July 7, 2016

Ignore all the shouting — The Brits will get their Norway-style trade deal

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Brexit changes everything. The British will leave the EU. There can be little doubt about that. How and when it happens are now matters of debate, but it will come to pass. All the legalistic talk about whether it will be politically possible for the UK to leave and whether the British Parliament must sanction this is simply the technocratic fantasy of a profoundly undemocratic elite that has been traumatised by the referendum.

Last week, this column was written from England and maintained that lots of people who voted for Brexit are not racists, nationalists or little Englanders.

Many look at the EU and see a deeply undemocratic set of institutions that appear to believe more in their own narrow interests than the fact that they are supposed to represent the people of Europe.

Indeed, the vindictive reaction of the EU Commission in the past two weeks has been revelatory.

While Brexit has undoubtedly revealed the profound lack of political leadership in both main parties in the UK, not to mention the meltdown of the top brass of the Leave campaign, it has also opened up a chasm between the EU officials and the politicians of national governments. If you doubt this, just compare the cautious stance of Enda Kenny with the much more truculent stance of his former henchman Phil Hogan, who is now a fully paid-up member of the Brussels echo chamber.

While Kenny is speaking about the various different relationships that need to be considered before the UK’s next move, Hogan is insisting that the British trigger Article 50 as soon as possible.

Of course, the main player in all this will be Germany. Germany calls the shots. Over the past five years, the pretence of a European Germany has given way to the reality of a German Europe. This is the new deal.

As a result of this, the Eurozone is Ersatz Deutschland, where the rest of the countries are little more than policy eunuchs, emasculated by German fiscal straightjackets and German creditor obsessions.

Again, if you doubt this, watch the ongoing implosion of the Italian banking system, which will dwarf even the great Irish banking crisis.

Italy wants to recapitalise its banks using government money because it fears a complete collapse of its crippled economy. Germany is saying no. As always, German decisions reflect the interest of German industry.

This is entirely understandable. It means that the interests of German carmakers that sell tens of thousands of cars to the UK every year will influence the attitude of German politicians towards the deal that Britain gets. Already Angela Merkel is urging the Commission to back off and give the British time to sort themselves out.

So because of German industrial interests, Italy, the friend with the broken banking system, will be treated harshly by Germany, while the UK, now the putative political enemy, will be treated more favourably. In short, the anti-EU Brits will get a better hearing from the Germans than the pro-EU Italians.

It is this apparent mistreatment of so-called allies that initially drove Brexit and is driving Marine Le Pen’s support in France and will determine the background noise to the Italian general election later this year. All this also puts Germany on a collision course with the EU institutions that are seeking to punish the UK for the temerity of Brexit. Germany will look to get the Brits the most access to EU market in the same way as Germany shouted loudly about Vladimir Putin’s annexation of bits of Ukraine but still took Russia’s oil and gas. This is Realpolitik – and the Commission had better get used to it.

So I suspect that after lots of shouting and roaring, the Brits will get a trade deal with the EU not unlike Norway’s. I also suspect that the free flow of labour – the sticking point preventing the UK getting a quick deal now – might change after a year of elections in Europe.

Next May, the French go to the polls. Le Pen is riding high in the polls. It will be a disaster for the EU if she wins. But even a strong second place showing by the National Front in the presidential election will cause the EU to think again about the political feasibility of free, unfettered immigration from Eastern Europe.

By the time the British get to negotiate, the EU’s central position on migration might have shifted to accommodate the political reality that millions of European voters don’t want free and open borders.

Meanwhile, the weakest man in Europe is Italy. The country’s prime minister, Matteo Renzi, knows that to win the election he has to prevent Italian banks from going bust and to do this he has to ignore Brussels and pump government money into the banks. So Italy too is going rogue.

In the next 12 months, the EU institutions will be fighting battles with major countries like France and Italy, not just with the exiting British. All this gives Ireland time to figure out our strategy.

We need to attract as much mobile capital that is holding off investing in the UK because of the uncertainty as possible. This means shouting loud and clear that Ireland is open for business.

Rather than sneer at the British for going it alone, we should cheer the opportunities that this presents as the only English-speaking country, with low capital taxes that has open, and unfettered, access to the markets of Europe.

When everyone else is losing their heads and the Europeans and British are at loggerheads, now is the time for clear thinking here within Official Ireland. That can’t be too much to ask for, surely?

  1. AlfieMoone

    ‘the Brits will get a trade deal with the EU not unlike Norway’s’

    David McWilliams

    “Brexit means Brexit. There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin through the backdoor, and no second referendum.”

    Theresa May.

    ‘After urging U.K. officials to seriously consider a second Brexit referendum, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson recently met with Britain’s leading candidate for Prime Minister.’


    “You were never truly loved
    You have only been betrayed
    You were never truly nurtured
    By churches of the state
    You were left unprotected
    To these wild and fragile lands….

    There’s no country left
    To love and cherish
    It’s gone, it’s gone for good
    It’s you and me babe
    To hunt and gather memories
    Of the great nation we were”

    MUSE ‘The Globalist’

    ‘Brian Cowen, the Irish prime minister, said that his country would hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty’

    • AlfieMoone

      LOL! Wtf? & *smfh*

      ‘Last week, this column was written from England and maintained that lots of people who voted for Brexit are not racists, nationalists or little Englanders. ‘ David McWilliams 6/7/2016

      ‘The new Britain that will present itself for the next generation to the world will be a nasty, flag-waving, petty, imperial England in a post-imperial world. ‘ David McWilliams 3/7/2016

      ‘cognitive dissonance -noun-PSYCHOLOGY-noun: cognitive dissonance
      1. the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.’


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      • AlfieMoone

        Good Morning Mr Byrne.

        As previously explained:

        ‘AndrewGMooney’ was an Autofictional character in ‘An Irish Childhood In Birmingham’, an online Baudrillarian Hyper-Real Simulacrum created to ensure privacy for the real Andy Mooney.

        ‘Alfie Moone’ & ‘Alfie Mooneboy’ are also Baudrillarian Hyper-Real Simulacrum ‘drone’ entities created to ensure privacy for the real Andy Mooney. They are Autofictional characters in the 2nd book of the trilogy that began with ‘An Irish Childhood in Babylon’.

        This second part of the hagiography is entitled ‘Mid-Life Meltdown In The Malvern Hills’ and follows our hero on his journey/descent as he becomes a psychotic paranoid misanthrope, curmudgeon and recluse. All three drone entities are parody personas to create an impenetrable data trail as a precursor to the appearance of the ‘real’ Andy Mooney online/IRL ‘in due course’.

        Please note carefully that various ‘Method Actors’ have been sent out into The Real World as Clones/Drones ‘pretending’ to be Andy Mooney, posing as him in pubs & bars in Birmingham, London, Dublin, Cork and Edinburgh and world-wide. As online, this was a strategy to further confuse and obfuscate any attempts to discover who Andy Mooney actually is. Nobody has ever met him, not even me. Anyone who thinks they’ve met him? LOL!

        I do not have the security clearances to speculate whether Andy Mooney is The Globalist, his nemesis, The Memeticist. Or just a total #FcUKin’ Psycho….

        I trust this is helpful to you.

        Sharon McCormick
        The Secretary – Amanuensis [Keeper Of Secrets]

        ‘Originally titled “The British Empire”, according to Matt: “This is the same history but the dark version, the song starts with the same kind of message, a person who feels abandoned, unloved and kind of alone but instead of going through a internal journey of darkness and solving that and come back to discover love, they decide to become a dictator, a power hungry maniac and in some ways inflict damage to the rest to the world….Rather than going through an internal journey they decide to go through an external and destructive journey and destroys the world or someone……”

        ‘In this song, the protagonist comes to sing about the end of freedom. He throws off the yoke of his oppressors and overthrows the villain of the story only to create his own ultimate dictatorship-of-one and throws all his bombs through all the world at his disposal and nearly destroys it, in the end the new dictator excuses himself by saying “I just wanted to be loved”

        The part from 6:45 to 9:45 is a cover of Enigma Variation : Nimrod by Edward Elgar.’ MUSEwiki ‘The Globalist”

        “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence: on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised.”

        [John F. Kennedy; April 27, 1961]

        Psycho – MUSE


    • AlfieMoone

      ‘A Norway-style relationship with the European Union now seems remote so some foreign policy experts favour an approach that would deepen Britain’s involvement in international organisations such as Nato and the UN.’

      ‘Brexit presents thorny choices around UK’s future global role’


      ‘the Brits will get a trade deal with the EU not unlike Norway’s’

      David McWilliams

      “Brexit means Brexit. There must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin through the backdoor, and no second referendum.”

      Theresa May.

  2. Deco

    David is correct. The mess inside the Eurozone is now about to come back centre stage.

    Renzi attacked Germany’s largest bank, and says that it is 100 times a bigger problem than the bank problem in Milan. I don’t think anybody has yet verified whether or not this is true. But for Angela Merkel, who is accustomed to getting whatever she wants from whomever she wants in the Eurozone, this is a serious blow. Renzi might be the next Eurozone PM to resign.

    • Deco

      One would presume that before Renzi went on the attack, pointing out the need for more monetary easing, that he became very frustrated at the inadequacy of the options facing him. His efforts at structural reform in Italy are going nowhere. He is unable to borrow, because state debt is already very high. Italy has an internal demographics crisis which is itself a symtom of an internal labour markey crisis, and a broader cultural loss of confidence. Manufacturing industry is losing to Eastern Europe and Germany at once. And in addition, the EU stands over Italy producing the dumbest directives, policies and dictats.

      Italy is too big to fail.

  3. michaelcoughlan

    Hi Deco and David,

    The article is very good no question.

    However I have invented a little short story to illustrate a very important point which in my view no one seems to be focusing on.

    Imagine Enda Kenny and an assistant are painting finishing foreman working for the owners of the titanic. They are sent on the ship on it’s maiden voyage to check the paint in the last remaining doors in the cabins deep in the bowls of the ship in the steerage section.

    Kenny remarks,

    “you know the painters were excellent only one small splash of paint on one hinge in one cabin. Now I wonder what in the blue blazes is this freezing cold clear stuff we are sloshing around in causing us to experience such excruciating pain in our testicles?

    Italian banks are going down David,

    Just Like Deutsche Bank, Bank of Ireland, AIB, and the Italian banks 8 years on from Lehman.

    NO ONE is going to be bailed out this time.

    GDX miners is going parabolic as is bit coin.

    Don’t you think it’s time to use your profile to shift the Narrative?



  4. Deco

    Before starting another Club Med bailout, maybe now would be a good time to review the Greek “bailout” to see if it really is working.


    No. It certainly is NOT working for Greek society. It might be ticking all the boxes for the likes of Suds and John Bruton. But it is definitely not a “success” regardless of what Frankfurt, Brussels or the lobbyists that lobby either power centres, would tell us.

    Iceland is not in the EU, did not have a bank bailout, and is faring differently.

    • Deco

      The EU is exactly as our host indicated – a blinkered machine.

      This ie exactly what we should expect from an undemocratic power structure, subject to intense behind the scenes pressure from the wealthy and the well connected.

      It is an afront to Democracy. What astounds me is that there are still people who dismiss the results, and believe what the sales pitch. I once believed the sales pitch too. But I realised, that consent from the governed was regarded as not being required.

      On that basis we see this persistent message that it is more intelligent for the rulers to ignore the ruled. [ and the media and politicians tell us this - and many people believe it]. This is a blueprint for a dysfunctional power relationship in society. If in doubt, review power politics in the USSR. It also has al the ingedients for wholescale bumbling, as a result of the over centralization of decision making, beneath the Politburo type body [ the EU Commission].

      On that basis the EU is a massive step backwards. Regardless of the relentless sales pitch that it was “progress”.

      • McCawber

        Sales pitch or otherwise it’s a great negotiation strategy.
        Knowing that the EU want them out asap the proper tactic is to give every impression that you’re not in any hurry and that by god but you are going to cross all the eyes and dot all the tees and then before you exit.
        The EU is the super bureaucracy so give them plenty of it.
        Then you can dit the I’s and cross the T’s like they wanted you to do.

        • Deco

          The sales pitch of the EU is that it is the provider of civilization, civil society, and prosperity. We hear this implied relentlessly. It is a continual message.

          Actually, it is a load of Orwellian nonsense.

          The EU is on the road to fast becomming the antithesis of all three.

          The evidence is being dismissed by those who are not brave enough to admit that they have been misled.

          Well, I believed it too. I was made a fool, by the pitch. I really wanted to believe that the EU was going to provide these things. But the evidence just keeps building up.

          To those of you who have not yet found the courage to admit that you trusted in a power structure that is the antithesis of what it sells itself to be, I have this question – what use if finding out that you were made into an ass, when it becomes too late ?

          • McCawber

            I’m conflicted.
            I started out believing.
            a. That Europe would run Ireland better than Bertir or Enda ever could.
            Unfortunately Europe took over the reins only after Bertie had gutted us so I’ll never know.
            b. The Euro is brilliant STILL.
            Remember back to the good old days of 14%+ inflation and interest rates.
            I’d like to keep the Euro but return the power of the ECB to the individual countries.
            There would still be a role for the ECB just not sure what but currency supply perhaps.
            We’ve seen that it doesn’t matter what interest rate the ECB sets banks can still charge whatever they like.
            Giving individual CBs the right to set there own local rates would be much better.
            I know that it’s not as easy as that. That there would be problems but I still think it would be doable.
            The EU is failing because the rules of engagement were not adhered to either before joining or after joining.
            The initial conditions were not met and that is why it is failing.
            Bad example starting out just leads to more of the same.
            The only reason I personally want to keep the Euro is because of the extortionist exchange rates banjs charge.
            In this sense think of the Euro as Gold.

  5. Reality Check

    David, your clearheaded, non-hysterical thinking on this issue is outstanding.

  6. Truthist

    EU “as a so-called democracy” is close to deciding to operate Boycott-Disinvestment-Sanctions [ B.D.S. ] Policy against that “special little democracy in the Middle East” that is “mowing the lawn” again by the way.

    The increasing underclass of England are seething with rage against :
    the City ; = Internal
    the E.U. ; = External

    Especially because of :
    rampant pedophilia by many elite & connected celebrities ; Internal [ a la BBC ]
    wholesale corrupting of society through perverse laws & gratuitous media policy ; Internal & External
    typical livelihoods & standards of living abating ; Internal & External
    swamping immigration in their midst, & more coming ; Internal & External
    encroachment of EU bureaucracy in their lives ; External
    war-mongering by all the main British political parties ; Internal
    traditional hatred against the Brit. Elite & E.U. project ; Internal & External

    Hence the mass turnout for Brexit & the lesser mass vote for Exit.*

    Very likely that the Exit Vote far exceeded the Remain Vote ;
    Rather than it being the very close margin stated as the official result.
    And, we now know that the Elite really want the UK to remain in EU.
    So, the close margin is most likely fabricated by them to give them the option to snooker the Exit vote.

    Anyway, the angry & increasingly internet reading Barbarians / Brit Underclass are inside the gates.

    The Elite are capable of controlling the imminent revolution ;
    At least, they think they can.

    They think that they can do so by engaging the UK in a major war against :

    Yeah, sure, they get to control their own barbarians ;

    But, the more important goal is to overcome B.D.S..
    And, this is achievable through the UK being outside of E.U. ;

    And, the most important goal is ;
    UK “by proxy” serve up the world to the Roths.;
    Especially between the Nile & the Euphrates !
    Especially, Russia ! ;
    The dreadful few are themselves seething with rage against Putin & the Russian Orthodox Church for having re-vitalised Christianity for the Rus.

    That is why Terry May is barking like she is.

  7. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    David writes that ‘even a strong second place showing by the National Front in the presidential election will cause the EU to think again about the political feasibility of free, unfettered immigration from eastern Europe’. History has accelerated and geopolitics are in statu nascendi, so this is possible – of course if eastern European countries are offered something in exchange – because

    - first of all, with the resolute governments they (the Visegrád Group countries) now have, they can block any such move – bear in mind, it is the UK now that is outside the EU’s decision making process – not that Poland or Ireland had ever much say in the EU’s most important decision making body: the Euro Group headed by a candidate nominated by Dr Wolfgang Schauble, which makes decisions our poor Minister Noonan is required to rubberstamp lest Ireland – a country which, unlike Poland, had foolhardily abandoned its own currency – loses liquidity (disclaimer: mind you, I never said I was against imposing some limits on immigration from eastern Europe – and given the ineptitude of Belgian/French/(even!) German police (Cologne!) and deliberate disarmament of peoples of Europe, I am in favour of temporarily stopping all immigration from radical Muslim countries – but I am also a realist and unlike UKiP, I actually understand what the Norwegian and Swiss options are, and we can theorise and speculate, but folks – now when the horse has bolted, all we can do is to push for gun ownership – did I not warn you that you should to listen to Mr Victor Orban and adhere to Dublin Regulation? – now, with mass deportations of fake refugees from western Europe the Irish media won’t tell you about – over 10pc from Belgium (of course the terrorists will find a way to stay), it turns out that David’s Croatian friend was not paranoid as he suspected, but that she was simply a realist

    - secondly, if the Visegrád Group does not block it, Germany has more to lose on them – the Visegrád Group – leaving the EU than on defying Britain, as the eastern European countries – not Britain or the US – are Germany’s main export market, and Germany, not Britain, calls the shots

    - thirdly, even – given that EUSSR was supposed to be richer countries helping out poorer countries whatever that was supposed to mean (Germany and France constantly talk about solidarity when it suits them – we in Ireland remember it well with their banks bailout), as of this year POLAND IS A NETTO PAYER to the EU (and frankly speaking it was EVEN in years 2007-2012, IF we consider Poland’s total netto gain of 45bn euro and at the same time, her FORCED purchase – due to pressure from Germany/France – of the 47bn euro worth of eurobonds, even though Poland is not a euro member); btw, Britain had in this period a netto gain with Poland in terms of subsidies: Poland paid 1.4bn euro towards the British rebate – I wonder if David knows that Germany, Bono’s Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Austria also negotiated a rebate? – which was usually not considered by the Leave camp.

    This situation gives eastern European countries even more bargaining power with the EU on immigration, especially with the US being increasingly pissed off, and China dissapointed with the Germans and prefering to negotiate the Silk Road 2.0 with 16 countries in between Russia and Germany.

    Btw – do not assume that the central and eastern European governments goal is, like Irish governments usually was, to send immigrants west – this was the goal of previous socialist governments as they were

    a) afraid of their own citizens and
    b) run by Germany (depopulation of eastern Europe and expansion of German companies into depopulated areas – does it not remind you of something? A charming teacher called Heinrich and his famous ‘depopulation’ speech perhaps?).

    As to France, Front National, and immigration from eastern Europe, David did not do his research properly – it is the Muslim, not eastern European immigration that is prevailing and fast growing in France and that France is most afraid of (a quick reminder: is the Front National or UKiP allied with Polish or Irish parties in the EU Parliament?) – the hitherto most detailed document on immigration in France, more accurate than Eurostat data (published in 2012 by the French National Institute of Statistics and called ‘Les immigrés récemment arrivés en France’) shows that the biggest group of immigrants from eastern Europe to France – the Poles – constitute only 2pc of all immigrants in France, compared to 8pc Portuguese, 5pc Britons and 30pc – THREE ZERO – from Africa, while as far as the UK is concerned, the British Department of Health data, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, shows that treating UK tourists in Europe costs FIVE TIMES MORE than equivalent cost to NHS (also bear in mind that the NON-EU immigration to the UK is STILL bigger than ALL the EU immigration, and after imposing the point system which the Leave campaign proposed and limiting the EU immigration, this will simply result in less eastern European immigration and more African/Asian immigration, which UKiP was even quite frank about).

    There was something else though I wanted to add to Davids’ remark that we should not ‘sneer at the British for going it alone’ – that when the weakest man in Europe – Italy – goes bust, the Irish government should not repeat the mistake of sneering at Italy like it sneered at Greece (I am not saying rightly or wrongly – personally I think Greece is Europe’s only country to rival Ukraine in corruption – I am talking about Ireland’s perception abroad, which reached its peak in the 90s).
    After all, as David correctly points out, ‘Germany shouted loudly about Vladimir Putin’s annexation of bits of Ukraine but still took Russia’s oil and gas’ (and, I should add, it forced Poland to subsidise their cheap gas by building Nord Stream 2, which bypassed Poland and forced it to re-import Russia’s gas from Germany – for the highest price in Europe).

    If the next target of German dictate happens to be Ireland (with now almost insolvent Deutsche Bank owning 13% of the total outstanding global derivatives, Germany will not allow Ireland to be cost-competitive in her efforts to take over London’s financial services), who will the Irish government turn to for support – Dr Wolfgang Schauble or Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second? Well, good luck with either of those.

    • Truthist


      Any fanatical Moslem is either really nuts or working for the Intelligence Agencies of the West & the dreadful few.

      Of course there are even ordinary Moslems who fall for the charade with a sense of pride that their side is getting a score back ;

      Osama Bin Laden was not Muslim

      Al Queada “effectively” means Toilet in the Arab world.
      And, they never really existed.
      Just a badge of convenience for covert operations by “Western” Intelligence Services.
      And, it is they who rig up most of the unwitting so-called suicide-bombers by forcing them to go to the barracks, wherever, in Iraq, or whatever other place they are f..king up, while the “Western” psychopathic spy places the b..mb in the patsy’s vehicle to detonate later downtown as so-called suicide b..mb.

      Furthermore ;

      Effective Rulers of Turkey since Kamal Attaturk are :

      NOT Moslems

      NOT Turks

      They are Donmeh …

      As is Erdogen.

      House of Saud are NOT Muslims.

      C], & D], above are the most famous open secrets of the Middle East.

      ISIS is really I… Secret Intelligence Service in a manner of speaking ;
      Veteranstoday.com — the primary independent voice of USA military veterans & [ discreet "serving" too ] — speak candidly about who ISIS / IS “is” 8-)

      A good one for the “Ostriches” about False Flags & Conspiracies to bring their heads up to is the “USS Liberty Incident” ;
      Designed to start a massive war in Middle East.
      In fact, designed for to force USA to drop Nuclear Missile on Cairo.


      Google.com Search Terms ;

      veteranstoday.com AND USS Liberty


      And, so, after USA Election we will have the most serious preparations for escalation of WW 3.

      USA Dollar should be strong for a while so.
      USA enforce it on their foreign customers that it will hold it demand / value.

    • Truthist


      U quoting David ;

      After all, as David correctly points out ;

      ‘Germany shouted loudly about Vladimir Putin’s annexation of bits of Ukraine …”

      David is wrong ;

      Putin did NOT ANNEX bits of Ukraine ;
      Specifically, “Crimea”.
      Putin did NOT ANNEX Crimea.

      Rather, Crimea — never originally part of Ukraine & only part of Ukraine because Stalin gifted it to Ukraine — is traditionally part of Russia.
      Aside from the fact that the typical Ukrainian is “Rus”, the majority of “Rus” in Crimea are “Russian” Rus..

      Crimea actually SECEDED FROM Ukraine ;
      They had a vote between themselves in light of the Shenanigans of USA Secretary of State Victoria Nuland [ Real Surname "Nuddleman" ; Husband is Neo-Con "Kagan" ] spending over $ 5 Billion on an unjustified coup against the democratically elected leader of Ukraine then [ not unblemished leader granted ] who was not co=operating with the plans of the dreadful few to cause problems for Russia.

      Just shows again that Germany is not a sovereign country ;
      Indeed, it is still an occupied country by UK, USA, & France.
      Poland & USSR withdrew.

      Germany’s foreign policy is dictated by foreign puppet masters.

      Merkel is just a plant.

      Lots of Germans are indoctrinated too to believe the BS.

      Neo-Nazi leadership in my estimation are working for the “Western” Secret Intelligence Services.

      They serve the purpose of making Germans appear as … Nazis.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        ‘never originally part of Ukraine & only part of Ukraine because Stalin gifted it to Ukraine — is traditionally part of Russia.’ – Crimea is Russian in the same way as Ulster is British – it was was annexed by the Russian Empire in 1783.

        It had belonged to whole bunch of people before:
        - the ancient Greeks,
        - the ancient Romans, the Byzantine Empire,
        - the Crimean Goths,
        - the Genoese and
        - the Ottoman Empire,
        - its interior was occupied by a changing cast of invading steppe nomads (Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Goths, Alans, Bulgars, Huns, Khazars, Kipchaks, and the Golden Horde).

        ‘Stalin gifted it to Ukraine’ – no, it was not Stalin, Stalin was dead when the Crimean Oblast was transferred to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954.

        When you write about ‘the Russian Orthodox Church for having re-vitalised Christianity for the Rus.’, you obviously know that the Russian Orthodox Church is run by ex-KGB (that’s why the true ‘white’ Russian Orthodox Church did not want to unite with Kiril’s KGB – His KGB agent’s codename was “Mikhailov” – Orthodox Church until recently, when they had been forced?).

        A detailed article (in Russian) on KGB Kiril ‘Mikailov’ history in KGB:


        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Btw, in March 2014 the Athonite monks (a better authority on Orthodox religion than KGB) cursed Patriarch Kirill, called him and President Putin a “bunch of criminals” and accused them of “betraying their religion”. KGB agent’s Kirill wealth is estimated to be $1.5 billion by sociologist Nikolai Mitrokhin in 2004, and at $4 billion by The Moscow News in 2006, which was made among other things on smuggling cigarettes (the Russians called him “Tobacco Metropolitan”).

        • Truthist

          I am inclined to defer to ur more close authoritative sources.
          But, I also am very much going on awareness of modern Russians in certain settings ;
          Remarkable good reports all around about them.

          It is a reflection on recent culture.

          I also befriended a Ukrainian former civil serVant — 8-) “Customs Official” & journalist & at the time I met him he was in real estate.
          He of Russian ethnicity mainly.
          He has sympathy for the Ukrainians having a grudge against Russia ;
          I very much attributed to Russia of USSR.

          Other Ukrainian I met had admiration for Putin.
          1 who may be a bit shady said that Putin would need to have a hard side for to deal with the Oligarchs.

          Other Ukrainian I met was more recently in outrage at who had taken complete control of his country ;
          He informed me that the very same people had genocided 13 million Ukrainians in a fake famine enforced upon them ; the rather bashful Holodmor that AIPAC want Ukraine to be even more hush hush about.
          This Ukrainian also a bit upset about Crimea ;
          But, he conceded that it was not really Ukraine’s, & that the people there really want to be with Russia.

          I would be very skeptical of anti-Russian articles ;
          Mainly because the proof is in the eating of the pudding, & there is no bad taste in the mouth generally in dealing with the modern Russians on holiday, & living, in places I have been.
          They are slowly coming around with manners etc. deeply bedraggled from them by the Soviet regime.

          I also accede to ur claim that Stalin not gifting Crimea to Ukraine.
          I was typing on the fly ;
          And, allowed myself to have some foibles as to such a detail that it another Soviet leader.

          For the political events I ultimately dependent on trusting my sources ;
          But, I may be doing them an injustice because I am composing these missives whilst attending to increasingly straining important matters in my private life presently.

          Or so is my excuse.

    • AlfieMoone

      Dear Kolodziej

      I refer to your above comment and the following sentence therein:

      ‘bear in mind that the NON-EU immigration to the UK is STILL bigger than ALL the EU immigration, and after imposing the point system which the Leave campaign proposed and limiting the EU immigration, this will simply result in less eastern European immigration and more African/Asian immigration, which UKiP was even quite frank about’

      This is entirely congruent with the values of Brexiteers. We will honour our historical commitment to current Commonwealth countries as part of our #PostColonialPivot and Post-Brexit re-imagining and Vision Thinging. The Republic of Ireland , unlike Northern Ireland, is no longer a member of that group of nation-states, therefore new arrangements will need to be put in place for citizens of the Republic of Ireland which acknowledges that both Australian and New Zealand citizens will have a stronger moral and legal claim to reside within Core UK England and Wales than citizens of the Republic of Ireland.

      After leaving the EU, it will be morally unconscionable to continue with historical favouritism towards one class of immigrants purely on the basis of geographical proximity. There is absolutely no rational reason to expect that citizens of the Repubic of Ireland will continue to have open access once Scotland and Northern Ireland have their post-Brexit referendums to confirm their break with the United Kingdom of England and Wales [aka: #CoreUK] and seek to re-join the European Union.

      No doubt this will be welcomed by the Anglophobic hierarchy of Official Ireland. But we are sure that the closure of the ‘safety valve’ which is the Common Travel Area will ensure that when the Euro’s climactic crisis ensues, the island of Ireland’s two countries will work in unison to build a common Eutopian future alongside her gallant allies in Europe. When the option of mass emmigration to both the United States and the United Kingdom is no longer possible, the island of Ireland will have the youthful vigour and energy to finally move towards it’s desired outcomes, whatever they may be. Or surplus labour and political dissidents will, presumably, seek future within the greater European EU motherland/fatherland. Etc.

      Yours sincerely

      Alfie Moone
      President of Independent Mercia within CoreUK

      • AlfieMoone

        oops! That should be ‘Dear Mr Kolodziej’!
        Don’t tell Alfie I fcuk’d up.
        I’m only an intern…but he says I’m his ‘secretary’.



      • Pat Flannery

        Hi Alfie’s secretary, the only reason the UK granted ‘special immigration status’ to residents of the Irish Republic was because the UK could not defend the land border between NI and the ROI.

        If an all-Ireland Republic had been allowed following the 1918 election, when over 70% of the Irish voters voted for it, Britain would not only have built a Trump-like wall along the border it would have imposed a Cuba-style trade embargo on the unwelcome Republic.

        Now that whole nightmare has re-emerged.

        • AlfieMoone

          Dear Mr Flannery.

          It is regrettable that you choose to focus on disputed discordant reminiscing. It’s time to focus on a positive future. There is no time to re-hash the Victim Scripts of the past.

          Both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to Remain in the EU. Ipso facto, they voted to leave the current iteration of the United Kingdom, the political entity which your historical grievance is addressed to.

          On behalf of the new #CoreUK government constituting the New United Kingdom of England and Wales, I send our best wishes to the new iterations of Scotland and Northern Ireland as they express their #ExitUK preference via their EU Remain vote.

          Unfortunately, Herr Juncker is not amenable to providing a fast-track for both Scotland and Northern Ireland to go ‘in through the out door’ with a simultaneous exit from the current UK and a re-entry back into the EU as #CoreUK departs. Presumably both rumpUK entities of Scotland and Northern Ireland will unilaterally adopt the Euro, like Kosovo, as they await the EU adjudication of their application to join as independent states. Time will tell, there is no need to fret about the details at this stage as we all celebrate the clarity of the democratic will of the people expressed in the EU referendum.

          However, the progress of the Scottish and Northern Irish re-admission to the EU is none of our business. CoreUK, consisting of England and Wales, does not seek to control the destinies of either Scotland and Northern Ireland. We wish both countries every possible success in their brave new world adventure as part of the European Union without being part of the United Kingdom.

          The EU is that is the provider of civilization, civil society, and prosperity. Whilst Core UK is sad that the current iteration of the UK must end, we note the historical grievances of both Scotland and Northern Ireland are both vivid and entrenched, and accept their desire to submit to the wider demos of the EU. We hope welcome this fresh start which seemingly allows the countries of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to join together in a Progressive Celtic Block under the benign tutelage of the EU. We hope , indeed expect, that the rich and varied cultural links between our four nations will continue even as the economic links bifurcate after Brexit.

          I trust that this response clarifies our intentions and, once again, we wish the new Progressive Celtic Block every possible success. All political unions must be henceforth voluntary and based on mutual respect and common purpose. As this is no longer the case between the EU (and their acolyte states of Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Core UK England and Wales, we accept that one of the inevitable consequences of Core UK claiming a new destiny is that we say goodbye to our friends in both Scotland and Northern Ireland so that they may claim their longed for destiny of ‘independence within the EU’.

          Goodbye. Toodle pip! Cheerio! Tara a bit.

          Yours sincerely
          Alfie Moone

          President of Independent Mercia within the United Kingdom of Albion & Cymru


          Taoiseach of The Fifth Province Diaspora of The Shire Irish within the United Kingdom of Cymru & Albion.

          • Pat Flannery

            AlfieMoone: You say ‘’It’s time to focus on a positive future.’’ There is nothing positive in its balkanization, as you will find out. Scotland and Northern Ireland are in danger of being brought down with you.

            Sorry if our ‘’historic grievances’’ offends you. We in the Republic escaped them in 1922 but they are still current in Scotland and NI. You can’t just shrug them off. You are not ‘’Core’’ yet.

          • AlfieMoone

            Dear Mr Flannery

            I do not accept the ‘balkanisation’ motif as it triggers historical images of discord & conflict. It is indeed time to focus on a positive future for all four countries on these two Isles Of Wonder.

            Northern Ireland and Scotland have chosen to part company with #CoreUK of England & Wales. They now have the option to form a local alliance with the Republic of Ireland to negotiate the best possible deal for the Progressive Celtic Block within the EU. The EU is a benevolent, paternalistic, avuncular figure to this Progressive Celtic Block and all involved can now move forward with a new vigour and optimism having finally sundered their connection to Core UK by voting Remain.

            Any subsequent economic events after exiting the UK will be attributable to the fate of the EU.

            The ‘historic grievances’ have absolutely nothing to do with the New UK as they emerged from the previous iteration of the UK union between England and Scotland which is now a historical curiosity.

            It isn’t a question of ‘shrugging them off’ but of respecting their clearly expressed wishes. As President of Independent Mercia within the New UK I will be calling for a quick Referendum so that Core UK can vote on whether or not to continue with the current union with Scotland and Northern Ireland. This is essential so that the people of both Scotland and Northern Ireland realise that the English also have a right to national self-determination without being subjected to Group Libel on the basis of contested historical meta-narratives. I am sure that if the English were given a referendum choice they would now seek to sunder the union with both Scotland and Northern Ireland, not out of anger but out of sadness that the anti-English racism and Victim Scripting of a minority of the populations of Scotland and Northern Ireland have led to this irreconcilable estrangement, as expressed in the EU referendum.

            I trust this further comment is helpful to you.

            Yours sincerely
            Alfie Moone

            President of Independent Mercia within the United Kingdom of Albion & Cymru

            Taoiseach of The Fifth Province Diaspora of The Shire Irish within the United Kingdom of Cymru & Albion.

            Patriarch of The London Irish Spiral Tribe.

          • Pat Flannery

            Hi Alfie Moone, this is fun.

            As a person born in Ireland before 1948 I have the right to vote in a UK referendum just as if I was born in England. Accordingly I will gladly go over there and support an English and Welsh exit from the present iteration of the UK.

            NI does not have to reapply to the EU, it can simply join the ROI as per the GFA. Unfortunately the only way for Scotland to remain in the EU without having to exit the UK and reapply to the EU is for England and Wales to get out of the UK.

            After England and Wales have left the UK I would also vote for Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex becoming independent countries alongside Wales, thus ending the concept of an England forever.

            BTW Andrew no need to address me as Mr. Flannery, we are old friends, we agree on all this.

          • AlfieMoone

            Dear Mr Flannery

            Your further remarks are noted with some concern.

            The relationship of Scotland and Northern Ireland to Core UK has been one of dysfunctional co-dependence, like an abused spouse continuously complaining about mistreatment yet returning to the domicile when shelter and a fresh start is readily available. Core UK does not accept that simplistic narrative of abuse but has now taken out a restraining order and asked the EU to subject both Scotland and Northern Ireland to a psychiatric evaluation. The EU Ref was time to ‘put up or shut up’.

            The choice has been made. The will of the people has spoken via the plebiscite and Core UK will no longer allow the draining toxicity of these incubus-succubus neighbours to drain us with their ‘challenging behaviour & difficult to meet needs’.

            The EU is the refuge, the shelter where both Northern Ireland and Scotland can stay whilst they build a positive new future. Whilst there they may come to reflect during their compulsory therapy sessions.

            In my view, it is highly likely that they will come to realise that they have trapped themselves in a redundant historical Victim Script which they’ve used to hide their jealousy at the success of England & Wales over many centuries. The oft-repeated claim that Ireland and Scotland were helpless victims of neighbours is exposed as meretricious nonsense once an Intersectional Class analysis of their histories is undertaken. Scotland openly competed with England over colonial expansion but after their Darian Adventure collapse they had to submit to a Union. The Norman Irish Aristocracy were also deeply colonialist in outlook, most especially towards those they subjugated on the island of Ireland. Anyone who understands what ‘Kilkenny’ and ‘Irishtown’ actually represent knows this but don’t expect to see this narrative given oxygen on RTE or within any other propaganda media channel of soi-disant ‘Official Ireland’.

            We will shortly be in Cork & Mayo to organise insurrection against Occupied Dublin & the IFSC Trogan Horse of The Globalist. For centuries Irish refugees have fled to the sanctuary of the Shire Irish and we fully expect another vast wave, bigger than the 50s, to roll up the Severn like a tidal bore once the EU/Euro project collapses. That is why we must instigate immediate border controls so we can assess those who are genuine refugees fleeing Troika Trojan Terror & those, such as you, who would be part of a Fifth Column in the Fifth Province, heeding the incendiary recent calls of idiotic Enda Kenny to vote to advance the interests of foreign, occupying powers.

            Mercia is a voluntary part of the jigsaw puzzle that is Core UK England & Wales. Our union has lasted a millenium and we have every confidence that the continuing dynamics of change and renewal will lead to a Great Brexitan wherein the Shire sanctuary of a Little England, shorn of Globalist warmongers can emerge to be a beacon of freedom, prosperity & hope for enslaved peoples across the globe.

            Whilst we have enjoyed this interaction, there will be no further responses. Wishing you every possible blessing on your journey.

            Alfie Moone
            President of Independent Mercia within Core UK England & Wales. Etc.

          • AlfieMoone

            FAO: Mr Pat Flannery.

            For info/no response required.

            ‘Newton Emerson: The hysteria of Irish nationalists over Brexit is irrational
            Very little will change in UK leaves the EU unless Scotland becomes independent’


      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Honorouble Alfie,

        President of Independent Mercia within Core UK,

        I take the opportunity afforded me by Sir David McWilliams of Dalkey to let thee know, that I am still in existance, God be praised. I post this with my admiration of thee hopeing it will find thee in good heailth.

        Thy note has opened my eyes to the fully and wrong of the course I have pursued of late. All night I have been pacing my floor, trying to decide what course it was my duty to pursue, and I have decided to answer thee as frankly as you desire.

        I can only say that I not differ with thee in opinion on Hibernians and Commonwealth.

        Thy humble servant,

        Grzegorz Kolodziej of Leinster (in reality Gregor Wagner, former SS-Standartenfuehrer and employee of Dienststelle 114 within Bundesnachrichtendienst, currently entrusted with a task (by SS-Oberst-Gruppenfuehrer und Generaloberst der Waffen-SS Donald Tusk) to infiltrate the Polish Diaspora in Hibernia).

        P.S. Good musical commentary to Brexit:


        • AlfieMoone

          Interesting that you should link to early 70s English prog as I’ve just been reading an analysis of Brexit that has as it’s opening bullet-point:


          then goes on to some really nifty clues as to why ‘the map is NOT the territory’ when folk try to understand why the impossible happened and the English & Welsh told International Capital to go fc-uk themselves:





          ‘nations that might genuinely describe themselves as ‘shackled’, have suffered such serious threats to their democracy as to have unelected Prime Ministers imposed upon them by the Troika, and have had their future forcibly removed thanks to the European Union, might look at Brexit and wonder….’

          I think we have to look to later in the 70s, to punk, not prog. The Boomers have tried to appropriate the legacy of punk (punk economics, etc) but they failed.

          We now have not only #BrexAnarchyInTheUK but ‘The Economics of Nihilism & Ressentiment’ which no amount of Poverty Pimping & prim PC lecturing by Metropolitan do-gooder Social Justice Warriors can dissolve.

          Coming from working-class Birmingham, the epicentre of the Uprising Against Smart-Alec Middle Class Tossers, i choose to see the humour in all this.

          “There is no future in EU-England’s dreaming”

          #Brexit & FcUK sh*t up: just becuz we can. LOL!

          ‘Thoughts on the sociology of Brexit’


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Polish weekly satirical political commentary programme put ‘Anarchy in the UK’ as the background to Brexit…

            David Sir McWilliams of Dalkey had an a good article in the past on the ‘back to 70s’ whirl:


            Now, there are two main scenarios out of this:

            Quasi-optimistic: the return of reaganomics (that also means high interest rates)

            Pessimistic: return to 1930s and war in Europe (Plato claimed in the Republic that in democracy, where relativism rules and truth does not matter because demagogues win by correctly reading the mood of the crowds and telling them what they want to hear (while an absolute monarch, for example, can appoint or sack his advisors, the state is his property so he wants is to prosper and he is not bound by the election cycle: obviously, if they interbreed too much like Habsburgs or Fianna Fail, they can also degenerate into idiots and listen to sycophants), where there is no truth, brutal power has to win and this sets the stage for tyranny.



    • Grzegorz,
      Thank you for posting this. Very good analysis.
      Stan Bleszynski

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        You are welcome
        Alez nie ma za co
        tá failte romhat
        Pas de problème
        Gern Geschehen

        __,–””’–,_ _,–””’–,__
        _-’ `\ /’ `-_
        ,’ `\/’ `,
        / `\ \
        / `\ `\ \
        ( /’\ `\ )
        ( /’ `\ `, )
        ( /’ `. | )
        \ /’ `-,__,-’ /
        \ /’ ___ /
        `. /’ ,’ `\ .’
        \ /’ / ,–( `\ /
        /’ /’ ,’ \ `<
        ( /' / ,–( `\ )
        ( /' /' ,' \ `\ ,'
        `—,' /' ,–( `\ `\-'
        ( /' ,' \ `\ )
        `—,' ( `\ `\_,-'
        ( \ `\ )
        `—,' `\ `\_,-'
        ( `\ )
        `—' `\_,

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        By the way, I was wondering if you happen to know or have met Mr Stan Tyminski and if so, what is your opinion on him

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Also Stan,

        you would be pleased to know that the nationalist movement in Poland have just launched their daily news services in English and in German – sadly TV Republika related to the current government do not have proper personnel (let alone the opposition) and I warned them PiS crowd once that either you start employing professionals rather than ‘mierny, bierny, ale wierny’ – ‘mediocre, passive but loyal’ – or someone else will do news in English;

        so far they are fledglings (the chap in the video is not a professional, he does it voluntarily coming back straight from work), but we in Ireland have 160 euro TV licence, for which we receive Judge Judy and politics-gobshite radio show with Mrs Marian Finucane in which she says less in 3 hours then them crowd in 3 minutes, and she does all of that for €295,000 per annum for 4 hours of work a week; you also must watch TV3 breakfast TV some time for 5 min – this is by far the worst breakfast television in the world, done by retards – except the sport commentator – for retards; they talk almost entirely about wines and clothing, all of that with hyperprofessional equipment);

        this is their Polish nationalist daily news:


  8. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Well worth reading for dear TDs


    ‘Dublin’s main drawback is its relatively small size (1.8 million people in the metropolitan area) and lack of infrastructure.’

    I know, I know – on the latter, everyone is going to jump in and say ‘sure we know it’.

    But if all know it, why no one is putting any pressure on those who decide? For example on Dublin City Council or Dublin Bus to modernise and stop blocking competition like in the infamous Swords Express case (simple things like timetables that are actually working, 4 out of 4 buses from Bray going to Dublin rather than 1, and 3 going empty to destinations covered by DART, start running west-east Dublin buses (has anyone seen 17 ever?) + SLASHING THEIR prices/wages by half to adjust it to western European levels (now they demand a GRAND a week – are they nuts or what?), and putting pressure on Dublin council to build upwards.

    Why the only people in Dublin that are able to organise themselves and protest are the bearded and unkempt Marxists with equally bearded Muslims? Everyone here – me too – gives out about FF/FG/SF, but no one wants to start a new party.

    • Pat Flannery

      Grzegorz Kolodziej: despite the obvious lack of infrastructure I would still put my money on Dublin, largely because it has become a global US colony. The US military already use Shannon like one of its own bases. We belong more to the US than we do to the EU. The EU needs us as its physical link with the US.

      The most important factor is the new trans-Atlantic fibre optic cable just coming ashore at Killala in County Mayo. Did you know about that? I bet you didn’t. Nobody quite knows where it will go from there. But one thing we do know is that when you look at the world of global trading today, cities located on the Pacific or Atlantic rims have enormous advantages over those located inland.

      Global trading deals in millisecond advantages. Fibre optic communications consists of routing hops, not distances. Routing hops are the main cause of latency or delay not distance. Electrons travel at the speed of light. The fewer stops for rerouting the faster the communication. Milliseconds matter in global electronic trading.

      Killala is one hop from New York. I have no doubt that they will splice the fibre optic cable through to Dublin from Killala making Dublin just one hop from New York. London could never achieve that. Amsterdam and Frankfurt still less so.

      It may be that many tech-savvy trading houses in London were already thinking of moving to Dublin before Brexit and that the British voters have merely speeded up the process.

      As for living infrastructure, that can easily be built, all it needs is money and the banks have lots of that. Money-flow is the lifeblood of the global market and fibre optic cables are its veins. In that world spectrum Ireland has unique advantages.

      • AlfieMoone

        Good Afternoon Mr Flannery.

        I refer to your comment above wherein you state:

        “The most important factor is the new trans-Atlantic fibre optic cable just coming ashore at Killala in County Mayo….when you look at the world of global trading today, cities located on the Pacific or Atlantic rims have enormous advantages over those located inland.

        Killala is one hop from New York. I have no doubt that they will splice the fibre optic cable through to Dublin from Killala making Dublin just one hop from New York…London could never achieve that.”

        You may find the following article helpful:

        ‘The mysterious cable that links the UK to the US
        Beneath the sands of a north Cornwall beach runs a powerful internet cable connecting the UK and the US. But its precise location is a secret, and you won’t find it on any Ordnance Survey map’

        ‘the point where Apollo North, one of about half a dozen cables that straddle the ocean between north America and Cornwall, comes to the surface and connects to the UK’s land-based telecommunication network.’

        ‘The Apollo North cable – the last in a long line of transatlantic cables to arrive in Cornwall, the nearest land point to north America – hasn’t suffered a break for four years. It is powerful enough to provide 320 gigabits a second of bandwidth capacity. This is roughly equal to 100,000 times the bandwidth available to the average UK home user.’

        I trust this reply is helpful to you.

        Sharon McCormick
        ‘The Secretary’
        [for/on behalf of Alfie Moone]

        *smirks & files nails. Reads ‘Hello’ magazine*

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        ‘the new trans-Atlantic fibre optic cable just coming ashore at Killala in County Mayo. Did you know about that?’

        I did not know that – fascinating stuff.

  9. Deco

    Official Ireland is concerned with losing face/preserving their own (decreasing) credibility. That credibility is wafer thin right now.

    Italy, which is overcome with fear, will get controlled.

    Britain, which makes a brave stand, gets respect.

    It is the opposite of what the have-been-in-power-superficially-respectable political parties… and the Irish Times/RTE have been telling us.

    Official Ireland is lambasting the British for being the other side of an argument that Official Ireland is losing. They will press emotive buttons. They will concentrate on aspirational social conditioning to get as many as possible to be obedient to their betters. There will be one different person reminding people of why the EU should remain in power over Ireland, in a relentless creep of propaganda. There will be snippets to keep as many people as possible “on track”. With PR releases about passports, and finance jobs. It is all becomming like a scene from “Auf Wiedersehen, Lenin” (one of the classics about a society under pervasive conditioning).

    And the entire thing will continue to go from one crisis to the next.

    The problem is top-down-control itself. It is actually flawed. “More Europe” is a sugar-coated was for saying giving few people power of more people in Europe. It is absolute nonsense. It is a design model with an objective of attaining serial incompetence. Complete with a Phil Hogan to blunder it’s way to the abyss.

    The entire path of Western politics since Gorbachev took over the USSR, has been to emulate the power structure that Gorbachev realised was unworkable.

    This is because those with money wanted it, and because the media was paid to sell it. The results indicate that it is completely bonkers. It eventually ends up causing societal disasters, or pervasive corruption.

    • StephenKenny

      … and, as we are starting to see around the world (Sanders/Trump, Podemos, Syrza, le Pen, Brexit, Austria presidential election etc) the 99% are starting to get pissed off enough to get out and vote. The media’s opposition is pretty much all encompassing, and the abuse ramps up, but still these parties grow.

      Unless countries realise that there’re a lot of unhappy people, the risk is that they’ll eventually vote for someone who promises to “sort out the mess, may have to crack a few heads in the process, but they’re only the greedy, vicious, corrupt, 1%”.

      The UK is already questioning the whole premise of democracy, and it’s perfectly possible that the political and media class will start a campaign to demonise and discredit free elections.

      But my money is still on NATO launching an Operation Barbarossa ‘The Return’, in some form or another. I’m just waiting for a news article, in the most esteemed Western news media, reporting that a NATO radar station has been attacked, and showing pictures of dead bodies in Russian uniforms, as proof.

  10. David NZ

    What does a financial centre do? Is London a financial centre for the world or for Europe?

    If Germany does not support the Italian banks where does that leave European finance? Where will Italian firms get loans? If Renzi pumps euros into the Italian financial system what can Germany do.

    A lot of the current European position on banking matters makes no sense.

    If you were a financial firm you would maintain a presence in London and Europe and wait to see how much the Europeans screw up.

    Perhaps buying London property in two years time would be a very good investment.

    Meanwhile Ireland is tied to the euro which could become very cheap as the wheels come off and then very expensive when the euro becomes the currency of the Northern core countries only.

    If I was an Irish politician I would seriously consider going back to the punt while that was still an option to protect Ireland from the bumps ahead.

  11. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Germany reaches an amazing conclusion – that raping and groping their women – because the refugees believe that every woman that not look like a tent is a prostitute – is actually NOT ok.

    If they keep pissing off all nations around, the US may reach another amazing conclusion: that they should have perhaps paid Poland and Greece money for WWII before they start complaining about the UK and about how much they contribute to their Mitteleuropean Fourth Reich project, as they constantly do in their (very good) TV


  12. Deco

    The EU is now descending into outright farce.


    The Dutch FinMin has made the most astounding of statements
    “These rules contain some flexibility, but in this case the flexibility has been used up,” Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Dutch Finance Minister who leads the group of his euro-area counterparts, said in The Hague earlier Thursday. “When I look at the numbers I really have to conclude that Spain and Portugal did too little.”

    Well one wonders what numbers he is looking at. Clearly not the numbers in relation to Italian bank bad loan rates. And not the numbers in relation to the debt level in Italy. And not the numbers in relation to numbers of days lost through strikes in France. And definitely not the numbers in relation to declining French competitiveness. Definitely not the numbers in relation to the French debt level either, as it continues to move upwards.

    Spain is actually competing for business, and increasing it’s economic output. That is despite the manner in which Spain is hamstrung by the EU, and despite the terrible consequences of Trichet era monetary policy.

    The current Portuguse PM has pointed out that the current austerity of the PIGS program is actually bad economics, and not helping economic rebuilding. He is more honest than the French government.

    France is still controlled by the same 6000 people who all know each other professionally (and socially), who are directing the rest what to do, and who seem to be making Le Pen more popular, with each passing year. Rule by cliques is not a good idea. It is not working for Ireland.

    France is still putting the unelectable, – like Sergolene Royal (whose main qualification is being mother to the kids of the French President) – to positions of authority, to make dumb pronouncements. And, to avoid serious reform.

    Then there is the government in Paris, talking about taking business from London. Even the French in London (and there are a lot of them) do not want to return to pay French taxation rates, or endure French bureaucracy. Madrid is more likely to gain business. But “forget Paris”. Denial is too prevalent in Paris.

    Why has the Irish Finance Minister not stood up for Spain and Portugal ? They are in the same position as us ? Is this another “Feta cheese” mindset moment from Noonan ? stockholm syndrome again ? Brexit-shock-syndrome ?

    Spain and Portugal might wish to form a Visegard type bloc and make a stand.

    And Ireland should take note of the manner in which these decisions are made.

    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      I wonder if you remember Deco what were the first countries to break the Maastricht Treaty budget deficit 3pc rule? Why, Germany and France. Also, Germany basically ended the existence of Polish shipyards, including the legendary one in Gdansk – the cradle of Solidarnosc – because they were subsidised by Polish taxpayers at some stage (unlike say Ireland, Poland had to open all her markets and apply all EU laws and quotas before it even joined the European Communities), and this state help was against the EU law.

      When all of them shipyards closed down, Germany simply took over their clients (for example from Australia) and started subsidising their own shipyards, using EU money. Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Eine Fuehrerin.

      • Deco

        Most indicatively, this is not actually in the interests of the German people. It does nothing for them. It merely causes them problems of reputation. It is in the interests of a small number of insiders who cause increased corruption within German politics. It really is clique-politics at it’s worst.

        And the EU serves as an infrastructure for clique politics.

        This is yet another example of the massive divide between the “sales pitch” of the EU, and the actions of the EU. There is an Orwellian chasm between the PR and the reality.

        And still…people continue to swallow the hard sell of the EU…and then try to force it onto the rest of us.

    • McCawber

      Denial in Paris is not the problem.
      As far as the French are concerned, the rules don’t apply to them.
      The French won’t get into a queue not because they don’t understand but because they don’t want to understand.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        ‘The French won’t get into a queue’ – you see Germany has been subsidising their inefficient agriculture because France has nuclear weapons that Germany hopes to take over at some stage. German politicians are very skilled at keeping up France’s grandiose delusion they are an empire.

        I cannot remember if it was Mr Farage or Korwin-Mikke who said to the French Prime Minister in PE that ‘the most you can ever be is the German Deputy Prime Minister’.

        As to their attitudes to others, what better epitomises it than President Chirac’s words in Warsaw about the Visegrad Group.

        ‘They missed a good opportunity to shut up’ – btw the French did not miss an opportunity to make sure that Polish farmers get only 1/4 of French CAP subsidies per head (but as I am against subsidies and CAP, maybe this is good).

        Btw, French would say that to the Irish or Italians too (even though both countries were culturally more advanced in the first millenium).

        As to immigrants in France, I have a little story to tell. I got lost in Paris in the Latin District in 1993. My bad luck was that I did not remember my address (this was pre-mobile phones). Eventually the French police, with the help of Polish church, located me when I explained that we are the only group of white people staying in the area of a few miles (I wonder if in Sweden they might have arrested me for that as they had trouble finding a criminal cause they could not show his ethnicity).

        Nowadays, with radicalised Muslims, I would not even go to that district. Frankly speaking, I even try avoid flying to France.

  13. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    “France is still controlled by the same 6000 people who all know each other professionally (and socially), who are directing the rest what to do, and who seem to be making Le Pen more popular” – you mean this crowd?


    They even had their own Foreign Minister in Poland (prof. Geremek), and their nominated their Prime Minister (Ms Hanna Suchocka). I am not joking – their leader came down to Poland with a 3 day visit, which he spent in the castle in the west of Poland with Ms Suchocka, whereupon a woman no one knew became a Prime Minister of Poland.

  14. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    prof. Geremek = Prof. Geremek (I do not want to denigrate him, even though he was a Communist spying on Polish diaspora in Paris, wrote a thesis on French prostitutes and beggars in Middle Ages, accused Poland in UNESCO of persecuting ‘Jews, Gypsies and Sintu’, whereupon he, as a Minister, was not able to reply to our official enquiry as to who and where in Poland are Sintu, and – rather aptly – he died in a car crash while driving and having a blow job with a prostitute (and you think Mr Nico Rosberg was aggressive with Mr Lewis Hamilton at the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix?)

  15. This article applies if all you are worried about is economics. Although they are a big thing, what about the prevention of future European wars? What about the refugee crisis? Who is going to take a moral non-nationalistic point of view. Every nationalist seems to want to let some other country have the refugees. It reminds one of Europe and the USA when the Nazis were forcing the Jews to flee.

    Lets take Ireland historically. Or any of the European nations for that matter. They all consisted of mini-fiefdoms warring with each other. Eventually they united e.g. Italy, and Germany in the not too distant past. One would consider it really stupid to disintegrate back to those semi-tribal faction fights. Suddenly all the tribes were told they belonged to a “nation” and they happily got on with each other. The same applies to the USA. The states were added bit by bit, not without a kerfuffle. Why break up a project when the going gets slightly tough?

    We all abide by Irish law under “democracy”. I am sure we can all find our Irish “democracy” bureaucratic and corrupt if we look into it below the surface but we can struggle for change within this system. We don’t go back looking for a Brian Boru and try to break away from Dublin.

    The same applies to the EU. You advocate getting stuck in for what we can get out of it. That is the Irish way, but to paraphrase JFK “ask not what Europe can do for us, but what can we do for Europe”.

    • Deco

      Absolute nonsense. That is highly patronizing. It is deeply dishonest.

      It is based on cliches and allegories that are not merely incorrect, but deliberately misleading. With a central assumption that the alternative to the EU imperial project is a return to the dark ages.

      You present this binary set of opposites which is deliberately designed to prevent an honest argument. You dismiss serious concerns of corruption, abuse of power, and bad decision making, as being of minor relevance, to be discarded because of a completely dishnonest pretext.

      Is in argument that amounts to highly arificial “TINA” There is no alternative – presentation of binary options, with one of those options supposed to cause us to feel afraid or ignorant. Actually, it is hghly dishonest.

      Concerning “what can we do for Europe” [ a misnomer because the EU empire is not the same as the geographical concept, even if it rules over most of it ) - have a look at the Anglo Bondholders list.

      The working population here are doing it for Europe out of the proceeds of our sweat every week. Those who do not work are doing it from the reduced level of provision coming from welfare state. Making sacrifices everyday, without knowing it for "Europe" (or more particularly the very well connected who are able to influence the political structure that never stops seeking more control over Europe).

      Maybe the we should ask the Greeks if they are doing enough for the EU political power centre ?

      Can you please stop insulting people by treating us all like children ? [ based on observations, advocates of more EU power, never do this ].

      • A good way to win an argument is to state:
        a) the counter argument is absolute nonsense
        b) it is dishonest
        c) it is patronising
        d) it is incorrect
        d) it is deliberately misleading
        Congratulations on your strategy and tactics.

        Your argument is of course honest and is being prevented.
        You seem to use the word dishonest a lot. Methinks you plead too much.

        I merely stated the progression from small isolated tribes to nations and suggested that maybe it would be nice if we tried to make some kind of union work.

        You consistently argue that the EU is an unmitigated disaster. That being the case I suppose you would support Ireland leaving as well.

        Wanting to co-operate with your neighbours and stop warfare where possible is something to aim for and is easier when you all agree on basic rules. Jaw jaw is better than war war. Rather that and sort out some sort of democracy which we can all agree on, whether you call it the EU or Europe. It was a project which is now in danger. Will we throw it all away and start again, and possibly have a fight over who should take the refugees.

        I do not know what happened to the idea that each country in the EU would have a quota calculated as fairly as possible. The much derided Angela Merkel and Germany did much of the heavy lifting when it came to taking in refugees.

        I want some form of humanity brought into the process of just looking at the economic argument.
        I am not in favour of the little guy paying off the bank bailouts of the bankers.
        I don’t want Deutschland uber alles.
        I don’t know how that can be sorted out but it will possibly far harder with one of the big countries out.

        Europe is us. It is what we make it. You have a lot of very right-wing supporters of the policy of breaking it up. Trump, Marine le Penn, Nigel Farage. They all pretend to be for the working class and are want as few refugees as possible. It smacks of the 1930′s.

        • “You have a lot of very right-wing supporters of the policy of breaking it up.”

          There was a large rump of the Labour party voted for Brexit.

          The main issue with the EU is the autocratic control exercised and the associated lack of democracy. The UK exercised a democratic vote supported by factions of left and right. Using the left /right divide does not work.

          • Deco

            Autocratic control is always sold on the basis that it is for your own good, and there is an ideal to be followed.

            All critics are counter-revolutionaries, and threaten the ideal (which is simply above question, and the destination).

            The whole thing is simply a power driven scam.

        • Deco

          No. The EU is not us. That is complete inaccurate. The EU is the pretence of being “us”. It is power based control of us.

          The EU has decided that it will speak for us, but it will not listen. The EU has decided that it will rule us, whilst deliberately avoiding our consent. The EU has decided that it knows what is best for us, even when it clearly is not.

          I once believed in the EU as being something idealistic, just like you did. But then I kept noticing that the results were a massive difference from the beautiful promise. That really the whole thing was a racket, with plenty of slick selling, and many willing to park their better judgement, so that obey this grand ideal. I realised that the whole thing was a pile of nonsense, that had gotten out of control. A massive experiment that was gradually bring about one disaster after another. With the solution to every problem always being more of the stupidity that created the problem. More debt. More rules. More control. More lies. More disasters. More empty promises.

          I realised over time that the phrase that applied was “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

          The EU is no longer what we make of it. That is patronized drivel. The EU is a racket for making us, according to the needs of those who have decided that they are our betters. The EU is now simply the madness of meglamania.

          And again, you return to the binary spectrum options, which are actually misleading. It is repeatedly used to shoot down the argument.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “I do not know what happened to the idea that each country in the EU would have a quota calculated as fairly as possible.”

          France showed their two fingers to that idea by insisting the Eastern European countries receive 1/4 CAP subsidies per head as they do while imposing full production quotas, Germany by tax avoidance of their companies in Poland to the tune of 10bn a year (Visegrad Group is the main importer of German good in the world) and by being the prime destination of money laundering in Europe building Nord Stream 2 with Russia bypassing Poland and forcing it to subsidise their cheap energy, and then imposing sanctions on Russia but in such a way that they hit Polish apple producers the most while German companies did a deal with Kamaz.

          “I merely stated the progression from small isolated tribes to nations and suggested that maybe it would be nice if we tried to make some kind of union work.”

          Yes I agree with you. But not the superstate with budgets, army and intelligence run by Germany and France as in the leaked document I posted under the previous article.

          Being intially a supporter of Eirxit and Polxit, having seen the incompetence and cheap-hoorism of most Irish politician and thus being convinced they would turn Ireland after Eirxit to the national socialism of De Valera, I know advocate an EFTA like structure with 4 freedoms, no bureaucracy, no tax harmonisation, no CAP, no European army and 95% of EU laws wiped out.

          These are 2 opposite side of the spectrum of some kind of the union you mention: EFTA or superstate.

          I do not understand why the opinion has polarised that people are even totally for Leave like I was only 5 years ago (except I have a better understanding of what Leave means than, as it turns out, UKiP, Brexit movie makers or Conservatives and Mr Corbyn on the other hand), or they are for the idea of superstate WITHOUT REALISING THAT THIS IS WHAT THEY REALLY SUPPORT in their ignorance. Example – Mr Kaczynski proposed to get rid of the Lisbon Treaty and implement a new treaty: a kind of union of nation states cooperating with each other. This was seized on by Denmark. Did anyone in Ireland (apart from Mr John Dowling from the Irish Independent) even notice it, did the Irish government toop it up? Da f..k no, they just went to advocate for Scotland on their own and got nothing.

          Sorry for my language. I am increasingly pissed off with the amateurish way of running foreign policies in this country (btw, there are no Irish think-tanks feeding up their analyses to the Taoiseach and him lending an ear to them, like it happens in the US, Germany, and recently even in Poland).

          The punishment for this improvising approach of ALL recent Irish goverments will be severe: no say and no friends in Europe for sneering at Greece to appease Germany and not building any coalitions.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            ‘destination of money laundering in Europe building Nord Stream 2 with Russia bypassing Poland’ = ‘destination of money laundering in Europe + building Nord Stream 2 with Russia bypassing Poland’

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          “The much derided Angela Merkel and Germany did much of the heavy lifting when it came to taking in refugees.”

          By inviting them to cherrypick the doctors to address Germany’s demographic problems (Germany has the worst demographics in the world, worse than Japan) and load the rest on the rest of Europe breaking the EU law (Dublin Regulation), and, when Hungary and Austria revolted, closing border with Austria when too many social welfare migrants from other continents came to Europe and threatening each country who takes refugees Germany does not want with penalties 250,000 per immigrant, which was to be implemented by force

          (Herr Martin Schulz: mit Macht durchsetzen:

          ) ?

          250,000 euro penalty for each migrant who DOES want to go to Germany but Germany DOES NOT WANT HIM (I say him because they are almost entirely males).


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            ‘each country who takes refugees Germany does not want= = ‘each contry who does not take refugees Germany does not want’

  16. Deco

    Another headache unfolding.


    Low interest rate policy simply does not work. It underestimates the pricing of risk. It produces “something for nothing” growth, followed by spectacular failures.

  17. bilimori

    To D.McW.

    Thank you for this article it is better balanced than your previous two articles.

    The most cogent statement-”As a result of this, the Eurozone is Ersatz Deutschland, where the rest of the countries are little more than policy eunuchs, emasculated by German fiscal straightjackets and German creditor obsessions.” is an admission that Ireland is an emasculated vassal state of Germany and Europe.

    A reading of Jacob Rees Mogg’s well articulated reasons for Britain to take the road of freedom could lead to a parrallel reasoning regarding the eunuchdom of Ireland.
    Britain has shown in the best way possible that the values of freedom, democracy, patriotism and the continuation of the British way of life are higher values than that of trade and larger markets and centralized-undemocratic-remote control governance.

    Britain sacrificed for these values, and are about to do so again, they are the heart of the British character.

    Which begs the question for Ireland, “What are the values that the Irish would sacrifice for”

    A question that needs an answer from Ireland’s preeminent economist and politial commentator>

    • “Britain has shown in the best way possible that the values of freedom, democracy, patriotism and the continuation of the British way of life are higher values than that of trade and larger markets and centralized-undemocratic-remote control governance”


    • AlfieMoone


  18. Mike Lucey

    Mr Putin is getting fed up with the build up on his front door!

    Putin LOSES IT, Warns Journalists of War
    ‘I Don’t Know How to Get Through to You People’


    “We know year by year what’s going to happen, and they know that we know. It’s only you that they tell tall tales to, and you buy it, and spread it to the citizens of your countries. You people in turn do not feel a sense of the impending danger – this is what worries me. How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? While they pretend that nothing is going on. I don’t know how to get through to you anymore.”

  19. The rule of law is dead in the US
    Democracy never ever existed in the EU
    Who needs to associate with either.


  20. Deco is on a roll.
    good reading elsewhere.

    I’ll wait for the banking system to crash the world economies.
    Europe is more broke than the US and that is going some.
    The central bankers have all in their thrall.

  21. Forget about emigrating to Canada.
    The grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere.


    I look back with deep gratitude on my nineteen years in Parliament, including my decade in the federal Cabinet.

    The federal Conservative Party is now beginning a process of renewal, made easier by the fantastic interim leadership of my friend, the Hon Rona Ambrose!

    I have been encouraged by thousands of Conservatives to lead that renewal by pursuing the party leadership.

    I thank them all for their confidence in me.

    However, after a great deal of reflection, I have come to the conclusion that I can more effectively serve this country that I love, and advance the conservative cause, in a different way.

    Since the federal election in October, I have been blessed to be able to spend a lot more time here at home. And what I have heard in that time from fellow Albertans has moved me.

    I have seen a proud man, an engineer in his 50s, break down in tears of shame and frustration because after a life of hard work, after developing patented new technologies in the energy industry, he has been unemployed for over a year and sees no light at the end of the tunnel.

    I have met small business owners who, after twenty-five years of ups and downs, are throwing in the towel because every level of government seems to be staking the decks against them.

    I have met young Albertans who did what everyone told them to do, got their degrees and took on debt, only to find it impossible to find a job at their skill level in a province with the highest level of unemployment in decades.

    I have met new Canadians who immigrated to Alberta because they were told it was the land of opportunity, only to burn through their savings before leaving for greener pastures.

    Albertans I meet cannot believe that we have a government that is systematically destroying the Alberta advantage that made this province a magnet for risk takers and wealth creators.

    Enough is enough. We must fight the ideological agenda of this accidental NDP government to limit the damage they do to our province now.

    And we must do everything within our power to eliminate the risk of a second NDP term, which would be catastrophic to the long-term future of Alberta.

    After months of consultation, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way to eliminate that risk.

    Only one way to ensure that we defeat the NDP in 2019, and get Alberta back on the right track.

    And that is to unite Albertans around a common cause, around a united, principled, compassionate and diverse free-enterprise party.

    A party characterized by a sense of hope, optimism, and opportunity.

    A party focused on the concerns and struggles of ordinary Albertans.

    That means both the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties must put Alberta first.

    We must focus on the future, not the past.

    On what unites us, not what divides us.

    We must come together to form a single free-enterprise party.

    And we must do so before the next election.

    Because Alberta can’t wait.

    Friends, that is why I have decided to seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, seeking an explicit mandate to unite with the Wildrose Party, and all like-minded Albertans, so we can defeat the NDP and put this province back on the right track!

    If you’re with me, sign up at http://www.jasonkenney.ca today — I’m counting on your support.

    Together we must restore Alberta as the economic engine of Canada.

    Together we must begin the renewal of Canada’s conservative movement right here in its heartland.

    Canada is counting on us to get this right.

    With strong leadership that is aligned with the democratic will of ordinary Albertans, we can do this.

    Our province and many of her people are going through a time of adversity.

    But united, we will get Alberta back on the right track.

    United, we will restore this province as a beacon of freedom, hope and opportunity.

    And united we will emerge as in the words of Alberta’s motto – strong and free.

    Join me at http://www.jasonkenney.ca — I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

  22. Truthist

    A pleathora of Female leaders on the world stage now :

    Angela Merkel

    Teresa May

    Hillary Clinton ;
    Well, not yet for Hillary / Kill-ary.
    But, she is the favorite with the bookies.

    I wonder how her fans would react upon learning of what another female — Irish American Cathy O’Brien — has to say about Feminazi Hillary ;

    Google.com Search Terms

    hillary clinton AND cathy o’brien AND compensation for MK Ultra AND youtube

    Warning ;

    Even some of the content from reputable links herein may be very upsetting & too graphic for viewers.


    These accusations against Hillary Clinton must be taken very seriously.

    Someone should ask Jennifer Flowers — former long-time mistress of Bill Clinton — does she think that Hillary is capable of having abused Cathy O’Brien as a child.

    If Hillary becomes President & these very serious particular accusations against her continue, will we have a similar special broadcast as Bill Clinton gave about Monica Lewinsky ?

  23. Deco

    Ireland will be facing an interesting scenario in the Brexit negotiation process.

    We simply cannot afford ourselves to be used as a means of controlling Britain. That would alienate the many Irish in Britain. This is not an option. It is in our interests that Britain gets a very good deal, so as to ensure a continued successful relationship with Britain.

    SF are good at talking militaristic aggressive patriotism. But it is often empty sloganeering and bravado.

    We have a vital interest that must be served.

    That is our objective.

    It will not help that we have liars like Micheal Martin are predisposed towards shafting our national interest, in a powerful position in the current Dail. Many Irish in Britain will also be watching to see if FF betray the Irish again.

    Will FF side with Brussels against Ireland’s interest, again ?

    Prediction : they probably will.

    • AlfieMoone

      Dear Mr ‘Deco’.

      The ‘Irish In Britain’ do not give 2 fc-uks what Martin & his ilk think. ‘We’ are the real Irish, those whose parents left or who had to leave themselves. We are #EvenBetterThanTheRealThing

      There are pockets of Culchie resistance still, but in general, the Irish have been invisibilised in their own country by the fake Irish, the real plastic paddies who are to be found on the island of Ireland in their D4 Troika Trojan Horse fortresses.

      Or lecturing unemployed fishermen on the Thames. We’ll waste no time in sending Sir Toss-pot Gilded Toff Bob Geldof back to you on the first available night-boat.

      “the real Plastic Paddies are sitting in the Dail & in the EU parliament”

      “I’ve been dreaming of a time when, the Irish, are sick to death of Fianna Fail & Fine Gael & spit upon their names alongside Cromwell’s”


      Alfie Moone

      President of Independent Mercia within the United Kingdom of Albion & Cymru


      Taoiseach of The Fifth Province Diaspora of The Shire Irish within the United Kingdom of Cymru & Albion.
      Patriarch of The London Irish Spiral Tribe.

      • Deco

        Toss-pot Geldof, with his array of tax efficient operations will only FO back to Ireland, if the tax rules are favourable.

        And you are correct about the D4 Troika obedicent Trojan horse. Or the garrison class as I call them. Ready to sell the rest of us out, for an easy life. The new Raj.

        Thanks for telling me what you think of Mickey Martin and his collection of maFFia gangsters. At least some people are aware of what they really represent. Ready to sell us out, for any price.

        • AlfieMoone


          I was in Dublin for 10 days for The Easter Rising 1916 Show. It was utterly bizarre. Theme-Park Ireland, history pimped to create a new Riverdance to sell to tourists.

          Dublin is now an Occupied City. I will be in Cork and Mayo soon to discuss how the Culchie Uprising against D4 can take shape. It’s absolutely incredible how all those FF/FG clowns behaved during the Centenary, it was almost like thy knew they were part of a post-modern ironic gesture, thaat the ‘past’ was just a profit-centre for Official Ireland to mine & throw into the mix with the Wild Atlantic Way.

          I go OTT to make a point which is that the ‘real Irish’ are usually forced to leave, whether as economic refugees or political dissidents.

          Brexit would never have happened if the wishes of the Irish voter had been respected and the Lisbon Treaty been shredded. But, as you remember from the past ‘we are where we are’ & ‘anger isn’t a policy’.

          I can’t wait for the Goldman Sachs crew to try & foist a 2nd Ref on the English. All hell would break loose. Well, more hell than we currently have bubbling and boiling away.

          It’s hilarious. I feel blessed to be living on the border between England and Wales, the epicentre of the Uprising against The Globalist EU Empire Project. So glad I lived to see the British Ruling Class shit themselves. What were they thinking of? Giving the English & Welsh the option to blow the whole thing up? And not understanding that that’s what they’d do, no matter what the consequences because: Payback. LOL!

          ‘The paranoia is in bloom, the P-R
          Transmissions will resume

          Another promise, another scene,
          Another package lie to keep us trapped in greed
          With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
          And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
          (So come on)
          They will not force us
          They will stop degrading us
          They will not control us
          We will be victorious
          (So come on)
          Interchanging mind control
          Come let the revolution take its toll if you could
          Flick a switch and open your third eye, you’d see that
          We should never be afraid to die
          (So come on)
          Rise up and take the power back, it’s time that
          The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
          Their time is coming to an end
          We have to unify and watch our flag ascend’

          MUSE – JFK / Uprising : Live


        • Truthist

          Geldof’s loyalty is not to the Irish.

          When u really know why, then u can really understand why he is disrespectful to the majority of the Irish people’s Catholic faith,
          constant cursing of Jesus Christ

          For such a trade-mark outspoken bloke he never said anything in support of the long-suffering Palestinians when he went to that alleged democracy in the Middle East.

          Clever fellow.

          But, very limited as a music composer IMHO.

    • Truthist

      The credibility of the voting process is destroyed upon u personally asking upteen voters from Me-hole Martins’s constituency as to what do they really think of him ;

      Here are the results by a friend of mine in Cork City doing just that. :

      Only the few hanging in on a promise given by Me-hole to them that he will get them a job or a council house, all the others rate him as base low.
      As sneaky as they come ;
      The claim that he puts on an act of doleful sincerity ;
      Actually is said to have a talent for mimicry ;
      Even mimicking his constituents after they had paid him a visit at his clinic is what some of them learnt from their contacts.

      Is reported to have been an appalling teacher.
      A shouter.
      And, useless at the teaching part.

      Such were the finding in per the constituency of Fianna Fail’s pretender to be crowned Taoiseach of The Irish State.

      But, as the cuckoo in the nest of Christianity “Pope Francis” says ;

      “Who am I to judge ?”

      “I just reporting the findings Mam.” ; So says I.

      • Truthist

        Apologies for typos.

        “It is the Irelanditis in me that makes me do it, m’Lord.”

      • Deco

        MM is fond of the finer things in life. Like staying in an expensive hotel, when the proper procedure is to stay at the Irish embassy.

        MM was part of a government that followed this up – by starting austerity for the rest of us.

        If you are correct, then his electoral success is due to the fact that he is Willie O’Dea with a snooty layer on top, and a greater willingness to fib.

        Has there yet been any explanation of how the Tribunal witness category developer’s money ended up in his wife’s account ?

        A posting error in the bank, presumably.

        • Truthist

          Me-hole’s wife is from Midleton, Co. Cork area;

          Midleton Area

          In olden days ;
          Majorly involved in liberating the south from the Brits.
          Notable bravery by some.

          In modern days ;
          A town of notoriety.
          Corrupt Cops
          Pedophiles & child murderers
          Said to be a gateway for many tough beaches 8-)

  24. AlfieMoone

    ‘The constant gardener’

    The novelist Paul Kingsnorth on but he has written extensively about the claim – or lack of it – that England makes on the English. In Real England, he went searching for what English identity means at a time when displaying the St George’s flag can be read simplistically as a sign of football-hooligan racism.

    “It’s terrible,” he says. “It’s very sad. There’s an Anglophobia stalking Britain. It’s not acceptable to be an English patriot in the way you can be a Scottish or a Welsh patriot. Those are small countries that were attached to a bigger country. They define themselves against that. So what does the bigger country, England, define itself against?”

    Yet the longing for definition, however problematic, doesn’t go away. “What does it mean to be ‘us’ in England?” he asks. “It’s such a big question at the moment because the level of migration is so high. You need
    to know who you are, and where you are, and have some control over that. If there isn’t an acceptable outlet for it, it goes to an unacceptable outlet.”

    This put him, cautiously, in the Brexit camp – he cast his postal vote for Leave. When we speak the morning after the referendum, he says that he is feeling “shocked and excited” by the result. “One of my Irish friends shook my hand today and said, ‘It’s a great day for Britain.’”


  25. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    A typical none story – lawsuit threat because 500 people might have been denied to vote in the referendum (compare that to Austria when they doctored 30,000 votes to select the Green candidate – Greens are usually immature Reds, even though the green movement originated from the 19th century conservative German movement and was then hijacked by the Left; the difference was bigger than 500 votes anyway. It looks like they have nothing to write, why do not they write about arresting yesterdays match where Germany was in my opinion a better team (I could not resist thinking of their bombing of Warsaw, such was the urgency of theirffierce attack in the first half), and they were really unlucky, although I did not actually support them on this occasion (Mr Schweinsteiger’s fist – na ja, echt Deutsch; Herr Ozil – er war gestern wie eine Flasche leer (only Germans older than 35 would know what I am referring to)).


    500 people could not vote – it looks like they are really pushing for referendum repeat, and I’ll bold and out-do this blog’s conspiracists ;-) by saying that not only the Remainians do, but also most Brecsemians.

    500 people – I would not be surprised if it turned out that more people in Britain are dying every year as a result of having oral sex.


  26. http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/employment-report-farce-and-more-on-the-comeyclinton-connection/

    Corruption is endemic, it allows the farcical Ponzi scheme that is the fiat toilet paper currency and the criminal fraud of manipulations both financial and political.

    It all starts with the central bankers using unlimited mythical cash to buy the favours of the politicians. The rest is history. Look after yourself. Nobody else is.

  27. Truthist

    Looks interesting from a Polish-Canadian [ I think ] website about Social Credit ;


    Website author’s drawing method ;


    And, in coasting down the list of articles, there should be some to tickle ur fancy ;

    The Social Credit section is 1/2 way down.


    • Grzegorz Kolodziej

      It’s fascinating what, all other garbage non-withstanding, one can find online – we can find out about people pursuing some hobbies, passions or simply contributing to their communities that we would have never heard of if it was not for (military originated) internet.

      I still have a very good remark of yours ringing in my ear – that the rich were always corrupted, it is when the poor got corrupted things went really bad (this reminds of the history of Roman Empire)

      • Truthist

        Thanks for compliment.

        Just to clarify ;

        That remark from me to this blog is not originally mine.
        It came from a craft instructor I had.
        He would describe himself as a “Red” ;
        But, a Catholic one.
        Not a lop-sided person in regard to socialism.
        His approach would be that he does not care what the rich have so long as all the underclasses have enough.
        I think that is almost as fair as u could wish for.

        Sufficiency Economy is worth looking into ;
        It finds experession in Buddhist Economics.
        And, in the proposals of EF Schumacher [ Economist, Philosopher inter alia ]
        “Small is Beautiful”

        Google Search Terms

        schumacher small is beautiful pdf


        I have only read around Schumacher.
        No funds to buy the book nor time in the horizon when I thought about it.
        But, always on my agenda.

        Looks like I can have a free pdf copy thanks to many of the links in above result.
        But, one should be cautious before clicking just any link ;
        Lest one gets malware.

        However, I am reasonably confident that the 1st page of offerings are OK.

        The interviews & articles I read of Schumacher over the years were very positive & practical.

        By the way, my craft instructor friend was a big fan of special type of Industrialist ;
        They more found in 19th century who treated their workers well & who had great sense of responsibility in producing a well-designed & durable product.
        He spoke well of :
        Lucas [ Engineering ]
        Ford [ Vehicles ]
        Many Quaker Industrialists.

        He used to say :

        “The working class have no monopoly in social conscience.
        And, often it is the boss who is the real socialist.”

        He attested to the above from personal experience in being a Union Representative ;
        A total eye-opener about our fellow man is how he described it.

        I liked him a lot.
        So did most of his trainees.

        But, he had enemies in senior management of FAS, & in the Union he was in charge of before.
        I cannot speak more about this aspect, because it is something he tried not to dwell on.
        But, I was witness to an eventual move to destroy him.

        I can get lots of super corruption stories about FAS management from various sources.

        I think Mr. Cooney — senior FAS Executive & recent President of GAA — should be a person of great interest.

    • Good cartoons and accurate in attitude. David should review them all.

  28. Truthist



    Excerpt 1 of 2 ;

    A Summary of the Communist Manifesto
    The Communist Manifesto represents a misguided philosophy, which teaches the citizens to give up their RIGHTS for the sake of the “common good,” but it always ends in a police state. This is called preventive justice. Control is the key concept. Read carefully:

    Abolition of private property.
    Heavy progressive income tax.
    Aboliton to all rights of inheritance.
    Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels.
    A Central bank
    Government control of Communications and Transportation
    Government ownership of factories and agriculture.
    Government control of labor.
    Corporate farms, regional planning.
    Free education for all children in govenment contolled schools

    Excerpt 2 of 2

    UNITED STATES Effective December 15, 1791

    Excerpt 2.1 of 2 of 2

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  29. Truthist

    Wikipedia article about above book ;


    How relevant is this book for the small people to deal with :

    The Irish State ?

    their toleration of their State / Country being in E.U. ?

  30. AlfieMoone

    ‘In the coming economic war, neutrality won’t fly’


    Brexit is the opening battle, but does the war ends with the collapse of the British £? Or the collapse of the Euro & the disintegration of the EU?….*thinking*

    Is Official Ireland in ‘can’t see the woods for the trees mode’ We think so, but that’s ok. Place you bets, folks. Will the Euro survive? Or the EU? If so, the best strategic interest of Official Ireland is indeed ‘economic war’ with Core UK England & Wales, as a proxy pawn on the chessboard moved by Juncker & Schauble.

    If, however, one takes a view that the Euro and the EU are doomed neo-imperalist vanity projects then a different approach would seem…appropriate.

    In Enda Kenny, Official Ireland is surely blessed to have such a towering colossus bestriding the world’s stage, revered in Brussels, Paris, Berlin & Washington for punching above his weight whilst showering all and sundry with wilted shamrock and green beer. If I lived on the island of Ireland I would sleep soundly knowing that the serious people have, like totally got a grasp of the geo-strategic map re-configured by Brexit and fully understand that “the map is not the territory”…………*smiles & pats Bowler hat*

    “The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman think about the next generation.”

    James Freeman Clarke

  31. survivalist

    I have some questions as regards the capital “that is holding off investing in the UK because of the uncertainty”.

    1. Where is it? 2. Who owns it? 3. If it might be removed from somewhere else would it be missed?

    4. Also if “we” were to attract it, where would it go?

    5. And how would it generate return for its owner and 5. How would this generate return for us?
    7. And how would “we” access that return?

    And if accessing return from foreign capital investment is really what Ireland needs or would do then why does it not already do that and in fact steadfastly avoids this? (Apple tax?)

    Why not just slap a Robin Hood tax on it? Is that a bad idea because the thought of Ireland taking a slice of someone else’s capital scare away capitalists?

    I thought low tax open for business economies were good for business? So how is it that “we” trying to grab a slice is now a good enticement?

    Maybe the return is limited to professional fees? Accountants, financial, insurance professionals?

    Or maybe some other high, medium or low end professionals who are in the business of providing short-term, non-productive, one-sided ‘satisfaction’ will be pressed into service; Ireland as a whole might count itself lucky to be treated in a manner so well by these capitalists.

    I would like to see some answers to the questions numbered above nonetheless.

    • McCawber

      I like it when somebody asks the obvious questions.
      It is a very strong indication of an ability to avoid the trap of assume.
      It is assumed but where is the evidence.

    • Truthist

      That is a very good post ;

      U should keep hammering away with it.

      Make a poster placard.

      Distribute leaflets.

      We need to uncover the Spivs & Spiveens of Ireland pronto.

  32. McCawber

    If the EU can’t handle the current immigration issues imagine how hard it is going to be when…
    The Swiss at least seem to be vaguely aware of the issue.
    Governments of the world and citizens too need to become aware of the future robotics can create for us.
    We need to be proactive rather than fearful.
    We need to take control of the opportunities this technology can present.

  33. Truthist

    Buddhist Economics ;

    Google Search Terms ;

    buddhist economics




    Schumacher on Buddhist Economics
    Schumacher Center for New Economics


  34. Truthist

    I will leave it at this about :

    Buddhist Economics


    Ernst Friedrich “Fritz” Schumacher


    Excerpt ;

    Buddhist economics: oxymoron or idea whose time has come?

    By Kathleen Maclay, Media relations

    MARCH 13, 2014

    UC Berkeley economist Clair Brown acknowledges that ;

    “Buddhist economics” may seem like an oxymoron.

    Nevertheless, she’s teaching a sophomore seminar on the topic this semester — the campus’s second such offering over the past year.

    Professor Clair Brown asked herself ;
    “How would Buddha teach Econ. 1 ?”

    Brown said she created the one-unit Buddhist Economics course after students in her Introductory Economics (Econ 1) class expressed frustration with the relentless Madison Avenue message that more is better, economic growth paves the path to a better life and “retail therapy” is a quick trip to nirvana.

    Nicholas Austin, an economics major from Laguna Beach, Calif., and a student this spring in Brown’s Buddhist Economics class, said he was hungry for some fresh ideas about economics after seeing so many students in the field pursue finance careers and “moving money rather than creating a product that will help the world.”

    What would Buddha do?

    Brown said she mulled over her students’ unease in light of her experiences as an economics professor for more than 30 years and her research on poverty, the U.S. standard of living over time and today’s high-tech workers.
    Also taking into consideration her experience as a practicing Buddhist for the past six years, she asked herself,
    “How would Buddha teach Econ 1?”

    The idea of Buddhist economics appears nowhere in standard economic textbooks, and Brown could find no such course offering in other top economics departments in the United States.

    So she relied on recent innovative and broader approaches in economics, including models based on human development and freedom and the exploration of the psychological underpinnings of economic choices.
    She also looked at ecological models based on sustainability to develop her new course, which is being offered separately from Econ 1.

    Brown also looked to Columbia University’s Earth Institute, a leader in sustainable development programs headed by economics professor Jeffrey Sachs.
    In a recent talk at Yale University — titled “Economics and happiness:
    Can the two reconnect?” — Sachs promoted a process for measuring economic success according to broad-based happiness, rather than the Gross Domestic Product.

    … …

    Right livelihood

    As part of the course, students have been engaged in conversation with Tibetan Buddhist priest Anam Thubten Rinpoche, who explained Buddhism’s “8-fold Path” that is based on right livelihood — or a way of making a living that does no harm to others, interdependence and connectedness, and inner contentment.
    True Buddhist economics, he told the students, recognizes everyone’s interconnectedness.

    Rinpoche stressed living a life based on inner values and inner wealth and taking care of those who are suffering or in need.
    “Wealth is not only your material acquisition,” said Rinpoche, suggesting rejection of modern society’s “grand delusion” in favor of a middle path based on faith, generosity, integrity, wisdom, conscience and contemplation.

    Brown assured her students that Buddhist economics wouldn’t require a vow of poverty.
    “Buddha tried to live in poverty for seven years,”
    But “it didn’t work,” she said.


    • McCawber

      Robotics has the power to empower Buddha economics. A synergy of mental/human well being with financial well being.
      So project Utopia gets a major upgrade and rebranding to Sangrila 1.0.

      • Truthist

        Yes, robotics can assure every person of an agreeable basic lifestyle in so far as robots can take care of much production “more effectively”, & “more efficiently”, & “more economically” versus “hand craft production” or “power-tool assisted craft production” or “machine mode production” or “automated machine mode [ non-robot ] production”.
        The products & / or services produced can serve a large percentage of :
        a person’s needs & wants
        a biz.’s needs & wants
        a government’s needs & wants
        And, other technologies are part of this theme :
        3-D Printing of :
        “micro-sized” products
        “adult-maneuverable” products
        “macro-sized” products : e.g. Buildings.

        The future is excellent, if Love overtakes Evil.
        Love here entails ;
        “Innocence of a Dove ;
        And, Wisom of a Serpent.”

  35. AlfieMoone

    “We need to attract as much mobile capital that is holding off investing in the UK because of the uncertainty as possible. This means shouting loud and clear that Ireland is open for business….. we should cheer the opportunities that this presents as the only English-speaking country, with low capital taxes that has open, and unfettered, access to the markets of Europe.

    …now is the time for clear thinking here within Official Ireland. That can’t be too much to ask for, surely?” David McWilliams

    Yes, it is too much to ask. Dublin is fun for a weekend, but beyond that, it’s a boring city, largely due to the fact there’s no energy on ‘the streets’. Why? Because the demographics totally suck because of emmigration of loads of it’s young people due to the Troika Terror. Now there’ll be a big push by Official Irelad to coax them back to be rent-raped or exiled to the outer fringes of suburbia. But there’s no way the pampered denizens of Canary Wharf will put up with Canary Dwarf for long. I remember watching The Rubberbandits at Shakespear’s Globe Theatre on the South Bank of the Thames a few years ago. Mid-week, chocka full of cocained City Boys & Girls on the rampage. They go crazy Mon-Fri then chill-ax at the weekend in Essex & out here in the Cotswolds. Dublin just doesn’t have the apparatus for that Hedonic Treadmill, never mind all the Real World stuff listed in the article below.

    “Ugly truth why Dublin is not first choice as an alternative to London
    Battle for the Banks: An Irish financial services executive based on Wall St. reveals why Dublin will find it harder than we think to attract the big names in banking post-Brexit”


    • StephenKenny

      The question of how long can this financial services merry-go-round continue should never be overlooked. Since such a high proportion of their activities is at best ‘zero-sum minus fees’ – where the ‘fees’ is the total cost of the companies and staff in the sector – the ability for this to continue is clearly limited.
      If you consider that the average annual bonus in the City of London is about three times the size of the average private pension fund, it should be apparent that the money is going to run out.

      Also, I think you’ll find that the fun moves with the money. There would be an instant explosion of suitable entertainments if the major brokers & traders moved to Timbuktu, never mind Dublin.

  36. Truthist

    And, what would u know, but providence is being good to Barroso the Champagne Socialist again ;
    If I remember correctly, he was nasty to the Irish nation when he had the chance.


  37. McCawber

    It occurs to me that the EU has been quite quick to put the boot into Ireland any chance it gets and much slower to pull the trigger on other delinquents.
    Why Ireland, a small pimple on the ar$ehole of the EU.
    In the US there is a very strong Irish American caucus and then there is the bible belt Christian community.
    Democrats v Republixans.
    So what is so special about Ireland?
    Is the Irish influence (not official irelabd btw) a lot greater than we perceive.
    The EU has managed to separate Ireland from the UK.
    Divide and conquer. Official Ireland always needed to get its act together but Brexit has changed things maybe a lot more than is thought.
    Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.


  38. Truthist

    Norway’s European Vision

    BBC Radio 4 ; In Business with Peter Day


    Last on

    Sun 24 Jan 2016

    Listen in pop-out player

    Norway isn’t a member of the European Union, but does business with the EU.
    Is it a model for other countries? Jonty Bloom speaks to people working in a range of businesses – including Norway’s vital fishing industry – and asks about the advantages and disadvantages of the arrangement.

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