July 11, 2016

Don’t underestimate chavs carrying polling cards – or the chance of Brexit II

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So now, two weeks after the British vote that shook the world, where are we? I would like, if you’ll allow me, to take altitude from the entire process and try to see what Brexit tells us about our world. I’d also like to link the Brexit vote with the next two big elections, in the US and France in November and May, and offer it as the reason why Fine Gael “lost” the election here.


At its most basic, the Brexit vote is a victory of the citizen over the technocrats, the ordinary over the expert, the outsider over the insider. In economic terms, it was a victory of the victims of globalisation over the beneficiaries of globalisation. In fact, nothing better illustrates the chasm between the victims and the beneficiaries of globalisation as the north/south divide in England.


The southern English economy is inflated by the cosmopolitan service economy of banks, advertising, professional services and foreign money driving up property prices. There was never any heavy industry there.


There was never any industry that would migrate once competition from the outside intensified.


Vulnerable heavy industry was in the West Midlands, the north and in the Valleys in Wales. All these areas voted heavily in favour of Brexit. As too did the old smokestack that is east Belfast. Although there are clear historical and industrial legacies that bond all the Brexit regions together, for the sake of neatness, let us just focus on England.


Globalisation involves the migration of industry to cheaper locations like Asia and in certain European cases, to central Europe. It also encapsulates rapid use of automation, which also destroys jobs. Industry has been, thus far, more susceptible to these two trends than services. That will change too – but for now let’s deal with industry.


Once these jobs migrate or are replaced, two things happen. Wages in the areas that lose industry fall as unemployment rises and once-solid, unionised jobs in old industry are replaced by less secure jobs, typically contract work in services and retailing. Also, property prices and, thus, personal wealth fall because people move out in search of work and local demand is also diminished.


Typically, social welfare will cushion some of these economic traumas, but social welfare in Britain is quite modest, certainly compared to Ireland.


Thus the region, if nothing else was happening, would fall back relative to the rest. But the very process that impoverishes the north actually enriches the south.


While industry might migrate from the north of England to China and while automation might destroy jobs, the ownership doesn’t migrate, and ultimately automation and the migration of industries makes capital more profitable for owners.


So the firms become more vibrant after their move to the East, after all they have replaced expensive labour for cheap labour, however, the returns to new vibrancy accrue to profits. And profits accrue to the people who own the companies and the people who own companies are already rich.


In addition, the migration of northern industry to the East has been matched by the reverse migration of money from the East to pockets of financial security in the West. The most bulging of these pockets is the City of London.


The fall of British industry has been matched by the rise in financial services as a wall of cash made in places like China, Russia and the oil-rich Middle-East heads to London to be invested in hard assets that are safe from the hands of governments which might ask questions about where the money was going.


Thus London’s banks and London’s property became a massive insurance policy for the wealthy, just in case.


All this money flowing into London drives activity and wages in London.


In addition, a booming London attracted immigrants who, unlike southerners (who wouldn’t be seen dead in Skegness when they can go to Tuscany), migrated increasingly northwards looking for more work and affordable rents. This movement of immigrants north of Watford put them into conflict with already stretched northerners and people of the Midlands.


London’s boom pushed up house prices, which drove personal wealth in London, exacerbating the gap between the south and north of England. In fairness to the Tony Blair governments, the Labour Party at the time did pump a lot of the new tax money into the education and health system, but this stalled under successive Brown/Cameron administrations.


Instead of responding to the 2008 crash with more government spending, the outgoing Labour government of Gordon Brown and the incoming Conservative/Lib Dem governments relied on the Bank of England to cut interest rates and print money to revive the economy.


But this money didn’t go into the ordinary economy directly. The chosen path by which printing money would kick-start the economy was via pushing up asset prices – stocks and property – which would, in theory, lead to trickle down to the real economy eventually. But in practice, it didn’t trickle down, it trickled up!


Asset prices rose for sure, but who owns assets, the rich or the poor? The rich, of course. So the south was being enriched by globalisation – the very process that was undermining the north. These big trends affect not just the economy but the culture too. For example, have you noticed in recent years in Britain that the only minority that comedians could mock with impunity on the BBC, weren’t the Blacks, Asian or Irish, the staple of the 1970s comedy, but a new target, the chavs?


The chavs are the former white English working class, cut adrift by globalisation, unrepresented and alienated. They were fair game to be mocked, humiliated and laughed at.  What could possibly go wrong?


Well, the other day, they turned up to vote. There is an essential aspect of democracy that the rich forget at their peril.


For one day, every few years, in the ballot box, even in profoundly unequal societies, the rich guy and the poor guy are, for one moment, equal. The poor don’t need a plan; they just need a mandate. They already have reason enough.


And every now and then, the poor guy galvanises around a simple message or “feeling” and casts his vote with monumental consequences for the status quo that ignored him up to now. The message or feeling may be flag, nation, race, security, home, or all of these things in different measures. It may seem primitive, atavistic or irresponsible, but don’t underestimate it, don’t besmirch it; it is real and it is the politics of the early 21st century.


This is the nexus of Trump and Le Pen who appeal to the ones who have been left behind. It is the trap into which metropolitan Fine Gael election strategists fell. The overwhelming response to “keep the recovery going” was what recovery, whose prosperity, not mine!


As race riots kick off in the US and migration is the only issue in France, don’t be surprised if Brexit is not the last unexpected electoral shock delivered in the period of massive political transformation.

  1. AlfieMoone

    Mercia Rising! #Mercianomics

    The Outlaw Saxon Metropolis of Birmingham & the Saxon Shires say

    “London: FcUKEU! The is no future in EU dreaming!”

    [smokes blunt, adjusts baseball cap & LOLs!]

    “Rise up and take the power back, it’s time that
    The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
    Their time is coming to an end
    We have to unify and watch our flag ascend
    (So come on)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    (So come on)

    Hey, hey, hey, hey!”


  2. Tull McAdoo

    I’m just wondering if the British people are better off under the euro technocrats or the london bankers/financiers or the old victorian industrialists…….. the devil you know? …..out of the frying pan into the fire?

    • AlfieMoone

      Which ‘British people’? Us or Them?

      We’ll let you know…..

      “Your arsenal!

      We may seem cold, or
      We may even be
      The most depressing people you’ve ever known
      At heart, what’s left, we sadly know
      That we are the last truly British people you’ll ever know
      We are the last truly British people you will ever know
      You’ll never never want to know….” Morrissey ‘We’ll Let You Know

      Peter Sellers ‘We’ll Let You Know’ from ‘From “Songs for Swingin’ Sellers” (Parlophone LP PMC 1111 pub. 1959).

      “A doddery old actor, with failing memory and eyesight, turns up for an audition …”



  3. Deco

    There is a certain element of truth in the article.

    Basically, by means of access to political power, and by taking advantage of globalisation – some people become wealthy, and they stick it to the rest of society. Small wonder, that we see a knee jerk reaction, when the rest of society kicks back. For the comfortable, they suddenly find themselves having to deal with those that have paid the price for tehri betterment. It is a real shock. Beneath all the ridiculous categorization and type casting, there is a sudden realization, that the people who were not supposed to vote, have woken up, and can no longer be controlled. The promise of the British Labour Party under Blair, to the middle class, and the corporations, was that the lower classes could be controlled. That only lasted as long as the ponzi scheme that was Blair’s Britain could keep racking up debt. When that process the sums had to be reorganized. Brown, a bad choice considering his general cluelessness, reorganized public finances, in favour of the very richest, in a move that would have led the Tories ashamed. And he then proceeded to declare he saved the world. It was all BS. The Scots were the first to leave the Labour Party. They had an option. The North of England was crying out for a left wing alternative, but had none. The unions dominated life, and the Labour Party had a monopoly. The unions (effectively political organisations) drifted left, and Corbynism emerged. If Corbyn gets shafted, the alienation might only increase.

    For FG, the problem is slightly different. FG always were based on an assuption that class, connections, and background, determined suitability for being a member of the ruling class. It was this, that differentiated FG from FF. If FF was rooted in ambition, FG was rooted in the need to counteract any ambition from upsetting the order of things after the British left. The entire purpose of FG was to control the inner competitiveness in Irish society, and prevent it facing down privelege. The enemy in this scenario was anybody with too much ambition. In other worlds the Jack Lynches and Albert Reynolds types. FF would have survived if they had not drifted towards the corrupting influence of a self styled aristocrat, Haughey – who liked to accentuate the concept of taste, as an indicator for suitability to rule.

    Under Haughey, FF threatened to be FG nua, and FG had to then move to be even more FG than before, whilst trying to go mass market. The problem for FG, was that they never could abandon the nonsense. And at that stage FF could not stop it either. Because this did not work for FF, FF switched back and arrived at the pretender who called himself a “man of the peeple”. And the ILP also drifted, in the direction, of some being better at ruling others, from the 1960s onwards, whilst steadfastly maintained a confidence in playing Santa Claus to the underclass, whilst keeping them there.

    Why did this happen ? Probably because of the increasing power of television, and consumerism from the 1960s onwards. The entire basis of television advertising was that those who come from the “early adopter” class (more money than sense) were to be given special reverence as being the societal leadership in habit forming.

    Ambition became redefined as consumption, rather than production.

    Basically, the political mainstream drifted towards a certain lifestyle. They all wanted to be in early adopter consumer, (the more money than sense) category. This is to be expected. This is exactly what marketing executives (nearly always based in the leafy suburbs) believed in. It was what they all sold themselves as being. They were all in the business of selling yuppie lifestyles. The PDs being the ultimate crass brand at selfishness, and superficiality.

    This became a core belief of the mainstream political parties.

    Well, that lifestyle is completely unsustainable. The sums do not add up. The people in the botton 30% income category in Britain have realised this. The people in the top 10%, and the 20% below (who still believe them, when they assert to know what they are doing) are in shock. For the moment, they are responding as best they know – by reassuring themselves that they are better.

    Don’t be surprised to see some means of delivering a sop to the people who are at the bottom, so as to make sure that nothing gets addressed for the people at the bottom. They complain – give them air, and sympathy, and trickets, but don’t resolve anything fundamentally.

    That is the next political opening, for a centre left party – that can promise stuff for the losers, whilst making sure that the winners are not affected. Of course, the sums in all of this do not add up. Hence more borrowing.

    In effect, we have a massive leadership problem. Few, if any are being honest about debt. And nobody wants to talk about society, unless it is to lie to get into power. The entire premise of running an economy as a real estate ponzi scheme, to prop up finance (now the best connected sector with respect to compromising political power, to suit it’s agenda) is unworkable.

    For stating the obvious, we sould be grateful to the redbrick terraces of post Industrial Britain. They know more than the experts. They know that the sums do not add up.

    It is so obvious, that nobody with any air of sophistication (carrying all that self congratulatory nonsense, in an era dominated by membership of consumer behaviour groups), could possibly see it.

    • AlfieMoone

      “Basically, the political mainstream drifted towards a certain lifestyle. They all wanted to be in early adopter consumer, (the more money than sense) category. This is to be expected. This is exactly what marketing executives (nearly always based in the leafy suburbs) believed in. It was what they all sold themselves as being. They were all in the business of selling yuppie lifestyles. The PDs being the ultimate crass brand at selfishness, and superficiality.
      This became a core belief of the mainstream political parties.”

      Yes indeed! Well, they can take ‘Brand Britain’ and ‘Ireland Inc’ and shove it up their arses. As for the Poverty Pimp Social Justice Worker right-on crew with their ‘anger management’ agenda, giving The Poor sport’s facilities whilst lecturing them on how to be Politically Correct: they will reap the whirlwind….

      One of the biggest indicators of The Future was the post-industrial heartlands of Wales who’d had the EU ‘helicopter drop’ of infrastructure/sports facilities, all that crap. But they didn’t get The Dignity Of Labour so, along with us Brummie Mercians, they just dropped a metaphorical nuke on the entire banjaxed EU Globalist bullshit.

      “Take your ‘Year In Provence’ and shove it up your ass!”

      Jarvis Cocker [now living in Paris, and who addressed the Generation Snowflake protest against the Lumpen Vote To Leave. Well, all you special snowflake students, us middle-class, middle-age, bitter, twisted misanthropic Anglophile grumpy old men in the Shires have a message for you:

      “We Saved Our Democracy” Pat Condell


  4. McCawber

    The key statement in this article is about who owns things.
    I bring it up again but robotics etc are the technologies that will ultimately leads us to either Sangrila or Slavery and it’s all about ownership of those technologies.
    A question for you to ponder.
    Official employment figures are 10% approx and yet a lot of people claim it’s much higher, over 20%.
    Can anyone explain the discrepancy.

    • Tony

      CE schemes and the like I presume. I know one 58 year old who’s been on a CE scheme for 18 months and will finish soon to go on a different scheme of some sort. He currently works with disabled people and will soon move on to work with helping old people. This new scheme will keep him out of the dole numbers as well while he still survives on the states handouts. Anyone who thinks there’s no workfare is dreaming.

      There must be tens of thousands on schemes like this.

  5. ex_pat_northerner

    David. Much wrong with your analysis. Eg look at the Yougov map. https://yougov.co.uk/news/2016/06/21/yougov-referendum-model/ shows clearly the brexit vote not limited to ‘old industrial areas’. The map of Scotland shows a different model at play.
    The demographics are actually far more interesting than the regional split.
    Could it be the baby boomers after having availed of free education, and bought their own Council homes etc.. are now showing their true ‘eff you’ colours. After all this was the generation which Thatcher appealed to.

    I agree that globalisation has wiped out UK manufacturing industry, but remember it was Govt Policy under Thatcher to go for services industries. (These are under threat now though). What always struck me about the S of England was the amount of industry there… but crucially most of the manufacturing was for newer tech – electronics and/or linked to the arms trade or indirectly linked via avionics/aerospace/material manufacture.
    The consumable electronics side has effectively gone. There’s very little semi-conductor manufacture – its mainly one off prototyping and chip design that takes place now. And many of my peers have lost their jobs as a result of this process in the S of England too where manufacturing has gone overseas for those jobs.. but where the Intellectual Property design part of the company remains in the UK.

    The EU is effectively implementing neo-liberal economics..in the same way as Thatcher started and Blair and the Cameron continued. They see Govt intervention as wrong. But the point is, outside of the EU will the Neo Libs in the UK behave any differently or worryingly without the shackles of the EU (the UK fought against the ‘robin hood’ tax on Financial transactions and against limits on banker bonuses being applied by the EU) will we see the emergence of a really ugly austerity.

    The success of the Brexit campaign was to convince the electorate that they had a democratic country. The First Past the post system, with upcoming boundary changes (hence why an early election being avoided at all costs until implemented) will see Tory control for forseeable future.

    Cameron was never a fan of the EU. With the FPTP system in UK, small parties do not get a fair share of the vote. Its clear that the Tories should be two parties – with a Hard right and a more moderate centre right party. Similar Labour should be a centre left (although Blairism is more centre right) and a socialist left party. Without Proportional representation however these smaller parties would lose out. Cameron promised this referendum because of the split in the Tories, and because of the threat of UKIP at the last election.

    This leaves us here with the instability of Brexit. I’m not entirely convinced that either Theresa I can’t stop Immigration May, or Andrea – I can’t tell the fracking truth – Leadsom are going to be anything but a place holder in the Tory party. With the hard right lining up behind Leadsom and the Tory party mainly in the demographic of leave it would seem the Tories may end up with a Corbyn like problem.

    Whether we see a change in the EU before the general elections in France and Germany I don’t know. It seems odd that Government can’t support industry – more worrying that for example EDF (supported by French Govt) and Chinese industry (supported by Chinese Govt) can win contracts for UK Nuclear. We’ve seen the effective privatisation by Hunt of the NHS (no doubt to be blamed on the EU). We’re seeing the sell off of common assets to private industry – eg the Royal Mail (where the pensions are underwritten by the tax payer but the profits from the industry go to shareholders). Lots of essentially corrupt decisions. Given that it appears normal for banks to fail and the tax payer bails them out. For MPS to flip homes and not get reprimanded.. for PMs to go to war on a pretence and not even say sorry.. Given that normality, its no wonder we see the Brexit result.

    • AlfieMoone

      EU is an effort to install a “Permanent Capitalist Theocracy that ensures a 2/3rds society with the majority divided & indebted, managed by a Corporate Class and a Permanent Working Poor”

      ‘Economics are the method: the object is to change the soul’ Margaret Thatcher.

      I have had a permanent hard-on since the Ref result. The ENTIRE SUPERSTRUCTURE of the British Ruling Class since 1973 has been thrown in the dustbin of history: Wilson. Heath. Thatcher. Major. Blair. Brown. Cameron: all reduced to a total laughing stock, their Neo-Liberal cult dismissed by the Lumpen Urban Poor & the Wealthy Rural Rich of the demographically dominant Core UK of England and Wales. All said #FcUKEU to the Managerial Class with their absurd ‘economic experts’:

      “this country has had enough of ‘experts’” Michael Gove

      “Why the British said no to Europe”


      • Deco

        If we look at Ireland, we will see that the term “expert” includes a lot of absolute chancers.

        I can remember Dan McLaughlin writing an article every week in The Irish Times BS (Business Supplement – apt initials ?), and Austin Hughes, facing him on the other page. And they both sold the same message – keep spending, and keep borrowing. Dan was chief economist of the later insolvent Bank of Ireland. He clearly did not see anything bad coming on the horizon. Though he was very worried about unions trying to increase the base pay in Irish Ferries. That alarmed him. But record debt levels were a verification that all was well.

        Then there was Kevin Cardiff the relevant expert in the DoF responsible for supervising the banks. He was another chancer. He is not in the Court of Auditors charged with maintaining vigilence over the EUs’ accounts. [ which as usual have not been vindicated ].

        There was Patrick Neary, in the Financial Regulator.

        Throw in David Begg, who never seen the debt accumulation that wrecked the economy, even though he was a director in the Central Bank, whilst the debts built up in the banking system.

        These experts can be very good, at participating in a consensus to produce rubbish.

        Prof Brian Lucey deserves the gold medal however. His praise of Anglo Irish Bank, as a solid investment, really takes the biscuit. Lucey is now author of an economics textbook that is used in second level.

        It seems that once you become an “expert” in official Ireland, you can get away with any rubbish. And then profit handsomely, afterwards.

      • ex_pat_northerner

        A lot wrong with that analysis. Take ‘the media’. Mainstream media was undoubtedly pro brexit. The Murdoch press/Sky, The Mail and The Telegraph.. hell we even had BJ getting paid 5K a pop to tell us to vote out.

        And do you think the establishment will relinquish power? In fact this is the worst possible result for Brexit campaigners – no wonder they all fecked off. The result they wanted was a 52-48 remain. Cameron would have gone, they could get BJ and a Hard Right installed in a coronation, and BAU, could continue with the sell off. Farage could continue to appear on question time and in pubs every week moaning about the EU. Cameron could have fecked off and handed the reigns over to someone else with a semblance of legacy intact. Remember legacy for Cameron = legacy for Blair – being looked after by the establishment.

        This vote was essentially between two factions in the establishment- one which saw the EU as giving cover for some of their decisions (eg can’t save the UK steel industry) as a price worth paying, while others see the EU as a drag on further ‘reforms’.. ie privatisation and control within the UK.

        The regions which showed the greatest vote for leave were those where immigration is highest. There’s a latent racism/xenophobia rampant within the working and non-working poor. Immigration always causes this problem and often its a problem most felt by previous generation of immigrants. eg Sparkhill Birmingham was predominantly Irish -now full of Balti curry houses. Look at Wilsden, Cricklewood in London. My experience of working in England is that of casual reference to Paddy,Wap,Frog,Hun and worse with all the negative stereotypes. A friend recently working on building site in London, says the east Europeans are referred to as rats.. how many rats are needed for the job. But this latent racism exists at all levels in society. I’ve heard it expressed by oxbridge types in the way they stereotype ‘the black man’, ‘the oriental mind’ etc.. I think there’s too much thinking going on about this result. There’s been feck all investment by Govt in public services for the last 8-10 years. Virtually no investment in social housing over the last 20-30 years. And people are angry. ‘The other’ whether the other represented ‘The EU’ ‘Immigration’ or just ‘the UK establishment’ were all valid reasons to vote out.

        Where we go from here though is going to be very interesting. One thing for sure, I can’t afford to retire and the pound I believe is likely to drop further. I think I may have to take a young persons job -eg temp bar work or waiting – to make ends meet. I fear for my children’s future as I see very little movement towards a fairer society here. All this talk of a Norwegian model is bollocks when you compare the societies of the two countries and with Osborne’s parting shot being a reduction in corporation tax, his friends in the city must be preparing a fine nest for his retirement.

        • AlfieMoone

          Small Heath/Sparkhill used to be ‘multicultural’, a mad mix of English/Irish/Jamaican/Hindu Indian & Pakistani Muslim. Now?

          It’s in serious danger of becoming a monocultural Islamic ghetto, much to the sadness and anger of many Muslims who I know there but some Brummies wags now irreverently dub it ‘Polackistan’ because of a few intrepid East European settlers….call the PC humour police!

          The last pub ‘The George & Dragon’ closed down, you can only get a beer around the Blues ground. Holy Family church is empty for mass, other than the last of the 50s Irish emmigrant tribe of which my parent’s were part of, but it’s packed for funerals. The adjoining primary school is 97% Muslim cause they love the Catholic Ethos of Education and don’t want their kids indoctrinated in some back-street ISIS madrassa. Smart people, vast majority came to Brum to escape the nutters, not to give them oxygen.

          As for your Irish Victim Script: get real. When I was young the Paddies were some of the most vehement racists towards the Jamaicans and Pakistanis, easily as bad as the English. How soon they forgot ‘No blacks, no dogs, no Irish’. Google ‘Intersectionality and Race in the United States’ to see why being Irish isn’t a get out of jail free card..

          The real racists are the Virtue Signalling Thought Police who run the EU: Bomb the fcuk out of countries for oil/gas pipelines, then give sanctuary to those who can pay the people smugglers & risk life and limb to ‘prove’ they deserve to get into Fortress Europe. We stopped President Blair, the shadow Globalist and we’ll stop any others who try it on. Immigrants know the only really tolerant society is the UK (alongside Sweden/Denmark) that’s why they do anything to get here, rather than stay in Italy or head off to Saudi Arabia,ffs. And Ireland is implicated in this Humanitarian Imperialism despite it’s absurd claims to ‘neutrality’. Renditions to Shannon Airport to freight folk off to Gitmo? Ask Gerry Adams. As for the PC liberal elite with their ‘Refugees Welcome’ nonsense placards: stop your goverment creating refugees! And stop stealing medical personnel from desperate war zones to prop up the NHS because you won’t fund it through tax, ya bastards! And so on and so forth….

          If you’re seriously suggesting that Irish building sites don’t have the same issues, then you need to put down that bong, Paddy.

          Immigration is essential, welcome and part of the Core UK future. But Immigration plus Austerity is a deliberate attempt to crash the post-war Welfare State. Watch Episode 1, series 1 of Peaky Blinders to see the likely outcome of that scenario. 1920: Send Churchill to Small Heath to calm us down. 2020: Send May or Leadsome, we don’t give a fcuk: Fcuk with Mercianomics and pay the price. And, sadly, that prolly means riots.

          If the ‘Establishment’ haven’t learnt yet not to diss Yonder Saxon Foe, there will be plenty more metaphorical nukes landing in the corridors of power.

          Immigration will be decided by CoreUK, not Angela Merkel and her absurd ripping up of the Dublin Agreement last summer to boost her country’s doomed demographics. “You get me? You GET ME!?” Vox Pop Gogglebox Question Time, innit.

          ISIS will be defeated in Small Heath, it’s just how we roll. Once Muslim culture is mixed with Brummie-Mercian culture, it’s game over for the jihadis. Check the demographics of Brum, Rotterdam and Stockholm: Then compare them to Dublin: Game over.

          ..Hitler failed. Juncker failed. The Scots and the Mancs and the Norman c*nts in Londinium failed:

          “Birmigham: How To Kill A City – The Economist’


          We will die before we submit. Seriously. This is not a drill…Brexit is just the start of the Core UK Revolution…”think local, act global”

          • AlfieMoone

            Here’s some music for us all as we digest the Chilcot report and try not to mention Shannon Airport. You hear the sound of the future on the dark streets of Sparkhill and Small Heath and those revolutionary beats are heard by Brummies driving to the burbs and they hear the exact same Resistance To Tyranny which the Mercian-Saxon stronghold of Core UK has shown towards Norman London and Dublin since that lot first landed on these Isles of Wonder..

            Kadim Al Saher … Ahbini – ???? ?????? – ?????? – ????? ????


          • ex_pat_northerner

            I agree the Paddies are well versed in racism. They had good masters for 800 years.

          • AlfieMoone

            ex_pat_northerner: ‘I agree the Paddies are well versed in racism. They had good masters for 800 years.’

            Cry me a river, Paddy. Tell me, how does Oliver Cromwell affect you on a day to day basis? Does he ‘trigger’ you as you drive to work in your Audi? *rollseyes*

            800 years of M.O.P.E: a useless, nonsensical Victim Script designed by the Norman Toraigh Overlords in Kilkenny Castle, throwing the Green Jersey & ‘rebel songs’ down to the serfs in Irishtown to stop them waking up and seizing power aka: I Want My Country Back & Take Back Control. Ever wondered why the EU elite love harmless folkloric Ireland so much but live in fear of feral English culture? The Lisbon Treaty was when the balls were cut off of Ireland under RTE propaganda anaesthetic. If the English ever submit to a 2nd EU ref they deserve the same dismal fate of ex-Nation State fka: Ireland, now a satrapy of the EU Leviathan.

            That probably means nowt to you (or any of the celebrity attendees at Kilkenomics) because the LAST place you would ever get the truth about Irish history is by being born and raised on the island of Ireland or reading anything written by it’s annointed ‘experts’.

            The same Norman ‘social racists’ who Chav-Bait on this island of Britain do the same bullshit to Culchies on the other island as they parade around ‘exotic’ restaurants in Dublin, virtue signalling their tolerance as intall a replacement working class from abroad to usurp the rights of the truculent indigenous Northsiders who, like us Brummies, won’t play the game.

            George Osborne is the hereditary Baronet of Tipperary. The real power clique in Irish society are not found in the Galway Tent but at Cheltenham Races. I’ve studied those wankers for decades and they have been in cahoots with the British Normans since 1066 and the landing of Vikings at Dublin & Waterford: the same family blood-lines and Aristocratic Privilege run both islands and Cheltenham Races is their Bildeberg jollification meet-up.

            Take your totalising/concertizing Group Libel Anglophobic ‘racism’ charge against the ‘English’ and stick it. I think you’ll find Class War a far more useful explanatory framework for understanding the conflict between the ‘English’ and the ‘Irish’, but that would require you to pick that sharp chip out of your shoulder and wake up. It’s amusing that you earn your keep in the ‘belly of the beast’ but it’s even funnier that the ‘patron saint of plastic Paddydom’ is St Patrick: a Brit who was captured by racist slave traders on the banks of the nearby River Severn.

            How long do you want to go back? 1066 is the defining event. The Normans on this island of Britain won the world by subjugating those on the island of Ireland: both launched their 1000 year Norman Toraigh Reich by murdering anyone on either island who dared opposed them. And if you think the Hunger/Famine wasn’t about Class War via Laissez Faire Economics then you need to just crank up the karaoke machine and singalonga ‘Fields of Athenry’ one more time. But don’t let Roy Keane catch you all making any more excuses for cultural and national failure. And don’t expect me to either. Enjoy your GDP growth: we want our country back. Fcuk economics. The idea that the D4/IFSC/Ireland Inc/Official Ireland shower control the Meta-Narrative of what it means to be ‘Irish’ or a ‘refugee from Ireland’ is a joke that’s no longer got a punch line.

            ‘The real Plastic Paddies are sitting in the Dail and the EU ‘Parliament”

            The Shire Irish offspring of the 50s fugees from The Emergency listened to Enda telling them to ‘vote for Ireland Inc’ and gave him their response: No lube.

            If you want to get to grips with all this, I’d suggest you begin with studying POC/Feminist/Queer Theories of Intersectionality. Class War has always defined the ordeals of Ireland, not some mystified, reified conflict with a mythical monoculture of ‘The English’.

            The legacy of Irish ancestry is impossibly powerful. I am blessed to have access to both cultures of Mercia and Osraige. But the risible idea that Official Ireland/U2 or any other Globalist entity has hegemonic control of ‘what it means to be Irish and to become post-Irish in the age of the Troika FF/FG cabal’ doesn’t even deserve a second round. On the ropes. Ireland Inc doesn’t control the narrative anymore. I do. That’s why I’m Cultural An Toaiseach to the Global Diaspora of the 5th Province: quite possibly the most important figure in Anglo-Irish culture, evva. Innit. Well, at least as important as Sir Toss-pot Geldof-On-Thames!

            Anyone out there wants to argue? Fancy your chances in the ring with Mad Paddy From Brum? Wot? U seriously thought I was that ‘nice Morrissey clone’ I channeled in Dublin? Fookin LOL!

            1916-1976-2016: From Connolly to Lydon to Mooney: “Anger Is An Energy”

            BRING IT!


            ‘Rise’ Public Image


    • Deco

      It is lack of democratic accountability that causes those problems that you describe.

      If the people had a referendum on the WMD issue, Phony Tony would not have been able to invade. Likewise with respect to the NHS.

      We see it in Ireland with respect to the Irish Water quango. The independent TDs are prepared to listen to the people. They are prepared to ignore the whip mechanism, which has destroyed democratic accountability in Leinster House.

      So the polling organizations tell us that FF (past masters are of making promises and later breaking them) are gaining percentage points, and the independents are losing. Because FF represent a “safe pair of hands” (in other words, more control).

      With respect to IW, the EU dictats are giving instructions on what to do – even though it is clear that the people are not agreeing with any of it.

      The EU is a means of empowerment of the few, at the expense of the many. By it’s inherent structure, it is designed to avoid democracy. The lobbyists are going to have the power, in any power centre, that has that much power. It is simply inevitable.

      It is an absolute power stucture. It aims to be on a par with the Politburo in Beijing and Washington. Anything else is being sold as “weakness”. Britain will “be on it’s own” without the nonsense factory in Brussels, apparently.

      Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And this is where “more Europe” (more centralization of power) is leading.

      It is sold as the civilization, even though it is increasingly functioning as anti-societal. People believe it. Despite the evidence, and because of the mantras.

      • McCawber

        In principle the people have got it wrong on IW.
        In practice Official Ireland have got the implementation wrong, totally wrong.

  6. patricia03

    Couldn’t a Brexit be regarded as an opportunity rather than a tragedy. The EU only consists of a few countries and there is a big world out there. As I see it England has the opportunity to really do something for all its people not just the few financial “chavs’” at the top. I had to look that word up and I think in reality it accurately describes England’s MPs! Do you not think now is the time to start a new political party rather than relying on the two has beens who seem to be beset with continual infighting. Let Northern Ireland and Scotland go England and paddle your own canoe for the betterment of all your people.

    • AlfieMoone

      “Chav” is a racist/classist word to describe Roma-Travellers-’tinkers’like the folk I grew up with in Peaky Paddy Blinder Small Heath, Birmingham. Half my family line comes from Rathkeale, Limerick….etc…

      The City ‘spivs’ had a good run mocking us, egged on by the ‘radical Alternative Comedy set’, clowns like Walliams and the whole ‘Little Britain’ farce. Funny as first, seemingly an affront to P.C- till it became a Corporate £ Middle-Class War Hate Propaganda Prop

      and then you saw it used as a prop for the busy-body PC smarmy London set to lecture on ‘Diversity’ to those they hated and despised as ‘white trash Other,

      then used as a right-wing tool to dismantle the support structure for the so-called ‘sick, lame, lazy & insane’Precariat Underclass who the middle class threw under the bus decades ago.

      Well, those Southern Ponces are soon to get theirs due to robotics-the Internet of Things-Ethereumism and all the rest of the stuff they have no clue about. And if they think they’ll get any sympathy when London crashes to the ground…HA!HA! Ditto Dublin and the incubus-succubus troll Trojan Horses of D4 & the IFSC.

      Northern Ireland and Scotland are already ex-UK. The only thing left is the formality of their ‘independence within the Troika’ referendum. Here’s the options:

      1] Leave the UK and join the EU

      2] Leave the EU and remain in the UK

      They’ve chosen 1], perhaps subconsciously. But the Plebiscite stands. They are too proud to go back on it no matter what their wallets will tell them. And that’s just fine by Core UK Cymru & Albion. We wish them only good luck as they, like the Republic Of Ireland, bed down with the Germans and the French. For ever…good luck with that but don’t come back crying to us when Angela gets the strap-on dildo out for some more Austerity…

      It’s like a dream come true: Brexit has unleased a massive tsunami of Creative Destruction that cannot be contained. A 2nd Ref organised by Richard Branson Globalists would just mean total riot war on the streets. Irish footie fans reflect their leader’s eunuch status, everyone pats powerless Paddy on the head, especially the French, but they know not to fcUK with English f”Chav” is a racist/classist word to describe Roma-Travellers-’tinkers’like the folk I grew up with in Peaky Paddy Blinder Small Heath, Birmingham. Half my family line comes from Rathkeale, Limerick….etc…

      The City ‘spivs’ had a good run mocking us, egged on by the ‘radical Alternative Comedy set’, clowns like Walliams and the whole ‘Little Britain’ farce. Funny as first, seemingly an affront to P.C- till it became a Corporate £ Middle-Class War Hate Propaganda Prop

      and then you saw it used as a prop for the busy-body PC smarmy London set to lecture on ‘Diversity’ to those they hated and despised as ‘white trash Other,

      then used as a right-wing tool to dismantle the support structure for the so-called ‘sick, lame, lazy & insane’Precariat Underclass who the middle class threw under the bus decades ago.

      Well, those Southern Ponces are soon to get theirs due to robotics-the Internet of Things-Ethereumism and all the rest of the stuff they have no clue about. And if they think they’ll get any sympathy when London crashes to the ground…HA!HA! Ditto Dublin and the incubus-succubus troll Trojan Horses of D4 & the IFSC.

      Northern Ireland and Scotland are already ex-UK. The only thing left is the formality of their ‘independence within the Troika’ referendum. Here’s the options:

      1] Leave the UK and join the EU

      2] Leave the EU and remain in the UK

      They’ve chosen 1], perhaps subconsciously. But the Plebiscite stands. They are too proud to go back on it no matter what their wallets will tell them. And that’s just fine by Core UK Cymru & Albion. We wish them only good luck as they, like the Republic Of Ireland, bed down with the Germans and the French. For ever…good luck with that but don’t come back crying to us when Angela gets the strap-on dildo out for some more Austerity…

      It’s like a dream come true: Brexit has unleased a massive tsunami of Creative Destruction that cannot be contained. A 2nd Ref organised by Richard Branson Globalists would just mean total riot war on the streets. Irish footie fans reflect their leader’s eunuch status, everyone pats powerless Paddy on the head, especially the French, but they know not to fcUK with English fans, they know we know the game’s up & we openly mock their EUtopian fantasies of Unity Through Banks Not Tanks. Ain’t gonna happen!

      FcUK Economics! Culture rules the waves, Core UK never, never will be slaves…

      Nationwide – Little Britain – Vicki Pollard / Chavs – Advert


      ans, they know we know the game’s up & we openly mock their EUtopian fantasies of Unity Through Banks Not Tanks. Ain’t gonna happen!

      FcUK Economics! We’d rather starve than submit. Ask Hitler Culture rules the waves, Core UK never, never will be slaves…

      Nationwide – Little Britain – Vicki Pollard / Chavs – Advert


      • AlfieMoone

        oops! Sorry about the typos/repeat paras! Don’t tell Alfie or I’ll be ‘discipline’. Ta!

        ‘The Secretary’ [Amaneuensis/Keeper of Secrets]

  7. Deco

    Essential material to understanding how democracy is “managed” in a modern, consumerist society.

    This will give you so many insights, that you will never look at the media the same, afterwards. For anybody who suspected that the function of the media is dumb-down society, have a watch, and figure out how that is engineered to occur. In fact maintenance of control is a central activity of the media and related “culture” activities. Even to the point of making people miserable, and then providing a gateway of escape.

    This is important, because it makes society more dysfunctional, and more obedient. And it makes people less content, and less informed.

    The Century of the Self. Produced by Adam Curtis. Subtitled, “the manufacturing of consent”.


    [ As far as I know, this has never be shown on RTE - even at 2 AM in the morning, when the people are asleep, and they know that nobody is watching. It simply tells you too much ].

    • AlfieMoone

      “The Mob is fickle!”

      ‘The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations’ is a 1979 book by the cultural historian Christopher Lasch, in which he explores the roots and ramifications of the normalizing of pathological narcissism in 20th century American culture using psychological, cultural, artistic and historical synthesis.

      ‘Lasch was not saying that things were better in the 1950s, as conservatives offended by countercultural permissiveness probably took him to be saying. He was not saying that things were better in the 1960s, as former activists disgusted by the ‘me-ism’ of the seventies are likely to have imagined. He was diagnosing a condition that he believed had originated in the nineteenth century.’


    • Tull McAdoo

      It seems like the so called “experts” running the section 38 charitable outfits have being told by the HSE no less, that they are not obliged to tell journalists or whoever what they are being paid. If i was a taxpayer in Ireland i would like to know where my 2.5 BILLION EURO WAS GOING FOR Fs SAKE…..


      • Deco

        This has been going on for years. Without the CRC scandal (Bertie Ahern’s pals) and Rehab (FG cronies) this would not have been found out.

        I have heard stories about other “charities” and the stories are gobsmacking.

        Irish Defamation Law is very good at keeping scandals from being reported.

    • Tony

      This type of thing wouldn’t be on the radar of anyone in RTE. It’s much easier to run American prime time drama shows at 2 in the morning for 170 weeks than actually have to review short mini series documentaries.
      Only the BBC commissions documentaries like this, because nobody watches them anyway; which, if it’s the same series I’m thinking of, is kind of ironic given the subject matter.

  8. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Very good article. I think there is some kernel of truth in suggestion that after London became uninhabitable (property bubble, which in turn started pushing job seekers out of the capital – I remember Mrs Stacey Herbert once said that when she had moved to London in her 20s and paid 300 pounds a month for renting in the centre, now she is paying 300 a day), immigrants started moving to the north and west of England (Eastern European that is – because since immigrants from Africa usually live in council houses rather than rent privately, they can afford London) and this started sparking off tensions (although the biggest tension are in places with the fewest density of immigrants, the least in densest – London, Edinburgh – British paradox…).
    I have no doubt though that Ms Merkel’s creation of refugees’ (refugees from the safety of Turkish camps) crisis and the instability that the euro currency has brought (in fairness, this was initially French idea) was the last straw in tilting the British public opinion towards Brexit, as well as intriguing facts such as that one of the terrorist who had murdered civilians has luxury conditions in his jail on Brussels that many Irish tenants can only dream of, with four rooms and a gym.
    That perhaps was a deliberate attempt to goad the public opinion in Britain into voting Leave – because the EU without the UK is so much easier for the 6 founding member states to turn it into a super-state – it is a hypothesis that is not being taken seriously enough (I do not buy the Schadenfreude that Brexit surprised the German/French government – the leaked afore-prepared ‘super-state’ document kicks the bottom out of that argument).
    It certainly surprised the Irish government all right, and there might be more surprises in the future – because Ireland entered the stage as Scotland’s advocate without trying to build any wider coalition in with other European countries, if her politicians limit themselves to merely articulating their demands as ‘we want CTA, CAP and low corporation tax because we really need them’ – and we never had to do foreign policy – this was done for us by Berlin and Washington.
    The result of this delusion might be a disaster for Ireland: in the worst case scenario Germany may strike a deal with the UK over Irish heads by agreeing to impose the immigration quotas; this is a very optimistic scenario for the UK as it would mean a better deal than Norway or Switzerland got – Switzerland introduced immigration quotas after the referendum and has no access to EEA financial services, and derivatives clearing for example is over 38 times bigger a sector in the UK than in Switzerland), if in return (this does not have to be financial or military – it can be, i.e., diplomatic or PR support – like in 1989 when, a year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Polish state helped, with food and shelter, East Germans refugees to transit to Austria with which Hungary opened her border – a fact conveniently forgotten because it does not suit the German ‘Fall of the Berlin Wall’ narrative – and then from Austria to West Germany) the UK closes the Common Travel Area (Berlin would love that), while Central and Eastern European countries may demand a British/German/Dutch/Swedish/Danish-style EU membership fee rebate and bigger subsidies (the deal-broker in Poland Mr Jaroslaw Kaczynski does not want the latter as he wants to deregulate the EU and in the European Parliament his party voted in favour of more free market in agriculture as Ireland voted for socialism in agriculture, but I am just saying) – subsidies taken out of the old EU members – in return.
    I personally think that as all subsidies hike up prices this will be bad for 10 new members and Ireland would be better off without CAP too.
    Here is something interesting that Mr McWilliams (let alone Mr Kevin Doyle who thinks that Ireland should ally with Belgium, Denmark and Sweden against Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and… well, Belgium) did not notice (because the Irish media did not report it) – that in June, shortly after the referendum, foreign ministers of 8 new members met with foreign ministers of the UK and Italy in Warsaw (and afterwards Mr David Cameron met with Prime Minister Beata Szydlo). David often says that Ireland should block any attempts in the EU of dismantling the Common Travel Area. The problem is that right now Irish politicians seek understanding for CTA not where the countries who want to retain the Common Travel Area are (so the UK and Eastern Europe) – but in Brussels. They have nothing to give and nothing to threat with, and all foreign politics can be boiled down to two questions: what can your country give me in return and what can your country threaten me with? Ireland cannot give anything in return for retaining CAP or CTA (because itself is a netto recipient of agricultural subsidies) and cannot threaten any country with anything. Ireland has her own strengths – Pat Flannery for example pointed out the optical cable under the Atlantic – but it is not playing them up; as a result Prime Minister Cameron, with all that talk about special Anglo-Irish relations, had visited Warsaw 4 times last year and once this year and he has visited Ireland zero times.
    Ireland was not in Warsaw where the UK was, because it was in Brussels begging for Scotland in vain. What does it portent for Ireland’s international position?
    That the next time joined decisions of Germany/France/Benelux on the one hand, and Visegrad Group/UK on the other hand, will be simply faxed to Ireland, and that Ireland’s attempt to block the abolishment of CTA may be challenged with one move of, say Greece, to block agricultural subsidies for Ireland when the next EU budget is voted (what a revenge for Ireland sneering at Greece would that be) – after all one France was able to introduce an exception to CAP rules by making sure that 10 new EU members states do not receive more than 25pc of farmers subsidies per head that France receives – so if someone in Europe gets pissed off, they can say: forget that, now it will be the other way round – eastern Europe gets full CAP and Ireland as a rich country gets 25pc of what it had been getting (mind you, this only concerns Irish farmers – almost all readers of this blog would be better off without CAP).
    It did not have to be that way, but the Taoiseach has to understand that Ireland cannot get a good deal on her own or with Scotland only. It has to form coalitions with countries whose potentials can outweigh the Carolingian Europe – it has to form a coalition with V4 (the biggest export market in the world for German goods), Scandinavia and either the US or China. I am afraid that even David McWilliams, who of all people in Ireland understands most, does not understand that simple issue of calculating potentials in forming coalitions: Ireland as a lone wolf will quickly turn into De Valera’s knight errand.

    • AlfieMoone

      ‘ Prime Minister Cameron, with all that talk about special Anglo-Irish relations, had visited Warsaw 4 times last year and once this year and he has visited Ireland zero times.
      Ireland was not in Warsaw where the UK was, because it was in Brussels begging for Scotland in vain. What does it portent for Ireland’s international position?’

      The RoI ‘foreign policy’ isn’t just incoherent, it’s delusional. Hence Kenny’s head will soon roll once someone with a brain figures out ‘the map is not the territory’ after Brexit.

      There is an almost total cognitive block amidst Official Ireland/Ireland Inc chatter as to the likely implications of the CTA between both these islands. With both Scotland and N.I out of Core UK there is no plausible or ethical case for it to remain, no case as to why Irish island citizens should have privileged access to the Core UK England and Wales above and beyond that hoped and longed for by Australians, NZlanders, traders from the United States. Or any and all from outside the Neoliberal Fortress of the EU with it’s rancid Humanitarian Imperialism. Is France still bombing Syria? *smfh*

      “Brexit Postmortem: Changes to the Common Travel Area with the UK inevitable -Before we rush to criticise it is timely to remember that we have moved to curtail rights to Irish citizenship”


  9. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    I have to add one more fly into David’s high quality ointment.

    social welfare in Britain is quite modest, certainly compared to Ireland.

    Before we jump into snap conclusions…
    In the UK though practically everyone who is unemployed and many who are employed (just ask the old subbie Irish emigration to England) has accommodation paid by the council; in Ireland this depends on whether landlords declare their tax income from renting and thus agree to rent allowance; there are whole towns in Ireland where no landlord who advertises rooms for renting declares his or her income from renting (making ‘no rent allowance accepted’ adds illegal made the situation worse because now they still do not allow rent allowance, but one has to waste time and money to find out), therefore no landlord agrees to rent allowance in those towns.
    This explains why in 2006, when unemployment in Ireland was bigger than in the UK, the total expenditure per head of population in Ireland was 6320.7 euro compared to 7410.3 in the UK, EVEN THOUGH the unemployment benefit rate in Ireland were more than double of that in the UK; and with 9,662 per year and prices 111.2 above the EU average, Portugal had 14,323 euro per annum benefits with average prices 77.1 of the EU average.
    I therefore think that a fairer and most efficient system would be to abolish rent allowance (apart from ‘no rent allowance accepted’, rent allowance recipients outbid working low-income tenants) completely and introduce the BASIC INCOME (no I did not go mad and became Marxists, this was Hayek’s idea), which would actually save the state on social expenditure by eliminating bogus claims – this would kill two birds with one stone: prick the property bubble (and end involuntary homelessness) and make sure that no one is better off not working than working (i.e. by pretending to be a single mother AND receiving FIS AND social housing AND social welfare of her theoretically non-existing partner AND being allowed to work 5 days a week for 2-3 hours to complement their income that other social welfare recipients cannot – at the cost of genuine single mothers; did you ever wonder how some – make no mistake, a small minority of rotten apples (but still, big enough to see them every day) – single mothers can afford to eat all breakfasts and dinners in the restaurants, day by day? – that’s 300-350 euro a week spent on restaurants (for her and one child) alone, and many of them smoke and drive – even when I was earning really good money I could not afford that kind of lifestyle… – but with nearly 2,000 euro Dublin Bus annual ticket compared to 365 euro in Vienna, who can).
    P.S. I cannot address any comments on this occasion – I am snowed under with documents today and have to prepare for a surgery tomorrow.

    • Deco

      In Ireland, people do not go on the Dole to get the dole. People in Ireland go on the dole, to avoid the real estate market, and get local authority housing. It is an easier life than being in the rat race. It is a lifestyle choice.

      I know that sounds crude, but that is the outcome that the system encourages, by means of incentives.

      Do not blame the people on the dole – what they are doing is actually very logical and rational.

      It is those that buy real estate in Carlow to work in South Dublin that are being irrational.

      • martino

        You don’t have to be on the dole to qualify for social housing in Ireland. In fact the cut off maximum income for a single person is a generous 35,000 euro. For a couple it’s 42,000 euro. The more money you earn, the higher your rent.

      • McCawber

        Perhaps these “Dole” people are the storm troopers for a Sangrila society.

  10. michaelcoughlan

    “For one day, every few years, in the ballot box, even in profoundly unequal societies, the rich guy and the poor guy are, for one moment, equal. ”

    Nothing short of poetic.

    You are like messi with 6 toes McWilliams. Most of the time you play brilliantly with the odd head over heels tripped up gaffe.

    The article is excellent.

    • Deco

      I agree. Albert Einstein’s definition of how to desribe with simplicity, comes to mind.

      • Deco

        “everything should be as simple as needs be, and no simpler”

        The quote is a perfect description of people trying to influence a system that is working to their disadvantage, given the only opportunity possible to do so.

    • McCawber

      Most of the time that momentary equality has had no value however once in a blue moon (brexit) it can have real meaning and power.
      The brits will actually act as the referendum has directed.
      In Ireland we would be asked to vote again.
      So a great empire has shown itself to be a lot more democratic than a great (sic) republic.

  11. Deco

    It seems that Theresa May will become the next resident of Number 10 Downing Street.


    Whilst Irish minister for housing Simon Coveney is busy lambasting Joe O’Toole for telling the truth about FG policy on IW, Theresa May says that residential needs in the UK needs to be addressed.

    [ it seems that in Ireland the worst things any quangocrat can do is tell the truth. Stuffing your relatives, cronies and pals on board gets a free pass. Likewise dubious bonuses, and mileage allowances. Instead, JOT did the unforgiveable - he spilled the beans, and stepped down because he did not agree with the minister ].

    Has T.May broken ranks on Thatcherism by declaring that high housing prices are a cause of economic malinvestment ?

    Meanwhile in AIB-land (the country is to be renamed, based on the priority of public policy, bailing out a “pillar-bank” – forever ) the quagmire continues. Developers cannot get their hands on development land because hedge funds are sitting on it. [ nice one, NAMA ]. And local authority councillors refuse to build up Dublin ( ever see Vancouver, lads – the world’s most liveable city, every year ). [ Tony Brogan can explain more ].

    Ireland’s banking policy might be screwing the people, but it gets the approval of Brussels. Suds is surely smiling at so much common sweat being poured for his bank. Well…..both of them actually.

    How can a large country like Britain be more nimble on it’s feet than a small one like Ireland ? Well, the state in the RoI is not designed to be ninble. Paddy Power, Kerry Foods and Ryanair are nimble.

    But Irish instituional the state moves at a terrible pace, and waits for approval from Brussels and Frankfurt. It produces more PR gimicks than results.

    Next up – the FG leadership contest. A competition between clowns to be head clown a circus.

  12. coldblow

    Last time I looked (a few years ago) the only race you could mock on English television was the Welsh. David is right about the chav-baiting though. This is largely snobbery because while a chav is usually (though not always) a chav their social betters are often little better, and sometimes worse, when it comes to education and usually much worse when it comes to common sense.

    I don’t share David’s views about the supremacy of the individual vote. Democracy might have been sacrosanct in the British broadsheets and the Irish Times when it came to the hanging chads (not chavs) in Florida in 2000 with the unspeakable Republicans abusing the electoral system to thwart the Saviour of the Planet, Al Gore. Just think of the good he could have done to Planet Earth if he had got in. Bush’s election wasted precious years that the globe simply didn’t have and although Obama signed up to Britain’s moral crusade to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 80%, bringing the American economy to a the levels of the 1860s, Bush was clearly Evil and Democracy had been grievously injured.

    But Brexit is different. I have explained to correspondents in England that we know in Ireland that if the people vote in the right way (democracy), as in the Glorious May, or capital punishment, then the result (rightly) stands. If however the people are taken in by lies and the propaganda of the evil Murdoch Empire (populism) then they should be given every opportunity to get it right. Because the politicians, civil service, press and BBC, the open-minded professional classes and anyone who is not a comical chav are in favour of Europe, then I don’t think Brexit will happen in any meaningful sensel. Expect them to extend and pretend and wait to see what world events bring.

    This is all about immigration and ‘racism’, whatever that means. In recent times it covers opposition to immigration and just not being happy and smiley. It appears to be the corner stone of the new morality and out-trumps vegetarianism, feminism and LGBT rights.

    Are these immigrants or refugees? Last September they were all refugees although a brief internet search informed you that these were in refugee camps near Syria and Iraq. Those marching through Europe were clearly immigrants and as a poster at the time noted, many of them looked like they had just escaped from Dundrum Shopping Centre. What about the billion plus reservoir of refugees in the People’s Republic of China?

    This clip is hilarious. Laurie Penny (who? apparentlyshe writes for the Guardian) calls David Starkey a wacist and questions his tax affairs:


    Her explanation at the end, when she has had time to think up an excuse, for charging a ‘ridiculous… well, maybe not quite ridiculous’ fee for a debate is worthy of Father Ted. You see, she didn’t want to do the engagement, to debate with Starkey (who had agreed to do it for free), because of the inherent violence in the situation and she had decided that the best way to get out of it was to charge a ridiculous (or not quite ridiculous) fee. Her original excuse, at the start, was that she doesn’t own much stuff, actually, because it was two days work, and they also needed to pay for her air fare. We also learn that Ms Penny was privately educated (unlike Starkey) and Wiki says her father was a solicitor. She was brought up in Brighton on the south coast, yet I notice in another video that she says the phrase ‘young people’, repeatedly, in a northern accent: yoong. They are always on about yoong people aren’t they?

    Our intellectuals: what a laugh! Still, she isn’t a wacist chav.

    • Deco

      Young people are easier to program than older people. Because they know less about human nature.

      Does Laurie Penny know anything about the history of EU Commission President Juncker, in facilitating tax reduction, in previous roles Luxembourg ?

      At least Starkey can stop at one glass of wine.

      • coldblow

        You have to listen to her, Deco. She sounds like a cross between Barbara Windsor and Frank Spencer. See her at the very end of the video, on the right-hand side of the screen, arguing with someone in the audience: “He *is* a wacist.”

        • Deco

          Coldblow, it is hard to listen to her. She sounds very childish, and immature. There is nothing useful there.

          Starkey destroys her, with his reference the Thomas Paine lecture, and Penny’s selfish greedy demands for participation.

          He could have destroyed her for the fact that she is a bundle of empty cliches. It would have been more amusing. However, he made a decision instead that the public needed to know the truth about her nature. Once he stated that he had the evidence, she declared that his criticism was a personal attack (and nothing more), and then she changed the subject.

          The Irish media is full of chancers. And they get away with it, for much longer.

      • coldblow

        Peter Hitchens thinks that nobody under 30 knows anything about anything while nobody under 50 knows anything about life.

  13. coldblow

    I don’t know if David reads these comments or who is reading mine, apart from Deco, Grzegorz, Alfie, Stephen, Adam and Tull. Nobody else I can think of. Oh yes, Wills looks in occasionally. And Tony of course. I think he still posts here when he has a minute(!). But this gave me a laugh. Arising from the ongoing Brexit Wars on Facebook with my sister (I now have Nigel Farage as my profile photo) I got into correspondence with a old friend from university. He has been a ‘friend’ on FB all this time but I have tended to ignore him because FB such a weird place, all hilarious videos of cats and petitions to have Farage prosecuted for hate crimes, and not the place to have a proper conversation.

    Now this is the funny bit. He had studied European integration and was telling me that Adenauer and De Gaulle got together in the early 60s to block the British application to join the EEC. He then said that the EEC also blocked the Danish and Irish application. Or they would have blocked the Irish one if they hadn’t lost it. He heard this years ago at a seminar on European integration in Finland from Alan Milward, an authority on the subject. He also came across it while researching the Foreign Office archives.

    That’s Ireland, home of the Irish Times and a political establishment who see us as being at the heart of Europe (a phrase Crotty was familiar with more than forty years ago), which criticizes the Chavs of England for their racist stupidity, and which has just seen the Green Army win the hearts of our European Partners. They lost our application!

    • Deco

      That makes a joke of the “punching above our weight” nonsense that gets rolled by the likes of Bertie Ahern.

      The one thing that the Irish Times seems continually demand is that we seek attention from the rest of Europe, and then play out some sort of drama to gain psychological approval.

      If we took the Irish Times seriously, we would turn this place into a silly island, where people behaved along the lines of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. It is sophisticated form of cap doffing. No, thanks.

      We will function in a sovereign manner, and pursue our own best interests.

    • McCawber

      To summarize – Europe sees us as Anglo saxons. They couldn’t get rid of our neighbours quick enough once the opportunity arose.
      Anyone in this Republic who thinks we are different is a clown.
      Europe has put the boot into us and we haven’t gone away but they are not finished with us yet.
      Our current Taoiseach thinks we are not Anglo saxons.

  14. Mike Lucey

    I think David has hit the nail on the head with this article.

    The little man, in the UK at least, has realised that there is something wrong with the way their lives are being managed. I also doubt that it will be the only little man rebellion we will see in Europe.

    I imagine the NET has played a large part in bringing about this realisation and continues to do so.

    We need to maintain our vigilance when it comes to freedom on the NET now that the ‘managers’ are on the back foot as I have no doubt that there will be great efforts made to bring this force under their full control.

    I recently watched ZERO DAYS a movie documentary on cyber warfare.

    ‘Alex Gibney explores the phenomenon of Stuxnet, a self-replicating computer virus discovered in 2110 by international IT expert. Evidently commissioned by the US and Israeli governments, this malware was designed to specifically sabotage Iran’s nuclear programme. However, the complex computer worm needed up not only infecting its intended target abut all spreading uncontrollably’

    The documentary brought home to me that it appears that its impossible to be secure on the NET or for that matter, anything machine that involves the use of computer electronics in its makeup and running.

    Maybe Jim Rickards advise should be taken as an insurance policy at least ? http://jimrickards.blogspot.com

    • Good insurance. good investment. Just like a life insurance policy , it actually shows a return on investment while life insuring. so benefits accrue and are dispense whether alive or dead!! :)

  15. michaelcoughlan

    You know I was thinking David about the time Mrs Edna was bitch slapped by Sarkozy and how he must have felt;


    Now that the fine jailers have the knives out for him again maybe when deciding how to deal with the Europeans next time out he should adopt the response by De Niro dealing with being bitch slapped in the following sequence;


    and actually stick up for himself and his country which might earn him a lot more respect and tell Europe we are going to back the Brits.

    Mow, slap, Mow, slap,


  16. “Don’t underestimate chavs carrying polling cards – or the chance of Brexit II”

    The headline in the context of the following essay is misleading.
    I was expecting to see reasons to why we can expect a revisit to another vote on the UK leaving Europe, but it was not mentioned although in my mind it is a distinct possibility.

    What was discussed was the likelihood of exit votes from the Eu as a sort of contagion.

    What is likely to happen is that there will be difficulties and time delays in the execution of the UK/EU divorce.
    first we have the resignation of the government leader, and no ready replacement.
    second we have the delay of the resignation to Oct.
    Then We have the resignation of the leaders of the OUT vote.

    nothing can be done in this vacuum of leadership. Delays will go on until an “accommodation between the parties. A reconciliation will be offered.

    There is a legal two year frame work for this process to be drawn out to. That is a long time in politics. moods and desires can change.

    Will the “Chavs” submit or rise up in anger. We will see.

    In the US there are predictions that Trump will be thwarted at the GOP convention, riots ensue, Marshal Law will be declared and the election suspended. Outrageous?? Maybe not. nothing will surprise me. I’ve been watching the the setup for the destruction of Europe for 50 years.

    • AlfieMoone

      Theresa May is the new PM. The ruthless Tory machine has kicked in.

      The only safe option now is exactly what May has said:

      ““First, Brexit means Brexit. The campaign was fought, the vote was held, turnout was high, and the public gave their verdict. There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the backdoor, and no second referendum. The country voted to leave the European Union, and it is the duty of the government and Parliament to make sure we do just that.”

      The tragic murder of Jo Cox shocked many, but not me, as I’ve been waiting for such an event. It could have been a Job-Centre official, a t.v reporter: anyone who represents the hated ‘Establishment’. Any attempt to thwart Brexit now will mean the inevitable rise of a fascist party dedicated to another Guy Fawkes moment.

      I will now kick back and enjoy watching the epicentre of chaos move to Brussels as Brexit unleashes yet more Creative Destruction in the form of a ‘dynamic healing crisis’ beginning with Merkel sending Juncker to a permanent dimension of pain. If I was a Machiavellian ‘negotiator’ for Brexit I’d advise to delay, delay, delay the serving of Article 50 unless the EU plays nice: it’s as likely that Italy or Greece will go belly up as it is that the ‘market’ turns on the UK. Oh, wait! Footsie’s in bull market territory…so much for Brexipocalypse.

      The EU desperately needs the UK but the UK does NOT need the EU. I am looking forward to the weeks/months ahead as the EU is subjected to ‘regime chance’ of such ferocity such as to make the recent blood-bath in the Tories seem like children fighting in a sand-pit. All my friends on the island of Ireland can rest assured they are safe in Enda’s clammy hands……meanwhile the crybabies on the EU gravy train cannot accept the train has hit the buffers so they carry on with their nonsense. They may as well be demanding Core UK accepts the earth is flat. Numpties. Let me assure them that the riots that would erupt should Brexit be thwarted would not be ‘advisory’….what next? QC’s marching on Westminster? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

      ‘Brexit: Letter saying EU referendum result ‘not legally binding’ signed by more than 1,000 lawyers. Co-creator Philip Kolvin QC says parliament is ‘the guardian of our democracy”


      • Of course, a parliamentary commission would take months or years and be indecisive and purely advisory.
        Where was the commission when the original decision to join was taken.
        It is OK for first past the post and a government to be elected with 45-48 % of the vote or as in Canada, 39.5% but not OK to pass a broad vote??

        The shenanigans have already started, and they will not end soon.

        Theresa May will need to be strong and determined. What is the use of an “advisory” plebiscite if the advice is rejected?

        Still chaos is the desired outcome in order for the strong arm of the law to be exercised especially when the common people do not know what is good, or best, for them!!! Lock down and a suspension of democracy is in order, for their own good.

  17. Deco

    I get the sense that British anger at the Euro-mess, will be far more civil, calm and reasoned compared with what will come.

    British Euro-scepticism is based on reasoned arguments, and a high level of apprehension concerning what the EU has become. Mostly, the British have dealt with the fact that they are no longer the centre of the world, though many in London still seem to think otherwise.

    The French kick back will not be nice, and will be loaded with ugly delusions, and spectacular levels of irrationality.

    Germany does not have enough money to sustain the number one derivatives bank, France, the CAP, Italian banks, Merkel’s unilateralism (which alienates everybody), and the level of mediocre decision making coming from Brussels.

    • Deco

      In other words, there will be money-printing. There also needs to be serious revision on the organization of state and public activities in Europe, in the light of cost pressures.

      Certain activities like welfare provision, health provision, infrastructure, productivity enhancement, environmental protection, societal reconstruction (needed in Greece), regional/rural aid, should be free from cutbacks.

      Bank bailouts, Financial sector subsidies, media subsidies, the absurd level of institutional over-stretch, real estate incentives, and militarism are non-core activies, with much less societal benefit. These will have to get contronted.

      But, in the interim, money printing will be inevitable.

  18. Deco

    Things that Ireland needs to consider for remdy, quickly.

    1. FAS / Solas / “whatever it will be rebranded next”, to get fixed. ASAP. And it needs to be function with flexibility, relative to the labour market.

    2. The public transport system of Dublin needs to be reviewed and made reflect the needs of the populace, not some cartwheel plan.

    3. Provide third Level with more autonomy, whilst making certain institutions (particular in Dublin) more efficient, by consolidating departments.

    4. Reduce the number of quangos, by 70% – where possible, by simply ending them, once and for all, and making the government department responsible.

    5. Restrictions on residential density in “urban” Dublin. Build upwards like in every other city.

    6. For an IT heavyweight, the HSE is an embarrasment. The HSE is a productivity disaster.

    7. A referendum on bank bondholder debt. [ up yours, Suds ] If apporved, the ECB cares that much, it can print the repayments. But it should not come from taxation. That is nonsense.

    8. Allow every local authority to have a designated area for marajuana, and all other drugs are to be illegal. If people want to go high, thye can go to a special village, street, and smoke pot. That will reduce the drugs problem, and gradually remedy the rampant crime. We do not have enough cops, so therefore reduce the number of criminals.

    9. Fix the IW debacle.

  19. Pat Flannery

    Some weeks ago somebody on this site (my apologies for forgetting the name) opined that David’s weekly Indo and SBP articles, reprinted here each following day, are actually serious conspiracy theories. I resisted that characterization at first because there are enough conspiracy whackos on the web, none of which I frequent let alone comment upon. Is this just another such conspiracy site?

    Eschatological socio-political pontifications usually emanate from uneducated minds (test: I doubt that frequent visitors to such sites would understand words like that). But David is an educated man. That’s what keeps me here (despite his chorus of conspiracy-loving followers), it helps me understand how opinions are formed in Ireland.

    But if David is a smart educated man why do most of his articles sound like they were taken directly from the Book of Revelation? Answer: because fire, brimstone and plagues sell newspapers, no matter what the context, religious or profane and economics is a particularly good fit.

    In this his latest article David skilfully ‘’takes altitude’’ and predicts hordes of nativist working class ‘’chavs’’ erupting from the industrial North, half mad and scared to death by the ravages of unfair globalization, descending upon and plundering the cosmopolitan South, home of slimy foreigners engaged in greasy money lending, slick advertising and other unmentionable ”professional” services, this Sodom-and-Gomorrah Southern economy being totally incomprehensible to these honest Northern nativist English ‘’chavs’’.

    Yeah, it sounds like the end of the world to me David. I look forward to your next fire and brimstone sermon. You are scaring me to death. You might make a believer out of me yet.

  20. McCawber

    1. Dissolve Fas. Start from scratch with no baggage.
    2. Dept of Transport vision looking into the future. That’s it just looking…..
    3. Yeah grand.
    4. Think of the well paid jobs you’ve just destroyed. Have you a problem with nepotism?
    5. Hhmmmm but not too high and please can we avoid reinventing the wheel.
    Someone else has sorted out any associated
    problems. We do not need an Irish solution to etc.
    6. HSE you are too kind. The problem is the employees of the HSE who are positively tryingto uundermine it.
    7. The people voted to keep the senate.
    Ergo the people know what is good for them. Don’t they?
    I wouldn’t be confident but I’d vote not to burn the BHs – I got it wrong on the Senate so ……

    • Deco

      Thanks Macawber.

      Your suggestion with respect to FAS deserves consideration. Currently it is dysfunctional and wasteful of public money.

      Also, another proposal. Close down that useless quango the Dun Laoghaire Port Authority. Move whatever heavy equipment they have to some coastal town in another region that wants the cargo business, where the locals can agree that they want roll-on/roll off. Maybe Youghal might want this. Or even a location in the North West.

      Allow DL to have a singular function – recreation. Forget cargo, and the ferry business. (the cars are going further inland anyway, because everything is much cheaper). Either you do cargo properly (Belview, Wateford, for example) or you don’t do it at all.

      A useless Port Authority with no income, fine collection, and no clue is holding the place back. Instead scrap the racket. And let the people in the area submit what they want. Let them vote on it. And then proceed. If people get to vote, then they will commit themselves to making it work.

      It would revitalize the town. Marina development, and recreation activity driven by the market, not some idiot in DLRCC with a empty spot to fill on his CV, en route to the next step in the quango career path (and there are plenty).

      Currently, DL is run as along the French method of government. Taxes are high. Fines are punitive. Illusions are entertained. And indeed subsidised. And private sector activity has gone elsewhere.

      Maybe the Irish Times readers in the area, are delighted with how the place follows the statist approach to business. Or maybe they think the problem is that there is not enough regulation from DLRC, and the Port Authority. How many lost decades will follow before it becomes obvious that something new must be tried ?

      In the interim, the lack of worker housing in Dublin, Google wages, and the fact that single people can pay more for rent than families, absurd planning laws (which did not apply to that ugly library) is pushing the next generation to Greystones.

      Of course if DL Port became a success the politicians might bloodsuck it into failure. They have made themselves comfortable destroying a beautiful location with absurd rates, and interference.

      The problem with Ireland is….politico-institutional Ireland.

      It facilitates too many delusions.

      It is designed to turn public resources into comfort for insiders. Quangos are holding Ireland back.

      • Deco

        Dun Laoghaire (on your doorstep) is a extreme example of the failure of public failure in Ireland. It is mediocre, greedy, and wastes a fortune trying to justify it’s existence. It stiffles anything that might grow, and then produces plans that do not work.

        It needs to be deregulated. The local Irish Times readers probably hate the idea – but they need a challenge to their outlandish assumptions.

  21. SMOKEY

    I think this is a TOP 10 piece that should be recognized as insightful and relevant whilst being interesting and once again unashamedly ahead of the curve. Thanks D-Mac, that is the moniker I coined for you.
    Now everyone enjoy this, its the ultimate answer to Black Lives Splatter plight in my birth country.

  22. http://usawatchdog.com/separate-laws-for-political-nobility-economic-elite-gerald-celente/

    ” I think the crisis is underway. I think the ‘Brexit’ was a trigger point for that. It exposed more of the weakness of what is going on. Again, the thing is rigged. The markets should have gone down much lower. You see what happens. The markets go down several hundred points, and the ‘Plunge Protection Team’ comes in and circuit breakers go off. I thought this was a capitalistic market? No, the markets are rigged, so only the little people get wiped out. You go to a casino, and the house starts losing, and all of a sudden they change the game. Get this right, the house never loses, it’s a neo- feudal society. That’s what I am saying, whether it come to money or whether it comes to law.”

  23. Posted at Lemetropolecafe


    Deutsche Bank chief economist calls for €150B bailout of European banks: In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, Deutsche Bank’s chief economist David Folkerts-Landau suggested that an injection of fresh capital was needed to help save banks, pegging the amount needed to recapitalize at €150B. He said Europe is “seriously ill and needs to address very quickly the existing problems, or face an accident,” while highlighting that Italian banks seemed particularly problematic, though he does not expect a second crisis like in 2008.

    I remember Britain was called the sick man of Europe. The EU is the sick dog now, spiritually, financially, and morally. A close relative is the USA, catching the same disease.

    • Deco

      The EU is the dictat generator to ensure societal underperformance.

      But the well connected, are secure, empowered, and wealthy.

      In the EU the centre right have become bought, and the centre left have become useless (to borrow heavily from Chris Hedges).

      DB are looking for a bailout, whilst Merkel’s government are denying any bailout to Italy. Renzi is correct to point out the absurdity of Merkel’s position. Merkel is in the process of alienating all Germany’s neighbours – so Italy should not be surprised by any of this. She is becomming Germany’s biggest liability, and her unilateralism is a diplomatic disaster.

      Hollande is utterly useless, and should stick to having affairs with actresses. If he cannot please an entire soceity, then he can downsize his ambitions to pleasing one person. Renzi is the only one on the left that is even remotely close to dealing with the problem, and he is far more honest with what needs to happen than most on the centre right. He is definitely more honest than the NL Fin Min, who is the essence of “penny wise, pound foolish”, and who is stopping the Club med from being healed.

    • McCawber

      150bn. Sure the bank CEIs wouldn’t get out of bed for that sort of money.
      150bn would barely cover the cost of hiring financial consultants to tell us what the problems are and give us the answers the politicians want. FFS.
      He’s joking. It took about 40bn to fix our banks.
      Except it wasn’t enough not nearly enough, it was just the maximum the ECB could force on us without actually sinking us .
      We needed debt forgiveness except it might have brought the whole house of cards down.
      Eight years on the governments of the EU having nothing to fix the economies have created a situation whereby the ECB has run out of runway and hasn’t unstuck from the runway.
      Big question – what’s really at the end of the runway.
      Answer – A lot more AUSTERITY for you and me.

  24. survivalist

    “In fact, nothing better illustrates the chasm between the victims and the beneficiaries of globalisation as the north/south divide in England.”

    Nothing illustrates the chasm better?

    I would suggest that there are at least some better examples than the north-south divide in England.

    Such as that the richest 1% have accumulated more wealth than the rest of the world put together.

    That the wealth of the richest 62 people having risen by 45% in the five years since 2010.And that since the turn of the century, the poorest half of the world’s population has received just 1% of the total increase in global wealth.

    And regarding income that since 2000 the preceding long period of stagnating wages has continued; and has in fact been trending toward decline!

    In contrast to the 1947–74 periods; when wages for almost all workers were rising steadily and faster than the inflation rate, average wages after the mid-1970s consistently failed to grow.

    Household incomes continued to rise only because family members were working more hours.

    In the UK, 20 million are living in poverty-of a total population of 65 million.

    More than half of those in poverty are in employment! Of those, 39% are working full-time and 13% are in part-time employment.

    A third of people are unable to save any money at all. And the richest 5th of UK society pay less tax that the poorest 5th.

    Where did it all go wrong?

    It didn’t because that’s exactly what ‘the economy’ has been designed to do. Large scale theft.

    • Right.
      The start is the banking system. Fiat Ponzi paper charged as a debt to the people at interest to bind them to economic serfdom. That is the worlds money, as designed, creaming off the productivity of the working to the financial masters.

      We need honest money to begin to rectify the situation.

      • “Fiat Ponzi paper charged as a debt to the people at interest to bind them to economic serfdom.”

        Spot on Tony, I wonder will David ever do any article about this?

    • Conclusion: Steal back, try not to get caught and never feel guilty about it.

  25. AlfieMoone

    Brexit because: “The militarisation of the EU has been rapid, largely invisible and facilitated by self-serving propaganda.”

    “The militarisation of Europe is a far greater threat than Brexit” Ray Kinsella Irish Independent. 11/7/2016

    My adult ‘children’ were enraged with me for voting Leave, until I sat them down and explained yet another reason why we had to LeaveEU…

    In 1939, the people of the United Kingdom had to face down a fascist alliance across Europe, these islands were in peril, with the island of Ireland lost in a fog of pseudo-neutrality, pandering to Hitler, etc. Because ‘the Brits’ had a unique stoic culture they were ready, willing and able to do all it took to face down the Nazis, suffering grievously until the United States belatedly joined in.

    I’ve told my children to remember this when I’m long gone, when it’s 2039 and they survey the demise of the EU and Euro. I hope that dissolution unfolds without war, that the EU crack-up mirrors the USSR crack-up. I hope it will not be accompanied by another European-wide rise of the fascist Right but, with Golden Dawn, there are ominous portents. There are some eejits on the Left, such as Paul Mason and Yanis Varoufakis (who was a contemporary of mine at University) who feel that the UK has some sort of ‘moral obligation’ to reform the EU. [sigh]

    The newly born Core UK England and Wales has NO such obligation, indeed to entertain such neo-colonial fantasies is to return to Empire, which is what wannabe EU President Blair planned from the get-go. Chilcot. If we are to do Empire again, it will be a post-colonial Cultural Empire of revolutionary, liberating ideas. In fact, through Brexit, the first astonishing salvo of that culture war has been launched and the world looks on in shock and awe.

    Celebrity economists, commentators & the media chatterati are amusing circus acts but it gets more disturbing when we watch the antics of the real Political Class. Consider the abject delusionality of the neoliberal ‘New Labour’ UK Labour Party. Singing ‘We’ll keep the red flag flying’ whilst sucking The City’s engorged phallus for the last few decades. Nothing wrong with phallus worship-it’s an ancient Babylonian cult/religion but…they’re slaves, not acolytes.They’re now aghast to awake from their trance and find the public see them as having chosen a supporting role of fluffer, not the real Method Acting ‘money-shot’ stuff..

    The tantrum toddlers of the former UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland, do need the EU as they are unable to govern themselves and cannot fully join into the advanced cultural memeplex of Core UK as they are so handicapped by historical baggage. The Welsh have chosen to embrace the future, not the past, despite the enraged pleadings of Plaid Cymru. But if they want to change their mind, England’s just fine about border guards on the Severn Bridges, or closing them and re-routing traffic via nearby Worcester…

    The D4/IFSC notion that authentic Irish folk are going to bend and spread indefinitely to take one for the team from Juncker, Merkel, Hollande and Schauble is hilarious. They are watching ‘The Brits’ reclaim themselves through Brexit and….it’s only a matter of time to IRExit….

    The only thing the new Core UK needs to do is sort out NATO. There are obvious challenges in decamping from Faslane to Plymouth, Milford Haven etc, but that isn’t too burdensome. I guess the only real issue is the fate of Scalpa Flow, but that has to wait until the Orkneys & Shetlands decide if their fate is within an ‘Independent Troika EU Scotland’ or they rebel and stay with Core UK England and Wales. Or go the Iceland route. Archipelago Realpolitik: Isles Of Wonder. All the outcomes I’ve been Visioning here for years have now moved from ‘insane conspiracy theory’ to live agenda items for the UK/ROI/EU/US cabinets. I choose to see the humour in my prescient predictions as I channel Auberon Waugh and John Mortimer, sipping a glass of Buck’s Fizz to begin another day of ceaseless re-imagining of current realities and summoning of known unknown white/grey/black swan realities via Zozo.

    There was a reason for choosing this site and avoiding any ‘public life’ on these matters: because the entire Bread and Circus charade of ‘economics as the new rock’n'roll’ needed a good kick in the teeth. Job done! I’m sure our host is a nice guy. I’ve met a few people who’ve met him and they say he seems sound and they’re sure he’s not a Globalist Droid-Drone but it doesn’t matter if he is or not. My mission is accomplished. Even if DMcW submits to the howling demands of Official Ireland that he deletes my profile from his site, the memes have been birthed and scorched enough retinas and my words cannot now be undone. Serious Artists, such as myself, do not give a flying fcuk what happens to their output as they’re constantly creating anew. I don’t have to do anything else on the culture war front regarding ‘economics’ and ‘geo-politics’ so it’s now time to have some fun to finally form a ‘punk rock’ band, 40 years after folk begged me to. My daughter gets her A Level (leaving cert) results next month. We’re chilling as a family, watching the political circus on telly as we pick strawberries and herbs in our idyllic English country garden. Life is good. It’s been great fun but….I’m soon to become bored of being ‘Alfie’ or ‘AndrewGMooney’. It will soon be time to drop the masks and step on stage….once summer fades….and rehearsals resume..

    I’ll be in Cork soon to see if the rumoured birth of a Culchie Uprising version of The Revolution is happening. Initial reports are promising but it’s not a competition, it’s a collaboration. London? Dublin? Both defunct Globalist drone-controlled wastelands. Birmingham and Cork is where the action is….and always was!

    That’s enough for now. The transmission is fading. The ouija board is shaking. Dawn has broken, time to do that Real World stuff….LOL! But first, some inspirational energies: Kalidasa -Look To This Day-take it away, Alan!

    ProdiJIG: The Revolution feat. Moxie


    • “They are watching ‘The Brits’ reclaim themselves through Brexit and….it’s only a matter of time to IRExit….”

      Sadly WRONG Andy, the spineless Irish don’t have the guts for that. Their Stockholm Syndrome for the EU is so strong that they’ll keep taking orders from the Germans and getting bitch slapped by French midgets until the bitter end when Berlin and Paris are already burning.

      • AlfieMoone

        Maybe….but that’s not the vibe I picked up during a 12 day stay in Dublin for the 1916 Centenary. Folk seemed to enjoy the pageant stuff but with a raised eyebrow, alert to the irony of it all. And….Paddy is obsessed with not being bested by The Brits.

        Once the SHTF & Europe goes tits up, the idea of Core UK waltzing off with both the £ & the kudos of history, feted as existential rebels who blew the roof off the whole rotting nonsense, the Core Culchie bedrock will erupt. It’s easy to think that Dublin is the voice that needs to be listened to but you only have to go as far as Laois/Kilkenny and the rebel banjo music starts up.

        Fcuk Dublin. Fcuk London. I’m done will all that crap: “ooh! let’s invited cool coders & geeks from all over the world to work in groovy pods with neck massages & let’s have a multicultural serf class imported too, to replace the angry Cockernees & Northsiders. We need an Eritrean restaurant around here, lets get a boatload of Fugees off the Dover docks”

        Theme Park Irish History is now as ridiculous as Theme Park British History. It’s just nonsense. Norman London & Norman Dublin are two sides of the same coin. Knightsbridge & Ballsbridge with the same strategy: sell the plebs a fake past, give them a Green Jersey or a Union Flag and some footies sing-songs and they’ll do as they’re told. Well, not on this island of Britain, not anymore…HA!

        ‘global professional class..identify more with each other than ..with fellow residents of own countries’

        ‘Unhappily for the elites, there is no “Transnationalprofessionalistan” to which they can move’

        Theresa May is doing all that “We’re all in this together” crap again. Well, we’ll see. But ‘we’ are not involved with ANYTHING to do with London here in Brum. London is like a fungus, it’s tentacles have spread to:

        Bristol (loads of rich white trustrafarian kids from West London have decamped there. my son lives there. it used to be the coolest city now it’s just gentrified crap) VOTED REMAIN

        Manchester (full of poseurs and wankers living on the echo glory days of 2 football teams and a few ok bands. now chocka full of BBC types sent in exile from London) VOTED REMAIN

        Leeds (used to be full-on mental rebel city due to Leeds United, but has been colonised by London Bankster back-office overspill) VOTED REMAIN

        Liverpool (East Dublin….oddballs, mostly funny but seriously bitter and twisted) VOTED REMAIN

        Sunderland (…..hilarious place, textbook example of Not Giving A FcuK) VOTED LEAVE

        Birmingham (rebel heart of England-nutjob Mercians & Saxons, all attempts to gentrify it have failed to date but it was damn close vote due to London commuter overspill slowly infiltrating Solihul) VOTED LEAVE

        All the marginal UK general election seats are in the Midlands that’s why the Tories can’t make up their minds whether to try and draw the Mercians into the South-East by HS2 high speed rail or spend the money on London commuters. But now they know that the Heart Of England is the biggest problem they face, the Core UK rebels who told the entire Official World Expert Chorus to fuck off and die by voting Leave. Mercianomics, as I predicted.

        I think you’re going to see some serious action on the island of Ireland to stop a Culchie Uprising taking shape. Expect massive fawning overtures to be made from D4/Official Ireland IFSC to Limerick, Cork, Kilkenny to try and pacify the Populists. Enda and Michael will have looked at the utter failure of their Cheltenham Races Propaganda machine here and realise if they don’t act, they’re next.

        I’m very optimistic that there’s deep resources for anti-Globalists on the island of Ireland to draw on. But the biggest one is envy: it will be totally unbearable for Paddy to watch The English strutting and boasting about being free whilst the Irish remain under the Troika Terror. And there’s nothing that the Official World Expert Chorus can now do to plausibly try to stop Brexit. Even if they do, then they’re just priming a bigger detonation. O’bama got his ass handed back to him by Core UK & he richly deserved that come-uppance. I expect the Globalists will try and engineer a recession to force the Brits back into line but they’re totally wasting their time, the genie is out of the bottle, Cameron opened Pandora’s Box and ‘hope’ is one of the things that was contained within. If Hitler couldn’t grind this island down, I very much doubt that a bunch of ponces in the EU, IMF & Federal Reserve will get very far.

        Suddenly, it’s a different world and I’m blessed to be living in the absolute epicentre of this climactic event. Trust me, once the UK runs rings around the sclerotic, embalmed EU ‘negotiators’ in the run up to triggering Article 50, the rest of the EU sheeple will wake up and smell the Earl Grey tea.

        Even if Core UK has to endure a Depression, fcuk it! At least it will be for Freedom, not to be ground under the heel of the EU, which is the fate of the PIGS & the Republic Of Ireland. The current sugar-high GDP rush for Ireland won’t last. It can’t if the Brits are to be put on the naughty step for saying “FcUKEU”.

        So…Enda….as you sit down with Merkel, remember who’s got the best hand whilst you move from rictus grin to whatever poker face you’ve got left after dancing a jig with that SNP banshee Sturgeon…you were raped before by the EC/IMF shower, just as Geithner and O’bama raped the previous FF idiots:

        Are you going to bend and spread again and agree to Schaubel & Juncker’s planned ‘punishment’ of the rebel Core UK? Going to be the EU’s ‘teacher’s pet’ again? Before you get on your knees & start blowing, just remember that both these islands are inextricably linked culturally, socially, economically and politically. If you are idiotic enough to be a pawn on the EU chessboard, don’t be surprised or upset when you get reamed & pawnd by the Core UK in return. That’s just how we roll, It is what it is. We are where we are and anger isn’t a policy. OK, mt8? Cheers!”

        Goodbye! Toodle pip! Cheerio! Tara-a-bit!

        Alfie/Andrew aka: A?A

        ps: Tiocfaidh ár lá

        Up the Ra – Rubberbandits.


        • AlfieMoone

          Postscript: This video explains why I voted #Brexit: ‘Mark Blyth on the Brexit vote’

          ‘Mark Blyth, professor of Political Economy at Brown University, talks with ?AthensLive about the #Brexit vote and the ramifications on the ?UK and across ?Europe. He also considers the current situation in ?Greece and the long run effects of what he calls “Trumpism”.’


        • “If Hitler couldn’t grind this island down, I very much doubt that a bunch of ponces in the EU, IMF & Federal Reserve will get very far.

          Suddenly, it’s a different world and I’m blessed to be living in the absolute epicentre of this climactic event. Trust me, once the UK runs rings around the sclerotic, embalmed EU ‘negotiators’ in the run up to triggering Article 50, the rest of the EU sheeple will wake up and smell the Earl Grey tea.”

          Great stuff Andy – but I still maintain that the Irish won’t have the guts for it – they are incompetent, corrupt, subservient, craven lapdogs.

      • SMOKEY

        Classic, you need to let it out more often Adam. As for the punk ass Enda Kenny types,…..”It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”

    • Pat Flannery

      Great stuff Andy. You redeem this site with your half-serious, half-mad humour.

      Like you I won’t be around in 2039 to see if your dire predictions prove accurate. You tell your children that the EU will disintegrate as did the USSR and that after the deluge the dreary steeples of Britain’s ‘’unique stoicism’’ will re-emerge as the only reliable beacon of civilization in the world. As you channel your mystic muses you see the sceptred isle of Britannia as the world’s Noah’s Ark in a sea of troubles. Lucky children.

      Meanwhile ‘’the tantrum toddlers of the former UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland, do need the EU as they are unable to govern themselves and cannot fully join into the advanced cultural memeplex of Core UK as they are so handicapped by historical baggage.’’

      Now, if all that is not Fascism, in the true meaning of the word ‘’Fasces’’, then I am truly a mere ”tantrum toddler” excluded from the fasces-bearing advanced culture of your Core UK tribe. I wonder which of us is the more handicapped by our historical baggage.

      Thank goodness there is a convenient island off the coast of Europe on which to lock up such lunacy until the fever passes. Hurrah for Brexit.

      • AlfieMoone


        NB: Warning! Comments may contain Irony and/or Hyperbole because: Rhetoric.

        You posit the common delusion that’s there’s a ‘special relationship’ between the RoI & the US. Wrong tense: there WAS a special relationship but as the plight of undocumented Irish in the US shows, the days of US administrations green-lighting Green Cards for Paddy purely because some remote ancestor came from the aul sod are long gone. If Trump wins, expect total mayhem in that supposedly ‘special relatonship’. Hasn’t anyone figures out a way to O’Trump him back into accepting every Prez is Plastic Paddy? As for O’Bama and his henchman, Geithner: if our Irish friends didn’t wake up and smell the Starbucks when they were shafted by the US in the GFC, they need electroshock now.

        The real ‘special relationship’ was/is and always will be with the island of Britain, hence the barely concealed panic within Official Ireland at the idea of a Core UK that asserts it’s Sovereignty, leaves the EU and refuses to carry the grievance-mongering saddoes on the Celtic fringe who want to both play their Victim Script hand AND have unfettered right to live, work and play in the ‘belly of the beast’. Ain’t gonna happen no more. End of.

        Thus, the ‘safety valve’ of sending folk over to England on the night boat will no longer be available to the ludicrous eejity regimes known as FF/FG. This ‘social cleansing’ of undesirable Irish to England has been going on since the Norman Toraigh (Tory) hordes first stiched up both islands. It’s been a win-win: Irish Normans got rid of troublesome Culchies and mad genius artists and England got cheap labour to avoid wage inflation in the prole industrial heartlands.

        The absolute pinnacle/zenith of this process was the mass emmigration of Irish to England during the 50s, during the, ahem…’Emergency’ when Devil Eire banjaxed Ireland good’n'proper, but Haughey availed of it, too, even as his covert cadres were dishing out the Green Jerseys and ammo.

        Won’t it be such a piss-off for them when these Norman inbreds on both islands can’t all just flit from Cheltenham Races to pony clubs in Connemara without having to be reminded that they need to show their papers, that their 1000 year stitch-up of both islands is over…ended by the post-New Labour rage of UKIP?

        Won’t it be delicious when Ireland Inc can no longer send upstarts over to London to pretend to be radical? When the next Bob Geldof faux-radical has to actually stay in Ireland and change the place or piss off to Paris or Berlin? Not to Boston or Birmingham?

        If Kenny and Martin think they can square the circle of claiming Ireland is still a Sovereign nation whilst demanding the EU still allows them to send excess labour to England during times of economic stress whilst importing a new ‘exotic’ complaint immigrant serf class to service the Norman Toraigh Irish elite, then they are geniuses. They are not geniuses! And the sleeping Culchie consciousness is waking up. People read my ‘mad rants’ and, whether they like it or not, their brains are re-programmed. I don’t need to make a big deal about all this, don’t need to demand to be ‘taken seriously’ by all those idiotic ‘serious economists, politicians and media types’ in D4, the IFSC or the Dail: they can, quite literally, go fcuk themselves. I’ve met folk who read this site, read my comments and tell me they’ve had their *lightbulb* moment about all this. No worries, Paddy. It’s the duty of the Birmingham Irish to gift these insights to you all so you rise up and finally TAKE BACK CONTROL. Stop singing all those nonsensical historic ‘rebel songs’ which only make a mockery of your current servitude: write new ones! Or sing along to those which Andy Mooney will soon be blasting out, not that he’ll give a toss either way.

        The ‘creative destruction’ of Brexit should be seen by the Irish as a genuwine miracle on a par with Lourdes. The possibilities released by this thermonuclear vote by the Saxon Foe heartlands of industrial England open up entirely new possibilities for configuring the sprial tribes of these Isles of Wonder. Goodbye Labour/Tory/Lib-Dem/FF/FG/SF: prepare for total and absolute mayhem because:

        WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK! isn’t just a ironic gesture or a xeonphobic slogan. It’s a statement of intent. And that country is Mercia and Mercianomics is the method whereby Mordor and The Shire rise up and finally expel the Normans, thus triggering the same reaction amongst the Culchies amongst us and on our neighbouring island.

        And let’s do all this with humour and grace, not violence and cultural disgrace. There is another way for, truly, the pen is mightier than the sword. Read my words and watch as your mind joins this R(evolution)

        Birmingham had to be bombed by the pseudo-IRA as too many Paddies were forming cultural alliances with the Mercians and Saxons. They’d come over on the night boat in the 50s to rebuild after the Nazi onslaught, having been told they were going into exile in the Babylon of Birmingham but when they lived there they found the real ‘rebel culture’ which named their real enemies: the Norman Toraigh elite of London and Dublin who’d banjaxed the Culchies since 1066. The JFK memorial in Brum tells you all you need to know but no more, not here, not yet….

        “Belfast is closer to Birmingham than Boston or Berlin”

        The EU is a fascist project, it is the subversion of the Nation State by the Corporation. But these inept corporate lobbyists failed to factor in the hidden Nation State of Mercia…which never submitted to Norman conquest. And never will….they didn’t even realise that we were watching, waiting, patiently…and then they gave us the EU Ref…Welcome to the Saxon Outlaw Metropolis of Birmingham all you Brussels mofos! Welcome to the Neutron Bomb that is #Mercianomics

        Maybe they didn’t read this blog? Maybe they thought I was just another nutter ranting on the WWW? ‘Mad Paddy From Brum’ goes down in history as the most infamous Cultural Engineer evva! They didn’t realise they were dealing with the ultimate mad genius Political ‘Psycho’? Didn’t they realise I didn’t need a website/book/lecture tour? All I had to do was post some ‘drivel’ on a high-profile Globalist blog and my seditious campaign of samizdat percolated ‘under the radar’.

        The Globalist massed his armies of Economists & sundry other risible ‘experts’ but they never even realise they were facing a reclusive, misanthropic misfit hiding in his hobbit house in The Shire. They read his words and scoffed, mocked, and went back to their absurd statistical models: exactly what Andy planned from the outset.

        They never even realised that The Globalist would be destroyed by his eternal enemy: The Memeticist aka ‘Mad Paddy From Brum’. And now, post-Brexit, it’s too late for them to do anything other than destroy the world in revenge and humiliation….


        Yours, in jubilo!
        Alfie Moone

        aka ‘The Memeticist’

        President of Independent Mercia within Core UK Cymru & Albion &
        Cultural an Taoiseach to the Shire Irish 5th Province Disapora


        “In England, every region outside of London voted to leave. The highest vote for leave was in the West Midlands [Mercia] with 59.11% opting for Brexit. In London [Normandy], 59.94% voted to remain.”

        ‘UK votes to leave EU after dramatic night divides nation’ The Guardian Rowena Mason Friday 24 June 2016 07.51 BST


        “That tapas … It ain’t a meal. It’s just snacks. It ain’t right Terry! ”

        “Pizza! They’re havin’ a laugh. It’s just cheese on fuckin toast! ”

        “That Polish. Where’s the vowels?It ain’t right. It’s bad enough we let the Welsh get away with it.”

        ‘Theresa May has vowed to unite Britain – my guess is against the poor’ Frankie Boyle

        “Your mind is just a program
        And I’m the virus
        I’m changing the station
        I’ll improve your thresholds” MUSE ‘Psycho’


        “The Brussels Business – Who Runs the EU ?

        Published on Dec 13, 2015

        ‘THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS is a docu-thriller that dives into the grey zone underneath European democracy. An expedition into the world of the 15,000 lobbyists in the EU-capital, of the PR-conglomerates, think tanks and their all embracing networks of power and their close ties to the political elites.’


  26. McCawber

    When one is in negotiations one has to know what cards one holds.
    So what cards does Ireland hold.
    I think we have one big trump but it has to be carefully played (Enda ain’t up to it).
    The card we have is the fear of contagion.
    The EU, having fleeced us, will be only too happy to wave us a fond farewell (especially if there is a risk of our banks going belly up).
    So that’s the game.
    Not great.
    What other cards might we hold?
    Over to you “lot”.

  27. oe1

    Good analysis of the north south voting divide in the UK. Also, I think a lot of the Northern England leave voters were not thinking in economic terms, but more about keeping their cultural identity – maybe a backlash to the ongoing integration and homogenisation of all cultures.

    After the referendum, what will become the key issue is the type of border the UK wants with the EU. There are two extremes and a choice in between. The first a soft border with freedom of movement and goods and some services, with restrictions to the labour market and social services, with Britain paying for the market access. The extreme is the hard border with tariffs and passport control, etc., with Britain not paying anything.

    With the soft border, the north and Scotland could even be in the EU and still be part of the UK. I guess this is the option most people might want and the fairest compromise all around. Going the other, way, 50 percent of the population wont be happy.

    In this neo liberal world, personally I doubt national governments can make any better or fairer decisions than the EU. If anything local politics is easily corruptible, and in Ireland’s case, very indecisive on practical issues, whereas the EU deems to be a lot clearer and direct. Most of Irelands environmental legislation comes from Brussels, for example. Although I am not in any way associated with the EU, my employer just got an EU funded project. So I can see direct benefits.

  28. survivalist

    Following an earlier D McWilliams article July 7, 2016 “Ignore all the shouting — The Brits will get their Norway-style trade deal”; an interesting update on the relationship between Ireland’s economy (whatever that is) and foreign capital has appeared and may have already been seen by some regular visitors to this site.

    If not then brace yourselves because apparently the Irish economy grew by over 26% in 2015; CSO figures.

    Previous estimates were that the economy would only grow by a mere 7.8%. This surprising information prompted different reactions.

    Perceptively, Michael Noonan pointed out that ‘growth numbers cut Ireland’s debt and deficit ratios’.

    This is because the existing debt sum can now be re-calculated relative to our improved but only apparent GDP.

    The Irish Times in; “State’s debt ratio falling at fastest rate in the euro zone” [Mar 24 2016] combined a mixed message of austerity works, trust the Government and continued the mantra that the international banking debt belongs rightfully to the people.

    Earlier articles on this topic were also used by The Times reminded us what a burden social welfare is on our economy, and what is ‘owed’ there is the real problem. [On borrowed time: Ireland’s deceptive debt numbers Jan 24 2016]

    Official Ireland also had their spin on the facts; the chief economist of Goodbody Stockbrokers stridently pointed the way towards the biggest red-herring he could find.

    He noted that there was still some doubt behind those numbers, but that this was due to “the impact of a strengthening euro”.

    What is absent however from these reports are the facts.

    The growth is actually a measure of corporate efforts to avoid paying tax and their nominal relocation to Ireland, sanitized and presented as a good thing. Corporate PR has become the actual economy.

  29. Leprechaun economics!


    Krugman managed to coin that phrase probably about 5 mins before David had the chance to.

    But as David might also say – ‘you couldn’t make it up!’.

    Leprechaun economics indeed. 26% grote!

    What a banana republic this place really is.

    • Deco

      Noonan smiling, like as if he has achieved something, with his stupid lies concerning debt sustainability.

      The GDP statistics are virtual.

      The debt is real.

      If Juncker gets scapegoated (very likely, because Merkel reacts to a crisis by doing something obvious, but meaningless) he can head up the CSO. Because Luxembourg is anothe statistical GDP joke.

  30. patricia03

    Perhaps Alfie, it could be succinctly described as Germany doing with Banks what it couldn’t do with tanks.

    • AlfieMoone

      ‘patricia03′- Exactly that.

      That formulation was bubbling under the radar in this prescient article from The Paper of Record. The closing sentence refers to the ‘State’ but that would be the German state, not the Irish state. The German State forced their client Irish State to rescue the ECB banking systems on German terms, hence Ireland’ current debt bondage:

      ‘The State may yet be forced into further action to strengthen its rescue of the Irish banking system.’

      ‘Banks may yet need more in their tanks’

      Simon Carswell. The Irish Times. Fri, Oct 31, 2008, 00:00

    • StephenKenny

      One of the problems that the Germans have is that the creditors of the funds that have lent some much money to other European countries are their, German, pension funds. Much is the same in a number of countries e.g. UK.

      If the loans are defaulted, the losses will end up being picked up by a lot of German pensioners, which in turn will hit the German taxpayer, and the German retail sector.

      The Germans look at it like this: They lent a couple of trillion euros to various European countries; The interest on those loans are the investment returns that their investors are looking expecting; So when they start to default, German investors are going to get hit.

      In most European countries, the pension system is already in tatters: Zero interest rates are bad enough, but defaulting government and other major loans will cause a large number of older people to get increasingly pissed off.

      Fundamentally, the whole system has been distorted out of all recognition by 20+ years of non-stop borrowing, and the money has sloshed into all the most profitable, and non-productive, places. Combine that with almost insane government policies since the mid-1990s, and you’ll find that there actually is no way out. Standards of living have been about 25% too high across Europe for about 20 years. This will have to end, and payback, in some form, in various ways, will happen.

      At the moment we’re rearranging chairs on the Titanic, but shortly we’ll be fighting for the lifeboats.

  31. Dead in here today lads.

  32. tony_murphy

    David, doesn’t look there will be any #Brexit upside

    The EU is a disaster zone. Ireland should pack it’s bags right now and get the hell out of it

    Merkel will rip the place apart.. She is merciless

    Article 50! follow the lead of English and Welsh

    Single market is joke, Freedom of movement is asking to have the country taken over

    • AlfieMoone

      More likely RoI will follow Scotland & Norn Iron to create “The Axis Of EU Eejitry” until it all falls apart then it will be ‘blame the Brits’ with ye olde Celtic Fringe Victim Script.

      OR: Someone with a brain, a backbone & a pair of balls might step up to the mic & tell bewildered Paddy what’s really going on. Declan Ganley was an Indignant Outragetarian about the Lisbon Treaty re-vote debacle but maybe he’s just fed up with it, feels he’s done his patriotic duty and it’s up to someone new to push the Sisyphs rockBeing Irish.

      Official Ireland is just filling their boots with Brexit, making their sleveen short-term pitches for business, not giving a fcuk about the average Culchie beyond the Pale. As, indeed, are the ‘Bread & Circus’ D4 commentariat as they try to flog Leprechaun Economics to the baffled and mocking world.

      I don’t think Angela Merkel will find Leprechaun Economics amusing….LOL!

      I’ll paste this comment to the next article because: *popcorn*



  33. “No government wants a strong currency and Brexit has caused unwanted volatility that may bring destabilizing intervention,” he said.”


    Gold Price Of $1,400 Is Just The Start – VanEck
    By Kitco News
    Tuesday July 12, 2016 12:30
    (Kitco News) – Although gold prices are down from last week’s two-year high, one investment firm sees $1,400 an ounce as just the start as the market remains in a new bull uptrend.
    In a report released Tuesday, Joe Foster, gold strategist at VanEck, said that the firm is expecting gold prices to reach $1,400 an ounce in the second half of the year, adding “and we do not believe it will end there.”
    Tuesday, Augustgold futureshave seen renewed selling pressure with prices last trading at $1,336.50 an ounce, down almost 1.5% on the day.
    What is the driving the next leg of the renewed secular bull market is the fact that investors are being more proactive, he said. He added that inflows into gold-backed exchange-traded products are at their highest level since 2009, when investors sought out safe-haven assets during the sub-prime credit crisis.
    “Many are seeing the looming potential for another financial crisis and making a strategic allocationto bullion as a hedgeagainst systemic risk,” he said.
    Foster sees several factors in the global economy that will continue to support gold prices in the long term, including continued loosed monetary policy and low bond yields. Quoting the latest report from ratings agency Fitch, he noted that $11 trillion in sovereign debt is offering negative yields.
    “Bonds no longer provide safe and steady returns. Investors may seek alternatives to help preserve their wealth,” he said.
    Foster also said that weak global growth and volatile currency markets will make gold an attractive investment.
    “No government wants a strong currency and Brexit has caused unwanted volatility that may bring destabilizing intervention,” he said.
    Turning to the U.S., Foster said that the 2016 presidential election also promises to be positive for the yellow metal, no matter what side wins the race.
    “At this time, there seems, in our view, as if there are no good outcomes in the upcoming election. A Clinton victory is likely to bring a continuation of Obama policies that have resulted in a weak economy, rising debt, weak productivity, lack of business formation, and divisive politics. A Trump victory brings uncertainty and the potential for destabilizing policies if his rhetoric on trade, immigration, and debt service are pursued,” he said in his report.
    Foster also sees potential for the precious-metals mining sector, which is up more than 100% since the start of the year. He added that if gold hits $1,582 by the end of the year, a 20% rally from current levels, the mining sector could see further gains of almost 50%.”"
    I have been reading this now for 15 years and it is correct that the world finances are held up by the money printing. (Computer digit issues) As all Fiat , central bank currency is issued as a loan it follows that the debt also expands at the same rate. The debt is on the balance sheets of the borrowers , being government national debts, plus provincial, municipal, state etc. Then there is corporate debt and personal debt, all at hitherto unseen amounts both in absolute terms and as a proportion to equity.
    Add in the casino of the unregulated futures derivative market and the liabilities jump to 1.5 Quadrillion. The derivatives create no wealth as it is a zero sum game and subject to extreme counter party risk. The daisy chain of debts and obligation are as strong as the weakest link. For every winner there is a looser.
    Our major banks are at extreme risk and now reflected in plummeting stock values. Banks deemed to big to fail were already bailed out by central bank funny money charged to the countries national debt and thus to the taxpayers. Next time it is the turn of the bondholders, share holders and depositors.

    Now we have the G-20 countries all passed bail in legislation and so no bank account be it chequing, savings, bonds, cash or other securities, held on bank premises, are safe. all accounts will be converted to bank shares to bolster bank equity to bolster non existent reserves.

    What to do?
    Get your affairs out of the banking system.
    Keep your cash at home.
    Put your investments into solid assets, tangible, and real.
    Get some real money that has no counter party risk. Money that is recognizable and trade-able. Some are using bitcoin et al others prefer the standby of the ages, precious metal coins.

    Many of the world billionaires are moving assets into PM’s or are already there. Fiat currency will crash and burn, Paper bonds will crash and burn, Inflation will go to hyperdrive, the economy will revert to the down trend of the last 16 years for a full blown depression. It is only masked by the activities of government agencies such as the central banks who are directly buying government bonds to create artificial demand and drive down interest rates, Equity markets are held up by direct buying of the shares by central banks as the average investor has long backed off and trade is thin.This is operated by the Presidents working group on financial markets aka The Plunge Protection team.(PPT)

    It is likely that the DOW will continue to devalue against gold as it reaches eventually a 1:1 ratio. That is not to say that the PPT will not succeed in levitating the stocks but that the price of gold will levitate further and faster. For instance gold could be at 2000 and the Dow likewise for a 90% drop in DOW or gold could be at 20,000 and the DOW at 20,000 too for a modest gain. Or both could as easily reach $50,000.US and whatever as valued in other currencies.

    Then we look at silver. It is more scarce on the surface of the Earth than is gold which is hoarded and stockpiled. It is said that there are also over 500 industrial applications for silver as well as the function of money of the average person. Silver mines are largely base metal miners with silver byproducts. A true silver mine is hard to locate and harder to explore for. This will add scarcity to the silver equation as well as the traditional performance of silver which is more volatile than gold. When PM’s go up silver goes up faster , when prices fall silver plummets. We are in an up market. Silver will out perform gold 2:1 at a minimum.

    Then the miners. Most established mines are lean and mean in operation. All costs are trimmed. The average all-in replacement costs for gold are 1000-1200 and ounce. Silver miners less than 15 per ounce. As the metal prices rise the profit margins dramatically increase. Returns will be spectacular. Thus the miners share prices will likely rise at double the rate of silver.Plus many miners are starting to pay dividends of 0.25 to 2 %. Dividends will increase and show good returns based on original investments.

    The overall result is that gold could go to 5000 or 50,000 for a 400% or 4000% gain. silver will double that and PM shares will be 4 times that. Let us put this over a 5 year time frame ( although it could be much faster or slower).

    So, let us look at 3000 dollars/euros/Pounds invested in 3 tranches of 1000 in gold, silver and Shares for 5 years.

    Gold after 5 years =4000 or 40,000 dollars
    Silver = 8000 or 80,000 dollars
    PM Shares = 16000 or 160,000 dollars

    Totals= 28,000 or 280,000. dollars

    It suggests”
    Gold goes up by about 33% pa to more than 100% each year.
    Silver up by over 50% pa to more than 150%
    Shares up by 100% pa to 200% per annum

    To get some perspective on this, look at the returns for the first six months of 2016.

    Gold is up 25% or 50% per annum
    Silver is up 46% or 96% per annum
    HUI shares are up 170% or 340% per annum.

    Past results to not mean future gains but the fundamentals look good: With a possibility of seeing a modest 3000 investment burgeon to over 200,000 in a short time. This is not a forecast but a speculation of possibilities. Do your own research. It sure beats leaving money in a bank account to be confiscated.

    • AlfieMoone

      Total nonsense. The Kitco Cargo Cult has been saying this since 2008. Civilisation would have collapsed long before any of the parabolic parameters you breathlessly describe show up on the graphs. And extreme profits from PM’s would just be confiscated as they were by FDR. Seriously, banging on about this crap is mostly funny but you’re trapped in a cult, mate. The only security is Society and that’s were the solutions will come from, not from nutters with gold, guns & baked beans living in shacks or on boats waiting for The End. The End happened 10000 years ago but there’s at least 2000 years left of the denouement.

      • Well you can be bailed in if you wish. Your choice.

        “Civilisation would have collapsed long before any of the parabolic parameters you breathlessly describe show up on the graphs.”

        The Parabolic graphs already exist. Take a look at debt. Take a look at money supply. Both are unsustainably parabolic.

        Of course , you can always ridicule what you do not understand. It is easier. It’s good for a laugh too. While at the same time you endorse government theft of private property with your reference to the actions of FDR, done for the “Public Good” no doubt.

        • Not a word from you about the the debt based monetary system foisted upon the world by the banking fraternity. I suppose that is a cult too.

          Take you pick from a selection of the graphs on debt accumulation.


          • AlfieMoone

            Nonsense, I’ve been on this blog for a decade & have discussed Fiat money on many threads. Of course Fiat is a cult: Faith-Based Economics. But Fiat can’t meaningfully be discussed without entering into a byzantine maze that’s best left to genuwine ‘experts’ like Dr Micheal Hudson & Eric Janszen.

            This is a pop-economics blog. I very much doubt whether anyone is ready, willing or able to get down and dirty about all that stuff. Of course, I could grapple with Hudson & Janszen but this just isn’t the right forum for the heavy wonkish stuff. I’ve written a book called:

            “”The Herbivore-Free Diet: From the Anthropocene to the Empathocene:

            Ethical Eating,Peak Cheap Oil, Abrahamicism, Biblicanism & Post-Veganism”

            It’s so totally ‘out-there’ that it blows my mind when I read the final draft and, yes, it has a chapter on Fiat. I’ll publish it soon-ish, but first I want to finally get on stage and have some funk with an ironic take on Punk Rock. It’s hard work being a bona-fide genius, but somebody’s got to do it.

            I come here to chill and have some fun. I don’t think David McWilliams is interested in all that entropy/Doomer stuff either. He is a Believer in Economic Man, albeit modified after the GFC into the current trendy flirtation with Behavioural Economics and he’s firmly in the Cornucopian Solutionism camp. Which is fine. At least he’s not a totally doolally exponent of Leprechaunomics….I assume that will be one of the discussion topics at this year’s Kilkenomics. The comic possibilities are endless but it’s all getting a bit acid-trip…LOL!

            It’s all just Bread & Circuses. Except for the EU Ref on Brexit. That was 4Real and we see the aftermath:

            “The Mob is fickle!”

          • AlfieMoone

            Tony Brogan: forgot the link wot I wuz finkin of when I wrote last comment innit.

            “Socrates: debt and the cyclical rise and fall of societies” Michael Hudson


        • AlfieMoone

          Noting a historical fact isn’t an endorsement.

          Debt has been ‘unsustainably parabolic’ for years. I’m not sure if Peter Schiff is still peddling his doomsday but the reality is most of this debt will just be written off when the reset happens. And the losses will be borne by a miniscule sub-set of humanity. Everyone else will just get on with it. Whether it’s PMs or Bitcoin: unless you’re planning to exit the tax system and be a stateless fugitive, it’s all irrelevant as the windfall taxes will erase the nominal gains. I’ve no problem with discussing these topics but I get slightly tired of every single thread being turned into goldbuggery. Nothing personal.

      • StephenKenny

        Th problem with criticising the preppers and their like, is that they are merely one manifestation of western society. There is no longer any sense of general agreement on anything of any import, the scale of social fragmentation is of an extent that would have ben deemed completely impossible, 30 years ago. This is reflected in the thousands of new laws, and law enforcement, that intrude into our heads and personal lives, as well as our bathrooms and bedrooms.

        The bottom line is that the media, the political class, the public sector, the corporate sector, and even the ‘alternative’ sector, lies, about almost everything, almost all the time. It’s often done for what they believe to be the best of reasons – the ends justifying the means, whatever the means.

        The result of all this is people are living their lives believing things that they know to be untrue. It’s very like the days of the eastern block. It’s what Czech and East Germans friends said was the great difference between east and west.

        The focus is always on the young, as it is today, and it was then: the young pioneers, little octoberists, the hitler youth, the red guards, and so on. The hope is that the next generation, if brought up with these beliefs, will be true believers forever.

        We’d say, ‘but surely you can’t believe that, I mean you know it’s complete nonsense’ about something like the idea that life for an East German was better than that of a West German. They’d reply that of course they knew it was nonsense, but believing it was part of their lives. A sort of group think.

        Today this is true of almost everything: Finance, politics, corporate reports and announcement, the media’s output, social and cultural institutions, the public sector, and so on.

        As with Eastern Europe back in the day, some people simply opt out of this belief system, and so look and seem to be, using that all-encompassing popular term of disparagement, ‘conspiracy’ nuts. Anti-social, counter-revolutionary, call it what you will.

        The gold bugs are no crazier than the people who believe what the DOJ says, or the French Finance Ministry, or the BBC, or the crime stats, or how happy everyone claims to be, or ……… And everyone has bags full of evidence to support their contentions.

        • AlfieMoone

          Stephen Kenny: “The gold bugs are no crazier than the people who believe what the DOJ says, or the French Finance Ministry, or the BBC, or the crime stats, or how happy everyone claims to be, or ……… And everyone has bags full of evidence to support their contentions.”

          “this country has had enough of experts” Michael Gove

          I don’t think anybody rigorous takes 2/3rd of PPE seriously anymore. All those Oxbridge eejits have been shown the door by Theresa May today. After Brexit, the Politics & Economics of Neoliberalism is in the dustbin of history, all that’s left is the Philosophy bit, which is hardly surprising. And given the startling eruption of Leprechaunomics from the Jargon Factory of the IFSC-D4 memeplex, I very much doubt that anyone is going to be taking the folk on Irish Economy blog seriously for a long time. I’m thinking of gate-crashing their wonk-fest and causing mayhem….but maybe they might get angry and upset if I take the piss too much…best carry on pretending I’m just a crazy ranter rather than, ahem, “a serious intellectual”. ROFLMAO!

          “just like poison in a vial, Alfie was often very vile”

          ‘The Irish Economy: Commentary, information, and intelligent discourse about the Irish economy’

          ‘The Irish National Accounts: Towards some do’s and don’ts

          The statistical distortions created by the impact on the Irish National Accounts of the global assets and activities of a handful of large multinational corporations have now become so large as to make a mockery of conventional uses of Irish GDP. ‘


  34. AlfieMoone

    Confidential: Dept Of Brexit.

    Dear Theresa/David, didn’t take long for the Irish to wake up & smell the Earl Grey Tea. What were they thinking of? Imagining that they’d get to exploit Brexit on their usual ‘sleveen’ terms? Rather than be swept away in the tsunami? Reality check for teacher’s pet, as best pupil in the EU class of 2016 realises that they’re still going to get six of the best on the arse from Juncker/Merkel/Schauble. I suggest we just let it roll & then mop up the carnage once they realise they’re going to be used as a proxy to try & bring Core UK to heel. Once they realise that no matter whether Europa or Core UK win that battle, they are fcUK’d. No further action proposed till Enda goes, shouldn’t be long. Send Boris over to do the Late, Late Show, wind them up..for the lulz..LOL!

    Toodle Pip!
    Special Agent Alfie Moone

    ‘If Merkel won’t listen, then it may be time for Ireland to cut its own deal with the UK’

    ‘we have also done our bit for the European project over the past six years. We didn’t do a Greece and fight the inevitable every step of the way. We largely stuck to the plan, swallowed the tough medicine and emerged as one of the EU’s few success stories of recent times.

    That, surely, should cut us a little slack. Unlike 2008, this Brexit crisis is absolutely not of our making. We are being hit by circumstances absolutely beyond our control.

    It is hugely troubling that as of yet no allowances are being made for that. And it raises obvious questions about what the Government’s next move should be.
    It’s easy to talk about playing hardball and banging the table. But such tactics rarely work, particularly when you’re in the minnow category, as Ireland undoubtedly is. Unless we’re getting very different signals behind the scenes, it might be time to start upping the ante a little.

    The EU prohibits member countries doing unilateral deals with non-members, but there may come a time when we have to push the boundaries…’


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