September 22, 2016

US vote shows unequal society built on strange bedfellows

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I have never experienced America so divided. Even in liberal New York, there’s a palpable sense that Hillary is losing it and the horror of a Trump presidency is being entertained by almost everyone.


Last night, in Douglas’s Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn, most people thought he wouldn’t even have got out of the first few Republican primaries, but he won it and in the process destroyed one of the most powerful institutions in America — the Grand Old Party.


At the bar, these cops and firemen regard Trump as a ridiculous fraud, a scam-artist, an unhinged self-promoter with the maturity of a spoilt child. They know him; they are New Yorkers after all and so is he. They find his lying, particularly about his role around 9/11, despicable. But despite all the lies, the cheating, the insults and the appeal to the most base racist urges in American society, he is ahead in the polls.


Trump, the celebrity demagogue, is on a roll and no one is quite sure how stop him.


Some here in Brooklyn — albeit a small minority — believe he will be a great president, just like Reagan was for millions of ordinary Americans. Wiser heads make the point that the checks and balances in the American system prevent it from voting for a dictator. The Congress, the Senate and, of course, the Supreme Court all keep the president in check. This was the case with Obama, every time he tried to do something, he was stymied. The same will be the case with Trump. He won’t build his wall, he won’t deport millions and he won’t nuke some country he doesn’t particularly like.


This may well be the case, but the US election has thrown up a central dilemma in our Western system which I believe is worth exploring.


We live in what are termed liberal capitalist democracies.


The political system is democratic and the economic system is capitalist. Most of us accept that democracy is pretty good, or at least as good as any other political system we have seen. Capitalism, likewise, isn’t perfect but it broadly works and the system we know as capitalism has greatly enriched the majority of us. Other economic systems, such as communism, haven’t such a great track record.


So we are left with two, not perfect but not too bad bedfellows — democracy and capitalism.


Now, at its core, democracy is founded on the very noble notion of one man, one vote. The implication being that we are all equal. This is the promise of democracy. It is a promise that many people have felt is worth dying for. The central notion that all men have equal say, and an equal right to have that say registered at election time, appeals to all. So the rich and powerful man and the poor and impotent man, once in the ballot box, are equal. The votes carry the same weight and their mandate is equal. That is enlightened democracy — one man, one vote. It is also a quasi-socialist concept, with fairness at its core.


Now think about democracy’s economic bedfellow, capitalism.


Is capitalism based on the notion of fairness? Is it based on the idea that all men are equal?


No, it is based on the polar opposite idea that the man who accumulates more money is the most powerful. In capitalism, the more chips you have at the table, the longer you get to play. When you have money you have better stuff, better toys, better status, better sex, who knows?


Capitalism is good at expanding the pie, democracy is all about dividing up that growing pie. That’s the conflict.


So capitalism and democracy are unusual bedfellows. One aspires to fairness and the other is driven by unfairness. They can’t be anything other than constantly in conflict with each other. This is the inherent and recurring conflict between capitalism, which is based on the rich guy getting all the goodies and, in contrast, democracy prides itself on equality.


Therefore, democracy is there to try to police the limits of capitalism.


If a country gets too unequal, if all the goodies are limited to the very top and if the people in the middle feel they are falling back badly, they respond by going to the ballot box and voting for the other guy!


The other guy in this case is Trump, a comic-book racist who has managed to turn the election into a reality TV show. But deep down, there are real reasons for the Trump phenomenon (and, before him, Bernie Sanders).


In the US, inequality has profoundly worsened in the past three decades. The top 1pc has become ridiculously wealthy, while those at the bottom don’t get a look-in. The people in the middle, referred to constantly by the political class as ‘ordinary working families’, are being left behind. They are the ones who are competing with the immigrants in the schools system, in the health system, in the housing market and above all in the jobs market.


For years, the Democratic party represented these blue-collar Americans, while the Republicans looked after the boss classes with a bit of religion thrown in, and they tended, in a very patriotic country, to be a bit heavier on the flag waving on the 4th of July.


However, now there is a sense that the Democrats have abandoned blue-collar America and are now a coalition of the very wealthy, with liberal values, and an amalgamation of minorities who will soon make up the majority.


By 2042, white Americans will be, for the first time ever, a minority in the USA.


When you strip back a lot of the Trump story, it is about White America’s fear of the coming brown nation. Income inequality exacerbates these fears.


But at its core, the American election is about the perennial fight between capitalism and democracy — which we see in every liberal country but with the added spice of race which make this election so fascinating and so hard to call.


  1. raxmuz

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter – Winston Churchill

  2. Deco

    We live in what are termed liberal capitalist democracies.

    That is the core assumption of our present day existence. And it is a massive lie.

    The system is not liberal. It is superficially liberal. But there is no freedom of expression. There is no rigourous debate. There is a prohibitive approach to analysis of public issues. And the term liberal s now used by a collection of liars who are highly supoerficial, and who deliberately use the term incorrectly.

    We are media-controlled. And that is not really liberal. It is superficially liberal. But that is it.

    Scratch liberal – because the “liberal” term has been used for a range of policies that amount to the control, and degradation of society.

    Secondly, it is no longer capitalism. And we have witnessed this in Ireland, with respect to the bank bondholders. We have witnessed this with respect to debt write-downs for business entities owned by a prominent media oligarch.

    In fact the Irish Independent, is a core piece of evidence that the system is no longer capitalist. It benefitted from a debt write-down by a taxpayer owned bank, when the dominant shareholder has a history of backing the main political party in the then government.

    In the US, this is even more absurd. And this is exemplified by the Clinton Foundation.

    There is an excellent documentary called Clinton Cash. I recommend that Irish people in particular watch it.

    Scratch “capitalist” because really it is about market rigging, and Marxism for Multibillionaires. Marx is no doubt turning in his grave at how idiots claim to be Marxists whilst extending sympathy to people who attack those that criticise a religious belief system that Marx would have advocated criticising, given it’s demands that the underclasses submit. He would be in dismay, at how state policy now intervenes to bailout the rich.

    And finally we have the term “democracies”. Democracy is also a superficial pretence. If you are in the EU then this is particularly the case. This is exemplified in the case of Sarkozy instructing the Greek PM to resign, after the Greek PM suggested that the Greek people get an opportunity to vote on a bailout deal (that was really a bailout of the French banks and insurers).

    We in Ireland do not have the information on who benefitted from EU directed bailouts. We are told that it was for our own good. The benefiticiaries continue to buy adveritising space in the Irish media. the silence continues.

    We vote once every five years for a government that is merely a rubber stamp for the policy framework of the unaccountable, the clueless, and often unknown.

    This is NOT democracy.

    Likewise, in the US, lobbyists are in control of the policy making process. The people are not. They get completely misinformed. They are never told what is going on. The media in the US were in persistent denial about health concerns about one of the candidates. When a video went on viral, they had to report. And even then it was the official line.

    It is not democracy. It is not policy making at the direction of the “demos”. It is policy making at the direction of the well connected, and dishonest.

    Scratch democracy.

    It is not liberal. It is not capitalist. It is not democracy.

    The system has become a pretence of all three. And a core part of maintaining the pretence is the media.

    I cannot say whether Trump is a liar or not. It is not something that I have exained in depth.

    But I do know that the media in most Western countries is built on liars.

    • Deco

      We are living in illiberal, cronyist, oligarchy-state complexes.

      That is what we have become.

      • Tull McAdoo

        “bhuail an ingne ar an ceann” or in English “hit the nail on the head”

        What you have been saying on here Deco needs to be repeated until something is done about it.

        The place is rotten to the core with well coordinated corruption.

        I recorded an episode of Vincent Browne show the other night which featured two ladies from FF and FG talking about taxation and in particular the USC charge ( which I would consider a progressive tax) and they both held the same position of abolish USC and put more money back in “ordinary peoples pockets”

        Both droned out party line with tacit coordination just the way they have being doing it in the Dail for decades alternating as they do from Government to opposition.

        Both completely ignoring what I considered to be very well informed and consider set of proposals and suggestions from a lady who acts as an advisor to Social Justce Ireland.

        Its going to be a real tough struggle to break down the barriers that FF and FG have put in the way of progress. I’m not sure at this stage if anyone is up for the fight in Ireland as they seem to be totally preoccupied with just coping.

        Maybe that’s how it will play out with the middle class wiped out by revolving credit and the back breaking fixed costs of housing , health care, child care, transportation etc.

        • Deco

          The gullible as supporting the sly. That is how the system works. Those that demand get it from those stupid enough to go along with the scam.

          And it is sold, repackaged, and rebundled as liberal socialism.

          Actually, it is a form of theft.

          In Ireland the “Fairness Agenda” is a term used by a collection of know-it-alls to keep the racket going.

          The best way to rob somebody, is to get them to donate the proceeds of their sweat and toil to you, under a presumption that it is some form of altruism.

          The “Console”-model of running a state.

          Quango bosses on a load of money. Idiots throwing the money to them. Thinking that they are doing the right thing.

          Really, they would be much wiser to spend their money on travelling and vacationing.

          The same applies to the state system.

          You know it is a scam when you see the type of gangsters that are involved in high profile charity events.

          It is all about propagation of adherence to the moral veneer to an arrangement of systematic organized theft. When it is under threat, opportunists express horror about “concern for politics”. This is utter BS.

          What the Borgia popes were doing in the 1500s, illiberal liberals are doing today.

          At least the Borgias had artistic taste – today’s illiberal liberals have murdered art, as well as truth. They are brutal.

          Where is the modern day Martin Luther to nail 95 Theses to the door ?

        • Deco

          This is Vincent Browne interviewing a liberal, pro-EU empire racket, political hopeful.

          Beyond the cliches, there is an ambition to further one’s career, on the public payroll, with the shortest possible amount of public utility the general public.

          This is the sort of candidate that the “Irish” Times never investigates. This is a candidate that will never be the subject of a Prime Time Investigates documentary on RTE(Pravda).


        • Deco

          If you want to free people, give them opportunities to better themselves and stop sucking out of them.

          Welfare creates a dependency and an addiction.

          Irish Socialism is not about taking care of people that need to get themselves out of skid row. It is about keeping them there. And giving fat salaries to the insiders.

          In the US the determination of the system, to keep skid row well populated is even worse. And the extortion is even worse.

          We have a system that prevents people getting their act together. In fact it sucks people dry for having the guts to get their act together. Here more taxes for the maintenance of essential public services, like welfare for gamblers possessing bank bonds.

          FF-FG-Greens-LP-PDs-PBP-SP etc. are just gangs of parasites trying to suck off the system, under a pretence of them being there to run Ireland, and the assumption that nobody else can do it as well as them.

          The past 30 years is evidence that they can not run anything properly. And besides that is not even their motivation.

          Mostly their motivation is that they have access to the system, and can get away with being part of a racket.

          Maybe we should bring in a tendering process, whereby the people get to vote for an organization to deliver certain results, and if they don’t deliver, there is no payment.

          And a vote can take place when an important benchmark is not met. Like tackling the volume of drugs currently flooding the state. The current and previous MoJ have presided over an scenario where crime pays handsomely.

        • Deco

          You are correct. Everybody is held in place, with trying to cope in a system that is rigged.

          There is a quote concerning “Bread and Circuses” that is very relevant.

          Men are programmed to distraction with sports mania.

          No wonder some of them, have a performance problem.

          Siting on the counch, growing manboobs with a can of beer that is laced with breast-enhancing hormones, and greasy fast food.

          Docility is promoted on one angle.

          And insubordination is made unacceptable on another.

          Intellectually inpotetent men.

    • Yep, Deco, you pretty much nailed it. I should add that everyone I know was for Bernie and finds both remaining candidates loathsome. Literally sickening.

      For the first time ever, I may not vote. If I do, it will be only to support worthy down-ticket Dems and because Killery would be marginally better on appointing Supremes.

      BTW, David, Reagan was the worst president in history for ordinary people. He’s the one who redirected everything to the top and confused every vice with a virtue. We’re reaping exactly what he sowed. So is the UK; I was there when Maggie did it first.

      • Deco

        Reagan was an actor.

        He produced some great lines, but lost the plot.

        He got away with it, because he delivered for business, and the media sold the public on his value.

        In the era before the internet, there was widespread gullibility with respect to the news networks.

    • Antaine

      One of the best comments I’ve read on this blog. Well spoken Declan. When will people wake up? :-)

    • CitizenWhy

      Liberal in this phrase is a technical term meaning the rule of law built on the absolute rights of private property (with elected parliaments that are dominated by business interests, as they were established to be). It is not used in the American political sense, but in the economic theory sense, basically limbrtarian. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 began the reign of liberal democracies, breaking the dominant rule of the monarch and the nobles and redirecting power to the House of Commons, a force for business interests. The US founders came out of the forces that lead to the Glorious Revolution (often presented as Catholic-Protestant thing but that is deceptive; it spelled the end of the Stuarts and their ridiculous belief in the Divine Right of Kings). King Billy of the Glorious Revolution was actually a progressive. Even in Ireland he wished to legalize Catholic rights but the Irish Parliament (separate from England’s), dominated by old nobility interests (big landlords) voted this down.

  3. Deco

    Here is a link to the documentary “Clinton Cash”.

    In it there are allegations about a well known Irish ( unless you are talking about tax – in which case is currently Maltese) businessman.

    Then there is the Moriarty Tribunal. Worth reviewing. Fascinating. We are schooled by the Irish media to disregard the British media, and their tendency to demand retribution for those that oppose the commoners. But in Ireland, some media organs attachked the findings.

    Lastly there is the ascent of FG in politics, and the growing influence of a particular media oligarchy in Irish public opinion formulation. almost in parallel.

    If there was a Trump documentary, would it include an Irish businessman who was at the centre of a Tribunal, who benefitted from state owned bank write downs, who throws money at a spectacle (the national soccer team) and who pays taxes elsewhere ?

    I am waiting for the Irish media to comment on an Irish media oligarch.




    It just never happens.

  4. contraflow

    Regarding the “browning” of the USA. Is this not blow-back for the policies pursued by the US in Central & Latin America since the 1950′s? Democratically elected governments which had moderate socialist polices such as land reform, a process we in Ireland went through in the 1880′s, were systematically removed through CIA lead interference. This moderate socialism was termed the beginning of Communism and therefore brute force was justified to rid the continent of such a threat. This happened in Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador etc. Extreme right wing governments which catered to a tiny local elite and foreign interests, were installed and maintained brutal control over the impoverished masses. Fleeing was often the only route out of misery. Where would you flee to? Not to another impoverished country but to the US.

    Contrast this with US policy in Japan and Germany post WWII, where both countries were rebuilt as bulwarks against the Communism of Russia and China. Crucially these were rebuilt as true Democracies. These are now first-world countries and great allies to the US in general. How many Germans or Japanese emigrate to the US? Very little, just those that want to live there.

    The US is reaping what it sowed in terms of the influx of immigrants, had they pursed a German/Japan style rebuilding in their hemisphere they might not need a wall.

  5. E. Kavanagh

    Trump being elected is a bit like Brexit; people will go crazy and it would certainly make things interesting, but probably no real change in the long run, especially in terms of the Executive.

    The biggest issue would be with regards to the composition of the Supreme Court. Over the next 8-years there may be 4-vacancies to fill (Kennedy, Ginsburg, Bryer and the current vacancy). So it could end up being 6-liberal and 3-conservative if Clinton wins; or 7-conservative and 2-liberal if Trump wins.

  6. Deco

    at its core, the American election is about the perennial fight between capitalism and democracy

    Just a thought….but how does this explain why the Saudi Royal Family (as owners of a country that they named after themselves) are making donations to a non-profit foundation attached to one of the candidates ?

    I mean why would an absolutist monarchy make a donation to a candidate in a contest that is supposedly democratic ?

  7. douglaskastle

    Bread and Circuses.

    When will we look behind the curtain and realise that this whole president “race” is nothing but a side show to distract the populace. We have been brought up to believe that the US president is the leader of the free world, and all the power it brings.

    However look how hard Obama has worked to changed things and has failed. How many times has he said that Guantanamo Bay detention facility will be shut down by the end of the year, during his 8 years, and it is still there.

    Don’t get me wrong, the position of president does wield power, but maybe not to the extant that we may thing, and definitively more that the one that comes out of the Aras.

    The fact alone that the whole run up to the election is a 2 year cycle out of a 4 year run and a reality TV show guy is cleaning up suggests that the system is no longer fit for purpose and maybe need to be re-evaluated (good luck with that).

    David you are right the power lies in the government and the people should be out voting on what the parties are selling. But this is true every where and the fact that the Brexit guys could win on the back on things they turn around and admit were untrue (lies to you or me) shows the disconnect is rampant.

  8. Deco

    democracy is there to try to police the limits of capitalism.

    The EU functions as a means to impose limits on democracy.

  9. Deco

    democracy is there to try to police the limits of capitalism.

    The Moriarty Tribunal Findings have not resulted in any prosecution of any of the key parties involved in questionable transactions.

    Does this mean that democracy in Ireland has failed ?

  10. Deco

    a ridiculous fraud, a scam-artist, an unhinged self-promoter with the maturity of a spoilt child.

    Just wondering…..but is there anybody that comes to mind, as you read that sentence ?

    …..somebody working at the junction of the private sector and the public governance in Ireland……

    • McCawber

      When a taoisech of the day tells some of his fellow citizens to commit suicide and thinks that’s ok then you know you have a problem.
      The word for tribunal as gaelic should b amarach because tomorrow never comes.

  11. coldblow

    I have only followed the election at arm’s length in that I don’t follow the stories in the papers but rather just get a flavour of the analysis. So this is a simple question. Is Trump a racist? I doubt it.

    Is David mixing up racism with a wish to halt immigration, especially illegal immigration? There is an overlap of course but they are two very different things in my mind. The word ‘racism’ itself is open to different interpretations. The old word was ‘racialism’ and there may have been a difference. There is an assumption that someone called a ‘racist’ believes in white superiority but is this often the case? Again, I doubt it very much.

    Can somebody here who calls Trump a racist please justify this claim.

    Remember, David went on the telly with Tubridy to support mass immigration in the guise of alleged refugees. Remember also that there was no debate (that I could see) anywhere in the Irish media, in that nobody (that I could see) dared or wanted to state the obvious that there were two sides to the story. Some commentators, like Eoghan Harris, referred to mean spirited voices in the media arguing against the open door. But I never came across them and, as in the case of an increasing number of things nowadays, I strongly suspect that they never existed, or, if they did, were exaggerated beyond all bounds.

    Hitchens dislikes him very much because he isn’t a genuine conservative but is an opportunist. I can see his point. I don’t think Trump was too concerned about abortion on demand in the past, just to take one example. Kunstler hates him and says he hates what Obama did too, but he still called for an Obama vote just before the last election.

    I have done a little bit of reading about immigration. Not much. I read The Diversity Delusion by Ed West (Mary Kenny’s son) and it is full of insights it might have taken me years to gather on my own. I have watched a couple of videos with Tino Sanandaji, a Kurdish immigrant to Sweden, an economist and a critic of Sweden’s immigration policy. As Wikipedia predictably informs us, he is not an acknowledged published expert in the field (any more than their collective mind can bring itself to admit that Rupert Sheldrake is actually a scientist, for example). Sanandaji is outspoken about it because, he says, the debate there is deeply dishonest and someone with an immigrant background like himself can tell the truth. He argues that most people haven’t got a clue and I believe that is the case here too.

    Now, as I never tire of stating (and it was on this blog a few years ago that the penny dropped with me) I believe it is a psychological thing. A kind of group fantasy or mass delusion. One of the most bizarre of these is the conventional wisdom that Jimmy Savile was a child abuse or an unbelievable scale (people don’t stop to wonder why it is ‘unbelievable’ or to do even the tiniest bit of research). This lunacy is probably only surpassed by the Irish anti-clerical witch hunt. Another weird fantasy is global warming and I still smile at the memory of Mary Robinson’s introduction onto the Late Late last year as (as I recall) a ‘warrior for climate justice’.

    So, in the context of the above, can anyone please explain just how Trump is a racist. It is at times like this that I miss Georg, the affable German giant, and our social justice warriors like Colm. They at least would try and make an argument. I suspect that most here thoroughly dislike what I have written here (‘viscerally’ might be a better word) but find it hard to put it into words. Well, if so, the fact that you can’t put it into words and coherent sentences is telling you something you don’t want to hear. I include our in-house multiple-identities troll. (Memo to troll: please don’t reply.)

    • goldbug











    • Well coldblow
      It seems everyone is a racist these days.
      Talk about immigration–racist
      Talk about refugees–racist
      Talk about protecting family and community values –Racist
      Yes, no matter the discussion–racist.

      Trump is a little unwashed which is why he appeals to the greater unwashed. I agree, he’s not racist.

    • coldblow

      Here’s Tino Sanandaji with his explanation for the ‘refugee’ crisis:

      It has got English subtitles. The first 20 mins or so should do as I think the rest is mainly proving that the immigrants don’t have much luck finding work once they get in.

    • Trump is not a racist. Jimmy Savile did it. Mary Robinson was very gullible.

      • Watching US TV news here. That’s what we get here in Antigua – US channels.

        Clinton made a broadcast today where she appeared quite unhinged, ranting about how she can’t understand how she is not 50 points ahead in the race. There are strong rumours going around that she has Parkinson’s or some other serious neurological condition. I may have to revise my opinion on the outcome of the race – she may have a breakdown in the next 7 weeks.

        The first Presidential debate is early next week.

        Meanwhile there are minor (so far) riots in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight for the third night running. As usual the spark is cops shooting dead black men.

        • SMOKEY

          When the facts change I change my mind. What do you do sir? David likes this guy I believe. We shall know soon Adam, remember a week is a long time in politics.
          That said, Trump is no more racist than David McWilliams.
          I will hazard to guess if the so called “Travelling Community” were getting planning permission on the site next door to his house for a halting site he would become a “racist” fairly fast. “Hey Father I hear you’re a racist” Ted was accused too.
          If scumbags getting iced by the cops were the real motivation for riots, I would say it has its roots in a level of moral outrage, but its not, it is about filthy low lifes getting free basketball shoes, alcohol and the latest electronics. “Hands Full Dont Shoot”!
          I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!
          Vote Trump on November 8th.

          • McCawber

            Accusations of racism and other PC type stuff is mostly about forcing/bullying people to confirm.
            I handle that sort of situation in the only way one can.
            Dig in and let them know you’ve dug in.
            Then dismiss their arguments with outstanding logic.
            You know you’re winning when they try to “appeal” to your patriotism or humanity.
            Or tell you it’s your patriotic duty.
            Basically it’s a conflict of rights and it’s your rights you need to defend.

      • coldblow


        ‘Trump is not a racist.’

        Why do you think David feels the need to say this? It is a very interesting and important psychological question.

        ‘Jimmy Savile did it.’

        I started looking at the Savile with hunt in February, following a Facebook exchange with my sister. I told her that, based on what I knew about other witch hunts (there have been many) it was likely that most of the claims would turn out to be lies. There was a chance, no matter how small, that they all were. I have looked at it and this is indeed the case. The story kicked off with the notorious Exposé documentary about which Moor Larkin, who has dedicated the last few years to it, recently wrote that there is barely a sentence in it which is true. It seems that some former pupils at Duncroft who had kept in touch in a Friends Reunited kind of way on an internet forum, lost the run of themselves and cooked up the story. Once it was going it went out of control. Actually, as one or two have observed. it is surprising that there weren’t even more accusations dreamt up than there were considering Britain’s population and the height of the hysteria.

        The thing is these people are bad liars, but even so they have the upper hand because it takes lots of work to run down the lies, which are fabricated lightly. Ask any school teacher dealing with a lying pupil who justifies his lies with fresh ones. He just gives in in the end because his time isn’t limitless. That was my own experience, anyway.

        • coldblow

          I forgot to add that last week, when I read Larkin’s comment, I also came across a video of Christopher Booker talking about AGW where he mentioned that Gore’s film scarcely had one true sentence in it. How’s that for a coincidence?

    • AlfieMoone

      Coldblow, you’re trolling again….

      Trump appears to be a standard issue xenophobe, nostalgic for when American was uncontested in a unipolar world. He is a nostalgic fantasist and even if elected he will be reigned in just as O’bama was with his supposed agenda of hopey changey stuff.

      There was no rational discussion in conventional media about Mother Merkel and her sly attempt to solve German demographics via Humanitarian Imperialism. She thought she could expand German industrial capacity by importing more GastArbeiters under the cloak of compassion, only to find that you import Cultural Algorithms alongside muscle and brain power. The same New Imperialism is going on all over the world, with Dublin as a particularly egregious example, and the US started this malarkey by exploiting the faux Famine to get Irish folk to run their Norman Colonies..etc….It’s worldwide other than Japan and Russia who have more sense on this matter…it’s like trying to have a rational discussion about Shire Sage Enoch Powell, it is just impossible so long as the Cultural Marxists in the media are allowed their calumnies uncontested. I personally support managed immigration to achieve what I call UniDiversity, that is it doesn’t matter if you are black, white or yellow, if you move to England, Denmark or Ireland and adopt their Cultural Algorithm you become English, Danish or Irish alongside enriching the society with insights from your home cultural algorithm, though I do not see any enrichment from Sharia law, for example, even though PM Theresa May does…FFS! What we have is fake MultiCulturalism which has led to ghettoes such as Small Heath and Sparkhill in Birmingham where Islamists are trying but thankfully failing to import Saudi nonsense. I was chatting to a few Pathan lads in the park there last week, they ain’t having it, mate…nor are the Muslim sistahood in Brum. The problem isn’t Muslims, it’s fanatical interpretations of Islam with the terrible problem that there’s no Pope, no authority, numerous schisms and factions which allows nutjobs to blow shit up and claim Allah orders them to. We had the same crazies in Christianity and they are still active in the US, Oklahama etc.

      I’m here in Denmark where there is ‘trouble in paradise’ to put it mildly…as for Malmo…don’t get me started….


      ~This lunacy is probably only surpassed by the Irish anti-clerical witch hunt. Another weird fantasy…
      So, in the context of the above, can anyone please explain just how Trump is a racist.~

      This is trolling of the most inept variety. To link Savile and Others with the Irish clerical rapists is just absurd. There is no fantasy about Irish Industrial Schools or Magdelene Laundries, no fantasy about Tuam Baby graves, the only fantasy is in your residual attempt to locate Irelands future in a retreat to a nostalgic fantasy about the role and future of the Catholic church. In other words, a defence of the exact same Theocratic Privilege that you decry amongst Islamist Apologists….And WTF has Trump got to do with priests buggering kids? Grow up…debate isn’t possible with people who wilfully conflate to try and exacerbate. And remember, I’m the Global Taoiseach of the 5th Province, well, I’m channeling Andy Mooney but it’s still valid: do not enter the ring with me sunshine unless you are up to it….For the record, I have Core Participant status in the UK IICSA child abuse enquiry. Birmingham was used as a dumping ground for ‘problem priests’. Most of them were just sex addicts who only shagged those who consented so I have only fond memories of them, but there were a few who were total rapists and the church knew all about it, in Dublin, Brum, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, and in Boston and LA where they sent the criminals everytime one of us lads tried to get them banged up for raping our mates in the boxing and Irish dancing clubs. You are talking out of your arse…..


      • coldblow

        ‘You are trolling again’

        No, try again.

        ‘a standard issue xenophobe’

        Which means what exactly? As you know it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just words.

        ‘He is a nostalgic fantasist’

        Again, what on earth does this mean? And you’re taking my word there. I don’t get the impression that nostalgia figures in Trump’s make-up.

        Why do you think Merkel’s refugee policy was a sly attempt to solve Germany’s demographic problems? It seemed to me to be the climax of short and very intense bout of Facebook hysteria (probably instigated in the first place by open borders supporters) to admit them. At least one experiencef observer (an experienced Belgian correspondent in Berlin, whose name escapes me) said it was the first time she had seen Merkel make a decision on the spur of the moment, that was emotional and not thought out.

        I didn’t read all of this part of your post because I have just got shingles and I can’t be bothered. There is only so much stuff about ‘cultural algorithms’ a body can take.

        Part 2. I didn’t read all of it either.

        Tuam baby graves. What happened there? They were going to bring in diggers. This has happened in other witch hunts (there was a vicious one in America some years ago over a play school) and they never find anything. Why would this time be different?

        The industrial schools were exaggerated beyond reason. Same with the Magdaline Laundries. The Nora Wall case is a good example of what happens. She had just been sentenced (to life!) for rape (the first time a woman had been found guilty in Ireland) when she got lucky. The main witness against her did an interview in the Star where she gave her real name and mentioned that she had also been raped by a black man in the West End of London. A Kilkenny businessman recognized the name because whe had given false testimony against him in an earlier case and the DPP had declared her unfit to as a witness. Just imagine, they forgot this when Wall went on trial, yet this kind of thing happens all the time. The fantasy becomes too powerful and even justice can be perverted.

        Rory Connor (Irish Ssalem) did an amazing bit of investigation, single handed. He also gave advice to the late Richard Webster, whose website should be the place to start for anyone who wants to find out about it.

        That there was genuine abuse in the Church, we know that.

        I don’t see why the Left should have a monopoly on fantasy. In the Neophiliacs Booker persuasively describes the Suez War as a right-wing fantasy in the middle of the of the overarching left-wing, modernizing, Fab Sixties one. At the moment though, the fantasising is all on the Left although that could change.

        There isn’t much more to say about it. If you look into these stories you will see that they all follow the same pattern. The thing is, people refuse to look into them because they want to believe. This has been my sister’s reaction and I think it is standard. I can see why you don’t want to look at the facts but why do so many others refuse?

        Keep well.

        • AlfieMoone

          So, you did not read my comment yet gave a detailed response despite having ‘shingles’….OK….

          I suppose you think the case of ‘cookie monster’ Eamon Cooke is another mass hallucination. Not to mention that of Domhnall Ó Lubhlaí ? Just because you want to defend your cognitive dissonance doesn’t mean everyone else is going to allow your to spin bullshit.

          You now accept there was ‘genuine abuse in the church’ yet in your previous comment you wilfully attempted to conflate proven sex crimes of the Vatican with ongoing investigations into the possible cover-up of Jimmy Savile, a Papal Knight and a Royal Knight. You can hardly complain when I demolish your nonsense, so you don’t, you say you’ve got shingles in your brain and can’t read my reply. How likely…

          You’re claim that the Industrial Schools were ‘exaggerated beyond reason is entirely spurious. By whom? What you are doing is desperately trying to preserve an entirely discredited Narrative of Ireland and Irish people being freedom fighters/ morally upstanding and benevolent to each other in the century since 1916 yet the evidence points to an altogether more disturbing conclusion, that they have destroyed themselves and each other through failing to use their break for freedom to ensure a proper Republic for all but instead allowed the creation of a monstrous facade of Green Jersey bullshit to hide the clerical rape, abortion outsourcing to England, the night boats to Holyhead full of economic refugees like my parents and on and on and on…

          I’d zip it on your ‘conspiracy theory’ about sexual abuse disclosures being an outbreak of mass hysteria. It’s you who appears hysterical and irrational. It must be the shingles. Go and have a lie down…come back when you can write some sense..

          ‘Victims of a hero and paedophile
          To many he was an admirable Irish-language pioneer. But Domhnall Ó Lubhlaí spent decades secretly abusing teenage boys. Why was he never brought to justice?’

          • coldblow

            ‘So you did no read my comment yet gave a detailed response despite having ‘shingles”

            That’s about it.

            Cooke. I know little about him except what I read in the papers linking him with the disappearance of the young boy who went missing in Rathfarnham years ago. When I learnt how the information became available (a counsellor for ‘victims’) I confidently expected it to be a red herring and a fantasy. It soon turned out that his ‘confession’ wasn’t one, that he was near death and suffering from dementia. As for Cooke himself I have no reason to plead either for or against him. Perhaps he was a paedophile but I am sceptical about the way these things are reported so perhaps he wasn’t. He wasn’t a monster, that seems sure.

            Dónal Ó Lubhlaí. I’d heard about his as an Irish language activist as a colleague or two of mine had done Irish lessons with him and he was supposed to be very good. I don’t know any details about the charges (do you?) but it is possible, just like with swimming coaches, etc. As to why he wasn’t brought to justice perhaps nobody complained. No doubt in your mind there was a vast cover-up and conspiracy. He was an Untouchable just like the almightly Jimmy Savile!

            Why do you choose these two examples? Neither Cooke per se nor Lubhlaí were at the centre of hysteria, though there was an attempt to rope Cooke into the case of Philip Kearnes. I’m talking about the screaming headlines, the lurid stories, the webs of lies and self-deception.

            Your paragraph: ‘You now accept there was…’

            This is rubbish, if you don’t mind. I don’t ‘now accept’, I always accepted it, just like everyone else. What I had always been suspicious of, and now don’t accept, is the rest of the story (Ryan Report, Dear Daughter, States of Fear, Christine Buckley, Colm O’Gorman, Mannix Flynn etc). Looking back this was nothing less than an attempt to rewrite Irish history. I am not trying to conflate anything but rather to distinguish between facts which can be reasonably be ascertained and witch hunts which make up the facts on the hoof. And yet again we heard about JS being a Papal Knight.

            ‘You can hardly complain when I demolish your nonsense’

            No, but you haven’t demolished. All you have shown is the typical reaction, relying on rhetoric. You dismiss it out of hand because you want to believe your own story.

            Your next paragraph about Irish independence rambles. How many times have I summarised Crotty’s take on Irish independence? And you go on to this and that. Hope you don’t mind if I let it pass without comment.

            I haven’t seen the doctor yet about the shingles. It feels like chicken pox again, with a light head, no appetite and a mild fever, plus a painful rash. But it is enough to make it unbearable reading through your posts in their entirety.

            These things you believe in, Andrew, are not real. They are the fruits of imaginations much more fevered than mine. The press and the politicians have been spineless against them, have indeed appeared to be more than willing to believe them. So have a look at Jimmy Savile’s ‘victims’, find one you believe and then come back and tell me why.

            If you prefer to believe then do but if you decide to take me up on things you need to produce facts and arguments. So far you have just confirmed me in my position.

          • AlfieMoone


            You are in an impossible situation. You claim a dead DJ is a victim of a Moral Panic and or Media Witch Hunt but haven\t waited for the UK Goverment inquiry to ascertain whether or not there is substance to the posthumous alleagations or not.

            Who is coming to your rescue to stand for your version of reality against mine, sunshine….nobody….though if anyone fancies a fight….OUTSIDE!

            I do not give a fuck. I have fucked a lot of priests but only one of them was a rapist. He is now doing 21 years at Her Majestys Pleasure….you are out of your depth…when in a hole: stop digging!

  12. AlfieMoone

    “A society that asks less of oligarchs than ordinary citizens will rot from within,” O’Bama

    Obama sounds death-knell for Ireland Inc? Accepts inevitability that the Democratic Party must concede ground to both Trumpenomics and the dormant but still inexorable rise of Sandersnomics aka: Socialism For The Poor Not Just The Very Rich?

    ‘At U.N., Obama offers a defense of a liberal world order under siege’

    • Deco

      Can we ask Enda Kenny for a comment on that quotation ?

      Time for another debt write down for a business owned by FG’s wealthy chum ?

      Obama can say anything – he does not have mean a word of it.

      He is a collection of empty cliches. His only achievement was preventing two much worse entities (Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney) being elected.

      Obama is just another actor. The Reagan of liberals. He also produced great lines, and lost the plot.

      But never mind. He has the right complexion on is skin. He is exempt. He is the great liberal hero.

      The Federal Deficit has doubled under Obama. Not a word of dissent from the NYT, or the WaPo or the Crap News Network. Not a whisper.

  13. AlfieMoone

    I think the most startling admission of Trump is over Oil. His war-cry that taking middle-eastern oil is justifiable is a tacit admission that the entire Shale Oil revolution is in deep trouble. There is far more oil left in Ghawar than most people, including the US, realised. So the economics of Shale look flaky at best & with that so does US foreign policy.

    Trump is obviously not the sharpest tool in the box but he knows just enough to be dangerous, if you buy into the idea that the President is more than just a Wall Street figurehead….he is selling resentment as a solution but when it comes to it he will side with the rich, leaving the space for Sanders or his heir to seize the initiative once both the GOP and the Democrats are reduced to cartoon ridicule. In fact, they already are. Hilary gurning at the election sparkles from the stage looks as if she’s on a kid’s t.v programme. She is, she’s directly her inane ‘look at all the sparkling lights!’ to her democratic voter base who are largely just as ridiculous as their opposites.

    Globalism is predicated on wages in the West falling as wages in the East rise. That’s not a story that the average Joe Six Pack American Exceptionalist in the panhandles is going to take as The Narrative ‘going forward’. Thankfully we now live in an emerging multi-polar world where the US simply cannot afford to carry on with it’s Empire delusions no matter what fantasies Trump throws out to the masses as part of his Bread and Circus ‘election’ infotainment package. You can print dollars, but you can’t print oil. Or gold. Nixon started the rot, not Reagan. When de Gaulle challenged the US and Nixon closed the ‘gold window’ the madness began in earnest. Not that I’m a gold bug! Both Obama and Osborne doubled the National Debt of the US and UK to bail out the banks, not to build for the future. Ireland sold it’s citizens into permanent debt peonage. We no see that the fake ‘capitalists’ demand they run public services as there’s no risk in tax-payer funded enterprises whilst they simultaneously demand that those same tax payers wager their pension rights so that fund managers can push out the risk-yield curve. If and when the need to, those same fake Capitalists will get their lobbyists and fluffer politicians in these ‘democracies’ to raid taxpayer funded pensions to bail them out. That’s all that’s left..And then there’s the Chinese debt bubble. All that suprises me is that the GFC part 2 has been delayed so long…but Grexit is coming soon….then Brexit….then….not IRExit. Ireland doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a debt-service satrapy-colony carved up by foreign powers..1916…? *rollseyes* SMFH

    ‘Trump’s plan to seize Iraq’s oil: ‘It’s not stealing, we’re reimbursing ourselves’
    Strategy of taking oil in Iraq and from areas controlled by Isis presents huge issues from almost every angle and ‘would amount to a war crime’, experts say’

  14. AlfieMoone

    “I now strongly think Trump will win.

    “I think Brexit is the first kickback against the establishment. It’s not a British event, it’s not a European event. It’s a global event and I think it has implications for every Western democracy. In the case of America – absolutely.” Nigel Farage

  15. Trumps foreign policy is America first.
    This is not expansionism to unlimited war as is the current policy designed to protect the US petro dollar.
    It means withdrawal from foreign involvement.
    But with a beefed up defense force to protect from foreign aggression.

  16. AlfieMoone

    Letta said he did not want Britain to leave the EU but that now that it had happened, the UK must not be allowed to become the “Singapore of Europe.”…

    as I’ve been saying: Singapore-on-Thames will render Dublin’s IFSC completely irrelevant once the Euro goes tits up after Grexit, never mind Brexit. Or ITALexit…IRExit isn’t an option as Ireland is no longer a country but Tax Whore Corporation called Ireland Inc.

    ITALEXIT: Now former Italian PM warns Brussels ‘other countries could abandon EU’

    Italy’s former Prime Minister has warned Brussels that the aftershock from Brexit is not over and that other nations, including his own were ready to abandon the European Union.

  17. “US vote shows unequal society built on strange bedfellows”

    It really boils down to the allowed policies of the central banking system of monetary policy.

    Never talked about here. Studiously avoided , in fact. not even any attempt to refute the statement.

    We know the Central bank monopoly allows the creation of money and reserves as a debt.
    We know that commercial banks create the most money issued as a debt.
    We know that this debt is so overwhelming that it cannot be repaid.
    We know that inflation is correctly described as the increase in the money supply.
    We know that inflation devalues the buying power of the currency.
    We know that government statistics on the economy are manipulated to appear better than they really should.
    We know that the real rate of inflation is +5% and not the 1% reported.
    We know that so called economic growth is a monetary figure of 1-2% (i.e. does not reflect the physical economy which if reported is negative)
    We thus know that if the real rate if inflation were used and the growth figure deduced then the balance is a negative 3-3.5% figure.
    We know that means the economy is actually in a depression and has been for 10 years.
    We know that the majority of people are finding that their paycheck is not enough to cover the cost of living.
    We know that the majority of people have to borrow to maintain their standard of living.
    We know the middle class is being wiped out and the poor made destitute.
    We know that this is reflected in nearly 50 million US citizens are on food stamp assistance.
    We know that monetary policy sends the money to financial instruments by direct investment of newly created fiat money.
    We know this has the stock and bond markets at record highs.
    We know that the same money is used to buy back corporate shares and enrich the insiders while diluting the share values and indebting the corporations.
    We know the majority have lost hope in the future while the 0.001% insiders are growing obscenely rich.

    We know the above is the cause of the great divide in society.
    We know the basic problem is the current central banking system of money control.

    Why will no one take this issue , analyse it and discuss it in the public domain. What are they afraid of?

  18. Deco

    For your entertainment

    In every previous election, the candidate who spent the most on television advertising, has been the candidate to get the most forgiveness for their various scandals and mistakes.

    Such favourable news coverage (at a price) has a result.

    It wins the contest.

    The Clinton Campaign has committed 145 Million to TV networks revenue between now and the election.

    The Trump campaign has committed 4.5 Million.

    If the media hates Trump, it is because he is being stingy with them, and not sweetnening them up sufficiently.

    Trump is not subsidising the media. He is .

    And repeat many times over.

    How dare Trump not dare to subsidise media organs to sell Trump !!

    It is outrageous.

  19. Deco

    the perennial fight between capitalism and democracy

    Actually, that fight ended after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Capital defeated labour. Ever since capital has grown stronger, and labout weaker. The EU decided itself that it would be in the vanguard.

    And it is painful to say that, because I do not agree with the Red empire.

    But we know live in the Blue Empire.

    And both love bureacratic control over society. Both tell lies. It is the same concept in a different policy framework.

    One could claim that the people running the USSR were actually trying to improve matters, but were constrained by a system that had become out of control. There is evidence in the internal documentation from the era, that this is what happened.

    Nobody would dare make that conclusion about the clowns running the EU Commisariat in Brussels. They have made it abundantly clear that they will not tolerate insubordination from the people, and regard the people as the problem.

    After 45 years of Communusim, those affected by it were materially and intellectually deprived. But they survived. Their societies were damaged more by the transition that followed by the actual experience before hand.

    The problem for us in the Blue Empire is that we are also being intellectually deprived. There is plenty of material production. But there is nothing in terms of societal value production. In fact society is being relentlessly degraded, because of the need to ensure intellectual control.

    What happens when EPP General Secretary Juncker he announces that everybody will become obedient to his centralist power organ ?

    I mean even Breshnev and Andropov tried to veer policy in the direction of the needs of the populace.

    Juncker is not having any of it.

    Government of the well-connected, by the well-connected, for the benefit of the well-connected.

  20. McCawber

    Hmmm – 2042 – 2016 = 26.
    26 years to get Robotica (you know what I mean) sorted.
    I would argue that Capitalism is impossible without democracy and that Democracy wouldn’t survive without Capitalism.
    Capitalists drag society into the next century and ideally Democracy ensures everyone gets to go along for the ride.
    The nearer to reality that Robotica becomes the better the marriage between capitalism and democracy will be seen to be working.
    The spanners in the works are ………
    An absolute lack of awareness of what Robotica means and how to bring about its’ success.

    • McCawber

      So perhaps the question David is really posing and perhaps the American voters need to be asking themselves.
      Which of the two presidential candidates is more likely to move the US towards a Robotica society.

  21. Are US/UK and western allies coordinating and training rebels in the anti government war in Syria.
    Is the Missile strike by Russia affirmed?
    Will Trump stop such operations?
    Are these the opening salvos of WW3
    Will this bother well off pensioners? or anyone else for that matter.

  22. michaelcoughlan

    Hi David,

    This article is important because it demonstrates how even a well informed and well educated guy like yourself could write something so clueless.

    The first person I want to lampoon however is myself because I think I have morphed into a bonbon and gone totally mad so let me explain.

    I have been trying to make a point for many months now that in a world of total insanity like the one in which we currently live with massive Govt. deficits and runaway money printing etc. the only sane policy is total insanity. For example; voting for a nut case like Trump is perfectly logical. I will get back to that in a while with an explanation as to why voting for trump might be a good idea in the meantime;

    “Trump, the celebrity demagogue, is on a roll and no one is quite sure how stop him”

    It’s very simple how you stop him; You do so with a bullet to the brain or heart.

    “They find his lying, particularly about his role around 9/11, despicable. But despite all the lies, the cheating, the insults and the appeal to the most base racist urges in American society, he is ahead in the polls”

    Sure he is. He tells Americans what they want to hear and since they need bogey men to blame for their own stupidity he suits the ordinary American right down to the ground.

    “The Congress, the Senate and, of course, the Supreme Court all keep the president in check”

    No they won’t because the same crowd in Germany didn’t keep Hitler in check either. As for the constitution Hitler didn’t give a fuck about that nor do the politicians in the US and this is best lampooned by J Leno in the following clip;

    “it makes this election so fascinating and so hard to call”

    The election is easy to call. Trump will win.

    “Some here in Brooklyn — albeit a small minority — believe he will be a great president, just like Reagan was for millions of ordinary Americans. Wiser heads make the point that the checks and balances in the American system prevent it from voting for a dictator. The Congress, the Senate and, of course, the Supreme Court all keep the president in check”

    Like I said no they wont.

    “He won’t build his wall, he won’t deport millions and he won’t nuke some country he doesn’t particularly like”

    Yes he will. He will deport the millions of people on welfare or homeless back to where they came from to lighten the load. As for nukes he will use low yielding nukes to bust bunkers in Afghanistan etc. and yes he will build the wall see below.

    “The political system is democratic”

    No it isn’t. It was set up as a republic with so called democratic accountability but that’s it. It’s also been bought and sold long ago.

    “Capitalism is good at expanding the pie”

    Yes it is. America though isn’t capitalist it is fascist and they are good at growing their pie by shrinking every one else’s through the ponzi petro dollar, from the ordinary American through his taxes, to the Russian oil companies by bombing the fuck out of Syria to the Irish taxpayer fucked over in sweet heart deals with apple etc.

    So here is why from an American perspective he is the right guy: Take the wall between Mexico and the US; Trump knows that the US bond system is going to collapse in the US so he knows millions of desperate Americans will drive south to a fairer system in Mexico if they are let. The wall will be built to KEEP AMERICANS IN JUST LIKE THE BERLIN WALL WAS. He just keeps blaming the Mexicans to keep the ordinary US citizen duped. He probably will force the cost of the wall onto the Mexicans too by the way.

    When the bond system collapses there is going to be a lot of really fucked off countries holding worthless US paper who will consider solving their toilet paper problem with Military action against the US. Now if you are Putin would you call the bluff of a complete head case like Trump to see if he would use the nukes? I wouldn’t because he is the type to push the button. Like the bonbons he is a total nut case.

    His most important Trump card (pun intended) is his ability to renegotiate hopelessly unrepayable debt as he demonstrated twice when going bankrupt himself. He will renege on the bonds and buy them back at an enormous discount in the markets forcing America’s losses onto his creditors in true buccaneer style!

    As for the Muslims? Hand on heart would anyone reading this blog prefer a moderate Christian country to dominate the world or a moderate Muslim one? I will leave that to you and the readers?

    Warren Beatty best explains Trump’s approach in the following clip from the film Bulworth where the film lampoons a politician who tells the truth and is considered a total nut case;

    Nighty night citizens.


  23. McCawber

    My briefest post to date.
    It’s poets day.
    Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday.

  24. Pensioners can expect a zero or less rate to continue.
    They can expect zero return on their investment as the funds go TU
    They can expect the bond market to implode at the first sign of increasing interest rates.
    Head they lose, tails they lose more.
    The stock market is now inflated with ponzi scheme money to indebt the corporations and enrich the corporate insiders.
    The pensioners can expect more lies from the government as all stats are manipulated.
    Their buying power on saving left is decreasing by 6-8% per year as this is the true inflation.
    Pensioner , if they do not have a gilded pension plan will live the rest of their life in growing poverty courtesy of the central bankers and bought and pad politicians.
    pensioners will vote en-mass for Trump.

  25. CREST

    Does anyone in Ireland feel ashamed by the recent performance by the Dublin born, Neo-conservative, American Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power.

    I Also wonder when will Europeans realise ( including Ireland)that they have nothing to gain from a war between America and Russia, but everything to loose.

    Mr Putin deserves great credit from his patience and restraint from the constant aggression by successive Washington administrations going back even before the Clinton administration.

    It may not be long before everything else discussed in this forum becomes Academic.


  26. “Sorry folks, but widespread losses, the consequence of flawed monetary policies, are going to have to be taken one way or another, and that is the reality that the proponents of unsound money are desperately trying to evade.”

  27. CitizenWhy

    Odd that you left out Social Democracy, the system in the Nordic countries. Yes, it’s capitalism, the means of production privately owned, with the prime benefit going to the owners. And it’s Democratic, but it’s socialist with a small s because it puts the needs of society as a whole on a par with private ownership.

  28. Truthist

    We all know how Kill-Colonel Gaddafi of Libya-ary Clinton would respond to “fake terror”.
    She would willfully make a fist of it ;
    She is into that apparently.
    Gaddafi was brutally sodomy-murdered by bayonet on directions of fisting Hillary Clinton ;
    “We came.
    We saw.
    He died.”
    So said Hillary Clinton with great dramatic oratory & 2 simultaneous energetic fists when she came on TV to speak with a female interviewer.
    The female interviewer was lapping it up with giggles.
    “U have females swept off their feet once u have them laughing at ur stories” is what is said.
    There then followed cackling laughter & clapping of hands.
    I trust that on this occasion, despite her body language & reputation, Hillary Clinton did not subsequently make a fist of her inter-relations with this lady .
    . search terms ;
    Gaddafi and Hillary Clinton AND we came , we saw, he died AND laughing
    At least, we in The Irish State can feel safe that we have no such powerful female politician as fistful of dollars Kill-ary Clinton.
    Or, do we ?
    Does any of them have “the required Killer-Touch”.
    . search terms
    Katherine Zappone AND Hillary Clinton
    Katherine Zappone is The Irish State’s Minister for Children and Youth Affairs.
    And, she is a campaigner for Killing of the Unborn Child.

    • Truthist

      Slick Willy’s wife “has been” Fist-Lady for sure.
      Gennifer Flowers — mistress of Slick Willy [ Bill Clinton ] is in no doubt about that.
      And, now she wants more.
      Because she thinks ;
      “She’s worth it !”
      And, Hillary Clinton wants Irish nation to have “City of London School for Spies” / London School of Economics educated / trained — in Social Work 8-) — Frances Fitzgerald as Taoiseach ;
      Google search terms ;
      Hillary Clinton AND Frances Fitzgerald
      Hillary Clinton is a Marxist.
      And, “the official Blueshirts” — Fine Gael — are Capitalists [ Misnomer really ; They are NOT really Capitalists ; Rather, they are "Financialists" ].
      So, Hillary Clinton is wanting so-called Capitalism to rule the Irish Nation of the Irish State.
      Well, this is proof that Marxism + so-called Capitalism are BEDFELLOWS.
      “Strange” when u 1st consider it.
      But, NOT strange when u know better ;
      “It’s all about CONTROL, Baby.”
      Control of the populace.
      And, that is what Communism & Socialism & so-called Capitalism do.
      Same overall objective as the Rothschilds have in their grand scheme of :
      private Central Banks [ incl. Irish Central Bank ]
      attendant Commercial Banks operating “Fractional Reserve Banking”

      • Truthist

        Mistake !
        I mistakenly sped-read that Hillary Clinton endorsed Frances Fitzgerald as suitable to be Taoiseach for Ireland.
        Actually, it is MS. Zappone [ Independent Senator, & Minister for Children, & Youth ] who is partial to that view.
        Mea Culpa

  29. Truthist

    But, we do not know how a President Donald — flip-flopping -Trump would respond to “Fake Terror”.
    “Fake Terror” is outlined with pertinent example here by Henry Makow ;
    Damn interesting this !

  30. McCawber

    Two examples of the EU in action.
    Roaming charges, the proposed restrictions have been dropped – surprise surprise.
    The EU trying to hammer Ireland over corp tax and yet EU has been found to be in breach of trade agreement subsidies for “France” Airbus – Surprise, surprise.
    Where the EU is concerned – For Ireland it’s do as we say, not as we do.

  31. McCawber

    Robonmics – This would be a great project for an aspiring Economist to develop – Wouldn’t it?
    It would be a great final year project group.

    • Truthist

      Wonder what niche of “real” economics that Robonomics would best be understood ?
      “Supply-Side” Economics ?
      Grzegorz should have the concise & definitive answer to this question.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I have heard some serious EU official (can’t remember the name, but one of the EU Commissioners as far as I remember) that we should tax robots. The gas thing about the EU Commission is that it comprises of politicians that represent parties which lost elections in their countries (i.e. Polish Commissioners are the Platforma Obywetelska (PO) – Civic Platform politicians who failed to get parliaments seats in Poland from the most hated party in Poland after PSL (the Peasants Party). Take this outrageous statement of the Polish Commissioner:

        and you’ll see how unrepresentative of both the current political scene in Poland and the problems of real people these characters are. Statements like this remind me a bit of bimbos from the news in Ireland titillated about the rising house prices (“and some good news on the economic front” – and btw, how dare the Irish Times beat that “caring about the little man” Marxist drum if no other paper in Ireland had property pages so large, fat and glossy as they: no wonder their leading columnist follows Mr Paul Krugman, a man from who dubious charm our David has managed to free himself I gather.

        On the other hand, no point complaining about the EU Commission – after Brexit there was such anger at the current EU Commission, especially after the 9 pages super-state document leaked by the Polish TVP Info, that there was a real chance of getting rid of all of them, from Juncker through Schulz (by far the worst of them) to maybe even President Tusk. Such proposal came from Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who immediately gained the support of some smaller countries (Hungary, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Estonia, etc). A formal motion was made by MEP Marek Jurek at the EU fraction of Conservatives and Reformists (where no Irish party belongs anyway – why reform anything they have it so good? – even Ryanair runs special flights to Brussels that suit their schedule, with no tax and for 1/3 of what you pay flying to Poland), but not enough countries joined that call to sack the EU Commission. So the Irish politicians and their electorate (that is those Irish who keep voting for them for not all of them do) have only themselves to blame for the Commission bullying. The easiest thing is to, as Alfie Moone would say, read from the victim script.

        As to robots and supply-side economics. Sadly I have written that long post last night I posted today and will have no time to respond. All I can say that with all its limitations, the supply-side economics took a lot of slack and some of that was deserved but most of that was not. To answer concisely – how can anyone expect anything to trickle down to the little man if all governments run zero-interest rate/QE policies which make sure that all income goes to financia; capital and asset bubbles rather than labour?

        It’s like you bought a German shephard and were not giving him enough food, feeding the neighbours bullterrier – and then you were surprised your shephards strenght did not trickle down to defensive capabilities of your household.

        And btw, I find that whole robots talk a bit of a smoke screen for real problems. Yes, I know that drones deliver pizzas in New Zealand and they work on self-driving trucks, but first of all, we do not rely on jobs from driving trucks near as much as the US (where they constitute most income from employment), and whatever NON-lorry/van drivers we have, they rather make loses for us than are any benefit to an economy (Dublin Bus); it might be a problem (robotics), but in 2030 and not even 1/20 as big as the central banking and too-big-to-fail.

        In Ireland, I see more jobs being lost due to trade unions and their strikes (I’m talking about commuters) than robots.

        I’m glad DB does a strike for the All Ireland final – maybe that will create the Irish Margaret Thatcher who would know how to deal with them.

        Heard a DB rep on a radio today. Very inarticulate and rude man, he was interrupting the lady all the time and launched a personal attack at her when she interrupted him, and when she dared to say that DB drivers earn twice as much as the young teachers and nurses, he lost the plot and said that she must have heard that from some “right wing commentators” (right-wing commentators on the Irish radio? And WHO are they?????!!!!!)

        Aristotle wrote in Rhetorics that some people are persuaded by logic, some others are unable to follow pure logic and have to be persuaded by a mixture of logic and rhetorics, some more stupid still listen only to rhetorics, and there is a small margin which unfortunately can only be persuaded by physical force. I wonder what category the no-manners bully (we call them “lady boxers” in Poland) belongs to.

        I said in the past and I say it again: they keep us at ransom. They inflict pain and hardship on commuters who earn from 1/3 to 1/2 of what they do. They are the enemy within. Bring Thatcher’s approach to strikes back.

        • Truthist

          A very good read again.
          Thanks again for benefiting us with Aristotle too.

          A question though ;

          How would Thatcher’s approach to strikes be justified to really deserving workers on strike ?
          Qualification ;
          Same as u, I do not perceive that the Dublin Bus drivers are a deserving case.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            To put a long story short (as I can only do short):

            1. The drivers deserve whatever they are owed, however
            2. Whether they deserve to paid twice what they a legal secretary or a bus driver in some w e s t e r n (Brussels i.e.) countries get – I doubt it.
            3. So the solution is – privatise the Disfunctional Beast.
            4. But therein lies a danger – if we just privatise it, we will just get rid of a intern on 240euro, hotel worker on 320, legal sec/jun nurse/young office worker on half the DB salary (or sick/unemployed – sick are the worst victims of DB terrorism for they are the most reliant on buses) subsidising the Dublin Buggers, but their monopoly will stay (on DB monopoly and mafia practices – google (actually do not use google…) my extensive past posts with references to legal acts, it’s too time consuming for me to track it; the lazy way would be google DB v Swords Express; in short – the difference between DB and mafia – similar racket (50% of DB revenue are subsidise direct and indirect), but at least mafia offers protection (DB stops do not even offer protection from rain, let alone thugs – btw, DB killed a small Spanish boy and bullied his parents against getting compensations – so it’s a mafia with no protection).
            5. So we cannot only stop at privitasing them, we must do the Thatcher approach. What’s that? De-monopolise the company first (break it down into small companies), then privatise. Deal with the strikers by supporting the drivers who do not want to strike. Run a TV campaign showing people how much their real subsidies and costs are, and how much of that goes for wages (nearly all). 360 euro integrated ticket in Vienna and two grand here with a similar subsidy – NEVER FORGET THAT. Aircoach going without subsidy in snow and 24/7, like a clock. NEVER FORGET THAT. They are getting far too much free, unchallenged run in the media. If that DB rep asshole was talking in my presence through whatever shy objections that shouted-down lady on the radio had (she merely pointed out to their wages compared to other even PUBLIC SECTOR wages of the newcomers, and it was not like the presenter was exactly giving her fair time) the way he was interrupting him… I think I’d wait for him outside the RTE…

            Btw, our David, albeit somewhat shyly, did say on the radio that the London bus was privatised and it is cheaper and more reliable than DB, and the ageing Mrs Marian said something like “the tube is not cheap”, or words to that effect, so David said that he means buses, and the whole conversation dwindled, because it is far easier in this country to say something against Israel (President M. D.) than against the sense of maintaining the Dublin Bus subsidies.

            Boziewicz’s code of honour:


            And its use in practice:


            which is what would be the right thing to do in relation to Dr Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale (not to be confused with Dr Kevin McCarthy from UCC Cork), except the Marmite-eating turds like Dr McCarthy have no honorary capacities and thus cannot be asked to a duel – see Boziewicz’s code of honour in the link (there was a case brought against him and it was held that everyone can write whatever they want due to freedom of press – so fear not those who write against the global warming, Holocaust industry, migrant crisis, etc – freedom of speech :-) and we have this saying in Poland that if you ask a pig for a duel, you would wallow in mud and the pig will only have fun


            I don’t know why ppl give out to the Transport Minister he should intervene. The only way the minister should intervene is to privitise the DB – but by intervening they mean “it’s a nice elderly mum you have. We would hate her not getting to the hospital because of our strike”. See what I mean? And I am delighted they do the All-Ireland strike. More people need to get pissed with them for the government to stop their financial terrorism.

            P.S. I do not have time to respond this week any more. I fast-responded only because it was you.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “he was interrupting him” her of course for she is a lady. I’m partly speed-typing, partly getting emotional when I hear the DB reps with their combination of self-pity and hubris. Out, out, out.

          • Truthist

            Thanks Grzegorz for reply ;

            I know that u are for deserving workers.
            But, I

          • Truthist

            My unfinished reply got sent by the blog’s software without my instruction to do so.
            U support the true case of deserving employees.
            Elaboration ;
            In some situations u support the claim for pay rises & / other of disputing employees.
            To deal with militant AND legal “deserving” employees — perhaps Civil / Public Servant employees — u advocate :
            Accession as much as possible responses.
            U are against the false case of undeserving employees.
            Elaboration ;
            In some situations u do not support the claim for pay rises & / or other of disputing employees.
            To deal with militant AND legal / illegal “undeserving” employees — perhaps Civil / Public Servant employees — u advocate :
            Thatcherite responses & Reaganite responses.
            1.1 AND 2.1 Capability in same Governance
            Apparently, not possible in the think-set of governors of Irish State — nor UK nor USA — to have the above 2 polar policies for to choose 1 only as the particular situation requires.
            But, I understand that u recommend as wise for a ruler to operate — as consistent pattern — such a “fair” dual policy.

            I presume that for some situations u advocate ostensibly a Zero / Nil response ;
            This would be a strategy used in :
            I sad to hear about the unfortunate little Spanish boy, & also about what his grieving family have had to suffer too.
            I would welcome — @ ur convenience — detail on this case.
            Perhaps, I may in the future be able to help, somehow, the family get some justice against The Irish State.
            ” it is far easier in this country to say something against Israel (President M. D.) than against the sense of maintaining the Dublin Bus subsidies.”
            Not to take away from the appalling suffering of the Palestinians [ Originally "Jews who converted willingly to Christianity, & bulk of which later converted willingly & / or by coercion to Islam ] Semite cousins of us Hibero / Hibernian Semites, but there are many reasons for the socio-cultural-political feature u highlight :
            it is fashionable to do so
            it is relatively safe to do so when not amidst :
            practically all USA Politicians
            most UK M.P.s
            many E.U. Politicians
            practically all USA lawyers, & judiciary
            most USA Civil SERPENTS
            Hollywood : Directors, Scriptwriters, Actors & Actresses, & especially “Producers”
            most of Wall Street
            Military Industrial Complex
            A.I.P.A.C. ; They decide who the Prezzie Candidates will be of Dem.’s & Rep.’s, & more importantly, who will be rigged to be Prezzie
            Ivy League University Boards
            Most of USA University Academia
            Higher echelons of Organised Crime ; vis. “Crime Incorporated”
            Mainstream Media [ incl. Hollywood, Brit, & French, & of course German above ]
            Print Media ; incl. New York Times, Newsweek, Time, French, & of course German
            T.V. ; Especially Fox, CNN, BBC, French [ incl. clever propaganda France-24 ], & of course German
            Radio ; USA, & France & of course Germany
            & Porn too 8-)
            it is good for Israel ;
            It helps Israel to solidify & thus control its acolytes there
            And, Israel can take it ;
            “It is like water off a duck’s back” to them.
            Oh, & also, amidst GCHQ-Cheltenham Warehouse / Hasbara Operatives
            They do abound on blogs with idiosyncratic personas to mask & bully
            Here too

          • Truthist

            EDIT ;

            Oh, & also, NOT amidst GCHQ-Cheltenham Warehouse / Hasbara Operatives

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          That’s how the minister should intervene:

    • Truthist

      Wonder what niche of “real” economics that Robonomics would best be understood ?
      “Supply-Side” Economics ?
      Grzegorz should have the concise & definitive answer to this question.
      I getting “double-posting’ message from system ;
      But, I think system is in error.
      Indeed, substance of this post did not get sent at all.
      So, I try again herein.

  32. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “Equality for the equal, inequality for the unequal” – Aristotle (though at the same time the same Aristotle wrote that no manager should earn more than 6 times of the lowest salary)

    Like our illustrious and benevolent host, David McWilliams, Tocqueville also praises equality in the very first sentence of his seminal work “Democracy in America”:

    “Among the many things which drew my attention during my stay in the United States, none struck me more than the equality of conditions.”

    Two paragraphs later he writes:

    “As I went on studying American society, I saw more and more in the equality of conditions the main fact which seemed to cause every other particular fact, and I kept seeing it before me as a central point to which all my observations led.”

    But Alexis Count de Tocqueville sees equality slightly differently than our dear friend David McWilliams: the former views it as the equality of opportunities and the latter, unless I am very much mistaken, as the equality of outcomes.

    In my opinion and from my life experience, the problem lies not in the fact of some people being mega-rich and other being poor: the problem is whether the poor can BECOME rich by hard work and wisdom, and the rich can DEMISE into deserved poverty by being lazy and stupid.
    That’s why it is my desire to open up new lines of inquiry for David, and by philosophising with him rather than against him, draw his attention to Tocqueville’s mode of viewing the inequality problem. Can a society with income gaps as big as the one of Mr Trump be fair? What are the conditions for fairness? Tocqueville, while not pointing to socialism as a solution, is pointing to something else, and that something might be this: any collective endeavour, including free-market capitalism, cannot be successful for long if most people involved in that enterprise feel that they’re getting screwed (Dublin Bus passengers anyone?). Tocqueville’s emphasis shifts from EQUALITY (this is a view shared by people like Rousseau or Marx) to FAIRNESS.

    In his otherwise s u p e r b l y made and wonderfully entertaining Punkeconomics video on equality:

    , David appears to err in his interpretation of the New Testament when he thinks that Jesus’ ideal was equality and that His teachings were socialist in its essence. Jesus was encouraging asceticism, sharing your possessions, empathy and self-sacrifice all right: He was NOT advocating COERCING others to poverty by taking someone’s possessions, which is what the socialists preach. He told us to turn the other cheek: but not only he didn’t say that we should let ourselves get killed by terrorist, but even said that

    King James Bible Luke/22-36
    “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

    The difficulty of salvation of the mega-rich does not stem from the fact of them being rich, but being spoilt (just look at both US candidates or Ms Paris Hilton, who would not survive a day’s work in Murray’s in Dublin as I think that even walking and chewing a gum at the same time would cause a short-circuit in her brain), which gives them lesser chance to develop character features which are conducive to developing good character (thus the saying about the first being the last: although it is not impossible – everyone heard about Mother Theresa but few people know that she was born in a mega-rich family and had renounced the life of Rolls-Royces and servants). Should David still have any doubts, he should remember the parable of three servants – it is not how much money you inherit that counts, but what you do with them [and David, perhaps you would like to pay attention to the fact that in that story the Lord is dissatisfied with the servant who wasted his talents and did not invest them in order to multiple them: a clear encouragement of increasing money velocity, which velocity has been falling since the QE disastrous experiment – hence the rollercoaster last ditch effort to go from a natural 5% interest rates into 0%, or even negative interest rates to make up for the slow velocity – in my interpretation, a clear contradiction of Bible’s teachings (incidentally, the Bible also considers every ruler which takes more than 10% of our money as immoral, as says “Thou Shall Not Steal”, and while labour (both physical and intellectual) bears fruits (you recognise them by their fruits) and trade increases the value of labour by increasing the velocity of fruits circulation, QE, negative interest rates and high taxation are stealing – the percentage of tax burden in the US was 5% in 1910, 11.7% in 1930, 27.7% in 1960, 30.4% in 1980 (that hasn’t changed, but this does not take into account local taxes, i.e. Louisiana has the lowest level of taxation – set at around President Eisenhower era, while Connecticut the highest), 31% in Estonia, 32% in Ireland, 44% in Poland, 55% in Germany (52% according to Bund der Steuerzahler), 56% in the Caliphate of France and 60% in Belgium – in case someone thinks that Belgium would be a better ally of Ireland against the EU Commission than Poland].

    Matthew 25:14-30Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

    “14 For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods. 15 And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey. 16 Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents. 17 And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two. 18 But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord’s money. 19 After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them. 20 And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more. 21 His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. 22 He also that had received two talents came and said, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me two talents: behold, I have gained two other talents beside them. 23 His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. 24 Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed: 25 and I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine. 26 His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather where I have not strawed: 27 thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury. 28 Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents. 29 For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. 30 And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    And for really interested – here is the story behind the camel and the eye of the needle:

    SO THE REAL QUESTION IS WHETHER TOO MUCH INEQUALITY OF OUTCOME LEADS TO A GREATER INEQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY AND UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES IT DOES IF IT DOES; there is nothing good in the EQUALITY ITSELF if the equality of outcome were to reward the lazy and spoilt and punish the industrious and self-restrained: the God-obeying societies reward the latter and satanic societies reward the former; the first gave us Glendalough, Witt Stoss’ grandiose vision of the most splendid altar in medieval Europe in the Mariacki Church in Kraków [because of those dumb and disrespectful tourists for whom nothing is sacred apart from pornography, ecstasy tablets and credit cards, who eat sandwiches in museums and talk loud while taking pictures in churches, people can no longer pray in Mariacki Church; this inability to sense the value of sacrum typical of the current culture of garbage worshiping (dogma of the Middle Ages: you are God’s creation; dogma of our garbage-worshiping culture: you are worth ONLY what you are worth SUPERFICIALLY), epitomised in mentally challenged adults talking out-loud in the front of the altars inside those summits of human spirituality, which is as socially inept as if someone entered the Croke Park Stadium pitch naked during the All Ireland final with a T-shirt “God Save The Queen”] and Haendel’s “Messiah”,

    the second – the no-God=no limits culture – gave us too-big-to-fail, heroin-induced visions and MTV; in 500 years time, the former will probably still stand like a rock on which the house should be built, and no-one will remember the latter because goodness is perfection, goodness is love of what really is, while evil is imperfection, it is a hatred for the others which always ends up in self-hatred, evilness is a lack of appreciation of what truly exists – and love is the only thing that truly exist: sometimes I think that if there is an afterlife, perhaps what and whom we loved will be the only thing that will remain from us, and that hell is condemning someone to an eternity in the desperation of his hateful soul – for hatred often covers a feeling which are even more terrifying, and that is sadness (did you notice that all heavy-metal lyrics are sad? And I am not saying this as a heavy-metal hater – in fact this morning I listened to “Kill ‘Em All” by Metallica).
    To Tocqueville, such understood equality and, to a slightly lesser — but very important — extent, religiosity, are the two foundations of the American experiment. Tocqueville understood very well that which is seemingly SO HARD FOR PROGRESSIVES TO UNDERSTAND, which is that true religion – so for example the writings of Pope John Paul II (few people in Ireland know that his favourite philosopher was Max Scheler with his theory on the hierarchy of values) or Benedict XVI, not the current relativist teachings of Pope Francis) strengthens liberty insofar as it provides the moral foundations that prevent liberty from destroying itself.
    Another author worth reading when we ponder over questions related to democracy and capitalism is Joseph Schumpeter.
    Schumpeter’s book “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy” propounds a view that the success of capitalism will lead to a form of corporatism (that is fascism) and a fostering of values hostile to capitalism, especially among intellectuals (persons in a position to develop critiques of societal matters for which they are not directly responsible). Schumpeter argues that one of the great advantages of capitalism is that as compared with feudalism, when education was a privilege of the few, more and more people can acquire higher education, but this is not strictly correlated with an increase of fulfilling jobs and this, coupled with the experience of unemployment, produces frustration and Messrs Bernie Sanders/Donald Trump voters. This analysis is similar to that of the philosopher Robert Nozick (Nozick comes from Polish Jews, Nozick is the Anglicisation of the Polish word “Nozyk”, which means “little knife” – there is a synagogue of Nozyks’ in Poland), who argued that intellectuals were bitter that the skills so rewarded in school were less rewarded in the job market, and so turned against capitalism and into retarded Marmite-eating turds like the Workers Party members in Ireland who proved that Labours’ Way ALWAYS was the Frankfurt’s Way, or the European Commission, who decided that Apple should pay 13bn taxes (because Apple is American and they were elected and paid by Germany; also, Germany retaliated for the Deutsche Bank being ordered to pay $14bn in the US: as you see, it’s all about geopolitics, like I have always told yous – strange similarity of numbers btw), but – in a mirror-case of German supermarkets avoiding paying taxes in Poland – they ruled that the German and French supermarkets should not pay the due taxes the Polish government asked them too (and Poland needs those tax-exempted supermarkets one million times less than Ireland needs the likes of Apple).

    Nozick’s essay Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?

    The innate tendencies of capitalism according to Joseph Schumpeter are:
    - conjecture fluctuation,

    - oversupply and underpayment of pseudo-intellectuals in relation to entrepreneurs or to managers nowadays [compared to absolute monarchy: i.e. even in 19th century occupied Poland the students were so poor that they had to borrow shoes and jackets to date a girl (sure even Picasso writes in his auto-biography that he was so poor that he had once stolen a sausage from his cat who had brought from the street: can you imagine the poor kitty’s face?), but only a few years after graduation even students of peasant origin could afford buying seven rooms flats: but back then you did not have so many idiots studying], as banksterism = managerial capitalism – has nothing to do with laissez-faire; which oversupply of pseudo-intellectuals leads to them espousing theories undermining capitalism (Marxism, atheism, pro-abortionism and depopulation, Frankfurt School, Alinsky-method, etc) which theories then permeate to a popular culture and cause

    - waning acceptance of capitalism and equality of opportunities (“pursuit of happiness”) in favour of socialism and equality of outcomes.

    • Deco

      The liberal left seems to have progressed anti-authoritarianism to a combination anti-societalism and auntorianism.

      In other words, to borrow from Chris Hedges, the left has become useless. And in some cases dangerous to the working class.

      Is this the fault of the USSR, in the 1950s, funding the most dysfunctional elements in the Western socialism, so as to prevent the West ever defeating the Communist Bloc ?

    • coldblow

      Aristotle: no man should earn more than six times the lowest wage.

      I never knew that. Years ago, when I was still living in England, I suggest once that perhaps a factor of 20 would be appropriate and my friend’s new Irish wife (a nurse) was appalled. In her view doctors should be allowed to earn up to infinity. (I think she just didn’t like me. Later on she said that clever people were the source of evil in the world. I should have retorted that it was just as well nobody present was clever as he would be offended, but I only thought of that several years later.)

  33. Deco

    With respect to Dublin Bus going on strike – the longer they keep this up, the more that the public will demand competition in the transport market in Dublin.

    The problem with Irish Socialism is that the general public will stop being patient, with the level of contempt being shown to the general public.

    Irish public services are not good enough.

    The answer from FF/LP/SP/SF and the state system is “more resources”. Squandermania. Bertonomics. Giveaway concessions to union fat cats.

    Put arrogance on steroids and you have Ogle-nomics.

    Don’t these people get the fact that the people who depend on the public transport system are those with the least money ?

    The people at the lower end of the resource scale are being scelped by the unions.

    That is Irish socialism. It is highly inflationary. And it is loaded with patronizing cliches.

    What about the interests of the general public ?

    At some point in time, the public will get fed up with the insider agenda, and union fat cats, and demand alternatives to Dublin bus.

    The union bosses have completely misapprehended the public’s response.

    • Deco

      Irish Socialism is extractive, just like gombeen capitalism.

      It is not about shared anything. It is a pretence, waiting to be called out.

    • Truthist

      Spot on ;
      And, so says I a person who may the poorest of the folks forced to exist / survive on social welfare ;
      I do not even get my statutory entitled amount.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “The problem with Irish Socialism is that the general public will stop being patient, with the level of contempt being shown to the general public.”

      Amen. But maybe it our wishful thinking. Bring the All Ireland Final bus strike ;-). Jesus, maybe they read that and come to the conclusion that it is better not to strike on that day lest the public gets pissed off. Btw, the only time I saw the Irish public angry is, except some social margin, when they are either drunk or cannot get drink. Very tolerant and patient people that crowd so they are. Maybe that’s what we need – DB v the drunk passengers.

  34. Truthist

    “Communism is a rejection of God
    And Capitalism is a rejection of the human.”

    Muammar Gaddafi

    A great man in my estimation ;
    Even if he had his faults earlier in his life.
    The only fault that I can only think of is of he supplying both the opposing paramilitary factions in the North-East of our Country with arsenal.

  35. Truthist

    I cannot preview this video ;
    But, it was recommended.
    I do not know what the headline refers to.
    Anyway, Gaddafi is giving predictions of what will happen to Europe.
    Also, I think that the owner of this video submission has some intesting views about Democracy & Dictatorship [ Gaddafi being a "benign" Dictator ; I think Aristole had this as choicest form of rule for a state ].

    • Or to quote Roy Keane:

      “Only dead fish go with the flow”.

    • That’s a ridiculous article though Tony.

      All sorts of invalid assumptions and generalisations.

      • Funny!, I thought it factual and insightful, with adequate quotations from other reports.
        Such as it is easily observable that it was a non white cop, shot a non white man under questionable circumstances, working for a police force headed by a non white chief of police and then they all blame whitey. No assumptions there!!Then it seems there was a gun and not a book. Then it turns out the nice family man has a lengthy criminal record and prison time.

  36. Deco

    Bus strike update.

    The Labour Court tells the union fat cats to cut out their nonsense.

    Maybe Shane Ross can get off the sofa and produce a new market plan to allow competition. Such a proposal, to be tabled before the Oireachtas, would end the strike very soon. And would lead to both sides getting their act together, in the public interest.

    It would also expose the crooked FF outfit and the unions very quickly, as both being committed to undermining the common interest.

    • Sideshow Bob

      Good suggestion, one that isn´t part of the punch and judy style public exchanges that somehow pass for mature reasoned debate on the topic here.

      RTE, both as a contributor to, and facilitator of, public affairs debate, are ridiculously weak in their handling of the whole situation. For me they are nearly as much to blame for the on going stupidity as the parties that are directly involved in this farce.

      There is a major problem with the competition element though: we so rarely see competition in public transport that we don´t even know how to facilitate it as a society. this plays to the vested monopoly interests be they Dublin Bus or the Unions.(Maybe Michael o´Leary should be officially asked for an input on this?) Any threat to instigate competition would have to be backed up by effective measures to permit it. Take the Aer Arann contract debacle in Galway as a recent example of how clueless we are in this department.

      Gift Grub have a good take off on Shane Ross at the minute. They work it the same way each time. There is a set up whereby same controversial question is put to the Ross character ( Mario, obviously ) and he proceeds to answer it twice; once as Shane Ross the Minister, and once as Shane Ross the Journalist. Both answers are obviously completely contradictory! Very funny…unfortunately close to the bone too!

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Totally agree with Deco’s comment and Sideshow Bob’s answer. However, it saddens me that this point of view does really get through to the media (like I said, some of the DB claims in the media are plain lies and are repeated unchallenged, like the too-low subsidy mantra – they claim 30%, it is 50% because they buses from the NTA – DB revenue goes almost entirely to wages; and besides, why do they get subsidies with prices 5 times of that in Vienna? For that price, I would expect to be served the full Irish on the 7.20 am bus).

        Some might say that I am exaggerating in my portrayal of the system tilted in favour of the DB over their passengers, safeguarding them mafia-like position. I’m not – the DB lobby is so powerful that like in “Yes, Minister”, they were even able to bypass the Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey (no wonder that the current Minister is washing hands like Pilatus).

        Clarification (for those who do not know it:

        Under Irish Law, the Transport Act 1958 requires that Ministerial consent is obtained when a state sponsored service provider wishes to initiate or alter an existing passenger road service which competes with another licensed service, so Dublin Bus bribed some officials in Mr Dempsey’s Department of Transport, who then bypassed the Minister Dempsey which occasioned a mendacious report in which the mafia stated that no competition existed on the Swords route in question, despite the fact the 2 companies operated an almost identical route. As a consequence the 41X received subsidies.

        They have a monopoly, strong representation and friendly media, primarily radio, The Irish Times and TV (with some exceptions), and what can the passengers do? If they did not have a monopoly and there was like 10 different bus companies, no one would even notice the Dublin Bus strike.

        I think I have written and said everything what I had to say on the Dublin Bus mafia (nice kids you have, we would hate them missing the school for a month).

        I can only copy and paste what I have written on this blog on May 5, 2015:

        “I personally totally understand DB drivers who, when offered 769.74 for a 5 day week (which in DB is considered overtime, for their normal working week is 565.95 for four days) – salaries which I would like to remind everyone are not earned but extorted from graduates on 21k who have just left college with debt avail of that salary bonanza.

        This whole ‘bus drivers v passengers’ thing misses the whole point.

        The point is that the ‘The Road Transport Act’ of 1932 provides a mafia-style cloak of protection around our family of Dublin BuSopranos. The second point is that this BuSopranos family cannot be narrowed down only to trade unions for governments are equally culpable: in 1999 over 200 applications were made to the Department for provision of private services and only two were granted. This was not because the applicants could not meet the standards for one cannot imagine lower standards of operating their service than in Dublin BuSopranos.”

        Dublin Bus are the enemy within and I start wondering whether this is not a planned attempt to destabilise the Irish state and whether the Irish counter-intelligence should not have a closer look at that form of a financial terrorism.

        I have said enough on Dublin Bus. I only this to say to their unions and their bad-mannered, inarticulate reps extorting money from their passengers via mafia-like structures:

        “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”

        • Truthist


          Re ; Dublin Bus
          I surprised that u do not :
          extend ur argument to discuss, & compare to Dub. Bus, fellow CIE subsidiary company “Bus Eireann”
          comment about the remaining CIE subsidiary company Iarnroid Eireann
          discuss CIE ; The very holding company of 3 subsidearies :
          Dub. Bus, Bus Eireann, & Iarnroid Eireann.
          U should be interested in looking into, & perhaps contacting a certain Cork Dr. of Electrical Engineering from University of Iowa [ PhD got in 1950's I think ] who is a man of many parts,
          Electrical Engineer
          Company Receiver [ retired I understand ]
          Company Formations specialist [ retired I think ]
          University Lecturer
          “World Expert” — I think — on Aviation Law ; Or something like that
          “Bane” of C.I.E. 8-)
          There was 1 page profile on him some years ago in “The Phoenix” Magazine ;
          Political & Social satire & gossip & opinion publication.
          In the profile, Grimes is describing himself as ;
          “a f..cking Nuisance”
          Occasionally there is a report on Dr. Grimes’s activities
          CIE having appointed him as Consultant with 1st Class Carriage privileges if he ever travelling on Iarnroid Eireann such was CIE felt compelled in how to deal with their most “f..cking nuisance” critic.
          I perceived that “The Phoenix” magazine quite like Grimes, & his adventures challenging the State.
          Indeed, I thought that the very senior folks of The Phoenix might be old chums with him.
 results for search terms ;
          Michael Grimes, Cork AND CIE AND supreme court AND receiver

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “I surprised that u do not :
            1st extend ur argument to discuss, & compare to Dub. Bus, fellow CIE subsidiary company “Bus Eireann”

            comment about the remaining CIE subsidiary company Iarnroid Eireann”

            that’s because it’s the DB who are on strike; besides, Bus Eireann workers took some cuts in the past, while the DB workers have just made up for the loses their company made due to overly high wages by rising ticket prices by half since 2009; last but not least, Bus Eireann faces some competition (i.e. on their airport routes), while DB does not.

            The problem with DB is not that there is not enough subsidy – the problem is that there is:

            - a monopoly
            - too much subsidy
            - salaries that are too high
            - which salaries are financed by prices that are too high
            - quality that is too low (timetables – Ireland is the only European country with no working timetables)

            It is not a battle between workers and management/Minister for Transport.

            It is a terror imposed by workers on 800 against workers on 300.

            And there is this shameful lie of DB (totally unchallened on the media – I have never heard that being challenged) of the too-low-subdidy and subsidy cuts.

            First of all, whatever little reductions in subsidy was more than compensated in 50% ticket prices hike since 2009.
            Secondly, oil went down by 2/3 and so did their cost
            Thirdly, DB conveniently forget that direct subsidies are not the only subdidies they get: they also get buses and other stuff for free, that is we pay for that (direct subsidy goes almost entirely to wages).

            From the inquiry in the Dail:

            Ref No:
            47180/13 Lottery: 61

            “In the NTA’s recently published economic analyis of Direct Award Bus Contract in the Dublin market, it was stated that a comparative analysis of subvention levels across Europe indicated that levels of public transport subvention vary between 35 and 60 percent of revenue. It added that when all State interventions (including the PSO subvention, Free Travel Scheme, tax foregone as a result of the Taxsaver scheme, emergency funding and funding for the purchase of new buses) are taken into account, the level of subvention to Dublin Bus is at the upper end of the range and approaches 50%.”

            (quotation courtesy to Donegal Independent TD Thomas Pringle).

            To summarize it:

            Do DB drivers deserve to be paid more than 40% of what London drivers are paid?

            Therefore only Thatcherite solution will do (that is not at all to say I think all of her policies were correct):

            - break down the DB monopoly
            - privatise DB
            - offer a police protection to those drivers that do not want to strike (as in Thatcher’s Britain the trade unions killed a taxi driver who was driving the strike-breakers to work).

            DO IT NOW! I’m counting on people losing their patience with DB at the All Ireland final next week; this is how people in Brasil reacted over 8 CENTS fare increase:


            And we had a ONE EURO increase for the last 7 years.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            A very good article on that in today’s Sunday Business Post by Prof. Stephen (not to be confused with Ray) Kinsella:


            Also, I have noticed that Mr Ian O’Doherty writes very good articles; a rarity. Some of his articles are really not PC, for example:


            When I come across something blatantly stupid [i.e. the shameful lies of Dr Keven McCarthy - and where - him spreading anti-Polish xenophobia in the Belfast Telegraph after the wave of brutal attacks on Polish families (is that the reason he got a sinecure at the museum?), out of all publishing outlets! - from beautiful Kinsale - 3rd most expensive small Irish town now!], I am first to uncover the lies.

            But when I come across something good, I am also first to praise it. I think that all in all, Messrs McWilliams, Kinsella, O’Doherty have been consistently the top 3 Irish columnists (Mr Gurdgiew would be there if he was publsihing more often), even if I sometimes disagree with some of them, and by the love of God, disagreeing I sometimes do :-)

            Keep the good work, Mr Doherty.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I’m sorry – Mr O’Dohertym not Doherty; I keep thinking Doherty because 10 years ago Doherty was my girlfriend from Derry Bogside.

    • McCawber

      As an aside.
      The phoenix park tunnel is being opened for public transport use.
      This would be a perfect opportunity to use a driverless train as I understand it is a simple A to B shuttle.
      The excuse for not using the tunnel sooner was the need for a modern signalling system – well away you go no more excuses and a robotic train system to boot.
      Robonomics in action where the public can set it.

      • Truthist

        Deco is correct that the way to go is [ very ] high rise housing accomodation for to solve the housing problem in Dublin.
        And, I picked up that this should be the solution for Cork also.
        But, I disagree with his recommendation that there should be an “underground” metro for Dublin.
        I recommend instead a “Sky Train” ;
        a Metro train running on rail network raised on Pillars.
        Stations are connected to street pavement by :
        inter alia

        Much better in every way than “underground” metro system.
        Bangkok, Thailand
        Vancouver, Canada

      • Truthist

        Would be mighty convenient for some.
        Recall “The Phoenix” magazine cover page that followed the scandal of a certain “champagne” Militant Socialist Labor Party T.D. caught again in what were numerous such incidents by him in The Phoenix Park ;
        The Phoenix cover page had a photo of just 2 Stags in a park with a speech bubble emanating from 1 stag asking of the other ;
        “Your place or mine ?”
        Such are our Politicians & other Politicos — including many Civil SERPENTS — that we should investigate them as sleuths in across the water, England & Wales, have done about their own old dears.
        Politicos involved in E.U. Treaties & stuff like that should be good candidates to research.

  37. mike flannelly

    Great Letter Of The Day in todays Irish Indo – Grzeg.

    Central bankers have misused their responsibilities and are an affront to democracy.

    They central bankers have a constitutional duty of care for the citizens economy(to serve all citizens) but act in a completely unconstitutional bias manner for their own benefit and the benefit of private bankers.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Great Letter Of The Day in todays Irish Indo – Grzeg.”

      Thanks, Mike :-)

      • mike flannelly

        Praise where praise is due.
        Well done.

        • Can someone paste a copy of the letter in here please?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Hi Adam, sorry for late reply – just been very busy. Unfortunately the letter was published on Saturday, Sep 24, and it looks like they did not put online any letters from that day (they did not manage to arrive at work that day because of the strike and ensuing traffic jams lol?).

            It was called “No taxation without representation – a cornerstone of democracy” and it was my polemic with David’s article on capitalism and democracy. But there are other letters of mine online (funny enough, my old letters in the The Irish Times are now very difficult to find online – i.e. my criticism of the former governor of the Irish central bank – since I had a go at the accuracy of Mr Scully’s coverage on the Constitutional Tribunal in Poland).

  38. Truthist

    Hi Mike,
    Re ;
    “The central bankers have a constitutional duty of care for the citizens economy (to serve all citizens) …”
    Please supply the exact part of the Constitution that says so.
    Off-hand, I think that u are wrong.
    And, from what I can see, the Central Bank of Ireland has its staff paid for by the Irish State, but … BUT !
    But, the Central Bank of Ireland only has duty to The International Bank of Settlements
    The Rothschilds

  39. ” This is how Western democracies operate today. They are run primarily by banking interests that create narratives intended to drive certain economic and sociopolitical results.”

    ” The primary enforcers of these narratives are intel agencies like the Mossad, CIA, MI5 and MI6 and of course the FBI.”

  40. bilimori

    This is one of the worst articles from DMcW,
    This is what he thinks of Trump:
    …the horror of a Trump presidency
    …destroyer of — the Grand Old Party.
    …a ridiculous fraud
    …a scam-artist
    …an unhinged self-promoter
    …the maturity of a spoilt child
    …his lying
    …most base racist urges
    …the celebrity demagogue
    …a comic-book racist
    Thank God we have an unbiased economist of a scribe, hate to think what he would have said if he was biased.
    Of course, Dave gives Hillary a free pass, totally in accord with the free pass that she gets from our elitists and the U.S. Government and major MSM’s and from law enforcement agencies. But I understand why,as Dave’s brief bio says that he is a central banker, a global strategist with large investment banks.We know where his allegiance is.
    Trump is a rogue elitist and may cause unexpected harm to the establishment. Hillary the ever obedient lackey of the elitists is their paid for candidate. That is what this election is all about
    Real democracy, working on behalf of the majority of the people, does not exist in the USA.
    The comparisons drawn between Democracy and Capitalism bear no relevance to our world. For instance;
    ” Capitalism is good at expanding the pie, democracy is all about dividing up that growing pie.”
    Is a falsehood.
    Elitist capitalism has divided the pie so that they get most of it, and the bigger the pie, then they will take exponentially more. Tight-fisted control of wages, unlimited illegal immigration, millions of manufacturing jobs destroyed, corruption of our political system, are all the doings of the financial elite, and whose spokesman this self- styled brilliant teacher obviously is.

    • Capitalism has been long dead in the upper echelons.
      Replaced by coporatism morphing rapidly into basic Fascism.
      Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest if they are lucky.
      The state now owns and or controls the means of production.
      The state distributes the rewards.

    • Truthist

      Excellent perception.
      I will take the trouble to copy & paste into word processing application, & redact slightly, & format in as large as font as A4 sheet will accomodate all ur post.
      File away of course into folder dedicated to significant posts on DMW Blog.
      Then I will print, & maybe laminate.
      Certainly will promulgate.


    “Without the stimulus of ever-rising credit,(AKA ever increasing expansion of the money supply which is all issued as an interest bearing debt. TB) the global economy craters in a self-reinforcing cycle of defaults, deleveraging and collapsing debt-based consumption.”

    David will never examine the gross Ponzi scheme of our money supply operated by the central bankers and the commercial fractional reserve banking. His loyalty is to the central banking system. He revels in the production of dishonest money.

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