’t what happened. Rather, the synergies and cultural cross-pollination enabled by the CTA have just ramped up even more. But soon Juncker will close the CTA, in an act of spite and vindictiveness. He will insist on a Hard Border between the UK and the EU and will relish shit-stirring on the island of Ireland, knowing he has absolutely no power over Core UK or the Midlands Engine of Birmingham that drove Brexit so that this island is now Great Brexitan with it’s capital of Brum renamed Brexitham. Ireland chose irrevocably in 1916 to leave the United Kingdom and can never rejoin. Why would it want to when it has the prospect of Northern Ireland and Scotland leaving the UK to join in what Fintan O’Toole calls SCINI, a Celtic confederation of Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland? LOL! No tears will be shed in England or Wales at the outcome, it will be a blessed relief. Nicola Sturgeon really is a head-the-ball. The island of Britain has failed to form a lasting Union after 300 years yet she asserts the right to drive Scotalnd into leaving the UK whilst demanding that England and Wales ‘remain’ in the EU? She’s batshite crazy, as are those Irish folk who think they can tell the English and Welsh of Core UK what to do on behalf of Juncker.

        In 2012, the opening ceremony of the London Olympics featured a eulogy from Danny Boyle to his Irish father called ‘Isles Of Wonder’. It subverted the entire Meta Narrative of what it means to be ‘British’ by focussing the core of his message on his father’s journey from Ireland. Hardly anybody noticed as they were distracted by the Queen of England and James Bond jumping out of a helicopter and Muse detonating a nuclear devicde disguised as their light show. I bet most people in Ireland didn’t even watch the ceremony as they were jealous, didn’t even realise that ‘Isles of Wonder’ was a eulogy to the shattered dream of 1916, to the fact that by the 1950s people like Danny’s dad and my dad and mom had to flee the chaos of the Irish economic Emergency. Yet yesterday, an eejit in the Irish Times bewailed the ‘chaos’ of Brexit on this island from the island that gave us Leprechaunomics…you couldn’t make it up.

        The real chaos of Brexit will indeed unfold on the island of Ireland, deliberately engineered by Juncker and his shock-troops. If the Irish people are so foolish as to allow themselves to be used as pawns on the EU chess-board without asserting their rights to preserving their unique relationship with the UK, they cannot complain when the Troika return in a few years.

        Ditto if they let Hilary Clinton turn up in Dublin on behalf of Irish Oligarchs and start any nonsense to match the betrayals of Geithner and O’Bama. The US wanted the UK to run the EU with Ireland as the Euro proxy. The English and Welsh have crashed that plan, pressed the Brexit re-set button. Game Over. But that won’t stop the US trying to use both of these Isles of Wonder as part of their geo-political machinations of Empire, just as they waited to join WW2 till the UK was bankrupt then gave Germany the Marshall Plan whilst enforcing the repayment of every single penny loaned to the UK to fight the Nazis. The US is a cultural catastrophe and the rise of Trump proves it. Comparing Trump to May’s Brexit Revolution is fatuous in the extreme. Whether he wins or not is irrelevant as the Democrats must move to facilitate his voter base, just as they moved to embrace the Cracker Red-neck Racist vote in the Deep South, largely composed of Scots Irish and Irish Irish descendents echoing the Norman Toraigh Slave Code of old.

        The British are not stupid, they have woken up. Brexit is the beginning of the re-birth of Global GB but this time it’s going to be a voluntary C21st Commonwealth, not an enforced Empire. What most people don’t realise is that it is the United States of America that is going to collapse due to irreconcilable divergence from the core syllabus and Vision Thing set out by it’s founders. It’s all about Cultural Algorithms, or ‘evonomics’ as some late to this party are trying to re-brand my epochal insight that Culture trumps Economics. Trump is a symptom, and his Alpha-Male sexual predation is nothing compared to that of good ol’boy Bill. He will probably end up gaining votes such is the prevalence of Porn Morality in the US, puritanical on the surface, libertine-libidinous beneath. But both Clinton and Trump are a sign of a wider, deeper cultural collapse alongside those YouTube videos of black kids being murdered by cops. No amount of arms and dollar printing can now stop that collapse. The Chinese realise this and so do the Brits. People should look to Hong Kong for the future emergence of a new Cultural Algorithm alongside Singapore-on-Thames. The US is a fractal offshoot of the UK, as is Hong Kong, but the strangest thing is happening. The UK is reclaiming it’s cultural and political primacy. Only the sharpest of minds can see all this unfolding. Most see Brexit as a bizarre mistake when it’s a life-boat launched from sinking EU Ship Of States.

        Ireland Inc will carry on with it’s short-term gaming of the EUro until the Euro & the EU collapses. Then it will revert to it’s Core Psychosis of ‘Blame The Brits’. Unless, of course, a figure emerges who can re-write the Irish Cultural Algorithm so that it finally reaches towards it’s potentialities, instead of forlornly moving from one subservient relationship with Foreign Powers to another. From Britain to Rome to Brussels, Paris & Berlin with Washington hovering in the background smirking: Ireland has never been independent physically or psychologically and there’s no sign now it ever will be. Put Northern Ireland into a EU/UN/US Peace Protectorate with Washington, Brussels, Paris and Berlin footing the bill. No solution is possible whilst the ‘hated Brits’ try to sort out the historical legacy issues which are now all rising to the boil because: Brexit. Core UK has had enough of all this. Brexit means Brexit. And Northern Ireland has psychologically chosen to leave the UK by voting Remain. Goodbye. Most English people are aghast at all that bonfire and bowler hat marching band hatred and see zero reflection of their values in such grotesque provocations.

        Whilst ‘Geography Is Not Destiny’ it remains a fact that ‘Proximity Is Economy’ despite the rise of a Post-Geographic Trading World. As the UK pivots away from Europe, it will also pivot away from EU-Ireland. And Ireland had deliberately chosen this. It pledged to pivot away from the UK,by signing up for the Euro. It sundered it’s core synergies with the island of Britain, there’s just been a few decades lag before it kicks in.

        In his terms, Juncker is right. There is no reason why the EU should allow the CTA to remain in place. And for Brexit Britain it’s also not essential. But it is essential for the current iteration of Ireland Inc which is premised on ‘having their cake and eating it’, just as Boris wants from the EU. The Irish left the UK but didn’t really, remaining semi-detached because of the Common Travel Area. Now Juncker is just joining up the dots on his war-plan in his Brussels bunker. Anyone who doesn’t think he’s foolish enough to sacrifice the island of Ireland to try and keep the island of Britain within the EU Empire isn’t really paying attention to what he says and his body language when he meets his star pupil Enda Kenny. He despises the Taoiseach as he sees him as his prison bitch. Which he sadly is…or is he?….

        ‘Ireland will be the EU front line of increased hostilies and the Irish will be the necessary wearers of the EU jackboots. ‘ bilimori

        That’s the expectation of Juncker, Verhofstadt & Schäuble  , that Kenny will fall into line like their image of Irish politicians as good little Christian Brother buggered school-boys should do. But they also know Enda can’t do what they demand for if he does the entire economic model of Ireland Inc goes up in flames as it’s predicated on the CTA- both the physical and financial versions, being able to land at Heathrow and do a deal in the City without any hindrances…But they don’t care. They also know that they can force Ireland into the Core Euro via Brexit and another decade of Troika style austerity after crashing the Irish economy and blaming the Brits. They are ready, willing and able to fight battles on both the Western and Eastern fronts: Brexit and Grexit, of which the Deutsche Bank meltdown is just the opening round.

        The UK can morally walk away from the EU as it is a Net Contributor. Ireland cannot do so as it is a Net Recipient. However, if Juncker deliberately trashes the Irish economy for political purposes then the Irish would be entirely justified in leaving the Euro, the EU and reverting to WTO protocols whilst writing off their banking debts as Odious Debt. And in that scenario, the world is likely to cheer underdog Ireland on. The world will NOT cheer Ireland on if it acts as Juncker’s prison-bitch to progress his pointless attempts to banjax Brexit.

        Over to you, Enda…. Oh, and don’t worry about those rumours. There’s no Polaroids……

        Andy Mooney
        Global Taoiseach of the 5th Province
        The Shire. England. Sunday 9th October 2016.

        • AlfieMoone

          It really is time for Ireland to stand up for itself and, if necessary, tell Juncker and the rest of those clowns: FcUKEU!

          ‘The die is cast: politicians should be ignoring the hysterics and listening to the constructive. As David McWilliams wrote last week, there is a perfectly good chance that “managed properly, Brexit will be good for Ireland… Change can bring out the best in people, companies and countries – it’s simply up to us to tap into that potential”……

          …show some courage. Now our main ally has opted to leave and it’s just us against the Germans and the French, we need “to think outside the increasingly threatened (and threatening!) EU box”

          We extricated ourselves from the British Empire only to accept unthinkingly the rule of the Roman Catholic Church and after that the EU.
          Maybe it’s time to nurture and develop some revolutionary thoughts about independence.’

          ‘We should stop moaning and embrace Brexit change
          We are a clever, talented little nation that should ignore the irrelevant carry on and hysteria, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards’


        • michaelcoughlan

          Jesus Mary and Holy saint Joseph.

          Superb and you didn’t even come up for air. I’d love to get this framed and use it to replace the pics of all the 1916 leaders in all the national schools in Ireland.

          The blog is really firing on all cylinders now!

          I gave up on Ireland Andy/Alfie?. Like Cuba etc. all the talent is quitting and never more so than now in record breaking numbers.

          warmest regards,


          • AlfieMoone

            Michael, LOL!

            Thanks for the feedback. I’m playing multiple personality/channeled spirits stuff on this blog & elsewhere under various psedonymous and ‘real’ names, but when the ‘real’ Andy Mooney steps on stage, it won’t be as a joker/clown. It will be 4Real.

            I haven’t given up on Ireland, just on it’s corrupt political and media classes. I haven’t given up on the ordinary Irish person all around the globe and I never will. That’s why I’ve ordained/annointed/appointed myself as the Global Taoiseach of the 5th Province for the C21st.

            The Irish Diaspora, the ‘spiral tribe’ have been flung to the far corners of the earth but the truth of how and why that’s been happening since the Danes landed to found Dublin has never been fully articulated. That needs to happen to re-write the source-code, the ‘Cultural Algorithm’ of ‘being Irish’ so it’s fit for purpose going forward..

            When I’m long gone my picture will indeed be in every school, every home every Irish pub all over the world . There will be statues, all that stuff. But only if this actually works, only if I complete my mission. A mission I was given in Parnell Square in Dublin in 1970 when I danced in the first ever World’s Irish feis & encountered a demon.. And thus came to realise that the Irish were captive slaves to an ideology that has always and will always banjax their potential unless and until it is cast aside.

            Padraig Pearse’s father was from Birmingham. Pearse was destroyed by the cognitive dissonance of trying to reconcile his heritages so went full-on Blood Sacrifice crazy as a result. But, in some of his writings he got close to understanding what was really going on….Guns didn’t work & never will. There is a better deed. For the pen is mightier than the sword, but nothing is stronger than this QWERTY Ouija keyboard which even now is reaching out through the abyss & ether of the world-wide web to reconnect the widely-dispersed diasporan spiral tribe. Seditious Samizdat cultural code that most pass by & dismiss but those in the know, know…know what’s coming:

            Culture trumps Economics. Always….and it’s a rich irony that after BrummieBoy Padraig Pearse failed to reconcile the cognitive dissonance, failed to square the circle, it’s serendipitous that it’s another BrummieBoy called Andy Mooney who completes the task of saving Ireland…from itself…from nobody or nothing else..

            Alfie Moone
            [seemingly channeling Andy Mooney:
            The King Of Laois & Small Heath]

            “You cannot conquer Ireland; you cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom, then our children will win it by a better deed.”

            Patrick Pearse at his court-martial.Publish by the 75th Anniversary Committee, Dublin, 1991.

            King of Laois – Dan Ar Braz (Vérsion live)


  30. michaelcoughlan

    @Pat Flannery,

    Well Pat,

    Why don’t you answer the question about the US and whether it is solvent or not?

    • Pat Flannery

      michaelcoughlan: Hint. If you want a question answered please do not preface it with “You are madder than a bonbon”. There is a big difference between a hard tackle and a personal insult. I did not answer your question for the same reason I did not answer AlfieMoone who called me a “daft eejit”.

      Hopefully a few polite posters will remain on this site for me to interact with. Just be aware that polite posters (like me) do not respond to personal insults.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        “Just be aware that polite posters (like me) do not respond to personal insults.” – nor arguments such as China buying real estate in the US and diversifying dollar assets into real assets, or Chimerican trade symbiosis ending in the South China Sea via aggressive military actions of both empires.

      • AlfieMoone

        Pat Flannery: can you find it in your hear to forgive me? How was I to know I was dealing with a Special Snowflake whose sensitivities would be traumatised by being called a ‘daft eejit’. Convenient excuse for you to ignore the points I raise but…don’t take too many of those Xanax. Best not join a blog comment bar-brawl if you’re going to get all precious. Maybe DMcW needs to set up a ‘safe space’ so you’re not ‘triggered’. Ask David to ban me…he’s looking for an excuse, any one will do. Just send yer man a doctor’s note saying you can’t read these comments whilst there’s a risk of you being called a ‘daft eejit’..

        You should see me when I get going. Here I am at the EU discussing Brexit with Enda Kenny….”it’s Brexit, bitch…deal with it….” Are you going to Kilkenomics, Pat? We could thrash this one out like a couple of UKIP MEPs….”Outside!”….LOL!

        You know, as everyone else in world who reads these comments knows: I run the show. I run the Irish Algorithm. Not David McWiliams, not Enda Kenny, not Micheal Martin, not Martin McGuiness, not Gerry Adams, not Arlene Foster, not James Brokenshire…but me, ‘Mad Paddy From Brum’: the greatest Memetic Warrior ever to emerge from the cauldron of Irish culture….Joyce?…Wilde?….Collins….Pearse…you takin the piss, mt8? “Everybody knows”…Andy Mooney is now running the show…and has been since he stepped onstage in Parnell Square in 1970….it’s almost like he’s a self-imagined mythological being….a mad mix of Cú Chulainn, Collins and…Enya….she’s probably in on all this…it’s always the quiet ones….

        DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak (Official Video)


        ps:Grzegorz Kolodziej: You going to Kilkenomics? I’d like to meet you in person. Don’t worry, I won’t call you a ‘daft eejit’…I’ll be in full-on Jacob Rees Mogg country squire at Cheltenham Races mode..I’ll save the razorblade Small Heath Thomas Shelby stuff till later….laterz…

        pps: I wonder if DMcW ever realised he was opening an online mental asylum when he decided to open his articles to comments…too late now, *Dave*…..LOL!

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “ps:Grzegorz Kolodziej: You going to Kilkenomics?”

          I was going to, but not sure now. So much new stuff comes up in my life now that I lost the control over my schedule and had to cancel some trips. I am not even in my house this week (which meanwhile got infested with rodents). If I cannot make it, perhaps there would be some other chance to meet up in the future, closer to the Big Smoke-where-the-streets-have-no-name-and-houses-have-no-cellars

          • AlfieMoone

            I’ll be in Dublin at various times so I’ll take you up on that…Lucan lurkers reading this….see you soon…LOL!

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “I wonder if DMcW ever realised he was opening an online mental asylum when he decided to open his articles to comments…”

          If you look at the comments under what I consider to be one of his top 3 columns ever, you’ll be stunned how different the quality of the comments was 10 years ago:


          What is most insane about those comments is that the first ones are from November 2006, but then someone responds in February 2007, which “precipitates” a reply in August 2007, crowned with someone finding it necessary to link readers to a “gay having man sex video” (as opposed to gay having what type of sex – with ancient Greek female deity?!), I kid you not.

          Fair play to him for opening up that avenue.

          Perhaps his approach to these comments resembles Nietzsche’s approach to love:

          ‘There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.’

          • AlfieMoone

            That was probably Adam starting all those rumours about Enda…..link to video doesn’t work now….phew!

  31. Grzegorz Kolodziej


    “If you want a question answered please do not preface it with “You are madder than a bonbon”. There is a big difference between a hard tackle and a personal insult.”

    - and it is time you understand that difference and do not post opinionated comments such as “the verbose sophistry on this blog”. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

    • Pat Flannery

      Grzegorz Kolodziej: Pardon me for having responded to any question you ask here like the one I answered above about what the Chinese do or do not know about western finance. I promise I shall not to make the same mistake again.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Dear Pat,

        You have n o t responded to any questions I asked, except:

        - “that the Chinese understand world finance better than the gold bug sophists on this blog.” – and probably better than you; and who exactly on this blog says they do not?

        - then you embarked on loose ad hominem arguments about negativity and verbose sophistry

        - then you wrote a patronising comment on how to do business

        - then you won a Nobel Prize in economics by discovering that “The value of a medium of exchange, i.e. money, is what you can buy with it in return.”

        - then you reiterated that the Chinese understand trade better than us

        Pat: why do not you stick to the point in your answers?

        I read with interest your comments (the one on securitisation v derivatives was the best) and I wish you were posting more often (which I said in the comment above in case you missed it), but you are turning into a bit of a drama queen. If I were to react so hysterically to every slagging on this website (or personal insults) as you – while dismissing any information that causes you cognitive dissonance (judging by the fact you have nothing to answer), I would not have lasted even one day in some jobs I had been doing (not to mention military training).

        I think some people in this country (especially in D4) and in the US would feel happier (as their grand-grandfathers were happier) if they considered this point of view:


        Best wishes and have a nice day


  32. Truthist

    I read carefully that link u gave me to read before I consider putting more questions to u ;
    More evidence of how Poland is riddled with treachery within its ranks of :
    civil SERPENTS ; incl. secret service civil SERPENTS
    business people
    bank professionals
    foreigners ;
    Russian — sic ? 8-) ; Maybe they not Russia-1st-ters — business persons
    oil industry executives
    By the way, I think another scenario worthy of serious consideration is that downing of the Polish airplane with the Prime Mincer [ Chris Spivey jargon ] & his wife & so much of the cabinet as fatalities was done on instigation of private persons ;
    Perhaps our non-Russia 1st-ers ;
    We are inclined to think only of government spooks.
    But, the large corporations — e.g. Shell — have their own highly formidable secret service operating throughout the globe.
    Thus, so-called Russian culprits ONLY ;
    Thus, Putin not involved.
    But, Putin caught between a rock & a hard place to conduct the investigation properly ;
    Plotters actually were trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone ;
    Polish Cabinet + “patsy” Putin.
    As I am making a defence for Putin again vis-a-vis a degree of cynicism about him already deposited by u, I must ask u Grzegorz ;
    How should “an acceptable to u Grzegorz” Mr. Vladamir Putin — President of Russian Federation — be ?
    Protocol ?
    Major Decisions ?
    Overall major domestice policies ?
    Governance of his peoples ?
    Statements ?
    Relationship with the Non-Russia 1st-ters ?
    Relationship of Russian Orthodox Church ?
    Economy ?
    Foreign policy ?
    Please answer only in early days of subsequent discussion of a DMW article.
    As to what motivates the individuals in such cases as that energy
    And, an oblong ball to u now ;
    Who in general is the better Pole now ?
    The Male ?
    the Female ?
    Perhaps u should reflect on the general state of the present Polish people.
    Present pool of Irish are in general appalling, I am disappointed to admit.
    And, with ur emphasis on China Sea, I gave u a gem of a game-changer above per “The Khra Canal”.
    I think u should look into that over a number of discussions.

    • Truthist

      Omission ;
      What motivates the treacherous individuals to Poland in such cases as :
      that oil refinery case abote ?
      the siponing away of public monies that were to help pay off the interest on the national debt ?

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        It is rather obvious – the communist murderers were never accounted for as Moscow’s condition to disarm (and leave their agents embedded in the structures of the Polish state).

        This state of affairs was approved by Washington, who agreed to make sure that these commies would not be accounted for (funny enough, it was the G.H.Bush administration that pushed for the dictator gen. Jaruelski to become the first Polish President in 1989).

        Study this:


        There were two attempts to regain full sovereignty – one ended up with coup d’etat in 1992 (with Russian intelligence present, which we know from CCTV tapes)


        Then German agents were in power all the time until 2005, including the Minister of Defence Bogdan Klich paid directly by German foundations.


        Then there was a CASA transport plane crash as a warning (which killed officers trained in West Point).

        Then there was a Smolensk crash.

        Third time lucky? Last year, President Andrzej Duda had a car accident, the chances of which are estimated as low as winning the Lotto – and mellowed down since then…

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Even more in case something is not clear – the administrations of G.Bush, Bill Clinton and Obama left western Europe to Germany and eastern Europe to be shared between Germany and Russia (remember how Mr Schroeder jumped from being a German Prime Minister to be on the managing board of Gazprom?)

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          as Moscow’s condition to disarm = to disarm was a soft landing for them (no jail and retaining privileged position)

    • Deco

      Putin is not fixing the deep societal problems in Russia.

      But Putin knows that he cannot trust the West after the Yeltsin years. The West is only interested in the improvrishment of Russia.

      Compare the approach of the Americans to Germany after 1945, and Russia after 1992. Marshall Aid versus theft, effectively. And the USSR biggest crime against the West was support for a toxic form of Marxism that was designed to destroy the intellectual leadership inside Western societies, rather than to invade the West.

      The FSB have been in charge of Russia since Yeltsin moved off the stage. And the FSB are relying on Beijing rather than the West. Because they have already see what the West has done. The actions of the Obama Administration, in aggressively posturing against Beijing, has pushed Beijing closer to Moscow.

      The super-wealthy in the West need an external bogeyman to use as their means of improving their grip on their own society.

      The problem is that idiots like Hillary Clinton and John McCain does not realise that this is actually serious. It has serious implications. Beijing has no intention of doing what Western politicians recommend for 1.5 Billion Chinese. And that includes Western politicians behaving aggressively against countries that China deems to be it’s allies. Like Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and Syria.

      The current “tough talk” with respect to Russia is actually creating implications inside the Politburo in Beijing. It is also causing problems in Italy that is creating problems in the Politiburo in Brussels.

      For those that oppose then increase in the centralism in the West, whereby the rich and powerful keep getting more powerful, it can appear that Putin and Xi are allies.

      Well, actually Putin and Xi both like central control over their own countries.

      Really, the answer for those of us in the West who know what is going on, is to discuss the matters of the political re-engineering of power to support the rule of the wealthy and well-connected, to ensure that this is challenged from within.

      In the interim, the absurd sabre-rattling to present external threats so that we will be obedient.

      The answer of course is to be increasingly disobedient, anti-authoritarian, and sceptical of central authority.

  33. Conclusion: This is part of a larger destruction of Western culture and values and it is ongoing. What’s taking place is not happenstance, not in Europe, nor in the US. Freedom is being destroyed, but in a deliberate manner, to send a message and increase polarization. Many currents are swirling beneath the surface that make this presidential campaign an epochal one.

    Sometimes nothing changes. Boys will be boys!!


    • Deco

      Trump’s comments are about actions that Bill Clinton has performed – except Bill Clinton did not accept the answer No from married women.

      Trump’s problem is that his supporters find his comments unacceptable, and his opponents supporters have already glossed over Bill Clinton’s deeds.

      In other words, Trumps supporters are not as hypocritical as Clinton’s supporters.

      Therefore Trump is over. He is literally going to get replaced. The Republican Party will probably stick Pence in his place.

      Otherwise the Clintons will get abck into power.

      And Ireland’s leading oligarch will get more tasty deals and will continue to be able to fund the corruption of Irish politics.

      The greatest problem for the Irish left is that a Clinton victory will result in a media onslaught on the Irish left in the medium term.

      • So let us have the GOP decree that Trump is removed as their nominee.
        The election voting slips have already been distributed. Votes from those abroad have already been cast. In other word it would leave the GOP without a candidate at all.
        The Republican committee have already delayed any funding support to /trump and are now waiting the results of tonights second debate.
        Trump can declare that he will run as an independent and scoop up support from both main parties.
        At present the GOP is self destructing. It has ridiculed and defamed Trump all the way through the primaries. Trump won the nomination without the support of the GOP establishment. He won despite their over opposition.
        Those rats leaving the Trump ship are the same ones who only recently got aboard.
        Now it is up to the American people and to see how they react. How many of the 99% want to give a finger to the mainstream politicians and notwithstanding all the tongue wagging and finger pointing will still support Trump.
        I will not be surprised at anything.
        6pm tonight I will be glued to the box.
        The next episode of The Apprentice will be a real life episode.

    • Truthist

      Well, Hillary is no one who should be making political capital from Trump’s sexually brutish attitude to some women of the cocktail circuit.
      Hillary Clinton cannot even control herself when she posing for photo with the cleavage-endowed Christine Aguilera ;
      Google.com search words ;
      Hillary Clinton AND Christina Aguilera
      And, there are the testimonies of Gennifer Flowers & Yoko Ono revealing actual sappho infidelity by the Prezzie contender ;
      Hillary Clinton AND Gennifer Flowers AND Yoko Ono
      But, all that tames when we are faced with :
      Hillary Clinton’s directed sodomy-rape-murder by proxy of Col. Mummar Gaddafi [ The Leader of Libya ]
      the consistent accusations from Cathy O’Brien of personal pedophile abuse done to her by Hillary Clinton.
      Cathy O’Brien was used in U.S.A. Government’s secret “MK Ultra Mind-Control Program” ;
      President Bill Clinton himself apologised, on live TV broadcast, to the victims of U.S.A. government MK Ultra.
      Google search words ;
      Cathy O’Brien AND MK Ultra AND Hillary Clinton AND apology AND President
      And, of course, Hillary Clinton is guilty in the genocide of Syrians at the behest of The Dreadful Few who control U.S.A..
      When all of Hillary Clinton’s escapades are considered, she will be thought as even worse than Myra Hindley.

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