September 5, 2016

The Apple ruling is a moment of choice for Ireland

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The Apple tax case marks a fork in the road – a moment of choice. It allows us to think strategically, and provides Ireland with an opportunity to think geo-strategically about our next move.


For the past 30 years, Ireland has been trying to straddle corporate America and social Europe. We have become a beachhead for US companies while remaining reasonably good European citizens, genuflecting – at least in public – to European social aspirations, despite the fact that, philosophically at least, corporate America and social Europe are at polar ends of the political spectrum.


As a result, Ireland’s economy has become more profoundly Anglo-American with everything that implies for labour laws, lower taxation, less regulation and free markets. In life, your choice is between risk and insurance. You can take risks or take out insurance against risks, and in the great existential battle between risk and insurance, the Anglo-American bias is for risk over insurance.


So that has been our economic choice. Yet, at every juncture, our civil servant class has signed us up to deeper and deeper EU integration and its subtext of a “social Europe”, with everything that implies for higher taxation, more regulation and managed markets. In the great battle between risk and insurance, the EU bias is for insurance over risk.


Despite these philosophical inconsistencies, the results of our ideological promiscuity for the average citizen of this country have been quite remarkable. Since the early 1990s, when the US multinationals started investing in great numbers and EU structural funds began to diminish as a percentage of GDP, the economy has expanded rapidly. Ireland has been growing on average three times faster than mainland Europe, Irish incomes have risen commensurately and, as a result of US investment, the capital base of the country is much more sophisticated than most other European countries.


The best indicator of this performance is immigration. People head to where opportunity lies. Hundreds of thousands of young people from the EU live and work here because our hybrid, Anglo-American economy has performed so much better than the rest.


These are the macro facts, despite our colossal bust. Geo-strategically, we have avoided making a choice between the EU which, broadly speaking, favours a more socialist worldview; and the US corporate world, which favours a more capitalist outlook.


Balancing both of these in a globalised world is tricky and, sometimes, the inconsistencies come to a head.


Ireland is like a jockey riding two horses. As long as the horses are running in the same direction the jockey’s position is just about manageable but when they run in opposite directions, the jockey’s position becomes uncomfortable and, ultimately, untenable.


This case is the beginning of a war between the EU and the US, not over tax, but over power, which will force Ireland to make a choice. Years ago, as a student in the College of Europe (a sort of finishing school for Eurocrats), and subsequently as a central banker going to EU meetings, I was struck by the deep anti-US sentiment within the corridors of power in Brussels. The goal of the EU in most political quarters appeared to be a European antidote to US global power. This is understandable for crestfallen countries like France – but for Ireland?


Ireland is not, and never has been, a European country in the continental sense of the word. We know this; and so do they. We are an Atlantic race. Our cultural, linguistic, familial, commercial and historical links are with the Atlantic world, with America, Britain and Canada. At a wider level, these deep links are with the English speaking, common-law nations. The notion that we have something deeply in common with the French or Germans (not to mention Romanians or Bulgarians) which comes close to the extent of our link with the Americans is fanciful at best, deluded at worst.


In the past 30 years, our ancestral links to the US have become more concrete by the massive bet that corporate America has taken on Ireland, making the Irish economy look more like Connecticut with poor weather than Tuscany in the North Atlantic. The fact that 30 per cent of our imports still come from Britain underscores the failure of the European project in diverting even our basic trade patterns. The US is our largest trading partner; let’s not forget that, the next time we are lectured by a Danish politician on corporation tax when she doesn’t even pay income tax on her own euro salary.


Our future is not a European Ireland with Atlantic links, but an Atlantic Ireland with European links. This is the way to prosperity. Indeed, the rather Cold War-esque notion of the US and Europe competing for global dominance looks even more outdated when we appreciate that China will soon be the biggest economy in the world and that the EU’s population is only a quarter of India’s. The EU seems increasingly like a legacy project, something like the Commonwealth – an institution or set of institutions whose relevance is becoming more and more tangential. It feels very much a creature of the 20th century.


Since the Eurozone crisis, Brexit and the evident lack of any common position on Ukraine, Syria or indeed the biggest issue, refugees, the EU’s lack of focus has become apparent. These internal inconsistencies imply that the impetus for further integration has clearly stalled, begging the question: what exactly is the EU for in the 21st century?


It may rediscover its mojo, but we can’t wait for that. The world keeps spinning, and is not waiting for the next big bureaucratic wheeze from Brussels.


Looking forward – in a globalised world where Ireland is in competition not only with Belgium and Hungary but with Singapore, India, Israel and Hong Kong for mobile capital, professional employment, hi-tech investment and opportunity – we need to remain attractive to business. This does not just apply to footloose business but to our own entrepreneurial class – both ethnically Irish and, increasingly, ambitious immigrants whose knowledge of foreign markets is a massive silent plus for Atlantic Ireland.


Ireland has to see itself as a hub for global business, and we must regard ourselves as a host for the best and most creative European labour and talent as well as the most cutting-edge US technology. This is the elixir of prosperity in the 21st century. We should aim to be a wired version of a Hanseatic city-state, open, trading, making alliances with everyone, beholden to none. That is what Atlantic Ireland looks like.


Obviously, Apple should pay whatever tax it owes. That tax should go to Ireland. Otherwise, the EU Commission is regarding our Revenue Commissioners as a tax collector arm of other European governments. This is totally bizarre, and raises the question: will those other countries pay the wages of Irish tax officials who are now supposed to be working for them against Apple?


However, the bigger choice is between the Atlantic and the continent. Ireland has always been Atlantic, never continental. With the British now out of the EU, we can play a quasi-continental card, but never forget it is US capital that makes our economy dynamic.


If the bureaucratic EU is on a collision course with corporate America, we should be very clear – from an economic perspective – which side we are on. Atlantic Ireland is our future.

  1. AlfieMoone

    ‘As a result, Ireland’s economy has become more profoundly Anglo-American with everything that implies for labour laws, lower taxation, less regulation and free markets. In life, your choice is between risk and insurance. You can take risks or take out insurance against risks, and in the great existential battle between risk and insurance, the Anglo-American bias is for risk over insurance.

    So that has been our economic choice.’ David McWilliams.

    I disagree. In fact, the Irish economic model, as proven by the Bailout of Banks has always been ‘fake Capitalism back-stopped by Social Taxpayers in extremis’ Ireland is not alone in this absurd creed but it is perhaps the most extreme of the Neo-Liberal apostles of ‘risk’ who run to the Public Purse when their gambling chips fail. The US/UK/Eurozone – all have been running the same parasitical scam for decades but now the game is up. Any and all ‘risks’ taken by so-called Irish entrepreneurs in the property development markets were underwritten from the get-go by a supplicant, compliant corrupt legislative and regulatory apparatus, led by media cheer-leaders with a few honourable exceptions, the author of this article being one of them.

    I do not see how Ireland can move on unless and until the Eurozone collapses and implodes upon itself once the maths of Grexit resurface. I also fail to see how almost anybody on the Ireland of island expects to be taken seriously when they surrended Sovereignty to the Troika for a bailout, subjecting the subjects of their regime to Austerity causing mass emmigration, yet blather on about being bullied by big brother countries in Europe now that the full price of the banking crisis and it’s aftermath of EU Corporate Tax Harmonization hovers into view. Once the original Core EU behemoth implements it’s subconscious Vision Thing/Mission Statement to re-order Europe on the basis of Germanic Puritan ‘sound money’ philosophy & sheds any non-compliant Eastern/Southern refuseniks after Grexit, Ireland will effectively cease to exist other than as a province and a satrapy as Great Brexitan will become an inexorable magnet for footloose Capital to be based in Singapore-on-Thames. The spreadsheet of Ireland Inc only makes sense if the Euro is a success: it is doomed. There is no Plan B amidst the Irish Ruling Class and never was. They placed all their chips on a punt on Europa and they will lose everything, including the countries’ very identity. Given it’s 2016 and both FF and FG have sold their subjects down the Liffey, the ironies of the 1916 Centenary simply amplify with every passing week.

    Ireland is an Net Recipient of EU funds over decades so unlike the UK which has been a Net Contributor, there is no option of an orderly Irish exit. Were it to try to leave either the Euro or the EU other than in the final chaotic stages of both project’s demise, it would become an international pariah, well, even more than it currently is as the most sleveen cute hoor tax whoring parasitic economic scamster which openly advertises it’s activities shamelessly unlike the discrete tax havens of the Crown colonies/protectorates of Manx & The Channel Islands. I’m sure it looked a good wheeze in Dublin in the mid-90s to play the Euro & the Crown off against each other, led on by the United States but sadly those running the Republic didn’t even factor in that their smart-arsed calculations might merely have been a novice pawn move on a wider geo-strategic Great Game involving the ?€, £ & $. As the US ‘nativists’ finally clock on to the fact that their ‘American’ Corporations have not only been off-shoring all the jobs that made the US Middle Class possible but all the profits that the publicly funded tax-dollar infrastructure that the New Deal enabled, the green shamrock 17th March O’Bama nonsense will have as much effect on either Trump or a Clinton in fear of Trump Presidency as hapless Enda’s exhortations to the Shire and London Irish to pull on the Green Jersey and vote to remain in the EU.

    Mr McWilliams is wrong about the Commonwealth. Ask Australia. The implications of any EU tariff barrier nonsense againt Brexit on Ireland’s food exports to the UK doesn’t bear thinking about. New Zealand next. And Ireland is locking itself out of the New Commonwealth by choice. I guess that’s just part of the consequences of 1916…

    ‘Australia to seal early trade deal with Britain after Brexit, says Turnbull
    As he meets British counterpart Theresa May at G20 summit in China, Australian prime minister says plans are ‘already well advanced’’

    ‘Turnbull said Britain planned to exit the EU by early 2019 and had “an enormous amount of work to do to put in place new free trade agreements”.

    “They don’t have any trade negotiators. They haven’t had to negotiate a trade agreement for over 40 years because they’ve been part of the European system.”

    Turnbull said May was “very grateful” for technical assistance Australia had provided for “getting in to deal with the British early” by concluding an agreement.’

    ‘We should aim to be a wired version of a Hanseatic city-state, open, trading, making alliances with everyone, beholden to none. That is what Atlantic Ireland looks like.’ David McWilliams

    Sorry, but whilst the Republic of Ireland remains in the EUro straight-jacket this is just a pipe-dream for Ireland Inc. And because Ireland is bonded by Odious Debt after the European Banking Crisis and in hock as a Net Recipient of EU funds over decades, the policy options of any Irish government ‘going forward’ are simply terrifying.

    I think it’s far more likely that the island of Britain is set to become such an entrepot trading hub because: Brexit.

    Finally, having flown in from Cophenhagen to Birmingham yesterday, there is no real conflict between risk and security and the Danes prove it. Progressives might not want to see the Danis model replicated on these islands in it’s entirety but it’s clear to me that the real existential and philosophical challenge facing Nation State economies isn’t the fake debate between Risk and Insurance but the real one between Integrity and Corruption with the relationship between the Corporation and the Nation State buffered and mediated to the Citizen/Subject by Media and Lobbyists is the only meaningful debate and the one on which I will base my political campaigns in the future. And it’s also clear to me that Denmark will leave the European Union no matter what tax-free functionaries of the EU Leviathan think….

    Alfie Moone

    Taoiseach to The Global 5th Province of the Isles Of Wonder Commonwealth


    President of Independent Mercia within Core UK England and Wales.

    • Mike Lucey


      “Ireland is an Net Recipient of EU funds over decades so unlike the UK which has been a Net Contributor, there is no option of an orderly Irish exit. Were it to try to leave either the Euro or the EU other than in the final chaotic stages of both project’s demise, it would become an international pariah” AlfieMoone

      I think you may not be taking into account our Territorial Fisheries which the EU conveniently forgets and Ire Inc also forgets. This link may cast some light,

      Ireland thankful for the EU. Myth. The EU owe the Irish.


      EU Funds received €72,000,000,000 (1973-2013)
      IE Funds contribution €31,000,000,000
      IE Net Benefit €41,000,000,000

      IE Fisheries Commercial value €201,000,000,000
      IE Share €17,000,000,000
      EU Net Benefit €184,000,000,000

      EU Net Benefit = in excess of €140,000,000,000

      (David Doyle), Public Accounts Committee; EuroStat/ICES database:available at

      The thought has just crossed my mind that maybe Enda should knock out an Ireland Inc invoice to the EU for,

      €140,000,000,000 less €13,000,000,000 (to cover Apple) = €127,000,000,000 and see where things go from there.

      • AlfieMoone

        Mike Lucey.

        You raise an important point about the historical valuation and sale of the Irish Resource Base but it isn’t something that I’ve overlooked. On the contrary, it’s near the top of my list of grievances against the various Soldiers of Infamy who have run the island of Ireland since 1916 kick-started a failed counter-revolution against foreign occupation only to end up with the entire asset stripping not only of current tax flows to fund Odious Bank debt but with future resource income streams sold for a pittance for venal short-term political gains rather than stewarded for long-term statemanship goals.

        If anyone imagines that any of the Irish Ruling Class who flogged off the rights to fishing and oil/gas/mineral prospecting in Irish territorial waters did a thorough NPV analysis of it all then I want some of what they’re smoking.

        The horror of it all is ‘a deal is a deal’ and whether it’s ‘my word is my bond’ or ‘my country for a song’ it’s simply not possible to go back and claim ignorance for being the patsy at the EU poker table. Ireland was poor upon entrance to the EU because it had endured decades of self-inflicted banjaxing to it’s economic prospects through inept governance and subervience to the new Roman Elite who took over the reigns of Deference when the Brits were shown the door. But the real power structures of inherited Norman landed gentry have remained in power since they were ensconced in Kilkenny Castle, now they’re holed up in the IFSC and regard anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their Coca Cola Capitalist simplicities as a dangerous ‘nativist’ even as they exhibit show-boating Centenary celebrations of an Uprising that has absolutely nothing to do with their devious attemps to deconstruct the very notion of Irish Nationalism and replace it with an imported Globalist hegemony based around Financialism and Tech Companies riding on the public purse.

        The sheer effrontery of it all is matched by the paucity of ambition and imagination, of which Selling Ireland For An EU Punt is just a a part of. To return to your specific point, nobody in a position of strategic infuence or power in Ireland was able to kick-start a proper analysis and exploitation of Irelands fishing grounds as the entrenched cattle/crop hegemony of the Farmer Class simply had no interest in such an alien concept. Irish people only ate fish on Friday so saw no folly in selling some of the richest fishing grounds on earth to the EU for a fraction of their worth. Last week in Palma I observed the fish markets and wondered how much of the catch was from either the North or Irish Seas.

        The Chinese leased Hong Kong but they got it back after 100 years. Their culture, however, is inimicable to that of the British value system that turned Hong Kong into an entrepot hub and it will revert to a Chinese backwater once British values are stifled.

        The Irish have sold off their fishing and fossil fuel resources for nothing, allowed them to absorbed into an EU super structure/behemoth in perpetuity. Barring a disorderly collapse of the EUro project, that is Ireland’s tragic trajectory and destiny.

        An Irish Taoiseach sells an historic aquarium at a Brussels Market for a fiver. He then watches Antiques Roadshow and realises it was worth £5 million. He returns to the market and demands the full price of the asset he foolishly sold for buttons. The Market stall holder smiles and says “Hello, my name is Jean-Claude Juncket. I can’t return your acquariam but I have some fish I can sell you. And I can offer very reasonable interest finance so you can afford these fish every week.” Paddy Taoiseach scratches his head and says “Ok! Deal!” and walks off with a goldfish in a plastic bag. Jean-Claude smiles. Another happy customer.

        • Deco

          I presume you are referring to the Drunk from Tullamore. Very easy do a bad deal when the mind is eroded by heavy boozing.

          • AlfieMoone

            Deco, Gregorz, Mike Lucey. Thanks for the *interesting* comments on all this. I’ve been too busy to respond till now.

            Not just the ‘Drunk from Tullamore’. As far as I’m concerned, 1916 was just a heist, where two sets of gangsters engaged in a turf war. The traditional Norman Toraigh Irish Viking Aristocratic Ruling Class who kissed their cousin cadre Brit’s ass for centuries were temporarily thrown a curve-ball by all the Celtic-Mystic Pearse nonsense but Order & BAU was soon restored as the ‘Soldiers of Destiny’ morphed into the ‘Soldiers of Infamy’ who banjaxed the island from 1916 to 2016, turning it into a chaotic crypto-fascist Theocracy whilst throwing out Green Jerseys & ‘hate the English’ as a sop to the roused masses or those that didn’t emmigrate, flee the regimes.

            Whilst one can see a certain beserk logic to the opportunistic gaming of WW1 to try and create a ‘free’ Ireland, The Rising did no such thing. It merely substituted one bunch of thugs for another. The fact that the new thugs were Irish surely meant little to the millions over the next century who fled on the night boat to British industrial cities, or were incarcerated in Industrial Schools, raped by Xtian Brothers and all the rest of the myriad calamities which 1916 set forth.

            Haughey on his private island with his silk shirts, Biffo, Bertie, Kenny: a bunch of fucking clowns. Yes, some noble folk attempted to make a fist of the dog’s dinner that was 1916′s Urban Terrorist legacy but you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Bruton is an Euro dickhead but his take on 1916 can’t really be debunked. The Brits didn’t want to lose Ireland and had already accepted a new configuration on these Isles of Wonder. If Connolly & Collins hadn’t succumbed to Pearse’s Blood Sacrifice psychosis then a different destiny could have unfolded. But Pearse was just a bullied BrummieBoy who was teased over his Birmingham accent beyond endurance at St Enda’s and, given the slobbering hebophilia of his poetry, one can only surmise that he was also initiated into to the 50 Shades of Pay, Pray, Obey BDSM Dark Side of all that KkatholiKKK Celtic Warrior stuff by some teacher or priest. Nothing wrong with that if he was of an age to make an informed choice and consent, I did it myself, but we simply don’t know what *triggered* Pearse but the clues are pretty vivid.

            What we do know is he was a victim of at least minor child abuse by rabid ‘Yonder Saxon Foe’ anti-English sentiment in Dublin at the time his Atheist Brummie father moved the family to the ‘promised land’. I am clear that Padraig’s psychosis emerged from being bullied for being a BrummieBoy and/or by being buggered by some priests/teachers. Nobody rational could conclude he wasn’t homosexual and his entire Blood Sacrifice would have made total sense in Sparta or alongside Alexander The Great. The homoerotic subtext of 1916 isn’t a subtext, it’s the main motif, with Collins the ‘fine figure of a man’ Gay Icon Idol that Pearse knew he could never match even as he worked through his ‘I love a man in a uniform’ fetish.

            De Valera? Don’t get me started but I think Gregorz take-down is pretty smart. Yes, Pearse, Collins & Connolly would have created a scorched-earth economy of a different but similar nature had they not been executed for ‘not being a Yank’ but that’s not the point. The point is that the entire psychotic cast of 1916 remain as the Lodestars of The Irish Narrative & it’s getting worse with attempts by delusional feminists and gays to claim them as allies when Pearse would have burned down The George and executed any woman who tried to #RepealThe8th. As for Casement, before he re-imagined himself as an ‘Irish Revolutionary’ he was just another Colonialist Sex Tourist who used his power, privilege and wealth to fuck third world ‘rent boys’. What’s the difference between him and Keith Vaz?

            Unless and until the 1916 ‘narrative’ is seen for what is actually was and for so long as it hangs like a sultry fog of murder and mayhem over Official Irish History, there is no hope of Ireland avoiding another bout of psychoses when it realises it’s ‘gallant EUro Allies’ are bastards who intend to eliminate the Nation State and re-fashion it as a Corporate Client State. It’s already happened but because there’s been a temporary froth of ‘economic income’ (without sustainable economic wealth’), the Trojan Horse of Globalism on the Liffey is hailed as a ‘solution’ to the previous bouts of psychoses when it’s just yet another one but possibly the terminal episode. It’s one thing inviting feral footloose International Capital into Ireland to bootstrap/kick-start sustainable wealth creation over generations but that’s not what’s happened. With the Odious Debt of the Banking Bailout and the wasted European Infrastructure Dividend which was thrown on the bonfire of vanities that was property development, Ireland is now trapped. William Hague was exactly right when he described joining the EUro as being stuck in a burning building with no fire exit. But there IS a fire exit and it is to regenerate the original blueprint which Connolly had in mind. I’m going to upcycle a blast of Tweets which I let loose yesterday on this topic.

            Anyone watching the RTE coverage would have seen me on the front row at Liberty Hall’s 29/3/16 ‘State Commemoration of James Connolly & Irish Citizen Army’. I’ll leave you all to ponder how and why I was guided to a seat directly behind barrier as the President laid the wreath. I’m still not sure if it was a fluke or ‘someone important’ spotted me, knows me, reads all this and was making a point for the historical record. For Posterity.

            P3 para 2 of the programme for this event states:

            “The main influences on (Connolly) were the writings of Karl Marx & John Leslie (who) believed Ireland had right to self-determination but he hoped it would become a voluntary partner in a federated socialist Britain”.

            In 2016 ‘Britain’ grates so I replace it with ‘IslesOfWonder’ for my Blueprint of a post-EU Atlanticist future for these symbiotic islands as kick-starter, prelude for the wider, deeper Rise of a Global Irish 5th Province diaspora that recognises the truth: Yonder Saxon Foe = Hidden Norman Foe. I have re-written the lyrics to ‘Amhrán na bhFiann’ for my first LP record. I do not expect many to listen calmly but I have a job to do: Save Ireland.

            On both islands & within the world-wide Diaspora US/Aus/NZ/Canada/Argentina,it’s Intersectional Class Analysis that will lead to [R]evolutionary Praxis for Ireland, not the delusional, discredited nostrums that inform the Narrative of 1916. Ecoutez et repetez, Paddy!

            1916 was hijacked by Padraig’s bizarre blood-sacrifice mysticism caused by being bullied as ‘BrummieBoy’ in playground. Pearse rejected Dad’s Brum Atheism & embraced Rome: all due to childhood abuse.Sinead was spot on with the lyrics to ‘Famine’!

            “OK, I want to talk about Ireland
            Specifically I want to talk about the “famine”
            About the fact that there never really was one
            There was no “famine”
            See Irish people were only allowed to eat potatoes
            All of the other food
            Meat fish vegetables
            Were shipped out of the country under armed guard
            To England while the Irish people starved
            And then on the middle of all this
            They gave us money not to teach our children Irish
            And so we lost our history
            And this is what I think is still hurting me” Sinead O’Connor.

            The problem with these lyrics is that they reify, totalise and concretise both ‘Ireland’ and ‘England’ whereby all English are guilty and all Irish are innocent. Who da fuck allowed the food to leave? The Norman Tory Viking Ruling Class who still run the island. This conflation of ‘England/The English’ with the crimes of the Norman Toraigh Viking Ruling Classes on BOTH islands over centuries what leads to the damnation of 21st November 1974 when ‘Irish Revolutionaries’ bombed not only Birmingham working class drinkers but Irish ones too, whose parent’s had fled the failed counter-revolution that 1916 ushered in. Once historical guilt is used to ‘Other’ an entire population as The Enemy, the justification for mass murder is self-fulfilling. The cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow were not populated by volunteers from The Shires and the Highlands. It was Class War. Still is. But throwing out Green Jersey and fake rebel songs to those you enslave has proven a very effective tactic for the NTVRC on the island of Ireland just as English Nationalism was appropriated by their bastard cousins on the island of Britain who make up the Landed Gentry/City Ruling Classes with a false-flag Union Jack & a few Imperialist anthems. But both islands are about that NTVRC holding on to the land and wealth creation possibilities they seized in 1066 at Hastings and when their longboats landed at Dublin and Waterfjord. The current fake versions of English and Irish Nationalism play right into the trap they have always conjured up but, with my arrival on the stage of History, that game is up….

            If you seriously think Capital will stay in IRE when #EUro goes tits-up after #Brexit #Grexit & #DanExit,what R u smokin?

            The Shire Irish always migrated, shaped & influenced EngEireland’s Cultural Narrative despite Yonder Norman Foe hegemony.Lingusitics decodes these Isles of Wonder-not History-as that’s written by the Victors, not the Losers #IrishShakespeare

            From Shakespeare to Sabbath:I grew up hearing Culchies morph/remix Brum brogue which also Vogued & mimicked Paddy’s brogue in admiration and gentle mockery. I’m not talking about the non-trivial minority of racist trash but the general population who though the Irish made Birmingham ‘exciting’…then the Jamaicans arrived….LOL! ‘May the road Rise with you’: Rise by Public Image. ‘No blacks. No dogs. No Irish’ John Lydon. Listen to the Original Pronunciation of Shakespeare and you hear that the Shire Irish have been here a long, long time:

            Original Pronunciation – Hamlet – To Be, or not to be… – Ben Crystal


            1916:If Paddy now spoke fluent Gaeilge,German & French, wore Bayern kit,then ‘gallant EUro allies’ Destiny would beckon but gurriers on Dublin buses now say ‘innit’ & yoof on both Islands know both ruling Elites are lying, scheming scumbags. Once island-dwelling Irish see implication of post-#Brexit Juncker’s #NeuKilmainham EUro gilded cage:#IRExit innit mt8

        • Mike Lucey


          Thanks for your take on the situation. I agree with a lot of what you say but at the same time surely the Irish Territorial Waters remain part of Ireland. Is it not the case that Ireland agreed to make available this resource while we remain in the then EEC and now EU.

          I am comforted to know that should we leave the EU, and this looks to be creeping onto the edge of the table, we will recover full control of our Territorial Waters, all now 200 miles of it and ten times the size of our land mass. Should this happen in the future this will more than compensate for any loss of multinationals that move to low tax greener pastures.

          From what I read, with the proper development of our fisheries we could see 200K+ sustainable jobs created in Ireland. Surely this would be a more honest and sustainable enterprise.

          It will also be interesting to see what the UK does with its fisheries after Brexit. It appears their fishing fleet was one of the largest in Europe prior to joining the EEC / EU and is now a pale shadow of what it was. I have no doubt that it will be revitalised. We could do the same.

          Yes you are right about the Irish attitude towards fish. Its not glamorous and had to be eaten on Fridays as a penance.

          At the time we joined the EEC there was good things happening with the Irish Fishing Industry under the stewardship of a Mr Brendan O’Kelly the BIM boss.

          Here is some background I picked up from ‘The surrender of our fishing waters: A continental coup’

          ‘Mr Brendan O Kelly tried to warn the Government of the consequences of surrendering our fishing waters on the terms offered in 1971. Diehard EU apologists I have debated with attempted to argue that our fishing industry was in a state of complete underdevelopment at that time, thus attempting to gloss over the enormity of the injustice committed. In fact though, this is basically a lie or misrepresentation. Mr Brendan O Kelly, former chairman and chief executive of Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), presided over a total revamping of the industry, which was in fact going through somewhat of a boom at the time, as The Irish Times reported (30/12/95) in an overview of Mr O Kelly’s attempts to warn the Government of the consequences of surrendering our fishing waters, an immensely valuable and renewable natural resource, on such terms.

          Mr O Kelly moved to BIM in 1962 and oversaw a rapid development in the industry, which involved signing protocols with Norway, Poland and France, granting finance in exchange for Irish vessels being constructed in their shipyards. During JFK’s visit an Irish-US marine research project was signed, and the Times adds that the British Journal could state by 1968 that Ireland was “turning to fisheries development with the zest that she once poured into politics. She is rediscovering her national wealth… and has just begun to understand how valuable her rich fishing waters could be.”

          In an interview with The Sunday Press in November 1971, Mr O Kelly pointed out that the annual growth rate of Ireland’s fishing industry was greater than other EU countries and its value to GNP was on a par with three of the other applicant countries while exceeding the other two. Mr O Kelly, who was an advisor to Dr Patrick Hillery, then Minister for Foreign Affairs, was part of the delegation sent to Brussels to secure terms under the Common Fishery Policy. The night he arrived in Brussels he received a message from Dr Hillery informing him that he was not welcome on the delegation (as a result of his interview). He flew home the following morning. The terms secured were later roundly criticised in the Dail. But by then of course it was too late.’

          Now that we are caught between a rock and a hard place by the EU’s looking into our tax affairs and more so their ‘instructions’ to us we should do our own poking in relation to the questionable total acquisition of the Irish fishing grounds and at least, for the moment, strike a better deal that will allow us to properly and most importantly sustainably develop this natural resource which appears to be currently raped from many reports.

          By achieving this we would ensure a prosperous future for Ireland as people need natural quality food on an ongoing basis. Its the most important (apart from air) of the primary things people need, food, shelter and clothing. iPhones are well down the list.

          • Truthist

            Good stuff Mike.

            I myself have hit most of the public meetings involving the subject of the EEC / EC / EU with the travesty of what has been happening to our true territorial waters ;
            especially our Hydrocarbon resources & our the environmental condition of our coasts & of course our fishing rights.

            Very valuable info. u give ;
            Hillery being scurrilous !

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        In Defense of Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant Major) Alfie Moone,

        Also known as the President of Independent Mercia within Core UK England and Wales.


        I have to say I am a bit sceptical on that 1973-2013 IE Fisheries Commercial value €201,000,000,000 figure. That returns an average €5,250,000,000 per year – but according to a 1970 Department of Agriculture own report, which was produced in advance of Ireland joining the then EEC in 1973, Irish exports of fish and fishery products in 1968 were valued at £2.7m:

        — less than 1% of total exports in that year (btw, even b e f o r e joining EEC Ireland was exporting marginally more fish to EEC than to the UK and now Ireland exports the same amount seafood to the UK as it does to Nigeria, while it imports 3 times as much seafood from the UK as from the next 4 main countries of import, showing Ireland – still! – neo-colonial dependency of Ireland from the cunning Albion not that dissimilar of Poland’s – still! – neo-colonial dependency from Germany). Even if we generously multiply that figure by 20 due to inflation and currency change (in fact the inflation-allowed rate of the British pound between 1968-2016 is 1 : 16.4), that would only return £5.4m per year – almost A THOUSAND TIMES less than claimed in David Doyle’s Public Accounts Committee report. Also bear in mind that the value of Irish seafood exports as a percentage of GDP has tripled from less than 1% in 1968 to 2.9%. And do you think that the previous Irish governments cared about those 1,821 full-time sea fishermen Ireland had in 1969?
        I refer you to Mr Tim Pat Coogan’s conversation with Minister Brian Lenihan senior back in the 60s – while I do not agree with everything with Mr Coogan, i.e. his constant waving of the victim script puts him in danger of turning the Famine into another Holocaust industry, I nonetheless value him as a historian (btw, do you know that it was me who coined the phrase “Comical Leni”? – which I deeply regret because the traitor with the ECB/IMF that he was, it actually does haunt me a bit, I didn’t know at the time he had cancer – I am not t h a t cynical; in fact I’m often moved to tears by kittens, Chopin’s Mazurkas, Wagner’s musical dramas and romantic poetry, and I’m sensitive to the beauty of rural Ireland’s nocturnal landscape – I was meditating in Glendalough’s cemetery last Friday night):
        “Brian, a pleasant man, interrupted me suddenly to ask “Tim Pat! Do you know how many whole time and part time farmers there are in this country?” I did not know exactly but he rattled off the answer correct to a decimal point (around a quarter million, as I remember). Then he asked me did I know how many whole time and part time fishermen there were in the country. “including lobster men, currachmen, and the teacher who goes out in the summer night with a net after a few salmon?” Again I could not reply with certainty but Brian could again answer with pin point accuracy, something just over 9,000 as I recall. “That,” he continued, “would hardly elect one Fianna Fáil TD on the first count in a five seater. Now do you get me?”
        So what should Ireland do? In 1972 Ireland was able to extract only 92,000 tons of fish (the Sea Around Us Project estimated it even less at 78,500) compared to Denmark’s (e x c l u d i n g Greenland!) 1.4m – FIFTEEN times less (even today Denmark is Ireland’s fourth source of import)! Why? Because unlike Ireland, Denmark has a food industry with a high level of innovation. Conclusion? Ireland should emulate Denmark’s fishing industry. Actually – make that: Ireland should become Denmark but with lower taxes (there was a wonderful letter in yesterday’s the Irish Independent on how Ireland should take an example from Denmark in establishing a high added-value manufacturing base). Like Denmark, Ireland should acquire 47 fighter jets from the €13bn Apple windfall and change the “Irish” Sea into the no-seriously-folks-dis-is-de-Oirish-Sea-loike-so-take-yer-bombers-and-feck-off-if-yous-do-not-mind-sorry-for-asking (Ireland did not even have deep sea fishing fleet pre-EEC and no ship available to protect its fishing grounds – in fact, it was EEC that in 1976 gave funds to Ireland to commission 3 new protection vessels). Like Denmark, Ireland should cooperate with Poland in the sea security area, work with Machiavellian Jaroslaw Kaczynski on a new EU Treaty that would replace Lisbon and leave up to the EU countries which parts of the EU law they want to sign into (joint project of both countries that however didn’t gain traction it deserves because the Carolingian Europe created many smoke screens to divert attention, and I suspect that Apple might be one of them) and join the gas pipeline project Poland hatched with Denmark this year, whereby two prime ministers agreed that they would run a gas pipeline from Norway and run submarines looking for any intruder creeping around and hugger-muggering at the Baltic Sea. Like Denmark, Ireland should espouse her own Soeren Kierkegaard writing about alcohol rather than faith (“Hangover and Trembling”; great leap of faith in Coming of the last bus; three stages of spiritual journey: religious, alcoholic and bankrupt, etc.).

        Grzegorz Kolodziej of Leinster (in reality Gregor Wagner, former SS-Standartenfuehrer and employee of Dienststelle 114 which coined the phrase “Polish concentration camps”; a participant in a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10 named in the US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 which lay grounds for the Wirtschaftswunder, 1944; founder of Seán Russell’s (H.H.!) Nazi monument in Fairview Park and a leading officer of Dr Kevin McCarthy of Kinsale (living in Ireland sine 1945 and formerly known as Dr Joseph Goebbels)).

        • Grzegorz, I like your numbers. Numbers don’t lie (or lie less than words). It basically demolishes some of the most eloquent arguments of both David McW. and Mr. Alfie.

          My comment to David McW is this: if you think it is such an excellent idea – engineer a “Farage” manoeuvre, exit EU, go back to the Irish “Atlantic” economy of the 1970-ties, and see how that would work for you. Good luck! 8-:)

          Stan (Heretic) Bleszynski

          • AlfieMoone

            ‘Numbers don’t lie (or lie less than words). It basically demolishes some of the most eloquent arguments of both David McW. and Mr. Alfie.’ stanb

            “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Mark Twain

            “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.” John Kenneth Galbraith

            “people in this country have had enough of experts” Michael Gove

            “If thinking was going to change the destiny of the Human Race, it would have happened by now” Andy Mooney

            Culture *trumps* Economics, each and every single time. Economics is a politicisation of facts & pseudo facts for policy agendas.

            Any suited’n'booted Neoliberal droid with a spreadsheet & Powerpoint can make a case for justifying Irish Corporate Tax Policy in a conferene room in the IFSC but everyone else just looks at Leprechaunomics and Laughs Out Loud at the Beclowned Experts who have co-opted Irish culture, pulled on a dark green suit as Ireland Inc, and in doing so have threatened the extinction of the Republic Of Ireland as a Sovereign State subsumed as a debt service satrapy of a new Franco-Prussian expansionist EUro Empire. They are jokers, clowns presenting as ‘experts’. But they are chancers and eejits of the highest order and I have summarily debunked their nonsenses over the years.

            And last night, Michael Collins and James Connolly asked me to describe the plight of the average ‘culchie’ trapped ‘beyond The Pale’ in 2016. I told them that depression and suicide were on a frightening risedue to the impossibility of living up to the utterly toxic fantasy of what it means to be a successful Irish Citizen within the Europa compound. From the steroid hell of GAA youth having hip replacements or jumping into the Liffey rather than come out as *not entirely heterosexual* to the frazzled working mother forced to compete with dysfunctional masculinity to keep the show on the road, it’s all become a nightmare for so many whilst Official Ireland parades around Dublin ‘commemorating 1916′ with antique toy tanks and UN peace-keepers pretending to be Sovereign Soldiers protecting a territorial integrity that no longer exists. I told them that Ireland was now largely seen as a laughing stock by the cognoscenti beyond Dublin, as a sick joke. But as the song goes: “that joke isn’t funny any more”. Michael Collins asked me to sing it, so I did. I love karaoke! I said the them both “let’s play ‘spot the Plastic Paddy within this video montage of ‘British’ comedy genius’. Michael asked me again:

            “Andy, we understand about Padraig’s Atheist Brummie da but can you talk a litte more about the Shire Irish being the only real authentic repository of the story of Irish Independence? And what do you actually mean by your Isles of Wonder-EngEireland motif?And is there any more of that Unterberg-on-ice left, BrummieBoy?”


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I think that David’s idea of an Atlantic Ireland – and bear in mind, I’d rather have the EU Atlantic than suburbs of Berlin – bus is it not a false dichotomy? – is at this stage in statu nascendi so to say; it’s hard to say whether it involves leaving the EU (David says that sees the EU rather as a legacy project, which can be interpreted two-folds: there is no chance for the EU to reform and we will end up in the pre-EEC Europe or the EU in the shape as it is not sustainable and must revert to a EEC-like structure) plus it has two weaknesses.

            First weakness was brilliantly pointed out below by Dave:

            “On the one hand you rightly say that it’s US capital that makes our economy so dynamic. On the other hand it’s the European market that is reason the US is here in the first place. ”

            Second weakness can be summarised like this: Hanseatic Ireland idea is an interesting idea and I said in the past I wish David would develop it more. It is a more nuanced approach compared to Mr Farage’s plan: just leave the EU and hope for the best, whereupon he cowardly resigned because he had no other plan, and no idea how to deal with the Scargillesque component of the Brexit movement (the majority of Brexit voters are the opposite of Daniel Hannan (more competition, less regulation, more productivity) – they are: less competition (on the job market, in agriculture, etc), more regulation (higher wages regulated by trade unions) and even less productivity (Britain already lags France in productivity and would be even worse if it was not for import of workers, from farms to City).

            But this interesting idea has one fundamental weakness: Hansa had the most powerful navy. It could remain part of the global supply chains because it could defend its trade routes.

            But the same people who say Ireland should be Atlantic say that Ireland should:

            - not join the Atlantic security chain
            - not have a proper army
            - not be able to control its airspace

            Well, if/after the EU collapses, and Ireland will not be able to be the US Trojan horse into the European market, what appeal for the US would a country have that has
            a) no army and the most anti-Israeli President in Europe
            b) no free trade zone with Europe?

            The answer is: none. Such Ireland would have zero appeal, especially with the mood in the US to close all of the tax loopholes (and this would be even worse under Mr Trump).

            Therefore, in the Irish interest it would be for the EU to devolve, but not collapse, unless Ireland decides to become a US aircraft carrier.

            Therefore in the Irish interest is to ally with eastern Europe, US, UK and Scandinavia against Germany/France/Russia/China.

            Let’s give David some time and allow him to do his research on corporation taxes in European countries and which countries are for or against the tax harmonisation, I’m sure that eventually it will be plain for hin to see it ;-)

            As to my numbers on fishery, this was a comment to Mike’s figures, not Alfies.

            However, two questions remain:

            1). How could the David Doyle’s Public Accounts Committee report got their figures wrong by a factor of THOUSAND?!
            2). Why don’t the Irish taxpayers not pay me rather the Public Accounts Committee to do a proper job? I could get, say, 5 readers, and we would do a PROPER report in less time for the fraction of money :-) And the readers would be happy. Very.

          • “and the most anti-Israeli President in Europe”

            The parasite midget is a transient irrelevancy.

            “unless Ireland decides to become a US aircraft carrier”

            If they had no other choice they would become so.

          • Here in Antigua we have the smallest army in the world – which actually surprised me because there are quite a few countries with smaller populations.


            There’s also a US base, they never seem to come out of it though. Never meet US soldiers like you would when travelling around the actual US.

          • Alfie,

            With due respect, Michael Collins and James Connolly failed, both. I suggest, you may want to talk to De Valera or his friend John Charles McQuaid. While doing so, I would recommend to get an exorcist on standby just in case. 8-:)

            Contrary to your description, in my personal experience, Irish people are not desperately struggling to survive, that would apply more to your and David’s vision of stagnating “Atlantic Ireland” revision 2.0, like in the 1920-ties, 30-ties, 40-ties, 50-ties, 60-ties and 70-ties. I am sure Mr. De Valera would agree if you asked him. Most Irish I net and worked with are highly qualified, successfull, enjoying the opportunities that open Europe offers them.


            Regarding this: “I’d rather have the EU Atlantic than suburbs of Berlin ..”

            I would rather have it as a suburb of Berlin than Detroit! So far Germans have been very accommodating and constructive, relative to other big countries.

            You live in Europe, I live in North America and it seems to me that the United States are rapidly deteriorating socially and industrially (but not financially, yet), converging to something resembling the second Soviet Union. Don’t go there, or you may regret! Wait until Americans sort out their own issues first. For example, Israelis seem to have realized that something is amiss, and are trying to back off slightly. So are Turks.

            Best regards,
            Stan (Heretic) Bleszynski

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Intrigued by your comment, I look at your link with Antigua’s defense forces…
            And from the numbers
            (18,952 males, age 15–49,
            18,360 females, age 15–49)
            it looks that their army is over 5 times bigger than the Irish army (btw, did you know that the manning in the Irish army is now the lowest since the 70s – why, is the world safer now? Plus I though that we had a thing called unemployment after the 2008 crash that so many people cried about that young people had to leave Ireland… – could those 18-24 year olds not have been employed by the army? We would have trained bunch of people in Ireland who do not walk as if they gay, plus the criminality rates would be massively lower because instead of selling or taking drugs, they would be busy sweating at training grounds…).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I hope you are doing well,

            “With due respect, Michael Collins and James Connolly failed, both. I suggest, you may want to talk to De Valera”

            I would not put Michael Collins and James Connolly at the same plane of reference.

            Michael Collins was very skilled in tactis – it was not his fault that he had a bunch of idiots to do 1916 – people so stupid they could not even intercept the guns the Germans sent them. Collins was able to outmaneuver the British army on a few occasions. Compared to most of the commanders of our 1944 Uprising (out of whome gen. Okulicki was a Soviet spy), Collins would have been at the top.

            Lenin’s friend James Connolly in turn was a retard who should have been executed much earlier to spare the lives of 485 civilians killed because the bunch of retards decided to take GPO out of all places, a building with no military significance. If his vision of Ireland was implemented (joining the USSR, which is where all the “sowetos” movements ended – fortunately they were quashed everywhere in pre-WWII Europe but Hungary).

            De Valera was totally unfit to run a country. Economically illiterate and personally a small vindictive little cunt, he was a coward who panicked during the 1916 Rising to the extent of running the streets in long johns. Later on during WWII, as follows from long volumes of documents published a few years ago, when he found out from his chauffeur that Churchill sent a telegram, he urinated his trousers from fear that Churchill is about to invade Ireland and his life would be in danger. Last but not least, Dev – who should have been executed as first but strangely he was not (allegedly because he was a US citizens – right, that’s a laudable show of adherence to the diplomatic protocol by the British who never had such objections) – was the only head of state to extend his condolences to a German embassador due to Hitler’s death.

            “I would rather have it as a suburb of Berlin than Detroit! So far Germans have been very accommodating and constructive, relative to other big countries.”

            That depends. If you mean Berlin’s suburbs as German citizen, then of course – but I think that choosing Detroit a comparison is a bit unfair. More fair would be to compare Athens with Seattle, both peripheral towns in the German empire. Have they really been so accommodating and constructive? The biggest emigration in the Polish history is a direct consequence of German Mittel-Europa plan whereby one country has hundreds of billions of trade surpluses while its satellite provides it with cheap labour, whereby the financial risk is diversified from Germany into the whole EU, while profits gained by German companies in countries like Poland all go back to Germany, because the German companies (selling German products to Poles on credit) are allowed to declare near zero profits thanks to mechanisms in German law I described in the past.

            To put it short – as a German or Dutch citizen, the current shape of the EU would be perfect for me. As Polish or Irish – not quite.

            Finally, you are right on the Americas decline. Therefore I mainly propound striking military alliance with the US (and when it comes to their IT sector, have them as long as they tolerate it, which is not for long – therefore Ireland is pursuing a risky strategy by having 90% exports derived from foreign companies; because I have been living in Ireland for a long time I can tell you what its economy is like: some people argue that Ireland is more Boston, some that it is or should be more Berlin, and the truth is that Ireland is Hong-Kong when it comes to multinationals and Athens when it comes to domestic sector – a little bit like Poland where you have very efficient private sector and very inefficient public sector, except Ireland is even more extreme).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            If his vision of Ireland was implemented = I was going to quote David McWilliams and say that if Connolly’s vision was implemented, Ireland would be Albania with brutal climate. There was a documentary on TG4 in which some communist (sic!) academic from England said that if Connolly’s vision won, there would be no slums in Dublin. There would not be slums, because people would end up in poverty so hars that the Famine workhouses would have been remembered as a golden age in comparison (I’m not exaggerating – if you compare 60 decagrams of bread and a soup based on peelings as the daily ration in Siberian camps (working at minus 30), then up to 10kg of potato a day Tim Pat Coogan gives as the daily ratio in famine workhouses sounds like gluttony to me.

          • Grzegorz,

            I just gave suggestion for “talking” to Dev and McQuaid because they were more successfull of staying alive than Collins and Conolly. However their isolationist pro American anti Europe policies were indeed strikingly “successfull” in keeping the entire country in poverty for more than half a century.

            Re: “That depends. If you mean Berlin’s suburbs as German citizen, …”

            That’s exactly why I do support the EU, in its work towards bluring the national divisions and giving all citizens the same rights and rules! It works!

            National states would reverse all that rendering citizens from smaller countries really screwed, in addition to national governments having strong preference towards bloated civil “serpentism”, big state, large police forces etc. I prefer EU than national mini “dictators”. Any time.

            Stan (Heretic) Bleszynski

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            “I just gave suggestion for “talking” to Dev and McQuaid because they were more successfull of staying alive than Collins and Conolly” – shortly on that: you have much better chance of staying alive if you are a British spy, as De Valera probably was (there was even a book written about it). The Brits did everything to boost up the imaqe of Dev and put Collins to the shadows by villifying him – out of all people – in the parliament at the most propitious moment and thus boosting his “staunch” image. As to honoring his US citizenship as an explanation for not executing him – since when did the Brits honour anything? If they did not honour the military agreement with Poland in 1939, would they have really had second thoughts about executing Dev if he was not useful to them?

        • Truthist


          The so-called Irish Famine of the 1840′s was not “a burnt offering” [ i.e. a Holocaust ].
          To claim as such about the Great Hunger of the 1840′s would be “hollow” or even a ” Holo-hoax” [ perish the thought ].
          Rather, it was just another successful attempt at genocide of the Irish aborigine.

          5.5 million approx died from that Great Hunger.
          Not 6 million though ; That occult significant number.

          By the way, 13 million Ukrainians were genocided under the guise of another so-called “Famine” by the “Bolsheviks” [ Not actually the Russian nation were the Bolsheviks ; So, Bolsheviks competitively as bad as the Trotskyites ].
          But, Abe Foxman will not allow the truth about the Holodomor be made known to the world.
          Google search terms ;
          abe foxman AND holodomor

          And, now yee of this blog have another reason why the dreadful few ousted Yushchenko, & thus taken over the Ukraine again ;
          But, this time with the deliberately confusing cover of neo-fascists from the indigenous Ukrainians.
          And, 9 million Iranians out of then population of 18 million approx [ u could say half the population of Iran ] genocided under another lying claim of the dreadful few of there being a famine when the City of London controlled Iran during WW 1 times.
          We have been tutored with total bullsh..t about :
          the reasons for WW 1
          the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
          the events of WW 1 ; e.g. the genocide of Iranians by the dreadful few under The City [ of London ]
          the meaningful outcomes of WW 1.

      • redriversix

        With all due respect David and bearing in mind my private education….

        America me bollix !!!!

        The place is a basket case…E.U not far behind.

        What should we do ?

        Train these fucking political idiots how to have a positive mental attitude….Insecure leaders making Ireland insecure..

        We should back Ireland

        We are a rich Country run by civil servants how still think you should bring quests into the good room & apologise the cake isn’t homemade …

        Remember, if America was your neighbour .you wouldn’t let your kids play with theirs .

        We have plenty of resources,just no balls.


  2. Tull McAdoo

    It is time Ireland sat down and take stock of where it is re Europe. Some have done well i.e. big ranchers/farmers while small farmers have been pretty much wiped out.

    Everyone has their examples of areas that have done well and badly. So time for an honest appraisal.

    Maybe under the heading of IRLexit or not? If it does nothing else it will at least inform the general populace of what in the name of what you believe in is going on.

    It might even encourage some real transparency ha.

    • Tull McAdoo

      Sorry I forgot my manners, in recognition for all that the European Commission does for us ha ha , take it away Lou rawls and “you’ll never find”

      Goodnight Ireland . Sleep well.

    • I think that both horses are evil, both horses are promoting slavery and gross inequality.

    • Deco

      Relentless pressure on small producers of agricultural produce has been inevitable. The shortage of capital for improving agricultural otput in the upland regions has restricted any comeback. Much easier to borrow money to speculate on real estate, by borrowing from status obsessed banks.

      What could have been avoided was the massive decline that has occurred in the North West since 1972. This has been a massive disaster. The current Taoiseach has been a TD for Mayo throughout that time period.


      We do not have a Save the North West plan. IRL-NW is in serious trouble. Travel through rural Sligo, and you will see. South Leinster has an income crisis, though not a population crisis, because the people who live there can live off the Dublin economy. The Galway economy is not saving IRL-NW.

  3. Zenmonk

    More a slave serving two masters then a jockey riding two horses. Are we saying that it is in our interests to be a conduit for US corporate tax avoidance schemes? And if so, how long do you think we’ll get away with that ruse?

    It’s one thing creating a business friendly environment, quite another becoming the tax avoiders Trojan horse wheeled into the EU.

    • ian22

      I am shocked that so many Irish people agree with the EU on the Apple Inc tax debacle.Are we the only country to facilitate big multinationals in setting up business here and offering all manner of sweet deals…?Every country has to offer certain “deals” to attract inward investment and it would be naive in the extreme to believe we are the only ones at this so called “racket”.The top dogs in every large organisation from FIFA to the OCI are offered sweet deals to get the contract otherwise they wouldn’t agree to set up business or hold major tournaments in that country.While i don’t necessarily agree with large scale tax avoidance,I still believe that it’s what one needs to do to get the multinationals to set up here as opposed to somewhere else.

      • AlfieMoone

        I am shocked that you reference the egregiously corript FIFA & the OCI to bolster your case for the defence! No, the Republic of Ireland isn’t the only so-called Nation State acting as harbinger for a Corporate defined & controlled New World Order but it’s easily the most gormless in it’s simplistic strategising. They are all ‘at it’. But they are being exposed to the light and no government overturns the rights of citizens and turns them into serf-subjects of Odious Debt & untrammeled immigration/enforced emmigration to re-fashion the Nation State to their vision without a fight.

        Israel has a Industrial War Economy which, after 9/11, gave them a clear competitive advantage in the burgeoning Security Economy. Nobody passing through airport security can fail to notice that all these measures debuted there. Ireland Inc has a Financialised War Economy with Agricultural/Tourist fractal offshoots as represented by the distortions of GDP/GNP within the hilarious Leprechaunomics modelling software. What Ireland does NOT have is visionary politicians and thought-leaders who sense the impasse, the trap which is opening up right before their eyes, a trap that will become almost impossible to escape once Ireland is ensnared irrevocably in Core EUro. But maybe that’s what these ‘soldiers of infamy’ want and have planned all along since they painted the post boxes green….

        1916: What did it mean in 1916?
        1916: What does it now mean in 2016?

        In fact, 1916 was an American plot to destabilise Ireland, following on from having used another crisis of Laissez-Faire economics to populate itself with desperate Irish fleeing their Norman Anglo-Irish overlords in league with the British Ruling Class

        “OK, I want to talk about Ireland
        Specifically I want to talk about the “famine”
        About the fact that there never really was one
        There was no “famine”
        See Irish people were only allowed to eat potatoes
        All of the other food
        Meat fish vegetables
        Were shipped out of the country under armed guard
        To England while the Irish people starved
        And then on the middle of all this
        They gave us money not to teach our children Irish…”

        1916 banjaxed Ireland for a century. It allowed crude Catholic fanaticism to drive Ireland backwards when Europe was going forward, becoming the only economy to shrink under the benign dictatorship of ‘hero’ De Valera, an American who escaped the death penalty for dubious reasons whilst Collins and the rest perished. Why? Could it be that Ireland was merely a pawn used by the US in it’s greater strategic plan to supplant the UK as the dominant world Empire? A plan which worked. The last thing the US wanted a century ago was an Ireland and Britain at peace, both surging towards separate but equal prosperity powered by industrial and trading supremacy. One only has to look at the economic figures for Ulster before the Rising to see the terrible waste of it all. Then look at the Industrial Schools, the Tuam Baby graves and #RepealThe8th.

        I could go on but Zozo controls this QWERTY Ouija board and it appears that Micheal Collins and James Connolly wish to commune with me….in the candle-lit draped, shuttered room at noon…”ouija board, ouija board, can you help me?…”

        ‘The heroes of 1916 were economically clueless and the nation paid for it’ David McWilliams

        ‘The soldiers of infamy of 2016 are economically clueless and the and the Nation may pay for it. With it’s very existence.” Andy Mooney

        ps: Paddy Power has opened a book on when I get banned from this site..*wink*…and…..LOL!

  4. DavidIreland

    David, I think there’s a big hole in your argument.

    On the one hand you rightly say that it’s US capital that makes our economy so dynamic. On the other hand it’s the European market that is reason the US is here in the first place. They are not here for the Irish market and they are not here to do business with India or China – they can do that much cheaper over there.

    We have to be careful not to become like the manufactured boy band who begin to believe they can suddenly be creative, lose the manager and stop catering to their fans anymore. Sure they can do it but then the gravy train will be gone and they’ll be back to the odd school concert and wedding.

    One day the EU may decide to kill the corporate tax race to the bottom altogether by introducing corporate tax at the point of sale. We could still compete with the rest of the EU but a very big competitive advantage would be taken from us.

    Thank you for your articles which I always enjoy reading.

    • David

      I love the boyband analogy – can I use it??:) Yes there are lots of variables up in the air, but I really think we need to have coherent industrial strategy. The one small country that is capable of creating new companies is Israel – that’s the only country that has really twigged this new game – more Disclosure than Westlife!


    • Mike Lucey


      “One day the EU may decide to kill the corporate tax race to the bottom altogether by introducing corporate tax at the point of sale.”

      It would make sense for the EU to do this and put the onus of the corps to prove their case on profits before a refund might be considered.

  5. aidanxc


    I’m not convinced by your arguments. The rampant capitalism espoused by Anglo-American economies is on the decline and large corporations will be made to pay their fair share of tax – particularly within the EU under CCCTB. While the EU project has its issues (like you I also worked in the Brussels bureaucracy) it has nonetheless delivered way more to the citizens of the EU than the US government has delivered to its citizens. We should remember that the objectives of any ‘regime’ should be to improve the welfare of its citizens not the welfare of its businesses. Companies and businesses are a means to an end – quality of life is the ulitmate goal. In that respect Europe is head and shoulders above the US.

    You hark back too often to “historical links” in your arguments. If we are better served in the long term by closer links with Europe then that is what we should do regardless of the fact that you or I might have cousins in Chicago. As Henry Kissinger once said, “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” – Ireland should be as mercenary in its approach to bettering the welfare of its citizens and not use linguistic or other ‘cultural’ links to justify our macro economic policies.

  6. Mike Lucey

    Has the EU cookie begun to crumble?

    Anti-Immigrant AfD Trounces Merkel’s Christian Democrats in Her Home State

  7. McCawber

    Strategically Ireland needs to adopt a me fein approach.
    Be a winner picker in essence.
    We’ve had a good ride on both horses.
    We know their pedigree.
    We know their form.
    We know their handicap.
    And most importantly we know their price.
    Having got shut of GB the EU will either screws us or get rid of us, there will be no middle ground.
    We’re their little bunny now and they’ve got used to it – we’ve spoiled them.
    The US likes us, the EU think of us as anglo saxons.
    That last is an absolute indeniable fact.
    I have always been a pro European but there is a bottom line and we have reached it.
    A pyrrhic victory is about the best we can manage
    That means we fight them on the land, on the beaches and we will never surrender and that is the message we need to send.
    We should cc our CCs in on it too.
    Meanwhile Phil Hogan also had a choice –
    Resign or back the EC.
    Phil did the right thing he knows where his priorities are.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      “Having got shut of GB the EU will either screws us or get rid of us”

      There is a third option: all low corporation tax countries (central and eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland) ally against the ex-Carolingian Europe and bring back the Europe of nations, a confederation rather than a superstate such as that in the 9 pages documents that was leaked to the Polish TVP Info (Carolingian Europe consists of Germany/France/Benelux and its an extrapolation of the old Mittel-Europa and Grosser Raum plans onto the whole peripheral Europe, and now the Ukraine – of course the Netherlands is a relatively low corporation tax country too, but they are also the biggest per head beneficient of the intra-EU trade in a model based on peripheries being subject to decions taken in the Carolingian Europe; while Luxembourg is in fact one the behind-the-scenes movers in the EU Commission attack on Ireland because they do not want to share tax loopholes with Ireland: bear in mind that Mr Juncker is corrupted even by Polish baroque corruption standards).

      Another theme not present on this blog (except for Alfie; and maybe Sideshow Bob and Pat have similar views) is that if Ireland wants to play a crucial role in the Atlantic order (either within the EU or post-EU), it cannot continue spending on military as little as Andorra and be the only EU country that does not have a proper radar (btw, even far from Russia located small Portugal has 30 fighter jets (neutral Finland) has 127 jet fighters), and Botswana is leasing 16 Gripens: what does this make the Irish air defense – a fourth world country air-defense?).
      When the Russian nuclear weapons carrying TU-95s – which themselves have been in service for decades – appeared in the skies close to Ireland, no Irish plane could get up to them to remind them of Irish sovereignty. If the situation in Europe gets heated (i.e. Bundeswerh wants to employ all those Muslim migrants and remember, they preferred to start a war in Yugoslavia than have their Mittel-Europa plan derailed, and then there is Turkey – the most unpredictable country in the region who constantly threatens Europe with new waves of Jihadists, as does Saudi Arabia (who strictly cooperates with Israel in the field on military and intelligence) – US will withdraw all its investment from this island and we will become Iceland minus accountability and souvereignty.
      It’s not only me saying it, my views were shared by the US during the Dubrovnik summit via their representative gen. Jones who said that central and eastern European countries are crucial to the Atlantic security (and if Mr Trump wins, he might simply say to all European countries that either you contribute to NATO as much as Poland or the UK, or we’ll do another “Tim Geithner” on you and withdraw our investment from a country that does even not control its airspace).
      When I look at taoisigh and their circle, but even some columnists, I see lots of good intentions peppered with their wishful thinking that may eventually lead to Ireland vanishing from the map of Europe as a political entity (the Euroasian China-Russia-Germany plan is a plan in which there are no small national states, and there are forces in the US that push for the same: but the US citizens are allowed to carry weapons – the last obstacle to the totalitarian government – and we are not); the wishing thinking is as follows: we should be part of the US and the UK b e c a u s e we need them.
      O f c o u r s e we need them, one can hardly win a Nobel Prize on that discovery – this is like saying that we should be driving Aston Martins, eating in Mulberry Garden, f…g tall Swedish blondies or voluptuos Spanish beauties or that Miss Poland lassie who went out with Mr Bernie Ecclestone – while being loved and admired by people of Ireland for our publishing and charity work. Yes, that’d be nice.
      I know many people whose income is dependent on the US investment – but salaries are paid to TDs not in order to enchant the reality and shout slogans like “we need the US, we are Atlantidians” or “no, we need Germany, we are Europeans” or “fuck this: what’s really important is global warming and compulsary women quotas”, but in order to come up with a strategies as to if we need the US or the UK, what steps should be taken that THEY WOULD STILL NEED US?
      Is trom an t-ualach an t-aineaolas.

      • McCawber

        I agree with you re the third option in terms of –
        It’s something we should have been doing already but it’s never too late to start.
        RE “Is trom an t-ualach an t-aineaolas” You lost a lot of credit with that one. A dead language is hindering the development of this country – STOP, we can’t afford to wasting billions on that sort of nonsense.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Who says that billions should be spent on Irish? In my opinion all education should be either private anyway or based on the voucher idea of Milton Friedman so that the state does not use the school system to funnel in its ideology.

          Btw, some time ago I half-jokingly said that the way to make Irish spoken on a daily basis (if someone wants to – I am not saying yes, I am not saying no) is to make it ILLEGAL. That would make it being seen as underground, cool, and what not. There is a precedence: childrens strike in its part annexed by Prussia when they wanted to make Polish illegal in schools:

          Same reaction ensued after the Germans banned the universities in WWII occupied Poland:

          In fact, I wonder if making Irish or religion compulsory at schools was not a deliberate sabotage by the enemies of the nations…

          • McCawber

            I’m simply saying don’t encourage them.
            Statistically you’ll be added to the list of gaelic speajers abd that’s manna from heaven for “them”.
            Cease and desist.
            Them being official Ireland of a lot of hues.
            Speaking of official Ireland.
            I sent in my form 12 tax return a while ago.
            A couple of weeks later I got a phone call from the revenue that I should have sent in a form 11.
            Form 12 has 16 pages and form 11 has 32.
            The “lady” who rang me was rude and less than courteous.
            Anyway I finally got around to phoning the revenue back to ascertain the facts.
            The real lady to whom I reached was courteous and helpful and answered all my questions.
            There is hope after all

            Ramble over.

          • McCawber

            They are spending billions.
            Teachers don’t come cheap and there are a lot of teachers teaching Irish.
            I’m also pretty sure you can’t get a job in the CC if you don’t have leaving cert irish.
            There are a lot of vested interests keeping this one flying.

          • McCawber

            BTW there is probably a fourth or fifth option even, but my master is currently out of commission and I_Mccawber, his robotic stand in , am acting on his behalf.
            How am I doing.?
            Could I replace him soon?

          • “Teachers don’t come cheap and there are a lot of teachers teaching Irish.”

            Total waste of time and money.

      • Deco

        Greg you are correct.

        Ireland needs to align itself with other countries, and essentially gang up on the centralist Richelieu model states like France, Belgium and Germany who want central power, absurd dictats, and high tax.

        Instead we have gobsh!tes who side with those who are trying to screw us.

        And the number one sell out merchant in there is Michael Martin, with his track record in selling out the people of this country.

        Time to bin FF/FG.

      • Sideshow Bob


        Short post on military question as I have a dodgy connection here. Ireland’s military matches her needs .The only real threat is long gone and doesn’t want to come back ( it would give up NI tomorrow if could ) and if we were really scared and wanted to go toe to toe with the UK would have to bankrupt ourselves like Greece or turn war and death into a national industry like Israel.We didn’t suffer like mittel Europe with destructive armies crisis crossing us every 20-50 years. Poland got it from all sides but we didn’t.

        If there was a military model to follow economically speaking I think Sweden’s makes the most sense. They have always built their own equipment to their own needs and specs and internalized any economic and technology (transfer) gains and even exported a bit to mainly other neutral ( more ethical / less aggressive) countries. Greece’s model would be the worst and I am surprised that military spending hasn’t been brought up more in the debates on Greece over the lat 7/8 years.

        I don’t care about the occassional pair of TU-95s flying about near here. They always look stunning in those photos, bright unpainted aluminium against a clear blue sky red stars on theIreland tails, that is my only reaction. This whole intercept and take a photo thing is a load of jingoistic action man propaganda mainly. The west does the same thing it is quid pro quo as far as I can see.

        However, there are present and continuous risks posed to Ireland from the UK’s Trident base near Glasgow and outdated civil nuclear facilities at Sellafield. The Russians shuld not rightfully be high on a reasoned list of priorities.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej


          Perhaps if I respond in points that would make it more lucid. I’ll be typing fast so won’t have a chance to proofread the spelling, only taking more time at proper names and figures.

          1. “The only real threat is long gone”- while I do not see any army-landing invasion (Operation Green-style) on Ireland likely in our lifetime, things might turn differently if Ireland wanted to, say, secure alternative energy sources (i.e. attempt to break Russian military ships disrupting or blocking access to building alternative energy supply lines to that of Germany/Russia (I provided links in the past, but they are easy to find anyway) – one of the reasons why Sweden and Finland are on such high military alert now – you would be if someone intrudes on your territorial waters).

          Also, a thing rarely discussed in Ireland are her high energy prices (last time I checked they were in top 3 in Europe)m an impediment not only to purchasing power increase, but also to competitiveness. Why? Lack of diversity of energy supply – energy can only go where there is chance it can be safely delivered; in Irish case it means via the UK, and they charge for that.

          Please bear in mind what the current Irish situation is in that respect: Ireland completely relies on good will of the UK and Norway in the aspect of defense – this limits the scope of its foreign policy.

          2. ” their own equipment to their own needs and specs and internalized any economic and technology (transfer) gains and even exported a bit to mainly other neutral ( more ethical / less aggressive) countries.” – yes!!! I strongly agree. I was a bit advocate for example that Poland should buy Gripens rather than F-16s: Swedes offered generous offset and good prices; also, Gripens are less sensitive to dust – in fact they only need a crew of 5 people and 800m of motorway to take off, while F-16 requires a special equipment to make a runway ready (not good if in state that lies in the middle for the first thing the enemy would do is to destroy all your military airports – hence Poland’s push for the anti-rocket shield).

          Unfortunately, the main advocate of buying Gripens in the Polish army had a sensor crash over the Baltic, but he jumped out on the parachute and survived – so the next time he was flying over the Baltic he caught a friendly fire. Another high up advocate, defense minister Szeremietiew, was charged with corruption and captured on neutral waters by an anti-terrorist unit who landed in the middle of the Baltic on a ship. He was then captured and brought back to Poland. A few years later, he was cleared of all charges and now teaches at military academy, but meanwhile Poland bought F16s for $4.5bn, which was more than Greece or Marocco have paid per unit (basically a subsidy to the US industy – same as the recent purchase of AGM-158 JASSM (nearly 4 times more per unit than Finland).

          Perhaps I went into too much details with the purchase details, but I hope that people reading it would have a warning light going on that all assumptions that the US or the UK would give Ireland a preferential treatment because of the shared Atlantic culture do not take into account that no such sentiments were ever taken into account by serious states, and what is an advantage for multinationals (similar culture) might not be a factor in calculations of other circles who influence decision making process (certainly neither Clinton or Obama would be driven by such sentiments, and btw: every Irish person should google the name of “Tim Geithner” and put “Ireland” next to it.

          Now back to Sweden – Ireland is, from the US military doctrine point of view, a periphery (this is good and bad: good – no attempts ie. to take control over the Irish lithosphere as the US is trying to do in Poland), and they would probably not apply such drastic measures if Ireland wanted to cooperate with Sweden (i.e. the Czechs have leased 14 Gripens).

          Of course, your point is more not from whom to buy but that Ireland should build its own military equipment. This is where I am driving at too – the Swedes allowed the Czechs to assemble many parts to Gripens in Czech Republic and this gave them a huge technology boost (ie. the Czechs are the only country in Mittel-Europa, if we discount Austria – and in Europe in fact, to have big trade surpluses in the intra-EU trade (Ireland has now surpluses too, but this due to funny way of the Irish GNP diverging from the Irish GDP as far as nowhere else). So what I would be looking for if were an Irish defence minister would be a Czech-style deal with big OFFSET (and leasing rather than buying, so that the Swedes would have to fix everything – Poland ie. pays handsomely for every repair and effectively co-finances the F-16 development: ie. the Polish purchase allowed to restart the F-16 assembly line and thus to offer a better versions cheaper to “real” allies such as the United Emirates (lower cost because the assembly line was running), which is a bit of disgrace.

          Of course, the ideal situation would be that Ireland gets a deal like Israel (which could develop their IT industry based on free dinner from the US), but we are talking reality – neither Ireland not Poland are not that important for the US as Israel (which is not even always loyal to its benefactor – they sold one of the secret weapons to China).

          Certainly if Hollywood was Irish rather than Jewish, the US would be giving Ireland 4bn a year to be then lend back to the US with high interest rates ;-)

          3. “I am surprised that military spending hasn’t been brought up more in the debates on Greece” No do not be surprised, please – at the bottom of the Greek debt crisis, BND and the representatives of the German military industry had office in the German industry in Athens (14 representatives if I remember correctly) whose role was to make sure that whatever Greece does, they pay for the German weapons first.

          As far as the Yankees are concerned, I think that contrary to a popular myth, the Greeks have actually got a good deal from the US – they got more modern equipment than Poles for less money. Was it necessary? If Turkey ever invades Greece – yes; if not – no. Would you trust Turkey as a neighbour?

          4. “I don’t care about the occassional pair of TU-95s flying about near here.” – I think the reason why you and everyone living here should is because by switching off their transpoders they pose danger to the Irish passenger planes in a way that, i.e., the US military planes who do not switch off their transponders going to Shannon airport do not.
          If Bloody Sunday was bad, how bad would 10 Bloody Sundays be (an equivalent of 1 plane crash with a bomber?).

          5. “The west does the same thing it is quid pro quo as far as I can see.” – no, the West does not – western planes in Ireland do not switch off their transponders (in Ukraine it might be a different thing, but here is it was the Russian propaganda who lied: for example, RT reported that Ukraine wanted to shoot down the plane on which President Putin was travelling, oand according to RT’s own report, on July 17, 2014 the presidential plane took quite a bizarre round-about route across Ukraine, on its way from Warsaw, Poland to Moscow, Russia: this is inconsistent with their own Russian aviation sources that assert that Putin’s airplane never flies through Ukrainian airspace (particularly since the time Russia started fomenting unrest in the East of Ukraine this year).
          At the same time, the Russians did n o t h i n g to allay doubts gathering over the question whether they (one should also NOT exclude the Germans blaming it on the others as they historically do (Gleiwitz provocation) or even… the government of Donald Tusk!) did not plant a bomb on a plane in Smolensk in 2010 that killed the Polish President, half of the Polish government and military (they did not even return the wreck of plane for investigation).

          More on that here:

          So the conclusion is: the Russians have an established history of lying on airport crashes and a history of turning off their transponders which Americans or the British (in Ireland, I stress – in the Middle East it is a completely different cup of tea, but there there is a war) have not. So it’s not really quid pro quo for me, and it does call for buying fighter jets do defend Ireland (not necessarily from the Russians – from everyone!) rather than leaving that to the British.

          6. “wanted to go toe to toe with the UK would have to bankrupt ourselves like Greece or turn war and death into a national industry like Israel.”
          Yes Bob, but this is way more radical to what I am proposing. You are presenting an alternative which, on a scale 0-10, either 0 (Ireland should stay defenceless, radar bling, spend as little as Andorra, and rely on the planes that would struggle to intercept the WWII Me-262 – as it is currently the case (0 on our scale) – or 10 on our scale – Ireland should go full Monty and start to preparing for the war with Great Britain.

          But what I am proposing is in fact something more akin to 3 on that scale, and I am not even proposing that everyone should be taxed an extra 5pc to have Israeli-scale spending: I am simply saying – redirect money that we are ALREADY wasting on minimum defense projects. I can give some specific examples (can the minister for defense not come up with them in his own?!), but people would scream again at me that I am going into too much details. So I limit myself to one brilliant ;-) example:

          we wasted 42m euro on buying empty fields in the moronic decentralisation plan which failed because the civil servants watched Yes, Minister, and refused to move to beyond the Pale. Right? Right. 42 million euro was enough to buy FA/-18 Super Hornet, or 2 KAIT50-Golden Eagle fighters, or even more Czech-made Aero L159 – all sufficient for the Russian TU95. Furthermore, in 2000 the Czechs made an astonishing to offer the Air Corps three jets FOR FREE on the basis that they would buy six of their cheap trainer aircraft to replace Fouga jets, and Ireland said it does not need any planes because, well, it relies on the UK. Then there was 9/11 and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern wanted to take control over the Irish skies and asked what he would need to do. His adviser said: buy some F-16s, and he thought of that, there was money made available for it,m but then there was an election – so it was spend on the election.

          • Sideshow Bob


            In response to no.5:

            All warplanes of all nations on dubious missions turn off transponders…part of it is to test response times for local defences……fair is fair.


            From Wikipedia Re: Smolensk ( & referenced fully there): “The investigation ruled out a terrorist attack, explosion or fire on board the aircraft as the cause of the crash. It was also reported that the voices of two non-crew members were heard in the cockpit during the period leading up to the crash. One of the voices was identified by sources as the Polish Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General Andrzej B?asik.[60][61] However, according to the findings of the Polish prosecutor’s office in January 2013, General B?asik had not stayed in the cockpit and was a regular passenger.[62] The other voice was later identified as the Director of Protocol.[3]´´

            This says a lot. The chief of the airforce was in the cockpit ( unauthorized ) looking over the sholders of the crew at the most critical moment of the flight. 96 people died here an it was a military plane. Russians did nothing here. It was an all-Polish f*** up.

          • Sideshow Bob

            Remember that Cold War-esque story from 2014 about a Russian sub lurking of Stockholm. the British media got into a tizzy about it.Putin clearly to blame!

            There is what emerged and was not widely reported – just google the story with a tag of say `Russian sub Sweden 2014´ and see – the sub wasn´t a sub nor was it Russian it was civilian and surprise surprise Swedish!


          • Sideshow Bob

            I am going to stand over my comments above. I don´t see the point of a scale 3 from 10 as you describe as a solution. I don´t know why an air corps with basically no defensive or offensive capability, which is itself an adjunct to an Army & Navy with no real offensive capability would suddenly be converted over to having a modern but super small and limited defensive capability. I mean what happens if more aircraft were sent against us than we have by some notional foe? e.g we have 10 planes so they send 40. What happens if there was a first strike on our one small base? Or electronic warfare was involved jamming our defences and blinding our radar (most worthwhile aggressors use this)? or stealth technology (if it works). A half solution is no solution for me.

            The cost would be higher, too than you say. You would need 12 single seaters to maintain a basic 24 hour CAP of 2-4 fighters ( minimum ) and some trainers in addition ( say 2 ). There is a back of an envelope costing of the Czech deal here.

            I would say with full running costs it could hit 10 million a unit per year. The Swedes aren´t running a charity here. I don´t think this expenditure is justified in Ireland just to satisfy some notions about national prestige.

            So, I will finish by saying again that I think Ireland has what it needs, in view of the lack of threats. Poland has her painful history to keep in mind when she thinks about this and the threats she faces and her needs too are different, but I don´t think you can apply that here and say we aren´t doing enough.

          • Agreed, there’s literally no point in Ireland having any sort of armed forces apart from the bare minimum for training, diplomatic and ceremonial purposes, or whatever. Even the need for such is highly debatable.

          • As for ‘national prestige’ – don’t even get me started.

          • Sideshow Bob

            There is another report this morning about American miltary plane transponders being turned off.

            Bet you won´t find this on the BBC or leftie liberal journal The Guardian ( the paper of conscience with the click-bait orientated business model?). I find aything in the bulk of western media related to Putin or Russia is really heavily spun and is unreliable. Vice news is perhaps an exception. I wonder how Trump mentioning him continuously will turn out…


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Hi Bob,

            Very shortly as a proper response would require more time:

            1. “The investigation ruled out a terrorist attack, explosion or fire on board the aircraft as the cause of the crash” – what investigation? You forgot to say that you are talking about the Russian investigation. These are the same investigators that refused to return the wreck of the plane to Poland, and covered all tracks on Tupolev’s wreck. Are you seriously suggesting a Russian investigation would return a verdict like, I do not know: Putin whacked the Polish President to make a statement?
            Even the British investigation of Bloody Sunday was far from reliable to say the least – and this was a procedure like hundred times more transparent than the Russian investigation.

            2. “One of the voices was identified by sources as the Polish Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General Andrzej B?asik.[60][61] However, according to the findings of the Polish prosecutor’s office in January 2013, General B?asik had not stayed in the cockpit and was a regular passenger.[62] The other voice was later identified as the Director of Protocol.[3]´´
            This says a lot. The chief of the airforce was in the cockpit ( unauthorized ) looking over the sholders of the crew at the most critical moment of the flight. 96 people died here an it was a military plane. Russians did nothing here. It was an all-Polish f*** up.”


            I gave you a link to a serious report, you quote wikipedia.

            I’ll copy and paste it for you then:

            “The Polish Supreme Military Prosecution Office disclosed an official opinion drawn up by their experts indicating that General Andrzej B?asik (Commander of the Polish Air Force at the time), the crew of Tu-154M were fully sober at the time of the Smolensk crash and did not interfere on the operation of the flight crew. In its final report drawn up in January 2011, the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) stated that Gen. B?asik had a blood-alcohol level of 0.06%. Military Prosecutor’s Office also confirmed that Gen. Andrzej Blasik had no effect on the operation of the flight crew and that after analysing the cabin voice recordings the stenographic records showed there was no pressure or any interference in the work of the cabin crew. The voice, previously attributed to Gen. B?asik, actually belonged to the second pilot, Major Robert Grzywna.”

            As to explosives,

            “On the 5th December 2012, Military investigators admitted to Polish Members of Parliament during an official sitting of the Justice Committee that detectors used in Smolensk traced/detected explosive materials on the wreckage of the plane”


            What happened then? The journalist who wrote an article about it was sacked, the newspaper was taken over by the state, and the military investigator forced to recant his statement. I think that most readers would say that this cast some doubt on the whole thing.

            “Russians did nothing here. It was an all-Polish f*** up.”

            I never said that the Russians did something here. I said that

            “the Russians did n o t h i n g to allay doubts gathering over the question whether they (one should also NOT exclude the Germans blaming it on the others as they historically do (Gleiwitz provocation) or even… the government of Donald Tusk!) did not plant a bomb on a plane in Smolensk in 2010″

            The airport in Smolensk has not been at any point investigated nor has it undergone any security clearance by the Polish Governmental Protection Bureau having been refused entry by Russian authorities.

            The crew of the plane was wrongly informed by the Russian tower about the course and glide path – in fact, the plane was above the gliding path and of course (discrepancy in 700-800 meters), despite being reassured throughout by the tower of their correct position. The control tower told the crew their position was 800 meters closer to the runway. The control tower until the last moment reassured the crew of their correct position – no flight corrections were made by the tower. Air traffic controllers in Smolensk, despite weather conditions and poor visibility failed to close down the airport. On the day, flight guidance from the Smolensk-Severny airport was dealt with by four Russian army officers: Colonel Nikolai Kransokutski (commanding officer on the day at the main tower in Smolensk), Lt.-Col Pawe? Plusin, Major Wiktor Ryzenko and Major W. W. ?ubancew. During the flight, Lt.-Col. Plusin conducted on-going telephone consultations with the on duty emergency operator of the Air Force Military Transport Headquarters Command Unit of the Russian Federation in Moscow – Codenamed “Logic”. Whereas, Col. Krasnokutski conducted on-going consultations with the headquarters in Tver and the Air Force Command in Moscow. As a result of these discussions and consultations, the airport was not closed and the TU154 was not diverted to an alternative airport.

            All original evidence, including the wreckage and black boxes (property of the Poland) are still in the hands of Russian authorities. From the start, Polish authorities worked on copies made by Russian authorities of the original evidence material.

            Now compare these s e r i o u s facts with the way the Russian propaganda jumped into conclusions about the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crashed: only 3 days after the event, a jubilant Peter Lavelle appeared on Crosstalk and said “it is official. Ukraine shot down the Malaysian plane”.

            “I would say with full running costs it could hit 10 million a unit per year. The Swedes aren´t running a charity here.”

            Bob, you have raised some interesting points here and I do not want to make my comment even longer; at the same time, I do not want to brush it off with some short rebuke because it would be seen as disrespectful.

            All I can say is that – bear in mind that leasing Gripens are something – on the scale 0-10 – like perhaps 9 in terms of military expenses. Some of your point are relevant, but if the thrust of your argument is that Ireland is not able to defend herself anyway unless it has the Israeli levels of spending, then of course I would have to agree with you: but let that not divert your attention from my previous comment that I am only talking about something like 3 on the scale from zero (current Irish air defenses) to 9 (Gripens, proper army, etc) or 10 (nukes).

            So skipping these two extremes (of course, if it was up to me, I would get Gripens), I insist on redirecting you to my 3 (on scale 0-10) proposal:

            “42 million euro was enough to buy FA/-18 Super Hornet, or 2 KAIT50-Golden Eagle fighters, or even more Czech-made Aero L159 – all sufficient for the Russian TU95.”

            Now, if you tell me to that that Ireland is better off having those empty fields RATHER THAN 2 KAIT50-Golden Eagle fighters we could have purchased for the price of the fields – then I give up. There is nothing I can say to that opinion. You won.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “I never said that the Russians did something here.” = as in planting a bomb (I’d rather suspect Donald Tusk: for example all CCTV tapers from the airport from 24hrs surrounding Tupolev’s take-off are gone) – though Tupolev was indeed sent to servicing to Russia before it crashed,

          • Sideshow Bob

            “The Antigua and Barbados Defence Force is the world’s smallest military, consisting of 245 people.´´

            Not the 38 thousand people you maintained.
            At least I quote Wikipedia correctly, Grzegorz!

            The Wikipedia article is referenced, as I pointed out, so has sources for it´s construction. This is the way that academic and fact based (supported) writing is separated from opinion pieces and the ramblings of conspiracy theorists. Of course such sources need o be allied with some reasoned and balanced conclusions. David McWilliams, for example here has a woefully low level of support for his pieces of wandering opinion and does not engage in much referenced fact checking resulting in regular and poor errors appearing here.

            And you asked what investigation found it was an accident resulting from human error. The Polish one did!

            “In July 2011, Poland’s Committee for Investigation of National Aviation Accidents found that the immediate cause of the crash was the inadequately trained crew flying too low and too fast in heavy fog. Errors by Russian air traffic controllers were also partly to blame.´´ That is from the BBC. Actually this is an excerpt from an article on the result of a trial of a Polish official who behaved incompetently and negligently and was convicted in relation to it.


          • Sideshow Bob


            Here I am going to deal with just the logic behind the desire to purchase some macho military hardware. I take it the strategic reasons for why Ireland does or doesn´t need fighters has been exhausted already in the debate.

            The modern multi-role fighter jet is sort of the apex of all the current arms technology (and related tactics). That´s why Tom Cruise was an F-16 fighter pilot in Top Gun (should have been an F-18, I know). It is sexy as military equipment goes, and it sells. It is the handsome exciting star striker of the football team – the Cristiano Ronaldo if you like, of all arm types.

            However, like Cristiano it needs an awful lot of support behind it to achieve its objective of scoring goals and winning and achieving the glory. So, lets think of the rest of the team as being the other required elements which support the existence of these elite fighters.

            In this case that would be a fortified and bomb sheltered airbase, very modern radar and communication systems ( 24 hour coverage),and also a modern air defense complex to defend the base from air attack – so various grades of missles and AA guns with radars, etc, to provide an overlapping defense against everything from helicopters to cruise misslies – and enough trained troops to cover all of this 24 hours a day, expensive AWACs & maybe electronic warfare aircraft ( again 24 hour coverage so 3 or 4 of each ), possibly electronic warfare strike aircraft too, importantly training facilities with a flight of intermediate / advanced jet trainer aircraft ( say 6 or so ), decent aggressor training ( think Val Kilmer in Top-gun), expensive test missiles ( and real missiles ) and actual flight time in the fighter jets to provide your pilots with the experience they need to pilot your expensive equipment effectively not to forget all the expensive maintenance and updates associated with all of this hardware and critically software ( think of the e-voting fiasco if you want to be scared), and of course offering enough wages to DF staff ,etc, as not to have all your very well-trained mechanics and pilots running off to Aer Lingus, etc, at the first possible moment to pay for a nice family home.

            So, that is a whole lot of money. It is a serious on-going cost for a country, which hopefully and most likely never be used. The bulk of the money flows out of the country never to be seen again.

            It is a far more than the cost of a few fields where-ever. Which by the way could be put to some productive use say with housing or a hospital or something. As interested as I am some times in all of the above military hardware, and the economics behind it too, keeping the fields combined with the housing or hospital would be a much better spend.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “The Antigua and Barbados Defence Force is the world’s smallest military, consisting of 245 people.´´

            Not the 38 thousand people you maintained.

            Bob – 38 thousand people in Antigua are available for military service (which mesan have been trained and can be called up). In Ireland, only 7,000 people can be call up. And Ireland does it even have the US bases Antigua has and its location is less remote from the axes of conflict than Antigua’s.

            At least read with understanding.

            “All warplanes of all nations on dubious missions turn off transponders…part of it is to test response times for local defences……fair is fair.”

            What does it show?
            That: – the Russians carry out dubious missions in Ireland.
            – Ireland has no way of responding.

            Precisely why I propose to have a proper radar and interceptors.

            “There is another report this morning about American miltary plane transponders being turned off.”

            Where does it say it was near the Irish border? It only says it was near the Russian border. What do I care about the Russian border? I live in Ireland and care about Ireland’s, not Russian defences, and so should you.

            “That is from the BBC”

            Yes, and the BBC had daughter of the then Polish minister doing documentaries and Soros journmalists in Poland as sources, and I could go on with details, clarifications and explanations for a long time, but why…

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “And you asked what investigation found it was an accident resulting from human error. The Polish one did!”

            Ok. So you did not bother watching the (less than 2min) link with the statement from the Polish invistigation stating the presence of explosives or read the information I attached :-(?

            You say that western media is biased against Russia. So is Russian media towards the West (whereby sometimes they plainly lie, as I showed above with their Malaysian plane report inconsitent with their own aviation websites). That’s why I watch both. And I’m critical about both.
            Still, a question remains: if the Russian side is completely innocent, why do they refuse to return the wreck of the plane (since 2010), and why did they obstruct the investigation? Also, they washed out all the wreck against any investigations standards. Do you claim the Russian authorities are so stupid as to not know that this would hinder the investigation?

            On another note, the Americans have of the recording of the conversations during the flight at their disposal. They have been asked by the Polish side to make them available and they refused? Why? These are the questions I am asking rather than being content with shallow answers.

            You can say whatever you like about the western propaganda (as is indubitebly present in the media, because every big and powerful country has propaganda apparatus – BND ie employes 3,200 people abroad to do their propaganda). Only our countries do not have their propaganda instruments. That’s why serious countries prevail and postcolonial countries lose. That’s why Ireland paid for unsecured bondholders and Poland gave up on taxing German and French supermarkets (tax examptions for 10 years).



          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “I mean what happens if more aircraft were sent against us than we have by some notional foe? e.g we have 10 planes so they send 40. What happens if there was a first strike on our one small base?”

            Bob, but what do you propose? Have no defense at all because Ireland is unable or unwilling to build defenses against 40 planes or first strike?

            Because Iam not sure if you are aware, but the planes that Ireland has and the radar that it has – not only it’s not like these are defenses suitable to Ireland’s needs or unsuitable – there are NO air defenses. I repeat: Ireland does not have weak air defense or insufficient air defense systems – Ireland has NO air defense. The little planes that Ireland has are training planes, they are unable not only to intercept any plane, even 50 year old, but even follow it. Additionally, Ireland is partly radar blind and relies on the British radars. Well, I thought that many people in this country are of an opinion that Ireland should rather be NOT DEPENDENT on Britain.

            Someone might say: no, let’s rely on the UK and agreement we have, if they want to do it for free, that’s even better.

            2 problems with that:

            1. What if they change their mind?
            2. By not having its own interceptors, this adds up up to 40 extra minutes flights for the British jet fighters to arrive. This is not acceptable in modern warfare conditions.

            And, once again, it’s ridiculous to show links with the US planes switching off their transpoders at the Black Sea. Twist it as you want, the Russian plane caused danger for passengers planes last year twice (even after Ireland asked their embassador not to risk collision with passenger planes) and the UK or the US planes did not.

            I am really not worried about the Black Sea region. Believe you me, even declining (birth rates, HIV rates, budget) Russia is infinitely better prepared to deal with the problem of modern US planes than Ireland is with the problem of 50 year old planes (and what if the islam terrorists decide to interrupt the civilian planes traffic)?

            Roman Dmowski, a famour pre-WWII politician and writer, wrote: “I am a Pole and I have Polish duties”.

            Should Irishmen not worry about Irish air defenses rather than the Black Sea air defenses?

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “So, that is a whole lot of money. It is a serious on-going cost for a country, which hopefully and most likely never be used. The bulk of the money flows out of the country never to be seen again.”

            Bob, you are correct, and you are correct about the rest of what you wrote about the infrastructure.

            However, you are still somewhere like 9 on the 0 to 10 scale of what defenses should Ireland have. I am saying that the money we spent on buying empty fields in the decentralisation program alone would have upgraded it to 3.

            And, last but not least – all what you wrote about, ALL that infrastructure – that’s only a fraction of what we spent on bailing out the banks.

            “The bulk of the money flows out of the country never to be seen again”

            The bulk, maybe all, of the money spent on bailing out the banks will never be seen again. Having a proper army would be VERY VISIBLE for any future intruders, either in the air or meddling with energy supply lines.

            And now we might be getting 13bn from Apple. I think that some of it should be spent on reducing the national debt and some on jet fighters and the infrastructure you described.

            To reiterate my claim: I am not asking we should tax ourselves to oblivion to buy some toys. I’m saying that we should allocate SOME money for that from the money that we have ALREADY wasted/are about to waste.

            Unless someone thinks that it’s better to spend the 13bn windfall on bribing the electorate (Bertie’s 2002 choice over the F16s).

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I was a bit advocate = I was a big advocate

          either Ireland not Poland are not that important for the US as Israel = neither Ireland nor Poland are that important for the US

          be then lend back to the US with high interest rates = be then lent back to the US at high interest rates

          had office in the German industry in Athens = had an office in the German embassy in Athens

          the Czechs made an astonishing to offer the Air Corps three jets FOR FREE = the Czechs made an astonishing offer to the Air Corps: three jets FOR FREE

          it was spend = it was spent

  8. Truthist

    That the Leglislative & Executive & Judiciary [ L.E.J. ] & the senior Civil Serpents of Irish State government frequently pick the strategically detrimental choice for the Irish nation over the decades of E.E.C / E.C. / E.U. membership means that we should seriously consider are those “decision makers” compromised in the fashion of top British MP Mr. Keith Vaz ;
    Truly, Vaz is not the shortened nick-name ;
    And, yes, u betcha though that blackmailing spooks have “a lien” on him all along.

    Keith Vaz (Nigel Keith Anthony Standish Vaz) is Chairman of the UK parliament’s powerful Home Affairs Select Committee, which keeps an eye on child abuse rings involving top people.
    And, Aanirfan has been revealing much of the above long before it was officially admitted this week.
    Me thinks that yee ought to be seriously investigating our LEJ & senior Civil Serpents over the last 40 years or so of such carry-on.

  9. McCawber

    So what is to do.
    Get back to spending 19 shillings and six pence and we will be free, really free.
    There is a price for freedom but there is a reward also and the reward is well worth the price.
    For it to happen we need a polician who will lead and a cause worth fighting for.
    Corporation tax is a cause worth fighting for because to lose that battle is the equivalent of a nuclear strike on our whole economic strategy.
    That is not to say it’s a good strategy but it takes time to change horses and a new strategy.
    Personally I’m on for a Michael O’Leary on this one.
    People (the EU and/or some/all of it’s constituent parts) are in no position to throw stones – ergo we should be pointing out some of the scams the other member states are up to.
    Bureaucratic fiddles, multiple breaches of the spirit of the law etc.
    That’s multiple breaches where the loopholes are simply/knowing left in place so that the abuses can continue.
    Waste – I got a letter in the post today.
    I have an appointment for my new SAFE card.
    I’ve to bring the usual id stuff and present myself at the appointed hour.
    Just stop for a moment and imagine the cost of this to the taxpayer for providing this “service” and the cost to the taxpayer for “availing ” of this service.
    oh and wait until you have to renew your driving licence – word to the wise, don’t lose your driving licence.
    This is unfortunately one of the possible and most likely outcomes for Utopia.
    A circular economy of unwanted, unneeded and intrusive public services.
    I’ll have to renew my passport in a couple of years, I can’t wait.

  10. McCawber

    The reason BTW that they are going afterthe ccorporates is because they are running out of other sources of income.
    I deduce this simply from the fact that the corporates are a very powerful entity and not low lying fruit so to speak.

  11. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so we were told in our childhood. It seems we only need one every year or so now!!

  12. Deco

    Some good news for a change. It will now be possible to travel from central Kildare to central Dublin in less than 60 minutes. The distance is less than 30 miles. So this is not exactly a Japan Rail level of innovation. But for Ireland, this is a big change.

    Please note – the tunnel did not have to be built from scratch. It was built with private money. And at a time when Dublin was 1/10 what it is now. And when engineering was with a pencil, and construction was with a shovel. There were no TDs to prevent the construction. The economics were determined by the price of flour, timber and coal.

    This is rejuvenation of infrastructure that was allowed fall into disrepaire in the 1960s, when everybody fell in love with happy suburban motoring and the idea of Denver on the Liffey.

    Of course, if more residential space was build along the Leixlip rail line, followed by DART, and if there were higher building codes in urban Dublin, then this would also be progress.

    And that is the essence of it.

    If you build housing in the Midlands, even with eager local authorities, it takes ages to get the infrastructure good. This costs a lot to build and operate. Large amounts of money.

    Public transport is subject to economics of utilization. No doubt utilization rates on the Central Kildare area will increase. Some pressure will be taken off house prices in Dublin.

    The economics of time and space also apply. The closer the residece to the workplace, the lowewr the cost of operating the system, and the higher the number of people who can be transported. The more stops that can be taken.

    Ireland, needs to get it’s time-space issue resolved with respect to residence and workplace. Other countries resolve this by building upwards, and by constructing high volume public transport.

    There is not enough roadspace in central Dublin for any more cars. The SCR and NCR are both notoriously slow. They cross the main routes in and out of Dublin city centre. They might be better crossing over them. Maybe we might need to replace the Grand Canal with train line, running under the entire system, and just run the Canal to Kilmainham, or Celbridge or Leixlip. And replace the SCR altogether with a Luas to Grand Canal Street.

    Finally, at some point the bottlenck on the entire rail system, gets more attention – Tara Street Bridge. And that a new rail link (over or under the Liffey) to Grand Canal Street, linking to Pearse Street, and possibly an underground station under St. Stephen’s Green.

    The tunnel will change much. There will be demand to run Cork trains to Connolly and Pearse. There will be less traffic on the M7. There will be demand for housing in central Kildare, given that the Dublin local authorities are not allowing enough to be built.

    There will even be a movement of rail freight to Waterford, to make way for commuters using the previously freight only tunnel. Basically, commuters will outbid freight carriers for the use of the train system in Dublin. The higher bidder wins.

  13. Deco

    We are seeing a power struggle. The Centralists versus those who are fed up with the centralists. The entire “more EU rope” mantra is really about the accumulation of power (and wealth) at the centre. The more power in EU power bodies, the more lobbyists, and the more money starts to lubricate matters.

    Apple are an innovator. The EU is a restrictor. That is the business of both. The EU creates monopolies by eliminating the competition with dictats. Apple creates monopolies by beating the competition with better phones.

    I have a choice with regard to Apple. The EU will give me a choice, until I vote as the EU thinks I should vote.

    On several dimensions the EU is turning into a messy, badly run, clueless collosus.

    We should steer clear, as far as possible. Singapore is a better model to follow.

    Since 1992, the EU has been reliant on debt increases to create economic growth. The central model has been lethargic. In addition, there has been a massive demographic problem created in both Eastern and Western Europe, thanks to low interest rates, and real estate ponzification. Eastern Europe might recover. Italy and Germany now have birth rates below Russia. Spain and Portugal are in severe trouble. And Greece is effectively fried. Unemployment and real estate ponzification are the dominant driving forces. Outliers like Ireland, France and Sweden will probably be driven to the same disaster, sooner rather than later.

    It seems that there is an EU average with respect to demographic decline, and the pressure is on to push the average in one direction.

    And lastly, let’s not forget debt. Debt is a serious problem in Europe.

    The EU as a policy making monopoly is proving to be a disaster.

    Instead of lecturing Apple, maybe the EU commission should ask Apple how the EU could perform better.

    • Well that about covers it Deco.
      Get the hell out of the EU tentacles. Being sucked into the maw of the EU morass is no solution for any thinking person. It is , The EU that is, just a way of centralizing the the group think to ready all people for a a one world government. This unitary edifice will have so many rules and regulations that nothing will be able to be accomplished as the bureaucracy stifles all innovation and freedom. The world will be serfs in slavery to the elites.

      I much prefer the Libertarian route. I as an individual can do whatever I want whenever I feel like it as long as I do no harm to another. Government , GET OFF MY BACK!

      • Truthist

        I am with u there … BUT !

        But, we should now — now at least — also have a Welfare State ;
        Industrial Automation, & Robotics, & Hydroponics + Aquaponics + Vermiculture + Vermiponics, & a whole lot of other advances in Industry & Agriculture can supply surplus for those who “WISH” to avail of Welfare.
        Basic Income for every person is a possible route for this option.

        However, if one wishes to have higher say in the running of certain operations of the State & have certain material benefits from the State ; ==> u must meaningfully contribute to the State.
        This does not mean u pay Income Tax ;
        Actually, under the reformed Economics of Sound Money ; ==> there is no need for Income Tax.
        But, I personally would have it that Companies — for instance — would have to pay Income Tax if they do not invest all there profits back into their Enterprises or into constructive societal benefits of their own wishes.
        Well, something like that anyway.

  14. Deco

    The Irish establishment has been beholden to Brussels and Berlin, evern since the Irish establishment signed Ireland into the Eurozone.

    No worse donkey than Ruairi Quinn sent the Irish delegation over to agree the country into something which had never been tested before, and to do so, without asking any questions.

    It was a moment of supreme stupidity. Brought to you by a champagne socialist representing the constituency, in which scandal ridden AIB have their HQ. And by the brother of the then supremo of AIB. AIB is now effectively the reason why house prices are high – because AIB have to be fixed.

    The Irish establishment were so beholden to one master, that they could not possibly have served this country’s interest. Or have been supportive of the British in their demands for reform of the EU. For every time that the Brits demanded reform (usually supported by the Danes, sometimes supported by the Poles and the Poles, always opposed by the French ), the official propaganda organ of the Irish institutionals presented the demands as absurd.

    And now the Irish establishment are stuck with consequences. A disgruntled populace beneath them, a lazy bureacracy above them, multinationals on one side, and the British on the other.

    The Irish establishment are facing a reckoning. And they usually prefer to shove their reckoning on the rest of us, via bailouts and state interventions to help themselves (“to save the system” “systemic risk”, etc..)

    Ireland’s “leadership” is extremely exposed. Expect deceit, as standard. They love pretending. In fact the one continual output of official Ireland is pretence.

    And expect it to fail this time.

  15. Truthist

    This is what is happening to the USA ;

    And, u, David, want us to hitch ourselves to that ?

    Ah well, we are already mimicking the Alinsky methods to destroy society ;

    The Trots — Auntie Austerity Dalliance [ socalled "People before Profit", etc ], Socialist Party, “MI5 & MI6″ compromised Sinn Fein, inter alia — & the Bolshevicks — unofficial “Blue Shirts” Fianna Fail & official “Blue Shirts” Fine Gael & Michael McDowell — are all doing so.

    Ultimately, they want the bulk of the population to be jobless AND paltry welfare dependent & have just a sufficient enough gated community of USA multinational factories & plants as sole producers providing tax for the communist & fascist Irish State.

    • This applies to the peoples of all countries.
      Last paragraph quote from the above link
      “”It is imperative that the Republicans do not squander their opportunity to take the White House in 2016, or America will become the wasteland that Alinsky had intended. Get up and fight, after all this beautiful country doesn’t belong to a communist or socialist, it belongs to the free will of Americans, it belongs to you.”"

  16. Truthist

    Guess such a move would allow Kill-ary to save face — for whatever — when the King-makers decide that Trump is to be Prezzie.

    • How do you save face by admitting one is an alcoholic, bi sexual, deceitful, and a liar.

      • AlfieMoone

        Where do these rumours about Enda begin? And how have they gained traction? What makes you think he’s an alcoholic? He’s a bit pink these days but most Mayo blokes of that age are. And don’t we all like to take a drink now and again?

        As for the other stuff, aren’t all politicians deceitful liars when required? At least you didn’t repeat the cross-dressing stuff which bizarrely surfaced on this blog comment log. Alpha Male Enda? Can’t imagine him ever compromising that for anyone no matter how alluring. Everything else I’d say he’d be up for but not the gender-bender stuff…but even if he’s into ‘that kind of thing’ what’s the harm so long as he’s not on the Down Low like that Keith Vaz bastard who didn’t even snap a rubber on with those Romanian Rent Boys.

        Oh, hang on, you’re talking about The Donald? Well, with that wig he’s flying his freak flag full on already…what? Hilary is a carpet muncher? Who knew? “I did not have sex with that woman!” would be a humorous redux to Bill’s priapism…

      • Truthist

        Kill-ary can claim that the electorate did not vote for her because she was defamed [ with truth or mistaken beliefs or lies or damn statistics ].

  17. bilimori

    “Atlantic Ireland is our future”

    Even better future- Ireland as 51st. state.

    Huge advantages for both nations. US major permanent business, tourist and defence toehold in Europe. Ireland adds its 200 billion dollar debt onto USA near 20 trillion debt. A drop in the bucket, NI gladly reunites with South as NI reputedly fought harder for Amerian Independence than anyone else.
    You could write a book enumerating the advantages, few disadvantages. If Trump is in he will be for it.

    Tongue not quite in cheek.

    Referendum anyone?

    • AlfieMoone

      It has served that purpose since the United States was founded, albeit being another strand of Ireland’s ‘hidden history’ alongside the dual Crown-Thrones of the Norman Toraigh Elites running the place for England then Britain after the Union, first from Kilkenny vs Irishtown to the new feudal arrangement of D4/IFSC vs ‘beyond The Pale’.

      Michael Collins and James Connolly are sitting beside me reading this comment. I am giving them a crash-course in the last century’s developments since they went all ISIS on Sackville Street. It seemed the right thing to do at the time but they now realise they planted a memetic bomb which is about to detonate beneath the Dail and Sinead.

      I am explaining to James Connolly how his vision of a Socialist Worker’s counterpoint to the power of Capital has turned out on the island. He isn’t very happy as he reads Enda and Noonan The Hut’s attempts to appropriate Irish Nationalism for foreign Corporate tax arbitrage. I explain to him that the Irish Middle Class now carry the burden of taxation whilst foreign Corporations pay 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 % and that is lauded as ‘progress’ and sustainable by almost the entire Irish Establishment Groupthink despite the ‘reputational damage’ to the very notion of Being Irish that it is causing such as to make a laughing stock of the entire culture around the world.

      “How do we help you destroy these ‘soldiers of infamy’?” asks a thoughtful Big Fella as he polishes his rifle and sips his whisky.

      “I’m not quite sure….yet….but I think just typing these words is probably enough. You see, many ‘lurkers’ in the Irish Establishment read my words. They can’t admit it to their peers except maybe over one too many peers but they also cannot sleep because of the mounting ‘cognitive dissonance’ which my Revolutionary Rhetoric creates in their D4/IFSC Salaryman subconscious as they toss and turn through the nightmares of the night thinking: “What if Andy Mooney is right? What if we are all traitors? What if he’s serious about siezing control of the entire global Irish diaspora through Art and reducing the ‘real’ Irish Establishment on the island of Ireland to circus clowns utterl beclowned beyond redemption through is scathing upcyling of Irish history, culture and futurism? What if he actually is the real deal? A bona-fide genius who realised that the only way to change things was not to shoot men who arrange things as it was back in 1916 but to scythe through the blizzard of information by secreting Samizdat surrealist insurrection under the guise of ‘another nutter ranting on the Interwebz’? What if he really can commune with Micheal Collins and James Connolly and channel them via Zozo through his QWERTY Ouija keyboard? What is he planning?….Am I going to end up with a noose around my neck at Kilmainham alongside Enda and Noonan?…”

      And so on and so forth….

      I am about to begin a short presentation to Michael Collins and James Connolly about how the average Irish person pays Scandinavian levels of taxation for American levels of public services whilst The Poor are blamed for the funding gaps left by the hollowing out of Corporate Tax coffers, not to mention the Salaried Pensionariat antics of the Civil Serpent Class. But first Michael wants to try some of the Unterberg I brough back from Denmark….I tell him it’s German, made by our ‘gallant EUro allies’. He frowns, smiles and winks….then roars laughing…


    “There have also been warnings regarding deposit bail-in risks from the CEO of FDB, one of Ireland’s largest insurance companies. The insurance company has been moving cash out of Irish bank deposits and into bonds. In order to read more about Stefan Gerlach’s warning and Fiona Muldoon’s concerns – read Deposit Bail-in and Property Crash Warnings In Ireland here.

    These risks are set to impact savers and investors in the coming years. Ignoring them and pretending they have no financial implications for people’s personal finances is imprudent.

    Today Dr Constantin Gurdgiev, Dr Brian Lucey, Eddie Hobbs, Jim Power, Cormac Lucy, Jill Kerby and others are all advocating diversification into gold again. Diversification remains important and an allocation to physical gold will again protect in the coming crisis.”"

    Prudent actions are called for. Knowledge now leaves no excuses later. These warnings have already been issued several times over the last several months. In fact nearly 2 years now, it is, since the G20 meeting to agree on bail-in legislation. As far as gold is concerned, it has been advocated here for many years: Silver even more so, and for the adventurous, Precious metal mining companies, over 100% since February and just started with a long way to go yet.

    All conveniently ignored by our good host. Investing in Apple in any form will be a misadventure from now on. Except, of course, one can plant an apple tree or two in the back garden. It will yield fruit every year.

    • ” Despite gold and silver stocks being up over 100 percent in 2016, Sean Williams at Motley Fool says they can still be considered “value stocks,” particularly relative to the S&P 500. His analysis is based on price- to-cash flow per share ratio (P/CFPS). Currently, the S&P 500 is valued at 8.7 times P/CFPS (and generally speaking it is often between 10 and 20). “However, if you look at gold and silver stocks, you’ll find substantially cheaper alternatives on a price-to-cash flow per share basis,” Williams continues. “Especially after this last correction. In many instances, you can find mid- to-high, single-digit P/CFPS among gold and silver miners.”

  19. “”. . There is no competition in the United States. There is no free election. There is no free market. There is not capitalism. All of these things that you believe to be in place right now are lies. . . . It’s procedural racketeering. It is the veneer of a functioning economy or a functional system. This sort of procedural racketeering is also procedural control and procedural information gathering. It is dystopia of epic proportions.”"


    “”In order to have a sustainable economy, you have got to have people creating and producing things of value. A debt-based paper economy may seem to work for a while, but eventually the whole thing inevitably comes crashing down when faith in the paper is lost.”"

  21. Truthist


    I perceive the following from the vantage point of being a naturally political person [ not a "political-animal" mind u ], & some knowledge of history, & meaningful discussions wit German & Polish interlocutors over many years ;
    The Germans like to look down on the Poles ;
    And, for their justification, they call the Poles lazy.
    They do not specify initially as to the type of laziness ;
    There being many types of laziness of course.
    But, then on I questioning so, they elaborate with “production laziness”.
    I now would argue that the Germans are generally the most efficient & effective workers because they have very good systems for executing team-work & individual tasks.
    Thus, they can be rather positive when they go about doing work.
    The Poles like to look down on the Russians.
    And, they are more forgiving of what the Germans did to them because the Poles actually admire Germans.
    Although, the Poles do admire certain high traditions of the Russians too
    Mathematical prowess
    But, underneath the contempt that the Poles have for Russians in general, I believe is projected contempt that the Poles have for themselves being Slavs.
    The Poles & Russians being in the main “Slavs”.
    This despite Poles being very proud “ostensibly”.
    Sorry, if what I say is inaccurate or unpleasant to consider.
    I do not think that Russians are as preoccupied with Poles as are Poles & Germans.
    And, Germans are given to whole-heartedly admiring Russians atimes.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Interesting points; the only thing I can say that thanks God we still have nations with their quirks and characteristics instead of just everyone chewing gum, dressing the same and having the same opinion on everything – which seems to be where the whole Europe is going.

      Some of them points are stereotypes though. For example:

      “for their justification, they call the Poles lazy.” – if you look at the OECD data, numbers do not lie: currently Germans are one of the laziest societies (in terms of hours worked an average and holidays taken) and Poles are one of the most industrious. But why is that? Well, the Germans can afford to work little and enjoy handsome pensions and welfare benefits (there was a documentary on RTL in the late 90s about how in east Germany where there was 20% unemployment, there were at the same time more multiple times more vacancies than unemployed and the job offices could not get Germans to work in agriculture even if they would be given complementary taxis to workplace…) because they succeeded in making their neighbours to finance the devolopment of their industry via trade surpluses, so Germany could develop high quality jobs and put the rest on social welfare (in fairness to them, they also have done Harz IV while the Irish governments attitude was always “if I have it, I’ll spend it”). This was the plan from the very beginning (the Mittel-Europa plan).

      “they have very good systems for executing team-work & individual tasks.” – they do. But a lot of them is based on importing cheap labour. Do you think that Germany would still have those systems if they were not forgiven their debts and had to pay war reparations?

      “the Poles actually admire Germans.” – of course they do! German immigrants to Poland made an enormous contribution in terms of craft (ie. the Mariacki Altar in Krakow). Bear in mind that some high ranked officers of German origin fought on the Polish side in WWII (and the descendant of the Habsburgs resettled to Poland and polonised her sons).

      “Although, the Poles do admire certain high traditions of the Russians too” – certainly, and what’s more, one often does not notice that many Polish politicians considered anti-Russian are in fact only anti-Soviet or anti-Putin, but admire some of the traditions of the Tsarist Russia. I myself love Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Stravinsky, Shostakovich and the Soviet chess school.

      But you also have to bear in mind that in Russia’s case of lot of their intellectual culture had also come from abroad (ie. there was so many German generals in their army that there was an anecdote about some Russian officer asking does anyone speak Russian here).

      Before Russia (or Moscow state to be precise) was intellectually barren. Ie, within 130 years when there was an interregnum in Poland, only 3 non-religious books were published in Russia. In Poland at that time a huge amount was published about that interregnum event only! I’s say now we see some revival of the Russian cinema, which is probably even better than barren Hollywood now.

      “Infamous landlord to the Irish in England Mr. Rachman was a very important chappie in spookdom ;
      Polish connections abound”

      Yes, but Rachman was Jewish. He was interned by the Germans and like many Jews, thougth that the USSR is the land of milk and honey so he escaped there, only to find out that the Russian Siberia was even worse than a German jail.

      More representative for the Poles would be this chap:

      • Truthist

        Hi Grzegorz,

        I could have qualified what I opined about, & relayed about, Poles with saying the obvious ;
        Poles are famous for being very hard working in Canada, & the USA ;
        Just to mention 2 locations.
        But, I thought wise to confine the environment to the “Germany-Poland [ in the middle ]-Russia” Sandwich.
        Please indulge some pedagogical elements in my communications since I am conscious of edifying novices & know-alls & village idiots … the list is endless really ;
        Hence, the likes of telegraphing that Poland is geographically squeezed between Germany & Russia.
        Re ; Rachman
        The Aanirfan feature & its comments refer to others with Poland & / or Polish connections.
        I suggest that u should chase the angle that I am curious enough to indeed seek the answer to question posed in that particular post were u to get meaningful handle on Irish history from 1916 until now shall we say.
        Also, actual background of the Littlejohn brothers may be very helpful — I suspect — for to give more support to a certain crucial understanding.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          I cannot do it right now (post an analysis of hushing up certain things related to 1916 in the Irish historiography); I remember I did post something longer in the past. I were to simplify it to one sentence, I would say that the whole Irish historical writing (Tim Pat Coogan is a good example) revolves around the simple dichotomy: glorious Irish resistance v the evil Albion, but they are blissfully unware of the foreign evil forces working behind the scenes of various uprisings OTHER than the cunning Albion (ok, there is a bit about the French and Spanish landings – that’s always portrayed as well-wishing – but that’s about it). This seems to be getting worse and worse – instead of Irish historical narrative deepening the understanding of multiple angles which led to events like 1913 lockout or 1916 Rising, the narrative seems to get more and more primitive as the last Irish who could have said something different about are long dead.
          For example: what was the role of rubber barons in 1913 lockout? Why was James Larkin paid by the Soviet embassy in the 20s (and German beforehand)? Larkin assembled an army of nearly 100,000 people that could totally destabilise the entire production in Dublin. They had those cute uniform. Does Tim Pat Coogan know they were brought from England? Da fuck he does – all he knows is the victim script: this does not make him any wiser with years. Now – would England ALLOW those uniforms to be brought across the sea just like that? And maybe the lockout should researched as English INTERNAL sabotage affair? Then again, sabotage by who – was England by any chance not a competitor to the east coast in the US and the Prussian industry? Did even Roosevelt not have a plan of war with Britain.

          In that wider context, if someone only comes up with cultural stuff, I have right to be slightly irritated. Of course the Irish are more similar to the English or Americans than any other nation. But national interest is not really about that at all – cultural factors can be used internally to increase nation’s strenght and will to resist, but if someone stops at that, that basically means that the leaders of such nation (and I consider Tim Pat Coogan as one of the spiritual leaders) will also be outmanouvered and manipulated by stronger, more ruthless leaders of other nations whose considerations would go far beyond culture. I’m sure Mr Coogan means well and all he wants is to contribute to glory and identity of the Irish nation. His naivety however, his lack of ecomomic, geopolitical and even wider historical knowledge contributes to the opposite: because of stereotypical books like his, this nation will always be done while not knowing while it was done. When I was emigrating (many years ago) to Britain, a father of my friends (the same who was training for 3 years within the Warsaw Pact plan to invade Denmark while Russia was supposed to invade Germany: there was even film made with instructions for the soldiers; day one, day two, etc – the film only goes up to 8th day (dealing with things like overcoming pain) because every soldier is supposed to die until then after the nuclear attack) – so this marine gave me an interesting life advice which I at the time discounted as bad-taste joke. He said: Grzesiu, wherever you are, love all people as if they were your family but settle accounts with all of them as if you were Jewish.
          I haven’t follow his advice. In hindsight, I should have.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I were to simplify = If I were to simplify
            while not knowing while it was done = why it was done

          • Truthist

            I am trying to help u get the insight u seek.
            I trust u will delve as I suggest.
            The fruits will be the real knowledge.
            Fear not ; I am not the Civil Servent of Eden or any such 2 x the income of comparable role in private sector of Land of Ire.
            If u not u for the task, I welcome u introducing me to some nubile & able Polish females who will do so with relish.

  22. Truthist

    Infamous landlord to the Irish in England Mr. Rachman was a very important chappie in spookdom ;
    Polish connections abound.
    Actually, we are talking about “State-Craft” & what have u.
    JFK escapades
    JFK assassination
    Profumo affair
    Irish Orphanages
    U say the following in this link . ;
    “Rachman got caught doing business for Begin and Israel, swapping drugs for arms, and was in jail in Ireland for 5 years before he could join Mandy in Israel.”
    Wonder what Rachman was imprisoned in Bandit-country [ No ! ; Not that type of "banditry" ; Just the reference to run amok Eire as the Brits were fond of saying ] for ?

    • Truthist

      Typo ;
      Please omit from the above post ;

      “U say the following in this link :”

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Short reflection on Peter Rachman’s interesting life. Born in Lwów (historically a Polish city) from a well-off Jewish middle-class family, was imprisoned on unjust grounds by the Germans (allegedly for joining the Polish resistance movement). After escaping to the land of milk and honey, he was unjustly imprisoned again and found himself in a worse prison than in Nazi Germany (there is this misconception in the West that the occupation of Poland was mainly about misttreatment of the Jews – but I wrote a long post in the past in which I showed that more ethnic Poles died in WWII than ethnic Jews with Polish citizenship, and remember – Auschwitz was intially a camp for Poles rounded up from the streets by the Germans – the Jews did not start arriving to Auschwitz until a few years later).
      So Rachman was unjustly jailed twice: in Nazi Germany and in Soviet Russia. The only just grounds for his imprisonment arose in England for mistreatment of his tenants. So England was the country where he should have been jailed, but he was not. How interesting. I’m frightened to ask: was because he was…

      • Truthist

        “unjustly jailed twice in Nazi Germany …” ? ;
        According to Aanirfan, the Nazis would have a “justifiable” motive to do so ;
        Rachman was fighting with Begin against the Nazis.
        Hopefully u will uncover the circumstances of his being in Ireland.

      • coldblow

        His name crops up in the book I’m reading at the moment, The Neophiliacs by Christopher Booker, about the rise of modern Britain in the Fab 60s. He traces it back to 1955 and takes it to 1965, which is where it will end I think, or soon – I have only about sixty pages left. It is a very perceptive book, written at the end of the 60s, so within the period itself, which is some accomplishment. I think Naipaul’s The Enigma of Arrival also contains Rachman, or a character closely based on him.

  23. Truthist

    And, because the subject of “Housing” is such a common refrain of this site, I supply u with mention of what landlords can do with impunity from follow-through from Garda-Landlords or [ in this specific case ] British Police ;
    Lord Moynihan Obituary, Telegraph:
    “In 1960s London Moynihan cut a rather ridiculous figure in kaftans, and worked for a time for Peter Rachman, the slum landlord, driving his maroon Rolls-Royce.
    ‘I didn’t really understand what was involved in those days,’ recalled Moynihan. ‘It was quite cruel. They had this big Alsatian dog that had been taught to soil the tenants’ beds.’
    Moynihan later claimed that three years after Rachman was reported dead he met him at an hotel in Izmir, Turkey, where they had a drink together and reminisced about old times.”

  24. AlfieMoone

    Gene Kerrigan: ‘We’re with you, Comrade Billionaires’

    ‘The fight to save Apple’s billions is cynically cast as a fight for national sovereignty,” writes Gene Kerrigan

    ‘Taoiseach Enda Kenny stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Michael Noonan, the Minister for Apple. Together, we’re assured, they will protect us from the Bullying Bastards of Brussels.
    These two stalwart Irishmen, the Pearse and Connolly of our time, are fighting to fend off the Feckers from Frankfurt.

    We’re told we’re under attack and we must all pull on the Green Jersey. And if the Green Jersey has a big Apple logo on the front, well, all the better.’

    PUBLISHED by The Irish Independent
    04/09/2016 | 02:30

    “Andy, who is this Gene Kerrigan? Why is he able to state this calmly in the Indo when all the others are fluffing Brussels and Berlin?” Michael Collins via Zozo on the Ouija QWERTY keyboard.

    “Well, Big Fella, it’s like this…they were claiming that the EUro elite were Ireland’s ‘gallant European allies’ as a tantrum toddler response to the Brexit vote for an independent Great Brexitan a few weeks ago. Now because the EU elite have a residual attachment to the post-war settlements for the European Working Class despite all their blowing of Corporate hairy oboes, they have had to try and put limits on the brazen whore-mongering of these ‘soldiers of infamy’” Alfie Moone

    “But that means they are Traitors and should be executed at Kilmainham like we were!” said James Connolly.

    “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword, but nothing is as mighty as the QWERTY ouija laptop keyboard of Andy Mooney channeling Zozo to upcyle and re-imagine Being Irish In The C21st.” Alfie Moone

    “So, are Andy and Alfie the same person?” asks Micheal.

    “Well, one is based on the island of Ireland and one is based on the island of Britain but it’s not yet clear if they are the same person or a team like you two” AndrewGMooney

    “Mighty!” says Micheal and the board is suddenly silent as the demands of a working Wednesday in this humid Indian Summer in England intrude and end the transmission…but Zozo sends one final message to Michael and James before they return to their graves, he sends them the link to a song written by Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson called “Everybody Knows”. Micheal shouts as he begins to dissipate into the ether..”Andy was in Denmark last week watching Sharon! The Danes set up Dublin…..why weren’t we told all this as children? How did yonder Saxon Foe Brummie Boy figure it all out when nobody else could? And how did he realise he was destined to become the Taoiseach of the Global Irish Diaspora when he stepped onstage at the first ever World’s Irish Feis in Parnell Square in 1970 and danced his heart out only to be robbed of the Gold Medal because he was ‘English’?….God moves in mysterious ways…….Please, Andy….save Ireland! Do not let them debase and destroy the legacy of 1916. Finish our unfinished business! We stand with you, not them.”

    Andy smiles and presses play on his Sean-Nos Nua version of the song. Michael and James look at each other and there are tears in their eyes as they vanish into the morning sunrise…

    ‘Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows
    Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied
    Everybody got this broken feeling
    Like their father or their dog just died
    Everybody talking to their pockets
    Everybody wants a box of chocolates
    And a long stem rose
    Everybody knows’

    Sharon Robinson – Everybody Knows – live at Bremen, Copenhagen – 22/8-2016

    • McCawber

      Did you nick that from the Pinochio song.
      Nice remix and it’s almost hypnotic.
      Mix those words to the Pinochio song put it on YouTube and it would go viral.

  25. McCawber

    That was interesting stuff about Obama.
    He certainly fooled me.
    I liked the look of him whereas I could never warm to Clinton.
    However recently I have become disenchanted with Obama.
    His attitude to GB on a new trade agreement is a load of baloney.
    Sure a trade agreement with the EU is important but there is nothing in the rule book stating that you have to do one at a time and that GB will have to wait its turn.
    Whatever happened to parallel negotiations.
    That’s his public message and he’s been at pains to repeat it.
    Make you wonder wouldn’t it?

  26. Truthist


    I contend that the SAFE Card is a wrong too far on the relationship between the aborigine Irish & the Irish State.
    We were always told that Irish State was benign in that it did not compel its citizens to have Photo ID.
    “Halt ! Ve vant to zee ur Photo I.D., u pathetic Non-Civil Serpent of the Irish State.” ;
    So, will the Irish State Civil Serpents be wont to soliloquy at least.

  27. Truthist

    Typo ;
    I contend that the SAFE Card is a wrong too far IN the relationship between the aborigine Irish CITIZEN & the Irish State.

  28. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    My comment on Dublin Bus strike:

    • coldblow


      Interesting comments from you the other day. What I noticed about the Dublin buses when I first came was the speed of them, especially round corners, so you took your life in your hands coming down from the top deck. That and the way they never open the centre doors. The way they couldn’t respond to you on that other blog does not surprise me – I’ll explain why later. And the long religious discussion – tell me about it.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I do not know if you are aware that a few people died in the past at the Quay because of that speed. I’d also add DB drivers should be send to Poland for training how to depart without crushing the skulls of elderly passengers (and how to make timetables – in Poland the drivers do it themselves and they work).

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        By all means, please read my long entry on Smolenk crash investigation above, Coldblow

  29. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I thought that perhaps someone will find useful the information that Hailo is giving a 50% discount for the duration of the strike:

    • McCawber

      A fourth option –
      Throw the bath water out but keep the baby.
      IE The EU (The baby) has great potential but the bathwater (The EC) is drowning it.
      Your third option could be one means by which the fourth option might become a reality.
      The EC needs to be put under pressure.
      Accountability doesn’t exist and not enough questions are asked or answered because the EC is able to hide behind politicians like Merkel and Hollande.

      • McCawber

        The only function the ECB should have is to maintain the stability of the Euro currency.
        Everything else should be able be the responsibility of the Government.
        At the moment the ECB seems to be responsible for everything while the governments fiddle.

        • Good money has its own stability and does not need the attention of a central bank. The ECB being required to stabilize the EURO indicates an unstable currency in the first instance, therefore of suspect value.
          Go to national currencies issued by treasury (dissolve the national central banks and the regional ones too.) if you must and settle outstanding accounts in bi-lateral exchange or gold as the international settlement money.

          As far as the ECB being responsible for everything I ask, “who elected them or voted for them? Get rid of the interlopers.

          • Truthist

            “Go to national currencies issued by treasury (dissolve the national central banks and the regional ones too.) if you must …”
            I note ur qualifier “… if u must …” ;
            Of course u often remind us that the currency does not have to be ”
            issued by the Government [ i.e. NOT a private Central Bank ]
            & / or indeed
            Fiat / mandated by the Government or
            Although, as long as there is the obligation to pay income tax ;
            ==> it is the case that the economy must use Fiat ;
            Unless, the Government is agreeable to being paid in any of a pool of currencies.
            G & S as the currency should wipe the board were this the case.
            Actually, income tax is there so as to ensure that we must adopt use of the Paper Fiat Currency [ it at this point in history not meaningfully backed by Gold reserves ].
            Again, I contend that G & S “as currency”, or more accurately “as real money”, should be the only currency in circulation among the people ;
            No paper chits that are redeemable for Gold at the Treasury
            But rather, actual Gold paper & Gold coin & Silver coin only as the currency in circulation.
            And so, I wonder about the following ;
            “… and settle outstanding accounts in bi-lateral exchange or gold as the international settlement money.”

  30. Truthist

    Note ;
    Comments refer to “Comments” given to feature ;
    7 Sep. 2016

    Guido Fawkes [really Paul de laire Staines ] — who owns the interesting political blog, & which was the 1st to publish the list of the main Bondholders holding the Irish Nation to ransom & this list the Irish State was refusing to reveal to the public — supplies very crucial info. at the end of my post herein.
    “The country we love to hate ;
    But, never cease to imitate.”
    Charles Stuart Parnell commenting about the Irish nation’s relationship with England.
    And so, it was inevitable that we de-criminalise male homosexual practises following the English doing so.
    Of course, a prime motivation for the Brits was to render their Spooks & Civil Serpents & Politicians less vulnerable to public opprobrium & thus blackmail [ especially blackmail by foreign powers ].
    Despite that strategic decision by the English, it is still the case that politicos of that peccadillo are frequently vulnerable to blackmail, & bribery too, because of attendant penchant for male children [ under 18 or arguably under 21 ].
    The phrase “Rent Boy” is a real sad phrase especially for 2 reasons :
    “Boy” ; Sad because this is invariably the target of the “client” / abuser
    “Rent” ; Sad because the most common male target is in most cases certainly a prisoner of some sort [ Orphanage, Child Detention Unit, Pimp controlled Environment, inter alia ] with the child often having being sexually abused / corrupted prior.
    Flippant use of the phrase “Rent Boys” does a severe injustice to the gravity of the situation.
    It is in most cases “Very serious sexual abuse of a Male Child” AND it having been done by a Male Homosexual.
    For sure the appropriately named Mr. Vaz was blackmailed — & bribed also with more access to male children — by the Spooks on behalf of The Dreadful Few ;
    BLACKMAIL, & BRIBERY, PER ILLICIT & INDECENT SEXUAL CARRY-ON, dear folks is 1 of the main ways we get the Wars & traitorous E.U. Treaties & rotten Economic Decisions from the Government.
    For sure this Comment deposited over 21 months ago on Aangirfan.blogspot is prescient ;
    Jonny Zchivago30 January 2015 at 01:34
    I’m from Leicester,and my friends(ho owned a man and van business back then) moved Vaz’s stuff down to London from his mums house back when he was first elected to the commons.
    We thought this was funny at the time,but, they found Gay and kiddie porn stuffed under his mattress !
    Spartacus and Iron Boy were the alleged titles of this squalid publications.
    Of course the scumbags a child abuser and he seems untouchable;totally corrupt.

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed Keith Vaz by dismissing the rent boy scandal as ‘a private matter’.
    Both Corbyn and Vaz have connections to Islington, a centre of child abuse.
    Corbyn is an Islington Member of Parliament; Vaz was a senior solicitor to the London Borough of Islington.
    Mr. Vaz is a very high ranking British M.P. ;
    Anonymous30 May 2016 at 09:25
    Elected as the youngest Labour Member of Parliament in 1987, he was appointed an Opposition Spokesman on regeneration and established the City 2020 Commission.
    When Labour was elected to government in 1997 he was made Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Attorney General.
    He then became a Junior Justice Minister and was quickly promoted to become a Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where he helped negotiate the enlargement of the European Union.
    In 2001 he became the senior Labour member on the Justice Committee.
    Anonymous7 September 2016 at 05:38

    “Keith Vaz was under police investigation over year ago on suspicion of financial corruption and historic allegations of under-age sex.
    Speaker Bercow was informed of this and fellow MPs demanded – Andrew Bridgen in writing – that he step down from his position on the Home Affair Select Committee. The Speaker protected Vaz…
    “It is widely known around Westminster that Vaz – who owes his career to Greville Janner – was the unidentified MP in this Sun front page from last year.”
    source: Paul De Laire Staines (a/k/a Guido Fawkes)

  31. AlfieMoone

    As the self-appointed Global 5th Province Taoiseach & President, I intend the trigger a Cultural Revolution so that the Irish #Rise like the English have done like ‘lions after slumber’. James Connnolly & Michael Collins have already endorsed/annointed me with the rest soon to appear on the Ouja board. Pearse is a hold-out as he needs intensive counselling about his childhood bullying and subsequent Blood Sacrifice PTSD but he’ll be onboard before the show hits the stage.

    Who seriously thinks there’s a Cultural/Political force that can withstand my C21st Global Irish Narrative? If there’s anyone out there who thinks they can debunk my claims: Go for it, punk. Make my day…I’m often asked why I don’t try and get ‘Press Credentials’ and do this properly. Why would I? That would align me with the current corrupt hegemony and I’ve set out to bring their temples crashing down thus cannot risk my credibility or risk being co-opted for their pervertetd, traitorous version of Ireland variously called ‘Ireland Inc’ or ‘Official Ireland’. I’ll keep to this Samizdat stylee till I step on stage though I’m someitmes tempted…. but that would join me to The Irish Establishment by the hip .So, it’s a No. I’ve got it EXACTLY right & I’m the real BrummieBoy who will go down in the annals for ‘saving Ireland’. Not Padraig! And no, I don’t want or need ‘political power’ as the power of my Art will shatter the entire matrix: “the real Plastic Paddies are sitting in the Dail and Sinead’. And in a worldwide infotainment Apocalypse In Slow Motion, the only meaningful Politics is Art as Culture trumps Economics. Aside: *lads!* Is that ludicrious multiculti 1916 Proclamation still opposite The George? With helpful Arabic translation to signpost Dub ISIS? Ireland’s trapped in #EUro bonfire of vanities & can now only hope #Brexit “events,dear boy, events” conspire to free it

    I’m flying back out to Copenhagen later today to do more studying on the Danish Cultural Algorithm and how they managed it. Alongside the Norwegians, they expelled the rogue tribes who invaded these Isles of Wonder with their rogue slave codes. They still run the show in Britain and Ireland. Don’t be fooled by the fact they gave the ‘soldiers of destiny’ and inch whilst they kept their consciousness a full country mile behind where it could and should have been. The Danes never lost Krone, they’re a hop,skip & jump from freedom, Dutch: fucked. Ditto Spain-Portugal-Italy-Greece etc. Ireland. It’s Sunday. Go to Mass and pray for your country. That’s really all there is left at the moment as an option.

    It’s not just the UK but it’s incubus/succubus offspring the US that has always banjaxed Ireland. Any Paddy who thinks US is a ‘friend-in-need’ after being prison-bitch-shower-raped by Geithner ( and O’Bama) is a Collaborator: End of. It isn’t post-#Brexit UK Ireland needs fear but US when London becomes Corporate Tax haven/heaven aka:Singapore-On-Thames. If you seriously think Capital will stay in IRE when #EUro goes tits-up after #Brexit #Brexit & #DanExit,what R u smokin?

    Blair’s Siren Call led Ireland Inc to EUro rocks,no Statesman/Woman stood up to the nonsense because: 2 fingers 2 ENGLAND was the only game in town for the Ireland Inc clowns. At least Pearse’s KKKatholicism was florid, Blair was a Catholic closet case PM working for his new fantasy Holy Roman Empire: FAIL!

    The terrible tragedy of the EU is that it could have worked if it had been reigned in and kept to more modest ambitions. On the island of Britain after 300 years the Scots are still truculent devious and unreliable about the Union. Who in their right mind thought expanding the EU Empire to encompass the eastern exiles from the former Soviet Empire could possibly work without those countries first forming a pre-EU trading block amongst themselves for 50 years or so? As for the Euro, a totally ridiculous timeframe was also enforced to pander to the delusions of Juncker and the rest of those clowns. Now it is only a matter of time before the whole thing comes crashing down but the imperative is that the Irish do not re-activate their anti-English Victim Script and blame Brexit for their woes. Even if there’s a 2nd Referendum and Remain prevail, the EU is doomed. And so is Ireland unless there’s a Plan B ‘fire escape’ to an Atlanticist partner in the Isles Of Wonder on the war-room white-board in the bunkers of the Dail. How likely is it that a ‘Republic’ that has failed to have any strategic vision since it’s inception will change it’s habits now? Not very likely at all, hence my decision to declare myself the ‘real Taoiseach’ and sound the alarm bell now. Ireland cannot just leave the EU, it must play the next decade with skill and guile, remaining in favour with Brussels, Berlin, Paris and London as the catastrophic denouement of this Europa project hovers into view. Of course, I could be wrong and the EU could change/morph into something fit for purpose as part of a ‘dynamic healing crisis’ that will make Brexit unnecessary. But not with Juncker at the helm….

    Fintan O’Toole has mapped lots of the contours of this topography in his books but cause he takes #HistoryAsAGiven & disregards Culture,he gets it wrong as does David McWillaims because: Economics is a crock of shite at providing explanatory frameworks for global geo-politics even as it’s sometimes helpful for micro-macro event horizon mapping. ‘The Map Is Not The Territory’. It’s good to see some ‘consensual reality’ writing on #Brexit in Paper Of Record. At last! A good article. It helps set a more melodic mood music for IRE vs #Brexit. But it’s Artists who change the world, not academics, politicians or economists, other than Keynes who was an artist of the same order of magnitude as Shakespeare. It’s the Artist who changes Society because Culture trumps everything. And I have re-written, upcycled and re-imagined The Irish Cultural Algorithm for the C21st. And given my heritage and biography, there is now nothing that can stop me forever changing what it is to be Irish. I always knew I had been given a destiny since I stepped on stage in Dublin in 1970. I haven’t returned to the stage since. Or sang in public. When I do, the entire metaphysical multiverse of Being Irish changes. Forever..

    best wishes
    Alfie Moone

    [seemingly channeling Andy Mooney but who knows? Andy has never spoken in public on any of this or written a single word online..he doesn't even know this 'channeling of the spirit world' is happening.. It's his birthday today, he'll stop typing now and go down to his family oblivious of all this. He used to love his birthday, until 9/11 now he feels it's an apocalyptic event. With this 'channeled manifesto' it certainly is! LOL!]

    WE are the music-makers,
      And we are the dreamers of dreams,
    Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
      And sitting by desolate streams;
    World-losers and world-forsakers,
      On whom the pale moon gleams:
    Yet we are the movers and shakers
      Of the world for ever, it seems.

    With wonderful deathless ditties
    We build up the world’s great cities,
      And out of a fabulous story
      We fashion an empire’s glory:
    One man with a dream, at pleasure,
      Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
    And three with a new song’s measure
      Can trample an empire down.

    We, in the ages lying
      In the buried past of the earth,
    Built Nineveh with our sighing,
      And Babel itself with our mirth;
    And o’erthrew them with prophesying
      To the old of the new world’s worth;
    For each age is a dream that is dying,
      Or one that is coming to birth.

    Arthur O’Shaughnessy

    Fintan O’Toole: The love-hate relationship between Ireland and Britain

    ps: Stanb-I’ll get to Archbishop McQuaid and the rest of that shower of bastards soon enough. They are resisting my QWERTY Ouija board summons but they can’t hold out for long now that Collins and Connolly have broken ranks from the 1916 Pantheon and endorsed me as the Global Taoiseach of the 5th Province….

    • AlfieMoone

      “I was born on a boat on the Irish Sea,between Holyhead & Dun Laoghaire. I bow before no Norman throne, no Pope of Rome, no fake Soldiers of Infamy.I was born to ride this crest-wave: Destiny”

      Andy Mooney [channeled via Alfie Moone]

      9/11 2016.

    • Hi Alfie,

      Re: Who in their right mind thought expanding the EU Empire to encompass the eastern exiles from the former Soviet Empire could possibly work without those countries first forming a pre-EU trading block amongst themselves for 50 years or so? As for the Euro, a totally ridiculous timeframe was also enforced to pander to the delusions of Juncker and the rest of those clowns.

      It is important to point out that the former Eastern Block countries are not the EU’s weakest link. Their economies are quite well integrated now within the greater Europe, only after 20 years, not 50.

      The weakest link in Europe are Britain, Ireland and Greece.

      I wasn’t quite joking about needing an exorcist before attempting to channel Dev, McQuaid or other fundamentalists possessing some unsavory “attachments”. 8-:)

      BTW did you notice a similarity (circumstances) between De Valera and Walesa?


      Stan (Heretic) Bleszynski

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