September 29, 2016

Trump's presidential bid being propelled by workers' anger

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Last week in Boston I passed by a place I used to work cleaning dishes in the 1980s. The restaurant/bar, on Boston’s fancy Newbury Street, is still there — which is quite an achievement in a fast-changing industry. As is now the norm in many American bars, the TV is always on. I stuck my head in nostalgically, only to be met by Donald Trump’s angry face on a big screen.


As the Presidential campaign grinds on, the TV networks want to put on anything that grabs the attention of the punter, however fleetingly. As a result, there appears to be an exclusive diet of incessant fear-mongering from morning to night, highlighting horror stories, imagined and real, of what is about to befall the US.


It’s extraordinary to behold.


But, like all fears, there’s an element of truth to the rumours.


So when the networks play Trump’s tune of American workers losing out to Mexico and China, it is not without some validity. Workers have lost out and, as a result, inequality has increased in the US. This inequality is driving some of the anger that is propelling Trump.


Whether this propulsion fades away after his lamentable performance in the TV debate is a matter of speculation. However, Trump is more the consequence than the cause of America’s travails. He has managed to clothe himself in the overalls of the working man, despite being about as far from the working man as one can imagine. Irrespective of the messenger, the message is accurate. Blue-collar America has suffered in the past 20 years.


What the establishment in the US should do, rather than dismissing the allegations that the working man has not got his fair share, is admit that lowering wages was all part of policy. Inequality is policy-driven — and that’s the bold fact.


One of the consequences of this election, even if Hillary Clinton wins, is that the labourer will seek to get their share of the American pie — and the same is likely to happen here in Ireland. But before we look forward, let’s look back a bit to see how it all came about.


In the 1980s, when I was toiling away in those Boston kitchens earning expensive dollars to bring back home to Ireland, the Federal Reserve was right in the middle of its war on inflation. The strong dollar was an essential part of this offensive.


Beginning with Paul Volker in 1981 and for two decades thereafter, the Fed fought a campaign against inflation called “opportunistic disinflation”.


The Fed welcomed recessions when they inevitably happened, because the downturn would compress wages and prices through unemployment. A corollary of this thesis was that the Fed should pre-emptively tighten in recoveries, prompted by leading indicators of rising inflation, rather than rising inflation itself.


Such pre-emptive strikes would “lock in” the cyclical disinflationary gains wrought by the preceding recession. Each recession squeezed relative wages downwards, so that when workers finally got back up following a recession, they started each new upswing at lower wages.


Therefore, each recession was seen by the Fed as an opportunity to squeeze a little bit more inflation out of the system. All the while, the working man lost out as wages fell and the corporate man gained as profits rose. Such a massive switch from labour to capital underpinned the extraordinary bull run we have seen in asset prices over the past 25-odd years.


The cyclical disinflation process was boosted by two huge secular events that drove inflation permanently lower and stocks higher: the emergence of China and The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) — now two rallying calls of the Trump campaign.


Both the emergence of China and the implementation of NAFTA pitted the American worker not against the American capitalist, but against poor third-world workers as US companies outsourced.


The political cost of these developments has been the gradual erosion of the working man’s wages and the marked amplification of inequality. With workers’ incomes held down by China and Mexico, a much bigger percentage of American value added went to profit, not wages, rewarding asset owners as opposed to wage earners. Only through increased personal indebtedness could US consumption be maintained, which is what happened.


Ultimately, the Fed won its 20-year war on inflation, but at a cost of greater social inequality — which would come back to dominate this Presidential campaign. A Clinton victory needs to address this issue. Although Clinton promises more of the same, more of the same will not stem the groundswell of American public opinion that has driven the Trump phenomenon, and she knows this.


But the plight of workers is not limited to the US.


All over the Western world, the spilt in national output between profits and wages has increasingly been going to profits. In countries like Italy, this is now reaching crisis proportions. In fact, Italy is due to have a significant referendum in November on the way the country is governed and its relationship with the EU. Expect Italian workers who have seen their incomes stagnate in recent years to be extremely vocal in this campaign.


Back here we are seeing something similar with the strikes in the transport sector. This is natural. It is what happens after a long period of stagnation. One way to look at things is to view high wages as a sign of success. They can be taken as a sign that the economy is healthy and moving in the right direction. Low wages, on the other hand, signal all sorts of problems.


Obviously, management and workers will see things differently — but what is being played out is nothing more than the ebb and flow of modern economics. In the US the pendulum has swung far too much in favour of owners of assets as opposed to wage earners. It will swing backwards.


If it doesn’t, there will be more Trumps — emerging from both the Left and the Right — and eventually one of these outsiders will win, if not this time then the next time. That alone should be enough to jolt the American establishment out of its slumber.

  1. dorn

    “the downturn would compress wages and prices through unemployment”

    To me this one sentence expresses the big problem in many countries at the moment, or rather the fact that it may have been what was expected but it certainly isn’t what occurred. Wages have compressed or remained unchanged since the collapse of 2008, but prices have not. Prices have continue to climb. Most people don’t care if corporations make big profits as long as they can still pay for the stuff they need/want. Whats been happening in the last decade is that most people have the same (or lower) incomes but everything costs more. In Ireland in particular – with all the extra concocted taxes pulled out of everyones bottom line – we often bring home less than we did before, even if wages have gone up slightly. So it’s not that surprising that people are unhappy with their lot and looking for someone to blame.

  2. AlfieMoone

    Unlike the lazy fake laissez-faire Ruling Class of the United States, the Ruling Class of the United Kingdom fully understand that Class Is Back as the defining political issue of the age. In her speech on the steps of Downing Street Theresa May made a specific point of returning ‘working class’ to the vernacular, shredding for ever the Neoliberal propaganda of New Labour apparatchiks with their baloney of ‘hard working families who play by the rules’. In Ireland, it’s yet to happen, there’s still the attempt to cloak the failure of Corporations to pay their due by stoking a fake conflict between working class and the ‘squeezed middle’ as a way of avoiding the real issue of delinquent corporations enabled by delinquent governments and lobbyists who run state insitutions for the benefit of the few, not the many. Brexit and Trump are about the realisation that the entire Neoliberal scam has been an attempt to usurp the role, power and legitimacy of the Nation State and replace it with that of the Trans-National Corporation, shamelessly gaming the second attempt at Globalisation to pocket the proceeds for the 1% instead of raising the living standards of the 99%. Game over on that one! Theresa May understands that without the Nation State firmly reclaiming the powers and prerogatives given to them by voters/citizens/subjects, there will be total mayhem and Trump and Brexit will seem like the opening storm of a cataclysm. Yet the fluffers and enablers of Globalism For The Rich carry on with their mantras thinking they can fool the common man and woman….but Brexit means Brexit and it’s irrelevant whether Trump wins or not as he’s already totally changed the game and if he fails to stop The Clinton Wall Street War Machine, Bernie Sanders or his successor is waiting in the wings…it’s a relief to live in a country on the cutting edge of all this instead of one that is still clinging to the debris of the utterly failed and discredided 4 decades of Neoliberalsim. And, tragically, Ireland is the epicentre of that failed project….having allowed itself to be used as a pawn in the Great Game between the US, UK and Europa to carve up the future on terms which, as a result of the Bank Bailout and the adoption of the Euro, mean that Ireland has effectively ceased to exist as a Nation State..but most of it’s citizens do not realise what has happened. When they wake up, all hell will break loose…1916: What did it mean? In 2016, what does 1916 now mean?.

    Amidst the burning ruins of the GPO, Michael Collins looks into the smoke and hears a Brummie accent….”Big Fella! Come with me!…I’ll show you how to escape….”

    ‘…we believe in a union not just between the nations of the United Kingdom but between all of our citizens, every one of us, whoever we are and wherever we’re from.

    That means fighting against the burning injustice that, if you’re born poor, you will die on average 9 years earlier than others.

    If you’re black, you’re treated more harshly by the criminal justice system than if you’re white.

    If you’re a white, working-class boy, you’re less likely than anybody else in Britain to go to university.

    If you’re at a state school, you’re less likely to reach the top professions than if you’re educated privately.

    If you’re a woman, you will earn less than a man. If you suffer from mental health problems, there’s not enough help to hand.

    If you’re young, you’ll find it harder than ever before to own your own home.

    But the mission to make Britain a country that works for everyone means more than fighting these injustices. If you’re from an ordinary working class family, life is much harder than many people in Westminster realise. You have a job but you don’t always have job security. You have your own home, but you worry about paying a mortgage. You can just about manage but you worry about the cost of living and getting your kids into a good school.

    If you’re one of those families, if you’re just managing, I want to address you directly.

    I know you’re working around the clock, I know you’re doing your best, and I know that sometimes life can be a struggle. The government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the privileged few, but by yours.

    We will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives. When we take the big calls, we’ll think not of the powerful, but you. When we pass new laws, we’ll listen not to the mighty but to you. When it comes to taxes, we’ll prioritise not the wealthy, but you. When it comes to opportunity, we won’t entrench the advantages of the fortunate few. We will do everything we can to help anybody, whatever your background, to go as far as your talents will take you.

    We are living through an important moment in our country’s history. Following the referendum, we face a time of great national change.

    And I know because we’re Great Britain, that we will rise to the challenge. As we leave the European Union, we will forge a bold new positive role for ourselves in the world, and we will make Britain a country that works not for a privileged few, but for every one of us.” UK Prime Minister Theresa May

    • AlfieMoone

      Meanwhile, the total eejit & Globalist Fluffer Supreme aka: Sir-Bob-Toss-pot-On-Thames offers his nuances to the debate…

      “”Who believes any more that trade amongst the nations will lift us all out of the great evil that everyone has spoken of, poverty? And especially now that a liar, a fool and a racist vomits his bile on to the disinherited of the United States,” the musician and activist said.

      “And so, let us give up on belief. Let us surrender to the post-truth politicians, those reality television actors, the Trumps, the Putins, the Erdogans, the Brexiters.We must not succumb to the fools. We must not be galled by the awful thuggishness of Putin, Erdogan, Xi or Trump, or the many other commanders in the armies of stupidity.

      “But the future is not binary, it’s not that false choice of utopia or dystopia so beloved of journalists, commentators and writers.
      Rather it’s a constant adjustment of circumstance … that an impatient electorate or distracted populace is loath to accept or acknowledge, and thus they leave us to fools like Trump, or Johnson in the UK, or bullies like Putin.

      I’m not sure any longer that people believe that action can be achieved through these great institutions.

      I believe that we are in some terrible moment, some great retreat from the ability to at least influence the direction of world travel.Who believes now in the European Union when it is mired in repeated crises and seems incapable of reviving itself?

      Who now believes in the United Nations as the slaughter of Aleppo continues right now, as we meet in Ottawa?

      What is so funny about peace, love and understanding?” Bob Geldof

      Geldof probably did more to make Brexit happen than an army of leaflet droppers. A multi-millionaire lecturing unemployed fishermen about the UK whilst announcing “I’m Irish” when challenged about the legitimacy of his involvement. No doubt he pays UK taxes on his income streams… Clearly he has learned nothing from having his arse handed back to him by Brexit, conflating us Shire Irish Brummie Brexiteers with Putin? And Erdogan? Is there no end to this man’s delusionality? Peace, love and understanding? Feck off, Bob. You’re an idiot and you’ve wasted your life pandering to the NeoLiberal scams that are the EU, UN and all the rest of these absurd ‘world institutions’ you think will deliver your fizzy drink advert future world peace…Perhaps the Boomtown Rats will re-make “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” by the New Seekers, it’s the anthem of the delusional Globalists, the useful idiots who tried to sell us the snake-oil solution of subsuming the Nation State into the Corporate SuperState. Game over, Geldof. You lost. And take your hippy-shite fake punk rebel yell with you to the dustbin of history whilst us grown-ups sort out the Globalist mess. Game over. Brexit Brummie Boy won. Bye girl! “1916, what did it mean? In 2016, what does 1916 now mean?” Andy Mooney

      “I’d like to build the world a home
      And furnish it with love
      Grow apple trees and honey bees
      And snow white turtle doves
      I’d like to teach the world to sing
      In perfect harmony
      I’d like to hold it in my arms
      And keep it company
      I’d like to see the world for once
      All standing hand in hand
      And hear them echo through the hills
      For peace through out the land
      (That’s the song I hear)
      I’d like to teach the world to sing
      In perfect harmony
      I’d like to teach the world to sing
      In perfect harmony”

      ‘A liar, a fool and a racist who vomits his bile’ – Bob Geldof launches attack on Trump

      • Deco

        Right Geldof, I have a question for you.

        Did you ask “Haitians for Trump” which candidate they think is the racist ?

        Because the movement “Haitians for Trump” have some very interesting thoughts on the matter of the Clintons, and exploitation.

        By default, Geldof is supporting the corruption that is stiffling Haiti.

      • easun55

        “Meanwhile, the total eejit & Globalist Fluffer Supreme aka: Sir-Bob-Toss-pot-On-Thames ”

        Every time I hear “do they know it’s Christmas” the above statement will appease and bring a smile to me .

        Because sir nob is a big splattery fluffer

    • Tull McAdoo

      We have heard the rhetoric, now when do we get the reality?

  3. michaelcoughlan

    Mornin’ Dathi.

    “However, Trump is more the consequence than the cause of America’s travails”

    Never were truer words spoken.

    “Ultimately, the Fed won its 20-year war on inflation” No it didn’t. It transferred inflation from the real economy to the stock market which is why stock markets are making new highs as output as measured by the Baltic dry index falls off a cliff.

    “It will swing backwards”

    Will it fuck. Just like Japan it will accelerate. And let me explain why;

    It’s time for you Dathi to start listening to what Brogan and myself have been waxing lyrical about for years now on the board; too much debt and a refusal by the establishment to examine the money system is the problem. Mathematically speaking deflation and sucking the population dry is now the only way the establishment can survive.

    Do all of us a favour and stop talking about prices and inflation which mean fuck all and start talking about wealth.

    Wealth will continue to be transferred from real America (the people and communities) to the stock market to stop the stock markets from unwinding to save the bankers and their cronies on capitol hill.

    Take Japan; After years of deflation and a population now so disheartened they don’t even have the desire to screw each other.;

    Why? because when prices are lower in the future than they are today through the attrition of transferring wealth from the people to the banking establishment people know you can’t invest for the future and prosper. The Japs are deciding en masse not to start families because of you work hard or invest etc. it will count for SWEET FUCK ALL in terms of your familie’s prosperity.

    The Japs are metaphorically so fucked and literally so unfucked the population will drop by one THIRD by 2060;

    Remember my previous post Dathi? A Hiroshima bomb per month, month after month after month, year after year after year, decade after decade after decade for the next 30 years AT LEAST to get the same wipe out rate of Japs as Japanese central bank policy will achieve in the same period. I LOVE THE SMELL OF NAPALM AND ROAST FLESH IN THE MORNIN”

    “That alone should be enough to jolt the American establishment out of its slumber”

    Dathi; It’s the population who are asleep you moron!


    • AlfieMoone


      And yet Japan has absolutely refused to submit to the Globalist Mantra of ‘free movement of people’, refused to join in the Humanitarian Colonialism to allow mass immigration whereby developing countries are robbed of their young talent in industry and health-care as they are siphoned off by the ‘Liberal Caring EU’ and ‘Liberty US’ whose venal politicians would rather create chaos via war throughout the world then import the desperate refugees of their actions whilst getting their ludicrious useful idiot media fluffers to champion it as ‘compassion’ and ‘refugees welcome’: Why are there refugees, folks? Why can’t our countries train our young people instead of making them leave or throwing them on the dole? And if we need cheap flowers or fruit and veg, grow them in Eastern Europe and import them instead of importing an army of cheap labour whose presence, through no fault of their own, overpowers the post-war settlement between Worker and Capital in Europe and the US. It’s all a planned demolition by the 1% but they are now on the run. Brexit was the start, Trump is the next stage whether he wins or not and then it shifts to France and Germany. No wonder the UK is delaying serving Article 50 until France and Germany are in a cauldron of fear. And then there’s Hungary.

      Young Japanese are right to tell their ‘elders’ to drop dead and protest against a life of salaryman slavery. And they have every right to protect their culture. I don’t see many claiming that Japan needs to join China in some Asian EU with open borders! Or Korea! How would that one work out? LOL! Japan is Japan. Brexit means Brexit. Take the Neoliberal Neu Colonialism and shove it, whether it’s the EU or US version. Can’t wait for Bob Geldof and the rest of them to turn up in Tokyo and start lecturing them on how they’re ‘racist’ for not allowing immigration and why they should singalongaBob and his ‘One Young World’ baloney. He’s 67 yet he’s the Boomer lead speaker for that project? Alongside Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson? Why the hell should any young person respect Boomer trash like that who’ve made a hames of the world?

      ‘Japan accepts 27 refugees last year; rejects 99% of applications’

    • Greetings Michael.
      “Yes it is the central banks stupid”

      “Deutsche Bank may well be the “canary” but the “coal mine” is the banking system – European and U.S. – and there will be plenty of dead birds before this is over.” system-is-on-the-cusp-of-collapse/

  4. E. Kavanagh

    Obama with both Houses in his first two years made a balls of the economic crisis and healthcare. The Democrats might regain the Senate, but a majority in the gerrymandered House seems fairly unlikely. So to expect a President Clinton to get much done in her first term, especially anything for working stiffs, is probably out of the question.

    The Democrats should concentrate on ungerrymandering the states before the 2020 census results and resultant redistricting, and they may get Clinton a working majority in the last two years of her second term.

  5. Irish PI

    Haha! If you all think Saint Hillery the liar will change anything you are sadly mistaken.She is a bought and sold whore of Wall street and Soros and the Saudais.All she is intrersted in the American working class Joe is that he votes Democrat and propels her evil ass into the white House. Nothing else.

  6. Pat Flannery

    Most people who post here and elsewhere are looking for guidance in the world as they see it today. But commentators like David have no answers only dire predictions.

    The problem is that in the modern world knowledge is commercial property. There is no place for knowledge for its own sake. Every media-paid commentator has a commercial agenda.

    In ancient Ireland there were independent knowledge centres which from the 5th century onwards gradually morphed into Christian monasteries. These valuable ancient Irish knowledge centres lost influence as Christianity centralized power in the hands of diocesan bishops and ultimately in the Bishop of Rome.

    The people had resorted to those knowledge centres (not to their chieftain or king) for answers to their questions of justice and for practical advice on crop and herd management. Kings in ancient Ireland derived their power from the maintenance of such knowledge centres, not from a standing army.

    Local and regional Irish kings did not control their related knowledge centres. What is needed today is the establishment of such independent knowledge centres.

    Fortunately we have the means at our disposal through the Internet to do exactly that. What we lack are civil or commercial sponsors who like the kings of ancient Ireland would derive their reward from providing that independent service to the people rather than from direct exploitation of that knowledge.

    • McCawber

      I’ve given plenty of guidance.
      Perhaps what you really mean is Leadership.
      If Trump becomes president I will write to him with some guidance in mind.
      If Clinton becomes president I won’t waste my time.
      Leaders who show leadership qualities are very thin on the ground.
      Cameroon was one such and we will all be the poorer for his political demise.

    • Tull McAdoo

      Maybe GOOGLE will become the new “High King” of Ireland Pat Flannery !

      • Pat Flannery

        Good thinking Tull McAdoo. Google is a good objective disseminator of information but it is not a knowledge originator as the ancient Irish Ollamhs were.

  7. Deco

    There is an elephant in the public realm, in Ireland. A massive elephant. D4. The superficial green jersey. No tic-tacs, please.

    And Trump has fired a rocket into that elephant.

    Mandatory media coverage, before another story shows up. Bread and circuses, to enter the stage. Urgently.

    Irish people have to go on the internet to search for what is not being discussed. To absorb updates from media outlets, that we have been indoctrinated continually to loathe and distrust.

    The handy arrangement that exists in the Irish media, is in trouble.

    We are schooled to police ourselves, to not look in certain quarters, in case we find stuff out, that matters deeply to us. We are schooled relentlessly.

    I am astounded that it has lasted this long. How long more, I cannot tell you.

    Here is what is inevitable – elements in the Irish media will fire multiple rockets at Trump.

    How dare he point out that this is a corrupt country, run by corrupt interests !!! How dare he !!!

    The veneer is being attacked. The rug with all the dirt under it, is being lifted at the edges.

    Green jersey moment coming. And increased venom in the Irish media, againstr Trump, and in favour of Clinton. Assemble a steady stream of credible role models of Irish superficial patriotism, to make statements of disapproval of Trump. We all know how this works.

    A relentless message, with a different nuance each time, and a different superficial point of view, all directing the populace in the same direction. A rolling thunder of opinion formation.

    It is meant to convey the impression of “anyone who disagrees is crazy”.

    But people are wising up.

    Clinton’s transgressions can be ignored. Trump’s can be manufactured and circulated as if they were the truth.

    Never mind crooked Hillary, What about crooked Ireland ?

  8. Deco

    Clinton’s smugness is fuelled by access to other people’s resources.

    Hillary – the “something for nothing” candidate.

    “something for nothing” is undermining what remains of the basis of Western Civilization. It is politics as an expression of the urge to thieve. It is Marxism as determined by those with the agression to demand and extort.

    The whole thing is very destructive, and societally divisive.

    In Ireland it even has a name. It is called “the Fairness Agenda”.

  9. Tom

    As an emigrant here many moons now in USA, Dave hits a chord here that many fail to step back and look at regarding Trump due to their “HUGE” DISLIKE of DJTrump.. Know people that are HUGE supporters and this is what they say

    1. Wages stagnant and GPD growing less than 2%

    2. Public sector workers make more than Private sector and pay NO MA tax on their retirement income

    3. Public sector workers in MA retire with 100s of thousands in “accrued” sick time….yuup…

    4. Public sector retirement health care cost is breaking many towns (huge deficits in financial obligations). Each town in US is basically self fundign from property tax, some local sales/hotel taxes with so many from the state for education

    5. College costs out of control…yet Govt hacks make a million a year and all goes to their pensions (yes Pensions with an S as they came from Govt jobs). Yet studeents cannot refinance high interest loans?

    4. US companies pushing jobs by the thousands to you know where

    5. Open borders allowing in any one, any time and immediately on welfare, free housing etc and getting better medical than the Vets

    6. Failure to address ISIS

    7. You can keep your health care BS for the unaffordable …..ehhh Family deductible gone from $2 to $4,000 a year, Dr visits gone from $10 co pay to $30 and monthly premium up 20%

    8. Lowest level of work force participation in decades

    9. School quality and scores dropping

    10. A country focused on 0.3% of population and what bathroom they use more so than ISIS

    11. Govt regualtions out of control

    12. Fed up with Washington DC career politicians

    13. Main stream media in tank for one candidate and the fight back on social media by the other side is fast and furious adding to anger

    Thats what i hear……not advocating for any candidate here, just laying out what I hear. Dave next time in Bos lets have lunch dude

    • E. Kavanagh

      Interesting. And Clinton has a 15%-25% lead in MA.

      I suspect there may be a Kinnock-Brexit poll effect i.e. some people are lying on the polls as they are too embarrassed to admit they are voting for a nutjob like Trump. Won’t make a difference in CA, NY or MA, but may change results in some of the closer results.

      • Tom

        D Trump has alienated a lot of Independent (registered) woman voters in MA who will never vote for him.

        A vote for Hilary is a vote AGAINST Trump in many eyes.

        Internet trolls are saying that FBI Dr was on a C Foundation Board at one stage and his brother’s firm does the Foundation taxes…..all of which play in to Trump audience

        Going to be a sloppy (ugly) messy few weeks from both sides

    • Nice list Tom. MSM pint the rosy recovery while the real world knows the true story.

  10. Truthist

    Bob Geldof is proving himself to be very loyal to his tribe.
    Hence, his calumny against Putin.
    And, Trump too because Trump is not to be as trusted as Kill-ary Clinton ;
    The Dreadful Few have Kill-ary on a “short” leash.
    Therefore, they trust her more thence.
    The Dreadful Few have Trump on a “long” leash.
    Therefore, they trust him a bit less ;
    He has more slack to f..k up their game plan.
    Erdogan is mentioned just for to confuse ;
    Reckon that Bob secretly likes Erdogan.
    Ditto about Xi as about Erdogan.
    Geldof is a crafty one.
    Just sayin 8-)


    Never mind Trump, you should do an article on Deutsche Bank. It’s happening all over again. Their exposure to derivatives makes Lehman look like a walk in the park. It will be fun watching Germans bail out that one and explain to the Italians why they won’t let them do the same! :))

    • As for Deutsche Bank, in the aftermath of Angela Merkel’s comment this weekend that the German state would not participate in a bailout – as if the public will for such an action even exists – “DB damage control” has been launched in full force, starting with yesterday’s PPT “hail mary” rally at the NYSE open, just as the German-traded shares were about to go under the key psychological level of $10/share. Which secondarily, would have ignited speculation regarding the imminent ignition of the company’s hyper-dilutive “CoCo,” or contingent convertible, bonds.
      Andy Hoffman

    • There is no such thing as a safe bank anymore.

      • Dave from Denver.

        “DB stock is now in a full panic sell-off as I write this. It just hit another new all-time NYSE low on by the heaviest volume ever in the stock since its 2001 NYSE listing. It’s currently down almost 10%. No doubt the Central Banks will try to bounce it.

        Deutsche Bank may well be the scapegoat this time around just like Lehman was the scapegoat in 2008. Central Banks in collusion can prevent just one bank from collapsing. It was the co-collapsing of AIG and Goldman Sachs that prompted then-Secretary of Treasury, ex-Goldman CEO Henry Paulson, to put in motion the bailout of the U.S. and European banking system.

        Yesterday it was reported that the rate the Fed charges the banks to borrow collateral surged to its highest rate in 7 years – LINK. The rush to borrow collateral was no doubt prompted by OTC derivatives-related counter-party collateral calls. A collateral call is like a margin call in a stock account. This occurs when a derivatives trade goes south for an entity that is on the long side of the derivatives bet – a bet that Deutsche Bank won’t default, for instance – and the counterparty to that trade demands more collateral to be posted in order to insure that the bet can be paid off if the “long side” loses.

        Now multiply that concept across thousands of derivatives trades involving hundreds of hedge fund and bank counterparties totalling $100’s of trillions. It does not take too many collateral calls before counterparties and Central Banks run out of collateral that can posted against these OTC derivatives margin calls. That’s happening now.

        This is 2008 redux – only this time the damage inflicted by derivatives counterparties collapsing will be much worse because the size and scale of the problem is much larger.”

  12. goldbug

    “EU humanitarian aid is intended for the most vulnerable people affected by the crisis, whether they are Syrian or non-Syrian, registered as refugees or not.”


    For those wishing to protect themselves from the deflationary collapse caused by quadrillions of dollar debt not able to be paid, this is an invaluable read. There is a possibility that this weekend one could wake up to an enforced bank holiday as the financial system collapses if something similar to deutsche bank goes under like Lehmam’s did in 2008.

    If not this weekend it will be another in the near future.

  14. Truthist

    Even if u defend Paper Fiat that is not manufactured from actual Gold, the Banksters are doing away with it by creep ;

  15. Truthist

    Will Trump stop Monsanto / Bayer et all ? ; I think that he will not.
    Did Hillary Clinton stop Monsanto / Bayer et all ? ; I know that she did not

  16. Deco

    Merkel stated that she would not bailout DBank.

    It was not lack of a bailout that threw DBank into trouble. Investors must always be prepared for no assistance. Even when they have been relentlessly accomodated. But the fact that she was implying that she is not in a position to bail them out. Effectively, an admission that they are going to sink. She was giving the markets information to the effect that they are screwed.

    She produced a spectacular blunder. Phenomenal stupidity.

    Contrast the manner in which Renzi handled the Italian bank solvency problem, where he was more fluid, and leaving all option on the table. It may well be that the Italian banking system is in worse shape. It is true that the Spanish banking system is in worse shape.

    But the Latins have handled the topic far more cautiously, and sensibly. They know that you cannot hint to the markets the real state of affairs.

    Renzi is smarter than Merkel. Far smarter.

    In fact there are stray dogs in Napoli who are smarter than Merkel.

    Merkel is now causing a massive crisis in the Germany Financial sector.

    And at the end of it, Ireland will have a massive public debt, and some of the creditors that Ireland saved, could end up being no longer in existence.

    At that point, it will be completely obvious, the stupidity of have spineless leaders, and a (useless) garrison of politicians in charge.

    • Deco

      By the way – this is a systemic event.

      Bailing out INBS, the EBS and the Anglo Bondholders was not a systemic event.

      It was just that the losers were well connected. Well enough connected, to be upgraded to winner status, by EU policy.

      The idea that DBank will not get bailed out is utter nonsense. Everybody knows that it will get bailed out. The question, is about extent. And Merkel indicated that there will no extent.

      This was a clueless remark. Everybody knows that she has no choice. She produced a knee jerk reaction that was not well thought out.

      Where Merkel is now, is similar to where Brian Lenihan was, when he proclaimed that “the Irish banks are perfectly solvent”. Pretending does not work. DBank produced serious blunders in a LOW INTEREST RATE ENVIRONMENT. There is a serious deficiency of intelligence, when a large bank with access to free money, is losing money, whilst society is subsidising the bank, via those low interest rate.

      DBank will need a bailout. And will need a massive QE program.

      The ECB has operated an interest rate policy that has assisted the banking sector, to the detriment of other sectors. The result is disaster, upon disaster.

      More centralised failure at the heart of Europe.

  17. Deco

    The DBank uncertainty represent an opportunity for Dublin, with respect to finance sector investment.

    However, I think that Dublin is so far London, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Milan, that it is basically an opportunity that we are passing up.

    We still have transport sector chaos, a dangerous city racked with crime, and a vertically challenged city.

    The sorce of all the underperformance is in how we manage ourselves.

  18. Deco

    The DBank uncertainty represent an opportunity for Dublin, with respect to finance sector investment.

    However, I think that Dublin is so far behind London, Zurich, Amsterdam, and Milan, that it is basically an opportunity that we are passing up.

    We still have transport sector chaos, a dangerous city racked with crime, and a vertically challenged city.

    The sorce of all the underperformance is in how we manage ourselves.

  19. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Dear Joe Sod, there is an answer to your question on Africa and colonies on the previous thread in case you miss it as it now an old thread. I am not able to keep abreast with commenting and I am reading comments with a delay. The US debate btw was a called on Poland’s stations channels “a great triumph of the US pharmaceutical industry”. In my opinion Hillary came out slightly better, but only just.

  20. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    on Poland’s = one of Poland’s


    For those wishing to protect themselves from the deflationary collapse caused by quadrillions of dollar debt not able to be paid, this is an invaluable read. There is a possibility that this weekend one could wake up to an enforced bank holiday as the financial system collapses if something similar to deutsche bank goes under like Lehmam’s did in 2008.

    If not this weekend it will be another in the near future.

    Out of the chaos will be proposed order that most will gladly seize upon in their hour of need. Welcome to more centralised control and the one world currency of Special Drawing Rights.

    However you can protect yourself. The time has arrived for you to do so.

  22. “But most of them are naive to the fact that this is a planned implosion of the economy and financial system, one in which Merkel has played a key role.”

      • Good question. Same for gold/silver and PM stocks.

        • Truthist

          Folks have lost Bitcoin through sabotage — especially “Arson” — of servers dedicated to Bitcoin.
          But, “arson” will not destroy Gold ;
          In fact, “arson” was a way for the Romans to destroy an enemies city & find the Gold.
          The Gold, would pour out as a liquid into the lowest place in its vicinity.
          Also, it would shine.
          Personally, I do not care much for the appearance of Gold.
          But, I know that it makes sense to have as the “physical” currency only 1 entity,
          “Money” !
          And, Gold & Silver — & Platinum too — are the only Monies.
          All other substances are lacking in the essential qualities they must have so as to be Money.
          The substances — OTHER THAN Gold & Silver & Platinum — that we use “as Money” are actually only Currency.
          Bitcoin is NOT Money ;
          It is ONLY Currency.

          • Any ‘folks’ who lose their Bitcoin through arson (!) Or sabotage are stupid or lazy or both.

            There are numerous ways to ensure that it’s impossible to lose your Bitcoin no matter what happens to any server in the world.

            You obviously don’t understand how it works Truthist and it’s not my job to teach you.

            I spend and receive bitcoin all day every day, literally. Try doing that with useless pieces of metal. They’ll stay on your sideboard for many a long year to admire.

          • Truthist


            I am wishing well for u.

            Presently, Bitcoin has not failed for u ;
            I am pleased for u.

            But, as u prosper — through Bitcoin [ Ref. ur testimony ] — please be a wise man to buy plain Gold coin with some of ur investment profits.
            Also convert some of profits from ur Bitcoin income into the Currency that is the norm for local use.
            Gold & Silver are very merchantable to persons familiar with they being the ONLY “store of value” ;
            Contenders to buy ur Gold :
            all Chinese business people throughout the world
            all Indian business people throughout the world
            all Arab business people throughout the world
            all Jewish business people throughout the world
            And, also a great many, if not most, of the rest of the above ethnicities.
            Canadian “Maple”,
            plain Gold necklace ( segment of even )
            inter alia ].
            Long may ur good luck on Bitcoin last !
            Again, I wish u well.

          • Truthist

            Addendum ;
            And, even more vulnerable for Bitcoin ;
            Bitcoin is ONLY “Virtual” Currency.
            Thus, even worse than :
            non-Gold actual paper
            paper backed by Gold.

  23. “Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are US government institutions. They are not … they are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the U.S. for the benefit of themselves and their foreign and domestic swindlers, and rich and predatory money lenders. The sack of the United States by the Fed is the greatest crime in history. Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers, but the truth is the Fed has usurped the government. It controls everything here and it controls all our foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will.” … Congressman Charles McFadden, Chairman, House Banking and Currency Committee, June 10, 1932

    • Yes very true but you can see how old that news is – the proles don’t care or understand this. Most of them struggle to spell their own names.

      • michaelcoughlan

        “Most of them struggle to spell their own names”

        Even when its written on a bullet coming in their direction fired by another prole in a different coloured uniform called their enemy;

        The more stupid the better. You can even convince them that bullets don’t hurt and if they are really stupid you can give them a a medal and a photo shoot with the president and sure mammy will be as sweet as apple pie. Gump saves everyone before the napalm hits;

        2 mins


    “We already know that the mainstream media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton. This has been proven time and again when the media consistently turns a blind eye to every single scandal that plagues Hillary and instead dictates the media to devour Trump for every little thing the networks can come up with…all the way down to his personal tax returns. Who better to ‘squander’ a commanding publicized lead than Hillary Clinton…right? However, a SMART person could only wonder…how could Hillary be leading in ANY poll when Trump’s ‘support group’ overcrowds a football stadium and Hillary’s ‘support group’ barely fills a 1/3 of a regular size school gym? The truth is…SHE’S NOT!! Numbers DO NOT lie and pictures are worth a 1,000 words!! Consider these facts that are 100% verifiable. By Hillary’s OWN admission, the Clinton’s left the Whitehouse completely broke in 2001 (post Bill’s impeachment, I might add) yet now, their REPORTED worth is an estimated combined net of about $111,000,000. As SOS, Hillary’s annual salary was $186,600 and as senator it was $169,300. However, since Bill left office, the Clintons have raked in, on average, a whopping $153,000,000 in ‘speaking fees’ alone. AT LEAST $7.7 million of that was from sponsorships of Hillary’s speeches via 60 firms and organizations that had ALSO lobbied the US government during the Obama Administration (including big banks, Goldman Sachs and UBS). Half of these speaking fees also came from groups that were lobbying Congress ahead of the 2016 presidential election as well. Really? Why is Hillary’s most frequent audience the ‘Financial Industry’ and why are these fee amounts something Hillary is DEMANDING?! Many of these groups allotted at least a 1/3 of their lobbying budget FOR Hillary Clinton. Really? For what reason?! Hear me on this…there HAS NOT been a ‘marquee achievement’ to justify that amount of money on the Clinton’s behalf with no ‘tangible’ accomplishment to boot. There is no ‘Hillary tower’ contributing to the job growth and economic success of the U.S., she’s not the wife of the first black president in American history (ie the 1st initial black ‘First Lady’ in American history) or even an outstanding political figure that speaks on behalf of the ‘common folk’ in America. However, she IS a ‘shady’ character that has had a scandalous reputation for more than 30+ years of her political career and one who could be easily swayed to the other side. She’s even proven as much when she was practicing law in Arkansas. What kind of ‘ethical’ person would rather represent the rapist of a 12 year-old girl, knowing he was guilty as she laughed about it later on tape? Hillary slandered the poor girl’s name and had evidence thrown out, all in the name of ‘monetary and political progression’ because of her ability to do just that. She simply found it more profitable to go to the other side. The ‘cheating and misrepresentation’ seemed to come quite easily for Hillary. She is doing nothing but getting richer as our country becomes financially weaker, given our current Federal debt of $20,000,000,000,000. Is Hillary the perfect candidate for being bought off by special interest groups? Trump is not bound to ANY special interests groups, freeing him up to focus solely on the needs of the American people. It’s not uncommon for politicians to leave office and give speeches, but Hillary had plans to come back to office as president of the United States!! Illegal inside trading perhaps? The speaking arrangements show that many of these groups who booked an appearance saw it as another way to gain influence with a leading contender to become the next president of the United States. We’re now finding that upon leaving the state department in 2013, Sec Clinton made roughly $22,000,000 in speaking fees to organizations associated with trade groups, the financial services industry, the tech industry and the health care industry. However, no media coverage was allowed and Hillary STILL refuses to relinquish her Wall Street Transcripts. Instead, she scolds Trump about HIS tax returns. Really?! Can anyone say ‘transference of guilt’? Donald Trump is a ‘business owner’…Hillary Clinton is not. She’s simply an arrogant, anti-American socialist that wants to convert the USA into a third world country, hence her ‘open border’ policy. This is not conspiracy theories, folks. This is coming from the horse’s mouth!! This only stands to reason that Hillary supporters literally have no idea what they’re supporting, unlike Trump supporters who are simply wanting law and order back into our society as well as RESPECT for our men in women in uniform. Who in their right mind would choose to relinquish their freedoms just so a ‘half-baked’ politician like Hillary could satisfy HER greedy lust for GLOBAL political power and wealth?! That totally defies logic. It’s called ‘brainwashing’, courtesy of the mainstream media. All you have to do is look at what Hillary’s done for America vs what she’s done for HERSELF…nothing but an extreme padding of her ‘financial portfolio’. It’s called ‘Big Money’ and it’s all about ‘following that money’. Many of those trade groups that Hillary spoke to also spent more than $70,000,000 lobbying Congress as well. Now, Wall Street Executives are starting to freak out under the strain of widespread money fraud, laundered by a variety of dodgy players, from drug cartels to terrorists cells. Do any of you truly know what these ‘sleeper cells’ are used for? The ‘sleepers’ are a group of people who ‘inconspicuously’ remain dormant in a community until activated by a ‘prearranged signal’ to perform acts of terrorism. Who do you think are funding these acts of terrorism on U.S. soil? Terrorist organizations, perhaps? In order for this to occur, our government HAS TO cooperate with them, which ultimately leads us to the very top!! We’ve found in recent days how proficient our FBI can actually be and it’s VERY heartbreaking. We are literally being governed by what appears to be home-grown terrorism and a level of corruption we have NEVER before seen in this country!! This is becoming more evident as the terroristic acts in this country become more frequent and the FBI helpless in truly doing anything about it. Obama refuses to even recognize the threat for what it is and Hillary is lobbying to bring in thousands more of these ‘non-vetted’ refugees while ISIS continues to thrive!! How does this make sense to anyone who chooses to STILL support Hillary Clinton?! Why would it also make sense for Hillary, in this case, to continue attacking American’s right to defend themselves and their families, refusing to even admit that our 2nd Amendment right is even a Constitutional right at all if she truly cared about Americans? Because Hillary’s money is more important to her than American lives. It’s that simple. She proved that just by exposing herself to federal law violations by having a server set up in an ‘unauthorized’ manner in the basement of her own private home while she was SOS (apparently in an effort to ‘stay under the radar’ with certain correspondence pertaining to her ‘illegal’ activity), the mishandling of national sensitive classified information with at least 150 of those e-mails being deemed as ‘Highly Classified’ by the FBI, ultimately putting American lives at risk, destroying evidence by deleting 33,000+ e-mails AFTER a subpoena was issued (which, in and of itself, is a felony), being untruthful to the American people about her actions once she’s ousted, continuously having her IT guys ‘Plead the Fifth’ in front of the Congressional Committee and then having the FBI hand out immunity at least 5 times. If there are no crimes, what are these people seeking immunity from?! How stupid do these people think Americans are? Why lie if you have nothing to hide?! According to one United Nations estimate, it is stated that about 5% of the globe’s gross domestic product is criminally laundered. And guess what…the UN is currently investigating Hillary Clinton for election fraud as well. When Hillary was recently asked in Cedar Falls, Iowa if there were conflicts of interest in speaking to certain groups, Clinton was rudely brief and abrupt. Take the Pacific trade deal being negotiated by President Obama. In all, groups and corporations that are pushing for the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be approved, almost $3 million was spent just to hear from Clinton. The signatories to one pro-trade letter, dated March 2014, paid more than $1 million in speaking fees in 2014. Yet Clinton, who backed the deal as Secretary of State, has since hedged her support in light of criticism from liberal stalwarts such as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (courtesy of ‘Times’ Politics News). Critics argue that the harm comes from the perception of improper influence rather than from textbook-definition of corruption. Well, I think in this case, millions of Americans have recognized this ‘textbook corruption’ for EXACTLY what it is. These people are better known as ‘Deplorables’ and they the corruption out of our politics and what used to be an ‘honorable’ entity, like the FBI. Hillary Clinton would definitely take a pro-Wall Street position should she become president. The speaking fees are not the only way that companies and trade groups seek to gain ‘favors and influence’ with Clinton…it’s more about where they are going next. The size of the dollar amount depends on the size of the ‘political reshaping’ of our Republic. All you have to do is follow the money to what is now being viewed as an ‘imploding’ of the Democratic party as their ‘unsecured’ information is being hacked by an unknown entity and being released to the American people. We now know that the DNC planned to rig the 2016 presidential election and that they also planned to use voter fraud to do it. Even with this information, people in this country are STILL stupid enough to vote for another disgraceful ‘Clinton Presidency’! Donald Trump earned $1.5 million per speech at The Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expos in 2006 and 2007 (according to Forbes), and then also appearing at 17 other seminars collecting that same fee for each one. Why ‘demand’ a variety of fees simply based on how one party can influence the other? That certainly seems to be Hillary’s M.O. (Mode of Operation). The writing is all over the wall. It’s just a matter of whether or not we, as a country, can accept the truth for what it is and unite as Americans to take down the Clinton Laundering Machine and its ‘begetting’ of corruption once and for all. Let’s not continue allowing these people to ruin this great nation over money (ie ‘For the LOVE of money is the root of ALL EVIL.’ – God). Iran has already received over $400,000,000 from the Obama Administration and NO ONE (even within the Administration itself) can definitively explain WHY the money HAD to be paid to the Iranians (those who chant ‘Death to America’) in CASH. We are the United States of America. We do not negotiate with terrorists, as we are also fighting to bring down the increasing terrorism. However, our current president seems to feel a bit differently about America’s stand on terrorism, including not even calling it by it’s own name…’Radical Extremists or Radical Islam’. How can we, as a country, be provided more security if our own president refuses to recognize the danger for who and what it is?! Trump is the ‘political outsider’ looking to save what’s left of America’s sovereignty. Hillary is the ‘political insider’ waiting for the ‘swearing in’ of HER presidency and the kicking into high-gear the ‘insider trading’ on such an unprecedented level, making far larger profits that a ‘typical’ investor could not make. That includes the selling off of our individual liberties, piece by piece until our Constitution is dead. As Americans, are we going to allow this or are we going to unite behind Trump to FINALLY bring it all to an end. God Bless you all.
    #VoteTrumpAmerica “”

  25. Truthist

    Human Life is sacred.
    The right to life is absolute.
    And, so it saddens me to hear of the loss of any of :
    our White brothers [ regardless if they goodies or baddies or whatever ]
    our Black brothers [ regardless if they goodies or baddies or whatever ]
    or brothers of any other complexion & ethnicity.

    Police Killed 5 White People The Same Day As Keith Scott.
    Not a single word was heard from the mainstream media about any of these deaths.
    5 white people were killed September 20, 2016, the same day Keith Scott was killed.
    There has been non-stop media coverage since this day, only one thing was missing, the “5” other deaths by the hands of police officers on that day.
    September 20, 2016 should go down in history as the day reality sunk in for the American public. Our mainstream media cannot be trusted.
    Black people are being used as pawns and the mainstream media is their puppet master.

  26. Truthist

    ‘Aleppo must not fall’:
    US allies to flood city with anti-aircraft missiles
    “US reportedly reverses policy to allow shipments of man-portable systems to Syria, in response to intense bombardment of city”


    “The age of propaganda
    is upon us

    Future historians may well describe our present era as the Age of Propaganda. Never before have the forces of government and communications been so completely unified into a single machine, and never before has the truth been so twisted and filtered on its way to public perception.”

    • “Syria: Jabhat al-Nusra unit commander Abu Al Ezz told a German newspaper that his group is supported by the US through the governments of other countries. He said his group is part of al-Qaeda and was affiliated with ISIS, but ISIS has drifted away from fighting for an Islamic Sharia state because it is working with the intelligence services of the US. He stated that, when his army was besieged, experts from the US, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Israel showed up to supply and train them with sophisticated equipment. RT 2016 Sep 26 (Story) (Cached)”

      • Truthist

        Yes ;
        Oh goodie !
        Israel to the rescue of al-Nusra of al-Qaeda & ISIS.
        Deco should be very pleased.
        He is a big fan of Israel.

        But, Cooldude should be very displeased.
        Because, he is not a big fan of Israel.

  28. corkie

    We have been staring into the eyes of the two-headed snake for too long David. It has produced two very unpopular candidates. There is a third alternative, it is The Green Party’s Jill Stein and the numbers add up.

    This by one Robert Atwood – Yesterday at 23:01 –
    “I have had the good fortune to meet and talk to both Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein this election year. I believe they are both good people but if Bernie isn’t running , I really feel we need to vote for Jill . There has never been an election where a 3rd party candidate should be considered like this one. The way it looks is that at least 50% of registered voters may not even vote with the poor choices the 2 party systems have given us. That is enough votes for anyone to win. So how do we get through to people in the next 5 weeks ? “

    • Truthist

      If Sanders’s fans are adamant to not vote for Trump, if they vote for any other candidate it should definitely not be for Frances Fitzgerald’s [ Tanaiste, & Min. for Injustice ] & Catherine Zaponne’s [ Min. for "born" Children, & Youth ] licked up to HILLARY CLINTON ;
      Hillary Clinton Leaked Audio :
      Calling Bernie Sanders Supporters Losers
      How to Target Them for Votes

  29. Truthist

    Why do the TV Networks in Ireland tell us lies about the Israel-USA-NATO-Cryptos [ Saudis ] onslaught — initially through proxies ISIS & al-Queheda — on Syria ?
    Why does not the Executive of the L.E.J. [ Leglilative-Executive-Judiciary ] government of the Irish State give executive order for the Irish TV Networks to broadcast the truth ?
    Conversely, surely the Sins of Commission, & also the Sins of Omision, to the Truth by RTE, TV3, etc have been directed by Leglislative through their Civil SERPENTS & all on behest of Kill-ary Clinton ?
    Hill/Kill-ary Clinton has many lickers in the Executive of the Irish State
    Frances — London School of Economics [ 8-) ] / Spycraft educated / trained in Social Work [ 8-) ] — Fitzgeral [ The Tanaiste, & The Min. for Injustice ]
    Ms. Catherine Zappone [ Min. for Children ( But, NOT The Unborn ), & Youth ]

  30. Best Trump speech yet

    “Published on Sep 30, 2016
    Trump just elevated the intensity of the campaign to a new level. He gives specific information about donations to the Clinton Foundation and who the donors are. He is pushing the “C Word”, Clinton and Corruption! He directly demands that Obama not give a pardon to Hillary or the 5 people that got immunity. It almost seems like Trump knows Hillary is about to be indicted and wants to warn Obama. At the 5:00 min mark he explodes. New accusations he has never said before today in a campaign speech! If she is elected she will put the oval office up for sale (pay for play)! It just shows that Trump is getting information from the FBI, NSA and others. They all hate Clinton so badly that they will never allow her to become president! The last 3 minutes are stunning in my opinion. It shows the true nature of Trump!”

  31. Shane F

    It’s an eyeopener as to how these guys think.

    ‘Kill Russians, kill Iranians, scare Assad! – Ex CIA deputy Mike Morell – Aug 8 – Charlie Rose ‘

    • Truthist

      It sure is an eyeopener Shane ;
      Worth bookmarking as evidence.
      And, Mr. Charlie Rose did not seem to object to the sick stuff from Morell ;
      Even an impartial interviewer would have to object.
      If only because the Ex CIA Deputy / Ex USA Civil SERPENT is advocating flouting of the USA Constitution in his recommendations to do terrible things to the Syrian nation & their wise & caring leadership when USA is NOT meant to be at war with Syria ;
      Congress has not declared war on Syria ;
      Only Congress can declare war on behalf of USA.
      Obviously Morell as recent official has Democrat links.
      Just goes to prove that the Democrats are similar to the Republicans in being vicious Neo-Zio-Fascists.
      I looked at Tony Brogan’s link showing “Syrian Girl” ;
      Aside from being an attractive young lady, she is very ad lib intelligent & informative.
      Then I saw the following video of her in debate on Australian TV talk show of Gay Byrne’s Late Late Show type.
      She is being interviewed whilst being in the audience zone.
      Why do & over-paid & deceitful RTE, Network 3 not reform themselves whereby for instance “Syrian Girl” without delay is given a prime opportunity to inform the Irish nation, & the many foreigners here, of what the elected politicians & the senior Irish Civil SERPENTS — incl. certain ex Irish Army Rangers 8-( shameful on the wing by them ! )– have helped to bring upon the Syrian nation ?
      . search terms ;
      “Syrian Girl” Australian TV Youtube
      “Syrian Girl” is the 2nd woman to speak


    All about the serial abusers and Clinton criminal cartel. How about a few words on this side of the presidential debate, David.

    Disclosure of the coloured man who is son of Bill.
    Also Chelsea has a father who is not Bill

    Anyone out there who can prove it is not so?

    • Truthist

      Bill is said to be a pedophile ; Girls
      Evidence is strong.
      Hillary is said to be a pedophile ; Girl[s]
      Evidence is strong.

      • Truthist

        Yes ;
        The 2 of them “would get up on a gust of wind” as they say in the bogs of Ireland.
        Careful there Frances Fitzgerald [ Tanaiste, & Min. for Injustice ], & u too Ms. Catherine Zapponne [ Min. for Children born ONLY, & Youth ] … Yee aparantly have compromised yerselves by endorsing the bauld Fist Lady !

  33. Truthist

    Headline on breaking news from Hungary ;

    Brussels HUMILIATED as 92 PER CENT of Hungarians reject migrant quotas

    Excerpt ;
    The final result from the country’s historic referendum shows that more than nine in 10 voters rebelled against Jean-Claude Juncker’s EU Commission in a crushing blow to the whole euro project.
    Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs roared:
    “The majority of the rejection to Brussels politics is overwhelming.”
    He added:
    “As this referendum was initiated by the government, we have no other choice but to consider the citizens’ decision binding to the government.
    “But it is also binding to Brussels, because they cannot go against a referendum.“

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