July 4, 2016

Brand Britain is ours for the taking

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Ireland has just been given one of its luckiest breaks. Britain has handed us, on a plate, the opportunity to be the Anglo-American world’s investment location of choice. Maybe we don’t realise it yet. Ireland is now perfectly positioned to be a globalised, English-speaking, free-trading area, which could attract limitless international capital that will transform the country and the society.

To understand this, let’s take a step back. It is all about a shift in the nature of national power.

We are now in a world of soft power as opposed to hard power. The power that countries exert on the world is no longer the hard power of the military and the flag. Hard power is enforced, not coaxed; it is the power of exclusion not inclusion; it is the power of the 19th century and it is the strength of the traditional bully. Those days are over.

Today the power that makes a country strong is soft power. It is the power of persuasion; the power of branding; the power which allows a country to coax others into doing its bidding without them even knowing.

The Nordics are exemplars at this game. It is a deep psychological power that is deployed by culture, image and national tone – and once exerted, it is cemented, not by force, but by international law.

By voting for Brexit, the British have elected for hard power in a world of soft power. They may not see it but the English have profoundly diminished their attractiveness. They have lost goodwill.

For years, Britain, in the eyes of the world, was the coolest place on earth. They had the best music, the best fashion, the best street movements, the best raves, the best comedy, the best youth culture and, despite themselves, the most exciting food innovators.

Their literature wasn’t too shoddy and the small island also managed to have the sixth biggest economy in the world. Its language was spoken everywhere and, in the BBC, it set the standards in global broadcasting.

It had even managed to have the best, richest football league despite its shambolic national team. Indeed, the desperate performances of the national team became part of their ironic self-deprecating disposition, which made it the favourite country for European graduates who wanted to emigrate.

In London, England had Europe’s New York. And, in its embrace of the free market, it made itself a magnet for global capital.

This was old Britain, the master of the brand, the genius country that managed to paper over the cracks with clever marketing, agile advertising and fashionable presentation.

It had just about managed to replace the dying hard power of empire with the soft cosmopolitan power of the 21st century. Last Friday week, it blew it.

The new Britain that will present itself for the next generation to the world will be a nasty, flag-waving, petty, imperial England in a post-imperial world.

Britain will now involve itself in a very public period of wrangling with the EU where enemies will be created and where the ability of the British to enhance their standing in the world via diplomacy will decrease.

This shift from team player to cantankerous foe will impact profoundly on Britain’s ability to attract foreign capital. Remember: Britain received over one third of all direct foreign investment into the EU. The figure last year was €35 billion.

This global capital will not stop looking for a home, it will just look for a new home. This new home will be one that feels, smells and acts like the Old Britain.

It is one that speaks English, has a common law system, doesn’t make it hard to invest and doesn’t prevent foreign skilled labour from living in its cities.

It will be a country where taxes on capital are low, which doesn’t get into public scrapes with its neighbours and which has free access to 500 million rich customers.

It is a country where gay people can live in equality, where foreigners aren’t discriminated against and where the arts, culture, music and sport are encouraged.

That country can be Ireland.

We are the obvious candidate to best profit from England’s self-inflicted misery. We are in the same part of the world, speak the same language and to all intents and purposes, for the vast majority of humans, are quasi-British. Yet we are a safe harbour in all this chaos with free, unfettered access to Europe.

The economic model for Ireland should be the prosperous city states such as Venice in the 15th and 16th centuries or the Hanseatic cities of Lubeck, Danzig or Konigsberg in the medieval Baltic. These states combined free trade with clever political alliances to become magnets for foreign capital.

These cities played the big powers against each other, retaining just enough sovereignty to plot their own course but never insisting on so much autonomy that their independence might threaten others.

Ireland is in that position right now.

Britain will leave the EU. Many people, particularly those on the remain side in Britain, have been trying to convince themselves that some magic formula will be conjured up to avoid triggering Article 50. This will not happen.

My friends in Britain who voted Remain have been deluding themselves that there can be some form of words, some legal circumstances which might be invoked to avoid the inevitable.

Many others who voted Leave as a protest voice and are now suffering from what could be described as “buyer’s remorse” have been trying to convince themselves that there will be a second ballot. There won’t be. They are out.

Britain will eventually get a Norwegian-style deal with some local control on immigration but the damage to “Brand Britain” is done. It won’t recover for a decade. Its economy will recover from a temporary, cyclical wobble, but it won’t be the same.

Luckily for us, most of our indigenous exports to Britain are food and the Brits will not stop eating. Nor will they stop holidaying abroad and they will still come here in huge numbers. However, the rest of the world will look on them differently.

Where the world once saw flexibility, it will now see rigidity; where there was irony, there is now dogma; where there was self-deprecation, there is self-regard; where there was tolerance, there is now exclusion; and where there was once liberalism, there is now brittleness; where there was moderation, there is now excess. Goodwill is lost.

The Tories don’t realise that modern free-market capitalism is part of a suite of beliefs that go with openness, tolerance, creativity, enquiry and debate. Once you go for dogma, you close so many more doors than you open.

Ireland is now in a brilliant position to economically and financially benefit from the evisceration of Brand Britain; let’s seize the chance.

  1. Tull McAdoo

    There is the little matter of dishonesty within Ireland which seems to have teared its ugly head yet again i.e. Console

    • Tull McAdoo

      “reared”……yesterday’s paper the Sunday Indo carried a piece about 2 million euro being dished out to boffins in “St. John of Gods”

      The point I’m trying to make is that, what you say re investment should come to pass as long as the numpties running the place don’t suddenly decide that the money being invested is their for ” their own personal use”

      Memo to numpties
      1. salary is yours
      2. all other money is not

      • Deco

        There was a picture in another newspaper of a crooked charity chief beside a former FF backed President, in a picture of those posing to be the solution to a crisis.

        To be a charity boss in Ireland is to behave in private seector, while recieving public money, as a result of politics and connections.

        We are paying large salaries to useless people from the public purse. And it is not sustainable any more.

      • How’s it going down under Jim?

      • cyberjohn

        Stick that investment etc where the son dont shine. I like Ireland the way it is – thank you very much.


      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        Adam, as a former footballer – who do you think will win the Euro 2016? Having won on my bet France getting to the semi-final (to my chagrin – I supported Iceland with less than 10 Icelanders I found in Ireland’s biggest sports bar) I would be inclined to put my money on Germany as the best team overall, though not spectacular in any area; but they are missing Gomez, Hummels and Khedira – so maybe France? Pity Ramsey is not playing – I would go barmy and put money on Wales if he was (I lived in Wales and had a Welsh girlfriend)

          • Deco

            Actually, there is both humour and truth there.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Interesting. I think that we should also factor in fashion in the Irish Pub Index. Some countries can become popular very quickly even if there is not that much contact with them (or sometimes precisely because of that – think Russia and Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev/Igor Stravinsky ballets (btw, I read diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky as I was very much into classical music in secondary school – interesting character: homosexual in an old-fashioned way (more shy about it than proud – I think that hunter Oscar Wilde would be a macho type compared with nowadays metro-heterosexuals); he started to believe at some stage that he was God.

            Ireland was very popular in Poland in the 80s/90s (there was even a popular song ‘I love you like I love Ireland’), Britain was very popular in Germany in the 60s’ and Poland was very popular in Germany in the 90s because it was so exotic (I have met almost 20 Germans who came to Kraków and learned Polish) – now Russia is popular there again, while Israel is getting popular in Poland in some nationalist circles, not because they are Jews, but because of their clever way of sponging the US by technology transfers (that was the reason for Israeli boom in their IT sector: I had to double take it when some year David committed an article about Israeli IT miracle and did not factor in the role of military in technology boost).

            Nowadays, there are still Irish pubs in Kraków, but it more foreigners absorbing the renewed Polish nationalism than the other way round (just this week a couple of Norwegian escaped from Norway to Poland and asked for an asylum because their state wanted to take their kids because… they were too poor and stupid: I know it sounds coarse, but that’s what it boiled down to). The leader of Polish nationalism Mr Marian Kowalski joked that they cannot be that stupid if they know where the state does not take away kids.

            Hence my joke on Mr Peter Hitchens – in 10 years time we will have to think of the point system for immigrants from the Caliphate of Britain.

          • Great article. Absolute eejits those fans are – a cringeworthy drunken embarrassment.

            They can stick their awful losers song The Fields of Athenry up their arses.

        • I’m hoping Wales win it. But if not I think France are favourites over Germany. I’m actually on a bus from Dresden to Berlin as I write this. Was good to watch the German match in Dresden on Saturday evening but even the locals thought they were lucky versus Italy.

          • I’m going back to play 2nd division in Antigua in September at the ripe old age of 44. Not young enough or good enough to get paid though anymore!

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Thanks Adam, when I read about the German injuries I began to think too France may nail it.
            Btw, I have made some observations from Dublin’s sport bars.
            1. Despite a huge popularity of Italian culture in Dublin I could not really find any groups of Italians in sports bars; Germans in turn, who are almost invisible (sometimes you hear them on buses, but not as much as Spaniards) started to crowl in such quantities that they had to close entry to Murray’s open air area: there was about twice as many of them in the pub as the Poles for Poland-Portugal.
            2. Surprisingly many French too.
            3. I still think Spain has the best supporters in the world, followed by Brasil, Ireland, Poland, Italy (btw, Northern Irish and Polish fans teamed up together for their match – the only other group they fraternised with were Hungarians).

            So far, the best player in the tournament for me is Ramsey.

    • Deco

      Gombeenism, with a veneer of respectability on top, and a nice emotive tug at our heart.

      It is when the information about the money, and what happens to it, gets circulated, that the really relevant story gets told.

      The same authority model is pervasive in Irish society. It is what Kunstler termed “something for nothing” as the basis of culture.

      Forget the finessed refinement that you see on the surface. That is meaningless, and distortional. If anything, it is merely an indicator of the need to be suspecting and cautious.

      We have a high tolerance of people who chase, and attain “something for nothing”.

    • Will it translate in wage increases for ordinary workers, or will it just mean more mafia doing more ‘authorized’ fraud in the IFSC centre and similar places in Ireland with the backing of corrupt local governments in the pockets of the mafia.

    • Will it translate in to Wage Increases for ordinary works or will it just mean more financial-mafia doing more corruption & fraud in the IFSC centre and similar places, approved by corrupt governments who work for the mafia.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej


        I think that the whole thinking in terms of wages increases in wrong – it is a result of the post-WWII consensus that there should be a steady rate of inflation. What really counts is not how much we earn, but the purchasing power of our wages.

        If Ireland contents with just “more corruption & fraud in the IFSC centre and similar places, approved by corrupt governments” the main netto effect for an ordinary worker will be even higher property prices in Dublin (which btw is the reason I am sceptical about Dublin taking over that much of London:

        Meal in an inexpesive restaurant in Berlin is 8 euro (and tastier too), 15 in Dublin
        Rent for 1 bedroom apartment in City Centre: 661.94 in Berlin, 1242.15 in Dublin, annual bus ticket in Dublin is twice that of Berlin and 5 times of Vienna, etc.

        If trade unions leaders and the Left had any brains, they would demand lowering taxation on labour and hihger taxation on financial speculation + ending of the 0pc interest rate policies that fuel property speculation.

        This would increase the purchasing power of an ordinary worker.

        But as they demand the opposite, the result is the constant decrease in real wages and vanishing high-quality jobs (in favour of service sector) because the governments no longer need taxes from well paid jobs if they can print/borrow money for free.

        Therefore the main problem Ireland needs to address is the cost of living, which would involve breaking up the unholy triangle of banksters, politicians and trade union leaders.

        Britain has a chance to do precisely so after Brexit, but I think UKiP leaders have no guts to do a real reform (let alone Conservatives and Labour).

        • McCawber

          Inflation is the curse of the poor and a weapon of the rich.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            Exactly. The curse of the poor and the middle – no one else but Vladimir Lenin himself said:

            ‘The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.’

            I can only add that the reason almost all of the top 10 richest people in Poland have roots in the communist mafia is because of the late 80s hyperinflation (the richest one, worth euro 4bn, got his first million from his father – a communist agent in Vienna, and made billions on selling state telecom monopoly to French state telecome monopoly, with infrasture, people, and customers treated like cattle): you could take a loan from the state bank from your fellow agent and pay it back in devalued currency, and the state banks loses were willy-nilly financed by small entrepreneurs like my father who, with 600pc inflation a year, lost their entire life savings in state-owned banks he could not withdraw from.

            So Lenin was right on something

    • tony_murphy

      Oh David, are you serious? honestly. Totally disagree

      “It is one that speaks English, has a common law system”

      No David, Ireland is been willing dragged head first into a European Federal State. No Common Law, no innocent until proven guilty etc. Ireland Inc is doomed. European courts will rule on everything eventually.

      The Brits know exactly what they are doing. They have proper intellectuals, I’m fortunate enough to have seen that during the referendum debate.

      For example.. (12mins+ if you don’t have time to watch it all)

      Yes they also pretend intellectuals, hanging onto mother EU. But they’re the soft ones. The wimpy ones. The ones you really wouldn’t want on your side when the SHTF. The PC liberal left, the sort that love the EU and jobs for their posh mates and family. The ones who think it cool to be governed by who knows somewhere else. The Guardian types.

      Ireland might get the crumbs from the table, but no freedom, no democracy, slaves to the EU. It can only have 1 ending.

      I hope the ordinary people of Ireland follow the English/Wales example, and throw away the shackles of the EU in defiance of the Establishment

    • coldblow

      I would be a little concerned about some of the public commentary on Kelly, who obviously has, er, ‘issues’. I have noticed this tendency in Ireland for finger pointing and thereby showing their own virtue. I am still digesting Minister Varadkar’s description of care workers in St Attracta’s a couple of years ago as ‘pure evil’. Such over the top demonizing sets off the red hysteria warning lights.

  2. Harve

    Hi David,

    Good article and I agree with the points you have made. There is a great opportunity for Ireland now and the government needs to get the infrastructure in place to ensure that it attracts the needed investment. With Terminal 2, Dublin airport can position itself as a global hub for Europe. Public transport links to the city centre, especially IFSC, need to be upgraded. 15-20 mins from airport to IFSC needs to be the aim.

    For agriculture, yes, the British will still need to eat but it is noteworthy that the New Zealanders have offered the UK their expertise to negotiate free trade agreements. So expect there to be plenty more competition for key commodities such as butter and beef as the UK negotiates free trade agreements elsewhere.

    I also agree with you that goodwill towards the UK has been shot. As Theresa May once said about the Tories being the “nasty party”, in some ways that sentiment will be directed towards the UK as a whole. Vote Leave did bang on about “Take Back Control” but it forgot the other side of that coin i.e. “Lose a lot of Influence”.

    Ireland needs to act fast to take advantage of this opportunity. Frankfurt, Paris and even Warsaw will also be getting in on the action. In addition, an independent Scotland in 5 years is not out of the question. By then, Ireland needs to have embedded as much global FDI as possible to make the most of its “first mover” advantage.

    • Deco

      The SNP are promising an independent Scotland, even though they will be the ones that ensure that Scotland will end up a dependency. It is their actions that speak louder than they love of loud words.

      Based on recent history, any country with aspriations of sovereignty should opt for any option other than becomming more subservient to the EU power/control racket.

      Scotland is running up debts that will end any goals of independence.

    • Sideshow Bob

      + 1

      Some very good points there. I would like to make two observations on your transport point though:

      1) Dublin Bus, CIE and the transport unions would have to be whipped into shape though for these better (and ideally cheaper) transport arrangements. Governments though have been in the habit of appeasing them since the days of Haughey and not confronting them. For this to change a a real attitude change and display of vision would be required. Unfortunately the blueshirts are in power with idiot Inda loyalists like Coveney and Donohue occupy key positions, so I can´t see it happening.

      2) Public contracts for infrastructure, too, are still a mess, and land law too needs to be revised and pulled out of the feudal ages to facilitate the development of Ireland into modern country. All of these sectors involved ( public service, construction, law ),are controlled by vested and conservative interests (and professional bodies) who are well ensconced and content with their lot. They don´t permit dissenting voices. I don´t see any change occurring here either.

      I would like to add that I really wish that change could occur for me it would mean we had matured into that confident nation in control of our destiny that alluded to in the main article above. Unfortunately, I just can´t see it happening.

      • bluegalway

        Deco is right. A couple of months ago the BBC’s Andrew Neil pinned down Nicola Sturgeon in an uncomfortable interview where he pointed out that Scotland has been outspending its annual revenue by 10% each year since 2003. Given that oil prices have tanked and are expected to be low in coming years, combined with the SNP’s wildly optimistic spending plans, a free Scotland governed by the SNP would be in bailout territory in less than a decade. The Scots are also tiring of referendums. More than 80% for Scottish independence, while only about 50% for EU membership. Half of the 3 million votes in the last general election went to non-SNP, pro-UK parties. SNP share of the vote in this year’s local elections also slipped and the SNP has no overall control of the Scottish parliament, despite then dressing it up as a great win. More than likely the SNP would lose the vote on independence from the UK and that REALLY would bury that ambition for at least two generations.
        Separately, the UK vote on Brexit was won by Leave because of the persistent – and willful – failure of the political mainstream to tackle mass immigration that has soared beyond belief this century. Urban areas, bot large and small, have seen the native population shrink to a minority through immigration and the higher birth rates of immigrants. There’s not a country on the planet where the native people would at least not question that, most would object, and some react violently. I suggest a read of (pro-EU, pro immigration but anti MASS immigration) Oxford professor Sir Paul Collier’s Exodus, a global study of the effects of mass human migration and its inevitable consequences. As Collier says, there is solid science behind the findings and the final stage of tribal warfare is inevitable. We have been warned.

        • Deco

          The SNP are living in a bubble.

          Micheal Martin (he who did not know how the developer’s money ended up in his wife’s account) demanded that Kenny support Soctland’s answer to the Bertie Party. And Kenny, being the head of a minority government did as instructed. Kenny met Sturgeon.

          Scotland be warned – if you want independence, you need to throw out the chancers in the SNP and invent something much more grown up and responsible. The SNP will bankrupt Scotland.

    • woodsey

      The UK will NOT be leaving the EU! Every politician in Britain is taught that a referendum means ‘diddly-squat’. Instead of waving the whip, Cameron gambled that the referendum result would dampen the Conservative right-wing. He lost and he’s the only loser. There will be no movement in Britain to trigger Article 50. The remainder of its politicians didn’t get to where they’ve got by seeking out the best methods of self-destruction.

      • yadayada

        I’d like to take a bet with you there.

      • Quite possible that Article 50 will be ignored.

        Future parliamentary elections could be fun as incumbents are turfed by the electorate.

        The uncertainty will help kill the economy around the world, but will not be the cause of its destruction. Just a catalyst.

    • McCawber

      Goodwill – There was never Goodwill.

  3. Adelaide

    “…modern free-market capitalism is part of a suite of beliefs that go with openness, tolerance, creativity, enquiry and debate..” Did David actually write this? Sigh.

    Expect Britain to boom. Expect Official Ireland to squander each and every opportunity. A thriving Britain will be the death knell of the EU as other countries will follow suit in emulating Britain.

    It is Britain that will eviscerate Brand EU. Not vice versa.

    • Deco

      Brand EU needs a scapegoat for it’s current debacle.

      Merkel is about to throw Juncker under a bus. It is a superficial exercise, because the “replacement-for-juncker” will be another useless moron who believes in the imperial racket.

      If Britain vote for subservience, Juncker would remain in place.

      The removal of Juncker, on a whim to meet the PR needs of the racket, is another symptom of something that is deeply dysfunctional and flawed.

    • bluegalway

      “I’ve just mugged a Remain supporter – and I took £350 out of his wallet, but he didn’t seem to mind.
      “I felt a bit sorry for him, so I gave half of it back, but only on condition that he spent it on things I say he can and that everything he buys should have a picture of me next to it, saying I’d paid for it. And he agreed!
      “We are meeting again next week to do the same thing.
      “He said that it was a fantastic idea and that he wouldn’t be able to survive without me”.
      Diana Sanson
      Northwich, Cheshire

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        ‘I’ve just mugged a Remain supporter – and I took £350 out of his wallet, but he didn’t seem to mind’.

        Then a fellow called Nigel was lurking from the dark corner. He told the Remain supporter that he will put £350 back to his wallet so that he can spend it on whatever he wants, and not only this week, but every next week too. The Remainian listened to Nigel and joined the Brecsemians, but then it turned out that Nigel lied to him:


        So Nigel has cowardly left the street and no one knows anymore where my £350 is (not in my pocket that’s for sure – some say Deutsche Bank might have leveraged it, others that it went to finance that war-scale arsenal they found in mosks).

        I then decided I should always double-check what the goodfellas say. Btw, my neighbour Angela told me from now on I should deposit my wallet in her house

    • michaelcoughlan

      A rare appearance and sublime and brilliant as usual.

      “A thriving Britain will be the death knell of the EU as other countries will follow suit in emulating Britain.”

      …..especially when Deutsch bank goes down and the Brits are now in a better position to deal with the fall out.

      The propaganda in Ireland is a country in recovery. Let me tell David the reality. Bank of Ireland shares are down from 40c to 18c and AIB from 9c to 6c. We have record breaking emigration out of the place. We are still increasing the national debt and taxes don’t meet expenses yet. We have a moribund housing industry, Garda stations in major towns only open part time hours, record breaking numbers of people on trolleys in hospitals etc. etc. etc. and McWilliams is saying this is a place the multinationals will put their money into?

      Why would anyone conclude that the gobshites in Fail Eireann will be able to take advantage of ANY opportunity coming down the track?

      Britain voting for hard power is exactly what’s required in a out of control bureaucratic EU destroying its citizens to protect banks because if you don’t believe that Dathi why don’t you go on holidays to Greece and ask them how do they feel at the way they are being thrown to the wolves , do they think it is an exercise in soft diplomacy or hard banking driven pragmatic power to asset strip them for the banks benefit?

      The article is nonsense.


      • Deco

        AIB shares @ 6 c.

        Never mind, the people of the eastern region of Ireland are paying through their real estate nose, to improve that.

        It is all about priorities. And currently ponzi economics are the priority, not society. Fully rubber stamped by the ECB/EU. Even to the point that Ajay Chopra from the IMF deemed excessive.

      • McCawber

        Agree with a lot of what you say.
        However did you ever wonder-
        Why are there so many people on trolleys.
        Who implemented the trolley count.
        The same people who are responsible for clearing the backlog.
        Make you wonder wouldn’t it.
        Conspiracy theory apparently but plenty of evidence lying around.
        Banks in Ireland charge 4%.
        Banks in Belgium charge 2%
        THOUGHT I should mention that again.

      • Love of the EU is falling into “a Ring of fire”


  4. AlfieMoone

    “A ‘shackled Paddy who rolls over is unfit to mock Brexit. We should look at our ties with the EU instead of sneering at the Brits who had the balls to leave…”


    • AlfieMoone

      “You were never truly loved
      You have only been betrayed
      You were never truly nurtured
      By churches of the state

      There’s no culture left
      To love and cherish
      It’s gone, you know it’s gone for good
      A trillion memories
      Lost in space and time forevermore”

      Muse- The Globalist –
      Drones Tour –
      Dublin – 3Arena – 5th April 2016


      • AlfieMoone

        “envisions an Anglo-Saxon economic zone that encompasses the U.S., Ireland, Scotland and Britain.”

        “The rebellion against the “experts” that we are witnessing can be simplified: experts in some domains like economics, political science, policymaking are not experts. But we know why:

        “PRINCIPLE: it is easier to macrobullshit than microbullshit.
        So your car mechanic, sushi chef, house painter, espresso machine repairperson, plumber, barber, dentist, Apple genius bar attendant, sanitation engineer, translator of Greco-Aramaic texts, guitar player, …, these are, to some degree, experts.

        Mixing this with the concept of skin-in-the-game and the idea of complexity, we can build political structures that are immune to expert problems.”

        Nassim Nicholas Taleb [Facebook] 2/7/2016

        “The European Union is ‘doomed to fail,’ says ‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Taleb”

        #IslesOfWonder #IRExit “The Mob is fickle!”


      • AlfieMoone

        “Obama Will Need His Oratory Powers to Sell Globalization”

        “The departure of Britain from the European Union is likely to have significant, if not immediate, effects on Europe’s security. Some experts express fear that it will weaken the response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, for example. At the Warsaw meeting, a senior administration official said, Mr. Obama plans to emphasize the need for the European Union to cooperate more closely with NATO….but Britain’s departure could pose problems for NATO. ”


        “But you can rise up like a God
        Arm yourself
        You can be strong
        You can build a nuclear power
        Transform the earth to your desire

        Free your mind from false beliefs
        You can be the commander in chief
        You can hide your true motives
        To dismantle and destroy

        Now you finally have the codes
        I have given you the code
        10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, fire

        There’s no country left
        To love and cherish
        It’s gone, it’s gone for good”

        MUSE ‘The Globalist’

        “Military Use of Shannon Airport

        Shannon Airport has been used by the US military on their way to/from Iraq and Afghanistan for over a decade. It has also operated as a stopover point for CIA rendition planes. All this came about without the permission of the Irish people. As a result we are all complicit in gross violations of human rights, the killing of innocent civilians, and unending cycles of suffering for millions of people.

        Since 2002 over 2.5 million US troops have gone through Shannon Airport. The numbers were at their highest in 2005 when Shannon facilitated 341,000 soldiers on their way to war. The figures for 2012 were less than half that number, but this decrease does not in any way diminish Ireland’s complicity in war”

        Shannonwatch are a group of peace and human rights activists based in the mid-West of Ireland. In the tradition of the Irish anti-war protest that began almost a decade ago, they continue to hold monthly protest vigils at Shannon on the second Sunday of every month. They also do continuous monitoring of all military flights and rendition-linked flights in and out of Shannon and through Irish airspace.

        “Shannonwatch’s objectives are to end U.S. military use of Shannon Airport, to stop rendition flights through the airport, and to obtain accountability for both from the relevant Irish authorities and political leaders. As a member of PANA it actively supports its campaign against the integration of Ireland into the U.S. and other military structures, and in particular the use of Shannon Airport by the U.S. military on their way to and from their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

        “Article 29, section 4, subsection 9 of the Constitution:

        The State shall not adopt a decision taken by the European Council to establish a common defence pursuant to Article 42 of the Treaty on European Union where that common defence would include the State.

        This was originally inserted by a 2002 amendment ratifying the Treaty of Nice, and updated by a 2009 amendment ratifying the Treaty of Lisbon.” [Wikipedia 'Irish Neutrality']

        ” It is all about a shift in the nature of national power.
        We are now in a world of soft power as opposed to hard power. The power that countries exert on the world is no longer the hard power of the military and the flag. Hard power is enforced, not coaxed; it is the power of exclusion not inclusion; it is the power of the 19th century and it is the strength of the traditional bully. Those days are over.
        Today the power that makes a country strong is soft power. It is the power of persuasion; the power of branding; the power which allows a country to coax others into doing its bidding without them even knowing.” David McWilliams

    • Deco


      We had a mock celebration of fighting for independence a few months back. It was a farce. Lines of serious people trying to leverage 1916 for their own benefits, agenda, and careers.

      The same people that engaging in the pretence are routinely selling us out for the sake of a few crumbs off the table in Brussels.

      We have a new garrison now. They enforce the current empire, by means of columns in The Irish Times, and contributions on Pravda. They serve neither King nor Kaiser, by Brussels.

    • Sideshow Bob

      There has been a parallel but similarly commentary of this kind going on in Ireland about England recently, but in regards to soccer.

      I am talking about the debacle with Iceland of course.

      Commentators here are happy to laugh at the English and marvel at the exploits of little Iceland but never pause to reflect on how the development and performance of Iceland shows up the joke that is the FAI and Irish domestic football.

      The football league here home to a population 10 times bigger than Iceland is a pathetic disconect from the national team which half relies on British clubs to develop home grown players for the other half relies on players obtained from various parts of the UK to keep the FIFA/UEFA cash flowing in. I mean players who don’t feel a connection to their home country like (James) McCarthy, Duffy, McClean or in the past Houghton, Slaven or players who wouldn’t make the grade for England like Walters or in the past McAteer, Breen, Aldridge and Cascarino. Football domestically has been going backwards for 30 years or more while the overpaid execs of the FAI suck up the fruits of this brainless and blind adherence to doning the green jersey.

      All of the sports media seem to have a vested interest in keeping this show on the road. Eamonn Dunphy was at one point a type of controlled opposition seems to have long stopped thinking and complaining just plays out the caricature of the minor contrarian role in the pantomime show that constitutes RTE coverage.

      Everyone has a good laugh at England while passing out the patronizing plaudits to over-achievers Iceland. Never a word is heard about the LOI or the FAI. It is great to have such mediocrity to set our national standard against. England are a wonderful distraction from any real introspection on the subject of Ireland’s soccer team.

      I would like to point out the record of Uruguay, the biggest and serial overachievers, in world football. They are the record holders in the Copa America with 15 titles the last one 5 years ago. They won the World cup twice, one of those times against Brazil in the Maracaná.They almost always qualify. Uruguay was once a state in Brazil, it has a population under 3 million, about 15 times less than Argentina and 70 times less than Brazil. When the historically under-achieving clueless England ran into them in the last world cup there was only likely to be one winner. The English however were too ignorant and distracted with themselves and their own media BS to realise what they were up against. They probably still don’t realise who they were up against. I am afraid as we increasing are their media space that we will be no different times the clueless English in this sphere.

  5. Deco

    I went to the newstand to get the SBP yesterday, and quickly realised it was a bumper-hyperbole edition. It was complete nonsense. So I left it on the stand. The rest of it was was simply off-putting. In particular the fact that EU mega pension receiver John Bruton was about to lecture us on the need for more EU power. So I have just read this now.

    You are correct to make a point against the use of hard power. I don’t think hard power is over. Actually since 2008, it has undergone a resurgence in the West, as the needs of the super-wealthy who control the system are accentuated in public policy making.

    For hard power, I would use the term “unilateralism” by those who feel they can get away with it, to the detriment of the many who will inevitably be used up be the need to carry the consequences. Such unilateralism, is then coated in relentless hard sell “news” media coverage to justify the heist, and provide moral justification for manipulation.

    For a first example of the unilateral damage done by hard power, with no need to gain consent of others, witness the behaviour of Angela Merkel pushing her weight around in Europe, telling everybody what to do, and and then getting a free pass of the enormous damage that has been done by her actions. And then it gets branded as the solution to the crisis that she created by her intransigence. It even reaches the point where the Irish media justifies a series of “fixes” in Greece that has resulted in societal terror.

    A second example is a series of “regime change” interventions by the US State department that has left a trail of tears and blood in many countries, to no benefit of the the average American worker. John Pilger has been documenting this for decades.

    And a third example is the manner in which Obama’s Treasury Secretary copperfastened the ECB’s inclusion of private sector losses on the balance sheet of the Irish Welfare State. This actually a crime against capitalism, in a moment of deep irony. Then for soft power, watch Obama showing up to be feted like as if it never occurred.

    We are not a “soft power”. We are a walkover. There is a difference. A “soft power” gets 12% corporation tax. A walkover gets 1%. A “soft power” gets to tell the anglo bondholders to take a cut. A walkover gives the anglo bondholders unconditional empathy and kindness.

    A soft power can be have serious red line issues, and is prepared to stand up for it’s interests. I cannot remember Ireland doing that for a very long time – though, I do remember Simon Coveney aggressively taking on little Iceland, for the sake of the interests of EU power, and presenting this to the people as a stand for our interests – when it was actually amounting to opposing those of good principle, and weakening our position.

    Before deciding to continue what we are doing, maybe we should ask the question “Are we getting what we want from our current policy framework ? ”

    We are providing other power structures what they want, at little cost of inconvenience to them. We are a “something for nothing” provider, to use the James Howard Kunstler term. But there are still enormous costs. The costs are absorbed by the domestic working population who pay a marginal tax rate of 50%, that starts at the industrial wage, and who simply cannot get by. And that is being sold to the people, as the solution to all our problems. What we see in IW protests is people declaring that they do not buy it. And certain media organs ignoring the protests on the basis that they represent “extremism” ( a term thrown about to undermine the arguments of those who question the entire arrangement that makes the rich richer, and gives the rest propaganda and guilt trips to keep them in line).

    And so this brings me to my main concern here. The potential damage to brand Ireland in the main market of brand Ireland for real goods and services. And I am dleiberately ruling out transfer pricing based activities, which contains a large amount of accounting maniupulation. I do not expect that to continue forever. “our friends” in the EU power structure are determined to rule that out.

    Having Ireland line itself up to do long term damage to the relationship that will always be the defining relationship of Ireland’s existence, for possible small benefits, is actually not in Ireland’s interests.

    We have a vital interest in the value of brand Ireland, with the British consumer. In volunteering ourselves to shoot Britain in the back, we are doing ourselves enormous damage. And what do we do then ? Continue to export large amounts of pharma products to Belgium via transfer pricing for American mncs who could go like Dell ?

    The proposal is better than the craven subservience of a FG politician willing to sell out his people for a few crumbs at the big man’s table. That much is true. We have interests at stake here. That much is certain. There is some merit in us being concerned about our strategic interests, and in what we must sell.

    If we have learned anything from our membership of the Euro, it is that when we exert ourselves to serve the needs of EU power, we will get a recognition for our efforts, and no material thanks afterwards. Simply put, we are not a soft power. We are a walkover. And unless we change, we will continue to be a walkover.

    It is in Ireland’s interests, that the march towards EU power centralization stops. This is so that we can defend our vital interests. We have seen how the EU works over the past decade. Forget the hard sell, and the media organs who have advertising on their business pages for EU aided projects. That is what we are being sold. It is best to observe what we are getting. We are getting a control mechanism that reduces us to a debt province of a powerful structure that routinely ignores those that dissent.

    We have a vital interest in all of this. And it is the same as the British. We need to unravel the power mechanism that has resulted in a decade of bullying by the power centre in Brussels.

    Therefore I would position an argument that we need Britain to be strong, as they represent dissent in a pwer structure that is increasingly based on unilateralism of the wealthy and well connected, against the weaker and more principled.

    Yes, we do need to improve Brand Ireland. Dart Underground and residential development above three levels in suburban Dublin being two particular aspects that need to be materialized very quickly.

    Brand Ireland is currently something very hollow, and superficial. It needs to be carefully overhauled. It will get found out.

    Attacking the interests of our principle market, and the only one that we can really trust, is a disaster. Therefore I would not follow with this as a strategy. It will cost us enormously. We have learned over the past decade that most of the freinds we thougth we had were false. We have been betrayed by US politicians, and Brussels bureacrats. And most worryingly, we have been betrayed repeatedly by our own political leaders, our business interests, and media organs.

    It is time we completely revised Irish Foreign policy on the basis that those that shaft us, do need to be told that we respect ourselves. And left with with long term soft consequences in the form of clear messaging. The Scandinavian countries do it, as a matter of priciple. It is diplmacy for grown-ups. In fact we did it once, before the era of Bertie Ahern.

    It is not in our interests to be turning against Britain, in Britain’s current hour of need. Rather, it in our interests to maintain Britain’s position of strength, on the basis that we will gain from it.

    I think we need a complete overhaul of our strategy, instead of a more of the same.

    • DJR

      Agree completely – we have seen over the last few years how our ‘friends’ in Europe view the smaller countries.
      In short order, now that the meddlesome Brits are out of the picture, they will come after our corporation tax rate and yet again if we don’t comply ‘the bomb will go off in Dublin’, not anywhere else. Does anyone honestly think Ireland will have the backbone to stand up to Europe on it after they try to make an example of the UK?
      Turning what should be an ally in the UK into an enemy is incredibly short sighted. Enda has already stuck his foot in it with his intervention on Scotland’s behalf.
      I wouldn’t be as sure as David that the UK is facing disaster. They are planning a cut to their corporation tax rate, can manipulate a lower FX rate for sterling and will still keep their country open to qualified graduates from all over the world. What they will probably lose is the monster that is the finance industry in London (no bad thing). What jobs will they target instead? The very ones expected to flock to our shores!

    • Hoggie

      “A second example is a series of “regime change” interventions by the US State department that has left a trail of tears and blood in many countries, to no benefit of the the average American worker. John Pilger has been documenting this for decades.”

      The Americans are the worst terrorists on the planet. If anywhere is in need of “regime change” it is Washington. It’s pathetic the amount of ass kissing that went on in this country when Biden came to visit to trace his “Irish roots” we should publicly disown the likes of him and the government/regime he represents.

  6. sravrannies

    I agree with your sentiment Adelaide. From what I am reading Britain has actually gained a lot of respect in the world for its decision to leave the EU. George Osborne has been quick off the mark reducing Corporation Tax from 20 to 15% and many export businesses are already feeling the benefits of a devalued £. There may be some short-term gain but don’t write off the Brits. – I have a feeling they will be stronger than ever and Ireland needs to be careful not to be seen to be taking advantage of any short term problems they experience – rather they should be working very closely with them.


  7. sravrannies

    “gain” =”pain”

  8. Pat Flannery

    I have been writing in a similar vein all during my presence on this blog. David on the other hand has been so blinkered by his wonder of Britain that he never contemplated they could do this to themselves or to us. Indeed he still is blinkered to the extent that he does not yet see the treachery of it all.

    When I studied business in London in the ’60s my college professors all repeated to us (its future keepers of the flame) that the only reason the world did its business in London was because London kept its word, making it the safest place in the world to put one’s trust. Lose that they told us and you lose it all. That gem of imparted knowledge shaped my personal integrity for the rest of my life.

    Because of that positive experience and despite its sordid history with Ireland, I came to respect the British. Now it’s all gone, blown away by a Brexit suicide vest. I take no pleasure in the present situation and do not think it presents Ireland with ”one of its luckiest breaks” as David suggests. Quite the contrary in fact. It is just one more sad and treacherous episode in our history with Britain.

    Wolfe Tone got it right over two hundred years ago “From my earliest youth I have regarded the connection between Ireland and Great Britain as the curse of the Irish nation, and felt convinced, that while it lasted, this country would never be free or happy. In consequence, I determined to apply all the powers which my individual efforts could move, in order to separate the two countries.”

    In many ways the job of total separation is only just beginning.

    • AlfieMoone

      #NoCurrencyNoCountry #NoCurrencyNoCulture

      “The economic model for Ireland should be the prosperous city states such as Venice in the 15th and 16th centuries or the Hanseatic cities of Lubeck, Danzig or Konigsberg in the medieval Baltic. These states combined free trade with clever political alliances to become magnets for foreign capital.

      These cities played the big powers against each other, retaining just enough sovereignty to plot their own course but never insisting on so much autonomy that their independence might threaten others.
      Ireland is in that position right now.” David McWilliams

      “Tim Geithner helped sink Ireland”

      “”France has no friends, only interests,” said General Charles de Gaulle in response to a question from Winston Churchill. It’s a telling reminder that in international relations it’s one thing to talk about our “friends” in Europe or America or wherever, but quite another to believe such talk….

      “Kelly says that “only one to speak up for the Irish was UK chancellor George Osborne,” which goes a long way to proving de Gaulle right.

      Ireland’s only friend in its hour of need last November was Britain, although not because they love us but because a collapse here was more damaging to Britain than was the collapse of the euro.”

      Eventually, we will be EU protectorate, “Europe’s answer to Puerto Rico.”

      We did this to ourselves, but we had help. Our European ‘partners’ and the European Central Bank were a big part of what went wrong here. And, as it turns out, the Obama administration played a role in twisting the knife when it was firmly planted in our backs. Et tu, Brute?”


      • Pat Flannery

        AlfieMoone: I too archived that important, historic, often-quoted, opinion-forming, op-ed piece by Morgan Kelly, professor of economics at University College, Dublin, in the Irish Times of May 7, 2011. I have often re-read it and wondered at the dichotomy between Professor Kelly’s cloistered academic world and the real world of financial markets.


        Here is the quote I consider the most important:

        ‘’Back when the euro was being planned in the mid-1990s, it never occurred to anyone that cautious, stodgy banks like AIB and Bank of Ireland, run by faintly dim former rugby players, could ever borrow tens of billions overseas, and lose it all on dodgy property loans.’’

        Unfortunately Professor Kelly never followed up on his very relevant question. He never gained, nor even sought, an understanding of how SECURITIZATION can create money faster than anything the fractional reserve system ever dreamt of. I know, I wrote to him about it.

        If you do a word search on his op-ed for the word ‘securitization’ (or securitisation) it does not appear anywhere. Nor does it seem to ever appear in the consciousness of those academics and columnists who ‘educate’ Ireland on why the banking crisis occurred, including our academic host here.

        Writing about the banking crisis without dealing with mortgage securitization is like writing George Best’s biography without ever mentioning that he played football.

        • AlfieMoone

          ‘Panama Papers shine a light on Ireland’s SPVs
          Paying little tax and employing few local staff, special purpose vehicles have lots of good reasons to choose Ireland for housing risky financial assets’

          SPVs bring little direct economic benefit to Ireland, beyond enriching the local lawyers and accountants who help set them up.

          What they do bring is reputational risk, as when two SPVs linked to the German bank Sachsen Landesbank, laden with US subprime loans, blew up in the IFSC in 2007. The scandal resulted in a €17 billion emergency German state-backed bailout, leading to criticism of Ireland in German political circles.

          Those worried about the unknown risks of SPVs continue to ponder whether a future catastrophe could sink Ireland’s international reputation for financial probity.’


    • Sideshow Bob

      “Brexit suicide vest´´. Brilliant description.

      Max Keiser had it as “one helluva accidental revolution´´.

      For me regarding Brexit and the implication for Ireland is I would simply go with the Mark Twain / Groucho Mark commonsense quip that “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future´´

      This isn´t me trying to cop-out on having a position, though. To use project management parlance where it might actually be relevant for once the SWOT diagram here is simply impossible to construct and use meaningfully, or if you prefer, we are too intertwined with the UK in all ways possible for anybody to grasp and evaluate how things will unfold. Any feeling on the matter at this stage know would be simply based on a gut reaction or an attempt to peddle an agenda ( and we have seen a bit of teh agenda peddling already, e.g Corbyn, Gove, etc ).

      That all said, I really enjoyed the article and I am glad to see D McW put forward a well considered, positive and visionary position for rumination and debate so soon after the big event.


    It is the opposite of what you have stated. They have given the BULLYS in the EU two fingers and shown us that freedom from a tyranical Brussels is the way forward in future. I dont know who they have bad will with except politically correct worms who have nothing to offer anyone except self hating misery and contempt for those of us who want to salvage whats left of our borders, languages and cultures.
    You got this one wrong David, Britain will shake this off inside of 6 months.
    As for having enemies, dont knock it, as a country, much like a man, is not defined only by its friends but also by its enemies, one needs both.

    • Deco

      Ireland does not have enemies, but masters.

      If we described them as enemies, for routinely shafting us, we would need to stand up for ourselves. And that would mean a complete overhaul of the family firm based “leadership”.

      So we avoid having enemies. And we end up with masters instead.

      We are a bully’s pleasure. The kid who never stands up for himself, will get continually reduced one slice at a time.

      We will even take on those that stand up to the bully.

      Witness the shambolic behaviour of the Irish political mainstream (FF/FG/GP/LP) who repeated attacked the Greeks for having the balls for standing up for themselves.

      Noonan’s “Feta cheese” comment being a particularly disgraceful comment in the realms of “Stockholm Syndrome”.

      • Deco

        Our craven subservience to Geithner, Trichet and Rehn is the worst example of how useless the “leadership” of this country has become, at defending Irish interests.

        Needless to say, after Lenihan bowed before all three, to enormous cost to the welfare state, the Irish media then scripted a story of Lenihan the hero.

        And one media magnate even managed a directorship for Cowen.

        We are a society garrisoned by a dishonest, ambitious, sliver of our own. Like happened before under Westminster and Rome. It is a case of those who routinely defer to big authority, and who meet their psychological and material needs for enforcing the compliance of the rest of us.

    • Smokey

      I agree with you on enemies. The more I have the more secure I feel! But I do think the Brits will be a different entity after Brexit and we have a chance to do something positive. As you will know, I always thought they’d go for Brexit and never thought the EU is anything but a large blinkered machine which is now a legacy project rather than a prospective one.





      • Pat Flannery

        In other words David you are scheming for an Irexit, back into ”a large blinkered machine” called the UK.

      • SMOKEY

        Thanks David. Soft power is however a fact, you wrote on this at length in Follow the Money I believe, one of my favorite reads with your Dad following you on your bike, real sotries that touch the heart, and Soft Power is what Britain has plenty of, I think this is why they will turn this into a win win for all, The ability to out maneuver ones peers. We shall see, as for me I cant beleive that it is racist to stop the inflow of undesirable elements when it comes to immigration. Immigrant energy is a necessary element in any society, but it can be a drain on precious little resources from those who are not capable of contributing, only taking, and is no longer acceptable. Consanguineous marriage over the years has produced a poor genetic mix in many countries that are vying to get in the door. Hybrid vigour by those already in situ is what is needed now to populate a nation, not mass unchecked inflows of less than desirable cultures that dont fit in with the local motion.

    • michaelcoughlan

      “dont knock it, as a country, much like a man, is not defined only by its friends but also by its enemies, one needs both”

      Yes Churchill,

      A real man is not defined so much by the company he keeps but by the calibre of his enemies.

  10. cooldude

    Interesting article David although I tend to agree with Deco on soft/hard power. Hard power is now used covertly by the CIA and MI5 and their proxy armies rather than the overt conquests of previous centuries. This is how they engineer regime change and it has been used in Iraq, libya, Ukraine and is currently in operation in Syria and Yemen. This is officially denied but if you look deep enough the evidence of this is overwhelming.

    On the point that Britain will invoke Article 50 and simply pack its bags I am not so sure. From what I can gather Article 50 has to be passed by Parliament and at the moment it would vote against it by around a 200 majority. Will this require an election or will the EU pull the old second referendum trick they used with us over Lisbon.

    Definitely more complicated than simply walking away. The EU is turning into a political Hotel California where you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.

    • michaelcoughlan


      “From what I can gather Article 50 has to be passed by Parliament and at the moment it would vote against it by around a 200 majority”

      If it did surely that would create some sort of constitutional issue?


      • woodsey


        Britain is a parliamentary democracy and doesn’t have a constitution. Any referendum in Britain is unenforceable.

    • Deco


      I am laughing out loud at the Hotel California description.

      Because that description is bang on.

      Of course the same description, can be used to describe a cult. Greece got punished for breaking the rules of the cult.

      The same tenet of all must obey one, and enforced compliance reminds me of the ancient Fasces symbol used in Ancient Rome, and later the French Republic.

      Which makes the list of believers in this authority structure sound even more absurd, when they use the term Fascist – when they are the ones who are advocating the Fasces approach to authority, and obedience.

  11. What is being rejected by the UK is the form of opaque governance that operates in the EU. The vote is nothing to do with economics but with the retention of sovereignty.

    For 100 years Ireland has had the chance to be a sovereign nation but has rejected it in preference to being controlled and subsumed by foreigners. 100 years from now Ireland will still remember the Blarney Stone and the “little” people and little more as its culture is absorbed into the control and bureaucracy of autocratic Europe. Iceland should be the model to follow.

    • woodsey

      @Tony Brogan

      I think the Brexit referendum result had much to do with economics. Since the ’07 credit-bubble burst, nations, banks, companies have lacked access to substantial sources of credit. Spending’s down, earnings are down and those who depend on government subsidies have seen nothing but cuts. We just can’t afford ourselves.
      Britain was never a part of Europe. Most Brits would be hard-put to know where Europe is. Add in the fact that ‘Leaving’ is a much more exciting alternative to the dull ‘Remain’ and the result is a foregone conclusion.
      Britain will than have a grand source of anger to launch at its politicians as it waits for them to trigger Article 50.

  12. Pat Flannery

    To paraphrase Henry Kissinger who famously asked “Who do I call if I want to speak to Europe?”, who do we now call if we want to speak to Britain? Nigel Farage has just quit as UKIP leader, which means that all the Brexit suicide bombers are now politically dead. Allahu Akbar.

    • Sideshow Bob

      Maybe it is time for the Queen and the Monarchy to get back in on things and undo the work of the glorious revolution and Cromwell, etc, and bring back the “old ways´´ of autocratic despotism.

      You know with the whole Game of Thrones thing being in vogue there might be more public support than you would think for it.
      She could re-brand herself as “The Khalesi´´ and off she goes!

      Seriously, there is a huge conflation in our world today between entertainment, advertising and reality. This is exemplified for me by the general suggestion at the moment that the “Brexit ´´vote looks like it was considered as seriously by the average Briton as a “Britian´s Got Talent´´ vote-off.

      Plus, I can´t see Farage or Johnson or any of these characters taking a quiet back seat anytime soon. Farage has resigned three times now as UKIP leader. They don´t have many well known people to front things for them.

      • Pat Flannery

        ”Maybe it is time for the Queen and the Monarchy to get back in on things and undo the work of the glorious revolution and Cromwell, etc, and bring back the “old ways´´ of autocratic despotism.”

        You took the words out of my mouth Sideshow Bob. The Queen must be horrified. I would not be at all surprised if she did speak up. Like Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar she is the only one who can say:

        But I am constant as the Northern Star,
        Of whose true fixed and resting quality
        There is no fellow in the firmament.
        The skies are painted with unnumbered sparks;
        They are all fire, and every one doth shine;
        But there’s but one in all doth hold his place.

        BTW Sideshow Bob you are no sideshow.

        • Sideshow Bob

          Oh but I am, Pat I am!

          The comment about the Queen was a bit tongue in cheek but you are correct there is a vacuum and two power struggles in the heart of British politics and God knows what will emerge. Perhaps she will emerge and admonish people to grow up, and it might well work. Charles is only good for talking about horticulture and complaining about modern architecture, so count him out.

          On the subject of Julius Caesar though I would like to diverge a little. The chronicles he wrote ( or at least dictated ) of his wars ( Gaul or the Civil War ) if you ever read them are fascinating insights into his calm clear and very ordered mind. He was doing some horrible things and taking momentous decisions at every turn but rarely does a ripple of dramatisation or much in the way of self-aggrandising occur.

          Actually, for me in being accurate non-fiction for me they shine a light on the pervasive role of fiction ( and films, TV, ) in skewing our understanding of the world and show up modern democratic politics today as not being much more than bad showbusiness for the masses.

          • Pat Flannery

            Sideshow Bob: Yes. It is ironic that I was quoting Shakespeare not ”Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres” i.e. Caesar’s De Bello Gallico, which was our Latin text book in St. Nathy’s Ballaghadereen from which we learned as much history as we did Latin.

            You are right about the pervasive role of fiction. And it started with Shakespeare, whose true role was a propagandist for the Elizabethan State.

            Then again Julius was no mean propagandist himself. Like Churchill he got to write the official account of his own atrocities. The test of winning a war is whether you get to write the history, the bombing of Dresden comes to mind. I think Churchill won that one.

          • Sideshow Bob

            HBO did a “Rome” TV series 10 years ago or more. Ciarán Hinds played Julius in the first series, and pretty well too I thought. It is fiction obviously but a closer stab at reality than the usual depiction I think (no pun intended about his demise).

            It was the forerunner to the Game of Thrones series. The same directors and many of the cast, including Hinds, are to be found in the Game of Thrones series. It is the usual HBO not-suitable-for-kids thing. I would recommend it the 1st series heartily though. It got cancelled half way through its second and that series got butchered as a result.

            Latin and Julius Caesar’s works were long off the curriculum by the time I arrived in school. I can speak Portuguese which is the least evolved romance language (I.e. from Latin ) so “Gaul is best divided in to three parts” is a line I can understand without thinking to much about it. Caesar’s books I read fairly recently.

            Two thing about Julius and history; he did not have the Geneva Convention to deal with or worry about. He also seemed to be quite trusting to the point of naivety at times, although he had crucifixion to sort out the backstabbers when he caught up with them.

  13. AlfieMoone

    “It is the ‘European Project’, not the UK, that’s now on the back foot
    If we hold our nerve and take our time, Brexit will be good for Britain and good for the rest of Europe too” Liam Halligan


  14. Reality Check

    You “get it” David. Where the crowd sees fear you see opportunity. This ought to be in business courses 101.

  15. Irish PI

    David is reading this totally wrong.The reason the Leave won is easy to see in the demographics of the voters.It was a “peasents revolt” if you want it in crude terms.The leave vote is in the unemployed,the poor and those who never have darkned a university door. The remain are those who are better educated and have a stake in UK/Eu society.Sitting here and deluding ourselves that this is all over now and that Ireland will profit is utterly wrong too.First off the Ireland that David is describing of a multi culti society is utter cobblers.Look at it in daylight we Irish are as rascist as any of the NF lot.We just hide it better or say it behing peoples backs.So once the waves of the uneducated refugees start piling up on our doors.Paddys true colours will shine true. And it wont be very pretty. Also the Brits left and they wont be the last ones either to leave the EUSSR,because that oligarchy cant and wont understand the message sent to them by Brexit is the EU needs a top down overhaul and fat trimming exercise.but we will pander on to the EU and accept any ol shite thrown at us because we have no politicans with a pair between them either here or in brussellls.So how does David propose that we become a city state and start becoming a player if our leadership wont even lead? As usual we will make a complete balls of finding our asses with both hands and miss another opportunity because of our unprepardness ,zero leadership,and closet xenophobia.

    • Mike Lucey

      I agree with you Irish Pi, it looks to have been largely a ‘peasants revolt’. This can be clearly be seen from the official stance of the two major UK parties. The two major UK parties, figure-wise, represent 93.1% of the voting electorate which obviously does not include the ‘peasant’ vote because they generally don’t vote in elections.

      I now doubt that the majority of Parliament will pass the Brexit vote. How could they in good conscience? If they do they would not be representing the citizens that voted for them. It looks like we could be seeing a snap election very soon once the penny has dropped.

      I also imagine this scenario has been realised in the EU backrooms and ‘fixes’ are being tabled that will pacify the ‘peasants’ and all will be well again in the EUSSR.

      Maybe the EUSSR will even mend their ways a little when it comes to democratic procedures. They must have got quite a shock on realising the numbers of UK buddies that would be packing their bags.

      Instead of ‘cute hoor’ strokes like trying to grab UK business and giving MNs a free ride we need to get our territorial waters back under our control fully and develop a fishing industry capable of employing 200K+ Irish sustainably over time.

      • AlfieMoone

        ‘Instead of ‘cute hoor’ strokes like trying to grab UK business and giving MNs a free ride’

        déjà vu [*smfh*]

        ‘Let’s grab this golden chance’

        ‘If I had the ear of finance minister Brian Lenihan, I’d be telling him not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The British government has this week handed Ireland a gilt-edged opportunity to kick-start the battered IFSC and, with it, the fortunes of thousands of young Irish graduates and workers…

        This is our chance to do what Brian Lenihan calls our ‘‘patriotic duty’’.‘‘England’s difficulty, Ireland’s opportunity’’ – wasn’t that what the forefathers of Fianna Fáil used to say? David McWilliams December 13, 2009


        “De Valera also started an economic war with Britain the country’s largest trading partner..the British responded by placing tariffs on Irish goods such as agricultural produce. This “tit for tat” policy was disastrous for the Irish economy …the government urged people to support the confrontation with Britain as a national hardship to be shared by every citizen’ ‘History of Fianna Fail’ [Wikipedia]

        “Economics is war pursued by other means.”
        Raymond F. DeVoe, Jr.

        “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” Clausewitz

        “I’ve been dreaming of a time when, the Irish, are sick to death of Fianna Fail & Fine Gael & spit upon their names alongside Cromwell’s” #MadPaddyFromBrum #IslesOfWonder

  16. Truthist

    Benelux countries + France region appears, over most of the EEC / EC / EU lifetime into the now, to be the core for producing the strategists & leaders of the this project.
    And, these EU shapers would all be high degree Freemasons ;
    Even those nominally Catholic.
    Junkers for instance.
    And, they are very talented & accomplished fellows ;
    Junkers again for instance.
    And, they are ruthless ;
    Junkers for instance.
    And, Jean Claude Trichet who threatened to b..mb Dublin if Min. for Finance Mr. Michael Noonan “burned the Bondholders” as advised often by armchair generals on this blog.

    So, if u try to play hard against them ;
    ==> U do so at ur peril.

    And, they know well that the Hibernians are presently very dysfunctional :
    Boozers ; Even worse than Junkers & the rest of the Luxembourgers 8-)
    Hard Narco Users ; Ice, H, Coke, Crack
    Intellectual Snobs ; But, nothing worthy of being snobby about ; e.g.’s Colleges of Further Education “Mickey Mouse” Courses ; University rolling out “Frankfurt School” Degree Courses for Feminazis
    TV Junkies ; Slobs ; Easily manipulated
    Superficial Status Seekers ; 4-Wheel Drives & Admin. Titles for the “Beaches” [ phonetically speaking 8-) ]
    Cowards ; Most Irish “native to shore”, & “expats”, & “descendant”, now lack “Moral Courage” ; Not necessitates having boxing skills, just courage to be decent.
    Prostitutes for Approval from Libertine Media
    Prostitutes for NATO ; Participation by stealth ; Rendition to Guantanamo ; Altogether being traitors to Military Neutrality
    About to start sanctioning the murder of unborn children
    Prisoners now going as degenerate as USA bandits ; A confirmed sign of how bad we have become ; Life imitating Andy Warhol art indeed.

    Yes, as the former German Ambassador told the German Industrialists gathered in Dublin ;

    “The Irish are now a coarse & vulgar people.”
    Redacted by Truthist

    With OR Without UK AND OR With OR Without EU ;
    We ain’t got a prayer !

    We are f..ked as a country now.
    We are bankrupt in so many ways.

    I suggest we start saying our prayers.

    Afterall, u got to get the Heart & Mind of the nation right first before u take on the world.

  17. rura-urba

    I agree. The successful city states listed were planned and efficient.

    As we don’t commission urban specialists successfully and most Irish towns and villages are stagnant from ringed commuter development – it seems the state has not recognized the economic significance.

    But good news is that good city planning can deliver the outcome described by David, and great, revitalizing and hopeful, regenerating projects can no longer be overlooked in favour of the ubiquitous hidden-cost, greenfield/road-based development option.
    All boats here could rise……..

  18. Truthist

    June 30, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    What is insightful here, is that we get few references to the PRIVATE UNSECURED bondholders, and the bailout that they received.
    It is a completely forbidden subject for discussion.
    No mention of it.
    It is noticeable for it’s absence in the public debate.
    No mention of Ireland’s massive public sector debt, which shot up because of the Bondholders, the ECB and the EU Commission. The welfare state in Ireland is headed for bankruptcy, because there “had” to be a welfare program for gamblers.

    For ur scrutiny Deco, I again give u the partial list of those Bondholders courtesy of Guido Fawkes’s Web-Blog


    Typed & redacted by Truthist.
    And, I put in capital letters faithfully from original ;
    Lest it be important for follow-up about each of those bondholders.

    Please compare with original viewable through clicking on above Link.

    Aberdeen Asset Mgr.s [ London ] Ltd.
    Aktia Asset Mgt O Ab
    Aletti Gestielle SGR S.p.A.
    Alliance Bernstein [ UK ] Ltd.
    Alianz Global Investors France SA
    Ampega Gerting Investment GmbH
    Anima SGR S.p.A.
    Arca SGR S.p.A.
    Assenagon Asset Mgt. SA
    Aviso Zeta Bank AG
    Aviva Investors France SA
    Aviva Investors Global Services Ltd.
    Axa Investment Mgr.s Paris
    Baloise Asset Mgt. Schwwiz AG
    Banca Finnat Euroamerica SA
    Bank Sarasin & Cie AG [ Basel ]
    Bankinter Gestion de Activos, SA, SGIIC
    Ban Sabadel Inversion, SA, SGIIC
    Barclays Wealth Mgr.s France BWMF
    BBVA Asset Mgt., SA, SGIIC
    Blue Bay Asset Mgt. Ltd.
    BNP Paribas Asset Mgt. SGR SpA
    BPI Gestao de Activos- SGFIM, SA
    Brown, Shipley & Co. Ltd.
    Caixa Catalunya Gestio, SA, SGIIC
    Carige Asset Mgt. SGR SpA
    CNP Assurances [ Caisse Nationale de Prevoyance ]
    Credit Swisse Asset Mgt. ] CSAM ] [ Zurich ]
    Deka Investment GmbH
    Debruck Bethmann Maffel AG
    Deutsche Asset Mgt. Investmentgesellschaft mbH [ DeAM ]
    DWS Investment GmbH
    EFG Bank [ Luxembourg ] SA
    ERESTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
    Esca SA
    Ethna Capital Patners SA
    European Credit Mgt. Ltd. [ ECM ]
    Federal Finance Gestion
    Frankfurt – Trust Investment – Gelellschaft mbH
    Goldman Sachs Asset Mgt. International [ GSAMI ]
    Halbis Capital Mgt. [ France ]
    HSBC Private Wealth Mgr.s
    HYPO-Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft mbH
    ING Investment Mgt. [ Netherlands ]
    Invercaixa Gestion, SGIIC, SAU
    IQAM GmbH
    KBC Asset Mgt. NV [ Belgium ]
    Kepler-Fonds Kapitalanlagesesellschaft mbH
    La Banque Postale Asset Mgt.
    LBBW Asset Mgt. GmbH
    Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch [ UK ] Ltd.
    Millennium BCP = Gestao de Fundos de Investimento – SGFI, SA
    Montepio Gestao de Activos SGFI, SA
    Neuflize OBC Investissement
    NORD / LB Kapitalanlagegesellschaft AG
    Nordea Investment Mgt. A/S [ Denmark ]
    Nordea Investment Mgt. AB Norge [ Oslo ]
    Old Mutual Asset Mgr.s [ UK ] Ltd.
    OPERA – Kwiatkowski 1 Wspolcicy Splka Komandytowo-Akyjna
    Pioneer Investment Mgt. [ Ireland ] Ltd.
    Pioneer Investments Kapitalanlagegessellschaft mbH [ Munich ]
    Pioneer Investments Austria GmbH
    Pojola Asset Mgt. Ltd.
    Portfotio Invest Anlageberatung GmbH
    Ralffeisen Kapitalantage-Gesellschaft mbH
    Rothschild & Compagnie Gestion
    Royal London Asset Mgt. Ltd.
    SEB Asset Mgt. AG
    SGSS KAG mbH
    SNS Asset Mgt. NV
    Societe Generale Gestion
    Union Investment Institutional GmbH
    Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH
    Universal-Investment-Gesellschaft mbH
    VPV Bankers NV
    W & W Asset Mgt. GmbH
    WGZ BANK Luxembourg

    “Ah, yes, the poor auld Widows & Orphans ;
    Yeah, I’m Sure … hmm … mm !”

    • Truthist

      Addendum ;

      Abbreviations substituted in by Truthist :

      Mgr.s = Managers

      Mgt. = Management

      If u want to know exactly who some [ because this is partial list only ] of the Bondholder Persons are, u need to investigate each of the names listed above.

    • Deco

      Thanks Truthist.

      Senator Davis Norris tried to read the list into the Seanad record. The speaker in control (I do not know whom it was) prevented him from finishing.

      Vinny Browne produced an absolutely classic moment in political interviewing concerning the issue, in which Simon Coveney completely avoided the topic.

      And there you have it. Two eccentrics, over the age of 60, who have the courage to state the necesary, whilst the young men do as they are told, and naively obey the consensus and the filtered information thrown at them.

      • Truthist

        Both David Norris & Vinny Browne like controversy Deco.

        And, both would by sentiment be for the Blueshirts.
        Although, the Blueshirts did stab him in the back numerous times ;
        Especially when he tried to run for T.D..

        They both have hidden agendas.

        David Norris’s agenda is to bring constant attention & familiarity with homosexuality so as to make it acceptable.

        And, that is f..cking people up big time.
        In fact, it is leading to disillusioned wholesome outstanding talent leaving the country.

        Vinny Browne of course I would be more partial to.
        I have always liked his programmes.

        But, do recall that he & Peter Tansey [ Economist ], husband to Lady Olivia O’Leary, — I almost sure — both made great representation for Sir Garret Fitzgerald to be Taoiseach & especially with aim to eliminate or reduce massively the National Debt on Gaybo’s Late Late Show at least once.
        Actually, Gaybo was excellant host on the big subjects ;
        Even though he always betrayed hidden agenda to libertine the country ;
        He appeared to despise Charles J Haughey ;
        Likewise did Eamon Dunphy.
        But, when each of them personally met him in his retirement we learn that they became great fans.

        Haughey had special talent ;
        Even if it was just a special charisma coming from his quick appraising of situations.
        But, he needed to be controlled tightly by special responsible intellectuals.
        Anthony Cronin was one I understand.

        Of course, I would never vote for FF or FG ;
        But, one should appreciate ability.

        By the way, u realise that from the very start of my appearance on this blog I have sacrificed any attempts to be lyrical so as to be pounding out the truth in a hard but skillful & clean way.
        It is in a staccato fashion in the main ;
        With purpose that essential sound-bytes are easily read, remembered, & recalled.

        I take considerable risk as u know ;
        Ireland is a very policed state.
        And, I know a lot even if I know little overall.

        And yet, I am occasionally targeted by cowardly persons who lack moral courage.

        I earned my spurs fighting for myself & other people in Ireland at the bottom.
        And, I have gleaned special insight but at a tremendous cost to myself.

        It is not just for our fellow contributors’ benefit ;
        But, also for the much more numerous passive participant.
        And, the politicos — good bad & ugly — who are always studying such a site as this.
        The politicos include :
        Policy Researchers of main political parties in Irish State
        Foreign Embassies
        Foreign Economists
        Foreign Secret Service

        Granted my ventures into the Bankster Scam Bundle* is arguably a “safe” issue to be highlighting & a=times further enquiring about for my own edification.
        I grant that I am still bereft of some necessary explanations about some crucial aspects of the BS Bundle. ;
        Hence, I would be one to challenge / question more.
        I say “safe” issue because I as only a layperson advocating about it will not suffer any consequences from the apparatus.
        However, were I to be a politician about to enact the necessary reforms UNILATERALLY or even in coalition with weak State[s] ;
        ==> I would be assassinated.
        Ditto the nation were the reforms to be actually enacted.
        Gadaffi as a leader ; Kill=ary Clinton “We came, We saw, He died.”
        Libya as a nation
        JFK as a leader
        President Kennedy, The Fed And Executive Order 11110


        Executive Order 1110 gave the US the ability to create its own money backed by silver. …

        On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest.
        On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve.

        *Private Central Banking issuing the currency instead of State’s Treasury & the CB doing so from “thin air” with Interest to be paid back by State, Fractional Reserve Banking “Ponzi Scheme”, & that Gold Paper & Coin & Silver Coin is the real Money & should be issued by Treasury & Private concerns as Hugo Salinas Price proposes ]

        WARNING !

        Above not to be reformed by only 1 country / unilaterally unless it is UK or USA or Russia or China or Israel OR a suitable coalition of countries
        Lest the Banksters / Rothschilds annihilate that country or coalition.

        • Truthist

          Re ; Vincent Browne

          Although, the Blueshirts did stab him in the back numerous times ;
          Especially when he tried to run for T.D. for the Blueshirts

      • Truthist

        And, Simon Coveney is a good family man.

  19. Pat Flannery

    Suggested reading for you Europeans on this our American Independence Day. Do you want a Hamiltonian Federation or a Jeffersonian Republic?


    • The above essay extols the virtues of centralism and statism as promoted by Alexander Hamilton.

      Nowhere does it mention the state of banking as proposed by Hamilton. The First Bank of america while promoted as a national bank was in fact formulated on the structure of the Bank of England. In both cases the banks were privately owned and dressed up to seem owned by the people as a national institution.

      Nowhere is mentioned that rather than issuing script free for circulation as money the money issued was issued as a debt at interest to the people.

      Hamilton was an agent of the Rothschild banking house in London. Although the First Bank of america had a charter for 20 years it expired and was not renewed. however after another couple of thwarted efforts the central banking system envisaged by Hamilton became reality with the formation of the Federal Reserve.

      Since then the national debt has steadily grown at an ever quickening pace today’s exponential speed of money production and the suffocating debt. In addition the central banking concept has expanded around the world such that the world is suffocating in debt.

      In answer to your question, Pat. Nobody needs a money system that issues money as a debt at interest. This is the root cause for the destruction of our economies and social structures.

      This also is suggested reading.


  20. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    David writes, ‘Britain will now involve itself in a very public period of wrangling with the EU where enemies will be created and where the ability of the British to enhance their standing in the world via diplomacy will decrease. This shift team player to cantankerous foe will impact on Britain’s ability to attract foreign capital’.

    I think that if we want to fully understand the problem Britain will face, this correct diagnosis has to be completed by my observation on the nature of UKiP’s electorate, which I shared last week. I identified two problems with UKiP’s program: first of all, unlike the niche Britain First movement, UKiP does not have guts to address the real problem with immigration – that the biggest threat to SOCIAL COHESION in Britain and the biggest cost to NHS and social services is posed not by the inequality, as David believes, and not by the EU immigration (where the balance is strongly in favour of the UK: EU immigrants are mostly healthy and young while it is 500,000 British pensioners who drain the EU’s health and social services systems – ie Spain loses 1bn a year on free medical treatment for Britons and interpreters for this linguistically hopeless residents), but by the UNASSIMILATED radical Muslim community (both imported and British-born) with 10 or more children, their only occupation being reading Quran and patrolling the streets of certain districts of London that the Remain establishment never ventured to, where you can be stabbed if they find alcohol in your bag (I say unassimilated as there are assimilated Muslims too – this situation reminds of the situation in 19th century Germany and partitioned Poland, where some Jews wanted to assimilate and even became Polish/German nationalist – many Jews took part in Polish uprising, while one of Nazi generals – Milch – was Jewish, not to mention Eichmann’s or the Zionists cooperation with the Nazis; others did not want to assimilate, but stay in their home countries, while others still wanted to create the state of Israel and became Zionists). UKiP preferred not to touch this topic and channel the anger of their electorate at the eastern Europeans.

    Now, when it turns out that the most likely option for Britain is either to break their election promise and NOT TO CHANGE anything in their immigration laws or impose IMMIGRATION QUOTAS Switzerland-style and destroy their finance sector, Mr Farage has resigned from politics rather than lead Britain into their independence, primarily because

    1) he LIED ON IMMIGRATION total net gains and loses figures (same as the Remainians pretended that this scale of immigration does not pose any problem for Great Britain) and he lied on NHS, as did Mr Michael Gove (‘we send the EU 350 million pounds a week – lets fund our NHS instead’).

    2) he did not have ANY LONG TERM PLAN as to ‘what’s next for Britain’, as opposed to Germany, France and Benelux who are pushing the idea of super-state, with a celerity in calling for a Carolingian Europe’s summit and having the ‘super-state’ document ready that it should have drawn the attention of David McWilliams.

    3) he did not have the GUTS TO FACE THE PROBLEM of the districts of London where the Sharia law rules.

    The second problem is probably equally as serious, if not even more. The problem is this: UK Leave politicians were not prepared for the ‘leave’ outcome because THEY WERE APPEALING TO OPPOSED GROUPS OF LEAVE VOTERS.

    On the one hand, there are the GLOBALISTS UKiP VOTERS (42pc of the UKiP voters are the so called ABs – wealthy, educated professionals). They are strongly in favour of FREE-MARKET and their main reason for voting Leave was that Britain is NOT COMPETITIVE ENOUGH, that it is shackled by regulations and it wastes taxpayers money on CAP to appease the farmers lobby. They work in the City and their worry was not that there are too many tradesmen and graduates from Central and Eastern Europe (with kids who, as stated by the British Department of Education, raise the standards in English schools by transferring from countries with higher education standards as shown in PISA ratings, like Poland or Finland– btw: think what you like, but Ireland also has m u c h higher education standards than lagging England – in science Ireland does better even than the top 10 country overall Poland – that’s why ¼ of the NHS staff are Irish), but there are not enough tradesmen and professionals from other continents. That kind of UKiP voters can be exemplified by Mr Noel Baxter who sells Renault trucks to Britain in the North-East region and was a Leave donor – he relies on Polish truck repair mechanics because even though he wanted to employ English workers, he could find enough qualified ones even for good money.

    A different group of UKiP voters are the NOSTALGISTS, the Little Englanders. They dream not of the free market, but of the butskellism-style consensus, of turning back the clock where there is no competitive China and the only people allowed to immigrate to Britain visa-free are the Irish. They hate free-trade because free-trade means less or no subsidies, which means that they have to learn new skills rather than spend their afternoons watching horse races and the English second division fixed football matches. UKiP used those people to talk them into believing that they are able to send the immigrants home and this alone will make their wages go up (as if the countries like Greece or Spain who did open their labour markets to the 10 accession states had higher wages and lower unemployment than Britain). They voted for Mr Farage, but who they really wanted was more someone like Mr Arthur Scargill.

    Of course, Nigel would not have directed their anger at the dozens of billions of pounds of TAX BREAKES that the City of London has received since the Conservatives got into power (which could have been spent on NHS, roads or schools) because by saying so he would have upset the first group of UKiP’s voters (and because the most successful Keynesian of all times, the socialist Adolf Hitler correctly pointed out in his Mein Kampf that ‘the mood of the people was always a mere discharge of what was funnelled into public opinion from above’, the cabbie driver who was talking to David is unable to connect the tax breaks and the hospitals/school overcrowding on her own). Having deluded themselves with the image of English fishermen hauling in greatly increased catches and vast steel plants reopening in Port Talbot (if they listened to me instead of Messrs Farage or Corbyn, they would have known that in this economic model the real wages have to go down with or without the EU immigration because those in charge DO NOT HAVE TO RELY ON TAXES FROM WELL PAID JOBS IF IN THE QE/ZERO INTEREST RATES ENVIRONMENT THEY CAN PRINT OR BORROW MONEY FOR FREE).

    So what’s next for Britain?

    It all depends which direction Britain takes. If it goes with the first group of voters, lowering spending and taxes (so far we had in Ireland, like in IMF-run early 90s Poland, the worst of both worlds – high taxes and low spending), abolishing farm subsidies like 80s New Zealand, introducing immigration point system, reducing debt (Mr Cameron doubled the borrowing), pricking the property bubble and seeking the Canadian style trade agreement; then prices will go down and purchasing power will go up even if the wages go down – meaning that effectively a worker will be able to buy more for his wages. Britain will then become a Singapore times hundred.

    But if Britain listens to the second group of voters, then – like in the seventies – the dead will go unburied because of chronic strikes in immigrants-stripped NHS.

    And what should Ireland do?

    Well, it’s too late now to lower the cost of housing (which is also caused by ECB anyway) – which I have been advocating for a long time – the biggest obstacle to taking over London’s financial sector. But what Ireland can still do is to ALLY WITH THE LOW CORPORATION TAX COUNTRIES (so Central and Eastern Europe plus Finland) and, should the Europe of two speeds be created – position herself in the second speed non-super-state Europe (which accidentally is growing faster than the first speed Europe).

    Also, withdraw from the Euro currency to INCREASE OUR COMPETITIVENESS.

    And when we mention competitiveness – it is worth remembering that although David is in my opinion on the right track writing that

    ‘The economic model for Ireland should be the prosperous city states such as Venice in the 15th and 16th centuries or the Hanseatic cities of Lubeck, Danzig or Konigsberg in the medieval Baltic. These states combined free trade with clever political alliances to become magnets for foreign capital.’

    he should also bear in mind that the Polish city of Gdansk/Danzig (the first written record thought to refer to Gda?sk is the vita of Saint Adalbert; written in 999, it describes how in 997 Saint Adalbert of Prague baptised the inhabitants of urbs Gyddannyzc, “which separated the great realm of Boleslaw the Brave of Poland from the sea.” and on May 25, 1457, Gdansk/Danzig – jointly with Royal Prussia – became part of the Crown of Poland while maintaining its rights and independence as an autonomous city) is a warning for Ireland that if you only rely on foreign capital in manufacturing and innovation and service other countries good, the CENTRE OF DECISIONS AND INNOVATIONS is not in your country and the jobs and tax incomes created by attracting foreign companies can go as quickly as they came – the Dutch traders monopolised trade in Gdansk and thus, after great geographic discoveries which changed the orientation of Europe from Mediterranean/East into the Atlantic, they took their capital and jobs/taxes were lost for the Commonwealth and Poland and Lithuania.

    In other words, Ireland should try to manufacture innovative stuff on her own and use foreign capital only as a stepping stone, like the Chinese have done with foreign investment.

    While retaining Ireland’s neutrality, seek for the BACKING OF THE US perhaps (Britain will lose some of her importance for the US), since the Chinese plan to create the Silk Road 2.0 is losing traction somewhat, for which purpose Ireland will have to ally with Central and Eastern Europe against Germany and France anyway, particularly in the light of the decisions that will be announced in a week time during the NATO summit, which decisions will shake the geo-politics of Europe (the alternative is to ally with Germany and France, which means THE END OF IRELAND’S LOW TAX regime and FURTHER BAILOUTS of the German and French banks).

    And allow citizens carry guns (after the Orlando shooting the gay membership in shooting range club ‘Little Pink Revolver’ doubled) in case the Brits or the Krauts come back to get us,

    • Truthist

      Does there exist a Nation Z within each & all of the set of Nations Not Z ?

      Specifically, a Nation Z that never stops being a Nation Z within each & all of set of Nations Not Z even after hundreds & hundreds of years ?

      Ur cryptic answer will suffice.

      • Grzegorz Kolodziej

        According to modern genetics, “a Nation Z that never stops being a Nation Z within each & all of set of Nations Not Z even after hundreds & hundreds of years” – such nation does not exist.

        For example, the Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders teamed up with Marc Vermeeren, a historian who has written extensively about Hitler and his ancestors. The duo collected saliva samples from 39 of the infamous dictator’s living relatives, including a great-nephew, Alexander Stuart-Houston, who lives in New York, and an Austrian cousin identified only as “Norbert H.” Tests were then conducted to reveal the samples’ principal haplogroups, which are sets of chromosomes that geneticists use to define specific populations.

        It turned out that Hitler was in 1/3 Jewish/North African (the relatives’ most dominant haplogroup, known as E1b1b, is rare in Western Europeans but common among North Africans, and particularly the Berber tribes of Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia); that’s also the reason that I am not really convinced to the ‘aborigine Irish’ hypothesis (which can also be falsified linguistically – traces of Slavic languages in Irish), although modern genetics shows that the Poles are the most homogeneous bunch of peoples in Europe, with Irish also prominent (it also shows that the Irish are genetically way more similar to Czechs than to English).

        Therefore I said that one-sided explanations (ie biological) have weak explanatory power. I therefore thing that healthy nationalism has to be a mixture of

        -assimilated culture/ideology
        - economic policies
        - biology

        History of the assimilation of Polish Tatars shows that the cultural factor is the most important:


        However, the current bunch of Muslims Europe are receiving do not have assimilation as their goal, but conquer:


        Unless of course the German-French elites want to do what the Bolsheviks did: use huge amounts of orphans left from WWI (single aggressive refugees males) to organise in gangs and terrorise normal people in order to bring about totalitarian state (German army is just about to change the rules and allow refugees into them; they are also doubling their budget).

        I am very curious myself what origins I am. Maybe I’ll do this one day:


        • Truthist

          Aborigine Irish are Hiberos / “Real” Jews, Grzegorz.

          The Hiberos were the most feared tribe in the Lavant ;
          Raiders, & blood-thirsty.

          Successive invasions from the Tribe to Ireland.

          And, they knew well where they were going to.
          Ireland was wonderland for them from hostile heat & sand & dryness.

          And, latter Kings in established Ireland all married Jewish princesses.
          Strategically done by both parties of course ;
          But, to no avail for the princesses’ side ;
          Descendants were insular-minded, & hostile to the tribe arriving subsequently ;
          Sent packing when they visited bearing gifts.
          I assume that this was sorely felt on the ocean waves.
          Vikings arriving later in their circuit with base in Kiev surrounds.

          Initial Hibero invasion is by the Tribe of Dan ; Tuatha De Danann
          Snake worshipers.
          Occult etc.
          Even later Irish Monastic art is abundant in the imagery of snakes ;
          Remnant from that pagan culture.
          St. Patrick put a stop to the Snake-worshiping ;
          That is what is meant about he banishing the snakes from Ireland.
          Our true colour is Blue ;
          As associated with the Tribe of Dan.
          Green is synonymous with Ireland only because it looks so green following the denuding of the forests by the English.

          All the ancient pre-Christian names of persons in Ireland are of ancient Hebrews ;
          “O’” & “mac” were used as patronyms sic. by particular Hebrew tribes in Sahara too.

          Also, & very important to know ;

          No red hair in Ireland until the Vikings came.

          All Irish prior to arrival of Vikings were thus ;


          Hair ; Black
          Eye Colour ; Blue
          Skin ; White with Ruddy complexion


          Hair ; Black
          Eye Colour ; Blue
          Skin ; Very White

          Arguably similar to Basque.

          Language can be common thread throughout a history or not so ;
          So, wise not to dismiss Basque as close connection.

          By the way, 50 % of Icelandic DNA is from Ireland ;

          Pre-Christian Irish explorers settled in Iceland before the Vikings I think.

          But, Irish DNA in Iceland mostly because of Vikings kidnapping Irish females to be with them in Iceland.

          There must be massive amount of Irish DNA in Britain ;
          We have been going over there in massive numbers since the time of Henry 8 ;
          I dispensing with Roman Numerals.
          Also, much English DNA in Ireland because of raping, & brothels.
          Landlord forced an entitlement to bed the newly married peasant maiden before her Irish husband could sleep with her following the wedding.
          I spare the details.

          I hope that this communication is OK with u ;
          Because, we have truculent contributors displaying flawed honor griping about others’ “writing” & “punctuation”.
          Shameful really.
          And, showing their weakness.
          Would “moral weakness” be apt antonym for “moral courage” ?

          My purpose is to ask good questions & supply very useful info. for the benefit of my nation in its economic plight, & the rest of the world also if possible.

          • Truthist

            Adolph’s nephew settled in USA ; New York I think ; Or thereabouts
            They changed their surname ; Understanable

            There father was Adolph’s brother.
            And, their mother was an Irish woman who lived in Liverpool.

            She wrote a book too I think about her connection with the Hitlers.

            And, she recalls Adolph visiting them in Liverpool ;
            Adolph very shook in appearance & agitated with pamphlets that he studying intently.
            Learned folks are almost certain that Adolph in England training / being programmed by Tavistock, Centre to be British [ Rothschild ] agent placed in Germany.

            And, nefarious Tavistock Centre was in Ireland prior to its England setting.

            So, Grzegorz, I suggest that the North African [ particularly Berber ] DNA may come from Irish woman.

            Also, Moroccan Jews are converts from Berbers or at least 50 % Berber ;

            Informative source.

          • Truthist

            Typos :

            Adolph’s NephewS

            Understanable = Understandable

            There = Their

        • coldblow

          Would Hitler being one-third Jew explain why he was capable of the Holocaust? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the joke.)

          A letter to my mother from her niece in America, who had immersed herself in matters theological and had also taken one of the new DNA tests began,

          “Dear Margaret, it is official. The Irish really are the lost tribe of Israel.”

          Re-reading Hyde’s Literary History of Ireland it is startling to see how rigorously recorded genealogies merge into myth about two thousand years ago. Families would trace their lineage back generation upon generation. My grandmother did this for me when I asked her. I was about twelve or thirteen and I wrote it down on a scrap of paper which was then thrown out by someone who hadn’t looked at it. (In that day, at that age, you didn’t really ‘own’ anything anyway.) She took it back to the mid-19th century.

          Being outside capitalist (in its fundamental agricultural sense) western Europe, Crotty argues, that is pastoral rather than predominantly crop-growing (in the special ‘capitalist’ understanding of the term), private property did not evolve in that sense in Ireland but rather your claim to the land was family or clan based. That is why the genealogy was so important.

  21. McCawber

    Other’s have touched on this.
    It didn’t take George Osborne long to respond to the “Attractiveness” issue raised by our host.
    With freedom comes opportunity.
    The EU may well regret peaking into Pandora’s box.

  22. McCawber

    Why was David Hall picked as the stand in CEO. Who made the appointment and what motivated the selection.

    • Truthist

      Civil Serpents should step in on behalf of State instead of putting in some David Hall or other non Civil Serpent.
      And, at no extra cost.
      NO bonuses,
      NO over-time

      Of course, with the way we are CONTROLLED from on-high through the main stream media — & there being other mechanisms that control us also — we will be swamped by other scandals pretty soon enough to cause us to focus on each only successively.

      We are conditioned to look for the new.
      Conditioned to look for the new “bad news” that conditions u to feel feeble.

      Very “Bernard Bernays” / Very “POZii”

  23. McCawber

    Bail in – God but I’ve been slow on the getting it on this one.
    Nearly eight years on from the momentous decision by the government to guarantee savings.
    Trichet ECB was absolutely furious with the Irish government for taking this step.
    Now I get it.
    He was going to bail our savings in there and then.
    It has to be said that the EU/ECB have quite slow pushing through the bail in legislation.
    Which begs the question, why AND what else is in the legislation that we don’t know about
    Has the government guarantee been watered down and how.
    Read the small print.
    The Irish government quite accidently blocked the ECB from putting the boot into the Irish people there and then.

    • Truthist

      Get actual
      Gold Coins ; Canadian “Maple Leaf”
      plain Gold Jewelry Chain with Stamp from reputable Mint
      Silver Coins ; Canadian “Maple Leaf”
      Gold Biscuit

      But, beware of scam where Tungsten is covered in Gold so as to fool customer that it Gold Bar.

      Do NOT acquire Certificates for Gold & Silver;
      Insist for urself that u receive promptly into ur hand “physical” Gold & Silver.
      After all ;

      “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.”

      Also, get “Petro” Dollars / USA Dollars ;
      Will retain value internationally because USA military muscle is forcing countries to accept them.

      Also, get Swiss Francs ; But, not as much as USA Dollars / Petro Dollars

      • Put one third of investment to PM shares of established miners.
        Established and junior producers. They are already up 130% this year but it barely registers on the 5 year charts. There is a long way to go but one needs to move smartly to get positions.

        • Deco

          Wall Street gets critiqued for selling dodgy stocks, to misinformed suckers, all the time. Which is fair enough.

          But the Vancouver based junior stock sellers are presenting themselves as the antidote. And some of them are just as outlandish hard sell merchants whose only proven ability is making ridiculous assertions about endless wealth. and there is little critique of that.

          • Truthist

            Only buy shares where u are a director in the company.

            The plain 23 carat Gold necklace ;
            U can break off pieces when u need to trade for :
            Paper Currency

            Per Biscuits of Gold ;
            Get Biscuits with small segments ;
            Again, u can trade it incrementally instead of all in 1 piece if bar.

            Also, get training in how to use fire-arms ;
            And, then acquire the most suitable fire-arm weapon for u ;
            And, ammunition too of course.

            Also, stock up on dried food & canned food & get a good freezer & stock it with meat.
            Get many vehicle batteries for to have charged up on standby so as to power the freezer if no electricity.

            Stock up on diesel also ;
            No combustible if not under pressure ;
            Thus safer to store than petrol.

            The agenda is to have u survive around 30 days if total society breakdown.

            But, of course, I being a very poor person cannot fulfill my own recommendations presently.

    • cooldude

      McCawber here is page 217 of the EU Bank Regulation and Resolution Act which Mick Noonan signed into law at the start of the year. It seems to me from this that the deposit guarantee is no longer in place in the case of a bail in or what they call a resolution. Make up your own mind on it

      Use of deposit guarantee schemes in context of resolution.
      173. (1) Where a resolution action is taken and that action ensures that depositors continue to have access to their deposits, the deposit guarantee scheme to which the institution is affiliated shall be liable for the following amount:
      (a) when the bail-in tool is applied, the amount by which covered deposits would have been written down in order to absorb the losses in the institution pursuant to Regulation 85(1)(a), had covered deposits been included within the scope of bail-in and been written down to the same extent as creditors with the same level of priority, or
      (b) when one or more resolution tools other than the bail-in tool is applied, the amount of losses that covered depositors would have suf- fered, had covered depositors suffered losses in proportion to the losses suffered by creditors with the same level of priority.
      (2) The amount under paragraph (1) shall not be greater than either—
      (a) the amount of losses that the deposit guarantee scheme would have had to bear had the institution been wound up under normal insol- vency proceedings, or
      (b) an amount equal to 50% of the target level of the deposit guarantee scheme pursuant to Article 10 of Directive 2014/49/EU.

      • McCawber

        Possession is 9 tenths the law.
        Punter = 5* EU/ECB 14
        * Penalty Try due to EU allowing Brexit under review by TMO.
        If try is ruled out a second review could result in a penalty try against the punter for voting for Brexit – All punters from all countries being deemed guilty by association.

        • cooldude

          I see the Italian bank Monte Pasche (third biggest) is in deep doo doo and the Italians are resisting the bail in mechanism and are trying to bail out the bank but do it under the liquidity mechanism of the ECB. All a total mess. The bank doesn’t have a liquidity problem it has a solvency problem with over 20% non performing loans, share price down 97% since 2009 and zero ability to raise capital. Before the summer is out there will be a banking crisis in Europe and DB will be involved. All derivatives will be honored however before the depositors and shareholders are ripped off. All coming fairly soon.

  24. coldblow

    I don’t agree with this article. The whole ‘Cool Britannia’ thing was only a bubble that popped a long time ago. I haven’t noticed any great music coming out of Britain and the culture just seems to be sinking ever deeper into a drink and drug fuelled anomie. I am alarmed by the hold the social media has over such a large number of people there, especially the young, and about their ignorance. The response to the referendum vote has been hysterical and absurd. The BBC has long been a shadow of its former self and I don’t know who in his right mind would go to it for a truthful and objective view of what has been happening. Intellectually the vacuum is alarming; where there should be thought there is only threadbare rhetoric. Benn Jnr’s offering at the time of the vote to bomb Syria was hailed as Churchillian. It is embarrassing and if it wasn’t for Ireland you might think it couldn’t get worse. The multi cultural fantasy is piling up severe problems for the future in an overcrowded island with poor visible means of subsistence. The tolerance for gays is in reality an radical, ideological and leadenly intolerant drive to turn society upside-down, as if just for the sake of it with an tedious and pointless proliferation of sexual definitions and alleged ‘human rights’. It should be clear to everyone except the dullest of observers that so-called Brexit will occur in any meaningful way. The political parties are dragging things out, waiting for some crisis to appear that will give them the excuse to overturn it, and in the meantime settling scores internally. On top of that our supposedly rational, scientific western civilisation is prey to dangerous mass delusions such as AGW, which must bewilder and alarm the rest of the world, including Russia.

    • Basic agreement with you.

    • Truthist

      Ref. Ur excerpt ;

      “The tolerance for gays is in reality an radical, ideological and leadenly intolerant drive to turn society upside-down, as if just for the sake of it with an tedious and pointless proliferation of sexual definitions and alleged ‘human rights’.

      This echos “partially” what the great Henry Makow is saying continuously ;


      • I’m all for equal rights but you’d get a pain in the hole with the constant assault of the LBGT agenda. I don’t care who marries who, do we have to have our noses rubbed in it 24/7 though? It’s gone too far.

        • Grzegorz Kolodziej

          Adam, I am for tolerance for gays, which means homesexualism should not be penalised (btw, free Poland was the only European country where homosexualism was not illegal – except for homosexual prostitution 1932–1969).

          But tolerance does not mean I have to like it – people have completely skewed concept of tolerance, which goes against the whole history of that concept.

          I consider homesexuality a sexual deviation, as WHO had done until quite recently. As such, I do not think it is a good idea to promote it and have gay parades as I do not think that it is a good idea to have Nazi parades (I challange everyone who says everyone should be allowed to do whatever he likes – if he says this relates to skinheads or Nazi parades, then, consequently but reluctantly I would have to agree to LGBT parades (I tolerate gay clubs)).

          Even if we do not consider it a deviation (deviation does not mean something that has to be uprooted – if homesexuality still occurs, it means it has to be evolutionary useful – but it always has been 1-2pc, not 10-15pc as the gay lobby tries to convince us), I still do not think it is decent or aesthetically pleasing to show asses or penuses, or engaged in lewd behaviour in public – it is just extremely bad manners – that goes for both homo and heterosexuals).

          With gay MARRIAGE however, this is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ISSUE – it has nothing to do with tolerance or equality.

          First of all, it redefines marriage, secondly it defies biology, thirdly and most importantly – it DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN about childrens psychological needs (children need a father and a mother).

          In that, gay marriage is a form of fascism: it is coerced into children and it is unequality for them (they have equal right to have normal families with a father and a mother).

          There was no serious discussion about it in Ireland and it therefore should be repeated, with EQUAL air/media space for both sides.

          David says gay marriage equality makes Ireland more attractive for investors – surely not from Asia, Arab countries or Texas?

          • +1
            I do not believe in persecution. Live and let live so quit forcing your lifestyle on to mine.

          • coldblow

            Yes, the idea is to indoctrinate. They are tearing down what remains of the old morality and replacing it with a new, scientific one, which they make up as they go along.

            In an attempt to improve my Danish I have been listening to a radio podcast on and off about sexuality, with one expert arguing that it used to be something you did rather than the essence of what you were. The labelling of homosexuality as an illness was, it is argued, a step towards kindness and mercy as before then it was considered evil.

            Whatever about that the recent exciting discoveries in gender fashion are ridiculous. I read a couple of months ago about a major Irish teachrs union calling for unisex uniforms and toilets for children from a very young age. Apart from your one in RTE who changes his or her ‘gender identity’ from hour to hour depending on how he or she happens to be feeling (where do you go from there?) I have come across more and more exotic creatures. One of these is Paris Lees who can be seen arguing on YouTube with (gay) historian David Starkey, about Brexit. There’s another clip of him debating with an odd person who sounds just like Barbara Windsor, called Laurie Penny, who writes for the Guardian. I don’t know if she is gay or anything, she is just very strange.

          • coldblow

            As for the RTE person (what is the name) I would guess that the soap scriptwriters are already working the ‘issue’ into a future storyline. I can just see it on Ros na Rún.

          • coldblow

            The RTE person is Jonathan Clyne, a radio presenter who is ‘gender fluid’.

            I forgot to add that I also understand that the biological factor is minor compared to the environmental one, including the tendency for the youngest child to be gay.

            I agree with you about the indecent spectacle of gay pride parades which should not be shown on tv when children are watching.

            On a slight tangent, Hitchens poinss out that school sex education is ‘propaganda for the permissive society. It was invented by the Communist George Lukacs, schools commissar during the insane Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919, to debauch the morals of Christian schoolgirls.’

            Here is a hilarious clip of Laurie Penny debating with David Starkey.


          • Truthist

            That Laurie Penny V.s Richard Starkey youtube.com video is very funny.

            Ms. Penny definitely female IMHO ;
            So, when u basically questioning is she “gay” ? ;
            Are u specifically wondering is she lesbian or bi ?
            Or even fluid ?
            If “Yes”, what evidence do u have ?
            Is it rather salacious ?

          • coldblow


            She seems odder than anything the gender-bending attention-seekers could manage so it didn’t seem worth looking her up.

          • coldblow

            Her explanation at the end is worthy of Father Ted. She has had time to think up this excuse and interrupts everyone to tell them: she was worried Starkey would attack her and looked for an outrageous fee as the best way of pulling out.

  25. Igor Pubert


    However we must maintain our own autonomy to do the right thing.

    E.g. Economic alliances with the U.S. run the risk of Ireland becoming a political vassal in Europe for American interests.

    E.g. McCreevy’s support of software patents. Whether you agree or disagree with them, this was undoubtedly an example of such influence:



  26. henrybarth

    I’ll know Ireland has become a modern centre of banking and trade when I can pay my water and bin charges in Bitcoin.

  27. survivalist

    Anyone who voted leave is a nasty, flag-waving, petty, imperial Englander, a racist, a bigot and wrong.

    Anyone who voted remain is the opposite of all that and right. This is the MSM mantra.

    London and its captive audience generally, wanted to keep the gravy train of international money laundering flowing through the city, no surprise there.

    The rest generally said no, as it was a game that was not working for them. Again not surprising, each side responds in turn and each have acted in a broadly rational way.

    But even this simple truth cannot be tolerated and must be manipulated to serve the larger agenda.

    The media ‘speculate’ as to why people made the leave choice though only if the collective insights conform to the script presented above; these images are a useful short-hand symbols.

    ‘Brexit’ is not something we should hold in our minds as the result of these alleged characteristics of the underclass, but rather consider that these alleged characteristics of the expanded underclass are the results of ‘Brit-In’ and the neo-liberal hijacking ably abetted by ‘Europe’.

    ‘Soft power’- a euphemism for propaganda and its effects- no doubt – as it works internally on the population and externally on foreign audiences, presents the story and perception of what and how the UK is. Short-hand flash-cards telling a manipulated story to a manipulated audience relying on emotionally charged symbols.

    Cool-Britain with the best music, the best fashion, the best street movements, the best raves, the best comedy, the best youth culture, food innovators etc. all enticing a conditioned mental response in the receiver like an entire population of Pavlovian dogs.

    But there are always dissenters who just won’t conform and these types need to be vilified.

    Back in the reality of Doncaster and its ilk, society there, as it is in most of the UK is hanging on by its fingernails.

    In fact throughout the neoliberal colonies key social indicators support anecdotal testimonies that society is degenerating, yes things were better back afterall. It would be alarming if it received any attention outside underfunded community centres.

    But people’s attention needs to be kept away from those places except to cast scorn or blame. Enormous effort has gone into creating the collective consciousness that it is not the way in which society has been structured and manipulated that affects individuals, it is rather that there is just something wrong with them. That is the story of Brexit.

    Ireland to follow the UK lead and wash capitals soiled outworking’s; thanks but no thanks

    • michaelcoughlan


      Would you click here on the link posted by tony and tell me what you see? When I click on it it links to the log in page for my gmails. Is it me or the link? If it were a youtube video it would start with youtube.

      • sravrannies

        Michael, Tony has a habit of doing that. It’s something wrong his end not yours.


        • michaelcoughlan

          Thanks Peter.


          For some reason which I don’t know from time to time you are posting a gmail link which doesn’t link to the article or youtube video you intend but links to the log in page for my gmails.

          I dont even know how you obtained that link.

          Will you please sort this.



      • No one can get in your Gmail Michael – trust me.

        • michaelcoughlan

          Thank adam.

          I just don’t like them being viewable on the blog and i don’t understand how this link became available to Tony or why this error keeps happening.

          Maybe you could shed some light on this issue?

          Many thanks in advance.


          • Sorry Michael, It seems to happen when I copy an email address to send a writing of interest.
            Occasionally I have made the mistake of sending a gmail link. Why it shows your address I do not know but I do not see your address on the blog or on my posting before I press the button.It seems to be just on your individual computer and nowhere else.

  28. Truthist

    We ain’t going to be able to take anything whilst we are “been taken” to the cleaners !




    Who are the bond holders we are bailing out?

    by Golem XIV on OCTOBER 17, 2010


    The citizens of Ireland have been forced over the last two years to give the bond holders of Anglo Irish bank 20 billion euros.
    The Irish government recently told its people the 20 billion was not enough and they MUST give the same bond holders another 10 to 20 billion euros.
    WHO are these special people called Bond Holders that must be so carefully protected even at the cost of despoiling a nation?

    I tried to find out.
    I failed.

    15th October 2010 the British Blogger Guido Fawkes published a list of the bond holders.

    So those are the names but WHO are they ?
    I thought this was something I could help with, to add my contribution to Mr Fawkes’ break-through.

    It is worth knowing who the bond holders really are because the Irish government has said more than once that one of the reasons the bond holders had to be protected and could not, must not, be made to suffer any losses, even though it would be PERFECTLY legal to do so, is because the bond holders are pension funds for poor Irish widows and cooperative savings funds for orphans and ‘ordinary folk’.
    A little poetic exaggeration there, but only a little.

    This ‘widows and orphans’ reason why the Bond holders must not take any loss, was trotted out to bolster an earlier reason that started to wear thin, which was that if Ireland pissed off the bond holders then they would refuse to ever deal with Ireland ever again and Ireland would never be able to borrow ever again, ever, and everyone would die in penury, friendless and cold.
    That 1st reason started to look like it might not hold, when the Germans started to talk rather too openly about how it might be best for all, them especially, if Greece did ‘re-structure’ its debts (default on its bond holders – a teeny bit).
    When no one said it would be the end for Greece if it defaulted on the mighty bond holders, Ireland’s ‘the sky will fall in’ reason for not asking its bond holders to share the pain started to look like what it was, a politically motivated lie.
    Thus the grannies and orphans had to be hurriedly wheeled out.

  29. Truthist



    So, are the bond holders widow’s pension funds and orphans’ savings accounts? Well actually, NO.
    That too was just another lie from the morally degenerate and cringingly servile Irish government.

    But don’t take my word for it.
    Lets look at exactly who the bond holders are.

    But first be clear about my method.
    Over all I have decided to compare Ireland’s wealth with that of its bond holders.

    I have looked at what the named companies do – according to their own literature.
    I have looked to see if they are owned by someone else and if so who and where the companies are registered and based.
    And I have looked at the sort of wealth we are talking about.
    On this last point, I have looked not at their market value – because that, as we all know, is a matter of creative accountancy and is also often not something the companies like to list, but at their ‘assets under management’.

    Assets under management gives us a view of the total amount of wealth these companies deal with so we can compare it to the total wealth of Ireland. Its GDP.
    Where a company is, in fact, owned by a larger one, I have used the parent company’s assets on the grounds that on the other side, Anglo Irish has been treated as a subsidiary of Ireland and the entire wealth of the nation is being deployed and called upon.

    So, on one side we have Anglo Irish and its ‘parent company’/owner, Ireland and its ‘bond’ holders the people of Ireland.
    On the other, we have the companies listed as bond holders and the larger companies who own them and who are thus the ultimate beneficiaries and interested parties in those bonds.

    On with the show!

  30. AlfieMoone

    Keep Calm & Brexit

    LOL! Leg it & Lexit, innit.

    “London is in chaos, the ruling Conservative Party are in chaos, and isn’t it incredible that a British prime minister has resigned against the backdrop of calling a referendum that was driven by Ukip fascists and by the loony right of the Conservative Party?” Martin McGuiness


    • Deco

      Who does Martin McGuinness think he is fooling ?

      Like Bertie Ahern, the Irish banks, and the charity bosses, McGuinness lives in a world where you can do what you like, and then expect people to simply “forget” what happened or even expect people to never find out at all what he was doing.

      McGuinness is talking out both sides of his mouth. Again.

  31. Deco

    Ireland’s biggest weakness is the amateurism of public institutions. It gets covered up by “the good room” treatment. But this is of no benefit to the working people here. In fact, under EU domination, that amateurism is only increasing. Because gombeen-garrisonism gets more stiffling.

    Boris Johnson took a belt under the ribs (or maybe it was a knife in the back) from Gove. And he has now responded, by backing Leadsom, and stating what he think Britain needs to do. That is the same BJ who did not know what to do last week.

    The Irish government officially knew what they were going to do last week. They even told us officially they knew how they would respond one month ago. The truth is the state here really had no clue how they would respond. It was all BS.

    They are avoiding serious weaknesses in the system – for which they are reponsible. There needs to be a hnoest reflection on the performance of the entire public sector.

    And that does not mean annoying teachers or nurses, for the sake of ministerial stupidity – which has been going on for a decade under different mainstream parties. That is clearly not the source of the problem. In fact, such antics are indicative of incompetent politicians.

    The real problem is abysmal leadership. Power in the state system is attracting some very dysfunctional behaviours. Behaviours that are contrary to the public interest.

    FAS/Solas, RTE, Eirgrid, An Bord Gais, Irish rail, Irish Water, and many more are an expensive means of coverting public money into underperformance. Local authorities are subverting democracy, and turning into rotten entities for sustaining political machines.

    Time to get grown up with respect to state sector performance.

    David is proposing Ireland adopt a Singapore strategy.

    Very good idea.

    But, Singapore is sovereign, efficient and transparent.

    These three features contrast sharply in comparison to the state system in Ireland which is obedient (to the EU and vested interests), inefficient, and deliberately opposed to any transparency.

    Where are the Lee Kuan Yew types to make the necessary improvements happen ?

    The way I see it, there are powerful interests who are capable of preventing such changes from happening. And they all enthuse about the nEU imperial racket, ponzi-debt scheming, and a feel good factor fro sitting silently at the table of a monopoly of policy making.

    • Truthist

      Plenty in the 2 article below for u Deco to consider about FAS / Solas ;

      Christy Cooney

      Article #!


      Excerpt ;

      Mr Cooney was involved with the FAS internal audit team, set up by the agency in 2004 to investigate allegations of a criminal nature made to then Enterprise, Trade and Employment Minister Mary Harney.
      During one PAC hearing he denied any involvement in the controversial switching of the annual FAS Opportunities jobs fair from the RDS to Croke Park.

      FAS paid almost €380,000 for the use of Croke Park for the jobs fair last year.
      The agency has decided not to use the venue in 2009.
      Mr Cooney also denied any involvement in the switch of another FAS event in Cork from the City Hall to the Nemo Rangers GAA club grounds.

      Comment by Truthist

      Nemo Rangers is the club that Me-hole Martin is so-called patron of ;
      And, the members of Nemo Rangers would be really pissed off if Me-hole not benefiting “the club” from his vaulted position.

      Article #2



      Mr Cooney has been involved with the FAS internal audit team, which was set up by the agency in 2004 to investigate allegations of a criminal nature made anonymously to then Enterprise, Trade and Employment Minister Mary Harney.
      The head of the internal audit team, Niall Saul, is also due to attend.

      But documents released to newspapers under the Freedom of Information Act show that there were serious differences at one stage between Mr Cooney and Mr Saul, over how far the investigation into the spending irregularities could go.

      At one stage, Mr Saul told Mr Cooney in a letter that if he did not comply with the internal audit committee requirements, “we will have no option but to escalate this matter to board level”.
      Mr Cooney responded in a letter saying he had no issue with most of the committee’s concerns but did have a “fundamental issue with your committee overseeing the disciplinary process”.

      His GAA role came up at the Enterprise committee hearing into FAS last July when its chairman, Labour TD Willie Penrose, congratulated him on the “important job” he would be taking up.
      Mr Cooney referred to his GAA links at the same meeting, when Mr Molloy informed committee members that he had his own tickets to Croke Park rather than relying on free ones from other sources.

      “I assure the deputy I have as well,” Mr Cooney said.

      Comment by Truthist
      Humbug smart-ass comment by Cooney at end of excerpt

      • Deco

        The problem in our society, is that we have reached the point of competition in funny dealings.

        In other words, this sort of behavious is emulated, and then surpassed by other people in similar positions.

        The whole thing stinks.

        And it is deliberately under-reported.

        • Truthist

          They & their peers think it the height of IQ to win the day with these strokes.

          It is emanating from 2 camps in particular ;
          The 2 team sports that are reflective of the 2 most powerful cultures of our society ;

          The Rugby Shower

          The G.A.A. [ Is that Garda Athletic Association ? Or should it be R.A. ( Re-play Association ) given the upteen matches that referees somehow string out until the second after the equaliser ? ].

          The Rugby Shower is the old money
          Not confined to any locality in Ireland.
          But, disproportional to Cork.
          Actually, most grand schemes for corruption in Ireland start in Cork.
          The 1st importer of “H” into Ireland is from Cork ;
          Given the nickname of “The Squire” ;
          Name is a “Mac” or a “Mc” ; I forget
          I know the rest of his surname ;
          But, for discretion reasons, I refrain from telling herein.

          The G.A.A. / R.A. represents the culture who got the big leap in power with so-called Irish Independence ;
          The country boys ;
          The Farmers & the Small Townies.

          The working class to low middle class of the cities — unless they play with either of these groupings –are not in the loop.
          Well, not until 1988 when Jack Charlton turned around the misfortunes of the “Republic” / “Rest” of Ire’s soccer team.

          I perceive the Golf & Yachting sceneS to be more individual ;
          Also rife with schemers.
          Most of this scene are traditionally of the Rugby class anyway.
          So, for convenience, better to refer to the Rugby Folks for them.
          However, they are in recent decades more egalitarian in their membership criteria ;
          And, so they are cross-point for the GAA crowd.
          And, the Soccer folks too.

          The Rugby & GAA scenes being mass participation sports do lend themselves more powerful for electoral politics than Golfing “F..kers” & RCYC folks.
          I refer to RCYC because Cork is the home of yachting in Ireland.
          Incidentally, he oldest yacht club in the world is RCYC.

          The Soccer folks are the marginalised working class to lower middle classes of our cities & some big towns.
          But, they do produce some Spivs who try to emulate the Malcolm Allisons & Arthur Daleys of across the water.
          No wonder the FAI are now corrupt.

          The Horsing Scene is the real “cross-over” point for the Rugby & GAA folks.
          But, in the seat of power of the Horsing set is old money ;
          Thus, another power vehicle for the Anglo Irish & traditional part of Rugby.

          Anyway, & there is always the “anyway”, the power sectors of Ireland are grouped around particular sporting organisations.

          And, u know all this ;
          But, I trying to lay it all out for the benefit of the novices.

    • Truthist

      No state social welfare for pensioners in Singapore ;
      The law is when children of the pensioners exist ;

      “The children must take care of the retirement age parents 100 %.”

      Or something like that.

      And, I think that social welfare does not really exist if jobless.

      People are dying of slow starvation on side of road in Singapore.

      Well, Christ did say ;

      “The Poor we will always have with us.”

      Ref. Info. about Singapore
      Reliable Source

      Please note ;

      I not knocking ur recommendation to learn from Singapore.
      Singapore has much that we should copy I hear.

      Also note ;

      Singapore operates “special” banking facilities

  32. Truthist

    McGuinness is a traitor to Ireland

    He has betrayed Ireland for :


    And, he is “mal”-representing the true & worthy main reasons that most Brexit supporters have.

    • sravrannies

      He’s only worried about being subject to UK Courts rather than the more ‘user-friendly’ EU Courts.


      • Truthist

        EU Court, vis. European Court of Human Rights, or whatever — boy have I gone to lazy to check up 8-) — a few years ago upheld a previous decision by UK government to deny UK pensioners located outside EU or particular zones outside of EU from getting any of the increases on UK pension.
        Very shocking verdict by :
        1st UK Gov.
        2nd EU Court

        So, many expat UK pensioners who located abroad when they remaining in UK was economically & crime-wise etc impossible to tolerate are now suffering enormously.
        Cost of living in foreign countries are rising fast for expats AND no pension rise for the expat UK pensioner.

        Anyway, justice for lone citizen from EU court would set u back at least 1 million Euro with attendant costs & take years to get.
        And, u would have to practically live in Benelux or more particularly Brussels.

        Sinn Fein are since Peace Process a collection very boring & bland & vacuous Stalinists who know that the game they are allowed to play restricts them from being Trotskyites.
        Stalinists & Trotskyites are both bad news.

        • Deco

          Stalinist with a commercial venture in the fuel sector, that will not pay state taxes.

          You really could not make it up.

          So much of what exists in the north of Ireland is based on inherent contradiction.

          • Truthist

            Absolutely true ;

            And the real revolutionaries are “We” here on this blog


            when we tell hard hitting truths that the rest of Land of Ire is afraid to tell or even ask about.

            Of course, certain truths must be put in questions or euphenisms or in riddles ;
            Such is our reality.

  33. Shane F

    Brand Britain damaged?

    Read the continental press this morning and you wont find any evidence of this.

    Au contraire. What I saw were articles reflecting concerns about about Social dumpi. More enlargement of EU. EU bureaucracy problems, Migration, i.e The very things that caused people to vote for Brexit.

    Ireland will have lost its most powerful ally in EU debates. The fun is only starting.

    Ireland and Latvia are most beholden countries to vulture funds and international banking. Do we really want to go down road which will give them more power/ control. Total debt slavery?

    I believe Brits are respected amongst masses as being at forefront of growing sentiment against EU and Banking elites. Remember in the french revolution that it was the masses that counted!

    • sravrannies

      Hi Adam, has the Spectator gone soft? I also notice an article entitled “In Praise of Nigel Farage”.


  34. Pat Flannery

    It doesn’t matter a whole lot what you or I think, what does matter is what the markets think. Here is what Bloomberg, one of the markets’ main discussion forums, is thinking today:


    Here are two important quotes:
    1. ‘’Leaving the EU jeopardizes the City of London’s status as a global financial hub.’’
    2. ‘’The relevance of the U.K., London as a global center is going to go down,” said Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group. “We should make no mistake, this is tipping point. Brexit is a body blow.”

    It would appear from reading these views that it was membership of the EU that was propping up the British pound. It is hard to see how London can now retain its place in the global financial services industry, even if the UK bites the bullet and accepts free movement of people in return for single market access.

    I am really sad for London. Brexit has done it far more damage than the Great Fire of 1666. To paraphrase FDR regarding Pearl Harbor: 23 June 2016 is ‘’a day that will live in infamy’’ for centuries to come.

    • Pat Flannery

      sravrannies: Bloomberg has a different take on it. The IT made it sound like he wanted less EU, not more:


      ”Schaeuble expressed frustration that EU officials in Brussels took too long to respond to the refugee crisis last year. Many people’s dissatisfaction with the EU is because rules weren’t respected, including by the European Commission in its response to the sovereign-debt crisis.”

      What Europe needs is a little more German discipline and resolve. That is what Schaeuble meant.This means we will see more Schaeuble, not less. No more Brexits.

      • sravrannies

        Hi Pat.
        He is openly challenging the failings of the EU Commission – that is significant and should be welcomed whatever way it is spun. Call me a cynic but I believe these ‘pronouncements’ are made and choreographed with a specific purpose in mind. Time will tell.


        • Pat Flannery

          sravrannies: yes, Schaeuble’s criticism of the Commission is significant, but what does he have in mind?

          I believe he is signalling a German intention to take a firm hold of the EU helm and steer it purposefully rather than let it drift towards disintegration, as Brexit has forewarned.

          Schaeuble is heavily influenced by the statism of Friedrich List who in turn was heavily influenced by Alexander Hamilton. Schaeuble saw Britain as a barrier to European centralization, which indeed it was. Now that it is gone he will strive to centralise EU power as much as possible.

          Ireland will have to make up its mind fairly quickly, whether to back German statism or British nationalism. If it backs Britain it will submerge itself into British, not Irish, nationalism.

          If it backs Germany it will at least enjoy whatever level of national rights will remain in the 27-member EU Super State. A tough choice. Germany will do nothing to keep Ireland in. Why should they? They see us as Britain’s sidekick. Are we? David seems to think we are.

  35. StephenKenny

    The interesting thing about the whole Brexit debate is the astonishing paucity, indeed complete lack, of reasoning from each camp. It was just a long, increasingly ridiculous, stream of metaphors. Always metaphors, just continuous metaphors. Never a real reason, just more bloody metaphors. The entire media, the TV, the radio, and the newspapers were just awash with millions of metaphors.

    Although the really interesting thing was the complete lack of ability on the part of the institutions of the EU to explain why they’re worth keeping. I was looking forward to an outpouring of persuasive, articulate, and revealing debate, on the philosophy, benefits, and future vision of an increasingly federalised Europe.

    But all there was were metaphors. Metaphors that masqueraded as argument.

    Now I think about it, that’s about all we’ve had on all political and social issues over the past 25 years.

    • Truthist

      Increasingly more ordinarily people are reading useful alternative media on internet ;




      Proportionally more English than Irish do so.

      I am of the belief that much of main-stream media [ MSM ] misrepresentation is for purpose to justify rigged polls ahead of Brexit, & then to justify only narrow victory for Exit side.
      Oh, & to mis/mal-represent the real reasons why :

      Brexits want Brexit

      Remainers want Remain.

      Of course, the MSM really want UK to remain in EU ;
      But, allow columnists to send mixed messages.

      For UK’s own sake, & to serve as prompt for all EU countries to exit EU, I wish that UK exit.
      But, I wish for UK to delay until such time as they are ready.

      Meanwhile, they should stop stop allowing foreigners other than Irish & holiday makers, job recruits, etc. from entering UK.

      UK has too many problems as it is than to be taking in more foreigners that are other than those considered in immediately previous paragraph.

      Heck, it looks like they will be very busy trying to cope with a revolution in near future as it is.

      The ruling classes over there really do have as barbarians at their gates the indigenous locals.

      Ditto the Irish State.

      Ditto France

  36. Pat Flannery

    David’s anti-EU rant continues in today’s Indo:


    David is desperately exploiting every glimmer of division within the EU to justify Britain’s mad act of self-destruction. He hopes to scare the Irish people into drinking the Brexit coolaide and joining the English fanatics in their glorious nationalist paradise in the sky. He sees France’s Marine Le Pen as the next nationalist suicide bomber.

    But like all fanatics promising a brace of virgins, idyllic nationalism or whatever mad fantasy their fevered brains can invent, neither Farage, Le Pen nor McWilliams can describe what lies beyond the moment of self-destruction.

    Reason will prevail and this moment of British madness will fade into half-forgotten European folk memory like the many other ”Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” over the centuries:

    • Truthist

      We should never openly stab the City of London in the back !

      What makes yee think that they are so English ?

      “It’s an Eye for an Eye, & a Tooth for a Tooth” with them folks.

      And, anyway, we could never make a proper go of running their money laundering enterprise ;
      Because, our elite are not sufficiently talented enough.

    • StephenKenny

      In reality, when a large country like the UK leaves the EU, there will be a lot of metaphors, and not a lot else. Trade is trade, business is business.

      • Pat Flannery

        StephenKenny: you seem to be calling for reasonable minds to ”reason” with unreasonable minds. What does one say to a suicide bomber about to pull the string on his suicide vest? That there are no virgins waiting on the other side? That this world is perfect?

        No. Better to take cover and pick up the pieces afterwards. You can’t reason with insanity. Brexit was such insanity. So was the British invasion of Iraq, a last grab at lost Empire.

        The sad thing is that Bush could not have immorally invaded Iraq without British immoral support. The UN and the EU need to become more assertive to prevent narrow nationalist self-interests acting unilaterally. British nationalism is both narrow and self-interested. That is why I support both the EU and the UN.

        • StephenKenny

          What one says to a suicide bomber about to pull the string is precisely the same as what one says to the graduates of West Point, Sandhurst, and St Cyr, as they enthusiastically take part in the destruction of yet another country.

          The UK leaving the EU will not result in anarchy and chaos. At worst, it’ll result in a few months of unbridled spite from the staff of the various EU institutions.

          I don’t believe that Brexit was essentially about the EU at all, but was the first time in 25 years that the British people had the chance to actually vote against their government.

          Britain had incurable, economic and therefore social, gangrene, which it gave itself 25-30 years ago.

          • Pat Flannery

            StephenKenny: Social gangrene. I like that.

            I wasn’t sure at first which was the gangrene, the EU or the UK. But you think neither, you mean the UK Establishment, don’t you?

            You may well be right. The UK people certainly have given an enormous black eye to the UK Establishment, which in actual fact is the London Establishment. I hadn’t thought of it quite like that before.

            After all the EU is just a collection of such National Establishments. We have our own Dublin Establishment here in Ireland. Seen in that light Brexit may yet prove to be a positive thing, provided it does not bring down the EU.

            The trick may be to use the UK flexible, unwritten UK Constitution to stall things long enough for a second referendum, AFTER the London Establishment have been fed and have digested copious quantities of the people’s crow.

            Now if we could get Marine Le Pen to march on Paris rather than on Brussels Brexit might yet be celebrated around Europe as a new La Marseillaise.

  37. Deco

    The headline in this morning’s Irish Independent (print edition) tells us something very important.

    In fact it is the ultimate statement of fact of “we are where we are”.

    Behind all the pretend calmness, and scripted, choreographed sense of control from the government, they are in paddling a raft with a punch of leaves.

    Theresa May got 50% of the Tory MPs behind her, and is destined to be the next UK PM. She is by far the most cautious and skillful dealer in the UK cabinet. And she can be very serious and tough, when she really needs to be. She is the caliber of leader that Ireland needs.

    Meanwhile we have the village schoolmaster heading up a collection of weaklings, selected for cabinet roles on the basis that they will not challenge their clueless “leader”.

    The phrase “our leaders” is a misnomer, however.

    We simply don’t have any.

    We have a very lucky self serving amateur (who is running out of luck very quickly), who depends on a self serving sell out merchant (who should be before a tribunal for receiving dodgy money), for power.

    The English are about to get their house in order, as they have done repeatedly, when faced with a national requirement to win. How long the Scots will stick with Sturgeon is debateable. But Sturgeon is another chancer running out of options, and running out of money. The more Italy tanks, the mroe Germany demands austerity, and the more stupid Sturgeon will look.

    In fact Kenny and Sturgeon are both inadequate for the scenarios and responsibilities facing them.

    Ireland is in deep trouble. At least Italy has a PM who admits there is a problem. And who is trying to reform the state system. Ireland’s Taoiseach has wasted 5 years sticking buddies and relatives on state quangoes, in an Ahernian disaster path.

    Ireland not only has an opportunity that is closing fast.

    Ireland’s overly expansive state system, has a reckoning that is coming head on, very quickly. The fact that Ireland’s private sector is based heavily on an inflated, over priced, Tech sector for cashflow. The residential property market in the east of Ireland has been bottlenecked to prop up AIB (so that the state can get rid of the number 1 toxic bank in Ireland). NAMA is hiding, as it has behaved disgracefully, and to the serious detriment of the entire society. IW is a mess, that Phil Hogan has now forgotten about.

    • Truthist

      Disagree with ur judgement about Theresa May ;
      “She is a bad ‘un” ;

      Chris Spivey & Aanirfan.blogspot have been following Theresa May for quite a while, & they have up up to her neck in corruption.

      Protector of Paedophiles she is.

      Plus she is a war-mongerer for the dreadful few to have UK & / or NATO & / or E.U. Super-State Military at war with :


      If she becomes PM ;
      ==> She will by default be the cause of the English underclass to finally have a revolution against the City.

      But, I do appreciate ur dilemma ;
      Who to say is capable of being a good leader for UK when the talent pool is dreadful ?

      As it is in Land of Ire..

      A choice leader for a modern country is an gifted Civil or Mechanical Engineer having the other necessary qualities ;


      Napoleon — an engineer — was actually a blessing for Europe.

      He quelled the Terror of the French Revolution, & sought only to civilise France & defend it from assault by the major powers.

      In his memoirs he says that his finest achievement was the creation of the “Nation” states of Europe ;
      Yes, Napoleon’s real legacy is that many nation states of Europe did not exist but for he organising them to be in he having to defend France.

      Viva the independent & “free” Nation States !

      • Truthist

        Google Search using the following Terms ;

        theresa may AND chris spivey AND aanirfan.blogspot


        • Truthist

          And, Theresa May is already a proven Cardinal Richelieu ;
          Worse actually.
          Paedophile protector :

          Check on her role with protecting known Paedophiles that are associated with murdered boys too
          Brittan with “snuff” movie as participant.

          Lord Grenville Janner

          Lord Leon Brittan

          And, the 2 beauts above conveniently passing away & secretly buried or whatever ;
          If u can believe they really dead then.


          • Truthist

            I just opened tha colemanexperience link after sending it ;
            Horrific stuff.

            We truly live in sick times.

            So much so that I really suspect something rotten from Irish personel — whoever so from the manipulative lot of Politicians, Civil Serpents, Private Lobbyists, Journalists what have u — attending to matters in the Benelux zone of Brussels, the Haig, Strasbourg since Rep. / Rest of Ire. in Common Market –? EEC –> EC –> EU.
            Especially with how the economic & ecological crime of giving away our Fishing Waters was done for a song.
            Think Marc Dutroux !
            Think Denlink !

            Google Search Terms

            Marc Dutroux AND Demmink AND Irish connection


            U have to smell a rat when the Garda-Landlords & their main-stream media buddies have basically shut up shop in exploring the possiblilities of Irish involvement with these Rings of Benelux ;

            The fishermen of Ireland should do private investigation.
            Ditto the maritime law experts of the Irish universities.

      • Deco

        Bonaparte was not a blessing. He was a murdering meglamaniac. He used “glory” to make militarism look good. He was the ultimate military dictator.

        He was the leader of a long running imperial racket that started with Richelieu in the 1640s, and that ended in Dien Bien Phu.

        Bonaparte was the high point (excuse my sarcasm) of murdering in the name of culture.

        Thanks for the critique on Theresa May. I presume that she is more likely to progress her country’s objectives than the school master who puts dunces in ministerial positions to make himself look brighter than everybody else.

        • StephenKenny

          I don’t know much about UK’s political class, but no one seems to stand out as any sort of leader, and too many of them are tainted with the terrible war crimes of the past 20 years.

          The only differences between the parties seem to be on the subject of the colour of the wall paper in the bar, and the number of times a week their restaurant serves fish.

        • Truthist

          Bonaparte did not do much slaughter of the enemy.
          Slaughter as in executions & atrocities ;
          Ref. slaughter :
          He did not order
          He did not encourage
          I presume that he did not tolerate
          Because a truly great general focused on winning the war would keep his troops disciplined.
          And, Napoleon was simply the greatest ever General in all of history;
          According to Wellington that is.
          Of course, there must have been many rapes & murders & pillaging by military personnel on private endeavor going through the foreign lands to face their enemy ;
          Attributively the minimum of entitlement for an army at war.
          So, old Brussels boy Simon Coveney & Me-hole Martin have responsibility to retract Irish State’s covert involvement with NATO & efforts by stealth to have Irish State join it.
          These fine fellows have up to now been to the front in advancing the Irish State to that position.
          And, they both such good Family Men too.
          But, I have yet to hear of the French being notorious for this.
          Of course, combat in battle ==> slaughter
          Ref. Executions
          He did execute
          e.g.’s & reasons given by him :
          the Egyptian prisoners he freed then attacked his troops again.
          Appalling choice of victims for execution ;
          Men & Women for sure ;
          I not sure if children too.
          War Crime anyway.
          Brit. troops & militia in Spain — many Irish press-ganged & otherwise fighting for Brits — were ravaging his troops.
          Napoleon got so fed up with this that he did execute prisoners.
          I not on top of the details ;
          So, apologies thus far.
          I do not approve of those decisions ;
          In fact I condemn.
          Likewise, Michael Collins did execute ;
          I also condemn ;
          Even though I am a fan of Collins.
          But, it is easy for me to condemn though because I naturally am a pacifist & very much a lateral thinker too.
          I would have made a strong case to Mick not to execute / kill / murder “The Cairo Gang”, but to serve them some novel experience instead.
          He really should have kept them as prisoners of war at secret location & through one’s ever developing unique pacifist expertise help such silly fellows to truth-render completely.
          Anyway, I was obviously making reference to Bonaparte’s excellence as a ruling administrator.
          He would in no time today solve the housing / home problem by having the State construct world class 10, & 15, & 29 storey office with condominium buildings in the Cities of Ireland & in my opinion would decide to have Dublin served with trains running on tracks supported by pillars


          Vancouver ;

          Bangkok ;

          Kuala Lampur ;

          I would think much cheaper & better overall than subway or road-level.
          Honeywell & Siemens & Bombardier are just some of the likely bidders for to supply the trains.
          Napoleon was actually not short ;
          He was a taller than average for his time.
          He got the nick-name for a different reason.

  38. Britain is being invaded along with Europe. Some have had enough despite the economic reactions. Some would rather be free but poor than comfortable but in servitude. Democracy v. Autocracy.


    • Truthist

      They are disengenuous.

      And, they speak provocatively against Ireland’s right to be UNITED “Independent” & “free” Island.

      Allies of the North East of Ireland’s Unionists-Loyalists to UK ;
      Or is that Unionists-Loyalists to EU & ditch England ?

      Recall Dr. Reverend Ian Paisley always saying that everything in North East of Ireland is British ;
      Then when Mad Cow Disease outbreak meant that “Ulster” cattle were to be rejected by EU, Paisley bellowed to the world ;

      “Ulster cattle are NOT British !
      They are Irish.”

  39. Truthist

    Important gift for Trump to get the Prezzie job ;
    Well, that is if u really trust that the voting process AND that it alone decides who wins the contest.
    Well, at least we in the Irish State have the Garda-Landlords protecting the “Opaque” Ballot Boxes which are not constantly attached to weighing machines lest there be stuffing of votes.

    The Black Vote may swing for Flip-flopping Trump instead of Kill-ary because of Farrakhan.


  40. Grzegorz Kolodziej

    Great analogy for – depending if you were on the Leave, Remain or neutral side of the argument – Brexit:


  41. [...] The vote for Brexit was more generally welcomed by those with a preference for hard power, at a time when emphasising hard power at the expense of soft power is a mug’s game. The hard power associated with the capacity for undertaking expeditionary wars hasn’t proved [...]

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