September 1, 2016

EU is a thing of the past - our future is with an Atlantic Ireland

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The EU Commission’s ruling on Apple is huge. It will redefine our relationship with the EU and it puts us on to a totally different economic orbit to the rest of Europe.


In the wake of Brexit, there is a political dimension to this that cannot be underestimated; either way, win or lose, it is a positive for Ireland and constitutes a huge opportunity. This is a battle between the future and the past.


The future is an Atlantic Ireland, an essential mercantile part of the global supply chain, home to the largest and most innovative companies in the world. This way lies prosperity.


The past is the EU Commission with its vindictive misunderstanding of the relationship between global commerce and an outdated notion of the nation state. This is history. We should not care a jot about what Eurocrats think of us.


The reputation that matters is the one inside the heads of the people who make the modern global economy spin, not the views of outdated bureaucrats who still see the world through the prism of countries and state aids. That is a typical 1970s view of the global economy that doesn’t take into account global supply chains where no one location wins outright.


When you are faced with people who live in the past, the key thing is to move on.


Before we assess this unique opportunity given to us on a plate by the EU Commission, rest easy, because we win either way.


If we lose the appeal, Ireland gets a windfall of €13bn, or about €2,600 per person. This is enough to wipe out our budget deficit for years to come, spend on what we will, or use in another way, which I will explain a bit later.


If we lose, we will be seen by corporate America as its only friend in Europe. This is exactly where we want to be. It is not pretty, nor heroic, but it’s realpolitik. When you have no capital base, you have to borrow someone else’s. How do you do that? You make the place attractive for other people’s money and you do that by taxing it modestly. It’s time for Ireland to think strategically in a post-EU world. Now Official Ireland will be getting its knickers in a twist over the admonishing from the EU Commission, but that’s because Official Ireland is captured and is pathetically insecure about our place in the world.


The “good room” mentality permeates the political corridors of power, where they care about what the EU apparatchiks think of us. We are constantly trying to please them, when we should realise that they are coming after us. Remember, no EU functionaries ever created a single job in Ireland. They don’t matter in reality.


If, on the other hand, we win the appeal, we lose the windfall €13bn but we will have enormous credit in the bank with the multinationals and the American government. We have the opportunity to reset the relationship between Ireland, the national state, and these corporations that will make us rich.


Ireland’s future is being the location of choice for large companies’ supply chains. We are half way between America and Europe and we should keep a foot in both camps. It’s really that simple.


Small indigenous Irish business can then service these American companies, creating symbiotic relationships. That’s the game plan. Historically, the precedent is the medieval Adriatic city-states of Venice or Dubrovnik or the free-trading Hanseatic cities of the Baltic.


Let’s not forget, without multinational investment, Ireland would be Albania with brutal weather. The multinationals have completely transformed the capital base of the country, totally upgraded the type of careers that are available to people here and plugged Ireland into the global economy in a way that is impossible to quantify. In short, they — not the EU — are the key to Ireland’s economic modernity. The future is the smartphone, the technology and the Silicon Valley way of looking at the world.


Ask any 20-year-old on the street what means more to him: the iPhone 7 or the EU Commission? I don’t ask this facetiously, but pose it because one image is the future and the other — with its pompous councils of ministers and briefing papers — is the past.


The choice is ours. Are we going forward or going backward?


So let’s look forward and see this as a brilliant opportunity to change the relationship between Ireland and the multinationals. Why not propose to the multinationals that we work together to evade the vindictiveness of the EU Commission and create real wealth for the Irish people?


Irrespective of what the EU thinks, multinational investment is going to continue. So unless the world abandons globalisation, money is going to continue to flow around the world.


The proceeds from multinational activity that go into Irish people’s pockets is modest. The take from wages and corporate tax is only a fraction of what goes back — as dividends and higher share prices — to the shareholders of companies operating in Ireland. So it is shareholders, rather than workers or the exchequer, who are winning.


Why not let host jurisdictions become shareholders in the companies that are making profits and distorting GDP figures? Rather than taking all the money in tax, why not take some in shares and invest it? Let’s be smart. Why not treat wealth associated with foreign capital as an annuity that accrues annually, much like wealth connected to an oil find?


By taking shares in multinationals, Ireland could create a sovereign wealth fund linked to the performance of the best-governed companies in the world, which would provide for future generations. In 2012, US multinationals made $100bn profit in Ireland, on which they are supposed to pay 12.5pc tax, or $12.5bn. In fact, they paid $4bn.


Why not encourage multinationals to pay the difference between what they pay and what they ought to pay in shares? Shares are permanent wealth, whereas taxes are transitory income. This is also attractive because shares or share options are cheaper for the company than giving cash. They already give their employees share options, so why not their host country?


So why not say to Apple and other multinationals, if the EU is going to be vindictive and retrospective, why not pay Ireland the difference between what you have paid us in tax and what you ought to have paid us, in shares?


Start with the Apple €13bn and see what else the EU turns up. This is a lot of money. Then apply this half share/half tax formula across the board.


Imagine a Fortune 500 Irish sovereign wealth fund, diversified across sectors operating in the Irish economy, with stakes in corporations such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Pfizer, Intel, IBM, Microsoft and AerCap.


Now we are talking in the future tense.

  1. sravrannies

    Orwell was right. Ireland will be part of Oceania not Eurasia with our neighbour Airstip One!


    • I think that transational multinational companies are even more evil than the EU bureaucracy. Think of Apple Foxcon slave shops, 80 hour weaks low wages for many and huge wages for a few.

      • Deco

        Because of the Foxcon issue, I avoided Apple products. But later I found out that most smartphone manufacturers rely on Foxcon.

        In essence, they are all responsible. Only Apple has been punished mercilessly in the media for it.

        A bit of honesty is badly needed here.

        How many of you would pay an extra 200 Euro per Smartphone so as to provide for the Foxconn workers ? Probably none of you. Many would rather spend the money on booze or fashion. That is about as far as the moral outrage extends.

        Besides…Greece is now a slave colony in the service of French banks, and French insurers. Including some that are highly prominent in Ireland. And the Irish media gave them a free pass. Especially the “Irish” Times.

        I don’t see any EU Commission project to make the French FIRE sector, responsible for the misery inflicted by the EU on the Greek populace.

        Greece would be best advised to follow Michael O’Leary’s advice. Brussels blames corruption in Greece, even though Brussels facilitates the corruption in Greece (that Brussels sees as the problem).

        Foxcon on the Aegean.

        The silence from the EU is deafening on that subject.

  2. AlfieMoone

    “This is a battle between the future and the past.” DMcW

    “In the wake of Brexit, there is a political dimension to this that cannot be underestimated” DMcW

    “1916: What did it mean? What does it now mean in 2016?” Andy Mooney

    Not so fast, Paddy! Those ‘gallant EUro allies’ have plans for the Atlantic sea-board and Ireland Inc is now just a pawn on the Brexit chess-board. Here’s a few brief pointers as to the geo-political/historical nightmare by which the idiotic political and cultural leaders, fake ‘soldiers of infamy’ and suited/booted IFSC Trojan Horse EU fluffers of the 1st Theocratic-Crypto-Fascist Irish Republic have sign-posted a banjaxed future over the last 100 years. A delusional century since the so-called Rising against foreign powers which has led by incrementally stupid steps to the Troika and now to the final eclipsing of Ireland into a Franco-Prussian satrapy.

    It was in the interests of the US-UK-Europa that Ireland Inc be seduced into the Euro with preposterous promises, especially after the UK kept the Pound whether by design or a lucky near-death experience which Gordon Brown can take no credit for as his only ambition was to thwart Tony Blair and stopping the UK joining the Euro was part of his personal ambition, not a geo-political game-plan. Blair wanted the Euro, ipso facto Gordo didn’t.

    Now, as the EUro project begins it’s descent into entropic chaos triggered first by Brexit then by Grexit, Ireland faces a potentially bleak future. For the following reasons:

    1] Core UK England and Wales can leave the EU without rancour or discord because it’s a Net Contributor over 4+ decades.

    2] Once Brexit happens, Scotland can legitimately claim a fast-track re-entry as it was also a Net Contributor or will claim it was due to North Sea Oil revenues paid into the British Treasury.

    3] Northern Ireland can claim no such thing and so will have to go cap in hand to London, Dublin and Brussels as a bystander whose only diplomatic weapon is the threat of renewed chaos and disorder.

    4] Because of 3] all mannner of morbid, intricate and amusing diplomatic chess moves open up for the aforementioned ‘gallant EUro allies’ to saddle Ireland with ‘re-unification costs’ and for Great Brexitan to play poker inresponse. Ireland is also now just a pawn, a bystander, a bit player. It has no Sovereignty, no strategic power as it has been a Net Recipient of EU funds for 4+ decades and thus is in hock to foreign powers not only for it’s banking debts but for the entire infrastructural investment which it has availed itself of and largely wasted. By now the island of Ireland could and should have been linked to the island of Britain by sea tunnels but it all went on….’property development’….FFS!

    Repetez et ecoutez, Paddy: Ireland can NOT leave the EU unless & until the EU/US/UK says so. Nor can it leave the Euro. The only circumstances in which it can do so is in the final death-throes of the EUro project by which time it will be fucked. Unless….

    5] Someone with a spine and a big swinging dick in Ireland kicks Enda in the balls, tells him to stop fluffing Juncker & whining with Sturgeon and gets Statesman over all this, not just Politician. Or maybe someone outside of Ireland will do it. WAIT! I’ve just done it!

    6] Ireland needs to re-calibrate it’s position statement in response to Brexit away from the current delusionality whereby Brexit is

    a)denied as a fact,

    b)wished away by bizarre fantasies about a Scottish-Irish SCINI Axis Of Eejitry political archipelago on the Atlantic sea-board or

    c) most foolish of all, used to try the usual sleveen gombeen tricksterism of blowing Brussels thinking London won’t notice.

    Unlike the Core UK of England and Wales, Ireland cannot simply have another tantrum like the one that led to the unconditional guarantee of banks. It simply lacks the intellectual and diplomatic firepower to get out of this without forming a covert alliance with it’s oldest frenemy: Core UK England and Wales, but would prefer to get into bed with Scotland because the Scots played no part in the British Empire? Nor did the Irish till 1916?…erm…LOL! Take that Historical Victim Script and throw it in the Liffey whilst there’s still time, *lads*.

    “UK Foreign Secretary William Hague says the euro has proved to be “a burning building with no exits” for some of the countries in it.”

    But there is a fire-escape for Ireland if, and it’s a big if…..If Ireland can drop it’s Victim Script about the UK, resolves NEVER to blame the UK for triggering the collapse of the European Union via Brexit when it was bound to happen anyway, or for the Euro implosion once the maths of Grexit conclude…if it takes responsibility for past stupidities in wasting vast, oceanic subsidies from the UK (via the EU) to modernise it’s infrastructure, then it could still join (re-join) these Isles Of Wonder: not as a supplicant vassal state which is it’s current EU trajectory-fate, but as a fully independent Atlanticist 2nd Republic Of Ireland which uses the crisis and tragedy of the collapse of the EUropean DelEUsion project as a spring-board to finally concluded the unfinished business that is/was The Rising of 1916. And then on towards the C21st Global Fifth Province because: “Geography Is Not Destiny” but “Proximity Is The Pre-Cursor Of Economy”. Think Local-Act Global. From Isles of Wonder to Planetary Cultural Power.

    I could go on but what’s the point? Nobody ever takes any notice and I’m on holiday so…once more, unto the…beach!

    Make it so!
    Alfie Moone
    an Taoiseach of the Global Irish Diaspora of the Fifth Province.

    [Palma, Majorca]

    • ART6

      I like your post Alfie; it is well written and well considered. It’s only failing, as you have identified, is that the governance of Ireland is run by sycophants who dare not tell the EU to go play with the traffic when that’s exactly what they should be doing if they had the balls. As D McW has pointed out in the past, Ireland is deeply ingrained in the Anglo-American cultural sphere, and our natural allies are the UK and the USA — and through the UK and the British Commonwealth of Nations where the Irish are everywhere!

      In spite of our supposed adoration of Europe and the EU, we are not Europeans. Whether we like it or not, given the number of people of Irish ancestry in the UK and the number of people with English, Welsh, Scottish ancestry in Ireland we are all Anglo Irish — a mixture of Celts, Danes, and Saxons, and a hell of a lot closer culturally to Washington and London than we will ever be to Frankfurt or Brussels. The Irish people have shown through eight hundred years that they will not be dominated, by foreign rulers and even by friends, yet we submit to the EU which is certainly not our friend. Oh! they gave us all sorts of titbits over the years and we were duly grateful as is the dog who is tossed a bit of meat from the table, but no-one cared what the dog had to do to pay for that titbit — until the enforced “bailout” that made the dog responsible for the financial losses of his master.

      So what do we do? Do we follow the UK out of the EU? No need: it is only now a matter of time before the Common Currency finally collapses and, when it does, the whole rotten bureaucratic edifice will collapse with it. In the meantime, keep close to the Yanks and the Brits and become a guard dog rather than a lap dog.

      • bilimori

        Sorry ART6, Ireland is not a natural ally of Great Britain, you wanted the Germans in WW2 to come to Ireland and “free” the North, and you do not, even yet, stand on the ramparts of NATO to defend the West.

        You have the German masters you always wanted, who now tell you to be not parasitical, but to tax all of your businesses equally.

        Anathema to the Irish heart, tear up all of your sweetheart complicit deals and lose some or most of the “Apple/Foxcon” tax-dodging scum businesses.

        Or stand alone and prosper with the world? Perish the thought, the Irish do not know how to do that.

        The only choice is to stay in the European Union for as long as it lasts and to keep playing the tax dodging game as best you can.

        National honour is nowhere in sight and nowhere discussed.

        The British are leaving Europe on high principle. From where will you obtain principles for Ireland?

        • AlfieMoone


          ‘The British are leaving Europe on high principle. From where will you obtain principles for Ireland?’ bilimoi


          “1916, what did it mean? In 2016, what does 1916 now mean?”

          Andy Mooney
          Taoiseach of the 5th Province Global Irish Diaspora.

      • AlfieMoone

        ” Ireland is deeply ingrained in the Anglo-American cultural sphere, and our natural allies are the UK and the USA…” ART6

        The problem is that Ireland is STILL in a subservient relationship to both the US and the UK, not to mention kissing the EU’s arse at every single opportunity. When will the Irish actually stand up and be an independent Nation State that doesn’t cross-collatoralise Sovereignty and sell it to the highest bidder, whether that be the US, UK or Europa?

        Enough already! Time for someone with some balls to step onto the world stage on behalf of Ireland, it might look something like the end of this video, upcycled & remimagined as when Andy Mooney arrives in Dublin with the aim of challenging the Taoiseach and spearing Enda with the Tricolour if he can’t defend himself against the charges…Enough! No more allowing eejits to daub it with soccer slogans or subsume it to the EU or US star-spangled banners thinking being dominated by the EU or US is better than being under the butcher’s apron..Paddy, it ain’t! You may as well wipe your arse with it if it doesn’t mean anything other than another part of the costume drama that is Ye Olde Irish Fake Rebel Yell. For the record, I’d kill anyone who desecrated that flag but then, I’m both and English Nationalist and an Irish Nationalist. The EU? I’m in Spain, back to Denmark tomorrow then on to Lithuania, Iceland and Belgium because: Love Europe but #FcUKEU!

        Scene 1: Andy Mooney walks into the Brexit negotiation strategy team in a bunker beneath the Dail. Enda looks up, swallows hard and begins to sweat….bites his lip and decides there’s nothing to lose by finally finding his balls and trying to stop BrummieBoy from reclaiming 1916 for the Culchie not the Bankster/Meeja traitorous-criminal syndicates of D4/IFSC working on behalf of The Globalist…..

        Enda “Picture this, I’m a bag of dicks, put me to your lips….”

        Andy “…I am crack! I ain’t lyin’…*sucks teeth*…get da fcUK outta here…yeah!”

        DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels – Nobody Speak
        (Official Video)

  3. Sideshow Bob

    The Minister for Finance Michael Noonan had the gumption to come on the RTE news yesterday and claim that the 13 Billion he was NOT going to seek is equaled by the tax revenue that 380 workers in Apple in Cork contribute or have contributed.

    Doing some maths this works out at 35 million per worker on average. This to make sense if you said the tax take was 50% for Apple would have to have paid in total wages for the period in question (13-14 years) of 70 million per worker, or about 0.5 million per year or 10,000 EUROS per week. So he is saying by implication apple pay 10k a week on average to their workforce. This isn´t the wage profile of a large company workforce it is the wage profile of Premiership soccer squad.

    This claim was made on RTE at 6.15pm in the evening and not challenged in the least way. Noonan was trying to use the pretend threat of job losses to cow the masses and defend the indefensible. Noonan struck early in the PR debate and no left-wing politician was asked on and no back-chat was permitted from the meek Brian Dobson. No maths were done.

    And they called Bertie the Teflon Taoiseach?

    This display of bare-naked pro-corporate display, when contrasted with the all the c*** about being good EU citizens regarding repaying Bondholders in the past (and Brexit too) really shows up the full hierarchy of who the Government is beholden to. the masses can have no doubts now. it looks like this to me, and it can be shown too;

    Bankers and Corporate interests (particularly US ones), the EU/ECB apparatchiks, internal power groups – like lawyers, civil service, teachers, trade unions – then the local power base behind individual politicans ( Shane Ross´s recent display of NIMBYism ) then anybody else.

  4. Deco

    Ireland left the old empire when it became transparently obvious that the leadership in Westminster where clueless. Getting involved in WW1 (it could have been prevented, but the British leadership completely overestimated the military effectivness of the Tsar’s generals) was a massive blunder in British policy. Britain won, at the expense of having the Americans run the “free” world since.

    And now it is becomming apparent that the leadership of the new imperial racket in Brussels are clueless.

    The EU is a policy making monopoly. The British Empire was a policymaking monopoly also once. The American colonies were not involved, so they got out. Later the Canadians constructed articles of confederation so that they could have their own policy making. As a result they never had to get out like we did.

    Policy making monopolies are disasters. They are inherently anti-democratic.

    And when those policies are stupid, then there is chaos.

    The Sarkozy mantra of “more Europe” means more policy making monopoly. Which means more disasters.

    The EU is centrally controlled absurdity. The SU managed the same thing in the 1980s.

    Merkel + Sarkozy = Merkozy.

    Merkel + Hollande = Merde.

    Therefore stick in Renzi so that it does not sound comical anymore.

    The entire thing is a collection of pretence. Renzi only matters for reasons of superficiality. Of course it is obvious that Renzi is more intelligent than Merkel, and has more backbone than Hollande.

    But the EU is not about merit. Or democracy. Or involvement of the people. The EU is about powerbroking, lobbying and money making the important decisions.

    That is the reality that you never hear about in the “Irish” Times, which is a garrison functionary for the new Empire. Essentially the Brussels Bulletin.

  5. Deco

    The “good room” mentality permeates the political corridors of power, where they care about what the EU apparatchiks think of us. We are constantly trying to please them, when we should realise that they are coming after us. Remember, no EU functionaries ever created a single job in Ireland. They don’t matter in reality.

    100% correct. To the point of being a wake up call. The EU is run by amateurs.

    Forget about calling it the Habsburg Empire 2.0, because Habsburgia 1.0 was a cultural and economic success even it it was undermined by militarism from Berlin and Paris.

    The EU is just a mechanism for retarding the subject provinces. The EU has far more in common with centralist powers like Prussia and Louis XIV era France than any other construct.

  6. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    David has written two very good columns in a row, in which he points out to two issues which directly or indirectly affect us all: housing and Ireland’s relation to the EU Commission.
    I would like to draw readers’ attention to a third option for Ireland (first two are recovering 13bn from taxes or the tax haven reputation that Ireland offers the US) and the precedent that the Irish politicians should look closely into: in September last year, the EU Commission unveiled a refugee relocation plan aimed at distributing some 120,000 people from Italy, Greece, and Hungary. Prior to that, Germany had invited 800,000 migrants in order to alleviate their demographic situation – which is the worst in the world – by cherry-picking the best, and dumping the rest on the neighbouring EU countries by force (mind you, the solidarity-demanding Germany is the same Germany that still applies Nazis laws towards the Polish ethnic minority in Germany – Germany were asked by the EU about that and they have ignored it, so if they can do it on money laundering (find my entries in the past – Germany and Luxembourg are the primary money laundering destinations in the EU) AND they can do it on human rights (the initial memorandum to the Bundestag was ignored so in December 2009 the Minority Commission of the Council of Europe obliged the German government to formally respond to the demands within four months: they ignored that too), Ireland can do it on taxes). The EU law disobeying Germany (unless they can use it to punish other countries) calls that attitude the Europeisation of Europe, which means that whatever is good for Germany, it is also good for Europe, and they are ready to bend the facts so much that they used in their state TV pictures from transports to Auschwitz passing off as pictures of expelled of German minority after WWII (all of them Nazi families – as the non-Nazis were not expelled – often relocated from the inside of the Reich into houses and businesses they had stolen from the expelled local Jews, Poles and Czechs) – which was actually first pointed out by a German historian. And what about empathy towards the real refugees? Why, what about it?! – Chancellor Merkel never had it – this is the same Merkel who only 2 years before said, on TV, to a Palestinian girl who spoke fluent German “I’m sorry but you cannot live in Germany”. Long-time readers of my comments know that I supported my hypothesis of “cherry-picking” failed plan by posting, on a few occasions, a statement made by the German President of the EU Commission, Martin Schulz, for the German TV ZDF, saying precisely this: that the community spirit in Europe must be implemented by force. There was only one problem: as I had predicted, in October Poland elected a new government who wasn’t going to fit into the Mittel-Europa project, which was followed by the German and Soros-owned media inspired hate campaign against the countries two countries who wanted to adhere to the EU law (Regulation No. 604/2013) – in spite of the German diktat (Germany wanted to break the EU law), 10 other countries decided to join Hungary’s and Poland’s revolt against the German vision of Europe as a forced securitisation dumping ground for their political and economic projects (an event completely unreported by the Irish media): Denmark, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece and the UK, plus the EU non-members Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – these countries took ZERO new welfare migrants from the 120,000 quota imposed by the EU Commission (read: Germany and France). So this is the precedent for Ireland which opens up a third option: regardless of what the EU Commission’s judgment on Apple will be, Ireland can join the alliance of these 12 countries, ask them for a diplomatic support (after all, they are all opposed to tax harmonisation) and, like them, show the two fingers to the EU Commission’s own-laws breaking ruling, leaving it for the Irish to decide whether they want to force Apple to pay the 13bn taxes due or not (as to David’s suggestion that the taxes due can be swapped into shares: whatever they might swapped into, we have to come up with something to make sure that these assets are ring-fenced in a way that the likes of Sinn Féin – a party who proposed to rob the pension fund and voted for the bank guarantee while robbing a bank in the North (or anyone else, for we can hardly predict the eruption of volcanoes, let alone the next eruption of stupidity in Dáil Éireann) – will not be able to rob the workers pensions and pensioners savings again).
    If Germany and France were able to ignore the EU Commission’s rulings when it did not suit their interests:
    then why not Ireland? What keeps Ireland so stubbornly in line with Germany and France (i.e., the only place in Europe where the Taoiseach goes to is Brussels – a place where the only thing you can get these days, apart from the pat on the head from Sarkozy, are: a stamp with Lenin, HIV from their police-covered up paedo and a bomb attack from their police-covered up terrorists) and out of the coalition of those 12 countries – apart from Einstein’s definition of insanity?
    Someone may object to that: but what happens if Ireland ignores the EU Commission? – sure “Oireland” does not have as much influence in Europe as Germany or even France. My answer is: as long as the under-armed and understaffed (hence the hordes of barbarians in the German army) Bundeswehr’s 130bn euro program has not been implemented yet (their deadline is 2030 – I only hope it will not be 1st of September again), the radar-blind (the Defence Forces currently rely on an archaic military radar system which has a range of 74km, which would have been impressive in 1941 but in 2016 it puts the Irish air defence behind virtually every EU and most African countries – even Irish Aviation Authority radar for tracking commercial aircraft has a range of 130km) and Andorra-levels army spending Ireland can simply disregard the ruling of the EU Commission (who, in case you forgot, comprises entirely of people of the calibre of Mr David Drumm) – just as Germany and France have been doing all the time – and do its own thing.
    This may be a beginning of Ireland, fortified by an experience of saying “nein” to the EU Commission, having its own foreign policy, instead of just bending to pick up a soap in front of whoever in Europe or outside has a bigger mickey (a policy now made a dogma after the soap marriage referendum), and as country that negotiates rather than obeys orders, it would not go amiss if Ireland joined the anti-Carolingian Europe coalition with those 12 countries I have mentioned. With the US close to ending its experiment with dollar as the inflation-exporting mechanism, Ireland on her own stands little chance against the Jerry’s and the Frogs, but together we – the nations who did not go totally “Heil Hitler!” to Martin Schulz yet, despite his endeavours – might have a chance to derail the Carolingian (Germany/France/Benelux) super-state plan (a prelude to the world government, even though history shows we should be iffy on that theory as it has always failed) and bring on the Europe of nations. By always following the strong while patronising the weaker (always with fabricated moral titles such as “Ireland and her tradition of neutrality”, Ireland as “the special case”, “our bubble is different”, etc), the most Ireland can politically achieve is to be a hoore that ain’t even cute no more (Apple and Shell cases). Bear in mind what happened in Dubrovnik – 12 central and eastern European countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria) have met to recreate the old Polish geopolitical concept of Intermarium, hatched by Marshal Józef Pilsudski (with partly Irish DNA: one of his grandmothers emigrated to Poland from Ireland, from the house of Butler) :
    and they did not invite the ex-Carolingian Europe (btw – I always forget to tell ye: did yous know that Chancellor Merkel has the portrait of Tsarin Catherine the Great at her desk?), while in contrast China and the US sent their delegates: Liu Haixing and gen. James L. Jones, who did not even mention Germany and France and said that Intermarium is the crucial concept for the European security (so much for hoping to have bilateral relations with the US skipping the Intermarium, David…). How did Frau Merkel react to that affront (our payback for Nord Stream 2 behind our backs)? She tried to break up the Visegrád Group (also called V4 – Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) meeting by going to Czech Republic (where she was met with furious crowds calling on her to quit when she arrived – one big poster was said: “German gifts to Europe – Nazism and Islam”) and attempting to convince the Czech prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka to leave the Visegrád Group and bend for the soap, to no avail. So what happened then? Did those countries perish from the earth like Atlántida? No, what happened was that Frau Merkel really panicked and showed at the V4 meeting in Warsaw… uninvited, where she was reduced to the role of… a listener!
    So yous Irish foreign ministers better wake up to the fact that Europe is now split in half (with Spain undecided while Ireland used to be undecided in 1939, but now it does not know) and that there are new coalitions in the world forming right now, with both the US in the other coalition, and that Ireland may soon be in none (first is Germany-Russia-China: don’t know about Turkey because they are the craziest fucks of them all and always have been; second coalition is US-UK-Australia-rest of Europe). Bono might have found the tax haven he was looking for where the streets have Dutch name, but I have to give it to him that he was dead right in saying without low taxes all that Ireland really has is butter – that’s why Ireland would be more prosperous switching to manufacturing – like the Czech Republic that doubled her GDP in the same period of time when Ireland doubled her property prices – instead of buying houses from herself in order to sell it to herself (Ireland theoretically could generate most of her income from agriculture, but problems with Irish agriculture are hyper-inflated prices of land and its overreliance on subsidies (they are intertwined), which means that all Germany and France would need to do to control Ireland is to threaten to cut the subsidies for her high-cost agriculture – in the North subsidies constitute, if my memory serves me correctly, 80pc of farmers income: but if Ireland was manufacturing capital-intensive high tech products with high added value, then that sector – unlike the agriculture – would not be susceptible to cutting off subsidies (while in turn if the EU abolished CAP and Ireland pricked its property-land bubble, then agriculture might be a profitable business for Ireland). Here is how the 13bn windfall may help in starting to manufacture something else apart from the subsidised butter – let’s spend 10pc of it on the army by striking a deal with Sweden like the Czechs did by assembling parts to their leased Gripens in their own country, which in the long run gave them a huge boost jump in exports based on technology-transfers – how else did you think the Israeli industry go suddenly high-tech? By adhering to 10 Commandments?! That btw would make us immune to those Russian bombers who nearly caused 10 Bloody Sundays-worth collision with a passenger plane in Ireland last year – Finland, a country comparable to Ireland in total GDP and not in Nato, has 127 jet fighters, and even Botswana is going to lease up to 16 Gripens.
    You see, ze thing about ze Germans eez – vot have zey evehr done fohr uz? (apart from Franks who organised half of Europe, the most impressive altar in Middle Ages in the Mariacki Church in Kraków made by a German immigrant from Nuremberg Witt Stoss, Bach, Haendel, romanticism with its ecology initiated by conservatives, Goethe, Wagner (who was supporting the independence of Poland and even composed the overture “Polonia”), the concept of romanticism and nationalism (Fichte) without which our greatest romantics Cyprian Kamil Norwid and Yeats would not have written a word, the revival of the Czech language, Heinrich Heine, Kant, Leibniz (an interesting scientific article tried to back-estimate the intelligence of past geniuses and they concluded that Leibniz was the most intelligent person that has ever lived, with an estimated IQ of 220 – I can tell you without primary sources research that Mr David Drumm might be the most stupid one, an opinion shared by the US judge; Leibniz was the last person in Europe whose knowledge comprised every college discipline – he even wrote a treaty on Polish political system), Schopenhauer, Nietzsche – actually Nietzsche had Polish background and was proud of it – Hegel, Oswald Spengler and Carl Schmitt, the first car, Bauhaus, Messerschmitt 262, the bravest head of state in Europe – Pope Benedict XVI, the composer of the most complicated music ever Karlheinz Stockhausen (his early 50s “Kontra-Punkte” is, in all classical and pop music – and I pretty much know all classical and pop-music – for me the one piece of music that helps to concentrate if I had to choose one) who however eventually went berserk and composed a piece for a string quartet and a helicopter and an opera devoted to Lucifer, the most barmy rock band ever – Amon Dull II, my aunt’s late husband who was my favourite uncle, and the poor Michael Schumacher (who, instead of just yapping about poverty like Bono or Bob Geldof, donated a whopping 10m dollars of his own money to tsunami victims in Thailand, following the New Testament recommendation that if you donate to charity, you should not scream about it and if you do, you are vain). But apart from that, what have the Germans ever done for us? Well, they gave us arguably the first VHS pornographic movie in Poland called “Helga”, which I valued it only for dialogues – I imagined that they talk about counterpoint in Bach’s music and bearing that in mind, I laughed so much that I urinated my trousers.
    Furthermore, what have they even ever done for their WWII ally Sinn Féin? Sinn Féin has this slogan Erin go Bragh, but given their history of being a fifth column for the Nazis (their Seán Russell “hero”, who even died on a Nazi submarine, politically naïve gobshite, whose monument in Phoenix Park – why not Hitler’s brother monument? – after all he worked in Dublin and was more decent a person) has for unfathomable reasons not been demolished yet (Mary Lou even held a speech praising the retarded Nazi collaborator who even volunteered that he would send all Dublin Jews to Auschwitz if the Germans invade Ireland – fortunately the Nazis, having heard his details-lacking plan to invite Wehrmacht to Ireland, reached a conclusion that he was a bit of an idiot – after all, his biggest military achievement being planning to attack fire brigades in London after Luftwaffe bombings), and then for the USRR (they were buying semtex from Czechoslovakia for God’s sake), although they are the EU’s whore too, as Mary Lou voted as an MEP to make her expenses secret (she then said it was a mistake – and I say she is a mistake; the only one in that crowd who does not have rabbis is Mr Doherty) – they have mistaken it with “Ireland forever German”, and would rather be German whores again then let Ireland have a proper army (which they consequently vote against). Bobby Sands died for Ireland in a heroic way. Did he die for Ireland disarmed and being a German whore? The great Irish philosopher Edmund Burke, a good example of Protestant-Catholic reconciliation himself – father Protestant, mother Catholic (there is an institute named by him in Poland in Gdansk) wrote: “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” In my opinion, postmenopausal cute-hoorism is one of them.

    • Deco

      Soros is an anti-democrat. His political philosophy is to cause as much disruption to society as possible for the sake of ensuring that there will be no popular movements against the well connected, and wealthy. Basically, his politics, come from contempt that anybody should be in real power, other than the rich, and those that serve them.

      As such, he represents a cancer. He represents a return to the politics that existed in France before the Revolution, and indeed in Russia before 1917. And we know where that all ended up.

      Where he is removed from reality, is in the groups that he choses to support/bribe in achieving his aims. The grandsons of the SS regiments in the Ukraine, being a prime example. Or indeed his support for policies that amount to a facilitation of Sunni extremist attacks in Europe.

      His goal is leverage his substantial wealth, to ensure societal misery, and therby control. He wants people fighting amongst themselves. And where they are not fighting amongst themselves, he will do all he can to cause them to fight amongst each other.

      The rich act in concert, and the rest shall be squabbling so as to be ineffective to stop that.

      You are correct to be vigilant with respect to the lies and agenda coming from the media.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        I agree with you on Mr Soros. I’m not an adherent of the “world government” hypothesis, but the pernicious role he had played in eastern Europe and Russia/Ukraine in the 90s cannot be denied (I wrote in the past about Poland being the guinea pig for the national assets take-over that later happened in the countries on the east). On the other hand, Soros is sometimes failing spectacularly. Just look at Poland – even him buying shares in Mr Michnik’s tabloid “Gazeta Wyborcza”

        did not prevent that newspapers from spiralling down in sales (a paper known for protecting the former commis and supporting the Jeffrey Sachs “liberalisation” plan (in fact the amount of regulations increased from 3 economic areas in 1989 to 256 in 1996, and the amount of bureaucrats increased from 165,000 in 1989 to over 500,000: the only reason that Poland did not become the Ukraine was self-employment in the gray zone).

        I would not agree with you Deco on the French and bolshevik revolutions, but I respect your right to have an opinion. When it comes to the French revolution, one of the books that shaped me the most was the book on that topic is Tocqueville’s “The Old_Regime and the Revolution”

        I think this book is even better as his most acclaimed work, “Democracy in America”.

        The second best (and easier to read) book on the French revolution was written by an Irish academic:

        I would urge anyone interested in history to get that little book before is out of print. By the way, the French revolution confirms Lenin’s statement that foreign involvent of a powerful state is one of the conditions for the revolution (if you google the name John Law; and of course, I do not have to explain that Lenin was sent by the Prussian intelligence to take Russia of the war, while Trotsky was financed by them too, and also by Wall St (and here we are – talking about them again :-(

        When it comes to Soros and his ilk and eastern Europe, a very good summary of what has happened in Poland since October last year and why is that reported that way in the western media was made by a friend of mine, Mr Matthew Tyrmand, in the hearing in the British House of Commons (this btw answers dear Coldblow’s question from a few weeks ago about KOD demonstrations in Warsaw: Matthew explains the nature of these street protest from around 29 min).

        I really recommend watching that 30 min video (the sound is a bit low) for anyone who wants to shape his own opinion on the recent changes in the Visegrád Group). Btw, I wrote in my comment above about how Merkel tried to break down that group (and do not just blame Merkel – Chancellor Schroeder was even worse). I have been expressing my concerns since long before Brexit (which I did not predict, though let’s see whether Britain really leaves – in the past I have written about the legal loophole I found in the article 50 some time ago). I was saying that Ireland should better look for some allies in the EU, and that eastern Europe and Scandinavia are countries who shares Ireland’s fear of tax harmonisation. My vision of Ireland havign a proactive foreign policy was not shared by many, and even David seemed to suffer from a delusion that Britain will a) fight for Ireland’s interest and b) find Ireland important (4 visits of Mr David Cameron in Warsaw last year, 2 this year, 2 visits of Theresa May, o n e visit of Theresa May and zero visits of D. Cameron in Dublin in that time) – just before Britain accused Ireland of tax cheating.

        Now Ireland is on her own in the Apple case (regardless whether Ireland should get that 13bn or not – for it is not about Apple, it is about the EU Commission). It really did not need to be that way, Ireland could have easily found at least 10 supporters in her case in Europe among low tax countries (so eastern Europe and Finland, as Benelux has low taxes allright, but based on loopholes they do not want to share with Ireland), but the Irish – let’s call it straight – the Irish government AND the opposition were shittng above their asses (eastern Europe is not good enough to be our ally, we will not go below the mighty US or at least the cunning Albion). So my question to the Taoiseach and the Irish media would be as follows: with Ireland alone in Europe on Apple (precisely as I was warning), what’s the big “oidea” for us now?

        • coldblow


          I’ll look at the link when I get home.

          Soros has apparently been funding repeal of the Irish constitutional ban on abortion.

          The interesting thing here (for me at least) is the status of popular referendums. If they are ‘right’ referendums (eg SEA and, I think, the ban on the capital punishment here) then they are the expression of the popular democratic will and therefore inviolable. If they are of the ‘wrong’ sort (eg Lisbon) then they are mistakes whereby the people have been duped by populist rabble rousers and must therefore be held again.

          So-called progressives generally hold to this law. I find it interesting when progressives like David part company with received opinion on occasion, as he does with the British vote to leave the EU. Facebook, or what I saw of it, was hysterical about the result.

          Hitchen of course predicted that ‘Brexit’ might not mean ‘Brexit’.

          Here is his latest update:

          Can you spot my comment? (I only use ‘coldblow’ here for reasons of sentiment and tradition nowadays.)

          I’d add the Brothers Grimm to your list of Germans. I’d be interested to hear your views on Karl Popper. (All right, he was an Austrian.) My interest in him is why he was (and presumably is) so popular in Britain.

        • coldblow

          Matthew Tyrdman is good. I listened to most of your link and will hear the rest later.

          I also came across this interview with him on Polish television:

          With the translation of questions and answers it is also good Polish listening practice. Challenging but not impossible to understand.

          He talks about Clinton and Trump in it and also about Soros (by coincidence).

          Another coincidence is Soros’s Open Society organization, which I had quite forgotten about. Popper, who I asked you about, is of course well known for his Open Society and its Enemies.

          • coldblow

            Tyndman is interesting on Open Society’s ideological commitment to a borderless world where wars won’t occur. This seems to be what David favours, with his remarks here about outdated nation states (which I strongly disagree with) he mentions ‘cultural degradation’ among the drawbacks: young people’s fascination with smart phones counts as cultural degradation if anything does. he says that Poland and Hungary are ‘ground zero’ for the fight against Euro integration. This was made in May, before the British referendum.

            I also notice from your link that Tyrmand has a low opinion of Walesa. I dn’t know anything about that but I have to say that I am sceptical, even if he were a govt agent. But as I say, I don’t know. As you know, I am also sceptical of your poor opinion of De Valera. But we can’t agree on everything!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Hi Coldblow,

            “As you know, I am also sceptical of your poor opinion of De Valera”

            On De Valera – I am open to any knew facts or opinions on him. Despite my impression that he has basically wasted a huge opportunity Ireland was given, I am not a De Valera-hater (like I am a Sean Russell hater) – rather I find him too much of a knight errand (and an underachiever as a result) as for a politicians, if you know what I mean. Give Michael D. Higgins a total power and you’ll end up with De Valera minus Catholicism. The underachievement of De Valera consists of the fact that the Irish, like the Poles, were handed in their own state thanks to lucky circumstances rather than their uprisings, but unlike the Poles, the Irish after WWI did not have to fight wars with enemies outside (USSR, Germany – Gustav Streseman of the Weimar Republic was even more anti-Polish than early Hitler) and within (pre WWII Poland was a multi-culti country on the scale that Ireland cannot even imagine: 1/3 of her population did not speak Polish – some of them minorities were very loyal to the Polish state, others not so much). Everyone is talking about how many Irish had to emigrate. But who made them emigrate? Dev and his complete lack of understanding of how the country should be run. Other praise his firm stance on neutrality. Sorry, but Ireland got just incredibly lucky with her neutrality – no other neutral country in Europe was so lucky in WWII, not even Switzerland who made its neutrality dear to attack by being up to this day armed to the teeth, having bunkers hidden in the mountains like even the US are unable to do and located the entires world dirty money in their banks.

            But on the other hand, please do not get me wrong. On the scale of 0-10, I am not putting De Valera like Sean Russell, as a screaming zero: in fact, I am putting him above Lech Walesa and probably only just below Józef Pilsudski, maybe at 7. What I am saying is that: given that Ireland had a very good geopolitical situation (better than Norway and probably even the Swiss, given the Atlantic route), is De Valera the best that Ireland could have chosen? And what would De Valera do if those Irish who could not find jobs in the decrepit economy De Valera created could NOT emigrate to the UK/US and send money to Ireland? How would he have dealt if there was no Morrison visas and visa-free travel to the UK, and with 50% unemployment, you would have 1913 style lockout every year? What would we think of De Valera’s era in THAT kind of circumstances? :-(
            So, maybe I’m being unjust in my opinion, but me thinks that De Valera was a failure.

            There is an academic in Poland who always compares De Valera with Pilsudski; here is his lecture in Dublin:


            He did not know that Pilsudski had partly Irish background; I told him to check the parishes record for Butlers immigrants into Poland and he said he would do that.


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            As far as Lech Walesa is concerned; gosh, it is such a difficult issue to condense such a complex issue to a space short enough to be readable and lucid enough to be comprehensible for people not involved in that. Perhaps I can summarise Lech Walesa but pinpointing 10 most curious, uniknown and shocking facts from the Polish post-WWII history:

            1. Poland was manouvered into WWII to be the first country to be attacked in order to redirect Hitler’s first strike from France (the 1938 visit of lord Duff Cooper on the “Enchantress” yacht in Gdynia) and Britain got over 50% of all their WWII intelligence information from the Polish intelligence (including the codes for Enigma – Turing only cracked the Kriegsmarine Enigma), yet the Poles were the only ones not invited to the victory parade in London, the only ones not named by President Obama in Normandy among the heroes of the European resistance (he named… the Germans!), Britain ordered Poland to pay for the planes Polish fighters used in the Battle of Britain and Britain did not return the Polish gold they deposited for safekeeping in 1939.

            2. Having said that, Churchill was the only one who considered the US army pushing into eastern Europe before the Soviets. But perhaps he was not entirely serious, I do not know (gen. Patton was, so they took away petrol from him, and he died in an accident after the war).

            3. As a result, after WWII Poland ended up with a government that would make any British administration in Ireland apart from Cromwelian look benevolent. For example, the deputy minister for internal affairs wanted, in 1945, to keep the Auschwitz running and use it for the arrested Polish underground movement members, but it was decided that it would look bad for the western press after all, so they killed most of them in secret. Btw, 80% of all torturers had a Jewish background (this goes to a good tradition from before WWII:


            4. Here comes 1956. Gomulka, a silly Communist dwarf with a sligthly nationalistic inclination, leaves prison and become the leader of the state. This was a bigger thaw in Poland than 1981, and maybe even 1989. Why? Well:
            - for 2-3 years there was almost no censorship.
            - universities were almost normal, except the economy
            - you were no longer taken off the street and getting wacked, like 100,000 people who perished that way between 1945-1956. You could get arrested and beaten up allright, but that was all.

            5. In 1968, the non-Jewish Communists overthrow the Jewish Communists and expel them from Poland. Some innocent Jews are expelled too. Most Poles envy them they can leave for the West (in Bierut times, only around 50 – five zero – Poles had passports – this included big wigs).

            6. In 1970, there is another strike. Lech Walesa is a Communist informant at that time.

            7. In the late 70s, the Polish economy collapses due to:
            - Gierek incurring debts buying obsolete French technologies and the US raising interest rates on them to 20% and more.
            - more importantly, the demographic collapse because of Gomulka’s continuation of Himmler’s eastern Europe depopulation plan (btw, in the early 90s I have heard myself through my very own ears the experts of the World Bank and the Open Society friends of Poland saying that in order to become a modern economy and European Communities members, Poland should have a population ideally around 15 million people: I even have some expertises in Polish saying that).

            8. Solidarnosc is created (its creator: Krzysztof Wyszkowski (the same Wyszkowski who accused Minister Skubiszewski of treason no less, while negotiating the legal status of ex-German western Polish territories; Wyszkowski was chased and sued many times by Lech Walesa; eventually Walesa lost and the court held that Wyszkowski was telling the truth and Walesa was lying), Andrzej Gwiazda and Anna Walentynowicz). Then Walesa joins Solidarnosc. His meteoric rise in the “Solidarnosc” movement in 1980 is puzzling to say the least, considering that he was not actually the founder or even the main person in “Solidarnosc”

            9. Walesa was trying to outfox the communists and free himself from their web. One think he did was gas: he made President Yeltsin drunk and made him to sign Russia’s agreement on Poland joining NATO (though a really sovereign country should not ask any other country for an agreement, but Poland had Russian army bases until 1993).

            10. Then this happens in the “free” Poland (Lech Walesa and Donald Tusk play a crucial role):


            Of course, there are many other details I could talk about too (like Jaruzelski-Rockefeller meeting in 1985, Michnik-Gorbachev meeting in 1988) – but I have to go and can no longer comment today

          • coldblow

            Gomulka – that’s a name I remember from my youth and haven’t heard mentioned again until now.

            I finished Churchill’s war memoirs a few weeks ago (the single-volume abridged version) and he has the future of Poland as the most serious political problem towards the end of the war (which I suppose it was). I don’t know how reliable this is as evidence but he seemed sincere to me (in all my naivete).

            I know little about De Valera but what I do know is that it is conventional wisdom (to say nothing of received opinion) to denigrate him. For that reason alone, because of the kind of people who lead the charge, I am ready to stick up for him. I know even less of Russell, beyond Eoghan Harris’s (I think – someone can correct me if I am wrong) outrage a few years ago about a statue to him. Harris acts with good intentions but I greatly doubt his judgment, for example his support for mass immigration (what he calls refugees and what I think are economic immigrants). His views are driven too much by emotion. I am guessing but I suspect your views here might be coloured by your Irish friends in Dublin.

            As an aside, I watched the hurling final on the telly just now. Looking at the crowd you would never suspect that 1 in 5 people here were born outside Ireland. Presumably because they were not there, and hade no interest in being there. Demographically this is very dangerous if the history of the rest of the world is anything to go by. The only straw of hope is that, like David’s obesity crisis, the demographic one exists in statistics but not in reality.

            I wonder who might have done a better job than De Valera. The problem for me is that Ireland was (and remains) an undeveloping country because it was capitalist-colonized, the only country in Europe of its kind (religion plays the role that skin colour played in other colonies, with the garrison class being Protestant and the garrisoned Catholic). Crotty is the authority on the bleak prospects for ‘undeveloping’ post-cap. colonized countries. Them emigration valve was vital for Ireland.

            About Walesa, as I said, I know very little as well. I mentioned before that I was puzzled why in the 1980s (when I used to read it in Eltham Library) Der Spiegel hated him so much.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Dear Coldblow,

            Judging by the style and content, my guess is that your comment on Peter’s blog is signed as Seán. Please correct me if I am wrong.
            I was not even aware that Der Spiegel was hateful of Walesa… You see me oul’ segotia, in my youth I was a big fan of West Germany, I was buying into lots of their skillful propaganda and was blissfully unaware of the information war techniques they are using, until I undertook a seminar in sociocybernetics run by a guy whose methods BND uses in their candidates recruitment. Then I began to read more about the circumstances of the German Wirtschaftswunder and I realised that my political role model Ludwig Erhard was a completely different person to what history considers him to be and how much of their miracle was based on repatriating the financial assets, gold, works of art, and technical patents stolen during WWII (not to mention that the mythical denazification was all about brining the top Nazis out of the country and letting West Germany being run by the middle and lower ranks of SS).
            I was busy, so I could not properly answer your question about Popper. When it comes to Popper as a philosopher of politics, his knowledge of Plato was too shallow and fragmentary to consider his texts as a serious endeavour in the field of political philosophy – regardless of what political persuasion – let alone to jump to Popperian conclusions that there are only two basic political philosophies: totalitarian (starting from Plato) and liberal (starting from Locke). I therefore seek your permission to excuse me from reviewing his book on the open society and its enemies which nonetheless made an immense impression on my mind when I was 15 (but so did Nietzsche); more serious a proponent of liberal society is Mr John Rawls – or Robert Nozick in its libertarian version; it is not a sin of vanity, heaven forfend – the worst of all sins – which allows me to take the liberty of making denigrating remarks about Popper as a political philosopher; it just happens that I studied Plato in original under one of the leading Plato scholars in Europe and I refuse to occupy my mind with the work of Plato dilettantes such as Karl Popper; btw, in 1995 Polish Presidential election a candidate of the Polish non-communist leftist party called Labour Union – this wasn’t actually a trade union – was referring to John Rawls as a philosophical background to his political views; I went to one of his major political rallies and asked him a few closed questions intended to check whether he had heard of the retractions of his theory John Rawls was forced to due to the criticism of his theory coming from both libertarian and conservative camps – I’m telling you, the poor chap got nearly as big of a shock as those German neo-Nazis whose forum I once infiltrated for fun, whereupon I wrote a detailed comment mocking their ideology and proving that based on their own theories, Poles are the most Aryan race – a unusually long silence ensued and one of them wrote “you are a Pole, aren’t you?”; the second neo-Nazi wrote “I knew it! My grandfather taught me how to recognise a Pole – the backs of their skulls are flat”; and as I was preparing for an avalanche of hateful comments to piss them off even more, I received an unexpectedly polite, learned and respectful answer, written seemingly by someone on an intellectual and cultural level a World Trade Centre higher than all the other German neo-Nazi users; given that all German neo-Nazi parties are infiltrated by the German state itself – that’s why two attempts to delegalise them failed in the past because it turned out that their policies are shaped by BND – some of the higher up forum members must have reached a conclusion that I was a Bundesnachrichtsdienst agent myself (btw – did you know that BND employ a whopping 3,200 agents of influence in their embassies worldwide?); as you know, all proper secret intelligence organisations are based on multichannel structures with cells of no more than 10 people (that prevents them from cliques with uncontrollable internal dynamics being formed, which cliques would make them vulnerable to provocations from inside), the members of which cells do not know about each other, thus making it nearly impossible to infiltrate because you would need to control all cells, and are immune to betrayal too, unless they murder all of them like the Turks did with Ormians or NKVD with Poles in years 1937/38 – unlike the linear spy structures (i.e. smugglers), where one cell knows about every input, or star-like spy structures, where the central point knows everything (Sinn Féin/IRA: that’s why the arrest of J. Cahill cut off their contact with Gadaffi for a long time). The Idiotic Ring of Amateurs structure was one of the reasons why the Abwehr concluded that Seán Russell’s gang of traitors was so incredibly shite of a conspiracy that they – the Nazis – did not decide to invade Ireland after all, because they were not impressed by a support offered by such gobshites as Mary Loo McNazi “hero” (who eventually died on a Nazi u-boat from stomach ulcer); sure even Dev, not the brightest switch on the light board and a coward who panicked during the 1916 Rising, had them under full control after their ammunition raid in Dublin – the WWII IRA was militarily a huge step backwards compared to Michael Collins times due to a lack of solid British army training that the likes of Collins had received; take the 79 IRA’s simultaneous attacks: a) on the royal cousin with a radio-controlled explosive on his yacht and b) the attack on 18 British parachute troopers in Warren Point: a car bomb exploded, the soldiers escaped to the next building in which there was another explosive, while at the same time the IRA snipers were shooting at them from the Republic’s side of the border: but they were so shite that none of them could hit the soldiers, so I doubt that the glorious Imbecile Red Alcoholics would have lasted more than 3 days in September 39’ German Blitzkrieg (though I have to give credit to Mr Jim Monaghan’s – Sinn Féin’s face in Walkinstown – inventive mortar improvements which paradoxically helped to speed up the peace process because the British army were afraid the IRA would wipe their outposts – maybe he should be submitted as a candidate to a Nobel Peace Prize?) or in or 1944 Warsaw Uprising conditions – where the operational motto was “one bullet-one German soldier” – and Ireland’s tragedy is that they are the only territorial army defense that Ireland has, but it is a realistic assessment of their ability to defend the island of Ireland, as in a society totally disarmed there is no one else to defend it.
            I hope that someone from G2 has learned something from what I wrote – I once wanted to apply, but you have to go through the Irish army first and I was already too old and not as fit as during my first army recruitment process when I received the highest fitness category – this was before my long-term illness (if not, I recommend them to read “Control” by Victor Suvorov), because Ireland with no army and no proper intelligence service might be so exposed that one day someone might use its low corporation tax regime as a blackmail weapon in playing their own geopolitical game of chess by the likes of Merkel, Holland, Tim Geithner and Putin (who at present does and says only what China allows him), on a stick and carrot basis – oh, hang on…
            Returning to your question about Karl Popper – in professional philosophers milieus (and in 1999 I had the opportunity to meet world’s leading philosophers by picking them up from the airport at the congress I was helping to organise – over 1,000 people arrived), Popper is only valued for his philosophy of science – in that, I value Popper immensely; however, I have long time ago outgrown his methodology, and here is why:
            the problem with Popper’s falsification theory is that it assumes that a falsifiable sentence has a following logical structure:
            Potential falsifier = base sentence + the negation of other base sentence (the existential sentence alone cannot be a potential falsifier, because we cannot derive from it a negation of other base sentence, neither can we derive from it more existential sentences than they follow only from the observation).
            However, the problem with potential falsifiers lies in the impossibility of determining the domain of its models, as any base sentence or their negations do not carry enough information to engender scientific theories, as knowing how to derive scientific theories from base sentences based on observation requires knowledge of what to observe and measure, and how; this in turn requires the use of other theories.
            For example, the age of fossils is based on radiometric dating, which is justified by reasoning that radioactive decay follows a Poisson process rather than a Bernoulli process.
            Failure of Falsificationism resulted in the methodological position known as operationalism (Percy Williams Bridgman is credited with it), which asserts that all observations are not only influenced, but necessarily defined by the means and assumptions used to measure them.
            To that the following objection can be raised: but what if we lend base sentences or their negations a complexity that is significant enough to be used in attempts to falsify formalised scientific theories? Why, then their formalisations will not allow us to determine their interpretations, as these theories will always produce some non-standard, not-intended models, which in turn follows from the Downward Loewenheim-Skolem theorem, which says that:
            if S has a model of cardinality K
            then there is a submodel of cardinality < K.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Just one more thing: there is no need to rely on someone’s word in our assessment of IRA’s WWII traitors policies. We can reach for primary sources and read, for example, in his own paper, that “we shall have no hesitation in accepting the assistance of German troops” – IRA “War News”, Nov 9, 1940 [in.: UCDA P67/532(6).]; or that the Nazis only desire is “the freedom of civilised nations … and the reconstruction of a free and progressive Europe” (note the usage of the word “progressive”; or the IRA tribute to Adolf Hitler:

            “Oh; here’s to Adolph Hitler;
            Who made the Britons squeal;
            Sure before the fight is ended;
            They will dance an Irish reel.”

            From the IRA’s War News, 23 Nov 1940.

            Or another quote from their garbage bulletin:

            “During the past number of years we have seen a constant and heavy influx of foreign Jews to N.E. Ulster. … The Republic will rid the country of such vermin.”

            IRA “War News”, 9 Nov 1940.
            UCDA P67/532(6).

            That monument of Seán Russell in Fairview park should have a Nazi flag wrapped up around him, same as Mary Loo McNazi Donald.

            As to who would have been better than De Valera? Why, Michael Collins, if the coward had not whacked him.

            Then again, Ireland could have had a way worse leader than Dev – imagine James Connolly and his Lenin succeeded in joining Eire to USSR…

          • coldblow

            Thanks Grzeg

            Your guess is correct. I mentioned savilisation (Anna Raccoon’s coinage) because it is highly illustrative of the nature of contemporary mass fantasies. Hitchens resists admitting to this, the daddy of them all, although as you know he will take on everyone, including the attempt to drag the late Bishop George Bell’s name into the mud along with many. Booker’s Neophiliacs (written around 1969 I think, and I learnt about it on Hitchens’s blog – by the way did you notice anything odd about the other contributions?(!)) is a terrific analysis of the transformation of British culture in the 60s. He sees it (convincingly) as a huge fantasy, or series of mini-fantasies following, say, five-or whatever-year cycles, the first one from mid-1955 to its catastrophic climax in November 1963, and so on. Writing as he did at that time he was not to know that this pattern has continued, possibly undiminished, ever since. He coined his own neologism, ‘nyktomorph’, but it hasn’t taken off, unlike Anna’s. Booker, by the way, wrote an extremely good account of the global warming fantasy ‘The Real Global Warming Disaster’. You can see from his early book how he was able to perceive the fantasy element – it’s all fantasy. When you think about it, this fantasy is unbelievable, yet true. And it is only one of a number.

            I seem to remember Rawls from one of John Gray’s books.

            I am not used to serious philosophy so much of your explanation went over my head but I nevertheless took some useful information out of it, for example that Popper’s knowledge of Plato was limited.

            Eoghan Harris often uses Plato and Aristotle in his column. I don’t know if you have noticed. He seems to see Plato’s idealism as prescriptive and destructive and appeals instead to Aristotle who I think he see as being practical and benign. I am of course simplifying as I am no philosopher, yet I suspect there Harris is simplifying himself. I fit this into what I call ‘extravert cliche’, which is closely connected with what I call ‘extravert rhetoric’.

            Popper interests me solely because he appears to be a liberal icon. A barrister I got involved in an online argument with was taken with him and quoted Open Society. I studied psychology for one term when I left school, at UCL in London. One term was all I could stand and I moved university (‘anywhere up north’) and subject (history). I remember how my fellow students on the compulsory philosophy of science course (which appeared to contain nothing but Popper) were so enthusiastic. I couldn’t understand this.

            I am interested to the point of obsession in recent years why people believe what they believe. So I want to know why Popper took the positions he did and also why people praise him so much. One of the fantasies (I think it might be possible to call it that) is the anti-’pseudoscience’ one, or what they call themselves, sceptics/ skeptics (they are anything but, I find). You will get an interesting insight in Rupert Sheldrake’s weblog if you look at his section on the ‘Guerrilla Skeptics’ who dedicated their lives to policing his Wikipedia entry, and those of fellow ‘pseudoscientists’.

            My reference to statistics in my last post was only half-jocular. I really do think David’s obesity epidemic exists only, or mainly, in the imagination. I see no evidence for it in these parts. Last year or so I asked my two colleagues here, sensible middle-aged women both, if they thought there were a lot of fat people around. They thought about it for a few seconds. ‘No.’

          • coldblow

            I forgot to include in my post, about Popper, that whatever his theory says about science, I have more than a strong suspicion that the psychological factor trumps everything else. What you say about operationalism seems to be reaching this from another direction (presumably by logical deduction – or was it drawn from observation of scientists at work?). Sheldrake’s Science Delusion is very good on all this, from the persistence in using impersonal verbs (‘a test-tube was taken’) to the inability of physicists and chemists to see any need for their work (unlike that of ‘softer’ sciences) to use double blind experiments. There is no need, you see, because their work is by its very nature objective! From this alone you can see how the AGW nonsense could develop.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I was curious if you’d track my comment so far back as to the previous article.
            I would like to relate to some points:

            1. I read Mr Hitchen’s column from time to time. I think that a general level of commentary is higher on David’s blog (though you would sometimes get people quoting uncritically any old thing they would find on geopolitics) and the level of economic and historical commentary is very high, hence I am here and not there. Once I posted a really provoking (it terms of provoking to Peter and some of the Brexiters views), yet informative (mainly dealing with legal issues) comment on his blog and people there either were not able to formulate any meaningful answer – even though it related to the future of their country – or pretended they did not notice it; a 2 pages conversation about the Bible ensued with zelotism I would rather associate with some circles up in the North. This documentary about the 60s featuring Mr Hitchens was one of the best I have ever seen. All in all, I really like him as a person and I think he fills a useful gap. He has a wonderful way of destilling thorns in our culture to TV-suited sentences. In fact I think he is a better speaker than writer, which is actually common for the whole English intellectual tradition deriving from the Common Law. In my opinion he totally underestimates the danger of the Eurasia concept and influence of people like Alaxander Dugin. I also resent him a little bit that he writes a lot about NATO, Russia, etc extrapolating from his vast knowledge of the British history, but he does not seem to follow or be aware of any military developments in the Kaliningrad region. In my opinion one cannot claim to have opinion on geopolitics if one does not follow military doctrines of the main players in the region because then one might not be able to go beyond the surface of what the politicians say and what really goes behind the scenes. Without going into details, for example the biggest change in President Obama’s last 8 years (abandonment of eastern Europe and pivot to Pacific) was caused by ONE report which made President Obama realise that the US can only defend their communication lines on the South China Sea for 2 weeks.
            An another note, I think that Peter had rather overestimated UKiP (I do not see much admittance of that – he mainly goes against the likes of Theresa May – but then again I do not read every of his column). Btw, I bet you that Peter Hitchens does not know that Russia and Israel have this alliance (which they officially signed) that Russia will go against anyone who dares to undermine the exceptionality of the Holocaust and Israel will use their propaganda apparatus to go against everyone who undermines the benevolent role of the Red Army (it’s now illegal in Russia to write about the Soviet-Nazi cooperation: there was a first sentence in that this year). Without knowing such facts, Peter’s view on what goes on in Mittel-Europa is a view of a person half-blind, half-guessing.

            2. “He sees it (convincingly) as a huge fantasy, or series of mini-fantasies following” – I wonder how much is he aware of the agentural work behind some of the “spontaneous” 60s movements (KGB for example). Anyway, we do not have to look far – I never cease to wonder how uncritical people are here in their national narrative of the 1913 lockout, without seeking any double motives. This is not about history – this is about a society being very easy to manipulate (take the herd-like reaction in Ireland to swine flu). I think that there are strenghts and weaknesses if every national character, assuming there is one. Certainly the Irish are very good at marketing. Also, I think that many Poles who live here for more than 10 years became more approachable if they had lived in Poland. I think the Irish are quite compassionate too (Poles are very hospitable, but they hate chancers and time wasters and you must know what you are looking for if you talk to them: a Scottish person living in my town has defined Scottishness that way). But one think that the Irish could really learn from the vanishing (due to pop-culture) representatives of intelligent “Polonia” is the ability to read between the lines. It’s not only about culture – it has certain economic conseqences (i.e. both Poland and Ireland had manipulative government, but Poland did not buy the flue vaccive and Ireland did – because you cannot manipulate the Poles so simply as you can do with the Irish society, exceptions allowing (also, Poland blocked Acta in Europe due to citizens inobedience movement)).

            So you have to take my remarks on De Valera in that wider context to. Of course, for someone of my or your views, it is hard not to admire his charming conservatism or certain dignity (except for the Easter Rising, when he lost it and was seen running the street in long johns. But I think that even you would agree that Dev did not exactly contribute to this society growing a little bit more critical in terms of the news it receives, and his legacy is leaving a political scene where everyone twattles about nothing important and nothing ever gets done until external forces gather and strike.

            3. I value Popper as a philosopher of science (an important discipline), but it irritates me when people own up to falsificationism uncritically without ever trying to find any flaws in it. As a political philosopher – one has to bear in mind that Popper’s book was writeen in a specific period and played some useful role in fighting Marxism and Nazism (the former being the predominant ideology in the university of both eastern and western Europe). It was never meant to be a scholarly study in Plato, Kant or Hegel. Do not get me wrong – some of Popper’s criticisms in his Open Society are very apt (i.e. of historicism – that it limits your choice of strategy for you either try to accelarate the pace at which history pursues its inevitable course, or you can try to slow it down – any attempts at redifing what it means to be Polish or Irish are ruled out in historicistic approach.

            As someone having an economic (apart from philosophical, German studies and logical) background, I was struck by the way Popper treats the policy of ‘interventionism’ by governments in the economy as the only game in town. Of laissez-faire, he writes that, “it has disappeared from the face of the Earth.” This seems to me very shallow a philosophy. How would he deal with Mises’s assertion that without economic liberty, all other liberties are only illusions. And how do you intervene while keeping the open society at the same time? Only by coertion (as Savage Eye junkie character would say: did not tink about dat, did ya?).

            Btw, did it ever occur to you how Popper lends more significance to Marx than to Plato? – Marx being an economist who deliberately forward-dated (by 50 years) the economic data he used to support his thesis that the capitalism has been leading to the exploitation of the working class and a philosopher who wrote an article proposing the extermination of the entire Serbian nation, which makes Heinrich Himmler a cool guy in comparison (Himmler did not plan to exterminate all Jews or Poles in his depopulation plan)?

            I could go on about Popperism in details, but my time is not unlimited. I think you would find great enjoyment in reading the opinion of Eric Voegelin on that book (Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s favourite philosopher – and I am not uncritical about Kaczynski either):

            I feel completely justified in saying without reservation that this book is impudent, dilettantish crap. Every single sentence is a scandal, but it is still possible to lift out a few main annoyances.

            The expressions “closed [society]” and “open society” are taken from Bergson’s Deux Sources. Without explaining the difficulties that induced Bergson to create these concepts, Popper takes the terms because they sound good to him; [he] comments in passing that in Bergson they had a “religious” meaning; but that he will use the concept of the open society closer to Graham Wallas’s “great society” or that of Walter Lippmann. Perhaps I am oversensitive about such things, but I do not believe that respectable philosophers such as Bergson develop their concepts for the sole purpose that the coffeehouse scum might have something to botch. There also arises the relevant problem: if Bergson’s theory of open society is philosophically and historically tenable (which I in fact believe), then Popper’s idea of the open society is ideological rubbish. For this reason alone, he should have discussed the problem with all the possible care.
            The impertinent disregard for the achievements in his particular problem area, which makes itself evident with respect to Bergson, runs through the whole work. When one reads the deliberations on Plato or Hegel, one has the impression that Popper is quite unfamiliar with the literature on the subject – even though he occasionally cites an author. In some cases, for example Hegel, I would believe that he has never seen a work like Rosenzweig’s Hegel and the State. In other cases, where he cites works without appearing to have perceived their contents, another factor is added:
            Popper is philosophically so uncultured, so fully a primitive ideological brawler, that he is not able even approximately to reproduce correctly the contents of one page of Plato. Reading is of no use to him; he is too lacking in knowledge to understand what the author says. Through this emerge terrible things, as when he translates Hegel’s “Germanic world” as “German world” and draws conclusions from this mistranslation regarding Hegel’s German nationalist propaganda.
            Popper engages in no textual analysis from which can be seen the author’s intention; instead he carries the modern ideological cliches directly to the text, assuming that the text will deliver results in the sense of the cliches. It will be a special pleasure for you to hear that, for example, Plato experienced an evolution – from an early “humanitarian” period still recognizable in the Gorgias, to something else (I can’t recall any more if “reactionary” or “authoritarian”) in the Republic.

            Briefly and in sum: Popper’s book is a scandal without extenuating circumstances; in its intellectual attitude it is the typical product of a failed intellectual; spiritually one would have to use expressions like rascally, impertinent, loutish; in terms of technical competence, as a piece in the history of thought, it is dillettantish, and as a result it is worthless.

            This is from a private letter to Leo Strauss, dated April 18, 1950.

            For a more thorough critique of the liberal PC society than Hitchen’s the best position is the one of my former Professor (previously the Minister for Education under the previous Kaczynski government: btw, my source inside the Polish Presidential Palace tells me that September will see new revelations about the Smolensk plane crash in the media):


            4. “that the psychological factor trumps everything else” – ahm, yes and no. It is more compicated than that. In essence, I am a strong anti-psychologist in philosophy of science, but people mistake psychologicism in logic with psychological elements in data interpretation. In short: a proper science must be based on logic and that is not psychological. But science does not operate on the raw empirical data as say Pat Flannery or probably Adam Byrne want to believe, because one cannot derive scientific laws from pure data due to induction problem and secondly, there rarely is such thing as pure empirical data due to Duhem-Quine hypothesis. So the basis of our universe (laws of logic) are objective (if they weren’t, nothing could ever be claimed or denied), but the interpretations of empirical data are subject to psychology in decision making processes as to what data to observe and how to interpret it. I do not know if that exposition of my views is satisfactory, but I cannot be concise and precise at the same time. Sometimes the same people criticise me that my posts are too long (when I refer to primary sources) and, on other occasions, that I do not attach any links (when they are short). There is this wonderful saying in Polish to comment on that: “albo rybka, albo pipka” – “either little fish or little pussy” (bear in mind that the leading chess engine is called Rybka).

            P.S. You can find a good selection of Mr Matthew Tyrmand articles here:


            Perhaps you can persuade our benefactor Mr David McWilliams to tell his friend Mr Bob Geldof to read them before Mr Geldof claims publicly again that there is fascism in Poland? I’m sure Bob means well, but if he wants to find a real fascist practices, he should have taken a closer look at the media coverage in Ireland of the gay referendum (not to mention another source of mine in Fine Gael told me that no one who wanted to vote “No” was allowed to speak at their ardfheis – did not tink about dat Bob, did ya ;-).

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            became more approachable if they had lived in Poland = compared to what they would have been had they lived in Poland.

            The Irish way of living is imbued with certain warmth and ability to break ice unknown in Poland, even though in Poland as you get to know people they would relax and get warmer, while here it sort of stays on the service. I think that this is partly due to pub culture and partly due to the culture that avoids conflict at all cost (even if you’d never get through to the person responsible because the Irish way of living shuns saying “no” to someone because it is seen as rude – people here would rather be late for work half an hour than horn someone blocking the entire motorway with 1km empty lane in the front, and when I once pressed the Dublin Bus driver why did he depart an hour late from the Quay on Sunday, turned off the engine off at Christchurch, told us to wait for the next bus coming, when the next bus was also late – he turned the engine on as if nothing happened – so when I questioned him as to why we are subjected to this ordeal, he… called the Gards) – because people do not meet at home, nothing meaningful can be said in a social chit-chat.

            On the other hand, I have met an amazing amount of Irish people (which you would not think observing the street goers) who feel unsuited to that culture of superficiality. In Kraków they would dominate the city landscape, here I think the percentage might be even similar, but they are somewhat scattered (the LA-like way Dublin is built does not help to concentrate them). I wonder if that explains that emblazoning of the rural, remote Ireland you would often find in what we consider the quintesential Irish poetry (Polish poetry in turn would rather be veering towards the city life – present or past (ancient Greek and Rome), except that created at eastern confines like Mickiewicz or Milosz). Someone here in the past sent me a link to that trait of the Irish literature that poetizes a return to simple (in Polish poetry this is visible in the poetry of Herbert, but it is always filtered through the lenses of classical education: very rarely a plug made for the rural life is made from the rural man perspective, usually it is made via the eyes of the childhood-regressing man of the world.

            This sort of philosophising rusticality is visible in Lesmian’s poetry, i.e. the poem Memories (in fact I often met with a criticism from the Irish that the Poles overanalyse things and are unable to just immerse in the moment: I think that Polish mentality, or rather what it was before MTV, is very sentimental):

            Boleslaw Lesmian

            Those paths I brushed
            With the feet of a child – where have they gone ?
            They roll down as tears do, hushed,
            Out of the eyes, down, down.

            The freshness of morning would wake me up.
            The sun would be painting a masterpiece.
            A golden coast – a golden pup,
            A golden guitar – a golden precipice.

            Stare. Stare sufficiently into the light
            From the midst of a great silence, and in a while
            You are bound to see a camel shining bright,
            A bright-eyed robber with a glistening smile.

            At breakfast the table became a desert. I stared
            Till I rode the camel and I saw the gleaming thief.
            Father, assured of his safety, never despaired
            But read his paper calmly, rustling a leaf.

            A triple rainbow embroidered the carafe,
            The tablecloth, the cupboard, father’s moustache.
            A wasp, entangled in the lace curtains, would laugh
            And the curtains laughed too, their threads in the sun, a bright patch.

            And the rich floor, dreamily glittering, mirrored it all
            The leaves of the palm shone brighter at the back
            But melted shallowly, and a thin glaze would fall
            As if someone had spilled greenery by mistake.

            The arm-chair sipping its own velvet peace
            Would grow heavier, comfortably, I think.
            The sugar would plot for a blue spark’s release
            And the loaf of bread would turn pink.

            The clock shakes free of its long compressed coils and booms
            A prolonged note through the hall to the sky.
            In that furnished day-dreaming among the sunny rooms
            Everybody endures and does not die.

            But something happened: something went wrong.
            The same clock struck, but shyly, in another town.
            The soul stumbled over the body that had grown too strong,
            And they began to die, one by one.

    • Deco

      Mary Lou McDonald is a FFer in wolf’s clothing…..

      A first rate chancer. A polished pretender. Like all her gang of opportunists. The deputy leader of a political party that is backed by a series of criminal enterprises.

      There is a phrase of relevance – butter would not melt in her mouth. She is that cold and calculating.

      The policy platform there is a cm deep, and 10 KM wide. It literally is a case of make it up as you are going along to superficially impress voters.

      The superficially impressionable have bought it. The problem is that they can just as easily be bought by the Socialist party, Pensions before Profit, and all the other motley Trotskyite outfits of red-shirted opportunists.

      Funny enough, none of them ever seem to know anything about the blood wrenching murder caused by Trotsky. There are in complete denial about that.

      • Truthist

        Mary Lou McDonald is :
        grossly obese
        most likely placed to the forefront of Sinn Fein so as to offer only a vacuous alternative to :
        the official Trotskyites
        [ The Socialist Party ( Actually take there orders from Socialist Party in UK ),
        The Workers Party,
        Auntie Austerity Dalliance ( People before Profit etc ),
        Militant Socialist Party,
        Labor Party,
        inter alia
        the unofficial Bolsheviks
        the "unofficial" Blue Shirts ; Fianna Fail
        the "official" Blue Shirts ; Fianna Gael
        Of course, yee all are focused on the killing the wrong Pigs ;
        the public elected politicos
        the public elected Politicians
        elected Councillors
        elected Teachtaire Daile [ T.D.'s ]
        dubiously elected Senators
        elected Members of The European Parliament
        & atimes “El Presidente”

        Yer focus should be on “THE CIVIL SERPENTS” & “THE POLITICOS OTHER THAN public [ in the main ] elected Politicos [ public elected Politicians ], & the Civil Servants / Serpents.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          It puzzles me that I keep hearing, and not only from Sinn Féin supporters, about her talents and rhetorical skills (it reminds of a passage from The Spectator about Mr Joe Higgins – a man whose manner of speaking is a spitting image of the 70s Communist party secretary Edward Gierek – in which The Spectator wrote, a bit unfairly perhaps given that England was intellectually backward compared to Scotland until the late 19th century – I read an interesting memoir of a 1820s traveller who describes it, that only in Ireland a man like Joe Higgins who reads scripted speeches might be considered an orator). Even anti-Sinn Féin newspapers were waxing lyrical about – I quote – her “long Rathgar vowels”. Not that I follow everything Mary says, but I am yet to hear any statement from her that is not a glib generalisation at best and Andreas Breivik-level or below chutzpah like in this case:

          It’s about time someone blew up that f…g monument in Phoenix Park (should Norway have a monument of Andreas Breivik too?). It’s a terrible thing to collaborate with foreign empires in the interest none other than your own gang, but to collaborate with the Nazis is another thing altogether.

  7. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I would like to use this opportunity to comment on Dr Kevin McCarthy’s insincere letter to the Irish Independent (August 30), in which he writes “To universally portray a vulnerable ethnic minority as responsible for the actions of a state whether real – as in Israel’s case – or imagined – as in the case of an Islamic caliphate – is racism of the worst kind.” Dr McCarthy’s hypocrisy just beggars belief, considering that he is the very same person who published a Polonophobic and slanderous article in the Belfast Telegraph (“Poles can’t deny role in Auschwitz”, September 16, 2015) – one of the most heinous examples of peddling hatred-inciting historical fiction in the island of Ireland – in which he portrayed the Poles (a vulnerable ethnic minority in Northern Ireland given his letter appeared in Belfast shortly after wave of brutal attacks on Polish families from the loyalists – there was an interesting comment made on that by Mr Dónal Ó Dúnlaing under this article
    which reads: “Funny how in the six counties Irish and Poles are both united in the sense there’s a common aggressor. In the Republic we have more of a quiet, cordial suspicion of each other. It takes an alien presence to put our differences into perspective. I wonder what presence would succeed in making Protestants and Catholics feel on the same side.” – why, the Jihadists of course? – G.K.) as a nation with anti-Semitism “so ingrained that on July 4, 1946 – barely 16 months after the liberation of Auschwitz – an enraged Polish community in Kielce initiated a pogrom of brutal proportions.” I therefore hasten to inform the readers that the pogrom was carried out by the Communist military authorities and supervised by KGB officer, Mihail Alexandrovich Domin and by Julia Brystiger (Jewish director of the department at the ministry of public security); provocation was conducted by the Head of the Regional Office of Public Security, Major Wladyslaw Subczynski – an agent of the former NKVD – in order to distract attention from the rigged referendum in June 1946. Most documents relating to the pogrom had been deliberately destroyed, while the accused were tried by the Supreme Military Court in a joint show trial. Dr McCarthy’s rabid rant ended up with the Goebbelsian conclusion that “This innate anti-Semitic world view was ultimately why the Nazis located extermination centres in Poland”.
    That kind of encyclopaedic ignorance disqualifies him as an academic – Germans located extermination centres in Poland because no other European country had been attracting so many Jews (they had their own self-government in Poland, including the Council of Four Lands (Vaad Arba Aratsot) – a phenomenon unique in Europe – and unlike in other countries, they experienced no mass religious persecution). By the way, it came to my attention (after clarification of the Belfast Telegraph) that there are two Dr Kevin McCarthy’s from Co Cork – one is Dr Kevin McCarthy from UCC and the other one is Dr Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale (arguably the most beautiful little town in Ireland), Co Cork, and the author of slanderous articles and letters is Dr Kevin McCarthy from Kinsale. Who knows how many Polish families were attacked in east Belfast because of that parasitic turd – not to be confused with Dr Kevin McCarthy from Cork working at the Cork University – as I confused him in the past (hence the clarification of the Belfast Telegraph).

    • rbljck

      the Dr is well know for his poisonous letters to the Examiner, a zionist

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej


        You know, at the end of the day I could even accept that someone is a Zionist (even though every Zionist should by definition live in Israel), but it’s not his views that bother me – it’s his shameful lies. We can all have radically different views on things (I can discuss with Communists, atheists, etc), but Dr McCarthy of Kinsale is simply a very ignorant, uneducated man, and unlike say me or David McWilliams, he is not looking to be challenged in his views – he uses the “freedom of speech” umbrella for his lies and hatred-inciting (mind you, he wrote his slanderous letter about the Polish Community in NI just after brutal attacks on Polish families in east Belfast), but when challenged, he screams about the danger of antisemitism: although he himself is the biggest danger to Dublin Jewish community (as you can see from my post above, I’m friends with a Polish Jew Matthew Tyrmand, so it’s hard to accuse me that I have any bias – besides, I do not lie in my publications), because his divise agenda puts into question the sense of us taxpayers being forced to pay for his sinecure in the Jewish Museum of Dublin. In WWII period, my grandfather would have simply put a hole in the empty head of fifth column people like Dr Kevin McCarthy of Kinsale that are paid to destablise the state, split the community and run hate campaign – a deserved fate of Lord How-How. But fortunately, the war times are gone and this island has gone through a long and costly (15,000 bogus social care workers jobs for the veterans in the North to keep peace) and all I demand is to be able to respond to lies of McCarthy’s ilk. I’m glad the we progressed from energetic to information war methods, but Mr McCarthy is not playing fair. He has the me-and-you paid financial might of the Jewish Museum that allows him to have a comfortable lifestyle in the most beautiful Irish town Kinsale, the Belfast Telegraph and a fully undeserved authority of an academia – all we have is David McWilliams, the only mainstay of free speech in Ireland (and one of the few in Europe). Anyway, if anyone is interested in the t r u t h about the Polish-Jewish relations, here is the link (and this does even touch on things that might have been uncomfortable for the Jews, like the Jewish pogroms of the Poles):

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          divise agenda = divisive agenda
          a long and costly = long and costly reconciliation process

          Lord How-How = Lord Haw-Haw

          As to pogroms: for example the pogroms of the Poles carried out by the Jews in 1848 in Buku, as historically the Jews have the tendency to collaborate with occupying powers against the dominating nation in the country they live in, unlike the Poles have the world’s highest count of individuals who have been recognized by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations (btw, the most hideous Nazi collaborators in Poland were the Jews: bear in mind that there would not have been a Jewish ghetto in occupied Poland if it was not for the Jewish kappos and those Jews who made money on it – although we cannot forget that some of them are very loyal to their host countries, and I am always willing to give examples of patriotic Jews).

  8. stevenally

    Our future is with Atlantic Ireland. Whether we like it or not. Ireland isn’t going to win any arguments with the EU Commission. We know that.

    Hoping that Ireland will get “credit” from the multinationals for appealing the EU ruling is the attitude of a lackey. Which is why Ireland is where it is. They should appeal anyway because it is an attack on sovereignty. But Ireland needs to grow and stop being dependent on others. The EU or Apple/Google.

    The focus should be on creating indigenous companies. Those multinationals will leave when the spreadsheets dictate. Which could be right now. They are useful for knowledge transfer, but they should not be the exclusive focus of economic development.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Dear stevenally,
      While I agree with you that our future is in Atlantic Ireland (mind you, the US presence in Dubrovnik Intermarium meeting of 12 countries shows that the Atlantic focus is now shifting east – Mr Dan O’Brien wrote a good article how Ireland was deluded in the past that it can put the unification demands because of its Atlantic geopolitical significance), I would like to be well understood by everyone. I therefore would like to reiterate the main thrust of my argument: I am not claiming that Ireland can win any arguments with the EU Commission. What I am saying is that Ireland should follow the 12 countries (who refused to take any migrant from the 120,000 quota imposed by Germany) and simply IGNORE the EU Commission rulling. The Visegrád Group has done precisely this, following what the Germans and French have done in the past. The result? Chancellor Merkel wants to come to Warsaw, not the other way round. P.S. You all have heard of the so called Venice Commission, lecturing Poland on the Constitutional Tribunal (among their members is the former Prime Minister of Poland, Hanna Suchocka of Grande Orient de France). They came twice, criticised everything, learned nothing, and have eaten a lot. Then they went to Soros-owned media in the west to give false reports. What did Poland do? They did not invite them next time they wanted to come. Why is it that Ireland cannot do the same? The thing to fear is the fear itself, to quite the famous Hitler-lover.

  9. The EU is not going away quietly. The Euro is perhaps the death rattle!! But the EU could survive in a modified form, as a trading block, which was as it was originally sold to the nations of Europe. That is sovereign nations cooperating in their own self interest rather than being coerced by a kleptocracy/bureaucracy not of their own making.

    Beware to close an alignment with the US as the US elites pursue their own agenda of self interest. A Strong Europe is not in the best interests of the US. A Europe divided and scrapping with Russia is in the US interest. Note the US policy of destabilization of the Middle East and with it the stress of a migrant invasion into europe. Note the US instigated overthrow of an elected government in the Ukraine replaced with a US supplicant regime.

    If Ireland wishes to be an Atlantic nation then it needs to leave the EU and reclaim it’s offshore 200 mile/continental shelf economic zone of development. Instead of grovelling at the feet of Europe, the US and UK it should assert itself as a sovereign nation.

    Perhaps Michael O’Leary would run the economic development of Ireland for the honour and the glory of the recognition. The contract would be a dollar a year. The take over by Ryan Air would be complete and the sight of a mean lean Ireland would be something for the world to see and marvel at. The Celtic tiger reborn.

    Why not host a world exposition that show cases Ireland to the world. Base it on the success of Vancouver’s Expo 86.

    “”Local business tycoon Jim Pattison was appointed as CEO, and would eventually also become the president of the corporation.”"

    As I recall, his fee was $1.00 for running the whole thing.

    • In the meantime id sovereignty is the wish then a country must control its currency and not give control to a central bank. remember central banks operate in their own self interest, not yours. Central banks are in the process of buying up the productive capacity of the world with imaginary money(so called fiat) conjured from thin air. Besides buying government bonds, they are buying large positions in major corporations. This is happening in Japan, US and europe. David’s suggestion of a sovereign wealth fund in lieu of taxes will find the senior shareholders may be a central bank.

      all the functions of a central bank can be operated directly by government , specifically the treasury. In addition government can put the country on a solid monetary footing by monetising silver and gold as described by Hugo Salinas Price.

      Here is a sample of how it would apply to Ireland and the use of silver as currency. The discrimination of a particular fiat currency is discriminatory. any currency used will work the same.

    • AlfieMoone

      Tony Brogan:

      ‘The EU is not going away quietly. The Euro is perhaps the death rattle!! But the EU could survive in a modified form, as a trading block, which was as it was originally sold to the nations of Europe. That is sovereign nations cooperating in their own self interest rather than being coerced by a kleptocracy/bureaucracy not of their own making.’

      That’s EXACTLY what Brexit is meant to trigger: NOT the end of a European trading block but it’s upcycling/re-imagining into something fit for purpose in the C21st instead of apeing the Soviet Union. It’s also about the UK standing up the the USA as the Core UK English and Welsh culture realise the US is a busted flush under Trump or Clinton: culturally that is, and Culture drives Economics with a lag/latency that not many understand. Hence the almost hysterical pleas of O’Bama and Enda to try and stop the rise of a new British Post-Colonial Commonwealth which will either reconfigure the EU or become exactly the Atlanticist trading entrepot that David McWilliams dreams of for Ireland, though that’s impossible to even begin until the EUro collapses. Core UK is doing all this subconsciously, there’s no explicit political agenda, UKIP are a side-show, so is Farage. It’s inchoate rage at the failure of the US to inherit the British Empire’s values and act as custodian for the C21st century so the Core UK has to rise again to take control: culturally first, not militarily as that will be between the US and China. And Culture is all that will be required to win the C21st. Anyone who watched Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics with a critical gaze knew that Brexit was inevitable because the UK has a historic destiny. As does Ireland….if it’s not too late…Either the EU allows the UK to upcycle the Europa project or it’s doomed…it may be too late to get the Brits back on board but Core UK will mop up the fall-out nations once the EU goes tits up. Denmark is deffo up for it from the vibe I picked up there last week….Ireland? Only if it drops the historical Victim Scrip whereby it’s never responsible for screwing up it’s always the fault of ‘foreign powers’. No, it’s not. ‘Yonder Saxon foe’? Bollix. Change that to ‘Herein the Norman foe’. Look to D4 and the IFSC for the Globalist Trojan Horse trying to banjax the Irish Nation State for ever, not to foreign capitals….because: “the real Plastic Paddies are sitting in the Dail & Sinead” Andy Mooney

      Tony Brogan: ‘Beware to close an alignment with the US as the US elites pursue their own agenda of self interest. A Strong Europe is not in the best interests of the US. A Europe divided and scrapping with Russia is in the US interest.’

      And yet Ireland looks back to De Valera as a hero…..? It’s all very clear why he wasn’t executed to anyone with an open heart and mind…or to someone like me who had a beer with Michael Collins at midnight at a crossroads bar in Cork a few weeks ago…etc..

      ‘If Ireland wishes to be an Atlantic nation then it needs to leave the EU and reclaim it’s offshore 200 mile/continental shelf economic zone of development. Instead of grovelling at the feet of Europe, the US and UK it should assert itself as a sovereign nation.’

      Ireland can NOT leave the EU until it collapses as it isn’t a Net Contributor like the UK. It would face immediate ruin. IRExit will be imposed, not chosen. The time to leave the EUro was during the 08 GFC BEFORE the Bondholders swapped their IFSC gambling chips for Sovereign Debt which has created debt serfs of the Irish people even until the 7th generation for the sins of the property developers. Etc.

      Tony Brogan: ‘Perhaps Michael O’Leary would run the economic development of Ireland for the honour and the glory of the recognition. The contract would be a dollar a year. The take over by Ryan Air would be complete and the sight of a mean lean Ireland would be something for the world to see and marvel at. The Celtic tiger reborn.’

      O’Leary is a Brussel’s arse-licker. He is not a serious person and dressed as a clown to try and derail Brexit, getting his come-uppance like Sir Bob Tosspost-on-Thames Geldof. Those Ryanair ‘charity’ scratch-cards….? Not what they seem…*Developing story* ……..*wink*

      Tony Brogan: ‘Why not host a world exposition that show cases Ireland to the world. Base it on the success of Vancouver’s Expo 86.’

      Erm, the Ruling Class of Ireland would rather sell the world U2/Riverdance and The Gathering than showcase serious future options. Look at the Hi-Tech ‘gathering’ that’s decamped to Lisbon….etc.

  10. Breaking news
    The Baltic Dry Index charts the cost of freighter transport for goods. It is at a very low level reflecting the world wide recession.

    It has just been reported that the south Korean Line is in receivership. 75 of the worlds cargo capacity is now frozen. supply chains are cut and those expecting delivery are not getting the goods.

    Is this the kick that turns recession into Depression.

  11. Not only is Deutsche Bank bust, (shares down 80% and the holder of a huge derivative position) but it sells gold, to an exchange traded fund, it does not own.

    • Michael, at the same time here is a company ready to offer the guaranteed physical purchase electronically at the push of a computer button and guarantee delivery. I have yet to look at the details.
      all I can say is…Promising!!


      *Good timing…

      On Monday it was my pleasure to make mention of my dinner/lunch meetings last weekend with Tom Coughlin and Eric Maine of ABX, not to mention the other very sharp folks in their entourage. Following the latest flap regarding Deutsche Bank with their unallocated gold issue, here is some more info on ABX…

      Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is the world’s first global electronic exchange for allocated physical precious metals. They bring global trading, price discovery and clearing facilities into one online trading environment via a ground-breaking trading platform, MetalDesk.

      They connect all major global liquidity centers and break down barriers of entry to the global wholesale market. Their exchange delivers the ability to trade physical gold, silver and platinum wherever you are using their online platform in the same way that you would trade stocks or futures.

      By modernizing, integrating and globalizing the precious metal markets, ABX aims to redefine the way physical bullion is traded globally. Their mission is to optimize global physical bullion market efficiency by connecting the world with an integrated physical bullion exchange. They aim to maximize inclusiveness and accessibility globally and provide relevant real-time price discovery.

      Paper Market Annihilator

      The ABX team hold the view that if superior institutional trading, clearing & settlement facilities are established in the global bullion market then ultimately there will be a rapid migration away from the paper markets (OTC Unallocated Loco London & Comex) and into their value added allocated physical market (see table below). Their view is premised on the fact that if there is even a modest migration (approx. 1%) which translates into institutions selling unallocated fractional contracts and buying 100% backed allocated physical contracts, then the vaults in London and New York will drain and there will be a dramatic squeeze on the physical market and ultimately a decoupling between the paper and physical price. This isn’t too difficult to imagine considering the fragility of the paper market being leveraged to approx. 100/1 in Gold and 500/1 in Silver. Further, it’s not too difficult to imagine a 1% infiltration of the market considering the precedents that other electronic exchanges have set when introduced into legacy OTC markets, such as foreign exchange (EBS) and energy (ICE).

      [See the attached file]

      After six years of extensive collaboration with tier 2 & 3 market participants, who are frustratingly forced to clear their trades through the clearing banks of the LPMCL, they are convinced that this migration could occur rapidly and violently should the correct architecture and infrastructure be in place. They have also laid the groundwork for this migration to be as seamless as possible by creating simple trade mechanics to close paper positions and open ABX physical positions in one click (e.g. AAU/XAU pair trade) and facilities to collateralize the metal (Electronic Vault Warrants) so it can be utilized as good collateral. They will shortly be releasing their global gold and silver physical reference price to be disseminated through market data vendors.

      ABX are currently partnering up with a large global clearinghouse to facilitate institutional clearing & settlement, and by the first half of next year will pipe into a large number of major financial and trading organisations around the world through this clearinghouse. They already have on-boarded a number of the largest non- bank physical trading houses and refiners around the world and are about to go out to producers/miners with a highly compelling value proposition (see attachments). Ultimately, if there is any facility that will break the back of the phony paper markets, my personal view is that it is ABX.


  12. mishco

    “We win either way”. In the short term, maybe, but if we lose the appeal and get forced to accept the windfall, we also lose a lot of our future allure to MLCs. Especially when they look over the sea to the UK, no longer under the boot of Europe, also with a well-trained English-speaking workforce and a reasonable infrastructure.

    That may be what’s bothering Noonan. That, and the worrying calculations of what to do with the 13 billion. He’s not used to giving money BACK to the taxpayers.

  13. Tull McAdoo

    Ireland’s European Commissioner Phil Hogan has strongly backed Brussels in its €13bn tax ruling against Apple.

    The former Fine Gael Cabinet minister and key ally of Taoiseach Enda Kenny confirmed he supported the finding of illegal state aid being granted to Apple.

    The development came as a furious behind-the-scenes row broke out between the Department of Finance and the Taoiseach’s office over who is to blame for the Government’s ham-fisted response to the crisis.

    It’s getting embarrassing again People. Glorified County Councillors and Victorian Boffins………

  14. Tull McAdoo

    Ireland needs to be very careful as that 13 billion Euro is a poison chalice of monster proportion.

    The Germans are using the crisis within Europe to clear up a lot of outstanding issues i.e. Ireland’s Tax treatment of US Multinationals and the perceived competitive advantage they garner from same as they compete for Business within the EU.

    • AlfieMoone

      And why wouldn’t the Germans do that? They only ever allowed the Wild West of the IFSC as an interim measure. They now want Frankfurt to rise at the expense of both London and Dublin, ending the ‘passporting’arrangement for The City & ending the casino in Ireland that cost them so dearly due to Ireland evading ‘sharing the burden’ when DEPFA went tits up during the 2008-2010 Irish banking crisis. Germany regards Ireland as a financial whore and just as it tolerates brothels it tolerates the IFSC within limits it now wishes to redraw.
      There’s nowt the Germans can do to stop London becoming Singapore-on-Thames but because of the EUro chains around Ireland they will effectively dictate Irish policy. Wait! They already do under threat of The Return Of The Troika!

      Sadly, so many in Ireland are utterly delusional about their true status, power and negotiation options. Ireland is a NET RECIPIENT of EU funding over 4 decades (lots of which came via Brussels from London) so simply cannot have a hissy fit tantrum like wot it did when it guaranteed the banks as a ludicrous one-upmanship poker move that promptly blew up in it’s face. Can someone have a word with eejits like this guy?

      “MEP Brian Hayes of the Fine Gael party warned that the UK, which has consistently been one of the Republic’s key allies in fighting attempts at EU tax harmonisation, can no longer be relied on now Britons have voted for Brexit.

      ‘Any attempt made to cajole us [on corporation tax], as far as I’m concerned, we’re out the door,’ he told the Irish News.

      ‘We cannot be tied into an anti-business, anti-growth pact while the Brits are allowed to move on – we have a lot more to lose than anybody else.’

      Read more:

      Ireland will do what it’s told to do unless and until the entropic implosion of either/both the EU/Euro aka the EUro allow other options ‘going forward’. Until then, Paddy is wasting his breath getting all uppity with Brussels and Berlin as he’ll get bitch-slapped down. He already has been. Look at Enda’s sour-puss face. And Jabba The Noonan’s rippling folds of fleshy jowls scowling at the sheer vexatiousness of being the EU’s prison bitch whilst fantasising about being a free-wheeling entrepot trading hub. That could have been Ireland’s destiny but the US wanted a Euro geo-political hedge and they chose Dublin when they realised the Brits weren’t quite the patsies they hoped. Not this time, not after WW2-Tom Hank’s Normandy landing re-write & the Marshall Plan whilst the Brits had to pay all their war debts back to enshrine the US as new World Leader. Guess what? The US have lost the plot. Who’s going to take over? China? LOL! It’s going to be the new British Commonwealth of Culture based on voluntary trade and will include some European countries but, sadly, probably not Ireland as they’ll be doing that historic Victim Script costume drama stuff with the Scots. Mel Gibson will doubtless make a filum about it at some stage. The only question is who Ireland will blame this time. The Germans and French for the EUro stich up? Or Da Brits for banjaxing the EUro via Brexit. I have a feeling it will be the comfort blanket of the latter but time will tell.

      • AlfieMoone

        Here’s what Brexit means. The tragedy is that Ireland has chosen to exclude itself….but that’s one interpretation of what 1916 meant and means “anyone but the Brits”….meaning ‘our gallant EUro allies’ win the day, win the Western isle which will no longer be anchored in the Anglophone Commonwealth that’s coming due not to ‘racism’ but to natural cultural historical affinities, co-dependencies and an intricate patchwork of future possibilities that only such a historical divident can reap. It’s not about skin colour, it’s about Culture and the values of Core UK Culture will win the world or the world will be destroyed .I expect India and Hong Kong to join, dragging a collapsing China into the vortex but that’s for another discussion. And if this future map is racist, go tell the Japanese why they’re wrong to put their Culture above the reach of The Globalist’s absurd nostrums of unity through purchasing power. I deal in reality, you lot can have your EUro Coca-Cola ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing’ fantasies.

        Oh, yes: I don’t give a shite about the island of Ireland as it doesn’t define, control or shape the Narrative of what it means to be Irish in the C21st. But I do….and there will be a Global Irish Disapora as part of this new Commonwealth, led by the Shire Irish….again…another deeper topic thread that only I’m interested in…..LOL!

        Alfie Moone
        Taoiseach of The Global 5th Province &
        President of Independent Murcia within Core UK–Zyuz40UNuW


    Lots of good reading here

    “It appears to me that if this doesn’t end soon central banks will own ALL assets and will have taken ownership of everything with … virtually NOTHING!
    —–Mike Savage.

  16. Truthist

    Further to ur suspicions that Mairine Le Pen not being truly for France ;

  17. david

    Great article and yet again highlights the undemocratic nature of the e.u. commission. However I did not hear the government telling the get stuffed when they forced them to bail out privately owned banks, they were silent when the e.u said we couldn’t have a building programme for our homeless and they have do far said that if the e.u.commission wants us to charge for water then we will have to charge for water! Why should Apple be a red line area? Companies don’t build countries David, people do and unless this government starts investing in all its citizens the homeless epidemic and inequality generally will increase exponentially.

    As a nation we already have one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, one of the lowest employer p.r.s.I. contributions in Europe, reasonable infrastructure and a highly educated, English speaking workforce on the doorstep of mainland Europe.We haven’t had a Brexit

  18. david

    Brexit moment yet so why do we have to whore ourselves by letting companies like Apple with 200 billion cash reserves pay 50 euro in every 1,000,000 that they make in profits.Can they not at least pay the 12.5 percent rate?

    As to taking shares from companies to create a wealth fund for the country I like the idea of a wealth fund like Norway has but how do you choose whose shares you take and whose you don’t? But are we only talking blue chip companies our any company floated on the stock exchange? Would this not be against anti-competition laws as the massive blue chip companies would have an even bigger advantage over other companies as they wouldn’t have to pay all their taxes as cash? Instead of investing in blue chip companies perhaps these companies should contribute a fair share like everyone else and we can use the money to improve public infrastructure and services and or citizens…that would be a real wealth fund!

  19. onq

    Are you cheerleading for the greatest purveyors of Aggressive War on Planet Earth, David?

    Be careful, or the person standing in the dock in the New Nuremberg may be you!

    My contrarian gene kicks in and says we should align with Russia and China.

    America – like Britain, Europe and the expanded EU – is the past.

  20. onq

    Another point of view on those who persist in perpetrating inequality in the name of transnational corporations dodging taxes


    Tax avoidance by multinationals contributes to inequality and is in political firing line
    Worldview: Response to Apple tax claim must reflect the changing global mood

    The debate over Apple’s taxation liabilities in Ireland must be put in a worldwide context of growing social inequality and the revolt against it, if it is to make sense here.

    But the instinctively defensive reaction by official Ireland to the Apple ruling reveals a mindset still locked into the tax competition model which surged in the 1990s as US companies sought a cheap base in the European single market and came to Ireland. It is surely time to review it comprehensively. This affair provides a fine opportunity to do so in a setting of informed public debate, sorely lacking until now.

    • See “breaking news” in above posting.

      • Truthist

        I saw afterwards ;
        But because my computer acting up, I not able to post apology there & then.
        Herein is apology.

        • Truthist
          No apology required, thanks. Just an easy to do oversight so thought to draw attention rather than repeat.

          I find things difficult to follow as I still do not get the email notices of postings. I get the initial email re the new piece but that is it.

          Take care

          • Truthist

            I am with u for the “Executive” of the Leglislative + Executive + Judiciary [ L.E.J. ] Government of the Irish State to “UNILATERALLY / INDEPENDENTLY as a State” introduce Silver Coin as proposed by Hugo Salinas Price.
            But, “NOT” for it to be done so for Gold Coin.
            Lest the Dreadful Few in revenge quickly manufacture some pretext to punish the brave but foolish leaders & a great mass of the ordinary indigenous people of Ireland with severe violent death.
            Any small country — other than Is..l– to do so UNILATERALLY would be a bridge to far.

            Anyway, enactment of HSP proposal for Silver or Gold should not require the Government to do so ;
            And, u are in agreement that ideally, or indeed practically, the issue of Currency — even real Money [ Gold or Silver ] — should be private

          • Truthist

            Google Chrome
            Given ;
            “” article open
            Go to “3 Parallel Horizontal Bar” Icon in Top Right-Hand Corner of Google Chrome Window
            Left-Click on “Find”
            Type in :
            September 4
            Available for u, by clicking on x] “Up” & “Down” Arrows of Find Field OR y] the Return / Enter Key of Keyboard, are the Post[s] — if any — for the Parameter u stipulated.
            I uncovered the above trick just by experimentation.
            No help from Central Planners alas 8-)
            Apparently, u have been awaiting for a solution from the Central Planners of this blog beyond the 5 year plan already.
            I trust that u have no trouble following my communication.
            Customarily cogent & relevant.

  21. The eu may be a thing of the past but the ECB is not. together with other central banks it is exercising the “end game” . That is to control the world through one central authority. This is likely the BIS or Bank of International Settlements.

    Central banks produce money form nothing and put it into circulation by buying bonds and more recently equities as well.

    So What?

    The money used cost the central banks nothing but a digital entry. De Nada, NOTHING. They buy national and corporate bonds. The bonds default and the bondholder ends up with the assets of the country and sues the taxpayer for payment.. The corporation defaults and the bondholder owns the means of production. As a major shareholder too, purchased with money that cost nothing, the central banker will dictate corporate policy via the boardroom taking effective control by method number 2.

    This is all being done under the guise of having 2% inflation and full employment. They will allow the economy to crash and use the chaos as an excuse to institute radical “new” measures for an international currency called special drawing rights issued by a central authority, likely the IMF. all national currencies will be reduced to second class status.

    Then will come the move to discontinue all national currencies, centralise the banking completely to one central bank controlled by they the bankers.

    What they will do about the likes of trump and le Pen etc. will will see shortly.
    “”…While it appears central banks are reckless, they certainly aren’t stupid – even if they may often act the part.

    …The reason experts are wrong in their inflation outlook is because they base their rationale that central banks – in particular, the Fed, want what is best for us.

    I have discussed many times about the Fed’s plan to erode capital in order to preserve their system – not our economy – and that, “the Fed works only to pursue its own growth; to engulf more of society into its banking system.”

    In other words, the Fed could care less about our economy: If inflation rises, it just gives the Fed a reason to sell back the bonds they purchased at a better price.”

  22. Truthist

    Tony Brogan,
    I posted a solution above — September 4, 2016 at 8:24 am — to ur many a year problem for accessing posts of a given day.

  23. Truthist

    I followed this link on account of the Ron Paul observation given in this excerpt ;

    ‘Trump’s family history including the illegal and financially fraudulent business associations and practices of his father are inconsistent with the vision of a self made man ready to wrestle America back from the “globalists’, communists and leftists obviously in political show-positions of power.

    Had Trump been a real threat to this monstrosity he would have been “Ron Paul-ed” at the beginning, with the Fake News Networks failing to give Trump TV time, and his election numbers in the primary would have been rigged to prevent early victories. Trump would have then had to take his campaign 3rd party and try to win support via private access channels and other ways around the corporate-controlled media.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    All of the possible Presidential Candidates have been vetted — Trump and Clinton will be allowed to proceed — because in the end – they will be obedient front men/women acting in the capacity as the CEO of a corrupt sub-corporation of a mega-malevolent super corporation under the control of the IMF and World Bank.’
    And, here is the link ;

  24. Truthist

    According to a friend of mine who had dealings with Eoghan Harris in the socialist / union scene in Cork City ;
    “Eoghan Harris is an intellectual snob”
    The Phoenix Magazine since a long time has been given to calling him Eoghan HARASS ;
    “Harass” would describe some of his debating & scribing technique.
    It’s a wonder he does not perform in a theatrical version of “Kind Hearts & Coronets” given his predilection for changing his garb ;
    “Turn-Coat” that he is.

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