June 13, 2016

Brexit: Ireland needs Britain

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As a 21-year-old student, I stood in the Great Hall, Bruges, in September of 1988. Little did I know that the speech I was about to hear would constitute the opening salvos of a battle that would culminate with Brexit.

In the now-famous Bruges speech, Mrs Thatcher picked her audience, her moment and her message.

Along with ten other Irish students, I was a postgraduate at the College of Europe. The College of Europe is the West Point or Sandhurst of the EU. It is charged with training the next generation of European officials – and indeed, most of the friends I made there have become senior apparatchiks in the European bureaucracy. The Iron Lady knew this was the lion’s den, and she roared.

It is interesting today to go over that speech to see the points Thatcher raised, how prescient she was and how in touch with the feelings of the average English person.

The first thing she did was outline a vision that could have been described as British Gaulle-ism, in the face of those who want ultimately to see a united states of Europe. Thatcher followed Charles de Gaulle by asserting that the best way to build the European Community was “willing and active cooperation between independent sovereign states”. She dismissed the idea that the United States might be a model for the future of Europe.

At the time, lots of eurocrats were talking about the “embryo” of a European government emerging through the single currency. Indeed, this all came to pass with the loss of sovereignty of a number of EU countries and the pooling of sovereignty of so many.

She warned against a EU superstate: “We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the state in Britain, only to see them re-imposed at a European level, with a European superstate exercising a new dominance from Brussels.”

It is easy to pick selectively from a speech and conclude that it was prescient in the extreme, but Thatcher’s concerns were bang on the money as far as Britain is concerned. Europe has been one of the dominant underlying issues in British politics since then.

If the “Irish question” divided, dominated and poisoned British politics in the 19th century, the Europe question has played a similar role in the 21st century.

Ultimately, the Irish question helped destroy the great Liberal Party. It brought Gladstone’s career to an end and ultimately led to the partition of Ireland.

After expending enormous resources between 1914 and 1918 on the Western Front, by 1922, the victorious British ended up losing more of their land mass than the defeated Germans.

The Europe question will destroy the Conservative Party, marginalise the Labour Party and give added fuel to the separatists in Scotland and Wales and, of course, the nationalists in the North. In fact, no matter what happens, the Union will be profoundly weakened by this vote, which is why the DUP should be careful what it wishes for.

If there is a majority for Brexit, here’s an obvious scenario that could unfold if there’s a break-up of the UK.

The English nationalists lead the British out of Europe. The Scottish react by going to the polls again, wanting to stay in Europe. They have to leave the UK to stay in the EU, and by a small margin they vote to stay in Europe, but leave the English.

The rump UK becomes an entity involving a eurosceptic nationalist England, a modestly pro-European but compliant Wales and an ever-divided Northern Ireland. However, it is a Northern Ireland shorn of its fraternal brothers, the Scots, in a union with the ambivalent English. There has never been the same cultural affinity between the English and the Northern unionists. And once the Scots are gone, why would the English bother with the Ulster unionists? After all, we know that people who divorce once are highly likely to do so again.

So that’s one scenario.

But now think of the alternative, in these very tight polls.

The Remain camp wins in Britain, just about, but loses in England. The result is carried by resounding majorities in Scotland, Wales and the North. These majorities are voted by Scottish, Welsh and Irish nationalists. Republican voters from West Belfast help preserve the Union. What would Bobby Sands make of that?

The nationalist majority in England blows a fuse and can’t believe that after winning the popular vote in England, their will is thwarted by nationalists in Scotland and Ireland whose ultimate goal is to destroy the Union. So the English are trapped in a pro-European, British Union that they want to get out of. The English are the paymasters – in fact, they pay for everything – but their democratic will is defeated by people whose dole they pay.

How do you think they will react?

They will agitate for an English referendum, obviously. Wouldn’t you?

Either way, win or lose, the Union will never be the same again.

If Britain goes and the EU reacts vindictively by throwing up barriers to that country, it is an attack on Ireland. Make no mistake about it. Our government can’t for the second time in five years behave like the model prisoner of the EU, accepting EU nastiness over common-sense diplomacy. We are not Poland, Italy or Greece; we need Britain. In the event of Brexit, if Germany commercially attacks Britain, as its overbearing finance minister said it would yesterday, that constitutes a declaration of war on the Irish economy.

Our trade with Britain is €1 billion a week. It is our biggest import market and second biggest export market; we are its fourth largest trading partner; there are more English people with one Irish grandparent then there are Irish people with Irish grandparents. When Jon Walters scores tomorrow, will you care that he’s pure Scouse – Irish blood, English heart? Last time I checked we didn’t have any Prussian lads playing up front. Our ties with England are too deep for us to be marching to a German drum.

Ireland’s overwhelming interest is in open borders with a post-Brexit Britain. We have vetoes in crucial areas of national policy. If we have to use them, we must. If there are areas where we need to get qualified majority voting, we had better start lobbying fast.

Ireland faces a choice post-Brexit: act in our self-interest, or assume the position. Which pose do you think Official Ireland will adopt?

    • I think if Bobby Sands were around today he would have read some of Naome Chomshy’s books, he would write a poem identifying the oppressors from the oppressed, he would not care which state they lived in.

      • David, when thatcher referred to ” successfully rolling back the frontiers of the British state” in ger Bruges speech, was she refering to the British empire getting smaller as many colonies fought for and achieved independance, or was she reffering to Britain pushing back the borders of of the German empire,s attempts to exptend its borders during the two world wars. Which direction of border rolling was she calling ‘ successful’ ?

        • Neither , in my opinion.

          She referred to the growth of the state in the presence of the British people. The nationalization of industry and commerce and the control of society by ever increasing regulation, law and bureaucracy.

          This is the danger of all states as the apparatus organically grows and expands and must be resisted by a sovereign people to prevent physical and economic suffocation and enslavement. We, I, do not want the state as described by Orwell in 1984.

          The super state of Europe embodies all the characteristics of that described in 1984 and is well on the way to a successful autocracy.

          That is what is to be avoided. The central planners next step is the fulfillment of the autocratic one world government. All sovereign nations will have died together with the people who also lose individual sovereignty.

          Devolution with cooperation is the answer as Maggie Thatcher described. If that results in independent Scots and Welsh it is a preferable situation compared to the alternative presented.

          A sovereign nation can not be sovereign once their currency is controlled by others. This is graphically demonstrated by the actions of Europe with Greece.

          This is the realm of the money meisters and central bankers. Control of the money must be wrested from this cabal. Money should be rightfully viewed as a public utility and a commodity and belongs to no state but to humanity at large.

          Once money is freed from the clutches of governance, whether benign or malign it will be able to perform its function as the enabler of free trade and commerce between people. It will act as the medium of exchange and the store of value. It will enable proper investment and efficient economic allocation. In short it will allow for the growth and prosperity of all people once freed from the clutches of the cabal and the greed of government.

          Money has always been controlled by empire as the source of its power. It enables taxation and control.
          Empires have always failed as they systematically debase the currency. It is the rot that dissolves societies from the inside out.

          We are currently witness to the competitive devaluation of all national currencies. That is a near universal debasement of currency. We are on the path taken by past empires that caused their total dissolution. The result will be more regulation, taxes and control as chaos ensues. This includes the EURO and the actions of the ECB. (Not forgetting the roll of the world bank, IMF, BIS etc.)

          The only way for people to protect themselves at all is to own non depreciating assets. However the authoritarian state will try to go after all you own.

          The natural instinct of people is to be free and self possessed. Ireland has fought for centuries to be a free sovereign people. England took centuries to assimilate tribes and different entities (Angles, Saxons, Danes and Jutes, Britons etc) to become a unity. These two peoples have devolved to a common market status yet independent of each other. This is the format for Europe and the World to follow.

          Rolling back the confines of state is the only route to contemplate. I never agreed with the entry of Britain to Europe as currently practiced. Put me down in favour of Brexit and Irexit, Grexit and the devolution of the European Government.

          I agree with the expressed sentiments of Maggie Thatcher with regard to rolling back the frontiers of the state.

          • Interesting paragraph and I agree with much of it, the only bit I would like to add is that I think thatcher was an evil wh**e.

          • Truthist

            As long as there is internal taxation there will be Legal Tender ?
            Internal Taxation ==> Legal Tender ?

            So, if peoples try to have private currencies other than “Precious Metals [ Gold & Silver & Platinum ( Granted, Platinum less likely a contender as currency ) ]” & “Legal Tenders of other countries” WHILST there is Internal Taxation with attendant Legal Tender stipulation, surely the private currencies will “quickly collapse” or “gradually fade away” ?

      • yadayada

        I don’t think sands and his ilk were intellectual giants.

        • He was not as well read as Chomsky but he probably had a very deep understanding of inequality.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            I would argue whether Mr Chomsky really is well read, not in history or economics anyway.

            Some of Mr Chomsky’s “achievements” as a (supposedly) well-read intellectual:

            1. In 1995 Mr Chomsky he denied the Cambodian Genocide, claiming that the killing may have been inflated “by a factor of a thousand” – I just do not understand why on earth would anyone put Mr David Irving in prison, who never went as low with his revisionist numbers regarding the Jews killed by Germans in WWII.

            2. He wrote,

            “If, indeed, the Cambodian regime was, as Lacouture believes, as monstrous as the Nazis at their worst, then his comment might be comprehensible, though it is worth noting that he has produced no evidence to support this judgment. But if a more appropriate comparison is, say, to France after liberation”, in: Chomsky and Herman, ‘After the Cataclysm’, p. 149

            3. In his “Second Reply to Casey,” September 2001, Mr Chomsky wrote “Of course, no one supposed that Mao literally murdered tens of millions of people, or that he ‘intended’ that any die at all.”

            Right. So during his Great Leap Forward Mao killed 4,500,000 more people than they died during the Hunger Strike, yet death of 45 million Bobby Sands was somehow necessary. I can only regret that Mr Chomsky did not do what other luminary Marxist had done – Mr Malcolm Caldwell was a British academic who wrote extensively for The Guardian of Marxism about Cambodia in the same manner as Mr Chomsky; unlike Mr Chomsky, he actually went to Cambodia, pissed off Pol Pot, so Pol Pot killed him.

            4. He claimed that the Communist dictatorship in Angola liberated Africa.

            Do not get me wrong, there is some things that Mr Chomsky has said that are food for thought – but erudite he is not (in history).

            As to economy, I want to be polite and save space (and my time) for even going about his views, therefore I’ll limit myself to this: Mr Chomsky does not understand economy.

            I mean it really tells you something about the level of education in the US if their luminaries believe that – Mao would have made Adolf Hitler look as benign as President Higgins in comparison.

            I think a relatively more reliable and, at the same time, less controversial non-professional historian than genocides (in plural because he denies many, including gas chambers) denier Mr Chomsky is Mr David Irving – though I do not agree with a lot of things he had said either (the early Irving was excellent, the late one went along the path of quirkiness), he is so much better author to read (what’s next after the EU has locked up a historian in prison – will they also lock up President Higgins in prison because he called an Israel supporter “a wanker”?).

            Having said that, there are some achievements of Mr Chomsky that I value immensely.
            His universal grammar was, in my opinion, one of the greatest intellectual achievement of 20th century – and for me personally one of the biggest intellectual revelations when I learned it at the age of 19.

            In his work Mr Chomsky relied on the work of another great linguist, Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz (and his Categorial Grammar).

            Some people can be bordering in genius in one field and on being a lunatic-ignorant in other fields (I suppose because Chomsky has achieved so much in linguistics, perhaps he wanted to venture to other fields too, that the had not been trained with – a little bit like Valentino Rossi or John Surtees from Moto GP to Formula 1 (first unsuccessfully, second successfully).

            But nobody is perfect.

          • Truthist


            My apologies for the sloppily phrased response that I posted on Chomsky below ;

            And, my apologies if indeed it is true as u definitely state that he is a truly leading intellectual ;
            But, he excels in the Field of Linguistics “only”.

            I did read a very enjoyable & accessible book on linguistics “Teach Yourself Linguistics” ; Author “Jean Aitchison” ; I presume that Jean is female.

            Here is a link for some of her books.


            Despite the above author doing a great job throughout the book, I did not get an understanding handle on Chomsky’s theories ;
            Chomsky’s theories were actually given a separate chapter or 2 at end of the text.

            Anyway, I do notice that Chomsky has as his public “profound” deposit ;

            “Language ability is innate in all human beings from the moment of birth” ;
            Or something like that Grzegorz.

            This remark appears to me a vindication of the biblical expression ;
            “In the beginning was the Word.”
            Although, I am told that “word” here refers to other than the ordinary meaning ;
            The ordinary meaning being a letter or sequence of letters that convey a noun, adjective, article, verb,…. conjunction.
            I think that even in the above phrase, “Word” means “Christ”.
            No time presently to research this point.
            But, as to why the word “Word” does mean Christ in other instances certainly, I do not understand.

            Getting back to Chomsky’s public “profound” deposit, I am not impressed.
            It is not original.
            It just confirms what every person thinks for sure.
            And, he is remiss for not referring to the bible so as to argue “yes” or “no” or “maybe” that the Bible was stating the very same thing,
            the ability to communicate with words is there from the beginning of each person ;
            when they are a newly born infant.
            And, this ability continues until the day we die.

            Also, his models of universal grammar & subsequent theories about language do not appear original ;
            They appear to be just assertions of what many people would be thinking before he said so.

            Yet, for all this arguably tough criticism on Chomsky, I would be quick to say that he comes across as highly intelligent & immensely charming.

            However, I perceive those 2 positive qualities being used to fulfill agenda of the dreadful few.

          • Truthist


            The following from u [ above ] does not read well ;
            Not comprehensible like the bulk of what u write.
            Please explain with deconstruction of exactly what u wrote or meant to say.

            “I think a relatively more reliable and, at the same time, less controversial non-professional historian than genocides (in plural because he denies many, including gas chambers) denier Mr Chomsky is Mr David Irving –”

          • Truthist

            Chomsky is down-sizing the millions of Chinese who were genocided under Mao [ And, Mao under the tutelage of 4 "Whiteys" always on the Politburo of China ;
            Cambodians genocided under Pol-Pot of Khmer Rouge so that :

            the numbers of these ethnicities do not out-compete the number of fatalities of his own Ethnic Group that were genocided during WW2.
            It is the mandated religion now to pay constant homage to particular victims of WW2.
            This religion is now deemed more worthy than Christianity.

            there is less guilt to be associated to certain folk when the world finally gets to know that some of 'em were powerful members of the Chinese Politburo.

            Search Terms entered into Google.com

            foreigners in the china politburo AND shapiro


            I do not notice Chomsky mentioning that some 13 million Ukranians were genocided by starvation under the Bolsheviks [ Not the Russian people mind u ; Just the certain folk who took over Russia ].

            Nor, do I notice he emphasising millions of Russians genocided by Lenin & Trotsky.
            Nor of the actual millions genocided by Stalin.

            A total of 60 million Russians & Ukranians & other ethicities [ including Polish ] genocided by the Soviets ;

            Setting forth from Brooklyn, New York & other station points, upon the go-ahead from the Banksters “Warburg”, & “Baruch”, & “Schiff” etc. on behalf of the Rothschilds to take control of Russia & unleash a red-terror as they had done previously in “the Terror” of the French Revolution under Robespierre [ Family originated from Ireland ; Surname "Ruben" ] when tens of 1,000s of Catholics were slaughtered by the “Freemasons”.
            Actually, the victims might number in the tens of 100,000′s ;
            I have no time to research.

            Nor, do I notice he mentioning the 9 million Iranians starved to death as part of WW1 by “The City of London / The Banksters / The Rothschilds”.
            And, Iran in all their long history never invaded any country.
            And, now “The Dreadful Few” are all gearing up to decimate them with war through proxy USA under “Flip-floping” Trump or “Kill”-ary Clinton or “Nice” Larry Sanders.

            Chomsky is wrong factually, & politically, to down-size the millions of peoples not of his Ethnic Group who were genocided.

            Interestingly, I got very interesting results upon entering the following Search Terms into Google.com ;

            poland reduces number of persons who died in concentration camps


          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            Once again I would like to reiterate that I consider Prof. Chomsky to be a leading intellectualist only in the field of linguistics, which he had abandoned some time ago, preferring to focus on portraying the US as the evil empire (he really should read the Melian Dialogue for starters, and then N. Ferguson’s book “The Colossus”, before he starts talking about world politics).

            I am not saying that he is totally not worth listening to in other fields – I am suggesting that life is short and when one wants to waste time on someone talking about geo-politics who did not read Halford MacKinder or Nicholas Spykman, then what’s the point like? Prof. Chomsky has a very scattered knowledge of things other linguistics, and at the same time he suffers from an irritating traits that some intellectuals or poet-politicians have that when they are good in one field, they think this entitles them to talk about everything (to be honest with you, having been involved in various forms of life, from academic to very practical, I developed some suspicion towards people who tell the world in which direction it should go but cannot cook, do simplest arithmetics in their heads or clean after themselves).

            And I’ll tell you more: I am almost sure that had Mr Chomsky been made the US State Secretary, he would be running very similar politics to that he critices – because he would be limited by the same GEOPOLITICAL CONSTRAINTS (look at J.F.K., or Mitterand, or even President Obama and his pivot to Asia).

            My point with Daving Irving was this:
            if someone likes authors that are into:
            - conspiracy theories
            - have magnetic personalities and like controversy
            - are well read in certain areas and badly read in others (for example David Irving is a well-read historian but he failed to notice that even if it was not for Britain’s 1939 cunning manoeuvers, The Third Reich must have gone to war ANYWAY – sure did Hitler not say he cannot wait for war when till the army was fully prepared? – because they would have gone bankrupted having embarked of one of the largest Keynesian aggregate demand stimulation via borrowed money plans in history)
            - are amateurs in their fields but make it up with passion
            - their books are a good read on board of the Dublin Bus monopoly;

            well then Mr Irving surely outscours Mr Chomsky 5:0 (which at times one could have deluded oneself that it might have been Ireland’s match result, Ireland having unexpectedly showed themselves as a stronger team)?

            “Also, his models of universal grammar & subsequent theories about language do not appear original ;
            They appear to be just assertions of what many people would be thinking before he said so.”

            I am sorry, I beg to differ on that one. First of all, bear in mind that when you write:

            “Language ability is innate in all human beings from the moment of birth” ;
            Or something like that Grzegorz.
            This remark appears to me a vindication of the biblical expression ;
            “In the beginning was the Word.”

            then I can refer you to the philosophical dispute that flared up in Middle Ages – the problem of universals; and notice, that the Bible DOES NOT direct us as to what position to take on the problem – you had 3 different approaches (Platonism, Realism and Nominalism) taken (Kant had throwed in Conceptualism, which later on led to a different kind of logic – intuitionism – - Kant himself sucked in logic) and they all had been taken WITHIN the Catholic Church (it is the ignorance of the current Left which thinks that the Church was some kind of intellectual monolith – far from that, the freedom of debate on the universities was actually greater in Middle Ages than nowadays because they public had Utrum Deus sit? disputes, while if you tried to organise a dispute titled: “Did the Holocaust really happen”, you would be put in prison like Mr Irving was (but look closer: try to organise a REAL debate on Brexit on TCD, not like that one last week, where you had 4 speakers and they all had been anti-Brexit, and the moderator started with: “recently they had been some worrying trends in opinion polls” – you want to participate in real academic discussion, you have to come to Kraków).

            Now you quote the Bible and say that
            “In the beginning was the Word.”
            but if you look at the Hebrew text of Genesis, you will notice that whereas St John refers to the Word’s eternal pre-existence before time, the Hebrew writer simply speaks of “the beginning” of the universe as the historic origin of time and space, while the Greek text of St. John’s Gospel refers to en arche, and that has 27 different meanings.

            So even in the Bible nothing is obvious in that respect (of course, lots of other things related to ethics are very clear), let alone in linguistics.

            Obviousness is a very bad criteria of truth anyway, because as Karl Popper has noticed, most of the 20th century physics results are counter-intuitive.

            Now, when it comes to Chomsky’s contributions, the most original part of his theory was in my humble opinion a theoretical framework known as “principles and parameters” (P&P), which Chomksy introduced in Lectures on Government and Binding (1981) and elaborated in Knowledge of Language (1986).

            Of course, it was not the dispute itself or his position in that dispute that was original (the dispute is at least 2,400 years old, and Chomsky owes a lot to both Wittgenstein and the Lvov-Warsaw School), but his methods: he showed how the principles (structural features that are common to all natural languages) and parameters (that allow for variation in linguistic structure) are readily set upon the child’s exposure to a minimal amount of linguistic data, a hypothesis that has been supported by empirical evidence.

            An example of a principle would be that phrase structure must consist of

            - a head, such as a noun or a verb,
            - and a complement, which can be a phrase of any form.

            The order of head and complement, however, is not fixed:

            Take the English verb phrase
            “wash the clothes,”
            and the corresponding Japanese verb phrase
            “the clothes wash.”

            First in head-initial, second is head-final. thus one parameter that is set through the child’s exposure to linguistic data is “head-initial/head-final.”

            Now, if we come up with a sufficiently rich set of linguistic principles (as the nature, or God, or our brains – depending on what someone believes in. have equipped us with), this would yield a SPECIFIC grammar of the language to which the child is exposed (the phonological features of languages are also parameterised).

            What was original in Chomsky’s grammar is that the basic features of a language do not appear to be parameterised: different natural languages seem to rely on THE SAME SET OF (as early Wittgenstein called it) DEEP GRAMMAR RULES (the traditional grammar that we have learned at school and that is still tought in most colleges where people study foreign languages is unable to explain how that might be possible).

            It also offers a new and fruitful solution to Plato’s linguistic problem: namely, in his dialogue”Meno” Plato tried to explain how it is possible for an uneducated child to solve geometrical problems with appropriate prompting but without any specific training or background in mathematics (early Chomsky tried – in his “Aspects of the Theory of Syntax” to solve this problem by proposing that the child’s mind constructs a number of possible grammars that are consistent with the linguistic data and then selects the grammar with the fewest rules or primitives).

            Having said that, I am not saying that I agree or disagree with Chomsky (i.e., I do not believe that cognitive science is able to solve ANY philosophical problem, for reasons which I cannot explain here because
            - it would take too long (or if I tried to explain it shortly, it would require knowledge of limitation theorems that perhaps not even 1 person in Ireland has)
            - it would be a good idea for a PhD, so why reveal it for free ;-)

            P.S. President Hollande was scared of Polish football fans, but I doubt they can be any worse than Russian fans attacking English fans. Though with the coming Poland-Germany match, who knows (dying for football? Now t h a t would stupid). As for Ireland’s match, I think Belgium are overrated. They were supposed to be a black sheep of the last World Cup and now they lack keys players.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            “while the Greek text of St. John’s Gospel refers to en arche” = also refers to “en arche” (in Greek); I meant that we have logos and arche in the Greek text of St John and “breshit” in Hebrew (admittedly I do not read Hebrew, only old Greek, but a friend of mine studies theology in Poland and she is versed in Hebrew and Greek (she specialises in demonology – strangely, she has the most sedate and polite 6 year old I have ever come across in my life)

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej

            This demonology thing my friend studies (I have actually found out while meeting her after many years on my friend’s wedding – and had inappropriately burst in hysterical laughter having heard that from her) brought to my mind another thought: you know, Truthist, that the rocket engine inventor, Jack Parsons, was a (practising) satanist (he used to do some weird occult stuff before his experimental launches).

            Jeez, don’t even wanna think about that.

            Now, fire and destruction – what are the chances?

          • coldblow

            That is an excellent post, Grzegorz.

            I have often wondered why he is treated with such reverence by our liberal media. Actually, I know (we all know) why: it’s because he tells them what they want to hear. I posted on a YouTube video recently, an interview given to Channel 4 I think, and pointed out that he seemed to be wrong just about every time he opened his mouth.

            I am reading Chang and Halliday’s book about Mao again and would agree with everythning you say. It is interesting to see how many people were outraged by this book.

            A fairly recent (Feb 2015?) Guardian editorial notoriously (among the tiny band of people who noticed), as well as jaw-droppingly insanely and side-splittingly hilariously, likened Jimmy Savile to Pol Pot (as well as suggesting that digging up his body, like Cromwell, and exposing it would have a healthy cathartic effect).

            Daniel Everett, who studied the ultra-primitive Piraha people, noted that they didn’t have recursion in their language – something that would be expected under Chomsky’s theory. I’d tend to think that Chomsky’s idiocy in other areas makes him suspect in his area of expertise.

            I wonder if the same applies to Stephen Hawking?

          • coldblow

            By the way, I commented in the last thread on your Czech and Flann O’Brien refs. I don’t know if you saw it.

          • Grzegorz Kolodziej


            I have seen your excellent post on Czechs and I responded to it by highlighting certain events from Czech history that explain cultural differences between Czech Republic and Poland, as well as how Czech immigrants to Poland and Polish immigrants to Czech Rep view each other, but this website has a tiresome technical glitch, namely that you can actually open the ‘respond’ window while you are not logged in and lose all text if you do not have it saved), I thus lost my text and got discouraged from re-writing it (I hate repetitive jobs – I go nuts if I have to cook or clean and cannot listen to some lectures because, i.e., our landlord is in the house – he seem to have this notion that he has a God-given right to enter the house at any time and, for example, operate the see-saw at the back – his classic trick is to knock on your door while you do some work and ask ‘who is in the house? – because the oven is in a f…g mess’ – no wonder he’s been single for decades – ‘so is your social life’ I once responded).

            As to Mao’s and Chomsky’s popularity in the West, it was obviously part of the information war (now, |I am not saying Mr Chomsky is an agent of influence – more like a useful idiot). The hippies protested against the Vietnam war, but not against the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia (one Czech burnt himself alive on camera in protest).

            “Daniel Everett, who studied the ultra-primitive Piraha people, noted that they didn’t have recursion in their language – something that would be expected under Chomsky’s theory.”

            Very interesting.

            As to Chomsky’s lingustic theories, this is not the time and place; I think they are highly interesting and def a progress (I hate this word – even though I should not because it is Victorian, now stolen by the Left) compared to traditional grammar.

            Actually it is easier to learn foreign languages reading some Chomsky.
            Whether I agree with them – well…

            Perhaps less known is the fact that Chomsky was inspired by the Categorial Grammar of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz from the Lvov-Warsaw School (this is a foretaste:


            As it is not known in the West that Thomas Kuhn copied his theories from another Lvov-Warsaw school representative Ludwik Fleck (I saying copied cause he never acknowledged it) and Samuel Huntington plagiarised – and I am using this word very consciously his theories from Felix Koneczny (without properly understanding them) via Jedrzej Giertych little known English translation (there was a PhD thesis proving that in one of his and chapter someone from the US made sure it would never see a daylight).

            So it is not exaggeration if I said the US social science is 100 years behind Polish (the effects we see in their exports of democracy – wonder why did not always work as well and in Japan/West Germany?).

            Then again, I believe those who spend 100% on their writing on bashing of the US are a l s o useful idiots (or agents of influence, or disinformed).
            I wonder, if the US/the EU is responsible for all the evil in the world, who is the good empire nowadays?
            Ehm ;-)

            Aggressive and peaceful empires – roish (wink wink).
            There is only the balance of power and the lack thereof, empires waning and growing.
            Ehm ;-)

          • coldblow


            Thanks for your reply. Please don’t feel under any pressure to respond to posts – I just wasn’t sure if you’d seen it as it was on an old thread. I don’t know anything like enough about Chomsky to discuss his merits. What interests me is why he is so popular in the mainstream media. I started a history of Czechoslovakia last year but I can’t remember where I left the book and I don’t remember the author’s name even (it was a woman, English or American).

      • Truthist

        Noam Chump-sky is “false opposition”.

        Noam Chump-sky is actually “of”, & “for”, the elite.

        U would do well to read what Gilad Atzmon has to say about the so-called “leading intellectual of present times” ;

        Here is Google.com result for search terms ;

        gilad atzmon on noam chomsky

        Among the many things that Chomsky denies are :

        * A conspiracy other than the official story of the JFK murder.

        *A conspiracy other than the official 9/11 story.

        * The power of the … lobby in the US.

        * The

        • Truthist

          Sorry, premature sending of above post

          Here is Google.com result for search terms ;

          gilad atzmon on noam chomsky


          Among the many things that Chomsky denies are :

          * A conspiracy other than the official story of the JFK murder.

          * 9/11 was done by “the dreadful few” ;
          Former Italian President tells u that it was so ;

          Google.com Search Terms ;

          911 former Italian President Cossiga


          * The power of the …… 8-) lobby in the USA

          * The Bankster Scam Bundle that is :

          Private Central Banking ;
          Currency NOT issued by the government’s Treasury only & it NOT as a debt ;
          Instead, it is issued from from “thin air” by the Private Central Banks of the Rothschild Family / Rothschild Mafia & sold to the government with Interest payable to the Rothschild Mafia

          Fractional Reserve Banking

          Gold forbidden by law to be Legal Tender
          Although, some countries actually have Gold Coin for sale at somewhat more than the spot-price for Gold on the given day AND it being legal tender as to the value of currency stamped on it.

      • Deco

        If Bobby sands were alive, how would he handle the subject of sovereignty, in the realm of the nEU empire having more power than ever ? (and being accountable .. to lobbyists).

        Thatcher was accountable to the English. But to whom does Jean Claude banker oww accountability ?

    • 30somethingHiBrit

      The view from London.

      Bit of a brain dump here:

      The Irish Government’s behaviour has been extraordinary. Over the last 30 years the Irish political establishment has been hell bent on cutting economics ties with the UK. This has led them into joining the Euro and their meek accaptance of whatever the ECB will throw at them.

      We’ve had the spectacle of the Taoiseach, and various Irish politicans come over the puddle and lobby the Irish here to vote for “Remain”. (I wonder how many young Irish being lectured at are here because of the Euro.)

      Its incredible because we’ve had the 100 years of the Easter Rising marked. I’ve tweeted before “If only Irish politicians could vote at Westminster.” 100 years after a small group of men sought to overthrow British rule (which they did – eventually) we have the Irish political establishment lobbying over here. As Ross O’Caroll Kelly’s daughter would say “Irony, much?”

      Imagine if the situation was reversed – and David Cameron was lobbying British citizens voting in Ireland. Although it would never happen – for Ireland and Irexit would require a change to the constitution which of course only Irish citizens can vote on.

      Within London, generally people are Remain – grduginly so. We don’t love the EU. We like freedom of movement. We don’t have an issue with the East Europeans we live and work alongside. But when you get beyond London the mood is different.

      I’m grudgingly Remain. My 70 year old father who lives in Oxfordshire is Brexit. My middle brother is too. I haven’t yet pointed out to him that my sister in law, who although Australian derives her rights to be her from her Italian passport (dervived from her paternal grandparents).

      If we remain in the EU due to the Scottish votes I don’t think there will be calls for an English referendum. The Leave campaign will be explicity forced to choose between Brexit or a break up of the Union. And they will adopt the lesser of the two (i.e. they will preserve the Union).

      • Deco

        Thanks for that comment. It gets to the essence of the stupidity in the Irish state system, with regard to policy making. They have stopped making policy years ago. Now they just do details for the policy makers in Brussels.

        Actually, I find your sense of humour worthwhile.

        The irony of the situation is only sublime.

        Kenny is hanging onto power by a thread. He has morons for ministers, because he does not want to have to handle any FG insiders for the party leadership.

        In this context the following description is very apt….

        Over the last 30 years the Irish political establishment has been hell bent on cutting economics ties with the UK. This has led them into joining the Euro and their meek accaptance of whatever the ECB will throw at them.

        We’ve had the spectacle of the Taoiseach, and various Irish politicans come over the puddle and lobby the Irish here to vote for “Remain”. (I wonder how many young Irish being lectured at are here because of the Euro.)

        As I stated around the time of the Lisbon referendum – many people have already decided that they want out of the EU, and they flew to Australia and Western Canada to be rid of the system ends opportunities for young people whilst protecting insiders. It is even worse in Italy and Greece.

        To have endured Cowen telling them to vote to get deeper involved inm something that is no longer synergistic or effective was beyond the limits of acceptable irony.

        Of course, whilst Kennylite, McUseless and the other overpaid chancers are in London making pronouncements on decision making, the people are waking up to find out that the housing crisis in Dublin has just become much harder to resolve…..because nobody knows who owns the land zoned for residential development on the outskirts of the urban area.

        And presumably, no Irish government minister has anything to say on the matter.

        There really is no alternative now except
        i) Build Dublin upwards
        ii) move the political capital to somwhere like Athlone or Portlaoise.

        The bottlenecking of Dublin has now descended to tragedy.

        Maybe the Irish estanblishment are waiting on a decision in Brussels (or Berlin) to help them decide what to do next….

    • McCawber

      Two points David.
      We’d better be careful what the DUP wish for.
      Enda is too busy trying to p!ss Donald off to be bothered telling the Huns where to go.

  1. Colm MacDonncha

    Enda, Meehole and their cronies will bring the Vaseline…

  2. bluegalway

    …a family-sized tub.

  3. E. Kavanagh

    The Germans export about £56B to the UK; the Dutch £34B, Belgium £20B, Italy £15B, France £25B Poland £8B, Sweden £8B and Spain £13B (2014 figures).

    Does anyone in their right mind actually believe that with the shitty economy in Europe that some kind of trade war is going to ensue if the UK decides to change their relationship to be more like Norway, Iceland or Switzerland?

    The notion that the pissed off Europeans would do anything is preposterous.

  4. yadayada

    Surely some kind of censure would have to be applied to dissuade any other countries from leaving? Like the euro, if Greece had left, the immediate question would have been “who’s next?”.

  5. yadayada

    Why’s he obsessed with Ulster Protestants these days? Has he had a row with his wife?

  6. redriversix

    Ireland’s elite will follow their instructions to the letter.
    For the Irish Government to stand up for the people who elected and its citizens is a utterly ridiculous proposition .

    Brexit ?

    The Brits will remain and applaude democracy at work.

    Seeing as we are scheduled for NATO Membership we shall do nothing to upset anyone.

    I am more interested in Russian plans for Lativa,Macedonia & Lithuania next summer.


    • Truthist

      Citizens should pause to seriously ponder if some of our esteemed Civil Serpents & Politicians of all the Parties & other Politicos have compromised themselves with pedophilia & other stuff “by arrangement of”, or “knowledge of”, N.A.T.O.’s Spymasters, & thus lend themselves to be putty in the Spymasters hands for steering The Irish State into N.A.T.O..
      I dare say they have.

  7. Antaine

    Subscribe :-)

  8. contact23

    the brits wont leave, cameron used his nuclear button at the weekend by threatening the pensioners, they will vote and they will vote to keep their pensions.

  9. Sideshow Bob

    Donald Tusk (article linked below) says it will take 7 years for the UK to exit, so I would understand from that that there will plenty of time for people to be coaxed to re-vote the “right´´ way if the vote goes the “wrong´´ way, as it currently looks like it will, on the 26th of June next. Aren´t we all familiar with the anti-democratic ways of the EU? We had this here twice (Nice and Lisbon). There rejection of the EU constitution by the voters of Holland and France and it was maneuvered into legislative existence despite of the democratic will that was clearly displayed.

    So, I would´t hold my breath about Brexit actually occurring. I think it won´t be let occur by the powers that be. This referendum thing is a charade to give the impression that democracy plays a part in all of this. This is about heading off the UKIP or similar parties or political movements who want to break this huge neo-liberal project called the EU up.

    It is great for the likes of D McW though, the possibilities of the speculation attached to it seem to be endless just at the moment. And will be like that I imagine, until the fat lady sings.


    • 30somethingHiBrit

      Don’t expect a repeated referendum. This is a one-shot deal. If the vote goes the wrong way in 10 days the UK _will_ leave.

      Remember, even the pro-EU people here tolerate it. No-one loves it.

      • Sideshow Bob


        I beg to differ. Based on history in the event of a vote to leave you can definitely expect a second referendum or worse still, some parliamentary stroke that keeps the UK in if the population cannot be trusted to vote in favour of remaining second time out.

        The UK will be no different to any other part of the EU. I don´t know where your confidence comes from that things will be somehow different for the UK in its relationship with the EU. I speculate that it may come from an innate sense of superiority. You know, the notion that `Britons shall never be slaves´. `We´ll fight them on the beaches´, etc. Well, too late, `they´ already have their feet up, their slippers on and are drinking wine in 10 Downing Street. In fact, they have been there since the late 90´s.

        This is the brutal news I have for you: Thatcher is gone long, and even she nor her successor John Major and 4 terms of Conservative Euro-sceptic governments could stop the ECC / EC / EU bandwagon from forming up and rolling on out with the UK right in the middle of it.

        Right now (actually for nearly 20 years) Cameron and all the political establishment in the UK (bar the upstart Boris Johnson, and fringe nationalistic parties like the UKIP and the DUP) are firmly in the EU´s pockets. This is not an accident. A population´s opinion does not matter in the EU. The EU conquers by corrupting the political class so that they are willing to shaft the rest of the country for their own gain. This has been shown to be the case in ANY member country has said a reasonable democratic NO to the EU. They make Quislings of the lot of them, and conquer from the inside.

        The political establishment in the UK has been bought ( the economically motivated part ; Conservatives, Lib Dems, Blairite 3rd Way Labour ) or brainwashed by faux-liberal arguments about equality and the greater good ( the ideologically motivated part; Corbyn and the old Union part of Labour, SNP, Sinn Feín, etc ) . The game is already over.

        The French public´s opinion did not matter 10 years ago and France is central to the European Project, much more central and relevant than the UK. They voted against the EU constitution, just like the Dutch, but Sarkozy (the Republican) then sold them out to the EU apparatchiks by the back door. He got kicked out in due course but he could be on the way back as Hollande is just as big a suck up.

        Sarkozy even turned up in Dublin days after the Lisbon Treaty No vote, laughed at the motley crew of No campaign leaders and basically told them that the EU would have its way and that the No vote would not be respected. Ireland´s only option for him was that Ireland could, for a second time, vote again, and this time had to vote the right way.

        Likewise Greece´s democratic vote last year did not matter. Syriza were bullied into submission when they put up a logical defence for why they should not inflict further suicidal levels of damage to the Greek Economy. The rational moderate and articulate opposition presented by Syriza was quashed, as rationality and integrity is the biggest single threat to the EU agenda, the creation of a faceless, undemocratic neo-liberal empire run by un-elected bureaucrats.

        Make no mistake this is an Empire that the UK is already inside of it. Good luck with the idea of getting out.

        • Truthist

          Another “bullseye” Analysis / Diagnosis by u Bob.
          And, with Prognosis thrown in.

          Time to get the “Prescription” Hat on.

          Let’s f..ck up the Rothschilds’ Plan !

        • Sideshow Bob

          Cheers Truthist,

          Honestly, I don´t see any possible prescription (as you put it) or solution.

          I had hoped some mass democracy movement the 15-M `indignados´ / Podemos movement or Greece swinging in behind Syriza or the more recent `Nuit Debout´ movement in France could change things in key countries but the wheels look to have come off two of them already and the French one is just being born. Podemos successfully identified “the caste´´ of older cynical tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum political insiders as being a large part of the problem and have been actively talking about it.

          The equivalent political groups to emerge recently in reaction to political developments in Ireland are in my opinion in the main either just bad knock-offs of existing political groupings ( Renua are FG/FF cast offs or dissenters, SDs are like a reinvented fully Blairite Irish Labour Party minus the unions ) or can´t get it together in any meaningful way ( AAA-PBP and former SWP/United Left Alliance).

          They all also operate in niches in society and are mainly regional or at best urban only. This leaves us with just Sinn Feín as the only truly nationwide ( and urban and rural) left-wing socially conscious grouping with a wide support base to fight against corporate interests. However they are pro-EU which kind of defeats any anti-corporate stance and shows up how economically un-savvy they are.

          Or, final option in Ireland, we can choose to say feck the lot of them! I am going to support my local version of the Healy-Raes in an every man-for-himself mentality, which is of course damaging for the greater good.

          So, in summary I don´t see a lot of real choice and little in the way of a nascent political movement could unify enough people to great a meaningful grouping to fight for the here and now. I have no idea how various reactionary movements or politicians will ultimately fare out across the EU ( I omitted to mention the right wings groups like The NF in France or the UKIP in Britain ) but perhaps they have a better chance of bring the EU bandwagon to a halt (for a bit if not for ever ).

          Truthist, honestly, right now I don´t see anything other than a serious armed conflict changing the order of things. I think things will trundle on like they are until such a catastrophic even happens. The political avenues for change appear to be sown up tight and there has been a serious failure of democracy all round which is showing no real signs of being reversed.

          • Truthist

            As said before :

            FG & FF & PDs & Labour are the Stalinist Communists
            Republican Party of U.S.A. since early 20th Century are the Stalinist Commies too ;
            But, only some smart folks of that Party & outside of it too know this.

            Workers Party & Aunty Austerity Dalliance etc & Socialist Party & Militant Socialist Party & Sinn Fein [ I realised that I forgot to mention them previously ] are the Trotskyite Commies.
            Democratic Party of U.S.A. since early 20th Century are the Trotskyite Commies too ;
            But, only some smart folks of that Party & outside of it too know this ;
            Although, the respective percentages who know this would be much higher than those with cop-on of the Republican Party’s actual purpose.

            I do see option for fighting back ;

            Start ur own economy by working in the “grey” economy & request to be paid in Gold “Maple” Coin & / or Silver “Maple” Coin.
            Also, offer to pay those persons who are of like mind in said “Maple” Coin.

            Aw shucks, u are denying the government & the E.U. & the local banks to grab from ur real pacifist anarchist policy ;
            Well, ain’t that a pity.

            One should question what in many cases are contended to be of :

            the “Black” Economy

            & then by inference the “White” Economy.

            Some bloke working his back laboring on a discreet basis whilst getting SW when he is being denied access to his proper amount of SW is deemed by the authorities to be in the “Black” economy.

            Some bloke or Missy operating as a solicitor screwing their clients [ in the non-conjugal sense 8-) but in the monies sense yes ! ] & also probably the opposing party & / or the Irish State [ e.g. Free Legal Aid ; for the Defendant being prosecuted for Criminal Charge only AND who has insufficient funds for to hire a Liar privately & is not representing himself in proceedings & in court ] is deemed by the authorities to be in the “White” economy.

            Strange logic by the authorities I reckon.

            Laboring as a nixer — whilst getting SW or not — should be classed as working in the “Grey” economy in my humble opinion.

            “The Laborer deserves his Wages.”

            1 Timothy 5: 18

          • Sideshow Bob


            I see a fatal flaw in your plan.

            The idea of not using legal tender for services, or a different currency, or bitcoin, or barter or whatever is all well and good until my missus comes looking for something to spend down at the shops and all I have to give here are maple dollars gold or silver…then, surely, I will be in REAL trouble!

          • Truthist

            I am aware of that Bob.

            But, aside from developing savings in precious metals which also happen to be Legal Tender [ "Spot" Gold -- & I presume "Spot" Silver also - - is forbidden by law ( I do not know of which actual jurisdictions ) to be Legal Tender ], ur intention is to create a micro “grey” economy where Canadian “Gold” Eagle Coin & Canadian “Silver” Eagle Coin would be increasingly acceptable as payment.
            Other currencies would not be precluded ;

            And, one could have a mix of currencies as payment in any one transaction ;
            But, this most likely is not practical ;
            Aside, of course, of say Canadian G or S Eagle Coin + Euro as combo. payment in single transaction.

            Ur co-respondents in this affair — cockudling the Roths — do not have to be of like “anarchist” mind ;
            They need only appreciate their self-interest.

  10. Deco

    1) Scotland is not going to leave the UK over Brexit. The SNP are going around waving EU flags like as if they know everything. The SNP have a habit of talking themselves up. The reality of SNP rule is based on dishonesty. The SNP are borrowing hand over fist in an effort to deliver a feel good effect for voting for the SNP. This is exactly the sort of behaviour that came from the economics text book of Bertie Ahern.

    In effect, it is what the SNP are doing (borrowing recklessly) that will determine Scotalnd’s future, not the dishonest big-talk from serial hard-sell politician Sturgeon.

    2) NI is not able to get out of the UK. And the ROI does not want to add a massive 6 county pscychological liability zone assylum to it range of commitments. Bailing out NI, is the psychological equivalent of bailing out AIB, ad finitum. If NI was in a union with Engalnd, then there would be a far lower level of tolerance for the sort of sectarian stupidity that exists in NI, than when Scotland is involved.

    In fact NI’s only realistic future, is if it decides to find a path towards more sovereignty, and self-responsibility.

    After decades of the gradual path towards devolution, NI is now being recommended by both governments, the SNP and the UKLP to go for less devolution, with respect to the EU.

    3) Britain, post-BREXIT, will perform better econonically than the EU. The real problem area is not Britain after BREXIT, it is the EU after BREXIT. Germany is not able to pay for the ongoing disasters that Berlin is creating for the EU. France will not be reformed. And Italy is continuing to be stiffled in mainstream political corruption, and outlandish non-mainstream parties.

    Germany is panicking because the EU will then turn into a Germany and her poorer friends club.

    4) Corruption is a far bigger problem to Ireland, going forward than Britain leaving the EU. Why ? because it screws up our ability to manage public finances effectively. We are still running an inefficient state system. It is the inefficient state system that mandates less sovereignty, more borrowing, and more statism.

    5) The entire “more Europe” agenda has failed to deliver for the people of Europe, but it has delivered for the lobbyists.

    The EU is now firmly in the grip of lobbyists. We seen this in the debacle of the ECB and the bank bondholders. If Kenny had any sense he would be preparing to assist Britain, as a means of leveraging against the EU power centre.

    The Irish people never get any thanks for being the doormat of the EU imperial faction. We don’t even get respect. We get tokens but no real respect.

  11. Deco

    Our government can’t for the second time in five years behave like the model prisoner of the EU, accepting EU nastiness over common-sense diplomacy. We are not Poland, Italy or Greece; we need Britain.

    On the issue of Greece, Noonan made an ass of himself, and a fool of the Irish taxpayers.

    On the issue of Cyprus, Kenny talked about the army and the ATMs (even though it was all lies) so as to make us feel grateful.

    On the issue of Iceland, Coveney went out of his way to rebuke Iceland, and serve the nEU empire.

    This is the blueshirt party we are talking about. They only know how to be the garrison of an external power.

    FG don’t do standing up for Ireland’s vital interests.

    If there is BREXIT, the FG party will go into convulsions.

    We know that FG stand for nothing. We are about to get reminded of it again : ))))

    • Pedro Nunez

      Not sure the ‘Soldiers of Destiny’ have a great ‘rack record of standing up for Ireland’s interest’, those delinquent ‘teenagers’ took their children’s car and ran it into the wall, wiping out the future of a generation and the nest eggs of many generations.
      Actually don’t see any ‘Churchills’ in the current stock of cloying simplistic consensus, groupthinked right outta my gourd Irish politicians, fixated on Terry Prone’s last soundbite communications lesson, than the future of their country or building a better civil society. Ireland still has a patronising ‘peasant class politics for peasant class people’ its not even a functioning republic, we don’t elect the executive or the legislature like they do in US or France, we vote for sleeveen parties who then decide these for themselves, 1916 how are ye! Its ‘Paddywhackery’ all the way. And the great ‘Republicans’ we are, we all accept this sh1t! The emotional literacy of the Irish people is zero, we are constantly being invalidated by a ‘Vicky Pollard’ level of parenting institutional state.

  12. Deco

    Somebody mentioned 1984, and Orwell.

    Personally, I think that Alduous Huxley was more on the mark.

    But there is a super state mechanism being built to deliver for the well connected. Historically, such developments have always ended in massive scale wars.

  13. McCawber

    McCawber – Be financially prudent.
    Bail in – Screw the financially prudent.
    Banks – Free vaseline for all customers.
    One of the consequences of bail in might be to encourage people to spend their savings.
    This would give Offialdom the much sought after demand they desire.
    However banks require savings to provide in part capital for their lending as I understand bankery.
    So another question.
    What happens if people spend a lot of their savings in order to avoid the consequences of bail in.
    BTW would current account balances or credit card balances be subject to bail in.

  14. Pat Flannery

    Yesterday David McWilliams shamefully wrote in The Sunday Business Post: ”Ireland’s overwhelming interest is in open borders with a post-Brexit Britain.” Note: a POST-Brexit Britain!

    I totally disagree. I believe we should do exactly the opposite. If the UK is foolish enough to vote to leave the EU we the Irish should immediately seal the border between the EU and that part of the UK known as Northern Ireland. That border will become a full international border, as real as the border between Tijuana and San Diego, within sight of which I lived for 38 years.

    BTW there is no need for Trump’s Wall. There is already a wall. An impenetrable wall. Maybe he should go down there and inspect the tunnels that the U.S. Border Patrol discover under it every day. That is a measure of how stupid Trump really is.

    Upon a Brexit Britain will (if it has not done so already) degenerate into the status of an aspirant EU country, like Turkey, a country ”not quite ready for EU membership”. It will be (if it isn’t already) on a fast track to Third World status. Ireland should therefore not endanger its hard-won First World status by trying to bail out British stupidity. In other words McWilliams has it totally backwards.

    The truth is that if the British people (viz. the English) vote to leave the European Union on the 23rd June 2016 the Irish Republic, as a full member of the European Union, MUST immediately fly to Brussels and DEMAND all the massive EU funds that will be necessary (the spending of which will be a boon to the Irish economy) to protect the EU Homeland from the imminent dangers of a newly emerged land border that will spring into existence on the 24th June 2016. The EU like the US must protect its Homeland. That is why there is a very powerful American Department of Homeland Security.

    From that fateful June day the UK will become a foreign country to the entire EU. Just as you cannot be half pregnant you cannot be a half member of the European Union. We owe it them as friends to tell them the folly of thinking that they can be half pregnant i.e. half members of the EU. Try telling such silly nonsense to the Mexicans. They know the facts of life next to a major world power such as the US or the EU. The arrogant British will learn that lesson the hard way.

    Unfortunately David McWilliams and other Dublin Castle Anglophiles want us Irish to assume our traditional bent-over position for the gentle thrustings of our traditional British masters (as we were forced to do for eight centuries of their gentle rule). David would have you believe that those whom he so disdainfully dismisses as ”Official Ireland’ want you to bend over for the crude penetration of awful Prussian/German masters.

    The truth is that we are equal partners in the EU. We were never equal partners in the UK.

    Instead of cravenly promising to try to mitigate the disaster that Brexit will undoubtedly bring on the British, we Irish should remember that our Irish civilization is millennia older than Anglo-Britain. We should tell them clearly that they will put themselves beyond our help if they force the Europeans to leave as the Romans did after four hundred years. Britain barely recovered from that particular disaster and then only with the generous and prolonged help of civilized Irish monks.

    The painful truth for the British is that the Irish civilized the barbarian Anglo-Saxon hordes that moved into the wasteland that was Britain after the Romans left. Unfortunately we Irish remember only too well the thanks we got for it.

    A few centuries after we saved the Anglo-Saxons they were conquered by a new wave of savages, this time Christianised Vikings self-styled Norman-French. This new version of the British nation viciously attacked the Irish nation in 1169, an event the Irish call The Norman Invasion.

    We only very recently got rid of that particular version of British civilization (except perhaps for parts of South Dublin known today as ”Dortland”). If they exit the EU we are not about to ‘’civilize’’ them again.

    To David those he calls ”Official Ireland’’ have quite forgotten the glorious days of the British Empire and Ireland’s glorious role in the Empire that treated the Irish as slaves. To Anglophiles such as David we should be grateful that we were British slaves! He wants us to understand the great British truth that it is far better to be a British slave than a mere American, or God forbid French.

    That’s essentially David’s craven post-Brexit point.

    • 30somethingHiBrit

      Good luck with sealing the border. It wasn’t achieved by the British in 30 years of the troubles. I doubt it’ll be achieved now.

      And don’t forget the Irish ran the British Army during the days of Empire! Where do you think the sergeants came from?

      • Pat Flannery

        30somethingHiBrit: Then we better send for Donald Trump to build a wall and have the Brits pay for it. If the US can police a 2,000 mile border with Mexico the EU can do it in NI. Watch out for very lucrative contract tenders. And btw it will be to keep the Brits OUT.

        ”The Irish ran the British Army”?? Really.

        In fact they were scattered like chaff throughout the British Army under British officers and were never allowed to have their own regiments. Even Redmond’s 1914 Volunteers were shamefully dispersed and not allowed to have their own regiments like the ”loyal” Northern Protestants. The Irish were never equal in anything under the Brits, not even in death.

      • Not to mention the Duke of Wellington (Dublin born)and the mostly Irish Solders that took the Iberian peninsular.

        As for sealing the border , I recall “Puckoon” by Spike Milligan

        ” In following years, the Irish would swell the ranks to the extent that by 1813 the British Army’s total manpower was “1/2 English, 1/6 Scottish and 1/3 Irish.”[4]”

        “The Ireland-born Duke of Wellington led the British to a famous victory at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The main Irish regiments involved in the Napoleonic Wars were the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, 18th Royal Hussars, 27th Regiment of Foot, 87th Regiment of Foot and the 88th Regiment of Foot”

        “At the other famous British victory of the Napoleonic Age a decade earlier; the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805; around a quarter of the Royal Navy crew present (3,573 people) were Irishmen”

        “I am full willing to leave my manson and to go into the interiors of Africa to fight vountarilly for Queen Victoria and as far as there is life in my bones and breath in my body, I will not let any foreign invasion tramp on Queen’s land. However, if her or her leaders ever turns with cruelty on the Irish race, I will be the first to raise my sword to fight against her. I will have plenty of Irishmen at my side, for they are known to be the bravest race in the world.

        —?Michael McDonough, a teenager enlisting in the Connaught Rangers, 1898.[


        • Pat Flannery

          Tony, if I may, I suggest you read Hobbes and Locke together and get away from these ignorant conspiracy theory web sites you appear to frequent.

          Most of the answers you seek were thrashed out in great detail during the latter half of the 17th century and the first half of the 18th. The discourse of the so-called Enlightenment is infinitely more enlightening than the Trump-level ignorant discussions of today.

          I am an admirer of Locke in particular, with one glaring exception: while Secretary to Lord Shaftsbury after the Restoration of King Charles II (for whom the Carolinas are named) he wrote what amounted to a Charter for Slavery, the Constitution of Carolina, that legitimized the indescribable social/racist evil that continues in America to this day.

          The reason I point you in his direction though is his enlightened thoughts on the struggle between a labour theory of value and allowing gold, or any kind of money, to act as a means of hoarding unlimited personal wealth. That struggle is as yet unresolved.

          In many ways I am personally a product of the City of London during the sixties as it wrestled with conflicting concepts of its traditional capitalism and the new social contract ideas of Labour under the brilliant Harold Wilson.

          That was why I turned to Locke. He has left an indelible mark on my thinking to this day. Please study him, particularly his thoughts on paper money vs. gold and silver, which we all know is what interests you.

          He was of special help to me as a student of the City of London in the ‘60s because he actually came back to England with William of Orange. That made him relevant to the City of London, its money and its capitalism.

          Like Shaftesbury he was opposed to ‘’popery and absolute government’’ and like most influential Englishmen in history he remains a study in contrasts: liberalism vs. absolutism.

          • No conspiracy theory is offered Pat. That is derogatory. Above was a summery account of Irish involvement in UK military. That’s it.

            Other comments made are factual and backed by solid accounts and references. Because you disagree may be because you have no knowledge of that particular subject while obviously you are knowledgeable and informed in others.

            Dismissing anything as a conspiracy is no proof or adequate denial, just denial by personal opinion. If you feel something is not correct produce the proof, then we can discuss the issues.

            As for Harold Wilson, his government and Callaghan resulted in economic stagnation as most socialistic governments do resulting in hardships for the people rather than increased wellbeing.

          • https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/h/hobbes/thomas/h68l/chapter24.html

            “And because silver and gold have their value from the matter itself, they have first this privilege; that the value of them cannot be altered by the power of one nor of a few Commonwealths; as being a common measure of the commodities of all places. But base money may easily be enhanced or abased. Secondly, they have the privilege to make Commonwealths move and stretch out their arms, when need is, into foreign countries; and supply, not only private subjects that travel, but also whole armies with provision. But that coin, which is not considerable for the matter, but for the stamp of the place, being unable to endure change of air, hath its effect at home only; where also it is subject to the change of laws, and thereby to have the value diminished, to the prejudice many times of those that have it.”

            He seems to say that gold and silver are not under state control but are a universal money whose value is agreed upon by those who use it.And.. Domestic money or that of the state can be readily debased to the disadvantage of the citizens.

            That seems correct to me and what we have today. That is why the state(s) suppress the true value of the gold and silver as if the prices of the gold and silver were allowed to flourish it would clearly point at the debasement of the domestic currencies. Despite the best efforts to subdue the gold and silver prices mother mature is inexorably showing the rising prices. The more the market prices are distorted the greater will be the shock when the real values assert themselves. It is happening as we continue to chat.

        • Pat Flannery

          Tony: my comments were meant in a general way regarding your usual posts on here which are mostly about currencies and gold. I mistakenly put those comments under your post on the Irish involvement in UK military. That was a mistake.

          I have a great deal of respect for the Duke of Wellington and have visited and studied the site of his great victory at Waterloo may times during a very pleasant multi-year personal relationship with a beautiful teacher at the nearby St. John’s International Catholic High School at Waterloo. She rightly gave up on me and later married the School Principle but my frequent visits to Brussels during the ’80s and ’90s was a great benefit to me b/c I met some very interesting power people many of whose children my girlfriend taught at St. Johns.

          Sorry for the misunderstanding. I did not mean to be derogatory in any way. But I would still like you to study Locke and Hobbes. He had a great effect on people like Hamilton and Jefferson.

          • Thank you Pat
            Gentlemanly discussions are much preferred and appreciated. Your Waterloo experience seems to have been beneficial!!!

            As far as currency is concerned. I have developed an appreciation for the power and control exercise by those who control the monetary system.

            Unfortunately most ignore this facet of their existence and go about talking and discussing of other improvement that can be made to better their lives.

            The point of my dogged return to monetary matters is the realization that all these other matters are insignificant compared to the control exercised by the central bankers and their masters.

            Until money is released from the clutches of the cabal there WILL BE NO IMPROVEMENT in the economics of the nations and the peoples of the world.

            ’nuff said.

            Locke and Hobbes I will research.

            I am happy for you that you are joyous in your return home. Family and kinfolk are a precious resource.

            My family came from Turlough together with a group of other families and after a harrowing journey, often attacked by locals, walked over the Pennines and settled in Easingwold , Yorkshire.

            My namesake, a Great Uncle I believe, Anthony John Brogan of High St Easingworld is noted as Labourer in the 1880′census.

            My Irishness is a result of my heritage and my Great Grandparents stories as repeated to me by my father when I was a youngster.

            It is noted by me that many stories related to the difficulty of being Irish in England and even myself, in the 1950′s, being the recipient anti Irish bigotry.

            Take care Pat,

          • Which “he” do you refer to.

            “Locke’s contract was for a judge. Hobbes’s contract was for a master. While in some situations the distinction between these two roles may be fuzzy, it is clear that vast majority of people today encounter the state in the role of master, rather than judge, thus the modern state is far more Hobbesian than Lockean, though it is still very far from the absolutist government that Hobbes commended.”

            Hobbes would be for an authoritarian Europe while Locke for a free people acting together in cooperative self interest.

            The former for a fascist state and the latter for a libertarian society. I opt for the latter where you seem to favour the former with your support of the European experiment.


          • Pat Flannery

            Tony: libertarianism.org is a good intellectual site (even though it is part of the Cato Institute).

            BTW you said that I ”seem to favour the former [Hobbes] with your support of the European experiment.” Not true. I said that Locke, who was a founder of liberalism, had a great influence on me.

            The fact that I support the EU does not make me a Hobbesian, who as you know was a monarchist. I am far from a monarchist or any form of totalitarianism.

            I support the EU because I believe teamwork creates added value. The bigger the team the more it can create. Could Luxembourg or Ireland send a man to the Moon?

            The ultimate team players are the Chinese and they are our competition. Europe cannot compete with the Chinese as individual countries. That is why Britain will slide down the productivity scales if they exit.

            Ireland must not blindly go over the cliff with them because of their past glories. The days of the rugged individualist state are over all over the world. That is an economic reality.

          • Hi Pat

            I differ somewhat in the concept of teamwork.
            I used to play soccer at school and was a member of the school soccer team. As such I played with and cooperated with the other members of the team. I did well enough to be the captain of the elementary and again captain of the 14 and under. At 12 years I played with the 16-17 year olds’ for the house team.

            But I did not join a soccer college or get housed in a special camp to become a team player. I went home and lived my life doing other things of an individual nature.

            Like wise I see Europe as a team venture but between individual peoples who are otherwise independent. One cannot develop a team by forcing everyone to live together. It is more effective with voluntary cooperation.

            By all means bring down the trade barriers , combine resources and build a concord etc. But do not tie me in regulation where as a team player I have to eat certain foods , get so much sleep, this much exercise, and spend hours on team strategy. The best team players are those allowed individual brilliance as well.

            To survive Europe must devolve to nation states or smaller. Change the economic paradigm to entrepreneurialism , abandon fascist corporatism, and abandon the central banking monetary system.

            In other words, get rid of Big Brother.

      • Deco

        The Irish state cannot even police Jobstwon, or Corduff. No hope, whatsoever, that it can seal the border.

        A really dumb proposition, considering the legendary incompetence of the state system.

        • Pat Flannery

          Deco: my point was that it would be the EU that would police the EU/Irish border not either the (I agree incompetent) Brits or the Irish no more than it is Texans or Arizonans that police the US/Mexican border.

          BTW the US Homeland Security is a huge boon to the those border states. As a EU border state Ireland would similarly benefit from a EU Homeland Security and be much safer.

          Not even richer-than-Germany California, let alone Texas, Arizona or New Mexico, could police their Mexican borders on their own. The days of states as small as Ireland or as big as California or Texas going it on their own in the world is long gone forever. The Brits are living in the past, their past. Let them.

    • The confines of bureaucratic Europe will smother Ireland and rob her of all national assets. Perpetual serfdom is the future. Ireland will cease to exist as a nation. Already natural resources have been lost. The loss of a national currency happened so long ago that Ireland cannot handle the concept of freedom. Like the person let out after a longterm spell in jail Ireland fails to function properly as a self possessed sovereign country.
      Those with ambition and self reliance emigrate and bestow their energy and considerable talents upon better balanced societies where they as people are better rewarded for their efforts. Those that stay…………..??

    • StephenKenny

      I’m not sure that the British were around to recover from the Roman withdrawal – there were too many foreign invasions to let them draw breath.
      The Norman invasion of Britain was followed by the Norman invasion of Ireland – I’m not sure it’s very fair to blame the British, as you do, for the actions of the Normans. They may have owned Britain, but they were still Normans, with not a lot of respect for the Anglo Saxons.

      What little was left of the British after the Romans, various Germanic, Irish, Gallic and Scottish tribes, then the Angles, and the Saxons, was swept away by the Normans. The Welsh argue that they are the only true Britains, all the rest are a crazy mixture of all the various invaders.

      Given that the Romans were always in two minds about the value of staying in Britain – Claudius considered complete withdrawal after the glory of winning and naming his son after the place – I’m always surprised about the enthusiasm shown in invading the place.

      The Irish economy is very dependent on the UK (and vice versa, but Ireland is so small in % terms), so anything that damages trade would be very damaging to Ireland.

      The EU is in terrible trouble because the Euro, in it’s current form, is not long for this world. Eventually, the vast amount of debt sloshing around Europe will have to subside, and when it does the lack of financial flexibility will ’cause’ another Greece, and the people will finally rebel. Looking around now, there’re already extreme parties growing rapidly in a number of countries.

      The UK is committing a slow form of suicide, and no one can fix that, so I would think that their primary goal at the moment is to start a really nasty war somewhere. This would allow them, politically, to reset their economy, and drastically to lower the expectations of their population.

      • Pat Flannery

        StephenKenny: you will notice that I was careful to refer to ”that particular version” of British when I referred to the Normans. The fact is that unlike the Irish it is difficult to discern who or what the British really are.

        They were exterminated and replaced multiple times. The Irish seem to have been more resilient. We are currently witnessing a new example of that resilience in how they are extricating themselves from the embrace of a dying neighbor and breathing the free air of a much bigger world. It is an exciting time for Ireland.

        • Truthist


          I regret to report to u that the Irish have truly become the coarse & vulgar people that the former German Ambassador to Ireland felt need to inform the German Industrialists at function in Dublin with some of that political party that u hold in high regard present ; Fine Gael.


          Heroin addiction is becoming rife around the country.
          Since the Provos ceased activities, the drug importers & dealers & addicts & the Garda-Landlords in our main cities [ Although, I believe that the Drug Squad are not corrupt ; At least not as corrupt as the other sections ] have had a field day.

          • Pat Flannery

            Truthist: I’m not sure I hold the Fine Gael Party as a whole in the high regard you say but I have always liked and respected Enda Kenny. I still do.

            My family and our little town of Charlestown were uniquely honoured the day before yesterday, Sunday, by the presence of An Taoiseach at my brother’s funeral. He sat largely unnoticed through the entire funeral Mass (which was read by my nephew the President of St. Nathys College btw) and lined up like everybody else both inside and outside at the graveside afterwards. He had neither staff nor Garda anywhere near him. He was among friends and he didn’t need them. He was just one of us.

            The local Mayo people instinctively treated him like one of themselves, which he is, with a knowing nod or two once in a while and the very few who did address him called him simply Enda, not Taoiseach. Everybody knew he was not there for show, merely to honour a prominent Mayoman, who happened to be my brother.

            So it is good to see the human side of Ireland and particularly of those in power who are no different from ourselves but of whom we seem to have irrational suspicions. Enda showed total humility on Sunday. In fact a lot of people I talked to afterwards did not even know he was there. He blended in, even as he patiently lined up like everybody else to shake the hands of my brother’s four grieving daughters and of his three siblings, of whom I happened to be one. There were no reporters nor photographs of any kind, just a typical quiet respectful Irish funeral. It could never have happened in America that’s for sure.

            I feel a little guilty divulging it here, not that anyone cares anyway, but it does give us a little perspective on what we talk about on this blog. Ireland is not perfect but we Irish have much to be proud of. I am glad I came back after 38 years.

          • Sideshow Bob

            My sympathies on your loss, Pat.

          • Truthist


            I am sorry for u suffering the passing of ur brother.
            God be with him.

            U are a good bloke.
            I could tell that early on in ur presence on DMW’s blog.

            The facts & the particular style I exercise on this blog are intended to wake up the undoubted great many viewers, & some of the fellow contributors also atimes, in an effective & efficient & gentlemanly manner ;
            I discern u do likewise in ur own way.

            Returning to the subject of Fine Gael, please remind urself that all of the present front bench of FG would be despised by Michael Collins.
            But, he would not deny that they are superb method actors.

            By the way, a then Minister for Finance came to my grandmother’s funeral ;
            But, I was not impressed.
            I had the inside track on their motives & modus operandi for funerals from the horse’s mouth.

            Enda Kenny has fulfilled a dream for himself to be Taoiseach of Irish State.
            But, he has proved himself to be just another of a string of creeps in this position.

            John Kelly T.D. deceased of Fine Gael was a very bright & interesting man who spoke his mind.
            He would have made a top class senior minister in my opinion.
            Mathews now a former T.D. for Fine Gael in Dublin & who resigned from Fine Gael on principle I believe to be very able & a good bloke too.

            Actually, I now have some respect for Michael Noonan because he quickly, & it unprompted, revealed what Jean Claude Trichet threatened to do to Ireland if Irish State burns the Bondholders ;
            A course of action much enthused by the Armchair Generals [ A.G.s are on this blog too 8-) ].

            The bulk of the younger people are suffering because of all the main political parties in Irish State [ incl. PDs & Workers Party & Democratic Left ; I not sure if the 2 former above exist now ].
            And, the subsequent 2+ generations of Irish will suffer tremendously also.

    • Deco

      The truth is that we are equal partners in the EU. We were never equal partners in the UK.

      Two words.

      “Anglo Bondholders”.

      In that instant, the EU decided to bail out private sector gamblers (well connected ones, too) with the money that was in the Welfare State.

    • McCawber

      Pat, I see you are starting to understand Donald Trump’s desire to seal the Mexican border.
      POST Brexit we will be the EU (A Major World Power) and Britain will be Brexico.

  15. survivalist

    It seems like a pretty unsatisfying choice, either ruled by the United Kingdom or by the German Union.

    But it is not our ties with England that are too deep for us to be marching to a German drum. It is our national sovereignty and Ireland’s presence on the world’s stage as a mother country in her own right which prevents us from assuming the mantle of a province within the longstanding unification project known as ‘Mittle Europa’.

    Maggie’s Bruges speech is worth reading if only to disabuse ourselves as to its status and perhaps gain insight into the long standing goals of European integration. The speech in truth it does not rise above being a nonsensical, jingoistic, business propaganda rant- Maggies own social/economic outlook of extreme liberalism of a pro-business nature.

    Her confident assertion that “the lesson of the economic history of Europe in the 70′s and 80′s is that central planning and detailed control do not work and that personal endeavour and initiative do” has been well and truly exposed as a farce and resulted in the worst levels of inequality and child poverty in Britain since the 19th century.

    Maggie’s Bruges speech and her long term goals were in no way anti-BigEurope: “And let me be quite clear. Britain does not dream of some cosy, isolated existence on the fringes of the European Community. Our destiny is in Europe, as part of the Community.”

    Mr McWilliams has suggested that the “Irish question” divided, dominated and poisoned British politics in the 19th century, perhaps, but not so for Maggie and her ilk, as she proudly trumpeted before her fellow imperialists:

    “surely what strikes us most is our common experience…the story of how Europeans explored and colonised—and yes, without apology—civilised much of the world is an extraordinary tale of talent, skill and courage.”

    No apology is deemed necessary when subjugation is synonymous with civilisation, the European goal is as it has ever been – total, ruthless, class rule.

  16. Truthist

    What should the Irish State do after the U.K. depart the E.U. ?

    The Irish Government should do as Mary Harney [ former Leader of Progressive Democrats Party ( PD / PDs ), & former Tanaiste ] would do.

    Now, please do not interpret this as “Irish State to do as Mary Harney would customarily instruct the Irish State to do”.
    No / Nay / Ni h’ea / Non … Nein !

    Rather, the Irish State should do as Mary Harney would do in her private life [ as best suits Mary ; As best suits "Mary who never worked in a job in between leaving university & entering politics ] :

    Depart swiftly when the pompous mission [ Ireland as pawn of U.S.A. & E.U., & no doubt N.A.T.O. also ] that she so beholden to is turning sour ;
    Harney did so soon into her Government having declared the Irish State to be the guarantor for the private banks’ debt to bond-holders.
    Irish State should swiftly exit from the E.U. & later from the Euro.

    Trim as much excess blubber from herself as she felt she could handle ;
    And, there being lots of love-handles for Roddy Molloy on sweet Mary of Mayo.
    By the way, there is a rumour among the plebs that she soon went over to Thailand for to get liposuction treatment.
    Well, the Irish State should get rid of all surplus Civil Serpents & Quasi Civil Serpents [ e.g. Quangos ].

    Reach out to the world as an independent entity to gain as much wealth as possible for herself ;
    Mary is now an extremely highly paid consultant expert on certain boards around the world I understand ;
    An expert consultant on the health sector is one of them.
    Irish State should assert control of all its extremely valuable fishing waters, & gain vast income from selling its fish & other seafood.

    And, hey, keep as much wealth as possible from the auld arrangement ;
    Mary Harney is reaping massive pensions from the Irish State.
    And, she has secured lucrative sums through legal cases for libel or whatever.
    “Fat” Mary is not shy in slurping from the gravy train back at home.
    And, that is not libel !
    So, the Irish State should insist on taking as much as it can from the E.U. even when we have departed it ;
    But, versus Mary Harney, we would deserve it.

    • Truthist

      Sorry, I am wrong in saying Roddy Molloy ;
      Roddy Molloy not connected with Mary Harney.

      Brian Geoghegan actually is her husband.
      He was chairman of FAS.

      And, Mary is originally not from Co. Mayo ;
      Rather, Mary is from Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.

  17. michaelcoughlan

    “assume the position”



    Are there no Irish builders or developers who can do this David in a country with still a high “official” unemployment rate of close to 10%?

    Notice how no companies from the UK (or Germany, Scandinavia or France) are being courted and we know why don’t we because it will be Pavel, Marco, Carlos and Igors who will be asked to ASSUME THE POSITION when being hired in their home countries for building Irish Houses in Ireland for all the eastern europeans who live here won’t they David?

    I wonder if the Brits vote themselves out will british houses be built by british workers for british people David?

    Maggie knew what she was doing David.

    • Sideshow Bob

      The Independent is an absolute rag.

      This is nothing new, public tenders over a certain size ( I forget off hand, maybe a million euro) have to be advertised EU wide for last 15 years at least.

      This is a complete non-article. Some Councillor wants some attention that is all, by making it look like he is coming up with something new.

      It would be news if even a serious bid was made from abroad. If a foreign company was even to assess making abid they would run as soon as they saw the mess that is the public work contract form and management framework. Risk is not fairly spread can´t be safely priced so any potential notions of tendering will be quickly dropped.

      Shows how clueless the boys in charge are.

  18. Truthist

    For Grzegorz


    Apologies in advance if this partial response to ur open-request for feedback is too late.

    Some of ur own text is included below ;
    Although, there is occasional redacting by me.

    “Examples of successful lobbying”
    As in relatively recent (from the last 50 years) examples of when the Irish diaspora combined with/or independently of the Irish diplomacy did something positive to the image of Ireland abroad, by

    Preface ;
    Grzegorz, given the significant role that they have played in ur theme of ‘how external actors associated with Ireland have “with” or “without” — & I recommend that u also allow for the categories of “despite” the “help”, or “sabotage”, from Irish Diplomacy – positively impacted the Image of Ireland abroad’, I posit that u should also include ; Hibernophiles who have no actual direct relation with Ireland” ; Thus, I have listed some here for ur consideration.
    I trust that Irish Diplomacy includes :
    The Department of Foreign Affairs Irish Army Irish Navy Irish Religious Irish Non-Government Organisations [ N.G.O.s ] to under-developed countries Irish Sporting Organisations Aer Lingus Irish Development Authority [ I.D.A. ]
    Projecting the ‘”soft-power” of Ireland’ ; vis the ability to shape the preferences of others through appeal & attraction

    Ireland as a “Place”
    Irish Diaspora who acted as agents to promote Ireland as a positive “Place”

    1.1.1 I.R.B. & old I.R.A. & their Sayanim, & also their Sympathisers & Admirers

    1.1.2 I.R.B. & Provisional I.R.A. & I.R.B. & their Sayanim & Noraid, & also their Sympathisers & Admirers

    1.1.3 Irish-Americans in Theatre & Radio & Cinema & T.V. vis. Irish American Screen-Writers Irish American Directors Irish-American Actors Expat Irish Directors
    John Ford Movie fulfilling above theme: “The Informer” ; This movie should really be in “Irishness” section only “The Quiet Man” Descendant Irish Directors Mel Gibson Movie fulfilling above theme: Brave Heart Some scenes shot in Ireland. Thus, some aficionados of this movie would gain positive impression of Ireland Hibernophile Movie Directors
    Orsen Welles John Huston The Macintosh Man Movie fulfilling above them ; Irish settings have captivating scenery that is unique to Ireland David Lean Ryan’s Daughter ; Movie fulfilling above theme ; Most memorable for : cinematographic justice to beautiful wild & sweeping andscapes of coastal Kerry authentic portrayal of a powerful & loyal type of Irish priest by Trevor Howard [ English ] in an outstanding performance authentic portrayal of a wise & decent school teacher by Robert Mitchum [ U.S.A. ] in also an outstanding performance that informs viewers of Mitchum’s impressive capabilities beyond his then known work In fact, Ryan’s Daughter is in my opinion an even better than Lean’s most famous movie Lawrence of Arabia. And, I would not be alone in opining that the leading female role was wrongly judged suitable for Sarah Mills. The choice for this role is what undermines this movie from being the movie it should have been.
    Expat Irish Actors & Descendant-Irish Actors : Promoted, in a casual but upbeat manner in interviews, Ireland as a wonderful place Richard Harris Ray McAnally Aidan Quinn Pierce Brosnan Michael Gambon Liam Neeson Cillian Murphy Gabriel Byrne Dave Allen ; Comedian on British T.V.
    Descendant Irish Actors : Promoted, in a casual but upbeat manner in interviews, Ireland as a wonderful place Errol Flynn [ Irish-Australian & later a U.S.A.Citizen ] Peter O’Toole Peter Finney Mel Gibson [ Irish-American & Irish-Australian ; Also an Irish Citizen ]
    Hibernophile Actors
    Micheál Mac Liammóir Orson Welles Peter Ustinov

    c] Writers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Irish_writers Note ; The following exponents of Novels Plays, Poetry, & Philosophy inter alia I just picked rapidly from the list given in above link . I retrospect, I may find reason to add, or delete. Samuel Becket e.g. Malone Brian Friel Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Novel ; Tarry Flynn John B. Keane C.S. Lewis Brian Moore Billy Roche Frank Delany ; Popular on BBC Radio & British T.V Roddy Doyle Neil Jordan Molly Keane Kathy Kelly ; Chick-Literature John McGahern Iris Murdoch ; Possibly Edna O’Brien Joseph O’Connor ; Brother of Sinead O’Connor Peadar O’Donnel Francis Stuart William Trevor Austin Clarke ; Poetry Thomas Kinsella ; Poetry Seamus Heaney Benedict Kiely Sean O’Faolain Diarmaid Gavin ; Writer on Gardening Desmond Fennell ; Philosopher
    d] Visual Artists
    Reprised in recent decades internationally to higher recognition, & thus current agents impacting on image of Ireland as “Place” Jack B. Yeats West of Ireland rural & sea-faring landscapes Jim Fitzpatrick ; Celtic mythology Ireland landscapes Louis le Brocquy ; An Tain Celtic mythology Ireland imprinting “of”, & “by”, the landscape
    e] Musicians
    John Lennon Declared that he would be buying an island off Galway for to retire with Yoko Yoko then would be far away from “Kill”ary Clinton Paul McCartney Eulogised about Ireland George Harrison Spoke about visiting his cousins in Ireland Rory Gallagher Since his death, international fans to visit the his Cork & Donegal roots Van Morrison Eulogises about Ireland U2 / Bono [ God help us 8-( ] Bullshits about Ireland Shane Mc Gowan Eulogises about Ireland The Cranberries I not sure what they or any one of them say that gives positive impression on Ireland. But, as ever with this type of culture, it will attract international fans to visit the roots of the Musician / Performer

    Catholic Priests & Brothers & Monks & Nuns Always eulogizing about the beauty of Ireland incl. to a great many Nigerian school kids easily impressed of roads paved with Leprachauns’ Gold.

    • That’s quite a list!! {:-)

      • Truthist

        Should be much longer & more extensive & not have typos ;
        As befitting Grzegorz for all his kind helpful responses.
        I get the impression that he needs constructive & unorthodox responses as source material for a lengthy article or other.
        Ur own responses were of similar vein.

        I did ask u rhetorically above about “internal” [ within the country by Gov. or other Group of Thugs 8-) ] taxation ==> Legal Tender is then unavoidable ?
        And, Legal Tender puts a real dent in having private currencies.
        And, if they co-exist, the Legal Tender will be the local base to refer to value of the private currency in question ?
        Thus, Legal Tender would be “good” Money driving out “bad” Money ;
        Of course, it could be that none of these currencies [ Legal Tender or Private stuff ] are actually “Money” [ Gold or Silver ].

        • Legal tender laws do not prohibit the use of alternate currency or money. Legal tender usually does two things.
          A.It is the money that must be used to pay taxes to the government.
          B.It is the money that if used to pay off a debt , cannot be refused.

          One can still contract with another and deal in any form of currency or money acceptable to both parties.

          Making a currency legal tender and forcing all tax payers to use it or convert to it is a form of monopoly. There is no competition to force the government sponsored legal tender to be managed adroitly and efficiently thus retaining a high value of exchange and make it a good store of wealth.

          Even with legal tender laws people can abandon the domestic currency when it fails and go to another as happens in some countries from time to time.

          • Truthist

            I believe that this particular aspect — Alternative “Hard” Currency & Legal Tender issue — of the Bankster Scam Bundle [ BS Bundle ] is the most practical & feasible one for the citizens to pursue.

            The other aspects of the BS Bundle require government directives.
            And, certainly for Treasury to take over the issuing of Currency into the economy — & it to be even “invented from thin air” but backed by the good name of the country — would be inviting devastation of the country by the Banksters through their various options :
            their proxy U.S.A regular armed forces
            their proxy U.K. regular armed forces
            their proxy N.A.T.O. regular armed forces
            their proxy Operation Gladio type operations
            their proxy ISIS forces
            their financial hitmen
            George Soros
            their covert agents formenting civil war

            inter alia.

            Thus, such a government directive should only be executed thus :
            in tandem with a critical mass of choice countries doing likewise & in close co-operation
            arrest of the international banksters

            inter alia

            To do so in a “uni-lateral” way, would be catastrophic for a small to medium country.

            Likewise Re ;
            Treasury issuing Precious Metal as currency [ But, now, actual Money ( because the currency is now Precious Mental ) ], even as Hugo Salinas Price propounds, as Gold Coin & Silver Coin, would invite same catastrophic circumstance on the country.

            Best would be for the Citizens to respond from the ground up ;
            PM currency [ now actual Money ] in Gold Coin & Gold Paper & Silver Coin AND as Hugo Salinas Price propounds [ But, not at this stage from Treasury ].
            This would be an insidious move by the Citizens.
            The Rothschilds would just have to tolerate the country’s government reporting back that they are useless in trying to stop it ;
            Because as they moan to the Roths ;
            “It is impossible practically to stop.”

            Sorry about that Roths for wiping ur eye.

            1st Move should be a so-called “insidious” response ;
            The “insidious” response proposed above.

          • Truthist


            Legal Tender ==>

            1st Part of Mini-Statement
            There is no competition to force the government sponsored legal tender to be managed adroitly and efficiently.

            2nd Part of Mini-Statement
            Thus retaining a high value of exchange and make it a good store of wealth.

            Please explain why Legal Tender stipulation ensures that the 1st Part of Mini-Statement.

          • Truthist

            Please explain why Legal Tender stipulation ensures that the 1st Part of Mini-Statement is so.

          • ‘There is no competition to force the government sponsored legal tender to be managed adroitly and efficiently.’

            Because everyone is forced to use it as domestic currency. A monopoly position.
            If a creditor offers to settle a debt in legal tender , it can not be refused by any citizen. Whereas an offer to pay debt any other way can be refused. Therefore the creditor is forced to accept legal tender even though it is not desired. This causes everyone to use the legal tender and they will continue to do so until it is so badly managed that it is abandoned and other currency, voluntarily, is used.

            Removing the legal tender laws would allow people to think of using currency that is a better store of value if desired. It would provide free choice of what to use as money. Probably it would be one that knows no national boundaries. Your choice to decide what that may or may not be. Hard currency, digital currency, a combo ???

  19. “Thus, Legal Tender would be “good” Money driving out “bad” Money “;

    OR bad money driving out good????

    • Truthist

      Gresham’s Law attests to the observation ;

      “Bad Money drives out Good Money.”

      “Local” Taxation enforces Legal Tender on the Citizens

      Local Currencies [ if not Precious Metal ( PM ) ] are less valuable than the Legal Tender.
      Placating the government is the most important obligation.
      ==> Local Currencies are — versus Legal Tender — Inferior / Bad Money.

      So, in the situation where u have Local Currencies that are not PM ;
      ==> the reverse of Gresham’s Law
      The reverse of Gresham’s Law being ;

      “Good Money drives out Bad Money.”

      Of course I submit the above interpretation humbly as a proposition that may be in error.

      • Local Currencies [ if not Precious Metal ( PM ) ] are less valuable than the Legal Tender.

        Valuing one currency against another achieves nothing. currency only has a value if it can act a store of wealth. It matters not how many units one has as currency as it is valued against real goods. As long as the value is consistent. For example one saves and defers a purchase to a later date. One will happily do this if it is known that the same amount of currency buys tomorrow what it buys today.

        When the currency looses value and it takes more to buy tomorrow than it does today one is tempted to buy now as it is more costly tomorrow. The purchase will require more currency.

        If the loss of value of the currency is ten percent over a year there is a definite incentive to buy today. The incentive is so great that one is prepared to borrow and be in debt to get today what costs more tomorrow.

        This is otherwise called inflation. but it is misnamed. Rather it is currency devaluation. That is what we have today. Every currency trying to make themselves less valuable than the others. It is call competitive devaluation. No wonder people are moving into other assets . All these currencies are no longer a store of value. One needs to be rid of them ASAP as every day they buy less.

        One now saves in the good currency (money) and gets rid of the bad. Good currency is saved and out of circulation (gold for example) while the bad currency still circulates. Bad money has driven out good money from circulation.

        • Truthist

          Very good reply.

          But, I still think that the “Legal Tender” stipulation counters Gresham’s Law ;

          The Citizen’s are under pressure to be always accumulating the Legal Tender for to pay the government.
          So, the citizens demand to be paid in the Legal Tender.
          Thus, the Legal Tender is the “Good” Money.
          And, also, it drives out the “Bad” Money from being transacted in everyday dealings.

          OK ;
          I would not be asking u if I did not have a great deal of faith in ur reasoning.
          But, I think that there is much validity in my reasoning here.

          Were it not for the existence of Legal Tender stipulation by the government, I would accept that Gresham’s Law reigns.

          We have an Impasse.

          Or is it because one of us is an Introvert & the other an Extrovert, or that both of us are Introverts or that both of us are Extroverts, that we think we have an impasse but really do not have an impasse ?

          • “Thus, the Legal Tender is the “Good” Money.”

            Not necessarily true. It may or it may not be.
            Gresham’s Law still stands.

            It matters not whether the legal tender is the good money or the bad money.

            Bad money always drives good money out of circulation. Legal tender could be good money but most often is not as it is manipulated and debased for political purposes. Whenever money is created from paper or digits but without backing of a solid asset it becomes bad money. People get rid of it and buy solid assets and/or save in a stronger currency.

            That is why the smart money is moving to precious metals currently and I suspect bitcoin too, although as bit coin is 100% digital I have my reservations there.


  20. Bond values at 500 year highs bought by central banks as QE mean interest rates at 500 year lows. Double bubble, I smell trouble.
    Stock markets at high valuations buoyed by central bank buying and PPT support.
    Precious metals at low valuations force down by bare naked short selling by Gov and NGO in the face of unprecedented physical demand.
    Double bubble, I small trouble.
    Personal debt, corporate debt, municipal debt, state debt, national debt at all time highs.
    Unregulated derivatives amounting to a record over a QUADRILLION dollars (only as strong as the weakest counterparty)

    All the above at the whim of centrists who think they can control the world.


    A straw house will fall at the first wind. Chaos is coming.

    • This is one of the things that happens when you debase a currency. Exactly what the ECB does is buy corporate bonds etc. Yields as a result go to zero and pension funds become bankrupted.

      Mike Savage

      Weekly Article

      I have written many times about how I am concerned for most pension plans since the stock, bond and real estate markets are near all-time highs (these are the assets that most pension funds hold) and many of these plans are grossly underfunded even with assets at these lofty valuations.

      There are a few plans that are ringing the alarm bell as beneficiaries of these plans are forced to take a reduction in benefits or risk a future default (Central States Pension comes to mind).

      In many places like Puerto Rico, Detroit, soon Chicago and many other municipalities will have to decide if pensioners get paid or bondholders get paid. If pensioners get paid or current civil servants get paid. I believe the time is upon us when the promises made yesterday by politicians looking for votes, made promises, that today look very hard to keep. In other words, the future has arrived and our “officials” of today appear to be the ones left holding the bag.

      In Detroit, and now in Puerto Rico the rule of law has been thrown out. The law says bondholders get paid before pensioners. That is not how it worked in Detroit and that is not how it is working today in Puerto Rico.(David says burn the bondholders! It is an immoral position)

      I guess when there is risk of political upheaval the rule of law gets cast aside and the tough decisions will be left for another day. Personally, this is a big red flag for me. If I am going to own ANY municipal debt it better have a pristine balance sheet.

      This is also a major warning to ANYONE holding municipal debt. It appears in every circumstance I can remember the bondholders are the first to be cast aside to appease others.

      This type of action is what you would expect from a third world banana republic- not the USA! This just shows how far we have fallen in both economics and character.

      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because only in a country (or more likely- a world) where the “investors” count on “money printed up from nowhere” to provide gains going forward while economic activity screeches to a halt- affecting all of us here in the real world- nobody sees anything wrong with this.

      This is nothing short of theft. By clicking a button and creating “money” and buying assets the folks at the top are making our labor a moot point. Think of the effort you have to go through to get assets to invest and then imagine someone at the central banks clicking a button and “creating” more currency units than you could make in a hundred lifetimes.

      Actually, to put this into perspective let’s say you are an average person earning $40,000.00 per year. To earn a million dollars it would take you 25 years. Of course, far longer after you pay your taxes! It would take you 25,000 years to earn a billion dollars and 25 MILLION years to earn a trillion. And “they” can get it with a click of a button!

      Now picture them buying assets so that if you decide to invest in those assets you are paying an inflated price. In the case of bonds, as they buy bonds it drives down yields and also affects your return with lower interest payments.

      I do have a pretty good idea, however, that this game is close to over. Many who are manipulating markets are being exposed.

      I also am keeping a close eye on Japan. This is the country that is the warning for all other countries following them down the stimulus path. They make no bones about what they are doing. They are “printing money” from nowhere, purchasing assets- and I mean just about ALL assets- stocks, bonds, etfs, both domestic and globally.

      The reason that it appears to me we are near the end of this charade is that even with all of the blatant interference in the stock and bond markets (Japan’s Central Bank is a top 10 holder of over 90% of the Nikkei 225 and are currently buying ALL government debt) they can’t get the markets to cooperate.

      Japan went to negative interest rates and upped the “printing” of the Yen to weaken the Yen and prop up the Nikkei. How is that going? The Yen went from 114 Yen to buy a dollar at the onset to 105 Yen to buy a dollar today- the exact opposite of the intention! The Nikkei, while it has been like a breathtaking rollercoaster, has gone from 18000 when they started to 15859 as of Tuesdays close.

      For anyone who thinks this can just go on forever look at the unintended consequences globally.

      Would anyone in their right mind be “lending” nations money at negative interest rates? Particularly countries like Spain and Italy? It appears to me that the only buying going on there is by large entities buying ahead of the ECB to earn a short-term profit and the ECB itself. I guess if you “print” the money up whatever you get back is more than what it was worth when it was “created”.

      In the end it allows for the appearance of solvency where none exists without the “printing press”.

      Personally, I don’t think there is a magic bullet that these folks are waiting for. “Escape velocity” looks like a pipe dream.

      I continue to want to own things people have to have and I would rather put my faith in gold or silver than a piece of colored paper that can be created in unlimited amounts at any time. Historically, massive cash and credit creation would lead, eventually, to a drastic decrease in the value of that currency. We have had historic cash and credit creation globally and it has not led to any meaningful lasting recovery.

      I remember reading about Weimar Germany and when it was asked “how did the hyperinflation happen?” the answer was: At first, rather slowly and then all of a sudden.

      While hyperinflation is a possibility I do not currently believe it is the most likely outcome. It appears that the world is indeed in a race to the bottom for the weakest currency and an export advantage for their products. However, the deflationary forces brought on by the over investment in almost everything that is manufactured up to now and the lack of current demand for those products make deflation the likely ultimate outcome. That is not to say we can’t have a large inflation move first as central banks could flood the system one more time with massive money “printing” or other unprecedented actions like the many we have seen in the last few years.

      Ultimately, all of this debt that has been created will have to be purged from the system one way or another. For some, it could lead to a severe decline in living standards. For others, it could be a large opportunity. Remember- the assets will not disappear- only the ownership of those assets will change.

      Do you have a plan to have purchasing power when great assets go on sale? Will you have the fortitude to act at that time? I don’t know the answer about whether I will have the fortitude at that time so my plan is already set. This is no time to be complacent.

      Be Prepared!

      Mike Savage, ChFC Financial Advisor
      2642 Route 940 Pocono Summit, Pa 18346
      (570) 730-4880
      Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC

  21. StephenKenny

    “As a 21-year-old student, I stood in the Great Hall, Bruges, in September of 1988. ”

    Youngster…… just saying……..

  22. “And to ensure that the responsibility for the chaos is not blamed on the bankers who run the central banking system behind the scenes, the central banking system itself is beginning to be blamed.”
    “First the central banks – and the larger monetary system – will be blamed. Then the monetary system will be reconfigured.”
    “China is collapsing. The European Union is half-bankrupt. The US is in a kind of depression.”


  23. Damning indictment of Keynesian economic policy. A policy , I might add, endorsed by our host, much to the detriment of all.


    “But here we are. After decades of what essentially could be called a new “Industrial Revolution” with the advent of computers and the internet, the US government has managed through its monetary authorities and through its other policies to decimate savings and leave millions of Americans financially vulnerable.

    It has been no accident. People are able to resist force only for so long before giving in, and given that the Keynesian war on savings has continued unfettered for decades, and has been blessed at the highest levels of government and academe, not to mention touted in the news media, we should not be surprised that people save less. We also should not be surprised to know that all of us will pay a steep price for this spendthrift way of life, even as the political classes scramble to protect themselves from the consequences of their actions.”

  24. Truthist

    War-mongering being upped by that lovely little “Democracy” in the Middle East ;
    ==> They want WW3 against Iran + Russia + China through their new puppet U.S.A. Prezzie.



  25. Truthist

    @ Grzegorz,

    Further to ur mention of Jack Parsons [ Rocket Scientist & Practising Satanist ], above, please find the following 3 links for ur interest ;
    The 1st link is from that very useful truth-seeking & truth-telling blog with Readers’ Comments Section ;

    Formerly ;

    By the way, I noticed that they were very suspicious contextually of Clement Freud [ Deceased ; Brit. M.P. ; BBC Personality ; Brother of Lucien Freud ( Close friend of Kray Twins ) ; Grandson of Dr. Sigmound Freud [ Father of Psycho-Analysis ] ; 1st Cousin once removed of Edward Bernays [ Father of modern PR & Social Engineering ] in the Madeline McCann disappearance conspiracy
    Now, angirfan / aanirfan is being vindicated for having doubts contextually about Clement Freud.


    For readers’ convenience ;
    If using Google Chrome browser ;
    Go to 3-Bar Button on Top Right-Hand Side of browser window.
    1 x Left Click
    In the resulting menu, 1 x Left Click on the word “Find”
    Type in the search term “Parsons”

    Result ;
    U can click “Arrow” adjacent to search field or press Enter / Return key on keyboard to jump to every mention of the word “Parsons”

    And, yes, as u probably guessed, there are Irish connection to Parsons.
    After all, there is nearly always Irish connections to anything.

    By the way again, I am personally very suspicious of the news coming out now about the missing child Philip Cairns ;
    I do not believe the Garda-Peelers from what we are being told.
    And, I would be asking very thorough questions of the attributed witnesses.

    As ever, one must consider sexual deviance & the occult & eschatology etc when dealing with Economics & Politics.
    Such practises are part & parcel of much of :
    the bashful Puppet-Masters
    their Puppets “The L.E.J.” [ The Legislature ; Politicians, The Executive ; Government Ministers, Judiciary ; Judges ] [ And, add to the L.E.J., of course, the senior Civil Serpents, & the Quasi Civil Serpents ( Quangos etc ), & other Politicos ] who interface in one way or another with us the Economic Serfs.

  26. Truthist

    Typo ;

    Garda-Peelers = Garda-Landlords

    I have decided to just give the following link in addition to the above one ;


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